12/31/2015 - New Year’s edition—Year of the hoverboard, Earth’s baby pictures, wall-punching demographics

12/31/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—New Year’s edition—year of the hoverboard, Earth’s baby pictures, wall-punching demographics

12/31/2015 - WhatsApp goes down on New Year’s Eve

12/31/2015 - Recap of “Serial” season two, episode three: Bergdahl makes a run for it—twice

12/31/2015 - Just in time for New Year’s Eve, champagne sales are hitting a record

12/31/2015 - A huge fire has broken out in a Dubai high-rise hotel during New Year’s Eve celebrations

12/31/2015 - Donald Trump really wants environmentalists to leave his hairspray alone

12/31/2015 - Does this “humanlike” robot receptionist make you feel welcome or creeped out?

12/31/2015 - Exhibit Test

12/31/2015 - You might want to do this bizarrely simple thing if your iPhone is acting up

12/31/2015 - “Bullet necklace” Trump spokeswoman is great at trolling liberal America

12/31/2015 - “It makes sense”—Belgium and the Netherlands engage in a friendly border land swap

12/31/2015 - Naming and shaming helped bring down Bill Cosby–but it won’t end rape culture

12/31/2015 - It only took two years to wipe out the last of the two-year mobile contracts

12/31/2015 - The year it became impossible for white America to turn a blind eye to racism

12/31/2015 - Angela Merkel calls the influx of refugees to Germany an “opportunity for tomorrow”

12/31/2015 - Good leaders come in all sorts of packages, but they share a single trait

12/31/2015 - A free-standing, waste-trapping floating dam could revolutionize ocean clean-up

12/31/2015 - Five things we learned in 2015 about the future of philanthropy

12/31/2015 - These were the most dangerous viral images to share in 2015

12/31/2015 - From Barbie dolls to moving cars: All the things we learned could be hacked in 2015

12/31/2015 - The day of the year you’re most likely to die a natural death

12/31/2015 - Climate change is depriving skiers of snow in the Alps—and causing more injuries

12/31/2015 - Nasdaq used a bitcoin-style blockchain to sell shares. Was it really the first?

12/31/2015 - How to stop negative thoughts in the new year

12/31/2015 - Apple wants to let you make payments through texts, phone calls, and emails

12/31/2015 - Quartz’s most Ideas-y Ideas articles of 2015

12/31/2015 - A tiny electronics company makes some of the most popular toys on Amazon

12/31/2015 - Egypt’s shutdown of Facebook’s “free internet” may have nothing to do with net neutrality

12/31/2015 - Healthy relationship habits most people think are toxic

12/31/2015 - Why researchers keep citing retracted papers

12/31/2015 - Obama took a ride with Jerry Seinfeld to talk about nothing

12/31/2015 - Brazil will host the 2016 Olympics in far worse shape than when it bid for them

12/31/2015 - Data scientists keep forgetting the one rule every researcher should know by heart

12/31/2015 - Apple’s settlement with Italian tax authorities might hint at the size of the penalties to come

12/31/2015 - Scientists have used groundbreaking technology to figure out how the Earth looked a billion years ago

12/31/2015 - How to instantly connect with anyone

12/31/2015 - How plate tectonics have influenced the geopolitics of the modern world

12/31/2015 - Microsoft disputes that it covered up China’s relentless hacking of separatist activists

12/31/2015 - New Year’s Eve fears, blockchain share sale, how to keep your resolutions

12/31/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—New Year’s Eve fears, blockchain share sale, how to keep your resolutions

12/31/2015 - Watch Aretha Franklin teach a quick lesson on how to steal a show

12/31/2015 - Want to succeed at keeping your new year’s resolution? Try this

12/31/2015 - Chinese president Xi Jinping will be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

12/31/2015 - 10 things Americans get wrong about America

12/31/2015 - China’s government has a bizarre official rap song, featuring president Xi Jinping

12/31/2015 - India’s sex ratio is worsening regardless of whether you’re Hindu, Muslim or Christian

12/31/2015 - A six-month investigation into the Yangtze boat tragedy that killed over 400 blames the weather

12/31/2015 - Europe’s year from hell, in 12 short verses

12/31/2015 - The British government appears to be seriously mulling a Donald Trump ban

12/31/2015 - Is India’s $900 billion exports target just too ambitious?

12/31/2015 - New Year’s nervousness, new Iran sanctions, elephant seal traffic

12/31/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—New Year’s nervousness, new Iran sanctions, elephant seal traffic

12/31/2015 - Indian IT outsourcing companies have been on an acquisition spree that will only increase in 2016

12/30/2015 - More Chinese people are smoking cigarettes, and they’re smoking more of them

12/30/2015 - New Year’s nervousness, Europe’s refugee milestone, elephant seal traffic

12/30/2015 - Citing terror threats, Brussels cancels its New Year’s Eve fireworks

12/30/2015 - Puerto Rico will default on a piece of its $1 billion debt payment due Jan. 1

12/30/2015 - It may not always feel like it, but broadband in the US is three times faster than it was in 2011

12/30/2015 - Expect floods, storms, and famine: El Niño is poised to wreak havoc in 2016

12/30/2015 - As a dog walker, pack mentality has taught me everything I know about working with humans

12/30/2015 - This was Warren Buffett’s worst year since the financial crisis

12/30/2015 - The Casties: Quartz’s awards for the best podcasts of 2015

12/30/2015 - Tim Cook says Apple pays “every tax dollar”—but apparently not every euro

12/30/2015 - Photos: An artist’s intricate carved eggshells outline his time in prison in delicate miniature

12/30/2015 - Harvard researchers: US police killings should be officially considered a public health issue

12/30/2015 - Syrian refugees in Turkey are facing the same terror they once fled

12/30/2015 - “Deaths of despair” are killing America’s white working class

12/30/2015 - Pennsylvania charges Bill Cosby with felony sexual assault

12/30/2015 - Let 2016 be the year we agree tipping is terrible for both workers and customers

12/30/2015 - Belgian police apparently had an orgy during the manhunt for the Paris attackers

12/30/2015 - There’s now a downloadable Chrome app to eliminate “sorry” and “I’m no expert” from email

12/30/2015 - Guinea is finally declared Ebola-free

12/30/2015 - Watch: Crows may be smarter tool-users than chimps

12/30/2015 - What a CEO learned by becoming an employee of his own startup

12/30/2015 - By the numbers: The money spent attempting to bring Matt Damon back from far-flung places

12/30/2015 - Louis Vuitton: The humble origins of the world’s most coveted and copied luxury brand

12/30/2015 - Actually, you can make $250,000 and be middle class in America

12/30/2015 - Everyday ethical changes every person can make for a better world in 2016

12/30/2015 - If you want to drink less in 2016, new research says this is the right approach

12/30/2015 - I’ll admit it: “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” actually changed my life

12/30/2015 - Finance’s diversity problem got worse after the financial crisis, and the problem isn’t just headcounts

12/30/2015 - Cable companies are raising their rates again—but still don’t want you to defect to Netflix

12/30/2015 - It’s still better to be fat and fit than thin and unfit

12/30/2015 - You could have turned $1,000 into trillions by perfectly trading the S&P 500 in 2015

12/30/2015 - Why 2015 was the year that changed TV forever

12/30/2015 - A guide to New Year’s resolutions that are actually meaningful

12/30/2015 - Reagan to Thatcher: Read a Tom Clancy thriller to understand the Soviet Union

12/30/2015 - North Korea’s dissident-tracking computer software is a dictator’s wet dream

12/30/2015 - Key North Korean dies, Apple’s Italian tax bill, hoverboard priests

12/30/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Key North Korean dies, Apple’s Italian tax bill, hoverboard priests

12/30/2015 - Germany has opened its first autobahn for bicycles

12/30/2015 - Burkina Faso swears in the country’s third civilian president ever

12/30/2015 - China’s “most handsome” university president is the latest corruption crackdown target

12/30/2015 - India’s entrepreneurs and academics aren’t buying Mark Zuckerberg’s Free Basics sales pitch

12/30/2015 - Eat fresh, or unleash your inner chef: Five trends from the Indian food scene in 2015

12/30/2015 - Internet.org’s deadline, anti-ISIL airstrike, priests on hoverboards

12/30/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Internet.org’s deadline, anti-ISIL airstrike, priests on hoverboards

12/30/2015 - Interactive: Investors are starting to see social finance strategy returns compete with traditional investments

12/30/2015 - Indian women may get a longer paid maternity leave—but that’s not necessarily a good thing

12/30/2015 - Twitter’s new head of diversity is a white man from Silicon Valley

12/30/2015 - Despite their economic strides, China and India lag behind in this one key area

12/29/2015 - Uber competitor Sidecar is shutting down

12/29/2015 - Internet.org deadline, anti-ISIL airstrike, priests on hoverboards

12/29/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Internet.org deadline, anti-ISIL airstrike, priests on hoverboards

12/29/2015 - This is why you’re inadvertently watching more Facebook ads

12/29/2015 - Why home bias can be a threat to your hard-earned nest egg

12/29/2015 - Japan apologizes to Korean women held as wartime sex slaves after 70 years of silence

12/29/2015 - Singapore’s distinctive design style, from furniture to boutique hotels

12/29/2015 - Disney is working on a gravity-defying robot that can scale walls

12/29/2015 - The hottest stock of 2015: Netflix

12/29/2015 - There are officially more people doing their weekly banking via mobile phones than branches

12/29/2015 - Syria, Trump, and terrorists: Vladimir Putin’s 2015, in his own words

12/29/2015 - Pressure is rising in Chicago and Cleveland over deadly police shootings

12/29/2015 - These maps show how craft beer production spread across the US

12/29/2015 - Rapper 2 Chainz sold $2 million worth of ugly Christmas sweaters this year

12/29/2015 - “Mom said no,” “Only if there’s free pizza”: Muslims hilariously respond to ISIL leader’s call for recruits

12/29/2015 - The economics of giving: how our emotions get in the way of helping others

12/29/2015 - The founder of one of Mexico’s most violent drug cartels has been found dead

12/29/2015 - Document: ISIL’s rules for how and when to rape enslaved women

12/29/2015 - Cheap oil is greasing the skids for the Russian ruble’s decline to record lows

12/29/2015 - Who left a gigantic US voter database sitting naked on the internet?

12/29/2015 - 25% of Donald Trump’s political spending goes to his own companies

12/29/2015 - Video: Gorgeous footage of a rare, deep-sea squid swimming in shallow waters

12/29/2015 - America’s most prolific wall punchers, charted

12/29/2015 - This “pay what you want” sale is presenting online shoppers with a moral dilemma

12/29/2015 - George Lucas tried to kill off film for digital, but the new Star Wars is helping to bring it back

12/29/2015 - How we quantify love

12/29/2015 - Airbnb is becoming a real threat to the hotel business in big US cities

12/29/2015 - Barack Obama sounded like his old self again in 2015

12/29/2015 - We’re the reason we can’t have nice things on the internet

12/29/2015 - Why 2016 is poised to be the year that it all comes together for Pinterest

12/29/2015 - The science of habit formation explains how to make New Year’s resolutions that stick

12/29/2015 - Why presents weren’t necessary for our Christmas adventure

12/29/2015 - The US Marines won’t be using Google’s robot dogs because they fail a pretty basic test

12/29/2015 - New Year’s revelers, take heed: Champagne really does get you drunk faster

12/29/2015 - The eye-opening things that made us smarter in 2015

12/29/2015 - Terror arrests in Brussels, Goliath heads north, condom heist goes wrong

12/29/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Terror arrests in Brussels, Goliath heads north, condom heist goes wrong

12/29/2015 - A woman has allegedly been raped at Infosys

12/29/2015 - Nigeria is winning the battle with Boko Haram but it is still losing the war

12/29/2015 - New Year’s Eve has been cancelled for most of Shanghai

12/29/2015 - Do Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif really know what they are doing?

12/29/2015 - 2015 was a multi record-breaking year for IPOs in India

12/29/2015 - China’s makeshift hoverboard industry is imploding after Amazon’s safety crackdown

12/29/2015 - Winter storms, Cuban migrants, wood fire bans

12/29/2015 - QZ Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Winter storms, Cuban migrants, wood fire bans

12/29/2015 - Delhi’s homeless prefer to sleep in the freezing cold than in government shelters

12/28/2015 - Winter storms, Saudi oil, deadly condom heists

12/28/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Winter storms, Saudi oil, deadly condom heists

12/28/2015 - Mark Zuckerberg can’t believe India isn’t grateful for Facebook’s free internet

12/28/2015 - A slow-motion disaster is unfolding in Los Angeles as a huge, two-month gas leak remains unsealed

12/28/2015 - The cop who killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice “had reason to fear for his life,” and will not face charges

12/28/2015 - Hillary Clinton is America’s most-admired woman for a record 20th year

12/28/2015 - Louis Vuitton’s new top model is a video-game star

12/28/2015 - Saudi Arabia is paying a huge price for its war on shale oil

12/28/2015 - You take so much from Wikipedia and it asks for so little in return

12/28/2015 - To combat air pollution, an Italian town has banned traditional pizza-making

12/28/2015 - Where in the US the minimum wage will rise on Jan. 1—and why it matters

12/28/2015 - Artist Ellsworth Kelly, who once designed military camouflage patterns, has died

12/28/2015 - After months of pressure, Costco commits to a cage-free egg supply

12/28/2015 - Germany’s response to the refugee crisis: Hire thousands of new teachers

12/28/2015 - Chinese president Xi Jinping blogged for the first time—and 48,000 people commented

12/28/2015 - Elon Musk is right about the threat of AI, but he’s dangerously wrong about why

12/28/2015 - A photographer’s scientific approach to shooting snowflakes reveals stunning geometric variety

12/28/2015 - The single, powerful key to good health that doctors know—and you probably don’t

12/28/2015 - The new Apple revealed itself in 2015

12/28/2015 - Virtual reality filmmakers are discovering new things about the power of audio

12/28/2015 - American parents have become obsessed with their children being good at sports

12/28/2015 - The scientific case for letting go of your workplace grudges

12/28/2015 - How Nestlé tinkered with your pizza and profited

12/28/2015 - 10 life lessons I learned from surviving my 20s

12/28/2015 - Japan’s apology in Seoul, China’s “anti-terror” law, duck bacon

12/28/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Japan’s apology in Seoul, China’s “anti-terror” law, duck bacon

12/28/2015 - The Burundi peace talks are starting amid divisions over the AU’s proposed military intervention

12/28/2015 - Mapped: All of Narendra Modi’s 26 foreign tours in 2015

12/28/2015 - Never mind the cows and the traffic lights: everything you need to know about driving in India

12/28/2015 - From billions to rebellions, Indian startups saw it all in 2015

12/28/2015 - Japan’s apology in Seoul, Star Wars crosses $1B, duck bacon

12/28/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Japan’s apology in Seoul, Star Wars crosses $1B, duck bacon

12/28/2015 - Where are Indians investing their savings?

