2/28/2019 - Pakistan aside, the Modi government faces a battle on the economic front too

2/28/2019 - Time travel and aliens: Urban Indians expect 2019 to be a classic sci-fi year

2/28/2019 - India clears an ordinance to allow the use of its biometric ID programme by private firms

2/28/2019 - 15 UK companies have volunteered to report their ethnicity pay gaps

2/28/2019 - Martha Stewart wants to give your dog CBD

2/28/2019 - Elon Musk admits Tesla won’t be profitable in the first quarter

2/28/2019 - Gap’s most successful brand will no longer be a Gap brand

2/28/2019 - Tesla finally released its $35,000 Model 3

2/28/2019 - Netanyahu indicted, North Korea contradicts Trump, weed yeast

2/28/2019 - Trump is the main reason his summit with Kim fell apart

2/28/2019 - Y Combinator’s president thinks crypto could facilitate universal basic income

2/28/2019 - A guide to finding your financial nirvana at work

2/28/2019 - Trump’s long, storied history of taking dictators and alleged abusers at their word

2/28/2019 - Beto has a good chance of beating Trump in Texas in 2020

2/28/2019 - Cruises

2/28/2019 - Netflix thinks a Scorsese mob drama can win it the Oscar that “Roma” couldn’t

2/28/2019 - How much did Trump’s failed North Korea summit cost taxpayers?

2/28/2019 - The African pangolin’s future is bleak as Asian demand and local corruption drives up poaching

2/28/2019 - US fast-food giants have increased their portion sizes, calories, and sodium content

2/28/2019 - Senegal’s president Sall has been re-elected for a second term

2/28/2019 - Millions of barrels of oil are stranded in the Atlantic by US sanctions

2/28/2019 - What’s behind the record-setting snowstorms in the US west

2/28/2019 - What does president Buhari’s re-election mean for Nigeria’s economy?

2/28/2019 - Photos: This was a no-win summit from start to finish for Donald Trump

2/28/2019 - Stop using the office mugs

2/28/2019 - Victoria’s Secret plans to close three times its usual number of stores this year

2/28/2019 - Trump walked, so what’s next for North Korea’s nukes?

2/28/2019 - Vans isn’t known for comfortable sneakers. It aims to change that

2/28/2019 - African tech hubs are starting to specialize and build a budding culture of innovation

2/28/2019 - China’s tech giants are “optimizing” people as the economy slows

2/28/2019 - Ivanka Trump’s blindness to her own privilege is rooted in a widely shared belief

2/28/2019 - Millennials care about job titles so much they’ll take a pay cut for them

2/28/2019 - The latest edition of Chinese propaganda featuring children is about Huawei

2/28/2019 - Ethiopia already exports coffee beans—exporting its culture will be the next big step

2/28/2019 - The subtle ways that language shapes our ideas of self

2/28/2019 - Polkadot problems, bitcoin for Bitfinex, and the Electric Coin Company

2/28/2019 - Pakistan to free Indian Air Force pilot as “peace gesture”

2/28/2019 - The five loudest moments from Michael Cohen’s Congressional hearing

2/28/2019 - US GDP, Trump’s summit exit, lethal toilet paper

2/28/2019 - Today in Quartz membership: What to invest in during a recession

2/28/2019 - Here’s what you should invest in during a recession

2/28/2019 - What a reputation management expert won’t tell you about bad reviews

2/28/2019 - How to learn more about credit booms and financial crises

2/28/2019 - A new EU rule on organic meat will have an outsized impact on European Muslims and Jews

2/28/2019 - A Twitter spat is causing trouble for the ethereum blockchain network

2/28/2019 - The second Trump-Kim summit ended before they even got to lunch

2/28/2019 - Tape is here to rescue big data

2/28/2019 - A legal tussle over a strategic African port sets up a challenge for China’s Belt and Road plan

2/28/2019 - Indian women are finding a silver lining in their grey hair

2/28/2019 - A Kim Jong Un first, Cohen’s tearful testimony, celebrity cat DNA

2/28/2019 - Spotify had no choice but to offer an excellent free service in India

2/28/2019 - Heading home, 5G jams, and news from elsewhere

2/27/2019 - How a small town near Mumbai has lived through over 1,000 earthquakes in four months

2/27/2019 - Indian media trumpeting about Pakistani fake news should look in the mirror first

2/27/2019 - Can India and Pakistan ever achieve independence—from each other?

2/27/2019 - The mob dynamic woven into the Trump-Cohen saga

2/27/2019 - The Michael Cohen hearing ended in tears

2/27/2019 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just laid out a roadmap to subpoena Trump’s tax returns

2/27/2019 - Cohen assails Trump, TikTok data fine, running hijab halted

2/27/2019 - Only six countries worldwide have equal legal rights for women and men

2/27/2019 - Chatbot therapy

2/27/2019 - Trump doubled his net worth in 2013 by adding $4 billion in “brand value”

2/27/2019 - Cohen’s hearing is a parade of hysterical men who couldn’t control their emotions

2/27/2019 - Michael Cohen says he’s ruined. But he hasn’t ruled out a book, TV, or movie deal

2/27/2019 - See the documents Michael Cohen is using to make his case against Trump

2/27/2019 - Shark attacks are on the rise in the US and Australia

2/27/2019 - Fashion retailers are trapped in a vicious cycle

2/27/2019 - THC and CBD can be made with genetically engineered yeast

2/27/2019 - Photos: Greenland’s remote tundra, seen from above

2/27/2019 - Michael Cohen’s testimony to Congress is an artistic masterpiece

2/27/2019 - French politicians pressured a sports brand into ditching plans to sell a “running hijab”

2/27/2019 - HBO’s gut-wrenching Michael Jackson documentary is getting its own after-show hosted by Oprah

2/27/2019 - Cohen warns Republicans: you’ll wind up like me if you remain loyal to Trump

2/27/2019 - Amsterdam’s fintech darling catches up to Silicon Valley’s Stripe in market value

2/27/2019 - Tesla job postings are at their lowest point since 2016

2/27/2019 - The Huawei’s ludicrously expensive Mate X makes the case for the foldable phone

2/27/2019 - The vital work of African innovators is gaining more global recognition

2/27/2019 - A YouTube Lazarus is raising questions on regulating churches in South Africa

2/27/2019 - What if the future of housing means accepting that a home isn’t permanent?

2/27/2019 - Bolivia’s most Instagrammable houses showcase indigenous peoples’ reclaimed power

2/27/2019 - You can now ski on top of a $670 million power plant in Copenhagen

2/27/2019 - Six crucial accusations against Trump in Michael Cohen’s testimony

2/27/2019 - Watch live: Michael Cohen’s testimony to Congress on Trump

2/27/2019 - Today in Quartz membership: The source of the next recession and a new Tipping Points

2/27/2019 - What will cause the next recession? Risky corporate debt is a good bet

2/27/2019 - New story from Should This Exist? – On talking to bots about feelings—the good, the bad, and the emoji

2/27/2019 - Maximizing shareholder profits is a great way to destroy humanity

2/27/2019 - This robot wants to help you control your emotions

2/27/2019 - Read what Michael Cohen plans to say about Trump in Congress today

2/27/2019 - Trump spent the hours before meeting Kim Jong Un tweeting about “Da Nang Dick” and Michael Cohen

2/27/2019 - Why the legal cannabis industry loves the Ford Transit van

2/27/2019 - Trump-Kim summit, India-Pakistan tensions, Amazon jungle whale

2/27/2019 - Britain will have to give up its last African colony thanks to the UN—and Brexit

2/27/2019 - OneWeb is about to launch the first of more than 600 internet satellites

2/27/2019 - Behind the political drama, the bureaucracy of Brexit drags on

2/27/2019 - The looming $78 trillion pension crisis

2/27/2019 - A drop in demand for fossil-fuel cars has hurt the world’s biggest EV maker

2/27/2019 - Pakistan says it has arrested an Indian Air Force pilot after dogfight along Kashmir LoC

2/27/2019 - Africans pay a hefty economic price to uphold their democracies

2/27/2019 - India’s new e-commerce FDI rules are just what offline retailers wished for

2/27/2019 - War of words, unauthorized Apples, and news from elsewhere

2/27/2019 - Trump-Kim summit, Facebook privacy tool, Amazon jungle whale

2/27/2019 - South Korea’s birth rate just crashed to another alarming low

2/26/2019 - Music streaming giant Spotify finally arrives in India with a Rs119 monthly billing plan

2/26/2019 - Watch: Trucking is being upended by e-commerce and increased automation in sometimes surprising ways.

2/26/2019 - A simple algorithm could help clear thousands of cannabis convictions

2/26/2019 - Nigeria’s president Buhari has been re-elected for a second term

2/26/2019 - Weight Watchers’ pivot to wellness has brought the wrong kind of losses

2/26/2019 - Americans are waiting up to 50 days for SNAP benefits because of the government shutdown

2/26/2019 - The second Trump-Kim summit is another capitalism field trip for Kim Jong Un

2/26/2019 - Trump-Kim summit, Michael Cohen’s testimony, Amazon jungle whale

2/26/2019 - Actually, deficits do matter, says Fed chairman Jerome Powell

2/26/2019 - Pickup trucks

2/26/2019 - One of Africa’s last elephant havens has seen a worrying spike in ivory poaching

2/26/2019 - New government documents reveal Jared Kushner’s Secret Service codename as ‘Mechanic’

2/26/2019 - Watch: This is what disruption in the luxury fashion business looks like

2/26/2019 - Rotten Tomatoes is making audience ratings more prominent

2/26/2019 - Actress Emma Thompson has written a #MeToo letter for the ages

2/26/2019 - What national security experts will be watching for at the Trump-Kim summit

2/26/2019 - Balenciaga’s designer explains its $2,000 “Ikea” bag and hugely popular “ugly” sneakers

2/26/2019 - We’re on track for a cloud-cover tipping point that could add 8°C of warming within a century

2/26/2019 - An Oscar win for “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” bodes well for the future of family films

2/26/2019 - What Russia wants from the Trump-Kim summit

2/26/2019 - Working long hours and weekends affects men and women differently

2/26/2019 - Pictures: Kim Jong Un arrives in Vietnam

2/26/2019 - How Zimbabwe caught the world off guard with another new currency

2/26/2019 - Serena Williams reminds us that when a woman is called crazy, history is usually being made

2/26/2019 - The growing evidence that living near green space helps kids grow up to be happier

2/26/2019 - The US Army wants to turn tanks into AI-powered killing machines

2/26/2019 - There’s one essential factor in babies’ health that even the most devoted parents may miss

2/26/2019 - The US Supreme Court pries a final opinion from a judge’s cold, dead hands

2/26/2019 - The three things you notice when trying on Microsoft’s HoloLens 2

2/26/2019 - The gig economy is quietly undermining a century of worker protections

2/26/2019 - Netflix didn’t make many of the “originals” that made it famous. That’s changing.

