4/30/2014 - Here’s a peek inside the type of city Narendra Modi promises to build across India

4/30/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Facebook mobile, Venezuelan wages, T-Mobile CEO, America’s best tippers

4/30/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Facebook mobile, Venezuelan wages, T-Mobile CEO, America’s best tippers

4/30/2014 - T-Mobile’s maverick CEO John Legere could be in line for a big promotion

4/30/2014 - One of science’s greatest mysteries deepens: Did humans kill off Neanderthals?

4/30/2014 - Box’s highly anticipated IPO should hit in late May

4/30/2014 - Facebook just made its boldest moves yet to become the Google of mobile apps

4/30/2014 - CNN: the sleeping giant of mobile news

4/30/2014 - PayPal transformed how 3,500 people work to try to win mobile payments

4/30/2014 - Why Silicon Valley has a stake in India’s elections

4/30/2014 - What you actually get when the package is labelled “Organic”

4/30/2014 - Alibaba’s IPO may not be as big as everyone is expecting

4/30/2014 - NBC wants you to make its next hit sitcom

4/30/2014 - If you love firing workers, America is the country for you

4/30/2014 - For some next-level social media voyeurism, try Venmo

4/30/2014 - Twitter is now in danger of being crushed by Facebook

4/30/2014 - Is a tempting acquisition behind eBay’s costly patriotism?

4/30/2014 - Why China doesn’t want to be the world’s largest economy yet

4/30/2014 - The last time CO2 levels were this high, this much water covered what’s now Brussels

4/30/2014 - Seven charts showing awful first-quarter US economic growth

4/30/2014 - Time Warner has HBO, Lego, and March Madness to thank for a billion-dollar quarter

4/30/2014 - The Muslims voting for Modi’s party in Lucknow

4/30/2014 - Women will make up one-third of new CEOs—a quarter century from now

4/30/2014 - Where the best and worst tippers in America live

4/30/2014 - China is already the world’s largest economy, according to these statistical gymnastics

4/30/2014 - Forget about learning to code—to get rich in tech, become an accountant

4/30/2014 - Europe’s US apple ban is making Americans notice just how lax US environmental safety standards really are

4/30/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Fed decision, Facebook’s mobile ad strategy, confident consumers, robot jobs

4/30/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Fed decision, Facebook’s mobile ad strategy, confident consumers, robot jobs

4/30/2014 - Peter Buffett: Philanthropy disguises itself as a fix when it’s a part of the problem

4/30/2014 - Piketty’s lesson for America: Make more babies

4/30/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Twitter growth, China GDP, a failed pork IPO, robot jobs

4/30/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Twitter growth, China GDP, a failed pork IPO, robot jobs

4/29/2014 - Modi’s name appears on the Congress Party’s home page more than Rahul Gandhi’s

4/29/2014 - China is starting to act like America did after 9/11

4/29/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Spanish joblessness, Twitter growth, Chinese income inequality, robot jobs

4/29/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Spanish joblessness, Twitter growth, Chinese income inequality, robot jobs

4/29/2014 - Twitter is wringing less money out of its usage

4/29/2014 - Marissa Mayer now wants to be a comedy mogul and Yahoo investors like it

4/29/2014 - Barclays just lost the public face of its investment bank

4/29/2014 - China is hiding how bad income inequality is in the country

4/29/2014 - The future of American cell phone privacy goes to court today

4/29/2014 - The irony of America’s new global kleptocracy swat team

4/29/2014 - Sprint’s unfathomable “framily” ads don’t seem to be working…yet

4/29/2014 - After years of sleek smartphones, people now want something weird

4/29/2014 - Sporting events are the perfect excuse for TV makers to sell you obscenely large screens

4/29/2014 - Is your job at risk from robot labor? Check this handy interactive

4/29/2014 - Private security guards are a sign of inequality. But are firefighters and detectives?

4/29/2014 - The melting polar icecap is creating waves the size of houses

4/29/2014 - The five rules of inventing, from the man who reinvented the frisbee and single-serve coffee

4/29/2014 - Deutsche Bank delivered a solid set of earnings, if you ignore all the bad stuff

4/29/2014 - To jumpstart your favorite cause, help early and then let the crowd take over

4/29/2014 - Putin and his cronies are razing Russian forests to build secret mansions and ski resorts

4/29/2014 - German anti-semitism is still strongest in states that gave the Nazis early support

4/29/2014 - ‘The Problem With Music’ has been solved by the internet

4/29/2014 - Slack is a chat app that lets robots speak to humans

4/29/2014 - Countries are right to ban USAID

4/29/2014 - Yahoo employees are less desperate to leave since Marissa Mayer arrived

4/29/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—EU sanctions, the future of Fannie and Freddie, deal boom, bad apples

4/29/2014 - A female chef’s secret recipe for success

4/29/2014 - The New York Times is finally getting its swagger back

4/29/2014 - Zombies once destroyed Japan’s economy—now they’re infecting China’s

4/29/2014 - The quietest place in India is a Narendra Modi rally—while he’s speaking

4/29/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Twitter results, poor China growth, Bank of America’s error, coffee woes

4/29/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Twitter results, poor China growth, Bank of America’s error, coffee woes

4/28/2014 - Why China is censoring ‘The Big Bang Theory’ but not ‘Game of Thrones’

4/28/2014 - Netflix is going to keep striking deals with the devil

4/28/2014 - Critics have overlooked it, but Obama today struck at Russia’s largest industry

4/28/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Pfizer’s $100 billion bid, Russian sanctions, Colombian bonds, coffee woes

4/28/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Pfizer’s $100 billion bid, Russian sanctions, Colombian bonds, coffee woes

4/28/2014 - Fed’s stress tests were a confidence-rattling comedy of errors

4/28/2014 - Hate being near sick people? There’s an app for that

4/28/2014 - Microsoft is building its own Google X team, because attempting the impossible is great PR

4/28/2014 - Phones are giving away your location, regardless of your privacy settings

4/28/2014 - American bank branches are closing faster than new ones are opening

4/28/2014 - Pfizer’s $100 billion deal shows pharma patents’ perverse incentives

4/28/2014 - Companies headed by unmarried CEOs grow faster

4/28/2014 - The internet’s biggest companies are breaking themselves into small pieces

4/28/2014 - Just because the big boss says it, doesn’t make it so

4/28/2014 - Watch John Oliver skewer the western media for ignoring the biggest election on the planet

4/28/2014 - Coffee just got too expensive for Starbucks

4/28/2014 - The world’s largest e-commerce site is selling stinky sunscreen and knock-off backpacks

4/28/2014 - The latest sanctions threaten Putin’s personal wealth, but this isn’t his main pressure point

4/28/2014 - I started researching prostate cancer and scared the hell out of myself

