11/30/2012 - The world’s fastest-growing and fastest-shrinking cities in 2012

11/30/2012 - Norway’s sovereign wealth fund has faith in the US property market—$10 billion worth of it

11/30/2012 - Why virtual currency Bitcoin can’t save the Iranian economy

11/30/2012 - These countries are at the greatest risk of an internet blackout

11/30/2012 - How women could be the big losers in the fiscal cliff deal

11/30/2012 - This week in photos: Demonstrations dominate in Tunisia, Egypt, Burma and Bangladesh

11/30/2012 - The biggest royal event in France since Versailles: Burger King is coming back

11/30/2012 - Even baseball players are worried about the fiscal cliff

11/30/2012 - Now here’s the fine print for your Groupon deal

11/30/2012 - Solutions to consider on Worlds AIDS Day: Send more girls to school and circumcise boys

11/30/2012 - London wants to be China’s banker

11/30/2012 - Could Minecraft be the next great engineering school?

11/30/2012 - Why Greece could be a spectacular investment right now

11/30/2012 - The breastfeeding problem no one talks about

11/30/2012 - Cairo’s graffiti scene, full of populism and political satire, flourishes after the revolution

11/30/2012 - Chinese people apparently still eat other forms of food besides KFC

11/30/2012 - Can this economy be saved? India’s GDP growth slows to 5.3%, rates not seen since post-Lehman collapse

11/30/2012 - Guess which European countries are most in favor of assisted suicide

11/30/2012 - CNN’s new strategy: More info-tainment or send Anderson Cooper back out in the field?

11/30/2012 - By funding a new battery lab, the US raises stakes in the renewable energy race against China

11/30/2012 - Germany’s parliament approves aid deal for Greece

11/30/2012 - Those sexy Samsungs: Why iPhones are no longer cool in China

11/30/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – Syrian crisis, Google under pressure, India slows, bendy phones

11/30/2012 - A deal that could solve one of the biggest headaches in global oil: How India’s ONGC might come to Kazakhstan’s rescue

11/30/2012 - 27 countries in the European Union, 26 million people out of work

11/30/2012 - Video: UK Prime Minister is booed in Parliament and by press victims for rejecting press law idea

11/30/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—iPhone 5 in China, $25 tablets in India, Damascus, bendy phones

11/29/2012 - Here’s how countries voted on Palestinian statehood today—and Israeli statehood 65 years ago

11/29/2012 - Has Obama finally learned to make the big ask in US fiscal talks?

11/29/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Thai stock offering, $4.20 lattes in China, $25 tablets in India

11/29/2012 - China’s stock market is plunging because investors don’t trust their government

11/29/2012 - GE, a pioneer of outsourcing, is bringing American manufacturing back to life

11/29/2012 - Wall Street thinks RIM is back! Just don’t count on it to stick around

11/29/2012 - US GDP: Not terrible, actually

11/29/2012 - Welcome to the middle class, China: The $5 cup of Starbucks has arrived

11/29/2012 - Why was an energy company at AIDS 2012?

11/29/2012 - The People’s Republic of Vermont: Secession is all the rage from the deep south to Basque country

11/29/2012 - When the time comes—and it will—to cancel Greek debt, do it the Paris Club way

11/29/2012 - Don’t sleep on the US housing recovery. It is for real

11/29/2012 - Fighting racism, one bowl of goulash at a time

11/29/2012 - The US Joint Strike Fighter program is projected to cost two-thirds of the war in Afghanistan

11/29/2012 - A legion of robots from China could change the future of manufacturing

11/29/2012 - A trade war wages across US consulates in India over H-1B visas. Is a truce in sight?

11/29/2012 - American heirs left to battle for Nazi-looted art in the courts

11/29/2012 - Syria has cut itself off from the internet and shut down cellular service

11/29/2012 - British media need a tighter leash, recommends Leveson Inquiry

11/29/2012 - How much debt does China have? No one knows exactly!

11/29/2012 - Partnering with NASA: Chevron and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory join space technology with energy exploration

11/29/2012 - Exchanges vs. brokerages: the power struggle at the heart of high frequency trading

11/29/2012 - A better view on efficiency

11/29/2012 - China’s heavy investment in English-language media isn’t going too well

11/29/2012 - $25 tablets, $2 mobile data plans, and zero margins–how the internet is about to gain 3 billion new users

11/29/2012 - Microsoft just cut in half its orders to suppliers for the Surface RT tablet

11/29/2012 - German unemployment keeps going up

11/29/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – Barack meets Mitt, new iTunes, Fleet Street reckoning, Palestine

11/29/2012 - The next SEC chairman is responsible for the success of Wall Street, main street and the boardroom

11/29/2012 - Siemens agrees to buy UK railway business, while shedding a non-core business

11/29/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—BP’s US ban, new iTunes, trouble in coupon-land, Geisha coffee

11/28/2012 - Argentina won’t be defaulting this year, after all

11/28/2012 - Obama adviser says the American auto bailout is still under water—but a success

11/28/2012 - New iTunes expected Thursday in big test of Apple’s digital media strength

11/28/2012 - “Twitter is part of my job,” and other things managers need to know about working with Millennials

11/28/2012 - A look inside the world’s cheapest tablet computer, India’s $20 Aakash 2 (VIDEO)

11/28/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—French power, Palestinian statehood, insider trading, Twitter epidemiology

11/28/2012 - France still hasn’t figured business out. Exhibit A: Hollande vs. ArcelorMittal

11/28/2012 - Note to global economy: You are producing way too much steel. Knock it off

11/28/2012 - Superstorm Sandy’s harsh toll on Newark’s new cars

11/28/2012 - Formula One, like soccer and the metric system, is OK for everyone except Americans

