3/31/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Japanese whaling, sovereign debt slump, Samsung vs. Apple, the Barbie effect

3/31/2014 - Traditional media is still a great business to be in, if you’re selling video

3/31/2014 - The Japanese will keep hunting whales, even though they’ve lost their appetite for them

3/31/2014 - Scientists have grown fake muscles that could soon replace the real thing

3/31/2014 - The case for fewer—but better—clothes

3/31/2014 - Why Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter, just dropped the first part of its name

3/31/2014 - China just seized $14.5 billion from almost everyone close to its ex-security chief

3/31/2014 - The chip in the iPhone 5s is way more powerful than it needs to be—and that’s bad news for Intel

3/31/2014 - The depressing truth behind Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys: Even the world’s top investors don’t understand today’s markets

3/31/2014 - What we all got wrong about the 1%—it’s actually the 0.01%

3/31/2014 - Why McDonald’s is recruiting grandparents to work alongside their grandchildren in Europe

3/31/2014 - Why Russia’s energy leverage in Europe isn’t likely to last

3/31/2014 - Why women invest less than men, even though they’re better at it

3/31/2014 - Luxury appetites and protectionism bring foie gras production to China

3/31/2014 - There’s one huge difference between Madonna and Beyoncé

3/31/2014 - Amazon is showing the world how to raise prices and get away with it

3/31/2014 - Obamacare is already working, at least on one front

3/31/2014 - China’s homegrown smartphones are finally chic enough for its first lady

3/31/2014 - A billion-dollar default looms for China’s biggest private shipbuilder

3/31/2014 - China’s high-speed rail is so popular, it’s hurting the domestic airline industry

3/31/2014 - Why Alibaba is buying shopping malls while Facebook is buying virtual-reality companies

3/31/2014 - How the “Navy SEALs” of trading are taking on Wall Street’s predatory robots

3/31/2014 - A Detroit company is reinventing the “open office”—by making it actually open to the public

3/31/2014 - Turkey’s online censorship just took a sinister Orwellian turn

3/31/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Eurozone deflation fears, Erdogan’s election win, Alibaba’s mall deal, childlike brain pills

3/31/2014 - Huawei vows its “crawling” tortoise will triumph over the Elon Musks of tech

3/31/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Erdogan’s electoral win, Alibaba’s mall deal, Glencore’s iron dreams, cash-saving fonts

3/30/2014 - A freak storm provides a possible preview of Hong Kong’s extreme weather future

3/30/2014 - US morning talk shows have a new strategy: If you can’t beat them, steal them

3/30/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Glencore’s iron dreams, Slovakia’s new president, Taiwanese protests, cash-saving fonts

3/30/2014 - How to turn a dolphin, sea lion, or whale into a sea-creature commando

3/30/2014 - How to find a calling instead of a career

3/30/2014 - There’s a pill to bring your brain back to its childhood

3/30/2014 - The world’s growing love affair with the most wasteful form of coffee there is

3/30/2014 - Investment bankers can learn a thing or two from athletes on a “hot streak”

3/30/2014 - Everything wrong with capitalism, as explained by Balzac, “House” and “The Aristocats”

3/30/2014 - The biggest tsunami recorded was 1,720 feet tall and chances are good it will happen again

3/30/2014 - Here are the American colleges—and majors—with the highest ROI

3/29/2014 - The Russians are voting with their feet

3/29/2014 - The biggest productivity killer is that there’s an app for that … and that … and that, too

3/29/2014 - We may already know how we will cure death—but should we?

3/29/2014 - The £5 billion question on Scottish independence

3/28/2014 - What India needs to do to truly keep polio from coming back

3/28/2014 - How the NSA can use metadata to predict your personality

3/28/2014 - If Putin invades Ukraine again, it will be to stop the presidential election

3/28/2014 - Why it’s OK that startups prefer to hire younger workers

3/28/2014 - Fear of the waffle taco has driven McDonald’s to offer free coffee

3/28/2014 - Wu-Tang Clan is wrong: Music as an object is dead

3/28/2014 - Even the innocent should worry about sex offender apps

3/28/2014 - It turns out Cuba actually needs the rest of the world

3/28/2014 - People are watching more internet TV, just not on their TVs

3/28/2014 - The relentless decline of BlackBerry, visualized

3/28/2014 - These are the people who will build Facebook’s drones

3/28/2014 - The guy from “Office Space” has lost his lawsuit against “illegal flair”

3/28/2014 - Censorship is free speech when search engines do it, a US court just ruled

3/28/2014 - The great 1960s bowling bubble was so awesome

3/28/2014 - Inside Twitter’s plan to fix itself

3/28/2014 - Northwestern football’s threats to unionize mean more than actually doing it

3/28/2014 - 60% of compliance officers are women—and that may be a bad thing

3/28/2014 - Is the Oculus Rift sexist?

3/28/2014 - Mexico’s state oil company is calling dibs on the best fields before the foreigners arrive

3/28/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US auto manufacturing, UK confidence, Afghan telcos, dirty T-shirt dating

3/28/2014 - This London startup is bringing anonymity to online job hunting

3/28/2014 - How “no worries” infected American English

3/28/2014 - How China buyers will help Australians who are priced out of the housing market

3/28/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—MH370 search shifts, Japan’s inflation, Afghan telecoms, dirty t-shirt dating

3/28/2014 - Hong Kong’s bankers are about to party like they’ve never heard of a China slowdown

3/27/2014 - Japan is doomed unless it learns to love inflation

3/27/2014 - Microsoft’s plan to never again get left behind by the changing device landscape

3/27/2014 - Where everyone in the world is migrating—in one gorgeous chart

3/27/2014 - Google is running a century-long study to figure out how people work

3/27/2014 - Argentina doesn’t have enough cash to continue paying for its people’s water and gas

3/27/2014 - How Mark Zuckerberg’s control of Facebook lets him print money

3/27/2014 - How racing cyborgs will push prosthetics into the future

3/27/2014 - Want to get ahead? Be more humble

3/27/2014 - What another record year of corporate profits means for the US economy

3/27/2014 - The guy who created the iPhone’s Earth image explains why he needed to fake it

3/27/2014 - China needs Bloomberg way more than Bloomberg needs China

3/27/2014 - Yale’s ex-president isn’t worried that most of the people who take online courses drop out

3/27/2014 - Spotify is planning an IPO for this fall

3/27/2014 - The missing Malaysia Airlines flight threatens a crucial engine of the country’s economy

3/27/2014 - The five rules to help your parents die a peaceful death

3/27/2014 - Google’s brilliant plan to get millions to adopt its e-money system: Gmail

3/27/2014 - Vietnam’s bridges are so bad, kids have to float in plastic bags to get to school

