6/30/2013 - Why the miniseries is the future of television

6/30/2013 - The complete guide to being interviewed on TV

6/30/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—US factory output, NSA faces heat, employees need social media, don’t count on flood insurance

6/30/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—US factory output, NSA faces heat, employees need social media, don’t count on flood insurance

6/30/2013 - Protestors throughout Egypt tell Morsi to leave

6/30/2013 - Why the US doesn’t use cyber-weapons to attack its enemies more often

6/30/2013 - Why more companies should encourage their employees to use social media

6/30/2013 - Happy new fiscal year! A lot changes on July 1, the favorite day of bureaucrats

6/29/2013 - Russia won the long battle of pipeline politics, but now what does it do?

6/29/2013 - How do you “vet” a Syrian rebel? Answer: You can’t

6/29/2013 - America’s recognition of gay marriage came too late for some of us

6/28/2013 - India’s new surveillance network will make the NSA green with envy

6/28/2013 - An alleged money laundering scheme, fronted by 10 million bars of soap

6/28/2013 - In Asia, Uber goes from disruptor to luxury brand, for now

6/28/2013 - Why factories won’t close if you buy a 3D printer

6/28/2013 - India’s plus-size fashion scene is catching on

6/28/2013 - DirecTV has the edge right now among bids to buy Hulu

6/28/2013 - Parents are raising their kids and Klout scores, one glamshot at a time

6/28/2013 - That 200-year-old French exam everyone says is obsolete? It looks a lot like the SAT

6/28/2013 - How Nokia makes money on a $20 phone

6/28/2013 - The humanities are not in crisis. It’s just that more people are going to college

6/28/2013 - There are so many new designer drugs that governments can’t ban them fast enough

6/28/2013 - A brand new reason US companies aren’t spending their cash hoard

6/28/2013 - Why Chinese telecom giant Huawei could buy BlackBerry

6/28/2013 - Meet the likely new boss of China’s $500 billion sovereign wealth fund

6/28/2013 - Chinese mobile phone company Xiaomi has a bigger valuation than BlackBerry

6/28/2013 - The most important person entering US government you’ve never heard of

6/28/2013 - How to stay in the US if you didn’t get an H-1B—and if you’re extraordinary

6/28/2013 - Why you’ll share this story: The new science of memes

6/28/2013 - The trillion-dollar opportunity that could save health care

6/28/2013 - How millions of selfies helped sell a TV show

6/28/2013 - Entrepreneurs need not apply: Companies shun the self employed

6/28/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Japan stops deflating, a four-star Edward Snowden, three-person IVF

6/28/2013 - How to get to the top of Reddit: lessons from the banning of Quickmeme

6/28/2013 - The most hated man on China’s internet shouldn’t expect any “get well soon” emails

6/28/2013 - Thailand’s $11 billion flood project halted, doubts raised over S. Korean contractor

6/28/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Defending Abenomics, Google’s gaming console, Goldman’s scavenger hunt

6/27/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Defending Abenomics, Google’s gaming console, Goldman’s scavenger hunt

6/27/2013 - With new Android gaming console, Google goes to war on Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and Apple

6/27/2013 - Immigration reform passes the US Senate; now begins the hard part

6/27/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—BlackBerry sales, Bernanke’s successors, Bangladesh slapped, PayPal in space

6/27/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—BlackBerry sales, Bernanke’s successors, Bangladesh slapped, PayPal in space

6/27/2013 - Counterfeiters and Adidas are throwing Nike off its stride in China

6/27/2013 - Karl Rove: Republicans are looking at up to 450 data points about each US household

6/27/2013 - US CEOs now earn 273 times the typical worker’s pay

6/27/2013 - PayPal Galactic isn’t grounded in reality, but it’s the ultimate fantasy of digital money purveyors

6/27/2013 - Don’t get overly excited about the UK’s new shale gas findings

6/27/2013 - Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is only worth $1 million

6/27/2013 - The state of US trade with Africa as Obama visits

6/27/2013 - How does the Queen manage to keep on beating the UK property market?

6/27/2013 - All the headaches facing the two lucky winners of Myanmar’s mobile licenses

6/27/2013 - Bangladesh will get a very public slap on the wrist—but nothing beats cheap labor

6/27/2013 - The US needs to start encouraging saving—even if it means raising interest rates

6/27/2013 - Chinese bloggers assail the country’s one-child policy planners

6/27/2013 - Deceit, fraud, and first world problems: How BRICS graduated to the sports big leagues—and now regret it

6/27/2013 - Why Germany’s employment miracle continues

6/27/2013 - Japan is banking on friendly robots like these to save its economy

6/27/2013 - If Switzerland is not a country of extremes, why does it exasperate me so?

6/27/2013 - America, you may now thank Wall Street for your housing recovery

6/27/2013 - Inside the epic, all-night, Goldman Sachs scavenger hunt

6/27/2013 - Pulling a Snowden in China: Human rights lawyer demands surveillance info

6/27/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—EU bailout agreement, Mandela worsens, Ikea refugee housing

6/27/2013 - For all the angst about Abenomics, South Korea actually looks ok

6/27/2013 - Europe’s banks are once again the weak link in Europe

6/27/2013 - Thailand is buying record numbers of smartphones, but it’s Facebook that people really want

6/27/2013 - If the Fed wants to “taper” this year, it had better hope the US economy speeds up

6/27/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—EU bailout agreement, Portuguese protests, Ikea refugee tents

6/26/2013 - US ambassador to China visits Tibet amid wave of self-immolations

6/26/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Portuguese protests, paper purchasers, Dish defeat, defecting diplomats

6/26/2013 - Spain’s latest economic casualty: One of its top restaurants

6/26/2013 - The end of DOMA means the beginning of financial equality for same-sex couples

6/26/2013 - Too much collaboration is hurting worker productivity

6/26/2013 - Having a bigger desk can make you more dishonest

6/26/2013 - These days, a good IPO strategy requires keeping tabs on Ben Bernanke

6/26/2013 - China’s biggest commercial bank tells the central bank to go stand in the corner

6/26/2013 - Walmart just lost its third country head in Asia in two years

6/26/2013 - China’s ghost cities epitomize the problem with printing money Paul Krugman-style

6/26/2013 - Investors are tired of giving their money to tech founders without strings attached

6/26/2013 - Argentina’s war on US dollars is backfiring on its central bank—to the tune of $9 billion

6/26/2013 - Austria, Korea, Norway, the UK and the US are the worst countries for the gender wage gap

6/26/2013 - Internet car start-ups look to the new mayor of Los Angeles for a helping hand

6/26/2013 - Inside Google’s culture of relentless self-surveying

6/26/2013 - Read the US Supreme Court’s historic gay marriage decision in plain text

6/26/2013 - Why Barnes & Noble could still thrive selling digital books without the Nook

6/26/2013 - The DOMA decision on gay marriage could speed up employment protection for gays and lesbians too

6/26/2013 - Beijing is more important to Australia than its new prime minister

6/26/2013 - What the Chinese leadership’s meeting attire says about its corruption crackdown

6/26/2013 - The world’s largest and most controversial seed company posts weak earnings

6/26/2013 - Gold’s ugly selloff explained, in three charts

6/26/2013 - Billionaire Marc Rich invented the job of the buccaneering metals trader

6/26/2013 - Chinese ethnic violence kills 27 in a pitched and bloody battle

6/26/2013 - How long before Apple ditches Intel in the only segment that counts?