2/26/2019 - XRP boosts social impact and Coinbase boosts XRP

2/26/2019 - Amazon’s got milk

2/26/2019 - Facebook content moderators end up believing conspiracy theories spread on the platform

2/26/2019 - Smart feature phones with “light” operating systems are the future of Africa’s mobile growth

2/26/2019 - Red-meat allergies might be caused primarily by ticks, not the deer blood they transmit

2/26/2019 - China might have funded the Crispr baby experiment it distanced itself from

2/26/2019 - Trump’s attacks on the H1-B visa are taking a toll

2/26/2019 - British fintechs are so hot they’re bubbling

2/26/2019 - The battle for the Nile with Egypt over Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam has just begun

2/26/2019 - Border emergency vote, Manafort’s remorse, vein blueprints

2/26/2019 - Honeybees are abandoning dance and becoming more productive

2/26/2019 - Photos: When US presidents have visited Vietnam

2/26/2019 - Global investors have a new tool to tackle the complexity of Africa

2/26/2019 - Today in Quartz membership: A Q&A with the guy who called the last recession

2/26/2019 - The top economist at the “central bankers’ central bank” on the changing nature of recessions

2/26/2019 - “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson

2/26/2019 - Blockchain works best when nobody knows they’re using it

2/26/2019 - The products serving the gig economy, according to Amazon

2/26/2019 - The Modi government has one month to clear its stand on cryptocurrencies

2/26/2019 - Forget SF and New York, the future of Airbnb is in Kathmandu and Lima

2/26/2019 - Hundreds of Indian startups are still awaiting clarity on angel tax

2/26/2019 - Border emergency vote, Venezuela sanctions, pig face recognition

2/26/2019 - Flush with funds, Swiggy invests in ready-to-cook food startup Fingerlix

2/26/2019 - Living on the edge, 5G frequencies, and news from elsewhere

2/25/2019 - Indian fighter jets carry out “pre-emptive” strike at a terrorist camp inside Pakistan

2/25/2019 - The SEC asks judge to hold Elon Musk in contempt for breaking deal

2/25/2019 - If toxic air was not enough, India’s capital city is now running out of water

2/25/2019 - What to watch for at the Trump-Kim summit

2/25/2019 - There is no such thing as an “abortion survivor”

2/25/2019 - GE’s big sale, Amazon’s got milk, pig face recognition

2/25/2019 - Humans are “boiling frogs,” slowly getting used to climate-change temperatures

2/25/2019 - The most memorable accessory of Oscars night was a cane

2/25/2019 - The Year 536

2/25/2019 - HoloLens’ creator took his design inspiration from a hat

2/25/2019 - Thanks to Trevor Noah, South Africans got the last laugh at the “Green Book” Oscars

2/25/2019 - An Oscar-winning film about menstruation shows we’re only just waking up about women’s bodies

2/25/2019 - If male serial killers “hunt” their victims, what do female serial killers do?

2/25/2019 - GE’s global healthcare business is now $21 billion smaller

2/25/2019 - Tourism officials are worried about whaling hurting Iceland’s brand

2/25/2019 - Closing the mobile phone gender gap in low income countries is a $700 billion opportunity

2/25/2019 - Caster Semenya is forcing the sporting world—and South Africa—to rethink gender

2/25/2019 - In this Chinese sci-fi blockbuster set in 2050, the US is an irrelevant space power

2/25/2019 - This is the scenic route Kim Jong Un is taking to meet Trump

2/25/2019 - Pence in Bogota, Spike Lee’s first Oscar, “Rock It, Man” cocktails

2/25/2019 - There’s a way to find out if your Twitter interactions are sexist

2/25/2019 - Today in Quartz membership: Understanding the next recession

2/25/2019 - Who wins and who loses if India’s draft e-commerce rules are implemented

2/25/2019 - Recessions have changed. Our tools for fixing them haven’t

2/25/2019 - Chinese footbinding was about work, not sex—and it was complicated

2/25/2019 - Black Panther and its science role models inspire more than just movie awards

2/25/2019 - This year, the mobile industry is all about 5G, foldable phones, and fractious politics

2/25/2019 - Elections: The reason why the poor haven’t abandoned Indian democracy

2/25/2019 - Pence in Bogota, Spike Lee’s first Oscar, psychoterratica

2/25/2019 - The fake news problem no one in India is talking about: Telegram

2/25/2019 - Emperor Haile Selassie’s AU statue joins a growing list of Africa’s troubled memorials

2/25/2019 - How Facebook scammers are exploiting Narendra Modi’s popularity

2/25/2019 - It begins: 5G, foldable phones, and fractious politics

2/25/2019 - The 2019 Oscars were nearly great. Then we got Green Booked

2/24/2019 - India wants exclusive rights to the tonnes of data lying with e-commerce firms in the country

2/24/2019 - The largest skills gap managers see in IT workers isn’t technical

2/24/2019 - The “Black Panther” costume designer made Oscars history twice over

2/24/2019 - Elle Woods and Miss Piggy would love the 2019 Oscars red carpet fashion

2/24/2019 - A man in a gown and women in pants won the Oscars red carpet

2/24/2019 - Pence in Bogota, new Nokias, psychoterratica

2/24/2019 - Afghanistan’s war killed a record number of civilians in 2018

2/24/2019 - Why is a US senator tweeting pictures of a murdered dictator?

2/24/2019 - Target is the latest retailer to take on Victoria’s Secret

2/24/2019 - Why does Trump ignore North Korea’s non-nuclear troublemaking?

2/24/2019 - How a local Mozambique Islamic group became Africa’s latest terror threat

2/24/2019 - Three easy ways to make sausage the star of dinner

2/24/2019 - Amazon shops in Kenya, Burkina Faso’s Fespaco, solar power in risky African markets

2/24/2019 - There is a word for the trauma caused by distance from nature

2/23/2019 - “A hardened adherence to committing crimes”: Mueller pulls no punches in Manafort sentencing memo

2/23/2019 - Weekend edition—Trump-Kim 2, alternative Oscars, sharenting shock

2/23/2019 - Weekend edition—Trump-Kim 2, alternative Oscars, sharenting shock

2/23/2019 - Warren Buffett on the dangers of the quarterly “number”

2/23/2019 - A software glitch is throwing riders off of Lime scooters

2/23/2019 - Berkshire Hathaway lost $25 billion last quarter

2/23/2019 - A high-profile group of women peace activists thinks Trump can officially end the Korean War

2/23/2019 - To make perfect popcorn, ditch the microwave

2/23/2019 - Algerians have been out in force against their president’s bid for a fifth term

2/23/2019 - “Roma” is trying to do something no foreign-language film has ever achieved in Hollywood

2/23/2019 - ICE will spend over $100 million getting kids and families to detention centers

2/23/2019 - Why late bloomers are happier and more successful

2/23/2019 - Ahead of the second Trump-Kim summit a Nobel Peace Prize is on somebody’s mind

2/23/2019 - The endgame of Craigslist founder’s $85 million in donations to journalism

2/23/2019 - Voting is finally underway in Nigeria amid several hiccups

2/23/2019 - Why peppercorns are being smuggled by the ton from Vietnam to Sri Lanka

2/23/2019 - A new climate change opera is a true sign of the times

2/23/2019 - Tesla’s horrible, no good, very bad week is a bad sign for its 2019 outlook

2/23/2019 - There’s another African election this weekend few people are talking about

2/22/2019 - Weekend edition—Trump-Kim 2, alternative Oscars, sharenting shock

2/22/2019 - The disconnect between Amy Klobuchar’s parental leave policy and her public platform

2/22/2019 - Sudan’s president al-Bashir is not stepping down just yet

2/22/2019 - Maduro and Guaidó are gearing up for a showdown at the Venezuelan border

2/22/2019 - Cheesed-off investors wiped $16 billion off the value of Kraft Heinz

2/22/2019 - Candles

2/22/2019 - Karl Lagerfeld was a master of the classic Oscar dress

2/22/2019 - House Democrats are getting ready to undo Trump’s national emergency

2/22/2019 - Virgin Galactic rockets three people to space for the first time

2/22/2019 - The most effective form of exercise isn’t “exercise” at all

2/22/2019 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s 1950s marriage was more equal than most modern ones

2/22/2019 - The thing VR experiences were missing all along was real people

2/22/2019 - Quartzy: the alternative Oscars edition

2/22/2019 - Indonesia has the least volatile economy of the 21st century

2/22/2019 - Our conference call about Microsoft starts at 11 a.m. ET/4 p.m. GMT

2/22/2019 - 3D-printed pills will provide the solution to one of medicine’s biggest issues

2/22/2019 - We don’t fully understand what mindfulness is, but this is what it’s not

2/22/2019 - The unlikely champion for testing kids around the world on empathy and creativity

2/22/2019 - We need better laws to protect the rights of future frozen cryonicists

2/22/2019 - The blog China turned to for “toxic chicken soup for the soul” has shut down

2/22/2019 - How two Eritrean brothers built a solar power business in some of Africa’s riskiest markets

2/22/2019 - The world-changing power of getting boys in the kitchen

2/22/2019 - Economists explain why kids who watched Sesame Street did better in school

2/22/2019 - How a three-year-old banking startup has pulled off a perfect lending record

2/22/2019 - Bernie and Corbyn are the same candidate—in all the wrong ways

2/22/2019 - House Dems vs. Trump, Kraft Heinz squeezed, Olympic breakdancing

2/22/2019 - Our obsession with productivity is making it harder to solve simple problems

2/22/2019 - Today in Quartz membership: IBM’s CEO speaks, a Microsoft toolkit, and car-rental hacks

2/22/2019 - Renting a car is terrible. Here’s how to make it slightly less terrible

2/22/2019 - How to become a Microsoft expert

2/22/2019 - IBM CEO Ginni Rometty opens up on how AI is changing how she hires

2/22/2019 - If fintech in India had a crappy 2018, blame the new regulations

2/22/2019 - Indians are deferring gold purchases as prices touch never-seen levels

2/22/2019 - Forget fake news on Facebook and WhatsApp, it’s newspapers that sway Indians

2/22/2019 - Why are Indian political ads on Facebook almost exclusively seen by men?

