2/29/2016 - Chris Rock’s Oscars made a powerful point about racism–until it threw Asians under the bus

2/29/2016 - US Super Tuesday voting, Argentina’s debt deal, Google’s self-driving car crash

2/29/2016 - One of Google’s self-driving cars is partly to blame for a fender bender in California

2/29/2016 - Here’s how much the different ‘Amazons of’ have raised

2/29/2016 - Everyone is lowering their expectations for what it will take to declare an oil comeback

2/29/2016 - The case that elicited Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas’ first questions in 10 years

2/29/2016 - A brief history of Donald Trump and the white supremacists who love him

2/29/2016 - Target just snagged a high-level Amazon logistics guru

2/29/2016 - You can control the lights in this nightclub by dancing

2/29/2016 - ‘You’re a real sweetheart’: The surprisingly human ways people respond to an AI assistant

2/29/2016 - Facebook’s new “Reactions” emoji expose the lies we tell about ourselves online

2/29/2016 - China just announced one of the largest single layoffs in history

2/29/2016 - Airbnb and Uber are the next frontier in the struggle between capital and labor

2/29/2016 - One of the Democratic Party’s rising stars just quit her job to endorse Bernie Sanders

2/29/2016 - You can now 3D print one of the world’s lightest materials

2/29/2016 - You can finally get your hands on Microsoft’s HoloLens—for a hefty price

2/29/2016 - Real life is for March: How to take risks on Leap Day (and year-round)

2/29/2016 - Watch John Oliver urge America to #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain

2/29/2016 - Photos: London is faking a bloody subway disaster for Europe’s largest-ever training exercise

2/29/2016 - Pledging “humility and respect,” Starbucks is going to open its first store in Italy

2/29/2016 - Warren Buffett pledges $1 million a year to employees who correctly predict the Sweet 16 in March Madness

2/29/2016 - Hong Kong’s last missing bookseller just reappeared to say he’s giving up his UK citizenship

2/29/2016 - These companies are the worst at paying their bills on time

2/29/2016 - A former CIA analyst explains how tech companies can help fight terrorism

2/29/2016 - The “super chill” reason SpaceX keeps aborting launches

2/29/2016 - Tech workers are increasingly looking to leave Silicon Valley

2/29/2016 - Oil is so cheap that even petrostates don’t think fuel subsidies make much sense anymore

2/29/2016 - Corporate attempts to quantify empathy show just how little companies value it

2/29/2016 - Scott Kelly is returning from a year of experiments—and pranks—in space

2/29/2016 - There’s an elite literary magazine for broken-hearted doctors

2/29/2016 - A seed-stage investor explains what he looks for when gauging startup potential

2/29/2016 - Gap’s biggest problem in one grim chart

2/29/2016 - Why does the US back two opposing rebel groups in Syria?

2/29/2016 - The world’s fastest growing major economy has promised to prioritise spending on the poor

2/29/2016 - New gun laws on US college campuses are great news for potential sexual predators

2/29/2016 - What to say when a job interviewer asks “any questions for me?”

2/29/2016 - Exactly which era is Donald Trump referring to with “make America great again”?

2/29/2016 - Perseverance is the single most valuable skill a person can have

2/29/2016 - Milan may become the biggest city yet to pay people to bike to work instead of taking cars

2/29/2016 - Apple CEO Tim Cook can probably defy the US government all he wants and not go to jail

2/29/2016 - This economics mind trick can improve your motivation

2/29/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Leap year proposals, Leo wins an Oscar, Starbucks launching in Italy

2/29/2016 - Leap year proposals, Leo wins an Oscar, Starbucks launching in Italy

2/29/2016 - Designing a hospital like a village could solve one of Africa’s biggest health problems

2/29/2016 - This clever device can analyze the chemistry of your tears to help stop contact-lens infections

2/29/2016 - Can you guess the banks behind these brutal earnings charts?

2/29/2016 - Why Nigeria saw a decline in the number and value of M&A deals in 2015

2/29/2016 - South Africa just opened the continent’s first solar-powered airport

2/29/2016 - India and Pakistan just got their share of the Oscar pie

2/29/2016 - Hong Kong’s missing booksellers confessed to selling banned books in China

2/29/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Iran’s reformist election, Leo wins an Oscar, teleportation readiness

2/29/2016 - Iran’s reformist election, Leo wins an Oscar, teleportation readiness

2/29/2016 - There is only so much Arun Jaitley’s budget can do to fix the rot in India’s banking system

2/29/2016 - An MIT physicist analyzes Stephen Curry’s “impossible” game-winning three-point shot

2/29/2016 - India’s growth story is good, but Narendra Modi needs to act now to make it great

2/28/2016 - If Indian entrepreneurs could send one tweet to Arun Jaitley ahead of the budget…

2/28/2016 - Chris Rock’s #AskHerMore joke shows the inanity of politicizing the red carpet

2/28/2016 - Chris Rock calls out the absurdity of gender categories at the Oscars

2/28/2016 - Watch Chris Rock’s uncomfortably hilarious monologue about #OscarsSoWhite

2/28/2016 - These are the 20 countries about to grow bigger than a shrinking Japan

2/28/2016 - Leap Day proposals, Swiss side with immigrants, Sanders’ lasting legacy

2/28/2016 - Swiss voters have rejected a proposal to vigorously expel foreigners who commit crimes

2/28/2016 - It’s good to be German: The world’s most powerful passports

2/28/2016 - How better signs can help New York’s Met museum fix its vague admissions policy

2/28/2016 - Some of the world’s most infamous racists are endorsing Donald Trump

2/28/2016 - Silicon Valley is broken and heading for social unrest, argues media theorist

2/28/2016 - No one will make you do the things you love–so here’s how to make yourself

2/28/2016 - Lesson from the NFL: What you know matters more than who you know

2/28/2016 - Why are celebrity perfume commercials so incredibly awful?

2/28/2016 - With Disney’s new demand-based pricing, longer lines mean higher ticket prices

2/28/2016 - Bernie Sanders lost in a landslide in South Carolina—but his efforts may still not be in vain

2/28/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s political privilege problem

2/28/2016 - How leap year babies celebrate their birthdays

2/28/2016 - Whatever you were about to say, stop and say “Thank You” instead

2/28/2016 - Why people don’t give up on unfulfilling, dead-end jobs

2/28/2016 - How to watch the Oscars in the US and around the world

2/28/2016 - Watching the Oscars reminds me why I now leave acting to the professionals

2/28/2016 - To learn facial cues, babies need exposure to faces and races beyond their parents

2/28/2016 - Create the perfect playlist for productive work

2/28/2016 - Maths and science are the keys to unlocking Africa’s potential

2/27/2016 - Hillary Clinton wins huge in South Carolina, with nearly 75% of the vote

2/27/2016 - The UK is hiring kids out of high school to judge asylum claims

2/27/2016 - An Instagram photographer’s rules for wielding your phone camera like a pro

2/27/2016 - The author behind “The Revenant” is an international trade expert and diplomat

2/27/2016 - The GOP is desperate to stop Trump, no matter what voters say

2/27/2016 - In their quest for justice, true crime shows have forgotten the original victims

2/27/2016 - Humans are replacing robots on Mercedes’ production line

2/27/2016 - The Apple-FBI showdown is about something more basic than software and laws

2/27/2016 - Here’s how to know whether your hoverboard could explode

2/27/2016 - Periscope’s lead designer explains the painstaking labor behind its fluttering hearts

2/27/2016 - Warren Buffett’s apocalyptic warning: “Innovation has its dark side”

2/27/2016 - This is why you can’t stop watching lip sync battles

2/27/2016 - A Hollywood legend gave the best retort to ageism

2/27/2016 - Rio’s tourist industry could be shaken by new CDC warning to pregnant women

2/27/2016 - For sale: 80 homes, fire station, swimming pool, and sports center. Price: $1 million

2/27/2016 - We choose spouses who are like us, right down to our psychiatric conditions

2/27/2016 - All the fun things that happen to your brain when you’re pregnant

2/27/2016 - We live in a future where our attention is cheaply sold

2/27/2016 - The biggest problem with CEO bonuses isn’t the obscene pay

2/27/2016 - Weekend edition—Apple and the FBI, cashless Somalia, why Brits say sorry

2/27/2016 - Before Polish workers knocked down a building for Trump Tower, they were refugees

2/27/2016 - Is it constitutional for Obama—or any president—to nominate himself to the Supreme Court?

2/27/2016 - These companies are figuring out how to reduce the toxins in electronics

2/27/2016 - Weekend edition—Apple and the FBI, cashless Somalia, why Brits say sorry

2/26/2016 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Apple and the FBI, cashless Somalia, why Brits say sorry

2/26/2016 - Weekend edition—Apple and the FBI, cashless Somalia, why Brits say sorry

2/26/2016 - Interactive: A decade of natural disasters

2/26/2016 - Qatar shut down Al Jazeera America and the staff responded with the best office cake ever

2/26/2016 - When the telcos wouldn’t do it, this game developer built its own internet to give players faster speeds

2/26/2016 - It’s time to vote on the year’s strangest book titles

2/26/2016 - The FBI director says the Apple case will be ‘instructive’ to other courts, but won’t set a precedent

2/26/2016 - RIP Mailbox, or: Founders, how to stop worrying and love being acquired

2/26/2016 - Of course Christie endorsed Trump: They are basically the same person

2/26/2016 - Donald Trump’s fans may be influenced an evolutionary strategy called “prestige bias”

2/26/2016 - Gold prices are at their highest in a year, but Deutsche Bank still says “buy”

2/26/2016 - Banana Republic made a blazer with armholes too small for an ‘average’ woman to get into

2/26/2016 - These data show where air pollution is killing people

2/26/2016 - Here’s the best job to say you have if you’re on Tinder

2/26/2016 - Newly released files paint an intimate portrait of civil rights icon Rosa Parks

2/26/2016 - Recorded music is in trouble, but live concerts are making more money than ever

2/26/2016 - Antonin Scalia’s death just cost Dow Chemical $835 million

2/26/2016 - We asked scholars to fact check three of Donald Trump’s key quotes from the GOP debate

2/26/2016 - Whom Oscar winners thank the most, in charts

2/26/2016 - Global trade contracted more in 2015 than any year since the financial crisis

2/26/2016 - After years of intensive analysis, Google found the key to good teamwork is being nice

2/26/2016 - Not getting any younger: Japan has lost a million people in just five years

2/26/2016 - Explore the world like a fish with the best underwater photos of the year

2/26/2016 - Apple has narrowly avoided an X-rated design mishap

2/26/2016 - Ask yourself, “If not you, then who?”: Advice to girls from NASA’s top female engineers

2/26/2016 - Video: A gorilla chases astronauts around the International Space Station

2/26/2016 - This is why it’s taking so excruciatingly long to get more women on boards

2/26/2016 - To save the Oscars, dismantle the Academy and rebuild it from scratch

2/26/2016 - What’s the deal with Trump University—and why is Trump getting sued by his students?

2/26/2016 - Art and technology make each other better—so why do we make ourselves choose?

2/26/2016 - In these US cities, women in tech are paid more than men

2/26/2016 - Do you remember when the skiers wearing helmets were the weird ones?

2/26/2016 - Prada’s handbag business is the star of the brand’s latest runway show

2/26/2016 - Women are more altruistic than men—if they don’t have time to think about it first

2/26/2016 - Donald Trump is not a joke: A warning to Americans from an Italian who survived Berlusconi

2/26/2016 - The cure to a creative block is making something you’ll never show anyone else

2/26/2016 - JC Penney’s turnaround plan includes selling clothes for actual pennies

2/26/2016 - Inside the $232,000 Oscar “gift bag” that requires multiple suitcases to deliver

2/26/2016 - Why it wouldn’t be so weird if Apple released a phone called the iPhone 5se

2/26/2016 - Meat-drenched Arby’s trolls vegetarians with a menu that actually looks awesome

2/26/2016 - Brides are so scarce in China, some men are even considering divorced women, state media says

2/26/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Warren Buffett’s annual letter, FIFA election, Apple hires “Snowden app” developer

2/26/2016 - Warren Buffett’s annual letter, FIFA election, Apple hires “Snowden app” developer

2/26/2016 - Discussing the news like we discuss the weather, and other German habits

2/26/2016 - China’s Communist Party officials have been ordered to read this Mao essay on leadership

2/26/2016 - Six takeaways from the Indian government’s own economic report card

2/26/2016 - To make India “skilled”, Modi needs to first set primary schools right

2/26/2016 - Being a good parent will physiologically destroy you, new research confirms

2/26/2016 - Instead of whining about the budget, Indian businesses should help themselves

2/26/2016 - Nigeria’s national soccer team coach just quit his job—on Twitter

2/26/2016 - Budget 2016: What is my take-home salary?