6/26/2013 - The US got Edward Snowden’s middle name wrong on extradition documents

6/26/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Gay marriage ruling, Obama’s safari, private equity cannabis

6/26/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—UK austerity, Obama’s safari, goldbug rout, mile-high heist

6/25/2013 - Chen Guangcheng on Taiwan’s latest parliament brawl: This is young democracy

6/25/2013 - How Edward Snowden’s encrypted insurance file might work

6/25/2013 - The family tree of Qatar’s new emir, the fourth-oldest son, who has 23 brothers and sisters

6/25/2013 - Bahrain hikes public spending despite rising deficits to buy peace

6/25/2013 - One-fifth of US employees are undermining the companies they work for

6/25/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—UK austerity, EU accession, B&N losses, midair heists

6/25/2013 - Everyone’s passwords suck—and why pretty soon it won’t matter

6/25/2013 - Gogo is ready to land with its monopoly of in-flight Wi-Fi

6/25/2013 - More advice to foreign businessmen on how not to get held hostage in China

6/25/2013 - Obama talked about climate change like a man itching for a ferocious battle

6/25/2013 - Dish is still without a deal, which may be good news for Clearwire

6/25/2013 - Maybe AirAsia Japan’s problem was that Japan just doesn’t need three low-cost airlines

6/25/2013 - A few examples of Edward Snowden’s potential legal adviser in action

6/25/2013 - Just one small problem with smart watches: They’re all terrible

6/25/2013 - The new new paradigm? The slower pace of global trade

6/25/2013 - Why Taco Bell is beefing up its protein offerings

6/25/2013 - The sad death of the minimum wage, and how to save it the George W. Bush way

6/25/2013 - Those cool Silicon Valley offices? More like secretly evil empires

6/25/2013 - Want to get the next Facebook update before anyone else? Move to New Zealand

6/25/2013 - The latest threat to embattled gas giant Gazprom isn’t shale—it’s wood pellets

6/25/2013 - Barnes & Noble’s best hope may be to get rid of the Nook, but who would buy it?

6/25/2013 - Solid US data is just the thing to soothe Fed worries

6/25/2013 - Square’s newest product, the Stand, takes aim at the old school cash register

6/25/2013 - This 75-year-old law should protect Americans from unpaid internships

6/25/2013 - The best applicant isn’t always the right one for the job

6/25/2013 - China’s bankers sufficiently terrified—for now

6/25/2013 - Say goodbye to Hollywood: Rules for importing the perfect China blockbuster

6/25/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Obama’s climate moves, Snowden’s diplomatic discord, Qatar’s emir abdicates

6/25/2013 - Cash-rich Japanese financial firms are hoovering up Southeast Asia’s life insurance companies

6/25/2013 - The war over fracking in California has just begun

6/25/2013 - China’s Communist Party says controversial PX chemical is not harmful, might even taste good

6/25/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Afghan presidential palace attacked, Obama’s climate plan, Snowden hunting

6/24/2013 - Three crucial questions about the Google-Waze anti-trust review

6/24/2013 - Snapchat’s complete inability to make money is the reason it’s worth $800 million

6/24/2013 - Map: How to stay out of reach of US extradition treaties

6/24/2013 - The most persuasive word you can use in a meeting is “yeah”

6/24/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Snowden elusive, Berlusconi banned, and plant math

6/24/2013 - What the Fed and the People’s Bank of China have learned from Alan Greenspan

6/24/2013 - One risk of doing business in China: Getting held hostage

6/24/2013 - Drinking coffee doesn’t cramp creativity; it helps drive it

6/24/2013 - Saudi Arabia’s crackdown on illegal immigrants is a boon for local businesses

6/24/2013 - Why Carrefour is struggling to keep up with Chinese shoppers

6/24/2013 - How to get important people to respond to your emails

6/24/2013 - The Supreme Court sent the Fisher case back, but make no mistake: Affirmative action is dead

6/24/2013 - Why we keep coming back for mergers even though they don’t work

6/24/2013 - Ireland’s disastrous bank bailout emerged from banker’s “arse”

6/24/2013 - Neiman Marcus filing for an IPO doesn’t mean a sale is off the table

6/24/2013 - China Chart Check: The People’s Republic’s wild market ride

6/24/2013 - A “climate bomb” puts Xi Jinping’s environmental promises to the test

6/24/2013 - Where in the world is Edward Snowden? Havana-bound journalists will have 12 hours to think it over

6/24/2013 - Inequality can be a good thing

6/24/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Snowden’s world tour, China’s squeeze tightens, Supreme Court week

6/24/2013 - China’s central bank finally broke its silence; Shanghai equities went into rout

6/24/2013 - Corrupt Chinese officials end up in padded rooms, forced to consider why they chose “the dark path”

6/24/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Snowden on the run, China’s shadow banking crackdown, Mandela critical

6/23/2013 - In the weird, dematerialized future of manufacturing, companies like AtFAB ship information, not parts

6/23/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Snowden on the run, Vodafone in Germany, extreme-weather architects

6/23/2013 - BRICS, VISTA, BROOMS—Just because it’s an acronym doesn’t mean it’s an investment opportunity

6/23/2013 - Photos: Supermoon casts its brilliant glow over Earth

6/23/2013 - Introducing the new profession of extreme-weather architect

6/23/2013 - Why the revolt of the global middle class is a good thing

6/23/2013 - Portugal: Here’s why you should invest in us

6/23/2013 - US surveillance leaker Edward Snowden left Hong Kong on a flight to Moscow

6/22/2013 - New crowdfunding site gets YouTubers a regular paycheck

6/22/2013 - Don’t miss the bigger picture: Thy selfie is not thyself

6/21/2013 - Apple’s new pay package for Tim Cook reflects the company’s new normal

6/21/2013 - Happy birthday, Edward Snowden: The US just charged you with espionage

6/21/2013 - The scary reality of China’s debt crisis

6/21/2013 - Behind the massive protests in Brazil: 40 million new taxpayers

6/21/2013 - Mortgage security zombies are still crawling through the US financial system

6/21/2013 - Starbucks is raising prices even though coffee beans are at a three-year low

6/21/2013 - New in-flight rules will give Americans 100 million more hours with their gadgets

