3/31/2019 - Japan’s new era name, “Reiwa,” is a command for peace

3/31/2019 - It’s just April and the Indian summer is already sizzling—here’s why

3/31/2019 - Japan’s new era, Zuckerberg op-ed, cauliflower controversy

3/31/2019 - New data show how hard it was to get into an elite US college this year

3/31/2019 - “Extremely dangerous”: China warns US on F-16 sales to Taiwan

3/31/2019 - New York will be the first US city to charge drivers to enter its busiest areas

3/31/2019 - Mali’s volatile mix of communal rivalries and a weak state is fueling jihadism

3/31/2019 - This animated podcast series casts historical African women as superheroes

3/31/2019 - Consumers are accusing Tesla of sleazy car dealership upsell tactics

3/31/2019 - Jeff Bezos’ security chief says the Saudi government spied on Bezos’ personal phone

3/31/2019 - In praise of invisibility in the age of ceaseless self-promotion

3/31/2019 - Toilet paper, cotton swabs, tampons, and baby wipes hurt the environment. Here’s how to do better

3/31/2019 - The case against the college waitlist

3/31/2019 - The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is a fantastic beast of a phone

3/31/2019 - The problem with following adorable exotic animals on Instagram

3/31/2019 - Astrology doesn’t have to be real to make you happy

3/31/2019 - The humble kohlrabi has been reinvented as a delicacy

3/31/2019 - Princeton’s Nollywood test, Ghanaian startup buys pharmacies, South Africa’s darkness

3/30/2019 - Weekend edition—AI ethics, immortality biz, Instagram destruction

3/30/2019 - Weekend edition—AI ethics, immortality biz, Instagram destruction

3/30/2019 - Against all odds, a new museum has made it fun to visit old dog paintings and figurines

3/30/2019 - There is now a 40% chance of Brexit being scrapped, says Goldman Sachs

3/30/2019 - Trump just lost another cabinet member—but won a champion fundraiser

3/30/2019 - “Gigantic, ruinous gadget”: The once-reviled Louvre Pyramid is celebrating 30 years

3/30/2019 - Why an African American Freemasons group “returned” to one of slave trade’s darkest places

3/30/2019 - The stock market just had its best quarter in nearly 10 years

3/30/2019 - The future of stroke patients may depend on the part-time job of a Canadian surgeon

3/30/2019 - To understand Jordan Peele’s “Us,” watch this 1980s cult film

3/30/2019 - The pharma industry has failed stroke, so doctors are looking elsewhere

3/30/2019 - US intelligence wants to use your face to train AI systems

3/30/2019 - Tech giants are seeking help on AI ethics. Where they seek it matters

3/30/2019 - The biggest winners of Lyft’s $24 billion IPO

3/30/2019 - The Plato-infused philosophy of “The Matrix” still feels timely 20 years later

3/30/2019 - Heavy metal is the thinking person’s music

3/30/2019 - The 20 best songs from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” ranked

3/30/2019 - Meet the mini frogs of Madagascar—the new species we’ve discovered

3/29/2019 - How Indian royalty used a bandit to derail the country’s first elections

3/29/2019 - Watch: Inside the business of living forever

3/29/2019 - Weekend edition—AI ethics, immortality biz, Instagram destruction

3/29/2019 - Trump rally’s “AOC sucks” chant is the latest dangerous MAGA provocation

3/29/2019 - A hoax “exclusive” cannabis club makes a real point about legalization and privilege

3/29/2019 - For the first time in years, Apple is canceling a product before its release

3/29/2019 - Kludge

3/29/2019 - The Brown Derby is a delicious cocktail with a glamorous Hollywood history

3/29/2019 - Arkansas lawmakers have passed a law against cauliflower rice

3/29/2019 - Trump extended Liberians’ migrant status to 2020 but a lawsuit is coming anyway

3/29/2019 - The Apple TV’s loathed Siri remote is the device’s writing on the wall

3/29/2019 - The Hubble Space Telescope captured a rare image of a disintegrating asteroid

3/29/2019 - Lyft’s blockbuster IPO proves big losses are the new normal

3/29/2019 - Want to tell the 2020 Democratic candidates apart? Look at their positions on trade

3/29/2019 - A comedian who played the president on TV could become Ukraine’s actual president

3/29/2019 - Will Brexit actually happen? It’s anybody’s guess now

3/29/2019 - Quartzy: the heavy edition

3/29/2019 - Our conference call on immortality starts in 15 minutes

3/29/2019 - The biggest mobile phone maker in Africa is going public in China

3/29/2019 - The journey to a new internet: A reading from the Book of Exodus

3/29/2019 - Satellite images show Mozambique’s Beira city before and after Cyclone Idai

3/29/2019 - Scandinavia may not be the happiest place on Earth, after all

3/29/2019 - This candid 1981 video shows why Stevie Nicks belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

3/29/2019 - What’s that next dollar worth to you, and what are you giving up to get it?

3/29/2019 - These award-winning drone photos contrast nature and humanity

3/29/2019 - 23 easier ways to vote on Brexit, from Bake-Off to strip poker

3/29/2019 - Squat, stand, walk, run: New research suggests we should do anything but sit

3/29/2019 - Lyft drivers definitely aren’t getting rich off the company’s IPO

3/29/2019 - Lyft’s IPO lift-off, Brexit vote #3, hovercraft moose hunt

3/29/2019 - Goldman Sachs loves investing in “unloved” fintech firms

3/29/2019 - Today in membership: Our week of immortality

3/29/2019 - How to redesign GDP for the 21st century

3/29/2019 - Everything you need to become an immortality expert

3/29/2019 - Huawei’s sales in 2018 crossed $100 billion for the first time

3/29/2019 - How the wellness industry exaggerated Tantra’s sexual aspects

3/29/2019 - Why nearly half of young Indian voters won’t participate in the elections this year

3/29/2019 - Indians looking for extramarital affairs are thanking the supreme court

3/29/2019 - Brexit vote #3, Huawei profits, hovercraft moose hunt

3/29/2019 - Eight of 10 government firms listed since 2017 have sunk investors

3/28/2019 - South Korea’s population will start shrinking in less than a decade

3/28/2019 - Tiffany Trump’s Serbian vacation cost taxpayers at least $23,000

3/28/2019 - Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan quits, just as Elizabeth Warren demanded

3/28/2019 - Wells Fargo CEO out, Brexit vote #3, hovercraft moose hunt

3/28/2019 - The ocean’s twilight zone may be the key to feeding and protecting life on earth

3/28/2019 - Supersonic flight

3/28/2019 - The US economy is coming down from a sugar high. How bad will the headache be?

3/28/2019 - Before We Knew Better: How the illegal abortion in “Dirty Dancing” started honest dialogue about reproductive rights

3/28/2019 - Apple’s new AirPods usher in a new era we’re not ready for

3/28/2019 - The most common destination for African migrants is neither Europe nor North America

3/28/2019 - Estonia is winning the cyber war against election meddling

3/28/2019 - The problem with turning to paper after the EU’s plastic ban

3/28/2019 - Turkey’s Erdogan has revived his losing battle with “provocative” currency traders

3/28/2019 - The devastation of Cyclone Idai has inspired homegrown aid efforts with help from the diaspora

3/28/2019 - New story from Should This Exist? – When we travel faster, what do we lose?

3/28/2019 - When we travel faster, what do we lose?

3/28/2019 - New story from Should This Exist? – Are luxury travelers ready to shell out for shorter supersonic flights?

3/28/2019 - What Ancient Rome can teach us about the US-China trade war

3/28/2019 - Are luxury travelers ready to shell out for shorter supersonic flights?

3/28/2019 - Charted: Silicon Valley’s migration to DC started in 2017

3/28/2019 - Britain’s constitution was not designed to handle Brexit

3/28/2019 - Blockchain redemptions and Bitmain’s IPO

3/28/2019 - Another low-cost, long-haul airline pulls the plug

3/28/2019 - Why Major League Baseball thinks cable TV’s certain losses are a winning bet

3/28/2019 - Chad has now spent a full year without access to social media

3/28/2019 - Warner Music is the latest major record label group to bet on Afrobeats

3/28/2019 - Finally, some good news for the T. Rex

3/28/2019 - Elizabeth Warren brings class warfare back to the prairie

3/28/2019 - How the US keeps everyday goods from ending up in enemy weapons

3/28/2019 - Ghanaian startup mPharma is buying Kenya’s second-largest pharmacy chain

3/28/2019 - Lyft IPO, Boeing software, immortal lobsters

3/28/2019 - Brexit is destroying a British stereotype that has existed since World War II

3/28/2019 - What an Instagram influencer won’t tell you about reality

3/28/2019 - Enron’s Jeff Skilling is the latest tarnished executive to look to blockchain for redemption

3/28/2019 - What lobsters and jellyfish can teach us about immortality

3/28/2019 - How the messy Brexit could be an opportunity for India

3/28/2019 - Not even one in 10 Indian techies wants to work at a startup

3/28/2019 - The Mindtree bid may land L&T in a tight spot

3/28/2019 - Lyft IPO, May’s step-down vow, kosher weed

3/28/2019 - Why it’s so hard to keep the world focused on Tibet

3/28/2019 - Jordan Peele’s “Twilight Zone” adds some humor to our existential nightmares

3/27/2019 - Why Indian banks need to move fast to save Jet Airways—and their money

3/27/2019 - The world’s biggest electric-vehicle maker is finally selling more EVs than fossil-fuel cars

3/27/2019 - The FAA sees no problems in how it okayed Boeing’s 737 Max

3/27/2019 - Theresa May’s promise to resign isn’t just hollow — it’s virtually impossible

3/27/2019 - May’s step-down vow, China’s satellite failure, kosher weed

3/27/2019 - The 2019 James Beard Awards finalists: your roadmap to great meals in the US

3/27/2019 - A study of ethicists finds they’re no more ethical than the rest of us (and no better at calling their mothers)

3/27/2019 - Free lunches

3/27/2019 - These are the jobs with the biggest and smallest gender pay gaps

3/27/2019 - The giant legacy of Okwui Enwezor—the art curator who shared Africa with the world

3/27/2019 - Panera’s “gift economy” experiment failed and now the IRS is coming

3/27/2019 - Facebook now bans white nationalism and separatism, not just white supremacy

3/27/2019 - France has voted to use a controversial bone test to verify the age of young asylum seekers

3/27/2019 - Why is Trump attacking Obamacare now?

