7/31/2021 - When will esports join the Olympics?

7/31/2021 - Swimming is the best aerobic exercise for your brain

7/31/2021 - Weekend edition—Restaurant IPOs are in, livestream shopping, tsundoku

7/31/2021 - Weekend edition—Restaurant IPOs are in, livestream shopping, tsundoku

7/30/2021 - A host of reasons not to host

7/30/2021 - Weekend edition—Restaurant IPOs are in, livestream shopping, tsundoku

7/30/2021 - The International Space Station did “cartwheels.” NASA wasn’t worried.

7/30/2021 - Quiz: Were these memorable quitting scenes real or from a movie?

7/30/2021 - In the ScarJo versus Disney PR war, everyone’s a loser

7/30/2021 - Why CDC wants vaccinated people to wear masks

7/30/2021 - Which countries are the most successful at the summer Olympics?

7/30/2021 - Dr Dre wants to revitalize American high school education

7/30/2021 - Exxon’s plastics business is turning record profits

7/30/2021 - Why China’s new ambassador to the US is unlikely to go full “wolf warrior”

7/30/2021 - Vaccine mandates would show business can actually lead on social problems

7/30/2021 - Robinhood shares fall, Johansson sues Disney, ocean’s false bottom

7/30/2021 - Why Robinhood shares fell in the first day of trading

7/30/2021 - Nigeria’s first feature-length animated film goes global after inking a new deal

7/30/2021 - How US fast food chains can raise wages without raising prices

7/30/2021 - Feature:「スポーツで経済貢献」の誤謬

7/30/2021 - Months after the Beeple sale, Christie’s is still betting on NFTs

7/30/2021 - How Covid-19 has changed the way we use emojis

7/30/2021 - Despite the pandemic, the Delhi government has budgeted $11 million for flags and nationalism

7/30/2021 - Why fighting sexism in the workplace could help men too

7/30/2021 - Google will vet India’s personal loan apps more harshly

7/30/2021 - EU’s vaccine acceleration, Tokyo’s Covid surge, ocean’s false bottom

7/29/2021 - It’s a marathon and a sprint 👟

7/29/2021 - Shake Shack’s founder is countering vaccine hesitancy with vaccine confidence

7/29/2021 - Daily Brief:ロビンフッド、厳しい船出

7/29/2021 - Amazon’s service sales are about to eclipse its product sales

7/29/2021 - Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney for streaming “Black Widow” alongside its release in theaters

7/29/2021 - For members—It’s pronounced SHE-in, and it’s huge

7/29/2021 - The UK economy is barreling toward normalcy

7/29/2021 - SpaceX just saved NASA $500 million with one rocket

7/29/2021 - What’s causing the global chip shortage?

7/29/2021 - New research on air pollution and Alzheimer’s is a warning for Asia

7/29/2021 - US renters will be covered by a new eviction moratorium

7/29/2021 - Is McKinsey wrong about the financial benefits of diversity?

7/29/2021 - DoorDash isn’t just delivering meals—it’s making them, too

7/29/2021 - Being your authentic self is actually not ideal for creativity

7/29/2021 - Space:#5 ベゾスの宇宙旅行を振り返る

7/29/2021 - Space’s New Deal

7/29/2021 - The future of social media looks a lot like QVC

7/29/2021 - Unraveling the mysterious mutations that make delta the most transmissible Covid virus yet

7/29/2021 - Infrastructure deal, Robinhood IPO, Wu-Tang album sells

7/29/2021 - BioNTech aims to develop the first mRNA malaria vaccine as well as the capacity to produce it in Africa

7/29/2021 - Feature:世界は「ファン」が回している

7/29/2021 - Why central Africa is lagging behind in e-commerce

7/29/2021 - The Party’s assault on the private sector is roiling China’s billionaire ranks

7/29/2021 - Delta variant is behind the rise of breakthrough Covid infections

7/29/2021 - Is it really a good idea to count India’s population digitally?

7/29/2021 - A new estimate of Covid-19 deaths in India could double 2021’s global toll

7/28/2021 - The most inclusive Games yet?

7/28/2021 - Daily Brief:「マスク生活」に戻る米国

7/28/2021 - Does Walmart have a future as a tech company?

7/28/2021 - Three ways managers can make mornings better for hybrid teams

7/28/2021 - Why the cost of getting hacked is higher than ever

7/28/2021 - The ESG investing conundrum: Finding meaning behind the metrics                     

7/28/2021 - Tsundoku

7/28/2021 - Robinhood’s $35 billion IPO is a bet on Gen Z

7/28/2021 - This CDC map shows where in the US people should wear masks again

7/28/2021 - Why does the Federal Reserve need a digital currency?

