8/31/2018 - Weekend edition—Putin’s playbook, the meaning of work, pot problems

8/31/2018 - China’s made-up men are redefining gender aesthetics in the country

8/31/2018 - Weekend edition—Putin’s playbook, the meaning of work, pot problems

8/31/2018 - Two decades of the Williams sisters meeting across a tennis net, in photos

8/31/2018 - The Nobel prize literature committee is having a public meltdown

8/31/2018 - Food on a stick

8/31/2018 - One country is the electric car market for the world

8/31/2018 - The story behind the 100 pink Cadillacs at Aretha Franklin’s funeral

8/31/2018 - “The soundtrack of our lives”: a moving tribute to Aretha Franklin at her funeral

8/31/2018 - The Pope isn’t simply a victim of a smear campaign

8/31/2018 - How to get the most out of mentorship

8/31/2018 - Tomorrow’s cybersecurity threats will come from everywhere, and so will the workers fighting them

8/31/2018 - A supermarket pork producer is trolling one of fashion’s coolest brands

8/31/2018 - Can you name these airports based on their three-letter codes?

8/31/2018 - Quartzy: the do not disturb edition

8/31/2018 - Quartzy: the do not disturb edition

8/31/2018 - Tomorrow’s cyber threats demand a new kind of cybersecurity workforce

8/31/2018 - Microsoft is requiring its suppliers to provide paid parental leave

8/31/2018 - Mars rover

8/31/2018 - Mars rover

8/31/2018 - Eliminating job titles helps create a “no ego” culture

8/31/2018 - The world has underestimated China’s rise as a scientific power

8/31/2018 - Is your employer’s retirement plan any good? Here’s how to find out

8/31/2018 - Sephora will start selling entry-level witch kits in October

8/31/2018 - The EU is ditching daylight saving time because it’s what the people want

8/31/2018 - Didi’s sexually aggressive ads have come back to haunt it

8/31/2018 - This is the best snack to sneak into the movie theater

8/31/2018 - What the hell is going on with Apple?

8/31/2018 - The best description of Burning Man comes from an Episcopalian priest

8/31/2018 - Social media mobilization is a bright spot in Uganda’s dark Bobi Wine saga

8/31/2018 - Warren Buffett’s protégé is backing a local rival to Google and Facebook in India’s payments battle

8/31/2018 - Pyrex-inspired tattoos are the only thing more durable than the classic cookware itself

8/31/2018 - Canada-US trade talks, Coca-Cola buys Costa, hybrid pythons

8/31/2018 - Work-life balance is an unhealthy myth

8/31/2018 - Mars rover

8/31/2018 - Taiwan’s population could start shrinking in four years

8/31/2018 - A cautionary tale for anyone who has gotten creative with expenses

8/31/2018 - The radical 1960s music of the Hindustani Jazz sextet

8/31/2018 - In tight-lipped Switzerland, young people are publicly sharing their salaries

8/31/2018 - Why are Indian startups suddenly rushing for loyalty plans?

8/31/2018 - Cambodia will imprison an Australian filmmaker who made the world “hate Cambodia”

8/31/2018 - Indian cities are just not designed for women

8/31/2018 - Trade deals, goodbye Aretha, addicted bees

8/31/2018 - Trade deals, goodbye Aretha, weed trade pacts

8/31/2018 - Plus-size fashion gets glamorous in India, but plus-size women are still just fat

8/31/2018 - At least one new car will be launched in India each week until December

8/30/2018 - Ride-share drivers in China have been secretly live-streaming their female passengers

8/30/2018 - Conservatives are trying to derail marriage equality from becoming law in Taiwan

8/30/2018 - Trade deals, currency woes, kiddie caffeine

8/30/2018 - Trump just cancelled pay raises for 1.9 million federal government workers

8/30/2018 - San Francisco just showed scooter startups it won’t tolerate bad behavior

8/30/2018 - Mars rover

8/30/2018 - Global aging populations mean that dementia rates are about to skyrocket

8/30/2018 - Hollywood stars say time’s up on the wage gap for behind-the-scenes workers

8/30/2018 - A director at MoviePass’s parent resigned over deep concerns about its management

8/30/2018 - Watch live: Joe Biden’s eulogy at John McCain’s memorial service in Arizona

8/30/2018 - Apple’s next iPhone will be revealed on Sept. 12

8/30/2018 - The case for checked bag fees

8/30/2018 - Can China convince the world to like it?

8/30/2018 - Google and Harvard made AI to predict earthquake aftershocks

8/30/2018 - American Eagle’s body-positive lingerie line is thriving exactly where Victoria’s Secret is failing

8/30/2018 - From “Push It” to “Get Low” and “Regulate,” a playlist for market manipulation

8/30/2018 - Teachers are getting Ebola prevention training as the DR Congo struggles to curb the latest outbreak

8/30/2018 - Hyperinflation

8/30/2018 - Hyperinflation

8/30/2018 - Apple’s future success relies on people simply paying more

8/30/2018 - A spat over sports bras is the latest example of tennis as a feminist battleground

8/30/2018 - A low-profile, Chinese handset maker has taken over Africa’s mobile market

8/30/2018 - Doing business with friends requires the same care as doing business with anyone

8/30/2018 - Researchers say we should start counting commute time as work. Here’s a better idea

8/30/2018 - How to manage someone who has more experience than you

8/30/2018 - Three theories about Trump’s plan to build an entire village in rural Scotland

8/30/2018 - England and South Korea are cracking down on caffeine for kids

8/30/2018 - “We cannot wait”: Panasonic is moving its EU headquarters to Amsterdam ahead of Brexit

8/30/2018 - A newly published version of an obscure Tolkien story is a gift to superfans

8/30/2018 - Fifty years of economic history proves that inclusive workplaces make us all richer

8/30/2018 - Reading books is the best new way to spend time on Instagram

8/30/2018 - US spending data, Campbell Soup battle, low-carb dangers

8/30/2018 - The psychological impact of unemployment is worse if you’re black

8/30/2018 - I wrote this article in just 25 minutes. Here’s how

8/30/2018 - Can India take the pole position in global cyber governance?

8/30/2018 - Hyperinflation

8/30/2018 - It’s easier for blockchain experts to move to Hong Kong now

8/30/2018 - India’s central bank is worried that its crypto crackdown may backfire

8/30/2018 - Indians love filling their online shopping carts—and then abandoning them

8/30/2018 - Asia-Pacific trade pact, Chemnitz protest probe, menopausal animals

8/30/2018 - Asia-Pacific trade pact, Chemnitz protest probe, menopausal animals

8/30/2018 - Demonetisation almost killed Indian real estate, but this startup flourished

8/30/2018 - What demonetisation? Indian households’ cash holdings are at a 10-year high

8/30/2018 - Trump says his relationship with Kim Jong Un is so “warm” there’s no need for war games

8/29/2018 - Air conditioning is sexist—and a debate between New York’s gubernatorial candidates shows it

8/29/2018 - Twitter is testing a feature where it suggests who to unfollow

8/29/2018 - RPEC decisions, UK’s Nigerian security pact, banned names

8/29/2018 - To beat bedtime anxiety, think of your brain as a cassette deck

8/29/2018 - Theresa May’s first-ever visit to Nigeria is all about fighting off Boko Haram

8/29/2018 - Hyperinflation

8/29/2018 - Software as a craft, the product of a 10-year-old development manifesto

8/29/2018 - The fiercest opponent at this year’s US Open is the heat

8/29/2018 - The real dangers of low-carb dieting fads, according to the latest science

8/29/2018 - Hey look, a sign of new life at J.Crew

8/29/2018 - How to watch memorial and funeral services for John McCain

8/29/2018 - The UK’s plan for its own GPS is Brexit in a nutshell

8/29/2018 - Three A-list actors have really promising directorial debuts this awards season

8/29/2018 - If you’re confused by the concept of “privilege,” this metaphor will help

8/29/2018 - California is poised to be the world’s largest economy with a zero-emissions goal

8/29/2018 - Points-obsessed business travelers are irate over the Marriott-Starwood merger

8/29/2018 - Five animals experience menopause. Four of them live underwater

8/29/2018 - Cornell offers more crypto classes than any other top university in the world

8/29/2018 - It’s been a year since Hurricane Harvey triggered a toxic chemical emergency. US chemical laws are as weak as ever.

8/29/2018 - Finance bros taught writer Gary Shteyngart the secret to making money

8/29/2018 - Here’s what blockchain’s tipping point means for business

8/29/2018 - More than coin, blockchain is moving into the mainstream

8/29/2018 - An actually smart lesson on leadership from Donald Trump

8/29/2018 - A German restaurant that banned kids after 5 pm says business is booming

8/29/2018 - Crypto bigwigs are eager to call the start of a new bull market

8/29/2018 - “Baby Shark”

8/29/2018 - “Baby Shark”

8/29/2018 - The deep unhappiness that leads one-quarter of 14-year-old British girls to self-harm

8/29/2018 - “Become the leader in our industry” is not a strategy

8/29/2018 - A WeChat challenger is currently the most popular app on China’s App Store

8/29/2018 - 100,000 homes in Germany now have battery-storage systems connected to the grid

8/29/2018 - Senegal is building a futuristic city to deal with its congestion problems

8/29/2018 - Iconic British carmaker Aston Martin plans to squeeze in its IPO before Brexit

8/29/2018 - Decoding “logo soup,” the way design firms appear more impressive

8/29/2018 - Serena Williams’ new ad gives working moms the nuanced representation they deserve

8/29/2018 - The hottest stock in the S&P is a nearly 50-year-old chip maker

8/29/2018 - The 2008 financial crisis completely changed what majors students choose

8/29/2018 - The destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina, seen from the air

8/29/2018 - There are twice as many US millennials on Facebook as there are Baby Boomers

8/29/2018 - The history of cholera treatment is a masterclass on turning failure into success

8/29/2018 - This backpack gives you a pair of working robot arms

8/29/2018 - Latest US GDP, Aston Martin’s IPO, lusty dolphins

8/29/2018 - “Women have suffered in silence for too long”: A politician’s parting words calls out sexism in Australian politics

8/29/2018 - The worst is not yet over for China’s biggest EV maker

8/29/2018 - Divesting from fossil fuels doesn’t hurt long-term returns

8/29/2018 - “Baby Shark”

8/29/2018 - An Indian robotics startup wants to beat Amazon at warehouse automation

8/29/2018 - France’s ecology minister quit on live radio due to society’s “complete indifference” to climate change

8/29/2018 - India’s central bank just proved demonetisation was for nothing

8/29/2018 - Google sees gold in Indian languages

8/29/2018 - Who are the five left-wing activists arrested by the Indian police?

8/29/2018 - Merkel in Senegal, US economy, lusty dolphin

8/29/2018 - Innocent people with dirty-sounding last names face the “Scunthorpe problem”

8/29/2018 - Merkel in Senegal, US economy, lusty dolphin

8/29/2018 - Overseas Indians are taking advantage of the falling rupee

8/29/2018 - What you should know about the Bhima Koregaon clashes and recent arrests

8/28/2018 - A lawsuit by a fired Barnes & Noble CEO is a spectacular example of not going quietly

8/28/2018 - Louis C.K. returned to the stage and women in comedy have thoughts

8/28/2018 - France’s environmental setback, White house eyes Google, lusty dolphin

8/28/2018 - The VA may have wrongly denied 1,300 US veterans’ claims of sexual abuse

8/28/2018 - Rotten Tomatoes is redefining what it means to be a critic

8/28/2018 - How to watch Aretha Franklin’s star-studded funeral

8/28/2018 - A fake Warren Buffett Twitter account is spewing life advice—and it’s amazing

8/28/2018 - Pumpkin spice latte season is here. Take a steaming cup to the beach!

