3/31/2013 - Deadly new bird flu reported in Shanghai, where “pork soup” is already on tap

3/31/2013 - Short of space, China encourages its citizens to bury their dead at sea

3/31/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Manufacturing data, Argentine arrears, Korean stand-off, airline toilets

3/31/2013 - Your bank isn’t much safer than the ones that failed in Cyprus

3/31/2013 - If online students aren’t engaged, blame their teacher

3/31/2013 - The world’s oldest bank admits dodgy derivatives trades, fleeing depositors and a mysterious death caused “reputational damage”

3/31/2013 - When a 20% executive pay cut isn’t as painful as people might think

3/31/2013 - China’s Lenovo is doing innovative things—But its plans to topple Apple seem farfetched

3/30/2013 - The one reason a Facebook phone would make sense

3/30/2013 - Kenyan court upholds Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidential election victory

3/30/2013 - Four reasons not to take North Korea’s threats of nuclear war too seriously

3/30/2013 - Will next week’s crisis be in Argentina?

3/29/2013 - US plans to slash tailpipe emissions are good for the planet and bad for China’s automakers

3/29/2013 - Marissa Mayer explains what it took to become Yahoo’s CEO while 28 weeks pregnant

3/29/2013 - Why there won’t be any big new bank laws in the US, in three quotes

3/29/2013 - The Kremlin’s bête noire, Schwarzenegger’s mentor, Swinging London’s top cat burglar: This weeks’ notable deaths

3/29/2013 - Stock market rally couldn’t save the Toys “R” Us IPO

3/29/2013 - China’s internet is better than yours

3/29/2013 - Driverless cars will make your city vast and boring

3/29/2013 - Iceland’s experiment with crowd-sourcing its constitution just died

3/29/2013 - Record fines, multiple arrests, and no guilt—the charmed life of SAC Capital

3/29/2013 - What makes Lindt’s chocolate bunnies different from all other chocolate bunnies

3/29/2013 - The psychology of bitcoin captured in one bizarre, catchy Cypriot anthem

3/29/2013 - Architects are starting to 3D print houses—but without a house-sized printer

3/29/2013 - Today’s Quartz Chartbook: A visual look at economic data worth noting

3/29/2013 - Finally, a hoodie that will last longer than your marriage

3/29/2013 - How a boost in the minimum wage may end up doing more for corporations than for low-paid workers

3/29/2013 - Try to stop the US consumer from spending, and you’re going to get hurt

3/29/2013 - Who says blogging is dead? 50 ideas to inspire great content

3/29/2013 - It’s not just long winters that push Swedes to innovate

3/29/2013 - Scientists just made bacteria that love coffee as much as you do

3/29/2013 - China offers businesses big opportunities, including the chance to have your data stolen

3/29/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—France taxes millionaires anew, yuan hits a high, pampered Asian pooches

3/29/2013 - Hong Kong, scarred by SARS, plays it safe with a nasty new coronavirus

3/29/2013 - As long as this North Korean border factory stays open, nuclear armageddon is unlikely

3/29/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—North Korea armed and ready, an S&P 500 record, looming doom for OPEC

3/29/2013 - Dog-pampering obsessions in Singapore and Hong Kong are symptoms of a demographic time bomb

3/28/2013 - Americans are still fighting banks over their mortgages—and it’s intensifying

3/28/2013 - Curse of the Chinese billionaire: An eye-popping scandal shows how vulnerable tycoons really are

3/28/2013 - One simple chart explains why phasing out energy subsidies is a great idea

3/28/2013 - How a furniture company knows that US banks are healthier now

3/28/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Abenomic indicators, Italy’s non-government, bitcoin bugs, Nazi jazz rules

3/28/2013 - Bitcoin, up 152% this month, tops $1 billion in total value

3/28/2013 - Done with Dell: We need a new deal to obsess over

3/28/2013 - Flying from California to New York on a wing and 12,000 solar cells

3/28/2013 - One easy way to boost employees’ productivity: Give them opportunities to be generous

3/28/2013 - What’s holding the euro together? It’s not the money.

3/28/2013 - China lists all the countries in the world that block Facebook except for China

3/28/2013 - It’s official—Italy’s leading political party says it can’t form a government

3/28/2013 - How China’s exploding market for apps is exactly like Hollywood

3/28/2013 - US renewable energy production now tops nuclear power

3/28/2013 - You didn’t make the Harlem Shake go viral—corporations did

3/28/2013 - The next decade could be disastrous for OPEC and Big Oil

3/28/2013 - Why is American health care so absurdly expensive?

3/28/2013 - China to frugal US officials: Who you trying to impress?

3/28/2013 - The complete guide to surviving long-haul flights

3/28/2013 - The best S&P stock since its 2007 peak (and the worst)

3/28/2013 - Private equity firms looking for exits must love the Pinnacle Foods IPO

3/28/2013 - Today’s hot IPO is a brand portfolio frozen in time

3/28/2013 - The internet is making us more narcissistic

3/28/2013 - Poor Americans are the ones dragging the country into 21st-century banking

3/28/2013 - S&P 500 hits all-time record—despite Apple

3/28/2013 - The yen punishes Kuroda for pulling nothing new from his central banker bag of tricks

3/28/2013 - Sorry everyone, but those ridiculously large phones are here to stay

3/28/2013 - BlackBerry finally surprises market in a good way by posting quarterly profit

3/28/2013 - America outsources yet another dilemma to India: Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts?

3/28/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Cyprus banks open, cybersecurity theater, black swan omens

3/28/2013 - US-listed companies doing business in Iran: $540 million in revenue and counting

3/28/2013 - Congress’ cybersecurity crackdown on China could put Apple in the crossfire

3/28/2013 - Forget about the CyberBunker attack—here’s how to take an entire continent offline

3/28/2013 - Under heavy guard and capital controls, Cyprus banks open their doors

3/28/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Cyprus banks reopen, Chinese bank stocks fall, and UK banks could use a few billion quid

3/27/2013 - Asian markets are skittish over China’s bank crackdown and Europe’s bank scares

3/27/2013 - Is China’s transition working? Here are the five signs to look for

3/27/2013 - Moody’s: Here’s what Cyprus’ exit from the euro zone would look like

3/27/2013 - Mercedes-Benz introduces CLA 45 AMG model amid leaping dancers

3/27/2013 - World’s largest dairy exporter may help curb China’s milk formula smuggling

3/27/2013 - Foxconn comes to America to make Google Glass

3/27/2013 - Google starts notifying the first “winners” of the right to buy Google Glass for $1,500

3/27/2013 - Did Tencent just build a way around the Great Firewall of China?

