5/31/2019 - Weekend edition—Elusive authenticity, cash deserts, teen comedies

5/31/2019 - Shade

5/31/2019 - This emerging NBA star will make Cameroon fall in love with basketball

5/31/2019 - Customs and Border Protection is buying 2.2 million baby diapers for its new migrant tent city

5/31/2019 - Calculate how much Elizabeth Warren ’s policies will save you in childcare costs

5/31/2019 - Why growing companies are looking to the network of the future

5/31/2019 - Is your midsize business ready for growth? The signals to keep an eye on

5/31/2019 - Is your midsize business ready for growth? The signals to keep an eye on

5/31/2019 - Italy is evicting Steve Bannon from the medieval monastery he planned to turn into a far-right training academy

5/31/2019 - Gap is blaming the weather for poor sales of its boring clothes

5/31/2019 - The champions and winning words from 20 years of spelling bees

5/31/2019 - Quartzy: the retreat edition

5/31/2019 - Paulo Coelho wants to give his books free to schools and libraries in Africa

5/31/2019 - Trump’s tariff threat is his latest attempt to get Mexico to build a wall

5/31/2019 - More than 110 people are scheduled to testify at today’s FDA hearing on CBD

5/31/2019 - Scientists are worried about the sugar levels of baby food in South Africa

5/31/2019 - Which country is the world’s economic super power?

5/31/2019 - The African Union is doubling down on deepening its relationship with Huawei

5/31/2019 - Accused US war criminal Edward Gallagher is out on a technicality

5/31/2019 - Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

5/31/2019 - Before We Knew Better: Transphobia was at the very center of Ace Ventura

5/31/2019 - Meet the final candidates running to be the UK’s next prime minister

5/31/2019 - Trump’s trade war is warping global markets

5/31/2019 - SoFi spending $400 million to name an NFL stadium shows everything that’s wrong with student loans

5/31/2019 - Amazon’s most lucrative business is headed to space

5/31/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: Fintechs look to grow in the cash deserts

5/31/2019 - In the Trump era, the lawyer jokes are on us

5/31/2019 - Pompeo meets Merkel, more trade tariffs, donkey rescue

5/31/2019 - The Boeing 737 Max killed over 300 people—yet airline execs still want it in the air

5/31/2019 - Americans feel a burden to future-proof their jobs, while the French are relying on government

5/31/2019 - Today in membership: The influencer economy conference call

5/31/2019 - Authenticity is the biggest challenge of the influencer world

5/31/2019 - Karmadharaya, thymele, and tjaele: Words from the Spelling Bee’s 8-way-tie finish

5/31/2019 - A hate crime against an Indian-American unites Silicon Valley’s Sunnyvale

5/31/2019 - Scotland is on the front line in the fight against “cash deserts”

5/31/2019 - Meet the people trying to show Indians that museums are for more than school trips

5/31/2019 - Bangladesh is handling the Chinese smartphone onslaught way better than India

5/31/2019 - Legalising cannabis could be one solution to India’s agrarian distress

5/31/2019 - Motorcycle-hailing startups are battling each other—and the law—to win in Africa’s largest city

5/31/2019 - What startup mentors can learn from family doctors

5/31/2019 - Veere Di Wedding was an exception. Product placements in Indian films actually fell in 2018

5/31/2019 - Merkel’s visitors, North Korean executions, donkey rescue

5/31/2019 - Indians have found a $4 jugaad to make iPhone lookalikes

5/31/2019 - Modi inherits a troubled economy—all credit goes to him

5/31/2019 - The lives of Tiananmen’s most wanted, 30 years on

5/30/2019 - Uber’s earnings are confusing by design

5/30/2019 - Zuckerberg stays chairman, China snubs soy, LeBron loves candles

5/30/2019 - As the climate crisis heats up, flooded farms in the Midwest can’t plant corn

5/30/2019 - Climate anxiety

5/30/2019 - Tiffany Haddish went to unusual lengths to get honest feedback on her work

5/30/2019 - Photos: Inside Disney’s new Star Wars theme park

5/30/2019 - New Zealand is redesigning the purpose of government spending

5/30/2019 - US consumer spending hasn’t changed much in 30 years, with one exception

5/30/2019 - The surprising salary comparisons for jobs in the for-profit vs nonprofit sectors

5/30/2019 - What to expect from Apple’s 2019 developers conference

5/30/2019 - The Cybathlon pushes the limits of bionic technology

5/30/2019 - These are all the states that have adopted anti-abortion laws so far in 2019

5/30/2019 - Narendra Modi begins his second term as India’s prime minister

5/30/2019 - Hackers target BJP website, embed beef recipes during Modi’s swearing-in

5/30/2019 - These are the organs transplant patients need the most

5/30/2019 - The answer to the unanswered question in the Fox-CCTV trade war debate

5/30/2019 - A whole ecosystem of companies influences the influencers

5/30/2019 - New story from Should This Exist? – Beef producers want lab-grown meat to be called something else entirely

5/30/2019 - Beef producers want lab-grown meat to be called something else entirely

5/30/2019 - Trump (briefly) admits Russia helped him win the 2016 election

5/30/2019 - Our bodies are full of electricity that could help us fight cancer

5/30/2019 - An ICO comes back to haunt Kik

5/30/2019 - Drug traffickers’ favorite way to move fentanyl is FedEx and USPS

5/30/2019 - Reining in Zuckerberg, another “heartbeat” abortion ban, freedom gas

5/30/2019 - On returning to Uganda, Museveni’s staying power and the significance of Bobi Wine

5/30/2019 - For brands of all shapes and sizes, influencer marketing is a serious bet

5/30/2019 - Two female actors have pipped Bollywood’s Khans in endorsements

5/30/2019 - Japan finally passed laws to prevent “pawa hara,” or workplace bullying

5/30/2019 - Kik was the first social media company to offer a cryptocurrency—but now the SEC has questions

5/30/2019 - Pokémon Go got people walking: now Pikachu is settling for getting them out of bed

5/30/2019 - South Asian honour culture hounds India and Pakistan’s LGBTQ community

5/30/2019 - “Race science” is on the rise in academia and being used to justify racism in broader society

5/30/2019 - Facebook removed a page “tied to Iran.” The Indians who ran it are bewildered

5/30/2019 - Most urban Indian professionals say employers don’t bother about sexual preferences

5/30/2019 - Modi’s second term, well-being budget, freedom gas

5/29/2019 - The Fox-CCTV trade war “debate” was polite, dull, and condescending

5/29/2019 - One of the world’s weirdest birds is on the brink of extinction. Can technology save it?

5/29/2019 - Well-being budget, Saudi summit, freedom gas

5/29/2019 - Apple made a guide for all the apps you can get if you don’t want to use its own

5/29/2019 - Webtoons

5/29/2019 - The Trump administration is calling natural gas “molecules of freedom” now

5/29/2019 - NIO, the embattled electric car company, is getting a big bailout from Beijing

5/29/2019 - Dupont and 3M knowingly contaminated drinking water across the US, lawsuits allege

5/29/2019 - Sneakers are great business for high-heel maker Jimmy Choo

5/29/2019 - Robert Mueller appeals to Congress to investigate Trump and act on Russia

5/29/2019 - Photos: 12 days of powerful tornadoes from Texas to Pennsylvania

5/29/2019 - How to watch Fox’s Trish Regan debate the trade war with Liu Xin of China’s CGTN

5/29/2019 - Robert Mueller’s message to America: Read the damn report

5/29/2019 - German unemployment is up for the first time in five years

5/29/2019 - “Booksmart” is Generation Z’s “American Graffiti”

5/29/2019 - Read Robert Mueller’s full statement about Russian interference

5/29/2019 - Gucci puts its abortion stance on the runway

5/29/2019 - Our Tesla conference call starts in 15 minutes

5/29/2019 - African governments should brace themselves for a “prime minister Boris”

5/29/2019 - Can the Indian Air Force solve aviation companies’ pilot crunch?

5/29/2019 - There’s little excitement in Nigeria for Buhari’s presidential inauguration—unlike four years ago

5/29/2019 - A Columbia professor has a simple exercise to help MBA students stay true to their goals

5/29/2019 - Trump’s golf cart rental expenses set to surpass $500,000

5/29/2019 - The best way to fight climate change is to treat it like a business

5/29/2019 - Everyone’s winning the US-China trade war except the US and China

5/29/2019 - I plant trees for a living, but Flat Earthers tell me they don’t exist

5/29/2019 - Members-only conference call today on Tesla

5/29/2019 - Here’s a prediction: In the future, predictions will only get worse

5/29/2019 - Plastic bags are killing the deer in Japan’s ancient capital of Nara

5/29/2019 - Fox and CCTV debate trade, rare earths threat, Finnish small talk

5/29/2019 - Nine bad habits you must break to be more productive

5/29/2019 - It seems like Amazon might still be coming to New York City

5/29/2019 - Being an influencer is much harder than it looks

5/29/2019 - A store in Tamil Nadu is reviving forgotten Indian greens

5/29/2019 - Nearly 30% of teens sleep with their phones, but parents’ device use may be more problematic

5/29/2019 - Rural Indian women with educated friends treat their daughters better

5/29/2019 - The post-digital age is coming: how to prepare your business

5/29/2019 - The national security crisis facing India’s “chowkidar”

5/29/2019 - A Silicon Valley fintech is looking to supercharge access to financial data for UK startups

5/29/2019 - A small Indian town was the world’s hottest place for a day

5/29/2019 - Foodpanda is proof that Ola is good at acquisitions but bad at managing them

5/29/2019 - India is not good to its women. So why are female politicians so powerful?

5/29/2019 - Fox vs. CCTV, rare earths threat, Finnish small talk

5/29/2019 - Will probe against Naresh Goyal hurt Jet Airways’ revival hopes?

