2/29/2020 - “Tip of the iceberg”: What we know about the first Covid-19 death in the US

2/29/2020 - Weekend edition—Coronavirus rout, cabin crew blues, dating Lady Gaga

2/29/2020 - Weekend edition—Coronavirus rout, cabin crew blues, dating Lady Gaga

2/29/2020 - EVs just got a boost from climate scientists worried about ride-hailing

2/29/2020 - Twitter users react to a “vulture fund” planning to oust @Jack

2/29/2020 - South Koreans are using smartphone apps to avoid the novel coronavirus

2/29/2020 - Global luxury events are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus

2/28/2020 - The novel coronavirus can likely live up to 96 hours on phone screens

2/28/2020 - Coronavirus isn’t likely to cause a full-blown global recession—yet

2/28/2020 - Weekend edition—Coronavirus rout, cabin crew blues, dating Lady Gaga

2/28/2020 - Nursing homes have to be extra prepared for coronavirus outbreaks

2/28/2020 - Coronavirus spells trouble for online platforms like Weibo, despite user spike

2/28/2020 - Leap years

2/28/2020 - Scientists are rushing to understand the effect of coronavirus on kids

2/28/2020 - The best Bloomberg roasts on TikTok and Instagram

2/28/2020 - Global stock markets are hurtling toward their worst week since the financial crisis

2/28/2020 - Transparency advocates sue to reveal who’s behind a shadowy Facebook campaign

2/28/2020 - Bill Gates’s plan to tackle a possible pandemic only works if governments handle health care

2/28/2020 - Nigeria’s biggest battle with coronavirus will be beating misinformation

2/28/2020 - Trump’s attacks on SCOTUS justices mask a true recusal issue

2/28/2020 - Quartzy: the personal leave edition

2/28/2020 - Facebook ads reveal what the Democratic candidates think will sway South Carolina voters

2/28/2020 - Political ads on Waze offer drivers rerouting to polling places

2/28/2020 - The cost of American health care could help coronavirus spread in the US

2/28/2020 - Future of Finance: Regulators ask about zero commissions, Cash App raps

2/28/2020 - Coronavirus latest, South Carolina primary, handshake ban

2/28/2020 - How Nigeria prepared for coronavirus and why it might just avoid a major outbreak

2/28/2020 - For Quartz members—poker, coronavirus, and unconventional work advice

2/28/2020 - An engineer has finally figured out how to design stylish safety boots for women

2/28/2020 - Food delivery during a pandemic exposes the gig economy’s biggest rift

2/28/2020 - The Singaporean government is taking a collective pay cut out of coronavirus solidarity

2/28/2020 - Religious zeal shattered Delhi’s lives and dreams. Religious zeal is now picking up the pieces, too

2/28/2020 - Regulators around the world are coming for the gig economy

2/28/2020 - India:気候危機が生む「新しい難民」

2/28/2020 - Nigeria has confirmed an Italian man as Sub-Saharan Africa’s first coronavirus case

2/28/2020 - A “people’s war” against coronavirus in China has echoes of Mao’s era

2/28/2020 - Taliban agreement, Idlib escalation, the biggest bang

2/28/2020 - Delhi’s maiden LGBTQI job fair was only the first step towards workplace diversity

2/28/2020 - Ola is Uber’s new nightmare on London’s streets

2/27/2020 - Tennessee professor charged with hiding China ties from NASA

2/27/2020 - South Koreans are visiting the US instead of Japan

2/27/2020 - Daily Brief:NY市場、はやくも過去最大の下げ幅

2/27/2020 - Coronavirus correction, kitchen contagion, the biggest bang

2/27/2020 - Your Netflix binging isn’t killing the planet—yet

2/27/2020 - Intel loses and English wins in a refreshingly simple SCOTUS decision

2/27/2020 - The middle finger

2/27/2020 - Coronavirus forced Chinese food delivery to evolve. Will it do the same in the US?

2/27/2020 - Europe’s single market for data won’t free it from American tech giants

2/27/2020 - Coronavirus is drying up the supply chains of Southeast Asia’s factories

2/27/2020 - Beijing’s city government issued 10 anti-coronavirus rules for workplaces

2/27/2020 - Internet shutdowns in Africa were more frequent and lasted longer in 2019

2/27/2020 - An easy way to measure the gulf between the UK and EU’s trade negotiating positions

2/27/2020 - The EU subsidies which cause overfishing in West Africa’s waters also drive illegal migration

2/27/2020 - Space Business: Not afraid to be servicey

2/27/2020 - The US is buying half a billion facemasks to guard against coronavirus

2/27/2020 - Listen to how precious-metals sellers psychologically manipulate elderly conservatives

2/27/2020 - Can cryptocurrency become the UN money of the future?

2/27/2020 - How bond, stock, bitcoin, and copper markets are reacting to coronavirus

2/27/2020 - “A lot of us are suffering”: The dark side of the flight attendant lifestyle

2/27/2020 - Beyond Meat, coronavirus, sensitive billionaires

2/27/2020 - Millennials:世界一稼ぐキッズYouTuber

2/27/2020 - In India, Satya Nadella has empathy, coding, and cricket on his mind

2/27/2020 - How the US went from being indifferent to fawning over India—because of China

2/27/2020 - How an old-school classifieds website reinvented itself for the era of Zomato and Ola

2/27/2020 - After 34 deaths and global stink, an uneasy calm hangs over riot-hit Delhi

2/27/2020 - UK’s negotiating terms, US coronavirus response, period poverty

2/26/2020 - My Delhi’s wounds today are a direct result of the free-flowing bile our families normalised

2/26/2020 - The FTC wants to cut one of the coal industry’s last lifelines

2/26/2020 - Daily Brief:トランプ、「新型コロナ」会見へ

2/26/2020 - Bank of Korea vs. coronavirus, Apple in India, Android-wielding villains

2/26/2020 - TikTok

2/26/2020 - Goldman Sachs joined a $55 million funding round in South African fintech startup Jumo

2/26/2020 - Under Bob Iger, Disney took over the world

2/26/2020 - The growing list of world events canceled due to coronavirus

2/26/2020 - How to deal with uncertainty like a poker champion

2/26/2020 - Japanese whiskey consumption in the US is exploding—and now Japanese gin and vodka, too

2/26/2020 - Sportswear has few female CEOs, and it just lost another

2/26/2020 - How religion is playing a role in the spread of coronavirus in Korea

2/26/2020 - US Supreme Court “aligns” with treaty partners in international child custody dispute

2/26/2020 - Coronavirus is spreading fast—in company earnings calls

2/26/2020 - How socialism became anti-American

2/26/2020 - Here’s more proof that Trump’s H-1B crackdown is only helping Canada

2/26/2020 - Apple investors, Olympic fears, the new Lagerfeld

2/26/2020 - The story of how Kenyan women are bringing P&G to task over the Always “burning pads” saga

2/26/2020 - It’s dangerous for governments to claim the coronavirus outbreak is under control

2/26/2020 - A handful of US cities have passed soda taxes, but are they working?

