8/31/2015 - Mega-deals could make 2015 a record year for mergers

8/31/2015 - Barack Obama might head back to Columbia University after his term—possibly as a professor

8/31/2015 - Another China explosion, protests in Ukraine, Airbnb for refugees

8/31/2015 - Wes Craven had an uncanny ability to spot future Hollywood superstars

8/31/2015 - Myanmar’s new minimum wage, about 35 cents an hour, is too steep for some Chinese-owned factories

8/31/2015 - Hey haters: rock stars like Miley are supposed to be rebels, and a little crazy

8/31/2015 - It’s OK to be angry about racial inequality

8/31/2015 - This Brazilian mayor was using WhatsApp to run her town remotely

8/31/2015 - Another Chinese industrial zone has experienced a major explosion

8/31/2015 - Hey, Saudi Arabia: Here’s what you can do to help the Syrian refugees

8/31/2015 - Giant tubs of Blue Bell ice cream are back on supermarket shelves; Americans rejoice

8/31/2015 - Swans’ necks could be the key to creating ultra-smooth, realistic drone videos

8/31/2015 - China’s crackdown on corruption is killing Macau’s economy

8/31/2015 - Photos: Fear and frustration on the faces of Syrian refugees at the edges of Europe

8/31/2015 - This is the untapped, big-spending, fashion-forward customer that apparel brands should covet

8/31/2015 - German soccer fans hoist giant signs that say: “Refugees welcome”

8/31/2015 - The most useful class you’ll take in college is not science, math or economics

8/31/2015 - Barclays just became the first UK bank to support bitcoin

8/31/2015 - A Turkish court jailed three Vice journalists for allegedly helping ISIL

8/31/2015 - Why companies like Chipotle thrive in courting the conscientious consumer

8/31/2015 - India has eliminated tetanus as a mass killer, one year after getting rid of polio

8/31/2015 - Minecraft’s founder offers proof that even a billion dollars can’t buy happiness

8/31/2015 - Ethiopians have increased their life expectancy by 16 years while South Africans have shortened theirs

8/31/2015 - Violent protests in Kyiv injure dozens, as lawmakers try to make peace in Ukraine’s east

8/31/2015 - An entire generation of young American workers is missing crucial skills

8/31/2015 - Thai police award bombing reward money to themselves, to show they “are good at their job”

8/31/2015 - How to keep Instagram’s landscape option from ruining your feed

8/31/2015 - Commuters, unite! Why cities around the world need to design better routes to work

8/31/2015 - A gigantic natural gas discovery in Egypt means Israel has to find another customer for its gas

8/31/2015 - The anatomy of the perfect resume

8/31/2015 - Setting aside half the Earth for ‘rewilding’: the rational argument for extreme conservation

8/31/2015 - Only sexism and racism can explain why Serena Williams doesn’t earn more in endorsements

8/31/2015 - Some of Brooklyn’s hippest restaurateurs rely on business tips from Goldman Sachs

8/31/2015 - How the once-thriving commerce on the India-China border dried up

8/31/2015 - Don’t let the success of Indian actresses fool you. Bollywood is still a man’s world

8/31/2015 - Charted: Where America’s law schools and lawyers stand politically

8/31/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Obama in Alaska, China sanctions, Wi-Fi allergy

8/31/2015 - Infosys veterans are India’s latest philanthropic heroes

8/31/2015 - Innovators and entrepreneurs will unlock Africa’s agribusiness promise

8/31/2015 - Ghana’s frustrated youth are vulnerable to the radical call of ISIS

8/31/2015 - Watch: The timeless terror of Wes Craven’s genre-defining slasher flicks

8/31/2015 - Why Tamil Nadu is the best state in India for new mothers

8/31/2015 - The sobering reality of Egypt’s growing ‘bad press’ problem

8/31/2015 - MTV desperately wants to reach millennials, but the VMAs are proof they’re doing it wrong

8/31/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Obama in Alaska, Thai bombing arrest, Wi-Fi allergy

8/31/2015 - Photos: Huge crowds rallied against Malaysia’s leader—including a predecessor who helped put him in power

8/30/2015 - Emerging markets are on tenterhooks over the US Fed’s interest-rate decision

8/30/2015 - Obama restores Mount McKinley, the tallest North American peak, to its original name of Denali

8/30/2015 - China’s rebound hopes, Obama visits Arctic, beautifully average faces

8/30/2015 - Because of an electoral mishap, a US tax vote will be decided by a single woman

8/30/2015 - Uber hired those guys who hacked a Jeep while it was on the highway

8/30/2015 - These European countries are willing to accept some migrants—but only if they’re Christian

8/30/2015 - The AP describes renowned human rights lawyer Amal Clooney as the “wife of an actor”

8/30/2015 - NASA-funded recruits begin a year-long isolation mission to simulate conditions on Mars

8/30/2015 - When did the world get so vulnerable to the vagaries of the Chinese stock markets?

8/30/2015 - Oliver Sacks—author, scientist, and a man of immoderate passions—has died at the age of 82

8/30/2015 - Could the Wright Brothers have invented the airplane under social media scrutiny?

8/30/2015 - This interactive shows that a beautiful face is greater than the sum of its parts

8/30/2015 - The most common surnames of new entrepreneurs in Italy are Hu, Chen, and Singh

8/29/2015 - Watch: Promoting world peace, one cheesy air-guitar routine at a time

8/29/2015 - A big university recommends using pronouns like ‘xe’ and ‘ze’ to replace he and she

8/29/2015 - Thanks to Serena Williams, tickets for the US Open women’s final sold out before the men’s

8/29/2015 - Buying organic veggies at the supermarket is a waste of money

8/29/2015 - Young Germans are using “Merkel” as a verb, and it means nothing

8/29/2015 - Why white people don’t like to acknowledge their privilege

8/29/2015 - Quartz Africa Weekly: Pollution in West Africa’s cities, Nigeria’s unique corruption, growing Africa’s bandwidth

8/29/2015 - The Vatican is in damage-control mode after the Pope sent his blessings to a same-sex family

8/29/2015 - Egypt just sentenced three Al Jazeera journalists to three years in prison

8/29/2015 - Was climate change to blame for Hurricane Katrina?

8/29/2015 - Artists and curators remember Amy Winehouse in two companion shows

8/29/2015 - Here’s how ethical business can be good business, too

8/28/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Chinese stock contagion, vegetable domination, and Ashley Madison data filtration

8/28/2015 - Behold, this week’s market moves were not world-ending

8/28/2015 - The founders of two Facebook-acquired startups are leaving the company

8/28/2015 - All of Twitter’s US leadership is either white or Asian, and it knows it needs to change

8/28/2015 - Samsung Pay just launched in beta facing a lot of questions

8/28/2015 - “It’s not ‘gay’ marriage”—why Wonder Woman and other comics tell strong political stories

8/28/2015 - The US is approaching gender equality—on social media

8/28/2015 - “Goth” teenagers are sad, says science

8/28/2015 - Our economies, our homes, our feelings: The 10 most important economic charts of the week

8/28/2015 - Notes from a crisis: One family’s story of being smuggled across the Andaman Sea

8/28/2015 - Buzz Aldrin wants to colonize Mars within 25 years

8/28/2015 - Recently found in American backyards: nuclear waste from the Manhattan Project

8/28/2015 - Globally, we are paying wildly different prices for Netflix

8/28/2015 - Eight common myths that make the US justice system seem fairer than it is

8/28/2015 - The death toll in a truck full of bodies found in Austria is 71, much worse than feared

8/28/2015 - This is how science can finally start to fix itself

8/28/2015 - A key Apple Music executive is already leaving the company

8/28/2015 - Africa’s internet may be slow, but bandwidth capacity is growing faster than anywhere else

8/28/2015 - What I learned about selfishness after using the “prisoner’s dilemma” on my college class

8/28/2015 - Doctors Without Borders says a Bollywood film may be putting thousands of its workers at risk

8/28/2015 - “Humane” and “sustainable” clothing labels basically mean nothing

8/28/2015 - The hard data behind how men and women drink—according to their drunk tweets

8/28/2015 - Does the global stock market turmoil signal the BRIC age is already over?

8/28/2015 - How a ridiculous game where a guy rides around in a Segway topped the App Store

8/28/2015 - Photos: Amazed Beijing residents are sharing pictures of the city’s clear blue skies

8/28/2015 - Monsanto’s super-broccoli shouldn’t scare you, but its plans for global vegetable domination might

8/28/2015 - The complete guide to getting away with murder in India

8/28/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Brazil’s shrinking economy, migrants dead off Libya, “to Merkel”

8/28/2015 - More than 100 bodies of migrants bound for Italy were found floating in the sea overnight

8/28/2015 - China’s censors are cracking down on the Party’s main mouthpiece, the People’s Daily

8/28/2015 - Twelve years on, remembering the bomb that started the Middle East’s sectarian war

8/28/2015 - Millions of dollars in gold and silver are sitting under these New Zealand volcanoes

8/28/2015 - Want to get a kid interested in investing? Start with a note as thoughtful as the ones here

8/28/2015 - One in four babies in Britain is born to a foreign mother. This is where they come from

8/28/2015 - 27 lip-smacking, vegetarian dishes to try during Kerala’s grandest feast

8/28/2015 - Beijing is preparing to double down on China’s expensive, ineffective stock market stimulus

8/28/2015 - South Africa’s landline monopoly wants to be the country’s third largest mobile network

8/28/2015 - The perpetual delay of a Line IPO suggests chat apps might not be such a big deal after all

8/28/2015 - A mother’s grief: After the death of a daughter, a spiritual journey

8/28/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—China recession fears, big-pharma consolidation, Segway vs. Usain Bolt

8/27/2015 - Bangladesh won’t let its citizens see a film about its deadliest industrial accident

8/27/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Japanese deflation, Microsoft patent problems, ‘Merkel’ used as a verb

8/27/2015 - Facebook hits a new milestone: 1 billion people used the social network on a single day

8/27/2015 - The US military is replacing the Humvee with a huge truck that looks like an angry shark

8/27/2015 - Instagram is finally letting users upload portrait and landscape photos

8/27/2015 - What it’s like to receive a “?” email from Jeff Bezos

8/27/2015 - Treasure hunters in Poland claim to have found a Nazi train loaded with gold, guns, and art

8/27/2015 - New NASA research points to an “unavoidable” rise of several feet for the Earth’s oceans

8/27/2015 - There’s a new way to tell the difference between a normal memory lapse and dementia

8/27/2015 - There is light at the end of the world’s longest tunnel in the Swiss Alps

8/27/2015 - Islamsplaining: Why non-Muslims insist on explaining Islam to me, an actual Muslim

8/27/2015 - Photos: A beautiful, ethereal installation of 100,000 balloons comes to London’s Covent Garden

8/27/2015 - When Dan Rather confronted politicians, it was journalism. When Jorge Ramos does, it’s “crossing the line”

8/27/2015 - The maker of Jack Daniels wants to bring America’s flavored whisky craze to the world

8/27/2015 - Africa’s richest man plans to almost double the continent’s cement production by 2020

8/27/2015 - ISIL is trying to sell plundered art and rare artifacts to US buyers, the FBI warns

8/27/2015 - This is how NASA used to hire its astronauts 20 years ago—and it still works today

8/27/2015 - Austrian authorities find the bodies of at least 20 migrants in a truck

8/27/2015 - Don’t panic, startups: Advice from veteran VCs who weathered the dot-com bust

8/27/2015 - Bitcoin comes to Cuba. Could it help end the country’s crazy two-currency system?

8/27/2015 - America’s economy is looking pretty sturdy after all

8/27/2015 - A new genetic breakthrough could be key for a potential obesity “cure”

8/27/2015 - Tesla’s coattails are carrying along Panasonic, but a battle for battery supremacy is brewing

8/27/2015 - The happiest (and least happy) countries in the world, ranked

8/27/2015 - Three surefire ways to pick a job that actually helps you grow

8/27/2015 - Use Google to look up weird coding terms? You could end up working there

8/27/2015 - A Kenyan won the gold medal in javelin after learning how to throw on YouTube

8/27/2015 - An entrepreneur is using virtual-reality headsets to try to cure vision disorders

8/27/2015 - Everything you’ve heard about China’s stock market crash is wrong

8/27/2015 - China has officially ruined everything for everybody

8/27/2015 - Mitch Landrieu: What we’ve learned in the decade since Katrina

8/27/2015 - Move over missiles—India’s defence R&D lab makes killer skin creams and vodka mixers

8/27/2015 - Before you watch a tragic, graphic news video, ask who wants you to see it, and why

8/27/2015 - There is still scientific research that says man-made climate change is a myth. Here is why it’s wrong

8/27/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Obama in New Orleans, global stocks rebound, singing during brain surgery

8/27/2015 - A rare detailed look inside the IRS’s massive data breach, via a security expert who was a victim

8/27/2015 - A survey confirms that there are two colors that look best on pretty much everybody

8/27/2015 - The Patel protests are a slap in the face for Narendra Modi’s vibrant Gujarat

8/27/2015 - The rupee fall isn’t making Indian IT companies happy. Because China

8/27/2015 - China, not India, is the world’s biggest democracy, an op-ed in Chinese state media claims

8/27/2015 - As the global economy hits speed bumps, Africa’s rise slows down

8/27/2015 - Guangdong province’s solution to dumb money: teach finance to eight-year-olds

8/27/2015 - From “hounds” to “pompous asses”: How Indian PR folks describe Indian journalists

8/27/2015 - Mxit’s former CEO wants to rev up South Africa’s internet market with nationwide Wi-Fi

8/27/2015 - Chinese investment in Africa is more diverse and welcome than you think

8/27/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Stock markets calm, Toyota in Tianjin, meditative videogame

8/26/2015 - Chinese people want to know “How was China’s economy destroyed?”

