3/22/2023 - The Writers Guild is open to AI screenwriters—with a caveat

3/22/2023 - 🌏 China made it to the mRNA party

3/22/2023 - With his political future at stake, Boris Johnson answers lawmakers' questions about Partygate

3/22/2023 - China is changing its tune on the mRNA vaccine

3/22/2023 - Granola bars: The crunch of consumerism

3/22/2023 - These banks are the biggest funders of the fossil fuel industry

3/22/2023 - Is $200 million enough to save Virgin Orbit?

3/22/2023 - The Federal Reserve hiked its key interest rate

3/22/2023 - How a company can protect and care for their culture as they grow

3/22/2023 - Sorry about the rogue email...

3/22/2023 - China’s freeze on foreign video games is thawing

3/22/2023 - GameStop posted its first profitable quarter in two years

3/22/2023 - China is gobbling up Russian oil, gas, and coal

3/22/2023 - Rich countries are all set to hoard bird flu vaccines that don't even exist yet

3/22/2023 - Starbucks workers welcomed their new CEO with a strike ahead of the company’s annual meeting

3/22/2023 - Uganda will jail LGBTQ people for 10 years

3/22/2023 - Shou Zi Chew wants to dismantle the idea that TikTok is a Chinese app

3/22/2023 - No time for saving

3/22/2023 - How time became money—and what it should be instead

3/22/2023 - The IMF is disbursing its first-ever wartime loan to Ukraine

3/22/2023 - A second lab-grown chicken producer got a step closer to hitting the shelves

3/22/2023 - 🌏 A stronger yuan in Russia

3/21/2023 - 🌏 A stronger yuan in Russia

3/21/2023 - Putin is strengthening the yuan’s role as Russia’s foreign currency of choice

3/21/2023 - 🎧 The invisible hand: Capitalism's misunderstood metaphor

3/21/2023 - A nickel-trading scam targeting JPMorgan is raising fresh questions about the London Metal Exchange

3/21/2023 - Buyers are back as US existing-home sales surge

3/21/2023 - Chinese censors are still not over the Winnie the Pooh meme of leader Xi Jinping

3/21/2023 - One in four people globally don't have access to safe drinking water

3/21/2023 - How Scotland cut alcohol-related deaths by 13% in less than three years

3/21/2023 - The problem with “quiet quitting” and other buzzy management terms

3/21/2023 - The IMF gave Sri Lanka a $3 billion lifeline

3/21/2023 - Alison Brie on Creativity: the Quartz interview

3/21/2023 - How to better understand Adam Smith's invisible hand metaphor

3/21/2023 - The invisible hand: Capitalism's misunderstood metaphor

3/21/2023 - India is among the least happy countries in the world—worse than even war-hit Ukraine

3/21/2023 - 🌎 Amazon layoffs, pt. 2

3/21/2023 - Venezuela’s oil chief unexpectedly resigned amid a corruption probe

3/21/2023 - India has a $12 billion plan to keep up with soaring air travel

3/21/2023 - Texas blacklisted HSBC over the bank’s refusal to fund new oil and gas projects

3/21/2023 - 🌏 Amazon layoffs, pt. 2

3/20/2023 - New Amazon layoffs are the latest correction to years of over-hiring in the tech industry

3/20/2023 - The Fed is about to meet—and economists remain very much split on the prospect for a rate hike

3/20/2023 - 🌏 Amazon layoffs, pt. 2

3/20/2023 - New US residential construction is ramping up despite setbacks

3/20/2023 - Macron narrowly won a no-confidence vote as protestors shut down France

3/20/2023 - The pandemic made us nicer—and the change might be lasting

3/20/2023 - Arkansas, the deadliest US state for new mothers, is now accepting funds for a monument to “unborn children”

3/20/2023 - A happiness survey found that acts of kindness rose in Ukraine last year—and fell in Russia

