6/30/2019 - Quartz conference call: OMG CBD

6/30/2019 - Quartz conference call: Hong Kong

6/30/2019 - Read the letter from Kyoto’s mayor to Kim Kardashian protesting “Kimono” shapewear

6/30/2019 - Hong Kong march, trade truce, Hamburglar 

6/30/2019 - The new White House press secretary took on North Korean security for US reporters

6/30/2019 - India’s farmers are getting desperate over a 33% shortfall in June rains

6/30/2019 - Solar’s big promise for lighting Africa is tied to the continent’s mobile money advantage

6/30/2019 - Vienna’s new ad campaign uses negative travel reviews to lure tourists

6/30/2019 - Facebook’s Libra is spurring central banks’ interest in issuing cryptocurrency

6/30/2019 - The worrying link between Jacob Zuma’s shameless defiance and Pentecostalism

6/30/2019 - These are the legal questions Americans, Canadians, and Brits ask Google most

6/30/2019 - Trump’s brief and historic stroll into North Korea is reality TV diplomacy

6/30/2019 - A recently discovered trove of photos shows life in Uganda during Idi Amin’s troubled reign

6/30/2019 - Online shopping is redefining how small-town Indian women deal with their periods

6/30/2019 - The Tesla of Thailand is also an electric utility

6/30/2019 - Solar’s promise, Ethiopia’s fragility, Zimbabwean dollar’s return

6/30/2019 - Happy Asteroid Day! NASA still can’t track the ones that could end civilization

6/29/2019 - Greta Thunberg’s chat with AOC is a powerful reminder that hope still works

6/29/2019 - Weekend edition—Soccer wage gap, stress tests for babies, hotel hackers

6/29/2019 - Weekend edition—Soccer wage gap, stress tests for babies, hotel hackers

6/29/2019 - What the US-China trade truce means for the markets

6/29/2019 - BMW electric car sounds are being made by film composer Hans Zimmer

6/29/2019 - What Mark Twain can teach us about the weed industry

6/29/2019 - The winners and losers of Facebook’s Libra

6/29/2019 - American movie titles: Now, with more punctuation!

6/29/2019 - IMF chief: ‘When it’s bad, you call women to the rescue’

6/29/2019 - The US women’s soccer team is destroying every possible justification for pay inequality

6/29/2019 - A lucid dream researcher’s tips for controlling your dreams

6/28/2019 - Weekend edition—Soccer wage gap, stress tests for babies, hotel hackers

6/28/2019 - Joe Biden just inflicted more pain on his candidacy by trying to undo the debate damage

6/28/2019 - People don’t care if their clothes are new anymore

6/28/2019 - Man arrested for smuggling immigrants after answering Craigslist ad

6/28/2019 - The US military is a bigger polluter than more than 100 countries combined

6/28/2019 - Air Jordans

6/28/2019 - Jony Ive has his name on some weird patents

6/28/2019 - What if crossing the border illegally wasn’t a crime?

6/28/2019 - The problem with Tiffany Cabán and the new cult of “progressive prosecutors”

6/28/2019 - Nike’s app for sneakerheads is fueling its digital business

6/28/2019 - Will Democratic front-runners regret rejecting private insurance?

6/28/2019 - Japan’s single-use plastic problem on display at the G20 Summit

6/28/2019 - Our conference call on CBD starts in 15 minutes

6/28/2019 - Elephants evolved larger brains partly thanks to climate change, say scientists

6/28/2019 - Mauritania blocked the internet over protests though just one in five people are online

6/28/2019 - A red-hot Chinese shopping-review app shows the future of your online shopping experience

6/28/2019 - Quartzy: the OMG CBD edition

6/28/2019 - Currency risk could undermine Facebook’s Libra

6/28/2019 - Tether, not Libra, may be the cryptocurrency behind bitcoin’s surge

6/28/2019 - The next stage in China’s fight against gaming addiction could ban “puppy love”

6/28/2019 - Women soccer players’ biggest challenge is changing FIFA itself

6/28/2019 - Trump-Xi meeting, Harris vs. Biden, vegetarian crocodiles

6/28/2019 - The UK’s next prime minister must urgently answer five constitutional questions

6/28/2019 - Today in membership: A CBD conference call, and a look at next week

6/28/2019 - A new party wants to break Bosnia’s political deadlock using computer science

6/28/2019 - Here’s the surest sign yet that China will never win loyalty from Hong Kong

6/28/2019 - India’s most demeaning job killed over 100 people in two years, but is anyone bothered?

6/28/2019 - A Canadian artist is keeping the embers of Sikh separatism alive with false equivalences

6/28/2019 - Dear woke India, where were you before Kabir Singh?

6/28/2019 - There is no capping gold prices in India—nor stopping buyers

6/28/2019 - Trump-Xi meeting, Harris vs. Biden, vegetarian crocodiles

6/28/2019 - Kamala Harris confronted Joe Biden about his record on desegregation

6/27/2019 - India’s e-commerce giant Flipkart wants 40% of its delivery vans to be electric by next year

6/27/2019 - A less polite version of Japanese is helping foreigners stay safe during disasters

6/27/2019 - Jony Ive leaving may be just what Apple needs now

6/27/2019 - G20 Summit, SCOTUS rulings, vegetarian crocodiles

6/27/2019 - Evangelical Christians call on Trump to fix inhumane border conditions in Jesus’s name

6/27/2019 - Axon, the maker of police body cams, won’t pursue facial recognition as a business

6/27/2019 - There is a radical new alternative to the NYC Pride march that rejects corporate influence

6/27/2019 - Hayflick limit

6/27/2019 - A dark web drug ring came crashing down thanks to Stamps.com

6/27/2019 - A new study that ties common medications to dementia highlights the need for early detection

6/27/2019 - Apple is recalling MacBook Pros that could catch on fire

6/27/2019 - Make the loud man stop yelling

6/27/2019 - Anti-Chinese protests in a Gambian fishing village show conflict of foreign investment in Africa

6/27/2019 - The growing list of countries committing to a net-zero emissions goal

6/27/2019 - Lagos has become one of Airbnb’s fastest-growing markets globally

6/27/2019 - The US Supreme Court says partisan gerrymandering is not its problem

6/27/2019 - New story from Should This Exist? – Humans don’t actually want to be immortal, we just want to be forever young

6/27/2019 - We should start working less now to mentally prepare ourselves for automation

6/27/2019 - Humans don’t actually want to be immortal, we just want to be forever young

6/27/2019 - Africa’s biggest soccer fiesta reminds us how difficult it is for Africans to travel in Africa

6/27/2019 - The gig economy has an identity problem—and digital ID could fix it

6/27/2019 - Our conference call on China and Hong Kong starts in 15 minutes

6/27/2019 - Frequent, Rapid, Affordable

6/27/2019 - Bon Appétit’s Gourmet Makes is a great way to learn how to be productive at work

6/27/2019 - Venmo is sharing your payments with everyone—except Mint

6/27/2019 - Libra may be bigger than any of us realize

6/27/2019 - The US gets nearly all of its soccer balls from China. But the goal posts are moving

6/27/2019 - Young female doctors are at high risk for burnout and “self-care” is not the answer

6/27/2019 - Supreme Court rulings, Democratic debate 2.0, Autobahn speed limit

6/27/2019 - Before we knew better: “Bill Nye the Science Guy”’s legacy endures 26 years later

6/27/2019 - The US is picking a fight with Canada over a thawing Arctic shipping route

6/27/2019 - Libra may be Facebook’s best defense against its enemies

6/27/2019 - New York-listed NIO’s recalling a third of its flagship EV after recent fire incidents

6/27/2019 - Bye-bye Panasonic? Tesla is working on making its own batteries

6/27/2019 - The costly money mistake even smart travelers make

6/27/2019 - How to get money on vacation without getting ripped off

6/27/2019 - “Liberal racism” continues to plague Britain’s universities

6/27/2019 - Taiwan, the home of bubble tea, prepares for its plastic straw ban

6/27/2019 - India’s pre-owned car market is vrooming amid an auto slump

6/27/2019 - Huawei techies carried out AI research with China’s military

6/27/2019 - How I engage students of India’s premier science school in folk arts

6/27/2019 - Vietnam might be Donald Trump’s next trade war target

6/27/2019 - When a British official dodged Victorian prudery to publish the Kamasutra in English

6/27/2019 - Betting markets give Biden and Warren nearly equal odds for 2020 nomination

6/27/2019 - Iran nuclear program, Democratic debate, Autobahn slowdown

6/27/2019 - Infosys HR chief on the three things Indian offices can do to prepare for millennial workers

6/27/2019 - Elizabeth Warren says abortion access should be a federal law. What does that mean?

