6/30/2014 - Zomato has acquired New Zealand’s MenuMania and says it’s hungry for more

6/30/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Hong Kong’s protest, GM’s latest recall, farewell Orkut, donkey internet

6/30/2014 - His words are under scrutiny but Tapas Paul barely uttered a thing in Parliament

6/30/2014 - India spends nearly half the tax it collects to pay off debt

6/30/2014 - Corporate America takes World Cup breaks, and we have the data to prove it

6/30/2014 - Why I stopped teaching

6/30/2014 - The ocean is swallowing up Virginia so rapidly that its leaders are forgetting to bicker about climate change

6/30/2014 - The AP’s newest business reporter is an algorithm

6/30/2014 - Pictures: What “beautiful” means in 23 different countries

6/30/2014 - The sordid backstory behind a Bulgarian bank run

6/30/2014 - The spandexification of high fashion is here, and it looks expensive

6/30/2014 - Gaudí’s uncompleted masterpiece will finally be finished—in ice

6/30/2014 - The biggest financial stories of the first half of 2014

6/30/2014 - Why nobody lives in so many of New York’s most expensive apartments

6/30/2014 - Google is shutting down its original social network but not because of Facebook

6/30/2014 - These are the things people want Google to forget about them

6/30/2014 - Investors are starting to think Blackberry has a future

6/30/2014 - Facebook’s second biggest market contributes just 0.23% of its revenue

6/30/2014 - The outrage is not so much over inequality but all the dubious ways the rich got richer

6/30/2014 - The clear message of the markets in 2014: Coffee is king

6/30/2014 - India is raising a generation that is terrible with basic arithmetic

6/30/2014 - Banks in China make as much profit as those in the US, Europe, and Japan combined

6/30/2014 - The not-so-surprising secret to happy children: parents who smile

6/30/2014 - North Korea is cracking down on a chocolate-covered, marshmallow-filled black-market currency

6/30/2014 - I broke the Army’s rules and won a medal in Iraq—for coding

6/30/2014 - How a summer at Walmart turned me from an intern into a CEO

6/30/2014 - To sell more products and attract young employees, get (and advertise) a social conscience

6/30/2014 - The secret to America’s most “disruptive” supermarket—fruits and vegetables

6/30/2014 - Inside the hidden world of offline auctions for online property

6/30/2014 - There is a secret ingredient in your burgers: wood pulp

6/30/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—GlaxoSmithKline sex tape, ISIL’s caliphate, Facebook research backlash, Auschwitz selfies

6/30/2014 - As scooters make an unlikely comeback, Bajaj is missing out on all the fun

6/30/2014 - Three reasons why the US housing market won’t be back to normal anytime soon

6/30/2014 - The world’s 15th-richest man says inequality is keeping him awake at night

6/30/2014 - China’s internet giants are now fighting over millions of shoppers in cities you’ve never heard of

6/30/2014 - Israel is spurning Europe and sending its natural gas bonanza to Egypt

6/30/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Argentina’s deadline, ISIL’s caliphate, Xinhua’s IPO, Auschwitz selfies

6/29/2014 - It’s time to reintroduce an unconventional scheme to bring back black money

6/29/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Argentina’s deadline, Hong Kong’s vote, the decline of IPOs, Auschwitz selfies

6/29/2014 - Costa Rica’s stunning World Cup run is a welcome distraction from its faltering economy

6/29/2014 - Greeks take the longest vacations in Europe

6/29/2014 - Facebook is learning the hard way that with great data comes great responsibility

6/29/2014 - This week is Europe’s last chance to avoid humiliation by the Americas at the World Cup and it starts today

6/29/2014 - Here are the countries showing early warning signs for banking crises

6/29/2014 - More Americans streamed the USA vs. Germany World Cup match online than this year’s Super Bowl

6/29/2014 - Time Warner Cable tries to make a price hike sound like a discount in this jaw-dropping letter

6/29/2014 - Data visualizers could learn a thing or two from this 1898 urban population chart

6/29/2014 - The opening scene of “House of Cards” was a triumph of creativity over data and better judgment

6/29/2014 - You can blame India’s courts and media for encouraging the national pastime of being offended

6/28/2014 - Toyota’s man in America says hydrogen is the future but he still drives an SUV

6/28/2014 - Expecting Tim Cook to be openly gay would be to completely forget gay history

6/28/2014 - The US and EU have a case of beer riding on Tuesday’s US-Belgium World Cup match

6/28/2014 - India’s new food obsession is pasta sauce

6/28/2014 - Photos: Deadly floods in Northeast India’s most populous city

6/28/2014 - Why the girl-power blockbuster “Frozen” is the most popular movie to hit Japan in a decade

6/28/2014 - How autocorrect is saving the English language

6/28/2014 - What George Lucas and Kurt Vonnegut’s brains tell us about genius and insanity

6/28/2014 - Hop a flight to Beijing before its street food scene disappears

6/28/2014 - “Snowden Street” and other names people in China want to give the road outside the US embassy

6/27/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Hong Kong’s future, the evils of sitting, life in the universe, the robot economy

6/27/2014 - Budweiser and Microsoft were the World Cup ad winners this week

6/27/2014 - Why the iPhone 6—not the iWatch—is Apple’s biggest launch this year

6/27/2014 - Guess the only country that spends more on export finance than the US

6/27/2014 - How a mild-mannered Luxembourger may determine whether Britain leaves the EU

6/27/2014 - Russia is threatening to cut off European countries’ gas if they don’t do its bidding

6/27/2014 - Starbucks requires Korean employees to come up with English nicknames

6/27/2014 - Wells Fargo is leading US banks in the push from mortgages to car loans

6/27/2014 - Nike’s gigantic World Cup bet is already paying off

6/27/2014 - Ten rights investors should expect from financial professionals

6/27/2014 - These spy spectacles are way cooler than Google Glass

6/27/2014 - China’s replica of Wall Street is full of half-built, deserted skyscrapers and floods regularly

6/27/2014 - Meet the future of public transport: electric cycles with onboard tablets

6/27/2014 - Some traders are making a killing because they’re being paid in weird bonds

6/27/2014 - Russians love Vladimir Putin and are convinced the foreign media are lying to them about Ukraine

6/27/2014 - How to knit a Beyoncé balaclava from Peruvian alpaca

6/27/2014 - China has a lot to lose in Iraq—and not just the thousands of oil workers it has there

6/27/2014 - The world wide web may be fracturing into a bunch of regional internets

6/27/2014 - The surprising secret of happier, more productive organizations: conflict

6/27/2014 - Google is trolling the EU with passive-aggressive disclaimers on search results

6/27/2014 - “Frozen” is Disney’s latest baby-naming blockbuster

6/27/2014 - The talent your company needs may already be on the payroll

6/27/2014 - Science implores you: don’t put your tomatoes in the refrigerator

6/27/2014 - Nagorno Karabakh beat Darfur United in the World Cup for countries that don’t exist