6/21/2013 - Why the first Starbucks in China closed today

6/21/2013 - Why China’s central bank may have no idea what it’s doing

6/21/2013 - India picks up a new ally in fighting gold addiction

6/21/2013 - Sony is re-launching its SmartWatch, but consumers will probably continue to ignore it

6/21/2013 - How to get a bigger bonus: Don’t ask for it in cash

6/21/2013 - Chinese students and their parents fight for the right to cheat

6/21/2013 - Why the real estate and marriage markets are at odds in China

6/21/2013 - With 3D printing, you’ll be able to replicate the world’s famous sculptures

6/21/2013 - Greece suddenly looks a lot worse than you may think

6/21/2013 - St. Petersburg isn’t full of police and drunks, like the media would have you believe

6/21/2013 - What America will look like with immigration reform—and without it

6/21/2013 - This is what it looks like when a million Brazilians take to the streets

6/21/2013 - China throws a bucket of liquidity on its smoldering credit crisis

6/21/2013 - An electric car hasn’t reached your garage, but a natural gas-fueled vehicle might

6/21/2013 - The United Kingdom boasts the world’s leading e-commerce market

6/21/2013 - The world’s tallest building will basically be a giant stack of trailer homes

6/21/2013 - Why techies should be rooting for US immigration reform

6/21/2013 - Here are the nine most beautiful banknotes in the world

6/21/2013 - Who needs the NSA? Your dishwasher is already watching every move you make

6/21/2013 - The plot thickens: Meet the colorful cast of characters in the Chen Guangcheng saga

6/21/2013 - Not pleased with your yield-less investments? Invest in doom!

6/21/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Snowden’s escape route, timing the Fed taper, China relents on credit crunch

6/21/2013 - Indonesia tells Singapore to stop whining about its life-threatening pollution levels

6/21/2013 - Six positives to consider before you run for you life from the markets

6/21/2013 - Tesla introduces robot mechanics to swap out electric car batteries

6/21/2013 - China’s banking brinkmanship: an engineered financial crisis, explained

6/21/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Markets continue to plunge, China liquidity injection, fake cow pyramid scheme

6/20/2013 - Just how likely is China to execute anyone for fouling up the environment?

6/20/2013 - Why the Indian rupee is on a downward spiral and nobody knows how to stop it

6/20/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Kuroda speaks, Tesla swaps, Sprint bids, squids stolen

6/20/2013 - The US farm bill is globally stupid, too

6/20/2013 - Wealthy Chinese are moving to Hong Kong by way of Gambia

6/20/2013 - It’s no accident Facebook made Instagram’s new videos exactly as long as a television commercial

6/20/2013 - This is what Singapore’s record-high pollution looked like today

6/20/2013 - Greg Mankiw needs to update his econ textbook for the 21st century

6/20/2013 - We’re now farming more fish than cattle

6/20/2013 - How James Gandolfini changed TV forever

6/20/2013 - Just for today, Ben Bernanke seems to also be the central banker of Germany and Switzerland

6/20/2013 - Investors in this alleged Japanese Ponzi scheme lost $4.34 billion betting on fake cows

6/20/2013 - English is no longer the language of the web

6/20/2013 - David Beckham’s plan to pad his retirement fund in China results in a Shanghai riot

6/20/2013 - Apathetic shareholders can be as much of a problem for companies as hostile ones

6/20/2013 - Our favorite charts of 2013 so far

6/20/2013 - Argentina caught a Chinese ship trying to steal 180 tonnes of its squid

6/20/2013 - Ben Bernanke spooked global markets—a lot

6/20/2013 - Ground Control to Major Wang: Meet Chris Hadfield’s YouTube successor in space

6/20/2013 - Rocket Internet’s Lazada wants to be Southeast Asia’s Amazon, and it just scored another $100 million to get there

6/20/2013 - Couchsurfing’s downfall is a stark lesson in choosing profits over a do-gooder customer base

6/20/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Bernanke’s fallout, China’s deepening woes, Google’s failed brainteasers

6/20/2013 - Google admits those infamous brainteasers were completely useless for hiring

6/20/2013 - Watch the progressive desperation of HSBC’s chief China economist as the manufacturing sector tanks

6/19/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Eurozone bailout plans, Fed un-easing, frequent flier crackdown

6/19/2013 - The only winners of the NSA debacle are companies that protect your online privacy

6/19/2013 - The US just chucked this human trafficking grenade at Russia and China

6/19/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Data deluge, Fed’s timeline, new age dating

6/19/2013 - Stratasys just acquired MakerBot, the one 3D printing firm that could have disrupted it

6/19/2013 - Like the G8, the Swiss aren’t ready to give up secrecy just yet

6/19/2013 - The next phase of China’s global soft power push is exporting higher education

6/19/2013 - America, meet your newest neighbors: the Nigerians

6/19/2013 - Amazon is staffing up for its $600 million cloud for spooks

6/19/2013 - After Tinder, kids of the future may be asking “Mommy, which app did you meet Daddy in?”

6/19/2013 - How Google dodged anti-trust law to buy Waze

6/19/2013 - The Fed statement looks taperific to markets

6/19/2013 - There are more people displaced by war and other conflicts than two decades ago

6/19/2013 - US teachers are not adequately prepared to do their jobs

6/19/2013 - Hong Kong is rolling in more millionaire money than Singapore

6/19/2013 - Making safe transportation safer

6/19/2013 - Coal-spewing Hebei factories are killing 40 Beijing babies a year

6/19/2013 - How Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and other business chiefs hold ruthlessly effective meetings

6/19/2013 - The mysterious firing of the Men’s Wearhouse “like the way you look” guy

6/19/2013 - How encrypted video is redefining the mobile experience

6/19/2013 - How elite universities are killing the American dream

6/19/2013 - Fedex is betting that people won’t be sending more stuff by air anytime soon

6/19/2013 - Here’s how metadata on billions of phone calls predicts terrorist attacks

6/19/2013 - China’s central government is dueling its banks over the country’s cash crunch

6/19/2013 - If content is king, video is heir to the throne

6/19/2013 - Why the G8 pact to stop paying terrorist ransoms probably won’t work—and isn’t even such a great idea

6/19/2013 - Abenomics is working today, at least for corporate Japan

6/19/2013 - You probably didn’t read the most telling part of Orwell’s “1984”—the appendix

6/19/2013 - Thanks to a new trade deal, China could up its tequila intake by 2400% in five years

6/19/2013 - Meet Wang Jianlin, Chinese billionaire and potential Bond villain

6/19/2013 - To succeed in India, a company must meet these three criteria

6/19/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Interpreting the Fed, Dish hangs up on Sprint, Tesla recall, billion-year-old water

6/19/2013 - Thailand is retreating from its disastrous rice subsidy program, but not enough

6/19/2013 - Singapore is choking on smoke and pointing the finger at Indonesia, which is pointing right back

6/19/2013 - Bernanke may have one more Fed revolution left up his sleeve

6/19/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Fed speaks, Britain’s bank sale, NSA plays defense, ancient water tastes terrible