8/26/2015 - China is cracking down on the services that help people jump the Great Firewall

8/26/2015 - Tens of thousands are expected to attend an illegal weekend rally for political reform in Malaysia

8/26/2015 - North Dakota is the first state in the US to legalize police use of drones with tasers and pepper spray

8/26/2015 - USA Network is delaying the finale of its hit “Mr. Robot” due to a scene similar to the shooting in Virginia

8/26/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—US stock rally, Monsanto drops Syngenta, band van stowaways

8/26/2015 - Google wouldn’t exist without a very lucky first break

8/26/2015 - Bosch is acquiring the advanced battery-tech start-up Seeo

8/26/2015 - Study: It’s okay to use your phone while walking down the street but not at dinnertime

8/26/2015 - The man suspected of shooting two former coworkers on live TV is dead, after shooting himself

8/26/2015 - China’s historically horrific stock market crash, in one GIF

8/26/2015 - South Sudan’s president has finally signed a peace deal—but still has reservations

8/26/2015 - People are confusing computer-generated music with the works of J.S. Bach

8/26/2015 - Facebook has a new AI assistant to take on the likes of Siri

8/26/2015 - Movie theater shooter James Holmes gets 12 life sentences plus another 3,318 years in prison

8/26/2015 - BlackRock’s FutureAdvisor acquisition is a ringing endorsement of robo-advising

8/26/2015 - Wall Street is getting cold feet about that September rate hike

8/26/2015 - Why these colored water droplets seem to be alive

8/26/2015 - That time the CIA trolled everyone with a twistedly genius Twitter strategy

8/26/2015 - Owen Wilson’s “No Escape” is another attempt to depict Asian people as evil “others”

8/26/2015 - Walmart is going to stop selling AR-15s and other assault rifles

8/26/2015 - Germany is the first European country to free Syrian refugees from a draconian bureaucratic “trap”

8/26/2015 - Photos: Post-Katrina, the revitalized New Orleans hides a wasteland, shadow city

8/26/2015 - A UK rock band found stowaway migrants from Calais in its van

8/26/2015 - Photos: Spaniards mark another year by gleefully smashing each other in the face with tomatoes

8/26/2015 - Video: Donald Trump kicks a Univision reporter out of his press conference, chaos ensues

8/26/2015 - This game will show you just how foolish it is to sell stocks right now

8/26/2015 - In the age of the $10 billion election, US presidential campaigns are running out of dough

8/26/2015 - TV and internet viewers witnessed an on-camera murder this morning

8/26/2015 - Five classic American books that inspired my career as an astronaut

8/26/2015 - How America’s collective baby worship sets mothers up to fail

8/26/2015 - I didn’t think I wanted kids but cancer forced me to decide

8/26/2015 - Health insurance is staggeringly uncompetitive in America, and is poised to get even worse for everybody

8/26/2015 - California surfers are boosting small winemakers

8/26/2015 - Why cotton is so difficult to recycle—and how clothing retailers hope to change that

8/26/2015 - Why Sierra Leone’s “last” case of Ebola may not be its last

8/26/2015 - As an Asian-American, I never thought diversity mattered until I founded my own startup

8/26/2015 - Buying a home in San Francisco? Love letter now required

8/26/2015 - Selling US ambassadorships for political gain is risky business in an already risky game

8/26/2015 - One of China’s most powerful bankers is being investigated for illegal trading

8/26/2015 - Are Turkish airbases the key to defeating the Islamic State?

8/26/2015 - The American workplace bolsters the confidence of men, and destroys the ambition of women

8/26/2015 - Good news! Big banks only have $65 billion in legal fines left to pay

8/26/2015 - China’s largest weapons manufacturer is allegedly selling arms to South Sudan—again

8/26/2015 - This Danish power plant will poetically inform residents of how much carbon they’re using

8/26/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—China sends stocks lower, Assad’s allies, robot chefs

8/26/2015 - Nestle India has begun the long journey to reclaim Maggi’s lost empire

8/26/2015 - What China’s market crash means for India’s economy

8/26/2015 - Watch: A Ukrainian filmmaker sings his national anthem after Russia sentences him to 20 years in prison on terror charges

8/26/2015 - Best friend turns deadly foe—India’s rabid street dogs are killing thousands every year

8/26/2015 - What I learnt from selling my Indian tech startup

8/26/2015 - Women at all levels of UK companies are paid less than men

8/26/2015 - China’s WWII victory march plans are clashing with falling markets and Tianjin

8/26/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Stock market turmoil, Splenda sale, illicit birthday parties

8/25/2015 - Another Asian financial crisis? Unlikely. But one country looks especially vulnerable

8/25/2015 - Here’s how intuitive technologies will connect aspects of our daily lives

8/25/2015 - Birthright citizenship is a hallmark of New World democracies

8/25/2015 - How much more do CEOs make than their employees? We have absolutely no idea

8/25/2015 - The FDA warns food start-up Hampton Creek: You can’t call it “mayo” if it’s not mayonnaise

8/25/2015 - Now you see it, now you don’t: Yesterday’s market panic is already dissipating

8/25/2015 - Stephen Hawking explains how to (sort-of) escape a black hole

8/25/2015 - Two men try and fail to fly drugs and porn into a Maryland prison

8/25/2015 - College students refusing to read a lesbian memoir don’t deserve college

8/25/2015 - Robots are using wikiHow to figure out how to cook us breakfast

8/25/2015 - In a win for activists, Ferguson is throwing out arrest warrants and revamping its court system

8/25/2015 - Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic is also a champion for Balkan peace

8/25/2015 - We’re about to lose four Texases worth of tropical rainforest—and it’s entirely preventable

8/25/2015 - This is how much sexism costs economies around the world

8/25/2015 - Apple is rescuing Best Buy from retail obsolescence

8/25/2015 - These startups are betting family guilt will make you pay back your loans

8/25/2015 - South Africans react to their collapsing currency with good humor, and a hilarious hashtag

8/25/2015 - Big Beef: Yeah, there’s probably fecal bacteria in your burgers, no big deal

8/25/2015 - Cancer cells can be programmed to become normal again

8/25/2015 - The climate scientist who predicted Hurricane Katrina explains why future storms will be worse

8/25/2015 - This CEO says her riskiest career move was becoming an engineer

8/25/2015 - To think like an economist when investing, don’t listen to conventional wisdom

8/25/2015 - How to digitally parent your child once you send her to college

8/25/2015 - China’s central bank is fighting against the waves of cash flowing out of the country

8/25/2015 - Why WhatsApp bombed in the US, while Snapchat and Kik blew up

8/25/2015 - This German cooperative shows the rest of the world how to welcome Syrian refugees

8/25/2015 - The affluent Patel clan owns a quarter of US motels. In India, it wants to be called “backward”

8/25/2015 - Yet another powerful benefit of spending money on experiences, not things: community

8/25/2015 - Obamacare is facing another big threat: accounting

8/25/2015 - West Africa’s air pollution is reaching dangerously high levels—and we don’t know the worst of it

8/25/2015 - Do mentions of God persuade customers to buy?

8/25/2015 - How can I minimize my chances of having a disabled child–is the wrong question

8/25/2015 - Donald Trump can’t answer a direct question, and his supporters love him for it

8/25/2015 - A cutting-edge street festival in an old slave town in Ghana shows how African art is evolving

8/25/2015 - How much do startup founders pay themselves—and other questions you were too afraid to ask

8/25/2015 - The only region in Asia where air pollution is declining is the Middle East

8/25/2015 - The numbers show why Donald Trump is totally wrong about immigrants

8/25/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Chinese stocks fall alone, Iran nuke monitoring, autotuning cows

8/25/2015 - Small businesses are the new face of international trade

8/25/2015 - It’s official: India is a terrible place for expats

8/25/2015 - Oops: This Prada dress is everywhere, causing a faux pas for fashion magazines

8/25/2015 - The type of corruption that really hampers Nigeria’s economy

8/25/2015 - Xiaomi, the ‘Apple of China’, is launching in Africa with India as a good blueprint

8/25/2015 - The attendees to China’s military parade: leaders of the world’s least-powerful countries

8/25/2015 - Two words for Modi’s big disinvestment plan: Good luck

8/25/2015 - Facebook and Airtel are trying to win Africa’s next generation of internet users

8/25/2015 - India’s legendary Royal Enfield is taking the fight to Harley-Davidson’s backyard

8/25/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Market volatility, Typhoon Goni impact, bovine autotunes

8/25/2015 - China’s markets plunged for the fourth day in a row

8/25/2015 - How China’s fish bladder investment craze is wiping out species on the other side of the planet

8/24/2015 - Southeast Asia put off reforms while riding China’s coattails. Now what?

8/24/2015 - The price of bitcoin fell more than 7% today

8/24/2015 - Blaming China for Black Monday is like blaming a bartender for your hangover

8/24/2015 - Market meltdowns, monitoring Iran, hand-dryer history

8/24/2015 - RIP Politwoops: the program that kept tweeting politicians in 31 countries honest

8/24/2015 - Why Chipotle is going on a 4,000-person, one-day hiring spree

8/24/2015 - The 20-year rise and fall of Microsoft Windows, from 1995 to now

8/24/2015 - China’s stock market tumble is taking luxury fashion stocks with it

8/24/2015 - Instead of going to war, North and South Korea have agreed to hold family reunions

8/24/2015 - Study: Why you never seem to know what day of the week it is

8/24/2015 - Photos: Scenes from the worldwide frenzy of Microsoft’s Windows 95 release

8/24/2015 - This trailer was built to educate a new generation of engineers and technologists

8/24/2015 - The “mobile makerspace” that shows children how easy it is to create

8/24/2015 - This Japanese daredevil will be the first to risk climbing Mount Everest after the Nepal quake

8/24/2015 - If you have an evil twin, fear not: Microsoft’s facial recognition can tell identical twins apart

8/24/2015 - Police say two Ashley Madison clients may have committed suicide

8/24/2015 - Video: China’s stock market crisis, explained

8/24/2015 - Boston police foiled a gun attack against thousands of Pokemon fans

8/24/2015 - Windows 95 was released 20 years ago today, along with this gem of a promo video with Jennifer Aniston

8/24/2015 - This is what happens when you try to fly a “hoverboard” through customs

8/24/2015 - These industries in Africa will suffer the most in a Chinese slowdown

8/24/2015 - Plunging oil prices may have people dancing on OPEC’s grave, but geopolitical havoc is the price we’ll pay

8/24/2015 - Watch John Oliver explain the absurdity of leaving LGBT rights up to the states

8/24/2015 - Video: An American farmer’s stunning tribute to his wife is the definition of love

8/24/2015 - Nike proves that cleaning up your act is smart business

8/24/2015 - You probably missed out on watching one of the greatest feats in athletics, ever

8/24/2015 - Letter to my freshman self: You’re going to get four liberal arts degrees, and that’s OK

8/24/2015 - Here’s what Apple CEO Tim Cook has to say about China’s market meltdown

8/24/2015 - Software has changed the world, but here’s why it hasn’t improved healthcare

8/24/2015 - How to name a baby

8/24/2015 - We’re live-charting the global market meltdown

8/24/2015 - What a TV guide from the future says about the state of media today

8/24/2015 - Beware the emerging-market currency bloodbath

8/24/2015 - What life is like in the most remote corner of the world

8/24/2015 - Confirmed: Startups in New York are overwhelmingly founded by white men

8/24/2015 - How do astronauts shower in space?