3/27/2014 - Why an Occupy activist turned Googler thinks Eric Schmidt should run the US

3/27/2014 - Afghanistan just spawned a multinational that’s taking on global giants in Africa

3/27/2014 - Four questions to answer before you put a computer on your face

3/27/2014 - The $13 billion Coca-Cola compensation plan that isn’t

3/27/2014 - Russia’s economy is not in great shape—but it’s nowhere near as bad as in 1998

3/27/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US GDP, Ukraine’s IMF deal, Brookstone bankruptcy, post-crisis Monopoly

3/27/2014 - To get a job, write your story instead of a resume

3/27/2014 - China’s film market is going gangbusters, but it may not help Hollywood much

3/27/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—The Fed flags banks, King’s IPO crush, Office meets iPad, suspended animation

3/26/2014 - India’s next government rests on very delicate, dubious alliances

3/26/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—King’s IPO crush, Airbus’s China deal, Murdoch’s new heir, Monopoly’s new rules

3/26/2014 - Venezuela’s black market rate for US dollars just jumped by almost 40%

3/26/2014 - Cooking kills four million people a year

3/26/2014 - How the US might persuade the Saudis to co-conspire in unleashing an oil weapon against Putin

3/26/2014 - More female directors are advising companies, but few female executives are running them

3/26/2014 - The American energy drink craze in two highly caffeinated charts

3/26/2014 - If the BRICs are crumbling, nobody told their stock markets

3/26/2014 - Three charts that show we’re not in a tech bubble (yet)

3/26/2014 - The Murdoch media dynasty has a new line of succession

3/26/2014 - That hotly awaited rebound in US business spending is still awaited

3/26/2014 - The language your company speaks might influence how it behaves

3/26/2014 - Why it’s worth spending a billion dollars a year to eradicate polio

3/26/2014 - Australia’s plan to poison killer dingoes is backfiring, of course

3/26/2014 - The two words you shouldn’t say when someone dies

3/26/2014 - If China’s economy craters, the UK’s banks are on the hook

3/26/2014 - The scant science behind anything that claims to boost your brainpower

3/26/2014 - Quartz daily brief—Europe edition—Bitcoin is property, e-book refunds, JP Morgan’s defector, Depardieu’s Russian pride

3/26/2014 - How one college went from 10% female computer-science majors to 40%

3/26/2014 - No wonder these Chinese citizens just started a bank run

3/26/2014 - An ex-Bloomberg editor explains why he quit over censored China coverage

3/25/2014 - Oculus is the first billion-dollar company to emerge from Kickstarter

3/25/2014 - In buying Oculus, Facebook has become Andreessen Horowitz’s billion-dollar candy machine

3/25/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Bitcoin is property, e-book refunds, JP Morgan’s defector, Ukraine’s sex strike

3/25/2014 - Walgreens wants to help you quit smoking—just not enough to stop selling you cigarettes

3/25/2014 - The case for workplace hierarchy

3/25/2014 - Looking for signs of life in Ukraine’s shell-shocked financial markets

3/25/2014 - Why Apple’s dream for television keeps falling apart

3/25/2014 - This simple pricing strategy has driven the phenomenal growth of mobile gaming

3/25/2014 - ESPN is—and will remain—the most valuable network in the US

3/25/2014 - Swedes are the sportiest in Europe, while Bulgarians can’t seem to get off the couch

3/25/2014 - IUDs are amazingly effective birth control. Why are they shunned in the US?

3/25/2014 - Superstition about travel may be gone—but our respect of it shouldn’t

3/25/2014 - China’s Xiaomi is taking on India’s Micromax on its home turf

3/25/2014 - The Million Dollar Homepage still exists, but 22% of it has rotted away

3/25/2014 - Hong Kong banks have loaned 165% of the territory’s GDP to China

3/25/2014 - JPMorgan just lost one of the few people who could take over for Jamie Dimon

3/25/2014 - Why China’s cities need to get denser, not bigger

3/25/2014 - These companies are mining the world’s data by selling street lights and farm drones

3/25/2014 - All the world’s territorial disputes, graded by intensity

3/25/2014 - Russia’s invasion of Crimea has caused it to lose the latest battle in the pipeline wars

3/25/2014 - Cambodia’s corruption is so pervasive, even slam-dunk cases get buried

3/25/2014 - Sprint’s wireless broadband dream could smooth the way for the Time Warner-Comcast merger

3/25/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—EasyJet soars, MH370 families protest, Google Glass Ray-Bans, successful dance moves

3/25/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—China stimulus odds, MH370 families protest, NSA data revamp, successful dance moves

3/25/2014 - China’s trillion dollar mobile payments industry is under attack

3/25/2014 - China is furious with Malaysia over its bungled search for the missing plane

3/24/2014 - One way to improve women’s safety in India: Plot each reported rape on a map

3/24/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Box’s IPO, Madoff’s staff convicted, Russia booted, Twitter quitters

3/24/2014 - A dozen things you need to know about Box’s IPO

3/24/2014 - Your phone will read people’s emotions better than you ever could

3/24/2014 - Why people quit Twitter

3/24/2014 - Record numbers are watching March Madness online, but only the good parts

3/24/2014 - The fatter a company’s annual report, the shakier its stock price

3/24/2014 - Why locating MH370 in the Southern Ocean is so difficult

3/24/2014 - Quora is adding verification checkmarks and Barack Obama gets the first one

3/24/2014 - Netflix shares are tumbling on fears that Apple is serious about TV

3/24/2014 - Argentina’s debt saga shows why we need a better way to deal with bankrupt countries

3/24/2014 - Critics and investors seem to agree: “Divergent” is no “Hunger Games”

3/24/2014 - This WWII intelligence strategy may have hindered the search for MH370

3/24/2014 - Meet the Fed’s new intellectual powerhouse

3/24/2014 - One in five Irish mortgages is behind on payments

3/24/2014 - Is this man spilling the beans on his fellow oil oligarchs?