11/28/2012 - BP has been called incompetent, reckless and negligent, but “dishonest” is worse

11/28/2012 - A worthless, $65 million piece of art ends up in MoMA

11/28/2012 - SEC to SAC: Here we come

11/28/2012 - The firm that lost $450 mln in 40 minutes is suddenly a hot property

11/28/2012 - Why the first foreigner in 318 years to run the Bank of England is a good choice

11/28/2012 - While you’re buying stocks like an idiot, the smart money has been buying farmland

11/28/2012 - Dear Carla Bruni, France still needs feminism. Love, Twitter

11/28/2012 - A billionaire’s bid to make sailing the new NASCAR

11/28/2012 - How the US last paid off its debt: Stealing land from Native Americans

11/28/2012 - Some of America’s richest people are about to get even richer thanks to the fiscal cliff

11/28/2012 - China is the new economic superpower in the eyes of the world

11/28/2012 - The poker game’s over: Indonesia bans government ministers from overseas travel amid corruption crisis

11/28/2012 - Spanish banks get bailed out, but bank employees and shareholders will lose out

11/28/2012 - With momentum for real immigration reform in the US, why resort to old, stupid ideas?

11/28/2012 - In France, have six kids and ride the rails at a 75% discount. How government can boost birth rates

11/28/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – Goldman Sachs, Nokia-RIM spat, tobacco “lies”, beaver moon

11/28/2012 - 40% of foreign students in the US have no close friends on campus: The culture shock of loneliness

11/28/2012 - The invisible bailout: Why the US economy is growing while Europe’s slides

11/28/2012 - Luxury brand Burberry and outsourcing giant HCL applied this management strategy to reinvent themselves

11/28/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Europe Edition – Goldman Sachs, iPhone sales, Cairo crisis, sleep-texting

11/27/2012 - Digitally backward Australian retailers are about to learn a brutal Christmas lesson

11/27/2012 - Markets fail to be stunned as US Treasury declines to label China a currency manipulator

11/27/2012 - Paypal nearly tripled its mobile payment volume on Cyber Monday

11/27/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—A colony on Mars, the US fiscal cliff, and the lottery

11/27/2012 - Russia’s big telecom IPO also happens to be a company that leaked 8,000 text messages online

11/27/2012 - America’s “Pacific pivot”: strategic in the long term, lucrative in the short term

11/27/2012 - Hey Europe! Want someone to build your roads? Forget the bank—go talk to…a pension fund?

11/27/2012 - At $500 million, the Powerball lottery has never been a better bet

11/27/2012 - Why isn’t anyone in the US talking about Lael Brainard for Treasury Secretary?

11/27/2012 - Buy a home, get a visa: For a mere €160,000 you can become a Spanish resident

11/27/2012 - China’s factories post profits in October. Good news for Australia

11/27/2012 - Apple outsells Android in the US, for what could be the last time ever

11/27/2012 - Now what? The Greece deal isn’t really a “deal”

11/27/2012 - Perhaps US business is not cowering in fear of the fiscal cliff after all

11/27/2012 - Why the euro zone is the greatest threat to global economic recovery

11/27/2012 - Democrats and Republicans should adopt each other’s income tax plans

11/27/2012 - Suit alleges H-P tried to back out of Autonomy deal before it closed

11/27/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – Greek debt relief, OECD misery, US housing, M&A Gangnam style

11/27/2012 - In the new Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi is a politician who must choose sides carefully

11/27/2012 - Oil companies have the most to gain or lose from climate change—so why aren’t they preparing for it?

11/27/2012 - Europe makes further charitable contribution with new Greek aid deal

11/27/2012 - The bank that specializes in rescuing Chinese firms from the glare of publicity

11/27/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Greek debt deal, Arcelor Mittal, HP sued, President of Ironystan

11/26/2012 - These are the clothing labels left behind in the Bangladesh factory fire that killed 112 workers

11/26/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—France vs. industry, exhuming Arafat, SEC, BoE, and weird retail

11/26/2012 - The supersonic Concorde was once the future of aviation. Nine years later, nobody’s missing it

11/26/2012 - Supermarkets without cash registers, Amazon in strip malls: the future of retail is weird

11/26/2012 - Retailers show support for “showrooming”

11/26/2012 - Reform permits, schools, and money markets: Quick fixes that will grow China’s economy

11/26/2012 - The iPhone isn’t all made in China, but US import statistics say it is. Why the global economy must demand accurate data

11/26/2012 - Meet the Canadian who’s about to run the Bank of England

11/26/2012 - Americans’ record $1 billion online binge on Black Friday is nothing compared to Chinese e-commerce

11/26/2012 - France to ArcelorMittal: if you don’t like losing money, get out of France

11/26/2012 - A new set of guidelines in the US have turned children into “little mathematicians” who don’t know how to do actual math

11/26/2012 - Could Europe’s most troubled countries end up better off than the US and Japan?

11/26/2012 - Scandinavia provides a least bad option for investors

11/26/2012 - Quartz Brief—What you need to know about in the world right now

11/26/2012 - The end of the world is nigh—and here’s who stands to profit

11/26/2012 - Students most often cite Wikipedia in their bibliographies. Why that could kill future startups

11/26/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Egypt unrest, climate-change talks, Putin’s error, bye-bye Barak

11/26/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Egypt unrest, climate-change talks, Chinese jets, Putin’s error

11/25/2012 - Climate talks convene in one of the world’s least sustainable countries

11/25/2012 - Mohammed Morsi: Abe Lincoln in disguise or another Mubarak?

