7/31/2019 - Democratic candidates are failing to confront the key issue on immigration

7/31/2019 - Apple’s path to success beyond the iPhone is becoming clear

7/31/2019 - An Olympic medalist who split with Nike over maternity rights has found a new sponsor

7/31/2019 - People who knew Cory Booker at Stanford have a lot to say about him

7/31/2019 - Canada has an excellent health care plan. Bernie Sanders’s might be even better

7/31/2019 - Fed rate cut, UN security council meets, mustard ice cream

7/31/2019 - Ethiopia is facing mounting tensions as an ethnic minority community demands secession

7/31/2019 - With today’s rate cut, the Fed is jeopardizing its credibility

7/31/2019 - Claw cranes

7/31/2019 - The US military spent $33 million on tech known to be vulnerable to Chinese cyberespionage

7/31/2019 - The Fed finally cut rates. Will anyone notice?

7/31/2019 - How to not watch the second 2020 Democratic primary debates

7/31/2019 - The Paris exhibition that changed global contemporary art

7/31/2019 - The US men’s soccer team steps up as allies in the fight for equal pay

7/31/2019 - A top US political science journal ignored race and gender—until 12 women took over

7/31/2019 - Europe is beating the US in the battery race—with China’s help

7/31/2019 - Binge drinking among seniors is on the rise

7/31/2019 - Politicians love nudge theory. But beware its doppelgänger “sludge”

7/31/2019 - Spotify says its pared-back app for poor countries is paying off

7/31/2019 - Our conference call on Puerto Rico starts in 15 minutes

7/31/2019 - Ranked-choice voting and the quest to save democracy in the US

7/31/2019 - Smartphones are disrupting the crucial connections between parents and their babies

7/31/2019 - Sweden’s march towards a cashless economy went into reverse

7/31/2019 - How free college works in a red state like Texas

7/31/2019 - Americans spend two hours less a month on shopping than they did 15 years ago

7/31/2019 - US Democrats spar, North Korean missiles, Martian tsunami

7/31/2019 - The partial disappearance of a $3 billion shopping app shows the biggest risk for China’s unicorns

7/31/2019 - Scores of Poles are revealing they are LGBT on Twitter after violent attacks on a pride parade

7/31/2019 - A young, US-educated entrepreneur is giving Indian men’s underwear a makeover

7/31/2019 - It’s 2019 and Indian businesses need to retire these clichéd phrases

7/31/2019 - There’s a mindfulness exercise that the strongest leaders need to try

7/31/2019 - How Google created a Nigerian voice and accent for Maps

7/31/2019 - Renewable energy firms are knocking on all doors to rein in one of India’s youngest chief ministers

7/31/2019 - VG Siddhartha gave India’s youth an affordable dating spot—and a clean place to pee on the highway

7/31/2019 - Fed announcement, North Korean missiles, Martian tsunami

7/31/2019 - Tributes pour in as the body of a missing Indian coffee baron is found on the banks of a river

7/31/2019 - Marianne Williamson has been talking about reparations for 20 years

7/30/2019 - The centrists went after the progressives in night one of the second primary debate

7/30/2019 - A reminder to B-list Democratic candidates: The US has a bad health care system

7/30/2019 - The leader of Hong Kong’s leaderless protest movement is a philosophy student behind bars

7/30/2019 - Why Senator Josh Hawley wants to kill your Snapstreak

7/30/2019 - Apple is starting to thrive again, even as the iPhone stalls

7/30/2019 - Under Armour’s North American business has taken an unexpected hit

7/30/2019 - Fed announcement, triple talaq, lucrative names

7/30/2019 - Debate Societies

7/30/2019 - Emmy-nominated Henry Winkler does not regret jumping the shark

7/30/2019 - Watch: Our video conference call about tech’s big week

7/30/2019 - A philosopher helping the US define “unalienable rights” has some unexpected human rights views

7/30/2019 - Bernie Sanders has an Elizabeth Warren problem at tonight’s debate

7/30/2019 - How to watch the Democratic debates: Round two

7/30/2019 - The far right is really good at tricking you into giving it free advertising

7/30/2019 - Are negative interest rates unusual, natural, or both?

7/30/2019 - Is there art after China?

7/30/2019 - A new scandal shows some US parents taking extreme measures to avoid college costs

7/30/2019 - A record number of Saudi women have joined the workforce

7/30/2019 - Why you should hire fewer geniuses

7/30/2019 - Mega hacks like the Capital One data breach are inevitable—here’s how to deal with them

7/30/2019 - Trump’s asylum deal with Guatemala looks illegal even without reading it

7/30/2019 - US Navy reservist accused of dealing homemade assault rifles

7/30/2019 - The sophisticated ways WhatsApp was used by political operatives in Nigeria’s 2019 elections

7/30/2019 - The US will have a hard time not getting these products from China

7/30/2019 - Artifacts from British and African museums show the transatlantic slave trade’s inhumanity

7/30/2019 - If you’ve got a big career goal, you need to start keeping a work diary

7/30/2019 - Real estate startup Compass has raised $370 million

7/30/2019 - Marianne Williamson is campaigning with the language of self-help and spirituality

7/30/2019 - What exactly is a disease?

7/30/2019 - Dems debate again, US-China talk trade (again), Saudi’s Jetson dream

7/30/2019 - Watch: This Chinese rocket’s payload included a model SUV made by its sponsor

7/30/2019 - The US is on the verge of a devastating, but avoidable doctor shortage

7/30/2019 - 2019 isn’t looking too bad for Huawei, yet

7/30/2019 - EVs are hardly the magic wand to fight India’s pollution woes

7/30/2019 - AI shows these Indian names may be linked to affluence and success

7/30/2019 - Why billionaire Anand Mahindra spends so much time on Twitter

7/30/2019 - How much does your flight actually hurt the planet?

7/30/2019 - An Indian coffee baron has gone missing

7/30/2019 - Indians will now have to dish out €1,500 more to study in Germany

7/30/2019 - Why Hong Kong’s protesters look to Ukraine

7/30/2019 - A$AP Rocky trial, Navalny “poisoning,” hotel amenities

7/29/2019 - US and China chat, Pfizer–Mylan merger, banana drama

7/29/2019 - Uber is laying off one-third of its global marketing team

7/29/2019 - Fika

7/29/2019 - One secret to Old Town Road’s record-breaking success? Kids are obsessed with it

7/29/2019 - It’s looking like it’s going to be another rough quarter for Apple

7/29/2019 - Quentin Tarantino had a good weekend. Disney had a much better one

7/29/2019 - Food delivery companies are gobbling each other up

7/29/2019 - Asia’s affluent boomers are making aging aspirational

7/29/2019 - Sony’s new wireless noise-canceling earbuds are so close to being perfect

7/29/2019 - Africa’s largest e-commerce company is partnering with a network of fuel stations to boost delivery

7/29/2019 - London Stock Exchange is looking to challenge the Bloomberg data empire

7/29/2019 - Our conference call on tech earnings starts in 15 minutes

7/29/2019 - China’s art market explosion

7/29/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: DC event, Texas wind, Overshoot Day

7/29/2019 - Rich people shouldn’t be the only ones who get to live forever

7/29/2019 - Beyond Meat sizzles, Trump’s intelligence shuffle, Fornite riches

7/29/2019 - Beijing’s press conference on Hong Kong was thankfully very boring

7/29/2019 - Indian brands are going bananas over JW Marriott’s $6-a-pair bananas

7/29/2019 - How long-discredited “race science” research got published from two South African universities

7/29/2019 - Half a billion people in China watched the NBA’s latest season

7/29/2019 - TV anchor Vikram Chandra bets on AI-powered short videos to fix India’s broken news scene

7/29/2019 - China’s art economy, the cloud services war, Puerto Rico’s future—special for Quartz members

7/29/2019 - How China took the emerging art market by storm

7/29/2019 - What you can and can’t take from a hotel room, explained by professionals

7/29/2019 - Tesla’s sales never recovered after Hong Kong cut a tax break

7/29/2019 - Ten numbers that sum up the damage caused by the Indian monsoon this year

7/29/2019 - The ominous parallels with Nigeria’s handling of a rising Islamic sect and early-day Boko Haram

7/29/2019 - America’s youngest kids need good teachers. Why is it so difficult to find them?

7/29/2019 - Vivo’s Rs2,000 crore marketing splurge during IPL helps it clock best-ever sales in India

7/29/2019 - What was it like to be a diplomat in Pakistan during the Kargil war: A former Indian envoy remembers

7/29/2019 - Beijing’s Hong Kong response, Moscow protests, diaeresis debate

7/28/2019 - Hong Kong response, Moscow protests, spicy orbit

7/28/2019 - Disney just made more box office money in a year than any studio ever

7/28/2019 - NASA is planning to spice up space, literally

7/28/2019 - A teen just made $3 million playing Fortnite

7/28/2019 - After a human shooting, Florida tempers its advice on hunting invasive iguanas

7/28/2019 - Is forecast-based financing the future of aid in the face of climate change?