3/20/2023 - The IPCC wants you to know we have options to slow down climate change

3/20/2023 - Credit Suisse's main shareholders count their losses after the UBS takeover

3/20/2023 - Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has stepped down earlier than expected

3/20/2023 - Donald Trump is fearing arrest over a campaign finance law

3/20/2023 - Protests against government policies are roiling all four corners of Africa

3/20/2023 - How to find a return to work program after a career break

3/20/2023 - Flagstar Bank bought most of Signature Bank’s deposits

3/20/2023 - How human capital data can best support upskilling and reskilling efforts

3/20/2023 - 3 tactics to break barriers for women in tech

3/20/2023 - Thailand has found its missing radioactive cylinder. That’s where the good news ends

3/20/2023 - Hindenburg has forced Adani to halt a $4.2 billion petrochemical project

3/20/2023 - 🌎 The one about the banks

3/20/2023 - UBS's takeover of Credit Suisse failed to reassure markets

3/20/2023 - Egg freezing and storage remains shockingly analog—and ripe for disruption

3/20/2023 - 🌍 Credit Suisse meets its fate

3/19/2023 - 🌏 Credit Suisse meets its fate

3/19/2023 - The venture-backed rocket industry is finally coming back to Earth

3/18/2023 - Why the Microsoft Office-ization of AI makes sense

3/18/2023 - Call it by its name: a bailout

3/17/2023 - The international criminal court issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin

3/17/2023 - 🎧 Your chart: A body of information

3/17/2023 - The Fed's discount window is lending to banks at 2008 levels

3/17/2023 - Even after California's rain and snow, the state's drought has not been sated

3/17/2023 - Xi Jinping, Putin's "no limits" partner, is about to pay Russia a visit

3/17/2023 - UK passport officials are going on strike for five weeks

3/17/2023 - More American women over 40 are having babies. Their risk of dying from it keeps rising too

3/17/2023 - What SVB Financial Group's bankruptcy means for the bank

3/17/2023 - These creative thinking exercises can disrupt your next team brainstorm

3/17/2023 - Hong Kong arrested two men for owning a "seditious" children’s book

3/17/2023 - The US Senate is taking quick steps to keep India on its side

3/17/2023 - The US transition to digital medical records explained

3/17/2023 - Your chart: A body of information

3/17/2023 - Putting productivity in its rightful place in your company’s tech stack

3/17/2023 - 🌎 All about that bank (no default)

3/17/2023 - The UK and New Zealand banned TikTok from government phones

3/17/2023 - The Cure forced Ticketmaster to refund fans a portion of "unduly high" fees

3/17/2023 - Wind can now power a third of US homes

3/17/2023 - Microsoft is integrating AI into its office tools and promises mistakes will be made

3/17/2023 - 🌏 All about that bank (no default)

3/16/2023 - 🌏 All about that bank (no default)

3/16/2023 - Why is St. Patrick's Day such a big holiday in the US?

3/16/2023 - The strong US job market is helping to give rise to "returnships"

3/16/2023 - How does NASA's new Moon suit compare to the original?

3/16/2023 - How a Dutch party born out of farmers' protests won big in the Senate election

3/16/2023 - How trauma-informed workplaces can support your team’s mental health

3/16/2023 - JPMorgan says UBS should be Credit Suisse's savior

3/16/2023 - Thailand’s mad hunt to find a missing radioactive cylinder has made no progress so far

3/16/2023 - First Republic Bank: What's next?

3/16/2023 - The UK will spend £4 billion more on childcare to boost the economy. Is it enough?

3/16/2023 - Despite banking woes, the European Central Bank hikes interest rates by half a percentage point

3/16/2023 - 5 tips for moving through grief at work

3/16/2023 - Space Business: Cut to Moon Measure

3/16/2023 - 🌎 TikTok's ultimatum

3/16/2023 - TikTok faces a ban in the US if it retains Chinese-based ownership

3/16/2023 - Nigeria has launched a $672 million fund for startups after the collapse of three US banks

3/16/2023 - How much March Madness revenue goes to schools?

