10/31/2019 - Modi meets Merkel, new ISIS leader, pretty co-workers

10/31/2019 - Amazon doesn’t care about losing money on delivery if it keeps customers happy

10/31/2019 - Facebook’s VR sales have finally taken off

10/31/2019 - Secret passages

10/31/2019 - YouTube’s algorithm apparently helped a Chinese propaganda video on Hong Kong go viral

10/31/2019 - This is the blacklist Apple uses to censor the internet in China

10/31/2019 - What do Boeing CEO’s Dennis Muilenburg’s apologies actually mean?

10/31/2019 - Prison strip searches are not only inhumane—they cost taxpayers $300 million

10/31/2019 - A French far-right politician explains why he accepted an invitation to locked-down Kashmir

10/31/2019 - Protesters are testing the limits of Hong Kong’s mask ban on Halloween

10/31/2019 - How to understand why Zimbabwe is bringing back the Zim dollar and the limits of mobile money

10/31/2019 - Protests and political tensions are diverting mainland Chinese tourists away from Hong Kong and Taiwan

10/31/2019 - Chinese tech giants are developing apps to alert women to spycams

10/31/2019 - Russia is targeting African politics and elections with misinformation campaigns on social media

10/31/2019 - An unlikely hero could save the government agency designed to protect consumers

10/31/2019 - Our call on tech companies’ earnings season starts in 15 minutes

10/31/2019 - Women are invoking the witch to find their power in a patriarchal society

10/31/2019 - Scientists now have evidence the evolutionary birthplace of human kind was in northern Botswana

10/31/2019 - US border officers die by suicide 30% more often than other cops

10/31/2019 - The SPCE trade

10/31/2019 - The North Face’s new fabric is the latest attempt in an endless struggle to stay dry

10/31/2019 - Investors aren’t moved by Uber’s shift into banking

10/31/2019 - Hong Kong’s government blames “social incidents” for tipping the economy into a deep recession

10/31/2019 - A binge-drinking farmer is giving Twitter a taste of China’s “village bro” internet culture

10/31/2019 - Crypto commissions

10/31/2019 - Impeachment inquiry, Hong Kong masks, revolution crushes

10/31/2019 - Stock trading is virtually free—why isn’t crypto?

10/31/2019 - Who looks after the children of the workers who make our clothes?

10/31/2019 - The rare trait that may hold the secret to having a better memory

10/31/2019 - What is Pegasus and how can it target Indians?

10/31/2019 - Corbyn’s campaign, Hong Kong masquerade, revolution crushes

10/31/2019 - A realistic guide to navigating India’s gig economy

10/31/2019 - Indian telecom’s biggest disrupter votes “no mercy” for struggling incumbents

10/31/2019 - As Jammu & Kashmir loses its political status, here’s what the past 80 days have meant for it

10/31/2019 - One of India’s best-known industrialists finds his millennial verve—on the ‘gram

10/30/2019 - Your “V for Vendetta” protest mask was likely made in authoritarian China

10/30/2019 - Twitter banned political ads with a tweet

10/30/2019 - Hong Kong’s masks, 1MDB deal, revolution crushes

10/30/2019 - There are signs of life for Apple beyond the iPhone

10/30/2019 - Has the Fed lost its power to influence the economy?

10/30/2019 - Contact lenses

10/30/2019 - Esther Perel, renowned couples therapist, is starting a podcast about work

10/30/2019 - Younger Americans are willing to pay twice as much as their parents for clean energy

10/30/2019 - Hong Kong’s mask ban is being tested in court, and so is the city’s rule of law

10/30/2019 - We’re starting to see what AT&T’s ownership of HBO really means

10/30/2019 - Lebanese protesters are using Instagram to track down their “revolution crushes”

10/30/2019 - Remembering Lauren Brown, our colleague, mentor, and friend

10/30/2019 - The UK’s general election is the most unpredictable in a generation

10/30/2019 - We’re about to see what Apple is made of

10/30/2019 - Our obsession with insects in horror films says a lot about our fear of destroying the planet

10/30/2019 - Nubank’s app has been downloaded more than Revolut, Monzo, and N26 combined

10/30/2019 - Here’s what to do with your leftover candy corn

10/30/2019 - Who does Amazon help the most?

10/30/2019 - October is the biggest month of chocolate and candy imports

10/30/2019 - How one indie game studio is betting on Apple Arcade

10/30/2019 - As Aperol spritz fatigue sets in, the fight to sell the next big drink is already underway

10/30/2019 - Halloween costume ideas for the new global economy, 2019

10/30/2019 - Interest rates falling (again)? Big Tech rising (again)? Also, Taylor Swift

10/30/2019 - Tencent just added video streaming to its already diverse India portfolio

10/30/2019 - A WhatsApp hack used Israeli spyware to target Rwandan dissidents

10/30/2019 - Zivame’s strategy to be the perfect fit for India’s lingerie market: personalise, price right, go omnichannel

10/30/2019 - What’s stressing out tigers in India’s central reserves? Tourists

10/30/2019 - Grenfell report, UK election, teal pumpkins

10/30/2019 - Facebook has accused an Israeli tech firm of hacking WhatsApp to spy on activists, journalists

10/30/2019 - Everything you need to know about whistleblowing in India beyond Infosys

10/30/2019 - This simple formula could have predicted the distress at many bankrupt Indian firms

10/29/2019 - Hariri’s resignation, UK election, cashew milk

10/29/2019 - Copyright case against Taylor Swift revived, at least that’s what people say

10/29/2019 - China wants state media to peddle its “soft power” in Africa, but tech platforms are a better bet

10/29/2019 - Fiber optics

10/29/2019 - Too many bad nights of sleep could play a role in developing Alzheimer’s

10/29/2019 - Israel steps closer to winning the race to serve cultured meat

10/29/2019 - Millennials’ complex relationship with their cell phones is driving the experience economy

10/29/2019 - The “Game of Thrones” creators would rather make Netflix shows than Star Wars movies

10/29/2019 - Photos: The aftermath of the fast-moving Kincade fire

10/29/2019 - What is the Open Skies Treaty and why does Donald Trump want it canceled?

10/29/2019 - Lebanon’s PM resigns. But it probably won’t satisfy protesters.

10/29/2019 - Google is slowly figuring out how to make money outside of advertising

10/29/2019 - For lawmakers, the UK is becoming a toxic workplace

10/29/2019 - How Brexit is changing the English language

10/29/2019 - Tomorrow’s global sustainability starts with measuring a hairline crack today

10/29/2019 - Our call on the new science of talent starts in 15 minutes

10/29/2019 - Cashew milk is saving animals—but it’s hurting humans

10/29/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: lab-grown meat, renewable boom, coal declines

10/29/2019 - From dial-up to 5G: a complete guide to logging on to the internet

10/29/2019 - Are neighborhood watch apps making us safer?

