9/30/2018 - Only 34% of Macedonians voted in the referendum on “Macedonia”

9/30/2018 - Canada’s deadline, Macedonia’s name, bird-tear nutrients

9/30/2018 - Kanye West is trying to say something about slavery on Twitter. His fans just want the album

9/30/2018 - The US is relocating migrant children to barren tent cities near the Mexico border—at midnight

9/30/2018 - A visit to Amazon 4-star, the online retailer’s newest physical store

9/30/2018 - A better way to use Netflix: Mini-movie festivals

9/30/2018 - North Korea has sent South Korea two dogs as a gesture of peace

9/30/2018 - Watch: Austria’s foreign minister spoke in Arabic to the UN General Assembly

9/30/2018 - A tree kangaroo thought extinct was photographed for the first time ever

9/30/2018 - A security breach in the Tory party conference app revealed the personal data of politicians

9/30/2018 - Philosophy is the new battleground in South Africa’s fight against colonialism

9/30/2018 - The Kenyan cuisine and history I would have shared with Anthony Bourdain if we met as planned

9/30/2018 - Michael Lewis’s new book about Trump is a convincing ode to big government

9/30/2018 - The case for limiting kids’ screen time to two hours a day

9/30/2018 - Watch: Matt Damon plays Brett Kavanaugh on “Saturday Night Live”

9/30/2018 - China’s provinces are secretly building coal plants in defiance of the national government

9/30/2018 - Apartheid-era tastes still influence auction prices for South African art

9/30/2018 - Africa’s green fashion, Bourdain in Kenya, Nigerian tourists at home

9/30/2018 - Germans don’t do tech startups—more access to capital might change that

9/29/2018 - Elon Musk will step down as Tesla chairman in a settlement with the SEC

9/29/2018 - The web is broken, so its founder is taking another stab at it

9/29/2018 - Use of the internet and smartphones is no longer on the rise in America

9/29/2018 - Ants were given dopamine, and their productivity improved

9/29/2018 - Stephen Colbert is joining the party with his own Trump-trolling gag book

9/29/2018 - What does Tesla look like without Elon Musk?

9/29/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account was among those accessed by hackers

9/29/2018 - This $150 “Influencer” Halloween costume is a sure sign of the times

9/29/2018 - In Michael Lewis’s new book, Chris Christie is an unlikely hero

9/29/2018 - ASMR

9/29/2018 - ASMR

9/29/2018 - Mark Judge’s alcoholism is a disease, not a moral standing

9/29/2018 - Giving up on life can lead to actual death in less than a month

9/29/2018 - “America’s Funniest Home Videos” is (still) the best show on television

9/29/2018 - This cheaper battery will boost energy storage and electricity in developing countries

9/29/2018 - Nike’s Kaepernick ad is what happens when capitalism and activism collide

9/29/2018 - These satellite images show how Earth’s cities connect to nature

9/29/2018 - Silicon Valley is investing $19 million in space radar

9/29/2018 - Many UN agencies are in a precarious position if the US decides to cut foreign aid

9/29/2018 - Weekend edition—Kavanaugh fallout, celebrity mortgages, #dadjokes

9/29/2018 - Ten years ago today, Morgan Stanley owed the US government $107 billion

9/29/2018 - Laws helped kill indigenous languages. Can they also save them?

9/29/2018 - The five most popular hangover cures, rated by scientists

9/29/2018 - Set yourself up for a fruitful fall in TV, movies, and culture

9/29/2018 - Kanye’s Yeezy sneaker line may lose its luster without its scarcity

9/29/2018 - ASMR

9/29/2018 - Ethiopia’s deadly violence shows the fragility of a nation in democratic transition

9/29/2018 - Weekend edition—Kavanaugh fallout, celebrity mortgages, #dadjokes

9/29/2018 - Weekend edition—Kavanaugh fallout, celebrity mortgages, #dadjokes

9/28/2018 - The sweetness of e-cigarette flavors is more likely to get teens hooked than the nicotine

9/28/2018 - Weekend edition—Kavanaugh fallout, celebrity mortgages, #dadjokes

9/28/2018 - Trump orders FBI to investigate Kavanaugh before full Senate votes

9/28/2018 - Spotify just shut down that test asking family-plan users to confirm their address via GPS

9/28/2018 - At any given time, 20% of Americans were watching the Kavanaugh hearings

9/28/2018 - Trump is about to unveil his new version of NAFTA

9/28/2018 - Jeff Flake’s strange, caught-in-between day in Washington, in photos

9/28/2018 - Who were the two sexual assault survivors who confronted senator Jeff Flake in the elevator?

9/28/2018 - These are what confirmation hearings look like in the post truth era, and they’re ugly

9/28/2018 - ASMR

9/28/2018 - A Facebook tool to help people protect their information exposed 50 million accounts

9/28/2018 - Even if Elon Musk doesn’t run Tesla, he has a plan. Sorry, 24 plans.

9/28/2018 - Norway’s quota for women on boards suggests an overlooked benefit—to workers

9/28/2018 - A pointed question to Unilever’s CEO unmasked a conflict in conscious capitalism

9/28/2018 - The battle over Brett Kavanaugh now goes to the full Senate

9/28/2018 - Senators are going surrealistic to describe the Kavanaugh hearings

9/28/2018 - Amazon is using classic anti-union language with workers at Whole Foods

9/28/2018 - The Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh appears to have donated $10,000 to Blasey Ford’s GoFundMe

9/28/2018 - The misguided outrage over Claudia Kim’s casting in “Fantastic Beasts”

9/28/2018 - UN General Assembly Daily Brief: Soft power, a secret atomic warehouse, and news from elsewhere

9/28/2018 - Confirming Brett Kavanaugh would be awful for American boys and men

9/28/2018 - The world’s major powers are still ignoring Cameroon’s spiraling Anglophone crisis

9/28/2018 - Quartzy: the abundance edition

9/28/2018 - Quartzy: the abundance edition

9/28/2018 - Sea otters

9/28/2018 - Sea otters

9/28/2018 - Marvel’s most famous little sister is stepping out from under Black Panther’s shadow

9/28/2018 - Senate judiciary committee Republicans are intent on confirming Kavanaugh

9/28/2018 - Watch: Two sexual abuse survivors confront Jeff Flake for his support of Brett Kavanaugh

9/28/2018 - A booming Stripe shows digital payments aren’t about to be replaced by blockchain

9/28/2018 - Watch live: Senate judiciary committee votes on Kavanaugh

9/28/2018 - Orcas are still dying from a toxic chemical banned in the US almost 40 years ago

9/28/2018 - If you love Bill Gates’ $1 billion clean-energy drive, start loving Big Oil’s too

9/28/2018 - Coinbase is eager to expand, Google ends its ad ban, and Bitmain eyes an IPO

9/28/2018 - Move a ball with your mind using this headset

9/28/2018 - Why Namibians want fresh impetus behind land reform

9/28/2018 - One of India’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges is shutting down

9/28/2018 - We need more than technology to eliminate tuberculosis

9/28/2018 - Google gets grilled, Kavanaugh drama, unexpected octopus

9/28/2018 - Soft power, a secret atomic warehouse, and news from elsewhere

9/28/2018 - One of the world’s largest crypto companies is hedging against the crypto market

9/28/2018 - Sea otters

9/28/2018 - Charted: The shocking gender divide in India’s workforce

9/28/2018 - 50 million Facebook accounts have been hit by a security breach

9/28/2018 - A popular south Indian temple can’t keep women out anymore

9/28/2018 - India in the ’60s and ’70s, captured by a pioneering photojournalist

9/28/2018 - Brett Kavanaugh’s friend Mark Judge speaks out after Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony

9/28/2018 - The American Bar Association has called for an FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh

9/28/2018 - OYO’s journey from bad backpacking to a $5 billion company

9/28/2018 - A video of a Republican senator blasting America’s “impotent legislature” has gone viral