8/28/2018 - Google Search is the latest target in Trump’s “strategic” push to discredit the news

8/28/2018 - What to expect from Brett Kavanaugh’s senate confirmation hearings

8/28/2018 - “Baby Shark”

8/28/2018 - A single state wants to define meat for America

8/28/2018 - Puerto Rico’s official study on Hurricane Maria deaths puts toll at 2,975

8/28/2018 - “The algorithm’s argument is gonna win”: Cary Fukunaga explains how data call the shots at Netflix

8/28/2018 - Global payment giants are starting to take note of Nigerian fintech companies

8/28/2018 - Abiy Ahmed’s reforms are emboldening donors to return to Ethiopia

8/28/2018 - Theresa May backs South Africa land reform—to make a post-Brexit friend

8/28/2018 - Camels

8/28/2018 - Camels

8/28/2018 - Venezuela has lost 2.3 million people—and it could get even worse

8/28/2018 - President Trump: Here’s how Google works

8/28/2018 - Inclusion means both being there and feeling like you belong

8/28/2018 - Bono is promoting U2’s new tour by penning pro-EU op-eds for German newspapers

8/28/2018 - Moneyball, nerd sniping, and other unorthodox recruitment hacks

8/28/2018 - A small town in California is paving the way for our self-flying future

8/28/2018 - To protect big telcos, Zambia wants to tax calls made over social media apps

8/28/2018 - Even with the rise of streetwear, women of color fight to be heard and hired in fashion

8/28/2018 - A simple tweak to Google Search now helps veterans to find jobs

8/28/2018 - The transgressive literary tradition that gave us “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”

8/28/2018 - Maternal death rates are a key indicator of why the state of female health in the US is so terrible

8/28/2018 - Arizona primary, Nestlé-Starbucks alliance, late-night steak

8/28/2018 - China’s Uber is courting a PR disaster

8/28/2018 - How to find meaningful mentorship without asking anyone to mentor you

8/28/2018 - Camels

8/28/2018 - It’s illegal for South Koreans to smoke weed abroad—even where it’s legal

8/28/2018 - Child care is broken. Silicon Valley thinks it can fix that, too

8/28/2018 - Google and Amazon are reportedly wooing one of India’s largest retailers

8/28/2018 - Even Berkshire Hathaway sees a massive opportunity in Paytm

8/28/2018 - India’s sexual-assault crisis is what happens when few women are in power

8/28/2018 - After struggling for months, Jet Airways finally has a turnaround plan

8/28/2018 - A US court report names Nirav Modi’s American firms in India’s biggest banking scam

8/28/2018 - Theresa May in Africa, White House flag drama, THC breast milk

8/28/2018 - Theresa May in Africa, White House flag drama, THC breast milk

8/28/2018 - Can biofuels save India’s airlines from surging oil prices?

8/27/2018 - Canada wins in Trump’s NAFTA “deal” with Mexico

8/27/2018 - Trump’s Mexico deal, Toyota’s Uber investment, THC breast milk

8/27/2018 - China added as much battery-storage capacity in 2018 as all previous years combined

8/27/2018 - Serena Williams’ reaction to her catsuit ban shows the power of knowing what you’re worth

8/27/2018 - Camels

8/27/2018 - Trump’s student loan watchdog says the US “has turned its back on young people”

8/27/2018 - Even the Oval Office is not immune to glitchy conference calls

8/27/2018 - Even Florida, the epicenter of US greyhound racing, may ban dog tracks

8/27/2018 - The future of Uber is … bikes?

8/27/2018 - Mahershala Ali is the only one who can get people to watch “True Detective”

8/27/2018 - Listen to John McCain’s last message to his fellow Americans

8/27/2018 - Here’s how Donald Trump could start a nuclear war

8/27/2018 - A good keyboard is the ultimate workplace luxury

8/27/2018 - It’s really expensive to short Tesla’s stock

8/27/2018 - There’s a movement to find the movies missing from the internet

8/27/2018 - The to-do list method for people with busy lives and short attention spans

8/27/2018 - John McCain helped build a country that no longer exists

8/27/2018 - Tidal launches in Africa—in countries known for banning music

8/27/2018 - A job candidate’s years of experience are meaningless without this other quality

8/27/2018 - The long list of investigations that US Republicans fear

8/27/2018 - Working in an open office? Set rules about noise with your neighbors

8/27/2018 - “Baby Shark”: A viral earworm for kids that is eating the world

8/27/2018 - The United Kingdom is looking for new post-Brexit friends in Africa

8/27/2018 - Instagram is testing university-based groups

8/27/2018 - After John McCain’s death, the White House flag flew at full mast

8/27/2018 - UK universities are criticized for valuing “profit” over human rights in Egypt

8/27/2018 - A meat vending machine exists, for all your midnight steak needs

8/27/2018 - The underappreciated genius of retro video game fonts

8/27/2018 - Opera singers delight new audiences at food markets throughout Mexico City

8/27/2018 - Facebook finally takes serious action in Myanmar after a damning UN report on the Rohingya

8/27/2018 - UN report: Myanmar military had “genocidal intent” against Rohingya

8/27/2018 - NAFTA breakthroughs, John McCain tributes, North Korean capitalism

8/27/2018 - Paytm has spotted an opportunity in India’s push for data localisation

8/27/2018 - Why homegrown Amul has little to fear from the Nestlés of the world

8/27/2018 - Floods have wiped out acres of Indian coffee plantations

8/27/2018 - In Kerala and Kodagu, ecologists warned of extreme floods years ago

8/27/2018 - The mounting economic toll of Kerala’s once-in-a-century floods

8/27/2018 - McCain tributes, Elon Musk backs down, wear more sunscreen

8/27/2018 - McCain tributes, Elon Musk backs down, wear more sunscreen

8/27/2018 - “It’s a sweatshop”: The ugly truth behind working at an Indian startup

8/27/2018 - Capitalism in North Korea is bringing in $60 million a year for the Kim regime

8/27/2018 - Parents: Before giving your kids money advice, make sure you’re taking it yourself

8/27/2018 - Parents should follow their smart financial advice — not just give it to their kids

8/26/2018 - Another woman was murdered while using Didi’s car-pooling service

8/26/2018 - The Pope repents, Elon Musk backs down, pink power

8/26/2018 - Pope Francis faced a small crowd and a lot of questions in Ireland

8/26/2018 - How the hell am I supposed to read Instagram Stories so quickly?

8/26/2018 - Neil Simon, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, has died at age 91

8/26/2018 - It’s okay to feed your kids the same lunch every day

8/26/2018 - Designers are mourning the new, painfully generic Library of Congress logo

8/26/2018 - The death of a college student has set off fear of anti-immigrant violence in Iowa

8/26/2018 - “After he was diagnosed with MS, our love only grew stronger”

8/26/2018 - MoviePass needs a serious side hustle if it’s going to survive

8/26/2018 - Amazon is giving employees $50 gift cards to tweet nice things about the company

8/26/2018 - The global financial crisis of 1825 foreshadowed the problems of emerging markets today

8/26/2018 - The UK wants to kick out this Pakistani migrant. If he goes, 20 British jobs may go with him

8/26/2018 - The real way to work out your pet’s age

8/26/2018 - Political songs, Uber’s Africa ambitions, live-streaming the new Zimbabwe

8/25/2018 - US senator John McCain has died of brain cancer

8/25/2018 - Scotland’s free tampons show the true mark of an evolved civilization

8/25/2018 - Apartheid-era propaganda fueled Trump’s tweet on South African farms

8/25/2018 - EpiPens are in short supply as students prepare to go back to school

8/25/2018 - Jaguar is cashing in on the Markle effect with electric classic cars

8/25/2018 - A study of Olympic athletes shows the surprising benefits of coming in second place

8/25/2018 - The bikini

8/25/2018 - The bikini

8/25/2018 - There’s nothing disrespectful about Serena Williams’ catsuit

8/25/2018 - Rohingya children could become a “lost generation” without education

8/25/2018 - Yo-Yo Ma wants to heal the world with Bach

8/25/2018 - Want to be a less annoying tourist? Start here

8/25/2018 - A new generation of African musicians are taking on politics, and gaining young fans

8/25/2018 - The olds were right—Venmo is waking up to the dangers of making payments public

8/25/2018 - Read Elon Musk’s post on why he’s keeping Tesla public

8/25/2018 - The shame of Steve Jobs, as told by his shunned daughter

8/25/2018 - Kenya’s biggest Afropop band gets political—and stirs up controversy

8/25/2018 - Everyone has their favorite trick to fancy up instant ramen

8/25/2018 - Weekend edition—The next border conflict, Snapchat’s missed moment, a Birkenstocks revival

8/25/2018 - The Republican “culture of corruption” might be an election factor again

8/25/2018 - Don’t blame women for leaving fields like engineering. Blame bad attitudes.

8/25/2018 - How much longer will the bull market last?

8/25/2018 - A universal way to solve problems, from a mathematical genius

8/25/2018 - Happy 10-year anniversary to Tom Cruise’s greatest role ever: Les Grossman

8/25/2018 - Revel in the joy of doing things you will never master

8/25/2018 - The bikini

8/25/2018 - Weekend edition—The next border conflict, Snapchat’s missed moment, a Birkenstocks revival

8/24/2018 - Weekend edition—The next border conflict, Snapchat’s missed moment, a Birkenstocks revival

8/24/2018 - Weekend edition—The next border conflict, Snapchat’s missed moment, a Birkenstocks revival

8/24/2018 - Biggest cover story of all: 35 ways the National Enquirer’s publisher boosted Donald Trump

8/24/2018 - The bikini

8/24/2018 - Microsoft wants to nudge us to be more productive. Do we want its help?

8/24/2018 - A Kenyan nonprofit’s innovative aerial water system just won it the world’s largest humanitarian prize

8/24/2018 - A New York Times editor’s advice to help women stand out in male-dominated offices

8/24/2018 - A waffle iron is a genius cooking hack

8/24/2018 - The lucrative new world of YouTube celebrity boxing

8/24/2018 - The one thing that could drive evangelical Christians away from Trump

8/24/2018 - Indonesia’s latest blasphemy verdict is too much even for its largest Islamic organizations

8/24/2018 - The Trump Organization’s CFO flipping may be the worst one yet

8/24/2018 - Zimbabwe’s highest court has upheld Emmerson Mnangagwa’s election as president

8/24/2018 - NASA images of swirling particles are a reminder that we’re never just breathing air

8/24/2018 - A rare and powerful Hawaiian hurricane is flooding its islands

8/24/2018 - The Russian makers of the AK-47 are building an electric car to “compete” with Tesla

8/24/2018 - Quartzy: the August vs. autumn edition

8/24/2018 - Quartzy: the August vs. autumn edition

8/24/2018 - Asbestos

8/24/2018 - Asbestos

8/24/2018 - Spain plans to exhume the remains of fascist dictator Francisco Franco

8/24/2018 - Uber’s innovations in Africa have helped shape its global operations

8/24/2018 - The Fed probably wishes Trump took monetary policy lessons from Putin instead of Nixon

8/24/2018 - Coconut oil isn’t magic or poison. It’s just food.

8/24/2018 - Barnes & Noble is so bad at hiring CEOs, the book world is crowdsourcing the hunt

8/24/2018 - Are tattooed job applicants less likely to be hired? Two new studies disagree

8/24/2018 - $1.5 trillion of student loan debt has transformed the American dream

8/24/2018 - Malaysia has filed its first charges against Jho Low in the 1MDB corruption case

8/24/2018 - Our prehistoric ancestors all mated with one another

8/24/2018 - Jeff Bezos could buy all of Amazon’s inventory, and then buy all of Boeing’s and Walmart’s too

8/24/2018 - People still aren’t wearing sunscreen and melanoma rates are rising

8/24/2018 - Jackson Hole gathering, new Australian prime minister, Kalashnikov’s car

8/24/2018 - Scientifically speaking, procreating with your cousin isn’t that risky

8/24/2018 - Financial firms are increasingly giving away their services for free

8/24/2018 - Asbestos

8/24/2018 - The forgotten female scientist who taught India how to forecast weather

8/24/2018 - A Gap ad with a girl in a hijab shows how differently the US and France view personal liberty

8/24/2018 - In photos: How Kerala sunk, swam, and survived

8/24/2018 - A proposed tax break for parents in China has led to a backlash against a “singles tax”

8/24/2018 - Air pollution is costing Indians 1.5 years of their lives

8/24/2018 - From the Kerala floods, a meme inspired by India’s sleeping tourism minister

8/24/2018 - Mexico is looking for the Indian kids who sent drawings for its 1968 Olympics

8/24/2018 - One chart shows even Alibaba is tiny compared to Amazon

8/24/2018 - Australia’s new leader, nope to the pope, private island for women

8/24/2018 - Australia’s new leader, nope to the pope, private island for women

8/24/2018 - Flipkart is taking a second shot at India’s second-hand goods market

8/24/2018 - Once again, Australia has a new prime minister

8/23/2018 - Chinese moviegoers think “Crazy Rich Asians” is really not that Asian

8/23/2018 - I spent two months in a Rohingya camp in Myanmar. This is what it’s like.