3/27/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Cyprus reopens, retailers battle, cyber attack, 50 Nuances de Grey

3/27/2013 - Only Prince Harry’s partying can save Atlantic City now

3/27/2013 - Despite lagging sales, Nissan’s CEO still believes in the Leaf plug-in

3/27/2013 - Men and women are probably equally likely to be shopaholics

3/27/2013 - Employee referral programs are making the workplace a lot whiter

3/27/2013 - Italy’s failure to form a government doesn’t bode well for the euro

3/27/2013 - Wake up, MOOCs: Even before the internet, students excelled at making excuses

3/27/2013 - Forget climate change, now we have to worry about fracking-related earthquakes

3/27/2013 - The biggest cyber attack in the history of the Internet is happening right now

3/27/2013 - The Philippines’ debt is officially “investment grade.” Thanks, overseas workers!

3/27/2013 - If The Verge is right, then Herbalife shares should be plummeting

3/27/2013 - North Korea’s latest military video fails Propaganda Filmmaking 101 on just about every count

3/27/2013 - Bank of America shareholders shouldn’t let Moynihan be CEO for life

3/27/2013 - UK banks have £50 billion less than they think they do

3/27/2013 - It’s dumb not to fill your company’s board with women

3/27/2013 - I went $230,000 into debt to become a doctor in America

3/27/2013 - Garuda’s 2012 profits offer further evidence of Indonesia’s air travel bonanza

3/27/2013 - Five not-so-convincing ways that tax havens justify their existence

3/27/2013 - Chinese real estate developers are now chasing the cash that has seeped beyond China’s borders

3/27/2013 - A Sirious matter: Apple hit with patent lawsuit in China while media bay for blood

3/27/2013 - Middle-class folk need to stop spending like they are rich—and start saving instead

3/27/2013 - How the internet is making us poor

3/27/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Britain’s triple-dip check, Philippines makes the grade, Swiss bubbles inflating

3/27/2013 - Diageo wants to sell Westerners the “disgusting” firewater Chinese officials are no longer allowed to receive

3/27/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—British GDP, East Asian free trade, Apple v. Samsung, fun with Excel

3/26/2013 - Can Mark Zuckerberg and his friends convince conservatives and labor unions to support immigration?

3/26/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Same-sex marriage, Buffett’s bet, Dijsselbloem dissenters, shopaholism

3/26/2013 - FYI, this is how you pronounce Jeroen Dijsselbloem’s name

3/26/2013 - Foreigners have $25.2 trillion invested in the US, a record high

3/26/2013 - The hedge fund rebound could be short-lived—or then again, maybe not

3/26/2013 - Will there be a show trial for China’s sun king?

3/26/2013 - Beer maker SABMiller is courting Latin American consumers who are “temporarily out of money”

3/26/2013 - How a glut of 11 million tonnes of rice could save us from another global food crisis

3/26/2013 - Blame the yen all you want, Ford and Korea, but Abenomics is not the culprit

3/26/2013 - China doesn’t belong in the BRICS

3/26/2013 - Once and for all: Tech is not a meritocracy

3/26/2013 - Here’s how Warren Buffett made $3.1 billion on his crisis-era bet on Goldman Sachs

3/26/2013 - China’s attempt to rein in the housing sector is causing a frenzy of home sales

3/26/2013 - The tech scene in Greece is booming—thanks to desperation and 60% youth unemployment

3/26/2013 - How do you say “ungoogleable” in Swedish? You don’t

3/26/2013 - Three-fourths of the world’s English speakers spoke another language first

3/26/2013 - Apple and Samsung’s divorce just got serious

3/26/2013 - The best signs supporting gay marriage at the US Supreme Court

3/26/2013 - Uh oh. It looks like US housing prices are about to take off again

3/26/2013 - US business trimmed back on equipment spending in February

3/26/2013 - US oil, metals and chemical giants are at each other’s throats over shale gas

3/26/2013 - Not just for the Taliban anymore: drones are now tracking rhino poachers

3/26/2013 - South Korea’s shock GDP slump shows Abenomics has claimed its first major victim

3/26/2013 - Most foreign investment in BRICs isn’t foreign at all—it’s tycoons using tax havens

3/26/2013 - Hey Apple, welcome to India. What took you so long?

3/26/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Cyprus aftershocks, BRICs assemble, snow hoarding

3/26/2013 - A Chinese asset manager quietly adds some well-connected investors ahead of its IPO

3/26/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—BRICs assemble, Dreamliner flies again, SpaceX splashes down

3/26/2013 - Maybe China’s GDP data isn’t fake after all—at least not completely

3/25/2013 - Crackdowns show how China’s one-child policy keeps the black-market boy business churning

3/25/2013 - China hates being called a neocolonialist but it could improve Sino-African ties

3/25/2013 - The case for public ownership of Google Reader

3/25/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Cypriot Banks Reopen, BRICs Summit, SpaceX Splashdown

3/25/2013 - First North Korea ignored anti-nuke rules. Now it’s selling drugs, too?

3/25/2013 - Japan’s sea mud won’t be a match for China’s rare earths just yet

3/25/2013 - Cyprus’ absurdly large, dodgy banking system, in three simple charts

3/25/2013 - Fourty-four million Samsung phones are helping keep Korean Air aloft

3/25/2013 - The existence of credit risk is currently blowing Europe’s collective mind

3/25/2013 - Norway’s petro-wealth is making its investments riskier and its workforce less competitive

3/25/2013 - Pro tip for African leaders: Putting oil revenue in your personal account offshore will end badly

3/25/2013 - With Big Data, we are creating artificial intelligences that no human can understand

3/25/2013 - China’s electricity industry faces severe water shortages and that could be good news for the environment

3/25/2013 - China’s first lady makes made-in-China designer goods cool overnight

3/25/2013 - European banks are losing clout in emerging markets as local banks gain ground

3/25/2013 - The US can battle wealth inequality by letting startups IPO earlier

3/25/2013 - Austerity-stricken Brits drown their sorrows in American candy

3/25/2013 - Cyprus: What next?

3/25/2013 - By the end of this year, China will have as many Android users as the US has people

3/25/2013 - The biggest problem with the Indian government’s low-cost tablet computer is the Indian government

3/25/2013 - The complete guide to eating at work

3/25/2013 - The Blackstone and Icahn offers haven’t seriously endangered Michael Dell’s deal yet

3/25/2013 - China’s state media is waging PR war on Apple, and the company’s growth could be at stake

3/25/2013 - Profits leap 16% at Foxconn, maker of iPhones and China’s largest private employer

3/25/2013 - After more than two decades of stagnation, Japan’s property market may be coming back to life

3/25/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Cyprus clinches a deal, Xi’s foreign visit, Blockbuster UK saved

3/25/2013 - Latvia up, democracy down: Tallying winners and losers from the Cyprus bailout deal

3/25/2013 - Big profits at Chinese banks don’t mean they are healthy

3/25/2013 - China’s foreign energy shopping spree isn’t just geopolitics—it’s also about profits

3/24/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Cyprus makes a deal, Dell mulls offers, Xi in Africa, green Ferraris

3/24/2013 - Cyprus may have clinched a deal, but this isn’t a “good” outcome

3/24/2013 - Sunday night save: Details of Cyprus’ troika deal

3/24/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Cyprus nailbiter, Xi in Africa, German cyber-warriors

3/24/2013 - “If you don’t believe in the glass ceiling, it does not exist.” That’s how Ping Fu became a top CEO

3/23/2013 - Snowy soccer is just a taste of what climate change will do to sports

3/23/2013 - Blackstone’s preliminary proposal for Dell makes a messy situation even messier

3/23/2013 - Boris Berezovsky’s death concludes the age of the Russian oligarch

3/23/2013 - Now’s the time to fly from the US to Paris. It’ll cost $280 more in June

3/22/2013 - Dealmakers have come down from their short-lived M&A high

3/22/2013 - Africa’s literary lion, Italy’s sprinting legend, the father of Korean calculators: Notable deaths this week

3/22/2013 - Why only 3% of India has home internet access

3/22/2013 - Siri, which is the greenest tech company in the world?