2/26/2020 - Africa:マラソン王国のシューズスタートアップ

2/26/2020 - All trade and no democracy is the new hallmark of India-US ties

2/26/2020 - A misguided attempt by FW de Klerk to reframe apartheid’s impact damages his legacy

2/26/2020 - Delhi chief minister seeks Indian Army’s help after riots claim 20 lives over two days

2/26/2020 - Apple shareholders, Hong Kong cash handout, every melody ever

2/25/2020 - A guide for early-stage Indian startups to lure the right talent

2/25/2020 - Jumia’s losses widened over the last year—and now coronavirus threatens to hobble growth

2/25/2020 - Supreme Court offers no relief to parents in cross-border shooting case

2/25/2020 - Univision’s new CEO doesn’t speak Spanish

2/25/2020 - The head of Uber Eats is stepping down

2/25/2020 - The Bob Iger era at Disney is over

2/25/2020 - Daily Brief:ディズニー、CEO交代

2/25/2020 - Iger steps down, coronavirus steps up, every melody ever

2/25/2020 - Lazy rivers

2/25/2020 - The US Supreme Court rules unanimously in a “curious” tax refund case

2/25/2020 - Facebook threw some petty cash at misinformation research

2/25/2020 - Macy’s now has a used-clothes strategy and the early results are in

2/25/2020 - Disney wants its streaming service to be “family-friendly,” but doesn’t know what that means

2/25/2020 - Investors are backing a Nigerian pharmacy tech startup aiming to disrupt primary healthcare

2/25/2020 - The rise of yet another neofascist party expands Europe’s populist reach

2/25/2020 - Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg demonstrates the Zen principle “beginner’s mind”

2/25/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: Bezos, plastic taxes, and heatwaves

2/25/2020 - To calm H-1B nerves, American employers are sponsoring green cards faster

2/25/2020 - Dems debate, stocks stabilize, Warren Buffet’s phone

2/25/2020 - The world’s largest rubber company is being blamed again for pollution in a Liberian river

2/25/2020 - China:アマゾンを破壊する大豆

2/25/2020 - Svalbard seed vault, Sweden-China rift, Warren Buffet’s phone

2/25/2020 - Gandhi’s former Sabarmati home remained a sanctuary of calm amid Trump’s visit

2/25/2020 - Indian birdwatchers warn that almost all local birds are dying out

2/24/2020 - Four years after his disappearance, China sentenced a Hong Kong bookseller to 10 years in prison

2/24/2020 - Ten dead in Delhi citizenship riots amidst Trump’s maiden India visit

2/24/2020 - Revolut triples valuation even as scrutiny over neobank profitability grows

2/24/2020 - Daily Brief:日本、新型コロナに基本方針

2/24/2020 - Japan’s coronavirus policy, Assange’s extradition fight, “Friends” reunion

2/24/2020 - The US Supreme Court gets metaphysical in Appalachian Trail pipeline fight

2/24/2020 - Renewable energy investment is taking big strides in sub-Saharan Africa

2/24/2020 - Leopard print

2/24/2020 - ICE expands use of pepper spray at privately-run immigration detention center accused of abuse

2/24/2020 - The “Friends” cast members are each making $2.5 million to hang out for an hour

2/24/2020 - Coronavirus will cost the luxury industry an estimated $40 billion

2/24/2020 - Hysteria over coronavirus in Italy is reminiscent of the black death

2/24/2020 - Nigeria’s economy is making a comeback—but it’s still not happening fast enough

2/24/2020 - How a political refugee found a lost 18th century Ethiopian bronze crown and took it back home

2/24/2020 - East African B2B retail platform Sokowatch has closed a $14 million Series A funding

2/24/2020 - Trump plays India’s favourite notes with Bollywood and cricket, but there’s no holding back the bored Indian

2/24/2020 - Assange extradition, potential pandemic, Bieber vs. Elvis

2/24/2020 - Wuhan’s easing of coronavirus lockdown measures lasted all of three hours

2/24/2020 - Trump hopes to ink a US-India trade deal despite “tough negotiator” Modi

2/24/2020 - India’s richest man believes any Indian can become a Bill Gates or Dhirubhai Ambani

2/24/2020 - This week for Quartz members: TikTok, China’s first global app

2/24/2020 - How TikTok conquered Indian social media

2/24/2020 - How three very different brands mastered TikTok

2/24/2020 - The Chinese “app factory” behind the global rise of TikTok

2/24/2020 - Zhang Yiming is leading a new generation of Chinese tech moguls

2/24/2020 - Teenagers are using TikTok to bond with their grandparents

2/24/2020 - How TikTok became China’s first global app

2/24/2020 - Startup:ドローン生け捕りドローン

2/24/2020 - India holds a second Republic Day Parade—in reverse and only for the Trumps

2/24/2020 - The World Photography Awards removed Hong Kong protest shots for being politically sensitive

2/24/2020 - Julian Assange extradition, potential pandemic, “British” passports

2/23/2020 - A limited Indo-US trade deal is the best we can expect during the Trump visit

2/23/2020 - 今週のQuartz:国防で活躍するドローンスタートアップ、子ども向けテックの成長、インドを襲う気候変動の真実

2/23/2020 - Behind the wall: The Indians India doesn’t want Trump to see

2/23/2020 - In photos: Modi’s home turf, Ahmedabad, has gone all out to please Donald Trump

2/23/2020 - Trump’s fury over coronavirus patients being repatriated may be justified

2/23/2020 - Daily Brief:トランプVSモディの行方

2/23/2020 - Trump in India, Malaysia intrigue, prayer pitstops 

2/23/2020 - The new British passport is actually only kind of British—but very blue

2/23/2020 - Kashmiri evacuees from Wuhan face a different lockdown after fleeing the coronavirus

