7/31/2018 - The real-life heist of the Swedish royal family’s crown jewels rivals any movie

7/31/2018 - Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort is on trial for fraud. His defense: “Blame my number two”

7/31/2018 - Apple asks Wall Street: What tech bust?

7/31/2018 - Facebook foils a plot, Apple exceeds expectations, Bigfoot erotica

7/31/2018 - A new proposed tax break for the ultra-rich is illegal, the DOJ said 26 years ago

7/31/2018 - Who is Laura Coates? Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek names a potential successor

7/31/2018 - Photos: How Kim Jong Un spent his summer while definitely not building missiles

7/31/2018 - Honey

7/31/2018 - The retail metamorphosis, not apocalypse, is upon us

7/31/2018 - 3D printed guns are here, but that’s not what we should be worried about

7/31/2018 - Facebook found evidence of another coordinated political influence campaign

7/31/2018 - Forget what you’ve heard about the retail apocalypse—here’s what’s actually in store for brick-and-mortar

7/31/2018 - Here’s an early hint about how Trump’s trade war could backfire on the US

7/31/2018 - Anna Wintour has ceded the cover of Vogue to Beyoncé, fashion’s new queen

7/31/2018 - Even as the business world rids itself of abusive men, a baseball team acquired a player accused of assault

7/31/2018 - By 2020, SUVs could make up 50% of US car sales

7/31/2018 - Americans are now spending 11 hours each day consuming media

7/31/2018 - Americans aren’t slacking off at work—they’re just doing their other jobs

7/31/2018 - Once neck and neck, the US and euro-zone economies are going their separate ways

7/31/2018 - Rwanda is the first African casualty of Trump’s trade wars

7/31/2018 - The simple post-birth step that dramatically increases babies’ chances of survival

7/31/2018 - Fewer people want US citizenship but the line keeps getting longer

7/31/2018 - Trevor Noah’s book compilation of Trump’s greatest tweets is at the top of Amazon

7/31/2018 - Stephen Colbert called out his CBS boss Les Moonves over #MeToo allegations

7/31/2018 - MoviePass is raising its price to $15 a month

7/31/2018 - HotelTonight’s new feature rewards decisiveness and cures “FOBO”

7/31/2018 - Braille

7/31/2018 - Braille

7/31/2018 - The unexpected power of assuming people have good intentions

7/31/2018 - Your quick guide to the important figures in Robert Mueller’s case against Paul Manafort

7/31/2018 - One question hangs over Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign chair

7/31/2018 - The artful science behind the scent of bottled rain

7/31/2018 - How to make sure your organization implements strategy as well as it designs it

7/31/2018 - For many organizations, the line between strategy design and delivery is blurred

7/31/2018 - Venture capital’s diversity problem in two words: alma mater

7/31/2018 - “Vaginal rejuvenation” isn’t real and can be dangerous, says a US regulatory body

7/31/2018 - How to lead during times of change

7/31/2018 - Inmates gamed their prison-issued tablets to get $225,000 in credits

7/31/2018 - Michael Lewis’s new book warns of a future in which Americans pay for weather data

7/31/2018 - Which of the five senses do you value most? The answer may change as you age

7/31/2018 - As tech giants like Facebook stumble, analysts say payment companies are a better bet

7/31/2018 - Microsoft’s politically correct chatbot is even worse than its racist one

7/31/2018 - Graphic novels are novels. Five any literate person should read

7/31/2018 - Tesla keeps finding ways to keep Wall Street happy, and cash in the bank

7/31/2018 - A new study from Yale scientists shows how uncertainty helps us learn

7/31/2018 - China’s latest tech darling is selling a treasure trove of fake goods

7/31/2018 - A drug cartel in Colombia is offering a bounty of $7,000 for a cocaine-sniffing dog

7/31/2018 - Apple earnings, Manafort trial, kangaroo mobs

7/31/2018 - India’s biggest airline keeps flying into one crisis after another

7/31/2018 - Braille

7/31/2018 - India just pushed its booming solar industry into chaos

7/31/2018 - A plan for the free movement of Africans across the continent is being held up by fears of xenophobia

7/31/2018 - African countries know they need better road networks but not how to pay for them

7/31/2018 - A scientific name could save India’s nearly extinct “tigers of the water”

7/31/2018 - Manafort trial, Apple earnings, kangaroo mobs

7/31/2018 - Manafort trial, Apple earnings, kangaroo mobs

7/31/2018 - India’s internet shutdowns are costing the economy billions of dollars

7/31/2018 - India’s e-commerce policy may end the Flipkart-Amazon discount war

7/31/2018 - North Korea is building new missiles despite its commitment to denuclearize

7/30/2018 - The US government website in charge of employment data is down

7/30/2018 - For all its economic dynamism, China’s income mobility is bad and getting worse

7/30/2018 - You can no longer see major movies using MoviePass

7/30/2018 - Manafort trial, Apple earnings, kangaroo mobs

7/30/2018 - Investors have pumped nearly $1 billion into aerospace start-ups this year

7/30/2018 - Tesla is now delivering Model 3s straight from the factory. Elon Musk delivered one Sunday

7/30/2018 - For maximum recharge, take a Wednesday off

7/30/2018 - July 31 is the day to see Mars with the naked eye

7/30/2018 - Braille

7/30/2018 - It’s time to take off your MAGA hat, a new Koch-backed ad tells farmers

7/30/2018 - Why you love it when corporate Twitter starts flame wars with regular people

7/30/2018 - John Oliver asked Anita Hill how to deal with creepy men at work. Her advice is priceless

7/30/2018 - The Netflix shows that get renewed have one big thing in common

7/30/2018 - “We came here for your data”—John Oliver fixed Facebook’s cringe-worthy apology

7/30/2018 - Netflix is making a series about a daughter of slaves who became a black hair care mogul

7/30/2018 - Forgotten women scientists star in a series of beautiful posters for kids

7/30/2018 - We’re about to find out just how good the iPhone X’s staying power is

7/30/2018 - A viral French video shows how catcalling can escalate into assault

7/30/2018 - It would cost US taxpayers $39 billion in corporate aid to offset Trump’s trade war

7/30/2018 - Nike has a plan to survive retail’s existential crisis—and it’s working

7/30/2018 - How to lead like Abraham Lincoln, according to a Harvard historian

7/30/2018 - Trump’s “trade deal” with the EU won’t change America’s fundamental problem

7/30/2018 - The catch to exploring water on Mars (and anywhere else in space)

7/30/2018 - IKEA’s new reading room is a fresh spin on the eternal effort to get people to pick up a book

7/30/2018 - East London’s version of hipster hospitality is coming to America

7/30/2018 - The secret to actually enjoying your vacation is the day before it starts

7/30/2018 - The unique legal concept that led to Germany’s weird wifi laws

7/30/2018 - The wild success of baby-food pouches shows how we’ve embraced the idea of food as utility

7/30/2018 - If you were fired, don’t lie about it in a job interview. Do this instead

7/30/2018 - Robert Mugabe has added some uncertainty to Zimbabwe’s first election without him

7/30/2018 - Everything bad about Facebook is bad for the same reason

7/30/2018 - Caterpillar’s results, Trump-Sulzberger clash, billion-dollar real estate

7/30/2018 - A Chinese coffee startup has Starbucks sweating

7/30/2018 - Traffic, train, and pain: What travelling in peak hours in Mumbai entails

7/30/2018 - DJI is turning robot battles into the next college sport—advantage China

7/30/2018 - “It is a pretty nasty world”: Why more Indians choose not to have kids

7/30/2018 - One of the world’s busiest districts has silenced its street performers

7/30/2018 - 4 million Indian residents have become illegal immigrants overnight

7/30/2018 - Zimbabwe’s election, Indonesia’s earthquake, $1 billion real estate

7/30/2018 - Zimbabwe’s election, Indonesia’s earthquake, $1 billion real estate

7/30/2018 - India’s first data protection bill is riddled with problems

7/30/2018 - What Indians should know about the proposed data-protection law

7/29/2018 - Zimbabwe elections, Indonesia’s huge earthquake, is China losing to Trump?

7/29/2018 - California’s raging wildfires are creating lightning-filled clouds

7/29/2018 - Doing well in school is nothing to be proud of

7/29/2018 - What is a “real” antisemite?

7/29/2018 - A school girl in rural India taught me to normalize mental-health issues—with a simple question

7/29/2018 - Google is laying the groundwork for life beyond advertising

7/29/2018 - Central Americans migrate to the US today for similar reasons as Jews in the 19th century

7/29/2018 - How screwed are you when it’s time to retire?

7/29/2018 - To understand Cuba’s emerging class system, try the ice cream

7/29/2018 - A Kenyan painter’s art questions China’s deepening reach in Africa

7/29/2018 - Chinese students increasingly return home after studying abroad

7/29/2018 - 14 years later, TV is still trying to recreate the magic of “Lost”

7/29/2018 - A fun game for parents that takes the misery out of vacationing with children

7/29/2018 - This surprising, everyday tool might hold the key to changing human behavior

7/29/2018 - The best pie of the summer is even better with one more ingredient

7/29/2018 - Fashion Nova conquered Instagram by embracing the “thirst trap”

7/29/2018 - Turns out the best sex actually doesn’t come from hot-blooded passion

7/29/2018 - African Instagram fashion, Eritrea’s exiles, Nairobi’s sacrificial lambs

7/28/2018 - The age of 3D-printed guns in America is here

7/28/2018 - Those hurt by Facebook write open letters to Mark Zuckerberg because nothing else works

7/28/2018 - This US court ruling on abortion goes straight to the core of the issue

7/28/2018 - Facebook needs the time-out it got from Wall Street

7/28/2018 - The backstory of how South Africa ditched Taiwan for China

7/28/2018 - Seesaws

7/28/2018 - Seesaws

7/28/2018 - Smiles have a sound, and it’s contagious

7/28/2018 - Satellite images show the intensity of the deadly flames that devastated coastal Greece

7/28/2018 - These photos of Senegalese in the 1920s and 1950s are a reminder of a forgotten elegance

7/28/2018 - Photos: A week of wildfires and heatwaves around the world

7/28/2018 - New research in mice shows triggering positivity could one day treat cancer

7/28/2018 - Vietnam is reducing carbon emissions by transforming pig waste into energy

7/28/2018 - The most relaxing vacation you can take is going nowhere at all

7/28/2018 - How to critique creative work: Lessons from a master of the craft

7/28/2018 - Photos: The century’s longest lunar eclipse as captured around the world

7/28/2018 - We’re just starting to grasp how campus rape steals women’s careers before they start

7/28/2018 - An Australian doctor’s stark note to parents is a devastating blow against anti-vaxxers

7/28/2018 - Brazilian researchers made a bandage from pineapple waste

7/28/2018 - This one metaphor is being used to perfectly encapsulate the disabled experience. It shouldn’t be

7/28/2018 - Economists think they know how much you’d pay to visit a cleaner beach

7/28/2018 - How can we talk about heatwaves without mentioning climate change?