8/24/2015 - Uber is complaining that it has been scrubbed from WeChat in China

8/24/2015 - The mysterious European businessman who gave India its iconic railway book stalls

8/24/2015 - Goodbye metals, hello marijuana: Mining firms are switching as the lure of commodities fades

8/24/2015 - Did I just move into a ghetto or an enclave? Perception is everything in crime and punishment

8/24/2015 - Future technologies must be designed to free us from our screen addiction

8/24/2015 - Why some Indians are quietly celebrating China’s market meltdown

8/24/2015 - The Holocaust is still traumatizing the children of survivors on a genetic level

8/24/2015 - To succeed in investment banking, just switch off all feelings and emotions

8/24/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Asian stocks plummet, Macedonia’s borders reopen, baby pandas

8/24/2015 - Vigilante justice: How cheated Chinese investors captured the head of Fanya Metal Exchange

8/24/2015 - 10 lessons that the Indian Military Academy taught me about entrepreneurship

8/24/2015 - Charts: This may be the start of the world’s next financial crisis

8/24/2015 - Charted: Weak monsoons will hurt these four Indian states the most

8/24/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Asian stocks plummet, French train attack, twin panda cubs

8/23/2015 - Markets are tanking because no one knows how bad China’s economy will get

8/23/2015 - The St. Paul’s rape case shows schools are still in denial about sexual assault

8/23/2015 - This is the end of the library as we know it

8/23/2015 - Watch Usain Bolt’s epic performance in the World Championship 100-meter final

8/23/2015 - From seven to 93, this is how to age gracefully

8/23/2015 - See how much NASA has learned about hurricanes in the 10 years since Katrina

8/23/2015 - Why Hillary Clinton’s encounter with Black Lives Matter is her defining performance

8/23/2015 - My postpartum depression did not make me a bad mom

8/23/2015 - Without America’s soap operas, we would never have gotten “Mad Men”

8/23/2015 - The more equal your marriage, the better your sex

8/22/2015 - Sasha Petraske, the godfather of modern cocktail culture, has died

8/22/2015 - Humans of North Korea: An ordinary American tourist’s photos from inside the Hermit Kingdom

8/22/2015 - Meet the man salvaging the best of Manhattan’s architectural treasures

8/22/2015 - In the US, computer science is (unfortunately) a privilege

8/22/2015 - Quartz Africa Weekly: Drinkable books, Africa’s true size, Chinese urbanization

8/22/2015 - “We chose to fight:” How three Americans prevented a French train terror attack

8/22/2015 - Photos: Somaliland’s book fair opens the country to the world

8/22/2015 - How I learned to have pride in both my Sikh and gay identity

8/22/2015 - Here’s why we don’t have flying cars yet

8/22/2015 - This small Turkish town grows a quarter of the world’s hazelnuts

8/22/2015 - If you thought your partner’s email address might be on Ashley Madison, would you look?

8/21/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—The meaning of Ashley Madison, the Tianjin explosion, and the value of graduate school

8/21/2015 - “Sell in May and go away” would have been a great idea this year

8/21/2015 - Unarmed US marines subdued a gunman with an AK-47 on a French high-speed train

8/21/2015 - Nobel-Prize-winning education advocate Malala Yousafzai just finished high school: Here are her grades

8/21/2015 - Podcast: Real talk about the economics of US immigration

8/21/2015 - Photos: Europe’s migrant crisis is getting even crazier—and this time the flashpoint is in Macedonia

8/21/2015 - New Zealand tragically slaughtered 1% of an endangered bird species

8/21/2015 - A Facebook cofounder says tech companies are needlessly destroying workers’ personal lives

8/21/2015 - Ryanair is losing the battle against having to pay you for flight delays

8/21/2015 - How Home Depot is cashing in on the Burning Man festival

8/21/2015 - Ronda Rousey is seeking to cash in on her impromptu “do nothing bitch” catchphrase

8/21/2015 - See long-lost concept art from the “Jurassic Park” animated series that never was

8/21/2015 - The world’s first true “smart drug” enhances cognition and is deemed safe by health experts

8/21/2015 - Silver linings chartbook: The 10 most important economic charts of the week

8/21/2015 - Turkish kids got an extra two weeks of summer vacation to save the country’s economy

8/21/2015 - Locals are using the US-Mexico border fence as a giant volleyball net

8/21/2015 - I went 200 days without buying anything new and learned how toxic our need for possessions is

8/21/2015 - NASA would like to assure everyone that a giant asteroid is not about to destroy Earth

8/21/2015 - For the first summer in 200 years, Parisian bakers can go on vacation whenever they please

8/21/2015 - Turkey’s president announces a “re-run election,” and says voters better get it right this time

8/21/2015 - Post-sanctions Iran must focus on building a knowledge economy

8/21/2015 - “Pink Floyd is dead. I’m ready to move on.”

8/21/2015 - The gig economy is only good for some workers—but it doesn’t need to be that way

8/21/2015 - How much do top fashion brands really depend on China?

8/21/2015 - Critics of the Iran nuclear deal don’t understand the real Iran

8/21/2015 - Research says 27% of California’s drought attributable to climate change

8/21/2015 - Elon Musk is taking cues from Henry Ford to disrupt the auto industry—and it’s working

8/21/2015 - Bees are the second most lethal animals in America

8/21/2015 - Mapped: A world of infidelity, according to Ashley Madison

8/21/2015 - Yes, women can have it all—so why can’t Hollywood show working moms with happy families?

8/21/2015 - Update: It costs $8.9 million to use Michael Jordan’s name in vain

8/21/2015 - China’s middle class will keep buying ‘Made in America’ despite the yuan’s drop

8/21/2015 - Time to tap in to an underused energy source: wasted heat

8/21/2015 - What happens when a wild elephant gets lost in an Indian city

8/21/2015 - India’s benchmark stock index just erased all the gains made in 2015—again

8/21/2015 - Enter the world of Dismaland, Banksy’s dystopian version of a Disney theme park

8/21/2015 - Staring into someone’s eyes for ten minutes is like tripping, without the drugs

8/21/2015 - The literary world’s new breakout cult writer has been dead for almost 40 years

8/21/2015 - When the world stops buying diamonds, this African country sees its economic growth cut in half

8/21/2015 - NASA wants to turn human waste into plastic and vitamins

8/21/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Syriza breaks apart, Chinese economy looks weak, Dismaland theme park

8/21/2015 - North Korea has entered a “full readiness of war”

8/21/2015 - Ladies, here’s what you need to know about travelling solo through India

8/21/2015 - Why I hate calling my business a startup

8/21/2015 - China’s deadly Tianjin explosions show the limits of Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption drive

8/21/2015 - Why are Indian politicians strangely—and thankfully—silent about e-commerce?

8/21/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Korean military standoff, Greek PM resigns, Banksy amusement park

8/20/2015 - We still don’t know what to do with women who have “stage zero” breast cancer

8/20/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Korean artillery stand-off, Greek PM resigns, Banksy amusement park

8/20/2015 - Minority-owned firms are powering business growth in the US

8/20/2015 - Uniqlo says it will test out a four-day work week

8/20/2015 - Caitlyn Jenner may be charged with manslaughter after a fatal Malibu car crash

8/20/2015 - Standing up to a prison bully got me two weeks of solitary confinement

8/20/2015 - Missed out on Twitter’s IPO? Now’s your chance to buy at the offering price

8/20/2015 - Sigourney Weaver’s exo-suit from “Aliens” may soon be real

8/20/2015 - Humans aren’t normal animals—we are unnaturally destructive super-predators

8/20/2015 - Less than half British adults under age 24 consider themselves “completely heterosexual”

8/20/2015 - Study: When it comes to advertising, sex doesn’t actually sell

8/20/2015 - You know what Greece needs right now? Its third nationwide vote in eight months

8/20/2015 - The actual NASA technologies that Matt Damon will use in the space survival film “The Martian”

8/20/2015 - Vanity Fair’s “special edition” about trans Americans fails to feature a single trans writer

8/20/2015 - The Wikipedia page of things banned in Russia may soon include Wikipedia itself

8/20/2015 - A suspended, all-glass “sky pool” is coming to London—and it looks awesome

8/20/2015 - Giphy’s new app lets you record life’s shareable moments and immortalize them as GIFs

8/20/2015 - The core factor of success is focus, and here’s how to get it

8/20/2015 - Trump’s “prejudiced and absurd” immigration plan outrages Mexicans on both sides of the US border

8/20/2015 - Ancient cats are responsible for the demise of ancient dogs

8/20/2015 - Brazil’s unemployment rate just hit a five-year high

8/20/2015 - The US Congress doesn’t care that the Arctic is melting—but pretty much everyone else should

8/20/2015 - There’s still hope for Microsoft’s Windows phones

8/20/2015 - Once dead, London’s Thames river is now teeming with seals, porpoises, and even a whale or two

8/20/2015 - Should you go to graduate school? Yes. Maybe. Definitely not

8/20/2015 - Italians are emotional, the Swiss are punctual: This shopping site is making billions by tailoring its services to European stereotypes

8/20/2015 - The science is clearer than ever: Long work hours increase your risk of stroke and heart disease

8/20/2015 - When everything seems like it might cause cancer, here’s how scientists determine what does

8/20/2015 - Finally, a movie to remind us that being a woman is the best

8/20/2015 - Wild animals are becoming resistant to antibiotics—which is bad news for humans, too

8/20/2015 - Kerala, India has the world’s first solar-powered airport

8/20/2015 - Meet the woman determined to turn Amsterdam into Europe’s Silicon Valley

8/20/2015 - A (digital) coffee with SoftBank’s Nikesh Arora

8/20/2015 - Watch: Twin typhoons swirling in the Pacific are captured on Japan’s new high-res satellite

8/20/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Greece starts payback, Norway’s GDP shrinks, porpoises in London

8/20/2015 - North Korea and South Korea are exchanging gunfire, with a set of loudspeakers partly to blame

8/20/2015 - Everything you need to know about India’s brand new payments banks

8/20/2015 - Listen to the sounds of Senegal’s master drummer Doudou N’diaye Rose, who died at age 85

8/20/2015 - Why South Africa’s economy is likely to grow more slowly than its potential

8/20/2015 - AirBnB’s China strategy is to get more people to leave China

8/20/2015 - The success of Deez Nuts shows why you shouldn’t trust US election polls

8/20/2015 - Here are a few reasons why you should pack your bags and move to a small city in India

8/20/2015 - South Africa’s Shoprite supermarket has the edge on Walmart’s Nigeria plans

8/20/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Qantas Airways rebounds, China’s yuan setback, nice spiders

8/19/2015 - Is China’s homegrown terrorism problem behind the Bangkok bombing?

8/19/2015 - Chinese state media’s surprising suggestion for Tianjin blasts: actually tell people what’s happening

8/19/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Greece’s bailout progress, China’s yuan setback, nice spiders doomed

8/19/2015 - Here’s what the Fed is thinking ahead of its widely anticipated September rate hike

8/19/2015 - Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes, according to UK health officials

8/19/2015 - Obamacare is putting a big crimp in Wal-Mart’s lucrative pharmacy business

8/19/2015 - High rents are propping up inflation in the US

8/19/2015 - Photos: On Coco Chanel’s birthday, remembering how she reinvented the way women dress

8/19/2015 - Israel just denied a woman asylum because she wasn’t lesbian enough

8/19/2015 - 42 easily confused English terms that make global travelers look ridiculous

8/19/2015 - Turkey’s president loses favor in a parliamentary election, and so decides to just run another one

8/19/2015 - The good news: Social Security really will work for your grandkids. Now, the bad news

8/19/2015 - STEM careers are analytical, practical—and oddly beautiful

8/19/2015 - Workplace etiquette after Ashley Madison: 8 tips for dealing with embarrassed colleagues

8/19/2015 - Scientists have an incredibly easy solution for better-tasting supermarket tomatoes

8/19/2015 - Tokyo’s iconic Hotel Okura is about to be knocked down, and that will be a tragedy

8/19/2015 - Japan has so many 100-year-old citizens that it can’t afford to give them presents anymore

8/19/2015 - Researchers in Ohio say they’ve grown a tiny human brain in their lab

8/19/2015 - Liberal presidential candidates are not entitled to my black vote

8/19/2015 - Uh oh, the Burning Man site is infested with mosquito swarms, stink bugs, and biting insects

8/19/2015 - Machines are destroying some jobs, but also creating better ones through “creative destruction”

8/19/2015 - Here’s what the next 38 emoji might look like—including bacon, a clown, and the selfie

8/19/2015 - Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle will plead guilty to having sex with minors and receiving child pornography

8/19/2015 - A man who hid from the Charlie Hebdo killers sues the media for revealing his hiding place

8/19/2015 - A space elevator has been patented to take astronauts 12 miles off the earth

8/19/2015 - Photos: Scary white foam is all over Tianjin, China after a toxic explosion

8/19/2015 - The Adani mine project might curtail the rule of law in Australia

8/19/2015 - Study: College-educated blacks and hispanics lost more than half their net worth in the financial crisis

8/19/2015 - A daredevil photographer captures the cinematic beauty of California’s wildfires

8/19/2015 - What’s in the Ashley Madison database that hackers released online

8/19/2015 - One chart that shows the success of Europe’s investment in renewable energy

8/19/2015 - Photos: A ghost airport in the middle of India’s Thar desert

8/19/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Carlsberg’s bad news, devalued dong, chunky water

8/19/2015 - Stop calling it “female Viagra”—Addyi won’t affect women the way the little blue pill affects men

8/19/2015 - Why Gabon’s president is promising to give away his inheritance to a youth foundation

8/19/2015 - Google is bringing cheap smartphones to Africa, but it has a problem: China got there first

8/19/2015 - Study: People with autism have a specific, long-overlooked type of creativity

8/19/2015 - The Chinese government is the latest member of the anti-Uber investor alliance

8/19/2015 - Narendra Modi is one of the most viewed Indian CEOs on LinkedIn

8/19/2015 - India is spending millions to find an ancient river that probably never existed

8/19/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Currency wars, Tencent’s Canadian investment, fat water

8/19/2015 - China’s Tianjin blasts will cost billions. Here’s the tally so far.