3/22/2013 - China’s trash troubles are piling up fast—in fact, they’re forming mountains

3/22/2013 - We’re heading for a world with more smartphones than bank accounts

3/22/2013 - Apple is finally making money on content

3/22/2013 - A third ratings agency considers downgrading the UK

3/22/2013 - It’s not fair to call China the world’s most polluted country

3/22/2013 - Cyprus is a pawn in Russia’s power play against the EU

3/22/2013 - Why the British pound won’t collapse this time, like it did in the early 1990s

3/22/2013 - Progress on Mexico’s telecom reform has taken a cool couple-billion off Carlos Slim’s net worth

3/22/2013 - The job-shedding factories of today are the job-shedding farms of 50 years ago

3/22/2013 - How the Kurds are shaking up the Middle East

3/22/2013 - How Spanx came to be: A girl was allowed to sit and think

3/22/2013 - China sales drive a better quarter for Tiffany

3/22/2013 - We now live in a world where more people have mobile phones than clean toilets

3/22/2013 - Why the Thai baht is not exactly a one-way bet

3/22/2013 - If you want to sell skincare to rich Chinese, make moisturisers out of ginseng…or parasitic fungus

3/22/2013 - Chinese media coverage of Shanghai’s floating dead pigs shows the government is learning new PR tricks

3/22/2013 - The US economy needs a third term of Ben Bernanke

3/22/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Cyprus votes, Z10 launches, Slim shrunk, happy Kirkday

3/22/2013 - Skinny and white: the fashionable new look for news sites

3/22/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Sighprus, Dell deal, naughty Apple, temping marriage

3/22/2013 - The Beatles’s first album turns 50 years old today

3/21/2013 - How Cyprus would fail

3/21/2013 - Here are Google’s plans to put itself at the core of Myanmar’s nascent internet infrastructure

3/21/2013 - Nike is doing really well almost everywhere—but why is it failing in China?

3/21/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Decision time for Dell, Cyprus deadline, temporary marriages

3/21/2013 - Guccifer strikes again: A major Silicon Valley venture capitalist’s e-mail exposed

3/21/2013 - If Xi Jinping is serious about cleaning up China, he should visit California

3/21/2013 - Why it could be the end of an era for Tencent and Baidu’s stock bonanza

3/21/2013 - Bitcoin is out of control, soaring 57% this week

3/21/2013 - For her next trick, Beyoncé will now save H&M

3/21/2013 - How making microchips 3D could unleash an age of “cognitive computing”

3/21/2013 - A startup uses an old line to pick up German men: What are you wearing right now?

3/21/2013 - Forget Spain and Italy. It’s France that’s Greece-ifying before our very eyes

3/21/2013 - What if marriage were temporary?

3/21/2013 - Okay, one more time. Slowly. US housing = strong.

3/21/2013 - Why it’s a big deal that 0.0003% of Tesoro’s fuel will come from algae this year

3/21/2013 - Europe gives Cyprus a tight deadline to raise €6 billion somehow

3/21/2013 - Germany’s offshore money and the hacker who helped expose it

3/21/2013 - Who has the political pull to change US spending cuts?

3/21/2013 - A visual look at the economic data worth paying attention to today

3/21/2013 - The future of Twitter is robots tweeting at each other

3/21/2013 - Despite a rough second day, Japan’s new central bank head says the right things

3/21/2013 - Some alternate uses for the $160 billion corrupt Chinese officials may pilfer from the state each year

3/21/2013 - Here is why Obama should talk natural gas in Israel

3/21/2013 - The dirty little secret of online learning: Students are bored and dropping out

3/21/2013 - The first smartphone made in Africa is a farce—along with Congo’s commitment to tech

3/21/2013 - Smartphones with ultra-hard sapphire screens to be released this year—but they’ll be heavy

3/21/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Oracle slump, Cyprus Plan B, Twitter turns seven, LEGO rockers

3/21/2013 - Giving a CEO too many stock options can make a company perform worse

3/20/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Nike earnings, Obama in Israel, Cyprus crisis, LEGO rockers

3/20/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Bulls in US housing recovery, Bulls in Cyprus’s china shop, Bernanke’s tale of woe

3/20/2013 - Hewlett-Packard shareholders to board: Time to shape up

3/20/2013 - Caterpillar’s slumping machinery sales could portend trouble in emerging markets

3/20/2013 - The truth behind Cyprus’s bank catastrophe—Cypriot banks are really Greek banks in disguise

3/20/2013 - Henry Paulson to green tech entrepreneurs: Get yourself to China

3/20/2013 - Are search ads a waste of money? Why eBay’s controversial study might be right—but doesn’t matter that much

3/20/2013 - Chinese state media welcomes Xi Jinping with a 32-image slideshow of missiles

3/20/2013 - 40% of America’s workforce will be freelancers by 2020

3/20/2013 - Here are the teensy, tiny changes to the Fed statement and what they mean

3/20/2013 - The economic case for paying your cashiers $40K a year

3/20/2013 - Thanks to the Chinese, Hollywood will have more Asians in film

3/20/2013 - There’s no such thing as a tech company anymore

3/20/2013 - Everything you need to know about Moleskine ahead of its IPO

3/20/2013 - Will America’s oil boom save its manufacturing sector, or make it ill?

3/20/2013 - Here’s why Brits brandish that weird little red suitcase on budget day

3/20/2013 - Korean companies are missing expectations because everyone’s expecting too much

3/20/2013 - Skype could be a bigger threat to the world’s largest mobile telco than other mobile telcos

3/20/2013 - The global airline industry’s center of gravity is moving to Asia and the Middle East

3/20/2013 - Why Fedex isn’t profiting from an uptick in global trade

3/20/2013 - Despite strong earnings, General Mills can’t rely on Cheerios for growth

3/20/2013 - Pound strengthens as Osborne holds to inflation target

3/20/2013 - Latvia is the best example of an economic disaster somehow defined as a success

3/20/2013 - Chinese banks force Suntech into bankruptcy

3/20/2013 - India’s male startup entrepreneurs have trouble finding wives—and the government isn’t helping things

3/20/2013 - Tencent proves once again why it’s the most interesting tech company in China

3/20/2013 - The #FirstWorldProblem South Africa’s women would love to have

3/20/2013 - China’s attempts to repair ties with Japan might augur well for Japanese car makers

3/20/2013 - How China’s rise forced Latin America to wake up and innovate

3/20/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Cyprus saga, British budget, Korean cyberwar, CIA’s servers

3/20/2013 - The 10 activist investors you should know

3/20/2013 - The complete guide to taking notes effectively at work

3/20/2013 - Taiwan’s family-run PC makers are the one tech sector there’s no point investing in

3/20/2013 - With British austerity failing, Tories now want a backdoor bailout from the Bank of England

3/20/2013 - The Asian power shift that’s propping up China

3/20/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Cyprus says “όχι”, Britain’s budget, Microsoft probe, three’s a trend

3/19/2013 - China’s Suntech may be headed for a takeover by the state

3/19/2013 - Why was JP Morgan’s former chief risk officer absent from the Senate hearing?