2/26/2016 - The Foxconn-Sharp fallout isn’t just about money—it’s about Japan’s national pride

2/26/2016 - What will Arun Jaitley choose this budget: Fiscal prudence or economic growth?

2/26/2016 - More phones, few banks and years of instability are transforming Somalia to a cashless society

2/26/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Iran and FIFA elections, Rubio attacks Trump, video-shamed litterbugs

2/26/2016 - Iran and FIFA elections, Rubio attacks Trump, video-shamed litterbugs

2/26/2016 - Telemundo’s anchor calls out Trump, Cruz, and Rubio on Latino issues during the GOP debate

2/26/2016 - For a moment, Donald Trump was the most compassionate candidate in tonight’s debate

2/26/2016 - Africa’s economic slowdown is not deterring investors

2/25/2016 - Marco Rubio says the Republican party—89% white—is “the party of diversity”

2/25/2016 - A gunman killed three and injured over a dozen in America’s latest mass shooting

2/25/2016 - Tourists in Colorado are showing up in the ER because they apparently don’t know how to handle their weed

2/25/2016 - A Texas university dean is leaving over the state’s new law allowing guns in classrooms

2/25/2016 - Iran and FIFA elections, Apple fights back, Korean hologram protesters

2/25/2016 - Oh, snap: Apple’s latest motion turns the US government’s own security record against it

2/25/2016 - Apple claims that forcing it to unlock an iPhone violates the First Amendment

2/25/2016 - No matter how you slice it, Trump has a big lead

2/25/2016 - New York’s new plan to cap Uber’s pricing could be a big win for Uber

2/25/2016 - Male infertility could one day end thanks to a scientific breakthrough in mice

2/25/2016 - Lands’ End pulls Gloria Steinem from its catalog and apologizes for endorsing her feminist views

2/25/2016 - Facebook workers are defacing “Black Lives Matter” slogans—and Zuckerberg is furious

2/25/2016 - Donald Trump polls dead last with US Latinos

2/25/2016 - Researchers think Zika may be linked to more fatal birth defects

2/25/2016 - The great customer service you got after the recession? It was a blip.

2/25/2016 - For this year’s Oscars speeches, thank you’s will be moved to a ticker along the bottom of your screen

2/25/2016 - Researchers say they’ve found a way to start fixing educational inequality

2/25/2016 - The US’s dirtiest organizations include HBO, Amnesty, and the Justice Department, says this anti-porn group

2/25/2016 - The US has finally banned imported goods made by slaves and children

2/25/2016 - Mexico City officials are shaming litterbugs and parking hogs on Periscope, and people love it

2/25/2016 - The Afghan boy whose plastic bag Messi jersey went viral now has the real thing

2/25/2016 - The Supreme Court’s lifetime appointments are ineffective—and borderline autocratic

2/25/2016 - The last book by the late Umberto Eco will hit bookstores early

2/25/2016 - “To Mark and Jack”: ISIL threatens Facebook’s Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Dorsey in a new video

2/25/2016 - One of the biggest US publishers will dedicate a line of children’s books to the Muslim experience

2/25/2016 - The employees defrauding their companies are increasingly senior

2/25/2016 - To be more like us, Facebook’s AI is reading itself classic children’s books

2/25/2016 - Delinquencies on peer-to-peer loans are rising

2/25/2016 - A detergent commercial makes a simple, powerful point about inequality

2/25/2016 - Australia is about to start a major discussion on decriminalizing drugs

2/25/2016 - Muslims need a new definition of Islam in order to survive

2/25/2016 - Your mom’s favorite store is now America’s favorite store

2/25/2016 - What Africa’s fight against HIV can teach Latin America about Zika

2/25/2016 - Donald Trump doesn’t prove the Republican party is broken: It’s actually booming

2/25/2016 - America’s favorite fake president gets a real portrait at the Smithsonian museum

2/25/2016 - The reason you discriminate against foreign accents starts with what they do to your brain

2/25/2016 - Bookies think Donald Trump has a great chance of becoming the Republican nominee

2/25/2016 - Recognizing the unimportance of everything will help you find what matters

2/25/2016 - Suresh Prabhu, nice speech. Now, show us the money!

2/25/2016 - Even Bill and Melinda Gates’ daughters won’t have it all—and they already know it

2/25/2016 - America loves women like Hillary Clinton–as long as they’re not asking for a promotion

2/25/2016 - We know exercise reduces the risk of cancer. Now we also know how

2/25/2016 - Bernie is blaming America’s poverty crisis on Hillary—for her husband’s welfare policy

2/25/2016 - Puerto Rico’s answer to protecting everyone from the Zika virus: freeze the price of condoms

2/25/2016 - How to get stuff done when you’ve hit a wall

2/25/2016 - Baby food, TV screens and double-decker trains: Suresh Prabhu wants to make Indian Railways cool

2/25/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Tesla vs. GM, Foxconn buys Sharp?, expired-food supermarket

2/25/2016 - Tesla vs. GM, Foxconn buys Sharp?, expired-food supermarket

2/25/2016 - China minted dozens of new IPO billionaires in 2015, even as stock markets crashed

2/25/2016 - Ignoring the lessons of history, the US is considering a partition of Syria

2/25/2016 - China’s stocks just tanked again, ahead of the G20 meeting in Shanghai

2/25/2016 - Suresh Prabhu’s budget: The 163-year-old Indian Railways is now wooing startups

2/25/2016 - Does Facebook think Kashmir is a part of China?

2/25/2016 - Parents who got fired for violating China’s one-child policy want their jobs back

2/25/2016 - Why would Foxconn buy Sharp? It’s all about the iPhone

2/25/2016 - Foxconn buys Sharp, Target beats Amazon, toddler’s life sentence

2/25/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Foxconn buys Sharp, Target beats Amazon, toddler’s life sentence

2/25/2016 - After 23 years in and out of prison, Sanjay Dutt is free

2/25/2016 - Smriti Irani, are India’s Mahishasura-worshipping tribals depraved and anti-national?

2/24/2016 - Heady dreams of bullet trains are stopping Indians from enjoying world-class railways

2/24/2016 - These Google Maps glitches are the stuff of nightmares

2/24/2016 - SpaceX launch, Beijing billionaires, terrified raccoons

2/24/2016 - A new website is tracking startups’ falling valuations

2/24/2016 - More than 600 New York City hosts got kicked off Airbnb last fall for not meeting standards

2/24/2016 - Watch: A brief history of Bill Gates being funny in videos

2/24/2016 - Just months after Big Pork said it couldn’t be done, Tyson is raising up to a million pigs without antibiotics

2/24/2016 - Obama will nominate the first African-American Librarian of Congress

2/24/2016 - Target is trying to be Amazon Prime, and it’s working

2/24/2016 - Interactive: Explore how innovation emerges at the intersection of design, technology, and performance

2/24/2016 - Turner prize-winning architects explain why finishing a project doesn’t mean the work is over

2/24/2016 - NASA is putting your artwork on an asteroid, because why not

2/24/2016 - Someone is posting images of dead unicorns in the heart of Silicon Valley

2/24/2016 - This stunning image of the Milky Way offers an unprecedented look at the galaxy we all live in

2/24/2016 - The story behind one school’s solution to keep helicopter parents at bay

2/24/2016 - As the US mulls where to try El Chapo, signs are pointing to Brooklyn

2/24/2016 - Why young women reject Hillary Clinton’s brand of feminism

2/24/2016 - Southeast Asia’s infrastructure plans show that they want to redefine the value chain of the future

2/24/2016 - An African country the West has ignored could have a big impact on the global war on terror

2/24/2016 - Nigeria is close to settling its $3.9 billion fine with Africa’s largest telecoms operator

2/24/2016 - This free chat app offers secrecy and bots–and now has 100 million users

2/24/2016 - It’s official: You can finally click something other than “like” on Facebook

2/24/2016 - A new kind of “passive” Wi-Fi may power the internet of things

2/24/2016 - Imogen Heap struggled to love her newborn daughter

2/24/2016 - The US relied more on electricity from renewable sources in 1950 than today

2/24/2016 - Asking my boss for a demotion was the best career choice I ever made

2/24/2016 - Amazon will continue devouring US e-commerce

2/24/2016 - The world’s best soccer club is looking to Africa for its next superstars

2/24/2016 - The world’s first supermarket selling only expired food has opened in Denmark

2/24/2016 - Obama drops some “spoiler-free insights” on his Supreme Court justice nominee

2/24/2016 - The complete guide to faking your own business-class upgrade

2/24/2016 - Couples who meet online have marriages just as strong as those who meet in real life

2/24/2016 - A new ride-hailing app plans to beat Uber by treating its drivers better

2/24/2016 - Elon Musk’s SpaceX will attempt to pick up the pace of its launches, starting ASAP

2/24/2016 - How Melinda and Bill Gates shared school drop-off duty, and changed a community in the process

2/24/2016 - Samsung’s new phones are so boring that it’s using VR to stand out

2/24/2016 - What’s so bad about mandatory workplace socializing?

2/24/2016 - Want to quit your day job and travel the world? Learn how to terrify yourself

2/24/2016 - Using mind control to move the fingers of a robotic hand

2/24/2016 - What crisis? Moscow’s ridiculously ambitious plan to build the next Silicon Valley

2/24/2016 - The WHO botched Ebola—but it’s winning praise for handling the terrifying Zika epidemic

2/24/2016 - After a record 2015, migrants are coming to Europe three times faster this year

2/24/2016 - Sea levels are rising at their fastest rate in 28 centuries

2/24/2016 - Innovation comes from educated, hard-working immigrants—not genius dropouts

2/24/2016 - Why alumni donations to Yale and other US colleges are hitting a new low

2/24/2016 - In more than half of Mexico’s prisons, inmates have taken control

2/24/2016 - HP and Target results, Trump wins again, Frank Underwood portraits

2/24/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—HP and Target results, Trump wins again, Frank Underwood portraits

2/24/2016 - Facebook’s latest front in the war on nipples: banning historic Indonesian photos

2/24/2016 - The most useful life lessons you learn in your twenties (and beyond)

2/24/2016 - This coding school is teaching Syrian refugees to hack integration

2/24/2016 - This is why life really is better in Europe

2/24/2016 - Six charts you need to see before Suresh Prabhu presents India’s rail budget

2/24/2016 - “I love the poorly educated”—Read Donald Trump’s full Nevada victory speech

2/24/2016 - Teens do better in science when they know Einstein and Curie also struggled

2/24/2016 - Inside the new horror museum that re-enacts the Marcos regime for millennials in the Philippines

2/24/2016 - Get over valuations: Venture capitalists have some advice for Indian entrepreneurs

2/24/2016 - Bullet trains to free Wi-Fi: Suresh Prabhu’s big moves in 2015 to get railways back on track

2/24/2016 - Donald Trump won big in Nevada, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz did not

2/24/2016 - When artists brush aside attempts to rewrite Indian history

2/24/2016 - Increased Zika threat, Trump wins again, surplus lions

2/24/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Increased Zika threat, Trump wins again, surplus lions

2/24/2016 - How the death of two Ugandan mothers is helping entrench the right to health care

2/24/2016 - “India is a hub of sex too”—IIT alumnus Chetan Bhagat speaks out for JNU

2/24/2016 - Beijing sent fighter jets to a disputed island in the South China Sea

2/24/2016 - Alphabet built a new humanlike robot and then immediately bullied it

2/23/2016 - Women who wear the hijab contribute to “passive terrorism,” says a US military paper

2/23/2016 - Read Senate Republicans’ full letter refusing to consider Obama’s Supreme Court nominee

2/23/2016 - Can “Potato Sister,” a singing peasant, convince the Chinese to eat more of the lowly spud?

