8/31/2014 - A billionaire’s son designs an app to keep nosy parents at bay

8/31/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—British jihadists, Hong Kong, changing IQs, lost pesetas

8/31/2014 - Americans are about to be reminded that butter is a luxury

8/31/2014 - What Macau’s “election” says about the future of Hong Kong

8/30/2014 - What Abe and Modi need from each other

8/30/2014 - Reminder: Don’t question France’s 35-hour work week

8/30/2014 - The White House’s roster is starting to resemble Google’s list of former employees

8/30/2014 - Meet the latest investment you can’t afford: classic cars

8/30/2014 - This is what happens in your brain when you hear your favorite song, whether it’s Bieber, Biggie or The Beatles

8/30/2014 - This is why you never end up hiring good developers

8/30/2014 - The Smithsonian has been yarn-bombed, and is now home to nearly 400 old shoes

8/30/2014 - Your IQ isn’t constant: It changes over time

8/29/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Burger King’s move, Yellen’s revolution, Motorola, Burning Man

8/29/2014 - You can say this for Saddam Hussein: he meant what he said

8/29/2014 - Two Norwegian artists are opening an art academy in North Korea

8/29/2014 - China is now using drones to catch “terrorists” in Xinjiang

8/29/2014 - This new technology could make watching foreign films easier

8/29/2014 - The week’s 14 most important economic charts

8/29/2014 - We should have seen this profit warning coming, Tesco edition

8/29/2014 - This treatment may help in the fight against Ebola—just not the Ebola we know about

8/29/2014 - Why nobody should be upset that the ALS foundation only spends 27% of donations on research

8/29/2014 - Here’s the new meme for white people

8/29/2014 - An opposition Russian deputy has an idea to weaken Moscow’s influence in Europe

8/29/2014 - It’s official, Brazil is in recession

8/29/2014 - Why Abercrombie & Fitch is giving up logos, explained in a single chart

8/29/2014 - Global warming is about to turn Sweden’s highest mountain into its second highest

8/29/2014 - What riding my bike has taught me about white privilege

8/29/2014 - How to follow the eruptions of volcanoes in Iceland and Papua New Guinea

8/29/2014 - The inside story of Google’s secret quest to deliver products with drones

8/29/2014 - The invasion of Ukraine, in maps, satellite photos, and video

8/29/2014 - Gandhi would have been amused at being played by a Brit, Nehru told Richard Attenborough

8/29/2014 - US workers, kick off Labor Day weekend with some depressing charts

8/29/2014 - A 500-mile solo hike cured my loneliness

8/29/2014 - Obama’s next technology guru may be this staunch supporter of women in tech

8/29/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Ukraine invasion, Abenomics takes a hit, Icelandic eruption, kebab safety

8/29/2014 - Hong Kong’s battle with China over democracy begins in earnest this weekend

8/29/2014 - This startup can make your smart TV seem like an utter waste of money

8/29/2014 - Lesson from a new Indian government’s rollout: Modi doesn’t do small

8/28/2014 - Skip the interview. This startup just wants to know how well you trade stocks

8/28/2014 - India is finally about to take soccer seriously

8/28/2014 - Seven reasons why every industry should recruit teachers

8/28/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Ukraine crisis, Brazil’s bad news, smartwatch wars, standing desks

8/28/2014 - This hidden leading indicator tells us that the US job market is getting even stronger

8/28/2014 - These seven charts explain how Ferguson—and many other US cities—wring revenue from black people and the poor

8/28/2014 - Miranda July’s new app turns users into performance artists

8/28/2014 - Why almonds are bad news for the environment

8/28/2014 - M&A skipped its usual summer vacation and hit record highs instead

8/28/2014 - The case for equipping every classroom with standing desks

8/28/2014 - This country is Google’s latest target for cultivating mommy entrepreneurs

8/28/2014 - Asia has gotten too rich for the global poverty line

8/28/2014 - People magazine doesn’t seem to like putting black people on its cover

8/28/2014 - Inside Chipotle’s quest to be the fastest fast-casual restaurant

8/28/2014 - People with an inflated view of themselves get others to believe it, too

8/28/2014 - Festivals are becoming the national pastime for America’s millennials

8/28/2014 - The best, most snackable one-season shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime

8/28/2014 - St. Louis is becoming more diverse—just not in the black part of town

8/28/2014 - Something really important is starting to happen in the US economy

8/28/2014 - On the financial front, both Russia and Ukraine are fighting losing battles

8/28/2014 - As Erdogan ascends to the presidency, Turkey’s star is in free fall

8/28/2014 - A Texas megachurch is preaching the gospel of drones

8/28/2014 - What can the US and NATO do to prevent Putin from defeating Ukraine?

8/28/2014 - India’s health minister has some medieval ideas about women’s bodies

8/28/2014 - This is how much it really costs to live in San Francisco

8/28/2014 - The cheapest places around the world to buy a plane ticket

8/28/2014 - Blacks in the US are killed by law enforcement at three times the rate of whites

8/28/2014 - Alibaba’s prospectus carries a stark message for investors—it’s not about your needs

8/28/2014 - Should the SAT be optional?

8/28/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Dollar General’s future, US banks hacked, Samsung wearables, typewriter soundtracks

8/28/2014 - I have been stalked since school—the torture of women India turns a blind eye to

8/28/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—China oil, Pakistan agreement, JPMorgan hacked, Lego novels

8/27/2014 - Ecuador’s unhealthy dependence on China is about to get $1.5 billion worse

8/27/2014 - The Times of India’s new contract to journalists: Giving up personal tweets is “in YOUR interest”

8/27/2014 - Another reason to spend money on experiences rather than things—the positive benefits of anticipation

8/27/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Erdogan’s inauguration, Alibaba’s earnings, Shell’s retreat, Ebola jokes

8/27/2014 - TiVo is still around and it actually has a decent business

8/27/2014 - Shell is selling one of the most pilfered oil pipelines in the world

8/27/2014 - Why is Uber so scared of a much smaller competitor?

8/27/2014 - Apple will unveil the iWatch on Sept. 9—here’s what to look for

8/27/2014 - South Korea’s government wants kids to spend less time and money learning English

8/27/2014 - How a pump, sensor, and meter will change the way we recover oil and gas

8/27/2014 - Alibaba’s latest IPO filing is a glimpse into its future

8/27/2014 - Scientists use lasers to manipulate memories in mice

8/27/2014 - The ridiculously troubled country with the world’s best-performing stock market

8/27/2014 - The decline of luxury goods in Japan, as seen through Tiffany’s latest earnings report

8/27/2014 - The real reason Burning Man isn’t for regular folks

8/27/2014 - 13 Hyperlapse videos that capture the beauty of transit around the world

8/27/2014 - The inside story of how Netflix came to pay Comcast for internet traffic

8/27/2014 - That Arizona Uzi shooting by a 9-year-old girl is one of several hundred accidental shootings that will happen this year

8/27/2014 - How I explained porn to my 9-year-old son

8/27/2014 - The cease-fire in Gaza by the numbers

8/27/2014 - Why partnering with Assad against the Islamic State is an interesting thought experiment—but a terrible idea

8/27/2014 - Small-fry tech M&A is at its most frenzied since the dot-com bubble

8/27/2014 - Job requirements are mostly fiction and you should ignore them

8/27/2014 - France’s new economy minister wasn’t alive the last time the country ran a surplus

8/27/2014 - How these special shorts saved LCD Soundsystem’s drummer from stage fright

8/27/2014 - All the reasons you can’t blame a Bollywood actress for India’s poor showing in England

8/27/2014 - Turn your marriage vows into a binding contract

8/27/2014 - Zara has been selling a kids’ T-shirt that looks like a concentration camp uniform

8/27/2014 - Welcome to the circular economy—where objects never die

8/27/2014 - What I figured out about Tesla’s future after finally driving one myself

8/27/2014 - This is Microsoft’s surprising ‘Plan B’ for mobile

8/27/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Gaza truce holds, Tiffany reports, Uber sabotage, banana money

8/27/2014 - These old manuscripts show China dominated Vietnam in the 1800s, too

8/27/2014 - 11 environmental disasters Narendra Modi blessed in his first 100 days

8/27/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—French jobs, $10 billion Snapchat, Russian warming, calm whales

8/26/2014 - Young, urban Indians say caste isn’t the issue in marriage—Mummy and Papa are

8/26/2014 - Here are six concrete ways India can build a better future (Step 1: Stop using concrete)

8/26/2014 - Can this cartoon Muslim princess soothe China’s ethnic tensions?