7/28/2021 - Why are investors suddenly so eager for restaurant IPOs?

7/28/2021 - The weight of winning

7/28/2021 - College athletes have long been influencers. Now they’re getting paid like them. 

7/28/2021 - Americans should have their trucks and save the climate too

7/28/2021 - Olympians are influencers now too

7/28/2021 - Every Olympic athlete that’s been on the Wheaties box

7/28/2021 - Feature:声なき企業よ、去れ

7/28/2021 - Simone Biles’ second exit, China’s stock slump, human hamster ball

7/28/2021 - Why Krispy Kreme went public—again

7/28/2021 - Burnout, mental fatigue and talent drain are a threat to Nigerian startups

7/28/2021 - The biggest job-creating opportunity in South Africa, according to the World Bank

7/28/2021 - If India moves away from coal, what will happen to the miners’ livelihoods?

7/28/2021 - Eight months later, Indian farmers still struggling to make their voices heard

7/28/2021 - Hong Kong’s first national security law verdict shows Beijing’s “red line” has become a red net

7/28/2021 - How Mirabai Chanu went from nearly quitting weightlifting to an Olympic silver in Tokyo

7/27/2021 - 🇮🇳 India’s Olympics (pipe) dream

7/27/2021 - Daily Brief:歴史的有罪判断が下された

7/27/2021 - These companies still donate to Jan. 6 seditionists in Congress

7/27/2021 - This is not a Games

7/27/2021 - Simone Biles shows why it’s time to put less weight on winning

7/27/2021 - Why have Canadian dads pulled ahead of American fathers in parenting?

7/27/2021 - Ride sharing reduced US drunk driving deaths by 6%

7/27/2021 - A new Austin community will come standard with Tesla solar panels and batteries

7/27/2021 - The two biggest names at the Tokyo Olympics stumbled on the same day

7/27/2021 - Africa:#4 観光大陸アフリカの可能性

7/27/2021 - Gamers are going to great lengths to find graphics cards in a chip shortage

7/27/2021 - Why giant coal mines are part of China’s plan to reduce its dependence on coal

7/27/2021 - Feature:クッキー開発者、27年越しの告白

7/27/2021 - Bezos and NASA, China’s tech crackdown, magnetic concrete

7/27/2021 - Tips for traveling with unvaccinated children during the Covid-19 pandemic

7/27/2021 - Africa’s Covid-19 passport lays the groundwork for controlling future disease outbreaks

7/27/2021 - It took a woman to end the Philippines’ 97-year Olympic gold medal drought

7/27/2021 - Many elite engineering colleges in India are functioning without top leadership

7/27/2021 - Why does the delta variant spread so fast?

7/26/2021 - Athletes cash in 🤑

7/26/2021 - Daily Brief:テスラ、利益が大台

7/26/2021 - Watch: Adobe CPO Scott Belsky on navigating teams through company change

7/26/2021 - Japan’s Olympic golds show its rise as a skateboarding superpower

7/26/2021 - Simone Biles

7/26/2021 - The G20 nations couldn’t agree on the only climate goal that really matters

7/26/2021 - Laying claim to dance isn’t as straightforward for TikTok creators

7/26/2021 - The NFL is talent scouting in Africa

7/26/2021 - China is extending its regulatory storm from tech to education

7/26/2021 - Japan’s 72 seasons can liberate us from our obsession with productivity

7/26/2021 - Fauci’s warning, Robinhood’s roadshow, the origins of pole vaulting

7/26/2021 - Feature:「ユーザー参加型」の未来

7/26/2021 - Australia’s Lynas is riding a wave of surging rare earths demand

7/26/2021 - Covid-19’s third wave dashes hope of tourism revival in east Africa

7/26/2021 - For Quartz members—there’s more than one way to tell a story

7/26/2021 - For two years now, Elon Musk has cited one reason for the delay in Tesla’s India launch

7/26/2021 - Indian central bank’s digital rupee could pave the way ahead for country’s crypto ecosystem

7/26/2021 - Will the monsoon wash away some of India’s economic woes?