11/25/2012 - Quartz Brief: What you need to know about in the world right now

11/25/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Egypt unrest, US retail sales, decision-making biases

11/25/2012 - How a Chinese company plans to build the world’s tallest skyscraper in 90 days

11/25/2012 - Documents link Bangladesh factory, where more than 100 died in fire, to Wal-Mart

11/25/2012 - Mobile phones—especially 3G ones—make economies grow faster

11/24/2012 - Growth of Black Friday online spending slowed despite the iPad’s emergence as a major shopping tool

11/24/2012 - How to predict the geopolitics of energy, using a new indicator of disruption

11/24/2012 - Don’t wait until 65: The key to a happy, creative work force is to retire early and often

11/23/2012 - In China, Bridget Jones is a man—and he’s big business

11/23/2012 - European budget talks collapse after barely a day’s worth of meetings

11/23/2012 - China ratchets up its territorial disputes with cheeky new passports

11/23/2012 - American consumers share the blame for Wal-Mart’s exploitation of its workers

11/23/2012 - Thailand’s opposition is restive but a coup seems unlikely and the business climate could improve

11/23/2012 - Black Friday makes it official: ‘Tis the season for companies to wade through big data

11/23/2012 - German industry perks up

11/23/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – Egypt backslides, EU budget, Wal-mart, Black Friday, Ninjas

11/23/2012 - Early EU budget concessions favor farm subsidies over funds to spur economic growth

11/23/2012 - Wal-Mart India suspends CFO and legal team in corruption probe

11/23/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Egypt backslides, trouble in Thailand, Facebook ads, Ninjas

11/23/2012 - Six charts on climate change that should have you very, very worried

11/22/2012 - This week in photos: Obama in Myanmar, protests in Cairo, and more

11/22/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Egypt backslides, the BBC reboots, Facebook Instagrams ads

11/22/2012 - 25 surprising facts about the increasingly mobile nature of online and in-store retail

11/22/2012 - What Facebook’s new terms of service really mean: Ads are coming to Instagram

11/22/2012 - Death of a dishwasher: Families around the world spurn America’s favorite appliance

11/22/2012 - The revenge of Tintin? Belgium plots a comic-book comeback

11/22/2012 - Bad appearances: Sarkozy’s day in court could ruin his political future

11/22/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – Sarkozy scandal, GM deal, Thanksgiving travel, “returnships”

11/22/2012 - What the business traveler knows: You can be plenty thankful at a table for one

11/22/2012 - What the world can learn from Singapore’s safe and squeaky-clean high-rise housing projects

11/22/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—EU budget, Sarkozy scandal, GM deal, Tofurky

11/21/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—China wobbles, India dithers, US eats, Earth warms, $100 bills spread

11/21/2012 - YY Inc. pulls off major feat: a smooth US IPO for a Chinese tech company

11/21/2012 - HP might not be writing off $8.8 bln today had it not lost its CEO to a sex scandal

11/21/2012 - HP, Autonomy, the US elections, the UBS rogue trader, and the limits of data

11/21/2012 - Tel Aviv is the world’s best city for startups after Silicon Valley

11/21/2012 - Your Christmas gadgets aren’t getting much cheaper this year

11/21/2012 - Santander considers cutting off more of its overseas fingers and toes

11/21/2012 - Deutsche Bank seeks new blood to rebuild trust in bankers: older women please apply

11/21/2012 - Watch out, Google: Baidu now borrows more cheaply than the Chinese government

11/21/2012 - The US budget deficit is shrinking faster than at any time since World War II

11/21/2012 - Mobile networks are missing out on a huge market in transferring money to the world’s poor

11/21/2012 - Japanese exports to China continue to suffer, amid island squabble

11/21/2012 - Black Friday is not actually about saving the shoppers money

11/21/2012 - Why the share of $100 bills in circulation has been going up for over 40 years

11/21/2012 - Greece aid delayed again as European leaders—and investors—grow weary

11/21/2012 - Dump the H-1B visa. Link immigration reform to what a global economy actually needs—workers who can come and go

11/21/2012 - US government hacked into French presidential office, spied on senior officials, says news report

11/21/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – Black Friday, Gaza, China’s back-room leadership deals, fish

11/20/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Europe edition – Black Friday, Gaza, US home sales, fish appreciation, Paris Hilton

11/20/2012 - This is what the publishing industry will look like if the Big Six become the Big Four

11/20/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—France downgrade, Asia pivot, kill switch, pirates

11/20/2012 - Who’s really going to feel the brunt of the fiscal cliff: America’s poorest

11/20/2012 - Is it better to self-give than to receive?

11/20/2012 - One of the world’s top investors foresees bleak US growth for decades. Here’s a reason to ignore him

11/20/2012 - There is only one thing that can save Japan now: Inflation

11/20/2012 - Americans to spend quality time with their coworkers this holiday season

11/20/2012 - Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein’s solution to the fiscal cliff? Americans should do more work

11/20/2012 - How the electronic deutsche mark can save Europe

11/20/2012 - Could workers’ protests make Black Friday really black for Wal-Mart?

11/20/2012 - How to be profitable: Make stuff that people want

11/20/2012 - Is this man being groomed for China’s next leadership transition in 2022?

11/20/2012 - What family firms can learn from Samsung’s internal battle and its two memorial services held yesterday

11/20/2012 - Want to face a libel suit? Just hit “retweet”

11/20/2012 - Insider traders, drug dealers—the language is much the same

11/20/2012 - Autonomy is just the latest bad egg in a misguided HP shopping spree

11/20/2012 - Frozen turkey from Utah, canned pumpkin from Mexico: My all-American Thanksgiving in China

11/20/2012 - Is HSBC trying to sell its stake in Ping An to China’s sovereign wealth fund?