7/28/2018 - Weekend edition—Climate change and heatwaves, advice from a shark, suburban millennials

7/28/2018 - Everything is better with a bit more color

7/28/2018 - A Stanford neurologist’s nine simple tips for quality sleep

7/28/2018 - The best-performing stock in the UK makes artisanal tonic water

7/28/2018 - How to always get invited back for a dinner party

7/28/2018 - You can now custom-build your own printed New York Times cookbook

7/28/2018 - Bitcoin believers are flocking to a sympathetic SEC commissioner’s Twitter account

7/28/2018 - Seesaws

7/28/2018 - Cycling referees are incorporating social media into video replay reviews

7/28/2018 - At Pakistan’s “Slum School,” child labourers can get a formal education at night

7/28/2018 - What Netflix? Indians are still glued to the idiot box

7/28/2018 - Weekend edition—Climate change and heatwaves, advice from a shark, suburban millennials

7/28/2018 - Weekend edition—Climate change and heatwaves, advice from a shark, suburban millennials

7/27/2018 - Weekend edition—Climate change and heatwaves, advice from a shark, suburban millennials

7/27/2018 - South Koreans are tired of bad sex education—and bad sex—in the #MeToo era

7/27/2018 - Carrie Fisher will be in “Star Wars: Episode IX”

7/27/2018 - Seesaws

7/27/2018 - Donald Trump should have known not to trust Michael Cohen

7/27/2018 - Read: Immigrant parents describe signing reunification waivers they didn’t understand

7/27/2018 - For centuries, medicine blamed the moon for mental illness

7/27/2018 - MoviePass stopped working because it ran out of money

7/27/2018 - A beauty blogger’s rant against “servants” has cost her corporate sponsors

7/27/2018 - Is cheese bad for you? Five nutritionists give the same answer

7/27/2018 - At last, a major US business school is enrolling more women than men

7/27/2018 - Disney is one step closer to taking on Netflix

7/27/2018 - Regulation traditionally lags behind innovation. Learn about the challenge in this interactive

7/27/2018 - All the reasons much of the world is in the grip of a heatwave

7/27/2018 - The thing that makes the London Underground so hot used to actually make it cold

7/27/2018 - Nigeria had good reasons to delay signing Africa’s free trade deal

7/27/2018 - Quartzy: the be my guest edition

7/27/2018 - Quartzy: the be my guest edition

7/27/2018 - The US economy is growing fast. Be afraid.

7/27/2018 - 5 things to know about tonight’s lunar eclipse

7/27/2018 - The case against careers

7/27/2018 - Olive oil

7/27/2018 - Olive oil

7/27/2018 - Despite record profit, Wall Street won’t reward Twitter unless it keeps growing

7/27/2018 - The US Navy developed a “shark repellant” during WWII

7/27/2018 - Ketchup is the most American of foods, and the most international

7/27/2018 - How to maintain a predominantly white workplace

7/27/2018 - US GDP grew by 4.1% in the second quarter, according to a fairly wild guess by statisticians

7/27/2018 - Grandma-style egg beaters, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

7/27/2018 - Amazon can make loads of money when it actually feels like it

7/27/2018 - Mali expects an uneventful presidential election—that’s why it might not be

7/27/2018 - Even tech workers think they’re underpaid

7/27/2018 - The Senegalese Sufi saint who inspired a banking system based on generosity

7/27/2018 - Bo Burnham’s definition of anxiety is frighteningly accurate

7/27/2018 - With or without Amazon, asset management is getting disrupted

7/27/2018 - The apple of Amazon’s eye is Alexa

7/27/2018 - Google honors the female chess player who sparked 40 years of Soviet dominance

7/27/2018 - A conservative scholar questions whether the US really has an inequality problem

7/27/2018 - Twitter earnings, Cohen’s latest bombshell, blood moon rising

7/27/2018 - Eritrea’s exiled community are skeptical about the historic thaw with Ethiopia

7/27/2018 - One US visa is rejecting fewer Indians—as long as they’re “extraordinary”

7/27/2018 - Photos: Artisanal mining is one of the few ways Africans directly benefit from natural resources

7/27/2018 - Zimbabwe’s politicians are fighting a vicious battle against fake news and each other

7/27/2018 - Olive oil

7/27/2018 - China tried to crush #MeToo, but it’s making a comeback

7/27/2018 - Etsy has a plan to corner India’s crafts market

7/27/2018 - Social media is tearing Indians apart but it can also bring them closer

7/27/2018 - What should India expect from Imran Khan?

7/27/2018 - Protests in Poland, Amazon numbers, celestial show

7/27/2018 - Protests in Poland, Amazon numbers, celestial show

7/27/2018 - PepsiCo is desperate to convince Indians that a popular snack isn’t made of plastic

7/27/2018 - To see how a strongman “respects” the election process, take a look at Cambodia

7/26/2018 - The US says more than 700 immigrant kids haven’t been returned to their parents

7/26/2018 - Lunar eclipse, Amazon numbers, parasite smarts

7/26/2018 - Olive oil

7/26/2018 - Don’t bother taking lunar eclipse photos with your phone

7/26/2018 - The perfect Spotify playlist for watching Friday’s lunar eclipse

7/26/2018 - Facebook’s disastrous day on Wall Street was historically bad

7/26/2018 - Facebook is about to make Instagram way more irritating

7/26/2018 - Alex Jones pulled his video threatening Robert Mueller. YouTube didn’t

7/26/2018 - Robert Mueller is investigating Trump’s Twitter. These 22 tweets might raise an eyebrow

7/26/2018 - The fateful coffee date that pushed Lance Armstrong to take real responsibility

7/26/2018 - With 1,000,000% inflation, Venezuela is slashing five zeroes from its currency

7/26/2018 - Metallica shapes its live shows around what fans are listening to on Spotify

7/26/2018 - Scientists definitely name their children after the things they study

7/26/2018 - Read a 12-year-old Girl Scout’s eloquent demand for equality

7/26/2018 - Trump’s “zero tolerance” border policy is actually more like “50% tolerance”

7/26/2018 - The ACLU used Amazon’s facial recognition and it labelled Congress members as criminals

7/26/2018 - Making the workplace work for dual-career couples

7/26/2018 - Fortune 500 companies appointed a record percentage of women to their boards last year

7/26/2018 - China’s live-streaming obsession is a window into the future of the internet

7/26/2018 - The only thing Republicans and Democrats can agree on is that Facebook and social media may be harmful to our kids

7/26/2018 - Wide swaths of Yosemite National Park are closed

7/26/2018 - Lenovo’s new smart display is what Amazon’s should have been

7/26/2018 - Denim

7/26/2018 - Denim

7/26/2018 - Someone set Betsy DeVos’s $40 million yacht adrift on Lake Erie

7/26/2018 - African scientists will now access Europe’s satellite data for free

7/26/2018 - A unified meat industry is appealing directly to Trump to settle the cell-cultured meat debate

7/26/2018 - The terrifying history of lunar eclipses

7/26/2018 - The vast gap between how the US and Europe think about teens and sex

7/26/2018 - The fairy tale of a former Liberian refugee who’s just joined one of Europe’s top soccer clubs

7/26/2018 - Here’s why 62% of remote workers say they feel connected to colleagues

7/26/2018 - The EU de-escalated a trade war with the US by promising to do things it wanted to do anyway

7/26/2018 - Trump is hiding his phone calls to world leaders from the public

7/26/2018 - The destructive power of wildfires, seen from space

7/26/2018 - Google is boosting internet access in Nigeria’s biggest cities with free public wifi

7/26/2018 - Great work doesn’t happen alone: 94% say coworker relationships matter

7/26/2018 - Amazon earnings, Beijing US embassy incident, lake on Mars

7/26/2018 - Denim

7/26/2018 - Zuckerberg has big plans for Facebook and WhatsApp in India

7/26/2018 - A bomb exploded outside the US embassy in Beijing

7/26/2018 - The crumbling global order is a moment of truth for the BRICS

7/26/2018 - The mood of German businesses has rarely been so split on the buoyant present versus the bleak future

7/26/2018 - Indian Railways survives by ferrying coal, not passengers

7/26/2018 - From butt hoses to Burger King: Tourists recount their first experiences of India

7/26/2018 - What to do if your company doesn’t have an enlightened approach to work

7/26/2018 - After a bumpy ride, motorcycle sales are back on smooth roads

7/26/2018 - Uganda is making ISPs block pornography from its citizens

7/26/2018 - Chinese leaders visit Africa more often than you think and not always the places you expect

7/26/2018 - Pakistan election results, new Venezuela banknotes, Mars lake

7/26/2018 - Pakistan election results, new Venezuela banknotes, Mars lake

7/26/2018 - Japan has executed nearly as many people as the US this year because of a 1995 cult attack

7/25/2018 - For the first time in 15 years, a new Alzheimer’s drug looks promising

7/25/2018 - Facebook’s scandals just cost it $150 billion on Wall Street

7/25/2018 - “We made a deal today!” said Juncker and Trump. But what was actually agreed?

7/25/2018 - Mattel is cutting 22% of its non-manufacturing workforce

7/25/2018 - Facebook is finally starting to crack

7/25/2018 - Pakistan’s PM, Juncker meets Trump, water on Mars

7/25/2018 - Denim

7/25/2018 - Sergio Marchionne saved the Italian automotive industry, but not for Italy

7/25/2018 - Nestle’s Kit Kat lawsuit is great marketing for Kvikk Lunsj, its Norwegian rival

7/25/2018 - These charts give Trump perfect ammunition for bashing the EU

7/25/2018 - Americans’ best option in the face of climate change is to retreat from the coasts

7/25/2018 - Carmakers are counting the cost of Trump’s “greatest” tariffs—in billions of dollars

7/25/2018 - It took 30 years, but humans may have found subterranean water near Mars’ ice caps

7/25/2018 - Shower beer caddy, Los Angeles, CA

7/25/2018 - A new study shows you’d be crazy not to send a thank-you note post-interview

7/25/2018 - Marvel at these stunning entries for Astronomy Photographer of the Year

7/25/2018 - How Glaxo’s new chief science officer runs meetings to get results

7/25/2018 - Beijing plans to pour $15 million into city bookstores over the next two years

7/25/2018 - Rich-people food has changed radically since the early 90s

7/25/2018 - 1,200 rolls of toilet paper and six other odd lots in the US embassy’s London auction

7/25/2018 - Trump’s simple trick to control the news is straight out of the Kremlin playbook

7/25/2018 - China appears to have pulled Facebook’s approval for establishing a Chinese innovation hub

7/25/2018 - Don’t confuse Pride parades for LGBTQ equality

7/25/2018 - There’s a major oversight in China’s “Orwellian” bullying over Taiwan

7/25/2018 - Upstart competitors are threatening Viagra’s market dominance

7/25/2018 - Waymo just laid out its vision for a driverless future

7/25/2018 - Amazon’s best-selling books about “Russian Politics” are mostly about Donald Trump

7/25/2018 - Having real robots in our homes remains an out-of-reach fantasy

7/25/2018 - An oncologist explains how to deliver bad news

7/25/2018 - Here’s what you need to know about “ingestible skincare” (aka vitamins)

7/25/2018 - You’re going to see a lot more series and movies from HBO, thanks to AT&T

7/25/2018 - The US is sitting on 2.6 billion tacos worth of meat and cheese

7/25/2018 - US officials must now say “illegal aliens,” not “undocumented immigrants”

7/25/2018 - Did Donald Trump accidentally suggest that the US join the European Union?