9/28/2018 - Indians are now travelling for Instagram

9/28/2018 - Kavanaugh vote, SEC sues Musk, turtle wheelchair

9/28/2018 - Kavanaugh vote, SEC sues Musk, turtle wheelchair

9/28/2018 - The Senate judiciary committee will vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination today

9/27/2018 - For the second year, we’re fixing UNGA’s mind-numbing event titles. You’re welcome

9/27/2018 - A real-life “Crazy Rich Asians” will be turned into a movie

9/27/2018 - Somehow all the “good, good” men in the US look the same

9/27/2018 - Watch: Highlights from the SEC’s lawsuit against Tesla’s Elon Musk

9/27/2018 - Kavanaugh hearings, Musk lawsuit, turtle wheelchair

9/27/2018 - Spotify is asking family-plan users for GPS data to prove they live at the same address

9/27/2018 - Women are always on trial. The Kavanaugh hearing is one devastating example

9/27/2018 - Former prosecutors are appalled by Rachel Mitchell’s questioning of Christine Blasey Ford

9/27/2018 - Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer quit his job to represent her for free

9/27/2018 - Kavanaugh’s testimony reveals a man who has never had his tone policed

9/27/2018 - The US government just sued Elon Musk for misleading investors about taking Tesla private

9/27/2018 - I grew up in Christine Blasey Ford’s high-school culture. I didn’t know how lucky I was

9/27/2018 - Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony is a lesson in what it’s like to live as a woman

9/27/2018 - Kavanaugh’s angry opening statement shows he has the wrong temperament

9/27/2018 - Whisper networks were a survival tool for generations of women. It’s time to stop whispering

9/27/2018 - Jeff Bezos just won a huge contract to build rocket engines

9/27/2018 - Amazon is making it easier to shop while watching football on TV

9/27/2018 - Christine Blasey Ford shows us vulnerability is strength, not weakness

9/27/2018 - Christine Blasey Ford can fear flying and still fly

9/27/2018 - Sea otters

9/27/2018 - Photos show what Christine Blasey Ford faced in the Senate

9/27/2018 - Christine Blasey Ford isn’t desperate to please. She’s motivated to help

9/27/2018 - In 360-degrees: Where “Made in China” meets the international market

9/27/2018 - Céline’s name change is really bothering discerning fashionistas

9/27/2018 - Nintendo scores a legal victory over alleged Mario Kart impersonators

9/27/2018 - Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony shows how hard it really is to perform certain civic duties

9/27/2018 - 60% of the world’s Christmas decorations come from this small city in China. Take a tour in 360 degrees.

9/27/2018 - The Kavanaugh hearing is a political disaster for Republicans—just ask them

9/27/2018 - Your employees should be watching the Kavanaugh hearing right now

9/27/2018 - An interspecies fight ended with a man being slapped by a seal wielding an octopus tentacle

9/27/2018 - Cameroon isn’t responding to a BBC investigation proving its soldiers killed unarmed women

9/27/2018 - Your sock drawer should bring you joy, not misery

9/27/2018 - Christine Blasey Ford schooled the Senate on the neurochemistry of PTSD

9/27/2018 - The reign of the middle-aged white man is over, at least in “House of Cards”

9/27/2018 - Across the globe, fashion weeks are leaving “sexy” in the dressing room

9/27/2018 - Hell yes, I’m leaving to spend more time with my family

9/27/2018 - Farming the ocean to save the world

9/27/2018 - Malaysia’s 93-year-old prime minister tells the simple secret to his long life

9/27/2018 - Christine Blasey Ford’s use of the word “sequela” wasn’t accidental

9/27/2018 - The hotel amenities travelers want, versus the ones they think they do

9/27/2018 - A vacation policy built for a new age: 40 days off to use as you choose

9/27/2018 - The winding beauty of the world’s rivers, seen from space

9/27/2018 - The first time a woman tried to speak in the Kavanaugh hearing, she was interrupted

9/27/2018 - Cereal

9/27/2018 - Cereal

9/27/2018 - Kavanaugh is accused of serious evils. Let’s use the right words to describe them

9/27/2018 - The Kavanaugh Senate hearings are a sham

9/27/2018 - All 31 times Trump insulted the women accusing Kavanaugh in his last press conference

9/27/2018 - A fund for NYC drivers models how benefits could work in the gig economy

9/27/2018 - Video games introduced electronic music to a generation, almost subconsciously

9/27/2018 - The 10 pounds everyone wants to lose has very little to do with health

9/27/2018 - This teen advocate against “period poverty” is the feminist we should all grow up to be

9/27/2018 - Stripe has jumped into the top 10 of the world’s most valuable startups

9/27/2018 - UN General Assembly Daily Brief: Outsmarting death, Mr. Handsome interrupts, and news from elsewhere

9/27/2018 - Donald Trump’s foreign policy is putting the dollar at risk

9/27/2018 - India’s top court won’t re-examine if mosques are essential to Islam

9/27/2018 - Kavanaugh hearing, Trump vs. Trudeau, sexist memes

9/27/2018 - Outsmarting death, Mr. Handsome interrupts, and news from elsewhere

9/27/2018 - A for Aadhaar, B for Biometrics, C for Confusion

9/27/2018 - How to handle sexual misconduct hearings, in Kavanaugh’s own words

9/27/2018 - Cereal

9/27/2018 - The Indian shopper’s favourite imported products just got more expensive

9/27/2018 - This is what Brett Kavanaugh will say in his Senate hearing today

9/27/2018 - This is what Christine Blasey Ford will say in the Senate hearing today

9/27/2018 - India’s supreme court strikes down a colonial-era adultery law

9/27/2018 - Obesity is taking hold in Kenya’s poor urban slums

9/27/2018 - Air India is back to drain the Indian taxpayers’ wallets

9/27/2018 - More Japanese companies are embracing English in the workplace

9/27/2018 - Zambia’s social media tax isn’t really about social media or freedom of speech

9/27/2018 - Indians hit peak productivity for just seven years of their working lives

9/27/2018 - Africa’s most ambitious companies are winning by going pan-African

9/27/2018 - Companies can’t ask for Aadhaar anymore—or can they?

9/27/2018 - Kavanaugh hearing, Argentina’s bailout, visit San Marino

9/27/2018 - Kavanaugh hearing, Argentina’s bailout, visit San Marino

9/27/2018 - 17 things to search for on Google’s 20th birthday

9/27/2018 - Watch live: Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate hearing

9/26/2018 - A cybercrime epidemic drives business–and funding–to cybersecurity

9/26/2018 - The craziest moments from Donald Trump’s big UNGA press conference

9/26/2018 - Facebook’s latest VR headset Oculus Quest will ship next year—and it has Star Wars

9/26/2018 - A witness offers to testify about Brett Kavanaugh’s high school wingman

9/26/2018 - Italy’s budget, India’s tariffs, adult bedtime

9/26/2018 - Babies born with syphilis in the US are at a 20-year high

9/26/2018 - Nigerian travel startups are getting millennials to pick local tourism over vacations abroad

9/26/2018 - One of the most elusive fish in the Atlantic is a little dude who loves hot pink

9/26/2018 - Facebook drama heats up: David Marcus calls WhatsApp’s Brian Acton “low class”

9/26/2018 - The next generation of Nike’s auto-lacing sneakers will debut in pro sports within a year

9/26/2018 - Hollywood sequelitis is mangling film titles: A Quartzy Story

9/26/2018 - Cereal

9/26/2018 - Google says it spent “hundreds of years of human time” complying with Europe’s privacy rules

9/26/2018 - Yale University is the latest subject of a US probe into race and admissions

9/26/2018 - Europe’s fastest growing tourist economies include Moldova, Bosnia, and… San Marino?

9/26/2018 - Psychologists have great news for people afraid of being totally honest

9/26/2018 - One thing millennials haven’t killed: the labor union

9/26/2018 - De Beers lab-grown diamonds are for anything but marriage

9/26/2018 - The Distracted Boyfriend meme is officially sexist

9/26/2018 - Beyoncé and Jay-Z have a mortgage, too—but theirs is $200,000 a month

9/26/2018 - Brazil’s presidential election is so crazy that it’s even drawing comparisons to the US

9/26/2018 - Who do you dress for when you dress for work?