6/27/2014 - Robots built this ultra-thin building that looks like a giant peanut

6/27/2014 - Who’s behind the supply of Russian rocket engines to the US is still a murky question

6/27/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Ukraine ceasefire ends, UK’s cautious recovery, cloudy Aereo decision, Escobar’s rogue hippos

6/27/2014 - These are not the wearables we’ve been waiting for

6/27/2014 - China’s suicide rate has plummeted because of urbanization—but it may be climbing again

6/27/2014 - Problems even China’s $4 trillion can’t solve

6/27/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—EU looks east, Japan’s economic data, Alibaba picks NYSE, Escobar’s rogue hippos

6/26/2014 - The NYSE may have Alibaba, but Nasdaq still holds a slight edge in tech IPOs

6/26/2014 - For many carmakers in India, small is no longer beautiful

6/26/2014 - Here’s why being a doctor rocks

6/26/2014 - Your memory isn’t perfect, and repetition may make it worse

6/26/2014 - Google’s latest empire-building tactic: cheap phones

6/26/2014 - India’s health minister should focus on just one thing—urgently improving public health

6/26/2014 - The city where the US played Germany today is the shark attack capital of Brazil

6/26/2014 - Monsanto is all about organic now, but not the kind you think

6/26/2014 - Iraq is spending $1 billion on a Zaha Hadid-designed parliament

6/26/2014 - It looks like Obamacare is working

6/26/2014 - The areas US regulators are worried may be the next bubble in banking

6/26/2014 - The people running Silicon Valley are pretty much all white or Asian men

6/26/2014 - Here’s Narendra Modi’s letter after one month in office. Help us annotate it

6/26/2014 - US gives Putin “hours” to distance himself from Ukraine’s separatists or face more sanctions

6/26/2014 - The Bank of England isn’t ready to pull the plug on the property party just yet

6/26/2014 - How to watch the US vs. Germany World Cup match online for free

6/26/2014 - China’s commodity-lending fraud just got $15 billion bigger

6/26/2014 - The Thai junta’s latest crackdown on dissent is a bogus Facebook login button

6/26/2014 - Not enough Indians are equipped for the sexiest job of the 21st century

6/26/2014 - Why fashion collaborations aren’t working for wearable technology

6/26/2014 - This forlorn oil tanker has been marooned off the Moroccan coast for three weeks

6/26/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Barclays fraud suit, Malaysian crew comatose, BoE bubble popping,

6/26/2014 - This murdered Canadian model was a migrant laborer in China—just like the man who killed her

6/26/2014 - The next thing Silicon Valley needs to disrupt big time: its own culture

6/26/2014 - Why not even exercise will undo the harm of sitting all day—and what you can do about it

6/26/2014 - China’s app leaderboard shows Tencent’s decisive edge over Alibaba in mobile

6/26/2014 - Muscovites are voting by smartphone on whether to demolish a beloved modernist landmark

6/26/2014 - The five most intriguing subplots from today’s huge USA vs. Germany World Cup clash

6/26/2014 - China is building way more theme parks than it needs

6/26/2014 - The Google partnership gives Micromax just the perfect tailwind for an IPO

6/26/2014 - China is refusing to give a dozen political prisoners life-saving medical treatment

6/26/2014 - Flipkart hopes customer loyalty will come bundled with tablet sales

6/26/2014 - China’s universities are improving, but that’s little consolation for their miserable students

6/26/2014 - Don’t let Alibaba’s 27 partners fool you—the company is controlled by five people

6/26/2014 - Hacker attacks and pressure from Beijing are killing free speech in Hong Kong

6/26/2014 - How to write a really bad South Asian novel

6/26/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—BoE bubble popping, China-US naval exercises, Nigeria football bombing, spider-silk armor

6/26/2014 - The smuggling business between India and Bangladesh is worth as much as their “official” trade

6/25/2014 - Four reasons why Chinese industrial parks in India won’t be an instant hit

6/25/2014 - Here’s what Facebook’s workforce looks like

6/25/2014 - Barclays joins the list of European banks getting hammered by US regulators

6/25/2014 - India has a fitting response to Yo, the dumbest app ever

6/25/2014 - New derivatives rules pose another bilion-dollar threat to bank profits

6/25/2014 - We need net neutrality to make money work better, too

6/25/2014 - Watch out, Argentina—Puerto Rico is vying for your crown as the world’s least reliable borrower

6/25/2014 - Google’s new Android TV platform is missing its biggest Android partner, Samsung

6/25/2014 - Obamacare and the awful US GDP report

6/25/2014 - The unusual risk to GoPro’s IPO: its own customers injuring themselves

6/25/2014 - The long-awaited switch to Android-first app development hasn’t happened yet

6/25/2014 - Why bombs won’t stop Nigerian fans from watching the World Cup

6/25/2014 - Something is making Chinese consumers want to save more and spend less

6/25/2014 - More public funding is not the answer to the troubles of Italian opera

6/25/2014 - Meet the company that wants to bring bitcoin to the stock market

6/25/2014 - Your whole life is on your mobile phone—and that’s why US cops can’t search it when they arrest you

6/25/2014 - Harley Davidson could be entering its own midlife crisis

6/25/2014 - The US Supreme Court says Aereo is illegal, but the cloud is safe for now

6/25/2014 - The Indian government toasted the end of autocracy with its own brand of coca cola

6/25/2014 - Britain is finally doing something about non-compete clauses for minimum-wage workers

6/25/2014 - Forget high-tech gizmos—the smartest note-taking technology is two centuries old

6/25/2014 - This site is building a business on making you less famous

6/25/2014 - A little dishonesty goes a long way when it comes to repaying small loans

6/25/2014 - Newsflash: America doesn’t really love soccer

6/25/2014 - The US is one of only three countries that don’t guarantee paid maternity leave

6/25/2014 - Why Cooper Hewitt is giving away its new bespoke typeface

6/25/2014 - To get rich in tech, become an accountant—especially if you’re a woman

6/25/2014 - Why Americans, like Europeans, should be able to scrub their online search results

6/25/2014 - Rich countries pay zombie fishing boats $5 billion a year to plunder the seas

6/25/2014 - The economics of business class, explained through America’s most popular flight

6/25/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—US energy maneuvers, Google’s big day, Libya’s vote, World Cup hook-ups

6/25/2014 - If you need a visa to get to the US now, you probably always will

6/25/2014 - China’s growing food demands stoke fears of a global factory farming boom

6/25/2014 - Why this Hong Kong billionaire is investing $10 million in lab-grown leather

6/25/2014 - Three-quarters of Chinese say government officials are undisciplined slackers

6/25/2014 - Mobile dating apps suggest that the World Cup is a potent aphrodisiac

6/25/2014 - Nepal’s poor education system is creating greying ghost towns at the “roof of the world”

6/25/2014 - More techies move to India’s Silicon Valley than the real Silicon Valley

6/25/2014 - India has another transportation network that’s bleeding money

6/25/2014 - Indian women will never be equal as long as these 9 laws remain on the books

