11/30/2019 - Activists on America’s right are lobbying against South Africa’s sex education syllabus

11/30/2019 - Jack Dorsey’s 2020 plans include spending 3-6 months in Africa

11/30/2019 - A Batman image offended China. Its removal has angered fans worldwide

11/30/2019 - Your yen for ramen could be killing you softly

11/30/2019 - How one fighter made his escape from the worst battle of Hong Kong’s protests

11/30/2019 - ARCO is taking a fight over toxic-waste cleanup to the US Supreme Court

11/30/2019 - SCOTUS has the 2nd Amendment in its sights—and gun groups are thrilled

11/30/2019 - Rudy Giuliani’s security company gets an “F” for website security

11/30/2019 - At the Madrid climate talks, carbon offsets—and the future of the planet—are on the table

11/30/2019 - Weekend edition—Life on Earth, SoftBank in India, soy sauce

11/30/2019 - Sensationalizing the sex lives of female murder victims goes back centuries

11/30/2019 - Weekend edition—Life on Earth, SoftBank in India, soy sauce

11/29/2019 - What to know about fake reviews when shopping online

11/29/2019 - Baby Yoda is inspiring more social media chatter than Democratic candidates

11/29/2019 - Weekend edition—Life on Earth, SoftBank in India, soy sauce

11/29/2019 - Manitoba had a cheeky response to Quebec’s ban on religious symbols 

11/29/2019 - An Ohio abortion bill would define doctors as murderers if they don’t perform a medically impossible procedure

11/29/2019 - The battle to get Europe to return thousands of Africa’s stolen artifacts is getting complicated

11/29/2019 - Before you shop at Walmart this Black Friday

11/29/2019 - Smart gift ideas for busy professionals

11/29/2019 - Amazon’s Black Friday deals are all about Amazon brands

11/29/2019 - Black Friday’s environmental cost is sparking worldwide protests

11/29/2019 - The 2010s will be remembered as the decade of avocado toast and BTS

11/29/2019 - India’s GDP growth slumps to a shocking 4.5% in September quarter

11/29/2019 - The 60-40 split between stocks and bonds was once solid financial advice—but no longer

11/29/2019 - Walmart dodged US tax on $2 billion by routing cash through multiple countries, whistleblower says

11/29/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: How Robinhood follows UK rules

11/29/2019 - Amazon’s plan to dominate the pharmaceutical industry is taking shape

11/29/2019 - Block Friday, Pyongyang projectiles, girly swots

11/29/2019 - Thanksgiving leftovers can be an outlet for creativity

11/29/2019 - For Quartz members—meditation, transformation, and gifting Quartz

11/29/2019 - A simple way to measure the drastically differing ambitions of the UK’s major political parties

11/29/2019 - This Czech search engine was beating Google until recently. It says Google isn’t playing fair

11/29/2019 - India:セックス・アンド・インディア

11/29/2019 - Inspired by India’s JNU, students in Pakistan hit the streets today

11/29/2019 - African brands spend over $40 million a year to advertise in the world’s richest soccer league

11/29/2019 - India’s insolvency code for non-banking finance firms only raises more questions

11/29/2019 - The unsung women who helped eradicate smallpox from India

11/29/2019 - Block Friday, Trump in Afghanistan, contrails

11/28/2019 - Here’s why this may be the perfect time for you to fly across India

11/28/2019 - Daily Brief:トランプの「電撃訪問」

11/28/2019 - Apple capitulates to the Kremlin, and recognizes Crimea as Russian territory

11/28/2019 - India’s latest growth figures, Trump in Afghanistan, fake frogs

11/28/2019 - International art expert charged with selling looted Cambodian antiquities for the past 50 years

11/28/2019 - An NSA contractor allegedly scammed the Pentagon out of $100,000

11/28/2019 - Jumia has shut down operations in a second African country within one week

11/28/2019 - The “NHS papers” cap off a complicated week for the Labour Party

11/28/2019 - Space Turkey

11/28/2019 - There’s a very simple hack for your work wardrobe

11/28/2019 - How Manchester City’s owners became the Disney of sport

11/28/2019 - Ghana granted citizenship to over 100 African Americans and Afro-Caribbeans as part of Year of Return

11/28/2019 - Millennials:「ミニマリスト・エコノミー」の進撃

11/28/2019 - Kuno is ready to become India’s second lion sanctuary, 29 years after it was identified

11/28/2019 - India’s largest cinema chain is thriving in the era of OTT

11/28/2019 - The Modi government has found the genius answer to why India’s falling in global rankings

11/28/2019 - An e-commerce platform serving unbanked customers in rural Kenya has raised $26 million

11/27/2019 - Deloitte feels data is the new dowry, the Indian social evil that kills hundreds of women

11/27/2019 - This is what those Thanksgiving arguments are all about

11/27/2019 - Daily Brief:Uber、許可取り消しの裏側で…

11/27/2019 - Contrails

11/27/2019 - Trump has been invited to the impeachment inquiry. Will he decry it via tweet instead?

11/27/2019 - Africa needs to industrialize before focusing on free trade

11/27/2019 - Versace’s famed J.Lo Grammy dress is at the center of a new lawsuit

11/27/2019 - Carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. have fallen to the lowest levels in a generation—natural gas is a big reason why

11/27/2019 - Copy – Test3: Our guide on microinfluencers

11/27/2019 - Test2: Our guide on microinfluencers

11/27/2019 - The decade’s biggest gig-worker hiring spree is about to begin

11/27/2019 - Two new political thrillers are tailor-made for our age of paranoia

11/27/2019 - Let’s unwind this holiday season

11/27/2019 - Chile is a rich country and that is why its people are so angry

11/27/2019 - After 33 years in modeling, Naomi Campbell is finally getting to work with black photographers

11/27/2019 - Death is the biggest issue in the 2020 election

11/27/2019 - US prison fences designed to kill may be illegal under international law

11/27/2019 - How to talk to your grandparents about fake news

11/27/2019 - The US Defense Department lost $875 million to scams involving shell companies

11/27/2019 - Bitcoin with the family

11/27/2019 - The dark side of showing passion at work

11/27/2019 - Meditation is more than a stress reducer—it can physically change your brain

11/27/2019 - Can smart cities help their residents without hurting their privacy?

11/27/2019 - Thanksgiving weather, health care contracts, unpopular accents

11/27/2019 - The special kind of narcissism that makes city people feel superior

11/27/2019 - “The Good Place” taps into our hunger for second chances and redemption

11/27/2019 - The forgotten pleasures of setting a table

11/27/2019 - Another big debate in the upcoming UK election: Who gets to vote

11/27/2019 - What to tell your family about bitcoin this Thanksgiving

11/27/2019 - Africa:フィンテック大陸、アフリカ

11/27/2019 - Burkina Faso has replaced Mali at the epicenter of the Sahel’s security crisis

11/27/2019 - India’s leading kids entertainment network unleashes Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol to win OTT war

11/27/2019 - The “Istanbul 10,” Boeing snub, Queen’s English

11/27/2019 - What next for transgender people, as India clears a bill that activists call “murder of gender justice”?