8/19/2015 - How will China’s fast-growing smartphone brands ever make real money?

8/18/2015 - The Chinese internet is freaking out over Blindspot, NBC’s newest drama

8/18/2015 - The White House appointed its first openly transgender staffer

8/18/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Tencent-Kik investment, Thai bombing suspect, chartreuse disruption

8/18/2015 - How the world’s largest collection of books by or about black people was preserved

8/18/2015 - These long lost vacation photos capture the tragicomedy of the 1990s cruise craze

8/18/2015 - The world’s most famous gorilla is showing signs of early speech

8/18/2015 - Thai police hunt for a man in a yellow T-shirt suspected of carrying out the Bangkok bombing

8/18/2015 - Watch: This is the wild story of what happens to your luggage after you leave it at check-in

8/18/2015 - The FCC is cracking down on companies that block personal WiFi hotspots at convention centers

8/18/2015 - You can now write official Yelp reviews for the TSA—here are some of the best so far

8/18/2015 - The case for index-fund investing

8/18/2015 - How Donald Trump’s hair really works

8/18/2015 - Factor-based investing: Five practical considerations

8/18/2015 - Interactive graphic: Is technology causing you to suffer from “text neck”?

8/18/2015 - Gentlemen, here is how not to mansplain feminism to women

8/18/2015 - Google’s new app-controlled router makes WiFi way simpler

8/18/2015 - Thailand’s enormous luxury shopping sector has a lot to lose from the Bangkok bombing

8/18/2015 - California apartment dwellers have been especially slow to cut back on their water use

8/18/2015 - Lesson from Tianjin: China has built its megacities—now it’s time to make them livable and safe

8/18/2015 - Dear Jeff Bezos: My husband needed therapy after working for Amazon

8/18/2015 - Walmart and other US companies are starting to feel the full effect of minimum wage increases

8/18/2015 - The weather in space is causing power outages on Earth

8/18/2015 - Students don’t need more trigger warnings, they need better teachers

8/18/2015 - The man behind Venmo wants to turn the operating system from “Her” into a reality

8/18/2015 - No more student loans? Purdue University proposes selling shares of students’ future income

8/18/2015 - How Snoopy helped make ‘Peanuts’ the definitive Sunday comic strip

8/18/2015 - How fake elephant tusks with GPS trackers helped reveal central Africa’s ivory smuggling route

8/18/2015 - These are the 25 most popular mobile apps in America

8/18/2015 - MegaBots asks Americans to help sponsor its giant robot fight against Japan

8/18/2015 - These two companies are looking to change the way Africans watch movies

8/18/2015 - Gucci’s “it” shoes this season are lined with wild, controversial kangaroo fur

8/18/2015 - Russia unmasked a gang that imported $30 million of banned foreign cheese

8/18/2015 - In a historic first, two women become the first to pass the US Army’s Ranger school

8/18/2015 - Take an interactive tour of reclusive cult author Haruki Murakami’s desk

8/18/2015 - Bombs in Bangkok are the latest threat to Thailand’s shaky economy

8/18/2015 - The key to a meaningful, powerful life is week-by-week

8/18/2015 - Three ways to look at London’s insane property prices

8/18/2015 - Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte will soon have actual pumpkin in it

8/18/2015 - IBM has built a digital rat brain that could power tomorrow’s smartphones

8/18/2015 - Amazon treats its employees the way it does because of us

8/18/2015 - Video: This Uber driver sells his handmade jewelry out of his car, and made a quarter million dollars last year

8/18/2015 - Roomba’s robotic lawn mowers are now legal in the US, and astronomers aren’t happy

8/18/2015 - It’s time to invest in clean energy in Africa

8/18/2015 - Uganda’s public schools are being replaced by shopping centers and hotels

8/18/2015 - How A R Rahman brought Bollywood music to the West

8/18/2015 - The UK’s top polluter wants to be its biggest renewable energy producer

8/18/2015 - Don’t believe those who tell you American innovation is losing its way

8/18/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Bangkok’s death toll, China’s home prices, Tom Cruise becomes Jesus

8/18/2015 - All about sodium cyanide, the extremely toxic chemical found in vast quantities at the Tianjin explosion site

8/18/2015 - Photos: Incredible images of the red planet from India’s Mars mission

8/18/2015 - Time to hide: Google’s humanoid robot can now walk outside on its own

8/18/2015 - The Bangkok bombing was aimed at foreigners—and almost killed a Bollywood couple and Australian rock star

8/18/2015 - Israeli politicians risk hobbling the natural gas development that their country needs

8/18/2015 - What’s wrong with this Snapdeal ad?

8/18/2015 - It’s getting harder and harder to find a co-working space in Bengaluru

8/18/2015 - Boko Haram’s leader says he’s alive and still in charge

8/18/2015 - China’s teenage, untrained firefighters make disasters like Tianjin worse

8/18/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—American Apparel’s warning, China’s home prices, smuggled ducklings

8/18/2015 - Chinese censors have blocked 50 websites for “spreading rumors” about the Tianjin explosions

8/17/2015 - Millennials want their pets to look good on Facebook—and that’s great for Petco’s sales

8/17/2015 - Zulily offers painful reality check for other would-be Amazon killers

8/17/2015 - Obama is allowing Shell to drill for oil in the Arctic

8/17/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Bangkok’s deadly blast, Shell Arctic drilling, smuggled ducklings

8/17/2015 - China’s unemployment rate is much higher than the government says it is

8/17/2015 - A corporate watchdog says Soylent contains unsafe levels of lead and cadmium

8/17/2015 - Google wants to expand rooftop solar by measuring your house from space

8/17/2015 - A picture book that pledges to send any child to sleep is an international best-seller

8/17/2015 - Epic, fiery 5,000-word rebuttal penned by an Amazon exec takes on the New York Times’ “hatchet piece”

8/17/2015 - Norway’s giant wealth fund decides that palm oil is terrible

8/17/2015 - Herve Leger’s famous “bandage” dress is not for voluptuous women or lesbians, an executive says

8/17/2015 - Finally, a flagship-caliber smartphone for US customers at half the price

8/17/2015 - The new frontier for Big Agriculture is aquaculture

8/17/2015 - What to do about the antidepressants and antibiotics in our water

8/17/2015 - Photos: High-res aerial images of the Tianjin blast crater show devastation that words can’t explain

8/17/2015 - NASA astronaut captured footage of the northern lights from the International Space Station

8/17/2015 - Climate change is getting its own museum in New York

8/17/2015 - Japan really can’t catch a break

8/17/2015 - Inmates in Nashville say they were forced to make “cornhole” games for jail officials

8/17/2015 - How to magically erase Greek debt with one simple trick

8/17/2015 - John Oliver starts an epic TV ministry to prove that anyone can be a televangelist in America

8/17/2015 - China and Japan are vying to build Indonesia’s first high-speed rail

8/17/2015 - These app mashups are clever, awful, and perhaps inevitable

8/17/2015 - A simple, interactive tool shows the real size of India, China, and Africa

8/17/2015 - A major explosion at a shrine in the heart of Bangkok killed at least 22 people

8/17/2015 - Jeff Bezos memo: If Amazon was the company the New York Times described, employees would be “crazy to stay”

8/17/2015 - What it was like for me when the first dot com party ended

8/17/2015 - #NotAllMolds: Why is it safe to eat Bleu Cheese?

8/17/2015 - Khaleesi is now a popular baby name in Britain—but Amelia still wins hands down

8/17/2015 - You don’t have to be a VC to invest in cleantech–and our world’s future needs investors

8/17/2015 - China and the US clash over tracking down corrupt Chinese officials

8/17/2015 - A new “drinkable book” has pages that turn raw sewage into drinking water

8/17/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—GE’s Alstom purchase, Japan’s economy contracts, robot-birthing robots

8/17/2015 - A Chinese millionaire tried to help Tianjin—and ended up in the hospital

8/17/2015 - Staunch conservatives, and most of the rest of Australia, oppose Tony Abbott on gay marriage

8/17/2015 - If Modi was going to let down OROP protesters, he should have at least appealed to their honour

8/17/2015 - This 2,000 trillion watt laser could re-create the Big Bang–and make clean energy

8/17/2015 - Why India’s approach to its unemployment problem is wrong

8/17/2015 - India and the devalued yuan: The good, the bad and the ugly

8/17/2015 - Slow, steady, and sensible: Modi’s new approach to reviving India’s banks

8/17/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—GE’s Alstom purchase, Japan’s economy contracts, mother robots

8/17/2015 - Smartphone giants have lost 15,000 jobs to cheap Android phones this year

8/17/2015 - Study: To win a woman’s heart, try feeding her first

8/16/2015 - GE’s biggest deal ever, AT&T helped Uncle Sam spy, mother robots

8/16/2015 - North Korea is threatening war against the US using an especially hostile nuclear rhetoric

8/16/2015 - Pretty much anyone on Earth with a radio can call the International Space Station and chat with astronauts

8/16/2015 - Disney is creating amazingly immersive Star Wars theme parks

8/16/2015 - Photos: African cities are starting to look eerily like Chinese ones

8/16/2015 - The science behind forensic toxicology

8/16/2015 - The decline of “urbanwear” as the uniform of hip-hop, and the rise of rap couture

8/16/2015 - Cornell University has built a magnificent archive of 9,000 creatures’ sounds from the most remote places on Earth

8/16/2015 - Tesla investors need to chill out for a couple of years

8/16/2015 - If the US loses its nuclear deal with Iran, we’ll also lose credibility with the rest of the world

8/15/2015 - BP can’t stop putting itself in the line of fire

8/15/2015 - The management tool Amazon employees hate could be coming to your company

8/15/2015 - These are some of the reasons US prisoners wind up in solitary confinement

8/15/2015 - Think Google just set itself up for a mind-blowing acquisition? Umm, no

8/15/2015 - We now have a way to objectively determine how upset someone is

8/15/2015 - How Uber hires drivers where background checks are impossible

8/15/2015 - What does yellow taste like? Pantone’s pop-up café serves up food by color

8/15/2015 - This digital graveyard will tell you how many times your name has “died”

8/15/2015 - Tech companies are the new industrial conglomerates

8/15/2015 - In the future, huge ships will be wind-powered like sailboats

8/15/2015 - Photos: These refugees stuck in Hong Kong can’t get asylum, can’t work, and can’t leave

8/15/2015 - Weekend edition—The new conglomerates, Helmut Lang’s legacy, and Ukrainian hipsters

8/15/2015 - Bombay’s little-known role in India’s Independence movement

8/14/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—The new conglomerates, Helmut Lang’s legacy, and Ukrainian hipsters

8/14/2015 - Weekend edition—The new conglomerates, Helmut Lang’s legacy, and Ukrainian hipsters

8/14/2015 - Photos: A Mumbai taxi cab gets a stunning, symbolic makeover from an Indian and Pakistani design dream team

8/14/2015 - Why the Ferguson DA decided a protestor who kicked a car about to hit her caused $5,000 in damage

8/14/2015 - Apple is reportedly scouting a secure location to test its driverless car

8/14/2015 - Nobody told these two rigs that oil was crashing again

8/14/2015 - This startup demo video is so godawful we actually can’t tell if they’re trolling us

8/14/2015 - That guy next to you at the gym may have a totally new, male eating disorder

8/14/2015 - Japan is using automated cameras to detect drunk train commuters

8/14/2015 - This self-driving stroller from VW is too good to be true

8/14/2015 - The Russian internet security firm Kaspersky is accused of sabotaging its rivals

8/14/2015 - Danes and Swedes are fighting about whether “flesh-colored” band-aids are racist

8/14/2015 - Patagonia and another “ethical” clothing brand are being accused of a new kind of animal cruelty

8/14/2015 - Airtel is losing its fight against Safaricom for Kenya’s fast-growing mobile market

8/14/2015 - Pixar’s “slices of genius” are applicable to all industries

8/14/2015 - A designer’s secret for creating clever logos

8/14/2015 - Singapore warns that “organic” orange juice is secretly laced with erectile dysfunction medication

8/14/2015 - The euro zone’s pathetic economic recovery, in eight pitiful charts

8/14/2015 - The new American embassy in Cuba faces a familiar dilemma: Profits or politics?