6/27/2019 - China’s plan to help build Kenya’s first coal plant has been stopped—for now

6/27/2019 - As YouTubers eye Bollywood glory, movie star Alia Bhatt is aiming for their bastion

6/27/2019 - Tulsi Gabbard was a surprise breakout in first Democratic debate

6/26/2019 - The emergency fix for the grounded Boeing Max needs its own software fix

6/26/2019 - The Democratic debaters each state the greatest threat to the US

6/26/2019 - Democratic presidential candidates duel in Spanish, some better than others

6/26/2019 - Xi in Japan, Indonesia ruling, Autobahn slowdown

6/26/2019 - Homeland Security chief’s future uncertain after a right-wing media assault

6/26/2019 - The Democratic primary debates are the ultimate American speed dating event

6/26/2019 - Remote meetings

6/26/2019 - The perfect timing and iffy branding of Kim Kardashian’s “Kimono” shapewear

6/26/2019 - A children’s magazine joins the outcry over Trump’s immigration policy

6/26/2019 - For unclear reasons, Donald Trump thinks the EU was founded as a conspiracy against America

6/26/2019 - Wayfair’s CEO runs a children’s foundation while furnishing migrant camps

6/26/2019 - Nike reportedly halted a shoe release in China after its co-designer supported Hong Kong protesters

6/26/2019 - Photos: Paris sizzles in France’s hottest week in more than 15 years

6/26/2019 - You don’t need a Costco membership to buy Kirkland products online

6/26/2019 - The Wayfair walkout is the latest corporate backlash to Trump’s immigration policies

6/26/2019 - How to stay focused on the business decisions that matter most

6/26/2019 - Bitcoin is on one of its longest winning streaks in history

6/26/2019 - Having this many 2020 US Democratic candidates is not a bad thing

6/26/2019 - How to make an impression when you work remotely

6/26/2019 - You can make millions counting cars in parking lots from space

6/26/2019 - Why pitching to investors doesn’t stop when you go public—it scales

6/26/2019 - Indians can worry less as the US denies capping H-1B visa quota

6/26/2019 - The underlying tension behind Ethiopia’s flawed federal system and its risks

6/26/2019 - 2020 Democrats debate, US border aid, plasticrust

6/26/2019 - How France is convincing its citizens to get vaccinated

6/26/2019 - The world is spending more propping up coal—not less

6/26/2019 - US trade restrictions have gone from being a headache to a migraine for FedEx

6/26/2019 - The Zimbabwean dollar makes a return a decade later but uncertainty reigns

6/26/2019 - Hong Kong’s protesters have a new target in sight: The G20 summit

6/26/2019 - Why a good boss likes it when people complain

6/26/2019 - The perfect packing strategy

6/26/2019 - Milton Glaser is spending his 90th birthday doing what he loves most: working

6/26/2019 - Once a monopoly, India’s biggest state-owned telecom firm is now broke

6/26/2019 - What makes infant deaths five times as likely in Uttar Pradesh than in Kerala?

6/26/2019 - Facebook’s cryptocurrency, Libra, could be a boon for developing nations like India

6/26/2019 - Europe’s heatwave, vaping ban, plasticrust

6/26/2019 - A Mumbai-based startup may soon create India’s answer to The Simpsons

6/25/2019 - Donald Trump’s Iran threat is the last problem Indian flyers want to deal with

6/25/2019 - The rocky history of Melania Trump’s FLOTUS PR strategy

6/25/2019 - Macron in Tokyo, new Trump spox, plasticrust

6/25/2019 - Florida woman jailed for taking and turning in her abuser’s guns

6/25/2019 - Cash deserts

6/25/2019 - JetBlue is taking Walmart to court over its Jetblack shopping service

6/25/2019 - Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell pushes back against political meddling

6/25/2019 - Facebook’s Libra isn’t the next bitcoin, but you can make money off it anyway

6/25/2019 - Quartz conference calls this week: Hong Kong and CBD

6/25/2019 - Amazon Prime day is here again. And it’s not a single day

6/25/2019 - Chinese buyers are pulling out of New York real estate in droves

6/25/2019 - You can now rent a castle, ski lodge, or private island on Airbnb

6/25/2019 - A British tax haven is returning a Nigerian dictator’s $270 million to his country

6/25/2019 - Economists don’t agree on much, but what they do agree on is being ignored

6/25/2019 - The British suffragette who was crowned an “honorary” Ethiopian

6/25/2019 - Africa took center stage on one of the biggest nights of the NBA season

6/25/2019 - Slum tours beat the Taj Mahal as India’s most popular “experience”

6/25/2019 - China’s breaking up the EV battery monopoly it carefully created

6/25/2019 - Google is running an employee mental health project without any metrics

6/25/2019 - How to have great conversations with strangers

6/25/2019 - What you need to know about the first Democratic primary debate

6/25/2019 - These are the questions every founder should answer in their pitch to investors

6/25/2019 - US officials abroad, Iran sanctions, giant-squid cameo

6/25/2019 - China’s millennials are mourning the end of an era in online hook-up culture

6/25/2019 - Everything you need to know about PreCheck and Global Entry

6/25/2019 - When to go can be as important as where

6/25/2019 - Where you shop and where you eat is now a political choice in Hong Kong

6/25/2019 - What counts as a “green” investment, anyway?

6/25/2019 - Canada’s indifference to the 1985 Air India bombing is disturbing

6/25/2019 - US secretary of state Mike Pompeo is visiting India—with tonnes of oil and gas for sale

6/25/2019 - Palestine conference, Iran sanctions, giant-squid cameo

6/25/2019 - Indian millennials’ life goals are evolving rapidly. But honey, where’s the money?

6/24/2019 - US-India trade, Ethiopia coup leader, giant squid cameo

6/24/2019 - Apple, just admit the iPad is a computer and give us a mouse

6/24/2019 - Watch SpaceX perform a complicated Falcon Heavy launch

6/24/2019 - Scientists spotted a rare giant squid swimming off the coast of Louisiana

6/24/2019 - Cryonics

6/24/2019 - Elon Musk is building a fleet of reusable rockets

6/24/2019 - Update: All 18 women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct

6/24/2019 - The UAE can easily become UrbanClap’s second home

6/24/2019 - You can try out iOS 13 now—if you dare

6/24/2019 - US prices on travel goods and toys will go way up, thanks to the China tariffs

6/24/2019 - Nashville’s mayor wants to ban electric scooters after a man died riding one

6/24/2019 - Elizabeth Warren’s coverage proves the media learned nothing from 2016

6/24/2019 - SCOTUS just FUCT the US Patent and Trademark Office

6/24/2019 - There’s a social network just for knitters and it’s banned support for Trump and white supremacy

6/24/2019 - The Mueller report is being turned into a saucy graphic novel

6/24/2019 - The New York subway is a gallery for a great poster-art series

6/24/2019 - How to collect 40 tons of plastic trash from the ocean in a month

6/24/2019 - China’s favorite food delivery service is now worth more than its biggest internet search firm

6/24/2019 - Quartz’s guide to travel

6/24/2019 - The trick to public speaking is to stop memorizing

6/24/2019 - Those she/her/hers at the end of email messages are more than a passing trend

6/24/2019 - Which jobs make the most money?

6/24/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: electric planes, fewer babies, postmodern nihilism

6/24/2019 - For the first time, same-sex couples will be recognized by a Japanese prefecture

6/24/2019 - Late cash demands have become a sadly familiar tournament ritual of African soccer

6/24/2019 - The other big winner in Zoom’s IPO? The tired old quarterly earnings call

6/24/2019 - US-Iran sanctions, Kushner’s peace plan, errant slugs

6/24/2019 - A French supermarket is retreating from China to focus on its coming battle with Amazon

6/24/2019 - The way we breed cows is setting them up for extinction

6/24/2019 - Ethiopia’s coup attempt spells disaster for its democratic transition

6/24/2019 - Today in membership: Traveling smarter

6/24/2019 - The complete guide to frequent flier miles and credit card points

6/24/2019 - How to land investors through Snapchats and Facebook pokes

6/24/2019 - China’s ride-hailing giant wants to dominate electric-vehicle charging—so does one of its top backers

6/24/2019 - The numbing experience of living through Africa’s growing internet shutdowns

6/24/2019 - You’ve heard stories of Indian Army and Air Force heroes. Now here’s an angel from the Navy

6/24/2019 - Less than a month into Modi 2.0, a deputy governor of India’s central bank has quit, media reports say

6/24/2019 - India’s battling one crisis after another, but parliament and media are obsessed with the irrelevant

6/24/2019 - Mauritania is set for its first ever peaceful transfer of power since independence

6/24/2019 - Iran sanctions, Boris Johnson’s police visit, electric planes

6/23/2019 - India’s oldest e-commerce firm’s IPO is a rare way out for investors

6/23/2019 - Watch: Our conference call about Facebook and Libra

6/23/2019 - Watch: Our conference call from Cannes Lions

6/23/2019 - A $5 million wildlife overpass in Utah has just one problem: humans

6/23/2019 - Japan wants to become Southeast Asia’s trash manager

6/23/2019 - Nissan drama, Iran sanctions, food debates

6/23/2019 - Amid fake news menace and data privacy issues, Facebook’s India story is still booming