3/19/2013 - Five trends that could make China the world’s largest consumer market by 2015

3/19/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Cyprus in limbo, big Boeing order, minimum wage, bad news

3/19/2013 - Joseph Stiglitz’s Singapore is hardly the one I grew up in

3/19/2013 - We welcome our new solar-powered, ocean-going robot overlords

3/19/2013 - Three things Cyprus could do next

3/19/2013 - It’s not really March Madness until the office starts taking bets on the Nasdaq

3/19/2013 - Up to half of what online advertisers think they know about you is wrong

3/19/2013 - America exports a lot of air

3/19/2013 - “Lean In” forgets that all women don’t necessarily want to be like men

3/19/2013 - How to measure the world’s total reserves of wind

3/19/2013 - How “special” cases like Cyprus are shattering investors’ faith in Europe

3/19/2013 - Who’s to blame for see-through yoga pants and horse-meatballs? The independent republic of the supply chain

3/19/2013 - America’s most important industry is the best at keeping profits abroad

3/19/2013 - Most of the companies sniffing around Dell probably have no interest in buying

3/19/2013 - A plane loaded with €1 million is on its way from Britain to Cyprus

3/19/2013 - Why we probably won’t see a 2013 IPO from Chinese e-commerce giant 360buy

3/19/2013 - BMW chooses investment in emerging markets over profit growth in 2013

3/19/2013 - The one Chinese blogger who might be sad about Hu Jintao stepping down just got censored

3/19/2013 - China mourns its “most famous peasant” by putting him on a fake cover of Time

3/19/2013 - The Indian government insists its economy is not in crisis. Well, maybe a little

3/19/2013 - The Stanford economists are so wrong: A tighter budget won’t be accompanied by tighter monetary policy

3/19/2013 - Three charts that prove the US housing recovery is really real

3/19/2013 - Big oil tries to make amends for missing another big boom

3/19/2013 - Samsung is working on a smart watch of its own—and it could be more than just a little phone

3/19/2013 - As China’s new leaders vow to fight corruption, reports surface of bribe-taking at Big Four bank

3/19/2013 - Indonesia’s economic boom could fizzle, says World Bank

3/19/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Cyprus votes, Britain builds, China grows, Francis prays

3/18/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Cyprus negotiations, Chinese growth, EU bonus caps, de-extinction

3/18/2013 - It’s not just Lululemon’s pants; revenues forecast to be thinner than expected, too

3/18/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—More Cyprus, Lego in China, slacker bankers, see-through yoga pants

3/18/2013 - A female engineer told Congress today that H-1B visas are sexist and should be replaced with green cards

3/18/2013 - Insurers and financial firms are scooping up experts in natural disaster risk

3/18/2013 - Cyprus may spare small-time investors in the most worrisome piece of its bailout plan

3/18/2013 - What Egg McMuffin sales say about the US economy

3/18/2013 - China’s Geely decides American electric-car maker Fisker isn’t worth buying

3/18/2013 - Street art imitates life in Barcelona: Beg, scavenge or die

3/18/2013 - Anatomy of a meme: The real story behind the Swedish mannequins that looked like “real women”

3/18/2013 - In the land of the one-child policy, children’s wear is the next boom industry

3/18/2013 - Bankers have a possible answer to pay cuts: work less

3/18/2013 - Gazprom’s audacious offer to bail out Cyprus in return for its natural gas

3/18/2013 - Why Middle Eastern petro-states are the new solar-energy hotspots

3/18/2013 - Online retailer Everlane raises over $100,000 through crowd funding to enter a new country

3/18/2013 - British Columbia just involuntarily married 160,000 couples

3/18/2013 - China surges to become the world’s third-largest arms exporter

3/18/2013 - In avoiding a Greece repeat, the Cypriot bailout is setting a dangerous precedent

3/18/2013 - How not to violate the user’s privacy: an imagined presentation for Google employees

3/18/2013 - Southeast Asia’s middle class is booming, and Airbus is cashing in with its biggest-ever deal

3/18/2013 - The Cyprus bail-out, by the numbers

3/18/2013 - From Ray Kurzweil to Kanye West, everyone’s a futurist now

3/18/2013 - Stocks and euro fall as Cyprus bank levy reignites fears of euro zone bank runs

3/18/2013 - Why Suntech’s aggrieved bondholders have little chance of getting their money back

3/18/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Cyprus drama, British press regulation, Syria talks, infertile rats

3/18/2013 - China’s new leadership is ratcheting up pressure on Western tech and media companies

3/18/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Cypriot banks, Airbus orders, Australia budget, safer guns

3/17/2013 - The blunder behind the Cyprus bailout

3/17/2013 - More on the Chinese missing millions that may have been laundered through Las Vegas

3/17/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Cyprus bailout, VW recall, Asia’s trade blocs, remote-control toilets

3/17/2013 - Burmese startups have both foreign competitors and local cronies to contend with

3/17/2013 - Justice Department probed whether the Wall Street Journal bribed Chinese officials

3/17/2013 - How rival trade blocs between the US and China could be good for free trade in Asia

3/17/2013 - Now that a foreigner’s been gang raped, will India actually do something?

3/16/2013 - One of the secrets to Carnival Cruise’s unsinkable business model: free Coast Guard rescues

3/16/2013 - Cypriots are forced to bail out their own country

3/16/2013 - If anti-gay marriage Catholics can pray in public in France, why can’t Muslims?

3/15/2013 - Hitler’s would-be assassin, a prog-rock guitar god, a Welsh laundress turned princess: This week’s notable deaths

3/15/2013 - Obama talked oil, but meant batteries

3/15/2013 - JP Morgan’s London Whale loss comes down to one question: Was it meant to be a hedge, or not?