11/27/2019 - Dil Mil, a dating app for the Indian diaspora, is redefining “arranged” marriages

11/26/2019 - Daily Brief:ソフトバンク株主の不安

11/26/2019 - Hong Kong crisis center, a warming warning, Papa John’s meltdown

11/26/2019 - Workers at Tesla’s solar factory in New York describe a racist workplace

11/26/2019 - Smartphone data shows black Americans wait longer to vote

11/26/2019 - Movie theater popcorn

11/26/2019 - Test: Our guide on microinfluencers

11/26/2019 - Probiotics: The beauty of bacteria

11/26/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: sun’s heat, divesting right, biblical destruction

11/26/2019 - The demise of the traditional banking model is actually good news for all of us

11/26/2019 - Hollywood doesn’t make movies like “Knives Out” anymore

11/26/2019 - A risky third party financing business is emerging for acquisitive millennials

11/26/2019 - A new Sickle cell disease drug holds much promise but most sufferers won’t be able to afford it

11/26/2019 - British employers still judge candidates based on their accents

11/26/2019 - Privacy concerns aside, consumers are already opting in to facial recognition

11/26/2019 - Amazon is practically giving away the Echo Dot

11/26/2019 - What LVMH’s big wardrobe of brands looks like after acquiring Tiffany

11/26/2019 - The trends that may end the “y’all” vs “you guys” debate

11/26/2019 - Google is secretively collecting health data, and American workers should be worried

11/26/2019 - Young Republicans think GOP boomers are on the wrong side of the climate debate

11/26/2019 - Labour’s manifesto could transform British politics—even if it doesn’t win the election

11/26/2019 - Mobile access alone won’t solve the digital divide—we’re going to need fixed-line after all

11/26/2019 - Warn your conservative parents about gold and silver schemes at Thanksgiving

11/26/2019 - Trump homecoming, Alibaba comes home, loneliness pill

11/26/2019 - How pro-meat Twitter scrambled the rollout of the planetary health diet

11/26/2019 - How the Esalen Institute’s CEO runs a retreat—and a workplace—to maximize human potential

11/26/2019 - A female-led venture capital fund focused on African women founders nears its €60 million target

11/26/2019 - China:「新型チャイナタウン」の時代

11/26/2019 - The UN all but admits we will probably pass the 1.5°C point of no return

11/26/2019 - Can Paytm make every cent of its $1 billion funding round really count?

11/26/2019 - IndiGo hits another turbulence as India’s regulator goes after planes with faulty engines

11/26/2019 - The Maharashtra political chaos is equal parts Game of Thrones and Game Theory

11/26/2019 - Day of Rage, Russia doping ban, lo-fi beats

11/26/2019 - The maker of India’s popular Parachute Oil believes men’s grooming products are the way forward

11/25/2019 - Culinary confessions: At times “Indian food” can completely put off Indians themselves

11/25/2019 - Daily Brief:アリババが今日上場へ

11/25/2019 - Alibaba lists in Hong Kong, proposed Russia doping penalty, a movie-worthy heist

11/25/2019 - ‘Quid pro quo’ is more legalese than Latin

11/25/2019 - Anti-surveillance t-shirts don’t fool security cameras

11/25/2019 - Lo-fi beats

11/25/2019 - “Frozen II” is another monster hit in Disney’s record-breaking 2019. And it still has Star Wars to come

11/25/2019 - How LVMH, Tiffany’s new owner, became the world’s biggest purveyor of luxury

11/25/2019 - Our call on Tesla’s new pickup truck starts in 30 minutes

11/25/2019 - The damaging double standard behind intermittent fasting

11/25/2019 - A Silicon Valley recruiting startup is offering tech workers $10,000 to leave the Bay Area

11/25/2019 - Nigerians are spending half a billion dollars to school in the United States

11/25/2019 - An essential guide to Google Chrome’s most useful shortcuts

11/25/2019 - Silicone: surprisingly smart, wonderfully versatile

11/25/2019 - Former Facebook employees are creating Cocoon, a social media network for your family

11/25/2019 - Can friendships between men and women at work promote gender equality?

11/25/2019 - The Israeli military inspired a rigorous talent assessment that values potential over credentials

11/25/2019 - New story from The New Science of Talent – Would you dare take a talent assessment inspired by the testing methods of the IDF?

11/25/2019 - Uber loses its license to operate in London, again

11/25/2019 - Retailers feel the squeeze as Black Friday-type sales multiply around the globe

11/25/2019 - There’s a reason companies are afraid to talk about men’s mental health

11/25/2019 - Prioritizing STEM and coding won’t fill one of the biggest gaps in education

11/25/2019 - The problem with medicalizing loneliness

11/25/2019 - You’re about to get a lot fewer flash flood alerts on your phone

11/25/2019 - Black Friday is bad for business

11/25/2019 - Alibaba lists in Hong Kong, Uber loses London license, rhinos disappear

11/25/2019 - Hong Kong’s shock election result shows how Beijing falls victim to its own propaganda

11/25/2019 - This week for Quartz members: The transformation economy is here

11/25/2019 - Everyone is a life coach now, even on Airbnb

11/25/2019 - A spiritual retreat actually transformed me

11/25/2019 - The life-changing magic of the lucrative transformation economy

11/25/2019 - Startup:「Uberキラー」の新星現る

11/25/2019 - A timeline: The Mexican standoff in Andhra Pradesh, India’s renewable energy badland

11/25/2019 - Who cares what Modi thinks, Khan Market is India’s entry in the world’s high street list again

11/25/2019 - Impeachment witness ruling, Hong Kong “referendum,” wired Amish teens

11/25/2019 - A little village in southern India may have the secret to sustainable shark fishing

11/25/2019 - Paytm has raised $1 billion to battle Walmart’s PhonePe and WhatsApp

11/24/2019 - MobiKwik, one of India’s leading fintech firms, would rather be a cockroach than unicorn

11/24/2019 - Hong Kong’s “referendum” has voted deafeningly for democracy—and against Beijing

11/24/2019 - How China brainwashes ethnic minority Uighurs in its mass detention camps

11/24/2019 - Daily Brief:LVMHが、ティファニー買収へ

11/24/2019 - Hong Kong’s election, the China Cables, a perfect gift

11/24/2019 - Hong Kong just had a peaceful Sunday, thanks to an election

11/24/2019 - Mike Bloomberg took a dig at Trump’s taxes while announcing his presidential bid

11/24/2019 - Sumatran rhinos are one step closer to total extinction

11/24/2019 - Top Australian bank faces record fine for 23 million violations and enabling pedophilia

11/24/2019 - Jumia’s Cameroon exit, African fintech’s hotness, stopping fossil fuels

11/24/2019 - The uncomfortable link between smartphones and the rise in gambling with Africa’s youth

11/24/2019 - Three charts showing what Ukrainians think of Trump’s “quid pro quo”

11/24/2019 - From Americanization to commercialism, Thanksgiving has always served a purpose

11/23/2019 - Weekend edition—Hong Kong seen, Boeing diverted, silver mined

11/23/2019 - Weekend edition—Hong Kong seen, Boeing diverted, silver mined

11/23/2019 - A new book on Brett Kavanaugh is igniting fights before it’s even hit the shelves

11/23/2019 - SCOTUS is weighing two Trump tax cases with implications for the impeachment inquiry

11/23/2019 - The US Navy doesn’t have enough spare parts to keep its fighter jets in the air

11/23/2019 - Washington, DC’s absurd weed scene shows why the MORE Act just passed a vote

11/23/2019 - Don’t use the language of criminal law for a constitutional process like impeachment

11/23/2019 - The woke shopper’s one-item Zen gift guide

11/23/2019 - Tesla’s Cybertruck is ridiculous, but who wants to bet against Elon Musk?