3/27/2019 - Sent nudes? Telegram can help you cover your ass

3/27/2019 - Pinning down the essential parts of Pinterest’s IPO

3/27/2019 - More than 1,000 people are infected with Ebola in DR Congo and the outbreak is still spreading

3/27/2019 - How to talk to your employer about your seasonal affective disorder

3/27/2019 - Is Trump guilty of obstruction of justice? It’s complicated

3/27/2019 - After social media ridicule, Burundi has freed three girls who doodled on president’s photo

3/27/2019 - The most popular Airbnb in the world is a “mushroom dome” in California

3/27/2019 - The philosophy that explains why social media fuels our “techxistential crisis”

3/27/2019 - A Chinese private space company’s satellite launch has failed

3/27/2019 - A segregated playground is igniting outrage over inequality in Britain

3/27/2019 - A robot-filled, architectural marvel in North Carolina is the library of the future

3/27/2019 - The world’s “most livable” city might not actually be the best city to live in

3/27/2019 - Introducing Quartz Weekly ✨

3/27/2019 - Russian media says the Mueller Report is another example of “US dysfunction”

3/27/2019 - A Dutch church’s 96-day service to shield a refugee family comes to a happy conclusion

3/27/2019 - China’s yanking away the safety net that’s been cushioning its EV makers

3/27/2019 - South Africa’s electricity blackouts have become worryingly normal

3/27/2019 - Boeing briefings, Brexit “indicative” votes, super-hefty T. rex

3/27/2019 - How a Nigerian genome team contained a Lassa fever outbreak with international partners

3/27/2019 - Bill Gates calls Silicon Valley’s pursuit of immortality “egocentric.” Maybe he’s right

3/27/2019 - The complete history of humanity’s ill-fated attempts to cheat death

3/27/2019 - India’s CO2 emissions are growing faster than the US’ or China’s

3/27/2019 - India shoots down satellite from orbit, becomes fourth country with the capability

3/27/2019 - Ethiopian Airlines is doubling down on its Africa expansion plans, despite the Boeing crisis

3/27/2019 - How things went wrong for Indian capitalism after 20 golden years post liberalisation

3/27/2019 - Netflix dangles a $4 bait to tap new users in India

3/27/2019 - What’s preventing WhatsApp Pay’s full-fledged launch in India?

3/27/2019 - Brexit indicative votes, 737 emergency landing, super-hefty T. rex

3/26/2019 - 737 Max fix, Qualcomm patent win, super-hefty T. Rex

3/26/2019 - Does Mexico deserve an apology from Spain for the Conquest?

3/26/2019 - The destruction of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, seen from above

3/26/2019 - Death cafés

3/26/2019 - A male birth control pill would bring gender equality to safe sex

3/26/2019 - Apple wants to steal the “premium TV” mantle from HBO

3/26/2019 - Boeing is handling the 737 Max crisis all wrong

3/26/2019 - From poppy fields to Icelandic canyons, all the tourist destinations ruined by Instagram this year

3/26/2019 - “Indicative” vs. “meaningful”: Understanding the endless Brexit votes in UK parliament

3/26/2019 - Is there any reason to get Apple TV channels over Amazon or Roku?

3/26/2019 - How to manage your career while caring for a loved one

3/26/2019 - DC’s oddest power couple is giving a great lesson in what not to do

3/26/2019 - Wall Street’s tumbling bonuses suggest bankers are spooked

3/26/2019 - How fast can NASA get humans back to the moon?

3/26/2019 - The colossal US student-loan problem, in four charts

3/26/2019 - Uber is finally buying, not selling to, a major international rival

3/26/2019 - Beijing gave its biggest electric-vehicle maker $1 billion in help toward a single year of sales

3/26/2019 - Uber is set for a monopoly in North Africa after buying its biggest rival there

3/26/2019 - Pinterest’s biggest challenge, and opportunity, in two charts

3/26/2019 - Nearly one third of US employees have dipped into their retirement accounts

3/26/2019 - The benefit workers want most is less work

3/26/2019 - Women would trade shorter bathroom lines to see more ladies at tech conferences

3/26/2019 - Prosecutions for death threats against US politicians spiked last year

3/26/2019 - Five skills a first-time manager should learn right away

3/26/2019 - Square’s open-source initiative, and CBDCs get slammed

3/26/2019 - Google honors the tragic life of an adventurous Taiwanese female writer

3/26/2019 - The most valuable company in Africa is set to create Europe’s biggest internet company

3/26/2019 - The common clues that a bitcoin exchange might be faking it

3/26/2019 - Green New Deal vote, Brexit takeover, honeymoons for one

3/26/2019 - US employers, Indian employees—everybody wants a piece of Canada

3/26/2019 - Indian Railways has earned $3 million in just parking charges from taxi aggregators

3/26/2019 - Why climate scientists predict even bigger hurricanes are coming to our coasts

3/26/2019 - “In Search of Excellence,” by Robert H. Waterman Jr. and Tom Peters

3/26/2019 - How to get an airline upgrade without relying on luck

3/26/2019 - Forget what the media says. These charts show why the US trade deficit should worry you

3/26/2019 - The four stories we tell ourselves to get over our fear of death

3/26/2019 - Private equity keeps on growing. Has it gotten too big for the economy?

3/26/2019 - Jack Dorsey doubles down on bitcoin development

3/26/2019 - How to get cryonically frozen and await reanimation in 12 easy steps

3/26/2019 - The ugly truth behind being a gig-economy worker in India

3/26/2019 - Ethiopian Airlines is wavering on attending Boeing’s 737 Max software patch meeting

3/26/2019 - Is L&T’s hostile bid for Mindtree worth it?

3/26/2019 - Should India worry about deepfakes affecting the upcoming election?

3/26/2019 - EU copyright rules, Brexit takeover, honeymoons for one

3/25/2019 - Timeline: A brief history of Naresh Goyal’s Jet-setting career

3/25/2019 - First all-women spacewalk canceled over lack of medium-sized spacesuits

3/25/2019 - Why Trump’s Golan Heights move should worry India and Taiwan

3/25/2019 - The best thing about Apple’s new TV app is that you don’t need an Apple TV

3/25/2019 - Apple’s subscription-palooza, Avenatti arrested, honeymoons for one

3/25/2019 - If Apple is serious about becoming a services company, it should truly go for it

3/25/2019 - Apple is now flogging subscriptions to just about every service it offers

3/25/2019 - US pediatricians are sounding the alarm on soda, calling for sugar taxes

3/25/2019 - Trump’s latest Fed appointee isn’t qualified—but that may not matter

3/25/2019 - The most original thing about Apple’s credit card isn’t its app, fees, or laser-etched titanium

3/25/2019 - Apple’s new streaming-video service will cost you

3/25/2019 - ‘Oumuamua

3/25/2019 - Michael Avenatti has been charged with trying to extort money from Nike

3/25/2019 - Five of our favorite new watches to invest in this year

3/25/2019 - What the Viking Sky cruise evacuation tells us about cruise ship safety

3/25/2019 - Four lessons for Hollywood from the record-breaking box office haul of “Us”

3/25/2019 - What betting markets say about Mueller’s report and Trump’s 2020 chances

3/25/2019 - The Boeing 737 Max crisis won’t stop the march of airline automation

3/25/2019 - The Nollywood movie experiment to research Nigerians’ anti-corruption behavior

3/25/2019 - The California avocado recall is a reminder to wash your dang avocados

3/25/2019 - To make companies more diverse, change has to come from the board

3/25/2019 - Ethiopian Airlines says its relationship with Boeing will last “well into the future”

3/25/2019 - The DEA is looking for someone to burn a ton of weed every two hours

3/25/2019 - What a teenager who got vaccinated against his parents’ will can teach us about anti-vaxxers

3/25/2019 - Why it’s a crime to download or print the mosque shooter’s manifesto in New Zealand

3/25/2019 - The founder of India’s oldest private airline has been forced out

3/25/2019 - Apple’s streaming bet, Mueller report summary, Brexit telepathy

3/25/2019 - Today in membership: Who wants to live forever?