3/24/2014 - The next place Russia annexes may be a smuggler’s paradise

3/24/2014 - China’s love of pig trotters is saving Britain’s pork industry

3/24/2014 - To mainland China, Taiwan’s student protests prove that democracy doesn’t work

3/24/2014 - How Apple can make its streaming service better than Netflix

3/24/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Obama’s Eurotrip, Apple-Comcast talks, Russia eyes Moldova, bubble gum bust

3/23/2014 - JP Morgan’s departing China banker epitomized its strange dance with the Communist Party

3/23/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Spaniards protest, Brazil’s oil mess, tech bubbles, peak punctuation

3/23/2014 - America’s industrial revolution is not over

3/23/2014 - Another chapter in the long, slow decline of the chief operating officer

3/23/2014 - The solar panels of the future could be grown from bacteria

3/23/2014 - Twitter just turned 8. It’s time for it to grow up—or be disrupted

3/23/2014 - A ban on Twitter hardly helps Turkey’s progressive reputation

3/22/2014 - Which gum Americans are chewing on these days

3/22/2014 - The US government doesn’t want online courses to be open to Iran, Sudan, and Cuba

3/22/2014 - Here’s how you can (still) game the new SAT

3/22/2014 - Why Apple should make its own TV shows, just like Netflix

3/21/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—The birth of the universe, Greek pharmacists, weird creatures, fast fashion

3/21/2014 - Harvard’s new online offering could be the future of business school

3/21/2014 - Drone warfare is why we can’t find Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

3/21/2014 - As the US targets influential Russian oligarchs and banks, the EU takes on a TV talking head

3/21/2014 - Shrimp-flation is still killing Red Lobster

3/21/2014 - The slow death of the iPod

3/21/2014 - Violent video games might make white people more racist

3/21/2014 - Four types of people you’ll meet at the bitcoin market

3/21/2014 - Why Apple can’t match Google’s all-seeing new smartwatches

3/21/2014 - US fishermen throw back 20% of their catch—often after the fish are already injured or dead

3/21/2014 - How children’s books can save lives

3/21/2014 - The Crimea crisis should mark the beginning of a federal state for Ukraine

3/21/2014 - How the internet works, and why it’s impossible to know what makes your Netflix slow

3/21/2014 - Which US states tip the most (and least), as shown by millions of Square transactions

3/21/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Russia sanctions escalate, Thai election voided, lost bitcoins found, Crimea’s manga superstar

3/21/2014 - China’s poor retail sales are bad for rebalancing but could be good for a stimulus

3/21/2014 - Turkey’s prime minister is finding it hard to put Twitter back in the bottle

3/21/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Chinese retail doldrums, Rinehart’s big win, Mt. Gox finds bitcoins, Starbucks does booze

3/20/2014 - Here are the best and worst performers in the Fed’s latest stress test

3/20/2014 - At least one Russian oligarch thinks US sanctions have teeth

3/20/2014 - Nike beat earnings expectations for a seventh quarter in a row

3/20/2014 - Happy people are more productive—especially if you give them chocolate

3/20/2014 - Musicians might have figured out an ingeniously simple way to game Spotify

3/20/2014 - Ryanair’s credit rating comes with a rudeness discount

3/20/2014 - Even Barack Obama may get rid of his BlackBerry

3/20/2014 - Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s hedge fund is far from the first brash comeback in finance

3/20/2014 - The world’s youngest billionaire appears to be a human tax dodge

3/20/2014 - Success can build a culture of arrogance that will destroy a company

3/20/2014 - Without mountains, Earth could be as cold and lifeless as Mars

3/20/2014 - S&P says Russia’s Crimea caper has already hurt the economy

3/20/2014 - Starbucks will now service all your need states from morning to night

3/20/2014 - The US crackdown on Russia’s oligarchs begins in earnest

3/20/2014 - Putin is violating a rule that was designed to prevent World War Three

3/20/2014 - Airbnb doesn’t even own a bed, but its backers think it’s more valuable than Hyatt

3/20/2014 - Here’s a very, very good indication the US job market is heating up

3/20/2014 - Three charts that show British politicians are taxing booze all wrong

3/20/2014 - Alibaba’s $215 million purchase in Tango is about copying, not competing with, WeChat

3/20/2014 - LEGO turned itself around by analyzing overbearing parents

3/20/2014 - Please take this pledge: I will not hire the unqualified children of my friends as summer interns

3/20/2014 - 12 reasons robots could be the next trillion-dollar business opportunity

3/20/2014 - How Chipotle transformed itself by upending its approach to management

3/20/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Possible MH370 debris, Ukraine concedes Crimea, Alibaba’s US investment, stress-induced empathy

3/20/2014 - Here is a map of all the countries with territorial disputes

3/20/2014 - China Mobile’s annual profits just fell for the first time in 14 years

3/20/2014 - The world’s most valuable cannabis business is growing in a sleepy corner of England

3/20/2014 - The Australians may have found MH370 debris in a desolate patch of the south Indian Ocean

3/19/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Brazil’s drought, Britain’s budget, Beijing-Baoding, Bruce studies

3/19/2014 - The first—and last—word in kissing videos took place in a corporate boardroom

3/19/2014 - Here’s why Bing China censors this cute tank-dog

3/19/2014 - How Quirky’s Ben Kaufman knew you’d want to connect your air conditioner to the internet

3/19/2014 - Investors think the Fed is flirting with raising interest rates

3/19/2014 - Meet the Swiss traders who just bought JP Morgan’s commodities business for $3.5 billion

3/19/2014 - Why there are so few 20th century ebooks available

3/19/2014 - Hedge funds bet big on GM and now the stock is getting creamed

3/19/2014 - Numismatists rejoice as exchequer unveils dodecagonal specie

3/19/2014 - LinkedIn wants to help companies start hiring internally again

3/19/2014 - A Chinese housing market crash could be even more disastrous than America’s

3/19/2014 - This summer’s most coveted new gadget may be an air conditioner

3/19/2014 - The maker of Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch didn’t enjoy this winter either

3/19/2014 - The slow death of the microwave

3/19/2014 - The problem with data journalism

3/19/2014 - Markets give Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella an early vote of confidence

3/19/2014 - Eric Schneiderman is probing high-frequency traders but he shouldn’t stop there

3/19/2014 - Take it from the pros: investment advice for all markets

3/19/2014 - China’s secret anti-satellite weapons should be on everyone’s radar

3/19/2014 - Some of the most beautiful photos of London come from flying policemen

3/19/2014 - And now, the Fed will find another exciting way to say interest rates will stay low for a long, long time

3/19/2014 - The world’s largest clothing retailer is now selling leftover Zara clothes to compete with fast fashion

3/19/2014 - Here’s an amazing app for learning music

3/19/2014 - Tencent looks elsewhere for growth as WeChat slows

3/19/2014 - An obscure derivative is costing investors billions as China’s currency falls

3/19/2014 - Forget brain workouts—chanting mantras takes half the time and is more effective

3/19/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Tencent earnings, Russia’s sanctions payback, JP Morgan’s commodities sale, military “combat gum”

3/19/2014 - Why China’s nuclear energy ambitions are falling flat

3/19/2014 - Michelle Obama’s secret weapon for this week’s China trip is her own mother

3/19/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Tencent earnings, UK budget, Russia sanction payback, military “combat gum”

3/18/2014 - Twitter’s dream for TV: You will never watch alone

3/18/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Russian Crimea, Greece’s payout, Japanese music habits, dogged job rejections

3/18/2014 - What the world will look like if Elon Musk becomes the next Henry Ford