7/25/2018 - Tiki bars

7/25/2018 - Tiki bars

7/25/2018 - Pro-immigrant Americans are beating Trump back with a flood of lawsuits

7/25/2018 - This photo shows how urban development in Kenya often neglects the poor

7/25/2018 - New data shows the US government kept hundreds of immigrant kids, and deported their parents

7/25/2018 - London house prices are falling, and remain as unaffordable as ever

7/25/2018 - Republican opposition to climate action is cracking in districts won by Hillary Clinton

7/25/2018 - Sergio Marchionne, legendary CEO of Fiat Chrysler, has died suddenly at 66

7/25/2018 - Google Docs is finally adding a feature Microsoft Word has had for 20 years

7/25/2018 - Nobody likes a freeloader—including four-year-old kids

7/25/2018 - Trump’s campaign chairman is going on trial—but no one’s allowed to mention the campaign

7/25/2018 - The exploitative prison-phone industry could be soon dominated by just two companies

7/25/2018 - Cryptocurrency is just one of seven types of cryptoassets you should know

7/25/2018 - Scientists still can’t work out the biological function of yawning

7/25/2018 - The US is rejecting more and more Indian H-1B applicants

7/25/2018 - Juncker meets Trump, secret Cohen tape airs, fried-chicken connoisseurs

7/25/2018 - Tiki bars

7/25/2018 - Almost no men used to take South Korea’s generous paternity leave. That’s changing

7/25/2018 - Xiaomi is no longer India’s most popular phone maker

7/25/2018 - Once on the sidelines, carbon capture is now being touted as an economic win

7/25/2018 - Watch rivals SpaceX and Arianespace launch rockets to orbit within minutes of each other

7/25/2018 - Oxford researchers warn India of a fake-news epidemic as elections approach

7/25/2018 - People are mocking Hong Kong’s new $100 bill for resembling “hell money”

7/25/2018 - India’s law reform committee accepts cryptocurrency as a valid mode of payment

7/25/2018 - Pakistan election, “Ivanka Trump” shuts down, fried-chicken connoisseurs

7/25/2018 - Pakistan election, “Ivanka Trump” shuts down, fried-chicken connoisseurs

7/24/2018 - Silicon Valley engineered tech addiction, and it’s Indians who are paying the price

7/24/2018 - Why the semiconductor is suddenly at the heart of US-China tech tensions

7/24/2018 - Hoping to avert an all-out trade war, the EU’s top official meets Trump in Washington

7/24/2018 - Trump farmer aid, Facebook in China, sustainable sushi

7/24/2018 - Tiki bars

7/24/2018 - A new report debunks the health benefits of taking omega-3 supplements

7/24/2018 - Zimbabwe is getting ready for a very close election and a test of its democratic future

7/24/2018 - To shield US farmers from his trade war, Trump is giving taxpayers’ money to China

7/24/2018 - “Utter depravity”: Read a Department of Homeland Security advisor’s fiery resignation letter

7/24/2018 - A conservative writer went to an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rally and accidentally wrote a plug for her socialist manifesto

7/24/2018 - A massive study found a link between pregnancy and Alzheimer’s disease

7/24/2018 - Trump wants to bail out US farmers to save them from his own trade war

7/24/2018 - Google is building “virtual agents” to handle call centers’ grunt work

7/24/2018 - Critics named “Mad Max: Fury Road” the best Australian film of the 21st century

7/24/2018 - A graphic novel has been long-listed for the Man Booker for the first time

7/24/2018 - Summer is the worst time to buy new gadgets

7/24/2018 - Ancient people buried older women with less treasure

7/24/2018 - One-fifth of US adults are expected to ditch cable TV by 2022

7/24/2018 - The US-Mexico border barriers threaten 1,500 plant and animal species

7/24/2018 - Photos: Protesting farmers and tear gas halted the Tour de France

7/24/2018 - Testimony from 200 migrants shows how children are endangered in US custody

7/24/2018 - Alex Jones threatens to shoot Robert Mueller in his latest video. YouTube seems fine with that

7/24/2018 - How to spot power-hungry colleagues

7/24/2018 - Eclipses

7/24/2018 - Eclipses

7/24/2018 - Cyprus is finally making it harder for people to buy their way into the EU

7/24/2018 - What happens with Brexit while Britain’s politicians are on holiday?

7/24/2018 - Trump says rising rates are bad for US. They’re an even bigger problem for China

7/24/2018 - Why climbing the corporate ladder may be the worst path to the top

7/24/2018 - Americans are splurging on personal loans thanks to fintech startups

7/24/2018 - Netflix confirms it is trolling Africa’s biggest TV platform

7/24/2018 - A small island in Croatia is about to feel the “Mamma Mia” effect

7/24/2018 - Your next computer screen could be holographic

7/24/2018 - Australia’s immigrants are defying stereotypes by going to college way more than locals

7/24/2018 - “Eighth Grade” is a perceptive look at anxiety, wrapped in a teen dramedy

7/24/2018 - A beginner’s guide to cartoons for adults

7/24/2018 - A superfan’s proposal for a reality tv convention is so good it might just happen

7/24/2018 - Scientists have invented an autonomous flock of drones that think collectively

7/24/2018 - Inflation in Venezuela will be 1,000,000% by the end of the year

7/24/2018 - Marie Kondo’s key to happiness: boxes

7/24/2018 - A professor who escaped Cambodia as a child knows what terrifies the ruling regime

7/24/2018 - The EU will offer member states €6,000 for every migrant they take in

7/24/2018 - Regulations like GDPR will make Big Tech stronger

7/24/2018 - Kids around the world are suing governments over climate change—and it’s working

7/24/2018 - How AI could transform the way we measure kids’ intelligence

7/24/2018 - Photos: How Africa’s youngest leader transformed troubled Ethiopia in just 100 days

7/24/2018 - Photos: Deadly fires near Athens, Greece have left dozens dead

7/24/2018 - How to separate the myths and realities of China’s role in tackling Africa’s infrastructure deficit

7/24/2018 - Career advice from me, a shark

7/24/2018 - The question of who owns the Moon is about to get very complex

7/24/2018 - This is how the Japanese are coping with a record-setting heatwave

7/24/2018 - Earnings bonanza, Russian hackers, dangerous yogurt

7/24/2018 - Eclipses

7/24/2018 - Sundar Pichai gave a sneak peek into Google’s playbook in India

7/24/2018 - Is it OK to exploit poor Indians in the name of photojournalism?

7/24/2018 - An IBM team identified deep gender bias from 50 years of Booker Prize shortlists

7/24/2018 - Autorickshaw sales in India finally recover from the GST setback

7/24/2018 - Earnings bonanza, Greece wildfires, Uber vomit-fraud

7/24/2018 - Earnings bonanza, Greece wildfires, Uber vomit-fraud

7/23/2018 - Eclipses

7/23/2018 - Donald Trump already told us why he’s shouting at Iran

7/23/2018 - It’s not all about advertising at Alphabet anymore

7/23/2018 - Bannon vs EU, “Settlers” sale, Uber vomit fraud

7/23/2018 - Student engineers set a speed record in Elon Musk’s hyperloop competition

7/23/2018 - This CEO is an example of why you need to be careful on your company’s laptop

7/23/2018 - What happens when you downsize an organization you don’t understand, New York Daily News edition

7/23/2018 - 90’s metal band Papa Roach made the only good joke about Donald Trump’s Iran meltdown

7/23/2018 - The Americans who want America to stay white are actually a minority themselves

7/23/2018 - In Jonathan Gold’s Los Angeles the least fancy restaurants matter the most

7/23/2018 - The music industry’s #MeToo moment is still a long way away

7/23/2018 - In a blow to states’ rights, Trump is reportedly trying to kill California’s clean car regulations

7/23/2018 - Forbes deleted a deeply misinformed op-ed arguing Amazon should replace libraries

7/23/2018 - How salmonella gets into processed foods like Ritz Crackers and Honey Smacks cereal

7/23/2018 - The hidden health dangers of flavored yogurt

7/23/2018 - How to support the parent of a child with special needs

7/23/2018 - A toxic fuel leak on Boeing’s spacecraft will ground US astronauts a little longer

7/23/2018 - All the video subscriptions you’ll need to watch the shows revealed at Comic-Con

7/23/2018 - Cameroon is trying to distance itself from extra-judicial killings by soldiers as election looms

7/23/2018 - The scientific reason paper cuts hurt so much

7/23/2018 - Photos of scooters from the dot-com era prove nothing is new under the sun

7/23/2018 - Shonda Rhimes looks to Marvel Studios as a model for her new Netflix empire

7/23/2018 - Facebook’s fight against bad content is a mess

7/23/2018 - How to adjust for a team member’s parental leave

7/23/2018 - Africa’s largest mobile network may disconnect from parts of West Africa

7/23/2018 - The word that every exec is talking about this week

7/23/2018 - Companies that want to signal inclusiveness might start with their stock photos

7/23/2018 - Why it’s so crucial to support colleagues who pump breast milk at work

7/23/2018 - Don’t miss the century’s longest lunar eclipse tonight

7/23/2018 - Costly coal has pushed Karnataka to become India’s renewables leader

7/23/2018 - How I totally pullled off a productive work dayg after my red-eye flight

7/23/2018 - Africa is again the world’s epicenter of modern-day slavery

7/23/2018 - The US is richer because of Europe—no matter what Trump says

7/23/2018 - Autonomous weapons will be tireless, efficient, killing machines—and there is no way to stop them

7/23/2018 - Photos: Wildfires continue to grip Sweden during an Arctic heatwave

7/23/2018 - Alphabet earnings, Trump’s Tehran tirade, Uber “vomit fraud”

7/23/2018 - China’s parents can’t even trust the country’s vaccines

7/23/2018 - India’s cryptocurrency exchanges face another 50 days of uncertainty

7/23/2018 - Australia has a plan to make India part of its “inner circle”

7/23/2018 - Modi’s government claims it’s improved the lives of women. But here’s the reality

7/23/2018 - Indian ATMs could run dry—yes, again

7/23/2018 - Alphabet earnings, Özil quits, Toblerone victory

7/23/2018 - Alphabet earnings, Özil quits, Toblerone victory

7/23/2018 - The phone maker that introduced Android to India is fading away

7/23/2018 - Here’s the path to generating more income on your investments

7/23/2018 - Looking for income in an incomeless world

7/22/2018 - Alphabet earnings, new Fiat Chrysler CEO, scorched earth in the UK

7/22/2018 - Uber and Lyft suspended a driver who was streaming rides on Twitch

7/22/2018 - Trump’s Supreme Court pick questioned the Nixon decision. It could matter for Trump.

7/22/2018 - Trump has ordered a new Air Force One and plans to paint it red, white, and blue

7/22/2018 - This album documents the lasting impact of Sudan on African music

7/22/2018 - Satellite images reveal the true extent of damage the UK’s heatwave has caused

7/22/2018 - African fashion boutiques are going global on Instagram and WhatsApp

7/22/2018 - Warner Bros. is betting on a new kind of superhero movie with “Shazam!”

7/22/2018 - There are trolls in the White House

7/22/2018 - “My parents’ marriage was loveless. My mother blamed us for her failed dreams.”

7/22/2018 - The mystery of Russia’s missing wealth shows how Putin retains his power

7/22/2018 - Thoughts on the family dog and eating meat

7/22/2018 - “Nanette” and why a new wave of comedians don’t want to be funny

7/22/2018 - Harvard researchers made an origami Pokéball that safely captures delicate sea creatures

7/22/2018 - From workwear to $2,000 luxury, jeans tell a quintessentially American story of class aspiration

7/22/2018 - Madagascar’s fast internet, Obama’s Mandela speech, Nigeria’s airline history

7/21/2018 - Shonda Rhimes is taking on the Great Migration for Netflix

7/21/2018 - A two-year travesty comes to an end as Toblerone reverts to its original shape

7/21/2018 - Americans have no idea how many calories are in a taco salad

7/21/2018 - Now That’s What I Call Music! just turned 100

7/21/2018 - Tokyo’s Comiket, not Comic-Con, is the biggest fan convention in the world

7/21/2018 - Silhouettes

7/21/2018 - Silhouettes

7/21/2018 - Reddit tried to reverse-engineer MoviePass’s peak pricing formula

7/21/2018 - These are the most danceable number one hits, according to computer science

7/21/2018 - An eerie photo series from Greenpeace shows how alienated humans are from nature

7/21/2018 - Millennial reading habits have changed the definition of a classic

7/21/2018 - How Americans can break their outrage addiction

7/21/2018 - From the loincloth to Thinx, a brief history of undies

7/21/2018 - The propaganda films that saved Walt Disney’s cartoon empire

7/21/2018 - Weekend edition—The next downturn, “ghosting” at work, a fake news super-sleuth

7/21/2018 - An artist at a British museum teaches visitors to sing like whales

7/21/2018 - Beyond the Aperol Spritz: the only formula you need for all your summer spritzes

7/21/2018 - What to do if you see a shark at the beach this summer

7/21/2018 - Why we itch, and why it’s so hard to stop

7/21/2018 - Silhouettes

7/21/2018 - Senegal is getting addicted to Chinese loans as France’s hold loosens

7/21/2018 - African countries need to work out how to attract their foreign-born soccer talent

7/21/2018 - Weekend edition—The next downturn, “ghosting” at work, a fake news super-sleuth

7/21/2018 - Weekend edition—The next downturn, “ghosting” at work, a fake news super-sleuth

7/20/2018 - Weekend edition—The next downturn, “ghosting” at work, a fake news super-sleuth

7/20/2018 - The global migration plan that every UN country agreed to—except the US and Hungary

7/20/2018 - France’s World Cup soccer players are as African as they want to be

7/20/2018 - Silhouettes

7/20/2018 - Instagram’s new feature is a nightmare for social media introverts

7/20/2018 - The Japanese government is tweaking its heatwave index for people with colorblindness