2/23/2016 - The Mars candy bar recall is anything but fun-sized…and it just got worse

2/23/2016 - Clinton just got the five most powerful endorsements of her campaign

2/23/2016 - Nevada’s GOP caucus, Mars candy recall, surplus Zimbabwe lions

2/23/2016 - All the times Obama has said he’s going to close Guantanamo Bay

2/23/2016 - The “generic” brand found its cool and is now giving Whole Foods a run for its money

2/23/2016 - Amazon has unlisted the memoir of a former millionaire pig farmer turned serial killer

2/23/2016 - Turns out it’s probably not your cat that’s making you crazy

2/23/2016 - American Zionists are censoring Jewish community theater

2/23/2016 - Streaming video is lagging behind TV in most measures of diversity

2/23/2016 - “Freeze” is the new “cut” in global oil markets

2/23/2016 - A system that doesn’t value black lives can never truly value Asian American lives

2/23/2016 - A Zimbabwean park denies reports that it wants to shoot its lions

2/23/2016 - If your Mac’s battery life is struggling, do this one thing to your Chrome browser

2/23/2016 - Chipotle’s lettuce shortage and the future of America’s favorite burrito chain

2/23/2016 - Interactive: The data-driven ways your city keeps you safe

2/23/2016 - Obama tries once again to shut down Guantanamo Bay—but admits “the politics are tough”

2/23/2016 - Negative interest rates are weird, but that’s not what’s wrong with the global economy

2/23/2016 - Home Depot just notched its best quarter since Superstorm Sandy

2/23/2016 - How Burundi’s activist journalists fill a news void using Facebook and Whatsapp

2/23/2016 - “Tech bros” and their sense of entitlement will be Silicon Valley’s undoing

2/23/2016 - Kevin Spacey could be your next acting coach

2/23/2016 - For many around the world, the internet simply doesn’t speak their language

2/23/2016 - Now your morning commute can be narrated by the voice of God (Morgan Freeman)

2/23/2016 - PayPal is warming back up to tap-and-pay technology, and you have Apple to thank for it

2/23/2016 - A Brazil woman’s plastic surgery turned her into a kleptomaniac

2/23/2016 - Finally, marijuana packaging that doesn’t look like it was designed by a stoned teenager

2/23/2016 - Bill Gates pokes holes in Apple’s argument against the FBI

2/23/2016 - There’s a frustration-free Wi-Fi router that you can actually set up in less than five minutes

2/23/2016 - The future is here and it looks horrible

2/23/2016 - Netflix knows exactly how long you’ll look for something to watch before giving up

2/23/2016 - US Latinos are more educated and better off than people realize

2/23/2016 - Actors really are more emotionally unstable than the rest of us

2/23/2016 - Are interns actually useful?

2/23/2016 - Men think they need to eat meat to be manly—and it’s making them sick

2/23/2016 - The Oculus Rift isn’t out yet, but it’s already getting a run for its money from the HTC Vive

2/23/2016 - The scariest thing about the gig economy is how little we actually know about it

2/23/2016 - Amazon has quietly launched its own clothing lines, as it tries to take over fashion retail

2/23/2016 - China saw a massive shift from desktop to mobile computing in 2015

2/23/2016 - Bill Gates agrees with FBI, Houston oil speech, anti-smoking cat videos

2/23/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Bill Gates agrees with FBI, Houston oil speech, anti-smoking cat videos

2/23/2016 - Hoverboards are over—and the industry only has itself to blame

2/23/2016 - Being a native English speaker is globally useless if you can’t speak other versions of English

2/23/2016 - Some of the things that are as unlikely as the UK voting to leave the EU

2/23/2016 - A solution to one of the world’s biggest health problems could be fecal pills

2/23/2016 - All the rumors about Zika that are not true, according to the WHO

2/23/2016 - Child inventors illustrate their best ideas—and grownups help bring them to life

2/23/2016 - Neerja: Bollywood’s damsels in shining armour save a box office in distress

2/23/2016 - China’s top-grossing film of all time is about mermaids and the evils of human development

2/23/2016 - Redefining “If you got it, flaunt it” for the working Indian woman

2/23/2016 - Oil standoff, Syrian ceasefire, anti-smoking cat videos

2/23/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Oil standoff, Syrian ceasefire, anti-smoking cat videos

2/23/2016 - The sexism at Indian universities that no one is talking about

2/23/2016 - Bill Gates predicts a clean-energy breakthrough within 15 years will save the planet

2/23/2016 - Bill Gates says the world ‘can’t give India a pass’ on climate change

2/23/2016 - Bill Gates says sub-Saharan Africa has less electricity now per person than 30 years ago

2/22/2016 - China is the world’s fastest-growing arms exporter—thanks to the nations surrounding India

2/22/2016 - Hillary Clinton re-embraces the public option for health care

2/22/2016 - Can robots save the news?

2/22/2016 - This is how US senator Claire McCaskill plans to work through her treatment for breast cancer

2/22/2016 - Delhi’s water crisis, oil standoff in Houston, Mastercard selfie ID

2/22/2016 - Uber on the Kalamazoo shooter: “Overall his rating was good.”

2/22/2016 - The Yelp employee who was fired after her incendiary open letter to the CEO speaks out

2/22/2016 - There’s still plenty of room for Instagram to grow in the US

2/22/2016 - Trump’s South Carolina victory could make him unstoppable in GOP race

2/22/2016 - Amazon wants non-Prime members to pay even more for free shipping

2/22/2016 - The best judge of your ideas isn’t your boss—it’s your co-workers

2/22/2016 - The next big shift in the global oil market is underway, and it centers on India

2/22/2016 - Watch John Oliver explain why abortions are not so much of a right in a lot of America

2/22/2016 - “Damn Daniel,” the new viral meme, is generating crazy bids for these shoes on eBay

2/22/2016 - This is the script Uber is using to make anti-union phone calls to drivers in Seattle

2/22/2016 - The Obamas danced with a 106-year-old woman and it is the best thing you’ll watch today

2/22/2016 - Listen to the declassified, creepy space “music” NASA astronauts heard orbiting the far side of the moon

2/22/2016 - How NASA accidentally found a way to make buildings safer during earthquakes

2/22/2016 - Google is teaming up with phone operators to elbow its way back into messaging

2/22/2016 - The latest idea to make planes worse is to put overweight people together on benches

2/22/2016 - Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and lots of other female pop stars are trying to #FreeKesha

2/22/2016 - World leaders smile differently, depending on their country’s culture

2/22/2016 - What ancient Japanese art would look like today—in gifs

2/22/2016 - Here’s how America’s confusing and outdated rape statutes of limitations are hurting victims

2/22/2016 - A simple feature on Uber’s app could have helped prevent the Kalamazoo shootings

2/22/2016 - Here are Obama’s options if the Syria peace deal fails (and it probably will)

2/22/2016 - South Africa’s ANC says the US is trying to overthrow its government

2/22/2016 - Mexico is bypassing politicians to practice democracy by social media

2/22/2016 - How to understand Bernie Sanders’ tantalizing economic promises

2/22/2016 - Apple’s Tim Cook vs. the FBI, round two: “This case is about much more than a single phone”

2/22/2016 - Breweries are cranking out distilled spirits like it’s going out of style—and it isn’t

2/22/2016 - Your goals are overrated

2/22/2016 - What makes you laugh says a lot about who you are

2/22/2016 - British pound plunges, Facebook-Samsung VR deal, “Jeopardy” bans Canadians

2/22/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—British pound plunges, Facebook-Samsung VR deal, “Jeopardy” bans Canadians

2/22/2016 - Watch: Short videos that TED says will recharge your brain

2/22/2016 - Scientists believe coffee can help protect from liver disease

2/22/2016 - Startups are defying taboos and breathing life into France’s funeral industry

2/22/2016 - From Egypt to Indonesia, all Islamic nations must learn from Pakistan’s mistakes

2/22/2016 - An economist’s radical idea to make India less corrupt

2/22/2016 - The ugly rise of anti-LGBT sentiment in Indonesia threatens Bali tourism

2/22/2016 - What Modi? Where Modi? How much Modi?—Quora just can’t get enough of the Indian prime minister

2/22/2016 - Delhi water crisis, Brexit showdown, potato diet

2/22/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Delhi water crisis, Brexit showdown, potato diet

2/22/2016 - Firefighting with fake information: Is the Modi regime creating a new model of governance?

2/22/2016 - Industry takes a $3 billion hit as Haryana’s well-off Jats play violent caste politics

2/21/2016 - Chinese people are cutting back on salt, but they still eat a ridiculous amount

2/21/2016 - Meryl Streep’s “We’re all Africans, really” remark probably didn’t mean what you thought it did

2/21/2016 - Dehli water crisis, Brexit showdown, potato diet

2/21/2016 - The US government is playing with fire in its fight with Apple

2/21/2016 - There’s a battle going on to find out what you’re watching on Netflix

2/21/2016 - Skinny bundles are proving to be very complicated for cable companies

2/21/2016 - News publishers need to build bots to interact with their readers

2/21/2016 - Behind the scenes with Gigi, the TED service that delivers Diet Cokes, tampons, and a warning to an amorous husband

2/21/2016 - Scientists have made a ridiculously lifelike robot hand that acts a lot like our own

2/21/2016 - A new study says half of US students could be internet addicts

2/21/2016 - An emotional Jeb Bush bows out of the Republican presidential race

2/21/2016 - It’s alive! Scientists revive tiny water bears frozen for over 30 years

2/21/2016 - The Kalamazoo, Michigan shooting suspect is an Uber driver

2/21/2016 - “Live life like everyone else is going to die”: How to be a less nervous person

2/21/2016 - Photos: Meet the teenage girls on Iran’s death row

2/21/2016 - This real life Mark Watney is trying to survive for a year on nothing but potatoes

2/21/2016 - Neuroscientists have found a basis for the ‘I was just following orders’ excuse

2/21/2016 - Is Nigeria’s fairy tale rags to riches girl being exploited for her sudden fame?

2/21/2016 - “Fear sells”: How terrorism works

2/21/2016 - Some kids just really need to go to therapy

2/21/2016 - What the Pope’s fight with Donald Trump accidentally teaches us about Islam

2/20/2016 - A lucky ace helped Hillary Clinton win a precinct in Nevada

2/20/2016 - How Trump won: South Carolina voters opt for “straight talk” over everything else

2/20/2016 - Sanders may have lost Nevada, but he won over the crucial Hispanic vote

2/20/2016 - This politician just got an ill-advised Bernie Sanders tattoo

2/20/2016 - South Carolinians going to the polls love Trump’s anti-Muslim plan

2/20/2016 - A Nevada win means relief for Hillary Clinton and a tougher road for Bernie Sanders

2/20/2016 - Who is Donald Trump’s sister and why is South Carolina so interested in her?

2/20/2016 - “I can’t afford to buy groceries”: Yelp fired an employee after her scathing open letter to the CEO

2/20/2016 - “She wasn’t really a recluse”: Rare video shows a warm and friendly side to Harper Lee

2/20/2016 - How Umberto Eco’s internet prophecy came true

2/20/2016 - Jesse Owens is just the beginning: Nine black leaders who deserve their own biopics

2/20/2016 - Umberto Eco changed my life

2/20/2016 - Science finally proves that meditation helps make your body markedly less stressed

2/20/2016 - What does Britain want? Nobody really knows

2/20/2016 - People who think their willpower is unlimited do better under pressure

2/20/2016 - The Pope Francis-Donald Trump spat had more to it than meets the eye

2/20/2016 - That didn’t take long: Smartwatches have overtaken Swiss watches in global shipments

2/20/2016 - A leading oncologist recommends ways to prevent cancer in your 20s

2/20/2016 - Uber is using its US customer service reps to deliver its anti-union message

2/20/2016 - Are energy-saving settings bad for the environment?

2/20/2016 - Weekend edition—The pope and Trump, African fintech, the love of a camera

2/20/2016 - Global deforestation is decreasing—or is it?

2/20/2016 - A high-fashion Johannesburg retail space is trying to woo South Africans by setting up in a mall

2/20/2016 - Kenya is in danger of being kicked out of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

2/20/2016 - Weekend edition—The pope and Trump, African fintech, the love of a camera

2/20/2016 - China’s top stock market regulator has been dismissed

2/19/2016 - Weekend edition—The pope and Trump, African fintech, the love of a camera

2/19/2016 - Quartz Weekend Brief—The pope and Trump, African fintech, the love of a camera

2/19/2016 - Donald Trump, prolific iPhone user, calls for an Apple boycott

2/19/2016 - Donald Trump’s love of McDonald’s clearly proves that he is an American hero

2/19/2016 - Scientists say we’re in for a “global disaster” if we don’t solve water inequality

2/19/2016 - For decades, we’ve ignored the one thing that could upend unemployment

2/19/2016 - Turning off work email is one way to get employees to sleep

2/19/2016 - Photos: These amazing portraits of the world’s biggest CEOs were painted by prison inmates

2/19/2016 - Here’s how often Apple, Google, and others handed over data when the US government asked for it

2/19/2016 - Imogen Heap wants to use blockchain technology to revolutionize the music industry

2/19/2016 - NASA’s new telescope will have a view 100 times bigger than Hubble’s and could solve key mysteries of the universe

2/19/2016 - American novelist and “To Kill a Mockingbird” author Harper Lee has died at 89

2/19/2016 - Sanders and Clinton both have a long way to go in winning black voters’ trust

2/19/2016 - Yahoo is officially exploring selling itself

2/19/2016 - Why are Republican candidates vowing to spend billions on a troubled South Carolina nuclear plant?

