10/31/2015 - Google is testing its ad technology on outdoor billboards

10/31/2015 - New SEC rules will allow anybody—not just the wealthy—to invest in startups in the US

10/31/2015 - Visiting a haunted house is good for your mental health

10/31/2015 - Human values should be programmed into robots, argues a computer scientist

10/31/2015 - You might want to read Snapchat’s updated privacy policy before downloading its new app

10/31/2015 - Photos: New York City sends old subway cars to a watery grave in the Atlantic Ocean

10/31/2015 - The St. Paul’s rape trial was horrific—and exactly what American women should have expected

10/31/2015 - Swarms of pumpkin-shaped drones might soon map the world’s seabeds

10/31/2015 - Does it make financial sense to buy an apartment only to rent it out on Airbnb?

10/31/2015 - US students can now get federal money to take college classes while still in high school

10/31/2015 - Watch: The world’s most mysterious whales were seen—and filmed—in the wild for the first time ever

10/31/2015 - New York real estate is nowhere near a bubble—it’s actually perfectly priced

10/31/2015 - People who succeed against the odds all have one thing in common

10/31/2015 - Even NASA is perplexed by these otherworldly 8,000-year-old formations in Kazakhstan

10/31/2015 - A world of greener cars is coming sooner than we ever might have guessed

10/31/2015 - Ordinary Angolans are asking: where did all the oil riches go?

10/31/2015 - Africa’s democracies need to reconcile with term limits—and not just to keep the West happy

10/31/2015 - This urine test kit for malaria could save thousands of lives in Nigeria and beyond

10/30/2015 - The Republican National Committee says it’s breaking up with all NBC networks

10/30/2015 - The future of luxury

10/30/2015 - China’s new consumer class will transform the global economy

10/30/2015 - USD, EUR, JPY: The 10 most important economic charts of the week

10/30/2015 - Jack Dorsey has already brought back a key M&A exec to Twitter from Google

10/30/2015 - How much daylight does daylight saving time save?

10/30/2015 - Mozambique has suffered a brutal drop in its currency

10/30/2015 - Americans don’t need higher wages to keep shopping

10/30/2015 - The US reportedly plans to send special forces to Syria to fight ISIL

10/30/2015 - Google plans to connect 100 million Indonesians with its high-altitude internet balloons

10/30/2015 - Cross this device off your holiday gift list

10/30/2015 - Turkey is more divided than ever, and new elections won’t solve its problems

10/30/2015 - Scientists have invented a real tractor beam that can levitate objects, just like in Star Trek

10/30/2015 - 10 ways to ruin your start-up’s culture, in cartoons

10/30/2015 - Starbucks is on track to eclipse $20 billion in revenue next year

10/30/2015 - I’m an iOS developer, and there are two main reasons I’m giving up my Apple Watch

10/30/2015 - Korean dads go to “father school” to learn how to hug their kids

10/30/2015 - Big Oil’s supremely awful quarter, in one chart

10/30/2015 - My mother, a Hillary Clinton supporter, is the Republicans’ worst nightmare

10/30/2015 - Photos: The world’s driest place is now bursting with color and blossoms

10/30/2015 - Podcast: You can’t solve the space junk problem with an orbital garbage truck—yet

10/30/2015 - Photos: Inside the toxic haze, a “crime against humanity” caused by Indonesia’s fires

10/30/2015 - Photos: Nothing—not even jaguars—could stop this man from training for the NYC marathon

10/30/2015 - A successful life depends on following your instincts over your primal need to fit in

10/30/2015 - Carnegie bought a university. So did Stanford. Now, it’s Apple’s turn.

10/30/2015 - It’s completely ridiculous to think that humans could live on Mars

10/30/2015 - This interracial couple is showing what 15% of American newlyweds look like

10/30/2015 - Rejoice! Data prove skinny jeans really are on the way out

10/30/2015 - The science behind what distinguishes a super scary haunted house from a kind of boring one

10/30/2015 - One of the world’s largest soft-drink markets has just defeated the soda lobby—again

10/30/2015 - Victorian-era diseases like scarlet fever are making a comeback in England

10/30/2015 - If you care about wildlife, these are the wildlife attractions you should avoid

10/30/2015 - 16 climate projects that are actually making a difference, according to the UN

10/30/2015 - One thing Putin and Kim-Jong Un both get right: changing time zones

10/30/2015 - No bats, no margaritas: the story behind Halloween’s ultimate spooky symbols

10/30/2015 - The global plan for dealing with refugees isn’t broken—it’s nearly broke

10/30/2015 - Cute little satellites bound for the moon could help us find water on other planets

10/30/2015 - These stock photos of tech industry women of color are free for anyone to use

10/30/2015 - Africa’s middle class is dramatically smaller than we think

10/30/2015 - There are probably tiny pieces of plastic waste in your table salt

10/30/2015 - A new aviation policy in India could finally unleash the boom everybody’s been waiting for

10/30/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Exxon and Chevron results, a Guantanamo release, spies don’t want Bond

10/30/2015 - Exercising when you’re 40 may be the most important time to slow aging

10/30/2015 - Companies that invest in design have more productive employees

10/30/2015 - UK boards are now 25% female, but there’s a much bigger gender imbalance for companies to deal with

10/30/2015 - Portraits in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in Pakistan and Afghanistan

10/30/2015 - Don’t be fooled by “Suffragette”: Violence alone did not secure the women’s vote

10/30/2015 - Africa’s leaders are being feted in New Delhi, but ordinary Africans are called “black monkeys”

10/30/2015 - There are only 20 countries in the world where it is harder to do business than in Nigeria

10/30/2015 - Why in the world would anyone want to go back to India after living in the US?

10/30/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Big Oil suffers, Taiwan’s GDP drop, spider sex

10/30/2015 - A black US citizen is seeking asylum in Canada because he fears police brutality

10/30/2015 - A modern Indian woman’s Karva Chauth, as told by Twinkle Khanna

10/30/2015 - It’s official: The Philippines can sue over China’s South China Sea claims

10/30/2015 - A kooky Filipino Cinderella soap opera has smashed all Twitter records

10/29/2015 - The most egregious examples from the Chinese government’s long, sordid history of data-doctoring

10/29/2015 - 11 essential things to see in Hong Kong

10/29/2015 - iPhone and drone cameras are helping Sony turn itself around

10/29/2015 - This is the touching dedication in Gloria Steinem’s new book

10/29/2015 - Judge rules Mark Zuckerberg still needs to follow the rules like everybody else

10/29/2015 - Welcome to the Idea Economy featuring Hewlett Packard Enterprise

10/29/2015 - Whistleblower: USDA suppressed findings about a common pesticide that could endanger bees

10/29/2015 - EU lawmakers press member states to drop charges against Edward Snowden and block extradition to the US

10/29/2015 - “Hypercarnivores” may have maintained ancient ecosystems by hunting mammoths and mastodons

10/29/2015 - ​An underground fire is edging closer to a nuclear waste dump in suburban St. Louis

10/29/2015 - Republicans would rather complain about the media than seriously discuss the national debt

10/29/2015 - Sing in a choir to improve your happiness and wellbeing

10/29/2015 - There’s now a robot that can drive a motorbike on its own

10/29/2015 - Google is now sharing its best internal HR and management advice with the world

10/29/2015 - World Health Organization to planet: We’re pretty sure most of you have the herpes virus

10/29/2015 - Italian wiretaps suggest that Toronto is on the verge of a mafia war

10/29/2015 - Paul Ryan’s hands are tied as House speaker—unless he gives up on Republican presidential hopes

10/29/2015 - James Bond lacks the “emotional intelligence” to get a job as a real-life spy

10/29/2015 - Russia is testing the world’s first all-female space crew for a mission to the moon

10/29/2015 - Rwanda cut its presidential term to five years from seven, but Kagame could stay on for 17

10/29/2015 - John Boehner’s final directive to Congress: Dress better, slobs

10/29/2015 - Paul Ryan is the new US House speaker

10/29/2015 - 76% of online shopping in the US this holiday season will be spent on 1% of products

10/29/2015 - Tanzania’s ruling party secures the presidency and a two-thirds majority in parliament

10/29/2015 - The very simple reason the Fed feels more comfortable about raising interest rates

10/29/2015 - RushCard is starting a fund to pay back its customers

10/29/2015 - Didi Kuaidi’s Tony Qiu on how the company is going to crush Uber in China

10/29/2015 - Tech glitches keep plaguing US airlines. This dashboard kept track of them all.

10/29/2015 - How to avoid surge pricing on Uber

10/29/2015 - MIT researchers have developed a device that can identify people through walls

10/29/2015 - The American South needs a new way to show its pride

10/29/2015 - Photos: A striking glimpse of women’s street style in North Korea

10/29/2015 - Witches are some of the most enduring feminist icons of our time

10/29/2015 - How the US government helped McDonald’s climb out of its sales rut

10/29/2015 - The chart that explains why one of America’s leading mental health experts is going to Google

10/29/2015 - After nearly 40 years, China is ending its one-child policy

10/29/2015 - Finding oxygen on a comet changes what we know about the birth of the solar system

10/29/2015 - A Mexican startup has pieced together the elusive data behind the country’s secretive drug war

10/29/2015 - History is getting its revenge on economics

10/29/2015 - Sugar isn’t just making us fat, it’s making us sick

10/29/2015 - If elected, Bernie Sanders wouldn’t be America’s first socialist president

10/29/2015 - IBM is going to change how we forecast the weather with Watson

10/29/2015 - The US should fix immigration and patents or kiss its innovation edge goodbye

10/29/2015 - The way we talk about warzones determines what we can learn from them

10/29/2015 - Women who drink, smoke, and stay out after 9pm invite rape, a Beijing court study says

10/29/2015 - African lions might go extinct sooner than we thought

10/29/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US talks South China Sea, Pfizer and Allergan merger?, runaway blimps

10/29/2015 - Republican candidates find a debate topic that unites them: their hatred of “the media”

10/29/2015 - Jeb blunders in a pivotal debate, and Republicans are still looking for their anti-Trump

10/29/2015 - East African governments are pushing to get more out of ‘Big oil’ than just tax dollars

10/29/2015 - The best way to learn math is to learn how to fail productively

10/29/2015 - Almost half of some European countries don’t believe in welcoming refugees

10/29/2015 - The global commodities slump is hitting Africa hard

10/29/2015 - Completely outspent by China, India is sticking to its own plan to win over Africa

10/29/2015 - An Orwellian copyright brawl has erupted over “1984” T-shirts

10/29/2015 - Modi’s massive disinvestment plan is plagued by unrealistic ambitions and terrible luck

10/29/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—A pharma mega-merger, Nintendo’s smartphone play, fake salmon

10/29/2015 - Domestic violence may be the cause of one-tenth of all infant deaths in India

10/29/2015 - More than twenty Chinese investors are still missing, days after a police crackdown on a planned protest

10/29/2015 - The seven kinds of entrepreneurs you can find in India—or soon will

10/28/2015 - Nintendo’s first mobile game, Miitomo, has been delayed until 2016

10/28/2015 - Hot springs, ham curing, and senior centers—the new lives of Japan’s disappearing schools

10/28/2015 - Inside Innoway, China’s $36 million government-backed startup village

10/28/2015 - Apple TV reviews: What everyone is saying about the new streaming media player

10/28/2015 - The NBA is going to put sponsor logos on this season’s All-Star jerseys

10/28/2015 - GoPro’s shares just fell to an all-time low

10/28/2015 - Astronaut Scott Kelly celebrates his US record-setting space voyage with a walk outside

10/28/2015 - Apple has probably sold more than 5 million watches so far

10/28/2015 - Janet Yellen just did a great imitation of Cher in “Moonstruck”

10/28/2015 - The US military’s runaway blimp has been a multibillion-dollar boondoggle for years

10/28/2015 - Volkswagen’s new CEO can feel your pain

10/28/2015 - Ferrari’s first batch of earnings as a public company were good, but not good enough

10/28/2015 - One of the hottest places in the world is building a massive indoor snow park

10/28/2015 - Obama says female athletes are “badass”—and that’s pretty mild for presidential swearing

10/28/2015 - The first museum for US writers will open in 2017

10/28/2015 - Italian museum cleaners mistook a contemporary art piece for trash

10/28/2015 - Ex-PayPal cofounder wants to hook millennials up with virtual credit

10/28/2015 - Turns out low-fee funds from the biggest fund shops tend to beat the market

10/28/2015 - Introducing Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Why this new chapter matters to your business

10/28/2015 - What would an Amazon fashion line look like?

10/28/2015 - After 2508 days, the Fed still won’t raise interest rates from near zero

10/28/2015 - Facebook will make its employees feel what it’s like to have a 2G connection

10/28/2015 - Airbnb continues to shake up San Francisco—now by selling “handcrafted” tours of the city

10/28/2015 - Hillary Clinton binge-watches TV shows that are basically about her

10/28/2015 - Dubai’s reckless foreign policy is putting it on a path to disaster—and fast

10/28/2015 - The mystery of the woman who reviewed 30,000 books on Amazon

10/28/2015 - Photos: A family of Kurdish refugees is living in a Moscow airport lounge

10/28/2015 - Math scores are slipping among American students, nationwide test shows

10/28/2015 - Nepal just elected its first female president

10/28/2015 - Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe won’t be accepting “China’s Nobel Peace Prize”

10/28/2015 - As we lose some of the world’s most majestic animals, we also lose their very useful excrement

10/28/2015 - How forgeries have changed the art market

10/28/2015 - Relentlessly chasing profits is the enemy of creative businesses

10/28/2015 - The definitive guide to using your travel rewards correctly

10/28/2015 - Bad posture? It may be in your head

10/28/2015 - What’s worse for you–your boss, or smoking a pack a day?