11/20/2012 - What an American meat company’s earnings say about global carnivorism

11/20/2012 - Waiting for more than a decade to enter the US is unacceptable: Trust but verify—quickly

11/20/2012 - Around the world, oil aplenty, but no way to market

11/20/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas edition – Credit Suisse split, Grexit, Hewlett-Packard, Europe in space?

11/20/2012 - Embattled France takes another blow with a ratings downgrade

11/20/2012 - Today’s Greek debt talks aren’t about Greek debt, but the IMF’s credibility

11/19/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Europe edition – Mega mining merger, Grexit, Indian Facebook arrests

11/19/2012 - Anonymous outgunned in its “cyberwar” with Israel

11/19/2012 - Five reasons HSBC would sell its $9 bln stake in Chinese insurer Ping An

11/19/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Housing, Glencore-Xstrata, Shadow Banking, Love Bonuses

11/19/2012 - Where would rockets land if Gaza were in your backyard?

11/19/2012 - Science explains why Americans love Black Friday

11/19/2012 - When the Yakuza come calling, one in five Japanese companies admit to paying them off

11/19/2012 - Why Intel’s next CEO should come from Israel

11/19/2012 - Saving the sun’s shine: Storage technology could revolutionize the power grid

11/19/2012 - Why Wall Street should care more about the fighting between Israel and Hamas

11/19/2012 - BP’s image will recover with millions of PR dollars and your faulty memory

11/19/2012 - More signs that the US housing rebound is staying strong

11/19/2012 - Burmese don’t know what to think about Obama

11/19/2012 - It’s official: Windows 8 is a disappointment

11/19/2012 - 30% of people end up working in the careers they dreamed of as kids

11/19/2012 - Congrats! You may be involved with the shadow banking system

11/19/2012 - Intel: Three charts that tell the story of the Otellini era

11/19/2012 - Russia shouldn’t be one of the BRICs

11/19/2012 - Toys R Us boss argues e-commerce isn’t green as war for holiday shoppers begins

11/19/2012 - Despite Hostess bankruptcy, Twinkies could really last forever

11/19/2012 - More than half of Brits vote to ditch the EU

11/19/2012 - Are the markets being too cheerful about the US fiscal cliff?

11/19/2012 - Welcome to America. Startups, patent holders, and iPhone programmers, please come to the front of the line

11/19/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – Obama in Myanmar, HSBC, SAS, Alibaba-Sina, banana king bust

11/19/2012 - Here’s what Europe is spending less on while Europeans get bigger and, as a result, sicker: healthcare

11/18/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Corporate tax, China’s yuan, Alibaba-Sina, investing in condoms

11/18/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—SAS, shadow banking, volatility, beards

11/18/2012 - Why Opera thrives in Europe’s last dictatorship

11/18/2012 - How to fix the world

11/17/2012 - Should I stay or should I go? How an Indian family decided to return home

11/17/2012 - The charismatic fascist: Mourning Indian politician Bal Thackeray is as complicated as he was

11/17/2012 - How to do an oil deal in Nigeria: A tale of middlemen and millions

11/16/2012 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Bonus Edition—Obama in Asia, K-Pop, James Bond, Mr. Donkey

11/16/2012 - This week in photos: Lights in India, rockets in Gaza, and more

11/16/2012 - In buying distressed debt, Occupy Wall Street shows its knack for organizing

11/16/2012 - India has a bold solution to the US college crisis: Federal universities

11/16/2012 - You Google wrong–lessons from a class on Power Searching

11/16/2012 - Rich countries with the most generous unemployment benefits

11/16/2012 - On eBay, the starting bid for a single Twinkie is now $5,000

11/16/2012 - Proof that austerity measures are making European economies worse, not better

11/16/2012 - Why rich countries can’t have $20 tablets—yet

11/16/2012 - Japan’s problems in numbers

11/16/2012 - The Turkish bank that escaped being sucked into the European black hole

11/16/2012 - Why it was so easy for Korea to overtake Japan in the pop culture wars

11/16/2012 - Memo to Hostess: It’s not labor costs. It’s that your cakes are “cheap, unhealthy, and outmoded”

11/16/2012 - Viviane Reding: Why Europe must put women on corporate boards

11/16/2012 - Snap election will keep Japan from falling off its own fiscal cliff

11/16/2012 - How new energy trends will give the US and China an edge over Europe

11/16/2012 - What keeps China’s leadership up at night is that their people won’t tolerate new polluting plants

11/16/2012 - Superbugs are spreading in Europe as antibiotics are overused

11/16/2012 - Hostess, maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, says it will shut down

11/16/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – Cliff-diving, City of London shrinks, Geneva snubs rich, Marx

11/16/2012 - It pays for companies to do the right thing. Even Adam Smith would agree

11/16/2012 - Move over, Greece; it’s France’s turn to be Europe’s disaster poster child

11/16/2012 - Burying bad news: China banks’ bad debts keep rising, regulator says on day country gets new leaders

11/16/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Europe Edition – Japan election, Apple-Samsung spat, legal bribery, Karl Marx

11/15/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Cliff dive, hara-kiri, BP’s fine, bakhsheesh

11/15/2012 - A breakdown of the $4.5 billion worth of crimes BP committed

11/15/2012 - Behind the images of Greece’s riots, there’s an economy slowly dying

11/15/2012 - It’s not that women take fewer risks than men, they just have less money to gamble with

11/15/2012 - Yesterday Russia lost contact with every last one of its space satellites

