10/31/2013 - Will the Two Bells be allowed to dominate next year’s massive wireless auction?

10/31/2013 - McDonald’s is taking its coffee war with Starbucks straight to your kitchen

10/31/2013 - Investors are starting to get leery of the planet’s most profitable banks

10/31/2013 - The Chinese electric-car firm that hopes to win over Americans by building them taxis

10/31/2013 - You don’t want to know what’s hiding in your spices

10/31/2013 - Online, “being a teenager in love” might now be a legal defense

10/31/2013 - Meet the new Japan: It’s called Europe.

10/31/2013 - One in 10 girls has a child before the age of 15 in these six countries

10/31/2013 - Chinese students try to explain to American students why they don’t party

10/31/2013 - Why is Facebook’s tax rate so much higher than those of its competitors?

10/31/2013 - New York City’s next mayor needs to care about Big Business even more than Mike Bloomberg did

10/31/2013 - And just like that, it feels as if Twitter has more ads than Facebook

10/31/2013 - Rupert Murdoch just joined the cult of the “quantified self”

10/31/2013 - Bats carry viruses primed to cause the next deadly pandemic

10/31/2013 - China’s version of Craigslist is empowering small businesses in poorer, inland cities

10/31/2013 - What the driver ticketed for wearing Google Glass (and you) should know about the science of distraction

10/31/2013 - Sure, you can use devices after takeoff, but you won’t be able to connect to the internet

10/31/2013 - Visits to Apple stores have flatlined

10/31/2013 - Homes near cemeteries sell for 13% more than ones near the living

10/31/2013 - Digital advertising drops at the New York Times Company

10/31/2013 - Italy has lost nearly a decade’s worth of jobs

10/31/2013 - An irony-impaired US government report lectures Germany on how to manage its finances

10/31/2013 - Why there are so many bad speakers at conferences these days

10/31/2013 - An American college athlete is worth about $160 according to this historic settlement

10/31/2013 - Outsized returns on fine art are impressionistic, at best

10/31/2013 - Why your Halloween costume matters if you want to work for Warby Parker

10/31/2013 - Thanks to Halloween, October is the biggest month for Big Candy

10/31/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US blasts Germany, FX traders suspended, Japan holds steady, Sriracha shortage looms

10/31/2013 - For the first time ever, Apple will spend more money on technology than Intel

10/31/2013 - How investment banks explain away a terrible quarter

10/31/2013 - China’s latest tough-as-nails media crackdown: the infomercial

10/31/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—US blasts Germany, FX traders suspended, NSA’s latest hacks, Sriracha shortage

10/30/2013 - Could Bangladesh be a better place to live than India?

10/30/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Facebook’s growth, Starbucks’ profits, Japan stimulus, Icelandic elves

10/30/2013 - Responding to the interest rate roller coaster

10/30/2013 - Responding to the interest rate roller coaster

10/30/2013 - Starbucks says it just capped off the best year in its 42-year history

10/30/2013 - Why Facebook just had a blowout quarter

10/30/2013 - Responding to the interest rate roller coaster

10/30/2013 - Chinese provincial officials say China’s economy is 9.5% bigger than it is

10/30/2013 - Is Russia really going to reignite a gas war with Ukraine?

10/30/2013 - Why you should care about something as boring as an accounting firm merger

10/30/2013 - The scientific case for office gossip

10/30/2013 - Ashton Kutcher is going to design your electronics

10/30/2013 - Are the world’s chat apps really worth $48 billion?

10/30/2013 - These charts show why the Fed must keep creating new money out of thin air

10/30/2013 - How to make a cash- and carbon-free road trip from San Diego to Vancouver

10/30/2013 - Blackstone is betting that millions of Spanish homeowners will start renting apartments

10/30/2013 - JetBlue worries about losing its pilots to airlines that pay more

10/30/2013 - Airlines are making billions of dollars off your checked bags and a la carte meals

10/30/2013 - 21st century spy games have spread to your laundry

10/30/2013 - GM discovers the virtues of making vehicles people want to buy

10/30/2013 - It’s time Nintendo started letting people play its games on other platforms

10/30/2013 - As college students revolt against textbook price gouging, publishers are feeling the pinch

10/30/2013 - Spain goes from terrible recession to pathetic recovery

10/30/2013 - Netflix’s next big battle: in-season binge-watching

10/30/2013 - Japan has had enough of Tepco’s Fukushima shenanigans, considers break-up

10/30/2013 - Europe’s telecoms should continue to fear the billionaire fist of Carlos Slim

10/30/2013 - Of course Apple is engaging in planned obsolescence

10/30/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Debugging HealthCare.gov, China’s bank shopping, Spain exits recession, Sriracha complaints

10/30/2013 - The dark future for American workers is still flipping burgers, not freelancing

10/30/2013 - Google’s rumored smart watch could be a battery breakthrough

10/30/2013 - Chinese banks aren’t just buying foreign competitors, they’re trying to out-compete them

10/30/2013 - How to restore a 180-year-old Qing Dynasty compound with your own money

10/29/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—China goes bank shopping, NSA blames NATO, Starbucks and Facebook earnings, athlete tooth decay

10/29/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Obamacare’s digital disgrace, Dell’s done deal, child bribery, robots vs. robots

10/29/2013 - Nigeria’s economy is about to grow 40% in one day

10/29/2013 - LinkedIn’s annoying emails appear to be working

10/29/2013 - Weak yen continues to weigh on Aflac and its Japanese cancer insurance empire

10/29/2013 - How crazy would it be for Facebook to buy Blackberry?

10/29/2013 - Social connections matter more than wealth—and your brain knows it

10/29/2013 - Bubble alert: In some Chinese cities home ownership could be as high as 200%

10/29/2013 - Could bitcoin’s new ATM signal its retreat from the US?

10/29/2013 - China imports 4% of the world’s grain and that’s still not enough

10/29/2013 - Meet the Pacific Rim’s new environmental superpower

10/29/2013 - Europe looks to make a big splash with toilet reform

10/29/2013 - Is this another sign Fiat is trying to sabotage Chrysler’s farcical IPO?

10/29/2013 - No, the US housing rebound isn’t dead

10/29/2013 - The biggest tech firms in China are battling banks for deposits

10/29/2013 - Here’s how LG’s self-healing G Flex smartphone could work

10/29/2013 - Tiny bits of plastic are getting from your face cream to your stomach—via the Great Lakes

10/29/2013 - This woman just spent 11 hours paddling from Siberia to Alaska

10/29/2013 - Find out what it’s like to paddle from Siberia to Alaska

10/29/2013 - Meet the woman who just traversed the Bering Strait

10/29/2013 - $1 is too much for most startups to spend on marketing

10/29/2013 - People who live near Sriracha’s new factory say their eyes are burning

10/29/2013 - Deutsche Bank third quarter profit tumbles 94%

10/29/2013 - Doesn’t it seem like Christmas starts earlier every year?

10/29/2013 - Motorola wants you to assemble your next smartphone out of Lego-like parts

10/29/2013 - Mexico’s new anti-money laundering law is bad for business

10/29/2013 - Pfizer’s limp sales will keep breakup chatter going

10/29/2013 - A global wine shortage could soon be upon us

10/29/2013 - Beijing is the world’s third most expensive city to rent an office

10/29/2013 - Why Indian outsourcing firms’ visa troubles in the US may be good news for Mexico

10/29/2013 - Nokia is churning out even more dumbphones that can’t run Microsoft Windows

10/29/2013 - Today it’s UBS’s turn to shock investors with the scale of its legal woes

10/29/2013 - Local utilities and Google may be America’s only hope for cheap broadband

10/29/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Congress grills spies, Infosys immigration fine, China investigates attack, indentured freelancers

10/29/2013 - Australia’s new government extends Huawei ban after spy briefing

10/29/2013 - Kenya’s Indians can light fireworks on Diwali—as long as they make no noise

10/29/2013 - This tearjerker wedding ad is a huge deal in India—it’s the bride’s second marriage

10/29/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—US spying constraints, Europe storm aftermath, Japanese consumers, vineyard money laundering

10/28/2013 - China’s vast, embattled west is home to Tiananmen crash suspects

10/28/2013 - Nobody wants a job cleaning up Japan’s devastated Fukushima nuclear reactor for some reason

10/28/2013 - iPad sales are going to turn the corner this holiday season, says CEO Tim Cook

10/28/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—LinkedIn’s growth, spying on Spain, platinum strikes, etymology of “dude”

10/28/2013 - Herbalife’s solid earnings aren’t doing much for its sketchy reputation

10/28/2013 - Apple’s better-than-expected, but still kind of boring quarter in three charts