10/29/2019 - Students in Hong Kong used fax machines to fight Chinese censorship of Tiananmen Square

10/29/2019 - WeChat is setting a blueprint for the world’s social networks

10/29/2019 - The 10 ways life would be different without broadband

10/29/2019 - Nokia’s collapse turned a sleepy town in Finland into an internet wonderland

10/29/2019 - Australia does one simple thing to support first-time parents

10/29/2019 - Nervous GM, tuberculosis vaccine, Ed Sheeran

10/29/2019 - Halloween costume contact lenses aren’t just scary—they’re dangerous

10/29/2019 - What Google eyeing Fitbit says about where wearables are heading

10/29/2019 - The average amount of time young Americans spend watching online videos has doubled since 2015

10/29/2019 - More than half of 11-year-olds in the US now have a smartphone

10/29/2019 - Coal mining in Indian forests is turning local villagers into environmental watchdogs

10/29/2019 - Mysticism in the laboratory—the making of high-tech kosher and halal meat

10/29/2019 - Delhi’s post-Diwali air may be less smoggy, but residents have ensured it remains toxic

10/29/2019 - The key to an electric scooter revolution in India is getting the battery right

10/29/2019 - Grilling Boeing’s CEO, Joshua Wong disqualified, turtleneck shortage

10/29/2019 - “You must nurture talent over a period of time, it’s not instant coffee”

10/29/2019 - Hong Kong just failed Joshua Wong’s stress test of its autonomy

10/29/2019 - Impact investors can alleviate India’s unemployment crisis

10/29/2019 - India’s Article 370 gambit has created a new arena of violence: Kashmir’s apple orchards

10/28/2019 - EU in Kashmir, space tourism, turtleneck shortage

10/28/2019 - Congress’ beef with plant-based companies using the word “meat”

10/28/2019 - Amazon’s hiring more humans, but robots are handling the holiday crush

10/28/2019 - Circadian rhythms

10/28/2019 - The six ways Facebook employees want to fix its political ad problem

10/28/2019 - Apple unveils the AirPods for “serious” music listeners

10/28/2019 - Spotify is still the king of music streaming—for now

10/28/2019 - Statistics show that Trump’s “travel ban” was always a Muslim ban

10/28/2019 - As AT&T’s cord-cutting losses mount, its HBO Max streaming service can’t get here fast enough

10/28/2019 - In the age of automation, the “human error” that dooms a plane isn’t confined to the cockpit

10/28/2019 - Bay Area Uniqlos are sold out of Elizabeth Holmes costumes

10/28/2019 - Acquiring Tiffany would make LVMH the unrivaled superpower of luxury

10/28/2019 - It’s time to talk about the mental health effects of student loan debt

10/28/2019 - Your productivity hacks are useless without this one essential theory

10/28/2019 - Nigeria needs a competent customs service, not border closure

10/28/2019 - China’s leader, a fan of centralized power, is suddenly the darling of the crypto community

10/28/2019 - Hong Kong journalists took over a police news conference in protest

10/28/2019 - The spread of outdoor preschools raises questions about the purpose of education

10/28/2019 - Another Brexit extension, ISIS leader killed, Oktoberfest emissions

10/28/2019 - A Kenyan agritech startup is going pan-African with a $30 million round led by Goldman Sachs

10/28/2019 - The unexpected benefit of failing at the start of your career

10/28/2019 - This week for Quartz members: The future of meat is being grown in a lab

10/28/2019 - Carving space in the future for farmers and fishers

10/28/2019 - The future of lab-grown meat is one scientific breakthrough away

10/28/2019 - Forget plant-based meat—lab-grown meat is the future

10/28/2019 - Brexit extension, ISIS leader killed, Oktoberfest emissions

10/28/2019 - From breweries to boardrooms, Hong Kong rolls out the welcome mat for talent

10/27/2019 - China gathering, North Korean warning, impeachment tweak

10/27/2019 - California’s wildfires are forcing mandatory evacuations and massive blackouts

10/27/2019 - US special forces just took out the world’s most wanted man

10/27/2019 - Nigeria’s WhatsApp affair, Putin’s charm offensive, IMF wants competition in Africa

10/27/2019 - Britain still fails to acknowledge its legacy of slavery—memorializing its victims would be a start

10/26/2019 - Weekend edition—Freedom lovers, Brexit elites, elephant strategy

10/26/2019 - Weekend edition—Freedom lovers, Brexit elites, elephant strategy

10/26/2019 - Egypt ordered North Korean arms—and tried to cover it up—while on the UN Security Council

10/26/2019 - A US border patrol agent killed a child in Mexico. Can the parents sue him?

10/26/2019 - US Supreme Court justices talk an awful lot during oral arguments

10/26/2019 - Climate change is already transforming international sports

10/26/2019 - Mark Zuckerberg needs to shut down Facebook’s political ads

10/26/2019 - Why editorial illustrations look so similar these days

10/26/2019 - Hong Kong’s latest injunction protects police while putting press freedom at risk

10/26/2019 - Is third time the charm for Tesla’s solar roof?

10/26/2019 - National Geographic’s new issue shows how the world looks through women’s eyes

10/26/2019 - A dishonest scrivener covertly changed the US Constitution’s impeachment clause

10/26/2019 - Disney and Apple are pushing us into the era of the $25 million TV episode

10/26/2019 - The buyers and sellers of Khorgos, a special trade zone on the Kazakhstan-China border

10/26/2019 - The White House’s fickle love of freedom

10/26/2019 - Americans trust the Supreme Court more than other government branches

10/26/2019 - The story behind Botswana’s closest-ever election and how its consequences will play out

10/25/2019 - Weekend edition—Freedom lovers, Brexit elites, elephant strategy

10/25/2019 - The gig economy’s here to stay. Here’s how everyone can benefit

10/25/2019 - Photos: A wind-fueled blaze is scorching northern California

10/25/2019 - Trump is using impeachment to collect new supporters with Facebook ads

10/25/2019 - Google Doodle is celebrating the Nigerian icon Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti

10/25/2019 - There’s one tech giant doing crypto right: Square

10/25/2019 - Pinball

10/25/2019 - Vladimir Putin signed dozens of MOUs with African countries this week but can’t match China

10/25/2019 - Quartzy: the ch-ch-ch-ch-changes edition

10/25/2019 - Chile may be the economic star of Latin America but its protests show that’s not enough

10/25/2019 - It’s getting easier to do business in Africa’s largest economy—but possibly only on paper

10/25/2019 - Our call on India and coal starts in 15 minutes

10/25/2019 - Capitalism is not working. Here’s how business leaders can fix it

10/25/2019 - The birth of League of Legends proves how innovation can be a losing strategy

10/25/2019 - The three major hurdles dual-career couples will face

10/25/2019 - Farmers could help solve the climate crisis—we just don’t invest in them

10/25/2019 - Social media that gets users offline can also make them more loyal

10/25/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: Cloud computing needs an Airbus

10/25/2019 - Gucci’s astronomical sales are coming back to earth

10/25/2019 - Nirvana Unplugged, Boeing crash, those pants

10/25/2019 - What the last 200 years of human history tells us about finding happiness

10/25/2019 - Gambling built baseball—and then almost destroyed it

10/25/2019 - US lawmakers are starting to give TikTok the Huawei treatment

10/25/2019 - For Quartz members—exceptional people, protecting yourself online, and India renewables

10/25/2019 - The essential tools and habits for reclaiming your data privacy

10/25/2019 - India’s beginning a China-style boycott over Kashmir remarks

10/25/2019 - EU extension, probe of Russia probe, smart rosaries

10/25/2019 - Space tech as inexpensive as a smartphone will now help Indian fishermen navigate cyclones

