4/30/2020 - Big Tech’s cloud computing surge won’t offset the pandemic’s financial pitfalls

4/30/2020 - How you should actually write your résumé and cover letter

4/30/2020 - Daily Brief:韓国、10週ぶりの新規感染者ゼロ

4/30/2020 - Trump’s new China spat, a lunar return, cool crocs

4/30/2020 - Coronavirus will reduce global energy demand by 6%—equal to all of India’s consumption

4/30/2020 - Why military phrases are so popular in the corporate fight against Covid-19

4/30/2020 - Coronavirus: The pace-time continuum 

4/30/2020 - Overton window

4/30/2020 - Why are airplanes still flying?

4/30/2020 - The challenges of supporting pregnant women during Covid-19, from a midwife

4/30/2020 - Missed rent and mortgage payments are rippling across the economy

4/30/2020 - Tesla’s success during the coronavirus crisis, in charts

4/30/2020 - Falling for China’s fake Covid-19 news was a dangerous and preventable mistake

4/30/2020 - Europe is turning to an age-old German work scheme to protect jobs from Covid-19

4/30/2020 - A Japanese aquarium under lockdown wants people to video call its lonely eels

4/30/2020 - Poland’s election is days away—and it’s already in complete disarray

4/30/2020 - Space Business: Shade Room

4/30/2020 - British people are the most supportive of lockdown measures, a global survey shows

4/30/2020 - South Africa needs a wealth tax to help stop coronavirus worsening inequality

4/30/2020 - Millennials:ステイホームの「不平等」

4/30/2020 - Raghuram Rajan warns against centralisation of power in India amid Covid-19 pandemic

4/30/2020 - Indians want news more than booze amid the lockdown

4/30/2020 - India’s air ambulances come of age amid the Covid-19 lockdown

4/30/2020 - ECB steps up, Amazon earnings, poop deterrence

4/30/2020 - The more we lose biodiversity, the worse will be the spread of infectious diseases

4/29/2020 - One table that shows how massive the Facebook-Reliance Jio universe can be

4/29/2020 - Daily Brief:金正恩、豪華な船に乗る

4/29/2020 - African economies are spending up to five times their health budgets on debt repayments

4/29/2020 - Kim’s boat ride, China’s business woes, GRANOLAS’ allure

4/29/2020 - The White House included Amazon on a list of “notorious” piracy sites

4/29/2020 - Yes, there are growth investment opportunities during market volatility

4/29/2020 - Crocs are the “it” shoe of the coronavirus pandemic

4/29/2020 - How at-home coronavirus testing could contribute to healthcare inequalities

4/29/2020 - As health concerns grow, Amazon and Target workers plan a strike

4/29/2020 - Lyft is laying off 17% of its workforce and furloughing more

4/29/2020 - The world is running out of space to keep oil. Where will it go?

4/29/2020 - Bougainvillea

4/29/2020 - The spat over “Trolls World Tour” foreshadows inevitable shifts in film distribution

4/29/2020 - I have a new approach to working motherhood now—and a male CEO to thank for it

4/29/2020 - Irrfan Khan was a reluctant superstar, and a rare global success for India

4/29/2020 - Banning family at senior care homes has removed a layer of protection and care

4/29/2020 - From Wuhan to Brooklyn, educators are rethinking what students really need

4/29/2020 - Coronavirus forces White House to send Amazon millions in new business

4/29/2020 - The Memo from Quartz at Work: The essential question

4/29/2020 - Europe is worried about Chinese corporate takeovers tied to Covid-19

4/29/2020 - The US Supreme Court may be trying to dodge Trump’s tax case

4/29/2020 - Africa:パンデミック下のM-Pesa

4/29/2020 - Covid-19 is closing Canada’s carbon-intensive oil sands for business

4/29/2020 - It’s working… it’s not: The Indian government’s view of the coronavirus lockdown

4/29/2020 - Indian parents are worried about their kids’ health and missed vaccinations during the lockdown

4/29/2020 - The surest sign that China thinks Covid-19 is under control: Its biggest political shindig is back

4/29/2020 - European travel, Polish election boycott, squirrel picnics

4/29/2020 - Hong Kong now has too few new Covid-19 cases to calculate the real-time transmission rate

4/28/2020 - Netflix is renewing Queen Sono for a second season in a strong sign for more African productions

4/28/2020 - Daily Brief:Googleも未だオフィスに戻れない

4/28/2020 - North Korea’s missing leader, Google’s good quarter, pet detectives

4/28/2020 - China’s domestic aviation recovery is good news for the world’s airlines

4/28/2020 - In March, Americans shopped at the grocery store like it was 1996

4/28/2020 - Coronavirus: Seeking immunity 

4/28/2020 - Economists explain why US college students won’t be getting big refunds on spring tuition

4/28/2020 - Amazon faces new legal scrutiny over its employees’ health and safety

4/28/2020 - Voicemail

4/28/2020 - For perhaps the first time, millions are asking: Is my job essential? 

4/28/2020 - Covid-19 is a moment for plant-based meats to surge or shrink

4/28/2020 - Coronavirus lockdowns force educators to reconsider how they grade students

4/28/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: thousands of jobs, millions of trees, billions of dollars

4/28/2020 - Indian students in the US are leaving behind their campuses and dreams amid coronavirus

4/28/2020 - Texas eases lockdown, Sweden’s different approach, the mighty peanut

4/28/2020 - Indian aviation employees battle fear and anxiety as job losses and pay cuts loom

4/28/2020 - Covid-19 won’t stop the climate emergency—but will it stop climate-change protests?

4/28/2020 - Asia:恐るべき第二の「医療崩壊」

4/28/2020 - Coronavirus lockdown has exposed the serious flaws of India’s gig economy

4/28/2020 - East African truck drivers carrying essential goods cross-border may also be transmitting Covid-19

4/28/2020 - An Indian cloth trader’s harrowing, 900 km walk home amid coronavirus lockdown

4/28/2020 - UK silence, French exit strategy, animal disease detectives

4/27/2020 - Nigeria is set to ease its coronavirus lockdown in major cities despite mounting cases

4/27/2020 - Daily Brief:原油も食糧も買い占める中国

4/27/2020 - Testing in China, Apple delays, peanut butter vs. fashion

4/27/2020 - GM is the latest company halting its dividend payments to save cash

4/27/2020 - Virgin Atlantic needs a rescue plan, and fast

4/27/2020 - Sweden’s very different approach to Covid-19

4/27/2020 - Amid food system instability, the humble peanut is a winner

4/27/2020 - Covid-19 is set to unleash a wave of corporate mergers and acquisitions

4/27/2020 - Memory foam

4/27/2020 - We lose more than just haircuts when barbershops and salons are closed

4/27/2020 - Dissenting justices claim Supreme Court was “manipulated” in New York gun case

4/27/2020 - What the next phase of the Covid-19 economic crisis looks like

4/27/2020 - An Indiana hospital theft shows face masks and hand sanitizer are now as sought-after as drugs

4/27/2020 - Boris Johnson’s illness might change his approach to the UK’s coronavirus crisis

4/27/2020 - Democrats and Republicans use vastly different language to discuss Covid-19

4/27/2020 - Chinese internet users who uploaded coronavirus memories to GitHub have been arrested