6/23/2019 - Jared Kushner’s Palestinian peace plan reads like a real estate developer’s brochure

6/23/2019 - Financial regulation for tech companies like Facebook just got more urgent

6/23/2019 - Trump delayed the ICE raids in another panic-inducing “bait and switch”

6/23/2019 - Earthquakes are making Japan think twice about banning smartphones in schools

6/23/2019 - “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” a classic anime now on Netflix, tells the story of our lives

6/23/2019 - An influencer’s antidote to influencing

6/23/2019 - More African migrants are trying to enter the US through the Mexican border

6/23/2019 - DoorDash has unseated Grubhub as the leader in US online food delivery

6/23/2019 - Ethiopia’s shutdowns, Facebook’s Libra in Africa, Ghana’s digital census

6/22/2019 - Weekend edition—Woke-washing, Libra’s potential, RIP Jibo

6/22/2019 - Weekend edition—Woke-washing, Libra’s potential, RIP Jibo

6/22/2019 - Scientists have discovered a sea of fresh water under the ocean

6/22/2019 - Floating wind farms just became a serious business

6/22/2019 - The Paris Air Show sold $15 billion in planes. A $4 million electric stole the show

6/22/2019 - The Syria conflict has seen over 570 attacks on civilian hospitals

6/22/2019 - The researcher behind the smartphone “horns” study sells posture pillows

6/22/2019 - Sidewalk chalk drawings have a colorful 500-year history

6/22/2019 - What could possibly go wrong with Facebook’s Libra?

6/22/2019 - The scientific effort to protect babies from trauma before it happens

6/22/2019 - For brands, there’s a fine line between purpose and “woke-washing”

6/22/2019 - How the world’s most creative people break out of a rut

6/22/2019 - Architect Bjarke Ingels is already designing for 130 years in the future

6/21/2019 - Weekend edition—Woke-washing, Libra’s potential, RIP Jibo

6/21/2019 - Ice cream trucks

6/21/2019 - Northrop Grumman used a fictitious war with Iran to sell its Global Hawk drone to the Pentagon

6/21/2019 - SCOTUS reverses Curtis Flowers’ quadruple murder conviction on racist jury selection

6/21/2019 - Quartzy: the creative lions edition

6/21/2019 - As Ebola takes hold in DRC, a Nigerian doctor reminds us of the sacrifices made in West Africa’s crisis

6/21/2019 - The half-Japanese, half-Beninese Rui Hachimura is the future of basketball

6/21/2019 - The number of American taxi drivers has tripled in a decade

6/21/2019 - How New York City’s transformation began with a bid to host the Olympics

6/21/2019 - Facebook created our culture of echo chambers—and it killed the one thing that could fix it

6/21/2019 - Female sports journalists still face rampant sexism on the job

6/21/2019 - President Museveni has twisted Uganda’s constitution to cling to power

6/21/2019 - Our Cannes conference call starts in 15 minutes

6/21/2019 - Adidas has sued pretty much everyone who has used stripes

6/21/2019 - How to design AI tools for the workplace, according to Google

6/21/2019 - The US has a special immigration exception just for Cubans

6/21/2019 - Facebook’s cryptocurrency is a centralized wolf in decentralized sheep’s clothing

6/21/2019 - Why you should never tell the boss you have food poisoning

6/21/2019 - How foreign aid helped and hurt one of the world’s poorest countries

6/21/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: Why “energy harvesting” is catching on

6/21/2019 - Democrats discuss abortion, more Hong Kong protests, not-so-smart homes

6/21/2019 - What are the options for an Indian investor if bitcoin is completely banned?

6/21/2019 - Today in membership

6/21/2019 - China’s weeding out “Western-worship” property names like “Beverly Villa” and “Versailles Garden”

6/21/2019 - So you want to keep up with the CBD boom?

6/21/2019 - The products serving CBD fanatics, according to Amazon and Etsy

6/21/2019 - Once India’s richest man, this pharma tycoon valued his anonymity over wealth

6/21/2019 - Japan is trying really hard to persuade women to start having babies again

6/21/2019 - Can India cash in if Apple shifts some manufacturing out of China?

6/21/2019 - Why Snapchat doesn’t see Chinese apps like TikTok as real competition in India

6/21/2019 - One of China’s top venture capital-backed EV startups is nowhere to be seen

6/21/2019 - Spain’s “wolf pack” case, Johnson vs. Hunt, not-so-smart homes

6/21/2019 - Jeff Goldblum’s surreality, going home, and news from elsewhere

6/20/2019 - In photos: How Indians are marking International Yoga Day 2019

6/20/2019 - How to hold a pride parade in Tbilisi, Georgia: Keep the details secret

6/20/2019 - Hong Kong unrest, Slack’s big debut, not-so-smart homes

6/20/2019 - SCOTUS says the Christian cross has “secular” meaning, citing Notre Dame in France

6/20/2019 - Strip malls

6/20/2019 - An astronomer’s guide to the summer solstice

6/20/2019 - The latest refugee crisis is not happening anywhere near a war zone

6/20/2019 - Why Stephen Schwarzman’s big gift to Oxford matters for everyone else

6/20/2019 - Young Americans are racking up debt for Instagrammable weddings

6/20/2019 - Climate change is threatening the microscopic creatures our lives depend on

6/20/2019 - The art of throwing shade in a SCOTUS dissent

6/20/2019 - New data show the US honeybee population is still dying in record numbers

6/20/2019 - FIFA is taking over African soccer amid corruption charges at CAF

6/20/2019 - At the world’s most famous ad fest, street signs warn against influencer content

6/20/2019 - Slack’s direct listing is a hit

6/20/2019 - Norway wants H&M to explain what’s so sustainable about its “sustainable” clothes

6/20/2019 - A new museum dedicated to the enduring power of posters opens in New York City

6/20/2019 - We have access to more data than ever—why do we get so much of it wrong?

6/20/2019 - Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

6/20/2019 - The smart home remains frustratingly dumb

6/20/2019 - Liverpool’s Mo Salah is reducing Islamophobia in the UK one goal at a time

6/20/2019 - Quiz: Are you “gay enough” to get asylum as an LGBTQ refugee?

6/20/2019 - A geochemist’s simple tricks to reduce dust in your home

6/20/2019 - Amazon wants to sell “surveillance as a service”

6/20/2019 - We should care more about the deep sea than we do deep space

6/20/2019 - ICE detainees are no longer getting condiments on their sandwiches

6/20/2019 - Persistent Delays and Cost Growth

6/20/2019 - Canada now offers refugees the best chance for a permanent home

6/20/2019 - From gay Nazis to “we’re here, we’re queer”: A century of arguing about gay pride

6/20/2019 - Ravenous armyworms are eating their way across China

6/20/2019 - The international response to Facebook’s Libra

6/20/2019 - The Donald Trump administration is posing a severe threat to Indian H-1B aspirants

6/20/2019 - Trudeau visits Trump, Xi chats with Kim, Van Gogh’s weapon

6/20/2019 - The next tariffs on China could ruin the best month for US fireworks sellers

6/20/2019 - Facebook’s crypto presents a massive privacy problem

6/20/2019 - Cantonese is Hong Kong protesters’ power tool of satire and identity

6/20/2019 - The first rule of CBD marketing: Don’t mention “cannabis”

6/20/2019 - Venture capital to China’s electric vehicle startups has dropped nearly 90%

6/20/2019 - Car dealerships in Delhi wear a deserted look as there’s no end to India’s auto blues

6/20/2019 - What does Facebook’s Libra currency mean for Africa?

6/20/2019 - Sri Lanka’s first ever satellite is named after the ultimate villain of Hindu mythology

6/20/2019 - An audience with Putin, Xi in Pyongyang, Van Gogh’s weapon

6/20/2019 - Most Indians are sympathetic to refugees—but don’t want them in their own country

6/20/2019 - Woke-washing, white shirts, and news from elsewhere

6/19/2019 - After Slack, the IPO market might never be the same

6/19/2019 - Xi in North Korea, Slack goes public, attack squirrel

6/19/2019 - Watch Ta-Nehisi Coates school Mitch McConnell on American history

6/19/2019 - China is creating an alternate reality about the Hong Kong protests, in real time

6/19/2019 - Milkshaking

6/19/2019 - Black Americans are the faces of Adidas, but missing from its leadership

6/19/2019 - Rich countries only took in 16% of the world’s refugees in 2018

6/19/2019 - Boaty McBoatface is redefining how we understand the impact of climate change

6/19/2019 - Facebook can be used to learn a lot about you—including hints about your medical conditions

6/19/2019 - The UN’s latest report on refugees has one tiny bit of good news

6/19/2019 - What to expect from Putin’s hours-long annual Q&A with Russians

6/19/2019 - Uber thinks its data can solve Nairobi’s epic traffic jams

6/19/2019 - We used our art to fight. Now we need it to heal us

6/19/2019 - $12 trillion of negative-yielding bonds are sending a clear message of distress

6/19/2019 - Five “creator” apps that have captured Silicon Valley’s attention

6/19/2019 - The US is the only democracy to permanently deny voting rights to felons for all crimes

6/19/2019 - Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

6/19/2019 - Why do employers keep providing the same ineffective sexual harassment training?