10/28/2013 - Apple beats estimates, and Wall Street hates it as usual

10/28/2013 - How ownership of Twitter was initially divvied up

10/28/2013 - How hackers compromised links in Obama’s Twitter account: Through email

10/28/2013 - AMC has found a way to make even more money out of the world’s addiction to shows like “Breaking Bad”

10/28/2013 - Boeing might be about to get the biggest passenger-plane order in its history from Dubai

10/28/2013 - To cope with China’s slowdown, the country’s private firms are snapping up US assets

10/28/2013 - This chart explains why the US is hunting for foreign direct investment

10/28/2013 - Philadelphia has the slowest 4G mobile broadband in America—and it’s Sprint’s fault

10/28/2013 - Confirmed: Obama’s campaign emails and Twitter links were hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

10/28/2013 - How the US is boosting natural gas production with fewer wells

10/28/2013 - Why Apple’s first retail store in Brazil is actually a really big deal

10/28/2013 - Tablets are breeding a generation of Angry Birds-playing babies

10/28/2013 - Nobody, not even Narendra Modi, can drastically change India over the next five years

10/28/2013 - Apps overtook music in less than five years—all of big media is next

10/28/2013 - Poverty makes it harder to regulate your emotions as an adult

10/28/2013 - Burger King is hoping better-for-you french fries will bring its US customers back

10/28/2013 - September’s growth in US industry is really a downshift, if you look closely

10/28/2013 - Ireland’s most connected tax lobbyist says the “double Irish” will soon be history

10/28/2013 - What eating $115,000 in pig trotters reveals about Chinese local government debt

10/28/2013 - More proof Abenomics is working: Toyota knocks GM out of the top spot, again

10/28/2013 - Swatch just got the go-ahead to focus more on marketing and technology, which is bad news for other Swiss watchmakers

10/28/2013 - Believe it or not, France may be losing its appetite for taxes

10/28/2013 - What your Facebook friends list reveals about your love life

10/28/2013 - A 26-year-old Harry Potter fan is trying to beat Amazon in the Arab world

10/28/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Phone hacking, Apple earnings, Twitter’s test IPO, deadly Tiananmen crash

10/28/2013 - A mysterious lobbyist known as “Mother Princess” is the Keyser Söze of Indonesian politics

10/28/2013 - Tiananmen Square on lockdown after vehicle careens into crowd, bursts into flame

10/28/2013 - Hong Kong’s astronomical housing prices may drop 30% in the next 26 months

10/27/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Phone hacking, Apple earnings, Twitter’s test IPO, the 2032 asteroid

10/27/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Apple earnings, JP Morgan’s settlement snag, quarter-mile-wide asteroid, tech-induced illness

10/27/2013 - Here are the signs that China’s Lehman moment is inevitable

10/27/2013 - How Dr. Martens boots used counter-culture to defy the punishing fashion cycle

10/27/2013 - It’s not the workload that’s making people hate their jobs—it’s the boss

10/27/2013 - What it would be like if this quarter-mile-wide asteroid hit the Earth in 2032 (and you survived it)

10/27/2013 - How to understand “The battle for power on the internet”

10/27/2013 - What Apple could learn from McDonald’s is… architecture?

10/27/2013 - There’s one key difference between kids who excel at math and those who don’t

10/26/2013 - For the criminal artist, sometimes it’s the method; sometimes it’s the meth

10/26/2013 - Bicycles are outselling cars in Europe and that might not be just a blip

10/26/2013 - Bond is a smart wristband designed to save your long-distance relationship

10/26/2013 - The best leaders and the most well-liked people have this one thing in common

10/26/2013 - Climate change could put $6 trillion in fossil fuel reserves at risk

10/26/2013 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Tech stories, e-bikes, drone warriors, mental cryptography

10/25/2013 - Google appears to be building a massive floating data center in San Francisco Bay

10/25/2013 - Your next smartphone might be born from Greenland’s icy shores

10/25/2013 - Watch the two-minute sizzle reel Twitter is using to butter up investors

10/25/2013 - CEOs and inventors most likely took art or music lessons as a kid

10/25/2013 - Business majors and children of divorce are the biggest liars

10/25/2013 - Twitter’s white lie to investors: We’re profitable

10/25/2013 - How Rand Paul could hold up Yellen’s confirmation as Federal Reserve chairwoman

10/25/2013 - America is looking to relax the rule that spurred Rupert Murdoch to become a US citizen

10/25/2013 - Venezuela just inaugurated its very first vice-minister for happiness

10/25/2013 - Why new moms spend even more time on smartphones than teenagers do

10/25/2013 - Procter & Gamble’s whittled down emerging market strategy is paying off

10/25/2013 - This company is finally getting Latin Americans to make dinner reservations

10/25/2013 - If US states want to really put 3.3 million electric cars on the road, they should listen to Elon Musk

10/25/2013 - Forget Asia, UPS is riding a pickup in European exports

10/25/2013 - The smartphone companies that shook up India and China are ready to colonize the world

10/25/2013 - The UK’s latest growth spurt may be sowing the seeds of another bust

10/25/2013 - These two neural pathways are responsible for your ability to innovate

10/25/2013 - Watch out, Puerto Rico—the hedge funds are here to save you

10/25/2013 - A brassy private equity lawsuit could backfire on the entire industry

10/25/2013 - Why healthcare.gov went wrong—a lack of “Agile”

10/25/2013 - Japanese bank CEO knew about loans to yakuza, but will probably keep his job anyway

10/25/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Alibaba’s IPO, Twitter’s price, Samsung’s profits, emails from dogs

10/25/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—UK GDP recovery, Alibaba IPO, Acela eavesdropping, emails from your dog

10/24/2013 - Alibaba pulls another about-face, re-opening the door for a Hong Kong IPO

10/24/2013 - Larry Summers is convinced Washington won’t flirt with default again in a few months

10/24/2013 - Social media customer service is a failure

10/24/2013 - How hiring ‘athletes’ creates a more accomplished workforce

10/24/2013 - 3 ways 3-D printing could revolutionize healthcare

10/24/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Tunisian talks, Twitter’s price, Dr Marten’s, manfluencers™

10/24/2013 - Microsoft is growing in all the right directions

10/24/2013 - The scariest thing about China’s latest cash crunch is we don’t know if there is one

10/24/2013 - The UK lender that gets small businesses their money in a week—for the same rate as banks

10/24/2013 - Baby boomers care about retirement plans while millennials want pet health insurance

10/24/2013 - Amazon spent $1.4 billion in the past 12 months to build a company town

10/24/2013 - Carmakers are rolling the dice on e-bikes in the US, fearing the death of the car

10/24/2013 - This is the ad that all Instagram users will see next week

10/24/2013 - Climate change will make Colorado’s millennial rainstorm a lot more common

10/24/2013 - Mobile games help Hollywood blockbusters extend their revenue

10/24/2013 - The world’s five largest housing bubbles: A brief, whirlwind tour

10/24/2013 - America needs $8 trillion worth of infrastructure over the next two decades—and China could help

10/24/2013 - The final countdown to Twitter’s IPO starts tomorrow in this building

10/24/2013 - How Brazil is making flying more sustainable

10/24/2013 - How Pinterest plans to make digital scrapbooking worth $3.8 billion

10/24/2013 - Starbucks’s new tea venture isn’t really about tea

10/24/2013 - Goldman Sachs has given rise to not one, but two rap careers

10/24/2013 - How Congress is aiming to defang patent trolls

10/24/2013 - Carl Icahn’s pivot from corporate raider to caped crusader for shareholder democracy

10/24/2013 - To clean up Beijing, the Chinese government will suck its western regions dry

10/24/2013 - Japan’s most powerful female bureaucrat read 150 books while she was in jail

10/24/2013 - The longest flight in the world is about to be abolished

10/24/2013 - Credit Suisse can’t cut back its investment banking business fast enough

10/24/2013 - Ford crushes it in the third quarter and gears up for more

10/24/2013 - Netflix freeloaders, relax: You can probably get away without paying for a while longer

10/24/2013 - India and China’s new rivalry: Whose state-owned banks are in worse shape?

10/24/2013 - Samsung paid commenters to kick HTC while it was down

10/24/2013 - Can you be greedy without being selfish?

10/24/2013 - Beware of the US charter school doom loop

10/24/2013 - Thanks to the “mancession,” metrosexuals have become “manfluencers™”

10/24/2013 - India’s upcoming mission to Mars is a chance to best Russia and China

10/24/2013 - A new digital land grab has begun—but only if you have an Arabic, Russian, or Chinese dictionary

10/24/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Obamacare inquiry, euro zone sluggish, a bevy of earnings, Mexican clowns deny hit

10/24/2013 - Germany opened its immigration gates and the rest of Europe came pouring in

10/24/2013 - How many million active users will Zynga have lost this quarter?