9/26/2018 - The humble lettuce is revealing the power of future farm automation

9/26/2018 - Read the latest accusations against Brett Kavanaugh—including gang rape

9/26/2018 - Apple’s macOS Mojave is here: Here’s how to put your entire life into “dark mode”

9/26/2018 - How a Tesla computer “sees” the streets of Paris

9/26/2018 - A Teflon chemical contaminating the drinking water of millions may soon be banned

9/26/2018 - “Solarpunk” offers an optimistic alternative to climate panic

9/26/2018 - China is trying to influence the US midterms to help the Democrats, Trump claims

9/26/2018 - The first “morning routine” interview that sounds like an actual morning

9/26/2018 - The US is ranking which countries are most and least deserving of aid

9/26/2018 - The Bullet Journal

9/26/2018 - The Bullet Journal

9/26/2018 - Economists are severely underestimating the amount of trade between African countries

9/26/2018 - How workers killed the liberal arts

9/26/2018 - The former French prime minister is running for mayor of Barcelona in Spain

9/26/2018 - Anti-sexual harassment trainings should teach people how their brains work

9/26/2018 - UN General Assembly Daily Brief: Trust Deficit Disorder, a special Security Council meeting, and news from elsewhere

9/26/2018 - Here are the bizarre services you can get from China’s trendiest hotpot restaurant

9/26/2018 - Dunkin’ wouldn’t need to change its name if we stopped moralizing food

9/26/2018 - This is the complicated, convoluted, and controversial formula that determines who pays what to the UN

9/26/2018 - The shocking drop in the amount of time British girls spend together IRL

9/26/2018 - In search of clean energy, investments in nuclear-fusion startups are heating up

9/26/2018 - The urge to share our lives on social media is neither new nor narcissistic

9/26/2018 - Bill Gates-led $1 billion energy fund is expanding its portfolio of startups fighting climate change

9/26/2018 - Boobs just keep getting bigger—in design

9/26/2018 - Trust Deficit Disorder, a special Security Council meeting, and news from elsewhere

9/26/2018 - Google’s mistakes, Kavanaugh vote, urban bees

9/26/2018 - India has over a billion Aadhaar IDs—including for dogs, spies, and even gods

9/26/2018 - The Bullet Journal

9/26/2018 - A timeline of the lengthy legal battle against India’s biometric ID programme

9/26/2018 - The world’s largest biometric ID programme isn’t going anywhere

9/26/2018 - Aadhaar is voluntary—but millions of Indians are already trapped

9/26/2018 - My #MeToo encounters in China started as a young girl—and only got worse from there

9/26/2018 - India’s stunning economic growth is hiding a staggering job crisis

9/26/2018 - South Africa is easing visa restrictions for Chinese and Indian visitors, but not Africans

9/26/2018 - Pope’s defense, Kavanaugh’s vote, dangerously hot Cheetos

9/26/2018 - Pope’s defense, Kavanaugh’s vote, dangerously hot Cheetos

9/25/2018 - A racist skit by Swedish TV is only adding fuel to the China-Sweden diplomatic fire

9/25/2018 - Delta grounded all of its US domestic flights because of a computer issue

9/25/2018 - Trump at UNGA, Cosby sentenced, urban bees

9/25/2018 - How does your brain keep the world from disappearing when you blink?

9/25/2018 - Dunkin’ Donuts thinks a name change will attract younger customers

9/25/2018 - Instagram’s founders have left. What does that mean for the app’s future?

9/25/2018 - Europe, China and Russia are making a special fund to get around US sanctions on Iran

9/25/2018 - The UN is just another stop on the BTS path to world domination

9/25/2018 - Images from Cassini show evidence of dust storms on Saturn’s largest moon

9/25/2018 - The Bullet Journal

9/25/2018 - Looking at Google.com, you’d barely know how much the company has changed in 20 years

9/25/2018 - Blockchain could improve transparency in Africa’s commodity market

9/25/2018 - Bill Cosby’s sentence is shorter than his victim’s

9/25/2018 - Justin Trudeau says there’s a specific logic behind Canadian tariffs on Heinz ketchup

9/25/2018 - “Innocent until proven guilty” doesn’t apply to job interviews

9/25/2018 - Trump’s doctrine of “principled realism” baffles the foreign policy world

9/25/2018 - World hunger is on the rise, and better data on agriculture could fix that

9/25/2018 - There’s one big reason women are freezing their eggs, and it’s not career

9/25/2018 - Bill Cosby is officially the worst kind of sexual predator

9/25/2018 - DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro drone is a truly stunning flying camera

9/25/2018 - Trump’s formula for world peace: Unleash patriotism everywhere

9/25/2018 - Trump’s UN speech was bold, isolationist, and full of outright lies

9/25/2018 - Monsanto’s most popular weedkiller is giving the world’s bees stomachaches

9/25/2018 - Photos: New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern brings her baby girl to the UNGA

9/25/2018 - These are the countries with the most to lose from Turkey’s currency crisis

9/25/2018 - The first man is fined under France’s new anti-catcalling law

9/25/2018 - The UN openly laughed at Trump’s claim about his great accomplishments

9/25/2018 - One expert’s plan to stop radicalization in France: Start teaching Arabic in schools

9/25/2018 - A surprising way minorities are turned off by job postings

9/25/2018 - How to run a meeting that reflects your values

9/25/2018 - Africa’s e-commerce space is closing in on its first major IPO exit, with a billion-dollar valuation

9/25/2018 - The big change in stay-at-home parenting over the last 25 years comes from dads

9/25/2018 - Donald Trump was late for his UN speaking spot and Ecuador’s president took his place

9/25/2018 - Sardines

9/25/2018 - Sardines

9/25/2018 - To help skill the workforce, companies should change how they think about hiring

9/25/2018 - UN General Assembly Daily Brief: Let the General Debate begin!

9/25/2018 - Americans! Your voting habits are terrible, so register to vote

9/25/2018 - Aadhaar’s most common use is also one of its most dangerous problems

9/25/2018 - Urban bees are living healthier lives than rural bees

9/25/2018 - A new kind of breast pump liberates moms from everything but the tyranny of multitasking

9/25/2018 - All the things that happen to your body when you run a 100-mile marathon

9/25/2018 - The currency of the future is personal data

9/25/2018 - In the future, you’ll never have to leave your neighborhood

9/25/2018 - Big-city capitalism buys our way back to the quiet rural life

9/25/2018 - An urban future means growth for all cities, not just mega-cities

9/25/2018 - The cars of the future will end parking tickets, traffic jams, and car loans

9/25/2018 - Why flamingos, Edna Mode, and cows will be everywhere this Halloween

9/25/2018 - Smart banknotes will be the cash of the future

9/25/2018 - Slums are growing around the world—but a city in Colombia has a solution

9/25/2018 - Thomas Edison thought gold would be worthless, and other money predictions from the past

9/25/2018 - We’ll spend less time commuting and more time relaxing in the neighborhoods of the future

9/25/2018 - Say goodbye to grassroots politics. The future is made of Astroturf

9/25/2018 - The dystopian digital future of fake media

9/25/2018 - The old-school double-agent tactics governments will use to erode trust

9/25/2018 - VR and AR will expand the limits of human perception

9/25/2018 - Censorship could be just as common in an open internet as a closed one

9/25/2018 - Six eerily accurate and hilariously wrong media predictions from the past

9/25/2018 - Frank Lloyd Wright thought we’d be happier in suburbia, and other urban predictions from the past

9/25/2018 - We might have our own currencies in the future

9/25/2018 - The co-founder of Ethereum says we’re thinking about money all wrong

9/25/2018 - Cryptocurrency isn’t reinventing money: It’s reinventing value

9/25/2018 - The once-troubled Horn of Africa is now a positive note on the UN’s busy agenda

9/25/2018 - A stargazing project is stirring up old racial tensions in South Africa’s Karoo

9/25/2018 - Trump aims to lead at UNGA, but his authority at home is eroding

9/25/2018 - What’s at stake with Proof of Stake, the scene in Singapore, and bitcoin to the rescue

9/25/2018 - A new approach in the hunt for Alzheimer’s drugs stops malformed proteins

9/25/2018 - Trump’s UN speech, Instagram departures, visiting Westeros

9/25/2018 - Let the General Debate begin!