7/26/2021 - Typhoon In-fa, Robinhood’s roadshow, the origins of pole vaulting

7/25/2021 - Refugee athletes inspire, again

7/25/2021 - Daily Brief:シドニーで反ロックダウンの群衆衝突

7/25/2021 - Typhoon In-fa, Robinhood’s roadshow, the origins of pole vaulting

7/25/2021 - How Robinhood’s IPO “roadshow” was different from most

7/25/2021 - The first Olympic gold medal in skateboarding went to a Nike athlete

7/25/2021 - SA vaccine partnership, Kiswahili digital rights, US African immigrants

7/25/2021 - Guides:#63 エシカル投資のことば

7/24/2021 - Why the US can’t just beam internet into authoritarian states like Cuba

7/24/2021 - How a spectator-free Olympics upended Tokyo’s big transit plans

7/24/2021 - The origins of the Olympics’ obscure track and field events

7/24/2021 - A new London exhibition aims to bring female African artists into the mainstream

7/24/2021 - Weekend edition—Ben & Jerry’s politics, rethinking GMOs, Bezos in space

7/24/2021 - Weekend edition—Ben & Jerry’s politics, rethinking GMOs, Bezos in space

7/23/2021 - Sports, but make it fashion

7/23/2021 - Weekend edition—Ben & Jerry’s politics, rethinking GMOs, Bezos in space

7/23/2021 - The world has 193 countries, so why are there 205 teams in the Olympics?

7/23/2021 - Video game themes are the soundtrack to the Tokyo Olympics

7/23/2021 - Naomi Osaka was a meaningful pick to light the Olympic cauldron

7/23/2021 - The Philippines’ first female Olympic boxer makes her debut in Tokyo

7/23/2021 - These are the countries where the delta variant of Covid-19 is now dominant

7/23/2021 - A funeral in Haiti, Olympics opening ceremony, dumpster-diving birds

7/23/2021 - Delta variant is dramatically spreading among unvaccinated Americans

7/23/2021 - How the language of the Edo people of Nigeria made its way into Portuguese creole

7/23/2021 - Culture:ゴーストキッチンと「EC化」する食

7/23/2021 - How many vaccines is India making? The government has many answers to one question

7/23/2021 - Nearly 18 months into the pandemic, many Indian households lack basic understanding of Covid-19

7/23/2021 - Hong Kong’s $4.6 billion spending stimulus can’t revive retail without tourists

7/23/2021 - Will sending its largest-ever contingent change India’s fortunes at the Olympics?

7/23/2021 - Italy health pass, Olympics opening ceremony, dumpster-diving birds

7/23/2021 - Indians are travelling more than before but hotels are still not making enough money

7/22/2021 - The pandemic slowed down, but Twitter and Snapchat did not

7/22/2021 - Blue Origin is still catching up to Elon Musk’s SpaceX

7/22/2021 - For members—Why Krispy Kreme went public (again)

7/22/2021 - Crocs are now mainstream footwear, like it or not

7/22/2021 - American men did more housework in 2020, but still not as much as women

7/22/2021 - The Bezos backlash is bigger than Blue Origin’s success

7/22/2021 - This new government data show US parents didn’t do more parenting in 2020

7/22/2021 - The climate tech SPAC boom is just beginning

7/22/2021 - More than 450 airlines can now use IBM’s blockchain-based vaccine passport

7/22/2021 - Space:#4 目指せ、衛星データのサブスク化

7/22/2021 - In Media Res

7/22/2021 - Let the fashion Olympics begin

7/22/2021 - What Pfizer and BioNTech’s partnership in Africa means for the continent

7/22/2021 - A legendary Chinese dissident blogger has suddenly fallen silent

7/22/2021 - The US is worried about India’s “new protectionist measures”

7/22/2021 - UK-EU trade rule row, cyber insurance, Jurassic Pompeii

7/22/2021 - Future of Work:女性と五輪(東京の場合)

7/22/2021 - Covid-19 is changing the way African countries are collaborating with each other

7/22/2021 - India’s homegrown Covid vaccine is running into deeper troubles abroad

7/22/2021 - Paytm lists being seen as a “foreign-owned and controlled” company as an IPO risk

7/22/2021 - UK-EU trade rule row, cyber insurance, Jurassic Pompeii

7/21/2021 - A manager’s guide to hybrid collaboration

7/21/2021 - Watch: WE Comms CEO Melissa Waggener-Zorkin on better leadership through vulnerability

7/21/2021 - Now anyone can use Ray Dalio’s instant-feedback tool on Zoom—if they dare

7/21/2021 - Ransomware hacks are pushing cyber insurance premiums to record levels

7/21/2021 - Brisbane 2032 is the first test of the Olympics’ new host-city bidding system

7/21/2021 - What Wally Funk’s pursuit of going to space can teach us about achieving goals

7/21/2021 - These businesses are saving thousands by replacing single-use plastic

7/21/2021 - Finding our inner Wally Funk

7/21/2021 - To end the Covid pandemic, children need their own vaccine trials

7/21/2021 - How Kiswahili tech terms are pushing for digital rights in East Africa

7/21/2021 - Brisbane Olympics, Netflix growth, overachieving octopus

7/21/2021 - Borders: 五輪とスポーツベッティング

7/21/2021 - Why Hong Kong’s proposed doxxing law alarms Google and Facebook

7/21/2021 - African immigrants are uniquely poised to influence US policy

7/21/2021 - Meet the Jharkhand reporter who featured in the leaked Pegasus database