7/28/2019 - A criminal record won’t prevent Danielle Stella’s bid for Ilhan Omar’s congressional seat

7/28/2019 - When tree planting actually damages ecosystems

7/28/2019 - Mauritius leaks, Google vs Lagos chaos, Kenya’s big wind farm

7/28/2019 - Air traffic between China and Africa has jumped 630% in the last decade

7/27/2019 - Weekend edition—Mauritius machinations, Hong Kong hardhats, algae sneakers

7/27/2019 - Weekend edition—Mauritius machinations, Hong Kong hardhats, algae sneakers

7/27/2019 - Amazon deforestation is accelerating under Bolsonaro, and scientists fear a tipping point

7/27/2019 - How a Texas family discovered they owned a forgotten Ben Enwonwu portrait valued at $200,000

7/27/2019 - Automakers have agreed to California’s fuel-efficiency standards instead of Trump’s

7/27/2019 - Why young Eritreans are going to keep risking deadly migration crossings to Europe

7/27/2019 - Earth Overshoot Day is earlier than ever this year—and it underestimates the crisis

7/27/2019 - The Mauritius Leaks show the West profiting from poor nations while depriving them of tax revenue

7/27/2019 - The Live Nation scandal shows the concert industry needs to learn economics from Taylor Swift

7/27/2019 - Here’s what every Chinese book recently translated for the US is about

7/26/2019 - Hong Kong has become a gallery of protest poster art

7/26/2019 - Weekend edition—Mauritius machinations, Hong Kong hardhats, algae sneakers

7/26/2019 - Are you one of the 5 types of leaders your organization needs to succeed?

7/26/2019 - Diaeresis

7/26/2019 - Quartzy: the Marianne edition

7/26/2019 - How an undercover FBI sting busted an alleged multimillion-dollar stock fraud

7/26/2019 - Twitter is finally figuring out how to monetize its user base

7/26/2019 - The world’s largest tobacco company’s anti-smoking campaign relies on smokers

7/26/2019 - Lil Nas X made an ‘Old Town Road’ remix with RM of BTS and we didn’t even have to optimize this headline

7/26/2019 - The US economy is just fine. But the Fed wants to make it even finer

7/26/2019 - Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

7/26/2019 - Amazon is unapologetically spending money on one-day shipping

7/26/2019 - India is the epicenter of rethinking air conditioning

7/26/2019 - Thousands of people are asking president Trump to change the date of Halloween

7/26/2019 - Fighting cancer: China’s on the frontline with innovative therapies

7/26/2019 - Voice assistants are going to make our work lives better—and noisier

7/26/2019 - The arrival of a pizza-party planning service for remote workers is a sign of the times

7/26/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: the heatwave edition

7/26/2019 - Extreme temperatures fuel a dangerous climate feedback loop

7/26/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: What a Facebook settlement (not that one) tells us

7/26/2019 - Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit cabinet actually makes a soft Brexit more likely

7/26/2019 - US GDP snapshot, Alphabet’s spike, wearable A/C

7/26/2019 - Hardhats have replaced umbrellas as the symbol of Hong Kong’s protests

7/26/2019 - This week in membership: Hollywood, Tesla and the power of franchises

7/26/2019 - How to keep up with the changing world of Hollywood franchises

7/26/2019 - An 18th-century British merchant’s account of how the empire ruled India

7/26/2019 - Is there a formula for the perfect pitch? We asked a top VC

7/26/2019 - Rumours, suspicions, fears: What Indian Muslims have battled since Independence

7/26/2019 - Four of the top five smartphone brands sold in India are Chinese

7/26/2019 - No, Boris Johnson isn’t the UK’s Donald Trump

7/26/2019 - Flipkart says Indians are adding Korean beauty products to their carts like never before

7/26/2019 - Scandinavia heatwave, Alphabet’s spike, in-shirt A/C

7/26/2019 - China says FedEx lied about its “mishandling” of Huawei packages

7/25/2019 - How young Indians remember Kargil Vijay Diwas 20 years on

7/25/2019 - US border patrol is separating kids from their HIV+ parents, official confirms

7/25/2019 - Huawei’s 5G phone, Alphabet’s spike, in-shirt A/C

7/25/2019 - Apple is buying Intel’s mobile chip business

7/25/2019 - Google’s future beyond advertising is starting to become clearer

7/25/2019 - What’s next for Puerto Rico?

7/25/2019 - Amazon’s cloud dominance is starting to slip

7/25/2019 - Romanov impostors

7/25/2019 - Boris Johnson’s cabinet shows us exactly what kind of leader he will be

7/25/2019 - Elizabeth Warren is siding with Google and Amazon when it comes to digital payments

7/25/2019 - The federal government schedules 5 executions after bringing back the death penalty

7/25/2019 - Sony has made an in-shirt air conditioner

7/25/2019 - The Trump administration’s latest visa clampdown on Nigeria is targeting high-powered politicians

7/25/2019 - American doctors don’t know how to treat LGBTQ+ cancer patients

7/25/2019 - Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

7/25/2019 - “Shallow, inauthentic” Love Island contains a surprising amount of truth about love

7/25/2019 - Google is using Maps to try and bring order to one of Africa’s most chaotic cities

7/25/2019 - Boeing says its 737 Max just needs a quick software fix. Aviation experts disagree

7/25/2019 - Facebook is facing two antitrust probes

7/25/2019 - One of this year’s Booker Prize nominees is just a 1,000-page-long sentence

7/25/2019 - Visa is in talks to acquire part of Nordic payment firm Nets

7/25/2019 - Our adversaries don’t know

7/25/2019 - It isn’t just new parents who deserve paid leave

7/25/2019 - The best thing you can do for your career is learn to be more coachable

7/25/2019 - Libra’s countdown has begun

7/25/2019 - A US multinational avoided South African taxes worth twice Johannesburg’s social housing budget

7/25/2019 - The FBI thinks Long Island Iced Tea’s infamous pivot to blockchain was sweetened by insider trading

7/25/2019 - What Boris Johnson’s bullish new comments reveal about his Brexit plan

7/25/2019 - Justin Sun praises China’s socialism in apology amid pressure from authorities

7/25/2019 - Tech performance, Puerto Rico celebrates, hot wings

7/25/2019 - What are the odds Facebook’s Libra launches on time?

7/25/2019 - The Hollywood movie franchise has taken over the box office

7/25/2019 - Will small businesses trust the banks’ lending robots?

7/25/2019 - Zuckerberg is so happy with WhatsApp payment’s run in India, he wants to take it places

7/25/2019 - India is counting on private players to rejuvenate its forests, but will that work?

7/25/2019 - India’s food delivery wars are no longer about speed, but quality

7/25/2019 - Johnson’s cabinet, #RickyResigns, hot wings

7/25/2019 - This Chinese electric-vehicle startup is actually selling in the US and Europe

7/24/2019 - A private Chinese space firm successfully launched a rocket into orbit

7/24/2019 - Insults from their own governor finally pushed Puerto Ricans over the edge

7/24/2019 - The world is going to have its first foldable smartphone, again

7/24/2019 - The first made-in-China Tesla could arrive in November

7/24/2019 - Six films to watch to understand what’s happening in Hong Kong

7/24/2019 - Tesla’s losses are piling up despite record unit sales

7/24/2019 - Nissan woes, Facebook fine, hot wings

7/24/2019 - Billions and billions in fines can’t seem to hurt Facebook

7/24/2019 - Jell-O

7/24/2019 - Robert Mueller’s use of “I take your question,” as defined by a legal expert

7/24/2019 - The strange tale of the political staffer who quit on his boss’s Twitter account

7/24/2019 - All the ways Robert Mueller was trashed by his fellow Republicans

7/24/2019 - Trump’s attacks on Ilhan Omar are boosting her support in Minnesota

7/24/2019 - DoorDash says it will change tipping policy after widespread outrage

7/24/2019 - Critics of the congressional budget deal are ignoring the really big deal

7/24/2019 - Vans slip-ons are a hit again

7/24/2019 - Republicans believe Ken Starr could save Donald Trump

7/24/2019 - Theresa May has advice for women working with unqualified men

7/24/2019 - A Republican has done the most damage to Trump at the Mueller hearing

7/24/2019 - Artificial intelligence is transforming the way we farm

7/24/2019 - Conference calls this week: Tesla, and the future of Hollywood

7/24/2019 - A bot tweeting passages from modern China’s most famous writer has been silenced

7/24/2019 - We’ve debunked tech’s “pipeline problem.” So why aren’t more women getting funding?