6/25/2014 - The curious case of Anirban Dey: India’s internet laws work against anonymous whistleblowers

6/25/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Google’s big day, US oil exports, China’s World Bank, high-altitude drone encounters

6/24/2014 - How a US decision to allow oil exports could change the world’s energy balance

6/24/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Google’s big day, Libya’s vote, China’s currency controls, intelligent fish

6/24/2014 - Why elites hate it when you say giant student debts aren’t the problem

6/24/2014 - Most people want a bigger iPhone—some are even willing to pay extra for it

6/24/2014 - Maybe Greenpeace’s rogue trader should have bet on bitcoin

6/24/2014 - A Korean company killed off its rigid bureaucracy—but its employees want it back

6/24/2014 - Runaway college textbook inflation is about to get disrupted

6/24/2014 - Withings made a smartwatch you might actually want to wear

6/24/2014 - The very diplomatic reason why flag emoji count as two characters on Twitter

6/24/2014 - Thank Africa’s lousy internet for Facebook’s improved Android app

6/24/2014 - How to succeed in India’s online retail market: Find an obscure product to sell

6/24/2014 - Five years into the recovery, Americans might finally be feeling better

6/24/2014 - Google killed the web address—so why is it trying to sell you one?

6/24/2014 - How to make the best of the one hour you have with your kid every night

6/24/2014 - Last month was the hottest May on record

6/24/2014 - There is no way out for Indian pharma, but to play by the world’s rules

6/24/2014 - Even more than usual, German businesses see trouble ahead

6/24/2014 - Saddam Hussein’s Ba’athists may be winning back political influence in Iraq

6/24/2014 - India’s celebrated cricket captain faces arrest for a magazine cover he knew nothing about

6/24/2014 - Samsung vies for goodwill in China with cuddly ads that don’t show any phones

6/24/2014 - This World Bank report about India’s power sector has crisis written all over it

6/24/2014 - Americans may be buying fewer guns, but for utterly depressing reasons

6/24/2014 - Coming out on your resume? Great idea, especially if you’re black

6/24/2014 - The French government’s massive stock portfolio just keeps getting bigger

6/24/2014 - If you care about equal pay for women, tennis is the sport for you

6/24/2014 - The completely free way for New York City residents to control their A/C from their smartphones this summer

6/24/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Germany’s confidence hiccup, Kerry in Kurdistan, Abe’s third arrow, presidential sneeze guards

6/24/2014 - The discreet charm of French night clubs during day time

6/24/2014 - The Chinese government has much less control over its currency than most people think it does

6/24/2014 - Uttar Pradesh sends the largest number of Indian workers abroad, not Kerala or Punjab

6/24/2014 - This map shows why Finland, Sweden, and the UK have more freedom than any other countries

6/24/2014 - The porn industry is putting skin back in the game

6/24/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—German confidence, green GDP, supersized iPhones, espresso-pod meals

6/23/2014 - Brazil, take it from India: An athletic embarrassment can defeat an incumbent government

6/23/2014 - Brazil’s massive drought will reach your local Starbucks tomorrow morning

6/23/2014 - See how borders change on Google Maps depending on where you view them

6/23/2014 - Cocoa prices are surging, but cocoa farmers are still making a pittance

6/23/2014 - Ugandans are paying the price for an anti-gay law

6/23/2014 - All the times Vice CEO Shane Smith has dissed the mainstream media companies he might sell to

6/23/2014 - This is how America talks tech

6/23/2014 - Why TV captions are still so terebel

6/23/2014 - See the construction of Apple’s new headquarters from the sky

6/23/2014 - India’s Planning Commission has left the building—hopefully not forever

6/23/2014 - Six ideas that can help Indian Railways transform its mainstay freight business

6/23/2014 - Kenyan tourism is drying up as security deteriorates

6/23/2014 - How Taco Bell applies disruptive innovation to tacos

6/23/2014 - The US military now has X-ray vision

6/23/2014 - London’s pervasive surveillance can now help you find a bus seat

6/23/2014 - Indians have $2.3 billion in Swiss banks—or maybe it’s 600 times that

6/23/2014 - The best way for your kids to spend the summer is just playing

6/23/2014 - The iWatch is real, if Foxconn’s share price is anything to go by

6/23/2014 - The nonsensical “evidence” Egypt used to convict Al Jazeera’s journalists

6/23/2014 - How to put your savings in another country and earn more interest

6/23/2014 - KFC in China wants you to “calm your heart” in a Starbucks-style hangout venue

6/23/2014 - Watch the global hacking war in real time with a weirdly hypnotic map

6/23/2014 - Here’s the real reason people keep working at Google

6/23/2014 - Tim Cook is setting Apple up for its next big hit and he isn’t getting the credit he deserves

6/23/2014 - The fear of a school shooting turned a group of teachers into entrepreneurs

6/23/2014 - Spotify hasn’t gone public yet, but it is hosting practice earnings calls

6/23/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Egypt journos jailed, Kerry in Baghdad, China-Japan turnaround, hangover helpers

6/23/2014 - Nestle is developing a Soylent-like “nutrient Nespresso” 

6/23/2014 - China’s cure for teenage internet addiction is worse than the supposed disease

6/23/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Alstom picks GE, China bucks slowdown, Kurdish oil sales, hangover cures

6/23/2014 - A great new way for the IMF to help debt-laden countries without forcing them to default

6/22/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Alstom decision, ICANN summit, Kurdish oil sales, hangover cures

6/22/2014 - China’s wobbly housing market isn’t the only thing dragging down growth—not by a long shot

6/22/2014 - These revealing charts tell the real story at India’s big five IT companies

6/22/2014 - How to fix India’s crippling coal shortage in four easy steps

6/22/2014 - How to watch the US vs. Portugal World Cup match for free online

6/22/2014 - France is terribly worried about what you might do with a website ending in “.wine”

6/22/2014 - No one expected the US to beat Portugal in 2002, either

6/21/2014 - Disney is reshaping ‘Star Wars’ in the model of Marvel

6/21/2014 - Will people let Dropcam see into their homes when it’s owned by Google?