3/25/2019 - Inside the Japanese government’s campaign to make fatherhood sexy

3/25/2019 - The big business of living forever

3/25/2019 - No, Japanese couples won’t be allowed to keep their own names after marriage

3/25/2019 - How flexible should constitutions be? A contrasting study between the US and India

3/25/2019 - How money lubricates politics in the world’s largest democracy

3/25/2019 - Fake news-wary urban Indians still go by WhatsApp headlines

3/25/2019 - Theresa May’s endgame, Mueller report, $1 million teacher prize

3/25/2019 - How women VCs invest says a lot about the inequality in their field

3/25/2019 - India-born former McKinsey chief says the jury that convicted him was “suspicious of immigrants”

3/24/2019 - As with Infosys, the Mindtree row is just another case of founders’ folly

3/24/2019 - All of the good news in the Mueller report

3/24/2019 - Trump is already campaigning for 2020 off of the Mueller report

3/24/2019 - The Parkland community is grieving after two apparent deaths by suicide

3/24/2019 - Thai election, Mueller report, $1 million teacher prize

3/24/2019 - Trump did not collude with Russia or obstruct justice, DOJ finds after Mueller report

3/24/2019 - Read the US attorney general’s letter summarizing the Mueller report

3/24/2019 - African private equity deal value dipped in 2018, but more deals are being done

3/24/2019 - Rare photos of Robert Mueller in the wild, as we await his report

3/24/2019 - With Jordan Peele’s “Us,” Hollywood’s too-rare bet on original film has more than paid off

3/24/2019 - A petition to scrap Brexit has garnered a record-breaking 5 million-plus signatures

3/24/2019 - A Kenyan teacher just won the $1 million Global Teacher Prize

3/24/2019 - A US high school’s crafty production of “Alien” is going viral

3/24/2019 - Jumia’s nationality, Cyclone Idai’s devastation, South Africa’s data centers

3/24/2019 - Why “Let It Go” is the most streamed Disney song

3/24/2019 - This is what it’s like to wake up during surgery

3/23/2019 - The roots of the mounting crisis between Rwanda’s Kagame and Uganda’s Museveni

3/23/2019 - Our knowledge of dinosaurs is evolving. So is the way we depict them

3/23/2019 - Weekend edition—Boeing’s mistakes, iPad input, unbalanced diet

3/23/2019 - Weekend edition—Boeing’s mistakes, iPad input, unbalanced diet

3/23/2019 - The world’s best teachers weigh in on creativity—and whether we should test for it

3/23/2019 - The other investigations into Trump besides the completed Mueller report

3/23/2019 - How the music of 1950’s Cuba revolutionized the sound of young Senegal

3/23/2019 - Photos: Hundreds of thousands march in London for a second Brexit referendum

3/23/2019 - A startup aims to launch China’s first privately backed orbital rocket

3/23/2019 - What it’s like to paint in space—according to a NASA astronaut

3/23/2019 - How to Marie Kondo your investments so they spark joy, too

3/23/2019 - Pinterest is distancing itself from social networks as it goes public

3/23/2019 - Stanford’s new AI institute is inadvertently showcasing one of tech’s biggest problems

3/23/2019 - It only takes India a month to set up a better election than the US

3/23/2019 - Pinterest’s Pinterest

3/23/2019 - The Boeing 737 Max crisis goes way beyond software

3/23/2019 - A lot of kids could really a use a snowplow parent

3/23/2019 - What even is Airbnb anymore?

3/22/2019 - You’re not the only one who wants to read the Mueller report

3/22/2019 - The average Pinterest user (spoiler, it’s a mom)

3/22/2019 - Weekend edition—Boeing’s mistakes, iPad input, unbalanced diet

3/22/2019 - Zoom, a video-conferencing company, is the rare tech IPO that’s profitable

3/22/2019 - William Barr has the Mueller report and plans to brief Congress this weekend

3/22/2019 - Why Americans should hope the Mueller report is not definitive

3/22/2019 - Understanding the new Brexit deadlines in one easy flowchart

3/22/2019 - 30 years later, photos from the Exxon Valdez spill remain haunting

3/22/2019 - What to expect at Apple’s March event

3/22/2019 - True crime

3/22/2019 - Watch: Why corporate boards are broken

3/22/2019 - The White Russian’s cousin, the Colorado Bulldog, also abides

3/22/2019 - Hear what a genderless AI voice sounds like—and consider why it matters

3/22/2019 - The Mueller report is done. Here is what happens now

3/22/2019 - The bond market is sending ominous signals about the global economy again

3/22/2019 - Hundreds of thousands are set to march in London for a second Brexit referendum

3/22/2019 - How to watch Apple’s March event

3/22/2019 - Quartzy: the higher etiquette edition

3/22/2019 - Nike is focusing on sneaker innovation in the under-$100 range

3/22/2019 - Cyclone Idai has left 500 people dead and devastated southern Africa’s most vulnerable

3/22/2019 - Everything we know about the Boeing 737 Max 8 crisis

3/22/2019 - Our members-only conference call starts in 15 minutes

3/22/2019 - The Brexit mess traces its roots to another political crisis in the 19th century

3/22/2019 - It’s been 20 years since “Office Space,” and Swingline has never been the same

3/22/2019 - The humble zipper has profound things to tell us about international trade

3/22/2019 - Charlie Munger wants you to know about Abraham Lincoln’s stepmother

3/22/2019 - Brexit march, New Zealand’s call to prayer, pulverized iPhone

3/22/2019 - Today in membership: Join our corporate-board conference call

3/22/2019 - All the “choices” that lead to women being paid less than men

3/22/2019 - India must remember that Africa is not one country

3/22/2019 - The 91-year-old female opera artiste who has defied traditional Indian musicians

3/22/2019 - An explosion at a chemical factory in China has killed 78 people

3/22/2019 - Ethiopian Airlines’ deadliest crash presents a difficult hurdle for its global ambitions

3/22/2019 - India’s engineers are better than China’s—but so much worse than America’s

3/22/2019 - Thailand’s election, Brexit delayed, fantasy birding

3/21/2019 - Thailand’s election, Facebook passwords, fantasy birding

3/21/2019 - Three things to consider as Levi Strauss returns to the public markets

3/21/2019 - Tariffs have a bitter taste for US whiskey makers

3/21/2019 - “The Scream” isn’t screaming, but the real story is even more disturbing

3/21/2019 - The two newest unicorn companies are women-focused and women-led

3/21/2019 - The best thriller of the year is a documentary about the first moon landing

3/21/2019 - Democrats and Republicans agree on some surprising issues, but not on how to solve them

3/21/2019 - The Cult of the Dead Cow

3/21/2019 - Levi’s takes social responsibility seriously, and it’s paying off with investors

3/21/2019 - Air pollution in Europe is reducing the average lifespan by 2 years

3/21/2019 - There’s a link between cannabis and psychosis, but it’s more complicated than it seems

3/21/2019 - The word “kludge” keeps coming up when pilots and engineers discuss Boeing’s 737 Max

3/21/2019 - What math can tell us about the final season of “Game of Thrones”

3/21/2019 - The Statue of Liberty climber activist will not go to prison but her activism is being restricted

3/21/2019 - Levi’s had its IPO in a denim-clad New York Stock Exchange

3/21/2019 - The latest buzz phrase of South Africa’s elections: the “fourth industrial revolution”

3/21/2019 - South Africa’s Human Rights celebrations ignore the man who fought for it

3/21/2019 - Scientists put an iPhone in a blender to find out what mobile phones are really made of

3/21/2019 - Want to put more women on company boards? Set a retirement age

3/21/2019 - The best way to cope with a bad commute

3/21/2019 - A British start-up will put AI into 700 schools in Belgium

3/21/2019 - The cost of internet access is dropping globally but not fast enough in Africa

3/21/2019 - When to bring up salary during the job interview process

3/21/2019 - 5 key behaviors to make yourself resilient to stress

3/21/2019 - Margin trading in cryptocurrency and Digital Asset

3/21/2019 - What will happen to Boeing now?

3/21/2019 - Levi’s lists, New Zealand bans assault rifles, washed-up sunfish

3/21/2019 - Joining a company board isn’t always the dream gig it once was

3/21/2019 - Regulators are cracking down on crypto speculation — that’s a good thing for the future of bitcoin

3/21/2019 - The global shortage of capacitors impacts all consumer electronics

3/21/2019 - Xi’s European tour, New Zealand’s gun ban, giant sunfish

3/21/2019 - Harvard’s president read a Uyghur poem to students at Peking University

3/20/2019 - Theresa May just delivered the most pointless statement ever

3/20/2019 - Xi’s European tour, Levi’s IPO, the happiest country

3/20/2019 - Photos: This is 2019’s last supermoon, let’s all get on with our lives

3/20/2019 - The Fed thinks the US economy stinks. Markets are thrilled!

3/20/2019 - Hedge funds

3/20/2019 - Scientists warn the rising intensity of extreme tropical weather is expanding to more cities

3/20/2019 - TV ads air to empty rooms nearly a third of the time

3/20/2019 - Is Donald Trump starting to drive away even his base?

3/20/2019 - Nigerian Christians are pawns in US right-wing media’s response to the New Zealand attack

3/20/2019 - Boost your creativity by developing your “distant thinking” skills

3/20/2019 - South Africa is now a major hub for big tech’s cloud datacenters

3/20/2019 - Believe it or not, the British pound is one of world’s best-performing major currencies this year

3/20/2019 - Menopausal women aren’t being supported at work—and it’s affecting companies’ bottom line

3/20/2019 - What a beautiful tiny house in rural Japan can teach us about the health of cities

3/20/2019 - A behind the scenes look at how AR can transform the world of journalism

3/20/2019 - Pittsburgh’s ‘living building’ focuses on eco-friendly construction

3/20/2019 - African strongmen are the biggest stumbling blocks to internet access on the continent

3/20/2019 - The college application process is an ethical test—and many parents are failing it

3/20/2019 - Way too many parents are filling out job applications for their grown children

3/20/2019 - At Patagonia, exit interviews are rare—but they go deep

3/20/2019 - Paul Ryan is going corporate. Can you match these other politicians to their board seats?

3/20/2019 - Fed update, Boeing reshuffle, defiant goth selfies

3/20/2019 - In five charts: Almost all US employers still consider H-1B talent a lifeline

3/20/2019 - Heart attacks used to be a major killer. Not anymore.

3/20/2019 - How a hostile takeover bid in Indian IT became all sentiments and theatrics

3/20/2019 - Two researchers’ innovative idea for fixing corporate boards: get rid of the people

3/20/2019 - Young Indians have found a way to make money from gaming rage PUBG

3/20/2019 - Brexit delay, Boeing reshuffle, defiant goth selfies

3/20/2019 - There’s more to music streaming in India than just libraries with millions of songs

3/20/2019 - The FAA’s new chief will begin his job facing an audit over the 737 Max approval

3/19/2019 - India’s aviation crisis is all set to ruin your summer holidays

3/19/2019 - An off-duty pilot saved Lion Air’s 737 Max from a crash the day before its fatal flight

3/19/2019 - Italy will be the first G7 country to join China’s controversial Belt and Road project

3/19/2019 - Google gaming, Kazakhstan’s president retires, defiant goth selfies

3/19/2019 - American cheese

3/19/2019 - New Zealand prime minister’s brave lesson on how to deny terrorists fame

3/19/2019 - HBO’s Theranos documentary highlights the double-edged sword for women in tech

3/19/2019 - Celery was once as sexy as kale

3/19/2019 - Trump’s Washington rolls out the red carpet for Brazil’s Bolsonaro

3/19/2019 - From traders to coders: Here’s how finance’s talent equation is changing

3/19/2019 - The We Company is launching a “smart cities” project and hired a Google executive to lead it

3/19/2019 - Photos: A massive petrochemical fire in Texas will burn for days

3/19/2019 - Eggs aren’t the nutritional heroes or villains you’ve been told they are

3/19/2019 - The real reason why you shouldn’t trust most survey data

3/19/2019 - A surprising number of people trust AI to make better policy decisions than politicians

3/19/2019 - What makes Africa’s largest e-commerce platform African?