8/23/2018 - Gmail now lets you send “self-destructing” emails from your phone…sort of

8/23/2018 - Trump turncoat, Brexit warnings, super snakes

8/23/2018 - Don’t LOL, but Procter & Gamble wants to trademark WTF

8/23/2018 - A golden age of Asian American rom-coms is dawning

8/23/2018 - Asbestos

8/23/2018 - Most viewers won’t get the mahjong scene in “Crazy Rich Asians.” That’s why it’s so profound

8/23/2018 - DJI unveils two new impressive drones that might look a bit…familiar

8/23/2018 - There are three types of failure, but only one you should actually feel bad about

8/23/2018 - Sony’s new robotic puppy is coming to the US after selling out almost instantly in Japan

8/23/2018 - How designers keep you calm in long queues (it sometimes involves elephants)

8/23/2018 - High-tech meat may make it to market faster thanks to an industry truce

8/23/2018 - Trump’s new strategy is to talk up impeachment

8/23/2018 - Windows 95 is now an app you can download on any computer

8/23/2018 - Not all second chances are good ones

8/23/2018 - Burning Man attendees are spending more money than ever. These charts show why

8/23/2018 - The fierce power of Hurricane Lane, as seen from space

8/23/2018 - Apple, IBM, and Google don’t care anymore if you went to college

8/23/2018 - A female Indian badminton star makes more money than the world’s best tennis player

8/23/2018 - The bull market

8/23/2018 - The bull market

8/23/2018 - What is actually made in America?

8/23/2018 - Nigeria does not know if it wants to be a socialist or capitalist country

8/23/2018 - Even teens are worried they spend too much time on their phones

8/23/2018 - Young German conservatives want to coax Britain to rejoin the EU—by 2035

8/23/2018 - China’s growing power is bringing military drills center stage in Asia

8/23/2018 - Australia needs a population policy, and it shouldn’t focus only on numbers

8/23/2018 - Australia is getting more in sync with the US on Huawei

8/23/2018 - A Houston homeowner has spent $100K on flood prevention. It’s probably not enough

8/23/2018 - A major US city will start drinking its own sewage. Others need to follow.

8/23/2018 - Turning Hoover Dam into a giant battery could solve California’s energy-storage problem

8/23/2018 - An American missionary’s racist rant in Uganda shows the disturbing reality of White Savior complex

8/23/2018 - US-Russia meeting, space race, “Big Bang Theory” bows out

8/23/2018 - The delicious, nutritious potato gets a bad rap

8/23/2018 - Lowering air pollution just a bit would increase life expectancy as much as eradicating lung and breast cancer

8/23/2018 - What India has given disaster-hit states since rejecting foreign aid

8/23/2018 - The bull market

8/23/2018 - An unlikely detective is fighting to bring back India’s stolen gods

8/23/2018 - Trump and the man trying to topple Australia’s government share an affinity for helping South Africa’s white farmers

8/23/2018 - Why India’s IT companies love electric vehicles

8/23/2018 - The Kerala floods show Indians need to rethink how they live with water

8/23/2018 - Australia political chaos, Trump’s denial, “Big Bang Theory” bows out

8/23/2018 - Australia political chaos, Trump’s denial, “Big Bang Theory” bows out

8/22/2018 - The White House plan: Just keep putting Trump on stage

8/22/2018 - Aramco IPO cancelled, DNC hack attempt, AIs ❤️ TV

8/22/2018 - A reporter pulls back the curtain on the working family juggling act

8/22/2018 - New satellite images show parts of the Arctic that used to never thaw are now melting

8/22/2018 - The bull market

8/22/2018 - Pranksters are donating to Michael Cohen’s GoFundMe account under Trump pals’ names

8/22/2018 - Make no mistake: Michael Cohen has already flipped on Donald Trump

8/22/2018 - Saudi Arabia has reportedly called off the Aramco IPO, but the government insists it’s still on

8/22/2018 - Give AI curiosity, and it will watch TV forever

8/22/2018 - Psychologists have surprising advice for people who feel unmotivated

8/22/2018 - Drug testing sewers shows that Americans get lit during holidays and special events

8/22/2018 - The all-American pastime of quilting is being sewn into the trade war

8/22/2018 - The last project from America’s golden age of infrastructure is almost finished—61 years later

8/22/2018 - Blockchain won’t solve all of Kenya’s elections problems

8/22/2018 - The startling parallels between Donald Trump and occultist Aleister Crowley

8/22/2018 - Walmart is now selling audiobooks for cheaper than Audible does

8/22/2018 - This powerful advice for stronger relationships can also make you happier at work

8/22/2018 - Your favorite TV shows are never really dead

8/22/2018 - How rocket-makers ensure 3D printed parts are strong enough for space

8/22/2018 - Chanel’s men’s makeup line is the first for a major brand, but it won’t be the last

8/22/2018 - Belgians chose “This is not a street” as one of 28 new Brussels street names

8/22/2018 - Nike is the latest brand to experience the wrath of South Africans’ response to racism

8/22/2018 - What year is this? Target and Walmart say their stores are busier than ever

8/22/2018 - The first major test of post-Mugabe Zimbabwe will be livestreamed—via the state

8/22/2018 - The art of following up

8/22/2018 - Hot Wheels

8/22/2018 - Hot Wheels

8/22/2018 - “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan’s advice on watching TV with your dog

8/22/2018 - It’s time to ditch the penny

8/22/2018 - Dams and reservoirs can’t save us. This is the new future of water infrastructure.

8/22/2018 - Michael Cohen wouldn’t accept a pardon from “corrupt” Trump, his lawyer says

8/22/2018 - Why is it called a bull or bear market?

8/22/2018 - Florida’s red tide crisis shows how climate change will make the world an ugly place

8/22/2018 - For Colombia’s coffee farmers, climate change has become an inescapable reality

8/22/2018 - It’s official: We’re in the longest bull market ever

8/22/2018 - A Dutch firm that handles payments for Netflix and Spotify is one of the market’s hottest stocks

8/22/2018 - Animal crackers are finally cage-free

8/22/2018 - Italy’s new government says it’ll fight immigration by helping China invest in Africa

8/22/2018 - The only people more obsessed with sparkling water than millennials are venture capitalists

8/22/2018 - From “Game of Thrones” to “Mamma Mia,” set-jetting tourism is everywhere

8/22/2018 - North America hasn’t had a megadrought in recorded history. It could be overdue

8/22/2018 - The author of “Crazy Rich Asians” is a wanted man in Singapore

8/22/2018 - The story behind Spike Lee’s “BlacKkKlansman”—and Boots Riley’s criticism of it

8/22/2018 - Sports teams think the color pink can help them win

8/22/2018 - The hidden epidemic of compulsive hair pulling

8/22/2018 - The life-changing benefits of living with a random roommate in college

8/22/2018 - England is banning the sale of puppies and kittens in pet shops

8/22/2018 - China-US trade talks, Facebook’s purge, free-range animal crackers

8/22/2018 - China is now policing cryptocurrency by targeting WeChat accounts

8/22/2018 - Hot Wheels

8/22/2018 - Forget mobile wallets, Brits are coveting fancy payment cards

8/22/2018 - Why is India turning down international aid for flood-hit Kerala?

8/22/2018 - The painstaking, monumental task of mapping India in the 19th century

8/22/2018 - IKEA won’t bring its iconic print catalogue to India

8/22/2018 - The 40-year-old “prophetic” novel that predicted the troubles of modern-day Zimbabwe

8/22/2018 - A deadly moth has reached India and could destroy its corn farms overnight

8/22/2018 - The falling rupee is also dragging down businesses along with it

8/22/2018 - Cohen implicates Trump, US bull-market record, ancient complaints

8/22/2018 - Cohen implicates Trump, US bull-market record, ancient complaints

8/22/2018 - Uganda’s president is fighting youthful opposition with old methods

8/22/2018 - India’s largest private airline is flying deeper into trouble—on a failing engine

8/21/2018 - The juiciest parts of Michael Cohen’s guilty plea

8/21/2018 - Facebook removed 652 fake accounts and pages attempting to influence US elections

8/21/2018 - Manafort found guilty, Cohen takes deal, ancient complaints

8/21/2018 - The key detail missed by stories claiming low-carb diets lead to early death

8/21/2018 - How to lead without violating dignity

8/21/2018 - Happy birthday Deng Xiaoping: Here are 10 charts showing how he changed China

8/21/2018 - Trump’s new EPA coal regulations could lead to up to 1,400 more premature deaths a year

8/21/2018 - Michael Cohen’s guilty plea implicates Donald Trump in campaign finance violations

8/21/2018 - Paul Manafort now faces a maximum of 80 years in prison

8/21/2018 - Hot Wheels

8/21/2018 - An incredible trove from design legend Paul Rand’s estate is up for auction

8/21/2018 - Slack was able to become a $7 billion company by playing nice with others

8/21/2018 - Superfans of one of Italy’s biggest soccer teams demanded women sit in the back of the stadium

8/21/2018 - The reigning queen of fantasy fiction offers a “rocket-shaped finger” to her racist critics

8/21/2018 - The future of transport is massive warehouses filled with robot minivans

8/21/2018 - Manafort jurors hint they can’t agree on at least one of the 18 counts he faces

8/21/2018 - Mankind almost beat measles, but the virus is storming back in Europe

8/21/2018 - American investors will soon be able to trade for nothing

8/21/2018 - Trump attorney Michael Cohen is cutting a deal with federal prosecutors

8/21/2018 - More than 300,000 refugees have now found jobs in Germany

8/21/2018 - Facebook is nixing more than 5,000 ad targeting options to avoid discriminatory ads

8/21/2018 - There’s an answer to cattle’s carbon emissions—and it isn’t less beef

8/21/2018 - Facebook is dipping its toe into medical AI research

8/21/2018 - Paul Allen built the world’s biggest plane. Does anyone need it?

8/21/2018 - Google apparently no longer thinks VR is the future of movies

8/21/2018 - All career advice for women is a form of gaslighting

8/21/2018 - Facebook will now start rating the reputation of its users

8/21/2018 - The world’s first customer complaint is almost 4,000 years old

8/21/2018 - Why less meat isn’t the answer to solving cattle’s carbon emissions

8/21/2018 - 2019 will be HBO’s biggest year ever

8/21/2018 - Mosquitoes

8/21/2018 - Mosquitoes

8/21/2018 - Hollywood initially wanted “Crazy Rich Asians” to cast a white lead actress

8/21/2018 - China’s hottest EV startups aren’t actually allowed to make their own cars

8/21/2018 - How Anglo farmers brought an end to Latino ranching in the Rio Grande Valley

8/21/2018 - #MeToo media outrage isn’t enough to change the service industry

8/21/2018 - As the US deports a 95-year-old Nazi camp guard, neo-Nazi groups flourish

8/21/2018 - SoftBank is betting that everyone hates rental-car companies

8/21/2018 - Without a personal leadership philosophy, you don’t have a plan

8/21/2018 - Kids are so over-scheduled that doctors are being told to prescribe play

8/21/2018 - All the ways in which Instagram has changed our lives

8/21/2018 - The stacks of cash needed to buy basic goods tell Venezuela’s insane inflation story

8/21/2018 - Digital wallets could become as big a selling point for phones as cameras and displays

8/21/2018 - When Rotten Tomatoes rates Netflix original movies, it can only go one of two ways

8/21/2018 - One of the fastest-growing regions of the US could run out of water

8/21/2018 - Bitcoin’s energy consumption isn’t as bad as you think

8/21/2018 - Eid begins, new Russian hacking attempt, efficient ants

8/21/2018 - The favorite Eid gift for Somalia’s children: toy guns

8/21/2018 - India’s GDP numbers are being questioned—yet again

8/21/2018 - Mosquitoes

8/21/2018 - Four Saudi women won a hackathon to make the Hajj safer

8/21/2018 - Kerala’s news channels show how to cover a disaster responsibly

8/21/2018 - Banks aren’t the only ones to blame for India’s bad-loans crisis

8/21/2018 - Egyptian archeologists have identified one of the world’s oldest cheeses—and it might be poisonous