7/20/2018 - Taxing all Chinese imports would be bad for the companies that just pledged loyalty to US workers

7/20/2018 - The Dior saddle bag is back—in a thinly veiled influencer ad campaign

7/20/2018 - 75% of big corporate changes fail. This framework helps you get them right

7/20/2018 - The biggest American cannabis business is in Canada

7/20/2018 - A blockbuster-free shortlist of excellent summer TV and movies

7/20/2018 - It’s looking increasingly like there will be three follow-ups to the iPhone X

7/20/2018 - Thieves made off with $10 million worth of cobalt in a warehouse heist

7/20/2018 - DARPA’s new cars are mechanical mountain goats

7/20/2018 - The world’s richest countries are the top buyers of goods at risk of being made by slaves

7/20/2018 - Trump created the strong dollar he is now skewering the Fed about

7/20/2018 - The 5 levels of leadership

7/20/2018 - Michael Cohen had his own kompromat on Donald Trump: A secret recording

7/20/2018 - Africa’s richest man thinks Donald Trump is onto something with higher tariffs

7/20/2018 - Quartzy: the summer entertainment edition

7/20/2018 - Quartzy: the summer entertainment edition

7/20/2018 - A former Soviet Union interpreter explains why Trump’s meeting with Putin was extraordinary

7/20/2018 - Guilt lanes

7/20/2018 - Guilt lanes

7/20/2018 - The demise of local newspapers is hurting city finances

7/20/2018 - The key to happiness is simple, but it’s not easy

7/20/2018 - Merkel talks Trump, Putin, and Europe—but not Brexit

7/20/2018 - Peak oil, Starbucks in China, and the world’s most expensive city

7/20/2018 - “Urgency bias” is killing your productivity

7/20/2018 - Even with similar qualifications, women spend time on tasks that lead to lower pay than men

7/20/2018 - “Is it gender bias, or do I just suck?”: A doctor’s Twitter thread goes viral

7/20/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg keeps forgetting about humans

7/20/2018 - Tech firms in Israel are giving workers a day off to protest the country’s anti-LGBT surrogacy law

7/20/2018 - Uganda’s government is doubling down on its controversial social media tax

7/20/2018 - GE’s earnings, Missouri boat deaths, Meghalayan Age

7/20/2018 - Extremely high-res outtakes from Apollo 11’s 1969 moon landing

7/20/2018 - Trevor Noah’s World Cup joke shows how the world misunderstands the French

7/20/2018 - Guilt lanes

7/20/2018 - WhatsApp is limiting message forwarding in a country where fake news can kill

7/20/2018 - From elephants to eagles: the evolving brands of Nigeria’s unsuccessful national airlines

7/20/2018 - North Korea’s economy is no longer booming

7/20/2018 - PepsiCo is tweaking Lay’s and Kurkure to suit changing Indian tastes

7/20/2018 - Just about everyone seems to be preparing for the Brexit nightmare scenario

7/20/2018 - Hyperloop is coming to one of China’s poorest provinces

7/20/2018 - Trump invites Putin, North Korea’s economy, sarcophagal dud

7/20/2018 - Trump invites Putin, North Korea’s economy, sarcophagal dud

7/20/2018 - Twitter has named Nigeria’s ex-finance minister to its board

7/20/2018 - Making a phone call in India is now nearly free

7/19/2018 - India’s street magic once captivated the world, including Houdini himself

7/19/2018 - India’s cryptocurrency saga enters a crucial phase in the supreme court today

7/19/2018 - China’s next internet giants are getting big by serving the country’s poor

7/19/2018 - Trump invites Putin, Comcast backs out, sarcophagal dud

7/19/2018 - For the first time, Microsoft brought in more than $100 billion in the last year

7/19/2018 - Where are we in the market? A mid-year review

7/19/2018 - Is the cycle over? Not yet.

7/19/2018 - Trump’s interpreter could be grilled by Congress’s Gang of Eight about his chat with Putin

7/19/2018 - Guilt lanes

7/19/2018 - Join us for this golden age of video journalism: a letter from our editor in chief

7/19/2018 - The world’s biggest farms pollute more than any oil company

7/19/2018 - Disney and Comcast’s battle for Fox may come to a surprisingly amicable end

7/19/2018 - Microsoft says Russia tried to hack three 2018 US midterm candidates

7/19/2018 - Companies always seem to have the wind in their faces, not at their backs

7/19/2018 - Trump names third Dow executive to the help run USDA

7/19/2018 - Tech companies are structured like wealthy socialist states

7/19/2018 - There’s a new list of the world’s 10 largest companies—and tech isn’t on it

7/19/2018 - George R.R. Martin warns fans that his 1,000-page Targaryen history will disappoint them

7/19/2018 - Why oppressive rulers love cryptocurrency

7/19/2018 - 3 questions all aspiring entrepreneurs should ask themselves

7/19/2018 - Office chairs

7/19/2018 - Office chairs

7/19/2018 - There are still steam pipes that power NYC. And one just exploded

7/19/2018 - Netflix really wants more Oscars recognition

7/19/2018 - Author Lauren Groff had a perfect reply to a question about balancing work and children

7/19/2018 - Philosophers are caught in an intellectual debate over the “true” meaning of this anti-Trump sign

7/19/2018 - Look up at the moon every night—not just during the lunar eclipse

7/19/2018 - The American middle class can no longer afford private schools

7/19/2018 - China has a new air-pollution crisis in ozone

7/19/2018 - A 19th-century solution to heat homes is helping the world cut emissions

7/19/2018 - China’s booming WeChat app universe now includes a Google mini-app

7/19/2018 - Aboard ET 312, the first commercial flight from Ethiopia to Eritrea in two decades

7/19/2018 - In the race to a $1 trillion valuation, analysts are still betting on Apple over Amazon

7/19/2018 - Square’s app ranking is pulling further ahead of JPMorgan Chase

7/19/2018 - Photos: China’s unique tourist spectacles, seen from above

7/19/2018 - White House economists say federal programs helped end poverty. Now they want to end the programs

7/19/2018 - WeChat’s exclusive emojis express emotions Western apps cannot

7/19/2018 - The best movie trailer ever came out eight years ago. It’s still the best

7/19/2018 - A new film reveals the horrific truth behind “gay conversion therapy”

7/19/2018 - Microsoft results, Israel’s Jewish nation-state, Russian warship treasure

7/19/2018 - Office chairs

7/19/2018 - India is no place for health care innovation, but “doctorpreneurs” are making it happen

7/19/2018 - China’s war on drugs has a new weapon: sewage water

7/19/2018 - India is granting patents like never before

7/19/2018 - India is a tough, lonely place for female entrepreneurs

7/19/2018 - The death rate for migrants crossing the Mediterranean is skyrocketing

7/19/2018 - Why Indian farmers must grow less rice and wheat

7/19/2018 - Amazon soars, Trump misspeaks (again), entomologists fume

7/19/2018 - Amazon soars, Trump misspeaks (again), entomologists fume

7/19/2018 - There was zero growth in India’s job market in 2018

7/18/2018 - Bike-sharing company Ofo is dramatically scaling back in North America

7/18/2018 - Facebook is actually going to start removing fake news—or at least some of it

7/18/2018 - Butina ordered behind bars, Blue Origin launch, giant Goldblum

7/18/2018 - Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is writing a book about his company’s famous culture

7/18/2018 - Charted: Why Trump is foolish to treat Russia as an equal partner

7/18/2018 - Watch: Paul Pogba’s speech that spurred France to its World Cup victory

7/18/2018 - Emotionally and economically, being a sports fan sucks. So why do we do it?

7/18/2018 - Carlyle’s David Rubenstein on why Republicans just might win the mid-terms

7/18/2018 - Office chairs

7/18/2018 - Marvel has brought on more top literary talent to build out Wakanda with its Shuri series

7/18/2018 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s error on unemployment shows why politicians need to listen to economists

7/18/2018 - Google suggests it may have to start charging device makers to use Android

7/18/2018 - Silence, please: Why a UK supermarket is introducing a special quiet hour

7/18/2018 - The “negative brainstorm” will help your team react productively to change

7/18/2018 - Daughters of working mothers grow up to be just as happy as those of stay-at-home moms

7/18/2018 - A common blood-pressure medicine is being recalled because of a toxic ingredient

7/18/2018 - When men earn less than their wives, both spouses lie about it

7/18/2018 - This summer, treat yourself to a trip to “Castle Rock”

7/18/2018 - Citadel’s Ken Griffin says “there’s no need” for cryptocurrencies

7/18/2018 - Top AI researchers say they won’t make killer robots

7/18/2018 - A new study links teens’ screentime with symptoms of ADHD

7/18/2018 - Photos: A hot Arctic summer has led to wildfires across Sweden

7/18/2018 - Tesla buyers in Germany must pay back their electric-car bonus

7/18/2018 - Biologists are bugged about the ant emoji

7/18/2018 - Ice cubes

7/18/2018 - Ice cubes

7/18/2018 - There’s a handy way for “non-math people” to learn math

7/18/2018 - Barcelona wants tourists to check if their Airbnb-style rentals are legal

7/18/2018 - A new blood test could boost people’s chances of surviving melanoma

7/18/2018 - Putin is transforming the Russian town believed to produce Novichok, a lethal nerve agent

7/18/2018 - Watch Blue Origin’s next launch of the New Shepard rocket

7/18/2018 - China is running out of US imports to tax—but there’s still a big way it can punish the US

7/18/2018 - Spain’s controversial battle over whether to make its constitution gender-neutral

7/18/2018 - Hackers account for 90% of login attempts at online retailers

7/18/2018 - Africa’s dominant mobile money service is in talks to open in Ethiopia

7/18/2018 - The ability to tag photos turned Facebook into an unstoppable force

7/18/2018 - American cheese is no longer the most popular cheese in America

7/18/2018 - Jeff Bezos is rich enough to buy many of the world’s stock markets outright

7/18/2018 - The EU just hit Google with a $5 billion fine over its Android operating system

7/18/2018 - Cynicism isn’t as smart as we think it is

7/18/2018 - EU fines Google, Elon Musk apologizes, world’s oldest bread

7/18/2018 - Elon Musk apologizes for calling the British cave diver a “pedo guy”

7/18/2018 - Thanks to climate change, Qatar’s winter World Cup could become the new normal

7/18/2018 - Barack Obama is as frustrated as you are with strongman politics in Africa

7/18/2018 - Here’s proof that H-1B workers make American companies more innovative

7/18/2018 - Ice cubes

7/18/2018 - How social media bots became an influential force in Africa’s elections

7/18/2018 - The decision-making style that helps leaders survive can also thwart their legacy

7/18/2018 - Stuck in traffic, Indians are desperate for self-driving cars

7/18/2018 - “Not an aberration but a variation”: What India’s supreme court judges have said about homosexuality

7/18/2018 - Trump backtracks, rescued Thai boys speak, ancient pita

7/18/2018 - Trump backtracks, rescued Thai boys speak, ancient pita

7/18/2018 - India’s crippling regulations should have killed e-wallets, but the opposite is happening

7/18/2018 - Streaming subscriptions now outnumber pay-TV customers in Britain

7/18/2018 - Graduates of the top IITs and IIMs earn over twice the salary of their peers

7/17/2018 - Blockchain is helping build a new Indian city, but it’s no cure for corruption

7/17/2018 - Why the Croatian president’s appearance at the World Cup mattered so much

7/17/2018 - All the shots Barack Obama took at Donald Trump without naming him

7/17/2018 - Trump clarifies Helsinki comments, rescued Thai boys speak, ancient pita

7/17/2018 - The brief history of three emerging technologies shows why regulation should stay ahead of innovation

7/17/2018 - Walmart is reportedly planning a video streaming service to compete with Netflix and Amazon

7/17/2018 - We shouldn’t be surprised that hideous, high-heeled Crocs are flying off the shelves

7/17/2018 - Ice cubes

7/17/2018 - “Sort of a double negative”: Trump says he didn’t mean to deny Russian election meddling

7/17/2018 - Newly unearthed photos of the last tsar and his family show a forgotten empire

7/17/2018 - A turtle scientist’s crude behavior has sparked a #metoo moment in herpetology

7/17/2018 - Barack Obama says the rich owe the world a huge debt

7/17/2018 - An incredibly passionate, deeply researched case for why the world needs a yerba mate emoji

7/17/2018 - What higher tariffs could mean for economic growth

7/17/2018 - Netflix is preparing for a future where its content is mostly its own

7/17/2018 - Will quitting social media hurt my career?