2/23/2020 - Bernie Sanders isn’t a democratic socialist. He is a social democrat

2/23/2020 - Kenya’s running shoes, East Africa’s facemasks, Afrobeats’ refugees

2/22/2020 - Tesla has defeated “tree pirates” and resumed plowing down a forest in Germany

2/22/2020 - Weekend edition—Bloomberg’s billions, Instagram scam, garbage speak

2/22/2020 - Weekend edition—Bloomberg’s billions, Instagram scam, garbage speak

2/22/2020 - Photos: A temperature gun to the head has become an iconic coronavirus image

2/22/2020 - African countries aren’t borrowing too much—they’re paying too much for debt

2/22/2020 - Warren Buffett explains the problem with corporate boards

2/22/2020 - Coronavirus containment is looking less likely amid surprise outbreaks in Iran and Italy

2/22/2020 - Justice Sotomayor calls out the US Supreme Court in a sharp dissent

2/22/2020 - Amazon is scrambling to prevent a coronavirus hit to Prime Day

2/22/2020 - Roadside chapels gain traction in Western Europe as church attendance declines

2/22/2020 - Bloomberg is playing by the rules. And that’s the problem

2/22/2020 - Why you get campaign texts calling you the wrong name

2/22/2020 - Making friends as an adult is hard, but these simple tips can help

2/21/2020 - Weekend edition—Bloomberg’s billions, Instagram scam, garbage speak

2/21/2020 - Coronavirus is the last thing the global smartphone industry needs

2/21/2020 - Singapore Airlines is using aeroponics to upgrade in-flight meals

2/21/2020 - Navier-Stokes equations

2/21/2020 - Free of White House oversight, National Guard recruits LGBTQ members

2/21/2020 - 5Pointz graffiti has now made an indelible mark on the law and art

2/21/2020 - In a shot against Michael Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren shows how easy it is to nullify an NDA

2/21/2020 - Your coworkers aren’t your family—but you can love them anyway

2/21/2020 - The hot new ways political consultants will try to win your vote

2/21/2020 - Nigerian migrants in Sicily are building a buzzing Afrobeats scene from scratch

2/21/2020 - Quartzy: the homebody edition

2/21/2020 - Should you stay in or go out? These principles can help you decide

2/21/2020 - Picturing your own success can make you more successful

2/21/2020 - Digital innovators are trying to plug gaps in Nigeria’s broken education system

2/21/2020 - Nearly 40% of Europeans in their late 20s still live at home

2/21/2020 - US parole system fraught with allegations of sexual abuse

2/21/2020 - A Bill Gates-led fund is pumping millions into “game changer” lithium mining technology

2/21/2020 - Quartz Future of Finance: Ant Financial vs. coronavirus, Morgan Stanley’s trade

2/21/2020 - Coronavirus keeps spreading, USWNT lawsuit expands, pole dancers compete

2/21/2020 - For Quartz members—our cashless future and B Corps

2/21/2020 - What to expect in a cash-free future

2/21/2020 - A Chinese coronavirus expert says some “recovered” patients could still be infectious

2/21/2020 - India:「デモよりセックス」のリアル

2/21/2020 - Iranian polls, Irish impasse, chunky tongues

2/21/2020 - In Kenya elite collaboration is more important than ethnicity for political power and stability

2/21/2020 - A wall and seven layers of security: How India is preparing for Donald Trump’s visit

2/21/2020 - Can you work in the UK under its new points-based immigration system?

2/20/2020 - Climate change now displaces more people than war, and India should be worried

2/20/2020 - Daily Brief:リーマンショック以降、最大の買収

2/20/2020 - E*Trade sale, bleached reefs, fat tongues

2/20/2020 - The EU’s agenda to regulate AI does little to rein in facial recognition

2/20/2020 - Pole dancing

2/20/2020 - US pork farms ditch a controversial growth drug to snag Chinese markets

2/20/2020 - Chinese middlemen are stockpiling facemasks from Kenya and Tanzania for export to China

2/20/2020 - Vapes and concentrates helped Colorado weed sales reach a record high

2/20/2020 - The best career advice for teens takes the unpredictable into account

2/20/2020 - Trump’s approval ratings have never been better—in India

2/20/2020 - Why a Chinese virology lab is unable to quell the coronavirus conspiracy theories around it

2/20/2020 - The Forest Service says the Appalachian Trail isn’t “land” in a pipeline fight at SCOTUS

2/20/2020 - Victoria’s Secret’s longtime boss is out as the brand is sold off

2/20/2020 - Investors have doubts about the latest American fintech bank

2/20/2020 - Space Business: TacSats

2/20/2020 - Machine learning can’t fix algorithmic bias. But humans can

2/20/2020 - The EU expanded its tax haven blacklist but the world’s biggest tax haven isn’t on it

2/20/2020 - Roger Stone sentencing, Google users’ jurisdiction, blue whale sightings

2/20/2020 - Millennials:熱狂を生む韓国のソフトパワー

2/20/2020 - Facing bias, India’s Muslims are rallying behind its secular constitution, not radical Islam

2/20/2020 - It’s a bad time to be a job seeker in India—and a double whammy for women

2/20/2020 - Only a better understanding of AI can help end our fear of robots

2/20/2020 - Amazon and Flipkart are India’s top m-commerce apps, but it’s Club Factory that catches the eye

2/20/2020 - EU budget fight, Bloomberg’s grilling, mussel massacre

2/20/2020 - A cluster of coronavirus cases in South Korea has been traced to a cult

2/19/2020 - India Inc is turning more socially responsible thanks to its female execs

2/19/2020 - Daily Brief:コピペの科学者が死去

2/19/2020 - Central banks, Android 11, edible art

2/19/2020 - Zeno’s paradoxes

2/19/2020 - Hong Kong’s best new romance is about the secret lives of the city’s closeted gay “uncles”

2/19/2020 - Amid mixed messages and inconsistency China is the only constant of Trump’s US-Africa policy

2/19/2020 - Adidas’s sales are getting slammed amid China’s coronavirus outbreak

2/19/2020 - Uber closes customer support office in Los Angeles

2/19/2020 - This Indian budget hotel chain is being called the next WeWork

2/19/2020 - 207 lawmakers urge the Supreme Court to overrule a half century of abortion law

2/19/2020 - “Absolute disaster”: The UK’s social care sector reacts to the post-Brexit immigration system