10/28/2015 - JPMorgan Chase and Silicon Valley are battling it out—over you

10/28/2015 - Google wants to make sure you never lose your phone again

10/28/2015 - There’s finally a phone that doesn’t shatter when you drop it

10/28/2015 - The man who wrote the bible on picking up women no longer believes in the pickup game

10/28/2015 - When 31 years as president is not enough, you change the constitution

10/28/2015 - There’s a good chance the “wild” salmon you just ordered was actually farmed

10/28/2015 - Zanzibar has annulled its presidential election over accusations of vote rigging

10/28/2015 - While the iPad flounders, the Apple Mac just hit an all-time record

10/28/2015 - Spotify may not be that bad for the music industry, after all

10/28/2015 - Today the US sets a record for not having a president die in office

10/28/2015 - Finally, the EU decides to abolish annoying data roaming charges

10/28/2015 - Mark Zuckerberg, why is Facebook showing so much interest in India? Answer honestly

10/28/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Volkswagen’s big loss, Ivory Coast elections, contraband caviar

10/28/2015 - For the kids of this tech CEO, every day is a performance review

10/28/2015 - Never touch an Englishman: The cuddliest nationalities in Europe, ranked

10/28/2015 - India’s rise on the World Bank’s Doing Business index means very little

10/28/2015 - Côte d’Ivoire president Alassane Ouattara has easily won re-election

10/28/2015 - Tesla could finally set up shop in India—but not with its cars

10/28/2015 - Estonia is making it easier to cross borders digitally

10/28/2015 - Saudi Arabia may cut energy subsidies and start to wean its citizens off ultra-cheap gasoline

10/28/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Apple excels, Twitter tanks, trigger-happy pooches

10/28/2015 - A Nigerian oil company racked up the country’s largest corporate losses since the credit crisis

10/28/2015 - These Bollywood actresses are undoing all the hard work of India’s feminists

10/28/2015 - India can rival China in Nigeria, by being exactly what China is not: Open and free

10/28/2015 - What Chinese slowdown? Apple’s sales double in China on iPhone growth

10/27/2015 - Fox and Google run into big problems with the World Series broadcast

10/27/2015 - Hong Kong is the happiest place in China, according to WeChat posts

10/27/2015 - This is why the US is spending $80 billion on a new long-range stealth bomber

10/27/2015 - Twitter finally has a plan to make money off “logged-out users”

10/27/2015 - Apple Pay is expanding to Canada and Australia later this year

10/27/2015 - Now you can buy a home from the comfort of the cloud

10/27/2015 - Apple’s fourth-quarter earnings in charts

10/27/2015 - Interactive: How your intersection is outfitted for crime prevention

10/27/2015 - Social Innovation is driving digital advancements in a fast-changing healthcare system

10/27/2015 - Growing threats to the electrical grid prompt new approaches to energy supply

10/27/2015 - Twitter added only 4 million new users last quarter

10/27/2015 - It will take more than a viral video to stop black girls from being abused in America

10/27/2015 - SXSW canceled a panel on combatting harassment in gaming after receiving threats of violence

10/27/2015 - Actually, eating red meat is way less likely to kill you than cigarettes

10/27/2015 - MasterCard emerges as a player in the RushCard debacle

10/27/2015 - Rare, Earth-bound space junk offers a big opportunity for scientists

10/27/2015 - Fox News asked a panel of men to decide if women should be allowed to wear leggings

10/27/2015 - Africa has about one doctor for every 5000 people

10/27/2015 - These 10 technologies changed medical care and access in India

10/27/2015 - Ben Carson has pulled ahead of Donald Trump for the first time

10/27/2015 - Boehner, finally free of the pressure from the far right, lands a bipartisan budget deal

10/27/2015 - Africa has the deadliest roads in the world, and the death toll will probably keep rising

10/27/2015 - Barack Obama says he learned how to be a good citizen from reading novels

10/27/2015 - There’s nothing wrong with texting at your own wedding

10/27/2015 - Indonesia’s president is skipping a meeting with Tim Cook

10/27/2015 - On Black Friday, shoppers at REI will be turned away and told to go outside instead

10/27/2015 - Another Doctors Without Borders hospital was hit by an airstrike, this time by the Saudis in Yemen

10/27/2015 - The price of the Titanic’s last-surviving cracker

10/27/2015 - A scientist built an AI computer to figure out how to take better selfies

10/27/2015 - The disturbing reality of sexual assault on airplanes

10/27/2015 - Global warming will someday make the hajj a life-threatening pilgrimage

10/27/2015 - Far-right parties benefit from financial crises—but still blame immigrants for everything

10/27/2015 - The most dangerous intersections in America

10/27/2015 - Underwater internet cables could be the next target in tech warfare

10/27/2015 - For the first time, refugee athletes will be allowed to compete in the Olympics

10/27/2015 - Are India’s public-sector ports being weakened to favour Adani Ports?

10/27/2015 - The Petrobras scandal has been great for Brazil’s ethanol industry

10/27/2015 - PCs are boring, but personal computing is booming. How?

10/27/2015 - How time-saving technology has completely backfired

10/27/2015 - China’s craziest English-language propaganda videos are made by one mysterious studio

10/27/2015 - Kenya has delayed the launch of the world’s first mobile-money government bond indefinitely

10/27/2015 - A Kenyan runner tried to win the Nairobi Marathon by only running the last kilometer

10/27/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Apple and Twitter earnings, next FIFA president, Titanic snacks

10/27/2015 - Science proves your first-born won’t rule the world

10/27/2015 - Half of American Airlines’ revenue came from 13% of its customers

10/27/2015 - The Norwegian army may have the answer to reducing sexism at work

10/27/2015 - In London, you need $30 million to not be affected by gentrification

10/27/2015 - The most important number Apple will reveal today

10/27/2015 - How Chhota Rajan went from small-time crook to one of India’s most wanted gangsters

10/27/2015 - Photos: Hero Slovenian waiter delivers pizza to hungry migrant kids

10/27/2015 - Everything you need to know about India’s trade with Africa, in six charts

10/27/2015 - The last days of this Ebola outbreak are as much about access to information as access to healthcare

10/27/2015 - In the race for Africa, India and China aren’t all that different

10/27/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Earthquake aftershocks, Apple earnings, Titanic snacks

10/27/2015 - Earthquake aftershocks, Apple earnings, Titanic snacks

10/27/2015 - The US just challenged China in the South China Sea and… nothing happened

10/27/2015 - The TPP could help tiny companies become global exporters

10/27/2015 - I thought my startup was “my baby,” until I actually had a baby

10/26/2015 - The death toll from the strongest hurricane ever recorded was less than 10

10/26/2015 - The most popular version of Popcorn Time has shut down

10/26/2015 - Palm oil’s new frontier is the vast rainforest covering the world’s second-largest island

10/26/2015 - Walmart wants to deliver groceries with drones

10/26/2015 - This video of a cop violently attacking a student at her desk is deeply troubling

10/26/2015 - Afghan earthquake aftershocks, Guatemala’s new president, dangerous unicorns

10/26/2015 - Watch: Chewbacca is arrested in Ukraine while driving Darth Vader to the polls

10/26/2015 - Canada is the only country where Netflix will stream the new ‘Star Wars’ movie

10/26/2015 - A Saudi prince was caught in a huge drug bust at the Beirut airport

10/26/2015 - IMF: Saudi Arabia is in danger of running out of money within five years

10/26/2015 - Coding bootcamp grads boost their salaries by 40% on average

10/26/2015 - Photos: A brief history of Katy Perry’s astounding democratic campaign costumes

10/26/2015 - Infographic: See how the cloud has made financing a home as easy as a click of a button

10/26/2015 - Wikimedia lost its secret spying lawsuit against the NSA because it couldn’t prove the secret spying

10/26/2015 - If you won’t give up meat to prevent cancer, how far should you go to eat sensibly?

10/26/2015 - At least one group found a silver lining in Volkswagen’s diesel deception

10/26/2015 - AmEx just made its first bitcoin investment

10/26/2015 - Nigeria is fining MTN $1,000 per illegal sim card even though customers generate just $5 a month

10/26/2015 - Tough week ahead? Try Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi hearing relaxation technique

10/26/2015 - Our demand for “healthier” junk food is creating some nasty new problems for the world

10/26/2015 - Eros shares are taking a wild ride on two continents as the “Netflix of India” faces questions about its financials

10/26/2015 - Turkey’s plan to ignore daylight saving time has been foiled by smartphones

10/26/2015 - The make-up of the 1 in 5 American prisoners who went to solitary confinement

10/26/2015 - Tired of importing almost all its energy, Morocco has built Africa’s biggest solar farm

10/26/2015 - The IEA says oil and gas investment hasn’t been this bad in 20 years

10/26/2015 - Colleges are spying on prospective students by quietly tracking them across the internet

10/26/2015 - A New York sixth-grader is selling really strong passwords for $2 each

10/26/2015 - Forty years after the Vietnam War ended, the “napalm girl’s” pain endures

10/26/2015 - How a spreadsheet helped me tackle my depression

10/26/2015 - The new Apple TV is now available for pre-order

10/26/2015 - A comedian who has never held office won the Guatemalan presidency in a landslide

10/26/2015 - World Health Organization: Red and processed meats have a strong link to cancer

10/26/2015 - ExxonMobil pioneered climate-change research in the 1970s, and now it’s attacking media reporting on that

10/26/2015 - Have Tesla and Apple disrupted the auto industry past the point of no return?

10/26/2015 - British universities won’t be able to see applicants’ names anymore

10/26/2015 - Why do Americans think that Bernie Sanders is more progressive than Hillary Clinton?

10/26/2015 - The Pakistani family that helped a deaf-mute Indian woman return home after 13 years

10/26/2015 - A 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Afghanistan has killed 200, and the death toll is rising

10/26/2015 - How long before we see Santa in July? Introducing Quartz’s Christmas Creep Calculator

10/26/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Red meat warning, Pakistani earthquake, yakuza cancels Halloween

10/26/2015 - Red meat warning, Pakistani earthquake, yakuza cancels Halloween

10/26/2015 - This is a sign of how desperate Volkswagen is getting

10/26/2015 - Why so many alien hunters are looking at this one mysterious star in the sky

10/26/2015 - Mark Zuckerberg’s 20-minute speech in clumsy Mandarin is his latest attempt to woo China

10/26/2015 - African nations are strangely silent about their big meeting with Modi in New Delhi

10/26/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Red meat warning, global elections, secret recipes

10/26/2015 - Red meat warning, global elections, secret recipes

10/26/2015 - The sad decline of the Nasscom Product Conclave into a self-serving carnival

10/26/2015 - China’s government is cracking down on investors who are asking for its help

10/25/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Red meat danger, Patricia blows over, Polish elections, Sausage fraud

10/25/2015 - Red meat danger, Patricia blows over, Polish elections, Sausage fraud

10/25/2015 - Fans offer vast quantities of LEGO to Ai Weiwei after his order was refused as too “political”

10/25/2015 - Scientists can now “squeeze” light, a breakthrough that could make computers millions of times faster

10/25/2015 - Everything you think you know about happiness is wrong

10/25/2015 - What to do when your dream job makes you miserable

10/25/2015 - The world has enough Elsas: This Halloween, why not dress up as these real female heroes

10/25/2015 - The key to creative productivity: Embrace anxiety

10/25/2015 - Astronomers say they’ve made a key discovery that could predict our planet’s demise

10/25/2015 - If pediatricians can’t recommend screen time limits, then who will?

10/25/2015 - This might be the best reason yet to cut Friday from the American school week

10/25/2015 - Inside the surprisingly sexist world of artificial intelligence

10/25/2015 - Highlights from the peerless 164-year-old World’s Fair, before it closes this week

10/25/2015 - Years after the Rana Plaza tragedy, too many of Bangladesh’s factories are still “death traps”

10/25/2015 - The history of pantsuits shows why we care so much about female politicians’ style

10/25/2015 - Why India is rolling out the red carpet for all 54 African countries

10/25/2015 - Canada voted in its first Somali-born member of parliament

10/25/2015 - Egypt’s youth don’t care about elections but they still want a democracy

10/24/2015 - Obama thinks kids are spending too much time on standardized tests

10/24/2015 - If there were more Bradley Coopers, could we close the pay gap? We asked an economist

10/24/2015 - Patricia is no longer a hurricane, but it’s about to wreak havoc in Texas

10/24/2015 - Go home comet, you’re drunk: Sugar and alcohol have been found on ‘Comet Lovejoy’

10/24/2015 - The vice president of the Maldives allegedly tried to kill the president last month

10/24/2015 - The costumes everyone will be wearing for Halloween this year, according to Google

10/24/2015 - Bitcoin is a currency, the EU admits

10/24/2015 - Charles Koch’s Halloween costume confirms liberals’ worst fears

10/24/2015 - In Hillary Clinton’s 11-hour hearing, the real legacy of Benghazi never once came up

10/24/2015 - Weekend edition—Benghazi’s legacy, the shoemaker’s tale, British class war

10/24/2015 - Sexy Halloween costumes don’t have to be sexist

10/24/2015 - When my parents were born, 7 in 10 people lived in extreme poverty. Today it’s 1 in 10

10/24/2015 - A simple way to stop intelligence leaks: give Americans the lowdown on drones

10/24/2015 - Study: A fascinating aspect of language looks to be biologically hardwired in our brains

10/24/2015 - South Africa’s pioneering social network loses out to Whatsapp and shuts down

10/24/2015 - Weekend edition—Benghazi’s legacy, the shoemaker’s tale, British class war

10/23/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Benghazi’s legacy, the shoemaker’s tale, British class war

10/23/2015 - Weekend edition—Benghazi’s legacy, the shoemaker’s tale, British class war

10/23/2015 - A conference about having sex with robots was canceled for fear people would have sex with robots

10/23/2015 - To find out what happens next to Harry Potter, you’ll have to go to a play in London

10/23/2015 - Mexico braces for heavy damage as the most powerful hurricane in recorded history makes landfall

10/23/2015 - Google can’t stop talking about mobile until it comes to real numbers

10/23/2015 - Is the NYT Magazine trolling us?

10/23/2015 - The UK prime minister wants the government to ignore its own report on the dangers of sugar

10/23/2015 - Are Microsoft and Google better at cybersecurity than the CIA?