7/21/2021 - Vaccination could be the new currency for online dating in India

7/21/2021 - Surfing

7/20/2021 - Netflix is not impressed by any of the media companies it can buy

7/20/2021 - The problem with Jeff Bezos’ road to space

7/20/2021 - Daily Brief:10倍の死者の可能性

7/20/2021 - Schoolhouse block

7/20/2021 - LVMH is giving Virgil Abloh his dream job

7/20/2021 - Three ways businesses can lighten their carbon footprints

7/20/2021 - Four technologies shaping manufacturing’s future

7/20/2021 - Africa:#3 ボダボダとM-Pesa

7/20/2021 - Betting on the Olympics is open for the first time to millions of Americans

7/20/2021 - The challenges and historic opportunities for female athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

7/20/2021 - Novavax’s effort to vaccinate the world, from zero to not quite warp speed

7/20/2021 - Oregon inferno, Bezos in space, pure shellfish-ness

7/20/2021 - Impact:五輪のベッドがセクシー

7/20/2021 - Paytm’s losses may not stand in the way of its IPO success

7/20/2021 - These are the African countries that have demanded account information from Twitter

7/20/2021 - The Modi government doesn’t think India has a press freedom problem

7/20/2021 - Why Indian jobseekers should keep an eye on Zomato now more than ever

7/19/2021 - Daily Brief:トヨタの決断

7/19/2021 - Yes, cardboard beds can be sexy

7/19/2021 - Torching sexist stereotypes

7/19/2021 - Is Nike really facing a sneaker shortage?

7/19/2021 - China’s new carbon market isn’t designed to fix climate change

7/19/2021 - How to know you’re the target of Chinese state-sponsored hackers, according to US intelligence

7/19/2021 - In a hybrid working world, city businesses can be the boardroom

7/19/2021 - Why Jeff Bezos is going to space, and why we should care

7/19/2021 - The US still lags on public spending for children even with the new child tax credit

7/19/2021 - Freelance lawyers offer small law firms a way to scale up

7/19/2021 - The face of global luxury brands in China is at the heart of a #MeToo storm

7/19/2021 - Half of urban carbon emissions come from just 15% of cities

7/19/2021 - All the athletes who have dropped out of the Tokyo Olympics (so far)

7/19/2021 - Historic wildfires, Pegasus, starchitect toilets

7/19/2021 - For Quartz members—something new in your membership

7/19/2021 - Startup:セレブとあなたの「互助」プラットフォーム

7/19/2021 - How the history of Zimbabwe played out on the country’s cricket fields

7/19/2021 - India’s most successful unicorns lack gender diversity at the top

7/19/2021 - “It is like a jungle, I have seen it.” For Afghan refugees in Delhi, home is a distant dream

7/19/2021 - Living with Covid-19: India needs to focus on indoor air quality to reopen safely

7/19/2021 - Historic wildfires, Havana syndrome in Austria, starchitect toilets

7/18/2021 - Historic wildfires, Havana syndrome in Austria, starchitect toilets

7/18/2021 - Daily Brief:燃えるオレゴン、被害拡大

7/18/2021 - The Anthony Bourdain audio deepfake is forcing a debate about AI in journalism

7/18/2021 - At least three cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in the Olympic Village

7/18/2021 - Four ways in which Biden’s new child tax credit will impact inequality

7/18/2021 - Bukayo Saka identity, africa’s unicorns, Covid-19 travel in Africa

7/17/2021 - Guides:#62 サイケデリックスの再実装

7/17/2021 - Thanks to the pandemic, US venture investors are having their biggest year ever

7/17/2021 - Biden’s goal to boost support for families echoes a failed Nixon proposal – will it take off this time?

7/17/2021 - Can Farfetch own online luxury?

7/17/2021 - Once a go-to for gamers, Discord is vying to be a chat app for all

7/17/2021 - Sex testing at the Olympics has always been wrong

7/17/2021 - Weekend edition—Breaking the internet, space redemption, Olympic politics

7/17/2021 - Weekend edition—Breaking the internet, space redemption, Olympic politics

7/16/2021 - Weekend edition—Breaking the internet, space redemption, Olympic politics

7/16/2021 - Watch: PwC’s US Chairman Tim Ryan on better investments in employee L&D

7/16/2021 - US clothing sales are setting new records, but can it last?