11/23/2019 - No one is protecting the 2020 election

11/23/2019 - The filmmaking technology behind “The Mandalorian” is straight out of the Star Wars universe

11/23/2019 - Hong Kong’s protesters embody what it means to be driven by democratic ideals

11/23/2019 - How a 1918 Philadelphia parade led to an unmatched flu mortality rate

11/22/2019 - 日本上陸、Quartz Japanだけが伝えた5つのストーリー

11/22/2019 - Weekend edition—Hong Kong seen, Boeing diverted, silver mined

11/22/2019 - Tie-dye

11/22/2019 - U.S. oil production has doubled since 2010. New technology is making sure it happens safely

11/22/2019 - Quartzy: the new cook edition

11/22/2019 - Google guesses your political leanings—but won’t tell you

11/22/2019 - Our call on how ETFs are eating the market starts in 30 minutes

11/22/2019 - Twitter and Instagram are arguably the best dating apps around

11/22/2019 - DNA test kits threaten kids’ privacy in ways we can’t understand yet

11/22/2019 - A humanitarian worker in Yemen provides a lesson on perspective

11/22/2019 - Why tech companies need philosophers—and how I convinced Google to hire them

11/22/2019 - Must every office phone booth feel like an upright coffin?

11/22/2019 - The US has a new weapon in the fight against antibiotic resistance

11/22/2019 - Vaping deaths, Victoria’s Secret, flooded subways

11/22/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: PayPal bought 13 million female users

11/22/2019 - Hong Kong will have its only truly democratic election this weekend

11/22/2019 - The racy Victorian-era party trick of X-ray imaging

11/22/2019 - Climate models may show whether “super monsoons” of 5 million years ago will return

11/22/2019 - For Quartz members—Elon Musk, China’s CBD, and ETFs

11/22/2019 - Everything you need to know about Elon Musk’s plans to change everything

11/22/2019 - Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai are some of the least inclusive global cities

11/22/2019 - Noisy ships on India’s Ganga river are drowning the clicks of dolphins

11/22/2019 - One in three Indian shoppers ready to queue up overnight for Black Friday bargains

11/22/2019 - The Indian godman, who could safe keep Bill Gates’s wealth for the next life, flees after child abuse charge

11/22/2019 - Bougainville independence, Victoria’s Secret canceled, Tiny Hand

11/22/2019 - A Sri Lankan author remembers the easy, “mixed fruit” society before the civil war tore it apart

11/21/2019 - New York City is flooding subway entrances to prepare for climate change

11/21/2019 - Daily Brief:Yコンが中国から撤退

11/21/2019 - Tesla cybertruck, world’s newest country, human compost

11/21/2019 - 5G: Essential tech for a faster, smarter, more connected future

11/21/2019 - Two Chinese companies have joined the ranks of the fashion industry’s giants

11/21/2019 - Tarot

11/21/2019 - Valve unveiled the first new Half-Life game in 13 years

11/21/2019 - The financial crisis changed the bond market forever

11/21/2019 - Trump golf cart rentals have now cost US taxpayers more than half a million dollars

11/21/2019 - Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu charged with bribery and fraud

11/21/2019 - The return of migrants from Europe is causing problems for The Gambia

11/21/2019 - Zara’s sustainable sweatshirt raises troubling fashion ethics issues

11/21/2019 - Tesla’s new Cybertruck is here

11/21/2019 - These are the businesses that will actually benefit from job automation

11/21/2019 - It took four female moderators to get US presidential candidates to debate childcare

11/21/2019 - Three MBA admissions heads explain why record numbers of women are going to business school

11/21/2019 - Loon’s autonomous balloons are bringing the internet to rural Peru

11/21/2019 - Tesla’s new pickup will struggle to win over the Midwest’s truck die-hards

11/21/2019 - The great American labor paradox: Plentiful jobs, most of them bad

11/21/2019 - Boeing bopped

11/21/2019 - The best (and worst) airlines for carry-on luggage

11/21/2019 - New story from The New Science of Talent – Gifted education in America is finally moving past its legacy of inequality

11/21/2019 - Gifted education in America is finally moving past its legacy of inequality

11/21/2019 - Digital collectibles

11/21/2019 - The surprisingly effective retention power of lateral career moves

11/21/2019 - “30 years ago, you supported us”: Hong Kong campus sieges strike a chord with Chinese students

11/21/2019 - The Amazon-ification of retail has triggered a rapid shift in industry hiring

11/21/2019 - How marathons became big business

11/21/2019 - Colombians on strike, Tesla truck, crypto collectibles

11/21/2019 - How solidarity at work can force progressive change

11/21/2019 - Data science could reshape climate change disaster response

11/21/2019 - What use are crypto collectibles?

11/21/2019 - Global economists, political scientists ask India to release withheld economic data

11/21/2019 - A fossil fuel-powered future for Africa will come at a drastic human cost

11/21/2019 - Millennials:「睡眠」を買う時代

11/21/2019 - Social media censorship in India has increased over five fold since 2016

11/21/2019 - Will Jio raising tariffs make India’s data boom go bust?

11/21/2019 - Tesla’s pickup truck, Prince Andrew steps back, poo bricks

11/21/2019 - Indian employers are stubbornly obsessed with elite students—and it’s hurting them

11/21/2019 - India needs to be battle-ready for a war zone teeming with hackers and malware

11/20/2019 - India’s RCEP walkout shows its industry is still incompetent

11/20/2019 - Daily Brief:テスラ、秘密の「サイバートラック」

11/20/2019 - Colombia strikes, Sondland’s testimony, suspended animation

11/20/2019 - Half of TV episodes in the last year were directed by women or people of color

11/20/2019 - Shipbreaking

11/20/2019 - Men still earn more than women—even after they’re dead

11/20/2019 - Climate change threatens 945 US toxic waste sites with flood and fire

11/20/2019 - An extra letter “s” enabled a million-dollar real estate scam

11/20/2019 - US Supreme Court holds innovation in the balance in Google v Oracle

11/20/2019 - Can Norwegian Air’s new CEO turn the struggling airline around?

11/20/2019 - Harnessing the sun’s heat for industry could cut 10% of global carbon emissions

11/20/2019 - Our call on the prospects for the UK general election starts in 30 minutes

11/20/2019 - Why are humans so bad at predicting the future?

11/20/2019 - Google Stadia is not the cloud gaming future we were promised

11/20/2019 - New poll shows Elizabeth Warren could bridge the Democrats’ generational divide

11/20/2019 - One of the world’s most popular love songs was actually a resignation letter

11/20/2019 - How boxing helps me cope with life’s knockouts

11/20/2019 - My household robot proves being a cyborg isn’t as wild as you might think

11/20/2019 - Universal basic income is just a band-aid on a much bigger problem

11/20/2019 - What China’s relationship to cannabis reveals about its economy

11/20/2019 - Black “Friday” now lasts an entire week

11/20/2019 - South Africa’s farms face an existential threat from climate change

11/20/2019 - Farmers and chefs think there may be an ethical future for foie gras

11/20/2019 - Sondland speaks, Dems debate, Hitler’s house

11/20/2019 - Is the world ready for politicians to dress in workplace casual?