7/24/2019 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg wishes to inform you she’s still “very much alive”

7/24/2019 - The most highlighter-worthy ideas from popular business books, according to time-pressed readers

7/24/2019 - Your meaningful job is a health hazard

7/24/2019 - I’m a data scientist who is skeptical about data

7/24/2019 - A new razor brand is encouraging women not to shave

7/24/2019 - There’s a global movement of Facebook vigilantes who hunt pedophiles

7/24/2019 - Why getting dewy skin became a global obsession

7/24/2019 - The price of a US “golden visa” just increased to $900,000

7/24/2019 - Truly effective diversity training can be measured in goosebumps

7/24/2019 - How R-Ladies made data science inclusive

7/24/2019 - After H-1B, the US now turns its attention to the coveted investor visa

7/24/2019 - Psychologists proved their value to political campaigns with one fundraising trick

7/24/2019 - Mueller testifies, more notable earnings, mouse mountaineers

7/24/2019 - This may be the surest sign yet that China’s sharing economy is far from dead

7/24/2019 - Who needs “Game of Thrones”? All the shows you can watch to fill the void

7/24/2019 - Mango leaves: Indian scientists’ solution to a $2.5 trillion global shipping problem

7/24/2019 - Malawi is testing using wearables to measure kids’ well-being

7/24/2019 - The “Zara of small-town India” is unfazed by Walmart and Amazon

7/24/2019 - Global movement Extinction Rebellion is spawning India’s future climate change warriors

7/24/2019 - Boris Johnson, Snap soars, mouse mountaineers

7/24/2019 - Data show higher diabetes prevalence in meat-loving Indian states

7/23/2019 - How shopping malls became a battleground in Hong Kong’s protests

7/23/2019 - An army of China’s internet trolls has a message for Hong Kong protesters

7/23/2019 - People are flocking to Snapchat again, and investors are thrilled

7/23/2019 - Mueller testimony, PM Johnson, mouse mountaineers

7/23/2019 - Remittance fees would give Guatemalans more reasons to migrate to the US

7/23/2019 - Watch: Our conference call on Deutsche Bank

7/23/2019 - Watch: Our conference call about the new philanthropy

7/23/2019 - UPS is launching a drone delivery service in the US

7/23/2019 - Watch live: Robert Mueller testifies before Congress

7/23/2019 - Dewiness

7/23/2019 - Pinterest is introducing “compassionate search” for stressed-out users

7/23/2019 - Justin Sun postpones his lunch with Warren Buffett after falling under investigation in China

7/23/2019 - The IRS decided that 23andMe tests aren’t just for fun—they’re medical care

7/23/2019 - The world reacts to Boris Johnson’s election as UK prime minister

7/23/2019 - Benin’s new museum for artifacts looted by France is being built using a French loan

7/23/2019 - The shortage of single, urban men is finally coming to an end

7/23/2019 - How an idyllic African island became a tax haven for some of the world’s biggest corporations

7/23/2019 - Facebook’s Messenger Kids could have let unauthorized adults into children’s chats

7/23/2019 - Why striving for happiness makes people miserable

7/23/2019 - Fintechs are competing to offer the highest interest rates for savings accounts

7/23/2019 - How to stroke a cat, according to science

7/23/2019 - The most hated figure of the Tiananmen crackdown has died

7/23/2019 - We need to retrain workers—not rescrew them

7/23/2019 - China embraces its surveillance state. The US pretends it doesn’t have one

7/23/2019 - Boris Johnson is the next UK prime minister

7/23/2019 - The UK’s new prime minister has a resume that would make anyone think twice

7/23/2019 - The treatment of children at the US border is more than a political crisis

7/23/2019 - Trump’s food stamp fight, new UK PM, floating cows

7/23/2019 - The Hollywood franchise machine in 17 charts

7/23/2019 - Superbugs have returned to haunt India’s hospitals

7/23/2019 - The makers of Indian craft beer Bira 91 find a real high in a cheaper, stronger brew

7/23/2019 - A new “university” for Instagram influencers aims to stop the spread of misinformation

7/23/2019 - Half of Amazon Prime’s Indian members are in mainly for its videos

7/23/2019 - Why China is angry about Marvel’s first Asian superhero movie

7/23/2019 - Modi government says India lost less than 400 industrial jobs in 2018

7/23/2019 - New UK PM, Puerto Rico protests, floating cows

7/23/2019 - How Quartz used AI to help reporters search the Mauritius Leaks

7/23/2019 - How Bob Geldof’s African investment fund avoids paying taxes to some of the continent’s poorest countries

7/23/2019 - How Sequoia Capital is trying to avoid taxes on over a billion dollars in Indian investments

7/23/2019 - A giant US government contractor went offshore to avoid a pittance in African taxes

7/23/2019 - Here’s a PowerPoint presentation on how to avoid paying tax to poor countries, made by the experts

7/23/2019 - Indian government panel wants cryptocurrency holders jailed, but can’t deny its tech has merits

7/22/2019 - The Puerto Rican diaspora is buying last-minute tickets to join historic protests

7/22/2019 - UK PM announcement, Equifax settlement, floating cows

7/22/2019 - “Queer Eye” demonstrates how we can show disability, but still fail to represent it

7/22/2019 - It’s harder than ever to hide an oil tanker

7/22/2019 - Skinny jeans

7/22/2019 - Bike-hailing startups in Lagos may soon have to pay thousands of dollars in state fees

7/22/2019 - Note to G7 guests: Trump Doral pools have not been inspected by health officials

7/22/2019 - Finally, a performance review designed to weed out “brilliant jerks”

7/22/2019 - Tech will fix our future food crisis

7/22/2019 - The Dutch are subverting nature again—with floating dairy farms

7/22/2019 - The promise of e-commerce in Africa might not be where we think

7/22/2019 - “Avengers: Endgame” is now the biggest movie ever. But that’s still not as impressive as what “Avatar” did

7/22/2019 - Women in the US are seen to be as smart as men, but not ready to lead

7/22/2019 - Hollywood’s movie crisis

7/22/2019 - Democratic candidates criticize the labor model of Uber and Lyft–and keep using them

7/22/2019 - Three tactics that help women get the job they really want

7/22/2019 - Happy 50th anniversary of the Mars landing, Earthlings!

7/22/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: Chicago meet-up, ocean fertilization, biofuel bind

7/22/2019 - Here’s all the evidence of obstruction of justice in the Mueller report, in case you forgot

7/22/2019 - This is the one thing everyone hopes Mueller can clarify

7/22/2019 - These Chinese EV makers are eyeing the US and Europe even as they struggle at home

7/22/2019 - Hong Kong’s leader tried to explain why armed thugs were able terrorize the city

7/22/2019 - Mexico migration deadline, Marvel’s box office milestone, corn sweat

7/22/2019 - This week in membership: Rebooting the Hollywood franchise

7/22/2019 - It’s time to reboot the Hollywood movie franchise

7/22/2019 - How Nigeria’s conservative northern region came to terms with its MeToo movement

7/22/2019 - How Rupert Murdoch saved KBC from being merely Kaun Banega Lakhpati

7/22/2019 - Africa’s largest wind power project is now open in Kenya

7/22/2019 - One of the world’s most influential economists is on a mission to save capitalism from itself

7/22/2019 - It took a ban and a government notice for ByteDance to wake up in India

7/22/2019 - IKEA or no IKEA, India’s Urban Ladder has been climbing steadily

7/22/2019 - Spain government, Hong Kong mob attack, corn sweat

7/22/2019 - Cheaper loans could take solar power to more rooftops in India

7/21/2019 - Crypto-bro Justin Sun represents everything Warren Buffett “can’t even” about crypto

7/21/2019 - Duterte’s address, US-China trade opening, Whale deaths

7/21/2019 - Elon Musk wants to put an AI interface in your brain. Should you be worried?

7/21/2019 - Earth just experienced the hottest June in at least 140 years

7/21/2019 - Natalie Portman is Marvel Studios’ new Thor and Mahershala Ali is Blade

7/21/2019 - Life advice from US Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch

7/21/2019 - The new Melania Trump statue in Slovenia as interpreted by art experts

7/21/2019 - Season 1 of Because China 🇨🇳

7/21/2019 - The newest mega-merger in cannabis marks one more step toward Big Weed

7/21/2019 - A power outage and mobile money blackout expose the vulnerability of Zimbabwe’s economy

7/21/2019 - Barnes & Noble’s fate rests in the hands of a British indie bookstore owner

7/21/2019 - Lion King’s Afrobeats, renewable’s dual problem solver, Africa’s 4G impact

7/20/2019 - Weekend edition—Self-driving safety strategy, monopoly morphing, Cosmic Crisp 

7/20/2019 - Weekend edition—Self-driving safety strategy, monopoly morphing, Cosmic Crisp 

7/20/2019 - Donald Trump’s latest weapon in the culture wars: a red plastic straw

7/20/2019 - Fifty years after men walked on the moon, it’s time to talk about peeing in space

7/20/2019 - A$AP Rocky shows it pays to have well-connected friends

7/20/2019 - There are no more firemen in Berkeley as the city removes gender from its city code

7/20/2019 - Scientists are worried that a thousand gray whales have died so far this year