9/25/2018 - Sardines

9/25/2018 - Everything you need to know about the massive crisis brewing in India’s financial markets

9/25/2018 - What do India’s youth really care about?

9/25/2018 - Deadly weather is ravaging India—again

9/25/2018 - Rising temperatures threaten India with a grave tropical fever

9/25/2018 - Facebook has finally found someone for its toughest job in India

9/25/2018 - How the “murder capital of the world” became a model for future cities

9/25/2018 - Trump’s UN speech, Instagram departures, visiting Westeros

9/25/2018 - Trump’s UN speech, Instagram departures, visiting Westeros

9/24/2018 - Instagram’s cofounders are leaving the company

9/24/2018 - Working from home? The person on the other end of your call shouldn’t have to know

9/24/2018 - In Fox News interview, Kavanaugh sets a blueprint for Senate hearing

9/24/2018 - Here’s what we learned on the first day of Bill Cosby’s trial

9/24/2018 - Trump addresses UN, Nike earnings, Scrabble says yowza

9/24/2018 - Facebook is being sued by a former content moderator for giving her PTSD

9/24/2018 - Kavanaugh makes the absurd claim that sexual misconduct allegations will scare off good people

9/24/2018 - Weight Watchers’ name change is a perfect metaphor for the hypocrisy of “wellness”

9/24/2018 - “Ew,” “yowza,” and other new Scrabble words to up your game

9/24/2018 - Sardines

9/24/2018 - To satisfy today’s shrewd banking consumers, banks need to go beyond the status quo

9/24/2018 - The speakers to watch at the UN General Assembly this year

9/24/2018 - Nepal is on track to double its wild tiger population in under 10 years

9/24/2018 - There is such a thing as a career hot streak—and it can happen at anytime

9/24/2018 - Donald Trump should take his daughter’s approach to criticism

9/24/2018 - One economist’s explanation for a baffling mystery of the financial crisis

9/24/2018 - One of the world’s oldest—and deadliest—diseases has undeniably racist roots

9/24/2018 - In three months, H-1B spouses may end up jobless—again

9/24/2018 - The essential guide to the 2018 UN General Assembly

9/24/2018 - Michael Kors is buying Versace as it builds a luxury empire

9/24/2018 - Yale Law students canceled classes over Kavanaugh assault allegations

9/24/2018 - The uncynical way to look at Weight Watchers’ name change

9/24/2018 - Apple is reportedly being a huge prude with its TV shows

9/24/2018 - Anthony Bourdain’s premiere posthumous episode was a tribute to Kenya’s diversity

9/24/2018 - Slack has made its biggest acquisition to date

9/24/2018 - I drank champagne in zero gravity to understand the science of popping bubbly in outer space

9/24/2018 - National parks are getting hotter twice as quickly as the rest of the US

9/24/2018 - There’s a “glass cliff” for Asian-American CEOs, too

9/24/2018 - What to watch for in Bill Cosby’s sentencing

9/24/2018 - “I was not willing”: WeChat messages emerge after JD CEO’s rape accusation

9/24/2018 - Moon-Trump meeting, new Kavanaugh accusation, bovine scheduling

9/24/2018 - America’s fastest growing foreign language is from south India

9/24/2018 - The problem with Harvard Business School case studies

9/24/2018 - India’s growth story is leaving out its Muslim minority

9/24/2018 - The disturbing link between gold prices and the survival of girls in India

9/24/2018 - A lone survivor recalls how his five colleagues died in a Delhi sewage tank

9/24/2018 - Indians—men and women—are drinking more alcohol than a decade ago

9/24/2018 - Paytm has a new strategy to beat the competition: snitching

9/24/2018 - Moon-Trump meeting, Vatican-China deal, bovine scheduling

9/24/2018 - Moon-Trump meeting, Vatican-China deal, bovine scheduling

9/24/2018 - Lonely Hong Kong women are being swindled huge sums of money by fake lovers

9/23/2018 - Paleolithic women likely knew a lot more about loving their bodies than we do

9/23/2018 - Asteroid rovers, trade war escalation, bovine scheduling

9/23/2018 - The last US nuclear weapons test took place 26 years ago today

9/23/2018 - To stop Italy’s xenophobic treatment of refugees, the UN should first hold Australia accountable

9/23/2018 - Check out the view from an asteroid 280 million km from Earth

9/23/2018 - Donald Tusk’s Instagram photos are the perfect way to interpret European politics

9/23/2018 - Galileo’s newly discovered letter shows his clever attempt to outsmart the Catholic Church

9/23/2018 - Hypebeast’s Kevin Ma doesn’t care about sneakers anymore. He wants to start a book club instead

9/23/2018 - Tackle your life like it’s a Rubik’s Cube

9/23/2018 - Dementia rates are set to double by 2060, and minorities will get hit hardest

9/23/2018 - All the things that still baffle self-driving cars, starting with seagulls

9/23/2018 - In a few years we’re probably not going to have enough doctors to treat our aging population

9/23/2018 - Don’t expect #MeToo to spell the end of British “lad culture”

9/23/2018 - African fashion brands bring sustainability to the runway, but can they scale up and stay green?

9/23/2018 - Why you should be glad to sit in the middle seat

9/23/2018 - The UK might just get a realistic way to stop Brexit

9/23/2018 - We need to talk frankly about our rapid population growth in Africa if we want to beat poverty

9/23/2018 - Does anyone actually like eating canapés at parties?

9/23/2018 - Africa Innovators 2018, Zambia’s debt woes, Liberia’s missing cash

9/22/2018 - The Vatican has reached an historic deal with China

9/22/2018 - A US congressman’s six siblings bash him in an ad supporting his opponent

9/22/2018 - A flack defending Kavanaugh has quit over misconduct allegations of his own

9/22/2018 - Apple’s big screens are bad news for women, or anyone with small hands

9/22/2018 - Prisons are switching to ebooks—but that’s not a good thing

9/22/2018 - An arsenic soup could be contaminating public water supplies after Hurricane Florence

9/22/2018 - Hurricane Maria hit women the hardest

9/22/2018 - Spotify and Ancestry can use your real DNA to tell your “musical DNA”

9/22/2018 - Cows are happier setting their own schedules, too

9/22/2018 - America’s most beautiful public lands, seen from space

9/22/2018 - Catfishing

9/22/2018 - Catfishing

9/22/2018 - Where does the UN get its money? A simple explanation of a complex system

9/22/2018 - Robert Venturi changed the course of architecture history with the design of his mom’s house

9/22/2018 - Alexa is the future of Amazon’s consumer business

9/22/2018 - Weekend edition—The vital UN, for-profit voluntourism, crosswalk tweaks

9/22/2018 - The Oxford English Dictionary is opening its gates to teenage slang—via Twitter

9/22/2018 - Justin Theroux’s “Maniac” character is an instant comedic classic

9/22/2018 - All the fashion pioneers leading us into the new season

9/22/2018 - Pop culture is making fine art cool again

9/22/2018 - “Chef’s Table” ditches the boys’ club for a triumphant season

9/22/2018 - Catfishing

9/22/2018 - The magic and wonder of Accra’s Chale Wote street art festival

9/22/2018 - Weekend edition—The vital UN, for-profit voluntourism, crosswalk tweaks

9/22/2018 - Weekend edition—The vital UN, for-profit voluntourism, crosswalk tweaks

9/21/2018 - The luxury e-commerce startup Farfetch was just valued at over $8 billion

9/21/2018 - Weekend edition—The vital UN, for-profit volunteerism, crosswalk tweaks