8/14/2015 - One day we may finally be able to watch our dreams like a movie

8/14/2015 - The unbelievable way a Dutch newspaper covered Ta-Nehisi Coates’s book about race

8/14/2015 - CPI, GDP, etc: The 10 most important economic charts of the week

8/14/2015 - British actors are reading the whole of Homer’s Iliad aloud, for 15 hours

8/14/2015 - Photos: Women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese in WWII tell their stories

8/14/2015 - “Death doulas” are helping Americans savor the last days of their lives

8/14/2015 - One of the racial minorities most likely to be killed by police is also the most overlooked

8/14/2015 - Never feel ashamed of coloring as an adult with this badass feminist coloring book

8/14/2015 - Listen: Janelle Monáe’s new protest anthem invokes black victims of police brutality

8/14/2015 - A philosopher explains: How to know when putting down a pet is the right thing to do

8/14/2015 - Burning Man’s rabid brand of loyalty is changing the events business

8/14/2015 - Can Modi work his oratory magic to win back India on Independence Day?

8/14/2015 - These awkward illustrations capture how uncomfortable life can be

8/14/2015 - A decade after he left fashion, Helmut Lang is still one of the world’s most influential designers

8/14/2015 - Japan’s prime minister just apologized for his nation’s WWII actions—sort of

8/14/2015 - How to stop forced marriage in Africa, soon to have most of the world’s child brides

8/14/2015 - An unpaid internship at the UN left a 22-year-old homeless in Geneva

8/14/2015 - Cristina Kirchner hand-picked a successor to protect her against post-presidency lawsuits

8/14/2015 - How can I make $10,000 for each of the next six months?

8/14/2015 - China’s public mistrusts the chemicals industry and its regulators—the Tianjin blasts show why

8/14/2015 - After pushing down the yuan three times in three days, China just pumped it up a bit

8/14/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Brazil protests Rousseff, US back in Cuba, who owns DonaldTrumpSucks.com?

8/14/2015 - Brazil protests Rousseff, US back in Cuba, who owns DonaldTrumpSucks.com?

8/14/2015 - This artist built a tiny city out of 365 paper models, created everyday for a year

8/14/2015 - Air pollution causes nearly one in five deaths in China—and over 4,000 per day

8/14/2015 - This little girl has an Einstein-like IQ, but her country treats her like a second-class citizen

8/14/2015 - With a billion Africans set to shop online, a new wave of start-ups is looking to cash in

8/14/2015 - In the kitchen with India’s disappearing recipes

8/14/2015 - Uber is mulling a domestic IPO for its Chinese branch, and there’s more at stake than cash

8/14/2015 - Here’s what India’s biggest cities looked like centuries ago

8/14/2015 - In pictures: An urban Indian woman gives birth at home

8/14/2015 - The end is nigh: Robots are learning how to build better clones of themselves

8/14/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—The yuan appreciates, Greece votes, cook shortages

8/14/2015 - The yuan appreciates, Greece votes, cook shortages

8/13/2015 - Apple just reported how diverse its hiring is

8/13/2015 - Hillary should re-embrace this elegant look from the 80s

8/13/2015 - Abe’s WWII speech, Greece’s late-night vote, not enough cooks

8/13/2015 - Goldman Sachs wants to be a Main Street bank for regular people

8/13/2015 - Throwback Thursday: Are Samsung’s newest phones from 2006?

8/13/2015 - No, Google’s new “Alphabet” structure is really nothing like Berkshire Hathaway

8/13/2015 - Turkish men are going under the razor to avoid looking like ISIL fighters

8/13/2015 - The British Library is crowdsourcing the translation of a mysterious 13th-century sword inscription

8/13/2015 - These illustrations show that there are two kinds of people in the world

8/13/2015 - The IMF is caught in a geopolitical tug-of-war between Germany and the US

8/13/2015 - Scientists confirm that the Paleo diet is nonsense

8/13/2015 - Sesame Street is leaving PBS for HBO and cutting its running time to 30 minutes

8/13/2015 - Facebook dumped a Harvard intern after he exposed a privacy flaw

8/13/2015 - Everything you think you know about the economy of the Internet is dead wrong

8/13/2015 - The fungus that gives us beer can now produce prescription painkillers

8/13/2015 - This is probably the last Greek GDP growth we’ll see for a while

8/13/2015 - Bernie Sanders overtakes Hillary Clinton in a New Hampshire poll

8/13/2015 - Roads that can charge your electric car as you drive it? They may arrive sooner than you think

8/13/2015 - When only a company founder can help the business

8/13/2015 - Chelsea Manning faces solitary for possessing the Caitlyn Jenner issue of Vanity Fair

8/13/2015 - Crude oil is hitting six-year lows and faces a glut that could run into next year

8/13/2015 - Finally, there may be a DEET-free mosquito repellent that actually works

8/13/2015 - Android’s lead over the iPhone in the US is rapidly narrowing

8/13/2015 - ISIL and the armchair Islamist: How execution videos sell a fantasy of masculinity

8/13/2015 - Tinder’s CEO is being replaced, after five months on the job and one epic tweetstorm

8/13/2015 - Neil Armstrong could have a planet named after him

8/13/2015 - Oil company lobbyists forecast a US job bonanza if only they can export oil, but they are wrong

8/13/2015 - Photos: Russian officials use a 45-ton bulldozer to flatten illegal Western cheeses

8/13/2015 - What to do when your opinion does not matter

8/13/2015 - To fix the US prison system, give every inmate the daily newspaper

8/13/2015 - Taylor Swift’s fight against Big Music doesn’t make her a champion of the creative class

8/13/2015 - Tony Blair thinks the British Labour Party is destroying itself

8/13/2015 - This is how the modern-day tech resume should look

8/13/2015 - Why GE had to kill its annual performance reviews after more than three decades

8/13/2015 - How to survive a long distance relationship

8/13/2015 - Why do dogs have such short lives?

8/13/2015 - Hollywood isn’t even trying to include more women. New data make it clear.

8/13/2015 - Julian Assange outlasts the majority of sexual-assault cases brought by Sweden

8/13/2015 - A polio-free world is in sight: what’s needed to wipe out the last 1%

8/13/2015 - This terrifying GIF shows how much Arctic ice has disappeared in the last 20 years

8/13/2015 - Why foreign filmmakers are so fascinated by India’s most successful IIT tutor

8/13/2015 - Scientists have found a new trick for completing your goals

8/13/2015 - How a language that went unspoken for a half-century was brought back from the dead

8/13/2015 - A message for the US Congress from Switzerland: The Iran deal is done

8/13/2015 - Kenya and Uganda are building the world’s longest heated oil pipeline

8/13/2015 - With its leader missing, Boko Haram may have a new man in charge who is willing to negotiate

8/13/2015 - This new medical facility was designed with principles borrowed from IKEA, Apple, and Starbucks

8/13/2015 - A “like” button with cash attached: China’s WeChat offers the option to tip writers for posts

8/13/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—China dismisses currency fears, new Samsung phones, ancient Egyptian prenups

8/13/2015 - China dismisses currency fears, new Samsung phones, ancient Egyptian prenups

8/13/2015 - This newly-discovered octopus species likes to shack up for multi-day orgies

8/13/2015 - In Beijing a woman was killed by sword outside the same Uniqlo shop where a viral sex video was shot

8/13/2015 - Maggi noodles may soon be out of hot water—and on your plate

8/13/2015 - The Dutch “basic income” experiment is expanding across multiple cities

8/13/2015 - Pick your poison: The firm behind huge explosions in Tianjin handles all manner of hazardous chemicals

8/13/2015 - Why Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp won’t buy an Indian newspaper

8/13/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—China reassures markets, Samsung’s new devices, ancient Egyptian prenups

8/13/2015 - China reassures markets, Samsung’s new devices, ancient Egyptian prenups

8/13/2015 - In China, you might need to prove something self-evident—like you’re alive—to satisfy officials

8/12/2015 - Periscope is pulling ahead of its competitors in live-streaming apps

8/12/2015 - Tianjin explosion, Alibaba’s woes, amorous octopi

8/12/2015 - US agriculture markets went wild today

8/12/2015 - Italian parmesan makers want to sue Pornhub for calling their product “the Pornhub Premium of cheeses”

8/12/2015 - America’s top diplomat says rejecting the Iran nuclear deal could kill US economic clout

8/12/2015 - Saudi men fly through the air firing their rifles in stunning photos

8/12/2015 - Bangladesh is building “garment villages” to double its already-huge clothing exports

8/12/2015 - Video: A massive explosion rocks the Chinese city of Tianjin

8/12/2015 - China’s second yuan bomb in two days caught a lot of people off guard

8/12/2015 - Video: Take a stroll along the Pacific Ocean floor with a robot

8/12/2015 - Beautifully designed physical books create incomparable reading experiences

8/12/2015 - Laptop-sized people movers are angling to make walking a thing of the past

8/12/2015 - The owner of the Miami Dolphins just made drone racing a million-dollar sport

8/12/2015 - The traditional US college model forces students to pay for classes they don’t need

8/12/2015 - A Ugandan college project is going to become Africa’s first homegrown hybrid car

8/12/2015 - When Netflix launches in Africa, it’ll already have stiff competition

8/12/2015 - Choose your own prison policy: How would you solve the US incarceration crisis?

8/12/2015 - When Israel is involved, even trips to the beach become controversial in France

8/12/2015 - This may be the best classroom environment for raising bilingual children

8/12/2015 - Tinder insists it’s not just for hookups, via a Twitter tantrum

8/12/2015 - Sick of selling junk food and false promises, designers declare their own “Hippocratic Oath”

8/12/2015 - This $39-million football star is also an off-season farmer

8/12/2015 - Environmentalists tackling climate change should take a page from the gay marriage playbook

8/12/2015 - China’s woes mean big trouble for Alibaba

8/12/2015 - Watch an eagle punch a drone out of the sky

8/12/2015 - China’s ozone pollution is wafting over and offsetting half the reductions the US has achieved

8/12/2015 - Video: Decoding the secret language of a city’s street signs, numbers, and letters

8/12/2015 - This country had the world’s worst brain drain last year, according to LinkedIn

8/12/2015 - Why MBAs would rather intern at this little-known startup than at McKinsey

8/12/2015 - The Economist is being sold to rich Italian investors, and to The Economist itself

8/12/2015 - This is what “comfort food” is probably doing to your brain

8/12/2015 - US regulators crack down on Kim Kardashian’s promotion of medicine on Instagram

8/12/2015 - Which countries in the world use the most coal, charted

8/12/2015 - There’s finally a great use for IBM’s Watson: making fantasy football picks

8/12/2015 - South Africa’s schools will start teaching Mandarin and continue neglecting local languages

8/12/2015 - A YouTube-like portal in China has unveiled a “smart bike”—and the move is only slightly crazy

8/12/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Another China devaluation, Economist buys itself, vaporized cocktails

8/12/2015 - Another China devaluation, Economist buys itself, vaporized cocktails

8/12/2015 - Why you should work as though your kids are watching

8/12/2015 - India has lost 41 tigers this year

8/12/2015 - Looking back at the rise of Google’s new CEO, Sundar Pichai

8/12/2015 - The complete guide to becoming a successful godman in India

8/12/2015 - 100 years ago, science lost one of its greatest minds in the trenches of Gallipoli

8/12/2015 - Temp jobs are growing fast in Italy and Spain. Is that a good thing?

8/12/2015 - Faking diversity in art and literature produces caricatures, not characters

8/12/2015 - India’s foreign investment data looks great—but the problem is with India Inc

8/12/2015 - An innocent man in China has revealed by drawings how local police tortured him into “confessing”

8/12/2015 - No, China’s second currency drop wasn’t another “surprise devaluation”

8/12/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Alibaba earnings, yuan devaluation ripples, vaporized cocktails

8/12/2015 - Alibaba earnings, yuan devaluation ripples, vaporized cocktails

8/11/2015 - In China many Premier League matches will be offered only via pay-per-view—to the dismay of fans

8/11/2015 - Here’s what you need to know about China’s currency devaluation

8/11/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Alibaba earnings, China’s devaluation ripples, vaporized cocktails

8/11/2015 - Alibaba earnings, China’s devaluation ripples, vaporized cocktails

8/11/2015 - One year after Ferguson, a white man assaults 7 cops and lives to tell the tale

8/11/2015 - What Googlers (or Alphabetizers?) think of the company’s huge restructuring

8/11/2015 - The Swedish Ikea stabbing suspects are asylum seekers from Eritrea

8/11/2015 - American farmers have to stop juicing their pigs to meet China’s food safety standards

8/11/2015 - How Google is fighting ISIL in Syria

8/11/2015 - Only 10 Rwandans apparently oppose president Paul Kagame’s plan to stay in power

8/11/2015 - When China’s yuan falls, so do the fortunes of luxury fashion brands

8/11/2015 - Can’t we just remove carbon dioxide from the air to fix climate change?