3/16/2023 - Toys R Us shut down its store 24 hours after its re-entry into India

3/16/2023 - A godman wanted for rape in India has unleashed a fictitious Hindu nation on the world

3/16/2023 - 🌏 Weird time to be a bank

3/15/2023 - Alan Cumming on Creativity: the Quartz interview

3/15/2023 - 🌏 Weird time to be a bank

3/15/2023 - Credit Suisse shares hit an all-time low, prompting Swiss regulators to offer financial support

3/15/2023 - Havana syndrome: Spooky sounds

3/15/2023 - Can Archer make electric aviation a reality?

3/15/2023 - Here’s how women can use pay transparency to negotiate job offers

3/15/2023 - T-Mobile is buying Ryan Reynolds’s budget wireless provider

3/15/2023 - Silicon Valley Bank helped finance China's innovation economy. What happens next?

3/15/2023 - FedEx earnings could add to market jitters

3/15/2023 - Workplace diversity is under attack: Here's how employers should respond

3/15/2023 - American egg prices are sending a signal to the Federal Reserve

3/15/2023 - The power of bursts and breaks

3/15/2023 - Indian banking saw a 40% increase in wilful defaults in two years

3/15/2023 - 🌎 ChatGPT's successor

3/15/2023 - San Francisco's Black residents could get a $5 million reparations payout

3/15/2023 - India is teaching the Taliban how to run an economy

3/15/2023 - What to watch for in Oatly's earnings

3/15/2023 - 🌏 A Russian-US collision

3/14/2023 - ChatGPT is getting more nuanced

3/14/2023 - 🌏 A Russian-US collision

3/14/2023 - A Russian warplane struck a US drone over the Black Sea

3/14/2023 - 🎧 Earth observation: Taking the long view

3/14/2023 - Brazil is bringing back visa requirements for American travelers

3/14/2023 - Stung by Russian manipulation of power markets, the EU plans to triple renewables by 2030

3/14/2023 - How to spot if your employees don’t feel safe at work

3/14/2023 - UK workers are going head to head with the government on budget day

3/14/2023 - Resolving conflict at work while incorporating neurodiverse awareness

3/14/2023 - Meta announced another 10,000 layoffs as part of its "year of efficiency"

3/14/2023 - Inflation slowed in February⁠—another reason for the Fed to slow rate hikes

3/14/2023 - Salary transparency alone won’t close the pay gap

3/14/2023 - In Indian matchmaking, some women come with a surprising dealbreaker: their careers

3/14/2023 - Earth observation: Taking the long view

3/14/2023 - What Earth observation from space reveals about our planet

3/14/2023 - 🌎 The ball in Fed's court

3/14/2023 - A California court voted to uphold Proposition 22 in a win for Uber and Lyft

3/14/2023 - African online pharmacies are leapfrogging an e-commerce giant

3/14/2023 - 🌏 SVB’s global fallout

3/14/2023 - These are the countries with the biggest gender wage gaps

3/13/2023 - What the Silicon Valley Bank fallout could mean for the next Fed rate hike

3/13/2023 - Biden approved new drilling on federal lands in Alaska after promising he wouldn't

3/13/2023 - 🌏 SVB’s global fallout

3/13/2023 - Pfizer is buying a cancer biotech in one of the biggest pharma deals in history

3/13/2023 - Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse is hitting financial hubs around the globe

3/13/2023 - How the BBC got ensnarled in its own culture war over the UK's refugee policy

3/13/2023 - Japanese workers are set to get their largest pay raise in decades

3/13/2023 - What a “balance pledge” can do for your company and employees

3/13/2023 - Adani Group stocks are on an upswing after its $2.15 billion loan pre-payment

3/13/2023 - Are work friendships a good idea?