3/18/2014 - The Amazon.com of Japan is the world’s biggest online retailer of elephant ivory and whale meat

3/18/2014 - Russia is raiding its reserves to goose the ruble’s rally

3/18/2014 - This may be the worst time to launch a new hedge fund

3/18/2014 - The Google watches are here, and their real interface is Google Now

3/18/2014 - The pending failure of a major Chinese property developer looks a lot like Pets.com

3/18/2014 - We already live in the age of robots—we just don’t call them that

3/18/2014 - Dressing like a slob can make you seem wealthier and more authoritative

3/18/2014 - I took an online class—and actually liked it

3/18/2014 - US food prices are rising: Blame God, not the Fed

3/18/2014 - When it comes to secrets, Wall Street titans and Silicon Valley VCs see eye-to-eye

3/18/2014 - The latest casualty of Italy’s economic slump is the restaurant that invented tiramisu

3/18/2014 - Why corporate America has never had it this good in the modern era of taxes

3/18/2014 - European car sales are climbing, but there is still a lot of lost ground left to cover

3/18/2014 - South Korea is building casinos for Chinese tourists who can’t afford gambling in Macau anymore

3/18/2014 - Would the US even know if Vladimir Putin was keeping cash in the country?

3/18/2014 - Samsung’s entire leadership team is paid less than individual executives at Google, Apple

3/18/2014 - If Microsoft doesn’t loosen up, Firefox won’t be the last to abandon it

3/18/2014 - Pilots complain that glare from the world’s biggest solar power plant is blinding them

3/18/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Fed guidance, China’s currency woes, MH370 scenarios, Tennessee whiskey feud

3/18/2014 - Nine charts that tell you where life is pretty terrific and where people are miserable

3/18/2014 - China is the world’s fourth-largest arms dealer, and climbing fast

3/18/2014 - Asia’s richest man’s latest vote of confidence in Europe is a dual-listed Watsons IPO

3/18/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Fed guidance, Putin on Crimea, MH370 scenarios, Tennessee whiskey war

3/17/2014 - Who will succeed Terry Gou? Foxconn set up a think tank to mull it over

3/17/2014 - If you’re trying to buy stolen Libyan oil, make sure you do it in international waters

3/17/2014 - Flexibility is always in style, and 5 more timeless investment tips

3/17/2014 - Despite China’s exchange-rate reform, its hot money woes are still scary

3/17/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Russia sanctions, Vodafone’s expansion, GM’s recall, Big Bang proof

3/17/2014 - Alibaba’s blockbuster offering could put Credit Suisse back in the tech IPO game

3/17/2014 - Annexing Crimea is a roundabout way for Russia to introduce visa-free tourism

3/17/2014 - The film Gravity’s 3D sound is coming to your conference room

3/17/2014 - Monsanto’s oddly prescient vision for a plastic future, as expressed in 1957

3/17/2014 - Even as babysitters, American men make more than women

3/17/2014 - Venezuela just invented the world’s creepiest supermarket loyalty card

3/17/2014 - Holi is India’s celebration of color—and cannabis

3/17/2014 - China’s $1.5-trillion in corporate debt is yet another shadow-banking time bomb

3/17/2014 - Obama administration sanctions against Russia scare absolutely no one

3/17/2014 - The complete guide to attending a conference without paying

3/17/2014 - How the web’s new landlords are making it easier than ever for anybody to build a website

3/17/2014 - New US sanctions go after Russian officials—will a crony crack-down be far behind?

3/17/2014 - Sina Weibo’s IPO will have a government censorship discount

3/17/2014 - What a bunch of screenshots tell us about the iWatch

3/17/2014 - I spent a week using only mobile internet, and so should you

3/17/2014 - What Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s visit to China is really about

3/17/2014 - China’s “people-centered” urbanization drive will leave over 200 million Chinese without benefits

3/17/2014 - Just one month in, Jimmy Fallon is already king of late night—and YouTube

3/17/2014 - One way to ease the overfishing crisis is to learn to eat small, bony fish

3/17/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Russia sanctions, Vodafone-Ono deal, Chinese IPOs, Steve Jobs: The Opera

3/17/2014 - Seven things we know about Malaysian pilot Zaharie Shah from his internet footprint

3/17/2014 - New York can thank this Hong Kong regulator for the Alibaba IPO

3/17/2014 - China’s latest food outrage—foreign-born, this time—is gelatin made from cast-off leather scraps

3/17/2014 - Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto says he couldn’t have invented bitcoin—he’s too broke for internet access

3/17/2014 - Greece has an absolutely absurd number of pharmacists

3/17/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Vodafone-Ono deal, Crimea’s referendum, Chinese IPOs, Steve Jobs: The Opera

3/16/2014 - For the best way to punish Putin, listen to the guy who devised the sanctions on Iran

3/16/2014 - Everybody says Europe is too soft on Russia, which is why it might be about to get tough

3/16/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Crimea’s referendum, Chinese IPOs, Dubai’s refinancing, Steve Jobs the opera

3/16/2014 - It should be criminal to fund climate change denial

3/16/2014 - Here comes the first “app store” for hardware

3/16/2014 - How the Weather Channel plans to keep you tuned in for more than 15 minutes

3/16/2014 - This startup thinks it knows what makes a perfect paper notebook

3/16/2014 - Making the case that Africa needs drones more than roads

3/16/2014 - These submarine drones will predict the weather months in advance

3/15/2014 - How Ukraine’s athletes in Sochi are protesting against Russia’s actions

3/15/2014 - The map showing the last known location of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight

3/15/2014 - Ask yourself if your office needs more MBAs—or grownups

3/15/2014 - Why the imminent retirement of Ireland’s greatest rugby star matters

3/15/2014 - Using crowdsourcing to search for flight MH 370 has both pluses and minuses

3/14/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—The new cold war, hydrogen-powered cars, the drone upheaval, blood taboos

3/14/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—The new cold war, hydrogen-powered cars, the drone upheaval, blood taboos

3/14/2014 - Bill Gates says the success rate on venture capital is “pathetic” compared to development

3/14/2014 - Sina Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter, just filed for an IPO

3/14/2014 - And now, it looks like Russia may be messing with the Fed

3/14/2014 - The other mysteriously missing vessel this week: a North Korean-flagged oil tanker

3/14/2014 - Nokia just hit a $571-million obstacle to completing its deal with Microsoft

3/14/2014 - Hot-shot trading units have turned into an albatross for banks

3/14/2014 - Aéropostale’s survival strategy is built on a teen YouTube sensation

3/14/2014 - Google Glass’s battery is lousy on purpose, says Google man

3/14/2014 - Meet Obamacare’s first multi-billion dollar IPO

3/14/2014 - Career Barbie doesn’t help girls’ career ambitions

3/14/2014 - Ahead of Crimea’s referendum, markets move to a war footing

3/14/2014 - Don’t worry about skyrocketing Canadian household debt because Canadians pay their mortgages

3/14/2014 - Why hydrogen-powered cars will drive Elon Musk crazy

3/14/2014 - 20 million reasons the Kremlin just blocked a bunch of opposition websites

3/14/2014 - The future of robotics is soft and squishy

3/14/2014 - Barclays may finally be ready to admit that its plan for investment banking domination has failed

3/14/2014 - How much room would the missing Malaysia Airlines flight need to land?