8/21/2018 - Kerala’s mythical king came early for Onam this year via rescue boats and helicopters

8/21/2018 - Another Trump-Kim summit, Hajj from the sky, mmhmm’s origins

8/21/2018 - The heroes who stood up to the Gambia’s dictator are telling their stories

8/21/2018 - Another Trump-Kim summit, Hajj from the sky, mmhmm’s origins

8/21/2018 - Here’s how you can help the victims of the Kerala floods

8/20/2018 - The US is axing an Obama-era coal pollution rule that is key to its climate change effort

8/20/2018 - Venezuela devaluation, Ant Financial IPO delay, “ummhmm” etymology

8/20/2018 - After decades of work, scientists found direct evidence of ice on the Moon

8/20/2018 - At an event to honor the US border patrol, Trump continuously flubbed its name

8/20/2018 - Apple is reportedly reviving two of its forgotten products

8/20/2018 - We’re calling the song of summer 2018: “Bitch, I’m a Cow”

8/20/2018 - Mosquitoes

8/20/2018 - The Hajj’s massive scale, seen from the air

8/20/2018 - Microsoft is bringing Minecraft: Education Edition to the iPad

8/20/2018 - Gold and platinum aren’t so shiny anymore

8/20/2018 - Farfetch is succeeding in luxury fashion where Amazon has failed

8/20/2018 - The allegations against Asia Argento are exactly why we need #MeToo

8/20/2018 - Marvel’s black teenage engineer superhero comic will be written by a black woman sociologist

8/20/2018 - One of China’s trade-war PR strategies: Be more humble

8/20/2018 - This 3D printing rocket start-up just hired a legendary SpaceX executive

8/20/2018 - Rich people get richer because they earn lower returns in the stock market

8/20/2018 - Arianna Huffington wrote an open letter to Elon Musk about ‘human energy’

8/20/2018 - New Zealand is yet another beautiful place that doesn’t want foreign home buyers

8/20/2018 - What happened when we took a week off of Slack

8/20/2018 - Barack Obama’s 2018 summer book list

8/20/2018 - Read Pope Francis’ landmark letter on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church

8/20/2018 - Asia Argento has not wrecked the movement she helped create

8/20/2018 - Indra Nooyi’s last act as CEO is to lead Pepsi into new, sparkling waters

8/20/2018 - Nearly 200 former CIA agents, Navy officers, ambassadors, and DOJ officials condemn Trump’s Brennan action

8/20/2018 - This Chinese electric vehicle maker is copying Tesla—and proud of it

8/20/2018 - Job interview tips for introverts

8/20/2018 - Flight info screens are down in Gatwick, so they’re using whiteboards instead

8/20/2018 - Is it possible to catch up on sleep? Yes and no

8/20/2018 - Two people have fallen overboard Norwegian Cruise Line ships in two months

8/20/2018 - The operator behind the Genoa bridge collapse faces a share-price reckoning

8/20/2018 - Two of Africa’s biggest soccer powers are facing bans on international competition

8/20/2018 - There’s a time bomb for US-Mexico relations ticking underground

8/20/2018 - Kofi Annan’s legacy will be defined by impressive achievements and profound failures

8/20/2018 - The heartbreaking photos of North and South Korean families briefly reuniting

8/20/2018 - China tariff hearings, Pepsi buys SodaStream, gif awards

8/20/2018 - Routine is the key to true creativity

8/20/2018 - With Flipkart in the bag, Walmart is ready for round two in India

8/20/2018 - A tale of two cities: Kolkata’s New Town and ruins of Hampi

8/20/2018 - Help for Kerala flood victims is coming in from around the world

8/20/2018 - Kofi Annan’s illustrious career as the “rock star of international diplomacy”

8/20/2018 - Snakes and waist-high water: Surviving 40 hours in the Kerala floods

8/20/2018 - Trapped for days, a young mother recalls her escape from the Kerala floods

8/20/2018 - Students at India’s private English-medium schools can barely read English

8/20/2018 - New Venezuelan notes, Greece bailout ends, Kevin Spacey flop

8/20/2018 - New Venezuelan notes, Greece bailout ends, Kevin Spacey flop

8/19/2018 - Kofi Annan, Kerala floods, and the “barn wedding” craze

8/19/2018 - “Crazy Rich Asians” is a resounding victory for representation in Hollywood

8/19/2018 - Why you should never flush your contact lenses

8/19/2018 - The new season of “Stranger Things” is inspired by a Chevy Chase cult comedy

8/19/2018 - Kevin Spacey’s “Billionaire Boys Club” made $126 on opening day. That’s not a typo

8/19/2018 - What economic theory gets wrong about Turkey and other emerging economies

8/19/2018 - Even with five conservative judges, it won’t be so easy to take away abortion rights

8/19/2018 - A lesson from krill and blue whales on happiness through humility

8/19/2018 - A philosopher of truth says we’re not living in a “post-truth” world after all

8/19/2018 - Jobs are plentiful, so why aren’t wages rising?

8/19/2018 - The case for pickle-frying your chicken

8/19/2018 - Schools are using AI to track what students write on their computers

8/19/2018 - The human cyborg collecting his memories on video

8/19/2018 - The 2008 financial crisis never really ended

8/19/2018 - Barn weddings are bringing the wedding industrial complex to farm country

8/19/2018 - How to read freely

8/19/2018 - Kofi Annan RIP, Nigeria’s cash handouts, Zimbabwe’s Chinese documentaries

8/18/2018 - The latest in a new generation of giant telescopes broke ground this week

8/18/2018 - Sports gambling is finally legal. So why can’t I bet on my football team?

8/18/2018 - Walmart wants to take on Amazon with virtual reality shopping

8/18/2018 - The old fashioned

8/18/2018 - The old fashioned

8/18/2018 - Elon Musk’s decision to round to $420 could cost him $170 million

8/18/2018 - Singapore is turning “Crazy Rich Asians” into a rebranding opportunity

8/18/2018 - Hedonism holds the secret to a happier life, but not for the reasons you think

8/18/2018 - Even Vogue thinks it’s time fashion stopped casting adolescent models

8/18/2018 - GIPHY is launching a film festival for the age of very, very short attention spans

8/18/2018 - Kofi Annan, the African leader who reshaped the UN, has died

8/18/2018 - These beautiful works of art illustrate the brain’s complexity

8/18/2018 - Running for office is hard when you have a porn star’s name. This makes it worse

8/18/2018 - ‘Too many cooks in the kitchen’ applies to ants and robots, too

8/18/2018 - Samsung’s strategy for keeping up with Apple is to be mean

8/18/2018 - A hilarious new memoir reveals the absurd business of selling books today

8/18/2018 - In a sexist world, it’s still possible for women to oppress men

8/18/2018 - Trump’s border wall could decimate these rare species

8/18/2018 - The US government wants to wiretap Facebook Messenger in an MS-13 case

8/18/2018 - Marijuana is going corporate, and the government isn’t ready

8/18/2018 - Weekend edition—Elon Musk’s mania, water in crisis, pocket inequality

8/18/2018 - Stacking concrete blocks is a surprisingly efficient way to store energy

8/18/2018 - Wine tastes better when you ditch the rules for drinking it

8/18/2018 - A French illustrator’s images of black women are controversial in Paris, but adored on Instagram

8/18/2018 - Japan’s deadly heatwave should worry athletes competing in the 2022 Olympics

8/18/2018 - The dollar tricked everyone

8/18/2018 - Summer picnic recipes for mayonnaise haters

8/18/2018 - A messaging app with data-free texts is targeting Whatsapp in South Africa

8/18/2018 - The old fashioned

8/18/2018 - How the wild 1990s forged Berlin’s identity as a hub for creativity

8/18/2018 - A Ugandan pop star turned politician is learning the price of standing up to president Museveni

8/18/2018 - Weekend edition—Elon Musk’s mania, water in crisis, pocket inequality

8/17/2018 - Is Elon Musk ready to embrace his ordinariness?

8/17/2018 - Weekend edition—Elon Musk’s mania, water in crisis, pocket inequality

8/17/2018 - Weekend edition—Elon Musk’s mania, water in crisis, pocket inequality

8/17/2018 - Democrats are excited by an #Avenatti2020 ad’s “We hit harder” theme

8/17/2018 - The old fashioned

8/17/2018 - A brief history of Elon Musk funding his companies with his other companies

8/17/2018 - Monsanto’s worst enemy is one it cannot control: the wind

8/17/2018 - Investors didn’t listen to Nvidia

8/17/2018 - How a Guernsey woman brought a construction project to a grinding halt with an ancient plea

8/17/2018 - You’ll no longer have to spend ludicrous amounts of money on EpiPens

8/17/2018 - Scientists have uncovered an evolutionary tool elephants use to stay cancer-free

8/17/2018 - Freelancers aren’t protected by equal employment laws. So what should they do when they face discrimination?

8/17/2018 - Chill that lukewarm bottle of wine in a hurry

8/17/2018 - Trump’s crazy new finance idea isn’t that crazy

8/17/2018 - Should data scientists using R and Python switch over to Julia?

8/17/2018 - 1,400 Google employees are demanding transparency around the company’s return to China

8/17/2018 - Terrorism is surging in the US, fueled by right-wing ideologies

8/17/2018 - Quartzy: the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. edition

8/17/2018 - Quartzy: the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. edition

8/17/2018 - Amazon has reportedly lost its smart speaker dominance

8/17/2018 - Aretha

8/17/2018 - Aretha

8/17/2018 - East Africa’s largest coffee shop chain is taking Kenyan tea and coffee to China

8/17/2018 - The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a great follow-up to a fantastic phone

8/17/2018 - The US-Mexico border wall’s dangerous, costly side-effect: enormous floods

8/17/2018 - This desk changes when it senses your stress at work

8/17/2018 - Science shows that luck is a self-fulfilling prophecy

8/17/2018 - Deere’s earnings, Musk’s confessions, zoo escapes

8/17/2018 - An ex-cop investigated an apartheid government pedophilia ring in a new book. Now he’s dead

8/17/2018 - Fila’s hit sneaker of the 1990s, the Disruptor, is leading the brand’s revival

8/17/2018 - In just 10 days, India has lost three giants of dignified politics

8/17/2018 - Before Vajpayee became the BJP’s moderate face, he thought of quitting the party

8/17/2018 - China’s quest for more babies is showing signs of desperation

8/17/2018 - Aretha

8/17/2018 - It’s the dawn of a new era for hotel points obsessives

8/17/2018 - An Instagram project puts India’s forgotten monuments in the spotlight

8/17/2018 - Merkel meets Putin, respect for Aretha, zoo breakouts

8/17/2018 - Merkel meets Putin, respect for Aretha, zoo breakouts

8/17/2018 - 10 numbers tell the story of the catastrophic Kerala floods

8/17/2018 - The rover China’s going to put on the far side of the moon needs a name

8/16/2018 - The world is mourning the death of India’s former prime minister

8/16/2018 - RIP Aretha, Walmart sales surge, Ikea India hype

8/16/2018 - The US is worried that a Russian satellite is really a weapon

8/16/2018 - The best #ShareYourRejection stories are the ones that don’t lead to success

8/16/2018 - Aretha

8/16/2018 - Amazon could be the next great disruptor in cinema

8/16/2018 - The first drug specifically for postpartum depression is nearing approval

8/16/2018 - Space as a service: NASA and SpaceX find a new way of putting people into orbit

8/16/2018 - The cautionary tale of Blue Apron’s growth strategy

8/16/2018 - California could be the first US state to set quotas for women on boards

8/16/2018 - Alfonso Cuarón’s long-awaited follow-up to “Gravity” looks gorgeous

8/16/2018 - Zimbabwe is producing Chinese documentaries to help revive its tourism business

8/16/2018 - MoviePass is now strictly limiting what you’re allowed to see

8/16/2018 - The high-tech future of fashion manufacturing

8/16/2018 - Walmart is looking the strongest in years in its fight against Amazon

8/16/2018 - The music world mourns the death of Aretha Franklin

8/16/2018 - A teenager reportedly hacked Apple and stole tons of information

8/16/2018 - The most iconic performances of Aretha Franklin, who has died at age 76

8/16/2018 - International trade led to growth–even in the Iron Age

8/16/2018 - Middle children are finally getting the appreciation they deserve

8/16/2018 - Burritos

8/16/2018 - Burritos

8/16/2018 - Does culture eat strategy for breakfast? The higher your position, the more likely you are to agree

8/16/2018 - When Aretha Franklin offered to post bail for Angela Davis

8/16/2018 - David Bowie fondly misremembered the time Aretha Franklin snubbed him

8/16/2018 - Your sense of smell controls what you spend and who you love

8/16/2018 - Is your CISO ready for the internet of (insecure) things?