3/15/2013 - Car fuel efficiency jumps to a record high

3/15/2013 - The man who once saved New York City from bankruptcy explains why Detroit may go under

3/15/2013 - SEC attempts to set an example with largest-ever insider trading fine

3/15/2013 - Why Draghi’s solutions to closing the gap in euro zone competitiveness are mainly theoretical

3/15/2013 - These photos reveal how Shanghai’s skyline exploded in just 20 years

3/15/2013 - The Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign isn’t Hollywood charity, it’s just price discrimination

3/15/2013 - Why do nations fail? Two academics face off with two billionaires

3/15/2013 - H&M is falling behind its rivals in China and other emerging markets

3/15/2013 - Here’s today’s US economic chartbook

3/15/2013 - Why you should take Italy’s and Spain’s horrifying public debt figures with a grain of salt

3/15/2013 - A Silicon Valley vet explains how to properly execute a handshake deal

3/15/2013 - The Galaxy S4 launch highlights one big advantage Samsung has over the iPhone—and it’s not features

3/15/2013 - Chinese study claims Android apps are secretly stealing users’ data

3/15/2013 - How fake organic food and consumer mistrust dealt another blow to China’s famous Red Army liquor

3/15/2013 - Does natural gas really cause less global warming than coal? We’re about to find out

3/15/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—euro summit, fireproof batteries, Asian appointments, Facebook hashtags

3/15/2013 - How mainland Chinese factories pump out $65 smartphones with a lot of help from Taiwan

3/15/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—stimulating Europe, sensational Samsung, suspicious shipping, saving Groupon

3/14/2013 - How GroupOn’s record-breaking IPO put it on course for disaster

3/14/2013 - Overheated rhetoric over cyberwar with China could be a self-fulfilling prophecy

3/14/2013 - The Fed tells JP Morgan and Goldman to fix “weaknesses” in plan for buybacks and dividends

3/14/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—European austerity, the London Whale, Groupon’s greed, fish in beer

3/14/2013 - Fewer American children are in private school; more families choose charter schools

3/14/2013 - Senate report says JP Morgan risk models “were manipulated to downplay risk” in London Whale trades

3/14/2013 - New tax rules could put a dent in Chinese e-commerce sites like Taobao

3/14/2013 - Google builds an ‘X-team’ of tech executives—but for what?

3/14/2013 - US Treasury stuffs shipping giant that funneled tankers to Iran

3/14/2013 - Reuters social media editor charged with aiding hackers in defacing LA Times website

3/14/2013 - Silver Spring’s IPO showed the right mix of art and science

3/14/2013 - Is it time to bring Canada, Mexico and the US into one common market?

3/14/2013 - The world’s cheapest cell phones are now just $10 each

3/14/2013 - The patchwork of regulations entangling Square, and every American internet startup that takes money

3/14/2013 - The US solar energy market had a scorcher of a year, but it’s about to cool off

3/14/2013 - This SIM card used to cost $3,000. Democracy may bring it down to zero

3/14/2013 - China’s new vice president is a hopeful sign for reformers

3/14/2013 - A visual look at the economic data that matter today

3/14/2013 - Six Google products that actually, inexplicably still exist

3/14/2013 - In China, owning an oversized dog is the newest form of political dissent

3/14/2013 - Life is a shorter highway when you’re a truck driver

3/14/2013 - Google Reader’s demise is awful for Iranians, who use it to avoid censorship

3/14/2013 - Ten things you probably didn’t know about the Jesuits

3/14/2013 - Recent cyberattacks could be part of a Chinese military strategy started nearly 20 years ago

3/14/2013 - America’s recovering economy turned the Washington fiscal fight into a sideshow

3/14/2013 - The world’s first washable, wearable electrodes can be embedded directly into shirts

3/14/2013 - This capitalist Chinese island is more equal than the communist Chinese mainland

3/14/2013 - US jobs picture gets still rosier

3/14/2013 - Sorry goldbugs, the Chinese central bank won’t save you

3/14/2013 - The good news in Africa is that corruption is falling; the bad news is that it is still horrendous

3/14/2013 - Who was the mysterious holdout who voted against China’s new president?

3/14/2013 - Different retirement ages for different incomes? Here’s why that’s a bad idea

3/14/2013 - How the fracking boom could transform transportation

3/14/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—European austerity, Samsung S4, gold prices, Xi’s the one

3/14/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—new Samsung phone, new Pope, new Google Android boss, old email rituals

3/13/2013 - Why China is letting ‘Django Unchained’ slip through its censorship regime

3/13/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Pope Francis I, Ping An, and the Australian job market

3/13/2013 - Here’s your official Pope Francis I rookie card

3/13/2013 - With Android management shakeup, Google reveals the broad sweep of its ambition

3/13/2013 - Pop idol first lady Peng Liyuan is being deployed for China’s “soft power”

3/13/2013 - Ireland sells government bonds again, no thanks to Ireland

3/13/2013 - Why tourists are flocking to Gabon, Qatar and Kyrgyzstan

3/13/2013 - The silver lining to the 6,000 dead pigs polluting Shanghai’s drinking water

3/13/2013 - China is stripping its forests to make 80 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks a year

3/13/2013 - Five reasons the payroll tax hike won’t kill US consumers

3/13/2013 - Diary of a Chinese military hacker: More like ‘The Office’ than James Bond

3/13/2013 - One overlooked reason that Germany has avoided the worst of the euro crisis

3/13/2013 - A drop in industrial production show the euro zone double-dipping downward

3/13/2013 - Zara parent Inditex risks falling out of fashion

3/13/2013 - 61% of men around the world say their phone is the first thing that people notice about them

3/13/2013 - The world’s capitals according to Google

3/13/2013 - Just because emerging markets buy smartphones doesn’t mean they can use them

3/13/2013 - Why the Indian government shouldn’t have given a rape victim’s family $90,000 in taxpayer money

3/13/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Irish debt, miner corruption, more Basel, life on mars

3/13/2013 - Travel cutbacks are the latest sign Hong Kong’s financial sector is suffering

3/13/2013 - Netflix shares have nearly doubled in 2013, and it’s only March

3/13/2013 - BHP Billiton’s Asia corruption probe highlights the pressure on foreign firms in the region

3/12/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Basel redux, French miss, new ruble-maker, dubious dolphins

3/12/2013 - Why is a Chinese provincial government investigating Coca-Cola for illegal mapping?

3/12/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Vatican day two, banking banter, bitcoin crash, killer dolphins

3/12/2013 - Is the renewable energy boom slowing down?

3/12/2013 - Big companies may be wasting billions buying ads on Google, Bing and other search engines, says eBay report

3/12/2013 - HSBC shuts out Iranian, Libyan, and Syrian clients—unless they’re seriously rich

3/12/2013 - Mayor Bloomberg, Americans are soda-banning themselves

3/12/2013 - How a rumored tie-up with Apple could save Intel—and put Apple years ahead of the competition

3/12/2013 - Is there anything new to learn from America’s conservative budget?