4/27/2020 - Startup:教授に愛されるエドテック

4/27/2020 - How India’s food and grocery startups staged a comeback after initial Covid-19 blues

4/27/2020 - In a coronavirus-struck world, India and China alone may escape a recession this year

4/27/2020 - Over 80% of India’s small businesses expect to scale down, shut shop, or sell off in six months

4/27/2020 - Boris Johnson returns, EU tourism, dough detectives

4/26/2020 - To survive an unprecedented crisis like coronavirus, companies need wartime leaders

4/26/2020 - I am alive because my Kenyan great-grandfather quarantined 100 years ago and here we go again

4/26/2020 - Daily Brief:ロックダウンな映画鑑賞法

4/26/2020 - Kim conundrum, Singapore surge, dough detectives

4/26/2020 - The case for making golf courses public parks during coronavirus

4/26/2020 - Poachers are taking advantage of the pandemic to kill more animals

4/26/2020 - Covid-19 has created a home fitness boom

4/26/2020 - Why India shouldn’t mimic the West in the fight against coronavirus

4/26/2020 - A fitness experts’ guide to avoiding injury while working out from home

4/26/2020 - The edge local fitness studios have over big gym chains during Covid-19

4/26/2020 - The psychological and social benefits of online workouts

4/26/2020 - A short history of home fitness, from 600 BC to today

4/26/2020 - Our favorite free trials for home workouts to try right now

4/26/2020 - The future of fitness is at home

4/26/2020 - Brad Pitt as Anthony Fauci translates Trumpisms into truth on SNL

4/26/2020 - The World Health Organization says coronavirus immunity passports are a bad idea

4/26/2020 - Trump bleaches the story of his coronavirus briefings

4/26/2020 - How music streaming and TikTok are fueling the rise of the Track 1 hit

4/26/2020 - Remittances to plunge, Nigerians help less fortunate, African scientists needed

4/26/2020 - The stability of the global food system relies on immigrants

4/26/2020 - 大学の「新常識」をつくるスタートアップの全貌【来週のQuartz Japan(4/27〜5/1)】

4/25/2020 - African scientists must make sure they are part of the search for a coronavirus vaccine

4/25/2020 - Guides:(若林恵の)Guidesのガイド #1「公共×クラファン」の矛盾

4/25/2020 - Drive-in movies are proving popular in a pandemic—just like 70 years ago

4/25/2020 - Weekend edition—Bailout investigations, art heist, zombie satellites

4/25/2020 - Weekend edition—Bailout investigations, art heist, zombie satellites

4/25/2020 - Adding a layer of nylon stocking could make DIY coronavirus masks more protective

4/25/2020 - “Travel bubbles” are how the world will get moving again

4/25/2020 - A Chinese YouTuber shows how China’s political system ends up with Africans being mistreated

4/25/2020 - US grocery workers risk coronavirus daily, and most don’t have paid sick leave

4/25/2020 - Here’s why the US can afford its high-priced pandemic rescue

4/25/2020 - Three key concepts for interpreting data in the age of coronavirus

4/24/2020 - Weekend edition—Bailout investigations, art heist, zombie satellites

4/24/2020 - Covid-19 has introduced chaos to food commodity prices

4/24/2020 - Social distancing tech hits construction sites and factory floors

4/24/2020 - Coronavirus means Americans could have access to a lot less meat

4/24/2020 - Pokémon

4/24/2020 - Coronavirus: Can’t hardly rate

4/24/2020 - Quartzy: the bad attitude edition

4/24/2020 - Austria is making climate protection a condition for airline bailouts

4/24/2020 - The first two months of 2020 belonged to solar and wind

4/24/2020 - US businesses want immunity from coronavirus lawsuits

4/24/2020 - China has stockpiled 76 million barrels of oil since coronavirus lockdowns

4/24/2020 - The US Border Patrol is building a caged playground for migrant children

4/24/2020 - Humidity plays a role in seasonal spread of viruses. Will the same go for Covid-19?

4/24/2020 - Britain tells immigrants they can stay if their visas expire—for now

4/24/2020 - The world’s leaders are engaged in a familiar debate: public health or sovereignty?

4/24/2020 - Ordinary Nigerians are filling the country’s major social welfare gaps amid coronavirus

4/24/2020 - Governments are seeking to lay blame for Covid-19, and deflect it

4/24/2020 - The key to good mental health in quarantine is in the food you eat

4/24/2020 - Coronavirus relief package, the Syria trial, exclusive Zoom parties

4/24/2020 - Future of Finance: China pilots digital currency, mobile banks, trading the virus

4/24/2020 - Remittances from migrants to African countries will plunge by nearly a quarter this year

4/24/2020 - Will coronavirus bring back the cubicle?

4/24/2020 - Why you’re experiencing time as fast and slow

4/24/2020 - Post-Corona:世界を覆う「孤独」の処方箋

4/24/2020 - This year’s summer vacation will be local, outdoors, and subject to cancellation

4/24/2020 - South Korea’s plan for the “new normal” shows that social distancing is here to stay

4/24/2020 - Within 10 days of the lockdown, India was consuming 20% less power than usual

4/24/2020 - How BigBasket managed a 900% spike in orders with only half the staff during India’s lockdown

4/24/2020 - A veteran says Bollywood won’t be influenced by “temporary” communal issues in India

4/24/2020 - ISIS trial, EU rescue plan, floral sacrifice

4/24/2020 - Employee-sharing schemes are softening the blow for China’s pandemic-hit businesses

4/23/2020 - How to manage your personal finances during India’s coronavirus crisis

4/23/2020 - Quiz: Are you ready to lead your organization’s transformation?

4/23/2020 - Daily Brief:米国の失業者、2600万人に

4/23/2020 - Pharma fail, China Inc. downgraded, $650K funerals

4/23/2020 - How discrimination towards Africans and China’s surveillance state will reset a migration trend

4/23/2020 - Coal’s collapse could lead to a landscape of abandoned mines

4/23/2020 - The US just resolved a 10-year standoff over radio waves

4/23/2020 - Coronavirus: Trace under pressure

4/23/2020 - Typhoid Mary

4/23/2020 - Flying may never be as cheap again

4/23/2020 - Governments are paying companies to move their manufacturing out of China

4/23/2020 - Kavanaugh sides with progressives in a Supreme Court environmental case

4/23/2020 - Utah’s new Covid-19 contact tracing app will track user locations

4/23/2020 - Here’s why the coronavirus economic shutdown isn’t enough to stop climate change

4/23/2020 - Is there really no community transmission of coronavirus in India? Let’s do some math

4/23/2020 - Trade between China and Africa dropped 14% in the first quarter and could get worse

4/23/2020 - The British public is stepping up to feed and protect its health workers

4/23/2020 - The NFL Draft has never been bigger—and neither has the NFL

4/23/2020 - The world’s baseball fans are being kept entertained by just four pro teams in Taiwan

4/23/2020 - Political campaigns use personal data to decode voters’ opinions

4/23/2020 - Space Business: Spicy Spectrum

4/23/2020 - Art detectives go deep inside the criminal underworld on hunt for stolen Van Gogh

4/23/2020 - Covid-19 is pushing Americans into early retirement

4/23/2020 - Dodging Trump’s latest bullet won’t take Indians out of US immigration’s firing line

4/23/2020 - Covid-19 could change how dependent the world is on China for drugs

4/23/2020 - Trump’s immigration order, Ramadan begins, Petri dishes

4/23/2020 - Vietnam’s early coronavirus response reportedly included hackers who targeted China

4/23/2020 - Millennials:求められる「上半身」投資

4/23/2020 - The Facebook-Jio deal may create competition in India’s e-payments—just like RBI wanted

4/23/2020 - The Reliance Jio deal could give Facebook a much-needed image makeover in India

4/23/2020 - A father, a son, a daughter: the casualties of India’s coronavirus lockdown

4/23/2020 - EU recovery package, UK vaccine trial, lockdown blur

4/23/2020 - Why the Modi government can’t pass on the benefits of falling crude oil prices

4/22/2020 - If Kim Jong Un dies, who leads North Korea?