8/16/2018 - A Silicon Valley startup is giving lithium-ion batteries a much-needed silicon boost

8/16/2018 - High-profile prosecutions alone won’t solve Kenya’s corruption problem

8/16/2018 - India’s most respected right-wing prime minister is no more

8/16/2018 - In a warming world, the fight for water can push nations apart—or bring them together

8/16/2018 - The families Trump separated and deported will likely try to come back to the US

8/16/2018 - Big bad bosses like Elon Musk keep proving “the power paradox”

8/16/2018 - It’s becoming impossible to import US lobster in China

8/16/2018 - Two migrant women must now convincingly testify they were pawns in Kim Jong Nam’s killing

8/16/2018 - The biggest surprise in markets this year is the mighty US dollar

8/16/2018 - Newspapers rebuke Trump, US-China trade talks, tarantula tacos

8/16/2018 - Trump’s immigration chief can fix Indians’ wait for green cards—but he won’t

8/16/2018 - Duterte is willing to step down so a former dictator’s son can take over

8/16/2018 - Burritos

8/16/2018 - A former national security advisor explains how India can modernise its military tech

8/16/2018 - Madonna is 60—and she still doesn’t care what you think of her

8/16/2018 - In South Africa’s migrant communities, food offers a sense of belonging

8/16/2018 - The humble Indian nightie is becoming a global fashion trend

8/16/2018 - India’s airlines are struggling because they’re chasing passengers, not profits

8/16/2018 - Kim Jong Nam trial, Tesla probe, El Chapo traffic

8/16/2018 - Kim Jong Nam trial, Tesla probe, El Chapo traffic

8/16/2018 - Overwhelmed by the crowds, IKEA wants Indians to calm down

8/16/2018 - Preservation Hall, New Orleans

8/15/2018 - There was a blackout at Washington DC’s Ronald Reagan airport

8/15/2018 - Kim Jong Nam trial, Turkey’s bailout, flamingo eggs

8/15/2018 - Your wholesome breakfast of oats may include weedkiller

8/15/2018 - The beautiful and distinctive shapes of atolls, seen from space

8/15/2018 - The four-day work week is coming to schools, too

8/15/2018 - Corona’s parent company is spending $4 billion on Canadian weed

8/15/2018 - Descartes Labs unleashes machine learning on space data

8/15/2018 - Jack Dorsey is treating Alex Jones like a small child

8/15/2018 - Burritos

8/15/2018 - Netflix will show off its strongest awards slate ever in Toronto and Venice

8/15/2018 - Red algae in Florida is killing turtles, manatees, and sharks

8/15/2018 - Mozambique is the latest African country making it too expensive to report the news

8/15/2018 - The best cap on Uber would be to fix the frigging subway

8/15/2018 - The Catholic Church’s seven-point system for covering up abuse

8/15/2018 - MoviePass lost about $35 per subscriber last quarter

8/15/2018 - The “extraordinary step” Stephen Colbert took to diversify his writers’ room

8/15/2018 - Photos: The aftermath of the deadly Genoa bridge collapse

8/15/2018 - US airlines are limiting pets on board—but you can still bring your miniature horse

8/15/2018 - One university’s uniquely compassionate plan for teaching students resilience

8/15/2018 - Should I be honest in my performance review?

8/15/2018 - E-bikes

8/15/2018 - E-bikes

8/15/2018 - The dollar is strong but the peso is stronger

8/15/2018 - How to connect with your manager

8/15/2018 - NASA’s amazing wake-up playlist isn’t enough to rouse Opportunity the Mars rover

8/15/2018 - The wheelchair, a brilliant design from the 16th century, is in woeful need of an update

8/15/2018 - How Coldplay’s “Yellow,” in Chinese, ended up on the “Crazy Rich Asians” soundtrack

8/15/2018 - First-day-of-school anxieties, as seen through bestselling picture books

8/15/2018 - NASA is running a 3D printing competition to design homes on Mars

8/15/2018 - South Korea’s first big #MeToo trial left many disappointed

8/15/2018 - Circling back to the tech industry’s jargon problem

8/15/2018 - Do teens use Facebook? It depends on their family’s income

8/15/2018 - Powerful women told me getting a dog is the key to success. They were right

8/15/2018 - Cryptocurrencies have been crashing: Here are some explanations

8/15/2018 - Dieting is the worst thing you can do after giving birth

8/15/2018 - US retail sales, Turkey’s tariffs, flying horses

8/15/2018 - The most influential man taken down by China’s #MeToo movement so far is a monk

8/15/2018 - Universal basic income costs far less than you think

8/15/2018 - Despite Trump, Somali-Americans overcame scrutiny to make political history in Minnesota

8/15/2018 - E-bikes

8/15/2018 - Researchers have figured out ways to dodge censorship on WeChat

8/15/2018 - African countries still lag in global innovation ranking, but there is good news

8/15/2018 - China’s Communist Party published a guide to blockchain, despite its dislike of decentralization

8/15/2018 - Nigeria is trying to spend its way out of extreme poverty by cash handouts

8/15/2018 - Y Combinator is coming to China

8/15/2018 - Twitter finally suspended Alex Jones’ account—but only for one week

8/15/2018 - Italy bridge toll, US retail sales, flying horses

8/15/2018 - Italy bridge toll, US retail sales, flying horses

8/15/2018 - An Indian author’s last days in the Lahore of 1947

8/14/2018 - Fact-checking Modi’s Independence Day speeches of the past four years

8/14/2018 - Christine Hallquist could become the first transgender governor in the US

8/14/2018 - Tencent numbers, Italian bridge collapse, open-air loos

8/14/2018 - We read Omarosa’s book so you don’t have to

8/14/2018 - E-bikes

8/14/2018 - A chilling VR experience, set at the US border, is worth getting scared for

8/14/2018 - Turkey’s solution to its currency crisis: Target social media accounts and boycott iPhones

8/14/2018 - MoviePass has a sneaky way of keeping its customers from leaving

8/14/2018 - Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein’s advice to interns on how to build a successful career

8/14/2018 - After pulling off a comeback in the US, Coach is turning to China

8/14/2018 - How to persuade your company’s product team to build something

8/14/2018 - The hit “This is Nigeria” video, which addresses the country’s worst problems, has been banned

8/14/2018 - The reason everyone on “Game of Thrones” dies: Gandalf

8/14/2018 - Should you write “the Moon” or “the moon”? Writers weigh in

8/14/2018 - Three major anti-smoking groups are joining forces to fight Big Tobacco

8/14/2018 - Rwanda’s hilly competitive cycling is as much about national pride as it is sport

8/14/2018 - Omarosa’s book raises new questions about Trump, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease

8/14/2018 - Barrels

8/14/2018 - Barrels

8/14/2018 - Parents need best friends at work the most

8/14/2018 - More than 20 people are dead after a major motorway bridge collapsed in Italy

8/14/2018 - The most powerful thank-you notes don’t come the next day

8/14/2018 - Reddit is the best social media site because it gets community right

8/14/2018 - Ethiopian Airlines CEO says African nations should take a stake in the carrier

8/14/2018 - How to make your kids love to read

8/14/2018 - London police are treating a car crash near Parliament as a terrorist incident

8/14/2018 - Home Depot earnings, Indian rupee derails, Peppa Pig redemption

8/14/2018 - A unicorn’s IPO filing offers a glimpse into the health of Chinese EV startups

8/14/2018 - The very real benefits of occasional sadness

8/14/2018 - The “father of Hong Kong independence” keeps adding fuel to the fantasy of breaking away

8/14/2018 - Fear about jobs keeps fueling anti-migrant sentiment and xenophobia in South Africa

8/14/2018 - Barrels

8/14/2018 - Can lessons from London save the Taj Mahal?

8/14/2018 - India’s biggest cities are also its worst

8/14/2018 - A Bollywood actor’s podcast is telling the stories of unconventional young Indians

8/14/2018 - Already Asia’s worst performing currency, the Indian rupee might fall further

8/14/2018 - Facebook likes La Liga, German GDP, Peppa Pig redemption

8/14/2018 - Facebook likes La Liga, German GDP, Peppa Pig redemption

8/14/2018 - The unluckiest Domino’s Pizza operator runs franchises in both Turkey and Russia

8/14/2018 - Most Indian techies quit their startup jobs within two years

8/13/2018 - South Korean women aren’t safe in public bathrooms—or their homes—because of spy-cam porn

8/13/2018 - Watch the moment in rural Alabama when Aretha Franklin became the Queen of Soul

8/13/2018 - Musk’s Saudi funding, Turkey contagion, Peppa Pig redemption

8/13/2018 - Here’s how to actually stop Google from tracking your location

8/13/2018 - A family drama is roiling a key US House race

8/13/2018 - Barrels

8/13/2018 - The destruction of Ai WeiWei’s Beijing studio sends a powerful message about China’s future

8/13/2018 - A team of Nigerian schoolgirls won a top Silicon Valley prize for a fake-drug detector

8/13/2018 - There’s a smartphone app that can now market itself as birth control in the US

8/13/2018 - A Microsoft chatbot composes poetry by looking at photographs

8/13/2018 - Britain’s second-largest bank is about to become Ireland’s largest bank

8/13/2018 - What are the secret archives holding up Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee?

8/13/2018 - The world got much more dangerous for humanitarian aid workers last year

8/13/2018 - Shoppers are buying clothes just for the Instagram pic, and then returning them

8/13/2018 - An 11-year-old hacked a mock Florida election site in 10 minutes

8/13/2018 - Overpaying CEOs is a terrible way to motivate them

8/13/2018 - No one loves anything more than the teens love “Riverdale”

8/13/2018 - Markets aren’t buying Elon Musk’s definition of “funding secured”

8/13/2018 - The owner of Wrangler and Lee is ditching jeans to focus on activewear

8/13/2018 - Walmart tried to make sustainability affordable. Here’s what happened

8/13/2018 - John Oliver explains the genius of Lithuania’s strange “G-spot” tourism campaign

8/13/2018 - We need to limit tourist numbers to save cheetahs from becoming an endangered species

8/13/2018 - Stephen Miller’s uncle says his nephew is a disgrace to their family’s immigrant past

8/13/2018 - Headhunters have a much harder job in the age of #MeToo

8/13/2018 - China’s payments giant is ready to boost financial inclusion in Africa

8/13/2018 - The Decider chatbot can optimize your decisions and minimize office politics

8/13/2018 - A wholesome Peppa Pig, once criticized as too “gangster,” is coming to China’s big screens

8/13/2018 - Marcus Samuelsson, like all immigrants, knows that grandmas are the best chefs

8/13/2018 - “Untranslatable” words tell us more about English speakers than other cultures

8/13/2018 - What New York looked like without electricity in 2003

8/13/2018 - China flat out denies the mass incarceration of Xinjiang’s Uyghurs as testimonies trickle out

8/13/2018 - Malaysia is pushing back against a $20 billion Chinese debt trap

8/13/2018 - Why wasn’t the stolen Horizon Air plane locked?

