12/31/2019 - Mormon women are caught between economic pressures and the word of God

12/31/2019 - Rare disease drugs stand out in 2019’s top-performing pharma stocks

12/31/2019 - Red sauce Italian

12/31/2019 - ‘Flight shame’ didn’t actually make us fly any less

12/31/2019 - A US appeals court just hollowed out the meaning of ‘diet’ foods

12/31/2019 - Thinking about quitting Facebook? Here’s what it’s like

12/31/2019 - How gender impacts Uber tipping

12/31/2019 - Will 2020 be the year of “trade peace”? Don’t bet on it

12/31/2019 - Newly discovered species or latest Pokémon character?

12/31/2019 - How selfish motives drive people to make dumb mistakes

12/31/2019 - 15 Republican governors are asking Trump for more refugees

12/31/2019 - One professor’s 10 rules for reading long, difficult nonfiction

12/31/2019 - What kind of immigrants do Europeans want?

12/31/2019 - The number of US acres devoted to hemp is 100 times greater than five years ago

12/31/2019 - The first Sunday in January is the biggest day of online dating all year

12/31/2019 - Why did Carlos Ghosn flee to Lebanon?

12/31/2019 - The top tech IPOs of 2019

12/31/2019 - The four largest tech companies are now worth more than $4 trillion

12/31/2019 - Twelve works of art that chart the emotional upheavals of the Hong Kong protests

12/31/2019 - Facebook is normalizing sharing your personal healthcare data

12/31/2019 - Germany and India are shrugging off US warnings on Huawei

12/31/2019 - New year protests, the best TV and movies, dry January

12/31/2019 - When will Texas surpass California as the most populous US state?

12/31/2019 - Rules for resolutions: 7 ways to make commitments you’ll keep

12/31/2019 - Need an excuse to avoid broccoli? Point to carbon emissions

12/31/2019 - All the movies and TV shows you need to know about in 2020

12/31/2019 - Does YouTube favor radicalization? From outside YouTube, it’s hard to know

12/31/2019 - The unexpected joy of giving up alcohol—or anything else

12/31/2019 - Qatar’s World Cup is coming together. It just might not be fun

12/31/2019 - The climate is changing—New Year’s Eve celebrations should too

12/31/2019 - Everything we know about the drones watching over Times Square on New Year’s Eve

12/31/2019 - 2019総括:「新語」で振り返る香港デモ

12/31/2019 - The biggest trends in African tech and startups in 2019

12/31/2019 - Sydney fireworks, Ghosn’s great escape, dating Sharon Stone

12/31/2019 - We, the permanent villains of Indian mythology, must reclaim our fallen icons

12/30/2019 - What India’s startup bosses read in 2019 and how it helped them

12/30/2019 - Obama’s year-end playlist has an Indian surprise: Prateek Kuhad

12/30/2019 - “It’s almost like a cry for help”: An Indian poet gets at the heart of protests around the world

12/30/2019 - Year-End Brief:ゴーン、レバノンへ脱出

12/30/2019 - Runaway executive, Huawei in India, dating Sharon Stone

12/30/2019 - Myers-Briggs

12/30/2019 - The books, songs, films, and other works entering public domain on Jan. 1, 2020

12/30/2019 - Aspirin can help stem the tide of stroke. Why aren’t more doctors prescribing it?

12/30/2019 - Zambia has 17 million people, a stroke epidemic, and no neurologists

12/30/2019 - Germanwings strike, Somalia bombing, Sharon Stone

12/30/2019 - Read this if you’re feeling some kind of way about holiday drinking

12/30/2019 - How to survive the coming retirement crisis

12/30/2019 - The true history of the conspiracy theories about the Knights Templar

12/30/2019 - This week for Quartz members: Taming time

12/30/2019 - How to overcome distractions at work

12/30/2019 - 2020 is the year of the $1 trillion space economy

12/30/2019 - Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women” is taking longer to pay for itself

12/30/2019 - The state of global right-wing populism in 2019

12/30/2019 - California’s new building codes will make solar panels the next home appliance

12/30/2019 - Three different ways to think about your most precious resource: time

12/30/2019 - Women in financial services are tackling an underserved market: themselves

12/30/2019 - 2019総括:タイムマシンで買い直したい今年の10銘柄

12/30/2019 - The transformation of China’s top memes over a decade reflects Beijing’s tighter grip on speech

12/30/2019 - China sentenced the scientist behind the world’s first gene-edited babies

12/30/2019 - The story of Jamia, the “anti-national” university born of deep Indian nationalism

12/30/2019 - The longest-running movie in Indian theatres this year was a Hollywood film—and it wasn’t Avengers

12/30/2019 - Pyongyang sanctions, Somalia bombing, nature’s sports drink

12/30/2019 - The best books Quartz India read in 2019

12/29/2019 - Daily Brief:ついに「中華テスラ」が出荷へ

12/29/2019 - Tesla deliveries, Long March 5 liftoff, dictator dialectic

12/29/2019 - Elon Musk’s tunnels could fix congestion. But not in the way you’d expect

12/29/2019 - Don’t read another top 10 list. Write your own

12/29/2019 - Work smarter in 2020

12/29/2019 - Supposedly “risk free” assets are looking awfully risky

12/29/2019 - Extinction Rebellion is using holacracy to scale its international movement

12/29/2019 - The tactics and tools that saved the Rebel Alliance are surprisingly terrestrial

12/29/2019 - Soil could solve climate change—if we save it

12/29/2019 - Quartz Africa Weekly Brief: The year-end edition

12/29/2019 - 今だけ。「期間限定ギフト」のお願い

12/28/2019 - As a drought-stricken area in Australia struggles, a Chinese company moves to bottle its water

12/28/2019 - Weekend edition—Hong Kong protests, trivia generator, weasel policies 

12/28/2019 - Weekend edition—Hong Kong protests, trivia generator, weasel policies 

12/28/2019 - Federal Reserve says Trump’s tariffs have so far hurt more than helped

12/28/2019 - Clothing could be to blame for the number of microplastics in our air

12/28/2019 - From Sudan to Hong Kong to Chile, what it was like to be one of the protesters of 2019

12/28/2019 - An Islamic State Christmas killing of 11 hostages in Nigeria threatens to flare up religious tensions

12/28/2019 - The Hong Kong resistance is only just getting started

12/28/2019 - The seed collectors who chase wild relatives of crops vital to human diets

12/28/2019 - Intense prejudice exists against atheists in the US

12/28/2019 - What to watch for in the cannabis industry in 2020

12/27/2019 - Brexit is provoking a record-breaking surge of Brits seeking EU passports

12/27/2019 - The Mandela effect

12/27/2019 - These were the largest migrations of the 2010s

12/27/2019 - The bizarre, apocalyptic effects of Australia’s extreme heat

12/27/2019 - Luxury is embarrassing

12/27/2019 - Weekend edition—Hong Kong protests, trivia generator, weasel policies 

12/27/2019 - Chinese national arrested trying to photograph restricted US military site

12/27/2019 - Relocation of US base in Okinawa threatens marine life and now costs double its initial budget

12/27/2019 - The Hong Kong protests continue in a video game proxy war on Grand Theft Auto