10/23/2015 - Steve Ballmer says Microsoft employees who leave for Amazon eventually come back

10/23/2015 - Steve Ballmer says he began buying up Twitter before he knew Jack Dorsey would become CEO

10/23/2015 - What to watch for in the most competitive election in Tanzanian history

10/23/2015 - This man briefly overtook Bill Gates as the world’s richest person

10/23/2015 - Stephen Colbert has already helped CBS set a new record for online video viewers

10/23/2015 - Odessa’s Lenin statue has been officially transformed into Darth Vader

10/23/2015 - A crowdsourced satellite image search is helping find child slaves in Ghana

10/23/2015 - Norwegians use “Texas” as a synonym for “crazy”

10/23/2015 - Socialism isn’t a dirty word in American politics anymore

10/23/2015 - Microsoft’s stock price is the highest it’s been since 2000

10/23/2015 - Crocodiles sleep with one eye open and half their brain awake

10/23/2015 - JPMorgan just scored a big win over Silicon Valley in its new Starbucks deal

10/23/2015 - Protests force South Africa’s president to scrap university fee increases—but this is what he missed

10/23/2015 - Black Mozart: A brief history of rappers performing with classical musicians

10/23/2015 - Daniel Craig thinks James Bond is kind of a jerk, frankly

10/23/2015 - The biggest hurricane ever recorded is about to strike Mexico

10/23/2015 - After eleven hours grilling Hillary Clinton, the Benghazi committee was a swing and a miss for Republicans

10/23/2015 - Inside the startup that’s taking on Amazon (while swearing it’s not)

10/23/2015 - I used to be ashamed of my family’s smelly Asian cooking—now it fills me with pride

10/23/2015 - The role of Nigerian romance scammers in the IRS data breach

10/23/2015 - The latest adventures of Super Mario and the upside-down European bond market

10/23/2015 - It’s time we stop pitying children of divorce

10/23/2015 - Mattel confronts its feminism problem with this new ad for Barbie

10/23/2015 - We should think of Leia from “Star Wars” as a politician as much as a princess

10/23/2015 - The case for all-boys’ schools

10/23/2015 - A Muji designer explains why your stapler is perfectly designed

10/23/2015 - A Tiananmen Square activist has been told he can’t go anywhere near Xi Jinping

10/23/2015 - Amazon will start selling foreign electronics in a place where electronics are dirt cheap and no one uses Amazon

10/23/2015 - Why Malcolm Gladwell’s ideas are so interesting, whether or not they’re true

10/23/2015 - American newspapers are vastly underreporting civilian deaths by US drone strikes

10/23/2015 - Climate change is a reverse Robin Hood: stealing from the poor countries and giving to the rich ones

10/23/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Obama’s climate rules, Mexico’s “monster” storm, delusional millennials

10/23/2015 - Obama’s climate rules, Mexico’s “monster” storm, delusional millennials

10/23/2015 - A scheme to end child marriage in patriarchal Haryana has totally backfired

10/23/2015 - Europe has hit its emissions targets five years early

10/23/2015 - To combat the lure of ISIL, the Muslim world needs its own Peace Corps

10/23/2015 - The holy cow might be India’s most dangerous animal

10/23/2015 - When Mario Draghi talks, the euro can’t contain itself

10/23/2015 - The pill that a hedge fund bro jacked up to $750 will soon face a $1 competitor

10/23/2015 - An Indian maternity photo shoot with glitters, bridal jewellery and henna tattoos

10/23/2015 - China’s Communist Party has banned its members from meeting alone or criticizing the Party

10/23/2015 - BlackBerry is losing its grip on one of the last countries that still loved it

10/23/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Bumper tech earnings, Malaysia’s budget, unholy Bible

10/23/2015 - Bumper tech earnings, Malaysia’s budget, unholy Bible

10/23/2015 - The seeds of Indian and Pakistani extremism were sowed the day the two gained independence

10/22/2015 - The Chinese exchange that lured 220,000 investors may have been a giant Ponzi scheme

10/22/2015 - The loudest monkeys have the smallest balls

10/22/2015 - Jack Dorsey is giving $200 million of his Twitter stock to employees

10/22/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Amazon and Google outperform, McDonald’s is lovin’ it, unholy Bible misprint

10/22/2015 - Amazon and Google outperform, McDonald’s is lovin’ it, unholy Bible misprint

10/22/2015 - How to keep Facebook’s powerful new search engine from unearthing your old, embarrassing posts

10/22/2015 - Hiring at Google is picking back up

10/22/2015 - Amazon Web Services is now a $7 billion-a-year cloud-computing machine

10/22/2015 - Dear Paul Ryan: Welcome to the club millions of moms and dads already belong to

10/22/2015 - This insult was so hot even Donald Trump’s campaign backed off of it

10/22/2015 - Theranos still hasn’t provided the one thing that could reassure doubters for good

10/22/2015 - Subway agrees to measure its footlong subs to make sure they’re really 12 inches

10/22/2015 - Raf Simons, a designer at the height of his powers, is leaving Dior

10/22/2015 - The US just lifted a crushing burden on prison inmates and their families

10/22/2015 - Why Nasdaq wants an exchange for startups

10/22/2015 - Debunking the myth that there is not enough money for African startups

10/22/2015 - Scientists think “kissing” double stars will either merge or become black holes

10/22/2015 - The most boring part of the financial markets just got important

10/22/2015 - Is Drake’s new video an homage to, or a rip-off of, a 72-year-old American art legend?

10/22/2015 - Syrian refugees are traveling across the Arctic Circle to Europe

10/22/2015 - Sore loser Airbnb floods San Francisco with a passive-aggressive ad campaign

10/22/2015 - A teacher and a student were killed by a sword-wielding attacker at a Swedish school

10/22/2015 - A new low: Czech authorities strip-searched refugees to find money

10/22/2015 - Stunning aerial photos of wild newborn killer whales

10/22/2015 - The US meat industry’s wildly successful, 40-year crusade to keep its hold on the American diet

10/22/2015 - Research: Traders love a winner’s tale and ignore the cautionary ones

10/22/2015 - Treat free markets like kids in a candy store: love them, but don’t leave them unattended

10/22/2015 - A company owned by Vietnam’s military will put $1 billion into Tanzania’s mobile market

10/22/2015 - Most science research findings are false. Here’s how we can change that

10/22/2015 - The strange behavior of three Russian satellites is another sign we have an arms race in space

10/22/2015 - “People don’t buy stuff in actual stores”—the future of retail, as explained by Gen Z

10/22/2015 - Why people under 35 are so unhappy

10/22/2015 - The best way to boil an egg, according to science

10/22/2015 - This designer wants kids to build their own prosthetics using LEGOs

10/22/2015 - Apple CEO Tim Cook’s wild prediction about 2015 is looking less and less absurd

10/22/2015 - Investors are still wondering: Where’s that Yahoo turnaround Marissa Mayer promised us?

10/22/2015 - Ad blockers will destroy listicles and other dumb clickbait

10/22/2015 - Poland’s refugee problem is not what you think it is

10/22/2015 - Google is supporting yet another huge clean energy project in Africa

10/22/2015 - The origins of… ellipses, commas, and other punctuation marks

10/22/2015 - The company that runs the Channel Tunnel really can’t cope with the migrant crisis

10/22/2015 - What posh Brits are eating now: almond milk, Medjool dates, and all things coconut

10/22/2015 - A freelance fashion designer took on a global footwear company, and they both lost

10/22/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Clinton’s Benghazi grilling, falling car profits, drunk cupcake burglars

10/22/2015 - Clinton’s Benghazi grilling, falling car profits, drunk cupcake burglars

10/22/2015 - A Spanish soccer club created a dating app, and its ad is so creepy

10/22/2015 - Study: Meditation and yoga dramatically cut our need for health care services

10/22/2015 - Pictures: India’s ten-armed goddess with piercing eyes

10/22/2015 - How Côte d’Ivoire’s president used an old autocrat’s playbook to turn his country around

10/22/2015 - Two British activists were arrested after waving Tibetan flags at the Chinese president’s motorcade

10/22/2015 - Everything you need to know about the frenzied, magical Durga Puja in Kolkata

10/22/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Ferrari’s supercharged IPO, Clinton gets grilled, cupcake burglar

10/22/2015 - Ferrari’s supercharged IPO, Clinton gets grilled, cupcake burglar

10/22/2015 - Charted: The Xiaomi effect on the Chinese smartphone market

10/22/2015 - Three charts that explain how India shops online

10/21/2015 - Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe is the latest strongman to win China’s Confucius Peace Prize

10/21/2015 - Malaysian lawmakers could reject the prime minister’s budget plan—and the prime minister

10/21/2015 - What you need to know about Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the Benghazi committee

10/21/2015 - 75% of infant deaths are preventable and the world’s oldest startup is leveraging co-creation to solve for it

10/21/2015 - SMS texting is helping solve Africa’s health infrastructure problem

10/21/2015 - Lego’s Christmas shortage, Ferrari’s supercharged IPO, cupcake burglar nabbed

10/21/2015 - Chipotle is looking at mobile orders and more efficient utensils to boost growth

10/21/2015 - Companies are turning to M&A as quantitative easing tapers off and earnings decline

10/21/2015 - The strategic way to generate growth for your business in lean times

10/21/2015 - September was so insanely hot, it set a 136-year record

10/21/2015 - Nike sent a heartwarming gift to Michael J. Fox for “Back to the Future” day

10/21/2015 - The Holocaust’s lesson to “never forget” now justifies the thing we were supposed to remember

10/21/2015 - You could be driving an electric car a lot sooner than you think

10/21/2015 - Survey: One in three people would pick a phone over a car

10/21/2015 - Canada’s new prime minister says he is “proud to be a feminist”

10/21/2015 - How good is Skype’s instant translation? We put it to the Chinese stress test

10/21/2015 - The US and Russia are finally working together in Syria—but only to prevent dangerous air clashes

10/21/2015 - Ole Miss students vote to take down the state flag, with its Confederate symbol

10/21/2015 - Joe Biden says he is not running for president

10/21/2015 - Ferrari left more than $130 million on the table in its IPO

10/21/2015 - The camerawoman caught kicking migrants is now suing Facebook

10/21/2015 - It might not fly, but engineers at Stanford made a self-driving electric car out of a DeLorean

10/21/2015 - Germany tells Netanyahu: “No, we are actually responsible for the Holocaust”

10/21/2015 - There’s a simple theory that explains new bloodshed in the Middle East

10/21/2015 - Nike just announced the release date for the self-lacing sneakers from “Back To the Future Part II”

10/21/2015 - Watch this cryptic but amazing new video for Magic Leap’s VR technology

10/21/2015 - This is the cover of USA Today for “Back to the Future” day

10/21/2015 - There’s a backlash against high-tech brooms in the competitive sport of curling

10/21/2015 - A lab-grown burger could be your affordable alternative to factory farms by 2020

10/21/2015 - These photos of repurposed Pizza Huts are nostalgia-inducing reminders of the past

10/21/2015 - Don’t panic, but there may be a LEGO shortage coming this Christmas

10/21/2015 - Ugh, it looks like we’re going to have another US debt fight

10/21/2015 - Police fire stun grenades as South African student protesters storm parliament

10/21/2015 - Researchers want to use Google Glass to help autistic people ‘see’ emotions

10/21/2015 - Ben Carson is the most boring person running for president—why is he so popular?

10/21/2015 - Tech companies are investing in artists to improve creativity

10/21/2015 - We fact-checked kids’ opinions of New York and Los Angeles

10/21/2015 - Bayern Munich fans protested against Arsenal’s high ticket prices—and Arsenal fans applauded them

10/21/2015 - The EU rules Starbucks isn’t paying its “fair share” of tax. Apple anxiously watches and waits

10/21/2015 - Sakti3’s quest for a better battery: Hype, funding, promises, and then a surprise sale

10/21/2015 - More women in the workforce could create trillions in global GDP

10/21/2015 - “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” Only 5% of Mac users ever need to hear this

10/21/2015 - The biggest myths about marijuana—debunked by an addiction expert

10/21/2015 - I am a professor at one of South Africa’s top universities—this is why I voted against raising tuition

10/21/2015 - In the footsteps of paleogeologists, Shell prepares to drill for oil offshore from Nova Scotia

10/21/2015 - Starbucks’ EU tax woes, FIFA names names, let your kids fail

10/21/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Starbucks’ EU tax woes, FIFA names names, let your kids fail

10/21/2015 - By the numbers: A year of same-sex marriages in Britain

10/21/2015 - The EU is emitting way more greenhouse gases than it says

10/21/2015 - Banks have now resorted to hiring ex-soldiers to keep their staff in line

10/21/2015 - Academics have found a way to access insanely expensive research papers—for free

10/21/2015 - Africa’s commodities slump is a gold mine for investors 

10/21/2015 - What does it mean to be a Punjabi

10/21/2015 - China is home to two-thirds of the world’s self-made female billionaires

10/21/2015 - India is the worst place in the world to retire

10/21/2015 - The inaugural “Sudanese U-Turn” Prize for Creative Financial Chicanery is awarded to Credit Agricole

10/21/2015 - The world’s tallest statue will be built in India, but not by Indians

10/21/2015 - The French are back in booming Côte d’Ivoire—but so is everyone else

10/21/2015 - Bollywood’s biggest film studio is talking about feminism, sex, and dildos—on YouTube

10/21/2015 - FIFA names names, Yahoo’s disappointment, Australia’s “dollarydoos”

10/21/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—FIFA names names, Yahoo’s disappointment, Australia’s “dollarydoos”

10/21/2015 - Ahmed Mohamed, the clock-making teen from Texas, is moving to Qatar

10/21/2015 - One of Asia’s most venerable newspapers is now selling fast fashion to boost profits

10/20/2015 - A Tesla employee on why she turned down a better-paying gig at Apple

10/20/2015 - Yahoo’s Alibaba spinoff could be delayed until January

10/20/2015 - Interactive: See how India will become a global aviation leader over the next 15 years

10/20/2015 - Hillary Clinton: Being pro-business doesn’t mean hanging consumers out to dry

10/20/2015 - FIFA names names, Yum’s China spin-off, Australia’s “dollarydoos”

10/20/2015 - Yahoo and Google have struck a search deal—but it still needs the Department of Justice’s OK

10/20/2015 - Harley-Davidson sold more than half of America’s motorcycles last quarter, and that wasn’t nearly enough

10/20/2015 - Charted: The value of Yahoo’s Alibaba stake since announcing its spinoff plans

10/20/2015 - Tommy Hilfiger is using virtual reality in stores from New York to Moscow

10/20/2015 - What ‘Back to the Future II’ got right about tech in 2015

10/20/2015 - Tesla shares are sinking after Consumer Reports raised reliability concerns about the Model S

10/20/2015 - Justin Trudeau is nothing like his father, and that’s why Canada’s Liberals won

10/20/2015 - The key to your password is your heart

10/20/2015 - Canadian voters just took a bold stand against Stephen Harper’s Islamophobia

10/20/2015 - Soon you’ll never forget a password again

10/20/2015 - You might want to get rid of the Facebook app if your iPhone battery is draining all the time

10/20/2015 - Apple Music has already attracted a third as many paying users as Spotify

10/20/2015 - Public outrage might actually make drug price increases slow down this year

10/20/2015 - Photos: Preparing to reunite with long-lost family members from North Korea

10/20/2015 - Richard Branson leaked a UN paper supporting drug decriminalization worldwide

10/20/2015 - Trump and Carson leave the professional politicians behind in the latest polls

10/20/2015 - Google just made its first-ever direct investment in a Chinese startup

10/20/2015 - Terry Gilliam on Monty Python, fighting Hollywood suits, and doing it your way

10/20/2015 - 42 African leaders will wear Narendra Modi’s trademark jacket to dinner with him

10/20/2015 - ESPN forced football fans to watch the new ‘Star Wars’ trailer

10/20/2015 - Hey UN, why don’t you try ending extreme wealth?