3/14/2014 - Why companies shouldn’t focus on hires who will hit the ground running

3/14/2014 - More than 10,000 of these scaly critters are being smuggled into China each year

3/14/2014 - How Urban Outfitters plans to win back the hipsters it lost

3/14/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—MH370 “deliberately” off-track, Indian inflation eased, Russia hacked, DIY funerals

3/14/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—MH370 “deliberately” off-track, Indian inflation eased, Russia hacked, DIY funerals

3/14/2014 - China’s media playbook: Report possible terror attacks ASAP, downplay horrific industrial accidents

3/14/2014 - China wants you to want its money, but there’s just one really big flaw in that plan

3/14/2014 - The Chinese government just hit the brakes on finance-minded internet firms and their “virtual credit cards”

3/14/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Last-ditch Ukraine talks, Zuckerberg’s complaint, Barclays i-bank overhaul, Princess Di’s revenge

3/14/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Last-ditch Ukraine talks, Zuckerberg’s complaint, Barclays i-bank overhaul, Princess Di’s revenge

3/13/2014 - Why Malaysia Airlines 370 remains so profoundly mysterious, and why a better black box wouldn’t help

3/13/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—GE’s sell-off, McDonalds’ wage war, Amazon’s Prime price hike, edible insects

3/13/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—GE’s sell-off, McDonalds’ wage war, Amazon’s Prime price hike, edible insects

3/13/2014 - The US government is suddenly set to tackle long-term unemployment

3/13/2014 - Americans love the idea of “cord-cutting”—until the time comes to actually do it

3/13/2014 - Vladimir Putin’s popularity at home is soaring, but it might not last

3/13/2014 - Uncle Sam is paying US companies to borrow their tax-sheltered cash

3/13/2014 - America’s 60-year love affair with frozen TV dinners is over

3/13/2014 - Ireland’s massive pharmaceutical sector had a terrible quarter, but the Irish don’t seem to mind

3/13/2014 - Let’s all wear internet-enabled football jerseys and sit on the couch

3/13/2014 - The very unscientific tale of how Amazon first set the price of Prime

3/13/2014 - Amazon’s Prime price hike may signal it finally wants to make money

3/13/2014 - China’s leaders say they want slower growth, but can they stomach it?

3/13/2014 - The problem in the Ukraine crisis is that we have the wrong Putin

3/13/2014 - When your doctor orders blood tests, she may not know what she’s getting

3/13/2014 - China’s ambassador to the US thinks “House of Cards” is a reality show

3/13/2014 - Venezuela is holding $3.7 billion in foreign airlines’ cash hostage

3/13/2014 - The highest-return investment for women is asking for a raise

3/13/2014 - To turn the world into a web page, mobile browsers need to get better at figuring out where they are

3/13/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Malaysian Airlines confusion, China’s slowdown worsens, SXSW auto mayhem, five-second rule confirmed

3/13/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Malaysian Airlines confusion, China’s slowdown worsens, SXSW auto mayhem, five-second rule confirmed

3/13/2014 - Five charts that show why China is competing with the multinationals it used to work for

3/13/2014 - Europe’s latest bank stress test is working, and it hasn’t even started yet

3/13/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—New Zealand raises rates, US oil stockpile, Candy Crush IPO, 5 second rule validated

3/13/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—New Zealand raises rates, US oil stockpile, Candy Crush IPO, 5 second rule validated

3/12/2014 - The real reason Wendy Doniger’s book on Hindus was banned in India: It’s not boring enough

3/12/2014 - India’s solution to its coming famine: Get people to eat insects

3/12/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Candy Crush IPO, Herbalife probe, Harlem explosion, celebrity Tinder

3/12/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Candy Crush IPO, Herbalife probe, Harlem explosion, celebrity Tinder

3/12/2014 - At last, a break for Bill Ackman on his Herbalife bet

3/12/2014 - Facebook spreads your emotions like they’re a contagion

3/12/2014 - Wall Street bonuses were the third highest on record in 2013

3/12/2014 - There’s a long history of boring, location-based company names

3/12/2014 - Ladies (and gentlemen, too), don’t listen to Sheryl Sandberg and please think before you speak

3/12/2014 - The falling yuan explains pretty much everything weird going on in China right now

3/12/2014 - Is there an inside joke in SAC Capital’s new name that everyone is missing?

3/12/2014 - Watch out, world: The Americans are coming back

3/12/2014 - Google’s investment arm places a bet on a credit score company

3/12/2014 - How Starbucks’ new mobile payments feature gets around the guilt-tipping problem

3/12/2014 - The maker of Candy Crush could be the most profitable tech company to go public since Facebook

3/12/2014 - Why the tech world cares about a pharmaceutical lawsuit

3/12/2014 - Meet the man who gave the world email attachments

3/12/2014 - Why a collapse in copper prices is a worrying sign for China’s financial system

3/12/2014 - Nearly one in three American households have no choice when it comes to their internet

3/12/2014 - Explosion in Harlem sets New York City on edge

3/12/2014 - Yet another way France is falling behind the rest of Europe: temp workers

3/12/2014 - Bill Ackman hopes China will give his battle against Herbalife more credence than the US

3/12/2014 - Mt. Gox and its founder are being attacked by the law and the lawless alike

3/12/2014 - How to fix boring conference panels: Get rid of the moderator

3/12/2014 - Why Tabasco hot sauce is sold in those tiny 2-ounce bottles

3/12/2014 - South Korea’s cheese binge is driving American milk prices to an all-time high

3/12/2014 - Japan’s top companies are giving workers their first pay raise in years—but it’s not enough

3/12/2014 - Here’s what the future of car navigation looks like

3/12/2014 - Use this jargon to describe your startup—and you’re sure to annoy journalists

3/12/2014 - Why venture capitalists are suddenly investing in news

3/12/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief —Americas edition—US-Ukraine meeting, Malaysian search widens, Thai interest rate cut, financial stress hangovers

3/12/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief —US-Ukraine meeting, Malaysian search widens, Thai interest rate cut, financial stress hangovers

3/12/2014 - Midstage startups are the best option for new graduates

3/12/2014 - If the going gets tough for the Chinese economy, the plan is to loosen the reins on banks

3/12/2014 - Wealthy Chinese are smuggling their riches out of the country with a state-backed bank card

3/12/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Asian interest rates, Disney’s big moves, London’s gentrification, the “menaissance”

3/12/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief —Asian interest rates, Disney’s big moves, London’s gentrification, the “menaissance”

3/11/2014 - The hot startup at SXSW this year was plain old television

3/11/2014 - What you’ll find in a Chinese pawnshop: a BMW and a Beijing penthouse

3/11/2014 - Partisan squabbling in the US could cost Ukraine $600 million

3/11/2014 - Does a scandal-ridden firm by any other name still smell as foul?