8/26/2014 - Today’s college freshmen were kindergarteners on 9/11, and other signs that this generation is different from yours

8/26/2014 - Two explosive reminders that the US and China are in a hypersonic arms race

8/26/2014 - Confused when you wake up? You might have “sleep drunkenness”

8/26/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Syria brinkmanship, solar earnings, Russian warming, confession TV

8/26/2014 - States with medical marijuana record fewer opioid-related deaths, study finds

8/26/2014 - A driverless car “utopia” could soon be here, and this company will be behind it

8/26/2014 - Russia’s warming faster than the rest of the planet—and seeing disease, drought, and forest fires as a result

8/26/2014 - The cable guy’s secrets: Technician claiming to work for Time Warner Cable is telling all on Reddit

8/26/2014 - What people really mean when they describe food as “orgasmic”

8/26/2014 - African survivors of Ebola have to deal with stigma, too

8/26/2014 - The intelligent office: how the internet of things will revolutionize your workplace

8/26/2014 - Affirmative action incentives can improve student performance long before college

8/26/2014 - In work reviews, women are criticized for personality rather than performance

8/26/2014 - François Hollande rearranges the deck chairs on his mutinous ship

8/26/2014 - Psychologists say overly connected children can’t read human emotion

8/26/2014 - America is in its best mood since the crisis, i.e., mildly depressed

8/26/2014 - This is the Syrian town where the first US airstrikes could fall

8/26/2014 - How big business buys the right to dodge US taxes

8/26/2014 - Rdio’s secret weapon in the streaming wars may be country music

8/26/2014 - Activist hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman is winning, surprisingly

8/26/2014 - Toddlers are really good at probability

8/26/2014 - Why the bombing of Tripoli is a game-changer for the fight against the Islamic State

8/26/2014 - How the backpack went from outdoor adventure sack to bulletproof shield

8/26/2014 - The most popular TV shows on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit

8/26/2014 - Zaha Hadid sued a prominent architecture critic for defamation, and now the critic is apologizing

8/26/2014 - How would you like to buy a home on a shopping website?

8/26/2014 - Turns out, the way Americans measure healthy weight is totally wrong

8/26/2014 - Big corporate crises call for big executive bonuses

8/26/2014 - Behind the huge cyberattack campaign in Latin America that no one has heard about

8/26/2014 - Behind the politics of road signs in Israel and Palestine

8/26/2014 - Could Beijing be the healthiest city in China?

8/26/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Time Warner buyouts, Brazil face off, ISIL surveillance, American math

8/26/2014 - This app will find you a sold-out handbag, a rare bottle of bourbon, or your dream wedding dress

8/26/2014 - This major US corporate chieftain has the honesty to call his own pay “ludicrous”

8/26/2014 - Five hundred years of Satanic art

8/26/2014 - Archeologists are scrambling to excavate a 2,600 year old city before it becomes a Chinese copper mine

8/26/2014 - Emmy voters just did something that the networks couldn’t—stop Netflix

8/26/2014 - The Times of India just instituted a bizarre Twitter and Facebook policy

8/25/2014 - The media need Al Sharpton more than black America does

8/25/2014 - A downed Israeli drone could advance Iran’s own drone program

8/25/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Ukraine-Russia talk, France’s new cabinet, Yellen the revolutionary, Korean extinction

8/25/2014 - Amazon is now aggressively going after Google’s core business

8/25/2014 - Ukraine’s president dissolves parliament in his latest hope of confounding Putin

8/25/2014 - Tall men get married earlier, but short men stay married

8/25/2014 - The depressing jobs mystery America’s top labor economist aims to solve

8/25/2014 - Human workers will take orders from robots, and they will like it

8/25/2014 - Why America should declare war on the Islamic State

8/25/2014 - Wall Street is mad about coffee pods

8/25/2014 - The story behind the shrinking ranks of Goldman partners

8/25/2014 - These words will make you better at parties

8/25/2014 - South Koreans will go extinct in 2750 if they don’t have more babies

8/25/2014 - When dead bodies have the power to speak

8/25/2014 - Look at filming locations of Emmy-nominated dramas in Google Maps

8/25/2014 - How Russia can hurt the West: An embargo hit list for Vladimir Putin

8/25/2014 - Why the US is doing nothing to stop the hemorrhaging of corporate tax dollars

8/25/2014 - Coming soon to protests in America: Government thugs (one almost punched me)

8/25/2014 - The world leader in bike-sharing is… China

8/25/2014 - Americans may now begin snorting derisively at S&P 2,000

8/25/2014 - E-cigarettes may be unsafe, but could work as a last-ditch way to quit smoking

8/25/2014 - No, the US isn’t being swamped by a libertarian wave

8/25/2014 - Older women viewers are key for top Emmy nominees

8/25/2014 - TV is no longer where TV series premiere

8/25/2014 - The police officer in the Ferguson shooting has raised more online than Michael Brown’s family

8/25/2014 - The plastic of the future could be made from spinach stems and rice hulls

8/25/2014 - This fish net uses LED lights to save fish

8/25/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Napa cleanup, France’s reshuffle, Russia’s unwanted aid, Darwinian diseases

8/25/2014 - Janet Yellen’s Fed is more revolutionary than Ben Bernanke’s ever was

8/25/2014 - Why I now say yes to independence for Scotland

8/25/2014 - The story behind India’s rice bucket challenge

8/25/2014 - Why Burger King may be abandoning the US for Canada

8/25/2014 - Indian central bank’s clarification might disrupt many foreign companies, not just Uber

8/25/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—California quake, Scotland debate, Ebola spreads, pizza perfection

8/24/2014 - Why shutting Uber down is poor regulation by India’s central bank

8/24/2014 - Why the Apple-IBM tie-up is doomed to fail, and how it could succeed

8/24/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—California quake, Israel’s dilemmas, Tesla vs GM, pizza science

8/24/2014 - Quartz has a new look—and for the first time, a homepage

8/24/2014 - It’s time to accept this fact: A really great marriage is rare

8/24/2014 - The complete guide to swearing at work

8/24/2014 - The story of Elon Musk and GM’s race to build the first mass-market electric car

8/24/2014 - Crimean winemakers are getting a helping hand from Russia

8/24/2014 - Videogaming is no longer a man’s world

8/24/2014 - Here is the recipe for perfectly browned pizza cheese as established by science

8/24/2014 - A London rapper is one of “the Beatles” suspected of killing James Foley

8/24/2014 - Smartphone-loss anxiety disorder is a real thing—and there’s a cure

8/23/2014 - Growing up poor erodes a sense of control over life well into adulthood, study finds

8/23/2014 - Yesterday was a bad day for launching rockets into space

8/23/2014 - Kickstarter-funded journalists found an ISIL training camp using Google Earth and Bing Maps

8/23/2014 - There is a point at which smokers of low-nicotine cigarettes will stop trying to make up for what’s missing

8/23/2014 - A baseball team forfeited a victory trying to avoid Obamacare

8/23/2014 - Liverpool’s quest to replace Luis Suarez, the World Cup biter, has taken a huge twist

8/23/2014 - Email is killing us

8/23/2014 - After a bad year, a fallen Silicon Valley startup is back to fix its battery

8/23/2014 - Turns out breakfast is not the most important meal

8/23/2014 - This is not the Ferguson I thought I grew up in

8/23/2014 - Are you angry at work? Good

8/23/2014 - This tool tells companies why you quit

8/22/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Images of death, Rosneft’s panic, medical supersleuths, Lego smugglers

8/22/2014 - Hindenburg Omen inventor was marketing genius, not forecaster

8/22/2014 - The markets clearly thought bad news was good news this week

8/22/2014 - Is China disguising itself as Belgium to buy US government bonds?

8/22/2014 - This guy walks into Whole Foods to market $7 mango lassi—and promptly offends another guy

8/22/2014 - US airlines clock their worst delays in two decades

8/22/2014 - Five ways to fight sexism in your startup

8/22/2014 - Playboy is betting that listicles will do better than porn on Facebook

8/22/2014 - Did sea plankton get all the way up to the International Space Station? It’s just possible.

8/22/2014 - Global bank bond offerings are at their highest levels since 2009

8/22/2014 - Putin’s “humanitarian” convoy dims hope for peace, and buys time for Ukraine’s separatists

8/22/2014 - Twelve important new charts that tell the story of the global economy

8/22/2014 - The 800-pound gorilla about to enter India’s mobile market doesn’t need to “disrupt” to succeed

8/22/2014 - While Twitter is removing the James Foley execution video, China is broadcasting it in public

8/22/2014 - Why China is going all out to celebrate the birthday of the man who opened up its economy

8/22/2014 - There’s no good reason to work five days a week—let’s work four

8/22/2014 - See what GE is doing in Bangalore, Shanghai, and New York to innovate on oil and gas technology

8/22/2014 - This is China’s third housing market downturn in seven years. Here’s what’s different this time

8/22/2014 - Whole Foods is taking heat for selling rabbit

8/22/2014 - The hopeless odds of Indian civil service aspirants in charts

8/22/2014 - A 3D-printing business that will sell you a hyperrealistic 6-inch statuette of yourself is actually doing well

8/22/2014 - This Chinese movie wants viewers to live-stream their comments—on the screen

8/22/2014 - This winding indoor stream is the coolest outdoor experience you’ll have today

8/22/2014 - Most smartphone users download zero apps per month

8/22/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Russia’s convoy, Yellen speaks, Malaysian mourning, Salinger’s home

8/22/2014 - Watch masterful sequences from this year’s Emmy-nominated directors

8/22/2014 - Citigroup’s Japanese retail banking unit is as good as sold

8/22/2014 - Ten things you can buy for the price of Giant’s new bike in India

8/22/2014 - Crisis in Islamabad: What does Imran Khan really want?