7/20/2019 - Trump’s war on Huawei risks hobbling US innovation

7/20/2019 - “Move fast and break things” won’t make self-driving cars safe

7/20/2019 - Data show America’s future is more “squad” than “send her back”

7/20/2019 - The American diet is having an unhealthy love affair with protein

7/20/2019 - The early internet is breaking—meet the people saving it

7/20/2019 - The midlife crisis is getting worse

7/19/2019 - Weekend edition—Self-driving safety strategy, monopoly morphing, Cosmic Crisp 

7/19/2019 - This Oval Office argument sums up NASA’s dilemma after Apollo

7/19/2019 - Quartzy: the summer TV edition

7/19/2019 - Bad banks

7/19/2019 - Chinese web users have shunned Dolce & Gabbana since its racism controversy

7/19/2019 - This bot could ruin online poker

7/19/2019 - The best Apollo 11 content to read, watch, and experience

7/19/2019 - Feeling undervalued at work? Advocate for yourself like these “Game of Thrones” stars

7/19/2019 - Border Patrol Foundation moved its 2018 fundraiser to Trump’s hotel

7/19/2019 - FaceApp only shows the older version of ourselves we want to see

7/19/2019 - Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

7/19/2019 - Uber is launching a restaurant “accelerator” to fill the gaps it sees on Uber Eats

7/19/2019 - The most underused tools in fighting wildlife poaching in Africa are its beloved national soccer teams

7/19/2019 - Why Japanese-Americans received reparations and African-Americans are still waiting

7/19/2019 - Merkel and Trudeau are the latest to criticize Trump rally “send her back” chant

7/19/2019 - The ISRO isn’t enough. India needs its own Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos

7/19/2019 - We should stop sending humans into space to do a robot’s job

7/19/2019 - Self-driving platoons of trucks are coming to a highway near you

7/19/2019 - How to resign gracefully

7/19/2019 - China’s answer to Nasdaq will finally let markets do their thing

7/19/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: Short sellers are circling a startup lender

7/19/2019 - Excluding minorities from Alzheimer’s research is wrong—and it’s keeping us from finding a cure

7/19/2019 - Mike Pompeo heads south, US-Iran tensions, sneaker drama

7/19/2019 - These innovations from the Moon landing changed life on Earth

7/19/2019 - How to keep up with the future of philanthropy

7/19/2019 - This week in membership

7/19/2019 - Taiwan is the new home for Hong Kongers seeking political safety

7/19/2019 - Modi beats Pope Francis and Dalai Lama in a ranking of the world’s most admired people

7/19/2019 - Why do abusive men (and the women who support them) behave the way they do?

7/19/2019 - The latest brand value of their groups reveal the diverging fortunes of the Ambani brothers

7/19/2019 - Space travels, US-Iran tensions, most fulfilling job

7/19/2019 - How to write three books before you are 30—lessons from an Indian historian

7/18/2019 - The political power of Maya Angelou’s “Still, I Rise”

7/18/2019 - Space travels, US-Iran tensions, disappointing jetpacks

7/18/2019 - Microsoft is coming for Amazon’s cloud crown

7/18/2019 - Sober-curiosity

7/18/2019 - Netflix isn’t sweating the loss of “Friends” and “The Office,” it swears

7/18/2019 - Africa is at least five years away from faster 4G mobile networks having a major impact

7/18/2019 - One guy paid $850,000 for a rare sneaker collection being auctioned by Sotheby’s

7/18/2019 - The surprise Emmy nods for “Schitt’s Creek” are also a win for Netflix

7/18/2019 - The terrifying appeal of Boris Johnson, according to a Johnson voter

7/18/2019 - Uber made a blueprint for safe self-driving cars it wants the rest of the industry to follow

7/18/2019 - Deprogramming Apollo

7/18/2019 - Facebook’s Libra hearings

7/18/2019 - We were promised jetpacks, and now we have them. So why isn’t anyone using them?

7/18/2019 - Yields are so low that even junk bonds now have negative rates

7/18/2019 - Are India’s coal power plants really a problem?

7/18/2019 - William Barr’s donations to Senate Republicans spiked just before they confirmed him as attorney general

7/18/2019 - A philosopher accused of sexual harassment started a company to advise on business ethics

7/18/2019 - Microsoft’s money, Korean rates, rhino bonds

7/18/2019 - Was the Moon landing faked? Absolutely not, says a film expert

7/18/2019 - Worldwide philanthropic giving, in 10 charts and tables

7/18/2019 - If Facebook can ban users, will its Libra cryptocurrency do the same?

7/18/2019 - Effective Altruism is trying to save the world from the robot apocalypse

7/18/2019 - Stop using India’s coal power plants as an excuse for climate inaction

7/18/2019 - TikTok and Helo promise to collaborate after India threatens ban

7/18/2019 - Western civilization as we know it wouldn’t exist without Islamic culture

7/18/2019 - In photos: Assam, Bihar, and Mumbai reel under the fury of the great Indian monsoon

7/18/2019 - eBay partners Paytm Mall in fresh attempt to crack Indian e-commerce

7/18/2019 - American billionaire calls Modi government “pathetic and corrupt” over its bitcoin stance

7/18/2019 - Will Jet Airways’ grounding end up benefiting foreign players more than its Indian rivals?

7/18/2019 - China wants to launch the next SpaceX

7/18/2019 - Saudi concert, Ebola emergency, “Chasing Cars”

7/18/2019 - What you need to know about China’s falling space lab Tiangong-2

7/17/2019 - Netflix misses, May’s last speech, “Chasing Cars”

7/17/2019 - Netflix lost US subscribers for the first time ever

7/17/2019 - AOC’s surprise new Republican challenger was an AOC fan

7/17/2019 - Why more Texas Republicans have found the strength to criticize Trump’s tweets

7/17/2019 - The guy responsible for Fyre Festival’s false advertising is now an Emmy nominee

7/17/2019 - The man behind Dior and Louis Vuitton unseated Bill Gates as second richest person

7/17/2019 - WHO has finally declared DR Congo’s Ebola crisis a global health emergency

7/17/2019 - Whiteboards

7/17/2019 - Trump’s clampdown on US visas for Nigerians is cultivating fear—and “fake news”

7/17/2019 - Guess how much people are willing to pay for Moon landing memorabilia

7/17/2019 - Proposing your own 💡 for an emoji just got a bit easier

7/17/2019 - Fake alcohol is a deadly problem for tourists traveling abroad

7/17/2019 - Inside Foot Locker’s pivot from athletics to ‘youth culture’

7/17/2019 - Antitrust regulators are using the wrong tools to break up Big Tech

7/17/2019 - How a manual written by Thomas Jefferson sparked a battle over Trump and racism

7/17/2019 - There are 16 million slaves around the world making our stuff

7/17/2019 - China’s censorship is sinking its own movie market

7/17/2019 - Look to Italy to understand the dangers of Trump’s racist tweets

7/17/2019 - Trump 2020 rally, Amazon anti-trust deal, moon nurseries

7/17/2019 - The world’s finance chiefs are worried about Facebook’s Libra disrupting their own currencies

7/17/2019 - We may have misheard Neil Armstrong’s famous first words on the Moon

7/17/2019 - Charities are trapped into taking tainted money from corporations

7/17/2019 - Hong Kong and Taiwan are fueling each other’s resistance to China

7/17/2019 - Japan’s doing to Samsung what the US did to Huawei. But why?

7/17/2019 - Modi government’s plan to raise debt from overseas is a risky affair

7/17/2019 - A personal account of what it means to be gay in India

7/17/2019 - Swiggy’s first transgender employee is leading a diversity drive at the Indian foodtech unicorn

7/17/2019 - In charts: Zomato and Swiggy have much to thank India’s small towns for

7/17/2019 - G7 on crypto, Myanmar sanctions, TikTokers

7/16/2019 - The families of fallen Chinese officials and oligarchs are taking to Twitter to seek justice

7/16/2019 - Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial protesters are crowdfunding everything from doctors to legal fees

7/16/2019 - EU-Canada summit, monsoon floods, Chance the Snapper

7/16/2019 - Beyonce’s “Lion King” soundtrack is set to cement Afrobeats in the global mainstream

7/16/2019 - Wikipedia

7/16/2019 - Five major issues raised by Facebook’s Libra hearing before Congress

7/16/2019 - Burberry’s edgy, logo-heavy look is giving it the sales jolt it needed

7/16/2019 - Grimes’s wellness routine allegedly includes sword fighting, screaming sessions, and a deprivation tank

7/16/2019 - HBO stole the Emmys back from Netflix—and that might not happen again for awhile

7/16/2019 - Uber and Lyft paid drivers to protest the bill that could make them employees

7/16/2019 - If you’re boycotting Amazon, here’s everything else you have to forego

7/16/2019 - Off-grid renewable energy is helping tackle two of Africa’s biggest problems

7/16/2019 - Earning a living buys women more time with a sharper brain

7/16/2019 - Our conference call starts at 11am EDT/4pm BST

7/16/2019 - Why Amazon is the perfect platform for Lady Gaga’s new cosmetics line

