1/31/2020 - Budget 2020: Income tax cuts aren’t the solution to India’s economic woes

1/31/2020 - The US will bar entry to foreign nationals who’ve recently been in China

1/31/2020 - You’re not crazy. There is an arugula shortage in the US

1/31/2020 - The Trump administration has confirmed visa bans on four African countries, including Nigeria

1/31/2020 - Weekend edition—Anticlimactic Brexit, spacecraft disposal, discerning robots

1/31/2020 - Halftime shows

1/31/2020 - These are some of the European institutions that the UK will leave behind on Brexit Day

1/31/2020 - A new UK university wants to teach students skills employers actually want

1/31/2020 - Geneva is putting women on half its pedestrian crossing signs

1/31/2020 - Space companies are scrambling to solve the problem of defunct satellites

1/31/2020 - Africa’s largest city has a habit of kicking out its poor to make room for the rich

1/31/2020 - Quartzy: the mentorship edition

1/31/2020 - Uber rival Ola is launching in London next month

1/31/2020 - Future of Finance: A closer look at N26’s 5 million customers

1/31/2020 - A Chinese national’s sloppy cover story exposed smuggling of sensitive US microchips

1/31/2020 - Why one Hong Kong doctor is in support of a medical strike amid the coronavirus outbreak

1/31/2020 - Super Bowl LIV, Aston Martin, general relativity

1/31/2020 - For Quartz members—the sleep industry and Exceptional Humans

1/31/2020 - How the Super Bowl became an unrivaled US cultural phenomenon

1/31/2020 - Coronaviruses hit seniors the hardest

1/31/2020 - The future of sleep

1/31/2020 - India:「破戒」のデートアプリ

1/31/2020 - IBM has just given American big tech its third Indian-origin CEO

1/31/2020 - IndiaTech.org, the Indian protectionist think-tank conceived by Sachin Bansal, has redefined itself

1/31/2020 - It might not win many Olympic medals, but India is beating the US and the UK in e-sports

1/31/2020 - How to sound smart about three key European elections in February

1/31/2020 - Technology could help the modern traveller’s search for unique, meaningful experiences

1/31/2020 - Brexit day, WHO emergency, corona beer virus

1/31/2020 - If Budget 2020 throws fiscal caution to the wind, India Inc should brace for the worst

1/31/2020 - Brexit day is actually an eleven-month twilight

1/30/2020 - China’s top court says it was a mistake to quell early “rumors” about the Wuhan virus

1/30/2020 - These ten charts tell you everything about the Indian economy ahead of Budget 2020

1/30/2020 - African students in China are struggling to find food and supplies in the coronavirus lockdown

1/30/2020 - Daily Brief:今日、英国はEUから消える

1/30/2020 - Amazon surges, IBM CEO resigns, metallic hydrogen

1/30/2020 - Lyft lays off 90 people as it aims to achieve profitability

1/30/2020 - WHO says coronavirus outbreak is a global public health emergency

1/30/2020 - Roller coasters

1/30/2020 - How Etsy doubled its hiring of black and Latinx employees in one year

1/30/2020 - The US isn’t defenseless against the coronavirus, but it is unprepared

1/30/2020 - Trump’s impeachment trial is either nearly over or just beginning

1/30/2020 - Our call on stroke starts in 15 minutes

1/30/2020 - The number of coronavirus cases worldwide has surpassed that of SARS

1/30/2020 - Make 2020 the year you [insert career goal here]

1/30/2020 - Space Business: On Whose Authority?

1/30/2020 - China’s getting a lot more isolated from the world this week

1/30/2020 - Don’t panic, but companies are harvesting data straight from your brain

1/30/2020 - Immigrants who rely on public benefits are actually essential to the US economy

1/30/2020 - H&M’s new boss, Amazon earnings, Midi 2.0

1/30/2020 - An update to a 37-year-old digital protocol could profoundly change the way music sounds

1/30/2020 - India’s first confirmed case of coronavirus reported in Kerala

1/30/2020 - Independent contractors are already finding ways to work around AB5

1/30/2020 - Trump coins are advertised all over Facebook and Google. Why?

1/30/2020 - Russian trolls and bots are successful because we know they exist

1/30/2020 - In the age of streaming, the NFL is the last refuge for traditional TV

1/30/2020 - India’s central bank may not have any golden eggs for the Modi government this budget

1/30/2020 - Everyone agrees African startup funding is soaring but no one can agree by how much

1/30/2020 - Millennials:人工肉バブルとフレキシタリアン

1/30/2020 - Can electric buses solve India’s transit crisis? This city may hold the answer

1/30/2020 - iPhone 11 breathes life back into Apple in India

1/30/2020 - WHO meets again, Tesla earnings, quarantine boredom

1/29/2020 - The future of Facebook is everything but Facebook

1/29/2020 - We’re about to enter a world where Tesla is the cheaper electric car

1/29/2020 - Condom-makers, puncture fixers, Uber: Why are parody Twitter handles banning an Indian comedian?

1/29/2020 - Daily Brief:武漢ウイルスで経済麻痺

1/29/2020 - Earnings bonanza, global outbreak effects, lab-grown hearts

1/29/2020 - Boeing’s new CEO needs to do more than listen to fix its broken culture

1/29/2020 - Narwhals

1/29/2020 - How China can build a hospital for coronavirus patients in a week

1/29/2020 - No US city fines people like Washington fines people

1/29/2020 - Four things leadership teams should do when the CEO leaves

1/29/2020 - “Travels in my flat”: Scenes from China’s mandatory coronavirus staycations

1/29/2020 - Boeing reports its first annual loss in more than two decades

1/29/2020 - The need for executive protection is increasingly digital

1/29/2020 - The Trump administration made it easier to export the AR-15

1/29/2020 - BA suspends China flights, Boeing reports earnings, Olympic sneakers

1/29/2020 - Zappos has quietly backed away from holacracy 

1/29/2020 - How much is an ecosystem worth?