11/15/2012 - High-frequency trading doesn’t hurt the little guy

11/15/2012 - Spotify’s plan for rescuing the music industry: let it fall apart first

11/15/2012 - This chicken chain’s ads mock everyone from Zimbabwe’s dictator to white people

11/15/2012 - Women senators hit the porcelain ceiling as a bill for more bathrooms circles the drain

11/15/2012 - Greek immigration to Germany surges

11/15/2012 - This is what Tel Aviv looks like on Instagram right now as air raid sirens sound

11/15/2012 - BP pays a record criminal fine to put the Gulf oil spill behind it

11/15/2012 - A rising tide of American oil could lift all the world’s ships

11/15/2012 - The world’s richest college dropout urges US colleges to stop dropouts

11/15/2012 - What a hurricane looks like when you’re an economist, part 527: jobless claims

11/15/2012 - Welcome back to recession, euro zone. No one is surprised to see you

11/15/2012 - Skip the fur coat and generator. How to bribe a foreign government official—legally

11/15/2012 - There’s chocolate, and there’s Lindt Chocolate. CEO Ernst Tanner is building growth by following a simple plan: quality

11/15/2012 - These pictures from social media say what the Chinese people can’t about their new leaders

11/15/2012 - Leadership transition disheartens young Chinese, or at least the few paying attention

11/15/2012 - The eurozone is officially back in recession

11/15/2012 - China’s new leaders are conservative hardliners: “Reforms will occur slowly” and other realities

11/15/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – China’s new leaders, euro zone back in recession, BP, Nutella

11/15/2012 - Britain faces the loss of its triple-A credit rating if the euro zone sinks into recession. Guess what just happened?

11/15/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—China’s final lineup, Japan calls election, Syria, Nutella

11/15/2012 - The new Chinese leadership: A guide to China’s Men in Black

11/14/2012 - A New York City restaurant just got royally panned. Why it’s the best of Times for dining

11/14/2012 - The instant guide to why Greece’s lenders are deluding themselves about its recovery

11/14/2012 - Mass suicide in the Politburo, Hu Jintao’s original speech, and other stories that make us rethink China coverage

11/14/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—China’s leaders, MF Global, war via Twitter, teatime

11/14/2012 - Military strikes go viral: Israel is live-tweeting its own offensive into Gaza

11/14/2012 - One man’s crusade to end the hysteria over cyberwar

11/14/2012 - Zara’s big idea: What the world’s top fashion retailer tells us about innovation

11/14/2012 - Starbucks says: It’s teatime in America

11/14/2012 - Here are President Obama’s priorities for US economic policy

11/14/2012 - Greece has a depression worse than Weimar Germany’s—and malaria too

11/14/2012 - Is anyone in charge? The global shipping industry cannot afford to go off the US fiscal cliff

11/14/2012 - Five things CEOs are worried about this holiday shopping season

11/14/2012 - Fifteen reasons why China’s economy is still shaky—and what the new leadership can do about it

11/14/2012 - Actually, the GIF is dying

11/14/2012 - Eton: Why James Bond’s and David Cameron’s prep school still makes leaders

11/14/2012 - British economic data are confusing: Unemployment down, jobless claims up

11/14/2012 - Wall Street is willing to work with Obama—under these conditions

11/14/2012 - Inside Vietnam’s hush-hush banking crisis

11/14/2012 - This Rothko sold for $75 million

11/14/2012 - Why do some CEOs want higher taxes on the wealthy? Lower taxes on their companies

11/14/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – Taxing the 1%, Goldman’s shrinking jackpot, China’s new leaders

11/14/2012 - Big data will be big business in India

11/14/2012 - Lousy industrial production numbers from Ireland, Portugal, Greece and others

11/14/2012 - Europeans take to the streets to say politicians have lost the plot

11/14/2012 - Amazon and the art of evasion

11/14/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Europe Edition – China leadership, euro zone data, Sandy topples a CEO

11/13/2012 - No more drinking baijiu with the minister, and other rules for foreign firms in China

11/13/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Party votes, BNY settles, French swindled, Brazilians godless

11/13/2012 - Guy in charge of 7% of Facebook’s revenue now in charge of 84% of Zynga’s revenue

11/13/2012 - 100 minutes of lip service: Outgoing China president lambasts the corruption he presided over

11/13/2012 - Petraeus’s new gig: secretary of defense in “Call of Duty”

11/13/2012 - Jobless, homeless, suicidal: Spain’s government can only blame itself for this crisis

11/13/2012 - Men sleeping with junior colleagues is old news, but boards urgently outing them is new

11/13/2012 - Why do companies keep sending print catalogs? Because they work

11/13/2012 - Government requests to remove content from Google have nearly doubled, driven by Turkey

11/13/2012 - One chart that tells the story of US debt from 1790 to 2011

11/13/2012 - Wall Street now slightly less overpaid

11/13/2012 - After Norway forced companies to fill 40% of board seats with women, company values declined 2.6%

11/13/2012 - Too much grammar, too few teachers: The French education system is failing

11/13/2012 - How did half the world’s population become a “diversity” problem?

11/13/2012 - Greece avoids default today, but the road ahead could be brutal

11/13/2012 - Global markets curling into fetal position, as fiscal cliff looms

11/13/2012 - Windows 8 chief Steven Sinofsky leaves abruptly. What now for Microsoft?

11/13/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – Rows about Greece, trouble in Vietnam, burritos

11/13/2012 - The Dog Index: What man’s best friend tells us about global economic development

11/13/2012 - Did UK energy companies pull a LIBOR?