6/19/2019 - Jack Dorsey’s newest “wellness” gadget is bogus

6/19/2019 - Five scientifically proven ways to fall asleep faster

6/19/2019 - Fintech algorithms discriminate 40% less than traditional lenders

6/19/2019 - Fewer than 160,000 people will select the next UK prime minister. Who are they?

6/19/2019 - A court has revealed the sorry state of a Chinese bike-sharing startup once worth $2 billion

6/19/2019 - It’s time to factor remote work into our urban planning

6/19/2019 - Trade talks rekindled, Trump rallies, cat press conferences

6/19/2019 - The CBD boom in 15 charts

6/19/2019 - The fascinating story of an American smuggler’s daring escapades in 1960s India

6/19/2019 - High airfares ruined summer vacation plans for many Indians

6/19/2019 - Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods could lead to a Bible shortage in the US

6/19/2019 - Are you cut out for an early-stage VC firm in India? Here’s a checklist

6/19/2019 - Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn is investing in small-town India’s cinema-going experience

6/19/2019 - India may have curbed its fertility rate, but it is still too high

6/19/2019 - UK leadership vote, MH17 crash update, must-watch Japanese TV

6/19/2019 - Sandberg speaks, selling CBD, and news from elsewhere

6/18/2019 - Florida is ground zero for Donald Trump’s re-election

6/18/2019 - A Chinese tech columnist is disputing that Huawei’s new phone can, literally, shoot the moon

6/18/2019 - Britain votes, Facebook’s crypto launch, Boaty McBoatface redeemed

6/18/2019 - The problem with Facebook calling its crypto “Libra”

6/18/2019 - Compost

6/18/2019 - Why you think your dog loves you

6/18/2019 - The share of US job posts offering unlimited vacation is up sharply

6/18/2019 - Plastic surgery clients are getting younger—and doctors say selfies are to blame

6/18/2019 - Women soccer players are younger than men because they can’t afford longer careers

6/18/2019 - Scientists are turning to space to better understand how to respond to earthquakes

6/18/2019 - NASA is getting cranky climate e-mails from the White House

6/18/2019 - WarnerMedia thinks it can take on Netflix by doing less, but better

6/18/2019 - Quartz conference calls this week

6/18/2019 - We hired three Fiverr workers to write about Fiverr’s IPO

6/18/2019 - Two companies petitioned for Trump’s solar tariffs—now they’re both out of business

6/18/2019 - Every invention you use has one thing in common

6/18/2019 - One of the fastest growing ride-hailing startups in Africa is a Russia-founded, US-based company

6/18/2019 - A Chinese food delivery billionaire is betting on a hybrid startup at a very tricky time

6/18/2019 - Ethiopia’s tech startups are ready to run the world, but the internet keeps getting blocked

6/18/2019 - This is the real reason women are “control freaks”

6/18/2019 - China’s ordering safety checks after a series of electric car fires

6/18/2019 - What animal farts—yes, animal farts—can teach us about climate change

6/18/2019 - Why UK prime minister candidate Sajid Javid chose a career in banking

6/18/2019 - What does Facebook’s crypto coin mean for Visa and Mastercard?

6/18/2019 - Social media deserves blame for Kevin Durant’s injury

6/18/2019 - The language we use to describe data can also help us fix its problems

6/18/2019 - “Tourists” caught in US with endangered fish bladders worth $3.7 million

6/18/2019 - A Twitter account corrects one of the biggest problems in health reporting

6/18/2019 - Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam’s “sincere” apology wasn’t sincere enough

6/18/2019 - Trump 2020, US troops to the Middle East, puppy dog eyes

6/18/2019 - Behold Libra, the global cryptocurrency masterminded by Facebook

6/18/2019 - A weekly goal of two hours of “nature time” improves health and wellbeing

6/18/2019 - Ghana is betting on a digital census in 2020 to transform its informal economy

6/18/2019 - An insider’s view of the CBD boom

6/18/2019 - Can smart meters re-energise India’s crumbling power distribution companies?

6/18/2019 - Imported US ice helped 19th century British officials beat Indian heat waves

6/18/2019 - Infosys and L&T are the only Indian firms in a new list of 10 best employers in the country

6/18/2019 - On India’s male-dominated web, women are flocking to two apps for their daily soaps

6/18/2019 - Trump 2020, US troops to the Middle East, puppy dog eyes

6/18/2019 - Mayo, sauce, onions, cheese: Indians will eat anything that comes “extra”

6/18/2019 - India’s oldest private carrier is headed for the bankruptcy court as nobody wants to buy it

6/18/2019 - Art meets commerce, musical money, and news from elsewhere

6/17/2019 - Second UK PM vote, China tariff pushback, anti-stress vaccine

6/17/2019 - Pillsbury’s flour recall serves as a devastating reminder that cookie dough is dangerous

6/17/2019 - Macarons

6/17/2019 - The Philippines has 2 million kilos of extra mangos—and a plan to deal with them

6/17/2019 - The best type of exercise uses your body—and your brain

6/17/2019 - Amazon’s Ring may be branching out beyond outdoor cameras

6/17/2019 - Conservative Christians in the US are battling about whether to fight nice

6/17/2019 - Two new books will transform your everyday understanding of math

6/17/2019 - Gloria Vanderbilt, American heiress and jeans queen, has died at 95

6/17/2019 - The benefits of meditation when you’re sick or in pain

6/17/2019 - This simple philosophy can calm your inner control freak

6/17/2019 - Chanel is not—it repeats, not—for sale

6/17/2019 - The business of CBD

6/17/2019 - How Shenzhen is fueling Ethiopia’s burgeoning startup scene

6/17/2019 - Comcast’s new remote control feature allows viewers to change the channel with their eyes

6/17/2019 - A New York steakhouse famed for power dining won’t host this year’s $4.6 million Buffett lunch

6/17/2019 - Dominos is about to start delivering pizzas with autonomous robots

6/17/2019 - The US ban on Huawei will cost the company $30 billion in lost sales

6/17/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: Battery boost, flood insurance, glaring flaring

6/17/2019 - A state-run Chinese newspaper is presenting alternative facts on Hong Kong’s protests

6/17/2019 - Hong Kong’s industrious, loyal—and hugely out of touch—leader is on her last legs

6/17/2019 - Hong Kong police deployed female cops to clean up their colleagues’ mess

6/17/2019 - Ethiopia’s first app-based taxi service is expanding into West Africa

6/17/2019 - A spinoff of MTV’s “Daria” will take on the Gen Z experience of working in tech

6/17/2019 - A flamboyant Indian industrialist is now chased by a bank his ancestor founded

6/17/2019 - Washington talks tariffs, Huawei takes a hit, high-end fruit

6/17/2019 - Indian startups are helping their staff stay cool as temperatures hit record highs

6/17/2019 - This week in membership: OMG CBD

6/17/2019 - The complete guide to the CBD boom

6/17/2019 - India now has an openly gay athlete, but will brands be more accepting?

6/17/2019 - This New York-listed Chinese electric carmaker’s flagship vehicle keeps catching fire

6/17/2019 - One OTT platform is simply not enough for video-hungry Indians

6/17/2019 - UK woos China, Joshua Wong is free, high-end fruit

6/17/2019 - Why Indian lenders are giving loans to risky customers with low credit scores

6/17/2019 - Africa’s porous and informal borders make it difficult to contain Ebola

6/17/2019 - Let’s get creative

6/16/2019 - Watch: Our conference call about Israel and the future of food

6/16/2019 - Paris air show, Hong Kong protests, high-end fruit

6/16/2019 - Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong has been released from prison

6/16/2019 - Watch: Our call about China and Hong Kong

6/16/2019 - Boeing CEO admits mistakes were made

6/16/2019 - Sara Netanyahu, wife of Israel’s prime minister, sentenced for corruption

6/16/2019 - China’s compromised aid, Lagos’ recyclers, Africa’s digital rights, greener safaris

6/16/2019 - From students to horse-racers, Hong Kong united against extradition

6/16/2019 - 50 million people lose electricity in South American blackout

6/16/2019 - The CEO of Pro Mujer on how women are key to Latin America’s success

6/16/2019 - Photos: What Hong Kong’s hundreds of thousands of protesters want now

6/16/2019 - DNA testing means forced fatherhood as states limit abortion

6/16/2019 - The problem with calling Hong Kong’s protests a riot goes back to a colonial-era law

6/16/2019 - The psychology of self-tracking

6/16/2019 - The inescapable social media crisis is about expectations, not addiction

6/16/2019 - Quartz’s tip for India-Pakistan match: Rustic desi spirits with dishes from the other side

6/16/2019 - Cannes Lions bingo: The ad industry’s top buzzwords in 2019

6/15/2019 - Priests in hard hats celebrate the first mass at Notre Dame since the devastating fire