10/25/2019 - Recent poll results show that nationalist rhetoric won’t help Modi hide economic woes forever

10/25/2019 - Indians love their staycations and weekend getaways more than Europeans

10/25/2019 - Google made the perfect laptop for life in 2019

10/24/2019 - Watch: Our call on the countdown to Brexit

10/24/2019 - Wall Street can’t stand when Amazon invests in itself

10/24/2019 - TikTok investigation, sacred rock, ratmobiles

10/24/2019 - TikTok banned political ads—but pro-Trump content is thriving and misleading teens

10/24/2019 - Venmo handles tons of money, but it still doesn’t make much itself

10/24/2019 - Glass cliff

10/24/2019 - Photos: Chile’s defiant week of street protests

10/24/2019 - Amazon ignored an international ban on dangerous factories in Bangladesh

10/24/2019 - Toyota is building very, very tiny electric vehicles for the next Olympics

10/24/2019 - Tesla is hiring, again

10/24/2019 - These photos show African delegates enjoying the best of Russia’s unique hospitality

10/24/2019 - Nigeria’s tech leaders aren’t convinced by a government plan to reframe its focus on their sector

10/24/2019 - Should we be testing doctors for empathy?

10/24/2019 - India’s culture of high-stakes testing needs to be dismantled

10/24/2019 - How the NFL separates good from great when evaluating talent

10/24/2019 - Our call on the state of space exploration starts in 15 minutes

10/24/2019 - A pioneer of the #MeToo movement in China was detained after she blogged about Hong Kong’s protests

10/24/2019 - Nokia is having one of the worst days in its history, thanks to 5G

10/24/2019 - The future of Alzheimer’s treatment can’t bank on just one drug

10/24/2019 - Tesla’s profitable quarter netted $2 billion for Elon Musk

10/24/2019 - Women are ditching the pill in droves for more convenient options

10/24/2019 - Steal these slides

10/24/2019 - A popular coding school now offers students mental health services

10/24/2019 - Criminal misconduct by US border officers has reached a 5-year high

10/24/2019 - Humans will ruin outer space just like they’ve ruined everything else

10/24/2019 - Scenes from the world’s biggest space conference

10/24/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: A powerful takeaway

10/24/2019 - Zuck’s Libra hearing

10/24/2019 - The Beats Solo Pro are Apple headphones in everything but name

10/24/2019 - Pence talks China, Franco exhumed, fake border walls

10/24/2019 - The “ghetto at the center of the world” is now a symbol of unity in Hong Kong’s protests

10/24/2019 - Remote working is a great perk—but only if you do it right

10/24/2019 - Facebook is beating a dead horse with Libra

10/24/2019 - Inside India’s coal country

10/24/2019 - An Indian mining conglomerate is eating up a sacred forest grove

10/24/2019 - All the controversies surrounding the Louvre’s blockbuster Leonardo exhibition

10/24/2019 - Why Mario Draghi will be missed

10/24/2019 - Exhuming Franco, impeachment disruption, peace pollen

10/24/2019 - Indians are frantically searching for “work visa” and “H-1B visa” on a US job portal

10/24/2019 - Nykaa was an obvious choice for Katrina Kaif over Amazon and Flipkart

10/24/2019 - Infosys and its unending saga of trouble with whistleblowers

10/24/2019 - India may soon break into the top 50 in ease of doing business, but what about the economy?

10/23/2019 - Tesla shocks the market and turns a profit

10/23/2019 - Bolsonaro in Beijing, quantum breakthrough, peace pollen

10/23/2019 - What a new US bill to prevent mass shootings gets right. And wrong.

10/23/2019 - Rubber ducks

10/23/2019 - A leader’s guide to shaping company culture

10/23/2019 - The 737 Max has cost Boeing $9.2 billion and counting

10/23/2019 - Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t realize other people don’t have money

10/23/2019 - The CEOs of Nike and Under Armour stepping down at this moment is no coincidence

10/23/2019 - The US has fewer than 400 statues of women—but that’s changing

10/23/2019 - Tesla’s producing its first made-in-China Model 3s

10/23/2019 - Data is transforming urban design—build your own city and see how

10/23/2019 - The Apple Watch is a great smart watch and finally a good dumb one too

10/23/2019 - Executive privilege won’t shield Trump from the impeachment inquiry

10/23/2019 - Our call on Brexit starts in 15 minutes

10/23/2019 - The rising popularity of African art has led to a growing market for forgeries

10/23/2019 - Snapchat is finding new life outside the US

10/23/2019 - A new sketching platform is designed to help adults get over the fear of drawing

10/23/2019 - A new theory on how moths evolved into butterflies is also a lesson in career changes

10/23/2019 - What we can learn from people who hardly need any sleep

10/23/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: The rich chemistry of coal

10/23/2019 - A new look at how the brain processes sound could radically improve hearing aids

10/23/2019 - Slack’s latest grab for office dominance: workflow templates

10/23/2019 - Boeing turbulence, Zuckerberg testimony, new Arctic islands

10/23/2019 - What other cities can learn from Los Angeles on confronting homelessness

10/23/2019 - The science of what makes coal so dirty

10/23/2019 - The “SoftBank of China” has invested in more unicorns than SoftBank

10/23/2019 - Snapdeal’s comeback strategy seems to be paying off

10/23/2019 - Lebanon’s extreme income inequality is fueling its huge protests

10/23/2019 - An IISc scientist joins hands with remote Indian tribals to gently harness a river

10/23/2019 - Benny Gantz’s turn, Brexit limbo, hesitant hitmen

10/23/2019 - Can Quikr and Olx hold up as e-commerce giants eye India’s burgeoning used-goods market?

10/23/2019 - Uber chief predicts India turning into an innovation hub for the company

10/22/2019 - Lawmakers move to make it much harder to launder money in the US

10/22/2019 - Why Nike selected a tech executive as its next CEO

10/22/2019 - Lam replacement plan, Brexit limbo, pseudothumbs

10/22/2019 - We’re job-shaming the wrong people

10/22/2019 - Data compression

10/22/2019 - Finnair’s success reveals that, for most people, flight shame simply isn’t an option

10/22/2019 - Under Armour’s Kevin Plank shows how a founder’s role can change as a company grows

10/22/2019 - Jeff Bezos has built a team to take astronauts back to the moon

10/22/2019 - Do cyborgs need their own legal rights?