7/17/2018 - Get ready for the joy of in-flight credit card pitches from cabin crew

7/17/2018 - The Year of Ruth continues with the rousing trailer for “On the Basis of Sex”

7/17/2018 - Why the chess community actually grew when computers learned to play

7/17/2018 - We should blame politicians, not Mandela, for South Africa’s unfinished business

7/17/2018 - Archeologists found a 14,000-year-old toasted pita in Jordan

7/17/2018 - With the controversial pipeline looming, Germany brokers gas talks between Russia and Ukraine

7/17/2018 - France’s World Cup victory is a reminder that nurture—not nature—determines success

7/17/2018 - Apple’s emoji leadership team picture is a reminder that Apple is so white

7/17/2018 - Krill

7/17/2018 - Krill

7/17/2018 - The graceful restoration of a 200-year-old serif typeface shows the problem with digital fonts

7/17/2018 - Why the world is so excited about electric cars

7/17/2018 - The official Brexit campaign broke electoral rules—but there won’t be a second referendum

7/17/2018 - It’s official: Lloyd Blankfein is leaving Goldman Sachs

7/17/2018 - A new study compared formal and informal communication at work, and the results are no fun

7/17/2018 - It takes just six minutes for a dog to die in a hot car

7/17/2018 - Sending WeChat voice messages is a status symbol in China

7/17/2018 - Goldman Sachs earnings, Trump’s GOP backlash, China’s big flop

7/17/2018 - With Amazon leading the way, e-commerce is approaching 10% of all US retail sales

7/17/2018 - The EU and Japan just signed a massive trade deal—with an unwitting assist from Trump

7/17/2018 - A guide to how not to defend free speech

7/17/2018 - The US and Russia are doing the least to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

7/17/2018 - SpaceX and Boeing are running out of time to fly astronauts into space

7/17/2018 - Krill

7/17/2018 - The box office has a simple message for China’s movie studios

7/17/2018 - China’s “Saturday Night Live” steered clear of politics—and still got yanked

7/17/2018 - Lava from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has created a new island

7/17/2018 - India has a unique opportunity to shape the emerging global order

7/17/2018 - Cash is pouring into tech startups from every source

7/17/2018 - More African governments are trying to control what’s being said on social media and blogs

7/17/2018 - The delay in opening IKEA’s India store will quickly be forgotten

7/17/2018 - An Indian expat in Germany explains why he won’t be coming back

7/17/2018 - India’s telecom regulator wants users—not firms—to control their data

7/17/2018 - The world’s biggest music company is setting its sights on Africa

7/17/2018 - Now even India’s largest automobile maker is betting on a startup

7/17/2018 - EU-Japan trade deal, Trump-Putin lovefest, China’s big flop

7/17/2018 - EU-Japan trade deal, Trump-Putin lovefest, China’s big flop

7/16/2018 - Netflix’s fortunes are still won and lost on subscriber growth. And it just lost

7/16/2018 - Trump-Putin summit lovefest, Netflix growth slows, China’s $100 million flop

7/16/2018 - Are you a bad person if you shop on Amazon?

7/16/2018 - The US is charging an NRA member with being a Russian secret agent

7/16/2018 - Since April, more than 300 people have died protesting in Nicaragua. Here’s why

7/16/2018 - A study of 93 penises on a medieval tapestry shows one masculinity myth has lasted 950 years

7/16/2018 - Donald Trump is pushing the EU and China closer together

7/16/2018 - Amazon’s Prime Day website is crashing. Its solution: Dogs

7/16/2018 - Krill

7/16/2018 - “Abased before a tyrant.” Read John McCain’s scorching review of Trump’s meeting with Putin

7/16/2018 - Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Day

7/16/2018 - “Diversity” and “inclusion” aren’t interchangeable. Here’s how to use them correctly

7/16/2018 - Amazon created Prime Day—the rest of retail legitimized it

7/16/2018 - How to come up with better ideas, according to scientists who developed a new theory of human evolution

7/16/2018 - Croatia’s president taught a lesson in leadership at the World Cup

7/16/2018 - Bernie Sanders will be live-streaming his town hall to shame CEOs

7/16/2018 - There are two types of respect. Lack one, and you’ll hate your job

7/16/2018 - K-pop is now so universally beloved that even Algerians speak a little Korean

7/16/2018 - Olivia Colman is finally getting the royal treatment she deserves

7/16/2018 - The White House’s terrible photo is the perfect image of the Trump-Putin summit

7/16/2018 - Google is using AI to see inside the brain like never before

7/16/2018 - Parents who lack control at work may become more controlling at home

7/16/2018 - A short history of Donald Trump’s wink

7/16/2018 - What happened when I completely quit taking photos

7/16/2018 - The 4 different side businesses you can start

7/16/2018 - The Helsinki summit is already a win for Putin. What else could he get out of Trump?

7/16/2018 - China’s first $100 million film is a breathtaking failure

7/16/2018 - The idea ancient people didn’t live until old age is a myth

7/16/2018 - A platform for female factory workers has disappeared from China’s Twitter

7/16/2018 - Madagascar has faster internet than UK, France and Canada

7/16/2018 - The threat to oil is not just electric cars, but self-driving electric cars

7/16/2018 - There is hard work ahead for Ethiopia and Eritrea after their historic thaw

7/16/2018 - In their first-ever summit, Trump meets Putin with “low expectations” and no agenda

7/16/2018 - The World Cup winner in China is a little-known oven maker

7/16/2018 - Trump meets Putin, Musk’s “pedo guy” tweet, robot-art show

7/16/2018 - Things are going from bad to worse for Apple in India

7/16/2018 - China’s regulators are taking Xiaomi’s stock price on a ride

7/16/2018 - The corner of India that exports both mangoes and men

7/16/2018 - Tech startups are helping India’s creaky power sector cope with the renewable energy boom

7/16/2018 - Trump-Putin meeting, Brexit debate, robot paintings

7/16/2018 - Trump-Putin meeting, Brexit debate, robot paintings

7/16/2018 - Ten years after China’s infant milk tragedy, parents still won’t trust their babies to local formula

7/16/2018 - Instagram is changing the way fashion sells in India

7/15/2018 - How this year’s Amazon Prime Day in India is different from the last one

7/15/2018 - Trump and Putin’s Finnish date, France wins World Cup, rebuilding barrier reefs

7/15/2018 - Kylian Mbappé became only the second teenager to score in a World Cup final

7/15/2018 - Cuba will recognize private property in its new constitution

7/15/2018 - The last Blockbuster Video standing is in Bend, Oregon

7/15/2018 - Africa’s universal music, Netflix’s threat, Uganda’s Chinese roads

7/15/2018 - Why can’t the US make any progress in relations with Russia?

7/15/2018 - South Africa’s first Wimbledon finalist in 97 years has become a matter of national pride

7/15/2018 - Airbnb is grappling with how to treat people with criminal convictions

7/15/2018 - How Satya Nadella and Microsoft won back Wall Street

7/15/2018 - What to expect from Amazon Prime Day sales

7/15/2018 - It’s impossible to lead a totally ethical life—but it’s fun to try

7/15/2018 - Do longer lives mean that one lifelong marriage isn’t enough?

7/15/2018 - People are now “ghosting” at work, so we looked into the word’s long history

7/15/2018 - Trump is what happens when postmodernism goes too far, Michiko Kakutani argues

7/15/2018 - The size difference between Pogba and Modric is what makes soccer so wonderful

7/14/2018 - Europe keeps setting clean-energy records

7/14/2018 - Barack Obama’s favorite African books have few surprises so read these other books as well

7/14/2018 - Wimbledon has the World Cup beat when it comes to trophy design

7/14/2018 - The French Revolution

7/14/2018 - The French Revolution

7/14/2018 - Photos: The practitioners reviving Russia’s once secret martial art

7/14/2018 - Days before Trump meets Putin, Russia is cozying up to Iran in a big way

7/14/2018 - A $75 million attempt to end indoor air pollution ended up siding with fossil fuels

7/14/2018 - As Eritrea looks to open up, here’s how to understand its nascent but vital history

7/14/2018 - Every day is Amazon Prime Day at Whole Foods Market

7/14/2018 - Fewer than 2% of Supreme Court rulings are ever overturned

7/14/2018 - Apple is a luxury goods maker

7/14/2018 - In the early 1990s, you could tell a rich person by whether they bought Grey Poupon. Now, it’s an iPhone.

7/14/2018 - The story of newborn babies in Iowa shows how immigration crackdowns hurt Americans, too

7/14/2018 - A Berlin gathering for China’s Liu Xiaobo is a reminder of two very different 1989s

7/14/2018 - Weekend edition—Dethroning GDP, the world loves memes, China’s surveillance state

7/14/2018 - US food regulators are fighting over who gets to oversee cell-cultured meat

7/14/2018 - Could the US-China trade war extinguish Juul’s hot streak?

7/14/2018 - The French Revolution

7/14/2018 - Sasha Baron Cohen’s “Who Is America?” could not come at a better time

7/14/2018 - Here’s a handy tool to help you talk about probability

7/14/2018 - Be a culinary hero without turning on the oven with a next level cheese plate

7/14/2018 - The real winners of the World Cup and Wimbledon are not obsessed with winning

7/14/2018 - Why Africa’s largest-ever telescope and astronomy matter for the continent’s future

7/14/2018 - Weekend edition—Dethroning GDP, the world loves memes, China’s surveillance state

7/14/2018 - Weekend edition—Dethroning GDP, the world loves memes, China’s surveillance state

7/13/2018 - Weekend edition—Dethroning GDP, the world loves memes, China’s surveillance state

7/13/2018 - The French Revolution

7/13/2018 - US investigators are revisiting Emmett Till’s murder because a historian did their work for them

7/13/2018 - Microsoft wants Congress to regulate facial recognition

7/13/2018 - A 2016 Congressional candidate asked for—and received—information hacked by Russia

7/13/2018 - Trump’s remarks on immigrants in Britain promote “cultural racism,” critics warn

7/13/2018 - Russian spies used bitcoin to hack the US 2016 election, says the Department of Justice

7/13/2018 - “The Rock” is basically his own movie genre now

7/13/2018 - A political crisis in the Middle East means free World Cup streaming for millions

7/13/2018 - Merkel’s ex-foreign minister says Trump wants “regime change” in Germany

7/13/2018 - South Africa’s contemporary art market is starting to open up to everyday collectors

7/13/2018 - Quartzy: the sportsmanship 🏆 edition

7/13/2018 - Quartzy: the sportsmanship 🏆 edition

7/13/2018 - Queuing

7/13/2018 - Queuing

7/13/2018 - Tesla’s first foreign factory, ICO scams, Starbucks’ challenge in China

7/13/2018 - The ultimate proof that looking happy on social media often masks real pain

7/13/2018 - A simple way to make America’s trillion-dollar student loan system more sane

7/13/2018 - Don’t panic over the conservative majority on the US Supreme Court

7/13/2018 - Dear powerful people, here’s the economic case for investing more in little kids

7/13/2018 - Britons are licking their World Cup wounds by panic booking vacations—to Croatia

7/13/2018 - Uber and other ride-hailing apps are facing a major test in Kenya—from drivers themselves

7/13/2018 - Sergey Brin started Google with some strange ideas about “his” female employees, according to a new book

7/13/2018 - Chinese contractors are going to keep dominating road construction in Uganda

7/13/2018 - The already-legendary Trump baby balloon has taken flight over London

7/13/2018 - France’s World Cup success masks underlying racial and class tensions at home

7/13/2018 - Do companies have too much power?