12/27/2019 - The scientific case for hiring a narcissist

12/27/2019 - The Netherlands doesn’t want you to call it Holland anymore

12/27/2019 - Teaching a computer Chinese made it excellent at English

12/27/2019 - Europeans say immigrants contribute more to the region’s culture than its economy

12/27/2019 - Quartzy: the see you next year edition

12/27/2019 - Female entrepreneurs are turning to non-traditional sources to fund their businesses

12/27/2019 - All the ways the world made it harder to be a good person in 2019

12/27/2019 - To be a better ally, I gave up reading books by men for 2019

12/27/2019 - Why dictators make terrible conversationalists

12/27/2019 - The most radical Americans of 2019 are the ethical conservatives

12/27/2019 - India’s protests, Turkey’s electric car, Bruce Lee

12/27/2019 - The case for moderate—not drastic—New Year’s exercise resolutions

12/27/2019 - It’s time to explore the ethical price of sentient “minibrains”

12/27/2019 - For Quartz members—Because China, Exceptional Humans, and the jobs of the future

12/27/2019 - A decade ago, the US was promised high-speed rail—so where is it?

12/27/2019 - India:日本の先を行く、インドの「決済戦争」

12/27/2019 - India’s fourth-largest airline is struggling with an unstable leadership and an overworked crew

12/27/2019 - Year-end train ticket sales drop sharply in India amid nation-wide protests

12/27/2019 - From India’s numerous web originals of 2019, these 10 characters stand out

12/27/2019 - “Save India,” Nasdaq record, ghost studies

12/26/2019 - Wondering what to read next? Here’s what Sonali Bendre’s book club read in 2019

12/26/2019 - At one of India’s oldest liquor companies, digital marketing is key to “relentless modernisation”

12/26/2019 - Daily Brief:中国が新型ロケット発射へ

12/26/2019 - A White House official took a free trip to an anti-LGBTQ “hate summit”

12/26/2019 - China’s launch, Nasdaq record, ghost studies

12/26/2019 - Ball pits

12/26/2019 - 10 powerful investigations for your year-end reading

12/26/2019 - Amazon says more than 5 million people signed up for Prime in one week this holiday season

12/26/2019 - Young and ambitious? Don’t devote nights and weekends to your employer—do this instead

12/26/2019 - Asia’s eclipse watchers are more fascinating than the eclipse itself

12/26/2019 - Silicon Valley engineers are starting to doubt the wisdom of working at startups

12/26/2019 - More than 3 million Russians on the “no fly list” due to unpaid debt

12/26/2019 - The price of these products rose fastest in the US in 2019

12/26/2019 - Guides to the next decade

12/26/2019 - Post-Christmas deals, Obama’s playlist, quokkas

12/26/2019 - “OK boomer” and the rise of the social media linguistic ecosystem

12/26/2019 - City living might be making you anxious—but it doesn’t have to

12/26/2019 - The catchphrase of 2019 has a glaring blindspot

12/26/2019 - A new study measured just how strongly CEOs lean Republican

12/26/2019 - Mundipharma fined for misleading advertising of opioids in Australia

12/26/2019 - Millennials:「インスタ顔」に走る若者たち

12/26/2019 - Investors in wannabe super apps must remember that India is not China

12/26/2019 - How to survive a PhD: hacks from a research scholar

12/25/2019 - How brands are hurting themselves with pan-India “Hinglish” ads

12/25/2019 - The unintended consequence of India’s rural employment programme: air pollution

12/25/2019 - Daily Brief:映画館がNetflixを非難

12/25/2019 - Songwriter Allee Willis has died at 72. She wrote the theme song for a global phenomenon

12/25/2019 - China has already started to buy US soybeans again

12/25/2019 - Travis Kalanick’s next move is kitchens

12/25/2019 - A French union cut power to an Amazon facility in support of workers

12/25/2019 - Neuroscience discovered what Christmas emotions look like in the brain

12/25/2019 - The psychology of how facial expressions hide Christmas disappointment

12/25/2019 - The promise and perils of a secret impeachment vote in the Senate

12/25/2019 - Africa:世界2位、観光大陸アフリカ

12/24/2019 - Christmas Brief:イタリアもGAFA税へ

12/24/2019 - The data suggest Kelly Clarkson wrote the successor to “All I Want for Christmas Is You”

12/24/2019 - “All I Want for Christmas is You”: The Threequel

12/24/2019 - Nigeria has released a New York-based journalist from detention after international pressure

12/24/2019 - Arizona sex offender threatens mass shooting over stalled registry legislation

12/24/2019 - Bloomberg’s presidential campaign used prison labor to solicit votes

12/24/2019 - Americans are spending more than ever on educational gifts

12/24/2019 - In Bethlehem, a Christmas story with a modern message—and Jingle Bells in Arabic

12/24/2019 - If you have a time machine, go back and tell yourself to buy these stocks

12/24/2019 - Japan’s births dropped below 900,000 in 2019, a record low

12/24/2019 - The Quartz Daily Obsession trivia: a treat for the curious mind

12/24/2019 - 2019: The year in heists and capers

12/24/2019 - US think-tank says Trump and Obama ignored nearly a million “victims” of H-1B

12/24/2019 - Reinvention of Christmas decorations is a historical tradition

12/24/2019 - Ethical consumption is a war we need to fight one Christmas present at a time

12/24/2019 - Can the swastika ever reclaim its original meaning?

12/24/2019 - Internet shutdowns are an increasingly popular means of government suppression

12/24/2019 - YouTube music video comments are the safe space for the pan-African romantic in all of us

12/24/2019 - Kim’s Christmas “gift,” disastrous one-day delivery, Die Hard

12/24/2019 - China:最悪死刑の大麻が、中国で一大産業となった理由

12/24/2019 - IMF’s recommendations to India to stave off “significant economic slowdown”

12/24/2019 - Kim’s Christmas gift, a “quite bumpy” year, improved “Cats”

12/23/2019 - The board meeting that ousted Cyrus Mistry as Tata group chief

12/23/2019 - Online grocer Grofers is on a small-town high in India

12/23/2019 - In a Himalayan Indian village, “leopards escort humans safely”

12/23/2019 - Hong Kong’s Airbnbs started to go vacant as protests intensified

12/23/2019 - China–Japan–South Korea summit, Boeing CEO exit, fixed “Cats”

12/23/2019 - Daily Brief:アマゾンが出資したEVベンチャー

12/23/2019 - Hot chocolate

12/23/2019 - The New York metro area has the lowest rate of population turnover in the US

12/23/2019 - Movies are getting software updates now

12/23/2019 - Africa’s genetic material is still being misused

12/23/2019 - Spot Trump’s winning post-impeachment ad copy

12/23/2019 - A weakness for booze and sweets, not meat, increases household carbon footprints

12/23/2019 - Nike doubles down on Colin Kaepernick with new sneaker bearing his image

12/23/2019 - For Wall Street banks in China, is this time different?