10/22/2019 - Africans pay more for internet access due to a lack of competition in local markets

10/22/2019 - It’s now possible to get lost at the new “mega MoMA.” That’s a good thing

10/22/2019 - Iran proves that lifting its ban on women in soccer stadiums is a gauge, not a win

10/22/2019 - Early cloud computing was like borrowing a book from the library

10/22/2019 - The Steve Jobs speech that made Silicon Valley obsessed with pirates

10/22/2019 - We wouldn’t have ecommerce without Amazon

10/22/2019 - What I learned from getting scammed by 12-year-olds

10/22/2019 - WhatsApp is the medium of choice for older Nigerians spreading fake news

10/22/2019 - Napster paved the way for our streaming-reliant music industry

10/22/2019 - The British government’s assessment of its Brexit bill mentions “cost” three times more than “benefit”

10/22/2019 - Wall Street’s watchdog wants to weaken its own whistleblower program, critics say

10/22/2019 - A Brazilian company is pushing an entire industry to become more inclusive

10/22/2019 - How a new platform for immigrants mimics centuries-old behavior

10/22/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: the bumbling rise of renewables in India

10/22/2019 - A new Chinese ranking of global unicorns puts China ahead of the US for the first time

10/22/2019 - The Chinese are noticeably absent from an important global space conference

10/22/2019 - Brexit crunch time, emperor’s new throne, rat-eating monkeys

10/22/2019 - A big new study finds compelling evidence that happy workers are more productive

10/22/2019 - Why scientists ignore the top cause of traumatic brain injuries

10/22/2019 - How to wash your hands, according to science

10/22/2019 - Denying irregular African migrants the right to work in Europe is driving them to stay put

10/22/2019 - India’s hard push on renewables isn’t about climate change—yet

10/22/2019 - Mastercard and Visa are fighting over Revolut

10/22/2019 - Two Indian cities lead the way in transforming concrete jungles into real jungles

10/22/2019 - Charted: Almost every major global institution has trimmed India’s growth forecast

10/22/2019 - Watch: Our call on vaping

10/22/2019 - Vladimir Putin is resetting Russia’s Africa agenda to counter the US and China

10/22/2019 - India’s shot tourism, Kashmir’s key revenue earner, in its foot

10/22/2019 - Crunch time for Brexit, Trudeau’s second term, loudest avian

10/22/2019 - WhatsApp or Slack? India’s startup community debates the best way to interact

10/21/2019 - HBO’s “Watchmen” is great. Its comic creator Alan Moore wants nothing to do with it

10/21/2019 - Photos: This is how the Lebanese protest inequality

10/21/2019 - Japanese enthronement, SoftBank’s takeover, rat-devouring monkeys

10/21/2019 - For Russian election meddlers, Instagram is a better bet than Facebook

10/21/2019 - Black holes

10/21/2019 - Yale study shows class bias creeps into the hiring process in just a matter of seconds

10/21/2019 - Netanyahu might finally be on his way out

10/21/2019 - Four major players in the US opioid crisis reached a tentative deal in Ohio

10/21/2019 - Clothing made by Chinese forced labor is likely being sold in the US

10/21/2019 - The best African country to be a startup CEO or developer is South Africa

10/21/2019 - For the first time, Saudi Arabia is considering allowing unchaperoned women to go on the hajj

10/21/2019 - Is Facebook planning to expose its microtargeting techniques for political ads?

10/21/2019 - Impeachment is threatening to derail Trump’s mission to the moon

10/21/2019 - Trump admin apparently over Khashoggi killing, will attend Saudi’s ‘Davos in the Desert’

10/21/2019 - These photos reveal the hidden worlds around us

10/21/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: Can India kick its coal addiction?

10/21/2019 - Gamers are scrutinizing League of Legends for signs of China’s censorship

10/21/2019 - Brexit battles, Canada’s choice, future fiction

10/21/2019 - Uber faces three big problems in London

10/21/2019 - Girls’ math scores suffer when they grow up in families biased towards sons

10/21/2019 - This week for Quartz members—Can India kick its coal addiction?

10/21/2019 - The world can learn from India trying to deal with its coal addiction

10/21/2019 - In a first since the 1980s, rates of twin births in the US are dropping

10/21/2019 - Who was the real Akbar? The one played by Hrithik Roshan or that described by Abu’l Fazl

10/21/2019 - Brexit vote, Chile protests, ancient Egyptian coffins

10/21/2019 - Stanford and Michigan university are the most popular among Coursera’s 5 million Indian users

10/21/2019 - How Kashmiris are adapting to everyday life without the internet

10/21/2019 - Kerala’s men can’t accept that a woman can be intelligent and deadly enough to be a serial killer

10/20/2019 - Apple and US businesses earning “trillions annually” urge SCOTUS to protect Dreamers

10/20/2019 - Hong Kong chaos, Canadian election, rugby heartbreak

10/20/2019 - Watch: Our call on the woes of WeWork

10/20/2019 - A new Supreme Court case could unravel financial protections for US consumers

10/20/2019 - It will take $100 billion spent over the next decade to get broadband to all Africans by 2030

10/20/2019 - Female astronauts schooled Trump from outer space

10/20/2019 - “A bow to reality”: Trump reverses decision to host G7 at his own resort

10/20/2019 - The best respite from politics is at the White House

10/20/2019 - The Rugby World Cup is reminding South Africans that sport, like society, is still divided

10/20/2019 - African governments’ data aversion, Nollywood’s animation hope, black hair scientists

10/19/2019 - Weekend edition—China’s bullying, 50-year predictions, all-women spacewalk   

10/19/2019 - Weekend edition—China’s bullying, 50-year predictions, all-women spacewalk   

10/19/2019 - What’s next for Brexit after Boris Johnson lost yet another vote in Parliament?

10/19/2019 - The UK will request a Brexit delay, in another bruising defeat for Boris Johnson

10/19/2019 - Hundreds of thousands march in London for a second Brexit referendum

10/19/2019 - How Pinterest became the only place on the internet where people want ads

10/19/2019 - The world’s downtowns are slowly giving up on personal cars

10/19/2019 - Disconnecting can make CEOs better at their jobs

10/19/2019 - The world needs to stop self-censoring about Hong Kong

10/19/2019 - Is our true crime obsession helpful or hurtful?

10/18/2019 - Weekend edition—China’s bullying, 50-year predictions, all-women spacewalk   

10/18/2019 - Call of Duty won’t be the last high-profile game to get rid of loot boxes

10/18/2019 - Space suits

10/18/2019 - Liberalism in South Africa isn’t only for white people—or black people who “want to be white”

10/18/2019 - Why Louis Vuitton opened a factory on a ranch in Texas

10/18/2019 - I spent a year researching workplaces in the post-#MeToo era. Here’s what I learned

10/18/2019 - The metaphorical power of NASA’s first all-women spacewalk

10/18/2019 - The fight against Nigeria’s northeast terrorism is also a battle against climate change

10/18/2019 - Truth is the new dangerous propaganda tool

10/18/2019 - Good news! China’s economy is slowing

10/18/2019 - Today is the last day to get Scotch whisky into the US before tariffs kick in

10/18/2019 - What’s actually in an e-cigarette?