6/21/2014 - What scientific research says you should do when you have a hangover

6/21/2014 - World Cup ads are pushing rum in English and beer in Spanish

6/21/2014 - Football brings Nigerians together—that’s why Boko Haram attacks it

6/21/2014 - The density of banks and ATMs in India is not as low as you think

6/20/2014 - Kurdistan defies Baghdad and delivers a million barrels of oil to Israel

6/20/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Twitter jihad, mobile finance, disrupting disruption, “smart dumb”

6/20/2014 - Here’s how India’s least windy places are generating wind energy

6/20/2014 - Putin’s revenge—anti-fracking protests in Europe

6/20/2014 - How our cities’ design drives away the homeless

6/20/2014 - The US caught the world’s most dangerous man, and took only one photo of him

6/20/2014 - To get good employees, paying college tuitions may be the new health benefits

6/20/2014 - The most important 11 charts from a humdrum week of economic data

6/20/2014 - Marc Andreessen is wrong: Yo is not like a “missed call”

6/20/2014 - The remarkable rise of reverse-engineered private-label coffee pods

6/20/2014 - Why the Bay Area might be the best market for bankers in the country

6/20/2014 - If this is what it takes to do a deal in France, Alstom could be the last big takeover for a while

6/20/2014 - Why all-business-class airlines always seem to fail

6/20/2014 - Uh-oh, Yo has major security flaws

6/20/2014 - A stunning visual archive of the Glasgow School of Art’s fire-damaged Mackintosh Building

6/20/2014 - Here is high school kids’ favorite social media network—the SMS

6/20/2014 - Jeff Kinney is opening a store because he doesn’t want the physical book to die

6/20/2014 - Samsung’s bizarre, byzantine ownership structure in one incredibly convoluted chart

6/20/2014 - The FCC thinks Netflix and Cogent have a point in their dispute with the big internet providers

6/20/2014 - UK shoppers are turning German when they walk into a supermarket

6/20/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Canadian inflation, Diageo’s India buy, Siemens ups its offer, electric Harleys

6/20/2014 - Airplanes are the new weather balloons

6/20/2014 - Japan’s Toilennale is like the Venice Biennale, but for toilets

6/20/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—EU’s new budget, Moscow’s anti-fracking push, AbbVie shops, electric Harleys

6/19/2014 - India’s thirst for whiskey may finally be waning

6/19/2014 - Where over half of the world’s exports are going in one elegant chart

6/19/2014 - Why mobile money has failed to take off in India

6/19/2014 - Why Ukranian rebels won’t accept the ceasefire—they don’t trust it

6/19/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—GE ups its bid, Ukraine leans west, Uganda leans east, electric Harleys

6/19/2014 - It’s time for Iraq’s Nuri al-Maliki to go

6/19/2014 - Playing high school sports could give you an advantage in the job market

6/19/2014 - These World Cup matches promise to be the nail-biting, high-scoring ones you don’t want to miss

6/19/2014 - Like its rugby team, New Zealand’s economy is hard to stop

6/19/2014 - Today’s a tough day for technology patent trolls

6/19/2014 - Small business lending may emerge as the next problem for banks

6/19/2014 - Korea is the current world champion of R&D spending

6/19/2014 - American singing competitions are hoping Israel can save them

6/19/2014 - And now a word from the people invading your privacy

6/19/2014 - Don’t just learn to code—learn to keep learning

6/19/2014 - How YouTube’s misguided war against indie music could backfire

6/19/2014 - There’s only one relevant question to ask foreign investors eyeing India’s arms sector

6/19/2014 - The chart that finally has Argentina talking to the “vulture funds”

6/19/2014 - FCC report shows Comcast works just fine, and that’s bad news for the merger

6/19/2014 - Iraq shows that the global economy needs Saudi Arabia again

6/19/2014 - China beats India hands down in bilateral trade

6/19/2014 - India’s effort for more women on boards is backfiring in the worst way

6/19/2014 - In Europe, knowing your neighbor doesn’t necessarily make you happier

6/19/2014 - India’s stock market just confirmed: It really pays to have political connections

6/19/2014 - In China, paleontology is going the way of the dinosaur

6/19/2014 - How to manage all your financial affairs from a $20 mobile phone

6/19/2014 - The new CEO of American Apparel is the anti-Dov Charney

6/19/2014 - Five things American Apparel’s Dov Charney didn’t get fired for

6/19/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—BlackBerry bottoms out, BP pulls out, Sony warning, buttered coffee

6/19/2014 - The world’s largest postal network wants to become a bank—and it should

6/19/2014 - Investors working to spark social change in India suffer from herd mentality

6/18/2014 - Five charts India’s new finance minister should commit to memory

6/18/2014 - Bihar’s largest radio station is not a radio station at all

6/18/2014 - Now China can censor journalists before they even start reporting a story

6/18/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—BlackBerry bottoms out, British rates, Starbucks’ social responsibility, butter-brewed coffee

6/18/2014 - Entrepreneur Barbie is not going to help your daughter be more ambitious

6/18/2014 - ISIL or ISIS? Why the world can’t decide

6/18/2014 - Amazon’s phone pricing actually is not disruptive at all

6/18/2014 - Stop protesting Blue Ivy’s hairstyle and celebrate what it really means

6/18/2014 - A history of Starbucks’ dubious social responsibility campaigns

6/18/2014 - Amazon launches a shopping machine and calls it a phone

6/18/2014 - Here’s the most important chart from the Federal Reserve’s latest move

6/18/2014 - Starbucks wants to pay workers’ college tuition—because they probably won’t go

6/18/2014 - The emerging picture of the tech industry’s diversity is pretty ugly

6/18/2014 - An independent Scotland shouldn’t adopt the euro but the Norwegian krone

6/18/2014 - These are the images that make the Washington Redskins’ logo too offensive for a trademark

6/18/2014 - In 2014, H&M is opening an average of more than one store per day

6/18/2014 - How to save India’s cotton farmers: Stop using a process invented in the 1700s

6/18/2014 - The recent history of Apple in one chart

6/18/2014 - What Netflix gets from outspending its competitors on content

6/18/2014 - Four charts showing that the Chinese housing market slump can still get a lot worse

6/18/2014 - Narendra Modi must be getting tired just reading about his workaholic ways

6/18/2014 - A Kickstarter for your own personal weather station on a keyring

6/18/2014 - The Bank of England drops more hints that it’s itching to hike rates

6/18/2014 - Comic Sans does something good for a change: helping to fight cancer

6/18/2014 - Congratulations, IMF, you’re doing a great job at stoking the next crisis

6/18/2014 - Three management lessons from the people who build the digital news world

6/18/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—FedEx results, China property prices, Iraqi kidnappings, astronaut espresso

6/18/2014 - Here’s what you get for $700 million in Hong Kong

6/18/2014 - Detroit will make more money this year than the whole of Ireland

6/18/2014 - Maira Kalman chose Abe Lincoln’s watch and Toscanini’s pants to re-open America’s national design museum

6/18/2014 - Nine Wall Street charts you should see before the big Fed meeting

6/18/2014 - India Inc. benefits from complex tax laws even as it demands simpler ones

6/18/2014 - A Chinese tycoon is offering poor Americans $300 to have lunch with him

6/18/2014 - Smugglers use bizarre ways to get around India’s obstacle course of gold imports

6/18/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—H&M results, China property prices, Adobe’s cloud success, astronaut espresso

6/17/2014 - How India can keep startups from moving to Singapore

6/17/2014 - The Amazon phone is coming—here’s what to look for and why it matters

6/17/2014 - A college degree may be the most effective form of birth control

6/17/2014 - When you’re traveling through Europe, steer clear of rivers and lakes

6/17/2014 - The markets are remarkably calm about another “gas war” between Russia and Ukraine

6/17/2014 - You’re not crazy, America—your grocery bill is going up fast

6/17/2014 - This Chinese soccer club is now the world’s 16th most valuable, thanks to Alibaba