12/27/2015 - After a transformative 2015, Taylor Swift joins the ranks of pop music’s all-time greats

12/27/2015 - Last trading days of 2015, Star Wars crosses $1B, Ancient Egypt’s “Hong Kong”

12/27/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Last trading days of 2015, Star Wars crosses $1B, Ancient Egypt’s “Hong Kong”

12/27/2015 - Peyton Manning hits back after doping claims, says he “absolutely never” took illegal hormones

12/27/2015 - Now underwater, this ancient Egyptian trading city was once the “Hong Kong of its era”

12/27/2015 - A letter to a young Muslim on the future of Western Islam

12/27/2015 - China passes a sweeping anti-terror law giving its government controversial new powers

12/27/2015 - In the late 1970s, Big Oil worried it could be held accountable for rising carbon emissions

12/27/2015 - Argentina’s former president is trolling her successor on Twitter

12/27/2015 - The case for quitting your job–without a backup plan

12/27/2015 - The government is not the one keeping organic food honest

12/27/2015 - The one trait to look for in a partner

12/27/2015 - The 20 best TV shows of 2015 (and how to watch them online before next year starts)

12/27/2015 - Why Nigerians can’t use their bank debit cards outside the country anymore

12/27/2015 - The Swazi king, his New York hip hop jeweler and a $263 million mining deal

12/26/2015 - How abnormal is this winter warmth in the northeastern United States?

12/26/2015 - 35 years after release, survivors of the US-Iran hostage crisis could receive $4.4 million each

12/26/2015 - See some of the world’s most breathtaking drone photography in 2015

12/26/2015 - These vintage American Christmas cards have survived generations

12/26/2015 - China’s “Jade Rabbit” rover found a new kind of moon rock

12/26/2015 - Airbus’s new planes feature technology to ease jet lag

12/26/2015 - From terror to trade: Eight reasons Pakistanis now want a peace process from Modi and Sharif

12/26/2015 - How parents can help their kids balance the risk of injury with the reward of playing sports

12/26/2015 - The best way to truly help drug addicts is to help them use drugs safely

12/26/2015 - My house is getting a robot next year, and before long, yours may too

12/26/2015 - Watch: The incredible rise of “on fleek” and other new American words

12/26/2015 - Who pays the enormous cost of moving all our stuff?

12/25/2015 - Fitbit topped Apple’s app chart on Christmas Day

12/25/2015 - Popular gaming platform Steam just went down after users reported a major security bug

12/25/2015 - Relax America, your driver’s licenses will still be accepted at airport security

12/25/2015 - Why the NBA should stop basketball fans from picking All-Star starters

12/25/2015 - There’s a cauliflower shortage in the US, and it’s making prices skyrocket

12/25/2015 - Narendra Modi’s Christmas gift to the subcontinent: A surprise trip to Pakistan

12/25/2015 - eBay wants to take all the misfit toys people didn’t want for Christmas

12/25/2015 - South African hunters say new US restrictions on lion trophies will come at a cost

12/25/2015 - Netflix is coming to South Africa next month, and it’s got an ace up its sleeve

12/25/2015 - A gas explosion has killed an estimated 100 people in southern Nigeria

12/25/2015 - The extraordinary abstract art of Chemical Bouillon

12/25/2015 - NASA tested a 3D-printed rocket engine, and it worked

12/25/2015 - Why do so many couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and New Year’s? A theory

12/25/2015 - Why a gangster’s grandson can give up hopes of a Cuban Christmas present

12/25/2015 - Facebook stalking your ex can become addictive—and hurt you in the long run

12/25/2015 - Religion is the only thing that forced me to disconnect weekly this year, and thank God

12/25/2015 - Christmas edition—Jesus as refugee, Spotify’s magic, ISIL’s Hollywood inspiration

12/25/2015 - Remember that Christmas is a story of Middle Eastern refugees

12/25/2015 - You can think your way into changing who you are–but there are limits

12/25/2015 - The best one-star Yelp holiday reviews

12/25/2015 - We must remember acts of kindness and solidarity in the face of Islamophobia

12/25/2015 - Toxic relationship habits most people think are normal

12/25/2015 - An epic Star Wars conversation—if the characters were desi

12/25/2015 - Christmas edition—Jesus as refugee, Spotify’s magic, ISIL’s Hollywood inspiration

12/24/2015 - Christmas edition—Jesus as refugee, Spotify’s magic, ISIL’s Hollywood inspiration

12/24/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief, Christmas edition—Jesus as refugee, Spotify’s magic, ISIL’s Hollywood inspiration

12/24/2015 - “The Hateful Eight” offers a bleak but nuanced view of racism in America’s Wild West

12/24/2015 - Mexico says “Bah, humbug!” to US Christmas trees

12/24/2015 - The TSA can now require you to be body scanned

12/24/2015 - Hyatt Hotels and Livestream have announced potential data breaches

12/24/2015 - Teen pregnancies in the US have hit an all-time low—and are falling fast

12/24/2015 - Historically, Christmas is basically about drunken debauchery

12/24/2015 - The best Santas in the United States attend this school to hone their craft

12/24/2015 - Why it matters that a big, class-action lawsuit against Uber will be tried in front of a jury

12/24/2015 - Operating on gun violence victims for a living forever changed my opinion on gun control

12/24/2015 - A Senegalese refugee who travelled to Europe by boat just got an amazing Christmas surprise

12/24/2015 - The true meaning of Christmas, in photos

12/24/2015 - It’s possible to experience three distinct types of love at the same time

12/24/2015 - The great graying of China: Why the new two-child policy is too little, too late

12/24/2015 - What’s happening in Austin right now is a crucial test of Uber’s strategy for winning all across America

12/24/2015 - Crowdsourced: Your family’s greatest home-for-the-holidays IT questions

12/24/2015 - 12 lessons you learn or regret forever

12/24/2015 - Ford has patented the perfect commuting vehicle for Batman

12/24/2015 - No one quite knows who is in charge of Algeria

12/24/2015 - Modi in Moscow, deadly US storm, racist pyramid schemes

12/24/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Modi in Moscow, deadly US storm, racist pyramid schemes

12/24/2015 - Embassies in Beijing are warning foreigners of possible attacks around Christmas

12/24/2015 - Indian entrepreneurs won’t back Facebook’s Free Basics—even if they can make more money

12/24/2015 - India’s banking sector in five charts

12/24/2015 - The driving force behind these pioneering food delivery apps in India: housewives

12/24/2015 - Zambia is praying for rains to fix its worsening power shortage problem

12/24/2015 - No one really knows why the world’s most polluted city is so polluted

12/24/2015 - Modi in Moscow, extreme warmth in US, racist pyramid schemes

12/24/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Modi in Moscow, extreme warmth in US, racist pyramid schemes

12/24/2015 - What bubble? Indian startups have had a banner year

12/24/2015 - A banner year: Financial scams in China nabbed at least $24 billion in 2015

12/23/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asian Edition—Modi in Moscow, extreme warmth in the US, racist pyramid schemes

12/23/2015 - Modi in Moscow, extreme warmth in the US, racist pyramid schemes

12/23/2015 - The most misleading charts of 2015, fixed

12/23/2015 - 2016 is shaping up to be a critical year for Pandora, if not all music streaming

12/23/2015 - India has hit the brakes on Facebook’s free internet service

12/23/2015 - When healthcare records sync up, hospitals work better

12/23/2015 - Germany just made it a lot more complicated to keep nude photos of your ex

12/23/2015 - A global glutton shares the 15 best things he ate in ’15

12/23/2015 - How an obscure Nigerian ex-player became one of English soccer’s most powerful men

12/23/2015 - Video: The father of a drowned refugee boy delivers a heartbreaking Christmas message

12/23/2015 - America’s addiction to painkillers has gotten so bad that people are now robbing pharmacy vans

12/23/2015 - Volkswagen’s new slogan is a lesson in humility

12/23/2015 - Data keeps the fashion industry on-trend

12/23/2015 - Google’s creepy robot dogs want to wish you a Merry Christmas

12/23/2015 - Photos: What your food will look like in 2035, told through meatballs

12/23/2015 - Here’s an “extraordinarily rare” peek inside Apple’s secretive design lab

12/23/2015 - 2016 is shaping up to be Nike’s greatest year ever, thanks to China

12/23/2015 - Here are Wall Street’s five worst trades of 2015

12/23/2015 - In Iceland, a nationwide Christmas tradition starts with books

12/23/2015 - Young athletes are dropping dead at alarming rates—and it has nothing to do with concussions

12/23/2015 - 2015 in fashion: Athleisure is cool, the Apple Watch is not, and Derek Zoolander is back

12/23/2015 - Why discount retailer Kohl’s is experimenting with robots, drones, and self-driving cars

12/23/2015 - Women, you should probably buy the “men’s” version of that beauty product

12/23/2015 - Should you tell your child the truth about Santa? A psychologist weighs in

12/23/2015 - There’s a less obvious reason why AB InBev is buying up craft breweries

12/23/2015 - The Beatles are coming to a streaming service near you this Christmas

12/23/2015 - We are surrounded by tiny particles, and scientists have no idea how they are affecting us

12/23/2015 - More than a million kids have been forced out of school by the Boko Haram conflict

12/23/2015 - Thanks Columbus! The true story of how syphilis spread to Europe

12/23/2015 - The best reporting of 2015 on Quartz

12/23/2015 - Japanese stocks have quietly outperformed almost everything else this year

12/23/2015 - This chart shows just how rapidly drones are coming to the US

12/23/2015 - An easy way to get some mental rest while you’re at work

12/23/2015 - Americans demand an open and frank discussion about the war effort against ISIL

12/23/2015 - South Africa’s third finance minister in two weeks passes his first key test

12/23/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US savings rate, Kim Dotcom’s extradition, ninja lanternsharks

12/23/2015 - US savings rate, Kim Dotcom’s extradition, ninja lanternsharks

12/23/2015 - Elon Musk says he now knows when the safe, fully autonomous self-driving car will arrive

12/23/2015 - Should champagne producers fear prosecco’s fizzier sales?

12/23/2015 - China has seen a 13-fold increase in labor strikes and protests since 2011—and it’s cracking down

12/23/2015 - Photos: A strong aurora australis has been painting the night sky in Australia

12/23/2015 - Despite health concerns, Indians are in no mood to give up their Cokes and Pepsis

12/23/2015 - Kajol is no longer the “dusky” Bollywood rebel—and that’s a serious problem

12/23/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Yuan trading hours, Kim Dotcom’s extradition, ninja lanternsharks

12/23/2015 - Yuan trading hours, Kim Dotcom’s extradition, ninja lanternsharks

12/23/2015 - Modi in Moscow: Can oil, defence, and nuclear energy still bring India and Russia closer?​

12/22/2015 - Uber needs more drivers in China. A partnership with a state-owned carmaker will help

12/22/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—China’s extended trading hours, foiled French terrorists, dinosaur skulls

12/22/2015 - China’s extended trading hours, foiled French terrorists, dinosaur skulls

12/22/2015 - Chipotle’s stock has now lost all its gains since May 2014

12/22/2015 - More Americans are relying exclusively on their phones for internet access

12/22/2015 - The winners and losers of 2015’s 10 most closely watched tech IPOs

12/22/2015 - The best healthcare thinking is happening in Singapore

12/22/2015 - Bacteria resistant to a “last resort” antibiotic have been found in the UK

12/22/2015 - Hillary Clinton has a plan to cure Alzheimer’s disease

12/22/2015 - How the Nazis stole Christmas

12/22/2015 - A new study says elected politicians really do have shorter lifespans

12/22/2015 - “Extinct” animals are rediscovered more often than you may think

12/22/2015 - Italy’s Matteo Renzi says a German-led Europe is pushing voters to the fringe

12/22/2015 - Robots are learning from YouTube tutorials

12/22/2015 - This 24-year old Russian pianist may be classical music’s best hope at a revival

12/22/2015 - New grads may not make as much money as they used to, but a college degree can’t be beat in one crucial way

12/22/2015 - A grand jury has refused to indict any jail employees for Sandra Bland’s death

12/22/2015 - Bangladesh’s nightmarish leather industry makes the case for vegan products

12/22/2015 - Ford and Google are apparently in talks to build self-driving cars together

12/22/2015 - Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt: The design of AI should “avoid undesirable outcomes”

12/22/2015 - Yes, some chocolate bars are actually worth their $10 price tags

12/22/2015 - African countries are building a “Great Green Wall” to beat back the Sahara desert

12/22/2015 - SpaceX’s rocket landing is a big moment for Elon Musk—and for the economics of the space business

12/22/2015 - What flight attendants really think about when they first greet you

12/22/2015 - This photographer uses Google search to reveal hidden biases about refugees

12/22/2015 - Why infectious bacteria are winning

12/22/2015 - The mystery of cold medicine dosing

12/22/2015 - Get ready: These popular toys will need more than just batteries on Christmas morning

12/22/2015 - In your 30s, you’ll discover happiness is just persistence and sheer will

12/22/2015 - The dumbest things people say to the IT person, catalogued

12/22/2015 - ISIL videos imitate Hollywood and video games to win converts

12/22/2015 - Canada pledges to double its intake of Syrian refugees in 2016

12/22/2015 - Social movements will put an end to war as we know it

12/22/2015 - To predict the future (or land on the moon), one-third of you need to be crazy