11/20/2019 - Africa:次の金脈。アフリカ・スタートアップ7選

11/20/2019 - Alibaba’s $13 billion listing will come in handy in its delivery war over China’s millennials

11/20/2019 - India and China compete again—for whose toilet revolution is worse

11/20/2019 - How Robinhood plans to make money on US stock trading in the UK

11/20/2019 - Jio giveth India its data revolution. Now Jio taketh away?

11/20/2019 - Trudeau’s cabinet, US bill on Hong Kong, Hitler’s birthplace

11/19/2019 - India’s successful village electrification drive has a casualty: solar appliances

11/19/2019 - Most Indian women still have no freedom to get involved in politics

11/19/2019 - Daily Brief:アメリカ、韓国と交渉決裂

11/19/2019 - Abe sets a record, UK debates, toxic souvenirs

11/19/2019 - Everything you need to know about African fintech right now

11/19/2019 - Black turtlenecks

11/19/2019 - Regulating the booming Arctic cruise industry is proving frustratingly difficult

11/19/2019 - The Jeopardy “Greatest of All Time” tournament is the contest America needs right now

11/19/2019 - Vaping apps were never popular enough to be a problem

11/19/2019 - Our call on mining for silver on Facebook starts in 30 minutes

11/19/2019 - The brain is the final frontier of our privacy, and AI is about to breach it

11/19/2019 - What the Hong Kong protests can teach the world about enduring social movements

11/19/2019 - In the age of burnout, how companies keep their employees coming back

11/19/2019 - How the human brain stays young even as we age

11/19/2019 - A superfund site in Montana sold bags of hazardous waste as souvenirs

11/19/2019 - New story from The New Science of Talent – People are terrible judges of talent. Can algorithms do better?

11/19/2019 - People are terrible judges of talent. Can algorithms do better?

11/19/2019 - A new Stanford study shows young US 2020 voters are really bad at spotting fake news

11/19/2019 - Trump administration now wants asylum seekers to wait a full year before seeking work

11/19/2019 - Can technology fix the silent opioid crisis gripping US hospitals?

11/19/2019 - The “smoking gun” in the Trump impeachment inquiry explained

11/19/2019 - Jumia’s Cameroon exit could be the first step to shrinking its beleaguered e-commerce business

11/19/2019 - How Facebook fueled a precious-metal scheme targeting older conservatives

11/19/2019 - Video game influencers are disrupting data capitalism and building new communities

11/19/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: net-zero F1, boomer car owners, jet-engine limits

11/19/2019 - The scare tactics used to sell overpriced silver to older conservatives

11/19/2019 - Spotify wants to treat podcasts like music playlists

11/19/2019 - Google gaming, US-South Korea, slippery toilets

11/19/2019 - Three ways cities can take the lead on climate change

11/19/2019 - As resistance to anti-malarial drugs spreads, these scientists are racing to stem the tide

11/19/2019 - There are only 59 named women on the most common banknotes

11/19/2019 - China:中国化する「世界の観光」

11/19/2019 - Did Delhi’s deadly smog just move 3,000 km to the south?

11/19/2019 - Poorly nourished pregnant women are also badly overworked in rural India

11/19/2019 - Foreign investors flock to commercial projects as India’s residential market struggles

11/19/2019 - India can achieve 10% GDP growth, but only with Olympic-type regimen

11/18/2019 - UK election debate, West Bank settlements, Europa’s ocean

11/18/2019 - China is threatening to hobble Hong Kong’s courts because it didn’t like a ruling

11/18/2019 - Trump’s visa clampdown hasn’t stopped Indian students from pursuing their US dreams

11/18/2019 - Daily Brief:「Googleゲーム」が今日発表

11/18/2019 - Google gaming, Asian beauty, slippery toilets

11/18/2019 - African fintech

11/18/2019 - Ford is mortgaging its future on the value of its past

11/18/2019 - The decline of new international students to the US has nearly stopped

11/18/2019 - Kylie Jenner’s $600 million deal proves the power of celebrity beauty brands

11/18/2019 - Three US banks have gone bust in recent weeks, after a failure-free 2018

11/18/2019 - What is the US getting out of Trump’s trade war with China? Not much

11/18/2019 - Nigerian startups are beating several odds—including the government—to succeed

11/18/2019 - Mapping Hong Kong’s culture of innovation

11/18/2019 - The latest marker of Chinese interest in African fintech is a $120 million funding round for OPay

11/18/2019 - This week for Quartz members: ETFs are eating the market

11/18/2019 - The unique role corporations played in the fight for LGBTQ rights

11/18/2019 - Scientists are playing with apple flour to pack cookies with fiber

11/18/2019 - So you think you’ve been scammed by a silver or gold scheme

11/18/2019 - The new “Wolf of Wall Street” is an influencer who sells gold to Republican seniors

11/18/2019 - A precious-metals scheme used fear and Facebook to trick older conservatives out of their savings

11/18/2019 - Law enforcement struggles to combat gold and silver schemes targeting older conservatives

11/18/2019 - Hong Kong escalation, Aramco IPO, mongooses

11/18/2019 - Hong Kong’s use of emergency powers to ban face masks was illegal

11/18/2019 - The arrival of Uber Works isn’t going to help fix the gig economy

11/18/2019 - It’s alive! ETFs as Frankenstein

11/18/2019 - ETFs didn’t democratize finance. Could they?

11/18/2019 - How ETFs shrunk the stock market

11/18/2019 - The Chinese army’s “spontaneous” garbage clean-up in Hong Kong was anything but

11/18/2019 - Startup:「精子バンク」に巨額が集まる理由

11/18/2019 - For Flipkart, data scientists are as critical as software engineers

11/18/2019 - “He refused”: China sees online tributes to an official who freed Muslims in Xinjiang

11/18/2019 - London is bravely pushing back against Christmas creep this year

11/18/2019 - Hong Kong escalation, Trump’s health, meme merchants 

11/18/2019 - Realme is taking on Xiaomi in India by aping Xiaomi’s India strategy

11/18/2019 - Art kills around 100,000 mongooses in India every year

11/18/2019 - The language used to justify Xinjiang’s camps is being echoed in Hong Kong

11/17/2019 - Unless the government intervenes, Indian telecom will hurtle towards a duopoly

11/17/2019 - Coal-addicted India’s solar and wind farms save more lives than those in US and China

11/17/2019 - Daily Brief:アラムコ上場、「アリババ超え」は?

11/17/2019 - Hong Kong escalation, Aramco IPO, meme merchants 

11/17/2019 - Here’s a way to increase college completion rates

11/17/2019 - Brexit is seriously stressing out the civil service

11/17/2019 - Mere multimillionaires say it’s up to billionaires to make big donations to charity

11/17/2019 - The incredible rise of exchange-traded funds

11/17/2019 - Kenya’s data laws, Guinea’s third-term battle, Africa’s first homegrown unicorn

11/16/2019 - China sent soldiers to a Hong Kong protest site—with brooms and buckets

11/16/2019 - Weekend edition—Election security, too-big tech, anime inspiration

11/16/2019 - Weekend edition—Election security, too-big tech, anime inspiration

11/16/2019 - A New York-based journalist has become the face of shrinking press freedom in Nigeria

11/16/2019 - What do “billionaire tears” taste like?