8/11/2015 - What Air Zimbabwe’s one-passenger flight says about African airlines’ woes

8/11/2015 - MH17 plane crash investigators have found suspected Russian missile parts

8/11/2015 - This Harlem institute is preserving important artifacts of black culture

8/11/2015 - Americans aren’t getting that much more productive

8/11/2015 - Viral astronaut Chris Hadfield is releasing his space album

8/11/2015 - Be careful, your love of science looks a lot like religion

8/11/2015 - Even the Beckhams can’t escape obnoxious, unsolicited parenting advice

8/11/2015 - Londoners can now get drunk without drinking

8/11/2015 - To make Lenin cool again, Russia’s communist party wants kids to take selfies with his statues

8/11/2015 - Photos: Cornel West and other protesters are arrested as Ferguson enters a state of emergency

8/11/2015 - I built a Twitter bot that entered—and won—1,000 online contests for me

8/11/2015 - Los Angeles is vying to host the 2024 Olympics at an expected cost of more than $4 billion

8/11/2015 - Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova: How to revolutionize the Russian prison system

8/11/2015 - We analyzed a month of Beats 1 tracks to figure out Apple’s taste in music

8/11/2015 - Scientists studying starlight can tell you: Our universe is going dark

8/11/2015 - This is how sub-Saharan Africa will cash in on its youth

8/11/2015 - The biggest mistakes people make when choosing a life partner

8/11/2015 - Hong Kong’s raid on Uber comes right in the thick of the city’s taxi bubble

8/11/2015 - Why so many good doctors are leaving medicine behind for Silicon Valley

8/11/2015 - The case for startups to make radical transparency the top priority

8/11/2015 - Scientists warn: Several butterfly species could go extinct by 2050

8/11/2015 - Why can’t living things live forever?

8/11/2015 - Why the R&B singer Akon is reinventing himself as an African artist and businessman

8/11/2015 - Even after surviving Ebola, people still remain very sick for months afterwards

8/11/2015 - There is one place where Indian parents prefer girls over boys: the adoption agency

8/11/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—China’s currency devaluation, Australia’s climate target, migrants like selfies, too

8/11/2015 - China’s currency devaluation, Australia’s climate target, migrants like selfies, too

8/11/2015 - Zimbabwe regrets making it easier to fire workers in a country with sky-high unemployment

8/11/2015 - There’s a simple way to reverse America’s dangerous drop in vaccination rates

8/11/2015 - A swimmer who crossed the Atlantic will now cross the Pacific—and highlight what a dump it’s become

8/11/2015 - In comics: An Indian in China

8/11/2015 - Three India-born CEOs now lead companies with combined revenue exceeding the GDP of most countries

8/11/2015 - China has unexpectedly devalued its currency in an attempt to boost exports and revive its economy

8/11/2015 - Photos: What if the makers of the Stonewall movie took on other moments in American history?

8/11/2015 - Russia’s recession has deepened, and this one could last a while

8/11/2015 - Everything you need to know about public speaking, you learned in childhood

8/11/2015 - Dear Bhutan, here are five lessons in parliamentary democracy from India

8/11/2015 - China’s latest baffling crackdown: vulgar rap music

8/11/2015 - Like the Indians who united to protest the Delhi bus rape, will Pakistanis rise against child abuse?

8/11/2015 - You can read the history of Africa through this online trove of political cartoons

8/11/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Google’s radical restructuring, Singapore lowers forecast, robot jazz

8/11/2015 - Google’s radical restructuring, Singapore lowers forecast, robot jazz

8/10/2015 - Women are tweeting their periods at Donald Trump

8/10/2015 - With 100,000-plus eateries serving it, “Lanzhou lamian” can’t be ignored—especially by Lanzhou

8/10/2015 - Wall Street is really excited by Google’s restructuring—but it isn’t exactly sure why

8/10/2015 - Dr. Dre, the rapper turned Apple guru, wants you to forget about all the women he’s beaten up

8/10/2015 - Hillary Clinton wants to get rid of student loans to pay for public college tuition

8/10/2015 - Google’s new CEO, Sundar Pichai, just got the keys to the castle in the Alphabet restructuring

8/10/2015 - Technology hubs alone will not create the jobs needed for Africa’s youth

8/10/2015 - All of Google’s—er, Alphabet’s—companies and products from A to Z

8/10/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Google’s radical restructuring, Swedish IKEA stabbing, robot jazz band

8/10/2015 - Google’s radical restructuring, Swedish IKEA stabbing, robot jazz band

8/10/2015 - Google’s radical restructuring creates a parent company called Alphabet and elevates Sundar Pichai to CEO

8/10/2015 - A rare white humpback whale is spotted off Australia’s Gold Coast

8/10/2015 - The US rocket program has veered off course yet again—and that means paying Russia more

8/10/2015 - Watch: John Oliver and Laverne Cox take on the holes in sex education

8/10/2015 - The key to making Kenya’s notoriously dangerous matatu buses safer? Empowered passengers

8/10/2015 - Computer scientists invented a way to turn your skin into a mobile touch pad

8/10/2015 - The finest Panama hat in history, woven in a tiny Ecuadorean village, may be too valuable for anyone to wear

8/10/2015 - How to watch the stunning Perseid meteor shower at its peak brilliance

8/10/2015 - Zimbabwe has lifted its ban on trophy hunting—just a week after it was introduced

8/10/2015 - Robots are going to learn to play jazz

8/10/2015 - “Hell is empty”: A Shakespearean guide to the 2016 Republican primary

8/10/2015 - Charts: The inequality of South African women on National Women’s Day

8/10/2015 - Video: A robot is bullied by children, so scientists teach it how to react

8/10/2015 - Xiaomi will start making phones in India as it aims to crack the market there

8/10/2015 - This heat map shows why the Fed’s vice chairman thinks it should chill on raising interest rates

8/10/2015 - Exercising more may make you naturally crave a diet rich in fruits and vegetables

8/10/2015 - Facebook says LOL is on its way out

8/10/2015 - Two people are killed in a stabbing spree at an IKEA in Sweden

8/10/2015 - This Dutch politician is threatening ISIL wannabes with no more government benefits

8/10/2015 - The neighborhood CVS you grew up with is dead. It’s now part of Big Pharma

8/10/2015 - Led Zeppelin’s discography is immortal, thanks to Jimmy Page

8/10/2015 - Syrian refugees celebrate a risky journey to Greece with an amazing selfie-stick photo

8/10/2015 - America’s largest hate site has been raking in donations since the Charleston massacre

8/10/2015 - More migrants reached Greece last month than during the whole of 2014

8/10/2015 - New Zealand’s new national flag will be one of these 40 crowdsourced designs

8/10/2015 - Scotland is banning genetically modified crops

8/10/2015 - Why would anyone quit their jobs at dream companies like Facebook or Google?

8/10/2015 - A London taxi driver needs to memorize 25,000 streets. An Uber driver just needs a phone

8/10/2015 - Study: Children who watch TV at night are more prone to nightmares and sleep talking

8/10/2015 - Walking is lame: In the future, we’ll all have our own personal transporters

8/10/2015 - Alibaba goes old school with $4-billion investment in a Chinese brick-and-mortar retailer

8/10/2015 - Science says your “gut feeling” isn’t a metaphor

8/10/2015 - Three million gallons of toxic waste water is flowing into a river in Colorado

8/10/2015 - Your salary shouldn’t be your only source of income

8/10/2015 - African players dominate the opening weekend of the English Premier League

8/10/2015 - Your stressed-out brain is breaking your diet

8/10/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Violence in Ferguson, Buffett’s super deal, the Bard’s bud

8/10/2015 - Violence in Ferguson, Buffett’s super deal, the Bard’s bud

8/10/2015 - How Sequoia Capital India became Asia’s most prolific venture capital firm

8/10/2015 - A pair of typhoon-damaged mailboxes have become a viral hit in Taiwan

8/10/2015 - Another billionaire tech CEO—this time from China—has opted to make less than $1 per year

8/10/2015 - From plumbers to cooks, India is swiping right to find household help on apps

8/10/2015 - On Instagram, incredible images from India’s black and white era

8/10/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—HTC’s remarkable fall, remembering Michael Brown, space lettuce

8/10/2015 - HTC’s remarkable fall, remembering Michael Brown, space lettuce

8/9/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Warren Buffett’s biggest deal, Chinese exports, space lettuce

8/9/2015 - Warren Buffett’s biggest deal, Chinese exports, space lettuce

8/9/2015 - Football star and broadcaster Frank Gifford has died at age 84

8/9/2015 - Australians are making moonshine out of Vegemite

8/9/2015 - Astronauts are about to eat the first food grown in space

8/9/2015 - Should Shakespeare be taught in Africa’s classrooms?

8/9/2015 - Here’s what the dark side of the moon looks like

8/9/2015 - Warren Buffett just made his biggest deal ever

8/9/2015 - Germany’s bizarre version of capitalism—where bosses and workers actually cooperate—is winning

8/9/2015 - Photos: The Gay Pride festival in Uganda this weekend defied local law and taboo

8/9/2015 - Netscape changed the internet—and the world—when it went public 20 years ago

8/9/2015 - Photos: Remembering the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson

8/9/2015 - “Complete annihilation:” A Greek banker’s verdict on last week’s market meltdown

8/9/2015 - The women whose lives you admire on Instagram might be trying to sell you something

8/8/2015 - Retailers should ditch “men’s” and “women’s” departments and embrace genderless fashion

8/8/2015 - The death of the (not so free) free cell phone

8/8/2015 - Donald Trump is exactly the kind of rich person politicians love to fool

8/8/2015 - Take a ride around Mars with NASA’s new rover simulator

8/8/2015 - Hampton Creek’s Josh Tetrick: “I haven’t always been the best CEO, but…”

8/8/2015 - Maternity and paternity leave is important. But you need workplace policies that can grow with your family

8/8/2015 - Skip the rosé: These refreshing summer wines are ancient, complex, and “orange”

8/8/2015 - Weekend edition—Netflix parents, Second Life’s second life, and Egyptian lingerie

8/8/2015 - Quartz Africa Weekly: Slow internet, West African diets, not crying for Cecil

8/8/2015 - With Greece’s healthcare system in ruins, people are turning to illegal free clinics

8/8/2015 - The Premier League is back. Celebrate by tweeting your team’s emoji

8/8/2015 - Why black women in South Africa don’t fully embrace the feminist discourse

8/8/2015 - Instead of hoverboards and flying cars, real progress should mean solving inequality

8/8/2015 - The white dress is a fantasy the wedding industry spun to make us spend more

8/8/2015 - Weekend edition—Netflix parents, Second Life’s second life, and Egyptian lingerie

8/7/2015 - Weekend edition—Netflix parents, Second Life’s second life, and Egyptian lingerie

8/7/2015 - Weekend edition—Netflix parents, Second Life’s second life, and Egyptian lingerie

8/7/2015 - Interactive: India’s ability to care for its sick

8/7/2015 - Oil had a terrible week compared to just about everything else

8/7/2015 - A Sudanese migrant walked almost the entire Channel Tunnel

8/7/2015 - Nike’s newest sneaker war strategy: Fly high school basketball players to the Bahamas

8/7/2015 - Another blogger critical of Islam is found hacked to death in Bangladesh

8/7/2015 - “Ricki and the Flash” flips Hollywood’s sexist rock star trope on its head

8/7/2015 - Hillary Clinton perfectly trolled the Republican candidates during their debate

8/7/2015 - Podcast: Why the most decadent luxury goods need the most ethical supply chains

8/7/2015 - Payrolls, prices, and ports: The 10 most important economic charts of the week

8/7/2015 - Move over Shakespeare, teen girls are the real language disruptors

8/7/2015 - Though his poll numbers don’t show it, John Kasich won the GOP debate

8/7/2015 - Vine is a sleeping giant (while everyone is focused on Snapchat)

8/7/2015 - The “YouTube of China” is acting more and more like YouTube

8/7/2015 - Mindy Kaling’s secret to success is brilliantly simple: “Work hard, know your sh*t”

8/7/2015 - Nigeria’s electricity crisis is so bad that people are spending three times more running back-up generators