6/17/2014 - How to make your EU nation an offshore banking middle man

6/17/2014 - The world’s most valuable marijuana business is getting more valuable

6/17/2014 - Last year’s truly amazing hit product: Rubber bands

6/17/2014 - Colgate is betting that you care as much about your pet’s mouth as your kid’s

6/17/2014 - North Americans want to work for Google instead of big banks

6/17/2014 - Hundreds of Chinese kids are sickened by lead poisoning and the government blames it on pencil-chewing

6/17/2014 - The latest stage in the evolution of content piracy is apps that look like they’re legal

6/17/2014 - BuzzFeed may have just joined the billion-dollar startup club

6/17/2014 - The complete guide to World Cup sex rules

6/17/2014 - $1 billion went missing while China was building this electricity grid

6/17/2014 - What Walmart, Tesla, and Burberry stores have in common

6/17/2014 - In Brazil, the sports drinks grow on trees

6/17/2014 - Can we eat away invasive species? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try

6/17/2014 - The television miniseries is back (under a new name)

6/17/2014 - Lenovo’s founder just made an unexpected move into the dental business

6/17/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Argentina’s extortion, China investments, more GM recalls, new emoji

6/17/2014 - Delta discovers that there are no giraffes in Ghana

6/17/2014 - Corporate fraud is so bad, this Mumbai startup plans to make money protecting whistleblowers

6/17/2014 - On India’s highways, you can see the economy struggling to pick up speed

6/17/2014 - Google Capital’s first investment in India went to a company made famous by a Twitter spat

6/17/2014 - China and Britain are totally back together (as long as no one mentions human rights)

6/17/2014 - Installing toilets might not be enough to protect India’s women from rape

6/17/2014 - The fiercest rivalry between Brazil and Argentina unfolds in the streets of Kolkata

6/17/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—gas pipelines, Argentina’s costly news, more GM recalls, football manners

6/17/2014 - If Flipkart is launching a tablet, it’s a strategy fraught with risk

6/16/2014 - It wasn’t Ghana’s team that just lost. It was the president

6/16/2014 - Rest assured, India, with each World Cup, we’re getting closer to the game

6/16/2014 - The laws of thermodynamics tell us what Modi’s short-term effect on the Indian economy will be

6/16/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Gas pipelines, Argentina’s costly news, tax havens, football manners

6/16/2014 - Elon Musk’s radical patent strategy for Tesla is already paying off

6/16/2014 - How Iraqi militants are gaming Twitter

6/16/2014 - Argentina could default on its debt at the end of the month

6/16/2014 - America can’t compete with Ghana on pure soccer passion

6/16/2014 - Here’s how Baghdad might fall to the Islamist rebels: Plain old bribery

6/16/2014 - Amazon Prime members spend almost twice as much as other Amazon shoppers

6/16/2014 - How to watch the US vs. Ghana World Cup match online

6/16/2014 - Here’s why Warren Buffett loves Wells Fargo

6/16/2014 - Counting calories won’t help you lose weight

6/16/2014 - It would cost $343,368 to buy every product featured in the latest issue of Vogue

6/16/2014 - Alibaba finally uncloaked the identities of the mysterious partnership that runs the company

6/16/2014 - This 9-year-old will make you love the World Cup

6/16/2014 - Alibaba has a new way of explaining its controversial Alipay spinoff

6/16/2014 - Long thought dead, PC sales are coming back

6/16/2014 - The World Cup is really a gigantic advertising feast with a bit of soccer on the side

6/16/2014 - You know Piketty is onto something when everyone’s trying to prove him wrong

6/16/2014 - Twitter brought a drone to Cannes so ad execs could take aerial selfies

6/16/2014 - Marriott is helping “Bitcoin Jesus” sell cheap citizenship in the Caribbean

6/16/2014 - Bill and Melinda Gates made a remarkably personal plea for graduates to pursue more than profit

6/16/2014 - Chinese companies have racked up $14.2 trillion in debt—more than any other country on the planet

6/16/2014 - Ghana is rationing electricity to make sure people can watch today’s World Cup match against the US

6/16/2014 - The fascinating 600-year history of a French mill, the world’s oldest shareholding company

6/16/2014 - The age of the quantified family is upon us

6/16/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Ukraine gas breakdown, ISIL’s Iraq gains, passports for bitcoins, soccer etymology

6/16/2014 - A new kindergarten on a tiny island is Beijing’s latest South China Sea incursion

6/16/2014 - A Bangalore accountant says he’s invented a way to clean the Ganga

6/16/2014 - The FIFA World Cup is reviving the fortunes of an ancient shipyard in Kerala

6/16/2014 - This powerhouse nonprofit just changed campaigning in India forever

6/16/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Ukraine fighting, ISIL’s Iraq gains, cheap TVs, soccer etymology

6/15/2014 - Bangladeshis in India sent back $6.6 billion last year—6% of their homeland’s GDP

6/15/2014 - Does internet advertising work at all?

6/15/2014 - How paralysis forced Michael Graves to design a better wheelchair

6/15/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—French exams, Colombian elections, cheap TVs, soccer etymology

6/15/2014 - Amazon’s 3D smartphone is a gimmick—but it could present a huge retail opportunity

6/15/2014 - What Narendra Modi could learn from Bhutan’s prime minister

6/15/2014 - What the mainstream media gets wrong about development: basically, everything

6/15/2014 - You can thank lopsided economics for India’s sweltering summer blackouts—not a lack of capacity

6/14/2014 - How Americans wound up calling football “soccer”

6/14/2014 - Why I ripped up $1 million

6/14/2014 - Six charts that show how stingy America is toward its own families

6/14/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Americas edition—Iraq again, the 747’s descent, Bill Gates’ favorite author, alpaca in your closet

6/14/2014 - This health-care non-profit’s culture deck is getting attention in the startup world

6/14/2014 - The internet of things is going to have to do better than this ridiculous “smart cup”

6/14/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Iraq again, the 747’s descent, Bill Gates’ favorite author, alpaca in your closet

6/13/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Iraq again, the 747’s descent, Bill Gates’ favorite author, alpaca in your closet

6/13/2014 - There was only one story in the financial markets this week

6/13/2014 - Italian footballers aren’t dirty cheaters—they just play smart

6/13/2014 - Does the advertising business that built Google actually work?

6/13/2014 - Proof that China’s leaders are really freaked out about a housing collapse

6/13/2014 - Here’s how many people Indian summer kills every year

6/13/2014 - What the markets make of the upheaval in Iraq

6/13/2014 - Why you really want India to join the US and China as a superpower

6/13/2014 - Twitter doesn’t know enough about its users—so it’s asking them

6/13/2014 - What the heck are leveraged loans?