11/16/2019 - For immigrants, the startups disrupting restaurants look as scary as Uber

11/16/2019 - Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins on tech regulation, CEO activism, and the best advice he ever got

11/16/2019 - Two of America’s biggest coal plants closed this month

11/16/2019 - Russia allegedly meddled in Bolivia’s controversial election

11/16/2019 - The future of live music lives on your smartphone

11/16/2019 - The Telegram app is rife with Norwegian murderer Anders Breivik’s racist ideology 

11/16/2019 - How the 2020 US Democratic candidates compare to politicians around the world

11/16/2019 - Ethiopians are losing faith in prime minister Abiy’s promises for peace

11/15/2019 - Weekend edition—Election security, too-big tech, anime inspiration

11/15/2019 - Sirens

11/15/2019 - Ethiopia’s inability to protect its ethnic minorities is the biggest obstacle to peace

11/15/2019 - Why millennials never want to leave their apartment anymore

11/15/2019 - US diplomats reportedly lobby against laws that open Apple Pay to competition abroad

11/15/2019 - Psychologists from 40 countries pledged to use their jobs to address climate change

11/15/2019 - Quartzy: the aspirational realness edition

11/15/2019 - If the Supreme Court follows precedent, Trump’s tax returns will become public

11/15/2019 - Our call on taming Big Tech starts in 30 minutes

11/15/2019 - Mismanagement threatens water supply more than climate change in South Africa

11/15/2019 - The world’s as divided about Bolivia’s alleged coup as Bolivians themselves

11/15/2019 - Scientists are taking concrete steps towards reducing cement’s massive carbon footprint

11/15/2019 - Kavanaugh jokes and gets choked up in his first speech as a SCOTUS justice

11/15/2019 - Impeachment hearings, Amazon vs Pentagon, rainbow hair

11/15/2019 - Taking a chance on trust is smarter than playing it safe

11/15/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: We still don’t know if Apple Card is sexist

11/15/2019 - The world’s caffeine supply faces an existential threat

11/15/2019 - Goldman Sachs’ misguided World Cup predictions could provide clues to the Apple Card controversy

11/15/2019 - For Quartz members—speed reading, ETFs, and big tech

11/15/2019 - How the ETF explosion transformed global markets

11/15/2019 - Bollywood actor Kalki Koechlin’s offscreen talents—spoken word, podcasting

11/15/2019 - The Indian telecom sector just got a call from hell

11/15/2019 - India:シェアわずか1%。弱小Appleの逆襲

11/15/2019 - Why flooding is so difficult to predict and prepare for

11/15/2019 - For India’s urban youth, kinky sex is more in the head than in the bed

11/15/2019 - In photos: Anti-pollution masks are now an essential accessory in Delhi

11/15/2019 - Sri Lanka votes, Amazon vs. Pentagon, lost cows

11/14/2019 - After years of falling, poverty in India may have risen again since GST and demonetisation

11/14/2019 - Daily Brief:アリババ最大のライバル、JDの行方

11/14/2019 - Google Stadia highlights what’s wrong with broadband caps

11/14/2019 - The magical world of Japanese anime has become the reality of Hong Kong protesters

11/14/2019 - Poultry diplomacy, Sri Lanka votes, space blood

11/14/2019 - Guinea’s president is prepared to risk it all for a third term as anti-government protests grow

11/14/2019 - Long commutes make India perfect for short video apps like TikTok

11/14/2019 - Crystals

11/14/2019 - How Boko Haram went from a peaceful Islamic sect to one of the world’s deadliest terrorists in a decade

11/14/2019 - It’s never been easier for the rich and powerful to live in any country they want

11/14/2019 - The dread of unsolicited email is fueling the revival of personal stationery

11/14/2019 - Adidas is learning it’s not easy to make 100% recyclable sneakers

11/14/2019 - The most promising breakthrough in Alzheimer’s treatment is not a drug

11/14/2019 - Nike’s digital strategy is to treat everyone the way it treats sneakerheads

11/14/2019 - Britain’s NHS is failing patients more than ever: Will it matter to voters?

11/14/2019 - The rise and fall (and rise) of Robert De Niro’s career

11/14/2019 - Watch: Our call on short sleepers

11/14/2019 - The case against holding any more women’s rights conferences

11/14/2019 - Ok Boomer

11/14/2019 - VC funding for startups with at least one female founder more than doubled in 2018

11/14/2019 - The US plays a unique role in UN solvency

11/14/2019 - Digitizing the yuan

11/14/2019 - The American anti-abortion movement is reverberating abroad

11/14/2019 - Alibaba reminds investors China’s censorship regime is a business risk

11/14/2019 - What public transport might look like in 2045

11/14/2019 - Trump vs NATO, Walmart revenues, PornHub propaganda

11/14/2019 - South Korea’s success-obsessed culture is finally reckoning with its dark side

11/14/2019 - The surprising origins of corporate lobbying

11/14/2019 - China’s digital currency is all about control

11/14/2019 - Even Nordic dads don’t take their fair share of parental leave

11/14/2019 - Millennials:セレブも大好き「CBD」とは?

11/14/2019 - Online learning can keep Indians afloat but can’t rescue India’s education system

11/14/2019 - Climate bank, Gaza violence, PornHub propaganda

11/13/2019 - Fossil fuel de-addiction may wipe out a big chunk of India’s government revenues

11/13/2019 - As inflation firms up, India’s central bank may not be able to play rate-cut Santa for long

11/13/2019 - The Motorola Razr is back as a smartphone with folding screen

11/13/2019 - Daily Brief:世界の「今日」を知る4本のニュース

11/13/2019 - Hong Kong cancels class, Impeachment hearings, cocaine hogs

11/13/2019 - Sunshine will cover your daily commute

11/13/2019 - White noise

11/13/2019 - A 2020 US election simulation just ended with 32 dead and 200 injured

11/13/2019 - Apple unveils the Macbook Pro it should have sold five years ago

11/13/2019 - US border agents now need a good reason to search travelers’ devices

11/13/2019 - A day-long mobile money shutdown will test the effectiveness of Zimbabwe’s new bank notes 

11/13/2019 - Supreme Court weighs immunity for officer accused of cross-border excessive force

11/13/2019 - HBO’s former CEO is the latest big-time TV executive to shift to streaming

11/13/2019 - Nike is ending its two-year fling with Amazon

11/13/2019 - You have three years (at most) to launch a podcast

11/13/2019 - Scientists say it’s possible to speed read—we’re just doing it wrong

11/13/2019 - A European NGO says a global network of fake media outlets set up the EU MPs’ Kashmir visit

11/13/2019 - What the US can learn from women in the Soviet workforce

11/13/2019 - Slide to see how Formula E teams are winning with data insights—and how businesses can win, too

11/13/2019 - The Labour party has angered some British Hindus over its views on Kashmir

11/13/2019 - Africa’s top phone maker is leading a $40 million investment to win the race for online payments

11/13/2019 - How Mark Zuckerberg plans to make money with Facebook Pay

11/13/2019 - China’s messaging against the Hong Kong protests has found a new outlet: Pornhub

11/13/2019 - How your personal data is being used to manipulate capitalism

11/13/2019 - Women aren’t waiting for men to buy them jewelry

11/13/2019 - What cities can do to attract new residents without alienating locals

11/13/2019 - Impeachment goes public, Hong Kong closes schools, a fat cat

11/13/2019 - Seven ways to deal with smartphone stress

11/13/2019 - The simplest way to help young kids is to pay their teachers better

11/13/2019 - Children once learned ethics and life lessons from board games—then PUBG came along

11/13/2019 - India wants online retailers to take responsibility for fake reviews and counterfeits

11/13/2019 - Five suicides in a year at IIT Madras put the spotlight on India’s premier institutes—again

11/13/2019 - Jumia is shipping bigger losses but its plans to build an African fintech leader are on pace

11/13/2019 - Industrial AI is helping the Indian startup industry build a name beyond e-commerce

11/13/2019 - Trump meets Erdoğan, Hong Kong university siege, accidental Play-Doh

11/13/2019 - Charted: IPOs in India are becoming fewer, smaller, and less lucrative

11/12/2019 - The future of live-streaming, for better or worse, depends on Twitch

11/12/2019 - Supreme Court won’t let Remington Arms dodge Sandy Hook bullet

11/12/2019 - BRICS summit, Facebook Pay, obese monks

11/12/2019 - なぜ今、日本にQuartzが必要なのか

11/12/2019 - Sotomayor on DACA: “This is about our choice to destroy lives.”