2/19/2020 - What is classical architecture? It’s not exactly what the Trump administration thinks it is

2/19/2020 - Why Americans are bad at math

2/19/2020 - How to fix these common bad habits in office meetings

2/19/2020 - Your own bank is getting in the way of your financial stability

2/19/2020 - Bloomberg’s first debate, Adidas in China, Black Death

2/19/2020 - The Indian government’s job schemes are far from helping the economy

2/19/2020 - Africa:エチオピアの奇跡のウラとオモテ

2/19/2020 - What India needs is value-based health care, not cheap health care

2/19/2020 - An expert booted off the Diamond Princess says Japan’s coronavirus control is “completely chaotic”

2/19/2020 - “There is no fish in the ocean”: The future has arrived in this Indian fishing village

2/19/2020 - EU facial recognition rules, air quality satellite, whale earwax

2/19/2020 - “Unlike with IT, India riding the new biosciences wave shouldn’t be an accident”

2/19/2020 - You know who can tackle India’s unemployment problem? Female entrepreneurs

2/18/2020 - What a RICO charge means for Huawei

2/18/2020 - Daily Brief:クルーズ船乗客、やっとの下船開始。

2/18/2020 - Ship quarantine lifts, nervous markets, whale earwax

2/18/2020 - Cheerleading

2/18/2020 - Airports are one place e-commerce can’t touch

2/18/2020 - Thanks to “Parasite,” we know what it takes for Americans to see an international film in theaters

2/18/2020 - Ready to buy a trip to orbit from Elon Musk?

2/18/2020 - China is being accused of mistreating coronavirus nurses for propaganda

2/18/2020 - Have a strong accent? Here’s how that hurts your paycheck

2/18/2020 - African countries debate repatriating citizens from China as coronavirus fears mount

2/18/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: planes, trains, and automobiles

2/18/2020 - Microsoft stock is the biggest winner from environmental and socially responsible investing

2/18/2020 - Weinstein jury, antibiotics shortage, bomb-sniffing bugs

2/18/2020 - Americans are feeling more optimistic about their finances than in generations

2/18/2020 - China’s facial-recognition giant says it can crack masked faces during the coronavirus

2/18/2020 - China:深センがエチオピアに急接近する理由

2/18/2020 - GitHub, the gold standard for open-source software, will now woo Indians from India

2/18/2020 - India may have only three confirmed cases of coronavirus but Indians aren’t taking any chances

2/18/2020 - Kashmir’s internet gag has sparked a major exodus of businesses and students

2/18/2020 - Turkey’s Gezi trial, antibiotics shortage, bomb-sniffing bugs

2/17/2020 - “Dad wants to play mahjong”: The struggles of remote learning in Hong Kong during coronavirus

2/17/2020 - Air India pilot recalls the “deathly quiet” in Wuhan amidst coronavirus evacuation

2/17/2020 - The UK’s second city is divided by plans for a $140 billion high-speed railway

2/17/2020 - Daily Brief:ベゾスがついに1兆円

2/17/2020 - Bezos’s $10 billion bet, coronavirus hits Apple, bomb-sniffing bugs

2/17/2020 - Jeff Bezos announced a $10 billion plan to fight climate change that doesn’t mention Amazon

2/17/2020 - More of Africa’s leading economies are already looking to wind to power their homes

2/17/2020 - Google’s free wifi program stopped making economic sense

2/17/2020 - The movement to reform capitalism

2/17/2020 - Kenya has world-class runners but investors have been hesitant to back locally-made running shoes

2/17/2020 - The number of Indians left waiting for an American green card skyrocketed in 2019

2/17/2020 - Zuckerberg in Europe, Shiva’s seat, space junk

2/17/2020 - This week for Quartz members: The purpose of B Corps

2/17/2020 - The coronavirus looks set to nix China’s biggest annual political gathering

2/17/2020 - Can private equity firms have a purpose other than making money?

2/17/2020 - What B Corps can teach other companies about success

2/17/2020 - Uber’s new California commission caps only underscore the pricing opacity for drivers

2/17/2020 - How Patagonia became the B Corps poster child

2/17/2020 - B corporations are pushing to change the way the world works

2/17/2020 - Startup:地球を救う小さなサラダベンチャー

2/17/2020 - An Indian couple has been buying land near a tiger reserve and letting the forest grow back

2/17/2020 - DLF Shopping Malls deploys eateries and analytics to woo millennials

2/17/2020 - Zuckerberg in Europe, Xi’s coronavirus alarm, quarantined cash

2/17/2020 - A Hindu god now has a reserved seat on an Indian Railways train

2/16/2020 - The unexpected link between Kenya’s unusual torrential flooding and Australia’s bushfires

2/16/2020 - 今週のQuartz:エチオピアの起業家と深セン、インドの政治と愛のリアル、アメリカの韓国カルチャー

2/16/2020 - Daily Brief:習近平は知っていた

2/16/2020 - Coronavirus milestone, subsidized meat, quarantined cash

2/16/2020 - “A grave threat”: More than 1,100 ex-DOJ officials call on Bill Barr to resign

2/16/2020 - A UK-size budget hole threatens EU leadership on climate action

2/16/2020 - Manage your time better

2/16/2020 - The Wuhan coronavirus has killed over twice as many people as the 2003 SARS epidemic

2/16/2020 - Africa’s rising “unsustainable” debt is driving a wedge between the World Bank and other lenders

2/16/2020 - Pangolin’s return, World Bank vs AfDB, Kenya’s Mau Mau

2/15/2020 - Weekend edition—Zuck’s EU trip, vertical blockbusters, lithium vs. sheep

2/15/2020 - Weekend edition—Zuck’s EU trip, vertical blockbusters, lithium vs. sheep

2/15/2020 - China is literally cleaning its money to stop the spread of coronavirus

2/15/2020 - Delta says it will spend $1 billion to reduce its climate footprint

2/15/2020 - Scientists are exploring food crunchiness as a tool to fight obesity

2/15/2020 - How not to steal $1.5 million: Inside an Instagram influencer’s alleged debit card scam

2/15/2020 - Meat production is bad for the planet. Why subsidize it?