8/7/2015 - The truth about discrimination in science, from six female professors

8/7/2015 - A child contracted the plague–yes, the plague–after a trip to Yosemite

8/7/2015 - The US coast guard’s biggest drug bust ever involved 16,000 pounds of cocaine and a homemade submarine

8/7/2015 - Scientists discover an unexpected natural hangover cure that actually works

8/7/2015 - Sub-Saharan Africa still overwhelmingly prefers the US to China

8/7/2015 - Stephen Colbert’s passionate “thank you” to Jon Stewart shows the difference a good boss makes

8/7/2015 - China, the world’s biggest ivory consumer, wants to help Zimbabwe stop poaching

8/7/2015 - Give Bobby Jindal a break—he’s as Indian as the rest of us

8/7/2015 - We’re live-charting the pretty solid US jobs report for July

8/7/2015 - To understand the UN’s failure to address sex crimes committed by peacekeepers, follow the money

8/7/2015 - Here’s why your scallops aren’t searing nicely

8/7/2015 - John Oliver has inspired Washington DC residents to fight for statehood

8/7/2015 - If the ‘Rising Africa’ hype has you eyeing investments in Africa, read this first

8/7/2015 - The contraceptive pill protects against womb cancer for decades after you stop taking it

8/7/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Cablevision and cord-cutting, US payrolls, North Korea’s new time zone

8/7/2015 - Cablevision and cord-cutting, US payrolls, North Korea’s new time zone

8/7/2015 - North Korea is establishing its own time zone by turning back the clocks 30 minutes

8/7/2015 - The land of the Kama Sutra is still waiting for a sexual revolution

8/7/2015 - Four of the world’s five fastest growing spirits brands are Indian whiskeys

8/7/2015 - Despite Bengaluru’s construction boom, its rare “forest babies” are still at home

8/7/2015 - Hillary Clinton spent the GOP debate hanging with Kanye and the Kardashians

8/7/2015 - People of China and Taiwan unite! A video about “gutter oil” is bringing consumers in both nations closer

8/7/2015 - India’s smartphone boom is triggering a wave of podcast experiments

8/7/2015 - Donald Trump turned the Republican debate into the ultimate reality show

8/7/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Pentagon hack revealed, UK labor market slowdown, robot-human warfare

8/7/2015 - Pentagon hack revealed, UK labor market slowdown, robot-human warfare

8/7/2015 - A non-American tries to understand Donald Trump’s mastery of the Republican presidential debate, and fails miserably

8/6/2015 - Chinese women pay thugs thousands of dollars to win back their cheating husbands

8/6/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—US presidential debate, $5.5 billion Oreo bet, robot-human warfare

8/6/2015 - US presidential debate, $5.5 billion Oreo bet, robot-human warfare

8/6/2015 - Russia reportedly hacked Pentagon computers

8/6/2015 - The latest low for American Apparel: outfitting the dorky campers in “Wet Hot American Summer”

8/6/2015 - Watch: A dramatic Doctors Without Borders rescue of capsized migrants in the Mediterranean

8/6/2015 - James Franco to co-star with himself in David Simon’s HBO porn drama

8/6/2015 - These days, running for US president means riding with Uber—and on that count, Ted Cruz has the lead

8/6/2015 - A GOP candidate’s guide to debating Donald Trump: don’t debate him

8/6/2015 - West Africans have some of the healthiest diets in the world

8/6/2015 - Jon Stewart leaving the “The Daily Show” is the perfect excuse to cut the cord

8/6/2015 - The Netherlands is designing a ferris wheel with a built-in windmill and hotel

8/6/2015 - Attacks against 401(k)s are missing the point

8/6/2015 - Tesla’s shares are having a lousy summer

8/6/2015 - 150-year-old images reveal what Japanese artists once thought about exotic American visitors

8/6/2015 - Your guide to the GOP debate

8/6/2015 - Watch a live map showing Londoners swearing about the latest tube strike

8/6/2015 - Video: What if other countries saw the same PSAs about hungry Americans that Americans see about them?

8/6/2015 - Iran has cloned an endangered animal with help from a surrogate sheep

8/6/2015 - Good news: Smoking marijuana as a teen may not impact your health as an adult after all

8/6/2015 - After years as the target of his mockery, Arby’s bids a fond farewell to its arch-enemy, Jon Stewart

8/6/2015 - The new “Stonewall” movie continues a proud Hollywood tradition of erasing key minorities from history

8/6/2015 - China is creating its own sci-fi franchise to rival “Transformers” and “The Hunger Games”

8/6/2015 - Teslas can be hacked while driving, too

8/6/2015 - Greek unemployment in May was the lowest it’s been in nearly three years

8/6/2015 - Tesla CEO Elon Musk on potential Uber partnership: “Hmmm”

8/6/2015 - Jimmy Fallon: The GOP debate will be the TV version of “your uncle’s Facebook feed”

8/6/2015 - Spain is obsessed with its progressive new mayors using public transport

8/6/2015 - Jon Stewart’s seven most serious moments on “The Daily Show”

8/6/2015 - The vast majority of iPhone owners aren’t using Apple Music yet

8/6/2015 - Keeping chocolate from melting is Big Candy’s next big challenge

8/6/2015 - 70 years later, a majority of Americans somehow think dropping the atom bomb on Hiroshima was justified

8/6/2015 - The real secret to success in Silicon Valley, according to a Stanford professor

8/6/2015 - One in ten young people take a selfie every day

8/6/2015 - Photos: An abandoned Chinese village has been reclaimed by nature

8/6/2015 - Ad firms are the reason Adobe’s Flash still exists—despite its many, many security flaws

8/6/2015 - Forget the fancy technology. Your body already knows how to pick the perfect running shoes

8/6/2015 - Where Putin is still popular

8/6/2015 - Could the Oculus Rift help give Second Life a second life?

8/6/2015 - Does Gautam Adani really need Australia’s Galilee Basin coal mine?

8/6/2015 - In Uganda, men can no longer demand refunds on “bride prices” when they get a divorce

8/6/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Hiroshima victims honored, Uber’s court challenge, dangerous street lamps

8/6/2015 - Hiroshima victims honored, Uber’s court challenge, dangerous street lamps

8/6/2015 - Will Tesla end up like the Model T or the Concorde jet?

8/6/2015 - Study: Spicy food may help you live a longer life

8/6/2015 - It’s clear the US should not have bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki

8/6/2015 - India’s richest temple is now an investor in the country’s booming stock market

8/6/2015 - An India-born Nobel laureate’s solutions for fixing science in India

8/6/2015 - Two little-known smartphone brands are creeping up on Samsung and Xiaomi in China

8/6/2015 - With Modi’s “acche din” nowhere in sight, Indian households are getting worried

8/6/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Hiroshima victims honored, Tesla’s bad news, Ireland’s Minion nuisance

8/6/2015 - Hiroshima victims honored, Tesla’s bad news, Ireland’s Minion nuisance

8/5/2015 - China’s stock market stimulus has cost over $1 trillion so far

8/5/2015 - Tesla’s Model X SUV will arrive in September

8/5/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Suez Canal upgrade, MH370 debris confirmed, Earth’s mini-moon groupies

8/5/2015 - Suez Canal upgrade, MH370 debris confirmed, Earth’s mini-moon groupies

8/5/2015 - Don’t let Whole Foods ruin the refreshing experience that is infused water

8/5/2015 - What do we really mean when we talk about cultural appropriation

8/5/2015 - Apple lost $100 billion in value in just two weeks

8/5/2015 - Russia proposes a ban on foreign-made condoms

8/5/2015 - Almost 100 New Yorkers caught Legionnaire’s disease from their buildings’ air conditioning

8/5/2015 - By Satya Nadella: Kenya’s inspiring technological transformation

8/5/2015 - Jeb Bush’s shadow campaign chalks up a fishy donor disclosure to an administrative error

8/5/2015 - India has lifted its online porn ban—but ISPs are going to keep blocking it anyway

8/5/2015 - Investigators say the Boeing 777 fragment found last week is from Malaysia Airlines 370

8/5/2015 - Watch: John Oliver cheers on three Chechnyan women who catfished ISIS

8/5/2015 - US companies now have to disclose how much more their CEOs make than regular employees

8/5/2015 - How to tip in almost any ambiguous situation you can imagine

8/5/2015 - It’s not just Sandra Bland: US jails drive thousands to suicide

8/5/2015 - South Sudan’s beloved national beer may be the next casualty of its civil war

8/5/2015 - #ILookLikeAnEngineer challenges sexism and showcases real women in tech

8/5/2015 - Jon Stewart guest-lectured my very first journalism class

8/5/2015 - Tanzania’s wealth per capita has increased 92% over the last 15 years

8/5/2015 - The spoils of the Petrobras scandal: a blockbuster exhibit of confiscated art

8/5/2015 - The myth that won’t die: Tube strikes don’t cost London £300 million per day

8/5/2015 - Four of the five biggest banks on the planet are Chinese—and that’s worrisome

8/5/2015 - The strong US dollar is suffocating America’s exports

8/5/2015 - This 10-hour YouTube video turns Donald Trump insults into art

8/5/2015 - Airbus has patented a jet that could take you from Tokyo to Los Angeles in three hours

8/5/2015 - China says it has stopped its controversial island-building project in the South China Sea

8/5/2015 - Facebook’s new patent lets lenders reject a loan based on your friends’ credit scores—but don’t freak out

8/5/2015 - Elon Musk has second thoughts about getting a second divorce from his second wife

8/5/2015 - Should search algorithms be moral? A conversation with Google’s in-house philosopher

8/5/2015 - Public forgiveness is a crucial step toward collective healing in the US

8/5/2015 - A chicken will soon be the recipient of a $2,500, 3D-printed prosthetic leg

8/5/2015 - Safaricom will not be forced to loosen its dominant hold on Kenya’s mobile-money market

8/5/2015 - There are now more than 24,000 different Android devices

8/5/2015 - The world isn’t paying enough attention to Latin America’s child-bride problem

8/5/2015 - This is how executives diagnose weakness and build plans with confidence

8/5/2015 - An American college degree doesn’t do much to foster a lifelong love of learning

8/5/2015 - Study: How experiencing awe transforms the way you treat the people around you

8/5/2015 - Scientists have found a way to make eco-friendly plastic out of corn syrup and bacteria

8/5/2015 - Researchers have proven CEO behavior impacts IPO stock pricing

8/5/2015 - Mark Hamill defaced Star Wars cards of himself to make you laugh

8/5/2015 - The business-savvy abbot of Shaolin Temple is being investigated for womanizing

8/5/2015 - The world’s most dangerous banks, ranked

8/5/2015 - Seven questions for the strategist who orchestrates Uber’s political victories

8/5/2015 - The Suez and Panama canals are being expanded, but some ships still won’t fit into either

8/5/2015 - ‘Sleeping on it’ really is the smartest way to solve a problem

8/5/2015 - Why Floyd Mayweather chose such a disappointing opponent for his final fight

8/5/2015 - These Icelandic lullabies are absolutely terrifying

8/5/2015 - Why rich Americans thought it was a good idea to lend billions to Puerto Rico

8/5/2015 - A short history of those pearly white, mouthwatering rasgullas

8/5/2015 - How the Apple Watch may have saved this man’s life

8/5/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—CEO pay disclosure, Republican debate lineup, 3D-printed chicken legs

8/5/2015 - CEO pay disclosure, Republican debate lineup, 3D-printed chicken legs

8/5/2015 - After the US and China, India is the third-largest market for morning after pills

8/5/2015 - China plans to establish police units inside internet companies’ offices

8/5/2015 - Lagos recycling start-up, Wecyclers, wins backing from Steve Case Foundation

8/5/2015 - Narendra Modi—the master of the message—is losing the plot

8/5/2015 - Timeline: 200 years of India’s struggle with land acquisition laws

8/5/2015 - Why your internet connection is slow wherever you are in Africa

8/5/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Disney’s disappointing results, Republican debate lineup, prosthetic chicken legs

8/5/2015 - Disney’s disappointing results, Republican debate lineup, prosthetic chicken legs

8/4/2015 - China has a growing “lost generation” of migrant children

8/4/2015 - Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is reportedly thinking about running for president

8/4/2015 - No, Kelly Osbourne, here’s what Latinos are actually doing in the American workforce

8/4/2015 - Netflix will offer up to a year of paid maternity and paternity leave

8/4/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Kerry in Malaysia, Shire’s Baxalta bid, prosthetic chicken legs

8/4/2015 - Kerry in Malaysia, Shire’s Baxalta bid, prosthetic chicken legs

8/4/2015 - Etsy’s market value is evaporating after reporting more losses

8/4/2015 - In their jobs, Millennials want the same things as their predecessors

8/4/2015 - When it comes to switching jobs, everyone wants the same thing

8/4/2015 - The world’s data will more than quadruple in the next five years

8/4/2015 - Data is expected to double every two years for the next decade

8/4/2015 - It’s an employee’s job market

8/4/2015 - Employers take note—it’s a good time for your top talent to find another job in the US