1/29/2020 - Africa:日本で報じられない「ルアンダ・リークス」

1/29/2020 - Internships have become 100 times more popular in India in the past six years

1/29/2020 - Pompeo in UK, Wuhan airlifts, torturous treadmills

1/28/2020 - India must raise public spending, but it may be too much to expect from Budget 2020

1/28/2020 - Club Factory’s breakout growth in India has squeezed rival e-commerce players

1/28/2020 - A comedian heckles a “nationalist” news anchor—and riles the Indian government

1/28/2020 - Remembering Xana Antunes, our singular colleague and friend

1/28/2020 - African airports and health bodies ready for China’s coronavirus’ as first suspected cases appear

1/28/2020 - Daily Brief:アップル、逆襲の好決算

1/28/2020 - Facebook gets a thumbs up, Apple blossoms, Pacific crabs dissolve

1/28/2020 - Watch: Our call on accounting at a crossroads

1/28/2020 - Trump defender Ken Starr delivers ironic presentation on the “age of impeachment”

1/28/2020 - Remembering Xana Antunes, a mentor to just about everyone she met

1/28/2020 - Treadmills

1/28/2020 - Global trade growth is on its longest losing streak in a decade

1/28/2020 - How investors should stay afloat amidst the market waves of 2020

1/28/2020 - YouTube is now the biggest threat to Twitch

1/28/2020 - Lagos has banned its most effective methods of transport—including bike-hailing startups

1/28/2020 - China no longer runs the world’s largest money market fund

1/28/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: tidal turbines, HFCs, and climate refugees

1/28/2020 - Clayton Christensen taught me patience, showed me love, then gave me confidence and hope

1/28/2020 - Apple earnings, Britain’s Huawei decision, LeBron on Kobe

1/28/2020 - China:中国「爆留学」マネーで潤う米大学

1/28/2020 - How one Indian community turned a barren hill into an evergreen forest land

1/28/2020 - Mideast peace plan, Britain’s Huawei moment, Hotel Atari

1/28/2020 - What young urban Indians want: carpools, gender parity, and arranged marriages

1/28/2020 - An entrepreneur’s guide to finding the right mentor in India

1/28/2020 - Three suspected cases of coronavirus reported in Delhi

1/27/2020 - Looks like Walmart’s investment in Flipkart is beginning to pay off

1/27/2020 - Daily Brief:コービーの事故、調査進む

1/27/2020 - Britain’s Huawei moment, Apple reports, Hotel Atari

1/27/2020 - Coronavirus

1/27/2020 - The coronavirus outbreak is crippling China’s film industry

1/27/2020 - Fatal helicopter crashes at low altitude have become more common

1/27/2020 - Africa’s largest economies are still struggling to kick out corruption

1/27/2020 - How NBA players paid tribute to Kobe Bryant

1/27/2020 - John Roberts will celebrate his 65th birthday presiding over Trump’s impeachment trial

1/27/2020 - Extra-small businesses are an appealing escape from the corporate jobs we hate

1/27/2020 - Why filmmakers are still drawn to H.P. Lovecraft, racism and all

1/27/2020 - With nearly 5,000 students in Wuhan, African governments are bracing for China’s coronavirus

1/27/2020 - Kobe crash investigation, Auschwitz memorial, Billy Eilish sweeps Grammys

1/27/2020 - This week for Quartz members: The global economy in 2020

1/27/2020 - The biggest threat to the economy in 2020? It could be politics

1/27/2020 - We asked some of the world’s best forecasters if there will be a recession in 2020

1/27/2020 - The economic threats that loom over 2020

1/27/2020 - Chinese people are using “Chernobyl” to channel their anger about the coronavirus outbreak

1/27/2020 - Startup:ゲームが「薬」になる

1/27/2020 - India’s struggling consumer goods sector pins its hopes on Budget 2020

1/27/2020 - An Odisha village woman’s journey from protecting peacocks to the Indian parliament

1/27/2020 - Remembering Auschwitz, Kobe Bryant dies, youthful Scotch

1/27/2020 - This decade will see the world shed the fear of losing jobs to bots

1/26/2020 - If Uber’s global record is anything to go by, it was bound to exit Indian food delivery

1/26/2020 - 今週のQuartz:「薬」になるゲーム、拡大する代替食品、アメリカに中国人留学生が増える理由

1/26/2020 - Norway tells Toyota to stop calling hybrid cars “self-charging”

1/26/2020 - It’s a good time to be selling face masks in China

1/26/2020 - Daily Brief:世界はウィルス厳戒態勢に入った

1/26/2020 - China halts travel, Kobe Bryant dies, trapped Corvettes

1/26/2020 - Kobe Bryant, 41, dies in a helicopter crash

1/26/2020 - Flight shame is reviving overnight rail travel in Europe

1/26/2020 - China says the Wuhan virus, unlike SARS, is infectious during its incubation period

1/26/2020 - Trump promptly undermined a strategically brief impeachment defense

1/26/2020 - A group of sham companies sold the US Navy $2.7 million worth of nothing

1/26/2020 - How China handles crises like coronavirus

1/26/2020 - China’s coronavirus outbreak is unfolding in a new age of information—and surveillance

1/26/2020 - In 100,000 years Lake Victoria has dried up three times—it could happen again

1/26/2020 - Luanda’s leaks, Nigeria’s US visa K-leg, Britain’s Africa moment

1/26/2020 - Weekend:イベント初開催 / 昨日までと、これから

1/26/2020 - Quart Japanイベント初開催と、これから

1/25/2020 - How artificial intelligence provided early warnings of the Wuhan virus

1/25/2020 - Weekend edition—Davos winners, Angola corruption, the limits of VC

1/25/2020 - Weekend edition—Davos winners, Angola corruption, the limits of VC

1/25/2020 - Amid coronavirus fears an airline defends then reverses its face mask ban

1/25/2020 - Banning cashless stores in New York won’t fix the city’s deeper problem

1/25/2020 - Mark Twain’s 1868 presidential impeachment takes read like today’s news

1/25/2020 - And the winner of the 2020 World Economic Forum is… stakeholders

1/25/2020 - A previously unpublished interview with Clayton Christensen about business, God, and Star Wars

1/24/2020 - China’s mass coronavirus quarantine was impossible to get right

1/24/2020 - The US health secretary is making anti-abortion speak official government language

1/24/2020 - Weekend edition—Davos winners, Angola corruption, the limits of VC

1/24/2020 - A 54-point job ad for a household manager is a case study in invisible labor

1/24/2020 - All the books Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked about at Davos

1/24/2020 - Rats

1/24/2020 - The coronavirus outbreak comes at a terrible time for China’s tourism industry

1/24/2020 - The Trump impeachment trial tells a bittersweet story of American dreams

1/24/2020 - The secret to dealing with cynics at work

1/24/2020 - Burkina Faso plans to recruit volunteers to battle Islamic terrorist groups

1/24/2020 - Quartzy: the train travel edition

1/24/2020 - Our call on the Gaming Industry starts in 15 minutes

1/24/2020 - The last major city in North America without Uber is about to get Uber

1/24/2020 - New Jersey is making district maps easily available—and gerrymandering more difficult

1/24/2020 - Angola has charged Africa’s richest woman with embezzlement and money laundering

1/24/2020 - How to ask a great question, according to celebrated podcast host Krista Tippett

1/24/2020 - Targeting TikTok’s privacy alone misses a larger issue: Chinese state control