12/22/2015 - Facebook is buying into Apple’s new photo format on mobile

12/22/2015 - 2015 was the year it became OK to genetically engineer babies

12/22/2015 - This Christmas, give the gift of a blameless life to someone you love

12/22/2015 - London’s latest way of clamping down on subway fare dodgers: Star Wars

12/22/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—SpaceX makes history, Europe’s “million migrants,” runway turtles

12/22/2015 - SpaceX makes history, Europe’s “million migrants,” runway turtles

12/22/2015 - Zimbabwe is making the Chinese yuan one of its legal currencies

12/22/2015 - What Nigeria needs to do now to manage the fallout from a new Biafra uprising

12/22/2015 - Dan Bricklin invented the spreadsheet—but don’t hold that against him

12/22/2015 - Why more American Muslims are celebrating Christmas this year

12/22/2015 - The man who planned to succeed Tony Blair is doing far more for refugees outside of politics

12/22/2015 - Kenyan Muslims refused to let militants execute Christians during a bus attack

12/22/2015 - Flipkart’s Sachin Bansal is putting his money (and his mouth) behind Rahul Yadav

12/22/2015 - Why India shouldn’t have reduced the juvenile delinquency age from 18 to 16 years

12/22/2015 - India’s middle class is almost impossible to define

12/22/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—SpaceX makes history, Burundi’s showdown, runway turtles

12/22/2015 - SpaceX makes history, Burundi’s showdown, runway turtles

12/22/2015 - Chinese human rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang avoided jail for now—and won’t appeal

12/22/2015 - Pakistan’s army is building an arsenal of ”tiny” nuclear weapons—and it’s going to backfire

12/21/2015 - SpaceX has successfully launched and landed a Falcon 9 rocket—and made history

12/21/2015 - Chipotle has been linked to another E. coli outbreak being investigated by the CDC

12/21/2015 - China’s landslide, Spain’s limbo, Spotify’s magic playlists

12/21/2015 - China’s landslide, Spain’s limbo, Spotify’s magic playlists

12/21/2015 - “The Force Awakens” didn’t even need China to have the biggest box-office debut of all time

12/21/2015 - The success of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals depends in large part on business’ buy-in

12/21/2015 - The most innovative global businesses will help drive sustainable development

12/21/2015 - Can Phil Schiller fix the Apple App Store?

12/21/2015 - It was a bad year for digital advertising, despite the rise of mobile and the next billion

12/21/2015 - Alibaba hired a former Apple exec and a DC lobbying firm in its fight against knock-offs

12/21/2015 - ’Tis the season for widespread holiday return fraud

12/21/2015 - Bank of America is trying to load up on patents for the technology behind bitcoin

12/21/2015 - The US war on drugs has been “found guilty” of killing thousands of people south of the border

12/21/2015 - Ordinary Iranian citizens are stepping up to help the poor through the winter

12/21/2015 - This year marks a new language shift in how English speakers use pronouns

12/21/2015 - I was Hillary Clinton’s thank-you note ghostwriter

12/21/2015 - Quartz’s Chart of the Year™ for 2015

12/21/2015 - Politicians in the UK want ISIL’s killing of minorities to be recognized as genocide

12/21/2015 - Lyft is planning to raise an Uber-sized, $1 billion funding round

12/21/2015 - Watch the quick retreat of East African pirates in this animated map

12/21/2015 - In a letter, Elon Musk tells Volkswagen to “cure the air, not the cars”

12/21/2015 - Video: Stephen Colbert explains Star Wars in two fantastic minutes

12/21/2015 - Elon Musk’s rocket launch tonight has a lot more riding on it than just satellites

12/21/2015 - The five questions universities should use to reckon with their racist legacies

12/21/2015 - Every breath of polluted air in childhood decreases your salary when you grow up

12/21/2015 - Burundi says an intervention by the African Union will be an act of “invasion”

12/21/2015 - America’s 10 most popular apps of 2015

12/21/2015 - Don’t let your Christmas cards be junk mail

12/21/2015 - A floating school in Lagos has helped bring solar power to one of the city’s oldest slums

12/21/2015 - These are the people now deciding Spain’s future

12/21/2015 - Oil prices have now crashed through their 2008 low, and worse is likely to come

12/21/2015 - If you’re 30% through your life, you’re likely 90% through your best relationships

12/21/2015 - See why people call this guy the best drone racer in the world

12/21/2015 - How a joke can help us unlock the mystery of meaning in language

12/21/2015 - The magic that makes Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists so damn good

12/21/2015 - Team sports are dying in the very country that is obsessed with them

12/21/2015 - Many Canadians can’t afford homes and want foreign buyers curbed. That might not work

12/21/2015 - Berlin’s refugee services are becoming a bureaucratic nightmare

12/21/2015 - If famous Americans were colors of the rainbow, here’s what they’d look like

12/21/2015 - A new diagnosis tool could be used to cleanse the blood of cancer

12/21/2015 - Target thinks it has enough customer trust to get into the mobile wallet game

12/21/2015 - African lions will soon be deemed an endangered species

12/21/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Spanish election fallout, Blatter’s ejection, wrong Miss Universe

12/21/2015 - Spanish election fallout, Blatter’s ejection, wrong Miss Universe

12/21/2015 - Two of soccer’s biggest names have been banned from the sport for eight years

12/21/2015 - Miss Universe is a late contender for most awkward live TV moment of 2015

12/21/2015 - A predictable landslide in Shenzhen has raised more doubts about China’s industrial safety

12/21/2015 - India’s middle class is actually the world’s poor

12/21/2015 - The critics back Bajirao Mastani—but Dilwale is making all the money

12/21/2015 - Home developers must treat buyers fairly to stop the bloodbath in India’s real estate sector

12/21/2015 - What if there were no whites in South Africa?

12/21/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Spanish election, US Democratic debate, Trump-Putin lovefest

12/21/2015 - Spanish election, US Democratic debate, Trump-Putin lovefest

12/21/2015 - Should India spend millions on Narendra Modi’s aircraft when the poor are getting poorer?

12/21/2015 - Every missed opportunity during the Apple puff piece on “60 Minutes”

12/20/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Spanish elections, Star Wars, Donald Trump

12/20/2015 - Spanish elections, Star Wars, Donald Trump

12/20/2015 - Advertisements masked as free online games are making your children obese

12/20/2015 - Jean Case shares the radical principles that took her from college dropout to AOL executive

12/20/2015 - Well-being is a network of characteristics we can build for ourselves, argues a philosopher

12/20/2015 - Jacob Zuma, the anteater’s snout, and the danger to South Africa’s future

12/20/2015 - The era of two-party rule in Spain is over

12/20/2015 - The psychology of why rekindled romances are so intense

12/20/2015 - The Force has awakened to slice through revenue records

12/20/2015 - The most vital post-PhD job to get is also effectively closed to young mothers

12/20/2015 - How does Vladimir Putin love Donald Trump? Let me count the ways

12/20/2015 - Our weird sleep pattern might be why we are the top species on the planet

12/20/2015 - “One startup cut me out mid-interview”: Crowdsourced rejection stories from future successes

12/20/2015 - Video: The powerful music that earned Malawian prisoners a Grammy nomination

12/20/2015 - This guy makes a living off his beard

12/20/2015 - Your diet may be vegan, but what about your furniture?

12/20/2015 - Scrooge was right: the case for holiday humbuggery

12/20/2015 - France is cracking down on unhealthy fashion models as a public health project

12/20/2015 - A working parent’s guide to making the most of your time

12/20/2015 - The future of breakfast could get a little funky

12/20/2015 - Women are more likely to successfully use the insanity defense

12/20/2015 - China’s middle class is going to have a big impact on luxury fashion

12/19/2015 - Do you have a doppelgänger? There’s a way to find out

12/19/2015 - Half a million Americans died from drug overdoses in the past 14 years

12/19/2015 - Against all odds, print books are on the rise again in the US

12/19/2015 - US soda sales keep falling, and 2016 doesn’t look any better

12/19/2015 - These photos elevate the funny animal picture to an art form

12/19/2015 - Debunking the four biggest myths about US immigration

12/19/2015 - The 15 most influential art cities of 2015

12/19/2015 - Our obsession with elite colleges is making our kids feel worthless

12/19/2015 - It’s so cold in Arizona, boiling water is instantly turning into clouds

12/19/2015 - The innovative ways that drivers hope to beat some of the strictest traffic laws on Earth

12/19/2015 - A tale of two wunderkinds

12/19/2015 - Weekend edition—wunderkinds, chocolate myths, the Age of Bullshit

12/19/2015 - The US successfully delayed the WTO’s approval of $1 billion in retaliatory tariffs

12/19/2015 - Who will take care of Spain’s lost generation?

12/19/2015 - Tips from power couples on how to balance work, life, and family

12/19/2015 - These are the African countries that will be most affected by the Fed’s rate hike

12/19/2015 - Weekend edition—wunderkinds, chocolate myths, the Age of Bullshit

12/18/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—wunderkinds, chocolate myths, the Age of Bullshit

12/18/2015 - Weekend edition—wunderkinds, chocolate myths, the Age of Bullshit

12/18/2015 - Rapid growth in India includes renewable energy sector

12/18/2015 - India’s looking to quintuple its solar energy output over the next decade

12/18/2015 - One in four Americans would bomb the fictional kingdom in “Aladdin”

12/18/2015 - Both venture capitalists and banks are betting on blockchain

12/18/2015 - The 10 most important economic charts of the week

12/18/2015 - The iPhone is the most popular camera on Flickr

12/18/2015 - Samsung Pay will follow its big rival Apple into China in 2016

12/18/2015 - The strange, imaginative excuses American college students try to use with their professors

12/18/2015 - The Actuality year-in-review: Bankruptcies, bombers, rum, rockets, and a grand ayatollah

12/18/2015 - What we could learn from Singapore’s healthcare system

12/18/2015 - Bernie Sanders has his own computer scandal: A data breach exposed Hillary’s secret info

12/18/2015 - Should we choose our racial identities?

12/18/2015 - The case for why casual hook-ups are great for women

12/18/2015 - Quartz’s commemorative Fed rate hike T-shirts are now available by popular demand

12/18/2015 - This guy drops packages for a living and knows whether yours are perfectly secure

12/18/2015 - 2015 is on pace to have a record breaking number of refugees

12/18/2015 - This year, have yourself a merry Jewish Christmas

12/18/2015 - The balmy weather isn’t just confusing us—it’s puzzling flowers, too

12/18/2015 - Fat-burning fat exists, but might not be the key to weight loss

12/18/2015 - A hairdresser explains why Donald Trump’s hair looks like that

12/18/2015 - Sleeping on it actually won’t help you make better decisions in the morning

12/18/2015 - Poland’s new government raided NATO-affiliated counter-intelligence offices in the middle of the night

12/18/2015 - Being calm and cool-headed keeps your brain young

12/18/2015 - Rwanda is about to vote in changes that would allow its president to govern for 17 more years

12/18/2015 - The long, incredibly tortuous, and fascinating process of creating a Chinese font

12/18/2015 - Mark Zuckerberg’s plea for internet freedom means nothing if he keeps kissing up to China

12/18/2015 - Iran’s most famous scribe keeps the flame of the Revolution—and of hatred against the Great Satan

12/18/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Apple Pay in China, Syria talks, mountainous gift

12/18/2015 - Apple Pay in China, Syria talks, mountainous gift

12/18/2015 - Where in the world have we achieved 100% renewable power?

12/18/2015 - Why Nigeria is finally pulling the plug on its controversial fuel subsidy in 2016

12/18/2015 - This is the most effective strategy for Indians to find a new job

12/18/2015 - A woman’s professional network plays a critical role when she returns to work after a break

12/18/2015 - Jacob Zuma’s erratic leadership has done long-term harm to South Africa’s economic future

12/18/2015 - I just don’t have the work ethic it takes to be a great mother

12/18/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Apple Pay in China, Syria talks, dumb thief

12/18/2015 - Apple Pay in China, Syria talks, dumb thief

12/18/2015 - Apple Pay will never match Alipay’s popularity in China

12/17/2015 - Seizures of illegal wildlife products are up nearly 400% in Hong Kong this year

12/17/2015 - The problem in Bangladesh’s garment industry is three times bigger than anyone suspected

12/17/2015 - Indians remain hopelessly obsessed with Sunny Leone

12/17/2015 - Amazon may be shopping for planes to build out its own overnight shipping service

12/17/2015 - “The Force Awakens” is exactly the Star Wars movie we were all waiting for

12/17/2015 - Will India ever be a true global superpower?