10/18/2019 - Quartzy: the couch potato edition

10/18/2019 - The best thing about Libra is often overlooked—and its creators explain why

10/18/2019 - How Austin has become a hub for female-led startups

10/18/2019 - Our call on the future of Apple is in 30 minutes

10/18/2019 - Why we can’t stop using the “face with tears of joy” emoji

10/18/2019 - Three charts that will make Jamie Dimon smile

10/18/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: Revolut is tracking you

10/18/2019 - Silicon Valley figures launch open attack on Facebook’s acceptance of political lies

10/18/2019 - As neobank valuations bubble up, some investors think there’s an even better bet in fintech

10/18/2019 - Shanghai apartment buildings are secretly installing facial-recognition devices

10/18/2019 - Brexit Saturday, Coca-Cola, Air Jordans

10/18/2019 - Nollywood is one step closer to its first major animated cinema production

10/18/2019 - What climate change will do to three major American cities by 2100

10/18/2019 - For members: China authoritarianism, the future of AVs, and Google on sustainability

10/18/2019 - Watch: Our call on what comes after the iPhone

10/18/2019 - The long road ahead to self-driving cars

10/18/2019 - Deepika Padukone needs to have a chat with her public relations team

10/18/2019 - It’s a gloomy Diwali this year for millions of public sector employees in India

10/18/2019 - Brexit Saturday, Lebanon protests, vegan heaven

10/18/2019 - Mapped: In India’s wealthiest city, the ultra-rich and slum dwellers share neighbourhoods

10/18/2019 - When Ratan Tata backs a startup, it’s all about intuition and founders’ judgement

10/18/2019 - What’s making Indian professionals in their 30s super jealous? It’s sex

10/18/2019 - The backlash over China’s NBA bullying is only going to get worse

10/18/2019 - India’s proposed vehicle-scrapping policy may not be the right pill for its auto industry

10/17/2019 - Historic spacewalk, HBO grabs Ghibli, vegan heaven

10/17/2019 - Ford drives into the electric-vehicle charging wars

10/17/2019 - Vaping

10/17/2019 - Indians are learning English through TikTok

10/17/2019 - Lyft is giving free transportation to job hunters and new hires who need it most

10/17/2019 - Trump’s mocking photo of Nancy Pelosi is now her Twitter profile

10/17/2019 - How the world’s largest child porn marketplace was undone by a right-click

10/17/2019 - More and more brave towns are putting a stop to the tyranny of leaf blowers

10/17/2019 - Watch: Our call on Chinese censorship

10/17/2019 - Guess the world’s best city for vegan-friendly dining! No, try again

10/17/2019 - As branches close, tiny US community banks are sticking around

10/17/2019 - Netflix is totally not worried about its new streaming competition, you guys

10/17/2019 - The logic of disrupting public transport to protest climate change

10/17/2019 - African scientists are leading the next wave of innovation and research on black skin and hair

10/17/2019 - Our call on Chinese censorship

10/17/2019 - How universities are starting to prepare students for the gig economy

10/17/2019 - Chinese censorship is no longer just a China problem

10/17/2019 - Data is the core

10/17/2019 - HBO’s “Watchmen” is weird and dangerous, just like it needs to be

10/17/2019 - Environmental activists in London are violently clashing not with police but with commuters

10/17/2019 - The pound is rallying on a highly uncertain Brexit deal

10/17/2019 - Why we need to protect AT&T against Trump’s vulture investor pals

10/17/2019 - WhatsApp Pay and Libra

10/17/2019 - From “pork belly” to “beef jerky,” artificial-meat makers target Chinese palates

10/17/2019 - Pence-Erdoğan, Brexit deal, world’s fastest ant

10/17/2019 - How to know which Trump impeachment polls to believe

10/17/2019 - Facebook’s payments strategy isn’t Libra, it’s WhatsApp

10/17/2019 - It’s time to retire “color of the year”

10/17/2019 - With Brexit looming, many EU nationals have yet to apply for settled status in the UK

10/17/2019 - Two behemoths and a startup are India’s top three IT patent filers

10/17/2019 - Why aren’t more Indian startups chasing IPOs? A VC asks

10/17/2019 - SS guard trial, Catalonia violence, the blob

10/17/2019 - The highs and lows of creating the world’s first social stock exchange

10/17/2019 - The harder I try to junk Karva Chauth, the more entangled I get in its sexist web

10/16/2019 - Will Ratan Tata’s backing help Tork, and India’s e-motorbike market, come of age?

10/16/2019 - China GDP, Zuckerberg streams, stormquakes

10/16/2019 - Space-based data on polluters is improving—and Wall Street is taking notice

10/16/2019 - A recently found Ben Enwonwu painting has sold at seven times its valuation for $1.4 million

10/16/2019 - The first commercial spacesuits are like soft, high-tech pajamas

10/16/2019 - Déjà vu

10/16/2019 - Is there age bias in your workplace? These simple exercises will tell you

10/16/2019 - Is it right to lock up a juvenile and throw away the key forever?

10/16/2019 - This is the worst time to be excited about supersonic flight

10/16/2019 - Facial recognition AI can’t identify trans and non-binary people

10/16/2019 - African governments need to fix their problematic relationship with data on their own countries

10/16/2019 - Dating apps are embracing music to help forge deeper connections

10/16/2019 - The impact of workspaces for people of color go beyond feeling welcome

10/16/2019 - Why a US soldier turned against drone warfare

10/16/2019 - TikTok wants to prove it’s not a new front in China’s information war

10/16/2019 - Top US think tank criticized for taking $12 million from a Russia-tied oligarch

10/16/2019 - The darker your skin the more likely you’ll end up in an American jail

10/16/2019 - Whistleblowers say US audit watchdog is not doing its job. That should worry us all.

10/16/2019 - The UN’s reliance on the US could be its downfall

10/16/2019 - Pence in Turkey, Netflix results, virtual Mona Lisa

10/16/2019 - Why first impressions matter even more for groups

10/16/2019 - It’s Spain’s turn to ponder what to do with a dead dictator

10/16/2019 - Even Europeans don’t agree on what the “European way of life” is

10/16/2019 - India’s among the world’s top three surveillance states

10/16/2019 - Three female role models for young Indians: an educationist, a writer, and a cleanliness crusader

10/16/2019 - Mumbai’s ecologically important salt pans may soon be opened up for real estate

10/16/2019 - A Brexit draft, Democrats debate, divorce AI

10/16/2019 - A robot is nudging kids at a tribal school in India into washing their hands better

10/16/2019 - Hong Kong is exporting its protest techniques around the world

10/15/2019 - Pakistani users and bots had a hand in trending #GoBackModi on Twitter

10/15/2019 - Apple’s data sharing with firms tied to the Chinese government may endanger dissidents

10/15/2019 - Fortnite’s two-day outage was the game’s most popular event of the year

10/15/2019 - Carrie Lam’s speech, Google’s new gear, a clear winner

10/15/2019 - Watch: Our call on this fall’s TV season

10/15/2019 - Billions of dollars are at stake in Puerto Rico’s US Supreme Court case

10/15/2019 - Even high-end brands like Lululemon face disturbing allegations of worker abuse

10/15/2019 - Netscape Navigator

10/15/2019 - Apple after the iPhone

10/15/2019 - Google wants to be more sustainable—nevermind all the new products it announced

10/15/2019 - No TV show has ever weaponized figurative language as well as HBO’s “Succession”

10/15/2019 - To find your dream career, try studying salamanders in isolation

10/15/2019 - McKinsey and Lean In say they’ve found the biggest barrier to gender parity at companies

10/15/2019 - The tech unicorn hangover is giving Wall Street a headache

10/15/2019 - Global investors are hoping to cash in on the infrastructure of Africa’s mobile revolution

10/15/2019 - Our call on navigating the fall TV lineup is in 20 minutes

10/15/2019 - The Apple icons you see today have surprisingly ancient roots

10/15/2019 - A series of mysterious bleeps and bloops defined the early days of the internet

10/15/2019 - Meet the web evangelist who brought Colombia online

10/15/2019 - A 23-year-old book about the internet predicted the web’s worst problems

10/15/2019 - The key to helping kids learn problem solving is a computer science class

10/15/2019 - Feminism is rising above the capitalism that exploits it

10/15/2019 - The web is a disaster—but the person who created it still has hope

10/15/2019 - In the age of farm-to-table, only a small fraction of US farmers are profitable