3/13/2023 - Indian cryptocurrency firms run little risk from the collapse of crypto-friendly Signature Bank

3/13/2023 - The split of the African plate could gift six landlocked countries a coastline

3/13/2023 - 🌎 SVB looks for a savior

3/13/2023 - Everything Everywhere All at Once won all the Oscars acting categories in which it was nominated—and more

3/13/2023 - 🌏 No bailout for SVB

3/13/2023 - Over 170 trillion plastic particles are now floating in the ocean

3/12/2023 - With SVB and Signature, the US is making a "systemic risk exception" for systemically unimportant banks

3/12/2023 - 🌏 No bailout for SVB

3/12/2023 - Safaricom is being sued by its customers

3/11/2023 - Africa needs a power play

3/10/2023 - A more equitable covid vaccine rollout could have saved a life every 24 seconds in 2021

3/10/2023 - Silicon Valley Bank is the second-largest US bank failure in history

3/10/2023 - Try this 5-step exercise to clear your calendar for spring

3/10/2023 - Saudi Arabia and Iran agreed to restore trade and diplomatic ties in a deal brokered by China

3/10/2023 - 🎧Firetech: A match for the Valley

3/10/2023 - Silicon Valley Bank is the first FDIC-insured bank to fail in 2023

3/10/2023 - India has identified a supplier of toxic ingredients linked to cough syrup deaths

3/10/2023 - After the US added 300,000 jobs in February, the Fed will likely raise rates faster

3/10/2023 - 4 steps to “interview redos” that increase diversity in hiring

3/10/2023 - Firetech: A match for Silicon Valley

3/10/2023 - Are firetech startups the future of fighting wildfires?

3/10/2023 - The UAE is readying for an influx of IPOs

3/10/2023 - 🌎 Silicon Valley Bank is broke

3/10/2023 - By 2040, almost every US state could have fewer days below freezing

3/10/2023 - GM seeks to cut jobs by offering thousands of workers the chance to get paid to quit

3/10/2023 - Reddit is shutting down its Clubhouse-style feature Talk

3/10/2023 - Is Adani still suffering from the Hindenburg shock?

3/10/2023 - India's demand for fuel hit a quarter-century high in February

3/10/2023 - India’s newly-found lithium reserves carry an environmental cost

3/10/2023 - 🌍 Too little inflation

3/9/2023 - The tech sector's go-to banks are getting squeezed on all sides

3/9/2023 - 🌏 Too little inflation

3/9/2023 - Rich governments are not interested in funding preparations for the next pandemic

3/9/2023 - China is struggling with too little inflation

3/9/2023 - An Australian MP accused the Hillsong megachurch of using funds for private jet trips and luxury clothes

3/9/2023 - A massive study of the pandemic found something surprising in global mental health: resilience

3/9/2023 - Biden's proposed tax hikes could take aim at oil companies' record profits

3/9/2023 - Apple shareholders will propose changes to racial and gender pay gaps reporting

3/9/2023 - Joe Biden wants to raise taxes on himself

3/9/2023 - Côte d'Ivoire is the highest taxed country in the world

3/9/2023 - India fears a torrid summer of long power cuts

3/9/2023 - The leisure and hospitality industry is driving US job growth

3/9/2023 - Space Business: Higher Power

3/9/2023 - 5 ways to repair trust at work once it’s broken

3/9/2023 - How to examine your pay practices at scale

3/9/2023 - The US has too many prisoners and not enough community health workers. Here's an idea to solve both problems

3/9/2023 - 🌎 Crypto bank collapses

3/9/2023 - Why Spotify is adding video content to an audio-streaming platform

3/9/2023 - India's anti-money laundering laws will now apply to crypto transactions

3/9/2023 - JP Morgan is suing a former executive over his ties to Jeffrey Epstein

3/9/2023 - 🌍 Adidas air balls it

3/8/2023 - Crypto bank Silvergate is winding down, becoming another domino in the FTX collapse