11/12/2019 - Bananas

11/12/2019 - The US government holds balloons to stricter standards than it does voting machines

11/12/2019 - 今日、ついにQuartzが日本に上陸します

11/12/2019 - It will take more than big fines to tame Big Tech

11/12/2019 - 8 trends impacting tomorrow’s treasury

11/12/2019 - Progress toward a new plastic plant highlights Europe’s plastic paradox

11/12/2019 - Disney’s big streaming launch could have gone smoother

11/12/2019 - Taming Big Tech

11/12/2019 - Cashless payments are growing faster in India than just about anywhere else

11/12/2019 - “Succession” and the allure of the millionaire family drama

11/12/2019 - Spouses of H-1B workers can’t let their guard down just yet

11/12/2019 - Kenya is stepping up its citizens’ digital security with a new EU-inspired data protection law

11/12/2019 - Photos: Hong Kong police and students are fighting a war in one of the city’s top universities

11/12/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: hybrid power plants, net-zero NZ, efficiency pangs

11/12/2019 - The reason Hollywood giants waited so long to challenge Netflix

11/12/2019 - SCOTUS on Dreamers, Hillary Clinton, 196 marathons

11/12/2019 - US startups are already trying to displace TikTok

11/12/2019 - Vietnam’s war on China’s illegal South China Sea map has turned to navigation apps

11/12/2019 - The story of Africa’s tech landscape is often told without a key missing piece

11/12/2019 - A history of American antisemitism

11/12/2019 - Edward Snowden blew the whistle on how Chinese censors scrubbed his book

11/12/2019 - Most Indians want to do something for the planet but simply can’t afford it

11/12/2019 - Bengaluru is now the scooter sharing capital of the world

11/12/2019 - A 100-year-old British retail giant’s thumb rule for Indian firms: Adapt to the digital world

11/12/2019 - Dreamers challenge, Australian fires, lion mummy

11/12/2019 - This chart from Mastodon’s creator shows just how angry some Indian Twitter users are

11/12/2019 - Dreamers are hopeful ahead of SCOTUS hearing

11/12/2019 - China’s regional GDP numbers are suspect, but still worth watching

11/11/2019 - Hong Kong escalation, Singles Day success, lion mummy

11/11/2019 - The real hero of the sexist AppleCard saga has issued a statement

11/11/2019 - If your company is to survive, your C-suite must change

11/11/2019 - Singles Day sales top $38 billion despite trade tensions and protests

11/11/2019 - Green burial

11/11/2019 - The successful launch of Disney+ depends on the legacy of Boba Fett

11/11/2019 - A common cost-saving practice of airlines trashes the planet in the process

11/11/2019 - Adidas is shutting down the robotic factories that were supposed to be its future

11/11/2019 - With no laws to stop them, defense firms are on track to make killer robots a reality

11/11/2019 - SpaceX builds out satellite network with a milestone launch

11/11/2019 - Women still sacrifice personal happiness for professional brilliance

11/11/2019 - There’s nothing wrong with being a “people-pleaser” at work

11/11/2019 - How a mustache helped the co-founder of Kickstarter get over a creative block

11/11/2019 - Australia bushfires, Nikki Haley, snow crabs

11/11/2019 - The world’s biggest shopping festival shows the Chinese shopper still loves America

11/11/2019 - Homicide is declining around the world because we’re getting old

11/11/2019 - This week for Quartz members: Taming Big Tech

11/11/2019 - The best way to tame Big Tech isn’t necessarily to break it up

11/11/2019 - Is monopolization inevitable in the digital era?

11/11/2019 - Why is it called antitrust?

11/11/2019 - Historic battlefields are finding new life as parks and wildlife refuges

11/11/2019 - Is Big Tech too big?

11/11/2019 - Why the UK has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world

11/11/2019 - A photographer captured how unprecedented floods ravaged a World Heritage site in Côte d’Ivoire

11/11/2019 - You’ve probably seen Geeta Kale’s visiting card. Now, here’s the domestic help’s real story

11/11/2019 - Nigeria’s top fintech company is set to be Africa’s first home-grown unicorn with Visa investment

11/11/2019 - UK GDP, Morales out, sexist Apple Card

11/11/2019 - The night of 1949 when a Ram idol suddenly appeared inside Babri Masjid and changed history

11/11/2019 - The Hong Kong protests are the most live-streamed protests ever

11/10/2019 - Hong Kong police shoot more protesters in a city still grieving a protest death

11/10/2019 - Truecaller taps into India’s fintech market to power its next phase of growth

11/10/2019 - A dummies guide to running brand campaigns on TikTok in India

11/10/2019 - 1MDB ruling, Singles’ Day, sexist credit card

11/10/2019 - Wall Street regulators will investigate whether Apple’s credit card is sexist

11/10/2019 - China’s Singles’ Day brought in nearly $9 billion in sales in the first 20 minutes

11/10/2019 - Sesame Street turns 50 and celebrates children’s right to make mistakes

11/10/2019 - Bolivian president Evo Morales resigns after voting manipulation found

11/10/2019 - Google is creating a digital archive of Puerto Rican art saved from Hurricane Maria

11/10/2019 - Police arrest a man they say deflated a “Baby Trump” balloon in Alabama

11/10/2019 - “Remember together”: A divided UK seeks unity on Remembrance Sunday

11/10/2019 - Are meditation apps missing the point?

11/10/2019 - Five words in the English language people usually use incorrectly

11/10/2019 - The Earth could be entering a planetary fire age

11/10/2019 - Starbucks’ South Africa flop, Rooibos tea’s payday, Lesotho gets high

11/9/2019 - Trump will release a second Ukraine call “transcript.” That, too, could backfire

11/9/2019 - Weekend edition—North Korea’s countdown, Tesla lifespan, smart ocean

11/9/2019 - Weekend edition—North Korea’s countdown, Tesla lifespan, smart ocean

11/9/2019 - Republicans seethe while suggesting impeachment-inquiry witnesses

11/9/2019 - US veterans who served after 9/11 are different from their predecessors

11/9/2019 - Are dinosaur fossils minerals? Over $15 million—and potentially much more—rides on the answer

11/9/2019 - The small African kingdom that’s perfect for growing cannabis, but maybe not for regulating it

11/9/2019 - Trump and McConnell are celebrating, despite the impeachment inquiry

11/9/2019 - Military veterans are the future of weed entrepreneurship

11/9/2019 - Which new streaming service is right for you?