8/22/2014 - Gap is latest US clothing label to enter India; plans 40 stores starting next year

8/22/2014 - West Africa’s Ebola outbreak tests China’s commitment to the continent

8/22/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Yellen speaks, Gap heads to India, Ebola drug dilemma, space rights

8/21/2014 - Our 300-person company runs entirely on the cloud. Here’s how

8/21/2014 - Don’t buy the 97-cent iPhone

8/21/2014 - Eager to subsidize Bank of America’s massive $17 billion settlement? Here’s your chance

8/21/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Jackson Hole, BofA’s fine, Turkey’s new PM, space sea plankton

8/21/2014 - Scientists can now track California’s drought using GPS

8/21/2014 - These are the 25 most popular mobile apps in America

8/21/2014 - US officials are destroying evidence that they accepted the ice bucket challenge

8/21/2014 - Sears has lost nearly $1 billion so far this year and it’s just getting started

8/21/2014 - Six charts on the booming black-market trade that’s killing off Asia’s bears

8/21/2014 - Big investors are hoarding string instruments at the expense of musicians

8/21/2014 - The black middle class failed Michael Brown long before a white policeman shot him

8/21/2014 - The market thinks Bank of America’s mortgage nightmare is almost over

8/21/2014 - The new Turkish PM’s most important task will be to make the Turkish PM less important

8/21/2014 - Video: Innovation in government is not going to come from a guy in a suit

8/21/2014 - These cute, tiny sensors will soon be watching you everywhere

8/21/2014 - Spotify’s mesmerizing new map shows that music can be social again

8/21/2014 - Forget phablets: Asians are snapping up full-size tablets that can make calls

8/21/2014 - One way to tell how rich a country is: Look at its profusion of Android phones

8/21/2014 - Silicon Valley is driving up wages on Wall Street

8/21/2014 - These are the secrets Google wanted to keep about its self-driving cars

8/21/2014 - Egyptians on Twitter have some tips for police in Ferguson

8/21/2014 - Chemicals from sunscreen are poisoning the ocean

8/21/2014 - Where’s the moderate Muslim majority? Right here on the internet

8/21/2014 - Russian markets are rallying incredibly fast

8/21/2014 - A drone tried to deliver phones to prisoners in jail. What if it had been weapons?

8/21/2014 - LVMH’s plan to win back Asian consumers? Dive into the world of K-pop

8/21/2014 - This journalist just taught Thomson Reuters a pretty big lesson

8/21/2014 - What it feels like to be the last generation to remember life before the internet

8/21/2014 - India’s tourist paradise just used an offensive term to describe an African

8/21/2014 - The world’s largest middleman isn’t faring so well

8/21/2014 - How technology can make better fathers

8/21/2014 - Commuters think biking to work is fine, but there are better ways to get there

8/21/2014 - Cyprus’ ongoing conflict has a new victim: halloumi cheese

8/21/2014 - The full extent of what urban India believes about menstruation is extraordinary

8/21/2014 - The Philippines’ booming economy is causing a maid drain in Hong Kong and Singapore

8/21/2014 - Norway’s gargantuan sovereign wealth fund, by the numbers

8/21/2014 - Moscow’s crackdown on McDonald’s may actually bite businesses in Russia

8/21/2014 - How to run a $1 billion fund after both your co-founders go to jail

8/21/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—BofA’s settlement, Foley ransom, Russia’s burger probe, beet lipstick

8/20/2014 - No, the US government hasn’t forgotten about Countrywide founder Angelo Mozilo

8/20/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Indonesia’s election ruling, BofA’s record settlement, Target’s bad news, Brazil’s Barack Obama

8/20/2014 - Why we need black journalists to cover Ferguson

8/20/2014 - Laws banning assisted suicide are prompting more people to go to Switzerland

8/20/2014 - China’s housing market is plunging—and dragging Macau’s casino revenue with it

8/20/2014 - How the US and Europe failed James Foley

8/20/2014 - For coders, tests will replace resumes and interviews

8/20/2014 - Another big American retail brand reaches a settlement in a racial profiling case

8/20/2014 - If only Hollywood could return to its golden age—of 2002

8/20/2014 - Stunning aerial photos of US beaches reveal secret social patterns

8/20/2014 - The wallets of London’s hedge fund stars have gotten decidedly lighter

8/20/2014 - How one entrepreneur is teaching startups to stay ahead of fast followers

8/20/2014 - Chinese hackers targeted the MH 370 investigation and appear to have stolen classified documents

8/20/2014 - This entrepreneur disrupted the apparel business twice before turning 30

8/20/2014 - Why Europe is paying Germany to hold its money

8/20/2014 - Your next bellhop could be a robot named “Botlr”

8/20/2014 - How one of the founders of the indoor cycling movement measures success

8/20/2014 - Have a big wedding? You’re more likely to be in a happy marriage

8/20/2014 - In Pakistan and Ferguson, the real risks of bringing children to protests became clear this week

8/20/2014 - Why the fish you’re eating probably has much more toxic mercury than you realize

8/20/2014 - With drones, Amazon’s Indian customers could soon be getting deliveries in 30 minutes or less

8/20/2014 - Food truck nation: America mapped by its kati rolls, bulgogi tacos, and artisanal slushies

8/20/2014 - Target’s customers haven’t forgiven it for that data breach

8/20/2014 - Ivy League schools promise success, but often lead to depression

8/20/2014 - These 54 cities are more “liveable” than London and New York

8/20/2014 - Twitter is TV

8/20/2014 - The woman who may be Brazil’s next president has an unusual beauty hack

8/20/2014 - How to avoid every common mistake when booking a room on Airbnb

8/20/2014 - If black men have no future, neither does America

8/20/2014 - South Africa’s solution to lousy mobile signal: Turn streetlights into cell towers

8/20/2014 - Meet Henry, he’ll be taking care of you when you’re old

8/20/2014 - Researchers say you can surveil everyone and see only the criminals

8/20/2014 - And still cities in America are embracing the worst idea to come out of Ferguson

8/20/2014 - China slaps a record anti-trust fine on foreign firms, says “xenophobia” not a factor

8/20/2014 - These are the stories that journalist James Foley risked his life to tell

8/20/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Gaza reignites, Ballmer departs, Japan exports rise, lost baggage

8/20/2014 - Eight quotes on yoga, life, and perfection by the late BKS Iyengar

8/20/2014 - The unlikely rise and the inner turmoil of the world’s best-known yogi

8/20/2014 - The bribery scandal shows up India’s censor board for the sham it really is

8/20/2014 - BKS Iyengar, the man who brought yoga to the West, has just died

8/20/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Gaza war resumes, Pakistan’s standoff, ISIL’s message, car thieves

8/19/2014 - The backup power in your apartment is funded in the name of a poor Indian farmer

8/19/2014 - Frustrated Chinese web users bemoan Baidu and pine for the days of Google

8/19/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Gaza war resumes, Pakistan’s standoff, ISIL’s warning, skinny jeans

8/19/2014 - Dads who do this one thing have more ambitious daughters

8/19/2014 - Bank of America’s highest paid executive looks one step closer to running the firm

8/19/2014 - What can you do with a satellite the size of a small box of tissues?

8/19/2014 - Twitter now officially says your timeline is more than just tweets from people you follow

8/19/2014 - America’s relationship with orange juice continues to sour

8/19/2014 - Standard Chartered can’t seem to figure out who its customers are

8/19/2014 - Investors are convinced Apple’s iPhone 6 is going to be a smash hit

8/19/2014 - Google’s growth since its IPO is simply amazing

8/19/2014 - Iceland’s last giant volcanic eruption cost the global economy $5bn. Is that about to happen again?