7/16/2019 - The woman who taught computers to speak English

7/16/2019 - Limited coverage of civilian deaths means Americans can’t comprehend the true cost of war

7/16/2019 - New story from Should This Exist? – How to fix the internet, according to its pioneers

7/16/2019 - How to fix the internet, according to its pioneers

7/16/2019 - This sprawling Italian headquarters has been dubbed the “world’s healthiest workplace”

7/16/2019 - The next UK prime minister is bad for the pound—whoever he is

7/16/2019 - After a record 16-month ban, this president has unblocked social media access

7/16/2019 - Border officers are arrested 5 times more often than other US law enforcement

7/16/2019 - Amazon Prime Day creep is the new Christmas creep

7/16/2019 - Indian immigrants have it bad in Donald Trump’s America. But the early 1900s were worse

7/16/2019 - Moon landing anniversary, Trump doubles down, Florida Man

7/16/2019 - China’s ride-hailing giant Didi is welcoming its competitors to its app

7/16/2019 - Philanthropists need to ask themselves hard questions about where their money is going

7/16/2019 - The story of a female Indian violinist whose phenomenal career was cut short by fate

7/16/2019 - Goldman Sachs is betting on a startup that battles low interest rates for savers

7/16/2019 - In China, facial-recognition technology is being deployed to take out the trash

7/16/2019 - Pakistan’s move to open up its airspace will bring some respite for India’s airlines

7/16/2019 - A board game, inspired by a film on Arvind Kejriwal, offers a close look at Indian politics

7/16/2019 - Why these African countries are defending China’s mass detention of Muslims

7/16/2019 - Moon landing anniversary, Trump doubles down, Florida Man

7/16/2019 - Job creation in India’s renewable energy industry more than halved last fiscal

7/15/2019 - Even China’s state media can’t escape WeChat’s expanding image censorship

7/15/2019 - South Korea anti-bullying law, Prime Day strikes, Area 51 raid

7/15/2019 - Cloudflare shows how transparent tech companies should be

7/15/2019 - SpaceX found the problem that blew up its Crew Dragon spacecraft

7/15/2019 - Use Prime Day to turn your dumb home into a smart one

7/15/2019 - Climate eschatology

7/15/2019 - Trump’s latest plan to deny asylum seekers protection is illegal

7/15/2019 - How to watch Congressional hearings on Facebook’s Libra

7/15/2019 - How to hold your head if you want to look intimidating

7/15/2019 - Amazon warehouse workers around the world are striking for Prime Day

7/15/2019 - An animation studio wants more African animators, so has launched a platform to teach it

7/15/2019 - Social health disparities may put LGBT individuals at a higher risk for dementia

7/15/2019 - Slack’s director of research explains how to build your best user research team

7/15/2019 - A journalist returned to Somalia to tell positive stories—then terrorists killed her

7/15/2019 - Watch: Our conference call about data harvesting

7/15/2019 - Philanthropy reinvented

7/15/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: Russia ratifies, flygskam, population boom

7/15/2019 - Why I’m turning my son into a cyborg

7/15/2019 - British mathematician and codebreaker Alan Turing will feature on the new £50 banknote

7/15/2019 - The scientists searching for alien life aren’t very popular in science

7/15/2019 - Democrats want to keep Facebook out of finance—by law

7/15/2019 - Amazon Prime Day, Trump’s racist remarks, cuddling cows

7/15/2019 - It’s looking increasingly unlikely the Boeing 737 Max will be in skies again this year

7/15/2019 - Today in membership: the new philanthropy

7/15/2019 - China’s wealthier citizens are taking full advantage of Greece’s “Golden Visa”

7/15/2019 - Billionaire philanthropy is being disrupted

7/15/2019 - Tigers in a southern reserve are victims of India’s aggressive push towards nuclear energy

7/15/2019 - Even Europe’s most family-friendly countries don’t invest enough in their youngest kids

7/15/2019 - How an Indian tycoon fought Big Pharma to sell AIDS drugs for $1 a day

7/15/2019 - Behind Paytm’s grand plan to become a one-stop shop for educational services in India

7/15/2019 - Why China can’t rev up its economy now the way it did during the global recession

7/15/2019 - Amazon’s Prime Day sale isn’t enough to make Indians forget Flipkart

7/15/2019 - Turkey sanctions, China GDP, cuddling cows

7/14/2019 - India calls off its second lunar mission just an hour before launch

7/14/2019 - China’s GDP growth, India’s moonshot, cuddling cows

7/14/2019 - The world’s largest-ever wildlife trafficking bust saves thousands of animals

7/14/2019 - The secret to success of an Israeli company that’s the darling of Warren Buffett

7/14/2019 - China produces loads of “black gold,” but will caviar lovers bite?

7/14/2019 - Photos: Hong Kong police fight protesters in a luxury shopping mall

7/14/2019 - What Ugandans can teach each of us about justice

7/14/2019 - Five habits can reduce dementia risk—but you’ve got to go all in

7/14/2019 - The teen convicted in a controversial suicide texting case has appealed to the US Supreme Court

7/14/2019 - Data show Trump is right, fewer people like his tweets now

7/14/2019 - Why I cancelled my Amazon Prime account

7/13/2019 - Weekend edition—Deutsche Bank, WhatsApp propaganda, unisex pronouns 

7/13/2019 - Weekend edition—Deutsche Bank, WhatsApp propaganda, unisex pronouns 

7/13/2019 - The best Amazon Prime Day deals announced so far

7/13/2019 - A Ghanaian royal family’s conflict of collaboration and resistance in the African slave trade

7/13/2019 - Pride month is over. The need for safe spaces at work is not

7/13/2019 - Every day is Amazon Prime Day for Amazon

7/13/2019 - What we can learn from the revolutionary passport that helped 1920s refugees

7/13/2019 - The “concentration camp” language debate is the wrong fight

7/13/2019 - How the internet ate the advertising industry

7/13/2019 - Deutsche Bank isn’t the only one rethinking investment banking

7/13/2019 - Tropical Storm Barry could make a bad algae bloom worse

7/13/2019 - Brazil’s nominated US ambassador spends his days with a gun-toting Trump figurine

7/13/2019 - Beer is giving 2022 World Cup host Qatar a headache

7/12/2019 - An Instagrammable Pantone café is opening in New York City

7/12/2019 - Weekend edition—Deutsche Bank, WhatsApp propaganda, unisex pronouns 

7/12/2019 - Facebook has been slapped with a massive fine that won’t hurt it in the slightest

7/12/2019 - Heavy metal

7/12/2019 - The staggering cost of self-driving cars is behind Ford and Volkswagen’s new partnership

7/12/2019 - Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Day 2019

7/12/2019 - The only thing making Prime Day bearable for Amazon workers is the robots

7/12/2019 - The best ways to help immigrants in the US caught up in ICE raids

7/12/2019 - How soon do couples usually move in together?

7/12/2019 - The irony of Barbie’s David Bowie makeover

7/12/2019 - DR Congo’s Ebola crisis has led to children dying from measles

7/12/2019 - A newly discovered fish in the “Wakanda” of African reefs has been named in honor of Black Panther

7/12/2019 - In its later years, the VW Beetle was kept alive by Mexico’s taxi drivers

7/12/2019 - Quartzy: the low-proof edition

7/12/2019 - Watch: Our conference call about the big oil company going carbon neutral

7/12/2019 - Our conference call on data harvesting starts in 15 minutes

7/12/2019 - Alex Acosta resigns as labor secretary after scrutiny over Jeffrey Epstein plea deal

7/12/2019 - Hurricane vocabulary: The difference between a typhoon, a cyclone, and a tropical storm

7/12/2019 - US border officials permanently separated 3 girls from their father because he is HIV+

7/12/2019 - An Asian tech billionaire’s presidential bid comes with a promise to soak the rich

7/12/2019 - How David Bowie created “Space Oddity,” the ultimate space anthem

7/12/2019 - Sudan’s street protests have inspired another revolution—in art

7/12/2019 - This framed photo of Tomi Lahren hangs in US Border Patrol headquarters

7/12/2019 - The short but destructive history of mass layoffs

7/12/2019 - The best ways to exercise in summer heat

7/12/2019 - The Phillips Curve is dead—long live the Phillips Curve

7/12/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: Unicorns helping unicorns

7/12/2019 - ICE raids, R. Kelly arrest, Dungeon masters make bank

7/12/2019 - A porn star turned politician says the biggest porn stars are all in congress

7/12/2019 - Economics explains why Indians will continue to quit full-time jobs for Bali vacations

7/12/2019 - We give our most intimate details to sex, pregnancy, and fitness apps. Here’s how they use it

7/12/2019 - This week in membership: Your personal data, and your company’s culture

7/12/2019 - Brandless co-founder on why consumers want companies to “brand less”