10/15/2019 - Influencers are changing the face of commerce for good

10/15/2019 - Ancestry’s genetic tests can now tell you about your health

10/15/2019 - Dem debate 4.0, white cop charged, friendly cows

10/15/2019 - There are three types of climate change denier—and most of us are at least one

10/15/2019 - Puerto Rico’s future is now in the hands of the US Supreme Court

10/15/2019 - Nirmala Sitharaman and Nobel laureate Esther Duflo have one thing in common

10/15/2019 - Rats in rooms, poor service, and now electrocution: OYO’s billions haven’t helped it much

10/15/2019 - Indian executives are too overworked to deal with cybersecurity

10/15/2019 - Global slowdown, Turkish sanctions, aspirational realness

10/15/2019 - Nobel winner Abhijit Banerjee and former RBI chief Raghuram Rajan on India’s economic challenges

10/15/2019 - Guess how many Indians earned over Rs500 crore last financial year

10/14/2019 - China’s controversial South China Sea map is entering pop culture thanks to US companies

10/14/2019 - Why did Banerjee, Duflo, and Kremer win the Nobel prize this year?

10/14/2019 - Korea kicks off, big bank earnings, aspirational realness

10/14/2019 - And the winners of the Man Booker Prize are…

10/14/2019 - What two centuries of book publishing tell us about the “good old days”

10/14/2019 - California’s new law bans schools from starting before 8am

10/14/2019 - Why CEO turnover in 2019 is so damn high

10/14/2019 - Frequent flyers should pay more, not less, for their travel

10/14/2019 - Economist Esther Duflo’s husband, a fellow Nobel laureate, is everything the BJP hates

10/14/2019 - Three professors won the 2019 Nobel prize for economics for their work on fighting poverty

10/14/2019 - “We feel like cyber-refugees”: The decline of the last online sanctuary for China’s liberals

10/14/2019 - How to get the ear of your CEO—and what to do when you have it

10/14/2019 - African migration to the United States is the fastest-rising—in spite of Trump

10/14/2019 - The Queen’s speech, economics Nobel, holy sneakers

10/14/2019 - Why more places are abandoning Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day

10/14/2019 - The best way to talk to teenagers about drugs

10/14/2019 - An Indian VC breaks down how the “VC world” actually functions

10/14/2019 - This week for Quartz members—Apple after the iPhone

10/14/2019 - Dear customers, Jio’s fight isn’t with you. It’s with India’s telecom regulator

10/14/2019 - The entrenchment at the top of Apple’s executive board

10/14/2019 - Apple explained, in charts 

10/14/2019 - Is Apple ready for revival in India?

10/14/2019 - Trying to dominate TV is like nothing Apple has ever done before

10/14/2019 - Can Apple do it again?

10/14/2019 - One passionate CEO on deciding to give her staff a day off every single week

10/14/2019 - An app to teach Xi Jinping thought can study the phones of its 100 million users

10/14/2019 - Indians are watching movies to escape the economic slowdown—so is the Modi government

10/14/2019 - Troubled Air India now faces five new hurdles ahead of its divestment

10/14/2019 - Modi is the most followed political leader on Instagram, even as he follows no one

10/14/2019 - Farm fires in north India are at their lowest in eight years, but Delhi’s still choking

10/14/2019 - The Queen’s speech, Syria chaos, blood smuggling

10/13/2019 - China’s exports, Japan’s typhoon, selfie stalker

10/13/2019 - Trump’s Syria retreat blamed for murder of pro-democracy leader

10/13/2019 - It took 43 of the world’s fastest runners to break the 2-hour marathon barrier

10/13/2019 - The US is rethinking the 50-plus nuclear weapons it keeps in Turkey

10/13/2019 - Apple is suffocating mobile-payment rivals

10/13/2019 - Brexit negotiations are heating up for real, but the continent is tired of reading about it

10/13/2019 - A new Quartz

10/13/2019 - African languages in the US, Nigeria’s mobile money bet, Zimbabwe’s cyber threat

10/13/2019 - The dangers of digital distraction—and how to overcome it

10/13/2019 - The benefits of drinking raw milk are unclear—but the dangers are real

10/12/2019 - Weekend edition—Pizza decision, Kong Girls, barber salvation   

10/12/2019 - Weekend edition—Pizza decision, Kong Girls, barber salvation   

10/12/2019 - China’s Xi Jinping arrives in Nepal with deals, promises, and pressure

10/12/2019 - “You have sold us”: Kurdish leader in Syria accuses US of abandoning allies

10/12/2019 - Why hasn’t the US banned dolphin and whale shows?

10/12/2019 - “Unprecedented scale”: Super Typhoon Hagibis hits Japan, millions evacuated

10/12/2019 - A Texas federal court says Trump’s border wall funding is illegal

10/12/2019 - Trump officials who defy subpoenas could go to jail, and more

10/12/2019 - California’s massive power outages show climate change is coming for everyone, even the rich

10/12/2019 - Vaping CBD carries unique risks

10/12/2019 - Elizabeth Warren’s economic advisors are making bold claims about taxes—but can they be verified?

10/12/2019 - The handbag is losing its once-exalted place in a woman’s wardrobe

10/12/2019 - “Aspirational realness,” the Instagram cool-girl look, disguises advertising as authenticity

10/12/2019 - The US Supreme Court Domino’s Pizza delivery case rejection, dished out

10/12/2019 - 1 in 3 young adults are lonely—and it hurts their mental health

10/12/2019 - Three ways to trick your memory into working better

10/12/2019 - Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed has won the Nobel Prize but there are still big hurdles for peace at home

10/11/2019 - Weekend edition—Pizza decision, Kong Girls, barber salvation   

10/11/2019 - Facebook’s crypto project is falling apart before our eyes

10/11/2019 - The cobra effect

10/11/2019 - Russia’s Africa summit is the latest step in its resurgence as a global power on the continent

10/11/2019 - Why don’t more women win science Nobels?

10/11/2019 - You don’t need a folding phone

10/11/2019 - California is banning the tiny bottles of shampoo you get in hotels

10/11/2019 - There’s a simple way to curb youth vaping, and it isn’t a flavor ban

10/11/2019 - Watch: Our call on the future of war

10/11/2019 - WeWork could run out of cash by next month

10/11/2019 - An 18th-century geologist emerges as 2019’s most insightful color guru

10/11/2019 - Banksy’s trademark battle exposes a huge hypocrisy in his anti-copyright views

10/11/2019 - Quartzy: the nice at work edition

10/11/2019 - Watch: Our call on the Business Roundtable’s purpose statement

10/11/2019 - Trump played “Purple Rain” at a rally in Minneapolis, and Prince’s estate is furious

10/11/2019 - Our call on the future of war starts in 30 minutes

10/11/2019 - A new heated tobacco product in the US could become an alternative to vaping

10/11/2019 - The last of the sketch artists on cameras in the US Supreme Court

10/11/2019 - Pixar is realizing it needs to get even weirder to maintain its edge

10/11/2019 - The US could learn from how Italy tackled its own opioid problem

10/11/2019 - A new Quartz that puts members first

10/11/2019 - Climate fiction is imagining a future beyond the climate crisis

10/11/2019 - US-China trade talks, Purple Rain, tarantulas attack

10/11/2019 - This year’s Nobel peace prize really has gone to a peacemaker

10/11/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: Judgement day is coming for fintech unicorns