9/21/2018 - The unexpected flippening: XRP battles for the second spot on the crypto charts

9/21/2018 - Catfishing

9/21/2018 - This summer’s wildfires were the largest in California history

9/21/2018 - #WhyIDidntReport: People are sharing why they didn’t report their sexual assaults

9/21/2018 - How the analytics revolution can redefine your business

9/21/2018 - Dollars in the data: how disruptive tech is making data and analytics count

9/21/2018 - All our favorite things about Mister Rogers

9/21/2018 - Nothing about Netflix’s “Maniac” is normal. That’s why it’s so damn good

9/21/2018 - How I will be preparing for Dreamforce, the Burning Man for enterprise technology

9/21/2018 - Kenya has lifted a ban on a lesbian love story movie—just long enough to qualify for the Oscars

9/21/2018 - Senators are asking whether artificial intelligence could violate US civil rights laws

9/21/2018 - Today has been one of the worst days for the pound since Brexit

9/21/2018 - Trump’s ever-changing plan to discuss Iran at the UN is classic White House chaos

9/21/2018 - Quartzy: the fashion pioneers edition

9/21/2018 - Quartzy: the fashion pioneers edition

9/21/2018 - Coke

9/21/2018 - Coke

9/21/2018 - Theresa May’s angry Brexit speech wasn’t really about the EU at all

9/21/2018 - The godfather of crypto has a plan to keep digital payments and messages private

9/21/2018 - The casting director fighting fashion’s diversity problem, one face at a time

9/21/2018 - Do you “zombie check” your phone? New tools can help

9/21/2018 - All the things tourists are not allowed to do in Venice

9/21/2018 - How to ask for the salary you want with zero risk of sounding obnoxious

9/21/2018 - The best time to talk about gun control is right after a shooting

9/21/2018 - New York gets tough, Binance pivots to fiat, XRP bounces

9/21/2018 - Lessons from the overworked mom who wants to pay someone to teach her family how to do chores

9/21/2018 - The amazing sorcery of the new iPhone cameras

9/21/2018 - One small change to New York’s intersections is saving pedestrians’ lives

9/21/2018 - The road to lousy infrastructure investments is paved with good intentions

9/21/2018 - The battle for Sky, Tesla exodus, Black Twitter vocab

9/21/2018 - Here’s what to do in the month before you return to work from maternity leave

9/21/2018 - Coke

9/21/2018 - The secret behind Rahul Gandhi’s recent successes on Twitter

9/21/2018 - The danger of the innovation narrative becoming a distraction in Africa

9/21/2018 - Italian workers are earning near sweatshop wages to make luxury clothes in their homes

9/21/2018 - Drone photos capture the staggering inequality in Mumbai

9/21/2018 - The many faces of Anushka Sharma: actor, businesswoman, Bollywood outsider

9/21/2018 - UKIP conference, faux elections, Black Twitter vocab

9/21/2018 - UKIP conference, faux elections, Black Twitter vocab

9/21/2018 - Bombay heart, Urdu ink: A guide to reading Saadat Hasan Manto

9/21/2018 - Amazon Prime Video’s India mantra: “Variety is what sticks with viewers”

9/20/2018 - In the aftermath of a super typhoon, Hong Kong races to save its century-old banyans

9/20/2018 - Kim Jong Un liked his Trump summit so much, he’s calling for another one

9/20/2018 - Everything you need to know about taking Hong Kong’s new high-speed rail to China

9/20/2018 - Tesla’s supply management head leaves amid executive exodus

9/20/2018 - Japan is about to land rovers on an asteroid

9/20/2018 - Fox and Comcast’s Sky battle, Emirates merger talks, Zika as medicine

9/20/2018 - The comedown is beginning for the world’s most valuable cannabis company

9/20/2018 - Spiders have covered a Greek beach in their giant webs

9/20/2018 - Would you get any of these tattoos for a lifetime of free pizza?

9/20/2018 - What felled celebrities can expect from the court of public opinion

9/20/2018 - The dire shape of Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations, in one photo

9/20/2018 - The #MeToo movement calls for cancellation over explanation

9/20/2018 - Coke

9/20/2018 - “Identity bridging” strategies help the recently retired transition

9/20/2018 - North Korea’s government-owned makeup brand wants to take on Chanel and Shiseido

9/20/2018 - The best place to spend the Fall Equinox is at a Mayan pyramid

9/20/2018 - Amazon announced more than a dozen new products today. Here’s what matters

9/20/2018 - A huge ground beef recall was issued in the US after one person died and 17 fell ill from E. coli

9/20/2018 - When Facebook goes down, people go read the news

9/20/2018 - Global poverty reduction is slowing down

9/20/2018 - What it takes to become a Marie Kondo certified professional organizer

9/20/2018 - See the first images snapped by NASA’s observatory hunting alien planets

9/20/2018 - What a favorite Brett Kavanaugh phrase says about the power of men’s silence

9/20/2018 - These are the challenges you will need to overcome when moving to a cloud-first model

9/20/2018 - Why some hurricanes are most deadly after the storm

9/20/2018 - The world’s first hydrogen-powered train makes (almost) complete sense

9/20/2018 - Fortnite’s “explosive” power is killing all other kinds of games

9/20/2018 - There’s an infinite spectrum of personality types that science will never understand

9/20/2018 - How to nail the Q&A portion of your presentation

9/20/2018 - The EU’s antitrust chief is setting her sights on Amazon

9/20/2018 - Octopuses get friendlier on ecstasy, just like humans

9/20/2018 - America can thank Black Twitter for all those new words

9/20/2018 - Vellies

9/20/2018 - Vellies

9/20/2018 - Are rich countries more likely to allow dual citizenship?

9/20/2018 - Fashion is moving faster than ever to the next new thing, and Ssense is selling it

9/20/2018 - Do we still need the United Nations?

9/20/2018 - Having too much fun on your next UK flight could cost you £80,000

9/20/2018 - Mauritius and Britain’s fight over the Chagos Islands shows the toxic legacy of colonialism

9/20/2018 - US oil giants ExxonMobil and Chevron finally join a global climate initiative—as an Indian titan exits

9/20/2018 - Quartz Africa Innovators 2018: A list of 30 pioneers

9/20/2018 - Africa’s fintech startups are innovating out of need and global investors are backing them

9/20/2018 - Africa’s ancient practices are being digitized for the future

9/20/2018 - Tech’s newest unicorn has employees in 45 countries and zero offices

9/20/2018 - Tech savvy innovators are in a race to save their African languages and boost literacy

9/20/2018 - Innovators are Africa’s only real hope for prosperity

9/20/2018 - The six must-read novels that make up this year’s Man Booker Prize shortlist

9/20/2018 - How to develop an innovation culture in the African corporate environment

9/20/2018 - Want to know how Trump’s tariffs will work out for Americans? Consider the washing machine

9/20/2018 - Satellite images show a missile launcher following Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei

9/20/2018 - Trump texts the US, VW pulls out of Iran, “Cathay Paciic”

9/20/2018 - Shipping containers carrying $104 million in bank notes have gone missing in Liberia

9/20/2018 - Vellies

9/20/2018 - Is grade inflation just another way for privileged kids to get ahead?

9/20/2018 - India’s central bank has booted yet another top banker

9/20/2018 - Why isn’t anybody buying India’s biggest helicopter company?

9/20/2018 - Sex ed in schools can be dangerous—but not for the reasons you think

9/20/2018 - What Brexit? These Indian startups are lining up to enter the UK

9/20/2018 - The “forced conversions” of Pakistan’s Hindu women hide a much bigger problem

9/20/2018 - Walmart got Flipkart but Amazon now has More

9/20/2018 - Nosebleeds, debt, and the taxman: Jet Airways just can’t catch a break

9/20/2018 - Najib Razak in court, Jack Ma’s broken promise, “Cathay Paciic”

9/20/2018 - Najib Razak in court, Jack Ma’s broken promise, “Cathay Paciic”

9/19/2018 - With the PlayStation Classic, Sony joins Nintendo and Xbox on the nostalgia train

9/19/2018 - After 240 years, archaeologists may have solved the mystery of the HMS Endeavour

9/19/2018 - EU’s Amazon probe, Malaysia’s 1MDB fallout, golf art

9/19/2018 - A life insurance giant is asking customers to wear health trackers

9/19/2018 - Resiliency in the face of hurricanes makes the case for renewables even stronger

9/19/2018 - Vellies

9/19/2018 - Reminder: Claims about millennials, and every other generation, are bullshit

9/19/2018 - In the aftermath of #MeToo, which names in science should be replaced?