7/16/2021 - Wokewashing

7/16/2021 - Is complaining about your colleagues a fireable offense? Netflix says yes

7/16/2021 - Ghost kitchens are becoming a very real business

7/16/2021 - Private jets will be taxed for the first time under the EU’s new climate plan

7/16/2021 - Nigeria’s ride-hailing startups are trying to survive their worst days 

7/16/2021 - Expanded child tax credit will lift children from the burdens of poverty

7/16/2021 - China’s diverting IPO windfalls from the US to Hong Kong

7/16/2021 - Why B2B is key to unlocking Africa’s e-commerce potential

7/16/2021 - Culture:世界に拡がる昼寝のすすめ

7/16/2021 - Biden’s Hong Kong warning, Paytm IPO, taco relations

7/16/2021 - Indian internet startups are trying to make the most of the Zomato IPO buzz

7/16/2021 - Who will benefit from the Mastercard ban in India?

7/16/2021 - Chip shortage good/bad news, European teen vaccines, taco relations

7/15/2021 - Daily Brief:チップ不足は2022年まで続く

7/15/2021 - Why the cost of eating out is rising faster than the cost of eating at home

7/15/2021 - What do Shaq, Forever 21, and Elvis have in common? Wall Street is about to find out

7/15/2021 - A space company CEO accused of fraud is fighting to clear his name

7/15/2021 - Biden’s child tax credit is a step away from a discriminatory system

7/15/2021 - For members—A $7 billion chat app sheds its gamer roots

7/15/2021 - Advertisers are more desperate than ever for the Super Bowl

7/15/2021 - The families that could miss out on US Child Tax Credit payments

7/15/2021 - The real opportunity in space business is data, not tourism

7/15/2021 - The music streaming industry needs “a complete reset”

7/15/2021 - Planetary motion

7/15/2021 - There’s still only one way for authoritarians to control the internet

7/15/2021 - Space:#3 ロケットメーカーに集まる金

7/15/2021 - Covid-19 vaccine is crucial in the fight against delta variant

7/15/2021 - Meet the new gatekeeper for Chinese tech firms seeking to IPO in the US

7/15/2021 - What 12 countries’ measures of inflation tell us about their culture

7/15/2021 - Spain’s unconstitutional lockdown, China’s GDP, Bolsonaro’s hiccups

7/15/2021 - China’s rare earth hub is rolling out massive subsidies to fix the industry’s Achilles heel

7/15/2021 - Future of Work:オフィスを再開して気づいたこと

7/15/2021 - Fintech startups could make or break Africa’s new free-trade area

7/15/2021 - Three factors that will determine the timing and magnitude of India’s third wave of Covid-19

7/15/2021 - A Chinese clothing brand has found a workaround to Modi’s ban—and Indians can’t stop celebrating

7/15/2021 - Spain’s unconstitutional lockdown, China’s GDP, Bolsonaro’s hiccups

7/15/2021 - Why are India’s biggest billionaires social media shy?

7/14/2021 - Daily Brief:ツイッターが「フリート」終了へ

7/14/2021 - Who could buy the film studio behind “Moonlight” and “Lady Bird”?

7/14/2021 - Quitting

7/14/2021 - EVs can’t go mainstream until cities upgrade infrastructure

7/14/2021 - The era of polluting the atmosphere for free is coming to a close

7/14/2021 - Europe’s new tax on high-carbon imports is bad news for China

7/14/2021 - Traveling to an African country? Here’s what you need to know

7/14/2021 - Hong Kong’s first national security trial is debating Malcolm X’s legacy

7/14/2021 - Reinventing yourself in the new normal

7/14/2021 - How Cloudflare is reengineering its offices for a post-Covid world

7/14/2021 - Some Chinese cities won’t allow kids with unvaccinated parents back into schools

7/14/2021 - Analyzing sewage poop in Nairobi averted a polio crisis and is now providing answers for antibiotic resistance

7/14/2021 - REvil goes offline, Zomato’s debut, time capsules in space

7/14/2021 - Borders: キューバのデモとインターネット

7/14/2021 - South Africa goes after social media as it cracks down on looting and protests

7/14/2021 - The chief architect of Central Vista thinks Modi’s project will define “new India”

7/14/2021 - Why average Indian investors shouldn’t pin their hopes on the Zomato IPO

7/13/2021 - Daily Brief:EU、成人の半数以上が接種完了

7/13/2021 - Returning to the office is a chance to reinvent your identity

7/13/2021 - Tokyo shift

7/13/2021 - Streaming got more 2021 Emmy nominations than broadcast and cable combined

7/13/2021 - Why is it so expensive to rent a car right now?