3/8/2023 - The US Senate is getting its first union

3/8/2023 - How designers are using ChatGPT and DALL-E to fast track projects

3/8/2023 - 🌏 South Korea spares parts

3/8/2023 - South Korea exported weapon components to Poland, knowing they would end up in Ukraine

3/8/2023 - Adani Group: A new Hindenburg disaster

3/8/2023 - Bernie Sanders will finally get a chance to grill Starbucks’ Howard Schultz on union-busting

3/8/2023 - How Mastercard is driving fintech adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa

3/8/2023 - 3 tactics your company can use to support employee well-being

3/8/2023 - The global growth rate of women on boards is gradually recovering, except in the US

3/8/2023 - A pitch for planning on Fridays

3/8/2023 - 🌎 Not cleared for takeoff

3/8/2023 - 🌍 Bureaucracy, please

3/7/2023 - 3 things ChatGPT can now do in Slack

3/7/2023 - 🌏 Bureaucracy, please

3/7/2023 - Arkansas is set to roll back child labor protections

3/7/2023 - What are the origins of International Women’s Day?

3/7/2023 - China centralizes authority over scientific research as Xi preaches self-reliance

3/7/2023 - 🎧 Green burials: Leave no trace

3/7/2023 - Jerome Powell and Elizabeth Warren fought over the Fed’s appetite for rising unemployment

3/7/2023 - Rishi Sunak's anti-immigration plan pushes boundaries of international law

3/7/2023 - Relativity Space aims for a record-breaking debut launch of the Terran 1 rocket

3/7/2023 - Meta’s “year of efficiency” means job cuts, less metaverse, and more generative AI

3/7/2023 - The Biden administration pulled the emergency brake on JetBlue’s $3.8 billion takeover of Spirit airlines

3/7/2023 - Elon Musk might be the worst boss on the internet

3/7/2023 - Powell says the Fed will likely raise rates higher than Wall Street predicted

3/7/2023 - One in seven cars sold globally now is an EV

3/7/2023 - 4 questions to change political discourse at work

3/7/2023 - Why Safaricom, east Africa's biggest telecom, is getting sued by its customers

3/7/2023 - Kenya is running out of US dollars

3/7/2023 - Green burials: Leave no trace

3/7/2023 - The green burial industry could be worth $1 billion by 2030

3/7/2023 - WeightWatchers opens its doors to the tricky business of weight-loss drugs

3/7/2023 - 🌎 Walgreens' bitter pill

3/7/2023 - California cuts ties with Walgreens after the pharmacy stopped selling abortion pills in 20 states

3/7/2023 - India's woman entrepreneurs are more likely to get loans than men

3/7/2023 - Airlines operating in India have a security problem: uncouth flyers

3/7/2023 - 🌍 More lithium, more batteries

3/6/2023 - 🌏 More lithium, more batteries

3/6/2023 - How Middle Eastern ambitions are fueling the space industry

3/6/2023 - 🎧 Fusion power: Don't overreact

3/6/2023 - The Swiss government is forcing Toblerone to change its logo after the company outsourced production

3/6/2023 - How to measure "total cost of growth" to retain and develop employees

3/6/2023 - Egg freezing is getting a badly needed technology upgrade

3/6/2023 - Iran claims to have discovered one of the world's largest lithium deposits

3/6/2023 - How to do succession better than Logan Roy

3/6/2023 - The Fed is preparing for more interest rate hikes, with an eye on the jobs report

3/6/2023 - Startups in Francophone Africa are on the rise

3/6/2023 - 🌎 A swift exit from Credit Suisse

3/6/2023 - A 3-step guide to people-led digital transformation

3/6/2023 - The loss of a major shareholder delivers another blow to Credit Suisse