6/15/2019 - Weekend edition—Hong Kong spirit, the movement movement, weed Nimbys

6/15/2019 - Weekend edition—Hong Kong spirit, the movement movement, weed Nimbys

6/15/2019 - The O.J. Simpson trial is now in session on Twitter

6/15/2019 - Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner made up to $135 million while working for free

6/15/2019 - Here’s how you eat a credit card’s worth of plastic each week

6/15/2019 - Warming oceans might actually be good news for the original sea monster

6/15/2019 - America’s biggest meat companies want to sell you “blended meat” products

6/15/2019 - Drake just dropped two songs to celebrate the Toronto Raptors’ NBA championship

6/15/2019 - Artists are using virtual reality to convey the perils of climate change

6/15/2019 - Female entrepreneurs took center stage at Dakar Fashion Week

6/15/2019 - Airbnb offers $24 tours of its company headquarters

6/15/2019 - The latest US Supreme Court rulings are blowing up pundits’ predictions

6/15/2019 - What’s driving defense consolidation? Missile money

6/15/2019 - Artists stopped showing us the truth about farming and it’s hurting the planet

6/15/2019 - Hong Kong is in the fight of its life—but don’t underestimate the city’s Lion Rock spirit

6/15/2019 - The secret to the Mona Lisa’s enduring allure

6/15/2019 - Hong Kong has pulled off an amazing win against a dire threat to its freedoms

6/15/2019 - A comprehensive guide to surviving a full summer with your kids

6/15/2019 - A boat captain is facing 20 years in prison for rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean

6/14/2019 - Weekend edition—Hong Kong spirit, the movement movement, weed Nimbys

6/14/2019 - The NBA and NHL finals were historic for their sports, and e-commerce

6/14/2019 - Tiny houses

6/14/2019 - Does Google not realize Beto O’Rourke is running for president?

6/14/2019 - US Border Patrol is buying thousands of onesies for detained infants

6/14/2019 - Luxury safaris are trying to reinvent by getting greener and curbing an “Out of Africa” culture

6/14/2019 - In praise of quiet charisma

6/14/2019 - How the female CEO of an Indian startup avoids hiring sexist men

6/14/2019 - The Raptors’ win adds a new chapter in Toronto’s surprising NBA history

6/14/2019 - How Africa played a starring role in Toronto Raptors’ historic NBA championship win

6/14/2019 - The best summer TV is often overlooked, a little weird, and can be watched at your leisure

6/14/2019 - The White House does not need to hire another person to lie for the president

6/14/2019 - How much it would cost Uber and Lyft if drivers were employees

6/14/2019 - Quartzy: the one crazy night edition

6/14/2019 - Countries are finally having to confront the idea of giving politicians parental leave

6/14/2019 - Our conference call starts at 10am EDT/3pm BST/5pm IDT

6/14/2019 - Most Indian employees aren’t fully engaged at work, still they are better than anyone else

6/14/2019 - Where to find inspiration when you want to grow your online community

6/14/2019 - The most important leadership skill is radical self-inquiry

6/14/2019 - The trade war is already pushing businesses out of China—and it could be permanent

6/14/2019 - Globots and telemigrants: The new language of the future of work

6/14/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: Reading “The Money Revolution”

6/14/2019 - “Rioters” or “fighters”? Hong Kong’s mainland Chinese are split by protests

6/14/2019 - Assange extradition, tanker tensions, Frida’s voice

6/14/2019 - People in China are using song lyrics as code to voice support for Hong Kong

6/14/2019 - Investors lose $24 million in satellite intelligence tie-up gone wrong

6/14/2019 - Today in membership: Artificial steaks and a conference call

6/14/2019 - Aleph Farms wants to grow you a steak

6/14/2019 - A psychologist explains how to deal with the symptoms of burnout

6/14/2019 - Jack Dorsey says now is our chance to build a global currency for the internet

6/14/2019 - A 200-year-old British consumer goods giant is banking on an Indian for growth

6/14/2019 - Why foreign governments are so worried about Hong Kong’s extradition law

6/14/2019 - Sundar Pichai just proved that you can take an Indian out of India but not India out of an Indian

6/14/2019 - This Indian artist is retelling popular western fairy tales, minus the gender stereotypes

6/14/2019 - Brazil national strike, oil tanker attack, Frida’s voice

6/14/2019 - Indian students can’t let go of business and engineering even in the UK

6/14/2019 - Why has Facebook invested in a four-year-old Indian startup?

6/13/2019 - Christchurch court date, oil tanker attack, Frida’s voice

6/13/2019 - A bunch of new MacBooks seem to be on the way

6/13/2019 - What exactly is the Hatch Act, and how did Kellyanne Conway break it?

6/13/2019 - 3M has long known it was contaminating the US food supply

6/13/2019 - Lox

6/13/2019 - Nigeria and South Africa’s economic struggles are starting to hurt African phone sales

6/13/2019 - Swiss women are going on strike against gender inequality

6/13/2019 - A guide to reducing your team’s biggest source of stress

6/13/2019 - Everything we don’t know yet about the Gulf tanker explosions

6/13/2019 - You don’t need more exercise, you just need to move

6/13/2019 - The Persian Gulf is at its most dangerous since the Iraq War, according to insurance markets

6/13/2019 - Kevin Durant’s plight is highlighting the emotional toll of injuries on workers

6/13/2019 - UK fintech darling Monzo will try its luck in the US

6/13/2019 - For more and more Americans, a smartphone is the only internet connection they need

6/13/2019 - “The Handmaid’s Tale” costume is now the ultimate symbol of women’s rights

6/13/2019 - Amazon’s AI is being used to rescue children from sex trafficking

6/13/2019 - The UK Conservative party has lost its bloody mind (fiscally speaking)

6/13/2019 - To be your most authentic self at work, get better at pretending

6/13/2019 - Huawei AI could power self-driving cars in Europe and China by 2021

6/13/2019 - Our conference call on China begins in 15 minutes

6/13/2019 - The world’s biggest fintech wants to dominate China’s true electric transport opportunity

6/13/2019 - No one is talking about the biggest problem with Slack

6/13/2019 - XPRIZE boss Anousheh Ansari says the best moonshot ideas are ‘audacious, but still achievable’

6/13/2019 - Stuck Between the Stations

6/13/2019 - Users of the Strava running app are more likely to stick with their fitness plan by going offline

6/13/2019 - Goodwin’s Meghan Spillane and the Libra

6/13/2019 - Why Hong Kong’s protesters were afraid to use their metro cards

6/13/2019 - UK leadership vote, Hong Kong tensions, decoupled couples

6/13/2019 - Why Taiwan is the most outspoken critic of Hong Kong’s extradition law

6/13/2019 - Indian women are far more sensitive to LGBTQ+ issues than men

6/13/2019 - Telegram faced cyberattacks from China during Hong Kong extradition protest

6/13/2019 - Navigating the ground rules for building a blockchain business

6/13/2019 - The artificial bees of our pollinated future

6/13/2019 - This elephant-obsessed Indian state is finally stepping in to protect abused captive animals

6/13/2019 - India’s Gujarat may narrowly escape “very severe” Cyclone Vayu

6/13/2019 - The world’s most family-friendly rich countries, according to the UN

6/13/2019 - Silicon Valley CEOs? Swiggy feels made-in-India managers will deliver better

6/13/2019 - Want to fly your own drone like Zomato? These YouTubers explain why that won’t be easy

6/13/2019 - Tory leadership vote, Hong Kong chaos, decoupled couples

6/12/2019 - I wished my mother well on her second marriage

6/12/2019 - Hong Kong chaos, Art Basel at 50, decoupled couples

6/12/2019 - US Army gears up to spend $1 billion more on border security

6/12/2019 - Trump’s tariffs have wiped out a major US manufacturer’s corporate tax cut

6/12/2019 - Fending off leakers, Google unveils the new Pixel 4

6/12/2019 - Ampersands

6/12/2019 - The most dog-friendly offices in the US, according to Rover.com

6/12/2019 - The size of the undocumented workforce is shrinking in the US

6/12/2019 - The typical undocumented immigrant has been in the US for over a decade

6/12/2019 - Member conference call tomorrow: China

6/12/2019 - Epic Games is doubling down on teens by acquiring Houseparty

6/12/2019 - Amazon’s unique new credit card is a play for low-income Americans

6/12/2019 - As first Ebola case found in Uganda, there are questions over WHO’s reaction time

6/12/2019 - Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting ran on pure, high-octane optimism

6/12/2019 - The risk of dying on vacation is actually really, really low

6/12/2019 - Investors are betting on a rate cut. They shouldn’t.