8/19/2014 - Steve Ballmer leaves Microsoft with nothing but $15 billion in stock and a dream

8/19/2014 - Why libertarian favorite Uber hired a big-government political operative to beat taxis

8/19/2014 - Yoga makes brains nimble, too

8/19/2014 - The mixed-race advantage in online dating

8/19/2014 - Secret housing indicators buried in Home Depot’s earnings

8/19/2014 - There’s something a lot more valuable you can do in college than getting good grades

8/19/2014 - Yet another area where Wall Street is losing ground to Silicon Valley

8/19/2014 - NYPD shot and killed 16 people in 2012: Why our streets didn’t erupt like Ferguson’s

8/19/2014 - Passport officers are no better at performing photo ID checks than you are

8/19/2014 - Bill Gates has some back-to-school advice for teachers

8/19/2014 - Now you know what I always have: America does not value black lives

8/19/2014 - The decade since Google’s IPO explained in a single chart

8/19/2014 - The “vulture funds” are tired of being portrayed as the bad guys in Argentina’s debt crisis

8/19/2014 - Why Obama is getting zero credit for the improving US economy

8/19/2014 - Brazil’s presidential election now features two frontrunners with amazing stories

8/19/2014 - North America and Europe are still writing history—now through Wikipedia

8/19/2014 - Are London house prices finally falling back to earth?

8/19/2014 - Children’s drawings could predict their intelligence later in life

8/19/2014 - Why everybody wants a piece of your smartphone’s lock screen

8/19/2014 - Your status updates say more about your personality than you might think

8/19/2014 - What it’s like to live with ALS

8/19/2014 - Big Americans are killing the skinny jean

8/19/2014 - The war between Uber and India’s taxi operators is hotting up

8/19/2014 - Progressive dads are screwing over women at work

8/19/2014 - Moscow’s Eiffel Tower is saved from the wrecking ball

8/19/2014 - Starting this year, minorities will outnumber whites in US public schools

8/19/2014 - Why China is going after celebrities for using drugs

8/19/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—US hospitals hacked, Afghanistan election threats, StanChart fine, zoo jeans

8/18/2014 - Delhi University is about to accept transgender students—now comes the harder part

8/18/2014 - The answer to saving India’s babies is as old as humankind

8/18/2014 - Jack Dorsey’s protesting in Ferguson offers a clue of why he founded Twitter in the first place

8/18/2014 - By the numbers: these are the most popular Ice Bucket Challenge videos on YouTube

8/18/2014 - All about the recalled loan that has Russia’s Rosneft in a panic

8/18/2014 - No, Ralph Lauren isn’t selling a racist polo

8/18/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Pakistan’s protests, the Mosul dam, Gaza ceasefire, emoji origins

8/18/2014 - How black America and white America see the Ferguson shooting, charted

8/18/2014 - The only food that poor Americans can afford is making them unhealthy

8/18/2014 - Investors predict more cops in the US will soon be wearing cameras

8/18/2014 - The markets are worried that Russia is about to wield its palladium weapon

8/18/2014 - This is how Twitter is starting to fundamentally redefine itself

8/18/2014 - More evidence that Chinese demand for ivory is destroying African elephant herds

8/18/2014 - What makes a Pope say yes to war?

8/18/2014 - A waiting game in Pakistan as the clock ticks to midnight deadline for Sharif to step down

8/18/2014 - How old-fashioned, broadcast radio is avoiding internet disruption

8/18/2014 - Why I am not marching for Mike Brown and Ferguson

8/18/2014 - Despite regulatory probing, banks’ “dark pool” trading venues are doing just fine

8/18/2014 - Owning dozens of houses is no longer something to brag about for Chinese government officials

8/18/2014 - Watch John Oliver roast police enforcement for dreadful response to Ferguson shooting

8/18/2014 - The origins of two cryptic emoji

8/18/2014 - Black America does not ignore black-on-black violence

8/18/2014 - Google has one essential test when it thinks about buying a company

8/18/2014 - Apparently, the bank lobby has not heard of “the Barbra Streisand effect”

8/18/2014 - Scots are getting advice from world leaders on whether they should vote for independence

8/18/2014 - The new man in Baghdad is a lot like the old man in Baghdad

8/18/2014 - If you don’t have political-risk insurance yet in Iraq, you may be out of luck

8/18/2014 - Israel’s economic growth slows and tourist visits plummet

8/18/2014 - Another use for hashtags: to hide money transfers to sanctioned states

8/18/2014 - This map shows which of India’s states provide toilets for girls in schools

8/18/2014 - The crowdsourced map of internet traffic that keeps your favorite websites running

8/18/2014 - Three Georgia teens made an app to crowdsource police accountability

8/18/2014 - Tech firms are actually using data and analytics less than other industries

8/18/2014 - Messaging apps are shaping the mobile web’s future with a strategy straight from the ’90s

8/18/2014 - How the ice bucket challenge can boost Chinese philanthropy

8/18/2014 - This week, let’s dump a few ice buckets to wipe out malaria too

8/18/2014 - A barbed-wire crown of thorns caps Pope Francis’s politically-charged Asia visit

8/18/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Ferguson unrest, Assange’s next home, Hong Kong rally, beefcake yoga

8/18/2014 - The seven signs that you work too hard

8/18/2014 - Cash, shopping, and free dim sum brought pro-Beijing protestors to Hong Kong

8/18/2014 - Here are the gender breakdowns of India’s hottest startups

8/18/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Market turmoil, Hong Kong’s rally, US racial tensions, beefcake yoga

8/17/2014 - Teachers who don’t show up to work cost India $1.5 billion a year

8/17/2014 - How to infuse the ethos of Silicon Valley into India

8/17/2014 - The case for considering robots people

8/17/2014 - How news apps on smartphones could be amazing in the future

8/17/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Market turmoil, Hong Kong’s rally, pot’s carbon footprint, beefcake yoga

8/17/2014 - The 15 most important charts from a jittery week for the global economy

8/17/2014 - Apple’s sweet spot is the people who buy iPads and laptops together

8/17/2014 - The history of the denim suit is not a pretty one

8/17/2014 - If you’re a lawyer or a cop, you’re seen as a bad parent

8/17/2014 - BuzzFeed wants to forget the past, but is denying that privilege to its writers

8/17/2014 - 12 things white people can do now because Ferguson

8/17/2014 - This online school may replace modern liberal arts colleges

8/17/2014 - The FDA has approved a less intrusive, less painful replacement for a colonoscopy exam

8/17/2014 - Jack Dorsey was not arrested protesting in Ferguson

8/17/2014 - Stop talking about pumpkin spice lattes—they are terrible

8/16/2014 - Chess players are dying in the middle of competitive matches

8/16/2014 - Of course Elon Musk’s ice bucket challenge video is also a feat of engineering

8/16/2014 - A British telecom lets you take the morally dubious step of paying to jump the queue

8/16/2014 - Russia’s food import ban is a boon for these Brazilian, Swiss, and Turkish companies

8/16/2014 - The forgotten history of cricket in the USA

8/16/2014 - I created the original pop-up ad, and I’m sorry

8/16/2014 - Premier League teams have already spent more than $1 billion on players this summer

8/16/2014 - Why more and more restaurants are banning kids

8/16/2014 - A Google employee forgot to remove Post-it notes and it’s fueling a lawsuit

8/16/2014 - How to stop using shampoo and start having better hair

8/15/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—The lessons of Ferguson, ghost fishing, Chinese bitcoin, internet apology

8/15/2014 - The market’s clear takeaway: Long bonds are beating stocks

8/15/2014 - Wall Street’s favorite burger joint is headed for an IPO

8/15/2014 - How the UN sanctions against ISIL could have been tougher

8/15/2014 - SeaWorld’s attempt to recover: bigger tanks and water treadmills

8/15/2014 - How split memories help us perform tasks much better the second or third time around

8/15/2014 - The simple reason smartphones are getting bigger

8/15/2014 - For the first time, more Americans subscribe to cable internet than cable TV

8/15/2014 - iPhone 5C is for Midwesterners, 5S is for Northeasterners

8/15/2014 - How people are using the web’s newest corners

8/15/2014 - Guess which day is the most popular for buying pot in Washington state

8/15/2014 - Watch Mark Cuban’s tirade against the SEC over protocol for insider trading avoidance

8/15/2014 - Russia and Ukraine seem closer than ever to direct combat

8/15/2014 - Still think robots can’t do your job? This video may change your mind

8/15/2014 - Facebook’s Slingshot app is a dud, but it’s still going to be useful

8/15/2014 - The English Premier League’s attempt to control the internet will almost certainly fail

8/15/2014 - The WHO says Ebola has killed far more people than reported

8/15/2014 - There’s a massive rush to safety in the markets because of Ukraine

8/15/2014 - Watch the explosion of Ferguson on Twitter in this animated map

8/15/2014 - The chaos in Ferguson is my nightmare, your nightmare—and America’s nightmare

8/15/2014 - The story of World War II according to Japan’s controversial war museum

8/15/2014 - Russia’s secret weapon against Europe: Deflation

8/15/2014 - The secret of John Oliver’s success: people love making a difference

8/15/2014 - This is what it looks like when a country gets mobile phones

8/15/2014 - The sad devolution of Discovery Channel

8/15/2014 - Ethical consumption, meet hard drugs: fair-trade cocaine and conflict-free opium

8/15/2014 - 25 million Americans are ready to upgrade their iPhones

8/15/2014 - The unlikely cause uniting Netflix and the Big Cable lobby

8/15/2014 - You’ll soon be able to buy military-grade, high-resolution satellite images

8/15/2014 - The best business hack? Good manners

8/15/2014 - How do you lose a 3.86-ton sculpture of Lenin’s head?