5/28/2019 - Mackenzie Bezos pledge, EU leadership, medicated rivers

5/28/2019 - The best ‘Running with Beto’ drinking game

5/28/2019 - A review of Amnesty International’s “toxic” work culture has led to five bosses resigning

5/28/2019 - Cambodia’s garment workers have written a plea to the EU over tariffs

5/28/2019 - Cauliflower

5/28/2019 - A freshly divorced MacKenzie Bezos explains why she’s giving away most of her money

5/28/2019 - HBO’s behind-the-scenes “Game of Thrones” documentary was the finale we needed

5/28/2019 - Three questions to ask yourself when you feel overwhelmed by career choices

5/28/2019 - How betting on waste is boosting this Kenyan company’s kids furniture business

5/28/2019 - Blockchain has the potential to transform all industries

5/28/2019 - AI is reshaping business, here’s what you need to know

5/28/2019 - “I deeply resent how we’ve infantilized the workplace”: A manager’s manifesto goes viral

5/28/2019 - “Aladdin” proves Hollywood still doesn’t understand the Middle East

5/28/2019 - Behind the rise of microinfluencers

5/28/2019 - The rise of the English-speaking, college-educated undocumented immigrant

5/28/2019 - Where are the women in the top IPOs of 2019?

5/28/2019 - Beyond Electability: How to give female presidential candidates the attention they deserve

5/28/2019 - How Huawei became America’s tech enemy No. 1

5/28/2019 - The companies as big as entire countries’ stock markets

5/28/2019 - Bargain hunting for bitcoin and Block.one

5/28/2019 - Investors are betting the Netflix of education can give kids what schools can’t

5/28/2019 - In the UK, getting cash often costs more if you’re poor

5/28/2019 - The 10 traits that make a truly exceptional employee

5/28/2019 - Is it too early to panic about H-4 visa holders’ work permits?

5/28/2019 - EU top jobs, Trump talks US military might, toe-wrestling champs

5/28/2019 - Ghana is getting pulled into the global war on terror as local churches go on alert

5/28/2019 - Mobile internet in India is slower than in most Asian countries, including Pakistan

5/28/2019 - Today in membership: The influencer economy

5/28/2019 - Microinfluencers power the influencer economy

5/28/2019 - Liberians are worried their country is sliding into economic uncertainty under president Weah

5/28/2019 - For bargain hunters, this is the best way to buy bitcoin

5/28/2019 - What does Nigel Farage, the original Brexiteer, want now?

5/28/2019 - I survived the casteism of senior doctors—not everyone can

5/28/2019 - Alibaba is planning a $20 billion homecoming listing

5/28/2019 - IndiGo may have just signalled a revival for India’s aviation industry

5/28/2019 - Here’s one thing Indian families can do to end period poverty

5/28/2019 - Buy Levi’s, Nike, Zara in Mumbai. For iPhones, go to New York

5/28/2019 - We need engineers with the guts to question our relevance, says Infosys

5/28/2019 - EU’s top jobs, mass stabbing in Japan, toe-wrestling champ

5/27/2019 - Trump in Tokyo, Everest death, toe-wrestling champ

5/27/2019 - Silicon Valley educator and mother Esther Wojcicki shares her syllabus for raising successful leaders

5/27/2019 - Focusing on what you’re getting wrong isn’t as effective a way to learn as repetition

5/27/2019 - Success in parenting is when you can discuss anything with your child

5/27/2019 - To empower people, give them a choice

5/27/2019 - Why snowplow parenting shouldn’t replace trusting your kids

5/27/2019 - Australia keeps voting for coal, but investors are quietly abandoning plans for new mines

5/27/2019 - Malawi’s president has been declared winner of the country’s closest ever election

5/27/2019 - African countries should stay loyal to China’s troubled Huawei—regardless of Trump

5/27/2019 - Why a Chinese electric vehicle startup thinks cars should be assembled like iPhones

5/27/2019 - The single cause that won the EU elections: the climate crisis

5/27/2019 - The world’s rivers are flooded with antibiotics

5/27/2019 - Switzerland says giving new dads more than one day off is too expensive

5/27/2019 - An albino giant panda has been caught on camera for the first time

5/27/2019 - The low-key Nigerian executive who just led an NBA franchise to a historic finals appearance

5/27/2019 - Burnout is making us worse at our jobs, according to the WHO

5/27/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: A fresh new start

5/27/2019 - A Fox anchor prepares to “sling facts” in a trade war debate with her Chinese counterpart

5/27/2019 - The extreme choices before Europe drew the biggest voter turnout in 20 years

5/27/2019 - European elections, Trump’s Japan trip, space cremains

5/27/2019 - This Bengaluru techie is helping solve real-world mysteries on Reddit

5/27/2019 - Why SpiceJet could benefit the most from Jet Airways’ troubles

5/27/2019 - Even at a trifling 14%, India’s new parliament will have the most women members ever

5/27/2019 - How Shashi Tharoor beat the Modi wave and Sabarimala anger for a third straight victory

5/27/2019 - After 700 displaced, India’s northeast to see more severe thunderstorms

5/27/2019 - European elections, Everest deaths, space cremains

5/26/2019 - A short and simple way to brighten your Memorial Day weekend

5/26/2019 - Trump in Japan, EU vote, pillow fights

5/26/2019 - Where the candidates to become the UK’s next prime minister stand on a hard or soft Brexit

5/26/2019 - Ireland has voted overwhelmingly in favor of making divorce easier

5/26/2019 - This masculinity retreat will make you rethink your identity—no matter who you are

5/26/2019 - Scientists are closer to pinning down why the world’s best marathon runner is so good

5/26/2019 - Kids’ summer schedules should be about sampling, not specializing

5/26/2019 - Africa leads on plastic bags, Nigerians’ Canadian affair, Rwanda’s rising fashion

5/26/2019 - To accommodate Trump, Japan changed the rules of sumo

5/26/2019 - Yanis Varoufakis’ curious second crusade on Europe

5/25/2019 - Malawi’s election results are being delayed after vote forgery claims

5/25/2019 - Weekend edition—European Parliament elections, military pardons, moon dust

5/25/2019 - Weekend edition—European Parliament elections, military pardons, moon dust

5/25/2019 - US homebuyers submit reams of personal data—but can’t trust it’ll be kept secure

5/25/2019 - A sense of purpose could prolong your life

5/25/2019 - These photos of everyday South Africans show the country’s lived realities long after apartheid

5/25/2019 - Saudi Arabia’s abortion laws are more forgiving than Alabama’s

5/25/2019 - Nigeria’s ongoing middle-class brain drain is costing it two generations in one swoop

5/25/2019 - Theresa May’s resignation tears put her in esteemed company

5/25/2019 - A fight between fighting styles just got settled by a court in China

5/25/2019 - Harvey Weinstein could still go to jail

5/25/2019 - Andrew Yang is winning over the left by stealing Donald Trump’s playbook

5/25/2019 - This Latin phrase will change the way you manage problems

5/25/2019 - Alzheimer’s drugs cost seven times more than cancer drugs to develop

5/25/2019 - The current global measles outbreak, mapped

5/25/2019 - The most important result of the European Parliament elections isn’t necessarily who wins

5/25/2019 - Pl@ntNet is the world’s best social network

5/25/2019 - “Sesame Street” was a radical experiment in challenging institutional racism

5/25/2019 - The forgotten history of Memorial Day

5/25/2019 - How “Made in Rwanda” is breathing life into Kigali’s fashion scene

5/25/2019 - A cultural history of the word bollocks, from punk rock to politics

5/25/2019 - Indian liberals’ meltdown is more dangerous than Modi devotees’ euphoria

5/24/2019 - India’s blowout election is a lesson for US Democrats

5/24/2019 - Weekend edition—European Parliament elections, military pardons, moon dust

5/24/2019 - 7-Eleven

5/24/2019 - SpaceX’s new satellites will dodge collisions autonomously (and they’d better)

5/24/2019 - What is lunch with Warren Buffett worth? $3,300,100

5/24/2019 - Microsoft is designing tools for a world beyond offices

5/24/2019 - Why Boris Johnson is the bookies’ favorite to be Britain’s next prime minister

5/24/2019 - Trump’s Supreme Court appointees so far don’t actually agree on much

5/24/2019 - Quartzy: the get free edition

5/24/2019 - Kenya’s high court has upheld its colonial-era law banning gay sex

5/24/2019 - Our conference call on management starts in 15 minutes

5/24/2019 - Women teaming up as work wives are transforming the nature of work

5/24/2019 - The exec behind *that* Gillette ad says brands have a responsibility to challenge toxic masculinity

5/24/2019 - Theresa May’s resignation ends the British pound’s record losing streak—for now

5/24/2019 - Are fintech valuations getting too frothy?

5/24/2019 - May resigns, Trump meets Naruhito, billion-year-old fungus

5/24/2019 - Host your own $1,000 Goop-style health retreat for almost free

5/24/2019 - Learning Morse code is a valuable skill—even in the 21st century

5/24/2019 - Today in membership: A conference call about succeeding at work

5/24/2019 - Mapped: How India voted in 2014 and 2019

5/24/2019 - Even the Russians don’t seem interested in the European elections

5/24/2019 - In photos: Mount Everest is like a choked city street these days

5/24/2019 - Paytm dispels the notion that payments banks can’t be profitable in India

5/24/2019 - The first same-sex marriages in Asia took place today, in Taiwan

5/24/2019 - Smriti Irani’s journey from condemning Modi to embracing him

5/24/2019 - For Bollywood actors eyeing politics, this Indian constituency is a sure shot winner

5/24/2019 - The disappointment that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was

5/24/2019 - May’s departure date, Taiwan’s gay marriages, billion-year-old fungus

5/24/2019 - A look back at Narendra Modi 1.0 as he readies for a second term

5/23/2019 - Watch: TV after Game of Thrones

5/23/2019 - Modi victory, EU elections, billion-year-old fungus

5/23/2019 - The free press shudders as the US charges Julian Assange

5/23/2019 - China’s space program just suffered its first rocket launch failure since 2017

5/23/2019 - Man camps

5/23/2019 - The Rolling Stones gave the Verve back its most iconic song

5/23/2019 - Watch: What India’s election results mean

5/23/2019 - The programmer who created Python isn’t interested in mentoring white guys

5/23/2019 - How bosses can make it easier for employees to manage up

5/23/2019 - SpaceX caught another alleged space supply chain fraudster

5/23/2019 - Photos: The aftermath of deadly tornadoes in Missouri

5/23/2019 - Astronomy is no longer about what we can see. Here’s how we’re sensing the invisible universe.