4/28/2014 - The decline and fall of trading as a money maker for giant banks

4/28/2014 - The track-changes version of Netflix’s vision for the future of TV

4/28/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Russia sanctions, Underground strike, Toyota shakeup, health drinks

4/28/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Russia sanctions, Underground strike, Toyota shakeup, health drinks

4/28/2014 - The mobile industry is fighting the wrong war in emerging markets

4/28/2014 - Car makers are cutting carbon emissions, except when they aren’t

4/28/2014 - Hackers may accomplish what Microsoft can’t—kill off Windows XP

4/28/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Russia sanctions, Underground strike, Toyota shakeup, health drinks

4/28/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Russia sanctions, Underground strike, Toyota shakeup, health drinks

4/27/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Russia sanctions, Underground strike, Toyota shakeup, health drinks

4/27/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Russia sanctions, Underground strike, Toyota shakeup, health drinks

4/27/2014 - How to save Wall Street: Start with better parenting and more Canadians

4/27/2014 - Are US universities choosing rich Chinese students over Asian Americans?

4/26/2014 - “A democracy of emotion”—how voting unfolds in India’s biggest city

4/26/2014 - Half of Mumbai’s registered voters didn’t go to the polls

4/26/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Mobile tech, Rana Plaza, fantasy sagas, growing-ups

4/26/2014 - The American coconut-water craze in one health-nut-approved chart

4/26/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Mobile tech, Rana Plaza, fantasy sagas, growing-ups

4/25/2014 - What Indian women think of Narendra Modi

4/25/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Mobile tech, Rana Plaza, fantasy sagas, growing-ups

4/25/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Mobile tech, Rana Plaza, fantasy sagas, growing-ups

4/25/2014 - Curing cancer or AIDS could be the next frontier in Silicon Valley innovation

4/25/2014 - SpaceX is suing the US government for a free market in satellite launches

4/25/2014 - Finding a new Earth could be a sign we’re on our way to extinction

4/25/2014 - Putin may dismiss sanctions, but he can’t ignore stagflation

4/25/2014 - Suddenly, the stock market is worried about Amazon’s profit-free business model

4/25/2014 - Nine economic charts of the week you really must see

4/25/2014 - Google is waging a financial war of attrition to win the cloud

4/25/2014 - Beijing’s poorer neighbor is sacrificing its economy to clean up the capital’s air

4/25/2014 - Pandora’s problems (and promise) in three charts

4/25/2014 - GM wasn’t the only company to spend a bunch of money on recalls this quarter

4/25/2014 - Ten ways to fight inequality without Piketty’s wealth tax

4/25/2014 - The largest salaries in sports are paid in these three cities

4/25/2014 - A dash of DNA nanoparticles could ensure your extra virgin olive oil really is extra virgin

4/25/2014 - Panic trading of Russian shares is great for the owner of Moscow’s stock exchange

4/25/2014 - The economist who revealed how media bias works

4/25/2014 - Larry Page’s lost decade was the best thing to ever happen to Google

4/25/2014 - Four rare animal species that could be saved if China stops eating them

4/25/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Japan inflation, Russia’s debt, Honda forecast, floppy disk Warhols

4/25/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Japan inflation, Russia’s debt, Honda forecast, floppy disk Warhols

4/25/2014 - The number of candidates in India keeps growing with every election

4/25/2014 - How missed calls and unsolicited volunteers fuel Modi’s campaign in Varanasi

4/25/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Raising the Sewol, goodnight Nokia, Japan inflation, floppy disk Warhols

4/25/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Raising the Sewol, goodnight Nokia, Japan inflation, floppy disk Warhols

4/24/2014 - Voter turnout has been high across India; here’s how the states stack up

4/24/2014 - One year after Rana Plaza, Bangladeshis are still paying for your clothes with their lives

4/24/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Raising the Sewol, goodnight Nokia, German pessimism, floppy-disk Warhols

4/24/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Raising the Sewol, goodnight Nokia, German pessimism, floppy-disk Warhols

4/24/2014 - Drinking a bunch of coffee could prevent diabetes

4/24/2014 - Starbucks thinks it might make some of its future revenue as a software company

4/24/2014 - Microsoft’s results weren’t as ugly as everyone feared

4/24/2014 - Amazon just posted its 51st consecutive quarter of double-digit sales growth

4/24/2014 - Barclays warns of falling profits but still insists its bankers need bigger bonuses

4/24/2014 - The web is not actually getting any more global

4/24/2014 - Canada’s middle class is now the world’s richest

4/24/2014 - The FCC thought its new rules violated net neutrality back in 2011

4/24/2014 - The US just isn’t that important a market for Huawei, after all

4/24/2014 - Facebook is utterly killing it in mobile

4/24/2014 - Speed-reading apps are great for speed and terrible for reading, study finds

4/24/2014 - Apple’s own numbers show that it should make cheaper iPhones

4/24/2014 - Putin’s message is that east Ukraine is his

4/24/2014 - The secret of German companies’ success—always see disaster around the corner

4/24/2014 - Apple just became the world’s biggest-dividend stock

4/24/2014 - Comcast’s monthly bills are way higher than Time Warner Cable’s

4/24/2014 - South Koreans love megachurches even more than Americans do

4/24/2014 - Nokia will continue to make phones—but only in India, only for 12 months and only because it has no choice

4/24/2014 - The technology behind tech startups is now their least essential part

4/24/2014 - The US needs more Hispanic medical students

4/24/2014 - Nanorobots that hide in your blood like viruses could someday fight cancer

4/24/2014 - Most tech companies go on hiring binges, but Netflix stays lean

4/24/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—GE’s shopping list, China’s Japan jabs, Obama’s sanctions, robot milkmaids

4/24/2014 - How “healthy” food and labels trick our brain into unhealthy eating

4/24/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—GE’s shopping list, China’s Japan jabs, Obama’s sanctions, robot milkmaids

4/24/2014 - The man who’s been doing Google Street View since before Google’s founders were born

4/24/2014 - The latest target of Chinese censorship is amateur pornography

4/24/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Sushi diplomacy, China’s Japan jabs, Apple’s surprise, robot milkmaids

4/24/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Sushi diplomacy, China’s Japan jabs, Apple’s surprise, robot milkmaids

4/23/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Sushi diplomacy, Russia’s threats, Apple’s surprise, robot milkmaids

4/23/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Sushi diplomacy, Russia’s threats, Apple’s surprise, robot milkmaids

4/23/2014 - The guy who owns the most Teslas in the world lives in the Arctic Circle

4/23/2014 - Apple earnings prove it: This is a phone company

4/23/2014 - Facebook’s mobile user base has crossed the 1 billion threshold

4/23/2014 - Why you shouldn’t trust games to help your hiring process

4/23/2014 - The technology that lets deaf people hear could also treat hearing damage