3/12/2013 - Apple’s plan for its cash: stock buyback or more dividends likely coming this spring

3/12/2013 - Why emerging markets are more likely to choose female central bankers

3/12/2013 - Collateral damage from solar trade war as Chinese company shuts US factory

3/12/2013 - E-books and rum replace faucets and champagne in UK’s official basket of goods

3/12/2013 - Yes, Facebook probably knows you’re gay—but it doesn’t have to

3/12/2013 - A new German party says no to the euro

3/12/2013 - The US drone economy will create 100,000 jobs, say companies who make drones

3/12/2013 - As e-commerce attacks traditional retail, Costco comes out on top

3/12/2013 - This is how we mint money now: Software upgrade glitch causes bitcoin flash crash

3/12/2013 - Gold is the worst investment of 2013

3/12/2013 - With a British triple-dip looming, the pound slumps sharply

3/12/2013 - Mississippi, the most obese state in the union, is banning Bloomberg-style portion control

3/12/2013 - Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S IV has already been eclipsed by competitors in China

3/12/2013 - These three energy pipelines could shake up geopolitics

3/12/2013 - With dreadful new data, the UK economy is looking increasingly triple-dippy

3/12/2013 - What we learned about Google Glass at SXSW: You’re going to be touching your face a lot

3/12/2013 - Investors look nearly fearless as market’s “fear gauge” falls to 2007 levels

3/12/2013 - Why China just can’t quit producing aluminum, despite a global glut

3/12/2013 - How Japan’s plunging currency is ticking off multinationals everywhere

3/12/2013 - Yesterday the $639 trillion market that brought down the global economy got a little safer

3/12/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—new SEC head, naming the Pope, Rovio on TV, unconstitutional bailouts

3/12/2013 - What Victorians got right about school, and Silicon Valley has wrong

3/12/2013 - Most coal-fired power plants in the US are nearing retirement age

3/12/2013 - In an era of global corporations, the Swiss pay referendum may matter more than you think

3/12/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Papal conclave, Angry Birds, Dell’s books, big soda

3/12/2013 - Why the Taiwanese are protesting the sale of a salacious tabloid newspaper

3/11/2013 - China’s nightmare scenario: By 2025, air quality could be much, much worse

3/11/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Shirakawa’s last stand, Papal poll, Mexican telecoms, Italy’s clowns

3/11/2013 - China’s army of tourists fight for the right to bring their own instant noodles

3/11/2013 - Queasy Chinese consumers avoid KFC and its tainted chickens, hitting Yum! sales

3/11/2013 - Gun ownership in the US has not, in fact, been declining recently

3/11/2013 - Trust, but verify: What Facebook’s electronics vending machines say about the company

3/11/2013 - Big win for Big Soda: Judge halts New York City’s ban on sugary drinks

3/11/2013 - Puerto Rico wants to be America’s tax haven, but it has plenty of Caribbean competition

3/11/2013 - Former Countrywide shareholders hope for another chance to bring Mozilo to justice

3/11/2013 - Here are the politicians attending the NRA’s next convention

3/11/2013 - America’s relapse into debt addiction is actually driving economic growth

3/11/2013 - Forget the “ghost cities” scare. China’s housing market recovery is well underway

3/11/2013 - Winning the future: Alternatives to InTrade

3/11/2013 - Even if China reverses its one-child policy it’s too late to make a difference

3/11/2013 - SimCity mess shows how little faith business should put in beta tests

3/11/2013 - Forget the BRICs; Zambia, Estonia and Pakistan are the place for alpha investors

3/11/2013 - Italy’s economy is shrinking more than anyone realized—and that’s only going to get worse

3/11/2013 - Chinese solar giant cuts deal with bondholders and avoids bankruptcy—for now

3/11/2013 - Why are Chinese stocks cheaper in Shanghai than in Hong Kong?

3/11/2013 - Signs of loosening from Hungary’s new central bank chief drive forint into a nosedive

3/11/2013 - Google Glass will be the next Apple Newton

3/11/2013 - Why the 26% drop in car sales is a bad sign for India’s economy

3/11/2013 - Online prediction market Intrade shuts down, cites possible ‘financial irregularities’

3/11/2013 - China’s crackdown on shadow banking leads to a dramatic decrease in credit

3/11/2013 - 2,800 dead pigs—just another example of the waste that pollutes China’s waterways

3/11/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US-Taiwan trade talks, Alibaba CEO, Iran’s halal internet

3/11/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Bank of Japan, Korean saber-rattling, China inflation, talking shoes

3/10/2013 - Iran is sealing off the web as it rolls out a domestic intranet

3/10/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Bank of Japan, US-Taiwan trade, Chinese inflation, papal garments

3/10/2013 - Meet the billionaire Chinese blogger who wants to buy America’s most expensive building

3/10/2013 - America’s shrinking public workforce

3/10/2013 - Electronic voting is failing the developing world while the US and Europe abandon it

3/9/2013 - Denmark’s acclaimed Noma restaurant hit by norovirus outbreak

3/9/2013 - RIP: Ten fascinating people the world lost this week

3/9/2013 - Kenyatta squeaks by a win in Kenya’s presidential race

3/9/2013 - The real victor in Kenyan elections is the economy

3/8/2013 - Why Beijing roads might soon be full of electric cars: Free license plates

3/8/2013 - In the battle of corporate nerds, the tech support guys need to go

3/8/2013 - Four ways to convince yourself the internet is making you richer

3/8/2013 - How the US government could make public universities free

3/8/2013 - Insurance industry’s climate change dithering could be catastrophic for global economy

3/8/2013 - Paging Sheryl Sandberg: Women are leaving the workforce in droves

3/8/2013 - This is the future of TV

3/8/2013 - Scientists use Google search data to identify drugs’ side effects

3/8/2013 - What it takes to get into Harvard Business School

3/8/2013 - Fitch downgrades Italy’s unstable government

3/8/2013 - Q&A with Jim ‘BRIC’ O’Neill: Grillo’s good, China’s fine, Europe’s fading

3/8/2013 - The Japanese stock market is on fire, and Abenomics is the kindling

3/8/2013 - Note to Germany: You are in Europe, and your struggling industrial production is proof

3/8/2013 - In China’s map of the world, Russia is the “Land of Rowers” and North Korea is “Morning Calm”

3/8/2013 - Japanese data offer mixed judgement on impact of Abenomics

3/8/2013 - Google’s gut renovation of Motorola kicks into high gear with 1,200 layoffs

3/8/2013 - How shale energy is bringing America and China together

3/8/2013 - The complete US jobs report in two simple charts

3/8/2013 - A visual look at some important details from the US jobs report

3/8/2013 - Zynga copies competitors’ games, says Zynga VP—update: but so does everyone else

3/8/2013 - The one-in-a-billion risk of battery fire that happened twice in 52,000

3/8/2013 - Threat of severe weather is now being used to sell Land Rovers

3/8/2013 - The US economy added 236,000 jobs in February, beating expectations

3/8/2013 - Jobs report due in a few: Here’s what Wall Street smart guys expect

3/8/2013 - Kenya’s Kenyatta holds lead in elections as final result nears

3/8/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Al Qaeda trial, US jobs numbers, hot earth, coffee for bees

3/8/2013 - The iPad rules the sky, too: it’s the top device for connecting to in-flight Wi-Fi