1/24/2020 - Prezi wants to make you the Rachel Maddow of your office

1/24/2020 - Future of Finance: BlackRock CEO Larry Fink as the climate protestor

1/24/2020 - Nike’s Vaporfly under pressure, Grammy Awards, soccer heart attacks

1/24/2020 - The world doesn’t need 8K TV—yet

1/24/2020 - For Quartz members—risk illiteracy, coronavirus, and batteries

1/24/2020 - How batteries will power the future

1/24/2020 - The US relaxed its meat safety rules at exactly the wrong time

1/24/2020 - India:危ういインド経済「別の顔」

1/24/2020 - British private schools are adapting to a changing market in China

1/24/2020 - With 3D-printed custom shoes and butler robots, technology is reshaping hospitality

1/24/2020 - Davos wraps up, 3D printed guns, brain glass

1/24/2020 - Technology can help India’s real estate sector but no one’s listening

1/24/2020 - Lakes formed from melting glaciers are making the Himalayas less stable

1/24/2020 - Climate strike, going home, and news from elsewhere

1/23/2020 - “Thankfully there’s no censorship on OTT, but sensationalism will only provoke authorities”

1/23/2020 - George Soros says Hong Kong’s protests and Italy’s “sardines” are glimmers of hope

1/23/2020 - Davos is ignoring one of the most devastating humanitarian crises of our time

1/23/2020 - Daily Brief:世界終焉まで、残り100秒

1/23/2020 - Davos wraps up, birth tourism, brain glass

1/23/2020 - The Doomsday Clock is closer to apocalypse than at any point in its history

1/23/2020 - Isabel dos Santos hired Trump-tied lobbyists right after learning of the Luanda Leaks

1/23/2020 - Caesar salad

1/23/2020 - Our call on the Luanda Leaks starts in 15 minutes

1/23/2020 - Belarus is perplexed by Trump’s proposed travel ban

1/23/2020 - China’s battle with the Wuhan coronavirus is shackled by a toxic relationship with information

1/23/2020 - Space Business: the rewards of escape

1/23/2020 - The global race for space radar means this year’s satellites need twice the power

1/23/2020 - Most of us are “risk illiterate”—but we can fix that

1/23/2020 - UN Rohingya ruling, lockdown in China, amazing atom images

1/23/2020 - “Tenure Not Granted”: A new film honors a woman science forgot

1/23/2020 - WeWork’s competitors are out to prove they won’t be the next WeWork

1/23/2020 - Here’s what you should know about the 2020 US Census

1/23/2020 - Tech budgets offer a clue about which banks will survive the next financial crisis

1/23/2020 - These are the Nigerian English words added to the Oxford Dictionary

1/23/2020 - Millennials:デジタルを断舎離する「デジタル・ミニマリズム」

1/23/2020 - Six of the 10 brands Indians loved most in 2019 were American

1/23/2020 - Myanmar ruling, Wuhan lockdown, falling iguanas

1/23/2020 - Rape threats, Islamophobia, casteism: Life of female Indian politicians on Twitter

1/23/2020 - Jeff Bezos likely failed the mobile security hygiene test. Don’t be Jeff Bezos

1/23/2020 - Carbon negative, cat photos, and news from elsewhere

1/22/2020 - China has locked down Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak

1/22/2020 - Having quit food-delivery, Uber is likely to turn all its might against Ola

1/22/2020 - Johns Hopkins shows that ending legacy admissions can fight inequality in America

1/22/2020 - Despite Americans rallying for more unions, membership rates continue to decline

1/22/2020 - Daily Brief:イグアナが降る夜

1/22/2020 - The strikingly fast process of identifying a brand new virus

1/22/2020 - Myanmar ruling, Wuhan escalation, falling iguanas

1/22/2020 - Louis Vuitton teams up with the NBA to influence luxury buyers

1/22/2020 - Netflix’s upcoming Leonard Bernstein biopic is precision engineered to win Oscars

1/22/2020 - Mona Lisa

1/22/2020 - A Stanford behavioral strategist on three opportune moments to save money

1/22/2020 - Why Americans call foreign foods by the wrong names

1/22/2020 - Uber’s fare-setting experiment in California could cost drivers

1/22/2020 - Microsoft has given us a glimpse of a carbon-negative future

1/22/2020 - Patients can’t afford for doctors to misunderstand the healthcare business

1/22/2020 - GM’s Cruise reveals its driverless shuttle to replace the car

1/22/2020 - Trump’s controversial travel ban is set to add four more African countries—including Nigeria

1/22/2020 - A Japanese startup is weaving tradition with tech for a more sustainable fashion future

1/22/2020 - A startup says it’s building a US pilot plant for cell-based meat

1/22/2020 - Doomsday app games about plague and disaster are going viral in China

1/22/2020 - Keeping up with impeachment and SCOTUS chief John Roberts

1/22/2020 - Weinstein’s trial begins, WHO debates coronavirus, Trump’s trial resumes

1/22/2020 - China’s coronavirus outbreak couldn’t have come at a worse time: Lunar New Year

1/22/2020 - The world of work is changing, but the career aspirations of teenagers are not

1/22/2020 - How YouTube shields advertisers (not viewers) from harmful videos

1/22/2020 - India drops 10 places in The Economist’s democracy rankings over Kashmir and citizenship law

1/22/2020 - Brexit has reversed a decades-long drop in the size of the UK’s civil service

1/22/2020 - India’s organised retailers and e-tailers hold up, while kirana stores face the brunt of slowdown

1/22/2020 - Africa:ミレニアルズを惹きつける投資アプリ

1/22/2020 - Ola proved itself smarter than Uber in India’s food-tech space

1/22/2020 - China funds more coal plants in Bosnia as residents protest some of the world’s worst air quality

1/22/2020 - Despite $5 billion dues and Jio’s wrath, Airtel is not hanging up just yet

1/22/2020 - Coronavirus spreads, “The Crown” viewers, secret Davos rankings

1/22/2020 - Artificially intelligent, we have a winner, and news from elsewhere

1/21/2020 - Netflix has hit a wall in the US, but its global outlook is much rosier

1/21/2020 - Daily Brief:武漢ウイルス、米国上陸

1/21/2020 - Coronavirus spreads, Boeing setback, secret Davos rankings

1/21/2020 - Mannequins

1/21/2020 - The museum that defines the Instagram age wants visitors to ditch their phones

1/21/2020 - Should Boeing rename the 737 Max?

1/21/2020 - H&M teams with one of Bollywood’s favorite designers as its growth in India surges

1/21/2020 - Ivanka Trump’s car rentals help push the administration’s Davos travel costs past $4 million

1/21/2020 - Should the New York Stock Exchange try to slow climate change?