2/22/2019 - Prosperity gospel churches address the hopes of their followers in South Africa

2/22/2019 - Long before 1857, Indians rose against the British in a now-forgotten mutiny

2/21/2019 - Kenya’s gay-sex ruling, asteroid touchdown, moose vs. tick

2/21/2019 - Was the Saudi crown prince’s visit a success for India?

2/21/2019 - This Chinese tech giant was 2018’s most active corporate investor in AI startups

2/21/2019 - Rod Rosenstein begs students to protect American democracy

2/21/2019 - Many of today’s teenagers will be 2020 voters. This is what they care about

2/21/2019 - You can’t handle the Samsung Galaxy Fold

2/21/2019 - An obsessive quest just ended with the rediscovery of the world’s largest bee

2/21/2019 - Nike blowout scandal, China-US trade memos, breaking Olympic news

2/21/2019 - Let’s start a trend from Meghan Markle’s baby shower

2/21/2019 - Uber stopped telling investors how much it pays to drivers

2/21/2019 - Trump’s climate-denying climate advisor has said some zany things

2/21/2019 - The world’s largest shipping company says a global trade war has just begun

2/21/2019 - Neurostimulation

2/21/2019 - SpaceX will launch the first private moon mission tonight

2/21/2019 - One of Africa’s most influential film festivals has survived DVDs and now terrorism

2/21/2019 - What the 17th century’s “Little Ice Age” teaches us about climate change

2/21/2019 - Donald Trump is building a “wall” after all—around his Florida golf club

2/21/2019 - Meet Tiny Rex, the diminutive T. rex paleontologists just found in Utah

2/21/2019 - What does a trader mean when he says he will “spank the market”?

2/21/2019 - Netflix just picked up one of China’s biggest theatrical hits to woo Chinese audiences everywhere

2/21/2019 - Nigeria’s delayed election is disrupting everything, even its famous, big weddings

2/21/2019 - James Bond could not break into the writers room for Amazon’s “Lord of the Rings” series

2/21/2019 - The workplace is changing, and the fight for workers’ rights is changing too

2/21/2019 - The unlikely reason zebras have black and white stripes

2/21/2019 - Nike faces a PR disaster after its shoe blew out in a high-profile basketball game

2/21/2019 - The latest pairing between big tech and a big bank is an Apple-Goldman Sachs credit card

2/21/2019 - Career greatness can come from staying behind the scenes, too

2/21/2019 - Fans of Netflix’s “Russian Doll” are listening to “Gotta Get Up” repeatedly on Spotify

2/21/2019 - The 21st century belongs to China—but the 22nd will be Africa’s

2/21/2019 - Samsung thinks it can succeed where Apple has failed

2/21/2019 - Kenya’s plan to store its citizens’ DNA is facing massive resistance

2/21/2019 - New story from Should This Exist? – You may already know the best brain hack of all

2/21/2019 - The best brain hack for learning faster is one you already know

2/21/2019 - Trump has appointed the highest percentage of inexperienced ambassadors since FDR

2/21/2019 - Self-help guru Rachel Hollis is accidentally exposing the limits of introspection

2/21/2019 - All about JPM Coin, Tallinn calling, splashing in the mempool

2/21/2019 - New research finds that US immigrant entrepreneurs score higher on innovation

2/21/2019 - What’s the difference between an emergency landing and a diversion?

2/21/2019 - Do therapists have a duty to confront climate change denial?

2/21/2019 - These jobs grew way faster than statisticians predicted

2/21/2019 - Vatican summit, Lyft listing, Aquaman cookies

2/21/2019 - Diet culture is so pervasive that some doctors are risking teens’ health to study intermittent fasting

2/21/2019 - A new art exhibit wants you to empathize with people in love with inanimate objects

2/21/2019 - What has Trump done to protect US schools from gun violence in the past year

2/21/2019 - Japan wants to boost the use of electric vehicles as a power source during natural disasters

2/21/2019 - Today in membership: A Q&A with Satya Nadella, Private Key, and Insider View

2/21/2019 - Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on his toughest challenges and biggest competitors

2/21/2019 - What a human behavior professor won’t tell you about that goal you just set

2/21/2019 - A list of all the lists in Satya Nadella’s “Hit Refresh”

2/21/2019 - Don’t fall for JPMorgan’s crypto hype

2/21/2019 - Young Indians are living the Bollywood life via TikTok

2/21/2019 - An anti-vax religious group apologized for its role in a major measles outbreak in Japan

2/21/2019 - Why did Twitter’s Jack Dorsey publicly respond to an American journalist but not Barkha Dutt?

2/21/2019 - India made the biggest leap in the world in closing the mobile internet gender gap

2/21/2019 - Israel’s lunar launch, deadly Bangladesh fire, Aquaman cookies

2/21/2019 - A former BJP data analyst reveals how the party’s WhatsApp groups work

2/20/2019 - 2018: The year that spelt the end of Indian techies as we’ve known them

2/20/2019 - The Jussie Smollett case shows exactly why we need to take hate crimes more seriously

2/20/2019 - India’s supreme court has rendered over a million forest-dwelling families homeless

2/20/2019 - Quartz’s 2019 Obsessions

2/20/2019 - Karl Lagerfeld’s death makes us ask: How should we mourn problematic people?

2/20/2019 - Israeli lunar probe launch, new Galaxy S10s, Girl Scout Momoas

2/20/2019 - Microsoft Bob

2/20/2019 - All of a sudden, flying from LA to New York is taking less than four hours

2/20/2019 - Samsung is ushering in the era of the foldable smartphone

2/20/2019 - Samsung unveils the impressive looking Galaxy S10 line of phones

2/20/2019 - The number of hate groups in the US reached a record high in 2018

2/20/2019 - Viral photos show Yosemite’s “firefall” phenomenon glowing in California

2/20/2019 - The EPA found a way to allow the use of a pesticide harmful to bees, again

2/20/2019 - Morbid curiosity is the only thing that can save the Oscars now

2/20/2019 - Rejecting the man Trump wants as World Bank president might just work

2/20/2019 - With weeks to go, this pro-Brexit ad doesn’t look so confident anymore

2/20/2019 - Mickey Drexler is back to give us basics that spark joy

2/20/2019 - The app for Nike’s hyped self-tightening sneaker is already having technical problems

2/20/2019 - New story from Should This Exist? – Lana Awad is engineering the neuro-tech that will transform humanity

2/20/2019 - The changing face of US cities is putting pedestrians’ lives at risk

2/20/2019 - The genome of the great white shark shows how it uniquely evolved to be a survivor

2/20/2019 - How to watch Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 10 event

2/20/2019 - Rotten Tomatoes users are trashing “Captain Marvel” before they’ve even seen it

2/20/2019 - The decoy effect is making you spend more money—without realizing it

2/20/2019 - The most dangerous form of depression hides behind a smile

2/20/2019 - The Business of Being Karl Lagerfeld, Creator

2/20/2019 - A French court hit UBS with a record-breaking $5.1 billion fine in a tax fraud case

2/20/2019 - Digital advertising is feasting on the corpse of the US yellow pages

2/20/2019 - How a New York deli informed Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s feminism

2/20/2019 - Samsung launch, new Justice Department pick, license plate emojis

2/20/2019 - The UK is going cashless and, like most of the world, has no plan for what happens next

2/20/2019 - Tesla’s China revenue dropped amid the trade war

2/20/2019 - Why we don’t yet know if cell-cultured meat will actually fight climate change

2/20/2019 - Shutting down the internet doesn’t work—but governments keep doing it

2/20/2019 - Today in membership: Microsoft’s history of rivalry

2/20/2019 - Thirty years of financial filings reveal Microsoft’s biggest competitors

2/20/2019 - Microsoft is embracing a future where we communicate without words

2/20/2019 - How to prepare for the coming war between generations

2/20/2019 - The Chinese “queen of ivory” has been sentenced to 15 years in a Tanzanian prison

2/20/2019 - It’s become much harder to rig elections in Nigeria thanks to technology

2/20/2019 - Design Week Addis Ababa wants to turn Ethiopia’s growing economy into a creative one

2/20/2019 - Indian companies have realised how bad employee stress is

2/20/2019 - In pictures: Beijing’s Forbidden City opened at night for the first time in almost a century

2/20/2019 - Amazon India spent twice as much as Flipkart on advertising in 2018

2/20/2019 - How a vigilante Facebook group tried to get “anti-national” Indians fired and arrested

2/20/2019 - Chinese state media’s latest innovation is an AI female news anchor

2/20/2019 - Abe and Trump’s call, ISIS teen, emoji license plates

2/20/2019 - Walmart is disappointed in India, but it isn’t giving up on Flipkart yet

2/19/2019 - Walmart’s acquisition of Flipkart is proving to be a boon for Indian startups. Just ask Ola

2/19/2019 - India redefines “startups” to provide young companies relief from angel tax

2/19/2019 - Walmart beats estimates, RIP Karl Lagerfeld, Grand Canyon uranium

2/19/2019 - Karl Lagerfeld was hilarious, and he was in on the joke

2/19/2019 - There’s a disturbing amount of neo-Nazi and white supremacist material on Amazon

2/19/2019 - Bank robbers are fleeing the scene on shared electric scooters

2/19/2019 - Chicken Soup for the Soul

2/19/2019 - The people who love meetings are the managers who run them

2/19/2019 - Trump asks Congress for a US Space Force that is less than galactic

2/19/2019 - The UK parliament to everyone online: slow down

2/19/2019 - If American shoppers are anxious about the economy, they don’t show it at Walmart

2/19/2019 - Bernie Sanders fights a sea of (better) Bernies for 2020

2/19/2019 - Who is Virginie Viard, the woman succeeding Karl Lagerfeld as Chanel’s artistic director?