6/12/2019 - Kenyan writer and human rights activist, Margaret Ogola, honored with a Google Doodle

6/12/2019 - As a leader, your job should change every six months even if you stay put

6/12/2019 - Frozen II is Disney’s newest addition to its long history of dark fairytales

6/12/2019 - Crying in front of management can make you a better leader

6/12/2019 - Nearly every American is on their phone or tablet while watching TV

6/12/2019 - Catholic Church chooses Pride Month as good time to come out against gender science

6/12/2019 - Vegan pets sound bougie, but they might just save the Earth

6/12/2019 - Photos: Tear gas and rubber bullets return to the heart of Hong Kong

6/12/2019 - This court filing shows the staggering lack of evidence in the Central Park Five case

6/12/2019 - How to turn the things that motivate people into an actual business

6/12/2019 - In the twisted world of prison communications, voicemail is an innovation

6/12/2019 - Here’s where the US’s massive AI research funds are going

6/12/2019 - A year ago, China’s electric vehicle sales grew 126%. Now they’re at 2%

6/12/2019 - The multibillion-dollar sales of Tableau and Looker are a coming of age for data visualization

6/12/2019 - Hong Kong Occupy 2.0, Trump Jr. questioned, widowed fish

6/12/2019 - SpaceX will launch Canada’s radar satellites

6/12/2019 - Uber is pivoting to fintech, something Asian startups have been doing for years

6/12/2019 - African brands are losing their appeal across the continent in favor of global players

6/12/2019 - Forget artificial sweeteners and other not-quite sugar substitutes: how one startup is reinventing sugar

6/12/2019 - Protesters forced Hong Kong to postpone action on a hated extradition bill

6/12/2019 - As the continent digitizes rapidly, Africans need a bill of data rights to protect them online

6/12/2019 - The best way to tell when food goes bad isn’t by looking at its label

6/12/2019 - Indian student enrollments in the UK rise for the first time in almost a decade

6/12/2019 - A hydrogen fueling station fire in Norway has left fuel-cell cars nowhere to charge

6/12/2019 - Why war-torn Afghanistan is now a darling of the cricketing world

6/12/2019 - How a group of investors are preserving Kolkata’s architectural legacy

6/12/2019 - Even porn sites are joining in Hong Kong’s fight against a hated extradition law

6/12/2019 - Wind up your Taj Mahal tour in three hours—or pay more

6/12/2019 - Hong Kong Occupy 2.0, US crushes Thailand, widowed fish

6/12/2019 - Britain’s refusal to hand back Chagos Islands has echoes of colonial-era arrogance

6/11/2019 - Occupy 2.0 is beginning in Hong Kong

6/11/2019 - There are so many unsold cars in India now that automakers are taking forced holidays

6/11/2019 - China’s hit upon the best way to boost sales of electric cars—but it’ll hurt fossil-fuel ones

6/11/2019 - Abe in Iran, Russian influence in Africa, Radiohead ransom

6/11/2019 - Has a missing $450 million Leonardo da Vinci been hiding on a Saudi prince’s superyacht?

6/11/2019 - Mayo

6/11/2019 - The next iPhone seems like it’s going to look pretty bizarre

6/11/2019 - The oak sapling the French president gave to Trump is dead, like their friendship

6/11/2019 - Economics needs to do more than attract women to solve its gender problem

6/11/2019 - Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends report: All the slides and highlights

6/11/2019 - Amazon is shutting down its food-delivery business

6/11/2019 - Renewable energy managed over blockchain would boost Africa’s rural power access

6/11/2019 - The best worst presents in the Amazon Father’s Day gift guide

6/11/2019 - Botswana is the latest African country to scrap colonial-era homosexuality laws

6/11/2019 - America’s legal experts believe we’ve got the abortion debate all wrong

6/11/2019 - Women are making advertising funnier, smarter, and way less sexist

6/11/2019 - The surprisingly effective pilot program stopping real estate money laundering in the US

6/11/2019 - The deaths on Mount Everest prove adventure tourism is out of control

6/11/2019 - The Mexico deal is a triumph of Trump’s “speak loudly, carry tiny stick” diplomacy

6/11/2019 - What actually happens in bias training seminars?

6/11/2019 - US-China trade tensions have hit a business news app backed by China’s “Rupert Murdoch”

6/11/2019 - China’s debt disease might wreck its uncrashable housing market

6/11/2019 - Utility Settlement Coin and Google’s search algo

6/11/2019 - There’s one deceptively simple way to grow your business: solve a real problem

6/11/2019 - Should you live with your spouse?

6/11/2019 - Bill Nye wants you to remember it’s still the best time to be alive

6/11/2019 - Everything you need to know about Hong Kong’s extradition law

6/11/2019 - The video game series “Football Manager” has a racism problem

6/11/2019 - The dad from that viral baby video is demonstrating a crucial parenting skill

6/11/2019 - How Indian media company Homegrown imploded in the wake of #MeToo

6/11/2019 - Tesla meeting, big data breach, office chair races

6/11/2019 - Want to calculate your company’s gender pay gap? There’s a guide for that

6/11/2019 - Banks are developing a crypto token for settling trades—but does anyone need it?

6/11/2019 - Israel has a plan for avoiding climate calamity

6/11/2019 - Online smartphone sales brush aside India’s new e-commerce policy

6/11/2019 - Modi’s former top economist says India overestimated its GDP growth numbers

6/11/2019 - These three segments have set online entertainment on fire in India

6/11/2019 - Mondelez India goes low on sugar with new Cadbury Dairy Milk

6/11/2019 - Tesla meeting, the Vatican on gender, office chair races

6/11/2019 - Brands prefer Indian social media influencers with credible, even if fewer, followers

6/10/2019 - Nixon lawyer John Dean explains the parallels between Trump and Watergate

6/10/2019 - The Raptors’ approach to competition is worth emulating everywhere

6/10/2019 - Target is expanding parental leave, including for hourly and part-time workers

6/10/2019 - CES Asia, Canada plastic ban, office chair races

6/10/2019 - Smellscapes 👃👃

6/10/2019 - Why Alexis Ohanian tweets so much about fatherhood

6/10/2019 - Men in ballgowns is this year’s best red-carpet trend

6/10/2019 - Data prove the truth of “The Last Black Man in San Francisco”

6/10/2019 - Lyft doesn’t seem to care that much about ending car ownership

6/10/2019 - Toronto Raptors fans are seeing ‘auspicious’ claw marks in the clouds

6/10/2019 - This is how much it costs to be smuggled over the US border

6/10/2019 - Kylie Jenner just gave “The Handmaid’s Tale” an ill-conceived makeover

6/10/2019 - How to make the case for and against VAR—video assistant referee—in the beautiful game

6/10/2019 - Trump discovers global cooperation isn’t so bad—at least on taxing corporate giants

6/10/2019 - The future of food is in Israel

6/10/2019 - China’s aid to African leaders’ home regions nearly tripled after they assumed power

6/10/2019 - The CEO of fitness app Strava on the secret sauce that binds online communities together

6/10/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: The bowhead whale edition

6/10/2019 - How the former employees of Theranos explain themselves on LinkedIn

6/10/2019 - A Chinese-style payment network to challenge Visa and Mastercard is taking shape in Europe

6/10/2019 - China used to find it too humiliating to send Hong Kong extradition requests

6/10/2019 - H-4 visa holders sue the US government for delaying their work applications

6/10/2019 - Mueller report hearings, Hong Kong protests, mandarin mascots

6/10/2019 - The IMF is worried that big tech could make the financial system less stable

6/10/2019 - Today in membership: The future of food lies in Israel

6/10/2019 - To understand the future of food, look to the Holy Land

6/10/2019 - Meet the mentor of startups working with differently-abled people

6/10/2019 - More education means less employment in Modi’s India

6/10/2019 - How to build a business that will last centuries

6/10/2019 - Girish Karnad, one of India’s most respected actor-directors, has passed away

6/10/2019 - Trouble for banks as Jet Airways’ other creditors approach bankruptcy court

6/10/2019 - UK leadership race, Hong Kong protests, savvy fungi

6/10/2019 - Hong Kong’s government has a message for one million protesters: We can’t hear you

6/9/2019 - How colonialism cost the Himalayas their remoteness

6/9/2019 - Hong Kong protests, Mueller report hearings, savvy fungi

6/9/2019 - What should the National Portrait Gallery do about a controversial donor?