1/21/2020 - A Chinese super app is facing claims of predatory consumer lending in Nigeria, Kenya and India

1/21/2020 - The UK’s Africa summit offered lofty promises of commitment but not enough substance

1/21/2020 - Trump compared climate-change activists to “radical socialists” at Davos

1/21/2020 - “Act as if you loved your children above all else”: Greta Thunberg speaks at Davos

1/21/2020 - A major church and state case ignites ungodly amounts of debate at US Supreme Court

1/21/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: coal futures, ride shares, and big promises

1/21/2020 - Trump at Davos, impeachment trial begins, robot fish-killers

1/21/2020 - A social activist’s radical plan to use human relationships to fix the broken economy

1/21/2020 - The sorry state of US dental insurance led to the rise of direct-to-consumer orthodontia

1/21/2020 - Here’s a smarter way to save money and energy in your home

1/21/2020 - Will Nirmala Sitharaman’s budget let Indian aviation fly again?

1/21/2020 - China:中国は「愛され方」を知ったか

1/21/2020 - Indians spent over 3.5 hours on their smartphones every day in 2019

1/21/2020 - African countries are trying to work together to stop a borderless fake drug problem

1/21/2020 - Like unchecked growth, economic decline too can have environmental fallouts in India

1/21/2020 - Davos dichotomy, coronavirus transmission, Earth sandwich

1/21/2020 - It begins: Raising the stakeholders

1/21/2020 - Who’s in Davos? A brief summary in tables and maps

1/21/2020 - Zomato flags off 2020 with a sumptuous Uber Eats order

1/21/2020 - The confidential list of everyone attending the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos

1/21/2020 - How the World Economic Forum secretly categorizes Davos delegates

1/20/2020 - Daily Brief:グレタとトランプ、ダボスで最接近

1/20/2020 - Alexander Hamilton dispensed of Trump’s impeachment defense in 1788

1/20/2020 - Davos dichotomy, China virus spreads, beware “Slackter”

1/20/2020 - Gaming’s next level

1/20/2020 - The Wuhan coronavirus showcases viruses’ most cunning genetic weapon

1/20/2020 - A battle is brewing over your financial data

1/20/2020 - Hong Kong’s Lunar New Year pop-ups defy the government with protest-themed goods

1/20/2020 - Trump’s $3.4 million Davos bill will be his highest yet

1/20/2020 - What we know about China’s coronavirus outbreak

1/20/2020 - Gun rights rally on MLK day, successful SpaceX explosion, prohibition centenary

1/20/2020 - America’s childcare system is broken. Here’s one way to fix it

1/20/2020 - This week for Quartz members: Gaming’s next level

1/20/2020 - Charted: India’s love for smartphone apps is not an obsession anymore, it’s a mania

1/20/2020 - The books, people, and podcasts to help you gamify your life

1/20/2020 - Why do studios release such long video games?

1/20/2020 - Gaming is about solving problems that don’t exist, and that’s a good thing

1/20/2020 - How can we create a workforce full of lifelong learners? 

1/20/2020 - How the gaming industry is changing across the world

1/20/2020 - Startup:上場したくないスタートアップ

1/20/2020 - Last year, Indians spent 240% more time on TikTok than in 2018

1/20/2020 - In poll-bound Delhi, Modi fans are carpet bombing student rebels on WhatsApp

1/20/2020 - India’s snubbing of Jeff Bezos is bad optics, bad politics, and bad economics

1/20/2020 - What the UK can learn from China about running an Africa Summit

1/20/2020 - Huawei hearings, coronavirus spread, virtual fashion 

1/20/2020 - China’s mysterious coronavirus has spread to six cities in four countries

1/20/2020 - Most people think it’s impossible to be both ethical and competent

1/19/2020 - 今週のQuartz:上場したくないスタートアップ、中国が進めるソフト・パワー戦略、デジタルを断捨離する時代

1/19/2020 - Daily Brief:ファーウェイCFOが公聴会へ

1/19/2020 - Huawei hearings, Libya progress, underrated horror 

1/19/2020 - Netflix is launching a charm offensive in France to win over film purists

1/19/2020 - There will be more North Americans at Davos 2020 than women

1/19/2020 - Accenture took millions from an autocrat’s daughter despite corruption allegations

1/19/2020 - How Africa’s richest woman bought her way out of scrutiny from Western banks

1/19/2020 - How Western advisers helped an autocrat’s daughter amass and shield a fortune

1/19/2020 - How Quartz used AI to sort through the Luanda Leaks

1/19/2020 - All the companies tied to Isabel dos Santos

1/19/2020 - European fashion giants took millions from daughter of former Angolan autocrat

1/19/2020 - Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a major prize for Apple in the TV talent wars

1/19/2020 - SpaceX blew up a rocket and this time it’s great news

1/19/2020 - The next best burger is being grown in a lab 🍔

1/19/2020 - The Oscar for best picture now has a clear frontrunner

1/19/2020 - What interest rates dating back to 1311 tell us about today’s global economy

1/19/2020 - Africa’s 2020 elections, Nigeria’s weak passport, Zimbabwe’s China currency swap

1/18/2020 - Delta is being sued by teachers after dumping 15,000 gallons of jet fuel over LA schools

1/18/2020 - Weekend edition—Bezos’ India bungle, spyware schemes, experience designers

1/18/2020 - Weekend edition—Bezos’ India bungle, spyware schemes, experience designers

1/18/2020 - The link between minimum wage and suicide shows inequality is a public health issue

1/18/2020 - These are the sports people will buy a single ticket to see

1/18/2020 - Jeff Bezos’ surprise visit to India did not go well

1/18/2020 - Researchers suggest a less traditional assessment could help flag dementia earlier

1/18/2020 - A robot wants to make you the perfect, lonely cup of coffee

1/17/2020 - Weekend edition—Bezos’ India bungle, spyware schemes, experience designers

1/17/2020 - Transforming your org? Discover how 3 leaders navigated success

1/17/2020 - Prohibition

1/17/2020 - French retailers blame pension strikes for declining holiday sales

1/17/2020 - Peacock is trying to recreate the experience of watching NBC in the 1990s

1/17/2020 - We’re closer than we’ve ever been to the optimum airplane boarding procedure

1/17/2020 - Quartzy: the connecting with friends edition

1/17/2020 - The US has lifted visa restrictions on Ghana after agreeing a process for deporting its nationals

1/17/2020 - Our call on accounting starts in 15 minutes

1/17/2020 - Why the Trump and Clinton impeachments are nothing alike

1/17/2020 - Future of Finance: Plaid’s punchy valuation, history of banking crises