2/19/2019 - Grand Canyon visitors may have been exposed to radioactive material for two decades

2/19/2019 - Machine learning is upending everything, so why aren’t US businesses ready?

2/19/2019 - Karl Lagerfeld was a study in contradictions

2/19/2019 - Karl Lagerfeld continued Chanel’s legacy by working right up to his death

2/19/2019 - The first ever World Restaurant Awards crushes hard on South Africa

2/19/2019 - Why women of color take more risks in the workplace

2/19/2019 - Estonia is running its country like a tech company

2/19/2019 - Now is the time to implement the flipped workplace at scale

2/19/2019 - India’s pivot to blockchain, chart signals, and bug bounties

2/19/2019 - Netflix isn’t talking about itself like a tech company anymore

2/19/2019 - Brits can’t get enough of vegan sausage rolls

2/19/2019 - A democratic experiment in Ireland could become the model for fighting climate change

2/19/2019 - The complete guide to getting Global Entry and TSA PreCheck

2/19/2019 - Couples’ “how we met” stories are getting shorter

2/19/2019 - Internet dating is killing the workplace romance

2/19/2019 - Walmart earnings, US states vs. Trump, legal rights for lakes

2/19/2019 - This hit app is a symbol of the uneasy relationship between China’s tech giants and the Party

2/19/2019 - Today in Quartz membership: Steve Ballmer, Private Key, and Peter Drucker

2/19/2019 - Steve Ballmer played a powerful part in Microsoft’s comeback

2/19/2019 - “The Effective Executive,” by Peter Drucker

2/19/2019 - Pay attention to India’s pivot to blockchain

2/19/2019 - Silencing Hong Kong’s national anthem protests will deepen fear, not love, of China

2/19/2019 - India’s two-million-tonne e-waste problem has deadly consequences

2/19/2019 - India’s mobile gaming rage PUBG promises to improve after backlash

2/19/2019 - Uganda’s social media tax has led to a drop in internet and mobile money users

2/19/2019 - Timeline: How two feuding Indian brothers squandered their pharma empire

2/19/2019 - MBS in India, US states vs. Trump, tree-planting splurge

2/19/2019 - The Saudi crown prince is walking a tightrope across Pakistan and India

2/18/2019 - India’s central bank finally toes the line, pays $4 billion advance to government

2/18/2019 - Brexit fallout, derailed summit, tree-planting splurge

2/18/2019 - Choosing to sleep in separate beds is the last relationship taboo

2/18/2019 - A brief history of presidential downtime—from Roosevelt to Trump

2/18/2019 - How to watch the 2019 Oscars on TV and online

2/18/2019 - The top visitors to a British government website on fake news were from Russia

2/18/2019 - Nigeria’s election delay only builds the lack of trust in its ability to hold fair elections

2/18/2019 - More US-China trade talks, Britain rebukes Facebook, space harpoon

2/18/2019 - China buys one out of every two electric vehicles sold globally

2/18/2019 - The Quartz Alternative Oscars (because the real ones will suck this year)

2/18/2019 - Why Indian payment firms think the RBI’s plan to expand the industry is a bad idea

2/18/2019 - Today in Quartz membership: Microsoft’s rebirth

2/18/2019 - Photos: When Microsoft ruled the world

2/18/2019 - A complete guide to Microsoft’s comeback

2/18/2019 - “Never seen anything like this before,” says Facebook India’s fake-news buster after Pulwama attack

2/18/2019 - Amazon is targeting customers in Kenya who want to pay in cash

2/18/2019 - The most successful EV model to date is not from the US or China

2/18/2019 - How the Narendra Modi government let Kashmir slide into chaos again

2/18/2019 - Who are the indigenous Ainu people of Japan?

2/18/2019 - After Pulwama attack, Indians vent their anger at Pakistan, ethnic Kashmiris, and media

2/18/2019 - Poland rebuffs Israel, Britain rebukes Facebook, space harpoon

2/18/2019 - Violence rocks Kashmir’s Pulwama district again days after a deadly attack on security forces

2/17/2019 - Singapore budget, trade talks, space harpoon

2/17/2019 - The “snow moon” is just another full moon—with a little extra sparkle

2/17/2019 - Runway-worthy scrubs are the result of a booming US health care sector

2/17/2019 - After declaring a national emergency, Trump spent the weekend at his golf course

2/17/2019 - China is using facial recognition to track millions of Muslim citizens wherever they go

2/17/2019 - The Pentagon could deny Trump national emergency funds, defense secretary says

2/17/2019 - The US stock market is off to its best start of the year since the early 1990s

2/17/2019 - The White House asked Japan’s prime minister to nominate Trump for a Nobel prize

2/17/2019 - Fela, Achebe and Saro-Wiwa were right about Nigeria’s politics

2/17/2019 - Infosys, on a 10,000-job hiring sprint in the US, is 75% of the way there

2/17/2019 - The NBA is looking to Africa for basketball’s future talent and audience with Obama’s help

2/17/2019 - One in 10 companies going public say climate change is a risk to their business

2/17/2019 - Tourist destinations are trying to deter “low value” travelers with new taxes

2/17/2019 - The best breakup songs for your recently ended relationship

2/17/2019 - The home coffee-brewer’s dilemma: grind at home or buy pre-ground?

2/17/2019 - Nigeria’s sicke cell drug, Zimbabwe’s currency hopes, Africa’s internal migration

2/17/2019 - We get the journalism we deserve

2/16/2019 - Weekend edition—Amazon vs. NYC, helicopter parents, Chinese sci-fi

2/16/2019 - Weekend edition—Amazon vs. NYC, helicopter parents, Chinese sci-fi

2/16/2019 - The US government has redefined “pink slime” as ground beef

2/16/2019 - Counting push-ups can help predict your risk of heart disease

2/16/2019 - How band breakups are a lot like relationship splits

2/16/2019 - Climate change threatens to wipe out meerkats in the next 50 years

2/16/2019 - The African Union has a brilliant plan for Africa, if it could get it right

2/16/2019 - The postponement of Nigeria’s elections will have major human and economic impact

2/16/2019 - A Vogue Brazil editor’s party evoking slavery images caused a massive backlash

2/16/2019 - Hipster job searches are on the rise

2/16/2019 - The World Restaurant Awards recognize that diners want more than white tablecloths and toques

2/16/2019 - North Korea has instructed its factories to copy big brands’ sneaker designs

2/16/2019 - Photos: Aerial shots showcase Australia’s brutal drought

2/16/2019 - To save journalism, regulate Big Tech… lightly

2/16/2019 - Amazon was not prepared for New York City politics

2/16/2019 - Here is the probability you will break up with your partner

2/16/2019 - Period pain can be treated. But US regulators won’t follow doctors’ orders

2/16/2019 - Now that we’ve admitted we have “errand paralysis,” how do we cure it?

2/16/2019 - The problem with broadcasting your romance on social media

2/16/2019 - As luxury brands struggle with race, black talent won New York Fashion Week

2/15/2019 - Nigeria has postponed its presidential elections

2/15/2019 - Sales for the world’s largest pot company just keep getting higher

2/15/2019 - A crisp Tom Collins is the perfect way to showcase an excellent gin

2/15/2019 - Weekend edition—Amazon vs. NYC, helicopter parents, Chinese sci-fi

2/15/2019 - CBP perpetuates the myth that migrant caravans are violent

2/15/2019 - Colin Kaepernick settles his collusion lawsuit against the NFL

2/15/2019 - The US is keeping an eye on China’s lunar rover

2/15/2019 - Uber is slowing down

2/15/2019 - Quartzy: the new york fashion week edition

2/15/2019 - Trump will take billions from the military and police to build border fencing

2/15/2019 - The Oracle of Omaha has given up on Oracle, the company

2/15/2019 - Mixtapes

2/15/2019 - Research shows your brain physically ages faster when you’re depressed

2/15/2019 - What happens when a president declares a national emergency?

2/15/2019 - The emails that brought down Enron still shape our daily lives

2/15/2019 - A fintech startup founded by Palantir veterans envisions a one-tap mortgage

2/15/2019 - There’s a good reason bonsai growers think of trees as their children

2/15/2019 - These issues are more worthy of becoming a national emergency than the “border crisis”

2/15/2019 - Our crypto members-only conference call starts in 15 minutes

2/15/2019 - In under a month, Uganda has deported four top MTN executives, including the CEO

2/15/2019 - Meet the new Quartz Pros: Jennifer Blanke, Jessica Davidoff, Jeff Rosenthal, Roxanne Taylor, Ryan Walsh

2/15/2019 - An election internet shutdown would cost Nigeria $134 million a day

2/15/2019 - Why the UK’s largest body of pediatricians will no longer take money from baby-formula companies

2/15/2019 - Zimbabwe is trying to bring back its own currency but no one seems to think it’ll work

2/15/2019 - How I fell out of love with the internet

2/15/2019 - The only person besides Warren Buffett who Charlie Munger trusts with his money

2/15/2019 - Is the universe pro-life? 