3/11/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Asian interest rates, Disney’s big deals, London’s gentrification, the “menaissance”

3/11/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief —Asian interest rates, Disney’s big deals, London’s gentrification, the “menaissance”

3/11/2014 - How Facebook and Twitter built the best employee training programs in Silicon Valley

3/11/2014 - What you’re looking for when you’re looking for a missing airplane

3/11/2014 - The simple way to make airplane wine taste better

3/11/2014 - Americans are drinking twice as much Blue Moon as they were in 2008

3/11/2014 - The greatest trick Netflix ever pulled was convincing the world HBO is its rival

3/11/2014 - Even Urban Outfitters admits that its clothes fell out of fashion

3/11/2014 - This lost generation of young men is threatening global stability

3/11/2014 - Researchers say you need to act quickly to win an argument on Twitter

3/11/2014 - The rise of man-shopping in five studly charts

3/11/2014 - Alibaba’s money market fund now has more investors than China’s stock markets

3/11/2014 - Drones will cause an upheaval of society like we haven’t seen in 700 years

3/11/2014 - Heineken’s newest push in Southeast Asia has nothing to do with beer

3/11/2014 - Is the global craving for painkillers outstripping Tasmania’s poppy supply?

3/11/2014 - China’s biggest homegrown gadget is a hit—but not at home

3/11/2014 - Why Ben Horowitz doesn’t like hiring rich people

3/11/2014 - How big data will haunt you forever: your high school transcript

3/11/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Malaysian Airlines passport, Carney’s forex grilling, German trade surge, people are petty

3/11/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Malaysian Airlines passport, Carney’s forex grilling, German trade surge, people are petty

3/11/2014 - Central banks can’t even predict the interest rates they control

3/11/2014 - China tries a new role in the missing plane saga—Asia’s policeman

3/11/2014 - Quit the whining: More gentrification is good for London’s startup district

3/11/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Carney’s forex grilling, euro zone deflation, Big Tobacco patents, lying bosses

3/11/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Carney’s forex grilling, euro zone deflation, Big Tobacco patents, lying bosses

3/11/2014 - The private equity merry-go-round continues with the $5.5 billion deal for Gates Global

3/10/2014 - The high-frequency trading firm that’s about to go public only had one day of trading losses in five years

3/10/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—e-cigarette wars, banana dominance, Korean renting, petty grudges

3/10/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—e-cigarette wars, banana dominance, Korean renting, petty grudges

3/10/2014 - The Ninja Economist takes on your attacks over the (lack of a) gender gap in tech salaries

3/10/2014 - Pool pee isn’t just gross—it’s also harming swimmers

3/10/2014 - Box is set to beat Silicon Valley rival Dropbox to the IPO punch this year

3/10/2014 - In 2012, there were only 85 black professors in the UK

3/10/2014 - The cheap oil in your Nutella, Oreos, and Girl Scout Cookies is getting more expensive

3/10/2014 - “The Upshot” is the New York Times’ replacement for Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight

3/10/2014 - It’s practically impossible to build a mega-dam that will return its investment

3/10/2014 - This mobile operator wants to charge $2.50 a year for access to Facebook

3/10/2014 - The Big Banana merger might be more about melons, pineapples and Irish taxes than bananas

3/10/2014 - The euro zone’s factories are (mostly) sputtering back to life

3/10/2014 - It takes $290,000 in cash to rent an apartment in Seoul

3/10/2014 - The complete guide to listening to music at work

3/10/2014 - There can only be two contenders in China’s internet war

3/10/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Malaysia Airlines clues, banana mega-merger, KY sale, banning “bossy”

3/10/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Malaysia Airlines clues, banana mega-merger, KY sale, banning “bossy”

3/10/2014 - Sometimes, the boss is the one lying in the job interview

3/10/2014 - Unilever makes a wager on China’s parched future

3/10/2014 - The West should forget about punishing Russia and do more to help Ukraine

3/10/2014 - China’s trade data can’t be trusted—but it can still disappoint

3/10/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Malaysia Airlines clues, Japan’s GDP, China’s trade deficit, banning “bossy”

3/10/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Malaysia Airlines clues, Japan’s GDP, China’s trade deficit, banning “bossy”

3/10/2014 - India crosses the moral line of no return if Narendra Modi becomes prime minister

3/9/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Malaysia’s missing plane, North Korean elections, banning “bossy,” fitness trackers

3/9/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Malaysia’s missing plane, North Korean elections, banning “bossy,” fitness trackers

3/9/2014 - These MIT researchers want to translate Shakespeare into GIFs

3/9/2014 - Before they greenlight the next “True Detective,” HBO executives ask one simple question

3/9/2014 - Daylight saving is the worst thing that happens to television

3/8/2014 - US daylight saving time starts at 2am local time tonight. Here’s why we should end it

3/8/2014 - T-Mobile’s German parent is growing to like its American problem child

3/8/2014 - What parasites can teach you about being a better human

3/8/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Online identity, peak banana, luxury privacy, stupid names

3/8/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Online identity, peak banana, luxury privacy, stupid names

3/8/2014 - How you use Facebook can indicate how likely you are to have an eating disorder

3/7/2014 - Malaysia Airlines’ missing flight is the latest sign of a safety crisis in the region

3/7/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Online identity, peak banana, luxury privacy, stupid names

3/7/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Online identity, peak banana, luxury privacy, stupid names

3/7/2014 - This shadow bank’s explosive growth in mortgage lending makes US regulators nervous

3/7/2014 - Three management mantras that Ben Horowitz says are stupid

3/7/2014 - Behold the mighty euro, the currency that can’t help but go up

3/7/2014 - There have already been almost 3,000 murders in Venezuela since the start of the year

3/7/2014 - What a grandpa’s harmless mistake tells us about precious modern parenthood

3/7/2014 - Emerging markets have $318 bln more in offshore debt than we thought they did

3/7/2014 - Virtual reality can make you a kinder, more helpful couch potato

3/7/2014 - Twelve telling charts we pulled from the perky US jobs report

3/7/2014 - Space radar could predict massive sinkholes a month before they collapse

3/7/2014 - The world’s most popular smartphone is also a huge headache for mobile operators

3/7/2014 - The perky US jobs report for February in two simple charts

3/7/2014 - The future of TV is coming into focus, and looks pretty great

3/7/2014 - The US employment report is due at 8:30 a.m. ET. Economists expect 145,000 jobs were added in February.