10/24/2013 - The art of the corporate apology, Chinese edition

10/24/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—US allies are unhappy, BofA court defeat, manufacturing data, Mexican clowns deny hit

10/23/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Obamacare inquiry, Spanish growth, BofA guilty, bras for men

10/23/2013 - AT&T needs to get it together in Europe

10/23/2013 - Europe will stress test its banks again, and this time it really means it

10/23/2013 - The map that shows China’s coming shale gas boom

10/23/2013 - Tesla may have just made its first sale in China—for $410,000

10/23/2013 - US Airways boasts record earnings, doesn’t see that as an obstacle to merger

10/23/2013 - In the upside-down world of derivatives, you can make more by loaning to a company that defaults than one that pays its bills

10/23/2013 - The Fed is about to make owning physical assets a game all banks can play

10/23/2013 - These maps show the geographic concentration of China’s most popular last names

10/23/2013 - That unsustainable surge in US house prices is abating

10/23/2013 - Americans aren’t drinking soda, and that’s bad news for Dr Pepper

10/23/2013 - How India engineered the final match of cricket’s greatest batsman

10/23/2013 - Caterpillar is hoping China’s recovery can save it from weak global demand

10/23/2013 - After rising 1200% over the last 35 years, surging US higher education costs are slowing, just barely

10/23/2013 - Argentina’s unofficial consumer confidence metric is free-falling again

10/23/2013 - Boeing has recovering airlines to thank for its record aircraft orders

10/23/2013 - Slowly but surely, China is shedding its Treasury holdings

10/23/2013 - Nasdaq makes money off what it does best: buying things

10/23/2013 - The disease that killed a million piglets in China has spread to the US, and no one knows why

10/23/2013 - Global warming is helping spread venomous spiders all over the UK and Ireland

10/23/2013 - Being forced to wait for things makes us more successful, says research

10/23/2013 - Text messages are saving Swedes from cardiac arrest

10/23/2013 - The imperiled desert tortoise is paying the price for the solar boom

10/23/2013 - Thanks to exports, the Spanish economy is growing for the first time in two years

10/23/2013 - Climate change cost you the McDonald’s dollar menu

10/23/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Boeing and Caterpillar earnings, Libor fine, Safeway bid, undergarment innovation

10/22/2013 - Will Carl Icahn ramp up pressure on Apple after cashing in on Netflix?

10/22/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Boeing earnings, Cuban currency, electric bicycles, Christian cricket

10/22/2013 - What Twitter’s stock certificate will look like

10/22/2013 - Sallie Krawcheck: What I learned when I got ousted from Bank of America

10/22/2013 - Apple is either terrible at designing charts or thinks you won’t notice the difference

10/22/2013 - Expedited security screening at the airport is pointless now that everyone is using it

10/22/2013 - If Brits hate their banks so much, why don’t they ever switch?

10/22/2013 - The new iPad Mini affirms that Apple doesn’t care about market share, just profit margins

10/22/2013 - DuPont is making a killing on the “RoboCop” material used in bulletproof vests

10/22/2013 - Apple just doubled down on its biggest advantage in mobile

10/22/2013 - First Starbucks, now Samsung, China’s state TV goes after foreign firms for “bullying” Chinese customers

10/22/2013 - Why a $2,999 Mac Pro is a great deal

10/22/2013 - Japan’s elderly are increasingly taking up a bizarre hobby: stalking

10/22/2013 - Nine charts unearthed from the depths of the jobs report

10/22/2013 - People who play team sports are more likely to land a job

10/22/2013 - China doesn’t own the UK—yet

10/22/2013 - Robots will always be a step behind humans

10/22/2013 - The sad truth about Nokia’s stunning new phones and tablet

10/22/2013 - China creates 55 billion tons of artificial rain a year—and it plans to quintuple that

10/22/2013 - China is getting better at influencing media outside China

10/22/2013 - Why US carbon emissions are falling even as the economy grows

10/22/2013 - How the rise of modern regulation is changing the finance industry

10/22/2013 - Durex condoms are selling like hot cakes in Latin America and China

10/22/2013 - Top financial institutions are regaining trust, news and social media sentiment analysis shows

10/22/2013 - The skies are clearing up for US aviation as Delta Airlines’ profit soars

10/22/2013 - Why you should talk to your employees during a takeover—not after

10/22/2013 - The potential benefits of driverless cars are stunning

10/22/2013 - A strong UK economy is pushing more passengers out, and pulling more freight in, through the Channel Tunnel

10/22/2013 - The US jobs report for September in two simple charts

10/22/2013 - Coach’s problem in North America is that too many people are buying its handbags

10/22/2013 - What people miss out on when they’re online

10/22/2013 - The US economy added 148,000 jobs in September, and the unemployment rate fell to 7.2%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

10/22/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Tablet Tuesday, US jobs, the Sriracha mogul, drone warfare

10/22/2013 - The biggest leveraged buyout in history is on the brink of collapse—and fracking is to blame

10/22/2013 - Dwolla’s plan to replace America’s creaky financial infrastructure now includes real-time payments

10/22/2013 - The scary reasons why China should spend $11 billion a year on “climate-proofing”

10/22/2013 - Thailand officials accused of selling Muslim refugees to traffickers

10/22/2013 - Consider the e-bike: Can 200 million Chinese be wrong?

10/22/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Tablet wars, US jobs, Sriracha moguls, latte price discrimination

10/21/2013 - The solar revolution is being fought by the middle class

10/21/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—tablet wars, Netflix’s numbers, Obama’s apology, cure for baldness

10/21/2013 - A new nanotech coating could make water bounce off surfaces like drops of mercury

10/21/2013 - Netflix finally admits that binge-watching is a thing

10/21/2013 - Why China is cracking down on Western-style singing contests

10/21/2013 - Who suffers the most? Europe’s austerity misery, ranked

10/21/2013 - Netflix now has more paying subscribers than HBO in the United States

10/21/2013 - Netflix earnings are imminent—here are three charts with context

10/21/2013 - This electronic vacuum cleaner could suck up Beijing’s smog

10/21/2013 - Why Apple continues to lead in tablet sales, even as it lags in phones

10/21/2013 - Economics is making us greedier

10/21/2013 - The EU could seize 25% of Google’s profits if it violates your privacy

10/21/2013 - Australia’s climate-change denying prime minister gets burned by apocalyptic bush fires

10/21/2013 - Investors are tiptoeing back into emerging markets after abandoning them just months ago

10/21/2013 - China’s president is personally supervising the biggest corruption case since the Cultural Revolution

10/21/2013 - The world’s most thrilling contradiction

10/21/2013 - Netflix may be about to fall victim to the binge-watching revolution it started

10/21/2013 - Is Jamie Dimon worth the trouble? JP Morgan’s stock price doesn’t argue for it

10/21/2013 - Laser pointer attacks on airplane pilots have jumped 1100% since 2005

10/21/2013 - TV shows on the brink of cancellation are being saved by delayed viewing

10/21/2013 - Tractor and scooter sales are rising thanks to India’s massive monsoon

10/21/2013 - China’s northeast hit by air pollution so bad “you can’t see your own fingers in front of you”

10/21/2013 - More than 50% of fast food workers rely on public assistance and that’s a good thing

10/21/2013 - Weak appetite for McDonald’s reflects the patchy global economy

10/21/2013 - The highly unusual company behind Sriracha, the world’s coolest hot sauce

10/21/2013 - JP Morgan didn’t do anyone a favor by acquiring failed banks

10/21/2013 - Britain shrewdly hires “made in China” expertise for its new nuclear power plant

10/21/2013 - Can HTC’s billionaire chairwoman bail out a sinking ship?