6/18/2013 - The US immigration bill is the economic reform we’ve all been waiting for

6/18/2013 - Why Huawei wants Nokia: Smartphones aren’t as dominant as you think

6/18/2013 - The Chinese version of Zara is going after Brazilian shoppers

6/18/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Fed meeting, peace talks with Taliban, bus fares in Brazil

6/18/2013 - The Google footnote that perfectly captures US government surveillance secrecy

6/18/2013 - A start-up’s plan to make US health care cheaper: Tell people what it costs

6/18/2013 - The secret to viral success is there is no secret to viral success

6/18/2013 - Why Canada will quickly forgive its deviant mayors

6/18/2013 - The US government lets sugar farmers charge inflated prices, and now it’s paying them, too

6/18/2013 - Q&A with Google’s Avinash Kaushik: Marketing without shouting

6/18/2013 - China’s pricey seafood fetish is pushing fish prices to record highs

6/18/2013 - Why GM’s car sales are cratering in Europe while Ford’s are almost steady

6/18/2013 - Jack Lew’s signature loses a few loops for its US currency debut

6/18/2013 - Say goodbye to the company’s summer softball tournament—and all those emails about practicing for it

6/18/2013 - 3D opera, Shakespeare on Twitter, and donkeys on Google+: How the performing arts got wired

6/18/2013 - A Prius costs $154,000 in Singapore and people are still buying them

6/18/2013 - Cory Booker says Washington could use a small-town mayor with a big view

6/18/2013 - North Korea’s new rich love buying refrigerators, but not for what you’d think

6/18/2013 - Burma’s beautiful version of hacky sack is driving its neighbors nuts

6/18/2013 - Robots won’t be stealing our paychecks in the future—they already have

6/18/2013 - The new scourges of the sea: Nigerian pirates

6/18/2013 - Brazilians spend as much as 26% of their income to ride the bus

6/18/2013 - The average destination of international flights from every country in the world

6/18/2013 - Here’s what’s behind the Chinese cash crunch

6/18/2013 - Here’s what will really happen to global growth if China’s economy suddenly tanks

6/18/2013 - Americans gave away online privacy to advertisers long ago

6/18/2013 - For want of a bus fare…What are Brazilians really protesting about?

6/18/2013 - Academia 101: Talk about careers and the big picture before the nitty gritty

6/18/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Waiting for the Fed, Brazil protests grow, royal babies

6/18/2013 - High-frequency trading is bad for normal investors, researchers say

6/18/2013 - This cult brand made Indians the world’s biggest rum drinkers

6/18/2013 - How to satisfy China’s insatiable demand for cookies

6/18/2013 - There’s something murky about China’s housing market—and it’s not the pollution

6/18/2013 - Seven things that could derail a US-European free trade agreement

6/18/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Fed waiting begins, Kabel Deutschland counterbid, Brazilian protests, sex toy patents

6/17/2013 - Millions of young Chinese are about to experience “the worst year in history to graduate”

6/17/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Fed meeting, trade pacts, big jets, royal baby mania

6/17/2013 - Sometimes even Steve Jobs got his Apple news from rumor sites

6/17/2013 - People joining the US workforce today are less educated than those leaving it

6/17/2013 - China may soon peddle discount drones to the developing world

6/17/2013 - 5 signs that China is about to fall off of a debt cliff

6/17/2013 - Why acquaintances, not friends, will help you find a job

6/17/2013 - Apple says it can’t read your iMessages. What about everything else?

6/17/2013 - Greece may be struggling for bailout money, but venture capital is pouring in

6/17/2013 - The Czech Republic’s corruption-fighting prime minister gets nabbed for ties to corruption

6/17/2013 - While investors flee emerging markets, the Middle East and North Africa are emerging as oases

6/17/2013 - Ford gives up on turning its cars into smartphones

6/17/2013 - US economic data: Yes, it’s still good

6/17/2013 - How mobile payments might be the global money-laundering machine criminals have dreamed about

6/17/2013 - Behind the facade of Turkey’s recent economic growth

6/17/2013 - What bling-loving Buddhist monks reveal about Thailand’s economy

6/17/2013 - San Francisco, not Silicon Valley, is the hub for US venture capital

6/17/2013 - This man lost his house because his Kickstarter was too successful

6/17/2013 - Why Telefónica has become a prime acquisition target

6/17/2013 - The real reason to fight nuclear power has nothing to do with health risks

6/17/2013 - Asia’s richest man is betting $1.26 billion on the trash crisis

6/17/2013 - China has a new aggressive action plan to reduce pollution, but will it be enough?

6/17/2013 - Preserved “thousand-year old” eggs in China are even more toxic than they sound

6/17/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—G8 summit, Boeing vs. Airbus in Paris, Snowden leak burns Brits, Google’s Internet balloons

6/17/2013 - Just how cozy is New York University’s relationship with China?

6/17/2013 - Abenomics will fail if Japan doesn’t address its debt problem. Here’s the crucial way forward

6/17/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—G8 summit, Czech PM scandal, NYU’s China kowtow

6/16/2013 - The center of the international airline industry is in the middle of rural Poland

6/16/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—G8 summit, North Korea’s offer, ballons that beam internet

6/16/2013 - The free market can actually help us control our privacy

6/16/2013 - Here are some of the most expensive pieces of paper in the world

6/15/2013 - Ten things HR departments don’t understand about hiring

6/15/2013 - Iran’s only moderate presidential candidate wins in a landslide

6/14/2013 - How hedge funds can help Detroit avoid bankruptcy

6/14/2013 - Soon, a bunch of expired French food will suddenly be OK to eat

6/14/2013 - This company successfully thwarted investors’ efforts to rein in executive pay

6/14/2013 - Kickstarter almost enabled a $120,000 fraud, and it’s not the first

6/14/2013 - Why Amazon is like the cable company of the future

6/14/2013 - China just failed to sell all of its short-term debt and a worsening cash crunch is to blame

6/14/2013 - Fellas, Facebook is allowing your profiles to be used for this disgraceful new hot or not app

6/14/2013 - Thanks, EU, but Iceland isn’t so keen on joining any more

6/14/2013 - If you’re hiding something from the US government, using Microsoft products may be a bad idea

6/14/2013 - Johnson & Johnson is treating Chinese customers like “second-class” citizens, say the Chinese media

6/14/2013 - When workers go on disability, it could have more to do with depression than pain

6/14/2013 - The next version of Android will be aimed at low-end phones and emerging markets

6/14/2013 - Japan wants to monitor the elderly with robots, which says a lot about what’s wrong with Abenomics

6/14/2013 - How a restaurant with no cash registers and no prices makes money

6/14/2013 - Just thinking about money can make you more evil, researchers say

6/14/2013 - People are okay with nuclear waste dumps in their backyards—unless you try to pay them for it