8/4/2015 - Explore shifting corporate investments in the post-internet era

8/4/2015 - How corporate investment changed post-internet boom

8/4/2015 - What you believe about Millennial workers may not be true

8/4/2015 - What the Millennial labor takeover really means

8/4/2015 - These are strategies for staying grounded in a data deluge

8/4/2015 - Big data: If you’re not using it yet, you’re missing out on a huge resource

8/4/2015 - As unemployment falls, competition for talent rises

8/4/2015 - It’s a good time to be a skilled worker in the US

8/4/2015 - AOL co-founder Steve Case on the relationship between Washington and Silicon Valley

8/4/2015 - CFOs are unifying their finance and HR systems to drive growth

8/4/2015 - A mystery drone dropped a load of heroin and marijuana into an Ohio prison yard

8/4/2015 - Houses of the near future can replace stairs with this Star Trek-like elevator

8/4/2015 - Major League Baseball’s streaming video unit is taking over hockey, too

8/4/2015 - Police officers committed nearly one in six of the homicides in Rio de Janeiro last year

8/4/2015 - Coach wants to be the American Louis Vuitton

8/4/2015 - Russia just claimed a huge chunk of the Arctic

8/4/2015 - Declaring an official language in the United States is unnecessary—and un-American

8/4/2015 - An epic photo of humans swimming with whales, and other winners from this year’s National Geographic travel photo contest

8/4/2015 - A second US-backed energy pipeline has been attacked, this time in Turkey

8/4/2015 - The tiny new website that could give LinkedIn a run for its money

8/4/2015 - Marc Andreessen has become a benchmark for building an influential Twitter following

8/4/2015 - An ex-Goldman Sachs executive will lead Alibaba’s efforts to sell more foreign products to Chinese shoppers

8/4/2015 - Shire’s bid for Baxalta could make 2015 the biggest year ever for pharma M&A

8/4/2015 - Zimbabwe has suspended the hunting of wildlife following the death of Cecil the lion

8/4/2015 - In Facebook’s world, you can agree with Mark Zuckerberg now or you can agree with him later

8/4/2015 - A London department store has started selling Christmas really, really early this year

8/4/2015 - Norwegian “Game of Thrones” fans are enrolling in a new viking school

8/4/2015 - Russian inflation is refusing to go away quietly

8/4/2015 - Donald Trump actually looks like a serious contender for the GOP presidential nomination

8/4/2015 - Elizabeth Warren to Republicans on their Planned Parenthood defunding: “Did you fall down, hit your head?”

8/4/2015 - Kids who are very picky eaters tend to be more anxious and depressed

8/4/2015 - Rejoice: Epson is getting rid of printer cartridges

8/4/2015 - Four big negotiation mistakes, and one way to fix them

8/4/2015 - Why there has never been a better time to trust journalism

8/4/2015 - Uganda’s Miss Earth contest to promote environmentalism will award the winner a car

8/4/2015 - Your brain is particularly vulnerable to trauma at two distinct ages

8/4/2015 - Pret A Manger’s CEO wants to open vegetarian-only stores

8/4/2015 - Photos: Parents capture their kids learning the lost art of unplugged play

8/4/2015 - The neverending misery of Britain’s bailout of RBS, in six charts

8/4/2015 - Fliers want to pay airlines more money to exit the plane first

8/4/2015 - This new product wants to make you work even harder—and give you points when you do

8/4/2015 - Chinese textile manufacturers found a cheap new place for outsourcing: the US

8/4/2015 - United and American join Delta in banning big game trophies from their flights

8/4/2015 - Emoji are headed to the big screen, which is a better movie idea than you might think

8/4/2015 - Videos: How Martin Scorsese’s films feature his lifelong love for the Rolling Stones

8/4/2015 - Silicon Valley’s favorite meal-replacement drink, Soylent, is now bottled and made of algae

8/4/2015 - Here’s what happened when I held up a “Putin is a Dick” sign in Red Square

8/4/2015 - The megacities of our sharing-economy future will demand a very different kind of car

8/4/2015 - The drug company give-away killing the world’s biggest trade deal

8/4/2015 - Africa’s millionaires are in Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa with some in Kenya too

8/4/2015 - The US is accused of watering down a human rights report for the sake of politics and trade

8/4/2015 - Here’s why drone cameras take such smooth, immersive video

8/4/2015 - Who cares if supermodel Gisele wears a burqa?

8/4/2015 - Austerity and hyper-nationalism will make life dangerous for migrants in Greece

8/4/2015 - Beyond Bollywood: New Indian cinema finds critical and financial success

8/4/2015 - When it comes to determining dawn, roosters believe their rooster bosses over their own lying eyes

8/4/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—BMW’s China troubles, Californian evacuations, lunar travel receipts

8/4/2015 - BMW’s China troubles, Californian evacuations, lunar travel receipts

8/4/2015 - China’s ban on single women freezing their eggs has become a national conversation

8/4/2015 - Dear Indian internet startups, spend big on local languages if you want a piece of the next billion

8/4/2015 - Britain is so devoid of sunlight that everyone is being told to take supplemental vitamin D

8/4/2015 - A Chinese media company is taking over East Africa’s booming pay-TV market

8/4/2015 - An investment from China’s sovereign wealth fund to Didi Kuaidi bodes well for ridesharing in China

8/4/2015 - Ola is finally willing to share its bounty with hackers

8/4/2015 - India and Pakistan’s unlikely anti-pornography crusaders: a lawyer and a teenager

8/4/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—AIG beats expectations, South China Sea disputes, lunar travel expenses

8/4/2015 - AIG beats expectations, South China Sea disputes, lunar travel expenses

8/3/2015 - The FDA has approved the first drug made by a 3D printer

8/3/2015 - Oil prices are falling again. Here’s why

8/3/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Puerto Rico defaults, Obama’s climate plan, lunar expense reports

8/3/2015 - Puerto Rico defaults, Obama’s climate plan, lunar expense reports

8/3/2015 - After Cecil the lion’s killing, Delta is banning big-game hunts from its flights

8/3/2015 - Macy’s is taking on Amazon in the race for same-day delivery

8/3/2015 - Twitter stock just hit a new all-time low

8/3/2015 - Listen: Beijing’s Winter Olympics 2022 theme sounds a lot like “Let it Go” from “Frozen”

8/3/2015 - The Philadelphia man who beheaded a Canadian hitchhiking robot was caught on video

8/3/2015 - Kraft is recalling cheese slices because they’re a choking hazard

8/3/2015 - Amazon has put new limits on sharing Prime accounts

8/3/2015 - This mitten is made from the same stuff as Jell-O, and that’s good for sustainability

8/3/2015 - The US government reimbursed Buzz Aldrin $33 for his trip to the moon in 1969

8/3/2015 - US officials warn that medical devices are vulnerable to hackers

8/3/2015 - How will ad-blocking software change the web-content industry?

8/3/2015 - Photos: Stunning images of California’s 21 wildfires show nature’s terrible beauty in action

8/3/2015 - By Bill Gates: Why I’m investing $1 billion of my own money into clean energy research

8/3/2015 - Why three German car makers just bought a mapping company from Nokia

8/3/2015 - Golden Rice—a star among GMO foods—has a major study retracted

8/3/2015 - An unrepentant US hunter justified her killing of “dangerous” giraffes in Africa

8/3/2015 - A Chinese company is building a railway through Nairobi’s national wildlife sanctuary

8/3/2015 - Men are literally freezing women out of the workplace

8/3/2015 - Astronaut Scott Kelly and President Obama have the perfect Twitter bromance

8/3/2015 - The Saudi king cut his insanely opulent French Riviera vacation short after a public outrcy

8/3/2015 - This is the first braille-enabled smartwatch

8/3/2015 - Greek stocks tanked as trading resumed for the first time in more than a month

8/3/2015 - Shell has a gas station bathroom that you’ll never want to leave

8/3/2015 - A 16-year-old girl has died after being stabbed during Jerusalem’s gay pride parade

8/3/2015 - Alibaba and Tencent’s booming mobile payments businesses could hit a speed bump in China

8/3/2015 - Party’s over: China pulls Viagra-laced “elixirs” from liquor stores

8/3/2015 - Why South Africa’s largest mobile network, Vodacom, failed to grow M-Pesa

8/3/2015 - Ultimate frisbee takes a major leap toward becoming an Olympic sport

8/3/2015 - I can’t sleep well either—and I have the numbers to prove it

8/3/2015 - Meet the most successful NRI businessman you’ve probably never heard of

8/3/2015 - This cancer drug may be our best hope yet for eliminating HIV once and for all

8/3/2015 - A guide to watching porn in India—despite the ban

8/3/2015 - Kenya promises to start naming and shaming corrupt public servants

8/3/2015 - Today’s ice cream is a scientific miracle

8/3/2015 - Immigration judges are burning out faster than prison wardens and hospital doctors

8/3/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—HSBC’s earnings smash, Greece stocks plummet, Trump’s foreign labor

8/3/2015 - HSBC’s earnings smash, Greece stocks plummet, Trump’s foreign labor

8/3/2015 - After a rap on its knuckle, Hindustan Unilever better walk the talk on its CSR claims

8/3/2015 - A Citadel subsidiary has been targeted in China’s crackdown on “malicious” foreign short-sellers

8/3/2015 - African business schools are adding anti-corruption education to their programs

8/3/2015 - Europe wants to be the world’s leading tech power. Andrus Ansip is tasked with making it happen

8/3/2015 - Rural Chinese villagers are the hot new e-commerce market

8/3/2015 - After three decades in power, Uganda’s Museveni is running for president again

8/3/2015 - One year after the government banned its chat app, Line is still in China—selling lattes and tote bags

8/3/2015 - Hollywood and Indian regional films are stealing Bollywood’s thunder

8/3/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Obama’s climate rules, BMW-Audi cooperation, arousing Chinese liquor

8/3/2015 - Obama’s climate rules, BMW-Audi cooperation, arousing Chinese liquor

8/2/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Obama gets tough, Canada calls elections, Viagra in Chinese liquor

8/2/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Obama gets tough, Canada calls elections, Viagra in Chinese liquor

8/2/2015 - College can be made more affordable and more accessible–here’s how

8/2/2015 - Canada’s hitchhiking robot is brutally decapitated after two short weeks in the US

8/2/2015 - One big factor determines whether a misbehaving kid sees a doctor or a cop

8/2/2015 - Smog-belching refrigerated trucks might soon emit harmless nitrogen instead

8/2/2015 - How one drawing helped people explain hard ideas in easy words

8/2/2015 - Emoji depicting same-sex parenting and kissing may soon be illegal in Russia

8/2/2015 - The Chinese mobile gaming market is already huge and will only get bigger

8/2/2015 - The “Mom Body” is like Dad Bod, but so much stronger

8/2/2015 - How to talk to small children about racism

8/2/2015 - Let’s abolish Olympic host cities

8/2/2015 - The moral argument for using science to design healthier, longer-lived children

8/2/2015 - Be kind and understanding to the genius in your life

8/1/2015 - A Western student went to North Korea to study and he describes what it was like

8/1/2015 - Jericho, another lion in Cecil’s pride, is alive and well, contrary to an initial report

8/1/2015 - Two US retailers are covering up Cosmopolitan’s sexy headlines

8/1/2015 - The Empire State Building will use its famed lighting display to show images of endangered animals

8/1/2015 - Bumps and lumps: The 10 most important economic charts of the week

8/1/2015 - Spam has fallen to a 10-year low and is unlikely to make a comeback

8/1/2015 - Comets are less like floating rocks, and more like deep-fried ice cream

8/1/2015 - Balenciaga and Alexander Wang’s breakup: They’ll both be better off

8/1/2015 - A small Saudi Arabian airplane crashed in the UK, with Osama bin Laden’s relatives on board

8/1/2015 - Spain’s brutal heatwave is reviving the need for a siesta

8/1/2015 - Quartz Africa Weekly: Walmart in Lagos, Africa’s population boom, mobile’s financial inclusion

8/1/2015 - Weekend edition: Cecil the lion, cocaine prices, giant fighting robots

8/1/2015 - How to access a million stunning, copyright-free antique illustrations released by the British Library

8/1/2015 - Greece’s tourism industry is showing signs of life

8/1/2015 - Every designer should know about this rentable font library

8/1/2015 - To end American poverty, we must make voting mandatory for everyone

8/1/2015 - One of climate change’s biggest dangers is one the world still isn’t talking about

8/1/2015 - I went to India, and all you got were these lousy cartoons

8/1/2015 - Weekend edition: Cecil the lion, cocaine prices, giant fighting robots