1/17/2020 - This is the final obstacle before SpaceX can fly astronauts to orbit

1/17/2020 - Pompeo discusses Libya, 20-year treasury bonds, the worst office romance

1/17/2020 - For the first time, our failing environment is seen as the biggest business risk at Davos

1/17/2020 - For Quartz members—meat alternatives, inequality, and audits

1/17/2020 - Meat alternatives are the future of food

1/17/2020 - The US Food and Drug Administration is green lighting new drugs faster than ever

1/17/2020 - India:超リッチ層「デリー妻」の掟

1/17/2020 - For better or for worse, the pink slip culture is India Inc’s new normal

1/17/2020 - A 35-year-old Air India tragedy suggests Canada will soon forget the Ukraine crash victims

1/17/2020 - Ayatollah’s sermon, WhatsApp ads, RIP Internet Explorer

1/16/2020 - Kishore Biyani, who saw Future 30 years ago, now says plenty has changed since then

1/16/2020 - Daily Brief:Googleついに1兆ドル企業に

1/16/2020 - Xi in Myanmar, US impeachment trial, too-fast shoes

1/16/2020 - Pester power

1/16/2020 - China’s rise to power in Africa

1/16/2020 - South Africa has the world’s highest number of environmentally dangerous tailing dams

1/16/2020 - Cinemax is the latest casualty of the streaming era

1/16/2020 - Trump’s trade deal with China is communism with American characteristics

1/16/2020 - A currency swap deal with China could backfire on Zimbabwe’s hope to build forex reserves

1/16/2020 - Internet and social media shutdowns cost African economies over $2 billion in 2019

1/16/2020 - Nike’s Vaporfly marathon shoes face a potential ban from competition

1/16/2020 - Survey Says

1/16/2020 - From ICOs to IEOs

1/16/2020 - Morgan Stanley earnings, “Chinese-style” Teslas, David Bowie hologram

1/16/2020 - The seeds of Visa’s $5.3 billion acquisition of Plaid were planted more than a year ago

1/16/2020 - Fintech startups are making it easier for Nigerian millennials to invest in US stocks

1/16/2020 - “There is a great awakening happening”: The contentious role of religion in educating kids

1/16/2020 - The SEC is warning against a new twist on an old crypto scheme

1/16/2020 - The streaming services won’t admit they’re at war—and they might be right

1/16/2020 - Millennials:激伸する「セックステック」は誰のものか

1/16/2020 - An Indian startup’s “sharp-eye” technology can prevent Uri-like militant attacks

1/16/2020 - India’s Lithium Urban shows the way in running a profitable all-electric taxi fleet

1/16/2020 - The way to Indians’ wallet is through cricket. Just ask PhonePe

1/16/2020 - Bloomberg’s VC pitch, impeachment article delivery, puppy playlists

1/15/2020 - Narayana Murthy’s lessons on how to build a business that lasts

1/15/2020 - Daily Brief:トヨタが「空飛ぶタクシー」に出資

1/15/2020 - Singapore’s fake news law, Russia’s government shakeup, puppy playlists

1/15/2020 - The unique challenges of selling fashion in China

1/15/2020 - The US stock market has never been this strong. That will likely make inequality worse

1/15/2020 - Snowflakes

1/15/2020 - “OK, Boomer” makes its US Supreme Court debut in an age discrimination case

1/15/2020 - How the Navy SEALs wound up buying 450 counterfeit radio antennas

1/15/2020 - The hack back bill legitimizes a messy game of revenge for businesses

1/15/2020 - GoDaddy’s latest rebranding is a break from its sexist past

1/15/2020 - The Supreme Court chief has left clues about his views on impeachment

1/15/2020 - CEOs everywhere are stressed about talent retention—and ignoring obvious solutions for it

1/15/2020 - A survey of 20,000 creatives suggests brainstorming is a giant waste of time

1/15/2020 - Your worst office romance was never this bad

1/15/2020 - The US and China sign a deal, Bezos in India, Jeopardy! vs. the NBA

1/15/2020 - Jeff Bezos tries to woo India with Gandhi, Nehru jacket, and his rural roots

1/15/2020 - To fulfill their carbon neutral promises, airlines must be prepared to bear the costs

1/15/2020 - An industry built on the suspension of disbelief reveals its secrets to world building

1/15/2020 - Africa:アフリカ料理を世界の舞台へ

1/15/2020 - A layoff frenzy has gripped India Inc, and it may worsen in 2020

1/15/2020 - Singapore’s fake news law is facing its first real challenge in court

1/15/2020 - There’s no easy way to layoff employees, but the damage can be minimised

1/15/2020 - US-China deal, final Dem Debate, new Harlem Renaissance

1/15/2020 - Scientists predict more rain but less water for the millions of people in the Nile Basin

1/14/2020 - High food inflation in India is forcing families to choose between good meals and education

1/14/2020 - Daily Brief : ベゾス、インドで気勢

1/14/2020 - Tariffs stay in place, BlackRock shifts, quantum underwear

1/14/2020 - Does Away co-founder Steph Korey really deserve to be CEO again?

1/14/2020 - Lisa Frank

1/14/2020 - These are the homegrown startups Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods will face in China

1/14/2020 - The “Jeopardy: Greatest of All Time” tournament is bigger than most American sports

1/14/2020 - Dark-money group backing AOC spent $20,000 on anti-Biden Facebook ads

1/14/2020 - A $7 trillion Wall Street powerhouse is finally matching its climate-change rhetoric with action

1/14/2020 - Uber is going back in time to prove its drivers aren’t employees

1/14/2020 - How open-source code could help us survive natural disasters

1/14/2020 - Our call with Freetrade’s Viktor Nebehaj starts in 15 minutes

1/14/2020 - A biotech startup thinks its idea could cure dementia—but scientists have their doubts

1/14/2020 - The Hong Kong police are using legal acrobatics to search phones

1/14/2020 - Supreme Court chief John Roberts reminds USB that no bank is too big to fail

1/14/2020 - “It’s uncharted territory”: How Australia’s fires are impacting children

1/14/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: hydrogen fuel, EV codes, and nuclear fallout

1/14/2020 - Most of the world’s constitutions guarantee more rights than America’s

1/14/2020 - Future of Finance: How to fix Big Four accounting

1/14/2020 - Democrats’ final TV debate, “anti-national” Nadella, going to gigs alone

1/14/2020 - What is info.com, the search engine soon to appear on all Android devices in Europe?