12/23/2019 - The “Robin Hood of science” says she’s not a Russian asset

12/23/2019 - Boeing’s CEO steps down, and shares go up

12/23/2019 - 🎁 There’s still time…

12/23/2019 - “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” is turning middling reviews into massive money

12/23/2019 - The Cantonese words at the heart of Hong Kong’s 2019 protest vocabulary

12/23/2019 - Khashoggi death sentences, Modi under pressure, a 14,000-mile hike

12/23/2019 - This week for Quartz members: Our most popular field guides

12/23/2019 - Are you an exceptional multitasker—or are you just lying to yourself?

12/23/2019 - Should the notion of “statistical significance” be abolished?

12/23/2019 - Will there ever be another recession?

12/23/2019 - Startup:ゲイツが惚れ込むSF型スタートアップ

12/23/2019 - Switching their phones off makes Indians bored, sad, and disconnected

12/23/2019 - Ramdev’s Patanjali seems to have left behind a brief red patch

12/22/2019 - The case for including India’s video gamers in sports quotas

12/22/2019 - A solution to Delhi’s apocalyptic winters might just be in sight

12/22/2019 - India violence, Premier League racism, “irregardless”

12/22/2019 - China hosts neighbors, Boeing’s spacecraft, pizza execs

12/22/2019 - Daily Brief:クリスマスカードに「助けて」

12/22/2019 - New Zealand’s ban on semiautomatic weapons is in effect. Where is the US’s?

12/22/2019 - North Korea looks poised to test long-range missiles and boost its military

12/22/2019 - Your email problem isn’t your fault

12/22/2019 - The 3rd annual Quartz Casties: Our favorite podcasts of 2019

12/22/2019 - No expedited shipping required

12/22/2019 - Happiness and grief change depending what language you’re speaking

12/22/2019 - Two years into Trump’s tax cut, the results are not promising

12/22/2019 - What rescue dogs can teach us about vulnerability

12/22/2019 - The bestselling books of the decade tell a complex story about women

12/22/2019 - Lagos’ bike troubles, Liberia’s school results, African startups go global

12/22/2019 - 今週のQuartz:中国大麻ブーム、今年のファッショントレンド、インドの決済サービス

12/21/2019 - The flu is worse this holiday season than it was last year

12/21/2019 - The world’s third most livable city is choking on toxic smoke

12/21/2019 - Weekend edition—Checks and balances, deep-sea mining, creepy phones

12/21/2019 - Weekend edition—Checks and balances, deep-sea mining, creepy phones

12/21/2019 - The CDC blames a THC vaping ingredient for the outbreak of acute lung illness

12/21/2019 - Why DNA testing kits shouldn’t be on your holiday shopping list

12/21/2019 - How to counter the health risks of sitting at work all day

12/21/2019 - Plant-based milks aren’t the reason US dairies are struggling

12/21/2019 - The impeachment proceedings show what makes America great

12/21/2019 - More people are dying alone—and the global economy isn’t prepared for it

12/21/2019 - How to shop without Amazon

12/21/2019 - The international sustainability, economics, and history of Christmas trees, explained

12/21/2019 - Nike’s Jordan brand reached a billion-dollar milestone

12/20/2019 - Weekend edition—Checks and balances, deep-sea mining, creepy phones

12/20/2019 - For a more equal division of labor at home, stop delegating and start divvying

12/20/2019 - The results of Liberia’s experiment to outsource education are in

12/20/2019 - The best gift you can give your kids this holiday season is to put down your phone

12/20/2019 - Quartzy: the screen-free edition

12/20/2019 - Boeing suffers another failure as spacecraft misses the International Space Station

12/20/2019 - How does holiday tipping work in the gig economy?

12/20/2019 - Seven French executives have been sentenced to prison over employee suicides

12/20/2019 - Ghana’s Year of Return is on its way to success so the government should stop using bad data

12/20/2019 - Future of Finance: Bank of England “hacked,” PayPal’s unspent billions

12/20/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: the water scarcity crisis

12/20/2019 - The Bank of England named the 121st consecutive man to lead the 325-year-old institution

12/20/2019 - A Bollywood film about getting away with murder got a “harmonious” remake in China

12/20/2019 - Brexit bill vote, debate censorship, left-wing goose

12/20/2019 - Depressed by the news? Here’s how to alter your worldview

12/20/2019 - African startups are making the risky bet of expanding beyond the continent for growth and profits

12/20/2019 - The innovative design of one of the world’s largest net-zero buildings

12/20/2019 - The feminist reboot opera deserves

12/20/2019 - The best gadgets of 2019

12/20/2019 - For Quartz members—Hong Kong protests, anonymity, and fintech

12/20/2019 - What do we call Hong Kong’s nameless “2019 protests” in 2020?

12/20/2019 - “Parasite” nails the inherent inequality of hiring household help

12/20/2019 - 2019 was Disney’s biggest year ever, but 2020 will be its most important

12/20/2019 - The best gift for your elderly loved ones is an honest conversation

12/20/2019 - Being a protective black mom isn’t a parenting choice—it’s the only choice

12/20/2019 - Is fintech overhyped or understated?

12/20/2019 - What it took to make Boeing’s Starliner fly

12/20/2019 - Nearly 80% of porn is now watched on mobile

12/20/2019 - Sharing data on turbulence could help the airline industry cut carbon emissions

12/20/2019 - Star Wars

12/20/2019 - India:化けるスタートアップはインドから

12/20/2019 - Can’t make your video go viral on TikTok? Maybe your grandma can help

12/20/2019 - The rise of online political ad spending in three charts

12/20/2019 - Ethiopia has launched its first satellite into space with China’s help

12/20/2019 - Once “azadi” got students arrested—now all Indians are raising the slogan

12/19/2019 - Despite its late entry, OnePlus has found a niche in India that it won’t let go

12/19/2019 - Who exactly was Chanakya, the ancient genius that wily Indian politicians are being compared with?

12/19/2019 - In the Delhi versus Mumbai real estate debate, there’s no easy answer

12/19/2019 - Film showed women that softboys are the emotionally intelligent men they wanted all along

12/19/2019 - Withdrawal bill vote, obedient Macau, left-wing goose

12/19/2019 - Meet the Quartz UK Pros!

12/19/2019 - Macau handover, 1MDB settlement, pork presents

12/19/2019 - Daily Brief:アップルがジェームス・ボンドと交渉

12/19/2019 - Feds say the US military was duped into buying “American-made” equipment from China

12/19/2019 - How Untitled Goose Game became a left-wing meme

12/19/2019 - Robinhood got fined for the way it handled “commission free” trades

12/19/2019 - The impeachment debate has sparked a linguistic war over the word “irregardless”

12/19/2019 - It’s not worth buying a 5G smartphone yet

12/19/2019 - Our call on the business of water scarcity starts in 5 minutes

12/19/2019 - Speed reading

12/19/2019 - 2019 saw a dramatic spike in US retailers closing stores

12/19/2019 - Starliner Season

12/19/2019 - 2019 in review

12/19/2019 - What Trump really wants is to join the axis of evil

12/19/2019 - India protests, Trump impeached, pork rewards

12/19/2019 - Blame the Society for the Prevention of Useless Gifts for that overly practical present

12/19/2019 - Why US presidential debates are designed to be boring

12/19/2019 - As protests swell, these nations tell travellers to avoid India

12/19/2019 - Even in retirement, people have trouble spending time how they want to