12/17/2015 - Photos: See the world light up for the holidays

12/17/2015 - Apple’s executive shuffle, Martin Shkreli arrested, pangolin meat seized

12/17/2015 - The FBI just announced that it doesn’t have the Wu-Tang Clan album

12/17/2015 - A new law would allow Danish police to seize refugees’ valuables

12/17/2015 - How the Mast Brothers fooled the world into paying $10 a bar for crappy hipster chocolate

12/17/2015 - Recap of “Serial” season two, episode two: Sarah Koenig talks to the Taliban

12/17/2015 - A UN group says the US is ‘allowing its women to lag behind’

12/17/2015 - Five decades after the US Civil Rights Act, Vogue declares diversity is in fashion

12/17/2015 - At least one church has a Star Wars-themed service planned for this weekend

12/17/2015 - Banks will quintuple spending on blockchain by 2019

12/17/2015 - Millennials are strangely the generation most freaked out over rising interest rates

12/17/2015 - Photos: The massive, mountainous waves of Lake Erie

12/17/2015 - Argentina has devalued the peso to get back into the financial world’s good graces

12/17/2015 - Thanks to Star Wars, we know what movie tickets look like pretty much everywhere in the world

12/17/2015 - MTN is now challenging its $3.9 billion Nigeria fine in a Lagos court

12/17/2015 - Californians may need a license to use a driverless car

12/17/2015 - IMF chief Christine Lagarde has been ordered to stand trial over a 20-year-old corruption scandal

12/17/2015 - Los Angeles police investigated and dismissed all 1,356 racial profiling complaints against its officers

12/17/2015 - US presidential candidate Ben Carson has canceled his Africa trip

12/17/2015 - This morbid “earthquake-proof” bed is scarier than an earthquake itself

12/17/2015 - People in smoggy Chinese cities are being sold bottles of fresh Canadian air at insane prices

12/17/2015 - This is the email that shut down America’s second-largest school district

12/17/2015 - When it comes to how they raise their children, there’s one thing mothers agree on

12/17/2015 - Now with a laser you can see what’s coming around a corner

12/17/2015 - Thousands of Dutch citizens rioted to keep refugees out of their town

12/17/2015 - What GoPro needs to do in 2016 if it wants to survive

12/17/2015 - Boring can be better when it comes to investing

12/17/2015 - Vladimir Putin showers the “bright and talented” Donald Trump with praise

12/17/2015 - How in-flight habits have changed since the 50s, according to frequent flyers

12/17/2015 - From steak and slippers to Wi-Fi: A timeline of passenger flight perks

12/17/2015 - America’s gun problem has everything to do with America’s masculinity problem

12/17/2015 - Tim Cook promotes “Tim Cook’s Tim Cook” to Tim Cook’s old job

12/17/2015 - The FDA has decided that vegan Just Mayo is actually mayo after all

12/17/2015 - An anti-consumerist gift guide for our incredibly consumerist holiday season

12/17/2015 - A new study suggests most cancer cases don’t come down to “bad luck”

12/17/2015 - Here’s what not to expect from your job next year

12/17/2015 - Airbnb gives a glimpse into how the ultra-rich are ringing in the new year

12/17/2015 - Everyone on Earth is actually your cousin

12/17/2015 - This new DNA test could help people beat depression faster

12/17/2015 - Martin Shkreli, the CEO who jacked up prices on an HIV drug, was arrested this morning

12/17/2015 - Bulletproof isn’t just selling coffee. It wants you to buy a better life

12/17/2015 - The life of a 17-year-old, full-time software engineer in San Francisco

12/17/2015 - WeChat is taking on one of WhatsApp’s most dominant markets in the world

12/17/2015 - The state-of-the-art peace innovation that could finally resolve a 50-year war

12/17/2015 - The best thing to happen to oceans in 2015 was the rise of the citizen scientist

12/17/2015 - Brazil shut down WhatsApp for roughly 100 million people for 12 hours

12/17/2015 - A teen punched Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy in the face at a campaign event

12/17/2015 - Bottom up giving: The company that lets employees choose which local charities to support

12/17/2015 - This one personality trait can predict your taste in music

12/17/2015 - The single biggest challenge for investors in Africa

12/17/2015 - We need a ‘space race’ approach to saving the planet

12/17/2015 - Justin Trudeau has promised a path to “true reconciliation” with Canada’s indigenous peoples

12/17/2015 - A huge underclass of ghost workers are making your shirts in their homes

12/17/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Another big-pharma deal, Brazil blocks WhatsApp, dream control

12/17/2015 - How this horror movie-like disease went down more than 99.99% in 30 years

12/17/2015 - Another big-pharma deal, Brazil blocks WhatsApp, dream control

12/17/2015 - Fanya’s founder has “disappeared,” eight months after he froze $6 billion in investor cash

12/17/2015 - Microsoft’s new joint venture shows that China’s bullying tactics work on US tech firms

12/17/2015 - “A woman asked if we could warm her baby’s milk:” Idiotic phone calls to London’s fire brigade

12/17/2015 - It is time for Twitter to shut Marine Le Pen’s account, as it has others who spread ISIL’s hate

12/17/2015 - Twenty years ago, this man transformed the economics of soccer

12/17/2015 - Taiwan is buying $1.8 billion in military hardware from the US, and China is not happy

12/17/2015 - India must not be made a scapegoat if the WTO fails to deliver in Nairobi

12/17/2015 - Why Rahul Yadav is precisely the kind of startup hero India deserves

12/17/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Historic Fed hike, Pandora’s bonus, DIY self-driving car

12/17/2015 - Historic Fed hike, Pandora’s bonus, DIY self-driving car

12/17/2015 - The US Postal Service will no longer ship hoverboards by plane, because of safety concerns

12/16/2015 - Indian smartphone users aren’t as obsessed with e-commerce as investors are

12/16/2015 - A big music copyright ruling has managed to make both Pandora and record labels happy—mostly

12/16/2015 - PayPal’s first-ever Super Bowl ad will promote its vision of the future of money

12/16/2015 - Facebook and Google are fighting it out in Indian villages for the ultimate internet supremacy

12/16/2015 - Netflix’s DIY smart socks hit pause when you fall asleep

12/16/2015 - You can now order an Uber through Facebook Messenger

12/16/2015 - Historic Fed hike, Google’s car business, Japanese surname setback

12/16/2015 - One chart shows why Amazon might want to quickly up its game in China

12/16/2015 - Growing mobile video traffic is bringing the entertainment landscape to a crossroads

12/16/2015 - Be a better negotiator by following these five steps

12/16/2015 - Mobile video is creating a new entertainment paradigm

12/16/2015 - The Fed just raised rates! What does that mean for my mortgage?

12/16/2015 - Nicki Minaj should cancel her concert in Angola

12/16/2015 - A damning Amnesty report claims Turkey abused refugees and pressured some to return to war zones

12/16/2015 - The Fed just raised rates for the first time since 2006

12/16/2015 - The US oil glut is inching ever closer to a new record

12/16/2015 - Digital-banking startups attracted billions of dollars in funding this year

12/16/2015 - We’re live-charting the Fed’s historic rate hike

12/16/2015 - The greatest American to ever play soccer is retiring today

12/16/2015 - Watch Jimmy Fallon and the cast of “The Force Awakens” perform an a cappella tribute to the Star Wars theme music

12/16/2015 - A new book says Islamists and the far right work hand-in-hand to promote jihad in France

12/16/2015 - How LEGO® bricks build business innovation at Harvard Business School

12/16/2015 - Iran’s pivotal elections could be decided next week—two months before anyone votes

12/16/2015 - LEGO® bricks have found a place in the classroom at Harvard Business School

12/16/2015 - Iran impounds thousands of women’s cars for “improper” hijabs

12/16/2015 - Amazon Web Services debuts its slowest server yet

12/16/2015 - DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn’t track its users, grew more than 70% this year

12/16/2015 - The real is slumping hard as Brazil’s economy collapses

12/16/2015 - Alphabet will make self-driving cars an independent business in 2016

12/16/2015 - The best Twitter bots of 2015

12/16/2015 - What it really takes to run a successful crowdfunding campaign

12/16/2015 - Ford is officially bringing its self-driving cars to California’s public roads

12/16/2015 - Once again, Norway has been voted the best country in the world for humans

12/16/2015 - The case against the Fed raising interest rates

12/16/2015 - Prosecutors have hijacked America’s criminal justice system while no one was looking

12/16/2015 - Canada’s new national font was designed to include aboriginal languages

12/16/2015 - Elena Ferrante’s writing is better in English than Italian

12/16/2015 - A single word almost wrecked the landmark Paris climate-change agreement

12/16/2015 - 2015 is the year that upended the fashion business

12/16/2015 - Japan just undermined one of its key economic policies by upholding an arcane, gender-biased law

12/16/2015 - The future of feminism is offline

12/16/2015 - ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ reviews are in, and they’re overwhelmingly positive

12/16/2015 - Amazon is telling customers to throw away unsafe hoverboards

12/16/2015 - “Be a 50/50 partner at home”: Sheryl Sandberg on how men can support women in tech

12/16/2015 - Inside the ugly war between fake Christmas tree makers and real tree growers

12/16/2015 - Kenya’s central bank is taking out newspapers ads to warn against buying Bitcoin

12/16/2015 - Doctors can’t take care of us unless they start taking care of themselves

12/16/2015 - Getting into an elite US university is harder than it’s ever been in history

12/16/2015 - Where there are more women than men working in the US

12/16/2015 - It’s going to be a crucial winter for the Monarch butterfly

12/16/2015 - How it feels to be a Syrian immigrant in America

12/16/2015 - If you can’t stay off your phone before bed, these gadgets will make sure your sleep isn’t ruined

12/16/2015 - Are these futuristic high-altitude balloons the brave new world of solar energy?

12/16/2015 - Malala Yousafzai thinks Donald Trump’s comments about Muslims are “full of hatred”

12/16/2015 - Why has the world stockpiled enough cotton for 127 billion t-shirts?

12/16/2015 - Being overweight won’t necessarily make you unhealthy, but feeling bad about it will

12/16/2015 - Donald Trump’s might and money are no match for the will of the Scottish people

12/16/2015 - A branch of the US government is using a chatbot named after Mrs. Landingham from the “West Wing”

12/16/2015 - I’m in my early 20s, and I’m already rushing through my life

12/16/2015 - Affirmative Action exists because the US educational system was built for white kids

12/16/2015 - Google wants you to feel like a Jedi before you go see “The Force Awakens”

12/16/2015 - If you give a man a gun: the evolutionary psychology of mass shootings

12/16/2015 - Facebook, Google, and Twitter have agreed to apply Germany’s strict anti-hate speech law online

12/16/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—The Fed’s big day, Republicans’ big night, Yahoo’s big party

12/16/2015 - Stephon Marbury has officially become a permanent resident of China

12/16/2015 - The Fed’s big day, Republicans’ big night, Yahoo’s big party

12/16/2015 - China’s president championed online freedom—two days after a lawyer was tried for tweeting

12/16/2015 - Republican presidential hopefuls tout big government as the cure for terror fears

12/16/2015 - The world’s most spectacular air traffic control towers

12/16/2015 - Uber’s business in China is built on exploiting armies of underpaid, overworked interns

12/16/2015 - Mapped: The heads of state attending China’s “World Internet Conference”

12/16/2015 - Young white men have the worst reputation in Britain

12/16/2015 - A guide to American work visas, by someone who had to get one

12/16/2015 - Historians know very little about Mastani—or her relationship with Bajirao

12/16/2015 - Indonesia is building a “Pearl Harbor” in the South China Sea complete with fighter jets

12/16/2015 - A bloody clash between Nigeria’s army and Shiite Muslims is raising fears of a new insurgency

12/16/2015 - Africa could unleash billions of dollars if North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa worked together

12/16/2015 - Jay Panda: India’s parliament is paralysed by 19th century rules

12/16/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—The Fed’s big day, Slack’s investment fund, Yahoo’s lavish party

12/16/2015 - The Fed’s big day, Slack’s investment fund, Yahoo’s lavish party

12/15/2015 - Slack has raised so much money it’s now investing in other startups

12/15/2015 - Google’s Sundar Pichai is just the latest tech mogul here to woo India’s internet users

12/15/2015 - Dear Delhi: Here’s how to cope with odd-even. Love, Beijing

12/15/2015 - The bomb threat that shut LA’s schools was a probably a hoax, officials say

12/15/2015 - Retailers are grappling with growing pains as e-commerce grows

12/15/2015 - Car seat shopping is now a social experience

12/15/2015 - Nigerian incubator Co-Creation Hub has launched a $5 million investment fund

12/15/2015 - The Fed’s big day, Trump and Cruz face off, bacon longevity

12/15/2015 - Most of the world’s female billionaires are heiresses—but in this region, a majority are self-made

12/15/2015 - Low oil prices are killing the junk bond market

12/15/2015 - A peek inside Yahoo’s multimillion-dollar Great Gatsby-themed holiday party

12/15/2015 - Ex-JPMorgan exec Blythe Masters is raising a new round for her blockchain startup

12/15/2015 - Linguistics can explain why people listen when Donald Trump speaks

12/15/2015 - Airbnb has a really convoluted process for being “transparent” with New York City

12/15/2015 - Do you see a square? Research says this simple test can predict your political beliefs

12/15/2015 - The unusually warm weather is making a serious mess for clothing retailers

12/15/2015 - If you Google “bubble level” on your phone, it turns into one

12/15/2015 - Putin signs a law that allows Russia to ignore international court rulings that it doesn’t like

12/15/2015 - Vladimir Putin and other KGB-trained leaders have a “gunslinger’s gait,” researchers find

12/15/2015 - Eye scans could deter as many illegal immigrants to the US as a border wall

12/15/2015 - LA keeps 640,000 kids home from school due to a “credible” terror threat; New York deems it a hoax

12/15/2015 - The Pentagon wants $12 billion for drones and AI to “kick the crap” out of autocratic regimes

12/15/2015 - The Quartz guide to bad data

12/15/2015 - Fewer women in the US are going to work–and that’s good for gender equality

12/15/2015 - Media companies finally understand: The future of African TV is mobile

12/15/2015 - An intruder-chasing drone just went on sale in Japan

12/15/2015 - We won’t close the STEM gender gap as long as academia remains anti-mother

12/15/2015 - China has a nasty surprise in store for Latin America’s economies

12/15/2015 - The Hyperloop is getting a real-life test track

12/15/2015 - What everyone else finds most annoying about Americans

12/15/2015 - An FBI official admits it uses the same security loopholes as hackers

12/15/2015 - The truth about Christmas

12/15/2015 - You could soon talk to everything in your house—and it will talk back

12/15/2015 - The case for eating cereal for breakfast again

12/15/2015 - Inside the Pantone color factory, where the world gets its colors

12/15/2015 - The maps on how Americans get to work

12/15/2015 - A Golden Key for governments to bypass cryptography will never work, because math

12/15/2015 - A Syrian refugee’s journey to speak out for gay rights at the United Nations

12/15/2015 - Today’s US presidential campaign is twice as interesting as the last, but not any more informative

12/15/2015 - How realistic are the vengeful whales of “Moby-Dick” and “In the Heart of the Sea,” really?