2/15/2019 - Company culture needs a risk-management approach

2/15/2019 - Oil giants are competing to buy battery companies

2/15/2019 - Meet the former federal prosecutor who wants to abolish prisons

2/15/2019 - A new space agency signals Africa’s focus on harnessing geospatial data

2/15/2019 - There are ways to combat racism that don’t rely on implicit bias

2/15/2019 - Trump’s state of emergency, “productive” trade talks, garbage ski slopes

2/15/2019 - A “full disclosure” approach isn’t the best way to manage your emotions

2/15/2019 - Problem with your airline? Tweet at it

2/15/2019 - Today in Quartz membership: Wrapping up crypto; how to complain to an airline; and a conference call

2/15/2019 - Where to find (accurate) information about bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies

2/15/2019 - Secrets of a four-day week, from an owner who wants every company to try it

2/15/2019 - Careless employees pose the biggest cybersecurity threat to Indian companies

2/15/2019 - At least 80% of African migrants never leave the continent, but the focus is on Europe

2/15/2019 - What works (and doesn’t) on Indian Tinder

2/15/2019 - Indians look forward to old age way more than anyone else

2/15/2019 - Here’s why Hindu nationalists aspire to Israel’s “ethnic democracy”

2/15/2019 - A US researcher explains why it wouldn’t be in Twitter’s interest to target right-wing Indians

2/15/2019 - Nigeria elections, another defeat for May, Purdie Shuffle

2/14/2019 - After 25 years, India’s oldest private airline may slip out of its founder’s hands

2/14/2019 - A Trump national emergency will face immediate legal challenges from Congress

2/14/2019 - Charlie Munger offers advice on hiring—and a dig at Elon Musk

2/14/2019 - Amazon ditching New York City makes Virginia real estate even more attractive

2/14/2019 - Trump declares emergency, Amazon-NYC breakup, Lego faces

2/14/2019 - Great white sharks might have driven megalodons to extinction

2/14/2019 - For Valentine’s Day, a 95-year-old billionaire’s advice on finding the perfect partner

2/14/2019 - Here’s how much your old Samsung Galaxy phone is worth now

2/14/2019 - The Purdie Shuffle

2/14/2019 - What does JPMorgan see in crypto now that it didn’t before?

2/14/2019 - Amazon is breaking up with New York City

2/14/2019 - The real reason behind the rise of helicopter parenting

2/14/2019 - Hollywood legends wrote a feisty letter scolding the Academy for the latest Oscars debacle

2/14/2019 - German scientists are simulating future climate change to save wine

2/14/2019 - 3D-printed rockets are winning over SpaceX veterans

2/14/2019 - The word “wall” does not appear once in the House bill to keep the government open

2/14/2019 - Ethiopia’s plan to privatize and split up its mobile phone monopoly won’t be as easy as it looks

2/14/2019 - Aggressive online competition means US savers can now easily get interest rates of 2% or more

2/14/2019 - We should treat algorithms like prescription drugs

2/14/2019 - Love note to design geeks: You can now book a room at the TWA Hotel

2/14/2019 - Tell us how you feel and we’ll show you a Lego that feels the same way

2/14/2019 - The assumption that single people are lonelier than couples is flat wrong

2/14/2019 - Epic and intimate glimpses of nature from the Sony World Photography Awards

2/14/2019 - Even Republicans think companies may have a responsibility to society

2/14/2019 - Crypto grows up in Davos, the case of the lost Canadian crypto, and the government is watching

2/14/2019 - GPS has been in action for 30 years and it’s just getting started

2/14/2019 - How the Parkland school shooting changed American childhood

2/14/2019 - DoorDash has overtaken Uber Eats in US online food delivery

2/14/2019 - Is there a Chicken Soup for your soul?

2/14/2019 - FEMA head Brock Long’s departure leaves another hole in US security

2/14/2019 - An obituary for the Airbus A380

2/14/2019 - US shutdown vote, RIP Airbus A380, Tinder for cows

2/14/2019 - No, these are not the photos of the first black leopard seen in Africa in a century

2/14/2019 - Investors are shrugging off Brexit and pouring money into UK fintech startups

2/14/2019 - Before you ghost your date, practice politely dumping our chatbot

2/14/2019 - Love, breakups, and the language of postmodern relationships

2/14/2019 - A definitive guide to the best breakup movies since 1970

2/14/2019 - Today in Quartz membership: More on crypto, and the truth about productivity tips

2/14/2019 - What a life coach won’t tell you about productivity tips

2/14/2019 - The crypto community is showing signs of growing up

2/14/2019 - Is now the time to buy bitcoin? Consult this flowchart

2/14/2019 - Is India cleaner after Modi’s Swachh Bharat?

2/14/2019 - The harassment scandal in French journalism has a silver lining

2/14/2019 - Is the BJP losing its grip on Indian Twitter?

2/14/2019 - Even pretending to use your spending data for Valentine’s Day ads is becoming a bad idea

2/14/2019 - Young people running for office in Nigeria have goodwill and the law on their side—but it’s not enough

2/14/2019 - A year on, India is still reeling from its biggest bank fraud while the perpetrators are at large

2/14/2019 - Parkland anniversary, RIP Oppy, Tinder for cows

2/13/2019 - On Valentine’s day, India’s looking for love on Tinder, gifts on Amazon, and videos on Netflix

2/13/2019 - All the mush of Valentine’s day can’t woo your Indian date

2/13/2019 - Parkland anniversary, RIP Oppy, new Tinder for beasts

2/13/2019 - Ships full of Teslas are racing toward China, fueled by trade-war fears

2/13/2019 - While Activision reported record sales, employees were getting laid off

2/13/2019 - Shrinking pop songs

2/13/2019 - Apex Legends, EA’s new battle-royale game, is smashing Fortnite records

2/13/2019 - Philadelphia will feel like Memphis by 2080, and other insights from climate models

2/13/2019 - Levi’s has filed to go public—again

2/13/2019 - A four-year-old reviews the “Frozen II” trailer: “Elsa looks like fear!”

2/13/2019 - The push for gender diversity in leadership is entering a whole new phase

2/13/2019 - The median gender pay gap: It’s time to tell the whole story

2/13/2019 - A growing body of evidence is linking junk food to earlier death

2/13/2019 - Google Translate is a manifestation of Wittgenstein’s theory of language

2/13/2019 - The Mars Opportunity rover has officially ghosted Earth

2/13/2019 - You can already order the new Galaxy S10… if you really trust Samsung

2/13/2019 - Maria Ressa’s arrest is a warning to every journalist in a democracy

2/13/2019 - Heineken thinks the US is a promising market for non-alcoholic beer

2/13/2019 - Yale students sue for access to all-male fraternities and their powerful networks

2/13/2019 - Netflix’s “Sex Education” shows how learning to have good sex can make us better people

2/13/2019 - The NASA Opportunity Rover’s incredible visions of Mars

2/13/2019 - The “+1” mentality can help close the gender and race gap at work

2/13/2019 - Jeff Bezos and Amazon are taking over suburbia

2/13/2019 - The key detail to look for in a pair of waterproof boots

2/13/2019 - Even Amazon can’t make Whole Foods a cheap place to shop

2/13/2019 - It costs a fortune to call someone from a US jail

2/13/2019 - Mastercard’s new “sonic logo” will play every time you make a purchase

2/13/2019 - The story of the Malawian boy who saved his village with a wind turbine comes to Netflix

2/13/2019 - The US is less connected than Bulgaria, and other globalization surprises

2/13/2019 - Breakups suck, but the word “breakup” is wonderful

2/13/2019 - Pompeo in Poland, fox terriers rule, Peppa Pig accents

2/13/2019 - South Africa’s latest plan for a state-owned power giant might just work

2/13/2019 - Today in Quartz membership: A more private cryptocurrency, and a new Tipping Points

2/13/2019 - In a world under constant surveillance, privacy coins may offer a way out

2/13/2019 - Your income is probably your most valuable asset. Is it secure?

2/13/2019 - India’s public banks lost $1.5 billion last quarter—but no one’s complaining

2/13/2019 - When a successful Indian entrepreneur sparked a Twitter debate on Paytm’s business model

2/13/2019 - Twitter says it’s a global glitch. India’s right wing smells a conspiracy

2/13/2019 - How to stay online in 2019 when the internet or social media is blocked in your country

2/13/2019 - Pompeo in Poland, fox terriers rule, Peppa Pig accents

2/12/2019 - Depicting India’s 2019 elections as a Modi-Rahul battle is an oversimplification

2/12/2019 - REI’s CEO is stepping down over a personal relationship with another outdoor-industry exec

2/12/2019 - A look inside the supermax prison where El Chapo will likely spend the rest of his life

2/12/2019 - El Chapo guilty, Trump’s ambiguous deadlines, Peppa Pig accents

2/12/2019 - Apple is reportedly holding its next event March 25

2/12/2019 - In the age of athleisure, Under Armour is doubling down on performance

2/12/2019 - Lost sounds

2/12/2019 - China has produced another study showing the potential of AI in medical diagnosis

2/12/2019 - What’s behind the upside-down weather in the US

2/12/2019 - Southwest’s quirky boarding process is making it a killing

2/12/2019 - King’s realm: Behind the scenes at the Westminster Dog Show

2/12/2019 - New science shows managing blood sugar isn’t about counting calories or carbs

2/12/2019 - The art of feeling at home even when you don’t belong

2/12/2019 - Trump and O’Rourke’s simultaneous El Paso rallies couldn’t have been more different

2/12/2019 - Populism revisited: expect more twists and turns ahead

2/12/2019 - Now the only thing standing in the way of a border wall deal is Trump

2/12/2019 - In the age of fake news, here’s how schools are teaching kids to think like fact-checkers

2/12/2019 - Employees should bring their weekend selves to work

2/12/2019 - How Bill Gates remembers what he reads

2/12/2019 - Bill Gates on how he would educate himself if he were 15 years old

2/12/2019 - Bill and Melinda Gates on nine things that surprised them

2/12/2019 - 500 years after Leonardo da Vinci wondered why babies are born preterm, we still have no idea

2/12/2019 - Bill Gates on why his nuclear energy hopes shifted from China to the US

2/12/2019 - Bill Gates is looking for the balance between data privacy and innovation

2/12/2019 - Bill Gates says socialism has “worked extremely poorly”

2/12/2019 - Aziz Ansari’s new standup tour explores what comes after being woke

2/12/2019 - Bees can learn the difference between different styles of art in a single afternoon

2/12/2019 - Placing a value on Binance’s BNB

2/12/2019 - A feud between France and Italy sums up the deep rift over Europe

2/12/2019 - Around 40% of American couples now first meet online

2/12/2019 - Powell on poverty, dueling border speeches, invading polar bears

2/12/2019 - Today in Quartz membership: The people who make crypto run

2/12/2019 - How much is a Binance token worth?

2/12/2019 - “My Years With General Motors,” by Alfred P. Sloan, Jr.