3/19/2019 - Goths in China are posting selfies to protest discrimination

3/19/2019 - How to grow your business quickly but responsibly, according to Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh

3/19/2019 - This VC explains why she now tells women to “lean out”

3/19/2019 - The pioneers of Silicon Valley’s fast culture on how to grow quickly, not recklessly

3/19/2019 - Cyclone Idai’s destruction shows how vulnerable low-lying African cities are to extreme weather

3/19/2019 - Renaissance Venice had its own “Airbnb problem”—and a solution

3/19/2019 - The New Zealand shooter’s crypto connection and bitcoin futures

3/19/2019 - It would be tough for fast-growing Ethiopian Airlines to break up with Boeing

3/19/2019 - Would Steve Jobs like the iPad today?

3/19/2019 - New science links soda with heart problems and two types of cancer

3/19/2019 - Why is Bernard-Henri Lévy a public intellectual?

3/19/2019 - “Company of One,” by Paul Jarvis

3/19/2019 - Company boards must navigate a minefield of influencers

3/19/2019 - PFAS costs Europe more than €50 billion a year in health problems

3/19/2019 - The New Zealand shooter profited from a notorious crypto pyramid scheme

3/19/2019 - Boeing CEO’s letter to flyers steers clear of the 737 Max’s key safety lapses

3/19/2019 - Electric vans from one of China’s biggest EV makers are catching fire

3/19/2019 - The Indian monsoon’s impact on the ice age provides a clue into global warming

3/19/2019 - Big brother’s bailout doesn’t mean Anil Ambani is out of the dumps

3/19/2019 - Hyundai and Kia take a $300 million Ola ride into India’s electric vehicles space

3/19/2019 - Can the Indian rupee sustain its rally?

3/19/2019 - Why millions of Indian traders are setting Chinese goods on fire

3/18/2019 - Bolsonaro-Trump meetup, Dalai Lama gambit, meteor explosion

3/18/2019 - The 737 Max crashes are changing our perception of airline safety

3/18/2019 - A string of missteps may have made the Boeing 737 Max crash-prone

3/18/2019 - The Ethiopian king who shot himself rather than be captured by the British

3/18/2019 - The Boeing 737

3/18/2019 - Men with vague ideas are outraising women with plans in the Democratic 2020 race

3/18/2019 - Economist Alan Krueger leaves behind a legacy of lifting up low-income workers

3/18/2019 - Secret Amazon brands aren’t crushing the competition—yet

3/18/2019 - The British Medical Journal is the latest group to drop the baby formula industry

3/18/2019 - John Oliver’s rules of engagement for the “golden age of internet shaming”

3/18/2019 - Even TV creators don’t know how or when Apple will start releasing shows

3/18/2019 - Photos: Aerial views capture scale of deadly flooding in the Midwest

3/18/2019 - The White House can’t separate Trump’s rhetoric from the New Zealand shooter’s

3/18/2019 - Why you should change your default search engine

3/18/2019 - Americans are totally fine with reparations, just not for slavery

3/18/2019 - The EU claims the migrant crisis is over in Europe—that doesn’t mean it’s over

3/18/2019 - What I learned from a year of working Danishly

3/18/2019 - A Chinese real estate giant is racing with carmakers to bring electric cars to the market

3/18/2019 - New York City says electric cars are now the cheapest option for its fleet

3/18/2019 - Black box data shows there are “clear similarities” between Ethiopian and Lion Air crashes

3/18/2019 - Lyft IPO road show, New Zealand’s gun reform, politics dictionaries

3/18/2019 - Today in membership: Corporate boards are broken

3/18/2019 - The New Zealand shooter finds support in Islamophobic corners of China’s internet

3/18/2019 - Corporate boards are broken—this is how to fix them

3/18/2019 - The case for legalizing sex work

3/18/2019 - When robot assassins hunted down their own makers in an ancient Indian legend

3/18/2019 - Why two music-streaming giants have entered India in less than a month

3/18/2019 - Canada cabinet shuffle, 737 Max probe, Brexit linguistics

3/18/2019 - One of India’s top political YouTubers says he’s been banned from Facebook for 30 days

3/17/2019 - How India’s low-cost airlines, once dismissed by Naresh Goyal, became his nemesis

3/17/2019 - 787 Max findings, OPEC meeting, adopt a wild horse

3/17/2019 - An environmental activist is now favored to become Slovakia’s first female president

3/17/2019 - If Texas lawmakers get their way, Tesla won’t be able to fix its own cars

3/17/2019 - South Africa’s sugar tax, Jumia’s costly float, Africa’s women of independence

3/17/2019 - Pilots trained for Boeing’s 737 Max airplane with “an iPad lesson for an hour”

3/17/2019 - When is a killer robot tank not a killer robot tank? When the Army says it’s not

3/17/2019 - Emily Post’s great-great-granddaughter wrote a delightful guide to cannabis etiquette

3/16/2019 - Ireland is averaging a record 3,000 passport applications per day this year

3/16/2019 - Weekend edition—Admissions scandal, rat race, celery obsession

3/16/2019 - Weekend edition—Admissions scandal, rat race, celery obsession

3/16/2019 - “We’ve got a gig Mafia now”: What a mob boss’s murder tells us

3/16/2019 - Africa has forgotten the women leaders of its independence struggle

3/16/2019 - Among the first profiles of the New Zealand mosque victims, two heroes emerge  

3/16/2019 - Boeing ended the week worth $25 billion less than it started

3/16/2019 - The bright side of the college admissions scandal

3/16/2019 - What’s a private Boeing 737 Max owner to do now?

3/16/2019 - An Irish soda bread recipe as inauthentic as it’s delicious

3/16/2019 - What happened to all the hype about Universal Basic Income?

3/16/2019 - Millennials are right to kill the American car

3/16/2019 - In the age of screens, families are spending more time “alone-together”

3/15/2019 - People of all faiths are visiting mosques in solidarity after the Christchurch shootings

3/15/2019 - Trump’s New Zealand shooting response doesn’t use the word Muslim

3/15/2019 - Weekend edition—Admissions scandal, rat race, celery obsession

3/15/2019 - The inspirational climate marches will make you feel better about the world today

3/15/2019 - Where young people all over the world marched for action on climate change

3/15/2019 - Ride-hail service Juno is seeking a buyer

3/15/2019 - Watch: How sovereign wealth is financing the future

3/15/2019 - Quartzy: the booming edition

3/15/2019 - Fact-checking

3/15/2019 - NBC is bringing Lilly Singh’s superpowers to late-night TV

3/15/2019 - The US government will pay you $1,000 to adopt a wild horse

3/15/2019 - The worst job at MoviePass’s parent company is now available

3/15/2019 - New Zealand’s image as a remote paradise hides a troubling reality

3/15/2019 - Facebook and YouTube still can’t handle mass shootings

3/15/2019 - A cockpit warning light for a mechanical fault in the 737 Max was an optional add-on

3/15/2019 - Photos: The world reacts to the Christchurch mosque attacks

3/15/2019 - Watch a Muslim broadcaster make stark sense of the New Zealand mosque shootings

3/15/2019 - Today in membership: Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

3/15/2019 - Do not share the New Zealand mosque shooter’s screed

3/15/2019 - St. Patrick’s Day’s most controversial drink is also its most delicious

3/15/2019 - Why music affects your productivity

3/15/2019 - Low tax collection in developing economies has a more devastating impact than we thought

3/15/2019 - Seven reasons we shouldn’t bring extinct animals back to life

3/15/2019 - China’s Ant Financial, thwarted in the US, is expanding rapidly in Europe

3/15/2019 - How to helicopter parent the right way

3/15/2019 - New Zealand mosque shootings, Trump’s first veto, overbites

3/15/2019 - Here’s a delightful and algorithm-free way to discover your next favorite band

3/15/2019 - Today in membership: Join our sovereign-wealth conference call

3/15/2019 - Tesla’s biggest overseas market is kind of bored by Model Y

3/15/2019 - Wealthy millennial women are more likely to defer to their husbands on investing

3/15/2019 - Nine things to do—right now—to keep your personal data private

3/15/2019 - All you need to become a sovereign-wealth-fund expert

3/15/2019 - How would US media cover a “third world” college admissions scandal?

3/15/2019 - South Africa’s sugar tax is pitting job losses against national health

3/15/2019 - Indians are trending #BoycottChineseProducts—using Chinese smartphones

3/15/2019 - Youth climate strike, New Zealand mosque shootings, middle-finger rights

3/15/2019 - Terror attacks on two New Zealand mosques have left nearly 50 people dead

3/15/2019 - Why India’s elections are an environmental nightmare

3/15/2019 - Tesla launches the Model Y

3/15/2019 - Creaky foot-bridges in India’s financial capital have killed over 30 people in 18 months

3/15/2019 - An American “Journey to the West”: What Chinese audiences think of when they see Hollywood films

3/14/2019 - Brexit delay vote, Senate Trump rebuke, middle finger rights

3/14/2019 - Mark Zuckerberg’s top lieutenant Chris Cox is leaving Facebook

3/14/2019 - Republicans voted down Trump’s national emergency. Now what?