7/12/2019 - Indian shoppers aged 18-24 seem to be Amazon’s favourite

7/12/2019 - Despite the boardroom tussle, IndiGo may hold on to its top spot in Indian aviation

7/12/2019 - From parties to Vegas tournaments, Bollywood’s Minissha Lamba now has a poker career

7/12/2019 - ICE raids, Singapore economy, rich Dungeon masters

7/11/2019 - Donald Trump’s “not a fan” of bitcoin

7/11/2019 - Russian submarine radiation, French tech tax, the longest bird toe

7/11/2019 - NASA shake-up leaves space program in confusion

7/11/2019 - The Beetle, 81, is no more

7/11/2019 - Facebook and the US Army funded an AI that can beat you at poker

7/11/2019 - Cricket

7/11/2019 - Sotheby’s first sneaker auction is “100 of the rarest sneakers ever produced”

7/11/2019 - African priests are now the future of the Catholic Church in the United States

7/11/2019 - Venture capitalists are cashing out in a big way

7/11/2019 - Many US states are spending their VW settlement funds on more diesel engines

7/11/2019 - Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

7/11/2019 - Disruption fatigue demands a new approach to being disruptive

7/11/2019 - Ethiopian-Israelis are protesting against police brutality after another shooting

7/11/2019 - Scientists may have found a better way to spot early signs of dementia: our eyes

7/11/2019 - Deepfakes will influence the 2020 election—and our economy, and our prison system

7/11/2019 - The explosion of tech hubs across Africa is showing no signs of slowing down

7/11/2019 - Your Spotify and Apple Music subscriptions pay artists you never listen to

7/11/2019 - The next big ice cream aisle addition will be dairy-free…kind of

7/11/2019 - Porsche and BMW are known as “broken shoes” and “don’t touch me” in China

7/11/2019 - The gap in internet speeds is widening between low and high income countries

7/11/2019 - It’s tough to choose the best Apple laptop to buy right now

7/11/2019 - As Deutsche Bank retreats from the US, a German fintech is launching there

7/11/2019 - Is Virgin Galactic the next Tesla?

7/11/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: Conference call today

7/11/2019 - An epidemic of body shaming is taking its toll on men’s mental health

7/11/2019 - HackerOne’s greatest hack? Pay transparency for gig workers

7/11/2019 - Tencent’s QQ Coin and China’s response

7/11/2019 - Why so many people believe the Moon landing was faked

7/11/2019 - A sports drink called Pocari Sweat is caught in the middle of a Hong Kong-China spat

7/11/2019 - Trump literally does not have the money to add citizenship to the census

7/11/2019 - Trump’s social media summit, migrant raids, holy rain

7/11/2019 - The US gets one step closer to a law that could help Indians get green cards faster

7/11/2019 - Get to know the symbolism in your daily commute

7/11/2019 - Tencent created QQ Coin long before Facebook’s Libra

7/11/2019 - How easy is it to find one patient among 1.3 million anonymized medical records?

7/11/2019 - How to get employees to not only believe in your mission, but to act on it too

7/11/2019 - In India, toddlers are starting to write computer codes before they can talk

7/11/2019 - Indian CEOs are far less optimistic about the global economy this year

7/11/2019 - The UK’s trailblazing advantage against climate change

7/11/2019 - For Netflix, being a premium service in India has its perks

7/11/2019 - How to be a great boss even when you have nothing in common with your staff

7/11/2019 - Turkey sanctions, French tech tax, rogue moons

7/10/2019 - India may have been knocked out, but mega brands had a field day during cricket World Cup

7/10/2019 - VW-Ford alliance, S&P 500 record, rogue moons

7/10/2019 - Nintendo’s new Switch Lite is a cheaper, exclusively handheld games console

7/10/2019 - “Mockamole” is what a trade war with Mexico would taste like

7/10/2019 - The gold standard

7/10/2019 - Levi’s is making bank on high-rise jeans and jorts

7/10/2019 - The US women’s national soccer team has created a tipping point on equal pay

7/10/2019 - Lady Gaga is Amazon’s golden ticket to beauty domination

7/10/2019 - Here are the types of houses ICE envisions raiding next

7/10/2019 - Photos: US World Cup champs rock New York parade amid “equal pay” chants

7/10/2019 - Zimbabwe banned the US dollar from being used so local bitcoin demand is soaring again

7/10/2019 - What R’s most popular tools say about the state of data science

7/10/2019 - Deloitte and others pay $235 million settlement over alleged role in Ponzi scheme

7/10/2019 - Two-thirds of veterans say the Iraq war wasn’t worth fighting

7/10/2019 - UNESCO wants Kenya to review plans to build its first coal plant on a world heritage site

7/10/2019 - Does the North Pole belong to Canada?

7/10/2019 - Startups trying to fix Nigeria’s broken healthcare system are winning global investor interest

7/10/2019 - Ulta plucked Frida Kahlo’s eyebrow for the artist’s themed makeup kit

7/10/2019 - Dutch regulator says banks shouldn’t snoop on customer payments to churches, casinos, or sex clubs

7/10/2019 - What’s driving Trump’s war with the Supreme Court on the census citizenship question

7/10/2019 - In a world awash with information, power comes from knowing what data not to use

7/10/2019 - The UK ambassador to the US, Kim Darroch, resigns over leaked Trump memos

7/10/2019 - Why Hong Kong’s protests prove it deserves to be a global financial hub

7/10/2019 - Disney’s “Mulan” is not the feminist Mulan Chinese girls recognize

7/10/2019 - Will we lose our rights as parents once robots are better at raising our kids?

7/10/2019 - Learning to be a leader starts in childhood

7/10/2019 - Hire the manager, access the skills

7/10/2019 - The simplest way to improve your credit score is by using your email

7/10/2019 - The dangers of energy drinks can be fatal—especially for teens

7/10/2019 - Grofers hopes to win India’s online grocery war with its low-priced, in-house brands

7/10/2019 - The three biggest mistakes you can make when you start a company

7/10/2019 - Powell to the stage, UK leadership debate, rogue “ploonets”

7/10/2019 - Oil companies are confused about the future of oil

7/10/2019 - A sudden surge in passenger car sales didn’t revive China’s cratering auto market

7/10/2019 - A promoter has raised serious governance issues with India’s largest airline

7/10/2019 - Why the powerful aren’t protecting your privacy, from the US Senator fighting for action

7/10/2019 - How to get employees to care about your company’s mission

7/10/2019 - Between domestic chores and agricultural work, rural Indian women have no time for child-rearing

7/10/2019 - Donor-funded African journalism is getting caught between the US and China world view

7/10/2019 - Narendra Modi inspires more Indians to stay fit than sportspersons or film stars

7/10/2019 - Parents’ education or family incomes are no bars for women to pursue engineering in India

7/10/2019 - Britain’s GDP, Mexico’s new finance minister, flugscham

7/9/2019 - A pregnant woman miscarried while in Border Patrol custody on July 4

7/9/2019 - Zoom has reconsidered its response to a security flaw and is promising new fixes

7/9/2019 - Jeffrey Epstein’s fortune is built on fraud, a former mentor says

7/9/2019 - Economic data, unconstitutional tweet-blocking, unsafe sporks

7/9/2019 - Flygskam

7/9/2019 - The first space tourism company to go public will do so with a blank check

7/9/2019 - Gay marriage and abortion are now legal in Northern Ireland—here are Europe’s last holdouts

7/9/2019 - The glow of the historic accord between Ethiopia and Eritrea has faded

7/9/2019 - Zoom has a security flaw that could let attackers view your Mac webcam

7/9/2019 - A “Go Back to Africa” media campaign uses AI to boost African American tourism

7/9/2019 - Pepsi’s earnings show the thirst for sparkling water is real

7/9/2019 - These companies are most exposed to California’s gig economy bill

7/9/2019 - Ghana is now the fastest-growing mobile money market in Africa

7/9/2019 - A US federal appeals court affirmed that Trump can’t block critics on Twitter

7/9/2019 - E. Jean Carroll “loved” Trump’s response to her rape allegations

7/9/2019 - Apple has killed off the original MacBook

7/9/2019 - The Trump White House tries to rewrite its own history on the environment

7/9/2019 - Inside the business of data brokering

7/9/2019 - Going on vacation won’t cure your burnout

7/9/2019 - A massive international email scam netted $3 million worth of top-secret US military equipment

7/9/2019 - It pays to move abroad—especially if you’re under 35

7/9/2019 - Georgia’s new voting system actually decreases election security, say experts

7/9/2019 - Adidas’ liquefiable sweatshirt shows how hard it is to recycle clothes

7/9/2019 - Qatar’s emir visits Trump, US-Taiwan arms sale, dancing cockatoo

7/9/2019 - Spotify takes the Lite route to navigate India’s patchy internet

7/9/2019 - Propaganda spread by data “bombs” pushed Brazil’s far-right president to power

7/9/2019 - Post-it notes are the new weapon of choice for Hong Kong’s protesters

7/9/2019 - Employers should filter prospective hires for one thing they won’t find on a resume

7/9/2019 - Indonesia’s Wake Cup Coffee is the latest entrant in India’s fast-growing cafe market

7/9/2019 - China’s tech sector is staring at the possibility of its bubble bursting

7/9/2019 - A government-owned firm starts selling India’s most energy-efficient air conditioner

7/9/2019 - UK PM debate, Hong Kong’s extradition bill, dancing cockatoo

7/9/2019 - Tribespeople in India’s Gujarat fiercely resisted a mega dam—but they got a mega statue, too

7/9/2019 - China’s elite lost $530 billion in 2018

7/8/2019 - Hong Kong’s extradition bill is officially “dead,” but not dead enough for protesters

7/8/2019 - Hong Kong’s last major riots reshaped the city into the one we know today

7/8/2019 - UK PM debate, Deutsche Bank fallout, tie-dye coffee

7/8/2019 - Instagram wants to fight bullies by shadow banning them—and telling them they’re bullies

7/8/2019 - Charted: How much did top Democrats raise for the 2020 election last quarter?