12/15/2015 - After each Star Wars film come the Star Wars babies

12/15/2015 - Research shows how one devastating image totally changed how we talk about the refugee crisis

12/15/2015 - The product that made Google has peaked for good

12/15/2015 - Absolutely everything you need to understand the Fed’s interest rate hike

12/15/2015 - Argentina’s new president has his work cut out for him

12/15/2015 - 2015 was the year of Minions and “isms,” says Merriam-Webster dictionary

12/15/2015 - The US toy industry is having a great year, and not just because of “Star Wars”

12/15/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Fed meeting begins, Apple’s secret lab, cheetahs stand guard

12/15/2015 - Fed meeting begins, Apple’s secret lab, cheetahs stand guard

12/15/2015 - A restaurant in China billed its customers for providing “clean air”

12/15/2015 - Chinese cities are using this “mist cannon” to shoot pollution from the sky

12/15/2015 - Hungry for more clicks, Zomato is running a killer marketing campaign on porn sites

12/15/2015 - Afghanistan is a blessing and a curse for India and Pakistan

12/15/2015 - Delhi’s chief minister just called Narendra Modi a “psychopath”

12/15/2015 - Beyond oil and fertilisers, India Inc’s incredible opportunity to win in Iran

12/15/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Fed meeting begins, Uber driver union, cheetahs stand guard

12/15/2015 - Fed meeting begins, Uber driver union, cheetahs stand guard

12/15/2015 - One man’s lonely quest to recover his life savings from Fanya Metal Exchange ends badly

12/15/2015 - Uber may replace its five-star driver rating system with emoji

12/14/2015 - Typhoon Melor has forced nearly 800,000 people to evacuate in the Philippines

12/14/2015 - The iconic Italian automotive design firm Pininfarina is now in Indian hands

12/14/2015 - Seattle just became the first US city to grant Uber drivers the right to unionize

12/14/2015 - A letter from Trump’s doctor: If elected, Trump “will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency”

12/14/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Fed meeting begins, Guo reappears, cheetahs stand guard

12/14/2015 - Fed meeting begins, Guo reappears, cheetahs stand guard

12/14/2015 - The US transition to chip cards could be a huge boost to Square

12/14/2015 - Tech helps small businesses export like their larger counterparts

12/14/2015 - Journalism’s branded content businesses are reaching industrial scale

12/14/2015 - Newell Rubbermaid will buy Jarden and its far-flung array of brands, from Yankee Candle to Mr. Coffee

12/14/2015 - New proposal for Yahoo’s turnaround: get rid of Marissa Mayer, 75% of staff, and lavish perks

12/14/2015 - Oil prices keep falling, and they’re taking down a lot of other stuff with them

12/14/2015 - US soldier Bowe Bergdahl will face a court martial for desertion

12/14/2015 - If you are nearing death and want to live longer, don’t go to the Emergency Room

12/14/2015 - A short guide to Africa’s most pristine beaches

12/14/2015 - A Texas school banned a seventh-grader from wearing his Star Wars t-shirt to class

12/14/2015 - Iran’s Sikhs get a better deal than many other minorities

12/14/2015 - France has united to give the far-right National Front yet another a painful defeat

12/14/2015 - Dear Americans trying to torch Qurans: You’re doing it wrong

12/14/2015 - Nigeria is betting on solar power to reach a million homes without access to the grid

12/14/2015 - Icelanders are rekindling an ancient religion to avoid paying taxes

12/14/2015 - Informal cash savings groups are driving female entrepreneurship in Nigeria

12/14/2015 - A man raising funds for ISIL is busted when his mom finds evidence in his dirty laundry

12/14/2015 - Saudi men protested a female poet at a book fair, and were kicked out themselves

12/14/2015 - Ted Cruz surges ahead in Iowa as Donald Trump calls him “a maniac”

12/14/2015 - A Paris schoolteacher claimed to have been stabbed by a man yelling support for ISIL

12/14/2015 - If you’re in the US and have a drone, you’ll want to register it as soon as possible

12/14/2015 - This is what the opening scene of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” sounds like

12/14/2015 - Iowa’s ultra-right Christians will save America from Donald Trump

12/14/2015 - The offshore gas bonanza Israel was counting on might never materialize

12/14/2015 - Angela Merkel wants to deport migrants, with a “friendly face”

12/14/2015 - A woman in India named her child “Uber”

12/14/2015 - Burundi is not on the brink of another genocide but what’s unfolding is no less worrying

12/14/2015 - NASA just began accepting online applications for astronauts

12/14/2015 - Why countries buy so many things they already have

12/14/2015 - Ladies, if you want equal pay, join the US military

12/14/2015 - Twitter apparently warned some users that they were hacked by “state-sponsored actors”

12/14/2015 - Princeton theorist: Republicans today are taking notes from McCarthyism

12/14/2015 - Confirmed: Being generous is good for your body, not just your mind

12/14/2015 - Science can help us make better small talk at holiday parties

12/14/2015 - You can now browse the web like it’s 1999 again

12/14/2015 - The most productive ways to waste your time

12/14/2015 - China wants its people to buy more Western goods—in China

12/14/2015 - South Africa is on its third finance minister in less than a week

12/14/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—French elections, Star Wars premiere, sweet potato inferno

12/14/2015 - French elections, Star Wars premiere, sweet potato inferno

12/14/2015 - To save London’s cabs, a lawmaker suggests getting rid of the world’s hardest driving test

12/14/2015 - A brief guide to India’s gains and losses at the Paris climate talks

12/14/2015 - How China killed Punjab Inc.

12/14/2015 - Amazon has pulled most hoverboards from its US and UK websites

12/14/2015 - Chinese human rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang asks for a “verdict that stands the test of history”

12/14/2015 - Why India’s most important tax reform is still stuck in parliament

12/14/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—French elections, Merkel’s vote, sweet potato inferno

12/14/2015 - French elections, Merkel’s vote, sweet potato inferno

12/14/2015 - Alibaba is paying millions more for the SCMP than Jeff Bezos did for the Washington Post

12/14/2015 - A billion-dollar question: Are Flipkart, Snapdeal or Ola actually too big to fail?

12/13/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—French elections, climate deal, droneport

12/13/2015 - French elections, climate deal, droneport

12/13/2015 - Tim Armstrong is on a quest to cut back on meetings at AOL

12/13/2015 - When immigrants become US citizens, cities benefit economically, study says

12/13/2015 - A Russian warship fired warning shots at a Turkish fishing vessel

12/13/2015 - When a company does something wrong, how should we decide who to blame?

12/13/2015 - This college student created an app that has already saved thousands of pounds of food waste

12/13/2015 - Apple’s not as secure as it used to be, but it’s still way better than Windows and Android

12/13/2015 - Most of the information we spread online is quantifiably “bullshit”

12/13/2015 - ‘A room unoccupied is wasted air’: How you can make the most of minimal living space

12/13/2015 - Wonder Woman should not have to be a super sidekick in a man’s world

12/13/2015 - Trump’s star will fade, but the damage to America’s reputation has already been done

12/13/2015 - Why it’s time all African countries banned skin lightening creams

12/13/2015 - El Niño is set to hurt millions of Africans in early 2016 as rains fail to show

12/12/2015 - To spot a liar, look at their hands

12/12/2015 - Meet the woman who helped seal an uprecedented climate-change pact

12/12/2015 - Hundreds of medical studies are worthless and the reason is pretty embarrassing

12/12/2015 - This simple negotiation tactic brought 195 countries to consensus

12/12/2015 - Our psychological blocks are destroying the planet

12/12/2015 - Kim Jong Un’s personal band has cancelled its “friendship performances” in China

12/12/2015 - A historic climate-change deal has been unveiled in Paris

12/12/2015 - The shadow of greed: A brief essay on Disney and the business of Star Wars

12/12/2015 - The story behind the funny, self-aware viral hit of the moment—Instagram Husband

12/12/2015 - How to help Syrian refugees

12/12/2015 - This Muslim cartoonist uses his drawings to talk about almost any issue except Donald Trump

12/12/2015 - Men and women see stalking cases totally differently in the jury box

12/12/2015 - “But my rage is the machine”: Using Twitter to make philosophy hilarious

12/12/2015 - Apple and Star Wars together explain why much of the world around you looks the way it does

12/12/2015 - How to build a real lightsaber

12/12/2015 - The most disturbing truths about marriage, catalogued

12/12/2015 - Saudi women can vote for the first time—if they get a man to escort them to the polls

12/12/2015 - Weekend edition—The Star Wars empire, tea in Tehran, IBM’s moonshots

12/12/2015 - Weekend edition—The Star Wars empire, tea in Tehran, IBM’s moonshots

12/11/2015 - Weekend edition—The Star Wars empire, tea in Tehran, IBM’s moonshots

12/11/2015 - Weekend edition—The Star Wars empire, tea in Tehran, IBM’s moonshots

12/11/2015 - Investors have already begun worrying about the Fed’s second rate hike

12/11/2015 - Elon Musk and other Silicon Valley luminaries have pledged $1 billion to keep robots from taking over

12/11/2015 - The woman who shot at Home Depot shoplifters gets probation—and learns the wrong lesson

12/11/2015 - Billions of dollars in the music industry are hinging on this single, microscopic change

12/11/2015 - Algorithms will manage trillions of dollars in a few years—thanks to millennials

12/11/2015 - The vanishing American middle class should be way more alarming than people seem to realize

12/11/2015 - Banksy reminds the world that Steve Jobs was a son of a Syrian migrant

12/11/2015 - The 10 most-important economic charts of the week

12/11/2015 - Martin O’Malley is the first 2016 presidential candidate to literally stand with Muslims

12/11/2015 - A Brazilian minister threw wine at a senator over a sexist comment

12/11/2015 - Our giant oil glut is going to get even bigger next year

12/11/2015 - Amazon has more than doubled the size of its warehouse staff for the holidays

12/11/2015 - The six best things I ate in Iran

12/11/2015 - Robots are now fighting fires in Australia

12/11/2015 - Chipotle has had an absolutely brutal week

12/11/2015 - To save itself, Jakarta is building one of the biggest sea walls on Earth

12/11/2015 - The Paris climate talks are raising some of the biggest questions humanity has ever had to face

12/11/2015 - Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim comments aren’t really hurting his chances

12/11/2015 - The sweet story behind Peanuts’ groundbreaking first black character

12/11/2015 - Dealing with survivor’s guilt in Chicago: Why I refuse to watch the Laquan McDonald video

12/11/2015 - America’s millennials are in crisis—and it’s not all in their heads

12/11/2015 - Study: Airbnb guests with “black” names find it harder to book rentals

12/11/2015 - America is full of buildings named for people who were horribly racist. What should we do about it?

12/11/2015 - Dow Chemical and DuPont are merging—and will carve the combined company right back up

12/11/2015 - Alibaba gets into the newspaper game by buying the influential South China Morning Post

12/11/2015 - Ted Cruz is more dangerous than Donald Trump

12/11/2015 - The man in charge of saving South Africa’s faltering economy has barely any finance experience

12/11/2015 - 2015 was the year that athleisure won

12/11/2015 - Diversity actually makes us smarter

12/11/2015 - The Dallas Zoo is arguing six elephants are better off in Texas than in Africa

12/11/2015 - This American town elected a Muslim-majority city council (and everything is going great!)

12/11/2015 - There’s a maker’s paradise at the heart of San Francisco

12/11/2015 - The gluten-free craze is making celiacs like me sick

12/11/2015 - At US high schools, girls soccer is even more dangerous than boys wrestling

12/11/2015 - Texas, the most welcoming US state for refugees, has turned its back on Syrians

12/11/2015 - Donald J. Trump, you’re no Winston Churchill

12/11/2015 - Amazon.com is seeing a surge in buyers from China

12/11/2015 - The people have spoken: New Zealand’s potential new flag will feature a silver fern

12/11/2015 - Tokyo police are deploying drones that use nets to capture drones

12/11/2015 - The 21st-century gold rush where people work in 19th-century conditions

12/11/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Climate talks endgame, Saudi women to vote, fire-breathing drones

12/11/2015 - Climate talks endgame, Saudi women to vote, fire-breathing drones

12/11/2015 - Why president Zuma fired his finance minister

12/11/2015 - Those eerie bright spots on the dwarf planet Ceres aren’t aliens after all

12/11/2015 - Exploding hoverboards expose the total lack of global manufacturing standards

12/11/2015 - Iran’s fraught relationship with American goods is about to get a little more complicated

12/11/2015 - The 147-year-old Tata is once again India’s most valued brand

12/11/2015 - Nigeria’s ex-minister Okonjo-Iweala is scrambling to save her name from a $2 billion scandal

12/11/2015 - Shinzo Abe and Narendra Modi’s flirting needs to move to the next level

12/11/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Climate conference wraps, Mayer has twins, fire-breathing drones

12/11/2015 - Climate conference wraps, Mayer has twins, fire-breathing drones

12/11/2015 - Tanzania’s Magufuli finally names his cabinet—and it’s almost half the size of his predecessor’s

12/11/2015 - If the West wants clean energy from India, give us the technology to make it

12/11/2015 - Can Bangladesh’s garment industry ever be safe and sustainable?