8/15/2014 - The rise of robot scheduling is a nightmare for low-wage workers

8/15/2014 - It’s heartening to hear a prime minister prioritize the difficulties facing ordinary Indian women

8/15/2014 - Will wildly expensive housing devour the economies of wealthy countries?

8/15/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Boomtime in Britain, Ebola “vastly underestimated,” Ferguson calm restored, Lenin’s missing head

8/15/2014 - Why an accounting scandal at Alibaba’s new film company spells trouble

8/15/2014 - The story of Jitan Ram Manjhi, from rat-eater to Bihar chief minister

8/15/2014 - Ebola is not a “zombie disease,” China’s state-owned media affirms

8/15/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—UK outpaces EU, Coke’s Monster deal, Berkshire Hathaway’s bounce, one-armed plane landing

8/14/2014 - Monster has joined Coca-Cola, for better or worse

8/14/2014 - Pro-Russia Ukrainian hackers just replaced Polish sites with images from a Holocaust slaughter

8/14/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Russia v Ukraine, Coke + Monster, Berkshire’s bounce, robot cookery

8/14/2014 - Happy Birthday, India and Pakistan. Here’s your report card

8/14/2014 - This is not the SEC probe Bill Ackman was hoping for

8/14/2014 - Simple’s outage is a lesson in customer service, but also a warning sign for online-only banks

8/14/2014 - Two convoys of Pakistani protesters are heading for a collision with the military later today

8/14/2014 - London’s estate agents are trying to beat online competitors at their own game

8/14/2014 - The utter transformation of US finance, told in one chart

8/14/2014 - The cold, hard truth about the ice bucket challenge

8/14/2014 - We may be one step closer to a cure for jet lag

8/14/2014 - Police in Ferguson may look like soldiers, but their tactics wouldn’t pass US Army muster

8/14/2014 - Does the world need another email service? This man thinks so

8/14/2014 - The surprising democratizing power of McDonald’s Wi-Fi

8/14/2014 - T-Mobile US seems open to doing a deal with “the most hated man in Hollywood”

8/14/2014 - Like its customers, Wal-Mart is struggling

8/14/2014 - The Arab Spring is alive and kicking in middle America

8/14/2014 - Will the internet’s crowd-sourced inventors take over GE’s appliance business?

8/14/2014 - Even Keurig is raising prices due to sky-high coffee costs

8/14/2014 - The euro zone is stuck in neutral as its German engine sputters

8/14/2014 - Gazprom’s Ukraine problem just got worse

8/14/2014 - A Chilean housewife may be the best hope for medical marijuana in Latin America

8/14/2014 - This app for fashion brands is like Instagram with a “buy” button

8/14/2014 - The latest in corporate perks: Force employees to enjoy vacation by deleting their email

8/14/2014 - It isn’t just Mary Jo White: the SEC has always been a regulatory contradiction

8/14/2014 - Charting Nouri al-Maliki’s turbulent eight-year tenure as Iraq’s prime minister

8/14/2014 - One of the biggest cracks in the financial system still isn’t fixed

8/14/2014 - Six charts to show that the Great Barrier Reef is in deep trouble

8/14/2014 - A comedian’s confession: The more successful I became, the more I wanted to kill myself

8/14/2014 - A frost in Turkey may drive up the price of your Nutella

8/14/2014 - Pandora has basically written off Apple and Beats as a threat

8/14/2014 - How HBO is molding its little sister channel into a top competitor

8/14/2014 - Here’s a dress-by-number system to help you look like a dapper TV host

8/14/2014 - Here’s the script I follow when each of my 12 kids turns 18

8/14/2014 - Why your airfare is about to get more expensive

8/14/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Euro zone malaise, Islamabad protests, Walmart earnings, salmon cannons

8/14/2014 - These recommendations by the broadcast regulator are an indictment of Indian media

8/14/2014 - The Oxford dictionary’s new words are amazeballs—and a hot mess of clickbait listicle douchebaggery

8/14/2014 - China tells citizens to bike, walk, and snitch in the “united struggle” to breathe easier

8/14/2014 - Social media has given black people in Ferguson what the police cannot

8/14/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Euro zone malaise, Islamabad protests, SeaWorld soaked, salmon cannons

8/13/2014 - Raghuram Rajan explains why corrupt politicians win elections in India

8/13/2014 - Aadhaar is not all about subsidies: 5 uses for India’s biometric IDs you didn’t know about

8/13/2014 - India might be moving to 4G era, but 3G hasn’t really taken off

8/13/2014 - Chennai, home of Indian coffee, scoffs as Starbucks enters the market

8/13/2014 - Here’s what the man playing one of Robin Williams’ signature characters told his audience last night

8/13/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Euro-zone growth, Brazilian plane crash, the pope in Asia, salmon cannons

8/13/2014 - Sleeping poorly? If you’re an older man, that could mean you’re more likely to commit suicide

8/13/2014 - Slack’s explosive word-of-mouth growth in one amazing chart

8/13/2014 - Elon Musk should refuse California’s offer to waive environmental rules for Tesla

8/13/2014 - Animal rights activists have drained $1.7 billion from SeaWorld’s market value since last July

8/13/2014 - A woman winning the Fields medal for the first time is great for tech companies and STEM education

8/13/2014 - In a few decades Africa will have more young people than any other continent

8/13/2014 - A short political history of the terrorists who call themselves the “Islamic State”

8/13/2014 - Guess who’s doing “God’s work” advising companies on how to avoid US taxes?

8/13/2014 - Drug-fueled, EDM-obsessed millennials are saving the music business

8/13/2014 - This startup knows people are tired of overpaying for airport transportation

8/13/2014 - The response to West Africa’s Ebola outbreak may end up doing a lot of good

8/13/2014 - 150 years of America’s obsession with dieting fads, charted

8/13/2014 - In a leaked recording, oligarchs fear Putin’s land grab could cripple Russian soccer

8/13/2014 - I couldn’t stand millennials until I realized I was one

8/13/2014 - Greece’s collapse is officially worse than the US Great Depression

8/13/2014 - The sordid truth about being a comedian

8/13/2014 - Finally, the Modi government has tapped a technocrat to do something

8/13/2014 - Square’s search for a viable business model just got more desperate, thanks to Amazon

8/13/2014 - Some of the internet’s coolest new businesses are based on a technology older than the web

8/13/2014 - This map shows how the worst Ebola epidemic in history is spreading through Western Africa

8/13/2014 - Ukraine’s currency is collapsing, and there isn’t much it can do to stop it

8/13/2014 - Derelict fishing nets have turned the bottom of the sea into a death trap

8/13/2014 - Here are 8 other urban daredevil projects by the artists who did the Brooklyn Bridge flag caper

8/13/2014 - Chinese censorship is all part of the game as Tencent’s user base and profits grow

8/13/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Abenomics slumps, Indian inflation, US vs. ISIL, German flag bandits

8/13/2014 - A feminist’s guide to summer TV

8/13/2014 - Russia’s latest Cold War-like move—bring back the Intervision song contest

8/13/2014 - Why Robin Williams won over India so easily

8/13/2014 - Why China can blithely ignore its Hong Kong treaty with the UK

8/13/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Japan’s economy shrinks, Indian inflation grows, Candy Crush crushed, panda triplets

8/12/2014 - Turkey has a new political force—the election boycotters

8/12/2014 - Suicides are surprisingly high among middle-aged men in the US

8/12/2014 - The “Candy Crush” saga is falling apart—and investors are running away

8/12/2014 - Apple’s numbers prove again that Silicon Valley is run by white and Asian men

8/12/2014 - Tesla shares just hit an all-time high and it has nothing to do with cars

8/12/2014 - These are the international airlines that still don’t have in-flight Wi-Fi

8/12/2014 - This is the chip that could make your MacBook even thinner and lighter

8/12/2014 - Banks can’t seem to kick the habit of underwriting risky loans

8/12/2014 - Why the enormous casino that was supposed to save Atlantic City is shutting forever

8/12/2014 - Listen to Robin Williams ‘interview’ himself about the time he considered suicide

8/12/2014 - The US economy just hung up a giant “help wanted” sign

8/12/2014 - Coal India’s profits rise, but a production shortfall may hasten restructuring

8/12/2014 - Antibacterial soap may harm your unborn child

8/12/2014 - All those brain exercises for your kids? Big waste of time

8/12/2014 - These companies want to bring down America’s airline mafia

8/12/2014 - Indians are about to outnumber Americans on the internet

8/12/2014 - For $1.575 million, you could own the kissing cousin of a priceless architecture icon

8/12/2014 - How to have it all: Bring your kids to work. (Every. Single. Day.)