9/19/2018 - There are now more $100 bills than $1 bills in the world

9/19/2018 - In backing Kavanaugh, Orrin Hatch continues decades of denying women’s sexual assault allegations

9/19/2018 - Scientists identified three massive ivory poaching cartels in Africa using genetics

9/19/2018 - How high can the world’s most-valuable cannabis company go?

9/19/2018 - Who was Teddy Perkins? A spine-chilling Emmys whodunit

9/19/2018 - The best story from Texas alligator-hunting season features a great-grandma avenging her miniature horse

9/19/2018 - Nigeria has “suspended”  plans to launch a new national airline

9/19/2018 - The new Apple Watch reviews are in and it seems like a good one

9/19/2018 - The dirtiest place in an airport is the one spot people can’t avoid

9/19/2018 - African migrants crossing the Mediterranean now head to Spain after Italy’s blockade

9/19/2018 - Florence wants its steak named one of the world’s great cultural treasures

9/19/2018 - The farm-animal death toll continues to rise in Hurricane Florence flooding

9/19/2018 - South Africa’s legalization of marijuana use is a big win for privacy

9/19/2018 - #MeToo is not about the fall of men

9/19/2018 - Watch a space robot capture a runaway satellite with its net

9/19/2018 - We may finally know how the sea otter eats three times as much food as a person

9/19/2018 - The US will welcome a maximum of 30,000 refugees next year, the lowest in about four decades

9/19/2018 - Islamic finance is gaining a foothold across Africa

9/19/2018 - Setting a maximum wage for CEOs would be good for everyone

9/19/2018 - What a sneaker store learned from DJ Khaled about how to be cool

9/19/2018 - Obsession

9/19/2018 - Adam Grant says the work day should end at 3 pm

9/19/2018 - Coca-Cola might want to buy some weed soon

9/19/2018 - Gucci’s new Instagram explores global beauty through the centuries

9/19/2018 - The best way to start your job search is to be specific

9/19/2018 - South Africa legalizing pot at home is great news for its neighbors

9/19/2018 - Whalar shows brands how to make friends and influence people in the Instagram age

9/19/2018 - A viral video makes Macron look clueless about France’s unemployed youth

9/19/2018 - Germany’s spy chief suggested far-right violence was fake news—and ended up getting promoted

9/19/2018 - Naspers is spinning off its Multichoice video business to focus on the internet

9/19/2018 - The Wild West days of crypto exchanges are coming to an end

9/19/2018 - NASA’s first flight director’s advice for the first woman to hold his job

9/19/2018 - Everything North and South Korea agreed to at the Pyongyang summit

9/19/2018 - Almost everyone in India is borrowing someone else’s login to stream movies and TV

9/19/2018 - Brazil rate decision, North Korea’s nuclear concession, spider rhymes

9/19/2018 - A prototype of Google’s China search engine reportedly ties queries to phone numbers

9/19/2018 - A Bollywood actor on striking an on-screen friendship with the irreverent Manto

9/19/2018 - Obsession

9/19/2018 - Without the support of their fans, a sports team is 20% more likely to lose

9/19/2018 - Indians are fast losing faith in Modi’s economy

9/19/2018 - The 286 products that escaped Trump’s tariffs

9/19/2018 - Scientists have uncovered a secret “White Shark Cafe” in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

9/19/2018 - More infants died in India last year than in Pakistan, China, and Ethiopia put together

9/19/2018 - How Flipkart’s first product manager is now shaping Swiggy

9/19/2018 - Creative Brexit, North Korea concession, spider rhymes

9/19/2018 - Creative Brexit, North Korea concession, spider rhymes

9/19/2018 - Indian carmakers are trying to sell EVs. It won’t be easy

9/18/2018 - The diver who is suing Elon Musk would have a better shot in the UK

9/18/2018 - Ahead of Kavanaugh’s sexual assault hearing, everyone is mad at everyone

9/18/2018 - Tesla criminal probe, downed Russian plane, spider nursery rhymes

9/18/2018 - The world’s most valuable cannabis company just got a big lift

9/18/2018 - A “Sesame Street” writer settles the question of Bert and Ernie’s relationship

9/18/2018 - Obsession

9/18/2018 - The reviews are in, and the iPhone Xs Max doesn’t seem all that worth it

9/18/2018 - Are professional gamers athletes? ESPN seems to think so

9/18/2018 - Scientists found dozens of ancient ice volcanoes on the dwarf planet Ceres

9/18/2018 - Economists figured out the best way for Uber to say sorry

9/18/2018 - Yet another thing I have in common with Ariana Grande and Chrissy Teigen

9/18/2018 - How spiders terrorized a woman with a creepy midnight nursery rhyme

9/18/2018 - Hog manure is escaping from 30 waste lagoons in North Carolina

9/18/2018 - Thailand is creating an expansive logistics network to connect all of Asia

9/18/2018 - The story of segregation in Los Angeles was only preserved by its black-owned papers

9/18/2018 - Walmart is borrowing luxury’s playbook to gain an edge on Amazon in fashion

9/18/2018 - Why the term “cloud” may be drifting away from enterprise IT terminology

9/18/2018 - Bill Gates on what we know now that we didn’t a year ago (in 895 of his own words)

9/18/2018 - Tesla’s stock tanks after reports of an US criminal investigation into Musk’s statements

9/18/2018 - IKEA’s think tank envisions self-driving cars as rooms on wheels

9/18/2018 - Scientists now think an elite runner will break the two-hour marathon by mid-2020s

9/18/2018 - How can you tell if your former boss will give you a good reference?

9/18/2018 - The “Captain Marvel” trailer, broken down to its amazingly weird parts

9/18/2018 - Forget Instagram—TripAdvisor wants to be your main source of vacation photo spam

9/18/2018 - The other gender pay gap: Women hold only 20% of employee equity

9/18/2018 - The best dinner parties are the ones where guests don’t know one another

9/18/2018 - Vanilla

9/18/2018 - Vanilla

9/18/2018 - Facebook allows ads that discriminate against women, according to the ACLU

9/18/2018 - Jack Ma built Alibaba into a big family. He should now break it up into many smaller companies

9/18/2018 - All around the world, a lot of people think their economic future is bleak

9/18/2018 - Nigeria’s young population will help drive global mobile internet user growth over the next decade

9/18/2018 - No, China is not taking over Zambia’s national electricity supplier. Not yet, anyway.