3/8/2013 - Intel is actively considering candidates for CEO from outside the company

3/8/2013 - Why Americans—and everyone else—will want drones in the skies

3/8/2013 - Today’s Hugo Chávez’s funeral but Venezuela won’t let go so easily

3/7/2013 - Luxury retailers beware: China’s super rich no longer feel safe flashing their wealth

3/7/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Chavez funeral, island elections, North Korean tantrum, buzzing bees

3/7/2013 - How to preserve your former leader’s body for future generations

3/7/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief–Asia edition—China trade, activist investors, workplace coffee

3/7/2013 - Citigroup’s passing grade in stress tests is a vindication, even if the Fed has a soft touch

3/7/2013 - BMW is turning itself into Zipcar—by selling mobility instead of cars

3/7/2013 - Thanks for your hard work in 2012, America. Here’s your 0.6% pay cut

3/7/2013 - What we are witnessing right now is China reaching the tipping point on pollution

3/7/2013 - New Zealand ranked the best country for women in the workplace

3/7/2013 - Investors target bigger companies amid a rise in activism

3/7/2013 - Another strange twist for a major Chinese solar panel maker facing possible bankruptcy

3/7/2013 - Why the former East Germany is lagging 24 years after the Berlin Wall came down

3/7/2013 - Who’s going to buy all those houses and drive the American economy?

3/7/2013 - How Wall Street devoured corporate America

3/7/2013 - A visual look at some economic data worth paying attention to today

3/7/2013 - Small businesses in Italy and Spain are Europe’s real losers

3/7/2013 - The comprehensive, fully caffeinated guide to coffee at work

3/7/2013 - Google’s revenge: Cheap Android smartphones could overwhelm China’s censors

3/7/2013 - European Central Bank still doing nothing as region sinks into recession

3/7/2013 - Could Taiwan’s vulture fund strategy tip the scales in Argentina’s debt lawsuit?

3/7/2013 - Why it’s a good thing when investors think more banks will fail

3/7/2013 - Why doctors are so bad at talking about death

3/7/2013 - On the cusp of its leadership change, Bank of Japan board resists Abenomics once again

3/7/2013 - The history of Facebook as told through its ever-expanding list of profile fields

3/7/2013 - North Korea warns of pre-emptive nuclear attack on the US and South Korea

3/7/2013 - Nine things that would make Apple’s watch even smarter

3/7/2013 - Berlusconi gets one-year prison sentence in wiretap trial, though actual jail time could be a long way off

3/7/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Facebook redesign, Kenya worries, Rand Paul talking and talking (and talking)

3/7/2013 - Should “too big to fail” banks be broken up, or just discouraged from growing?

3/7/2013 - Bad news for miners: China’s iron ore purchases have probably peaked

3/7/2013 - Chávez’s death is a reset button for Latin America

3/7/2013 - Alibaba may choose New York over Hong Kong for its hotly anticipated IPO

3/6/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Facebook newsfeed, Time Inc., stock-market metrics, humans v. AI

3/6/2013 - Time Warner really wanted to get rid of Time magazine

3/6/2013 - Internet rumors and xenophobia cost the world’s biggest instant noodle maker $2.4 billion

3/6/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—ECB, US bank stress tests, Microsoft, Dell, Chinese “farmscrapers”

3/6/2013 - See where climate change will open up new Arctic shipping routes

3/6/2013 - Fracking is starting to devour the US economy

3/6/2013 - China has a serious workplace problem: Workers hate their bosses

3/6/2013 - New sensor for testing food freshness could spell the end of expiration dates

3/6/2013 - Chinese oil companies aren’t just guzzling Venezuelan oil—they’re profiting from it

3/6/2013 - The fall of a Latin American leader this week who matters more than Hugo Chávez

3/6/2013 - Terrifyingly plausible ways the human race could go extinct that never occurred to you

3/6/2013 - What you should know about Penny Pritzker, a billionaire and contender for Commerce Secretary

3/6/2013 - Every day 4,200 Chinese media censors take a break during the evening news

3/6/2013 - Not just the Dow: Here are four other US stock-market metrics topping previous peaks

3/6/2013 - Did vulture funds accidentally create a sovereign bankruptcy court, or an Argentine default?

3/6/2013 - M. Night Shyamalan’s most chilling tale yet—his forthcoming book about education

3/6/2013 - Trade surplus switcheroo: China’s green technology has a red, white, and blue pedigree

3/6/2013 - New “Brainpainting” system is proof-of-concept for interacting with our computers by thought alone

3/6/2013 - From baseball dreams to bloody coups: The dramatic life of Hugo Chávez

3/6/2013 - Jackie Chan thinks China’s enormous police apparatus isn’t invasive enough

3/6/2013 - The largest container ships ever will start chugging this year—but it’s going to cause a shake-up

3/6/2013 - Day of reckoning comes for China’s solar industry—and it could take the US and Europe solar renaissance with it

3/6/2013 - Why Microsoft probably couldn’t care less that the EU just fined it $732 million

3/6/2013 - Samsung’s investment suggests ailing Sharp’s fortunes are looking less dire

3/6/2013 - Why Indonesia is an exciting market for foreign investors, and also one of the most perilous

3/6/2013 - Australia’s weirdly optimistic investors unfazed by lackluster GDP data

3/6/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—interest rates, Sharp sale, China’s hukou, Chávez

3/6/2013 - The secret to creating a global, virtual workplace that’s still productive

3/6/2013 - Wal-Mart passed on Barnes & Noble before, but maybe it should look again

3/6/2013 - Hong Kong is no longer such a haven for Western hedge fund managers and bankers

3/6/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Chavez dead, smaller Citi, Australia GDP, Georgian farming

3/5/2013 - Global oil supplies could grow if Chávez’s death leads to looser Venezuelan policies

3/5/2013 - The Hugo Chávez Venezuela loved—and the world never knew

3/5/2013 - Chávez’s revolution was more successful outside of Venezuela than at home

3/5/2013 - Photos: Hugo Chávez, from military commander to the people’s president

3/5/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Chávez dies, the Dow rises, fake Cadbury factory, Arctic camels

3/5/2013 - The difference between Twitter and the rest of America

3/5/2013 - Hugo Chávez’s last tweets took on a new fight—cancer

3/5/2013 - The bizarre, quotable invective of the late Hugo Chávez

3/5/2013 - China’s ratio of boys to girls is still dangerously high—and it’s the Chinese government’s fault

3/5/2013 - Hugo Chávez is dead

3/5/2013 - In 2020, the “great senior sell-off” will start the next housing crisis

3/5/2013 - These text messages could be the difference between war and peace in Kenya

3/5/2013 - Venezuela seems to be preparing its people for Hugo Chávez’s death

3/5/2013 - Puerto Ricans have terrible commutes and other data on commuting across America

3/5/2013 - China is spending more on policing its own people than on its defense budget

3/5/2013 - “The Big Mac Mirage”: America is actually terrible at globalization

3/5/2013 - China is aiming for the lowest growth in 23 years. Here’s why the world should rejoice

3/5/2013 - Heinz CEO Bill Johnson should be thankful his company is not based in Switzerland

3/5/2013 - What management guru Peter Drucker might have to say about executive scorecards at Citigroup

3/5/2013 - Forget the Dow, here is a far better read on the near-term future of the US economy

3/5/2013 - Cadbury created fake factory to dodge taxes, India alleges

3/5/2013 - What is the internet of things?