5/23/2019 - US veterans are disgusted by Trump’s sympathy for accused war criminals

5/23/2019 - We used radical ideas to beat Ebola in West Africa and need that approach again in DR Congo

5/23/2019 - The US military was allegedly duped into buying $20 million in Chinese counterfeits

5/23/2019 - Keeping immigrants out of the US may be a trillion-dollar mistake

5/23/2019 - Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

5/23/2019 - This election made it clear: Modi is no “divider in chief”

5/23/2019 - Concussions later in life double dementia risks, but statins may help

5/23/2019 - As measles spreads, should African countries issue health travel restrictions for Westerners?

5/23/2019 - What Narendra Modi 2.0 means for India

5/23/2019 - The pound is on a record losing streak against the euro

5/23/2019 - Why Mastercard’s chief inclusion officer hates unconscious-bias training

5/23/2019 - Your weirdest “how I got my job” story was never this weird

5/23/2019 - The two things Airbnb’s co-founder Joe Gebbia always travels with

5/23/2019 - To keep more girls in school, stop focusing on just girls

5/23/2019 - Doing personal tasks at work makes you a better employee

5/23/2019 - India’s richest man endorsed one candidate. He lost.

5/23/2019 - Thinking about a gay destination wedding in Taiwan? Not so fast

5/23/2019 - Binyavanga Wainaina’s biggest legacy was challenging Africans to free their imaginations

5/23/2019 - More trouble for Tether, and guidance from the IRS

5/23/2019 - BJP sweeps the three Hindi heartland states that voted for Congress just five months ago

5/23/2019 - Which are India’s favourite news channels for election coverage?

5/23/2019 - Rahul Gandhi is a real leader—but only of top Congressmen losing this election

5/23/2019 - US troop proposal, Honda recall, fierce ferns

5/23/2019 - India is set to elect a terror accused candidate who’s a fan of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin

5/23/2019 - Is pop music anxious and depressed because we are too?

5/23/2019 - Is Rahul Gandhi even cut out for Indian politics?

5/23/2019 - Three ways modern life is reshaping the arc of our careers

5/23/2019 - These are the UK’s highest paying companies—and what they’ll pay you

5/23/2019 - Tether, a crypto token once valued for its stability, is looking increasingly risky

5/23/2019 - Why Delhi’s seven parliamentary seats always go to one party

5/23/2019 - Indian stocks rise, rupee strengthens on hopes of policy continuity

5/23/2019 - There is no stopping Narendra Modi as he laps up a second term as Indian prime minister

5/23/2019 - History’s largest election wasn’t just about politics—it was also a rap battle

5/23/2019 - India’s lead over China as world’s fastest-growing economy will widen in coming years

5/23/2019 - The country where the malaria parasite was discovered 140 years ago is now free of the disease

5/23/2019 - India’s election, May’s horrible day, fantastic fern

5/22/2019 - Five reasons why the credibility of India’s election commission was questioned this year

5/22/2019 - These Indians battle tigers every day. But it’s politics they fear now

5/22/2019 - India’s election, 737 Max meeting, fantastic fern

5/22/2019 - Don’t hold your breath for the Harriet Tubman $20 bill

5/22/2019 - Track the 2019 Indian election in real time

5/22/2019 - The families of Boeing crash victims could be left with nothing

5/22/2019 - Jumpsuits

5/22/2019 - UN says Britain must give up the Chagos Islands

5/22/2019 - Special members’ videoconference call on India’s elections

5/22/2019 - Donald Trump is not getting his space money

5/22/2019 - Quentin Tarantino’s new film got a 7-minute applause at Cannes. That’s actually not that good

5/22/2019 - Silicon Valley is leasing a record amount of office space in Washington, DC

5/22/2019 - Capitalists are debating capitalism—and socialism—more than they have in years

5/22/2019 - No one is innocent in New York City’s taxi market

5/22/2019 - Congress found something to agree on: facial recognition

5/22/2019 - Washington state lawmakers just approved human corpse composting

5/22/2019 - Does Alphabet’s CEO have the right to be forgotten?

5/22/2019 - Nigeria’s ambitious “economic recovery plan” is not going according to plan

5/22/2019 - Visa and Mastercard are looking to public transit in their quest for world domination

5/22/2019 - Streetwear is what happens to fashion when consumers start dictating the terms

5/22/2019 - Bonobo mothers meddle in their sons’ lives to help them find sex partners

5/22/2019 - Trump Tower condo prices continue to drop

5/22/2019 - Airbnb wants you to travel based on your 23andMe results

5/22/2019 - Teen girls with acne get better grades and earn higher salaries as adults

5/22/2019 - Yoga principles can help us realign the business world

5/22/2019 - A Chinese fern can absorb doses of arsenic that would kill a human

5/22/2019 - The power brokers who could name India’s next prime minister

5/22/2019 - The key players who could challenge Modi’s bid for India’s prime ministership

5/22/2019 - An internet cutoff during Malawi’s vote count affected its electoral commission’s backup network

5/22/2019 - Guarding the bedrock of Indian democracy till vote counting is actually quite boring

5/22/2019 - Dems talk impeachment, Indonesia clashes, medieval beer

5/22/2019 - Why China cares about this week’s EU elections

5/22/2019 - After a Japanese medical school stopped rigging exam scores, women outperformed men

5/22/2019 - The working-parent pressures that benefits haven’t addressed

5/22/2019 - Tiger, pangolin, star tortoise, tokay gecko—the species India must save from smugglers. Now

5/22/2019 - China’s trade-war weapon against the US: ancient proverbs

5/22/2019 - Will India’s “divider in chief” get another five-year term?

5/22/2019 - Why is Muslim political representation declining in India?

5/22/2019 - TikTok hires a senior executive to boost monetisation in India

5/22/2019 - Chagos Island vote, Indonesia violence, medieval beer

5/22/2019 - TransferWise is now one of Europe’s five biggest unicorns

5/21/2019 - India has over 100 million adult smokers, yet it wants a safer alternative banned

5/21/2019 - The way we measured kilograms, meters, and seconds was all wrong—so we fixed it

5/21/2019 - Scenes from the abortion-rights rallies across the US

5/21/2019 - Chagos Island vote, retailer earnings slide, medieval beer

5/21/2019 - Avatars

5/21/2019 - Slack is forgoing the trading symbol SK for something more aspirational

5/21/2019 - Tesla is now worth less than Ford and GM—again

5/21/2019 - The US-China trade war is the biggest threat to the “fragile” global economy, the OECD says

5/21/2019 - Bill Gates wants to disrupt your summer with these books

5/21/2019 - Read the letter 172 footwear companies sent to Donald Trump

5/21/2019 - Elizabeth Gilbert’s simple method for conquering fear

5/21/2019 - Cohen details Trump’s tortured relationship with Don Jr. in new testimony

5/21/2019 - “Avengers: Endgame” is a climate change movie in disguise

5/21/2019 - Facial recognition is making its way to cruise ships

5/21/2019 - “Bollocks to Brexit”: The UK and Trump are the big stars of EU election posters

5/21/2019 - Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

5/21/2019 - New story from Should This Exist? – “Voice skins” will make the internet a freer—but more dangerous—place

5/21/2019 - “Voice skins” will make the internet a freer—but more dangerous—place

5/21/2019 - How to fight the workplace double standards that hold women back

5/21/2019 - Sudan’s uprising protesters have been the victims of tear gas abuse

5/21/2019 - The true cost of Islamic State’s archaeological looting in Syria is becoming clear

5/21/2019 - The case for uniting the East and West to build ethical AI

5/21/2019 - Bill Nye says the planet is on fire—but he’s still optimistic

5/21/2019 - Japan’s prime minister wants you to call him by his name

5/21/2019 - Crypto exchanges are brokering startup fundraising

5/21/2019 - Community banks in the US could get a technology boost from German fintech Raisin

5/21/2019 - Hong Kong, 2022 Gay Games host, banned—then un-banned—an ad showing a gay couple

5/21/2019 - What does Trump’s “merit-based” immigration plan mean for Indians?