2/19/2016 - Thousands of Indians are protesting against attacks to freedom of speech—here’s a summary of what’s happened so far

2/19/2016 - Single-use coffee pods are so wasteful, some cities are banning them

2/19/2016 - Apple’s stand against the FBI could do more harm than good

2/19/2016 - California won’t force porn stars to wear condoms—or goggles—after all

2/19/2016 - Aging addicts are among our most vulnerable populations—yet we never talk about them

2/19/2016 - This exhilarating virtual reality film is designed to make viewers more empathetic

2/19/2016 - Latin America’s economic boom left behind those who’ve been there the longest

2/19/2016 - Pope Francis’s contraception comments highlight the Catholic Church’s hypocrisy, not progress

2/19/2016 - These are the industries women believe are the best and worst for gender equality

2/19/2016 - Climate change and economic crisis are pushing the snowboard industry into a long, global sideslip

2/19/2016 - Photos: Americans snuggle up to a week’s worth of their trash, in a powerful message on waste

2/19/2016 - Virtual reality could be a solution to sexism in tech

2/19/2016 - To see where the US economy is headed, look at 1986

2/19/2016 - Bernie Sanders’s political revolution is thin on details, and his campaign is ok with that

2/19/2016 - Too much sugar may be as damaging to the brain as extreme stress or abuse

2/19/2016 - Donald Trump is saying everything a Republican is not supposed to

2/19/2016 - Miniature sea snails “fly” gracefully underwater like winged insects

2/19/2016 - Can you change someone’s politics by talking to them for five minutes?

2/19/2016 - Wearing this yellow T-shirt can land you in prison in Malaysia

2/19/2016 - Einstein’s musical talent helped propel his scientific breakthroughs

2/19/2016 - Presidential campaigning, EU deal with UK?, stronger bilingual brains

2/19/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Presidential campaigning, EU deal with UK?, stronger bilingual brains

2/19/2016 - Watch: this drone is almost impossible to crash

2/19/2016 - Drummers rejoice: There’s now a robot arm for three-handed drumming

2/19/2016 - Modi’s mega “Make in India” will bring in lots of money but not enough jobs

2/19/2016 - Apple Pay is live in China—but getting it to work for everyone is another matter

2/19/2016 - When Nehru’s rose met rabid nationalism: India’s biggest students’ protest in 25 years

2/19/2016 - How the professors of Jadavpur University kept the peace in Kolkata—at their own personal risk

2/19/2016 - Africa’s big banks are betting on fintech startups and bitcoin to beat disruption

2/19/2016 - China bans foreign media, Apple vs FBI, cyborg rats

2/19/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—China bans foreign media, Apple vs FBI, cyborg rats

2/19/2016 - Beijing is banning all foreign media from publishing online in China

2/18/2016 - Modi’s siege on JNU: Hindutva’s battle for India’s classrooms is out in the open

2/18/2016 - Talking about our new missiles is making the South China Sea unsafe, Beijing says

2/18/2016 - These striking family portraits show the lost members of Syrian refugee families

2/18/2016 - Walmart is using bananas to lure customers through its remodeled supercenter

2/18/2016 - Pope vs Trump, Niger and Uganda elections, cyborg maze runners

2/18/2016 - A secretive border-crossing scene tops the World Press Photo Awards’ best images of 2015

2/18/2016 - Marc Jacobs and other top fashion brands are designing Hillary Clinton campaign shirts

2/18/2016 - A Los Angeles hospital paid $17,000 in ransom to hackers blocking access to patient records

2/18/2016 - The FCC has moved closer to letting Americans dump their crappy cable boxes

2/18/2016 - One of China’s biggest e-commerce companies held a runway show at New York Fashion Week

2/18/2016 - Walmart maintains its US sales streak amid a major housekeeping effort

2/18/2016 - Pope Francis said Donald Trump “is not Christian” because of his anti-immigration views

2/18/2016 - An island in Nova Scotia to Americans: If Trump wins, you can move here

2/18/2016 - Pope Francis now backs birth control for women facing the Zika virus

2/18/2016 - Why is Obama skipping Scalia’s funeral?

2/18/2016 - How to protect your iPhone even if Apple lets the Feds have their way with it

2/18/2016 - The science of how to make your garlic the most garlicky

2/18/2016 - The end of the masterpiece bull market is a blessing for the art world

2/18/2016 - This website reimagines lines of code as whimsical Pokemon-like creatures

2/18/2016 - Watch: A cyborg rat could point the way to a post-AI future

2/18/2016 - Rihanna is leading Puma into a “female future”

2/18/2016 - When US universities sink in the rankings, what do they do? Raise tuition

2/18/2016 - The design world’s secret to maintaining creativity throughout your career

2/18/2016 - There’s an exercise regime that gives you not only a healthier body but also a healthier brain

2/18/2016 - Your next phone could roll up like your morning newspaper

2/18/2016 - This tiny disc can record and preserve human history for billions of years

2/18/2016 - Why is it so hard to lose weight?

2/18/2016 - The huge, hidden upside to low oil prices

2/18/2016 - Human-rights activists are collecting flash drives to smuggle into North Korea

2/18/2016 - The entire EU will have a single website for resolving irritating online shopping disputes

2/18/2016 - These five books will help you understand the future of virtual reality

2/18/2016 - Silicon Valley needs a new kind of sex education

2/18/2016 - What to do if your dog seems racist

2/18/2016 - Oil is now so cheap even pirates aren’t stealing it any more

2/18/2016 - What Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Jeremy Corbyn have in common

2/18/2016 - When learning a new language, shortcut classes and “hacks” don’t work

2/18/2016 - Once you’ve had Airbnb, you (often) don’t go back, says Goldman Sachs

2/18/2016 - Turned down for a loan, a French restaurant banned all bankers (dogs are welcome, though)

2/18/2016 - Wall Street gives out few ‘Sell’ ratings. Here’s a case where it’s outrageous it didn’t

2/18/2016 - EU’s Brexit negotiations, Obama plans Cuba trip, espresso-maker burials

2/18/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—EU’s Brexit negotiations, Obama plans Cuba trip, espresso-maker burials

2/18/2016 - Being bilingual rewires the fundamental structure of your brain

2/18/2016 - Twitter and Facebook are blocked in Uganda as the country goes to the polls

2/18/2016 - Pope Francis gave Mexicans a scolding for their country’s ills

2/18/2016 - Everything you need to know about how JNU uses taxpayers’ money, in 5 charts

2/18/2016 - South Africans are losing their faith in democracy

2/18/2016 - Italy’s coffee pot king was buried in the appliance that made him famous

2/18/2016 - These charts show the decline of investor confidence in Africa’s largest economy

2/18/2016 - Why Patiala House lawyers can get away with violence, over and over again

2/18/2016 - Apple Pay will help China’s mammoth state banks crush Alibaba offline

2/18/2016 - China’s tap water could be a major breeding ground for “superbugs”

2/18/2016 - The oil industry is using solar power in an ironic new way

2/18/2016 - Beyond Flipkart and Ola: Tiger Global now wants a share of the next viral video in India

2/18/2016 - A $4 smartphone, Apple Pay hits China, robot fairy tales

2/18/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—A $4 smartphone, Apple Pay hits China, robot fairy tales

2/18/2016 - Kenya wants to build its own version of Guantanamo

2/18/2016 - Working at an Indian startup? 2016 could be a damn good year for your wallet

2/17/2016 - Indonesia’s top Muslim council is pushing to make homosexuality illegal nationwide

2/17/2016 - For China’s upper middle class, driving for Uber is a cure for loneliness

2/17/2016 - Zika virus: The Catholic Church hasn’t learned its lesson from the HIV/AIDS crisis

2/17/2016 - Google agrees with Apple: Tech companies shouldn’t hack consumers’ devices

2/17/2016 - A bombing in Ankara, Apple Pay hits China, fairy tales for robots

2/17/2016 - An African lawyer-princess inspired designer Zac Posen to cast almost all models of color

2/17/2016 - A bombing in Turkey’s capital has killed at least 28 people

2/17/2016 - Nike just dropped Manny Pacquiao over his comments about gay people

2/17/2016 - God is quitting Twitter

2/17/2016 - Teachers have a lesson for business about how to improve their worst performers

2/17/2016 - There’s a start-up in the White House basement and its mission is to “disrupt” government

2/17/2016 - Ties in Nevada’s Democratic caucus will be decided—how else?—by drawing cards

2/17/2016 - Reading stories can make robots more sympathetic to humanity, and less likely to kill us

2/17/2016 - IBM wants to fund the next breakthrough in artificial intelligence with XPrize

2/17/2016 - Coach is now a full-fledged American fashion house

2/17/2016 - Kanye West’s exclusive album just leads music back to where it was before: rampant piracy

2/17/2016 - We’re not the only ones who can get sick when we’re stressed

2/17/2016 - Kenya’s universities are in the grip of a quality crisis

2/17/2016 - To be like American Airlines’ CEO, think like a startup and avoid business dinners

2/17/2016 - Living with your partner makes your bodies more similar—right down to the cells in them

2/17/2016 - The same behaviors that spell academic success can backfire at work

2/17/2016 - The math test: Can Hillary Clinton learn from her fatal 2008 miscalculation?

2/17/2016 - Google wants to run elections on its website

2/17/2016 - Apple is openly defying US security orders, but in China it takes a very different approach

2/17/2016 - A lesson in scale from the tiny fashion brand dressing the world’s biggest celebrities

2/17/2016 - Are entrepreneurs bad employees?

2/17/2016 - This is why the FBI can’t hack into iPhones

2/17/2016 - The complete guide to reading—and even enjoying—classic literature

2/17/2016 - Justified or just obscene? Celebrities take selfies in refugees’ blankets at a fundraiser

2/17/2016 - Apple vs. the FBI, South China Sea escalation, Instagram’s famous animals

2/17/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Apple vs. the FBI, South China Sea escalation, Instagram’s famous animals

2/17/2016 - Even US Republicans agree with Obama on this: Africa needs electricity

2/17/2016 - Health warning: Your company’s obsession with “wellness” may not be good for your career

2/17/2016 - Early birds, you’re in luck: taking exams in the morning may lead to better scores

2/17/2016 - An Indian company is launching a $4 smartphone

2/17/2016 - The UK government has been hacking for years—and now it’s legal

2/17/2016 - The latest cutting-edge innovation in self-driving technology: office chairs

2/17/2016 - Apple is refusing FBI demands to hack the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters

2/17/2016 - From Tiananmen to Rath Yatra: JNU has always been a hotbed of radical protest

2/17/2016 - Now it’s Nigeria’s authorities who want to regulate apps like Whatsapp and Facebook

2/17/2016 - India’s top court steps in to clean up toxic assets in the banking sector

2/17/2016 - South China Sea escalation, Sarkozy investigated, cockroach robots

2/17/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—South China Sea escalation, Sarkozy investigated, cockroach robots

2/17/2016 - Narendra Modi and the fine art of screwing up

2/17/2016 - China has deployed surface-to-air missiles to a disputed island in the South China Sea

2/17/2016 - In Modi’s India, there are only two sets of people: nationals and anti-nationals

2/16/2016 - A prize-winning “space archaeologist” needs your help finding looted archeological sites

2/16/2016 - Hong Kong’s popular, lucrative horror movie about Beijing has disappeared from theaters

2/16/2016 - Uber’s CEO says the company is burning $1 billion a year in China

2/16/2016 - Oil freeze fail, South China Sea spat, indestructible roach robots

2/16/2016 - Citigroup analysts think Google’s parent company should buy AIG

2/16/2016 - Amazon is suiting up to fight for India’s mobile shoppers

2/16/2016 - Spotify CEO: Without us, the music business would be dead

2/16/2016 - Why “unicorn” is the wrong model for media startups

2/16/2016 - Watch the Saudi-Russian oil freeze fizzle before your eyes

2/16/2016 - The images of Taylor Swift’s Grammys speech say even more than she did about gender inequality

2/16/2016 - iPad is poised to evolve tablets, if only Apple can figure out what tablets are supposed to be

2/16/2016 - Beware of the angry white male public intellectual

2/16/2016 - There may be a big flaw in the US government’s AI system to identify terrorists in Pakistan

2/16/2016 - Past Mitch McConnell and present Mitch McConnell don’t agree on Supreme Court appointments

2/16/2016 - China is displacing 9,000 people to make room for a humongous, alien-hunting telescope

2/16/2016 - Marco Rubio’s “morning in America” ad opens with a shot of the wrong country

2/16/2016 - The band that barely escaped the Bataclan massacre now wants everyone to carry guns

2/16/2016 - Researchers are “freezing” patients to avoid death

2/16/2016 - “LGBT is a disease, not a human right”—a growing movement in Indonesia rejects gay rights