4/23/2014 - Why crowd-funding is set to explode in size over the next few years

4/23/2014 - Uber’s usage maps are a handy tool for finding the world’s rich, young people

4/23/2014 - Heads up, New York: A near-invincible skin bacterium has invaded your gyms—and your homes

4/23/2014 - The bizarre reality of the US housing market: Home sales are tanking, and prices are soaring

4/23/2014 - Why your dinky little startup is worth billions of dollars

4/23/2014 - Xiaomi just spent $3.6 million on two letters

4/23/2014 - The Pacific free trade pact’s problems won’t be solved by a sushi dinner in Japan

4/23/2014 - Someday soon, your car could become a mobile telecom tower

4/23/2014 - Amazon’s HBO coup is a big setback for Netflix

4/23/2014 - The chart that’s adding to the misery of the Chinese stock market today

4/23/2014 - Up to 27% of America’s imported tuna is caught illegally

4/23/2014 - Why bendable electronics could be the future of the internet of things

4/23/2014 - The lesson every company should learn from Manchester United’s sorry succession saga

4/23/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Apple’s earnings, China’s slowdown, Big Pharma’s shakeup, Einstein’s brain

4/23/2014 - McDonald’s is declaring victory in the fast-food breakfast war

4/23/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Apple’s earnings, China’s slowdown, Big Pharma’s shakeup, Einstein’s brain

4/23/2014 - Why Apple has stopped growing

4/23/2014 - Why pirate attacks are falling everywhere in the world except for Southeast Asia

4/23/2014 - The percentage of women running in Indian elections is even smaller than the percentage of female MPs

4/23/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Apple’s earnings, China still slowing, Big Pharma’s shakeup, Einstein’s brain

4/23/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Apple’s earnings, China still slowing, Big Pharma’s shakeup, Einstein’s brain

4/22/2014 - The Waffle Taco is a sign of weakness

4/22/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Apple’s earnings, Antarctic icebergs, Big Pharma’s shakeup, Einstein’s brain

4/22/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Apple’s earnings, Antarctic icebergs, Big Pharma’s shakeup, Einstein’s brain

4/22/2014 - Activist investor Bill Ackman says this book explains his firm’s biggest deal ever

4/22/2014 - The NYPD just figured out the perfect way to publicize its own worst moments on Twitter

4/22/2014 - Wealthy Chinese are turning to American surrogates to birth their children

4/22/2014 - IKEA is about to add vegetarian meatballs to its menu

4/22/2014 - The single biggest cause of government data breaches is “oops”

4/22/2014 - Aging China is becoming a swindler’s paradise

4/22/2014 - Manchester United just fired its manager—and investors are thrilled

4/22/2014 - After Alan Mulally leaves, don’t look for a sudden Ford rush into electrics

4/22/2014 - A good hair day may make you happy, but it also makes you hierarchical

4/22/2014 - For Netflix, “True Detective” wouldn’t have been worth the risk

4/22/2014 - Here’s the bullish chart everyone on Wall Street is talking about today

4/22/2014 - For McDonald’s, Europe is the land of opportunity

4/22/2014 - Comcast seems to be having its cake and eating it

4/22/2014 - China is setting up covert spy networks in US and Australian universities

4/22/2014 - A brief history of normcore and other things that weren’t things before they became things

4/22/2014 - Space isn’t just the final frontier—it’s a dangerous venue for geopolitical brinksmanship

4/22/2014 - Putin’s career roadmap goes back to the emperors Peter and Catherine

4/22/2014 - Aereo’s Supreme Court case could catch TiVo and others in its crossfire

4/22/2014 - US student debt isn’t as scary as everyone says

4/22/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Fast food wars, pork sale delay, mega drug deals, powdered alcohol

4/22/2014 - The pharma industry’s blockbuster $29 billion, three-way deal is all about specialization

4/22/2014 - Ford’s heir apparent already runs its ruthlessly efficient leadership meetings

4/22/2014 - Why Xi Jinping may soon call a halt to his latest corruption crackdown

4/22/2014 - Modi will pay for believing he is above God, rival Ajai Rai says from Varanasi

4/22/2014 - Here’s why Apple will bring iTV to China first

4/22/2014 - Vietnam reneged on its bid to hold the Asian Games and now no one else wants to

4/22/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Fast food wars, Ford’s boss, Netflix is winning, powdered alcohol

4/22/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Fast food wars, Ford’s boss, Netflix is winning, powdered alcohol

4/21/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Breakfast wars, Ford’s boss, Pandora wars, powdered alcohol

4/21/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Breakfast wars, Ford’s boss, Pandora wars, powdered alcohol

4/21/2014 - Why Sherpas are more likely to die on Mount Everest than Western climbers

4/21/2014 - Netflix is bowing to the inevitable and raising prices

4/21/2014 - One in 10 Brits admits to lying pretty much all the time

4/21/2014 - Sooner or later, security drones will be hovering over major marathons

4/21/2014 - How to calculate finish times for the runners stranded in last year’s Boston Marathon

4/21/2014 - Global cognac sales depend on the health of China’s “erotic sector”

4/21/2014 - How Facebook helped create Silicon Valley’s talent free-for-all

4/21/2014 - For its next trick, Netflix is out to prove it’s no House of Cards

4/21/2014 - Barclays joins the wave of banks jettisoning commodities businesses

4/21/2014 - Why more governments should offer their citizens a one-in-a-million chance to win

4/21/2014 - North Korea is a shipping dead zone—but it’s getting weapons, ivory, and drugs out somehow

4/21/2014 - The Google guide to getting the most out of college

4/21/2014 - Chipotle continues to refine the science of burrito velocity

4/21/2014 - Why the music industry is trying—and failing—to crush Pandora

4/21/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Boston’s marathon, Ukraine teeters, China’s bad debt sale, criminal weed drones

4/21/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Boston’s marathon, Ukraine teeters, China’s bad debt sale, criminal weed drones

4/21/2014 - How Pope Francis is using the Popemobile to change the papacy

4/21/2014 - Thanks to IVF, the US has one million more twins

4/21/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Boston marathon, shooting in Ukraine, Korea’s ferry death toll, criminal weed drones

4/20/2014 - Narendra Modi is the most disliked world figure right now, according to this poll

4/20/2014 - Men outnumber women in India’s voting rolls by over 10%

4/20/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Boston runs, shooting in Ukraine, Korea’s ferry death toll, criminal weed farm drones

4/20/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Boston runs, shooting in Ukraine, Korea’s ferry death toll, criminal weed farm drones