10/21/2013 - More than one-third of online daters find somebody they already know

10/21/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Earnings galore, Obama’s web glitches, US Navy corruption scandal, Mexican clown assassin

10/21/2013 - A failed grocery deal by Asia’s richest man is good news for the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

10/21/2013 - The father of modern China begged Henry Ford for help, and Ford turned him down

10/21/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Earnings galore, Merkel’s dance, Obama’s web glitches, Japanese celibacy

10/20/2013 - Chinese companies investing overseas aren’t telling anyone what they’re up to

10/20/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Earnings galore, Merkel’s partner, Tea Party’s brew, dead seas, Nazi loot

10/20/2013 - How North Korean propaganda artists depict Beijing—a city they’ve never seen

10/20/2013 - Super-large-scale solar installations are surging in the US

10/19/2013 - JP Morgan has reached a tentative deal of $13 billion with the US government

10/19/2013 - Nate Silver: What you don’t say speaks as loudly as what you do

10/19/2013 - There could be slaves in the supply chain of your chocolate, smartphone and sushi

10/19/2013 - How an NFL running back is out-smarting investors

10/19/2013 - The eight most important charts of the week

10/18/2013 - Quartz Weekend Brief—SEC victories, jellyfish-ageddon, surveillance paranoia, Balthazar

10/18/2013 - The investment manager ridiculed in “The Big Short” is now under fire from the SEC

10/18/2013 - Goldman Sachs’ gamified cafeteria is an apt metaphor for unintended consequences of financial regulation

10/18/2013 - Did Saudi Arabia seek a UN Council seat just to be the first country to turn it down?

10/18/2013 - Curious about monetary policy in Britain? Just tweet at the central bank

10/18/2013 - A plan to turn every lightbulb into an ultra-fast alternative to Wi-Fi

10/18/2013 - Google’s record valuation is still $130 billion short of Apple’s

10/18/2013 - Apple’s claims about the security of its iMessage service might not be totally true

10/18/2013 - Grand Theft Auto V accounted for 50% of all games software sold last month—and that’s bad news

10/18/2013 - Women are much less likely to have cell phones and India wants to fix that

10/18/2013 - According to a new estimate, Paris could be yours for $965 billion

10/18/2013 - What bookies don’t want you to know about NFL underdogs

10/18/2013 - Dutch bankers know people hate their pay packages, so they’re giving up bonuses

10/18/2013 - If Healthcare.gov had been a commercial startup, it would have looked like this

10/18/2013 - This is a better predictor of your success than IQ or EQ

10/18/2013 - Leasing a car is cheap—so why aren’t more Americans doing it?

10/18/2013 - Morgan Stanley wows after a dismal US bank earnings season

10/18/2013 - More mobile phones mean fewer deaths from natural disasters

10/18/2013 - Creepily perfect pictures from North Korea, the sport and leisure capital of the world

10/18/2013 - Xiaomi’s Lei Jun would really like everyone to please stop calling him “China’s Steve Jobs”

10/18/2013 - The best way to kill China’s deadly giant hornets: Meet the “divine gun” and “hornet pouch”

10/18/2013 - Here are the world’s worst cities for air pollution, and they’re not the ones you’d expect

10/18/2013 - Seven technologies predicted in Dave Eggers’ dystopian new novel that already exist

10/18/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—SAC $1B settlement, China GDP growth, GE earnings, sleeping away brain toxins

10/18/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Chinese growth, Australian bushfires, Obama’s Homeland Security pick, brain toxins

10/18/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Chinese growth, Australian bushfires, Obama’s Homeland Security pick, brain toxins

10/17/2013 - The average Brazilian will have to spend over two month’s salary just to buy Sony’s new PlayStation 4

10/17/2013 - The untold history of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte

10/17/2013 - After Snowden’s leaks, China’s Huawei calls for more transparency in the tech industry

10/17/2013 - The scary new chapter of America’s 223-year love affair with debt

10/17/2013 - China’s GDP bounced back thanks to a major injection of government spending

10/17/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Chinese growth, Australian bushfires, BlackBerry buyers, Beowulf

10/17/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Chinese growth, Australian bushfires, BlackBerry buyers, Beowulf

10/17/2013 - California is fighting fossil fuels by forcing utilities to store green energy

10/17/2013 - Chipotle’s profits are getting fatter than its burritos

10/17/2013 - What’s behind Google’s record quarter

10/17/2013 - Nobody seems to believe Lenovo is a serious buyer for BlackBerry—perhaps because it’s Chinese

10/17/2013 - Xiaomi has beat Apple in China, but can it win over the rest of the world?

10/17/2013 - China’s latest hypocrisy on US government debt

10/17/2013 - Four things you can do that will actually help the fight against breast cancer

10/17/2013 - Britain has managed to curb every crime over the last 30 years except for these two

10/17/2013 - This app will help save Australians from the next deadly bushfire

10/17/2013 - The volume of stocks traded in secret “dark pools” is soaring in Europe. What could go wrong?

10/17/2013 - Google’s new terms of service are harder to read than “Beowulf”

10/17/2013 - Hedge funds are jubilant after performing only 30% worse than the S&P 500

10/17/2013 - London’s most bizarre luxury building trend is grinding to a halt

10/17/2013 - Verizon’s $130 billion wireless mega-deal is starting to look like a good bet

10/17/2013 - How traders might have made money manipulating massive currency markets

10/17/2013 - Photos: Raging bushfires are leaving Sydney shrouded in smoke

10/17/2013 - Why mink coats are big business in Greece, of all places

10/17/2013 - An army of robot baristas could mean the end of Starbucks as we know it

10/17/2013 - Stop confusing behavioral advertising with government surveillance

10/17/2013 - The world has turned upside down: Mexico is selling breakfast in a bottle to Americans

10/17/2013 - Guinness makes up nearly half the beer sold in Africa and Diageo reckons it can sell even more

10/17/2013 - The next US budget crisis is 90 days away

10/17/2013 - This is what it looks like when the bond market breaths a giant sigh of relief

10/17/2013 - Why a Thai noodlemaker is feeling Hungary

10/17/2013 - Goldman Sachs succumbs to “slow client activity”

10/17/2013 - Online shops are checking your Twitter account before they approve your transactions

10/17/2013 - China is investing more than ever in science, but it’s not paying off

10/17/2013 - Nobody in the fuel cell industry has ever made a profit—this CEO could be the first

10/17/2013 - Beyond the Big Four—Why regulators and clients can’t break the audit oligopoly

10/17/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US default averted, UK surveillance probe, Google’s ad addiction, baby rats on a plane

10/17/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—US default averted, UK surveillance probe, Google’s ad addiction, baby rats on a plane

10/17/2013 - What the fatal plane crash in Laos tells us about the rapid growth of aviation in Southeast Asia

10/17/2013 - How to ward off a giant hornet attack

10/17/2013 - China’s newest whistleblowing activists are the angry mistresses of corrupt officials

10/17/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—US default averted, UK surveillance probe, Google’s ad addiction, China’s nouveau riche

10/16/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—US default averted, UK surveillance probe, Google’s ad addiction, China’s nouveau riche

10/16/2013 - This fiscal fight cost the US economy $24 billion—but that’s just the beginning

10/16/2013 - Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar’s new media venture could challenge the Guardian

10/16/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Default averted, Google’s addiction, global food, German super-chickens

10/16/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Default averted, Google’s addiction, global food, German super-chickens

10/16/2013 - Ebay is battening down the hatches for a tough winter

10/16/2013 - Making iTunes available for Windows changed everything for Apple

10/16/2013 - What nine months of lying about inflation looks like

10/16/2013 - France is the largest source of tourism in Africa

10/16/2013 - Five gruesome truths about the sorry state of the global food industry

10/16/2013 - Indonesia just passed China as the world’s top apparent source of cyber attacks

10/16/2013 - This New York vapor bar offers 80+ flavors of e-cigarettes, and none of them is from Big Tobacco

10/16/2013 - Why Elon Musk is a utility executive’s worst nightmare

10/16/2013 - It’s time for Hollywood to get serious about keeping movie scripts secure

10/16/2013 - News Corp’s “problem child” is actually performing just fine

10/16/2013 - Square Cash: Are you ready to trust all the money in your checking account to Jack Dorsey?

10/16/2013 - The case for pessimism: when negative thinking leads to positive outcomes

10/16/2013 - Is Europe making the yuan “a great global currency”? Don’t believe the hype

10/16/2013 - Markets are slightly relieved that the US debt showdown is almost over

10/16/2013 - The end of the US debt ceiling crisis, not with a bang but with a whimper

10/16/2013 - The world’s largest toy company is primed for a holiday blowout

10/16/2013 - PepsiCo’s numbers: A bit flat.

10/16/2013 - India gets its own street view at long last—but it’s missing India’s most famous monuments

10/16/2013 - Bank of America sees steady but unimpressive earnings growth

10/16/2013 - The classic Louis Vuitton logo may be killing the company’s handbag sales

10/16/2013 - European car sales are picking up again, but only the very cheap and very expensive ones

10/16/2013 - Robert Shiller’s Nobel should help the world accept (and improve) imperfect financial markets

10/16/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—One day to default, Greenwald’s new start-up, JP Morgan’s latest fine, relief ICBMs

10/16/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—One day to default, Greenwald’s new start-up, JP Morgan’s latest fine, relief ICBMs

10/16/2013 - China picks a fight with the Tea Party as US government default looms

10/16/2013 - Who’s behind the mysterious string of bombings in Myanmar?