7/8/2019 - Climate change could intensify DC floods, but engineering can help

7/8/2019 - Manufacturers are leading adopters of 4IR—here’s what they’ve learned

7/8/2019 - Khat

7/8/2019 - How Deutsche Bank’s 18,000 job cuts stack up to other mass layoffs

7/8/2019 - Why you should totally go to the pub with your mates when you’ve just been laid off

7/8/2019 - The women’s World Cup caps a world-class marketing opportunity for Nike

7/8/2019 - Many Ghanaians think their country should divorce the IMF—that isn’t likely to happen

7/8/2019 - Deutsche Bank’s shares sink as investors reckon with the scale of its restructuring

7/8/2019 - Out with the new, in with the old: Greeks hand power back to the conservatives

7/8/2019 - The move to open Africa’s last closed telecom market raises questions on digital rights

7/8/2019 - How much is your data worth?

7/8/2019 - A data-driven guide to the best 2019 summer reading

7/8/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: Trees everywhere, stranded assets, dirty words

7/8/2019 - Two active-duty US Marines face “alien smuggling” charges at the border

7/8/2019 - Western hunting outfitters think China is the future of the market

7/8/2019 - Social workers in Spain are prescribing Pokémon Go to fight loneliness

7/8/2019 - Tip your delivery worker in cash, not via an app

7/8/2019 - Trump the environmentalist, US World Cup victory, “Beijing bikini”

7/8/2019 - This week in membership: Data brokers and the race to find out everything about you

7/8/2019 - Here are the three questions you need to answer to define your company’s mission, according to a founder

7/8/2019 - How big data got so powerful

7/8/2019 - Going by Modi’s track record, the massive $15 billion divestment target is achievable

7/8/2019 - Meet all the Democratic candidates in the crowded 2020 race

7/8/2019 - Are Indian social enterprises ready to benefit from the proposed social stock exchange?

7/8/2019 - Another major scam rocks India’s fourth largest bank

7/8/2019 - “Investment” was mentioned over 30 times in India’s budget speech—but where will it come from?

7/8/2019 - Greek election, Hong Kong protests, Beijing bikini

7/8/2019 - Hong Kong’s protesters put AirDrop to ingenious use to breach China’s Firewall

7/8/2019 - The Modi government wants a $5 trillion economy by 2024, but has done little to back it

7/7/2019 - Bill Gates goes Harry Potter when talking about Steve Jobs

7/7/2019 - Greek election, Iran’s breach, emoji debate

7/7/2019 - Reactions to the US winning the Women’s World Cup for a fourth time

7/7/2019 - Deutsche Bank’s latest restructuring is its most “radical” yet

7/7/2019 - The US team just won the Women’s World Cup—and boosted its case for equal pay

7/7/2019 - Trump campaign and GOP officials love Uber, avoid Lyft

7/7/2019 - Boeing’s 737 Max woes just cost it a $5.9 billion order

7/7/2019 - In an arresting new thriller, no one is innocent, including readers

7/7/2019 - “Inept”: Leaked diplomatic cables reveal what Brits really think of Trump

7/7/2019 - Female soccer players are breaking world records to show they’re just as good as the guys

7/7/2019 - How to talk to small kids about big issues like border walls

7/7/2019 - Turkey’s president is testing his ability to bend the economy to his will

7/7/2019 - The overwhelming burden of to-do lists can destroy all meaningful activity

7/7/2019 - Scientists are mapping out how to restore tropical rainforests around the world

7/7/2019 - Boeing’s lawsuit, Nigeria’s church scandal, top US colleges grow in Africa

7/6/2019 - Soccer is about to have its biggest day ever in the US. Here’s how to watch

7/6/2019 - Weekend edition—Place in history, gold standard, microgravity yoga

7/6/2019 - Weekend edition—Place in history, gold standard, microgravity yoga

7/6/2019 - Southern California’s strongest earthquake in 20 years happened in a desert

7/6/2019 - After the free trade agreement, we need to focus on realizing the African Monetary Fund

7/6/2019 - Jeff Bezos just lost $38 billion. He’s still the richest person in the world

7/6/2019 - Belly-baring Chinese men have been told to cover up in the city of Jinan

7/6/2019 - A French rooster called Maurice is being sued by his neighbors

7/6/2019 - An Austrian Twitter account chronicles the best food on trains

7/6/2019 - Europe is under siege from a plague of incredibly hairy, toxic caterpillars

7/6/2019 - A teenage environmentalist has riled up the OPEC oil cartel

7/6/2019 - Not every star businessman has the temperament to be US president

7/6/2019 - Your guide to becoming a rosé expert

7/6/2019 - Is Rolling Stone’s new music chart worth paying attention to?

7/6/2019 - To get the most out of your next trip, travel like a reporter

7/6/2019 - Is an emoji a word or a gesture? Both.

7/5/2019 - In a quest to remain fiscally prudent, India’s budget stuck to the minimum

7/5/2019 - Weekend edition—Place in history, gold standard, microgravity yoga

7/5/2019 - Chess computers

7/5/2019 - US taxpayers funded this epic Trump 2020 campaign ad

7/5/2019 - NASA won’t launch a mission to hunt deadly asteroids

7/5/2019 - Amazon is so big, even its startup investments are being scrutinized

7/5/2019 - A strong US jobs report puts the markets, the Fed, and the data at odds

7/5/2019 - Apple might finally be releasing a laptop with a not-terrible keyboard

7/5/2019 - Quartzy: the armchair traveler edition

7/5/2019 - Top American universities are doubling down on their presence across Africa

7/5/2019 - Incentives announced in India’s union budget may not do much for electric vehicles

7/5/2019 - India’s union budget brings bad news for some big listed companies

7/5/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: Bitcoin is worth between $20 and $100,000

7/5/2019 - The inclusive language that sets the oil industry’s lone female CEO apart from the rest

7/5/2019 - Four TV shows that both liberals and conservatives love—and one they both hate

7/5/2019 - Good news for young startups as India eases scrutiny on angel investment

7/5/2019 - Women’s World Cup, India’s budget, fantasy 5G

7/5/2019 - Taiwan’s president is tired of getting trolled for being a childless, single woman

7/5/2019 - This week in membership: Zero-emissions oil, Huawei, and Slack

7/5/2019 - “What kind of rubbish are you?”: China’s first serious trash-sorting rule is driving Shanghai crazy

7/5/2019 - India will soon launch a dedicated TV channel for startup entrepreneurs

7/5/2019 - Singapore needs sand, but its neighbors refuse to sell

7/5/2019 - Key takeaways from the first annual budget of Modi 2.0

7/5/2019 - Women’s World Cup, Sudan deal, au revoir Big Bus

7/5/2019 - A southern state has dealt India’s renewable energy industry a fresh blow

7/4/2019 - “Paytm karo” may be a habit for savvy Indians, but PhonePe’s catching up

7/4/2019 - Reviving India’s household savings and investments should be the budget’s top concern

7/4/2019 - More than 1 million Muslims are detained in China—but how did we get that number?

7/4/2019 - Modi 2.0 budget, Iran tanker seized, “Muslim Rosa Parks”

7/4/2019 - The deputy mayor of Paris says tourist buses are “no longer welcome”

7/4/2019 - The Swiss luxury getaway of Cameroon’s president Biya has become a hotbed of conflict

7/4/2019 - The Netherlands’ national airline is encouraging people not to fly

7/4/2019 - In 1855, Walt Whitman published his own declaration of independence

7/4/2019 - The NZ government won’t let Google “off the hook” for breaking the law

7/4/2019 - Africa’s most valuable company has appointed its first black female CEO

7/4/2019 - Christine Lagarde says women should use the “glass cliff” to their advantage

7/4/2019 - Whether the planets be actually inhabited &c.