4/20/2014 - The sacred texts of corporate graphic design

4/20/2014 - Five children’s books with the best leadership lessons for adults

4/20/2014 - Harvard is teaching the Chinese their own history

4/20/2014 - Google just revealed the incredibly simple formula for killer résumés

4/20/2014 - Thousands of Chinese spent their “best years” making Nike shoes and now have no pensions

4/20/2014 - Ordinary Americans are powerless, but the US isn’t really an oligarchy

4/20/2014 - You really need to see these beautiful Easter eggs

4/19/2014 - This video will make you even more reluctant to gate-check your carry-on

4/19/2014 - Making your business lean might be a surefire way to lose customers

4/19/2014 - The new Comic Sans is just like the old Comic Sans

4/19/2014 - Spain’s sudden ban on drones is a punch in the gut for its film industry

4/19/2014 - What countries around the world give their citizens for having children

4/19/2014 - With western oil companies tripping over themselves to assure Putin, it’s no wonder he’s so confident

4/19/2014 - Americans should get ready for a lot more frigid April weather

4/19/2014 - Companies have turned killing time into an art form

4/19/2014 - Under LED lights, your clothes can’t get “whiter-than-white”

4/18/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Piketty’s optimism, ferry safety, environmentalism and beauty, the iVaporizer

4/18/2014 - Vladimir Putin is now pushing around the markets, as well as his neighbors

4/18/2014 - A dismaying portion of the medicine in circulation is counterfeit

4/18/2014 - Why nobody knows anything about that mysterious American plane in Iran

4/18/2014 - Spain’s Air Force One keeps breaking down, to the delight and embarrassment of Spaniards

4/18/2014 - Even though Yahoo is so big, it’s totally worthless

4/18/2014 - Who says it’s hard to go public? New IPOs are having their best start in years

4/18/2014 - We are designing the robots that will eventually kill us

4/18/2014 - China just revealed a major state secret: nearly 20% of its farmland is polluted

4/18/2014 - In Aereo’s Supreme Court case, what’s really on trial is the cloud

4/18/2014 - Ten questions for Thomas Piketty, the economist who exposed capitalism’s fatal flaw

4/18/2014 - Seven economic charts of the week that you really should see

4/18/2014 - Clipping that coupon could now cost you the right to sue

4/18/2014 - What Gillette’s new FlexBall razor and duck genitalia have in common

4/18/2014 - Good news, science says the hipster beard is on its way out

4/18/2014 - How to dress an astronaut

4/18/2014 - The downside of being Goldman Sachs

4/18/2014 - What Somalia’s new internet looks like from Silicon Valley

4/18/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Ukraine tensions, China house prices, Japan-US stalemate, another Earth

4/18/2014 - Mutual funds are bypassing IPOs and going straight for the main course

4/18/2014 - Tesla can’t reach global battery supremacy without a friend

4/18/2014 - The world’s highest voting booth is in northern India

4/18/2014 - Why the Gandhi family’s strongest living politician has never entered politics

4/18/2014 - The hottest young economist in America studies the media, not monetary policy

4/18/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—European edition—Ukraine tensions, Disney’s confidence, remembering García Márquez, another Earth

4/17/2014 - Wikipedia is better than Google at tracking flu trends

4/17/2014 - Someone is finally forcing Nespresso to open-source its coffee pods

4/17/2014 - TV-watching habits are about to change the look of the NBA

4/17/2014 - China’s air pollution may be causing freak weather all over the world

4/17/2014 - Marissa Mayer’s genius plot to turn Apple against Google

4/17/2014 - Yahoo didn’t actually spend $58 million to fire its COO

4/17/2014 - Spewing sewage into the ocean is bad: toxic algae and man-sized jellyfish edition

4/17/2014 - This tech startup uses a simple formula to decide how much stock to give employees

4/17/2014 - When China drinks less cognac, France gets a headache

4/17/2014 - There is a massive threat to South Africa’s key water source

4/17/2014 - Your precious Chipotle burrito is about to get more expensive

4/17/2014 - How US clothing manufacturing fell behind without our noticing it

4/17/2014 - Goldman Sachs just rang up one of its best quarters in investment banking

4/17/2014 - Did Putin just announce that he is annexing eastern Ukraine?

4/17/2014 - Mattel hopes the ultimate toy gun will make up for the world’s waning love for Barbie

4/17/2014 - Rich kids are more likely to hurt themselves at sports

4/17/2014 - Pepsi says its drinks and snacks go together like peanut butter and jelly

4/17/2014 - Wall Street traders had a terrible, terrible quarter, except at Morgan Stanley

4/17/2014 - Bankers pushing Chinese tech IPOs should prepare to be disappointed

4/17/2014 - The complete guide to structuring your ideal work day

4/17/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Algeria’s election, Putin’s plans, the cloud’s epic battle, friendly drug dealers

4/17/2014 - People who need remittances the most have to pay the most to send them

4/17/2014 - Indian politicians can only spend 8 US cents per voter, and typically spend much less

4/17/2014 - Why Varanasi may not be a cakewalk for Narendra Modi

4/17/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Algeria’s election, tech disappoints, the cloud’s epic battle, friendly drug dealers

4/17/2014 - Americans think drones are creepier than Google Glass

4/16/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Algeria’s election, Brazil’s sugar king, the cloud’s epic battle, friendly drug dealers

4/16/2014 - Google’s search juggernaut is showing some cracks

4/16/2014 - One thing Mark Zuckerberg thinks every Silicon Valley executive should do

4/16/2014 - It’s hard for Ukraine to fight back when it’s basically broke

4/16/2014 - The four economic charts of the day you really need to see

4/16/2014 - Despite South Korea’s sinking Sewol, ferries are still safer than air travel

4/16/2014 - The whole world is drinking less Cola-Cola now

4/16/2014 - Google: fascinating company, boring business

4/16/2014 - Meet the guy who helped add $2 billion to Twitter’s valuation yesterday

4/16/2014 - Will British unemployment fall fast enough to save David Cameron?

4/16/2014 - Bank of America’s legal woes are only partly to blame for its disappointing quarter

4/16/2014 - Weibo isn’t exactly blowing the doors off ahead of its IPO

4/16/2014 - Credit Suisse’s profits plunged thanks to its misfiring investment bank

4/16/2014 - Amazon and Google are in an epic battle to dominate the cloud—and Amazon may already have won

4/16/2014 - The complete guide to getting the Twitter handle you want

4/16/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Ukraine war fears, South Korean ferry sinks, euro inflation wanes, drone selfies

4/16/2014 - India’s democracy runs on 1.7 million electronic voting machines

4/16/2014 - London’s bike-share program unwittingly revealed its cyclists’ movements for the world to see

4/16/2014 - How many houses can you buy elsewhere for the price of one in London?