9/18/2018 - A new study suggests male investors are prone to panic, while women play it smart

9/18/2018 - How Thailand’s massive infrastructure project will create Asia’s next big innovation hub

9/18/2018 - South African schools will start teaching Kiswahili to students from 2020

9/18/2018 - The arbitrary 10-year time limit for women who’ve frozen their eggs

9/18/2018 - Scientists have discovered a potential cure for cocaine addiction: skin grafts

9/18/2018 - All relationships should be as mutually fulfilling as the one between humans and fungus

9/18/2018 - Ethereum’s externalities, Tezos takes off, security token skeptics

9/18/2018 - UN General Assembly begins, first moon tourist, Toronto’s racoon invasion

9/18/2018 - “Hush money” or not, Infosys owes its former CFO $1.68 million

9/18/2018 - Hong Kong will now allow gay expat couples to get spousal visas

9/18/2018 - Vanilla

9/18/2018 - Paris, Leo, and all the other Hollywood stars in the orbit of Malaysia’s 1MDB scandal

9/18/2018 - Ola enters a third international market with a bigger war chest

9/18/2018 - Amazon wants to disrupt India’s old-school insurance industry

9/18/2018 - Overwhelming evidence why India Inc should hire and promote more women

9/18/2018 - What to expect from South Korean president Moon Jae-in’s visit to North Korea

9/18/2018 - India’s creating a new giant by merging three banks. Here’s what it may look like

9/18/2018 - Koreas summit, SpaceX’s first tourist, intelligent raccoons

9/18/2018 - Koreas summit, SpaceX’s first tourist, intelligent raccoons

9/18/2018 - Goldman Sachs downgrades Indian stocks for the first time since 2014

9/18/2018 - Bill and Melinda Gates: The world’s priority should be poverty reduction in Africa

9/17/2018 - Amazon and Hulu won best series Emmys before Netflix

9/17/2018 - Elon Musk says he will fly a Japanese billionaire around the moon

9/17/2018 - The Emmys red carpet confirms: 2018 is the year of the yellow dress

9/17/2018 - Brett Kavanaugh’s first Supreme Court confirmation delay: A public hearing on sexual assault allegations

9/17/2018 - NASA’s first female chief spaceflight director is Holly Ridings

9/17/2018 - Trump’s $200 billion in China tariffs leaves off 300 items like the Apple Watch

9/17/2018 - Korean summit, CBD Coca-Cola, wolf mummies

9/17/2018 - Hurricane Florence floods multiple North Carolina pig-manure lagoons

9/17/2018 - One of the world’s biggest power plant developers just gave up on coal

9/17/2018 - Photos: Super Typhoon Mangkhut mangles all in its path

9/17/2018 - Can you teach a jerk how to be a nice person?

9/17/2018 - Ethiopia’s flag protests show a nation fighting to become united

9/17/2018 - “You have given me ammunition,” the Dalai Lama tells Buddhist abuse victims

9/17/2018 - Vanilla

9/17/2018 - An algorithm is learning to detect whether patients will wake from a coma

9/17/2018 - Sephora will start selling a cannabis-infused face mask this week

9/17/2018 - What Eliud Kipchoge did in the Berlin marathon is jaw-dropping

9/17/2018 - The best countries to live in when you are old

9/17/2018 - When Steve Jobs killed off Apple’s first touchscreen device

9/17/2018 - Steve Jobs licensed Amazon’s one-click patent for $1 million in one phone call

9/17/2018 - The Kavanaugh allegations highlight a little-examined consequence of sexual assault

9/17/2018 - Photos: Florence’s destructive flooding, seen from the air

9/17/2018 - How to watch the 70th Emmy Awards

9/17/2018 - Hillary Clinton’s three-point plan for solving tech’s diversity problem

9/17/2018 - Ronan Farrow responds to Soon-Yi Previn’s saying Mia Farrow is “taking advantage” of #MeToo

9/17/2018 - Brett Kavanaugh isn’t just any man. A Supreme Court Justice must be ethically unimpeachable

9/17/2018 - This ancient ice-age wolf is pretty cute—for a mummy

9/17/2018 - What a MoviePass competitor thinks unlimited movie tickets should actually cost

9/17/2018 - Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller may be erased from Texas students’ history lessons

9/17/2018 - What worker can’t understand the NFL player who quit at halftime?

9/17/2018 - Countries where men hold the power are really bad for men’s health

9/17/2018 - Slowly but surely, working at home is becoming more common

9/17/2018 - Amazon is expanding its cashier-less grocery empire

9/17/2018 - Public officials should be “torn apart” by journalists, says Clinton

9/17/2018 - How to give a presentation with confidence

9/17/2018 - Facebook is hiring a “product policy director” for human rights

9/17/2018 - “Up” is not the only way to move women forward

9/17/2018 - The funniest responses to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie photos

9/17/2018 - The world’s first hydrogen-powered train hits the tracks in Germany

9/17/2018 - H&M is finally digging itself out from under a vast pile of unsold clothes

9/17/2018 - By 2025, machines will do more work than humans, a new report says

9/17/2018 - The UK wants private schools to stop letting criminals pay for elite educations

9/17/2018 - Silicon Valley thinks everyone feels the same six emotions

9/17/2018 - Estonia’s “e-residents” are growing faster than babies are being born in the country

9/17/2018 - The man wanted for Malaysia’s missing billions has surfaced to tell the “true story”

9/17/2018 - New US tariffs on China, Mangkhut and Florence damage, Fortnite divorces

9/17/2018 - The marketing strategy behind 100 years of Tata ads

9/17/2018 - Charted: Fuel prices in top Indian cities

9/17/2018 - India’s current efforts to save the falling rupee may be too little, too late

9/17/2018 - After getting kicked off Facebook, Myanmar’s top general is banned from Russia’s biggest social network

9/17/2018 - Why are legacy consumer firms suddenly keen on Indian startups?

9/17/2018 - India’s bleeding airlines may survive by flying goods, not people

9/17/2018 - The language of “debt-trap diplomacy” reflects Western anxieties, not African realities

9/17/2018 - The Emmys, Mangkhut and Florence destruction, Fortnite divorces

9/17/2018 - The Emmys, Mangkhut and Florence destruction, Fortnite divorces

9/17/2018 - An Indian space scientist accused of spying finds closure after 24 years

9/16/2018 - Florence flooding, hydrogen-powered trains, Fortnite divorces

9/16/2018 - In a new ad, JetBlue celebrates the Puerto Rican tradition of clapping at landing

9/16/2018 - There’s an optimal time to give negative feedback

9/16/2018 - How the leader of Black Lives Matter defines “power”

9/16/2018 - Apple is investing in negative emissions

9/16/2018 - One of the world’s best podcasters shares her secret to leading fascinating interviews

9/16/2018 - Fatal shark attacks are tragic. They’re also very rare

9/16/2018 - The Great British Baking Show, on Netflix and without Mary Berry, is better than ever

9/16/2018 - Fortnite helped cause 5% of UK divorces this year

9/16/2018 - Everyone hates postmodernism—but that doesn’t make it wrong

9/16/2018 - The world has decided bottom-up is the way it’s going to stop climate change

9/16/2018 - Having a fruitful day is all about learning the art of self-control

9/16/2018 - HBO vs. Netflix, Moonves and #MeToo, and what else to watch for at the 2018 Emmys

9/16/2018 - What the oldest drawing found in South Africa tells us about our human ancestors

9/16/2018 - More internet access is coming to Africa, but the market isn’t always ready for it

9/16/2018 - MTN vs Nigeria, Netflix gets original in Africa, cash rules in Rwanda

9/15/2018 - Pictures: Typhoon Mangkhut is slamming Hong Kong

9/15/2018 - Women deserve a place at the center of China’s revolutionary history

9/15/2018 - Typhon Mangkhut wreaked havoc in the Philippines and is heading for China

9/15/2018 - Charted: how much more the new iPhones cost outside the US

9/15/2018 - Floyd Mayweather just can’t stay retired

9/15/2018 - The two biggest threats to academic freedom have come together in China

9/15/2018 - BPA-free plastics may not be safer than regular plastics after all, a new study finds

9/15/2018 - Hurricane Florence: what we know

9/15/2018 - Netflix, Amazon, and other tech titans are eclipsing fall TV 2018

9/15/2018 - No one knows where China’s most famous actress has gone

9/15/2018 - Trump’s denial of the Puerto Rico death toll does not belong in a democratic conversation

9/15/2018 - Hurricane Florence is testing how big a mistake Carolina lawmakers made by ignoring science

9/15/2018 - The “Scunthorpe” problem

9/15/2018 - The “Scunthorpe” problem

9/15/2018 - Pioneer women are the latest fashion icons

9/15/2018 - How to read hurricane maps

9/15/2018 - A productivity app with a new twist: Threats

9/15/2018 - Can you guess which of these paintings was not made by a human?

9/15/2018 - The epic rise and fall of the name Heather

9/15/2018 - You’ll find Apple’s best AI in its camera

9/15/2018 - Is Uber a verb?