4/22/2020 - Daily Brief:米国、移民締め出しへ

4/22/2020 - Kim Jong Un’s whereabouts, Hong Kong murder charges, Petri dishes

4/22/2020 - The high school in “Bad Education” rings true. I know because I taught there myself

4/22/2020 - Insurgent board candidates are pushing Yale and Harvard to divest from fossil fuels

4/22/2020 - The first three months of 2020 are already nearing temperature records

4/22/2020 - Petri dishes

4/22/2020 - Biogen’s anticipated Alzheimer’s drug is still months away

4/22/2020 - The US Supreme Court empowered Trump’s immigration ban plans

4/22/2020 - Poorly paid workers deserve better than going back to “normal”

4/22/2020 - The US is spending hundreds of millions to make experimental coronavirus vaccines

4/22/2020 - The World Bank predicts global remittances will fall by 20% this year

4/22/2020 - Coronavirus could exacerbate the US census’ undercount of people of color

4/22/2020 - Latin Americans will be poorer in 2020 than in 2008, IMF says

4/22/2020 - The Memo from Quartz at Work: As time goes by

4/22/2020 - A Nigerian business media startup is getting seed investment from Omidyar’s Luminate

4/22/2020 - Green card suspension, Facebook’s India bet, softboys

4/22/2020 - The IHME model was built to do one job. It’s hard to repurpose it for another

4/22/2020 - Africa:ミレニアル起業家の“投資”革命

4/22/2020 - Hospitals are fighting to preserve the joy of childbirth during Covid-19

4/22/2020 - Mukesh Ambani’s Facebook deal should make India’s online grocers nervous

4/22/2020 - With Facebook deal, India’s richest man is already preparing for a post Covid-19 world

4/22/2020 - Together, Reliance Jio and Facebook are sitting on a goldmine of data

4/22/2020 - A movement to pass mothers’ last names to their children is gaining traction in China

4/22/2020 - The mistreatment of Africans in Guangzhou is a big threat to China’s coronavirus diplomacy

4/22/2020 - Green card suspension, Facebook’s India bet, softboys

4/22/2020 - South Africa is deploying its army to enforce the lockdown but also ramping up social spending

4/22/2020 - Photos: Clear skies and roaming wildlife abound in some of the world’s most populated places

4/21/2020 - Singapore wants all its citizens to download contact tracing apps to fight the coronavirus

4/21/2020 - Facebook invests $5.7 billion in India’s largest telecom operator Reliance Jio

4/21/2020 - Uber is shifting from moving people to delivering essentials

4/21/2020 - Snapchat reached its highest number of users amid Covid-19

4/21/2020 - Daily Brief:金正恩の命運やいかに

4/21/2020 - Oil on the rocks, Starbucks new China menu, softboys

4/21/2020 - With the world staying home, Netflix had its best quarter ever

4/21/2020 - Immigrants have already started leaving the US

4/21/2020 - Coronavirus: A disturbance in the force majeure

4/21/2020 - Softboys

4/21/2020 - Despite Covid-19, rare handbags and sneakers are in as much demand as ever

4/21/2020 - South African Airways may be grounded for good

4/21/2020 - Nevada’s casinos want to be among the first businesses to reopen next month

4/21/2020 - Coronavirus is forcing Britain’s Parliament to finally embrace virtual work

4/21/2020 - Apple is expanding the availability of its music streaming service across Africa

4/21/2020 - These are what Americans think are China’s most serious threats to the US

4/21/2020 - Our sleep is linked to how we process coronavirus dread

4/21/2020 - Why the US government isn’t making health a priority in its coronavirus response

4/21/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: clean energy jobs, green goods, and negative oil

4/21/2020 - The delivery workers on the frontline of Greece’s new economic crisis

4/21/2020 - Undeserved loans, undercounted infections, unbelievable wealth

4/21/2020 - Covid-19 and the welcome collapse of “professionalism”

4/21/2020 - Asia:コロナに効かないロックダウン

4/21/2020 - How India can move from a general to a graded coronavirus lockdown

4/21/2020 - How to be a CEO-from-home amid coronavirus lockdown

4/21/2020 - Indian banks’ bet on retail loans may have misfired due to coronavirus pandemic

4/21/2020 - Virtual parliament, Virgin Australia collapses, ancient stool

4/21/2020 - A hard lockdown may reduce India’s coronavirus cases by 40%—only if social distancing continues

4/20/2020 - Daily Brief:NY原油先物、史上初のマイナス

4/20/2020 - Oil’s nosedive, China’s decisions, the final cruise ship

4/20/2020 - Covid-19 cases may be undercounted by 50-fold in LA County, antibody surveys show

4/20/2020 - Oil prices crash and go negative for the first time ever

4/20/2020 - Palladium

4/20/2020 - Coronavirus is wiping out clean energy jobs in the US

4/20/2020 - US Supreme Court chief John Roberts takes aim at Neil Gorsuch’s “evocative” claims in EPA case

4/20/2020 - The bailouts have begun. Bring on the investigations

4/20/2020 - Amid outrage, Shake Shack returns its $10 million government loan

4/20/2020 - How every country is tracking Covid-19 and monitoring its citizens

4/20/2020 - Forward-thinking farmers

4/20/2020 - The pandemic shows the pressing need for widespread marijuana legalization

4/20/2020 - Ghana has become the first African country to lift its coronavirus lockdown

4/20/2020 - Lockdown protests, Disney’s troubles, fizz shortage

4/20/2020 - Taiwan hasn’t needed lockdowns to fight the coronavirus, but it simulated one anyway

4/20/2020 - This week for Quartz members: Coronavirus and the delivery dilemma

4/20/2020 - Lockdown or no lockdown, there’s no stopping Vir Das from making you laugh

4/20/2020 - Will Covid-19 finally take the idea of work-sharing mainstream?