12/19/2019 - The Tao of impeachment: The process is the point

12/19/2019 - The EU’s Green Deal wants to use its economic might to compel global emission cuts

12/19/2019 - The top US plant-based meat companies are vying for the same territory

12/19/2019 - What we got right (and wrong) about crypto in 2019

12/19/2019 - 10 years after the Nobel Prize, telomeres are still a murky lead in longevity research

12/19/2019 - How Facebook might change its political-ad policy

12/19/2019 - A third of the gender pay gap can be explained by schmoozing between men and their male bosses

12/19/2019 - Millennials:「パッション・エコノミー」がやってくる

12/19/2019 - PhonePe beats all rivals when it comes to error-free, smooth digital payments in India

12/19/2019 - What Indian parents can learn from Hong Kong’s “silver haired” protesters

12/19/2019 - Despite the failed moon mission, Indian techies’ liking for a job at ISRO has only increased

12/19/2019 - Bangladeshis and Nepalis shop on Indian e-commerce sites via friends, family, and border shops

12/19/2019 - Indian Twitter is offering tips to evade clampdown as the police face off with protesters

12/19/2019 - Charted: How the biggest Tata group firms performed under N Chandrasekaran

12/18/2019 - India’s podcast buzz is now getting loud and clear

12/18/2019 - Queen’s speech, House impeaches Trump, pork rewards

12/18/2019 - Screw the critics — “The Rise of Skywalker” is just right

12/18/2019 - Having the “world’s most powerful passport” is lost on Japan

12/18/2019 - Indians demonstrate, Trump’s impeachment woes, bouncy giant rocks

12/18/2019 - Will clean water be our biggest source of conflict in the future?

12/18/2019 - Hong Kong is showing the world how to protest anonymously in an era of mass surveillance

12/18/2019 - How the USMCA sets the stage for the future of trade

12/18/2019 - Five books to read now about the purpose of companies

12/18/2019 - How headphones are changing the sound of music

12/18/2019 - China’s Alipay users will get financial advice for the first time

12/18/2019 - Congress waited too long to start securing the 2020 elections

12/18/2019 - Purpose is the new bottom line

12/18/2019 - Doctors in Britain say “preventable” air pollution is overwhelming NHS waiting rooms this winter

12/18/2019 - This is how we cut the price of internet access in African countries

12/18/2019 - Our call on the world in 50 years starts in 15 minutes

12/18/2019 - Danish butter cookies

12/18/2019 - Why Bill.com’s stock is soaring, while other IPOs sink

12/18/2019 - Impeachment vote, Fiat-Peugeot merger, Putin’s computer

12/18/2019 - These photos reveal the personal lives of the Lord’s Resistance Army

12/18/2019 - Why peanuts are so much worse than other allergies

12/18/2019 - The seven most crucial climate change novels

12/18/2019 - Trump will cling to power—and Republicans will cling to him

12/18/2019 - Who will replace Paul Polman as the face of sustainable capitalism?

12/18/2019 - At the heart of Trump’s impeachment is a fight over meaning, not facts

12/18/2019 - The best 2019 film and TV scores for every mood

12/18/2019 - Meteorologists can finally stop throwing out good data on hurricanes

12/18/2019 - A Nigerian off-grid solar startup has raised $20 million to power local markets and merchants

12/18/2019 - Africa:アフリカを制した中華スマホ

12/18/2019 - High schoolers are still vaping like crazy

12/17/2019 - How new startups can compete with billion-dollar companies

12/17/2019 - How the Indian icon Nataraja danced his way from ancient history to modern physics

12/17/2019 - Fiat-PSA deal, Japan’s #MeToo win, Putin’s computer

12/17/2019 - How MobiKwik spawned its own entrepreneurial “mafia”

12/17/2019 - From sidewalks to shopfronts, Hong Kong’s protests have rearranged its urban landscape

12/17/2019 - A top Chinese university stripped “freedom of thought” from its charter

12/17/2019 - A journalist who broke the silence on rape in Japan won her court case

12/17/2019 - Daily Brief:テンセントが音楽メジャーに意欲

12/17/2019 - Daily Brief:WeWorkに1900億円

12/17/2019 - Fiat plus PSA, Instagram’s fact-checking, shorter pregnancies

12/17/2019 - Our failure to recognize past genocide makes it a present threat

12/17/2019 - Online sermons reveal differences in how Christians in the US worship

12/17/2019 - Is our misguided affair with agility putting speed ahead of good work?

12/17/2019 - The distorted narratives about Islamic schools deflect from ugly truths about Nigerian society

12/17/2019 - How to teach your phone to curse

12/17/2019 - HBO has to think hard before making another season of “Watchmen”

12/17/2019 - Gen-Zers on Tinder want someone to march with, not just match with

12/17/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: electric planes, green banks, and Madrid’s folly

12/17/2019 - Micronations

12/17/2019 - A pioneer of wearable technology explains how it can connect instead of divide us

12/17/2019 - Can algae save the planet by changing the way we eat?

12/17/2019 - Instagram will finally fact-check posts

12/17/2019 - In countries like India, skin colour matters when you are a migrant

12/17/2019 - The radical immigration changes under Trump that went unnoticed

12/17/2019 - Reading this in incognito? We’ve got your privacy-conscious gift guide

12/17/2019 - Smuggling in plain sight: How foreign businesses help Iran violate US sanctions

12/17/2019 - How farmers can be part of the climate solution

12/17/2019 - How climate change could shorten pregnancies

12/17/2019 - UK parliament sworn in, “The Simpsons” turns 30, free newspaper

12/17/2019 - The dangers of depicting Greta Thunberg as a prophet

12/17/2019 - The UK’s new parliament is its most diverse ever

12/17/2019 - China:10億人のフェイクニュース

12/17/2019 - WeChat had a translation glitch with the Canadian flag that seems almost subversive

12/17/2019 - Italian folk songs to “azaadi” chants: Angry Indian students get innovative with protests

12/17/2019 - West Africa’s oral histories tell us a more complete story than traditional post-colonial narratives

12/16/2019 - AI is breathing new life into artificial limbs for India’s amputees

12/16/2019 - Five crucial things Urban Ladder’s founder did in the year before launch

12/16/2019 - Cheops launches, 737 Max freeze, free newspaper

12/16/2019 - Boeing just dealt a blow to the US economy in 2020

12/16/2019 - Daily Brief:アジアを制するNetflix

12/16/2019 - How China’s Alibaba and Tencent are divvying up India’s unicorns

12/16/2019 - India’s supreme court, tech mining lawsuit, free newspaper

12/16/2019 - Everyone has moved past the US-China trade war—except the US and China

12/16/2019 - Water scarcity is a failure of capitalism

12/16/2019 - Before We Knew Better: Nora Ephron’s Heartburn offers a complicated look at women, and at feminism

12/16/2019 - West Africa’s Sahel struggles to contain deadly jihadist groups that’ve infiltrated communities

12/16/2019 - Learning how to give healthy feedback changed my entire leadership approach

12/16/2019 - Meet the Quartz India Pros!