3/7/2014 - Fitness trackers are no good at counting calories, and other lessons from wearing four at once

3/7/2014 - Not having 911 services is a huge drain on a country’s economy—and yet so easy to fix

3/7/2014 - What happens when Apple finds a child making your iPhone

3/7/2014 - What Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Apple employees have in common

3/7/2014 - China’s desperate need for water is forcing the relocation of hundreds of thousands of people

3/7/2014 - There’s a case against diversity in the workplace—but the alternative is even scarier

3/7/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US jobs, Putin rebuffs Obama, Pimco’s Gross outburst, WhatsApp’s clunky phones

3/7/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—US jobs, Putin rebuffs Obama, Pimco’s Gross outburst, WhatsApp’s clunky phones

3/7/2014 - Last year in Spain, 27 bars and restaurants shuttered each day

3/7/2014 - Japan just realized that it’s now the center of the bitcoin universe

3/7/2014 - Eurostar hit its target of 10 million passengers per year, 15 years too late

3/7/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—China’s first default, Turkey Facebook ban, Spotify IPO prep, bitcoin car chase

3/7/2014 - China just had its first ever corporate bond default—and that’s a good thing

3/6/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—China’s first default, Turkey Facebook ban, Spotify IPO prep, bitcoin car chase

3/6/2014 - Victoria’s Secret is launching in mainland China—but it’s not selling underwear

3/6/2014 - Twitter’s ad rates continue falling, down 18% last quarter

3/6/2014 - Obama is unleashing the wrong energy weapon against Putin–he should use oil

3/6/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Paralympics begin, Comcast’s probe, Spotify’s IPO, bitcoin’s inventor

3/6/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Paralympics begin, Comcast’s probe, Spotify’s IPO, bitcoin’s inventor

3/6/2014 - Wearable sensors soon to appear in the fabric of our clothing

3/6/2014 - New wearable technologies to ‘hybridize’ humans

3/6/2014 - This is what a new UK flag might look like

3/6/2014 - Spotify just dropped two hints that it’s about to go public

3/6/2014 - This is what the new SAT will be like

3/6/2014 - The world’s biggest banks are tightening their hold on the currency market they’re accused of rigging

3/6/2014 - If you believe the ECB’s forecasts, the euro zone is in pretty good shape

3/6/2014 - Six charts to consider ahead of the big US jobs report tomorrow

3/6/2014 - China’s “war on pollution” may end up accelerating global warming

3/6/2014 - Facebook’s enormous Asian opportunity, explained in two charts

3/6/2014 - How data from wearable tech is transforming personal training and sport performance

3/6/2014 - More proof that bankers will always find a way to pay themselves more

3/6/2014 - Putin did say he wanted to annex Crimea—the West just wasn’t listening

3/6/2014 - Pretty much everything about the real identity of bitcoin’s mysterious creator will surprise you

3/6/2014 - Why WhatsApp’s founders still carry old Nokia phones

3/6/2014 - How Kickstarter users raised nearly $1 billion: The really long tail of crowdfunding

3/6/2014 - This chart proves that unions can’t offer job security anymore

3/6/2014 - The early front-runner for tortured corporate metaphor of the year

3/6/2014 - How Pabst Blue Ribbon became a billion-dollar beer

3/6/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Russia-US talks redux, India elections, Cerberus-Safeway, Mongolian ninja turtles

3/6/2014 - China is moving more than a River Thames of water across the country to deal with water scarcity

3/6/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Russia-US talks redux, India elections, Cerberus-Safeway, Mongolian ninja turtles

3/6/2014 - These 11 apps are the key to productivity

3/6/2014 - Would you buy a used soccer club from Silvio Berlusconi?

3/6/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Russia-US talks redux, Facebook bans firearms, LA bans e-smoking, Mongolian ninja turtles

3/6/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Russia-US talks redux, Facebook bans firearms, LA bans e-smoking, Mongolian ninja turtles

3/5/2014 - Cancer insurance is WeChat’s newest marketing foray

3/5/2014 - A US jury just convicted two men for selling a secret Oreo-whitening technique to China

3/5/2014 - How much does it cost to put a Winklevoss in space? It’s not as simple as you think

3/5/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Russia sanctions, Facebook’s firearms, e-smoking bans, ninja turtles

3/5/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Russia sanctions, Facebook’s firearms, e-smoking bans, ninja turtles

3/5/2014 - Here’s why investors are putting $24 million behind tennis in Asia

3/5/2014 - This app to get you out of awkward situations isn’t real, but it should be

3/5/2014 - The ultra rich are starting to like the risks involved in asteroid mining

3/5/2014 - Ben Bernanke has earned more from one speech than he did last year at the Fed

3/5/2014 - Ads have displaced porn as the top source for malware on your mobile phone

3/5/2014 - Ukraine’s other east-west divide—western Ukrainians live five years longer than easterners

3/5/2014 - This movie was banned in China—but real life proved far grislier

3/5/2014 - Mobile devices of the future will get energy from everywhere except the wall socket

3/5/2014 - It’s true, Indian men hardly do any housework

3/5/2014 - You can help crowdfund an “average” Barbie, but not a plus-size one

3/5/2014 - Facebook and WhatsApp have colonized Europe, destroying the continent’s native social networks

3/5/2014 - Gold is now the latest bank price-fixing scandal

3/5/2014 - This is huge: China may allow its first-ever corporate bond default

3/5/2014 - Yahoo has joined the war for your online identity—about half a decade too late

3/5/2014 - No economy “needs” inequality—it’s a political choice

3/5/2014 - Yahoo says Marissa Mayer has fixed its biggest problem

3/5/2014 - You’ll never have a sink full of dirty dishes if you follow Toyota’s productivity secret

3/5/2014 - The new hot startup model is being an exceptional middleman

3/5/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US-Russia talks, China’s 7.5% solution, Japan’s bitcoin tax, Spain’s prostitution lessons

3/5/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—US-Russia talks, China’s 7.5% solution, Japan’s bitcoin tax, Spain’s prostitution lessons

3/5/2014 - After buying up the world’s commodities, China gears up to trade more of them

3/5/2014 - China plans to unleash smog-killing drones to zap its pollution

3/5/2014 - Why China’s new $132 billion military budget isn’t quite as scary as it looks

3/5/2014 - The four charts Vladimir Putin should consider as he plots his next move in Ukraine

3/4/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Iran-Japan talks, China’s 7.5% target, Radio Shack shaken, zombie academia

3/4/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Iran-Japan talks, China’s 7.5% target, Radio Shack shaken, zombie academia

3/4/2014 - China vows to keep economic growth steady—but what it really needs is a soft landing

3/4/2014 - Czech government makes its largest drug bust ever, immediately frets about the downsides

3/4/2014 - The bankers at Moelis & Co. make over $1 million a year and they’re about to get richer

3/4/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Iran and Japan, Halliburton hearing, Shack shaken, zombie academia

3/4/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Iran and Japan, Halliburton hearing, Shack shaken, zombie academia

3/4/2014 - Why I’m going to invest in the Russian stock market

3/4/2014 - Is Microsoft telegraphing the demise of Windows Phone?