2/12/2019 - Why Indian banks should be worried about the slowing growth of auto companies

2/12/2019 - The most important people in cryptocurrency today

2/12/2019 - This is where you should move if you want a job in AI

2/12/2019 - ConsenSys’s Andrew Keys on the future of blockchain-based business

2/12/2019 - Airtel and Telkom are uniting to take on Safaricom in Kenya

2/12/2019 - Drones can wait. Zomato’s pedalling its way to customers for now

2/12/2019 - Reliance Jio has the best 4G coverage in India, but Airtel’s the fastest

2/12/2019 - Ola vs Uber: The latest score in the great Indian taxi-app game

2/12/2019 - Catalan trial, Border wall deal, fish sauce Chernobyl

2/11/2019 - SpiceJet may have finally learnt its lesson: Price wars do not pay

2/11/2019 - Border towns fight Trump’s plan to put razor wire in their backyards

2/11/2019 - Blackface fashion is officially the worst fashion trend of 2019

2/11/2019 - The decline of high-quality journalism is a market failure, says an official UK report

2/11/2019 - SoftBank’s robot investment, US-China talks, fish sauce Chernobyl

2/11/2019 - A third of Americans think it’s OK to wear blackface

2/11/2019 - The numbers behind Ilhan Omar’s AIPAC tweet

2/11/2019 - Four ways the oil and gas industry is partnering with today’s big tech companies

2/11/2019 - The chills

2/11/2019 - Photos: 40 years since the Iranian Revolution

2/11/2019 - The new “Game of Thrones” publicity photos, ranked by sadness level

2/11/2019 - The secret to Japan’s precise forecast of the dates when cherry blossoms bloom

2/11/2019 - Brexiteers now say a crashing pound after Brexit might not be “such a bad thing”

2/11/2019 - Your office pool never went this wrong: $375,000 lost

2/11/2019 - The roots of “servant leadership” management culture date back to Hermann Hesse and a young Hillary Clinton

2/11/2019 - Stress is hurting kids’ health. California’s new surgeon general has a plan to help

2/11/2019 - Unvaccinated children are coming of age–and they want protection

2/11/2019 - South Africa could be the world’s next gas exporter, or an environmental disaster

2/11/2019 - Luxury skincare is driving record profits in the beauty industry

2/11/2019 - The same data used to protect immigrants could be used to deport them

2/11/2019 - This charming BAFTA acceptance speech prizes friendship and working mothers

2/11/2019 - Trade and border wall talks, Iran’s revolution turns 40, “obligation chocolate”

2/11/2019 - Nigerian scientists patented a sickle cell drug using a traditional herbal remedy—then it all fell apart

2/11/2019 - Today in Quartz membership: Crypto’s second act

2/11/2019 - How to speak crypto: A glossary of terms

2/11/2019 - A complete guide to cryptocurrency after the crash

2/11/2019 - Nigerian politicians are adopting new campaign tactics to reach voters directly

2/11/2019 - Not just porn, Indian telecom firms are blocking other websites, too

2/11/2019 - Melting Himalayan glaciers put 2 billion south Asian lives at risk

2/11/2019 - US-China talks, princess politics, cannabis surplus

2/11/2019 - Michelle Obama helped kick off a more inclusive Grammys broadcast

2/11/2019 - What are India’s stakes in China’s Belt and Road plan?

2/11/2019 - Why India’s latest push for solar panel manufacturing may not be strong enough

2/10/2019 - Grammy or no Grammy, this desi mother will always sing from her heart

2/10/2019 - The “Aladdin” trailer proves some things should stay as cartoons

2/10/2019 - #ShutdownIndia shows Modi’s much-hyped startup initiative is unravelling

2/10/2019 - Amy Klobuchar fans braved a blizzard to watch her 2020 US presidential bid announcement

2/10/2019 - US-China talks, princess politics, Orwell rejection

2/10/2019 - Photos: The black-and-white Polish film that won the world’s top cinematography prize

2/10/2019 - Watch: the musician Turkey mourns in its protest of China’s Uyghur detention camps

2/10/2019 - How Facebook stacks up against other tech giants when they were 15

2/10/2019 - The Congolese-American activist who scaled the Statue of Liberty isn’t backing down from taking on Trump

2/10/2019 - Ghana’s boxing capital, African avocados vs coffee, Nigeria’s digital votes

2/9/2019 - Lindsey Vonn is retiring as the best US skier of all time

2/9/2019 - Weekend edition—Grim guidance, Brexit dilemmas, porta-potty king

2/9/2019 - Weekend edition—Grim guidance, Brexit dilemmas, porta-potty king

2/9/2019 - Elizabeth Warren just became the fourth major woman candidate in the 2020 US presidential race

2/9/2019 - A city in Ohio made Election Day a holiday—and set an example for the US

2/9/2019 - Barbie is back to being a billion-dollar brand

2/9/2019 - For the markets, it’s all downhill from here

2/9/2019 - Everything you need to know about the Westminster Dog Show

2/9/2019 - Oregon has more legal cannabis than the state can consume in six years

2/9/2019 - A photographer recreated the “sensory experience” of the Underground Railroad

2/9/2019 - A 1990s puffer loved by rappers, hikers, and prep-school kids is everywhere again

2/9/2019 - A note-perfect episode of Hulu’s “PEN15” captures the distinct awkwardness of middle-school band

2/9/2019 - In defense of Valentine’s Day, the most maligned holiday

2/9/2019 - Making restaurant reservations may soon be like buying an airline ticket

2/9/2019 - What to expect when you stay in a “lean luxury” hotel

2/9/2019 - There’s a serious philosophical argument supporting the man suing his parents for giving birth to him

2/9/2019 - A new report asserts that Juul created a “nicotine arms race”

2/8/2019 - Weekend edition—Grim guidance, Brexit dilemmas, porta-potty king

2/8/2019 - Cork, shoe polish, and the history of blackface

2/8/2019 - More efficient light bulbs? Trump administration would rather not

2/8/2019 - Witch hunts, suicide wishes, and Whitaker—the acting AG at the House Judiciary Committee

2/8/2019 - How to foster a culture of belonging at work

2/8/2019 - Quartzy: the gooprah edition

2/8/2019 - Quartzy: the gooprah edition

2/8/2019 - China’s slowdown hasn’t slowed down luxury brand lovers

2/8/2019 - The cloud

2/8/2019 - That time David Pecker feared his reputation would be tarnished by nude pics

2/8/2019 - With help from a tortoise, scientists invented an insulin pill for diabetes patients

2/8/2019 - We mathematically identified the biggest cult movies

2/8/2019 - Why Jeff Bezos exposing David Pecker is bad news for Donald Trump

2/8/2019 - Wine before beer, or beer before wine? Science says the hangover will be equally punishing

2/8/2019 - People’s hatred of Skype is helping startups erode Microsoft Office’s dominance at work

2/8/2019 - Trump’s ambassador pick for South Africa shows how disconnected the two countries are

2/8/2019 - Our esports conference call starts at 11 a.m. ET/4 p.m. GMT

2/8/2019 - The Brown Dog Affair

2/8/2019 - The Brown Dog Affair

2/8/2019 - Jeff Bezos just “complexified” the work of AMI. So it’s looking into it

2/8/2019 - Dear billionaires: Please hire me to ghostwrite open letters to your blackmailers

2/8/2019 - ‘Mergers of equals’ are never truly equal

2/8/2019 - Russia is expanding its strategic influence in Africa

2/8/2019 - Burberry’s new campaign aims to be inclusive—sort of

2/8/2019 - The investigations by Democrats that have Trump worried

2/8/2019 - In defense of Taco Bell’s vibrant drive-thru culture

2/8/2019 - A Ugandan government plan to add “women’s curves” as a tourism attraction is demeaning

2/8/2019 - Why is it so hard to design a decent office space?

2/8/2019 - Revolut is riding the record-setting boom in fintech investing

2/8/2019 - Soybean stats, Bezos vs. the National Enquirer, revisiting the Vikings

2/8/2019 - These tortured analogies can help you understand Brexit better

2/8/2019 - Ordinary Nigerians are leading the charge to reform the country’s corrupt police force

2/8/2019 - Edible bouquets for hipster foodies are here and god they look awful

2/8/2019 - Economists figured out just how much men will pay to end baldness

2/8/2019 - Today in Quartz membership: Inside esports, Private Key, and a new feature

2/8/2019 - How to keep up with esports

2/8/2019 - Photos: Inside the excitement of an esports tournament

2/8/2019 - The Brown Dog Affair

2/8/2019 - “India Syndrome,” and the strange side of Americans’ obsession with Hindu spirituality

2/8/2019 - Thinking of launching a startup in India? Here’s the best place for advice

2/8/2019 - May in Dublin, Bezos vs. tabloid, ugly Manhattan duck

2/8/2019 - May in Dublin, Bezos vs. tabloid, ugly Manhattan duck

2/8/2019 - Indian consumers are feeling optimistic, but nobody knows why

2/8/2019 - Are WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter ready for the Indian election?

2/7/2019 - Watch: India’s election campaign is now a rap battle between the BJP and the Congress

2/7/2019 - Jeff Bezos is daring the National Enquirer to blackmail him over nude photos

2/7/2019 - How to eviscerate your enemies with words, by Jeff Bezos

2/7/2019 - Why is it still called a lunch break?

2/7/2019 - BB&T and SunTrust announce merger, Green New Deal, ugly ducks

2/7/2019 - Food-delivery company Postmates files paperwork to go public

2/7/2019 - The Brown Dog Affair

2/7/2019 - Self-harm images on Instagram show how difficult it is to police content online

2/7/2019 - One part of the brain appears to be immune to Alzheimer’s

2/7/2019 - Update your Apple devices right now

2/7/2019 - Match Group wants to create a monopoly in your heart

2/7/2019 - Tiny bugs in Greenland are telling the truth about Vikings

2/7/2019 - Trump’s wall talk is hurting US businesses at the border

2/7/2019 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez helped set a documentary sales record at Sundance

2/7/2019 - The US-Mexico border wall is planned to go straight through a butterfly sanctuary

2/7/2019 - The trailer for HBO’s Adnan Syed documentary is weirdly trashy and manipulative

2/7/2019 - Photos: The Maduro government shut down a bridge bringing aid into Venezuela

2/7/2019 - How Charlotte, North Carolina, became the banking hub of the American south

2/7/2019 - Are sharks being attacked by killer whales off Cape Town’s coast?