2/16/2016 - The future of virtual reality includes exciting possibilities for education

2/16/2016 - The highly profitable, deeply adorable, and emotionally fraught world of Instagram’s famous animals

2/16/2016 - Cockroaches inspire the creation of a cool robot

2/16/2016 - The Titanic II, a faithful replica of the doomed ship, is preparing for passengers by 2018

2/16/2016 - Zimbabwe’s elephant trade with China is now a million dollar business

2/16/2016 - Au revoir, €500 bill: The euro zone is about to ditch its highest-value banknote

2/16/2016 - Norway tries a novel tactic for drug addicts—rehab instead of jail

2/16/2016 - Americans may think they’ll never, ever buy electric SUVs or pickups—but they will

2/16/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Oil output frozen, Taylor bashes Kanye, Seasonal Affective Disorder debunked

2/16/2016 - Oil output frozen, Taylor bashes Kanye, Seasonal Affective Disorder debunked

2/16/2016 - How the common fruit fly can help keep African scientists at home

2/16/2016 - Watch: Three photographers just climbed one of the world’s tallest buildings bare-handed

2/16/2016 - Switzerland’s largest political party insists on depicting foreigners as black sheep

2/16/2016 - Google’s plan to get the next billion Indians online: Bring out the Wi-Fi

2/16/2016 - This five-story slide in a Shanghai mall is terrifying

2/16/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Singapore air show, France’s carbon spat, Kanye’s fundraising

2/16/2016 - Singapore air show, France’s carbon spat, Kanye’s fundraising

2/16/2016 - Inside auditions for India’s first transgender modelling agency

2/16/2016 - Narendra Modi’s about-face on taxation might cost Vodafone billions

2/16/2016 - India’s angels: 10 investors who have backed over 400 startups

2/15/2016 - “Arnab Goswami go back!” Students react to TV coverage of JNU crisis

2/15/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Singapore air show, Supreme Court battle, Kanye’s fundraising

2/15/2016 - Singapore air show, Supreme Court battle, Kanye’s fundraising

2/15/2016 - Childhood obesity is linked to one of the healthiest foods pregnant women can eat

2/15/2016 - Period pain can be “almost as bad as a heart attack.” Why aren’t we researching how to treat it?

2/15/2016 - Fashion designer Mona Kowalska makes running a small business look really, really good

2/15/2016 - For Sanders supporters, a vote for Clinton means giving into fear

2/15/2016 - “Mark, I am publicly asking you for help”: Kanye West says he’s $53 million in debt and needs Silicon Valley’s support

2/15/2016 - This tech billionaire thinks the test of a college education is whether you can read The Economist

2/15/2016 - This 3D printer creates human muscles and tissues that could actually replace real ones

2/15/2016 - Nigerian leaders hope a Twitter campaign to buy local can save its currency

2/15/2016 - Why an Army veteran put a Muslim-American woman at the heart of his Oscar-nominated war movie

2/15/2016 - Yanis Varoufakis: Bernie Sanders’ backers aren’t voting for socialism

2/15/2016 - Your emojis should have a pan-African world view too

2/15/2016 - 2015 was a remarkably safe year for flying—with one caveat

2/15/2016 - Facebook doesn’t want you to post this beautiful 19th-century painting of a vagina

2/15/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Presidents Day holiday, HSBC chooses London, Hijab Barbie

2/15/2016 - Presidents Day holiday, HSBC chooses London, Hijab Barbie

2/15/2016 - Which 9 European Union countries generate the most renewable energy?

2/15/2016 - A Chinese gang tried to smuggle meth in thousands of gel inserts for push up bras

2/15/2016 - A new McDonald’s in South Korea will serve draft beer

2/15/2016 - What American manufacturing companies want from Modi’s Make in India

2/15/2016 - India can Make in India, but will probably never catch up with China

2/15/2016 - JNU is doing exactly what president Pranab Mukherjee asked Indians to do: rebel and complain

2/15/2016 - Civilian deaths and injuries from Afghanistan’s conflicts hit a record in 2015

2/15/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—HSBC chooses London, ASEAN in California, Play-Doh power

2/15/2016 - HSBC chooses London, ASEAN in California, Play-Doh power

2/15/2016 - India’s longest road tunnel is coming up along the dangerous Line of Control in Kashmir

2/15/2016 - China’s latest trade data are much worse than anyone expected

2/15/2016 - Hong Kong has probably lost HSBC’s headquarters for good—and Beijing is to blame

2/15/2016 - For stingy Indian taxpayers, subsidised JNU students are parasites, but IIT ones are idols

2/14/2016 - “Negative news” about Hong Kong kept mainland visitors away this Lunar New Year

2/14/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Scalia replacement, a better commute through science, California gas leak capped

2/14/2016 - Scalia replacement, a better commute through science, California gas leak capped

2/14/2016 - Amateur archaeologists are finding lost Roman roads using lasers

2/14/2016 - Hijab Barbie is Instagram’s latest style star

2/14/2016 - The website that offered 47 million pirated academic papers is back

2/14/2016 - Obama has two choices in filling the Scalia vacancy

2/14/2016 - California’s gas leak is finally capped, but the next disaster could be right around the corner

2/14/2016 - Education in America is on the cusp of a dramatic change. Will the country let it happen?

2/14/2016 - How to make the perfect pancake, according to science

2/14/2016 - The clever strategy that could stop the polarization of American politics

2/14/2016 - Toddlers can learn language without any help from their parents

2/14/2016 - Do we really use what we learn in school?

2/14/2016 - The Zika virus exposes the Catholic Church’s outdated teachings on morality

2/14/2016 - Ikea will open in Morocco after Sweden backed down on a Western Sahara spat

2/14/2016 - The leadership lessons from Leicester City’s remarkable rise in the Premier League

2/14/2016 - “Image overload” is frying our brains and making us forgetful

2/14/2016 - A women-led mosque in Denmark is eager to challenge the patriarchy

2/14/2016 - The problem with JNU: Too left for liberals, too liberal for leftists

2/14/2016 - Museveni’s ‘babies’ want change in Uganda this election, so they’re running for office

2/13/2016 - Republicans are already vowing to block any Obama Supreme Court nominee

2/13/2016 - Conservative US Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia has died at age 79

2/13/2016 - Photos: Artist Ai Weiwei has draped Berlin’s concert hall with 14,000 refugee life jackets

2/13/2016 - A Spanish official collected a paycheck but didn’t go to work for six years. Or was it 14?

2/13/2016 - Is homework stupid?

2/13/2016 - Hasbro thinks the world needs three more “Transformers” movies

2/13/2016 - Zika’s link to shrinking baby brains is scary—but we still don’t know how bad the problem is

2/13/2016 - Black female startup founders raise less funding than white male founders whose startups failed

2/13/2016 - Against all odds, Yemen is fighting water shortage by harvesting its fog

2/13/2016 - The feminist failure of “Silence of the Lambs”

2/13/2016 - Top scientists explain how enormously exciting and important gravitational waves are

2/13/2016 - Europeans are fighting for their right to pay for things with massive wads of cash

2/13/2016 - Weekend edition—Time for stimulus, why men fight, Congolese dandies

2/13/2016 - Teens have a smart reason for abandoning Facebook and Twitter

2/13/2016 - Young people in Iran are using a sophisticated crowdsourcing app to avoid the “morality police”

2/13/2016 - How much would it cost to buy one of everything on Amazon?

2/13/2016 - Science says to listen to your friends and family when choosing a Valentine

2/13/2016 - There’s one crucial life lesson on which both CEOs and marriage counselors agree

2/13/2016 - South Africa is dependent on my father’s work, and I’m terrified it will kill him

2/13/2016 - Weekend edition—Time for stimulus, why men fight, Congolese dandies

2/12/2016 - This week’s market bloodbath shows it’s time for governments to do what central banks cannot

2/12/2016 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Time for stimulus, why men fight, Congolese dandies

2/12/2016 - Weekend edition—Time for stimulus, why men fight, Congolese dandies

2/12/2016 - Hillary can’t win, because Bernie has already won his real race

2/12/2016 - Why Google search suggests “Muslims support terrorism”

2/12/2016 - Apple is reportedly producing its first original series, starring Dr. Dre

2/12/2016 - In an awkward attempt to court black voters, Clinton and Sanders bicker over who loves Obama more

2/12/2016 - Hillary and Bernie are trapped by how much ground Democrats have lost on abortion rights

2/12/2016 - The US Congress is finally working to ban these common goods made by slaves and children

2/12/2016 - Google is reportedly working on an actual virtual reality headset

2/12/2016 - Valentine’s Day is worth less to lovers the longer they’re together

2/12/2016 - This cake broke the embargo on one of the biggest scientific discoveries in years

2/12/2016 - What the diamond industry is really selling

2/12/2016 - Female coders are rated more highly than men—except when people know they’re women

2/12/2016 - Why Bernie Sanders only talks about racism as a billionaire conspiracy

2/12/2016 - South Korea’s ugly sell-off capped an awful week for Asian stocks

2/12/2016 - Sudan could spend up to 70% of its budget on several war fronts this year

2/12/2016 - Anyone can contribute to this dictionary of the world’s dying languages

2/12/2016 - To drive performance, focus on culture

2/12/2016 - “Why aren’t there miracles anymore?”: Kids around the world ask Pope Francis the tough questions

2/12/2016 - The shockingly ubiquitous way female characters are introduced in movie scripts

2/12/2016 - Singapore wants to 3D print skyscrapers

2/12/2016 - Cry: Thousands of gallons of milk are poured down the drain every year, thanks to US state laws

2/12/2016 - Celebrate Valentine’s Day medieval style: By judging other people with your friends

2/12/2016 - Brazen sexism is pushing women out of America’s atheism movement

2/12/2016 - A young photographer’s intimate look at the lifestyles of the Latin Kings

2/12/2016 - Beijing is breaking the law in Hong Kong, and its pledges to Britain, the UK says

2/12/2016 - Does the discovery of gravitational waves foretell the end of physics?

2/12/2016 - Why I love women-only parties and will be celebrating “Galentine’s Day”

2/12/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Syrian “ceasefire” agreed, the Pope in Mexico, invest in Kanye’s sneakers

2/12/2016 - Syrian “ceasefire” agreed, the Pope in Mexico, invest in Kanye’s sneakers

2/12/2016 - A compelling strategy to read more, more comprehensively, and in less time

2/12/2016 - The latest innovation in renewable energy is an army of huge, sunken turbines in Scotland’s wild seas

2/12/2016 - Are we witnessing the end of globalization?

2/12/2016 - The rise and rise of Hinglish in India

2/12/2016 - African regulators are unlikely to replicate India’s ban of Facebook’s “Free Basics”

2/12/2016 - How global corporations convinced Indians to use sanitary napkins

2/12/2016 - Indonesia is banning gay emoji to protect the nation’s children

2/12/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe & Africa edition—Syrian “ceasefire,” the Pope in Mexico, Kanye sneaker investments

2/12/2016 - Syrian “ceasefire,” the Pope in Mexico, Kanye sneaker investments

2/12/2016 - Raghuram Rajan on the chaos in India’s state-owned banks: Keep calm and carry on

2/12/2016 - Indians think Africans are “frauds and prostitutes”—so why do they still come to India to study?

2/12/2016 - Was India right in banning Facebook’s Free Basics?

2/11/2016 - The newly announced “ceasefire” in Syria is tentative and incomplete

2/11/2016 - Utah state legislators have voted to keep taxing tampons as a luxury

2/11/2016 - Einstein was right, the Pope visits Mexico, Kanye sneaker investments

2/11/2016 - A riot at a Mexican prison left 52 inmates dead and more than a dozen injured

2/11/2016 - Cinemax is now available outside the cable bundle for the first time

2/11/2016 - A teen fell off his hoverboard and allegedly killed his cousin in the process

2/11/2016 - People who’ve tried online dating admit it’s dangerous and maybe a little desperate

2/11/2016 - All you need to know about fashion is Kanye West

2/11/2016 - Oil is back below $27 because there’s still way, way too much of it

2/11/2016 - Whole Foods hasn’t ruled out “record stores” and “tattoo parlors” for its hip new millennial-focused stores

2/11/2016 - The best bosses let their top talent leave

2/11/2016 - This is what gravitational waves sound like

2/11/2016 - Who is worth more: Donald Trump or Michael Bloomberg?