11/13/2012 - Europe’s game of wait-and-see could cripple its future

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11/12/2012 - Baghdad and Kurdistan both need Big Oil on their side, but only the Kurds know how to attract it

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11/12/2012 - Why 22% of Spaniards won’t get a job even if their economy booms

11/12/2012 - An Amazon engineer had a little idea that turned into a billion-dollar business

11/12/2012 - In praise of the extremely ugly and highly functional corporate website

11/12/2012 - What Amazon, Google, and Starbucks said to MPs about why they pay little or no UK tax

11/12/2012 - How Norway overtook Abu Dhabi as the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund

11/12/2012 - GE’s growth in Brazil seeks to leapfrog over pollution and wasteful ways

11/12/2012 - Why are Londoners building slums in their backyards?

11/12/2012 - British lawmakers are taking Starbucks to task for tax dodging

11/12/2012 - “Baby Berkshire,” Leucadia to buy smaller Wall Street firm Jefferies

11/12/2012 - Why there’s a boom in Chinese students attending US universities

11/12/2012 - 2,780 reasons why coal isn’t finished quite yet

11/12/2012 - China’s railway ministry will spend $32 billion by Christmas, even though demand for its services is muted

11/12/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – Multinational tax tactics, James Bond, $20 tablet, fat tax

11/12/2012 - Greece faces debt default this week, while Eurocrats bicker over aid details

11/12/2012 - The Great Firewall of China looms higher around the Communist Party congress

11/12/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Europe Edition – Multinational tax tactics, James Bond, $20 tablet computer

11/11/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Asia Edition – Multinational tax tactics, James Bond, $20 tablet computer

11/11/2012 - How a $20 tablet from India could blindside PC makers, educate billions and transform computing as we know it

11/11/2012 - How Indian immigrants could save the Republican Party

11/11/2012 - The smart guesswork that applies even in Nate Silver’s world

11/11/2012 - Consultant, consult thyself: Why Gaddafi’s former spin doctor, the Monitor Group, filed for bankruptcy

11/10/2012 - George Entwistle resigns as head of BBC

11/10/2012 - China reports biggest trade surplus for nearly four years

11/10/2012 - In the global economy of 2060, China and India will be the biggest, but still not the richest

11/9/2012 - How much would you pay to never see an online ad again?

11/9/2012 - Thank goodness it’s Friday, the day no one will ever read about this story, ever

11/9/2012 - Lessons from IBM’s near-implosion in the mid-1990s

11/9/2012 - This week in photos: US presidential election, China’s 18th party congress, and more

11/9/2012 - The fiscal cliff deal shaping up between Obama and Boehner

11/9/2012 - Can America solve its fiscal cliff with a carbon tax? Probably not

11/9/2012 - It’s easier to get your kid into Harvard than into a London kindergarten

11/9/2012 - From the 4,000-year-old mother of all economies, a dire warning about the US fiscal cliff

11/9/2012 - Google blocked in China, amid leadership transition

11/9/2012 - Chinese industrial production bounced back in October

11/9/2012 - Indonesia is one of the world’s most corrupt countries. Here’s why there’s new hope

11/9/2012 - First a supermodel, now her mother: EADS chairman caught in embarrassing moments on film again

11/9/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – New York gas rations, SEC hacked, Diageo, business of pot

11/9/2012 - 5 things Obama must do to help the US maintain a global edge

11/9/2012 - Crédit Agricole’s $3.6 billion loss thanks to Greece

11/9/2012 - Diageo set to take over Vijay Mallya’s United Spirits in an Anglo-Indian booze-up

11/9/2012 - US regulator left sensitive information vulnerable to hacking, says Reuters

11/9/2012 - Lower Chinese inflation eases way for more government economic stimulus

11/9/2012 - The US and China make tentative progress on dealing with Chinese “stir-fry” accounting frauds

11/9/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Europe Edition – Chinese opacity, SEC hacked, business of pot

11/9/2012 - Honeywell CEO Dave Cote has two tips for doing business in China

11/8/2012 - Here’s why Obama should nominate Michael Bloomberg as Treasury secretary

11/8/2012 - What Priceline’s purchase of Kayak means: Brand power and big mobile push

11/8/2012 - The big business of pot is still, like, a long way away, man

11/8/2012 - Letter to the editor: Critique of IHS and Yergin is false and unwarranted

11/8/2012 - Kayak purchase seals Priceline’s reputation: The best acquirer of internet properties

11/8/2012 - Apple stock is the cheapest it’s been since 2001

11/8/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Chinese opacity, Barack to Burma, $1 trillion man, $2.7 trillion list

11/8/2012 - Female immigrants also won big in the US election

11/8/2012 - An Egyptian startup wants to move farmers into the sun and away from the Nile

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11/8/2012 - The iPhone’s impact on global macroeconomic data, part 86

11/8/2012 - The Republicans lost the election because of their shameful record on immigration

11/8/2012 - Sandy as a glimpse into the future: Americans should prepare for a scarcity of resources and a fight for survival

11/8/2012 - Bloomberg’s rich list: The top 200

11/8/2012 - The good news: US unemployment’s coming down. The bad news: Not by much

11/8/2012 - Apple’s new patent on rounded corners isn’t even the world’s most absurd patent

11/8/2012 - iPhone cedes its crown, outsold by Samsung Galaxy S3

11/8/2012 - China’s leadership transition doesn’t look good if you’re a foreign business

11/8/2012 - Obama won because the average American voter understands economics

11/8/2012 - European Central Bank keeps rates the same

11/8/2012 - When will India spend its $1 trillion infrastructure budget? “I would say never”

11/8/2012 - The Bank of England leaves rates unchanged and refrains from new stimulus

11/8/2012 - Here is what the US thinks it knows about China’s nuclear capabilities

11/8/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Fiscal Cliff, Chinese nukes, Siemens cuts, laziness

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11/8/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Greek unrest, Chinese nukes, legal marijuana, laziness

11/7/2012 - Investors hate US elections: see how stocks have reacted to the past 10

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11/7/2012 - Wall Street’s big trading banks know the good old days are over

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11/7/2012 - Greece bends to Europe and passes harsh new austerity bill

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11/7/2012 - Good days for Russia’s newest oil generals, bad days for Russia

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11/7/2012 - Forget the fiscal cliff, remember…Germany?