6/14/2013 - How Mitsubishi UFJ could skirt Thailand’s foreign ownership regulations for control of Bank of Ayudhya

6/14/2013 - A race to colonize shoals in the South and East China Seas will destroy the very fishing stock Asia is fighting over

6/14/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Iranian elections, Turkish compromise, Toyota’s new faces, Happy Birthday©

6/14/2013 - Asian universities are leaping up the league tables, but China is getting left behind

6/14/2013 - On social media at least, Iran’s reformist-backed presidential candidate looks like a shoo-in

6/14/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Iranian elections, Murdoch divorce, patent-free DNA

6/13/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Iranian elections, human gene patents, UPS’ mind-boggling math

6/13/2013 - A recent history of protest drones, from Zuccotti Park to Taksim Square

6/13/2013 - Bitcoin lovers: This is what it looks like when the US wants to destroy a currency

6/13/2013 - Asians are the fastest growing ethnic group in the US

6/13/2013 - Did NYU kick out a dissident because the Chinese government told it to? Probably not

6/13/2013 - China is silent on Edward Snowden but Chinese state media are having a field day

6/13/2013 - Why flying first class increases your carbon footprint by six times

6/13/2013 - A Supreme Court loss on human gene patents is just what Myriad—and the biotech industry—need

6/13/2013 - Two revisions in 24 hours: That’s how bad India’s economic statistics are

6/13/2013 - Building trust through transactions: the four drivers of loyalty

6/13/2013 - Why US shopping malls will never die

6/13/2013 - Google now takes one of every three dollars spent on digital advertising—and one of every two on mobile

6/13/2013 - Kanye West is even more important than Kanye West thinks—really

6/13/2013 - The world’s leading producer of orange juice is getting squeezed

6/13/2013 - Is the Nikkei bear market the death knell for Abenomics?

6/13/2013 - The importance of the code you don’t write

6/13/2013 - Guess who’s moving to Germany: Greece

6/13/2013 - The world is approaching Peak Meat, producing 7 times more than in 1950

6/13/2013 - Emerging markets are freaking out about the global flight from risk

6/13/2013 - Once the world’s best performing fashion retail stock, Mulberry is faltering

6/13/2013 - As world frets about emerging market sell-off, the US recovery rolls on

6/13/2013 - Apple may finally be caving to consumers who want a phablet

6/13/2013 - The plunging Hang Seng suggests another awful year for Hong Kong IPOs

6/13/2013 - Russia’s ban on “homosexual propaganda” shows the Kremlin is still the ultimate puppetmaster

6/13/2013 - How China’s solar boom fizzled and went bust

6/13/2013 - Still got your money in emerging markets? Here’s what to worry about—and where

6/13/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—RBS ousts its CEO, Lululemon insider share sale, bushels for Buffett

6/13/2013 - Soccer star Lionel Messi used the same trick as Apple to cut his tax bill

6/13/2013 - Nicaragua still thinks it can build a better canal than Panama after 200 years of trying

6/13/2013 - China’s poisoned soil is widespread, and a state secret—so citizens are mapping it themselves

6/13/2013 - CEO Stephen Hester—”the embodiment of fat-cat capitalism”—gets the boot from RBS

6/13/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Asian markets plunge, Greeks on the street, defending Big Surveillance

6/12/2013 - A cry for help from a forced Chinese labor camp was real after all

6/12/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Apple’s court date, tire deal, Swiss secrecy, ALL-CAPS

6/12/2013 - Apollo snaps up Cooper Tire in the latest bold US buy from an emerging-market firm

6/12/2013 - The euro may be safe for now—but Europe can’t keep relying on the ECB to do its dirty work

6/12/2013 - Iran can’t shop at Costco any more

6/12/2013 - Is building more cities the answer to China’s economic problems?

6/12/2013 - Meet Obama’s lawyer at the NSA, the next guy about to undergo some serious surveillance

6/12/2013 - Amazon and eBay’s chief rival in India is giving the outsiders a leg up

6/12/2013 - The biggest threat to the global economy could come from outer space

6/12/2013 - The secret to bringing down India’s birth rate: get more women to watch soap operas

6/12/2013 - Yes, credit cards are making you a bad person

6/12/2013 - Now that Steve Jobs is dead, Kanye West is the Steve Jobs of culture, says Kanye West

6/12/2013 - Why the Facebook innovation machine doesn’t work on mobile devices

6/12/2013 - The world’s biggest sterilizer of women isn’t China—it’s India

6/12/2013 - Here’s why Facebook’s investors find Facebook so baffling

6/12/2013 - Internet companies should resist going the way of telephone companies on surveillance

6/12/2013 - Vietnam now exports more electronics than sneakers and t-shirts

6/12/2013 - Japan’s April machinery orders slip in a blow to Abenomics

6/12/2013 - A stronger euro and bad weather are hitting the world’s biggest fashion retailer

6/12/2013 - Phat, Chocolate, Remember—When Chinese employees pick their English names

6/12/2013 - See how much faster your Wi-Fi could be if there were more spectrum

6/12/2013 - In April, euro zone factories were surprisingly busier, thanks to…France

6/12/2013 - PRISM just gave Russia a great excuse to step up its war on social networks

6/12/2013 - Economists looked even closer at Reinhart and Rogoff’s data—and the results might surprise you

6/12/2013 - China is “outsourcing” pollution internally to meet carbon emissions targets

6/12/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—FX fixed, UK growth, H&R Block, NSA kids

6/12/2013 - China overreaches after French documentary on Tibet, ensuring that everyone will now watch it

6/12/2013 - Deep in the hundred acre wood, where Xi and Obama play

6/12/2013 - Developing market investors are in retreat and everyone has a different explanation

6/12/2013 - Cheaper than China: Samsung boosts investment in Vietnam manufacturing

6/12/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Facebook and Google want transparency, new looks for old companies, angry Legos

6/11/2013 - Prada is losing its sheen in South Korea

6/11/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition— Turkey tense, US immigration progress, and the 1984 obsession

6/11/2013 - In Sudan, the threats sound like war but it’s only the way they talk

6/11/2013 - Kenyan authorities are mistaking a new local currency for a separatist movement

6/11/2013 - Greece is becoming an emerging market

6/11/2013 - Drone builders prepare to create immigration reform’s lucrative border panopticon

6/11/2013 - A bunch of kids pissed off about cold food and mojitos are bringing accountability to India

6/11/2013 - Parents aren’t relying on iPads and smartphones to babysit their kids

6/11/2013 - America’s biggest mortgage lender: Don’t freak about rising rates

6/11/2013 - HP’s affair with mobile tech is one more nail in the coffin for Wintel computing

6/11/2013 - Greece just shut down its state broadcaster in an attempt to balance the books

6/11/2013 - NSA leaker Edward Snowden gets his wish: “Change”

6/11/2013 - Even in the world’s richest country, it takes smartphones to end internet inequality

6/11/2013 - Can Mulberry’s creative director give Coach the makeover it needs?