2/11/2016 - The UK will finally stop writing its laws on dried calf skin

2/11/2016 - A suicide bombing left more than 50 dead at a camp for displaced people in Nigeria

2/11/2016 - Investors think Adidas should be as richly valued as Nike, for the first time in a long time

2/11/2016 - Women are inching ahead in Hollywood—well, white women anyway

2/11/2016 - In the US, a college education is far more expensive for women than for men

2/11/2016 - Nigeria’s Buhari needs to avoid telling the ‘single story’ about Nigerians abroad

2/11/2016 - Scientists just detected gravitational waves—the last big puzzle piece of Einstein’s theory of relativity

2/11/2016 - US college students are more activist than ever—meaning that most don’t care at all

2/11/2016 - NASA’s dreamy new space posters recall the golden age of air travel

2/11/2016 - Something is ailing New York hotels, but it might not be Airbnb

2/11/2016 - Dumplings and fortune cookies: Your emoji are about to get even more diverse

2/11/2016 - The grown-up ’90s kids who never left Disney behind

2/11/2016 - Fitbit is partnering with one of New York’s hottest fashion brands in hopes of finally looking cool

2/11/2016 - A new study confirms that spending $1 on childhood vaccines can save $44 in future savings, in poor countries

2/11/2016 - These are the 10 biggest landowners in the United States

2/11/2016 - When we say “the mentally ill,” we become part of the problem

2/11/2016 - The best medicine for your illness might just be a placebo

2/11/2016 - Extroverts may be key to a startup’s success

2/11/2016 - It’s here: Quartz’s first news app for iPhone

2/11/2016 - The Fed is making a huge mistake

2/11/2016 - Tea kettles, slippers, congee: US hotels are wooing the Chinese tourist class

2/11/2016 - Why men fight: An empirical investigation of the extremes of masculinity

2/11/2016 - How AIG became Africa’s first billion-dollar e-commerce giant after overhauling its management

2/11/2016 - Flights between London and New York are getting longer, thanks to climate change

2/11/2016 - Kanye West is the new gold, or why you should invest in his sneakers

2/11/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Einstein’s gravitational waves, stocks keep falling, Colorado’s marijuana mega-bucks

2/11/2016 - Photos: The Art Institute of Chicago has perfectly recreated Van Gogh’s bedroom, and it’s for rent on Airbnb

2/11/2016 - Quarterly profits at India’s biggest bank have fallen by a jaw-dropping 62%

2/11/2016 - China’s coming crash could dwarf the great recession—says an investor who called 2008

2/11/2016 - The Game of Thrones in the South China Sea may have a new player: India

2/11/2016 - British Airways’ female flight attendants have found a clever way to skirt a ban on trousers

2/11/2016 - The world’s busiest train station is getting its own navigational app

2/11/2016 - Can Narendra Modi justify his newfound love for Pakistan after David Headley’s confessions?

2/11/2016 - What do the British Raj and Facebook Free Basics have in common? A lot, actually

2/11/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Twitter goes splat, Tesla charms, China’s soccer domination

2/11/2016 - Indian banks are finally wooing startups—but where’s the money?

2/10/2016 - Elon Musk says the Tesla Model X is the best car ever made—unless you prefer the Model S

2/10/2016 - “The internet was not anticipated”: an alliance of world-famous authors are mad at Google

2/10/2016 - Chinese companies are betting on boring apps to expand abroad

2/10/2016 - Le Bataclan, the Paris club attacked by terrorists on Nov. 13, plans to reopen this year

2/10/2016 - Donald Trump still wants to build a wall, and now he has a cost estimate for Mexico

2/10/2016 - Whole Foods has discovered that people like lower prices

2/10/2016 - Twitter only lost half a billion dollars last year

2/10/2016 - Tesla expects to be profitable by the end of 2016, and Wall Street is psyched

2/10/2016 - Twitter now has a problem that’s way worse than slow user growth

2/10/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Twitter goes splat, Yellen’s sweet talk, China raids Brazil

2/10/2016 - HBO Now has just 800,000 subscribers—but it could really take off this year

2/10/2016 - Pope Francis ditches WhatsApp and is guiding young Catholics through Lent on the Telegram app

2/10/2016 - Kanye West’s music sounds like that because he’s Kanye West

2/10/2016 - If you like Bernie Sanders, you’ll love this other longtime progressive

2/10/2016 - The new math section of the SAT doesn’t just test students’ knowledge of math

2/10/2016 - This simple thermometer could be a powerful weapon against disease outbreaks

2/10/2016 - This is what a Donald Trump presidency would actually look like

2/10/2016 - Hang on, actually, there will be an eighth Harry Potter book

2/10/2016 - Hillary’s next move to bounce back against Bernie Sanders is to focus on race

2/10/2016 - Egypt’s presidential motorcade drove on a two-mile red carpet en route to open homes for the poor

2/10/2016 - “Life is stronger than death”: Syrian newlyweds stage a photo shoot in one of the country’s most ravaged cities

2/10/2016 - “To Kill a Mockingbird” is coming to Broadway

2/10/2016 - The global rankings of gender parity don’t look good for the US

2/10/2016 - Burberry is suing J.C. Penney for “inferior quality” knockoffs of its famous check pattern

2/10/2016 - The intriguing science behind kissing

2/10/2016 - Five ways China’s overseas investments are impacting African forests

2/10/2016 - Amazon may never win the book market in Germany, thanks to a century-old agreement

2/10/2016 - Video: The making of a brand-new font, from a renowned typeface designer

2/10/2016 - Photos: The world’s largest concentrated solar power plant opens in the Moroccan desert

2/10/2016 - Flipkart’s top brass unravels: Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori quit

2/10/2016 - The US government now considers Google’s self-driving cars to be legal drivers

2/10/2016 - The CMV virus causes microcephaly in babies, and it’s much more widespread than Zika

2/10/2016 - The “Happy Birthday” song is finally about to enter the public domain

2/10/2016 - Flint’s undocumented immigrants are having trouble accessing clean water

2/10/2016 - Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and all the other politicians who gave victory speeches after losing an election

2/10/2016 - Is there a digital solution to unstructured, creativity-enhancing play?

2/10/2016 - The strange poetry of searching for romance online

2/10/2016 - A quick rundown of everything we know (and often forget) about the economy

2/10/2016 - Slack sent four black female engineers to accept an award and make a statement on diversity

2/10/2016 - The year 2040 is looking very scary for the world’s richest countries

2/10/2016 - US professors aren’t getting any more accepting of online learning—but students definitely are

2/10/2016 - The simple rule at the heart of finance is being broken

2/10/2016 - Fox News is too mainstream for America’s new conservative movement

2/10/2016 - Not even Disney knows what’s going on with ESPN right now

2/10/2016 - What Yelp data reveal about the sudden rise of vape shops in America

2/10/2016 - Don’t rush yourself: The 10 worst ways to achieve success

2/10/2016 - “Immigrants and poor people” were not the cause of the financial crisis

2/10/2016 - Sweden: The snow-white slate onto which US presidential candidates project their fantasies

2/10/2016 - Legal marijuana is now a billion-dollar industry in Colorado

2/10/2016 - What investors want to hear from Jack Dorsey when Twitter reports its earnings today

2/10/2016 - These are all the places you can get Apple Music—but not Spotify

2/10/2016 - More than $110 billion left China last month—and that was an improvement

2/10/2016 - Germans buy everything with cash, and the government thinks that’s a problem

2/10/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Sanders and Trump win, Zika in China, Beyoncé boosts Red Lobster sales

2/10/2016 - Australia is about to legalize growing marijuana nationwide

2/10/2016 - How to act on the job if you actually want to keep it

2/10/2016 - Online shoppers prove skeptics wrong by increasingly buying luxury goods via their tiny mobile screens

2/10/2016 - Sighing is actually necessary for your survival

2/10/2016 - These designers use human hair instead of wood to create objects

2/10/2016 - Facebook board member Marc Andreessen: Indians should’ve embraced Free Basics—and colonialism

2/10/2016 - To accurately understand India’s economy right now, don’t look at the GDP

2/10/2016 - Could a meteorite really have killed a bus driver in India?

2/10/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—New Hampshire results, Zika in China, assault with alligator

2/10/2016 - Uganda’s youth are choosing peace hashtags over violence as elections loom

2/10/2016 - Why on earth is TERI’s star-studded governing council still backing Rajendra Pachauri?

2/9/2016 - North Korea could build another nuclear bomb within “weeks to months”

2/9/2016 - Swarms of Chinese tourists make it tough for the Japanese to vacation at home

2/9/2016 - Sanders wins in New Hampshire, planting the flag for a fifty-state battle for the Democratic party

2/9/2016 - This is really happening: Donald Trump easily wins the New Hampshire primary

2/9/2016 - The gendered ways the media talk about Hillary Clinton, charted

2/9/2016 - Zenefits is learning the lesson of skirting the law to “disrupt” an industry

2/9/2016 - Over 8 billion “red envelopes” were sent over WeChat during Chinese New Year

2/9/2016 - For Apple Pay, the future is apps

2/9/2016 - Pirates can now stream movies extremely easily, thanks to a new browser plugin

2/9/2016 - Mexican oil giant Pemex has a new CEO—and the same old problems

2/9/2016 - Snapchat is willing to experiment with just about anything to make money

2/9/2016 - An AI-powered Super Mario and Luigi can now learn from each other to beat their own game

2/9/2016 - Google wants to deliver packages from self-driving trucks

2/9/2016 - Red Lobster sales jumped 30% thanks to a Beyoncé lyric about eating there after sex

2/9/2016 - The single most important thing an economics course can teach you

2/9/2016 - Jerry Lewis has broken a 40-year silence about his “disaster” of a Holocaust movie

2/9/2016 - Marco “Robo” Rubio’s latest glitchy gaffe tops his last

2/9/2016 - Kids with step-siblings are more aggressive, research says

2/9/2016 - How American tipping grew out of racism

2/9/2016 - These 14 private startups now have higher valuations than Twitter

2/9/2016 - Democratic primary in-fighting threatens to undo eight years of progress

2/9/2016 - Even pro wrestling is not immune from sport’s concussion crisis

2/9/2016 - A new costume theme at Carnival in Brazil this year: the Zika virus

2/9/2016 - There’s a movement underway to update the universal symbol for disability access

2/9/2016 - Mystery solved? How Quartz readers explain the relatively smaller income gaps of the US Midwest

2/9/2016 - Kenya’s government is defending Uber against Nairobi’s taxi drivers

2/9/2016 - Ask Emily: Should I chase my dreams, or live like a boss?

2/9/2016 - English soccer fans pay the most in Europe for ticket prices—now they’ve had enough

2/9/2016 - Today is the New Hampshire primary—but what’s the point?

2/9/2016 - A DIY guide to growing your career from Northwestern’s school of management

2/9/2016 - The first step to being a superboss is a good dose of empathy

2/9/2016 - When I’m on my last nerve on the subway, I think about rowing

2/9/2016 - Experts: There really is no safe way to get a tan

2/9/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Global stock fears, New Hampshire primary, the German Thomas Edison

2/9/2016 - Talk so people listen, listen so people talk: Key strategies for better communication

2/9/2016 - Japan’s stock market just had its worst day since 2013

2/9/2016 - You already suspect that luxury bottled air is a bogus idea—and these scientists confirm it

2/9/2016 - Africa’s soccer chiefs can’t decide which Arab prince to vote as FIFA president

2/9/2016 - Harassed and tortured, why force an Indian woman to have a girl child?

2/9/2016 - China has censored artwork about Tibet—at a fair in Bangladesh

2/9/2016 - Why India’s GDP numbers need to be taken with a generous helping of salt

2/9/2016 - The lawyers, techies, and comedians who fought Facebook to keep India’s internet free and open

2/9/2016 - For Indian aviation, falling crude leads to clearer skies

2/9/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Hong Kong riot, Bloomberg for president, meteorite fatality

2/9/2016 - Hong Kong’s “fishball revolution” is about a lot more than just street food

2/8/2016 - Why TRAI backed net neutrality—and killed Facebook’s Free Basics in India

2/8/2016 - China’s crisis, Europe’s debt, and the US oil bust have become one big worldwide mess

2/8/2016 - New research on postpartum depression could change the way we talk about the “baby blues”

2/8/2016 - IBM’s Watson should run for president

2/8/2016 - Photos: The incredible meals served on Delta’s most luxurious international flights

2/8/2016 - Trump and Sanders are doing so well because they tap into the same anxiety

2/8/2016 - Watch: The biggest day in American sports is also the biggest day for movie trailers

2/8/2016 - Beyoncé’s powerful Super Bowl act was targeted and tailored specifically to black Americans

2/8/2016 - Chipotle will give you a free burrito if you text this number today

2/8/2016 - iPad Pro is not a laptop replacement, nor is the Surface 4, but one is closer…

2/8/2016 - Are women voters losing their zeal for Hillary Clinton?