10/20/2015 - An Israeli cafe is giving discounts to Jews and Arabs who eat together

10/20/2015 - Congo Brazzaville is in an uproar against its would-be president-for-life

10/20/2015 - The New York Times is giving Google VR headsets to more than a million subscribers

10/20/2015 - How serious is Donald Trump? His campaign lacks one essential tool

10/20/2015 - China’s “floating city in the sky” was obviously an illusion, but what the heck was it?

10/20/2015 - The RushCard fiasco is what happens when you’re stuck outside the banking system

10/20/2015 - Yum brands will spin off its struggling chain restaurants in China

10/20/2015 - This mathematical formula shows that all-male panels are sexist

10/20/2015 - The critical barrier to global connectivity that Facebook and Zuckerberg forgot

10/20/2015 - Parents: let your kids fail. You’ll be doing them a favor

10/20/2015 - The end of tipping: How both sides of the argument have it all wrong

10/20/2015 - The British are giving their storms the most British names ever

10/20/2015 - I tweaked one thing about my hellish commute to turn it into a highlight of my day

10/20/2015 - Differing interpretations of international law could spark major naval conflict between the US and China

10/20/2015 - I’m a Phillips, and even I don’t trust the Phillips curve

10/20/2015 - How to create a super-secure password you’ll never forget: Use poetry

10/20/2015 - Liberals win Canada, Yum’s China spin-off, a tiny $6-billion error

10/20/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Liberals win Canada, Yum’s China spin-off, a tiny $6-billion error

10/20/2015 - Video: It’s festival season in India, and some doctors are dancing inside the ICU

10/20/2015 - Indonesia’s palm oil fires are emitting more greenhouse gases every day than the entire US

10/20/2015 - India’s young e-commerce firms now have a new competitor: the country’s richest man

10/20/2015 - An office with gold toilets and champagne on demand. What hedge fund could refuse?

10/20/2015 - Yes, Australians are really petitioning to change their currency’s name to the “dollarydoo”

10/20/2015 - A pledge to stop hacking US companies has not stopped China’s government from hacking US companies

10/20/2015 - The rapist who changed the course for Uber in India has been convicted

10/20/2015 - The real story behind China’s alleged conquest of African farmland

10/20/2015 - Liberals storm Canada, IBM’s awful earnings, $6 billion error

10/20/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Liberals storm Canada, IBM’s awful earnings, $6 billion error

10/20/2015 - How this synthetics tycoon went from teenage Indian emigrant to one of Indonesia’s richest men

10/20/2015 - Canadians voted in a new prime minister and completely changed the makeup of parliament

10/20/2015 - Watch the full ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ trailer

10/19/2015 - Facebook will now tell you if a state government is hacking your account

10/19/2015 - The raw size of China’s economy is growing at the slowest pace this century—and that’s not even the scary part

10/19/2015 - What we know about the spreadsheet a hacker claims to have stolen from CIA director John Brennan’s email account

10/19/2015 - United Airlines named Brett J. Hart its acting CEO

10/19/2015 - South African students are protesting fee increases by shutting down universities

10/19/2015 - Netflix is reportedly reviving ‘Gilmore Girls’

10/19/2015 - Canadian elections, US drone registrations, $6 billion banker error

10/19/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Canadian elections, US drone registrations, $6 billion banker error

10/19/2015 - Two women from Chicago have a plan to fix America’s voter turnout problem

10/19/2015 - The US is investigating reports that the CIA director’s email got hacked

10/19/2015 - By 2020 your digital and physical worlds will have merged

10/19/2015 - Norway’s capital wants to ban cars from its city center, once and for all

10/19/2015 - An Australian zoo is encouraging people to collect one of the world’s deadliest spiders

10/19/2015 - Hasbro still divides its toys by gender—and thanks to “Star Wars,” its “boys” unit is booming

10/19/2015 - A mining giant is switching over to all-drone trucks at two of its biggest sites

10/19/2015 - Xiaomi’s plan to revive the Segway is not as insane as it sounds

10/19/2015 - A UK activist combating extremism in Iraq was found dead in a Turkish airport bathroom

10/19/2015 - Amazon is suing more than a thousand fake reviewers for dishing out unearned stars

10/19/2015 - Eric Schmidt explains how Alphabet will emulate Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett

10/19/2015 - Angela Merkel is making big promises to Turkey if it helps keep migrants out of Europe

10/19/2015 - The Playboy centerfold lives on outside the US

10/19/2015 - Russia and Europe are working together to plan a permanent base on the moon

10/19/2015 - Yahoo keeps losing executives, but that’s not its only problem

10/19/2015 - The moles on your right arm may predict your risk of skin cancer

10/19/2015 - I asked Theranos why my blood test results were wildly off from my ‘traditional’ labs, but no one ever replied

10/19/2015 - Thomas Jefferson’s hidden chemistry lab was just discovered

10/19/2015 - Square has poached Yahoo executive Jackie Reses to lead its lending division

10/19/2015 - In fashion, cultural appropriation is either very wrong or very right

10/19/2015 - Blendle is proving that unbundling journalism subscriptions can be a win-win

10/19/2015 - Watch John Oliver risk prison and a fine for the love of Canada

10/19/2015 - After the murder of an innocent immigrant in Israel, is a third intifada imminent?

10/19/2015 - Zambia’s currency is falling so fast its president asked the country to pray for it

10/19/2015 - An updated Air Force One could withstand the electromagnetic pulse of a nuclear explosion

10/19/2015 - The Oprah effect: Weight Watchers’ shares soar after Oprah Winfrey buys in

10/19/2015 - A top recruiter on what anyone can see after 30 seconds with your resume

10/19/2015 - Hangovers cost the US economy tens of billions of dollars each year

10/19/2015 - The UK is spending millions on private jets to deport asylum seekers

10/19/2015 - The two most dangerous things about air travel

10/19/2015 - The UN is sending squads of elite troops to defend world heritage sites

10/19/2015 - The new Apple TV: What we don’t know

10/19/2015 - Twitter’s problem is its investors—not its business strategy

10/19/2015 - Charts: Why Britain is doing everything to make China happy

10/19/2015 - To tame bitter coffee, skip the sugar and add some salt instead

10/19/2015 - Guinea’s president has been re-elected but the opposition says it won’t recognize the results

10/19/2015 - Raghuram Rajan on the dangers of the rich getting richer

10/19/2015 - Canada votes, Chinese growth slows, poker goes pro?

10/19/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Canada votes, Chinese growth slows, poker goes pro?

10/19/2015 - China’s South China Sea island-building is for the public good (says China)

10/19/2015 - Can you get through all five minutes of this sickly sweet video about the UK-China friendship?

10/19/2015 - Wal-Mart allegedly paid millions of dollars in bribes in India

10/19/2015 - Typhoon Koppu could dump nearly a meter of rain on the northern Philippines

10/19/2015 - Explained: What is happening at Bank of Baroda

10/19/2015 - China’s latest GDP figure is pretty weak, but that doesn’t make it any more believable

10/19/2015 - India might become less corrupt as it becomes wealthier

10/19/2015 - Xi’s UK trip, Canada’s election, pro poker league

10/19/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition— Xi’s UK trip, Canada’s election, pro poker league

10/18/2015 - Schools, banks, and property: The UK’s real value to China, charted

10/18/2015 - Xi’s trip to Britain, Canada’s election, pro poker league

10/18/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Xi’s trip to Britain, Canada’s election, pro poker league

10/18/2015 - UN climate reports are becoming more optimistic and much harder to read

10/18/2015 - This is the memo that suggests Tony Blair backed the Iraq war a year before invading

10/18/2015 - Older people are more likely to pay for Apple Music

10/18/2015 - An algorithm can predict human behavior better than humans

10/18/2015 - Hashtags have become the Islamic State’s propaganda vehicle of choice

10/18/2015 - I am totally cool with not being a “cool mom”

10/18/2015 - Larry David plays a perfect Bernie Sanders on ‘Saturday Night Live’

10/18/2015 - A planned global poker league aims to repackage the card game into a sport

10/18/2015 - Incredible images from inside Soviet-era homes

10/18/2015 - Google’s been quietly recording your voice; here’s how to listen to—and delete—the archive

10/18/2015 - Twice as many people come out on Facebook now, compared to just a year ago

10/18/2015 - The videogame that teaches business strategy better than professors

10/18/2015 - A US state court must decide: Is this godless church still a church?

10/18/2015 - Guy to guy: Hitting on women in public spaces is almost always a bad idea

10/17/2015 - The pay disparity of the Cubs and Mets’ rosters

10/17/2015 - Theaters are boycotting Netflix’s first feature film, which is great for Netflix

10/17/2015 - If you sensed something off about the story of the woman who sued her nephew, you were right

10/17/2015 - Photos: Dismantled billboards, ghostly scaffolds as a city braces for a typhoon

10/17/2015 - RIP the Playboy era of American sexuality

10/17/2015 - Congress is mulling whether to fine American car hackers $100,000–maybe even if they own the car

10/17/2015 - US egg exports are a rare example of a perfect market in the real world

10/17/2015 - Everything you need to know about that just-released female libido drug

10/17/2015 - Venomous sea snakes are washing up in California for the first time in 35 years

10/17/2015 - Photos: A French museum has a collection of the most incredibly realistic miniature settings

10/17/2015 - The US plans to require people to register their drones

10/17/2015 - Leaked documents indicate the US is running a drone war against terrorism in Africa

10/17/2015 - The fascinating science behind your tastes and preferences

10/17/2015 - The three things we’re missing when we talk about GMOs

10/17/2015 - A European’s stolen credit-card data is worth more than an American’s

10/17/2015 - Weekend edition—Dorsey’s distortion field, kinky couture, ISIL’s oilmen

10/17/2015 - Jack Dorsey can rescue Twitter only by defying two basic tenets of how companies are run

10/17/2015 - Progress: Robots no longer have to fall over like drunk humans

10/17/2015 - Rent is so high in San Francisco that I’m a software engineer and I live in a van

10/17/2015 - The CEO of one of South Africa’s largest mobile networks thinks Whatsapp is a freeloader

10/17/2015 - A Nigerian Ebola doctor could be the first black African to go to space

10/17/2015 - Kenya has a billion barrels of oil that might not be going anywhere

10/17/2015 - Weekend edition—Dorsey’s distortion field, kinky couture, ISIL’s oilmen

10/16/2015 - Weekend edition—Dorsey’s distortion field, kinky couture, ISIL’s oilmen

10/16/2015 - Quartz weekend brief—Dorsey’s distortion field, kinky couture, ISIL’s oilmen

10/16/2015 - Tinder’s parent company is going public

10/16/2015 - Vines loop forever, but the founders are now all gone from Twitter

10/16/2015 - SeaWorld is suing California regulators over a proposed orca breeding ban

10/16/2015 - One of America’s premier research institutions was hacked—and the signs point to China

10/16/2015 - Pork roast is back on the menu in US prisons, after a high-level intervention

10/16/2015 - Mother Teresa’s orphanages are shutting down rather than allowing single-parent adoption

10/16/2015 - Instead of treating schizophrenia, scientists may have figured out a way to prevent it

10/16/2015 - Living in “eternal summer” is disrupting our health

10/16/2015 - Inflating, taking, and making: the 10 most important economic charts of the week

10/16/2015 - This AI writes clickbait headlines, and its results may surprise you

10/16/2015 - A literary author is writing an internet novel that you can watch unfold in real time

10/16/2015 - It looks like Donald Trump just forced CNBC to shorten the next Republican debate

10/16/2015 - Three charts that prove America is shifting away from religion

10/16/2015 - There’s now a computer program that lets you control someone else’s face

10/16/2015 - When mentoring turns toxic

10/16/2015 - Report says Germany bought the rights to host the 2006 FIFA World Cup

10/16/2015 - Eight ridiculous Americanisms I shed after a decade of international travel

10/16/2015 - There is one glaring absence from a pledge by oil companies to help limit climate change

10/16/2015 - An unbelievably easy way to burn extra calories every time you walk

10/16/2015 - Why the placebo effect is getting stronger

10/16/2015 - Hillary Clinton leans on Eric Schmidt’s startup for campaign technology

10/16/2015 - There’s a reason inflight safety videos are suddenly so sleek and full of “jokes”

10/16/2015 - What increases the likelihood of a miscarriage

10/16/2015 - Volkswagen’s auto recall is big, but not yet the biggest ever

10/16/2015 - Gloria Steinem tells Lena Dunham: Crying at work is a sign of power, not weakness

10/16/2015 - Quentin Tarantino thinks it’s really hard to be a white man directing movies in Hollywood

10/16/2015 - Turkey’s jets just shot down a suspected Russian drone near its border with Syria

10/16/2015 - Podcast: The new thinking on how we can solve homelessness

10/16/2015 - Why do people care so much about sports, anyway?