12/11/2015 - An Oklahoma ex-cop was found guilty of raping or sexually assaulting eight black women

12/10/2015 - Didi Kuaidi wants to use its ride-sharing app to sell customers a Mercedes

12/10/2015 - One of the terrorists behind the 2008 Mumbai attacks will be pardoned in return for information

12/10/2015 - Three US states have already blessed Uber’s independent contractor employment model

12/10/2015 - Almost half of Apple Watch owners have used their nose to operate the device

12/10/2015 - Climate conference wraps, Mayer has twins, fire-breathing drones

12/10/2015 - “Smells like opportunity:” Mexican farmers are turning cow pies into proverbial gold

12/10/2015 - Netflix beat out every TV network for Golden Globe nominations

12/10/2015 - Walmart is following Starbucks’ model in mobile payments

12/10/2015 - An Islamic nonprofit in Washington DC has been evacuated after an anthrax scare

12/10/2015 - You can question a business plan in Silicon Valley—but prepare for the wrath of your peers

12/10/2015 - One major reason why software engineers should start their careers in San Francisco

12/10/2015 - As Yahoo battles for its future, CEO Marissa Mayer gives birth to identical twin girls

12/10/2015 - Watch: A cruise ship’s anchor destroys an ancient coral reef in the Cayman Islands

12/10/2015 - “Liking” the wrong picture on Facebook can get you 32 years of prison in Thailand

12/10/2015 - GoPro’s big hope for 2016 has a name: Karma

12/10/2015 - Men are killing themselves way more than women in the US—and we still don’t know how to talk about it

12/10/2015 - The US National Park Service is hiring for the next Ansel Adams

12/10/2015 - We’re going to start farming moisture on Mars in 2018, just like the Skywalkers on Tatooine

12/10/2015 - Airline profits are soaring—to a barely acceptable level

12/10/2015 - Alaska is considering a personal income tax for the first time in 35 years

12/10/2015 - TED wants to teach us to pay attention again

12/10/2015 - The data on plain cigarette packaging that tobacco companies don’t want you to see

12/10/2015 - Photos: What happens when you photograph poisonous sea creatures like precious gems

12/10/2015 - Go ahead, be miserable. It won’t kill you

12/10/2015 - 2015 was another year of dumb robots

12/10/2015 - Canada’s mighty maple-syrup cartel wants to put this grandmother in jail

12/10/2015 - The ingredients of Harlem’s renaissance are captured in this new film

12/10/2015 - Recap of “Serial” season two, episode one: Welcome back, old friend—and hello, Bowe Bergdahl

12/10/2015 - You’re never going to be Steve Jobs—but you could be Steve Ballmer

12/10/2015 - It pays to be a woman in banking. But not nearly as much as a man

12/10/2015 - The Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter declares himself a “warrior for the babies”

12/10/2015 - Salman Khan walks free, but over 6,000 people are killed by drunk drivers in India every year

12/10/2015 - Season two of “Serial” is here, to unwind the tale of US army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl

12/10/2015 - Developing countries want $3.5 trillion to achieve climate goals, and one nation wants most of it

12/10/2015 - Scientists have found an endangered species of elephant in South Sudan for the first time

12/10/2015 - In rape culture, there’s no such thing as a safe word

12/10/2015 - Slacktivism is having a powerful real-world impact, new research shows

12/10/2015 - When it comes to fighting ISIL, US legislators are phoning it in

12/10/2015 - Holiday gift-giving between adults is a needless, consumerist chore

12/10/2015 - Mexico has started counting its Afro-Mexican population

12/10/2015 - Higher interest rates are coming, and that’s great for America

12/10/2015 - Fashion Santa is real, and he’s bringing money to sick kids

12/10/2015 - The simple communication theory that explains most relationship conflicts

12/10/2015 - The preservation of human rights is integral to combating climate change

12/10/2015 - Remember that empathy can save a life–maybe even your own

12/10/2015 - Jacob Zuma is taking South Africa’s economy from bad to worse

12/10/2015 - Can you solve the British spy agency’s ridiculously difficult Christmas puzzle?

12/10/2015 - Researchers are studying whether Twitter can be used to beat the stock market

12/10/2015 - A prominent Indonesian politician wants a Trump investment ban—unless Muslims get an apology

12/10/2015 - Read a soldier’s response to racists who want him to hate Muslims after losing a leg in Iraq

12/10/2015 - The tumultuous history of the drugs that helped cure Jimmy Carter

12/10/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Argentina’s new president, Taliban airport siege, test-tube beagle babies

12/10/2015 - Argentina’s new president, Taliban airport siege, test-tube beagle babies

12/10/2015 - China and Africa’s relationship is not yet one of “win-win economic cooperation”

12/10/2015 - Dear America: You don’t have gun control, but at least now you can treat gunshots with a syringe

12/10/2015 - India’s plan to fight climate change doesn’t hold water

12/10/2015 - India’s corporate boards still ignore hiring mandates in favour of nepotism

12/10/2015 - A homemade explosive went off in Hong Kong amid protests over an internet free-speech bill

12/10/2015 - Remittances to India could be bigger than its IT exports—and the Modi government wants to cash in

12/10/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Uber lawsuit expands, Australian jobs surge, infantile robots

12/10/2015 - Uber lawsuit expands, Australian jobs surge, infantile robots

12/10/2015 - The seven tweets that could cost a Chinese human rights lawyer eight years in jail

12/9/2015 - Singapore, land of the world’s best airport, will soon manage a few in India

12/9/2015 - The last three weeks could change India’s taxi industry forever

12/9/2015 - Health officials link sick Boston College students to a norovirus outbreak at Chipotle

12/9/2015 - US Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia sounded awfully racist today

12/9/2015 - Next generation technology is turning throwaway plant parts into biofuels

12/9/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Yahoo in reverse, climate deal nears, Wu-Tang meets hedge fund

12/9/2015 - Yahoo in reverse, climate deal nears, Wu-Tang meets hedge fund

12/9/2015 - The biggest legal threat to Uber’s business just got a whole lot bigger

12/9/2015 - Binge on: Europeans may soon be able to use Netflix and Spotify when traveling around the EU

12/9/2015 - Tax-efficient equity investing: Solutions for maximizing after-tax returns

12/9/2015 - Adidas wants to make sneakers with more robots and fewer Chinese factories

12/9/2015 - The DuPont invention that forever changed how things work in the corporate world

12/9/2015 - American babies are still dying at a shameful rate, but the odds are improving

12/9/2015 - Americans are actually starting to pay with their phones

12/9/2015 - Millennials (even liberal ones) should be inspired by Donald Trump and Ben Carson

12/9/2015 - Obama’s favorite song of 2015 is by Kendrick Lamar

12/9/2015 - Even without a blockbuster Dow-DuPont deal, this was a huge year in American merger history

12/9/2015 - Kenya’s M-Kopa is set to deliver solar power to a million homes

12/9/2015 - How your clothes are priced by data

12/9/2015 - Researchers confirm the best way to alienate everyone you text

12/9/2015 - Opponents of the US “no-fly” list get their latest day in court just as the politics flip

12/9/2015 - Uber’s newest service works just like a bus

12/9/2015 - Drone strikes are creating hatred towards America that will last for generations

12/9/2015 - Talking politics, diabetes, and socks with Iran’s most liberal Grand Ayatollah

12/9/2015 - Angela Merkel is Time’s “Person of the Year,” beating Donald Trump and the head of ISIL

12/9/2015 - Yahoo announces another year of Alibaba distraction

12/9/2015 - Treating food like medicine could make agriculture more ethical

12/9/2015 - This polished workwear staple moves like athleisure and makes you feel like a superhero

12/9/2015 - The US government wants IBM to build quantum computers for it

12/9/2015 - The British parliament will consider a petition to ban Donald Trump from the UK

12/9/2015 - Amid racial unrest on college campuses, this US Supreme Court case could be a powder keg

12/9/2015 - DR Congo’s Joseph Kabila is taking a slippery path to a third term

12/9/2015 - How this NYC consultant manages 40 weeks a year on the road

12/9/2015 - Can love be the right metric for a billion-dollar philanthropy? A Buffett scion aims to find out

12/9/2015 - Now robots can learn about the world the same way babies do

12/9/2015 - Jason Zweig on Wall Street’s big lie

12/9/2015 - The North Face founder who saved millions of acres of Latin American wilderness has died

12/9/2015 - Five beautiful books for the most important people in your life

12/9/2015 - Afghan refugees receive a cold welcome in Europe

12/9/2015 - To back a winner on Kickstarter, make sure it raises more than $10,000 and isn’t a movie

12/9/2015 - You may think you learn better in a certain way. You actually don’t

12/9/2015 - Can’t fall asleep? Try drinking “night milk”

12/9/2015 - Studying in the US makes the Chinese more appreciative of China

12/9/2015 - Nigeria’s social media bill follows a trend of African governments keeping tabs on civil society

12/9/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Bitcoin “founder” raid, Trump threatens national security, deadly fossil fuels

12/9/2015 - Bitcoin “founder” raid, Trump threatens national security, deadly fossil fuels

12/9/2015 - Here’s what China looks like under “red alert” smog

12/9/2015 - Charted: Every day, 400 women and children go missing in India—and many remain untraced

12/9/2015 - Sales of “Trump Home” products have been suspended across the Middle East

12/9/2015 - How the Congress tarnished its secular image—and its credibility to oppose Hindutva

12/9/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Yahoo’s spin-off nixed, “bitcoin founder” raided, Soviet Coca-Cola

12/9/2015 - Yahoo’s spin-off nixed, “bitcoin founder” raided, Soviet Coca-Cola

12/9/2015 - Google is opening shop in South Africa’s crowded digital music market

12/9/2015 - Australian police raided the home of the man who may have created bitcoin

12/9/2015 - The Indian Air Force’s dramatic mission to save a pregnant woman during the Chennai floods

12/8/2015 - China wants a 4.5-day work week—to boost its economy

12/8/2015 - The White House: “What Donald Trump said yesterday disqualifies him from serving as president”

12/8/2015 - Iran is reportedly considering Kazakhstan as its trusted destination for enriched uranium

12/8/2015 - The second-generation Apple Watch could ship as soon as April

12/8/2015 - Online lender Prosper said to approve a loan to the San Bernardino shooters

12/8/2015 - Amazon is now bigger than Exxon Mobil

12/8/2015 - South Indian movie actors emerge as heroes in flood-hit Chennai

12/8/2015 - Yahoo might not spin off Alibaba after all

12/8/2015 - Yahoo’s spin-off nixed, Trump absorbs outrage, secret Soviet Coke

12/8/2015 - Do you know these planes? Kuala Lumpur has three orphaned 747s that nobody will claim

12/8/2015 - Spotify is abruptly backtracking: Some music will now only be available for paying users

12/8/2015 - This famous Chicago pastry chef is developing a line of marijuana sweets

12/8/2015 - Facebook closes Creative Labs, an experimental division that produced unpopular apps

12/8/2015 - Verizon’s CEO says 300-channel cable bundles will be gone in a few years

12/8/2015 - Roughly 50 million US adults say they go online “almost constantly”

12/8/2015 - Global commodities: Price stability ahead

12/8/2015 - The flavoring chemicals in e-cigarettes are linked to a disease known as “popcorn lung”

12/8/2015 - The race to land a privately funded robot on the moon is officially set for 2017

12/8/2015 - The influence of Star Wars on Apple’s classic design, and vice versa

12/8/2015 - Sequoia Capital is betting $13 million on a peer-to-peer insurance startup

12/8/2015 - Mayor Bill De Blasio wants you to see the life of Syrian refugees in New York

12/8/2015 - Nordstrom wants women to custom-design their perfect shoes

12/8/2015 - The break-up between carbon emissions and economic growth may have begun

12/8/2015 - India will need new energy sources to keep up with its fast growth

12/8/2015 - Iran’s arbitrary censorship system made one religious film a blockbuster, while banning another

12/8/2015 - The US is updating its terror alert warning system with a third category of risk

12/8/2015 - China and India’s “crazy bad” smog has been masking global warming

12/8/2015 - Google’s chairman wants algorithms to censor the internet for hate speech

12/8/2015 - The photos that mattered to us most in 2015

12/8/2015 - Jeff Bezos offers to launch Donald Trump into space

12/8/2015 - Yet more proof that San Francisco’s housing crisis is ridiculous

12/8/2015 - Fracking may soon come to one of Africa’s last unspoiled conservation parks

12/8/2015 - Oil prices are plummeting again—and this week’s US production data isn’t even out yet

12/8/2015 - It actually is rocket science: Scientists design a coffee cup for space

12/8/2015 - There is now an app to block anything related to Donald Trump

12/8/2015 - Boston College says 30 students got sick after eating Chipotle

12/8/2015 - Four reasons why Venezuela’s historic election upset is likely to turn out be a huge disappointment

12/8/2015 - Fossil fuels kill more people every year than wars, murders, and traffic accidents combined

12/8/2015 - Dictionary.com’s very political word of the year

12/8/2015 - Introducing a new homepage for Quartz

12/8/2015 - The secret to making highly shareable social GIFs from the designer who creates them

12/8/2015 - Most violence in the world is motivated by personal morality

12/8/2015 - The world’s most expensive-looking font might surprise you

12/8/2015 - Japanese bullet trains could be serving India’s biggest city by 2023

12/8/2015 - Yes, Senator Rubio, there’s plenty of evidence of discrimination against Muslim Americans

12/8/2015 - Campus political correctness is no threat, it’s a wish for a better future

12/8/2015 - A teacher gave her 8-year-old students iPads and discovered one huge drawback

12/8/2015 - As a Muslim, I believe it’s my responsibility to help defeat ISIL

12/8/2015 - This subset of women has the best odds of making a marriage last

12/8/2015 - Miners strike gold 5,000 feet beneath the sea, sparking the next mining bonanza

12/8/2015 - Having smart neighbors could mean a higher income for you

12/8/2015 - Searching for Eureka: IBM’s path back to greatness, and how it could change the world

12/8/2015 - Foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria come from 86 countries—and their numbers have doubled

12/8/2015 - The key to defeating ISIL is understanding how it markets itself

12/8/2015 - Touring the murals of Tehran

12/8/2015 - How journalists can handle America’s blatantly lying politicians

12/8/2015 - It will cost $12 trillion for energy infrastructure to pace the next 24 years of population growth

12/8/2015 - Arnold Schwarzenegger believes in climate change and doesn’t “give a damn” if you don’t

12/8/2015 - Nigeria’s Buhari honeymoon may be over, but his real work is just about to begin

12/8/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Syrian opposition meets, Japan’s not in recession, relaxing “night milk”

12/8/2015 - Syrian opposition meets, Japan’s not in recession, relaxing “night milk”

12/8/2015 - How ISIL works: Price controls, vaccination programs, and $40 million a month in taxes

12/8/2015 - Ben Carson will visit his ancestral homeland of Kenya

12/8/2015 - See for yourself where carbon emissions are coming from now and in the future

12/8/2015 - India’s Twitter is all about Bollywood—and Narendra Modi

12/8/2015 - The only three gadgets I’ve needed in two years of continuous travel

12/8/2015 - China’s electric car sales will outstrip the US’s this year

12/8/2015 - Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang joins the growing family of Didi Kuaidi supporters

12/8/2015 - Uber has quietly ended its auto-rickshaw hailing service in India

12/8/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Beijing smog alert, Japan’s rebound, “night milk”

12/8/2015 - Beijing smog alert, Japan’s rebound, “night milk”

12/7/2015 - Wealthy Muslims helped Donald Trump build his empire

12/7/2015 - The US Supreme Court refused to review a challenge to an assault weapons ban

12/7/2015 - Islands of hope in the sexist world of startup advertising

12/7/2015 - Sun Microsystems co-founder Vinod Khosla explains entrepreneurship and motivation

12/7/2015 - Netflix accounts for more than a third of prime-time internet traffic in North America

12/7/2015 - Nike just signed LeBron James to a lifetime deal

12/7/2015 - One of the art world’s most prestigious prizes has been awarded to…an architecture studio?