11/7/2012 - See how Obama’s victory developed on sites from the Times to Xinhua

11/7/2012 - Obama won by uniting an improbable mix across America’s racial and economic divides

11/7/2012 - Obama could really help the US economy by pushing for more legal immigration

11/7/2012 - Europe’s recession is worsening

11/7/2012 - Germany is making a crucial bet to hang onto its manufacturing prowess

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11/7/2012 - Pearson emphatically denies a sale of the Financial Times. Do we believe it this time?

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11/7/2012 - German industry output falls

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11/7/2012 - In Israel, Obama’s reelection dawns on a jaded but still hopeful country

11/7/2012 - Is this the worst election for Wall Street in decades?

11/7/2012 - Puerto Rico vote could launch island territory on path to US statehood

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11/7/2012 - Barack Obama re-elected president of the United States

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11/6/2012 - Photos of unusual US polling places: beauty salons, laundromats, and some guy’s garage

11/6/2012 - The global e-voting disaster: Why the US and the world shouldn’t try to make elections too high tech

11/6/2012 - S&P 500 closes just below where it was when Bush and Gore were on the ballot

11/6/2012 - Get a tan or go abroad: Europe’s unemployment inspires desperate measures

11/6/2012 - Pearson is said to be considering selling the Financial Times

11/6/2012 - What America’s embarrassing election system can learn from voting around the globe

11/6/2012 - EU authorities may soon strike a deal with Apple on ebook price fixing investigation

11/6/2012 - The real loser in the US election will be the economy

11/6/2012 - Top Goldman Sachs economist sees same world as Obama

11/6/2012 - Why urban Indians care more about the US presidential elections than their own

11/6/2012 - Coffee table books weather publishing’s decline

11/6/2012 - Watch these CEOs cry: Sharp and Panasonic join Japan’s best corporate apologies

11/6/2012 - Suzuki will no longer sell cars on the US mainland

11/6/2012 - How my Greek friends and I spend the most productive years of our lives: Apply for jobs. Check email. No response. Repeat. So the days go by

11/6/2012 - Germany: Still having trouble staying out of European vortex

11/6/2012 - Italy rejects a plan to funnel non-performing loans into a “bad bank”

11/6/2012 - China considers internal democratic reform ahead of leadership change

11/6/2012 - France tries to boost business

11/6/2012 - The emerging tale of the British businessman killed in China: Who really was Neil Heywood?

11/6/2012 - Business and government: the winners and losers of the US election

11/6/2012 - Meet the most successful rogue trader of all time

11/6/2012 - 58 countries with better voter turnout than the United States

11/6/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – Election, Greek strikes, BMW, Dracula

11/6/2012 - Alcatel-Lucent to cut thousands more jobs

11/6/2012 - BMW surprises the market with good news, but sees tough times ahead

11/6/2012 - Putin dismisses Russian defense minister following a corruption scandal

11/6/2012 - Why 27 countries can’t agree on how to stop themselves all losing billions a year to VAT fraud

11/5/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Elections, Greek austerity, MI6, Chinese cyber-spies, Dracula

11/5/2012 - Neil Heywood, the Briton killed by Bo Xilai’s wife, was passing information to MI6

11/5/2012 - China “is hacking” US military computers and defence contractors, Congress report says

11/5/2012 - More bad news for Intel: One in four computers is now a tablet, Apple could move to different chips

11/5/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Americans vote, Greeks strike, France competes, Indians spot UFOs

11/5/2012 - Tesla shares rise 8% despite loss, as company ramps up production

11/5/2012 - This election will be the food movement’s moment of truth, says Michael Pollan

11/5/2012 - Goldman Sachs partner ranks thin, as boring banking grows

11/5/2012 - Why is American Express paying people to play Halo 4?

11/5/2012 - Should science majors pay less for college than art majors?

11/5/2012 - Electoral math: Six sets of numbers that will decide who wins the White House in 2012

11/5/2012 - Why China’s central planners should envy Indonesia’s economy

11/5/2012 - The last Gallup tracking poll of the US election: Romney 49%, Obama 48% among likely voters

11/5/2012 - Not even Hurricane Sandy’s damage in Cuba will move Raúl Castro toward reform

11/5/2012 - How Sandy undermined the case for energy independence

11/5/2012 - How paper currency is holding the US recovery back

11/5/2012 - French government leaders distance selves from economic report they commissioned because they don’t like what it says

11/5/2012 - About that gold stored in flood-prone Lower Manhattan

11/5/2012 - Attention execs: Even post-Sandy, dealing with crisis is your business

11/5/2012 - Booksellers resist Amazon’s latest disruption

11/5/2012 - Stiglitz on why ‘American exceptionalism’ is tough sell globally

11/5/2012 - HSBC could face over $1.5 billion in US fines and criminal charges over money laundering

11/5/2012 - Toyota predicts better profits for 2012 but “uncertainty” over China-Japan islands spat weighs on sales

11/5/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – Obama’s chances, HSBC fines, Sharp bailout, Lego

11/5/2012 - Obama has been at least twice as good for the creation of American millionaires as George W. Bush