6/9/2019 - Only one aid group’s rescue boat remains in the Mediterranean Sea to help shipwrecked refugees

6/9/2019 - China’s carmakers are now sponsoring rocket launches

6/9/2019 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg dishes on the US Supreme Court

6/9/2019 - Microsoft is now worth over $1 trillion, a stunning run since Satya Nadella’s ascent

6/9/2019 - Why China’s “artful dissident” Badiucao decided to reveal his face

6/9/2019 - Dogs are working to save the world’s endangered species

6/9/2019 - The Guardian and Washington Post are the latest casualties of China’s Great Firewall

6/9/2019 - Hong Kong protestors and police are in a tense confrontation following march

6/9/2019 - Japan will resume commercial whaling in July after a 30-year break

6/9/2019 - As Jeff Bezos ponders space travel, Amazon executives move out of the shadows

6/9/2019 - Nearly 550 restaurants in Tehran have been shut down for breaking “Islamic principles”

6/9/2019 - To thrive in a “wicked” world, you need range

6/9/2019 - The FBI has released 22 pages of its investigation into Bigfoot

6/9/2019 - The world is heading for a new missile arms race

6/9/2019 - Photos: Hong Kong has got its protest mojo back

6/9/2019 - Universal Standard wants to end the plus size binary once and for all

6/9/2019 - Congolese comics, African selfies, camel milk’s rise, 400 years in America

6/9/2019 - Your stress is hurting your dog, according to a new study

6/8/2019 - Water shortages could make iceberg delivery routine

6/8/2019 - Weekend edition—Water world, burnout treatment, sneaker evolution

6/8/2019 - Weekend edition—Water world, burnout treatment, sneaker evolution

6/8/2019 - The world’s biggest economies are moving closer to a global tax for big tech

6/8/2019 - Treasury yields are plunging, a sign investors are worried

6/8/2019 - The unintended consequences of Trump’s ban on Huawei are starting to appear

6/8/2019 - The English-speaking internet’s best guide to Japanese mascots

6/8/2019 - US special forces veterans are deploying to save coral reefs

6/8/2019 - A US-Mexico migration deal has defused Trump’s tariff threat—for now

6/8/2019 - A giant boulder in Colorado offers a philosophical lesson for all of us

6/8/2019 - Our love of dolphins is not always good for them

6/8/2019 - How much free NYC subway rides will cost Mastercard

6/8/2019 - Madonna has a message about aging and work that you probably need to hear

6/8/2019 - On World Oceans Day, the seas are awash in plastic pollution

6/8/2019 - How to survive in the world’s largest refugee camp

6/8/2019 - Art plays an invaluable role in groundbreaking space discoveries

6/8/2019 - The UK government has spent more than $120 million on consultants for Brexit advice

6/7/2019 - Uber’s CEO has decided that more of Uber should report to him

6/7/2019 - Weekend edition—Water world, burnout treatment, sneaker evolution

6/7/2019 - Barnes & Noble’s sale starts a new chapter for a troubled chain

6/7/2019 - What the United States could learn from Nigeria about taking on anti-vaxxers

6/7/2019 - Trump’s tariff threat is upending Texas politics

6/7/2019 - California’s wildfires may be the best thing to happen to home batteries

6/7/2019 - The Stanford Prison Experiment

6/7/2019 - In Sudan, the African Union reminds us it still has a key role in tackling the continent’s crises

6/7/2019 - The VA charged disabled veterans $286 million in fees they didn’t owe

6/7/2019 - How the ‘good guy with a gun’ became a deadly American fantasy

6/7/2019 - This is what Instagram thinks it knows about you

6/7/2019 - Canada begins reconciliation process after inquiry into missing or murdered indigenous women ends

6/7/2019 - NASA is opening the International Space Station to private astronauts

6/7/2019 - These are all the crimes Hong Kong is considering extraditing people for under a new law

6/7/2019 - Vans x Harry Potter is the sneaker collection no one asked for but everyone wants

6/7/2019 - Liberia has blocked social media as protesters demand the return of missing millions

6/7/2019 - Quartzy: the poptimism edition

6/7/2019 - India is leading a global charge to make corporate giants pay fair tax

6/7/2019 - Things are looking up for Trump’s rate cuts

6/7/2019 - Hitting the snooze button is bad for your health

6/7/2019 - The Lagos entrepreneurs championing recycling as a way of life

6/7/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: 10,000 fintech startups and the infrastructure is getting worse

6/7/2019 - US jobs, Theresa May’s farewell, Operation Meltdown

6/7/2019 - Today in membership: A toolkit for sneakers

6/7/2019 - Everything you need to keep up with sneakers

6/7/2019 - How mangroves could protect us from storms like Cyclone Fani

6/7/2019 - Here’s proof that Indians are losing confidence in their economy

6/7/2019 - The skies are getting clearer for the Tata group’s aviation business

6/7/2019 - Watch: Our post-Apple WWDC conference call

6/7/2019 - India has one favourite Marvel superhero when it comes to buying merch

6/7/2019 - Birds to holy rivers: A list of everything India considers “legal persons”

6/7/2019 - Farewell to May, Women’s World Cup, Operation Meltdown

6/7/2019 - Watch: A conference call on how sneakers took over fashion

6/6/2019 - Azim Premji: India’s second-richest man owns a second-hand car and a generous heart

6/6/2019 - Investors saw much to love in Zoom’s first earnings report as a public company

6/6/2019 - Beyond Meat is soaring after its first quarter as a public company

6/6/2019 - Photos: Inside a kaleidoscope of beauty and money at America’s biggest gem show

6/6/2019 - Farewell to May, Women’s World Cup, Operation Meltdown

6/6/2019 - The animal rights group that interrupted Jeff Bezos is known for confrontation

6/6/2019 - Scientists are reclaiming psychedelics as “wonder drugs.” Is it time to decriminalize them?

6/6/2019 - 75 years after D-Day, these countries are facing a nationalist resurgence

6/6/2019 - The FBI doesn’t think its facial recognition software has problems, but Congress does

6/6/2019 - Chalk

6/6/2019 - LeBron James is demanding action against an NBA owner who shoved a player

6/6/2019 - Africa is home to some of the world’s most polluted cities—here’s why the air quality is not improving

6/6/2019 - Forget foosball, give your employees financial wellness

6/6/2019 - Half of all translated books in the US come from just nine countries

6/6/2019 - How young is too young to begin preparing for a career?

6/6/2019 - Trump slams US veteran Mueller in D-Day interview at Normandy cemetery

6/6/2019 - Photos: World War II veterans commemorate D-Day in France

6/6/2019 - Predators with virtually invisible fangs prowl the deep sea

6/6/2019 - Trump is messing with the key strategy that made the US and Mexico allies

6/6/2019 - The 1619 anniversary of Africans in the United States is significant but not the whole story

6/6/2019 - What men need to give to make gender equality a reality: 50 minutes a day

6/6/2019 - Trump’s border wall is getting a taxpayer-funded paint job

6/6/2019 - A new Trump plan to deny migrant kids education and lawyers is illegal

6/6/2019 - Religious leaders can kickstart a global anti-plastic movement

6/6/2019 - Sudan’s future remains contested after more than 100 are killed in attacks on protests

6/6/2019 - Camel milk could be the next superfood—thanks to East Africa

6/6/2019 - The scourge of millennial job-hopping is a myth

6/6/2019 - Forensic pollen scientists are helping the US track opioids

6/6/2019 - Retreating into silence is increasingly appealing…but where do you go?

6/6/2019 - Let’s get real about Moon 2024

6/6/2019 - Bitcoin trading volumes and an SEC complaint

6/6/2019 - Pregnancy pushes the body nearly as much as extreme endurance sports

6/6/2019 - Dragon boats and rice dumplings are part of Lego’s big China plans

6/6/2019 - This songwriter has 22 number one hits. Can you guess what they are?

6/6/2019 - India’s central bank chips in a third straight time to help revive the economy

6/6/2019 - This summer movie season isn’t all reboots and sequels, we swear

6/6/2019 - D-Day commemorations, Fiat Chrysler shifts gears, transparent teeth

6/6/2019 - Are you suffering from burnout? Ask yourself four questions

6/6/2019 - Why is this Indian billionaire splurging on an Australian mine guaranteed to lose money?

6/6/2019 - Aung San Suu Kyi and Viktor Orban bonded over a mutual dislike of Muslims

6/6/2019 - How sneakers became so valuable

6/6/2019 - The viral spread of a bogus video shows the insidiousness of misinformation

6/6/2019 - The rationalist’s case for buying bitcoin

6/6/2019 - Sneakers are not just shoes, they’re an asset class

6/6/2019 - Why a 118-year-old Bollywood music label is now betting on offbeat films

6/6/2019 - Urban Indian parents are more sure about their kids’ online safety than their own

6/6/2019 - Nearly half of all food-delivery transactions in India in 2018 happened on Swiggy

6/6/2019 - India’s Gujarat state launches the world’s first programme to trade particulate air pollutant quotas

6/6/2019 - D-Day, Fiat Chrysler backs out, transparent teeth

6/6/2019 - A gay Hong Kong civil servant finally won the right to benefits for his spouse

6/5/2019 - An artificially intelligent, open-source bionic leg could change the future of prosthetics

6/5/2019 - China-Russia lovefest, tanks for Taiwan, transparent teeth

6/5/2019 - Cuban spies reportedly infiltrated a US airport

6/5/2019 - Joe Biden beats Donald Trump in Texas presidential poll

6/5/2019 - A battle with TB inspired his smart medicine dispenser, now it’s won Africa’s top engineering prize

6/5/2019 - A new fund is betting these 120 companies are trade-war proof

6/5/2019 - Mount Everest

6/5/2019 - Amazon’s new drone may be just months away from dropping packages at your door

6/5/2019 - HBO is known for its great miniseries. Is “Chernobyl” its greatest?

6/5/2019 - How do Amazon Go stores work?