4/20/2020 - Startup:コロナの対岸に見える「未来」

4/20/2020 - More viewers aside, coronavirus has hurt Indian social media influencers’ earnings

4/20/2020 - Under the cover of a pandemic, China is dismantling Hong Kong’s last freedoms

4/20/2020 - E-shopping to mobile recharges, Indian banks have a wealth of data to check creditworthiness

4/20/2020 - The Covid-19 pandemic is an opportunity for India to pursue clean energy more aggressively

4/20/2020 - Germany eases lockdowns, China’s Hong Kong clampdown, fizz shortage

4/19/2020 - Daily Brief:ドイツが早くも「再開」へ

4/19/2020 - Hong Kong arrests, South China Sea, fizz shortage

4/19/2020 - Twitch users have streamed 2 billion hours of video-game play during the pandemic

4/19/2020 - Coronavirus has secured Jeff Bezos as the world’s richest person

4/19/2020 - How the coronavirus pandemic transformed the delivery business

4/19/2020 - How different delivery companies are treating workers during coronavirus

4/19/2020 - How to ethically order takeout food during a pandemic

4/19/2020 - Food delivery during Covid-19 is reawakening the US to local food

4/19/2020 - The month the entire world signed up for delivery

4/19/2020 - India’s coronavirus lockdown has given online grocers the opportunity of a lifetime

4/19/2020 - Returning to Korea as an adoptee changed the way I think about home

4/19/2020 - The China-Africa dilemma, democratizing African VC funds, Bob Marley in Zimbabwe

4/19/2020 - パンデミックが変えた「見た目への投資」【来週のQuartz Japan(4/20〜24)】

4/18/2020 - Coronavirus:社員に見放される企業

4/18/2020 - Zoom marriages are now legal in New York

4/18/2020 - Weekend edition—Debt relief, mutating virus, mask debate 

4/18/2020 - Weekend edition—Debt relief, mutating virus, mask debate 

4/18/2020 - US hospitals are going to crazy lengths to get masks

4/18/2020 - Forty years ago, Bob Marley paid his own way to play Zimbabwe’s iconic independence concert

4/18/2020 - How to make medical-grade face shields at home for healthcare workers

4/18/2020 - Working at a grocery store is now a hazardous occupation

4/18/2020 - Covid-19 has halved California’s traffic accidents

4/18/2020 - How the coronavirus has hit the biggest US banks, in five charts

4/18/2020 - Facebook thinks it can warn you if you’ve been exposed to misinformation

4/18/2020 - Governments likely to defer to Big Tech on Covid-19 contact tracing

4/18/2020 - We’re all living in “The Yellow Wallpaper” now

4/18/2020 - Coronavirus is widening America’s wealth gap

4/18/2020 - The world’s poorest countries need debt relief in the wake of Covid-19

4/17/2020 - The powerful chief of staff to Nigeria’s president Buhari has died of Covid-19

4/17/2020 - This country’s high court blocked its coronavirus lockdown in a bid to protect the poor

4/17/2020 - Weekend edition—Debt relief, mutating virus, mask debate 

4/17/2020 - Coronavirus: This is what you’re craving

4/17/2020 - Binge-watching

4/17/2020 - US will launch first astronauts since 2011, pandemic or no

4/17/2020 - Coronavirus reminds us what functioning communities look like

4/17/2020 - Italy’s bookstores are figuring out how to reopen a business after a lockdown

4/17/2020 - Quartzy: the homework edition

4/17/2020 - Furlough might be the unhappiest state for workers

4/17/2020 - Supreme Court case on Trump’s taxes may show if he benefits from CARES Act

4/17/2020 - These passports lost the most value during the Covid-19 pandemic

4/17/2020 - A brief and Catholic history of one of the 21st century’s favorite words: propaganda

4/17/2020 - Activists are using Covid-19 to set limits on abortion around the world

4/17/2020 - Future of Finance: Startup bailouts, JPMorgan’s small business loans

4/17/2020 - Trump’s reopening plan, Boeing’s comeback, Disney vs. Netflix

4/17/2020 - For Quartz members—planning for the future and managing in a crisis

4/17/2020 - Post-Corona:世界初の「ドーナツ」経済

4/17/2020 - In photos: The chaos in the lives of millions of poor Indians under a lockdown

4/17/2020 - Netflix has Hotstar beat during India’s coronavirus lockdown

4/17/2020 - India may be forgetting over 100 million people in its coronavirus relief measures

4/17/2020 - Coronavirus crisis triggers layoffs, pay cuts, and hiring freeze across Indian industries

4/17/2020 - Orthodox Easter, China’s GDP shock, lemur pheremones

4/17/2020 - Wuhan just revised its Covid-19 death toll up by 50%

4/16/2020 - The coronavirus outbreak might be nearly over in China, but economic hardship is not

4/16/2020 - The untapped political power of African and Caribbean immigrants in the US is set to take off

4/16/2020 - California medspa doctor charged with fraud after claiming hydroxychloroquine “cures” Covid-19

4/16/2020 - Face masks are excluding the deaf and hard of hearing community

4/16/2020 - Daily Brief:Netflix、ディズニー超え

4/16/2020 - Japan’s state of emergency, Netflix’s triumph over Disney, stink flirting

4/16/2020 - Express Covid-19 testing may become the new norm before flying

4/16/2020 - What scientists know about Covid-19 immunity can help us fight the pandemic

4/16/2020 - Watch: How to lead from the future

4/16/2020 - Sourdough

4/16/2020 - To combat coronavirus, states are relearning lessons from the climate fight

4/16/2020 - Fossil fuels are propelling Covid-19—and the next pandemic

4/16/2020 - A new Nigerian VC is trying to democratize startup funding for everyday investors

4/16/2020 - New evidence emerges linking Civil War reenactor to fake Antifa threats

4/16/2020 - How Bluetooth could unleash the world’s largest experiment in digital contact tracing

4/16/2020 - Why Amazon warehouses are shut down in France, and why it won’t happen in the US

4/16/2020 - Help Quartz track political influence on Facebook with this browser extension

4/16/2020 - Netflix is worth more than Disney, thanks to coronavirus

4/16/2020 - About 280,000 essential healthcare workers in the US are undocumented

4/16/2020 - European banks are more imperiled by coronavirus disruption than Wall Street giants

4/16/2020 - Why does India have so few Covid-19 cases and deaths?

4/16/2020 - Space Business: Buck stops?

4/16/2020 - Coronavirus caused a 7,000% rise in global travel restrictions in a single month

4/16/2020 - This is the best time to plan for urban Africa’s next health emergency

4/16/2020 - US economic guidelines, tech layoffs, lost Viking trade routes

4/16/2020 - Angela Merkel gave one of the clearest explanations of how coronavirus transmission works

4/16/2020 - The Lean Startup’s Eric Ries has some advice for companies facing the coronavirus crisis

4/16/2020 - Wet markets are not wildlife markets, so stop calling for their ban

4/16/2020 - Millennials:「ポストZ世代」の台頭

4/16/2020 - The Indian government fixes privacy flaws in its coronavirus app

4/16/2020 - At Indian packaging giant UFlex, growth is all about upskilling staff

4/16/2020 - Can human poop help track the spread of coronavirus in Indian localities?

4/16/2020 - In locked down India, women fight coronavirus and domestic violence

4/16/2020 - UK lockdown extends, South Korea election, balcony exhibition

4/16/2020 - The Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating the adoption of emerging technologies in India

4/15/2020 - Daily Brief:コロナ対策に打ち勝った文在寅

4/15/2020 - India’s new rules, China’s delay, swirling siphonophores

4/15/2020 - Is it too soon for a “CoronaPass” immunity app?

4/15/2020 - Retail bankruptcies from Covid-19 may just be beginning

4/15/2020 - Coronavirus: The economic Avengers

4/15/2020 - Prison breaks

4/15/2020 - New research suggests the US unemployment rate is about to become useless

4/15/2020 - Where does the six-foot guideline for social distancing come from?