7/13/2021 - Why 5.4% inflation isn’t a reason to panic

7/13/2021 - Virgin Galactic was a vanity project—then it saved Richard Branson’s airline

7/13/2021 - Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi’s troubles are a golden opportunity for its rivals

7/13/2021 - Africa:#2 フィンテックの新展開

7/13/2021 - How AI can help create more caring company cultures

7/13/2021 - BlackRock’s Larry Fink is calling BS on Big Oil’s climate strategy

7/13/2021 - 2021 was a great year for Chinese IPOs in the US—until Didi

7/13/2021 - What a lack of political diversity does to corporate leadership teams

7/13/2021 - Boeing’s bad dream, big bank earnings, goats prevent wildfires

7/13/2021 - A new report shows just how slow 5G adoption will be in Africa

7/13/2021 - Impact:代替肉はチキンが人気

7/13/2021 - All you need to know about Africa’s four (or maybe six) unicorns

7/13/2021 - The delta variant is proof that vaccines are crucial in the fight against Covid-19

7/13/2021 - Why are the Modi government’s attempts to control inflation failing?

7/12/2021 - China is redrawing the legal gray zone that underpinned its tech giants’ rise

7/12/2021 - NBC is Peacocking

7/12/2021 - Daily Brief:マリオのカセットが1.7億円

7/12/2021 - Cuba’s nascent 3G network is enabling nationwide protests

7/12/2021 - The success of “Black Widow” shows theaters and streaming can coexist

7/12/2021 - China’s Anta is about to become more valuable than Adidas

7/12/2021 - Peacock’s moment to shine is finally here with the Olympics

7/12/2021 - What women need to know about writing cover letters

7/12/2021 - Why Taiwan’s tech giants had to step in to source vaccines for the government

7/12/2021 - London’s weekend of sport was one giant Covid experiment

7/12/2021 - China’s Big Tech crackdown has opened a new front: national security

7/12/2021 - There’s a simple way to get more diversity in job-applicant pools

7/12/2021 - Cuban protests, denim sales, fake chicken

7/12/2021 - Veni vidi vici, denim sales, fake chicken

7/12/2021 - Startup:いまアツい「ドラッグ・スタートアップ」

7/12/2021 - What the narrative that Africans value a “strong man who can get things done” gets wrong

7/12/2021 - For members—Can sustainable investing work?

7/12/2021 - Anil Ambani’s rising star on the stock market is a “feel good” trend that won’t last

7/12/2021 - A new US-Europe rare earths supply chain is using a “very Chinese model” to counter China

7/12/2021 - Why cryptocurrency mining is a challenge in India

7/11/2021 - Daily Brief:イタリアがユーロ制覇

7/11/2021 - Musk in court, denim sales, fake chicken

7/11/2021 - Long-awaited plant-based chicken promises to be ‘almost identical’ to the real thing

7/11/2021 - Biden’s executive order will restore net neutrality—if Congress cooperates

7/11/2021 - Politics are coming for the “apolitical” Olympics

7/11/2021 - Why Richard Branson is going to space today

7/11/2021 - How a nonprofit leader got HSBC to swear off coal

7/11/2021 - A guide to ethical investing

7/11/2021 - The Fed’s digital dollar could bring millions into the digital economy

7/11/2021 - How do Nigerians identify with England soccer hero Bukayo Saka?

7/11/2021 - Crypto startup lessons, white founder privilege, Eswatini shutdown

7/10/2021 - Guides:#61 ハイブリッドワークの複雑

7/10/2021 - Weekend edition—China’s data problem, quiet Olympic broadcasts, urban upgrades

7/10/2021 - Weekend edition—China’s data problem, quiet Olympic broadcasts, urban upgrades

7/9/2021 - The demise of skinny jeans is giving Levi’s a boost

7/9/2021 - Black employees say they feel left out of Walmart’s self-proclaimed “culture of inclusion”

7/9/2021 - “Black Widow” will prove once again nothing can fill theaters like a Marvel movie

7/9/2021 - The US blacklists 23 more Chinese companies for suspected abuses in Xinjiang

7/9/2021 - The IMF wants poor countries’ debt erased in exchange for climate action

7/9/2021 - Hate speech on Facebook is here to stay

7/9/2021 - America’s obsession with newness is making old buildings unsafe

7/9/2021 - US states got more money from Washington than they needed for Covid-19 relief

7/9/2021 - Hit squad in Haiti, Zomato IPO, escaped snakes

7/9/2021 - Zimbabwe’s new high-denomination banknote can’t buy a loaf of bread

7/9/2021 - Culture:フランスに浸透する「輸入文化」

7/9/2021 - Do white founders in Africa have an easier time getting capital?