2/8/2016 - The world’s best-dressed Sikh was kicked off a flight for his turban

2/8/2016 - The second-largest US natural gas producer is having some serious trouble

2/8/2016 - Video: Ben Carson’s hilarious GOP debate fumble is as good as a Saturday Night Live sketch

2/8/2016 - ‘Bern Your Enthusiasm’ was one of the best SNL sketches in years

2/8/2016 - South Africa faces another unhinged political year after Zuma’s latest about-turn

2/8/2016 - What the world googled during Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance

2/8/2016 - The massive, disembodied head of Donald Trump made a guest appearance at a German parade

2/8/2016 - A Chicago police officer is suing the family of the teenage boy he killed for $10 million

2/8/2016 - Rising CO2 in the ocean will make fish ‘intoxicated,’ scientists predict

2/8/2016 - American football’s injury crisis will be its undoing—which is great news for soccer

2/8/2016 - Small changes in your digital routine can make you smarter–and more sane

2/8/2016 - Inventive startups are changing the way New Orleans celebrates Mardi Gras

2/8/2016 - Power up the emotive engine in your workplace

2/8/2016 - Huge study finds that companies with more women leaders are more profitable

2/8/2016 - Marco “Robo” Rubio can’t stop/won’t stop repeating his line about Obama

2/8/2016 - Sorry Facebook: India has decided to remain a land of free and open internet

2/8/2016 - The man that Toyota gave $1 billion to set up a robotics lab

2/8/2016 - Scientists have created a better hand for the humanoid robots of the future

2/8/2016 - 54 million Americans have been incorrectly labeled as unhealthy

2/8/2016 - You’re not alone: Even the Obamas can’t get good Wi-Fi

2/8/2016 - Thousands of Chinese prostitutes have joined the scramble for African riches

2/8/2016 - Food, family, money: What Chinese New Year looks like on the country’s biggest social network

2/8/2016 - The best part of being freelance is working in the nude

2/8/2016 - The design that got MIT engineers the top spot at Elon Musk’s Hyperloop competition

2/8/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Taiwan earthquake, Broncos beat the Panthers, Obama hates his Wi-Fi

2/8/2016 - Malaysian police are patrolling Twitter for drawings of the prime minister as a clown

2/8/2016 - “People like him do drugs, have a high sex drive”: A Nigerian-Indian takes an auto ride in Bengaluru

2/8/2016 - Zomato is nibbling its way towards profitability—but where is the main course?

2/8/2016 - “Don’t talk about sex”: The diary of an Indian sex educator

2/8/2016 - Market cap of 23 Indian state-owned banks = Kotak Mahindra bank

2/8/2016 - A middle-aged boy band illustrates what’s wrong with Japan’s corporate culture

2/8/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Taiwan earthquake, Super Bowl 50, Johnny Cash tarantulas

2/8/2016 - Why so many IIT graduates end up doing an MBA

2/7/2016 - Empty paint cans were used as construction material in a collapsed Taiwan building

2/7/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—North Korea’s missile, Albright’s scolding, Johnny Cash tarantulas

2/7/2016 - Nairobi’s traditional openness to newcomers is making it a global cuisine hub

2/7/2016 - The science of treating depression during pregnancy

2/7/2016 - Here’s the one paranoid political fear that Donald Trump won’t—and can’t—exploit

2/7/2016 - The stirring, prescient, amazingly naive Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace, 20 years on

2/7/2016 - Super Bowl Sunday will feature another powerful anti-domestic violence PSA

2/7/2016 - Used Berkshire Hathaway annual reports are selling for up to $2,050 on eBay

2/7/2016 - How to watch Super Bowl 50 for free on all your devices

2/7/2016 - Watch: This robot learned to mix drinks by imitating humans

2/7/2016 - The most important lesson I learned about motherhood? Be more selfish

2/7/2016 - Elon Musk is thinking about building an electric airplane that takes off vertically

2/7/2016 - An aristocratic murder mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes has been resolved after 40 years

2/7/2016 - The only African running for FIFA president will not be supported by African voters

2/6/2016 - Apple is overdoing a security check by bricking people’s iPhones and iPads

2/6/2016 - There’s a new service offering unlimited flights on airlines like American, Delta, and JetBlue

2/6/2016 - Henry VIII’s erratic behavior was likely caused by an NFL-style injury, argue Yale researchers

2/6/2016 - We talked to five experts about what it would take to actually institute Universal Basic Income 

2/6/2016 - The Bay Area is donating 25% of its Super Bowl funds to local nonprofits

2/6/2016 - These architects are in the process of reshaping New York City’s skyline

2/6/2016 - Lunar new year is all about money, but that doesn’t mean it’s a shallow holiday

2/6/2016 - At the richest mall in America, Chinese New Year is as big a deal as Christmas

2/6/2016 - This e-commerce start-up has found a way to keep customers from returning products

2/6/2016 - A video game imagines how cash and capitalism could decimate New York in a biological war

2/6/2016 - The race to outsmart invasive plants before they get the best of us

2/6/2016 - Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are both wrong about the Trans-Pacific Partnership

2/6/2016 - New research finds that rom-coms may be surprisingly dangerous for women

2/6/2016 - “Surprise! I’m still alive!”: An Australian woman crashed her own funeral after her husband hired hit men to kill her

2/6/2016 - Here’s what a billion Chinese will be eating this lunar new year—and why

2/6/2016 - Martin Shkreli is no longer the one to blame for the $750-a-pill AIDS medication

2/6/2016 - What happens when you add zombies to Jane Austen? Lots of biting, little substance

2/6/2016 - More people use Facebook in Nigeria than anywhere else in Africa

2/6/2016 - Amazon Echo is a sleeper hit, and the rest of America is about to find out about it for the first time

2/6/2016 - Colleges can save America–community colleges, that is

2/6/2016 - Now it’s Cairo taxi drivers’ turn to say they’re fed up with Uber

2/6/2016 - A Lord of the Rings-inspired space opera wants to connect you with African mythology

2/5/2016 - Weekend edition—Lunar new year, Hitler’s design taste, head scarves

2/5/2016 - Multiple buildings have collapsed in Taiwan after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake

2/5/2016 - Music streaming is forcing record labels to try playing nice with artists

2/5/2016 - For lunar new year, Asians are flocking to the bank for luck

2/5/2016 - When life gave Chipotle lemons, it put them behind the counter

2/5/2016 - LinkedIn shares are having their worst day ever

2/5/2016 - Burberry is radically upending the way fashion collections are shown and sold

2/5/2016 - There’s no easy way to tell if Zika is transmitted sexually

2/5/2016 - The worst El Niño in years is triggering acute food shortages in Zimbabwe

2/5/2016 - An adorably earnest safety lab is going to start certifiying hoverboards

2/5/2016 - Here is every Super Bowl ad that we know will run on Sunday

2/5/2016 - Say what you will about her sons, but Barbara Bush is a spitfire

2/5/2016 - Bernie Sanders’ refusal to reveal his economic advisers is an ominous sign

2/5/2016 - It’s easier for North Americans to travel within Africa than Africans themselves

2/5/2016 - Only 1% of crimes are punished in Mexico

2/5/2016 - The CDC did a bad job of telling women the risks of alcohol and pregnancy

2/5/2016 - The New Jersey-raised, bow tie-loving president of Estonia gave the best speech on the refugee crisis

2/5/2016 - A robot just sunk a hole-in-one on the PGA Tour

2/5/2016 - The iPhone 7 might have a camera with two lenses—here’s why that’s a great idea

2/5/2016 - Unicef: 98% of women in Somalia have undergone female genital mutilation

2/5/2016 - Another Super Bowl tradition: a surge in private jet travel

2/5/2016 - A Michelin-starred chef is leaving Copenhagen’s Noma to revolutionize American school lunches

2/5/2016 - Highs and lows of the American economy, as told through Super Bowl ads

2/5/2016 - We’re live-charting the US jobs report for January

2/5/2016 - Five new ways we could use credit cards in the future

2/5/2016 - Iranian imams are showing their fun side on Instagram

2/5/2016 - Easy access to guns helped me commit murder. I’ve changed, but the loopholes remain

2/5/2016 - When football players get better gear, their injuries just seem to get worse

2/5/2016 - Predicting the future for a living taught me we have to look backwards to look forward

2/5/2016 - Before Americans could land on the moon the Soviet Union had to crash land there

2/5/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Super Bowl 50, Clinton took on Sanders, Parmesan-backed bonds

2/5/2016 - This tiny Japanese bookstore only stocks one title at a time

2/5/2016 - If Ratan Tata was a 26-year-old entrepreneur…

2/5/2016 - Video: Now you can summon a Tesla using your Apple Watch

2/5/2016 - Another prominent Chinese official has been sacked as Xi Jinping tightens his grip on power

2/5/2016 - Germany is raising wages, and so should the US

2/5/2016 - This solar innovation by a Swedish artist uses surprisingly simple technology to save lives

2/5/2016 - India’s GDP numbers are so dodgy that even the central bank has doubts about them

2/5/2016 - Indian YouTubers are making videos about Tinder like nobody’s business

2/5/2016 - Raghuram Rajan wants MNCs in India to stop whining—and smaller firms to ramp up

2/5/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Obama’s oil tax, LinkedIn sinks, Parmesan cheese bonds

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2/4/2016 - An international pro-rape meet-up was cancelled due to safety concerns—for men

2/4/2016 - What the TPP means for a small fuzzy fruit sold in Japanese grocery stores

2/4/2016 - As China’s economy unravels, Beijing’s attempts at damage control are growing increasingly desperate

2/4/2016 - LinkedIn is getting absolutely pummeled because of a lousy outlook—again

2/4/2016 - Obama wants to tax oil companies $10 a barrel to pay for investments in clean transportation

2/4/2016 - Bernie Sanders’ progressive message is being undermined by some of his loudest supporters

2/4/2016 - If you thought Jeb Bush looked awkward on TV, you should see his desperation in New Hampshire

2/4/2016 - In its quest to keep interest rates afloat, the Federal Reserve is sailing into the wind

2/4/2016 - The historical, indigenous, and contemporary are all blended in Singapore’s design movement

2/4/2016 - Scientists say the ways humans describe nature transcends culture and geography

2/4/2016 - Southeast Asian youth want to show their parents that they’ve got skills

2/4/2016 - The final resting place of Charles Darwin and Queen Elizabeth I will soon be a fashion runway

2/4/2016 - “Pharma bro” Martin Shkreli pleads the Fifth before Congress but has plenty of snark on Twitter

2/4/2016 - This NASA spacecraft will set sail propelled entirely by sunlight

2/4/2016 - The twisted logic of Marco Rubio’s attack on Obama’s mosque visit

2/4/2016 - SwiftKey’s co-founder sold his shares for a bicycle—and missed out on a share of $250 million

2/4/2016 - Facebook says its 1.59 billion users are connected by way less than six degrees of separation

2/4/2016 - McDonald’s all-day breakfast is working so well that it may be eating Dunkin Donuts’ lunch

2/4/2016 - Perfectionism in the workplace doesn’t have to be toxic

2/4/2016 - The US military will pay for soldiers to freeze their eggs and sperm

2/4/2016 - Goldman Sachs just gave Bernie Sanders the best inadvertent endorsement ever

2/4/2016 - Playboy’s web traffic went through the roof when it dropped the nudity

2/4/2016 - My family of four uses Slack and now we can’t imagine life without it

2/4/2016 - An innovative suitcase lab used to fight Ebola could help us untangle the Zika epidemic

2/4/2016 - We cast Hollywood stars to play world leaders in the movies of our dreams

2/4/2016 - You might want to turn on this setting in Snapchat if you don’t have unlimited data

2/4/2016 - Bernie Sanders’ lack of religion makes him better for America

2/4/2016 - Help explain an economic mystery: Why is the American midwest more equal than the rest of the country?