2/7/2019 - How to watch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ed Markey unveil the Green New Deal

2/7/2019 - What will happen when Robert Mueller finally hands in his investigation

2/7/2019 - Tourists want to “live like a local.” How do locals feel about that?

2/7/2019 - Social media trolls and influencers are set for a bitter battle in Nigeria’s elections

2/7/2019 - Ethiopia’s teff flour is no longer patented as a Dutch invention

2/7/2019 - This week in apologies: Gucci’s blackface jumper and Adidas’s Black History Month shoe

2/7/2019 - Read in full: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is here

2/7/2019 - Most Americans believe employers “do their best” to pay employees well

2/7/2019 - If Fyre Festival taught us anything it’s the wisdom of booking with a credit card

2/7/2019 - Dollar stores

2/7/2019 - Dollar stores

2/7/2019 - Our earnings-reports conference call starts in 15 minutes

2/7/2019 - The self-serving politics and bitter debate behind the periodic table

2/7/2019 - The euro-zone economy is back on familiar ground—slow, grinding growth

2/7/2019 - This is the one big question founders should be asking about their new technologies

2/7/2019 - Should This Exist? Our new podcast asks big questions about technology and humanity

2/7/2019 - A parliamentary report lays bare how badly the UK fails its youngest kids

2/7/2019 - Ripple spurs Swift change, Facebook hires send signals, and Zcash reveals a vulnerability

2/7/2019 - There’s a strong ethical case for wearing leather and fur

2/7/2019 - Twitter’s earnings, SoftBank’s shares, inclusive emojis

2/7/2019 - To most of the world, Brexit is a joke. To Northern Ireland, it’s trauma restored

2/7/2019 - Dollar stores

2/7/2019 - Today in Quartz membership: Inside esports, Private Key, and a new feature

2/7/2019 - Five key takeaways from India’s new central banker’s maiden policy review

2/7/2019 - What cybersecurity experts won’t tell you about your risks

2/7/2019 - Inside the esports team that’s training alongside the Dallas Cowboys

2/7/2019 - International bank payments are changing, thanks to competition from blockchain

2/7/2019 - Esports teams are starting to train more like traditional athletes

2/7/2019 - India ranks among the worst in the world for cybersecurity

2/7/2019 - Indian startups achieve unicorn status faster than those in the US. So what?

2/7/2019 - Theresa May in Brussels, SoftBank surge, inclusive emojis

2/7/2019 - Theresa May in Brussels, SoftBank surge, inclusive emojis

2/7/2019 - India’s new drone policy is shortsighted. Here’s why

2/7/2019 - India’s richest man is all for strict government policing of online content

2/6/2019 - Why Spotify wants to be like Netflix now

2/6/2019 - Winter is over! (According to the Anglo-Saxon calendar)

2/6/2019 - Twitter earnings, Spotify’s acquisitions, inclusive emojis

2/6/2019 - We know a ton about Samsung’s new phones before they’re even out

2/6/2019 - Dollar stores

2/6/2019 - What the US Army does when a 25-foot-high border wall just doesn’t seem like enough

2/6/2019 - How your employer is key to a financially healthy year. New job not required

2/6/2019 - Facebook will start measuring “social” good in its employee performance reviews

2/6/2019 - Largest repository of climate data in the world confirms 2018 was the fourth hottest year on record

2/6/2019 - Video game giants are making Fortnite copycats to stop the bleeding

2/6/2019 - The human appetite for meat is driving Earth’s largest animals to extinction

2/6/2019 - Warren Buffett has good advice for narrowing down your reading list

2/6/2019 - Yeezys and Vans joined Nike as top-selling sneakers in the US in 2018

2/6/2019 - Photos: Donald Trump’s night in Nancy Pelosi’s House

2/6/2019 - America First, meet Asia First

2/6/2019 - The bears come for the Bond King

2/6/2019 - It’s 2019 and faxing is still a thing

2/6/2019 - Grapefruit

2/6/2019 - Grapefruit

2/6/2019 - Quick lessons from John Oliver’s method to avoid drowning in the news

2/6/2019 - Hollywood has always idealized and exploited non-professional actors

2/6/2019 - I thought I understood my trans body—then I tried VR

2/6/2019 - How to ask for a raise, according to three experts and a chatbot

2/6/2019 - Disney’s biggest bet is being propped up by its most stable business

2/6/2019 - A Zen master explains how to walk more mindfully—without looking like a weirdo

2/6/2019 - Britain’s long history of trying—and failing—to break away from Europe

2/6/2019 - US-North Korea dates, Trump’s big speech, recovered crown jewels

2/6/2019 - The Pope’s visit is part of a long-running campaign by the UAE to show it’s seriously tolerant

2/6/2019 - India’s single time zone may have a surprising effect on education and poverty

2/6/2019 - A translation gaffe at a major Beijing event defined China’s relations with Africa as “exploitation”

2/6/2019 - Older women’s brains look similar to younger men’s

2/6/2019 - Grapefruit

2/6/2019 - Surprise, there’s a six-mile hole under Antarctica

2/6/2019 - Today in Quartz membership: An esports Q&A and essay, and Tipping Points

2/6/2019 - Why do so many esports players retire before they’re 25?

2/6/2019 - Is the tax man coming for you?

2/6/2019 - Harvard scientists found a link between smoking weed and higher sperm count

2/6/2019 - Michael Prindiville wants to make esports as big as the NBA

2/6/2019 - Donald Trump presented his racial narrative to the nation—and it was deeply problematic

2/6/2019 - India’s financial capital is now a hotbed for startups

2/6/2019 - Mandarin is putting in extra work to catch up with European languages in South African classrooms

2/6/2019 - Is Twitter biased against India’s right wing? A parliament panel wants to know

2/6/2019 - US-North Korea dates, Trump’s big speech, recovered crown jewels

2/6/2019 - US-North Korea summit, Trump’s big speech, recovered crown jewels

2/6/2019 - Stacey Abrams broke the curse of the disastrous rebuttal

2/6/2019 - Indian banks may have an over Rs30,00,00,00,00,000 bad loan storm coming

2/6/2019 - Read the full text of Stacey Abrams’ response to Donald Trump’s SOTU

2/6/2019 - Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech was a cry for help

2/5/2019 - Despite the many policy pricks, Walmart can’t just walk away from Flipkart

2/5/2019 - Why 2019 may be the year when luxury smartphones finally find their feet in India

2/5/2019 - Donald Trump plans a nuclear arms race in his State of the Union

2/5/2019 - There is no science behind Donald Trump’s remarks on abortion

2/5/2019 - Read the full text of Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address

2/5/2019 - Indian startups’ vexing angel tax problem may just be resolved within a week

2/5/2019 - Everything the Trump administration hasn’t done to end HIV/AIDS within 10 years

2/5/2019 - Watch live: Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech

2/5/2019 - A mother separated from her children at the US border will attend the SOTU address

2/5/2019 - Apple’s head of retail is leaving the company

2/5/2019 - New Zealand may soon join the more-tourists-than-residents club

2/5/2019 - Ralph Lauren is loving streetwear right now

2/5/2019 - Trump’s big speech, Nissan-Waymo talks, recovered crown jewels

2/5/2019 - Tonight’s State of the Union guests represent a deeply divided America

2/5/2019 - The unceremonious end to the Swedish crown-jewels theft

2/5/2019 - The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is backtracking on year-long parental leaves

2/5/2019 - Oil companies and utilities are buying up all the electric car charging startups

2/5/2019 - Snack Twitter, from Whoopie Pies to Corn Nuts, is rallying around a depressed SunnyD

2/5/2019 - Grapefruit

2/5/2019 - Trump could cost the US the World Bank presidency for the first time

2/5/2019 - 5G connectivity will one day power the future of cities

2/5/2019 - Merck is all but ready to vaccinate the world against HPV—and make billions in the process

2/5/2019 - What to watch instead of Trump’s State of the Union

2/5/2019 - Thanks to the world’s love of avocados, Africa’s coffee producers are pivoting

2/5/2019 - Facebook banned armed groups that fight against the military in Myanmar

2/5/2019 - Amazon has finally admitted to investors that it has a counterfeit problem

2/5/2019 - Will Stacey Abrams avoid the State of the Union response jinx?

2/5/2019 - Scissors

2/5/2019 - Scissors

2/5/2019 - The case for starting sex-ed conversations with kids at age four

2/5/2019 - How to begin the invisible work of change management

2/5/2019 - Brands from Warby Parker to Sephora have actually found sensible uses for AR

2/5/2019 - Microsoft warned investors that biased or flawed AI could hurt the company’s image

2/5/2019 - The fundamental problem with Silicon Valley’s favorite growth strategy

2/5/2019 - Gwyneth Paltrow is becoming the Oprah of wellness 2.0

2/5/2019 - I’ve gotten a job offer elsewhere. Should I tell anyone at work?

2/5/2019 - How Trump and the Brexiteers froze the world’s IPO market

2/5/2019 - Tesla bought a battery company, and it’s more about cash flow than batteries

2/5/2019 - Fender built the Swiss army knife of guitars

2/5/2019 - The US Supreme Court will review the government’s right to be a prude

2/5/2019 - Trust architecture, Kraken grows larger, and why zeroes matter for bitcoin

2/5/2019 - In just two years, 9,000 of these cameras were installed to spy on your car

2/5/2019 - Being Google is getting very expensive

2/5/2019 - For Ireland, Brexit may prove to be another moment of psychological liberation

2/5/2019 - A tiny Canadian cannabis company is now the proud owner of the stock symbol POT

2/5/2019 - Union membership in the US keeps on falling, like almost everywhere else

2/5/2019 - Trump’s State of the Union, spotlight on Disney, arty superyachts

2/5/2019 - Scissors

2/5/2019 - The Oxford English Dictionary is adding new words based on your workplace jargon

2/5/2019 - Howard Schultz doesn’t like the term “billionaire.” Here’s what to call him instead

2/5/2019 - Why are Indian investors shying away from mutual funds?