3/14/2019 - The latest in-demand skill for the C-Suite: cyber risk management

3/14/2019 - What Annie Leibovitz’s slick, boring Beto photoshoot tells us about the candidate

3/14/2019 - Tesla’s Model Y will launch the next phase of electrification: SUVs

3/14/2019 - The global satellite network that convinced the FAA to ground Boeing’s 737 Max

3/14/2019 - Sentiment analysis

3/14/2019 - Elon Musk has seized control of Tesla’s hiring process

3/14/2019 - The UK parliament has voted to try to delay Brexit

3/14/2019 - Inside the weird world of online fitness advice that’s hard to debunk with real science

3/14/2019 - This dictionary collects the unique and humorous lexicon of African politics

3/14/2019 - What parents bought with bribery at elite colleges wasn’t education. It was brand recognition

3/14/2019 - A US court affirms your right to flip the bird to cops

3/14/2019 - How will airlines work around the Boeing 737 Max groundings?

3/14/2019 - The bosses of the six largest US banks made $150 million last year

3/14/2019 - How Donald Trump put himself at the center of the Boeing Max crisis

3/14/2019 - The best solution to the college admissions scandal is simple: run lotteries

3/14/2019 - France is examining the Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max black boxes

3/14/2019 - New story from Should This Exist? – When your tech knows you better than you know yourself

3/14/2019 - When your tech knows you better than you know yourself

3/14/2019 - The upside of the college admissions cheating scandal

3/14/2019 - Macron has brought his global charm offensive to an unlikely region: East Africa

3/14/2019 - Math artist John Sims is living a life of pi

3/14/2019 - Quadriga’s risky business and paper wallets

3/14/2019 - Trump’s emergency, black-box politics, distracted boyfriend

3/14/2019 - How money and influence flows between the US government and Boeing

3/14/2019 - Today in membership: What kind of sovereign-wealth-fund manager would you be?

3/14/2019 - What recruiters won’t tell you about hiring managers

3/14/2019 - Can you succeed in managing a sovereign wealth fund?

3/14/2019 - The death of an exchange’s founder exposes cryptocurrencies’ biggest flaw

3/14/2019 - How New Zealand’s sovereign wealth fund decided going green was good for business

3/14/2019 - China’s already driving affordable electric SUVs to rival Tesla’s highly anticipated Model Y

3/14/2019 - There’s only one reason why India’s economy has survived Modi

3/14/2019 - Should India’s 400,000 prisoners get to vote in the 2019 election?

3/14/2019 - New ISS crew, 737 Max grounded, distracted boyfriend in love

3/14/2019 - The SMS inbox on Indian smartphones is now just a spam bin

3/14/2019 - How political interference is killing corporate social responsibility in India

3/14/2019 - Here’s a way to get past India’s rising internet firewall

3/13/2019 - New ISS crew, 737 Max grounded, why the pill fails

3/13/2019 - The US government has never been more secretive than it is right now

3/13/2019 - The UK voted to never not do nothing on Brexit. Got it?

3/13/2019 - The truth behind claims Airpods cause cancer

3/13/2019 - AT&T’s streaming-TV service is now forcing you to buy HBO

3/13/2019 - Why the US is finally grounding the Boeing 737 Max

3/13/2019 - TikTok

3/13/2019 - Jordan Peele is not the next Spielberg or Hitchcock. He’s the first Jordan Peele

3/13/2019 - NASA will now seek competitors for Boeing’s delayed deep-space rocket

3/13/2019 - Are the students in the admissions scandal morally culpable?

3/13/2019 - Adidas is looking over its shoulder at a resurgent Nike

3/13/2019 - China is staring down a very expensive heart disease problem

3/13/2019 - What the collapse of a major bank says about the rise of Kenya’s powerful social media spaces

3/13/2019 - Lawmakers may block New York’s cannabis legalization if it doesn’t address racial inequity

3/13/2019 - The Trump administration could finally recognize climate change—for flood insurance

3/13/2019 - In the age of Trump, grammar is now a form of resistance

3/13/2019 - Jumia’s IPO filing shows just how costly it is to crack e-commerce across Africa

3/13/2019 - The UK says a “cloud of uncertainty” is weighing on the economy

3/13/2019 - One power-broker parent exposes the bitter truth that the elite play by their own rules

3/13/2019 - The US is increasingly alone in not grounding the Boeing 737 Max

3/13/2019 - How the biggest names in tech stack up on backup childcare benefits

3/13/2019 - A complete list of all the countries that have grounded the Boeing 737 Max

3/13/2019 - People who walk on the escalator actually slow everyone down

3/13/2019 - Why do blunders like the Gucci blackface debacle still happen? A diversity exec has 3 theories

3/13/2019 - How the Boeing 737 Max 8 compares to the world’s most fatal commercial aircraft

3/13/2019 - The tourism slogan “Be taken by Albania” intentionally references kidnapping

3/13/2019 - In land-scarce Taipei, the True Dragon Tower is a vertical home for the dead

3/13/2019 - Want a healthcare system better suited for women? Let more of them hold the purse strings.

3/13/2019 - Britain flirted with economic self-harm today

3/13/2019 - Trump’s FAA is up against its most serious airline safety crisis yet

3/13/2019 - The privilege of going to college in the US has always been about money

3/13/2019 - Are cryptos securities or commodities? Even the SEC isn’t sure

3/13/2019 - The incredibly secretive process of designing the next US banknote

3/13/2019 - No-deal Brexit vote, Boeing refunds, ancient solar storm

3/13/2019 - As Priyanka Gandhi debuts, a look at how other Indian politicians started off on Twitter

3/13/2019 - A French security expert reveals how trolls backing the BJP and Congress fuelled #BoycottSurfExcel

3/13/2019 - New Mexico is the third state to legally require 100% carbon-free electricity

3/13/2019 - Today in membership: sovereign wealth funds and emerging markets

3/13/2019 - The world’s most longterm investors aren’t worried by Trump and Brexit

3/13/2019 - Bots and fake users cost Indian digital advertisers $1.63 billion last year

3/13/2019 - 10 iconic terms that defined the Modi era

3/13/2019 - India’s latest economic data spells bad news for Modi in poll season

3/13/2019 - Ghost of no-deal Brexit, Man Booker’s indie longlist, ancient solar storm

3/12/2019 - The Boeing 737 Max is now grounded in India

3/12/2019 - Africa’s largest e-commerce company is set to list on the New York Stock Exchange

3/12/2019 - College admissions scandal, grounded 737s, ancient solar storm

3/12/2019 - Amazon is flexing its marketing muscle for Neil Gaiman’s “Good Omens”

3/12/2019 - The college bribery scandal is reprehensible. As a parent, it’s also very relatable

3/12/2019 - Dear parents: It doesn’t matter where your kid goes to college

3/12/2019 - Theresa May’s crushing defeat inches Britain closer to a “no-deal” Brexit

3/12/2019 - Celery

3/12/2019 - Students in the college admissions scam had their heads photoshopped onto athletes’ bodies

3/12/2019 - Every possible remaining Brexit outcome

3/12/2019 - California’s colorful super blooms, in pictures

3/12/2019 - The Boeing 737 Max is now grounded across Europe

3/12/2019 - The Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman case shows how corrupt US college admissions can get

3/12/2019 - Students in 40 countries will go on strike this Friday to demand climate change action

3/12/2019 - A no-deal Brexit could cost the UK luxury sector $8.9 billion a year

3/12/2019 - Tony Blair still gives the UK a 50/50 chance of calling off Brexit

3/12/2019 - How salmonella gets into flour, or, why you shouldn’t eat that cookie dough

3/12/2019 - Seven countries have now banned the Boeing 737 Max 8 from their airspace

3/12/2019 - A new pie cookbook written by two scientists blends precision and creativity

3/12/2019 - Ethiopian Airlines crash came after US shutdown delayed Boeing 737 Max fixes

3/12/2019 - Throw pillows are a scourge on humanity—and now, you can rent them

3/12/2019 - Before We Knew Better: The working mom struggles of this ’80s rom-com are all too familiar in 2019

3/12/2019 - Rep. Susie Lee spent years fighting homelessness. Now she shares how women can stop holding themselves back

3/12/2019 - As co-chair of the Immigration Taskforce, Rep. Veronica Escobar knows the value of listening to many different voices

3/12/2019 - What a dominatrix can teach you about your next salary negotiation

3/12/2019 - Rep. Haley Stevens’ candidacy wasn’t planned. Instead, it rose out of a need for better representation

3/12/2019 - To be more inclusive to people with disabilities, employers should start with their job descriptions

3/12/2019 - For Rep. Sylvia Garcia, focusing on rumors and perception are obstacles to reaching goals

3/12/2019 - Before We Knew Better: This 90s movie accepted LGBT people in a way society hasn’t yet been able to

3/12/2019 - The roots of the gender pay gap are deeper than discrimination

3/12/2019 - The journalist who took down Charlie Rose explains why it took seven years to expose his abuse

3/12/2019 - Employers are already creating accommodating workplaces. Now it’s time to hire more people with disabilities.