2/15/2020 - Here is the curriculum for the US’s first undergraduate weed degree

2/15/2020 - Mark Zuckerberg’s Europe trip won’t be a vacation

2/15/2020 - Brexit might actually make the UK more racially diverse

2/14/2020 - The White House wants more AI research for less money

2/14/2020 - Weekend edition—Zuck’s EU trip, vertical blockbusters, lithium vs. sheep

2/14/2020 - Conversation hearts

2/14/2020 - Attorney general Bill Barr gets an ethics complaint for Valentine’s Day

2/14/2020 - Quartzy: the breaking up with Amazon edition

2/14/2020 - America’s most controversial office-lobby mural has been resurrected

2/14/2020 - Bloomberg is running the billionaire vote-buying campaign we expected from Trump

2/14/2020 - Future of Finance: Finland’s cash crunch, Mastercard in China

2/14/2020 - Facebook’s Europe taxes, Tesla recalls, coronavirus censorship

2/14/2020 - For Quartz members—magic tricks, risk, and genetic testing

2/14/2020 - How businesses are building an industry using your DNA

2/14/2020 - The growing push to solve the plastic nightmare of takeout food

2/14/2020 - SoftBank led 25% of the UK’s fintech investment last year

2/14/2020 - India:スマートシティになるはずが崩壊した町

2/14/2020 - What is preventing the adoption of renewable energy in rural India, and how to fix it?

2/14/2020 - How an Indian state successfully fought and contained the deadly coronavirus

2/14/2020 - It’s time India takes its cruise tourism seriously

2/14/2020 - Live-streams and “work diaries”: How companies in China track remote workers

2/14/2020 - The age of the vertically shot blockbuster is upon us

2/14/2020 - Munich security summit, French Oscars, AI editors

2/14/2020 - Uber reversed out of food tech and drove straight into fintech in India

2/13/2020 - Three things the Chinese government tried to hide during the novel coronavirus outbreak

2/13/2020 - On Valentine’s Day, the feminist, the lover, and the liberal in me go to war

2/13/2020 - Daily Brief:コロナを恐れるシリコンバレー

2/13/2020 - Huawei charges, German slowdown, engine rats

2/13/2020 - How SCOTUS justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg accidentally scandalized Equal Rights Amendment activists

2/13/2020 - Espresso

2/13/2020 - Gucci is turning down the volume on its famously loud look

2/13/2020 - In an era of franchise clones, A24’s original indie films continue to stand out

2/13/2020 - The secret feminist history of the US Supreme Court

2/13/2020 - The ages that people get married around the world

2/13/2020 - Scientists say the pangolin endangered by Chinese smuggling may have passed the coronavirus to humans

2/13/2020 - Before BP can cut methane, it has to measure it

2/13/2020 - The lessons of West Africa’s Ebola’s crisis will save the continent from the worst of coronavirus

2/13/2020 - Streaming still has a long way to go before it catches regular old TV

2/13/2020 - Space Business: Ufology

2/13/2020 - Despite Trump’s hard line on immigration, Justice Department pursues fewer prosecutions

2/13/2020 - Trump’s war powers, Epstein links, ghost DNA

2/13/2020 - This contemporary art exhibition in Dakar tackles African migration and reframes colonization

2/13/2020 - The best way to start your work day: Read a poem

2/13/2020 - UK governments share data on who’s looking for alcoholism and poverty help online

2/13/2020 - Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone reboot is more than a nostalgia play

2/13/2020 - Animal activism is a boys’ club. Silicon Valley could change that

2/13/2020 - Why Kenya’s pre-independence rebel fighters Mau Mau gave up their fight

2/13/2020 - PhonePe’s bet on helping users access physical cash is fraught with risks

2/13/2020 - Millennials:D2Cに熱狂するワケ

2/13/2020 - Trump’s first state visit to India could have a sprinkling of trade, Kashmir, and elections

2/13/2020 - “Sleepless for days”: Indian truckers are overworked, underpaid, and have no healthcare

2/13/2020 - UK cabinet reshuffle, Bloomberg on Instagram, stalkerware

2/13/2020 - India’s IT industry created more jobs in 2019 than a year ago

2/13/2020 - Why the number of coronavirus cases in China surged by more than 33% in one day

2/12/2020 - Why India’s central bank needs to wake up to the risks of climate change

2/12/2020 - DoorDash is learning just how binding arbitration is

2/12/2020 - Daily Brief:新型コロナ、MWCも制圧

2/12/2020 - Alibaba checks in, coronavirus cancellations, ghost DNA

2/12/2020 - Coronavirus is throwing fashion’s supply chain into disarray

2/12/2020 - Voyager

2/12/2020 - Justice under Trump looks increasingly like his reality TV show

2/12/2020 - The number of Nigerian immigrants to Canada has tripled in the last five years

2/12/2020 - The Syrian conflict is again displacing record numbers of people

2/12/2020 - What we can learn from magicians about managing risk

2/12/2020 - 【お詫び】メールの誤配信につきまして

2/12/2020 - Hong Kong’s coronavirus panic buying isn’t hysteria, it’s unresolved trauma

2/12/2020 - Fed chair grilled, new coronavirus cases fall, mouse-keteers

2/12/2020 - Another citizen journalist covering the coronavirus has gone missing in Wuhan

2/12/2020 - Africa:バイク禁止で「Uber」復活か

2/12/2020 - Despite general gloom and doom, Indians are confident about finding the right job

2/12/2020 - IKEA’s “Made in India” product recall could derail its big dreams in the country

2/12/2020 - India’s steel sector is getting in the way of its climate action goals

2/12/2020 - Matteo Salvini, Sanders wins New Hampshire, geriatric soccer player

2/11/2020 - A psychologist explains why young Indians are anxious about dating

2/11/2020 - Daily Brief:スプリント、Tモバイルとの合併承認へ

2/11/2020 - Naveen Tewari on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Anupam Pahuja on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Ali Hussein on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Raj Raghavan on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Ashok Jhunjhunwala on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Arvind Laddha on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Chiki Sarkar on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Suresh Narayanan on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Dinaz Madhukar on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Nitin Chandel on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Kavita Devi on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Rajesh Garodia on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Sumant Sinha on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Sandeep Murthy on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Amar Sinha on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Sudhanshu Vats on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Rishad Premji on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Sairee Chahal on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Hitesh Oberoi on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Sabyasachi Mukherjee on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Sunil Kumar on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Rajesh Uppal on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Rohit Kapoor on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Vikash Mohan on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Karthik Reddy on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Kunal Shah on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw on the jobs that will define India’s future

2/11/2020 - Cambodia–EU trade issues, Modi’s loss, geriatric footballers

2/11/2020 - Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s Joseph Shabalala brought traditional Zulu music to the world

2/11/2020 - Disgruntled Civil War reenactor allegedly framed Antifa by fabricating threats against his unit

2/11/2020 - Rooibos

2/11/2020 - 2020 is looking bleak for Under Armour

2/11/2020 - The Obama effect is already paying off for Netflix

2/11/2020 - Facebook didn’t mark ads as ads for blind people for almost 2 years

2/11/2020 - A dark money group is using visions of the Soviet Union to attack Bernie Sanders on Facebook

2/11/2020 - How coronavirus is upending Big Tech

2/11/2020 - Apple Pay is on pace to account for 10% of all global card transactions

2/11/2020 - Do US parents actually want integrated schools—or just say they do?