10/16/2015 - Jack Dorsey’s action-packed calendar since he was named CEO of Twitter

10/16/2015 - Prize-winning microscopic photography captures the marvels of what we can’t see

10/16/2015 - This is what would happen if college tuition became free in America

10/16/2015 - Petrobras has a powerful ally as it sorts out its financial mess

10/16/2015 - Sweden has opened the first medical clinic of its kind for male rape survivors

10/16/2015 - These are the world’s “most creative” countries

10/16/2015 - How to reboot your corporate culture into an innovation culture

10/16/2015 - Bernie Sanders’s biggest problem is his fan base

10/16/2015 - Turkey is at war with itself

10/16/2015 - A moving set of photos has reignited a debate about abortion in China

10/16/2015 - Alibaba just offered $3.6 billion to take over the YouTube of China

10/16/2015 - African governments are stepping up surveillance of their own people

10/16/2015 - The dangerous—and profitable—life of an undertaker in the world’s most homicidal country

10/16/2015 - Passing men’s names on to their wives and children is a fundamentally flawed practice

10/16/2015 - In the heart of Berlin, a beloved kink shop is a charming, healing presence

10/16/2015 - You can now build your own fully customizable luxury sneakers online

10/16/2015 - EU-Turkey migrant deal, Nestlé’s sales woes, chicken tweets

10/16/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—EU-Turkey migrant deal, Nestlé’s sales woes, chicken tweets

10/16/2015 - How to sit at your desk all day—without it killing you

10/16/2015 - Banning porn won’t reduce rape in India. Punishing rapists will

10/16/2015 - The Autobahn doesn’t have speed limits. Germans think it’s time to change that

10/16/2015 - China’s 36-year-old one-child policy may soon be replaced with a two-child policy

10/16/2015 - Indian startups have raised nearly $1 billion in early stage investments this year

10/16/2015 - Steve Ballmer recently bought 4% of Twitter and is already talking up his book

10/16/2015 - Tunisia exports the highest number of ISIL fighters of any country in the world

10/16/2015 - Nigeria’s latest tool in its battle to fix an opaque and corrupt oil industry is a podcast

10/16/2015 - Australia just approved a mining project that could damage the Great Barrier Reef—and lose money

10/16/2015 - Child trafficking in China often starts with parents selling their own kids

10/16/2015 - China and Africa’s most unscrupulous middleman has been detained in Beijing

10/16/2015 - When will Indian startups stop being startups and actually become companies?

10/16/2015 - EU-Turkey deal, Barbie sales down, chicken tweets

10/16/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—EU-Turkey deal, Barbie sales down, chicken tweets

10/15/2015 - China’s government is standing by while investors lose their life savings

10/15/2015 - Africa has about one doctor for every 5000 people

10/15/2015 - Twenty sub-Saharan countries have only one medical school—and six have none

10/15/2015 - Obama’s Afghanistan reversal, VW’s German recall, Disney’s counter-terrorism intern

10/15/2015 - Theranos, one of the world’s most hyped health care startups, is in hot water

10/15/2015 - Jack Dorsey is giving almost 20% of Square to an organization serving struggling communities

10/15/2015 - Vacuum cleaner-maker Dyson is buying experimental battery startup Sakti3

10/15/2015 - Square has something few Silicon Valley startups have: women executives

10/15/2015 - A stunning photo of two foxes tells a scary story about climate change

10/15/2015 - This is how incredibly expensive US eggs are right now

10/15/2015 - Women dominate the US National Book Award’s shortlist

10/15/2015 - Sweden is on its way to becoming the first cashless society on Earth

10/15/2015 - Boeing has made a metal structure light enough to sit on top of a dandelion

10/15/2015 - Good news, climate change activists: America is finally coming around

10/15/2015 - A Danish Zoo killed and publicly dissected a “surplus” young lion

10/15/2015 - This dancing tampon video may actually teach you something useful

10/15/2015 - Burberry’s China worries are its shareholders’ worries, too

10/15/2015 - Disney is hiring an intelligence and counter-terrorism intern

10/15/2015 - African coffee: It’s not just for export anymore

10/15/2015 - ‘”Homeland’ is racist”: Subversive street artists decorated the set with some pretty damning messages

10/15/2015 - A bunch of startup geeks weigh in on the great Jet.com gamble

10/15/2015 - The smartest, most effective way to win any political argument

10/15/2015 - Oscar Pistorius is being released from prison and placed under house arrest

10/15/2015 - Facebook contractors are helping train a computer to do their jobs

10/15/2015 - Barack Obama is pumping the brakes on troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

10/15/2015 - Scientists have modeled the changes that occur a split-second after an asteroid hits Earth

10/15/2015 - Kenya’s central bank is trying to stop a mid-size bank failure from triggering panic

10/15/2015 - Adding ‘guru’ to your job title isn’t ridiculous when it’s earned

10/15/2015 - Watch: “Computer Show,” a funny show about the internet, set in the Apple II era

10/15/2015 - When planting trees does more harm than good

10/15/2015 - How do you put a price on a video game when it’s the first of its kind?

10/15/2015 - The record industry is already suing Aurous, the Spotify for pirated music

10/15/2015 - This floating greenhouse may be the future of our food

10/15/2015 - We all gorged on ice cream this summer, and Unilever couldn’t be happier about it

10/15/2015 - The Pentagon wants to make self-destructing delivery drones

10/15/2015 - The ousted founder of Men’s Wearhouse is back in the suit business

10/15/2015 - From barnacles to vodka: the many weird uses of antibiotics that worsen drug resistance

10/15/2015 - In Tanzania, you can now get your birth certificate by mobile phone

10/15/2015 - This is how deeply divided Europeans are on how to deal with the refugee crisis

10/15/2015 - You know what’s a great investment opportunity? Activewear, says Morgan Stanley

10/15/2015 - After a decade, Mumbai’s infamous dance bars could reopen

10/15/2015 - Tesla’s master plan uses its drivers to map every lane on the road

10/15/2015 - Toyota has an ambitious plan to (almost) stop selling gasoline cars by 2050

10/15/2015 - The last 30 years of global economic history are about to go out the window

10/15/2015 - A major expansion of Amazon’s translation program will bring a lot more of the world’s literature to English readers

10/15/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US probes fantasy sports, China hurts Burberry, marathon weight gains

10/15/2015 - US probes fantasy sports, China hurts Burberry, marathon weight gains

10/15/2015 - France’s fraught debate over national identity has a new battleground: the school cafeteria

10/15/2015 - The US Navy is reinstating the ancient art of celestial navigation to fight a very modern threat

10/15/2015 - Indian authors are returning the country’s most prestigious literary award in protest

10/15/2015 - “Here to stay, here to play:” The soccer teams in Europe composed entirely of refugees

10/15/2015 - Why renting a house in India is a better idea than buying one

10/15/2015 - A protester and police both face serious charges a year after Hong Kong’s Occupy movement

10/15/2015 - A Ugandan scientist found a way to detect Ebola in five minutes but couldn’t get funding

10/15/2015 - Amnesty International is opening shop in Nigeria and will investigate army abuse claims

10/15/2015 - South Africa is worried the SABMiller takeover by Anheuser Busch will hurt its tax base

10/15/2015 - A handy guide to the exotic creatures of Indian startup world jargon

10/15/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Netflix’s wobbly growth, Square’s IPO, owl attacks

10/15/2015 - Netflix’s wobbly growth, Square’s IPO, owl attacks

10/14/2015 - An intergalactic space ambassador wants to be the Philippines’ next president

10/14/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Netflix and Walmart misses, VW keeps reeling, DC’s vicious owl

10/14/2015 - Netflix and Walmart misses, VW keeps reeling, DC’s vicious owl

10/14/2015 - Tesla just transformed the Model S into a nearly driverless car

10/14/2015 - One consultant’s strategies for managing life up in the air

10/14/2015 - How one company founder finds family time during business travel

10/14/2015 - How technology enables this LA talent manager to stay productive

10/14/2015 - Walmart suddenly thinks it’s Amazon—and it’s totally not

10/14/2015 - Netflix is blaming slow US growth on the switch to chip-based credit cards

10/14/2015 - Square is going public

10/14/2015 - 1% of the human population now holds half of the world’s wealth

10/14/2015 - The Philippine military says a disturbing kidnapping video appears to be real

10/14/2015 - Watch: Super nerd Stephen Colbert hosted an epic orchestral performance of Nintendo’s “The Legend of Zelda”

10/14/2015 - You can now get half an MIT master’s degree almost for free, and without ever going to MIT

10/14/2015 - A New York restaurant empire is finally ending the injustice of tipping

10/14/2015 - FBI: Your new chip cards aren’t a cure-all for fraud

10/14/2015 - The secret to creativity, according to boundary-breaking artist Olafur Eliasson

10/14/2015 - A New York woman sued her 12-year-old nephew for an over-enthusiastic hug—and lost

10/14/2015 - In 23 years, youth labor participation in Africa has grown exactly 0%

10/14/2015 - Walmart just lost $20 billion of market value in under 20 minutes

10/14/2015 - Democrats’ dream ticket just stood side by side on the debate stage

10/14/2015 - The US cities that will stay above sea level after global warming—and the ones that will disappear

10/14/2015 - Facebook’s model for commerce isn’t Amazon—it’s Alibaba

10/14/2015 - Post-Pitchfork: Who reads Condé Nast publications?

10/14/2015 - Labor groups say H&M is lying about its progress in improving factory safety in Bangladesh

10/14/2015 - The tech industry’s “diversity” focus favors one group over pretty much any other

10/14/2015 - London upholds its commitment to remain the divorce capital of the world

10/14/2015 - The truth about how women get abortions in America

10/14/2015 - Twitter’s new executive chairman has only tweeted 11 times

10/14/2015 - The winged terror of runners’ nightmares is back—with a parody Twitter account

10/14/2015 - Why these two animals can resist cancer

10/14/2015 - The number of billion-dollar startups has finally plateaued

10/14/2015 - Apple could owe an American university almost $900 million in patent damages

10/14/2015 - Behold the splendor of Jupiter in this 4K NASA video

10/14/2015 - Apple will sponsor the Met Gala, the fashion industry’s biggest party of the year

10/14/2015 - Humans will be able to use augmented intelligence to compete with robots

10/14/2015 - Pulitzer Prize-winning author Marilynne Robinson’s big interview with a breathless fan—Barack Obama

10/14/2015 - Google wants to power a contact lens wearable with solar power

10/14/2015 - How a doctor with cancer quantified the value of life support

10/14/2015 - Robots are taking our white collar jobs, too

10/14/2015 - Where couples in Europe get married—and where they divorce

10/14/2015 - Will the Pentagon’s new plan to tackle ISIL in Syria work?

10/14/2015 - For American teens, the best way to ask someone out is still in person

10/14/2015 - Why Is London’s creative talent leaving for Glasgow?

10/14/2015 - Clay Shirky explains how Xiaomi became China’s Apple overnight

10/14/2015 - Tech giants, stay in Ireland and pay even less in corporate tax

10/14/2015 - An open letter to tormented young bankers everywhere: Stop whining

10/14/2015 - Undercover activists show what happens at electroshock gay conversion therapy clinics in China

10/14/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Malaysia scandal ensnares Goldman, Clinton and Sanders shined, Hawaiian currency

10/14/2015 - Malaysia scandal ensnares Goldman, Clinton and Sanders shined, Hawaiian currency

10/14/2015 - Burkina Faso’s leftist revolutionary Thomas Sankara was shot to death, not felled by natural causes

10/14/2015 - If we had acted just a month earlier, we could have halved the number of Ebola deaths

10/14/2015 - Southeast Asia’s newest cartel is bad news for endangered animals and people who like to breathe

10/14/2015 - China’s middle class has overtaken the US’s to become the world’s largest

10/14/2015 - The future of global football is now in Africa’s hands

10/14/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—US Democratic debate, Twitter’s jargon-free memo, Uber’s getaway car

10/14/2015 - US Democratic debate, Twitter’s jargon-free memo, Uber’s getaway car

10/14/2015 - The Democratic candidates answer: Which enemy are you most proud of?

10/14/2015 - Bernie Sanders is already campaigning on his “ya damn emails” debate line

10/14/2015 - We’re live at The Next Billion: New Delhi, Quartz’s forum on the mobile world

10/14/2015 - Hillary Clinton easily outpaces her rivals at the first Democratic debate

10/14/2015 - I tried to watch the Democratic debate in virtual reality, but all I got was Coldplay

10/13/2015 - Hillary and Bernie spar: Who loves Denmark more?