11/5/2012 - Ireland bests UK in service sector growth

11/5/2012 - The plain truth about top marginal tax rates that shocked US Senators

11/5/2012 - Will Greece’s parliament pass a controversial austerity plan this week? Yes, but not without a lot of pain

11/5/2012 - Money: Americans want it again

11/5/2012 - Watch out, ratings agencies. You may be about to be hit by a tidal wave of derivatives claims

11/4/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Wrath of Sandy, Sharp bailout, Strictness, Lego

11/4/2012 - Starbucks attempts to conquer India’s next frontier: Coffee

11/4/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Asia Edition – Ctrip.com, Apple, Lego

11/4/2012 - New York Marathon’s cancellation deals a unique blow to Kenyans

11/4/2012 - The FTC really wants to sue Google, and now it may have found the charges that stick

11/4/2012 - More data add to signs of a Chinese economic rebound

11/4/2012 - China formally expels disgraced politician Bo Xilai from party

11/4/2012 - How does a company get the world’s smartest data scientists to moonlight for free? By turning problems into contests

11/3/2012 - A dummy’s guide to the gas crisis left by Sandy: How to fuel up and save what you’ve got

11/3/2012 - Less than 4% of students in an MIT online course passed the final. Why investors in education are throwing their money away

11/2/2012 - Meet the man the oil industry goes to for a voice of gravitas in the US election

11/2/2012 - With 9/11 as a guide, here are five ways to consider Hurricane Sandy’s economic impact

11/2/2012 - Watch the first oil tankers enter New York Harbor after it reopens

11/2/2012 - How to become a CEO: first learn how to fire people and close things

11/2/2012 - 99% of Mitt Romney’s ads last week were negative

11/2/2012 - This week in photos: Hurricane Sandy, final days of US campaign, iPad mini launch, and more

11/2/2012 - Photos: Charging stations as power source, meeting place, and the new face of disaster relief

11/2/2012 - The massive earthquake coming to Istanbul will make Sandy seem like nothing

11/2/2012 - Should the US government be bailing out my parents’ flooded basement?

11/2/2012 - Hyundai Motors overstated claims about its cars’ fuel economy

11/2/2012 - Romney’s son seeks investment from America’s “number one geopolitical foe”

11/2/2012 - Meet the most indebted man in the world

11/2/2012 - Wipro’s earnings moved Indian markets. Here’s why the outsourcing giant still has a tough road ahead

11/2/2012 - Victory for a US vulture fund that could make solving the euro crisis even more difficult

11/2/2012 - Lagarde List spawns copycat lists, and a Greek tragedy

11/2/2012 - Jobs report: Analysis via tweets

11/2/2012 - The complete US jobs report in charts and stats

11/2/2012 - The US economy added 171,000 jobs in October, and the unemployment rate rose to 7.9%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

11/2/2012 - How to use the jobs report to make any case you want for Obama’s reelection chances

11/2/2012 - These charts suggest Asia might be heading for a new debt crisis

11/2/2012 - Hey hardhats, construction jobs are about to surge in the northeastern US

11/2/2012 - Of course Microsoft is making a smartphone: 3 reasons the new rumor makes sense

11/2/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – US jobs report, Nokia’s new smartphone, Chinese warships

11/2/2012 - China stockpiles enough cotton to last six years

11/2/2012 - RBS reports losses, increases payments to customers for faulty products, and then there’s LIBOR

11/2/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Europe Edition – US jobs report, Bank of England bashing, Chinese warships

11/1/2012 - eBay tries to win over China… again

11/1/2012 - The Kremlin’s new Internet surveillance plan goes live today, and it’s terrifying

11/1/2012 - Dueling American business coalitions squabble over tax hikes in the fiscal cliff

11/1/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Asia Edition – US jobs report, Lumia 920, Barclays’ troubles, 10,000 hours

11/1/2012 - And Quartz’s endorsement in the US presidential election goes to….

11/1/2012 - Brazil’s first black Supreme Court Justice lauded for punishing corruption in “trial of the century”

11/1/2012 - Photos define the African middle class in a way that salary and security guards cannot

11/1/2012 - Hurricane Sandy hit Cuba’s GDP as much as New York City’s

11/1/2012 - Wearable computing will be a $1.5B business by 2014

11/1/2012 - Don’t count on Myanmar’s new reforms to make it the next Asian tiger: Corruption still reigns

11/1/2012 - Apple: the stock market laggard that you own too much of

11/1/2012 - The cities that power the global economy are the ones most at risk of flooding

11/1/2012 - It’s only a matter of time before something else kills our internet

11/1/2012 - German winemaker reaps a 700-year-old monastic legacy

11/1/2012 - China’s manufacturing is improving, but don’t celebrate yet

11/1/2012 - Greek journalist goes on trial instead of corrupt system that landed him there

11/1/2012 - Businessweek’s new cover goes for the jugular on the cause of Hurricane Sandy

11/1/2012 - Five reasons Apple has peaked—for real, this time

11/1/2012 - UK judge orders Apple to grow up and cut snark from Samsung letter

11/1/2012 - China stocks get a lift from manufacturing data

11/1/2012 - Barclays accused of manipulating markets—again. Also, bribery. Anything else?

11/1/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – Election, ExxonMobil, Britain’s bungling banks, mistress Monopoly

11/1/2012 - Manufacturing numbers continue to disappoint in Britain and Greece. But good news from Ireland

11/1/2012 - Stuck at home? Here are 12 tips for building a productive virtual office

11/1/2012 - Poor profits for oil giant Shell

11/1/2012 - Another British bank posts a bad quarter for treating customers badly