8/13/2018 - Manafort trial, solar probe, Snapchat dysmorphia

8/13/2018 - India’s oldest privately owned airline is struggling to keep flying

8/13/2018 - India’s largest multiplex chain is betting big on south Indian cinema

8/13/2018 - Users in China found Reddit blocked over the weekend

8/13/2018 - Students are building their own lab tools to help equip underfunded science laboratories

8/13/2018 - In photos: Kerala has been devastated by the worst floods in nearly 100 years

8/13/2018 - Modi is dishing out e-mail interviews, and the media is lapping it up

8/13/2018 - African cities on the cusp of major foreign investment need to fix these problems first

8/13/2018 - Caspian Sea agreement, solar probe, stolen-plane crash

8/13/2018 - Caspian Sea agreement, solar probe, stolen-plane crash

8/13/2018 - India’s cryptocurrency regulations will likely come by end of 2018

8/13/2018 - VHS Collection has no label or marketing team, but they do have drive and a highly-anticipated new album

8/13/2018 - This electronic rock band is bold, stylish, unsigned—and going viral

8/12/2018 - Tesla’s Saudi investor, NASA’s solar probe, stolen-plane crash

8/12/2018 - Sociologists analyzed messages sent by online daters to find which flirting techniques work the best

8/12/2018 - Alexa is very confused by little kids

8/12/2018 - Watch rare footage of Louis Armstrong play an open-air concert in pre-independence Ghana

8/12/2018 - This letter writing campaign to reduce opioid prescriptions actually works

8/12/2018 - Long summer school breaks make inequality worse

8/12/2018 - What it’s like to fly a billion-dollar satellite on the US Air Force’s largest plane

8/12/2018 - Inducing labor at 39 weeks may reduce C-sections. Should it become common practice?

8/12/2018 - Tesla going private is the ultimate Silicon Valley move

8/12/2018 - This lifehack will change your life—if you can stand it

8/12/2018 - Elon Musk faces real lawsuits over possibly non-existent funding

8/12/2018 - Jack Ma’s sermon to entrepreneurs captured just why African business looks to China

8/12/2018 - The simple economic strategy the US should steal from China

8/12/2018 - The US logging industry once released a parody response to “The Lorax” called “Truax”

8/12/2018 - Elephant brains prove how amazing—and unique—these animals really are

8/12/2018 - Crypto limbo, China’s cultural centers, South Africa’s land symbolism

8/12/2018 - “Insecure” has a genius plot vehicle (literally) in its third season

8/12/2018 - How to eat tomatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

8/12/2018 - That one about the Mexican comedian courted by a US president

8/11/2018 - Winnie the Pooh

8/11/2018 - Space programs will boost development in Africa

8/11/2018 - The $289-million verdict against Monsanto doesn’t prove Roundup causes cancer

8/11/2018 - Washington is bracing for Charlottesville anniversary rallies

8/11/2018 - How to watch NASA launch the Parker Solar Probe

8/11/2018 - A crew of crows has been trained to pick up trash

8/11/2018 - Winnie the Pooh

8/11/2018 - Winnie the Pooh

8/11/2018 - China’s language and cultural centers are growing faster across Africa than we thought

8/11/2018 - Germany’s right-wing leader rebuffs Steve Bannon: “We’re not in America.”

8/11/2018 - A moving new photo exhibit explores the inner lives of migrant domestic workers

8/11/2018 - A solar-powered aircraft just flew for a record 26 days straight

8/11/2018 - How peer-to-peer lending turned middle-class Chinese dreamers into angry protesters

8/11/2018 - Does Magic Leap matter?

8/11/2018 - The “Rosie the Riveter” myth ignores that black women already worked outside the home

8/11/2018 - Emoji are replacing flags as the most important regional symbol of the digital era

8/11/2018 - Should Indra Nooyi have groomed a female successor?

8/11/2018 - This powerful man can’t stop tweeting

8/11/2018 - Skip Netflix’s offensive ‘Insatiable’ and re-watch 1988’s ‘Hairspray’ instead

8/11/2018 - Weekend edition—The Nooyi era, Tesla’s options, “spiritually Finnish”

8/11/2018 - Spike Lee’s “BlacKkKlansman” shows white supremacism in all its buffoonery and menace

8/11/2018 - The six-point formula for a perfect sandwich

8/11/2018 - Don’t waste your time with snooty wine. Drink “glou glou” instead

8/11/2018 - Weekend edition—The Nooyi era, Tesla’s options, “spiritually Finnish”

8/10/2018 - Weekend edition—The Nooyi era, Tesla’s options, “spiritually Finnish”

8/10/2018 - Discover the remarkable history behind top US jazz clubs

8/10/2018 - Legendary jazz clubs worth obsessing over—and traveling for

8/10/2018 - Weekend edition—The Nooyi era, Tesla’s options, “spiritually Finnish”

8/10/2018 - How Thailand is transforming itself from a leading food exporter to a bioeconomy giant

8/10/2018 - Can Thailand use its biggest food exports to pioneer tomorrow’s bioeconomy?

8/10/2018 - Discover the remarkable history behind top US jazz clubs

8/10/2018 - Legendary jazz clubs worth obsessing over—and traveling for

8/10/2018 - Is Nike’s gender problem a few bad apples, or an old-boys-club culture?

8/10/2018 - Winnie the Pooh

8/10/2018 - An artist is making a bold statement wrapping church doors with migrants’ blankets

8/10/2018 - The fastest object made by humans is just trying to slow down

8/10/2018 - Global markets are talking Turkey as the lira gets roasted

8/10/2018 - Why shark movies slay at the box office

8/10/2018 - Quarty: the glou glou edition

8/10/2018 - Quartzy: the glou glou edition

8/10/2018 - Deepfakes

8/10/2018 - Deepfakes

8/10/2018 - We’re treating friendships like transactions, and it’s ruining relationships

8/10/2018 - Microsoft threatened to stop hosting the alt-right’s favorite social network

8/10/2018 - Gender differences at work: relishing competence vs. seeking a challenge

8/10/2018 - How well do you know your office chair?

8/10/2018 - The most persuasive speakers sell their ideas well before the presentation

8/10/2018 - A pioneering cardiologist’s suicide shows South African universities still isolate black academics

8/10/2018 - Adidas has a clever plan for staying relevant: withholding its biggest hits

8/10/2018 - 400 free online courses with credits that can count towards your degree

8/10/2018 - Tesla and Spotify say public markets have major flaws. Do they have a point?

8/10/2018 - Chilled red wines: how to choose them, cool them, and drink them

8/10/2018 - Charlottesville anniversary, Apple’s new Titan, stranded soybeans

8/10/2018 - The Philippine navy’s latest achievement shows how woefully behind it is

8/10/2018 - Deepfakes

8/10/2018 - A guide to shopping at IKEA’s first store in India

8/10/2018 - As #MeToo grows, a Chinese tech giant is accused of being an “imperial harem”

8/10/2018 - The most important skill in soccer isn’t much of a skill at all

8/10/2018 - Sweat, sambar, and Anna Salai: A ride on Chennai’s rush-hour buses

8/10/2018 - A photo series captures Indian men and their love for holding hands

8/10/2018 - Charlottesville anniversary, US Space Force, Verdi overload

8/10/2018 - Charlottesville anniversary, US Space Force, Verdi overload

8/10/2018 - Why Volkswagen is giving up on making trucks in India

8/10/2018 - Indian companies are the biggest losers in the country’s smartphone race

8/9/2018 - Tribune dumps Sinclair, Yemen airstrike, too much Verdi

8/9/2018 - Terrorist attacks in the Middle East and North Africa fell by almost 40% last year

8/9/2018 - Soybeans are stranded at sea in the US-China trade war

8/9/2018 - Deepfakes

8/9/2018 - The US has had versions of Alex Jones and Infowars since mass media began

8/9/2018 - Paul Manafort’s “second home” was always up on Airbnb

8/9/2018 - The next stop on Amazon’s journey toward world domination is your car

8/9/2018 - Sommeliers offer advice on how to choose a nice can of wine

8/9/2018 - Samsung’s new smart speaker looks like an alien baby

8/9/2018 - The Oscars’ attempt to be populist turns out to be pretty elitist and racist

8/9/2018 - Male starlings sing less at female birds on Prozac

8/9/2018 - Some viruses travel in vehicles made of our cells to make us sicker

8/9/2018 - How to ace your chatbot interview

8/9/2018 - Facebook has for years been a tool in the deadly migrant trafficking trade

8/9/2018 - How the Space Force took over Washington

8/9/2018 - Puerto Rico admits Hurricane Maria killed hundreds—but won’t make it official

8/9/2018 - The pioneering Native American woman who designed paths to other planets

8/9/2018 - Laura Ingraham’s new racist rant is aimed at legal immigrants—like her own daughter

8/9/2018 - Being a young startup founder was isolating—here’s how I coped

8/9/2018 - Samsung unveils the Note 9—a massive attempt at a mobile computer

8/9/2018 - Six psychological terms people use incorrectly—and insultingly

8/9/2018 - Airplane seats

8/9/2018 - Airplane seats

8/9/2018 - Pakistan is getting its first lawmaker of African descent

8/9/2018 - Are you socially awkward, or just “spiritually Finnish?”

8/9/2018 - It’s time to give managers basic training in mental health

8/9/2018 - We’ve been ignoring the problem of dads and depression for decades—at a huge cost to kids

8/9/2018 - A new postage stamp in China hints at a change in family-planning policy

8/9/2018 - Who in the world will fund Elon Musk’s bid to take Tesla private?

8/9/2018 - A group of student investors thinks it can save MoviePass

8/9/2018 - Ask an immigration lawyer: Is Trump good for business?

8/9/2018 - AI can spot the pain from a disease some doctors still think is fake

8/9/2018 - US Space Force, Argentina rejects abortion bill, armadillo revenge

8/9/2018 - Why internet users chose Baidu over Google when it was in China

8/9/2018 - Airplane seats

8/9/2018 - Legal contracts drawn up as comic strips are being used in South Africa

8/9/2018 - Why a Pakistani community has boycotted elections for 30 years

8/9/2018 - The world is getting a harsh taste of China’s unsafe medicine supply chain

8/9/2018 - How one of the world’s fiercest fights for women’s rights was sparked in South Korea

8/9/2018 - India’s plan to host data locally is extremely challenging—and pretty pointless

8/9/2018 - When temperatures rise in South Africa so do the crime rates

8/9/2018 - Brits are frantically Googling for “no deal Brexit”

8/9/2018 - Can a robot chef really rival an Indian mom in the kitchen?

8/9/2018 - Ikea in India, ThyssenKrupp earnings, armadillo revenge

8/9/2018 - Ikea in India, ThyssenKrupp earnings, armadillo revenge

8/9/2018 - The next big thing in Indian banking is already fizzling out

8/8/2018 - Inside IKEA’s first Indian store

8/8/2018 - US sanctions on Russia, Uber wages, armadillo revenge

8/8/2018 - A bestselling book in Japan features surprisingly expressive portraits of cat paws

8/8/2018 - A US state is introducing smartphone voting—and of course, it’s on the blockchain

8/8/2018 - Airplane seats

8/8/2018 - One Russian company seems thrilled with Trump’s move on asbestos

8/8/2018 - Sea World’s “Blackfish” effect may be coming to an end

8/8/2018 - Here’s how to stop your iPhone from listening to you

8/8/2018 - Earth’s fiercest dust storms, as seen from space

8/8/2018 - Hollywood is now mining songs, paintings, and memes for ideas

8/8/2018 - An Italian novel is at the center of a meta-conspiracy theory about QAnon

8/8/2018 - Should you rate your employer on Glassdoor?

8/8/2018 - Who is most likely to overstay their US visas?

8/8/2018 - America’s biggest body-camera company says facial recognition isn’t accurate enough for policing decisions

8/8/2018 - How good an economist is Rachel Chu in “Crazy Rich Asians”?

8/8/2018 - Disney’s streaming service won’t have many of the recent Star Wars and Marvel movies

8/8/2018 - In-flight sheet masking is now totally reasonable thanks to celebrity Instagram

8/8/2018 - The US never banned asbestos. Now Trump may assist its comeback

8/8/2018 - A new hotel honors long-time residents of New York City’s gentrifying Lower East Side

8/8/2018 - Facebook is the third-largest mobile browser in the US

8/8/2018 - A 60-year scientific study explains how to tame a fox

8/8/2018 - The potentially dangerous longhorned tick is spreading in the US

8/8/2018 - Dunbar’s number doesn’t represent the average number of social connections

8/8/2018 - Trump backer Collins committed insider trading at the White House picnic, says DOJ

8/8/2018 - Yogurt

8/8/2018 - Yogurt

8/8/2018 - Joseph Kabila will step down as DR Congo’s president after 17 years

8/8/2018 - You probably have no idea just how much water is needed to produce electricity

8/8/2018 - A journalist just caught China in the act of revising its history

8/8/2018 - Uber said raising driver pay couldn’t be done. That’s about to change

8/8/2018 - Ethiopia has resorted to its old habit of blocking the internet to quell internal unrest

8/8/2018 - You can finally get your hands on Magic Leap’s headset

8/8/2018 - You might be missing out on money you’re owed for delayed or canceled flights

8/8/2018 - Humans gave leprosy to armadillos. Now they are giving it back to us.