10/13/2015 - As China’s stock market tanked, new retail investors kept climbing aboard, government data shows

10/13/2015 - Missing from Jack Dorsey’s memo: The five upgrades Twitter needs most

10/13/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Hillary Clinton’s debate, Twitter’s layoffs, Uber’s getaway car

10/13/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s debate, Twitter’s layoffs, Uber’s getaway car

10/13/2015 - A novel about Bob Marley’s attempted assassination just won the Man Booker Prize

10/13/2015 - Guantanamo Bay’s prisoners might soon be moving to these US states

10/13/2015 - Panicking journalists allegedly trespassing at the Gigafactory ran over two Tesla employees in a Jeep

10/13/2015 - NASA has no choice but to refuse China’s request for help on a new space station

10/13/2015 - The Army Ranger School’s newest graduate is a 37-year-old engineer—and a mother of two

10/13/2015 - The only thing in China’s trade data that’s growing is the one thing that shouldn’t be

10/13/2015 - Americans are increasingly dependent on just two crops, and it’s putting us all at risk

10/13/2015 - It’s hard to fire people who work remotely, as one unfortunate Twitter employee just discovered

10/13/2015 - The world’s most popular app will soon be where you do your shopping, too

10/13/2015 - Donald Trump will host “Saturday Night Live”

10/13/2015 - Conde Nast buys Pitchfork for its droves of “millennial male” readers

10/13/2015 - South Africa’s ‘next president’ is entangled in another corporate tax dodging allegation—this time its with MTN

10/13/2015 - Stephen Colbert’s “Pander Express” is the perfect spoof of Hollywood’s attempts to woo China

10/13/2015 - Saudi Arabia is prepared to flog a British retiree for making homemade wine

10/13/2015 - Scientists and mathematicians aren’t all white men—but you wouldn’t know that from the movies

10/13/2015 - As M&A deals continue to grow, integration should be a top of mind concern for employers and employees alike

10/13/2015 - M&A deal values are soaring, but one in five companies report falling short post-merger

10/13/2015 - Aston Martin is working on an electric supercar with double the horsepower of its gas-powered cars

10/13/2015 - Pictures: Investigators piece together the wreckage of MH17, and blame a Russian-made missile

10/13/2015 - How Africa can build inclusive, safe and sustainable cities

10/13/2015 - Scientists tracked down a bird they’d searched for for 50 years, and then they killed it

10/13/2015 - Black Lives Matter activists have a new ally: Edward Snowden

10/13/2015 - Volkswagen is pegging its fate to a major bet on electric cars

10/13/2015 - The families of two young men killed while driving high want us to watch the footage

10/13/2015 - Jack Dorsey’s jargon-free firing memo, edited to remove the jargon

10/13/2015 - John Oliver calls Toyota ISIS “instruments of death”

10/13/2015 - Snapped shut: Snapchat is axing its original content plans

10/13/2015 - It was normal for women in 18th- and 19th-century China to have two husbands

10/13/2015 - A top woman executive says there’s one emotion she never feels

10/13/2015 - Jennifer Lawrence is over trying to be “adorable” in pay negotiations

10/13/2015 - These are the 224 beer brands that will soon be owned by just one company

10/13/2015 - The specifications of American kitchens are actually sexist

10/13/2015 - As Syrian refugees begin searching for work, Europe must heed Turkey’s mistakes

10/13/2015 - Twitter is laying off 8% of its employees to mount a nimbler comeback

10/13/2015 - Scientists discovered 200 new species in the Himalayas—and we’re slowly killing them all

10/13/2015 - This woman is giving feminist makeunders to hyper-sexualized dolls

10/13/2015 - For the first time in history, a bigger share of American women than men have college degrees

10/13/2015 - Carly Fiorina was a way better business leader than history will remember

10/13/2015 - If nearly 40% of Americans aren’t working, what are they doing?

10/13/2015 - What everyone wants out of tonight’s Democratic presidential primary debate

10/13/2015 - China—not online porn—is why Playboy is dumping nude photographs

10/13/2015 - Not even Obama could save Kenya’s struggling tourism industry

10/13/2015 - Most worker ants are lazy slackers

10/13/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—A beer giant rises, Barclays’ new CEO, the “Wolf of Wolfsburg”

10/13/2015 - A beer giant rises, Barclays’ new CEO, the “Wolf of Wolfsburg”

10/13/2015 - What happened when soccer parents were silenced for one match

10/13/2015 - Bihar elections: Why Nitish Kumar fell out with Narendra Modi and the BJP

10/13/2015 - Fellow economists on Angus Deaton’s love affair with India

10/13/2015 - Here are the cheapest international flights out of India

10/13/2015 - The real reason a Chinese university has beaten MIT in the engineering rankings

10/13/2015 - The moment of reckoning for India’s online shopping websites is here: The festive season sales

10/13/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—China’s falling imports, Coke wants yogurt, Hollywood does VW

10/13/2015 - China’s falling imports, Coke wants yogurt, Hollywood does VW

10/13/2015 - After 62 years, Playboy will no longer feature pictures of naked women

10/12/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Dems debate, earnings season, acquitted lion killers, tasteless business plans

10/12/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Dems debate, earnings season, acquitted lion killers, tasteless business plans

10/12/2015 - Angus Deaton’s Nobel is a victory for globalization—and raises hard questions about it

10/12/2015 - Michael Bierut is the definition of what excellent graphic design can do

10/12/2015 - For this Christian Orthodox Serbian village, converting to Islam is the only way to save their church

10/12/2015 - Mega-merger mania hits the tech industry: Dell is buying EMC for $67 billion

10/12/2015 - Zimbabwe isn’t going to charge the American dentist who killed Cecil the lion

10/12/2015 - Finally, Ladybird guides to grown-up problems

10/12/2015 - Table for one, please: More of us are happy to dine alone

10/12/2015 - Why China’s model of capitalism is popular in Africa—and America’s isn’t

10/12/2015 - Brits are using a form of transport that’s illegal on both the road and the sidewalk

10/12/2015 - Here’s something machines don’t do better than us: listening

10/12/2015 - What it would take to build the fence Donald Trump wants between the US and Mexico

10/12/2015 - Beer-toting bros will throw parties at the house where Oscar Pistorious killed his girlfriend

10/12/2015 - The Nobel prize in economics was awarded for showing the world as it is—not how it should be

10/12/2015 - Your taste for coffee could be a sign of sadism

10/12/2015 - Facebook pays less tax in the UK than I do

10/12/2015 - The Chinese government just issued a draft law that bodes poorly for Uber

10/12/2015 - A glass of olive oil every day—the Mediterranean way to live longer

10/12/2015 - Malala may choose Stanford over Oxford—mainly because of 300 days of sunshine a year

10/12/2015 - Photos: Guinea’s second democratic election took place in old buses and petrol stations

10/12/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Terror in Turkey, Apple News blocked, everyone’s dining alone

10/12/2015 - Terror in Turkey, Apple News blocked, everyone’s dining alone

10/12/2015 - The latest evidence that flight attendants in Asia have it rough

10/12/2015 - Power-deficient India chooses electricity and economics over emissions goals

10/12/2015 - Child refugees are subjected to genital tests to prove their age—and they may not even work

10/12/2015 - The CFO who led Infosys during its toughest period is moving on

10/12/2015 - Why India needs a new constitution

10/12/2015 - Apple is blocking its news app from everyone in China, even if their iPhone is registered in the US

10/12/2015 - Narendra Modi has put India’s road sector back on track but some potholes remain

10/12/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Nobel Prize in economics, terror in Turkey, human superorganisms

10/12/2015 - Nobel Prize in economics, terror in Turkey, human superorganisms

10/12/2015 - KFC is failing in China because its fast food is way too slow

10/11/2015 - Imelda Marcos’s daughter’s cover shoot has reopened old wounds in the Philippines

10/11/2015 - Nobel Prize in economics, terror in Turkey, human superorganisms

10/11/2015 - This startup has found a way to remove CO2 from the air and turn it into pellets

10/11/2015 - Bond markets could help alleviate the Syrian refugee crisis

10/11/2015 - Did Steve Jobs have a soul?

10/11/2015 - Peace activists want to sue the Nobel Peace Prize committee for missing Alfred Nobel’s point

10/11/2015 - Watch what happens when men are Photoshopped out of politics

10/11/2015 - South Africa is withdrawing from the International Criminal Court

10/11/2015 - Photos: The small town in Madagascar that is crazy about karaoke

10/10/2015 - 158 (mostly) white families have contributed almost half of 2016 campaign spending

10/10/2015 - 68% of Chinese men are smokers—and millions will die because of it

10/10/2015 - Native Hawaiians score a victory in the fight to stop a telescope being built on sacred land

10/10/2015 - Warm temperatures are screwing up Maine’s famous foliage

10/10/2015 - Keep losing arguments? A psychologist explains why emotions are more persuasive than logic

10/10/2015 - Columbus Day is a reminder that nothing exists until a white guy “discovers” it

10/10/2015 - Bombs kill more than 80 people demonstrating for peace in Turkey

10/10/2015 - With “The Martian” NASA has rediscovered the real reason for going to space

10/10/2015 - Her compatriots hardly read her, making Svetlana Alexievich’s Nobel win especially fitting

10/10/2015 - Svetlana Alexievich gave the Soviet people a voice—whether they liked it or not

10/10/2015 - Saudi Arabia’s last best chance may be an alliance with Israel

10/10/2015 - Elon Musk actually really wants Apple to build an electric car

10/10/2015 - This online coding program guarantees its graduates jobs—or their money back

10/10/2015 - Why are humans so weak?

10/10/2015 - There are more than 450 meanings behind “green” labels

10/10/2015 - Weekend edition—The lure of Mars, citizen Schmidt, lobster mysteries

10/10/2015 - Weekend edition—The lure of Mars, citizen Schmidt, lobster mysteries

10/9/2015 - Weekend edition—The lure of Mars, citizen Schmidt, lobster mysteries

10/9/2015 - Weekend edition—The lure of Mars, citizen Schmidt, lobster mysteries

10/9/2015 - No one wants to shop at Banana Republic anymore

10/9/2015 - Steve Jobs was not the Steve Jobs in “Steve Jobs”

10/9/2015 - Congress functioned just long enough today to bring a vote on the Export-Import Bank to the House floor

10/9/2015 - Ben Carson’s insane gun control argument points Americans towards armed insurrection

10/9/2015 - Starbucks could give Apple Pay a much needed boost

10/9/2015 - Great poets who are actually Asian, not white guys pretending to be Asian

10/9/2015 - SeaWorld faces an orca breeding ban in San Diego

10/9/2015 - The worst places in the world to be a young person looking for work

10/9/2015 - Not having them at all: Why childfree women are banding together

10/9/2015 - The US is ditching its troubled plan to train Syrian rebels for something even less ambitious

10/9/2015 - Stocks, flows, and woes: The 10 most important economic charts of the week

10/9/2015 - Sweden, an industrialized country of 10 million, is going all out to ditch fossil fuels

10/9/2015 - Africa can solve the global honey-bee crisis

10/9/2015 - Stephen Hawking: Robots aren’t just taking our jobs, they’re making society more unequal

10/9/2015 - Two men were busted for flying a drone in the most restricted airspace in America

10/9/2015 - This couple lives on 6% of their income so they can give $100,000 a year to charity

10/9/2015 - Love a good party but hate marriage? Try a fake wedding

10/9/2015 - The world has had enough—let this James Bond movie be the last one ever

10/9/2015 - Barack Obama did not, in fact, give Michelle “the world”

10/9/2015 - How to tell whether a Twitter user is pro-choice or pro-life without reading any of their tweets

10/9/2015 - A man who recorded every detail of his life for five years has the ultimate way to live in the moment

10/9/2015 - All Chinese citizens now have a score based on how well we live, and mine sucks

10/9/2015 - Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s guide to overcoming fear and putting shoes on in space

10/9/2015 - A typical week of school lunch for kids in Paris vs. New York

10/9/2015 - 11 horrifying and hilarious things that happen over email every day of your life

10/9/2015 - This French “feminist” TV commercial backfires spectacularly

10/9/2015 - San Francisco has the highest share of homes worth $1 million or more in the US

10/9/2015 - Adobe has developed an algorithm to remove the annoying tourists from your photos

10/9/2015 - Tanzania says its most infamous ivory smuggler is this elderly Chinese businesswoman

10/9/2015 - The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet wins the Nobel Peace Prize

10/9/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Tunisia’s Nobel Peace Prize, Canada’s asylum meddling, digital rat brains

10/9/2015 - Tunisia’s Nobel Peace Prize, Canada’s asylum meddling, digital rat brains

10/9/2015 - The stealthy, Eric Schmidt-backed startup that’s working to put Hillary Clinton in the White House

10/9/2015 - How taxi-sharing apps have transformed the lives of thousands of middle-class Indians

10/9/2015 - How the Mughals used Sanskrit to become the rulers of India

10/9/2015 - Video: Join a drone over the Indonesian fires smoking out an entire region

10/9/2015 - Hindi-language books are having their moment on Amazon

10/9/2015 - Growth in Africa’s mobile subscriptions is slowing down—but tower sharing can help

10/9/2015 - ​What if Bollywood superstars from the 90s were on Tinder

10/9/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Nobel Peace Prize, Netflix price hike, phones in peril

10/9/2015 - Nobel Peace Prize, Netflix price hike, phones in peril

10/9/2015 - A $15 billion tech merger could create China’s biggest meal delivery service—or a giant money pit

10/8/2015 - Elon Musk says ‘If you don’t make it at Tesla, you go work at Apple’

10/8/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Nobel Peace Prize, US Republican chaos, phone pinching peril

10/8/2015 - Nobel Peace Prize, US Republican chaos, phone pinching peril

10/8/2015 - While Republicans bicker, the US is nearing a debt default that could cripple the global economy

10/8/2015 - All the issues that made the Fed too nervous to raise rates in September

10/8/2015 - The best Democratic burns from the House GOP’s leadership meltdown

10/8/2015 - By 2020, we’ll be generating more than a quarter of our energy from renewables

10/8/2015 - Volkswagen’s US CEO gets grilled by Congress

10/8/2015 - Netflix raised the price of its standard streaming plan by $1

10/8/2015 - Drone companies are now making drone-like handheld cameras

10/8/2015 - Are you winning the Nobel Peace Prize?