3/12/2019 - Five accomplished men on the female role models that have changed their lives

3/12/2019 - How to manage your money when you become parents

3/12/2019 - After overcoming shyness, Rep. Chrissy Houlahan found that friendships are key to success in public service

3/12/2019 - Rep. Lori Trahan knows there will always be reasons not to run for office, but focusing on personal contributions can change that

3/12/2019 - The women behind one of NYC’s top restaurants on why building culture is easier than changing it

3/12/2019 - Show up and take action even before you think you’re ready, says Rep. Lizzie Pannill Fletcher

3/12/2019 - The London Stock Exchange is one of the best-performing financial stocks since the Brexit vote

3/12/2019 - The “father of the Web” says we need laws to curb “state-sponsored” internet crackdown

3/12/2019 - Eight must-see movies about women—and by women

3/12/2019 - Brexit has become a mental health issue

3/12/2019 - The only metric of success that really matters is the one we ignore

3/12/2019 - Portraits of bitcoin buyers, the meaning of gas, and Samsung’s crypto compatibility

3/12/2019 - Cannabis, crypto, and farewells

3/12/2019 - The web is still in its awkward teenage phase according to its father, Tim Berners-Lee

3/12/2019 - Brexit judgment day, Volkswagen revs up, barking drones

3/12/2019 - The fall of the baby food market, in three charts

3/12/2019 - The living space for janitors at the US’s consulate in Jeddah is less than some livestock

3/12/2019 - Frequent trips to the bathroom at night cost the global economy billions of dollars

3/12/2019 - Thinking of buying bitcoin? First take a lesson from these sad investors

3/12/2019 - Meet the woman who gives every Alaskan $2,000 a year

3/12/2019 - Who can tap the Aadhaar database? India’s private firms are still guessing

3/12/2019 - Brexit judgment day, 737 Max software update, barking drones

3/12/2019 - India’s biggest record label bets on nationalism to topple PewDiePie on YouTube

3/12/2019 - How Narendra Modi has almost killed the Indian media

3/12/2019 - Boeing will release a software update to make the 737 Max plane safer

3/11/2019 - Unlike Facebook, Twitter is a ghost town for political ads in India so far

3/11/2019 - India will not ground the Boeing 737 Max 8 for now

3/11/2019 - Watch: Why Brexit has already happened for businesses in the UK

3/11/2019 - The Iditarod leader’s dogs went on strike after he yelled at them

3/11/2019 - Algerian president drops bid, Boeing stock tanks, Iditarod dog strike

3/11/2019 - Boeing’s share price has a strangely large impact on the Dow Jones Industrial Average

3/11/2019 - Thirty years after he invented the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee says we all must act to save it

3/11/2019 - Tesla just revealed how important physical stores are to its brand

3/11/2019 - The Little Ice Age

3/11/2019 - The EPA just revealed that staffers destroyed files under audit

3/11/2019 - Silicon Valley wants to build a monument to itself. Good idea!

3/11/2019 - Watch: The future of electric cars is being scripted in China

3/11/2019 - Photos: Venezuela’s nationwide blackout enters its fifth day

3/11/2019 - Algeria’s 82-year old president has dropped his bid for a fifth term after mass protests

3/11/2019 - These are the airlines with the most Boeing 737 Max 8 jets in their fleets

3/11/2019 - The Ethiopian Airlines crash shows the global significance of the Addis Ababa-Nairobi route

3/11/2019 - The best player in the NBA is “Nigerian” but most Nigerians have no idea who he is

3/11/2019 - Watch Hasan Minhaj explain how streaming made hip-hop a global tool of political dissent

3/11/2019 - Don’t let your digital memories disappear

3/11/2019 - After the Ethiopian Airlines crash, should the 737 Max be grounded worldwide?

3/11/2019 - This short “cows and goats” animation is the best explainer of Zimbabwe’s currency madness

3/11/2019 - Quantum computing could change the way the world uses energy

3/11/2019 - 5 steps to conquer impostor syndrome

3/11/2019 - Today in membership: Sovereign wealth is remaking the world

3/11/2019 - Goop, ‘grams, and good boys

3/11/2019 - There are at least 80 737 Max 8s in the sky at the moment

3/11/2019 - Musk asks for mercy, Boeing 737 Max crash, medieval diseases

3/11/2019 - Ethiopian Airlines has grounded all its 737 Max 8 planes after a deadly crash

3/11/2019 - Read Israeli spy firm Black Cube’s secret pitch to clients

3/11/2019 - Inside the secretive world of sovereign wealth funds

3/11/2019 - Immigrants could be the answer to Japan’s population crisis, but is it ready?

3/11/2019 - Deep pockets alone can’t save the day for India’s online grocery retailers

3/11/2019 - Why a small group of women walks around Delhi at midnight

3/11/2019 - Small-town India is splurging on luxury—and here’s what it’s buying

3/11/2019 - Brexit’s crucial week, China grounds Boeing 737 Max, medieval diseases

3/11/2019 - Seven charts show how the Indian economy has come a full circle under Modi

3/10/2019 - China is the first country to ground the Boeing 737 Max after its two crashes

3/10/2019 - 15 million teenagers and 38,000 transgender people: How India’s 2019 elections are different

3/10/2019 - Boeing 737 Max crash, environment confab, complex clapping

3/10/2019 - Photos: The Tibetan uprising of 1959 that led to the Dalai Lama’s long exile

3/10/2019 - “Captain Marvel” had the biggest opening ever for a female-fronted film

3/10/2019 - Leonardo da Vinci’s “only surviving sculpture” has been unveiled in Italy

3/10/2019 - Jay Inslee is challenging Democrats to reject the filibuster

3/10/2019 - Photos from the scene of the crashed Ethiopian flight that killed 157 people

3/10/2019 - Disney’s streaming service will include nearly 100 years’ worth of Disney content

3/10/2019 - Netflix’s The Boy who Harnessed the Wind is a rare authentic version of Africa

3/10/2019 - For the second time in six months, a Boeing 737 Max has had a deadly crash

3/10/2019 - HBO’s “The Case Against Adnan Syed” vs. true crime in real life

3/10/2019 - A lesson Oprah learned in the 1980s could help Facebook and Twitter today

3/10/2019 - India declares seven-phase national elections to be held in April and May

3/10/2019 - What it’s like to raise children in the world’s most polluted capital

3/10/2019 - Scooters, AOC, and the Fonz

3/10/2019 - Will the next recession be a self-fulfilling prophecy?

3/10/2019 - Nigerian authors shine, DR Congo’s oil kleptocrats, Zambian women’s museum

3/10/2019 - Three easy, family-friendly weeknight dinner party recipes

3/10/2019 - Female founders in their 50s are starting cannabis companies to take care of their own

3/10/2019 - All the passengers on the crashed Ethiopian Airlines flight to Nairobi have died

3/9/2019 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explained democratic socialism and capitalism at SXSW

3/9/2019 - Whatever your religion, the Sabbath Manifesto will help you unplug and reconnect

3/9/2019 - Weekend edition—Brexit damage, life coaches, cloth diapers

3/9/2019 - Weekend edition—Brexit damage, life coaches, cloth diapers

3/9/2019 - While trying to defend himself, R Kelly gave a masterclass in misogyny

3/9/2019 - No, Americans will not need a visa to travel to Europe

3/9/2019 - Why we have time zones

3/9/2019 - Jeffrey Katzenberg’s vision for the future of TV is snackable movies

3/9/2019 - Why audiences in China are loving Green Book

3/9/2019 - Angels, demons, and doppelgangers

3/9/2019 - What the study of animal emotions shows us about being human

3/9/2019 - The Museum of Women’s History in Zambia is changing how a whole country sees itself

3/9/2019 - Neuroscientists can read brain activity to predict decisions 11 seconds before people act

3/9/2019 - The humble cow has been thrust into the political limelight

3/9/2019 - K-pop stars aren’t just from South Korea anymore

3/9/2019 - Brexit has already damaged the UK without even happening

3/9/2019 - The dangerous tricks that a “tourist brain” can play at the beach

3/9/2019 - Elizabeth Warren is putting Big Tech on watch, but is breaking up Amazon smart policy?

3/9/2019 - Philadelphia’s ban on cashless stores could backfire

3/9/2019 - Asian airlines’ beauty standards remain stuck in the dark ages

3/8/2019 - A cryptocurrency ponzi scheme is finally unraveling

3/8/2019 - Weekend edition—Brexit damage, life coaches, cloth diapers

3/8/2019 - I’m the hiring manager who asked a waiter to mess up your food on purpose

3/8/2019 - Applause

3/8/2019 - Roger McNamee thinks the pivot to “privacy” protects Facebook, not you

3/8/2019 - Here is what’s better than GDP to measure China’s economic growth

3/8/2019 - Half of US startups have no women on their leadership teams

3/8/2019 - Bill Shine lasted longer than any other Trump White House communications head

3/8/2019 - Manafort’s light sentence exposes how US courts favor the connected

3/8/2019 - A 9-year-old girl helped design Stephen Curry’s new sneaker

3/8/2019 - Elizabeth Warren wants to unwind these 7 tech deals

3/8/2019 - The US women’s soccer team is suing over gender discrimination

3/8/2019 - At 60, Barbie has no discernible personality, and that is the best thing about her

3/8/2019 - Quartzy: the locals only edition

3/8/2019 - The numbers behind the UK’s knife crime “national emergency”

3/8/2019 - The only thing better than a hot toddy is a cold one

3/8/2019 - Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

3/8/2019 - The “Game of Thrones” immersive SXSW experience has some clues about the final season

3/8/2019 - Ivanka Trump, the untouchable

3/8/2019 - Are fertility- and period-tracking apps feminist?

3/8/2019 - Nigeria’s Paylater lending app is converting to a full-service digital bank

3/8/2019 - Five reasons why the US should stay on daylight saving time permanently

3/8/2019 - What Oprah thought about Gayle King’s interview with R. Kelly

3/8/2019 - Applications are open for the toughest job in grammar

3/8/2019 - All the oil and gas companies Norway plans to dump from its trillion-dollar fund

3/8/2019 - Conscious tourism doesn’t mean you have to “live like a local”

3/8/2019 - How to start a company with your best friend (and survive to tell about it)

3/8/2019 - Kleptocracies like to plunder oil wealth, but in DR Congo it’s an under-developed bargaining chip

3/8/2019 - Could personal loans from fintech firms give credit cards a run for their money?