12/7/2015 - Beijing smog alert, Cisco’s China “win-win,” insomnia vs. “night milk”

12/7/2015 - Donald Trump is calling for a ban on all Muslims entering the United States—including tourists

12/7/2015 - Get to know the world’s largest coffee conglomerate, JAB Holdings

12/7/2015 - The Barbie doll of ‘Selma’ director Ava DuVernay is already sold out

12/7/2015 - Taco Bell’s 2006 E. coli outbreak is a scary history lesson for Chipotle

12/7/2015 - In Venezuela, Maduro’s collapse could be disastrous for a victorious opposition

12/7/2015 - The New York Times is turning its Modern Love column into a podcast

12/7/2015 - ISIL’s new recruitment song in Mandarin is another way to enrage China

12/7/2015 - Ad blocking is getting big, but it can get so much bigger

12/7/2015 - Why Wall Street doesn’t care about Windows Phone

12/7/2015 - China is hemorrhaging foreign currency reserves at the exact wrong moment

12/7/2015 - An artisanal Scottish knitter says Chanel ripped off her designs

12/7/2015 - What it took for Beijing to issue its first-ever smog “red alert”

12/7/2015 - The US justice department is investigating Chicago police for civil rights abuses and deadly use of force

12/7/2015 - It’s easy—but wrong—to blame supermarkets for food deserts

12/7/2015 - These are the best books Bill Gates read in 2015

12/7/2015 - The cultural differences between East and West, according to one artist

12/7/2015 - Obama’s speech last night was exactly what Americans needed to hear

12/7/2015 - Germany is taking in more refugees in 2015 than the US has in the past 10 years

12/7/2015 - Why Japanese designers do Americana better than Americans do

12/7/2015 - African countries are pledging to restore a forest three times the size of the UK

12/7/2015 - A Chinese newswire accidentally reported that Xi Jinping had “resigned”

12/7/2015 - Oil prices are closing in on their lowest levels in a decade

12/7/2015 - Holly Woodlawn, the pioneering transgender actress who inspired Lou Reed, has died

12/7/2015 - These are the US colleges that pay their presidents more than $1 million a year

12/7/2015 - Hillary Clinton calls ISIL the “world’s best recruiter”

12/7/2015 - Nigerians now watch more video on mobile devices than TV

12/7/2015 - Keurig is getting bought for $13.9 billion by the owner of Peet’s, Stumptown, and Intelligentsia

12/7/2015 - Research shows there are better alternatives to the dreaded dentist drill

12/7/2015 - Netflix originals are sex-positive TV at its best

12/7/2015 - Watch: The problems people have with the Bible, when they think it’s the Quran

12/7/2015 - Millions of Americans say they’d consider leaving the US—here’s why I already have

12/7/2015 - Can hashtags and Facebook groups bring on real social change?

12/7/2015 - The opposition still managed to win Venezuela’s most undemocratic elections

12/7/2015 - When it comes to education, Finland is not as perfect as we think it is

12/7/2015 - Sign language in the US has its own ‘accents’

12/7/2015 - A Chinese bank’s IPO pop suggests the “Beijing boost” has come to Hong Kong

12/7/2015 - The rise of France’s far-right from the 1980s to today, charted

12/7/2015 - What critics agree are the best books of 2015

12/7/2015 - I gave up coffee and alcohol for 15 months, and it changed the way I think about well-being

12/7/2015 - South Africa’s credit rating is now only a level above junk status

12/7/2015 - From #PrayForParis to #BlackLivesMatter, Twitter looks back at this year’s biggest moments

12/7/2015 - Companies with more women directors generate a 36% higher return on equity

12/7/2015 - Zimbabwe’s shops have gone from being hyper-expensive to being too cheap

12/7/2015 - France is reviving a failed dream: The cheap battery-swapping electric car

12/7/2015 - US investigates Chicago police, far-right gains in France, R.I.P. Santa

12/7/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US investigates Chicago police, far-right gains in France, R.I.P. Santa

12/7/2015 - When Obama talked about Muslim-American sports heroes, he probably meant some of these guys

12/7/2015 - Delhi’s odd-even plan lacks vision and will solve absolutely nothing

12/7/2015 - Half of Delhi’s transport problem is that it can’t sort out its autowallahs

12/7/2015 - London attack, French elections, emailed postal mail

12/7/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—London attack, French elections, emailed postal mail

12/7/2015 - How my startup lost Rs15 lakh and shut down before its first anniversary

12/7/2015 - As Chennai looks to rebuild, it must learn from other resilient Indian cities like Surat

12/6/2015 - Japan cut its target for women in leadership positions from 30% to 7%

12/6/2015 - Obama says the “terrorist threat has evolved into a new phase”

12/6/2015 - Hong Kong IPOs, Ringo Starr’s drums, French elections

12/6/2015 - Asia Daily Brief—Hong Kong IPOs, Ringo Starr’s drums, French elections

12/6/2015 - What to expect from Obama’s historic address to the country about terrorism

12/6/2015 - Photos: Storm Desmond flooding has broken UK rainfall records

12/6/2015 - Jimmy Carter says he’s cancer-free

12/6/2015 - For women’s emotional health, living together is as good as marriage

12/6/2015 - The mental illness myth: People like me aren’t the cause of America’s mass shooting epidemic

12/6/2015 - How momentum affects the Golden State Warriors’ remarkable basketball winning streak

12/6/2015 - “You ain’t no Muslim, Bruv”: Britain’s powerful response to the London Underground attack

12/6/2015 - The United States Postal Service will now email you your mail

12/6/2015 - Priceline is the one big internet comeback attempt that actually worked

12/6/2015 - A 300-year-old treasure-laden shipwreck was just discovered off the Colombian coast

12/6/2015 - Uruguay is now generating 95% of its electricity from renewable energy

12/6/2015 - Why aren’t astronauts blown away on space walks?

12/6/2015 - Photos: Italy’s Mount Etna erupted in a gorgeous storm of fire, ash, and volcanic lightning

12/6/2015 - Running very long distances can make your brain shrink

12/6/2015 - Texas Tea Party senator Ted Cruz is getting behind loose money at the Federal Reserve

12/6/2015 - A (not so) brief history of the fall and fall of the Nigerian naira

12/5/2015 - Dave Chappelle is putting audience members in a high-tech “smartphone jail”

12/5/2015 - Watch: A Japanese company has invented a smartphone that you can wash

12/5/2015 - Gun TV, a channel that lets people order firearms from home, is launching in the US

12/5/2015 - Finland is considering giving every citizen a basic income

12/5/2015 - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is moving ahead on plans to make Canada the first G7 nation to legalize pot

12/5/2015 - The toys that will actually teach your girls engineering skills

12/5/2015 - How startups can avoid making bad hires

12/5/2015 - People who like “pseudo-profound” quotes are not so smart, says science

12/5/2015 - What the US can learn from Europe in the fight against ISIL

12/5/2015 - All of the reasons Nerf is back on top this holiday season

12/5/2015 - Arby’s has a vegetarian menu hack and it’s actually delicious

12/5/2015 - Forgetfulness may be annoying, but science suggests perfect memory is dangerous too

12/5/2015 - Weekend edition—Climate talks, Star Wars trailers, adaptive fashion

12/5/2015 - The industry that’s booming in Venezuela’s chaos: Motivational speakers

12/5/2015 - With France under constant attack, the far-right looks to turn fear into power

12/5/2015 - Weekend edition—Climate talks, Star Wars trailers, adaptive fashion

12/4/2015 - Weekend edition—Climate talks, Star Wars trailers, adaptive fashion

12/4/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Climate talks, Star Wars trailers, adaptive fashion

12/4/2015 - As flooding recedes in Chennai, forecasters warn of rains in the next 24 hours

12/4/2015 - Porsche is going after Tesla with an electric sports car that will get to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds

12/4/2015 - The media never shows us the aftermath of shootings. I drew this, so we can’t look away

12/4/2015 - Know what’s not great for Chipotle burrito sales? E. coli.

12/4/2015 - The FBI is officially investigating the San Bernardino shooting as an act of terrorism

12/4/2015 - A study in contrasts: The 10 most important economic charts of the week

12/4/2015 - Cable networks push into the San Bernardino shooters’ apartment and show sensitive evidence on live TV

12/4/2015 - In Australia, a call to warn US-bound travelers about the risk of encountering gun violence

12/4/2015 - Almost 100 years after the canal opening, Panama undertook another massive infrastructure project

12/4/2015 - OPEC’s inaction is Canada’s pain

12/4/2015 - The steep decline of the J.Crew brand, quantified

12/4/2015 - Samsung agrees to pay Apple $548 million, for now

12/4/2015 - Six things every American should know about mass shootings

12/4/2015 - It’s official: US schools are teaching less fiction

12/4/2015 - Uber just notched a win in Florida

12/4/2015 - Ghana attracts more investor dollars per capita than economic giant Nigeria

12/4/2015 - San Bernardino shooter Tashfeen Malik pledged allegiance to ISIL on Facebook, police say

12/4/2015 - OPEC is suffering because it miscalculated–but so has everyone else

12/4/2015 - Goldman Sachs loves cryptocurrency

12/4/2015 - What if the only way to save the planet is to dramatically slow our economies

12/4/2015 - Every shot from every “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer, logged and charted

12/4/2015 - Every major US airline’s policy on bringing a hoverboard with you on your flight

12/4/2015 - Who’s behind the very thin—and increasingly troubling—store mannequin?

12/4/2015 - Taking on the economics of Star Wars: Destroying the Death Star would trigger a huge financial crisis

12/4/2015 - Why Puerto Rico matters

12/4/2015 - The history behind New York City’s missing subway lines

12/4/2015 - This is what happens when an AI system learns to talk

12/4/2015 - 5 criticisms of billionaire mega-philanthropy, debunked

12/4/2015 - How one of the deadliest police forces in America stopped shooting people

12/4/2015 - The banality of evil: Looking for clues in the San Bernardino shooter’s food-safety inspections

12/4/2015 - As Venezuela’s elections draw near, violence is top of mind for voters

12/4/2015 - The more we crave certainty, the more we prefer stereotypes

12/4/2015 - We’re live-charting the quite strong November jobs report

12/4/2015 - Robert Mugabe: China is doing everything that Africa’s colonizers should have done

12/4/2015 - How to make banks with declining profits still pay their “full and fair” share of tax

12/4/2015 - The corporate jet market is bracing for a comedown

12/4/2015 - Vladimir Putin fancies himself a tsar standing up to Turkey’s would-be sultan

12/4/2015 - This Silicon Valley entrepreneur’s $88 million estate is the pinnacle of work-life balance

12/4/2015 - The Christian case for gun control

12/4/2015 - Your coffee maker is a bacterial breeding ground

12/4/2015 - Donald Trump trademarked “Central Park”

12/4/2015 - The wearables market has now come down to three players

12/4/2015 - Algorithms rule our lives, so who should rule them?

12/4/2015 - A small band of grumpy ale lovers is trying to stop the world’s biggest beer merger

12/4/2015 - To confront climate change, an artist has put melting icebergs in the center of Paris

12/4/2015 - Hillary Clinton is still “likable enough”—as are most major candidates in the field

12/4/2015 - Germany votes on Syria, Senate blocks gun control, cocktails made of tears

12/4/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Germany votes on Syria, Senate blocks gun control, cocktails made of tears

12/4/2015 - China’s Xi Jinping pledges $60 billion to help Africa solve its problems its own way

12/4/2015 - Even the Chinese media is making fun of Narendra Modi’s Photoshop fail

12/4/2015 - A proposed bill in Missouri would make buying a gun as difficult as getting an abortion

12/4/2015 - China’s propaganda mouthpieces are the latest additions to Facebook’s Instant Articles

12/4/2015 - Nigeria has raised its record fine against MTN by another $500 million—because of a typo

12/4/2015 - Nigeria’s lawmakers are about to pass a bill which could gag citizens on social media

12/4/2015 - Spanish-speakers have no idea what to call a hoverboard, but they’ve got some amazing options

12/4/2015 - Chennai is underwater—and America’s outsourcing chiefs should be worried

12/4/2015 - Uber’s valuation, high-stakes rocket launch, teardrop cocktails

12/4/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Uber’s valuation, high-stakes rocket launch, teardrop cocktails

12/4/2015 - Photos: In India’s capital city, millions of people are struggling to even breathe

12/4/2015 - The US Senate just voted to block gun control, defund Planned Parenthood, and gut Obamacare

12/3/2015 - How to sabotage your enemies—or colleagues—using time-tested tips from the CIA

12/3/2015 - The mounting economic toll of the record rainfall in Chennai

12/3/2015 - RushCard tried and failed to delay a CFPB investigation into its prepaid card debacle

12/3/2015 - Shooting motive mystery, high-stakes rocket launch, teardrop cocktails

12/3/2015 - Uber thinks it’s worth more than General Motors

12/3/2015 - The new global anti-Uber alliance: Ola, Lyft, Didi Kuaidi and GrabTaxi agree to ride together

12/3/2015 - Photos: Star Wars-inspired designs you can actually wear, by top fashion labels

12/3/2015 - These “thoughts and prayers” for gun violence victims are paid for by the NRA

12/3/2015 - Citigroup proves banks can poach talent from Silicon Valley

12/3/2015 - Shinola’s “Built in Detroit” watches may not be American enough for the US government

12/3/2015 - General Electric is dumping prime-time TV advertising

12/3/2015 - The US military is finally opening all combat jobs to women

12/3/2015 - America’s obsessive fear of Islam is distracting us from the real problem of gun control

12/3/2015 - Uber wants to make sure you never get in the wrong car again

12/3/2015 - China’s version of the Star Wars promo poster diminishes all the non-white characters

12/3/2015 - Is Marissa Mayer to blame for Yahoo’s failed comeback?