6/11/2013 - As Dubai’s economy rebounds, so do all its bad habits

6/11/2013 - Chinese local governments are padding their balance sheets with billions in fake assets

6/11/2013 - The indicator every Turk is watching to see if the protests are hurting the economy

6/11/2013 - Barack Obama and Xi Jinping’s summit shifted the state of US-China relations

6/11/2013 - Lululemon shares: Downward dogs

6/11/2013 - How digital currencies democratize tax evasion

6/11/2013 - How Iceland became a paradise for whistleblowers, renegade chess-prodigies, and pirates

6/11/2013 - People are now running from bonds. Running.

6/11/2013 - America’s improving economy is lousy news for Apple bond holders

6/11/2013 - The Sony vs. Microsoft price war is a side-show to the death of console gaming itself

6/11/2013 - How the government outsourced the business of spying to Silicon Valley

6/11/2013 - Wake up, Latin America, it was never your leaders who drove growth

6/11/2013 - Prada is expanding to smaller Chinese cities as its global growth slows

6/11/2013 - Apple’s latest creation is a woman named Mieko Haire

6/11/2013 - Why you should be cautious about the next oil boom forecast that you hear

6/11/2013 - April data show that the UK recovery is really happening

6/11/2013 - Pakistan may un-block YouTube—or it may just block all of Google

6/11/2013 - In defense of liquified pig corpses

6/11/2013 - The one woman who will benefit from the catastrophic floods in Europe

6/11/2013 - Sleeping German banker accidentally transfers €222,222,222.22

6/11/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Snowden checks out, Softbank raises Sprint bid, Turkey police retake Taksim, spicy food genes

6/11/2013 - Election season, Cambodian style: Opposition lawmakers are ousted

6/11/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Snowden checks out, SoftBank sweetens Sprint offer, new Apple gadgetry

6/10/2013 - Softbank tries anew to gain upper hand against Dish Network in bidding war for Sprint

6/10/2013 - Edward Snowden and the magical world of security clearances

6/10/2013 - Apple’s streaming radio service won’t win without on-demand play

6/10/2013 - Remember Lululemon’s CEO with this chart, not see-through yoga pants

6/10/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Immigration debate, S&P outlook, Greek gas, fit pets

6/10/2013 - Even age-old lead-acid batteries are a terrible market

6/10/2013 - Apple’s signal strength indicator in iOS 7 will lie to you in a whole new way

6/10/2013 - More evidence that Thomson Reuters data may be leaking out earlier than it’s meant to

6/10/2013 - Apple’s new operating system presages the fusion of desktop and mobile software

6/10/2013 - The NSA just made it official: Americans are guilty till proven innocent

6/10/2013 - McDonald’s breakfast as eggonomic indicator

6/10/2013 - Canadians are now much deeper in debt than Americans

6/10/2013 - Fueled by cheap credit, two Thai tycoons spend $27 billion on acquisitions

6/10/2013 - Half the United States’ most skilled workers don’t have a bachelor’s degree

6/10/2013 - Facebook: the next blue chip stock?

6/10/2013 - What we learned from Zach Sobiech’s death: The emotional side of big data

6/10/2013 - A Google-Waze deal would push Israeli M&A volume to its highest levels to date

6/10/2013 - Think US snooping is bad? Try Italy, India or…Canada

6/10/2013 - America’s outsourced spy force, in seven charts

6/10/2013 - For some reason, S&P has growing confidence in American politicians

6/10/2013 - Chinese internet users call for an Edward Snowden of their own

6/10/2013 - Here’s what to expect from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference

6/10/2013 - Tablets are for middle-aged people, smartphones are for 20-somethings, says Pew

6/10/2013 - Who loses if Google acquires Waze for $1.3 billion? Israeli tech companies

6/10/2013 - Greek deflation slowed in May—and that’s a bad thing

6/10/2013 - Why Iran’s election will likely bring a nuclear thaw, and a new round of tussles with the West

6/10/2013 - Bangladesh’s garment exports increased in May, despite the catastrophic factory collapse a month before

6/10/2013 - Want a job? Stop complaining and start solving someone else’s problems

6/10/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—a whistleblower in Hong Kong, Apple’s big event, Japan bounces back, Hollande’s dream

6/10/2013 - A few bits of good news have reversed the downward slide of Japan’s markets

6/10/2013 - Next move China—Will Hong Kong (or Beijing) refuse to extradite the NSA leaker?

6/9/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Apple’s new products, NSA whistleblower in hiding, Nazi diary, invisibility cloaks

6/9/2013 - Edward Snowden’s lesson to both businesses and the NSA: Your IT people are your biggest risk

6/9/2013 - “We hack everyone everywhere”—What the NSA whistleblower reveals about the agency’s activities abroad

6/9/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—WWDC, Lulu’s bottom line, NSA whistleblower, immortality

6/9/2013 - Forget dowries: Chinese men have to pay up to $24,000 to get a bride

6/9/2013 - The Guardian reveals its whistleblower on NSA surveillance: Edward Snowden

6/9/2013 - Google’s purchase of Waze would deal a death blow to other companies’ mapping efforts

6/9/2013 - World’s first commercial cyborg scuttles onto Kickstarter

6/9/2013 - The high-security, high-concept vault where Deutsche Bank will store $9 billion of gold

6/8/2013 - Steep drop in exports signals China’s GDP growth is even worse than first thought

6/8/2013 - CEOs in Spain and Italy have the highest pay in Europe

6/8/2013 - India is surviving on less food than it did four decades ago

6/8/2013 - The US government is surveilling Americans on the internet and building anti-surveillance technology for Iranians

6/7/2013 - The NSA has tons of data, but where is it keeping it all?

6/7/2013 - Why the NSA has access to 80% of online communication even if Google doesn’t have a “back door”

6/7/2013 - Why you feel bad about money: Ostrogoths.

6/7/2013 - Why Wal-Mart’s $15 billion stock buyback may not be as great as it seems

6/7/2013 - Indonesia’s push for low-cost, green cars has automakers salivating

6/7/2013 - China’s cinema giant is moving on to James Bond yachts

6/7/2013 - This chart explains why cities are at the center of innovation

6/7/2013 - This is not a Turkish Spring and isn’t likely to be

6/7/2013 - Simple math shows why the NSA’s Facebook spying is a fool’s errand

6/7/2013 - Wall Street bankers say “Game of Thrones” is just like real life for them

6/7/2013 - Sweden’s strange mix of Silicon Valley and refugee immigrants

6/7/2013 - China’s leading credit-rating agency gets Europe’s OK to topple the “hegemony” of Western rivals

6/7/2013 - Could the NSA be spying on the wife of China’s president?