3/6/2023 - 🌏 China shifts to security

3/5/2023 - 🌏 China shifts to security

3/5/2023 - Bola Tinubu’s presidential win is being disputed

3/4/2023 - Out of charge

3/4/2023 - Biden has issued his first veto to block an anti-ESG bill

3/3/2023 - Ajay Banga will have to fight the US government if he wants an effective World Bank

3/3/2023 - Pablo Escobar's pet hippos are becoming a problem for Colombia's ecosystem

3/3/2023 - Public comments to the proposed increases in US visa fees show staunch opposition and concerns

3/3/2023 - Tesla’s plans for rare-earths-free EVs will barely dent demand for these critical metals

3/3/2023 - How to empower employees through a shared sense of purpose

3/3/2023 - Want to travel while you work? 6 questions to ask your employer and yourself

3/3/2023 - Citizenship-by-investment programs are on the rise in Africa

3/3/2023 - Fusion power: Don't overreact

3/3/2023 - Is nuclear fusion power the future of renewable energy?

3/3/2023 - An India-born fund manager is behind Adani's first major stake sale since the Hindenburg rout

3/3/2023 - 🌎 Getting rail on the right track

3/3/2023 - EVs are far cleaner than gas-powered cars — even if batteries require more mining

3/3/2023 - Can millions of genetically modified trees slow climate change?

3/3/2023 - It took the Norfolk Southern incident for major US rail companies to take a 2007 common-sense program seriously

3/3/2023 - Ericsson has to pay a $206 million fine for failing to come clean on corruption

3/3/2023 - 🌏 Foxconn plugs into India

3/2/2023 - 🌏 Foxconn plugs into India

3/2/2023 - The one thing companies should do before a disaster to support their team

3/2/2023 - More than a third of US centi-millionaires are graduates of just 8 universities

3/2/2023 - Nigeria awaits a Supreme Court determining whether old naira banknotes should remain legal tender for longer

3/2/2023 - How are Russian airlines still flying if they can't import spare parts?

3/2/2023 - The crypto winter is coming for Silvergate Capital

3/2/2023 - Inflation in the euro zone isn’t falling fast enough

3/2/2023 - Space Business: UL(M&)A

3/2/2023 - Women are now publishing more books than men—and it's good for business

3/2/2023 - How companies can better understand neurodivergent employees

3/2/2023 - 🌎 Discontent brews at Starbucks

3/2/2023 - Starbucks’ union-busting tactics are facing the heat

3/2/2023 - How Indian YouTube influencers are manipulating the stock market

3/2/2023 - 🌍 TikTok on the clock

3/1/2023 - 🌏 TikTok on the clock

3/1/2023 - Eli Lilly's insulin copay cap doesn't replace the need for government regulation

3/1/2023 - A Regent's Park mansion is expected to be the most expensive property ever sold in London

3/1/2023 - Crocs: Cool those heels

3/1/2023 - Why the US Supreme Court is struggling with a case about YouTube's algorithms

3/1/2023 - Should ChatGPT write your resume?

3/1/2023 - How much exposure do global banks have to crypto?

3/1/2023 - What to look for in Costco’s earnings report amid slowing consumer demand

3/1/2023 - Tesla is the latest American manufacturer to invest in Mexico

3/1/2023 - US coastal wetlands are rapidly disappearing. Here's what it'll take to save them

3/1/2023 - The full genome sequencing of Cambodia's bird flu strain took less than a day

3/1/2023 - To get control of your calendar, try a time oasis

3/1/2023 - 🌎 A one-hoop FDA

3/1/2023 - A third FTX executive has pleaded guilty to fraud

3/1/2023 - India shut off the internet more often than any country—for the fifth year in a row

3/1/2023 - FDA’s approval of Friedreich’s ataxia drug is a game changer for treatment of rare diseases

3/1/2023 - The world's fastest-growing major economy is headed for more turbulence

3/1/2023 - 🌍 India pulls ahead

3/1/2023 - Bola Tinubu is the new president of Nigeria