3/4/2014 - How Obama wants to fight inequality with a twist of the tax dial

3/4/2014 - There’s a nasty little worm eating France’s escargots

3/4/2014 - Germany’s future without fossil fuels is leaving its largest power producer behind

3/4/2014 - In Thailand the cost of overfishing is trafficked human beings

3/4/2014 - The designer who thinks music streaming should be a conversation

3/4/2014 - Any company can copy the keystone of Apple’s design process

3/4/2014 - Putin has hit the “pause” button on his invasion of Ukraine

3/4/2014 - Yes, Obamacare is driving US health care costs lower

3/4/2014 - Russia’s cyberwar against Ukraine is every bit as strategic as its ground offensive

3/4/2014 - No RadioShack, the ’80s didn’t call and Americans don’t want to go back to them

3/4/2014 - Don’t believe the headlines about the “world’s most expensive city”

3/4/2014 - Flooding could cost Europe $32 billion a year by 2050—four times as much as it does now

3/4/2014 - How space travel will help broaden your vacation-home options here on Earth

3/4/2014 - The ideal number of time zones is somewhere between one and 1,000

3/4/2014 - The East African “miracle grain” that could become the next quinoa

3/4/2014 - The true identity of @GSElevator was publicly available for at least seven months

3/4/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Russia’s deadline passes, Cameron aide arrested, banana plague, papal F-bomb

3/4/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Russia’s deadline passes, Cameron aide arrested, banana plague, papal F-bomb

3/4/2014 - China’s lawmakers are told to put down their phones and stay awake during this week’s rubber-stamping session

3/4/2014 - Facebook’s drones could bring internet to the developing world—and stick it to mobile carriers

3/4/2014 - In Italy, members of parliament make five times more than the average worker

3/4/2014 - Here’s what the tense waiting game in the Ukraine-Russia military stand-off looks like

3/4/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Russia’s Ukraine ultimatum, Chinese growth goals, banana plague, a papal F-bomb

3/4/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Russia’s Ukraine ultimatum, Chinese growth goals, banana plague, a papal F-bomb

3/3/2014 - Russia’s Ukraine ultimatum passes—here’s what’s likely to happen next

3/3/2014 - China’s support for Russia’s Ukraine incursion is half-hearted, at best

3/3/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Russian rollercoaster, Chinese growth goals, banana plague, papal curses

3/3/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Russian rollercoaster, Chinese growth goals, banana plague, papal curses

3/3/2014 - Why so many actors brought Mom to the Oscars

3/3/2014 - If you want to understand Uber, don’t lump it into the “sharing economy”

3/3/2014 - Are student loan debts setting the stage for the next bubble?

3/3/2014 - Google and Samsung just unveiled the first Chromebook you might actually want to buy

3/3/2014 - Russia’s market meltdown is dragging a host of European companies down with it

3/3/2014 - Stop hating the polar vortex: It’s killing some of the nastiest invasive insects around

3/3/2014 - Silicon Valley’s war on Wall Street is only just beginning

3/3/2014 - Goldman Sachs is looking to scoop up bond traders in Australia

3/3/2014 - Here’s an idea for a digital currency that actually solves a problem, unlike bitcoin

3/3/2014 - 13 must-read business books in 2014

3/3/2014 - It’s International Ear Care Day! You’re cleaning your ears wrong

3/3/2014 - The crisis in Ukraine could hit you right in the cereal box

3/3/2014 - There’s one surefire way to get tough with Putin

3/3/2014 - There is no gender gap in tech salaries

3/3/2014 - The 3D sound mixing that won “Gravity” its Oscar is going to show up in a lot more films

3/3/2014 - One chart that tells you everything you need to know about the markets this year

3/3/2014 - The biggest TV drama in America gets no attention

3/3/2014 - We analyzed 37 years’ worth of Warren Buffett’s shareholder letters. Here’s what we found

3/3/2014 - The markets are punishing Russia more swiftly than diplomats ever could

3/3/2014 - “12 Years” only proves that Hollywood is a slave to business as usual

3/3/2014 - China is now India’s top trading partner—and one of its least liked

3/3/2014 - How the global banana industry is killing the world’s favorite fruit

3/3/2014 - Goose Island got the distribution power of the world’s largest beermaker, and this is what happened

3/3/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Ukraine-Russia conflict, Pistorius trial, bitcoin in Britain, tree-climbing crocodiles

3/3/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Ukraine-Russia conflict, Pistorius trial, bitcoin in Britain, tree-climbing crocodiles

3/3/2014 - The Chinese government has detained nearly everyone close to Zhou Yongkang, except his wife

3/3/2014 - Beijing buys a waste management company to solve its pollution problems—but it won’t work

3/3/2014 - The weapon of choice in China’s train station attack was sadly no surprise

3/3/2014 - China’s bloody train station attack shows how terrorism is spreading out of Xinjiang

3/3/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Ukraine-Russia conflict, Pistorius trial, bitcoin in Britain, remote-control brain lasers

3/3/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Ukraine-Russia conflict, Pistorius trial, bitcoin in Britain, remote-control brain lasers

3/3/2014 - Internet TV was the big loser on Oscar night

3/2/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Ukraine, Pistorius trial, Google Doodle diversity, free money

3/2/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Ukraine, Pistorius trial, Google Doodle diversity, free money

3/2/2014 - Here’s what’s really happening in Ukraine, according to Russian bloggers

3/2/2014 - Why it doesn’t matter that Warren Buffett failed to beat his target

3/1/2014 - How Putin surprised the world after losing the war in Ukraine

3/1/2014 - GrubHub and Seamless take a 13.5% cut of their average delivery order

3/1/2014 - It costs five times what it did back in 1971 to spend a day at Disney World

3/1/2014 - Warren Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders is out (pdf)

3/1/2014 - People hate Comcast and Time Warner Cable even more now that they’re merging

3/1/2014 - India has 2 million non-profits—and no, that’s not a lot

3/1/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Democracy’s failures, WhatsApp’s power, economic haiku, space rescues

3/1/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Democracy’s failures, WhatsApp’s power, economic haiku, space rescues