6/7/2013 - Some companies pay executives extra to fly on their own private jets for vacation

6/7/2013 - Apple probably drank 6% of Samsung’s milkshake

6/7/2013 - Seven of the most important, but least viewed, charts on US jobs

6/7/2013 - If the US is in a new housing bubble, where are all the home-building jobs?

6/7/2013 - Will robots boost middle class unemployment?

6/7/2013 - Xi and Obama’s summit has everyone thinking about sex for some reason

6/7/2013 - Canada adds the most jobs per month since 2002

6/7/2013 - The complete US jobs report for May in two simple charts

6/7/2013 - The economic case for the US to legalize all drugs

6/7/2013 - For India’s Ambani brothers, nothing says I love you like a $2.1 billion business deal

6/7/2013 - The US economy added 175,000 jobs in May, and the unemployment rate rose to 7.6%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

6/7/2013 - The funny thing about where Americans stand on taxes and immigration

6/7/2013 - Democracy, autocracy, or people’s republic: your information is fair game for everyone

6/7/2013 - North Korea and South Korea are back at the negotiating table

6/7/2013 - Why the rest of the world is hankering for America’s bull semen

6/7/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—US jobs day, Xi’s come-back line for Obama, Korean relations thaw anew

6/7/2013 - NSA surveillance just gave China’s president the perfect come-back line

6/7/2013 - Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi wants to be president—but getting there is another story

6/7/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—US snooping secrets, European floods, Chinese exam day, Putin is single

6/6/2013 - A brief history of the US government’s awful graphic design

6/6/2013 - PRISM is bigger than anything that came before it—but no-one knows how much bigger

6/6/2013 - How total could US government surveillance be?

6/6/2013 - LightInTheBox’s solid opening day could renew US investor love affair with Chinese IPOs

6/6/2013 - The NSA whistleblower who guessed exactly what was going on, six months ago

6/6/2013 - Will users outside the US disconnect their Google, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft and Apple accounts now?

6/6/2013 - You, too, can spy with the NSA—and make $42,209 to $81,204 a year

6/6/2013 - China’s new way of tackling pollution is to make companies buy environmental insurance

6/6/2013 - Twitter boosts its privacy cred with its absence from the NSA’s surveillance program

6/6/2013 - Google, Facebook, Microsoft, others allegedly allow the US government to “watch your ideas form as you type”

6/6/2013 - If you had a bank account in the Cayman Islands, why would you pay taxes on it?

6/6/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Chinese exams, Europe’s floods, government spying, candy crackdown

6/6/2013 - It’s not just the US—most countries are spying more on their citizens these days

6/6/2013 - American households have recovered the $16 trillion in wealth destroyed during the crisis

6/6/2013 - Thai trader relied on Facebook friend for alleged insider trading in Smithfield Food deal

6/6/2013 - Why fixing the world’s busiest border crossing could save the US billions

6/6/2013 - The world’s worst college entrance exam is getting a little more fair

6/6/2013 - Self-interest can make the world a better place—for animals, at least

6/6/2013 - Yen suddenly strengthens in possible bet against Abenomics

6/6/2013 - Rumor has it that MakerBot may be ready to cash out

6/6/2013 - How to read the signs at tomorrow’s US-China “shirt-sleeves” summit

6/6/2013 - Of course the NSA wants to know everything about you—so does everybody else

6/6/2013 - What other countries can learn from Britain’s experience with China’s Huawei

6/6/2013 - With things looking less bad in Europe, the ECB pats itself of the back

6/6/2013 - Portugal is poorer today than at the start of the century

6/6/2013 - Happiness comes from intention, not luck

6/6/2013 - A close look at interest rates shows some scary trends in China’s growing debt load

6/6/2013 - IMF’s own Greece post-mortem shows why it should have steered clear of the euro crisis

6/6/2013 - Jobless rates climb to some scary new highs in France and Greece

6/6/2013 - Here’s one way to fix India’s sorry state of philanthropy

6/6/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—NSA snooping, Chinese setbacks in Africa, Turkish Grand Theft Auto

6/6/2013 - The revolution will not be carbonated: Pepsi in talks to buy SodaStream

6/6/2013 - Setbacks in Ghana and Gabon demonstrate increased pushback against China in Africa

6/6/2013 - China selectively opens the Great Firewall for special events

6/6/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—NSA snooping, Chinese setbacks in Africa, 3D-printed Barbies

6/5/2013 - SAC Capital to remain a hedge fund amid client redemptions, but it’s too early to claim victory

6/5/2013 - Qatar and UAE enter epic battle to win emerging market status

6/5/2013 - Italian banks are losing lots of money, but at least it’s not because they’re getting robbed

6/5/2013 - Zynga CEO Mark Pincus said layoffs will save the company, but the market doesn’t believe him

6/5/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—ECB rates, Brazilian tax, IKEA’s new chairman, bull sperm

6/5/2013 - Today’s Chinese shoppers are the American Jews of the 1950s, says American Apparel

6/5/2013 - Pundits who hate tipping don’t understand how essential it is to the US economy

6/5/2013 - “Le binge drinking” is on the rise in France, despite less drinking overall

6/5/2013 - Checklist: All the reasons Yahoo is going to acquire Foursquare

6/5/2013 - The one thing that makes a company last forever

6/5/2013 - Saudi Arabia bans messaging app Viber. WhatsApp and Skype could be next

6/5/2013 - Brazil is waving the white flag in the supposed currency war

6/5/2013 - The US has sent nearly $2 million worth of bull sperm to Iran this year

6/5/2013 - This is who wins in a wine war between China and the EU

6/5/2013 - The 15-millisecond head start that led to $28 million in trades

6/5/2013 - IKEA’s new chairman likes PAX wardrobes, and that’s about all we know

6/5/2013 - Why northern Europe is home to surprisingly large “shadow economies”

6/5/2013 - Here’s why Apple’s huge profits are actually a curse

6/5/2013 - Vegetarians live longer, but it’s not because they don’t eat meat

6/5/2013 - NATO wants to fight the spectre of cyberwar but it’s doing it half-heartedly

6/5/2013 - The secret to a relaxing vacation: Send all your email to the trash

6/5/2013 - China offers a new environmental report, filled with state secrets

6/5/2013 - In the future, we may control drones with our minds

6/5/2013 - Welcome to the UK recovery, finally

6/5/2013 - The sharing economy isn’t sharing its wealth with you

6/5/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—JP Morgan’s Alabama money pit, Vodafone’s India tax bill, Google’s electoral powers

6/5/2013 - Shinzo Abe’s “third arrow” fails to impress investors who wanted a bigger boost

6/5/2013 - Amazon and eBay just started a battle for the last major e-commerce frontier

6/5/2013 - Apple and Samsung are fighting tooth and nail, but it’s Chinese smartphone makers they should be worried about

6/4/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Abenomic’s third arrow, Chrysler’s recall defiance, Google’s electoral influence

6/4/2013 - Chrysler defies the US government’s request to recall 2.7 mln Jeeps—not that it had much choice

6/4/2013 - BBC determines it’s incapable of accurately reporting the time

6/4/2013 - US bounties for West African terrorists are lavish, but don’t get any ideas

6/4/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Australia GDP, new PM in Pakistan, and the latest acquisition for IBM

6/4/2013 - China accounts for $6.3 billion of the US’s new $8 billion trade shortfall

6/4/2013 - The 37 front companies that the US government says enrich Iran’s leaders and circumvent sanctions

6/4/2013 - Why patent trolls will laugh in the face of the US government’s weak attempts to fight them

6/4/2013 - What Amazon’s push into online groceries is really about

6/4/2013 - For the sake of its economy, Turkey better learn to embrace us “looters”

6/4/2013 - What happened to Tank Man, China’s most famous Tiananmen Square protester?