12/16/2019 - There are clothing sweatshops in the US, too

12/16/2019 - Cyborgs

12/16/2019 - The post-“Game of Thrones” fantasy TV boom is here, starting with “The Witcher”

12/16/2019 - The origins of La Colombe CEO Todd Carmichael’s social consciousness

12/16/2019 - How a global chemical company gave itself a corporate purpose makeover

12/16/2019 - How to build a space economy that avoids the mistakes of terrestrial capitalism

12/16/2019 - Why it’s so hard to hold companies accountable when they break their ethical promises

12/16/2019 - Bike-hailing companies are paying a heavy price in bribes and levies to operate in Lagos

12/16/2019 - Gender equality at work and in politics is still a lifetime away, WEF says

12/16/2019 - Two tenets of Jesuit philosophy can help companies build cultures of trust and initiative

12/16/2019 - India protests, trade truce, crypto exhumation

12/16/2019 - Where do scooters go for the winter?

12/16/2019 - The global water economy in six charts

12/16/2019 - The players tackling the business world’s complex relationship with water

12/16/2019 - Water is valuable but its price is low—and it’s fueling a crisis

12/16/2019 - How businesses are confronting the crisis of water scarcity

12/16/2019 - Startup:買い物をさせないクレジットカード

12/16/2019 - Even India’s most punctual airline is late a third of the time

12/16/2019 - Welcome to the new Quartz India experience

12/16/2019 - India’s new Citizenship Act and national register of citizens are both inspired by “paranoia”

12/16/2019 - India protests, Özil vs. China, crypto exhumation

12/16/2019 - Resume tip: Why be “passionate” when you can be a “thought leader”

12/15/2019 - In photos: The world’s largest democracy is in upheaval

12/15/2019 - People in China don’t quite know why they are boycotting Arsenal player Mesut Özil

12/15/2019 - Electric air taxi investors aim to replace the Uber ride

12/15/2019 - The longest-running climate talks in history led to a dead end

12/15/2019 - Daily Brief:失望に終わったCOP25

12/15/2019 - Investor nuns are turning up the heat on BlackRock’s climate change record

12/15/2019 - Trade truce, climate failure, crypto exhumation

12/15/2019 - The EU country with the most holiday air travel per capita may surprise you

12/15/2019 - Fast charging is not a friend of electric car batteries

12/15/2019 - After Boris Johnson’s stunning election victory, what’s next for Brexit?

12/15/2019 - “Thrash the circumcised,” Delhi cops shouted amidst rampage against us students

12/15/2019 - Hong Kong International Airport lost nearly a million passengers in November

12/15/2019 - Give a gift that renews each week 🎁

12/15/2019 - Cultured or cell-based? The struggle to find the right name for lab-grown meat

12/15/2019 - How the British Empire rewrote the rules for gender, race and sexuality in South Africa

12/15/2019 - Kenya’s Uber tax, China’s African phones, seeing Lagos like Cardi B

12/15/2019 - One billion people worldwide stop breathing while they sleep

12/15/2019 - We’ve been living in a post-truth world since propaganda was invented

12/14/2019 - Weekend edition—UK election, peeved pilots, family phones 

12/14/2019 - Weekend edition—UK election, peeved pilots, family phones 

12/14/2019 - Taylor Swift calls out “the unregulated world of private equity”

12/14/2019 - 今週のQuartz:中国のソーシャルメディア、パッション・エコノミー、アフリカの携帯電話市場

12/14/2019 - The world’s oldest visual tale was just dated—and it already faces oblivion

12/14/2019 - Boris Johnson won. Now the Trump comparisons will be put to the test

12/14/2019 - Holiday travelers, take note of this airport security art project

12/14/2019 - SCOTUS grants Trump’s request for review in financial records cases

12/14/2019 - Impeachment exists to protect the US, not to punish its president

12/14/2019 - Why we geek out over sleek interface designs

12/14/2019 - Scientists want to rewrite the evolution of walking—but should they?

12/14/2019 - Drought is crippling small farmers in Mexico—with consequences for everyone else

12/14/2019 - 2019年、ビル・ゲイツが語った、読書、教育、経済のこと

12/13/2019 - Weekend edition—UK election, peeved pilots, family phones 

12/13/2019 - Hallmark holiday movies

12/13/2019 - The UK’s electoral system is a disaster for democracy

12/13/2019 - Here’s what the UK parliament would look like under proportional representation

12/13/2019 - What Cardi B’s Lagos and Accra visits say about travel and media representations of Africa 

12/13/2019 - Quartzy: the family skiing edition

12/13/2019 - Our call on fintech begins in 15 minutes

12/13/2019 - Each platform’s approach to political ads in one table

12/13/2019 - The year’s top-trending fashion styles in the US only existed online

12/13/2019 - Can today’s startups be as employee-obsessed as they are customer-obsessed?

12/13/2019 - The UK election result shows why Twitter does not speak for most voters

12/13/2019 - How to avoid another Russian-troll misinformation nightmare in 2020

12/13/2019 - Future of Finance: Google wants the Fed to learn from India

12/13/2019 - Fender is reinventing itself for the future of music while holding onto its past

12/13/2019 - Yes, there’s microplastic in the snow

12/13/2019 - Boris wins big, US-China deal, ancient ear cleaners

12/13/2019 - Girls have quietly out-performed boys in school for over 150 years

12/13/2019 - How using a medical startup’s AI “symptom checker” could go very wrong

12/13/2019 - For Quartz members—esports and fintech hype

12/13/2019 - The stars, teams, and investors turning esports into big business

12/13/2019 - Africa’s medical scientists are struggling to get funding to back their research

12/13/2019 - “History changes today”: European newspapers react to the results of the UK general election

12/13/2019 - What’s next for the UK’s Labour party?

12/13/2019 - India:大国インド版「食える仕事」トップ15

12/13/2019 - The new political party of Ethiopia’s Abiy holds much promise but faces significant hurdles

12/13/2019 - “Daylighting” underground rivers could bring nature back to cities

12/13/2019 - Internet shutdowns are becoming second-nature to the world’s largest democracy

12/13/2019 - These were the most popular online courses in India in 2019

12/13/2019 - Conservative majority, US-China trade deal, penis fish

12/13/2019 - Do latest air traffic numbers suggest the worst is over for Indian aviation?

12/13/2019 - YouTube Music has trumped JioSaavn and Spotify in India despite its late entry

12/12/2019 - Gen Z workers are nothing like the millennials. Here’s how Indian employers can adapt

12/12/2019 - Daily Brief:今日、ブレグジットの行方が決まる

12/12/2019 - Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party is on track to triumph in the UK’s general election

12/12/2019 - US-China trade hopes, volcanic rescues, mysterious parakeets

12/12/2019 - What else to watch for in the UK general election

12/12/2019 - Impeachment succeeds best when coupled with mass protests

12/12/2019 - Animal spies

12/12/2019 - Recession watch: Why this cycle may not mirror the past

12/12/2019 - How to talk about climate change like Greta Thunberg

12/12/2019 - The key to surviving the holiday party season, from me, your liver

12/12/2019 - China is making more of Africa’s phones than you think

12/12/2019 - Our call on the perfect company starts in 15 minutes

12/12/2019 - Robinhood plans to let customers invest with as little as $1

12/12/2019 - How to stop procrastinating

12/12/2019 - The extraordinary story of the only B Corp in Afghanistan

12/12/2019 - Risky business

12/12/2019 - A documentary that will never let you see plastic the same way again

12/12/2019 - Did you buy bitcoin?