1/14/2020 - The eruption of the Taal volcano isn’t affecting the global climate just yet

1/14/2020 - China is blaming everyone but itself for Taiwan’s presidential election result

1/14/2020 - Where NOx is being emitted revealing how humans are transforming their environment

1/14/2020 - These are the concerts people will go to alone

1/14/2020 - China:世界の車が中国製になる未来

1/14/2020 - How the world’s fastest growing major economy went off the rails

1/14/2020 - The talent crisis plaguing Indian startups reflects the country’s deep education crisis

1/14/2020 - A fresh crop of China’s most promising tech companies are looking to set up shop in Africa in 2020

1/14/2020 - Microsoft chief Satya Nadella backs immigrants in India, ends up on the “anti-national” list

1/14/2020 - EU green economy, Panama Canal dry spell, quantum underwear

1/13/2020 - Satya Nadella shreds India’s citizenship act with a single comment

1/13/2020 - Daily Brief:Netflixがアカデミー賞を占拠

1/13/2020 - China trade hopes, Oscar nominations, saving smells

1/13/2020 - Why didn’t auditors sound the alarm on WeWork?

1/13/2020 - Can Boeing’s new CEO rescue the troubled company?

1/13/2020 - The best way to make a profit as an aerospace company is to fail

1/13/2020 - Multitasking

1/13/2020 - Netflix has taken over the Oscars

1/13/2020 - Nigeria has dropped the most in the ranking of powerful passports over the last decade

1/13/2020 - Britain’s Huawei decision will be its first major trade test in a post-Brexit world

1/13/2020 - The Lucky Brand trademark case at SCOTUS may end in misfortune for all civil litigants

1/13/2020 - Three princes, Oscar nominations, clowning around

1/13/2020 - Some toddlers are chronically absent from preschool. A text message can help

1/13/2020 - A toolkit for understanding the biggest issues in accounting

1/13/2020 - How the UK is trying to prevent accounting scandals

1/13/2020 - What goes wrong when accounting firms become consultants

1/13/2020 - The way audits work is about to change

1/13/2020 - These are the key African elections to watch in 2020

1/13/2020 - Startup:2020年大本命のスリープテック

1/13/2020 - When India’s most famous flautist sought out his elusive music guru

1/13/2020 - India’s missing a clear forest policy and its jungle dwellers are the worst off

1/13/2020 - Royal crisis summit, Taiwan election, global humming

1/13/2020 - India’s biggest brewer has now developed a taste for craft beer

1/12/2020 - Is the Indian economy headed for a middle-income trap?

1/12/2020 - 今週のQuartz:拡大するセックステック、インドの超富裕層の主婦たち、中国の電気自動車産業

1/12/2020 - Daily Brief:韓国映画、初のアカデミー作品賞へ猛進

1/12/2020 - Not all is lost: Scientists discover 10 new bird species

1/12/2020 - New Boeing CEO, protests in Iran, global humming solved

1/12/2020 - Security vulnerabilities in voting machines show America still isn’t ready for the 2020 election

1/12/2020 - A key lending indicator signals the US economy is slowing

1/12/2020 - A timeline of the Ukraine plane crash and Iran’s conflicting statements

1/12/2020 - Philippines volcano spews ash, prompting evacuations and airport closure

1/12/2020 - African economies will outperform global growth in 2020 despite a lag from its biggest countries

1/12/2020 - CFA vs Eco, a Liberian Trump surprise, Angola’s frozen princess, fewer African visas

1/12/2020 - Designers and statisticians disagree on what makes a good information graphic

1/12/2020 - A NewsCorp employee attacked the “misinformation campaign” of Rupert Murdoch’s empire over Australia’s fires

1/11/2020 - Venezuela just hiked its minimum wage 67% but a month of work still can’t buy 1 kg of beef

1/11/2020 - Beijing’s man lost by a shocking landslide in Taiwan’s presidential election

1/11/2020 - Boeing’s fired CEO keeps $80 million in pay and benefits despite crashes, cover ups, and scandal

1/11/2020 - Missile warfare is a growing threat to civilian airliners

1/11/2020 - What is the world’s best river?

1/10/2020 - Weekend edition—diversity at CES, parental loneliness, the Tiki bar resurgence

1/10/2020 - Weekend edition—diversity at CES, parental loneliness, the Tiki bar resurgence

1/10/2020 - Weekend edition—diversity at CES, parental loneliness, the Tiki bar resurgence

1/10/2020 - Cancer deaths in the US are falling faster than ever

1/10/2020 - Clowns

1/10/2020 - New story from The New Science of Talent – India’s culture of high-stakes testing needs to be dismantled

1/10/2020 - Alexa was everywhere at CES

1/10/2020 - The healthcare system thinks helping women is bad for business

1/10/2020 - A majority of Republicans actually support a wealth tax—if you don’t call it that

1/10/2020 - Thanks to streaming, we may never reach the peak of “peak TV”

1/10/2020 - Life in 2020, according to CES

1/10/2020 - New story from The New Science of Talent – How the NFL separates good from great when evaluating talent

1/10/2020 - The US has a skills gap problem—and it’s ignoring its most obvious solution

1/10/2020 - A giant kettle of vultures has encrusted a CBP radio tower at the US-Mexico border in feces and vomit

1/10/2020 - Quartzy: the knitting edition

1/10/2020 - Africans can now travel across more than half of the continent without getting visas beforehand

1/10/2020 - A criminal cover-up on the world’s busiest bridge hits the US Supreme Court

1/10/2020 - Boeing employees pushed back on “stupid” airlines and regulators who asked for more pilot training

1/10/2020 - It’s the last day! Here’s what worked

1/10/2020 - The British flag-waving “grandma” of Hong Kong’s protests says she was detained in China

1/10/2020 - Future of Finance: Why Goldman Sachs likes direct listings

1/10/2020 - メール誤配信のお詫び

1/10/2020 - America is working, “designed by clowns”, and don’t be professor Bhaer

1/10/2020 - Hong Kongers hungry for democracy are traveling to Taiwan’s elections for a taste of it

1/10/2020 - Hong Kong’s political crisis is becoming a mental health crisis

1/10/2020 - For Quartz members—books, stroke, and cloud computing

1/10/2020 - Want to give good feedback? Do the opposite of professor Bhaer in “Little Women”

1/10/2020 - Quibi thinks it can change the way you watch TV

1/10/2020 - How cloud computing will power innovation in 2020

1/10/2020 - These are the political ads Cambridge Analytica designed for you

1/10/2020 - India:インド起業家たちの必読書

1/10/2020 - How Delhi’s super-rich housewives strive to be part of a global elite

1/10/2020 - Why Angola had to freeze the personal assets of Africa’s richest woman

1/10/2020 - With an eerie calm, Kashmir watches the “Kashmirisation” of India

1/10/2020 - India’s top court asks the government to review the internet curbs imposed in Kashmir

1/10/2020 - Taiwan decides, Boeing crash intel, Sussex spin-off

1/10/2020 - A Swiggy delivery run, followed by a tweet, gave an artist his day in the sun

1/9/2020 - Daily Brief:アップル史上最高値

1/9/2020 - Taiwan decides, Zuckerberg’s new challenge, AI feet

1/9/2020 - Windmills

1/9/2020 - Are you good at multitasking?