7/13/2018 - Trump’s latest trade threat, Musk complaints, the “meme” meme

7/13/2018 - This teeny tiny fern may hold a key to lowering global temperatures

7/13/2018 - Don’t fear a flat yield curve

7/13/2018 - Queuing

7/13/2018 - Elon Musk may visit India in 2019

7/13/2018 - China’s latest chemical explosion has killed 19—and recalled the Tianjin tragedy

7/13/2018 - The US-China trade war could erase all the market gains since Trump was elected

7/13/2018 - The daily struggle of Pakistani women who craft the world’s finest footballs

7/13/2018 - It’s time to say ta-ta to the world’s cheapest car

7/13/2018 - Trump kick-starts his UK tour by threatening to kill off a US trade deal

7/13/2018 - A Mughal-era flower festival unites Delhi’s Hindus and Muslims every monsoon

7/13/2018 - Netflix’s nominations, AT&T’s setback, the “meme” meme

7/13/2018 - Netflix’s nominations, AT&T’s setback, the “meme” meme

7/13/2018 - The $200 billion US tariff list has prompted a 1,300-word rebuttal from China

7/13/2018 - India’s phenomenal mobile manufacturing boom in one chart

7/12/2018 - The fascinating story behind Air India’s priceless collection of art

7/12/2018 - In memory of Liu Xiaobo, six things you should read

7/12/2018 - Scotland is preparing a two finger welcome for Donald Trump

7/12/2018 - North Korea’s cold shoulder, AT&T’s setback, meta-memes

7/12/2018 - Donald Trump nominated a man with no space experience to be NASA’s second-in-command

7/12/2018 - The Twitter celebrities who were hit hardest by the purge of fake accounts

7/12/2018 - A German court ruled you can inherit Facebook content like a letter or a diary

7/12/2018 - Queuing

7/12/2018 - Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda belt show tunes on the subway while New Yorkers ignore him

7/12/2018 - “Papa John” Schnatter’s ouster shows zero tolerance for racism means zero tolerance

7/12/2018 - Microsoft is putting Slack on notice

7/12/2018 - If you didn’t like last year’s MacBook Pros, you probably won’t like this year’s either

7/12/2018 - Why an out-of-print investment book gets bootlegged and sells for $3,000

7/12/2018 - AI is getting closer to replacing animal testing

7/12/2018 - Netflix spent its way to the Emmy nominations crown, finally dethroning HBO

7/12/2018 - In Nigerian politics, there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies

7/12/2018 - Aerial and satellite photos reveal massive mines scarring the earth’s surface

7/12/2018 - Tesla owners’ battery data show it won’t win through chemistry, only a better factory

7/12/2018 - The US decided to keep 46 kids under five separated from their families. Here’s why

7/12/2018 - A World Cup photographer was tackled by the joyful Croatian team. He kept shooting

7/12/2018 - Africa’s biggest TV player is lobbying to have Netflix regulated

7/12/2018 - Almost 40% of Americans’ tax cut is going to pricier gasoline

7/12/2018 - The world’s biggest meme is the word “meme” itself

7/12/2018 - The Baltic states are NATO’s most impassioned supporters, thanks to Russia

7/12/2018 - Straws

7/12/2018 - Straws

7/12/2018 - The First Amendment reason your license plate could end up in an ICE database

7/12/2018 - After Brexit, the British government wants tourists, students, and “talented people” from the EU to travel freely in the UK

7/12/2018 - Watch live: FBI agent Peter Strzok testifies to Congress about his anti-Trump texts

7/12/2018 - Trump just made it easier for agency heads to pick judges who agree with his politics

7/12/2018 - Stanford research shows that students do better on tests when teachers face down their math demons

7/12/2018 - Beyond the straw ban—three easy ways to eat with the planet in mind

7/12/2018 - Donald Trump wants to repaint Air Force One to look “more American”

7/12/2018 - NPR’s sexist blunder is proof that women’s work isn’t just overlooked—it’s erased

7/12/2018 - Early humans made the first journey from Africa to China over two million years ago

7/12/2018 - Trump shifts from veiled withdrawal threats to effusive praise at the NATO summit

7/12/2018 - Alexa is a terrible doctor

7/12/2018 - The future of tennis training may come from Hollywood VFX studios

7/12/2018 - 7,506 floating barrels: Christo’s test run for the largest sculpture in the world

7/12/2018 - Trump in London, Papa John’s founder quits, “carb rinsing”

7/12/2018 - America’s broken immigration system is tearing Indian families apart

7/12/2018 - Straws

7/12/2018 - One of the world’s deadliest terrorist groups wants to ban plastic bags

7/12/2018 - 80-year-old Connaught Place is still India’s most expensive office space

7/12/2018 - “Welcome to the Philippines, province of China” banners have hit Manila

7/12/2018 - The forgotten British-Asian physician who changed modern medicine

7/12/2018 - Why India’s central bank doesn’t trust cryptocurrencies

7/12/2018 - Frequent data breaches are bleeding Indian companies

7/12/2018 - Rich Indians are finding a way into the US with “golden visas”

7/12/2018 - Brexit proposal, Trump in London, strategic spitting

7/12/2018 - Brexit proposal, Trump in London, strategic spitting

7/11/2018 - The House committee tasked with keeping ICE legal hasn’t held a hearing about it in years

7/11/2018 - The latest 6,031 Chinese products targeted by US retaliatory tariffs in one giant table

7/11/2018 - Trump berates NATO, Puerto Rico power struggles, RIP ugly pup

7/11/2018 - Uber has terminated its self-driving car operators in Pittsburgh

7/11/2018 - The relationship between fintech startups and legacy banks is being rewritten

7/11/2018 - Straws

7/11/2018 - Mexico’s new president is creating a special border patrol force, just like the US

7/11/2018 - Drone delivery and internet balloons just became real businesses at Alphabet

7/11/2018 - Donald Trump looks like he’s trying to blow up NATO before his meeting with Vladimir Putin

7/11/2018 - Researchers have found what could be the oldest written lines from Homer’s “Odyssey”

7/11/2018 - England’s soccer team is a far better reflection of the population than its other sport teams

7/11/2018 - Scandinavian men are having #Guytalk about #MeToo

7/11/2018 - There’s something fishy about the US’s new $200 billion tariff list for China

7/11/2018 - The pain of Trump’s tariffs is coming home to American shoppers

7/11/2018 - Win summer with this refreshing, hydrating wine spritzer recipe

7/11/2018 - You only live once—drink your wine on the rocks

7/11/2018 - This photo of Donald Trump at NATO is a little too on the nose

7/11/2018 - Cristiano Ronaldo could make his Juventus debut in the US

7/11/2018 - The gig economy is bigger than US government data makes it look

7/11/2018 - Paper clips

7/11/2018 - Paper clips

7/11/2018 - Facebook’s fine for mishandling the data of 87 million people is worth 15 minutes of its profit

7/11/2018 - A brief history of the s’more, America’s favorite campfire snack

7/11/2018 - A hot Chinese driverless startup’s new hire has been charged with stealing secrets from Apple

7/11/2018 - The stock market is rewarding tech companies that protect data more than ones that exploit it

7/11/2018 - Casper brings napping to where it’s needed most—urban America

7/11/2018 - Quantum computing could put a stop to traffic jams

7/11/2018 - Americans pray like Tanzanians and make money like Norwegians

7/11/2018 - Simple math shows how scooters could make big money

7/11/2018 - Why Berlin is the favorite city of Chinese dissidents

7/11/2018 - The edible gold food trend taking the world by storm

7/11/2018 - The EU countries that desperately need migrants to avoid shrinkage—and those that don’t

7/11/2018 - Trump troubles NATO, Uber’s HR head quits, “Novichok” vodka

7/11/2018 - Trump brands Germany a “captive of Russia,” days before he meets Putin

7/11/2018 - Paper clips

7/11/2018 - A startup challenging Starbucks in China is now worth $1 billion

7/11/2018 - Google’s high-altitude internet balloons could soon connect rural Kenya

7/11/2018 - Barack Obama will give his most important speech since leaving office next week

7/11/2018 - Uber’s chief people officer quits amid a racial discrimination investigation

7/11/2018 - The little-known American startup that powers Jio phones

7/11/2018 - Zimbabwe’s first-ever election without Robert Mugabe has turned into a data privacy minefield

7/11/2018 - NATO gets ready for an inevitable battle with Donald Trump

7/11/2018 - China’s shadow is looming over Pakistan’s general elections

7/11/2018 - India’s renewable energy push is wiping out the last of the great Indian bustards

7/11/2018 - This is what it would take to oust Theresa May as UK prime minister

7/11/2018 - NATO summit, Facebook fine, “Rocket Man”

7/11/2018 - NATO summit, Facebook fine, “Rocket Man”

7/11/2018 - The backstory of how Ethiopia and Eritrea found peace after 20 years

7/11/2018 - India may not ban cryptocurrency after all

7/11/2018 - This startup is letting Indians rate and question their politicians, US style

7/10/2018 - Hong Kong’s youth revolution inspired a movie about a rebel robot fighting an immortal elite

7/10/2018 - NATO summit, Tesla’s Chinese factory, “Rocket Man”

7/10/2018 - What’s wrong with baby formula? It’s not even recommended in disasters

7/10/2018 - Paper clips

7/10/2018 - When stores don’t keep products in stock, customers turn to Amazon instead

7/10/2018 - With its focus on immigrants, “No Passport Required” is the food show America needs now

7/10/2018 - McKinsey & Co. will no longer work with ICE

7/10/2018 - 117 years of data show why today’s Supreme Court nominees have more influence than ever

7/10/2018 - Barack Obama and Joe Biden detective fan fiction hits US stores today

7/10/2018 - A top running-shoe expert says sneaker brands are selling a myth about how to prevent injuries

7/10/2018 - To avoid London protestors, Trump is getting a wall (OK a fence)

7/10/2018 - Here are all the other things parents do while taking care of their kids

7/10/2018 - An Arctic heatwave pushed temperatures in Siberia anomalously high

7/10/2018 - The UK’s political chaos, as reflected by the long-suffering pound

7/10/2018 - The future of shopping is trying things on in augmented reality

7/10/2018 - Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is religious—just like all the sitting justices

7/10/2018 - Britain’s literary elite is becoming less multilingual and global

7/10/2018 - The US embassy in London has warned Americans to “keep a low profile” during Trump’s visit

7/10/2018 - eSwatini—or is it Swaziland?— is finding out how hard it is to rebrand a country

7/10/2018 - ICE’s union thinks Donald Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing on immigration

7/10/2018 - Forget legroom—air travelers are fed up with seat width

7/10/2018 - CBD

7/10/2018 - CBD

7/10/2018 - Apple’s rumored Raleigh headquarters would completely change my community

7/10/2018 - Think that soccer match was fixed? You may be right

7/10/2018 - Hardline Brexiters are at the heart of the chaos surrounding the UK government

7/10/2018 - Photos: A heat wave in the UK is revealing evidence of ancient structures

7/10/2018 - How the most productive people structure their mornings

7/10/2018 - Five documentaries about remarkable lives are this summer’s surprise hits

7/10/2018 - It’s so hard to fight fake news on WhatsApp that Facebook is buying newspaper ads

7/10/2018 - The Apple of China is a hit in the US with electric scooters

7/10/2018 - Netflix is making it easier to watch shows on mobile

7/10/2018 - As bitcoin declines, Coinbase’s app is dropping in popularity

7/10/2018 - Brits feel better about immigration after Brexit, according to the country’s most rigorous survey of public opinion

7/10/2018 - The philosophical case for spending your money on luxury dental floss

7/10/2018 - The US has failed to pass anti-lynching laws 240 times. This is all of them.