12/12/2019 - Is Apple’s focus on sustainability more than a charade?

12/12/2019 - Babies named Jolene are on the rise

12/12/2019 - The US Supreme Court is stuck in an epic international child custody battle

12/12/2019 - A new generation of wildlife documentaries are confronting the climate emergency

12/12/2019 - Lagarde’s clues, Indian citizenship, cave painting

12/12/2019 - How the US-China trade war will affect your Christmas shopping

12/12/2019 - Electric brain stimulation could treat depression and addiction

12/12/2019 - The “warlike semantics” of reforming France’s convoluted pension system

12/12/2019 - Jack Ma on the three Qs you need: IQ, EQ, and LQ

12/12/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: Climate talks overheat in Madrid

12/12/2019 - The IRS really needs an exemption for crypto

12/12/2019 - Politicians are embracing disinformation in the UK election

12/12/2019 - How Africa can “entrepreneur” its way out of bad leadership and the vital role of innovation

12/12/2019 - Millennials:退屈なビットコイン

12/12/2019 - India’s first and most popular chess grandmaster just turned 50

12/12/2019 - Nigeria’s president Buhari promises visas on arrival for all African visitors in 2020

12/12/2019 - Ninjacart investment shows online grocery is going to be the new frontier for Walmart in India

12/12/2019 - UK elections, Weinstein settlement, bird-friendly glass

12/12/2019 - Want to buy a sea-facing apartment in India? First talk climate change with your realtor

12/11/2019 - “How to vote” and “dance classes near me”: What Indians asked Google in 2019

12/11/2019 - Daily Brief:「今年の人」はグレタさん

12/11/2019 - The problem with economists using randomized trials in developing countries

12/11/2019 - UK elections, discrimination against Muslims, fly cheese

12/11/2019 - HSBC to pay about $200 million for helping rich Americans hide money

12/11/2019 - Light bulbs

12/11/2019 - Quartzy: the holiday banter edition

12/11/2019 - Colombia is threatening to sue Walmart over a cocaine-themed holiday sweater

12/11/2019 - How electric vehicles could be used to hack the 2020 election

12/11/2019 - WeWork will lay off more than 900 employees in New York

12/11/2019 - Our conference call on the trade war starts in 15 minutes

12/11/2019 - What keeps Alan Patricof excited after 50 years in venture capital

12/11/2019 - The next silicon valley won’t be in the US

12/11/2019 - A simple investing strategy could help you maximize your campaign donations

12/11/2019 - Suitcases worth considering instead of the Away carry-on

12/11/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: SoftBank’s fintech portfolio

12/11/2019 - Powell’s projections, Aramco soars, petiquette

12/11/2019 - TV syndication created our ironic love affair with bad movies

12/11/2019 - A chance encounter between a fruit fly and a pail of milk gave us cheese

12/11/2019 - Who will police the Hong Kong police?

12/11/2019 - Victoria Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world, is running dry due to climate change

12/11/2019 - Africa:ジャック・ドーシー、アフリカへ

12/11/2019 - Peacocks are becoming more common in Kerala. And that’s not a good sign

12/11/2019 - Russia is Beijing’s best ally in the disinformation war against Hong Kong

12/11/2019 - A broker-crushing price war is coming to Britain’s stock-trading industry

12/11/2019 - Walmart has made another bet on India’s e-commerce sector

12/11/2019 - MBA grads are more employable than engineers in India

12/11/2019 - Saudi Aramco debuts, Bougainville independence, Hong Kong pandas

12/11/2019 - India’s largest bank posted a nearly $1 billion loss in 2019, not $121 million profit as claimed earlier

12/11/2019 - The secret sauce for Hotstar’s success: exclusive partnerships

12/10/2019 - Daily Brief:ジェフ・ベゾスのロケット宇宙へ

12/10/2019 - This is how AI understands human language (and chats back)

12/10/2019 - Saudi Aramco debuts, formal US impeachment charges, apostrophe rage

12/10/2019 - Energize your meetings with empowering videos like the ones used by TED

12/10/2019 - Health insurers fighting claim denials made some seriously ironic arguments at the Supreme Court

12/10/2019 - Theory of mind

12/10/2019 - After the White Island volcano tragedy, can visitors trust New Zealand’s adventure tourism?

12/10/2019 - Apple’s top-of-the-line computer costs more than a BMW

12/10/2019 - Employee activism hits Nike as its staff demands more support for women

12/10/2019 - The US’s top 15 emerging jobs of 2020, according to LinkedIn

12/10/2019 - Netflix has finally outdone Hollywood at the Golden Globes

12/10/2019 - Samsung is making a comeback but China’s Transsion is still Africa’s top phone maker

12/10/2019 - Video games have become a new form of literature

12/10/2019 - The UK votes on December 12th. Here are the three ways it could go

12/10/2019 - The US is siding with criminal defendants in a rare Supreme Court case

12/10/2019 - How US food imports changed in the 2010s: A Quiz!

12/10/2019 - Why private companies should stop giving money for good causes

12/10/2019 - “Bicycles could save the world”: Meet Amsterdam’s bicycle mayor

12/10/2019 - Employers have a lot to gain from letting you openly look for a new job

12/10/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: floating nuclear, carbon credits, and clean steel

12/10/2019 - Why so much investigative journalism gets published in December

12/10/2019 - Jeff Bezos’ rocket-maker aims for its third launch in 2019

12/10/2019 - Apples talk to each other. Eavesdropping can save millions from the trash bin

12/10/2019 - NAFTA 2.0, Myanmar in court, smuggled sea cucumbers

12/10/2019 - A case for the preservation of the appropriate apostrophe

12/10/2019 - Nike courts a growing Muslim market with innovative, modest swimwear

12/10/2019 - These will be the most sought after jobs in India in 2020, according to LinkedIn

12/10/2019 - China:世界中が中国に謝罪している

12/10/2019 - Even after a 40% hike, India has the cheapest data rates in the world—and that’s a problem

12/10/2019 - Kenya’s new “Uber” tax on digital businesses and services could spark US trade retaliation

12/10/2019 - Nearly half of urban Indians are willing to forgive their partners for infidelity

12/10/2019 - Suu Kyi at The Hague, India citizenship bill, sea cucumber kingpin

12/10/2019 - In TikTok-crazy India, an American app wants to go beyond “general tomfoolery”

12/9/2019 - How to set up and use an Alipay account as a tourist in China

12/9/2019 - Daily Brief:Netflixがノミネート独占

12/9/2019 - Myanmar in court, Ukraine–Russia peace talks, gendered toys

12/9/2019 - Prediction

12/9/2019 - Here are the proposed coal power plants China is bankrolling around the world

12/9/2019 - International sea cucumber kingpin implicated in new smuggling case

12/9/2019 - Beyond the fintech hype

12/9/2019 - Gender-neutral toys aren’t enough to beat toxic masculinity—but they’re a start