10/8/2015 - A retired American teacher found out that her house was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

10/8/2015 - House Speaker frontrunner Kevin McCarthy bows out, leaving Republicans “audibly crying”

10/8/2015 - The NBA’s colorful new socks are going to change the look of the game

10/8/2015 - An irate Bill Gross is suing Pimco for hundreds of millions of dollars

10/8/2015 - Nigerian mobile money leader Paga is doubling down on building a payments giant

10/8/2015 - Turning authors into celebrities is bad for reading

10/8/2015 - Rupert Murdoch thinks Ben Carson should be America’s first “real black president”

10/8/2015 - The American who helped stop the French train attack was brutally stabbed in California

10/8/2015 - Smoke bombs, eggings: Kosovo’s parliament is out of control

10/8/2015 - Step aside, Barbie: Girls want a superhero who can fight

10/8/2015 - A new “frozen zoo” aims to save endangered animals from extinction

10/8/2015 - Here’s what happens when Amazon decides to go after your business: Etsy edition

10/8/2015 - You can learn to be creative, if you’re willing to embarrass yourself

10/8/2015 - Scientists find a link between children’s cancer and Fukushima radiation

10/8/2015 - People magazine is taking a stand on gun control by publishing all 535 Congressional phone numbers

10/8/2015 - The only 3D printing company anyone’s heard of just laid off a huge chunk of its staff

10/8/2015 - To overcome procrastination, be more selfish

10/8/2015 - Facebook is supplementing the “like” button with six emoji reactions

10/8/2015 - The only gun store left in San Francisco is closing down

10/8/2015 - We’ve lost 508 million pounds of oyster meat in the wake of the 2010 BP oil spill

10/8/2015 - Using only tweets, scientists can now detect earthquakes in 29 seconds flat

10/8/2015 - Rwanda’s supreme court has ruled that Paul Kagame can hold on to power for another seven years

10/8/2015 - FIFA suspends president Sepp Blatter and other top football bosses

10/8/2015 - What it’s like to interview at Tesla

10/8/2015 - The Nobel Prize for literature has been awarded to a journalist from Belarus

10/8/2015 - Adidas’s new 3D-printed midsole promises perfect-fit sneakers

10/8/2015 - Dell is reportedly in merger talks with EMC

10/8/2015 - The world’s first airport for drones will be built in Rwanda

10/8/2015 - NASA wants to start building stuff from Martian rocks

10/8/2015 - Thought the TPP was a big deal? China’s rival free trade pact covers half the world’s population

10/8/2015 - Donald Trump is not only campaigning for president, but also against Scottish wind farms

10/8/2015 - Even in 2015, the designers of women’s clothes are mostly men

10/8/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Volkswagen testimony, Deutsche Bank’s loss, SF’s last gun store

10/8/2015 - Volkswagen testimony, Deutsche Bank’s loss, SF’s last gun store

10/8/2015 - What you need to know about the coffee chain that’s launching India’s biggest IPO in years

10/8/2015 - London’s subway is recycling power from the wasted energy of braking trains

10/8/2015 - Denmark’s latest policy u-turn is terrible news for Tesla

10/8/2015 - There’s an easy way to save $750 a year on groceries and stay healthy in the process

10/8/2015 - How India is fighting corruption—using the very people who pay bribes

10/8/2015 - “Just Googling it” is bad for your brain

10/8/2015 - Researchers are developing a test to detect all known viruses in your body, even at low levels

10/8/2015 - Finally, the Indian Air Force will allow women to fly fighter aircraft

10/8/2015 - Should India join the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

10/8/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Volkswagen’s testimony, Deutsche Bank’s loss, anti-asteroid probes

10/8/2015 - Volkswagen’s testimony, Deutsche Bank’s loss, anti-asteroid probes

10/7/2015 - Absolutely everywhere in Beijing is now covered by police video surveillance

10/7/2015 - Malaysia’s prime minister faces a fresh threat to his rule: royalty

10/7/2015 - An American restaurant chain blamed the pope’s visit for poor sales last month

10/7/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Syria’s Russia-backed push, Yum’s yucky results, anti-asteroid probes

10/7/2015 - Syria’s Russia-backed push, Yum’s yucky results, anti-asteroid probes

10/7/2015 - Hillary Clinton has come out against the Pacific free trade deal

10/7/2015 - Kickstarter just crowdsourced $1 million for Syrian refugees

10/7/2015 - Pandora is going big into live events by acquiring Ticketfly

10/7/2015 - This Saudi prince now owns more of Twitter than Jack Dorsey does

10/7/2015 - How did the Toyota pickup become terrorists’ favorite truck?

10/7/2015 - Thousands of people have gone missing in Mexico, and the world is finally noticing

10/7/2015 - Would-be Amazon-killer Jet.com has already changed its business model

10/7/2015 - One of China’s terrifying glass suspension bridges cracked under tourists’ feet

10/7/2015 - The oil glut is growing again, renewing the pressure on prices

10/7/2015 - Gallup is sitting out the 2016 horse race to poll what Americans believe—not predict how they’ll vote

10/7/2015 - Balenciaga’s new creative director is a radical, underground designer

10/7/2015 - The Syrian war is forcing girls in Jordanian refugee camps to become child brides

10/7/2015 - Gallup has never been very good at presidential polling

10/7/2015 - NASA and ESA are forming a super space team to prevent armageddon

10/7/2015 - Most Americans don’t own a gun, and want more gun control

10/7/2015 - Problems mount for Volkswagen as it abruptly halts sales of its popular Polo hatchback in India

10/7/2015 - The first-ever coffee exports from South Sudan are about to arrive in Nespresso drinkers’ cups

10/7/2015 - No bacon for you: The US federal prison system takes pork off the menu

10/7/2015 - A surprising way to keep your marriage happy: annual performance reviews

10/7/2015 - A group of prison inmates defeated the Harvard debate team

10/7/2015 - Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a “likability” problem—we do

10/7/2015 - Africa is growing at its slowest rate since the global financial crisis

10/7/2015 - Why it’s so mind-blowing (and important) to see Asian parents kissing on TV

10/7/2015 - Yale has released 170,000 government photos of the Great Depression

10/7/2015 - Throw away your Kindles: Paper books are making something of a comeback

10/7/2015 - This Instagram account collects the saddest-sounding places on Earth

10/7/2015 - The ancient psychology behind FOMO, explained

10/7/2015 - Poor people are getting terrible investment advice

10/7/2015 - Never trust the first number announced in a data breach

10/7/2015 - The three things humans will always do better than robots

10/7/2015 - South Sudan’s first ever World Cup qualifier is a chance to unite a divided country

10/7/2015 - The Nobel Prize in chemistry has been awarded for understanding how cells repair DNA damage

10/7/2015 - This is the best price you can expect to get on a Thanksgiving flight

10/7/2015 - This is how much you can expect to make right after you learn to code

10/7/2015 - The design anatomy of a perfectly crafted store

10/7/2015 - French farmer: Without migrants, European agriculture will not survive

10/7/2015 - SpaceX booked its first Moon mission—and it uses ridesharing

10/7/2015 - Ben Bernanke was surprisingly candid about his eating habits in his memoir

10/7/2015 - The EU is deploying warships to stop migrants and refugees dying—or reaching Europe

10/7/2015 - Apple is still No. 1 at avoiding US taxes

10/7/2015 - Turns out there’s a downside for companies that allow working from home, too

10/7/2015 - How Narendra Modi helped spread anti-beef hysteria in India

10/7/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Chrysler strike, EU warships on patrol, print your own Nikes

10/7/2015 - Chrysler strike, EU warships on patrol, print your own Nikes

10/7/2015 - WeChat’s new heat map feature lets users—and Chinese authorities—see where crowds are forming

10/7/2015 - Domino’s thinks it can sell pizza—with pineapple!—to Italians

10/7/2015 - India’s first e-commerce IPO has arrived

10/7/2015 - From the US to India: How personal space varies across borders

10/7/2015 - Helping ‘economic migrants’ could help stop others becoming ‘refugees’

10/7/2015 - Modi may request all he wants, but India Inc. is just not ready to spend big

10/7/2015 - Airbus wants to fit more passengers on its planes—by stacking them on top of each other

10/7/2015 - Washing past victims’ feet won’t redeem this former Apartheid leader

10/7/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Airbus snubs Bombardier, Yum’s China quagmire, printed shoes

10/7/2015 - Airbus snubs Bombardier, Yum’s China quagmire, printed shoes

10/6/2015 - Microsoft can’t decide if it wants to kill the laptop or revive it

10/6/2015 - Craft coffee darling Stumptown was just bought by Peet’s and its secretive German owners

10/6/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—VW cheating remedies, Turkey-Russia tussle, the best place to die

10/6/2015 - VW cheating remedies, Turkey-Russia tussle, the best place to die

10/6/2015 - The CIA paid Vietnam War spies by ordering them stuff from Sears

10/6/2015 - Microsoft just launched a new everything

10/6/2015 - The Chinese government is cranking up the nationalism after its Nobel win

10/6/2015 - Fiat Chryser talks break down and autoworkers prepare to strike

10/6/2015 - Dear Tu Youyou, use your Nobel Prize to combat the single worst practice of traditional Chinese medicine

10/6/2015 - Washington, DC may be about to get the United States’ most generous maternity leave

10/6/2015 - The US is setting thousands of early-release prisoners free

10/6/2015 - Meat wins: Sustainability won’t factor into the US government’s new dietary guidelines

10/6/2015 - On the Roku 4, new shows come to you

10/6/2015 - Women care more about boardroom diversity than men—and not just in terms of gender

10/6/2015 - Nike’s COO thinks we could soon 3D print Nike sneakers at home

10/6/2015 - The Republican Party’s major donors are writing big checks to everyone but Trump

10/6/2015 - Russian and Turkish jets are clashing along the Syrian border

10/6/2015 - Photos: Air travel looks far less miserable in Chanel

10/6/2015 - Demand for Apple’s new iPhone 6s is widening America’s trade deficit

10/6/2015 - Buhari finally names a new Nigerian government cabinet—but it’s not that new

10/6/2015 - Denmark’s government says refugees aren’t welcome—so citizens are reaching out instead

10/6/2015 - Photos: The quirky, haunting, and stunning sights along Scotland’s answer to Route 66

10/6/2015 - Ryanair is blaming Google for sending customers to scam travel sites

10/6/2015 - Bernanke: I’m not really a Republican anymore

10/6/2015 - Daily fantasy sports just had its first, inevitable, insider trading scandal

10/6/2015 - The FAA dropped a $1.9 million fine on a drone company for dozens of unauthorized flights

10/6/2015 - Dear Asia: The refugee crisis is our problem, too

10/6/2015 - Gluten-free Cheerios had one job, and it failed

10/6/2015 - Europe is getting serious about keeping its citizens’ data safe from US snooping

10/6/2015 - Facebook’s “poor internet for poor people” in Africa is better than no internet at all

10/6/2015 - How easily the world’s governments can hack your smartphone, according to Edward Snowden

10/6/2015 - Soccer star Lionel Messi is cleared of some tax fraud charges

10/6/2015 - Britain is the best place to die

10/6/2015 - “Moments” is Twitter’s latest attempt to make its service less confusing

10/6/2015 - Just because Martha Stewart cooks pasta in one pan doesn’t mean you should

10/6/2015 - The enigma behind America’s freak, 20-year lobster boom

10/6/2015 - If you want your kid to learn, testing is a good thing

10/6/2015 - The Nobel Prize in physics is awarded for discovering that the universe’s most elusive particles have mass

10/6/2015 - Chernobyl proves that humans are a bigger threat to wildlife than even nuclear accidents

10/6/2015 - Finally, accounting software that runs on your Apple Watch

10/6/2015 - Ethiopia’s prime minister has been re-elected with 100% of the vote

10/6/2015 - ISIL? Torture porn? Dashcam crashes? Failblog? We are what we internet

10/6/2015 - Americans can now feed their breakfast sandwich addiction whenever they want

10/6/2015 - Can deforestation be stopped?

10/6/2015 - This massive air purifier vacuums up smog—which ends up in jewelry

10/6/2015 - The Pentagon is figuring out how to make bodies heal themselves

10/6/2015 - What China will have to do to join the Trans-Pacific trade club

10/6/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Another EU data spat, new Microsoft devices, Antarctic alcoholics

10/6/2015 - Another EU data spat, new Microsoft devices, Antarctic alcoholics

10/6/2015 - US authorities are investigating an alleged UN bribery scheme

10/6/2015 - All adults in Norway have the right to free education—including refugees

10/6/2015 - What does Raghuram Rajan’s rate cut mean for India’s economy—and you?

10/6/2015 - How traditional Chinese medicine finally won its Nobel Prize

10/6/2015 - The India-Pakistan border is so closely guarded that it can be seen from space

10/6/2015 - Here is the speech Narendra Modi should have given after the beef lynching in India

10/6/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—BP’s final settlement, new Microsoft devices, breathalyzers for Antarctica

10/6/2015 - BP’s final settlement, new Microsoft devices, breathalyzers for Antarctica

10/5/2015 - Here’s why smart grid hardware is only as good as the applications running on it

10/5/2015 - The most advanced platform in history is waiting for the right apps to take off

10/5/2015 - Your personal data could soon reside in the Arctic

10/5/2015 - How will history judge Facebook’s Arctic data center?

10/5/2015 - Soon you could be living inside a giant robot

10/5/2015 - Renovating your next house will feel like building a giant robot

10/5/2015 - Charted: What the landmark Trans-Pacific trade deal really means

10/5/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Trans-Pacific trade pact, Nobel Prizes, fishing for compliments

10/5/2015 - Trans-Pacific trade pact, Nobel Prizes, fishing for compliments

10/5/2015 - Apple is so persnickety about design it tells third-party makers how to screw in screws

10/5/2015 - Google just valued a would-be Bloomberg killer at $650 million

10/5/2015 - Read California governor Jerry Brown’s moving letter in support of assisted dying

10/5/2015 - Princess Leia’s gold bikini just sold for a whopping $96,000 at auction

10/5/2015 - This new $5 service will endure the hassle of canceling Comcast for you

10/5/2015 - The top global brand rankings are out, and tech companies top the list

10/5/2015 - We’re a step closer to curing some genetic diseases with a single treatment

10/5/2015 - Scientists have figured out how to store memory with light

10/5/2015 - Photos: Prize-winning facial hair from the 2015 World Beard and Moustache Championship

10/5/2015 - Sleep paralysis: what we know about a terrifying state of consciousness

10/5/2015 - Stephon Marbury says his $15 “NBA quality” sneakers are coming back

10/5/2015 - Photos: After announcing 2,900 job cuts, Air France bosses fled a violent crowd of employees

10/5/2015 - There’s actually a startup that is making micropayments for journalism work

10/5/2015 - This is the simplest solution to help Africans live longer

10/5/2015 - John Oliver asks why it took a mass shooting for politicians to care about mental health

10/5/2015 - General Electric has a very friendly new activist investor—for now

10/5/2015 - Jack Dorsey is officially CEO again at Twitter—while keeping his CEO role at Square

10/5/2015 - Extreme poverty is expected to fall to an all-time low this year

10/5/2015 - The Tesla Model X has a feature that will come in handy during the apocalypse, says Elon Musk

10/5/2015 - One gender is more likely to suffer from insomnia because of genetics

10/5/2015 - “MacGyver” is reportedly getting a reboot on CBS

10/5/2015 - Chinese artist Ai Weiwei says he found “listening devices” in his studio

10/5/2015 - It’s now easier than ever to access over 8,000 photos from every Apollo mission to the moon

10/5/2015 - Your tweets can reveal how much money you earn

10/5/2015 - The new reserve currency for the world’s rich is not actually currency

10/5/2015 - Is space warfare inevitable?