12/3/2015 - Not all active funds are created equal

12/3/2015 - Mario Draghi’s latest magic trick: He can make the euro levitate

12/3/2015 - American exceptionalism defined: The US experiences a mass shooting each day, on average

12/3/2015 - 18 things that have no business being connected to the internet

12/3/2015 - Men are much more likely to take paternity leave if they have sons

12/3/2015 - Chipotle’s “food with integrity” promises keep backfiring on it

12/3/2015 - The state of internet connectivity in the world in 9 charts

12/3/2015 - What women can learn from reading sexist male writers

12/3/2015 - Every 16-year-old in Sweden will get a copy of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s feminist manifesto

12/3/2015 - Elon Musk says tax-free carbon is “the dumbest experiment in history”

12/3/2015 - Pantone’s new colors of the year are a nod to gender equality

12/3/2015 - The pros and cons of genetically engineering your children

12/3/2015 - Amid scandal and economic recession, Brazil’s president now faces impeachment charges

12/3/2015 - ISIL is really a revolt by young Muslims against their parents’ generation

12/3/2015 - Watch this pediatrician’s magic method to soothe a crying baby

12/3/2015 - Scientists come face to face with angry deep-sea squid

12/3/2015 - Marijuana growers in the US are using up $6 billion a year in electricity

12/3/2015 - Watch these speeches in Parliament: The son backs war 17 years after his father urges restraint

12/3/2015 - Video: Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein selling holiday sweaters is actually really funny

12/3/2015 - Women have discovered a smart way to save a fortune on wedding dress shopping

12/3/2015 - Why hiring for cultural fit is a bad idea

12/3/2015 - Study: Just playing with money makes children more likely to work hard—and give less

12/3/2015 - Technology developed in Africa is helping Venezuelans keep their election fair

12/3/2015 - A sneaky new rhetoric is holding back progress on climate change

12/3/2015 - Pandora is gearing up for an all-out music streaming war

12/3/2015 - Trading fake stocks taught me that tech investors are way too gullible

12/3/2015 - If we care about the climate, why are we planning so many coal-fired power plants?

12/3/2015 - There’s a lot riding on today’s mission to resupply the International Space Station

12/3/2015 - More FIFA arrests, Britain bombs Syria, “explosive” Chinese shopping sprees

12/3/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—More FIFA arrests, Britain bombs Syria, “explosive” Chinese shopping sprees

12/3/2015 - Oscar Pistorius is convicted of murder in “a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions”

12/3/2015 - Why more people are calling ISIL “Daesh,” and why the group apparently hates it

12/3/2015 - Nigeria’s army will not defeat Boko Haram in time for Buhari’s December deadline

12/3/2015 - Photos: Istanbul’s dark days of protest

12/3/2015 - The San Bernardino shooting took more lives than any US mass murder since Sandy Hook

12/3/2015 - An Alibaba deal to buy the South China Morning Post is expected before Christmas

12/3/2015 - Kids who question the media or government could be extremists, London parents are warned

12/3/2015 - Nigeria has reduced its record MTN fine to $3.4 billion

12/3/2015 - No Zuckerberg here: Why India’s wealthy don’t care to share

12/3/2015 - California shooting, UK bombs Syria, Japanese buzzwords

12/3/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—California shooting, UK bombs Syria, Japanese buzzwords

12/2/2015 - What we know about the San Bernardino shooters so far

12/2/2015 - It’s getting easier and easier to become a Chinese bureaucrat

12/2/2015 - Jay-Z’s Tidal chose a new CEO who actually has experience in the music business

12/2/2015 - Do you know more about India than an Indian does?

12/2/2015 - A failure at GoJet Airlines is affecting Delta and United flyers

12/2/2015 - Goldman Sachs wants to create its own version of bitcoin

12/2/2015 - California mass shooting, Yahoo bidding war, Japanese buzzwords

12/2/2015 - Photos: The scene in Chennai, the Indian city suffering its most devastating rains in 100 years

12/2/2015 - US crude oil fell below $40 a barrel for just the second time since the recession

12/2/2015 - A shooting in Southern California kills at least 14, and a gunman is possibly still at large

12/2/2015 - The United States arrested 56 American ISIL supporters this year—a record since 9/11

12/2/2015 - Netflix is near its all-time closing high

12/2/2015 - Yahoo used to be bigger than Apple, Google, and Amazon. Now it might sell itself for scrap

12/2/2015 - Instagram filters like Amaro, Reyes, and Valencia are on the rise…as baby names

12/2/2015 - Americans are no longer the world’s biggest consumers of sugary drinks

12/2/2015 - Rwanda’s eye-grabbing solar power facility has roots in a shared experience with Israel

12/2/2015 - All the philanthropic causes near and dear to the hearts of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

12/2/2015 - Zuckerberg’s carefully orchestrated gift expresses a wish shared by parents the world over

12/2/2015 - Unsure if a comparison to Gollum is an insult, a Turkish court appointed a panel to find out

12/2/2015 - Report: The EU will investigate McDonald’s for tax evasion

12/2/2015 - Uber’s new car-rental program for drivers doesn’t actually make much financial sense

12/2/2015 - Australian police investigate screaming and violent threats—but all they find is a man battling a spider

12/2/2015 - Mark and Priscilla: Welcome to parenthood—most of it won’t be shared on Facebook

12/2/2015 - Turns out, toxic coworkers are more expensive than superstar hires

12/2/2015 - Black Friday was huge for US gun sales

12/2/2015 - Today’s Muslim Americans are yesterday’s German Americans

12/2/2015 - There’s now a way for offices to turn waste paper into new paper

12/2/2015 - The fashion magazines with the least diverse covers in 2015, charted

12/2/2015 - Harvard is getting rid of a longtime tradition that evokes slavery

12/2/2015 - Behold, the 10 most ignorant countries in the world

12/2/2015 - Mark Zuckerberg’s donation is a perfect model for how anyone can change the world

12/2/2015 - Tokyo’s Omotesando Koffee, popular with local hipsters and international visitors, is closing

12/2/2015 - South Africa’s Standard Bank has been hit with a huge UK fine for a bribery scandal in Tanzania

12/2/2015 - Adobe is finally (tacitly) admitting that Flash is obsolete

12/2/2015 - Japan’s central bank wants the country’s unions to ask for bigger raises

12/2/2015 - In India, Deepika Padukone is the most popular person on Instagram

12/2/2015 - Germany is one month away from publishing an annotated edition of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”

12/2/2015 - Blame New York City for the birth—and death—of your favorite foods

12/2/2015 - How to get rid of the legacies of white men

12/2/2015 - For climate-change refugees, it’s already too late to cut emissions

12/2/2015 - There’s a mathematical model to predict how funny a word is

12/2/2015 - The richest 10% of people generate half the world’s carbon emissions

12/2/2015 - All academics should be required to take a creative writing course

12/2/2015 - After Paris, police are being retrained to kill terrorists instead of negotiate with them

12/2/2015 - The single most important thing kids need to succeed

12/2/2015 - Elon Musk and SpaceX are escalating the race for reusable rockets

12/2/2015 - Stop playing the victim and take control of your life

12/2/2015 - There’s a workable plan for lowering global emissions by 40% in 20 years

12/2/2015 - Your complete guide to acing this year’s performance review

12/2/2015 - These are Google’s 4 best practices for fostering creativity and innovation

12/2/2015 - The depressing reason Obama and Congress have failed to fix Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

12/2/2015 - Americans will soon no longer be able to add pages to their passports

12/2/2015 - “Life has to go on:” The Paris restaurant where 15 people were gunned down will reopen

12/2/2015 - When wealth is taken into account, international education rankings look vastly different

12/2/2015 - Will Britain bomb Syria?, Yahoo’s potential sell-off, Apple Watch stalls

12/2/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Will Britain bomb Syria?, Yahoo’s potential sell-off, Apple Watch stalls

12/2/2015 - These are the most affordable cities to live in as a young person this year

12/2/2015 - A Columbia University dean says ExxonMobil’s ethics allegations against the school are false

12/2/2015 - The US FAA’s downgrade of Thailand’s airline industry will have serious repercussions

12/2/2015 - Chennai floods: Once again, social media is helping Indians while the government flounders

12/2/2015 - Eastern Europe leads the developed world in female doctors

12/2/2015 - The best buyer for Yahoo’s core internet business may be… Alibaba

12/2/2015 - Chennai floods are not a natural disaster—they’ve been created by greedy town planners and dumb engineers

12/2/2015 - Chennai flooding, FIFA reforms, coffee bacteria

12/2/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Chennai flooding, FIFA reforms, coffee bacteria

12/1/2015 - Japan’s buzzword of the year means “an explosive shopping spree by the Chinese”

12/1/2015 - The Zuckerbergs’ transformation into mega-philanthropists is the perfect ending to Facebook’s career year

12/1/2015 - An undergrad English major’s literary analysis of Kobe Bryant’s “Dear Basketball”

12/1/2015 - Chennai flooding, Mark Zuckerberg’s daughter, caffeinated bacteria

12/1/2015 - This is Mark Zuckerberg’s letter announcing the birth of his daughter, Max—and a $45 billion charity pledge

12/1/2015 - Mark Zuckerberg’s daughter Max is born—and he’s giving away $45 billion of her inheritance

12/1/2015 - Barely anyone used Apple Pay on Black Friday

12/1/2015 - Volkswagen’s emissions scandal destroyed its November sales in the US

12/1/2015 - Photos: What today looked like, in North Korea

12/1/2015 - With a new “autobiographical” typeface, design legend Tobias Frere-Jones is back in business

12/1/2015 - The term “Mother Nature” reinforces the idea that both women and nature should be subjugated

12/1/2015 - Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel just fired police superintendent Garry McCarthy

12/1/2015 - That mysterious, anonymous novel satirizing tech culture is now available from a major publishing house

12/1/2015 - This digital archive preserves the work of extraordinary, forgotten artists who died of AIDS

12/1/2015 - The world’s oldest wild bird is 64 years old—and she’s still laying eggs

12/1/2015 - The same trend that made Lululemon is now bringing it down

12/1/2015 - As the world discusses climate change in Paris, this is the hazardous smog engulfing New Delhi

12/1/2015 - An explosion near an Istanbul metro station has injured several people, according to local media

12/1/2015 - Ready, Set, Go: Driverless cars will race in their own championship series in 2016

12/1/2015 - Brazil’s economy is breaking down badly

12/1/2015 - With Google’s new immersive videos, you can feel what it’s like to be a ballet dancer

12/1/2015 - A major Indian city has been underwater for almost a month now

12/1/2015 - The last great bargain in mobile data is getting more expensive

12/1/2015 - India’s “solar alliance” is a great idea with one fatal flaw

12/1/2015 - Nearly half the orders on Walmart.com since Thanksgiving have come from mobile devices

12/1/2015 - Trolls beware: In Brazil, your racist online posts could end up on a billboard

12/1/2015 - There are only 30 wolves in Norway—and 11,000 people applied to kill half of them

12/1/2015 - The cost of Obama’s Michelin-starred dinner in Paris would offset 400 tons of carbon

12/1/2015 - Burkina Faso elects its first new president in almost 30 years

12/1/2015 - A US Marine has been convicted of killing a transgender woman in the Philippines

12/1/2015 - KIND wants the FDA to redefine “healthy” to include salmon, avocados—and its own nut bars

12/1/2015 - Manchester City is 10 times more valuable than it was just seven years ago

12/1/2015 - Better science can now show how humans are making extreme weather worse

12/1/2015 - The explanation for tech’s diversity problem: invisible capital

12/1/2015 - These clothes are designed to change with us as we age

12/1/2015 - We need to get past the harmful idea that Islam and modernity are incompatible

12/1/2015 - In the shadow of France’s busiest airport sits the world’s quaintest ghost town

12/1/2015 - The case for restoring creativity in our schools

12/1/2015 - Global leaders are ignoring one of the greatest causes of climate change

12/1/2015 - Success in the workplace isn’t just about intelligence

12/1/2015 - What’s killing white, middle-aged women in America?

12/1/2015 - Let’s stop treating autism as abnormal

12/1/2015 - Half a year later, the Apple Watch feels like a stalled platform

12/1/2015 - The 5 things ruining your ability to make decisions

12/1/2015 - Science Guy Bill Nye’s radically simple blueprint for ending climate change

12/1/2015 - Does the Paris Climate Summit actually matter?

12/1/2015 - A short list of possible contenders if Marissa Mayer is replaced as Yahoo CEO

12/1/2015 - Your Wi-Fi signal might be terrible because of all those Christmas lights

12/1/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Puerto Rico’s deadline, AirAsia crash verdict, bananapocalypse

12/1/2015 - Puerto Rico’s deadline, AirAsia crash verdict, bananapocalypse

12/1/2015 - This is how terrorists get guns in Europe

12/1/2015 - Corruption is on the rise, most South Africans and Nigerians believe

12/1/2015 - Music festivals are making more money by ditching cash

12/1/2015 - A Chinese artist vacuumed up Beijing’s smog for 100 days and made a brick from what he collected

12/1/2015 - A day after India announced robust GDP growth, Raghuram Rajan keeps key policy rates unchanged

12/1/2015 - Stop blaming India and China for the West’s 300 years of destroying the environment

12/1/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Samsung’s reshuffle, Puerto Rico’s deadline, bananapocalypse

12/1/2015 - Samsung’s reshuffle, Puerto Rico’s deadline, bananapocalypse

12/1/2015 - India is limiting its own innovation by sitting on a huge pile of pending patent applications

12/1/2015 - Islamic groups are battling ISIL propaganda with videos, fatwas, and “meet a Muslim” days