12/9/2019 - How to break the spell of iPhone addiction

12/9/2019 - They don’t make central bankers like Paul Volcker anymore

12/9/2019 - Dancing could treat depression and other brain diseases

12/9/2019 - Watch: Our call on the ongoing Trump impeachment inquiry

12/9/2019 - The promise of the Big Tech CEO Africa tour is not always what it seems

12/9/2019 - What is the real purpose of companies? Only their behavior can tell us

12/9/2019 - The management professors making a career out of myth-busting shareholder capitalism

12/9/2019 - Danone is showing multinationals the way to a less destructive form of capitalism

12/9/2019 - The conscious capitalists at Sweetgreen are addressing wage inequality in their own ranks

12/9/2019 - The 10 most forward-thinking business courses of 2019

12/9/2019 - What to ask from your employer if you want to keep your skills relevant

12/9/2019 - Women’s health is about more than gynecology

12/9/2019 - Cities are set to miss 80% of their 2020 emission reduction goals

12/9/2019 - How to make hypersensitivity your strongest skill at work

12/9/2019 - T-Mobile-Sprint, Pensacola shooting, million-dollar whisky

12/9/2019 - This week for Quartz members: Beyond the fintech hype

12/9/2019 - Stripe is trying to rewire the internet’s attention economy

12/9/2019 - Threatened by Walmart, WhatsApp, and UPI, Paytm is trying something new

12/9/2019 - Nubank is leading the fintech gold rush in Latin America

12/9/2019 - Is Ant Financial still worth $150 billion?

12/9/2019 - A guide to the biggest beasts in the fintech unicorn herd

12/9/2019 - Nigeria has been quietly crushing press freedom—but now the world is watching

12/9/2019 - Startup:熱狂を創る「超人的サービス」

12/9/2019 - A Chinese library’s book-burning orgy echoes dark chapters in the country’s history

12/9/2019 - TikTok is desperate for an image makeover in India after a brush with the law for porn content

12/9/2019 - What you need to know about Aung San Suu Kyi and Myanmar’s genocide court hearing

12/9/2019 - Ukraine-Russia summit, New Zealand volcano, $120,000 banana

12/9/2019 - What is non-personal data and why India is trying to regulate it

12/8/2019 - Tips from Microsoft and Godrej executives on how to build inclusive workplaces in India

12/8/2019 - Watch: Our call on the transformation economy

12/8/2019 - Watch: Our call on Tesla’s new pickup truck

12/8/2019 - Indian women still pay the “motherhood wage penalty” when they return to work

12/8/2019 - Finland’s Sanna Marin, 34, will be the world’s youngest sitting prime minister

12/8/2019 - Daily Brief:アボカドは危険な果物

12/8/2019 - Ukraine-Russia summit, China’s exports, banana fiasco

12/8/2019 - New York City is about to pass a law to prevent birds from crashing into buildings

12/8/2019 - James Patterson is Santa Claus to indie booksellers

12/8/2019 - Jennifer Lopez, 50, reminds us once more that she slayed 2019

12/8/2019 - A Filipino surfer abandoned a medal race to rescue his competitor

12/8/2019 - The decade’s fastest-rising imports in the 12 biggest countries

12/8/2019 - A banana fetched $120,000 at Art Basel Miami, and then someone ate it

12/8/2019 - Women love bikes—so why don’t they cycle to work?

12/8/2019 - Reimagining African cuisine, Rwanda’s expensive soccer, understanding the CFA franc

12/8/2019 - Women really do get called by their first names more than men—even doctors

12/8/2019 - How London’s ‘Europolitan’ families feel about Brexit

12/7/2019 - How radio played a pivotal role in the anti-colonial struggle in Angola during the Cold War

12/7/2019 - 今週のQuartz:超人的メールサービス、ジャック・ドーシーがアフリカへ、インドのスタートアップ事情

12/7/2019 - Weekend edition—Impeaching neutrality, social medicine, metal plastic

12/7/2019 - Weekend edition—Impeaching neutrality, social medicine, metal plastic

12/7/2019 - A new House Judiciary Committee report counters six “fallacies of impeachment”

12/7/2019 - How the France-backed African CFA franc works as an enabler and barrier to development

12/7/2019 - A human chimera shows why DNA evidence is questionable

12/7/2019 - Impossible Foods ranks fourth among America’s fastest growing brands

12/7/2019 - Mexico’s avocado growers increasingly face cartel violence

12/7/2019 - The Supreme Court grants Trump’s emergency stay in financial records case

12/7/2019 - A case about international child abduction law has the world watching SCOTUS

12/7/2019 - Insurers take Obamacare fight to SCOTUS, demanding $12 billion from the US

12/7/2019 - Massachusetts says Metals.com sold $3.2 million in overpriced coins to conservative seniors

12/7/2019 - Amazon is struggling to hold on to the pilots who ship your packages

12/7/2019 - The battle between minimalist and maximalist fashion has reached a new equilibrium

12/7/2019 - Seven fantastic, under-the-radar movies you may have missed in 2019

12/7/2019 - The concept of objectivity is under attack at the Trump impeachment hearings

12/7/2019 - The secret of creating happy societies

12/7/2019 - Americans have stopped relocating, and it could dramatically affect society

12/7/2019 - Fight performance anxiety with the same techniques elite athletes use

12/6/2019 - How do you manage your wealth? We asked financial literacy expert Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz

12/6/2019 - Weekend edition—Impeaching neutrality, social medicine, metal plastic

12/6/2019 - Economists struggle to figure out where Africa’s informal economy starts or where it ends

12/6/2019 - 2019 was the year electric cars grew up

12/6/2019 - Amelia Earhart

12/6/2019 - American “spy” denied Thanksgiving dinner in Russian prison

12/6/2019 - The controversial rearrest of a prominent activist and journalist is testing press freedom in Nigeria

12/6/2019 - Canopy, the biggest player in Canadian cannabis, is finally entering the US

12/6/2019 - Africa is a world-leading fintech market. Here’s how Mastercard built a fanbase across the continent

12/6/2019 - Quartzy: the transformation edition

12/6/2019 - Our call on disrupting dementia starts in 15 minutes

12/6/2019 - Why France is on strike

12/6/2019 - My interracial marriage unintentionally became a protest in the Trump era

12/6/2019 - Trump is trying to make it too expensive for poor American immigrants to stay

12/6/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: Is there a fintech bubble?