4/16/2014 - Ukraine and Russia seem to be edging perilously close to war

4/16/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Chinese GDP slows, euro inflation, Alibaba boosts Yahoo, drone selfies

4/15/2014 - India is the world’s biggest arms importer—and that’s not going to change anytime soon

4/15/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Slowing China, jittery Russia, fizzy Coke, paying with veins

4/15/2014 - Yahoo’s earnings were OK—Alibaba’s were fantastic

4/15/2014 - Intel is right—the PC isn’t dead

4/15/2014 - Did higher taxes on the rich accelerate the US stock sell-off?

4/15/2014 - Get ready to pay for things with your veins

4/15/2014 - The Cleveland Indians’ controversial mascot is hurting their bottom line

4/15/2014 - Yes, the IRS will negotiate, but you probably won’t like the outcome

4/15/2014 - Four ways to tell if you’re being recruited to become a Chinese spy

4/15/2014 - Relax, the tech selloff is not a big deal

4/15/2014 - This is how we make sure we never lose a plane again

4/15/2014 - What America’s internal migration tells us about the death of the mall, and the brand

4/15/2014 - You know what’s more sexist than Silicon Valley? Its HBO version

4/15/2014 - Why Google’s secret lab gave up on space elevators, hoverboards, and teleportation

4/15/2014 - Filing taxes in the US is actually getting easier

4/15/2014 - Why are US regulators afraid of drones that look for missing kids?

4/15/2014 - The strange and potentially stolen origins of pad Thai

4/15/2014 - Colombian internet is some very expensive internet

4/15/2014 - Twitter just bought a company that will contribute a shrinking share of its revenue

4/15/2014 - America still is the land of opportunities for black immigrants—but not their kids

4/15/2014 - What Google Glass has taught us one year in

4/15/2014 - How marriage is keeping gold’s prospects bright in China

4/15/2014 - Here’s how Box can still go public in the midst of the brutal tech selloff

4/15/2014 - Why Chinese families will keep moving to Malaysia despite their anger over MH370

4/15/2014 - The next US sanctions may target Russia’s own Darth Vader

4/15/2014 - How many hours of your life is air pollution stealing from you?

4/15/2014 - One election strategy in India’s most populous state—make Muslims and Hindus hate each other for votes

4/15/2014 - Nestle relied on perky coffee and pet food sales to salvage a weak quarter

4/15/2014 - Why nobody can tell whether the world’s biggest quantum computer is a quantum computer

4/15/2014 - This is the location of tens of billions of dollars that won’t be declared to the IRS today

4/15/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Militias provoke Ukraine, London real estate, Diageo’s India bid, evangelical marijuana

4/15/2014 - Campaign billboards are selling two very different images of India

4/15/2014 - Beijing’s city government is fighting public urination, one app at a time

4/15/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Intel’s good news, Motorola’s sell-off, the ECB’s bazooka, evangelical marijuana

4/14/2014 - Indian elections happen come hail, high water, or scorching sun

4/14/2014 - China’s latest crackdown on porn has little to do with porn

4/14/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Nigerian explosion, Yahoo earnings, the ECB’s bazooka, holy pot

4/14/2014 - 40% of South Africa’s key water source is being threatened

4/14/2014 - Russia has a secret weapon against the West, and it’s not oil, gas or nukes

4/14/2014 - The problem facing Asia’s emerging smartphone makers is that they don’t make smartphones

4/14/2014 - Try this recipe for bourbon-soaked Sephardic-Ashkenazic haroset

4/14/2014 - Marissa Mayer is about to face her toughest test as Yahoo’s CEO

4/14/2014 - This is what paying an internet toll to Comcast looks like

4/14/2014 - America’s growing taste for Scotch whisky

4/14/2014 - The best measure of an employee is how well she mentors others

4/14/2014 - The ECB has loaded its €1-trillion bazooka, but can’t decide whether to use it

4/14/2014 - In an Indian forest where lions outnumber humans, a place to vote

4/14/2014 - Like a delicate crocus, the American consumer is waking up for spring

4/14/2014 - Tonight SpaceX will live-test the reusable rocket that could change spaceflight

4/14/2014 - Resumes are the most useless recruiting tool for hedge funds

4/14/2014 - If Facebook becomes like PayPal these will be the two big winners

4/14/2014 - What Mexico fraud? Citi has a surprisingly decent quarter

4/14/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Ukraine’s violent standoff, France’s deficit, China’s megalopolis, tetraquark discovered

4/14/2014 - M&A regulation Chinese style: Restrict a merger, invest in the aftermath

4/14/2014 - In China, it’s seven times better to be on welfare than to be a pensioner

4/13/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Violence in Ukraine, Citi’s bad news, China’s megalopolis, virtual London marathon

4/13/2014 - 25 ways we saw the world change in 2013

4/13/2014 - Will it kill you to take a nap? Maybe…

4/13/2014 - You really need to wear wackier socks to work

4/13/2014 - How to keep your tax return safe from the Heartbleed bug

4/13/2014 - What turns a perfectionist into a lunatic

4/12/2014 - The next generation airline seat will know everything about you

4/12/2014 - How small plates have conquered America’s menus

4/12/2014 - China’s new megalopolis would be bigger than Uruguay and more populous than Germany

4/12/2014 - What 21st-century libraries can learn from this 19th-century institution

4/12/2014 - Golf isn’t so much a sport as a thing Tiger Woods does

4/11/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—The monoculture economy, “Mad Men” data, obsessive-compulsive disorder, foolish futurology

4/11/2014 - Chinese investors smell more stimulus

4/11/2014 - MBAs will turn brownfields into green—if investors help them out

4/11/2014 - JPMorgan’s results don’t bode well for Citigroup

4/11/2014 - The “Mad Men” chartbook: Just how different Don Draper’s world was from yours

4/11/2014 - Fine dining reminds Americans of sex; cheap eats of drugs

4/11/2014 - The weird recipes for alternate-reality versions of European countries

4/11/2014 - One in 68 American children is diagnosed with autism. It’s probably too many

4/11/2014 - The brutal tech stock selloff is already over—at least for one well-known company

4/11/2014 - Where the government takes the biggest cut of wages

4/11/2014 - Ships today are more likely to encounter an iceberg than the Titanic was

4/11/2014 - Tech companies are liars: Samsung edition

4/11/2014 - High-earners are three times more likely to be victims of identity fraud

4/11/2014 - Suddenly US oil exports are about to be a factor in geopolitics

4/11/2014 - America’s largest mortgage company is still minting money

4/11/2014 - Bang & Olufsen is having trouble convincing people to buy its cheaper stereos

4/11/2014 - As promised, JPMorgan delivered an ugly set of trading results

4/11/2014 - The hedge fund that thinks it can succeed where a criminal investigation stalled

4/11/2014 - Why China gets a miserable return on its $5.9 trillion in foreign assets