10/11/2019 - How to turn fleeting joy into long-term happiness

10/11/2019 - A review of the 737 Max approval found the FAA signed off on a plane it didn’t fully understand

10/11/2019 - The key to Apple’s future success

10/11/2019 - It’s a great time to be an influencer on Instagram or TikTok in India

10/11/2019 - In photos: The scientists who launched India’s space programme

10/11/2019 - India’s startup star wants men to “learn” from a Twitter account that says sex dolls will replace feminist women

10/11/2019 - Tim Cook doesn’t seem to know how the Hong Kong app Apple removed actually works

10/11/2019 - Nobel Peace prize, Tim Cook’s defense, tarantulas attack

10/10/2019 - NASA and Elon Musk need each other too much to keep arguing

10/10/2019 - Why UK drivers aren’t buying more electric cars

10/10/2019 - Chinese retailers are pulling Houston Rockets merchandise

10/10/2019 - Disputes handled, Peace prize awarded, tarantulas en masse

10/10/2019 - Escape rooms

10/10/2019 - Photos: Iranian women attend FIFA soccer match after ban of nearly 40 years

10/10/2019 - West Africa’s cocoa farmers are trapped by the global chocolate industry

10/10/2019 - The literature Nobel briefly fixed course, before falling right back into its old ways

10/10/2019 - Nigeria is finally turning to telcos to drive financial inclusion through mobile money

10/10/2019 - Only 1% of Brits cared much about the EU before the 2016 Brexit vote

10/10/2019 - Waze sees carpooling as the new ride-hailing

10/10/2019 - Meet the new Quartz Pros!

10/10/2019 - Our call on the woes of WeWork starts in 30 minutes

10/10/2019 - Looking for a unicorn? Head to Hong Kong

10/10/2019 - Putting members at the heart of Quartz

10/10/2019 - One of the UK’s warring WAGs is investigating her own Instagram account

10/10/2019 - The average US worker would need 10 times the length of all human history to earn as much as Jeff Bezos

10/10/2019 - The cover shoot that brought me face to face with racism in the wellness industry

10/10/2019 - Varieties of space beef

10/10/2019 - Libra skeptics grow louder

10/10/2019 - Already in trouble, corporate pension plans are doomed by low interest rates

10/10/2019 - “Opting out” is a myth

10/10/2019 - Using humor to talk about climate change makes it easier to take action

10/10/2019 - US-China trade talks, two literature Nobels, human salamanders

10/10/2019 - The NBA may have just thrown Hong Kong’s protesters a new lifeline

10/10/2019 - An IRS employee stole identities and went on a 2-year spending spree

10/10/2019 - One simple tweak that would get more people to recycle

10/10/2019 - A band of British barbers are trying to save men’s lives, one haircut at a time

10/10/2019 - For once, Facebook is the underdog as Libra skepticism mounts

10/10/2019 - Why India wants to tie up with other countries to build disaster-resilient infrastructure

10/10/2019 - Indians don’t think e-commerce reviews and ratings tell the full story

10/10/2019 - Better transparency could have averted the crisis that is rocking India’s PMC Bank

10/10/2019 - Can women fix punctures? You must be kidding

10/10/2019 - Nobel literature prize, Apple app ban, human salamanders

10/10/2019 - A digital marketer explains the difference between an ad, a viral video, and content marketing

10/10/2019 - Apple bowed to China by removing a Hong Kong protests map from its app store

10/9/2019 - The FBI is investigating West Virginia’s blockchain-based midterm elections

10/9/2019 - US-China trade talks, Putin in Saudi Arabia, human salamanders

10/9/2019 - What the PlayStation 5 says about the future of gaming

10/9/2019 - Kratom

10/9/2019 - A Nobel Prize for the mighty lithium-ion battery

10/9/2019 - The awkward history behind Nigeria and South Africa’s turbulent relationship

10/9/2019 - Photos: Vladimir Putin’s vacations are getting chiller

10/9/2019 - Hong Kong protests could hit Burberry sales by up to £100 million

10/9/2019 - One of the world’s most notorious tax havens is opening its books

10/9/2019 - These charts show the key gender gaps that spike Africa’s poverty challenge

10/9/2019 - The new details of rape allegations against Matt Lauer paint a disturbing picture of NBC News

10/9/2019 - How open-plan offices work against women

10/9/2019 - Zimbabwe is clamping down on social media use with a cyber crime bill set to become law

10/9/2019 - These are the countries most reliant on your tourism dollars

10/9/2019 - Technology-oriented religions are coming

10/9/2019 - A Brexit delay could leave 10 million commemorative coins spinning

10/9/2019 - Winners of the 2019 Nobel Prize in chemistry developed lithium-ion batteries

10/9/2019 - The French literature term that will usurp emotional intelligence

10/9/2019 - Deepfake videos are a far, far bigger problem for women

10/9/2019 - Alibaba’s Tmall is becoming luxury fashion’s online gateway to China

10/9/2019 - “Make yourself indispensable” is terrible career advice

10/9/2019 - Data show American commuting is changing, but probably not for the better

10/9/2019 - How China’s swine fever epidemic turned into a global crisis

10/9/2019 - The thorny ethics of collecting genetic data from indigenous people

10/9/2019 - As Denmark turns away from cash, a payment app has more likes than Facebook

10/9/2019 - Brexit extension, California blackout, meta-diamonds

10/9/2019 - Why is Boeing investing in Richard Branson’s rocket plane?

10/9/2019 - The radical power of “Jane Eyre,” according to 57 translations from across the world

10/9/2019 - What is Kashmir’s place in India’s collective memory?

10/9/2019 - India’s gains in competitiveness during Modi’s first term have now been nearly erased

10/9/2019 - Apple managed to piss off both sides of the China-Hong Kong protest divide

10/9/2019 - Flipkart and Amazon India sold items worth around $3,000,000,000 in a week

10/9/2019 - Most business leaders feel India’s regulators just don’t get tech

10/9/2019 - Rwanda’s radical plan to reduce poverty by harnessing fathers’ love

10/9/2019 - Here’s more proof that you shouldn’t take all Indian online festive offers at face value

10/9/2019 - Brexit letter, Ecuador unrest, brown Teslas

10/8/2019 - Watch: Our call on the future of the airline industry

10/8/2019 - Watch: Our call on the future of hospitality

10/8/2019 - Watch: Our call on the new Chinese diaspora

10/8/2019 - Xi in India, Italy’s downsized parliament, world noise

10/8/2019 - Arguments about sex had heads spinning at the US Supreme Court

10/8/2019 - Robinhood’s newest feature shows financial regulation is working

10/8/2019 - Bachelorette parties

10/8/2019 - Scientists now have evidence a large platinum-dense meteorite hit earth 12,800 years ago

10/8/2019 - The NBA has to choose between its $4-billion China business and its values

10/8/2019 - Women have always been at the forefront of climate justice

10/8/2019 - Don’t buy a brown Tesla

10/8/2019 - Winners of the 2019 Nobel Prize in physics expanded our understanding of the universe

10/8/2019 - Blizzard banned a Hong Kong Grandmaster gamer for shouting a protest slogan