7/10/2018 - Trump is too deceitful to be trusted with a hotel liquor license, according to this complaint

7/10/2018 - Alexa makes decision-making easier than ever—by making your choices for you

7/10/2018 - Cameroon has finally set a date for its presidential election

7/10/2018 - Trump in Brussels, Supreme Court nominee, ivory scams

7/10/2018 - CBD

7/10/2018 - Home prices in this Indian town are surging faster than in London or Hong Kong

7/10/2018 - China now owns more than 70% of Kenya’s bilateral debt

7/10/2018 - Already Asia’s worst-performing currency, the Indian rupee could slide further

7/10/2018 - NASA’s chief wants former astronaut Janet Kavandi to help run things. Trump is looking at the senate’s admin guy

7/10/2018 - Liu Xia, widow of Nobel winner Liu Xiaobo, might be free at last—thanks to Germany

7/10/2018 - On Instagram, brown girls are fighting India’s narrow idea of beauty

7/10/2018 - Roll over Neymar, and meet Kerala’s 60-year-old football star James PH

7/10/2018 - Theresa’s crisis, Supreme Court nominee, baby teeth

7/10/2018 - Theresa’s crisis, Supreme Court nominee, baby teeth

7/10/2018 - How Kenya and Ethiopia have put a world heritage site in danger

7/10/2018 - India’s investments in renewable energy are growing faster than even China’s

7/9/2018 - Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump’s pick for the US Supreme Court, tried to seem mild

7/9/2018 - A Tesla in China will cost $20,000 more because of the trade war

7/9/2018 - India’s sex ban, Boris Johnson’s exit, baby teeth

7/9/2018 - These magnetic robots might someday crawl around inside you

7/9/2018 - The bendy plastic straw was originally used in hospitals and vital for people with disabilities

7/9/2018 - Smart speakers are a two-horse race and Apple isn’t one of them

7/9/2018 - Ban plastic straws. Just don’t use paper ones, because they’re awful

7/9/2018 - Skipping the plastic straw won’t save the world, but it beats doing nothing

7/9/2018 - CBD

7/9/2018 - In 1905, the titans of publishing said what they really thought of women writers

7/9/2018 - Why do men want flashy cars and designer clothes? It’s hormonal

7/9/2018 - The winner of the World Cup is Apple

7/9/2018 - The gender wage gap may begin with children’s allowances

7/9/2018 - An unusual medical training tool got its start as a childish prank

7/9/2018 - Even if the US never used a plastic straw again, it would barely make a dent

7/9/2018 - Writing reviews is dying on Netflix

7/9/2018 - Giving employees meaningful development opportunities doesn’t have to be expensive

7/9/2018 - The IRS doesn’t know how to get in touch with American expats. But it can revoke their passports

7/9/2018 - Photos: Flooding in Japan has killed more than 100

7/9/2018 - BMW is investing billions into China’s new battery-cell factory in Germany

7/9/2018 - PayPal is leading a payment company acquisition binge

7/9/2018 - Job references often lie. Ask these questions to make them tell the truth

7/9/2018 - How Trump turned the US Supreme Court into prime time television

7/9/2018 - A guide to preparing for your parental leave

7/9/2018 - All the scientific support for breastfeeding that the US apparently didn’t read

7/9/2018 - Extinction is happening at 1,000 times the normal speed

7/9/2018 - Anti-immigrant hardliners may have just torpedoed Raymond Kethledge’s Supreme Court chances

7/9/2018 - Here’s why traditional financial institutions can benefit by collaborating with fintech startups

7/9/2018 - That airport security line holdup? It’s your travel snacks

7/9/2018 - Beyoncé and Jay-Z will finally return to perform in Africa, at a Nelson Mandela tribute

7/9/2018 - Thanks to China, Africa’s largest free trade zone has launched in Djibouti

7/9/2018 - Britain is bracing for a possible third general election in under 5 years

7/9/2018 - The source of the mysterious ozone-killing emissions is confirmed: China

7/9/2018 - Both men and women sleep better in gender-equal societies

7/9/2018 - A brief history of the classical Chinese couplet Xiaomi’s leader quoted before its IPO setback

7/9/2018 - Sheldon Adelson wants to open a casino in North Korea

7/9/2018 - Investors in Hong Kong are not buying Xiaomi’s description of itself—or its stock

7/9/2018 - The most successful activists don’t fight backlash, they embrace it

7/9/2018 - A graphical replay of the greatest tennis match ever played, 10 years later

7/9/2018 - India’s supreme court upholds death penalty for 2012 Delhi gang-rape convicts

7/9/2018 - Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Xiaomi’s IPO, swimsuit spat

7/9/2018 - A new poll asks: How ready are you to forgive Uber, Wells Fargo, and Facebook?

7/9/2018 - Hello India, Samsung’s not done with you yet

7/9/2018 - Inside IKEA’s big marketing plan to win over India’s middle class

7/9/2018 - When will “socially responsible investing” become just “investing”?

7/9/2018 - India’s plan to tweak its citizenship law will fundamentally alter the country

7/9/2018 - The giddy excitement that marked Ethiopia and Eritrea’s historic summit

7/9/2018 - India’s fixation with cheap cars is stalling its electric vehicles dream

7/9/2018 - David Davis resigns, Thai cave rescue, swimsuit debate

7/9/2018 - David Davis resigns, Thai cave rescue, swimsuit debate

7/9/2018 - Xiaomi starts trading just as the “biggest trade war in history” begins

7/9/2018 - Indian auto firms could sell a million more cars, thanks to mobile phones

7/8/2018 - Thousands of people are in danger from Japan’s worst rains in 50 years

7/8/2018 - Thai cave rescue, Xiaomi starts trading, iPhone owners seem rich

7/8/2018 - The insanely hazardous Thai cave rescue has started well

7/8/2018 - What is “originalism?” Why Trump wants an originalist on the Supreme Court

7/8/2018 - A new study finds that stress during pregnancy can lead to anxiety and depression in adulthood

7/8/2018 - The age of heroes is over

7/8/2018 - “The thing that nobody knows about our perfect family is that my husband is a monster.”

7/8/2018 - Hollywood’s monster movies are returning to their Asian roots

7/8/2018 - Fans of ModCloth and Bonobos were aghast when Walmart bought the brands. But they’re still shopping

7/8/2018 - Cape Town’s iceberg, Macron in Nigeria, Zimbabwe’s mobile money crash

7/7/2018 - Xiaomi is looking less and less like Apple, and more and more like Muji

7/7/2018 - How soccer and religion fight it out for the hearts of Africans

7/7/2018 - Donald Trump is buoying 2018 book sales

7/7/2018 - When will America wise up to the truth about why women aren’t having children?

7/7/2018 - This speech about American history will change the way you think about identity politics

7/7/2018 - Primitive Technology

7/7/2018 - Primitive Technology

7/7/2018 - Spain is giving single women free fertility treatment—but it won’t help revive its population

7/7/2018 - AirPods could revolutionize what it means to be hard of hearing

7/7/2018 - Ant-man superpower or just an ant?

7/7/2018 - A quiet change in US policy threatens immigrants who apply for a change in status

7/7/2018 - No one really knows what ICE is supposed to be. Politicians love that

7/7/2018 - French tech bros want to replace pizza chefs with robots

7/7/2018 - 40 books, TV shows, and movies for people who care about the future of tech

7/7/2018 - Weekend edition—Why identity sows conflict, loving your job, pet pampering

7/7/2018 - A global guide to queuing philosophies, from Wimbledon to São Paulo

7/7/2018 - HBO’s “Sharp Objects” is a hypnotic ghost story about trauma

7/7/2018 - A Congolese artist’s fantastical cityscapes blend Wakanda and Wes Anderson

7/7/2018 - The comic book artists that fuelled a century of science innovation

7/7/2018 - The subscription service Bokksu brings Japan’s esoteric snack culture to the world

7/7/2018 - A Mary Shelley biopic shows the young “Frankenstein” author through the lens of #MeToo

7/7/2018 - Primitive Technology

7/7/2018 - Cameroon’s Nigerian business community is fleeing as the Anglophone crisis deepens

7/7/2018 - How to enjoy the great outdoors, even if you’re not outdoorsy

7/7/2018 - Weekend edition—Why identity sows conflict, loving your job, pet pampering

7/7/2018 - Weekend edition—Why identity sows conflict, loving your job, pet pampering

7/7/2018 - Weekend edition—Why identity sows conflict, loving your job, pet pampering

7/6/2018 - Weekend edition—Why identity sows conflict, loving your job, pet pampering

7/6/2018 - Primitive Technology

7/6/2018 - Sonos’s future depends on not getting crushed by Amazon or Apple

7/6/2018 - The scramble to reunite immigrant kids with their families is a case study in poor project management

7/6/2018 - Nearly ten years on, Nigeria’s banks and courts haven’t learned the lessons of the financial crisis

7/6/2018 - In times of crisis, tweet at Elon Musk. He just might come to the rescue

7/6/2018 - An Alzheimer’s drug thought to be a failure may work after all

7/6/2018 - The 27 books Marc Andreessen recommends you read this summer

7/6/2018 - Zambia is the latest African state trying to muzzle social media with arbitrary laws

7/6/2018 - A diabolical plan to stop soda taxes forced California lawmakers to vote for a law they hated

7/6/2018 - 15 years of stunning Mars panoramas from NASA’s Opportunity rover

7/6/2018 - Scientists discovered the big toe that let toddlers climb trees like apes 3 million years ago

7/6/2018 - Tiny Hurricane Beryl is the Atlantic’s first hurricane of the season

7/6/2018 - The rise in the US unemployment rate isn’t bad news

7/6/2018 - Quartzy: the great outdoors edition

7/6/2018 - Quartzy: the great outdoors edition

7/6/2018 - Sonic weapons

7/6/2018 - Sonic weapons

7/6/2018 - Four things the World Cup can teach us about winning in the workplace

7/6/2018 - Facebook’s “dark pattern” design, bike-share boom, AI vs. human gamers

7/6/2018 - Want to love your job? Read this article

7/6/2018 - The secret to crypto investing is there is no secret

7/6/2018 - Could Chris Pratt really train velociraptors to do his bidding? A paleontologist says yes

7/6/2018 - China says the “largest trade war in economic history” just began

7/6/2018 - Pompeo in Pyongyang, US-China trade war begins, “Trump baby” balloon

7/6/2018 - Citizen scientists helped researchers discover that crows bully ravens

7/6/2018 - Sonic weapons

7/6/2018 - The UK’s overhaul of GDP stats dodges the real debate about the data’s shortcomings

7/6/2018 - How Indian cryptocurrency exchanges are trying to survive

7/6/2018 - The origins of South Asia’s most famous culinary export are not what you’d expect

7/6/2018 - The UK prime minister heads to a 16th century manor house to solve Brexit’s “mad riddle”

7/6/2018 - A little hungover, India’s Officer’s Choice is still the world’s largest-selling whisky

7/6/2018 - UK Brexit meeting, German migrant compromise, World Cup animal predictions

7/6/2018 - UK Brexit meeting, German migrant compromise, World Cup animal predictions

7/6/2018 - In Bhutan, hordes of young people are giving up rural life to move to cities

7/6/2018 - Charted: Mukesh Ambani’s favourite words at Reliance AGMs

7/6/2018 - All the “psychic” animals making World Cup predictions. Spoiler: one was eaten already

7/5/2018 - Scott Pruitt’s replacement Andrew Wheeler could be even more dangerous for the EPA

7/5/2018 - The cost of child care is driving Americans away from parenthood

7/5/2018 - US-China tariff faceoff, Pruitt resigns, “Trump Baby” balloon

7/5/2018 - Amazon is capitalizing on the demise of Toys R Us

7/5/2018 - Scandal-plagued EPA head Scott Pruitt has been replaced by a coal lobbyist

7/5/2018 - Open-plan offices have a surprising effect on workplace communication

7/5/2018 - What makes this photo of US politicians in Russia so extraordinary

7/5/2018 - Sonic weapons

7/5/2018 - MoviePass’s new business plan is to charge you whatever it wants

7/5/2018 - Google’s Duplex AI could kill the call center

7/5/2018 - Americans are socializing less and playing more games

7/5/2018 - Fanny packs are back as “waist bags,” with new high-fashion cred

7/5/2018 - Northrop Grumman’s latest bad news: There’s a white nationalist on its engineering team

7/5/2018 - Emmanuel Macron’s unconventional visit to Nigeria was low on policy but high on culture

7/5/2018 - Donald Trump actually considered invading Venezuela last year

7/5/2018 - LeBron James has three things every modern worker needs for better job mobility

7/5/2018 - Watch live: This ship is racing against the clock to beat the US-China trade war

7/5/2018 - No, Uganda’s new social media levy isn’t just another tax to raise revenue

7/5/2018 - Facebook removed the US Declaration of Independence for violating “hate speech” standards

7/5/2018 - Jeff Sessions doesn’t want Americans to read these 24 government documents anymore

7/5/2018 - The EU just rejected legislation that threatened the open internet

7/5/2018 - The next iPhone might actually come in some interesting colors

7/5/2018 - A travel blogger’s trick for deciding whether to visit a tourist attraction

7/5/2018 - The US envoy offers German car bosses a tempting tariff deal: Scrap them

7/5/2018 - Heroin may be Mozambique’s second largest export—and it’s being disrupted by WhatsApp

7/5/2018 - The counterintuitive tricks to asking better questions, according to Harvard research

7/5/2018 - Why can’t Europe create tech giants like the US and China?