4/11/2014 - To grow your company and make millions, start working four days a week

4/11/2014 - Proof that Brooklyn has become Manhattan

4/11/2014 - China’s princelings are taking over its private equity industry

4/11/2014 - American teens don’t hang out at malls anymore. They eat at restaurants

4/11/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—JP Morgan profits, China’s inflation, Obamacare resignation, hearable computing

4/11/2014 - Uniqlo is running out of people to sell puffy coats to—and it’s taking Japan’s stock market down with it

4/11/2014 - The world’s biggest democracy needs almost a million polling stations

4/11/2014 - There’s money in building homes for Chinese seniors—as long as you build schools for their grandkids too

4/10/2014 - Whoever wins the Indian election, women will lose

4/10/2014 - Four ways Britain’s restrictive immigration policies are hurting its tech industry

4/10/2014 - You can now reprogram your sleep patterns with your iPhone when you travel

4/10/2014 - It’s not just southern Europe—Sweden is also fighting the deflation trap

4/10/2014 - One way Republicans can take credit for the US jobs recovery

4/10/2014 - GM’s biggest problem isn’t recalls—it’s China

4/10/2014 - Six years of Beijing air pollution summed up in one scary chart

4/10/2014 - Three ways Jeff Bezos keeps improving Amazon’s workforce

4/10/2014 - Anyone, anywhere can now build the next WhatsApp or Oculus

4/10/2014 - It doesn’t matter if Bill Gross is a “jerk”; Pimco’s performance is the problem

4/10/2014 - Silicon Valley is using India’s elections as a PR exercise—and it’s working

4/10/2014 - The US job market looks like it’s waking up in time for spring

4/10/2014 - Why investors piled into Greek bonds even though the country is still a mess

4/10/2014 - The heartbleed bug shows how fragile the volunteer-run internet can be

4/10/2014 - Americans are having dogs instead of babies

4/10/2014 - These charts explain what’s behind America’s soaring college costs

4/10/2014 - The next big thing in wearable tech may be ear computers

4/10/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—UK interest rate, Greek bond sale, Uniqlo’s drop-off, pre-paid NYC taxis

4/10/2014 - Taiwan’s “Sunflower Movement” will be preserved forever on Google Maps

4/10/2014 - One way to stop surging British house prices—build more wind farms

4/10/2014 - A surprise drop in exports signals that China’s slowdown is for real

4/9/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—UK interest rates, Greek bonds, China’s trade surprise, pre-paid NYC taxis

4/9/2014 - Almost all voters in India now have a photo identity card

4/9/2014 - For some voters in Mumbai, this election’s all about toilets

4/9/2014 - What could finally save the sharks is that shark-fin soup is going out style

4/9/2014 - Narendra Modi has at least one thing in common with Silvio Berlusconi

4/9/2014 - Jamie Dimon’s 2013: “Difficult and nerve-wracking”

4/9/2014 - Dropbox’s new strategy is to own your phone

4/9/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Chocolate and pet food, BofA’s fine, executive pay, six-hour workdays

4/9/2014 - Meet the secretive electronic trading pool Goldman Sachs is considering dumping

4/9/2014 - Those gut-wrenching Olestra chips from the ’90s might have been good for us

4/9/2014 - The Fed was not impressed with Jamie Dimon’s “fortress balance sheet”

4/9/2014 - South Korea is great for teenagers but terrible for adults

4/9/2014 - Latest evidence the party is over in China? Chinese are drinking less wine

4/9/2014 - The secret time-saving trick hidden inside every New York City taxicab

4/9/2014 - Putin’s Crimea caper is pushing billions of dollars out of the Russian economy

4/9/2014 - The future of “Made in America” is Tesla, not Ford

4/9/2014 - Samsung just uncovered a market with 150 million new customers

4/9/2014 - How to tell if Heartbleed could have stolen your password, and when it’s safe to change it

4/9/2014 - When you want to grab Putin’s attention, shut off his gas flow

4/9/2014 - Private equity thinks that kosher could be the new organic

4/9/2014 - What you need to know about the rule designed to prevent the next global banking collapse

4/9/2014 - Two decades of American teen fashion in a single chart

4/9/2014 - Watch what happens if the world economy goes wrong this year

4/9/2014 - North Korea may let its citizens watch Doctor Who as a way to get more control over them

4/9/2014 - How we raised 12 kids safely while giving them total access to the internet

4/9/2014 - How to avoid hiring selfish people

4/9/2014 - Sotheby’s has evaluated Dan Loeb’s performance, and found it wanting

4/9/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Greek debt sale, extra virgin takeover, Goldman’s pool closing, food delivery drones

4/9/2014 - This is the bank to watch for a Chinese credit implosion

4/9/2014 - India’s Congress Party chose the wrong candidate in its most important battleground

4/9/2014 - For the first time, Indian voters can register as transgendered

4/9/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Greek debt sale, Goldman’s pool closing, Venezuelan peace talks, cow farts

4/8/2014 - Ridiculously, investors are about to let Greece borrow again

4/8/2014 - China’s steelmakers have branched out into shadow banking—which is funny since they owe $484 billion

4/8/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Comcast’s case, Spain’s IPO, Takeda’s fine, cow farts

4/8/2014 - The IMF boosts its UK outlook, and the government says it’s thanks to austerity

4/8/2014 - Blue Bottle’s plan to become your coffee-snob friend wherever you are

4/8/2014 - Meet the “corders”: The people who aren’t ready to cut just yet

4/8/2014 - Yes, American teachers are underpaid, at least among wealthy countries

4/8/2014 - Uber’s new service reflects the rise of downtime in America—and the fall of full-time jobs

4/8/2014 - TripAdvisor doesn’t just want to help you choose a hotel for your holiday—it wants to come with you

4/8/2014 - China’s addiction to hydropower in two dam maps

4/8/2014 - The five most worrisome charts in the global economy

4/8/2014 - Americans seem to think their dogs deserve better food than they do

4/8/2014 - Twitter’s strategy to fix itself is to become more and more like Facebook

4/8/2014 - Yes, Crimea is a costly proposition for Russia’s economy

4/8/2014 - Box’s IPO will be a big test for squishy tech stocks

4/8/2014 - Bees in northern Europe are dying faster than they should be—and threatening billions in crops

4/8/2014 - Africa’s newest powerhouse is about to be forced into solving its problems

4/8/2014 - Angela Merkel is rewriting Germany’s post-war handbook on relations with Russia

4/8/2014 - How to break up the old boys’ club in your office

4/8/2014 - Why buying a corporate jet pays for itself

4/8/2014 - China’s local governments are making a killing off of funerals

4/8/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—The UK recovers, Japan holds steady, Samsung profits down, Stradivarius overrated