10/8/2019 - The Bank of England has never inspected a cloud provider like Amazon—but maybe it should

10/8/2019 - Kavanaugh calls out racism in the law on the first day of the new Supreme Court term

10/8/2019 - How pro-vaccine parents can help stop the rise of the anti-vaxxer movement

10/8/2019 - Chief justice John Roberts cracked the first joke of the new Supreme Court term

10/8/2019 - The US Supreme Court mulls the meaning of “sex”

10/8/2019 - NBA’s China blackout, SCOTUS on LGBT, tree thieves

10/8/2019 - Job automation could help us fight climate change—but only if we do it right

10/8/2019 - Southwest pilots are suing Boeing for “misleading” them into flying the 737 Max

10/8/2019 - Human rights are now part of the US-China trade war

10/8/2019 - Possible prorogation, Trump threatens Turkey, Saturn’s moons

10/7/2019 - Johnson makes moves, Trump threatens Turkey, musical ageism

10/7/2019 - Bill Gates thinks understanding the body’s microbiome will help solve malnutrition

10/7/2019 - Apple bows to China by censoring Taiwan flag emoji

10/7/2019 - Ebola

10/7/2019 - Apple’s AirPods have little to fear from its rivals

10/7/2019 - Private equity firms are raising billions to back African businesses but need to do more deals

10/7/2019 - Our call on the future of the hospitality industry

10/7/2019 - The future of war

10/7/2019 - Ethiopia’s Oromos mark thanksgiving festival in Addis Ababa for the first time in 150 years

10/7/2019 - African languages are the fastest growing in the United States

10/7/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: offshore FTW, creeping mosquitos, cheating ships

10/7/2019 - Winners of the 2019 Nobel Prize in medicine figured out how our cells adapt to oxygen levels

10/7/2019 - Why are workers more resentful of criticism when the boss is a woman?

10/7/2019 - Broadcasting video games is raising millions for charities

10/7/2019 - Psychology tells us why older people don’t enjoy new music

10/7/2019 - Trade talks, second whistleblower, giant pigs

10/7/2019 - How bullying may shape adolescent brains

10/7/2019 - The 2019 Nobel Prize winners in medicine, physics, chemistry, literature, peace, and economics

10/7/2019 - This week for Quartz members: the future of war

10/7/2019 - How to stay informed on the future of war

10/7/2019 - The US military is quietly going green

10/7/2019 - Where the wars of the future will be fought

10/7/2019 - The robots are coming, the robots are coming

10/7/2019 - The US isn’t ready for the future of war

10/7/2019 - China is putting the NBA’s wokeness to the test

10/7/2019 - Modi’s UDAY scheme hasn’t helped Indian power firms, instead it’s wrecking state finances

10/7/2019 - Extinction Rebellion, second whistleblower, giant pigs

10/7/2019 - “Slowdown in the Indian auto industry is only temporary”

10/7/2019 - How Hong Kong’s female protesters are reclaiming the “basic bitch” stereotype

10/7/2019 - Every authoritarian ruler has wanted a “new” Delhi. Modi’s only the latest

10/6/2019 - How wind power developers are losing out to red tape in India

10/6/2019 - Tree thieves are the scourge of national forests

10/6/2019 - Trade talks, Nobel Prizes, giant pigs

10/6/2019 - One fix for China’s alarming pork shortage: giant pigs

10/6/2019 - Wage growth is slowing—which could be an ominous sign for the economy

10/6/2019 - Ten years ago, swine flu ushered in the era of drug-store flu shots

10/6/2019 - The most unusual ways many African countries got their names

10/6/2019 - Nigeria’s harassed techies, Zim’s mobile-cash problems, Africa “hearts” Transsion

10/6/2019 - The reason you’re an introvert might have to do with how well you recognize faces

10/6/2019 - Five ways to argue better

10/5/2019 - Even Trump’s Fox News allies admit his Ukraine call was problematic

10/5/2019 - Warren is winning as the woes of other presidential frontrunners take a toll

10/5/2019 - The latest violence in Hong Kong now has the UN’s attention

10/5/2019 - Belva Lockwood is the most badass American hero you don’t know

10/5/2019 - Rick Steves is putting a $1 million “self-imposed carbon tax” on his travel company

10/5/2019 - The unplanned journey that led Lagos to becoming an overwhelmed megacity

10/5/2019 - Weekend edition—Face value, algae potential, space tourists  

10/5/2019 - What the US Constitution’s framers would say about Trump’s Ukraine dealings

10/5/2019 - Net neutrality is alive and well after this week’s crushing court defeat

10/5/2019 - The Supreme Court term begins with a crazy case about insanity

10/5/2019 - The share of multiracial kids is growing fast in the US

10/5/2019 - China’s new weapon of choice is your face

10/5/2019 - All the best TV we’re watching this fall

10/5/2019 - How the impeachment inquiry could affect the 2020 US election

10/5/2019 - Drinking collagen has health benefits—but don’t put it in your coffee

10/5/2019 - Mobile-based lending is a double-edged sword in Kenya—helping but also spiking personal debt

10/4/2019 - Hong Kong is shutting down as a new anti-mask law deepens anger

10/4/2019 - Weekend edition—Face value, algae potential, space tourists  

10/4/2019 - Why PayPal’s withdrawal from Facebook’s Libra project stings extra

10/4/2019 - Koi fish

10/4/2019 - The US Supreme Court just set up a 2020 abortion showdown

10/4/2019 - Automatic license plate readers are making getaway cars extinct

10/4/2019 - The things you buy on Amazon are more likely to come from the US than China

10/4/2019 - Quartzy: the future of flight edition

10/4/2019 - CopenHill: The world’s most consequential artificial ski slope is officially open

10/4/2019 - Let’s try that again. Our call on the airline industry starts in 3 minutes

10/4/2019 - Our call on the airline industry starts in 30 minutes

10/4/2019 - Giving birth should not be a question of life or death for black women

10/4/2019 - Why all women should learn to self-promote like a politician

10/4/2019 - Hong Kong fears internet shutdown after emergency powers are used to ban face masks

10/4/2019 - Six cannabis CEOs talked to us about how they use weed

10/4/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: How much does “free” cost?

10/4/2019 - There are two types of happiness—and we’re chasing the wrong one

10/4/2019 - A brief history of government efforts to stop people from wearing masks

10/4/2019 - US-North Korea talks, HP layoffs, Scottish witch trials

10/4/2019 - Hong Kong leader on first use of emergency powers in 50 years to ban masks

10/4/2019 - How to make sense of the vaping crisis

10/4/2019 - The bizarre 77,000-year history of beds

10/4/2019 - Hong Kong is turning to a 1922 law that was used to quell a seamen’s strike to ban face masks

10/4/2019 - After years of rapid growth in Africa we’re about to enter the age of Mobile Money 2.0

10/4/2019 - Quartz member focus on the future of air travel

10/4/2019 - Boris Johnson’s flirtation with populism will have lasting consequences for the UK

10/4/2019 - The four major forces revolutionizing the airline industry

10/4/2019 - How can India leverage its data footprint? Experts weigh in at the India Economic Summit

10/4/2019 - Who’s afraid of the (jobs) Terminator? Not Indians

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10/3/2019 - Cybernetics

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