8/8/2018 - Are you an integrator or a segmentor? Knowing the answer can help with work-life balance

8/8/2018 - The most effective memory methods are difficult—and that’s why they work

8/8/2018 - Science explains why good posture is the ultimate confidence boost

8/8/2018 - You are not original or creative on Instagram

8/8/2018 - Twitter’s decision not to ban Alex Jones, a drama in 10 tweets

8/8/2018 - 21st Century Fox earnings, Ohio election, Brexit sandwiches

8/8/2018 - Blockchain hype may have peaked, but IBM is still a believer

8/8/2018 - Yogurt

8/8/2018 - The relentless decline of the Turkish lira, as told through exasperated Financial Times headlines

8/8/2018 - The sexism of Brexit

8/8/2018 - The global influence of the Hindu epic Ramayana, as told by postage stamps

8/8/2018 - The moped, once the poor man’s motorcycle, is slowly disappearing from Indian roads

8/8/2018 - The global heat wave as seen by satellites, airplanes, and weather stations

8/8/2018 - How the Hindu nationalist RSS woos Indian-Americans

8/8/2018 - Airbnb won’t host a slumber party on China’s Great Wall after all

8/8/2018 - Privatizing Tesla, Argentina’s abortion vote, empty sandwiches

8/8/2018 - Privatizing Tesla, Argentina’s abortion vote, empty sandwiches

8/8/2018 - Chinese search giant Baidu warns Google “the world is now copying from China”

8/8/2018 - The cheapest iPhone is too lowly for flashy Indians

8/8/2018 - Apple’s latest TV series will feature a majority Asian cast

8/8/2018 - IKEA is finally coming to India, but its story here goes back four decades

8/7/2018 - Have we reached peak Snapchat?

8/7/2018 - Taking Tesla private, Disney falls short, empty sandwiches

8/7/2018 - Women with heart attacks have higher survival rates when they’re treated by women

8/7/2018 - Here’s Elon Musk’s rationale for taking Tesla private

8/7/2018 - The steel industry is maxing out its political contributions to Donald Trump

8/7/2018 - Only 20% of US kids study a language in school—compared to 92% in Europe

8/7/2018 - The contamination of a popular blood-pressure medicine is now a global problem

8/7/2018 - Yogurt

8/7/2018 - A Brexit sandwich may consist of bread, and not much else

8/7/2018 - Wilbur Ross’s business partners say he stole $120 million

8/7/2018 - To get people talking about climate change, publish your study during a hot summer

8/7/2018 - There are more immigrants and their citizen children in the US than Trump voters

8/7/2018 - LeBron James’ docu-series “Shut Up and Dribble” will assert the moral authority of athletes

8/7/2018 - Trading of Tesla shares halted after Elon Musk suggests he’s taking Tesla private

8/7/2018 - Financial regulators are doing a great job, say financial regulators

8/7/2018 - The InfoWars app is now ranked fourth for “news” in Apple’s App Store

8/7/2018 - I love “Star Trek.” But man, it needs some fresh ideas.

8/7/2018 - America’s gender wage gap is worse the closer you look at it

8/7/2018 - Procrastination is underrated

8/7/2018 - How to stay cool and elegant in a heatwave: Carry a hand fan

8/7/2018 - Walmart is reportedly launching an Everlane-like clothing brand

8/7/2018 - African governments are playing a waiting game on regulating cryptocurrencies

8/7/2018 - Shoppers are flocking to brands that do one thing really well

8/7/2018 - Smart teams care about diversity, but truly excellent teams feature “cultural brokers”

8/7/2018 - Ferns

8/7/2018 - Ferns

8/7/2018 - How to make friends at your first job

8/7/2018 - For frugal flyers, it’s a golden age for the one-way ticket

8/7/2018 - M Karunanidhi, the flagbearer of Tamil nationalism, passes away

8/7/2018 - Banning Alex Jones is no big deal for Apple. For Facebook and YouTube, it’s a different story

8/7/2018 - Owning a TV could put a damper on your sex life

8/7/2018 - China just tested a hypersonic weapon the US can’t defend against

8/7/2018 - China dominates the list of cities with the fastest growing economies

8/7/2018 - Nine countries say they’ll ban internal combustion engines. So far, it’s just words.

8/7/2018 - A Harvard professor says rebellion is a talent we can all learn

8/7/2018 - The psychology behind why you always want to sit in the same seat

8/7/2018 - Three essential skills for setting work-life boundaries

8/7/2018 - Google’s Larry Page thinks we’ll soon be soaring over traffic in these cute flying cars he’s building

8/7/2018 - Disney earnings, Colombia’s swearing in, happiness hangovers

8/7/2018 - A Google-Tencent alliance makes for murky politics—but great business

8/7/2018 - A filmmaker takes on America’s hate-crime crisis with the story of the Kansas shooting

8/7/2018 - Stretching after exercise isn’t actually doing what you think it’s doing

8/7/2018 - Ferns

8/7/2018 - Safaricom’s CEO is back from nine-month sick leave and fighting to keep its market dominance

8/7/2018 - Is South Africa really less safe than DRC and Libya? The problem with citizen surveys

8/7/2018 - The next major innovation in batteries might be here

8/7/2018 - India’s biggest ride-hailing service is driving into the UK

8/7/2018 - How to pay taxes on your cryptocurrency investments in India

8/7/2018 - Reclaiming land in South Africa is about symbolism and fairness, not just compensation

8/7/2018 - Indra Nooyi’s journey from marriage pressure at 18 to heading PepsiCo at 50

8/7/2018 - Iran sanctions, Gates testimony, happiness hangovers

8/7/2018 - Iran sanctions, Gates testimony, happiness hangovers

8/7/2018 - An expensive souvenir of 1MDB corruption has sailed back to Malaysia

8/7/2018 - SpaceX is re-launching its newest rocket for the first time

8/6/2018 - What India taught Indra Nooyi about leadership

8/6/2018 - A hereditary dictatorship looms on Cambodia’s horizon

8/6/2018 - Iran snapback sanctions, Facebook woos banks, happiness hangovers

8/6/2018 - Almost no Alexa owners have bought anything with their voice

8/6/2018 - Facebook wants your banking information, too

8/6/2018 - Ferns

8/6/2018 - Contaminated McDonald’s lettuce causes 400 cases of intestinal parasite infection

8/6/2018 - Even Beyoncé feels the need to justify her C-section to strangers

8/6/2018 - Netflix’s trippy series ”Maniac” asks if the human mind can be fixed

8/6/2018 - Aviation’s most luxurious suite is available on a budget airline because of an industry quirk

8/6/2018 - Beyoncé’s birth story is a reminder that c-sections are not the easy way out

8/6/2018 - Half of American households are still poorer than they were before the Great Recession

8/6/2018 - Pie

8/6/2018 - A fiery truck crash outside Bologna, Italy has killed two and injured dozens

8/6/2018 - The destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, seen from the air

8/6/2018 - One of the longest-serving female CEOs is being replaced by a man

8/6/2018 - The Tao of Jeff Goldblum

8/6/2018 - MoviePass says it’s not raising its price after all

8/6/2018 - Beyoncé’s Vogue interview has the internet asking, what is a “FUPA”?

8/6/2018 - Wall Street isn’t boosting bitcoin

8/6/2018 - The German government has shut down talk of a return to the draft

8/6/2018 - How Indra Nooyi kept me from going crazy

8/6/2018 - OpenAI’s bots thrashed former professional e-sports players at Dota 2

8/6/2018 - A mother orca’s “tour of grief” reminds us how much we have in common with animals

8/6/2018 - What to do with your implicit bias

8/6/2018 - “The Lean Startup” is an unproductive legend

8/6/2018 - YouTube has suspended Alex Jones’s account

8/6/2018 - A Chinese electric car startup that has delivered zero cars is now valued at $3.6 billion

8/6/2018 - Without Sergey Brin, Google has lost its healthy fear of authoritarianism

8/6/2018 - This documentary tells the story of Africa’s longest internet shutdown

8/6/2018 - Ethiopia’s new premier is now facing his first major domestic challenge

8/6/2018 - Europe’s heatwave is forcing nuclear power plants to shut down

8/6/2018 - US sanctions on Iran, earthquake in Indonesia, death by algae

8/6/2018 - The world’s youngest country is close to ending its brutal five-year civil war

8/6/2018 - America’s Persian-rug pipeline is about to dry up

8/6/2018 - The turbulence in India’s aviation sector isn’t ending anytime soon

8/6/2018 - Photojournalists are under attack in Bangladesh as student protests intensify

8/6/2018 - Getting your caffeine fix is cheaper at Starbucks than McDonald’s

8/6/2018 - An Indian artist put Spider-Man in a thong to call out sexist comic book covers

8/6/2018 - The Delhi-Gurugram office commute spans two states and three modes of transport

8/6/2018 - Brexit warning, Indonesian earthquake, death by algae

8/6/2018 - Brexit warning, Indonesian earthquake, death by algae

8/6/2018 - India’s food-delivery startups are back in business, but there’s still reason to worry

8/6/2018 - Here are ways companies support parents beyond the first three months

8/6/2018 - An interactive guide to unexpected ways companies are supporting working parents

8/5/2018 - Venezuela “drone attack,” Iran sanctions, death by algae

8/5/2018 - Political bigwigs say Britain is on course to leave the EU without a deal

8/5/2018 - A public project in Chile is making street art accessible to the blind

8/5/2018 - One quality makes Steven Seagal the perfect Trump-Putin envoy

8/5/2018 - Starbucks would like to clarify that it is not accepting bitcoin

8/5/2018 - MoviePass had everything going for it—except economics

8/5/2018 - It’s the Mars Curiosity rover’s birthday. Happy birthday, buddy

8/5/2018 - Should you raise your kids religious? Here’s what the science says

8/5/2018 - “It didn’t take long for him to find me. He told me he was 23. I told him the truth—that I was 15.”

8/5/2018 - Airbnb guests accuse it of deleting negative reviews and boosting bad hosts

8/5/2018 - Blue Mind science proves the health benefits of being by water

8/5/2018 - Famous writers who got rejection letters—with good reason

8/5/2018 - Must-watch McDonald’s commercials for local menu items from around the world

8/5/2018 - What to do with your inner monologue on your digital detox

8/5/2018 - Weird and wonderful visions of the future that never came to pass

8/5/2018 - This Russian ritual keeps your domestic demons from following you on vacation

8/5/2018 - The short life of an inspiring entrepreneur will keep giving hope to the troubled city he loved

8/5/2018 - Getting rid of Robert Mugabe wasn’t enough to change Zimbabwe’s election habits

8/5/2018 - Access to the uncensored media changes Chinese views, but not all seek it out

8/5/2018 - Zimbabwe’s vote, Nigeria’s yuan, Africa’s expensive electricity

8/4/2018 - Venezuela claims drones attacked the president, but some officials say otherwise

8/4/2018 - After 16 years, Patrick Stewart is coming back as Jean-Luc Picard

8/4/2018 - Student protestors in Bangladesh are taking road safety into their own hands

8/4/2018 - Europe’s extravagant libraries are glorified in a new coffee table book

8/4/2018 - Facebook is a perfect place for conspiracy theories like QAnon to evolve

8/4/2018 - A blockbuster memoir about siblings in the brutal world of Dutch gangsters is now in English

8/4/2018 - Deleted comments about American poverty from Trump’s economics advisors

8/4/2018 - Way before LeBron James was starting schools, Donald Trump was. Remember Trump University?

8/4/2018 - The risks of sticking with “short-term” health insurance for young women

8/4/2018 - To understand America, don’t separate Republicans and Democrats statistically

8/4/2018 - Pigeons

8/4/2018 - Pigeons

8/4/2018 - Almond Breeze milk is being recalled for containing actual milk

8/4/2018 - MoviePass is dying. Is it worth switching to its biggest rival?

8/4/2018 - Tech giants are coming for your wallet, and all the data inside it

8/4/2018 - The trial of Paul Manafort and the global business of corruption

8/4/2018 - Why are AI researchers so obsessed with games?