5/21/2019 - #StopTheBans protests, Huawei exemptions, bonobo wingwomen

5/21/2019 - Elections results aside, India’s fate is already sealed

5/21/2019 - Five questions everyone should be asking about their company’s hiring process

5/21/2019 - Initial exchange offerings are crypto’s next fundraising fiasco

5/21/2019 - Indian smartphone brands are crumbling under pressure from Chinese players

5/21/2019 - In 10 years, Indians will be more than twice as rich as the British

5/21/2019 - What happens when you ask 100,000 employees to help run a multinational company

5/21/2019 - Investors betting on exit polls will sooner or later face a reality check

5/21/2019 - Kidnapping for ransom has become Nigeria’s latest security problem

5/21/2019 - K-Pop and DJ collabs finally take India’s Gen-Z beyond Bollywood

5/21/2019 - #StopTheBans, euthanasia U-turn, bonobo wingwomen

5/21/2019 - Is Amazon a friend or foe? India’s two largest retailers have divergent views

5/20/2019 - Malawi elections, Instagram breach, Dr. AI

5/20/2019 - Whole Foods is banning plastic straws, but you can still buy plenty on Amazon

5/20/2019 - Member conference call Tuesday: TV after Game of Thrones

5/20/2019 - The very richest Americans have even less to fear from the IRS

5/20/2019 - Relativity

5/20/2019 - The lesson of “Game of Thrones” is that you should trust betting odds

5/20/2019 - Our “Game of Thrones” poll accurately predicted episode 6’s character death

5/20/2019 - Nike will stop penalizing its female athletes for getting pregnant

5/20/2019 - “Game of Thrones” ends as it began, inferior to “The Lord of the Rings”

5/20/2019 - Tiffany Trump’s Cannes film fest vacation cost US taxpayers at least $20,000

5/20/2019 - The perfect advice for a young graduate who aspires to a career in the arts

5/20/2019 - The View is a political powerhouse hiding in plain sight

5/20/2019 - Trump shifted from pro-choice to pro-life only as he planned a presidential run

5/20/2019 - Management secrets for today’s leaders

5/20/2019 - Your internet data is disappearing—but you can still save it

5/20/2019 - Everything you need to know about the European Parliament elections

5/20/2019 - Half of US stock fund assets are now invested in index funds

5/20/2019 - Fraternities’ problem isn’t the partying—it’s the toxic masculinity at their core

5/20/2019 - These are best paying jobs for those concerned about the environment

5/20/2019 - Today in membership: The art and science of management

5/20/2019 - Inequality is a notification we see every time we scroll through our news feed

5/20/2019 - Don’t get mad at vegans—get mad at climate change

5/20/2019 - There’s a new S&P 500 index without all the bad stuff

5/20/2019 - A new kilogram, Google shuts out Huawei, protest milkshakes

5/20/2019 - The devastating psychological impact of the death of a friend

5/20/2019 - What every manager should know about giving feedback

5/20/2019 - A guide to the new rules of management

5/20/2019 - The surprising benefits of singing at work

5/20/2019 - Why has YES Bank’s share price halved in a month?

5/20/2019 - What will happen to the Indian economy if Modi loses?

5/20/2019 - These states had the best and worst voter turnouts this Indian election

5/20/2019 - A new kilogram, Google cuts Huawei, protest milkshakes

5/19/2019 - The poignant dilemmas of Game of Thrones’ fallen heroes—expressed in Urdu poetry

5/19/2019 - Exit polls predict Narendra Modi will cruise back to power in India

5/19/2019 - Australia’s election, Japan’s GDP, dangerous vegans

5/19/2019 - Milkshakes have replaced eggs as the UK’s protest weapon of choice

5/19/2019 - Switzerland just voted overwhelmingly in favor of tighter gun control laws

5/19/2019 - An Icelandic canyon shut down after a Justin Bieber-inspired tourist surge

5/19/2019 - More immigrants became US citizens last year even as immigration policies tightened

5/19/2019 - At Modi’s final campaign rally in Kolkata, supporters weren’t shy about communalism

5/19/2019 - China says it’s created a facial recognition app for pandas

5/19/2019 - British “Game of Thrones” fans will have a rough 24 hours ahead of them

5/19/2019 - Madonna ensured Eurovision was once again very political

5/19/2019 - Nigerians vs Trump’s visa rules, Senegal’s feminist TV show, Africans’ digital rights

5/19/2019 - France is good at launching tech startups, but not at growing them

5/19/2019 - Lessons learned and the way ahead

5/18/2019 - Inside the new Statue of Liberty Museum

5/18/2019 - Weekend edition—India’s election, “Game of Thrones” finale, butt brushes

5/18/2019 - Weekend edition—India’s election, “Game of Thrones” finale, butt brushes

5/18/2019 - Republican congressman Justin Amash called for Trump’s impeachment

5/18/2019 - Things to do after “Game of Thrones” while George R.R. Martin pens the real ending

5/18/2019 - A city doomed by rising seas is preparing parking space for flying cars

5/18/2019 - Tony Robbins, the king of self-help, finds himself in need of assistance

5/18/2019 - Look up! A rare “blue flower moon” blooms tonight in North America

5/18/2019 - Alabama governor Kay Ivey is just the latest white woman to advance American misogyny

5/18/2019 - Charcoal toothpaste is worse for your teeth, not better

5/18/2019 - Making your kids go vegan can mean jail time in Belgium

5/18/2019 - Africa is leading the world in plastic bag bans

5/18/2019 - Researchers have no idea when electric cars are going to take over

5/18/2019 - Do you have what it takes to be a Florida alligator trapper?

5/18/2019 - You deserve work-life balance—even if you don’t have kids

5/18/2019 - What happens when China builds your country’s internet

5/18/2019 - Why Western museums should return African artifacts

5/18/2019 - The world’s biggest election is about to determine the state of Hindu nationalism

5/18/2019 - “Game of Thrones” is over, but your ears don’t ever have to leave Westeros

5/18/2019 - “Game of Thrones” made fantasy cool again

5/18/2019 - Facebook breakup, going home, and weekend reading

5/17/2019 - WhatsApp is driving Indian women to vote like never before

5/17/2019 - Weekend edition—India’s election, “Game of Thrones” finale, butt brushes

5/17/2019 - Watch: How the Boeing 737 Max crashes will impact the future of commercial aviation

5/17/2019 - Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Chris Rock join forces, on horses, proving hip hop can be country

5/17/2019 - 15 shows vying to become the next “Game of Thrones”

5/17/2019 - Laugh tracks

5/17/2019 - Luckin Coffee, China’s unprofitable Starbucks rival, went public today and its shares are soaring

5/17/2019 - The Trump White House takes lessons from fishmongers to boost employee morale

5/17/2019 - Trump once compared realtors to “bloodsuckers.” Now he needs their support

5/17/2019 - Gucci and other fashion powerhouses will stop using models under 18

5/17/2019 - Instead of breaking up Facebook, the EU may force it to share its data

5/17/2019 - Where to find your favorite “Game of Thrones” actors next

5/17/2019 - The world has all the AI computing power it needs—for now

5/17/2019 - Quartzy: the riding a bike edition

5/17/2019 - How a Senegalese soap opera went viral across Africa by giving women an authentic voice

5/17/2019 - The urgency of the shift to electric cars isn’t just about climate change

5/17/2019 - Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

5/17/2019 - Ancient history tells us to embrace the rural-urban divide

5/17/2019 - You have the power to save endangered species

5/17/2019 - Amy Poehler explains why it’s a bad idea to hire a “genius”

5/17/2019 - Why every cyclist needs a pool noodle

5/17/2019 - Africa’s biggest mobile operator is struggling to protect its users’ digital rights

5/17/2019 - The blue light from your LED screen isn’t hurting your eyes

5/17/2019 - There’s a better solution to the $1.5 trillion student loan crisis than debt forgiveness

5/17/2019 - Choose your own “Game of Thrones” finale with this bot

5/17/2019 - India elections wrap up, RIP I.M. Pei, “Game of Thones” do-over

5/17/2019 - In a first for Asia, Taiwan legalized same-sex marriage—with caveats

5/17/2019 - Today in membership—A conference call about Boeing

5/17/2019 - Given the chance to ask anything about sex, Colombian teens had three big questions

5/17/2019 - To solve child malnourishment, India must first target child marriage

5/17/2019 - I.M. Pei was a master in blending cultures who never forgot his Chinese roots

5/17/2019 - A small town in Uttar Pradesh is among the most prone to cyber attacks in India

5/17/2019 - Why big cats are increasingly preying on humans in India

5/17/2019 - Australia and India election, RIP I.M. Pei, McDonald’s embassy

5/17/2019 - Rule makers vs. breakers, unicorn diets, and news from elsewhere

5/17/2019 - What should the new Indian government’s digital policy look like?

5/16/2019 - Financially distressed Indians are buying less detergents and shower gel—but more gold

5/16/2019 - How I.M. Pei—renowned architect who died at 102—reinvented the pyramid

5/16/2019 - Australian and Indian elections, Trump’s immigration plan, cow kissing

5/16/2019 - Trump himself wouldn’t be an American under his new immigration plan

5/16/2019 - Facebook shut down a network of fake accounts that targeted African elections—from Israel

5/16/2019 - The US $100 bill

5/16/2019 - New York rideshare drivers are taking their mental health into their own hands

5/16/2019 - Investigators found Autopilot was engaged in a Tesla crash in Florida

5/16/2019 - A new museum highlights the Statue of Liberty’s link to the Middle East

5/16/2019 - The future for Uber drivers won’t be decided by the US government

5/16/2019 - New York’s JFK Airport opened a hotel dedicated to the days when flying didn’t suck

5/16/2019 - TV shows to watch after “Game of Thrones,” for every type of viewer

5/16/2019 - Who deserves to win the Game of Thrones? A debate

5/16/2019 - Trophy hunting is not the solution to Africa’s wildlife conservation challenges

5/16/2019 - Technology and talent are key to Europe’s economic future

5/16/2019 - George R.R. Martin is not about to let “Game of Thrones” die an unsatisfying death

5/16/2019 - The 25 highest-paying internships in America, according to Glassdoor

5/16/2019 - The questions you should ask before trying to become the next Mark Zuckerberg

5/16/2019 - MTN is finally listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange—but its shares will likely be out of reach

5/16/2019 - Is cell-cultured meat ready for the mainstream?