3/8/2019 - Eight numbers to keep in mind on International Women’s Day

3/8/2019 - Across languages, brains process abstract and concrete words differently

3/8/2019 - Festival blood, sweat, and breakfast tacos

3/8/2019 - Denver is trying out a blockchain voting app

3/8/2019 - How Puerto Rico’s financial storm is washing over the mainland

3/8/2019 - US jobs report, trade deal update, space DMs

3/8/2019 - A short history of Captain Marvel, superhero and “sparkle-fisted smartass”

3/8/2019 - Uber rival, Taxify is changing its name as it becomes a multi-format transport service

3/8/2019 - Today in membership: Find the best credit card; join our conference call; check out our toolkit; meet Mr Stop Brexit

3/8/2019 - The best credit cards to have in your wallet

3/8/2019 - Photos: The enduring protest of “Mr. Stop Brexit”

3/8/2019 - All the things to stay abreast of Brexit

3/8/2019 - There’s never been a better time to invest in ultra high-end Scotch whisky

3/8/2019 - How a 250-year-old government department is digitising Indian maps using drones

3/8/2019 - In South Africa, violence against women is reduced to a social media spectacle without solution

3/8/2019 - Charted: What it means to be an Indian woman in 2019

3/8/2019 - The last thing India and Pakistan need right now is a mushroom cloud

3/8/2019 - Smart cities in developing countries can learn from Johannesburg’s failed “New York of Africa”

3/8/2019 - Tibet anniversary, Manafort’s lenient sentence, Insta-famous Parisian street

3/8/2019 - Why opening new branches is no longer a priority for Indian banks

3/7/2019 - More urban Indian women are acting against offensive calls and text messages

3/7/2019 - Paul Manafort just got sentenced to less than four years in prison

3/7/2019 - Amazon abruptly stopped buying goods from third-party sellers

3/7/2019 - Tesla’s Chinese loan, Airbnb buys HotelTonight, Xi’s radical hair

3/7/2019 - Toilet paper

3/7/2019 - The end of gas-powered cars is sending this Japanese spark plug maker to the moon

3/7/2019 - Facebook finally wants to help humans build meaningful connections

3/7/2019 - When will the “crypto winter” end?

3/7/2019 - As the world braces for a recession, the Fed is rolling back measures put in place to stop it

3/7/2019 - 10 photos that show how much you can accomplish with the camera already in your pocket

3/7/2019 - Will buying HotelTonight help Airbnb’s messy booking experience?

3/7/2019 - Airbnb is buying into the hotel industry by acquiring HotelTonight

3/7/2019 - Martha McSally says the US military is failing sexual abuse survivors like herself

3/7/2019 - The digital gender gap means African female activists get disproportionately trolled

3/7/2019 - Putin’s spy-busting claims are nonsense, but include an important warning

3/7/2019 - K-pop’s unbeatable formula for global success

3/7/2019 - The US government is tracking immigration journalists and Trump protestors

3/7/2019 - Mario Draghi will never raise interest rates

3/7/2019 - Airbnb customers are booking photoshoots to #vacation like Instagram influencers

3/7/2019 - 11 things you can do to adjust to losing that one hour of sleep

3/7/2019 - Why the world is going to be stuck with English for a very long time

3/7/2019 - Barack Obama shares his approach to handling tough decisions

3/7/2019 - Take it from a career headhunter: Networking is a waste of time

3/7/2019 - Natasha Lyonne’s advice for making connections when you feel like an outsider

3/7/2019 - It really shouldn’t be raining on the Greenland ice sheet in winter

3/7/2019 - The Green New Deal will fail without China’s support

3/7/2019 - If you want unlimited vacation from your employer, Richard Branson is here to help

3/7/2019 - #DeleteCoinbase, and Civil puts newsrooms on a blockchain… again

3/7/2019 - Manafort sentencing, Huawei sues America, Antarctic icequakes

3/7/2019 - The joy of books is lost when we treat reading as self-improvement

3/7/2019 - 2019 is only worsening Indians’ “American nightmare”

3/7/2019 - Today in membership: London’s financial future, Brexit and immigration, the truth about PR, and Private Key

3/7/2019 - What a journalist won’t tell you about your PR company

3/7/2019 - What Brexit means for London as a financial capital

3/7/2019 - How misgivings about migrants drove Brits to Brexit

3/7/2019 - A cryptocurrency exchange is under fire for its ties to the alleged killers of Jamal Khashoggi

3/7/2019 - Canada apologizes, Huawei sues the US, Antarctic icequakes

3/7/2019 - Paytm is in loss, but Vijay Shekhar Sharma is getting richer

3/6/2019 - Can Swiggy challenge the duopoly in India’s online grocery market?

3/6/2019 - Why over 80% of Indian politicians’ websites are not secure

3/6/2019 - Flipkart founders are among the world’s richest again, thanks to Walmart

3/6/2019 - Watch “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek promise his fans he will beat cancer

3/6/2019 - Crossings at the US-Mexico border confirm there is an emergency—just not in the US

3/6/2019 - 17 questions about Mark Zuckerberg’s new privacy-focused Facebook

3/6/2019 - Watch Al Green’s dramatic remarks in secretary Nielsen’s border hearing

3/6/2019 - Huawei’s next move, Facebook’s privacy pivot, Antarctic icequakes

3/6/2019 - Mark Zuckerberg has a different definition of “privacy” than you and me

3/6/2019 - The jet stream

3/6/2019 - Gwyneth Paltrow thinks psychedelics are the next big wellness trend

3/6/2019 - How should parents deal with anti-vax families?

3/6/2019 - HBO’s most dramatic new shows aren’t dramas—they’re documentaries

3/6/2019 - Where snow stops and starts on Greenland Ice Sheet is a hidden key to understanding its melt

3/6/2019 - Nearly every Senate Democrat backed a bill to restore net neutrality

3/6/2019 - Human land use will likely drive 1,700 species to extinction

3/6/2019 - Trump’s policies created a record-setting trade deficit in 2018

3/6/2019 - A 60 Minutes story about gender equality accidentally proved the persistence of patriarchy

3/6/2019 - A talk with LeBron James convinced Nike’s cofounder to approve the Kaepernick ad

3/6/2019 - Ketamine’s journey from medicine to party drug back to medicine

3/6/2019 - Harley-Davidson is targeting the “next generation of riders” with electric bikes for kids

3/6/2019 - KFC turns to the image of a Communist hero to support its massive China expansion

3/6/2019 - A former US missile-launch officer says Trump’s nuclear policy could get us all killed

3/6/2019 - Trump’s tariffs are hurting the stores where the poorest Americans shop

3/6/2019 - Winter has come, and “Game of Thrones” has never looked this expensive

3/6/2019 - For years, no one visited downtown LA until an architectural jewel helped bring it back to life

3/6/2019 - One of Japan’s biggest banks is launching a digital “coin” to replace cash—without using crypto

3/6/2019 - Is a vegetarian diet healthier? Five experts weigh in

3/6/2019 - Digital commerce will transform African economies, starting with cheaper phones

3/6/2019 - Life coaches are the new personal trainer

3/6/2019 - An Oxford researcher says there are seven moral rules that unite humanity

3/6/2019 - Homeland Security testimony, Ghosn’s release, Communist KFC

3/6/2019 - A labor strike grounded flights at Kenya’s Nairobi airport and led to chaotic scenes

3/6/2019 - Tesla’s China rival has dropped plans to build its own factory

3/6/2019 - Swedish technology could make geothermal as mainstream as wind and solar

3/6/2019 - Today in membership: Brexit deals, the future of work, and Lyft’s IPO

3/6/2019 - The best deal the UK ever got from the EU was the one it already had

3/6/2019 - The one thing Lyft needs in order to be a great investment

3/6/2019 - My personal trainer is coming for your job

3/6/2019 - Arata Isozaki is the eighth Japanese architect to win the Pritzker Prize

3/6/2019 - On Ghanaian exceptionalism, generational angst and being better than second-best

3/6/2019 - British charities can’t help their White Savior Complex when it comes to Africa

3/6/2019 - Ghosn’s release, North Korea’s bad harvest, Communist KFC

3/6/2019 - Looking for an IT job in India? This field has nearly 100,000 openings right now

3/6/2019 - India’s banks may still be unprepared for another PNB-like mega scam

3/5/2019 - Many urban Indians don’t want to even talk with someone who opposes their political views

3/5/2019 - Indian startup founders must stop treating the CEO’s title like it’s a monarch’s crown

3/5/2019 - Walmart says it was prepared for regulatory turbulence when it acquired Flipkart

3/5/2019 - To keep cash from dying, the UK needs to take drastic measures

3/5/2019 - Uber found not criminally liable in last year’s self-driving car death

3/5/2019 - Ghosn’s release, London bomb scare, Goldman dress code

3/5/2019 - Goldman Sachs’ new “flexible” dress code is not as easygoing as it sounds

3/5/2019 - How to dress for a job interview, according to Anna Wintour

3/5/2019 - Mate

3/5/2019 - One of the world’s most valuable banknotes is getting a fresh new look

3/5/2019 - LinkedIn finds women are less likely to apply for jobs, and more likely to get them

3/5/2019 - “Midsommar” will revive the lost art of daylight horror

3/5/2019 - Tesla reaches deal after China halts sales of Model 3

3/5/2019 - Meet the new Quartz Pros: Benjamin J. Butler, Veda Cook, John Gerzema, Allyson Kapin, Stephane Kasriel

3/5/2019 - The myths and realities behind cloth diapers

3/5/2019 - Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel finale continued his legacy of immersive theatrics

3/5/2019 - Nigerian authors are bringing new narratives to the prestigious women’s literary prize

3/5/2019 - Trust was one of the hottest topics at this year’s Mobile World Congress

3/5/2019 - Six futuristic concepts on the Pentagon’s counterterrorism “wish list”

3/5/2019 - NYC’s plan for mandatory paid vacation really isn’t that progressive

3/5/2019 - Trump’s trade war has cost the US at least $19 billion

3/5/2019 - AI will reproduce and enshrine age-old biases—if we let it

3/5/2019 - Today in membership: How we got to Brexit, confessions of an ad man, and Private Key

3/5/2019 - Ethiopia is launching a global crowdfunding campaign to give its capital a green facelift

3/5/2019 - A new case study suggests that gene therapy could one day cure HIV

3/5/2019 - “Saturday Night Live” star Aidy Bryant has the antidote to anxiety about your future

3/5/2019 - The five biggest proposals in Emmanuel Macron’s “European Renaissance” plan