2/11/2020 - Fintech has finally cracked the US banking sector

2/11/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions template

2/11/2020 - Silicon Valley satellite startup installs ground station in Antarctica

2/11/2020 - Sprint x T-Mobile, high-speed rail, broken piano

2/11/2020 - “There’s a deep sadness to it”: A new book takes on masculinity in Silicon Valley

2/11/2020 - The Performance Review gets its annual performance review

2/11/2020 - China:中国映画はハリウッドを超えるか

2/11/2020 - Dropout rates at India’s elite colleges have fallen drastically in last five years

2/11/2020 - How India is helping its neighbours fight the coronavirus outbreak

2/11/2020 - Amid droughts and floods, India’s tribal farmers rediscover the merits of indigenous crop

2/11/2020 - Northern Ireland gay marriage, Singapore Air Show, late capitalism

2/11/2020 - Indian ed-tech may rake in $2 billion next year with a lot of help from entrance exams

2/10/2020 - Two-thirds of international flights from China canceled amid coronavirus outbreak

2/10/2020 - Daily Brief:Amazon、トランプを呼び出し

2/10/2020 - Amazon v. Trump, Volvo plus Geely, late capitalism

2/10/2020 - The story of the pharma giant and the African yam

2/10/2020 - Online spending in Africa shows just how much work e-commerce companies still have to do

2/10/2020 - Late capitalism

2/10/2020 - How should we feel about the Oscar winner who thanked his wife for giving up her career?

2/10/2020 - Will the historic win for “Parasite” mark the start of a truly global Oscars?

2/10/2020 - China’s extended holiday ends, “Parasite” dominates Oscars, risky dog parks

2/10/2020 - Xi Jinping emerges to meet the people for the first time in China’s coronavirus outbreak

2/10/2020 - This week for Quartz members: Retail versus Amazon

2/10/2020 - For Wall Street banks in London, Brexit may never be truly over

2/10/2020 - Can direct-to-consumer brands compete with Amazon?

2/10/2020 - The rise of e-commerce is rippling across the labor force

2/10/2020 - Why Amazon has failed to live up to its global ambitions

2/10/2020 - Why Amazon is betting on stores

2/10/2020 - Amazon reinvented retail, and everyone else is just trying to survive

2/10/2020 - Another 2020 election simulation ends in chaos

2/10/2020 - Indians are suspicious of voice assistants, but not enough to forgo their convenience

2/10/2020 - Ola hopes to unseat Uber in London with launch offers for drivers and riders

2/10/2020 - Startup:VCが凍りついた「異次元」の資金調達

2/10/2020 - Delhi’s neighbourhood milk booth wants to switch it up with new cafes

2/10/2020 - Chinese cities try to flush out coronavirus patients by stopping cough medicine sales

2/10/2020 - China goes back to work, Parasite’s haul, human hibernation

2/10/2020 - After tigers and elephants, India now plans to protect its endangered birds

2/10/2020 - New technologies have historically led to increased inequality—not anymore

2/9/2020 - The Japan tourism explosion stalled in 2019 because of a spat with South Korea

2/9/2020 - 今週のQuartz:「異次元」のスタートアップ、ミレニアル世代とD2C、スマートシティがもたらす崩壊

2/9/2020 - Daily Brief:蘇るビットコイン

2/9/2020 - China’s factories, Trump’s budget, Oscars 

2/9/2020 - When did selling mattresses become a tech business?

2/9/2020 - We did the work for you, steal these slides

2/9/2020 - Jeff Bezos is finding he can spend money on things other than space travel

2/9/2020 - More people have died from the Wuhan coronavirus than the 2003 SARS epidemic

2/9/2020 - Ethiopia’s bumpy road, Toyota bets on African startups, Burkina Faso dances

2/8/2020 - Virus fears will slow China’s factories despite a long holiday finally ending

2/8/2020 - Weekend edition—Coronavirus and censorship, deep acting, fecal dust

2/8/2020 - Weekend edition—Coronavirus and censorship, deep acting, fecal dust

2/8/2020 - What happens to class conflict in the fight against inequality?

2/8/2020 - US citizen dies of Wuhan virus in first confirmed non-Chinese fatality

2/8/2020 - This Oscar nominee might be the best movie ever on globalization and the future of work

2/8/2020 - As coronavirus pressure grows, Africa’s biggest airline is starting to cut back its China flights

2/8/2020 - China’s coronavirus might be the crisis Beijing can’t detain, spend, or censor away

2/7/2020 - Boeing’s spacecraft test failure points to broader problems

2/7/2020 - How to watch the Oscars, and what to watch for

2/7/2020 - Weekend edition—Coronavirus and censorship, deep acting, fecal dust

2/7/2020 - Acceptance speeches

2/7/2020 - Trump’s executive power grab continues in Supreme Court financial records cases

2/7/2020 - Jeff Bezos poses a great question: How do you say no to annoying meeting requests?