5/16/2019 - TV history tells us “Game of Thrones” will end in one of six ways

5/16/2019 - Why Facebook shareholders want Mark Zuckerberg out

5/16/2019 - This year, graduating seniors will school America on climate change

5/16/2019 - Here’s what will reduce your risk of dementia, according to new WHO guidelines

5/16/2019 - The little known story of the Polish refugees who fled to East Africa during World War II

5/16/2019 - A new photography platform seeks to bring the female gaze to advertising

5/16/2019 - If our thoughts live forever, do we too?

5/16/2019 - The view from Consensus

5/16/2019 - ICE plans to transport 225,000 immigrant kids to shelters over the next five years

5/16/2019 - Trump’s immigration plan, Huawei’s rebuke, Uber Quiet Mode

5/16/2019 - Data show “Game of Thrones” is taking a historic critical nosedive

5/16/2019 - A new fund will pay investors to buy it. What’s the catch?

5/16/2019 - How the UK is welcoming Indian talent shunned by the US

5/16/2019 - Five lessons to learn from the Boeing crisis

5/16/2019 - At crypto’s biggest gathering, attendance has fallen but irrational optimism remains as high as ever

5/16/2019 - Inside the ticking time bomb called Indian shadow banking

5/16/2019 - The benefits of quality preschool for poor kids may extend to their children

5/16/2019 - Indian election battles are being fought on Wikipedia, too

5/16/2019 - India needs to start talking to its schoolboys about sex

5/16/2019 - Follow Indian politics with Quartz’s Twitter bot

5/16/2019 - There will be hardly any electric vehicles on Indian roads even by 2023

5/16/2019 - Macron walks, Huawei talks, and news from elsewhere

5/16/2019 - Why is one of Bollywood’s biggest stars eyeing a young Indian yoghurt brand?

5/16/2019 - Islamophobia definition, Huawei ban, Uber Quiet Mode

5/15/2019 - Breathing in Mexico City is now like smoking six and a half cigarettes a day

5/15/2019 - Walmart results, SpaceX satellites, Notre Dame swimming pool

5/15/2019 - Helium

5/15/2019 - The electric-vehicle revolution starts with the city bus

5/15/2019 - The US-China trade war might make your bra more expensive

5/15/2019 - How to escalate a trade war, Chinese Communist Party style

5/15/2019 - The OnePlus 7 Pro is proof that fantastic phones don’t have to cost $1,000

5/15/2019 - Photos: Wildfire smoke is blanketing Mexico City

5/15/2019 - How to find the optimal organizational structure for a business

5/15/2019 - Box CEO Aaron Levie on how to start a business with friends and survive disruption

5/15/2019 - Sunscreen doesn’t protect dark-skinned people from developing melanoma

5/15/2019 - Before We Knew Better: Rebel Without A Cause’s retro gender attitude shows how far we’ve come

5/15/2019 - Cars will change more in the next decade than they have in the past century

5/15/2019 - By 2038, the world will buy more passenger electric vehicles than fossil-fuel cars

5/15/2019 - Somalia will turn off social media access to stop high school exam cheating

5/15/2019 - Georgia ‘heartbeat’ bill will force a lot of men to pay, literally

5/15/2019 - Going fishing? Watch out for chemical weapons

5/15/2019 - As bitcoin soars again, has crypto winter turned to spring?

5/15/2019 - Trump vs. Huawei, Alabama abortion ban, dragon bribes

5/15/2019 - How the US-China trade war became a lesson in 5,000 years of Chinese history

5/15/2019 - China has been building its aviation prowess for decades. Could the Max crisis help its ascent?

5/15/2019 - Mughal-era courtesans are the unsung heroes of India’s freedom struggle

5/15/2019 - How BookMyShow prepared for the massive demand for Avengers: Endgame

5/15/2019 - Indians are not flying enough, yet airlines needn’t worry

5/15/2019 - Paytm CEO suddenly has no problem with “the most evil” company’s WhatsApp Pay

5/15/2019 - Christchurch Call, Alabama abortion ban, dragon bribes

5/14/2019 - Timeline: Leadership exodus is the latest piece of bad news at Jet Airways this year

5/14/2019 - The ultimate proof of India’s Hindu-Muslim harmony is locked away in a Jaipur palace

5/14/2019 - Alibaba earnings, Saudi pipeline attack, dragon bribes

5/14/2019 - How to delete your Alexa history—and why you should

5/14/2019 - What you can eat and drink at Starbucks’s China rival

5/14/2019 - Microsoft Teams is quickly gaining ground in its battle with Slack

5/14/2019 - Doorbells

5/14/2019 - The UK’s corned beef comes from a company charged with Amazon deforestation

5/14/2019 - Microsoft is making a $100 million bet on African developers

5/14/2019 - The Trump administration just made its first move in a clampdown on US visas for Nigerians

5/14/2019 - Workers should fear “so-so” innovations the most of all

5/14/2019 - Kylie Jenner’s $30 skincare range could be her savviest business move yet

5/14/2019 - Quiz: Can crisis be helpful? These 9 examples show how crisis can transform your organization

5/14/2019 - Even a fast-growing industry dominated by women pays women less

5/14/2019 - A man’s guide to showing love in a world that teaches him to demonstrate dominance

5/14/2019 - What was it like to be a lesbian in 1834? “Gentleman Jack” tells the extraordinary tale

5/14/2019 - Apple will make a game just for you if you give them $50 billion

5/14/2019 - The designer of the flag that unified post-apartheid South Africa has died

5/14/2019 - Fashion has shockingly few female CEOs

5/14/2019 - Blockchain’s Garrick Hileman and resurgent bitcoin

5/14/2019 - You should update your WhatsApp right now

5/14/2019 - Uber hasn’t been worth this little since July 2015

5/14/2019 - SpaceX is about to take the lead in the satellite internet race

5/14/2019 - Pompeo meets Putin, WhatsApp hack, spider slingshots

5/14/2019 - Why asking Warren Buffett about crypto is like asking for a taxi driver’s view on Uber

5/14/2019 - A charismatic leader won’t get Britain out of its Brexit mess

5/14/2019 - Will passengers ever feel good about the 737 Max again?

5/14/2019 - India’s on-demand beauty services are poised to strike gold

5/14/2019 - The US has a lot to learn from how India handled Cyclone Fani

5/14/2019 - Here are the issues Indian voters actually cared about—until Pulwama happened

5/14/2019 - Why Etihad’s bid won’t be enough to save Jet Airways

5/14/2019 - Educated Indians are both more hopeful and more hopeless about technology

5/14/2019 - Which is the best Indian state to set up a renewable energy business?

5/14/2019 - Sudan talks, WhatsApp hack, spider slingshots

5/13/2019 - Another parked Tesla Model S burst into flames in China

5/13/2019 - Trump wants $1.6 billion for a moon mission and proposes to get it from college aid

5/13/2019 - How I rediscovered a near-extinct plant no one has seen for decades

5/13/2019 - Lenovo is making an all-screen foldable laptop

5/13/2019 - Winning the H-1B visa lottery is no longer enough

5/13/2019 - China retaliates, US stocks tank, coffee placebo effect

5/13/2019 - Staplers

5/13/2019 - Wait, where did those Dothraki come from? (and other questions from the penultimate “Game of Thrones”)

5/13/2019 - All 2,493 US products targeted by China’s new 25% tariffs

5/13/2019 - Guide 1 Knotch Test

5/13/2019 - The most disruptive office distractions, ranked

5/13/2019 - Our “Game of Thrones” poll accurately predicted the characters died at King’s Landing

5/13/2019 - Tesla’s stock has hit its lowest point since 2017

5/13/2019 - How much more a pair of sneakers will cost in the US with Trump’s China tariffs

5/13/2019 - Just thinking about coffee can improve your focus, researchers say

5/13/2019 - Supreme Court throws a wrench into Apple’s plan to combat slowing phone sales

5/13/2019 - Beijing’s tariff retaliation exposes Trump’s weak negotiating position

5/13/2019 - Create your own “Game of Thrones” season 8 death pool for episode 6

5/13/2019 - Does your team need to rebrand?

5/13/2019 - Three African stars have made history in the world’s most watched soccer league

5/13/2019 - Boeing’s crisis and the future of aviation

5/13/2019 - This was probably the last chance for president Ramaphosa to save the party of Mandela

5/13/2019 - Jumia is trying to take the high road on a short seller’s fraud claims

5/13/2019 - Meet the naked academic who is rewriting women—and their bodies—into economic history

5/13/2019 - Jumpsuits have finally conquered the boardroom

5/13/2019 - The story of Oromo slaves bound for Arabia who were taken to South Africa

5/13/2019 - Trump hosts Orbán, Sweden revisits Assange, “Death Highway” business

5/13/2019 - In trying to protect American jobs, Trump is targeting the wrong visa programmes

5/13/2019 - Today in membership: Boeing’s crisis

5/13/2019 - Entrepreneurs are thriving along the West Texas “Death Highway”

5/13/2019 - A complete guide to Boeing’s current crisis

5/13/2019 - Why Indian investors want the elections to get over soon

5/13/2019 - The European Union’s future members are losing patience

5/13/2019 - How Odisha looked before and after Cyclone Fani

5/13/2019 - The entrepreneur who first led McDonald’s in India—then fought it

5/13/2019 - Burnt-out urban millennials are boosting the restaurant business in India

5/13/2019 - Victor Orban, Hong Kong extradition row, roasted crickets

5/13/2019 - Two leading Indian brands are backing the least promising teams in the cricket world cup

5/12/2019 - Philippines election, US tariffs, python hunters

5/12/2019 - A New Zealand man found 12-million-year-old footprints left by an extinct 500-lb bird

5/12/2019 - Twitter, Facebook, and Insta bans send the alt-right to Gab and Telegram