10/16/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—One day to default, Typhoon Wipha hits Japan, Greenwald’s start-up, gummi bear obit

10/16/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—One day to default, Typhoon Wipha hits Japan, Greenwald’s start-up, gummi bear obit

10/15/2013 - Twitter recorded its biggest loss ever in the third quarter, but revenue per user keeps rising

10/15/2013 - Twitter hired almost half of its 2,300 employees in the last year

10/15/2013 - Three charts that finally reveal why AOL decided to pay $315 million to buy the HuffPo

10/15/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Typhoon Wipha, one day to default, Apple’s taxes, knights fighting snails

10/15/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Typhoon Wipha, one day to default, Apple’s taxes, knights fighting snails

10/15/2013 - What Twitter’s IPO means for Nasdaq

10/15/2013 - Fitch threatens to axe the United States’ AAA rating

10/15/2013 - Yahoo wants to hold onto more of Alibaba to make up for its own lagging business

10/15/2013 - Intel earnings: Meh.

10/15/2013 - Apple hired someone who probably knows more about its consumers than it does

10/15/2013 - Here are all the rumors about how Apple might bridge the gap between tablets and laptops

10/15/2013 - Apple just poached Burberry’s expertise in China

10/15/2013 - The US corporate boom in solar power explained in five charts

10/15/2013 - Jellyfish are taking over the seas, and it might be too late to stop them

10/15/2013 - More Americans die from car pollution than car accidents

10/15/2013 - It’s stronger than steel and paper thin, but graphene isn’t living up to its promise

10/15/2013 - China’s central bank now has $3.66 trillion in foreign reserves. But where’d it come from?

10/15/2013 - Dear consumers: Netflix and cable companies look ready to give you what you want

10/15/2013 - A brief, complete history of the gummi bear

10/15/2013 - Fukushima is staring down the barrel of Typhoon Wipha, a “once in a decade” storm

10/15/2013 - Even Coca Cola is sweating this season’s strange weather

10/15/2013 - Is Apple’s $30 billion Irish tax planning scheme about to be shut down?

10/15/2013 - Can chat-app Line attract American users with a US IPO?

10/15/2013 - The one case “The Wire” never solved: police pension reform

10/15/2013 - Citigroup’s earnings sour as the global consumer gets stingy

10/15/2013 - How Wall Street is charting the looming threat of US default

10/15/2013 - Apple just doubled its number of women in senior management—from one to two

10/15/2013 - The first-ever hashtag, @-reply and retweet, as Twitter users invented them

10/15/2013 - Aereo: the cloud based content upstart that could upend the TV industry

10/15/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Apple snags Burberry CEO, Senate debt deal, Iran nuke talks, NSA buddy lists

10/15/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Apple snags Burberry CEO, Senate debt deal, Iran nuke talks, NSA buddy lists

10/15/2013 - These are the three things to look out for in Yahoo’s Q3 earnings

10/15/2013 - The French are building a mall by the Eiffel Tower, and China wants to buy it

10/15/2013 - Apple adds a dash of Burberry luxury and social media savvy by poaching its CEO

10/15/2013 - The Mediterranean is a watery graveyard thanks to European policy, not African poverty

10/15/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Iran talks, the UK woos China’s banks, Philippines quake, freeze-dried corpses

10/15/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Iran talks, the UK woos China’s banks, Philippines quake, freeze-dried corpses

10/14/2013 - Why the UK is relaxing visa restrictions on China as it tightens them for India

10/14/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Iran talks, EU banking union, Sony and Netflix, freeze-dried corpses

10/14/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Iran talks, EU banking union, Sony and Netflix, freeze-dried corpses

10/14/2013 - A Chinese official just got fired for accepting a piggyback ride

10/14/2013 - Fukushima Industries just made a very unfortunate branding choice

10/14/2013 - Investors are fleeing clean energy just when the world needs them most

10/14/2013 - New evidence that sports supplement “Craze” contains a meth-like synthetic drug that’s never been tested on humans

10/14/2013 - The Nobel Prize in Bubblenomics

10/14/2013 - Twitter could make Wall Street the least money of any big US IPO since 2008

10/14/2013 - Asia Pacific nations will consume more than half the world’s energy by 2035

10/14/2013 - Worried about someone’s health? Connect their dog to the internet

10/14/2013 - It takes IKEA half a decade to design a kitchen

10/14/2013 - Forget Big Data: The future is Small Data, and Facebook just bought it

10/14/2013 - If you are a woman running a small business in Europe, good luck getting a loan

10/14/2013 - A Thai beer tycoon wants to build a massive indoor snow park in Bangkok

10/14/2013 - When people use their smartphones and tablets, in charts

10/14/2013 - After two weeks of shutdown, Washington is finally talking about its real disagreements

10/14/2013 - It’s time for the world to think beyond the US, China declares while cutting deals in Asia

10/14/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—All eyes on DC, Merkel’s coalition talks, Asia’s typhoon trifecta, kid-powered bicycle-bus

10/14/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—All eyes on DC, Merkel’s coalition talks, Asia’s typhoon trifecta, kid-powered bicycle-bus

10/14/2013 - Today’s IHT is officially an artifact. Here are 8 memorable front pages

10/14/2013 - Smoking for a living: The strange tale of Li Hui, a Chinese tobacco appraiser

10/14/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Merkel’s coalition talks, Asia’s typhoon trifecta, shutdown bubble, opulent puffer fish

10/14/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Merkel’s coalition talks, Asia’s typhoon trifecta, shutdown bubble, opulent puffer fish

10/13/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Asia’s typhoon trifecta, green oil giants, the shutdown bubble, opulent puffer fish

10/13/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia’s typhoon trifecta, green oil giants, the shutdown bubble, opulent puffer fish

10/13/2013 - India dodges its worst fears in the aftermath of Cyclone Phailin

10/13/2013 - America’s highest earners work at least 60 hours a week—more than anyone else in the world

10/12/2013 - Satellite images: Three powerful storms—Phailin, Nari, and Wipha—menace Asia at the same time

10/12/2013 - India has evacuated over half a million people as Cyclone Phailin makes landfall

10/12/2013 - Starbucks’ Howard Schultz asks Washington to “come together” again—not that they ever listen

10/12/2013 - Burger King Japan’s newest hamburger is a black ninja with a bacon tongue

10/12/2013 - The second biggest clean technology investor is an oil giant

10/12/2013 - The world wants its self-driving cars made by a tech company, not a carmaker

10/12/2013 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Twitter’s IPO, Aflac’s Japanese empire, Chinese mistress economics, Scalia’s brain

10/12/2013 - Is India’s most controversial politician taking his love of Chinese capitalism too far?

10/12/2013 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Twitter’s IPO, Aflac’s Japanese empire, Chinese mistress economics, Scalia’s brain

10/11/2013 - Rethinking income in an uncertain time

10/11/2013 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Twitter’s IPO, Aflac’s Japanese empire, Chinese mistress economics, Scalia’s brain

10/11/2013 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Twitter’s IPO, Aflac’s Japanese empire, Chinese mistress economics, Scalia’s brain

10/11/2013 - Google is working on a top-secret successor to Google Glass

10/11/2013 - Racehorses are the latest frothy alternative investment for the rich

10/11/2013 - Cyclone Phailin is set to become the strongest India has ever seen

10/11/2013 - China’s soon-to-be tallest skyscraper developer is building affordable housing in New York

10/11/2013 - Carmakers should be marketing their hybrids to older baby boomers

10/11/2013 - Google just granted itself the right to use your name and photo in its online ads

10/11/2013 - JP Morgan is spending more on fines and lawyers than on employee salaries

10/11/2013 - Britain just privatized its mail service at a $1 billion discount

10/11/2013 - One fake press release created $200 million today—and another one made it disappear

10/11/2013 - A Canadian analyst’s dire fate shows how researching Chinese companies is a dangerous game

10/11/2013 - Twitter is hardly alone: Two-thirds of tech companies going public this year were unprofitable

10/11/2013 - Japan lost more than a million millionaires last year

10/11/2013 - Wells Fargo meets the street’s expectations by sticking with plain vanilla

10/11/2013 - JPMorgan slips to its first loss under Jamie Dimon—but still outperforms

10/11/2013 - France is pushing for a Europe-wide Google tax

10/11/2013 - These crazy inventions are the latest sign that entrepreneurship in China is alive and well