1/9/2020 - New study finds most Americans don’t really care about inequality

1/9/2020 - New US building codes will make every home ready for electric cars

1/9/2020 - Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo is the big winner of Google’s Europe Android auction

1/9/2020 - The Harry and Meghan royal news, in terms a corporate CEO can understand

1/9/2020 - Our call from CES starts in 15 minutes

1/9/2020 - Google’s AI for mammograms doesn’t account for racial differences

1/9/2020 - Facebook makes a decision: microtargeted, false political ads are fine

1/9/2020 - No, Warner Bros. is not letting AI decide what movies it makes

1/9/2020 - Startup funding in Africa broke more records in 2019

1/9/2020 - Quibi peek, plus tech for family, body, and pleasure

1/9/2020 - League of Legends gamers could become California’s newest workforce

1/9/2020 - War Time

1/9/2020 - Where does bitcoin fit in a bull market?

1/9/2020 - What it’s like to ride in a self-driving Lyft

1/9/2020 - Brexit bill, Tehran crash, Meghan and Harry

1/9/2020 - The UK’s first black royal has already walked away

1/9/2020 - Protesters in Bangkok are lacing up for a “Run Against Dictatorship”

1/9/2020 - What the booming stock market means for bitcoin

1/9/2020 - The legality of targeting Soleimani depends on these questions

1/9/2020 - Millennials:ユーチューバーの次。「Podcaster」の時代が来た

1/9/2020 - Finland’s family cafes are helping solve one of parenting’s biggest problems

1/9/2020 - In photos: India refuses to stay quiet in the face of repression

1/9/2020 - Even the most celebrated restaurants in India struggle with profitability

1/9/2020 - A pan-African CFA activist is the face of rising anti-French sentiment in Francophone West Africa

1/9/2020 - Brexit bill, royal #Megxit, RIP paddlefish

1/9/2020 - Fish meal and fish oil industries are wiping out India’s marine resources

1/8/2020 - Is Amazon India’s dedicated handloom storefront helping artisans?

1/8/2020 - Facebook’s deepfake ban ignores most visual misinformation

1/8/2020 - Daily Brief:アマゾン、ラグジュアリーへ執念

1/8/2020 - Best of CES, Ghosn speaks, RIP paddlefish

1/8/2020 - Google Translate

1/8/2020 - Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump’s dueling Super Bowl ads are unprecedented

1/8/2020 - The secret to creative success is to stop caring about recognition

1/8/2020 - The role of COO is evolving, and it’s more important than ever

1/8/2020 - Amazon is said to be preparing a luxury fashion platform

1/8/2020 - Our call on “geriatric cool” starts in 15 minutes

1/8/2020 - Talking to cars, outfitting our pets, and news from elsewhere

1/8/2020 - Why Ivanka Trump’s CES keynote angered women

1/8/2020 - Chaos in the Middle East, Ghosn speaks, multimillion-dollar giveaway

1/8/2020 - “The Grudge” is a perfect case study in Hollywood franchise rot

1/8/2020 - Fashion’s obsession with youth could cost it billions

1/8/2020 - The fate of national healthcare is in the US Supreme Court’s hands—again

1/8/2020 - As India rises in dissent, Bollywood reveals its real heroes: the women

1/8/2020 - Africa:2020年は、アフリカテックが来る

1/8/2020 - This Indian state headed for population de-growth also houses the world’s fastest growing city

1/8/2020 - Butterfly wants to give India’s trans community a dating app that puts them first

1/8/2020 - Ghosn’s press conference, Iran missile strike, ancient brain

1/8/2020 - Kali is the 3,000-year-old feminist icon we need today

1/7/2020 - Over 4,000 hours of internet shutdowns cost India more than $1.3 billion in 2019

1/7/2020 - Impossible Foods’ plant-based pork puts it a step closer to China

1/7/2020 - Daily Brief:「空飛ぶUber」が登場

1/7/2020 - India worker strikes, Ghosn’s press conference, indoor wayfinding

1/7/2020 - “Renegade province” and “reunification”: How not to write about Taiwan’s elections

1/7/2020 - The new senior housing, from “dementia villages” to Margaritavilles

1/7/2020 - Giraffes

1/7/2020 - Soleimani assassination sets back opposition to Iran’s regime

1/7/2020 - The age of cybersecurity is forcing parents to redefine “the talk”

1/7/2020 - A senior industrialist had a major “anti-Muslim Indian” moment in Thailand

1/7/2020 - One of Bollywood’s top actors takes a rare political stand and joins India’s student protesters

1/7/2020 - Chinese nationals caught surveilling same US military base twice in 2 weeks

1/7/2020 - OnePlus’ new smartphone can make its camera “magically” disappear

1/7/2020 - The NRA’s most powerful weapon is not a gun

1/7/2020 - Risky corporate debt is piling up, out of sight from global regulators

1/7/2020 - And we’re off! Airlines, sexy tech, and news from elsewhere

1/7/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: bushfires, solar farms, and water woes

1/7/2020 - CES, deadly stampede, Formula One

1/7/2020 - China tried to threaten Taiwan by weaponizing tourism, but it didn’t work

1/7/2020 - Tariffs on European wine will hurt everyone but their intended targets

1/7/2020 - Slow US population growth will create high demand for caregiving

1/7/2020 - China:テクノロジーで進化する香港デモ

1/7/2020 - India risks repeating the shameful 1960s internment of its Chinese community

1/7/2020 - JNU violence has shaken up Quartz Pros from the business and academic world

1/7/2020 - The biggest, yet invisible, public health challenge in India

1/7/2020 - Spanish coalition, US troops in Iraq, bedbug sabotage

1/7/2020 - Looking for funding in India? VCs have a soft spot for the male, IIT-ian entrepreneur

1/6/2020 - How to talk about Modi with your boss

1/6/2020 - SpaceX aims to appease astronomers in latest Starlink satellite launch

1/6/2020 - Daily Brief:アップル28年ぶりのCES登壇

1/6/2020 - Iran fallout, CES 2020, bedbug sabotage

1/6/2020 - The US-Iran crisis is playing out in real time among officials on Twitter