5/12/2019 - The US, not China, pays trade tariffs on Chinese imports

5/12/2019 - I’m not a mom, and it’s complicated

5/12/2019 - Subsistence farmers in India beat PepsiCo’s legal team in a fight over potatoes

5/12/2019 - A Eurovision teaser video gives Israel’s liberals and conservatives something to agree on

5/12/2019 - Tiananmen Square photos China never wanted the world to see, 30 years later

5/12/2019 - Should women go on a sex strike over Republican abortion laws? Feminists are divided

5/12/2019 - The identification of another form of dementia shows just how complicated the condition can be

5/12/2019 - A Mother’s Day gift: Australia sings about postpartum depression at Eurovision

5/12/2019 - “Game of Thrones” is ending. HBO hopes “Watchmen” can replace it

5/12/2019 - Ghana’s Venice Biennale, South Africa’s reluctant young voters, Jumia’s short week

5/12/2019 - Young Hindu female voters say all Indians are equal, but their Muslim male counterparts fear it is not so

5/11/2019 - Weekend edition—AI weapons, mantras for all, checking Zuckerberg’s power

5/11/2019 - Weekend edition—AI weapons, mantras for all, checking Zuckerberg’s power

5/11/2019 - The White House buys foreign flowers as US growers see business wilt

5/11/2019 - The Russian army is getting “silent” mortars

5/11/2019 - Climate change is creating a new job for elephants

5/11/2019 - The political history of Thailand’s internationally beloved noodle dish

5/11/2019 - South Africa is the latest country to see a democratic swing to populism over liberal politics

5/11/2019 - You could be the proud owner of a Florida lighthouse

5/11/2019 - Americans will spend $25 billion on Mother’s Day gifts this year

5/11/2019 - France’s role in saving a US hostage in Africa shows the importance of alliances

5/11/2019 - At age 66, Vladimir Putin is playing the best hockey of his life

5/11/2019 - Donald Tusk says there’s a 20%-30% chance Brexit will be canceled

5/11/2019 - K-pop’s rise in China is fueling fears of a masculinity crisis

5/11/2019 - ISIS claims it has established a new “province” in India

5/11/2019 - The case for GEDs and community colleges—from an astrobiophysicist who did both

5/11/2019 - Danielle Steel’s surprising secret to success

5/11/2019 - Are lattes a waste of money? William Shakespeare dealt with this very question

5/11/2019 - The man behind Taser on police killings, body cams, and US border patrol

5/11/2019 - South Africa’s election result had few surprises, except one rude awakening

5/11/2019 - Meet the Burmese python hunters of the Florida swamps

5/11/2019 - The “third revolution in warfare” is weapons that can decide to kill on their own

5/10/2019 - General Assembly CEO Jake Schwartz on the books behind his approach to moonshots

5/10/2019 - General Assembly’s CEO on what leaders should do when teams miss their goals

5/10/2019 - General Assembly’s CEO on how leaders can tell if they have the right vision

5/10/2019 - General Assembly’s CEO on how to translate moonshots into day-to-day reality

5/10/2019 - How to actually deliver on moonshots, according to one CEO

5/10/2019 - Framing an idea to get your team to think big can really matter

5/10/2019 - Weekend edition—AI weapons, mantras for all, checking Zuckerberg’s power

5/10/2019 - Victoria’s Secret blames “network TV” for its failing fashion show

5/10/2019 - Procrastination

5/10/2019 - The Aperol spritz is just perfect—as a gateway cocktail

5/10/2019 - Silicon Valley will soon get its own stock exchange

5/10/2019 - Microsoft is tripling the size of its team investigating workplace misconduct

5/10/2019 - Why Emma is the baby name that can’t be stopped

5/10/2019 - Washington DC’s weird weed economy means pot is free and stickers cost $80

5/10/2019 - The biggest winners—and losers—from Uber’s lackluster IPO

5/10/2019 - Watch: Why Ant Financial has become too big to ignore

5/10/2019 - The dark reason new mothers share photos of their kids on Facebook

5/10/2019 - Uber picked a bad day to go public

5/10/2019 - Maslow’s Pyramid explains what makes a mother heroic

5/10/2019 - Trump’s plan for US farms echoes Mao Zedong’s Communist China

5/10/2019 - Quartzy: the Mom Mom edition

5/10/2019 - What new parents really need isn’t on a baby shower registry

5/10/2019 - The most popular American baby names of 2018 look very familiar

5/10/2019 - Why are so many baseball players giving up millions by foregoing free agency?

5/10/2019 - Jumia has endured a horror week on the New York Stock Exchange amid fraud claims

5/10/2019 - Mark Zuckerberg has never had a boss—and that’s made Facebook dangerous

5/10/2019 - The EU’s most powerful leaders will change this year

5/10/2019 - Rihanna is launching her own “luxury maison”

5/10/2019 - Saying goodbye to working mom guilt is the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day

5/10/2019 - Despite a low internet penetration, Malawi is worried about fake news in its election run-up

5/10/2019 - Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

5/10/2019 - The cure for Mothers’ Day disappointment shouldn’t be lower expectations

5/10/2019 - The most challenging part of maternity leave is how to come back

5/10/2019 - Brexit has given the UK economy a boost at the start of the year

5/10/2019 - We’ll all be drinking more in the next decade, new study says

5/10/2019 - Can you wake up after decades in a coma? The truth behind the headlines

5/10/2019 - Uber IPO, trade-war escalation, precious penguin poop

5/10/2019 - China is cracking down on child modeling after a video showed a mom kicking her toddler

5/10/2019 - Today in membership—A conference call about Ant Financial

5/10/2019 - How to keep up to date with Ant Financial

5/10/2019 - Trying to load IPL matches faster? Move to Chennai

5/10/2019 - The mother of two Silicon Valley CEOs and a college professor shares her secret to raising successful kids

5/10/2019 - Rahul Gandhi’s Congress spent Rs6.8 lakh on two tweets

5/10/2019 - Yet another cryptocurrency exchange is shutting shop in India

5/10/2019 - Avengers: Endgame is beating even Bollywood blockbusters in India

5/10/2019 - Forget the perfect match, swipe right and find the paw-fect one in India now

5/10/2019 - Ultra right-wing versus ultra spineless—Kunal Kamra sums up Indian politics in 2019

5/10/2019 - Uber IPO, trade-war escalation, toxically masculine makeup

5/9/2019 - Is Jet Airways a lost cause now?

5/9/2019 - US tariff revenues are way up, but China isn’t paying for them

5/9/2019 - US-China tariff hikes, Uber’s IPO, toxically masculine makeup

5/9/2019 - Jeff Bezos says Blue Origin will go to the Moon to save the Earth

5/9/2019 - Fake heiress Anna Delvey’s wardrobe woes have been solved for 4 to 12 years

5/9/2019 - Don’t expect the global Uber strike to change anything for drivers

5/9/2019 - What it costs to hire Kim Kardashian

5/9/2019 - Pizza boxes

5/9/2019 - “Makeup designed by men, for men” claims it’s gender neutral

5/9/2019 - Uber’s $8.1 billion IPO barely makes it into the top 10 US IPOs

5/9/2019 - How Lyft disguises its losses

5/9/2019 - Scientifically, this is the best age for you to lead

5/9/2019 - Microsoft is building a virtual assistant for work. Google is building one for everything else

5/9/2019 - Calvin Klein returns to its roots, with Shawn Mendes in his underwear

5/9/2019 - A sharp jump in mobile internet prices shows the true value of Zimbabwe’s troubled currency

5/9/2019 - “The Drone of Dread”: The sound that makes you nervous whenever it pops up in a movie

5/9/2019 - Five ways the increasingly mobile workforce is transforming office design

5/9/2019 - The Australian $50 bill has a typo

5/9/2019 - Even airline-rewards customers are getting parental leave now

5/9/2019 - The US Confederate flag continues to ignite racial tensions—in Brazil

5/9/2019 - It’s about to become much easier to track box office earnings in Africa

5/9/2019 - Just 16 minutes of sleep loss can hurt your productivity the next day

5/9/2019 - Even Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign is using Slack

5/9/2019 - The definitive 21st-century guide to the fight in Venezuela

5/9/2019 - These joyful exercises will help you regain your attention span

5/9/2019 - What a computer-science concept from 1976 can teach us about diversity

5/9/2019 - Forget diet and exercise—for better health, we need better cities

5/9/2019 - You’re probably wearing the wrong size sneaker, and Nike wants to help

5/9/2019 - Binance’s bitcoin hack and Project Libra

5/9/2019 - More US-China talks, Europe turns down Iran, intelligent wasps

5/9/2019 - China’s fancy fintech firms are still beholden to old-school banks—and the Communist Party

5/9/2019 - Bitcoin can turn back the clock to undo catastrophic hacks—but should it?