10/11/2013 - The UK government is just asking for another housing crisis

10/11/2013 - With Yellen in charge, the Federal Reserve might not taper stimulus until March 2014

10/11/2013 - “The Walking Dead” wakes up and fights piracy by releasing global versions earlier

10/11/2013 - Janet Yellen is hardly a dove—she knows the US economy needs some unemployment

10/11/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Bank earnings, shutdown deal hopes, unveiling the Nobel Peace Prize winner

10/11/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Bank earnings, shutdown deal hopes, unveiling the Nobel Peace Prize winner

10/11/2013 - Indian outsourcing giant Infosys stung by US immigration morass

10/11/2013 - Cyclone Phailin is barreling towards one of India’s most volatile areas

10/11/2013 - French farmers are committing suicide at alarming rates

10/11/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Obama nixes GOP offer, bank earnings, Nobel Peace Prize, craft beer shutdown

10/11/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Obama nixes GOP offer, bank earnings, Nobel Peace Prize, craft beer shutdown

10/10/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Bank earnings, debt-ceiling deals, Royal Mail sale, microscopic cages

10/10/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Bank earnings, debt-ceiling deals, Royal Mail sale, microscopic cages

10/10/2013 - The Israeli Army’s Twitter feed didn’t really send oil prices soaring

10/10/2013 - Mogul’s plan to kill Netflix: Unite cable companies to build a competitor

10/10/2013 - China’s censors did the New York Times a favor

10/10/2013 - Euro zone banks may need another fix of emergency funds. Will the ECB oblige?

10/10/2013 - Apple’s plastic iPhone experiment looks like it’s failing

10/10/2013 - Hershey’s first new brand in 30 years is taking its cues from China

10/10/2013 - Shopping at Uniqlo is about to get more expensive

10/10/2013 - European governments may be begging for cash, but their consumers are splurging on luxury cars

10/10/2013 - Cyclone Phailin is half the size of India and strengthening quickly as it heads for land

10/10/2013 - All of these companies have more cash right now than the US government

10/10/2013 - Some day Europeans will roam freely with their phones, and wireless carriers are worried

10/10/2013 - Need to finance a big solar project? The Bank of Google can help

10/10/2013 - The immediate climate threat is not rising sea levels, it’s water scarcity

10/10/2013 - How China, Europe and India are sidestepping the volatile US dollar

10/10/2013 - Greek youth unemployment has fallen from a ridiculous 65% to a merely preposterous 55%

10/10/2013 - Startups are better off being profitable—or, why Twitter is an outlier

10/10/2013 - Short stories are having a moment, thanks to the internet

10/10/2013 - A portrait of billionaire Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, in tweets

10/10/2013 - Why Shanghai’s free trade zone matters even though no one knows exactly how it will work

10/10/2013 - Sovereign wealth funds just had their biggest ever annual increase, to $5.38 trillion

10/10/2013 - The market for betting on a US default just sprang to to life

10/10/2013 - Smartphones are getting bigger as tablets are getting smaller

10/10/2013 - China’s superbank is the latest bad solution to the country’s credit addiction

10/10/2013 - Mistresses help keep the property bubble aloft in Beijing

10/10/2013 - Three steps to getting what you want

10/10/2013 - In the market for a loan? Look no further than your neighborly private equity shop

10/10/2013 - There’s no such thing as being “good” or “bad” at math

10/10/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Obama meets the GOP, Libyan PM kidnapped, record Uniqlo profits, Foxconn interns

10/10/2013 - Don’t laugh at the “man purse”—it’s now a $9 billion luxury business

10/10/2013 - Your Playstation 4 may be built by Chinese students in the worst internship ever

10/10/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Merkel meets the Greens, Obama meets Republicans, Fox shareholders revolt, genetic back pain

10/10/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Merkel meets the Greens, Obama meets Republicans, Fox shareholders revolt, genetic back pain

10/9/2013 - At least one China “Big V” won’t shut up—he’s got an autobiography to flog

10/9/2013 - Shutdown imperils US sandwich inspections—unless they happen to be open-faced

10/9/2013 - Tone-deaf Samsung ad: Gentrification is awesome when it’s organized on a Galaxy Note 3

10/9/2013 - An electronic dance music promoter’s IPO had a harsh comedown

10/9/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Obama meets Republicans, Wal-Mart ditches India, Fox after Murdoch

10/9/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Obama meets Republicans, Wal-Mart ditches India, Fox after Murdoch

10/9/2013 - A giant US asset manager is banking on the US not paying its bills on time

10/9/2013 - 96.8% of trades placed in the US stock market are cancelled

10/9/2013 - Six CEOs who can’t believe Washington is being so stupid

10/9/2013 - Who will play whom in the inevitable movie about Twitter’s early years

10/9/2013 - Wal-Mart can’t crack India, and that bodes poorly for its troubled economy

10/9/2013 - The Fed knew the markets would throw a fit when it decided not to taper

10/9/2013 - The words “Made in China” could be on their way to saving millions of lives

10/9/2013 - India cut pollution by not letting the polluters pay to be audited

10/9/2013 - There’s already a controversy over the “Duffin,” Starbucks’ new hybrid pastry

10/9/2013 - The US has lost more than $250 million in tourist revenue because of the shutdown

10/9/2013 - Family Dollar is losing the dash to sell US consumers the cheap goods they’re craving

10/9/2013 - Why Apple’s Oct. 22 iPad announcement is worth getting excited about

10/9/2013 - The American weight-loss industry is starting to lose some weight

10/9/2013 - Janet Yellen: The most powerful woman in US history

10/9/2013 - Norwegians are now paying more for a second-hand Tesla Model S than a new one

10/9/2013 - Actually, nonprofits don’t spend enough money on overhead

10/9/2013 - The footnote in Twitter’s IPO filing that tells a tale of civil war among its founders

10/9/2013 - Why a graveyard owner in China is turning its cemeteries into a public company

10/9/2013 - Macy’s boosted sales by making stores distribution centers for exclusive items

10/9/2013 - Unless your company is Chinese, it’s a tough time to be a telecoms engineer

10/9/2013 - India’s Flipkart is raising big VC money—but it may need even more to fend off Amazon

10/9/2013 - Budweiser is battling to be called Budweiser in more than 20 countries

10/9/2013 - China can boost consumption by moving children and the elderly into cities

10/9/2013 - Don’t hate Mondays—they’re the best day to apply for a job

10/9/2013 - One way Google could beat Apple: better ways for developers to make money on apps

10/9/2013 - Won’t somebody please think of the penguins? Shutdown freezes Antarctica research

10/9/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Yellen gets the nod, US debt wrangling, menswear M&A, the cheater’s high

10/9/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Yellen gets the nod, US debt wrangling, menswear M&A, the cheater’s high

10/9/2013 - It may be China’s century, but its slowdown is killing this quarter’s profits

10/9/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Yellen is Obama’s pick, US debt wrangling, Brazil rates, cheater’s high

10/9/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Yellen is Obama’s pick, US debt wrangling, Brazil rates, cheater’s high

10/8/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—US debt wrangling, BUD beer, Brazil rates, Brooks Brothers steakhouse

10/8/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—US debt wrangling, BUD beer, Brazil rates, Brooks Brothers steakhouse

10/8/2013 - Weak metal prices can’t keep Alcoa down

10/8/2013 - The most secure drones will be able to kill without human controllers

10/8/2013 - Some big investors can’t get enough of Europe’s toxic assets

10/8/2013 - Forget organizing the world’s information, this company wants to make sense of it

10/8/2013 - Your sweet tooth is displacing impoverished Brazilians, Cambodians and Africans

10/8/2013 - Brazil’s next major export: literature

10/8/2013 - Qataris aren’t happy about the Zinédine Zidane headbutt sculpture displayed in the Doha Corniche

10/8/2013 - Why the world’s bees are dying: They’re stressed out

10/8/2013 - These rituals are the key to acing a job interview or big presentation

10/8/2013 - This Turkish hotel won a “hospitality innovation award” for protecting protestors from tear gas and police

10/8/2013 - Americans are dumber than average at math, vocabulary, and technology

10/8/2013 - The markets are starting to look like they seriously think the US might not pay its debt

10/8/2013 - Al Gore’s solution to climate change: impose a carbon tax and publicly shame deniers

10/8/2013 - Brooks Brothers is making a totally logical expansion into steakhouses

10/8/2013 - It’s time for Brazil to back a free, open, and business-friendly internet

10/8/2013 - A new $100 bill, the world’s most popular banknote, starts circulating today

10/8/2013 - Hundreds of American companies are lying about data privacy and trade could suffer as a result