11/9/2019 - North Korea’s year-end deadline isn’t a bluff

11/9/2019 - Global leaders are facing one of the scariest years of climate change yet

11/9/2019 - Does climate change mean the end of wine?

11/9/2019 - Wondering what trolls will do in 2020? Watch the misogynists

11/9/2019 - In Berlin, hyper-gentrification has proved just how fast conflict-torn cities can change

11/9/2019 - VHP, Modi, Narasimha Rao’s roles in Ayodhya land title case

11/9/2019 - Rajiv Gandhi: The man who opened a can of worms at the Babri mosque

11/9/2019 - India’s top court paves the way for a temple to be built at the disputed site in Ayodhya

11/9/2019 - LK Advani: Hindu nationalism’s original poster boy who could not reap what he sowed

11/9/2019 - Babur: A carefully constructed villain who replaced Ravan in Hindu nationalists’ mind

11/9/2019 - Ram: The gentle, tragic prince who became the face of aggressive Hindu nationalism

11/8/2019 - The Ayodhya dispute has cast a shadow on the future of these Indian mosques

11/8/2019 - How a 1980s TV soap did the spadework for Hindu nationalism

11/8/2019 - Weekend edition—North Korea’s countdown, Tesla lifespan, smart ocean

11/8/2019 - Bubble baths

11/8/2019 - We still need the Equal Rights Amendment, even after a century of debate

11/8/2019 - Berliners are trolling Trump by shipping him a 2.7-ton piece of the Berlin Wall

11/8/2019 - Prada and Adidas team up to capitalize on the blurring of sportswear and luxury

11/8/2019 - The fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago still resonates across Africa

11/8/2019 - How Nigeria got so good at competitive Scrabble

11/8/2019 - Quartzy: the dinner party edition

11/8/2019 - Why do women keep looking for ways to optimize their vaginas?

11/8/2019 - Our call on the plastic boom starts in 15 minutes

11/8/2019 - Engineers need a required course in ethics

11/8/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: Why the plastic boom is a climate change issue

11/8/2019 - Trump’s whistleblower tactics are straight out of America’s corrupt corporate playbook

11/8/2019 - Electric cars are changing the cost of driving

11/8/2019 - Will a wealth tax change the behavior of the very rich?

11/8/2019 - The popularity of the “Joker Stairs” highlights the problem with movie tourism

11/8/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: What fintech means to Visa and Mastercard

11/8/2019 - How the stock market could trigger the next recession

11/8/2019 - The problem with non-compete clauses

11/8/2019 - Bloomberg news, banker pay cut, dopamine fasting

11/8/2019 - US bank branches have declined rapidly in recent years

11/8/2019 - Blue light isn’t the main cause of eye fatigue and sleep loss

11/8/2019 - For Quartz members—WeChat, African startups, and plastic

11/8/2019 - Only one in three chart-topping podcast hosts are women

11/8/2019 - Why Africa’s startup scene keeps making history

11/8/2019 - Virgin Galactic’s IPO launches a pivotal phase for space tourism

11/8/2019 - How Nepal’s democracy, and ties with India, were threatened by an ambitious monarch

11/8/2019 - What Indians think of demonetisation, three years after the jolt

11/8/2019 - Berlin Wall fall, “brain-dead” NATO, dopamine fasting

11/8/2019 - What’s stopping Qatar Airways from investing in India’s largest airline? Its founders

11/8/2019 - All about the Kartarpur Corridor, the new Sikh connection between India and Pakistan

11/7/2019 - Moody’s cuts India outlook to negative due to “probability of a more entrenched slowdown”

11/7/2019 - Disney is betting its entire future on streaming

11/7/2019 - Greek to Xi, tariff rollbacks, dopamine fasting

11/7/2019 - 5G

11/7/2019 - Homeland Security will soon have biometric data on nearly 260 million people

11/7/2019 - You’re not the only one receiving mysterious text messages

11/7/2019 - The RealReal’s promise of authenticated second-hand luxury goods may not be so real

11/7/2019 - A simple strategy shift breathes new life into Lebanon’s protest movement

11/7/2019 - The three things that make British elections so different from American ones

11/7/2019 - Our call on the US Supreme Court starts in 15 minutes

11/7/2019 - The US Supreme Court takes on the Clean Water Act, whiskey flasks, and punch

11/7/2019 - The USDA is turning spinach red to boost veggie consumption

11/7/2019 - Chinese censorship affects everyone

11/7/2019 - Thomas the Tank Engine was allegedly the engine for an accounting cover-up

11/7/2019 - Air Force Shark Tank

11/7/2019 - New story from The New Science of Talent – An experiment to find teachers who perform better and stay longer shows promising results

11/7/2019 - Bitfinex, Tether, and Crypto Capital

11/7/2019 - An experiment to find teachers who perform better and stay longer shows promising results

11/7/2019 - London’s workaholic traders want shorter hours to improve “culture, diversity, and wellbeing”

11/7/2019 - TV and film play an understated role in perpetuating racial bias on dating apps

11/7/2019 - Africa is the world’s fastest-growing continent for software developers

11/7/2019 - Why the US, UK, France and Norway are taking sides in Kenya’s maritime row with Somalia

11/7/2019 - Bolton testimony, Twitter spies, OK boomer

11/7/2019 - South Africa lives with the existential threat of a ratings downgrade

11/7/2019 - Accent prejudice is costing people the jobs they deserve

11/7/2019 - Fixing policy isn’t enough to keep girls in school in Kenya and South Africa

11/7/2019 - Europe is importing fracked gas from the US to make new plastic

11/7/2019 - Once the world’s largest crypto exchange, Bitfinex stirs controversy

11/7/2019 - “It gives a cold impression”: Why Japanese companies ban female staff from wearing glasses

11/7/2019 - Three charts that explain why India’s courts have an enormous backlog of cases

11/7/2019 - Labour’s pledge for carbon neutral homes will require a revolution—but it’s possible

11/7/2019 - Technology is changing the face of global protests

11/7/2019 - Some Indian states have more than twice as many prisoners than they can house

11/7/2019 - Some Indian states will take over 200 years to make a third of their police forces female

11/7/2019 - Lufthansa strike, Twitter spies, OK boomer

11/7/2019 - Forget about 5G, China has kicked off its development of 6G

11/7/2019 - UPI now fulfils over half of all digital payments in India

11/6/2019 - India’s unemployment crisis has turned out to be a boon for LinkedIn

11/6/2019 - India’s Green Revolution, which once staved off famines, is now threatening lives

11/6/2019 - It only took Alexa five years to take over our lives

11/6/2019 - How Kamala Harris’ extended school day bill could affect teachers and kids

11/6/2019 - US and China vs. opioids, IMF’s warning, separate beds

11/6/2019 - The Great British Bake Off

11/6/2019 - Can Adidas come up with another hit sneaker?

11/6/2019 - Newly redrawn voting districts hand Virginia Democrats a sweeping victory

11/6/2019 - Trump to spend $300 million on “quality assurance” after border wall easily breached

11/6/2019 - Twitter’s political ad ban won’t stop politicians getting their messages out

11/6/2019 - AirPods Pro don’t feel particularly “Pro”

11/6/2019 - SNL’s Farrow & Ball sketch toes the line between parody and product placement

11/6/2019 - Our call on Exceptional Humans starts now

11/6/2019 - Our call on Exceptional Humans starts in 15 minutes

11/6/2019 - Does the color of your office walls promote neurodiversity?