5/9/2019 - Apple’s India store is actually really maybe coming soon

5/9/2019 - Right-wing “fake news” circulates on China’s WeChat app as Australia’s election nears

5/9/2019 - After men in Spain got paternity leave, they wanted fewer kids

5/9/2019 - China’s Tinder is quickly and quietly rising in India

5/9/2019 - Why Barbie, Lego, and Hamleys struggle in the Indian toy market

5/9/2019 - Indian students are great at textbook math, but can hardly solve real-world problems

5/9/2019 - EU summit, Trump’s executive privilege, intelligent wasps

5/9/2019 - The Indian Ocean is spawning stronger and deadlier tropical cyclones

5/9/2019 - Indian women on Bumble chat twice as much as those elsewhere

5/8/2019 - Advice for a royal parent of an Archie—from a peasant parent of an Archie

5/8/2019 - US-China trade talks, Uber strike, intelligent wasps

5/8/2019 - Meghan Markle’s progressive influence is seen in the royal baby debut, too

5/8/2019 - Americans failed to check Trump’s worst impulses—now they may not be able to stop him

5/8/2019 - Porta-potties

5/8/2019 - Hiromi Kawakami’s new novel challenges stereotypes about Japanese women

5/8/2019 - Americans like diversity at work—but only in theory

5/8/2019 - Technically, “Avengers: Endgame” still has to beat these 38 movies to be the most successful ever

5/8/2019 - Amazon and Walmart promise meaningful careers in their postings for low-wage jobs

5/8/2019 - Report: Kill the idea of “killer robots” before they kill us

5/8/2019 - Ethiopia’s garment workers make clothes for Guess, H&M, and Levi’s—but are the world’s lowest paid

5/8/2019 - The US war on Mexican tomatoes has begun and consumers will pay

5/8/2019 - South Africans are lining up at the polls, but young voters are staying home

5/8/2019 - Ghana and Madagascar debut at Venice Biennale with themes of modernity and dynamism

5/8/2019 - The danger of working for a progressive boss

5/8/2019 - A brief history of women’s fight to wear pants

5/8/2019 - The US says melting Arctic ice is a wonderful economic opportunity

5/8/2019 - What a 1980 Volvo taught Susan and Anne Wojcicki about trust

5/8/2019 - To get better at life, try this modern mantra

5/8/2019 - Inflation deniers are the anti-vaxxers of the economic world

5/8/2019 - Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos’ bids to build US military rockets could reshape national security

5/8/2019 - Breast ironing is a harmful practice to young girls that isn’t getting sufficient attention

5/8/2019 - The vibrant life of a man with early-stage dementia challenges every common assumption

5/8/2019 - Uber strike, Trump’s losses, canned water

5/8/2019 - Ten Indian artists are reimagining the English alphabet on Instagram

5/8/2019 - The battle between Tencent and Ant Financial over digital wallets may never be won

5/8/2019 - China’s gargantuan money market fund is a sign of strength—and deep imbalances

5/8/2019 - Why India is key to Mastercard’s success across the world

5/8/2019 - Photos: How China erupted into anti-American rage 20 years ago

5/8/2019 - Narendra Modi is the second most followed world politician across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

5/8/2019 - One in three middle-class Indians wants porn banned

5/8/2019 - After TikTok ban, rival apps scramble to get Indians to clean up their act on the internet

5/8/2019 - South African election, Trump’s losses, canned water

5/8/2019 - The secret behind IndiGo’s ability to fly above Indian aviation’s woes

5/7/2019 - South Africa’s election is more about battles within the ANC than between political parties

5/7/2019 - In Gandhi’s birthplace, BJP supporters don’t much care about nonviolence

5/7/2019 - Everything Google announced at its 2019 I/O developers conference

5/7/2019 - South African election, trade war gloom, the spread of butter

5/7/2019 - The Met’s ham-handed ode to camp

5/7/2019 - If you want to register Hispanic voters, go to a quinceañera

5/7/2019 - There is a new canned water on the market, and it’s different because it is punk

5/7/2019 - Butter

5/7/2019 - MTN is trying to fix its history of billion-dollar fines and regulatory tensions in Nigeria

5/7/2019 - Watch: Silicon Valley wants to reshape US policy in its image

5/7/2019 - I fell out of love with Microsoft Excel, because Google Sheets is better

5/7/2019 - There are four things business leaders can do immediately to fight anti-LGBTQ laws

5/7/2019 - The killer, the piglet, and other nicknames Chinese shoppers are giving luxury handbags

5/7/2019 - Women gifted in math are still less likely than men to pursue it

5/7/2019 - Is TikTok a Chinese Cambridge Analytica data bomb waiting to explode?

5/7/2019 - A note to Quartz readers from the publisher

5/7/2019 - Everything we know about work is changing. Here’s how to adapt

5/7/2019 - Grayscale and Bitfinex

5/7/2019 - Google’s I/O developer conference is no longer just about tech

5/7/2019 - Lyft earnings, US-China trade, Westeros Starbucks

5/7/2019 - LinkedIn wants Indians to spend more time on its platform. But how far can colourful emojis go?

5/7/2019 - High gold prices have dulled the excitement around a Hindu festival

5/7/2019 - “I don’t plan to die:” The immortality movement is going mainstream

5/7/2019 - Grayscale’s bitcoin fund is trading for 33% more than it should

5/7/2019 - Alipay is a Chinese mega app with more than 100 services rolled into one. Here’s a tour.

5/7/2019 - A woman known as “Money Mama” could succeed Terry Gou at Foxconn

5/7/2019 - WhatsApp is turning home cooks into entrepreneurs in Bengaluru

5/7/2019 - India has added two new tech unicorns in just the last month

5/7/2019 - Why India’s cabs will likely go electric before its private cars do

5/7/2019 - Iran tensions, Myanmar journalists, Westeros Starbucks

5/7/2019 - This sleepy Indian town is a mecca of gold jewellery—and a smuggling hotspot

5/7/2019 - Meet the new Quartz Pros: Nicole Eagan, Michelle Kennedy, Matthew Lieberman, Polly Rodriguez, Jake Schwartz

5/7/2019 - A Chinese writer in exile chronicles the lives of the “thugs” who survived Tiananmen Square in 1989

5/6/2019 - The Reuters reporters jailed in Myanmar have been freed from prison

5/6/2019 - What is Camp? The camp-themed Met Gala isn’t even sure

5/6/2019 - Trade war flare-up, UK royal baby, Westerosi Starbucks

5/6/2019 - Your online shopping habit is costing you more than your money

5/6/2019 - Microsoft is building Word into a serious Google Docs competitor

5/6/2019 - A million plant and animal species are going extinct—and capitalism is to blame

5/6/2019 - Camp

5/6/2019 - Microsoft finally explained why you should care about its virtual personal assistant

5/6/2019 - Create your own “Game of Thrones” season 8 death pool for episode 5

5/6/2019 - Pools at Trump resorts were shut by Florida health inspectors 10 times in a year

5/6/2019 - Running a Westerosi Starbucks has ruined my life

5/6/2019 - A guide to late-cycle investing

5/6/2019 - Former executives of a French telecom have been brought to trial over employee suicides

5/6/2019 - Campbell’s soup changed tomatoes’ DNA and opened up a can of mystery

5/6/2019 - Markets tumble as Trump threatens to escalate trade war

5/6/2019 - Ant Financial: China’s $150 billion fintech giant

5/6/2019 - Are the UK’s two leading political parties on the edge of collapse?

5/6/2019 - For all the hubbub about the US-China trade war, trade is a fraction of China’s economy

5/6/2019 - Amy Poehler started a tradition on “Parks & Rec” that every workplace should try

5/6/2019 - Slack is slated for success as a public company—but here’s why you should keep asking questions

5/6/2019 - Biodiversity crisis, trade-war escalation, bee bandits

5/6/2019 - More than half of Indians with this medical condition are not even aware of it

5/6/2019 - Today in membership: China’s fintech giant

5/6/2019 - Trump vowed to raise tariffs on Chinese goods—but you won’t read about it in China’s state media

5/6/2019 - All about Ant Financial—Jack Ma’s other $150 billion company

5/6/2019 - Who is Ajit Jain, the possible successor to Warren Buffett?

5/6/2019 - The world won’t take China’s money—and India’s online travel firms are benefiting

5/6/2019 - Frequent flyers and employees who want to buy Jet Airways should first look at America’s United

5/6/2019 - “English and Irish fans drink the most”: Japan is warned of a Rugby World Cup beer shortage

5/6/2019 - Why Boeing didn’t tell airlines that a safety alert on the 737 Max didn’t actually work

5/6/2019 - Biodiversity crisis, trade-war escalation, bee-rustling

5/6/2019 - Watch: An Aeroflot plane burst into flames on an emergency landing in Moscow, killing 41

5/6/2019 - What must an Oxford-bred education crusader do to survive Indian politics? Drop her last name

5/5/2019 - Quora users explain why Game of Thrones is so popular in India

5/5/2019 - Trade-war escalation, biodiversity crisis, laundromat learners

5/5/2019 - Elon Musk’s billionaire moon passenger says he’s broke

5/5/2019 - “Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin helped fund Meow Wolf, an experience-economy darling

5/5/2019 - Trump says he’ll hike tariffs on China as the trade war takes a sudden turn

5/5/2019 - Serial-killer movies are not as popular as they used to be

5/5/2019 - Three “Game of Thrones” spinoffs are in the works at HBO—just don’t call them spinoffs

5/5/2019 - Before Instagram, the best hosts kept dinner party diaries

5/5/2019 - Three easy dinner salads

5/5/2019 - More than a century ago, feminist hero Nellie Bly discovered the key to happiness

5/5/2019 - Africa’s disappearing forests, Caster’s most difficult race, vegans return to roots

5/5/2019 - How exactly Stitch Fix’s “Tinder for clothes” learns your style

5/5/2019 - Laundromats are playing an unlikely role in the effort to shrink America’s literacy gap

5/4/2019 - 523 lions and one voter live in Gir forest. This is how he casts his ballot

5/4/2019 - The demonization of Caster Semenya’s womanhood is part of a dark history in female athletics

5/4/2019 - Werner Herzog has never seen a “Star Wars” movie

5/4/2019 - Weekend edition—Climate emergency, China’s navy, snacks worth spreading

5/4/2019 - Weekend edition—Climate emergency, China’s navy, snacks worth spreading

5/4/2019 - A British lord asked for Warren Buffett’s help on solving Brexit

5/4/2019 - Don’t publicly discuss the latest “Game of Thrones” episode until this day of the week

5/4/2019 - Honeybees are a hot commodity—and thieves are cashing in

5/4/2019 - Warren Buffett says “don’t go overboard” on delayed gratification

5/4/2019 - Veganism isn’t new for Africans—it’s a return to our roots, say these chefs and entrepreneurs

5/4/2019 - The hosts of capitalism’s biggest party endorse the social safety net

5/4/2019 - Warren Buffett just dropped hints on when that big Berkshire Hathaway buyback is coming

5/4/2019 - Tesla says it can’t make affordable autonomous vehicles without China’s help

5/4/2019 - Can microgrids really bring power to the last billion?