4/8/2014 - Ugly airline economics are hurting Southwest’s legendary culture

4/8/2014 - The value of the US’s Chinese imports plummeted, and the Peoples’ Bank of China had nothing to do with it

4/8/2014 - ESPN is attempting the impossible: Convincing Americans to watch cricket

4/8/2014 - Cost cuts are the future for Samsung Electronics

4/8/2014 - The IMF is turning 70. Here’s why you should celebrate

4/8/2014 - HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ premiere will be the most pirated TV episode of all time

4/8/2014 - Mega-mergers are back, even though the evidence says they rarely succeed

4/8/2014 - When you use anti-microbial soaps, your body manufactures mega-germs in your nose

4/8/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Global growth outlook, Japan holds steady, Samsung guidance cut, Stradivarius overrated

4/7/2014 - The number of eligible Indian voters is more than twice the entire US population

4/7/2014 - Kim Dotcom failed at piracy so he’s entering politics

4/7/2014 - What China burned for Day of the Dead says a lot about shopping trends among the living

4/7/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—La Quinta’s IPO, Zambia’s bond sale, Lithuania’s euro approval, Japanese toilets

4/7/2014 - Apple, Google, and Amazon’s quest for one remote control is futile

4/7/2014 - Putin isn’t invading Ukraine—he’s sabotaging it

4/7/2014 - The whole world inexplicably loves Captain America

4/7/2014 - The markets look like they’re bracing for a gut punch

4/7/2014 - China is now drilling holes in the “roof of the world”

4/7/2014 - The numbers do no favors for America’s deporter-in-chief

4/7/2014 - Four tips to become a better developer (that actually work)

4/7/2014 - Ugly scenes in Eastern Ukraine are reflected in the region’s financial markets

4/7/2014 - Here’s what to look for as the biggest banks on Wall Street announce first-quarter results

4/7/2014 - Looking for love online? Forget OkCupid; try Facebook or “World of Warcraft”

4/7/2014 - Toyota is becoming more efficient by replacing robots with humans

4/7/2014 - Would you trust Silicon Valley to disrupt your child’s education?

4/7/2014 - Before you ask your boss for a raise, you need to see these charts

4/7/2014 - How to tell if a merger rumor will come true

4/7/2014 - India’s elections could be bad news for Walmart

4/7/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Indian elections, MH370 signal found, BlackRock reshuffle, Steve Jobs’ holy war

4/7/2014 - The best-performing companies boot out one board member every year

4/7/2014 - China’s “fast food homes” were built quickly and cheaply, and they’re starting to collapse

4/7/2014 - Daiichi Sankyo’s Ranbaxy sell-off highlights the pitfalls of making drugs in India

4/7/2014 - Narendra Modi’s track record in Gujarat is not the runaway success he claims

4/7/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Indian elections, eastern Ukraine strife, BlackRock reshuffle, Jobs’ “Holy War”

4/6/2014 - Twenty years after genocide, Rwanda is a model of health equity

4/6/2014 - Maybe the search for the Malaysian Airlines plane needed a chief data officer

4/6/2014 - This Final Four game-winning shot was worth millions—and why most aren’t

4/6/2014 - Kazakhstan’s largest oilfield will be shut down for at least two years

4/6/2014 - Your reality is 15 seconds in the making

4/6/2014 - Will Game of Thrones make Ireland the next New Zealand?

4/6/2014 - From Game of Thrones to Silicon Valley: In original content, HBO still reigns supreme

4/6/2014 - It took me 12 years and a major bout of impostor syndrome to finish my book

4/5/2014 - The Steve Jobs email that outlined Apple’s strategy a year before his death

4/5/2014 - Crimeans lose their access to methadone and McDonald’s

4/5/2014 - China wants an end to prisoner organ transplants, but tradition still discourages donors

4/5/2014 - Growing up poor is bad for your DNA

4/5/2014 - Young Indian voters: “We’re all obsessed with the politicians and not their policies”

4/5/2014 - Mozilla only made things worse by letting CEO Brandon Eich go

4/5/2014 - Michael Lewis’s villains are just brainiac connivers

4/5/2014 - Fitness trackers could bring back the world’s oldest form of birth control

4/4/2014 - Some Indian politicians are all over their party website’s homepage

4/4/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—High-frequency trading, sneaky logic, stop-and-frisk, rhino-horn rustlers

4/4/2014 - The market suddenly hates tech stocks and no one knows why

4/4/2014 - Silicon Valley employees spent more money opposing same-sex marriage than you might think

4/4/2014 - US banks just had the worst quarter for mortgages in 14 years

4/4/2014 - The future of Afghanistan depends on local politics—not Kabul

4/4/2014 - Here’s why a China housing crash would crush the middle class—and why that matters

4/4/2014 - The US is achingly close to recovering all the jobs it lost in the Great Recession

4/4/2014 - American parents shouldn’t “opt out” their kids from standardized tests

4/4/2014 - Getting into a US college is no harder than it’s ever been—and no easier either

4/4/2014 - Here’s more evidence that T-Mobile’s crazy strategy might just be working

4/4/2014 - What people order at Starbucks around the United States

4/4/2014 - This jobs report might be worse than we realize

4/4/2014 - The so-so US jobs report for March in two simple charts

4/4/2014 - The most important charts we pulled from the fair US jobs report

4/4/2014 - Brits are loving small and colorful American cars

4/4/2014 - The numbers that explain why Amazon and eBay are pouring millions into India’s e-commerce market

4/4/2014 - The US economy added 192,000 jobs in March, and the unemployment rate remained at 6.7%

4/4/2014 - How American films use black cops for comic relief

4/4/2014 - The same philosophy behind Dropbox can declutter your life (and closets)

4/4/2014 - Here’s an unspoiled tropical paradise that you really don’t want to visit

4/4/2014 - The remarkable resilience of old-fashioned radio in the US

4/4/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Underwater MH370 search, Mylan eyes Meda, Mozilla’s heretic, commuter water slides

4/4/2014 - Why the market’s ho-hum conclusion on Putin and Ukraine may be short-sighted

4/4/2014 - How to save Italy’s artistic treasures—one crowd-sourced app at a time

4/4/2014 - Nearly a quarter of Britain’s masters students are Chinese

4/4/2014 - China is trying to scoop up the world’s airline pilots to cope with its own shortfall

4/4/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Greece ratings bump, US jobs, Mylan eyes Meda, Turkey’s cat blackout

4/3/2014 - Why PwC just changed the name of its 100-year-old consulting acquisition

4/3/2014 - The one chart that shows why Mario Draghi is wrong about the IMF

4/3/2014 - Goldman Sachs isn’t letting that pesky Volcker Rule scare it out of trading

4/3/2014 - Railways and public housing aren’t going to fix China’s economy

4/3/2014 - Everyone is expecting an awesome US jobs report

4/3/2014 - Can Mario Draghi rescue the euro zone with words alone? So far, it’s (sort of) working

4/3/2014 - The war between Uber and Lyft will be won with an algorithm

4/3/2014 - Citi will have a lot of explaining to do when it releases its upcoming quarterly report

4/3/2014 - Are US lawmakers the real target of NASA’s Russia boycott?