10/5/2015 - Even senior engineers can’t afford to live near their offices in San Francisco

10/5/2015 - Modi enters Bloomberg Markets’ Most Influential 50 list, but Raghuram Rajan’s out

10/5/2015 - The Nobel Prize in medicine has been awarded for cures against malaria and roundworms

10/5/2015 - You should demand compliments from friends and colleagues, a Harvard Business School study says

10/5/2015 - If you hate Uber’s surge pricing, you’ll probably hate Disney’s take on it

10/5/2015 - The unraveling is complete: American Apparel has filed for bankruptcy

10/5/2015 - The quest for economic freedom in South Africa is proving to be the ANC’s downfall

10/5/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Clinton talks guns, Palmyra destruction, revealing Twitter language

10/5/2015 - Clinton talks guns, Palmyra destruction, revealing Twitter language

10/5/2015 - The one thing Modi and Merkel should be obsessing over: Boosting business

10/5/2015 - Sweden’s liberal image is a mirage that hides a very ugly problem

10/5/2015 - iPhone users across China installed an app promising porn and free movies—they got malware instead

10/5/2015 - Photos: Mumbai’s 30,000 unsung heroes are languishing in filth and squalor

10/5/2015 - Ben Bernanke thinks more bankers should be in jail

10/5/2015 - A complete guide to the Bihar elections

10/5/2015 - Former Hong Kong leader Donald Tsang has been arrested over alleged corruption

10/5/2015 - The African tech startup scene has been transformed in just four years

10/5/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Nobel prizes, Palmyra destruction, revealing Twitter language

10/5/2015 - Nobel prizes, Palmyra destruction, revealing Twitter language

10/4/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Nobel prizes, oil prices hit, healthy Roman teeth

10/4/2015 - Nobel prizes, oil prices hit, healthy Roman teeth

10/4/2015 - The FAA expects over 1 million drones to be sold at Christmas but hasn’t figured out how legal they are

10/4/2015 - Forget Donald Trump—a philosopher argues that other US politicians are the real propagandists

10/4/2015 - How NFL rule changes this season are changing football strategy

10/4/2015 - How to avoid Apple charging you for Apple Music

10/4/2015 - Scientists are working on an “exercise pill” so you never have to work out again

10/4/2015 - You might want to reply to that LinkedIn email you got Friday

10/4/2015 - The biggest star in “The Martian” wasn’t Matt Damon—it was a GoPro

10/4/2015 - 20 inmates show the heartbreaking cost of growing old behind bars

10/4/2015 - What people from 1902 thought “women of the future” would look like

10/4/2015 - The most beautiful beer bottles on the planet

10/4/2015 - Seven conversation starters that strike fear in the heart of parents everywhere

10/4/2015 - Paris cut its smog by nearly half on the city’s first “car-free” day

10/4/2015 - Behind the arrest of a Nigerian ex-minister in London is a maturing Nigerian president

10/3/2015 - A US airstrike hit a charity-run hospital in Afghanistan—killing doctors and patients

10/3/2015 - Ancient Romans had no need for dentists, because of one food they didn’t eat

10/3/2015 - What your credit score says about your love life

10/3/2015 - Watch: Stephen Colbert soberly tells America to stop ignoring gun violence

10/3/2015 - Confused about the pope’s thoughts on gay rights? No wonder

10/3/2015 - A sneak peek at Apple’s new “spaceship” campus in Sunnyvale

10/3/2015 - The FDA is very concerned about what’s in those “all natural” erectile dysfunction supplements

10/3/2015 - There’s only one good reason to buy the new iPad mini

10/3/2015 - The World Bank says giving money to entrepreneurs might be the best jobs program

10/3/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—The gun-control conflict, stolen memory, extreme commuting

10/3/2015 - Weekend edition—The gun-control conflict, stolen memory, extreme commuting

10/3/2015 - 25 years after reunification, is Germany ready to be a world leader?

10/3/2015 - Nobel oddsmakers think it’s time to honor the 93-year-old father of the lithium-ion battery

10/3/2015 - It’s now possible to have your tattoos framed and preserved when you die

10/3/2015 - Most of H&M’s “best” factories in Bangladesh still don’t have working fire exits

10/3/2015 - The gun-control “debate” is not a debate but a conflict, and those have different rules

10/3/2015 - Weekend edition—The gun-control conflict, stolen memory, extreme commuting

10/2/2015 - Nigeria’s ex-petroleum minister has been arrested in London for money laundering

10/2/2015 - Weekend edition—The gun-control conflict, stolen memory, extreme commuting

10/2/2015 - As a professor in America, I could be gunned down for teaching Shakespeare

10/2/2015 - Payrolls, prices, and prosperity: The 10 most important economic charts of the week

10/2/2015 - Google will restructure and reemerge as Alphabet today

10/2/2015 - The one bright spot in the US jobs report

10/2/2015 - Your childhood responsibilities may determine what kind of parent you become

10/2/2015 - What NASA’s discovery of liquid water on Mars really means—in the words of NASA scientists

10/2/2015 - Hamburg is commandeering empty property to house refugees and asylum seekers

10/2/2015 - The one bright spot in some exceedingly gloomy African M&A data

10/2/2015 - All the things the toilet of the future will do for you

10/2/2015 - Volkswagen’s emissions cheating is not a victimless crime

10/2/2015 - The Vatican says Pope Francis’s meeting with Kim Davis does not mean he supports her position on gay marriage

10/2/2015 - Researchers can change the outcome of studies just by being white

10/2/2015 - Who will be the next Speaker of the House?

10/2/2015 - United Airlines admits it’s been making customers and employees miserable

10/2/2015 - Norway’s doctors are still using floppy disks—and they work great.

10/2/2015 - It’s time to change the way the media cover mass shootings

10/2/2015 - My family went screen-free for a week to re-learn how to talk to each other

10/2/2015 - Distinguishing between “migrants” and “refugees” may do more harm than good

10/2/2015 - The many health benefits of napping while on the job

10/2/2015 - How to tell if your child has a future in computer science

10/2/2015 - Podcast: Surviving the deadliest day in Everest history

10/2/2015 - Why we’re better off with fewer friends

10/2/2015 - We’re live-charting the slightly worrying US jobs report for September

10/2/2015 - Elon Musk wants to scare women from buying any SUV besides his Tesla Model X

10/2/2015 - The hottest vegetarian restaurants in NYC cater to people who eat meat

10/2/2015 - Your next item of clothing should be so expensive it hurts

10/2/2015 - Most of Europe will now be free of genetically-modified crops

10/2/2015 - Experts can tell if your parents are divorced–from your Facebook likes

10/2/2015 - How gut bacteria can predict asthma in children

10/2/2015 - Japan is experimenting with driverless, robot taxis

10/2/2015 - Swiss companies have convinced shareholders to approve performance-based bonuses a year in advance

10/2/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—India’s climate plan, Russian airstrike opposition, the Dutch baby maker

10/2/2015 - India’s climate plan, Russian airstrike opposition, the Dutch babymaker

10/2/2015 - Kenya’s free education system is making inequality worse

10/2/2015 - This is what happens when you make Saudi Arabia a leader of the UN human rights council

10/2/2015 - Photos: Retirees spend their free time graffiti-ing the walls of Lisbon

10/2/2015 - There has been at least one mass shooting in the US for every day in 2015

10/2/2015 - Google may have a solution to Africa’s last-mile internet connectivity problem

10/2/2015 - Doctors in India are shamelessly lying to women to perform unwarranted hysterectomies

10/2/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—T-Mobile US hacked, Amazon’s Google fight, beard transplants

10/2/2015 - T-Mobile US hacked, Amazon’s Google fight, beard transplants

10/2/2015 - Why India should get over its obsession with GDP growth

10/1/2015 - Africa is growing fast—and yet it’s still wildly uncompetitive

10/1/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Hurricane Joaquin, Russia’s Syria strikes, pantyhose politics

10/1/2015 - Hurricane Joaquin, Russia’s Syria strikes, pantyhose politics

10/1/2015 - The average Manhattan apartment now costs $1 million

10/1/2015 - This high-fashion designer dressed models in other models

10/1/2015 - Nine people are dead and 7 wounded in a community college shooting in Oregon

10/1/2015 - Massive, unexpected drug price increases are happening all the time

10/1/2015 - US states declare emergencies as Hurricane Joaquin approaches

10/1/2015 - Not everyone’s on board with Jack Dorsey as Twitter’s permanent CEO

10/1/2015 - Soon Amazon won’t let you buy an Apple TV or Google Chromecast

10/1/2015 - Google just revealed its Android security team detected and defeated a steep rise in mobile banking fraud in Russia

10/1/2015 - The French fashion label that defined ’60s cool is back

10/1/2015 - IBM’s super fast, powerful and tiny carbon computer chips could soon be in all our devices

10/1/2015 - Bernie Sanders has nearly caught up to Hillary Clinton’s fundraising machine

10/1/2015 - How Google plans to take over your home (without you even realizing it)

10/1/2015 - Twitter will ruin the one thing that makes it stand out by changing its 140-character limit

10/1/2015 - 13 narcos extradited from Mexico include a former Texas high school football star

10/1/2015 - New data suggest social media brings out the best in us, after all

10/1/2015 - In China’s “other Tibet,” Xi Jinping is using human rights rhetoric to oppress an entire people

10/1/2015 - The Ikea-backed company making flat-pack refugee shelters can’t keep up with demand

10/1/2015 - It’s possible to make delicious, healthy dinners for less than $2/person. Here’s how

10/1/2015 - It’s Thursday, America—get ready for lots more fantasy game site ads

10/1/2015 - This is your chance to redesign a US city

10/1/2015 - Samsung is accused of Volkswagening its TVs to oversell their energy efficiency

10/1/2015 - This “Yelp for people” app wants you to review other human beings. What could go wrong?

10/1/2015 - A “Serial” TV series is coming and it’s got nothing to do with the Adnan Syed story

10/1/2015 - Could taking painkillers reduce our ability to feel empathy?

10/1/2015 - Why women in the workplace are screwed, in seven charts

10/1/2015 - A millennia-old mental solution to improve athletic performance

10/1/2015 - Choice wisdom from Twitter’s 136-page handbook for politicians who want to tweet

10/1/2015 - Apple’s new setting means you’ll never lose your cursor again

10/1/2015 - Are your cash strategies “played out?”

10/1/2015 - Strategies for staying afloat in a less liquid bond market

10/1/2015 - You’re about to see something new when your Mac freezes

10/1/2015 - Extreme commuting: When a 10-hour transcontinental flight is just another trip to the office

10/1/2015 - The cheaper your running shoes, the more satisfied you’ll be with your run

10/1/2015 - Adults are racing souped-up Power Wheels toys, and it might become the next great American sport

10/1/2015 - Secret bank accounts, income inequality—and why Luxembourg matters

10/1/2015 - Another country has banned adults from smoking in cars with children

10/1/2015 - What will happen when we succeed in creating AI that’s smarter than we are?

10/1/2015 - Forcing South African students to learn African languages won’t do them any good

10/1/2015 - Apple is ramping up hiring to bring Apple Pay to China

10/1/2015 - New US credit cards are about to make tipping a lot more awkward

10/1/2015 - A new trend in high-fashion women’s suits would make even Hillary Clinton look edgy

10/1/2015 - Mexico is learning how to play in the Big Oil leagues

10/1/2015 - This breakfast machine makes pancakes in any shape you want

10/1/2015 - Your phone’s homescreen is dead

10/1/2015 - A British lord created a device that runs on free electricity from the air

10/1/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US and Russia talk Syria, Twitter’s new (old) CEO, more Gilgamesh poetry

10/1/2015 - US and Russia talk Syria, Twitter’s new (old) CEO, more Gilgamesh poetry

10/1/2015 - Photos: From Geneva to Gujarat, statues of Mahatma Gandhi from across the world

10/1/2015 - The best women comics don’t want your boring late-night talk show gigs, anyway

10/1/2015 - How India’s largest sugar company got hammered by Brazil’s collapsing economy

10/1/2015 - Photos: Scientists use microbes to make beautiful works of art in petri dishes

10/1/2015 - This New York City worker just won’t stop answering the phone in a robot voice

10/1/2015 - After braving death to reach Europe, this is the final test refugees must pass to win asylum

10/1/2015 - The new fountain at Versailles was inspired by 17th-century power games

10/1/2015 - A state-backed Chinese tech company will buy 15% of a major US hard drive maker

10/1/2015 - Is it time to restructure India into smaller states?

10/1/2015 - Tinder is offering a brand-new swipe option for people you “super like”

10/1/2015 - The common mealworm might be the solution to our plastic waste problem

10/1/2015 - In Tanzania’s election, it’s the cartoonists who are capturing what matters to voters

10/1/2015 - China’s latest ally in its crackdown on religion: the pope

10/1/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Twitter’s CEO confirmation, China’s birthday, save the parasites

10/1/2015 - Twitter’s CEO confirmation, China’s birthday, save the parasites