4/15/2020 - Trump’s suspension of WHO funding is a disaster for the world’s health

4/15/2020 - Kenya’s 3D printing community is making Covid-19 equipment to fill a deficit as caseloads rise

4/15/2020 - The biggest US banks have stashed away $24 billion to prepare for a wave of losses

4/15/2020 - Your company should have a podcast for its employees, especially now

4/15/2020 - Why some Covid-19 patients might have tested positive twice

4/15/2020 - Covid-19 shows where America’s safety net is broken. Maybe now we can fix it.

4/15/2020 - Medical supplies delivered by Taiwan are arriving stamped with “China Airlines”

4/15/2020 - The psychology behind France’s decision to announce an end date for lockdown

4/15/2020 - The Covid-19 recession will hurt women more, but it might nudge them toward equality

4/15/2020 - A well-heeled liberal group is filling the local news void with Trump-bashing coronavirus ads

4/15/2020 - The Covid-19 pandemic has made canned foods, shelf-stable milk, and vodka seem better

4/15/2020 - Coronavirus pits anti-mask laws against public health

4/15/2020 - Mexico’s state oil company hasn’t paid hundreds of workers for months

4/15/2020 - Welcome to The Memo: A new weekly newsletter from Quartz at Work

4/15/2020 - In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, 66% of South Koreans turned out to vote

4/15/2020 - Brooklyn’s legendary food co-op shows how community organizations can thrive in a pandemic

4/15/2020 - New York death toll, multiple vaccines, essential wrestling

4/15/2020 - WeWork is only making life harder for lockdown-hit Indian startups

4/15/2020 - Africa:イナゴは今どこにいるのか

4/15/2020 - The coronavirus app Narendra Modi endorsed is a privacy disaster

4/15/2020 - In photos: a sad and lonely 167th birthday for Indian Railways

4/15/2020 - WHO funding, Germany’s next steps, Zumpings

4/15/2020 - The coronavirus lockdown can’t stop Indians from dating virtually

4/14/2020 - Daily Brief:中国バイトダンス、4万人雇う

4/14/2020 - South Korea’s election, Japan’s case count, rice ATMs

4/14/2020 - China has failed to convince anyone videos of Africans being evicted is just a “misunderstanding”

4/14/2020 - Sweatpants

4/14/2020 - Coronavirus: Plasma I have some more 

4/14/2020 - What should you do if you risk overstaying your US visa due to Covid-19?

4/14/2020 - The race to bridge the gap in African genomics data research is winning investors over

4/14/2020 - Armed thieves are capitalizing on the fact that everyone’s now wearing masks in public

4/14/2020 - It’s been a tumultuous, loss-making year since the billion-dollar IPO of Jumia, “Africa’s Amazon”

4/14/2020 - Stimulus packages aren’t enough to recover from the Covid-19 economy

4/14/2020 - Florida deemed WWE an “essential service,” opening the door for actual sports to return, too

4/14/2020 - Covid-19 relief efforts are ignoring the people who need it most

4/14/2020 - There is a surge in weekly deaths in the UK that only Covid-19 can explain

4/14/2020 - The iconography of social distancing around the world

4/14/2020 - The art of doing a remote job interview

4/14/2020 - New research pinpoints the share of US jobs that can be done from home

4/14/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: carbon storage, subsidized coal, and climate change 2.0

4/14/2020 - Chernobyl fires, Amazon recruitment drive, ghosting

4/14/2020 - The US has made post-graduation jobs impossible to get for many foreign students

4/14/2020 - Ethiopian workers are being expelled from Saudi Arabia and UAE on coronavirus suspicions

4/14/2020 - The relentlessness of remote meetings in the Covid-19 era must stop

4/14/2020 - Asia:アジアから壊れるファッション

4/14/2020 - Essentials, jobs, and health on top of Indians’ minds as Modi extends lockdown

4/14/2020 - Sexting can spice up your lonely lockdown days—only if you are careful

4/14/2020 - Data show India’s coronavirus lockdown may not be working

4/14/2020 - India extends its nationwide coronavirus lockdown till May 3

4/14/2020 - Trump’s “total” power, lockdown extensions, balcony science

4/13/2020 - Ford is using airbag material to make reusable hospital gowns for Covid-19 responders

4/13/2020 - Daily Brief:97歳のコロナ生還者

4/13/2020 - SoftBank’s loss, Ramadan travel, tulips pushing daisies

4/13/2020 - Rewilding

4/13/2020 - The power to order people to stay at home belongs to states, not the president

4/13/2020 - How monkeys, ferrets, and horses are helping scientists fight Covid-19

4/13/2020 - Trump’s grudge against the US Postal Service is a threat to the US election

4/13/2020 - Africa’s scientists have had to pick testing over genome sequencing for a coronavirus vaccine

4/13/2020 - Amazon isn’t accepting new grocery customers while it strains to meet current demand

4/13/2020 - Texas’ “severe” pandemic abortion ban lands at the US Supreme Court

4/13/2020 - US death toll, Johnson home, pretend play

4/13/2020 - Coronavirus is proving to be another excuse to marginalise India’s Muslims

4/13/2020 - This week for Quartz members: Medical crowdfunding and Covid-19

4/13/2020 - Startup:コロナ危機とスタートアップの今

4/13/2020 - Will Houseparty’s Indian party last beyond the Covid-19 lockdown?

4/13/2020 - India’s lockdown has left millions holed up inside shanties without fans as summer peaks

4/13/2020 - Besides groceries, Indians hoarded record levels of cash amid the coronavirus lockdown

4/13/2020 - Oil deal, Apple-Google partnership, Neanderthal knitting

4/12/2020 - Daily Brief:安倍晋三の無神経

4/12/2020 - Oil deal, US death toll, Neanderthal knitting

4/12/2020 - Undercover sting targets NYC pharmacist allegedly hoarding coronavirus masks

4/12/2020 - Instacart shoppers deserve better from all of us

4/12/2020 - Should coronavirus cases be reported by city? Officials across the US disagree

4/12/2020 - The hidden cost of medical crowdfunding

4/12/2020 - A record-breaking crowdfunding campaign is helping Italy fight Covid-19

4/12/2020 - The chasm in India’s healthcare system forces many people to turn to crowdfunding

4/12/2020 - The messy morals of donating to medical crowdfunding campaigns

4/12/2020 - The elements of a successful medical crowdfunding campaign

4/12/2020 - How crowdfunding for healthcare became the new normal

4/12/2020 - FEMA’s reasons for a major disaster declaration don’t mention a pandemic

4/12/2020 - Amazon is acting like an independent nation in its battle against the coronavirus

4/12/2020 - Africans targeted in China, Cameroon’s absent president, East Africa’s returning locusts

4/12/2020 - 新型コロナでスタートアップに何が起こるのか?【来週のQuartz Japan(4/13〜17)】

4/11/2020 - Coronavirus:逃げられない政府高官たち

4/11/2020 - Weekend edition—Peaking problem, sci-fi therapy, pandemic election  

4/11/2020 - Weekend edition—Peaking problem, sci-fi therapy, pandemic election  

4/11/2020 - After enduring months of lockdown, Africans in China are being targeted and evicted from apartments