8/12/2014 - South Korea’s first—and only—astronaut just quit her job, ending the country’s manned space program

8/12/2014 - This Japanese flea market app hopes that Americans will tire of Craigslist

8/12/2014 - A boy who hasn’t opened his mouth in three years, and other photos of the real cost of Syria’s war

8/12/2014 - To see tech’s biggest capital raises, you have to look beyond the IPO market

8/12/2014 - The US says it finally busted the gang behind the most convincing counterfeit dollars in the world

8/12/2014 - The bizarre history and fiery end of Berlin’s iconic abandoned amusement park

8/12/2014 - Vistara launches in India with a wide range of challenges

8/12/2014 - Schools, hospitals, and prisons in Europe can thank Putin for all the free peaches

8/12/2014 - How Amazon built a TV studio that’s finally challenging Netflix

8/12/2014 - Why awesomely cheap airline flights are actually terrible

8/12/2014 - This startup sounds like a joke, but it just might work

8/12/2014 - The absence of a mysterious research center in Angola could be evidence of oil corruption

8/12/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Maliki’s next move, Russia’s Ukraine convoy, RIP Robin Williams, coffee adulterants

8/12/2014 - Spotify’s relentless global expansion will include Japan, eventually

8/12/2014 - Government’s use of Facebook, Twitter and Gmail is illegal, former BJP leader argues in court

8/12/2014 - How Robin Williams shared the spotlight to forge a beloved Hollywood career

8/12/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Russia’s stealth invasion, Robin Williams RIP, Iraq’s PM quagmire, UK sheep rustlers

8/11/2014 - China tries to bolster its charity bona fides with Ebola aid for Africa

8/11/2014 - Twitter admits that as many as 23 million of its active users are automated

8/11/2014 - And the Indian airline with the best on-time performance is…

8/11/2014 - What the world owes Hong Kong, and should fear if its democracy is denied

8/11/2014 - An obituary for Robin Williams in the form of his best scenes

8/11/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Russia’s stealth invasion, Iraq’s new PM, Mexico’s energy reform, Japan’s super-camera

8/11/2014 - No, oil isn’t behind the US strike against ISIL

8/11/2014 - Watch and learn: You don’t need to thaw steak before cooking it

8/11/2014 - How the world’s armies picture their enemies

8/11/2014 - An alternate reality for America’s struggling newspapers exists, but it’s in South Africa

8/11/2014 - Why an American pipeline giant is volunteering to pay more taxes

8/11/2014 - Charting Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s 11-year tenure as Turkey’s prime minister

8/11/2014 - Venezuela spends 13% of GDP for cheapest gas on earth

8/11/2014 - Taxi drivers’ latest gambit against Uber is to accuse it of illegal currency trading

8/11/2014 - The “Bloomberg terminal for fashion” tells retailers exactly what consumers want in real-time

8/11/2014 - Watch John Oliver grill the payday loan industry

8/11/2014 - This Steve Jobs keynote slide might as well be about today’s wearables market

8/11/2014 - It’s not your fault if you can’t remember people’s names

8/11/2014 - The incredible amount of money a giant bond trader makes

8/11/2014 - Why Princeton wants to kill its cap on giving students “A” grades

8/11/2014 - This bus stop makes waiting for the bus a lot more fun

8/11/2014 - If you could choose one thing from the internet to share with the world, what would it be?

8/11/2014 - Our love/hate relationship with technology, charted

8/11/2014 - If the tiniest US banks have such bad prospects, why are their stocks doing so well this year?

8/11/2014 - Singapore Airlines joins Tata in Indian skies: Ten things we know about Vistara

8/11/2014 - It’s déjà vu as India’s education minister is pooh-poohed on Twitter for claiming Yale degree

8/11/2014 - Banking’s trading nightmare is far from over

8/11/2014 - China made McDonald’s and Yum Brands give up one of their most guarded secrets

8/11/2014 - Samsung’s plan to reinvent itself includes less binge drinking

8/11/2014 - How to turn every child into a “math person”

8/11/2014 - What Apple’s secret in-house university teaches employees about good design

8/11/2014 - How to detect the cheap filler ingredients in your pricey coffee

8/11/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Obama arms Kurds, Erdogan’s new gig, App Store chaos, interstellar alcohol

8/11/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Obama arms Kurds, Erdogan’s new gig, App Store chaos, interstellar alcohol

8/11/2014 - China is shocked—shocked!—at the suggestion that it is bullying foreign companies

8/11/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—ISIL falls back, Erdogan’s new gig, Buzzfeed financing, App Store fixes

8/11/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—ISIL falls back, Erdogan’s new gig, Buzzfeed financing, App Store fixes

8/10/2014 - Why plumbing in India starts leaking in a few months while it lasts decades in the West

8/10/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Gaza ceasefire, Kerry in Burma, Captain America, atomic tests

8/10/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Gaza ceasefire, Kerry in Burma, Captain America, atomic tests

8/10/2014 - Tim Cook needs to hire human curators to fix the Apple App Store

8/10/2014 - India’s vital monsoon rains are changing—and not for the better

8/10/2014 - Patient Zero in the Ebola outbreak was a two-year-old boy in Guinea

8/10/2014 - Captain America is the newest victim of Amazon’s quest to control everything

8/10/2014 - Watch how the centers of Western culture migrated over 2,000 years

8/10/2014 - The 10 secrets to successful people’s calm

8/10/2014 - For most Ghanaians, there was never any boom

8/9/2014 - McDonald’s is losing a lot of customers in China over the expired meat scandal

8/9/2014 - Holden Caulfield’s summer reading assignment: “My Salinger Year”

8/9/2014 - Israeli kids are singing along to a terror pop hit recorded by Hamas

8/9/2014 - How US college’s rankings have—and haven’t—changed over the past century

8/9/2014 - Golf desperately needs a new hero, and it could be Rory McIlroy

8/9/2014 - Silicon Valley hasn’t got away with its no-poaching cartel just yet

8/9/2014 - It’s time to make experimental drugs available where people really need them

8/9/2014 - Even the professionals can’t agree on the best way to brush your teeth

8/9/2014 - Chart: Your tech peak is in your mid-teens, and it’s all downhill from there

8/9/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Ebola’s real lesson, globally-warmed wine, Yemeni blood money, Tom Cruise

8/9/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Ebola’s real lesson, globally-warmed wine, Yemeni blood money, Tom Cruise

8/8/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Ebola’s real lesson, globally-warmed wine, Yemeni blood money, Tom Cruise

8/8/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Ebola’s real lesson, globally-warmed wine, Yemeni blood money, Tom Cruise

8/8/2014 - How India can cut its $120 billion annual energy import bill

8/8/2014 - Why India is spending $330 million a day on imported oil and gas

8/8/2014 - Markets are trying to kick the junk habit

8/8/2014 - The great hope for India’s energy independence is waiting underwater

8/8/2014 - Is it the US government’s fault if an American judge made Argentina default?

8/8/2014 - In the US, energy-drink sales go up and down with gas prices

8/8/2014 - Here’s how incredibly complacent investors are right now

8/8/2014 - Italy’s triple-dip and the nine other key economic charts of the week

8/8/2014 - Eating fish just once a week can protect you from developing Alzheimer’s

8/8/2014 - Why ISIL is worse than al-Qaeda—and any other terrorist group that came before

8/8/2014 - Which “free” mobile apps are costing you the most money?

8/8/2014 - Parenting hacks: easy ways to trick kids into loving math and science

8/8/2014 - 10 ways to make the internet safe from cyber attacks

8/8/2014 - The war in Gaza has led to new calls to isolate Israeli architects

8/8/2014 - The chilling irony of the first US strikes on Iraq

8/8/2014 - Russia’s embargo is about to flood Europe with cheap fruit and vegetables

8/8/2014 - Sewage spiked with anti-anxiety meds helps baby fish live longer, mellower lives

8/8/2014 - Google’s lawyers are having their busiest summer ever

8/8/2014 - This is either an incredibly good, or bad, sign for the global economy

8/8/2014 - Have we reached the saturation point for quality American TV shows?