11/6/2019 - Research suggests that randomly winning an H-1B visa makes US startups more successful

11/6/2019 - Your unconventional career path does not reflect a lack of focus

11/6/2019 - How AI will take away our humanity, and give it back

11/6/2019 - The history of blunders and missteps that led to the quant trading revolution

11/6/2019 - Poverty in America is so expensive it now has its own inflation value

11/6/2019 - The thing women struggle with most at work isn’t sexism, it’s ageism

11/6/2019 - Facebook might ask for your face to help it identify bots

11/6/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: plastic world, carbon trading, crafty codes

11/6/2019 - For Peloton to succeed, it needs to turn loyalty into cash

11/6/2019 - Is WeChat a problem for democracies?

11/6/2019 - Pompeo in Germany, Democrat victories, fake beards and fake fur

11/6/2019 - From tea to iPhones, US-China trade tensions span centuries

11/6/2019 - How to use rudeness in the workplace to your advantage

11/6/2019 - Which cheek and how many? The origins of the other French kiss

11/6/2019 - Britain’s digital payments have gotten too fast

11/6/2019 - Didi relaunches carpooling after two women were murdered—by imposing a curfew on women

11/6/2019 - Charting how the time parents spend with kids changes as they grow up

11/6/2019 - Many Indians won’t pledge their organs—they want them for their next lives

11/6/2019 - European airlines are confronting the same grim reality their US counterparts faced decades ago

11/6/2019 - Even with a mere 10% salary hike, Indians will top Asia Pacific in 2020

11/6/2019 - Pune has stolen a march over other cities in India’s rooftop solar energy race

11/6/2019 - This year, India’s power plants may consume less coal for the first time in a decade

11/6/2019 - The ancient swamps along India’s western coast must be saved at all costs

11/6/2019 - UK Parliament dissolves, Democratic victories, surfer airfares

11/6/2019 - Beyond “silly memes,” TikTok’s India story is driven by users earning less than $350 a month

11/5/2019 - Watch: Our call on the future of meat

11/5/2019 - Here’s where the 500 largest corporations on the New York Stock Exchange stand on climate change

11/5/2019 - Lam in Beijing, SoftBank faces the music, brain-reading headbands

11/5/2019 - A Supreme Court piracy case involving Blackbeard proves truth is stranger than fiction

11/5/2019 - Crossword puzzles

11/5/2019 - South Africa’s Khoisan community will finally get a share of the commercialization of rooibos

11/5/2019 - Netflix’s first Nollywood original film has been disqualified from Oscars consideration for its English dialogue

11/5/2019 - Martin Scorsese thinks movie theaters shouldn’t just be for Marvel blockbusters

11/5/2019 - This week for Quartz members: The plastic boom

11/5/2019 - Will robots take your job before you even graduate?

11/5/2019 - The biggest myths about the next billion internet users

11/5/2019 - Even experts can’t agree on whether technology is dangerous for kids

11/5/2019 - A look into India’s first digital village

11/5/2019 - To find the best tech for everyone, look to older adults

11/5/2019 - Why design will make or break the 5G revolution

11/5/2019 - A “brain-reading” headband for students is too much even for Chinese parents

11/5/2019 - Watch: Our call on the science of talent

11/5/2019 - Microsoft is repositioning Bing as a company search engine

11/5/2019 - These cities are standing up for reproductive rights in the age of Trump

11/5/2019 - Why are parachutes such a problem for space travel?

11/5/2019 - Travelers to China can finally experience its cashless economy like a local

11/5/2019 - California is living America’s dystopian future

11/5/2019 - The swordfish you’re eating might actually be shark

11/5/2019 - US elections, Uber’s falling stock, chemical Sanskrit

11/5/2019 - The health benefits of coconut water have been greatly overstated

11/5/2019 - Europe’s largest economies are falling behind in English

11/5/2019 - A new edition for readers in the UK

11/5/2019 - Can Hindu conservatives make room for reform in religion?

11/5/2019 - Nearly 80% of Indian women feel let down by their government over safety

11/4/2019 - US elections, Commons speaker, chemical Sanskrit

11/4/2019 - An Indian court’s recent ruling further endangers internet freedom as we know it

11/4/2019 - Japanese investors have poured over $50 billion in Indian startups in five years

11/4/2019 - Consumer goods firms are battling India’s rural slump by cutting pack sizes and prices

11/4/2019 - US Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch apparently has a sense of humor

11/4/2019 - Xi at the Expo, the Dow making records, FACEBOOK’s facelift

11/4/2019 - A linguistic debate over a seemingly innocuous phrase is raging at the Supreme Court

11/4/2019 - Swiss Army knives

11/4/2019 - Under Armour has fallen. Can it get back up?

11/4/2019 - Hang on a minute, did Trump break the law with his Ukraine call?

11/4/2019 - Starbucks has failed in South Africa so far but is set for a do over

11/4/2019 - Qantas’ search for female pilots has led to more workplace harassment

11/4/2019 - McDonald’s, called out as a MeToo laggard, fired its CEO for an improper relationship

11/4/2019 - It took Saudi Aramco just nine months to make $68 billion

11/4/2019 - Dating at work is a bad idea—just ask the fired CEO of McDonald’s

11/4/2019 - Netflix will let you skip Trump jokes. Is it a gimmick or the future of TV viewing?

11/4/2019 - Remote work wooed us with its perks but do we know where it’s taking us?

11/4/2019 - Microsoft Japan’s four-day week is new evidence that working less is good for productivity

11/4/2019 - What an unsupportive work environment actually costs nursing mothers

11/4/2019 - With 475,000 options, does America have too many non-degree credentials or too few?

11/4/2019 - Rare genetic mutations protected a woman from developing Alzheimer’s

11/4/2019 - A surprisingly easy proposal to tackle gender inequality in Indian schools

11/4/2019 - Healthcare websites are the worst for people who need them the most

11/4/2019 - New safety features aren’t enough to undo Uber’s toxic bro-tastic culture

11/4/2019 - Microsoft and Amazon are at the center of an ACLU lawsuit on facial recognition

11/4/2019 - Microsoft wants anyone to be a developer, whether they code or not

11/4/2019 - Satya Nadella on Microsoft’s renewal: It’s an ongoing journey, not a destination

11/4/2019 - Macron in China, teen vaping, long-life Big Macs

11/4/2019 - Raising the minimum wage in restaurants is good news for everyone

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11/4/2019 - Many Delhi residents want to escape the smog. But where can they go?

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11/3/2019 - Candidates in Hong Kong’s elections are getting knifed, beaten, and now bitten

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11/3/2019 - China’s soft power in Africa, Zim dollar’s return, UFC’s Nigerian moment

11/2/2019 - Nigeria’s Benin border closure is an early warning sign for the African free trade deal’s optimism

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11/2/2019 - Weekend edition—Remembering Lauren Brown

11/2/2019 - Weekend edition—Remembering Lauren Brown

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11/1/2019 - This is how Warren says she can pay for Medicare for All

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11/1/2019 - Weekend edition—Remembering Lauren Brown

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11/1/2019 - Shopclues’ sale for a pittance lets out Indian e-commerce’s open secret: distress