3/5/2019 - Forget “hygge.” The most useful Danish word is about stress

3/5/2019 - The Green New Deal is missing some vital elements—and will fail without them

3/5/2019 - The FBI is doubling its ad budget because it can’t attract enough new agents

3/5/2019 - Facebook’s crypto, an ethereum overhaul, and Canadian concerns

3/5/2019 - Old people in the US are watching a lot more TV

3/5/2019 - Britain’s biggest Brexit headache isn’t the Irish border—it’s Gibraltar

3/5/2019 - At least two-thirds of rapists in the US get away with it

3/5/2019 - Huawei sues the US, major HIV milestone, post-Brexit chicken

3/5/2019 - A worker dies of toxic exposure in the workplace every 30 seconds

3/5/2019 - “Confessions of an Advertising Man,” by David Ogilvy

3/5/2019 - A former British diplomat on the UK’s doomed relationship with the European Union

3/5/2019 - Facebook’s planned cryptocurrency could democratize banking

3/5/2019 - If the world followed Swedish women’s lead, we could add $6 trillion to the global economy

3/5/2019 - Andreessen and Gates invest in an AI startup that’s looking for ethical cobalt

3/5/2019 - When pioneering aviators made eventful pitstops in Allahabad and Karachi

3/5/2019 - China’s “Two Sessions” gathering in three numbers and two photos

3/5/2019 - How Zomato’s exit from the UAE could help it win in India

3/5/2019 - Algeria’s protestors are determined to end their president’s 20-year rule

3/5/2019 - Slowdown or no slowdown? Rural India keeps everyone guessing

3/5/2019 - Can “Jai Hind” pull Air India out of the black hole it is in?

3/5/2019 - Huawei sues the US, possible HIV cure, post-Brexit chicken

3/4/2019 - India may lose $190 billion over five years to crop burning and firecrackers

3/4/2019 - “Leaving Neverland” leaves no room for doubt about Michael Jackson

3/4/2019 - Everyone the House Judiciary Committee is questioning over Trump

3/4/2019 - Luke Perry’s Dylan on 90210 was the perfect anti-hero heartthrob

3/4/2019 - China spy accusation, Democrat Trump probe, Virgin’s no-makeup policy

3/4/2019 - The myth linking vaccines to autism gets debunked by the largest study to date on the subject

3/4/2019 - Charted: What the 2020 Democratic candidates did in Congress

3/4/2019 - To understand what makes Balenciaga a true fashion innovator, look at its parkas

3/4/2019 - Elon Musk and Jim Bridenstine are the odd couple behind NASA’s big plans

3/4/2019 - Google says it was underpaying men, not women

3/4/2019 - Luke Perry’s death reminds us stroke is a leading killer

3/4/2019 - Pallets

3/4/2019 - How Seth Meyers keeps his staff from resenting him

3/4/2019 - The EU copyright directive will consolidate big tech’s power

3/4/2019 - Photos: The aftermath of Alabama’s deadly tornadoes

3/4/2019 - Shooting an epic “Game of Thrones” battle sequence sounds unbelievably traumatic

3/4/2019 - Kenya and Somalia’s row over offshore rights is rooted in the carve up of Africa

3/4/2019 - A Stanford study on goals and peer “support” reveals when to go it alone

3/4/2019 - There’s an optimal way to structure your day—and it’s not the 8-hour workday

3/4/2019 - Burkina Faso is restoring Thomas Sankara’s legacy with a bronze statue

3/4/2019 - It’s 2019, and Virgin Atlantic has just said flight attendants can work without makeup

3/4/2019 - The art of winning over an audience, according to two slam poets

3/4/2019 - This 1970s X-Men writer’s storytelling style is why Game of Thrones is so bingeable

3/4/2019 - Wildfires are threatening the ecosystem surrounding Africa’s second-highest peak

3/4/2019 - US-Palestine shift, trade deal hopes, anti-succulents

3/4/2019 - China’s annual political meeting “inspired” a rap song about “Chinese miracles”

3/4/2019 - Facebook finally has a serious—and very fun—Chinese rival

3/4/2019 - Today in membership: Brexit has already happened

3/4/2019 - Britain after Brexit

3/4/2019 - Technology could torpedo India’s first WhatsApp election

3/4/2019 - India’s new passenger charter tries to cheer both airlines and travellers

3/4/2019 - Can India’s largest electric vehicle maker short circuit Ola and Uber’s smooth ride?

3/4/2019 - Walmart is looking at taking PhonePe’s model to other nations

3/4/2019 - Guaidó’s return, Meng Wanzhou sues Canada, anti-succulents

3/3/2019 - Beijing gathering, SpaceX docking, helpful misery  

3/3/2019 - Skechers is mocking Nike’s sneaker mishap in a new ad

3/3/2019 - Elon Musk may not be the narcissist Tesla needs right now

3/3/2019 - For artists, fame has always been more about social networks than creativity

3/3/2019 - Watch: SNL casts Ben Stiller as Michael Cohen and makes a sly shoutout to AOC

3/3/2019 - You can’t do this dog’s job—but you could try to be half as good

3/3/2019 - Africa’s digital commerce, Brexit’s last colony, saving the pangolin

3/2/2019 - Donald Trump, onetime freedom-of-speech skeptic, wants to protect speech on campus

3/2/2019 - Weekend edition—Digital wellness, Brexit preppers, weather guilt

3/2/2019 - Weekend edition—Digital wellness, Brexit preppers, weather guilt

3/2/2019 - Ancient Romans etched penis graffiti as a symbol of luck and domination

3/2/2019 - Having fun is a virtue, not a guilty pleasure

3/2/2019 - Data show that IU has dominated Korean pop for a decade

3/2/2019 - Algeria has blocked the internet days before its ailing president files to run for a fifth term

3/2/2019 - Lyft’s core values mean absolutely diddly squat

3/2/2019 - The life-changing magic of discovering gray hair

3/2/2019 - Out-of-work US men are unhappier than men almost anywhere else

3/2/2019 - If you want to delete Facebook, start with News Feed

3/2/2019 - The battle for work/life balance is lost. The war for device/non-device balance has just begun

3/2/2019 - Lyft warns it may never make any money

3/2/2019 - NASA and SpaceX put their most ambitious partnership into orbit

3/2/2019 - The typical Lyft rider, according to Lyft’s IPO filing

3/1/2019 - Both India and Pakistan may be lying, and that may breed worse disasters

3/1/2019 - Weekend edition—Digital wellness, Brexit preppers, weather guilt

3/1/2019 - Amazon has a chance to give us grocery shopping we really want

3/1/2019 - Bonsai

3/1/2019 - Amazon is launching an affordable grocery store so Whole Foods doesn’t have to

3/1/2019 - Amazon is launching a low-cost grocery store and grocers are panicking

3/1/2019 - Quartzy: the unplugged edition

3/1/2019 - Donald Trump is the wrong man to strike a deal with North Korea, a veteran nuclear negotiator says

3/1/2019 - Here’s what Lyft talks about as risk factors that other companies don’t

3/1/2019 - 4 songs on “When I Get Home” may earn Solange no money from Spotify

3/1/2019 - How Lyft stacks up against Uber

3/1/2019 - Lyft says it nearly doubled its market share since 2016. Here’s how much that cost in marketing

3/1/2019 - How to beat cellphone addiction and be a better partner

3/1/2019 - A turmeric hot toddy is a mellow mid-winter cocktail to sip and savor

3/1/2019 - How a little known New York pastor won the third highest votes in Nigeria’s election

3/1/2019 - Is it okay to enjoy warm weather caused by climate change?

3/1/2019 - Richard Plepler leaving HBO shows what AT&T thinks about the future of TV

3/1/2019 - Shared scooters don’t last long

3/1/2019 - Banning payday loans sends desperate borrowers running to pawn shops

3/1/2019 - Don’t think about Marriott’s massive hack, a new ad says. Think “Bonvoy”

3/1/2019 - Our conference call starts in 15 minutes at 11 a.m ET/4 p.m GMT

3/1/2019 - Everyone can’t stop copying Apple

3/1/2019 - A group of world leaders says populist politics are eroding women’s rights

3/1/2019 - The three most useless English language “rules” you can ignore

3/1/2019 - Want to be happy? Embrace being miserable

3/1/2019 - Six things you don’t owe your boss

3/1/2019 - Fintech firms like SoFi and Robinhood offer “free” stock trading. What’s the catch?

3/1/2019 - What the Dodo’s animal videos tell us about the different corners of the internet

3/1/2019 - Canada’s Huawei decision, South Korea’s new plan, addicted parrots

3/1/2019 - The perfect soundtrack for unplugging is “MTV Unplugged”

3/1/2019 - Today’s influencer economy can be explained by a 19th century economic theory

3/1/2019 - Kevin Hart inspired an internet feel-good story by buying a young Nigerian artist’s portraits

3/1/2019 - The World Health Organization is deeply worried about snake bites

3/1/2019 - Today in Quartz membership: Goodbye recession, hello… elite airport lounges?

3/1/2019 - Novartis’ CEO is “un-bossing” his 125,000 employees

3/1/2019 - You don’t have to be a premium traveler to enjoy airport lounges

3/1/2019 - When sharing personal information with your colleagues is a good thing

3/1/2019 - SpaceX takes its biggest step toward flying people into space

3/1/2019 - 5G will make our phones faster—and Google, Amazon, and Microsoft even stronger

3/1/2019 - What Brexit preppers are stockpiling

3/1/2019 - How India and Pakistan’s escalating conflict will benefit Modi ahead of the elections

3/1/2019 - Kishore Biyani is bringing the world’s largest convenience store brand to India

3/1/2019 - Wildly popular app TikTok has a child privacy crisis that Indian cyber laws just can’t tackle

3/1/2019 - Pakistani peace gesture, Argentine cover-up, addicted parrots

3/1/2019 - Millennials don’t want you to design their home

3/1/2019 - This generation is reshaping the traditional rules of home buying