8/8/2014 - The pot industry is growing a startup culture

8/8/2014 - Why all airline maps look the same

8/8/2014 - HBO used to hate Netflix, now it wants to be just like it. Because, Rupert Murdoch

8/8/2014 - Softbank’s weak results are forcing it to find growth outside of Japan

8/8/2014 - Eight reasons why New Yorkers should stop complaining about how hard life is in New York

8/8/2014 - Italy should look to ancient Rome to reform its ineffective Senate

8/8/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Gaza War restarts, Iraq airstrikes approved, Softbank struggles, Swedish muscle danger

8/8/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Gaza War restarts, Iraq airstrikes approved, Softbank struggles, Swedish muscle danger

8/8/2014 - This startup upends the hiring equation by allowing tech workers to auction themselves off

8/8/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Softbank’s next move, Iraq airstrikes approved, secret menu secrets, Swedish muscle danger

8/8/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Softbank’s next move, Iraq airstrikes approved, secret menu secrets, Swedish muscle danger

8/7/2014 - Tourism contributes about as much to India’s economy as the entire IT sector

8/7/2014 - China’s criminal conviction rate is 99.9%

8/7/2014 - Thrice as many Goan teens are drinking alcohol compared with 30 years ago

8/7/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Softbank’s next move, Snowden’s permit, secret menus, Swedish muscles

8/7/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Softbank’s next move, Snowden’s permit, secret menus, Swedish muscles

8/7/2014 - An insurance agent’s improper fax rampage just cost MetLife $23 million

8/7/2014 - What is HTTPS and why does Google like it so much?

8/7/2014 - This menu design can make your patrons healthier

8/7/2014 - How this company takes a mobile game like Fruit Ninja and adapts it for Chinese users

8/7/2014 - America’s credit card addicts just climbed back on the wagon

8/7/2014 - A British investment firm owns the Dutch company that printed the Indian design on the African dress for the US vice-president’s wife

8/7/2014 - A few brain scans predicted how many people would watch “The Walking Dead”

8/7/2014 - Wall Street Big Tobacco deals have left US states with billions of debt

8/7/2014 - Goldman Sachs aims to end the era of horrifying trader chat transcripts

8/7/2014 - Why we shouldn’t “fight” cancer

8/7/2014 - Watch the first self-folding robot use origami to crawl

8/7/2014 - Can sports radio help unify war-torn Somalia?

8/7/2014 - How Chelsea is “flipping” young soccer players to avoid financial regulations

8/7/2014 - Australia’s ‘miracle’ economy now looks much less miraculous

8/7/2014 - Watch the dialup, broadband, and mobile internet revolutions—as told by three products

8/7/2014 - Now that it has banned billions of dollars in food imports, how will Russia feed itself?

8/7/2014 - The fickle business of corporate matchmaking is tormenting Wall Street banks

8/7/2014 - Meet the pioneer of the crowdfunding movement

8/7/2014 - Why American sports fans can never cut the cord

8/7/2014 - Singapore is giving its senior citizens the power to hold up traffic

8/7/2014 - How advertising its biggest competitors is paying off for America’s soccer league

8/7/2014 - Modi sympathizers among India’s public intellectuals are penning columns oozing disappointment

8/7/2014 - Forcing banks to draw up their own death plans—an exercise in futility?

8/7/2014 - The real story behind “secret menus” is the key to hacking them

8/7/2014 - The infrastructure Africa really needs is better data reporting

8/7/2014 - A newly released Chinese dissident may be doomed to a different kind of prison

8/7/2014 - Blame bad science on profit-making journals

8/7/2014 - Pandora’s new indie deal is a coup in the streaming music wars

8/7/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Russia’s food sanctions, China’s new religion, T-Mobile bidding war, Tuesday morning sexting

8/7/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Russia’s food sanctions, China’s new religion, T-Mobile bidding war, Tuesday morning sexting

8/7/2014 - A revolutionary drone-based delivery network is being tested—in Bhutan

8/7/2014 - Microsoft is offering free smartphones to laid-off Chinese Nokia employees who leave peacefully

8/7/2014 - China has neutralized the social media threat

8/7/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Australian unemployment spikes, Russia’s tit-for-tat, Ebola flight ban, monkey selfie copyright

8/7/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Australian unemployment spikes, Russia’s tit-for-tat, Ebola flight ban, monkey selfie copyright

8/6/2014 - Netflix now has more subscription revenue than HBO

8/6/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—European interest rates, Russia’s threat, Iraq’s genocides, monkey selfies

8/6/2014 - When fashion shoots try to make social commentary, the result is often ugly

8/6/2014 - America’s tax-cut obsession is colliding with reality in Kansas

8/6/2014 - Hollywood leaves Hispanics off the screen—and that makes no economic sense

8/6/2014 - Genocide watch: the Iraqi communities most endangered by the rise of ISIL

8/6/2014 - HBO Go is poised to become more like Netflix

8/6/2014 - How offshore exploration can lead to India’s energy independence

8/6/2014 - When US companies skip the country to dodge taxes, their shareholders can foot the bill

8/6/2014 - More Russians than ever think their country is going in the right direction, thanks to Putin

8/6/2014 - Why some schools are selling all their iPads

8/6/2014 - You can’t play at bombing Gaza any more but you can still “defend” Israelis or Palestinians

8/6/2014 - About to ask for a raise? Listen to these three songs first

8/6/2014 - Californians have the perfect solution to the drought—paint the lawn green

8/6/2014 - Diamonds are the US trade deficit’s best friend

8/6/2014 - International students may be outbidding bankers for fabulous London apartments

8/6/2014 - Why eBay tells Chinese manufacturers what you’re searching for

8/6/2014 - Surf the world’s most extraordinary waves with drone videos

8/6/2014 - What happens when an elite American university kills grade inflation

8/6/2014 - Who owns this monkey’s selfie?

8/6/2014 - This guy has to figure out a way to stop T-Mobile’s John Legere

8/6/2014 - AOL still has 2.3 million dialup subscribers—and they’re very profitable

8/6/2014 - Where to go for the best public Wi-Fi in the US

8/6/2014 - For the real dirt on the US economy, ask Canada

8/6/2014 - What South Korean high school students carry in their backpacks may surprise you

8/6/2014 - The CEO of a $1 billion tech company is stepping down for the best possible reason

8/6/2014 - Will human beings become a luxury good as robots take over work?

8/6/2014 - The Italian economy has gone precisely nowhere in the past 14 years

8/6/2014 - HBO’s powerhouse growth is a savior for Time Warner

8/6/2014 - A new award will honor the most destructive designs in the world

8/6/2014 - Should your driverless car kill you to save a child?

8/6/2014 - The working parent’s complete guide to working out

8/6/2014 - Lego’s female scientist set could inspire a generation of girls to become scientists

8/6/2014 - This is the mathematical formula for happiness

8/6/2014 - China’s internet sector is already huge, but it’s about to get gargantuan

8/6/2014 - Luxury car makers are the latest target in China’s attempt to tilt the playing field

8/6/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Murdoch and Sprint retreat, Apple-Samsung truce, EU comet rendezvous, Marvel’s female deficit

8/6/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Murdoch and Sprint retreat, Apple-Samsung truce, EU comet rendezvous, Marvel’s female deficit

8/6/2014 - Germany just cancelled a defense deal with Russia—who’s next?

8/6/2014 - What is a television anchor doing on the board of a large state-run bank in India?

8/6/2014 - Watch “Innovation in India,” our forum about transformative technologies, live from Bengaluru

8/6/2014 - New Zealanders fear that China is snapping up their pristine farmland

8/6/2014 - Samsung’s “zero tolerance” child labor policy is actually more like 70% tolerance

8/6/2014 - This website can predict the destiny of your wait-listed train ticket

8/6/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Murdoch and Sprint retreat, Russia retaliates, banks’ living wills, EU comet rendezvous

8/6/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Murdoch and Sprint retreat, Russia retaliates, banks’ living wills, EU comet rendezvous

8/6/2014 - You might not see it on Indian roads, but the moped isn’t dead

8/5/2014 - Wall Street banks can’t visualize a world without themselves

8/5/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Murdoch’s grilling, Russian retaliation, SpaceX in Texas, gun-loving restaurants

8/5/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Murdoch’s grilling, Russian retaliation, SpaceX in Texas, gun-loving restaurants

8/5/2014 - Disney will keep milking “Frozen” for all it’s worth

8/5/2014 - How to read Fox’s retreat from Time Warner: Rupert Murdoch never gives up this easily

8/5/2014 - Texas’ deal with SpaceX is a venture capital bet, with high risk and an astronomical reward

8/5/2014 - Record high bacon prices really are at record highs

8/5/2014 - Apple will unveil the new iPhone on Sept. 9—here’s what to look for

8/5/2014 - We’re about to find out how desperately Time Warner wants to fend off Rupert Murdoch

8/5/2014 - Why Europe should invest in imitation, not innovation

8/5/2014 - How Western films and TV shows depict the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

8/5/2014 - Wall Street is betting on boom times in mergers and acquisitions

8/5/2014 - The US can’t best China’s ambitions in Africa

8/5/2014 - These are the 10 most popular Kickstarter projects in history

8/5/2014 - As women tire of Coach’s bags, will men ride to the brand’s rescue?