2/7/2020 - All the ways Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi is leaning into 2020

2/7/2020 - “Stans” have changed what it means to be a music fan—for better and worse

2/7/2020 - The coronavirus is already taking a toll on the luxury industry

2/7/2020 - Coronavirus spells trouble for Latin America’s sputtering, China-linked economies

2/7/2020 - Quartzy: the war movie edition

2/7/2020 - Our call on the VC boom starts in 15 minutes

2/7/2020 - More African countries are getting coronavirus testing labs but are on edge as the threat looms

2/7/2020 - Future of Finance: Digital banks are “100% human”

2/7/2020 - Warner Music IPO, Credit Suisse CEO out, struggling Chinatowns

2/7/2020 - The Hong Kong protests didn’t cancel this year’s Art Basel, but coronavirus did

2/7/2020 - Chinese people are using “Les Misérables” and “Chernobyl” to mourn coronavirus whistleblower

2/7/2020 - It’s too early to say how deadly the China coronavirus is

2/7/2020 - For Quartz members—coronavirus, Microsoft, and VC

2/7/2020 - How Microsoft keeps reinventing itself

2/7/2020 - At least 29 people have died in electric scooter crashes since 2018

2/7/2020 - The healthiest way to make friends at work

2/7/2020 - India:就活を進化させる「バーチャル・インターン」

2/7/2020 - India needs nearly 30 times more solar power to phase out coal jobs

2/7/2020 - A freshers’ guide to decoding CTC and negotiating a better pay in India

2/7/2020 - Charted: India’s much-hyped BharatNet project is falling short

2/7/2020 - At India’s largest airline, the most crucial skill is not one that’s taught at IIMs

2/7/2020 - Ireland votes, cruise ship coronavirus, vanishing bees

2/7/2020 - Indian millennials are borrowing more to fund their weddings, instead of relying on parents

2/6/2020 - The place with the most novel coronavirus cases outside of China is a cruise ship in Japan

2/6/2020 - Daily Brief:新型ウィルス、世界の全情報

2/6/2020 - Wuhan’s martyr, space internet IPO, stars war

2/6/2020 - Coronavirus rumors are hurting Chinatowns around the world

2/6/2020 - How US Customs officers damaged a revered West African artist’s custom-built kora

2/6/2020 - Thanks to Amazon, the cloud war is a fight for third place

2/6/2020 - Why SpaceX will take its Starlink satellite business public

2/6/2020 - Questions swirl after China attempts to censor news of whistleblowing doctor’s death

2/6/2020 - Living fossils

2/6/2020 - A ban on commercial motorcycles by Lagos puts a spotlight on its inadequate public transit system

2/6/2020 - Could a little-known cannabinoid upend the natural sleep-aid market?

2/6/2020 - The coronavirus epidemic could upset a crucial year for China-EU relations

2/6/2020 - Here’s what international election observers have to say about the Iowa caucuses

2/6/2020 - KPMG’s new $450 million employee training hub is a locus of experience design

2/6/2020 - Space Business: Astral Pioneers

2/6/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: Entering the era of Big Battery

2/6/2020 - Army buddies accused of scamming Marine Corps vets online

2/6/2020 - “I have seen bodies”: A Chinese citizen journalist reports on the coronavirus from Wuhan

2/6/2020 - Trump celebrates, Global Entry suspended, record-breaking astronaut

2/6/2020 - China is dispatching journalists to tell the coronavirus story it wants its people to hear

2/6/2020 - The Oscars still matter. But the winners do not

2/6/2020 - Complaining about climate change on Twitter might actually help scientists

2/6/2020 - The WHO can’t seem to figure out what to call Taiwan in its coronavirus updates

2/6/2020 - Millennials:若者を「うつ」から救うアプリ

2/6/2020 - This homegrown brand is proving that Singh is king in India’s fast food scene

2/6/2020 - Coronavirus brings more bad news for India’s beleaguered economy

2/6/2020 - What Indian millennials, companies and the government can do for the gig economy to succeed

2/6/2020 - 2020 will be the year when corporate activism and global political risk converge

2/6/2020 - Post-Brexit trade talks, RIP Kirk Douglas, .ai envy

2/6/2020 - Charted: India’s growing gig workforce is young, gender skewed, and underpaid

2/5/2020 - Impeachment trial finale: “The president’s defense was a fiction”

2/5/2020 - Daily Brief:ゲイツ、新型ウィルスに100億円

2/5/2020 - Trump acquitted, Twitter and Uber report, .ai envy

2/5/2020 - LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner will be replaced by his first hire at the company

2/5/2020 - Toyota is making a small bet on a big opportunity in African mobility startups

2/5/2020 - Kali

2/5/2020 - Crypto Ponzi scheme took Major League Baseball players and their families for millions

2/5/2020 - Nike’s new Olympic shoes prove technology is the future of design

2/5/2020 - Trump’s visa restrictions on Nigerians point to a lack of government and diaspora political clout

2/5/2020 - Frustration grows in China as face masks compromise facial recognition

2/5/2020 - Retroactive blackface is a bad way of getting more characters of color into the literary canon

2/5/2020 - If you like HBO, Audi, or the Catholic Church on Facebook, you’re likely getting targeted by Trump ads

2/5/2020 - Hong Kong’s woes mean 27,000 Cathay Pacific workers are being asked to go on unpaid leave

2/5/2020 - Your amazement at J Lo is ageist as hell

2/5/2020 - The gender gap in gaming is closing as more kids get smartphones

2/5/2020 - Why apps don’t belong anywhere near elections

2/5/2020 - Latin America’s new leftists are choosing oil despite renewables boom

2/5/2020 - Trump’s expected acquittal, Iowa drags on, coronavirus on cruise ships

2/5/2020 - Fearful cities in China are turning people into coronavirus refugees in their own country

2/5/2020 - SCOTUS chief John Roberts seems exhausted by Trump

2/5/2020 - Central bankers are preparing for the catastrophic cost of climate change

2/5/2020 - India’s new rules to tax “stateless” NRIs lack clarity and may hit investments

2/5/2020 - Africa:次に注目すべき国、スタートアップ

2/5/2020 - European countries lost their best and brightest after the debt crisis. Now they want them back

2/5/2020 - Trump’s comeback-kid State of the Union address was designed to trap Democrats

2/5/2020 - An idyllic Indian city in the Himalayan foothills is crumbling under the weight of its “smart city” tag

2/5/2020 - Trump acquittal, Iowa drags on, gaming-ready wheelchairs

2/5/2020 - The Delhi trader behind Modi government’s snub to Jeff Bezos

2/4/2020 - For Indian millennials, “good sex” far more important than partners’ views on CAA and NRC

2/4/2020 - Disney+ is adding subscribers much faster than expected

2/4/2020 - Daily Brief:ビジョンファンド、米国トップが退任

2/4/2020 - Malaysia bribery case, Softbank shakeup, gaming-ready wheelchairs

2/4/2020 - Tiffins

2/4/2020 - Boeing’s troubles mean Airbus should be soaring—here’s why it isn’t

2/4/2020 - The coronavirus reveals China’s weakness in handling public health crises