5/4/2019 - What a “Queer Eye” star’s Instagram posts taught me about prioritizing personal goals

5/4/2019 - Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting has inspired an underground economy

5/4/2019 - China is changing how we listen to music

5/4/2019 - The country behind the first industrial revolution is reckoning with the problem it created

5/4/2019 - Portion control sounds like common sense, but it’s just more diet culture

5/4/2019 - An Aboriginal approach to mental health is helping farmers deal with drought

5/4/2019 - Floating sea suburbs may solve crowding and sprawl in coastal cities

5/4/2019 - Photos: The Thai king has been officially crowned

5/4/2019 - How to keep new parenthood from destroying your sex life

5/3/2019 - The messy morals of eating Silicon Valley-backed veggie burgers

5/3/2019 - Weekend edition—Climate emergency, China’s navy, snacks worth spreading

5/3/2019 - How the collapse of a football league is tied to crypto’s biggest banking scandal

5/3/2019 - Salvator Mundi

5/3/2019 - Adidas is counting on Beyoncé to close the gap between its sales to women and men

5/3/2019 - Quartzy: the community edition

5/3/2019 - Trump’s canceled trip to Davos still cost US taxpayers $3.2 million

5/3/2019 - US unemployment is at its lowest since 1969, and there’s still room for improvement

5/3/2019 - Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

5/3/2019 - Race still permeates South Africa’s politics 25 years after apartheid’s end

5/3/2019 - A study compared Finnish and American students’ ability to detect fake news

5/3/2019 - Before we knew better: “Bewitched” was a traditional show dressed in feminist clothing

5/3/2019 - Around the world, women are more skeptical of their employers than men are

5/3/2019 - Time goes by faster as you get older—but there’s a way to slow it down

5/3/2019 - US jobs update, RIP Chewbacca, unhappy meals

5/3/2019 - As dissent is silenced, Xi Jinping lauds a massive student rebellion 100 years ago

5/3/2019 - Most American workers would have more money with socialized health care

5/3/2019 - New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, quietly got engaged

5/3/2019 - Women now control the biggest defense budgets in Europe

5/3/2019 - Thanks to women, India is on its way to beat all voting records

5/3/2019 - Today in membership—A conference call on Silicon Valley and Washington, DC

5/3/2019 - What you need to read to understand Silicon Valley’s politics

5/3/2019 - India has been hostile to NGOs for decades. Modi made it worse

5/3/2019 - What salaried employees can do if their companies end up like Jet Airways

5/3/2019 - Why India’s liquor companies may want elections to end soon

5/3/2019 - What India’s Cyclone Fani looks like from space and sounds like on the ground

5/3/2019 - Why my father, a politics enthusiast, voted for the first time ever at age 59

5/3/2019 - Thai king coronation, RIP Chewbacca, unhappy meals

5/3/2019 - India’s fake-news crisis has intensified during the 2019 elections, say fact-checkers

5/2/2019 - A National Day of Prayer guest drove the demons out of the White House

5/2/2019 - Fed pick withdrawal, Cyclone Fani, botanical sexism

5/2/2019 - Under Armour’s Hovr sneakers have its footwear business running again

5/2/2019 - The mysterious origins of the word “snitty”

5/2/2019 - Renewables generated more electricity than coal for the first time in US history

5/2/2019 - Gene drives

5/2/2019 - Behind the vertical design of Canada’s award-winning $10 bill

5/2/2019 - A Scientology cruise ship stricken with measles case is now quarantined off St. Lucia

5/2/2019 - Most teachers, students, and parents think school prepares kids for tests instead of the real world. What gives?

5/2/2019 - The Bauhaus: The design utopia we’re still living in

5/2/2019 - How streaming services are changing the way music is made

5/2/2019 - How knowing your colleague’s salary could hurt you

5/2/2019 - The most underappreciated star of “Game of Thrones” is the piano

5/2/2019 - Is the US electoral college or India’s parliament more biased?

5/2/2019 - The solution to quantum computers cracking cryptography is already here

5/2/2019 - Uber’s success is far from assured—just look at New York City

5/2/2019 - Economists think South Africa’s persistent inequality should be tackled with a wealth tax

5/2/2019 - It’s no longer OK to tell women what they can and can’t wear

5/2/2019 - Caster Semenya sees her latest defeat as a starting gun, not a finish line

5/2/2019 - New story from Should This Exist? – A global debate is raging about the perils and promise of sculpting evolution

5/2/2019 - The perils and promises of redesigning animals to meet our needs

5/2/2019 - Five easy ways men can reduce the burden of emotional labor at work

5/2/2019 - To future-proof your career start by embracing cross-disciplinary thinking

5/2/2019 - Nokia’s five-camera smartphone isn’t just a gimmick

5/2/2019 - What a two-minute exercise in the pool can teach you about resilience, performance, and grit

5/2/2019 - BreakerMag’s breakdown and Tether’s reserves

5/2/2019 - Assange extradition, Barr fight, Scrabble’s “OK”

5/2/2019 - Eight ways learning to make people laugh will make you a better leader

5/2/2019 - How the world of fonts is making room for Indian languages

5/2/2019 - “A bad reputation”: Thailand’s controversial king prepares to formally take the throne

5/2/2019 - How India’s Odisha state is preparing to battle the worst cyclone in two decades

5/2/2019 - Silicon Valley can escape regulation from Washington but not the world

5/2/2019 - We just might be at a tipping point on how seriously the world treats climate change

5/2/2019 - Tiger Global is roaring back to life in India

5/2/2019 - Meet the physicist leading the future of quantum computing

5/2/2019 - T-Series chief says PewDiePie asked for a YouTube fight and got it

5/2/2019 - The life, death, and resurrection of shopping malls

5/2/2019 - TikTok is regaining its position in India by paying Indians to download the app

5/2/2019 - Venezuela strikes, UK’s Huawei leak, Scrabble’s OK

5/2/2019 - How much testosterone is really too much for a female athlete?

5/2/2019 - Photos: A surprise wedding precedes Thai king’s coronation

5/2/2019 - How a French sports gear retailer is making Adidas, Nike, and Puma sweat in India

5/2/2019 - The US has started a “new nuclear arms race” since Trump pulled out of the INF treaty

5/1/2019 - Five reasons AG Barr’s Mueller testimony sparked more calls for his resignation

5/1/2019 - Congress grills Barr, Huawei leak scandal, Victorian spoilers

5/1/2019 - Metal fraud cost NASA two satellites worth $700 million

5/1/2019 - Your phone isn’t really spying on your conversations—the truth might be even creepier

5/1/2019 - The missing apps that turn the iPad Pro into a true laptop replacement

5/1/2019 - What the Vietnamese really believe about rhino horn and what that means for poaching

5/1/2019 - Beige

5/1/2019 - Puma’s push into basketball isn’t really about selling basketball sneakers

5/1/2019 - Mogadishu now has its first motorcycle hailing app

5/1/2019 - Your “biodegradable” plastic bag might not actually biodegrade

5/1/2019 - Photos: Japan welcomes a new emperor and empress

5/1/2019 - This warrant for catching credit card crooks is practically an Oscar-winning screenplay

5/1/2019 - Read: Mueller’s letter to Barr about improperly spinning his report

5/1/2019 - The “silver tsunami” is the workforce the world needs right now

5/1/2019 - Watch live: William Barr testifies about Mueller report

5/1/2019 - Spoilers have been infuriating people since Victorian times

5/1/2019 - The key to the enduring appeal of SpongeBob SquarePants, on his 20th birthday

5/1/2019 - Women need to get over their fear and shame around money, says a financial adviser

5/1/2019 - Read William Barr’s full statement to the Senate on the Mueller report

5/1/2019 - Europe’s top court says that Airbnb is a website, not a property agent

5/1/2019 - Girls beat boys in a major test of tech and engineering skills—and the gap is growing

5/1/2019 - Why are Belgians so much better at voting than everyone else?

5/1/2019 - These are the 46 newest jobs identified by the US government

5/1/2019 - The disturbing history of military marine mammals

5/1/2019 - Offices are collecting loads of data—how will they use it?

5/1/2019 - Fed word watch, Venezuela standoff, yeti discovery

5/1/2019 - Extinction Rebellion succeeded where most climate protests fail

5/1/2019 - TED’s “snacks curator” has some advice for shaking up your office pantry

5/1/2019 - Liu Xia’s unsettling photos of dolls reveal the emotional toll of loving a Chinese dissident

5/1/2019 - Ghana is losing its rainforest faster than any other country in the world

5/1/2019 - The iPad is back

5/1/2019 - In a chaotic world, audiences are turning to “slow cinema”

5/1/2019 - Tony Blair says politicians are hopelessly unprepared for the next Industrial Revolution

5/1/2019 - Booking a truly sustainable hotel is not as easy as it sounds

5/1/2019 - An economist praises Trump’s “brilliant conclusion about life”

5/1/2019 - Des investisseurs providentiels comblent le fossé entre l’Afrique francophone et l’Afrique anglophone

5/1/2019 - Bitcoin’s bear market is bleeding into crypto journalism

5/1/2019 - These scientists are developing immunotherapies relevant to Africa and beating cancer

5/1/2019 - Is this the worst time to be an aviation professional in India?

5/1/2019 - May Day protests, Reiwa era begins, Facebook redesign

5/1/2019 - IPL fans are mostly rooting for just one team this year