8/4/2018 - Simplistic, moralistic, patronizing, the 1994 “Little Women” movie is still excellent

8/4/2018 - For its 75th anniversary, it’s about time we learn how to pronounce “IKEA”

8/4/2018 - A guide for crafting a seamless vacation, from packing to returning to work

8/4/2018 - Technology’s “Time Well Spent” movement has lost its meaning

8/4/2018 - Apple’s worth $1 trillion. So what?

8/4/2018 - The way psychologists talk about sex reveals exactly what they get wrong about our inner lives

8/4/2018 - Researchers built a centaur robot to rescue you from danger

8/4/2018 - July was so hot that a Canadian town broke a 140-year-old heat record

8/4/2018 - The hidden logic of Peter Thiel’s “Lord of the Rings”-inspired company names

8/4/2018 - Weekend edition—Tech meets finance, Facebook’s big ill, how to oust your dictator

8/4/2018 - A neuroscientist who studies rage says we’re all capable of doing something terrible

8/4/2018 - ‘Christopher Robin’ won’t get a release in China, where Winnie the Pooh is a symbol of resistance

8/4/2018 - It’s time to say goodbye to the tomboy

8/4/2018 - It’s August. Give yourself a staycation

8/4/2018 - Pigeons

8/4/2018 - Weekend edition—Tech meets finance, Facebook’s big ill, how to oust your dictator

8/4/2018 - Weekend edition—Tech meets finance, Facebook’s big ill, how to oust your dictator

8/3/2018 - Weekend edition—Tech meets finance, Facebook’s big ill, how to oust your dictator

8/3/2018 - A previously unpublished Hemingway story is about killing time during war

8/3/2018 - Hollywood no longer waits even a week before turning the news into a movie

8/3/2018 - Pigeons

8/3/2018 - Zimbabwe’s historic “harmonized” election has been marred by rigging allegations

8/3/2018 - Fortnite is ditching Google Play in a grab for even more money

8/3/2018 - You probably should get some wireless headphones if you want the next iPhone

8/3/2018 - China is putting new tariffs on $60 billion in US products, from tequila to zippers

8/3/2018 - NASA tapped the first astronauts to fly on private spacecraft—so where are the rides?

8/3/2018 - Yes, Chipotle has food safety issues. That’s because it serves real food

8/3/2018 - The aftermath of destructive wildfires, seen from above

8/3/2018 - Shalom! Manischewitz welcomes Paul Ryan to the Jewish faith with matzo, advice

8/3/2018 - DR Congo has a new Ebola outbreak 10 days after its last—and a vaccine might not work this time

8/3/2018 - Dogs in Canada are suffering from marijuana overdoses

8/3/2018 - Quartzy: the staycation edition

8/3/2018 - Quartzy: the staycation edition

8/3/2018 - An SMS car-tracking app inspired by Cameroon’s internet shutdown is set to spread across Africa

8/3/2018 - Cold chains

8/3/2018 - Cold chains

8/3/2018 - It turns out Walmart employees don’t want to deliver your packages after work

8/3/2018 - The trick to staying close to coworkers when you work from home

8/3/2018 - Should you be friends with someone you manage?

8/3/2018 - The hidden economic plight of US working-class women

8/3/2018 - How to not be weird on the phone when you have a job interview

8/3/2018 - What will happen with e-scooters in the US? Look to bike-shares in China

8/3/2018 - Why so many presidential candidates contest African elections

8/3/2018 - The Japanese art principle that teaches how to work with failure

8/3/2018 - The life-changing skills you learn at a summer job

8/3/2018 - The most influential financial revolutionary is an 89-year-old with no interest in crypto

8/3/2018 - The Bank of England boss thinks the Brexit nightmare scenario is dangerously likely

8/3/2018 - We are exceeding Earth’s carrying capacity. Denying it is suicidal.

8/3/2018 - US jobs report, Heineken’s Chinese stake, blockchain ballots

8/3/2018 - Trump’s America is growing increasingly hostile to foreign talent

8/3/2018 - Cold chains

8/3/2018 - Malls are making a surprising come back in southern India

8/3/2018 - The daily horror of driving to work in India’s Silicon Valley

8/3/2018 - May woos Macron, Apple hits $1 trillion, blockchain ballots

8/3/2018 - May woos Macron, Apple hits $1 trillion, blockchain ballots

8/3/2018 - India’s food delivery firms are under fire for ignoring safety and hygiene

8/2/2018 - Emmerson Mnangwaga has won Zimbabwe’s close presidential election

8/2/2018 - No one on the CBS earnings call asked Les Moonves about sexual harassment

8/2/2018 - If Trump really wanted to save US jobs, he’d rescue newspapers, not steel

8/2/2018 - Apple hits $1 trillion, ASEAN heats up, blockchain ballots

8/2/2018 - An inside look at how Trump’s infamous jobs day tweet roiled some government economists

8/2/2018 - Cold chains

8/2/2018 - The Trump jobs era really is different

8/2/2018 - Hillary Clinton’s new TV show about anti-suffrage America will be terrifyingly relevant

8/2/2018 - Was Ivanka Trump’s mother a legal immigrant? Not always

8/2/2018 - Tesla’s earnings call yesterday was a piece of performance art

8/2/2018 - Paul Manafort spent $1.3 million on clothes, and his tailors should be on trial too

8/2/2018 - A tiny tweak to sugar is about to make the world’s sweets a lot healthier

8/2/2018 - Singapore is an almost perfect case for open borders

8/2/2018 - How a reluctant Priyanka Chopra became India’s biggest crossover success

8/2/2018 - Nearly 90% of people pass the US “credible fear” test for refugees

8/2/2018 - Tesla has emerged as America’s most valuable carmaker

8/2/2018 - Kamala Harris wants US renters to get a tax break. Is it a good idea?

8/2/2018 - What almost everyone misunderstands about product managers

8/2/2018 - Apple just became America’s first trillion-dollar company

8/2/2018 - Minecraft’s head says American employees should get a gap year like they do in Sweden

8/2/2018 - The show of force by Zimbabwe’s military this election is about their own power, not politics

8/2/2018 - They’re doing it. They’re really rebooting “ALF”

8/2/2018 - Bail

8/2/2018 - Bail

8/2/2018 - How to be assertive—even when you’re constantly talked over

8/2/2018 - Why cattle are the key to unlocking the energy of human-inedible plants

8/2/2018 - Beef: the original solar-powered, plant-based protein

8/2/2018 - Elizabeth Holmes and other famous grifters expose the myth of quick and easy success

8/2/2018 - Rihanna’s Vogue cover recalls a long, miserable history of over-plucked brows

8/2/2018 - LeBron James’ new school for at-risk kids features food pantries and free bikes

8/2/2018 - The only reason to buy the newest Surface is the price

8/2/2018 - African governments’ quest for cheap electricity has kept millions of us in the dark

8/2/2018 - Like the US, the UK is hiking interest rates—but for flimsier reasons

8/2/2018 - Rising global temperatures will cool Africa’s economic growth than anywhere else

8/2/2018 - Nigeria has taken its first steps in adopting China’s yuan as a reserve currency

8/2/2018 - Is a vegan diet healthy? Only if you do it right

8/2/2018 - You can now buy a real-life Iron Man suit—if you have Tony Stark money

8/2/2018 - A rare UK rate hike, BMW’s China slump, Han Solo’s jacket

8/2/2018 - Google search might return to China’s internet, and some users can hardly wait

8/2/2018 - Bail

8/2/2018 - An ancient justice system may hold the key to peace between India and Pakistan

8/2/2018 - #MeToo has hit one of China’s biggest Buddhist monasteries

8/2/2018 - The Indian government finally explains why it failed to sell Air India

8/2/2018 - The Indian government is officially probing Cambridge Analytica

8/2/2018 - A Japanese medical university lowered women’s test scores because it was a “necessary evil”

8/2/2018 - The human-animal conflict is a lot more complex than you think

8/2/2018 - Bank of England decision, Tesla earnings, crown jewel heist

8/2/2018 - Bank of England decision, Tesla earnings, crown jewel heist

8/2/2018 - India’s booming solar sector has one major flaw: poor quality

8/1/2018 - Marco Rubio’s “conservative solution” for paid family leave: Pick your kids or your retirement

8/1/2018 - The White House says China tariffs don’t work—so it’s proposing even more tariffs

8/1/2018 - ASEAN forum kicks off, Tesla earnings, crown jewel heist

8/1/2018 - After 15 years of trying, scientists successfully transplanted lab-grown lungs into pigs

8/1/2018 - How Wall Street reacted to Big Tech’s crazy earnings week, in one chart

8/1/2018 - New data shows terror attacks are becoming less frequent and much less deadly

8/1/2018 - Bail

8/1/2018 - How did wellness become our new religion?

8/1/2018 - If you own an electric car, advertisers could cover your next charge

8/1/2018 - “Crazy Rich Asians” made a ballsy decision to turn down a crazy rich Netflix bid

8/1/2018 - Scientists say a new climate trend makes perfect wildfire conditions more common

8/1/2018 - Google’s search engine may be returning to China, as censored as when it left

8/1/2018 - What the best conferences do to improve gender equality

8/1/2018 - This paper shows just how unprepared the US is to deal with the problems technology has created

8/1/2018 - NASA says nobody—not even Elon Musk—can terraform Mars

8/1/2018 - A massive 2,000-year-old public library was discovered right under central Cologne

8/1/2018 - Jeff Sessions’s new task force puts freedom of religion first

8/1/2018 - Smart companies hire people who don’t believe in their mission

8/1/2018 - After more than 18 months, Trump finally appoints a science advisor

8/1/2018 - How to create an engaging LinkedIn video

8/1/2018 - The latest US food-safety alert warns of contaminated salads at Trader Joe’s and Kroger

8/1/2018 - How women can work together to change an employer’s unfair pay practices

8/1/2018 - The best places to travel to are the ones where no one cares you’re there

8/1/2018 - Welcome to the new version of QZ.com—faster, smarter, and ready for the future

8/1/2018 - CVS has realized K-beauty is the best beauty

8/1/2018 - Honey

8/1/2018 - Honey

8/1/2018 - The first female war photographer took enormous risks—and died in battle at 26

8/1/2018 - Three Russian investigative journalists have been killed in Central African Republic

8/1/2018 - Germans are guzzling so much beer this summer that brewers are running out of bottles

8/1/2018 - Photos: Australia’s parched land looks otherworldly

8/1/2018 - For the Big Mac’s 50th anniversary, McDonald’s is celebrating the economic concept of purchasing power parity

8/1/2018 - Watch: A furious Tampa crowd screams at the press, just as Trump intended

8/1/2018 - We finally know what ancient Greek music sounded like

8/1/2018 - The case for puns as the most elevated display of wit

8/1/2018 - IKEA’s newest catalog challenges the “myth of minimalism”

8/1/2018 - 3D printing has a future but it’s not in your home

8/1/2018 - Apple is becoming a formidable fintech company

8/1/2018 - Zimbabwe’s ruling party has won a majority in parliament after a historic election

8/1/2018 - Apple was just overtaken by Huawei in global smartphone sales

8/1/2018 - Tesla’s earnings story is a religious war

8/1/2018 - We’re on the verge of a global currency war, says India’s central bank

8/1/2018 - Welcome to Reddit’s GlobalTalk, where the world feels a little bit smaller

8/1/2018 - How a master’s program in machine intelligence is trying to close an African tech gap

8/1/2018 - The internet has changed the way we grieve forever

8/1/2018 - What it’s like to be a young African mentored by Barack Obama

8/1/2018 - Tesla earnings, 3-D guns jammed, Sweden’s royal heist

8/1/2018 - Humans have depleted the Earth’s natural resources with five months still to go in 2018

8/1/2018 - Honey

8/1/2018 - Pakistan’s new prime minister: Khan he do it?

8/1/2018 - Indians no longer have to worry about their money being used to rescue banks

8/1/2018 - Amazon’s future in India involves buses and daily commuters

8/1/2018 - Why Ola drivers and customers hate its mobile wallet

8/1/2018 - Brexit and China are really hurting India’s largest automaker

8/1/2018 - Facebook foils a plot, Apple exceeds expectations, Bigfoot erotica

8/1/2018 - Facebook foils a plot, Apple exceeds expectations, Bigfoot erotica