4/3/2014 - The bigger the game, the more biased baseball umpires become

4/3/2014 - Stop arguing about climate change and start getting ready for extreme weather

4/3/2014 - For older Americans, tablets and e-readers are the new cell phones with huge buttons

4/3/2014 - Weird weather and war are making your food more expensive

4/3/2014 - TV industry take note: this is what being disrupted by Amazon looks like

4/3/2014 - Last year, 71 million people watched other people play video games

4/3/2014 - Google’s sneaky new privacy change affects 85% of iPhone users—but most of them won’t have noticed

4/3/2014 - India’s biggest mining company is donating a lot less money this election

4/3/2014 - Does China have a housing bubble? Here’s why nobody knows for sure

4/3/2014 - If you choose “radical transparency” for your company, be ready for the consequences

4/3/2014 - Xiaomi founder Lei Jun’s other company is spending $160 million to disrupt education in China

4/3/2014 - China’s censorship is fueling dissent instead of quashing it

4/3/2014 - Kids in these countries are terrified of math class

4/3/2014 - The most affordable places in America to be a baseball fan

4/3/2014 - Cuba’s rulers were right: The US was trying to use social media to overthrow the regime

4/3/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—ECB deflation dilemma, state of the world, Miley Cyrus sanctions, devilish Legos

4/3/2014 - The ugly truth behind Guatemala’s fast-growing, super-efficient palm oil industry

4/3/2014 - Ukraine’s upheaval could result in a US prison stint for an energy oligarch

4/3/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—State of the world, ECB deflation dilemma, super-sized donations, evil Legos

4/2/2014 - China and Malaysia are trying to patch things up, but an armed kidnapping at a dive resort won’t help

4/2/2014 - Indian women are leaving the workforce even as they get better educated

4/2/2014 - Chinese mobile phone users have a sneaking suspicion they’re being ripped off

4/2/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Amazon Fire TV, Germany’s minimum wage, supersized political donations, devil Lego

4/2/2014 - Four reasons why Indonesia is the world’s most perplexing e-commerce frontier

4/2/2014 - With Fire TV, Amazon is ready to fight for your living room

4/2/2014 - How to get tattooed by a robot

4/2/2014 - Now, Americans can give money to as many politicians as they want

4/2/2014 - Amazingly, London’s property boom may still have years to run

4/2/2014 - The bizarre world of India’s political party symbols includes a nail cutter and a stethoscope

4/2/2014 - Monsanto is making a killing off world hunger and its bug-eviscerating seeds

4/2/2014 - CNN’s over-the-top, nonstop coverage of MH370 might solve its ratings problem

4/2/2014 - Prada’s profits grew by less than 1% in 2013, and they’re unlikely to improve much this year

4/2/2014 - “You are what you eat” is an idea nearly two centuries old

4/2/2014 - Goldman Sachs’ tech IPOs have popped the most lately, and JP Morgan’s the least

4/2/2014 - How do you know GM is in trouble? It hired this man

4/2/2014 - China’s state media seem to be at odds with China’s state censors

4/2/2014 - Comparing messaging apps is an exercise in pointlessness

4/2/2014 - The mobile game Threes is fighting off Chinese pirates along with copy-cat clones

4/2/2014 - The creepy ways that cereal boxes get your kid’s attention

4/2/2014 - Watching television is better for your kids than swiping an iPad

4/2/2014 - Most people are kidding themselves when they wash their hands

4/2/2014 - The inexplicable prices in hotel minibars around the world

4/2/2014 - The best way to organize your business communications is not to organize them at all

4/2/2014 - Alibaba has a plan to save newspapers—turn them into portable online shopping catalogs

4/2/2014 - Americans once ate nearly twice as many eggs as they do today

4/2/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US jobs, Amazon’s TV play, startup-killing sleep loss, apples vs. oranges

4/2/2014 - Obama’s new plan to cut emissions includes turning cow dung into green energy

4/2/2014 - An earthquake in Chile triggered a tsunami warning for much of South and Central America

4/2/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—NATO’s Russia snub, Virtu’s delayed IPO, Goldman leaves NYSE floor, Gmail’s 10th birthday

4/2/2014 - Money can’t buy happiness—at least not the way you’re spending it

4/1/2014 - Don’t underestimate the “common man” in Indian elections

4/1/2014 - Narendra Modi’s first television interview was more like a monologue

4/1/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Amazon’s TV mystery, NATO’s Russia snub, Goldman leaves NYSE, Gmail’s 10th birthday

4/1/2014 - How China is trying to get its citizens to censor themselves

4/1/2014 - Most Americans work one of these 10 jobs

4/1/2014 - Here’s another thing billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX is looking to launch: a new funding round

4/1/2014 - The stock market’s love affair with Tesla, visualized

4/1/2014 - A whistleblower and a cash problem: Caterpillar’s Swiss tax adventures

4/1/2014 - PIIGS stock markets did insanely well during the first quarter

4/1/2014 - Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg took huge pay cuts in 2013, despite Facebook’s stunning year

4/1/2014 - Is Verizon or T-Mobile better? A British startup has some answers

4/1/2014 - Meet the US government office for tricorders, thought-controlled robots, and new life forms

4/1/2014 - Climate change will mean way less sushi—and way more jellyfish

4/1/2014 - Quartz’s new business model: Putting our readers to work mining bitcoins

4/1/2014 - The trading units that once generated massive profits for banks are being brought down to earth

4/1/2014 - It took a missing airliner for Chinese media to realize they were no good at reporting

4/1/2014 - Why banks, hedge funds and Silicon Valley all want their own stock exchanges

4/1/2014 - Most of what your doctor does, a robot can do better

4/1/2014 - Why organizations pay so much for star performers

4/1/2014 - Bitcoin looks like the worst investment in the world this year

4/1/2014 - Two maps that show the evolution of global shipping

4/1/2014 - No three-month course can teach you how to code

4/1/2014 - China is having a $20-plus billion corruption week—and it’s only Tuesday

4/1/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas editin—Euro zone unemployment, China’s slowdown, India holds steady, Barbie’s insidious influence

4/1/2014 - China pursues the holy grail of ocean energy, in a massive way

4/1/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Ryan’s budget, Rajan’s dilemma, Yellen’s soothing words, Barbie’s insidious influence