6/13/2014 - Behold Mexico’s lucha libre-themed World Cup jerseys

6/13/2014 - The most important 13 charts from a crucial week for the global economy

6/13/2014 - What the Italian World Cup team’s swanky suits say about Italians

6/13/2014 - What’s the EU good for? Start with getting rid of sneaky online fees and misleading ads

6/13/2014 - Everyone (i.e. Twitter) loves the Waka Waka song more than Ole Ola

6/13/2014 - The story of internet investing in one chart

6/13/2014 - The World Cup statistic nobody is talking about

6/13/2014 - Uber is offering helicopter rides over Mumbai and Bangalore for $85

6/13/2014 - Manta rays and human babies are the latest victims of traditional Chinese medicine

6/13/2014 - Google searches for World Cup matches will now turn up ESPN highlights

6/13/2014 - Brazil’s pursuit of the World Cup means millions of tons of junk TVs

6/13/2014 - Here’s how you know there’s an inside candidate for that job listing

6/13/2014 - Americans are moving back to the suburbs, but now as renters

6/13/2014 - Ignore the market rally; Modi has limited room to turn things around

6/13/2014 - This Chinese World Cup sponsor hasn’t made a profit in 10 quarters

6/13/2014 - Meet the five specters now haunting Canada’s stamps

6/13/2014 - This is what the ATM of the future looks like

6/13/2014 - Chinese counterfeiters are selling the iPhone 6 before it has even been released

6/13/2014 - Millennials would rather work in a hospital than in finance

6/13/2014 - No one wants to buy a Father’s Day card with golf clubs on it

6/13/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Chaos in Iraq, fighting in Ukraine, stimulus in Japan, burrito bonds

6/13/2014 - The 747 is going extinct

6/13/2014 - To fix the Communist Party, China’s leaders plan to shrink it

6/13/2014 - South Africa’s World Cup advice to Brazil—and a huge Waka Waka confession

6/13/2014 - Fighting in Iraq is helping Kurdish independence—and foreign oil companies

6/13/2014 - All that was broken at Infosys can be good for the new CEO

6/13/2014 - 5 things Vishal Sikka must immediately fix at Infosys

6/13/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Chaos in Iraq, Tanks in Ukraine, China subprime, burrito bonds

6/12/2014 - The search is not over: 13 senior executives left Infosys in the last year

6/12/2014 - The secret to getting a credit card in India these days: Spend spend spend

6/12/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Tesla’s patents, Kenya’s GDP, space soccer, burrito bonds

6/12/2014 - 17 members of the Croatian World Cup team are older than the Republic of Croatia

6/12/2014 - British booze companies and Bangladeshi garment workers are already winners at the World Cup

6/12/2014 - Mark Zuckerberg is paid so much it distorts CEO pay studies

6/12/2014 - Interactive chart: explore this year’s Aspen Ideas speaker list

6/12/2014 - How Aspen Ideas maintains its brilliant spontaneity

6/12/2014 - Lululemon hopes men in sweatpants can help turn business around

6/12/2014 - Elon Musk won’t sue you for using Tesla’s trade secrets

6/12/2014 - A Twitter executive’s resignation is a warning for CFOs who want the top job

6/12/2014 - Live stream of the World Cup protests in Rio

6/12/2014 - Traditional American supermarkets are being eaten alive

6/12/2014 - Ai Weiwei is using legs not for soccer but as “hand-held guns”

6/12/2014 - London’s cabbies just gave Uber its biggest boost yet—by striking against Uber

6/12/2014 - Here’s one country where WhatsApp and Skype could actually help mobile operators

6/12/2014 - Meet the company that pays its bondholders in burritos

6/12/2014 - Twitter’s “Mr Fix-It,” Ali Rowghani, just resigned

6/12/2014 - The Bill Gates book review: Have you hugged a concrete pillar today?

6/12/2014 - A long (and short) history of World Cup hemlines and women’s fashion

6/12/2014 - Forget glow-in-the-dark roads—here’s an interactive highway

6/12/2014 - JPMorgan just threatened to cut investment banker pay

6/12/2014 - In defense of meetings

6/12/2014 - How to watch the World Cup in the US without paying for TV

6/12/2014 - Oil prices aren’t coming down any time soon, and Iraq is just the latest reason

6/12/2014 - Brazil is in a pretty miserable mood for a party

6/12/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—World Cup kick-off, BNP departures, Iraq counter-strike, golf quants

6/12/2014 - Beautiful Twitter bots tell us what the future of automation is all about

6/12/2014 - What new Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka likes: Hesse, Lufthansa, Bollywood, Matrix trilogy

6/12/2014 - A 900-year-old map isn’t the best way to draw borders in the South China Sea

6/12/2014 - Beijing has convinced foreign companies that supporting democracy is bad for Hong Kong

6/12/2014 - Central banks, please remember there are worse problems than deflation

6/12/2014 - Team Argentina wore short suits to the very first World Cup

6/12/2014 - The World Cup will open with a kick from a brain-controlled exoskeleton

6/12/2014 - Europe has not learned a thing from the Tamiflu scandal

6/12/2014 - These skin-lightening commercials will infuriate you (and should shame India’s ad industry)

6/12/2014 - Infosys’ founders are all leaving management to let the new CEO, Vishal Sikka, do his thing

6/12/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—World Cup kick-off, London’s RMB win, Intel’s court case, mellowing mafia

6/11/2014 - One reason it’s so hard to fight India’s black money problem: typos

6/11/2014 - The Silicon Valley entrepreneur trying to kill teacher tenure just won big

6/11/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—GoPro’s IPO, Russian gas wars, World Cup kick-off, mellowing mafia

6/11/2014 - 10 charts that explain why a slave may well have caught the shrimp on your grill this summer

6/11/2014 - Aeroflot just launched its version of EasyJet, and it won’t be a deathtrap

6/11/2014 - 5 reasons you can stop worrying about El Niño’s disastrous effect on Indian farmers

6/11/2014 - Here’s why an old-school web browser is worth billions to Alibaba

6/11/2014 - When two-thirds of your work force are freelancers, every staffer has to be a manager

6/11/2014 - An innocent bot could have unwittingly spread a virus around Twitter

6/11/2014 - SpaceX shows Washington its non-Russian “trampoline” into orbit

6/11/2014 - GoPro says it’s worth half of a Nikon and one-fifth of a Fuji

6/11/2014 - Tata Motors’ future lies somewhere between a Nano and Indica Vista

6/11/2014 - Americans are surprisingly confident and weirdly unpatriotic when it comes to the World Cup

6/11/2014 - Britain’s jobless rate is dropping, but so is its standard of living

6/11/2014 - Harvard’s endowment returns are the worst in the Ivy League

6/11/2014 - Zara faces an H&M attack on upmarket fast fashion, amid drop in profits

6/11/2014 - Japan has run out of excuses to hunt whales, but it’s going to keep doing it anyway

6/11/2014 - Italy’s mafia murders are in a decades long decline

6/11/2014 - China is crazy about the World Cup even though it’s not sending a team

6/11/2014 - The financial industry made a bad investment in Eric Cantor

6/11/2014 - We should have seen this profit warning coming, Lufthansa edition

6/11/2014 - Sell Air India: It is costing us too much good money to keep it in the skies

6/11/2014 - Tweaking a hate group’s message by one letter produces satisfyingly weird results

6/11/2014 - How to fight your kid’s math anxiety

6/11/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Tea Party’s victory, Alibaba’s US launch, Zara results, halophytes

6/11/2014 - These World Cup teams will field the most foreign-born players

6/11/2014 - What Dave Brat’s economics students think of his teaching

6/11/2014 - China responds to the latest hacking accusations by calling America “The Matrix”

6/11/2014 - Alibaba just launched China’s largest-ever internet deal

6/11/2014 - These 6 charts explain why Infosys and the media disagree on everything

6/10/2014 - India’s higher education system in 6 charts

6/10/2014 - Big retail can’t compete with India’s corner shops—but online grocery sites have a chance

6/10/2014 - How the Indian family’s gold fixation is hurting the economy

6/10/2014 - Might Google’s Skybox acquisition have something to do with self-driving cars?