12/6/2019 - The hardest part of being a parent has nothing to do with raising kids

12/6/2019 - US jobs, Uber assaults, digital clones

12/6/2019 - The flawed logic that makes flying a nightmare for wheelchair users

12/6/2019 - Why children really believe in Santa Claus

12/6/2019 - For Quartz members—SoftBank, working less, and Bill.com

12/6/2019 - How the massive scale of SoftBank’s Vision Fund helps—and hurts—its investments

12/6/2019 - Fuck-the-establishment rap anthems are flourishing in Hong Kong

12/6/2019 - “She comes, they are happy”: How communal grandparents are helping raise Finnish children

12/6/2019 - India:インド人エリートの学び方

12/6/2019 - Woke, lit, snacc: When Gen Z lingo stumped our resident elder millennial

12/6/2019 - How South African Airways ended up in bankruptcy protection

12/6/2019 - One region has become a key battleground in the UK’s general election

12/6/2019 - Two international EVs may end India’s “range anxiety,” if buyers ignore the price tag

12/6/2019 - Want to pitch your startup to Ratan Tata? He tells you exactly how

12/6/2019 - Johnson vs. Corbyn, Uber assaults, pig pill

12/6/2019 - With just two movies a day, MUBI is trying not to overwhelm Indian cinephiles

12/5/2019 - TED wants to become the global hub for the climate change crisis

12/5/2019 - Daily Brief:アラムコが、アリババ超えへ

12/5/2019 - Amazon Prime has changed how global e-commerce works but most of all it’s changed our expectations

12/5/2019 - The rise of the global “side hustle” and how one job isn’t enough in the gig economy

12/5/2019 - Could gig work transform a developing country’s economy?

12/5/2019 - Saudi Aramco’s IPO, Hong Kong Airlines, shrinking birds

12/5/2019 - Biogen’s latest Alzheimer’s drug trials will change dementia drug research

12/5/2019 - Krampus

12/5/2019 - The sole airline willing to operate “high-risk” deportation flights is price-gouging ICE

12/5/2019 - How to redeem America’s frayed faith in capitalism

12/5/2019 - Our call on impeachment starts in 15 minutes

12/5/2019 - The problems we’re solving for on Earth will only follow us to Mars

12/5/2019 - Africans receive more spam texts than mobile users everywhere else

12/5/2019 - Disrupting dementia

12/5/2019 - Red tape, green lights

12/5/2019 - It’s not just you. Netflix really is doubling its Christmas content every year

12/5/2019 - Crypto money laundering

12/5/2019 - How the best teams deal with failure

12/5/2019 - Trudeau’s test, Samoa vaccinations, Olympic deals

12/5/2019 - Decades after his disappearance, unions still suffer from Jimmy Hoffa’s legacy

12/5/2019 - The “right” amount to spend on Christmas gifts, according to an economist

12/5/2019 - Bitcoin money laundering is a classically dumb crime

12/5/2019 - When to book your flights and hotel for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

12/5/2019 - Millennials:出会いもコスパの時代

12/5/2019 - From equality to climate change, India’s Gen Z is all about dating with a cause on Tinder

12/5/2019 - Even the Modi government is feeling the heat of India’s economic slowdown

12/5/2019 - France on strike, Samoa vaccinations, fake border crossing

12/5/2019 - “The Indian government’s stand on data localisation is a bit of an overkill”

12/4/2019 - India has the world’s largest biometric data store, and it is terrible at handling it

12/4/2019 - How to build a brave new world for the young, ambitious Indian woman 

12/4/2019 - The future of Uber is basically Amazon

12/4/2019 - Daily Brief:WeWorkが中国に本気

12/4/2019 - Economy boosts, WeWork in China, boring Christmas songs

12/4/2019 - Email wasn’t built for the modern workplace

12/4/2019 - Why the age of automation needs people too

12/4/2019 - Waterproof fabric

12/4/2019 - Republicans abandon constitutional originalism at impeachment hearing

12/4/2019 - Seagoing drones are eliminating the data gap on Earth’s last frontier

12/4/2019 - Digital wellness: Rethinking how we work with tech and tech works with us

12/4/2019 - The world plans to fix climate change with carbon credits. But do they work?

12/4/2019 - Rwanda is doubling down on spending millions with Europe’s richest soccer clubs to promote tourism

12/4/2019 - Obscure state regulations gave birth to the opioid crisis

12/4/2019 - Here’s how countries might actually reach the UN sustainable development goals

12/4/2019 - Your dog may be older than you think

12/4/2019 - At impeachment hearing, Republicans again make their case with large signs

12/4/2019 - SpaceX launches a mission to the International Space Station

12/4/2019 - Our call on the transformation economy starts in 15 minutes

12/4/2019 - Africa’s fintech boom is creating niche ecosystems to power the industry’s future globally

12/4/2019 - SCOTUS chief John Roberts sounded almost socialist in a case about toxic waste and landowners

12/4/2019 - Justices stumped in SCOTUS tax refund case with “massive economic significance”

12/4/2019 - Impeachment phase 2, UN appeal, slow activism

12/4/2019 - The NRA was able to run an anti-Michael Bloomberg ad on Bloomberg.com

12/4/2019 - On the front lines of climate change, environmental activism can lead to murder

12/4/2019 - #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, and other hashtags make people doubt the news

12/4/2019 - The story of Aunt Xianglin, the pitiable female character China compared to Mike Pompeo

12/4/2019 - Besides the proverbial torch, Google founders are passing a laundry list of troubles to Sundar Pichai

12/4/2019 - Africa:世界のどこより、女性が起業する大陸

12/4/2019 - The JNU uprising has profound implications for India’s student community

12/4/2019 - A VC explains why the next big enterprise startups will come from India

12/4/2019 - Ethiopia’s Sidama people have voted for their own state, a turning point for an uncertain federalism

12/4/2019 - Nithyananda gave himself a country. We give him a preamble to his new constitution

12/4/2019 - Impeachment hearings, Uyghur bill, “existential”

12/3/2019 - Smashboard app is using blockchain to help victims of sexual abuse in India

12/3/2019 - Watch: Our call on tech companies’ earnings season

12/3/2019 - Google outgrew Larry Page and Sergey Brin years ago

12/3/2019 - Daily Brief:グーグル親会社、創業者2人が退任

12/3/2019 - Watch: Our call on the state of space exploration

12/3/2019 - Americans spent a record $10.8 billion with their phones over the holiday weekend

12/3/2019 - US impeachment hearings, India’s found lunar lander, word of the year

12/3/2019 - Bitcoin is boring now

12/3/2019 - Six Sigma

12/3/2019 - North Korea says it has an unpleasant “Christmas gift” for Trump

12/3/2019 - Bill.com is a refreshingly boring tech IPO

12/3/2019 - Can we talk about the fact that business travel still feels unsafe for 95% of LGBTQ people?

12/3/2019 - The productivity science behind biophilia is about much more than plants

12/3/2019 - From algae to AI, the 12 themes experts predict will shape the world in 50 years

12/3/2019 - A new app aims to help millennials feel less guilty about how they spend money

12/3/2019 - Uber’s free-wheeling era of growth is coming to an end

12/3/2019 - ICE bought state driving records to track undocumented immigrants

12/3/2019 - Ten questions about mothers’ mental health could promote resilient pregnancies

12/3/2019 - How a small British town used social connections to make residents happier and healthier

12/3/2019 - Climate resilience will come from prioritizing humans—not what we’ve built

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12/2/2019 - Daily Brief:イーロン・マスク法廷へ

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12/2/2019 - Polling

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12/1/2019 - What porn ban? A 400% rise in VPN downloads in India shows where there’s a will there’s a way

12/1/2019 - Daily Brief:アマゾンが挑む、史上最大の「サイバーマンデー」

12/1/2019 - Climate talks, face scans, menstruation badges

12/1/2019 - 今週のQuartz:インド人エリートの向かう先、次に来る教育スタートアップ、アフリカの女性起業家

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