7/5/2018 - Are gasoline prices in the US really too high?

7/5/2018 - Copyright fight, Beijing takes aim, Spotify’s Drake obsession

7/5/2018 - From beef burgers to friendly strangers, Indian immigrants recall their first days in the US

7/5/2018 - China’s next box office hit? A dark comedy about smuggling in cancer drugs from India

7/5/2018 - Why one of India’s top offline retailers is investing in online fashion

7/5/2018 - Xiaomi founder Lei Jun’s tech empire goes way beyond smartphones

7/5/2018 - How 70 years of the UK’s beloved National Health Service transformed Brits’ lives

7/5/2018 - Sorry ladies, men have cornered most high-paying tech jobs in India

7/5/2018 - Nairobi is planning a car-free day program to ease traffic congestion

7/5/2018 - 20 years after leaving the US, this Indian techie is taking his e-commerce firm public

7/5/2018 - A two-day crash in Zimbabwe’s mobile money system shows the vulnerabilities of going cashless

7/5/2018 - This brain “blackout” is the reason you get migraines

7/5/2018 - Anticipating stress doesn’t just ruin your day—it messes up your memory, too

7/5/2018 - The seemingly illogical reason Europe is running low on carbon dioxide… and beer

7/5/2018 - EU’s copyright vote, Jaguar’s Brexit warning, giant hogweed

7/5/2018 - EU’s copyright vote, Jaguar’s Brexit warning, giant hogweed

7/5/2018 - How India choked its cryptocurrency ecosystem to near-death

7/4/2018 - US-China tariffs, UK poisoning, giant hogweed

7/4/2018 - Fewer than half of Americans are “extremely proud” of their country

7/4/2018 - What ICE actually does

7/4/2018 - Uber drivers in New York could earn more with this simple formula

7/4/2018 - Scientists may be able to save the northern white rhino from extinction after all

7/4/2018 - Climate change will force species to find new homes. We have to embrace it.

7/4/2018 - The Trump administration is reversing Obama-era policies on affirmative action in schools

7/4/2018 - Why celebrities from John Legend to Brangelina are trying to sell you rosé

7/4/2018 - PB&J

7/4/2018 - PB&J

7/4/2018 - There’s a crazy plan to tow an iceberg from Antarctica to fix Cape Town’s water crisis

7/4/2018 - Why Europe dominates the global chocolate market while Africa produces all the cocoa

7/4/2018 - The biggest threats against the future of affirmative action in the US

7/4/2018 - How often do people fall overboard on cruise ships?

7/4/2018 - It actually is possible to train your brain to become smarter

7/4/2018 - Streaming TV’s skinny bundles are getting pricier

7/4/2018 - Donald Trump would like the Chinese version of “Saturday Night Live”

7/4/2018 - An exam board is being fined for confusing Romeo and Juliet’s warring families

7/4/2018 - ZTE gets US waiver, Pompeo’s Pyongyang plight, Trump ecstasy pills

7/4/2018 - Salty, sweet, and tart, the Paloma is summer’s ideal cocktail

7/4/2018 - PB&J

7/4/2018 - Volkswagen will make a $1.15 billion gamble on India

7/4/2018 - What we found in an undisturbed rainforest hidden on top of an African mountain

7/4/2018 - Seeking asylum shouldn’t be a version of the Hunger Games

7/4/2018 - India wants WhatsApp to get a grip on fake news

7/4/2018 - Netflix wants its made-in-India content to go global like Narcos

7/4/2018 - ZTE gets US waiver, Tesla plummets, Trump ecstasy pills

7/4/2018 - ZTE gets US waiver, Tesla plummets, Trump ecstasy pills

7/4/2018 - From food to furniture, how IKEA is going local for its first Indian store

7/4/2018 - A landmark Hong Kong ruling means gay expat couples can get spouse visas

7/3/2018 - A Harvard study shows that just thinking of “immigrants” makes people less generous

7/3/2018 - ZTE gets US waiver, Tesla plummets, Trump ecstasy pills

7/3/2018 - Barnes & Noble is out another CEO, as Demos Parneros is fired without severance

7/3/2018 - What Americans totally misunderstand about immigration, in one chart

7/3/2018 - A Japanese retailer is using this polka-dot suit to bring its custom-fit clothes to the world

7/3/2018 - PB&J

7/3/2018 - Your sunscreen probably kills baby corals. Hawaii is about to do something about it

7/3/2018 - Science is debunking the lie that kids of same-sex parents are psychologically worse-off

7/3/2018 - In Denmark and throughout Europe, assimilation is becoming mandatory

7/3/2018 - The problem with penalty kicks in soccer

7/3/2018 - The #BoycottWalmart movement misses a crucial fact about Walmart

7/3/2018 - There’s plenty of evidence that Donald Trump didn’t stop North Korea’s nuclear program

7/3/2018 - Bali’s Mount Agung is spewing lava and ash

7/3/2018 - These child abuses shut down Obama’s family detention policy. Trump is resurrecting it.

7/3/2018 - Amazon is putting 1 million products on sale July 16

7/3/2018 - The US Postal Service is paying millions of dollars for accidentally putting a fake Statue of Liberty on its stamp

7/3/2018 - Angela Merkel has ditched her open-door refugee policy to save her government

7/3/2018 - Don’t fly drones through fireworks

7/3/2018 - The father of Nigeria’s soccer captain was kidnapped hours before their final World Cup game

7/3/2018 - The German map that accidentally became America’s birth certificate

7/3/2018 - In a time of border crises and tragedy, is it still OK to go on a vacation?

7/3/2018 - How Uganda is implementing its controversial social media tax

7/3/2018 - Horseshoe crabs

7/3/2018 - Horseshoe crabs

7/3/2018 - BBQ Becky, Permit Patty, and Pool Patrol Paula: How memes have become a tool to rally against racism

7/3/2018 - Startups in Africa have already raised more money in 2018 than they did last year

7/3/2018 - Disney is developing high-flying stunt robots for its parks

7/3/2018 - A tip from Serena Williams can help you win in everyday life

7/3/2018 - China’s largest mobile operator won’t be let into the US because [redacted]

7/3/2018 - A Chinese court is using a popular music video app to catch deadbeat borrowers

7/3/2018 - An anti-suffrage poster from 1920 epitomizes today’s fears about women’s progress

7/3/2018 - The mighty are falling in one of Asia’s most audacious corruption scandals

7/3/2018 - Right whales could be extinct in less than 30 years

7/3/2018 - There’s only one way to truly understand another person’s mind

7/3/2018 - When a society has too many men and not enough women, the consequences can last for generations

7/3/2018 - Denmark wants to double the punishment for crimes committed in immigrant “ghettos”

7/3/2018 - Panama has finally joined the ranks of high-income countries

7/3/2018 - Rouhani’s ultimatum, Trump vs. NATO, Pompeii’s unluckiest man

7/3/2018 - The song that once unified France is tearing it apart

7/3/2018 - China’s heartland towns have given rise to a new e-commerce giant

7/3/2018 - Horseshoe crabs

7/3/2018 - Trump leaves the fate of nearly 100,000 Indian H-1B spouses in a limbo again

7/3/2018 - Cinema chains are trying to cash in on South Koreans having more free time

7/3/2018 - India’s top court refuses to lift ban on cryptocurrency exchanges

7/3/2018 - India’s busiest airports are among the world’s least punctual

7/3/2018 - European countries are quietly bringing back the draft

7/3/2018 - Inside the modern Indian marriage, where nothing is what it seems

7/3/2018 - LIC is already saddled with troubled banks, why does it want one more?

7/3/2018 - Poland’s judicial overhaul, Trump vs. NATO, Pompeii’s unluckiest man

7/3/2018 - Poland’s judicial overhaul, Trump vs. NATO, Pompeii’s unluckiest man

7/2/2018 - Photos: The emotional seesaw of the World Cup, seen in one game

7/2/2018 - Healthy vaginas can look nothing like each other

7/2/2018 - Six ways to master traveling in 2018

7/2/2018 - Lyft is buying legitimacy through its deal with Motivate

7/2/2018 - Typhoon Prapiroon, Thai soccer team found, Chinese laser weapon

7/2/2018 - The fast lane for self-driving cars runs through 35 mph retirement communities

7/2/2018 - Facebook’s latest screw-up unblocked people from users’ blocked lists

7/2/2018 - Uniqlo is using Roger Federer to show off its climate-controlling clothes

7/2/2018 - Horseshoe crabs

7/2/2018 - What Belgium’s World Cup team says about the spread of English across Europe

7/2/2018 - Six ways to master traveling in 2018

7/2/2018 - With his move to Los Angeles, LeBron James is poised to be the next big Hollywood mogul

7/2/2018 - The naming of a Brussels square after Congo’s Patrice Lumumba is stirring ugly colonial memories

7/2/2018 - The EU is one step closer to taking Poland to court

7/2/2018 - “I think we just became a real car company:” Tesla hits goal of making 5,000 Model 3s per week

7/2/2018 - It looks like the next iPhone will have a new type of charging cable

7/2/2018 - How to handle common inconveniences travelers face—even flight delays

7/2/2018 - France is preparing to return African artifacts looted in its colonial era

7/2/2018 - The scientific reason you still believe in superstitions

7/2/2018 - When your personal data is stolen, you’re the last to know

7/2/2018 - Six reasons your workplace’s sexual-harassment training will fail

7/2/2018 - Governments can’t handle tech regulation. It’s time for companies to take over

7/2/2018 - What the car industry owes Saudi Arabia’s women-driving activists

7/2/2018 - Quartz’s big news, Mexico’s new president, pointless pennies

7/2/2018 - Growth in India’s foreign direct investments hits a five-year low

7/2/2018 - Nobody builds churches like they do in this part of India

7/2/2018 - Millions of Indian traders are taking to the streets to protest the Flipkart-Walmart deal

7/2/2018 - Quartz begins a new chapter. A letter from our editor in chief and publisher

7/2/2018 - Quartz is being sold to Uzabase, a Japanese business media company

7/2/2018 - A 40-year-old film company has a plan to beat Netflix and Amazon in India

7/2/2018 - Merkel’s shaky coalition, Mexico’s new president, pointless pennies

7/2/2018 - Merkel’s shaky coalition, Mexico’s new president, pointless pennies

7/2/2018 - A year on, India’s biggest tax reform is still a work in progress

7/1/2018 - Flipkart protests, French prison heist, Google takes on flip phones

7/1/2018 - Wildfires making the fog in San Francisco yellow are visible from space

7/1/2018 - Ugandans are furious with a new tax for using social media and mobile money

7/1/2018 - Grapefruit: Born in the USA

7/1/2018 - Mexico’s young democracy is facing its sternest test yet

7/1/2018 - The racist tweets following Osaka’s earthquake echo a dark moment in Japanese history

7/1/2018 - Why TV shows have better queer characters than movies

7/1/2018 - We know little of Shakespeare’s sexuality—but his work is full of queer themes

7/1/2018 - Early-1900s EVs were marketed to women because gas cars were too complicated

7/1/2018 - It’s enlightenment philosophy’s fault that women wear high heels instead of men

7/1/2018 - Africa’s fashion opportunity, Togo’s solar bet, science in local languages

7/1/2018 - “How would the Michelin Guide understand Chinese street food?”

7/1/2018 - The number of Brits trying to become German has duodecupled since Brexit