7/9/2021 - It’s time to upgrade from cotton masks

7/9/2021 - Weekend edition—China’s data problem, quiet Olympic broadcasts, urban upgrades

7/8/2021 - Daily Brief:欧州中銀、インフレ目標を上方修正

7/8/2021 - Instacart will go public under a new CEO hired from Facebook

7/8/2021 - For members—The “luxury operating system”

7/8/2021 - A Scottish energy company is using foreign courts to seize Indian assets

7/8/2021 - The Olympics is now a TV-only event, and that’s bad news for TV

7/8/2021 - Are you even trying to stop racism if you don’t collect data on race?

7/8/2021 - The heatwave in the US and Canada is what climate change really looks like

7/8/2021 - China’s online tutoring crackdown punishes parents trapped in a merciless system

7/8/2021 - Space:#2 衛星が救える人たち

7/8/2021 - Meme traders have full control over AMC

7/8/2021 - Six types of language that are hurting your company culture

7/8/2021 - Tokyo emergency, shareholders sue Didi, ads in dreams  

7/8/2021 - The Lambda Covid-19 variant is now spreading beyond Latin America

7/8/2021 - Future of Work:週休3日は「効率的」

7/8/2021 - The much-awaited Zomato IPO is finally here

7/8/2021 - Mauritius’ MediaCity hopes to succeed where other African smart cities have failed

7/8/2021 - Indians are using the third wave predictions to plan vacations

7/8/2021 - How has the rupee managed to survive Covid’s onslaught on the Indian economy?

7/8/2021 - Brussels will ban diesel cars by 2030 and gasoline cars by 2035

7/8/2021 - The plan to make Madrid livable for the people who actually live there

7/7/2021 - Watch: LinkedIn Head of People Science Justin Black on better employee well-being through data

7/7/2021 - Daily Brief:トランプがSNSに反撃ののろし

7/7/2021 - Why is Netflix still feuding with Cannes?

7/7/2021 - Microdosing

7/7/2021 - Watch: PepsiCo CSO Jim Andrew on a better climate through measurable corporate goals

7/7/2021 - Didi showcases Beijing’s tug of war between data flows and data security

7/7/2021 - Your hybrid workplace probably needs ambient music

7/7/2021 - Your biggest barrier to getting a job interview might be your name

7/7/2021 - The strong appeal of feminist workplaces

7/7/2021 - Why vacations feel like they’re over before they even start

7/7/2021 - China’s foreign IPOs, hybrid workplace lessons, robot skin

7/7/2021 - Borders: ベゾス、リーダーたちへの遺産

7/7/2021 - Africa’s last kingdom is using modern methods to silence dissent

7/7/2021 - “The sea is changing so much”: Climate change and lives of Mumbai’s fishermen

7/7/2021 - Why has the Modi government’s plan to make food grain more accessible not taken off?

7/6/2021 - Indian auditors are asking NGOs about their Muslim beneficiaries

7/6/2021 - Daily Brief:チャイナリスクここにあり

7/6/2021 - What is a supply chain cyber attack?

7/6/2021 - The fastest-growing remote jobs for US workers without college degrees

7/6/2021 - The powerful logic of Nikole Hannah-Jones choosing Howard over UNC

7/6/2021 - Iceland’s four-day work week trial was a triumph for all

7/6/2021 - There’s one area where Amazon is still struggling to catch Walmart

7/6/2021 - Watch: Google Head of Product Inclusion Annie Jean-Baptiste on better design practices for more democratic tech

7/6/2021 - Get ready for the highest US gas prices since 2014

7/6/2021 - Chinese premier Li Keqiang meets with UK business leaders

7/6/2021 - Africa:#1 新スタートアップ大国はエジプト

7/6/2021 - How to develop leadership language that resonates and inspires

7/6/2021 - What we’ve learned after one month of operating a hybrid office

7/6/2021 - The best chance for better contraceptives comes from the developing world

7/6/2021 - US-Canada border, Richard Donner, cat curfews

7/6/2021 - Anant Ambani’s growing presence at Reliance Industries

7/6/2021 - Impact:インド富豪の「再エネ」頂上決戦

7/6/2021 - Will India meet its target of vaccinating 300 million people by August?

7/6/2021 - Everything you need to know about fintech financing in Africa

7/6/2021 - The conflict between two Arab nations could push up petrol prices in India

7/5/2021 - Editor’s Letter #2:7月のクオーツ・ジャパン

7/5/2021 - Daily Brief:テック大手、香港撤退の可能性

7/5/2021 - What are the new Covid rules in the UK?