3/5/2013 - As most banks pull back, Standard Chartered is winning the global banking game

3/5/2013 - Jason Fried’s next project, “Remote,” is a book-length refutation of Yahoo’s ban on telecommuting

3/5/2013 - Dow punches through all-time high: US stocks are back! American people? Not so much

3/5/2013 - Could a satellite company decongest American Wi-Fi and save itself in the process?

3/5/2013 - Why geothermal energy production is tepid—at least until fracking comes along

3/5/2013 - 98% of Chinese smartphones run Google’s Android, and the government doesn’t like that

3/5/2013 - Why men should change their last name when they get married

3/5/2013 - A little-known Chinese rating agency may be biased, lucky, or both—but it also may be right

3/5/2013 - Glencore’s earnings crash shows this was definitely an IPO worth avoiding

3/5/2013 - Here’s a chart that’s a useful cross check on US housing optimism

3/5/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Ikea hotel, Fox sports, miner profits, pirate economics

3/4/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—StanChart results, Lonelier Planet, skittish British, 30m locusts

3/4/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—China’s National Congress, Kenya election, Standard Chartered, Lonely Plant, a plague of locusts

3/4/2013 - Forbes and Bloomberg share a fascination with billionaires, but don’t agree on much beyond that

3/4/2013 - These people are likely contenders to be Groupon’s next CEO

3/4/2013 - In the battle for China’s beer drinkers, the $0.32 brew is still king

3/4/2013 - Did a secret formula for advanced electronics get Shane Todd killed?

3/4/2013 - The story behind the best-managed airline in the United States

3/4/2013 - Lonely Planet nears sale to reclusive Kentucky billionaire for roughly $100 million

3/4/2013 - There’s actually medical justification for pouring money into hospital design

3/4/2013 - White House says it supports reversing US ban on unlocking cellphones

3/4/2013 - How to solve America’s big bank “subsidy” problem

3/4/2013 - If Apple’s iWatch ever comes, most people are probably going to hate it

3/4/2013 - In Italy, only one thing is certain: Voters are done with politics of old

3/4/2013 - The fourth euro crisis cycle of panic has officially begun

3/4/2013 - Why having a lot of bankers is dangerous for any economy

3/4/2013 - A solar-powered laptop in every pot is a key campaign promise of the man who would be Kenya’s president

3/4/2013 - Spain’s jobless number hits a record 5 million

3/4/2013 - Clashes halt Libya’s gas flow to Italy, but also may leave North African energy exports more secure

3/4/2013 - The scandals that show how hard China must work to improve food safety

3/4/2013 - If Kenya’s elections continue to go this well, the country could see a major bump in growth

3/4/2013 - Japanese bondholders rejoice: likely next BoJ governor plans to turbo charge the Abenomics engine

3/4/2013 - See the havoc the payroll tax hike is unleashing on Americans’ paychecks

3/4/2013 - Who cares if Marissa Mayer calls herself a feminist—as long as she supports the cause

3/4/2013 - A Chinese conglomerate’s bid to knock down America’s foreign-investment barriers

3/4/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—HSBC profits, Kenya votes, SpaceX docks, Wall Street wrestles

3/4/2013 - This pizza franchise is banking on today’s elections in Kenya being peaceful

3/3/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Kenya elections, HSBC earnings, Swiss referendum, HIV cure

3/3/2013 - Macau casinos look like a riskier bet amid US and Chinese crackdowns

3/3/2013 - RIP: A train-robber, a WWII resistance hero, and 11 other amazing people we just lost

3/3/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Euro leaders meet, Kenyans vote, American austerity, Downton Abbey

3/3/2013 - The world’s largest pension fund needs to shift its investments fast

3/3/2013 - All the words Warren Buffett had never used until this year

3/2/2013 - The chart that proves being a soccer fan really is heart-wrenching

3/2/2013 - Bernanke warns dangers of raising rates too early

3/2/2013 - Will Kenya’s elections transform the text message from deadly weapon to peace offering?

3/1/2013 - Chinese government crackdown shows that its control over censorship is wearing thin

3/1/2013 - Rupert Murdoch is on Tumblr, and the photos are kind of amazing

3/1/2013 - Warren Buffett is on the hunt for another elephant

3/1/2013 - Five business insights from Warren Buffett

3/1/2013 - Warren Buffett’s letter shouts out possible successor Todd Combs

3/1/2013 - Careers site Indeed is writing the manual on how to slay Monster

3/1/2013 - A giant IPO, an election and a train in the sky could help solve Asia’s urban gridlock

3/1/2013 - US says Keystone pipeline won’t affect the climate because the oil will get burned no matter what

3/1/2013 - Why Germany’s law against Google isn’t a law against Google anymore

3/1/2013 - Andrew Mason’s farewell note underscores the limits of big data

3/1/2013 - Goldman Sachs had 236 profitable days of trading last year (and just 15 days of losses)

3/1/2013 - JC Penney’s CEO wasn’t the one who killed it

3/1/2013 - Illinois regulators threaten Square, the internet’s payment darling, with a huge fine

3/1/2013 - Europe’s lost generation of unemployed youth keeps on swelling

3/1/2013 - A model’s murder, a gang rape, a taxi driver dragged to death: Brutality is hardly a thing of South Africa’s past

3/1/2013 - A visual look at the econ data worth caring about today…

3/1/2013 - China could fix its oversupply of men by letting gays marry

3/1/2013 - New forecast: China will overtake the US as world’s largest economy in 2017

3/1/2013 - Taco Bell becomes the least surprising company to be dragged into the horse meat scandal

3/1/2013 - Why Britain can blame its crummy economic data on Chinese New Year

3/1/2013 - Fitch to US: Debt ceiling shenanigans will cost you your AAA

3/1/2013 - UK and US toe the edge of a “regulatory trade war” over banking

3/1/2013 - Mainland Chinese, desperate for untainted baby formula, are wiping out supplies in Hong Kong

3/1/2013 - Syrian Electronic Army’s Twitter hacking campaign racks up another victory

3/1/2013 - Euro zone unemployment hits a record high of 11.9%

3/1/2013 - Why delinquent student loans are the fuse on America’s next debt bomb

3/1/2013 - Asian media read the tea leaves of the bizarre Kim-Rodman basketball bonding session

3/1/2013 - Why the Asus PadFone might be the strange, hybrid future of computing

3/1/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—sequestration nation, WPP, Hungary’s central banker, a pot cannon

3/1/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—sequestration nation, Swiss referendum, Chinese PMI, the grass on the other side