1/6/2020 - Formula One

1/6/2020 - Finland’s new prime minister wants her country on a four-day workweek

1/6/2020 - Netflix is far outpacing Hollywood in hiring female directors

1/6/2020 - The Golden Globes put a spotlight on Hollywood’s uneasy relationship with big tech

1/6/2020 - KFC just launched a plant-based chicken sandwich in the UK

1/6/2020 - Why American workers are especially at risk during flu season

1/6/2020 - Taiwan’s president is battling a deluge of election-linked homophobic fake news

1/6/2020 - 今週のQuartz:香港デモとテクノロジーの関係、ポッドキャスト再燃、アフリカのスタートアップまとめ

1/6/2020 - US-Iran crisis, Weinstein trial, Golden Globes

1/6/2020 - This week for Quartz members: The birth of geriatric cool

1/6/2020 - The differences between nursing homes, assisted living, and “life plan communities”

1/6/2020 - A home for aging Indian parents of Bay Area professionals offers a new model for senior living

1/6/2020 - Senior living is starting to look like millennial living

1/6/2020 - The cost of aging comfortably

1/6/2020 - Startup:ユニコーンバブルの逆流、そして倹約スタートアップの時代

1/6/2020 - Hindustan Unilever’s advertising approach is a life skill worth acquiring

1/6/2020 - How India’s premier science institute fired up Wipro’s growth as an IT giant

1/6/2020 - Weinstein’s trial, Delhi university assault, Gaelic boom

1/6/2020 - Bingeing on Netflix, Amazon Prime isn’t doing any good to Indians’ health

1/6/2020 - A Thai company plans to take on cash-and-carry giants in the Indian market

1/5/2020 - “Shoot the traitors”: Bone-chilling scenes as mob ravages top Indian university under cops’ nose

1/5/2020 - An Iranian-American describes being held by officials at the US-Canada border

1/5/2020 - Daily Brief:10年ごとに「戦闘」するアメリカ

1/5/2020 - What to expect at CES 2020

1/5/2020 - Hong Kong swap, Iran tension, protected vegans

1/5/2020 - YouTube threats against a judge in the Boston Marathon bombing case land a New England man in jail

1/5/2020 - The attack on Iran’s Soleimani is just the latest in a 245-year history of US military actions

1/5/2020 - A Chinese “tourist” accused of espionage is the latest example of a growing threat to US security

1/5/2020 - Be like the leader you admire

1/4/2020 - Tesla’s market cap is now double Ford’s, after being eclipsed by it eight months ago

1/4/2020 - Weekend edition—US-Iran tension, social fitness, disappointing robots 

1/4/2020 - Weekend edition—US-Iran tension, social fitness, disappointing robots 

1/4/2020 - How Australia’s massive bushfires are generating thunderstorms

1/4/2020 - Changing how society views cannabis use can boost industry innovation

1/4/2020 - A decreased reliance on foreign oil made it easier for the US to kill Iran’s Qassem Soleimani

1/4/2020 - US cities are growing more unequal between one another, and that’s bad for the country

1/4/2020 - Delta flight attendants say their high-tech uniforms are making them sick

1/4/2020 - Healthcare would be better if we learned from this old tuberculosis sanatorium in Finland

1/4/2020 - With Iran, the US chose conflict over peace

1/3/2020 - One thing unites Americans and Iranians: Nobody wants a war

1/3/2020 - Weekend edition—US-Iran tension, social fitness, disappointing robots 

1/3/2020 - Hurricane hunters

1/3/2020 - Some unlikely critics oppose Trump’s upcoming tariffs on EU wine

1/3/2020 - A surprise provision in a Trump defense bill has granted a path to citizenship for 4,000 Liberians

1/3/2020 - Iran may retaliate with cyberattacks for Soleimani’s death

1/3/2020 - Quartzy: the book-smart edition

1/3/2020 - Our call on taming time starts in 15 minutes

1/3/2020 - How to raise startup funding in a war-torn economy

1/3/2020 - The Netherlands’ New Year greeting did not go down well in China

1/3/2020 - Music streaming services mishandle our data—and our culture is paying for it

1/3/2020 - Predictions for 2020

1/3/2020 - Oil prices spike after US assassinates Iranian military leader

1/3/2020 - Iran’s Qasem Soleimani matters in death as much as in life

1/3/2020 - Iran’s “severe retaliation”, Ghosn latest, smog tower

1/3/2020 - The Montessori schools embracing kid-tracking devices

1/3/2020 - For Quartz members—streaming wars, side projects, and time management

1/3/2020 - Social media has become an inclusive alternative to history textbooks

1/3/2020 - The 1997 merger that paved the way for the Boeing 737 Max crisis

1/3/2020 - Women in America’s largest transit system are underground—and under attack

1/3/2020 - What about digital currency? Our 2020 predictions for bitcoin, Libra, and the digital yuan

1/3/2020 - The future of the global video streaming war

1/3/2020 - India can breathe easy, US-Iran faceoff may not lead to an oil shock

1/3/2020 - 2020 is here, not India’s predicted superpowers

1/3/2020 - Australia wildfires, Baghdad airstrike, apocalyptic normal

1/3/2020 - Delhi gets its first smog tower to tackle air pollution

1/3/2020 - At a women-led protest site in India, Muslims navigate identity, hope, and despair

1/2/2020 - Australia evacuations, Ghosn’s warrant, fake Nikes

1/2/2020 - The art of conversation

1/2/2020 - Reminder: Video editing still beats deepfakes for spreading disinformation

1/2/2020 - We mapped the (slow) rise of gender parity in the global workforce

1/2/2020 - Tame time in 2020

1/2/2020 - California mandates equal prize money, but women are still fighting for playing time

1/2/2020 - Despite a disastrous 2019, Boeing’s stock finished the year up 1%

1/2/2020 - The visual language of comic books can improve brain function

1/2/2020 - David Stern helped Magic Johnson change the conversation about HIV

1/2/2020 - Nigeria had the biggest drop in visitors to the US last year as Trump’s visa policies took hold

1/2/2020 - Baghdad embassy, Australia bushfires, flight shame

1/2/2020 - India’s slowdown forces small-town fashion retailers to hold back expansion plans

1/2/2020 - UK rail fare hike, Australian evacuation, ancient measles

1/2/2020 - Can Indian cinema call lights, camera, climate action?

1/2/2020 - India was TikTok’s censorship snake pit in 2019

1/2/2020 - India welcomed more babies on New Year’s Day than any other country

1/1/2020 - $100,000 in suspicious iPhones seized on their way to Moscow

1/1/2020 - Amid Baghdad embassy attacks, US spending on diplomatic security drops 11%

1/1/2020 - How $470 million worth of fake Nikes get into the US

1/1/2020 - The boutique fitness industry’s mission to monetize community