7/5/2021 - The Ever Given floats free—again—after Egypt agrees to a settlement

7/5/2021 - A soy milk company is feeling the pain of Hong Kong’s latest flashpoint with Beijing

7/5/2021 - What pregnant women in India need to keep in mind before getting their Covid-19 vaccine

7/5/2021 - For members—The rise of psychedelic medicine

7/5/2021 - Startup:世界の森を可視化するクライメイトテックの新星

7/5/2021 - Why car production in India suffered during its Covid oxygen crisis

7/5/2021 - How to think about business stories creatively and inclusively

7/5/2021 - Today’s intense work culture has its roots in Soviet mining

7/5/2021 - The inside story of how an ambitious African cryptocurrency startup failed

7/5/2021 - Surfside demolition, Didi crackdown, twerking bumblebees

7/5/2021 - India’s cryptocurrency investors are playing with fire

7/5/2021 - Reliance is establishing itself as a tech major—with shoddy websites and a poor social media footprint

7/5/2021 - Massive ransomware attack, Didi crackdown, twerking bumblebees

7/4/2021 - Daily Brief:独立記念日前に大規模サイバー攻撃

7/4/2021 - Massive ransomware attack, Didi crackdown, twerking bumblebees

7/4/2021 - China is reining in one of its most successful tech businesses just days after its US IPO

7/4/2021 - A timeline of South Africa’s vaccine mistakes

7/4/2021 - Psychedelic medicine companies to watch

7/4/2021 - How psychedelics became a pharma darling

7/4/2021 - More than 1,000 businesses worldwide were hit by this weekend’s ransomware attack

7/4/2021 - Egypt’s VC darlings, cannabis cash, vaccine passport fight

7/4/2021 - The EU’s new vaccine passport is causing whiplash for Africans and Indians

7/3/2021 - Guides:#60 眠りの謎

7/3/2021 - The tech industry is leading a record boom in mergers and acquisitions

7/3/2021 - To control speech, Uganda is taxing internet usage by 30%

7/3/2021 - Weekend edition—Messy antitrust enforcement, Africa’s legal cannabis, hot desks

7/3/2021 - India’s Tokyo Olympics sailing duo already have their eyes set on the 2024 Games

7/3/2021 - Weekend edition—Messy antitrust enforcement, Africa’s legal cannabis, hot desks

7/2/2021 - Weekend edition—Messy antitrust enforcement, Africa’s legal cannabis, hot desks

7/2/2021 - Napping

7/2/2021 - Jakarta is seeing an echo of Delhi’s Covid-19 horrors

7/2/2021 - Extra unemployment benefits aren’t holding back the US economy

7/2/2021 - Beware the chilling effects of hot desking

7/2/2021 - Which US workers benefit most from the labor shortage?

7/2/2021 - Why people believe in UFOs and lab leaks

7/2/2021 - Defund the police? Their salaries are inching up in the US

7/2/2021 - Investors are liking the US fracking industry’s new strategy: trying to make money

7/2/2021 - Chinese tech companies are walking back grueling “996” culture

7/2/2021 - What actually is critical race theory anyway?

7/2/2021 - Robinhood filing, US jobs report, space bathroom vistas

7/2/2021 - Culture:GenZ熱狂、ミステリーボックスの世界 02

7/2/2021 - Business is starting to trump morality in Africa’s cannabis industry

7/2/2021 - Egyptian start-ups are Africa’s new venture capital darlings

7/2/2021 - Beef, pork, and nationalism: What’s the recipe for a true Hindu or Muslim in India?

7/2/2021 - Which European countries have recognised Indian Covid-19 vaccines so far?

7/1/2021 - Daily Brief:最低法人税率15%で大枠合意

7/1/2021 - Read Xi Jinping’s full speech from the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party

7/1/2021 - Here’s what Robinhood users are holding in their accounts

7/1/2021 - Pay attention to the world leaders praising China’s Communist Party on its 100th birthday

7/1/2021 - For members—Did Casper dream too big?

7/1/2021 - Circadian rhythms

7/1/2021 - What happened after a wind farm was built near the lobster capital of Europe

7/1/2021 - Westerners’ relationship with time is hurting the work

7/1/2021 - The shipwreck’s owner said no oil spilled. Satellites disagree

7/1/2021 - The UK has given up on getting a Brexit deal for its financial sector

7/1/2021 - The world’s social media giants admit they can’t protect women online

7/1/2021 - Space:#1 企業の宇宙開発に不安の声?

7/1/2021 - Viscosity

7/1/2021 - A ruling on Olympic swim caps evokes decades of racism in the sport

7/1/2021 - An analysis of 250 retailers shows what online shopping does to profit margins

7/1/2021 - China eliminates malaria, Myanmar frees detainees, airplane exorcism

7/1/2021 - African fintech startups are diversifying to scale up

7/1/2021 - India must watch out as some states continue to post high Covid-19 infection rates

7/1/2021 - Future of Work:レストランが人手不足

7/1/2021 - Both “made in India” vaccines are in the middle of international political storms

7/1/2021 - India’s renewable energy sector is set to witness a clash between the country’s two richest men