6/10/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—British jobs, Iraq’s turmoil, Google satellites, halophytes

6/10/2014 - The New York Times doesn’t see “software” in the future of news

6/10/2014 - The man who may be one of China’s top hackers likes grain alcohol and Heineken

6/10/2014 - Twitter is hoping the World Cup will help fix its biggest problem

6/10/2014 - Unsurprisingly, the Italian World Cup team is traveling in far better style than the English

6/10/2014 - An ad exec says Apple is a less interesting company to work for than Coke or Pepsi

6/10/2014 - The US may finally be achieving escape velocity

6/10/2014 - Stephen Wolfram, who never finished high school, has some great advice for those who just did

6/10/2014 - Attention all Tesla owners: you’re still hurting the environment

6/10/2014 - Forget Africa: America’s machine-driven internet is growing much faster

6/10/2014 - US banks are elbowing their European competitors out of the bond-trading business

6/10/2014 - T-Mobile US and Sprint customers are bingeing on cheap data

6/10/2014 - So much Arctic ice has melted that we need a new atlas

6/10/2014 - Infosys billionaire Nandan Nilekani had some unlikely political enemies—techies

6/10/2014 - The World Cup’s greatest moments in five-second animations

6/10/2014 - Finally, an algorithm for picking the perfect bra

6/10/2014 - A visual guide to where World Cup players spend most of their time

6/10/2014 - Here are the 32 countries Google Maps won’t draw borders around

6/10/2014 - The World Cup’s biggest corporate sponsors are already being ambushed

6/10/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Radioshack results, Ukraine’s evacuation corridor, Microsoft partners in China

6/10/2014 - Employers, you should not be selling the job in the interview

6/10/2014 - Chip-makers are betting that Moore’s Law won’t matter in the internet of things

6/10/2014 - Why 1 million Chinese migrants are building a new empire in Africa

6/10/2014 - China’s crackdown on prostitution just shut down 20 million WeChat accounts

6/10/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—China inflation, Time-Warner Vice, Japanese resumes, virtual trading desks

6/10/2014 - Skip the MBA and just take a few pages from Shah Rukh Khan’s playbook

6/9/2014 - There’s something women’s rights groups in America can learn from Akhilesh Yadav and his father

6/9/2014 - Facebook has raided PayPal for a new messaging boss because payments are its future

6/9/2014 - Time Warner may be looking to buy half of Vice after ditching its old publishing business

6/9/2014 - Netflix to Verizon: No, poor video quality is actually your fault

6/9/2014 - What people who think Uber is worth $17 billion believe

6/9/2014 - How to add all the World Cup matches to your calendar in 15 seconds

6/9/2014 - Spanish bond yields have dropped below those on US Treasurys—but it doesn’t mean they’re safer

6/9/2014 - The last time Apple split its stock, it was a completely different company

6/9/2014 - Japan’s elaborate traditional resume makes it too hard to get even a lousy job

6/9/2014 - This is what an internet war looks like for Netflix subscribers

6/9/2014 - Credit Suisse deals with the decline of bond trading

6/9/2014 - Billionaire investor Carl Icahn thinks he can profit from “dollar stores” that serve the poorest Americans

6/9/2014 - The spreading sclerosis of the non-compete agreement

6/9/2014 - India’s summer power outages are getting so bad, states want you to DIY

6/9/2014 - America’s credit card addicts just relapsed

6/9/2014 - Watch John Oliver skewer FIFA, the “cartoonishly evil” organization behind the World Cup

6/9/2014 - India’s central bank is overstating its forex reserves by 10%

6/9/2014 - A tiny technical change in iOS 8 could stop marketers spying on you

6/9/2014 - Scientists have developed Guitar Hero for bird-watchers

6/9/2014 - These five innovations can help improve India’s abysmal farm productivity

6/9/2014 - Brick-and-mortar retailers need to make customers feel they’re walking into a website

6/9/2014 - K-Pop’s latest video with Psy and Snoop Dogg is pretty sobering

6/9/2014 - Virtual reality headset Oculus Rift meets the Bloomberg terminal

6/9/2014 - Beijing is having a hard time convincing officials they shouldn’t abandon China

6/9/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Japan’s GDP growth, FIFA allegations, Russia’s RMB embrace, Twitter poems

6/9/2014 - Modi must remember the punch line to the joke: What’s the best city in India? Answer: Dubai

6/8/2014 - Hello, India. A welcome letter from our team

6/8/2014 - The four charts that make the case for Narendra Modi to liberalize, liberalize, liberalize

6/8/2014 - Two-thirds of the world’s mobiles are dumb phones. Meet the company getting them online

6/8/2014 - Foreign tourists choose to travel in a very different India than locals

6/8/2014 - Edward Snowden threw a bucket of hot water on Scandinavia’s quest to house the world’s data

6/8/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—FIFA allegations, Uber’s valuation, Italian soccer stickers, Twitter poems

6/8/2014 - Here’s a major hurdle in the way of investment in India

6/8/2014 - Migration patterns are slowly sorting American cities into “educated” and “uneducated”

6/8/2014 - Gap clothing will soon display “Made in Myanmar” tags

6/8/2014 - Palestine is the best country at soccer that’s not officially a country

6/8/2014 - Robots can now officially imitate humans

6/8/2014 - Who will be the defining star of the 2014 World Cup?