4/11/2020 - US poultry are suddenly staring down their own deadly virus

4/11/2020 - Curfews are a safer plan than total lockdowns to slow Covid-19’s spread in informal economies

4/11/2020 - Israeli engineers created an open-source hack for making Covid-19 ventilators

4/11/2020 - These are the musicians being listened to more (and less) during the pandemic

4/11/2020 - Asparagus prices show how the coronavirus is nipping at the global food system

4/11/2020 - Covid-19 peaks mean that mitigation is working—but you should still stay home

4/10/2020 - Weekend edition—Peaking problem, sci-fi therapy, pandemic election  

4/10/2020 - Apple and Google are teaming up to fight Covid-19 with contact tracing

4/10/2020 - The best Zoom alternative may not exist yet

4/10/2020 - The French doctors who wanted to test vaccines on Africans and Western medicine’s dark history

4/10/2020 - Face masks for a coronavirus-hit US prison became 70% pricier overnight

4/10/2020 - Quartzy: the strangest spring edition

4/10/2020 - What are the best groceries to buy for the coronavirus shutdown? Help us find out.

4/10/2020 - New business applications in the US are down more than 40%

4/10/2020 - New York’s plea, virtual Easter, ancient Amazonian crops

4/10/2020 - Two new generations of locusts are set to descend on East Africa again—400 times stronger

4/10/2020 - For Quartz members—How is your industry affected?

4/10/2020 - 20 questions to ask instead of “How are you doing right now?”

4/10/2020 - Post-Corona:加速する「幸せな」農業革命

4/10/2020 - Even once Covid-19 is under control, stores may think twice about reopening right away

4/10/2020 - How the basic Nigerian email scam evolved into sophisticated malware attacks on corporates

4/10/2020 - Virtual Easter, EU rescue package, quarantined hamsters

4/9/2020 - How the military secured a coronavirus drug that has yet to win FDA approval

4/9/2020 - America’s digital divide is even more urgent during the pandemic

4/9/2020 - Daily Brief:石油価格戦争に終止符

4/9/2020 - Boris Johnson improves, the Fed steps up again, Gregorian chants

4/9/2020 - South Africa’s president and ministers are taking a 33% pay cut and extended its lockdown

4/9/2020 - Ventilators

4/9/2020 - Businesses all over the world are learning that “force majeure” is no get-out-of-jail-free card

4/9/2020 - The most ethical way for leaders to communicate about the prospect of layoffs

4/9/2020 - Doctors fighting coronavirus face a ventilator Catch-22

4/9/2020 - Disney’s streaming service is booming while its other businesses are on hold

4/9/2020 - Coronavirus means thousands of Wall Street internships may be virtual this summer

4/9/2020 - The Dutch want to make big economic reforms with a doughnut

4/9/2020 - The China-Taiwan conflict is disrupting the WHO’s fight against Covid-19

4/9/2020 - The British government is borrowing directly from the Bank of England

4/9/2020 - Conditions for migrants are so dire that Covid-19 isn’t even their deadliest threat

4/9/2020 - These are the countries most affected by the falling remittances sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic

4/9/2020 - Space Business: Lawless Moon

4/9/2020 - IVF was helping Greece revamp its dwindling population—then Covid-19 happened

4/9/2020 - New York outbreak, Big Meat, decadent invincibility

4/9/2020 - China just upgraded the status of dogs from “livestock” to “pets”

4/9/2020 - The only truthful answer to any question about management

4/9/2020 - Millennials:Tiger King、もう観ましたか?

4/9/2020 - Africa is set to tip into its first recession for 25 years due to the Covid-19 outbreak

4/9/2020 - A group of 300 Indian scientists is fighting the Covid-19 fake news machinery

4/9/2020 - Wondering how Indians are passing their time under lockdown? TikTok TikTok TikTok…

4/9/2020 - You know what can help Indian businesses beat coronavirus? Bots

4/9/2020 - Washing hands is a luxury for over 80% rural Indian households that don’t get tap water

4/9/2020 - OPEC+ meets, Taiwan vs. WHO, mutant enzyme

4/8/2020 - US artists can now get $5,000 emergency grants without a tedious application process

4/8/2020 - Daily Brief:世界貿易、大恐慌レベルに

4/8/2020 - Depression rumblings, Japan’s spike, coronavirus fraud

4/8/2020 - We’re the last generation to see the Great Barrier Reef as humans have known it

4/8/2020 - A ‘bridge to a vaccine’: The race to roll out antibody-based Covid-19 drugs

4/8/2020 - Unicorns

4/8/2020 - Covid-19 is going to make fashion’s discounting problem much worse

4/8/2020 - Coronavirus: Where’s your head at?

4/8/2020 - Apocalyptic sci-fi is helping me cope with the Covid-19 crisis—yes, really

4/8/2020 - Cameroonians are worried about coronavirus but also about an absent president

4/8/2020 - Florida man who spit in cop’s face now hit with federal bioweapons charges

4/8/2020 - The number of scientific papers on the novel coronavirus is doubling every 14 days

4/8/2020 - Coronavirus has led to Kraft Heinz’s first good news in years

4/8/2020 - Scientists are keeping some Alzheimer’s lab mice alive in the midst of Covid-19

4/8/2020 - Covid-19 has shut down parts of the hyper-consolidated US meat industry

4/8/2020 - South Africa is working on producing 10,000 ventilators by the end of June

4/8/2020 - Africa’s largest mobile money service is now under full African ownership—for the first time

4/8/2020 - How leaders can demonstrate their commitment to employees’ mental health

4/8/2020 - Do we want our leaders to stay strong in a crisis, or do we want them to survive it? 

4/8/2020 - Tesco’s sales are soaring, but so are its coronavirus-related costs

4/8/2020 - Coronavirus will change sports as we know them

4/8/2020 - The downgrade Wall Street didn’t want to have to make

4/8/2020 - Rt: The number that can guide how societies ease coronavirus lockdowns

4/8/2020 - New York’s crisis, hoarding cash, hydroxychloroquine

4/8/2020 - China wants to help Africa fight coronavirus but not everyone is welcoming

4/8/2020 - As the economy plunges, debate is growing over a bailout for junk bonds

4/8/2020 - Africa:コロナでひと息つく独裁者たち

4/8/2020 - India’s offline and online players are pooling their resources to survive the Covid-19 havoc

4/8/2020 - Even in trying times, India’s private airlines take part in coronavirus relief

4/8/2020 - Most Indians want the coronavirus lockdown extended—and the government to do more

4/8/2020 - Thousands of techies in locked-down India are braving coronavirus daily to keep the world running

4/8/2020 - Wuhan’s traumatized residents warn that the lifting of lockdowns is “not the end”

4/8/2020 - Trump blasts the WHO, Wuhan lockdown lifts, mega philanthropy

4/7/2020 - Daily Brief:武漢では、夜が明けた

4/7/2020 - Is Amazon approaching its breaking point in the Covid-19 crisis?