8/5/2014 - Why the owner of USA Today is tearing itself apart

8/5/2014 - America’s SUV addicts are having a major relapse

8/5/2014 - The case for starting statistics education in kindergarten

8/5/2014 - BMW is on track to sell four cars a minute this year

8/5/2014 - Men die young—and it’s costing the US $479 billion a year

8/5/2014 - China’s food safety problems could be good for the world’s biggest pork producer

8/5/2014 - This little device has the potential to transform healthcare across the developing world

8/5/2014 - How the conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine are playing out across women’s bodies

8/5/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—China services down, EU services up, Gaza war wind-down, South Korean cyborgs

8/5/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—China services down, EU services up, Gaza war wind-down, South Korean cyborgs

8/5/2014 - One statistic illustrates the promise and peril of investing in Africa

8/5/2014 - Why Coke’s experiment with vitaminwater turned sour

8/5/2014 - China is finally cutting back on shark fin soup—but it may be too late

8/5/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—China services plummet, Gaza war wind-down, Google’s CEO camp, South Korean cyborgs

8/5/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—China services plummet, Gaza war wind-down, Google’s CEO camp, South Korean cyborgs

8/4/2014 - Homegrown phone makers just raced past Samsung in India and China

8/4/2014 - It’s nearly impossible to get Ebola in New York. So why is everyone freaking out?

8/4/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Gaza ceasefire, Brazil’s grim prospects, Man United’s stock, robot bees

8/4/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Gaza ceasefire, Brazil’s grim prospects, Man United’s stock, robot bees

8/4/2014 - Procter and Gamble’s CEO is dismantling the behemoth he spent a decade building

8/4/2014 - Who will end up owning Time?

8/4/2014 - What is a “bad bank” anyway? The Quartz bad-bank reader

8/4/2014 - There is only one major news site that both pro-Israelis and pro-Palestinians read

8/4/2014 - Some time playing video games could be good for kids… Maybe

8/4/2014 - Having a round face may be a man’s best business asset

8/4/2014 - Watson, the IBM supercomputer, might replace the loudmouth in your business meetings

8/4/2014 - The most important global economic trend you haven’t heard about

8/4/2014 - This startup has figured out how to make moving cheaper and less stressful

8/4/2014 - People are taking selfies with hummus to promote dialogue between Israel and Palestine

8/4/2014 - What’s really going on with all those crazy tech deals, in charts

8/4/2014 - Most Americans support Israel, but would rather not pay for its weapons

8/4/2014 - Manchester United is battling to defy the odds on the soccer pitch and in the stock market

8/4/2014 - HBO is bringing its web-only model to new countries

8/4/2014 - It’s not just Ohio—poisonous algae blooms now plague 20 US states

8/4/2014 - Warren Buffett’s incredible cash pile has hit an all-time peak

8/4/2014 - Insects eat up more urban trash than rats do—and they’re dying out

8/4/2014 - Listen to this piano that plays songs composed by clouds

8/4/2014 - Hong Kong has the opposite problem to China’s: too many women

8/4/2014 - Watch how official impersonators are chasing away monkeys in Delhi

8/4/2014 - HSBC is looking for sympathy after reporting a $12.3 billion profit

8/4/2014 - Here are some of the terrifying possibilities that have Elon Musk worried about artificial intelligence

8/4/2014 - Why the video of Ivorian cacao farmers finally trying chocolate is so distasteful

8/4/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Banco Espirito bailout, HSBC’s victimhood, India’s corruption crackdown, airlifting rhinos

8/4/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Banco Espirito bailout, HSBC’s victimhood, India’s corruption crackdown, airlifting rhinos

8/4/2014 - Every company is becoming a data company

8/4/2014 - A deadly earthquake in one of China’s poorest regions puts the government on the spot

8/4/2014 - The latest economic census has some good news about women in the work force

8/4/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Banco Espirito bailout, Iraq dam seized, Aeroflot subsidiary grounded, airlifting rhinos

8/4/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Banco Espirito bailout, Iraq dam seized, Aeroflot subsidiary grounded, airlifting rhinos

8/3/2014 - I can afford the choice of not working full time—it took two decades of planning and discipline

8/3/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Gaza crisis, Warren Buffett, topless sunbathing, Fire sales

8/3/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Gaza crisis, Warren Buffett, topless sunbathing, Fire sales

8/3/2014 - Why Apple could break up with Intel over the Mac

8/3/2014 - The British empire is still going strong in the world of sports

8/3/2014 - 3D printers could revolutionize how the US military feeds its soldiers

8/3/2014 - What the top US engineering schools have in common with Hogwarts

8/3/2014 - Your name has remarkable power over the path of your life

8/3/2014 - The next era of the public payphone is about to begin

8/3/2014 - South Africa’s freedom fighters let their clothes speak for themselves

8/2/2014 - Students at Oxford will learn to spy from the NSA’s best friends

8/2/2014 - Warren Buffett’s firm just made the most money ever in a single quarter

8/2/2014 - This company is going to be the Starbucks of iced coffee

8/2/2014 - People are actually buying the Amazon Fire phone

8/2/2014 - The case for making libraries full of toys and games

8/2/2014 - These 15 maps don’t explain the Middle East

8/2/2014 - The science behind your everlasting tattoo

8/2/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Vulture funds, font globalization, children’s librarians, Singaporean surveillance

8/2/2014 - Climate change will leave wine lovers drunker and poorer

8/2/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Vulture funds, font globalization, children’s librarians, Singaporean surveillance

8/1/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Vulture funds, font globalization, children’s librarians, Singaporean surveillance

8/1/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Vulture funds, font globalization, children’s librarians, Singaporean surveillance

8/1/2014 - The markets clearly had something to say about Europe this week

8/1/2014 - India’s stance on the WTO customs deal is just not cricket. Or maybe it is…?

8/1/2014 - Bloggers are just the latest victims of Russia’s efforts to control the internet

8/1/2014 - Check out the New York Public Library’s hilarious archive of librarians’ harsh children’s book reviews

8/1/2014 - Even as the markets tanked, this was the busiest week for IPOs in years

8/1/2014 - Ukraine may defeat the rebels but that won’t solve most of its problems

8/1/2014 - Rick Perry hasn’t yet convinced Elon Musk that Texas is good for Tesla

8/1/2014 - Mapping the acceleration of Ebola in West Africa in five charts

8/1/2014 - The 16 most important charts from a crucial week in global economics

8/1/2014 - Russian stocks are incredibly cheap—for a reason

8/1/2014 - What Coca-Cola gained from angering millions of Americans during the Super Bowl

8/1/2014 - Google is stealing away Microsoft’s future corporate customers

8/1/2014 - Coke is about to start spying on your soda habits at home

8/1/2014 - The decent US jobs report for July in two simple charts

8/1/2014 - Crimea just switched over to the Russian internet

8/1/2014 - The most important charts from yet another solid US jobs report

8/1/2014 - The startup that’s not for sex, but should be

8/1/2014 - These four charts lend perspective to Flipkart’s ambition to be a $100 billion company

8/1/2014 - Asia’s tech giants are stocking up on some of Google’s biggest names

8/1/2014 - The US economy added 209,000 jobs in July, and the unemployment rate rose to 6.2%

8/1/2014 - Charts: How we watch TV on the internet

8/1/2014 - This one chart starkly explains why India needs foreign investment in defence

8/1/2014 - Why Taco Bell shouldn’t call its workers’ “champions”

8/1/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US jobs, Gaza ceasefire, China’s global nukes, risqué peaches

8/1/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—US jobs, Gaza ceasefire, China’s global nukes, risqué peaches

8/1/2014 - How cosmetics companies are diluting their cruelty-free claims to sell in China

8/1/2014 - In my entire career, I’ve never seen a worse week of international violence

8/1/2014 - Israel’s “Big Brother” waited almost a month to tell contestants that tensions were escalating

8/1/2014 - Elon Musk sees disgruntled Chinese customers smashing their own Teslas as a good sign

8/1/2014 - When Sonia Gandhi questioned my integrity, something snapped inside me

8/1/2014 - For sale: One Portuguese bank—some solvency issues, fixer-upper opportunity

8/1/2014 - China’s anti-terrorism ads say a lot about why ethnic minorities have gripes with Beijing

8/1/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—US jobs, Gaza ceasefire, CIA hacked Senate, risqué peaches

8/1/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—US jobs, Gaza ceasefire, CIA hacked Senate, risqué peaches