6/8/2014 - Why your next sweater should be alpaca, not cashmere

6/8/2014 - Like the Dow in the 1980s, India’s Sensex is poised to climb four-fold to 100,000

6/7/2014 - Maxwell House coffee just got 10% more expensive

6/7/2014 - More than 9 million Chinese students are taking their university entrance exam

6/7/2014 - A bunch of cars at the Corvette Museum got swallowed by a sinkhole—and attendance soared

6/7/2014 - How Italian soccer stickers turned generations of kids into capitalists

6/6/2014 - Quartz Weekend Brief—GM in perspective, baseball’s future, overfishing, sexbots

6/6/2014 - A perfect portrayal of Vladimir Putin’s day in Normandy

6/6/2014 - Uber just had the biggest funding round of all time

6/6/2014 - The most important nine charts of a giant week for the global economy

6/6/2014 - The culture that made the whole of GM miss one engineer’s fatal mistake

6/6/2014 - How Germany’s highway system helped Hitler rise to power

6/6/2014 - How globalization saved the world in 2008

6/6/2014 - Bank of America may be ready to end its mortgage nightmare

6/6/2014 - Four ways to redesign the Super Bowl logo without losing the gladiatorial look

6/6/2014 - India’s most promising energy source is free and found nearly everywhere

6/6/2014 - The World Cup is Brazil’s big chance to rebrand

6/6/2014 - All the world’s trade disputes

6/6/2014 - The most important charts from May’s really good jobs report

6/6/2014 - Here is how to make mass transit in the US financially sustainable

6/6/2014 - The future of Major League Baseball is not just about baseball

6/6/2014 - The United States has finally recovered all the jobs lost during the Great Recession

6/6/2014 - The Amazon.com of the Middle East is launching a “banned books” section to confound the censors

6/6/2014 - The US employment report is due at 8:30 a.m. ET. Economists expect 220,000 jobs were added in May.

6/6/2014 - Indonesia’s presidential race is being fought with Facebook updates and “Happy” sing-alongs

6/6/2014 - The “Apple doesn’t get the cloud” era is officially over

6/6/2014 - Fishing, Chinese medicine, and a crazy-looking snout are driving sawfish to extinction

6/6/2014 - A pilot explains why it’s time to get over your fear of turbulence

6/6/2014 - China’s annual state of the environment report is miserable

6/6/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Tense D-Day festivities, GM’s mea culpa, China terror warning, click-bait antidote

6/6/2014 - The other victims of the Ukraine crisis: Indian medical students

6/5/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—ECB moves, GM’s faults, LGBT travel, Lego business cards

6/5/2014 - Verizon demands that Netflix stop blaming it for choppy video. Netflix says no.

6/5/2014 - More layoffs could be in the works on Wall Street

6/5/2014 - Flu, coughs and hurricanes can’t stop “streak runners” from putting in a mile every single day

6/5/2014 - The US and Russia may be headed for a gas war in Asia

6/5/2014 - Corporate America’s mountain of cash just shrank by a huge amount

6/5/2014 - Mobile carriers have a secret weapon in their battle against web giants. It’s called Bollywood

6/5/2014 - When breaking bad news is part of the job

6/5/2014 - The ECB just joined the monetary policy free-for-all and here’s what it looks like

6/5/2014 - Mary Barra wants GM employees to contact her personally when they see a problem

6/5/2014 - “No broccoli, no dessert,” right? Wrong.

6/5/2014 - Fish can slow down global warming—but not if we keep eating them

6/5/2014 - How Marriott’s owner put aside his Mormon beliefs to cash in on the LGBT travel market

6/5/2014 - Prada handbags and shoes keep selling, despite the strong euro

6/5/2014 - Softbank’s humanoid robot will be great for tending to Japan’s elderly

6/5/2014 - How America fell out of love with writing checks

6/5/2014 - The first casualty of China’s missing metals probe may be a $765 million bank deal

6/5/2014 - Not even TV shows set in Hollywood can afford to film there anymore

6/5/2014 - What offices look like when they’re designed for introverts

6/5/2014 - Hong Kong’s Tiananmen vigil was really about telling Beijing off

6/5/2014 - Lego has the best business cards in the corporate world

6/5/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Draghi goes negative, Hollande’s double dinners, Sprint’s T-Mobile bid, reshaped pickle jars

6/5/2014 - Alibaba bets that Chinese soccer will evolve beyond corrupt mediocrity

6/5/2014 - If China’s warnings about Windows 8 are true, the country desperately needs it

6/5/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Draghi’s decision, Sprint’s T-Mobile offer, Twitter’s tune targets, reshaped pickle jars

6/4/2014 - India is not the worst country for car-accident deaths

6/4/2014 - India’s largest coal company is going shopping—again

6/4/2014 - The most interesting thing about Amazon’s 3D phone might be how you pay for it

6/4/2014 - Google has recruited a fashion dream duo to un-dorkify Glass

6/4/2014 - The music industry’s latest big deal might really be about video

6/4/2014 - Watch how eerily Microsoft’s smart home of 1999 predicts our lives today

6/4/2014 - Everything you need to know before the big Friday jobs report

6/4/2014 - The most attractive cities worldwide for new graduates

6/4/2014 - Here’s what tens of thousands of people who didn’t forget Tiananmen look like

6/4/2014 - See what China sees when it searches for “Tiananmen” and other loaded terms

6/4/2014 - The global impact of India’s multi-disciplinary skills

6/4/2014 - Is Elon Musk going to open-source Tesla?

6/4/2014 - Pickle jars have always been the wrong shape, and we never knew it

6/4/2014 - LinkedIn is censoring posts about Tiananmen Square

6/4/2014 - This major US news organization is also a Wall Street trader

6/4/2014 - The planet’s most venomous animal costs Australia millions a year—here’s what might stop it

6/4/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Tesco’s bargain troubles, Alibaba’s auspicious IPO, GM’s recall gaffe, literal grammar Nazis

6/4/2014 - The only thing China isn’t censoring about the Tiananmen anniversary is this astonishing essay

6/4/2014 - The ridiculously convoluted ownership history behind Time magazine

6/4/2014 - Netflix is making sure customers know whom to blame for slow, grainy video

6/4/2014 - American hospital pricing is completely divorced from reality

6/4/2014 - Whether or not to get an MBA depends on the kind of person you are

6/4/2014 - There are 108 countries that surpass the US in measles vaccinations

6/4/2014 - Asia’s mobile market is finally seeing its long-promised explosion

6/4/2014 - The epic $6 billion struggle between two chicken giants over a hot dog maker

6/4/2014 - This had better be the last time only one woman attends the G7

6/4/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Alibaba’s auspicious IPO, GM’s recall gaffe, Texas mad cow, Argentina’s dirty soccer

6/3/2014 - A student leader remembers Tiananmen before the massacre, and mulls its aftermath

6/3/2014 - Why Tiananmen matters more for young people in China today

6/3/2014 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe’s disinflation woe, Icahn’s mortgage bet, A meaty bidding war, Argentina’s dirty soccer

6/3/2014 - Keurig’s new machine won’t stop K-cup piracy

6/3/2014 - Not a “Tiger Mom?” Don’t sweat it, your kids will still turn out fine

6/3/2014 - Here’s how the world’s oldest startup relentlessly innovates

6/3/2014 - How Mario Draghi’s pyrrhic victory over inflation is hurting Europe’s economy

6/3/2014 - Ready or not, OPEC will get back the petro-power crown

6/3/2014 - Why eating more fruit and vegetables is not helping obese people

6/3/2014 - What China’s anti-corruption push has done to Swiss watch exports

6/3/2014 - The Stanley Cup finals may mean as much to investors as hockey fans this year

6/3/2014 - These maps show how the world composts

6/3/2014 - Uber could overtake Airbnb, with a $17 billion valuation

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