4/7/2020 - Wuhan’s lockdown lifts, Japan and Singapore tighten up, 5G tower conspiracy

4/7/2020 - Covid-19 may soon peak in three major US cities. Here’s what that means

4/7/2020 - Coronavirus: If you have to mask 

4/7/2020 - The Golden Record

4/7/2020 - South Africans are worried the government will use coronavirus phone tracking to spy on them

4/7/2020 - WhatsApp is limiting message forwarding as coronavirus misinformation takes hold in Africa

4/7/2020 - Americans are hoarding cash as recession fears grow

4/7/2020 - The phone has become a tool for transforming how we experience art

4/7/2020 - Mennonite imposters used drones to track children in attempted kidnappings

4/7/2020 - How different countries handle their leadership’s line of succession

4/7/2020 - What Uber should do now

4/7/2020 - Six ways to handle the worry that comes when you’re laid off

4/7/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: COP26, carbon capture, and more Covid-19

4/7/2020 - Boris Johnson latest, good news and bad news, hakashun

4/7/2020 - Taiwan is taking cybersecurity seriously by banning the use of Zoom in government

4/7/2020 - The coronavirus epidemic is changing emoji usage on Venmo

4/7/2020 - How South Korea is running a nationwide election in the midst of a pandemic

4/7/2020 - How Mandela stayed fit: from his “matchbox” Soweto home to his Robben Island prison cell

4/7/2020 - How much money will the US need to cover small-business wages?

4/7/2020 - Asia:台湾「スマートなコロナ隔離」の実情

4/7/2020 - Coronavirus ruined what could’ve been a bumper year for Indian startup funding

4/7/2020 - India’s new domicile law for Jammu & Kashmir is making residents anxious

4/7/2020 - Malawi’s president has taken a pay cut for a coronavirus fight even as an election do-over looms

4/7/2020 - Charted: Lockdown is only the beginning of misery for India’s migrant labourers

4/7/2020 - Boris Johnson in the ICU, FIFA bribery, orangutan influencer

4/6/2020 - How Covid-19 could change fashion and retail, according to experts

4/6/2020 - The US Supreme Court just sided with Republicans in the first coronavirus-related election case

4/6/2020 - A rabbi’s guide to having a virtual seder this Passover

4/6/2020 - Daily Brief:ボリス、ICUに入る

4/6/2020 - Boris Johnson “worsened”, Quibi launches, the end of mosquitos

4/6/2020 - What Boris Johnson’s absence could mean for the UK’s coronavirus response

4/6/2020 - A new survey captures the mood of those who now work from home

4/6/2020 - Sneezes

4/6/2020 - Covid-19 has the US cheese and milk industries on the brink

4/6/2020 - Three charts showing how US immigrants are affected by the coronavirus pandemic

4/6/2020 - The UK does not have a clear emergency succession plan for its prime minister

4/6/2020 - The US Supreme Court is handling its first emergency pandemic matter—it’s about elections

4/6/2020 - The Corvid-19 quiz: Test your knowledge of the birds, not Covid-19

4/6/2020 - India’s richest man lost $300 million a day in the past two months due to coronavirus

4/6/2020 - America’s $350 billion emergency loan program for small businesses may run out of money

4/6/2020 - A support guide for parents raising babies and toddlers through the coronavirus crisis

4/6/2020 - “Pearl Harbor moment”, Boris Johnson hospitalized, 150-year-old sharks

4/6/2020 - “Cutting off trivial things”: Chinese consumers are thinking twice about their post-coronavirus spending

4/6/2020 - Luckin Coffee, China’s Starbucks rival, is getting a nationalist boost amid a huge fraud scandal

4/6/2020 - Singapore is racing to stop coronavirus spreading in migrant worker dormitories

4/6/2020 - This week for Quartz members: What Gen Z wants

4/6/2020 - Startup:「コロナ解雇」の駆け込み寺

4/6/2020 - Even a “forced sabbatical” can have profound benefits

4/6/2020 - Indian aviation’s wings will remain clipped long after the coronavirus lockdown

4/6/2020 - Africa’s largest airline is starting to furlough workers as the global travel downturn bites

4/6/2020 - Coronavirus has become the booster shot that telemedicine was waiting for in India

4/6/2020 - Boris Johnson hospitalized, “Pearl Harbor moment”, pandemic dreams 

4/6/2020 - Quibi isn’t TV. It’s fancy YouTube

4/5/2020 - India joins Modi’s candlelight vigil with lamps, crackers—and a breached lockdown

4/5/2020 - Millions of people can’t wash their hands for 20 seconds—for lack of water

4/5/2020 - How to read coronavirus news like a science writer

4/5/2020 - Daily Brief:アメリカ「真珠湾攻撃」に備える

4/5/2020 - Test-kit exports, maritime spats, pandemic dreams 

4/5/2020 - The best kids’ shows that locked-down parents can enjoy, too

4/5/2020 - 今週のQuartz:スタートアップの駆け込み寺、コロナで変わった人間関係、台湾のデジタル監視

4/5/2020 - Coronavirus lockdown is bringing back the live DJ battle

4/5/2020 - Gen Z consumers are making companies bend to their will

4/5/2020 - How Gen Z will be shaped by the coronavirus pandemic

4/5/2020 - A teen chef’s recipe for TikTok success

4/5/2020 - Young adults around the world offer a glimpse into their most sacred place: their room

4/5/2020 - Why Covid-19 has resulted in New Jersey desperately needing COBOL programmers

4/5/2020 - Gen Z is the most powerful generation for influencing the economy

4/5/2020 - South Africa’s science leadership, informal sector vs lockdowns, African art’s big bidders

4/5/2020 - Five times Modi has asked Indians to make symbolic gestures for the nation

4/5/2020 - Coronavirus:危機下で「人事」ができること

4/4/2020 - Internet shutdowns have disrupted millions of lives in Ethiopia

4/4/2020 - Restaurant and bars account for more than half of the US jobs lost in March

4/4/2020 - Weekend edition—Power grabs, radical Fed, tone-deaf celebs 

4/4/2020 - Weekend edition—Power grabs, radical Fed, tone-deaf celebs 

4/4/2020 - Lottery jackpots are being reduced as the coronavirus crisis hits ticket sales

4/4/2020 - The coronavirus crisis is forcing the US Supreme Court to face its technology problem

4/4/2020 - ESPN2 is airing an esports marathon because Covid-19 has crimped live sports

4/4/2020 - How Pape Diouf helped change the fortunes of African players in European football

4/4/2020 - Chinese communities built a donation pipeline for Covid-19 supplies to US hospitals

4/4/2020 - Pulse oximeters are selling out because of the pandemic. Most people don’t need them

4/4/2020 - High-frequency traders are winning big thanks to coronavirus disruption

4/4/2020 - The significance of three African NHS doctors being among first to die in UK’s coronavirus battle

4/4/2020 - The Navy captain fired for sounding coronavirus alarms broke no law—just protocol

4/4/2020 - Across Africa, a reliance on the informal sector threatens effective coronavirus lockdowns

4/4/2020 - Google Docs have become a strange canvas for coping with coronavirus

4/4/2020 - Beware government power grabs during the coronavirus pandemic

4/3/2020 - The FDA just authorized its first coronavirus blood test. What does that mean?