2/5/2019 - Mumbai’s sky-high rents have left no room for big music concerts

2/5/2019 - Lunar New Year, Facebook turns 15, Trump’s free time

2/5/2019 - Lunar New Year, Facebook turns 15, Trump’s free time

2/5/2019 - Over 70% of India’s startups are in tax trouble from angel investments

2/5/2019 - The “debt-trap” narrative around Chinese loans shows Africa’s weak economic diplomacy

2/5/2019 - A timeline of Vijay Mallya’s fall: From the king of good times to the poster boy of loan defaults

2/4/2019 - India may revise plans to restrict the online promotion of vaping and e-cigarettes

2/4/2019 - With $1 billion in its kitty, Swiggy goes shopping for the latest technology

2/4/2019 - Indian homeworkers are paid pennies to work on clothes for international fashion brands

2/4/2019 - Climate change is altering the color of the oceans

2/4/2019 - Alphabet earnings, Tesla buys Maxwell, Super Bowl slump

2/4/2019 - The US government shutdown cost Booz Allen Hamilton $20 million in revenue

2/4/2019 - Denver’s vote to decriminalize magic mushrooms marks the next stage in the drug wars

2/4/2019 - Scissors

2/4/2019 - Every organization needs a “get-back coach”

2/4/2019 - Slack to go public in one of the first major IPOs of 2019

2/4/2019 - Why this map of southern Africa’s rivers went viral

2/4/2019 - Kenya is still on edge three weeks after a deadly terror attack

2/4/2019 - Burger King’s ad says #EatLikeAndy, but Andy Warhol’s first choice was McDonald’s

2/4/2019 - Many fewer migrants are crossing the Mediterranean—yet the death rate is climbing

2/4/2019 - Americans have no way to know what Donald Trump does all day

2/4/2019 - Blockchain is still waiting for its killer app

2/4/2019 - “This is Marketing,” by Seth Godin

2/4/2019 - The esports economy in six charts

2/4/2019 - The players, investors, and games at the heart of esports

2/4/2019 - Photos: African-led churches are taking charge of the gospel in England

2/4/2019 - Jordan Peele won the Super Bowl

2/4/2019 - US defense giants show how American capitalism fails taxpayers

2/4/2019 - Australia is getting women onto company boards surprisingly fast

2/4/2019 - Software developers need confidence, too

2/4/2019 - How to be the kind of boss that people speak up to

2/4/2019 - Alphabet earnings, historic papal visit, baby flamingo rescue missions

2/4/2019 - The cheapest Chinese electric cars are coming to the US and Europe—for as little as $9,000

2/4/2019 - Cancer drugs are way more expensive in the US than other countries

2/4/2019 - It takes twice as long to get a US visa, compared with 2014

2/4/2019 - Today in Quartz membership: Esports are the new sports

2/4/2019 - A brief guide to the (surprisingly long) history of esports

2/4/2019 - The complete guide to esports

2/4/2019 - Has India’s new FDI policy changed e-commerce the way we knew it?

2/4/2019 - The Indian government is worried that cryptocurrencies may destabilise the rupee

2/4/2019 - How selfies can empower and endanger young women in India

2/4/2019 - India’s bruised e-commerce market is still a retail sweet spot

2/4/2019 - China’s holiday, GM layoffs, squirrel lasagne

2/4/2019 - China’s holiday, GM layoffs, squirrel lasagne

2/3/2019 - India’s move to regulate internet content has left e-cigarette users fuming

2/3/2019 - All the commercials in Super Bowl 53—from big names to the big surprises

2/3/2019 - The Patriots have been in half of the last 18 Super Bowls

2/3/2019 - As a hard Brexit looms, Brits are stockpiling food and prepping to evacuate the Queen

2/3/2019 - China’s holiday, GM layoffs, beneficial boredom

2/3/2019 - Michael Bloomberg will gather “all the data” on voters, whether or not he runs for president

2/3/2019 - After calling NFL safety rules “soft,” Trump says his son best avoid the “dangerous sport”

2/3/2019 - Cardi B has thrown her considerable political power behind Colin Kaepernick

2/3/2019 - A two-hour, 60-slide presentation about why pizza is great

2/3/2019 - Africa’s sidelined scientists, private equity’s Afrobeats bet, Ethiopia’s growing airport

2/3/2019 - These photos pay homage to Ghana’s hometown of boxing champions

2/3/2019 - The radical kindness of teenage girls

2/3/2019 - The midrange Manhattan hotel that changed American hospitality

2/2/2019 - “Not everybody lives in California”: Tesla Model 3 owners are griping about frozen door handles

2/2/2019 - Nuclear arms control is increasingly strained as Russia steps back from treaty

2/2/2019 - Easy buffalo wings, shrimp, and cauliflower for the win

2/2/2019 - Britain’s biggest museum acquired its first Banksy—but doesn’t have plans to show it

2/2/2019 - How to watch the Super Bowl later without learning the score

2/2/2019 - Knots

2/2/2019 - Knots

2/2/2019 - Virginia’s governor just reversed his earlier statement about being in a racist photo

2/2/2019 - It’s the year of the sad robot at the Super Bowl

2/2/2019 - A seasonal calendar of American snack food

2/2/2019 - Why dollar stores are replacing supermarkets in low-income neighborhoods

2/2/2019 - The man who made celery juice a wellness craze says a voice told him to do it

2/2/2019 - We’re hitting peak ’90s nostalgia at the Super Bowl

2/2/2019 - A new book argues that peace—not war—will inspire biotech’s biggest breakthroughs

2/2/2019 - The Museum of Failure’s founder has a failure of his own: personal bankruptcy

2/2/2019 - Weekend edition—US-China turmoil, Super Bowl dilemma, creepy doorbells

2/2/2019 - Colgate eliminated triclosan from its toothpaste. Could a ban be on the way?

2/2/2019 - The fight against racism shows us how to combat climate denial

2/2/2019 - If you want to read more books, start with these

2/2/2019 - “Velvet Buzzsaw” and the long history of art that terrifies

2/2/2019 - Knots

2/2/2019 - Weekend edition—US-China turmoil, Super Bowl dilemma, creepy doorbells

2/2/2019 - Uganda’s ban on sports betting was the right thing to do

2/2/2019 - Can someone explain just how India’s annual budget could be so casual about a raging job crisis?

2/2/2019 - Weekend edition—US-China turmoil, Super Bowl dilemma, creepy doorbells

2/1/2019 - What students of IIT, IIM, and ISB thought of Piyush Goyal’s 2019 budget

2/1/2019 - International luxury brands are welcoming China’s year of the pig—with varying success

2/1/2019 - MSG Company’s outlook is much rosier than that of the NBA team it operates

2/1/2019 - Weekend edition—US-China turmoil, Super Bowl dilemma, creepy doorbells

2/1/2019 - Snopes has quit fact-checking Facebook

2/1/2019 - What time is the superb owl?

2/1/2019 - Knots

2/1/2019 - Quartzy: the fiasco edition

2/1/2019 - Quartzy: the fiasco edition

2/1/2019 - Roger Stone filmed a tutorial about how to dress for court when indicted by Mueller

2/1/2019 - China’s enormous new bridge is giving Macau’s casino scene a second golden age

2/1/2019 - 5,000 workers protesting low wages in Bangladeshi garment factories have been fired

2/1/2019 - The tough question: Is the US hurting Putin by pulling out of the INF treaty?

2/1/2019 - Hundreds of inmates have no heat or light in a huge federal jail in Brooklyn

2/1/2019 - Tariffs have helped US Steel—but less than was hoped

2/1/2019 - The secret to betting on the Super Bowl

2/1/2019 - One of the biggest names in garden supplies is all about weed now

2/1/2019 - How do you turn around the culture of a 130,000-person company? Ask Satya Nadella

2/1/2019 - Despite the shutdown, the US added almost twice as many jobs as expected

2/1/2019 - Logo bashing

2/1/2019 - Logo bashing

2/1/2019 - Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

2/1/2019 - The US has issued a visa ban on Ghana for failing to accept deportees

2/1/2019 - Champion athletic wear is getting its inevitable nostalgic streetwear moment

2/1/2019 - Apple should issue a debit card

2/1/2019 - Amazon Web Services brought in more money than McDonald’s in 2018

2/1/2019 - Deutsche Bank finally reported an annual profit, but all anyone cares about are merger rumors

2/1/2019 - Who are the winners and losers in India’s Budget 2019?

2/1/2019 - Peter Thiel is funding a science publication questioning evolution and climate change

2/1/2019 - Shell is hitching its long-term climate goals to hydrogen airplanes

2/1/2019 - The 12 key takeaways from Narendra Modi’s last budget

2/1/2019 - US jobs report, record polar vortex, invading seals

2/1/2019 - Karan Johar & team’s multiple chit-chats with Modi have paid off in Budget 2019

2/1/2019 - Ethiopia doesn’t have Africa’s biggest airport yet—but it will

2/1/2019 - A Korean court overturned a ruling to find a powerful politician guilty of sexual assault

2/1/2019 - The hot new item from 1-800-Flowers.com isn’t flowers

2/1/2019 - Logo bashing

2/1/2019 - How Piyush Goyal evaded India’s jobs crisis, by mentioning “jobs” nine times

2/1/2019 - Today in Quartz membership: The end of the end of water and a look at Disney luxury

2/1/2019 - Cameroon has detained its main opposition leader as a new anti-government crisis looms

2/1/2019 - Where to find out everything about water

2/1/2019 - How to do Walt Disney World on no budget

2/1/2019 - A record seizure of pangolin scales in Hong Kong brings the species closer to extinction

2/1/2019 - Budget 2019: Modi just attempted a surgical strike to retain power

2/1/2019 - France’s Macron has challenged Egypt’s president Sisi on rising media repression

2/1/2019 - Modi government launches a massive minimum income scheme for India’s ailing farm sector

2/1/2019 - Greece wage hike, Xi-Trump trade progress, Super Bowl theoretical physics

2/1/2019 - Greece wage hike, Xi-Trump trade progress, Super Bowl theoretical physics

2/1/2019 - Year of the pig: Everything you should know about the coming Lunar New Year