2/4/2020 - The Iowa caucus debacle could lead to better energy policy

2/4/2020 - Trump’s latest “visa ban” poses a threat—and an opportunity—to Nigeria’s tech ecosystem

2/4/2020 - The US just failed its first 2020 presidential election test

2/4/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: coal, coffee, and coronavirus

2/4/2020 - State of the Union, Iowa caucus chaos, the Nordic Dream

2/4/2020 - “Lands apart, shared sky”: Japan’s response to the coronavirus is winning unusual praise in China

2/4/2020 - You should wait before buying a Google Stadia

2/4/2020 - Ethiopia’s economic miracle ride is set to turn into a bumpy road

2/4/2020 - Why MBA programs want to be classified as STEM studies

2/4/2020 - Meet the mechanical engineer who left Boeing to make plant-based chicken

2/4/2020 - The world’s gambling capital is taking no chances with coronavirus

2/4/2020 - China:中国式「ネット独裁」がアフリカを支配する

2/4/2020 - How Daniel arap Moi became Kenya’s “big man” president

2/4/2020 - To fix the education system that’s failing its children, India must think of pre-school learning

2/4/2020 - The scramble for masks amid the coronavirus outbreak is a crash course in Econ 101

2/4/2020 - What does “being digital” mean in a post-digital era?

2/4/2020 - Budget 2020’s push for startups shows that entrepreneurship is serious business in India

2/4/2020 - Trump’s SOTU, Iowa caucuses delay, Wuhan pet rescue

2/4/2020 - Arvind Krishna’s elevation at IBM may be India’s gain, but it’s a loss for gender equality

2/3/2020 - Hong Kong has reported its first coronavirus death

2/3/2020 - Malawi’s constitutional court has annulled its presidential election results seven months later

2/3/2020 - The Iowa caucuses will be bilingual for the first time

2/3/2020 - Daily Brief:テスラ絶好調、一方グーグルは

2/3/2020 - Tesla surges, Iowa caucuses, cancel culture pervades

2/3/2020 - The culture-shifting benefits of hiring an unlikely candidate

2/3/2020 - Goldman Sachs and Amazon may soon be in the banking business

2/3/2020 - The trends that will change VC

2/3/2020 - Open-plan offices

2/3/2020 - Why Disney is bringing “Hamilton” to movie theaters next year

2/3/2020 - Ethiopia’s dramatic political and economic transformation has left it with deep uncertainty

2/3/2020 - Quibi knows you have no idea what Quibi is

2/3/2020 - Why your next corporate hire should be a moral philosopher

2/3/2020 - Alphabet’s earnings, the Iowa caucuses, Patrick Mahomes

2/3/2020 - The China coronavirus is now at the center of Hong Kong’s protests

2/3/2020 - Photos: Burkina Faso’s contemporary dance festival turns the discourse away from terror

2/3/2020 - This week for Quartz members: The VC boom

2/3/2020 - How does a venture capital firm work?

2/3/2020 - Venture capital’s agonizingly slow progress toward gender balance

2/3/2020 - 8 trends that will shape the next decade of venture capital

2/3/2020 - The decade that completely transformed venture capital

2/3/2020 - Startup:トヨタの先行く「未来都市」の作り手

2/3/2020 - From economy to climate change, IIM and ISB students find Budget 2020 woefully wanting

2/3/2020 - Get ready for a year of climate emergency declarations

2/3/2020 - How India is dealing with the coronavirus outbreak

2/3/2020 - Iowa caucuses, China market crash, avocado theft

2/3/2020 - China’s markets opened after Lunar New Year to a bloodbath

2/3/2020 - The continental African passport promised to roll out in 2020 can only improve mobility in Africa

2/2/2020 - Opacity in India’s budget numbers will have major implications for investors

2/2/2020 - China’s Holocaust comparison for Israel’s coronavirus border closure isn’t just offensive, it’s inaccurate

2/2/2020 - 今週のQuartz:車禁止の未来都市、中国が生む次世代インターネット、「うつ」と向き合うテクノロジー

2/2/2020 - Daily Brief:あの武漢の病院が、今日稼働へ

2/2/2020 - Wuhan virus, India’s budget, fingerprint dating

2/2/2020 - How to watch Super Bowl 54 live and for free, wherever you are

2/2/2020 - Even the famously low-tech Iowa caucus is facing fears of election hacking

2/2/2020 - All over the world, countries are imposing travel bans on visitors who’ve been to China

2/2/2020 - As coronavirus looms, Australian politicians encourage domestic tourism instead

2/2/2020 - The list of odd Super Bowl watching venues has a sad new entrant

2/2/2020 - Ethiopians are slamming their government for not stopping China flights

2/2/2020 - The new kind of celebrities and sports stars

2/2/2020 - Africa vs coronavirus, Lagos’ evictions, Sahel’s art history

2/1/2020 - Weekend edition—Anticlimactic Brexit, spacecraft disposal, discerning robots

2/1/2020 - Weekend edition—Anticlimactic Brexit, spacecraft disposal, discerning robots

2/1/2020 - How the rest of Europe marked Brexit day

2/1/2020 - A newcomer and a classic by Nike were the US’s top-selling sneakers for 2019

2/1/2020 - These West African artifacts tell stories of great forgotten empires but also the battle to own Africa’s art

2/1/2020 - While the Super Bowl is still must-see TV, the numbers show football is in decline

2/1/2020 - The sartorial style highlights of the Trump impeachment trial

2/1/2020 - Welcome to the Trump defense team’s impeachment trial nightmare

2/1/2020 - Raytheon engineer arrested for taking US missile defense secrets to China

2/1/2020 - Despite a bruising slowdown, India goes for a cautious annual budget

2/1/2020 - Britain has left the EU, but Brexit’s second act will be even harder

2/1/2020 - Who is the Kashmiri poet Nirmala Sitharaman quoted in her loooooooong budget speech?

2/1/2020 - India’s plans for data centre parks may finally force Facebook and Twitter to localise

2/1/2020 - Budget 2020: Income tax rates slashed—but only if exemptions are dropped

2/1/2020 - Coronavirus is a proving ground for scientific transparency

2/1/2020 - Comedian Kunal Kamra wants IndiGo to pay $35,000 for ban after heckling Arnab Goswami

2/1/2020 - India will miss its fiscal deficit target for 2019-20

2/1/2020 - India aims to leverage its growing aviation infra to augment its agriculture sector