10/8/2013 - Ford is using more leather and chrome to beat Toyota and Honda in China

10/8/2013 - There is officially no hope for transparent oil development in Uganda

10/8/2013 - Africa’s economic growth is trickling up, not down

10/8/2013 - This is the real debt ceiling nightmare the White House desperately wants to avoid

10/8/2013 - Why the euro zone can’t count on Germany to power its recovery

10/8/2013 - Here’s the big hitch for Abenomics

10/8/2013 - New Zealand’s sovereign wealth fund gained 26% last year—thanks to the financial crisis

10/8/2013 - Five things to watch out for this earnings season

10/8/2013 - How Aflac built an empire on Japan’s unspeakable nightmare

10/8/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—German manufacturing data, US shutdown thaw, NSA meltdown, rocket taxes

10/8/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—German manufacturing data, US shutdown thaw, NSA meltdown, rocket taxes

10/8/2013 - Things John Kerry has to endure because Barack Obama isn’t at the APEC summit

10/8/2013 - There may now be more billionaires in Africa than in Latin America

10/8/2013 - Gamblers and hackers alike flock to Macau, the world’s casino capital

10/8/2013 - China has more internet monitors than soldiers

10/8/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—German manufacturing data, US shutdown thaw, Japanese trade deficit, rocket taxes

10/8/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—German manufacturing data, US shutdown thaw, Japanese trade deficit, rocket taxes

10/7/2013 - Why emerging markets in Asia might be better off without all that cash they just lost

10/7/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Alcoa reports, Bloomberg’s challenge, rocket taxes, jellyfish shredders

10/7/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Alcoa reports, Bloomberg’s challenge, rocket taxes, jellyfish shredders

10/7/2013 - Bank CEOs have a habit of turning into bank critics once they retire

10/7/2013 - Find out what keeps marketers up at night

10/7/2013 - High-performing companies twice as likely to consider their digital marketing highly proficient, study shows

10/7/2013 - Marketing has changed more in the past two years than in the past 50

10/7/2013 - Are today’s marketers confident in their digital efforts?

10/7/2013 - 50% of marketers lack confidence in digital ability

10/7/2013 - Kolkata’s government thinks rickshaws and bicycles are bad for the economy

10/7/2013 - Here are the technology sectors to get into if you want to cash in on California’s climate-change battle

10/7/2013 - Here’s why everything Malcolm Gladwell writes is so compelling

10/7/2013 - China’s veiled threat to buy fewer US Treasurys is an empty one

10/7/2013 - BlackBerry could be worth more dead than alive

10/7/2013 - How robot movie cameras made the film “Gravity” possible

10/7/2013 - India’s audacious plan to bring mobile payments to the masses: pair them with a national ID card

10/7/2013 - That knock on your Airbnb door isn’t room service—it’s New York’s top cop

10/7/2013 - Why Thomson Reuters and Markit could give Bloomberg a run for its money

10/7/2013 - The simple reason products fail: Consumers don’t understand what they do

10/7/2013 - Carl Icahn’s three Apple tweets were worth $6 billion each—but not for long

10/7/2013 - Korea’s plan to shred a jellyfish plague with robots could spawn millions more

10/7/2013 - Myanmar shows why Mark Zuckerberg’s next five billion are a long way from joining Facebook

10/7/2013 - For women to succeed in Asia, the entire family needs to “lean in”

10/7/2013 - The world needs a rocket tax to solve the “Gravity” space junk problem

10/7/2013 - Boeing’s Dreamliner nightmare continues as Japan Airlines defects to Airbus

10/7/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Airbus scores in Japan, hedge funds bargain-hunt in Greece, Gates invests in vegan meat

10/7/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Airbus scores in Japan, hedge funds bargain-hunt in Greece, Gates invests in vegan meat

10/7/2013 - Half of marketers lack confidence in digital ability, study reveals

10/7/2013 - China’s golf forecast: Smoggy with a chance of eagles

10/7/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Chinese smog, Greek bargains, Japanese trade, Gates’ vegan meat investment

10/7/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Chinese smog, Greek bargains, Japanese trade, Gates’ vegan meat investment

10/6/2013 - With Obama absent from Asia, China President Xi Jinping is taking care of business

10/6/2013 - How to force Indian businesses to care about social responsibility

10/6/2013 - Twitter is hiding two years of financial data

10/6/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Greek banking bargains, detoxifying Syria, robot simpletons, China’s blog police

10/6/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Greek banking bargains, detoxifying Syria, robot simpletons, China’s blog police

10/6/2013 - A top architect wants to build this soccer-ball mansion in homage to Lionel Messi

10/5/2013 - How Google could make a smart watch that succeeds

10/5/2013 - You’ve probably never heard of New York’s most valuable startup—and it’s worth $1.2 billion

10/5/2013 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Closed for business, Twitter’s IPO, Formula 1, anonymity online

10/5/2013 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Closed for business, Twitter’s IPO, Formula 1, anonymity online

10/5/2013 - A funeral held over FaceTime blends the ancient and the modern

10/5/2013 - The definitive chart that shows why Twitter is not Facebook

10/5/2013 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Closed for business, Twitter’s IPO, Formula 1, anonymity online

10/4/2013 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Closed for business, Twitter’s IPO, Formula 1, anonymity online

10/4/2013 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Closed for business, Twitter’s IPO, Formula 1, anonymity online

10/4/2013 - The FBI could end up with millions of dollars in bitcoins—and it plans to sell them

10/4/2013 - Alibaba just poured $50 million into a Google for apps

10/4/2013 - Travel pro-tips from the Chinese government: Don’t leave footprints on toilet seats, spit in hotel pools

10/4/2013 - Mobile carriers with all-you-can-eat plans are losing money on 20% of their customers

10/4/2013 - Amid the quest for self-cleaning windows, MIT scientists found a brand new source of green energy

10/4/2013 - Sizzler is selling food at a loss so people will notice its new decor

10/4/2013 - How billions in bank fines may be boosting the British economy

10/4/2013 - The problem with calling your career coach a “sherpa”

10/4/2013 - Analyst notes are the latest front in the battle against insider trading

10/4/2013 - Europeans to Gazprom: Stop price gouging!

10/4/2013 - The markets seem to think the US might just be crazy enough to default

10/4/2013 - If you can’t buy drugs with bitcoin, what’s it good for?

10/4/2013 - Inspections of US food imports might be delayed because of the shutdown

10/4/2013 - The internet has gotten a lot less free in the US, India and Brazil

10/4/2013 - Pakistan’s solution to terrorism: ban Skype

10/4/2013 - Here are the secret edits Twitter made to its IPO filing, hoping investors wouldn’t notice

10/4/2013 - Who’s to blame for the US shutdown? The news media

10/4/2013 - Your alternative US jobs number: 170,000ish

10/4/2013 - The US government really does believe you when you say a dog ate your money

10/4/2013 - Red lights are flashing on the US debt dashboard

10/4/2013 - Is this the next Libor scandal? European regulators are probing foreign-exchange market manipulation

10/4/2013 - Twitter has a woman problem: of all its executives and directors, only one is female

10/4/2013 - Everything you know about Steve Jobs and design is wrong, according to one man who should know

10/4/2013 - For all the hype, fewer than 150 consumer 3D printers are sold per day

10/4/2013 - The most often repeated fact about US debt is wrong

10/4/2013 - How your exhaust-belching car is killing the bees

10/4/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Obama skips Bali, auto sales surge, Samsung’s record profits, robots kill jellyfish

10/4/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Obama skips Bali, auto sales surge, Samsung’s record profits, robots kill jellyfish

10/4/2013 - A tale of two smartphones: HTC forecasts its first-ever loss, and Samsung its biggest-ever profit

10/4/2013 - How to beat China’s Great Firewall, one salvaged Weibo message at a time

10/4/2013 - How an upstart came to dominate Formula 1 with superfast internet and tons of data

10/4/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Obama skips Asia trip, Twitter’s IPO, Adobe hacked, jellyfish-slaying robots

10/4/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Obama skips Asia trip, Twitter’s IPO, Adobe hacked, jellyfish-slaying robots

10/3/2013 - The latest government shutdown casualties are the “US pivot to Asia”—and Obama’s trip to Bali

10/3/2013 - Major storms are forming, and America’s meteorologists are stuck at home

10/3/2013 - Twitter didn’t disclose its average revenue per user, but we’ve calculated it for you, anyway

10/3/2013 - Tesla’s bloated stock price is fighting a fire

10/3/2013 - Don’t be misled by this chart Twitter used in its IPO filing

10/3/2013 - The world’s largest winemaker is now selling America’s most imported beer

10/3/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Capitol Hill bullets, Twitter’s IPO pounce, bad robot bets, koala blues

10/3/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Capitol Hill bullets, Twitter’s IPO pounce, bad robot bets, koala blues

10/3/2013 - Here’s how Twitter is describing itself ahead of the IPO

10/3/2013 - Twitter goes right after Facebook in its IPO filing

10/3/2013 - Twitter will IPO as TWTR but still isn’t saying where it will be listed

10/3/2013 - Bill Ackman is scaling back his anti-Herbalife bet, so why has the stock price fallen?