6/4/2013 - Apple’s getting into ad-based radio, despite its terrible track record with advertisers

6/4/2013 - More than 40% of managers that are sent abroad fail

6/4/2013 - Sean Parker’s $10 million destruction of a park epitomizes what’s wrong with Silicon Valley

6/4/2013 - Why there will be no catastrophic spike in US interest rates

6/4/2013 - Online streaming is steaming but pay TV probably doesn’t need to worry—yet

6/4/2013 - Eerily normal Instagram photos from Tiananmen Square on the anniversary of the massacre

6/4/2013 - When an economist tells you something that is based on a theory or a model, you should be very skeptical

6/4/2013 - Israel may be the first country to hit peak Wi-Fi

6/4/2013 - Why Amazon just splurged on Dora, SpongeBob, and Blue

6/4/2013 - Is importing Malawians to take unskilled jobs a fix for South Korea’s ageing crisis—or “slave labor”?

6/4/2013 - IBM is upping its game in cloud computing—and so is everyone else

6/4/2013 - Surfwear companies like Billabong are in trouble, brah

6/4/2013 - Silicon Valley may be losing its edge to New York, London and San Francisco

6/4/2013 - Imagine reading this: “A White House counsel known for his shoes”

6/4/2013 - College tuition in the US isn’t climbing as fast as you think

6/4/2013 - A smart member of the global warrior elite “discovers” the next big threat

6/4/2013 - China’s plan to survive the 3D-printing revolution: Own the market

6/4/2013 - Irish real estate: Still a disaster

6/4/2013 - US regulators designate new non-bank mega-firms

6/4/2013 - Why everything geeks think they know about Kickstarter is wrong

6/4/2013 - Increased scrutiny from China’s securities regulator led to hundreds of IPO withdrawals

6/4/2013 - How Turkey’s chaos has undercut Kurdish and Israeli oil and gas ambitions

6/4/2013 - Japan could add hundreds of billions to its GDP with more women in the workforce

6/4/2013 - There’s an EU trademark for these Polish pretzels—but few actually pass muster

6/4/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—China remembers May 35th, splitting RBS, Disney inflation

6/4/2013 - This startup captured $200 million of people’s savings by turning financial advice into an algorithm

6/4/2013 - Weibo users play cat-and-mouse (and duck) with Chinese censors on Tiananmen anniversary

6/4/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Istanbul protests, Tiananmen anniversary, illegal kindergarten

6/3/2013 - Most of China’s kindergartens are illegal and unlicensed, and that can be fatal for kids

6/3/2013 - Ireland’s see-no-evil tax policy is antagonizing the people it owes money to

6/3/2013 - Everyone who’s attending Bilderberg, the world’s most elite conference

6/3/2013 - Getting paid by your employer to be healthy works—except when it doesn’t

6/3/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Istanbul protests, Zynga cull, SAC’s funds, jaywalking

6/3/2013 - At the heart of Turkey’s political upheaval is a whirlwind of authoritarian building

6/3/2013 - Now that Americans are buying homes, Detroit’s Big Three are coming back

6/3/2013 - Steve Cohen should worry less about Picassos and more about fleeing big clients

6/3/2013 - China is the only nuclear weapon state expanding its nuclear arsenal

6/3/2013 - When it comes to salary negotiations, ask for a precise number

6/3/2013 - Execs from Apple and publishing houses calling each other idiots

6/3/2013 - Avaya’s delayed IPO appears to be back on track amid a hot market for public offerings

6/3/2013 - Bling sales surged in Hong Kong in April. So much for China’s anti-corruption push

6/3/2013 - Who’s laughing now? Hulu has billion-dollar bidders

6/3/2013 - Google now spends more on lobbying than Lockheed Martin

6/3/2013 - Why China’s citizens are being punished for jaywalking

6/3/2013 - How to finally get along with your spouse: Get divorced

6/3/2013 - Why is South Korea bellyaching about the yen when it’s running a $6 billion trade surplus?

6/3/2013 - Former BP CEO John Browne says gay marriage is good business and of strategic importance

6/3/2013 - China may look like it’s gaining in space but it’s running the wrong race

6/3/2013 - Weak US factory data makes markets think the Fed won’t scale back QE so quickly

6/3/2013 - Wealthy countries are creating more jobs by creating worse jobs

6/3/2013 - Just like that, Japan’s Nikkei has erased nearly half its gains for the year

6/3/2013 - The simple way to let consumers judge a product before it even hits the market

6/3/2013 - 80% of Samsung’s microchip revenue comes from arch-nemesis Apple

6/3/2013 - Exports buoy European manufacturing, but deflationary pressure looms

6/3/2013 - Vietnam just broke up an anti-Chinese protest it wholly agrees with

6/3/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Turkish riots, Apple in court, China weakens, Europe stabilizes

6/3/2013 - A horrific factory fire in northeastern China shows just how badly industry needs reform

6/3/2013 - China patches cracks in the Great Firewall ahead of Tiananmen anniversary

6/3/2013 - A tale of two PMIs shows China’s growth conundrum

6/2/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Quartz Daily Brief—Turkey riots, Prague floods, China slows, Wikileaks on trial

6/2/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—e-books trial, Wikileaks trial, Manhattan mega-deal, globesity

6/2/2013 - Wall Street pay for Stanford MBAs is exploding, while Silicon Valley salaries plateau

6/2/2013 - Why East Timor’s GNP is four times as high as its GDP

6/2/2013 - US v. Apple: What they’re really fighting over as the antitrust case goes to trial

6/2/2013 - Why would-be marijuana moguls have their work cut out for them

6/1/2013 - Co-founder Murthy is back, but what troubled Infosys needs most is a break from the past

6/1/2013 - Turkey’s park protest proves problematic for prime minister

6/1/2013 - Why Better Place failed with swappable batteries—and your cars might just use them one day

6/1/2013 - Unhappy with its tax bill, Yahoo’s CFO hints at rethinking terms of Alibaba deal

6/1/2013 - American wealth isn’t even half of what it was before the big crash

6/1/2013 - By 2050, one in five people in Africa will be Nigerian