4/3/2020 - Weekend edition—Power grabs, radical Fed, tone-deaf celebs 

4/3/2020 - High-energy particle physicists figured out video conferencing a long time ago

4/3/2020 - Jeremy Corbyn’s legacy will loom large over British politics

4/3/2020 - Why you’re probably having less (or more) sex right now

4/3/2020 - Music legend Bill Withers, who has died at 81, wrote the perfect song for these times

4/3/2020 - The US can’t supply enough medical masks for healthcare workers, let alone the general public

4/3/2020 - South Africa is leading the continent’s coronavirus testing challenge boosted by private labs

4/3/2020 - US airlines are obliged to refund passengers for cancelled flights

4/3/2020 - Coronavirus: Congrats, you’re a chef

4/3/2020 - Sotheby’s has had its biggest jump in bidders for African art, thanks to a stay home lockdown

4/3/2020 - Dies Irae

4/3/2020 - To the millions of parents who didn’t choose to homeschool: This is a unique opportunity

4/3/2020 - Photos: Hospitalized coronavirus patients are being moved out of Paris by train

4/3/2020 - Social distancing isn’t the right language for what Covid-19 asks of us

4/3/2020 - Soccer players are teaching CEOs how to handle this crisis

4/3/2020 - Quartzy: the Jazzercise edition

4/3/2020 - Covid-19 expanded telemedicine measures that we’ve needed for years

4/3/2020 - The collapse of the US fracking industry, in seven charts

4/3/2020 - Future of Finance: Governments are moving fast and breaking things

4/3/2020 - Post-Corona:「働き方」は再び更新される

4/3/2020 - Ventilators on way, US job figures, influencers

4/3/2020 - For Quartz members—Olympic home workouts and mental health

4/3/2020 - Smokers aren’t quitting due to coronavirus

4/3/2020 - India’s crypto investors feel virtual coins are key to more jobs and economic revival

4/3/2020 - Is it worth going for the three-month EMI moratorium offered by Indian banks?

4/3/2020 - These policy tips, based on behavioural economics, can help mitigate India’s Covid-19 panic

4/3/2020 - US unemployment, India candlelight vigil, forgotten forest

4/3/2020 - Modi calls for candlelight vigil for those worst-hit by the coronavirus lockdown

4/2/2020 - Coronavirus is the crisis that can show India the value of media

4/2/2020 - Daily Brief:米、けた外れの失業数

4/2/2020 - Oil spikes, Luckin crashes, a forgotten forest

4/2/2020 - What unemployment claims can tell us about tomorrow’s jobs report

4/2/2020 - Ethiopia is opening up its mobile money market to new players

4/2/2020 - Watch: How to care for your mental health during the coronavirus quarantine

4/2/2020 - Coronavirus is imperiling billions of informal workers—especially women

4/2/2020 - If you are out of a job and health insurance, these are your options

4/2/2020 - US student loan payments are suspended for six months, with many exceptions

4/2/2020 - Cascading failure

4/2/2020 - Why Covid-19 infections affect people differently

4/2/2020 - Have you been asked to promote questionable coronavirus claims?

4/2/2020 - The coronavirus lockdown in Africa’s largest city opens the door to increased generator pollution

4/2/2020 - Signs of these coronavirus times, real and imagined

4/2/2020 - How the Covid-19 pandemic caused a global Nintendo Switch shortage

4/2/2020 - IMF data shows over 190 countries’ economic responses to coronavirus-led disruptions

4/2/2020 - What to say to someone who loses their job because of the coronavirus pandemic

4/2/2020 - The coronavirus crisis proves reasonable workplace accessibility has been possible all along

4/2/2020 - Every single VA hospital in Florida just ordered a refrigerated morgue trailer

4/2/2020 - G Suite’s security lead gives you the tips you need to keep your remote team protected

4/2/2020 - In Hong Kong, buying locally-grown vegetables is about more than just fighting coronavirus

4/2/2020 - South Africa’s leadership in HIV research is galvanizing to tackle coronavirus and develop tests

4/2/2020 - Space Business: Countermeasures

4/2/2020 - A peek at utopian space dreams behind the Iron Curtain

4/2/2020 - A new abortion debate rages as coronavirus cripples the US

4/2/2020 - Salary cuts arrive at Indian startups amid the coronavirus slump

4/2/2020 - Aviation layoffs, SpaceX’s Zoom policy, a forest in Antarctica

4/2/2020 - Two-thirds of H1-B visa applications this year are from Indians

4/2/2020 - Millennials:インフルエンサーの「生き残り」戦略

4/2/2020 - Indian economy was rolling down a hill. With Covid-19, it’s falling off a cliff

4/2/2020 - Covid-19 outbreak could be Indian pharma’s big opportunity in Africa

4/2/2020 - The UN is partnering with China’s biggest surveillance software company

4/2/2020 - Locked out Indians are abandoning their pets on the streets—helpless, scared, and hungry

4/2/2020 - The IITs are stepping up to help India battle coronavirus

4/2/2020 - EU coronavirus fund, WeWork’s woes, Belarussian soccer

4/1/2020 - “Make us count”: Taiwanese and Iranian Americans are fighting for recognition in the 2020 census

4/1/2020 - Daily Brief:中国、死者数を改ざんか

4/1/2020 - Fake data, faulty tests, bad celebrity videos

4/1/2020 - Marie Kondo’s strategy for finding joy at home during the coronavirus quarantine

4/1/2020 - Ethiopia has postponed its national elections over coronavirus fears

4/1/2020 - Auctions

4/1/2020 - Coronavirus: Globalization is here to stay

4/1/2020 - Despite coronavirus outbreaks, cruise ship bookings are up for 2021

4/1/2020 - Coronavirus has crippled global protest movements

4/1/2020 - Covid-19 is about to reach US farms in a major test for food supply chains

4/1/2020 - Zimbabwe’s universities are manufacturing masks, gloves and hand sanitizers to beat coronavirus

4/1/2020 - Abortion access is now either elective or essential depending on the state

4/1/2020 - America’s smallest banks are being enlisted to rescue millions of American jobs

4/1/2020 - Celebrities are warning us about coronavirus. We ranked their best and worst PSAs

4/1/2020 - A note to Quartz readers during the coronavirus pandemic

4/1/2020 - Does being made “essential” finally give gig workers the upper hand?

4/1/2020 - Auto insurers are collecting billions in extra profit as Americans shelter in place

4/1/2020 - More than a million garment workers are out of work because of coronavirus

4/1/2020 - The US government has a long history of using crises to justify indefinite mass detention

4/1/2020 - “There is no plan at all:” Nurses battling coronavirus face deteriorating work conditions

4/1/2020 - Where coronavirus has changed US driving habits the most

4/1/2020 - President’s warning, Zoom under scrutiny, goats on vacation

4/1/2020 - Hong Kong police are using coronavirus restrictions to clamp down on protesters

4/1/2020 - Africa:Netflixはアフリカに賭けた

4/1/2020 - Coronavirus is accelerating the demise of coal power in the US

4/1/2020 - How Covid-19 could disrupt pharmaceutical supply chains

4/1/2020 - The exodus of the wealthy from cities reveals the problems with individualism

4/1/2020 - The Nizamuddin meet wasn’t the only instance of callousness in India amid the Covid-19 scare

4/1/2020 - China is using digital coupons to entice people to get shopping again

4/1/2020 - Land rights are at the heart of India’s new push to make businesses socially responsible

4/1/2020 - How Taiwan is tracking 55,000 people under home quarantine in real time

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