10/3/2013 - Twitter’s IPO filing, illustrated: its revenue and profit over time

10/3/2013 - Twitter files for an IPO: Here are all the important details

10/3/2013 - Meet the people and funds that stand to profit from Twitter’s IPO

10/3/2013 - EasyJet is coddling more business travelers—and forcing its biggest budget rival to do the same

10/3/2013 - Photos: Twitter founders address all-staff meeting on eve of IPO filing

10/3/2013 - One company’s idea to save the planet: Turn greenhouse gas into baking soda

10/3/2013 - Stop your carbon spew or the koala is road kill

10/3/2013 - Mercedes-Benz just had its best month of car sales in history

10/3/2013 - It’s official: Reading literary fiction makes you a better person

10/3/2013 - 99% of kidnappings in Mexico went unreported last year

10/3/2013 - The body count is now 42 in the attack of China’s killer hornets

10/3/2013 - How to quit in front of an audience of 11 million

10/3/2013 - How Europe’s financial crisis is slowing down Detroit’s bankruptcy

10/3/2013 - To Chinese bloggers, the US government shutdown is something to envy

10/3/2013 - If your money is in a fund controlled by robots, you’ve lost 3.5% this year

10/3/2013 - Contrary to what you’ve heard, Android is almost impenetrable to malware

10/3/2013 - Spain’s been at least an hour behind since World War II, and it shows

10/3/2013 - Here’s the best university in the world—by one ranking, at least

10/3/2013 - How Republicans in Washington are helping China wield more influence in Southeast Asia

10/3/2013 - South Korean students are ditching US schools for Made-in-China degrees

10/3/2013 - Euro zone shoppers are opening their wallets, but a full recovery is a distant dream

10/3/2013 - Who owns this website? That information may soon be “need to know” only

10/3/2013 - Don’t believe anyone who claims to understand the economics of Obamacare

10/3/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Obama’s travel woes, EU vs. Gazprom, Facebook corporate housing, in-flight weeping

10/3/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Obama’s travel woes, EU vs. Gazprom, Facebook corporate housing, in-flight weeping

10/3/2013 - Lego looks to expand in China, the land of Lego knock-offs

10/3/2013 - Asia’s richest man sells China to buy Europe—but maybe he should pay his Aussie tax bill first

10/3/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Obama’s travel woes, Tesla fire, Silk Road sunk, small cars are sexy

10/3/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Obama’s travel woes, Tesla fire, Silk Road sunk, small cars are sexy

10/3/2013 - Three cities you might not have heard of that could be home to billion-dollar companies by 2025

10/2/2013 - Watch how the markets reacted to Italy’s crazy day in parliament

10/2/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Qatar 2022, Silk Road sinks, Tesco taps out, green is sexy

10/2/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Qatar 2022, Silk Road sinks, Tesco taps out, green is sexy

10/2/2013 - “Organic delicacies” and “vintage wines”—just two of the reasons Dan Loeb is after Sotheby’s CEO

10/2/2013 - Why is the world’s biggest seed company betting nearly $1 billion on a Big Data startup?

10/2/2013 - $2 trillion to protect the world from climate change is actually a bargain

10/2/2013 - Spain is losing people a lot faster than it thinks

10/2/2013 - How to save $7 billion by greening up the grid

10/2/2013 - Guadalajara is now an outpost for Indian IT firms

10/2/2013 - How to get the SEC to pay you $14 million

10/2/2013 - A record number of US companies say they’re looking at a bad third quarter

10/2/2013 - Tesco is quitting the world’s two largest economies, but it’s not even secure on home turf

10/2/2013 - Silk Road collected 9.5 million bitcoin—and only 11.75 million exist

10/2/2013 - Australia lost $1.1 billion because of illegal cigarettes last year

10/2/2013 - Here’s what every US government department and agency website looks like under the shutdown

10/2/2013 - How LinkedIn and Google+ gave away the alleged owner of the internet’s largest drug market

10/2/2013 - If Amazon gets its way, you’ll be able to use the internet on planes all the time

10/2/2013 - It’s OK to have a big carbon footprint and pay others not to

10/2/2013 - The complete history of Twitter as told through tortured descriptions of it in the New York Times

10/2/2013 - Some unlikely players are getting into Islamic finance

10/2/2013 - The warning lights on the US debt dashboard just flicked on

10/2/2013 - Cargill used shell companies to buy its way into Colombia’s 50-year civil war

10/2/2013 - Goldman Sachs has a problematic plan to keep its tech talent around

10/2/2013 - Why it’s OK for the US housing market to slow down

10/2/2013 - Hyundai is killing off the stubbornly persistent cigarette lighter socket

10/2/2013 - Grand Theft Auto V has found an even better way to separate gamers from their money

10/2/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US jobs, Italy’s confidence vote, Gates under fire, deposing John Boehner

10/2/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—US jobs, Italy’s confidence vote, Gates under fire, deposing John Boehner

10/2/2013 - Britain’s answer to BuzzFeed hopes silly games will be an even bigger money-spinner than cat videos

10/2/2013 - Private equity funds aren’t nearly as attractive as they think they are

10/2/2013 - Why Thailand gave up its dream of becoming a duty-free “Shopper’s Paradise”

10/2/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—US shutdown simmers, Italy perserveres, Gates under fire, 4D printing

10/2/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—US shutdown simmers, Italy perserveres, Gates under fire, 4D printing

10/1/2013 - Who cares about Kyoto? California and Quebec create their own transnational carbon market

10/1/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—US jobs, Vatican finances, Brazilian bond default, 4D printing

10/1/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—US jobs, Vatican finances, Brazilian bond default, 4D printing

10/1/2013 - Apple is sitting on 10% of all US corporate cash

10/1/2013 - Wharton professor Adam Grant: Wharton has an image problem

10/1/2013 - 90 dead elephants in Zimbabwe are proof that the ivory trade has gone industrial

10/1/2013 - While you read this headline, house cats will kill about 40 birds in Canada

10/1/2013 - The French are getting tired of their own films

10/1/2013 - 3D printing is becoming 4D, with shape-shifting objects

10/1/2013 - The fine line between Google stalking and doing your homework before an interview

10/1/2013 - Why is NASA.gov shut down while CIA.gov is still open?

10/1/2013 - Walmart is becoming a little more like Amazon—and vice versa

10/1/2013 - Thailand uses slaves from Myanmar to peel its shrimp

10/1/2013 - Your body is the next frontier in cybercrime

10/1/2013 - The Vatican Bank more than quadrupled its profit last year

10/1/2013 - Netflix and Berkshire Hathaway share this management philosophy that could save your company millions

10/1/2013 - 45% of South Koreans aged 65 and over live in poverty

10/1/2013 - India’s plummeting rupee is a boon for its second-largest employer

10/1/2013 - Why the markets don’t care about the shutdown. And why it could make things even worse

10/1/2013 - The historic drop in French jobseekers was actually due to botched text messages

10/1/2013 - This is the first interesting search engine since Google

10/1/2013 - With more smokers than the population of the US, China tries to cut down

10/1/2013 - The world’s craziest toothbrush cleans your teeth in six seconds and is 3D printed

10/1/2013 - Why I’m never flying again

10/1/2013 - California clean-tech entrepreneurs have gone corporate

10/1/2013 - Americans: Stop what you’re doing and book your holiday flights right now

10/1/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US government shutdown, Italy teeters, Abenomics in action, China’s golden iPhone fever

10/1/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—US government shutdown, Italy teeters, Abenomics in action, China’s golden iPhone fever

10/1/2013 - Here’s evidence that markets don’t value brands right

10/1/2013 - As the US government shuts down, China officially celebrates unity

10/1/2013 - Italy’s government is on the brink of collapse—so what else is new?

10/1/2013 - China’s first-ever tourism law—designed mostly to protect Chinese travelers—is now in effect

10/1/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—US shutdown, Abe’s tax plan, Peru’s dirty gold, China’s gold stickers

10/1/2013 - Quartz Daily Brief—US shutdown, Abe’s tax plan, Peru’s dirty gold, China’s gold stickers