2/4/2016 - US recession is back on the table

2/4/2016 - Researchers think there’s a way to boost the immune systems of C-section babies

2/4/2016 - The world’s biggest wind farm will be built off the coast of England

2/4/2016 - The injuries most likely to land you in an emergency room in America

2/4/2016 - I explore what’s possible in science by making molecules that shouldn’t exist in nature

2/4/2016 - You won’t be happiest until you turn 65 years old

2/4/2016 - Your life is Tetris—stop playing it like chess

2/4/2016 - Reintroducing border controls within Europe would cost its economy dearly

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2/4/2016 - We got 10 CEOs to tell us their one killer interview question for new hires

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2/4/2016 - A Tinder-like app helps women find something better than pick-up lines: friends

2/4/2016 - The glamorous lives of ’80s air hostesses in India

2/4/2016 - Beijing’s censorship is out of control, according to an ally of Deng Xiaoping

2/4/2016 - There’s only one way India can pay for its ambitious smart cities

2/4/2016 - An Indian biotech company has been developing Zika vaccines for over a year

2/4/2016 - Something US unions, Joseph Stiglitz, and Donald Trump can agree on—hating the TPP

2/4/2016 - Nairobi taxi drivers are trying to shut down Uber with protests and intimidation

2/4/2016 - India’s biggest auto expo has too many models, without wheels

2/4/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Syria talks crumble, GoPro’s struggle, Google’s magic mirror

2/4/2016 - Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson is running for mayor of Baltimore

2/3/2016 - Chinese women are now being diagnosed with cancer at a much faster rate than men

2/3/2016 - Yahoo’s stock sinks to a new low with investors still anxious over its future

2/3/2016 - GoPro’s holiday quarter was even lousier than Wall Street had feared

2/3/2016 - Obama, in his first official visit to an American mosque, calls Republican anti-Muslim rhetoric “inexcusable”

2/3/2016 - Google’s head of search retires as the company turns the reins over to AI

2/3/2016 - Oil’s recent rally has lost steam—and that’s not the only bad news today for US oil companies

2/3/2016 - Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and the rise of the crowdfunded presidential candidate

2/3/2016 - The NFL is going old school to keep Super Bowl 50 tickets secure

2/3/2016 - By the end of 2016, McDonald’s will have given away 50 million books in Happy Meals

2/3/2016 - Apple wants you to use your iPhone without even touching it

2/3/2016 - United reverses itself, admits families with small kids really do need extra boarding time

2/3/2016 - Hillary desperately needs New Hampshire moms, because their kids are feeling the Bern

2/3/2016 - This UK pharmacy is taking the first steps to charge women the same prices as men

2/3/2016 - The world’s biggest luxury company isn’t worried about China

2/3/2016 - American and United Airlines are bringing back free snacks for everyone

2/3/2016 - Africa’s largest mobile operator has hired Eric Holder to take on the Nigerian government

2/3/2016 - No, Hillary Clinton didn’t win Iowa because of six suspiciously lucky coin tosses

2/3/2016 - A Google engineer invented this smart mirror that tells you the news while you admire your looks

2/3/2016 - A Tanzanian woman says she was stripped and beaten by an angry mob in India’s Silicon Valley

2/3/2016 - Models for this British brand will now have a “non-negotiable” eating clause in their contracts

2/3/2016 - Donald Trump joins Hitler and Stalin as an extremely unlikely nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize

2/3/2016 - Watch: Brands are challenging the worst parts of masculinity, just in time for the Super Bowl

2/3/2016 - Interior design junkie Adolf Hitler invented the modern politician’s at-home interview

2/3/2016 - Google is winning

2/3/2016 - Research says a reverse gender gap exists for kids who grow up in poverty

2/3/2016 - A Christian college is using Fitbits to track students’ health but not—never!—their sex lives

2/3/2016 - Libertarian Rand Paul is dropping out of the race for the White House

2/3/2016 - Stress is shrinking your brain, but you can rebuild it

2/3/2016 - How the Bay Area is creating a Super Bowl experience that’s uniquely Silicon Valley

2/3/2016 - While doctors search for a cure, this is what the rest of us can do to fight Zika

2/3/2016 - UNICEF is backing tech startups in emerging markets to help children

2/3/2016 - It’s more important for kids to be authentic than creative

2/3/2016 - The internet wants you to lose your job

2/3/2016 - The Trans-Pacific Partnership will be signed in the world’s most isolated big city

2/3/2016 - Republican voters now have three extremists to choose from

2/3/2016 - Watch a trained eagle take out a drone in mid-air

2/3/2016 - Google’s self-driving cars have driven very few miles in the grand scheme of things

2/3/2016 - The world’s largest big-game hunting club is putting 600 animal lives up for auction this week

2/3/2016 - Germany is getting closer to nuclear fusion—the long-held dream of unlimited clean energy

2/3/2016 - Australia confirmed that it can detain asylum seekers in foreign countries

2/3/2016 - The common, inefficient hiring mistake that is the “maybe” pile

2/3/2016 - Amazon is said to be interested in opening hundreds of bookstores

2/3/2016 - Adding a written admissions test, Cambridge University makes it even harder to get in

2/3/2016 - How solar-powered remote teacher training could help Ghana grow

2/3/2016 - Bigger isn’t always better for private equity investments in Africa

2/3/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Zuckerberg is very rich, harnessing nuclear fusion, Zika isn’t Ebola

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2/3/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Sexually transmitted Zika, Yahoo for sale, Microsoft’s underwater cloud

2/3/2016 - India has overtaken the US to become the world’s second-largest smartphone market

2/3/2016 - Yoga guru Ramdev’s Patanjali is in a four-front battle with India’s consumer goods giants

2/2/2016 - Another major factory fire in Bangladesh shows “industry safeguards” are failing

2/2/2016 - Uber just unveiled its new “less fussy” logo

2/2/2016 - Yahoo is so far behind Facebook on mobile

2/2/2016 - It’s wrong to compare Zika to Ebola

2/2/2016 - Against all odds, a new EU-US data privacy deal has been announced

2/2/2016 - Yahoo just admitted it badly overpaid for Tumblr

2/2/2016 - Chipotle finally solved its problem with long lines

2/2/2016 - Brazil says Zika will pose no risk to visitors during the Rio Olympics—unless they’re pregnant

2/2/2016 - Chipotle is about to report its worst results ever

2/2/2016 - Who owns LeBron James’ tattoos?

2/2/2016 - The US confirms its first Zika virus infection, and says it was transmitted through sexual contact

2/2/2016 - Fifteen of the most breathtaking photos of Earth from the International Space Station

2/2/2016 - “Hot dudes reading” are coming to a coffee table near you

2/2/2016 - Michael Kors finds a lifeline online

2/2/2016 - BP just had its worst year since it destroyed the Gulf of Mexico

2/2/2016 - Antiperspirants and deodorants are changing your body’s microbes

2/2/2016 - India’s biggest automaker is rebranding its flagship car because of the Zika virus

2/2/2016 - The dangerous psychology of how false confessions rewrite witnesses’ memories

2/2/2016 - WhatsApp has a billion users, and it got there way quicker than Gmail did

2/2/2016 - Biafra separatists in Nigeria have hijacked a ship and demanded the release of their leader

2/2/2016 - The home of macho culture has some lessons on how to get more women into management

2/2/2016 - Charted: The sheer wonders the Super Bowl does for musicians’ profits

2/2/2016 - We can’t let one scandal ruin the entire artisanal food market

2/2/2016 - Netflix’s VPN ban proves we need to develop a global, legal digital marketplace

2/2/2016 - Twitter and RSS still dominate for mobile news power users, survey says

2/2/2016 - Americans dislike cable companies more than any other industry because of shenanigans like this

2/2/2016 - Yahoo will deliver the most important earnings of Marissa Mayer’s career today

2/2/2016 - A history of US primary losers giving victory speeches anyway

2/2/2016 - The latest weapon in the Yogurt Wars is stupid science

2/2/2016 - The best time to buy a Super Bowl ticket

2/2/2016 - How a baseball-sized tumor woke me up to the dangers of everyday chemicals

2/2/2016 - A Harvard study says encryption won’t save us. Soon, we’re all going to be watched

2/2/2016 - Yes, a T-shirt can threaten public order, says Malaysia’s government

2/2/2016 - France’s long, illustrious history of ignoring reality continues with a film on jihadists

2/2/2016 - The World Bank is contemplating bailouts for two of the most corrupt petro-states on the planet

2/2/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Clinton and Sanders deadlocked, WhatsApp’s milestone, social media causes insomnia

2/2/2016 - Ugandan engineers have built a solar-powered bus for Africa’s roads

2/2/2016 - US businesses are buying thousands of “Make America Great Again” hats from China

2/2/2016 - An expedition in Ethiopia just turned up a huge, hidden population of lions

2/2/2016 - The Swiss are installing more highly controversial “baby hatches” for safe abandonment

2/2/2016 - The next big proving ground for self-driving cars isn’t in Detroit or in Silicon Valley

2/2/2016 - With Arun Jaitley padding up for the budget, Raghuram Rajan sidesteps interest rate googly

2/2/2016 - Subrata Roy spews philosophy from jail as Sahara milks small investors for luxury township

2/2/2016 - Indian minister wants major policy U-turn to save the girl child

2/2/2016 - The question of staying motivated is answered before 10 am

2/2/2016 - Abolish the damn censor board, says Aligarh director Hansal Mehta

2/2/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Iowa results, Alphabet earnings, social media insomnia

2/2/2016 - What Eritrea’s forced polygamy hoax tells us about the state of African news media

2/2/2016 - Clinton just barely edges out Sanders in Iowa—and that means a lot more work ahead for Bernie

2/2/2016 - An economist’s advice to India: When debt turns sour, forgive and forget

2/1/2016 - Ben Carson is not suspending his presidential run—he’s just doing some laundry

2/1/2016 - Donald Trump loses Iowa to Ted Cruz and his evangelical “prayer team”

2/1/2016 - The terrible solitude of supporting Martin O’Malley, who just dropped out of the presidential race

2/1/2016 - These 10 Chinese companies were behind a big chunk of China’s capital outflow last year

2/1/2016 - “A billionaire who’s an ordinary American”—Donald Trump Jr.’s last-minute pitch for his dad

2/1/2016 - England’s biggest spending soccer club just signed the world’s most-coveted coach

2/1/2016 - Drone delivery just got real for online shoppers in rural China

2/1/2016 - Google has officially dethroned Apple as the world’s most valuable company

2/1/2016 - Google’s parent company, Alphabet, now has over 61,000 employees

2/1/2016 - Google’s first Alphabet earnings in charts

2/1/2016 - We now know how much money Alphabet loses on its non-Google business

2/1/2016 - The head chef at “the world’s best restaurant” has died in an apparent suicide

2/1/2016 - 300 plumbers installed new faucets for free to help with Flint’s water crisis

2/1/2016 - It’s time to worry about the economy

2/1/2016 - WHO has only declared three public health emergencies in its history—Zika virus just became the fourth

2/1/2016 - The sport of the future has arrived: Droneboarding

2/1/2016 - The English Premier League just spent a record-breaking £1 billion on transfers this season

2/1/2016 - Our smartphones will soon see as well as we do

2/1/2016 - Stock volatility has shut down the IPO market

2/1/2016 - Google’s reportedly using experimental tech to deliver 5G internet from solar-powered drones

2/1/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s all-American scarlet letter

2/1/2016 - Trump is accused of paying female campaign workers half as much as men

2/1/2016 - The thaw in US-Cuba relations has reignited a global rum war

2/1/2016 - Boko Haram’s latest attacks will dent Nigerians’ hopes Buhari can end the insurgency soon

2/1/2016 - Is imposter syndrome a sign of greatness?

2/1/2016 - Interactive: Workplace injuries cost U.S. businesses more than $1 billion a week

2/1/2016 - The UK has become the first country to license genetic modification of human embryos

2/1/2016 - Whole Foods plans to literally pave paradise, put up a parking lot

2/1/2016 - A woman in the White House isn’t the change radical feminists want in 2016

2/1/2016 - There are simple ways to fix our frantic obsession with productivity

2/1/2016 - Coding bootcamps are getting so competitive that there’s now a $3,000 prep program

2/1/2016 - A British helicopter pilot was shot down and killed by elephant poachers in Tanzania

2/1/2016 - Google is about to report earnings as Alphabet for the first time. Here’s what we’ll learn

2/1/2016 - The world’s poor don’t need $79 computers

2/1/2016 - Sierra Leone’s president is delaying a crucial decision that would save thousands of women’s lives

2/1/2016 - Abortion and contraception: The two best ways to slow the Zika outbreak, according to experts

2/1/2016 - The US bet big on American oil and now the whole global economy is paying the price

2/1/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—White House race begins, Alphabet reports earnings, “world’s best chef” dead

2/1/2016 - Germany’s young Muslims are turning to hip-hop to express their feelings

2/1/2016 - The US is being “dangerous and irresponsible” in the South China Sea, Beijing says

2/1/2016 - In an unruly Delhi suburb, a new bike-taxi service takes women home safely

2/1/2016 - Raghuram Rajan has the simplest explanation of how inflation hurts the rich and the old

2/1/2016 - Amazon Japan is now offering budget-friendly monk delivery

2/1/2016 - This viral map insists most of the world didn’t like India until Narendra Modi turned up

2/1/2016 - An Egyptian TV producer is building a hospital by raising funds on Twitter

2/1/2016 - Are we celebrating SoftBank and Nikesh Arora too soon?

2/1/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Iowa caucuses, Boko Haram attacks, Babylonian astronomy