6/5/2019 - DR Congo’s Ebola outbreak cases have doubled in just two months crossing the 2,000-mark

6/5/2019 - Physical therapy training online? It can be done—and done well

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6/5/2019 - The best way to sit at your desk for every type of work task

6/5/2019 - Everyone got the Dutch euthanasia story wrong

6/5/2019 - Our conference call on sneakers begins in 15 minutes

6/5/2019 - Trump will steer clear of the protests awaiting him in Ireland

6/5/2019 - Trump’s 5% tariff on Mexico would cost at least 400,000 US jobs

6/5/2019 - A simple strategy helps doctors fight burnout. Could it work for the rest of us?

6/5/2019 - Indian techies are far more obsessed with working in the US than anyone else

6/5/2019 - Meet the new Quartz Pros: Ghislaine Boddington, Scott Carpenter, Shaun Stewart, Donna Wells

6/5/2019 - D-Day commemorations, trade tensions bite, battle bots

6/5/2019 - An Australian journalist live-tweeted a police raid on his office

6/5/2019 - A southern Indian state is in the grip of the deadly Nipah virus again

6/5/2019 - Sneakers’ global footprint

6/5/2019 - Indian political parties spent $8 billion on this year’s elections—nearly half was by the BJP

6/5/2019 - We are “very close” to peak fintech, with more than 10,000 startups jumping into the boom

6/5/2019 - Indian millennials don’t want the 9-to-5 office day anymore

6/5/2019 - Cricket in Britain is this summer’s obsession among Indians and brands

6/5/2019 - Theresa May’s final days in office are a lesson in learning from failure

6/5/2019 - “Autonomous”: Is AR Rahman hinting at what Tamils want in India?

6/5/2019 - Denmark votes, new Thai PM, Xbox deodorant

6/4/2019 - Boston Dynamics’ first consumer product might be a battle bot

6/4/2019 - Russia is vying to offer African countries a credible alternative to the US and China

6/4/2019 - A small change in the way we talk about mass shootings could help prevent them

6/4/2019 - Xi and Putin, Trump and May, Xbox deodorant

6/4/2019 - Canada will invest $1 billion globally in women’s and girls’ health every year

6/4/2019 - Prices of the most common prescription drugs nearly doubled in less than a decade

6/4/2019 - Kawhi Leonard’s giant hands are at the center of his new lawsuit against Nike

6/4/2019 - Reticent US Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas is actually kind of funny

6/4/2019 - Photos: These are the London protests Trump called “fake news”

6/4/2019 - Tuna

6/4/2019 - How a crew of fraudsters allegedly stole $19 million worth of iPhones

6/4/2019 - Facebook wants to make payments as easy as sending a photo

6/4/2019 - Quartz Wednesday conference call on sneakers

6/4/2019 - Shareholders not named Mark Zuckerberg want him out as Facebook’s chairman

6/4/2019 - The Queen’s gift to Trump is a set of history books with a pointed message

6/4/2019 - In the UK, Goldman Sachs has usually offered the highest interest rates on savings

6/4/2019 - Kenya is introducing new banknotes in a bid to fight corruption

6/4/2019 - The next battle in the War on Drugs will be fought over psychedelics

6/4/2019 - Obama’s portrait painter is making a bet on African artists with a Dakar residency program

6/4/2019 - Our Apple conference call starts in 15 minutes; Wednesday call about sneakers

6/4/2019 - Helping women at home is the only way to keep them in the workplace

6/4/2019 - The one skill you need to master in college to succeed at work

6/4/2019 - Ethiopia and Kenya are struggling to manage debt for their Chinese-built railways

6/4/2019 - Admiral James Stavridis on learning leadership through fiction

6/4/2019 - Crypto classification and Tron’s $4.5 million lunch

6/4/2019 - The Toronto Raptors used a high-risk business strategy to make the NBA Finals

6/4/2019 - Donald Trump’s state visit is a sorry sign of the times for the UK

6/4/2019 - Trump’s Mexico tariffs could hit American men right in the blue jeans

6/4/2019 - Shootings, theft, harassment: China warns its citizens of travel to the US

6/4/2019 - The 12 biggest mistakes a new entrepreneur can make

6/4/2019 - Trump’s Huawei warning, Argentine women protest, rap billionaire

6/4/2019 - Haleem or Daleem? WhatsApp university fuels debate over Ramzan delicacy

6/4/2019 - Crypto backers want special regulatory treatment—here’s why it probably won’t happen

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6/4/2019 - A dramatic suicide threat puts the spotlight on the deeply disturbed Indian employee

6/4/2019 - The top South African CEO gig that no one wants

6/4/2019 - Tiananmen’s 30th anniversary, Eid Mubarak, rap billionaire

6/4/2019 - Can a free pass get more Delhi women to use public transport?

6/4/2019 - The generations are warring in Hong Kong over the memory of Tiananmen

6/3/2019 - There’s little hope for cryptocurrencies in India as Modi returns to power

6/3/2019 - The US is to blame for global erosion of human rights, says top UN official

6/3/2019 - US tech giants facing antitrust probes won’t find respite in Google-EU fight

6/3/2019 - US taxpayers are spending millions so Trump’s adult children can meet the Queen

6/3/2019 - Tiananmen anniversary, new Mac Pro, giant TP roll

6/3/2019 - It looks like the iPad is getting the one thing it’s really been missing

6/3/2019 - The stand for Apple’s new computer monitor costs as much as an iPhone

6/3/2019 - Everything Apple announced at its WWDC 2019 developer conference

6/3/2019 - Rats

6/3/2019 - America’s first private moon lander will be engineered in India

6/3/2019 - Watch: The rise of the microinfluencer

6/3/2019 - A spate of recent frauds has taken the sheen off India’s new tax regime

6/3/2019 - Watch: Tesla’s wild ride

6/3/2019 - Caster Semenya can compete again without testosterone-reducing drugs—for now

6/3/2019 - Watch: The future of management

6/3/2019 - The Trump baby blimp is back

6/3/2019 - The Netflix baking competition “Nailed It” teaches us how to find joy in failure

6/3/2019 - The number of Americans working in their 70s is skyrocketing

6/3/2019 - How Africa’s top handset maker designs phone cameras calibrated for darker skin tones

6/3/2019 - Join our Apple conference call on Tuesday

6/3/2019 - How sneakers have taken over fashion

6/3/2019 - How to watch Apple’s WWDC 2019 keynote

6/3/2019 - ICE is struggling to contain spread of mumps in its detention centers

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6/3/2019 - Yes, you can call me disabled

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6/3/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: The “fight of our life” edition

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6/3/2019 - Car seats and sleep training: An Indian mother’s battles with American parenting

6/3/2019 - Watch: “The Gate of Heavenly Peace,” the groundbreaking—and controversial—documentary on Tiananmen

6/3/2019 - Trump’s UK tour, trade-war tussles, return of the Tamagotchi

6/3/2019 - Today in membership: How sneakers took over fashion

6/3/2019 - Russell Peters on stereotypes, politics, and religion in his comedy

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6/3/2019 - Trump in the UK, trade-war tussles, Tamagotchi return

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6/2/2019 - Trump in the UK, trade-war tussles, arrival fallacy

6/2/2019 - It costs over $4.5 million to lunch with Warren Buffett, a man of simple tastes

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6/2/2019 - Mexico can’t afford to ignore Trump’s trade war

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6/2/2019 - A book on focus, designed for the distracted, promises to spark your creativity

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6/2/2019 - Beachgoers in the US have real-life Jaws to fear

6/2/2019 - Iceland is inventing a new vocabulary for a high-tech future

6/2/2019 - The Congolese storyteller drawing on African mythology and spirituality for his comic books

6/2/2019 - So we have an African free trade agreement. Now what?

6/2/2019 - How long can humans live?

6/2/2019 - Africa’s NBA star turn, Huawei loyalty, Nigeria’s e-okadas, Liberia’s economic slide

6/1/2019 - Weekend edition—Elusive authenticity, cash deserts, teen comedies

6/1/2019 - Weekend edition—Elusive authenticity, cash deserts, teen comedies

6/1/2019 - This could be the first Chinese-brand electric car sold in Europe

6/1/2019 - Nigeria’s unreliable electricity costs its economy $29 billion a year—solar power would save billions

6/1/2019 - Venezuela has finally admitted to the awful state of its economy

6/1/2019 - Brexit chaos has lost London its spot as the world’s top financial center

6/1/2019 - May was a great month for haven assets—and bitcoin

6/1/2019 - Kids suing the US over climate change are getting global support

6/1/2019 - Shoshana Zuboff on how your metadata is a threat to democracy

6/1/2019 - Employee activism is great—until it pits colleagues against each other

6/1/2019 - Can influencers and authenticity ever be compatible?

6/1/2019 - Godzilla is the perfect monster for our age of environmental destruction

6/1/2019 - The shameful hypocrisy of climate change philanthropy

6/1/2019 - Japan’s deadly heatwave would have been impossible without climate change