7/4/2019 - Donald Trump made me want to be American

7/4/2019 - France’s “Muslim Rosa Parks” are reviving the debate over burkinis

7/4/2019 - Russian crypto regulation and Libra

7/4/2019 - Russia is strangely calm about Facebook’s cryptocurrency

7/4/2019 - Global pizza domination makes Italy the world’s leading cuisine “exporter”

7/4/2019 - Square is pulling further ahead of Venmo, boosted by reaching the underbanked

7/4/2019 - Picking a “destination novel” is the secret to great summer reading

7/4/2019 - Trump’s military parade, nuclear submarines, medieval chess

7/4/2019 - Newly named European Central Bank head Christine Lagarde isn’t an economist—and that’s good news

7/4/2019 - After he was doused with water, Baidu’s CEO is the butt of China’s internet jokes

7/4/2019 - An art show in Switzerland became an accidental lens into Hong Kong’s protests

7/4/2019 - Don’t let your IT job ruin your life, an IIT student warns friends in his suicide letter

7/4/2019 - Fake news-wary urban Indians trust their inner circle—and government mouthpieces—the most

7/4/2019 - How to keep cool in summer without air conditioning

7/4/2019 - Boeing is dedicating $100 million to families and communities affected by the 737 Max crashes

7/4/2019 - India’s premium smartphone users hold on to OnePlus handsets the longest, Samsung the least

7/4/2019 - India’s NBFCs, wrongly called shadow banks, need the government’s backing

7/4/2019 - Trump’s military parade, UK summons China envoy, celebrity cutoff

7/3/2019 - After disrupting Indian telecom, Reliance Jio teams up with Facebook for digital literacy

7/3/2019 - China paralyzed its auto market by fast-tracking stricter car pollution rules

7/3/2019 - The top ten countries for expats

7/3/2019 - Diet campaigning, Boeing settlements, celebrity standards

7/3/2019 - A cannabis CEO is fired and blames it on Big Booze

7/3/2019 - The brand that kicked off the portable music revolution is now a walking zombie

7/3/2019 - USBs

7/3/2019 - Ten ways of looking at the American flag, from around the globe

7/3/2019 - Floridians are free to kill all green iguanas

7/3/2019 - White supremacists and anti-fascists head to DC ahead of Trump’s July 4 celebration

7/3/2019 - We charted the ideological lines along which each Supreme Court justice voted

7/3/2019 - How Lee Iacocca, famous for bashing the Japanese, is being remembered in Japan

7/3/2019 - After saving Chrysler, Lee Iacocca became an unlikely champion of electric bikes and scooters

7/3/2019 - If you care about your impact on the planet, you should stop flying

7/3/2019 - There’s still room to innovate in the cutting-edge cow semen business

7/3/2019 - America’s love of Nike transcends all boycotts

7/3/2019 - 25 years of women being underrepresented in medical research, in charts

7/3/2019 - A German tourist faces 10 years in US prison for smuggling endangered cactus seeds

7/3/2019 - Why American children are moving to Mexico in record numbers

7/3/2019 - The best and worst sugar substitutes for your health

7/3/2019 - The quiet campaign to reinstate the gold standard is getting louder

7/3/2019 - Africa’s largest economy is finally backing the continent’s plans for a single free trade market

7/3/2019 - Taylor Swift shared an important lesson about the capitalist mode of production

7/3/2019 - 1 in 4 US teachers under the age of 30 has a second job

7/3/2019 - Where will Facebook’s Libra be in six months?

7/3/2019 - Five reasons English speakers struggle to learn other languages

7/3/2019 - US economy snapshot, census question answered, illegal cosplay

7/3/2019 - West Africa’s “Eco” single currency ambition has a slim chance of success

7/3/2019 - Will Slack change work before work changes Slack?

7/3/2019 - Terrorists are trafficking looted antiquities with impunity on Facebook

7/3/2019 - As Nigeria’s health infrastructure crumbles, doctors have become a key export

7/3/2019 - Paris is pitching itself as the next-best thing for tech startups

7/3/2019 - The fallout from a church rape scandal shows the harsh reality of being a woman in Nigeria

7/3/2019 - Dear finance minister, your budget could seal Indian aviation’s fate

7/3/2019 - Satellite images show how badly India’s reservoirs dried up

7/3/2019 - China’s obsession with looking good is filtering into facial-recognition payments

7/3/2019 - European Parliament president, Tesla delivers, illegal cosplay

7/2/2019 - Amidst its many crises, India’s obsessing over an 18-year-old’s decision to quit Bollywood

7/2/2019 - Softbank is helping Ola’s electric vehicle business lead a revolution in India

7/2/2019 - Tesla delivers a record-breaking number of cars (but probably not profits)

7/2/2019 - XPrize founder on the future of space travel: “An explosion of the human race out into the galaxy”

7/2/2019 - Japan’s deluge, EU breakthroughs, illegal cosplay

7/2/2019 - Expanding your company’s footprint? Here’s how to keep employees connected for maximum productivity

7/2/2019 - Remote work can boost productivity—if you have the right tools

7/2/2019 - Expanding your company’s footprint? Here’s how to keep employees connected for maximum productivity

7/2/2019 - Tape

7/2/2019 - Amazon wants to make Whole Foods a beauty destination

7/2/2019 - Here are the two tanks that will rumble through Trump’s July 4th spectacle

7/2/2019 - StockX ends sales of Nike’s recalled July 4 shoes citing company values

7/2/2019 - Why it’s so dangerous when star employees check out

7/2/2019 - What if you posed your company’s mission statement as a question?

7/2/2019 - The Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max crash could warrant historic punitive damages against Boeing

7/2/2019 - Our conference call on China and Brazil starts in 15 minutes

7/2/2019 - “Bodies and minds are breaking down”: Inside US border agency’s suicide crisis

7/2/2019 - The biggest problem with feminism today—and how to fix it

7/2/2019 - Comedy and depression have more in common than you might think

7/2/2019 - An avatar of toxic masculinity is starting a men’s grooming line

7/2/2019 - China is cracking down on podcasts for this surprising reason

7/2/2019 - EU deadlock, more Trump tariffs, wasp “super nests”

7/2/2019 - How to understand the symbolic occupation—and destruction—of Hong Kong’s legislature

7/2/2019 - Economics explains why there are so many music festivals now

7/2/2019 - What Huawei tells us about Trump, trade, and technology

7/2/2019 - Unlock your creativity by battling your brain’s laziest shortcut

7/2/2019 - Does Café Coffee Day fit into Coca-Cola’s scheme of things?

7/2/2019 - Ten days of utter silence pulled me back from the brink of a mental breakdown

7/2/2019 - In photos: India’s financial capital sinks again at the first sign of rains

7/2/2019 - EU struggles, Antarctic sea ice, unidentified flocking object

7/2/2019 - India ties up with “old friend” Russia to train astronauts for its first manned mission

7/1/2019 - Border Patrol told detained woman to drink from toilets, Congress members say

7/1/2019 - European Parliament struggles, Iran breaks nuclear deal, unidentified flocking object

7/1/2019 - Trust issues deepen as yet another FDA commissioner joins the pharmaceutical industry

7/1/2019 - Armyworms

7/1/2019 - A Mexican city got nearly 60 inches of hail

7/1/2019 - There’s been a run on red neckties at the Trump Store

7/1/2019 - After international backlash, Kim Kardashian West will rename her shapewear brand

7/1/2019 - The 121 imports safe from US tariffs on Chinese goods

7/1/2019 - Photos: Protesters storm the legislature on the anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China

7/1/2019 - Huawei, future of fuel, and Christine Lagarde

7/1/2019 - Google and Facebook are circling Africa with huge undersea cables to get millions online

7/1/2019 - Meet the dogs of the 2020 presidential race

7/1/2019 - The American Bar Association is fighting Washington’s efforts to tackle money laundering

7/1/2019 - The US is in its longest economic expansion in history

7/1/2019 - The surprising benefit of being bored at work

7/1/2019 - In 15 years we’ll be able to upload education to our brains. So can I stop saving for my kids’ college?

7/1/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: no-coal Kenya, nuclear fusion, airplane contrails

7/1/2019 - The chief executive who built up one of the world’s leading mobile money services has died

7/1/2019 - OPEC’s oil squeeze, Trump’s North Korea visit, Flat Earth football

7/1/2019 - Plant-based meats sound healthy, but they’re still processed foods

7/1/2019 - This week in membership: The quest for a carbon-neutral oil company

7/1/2019 - Reddit’s CEO shares his favorite subreddits

7/1/2019 - A tiny tweak in California law is creating a strange thing: carbon-negative oil

7/1/2019 - China’s taste for meat is reshaping Brazil’s economy—and its environment

7/1/2019 - Vicki Hollub is showing Big Oil how to survive climate change

7/1/2019 - An investigation into how India dismantled its main defence against drought

7/1/2019 - This budget, mothers have high hopes from India’s female finance minister

7/1/2019 - A fragile economy leaves Nirmala Sitharaman with little room to dole out goodies

7/1/2019 - EU top jobs, Wimbledon, Hamburglar