9/15/2018 - Climate change will kill off icebergs, animals, and metaphors

9/15/2018 - The financial crisis may have scarred a generation for life

9/15/2018 - Weekend edition—Life after Lehman, fashion’s new look, inside Alexa

9/15/2018 - Hedi Slimane’s first bag for Celine is already looking like fall’s “it” bag

9/15/2018 - The awkward absence of race in high school biology classes

9/15/2018 - Nine intriguing new TV shows to try this fall

9/15/2018 - The new Bachelor is a reminder that being a virgin doesn’t mean you treat women well

9/15/2018 - Drawing is the best way to learn, even if you’re no Leonardo da Vinci

9/15/2018 - The day the economy broke, in tweets

9/15/2018 - The “Scunthorpe” problem

9/15/2018 - The financial crisis taught me you can’t count on institutions—but we can count on each other

9/15/2018 - We still don’t understand motion sickness, but it’s likely to get worse in the digital age

9/15/2018 - The Netflix show about K-pop’s first couple you should be watching

9/15/2018 - One of India’s first horror comedies has a radical feminist lesson

9/15/2018 - Weekend edition—Life after Lehman, fashion’s new look, inside Alexa

9/14/2018 - Weekend edition—Life after Lehman, fashion’s new look, inside Alexa

9/14/2018 - South Carolina’s inmates are stuck in Hurricane Florence’s path. Here’s what happened to abandoned prisoners before

9/14/2018 - Weekend edition—Life after Lehman, fashion’s new look, inside Alexa

9/14/2018 - California will build its own satellite to fight climate change

9/14/2018 - Photos: Hurricane Florence makes landfall

9/14/2018 - Hillary Clinton answers rapid-fire questions on Birkenstocks, bitcoin, and dogs vs. cats

9/14/2018 - The “Scunthorpe” problem

9/14/2018 - The National Hurricane Center predicted Florence’s landfall spot within two miles of reality

9/14/2018 - The flawed logic of that letter defending Brett Kavanaugh against sexual assault claims

9/14/2018 - Jeff Bezos only expects himself to make three good decisions a day

9/14/2018 - The US usually tells immigrants they are safe from arrest before a hurricane hits. Not this time

9/14/2018 - Here’s how Facebook can be useful during Hurricane Florence

9/14/2018 - The founder of the famous marshmallow test had some great advice about self-control

9/14/2018 - Canadians who smoke legal weed—or invest in it—could face a lifetime ban at the US border

9/14/2018 - Amazon and venture capitalists have the same risk-taking philosophy

9/14/2018 - Mary Meeker is leaving Kleiner Perkins to run her own fund

9/14/2018 - VW is ending production of the Beetle. But the iconic car died long ago

9/14/2018 - Manafort is flipping on Trump: Here’s what prosecutors want to know

9/14/2018 - SpaceX announced a new moon mission. We’ve got questions

9/14/2018 - Moving the office snacks (or water cooler) can have a surprising pay off

9/14/2018 - Quartzy: the sitzfleisch edition

9/14/2018 - Quartzy: the sitzfleisch edition

9/14/2018 - Hurricane Maria was a manmade disaster. Hundreds of families told us what really happened

9/14/2018 - Here are this year’s nominees for the American National Book Award

9/14/2018 - The Hughes Glomar Explorer

9/14/2018 - The Hughes Glomar Explorer

9/14/2018 - Rather than “giving back,” companies should build business models that don’t take away

9/14/2018 - A billionaire trading pioneer is switching his company’s listing to a new stock market

9/14/2018 - The apps Americans are relying on to survive Hurricane Florence

9/14/2018 - A history of the next 10 years in banking

9/14/2018 - Having more rival mobile networks in a country often means cheaper internet for Africans

9/14/2018 - Blockchain bucks, enterprise adoption, and sovereign struggles

9/14/2018 - How to help Hurricane Florence relief efforts

9/14/2018 - Psychologists say selfish people become even more self-serving in a time crunch

9/14/2018 - The stress caused by the 2008 financial crisis had a lasting impact on kids and families

9/14/2018 - Super Typhoon Mangkhut will test a $20 billion bridge in the South China Sea

9/14/2018 - Storms make landfall, Manafort’s plea deal, kidnapped sea snails

9/14/2018 - Your next rental car could be a Porsche

9/14/2018 - On the anniversary of Lehman’s collapse, a stunning trader default in Norway rattles nerves

9/14/2018 - The Hughes Glomar Explorer

9/14/2018 - A US tech company was found guilty of abusing the H-1B visa

9/14/2018 - In India’s Garden City, the flourishing middle class keeps the poor out of parks

9/14/2018 - The myth of fake food, the lack of data and foreign shopkeepers in South Africa

9/14/2018 - India’s favourite pastime? Bollywood music on YouTube

9/14/2018 - Ten years after Lehman’s collapse, these ten risks could cause the next crisis

9/14/2018 - Banks weren’t too big to fail, they were too big to manage

9/14/2018 - Floods in India have displaced more people in the world than any other disaster in 2018

9/14/2018 - Cameroon has been asking Facebook for help with fake news ahead of a contentious election

9/14/2018 - The Dalai Lama’s everyday life captured by India’s most iconic photojournalist

9/14/2018 - Why one of Bollywood’s biggest stars sees YouTubers as competition

9/14/2018 - Mega-storm watch, Paul Manafort’s plea, kidnapped sea snails

9/14/2018 - Mega-storm watch, Paul Manafort’s plea, kidnapped sea snails

9/14/2018 - NASA picked this West African country to find out more about an asteroid in outer space

9/13/2018 - The retirement of Japan’s Madonna marks the end of the country’s golden era of pop

9/13/2018 - Facebook has problems fact-checking words, but now it wants to check photos and videos

9/13/2018 - Florence and Mangkhut, Jeff Bezos charity, shrimp kidnappers

9/13/2018 - The new heart-monitoring capabilities on the Apple Watch aren’t all that impressive

9/13/2018 - Great quarter, guys: Men dominate 92% of all corporate earnings calls

9/13/2018 - The people who refuse to prepare for Hurricane Florence probably share a bias

9/13/2018 - Google created a tool to test for biases in AI data

9/13/2018 - The biggest risk from Hurricane Florence isn’t the wind alone, it’s the storm surge

9/13/2018 - Why can’t more than four people have a conversation at once?

9/13/2018 - The Hughes Glomar Explorer

9/13/2018 - Jeff Bezos has decided to help the homeless

9/13/2018 - Watch Hurricane Florence hit an old Coast Guard station in the middle of the ocean

9/13/2018 - Even after Trump’s cuts at the EPA, emergency officials say they’re ready for Florence

9/13/2018 - The man behind the EU’s copyright law is “surprised” by what’s in the proposal

9/13/2018 - Germany is razing a 12,000-year-old forest to make way for a coal mine

9/13/2018 - With her Fenty X Savage show, Rihanna puts Victoria’s Secret on notice

9/13/2018 - Turkey succumbed to reality and jacked up interest rates to 24%

9/13/2018 - A psychologist’s trick to being more likable on dates and job interviews

9/13/2018 - The abstract beauty of dunes seen from space

9/13/2018 - How a thirst for beer brought us cereals—and not the other way around

9/13/2018 - Les Moonves was ousted because the CBS board wanted loyalty, not justice

9/13/2018 - Jeff Bezos wants to fix preschools by treating them like Amazon

9/13/2018 - These underwater kidnappers wear sea snails like backpacks

9/13/2018 - Everything Apple didn’t announce at its big event

9/13/2018 - American incomes are finally back to pre-crisis levels, unless you live in Florida or Nevada

9/13/2018 - A decade after the financial crisis, the performing arts are making a comeback

9/13/2018 - Google is using peer pressure to help cities save energy

9/13/2018 - Coal ash pits full of arsenic and lead are in the path of Hurricane Florence

9/13/2018 - Nearly half of the EU’s clinical trial results go unreported

9/13/2018 - Understanding how process impacts outcome can help avoid useless meetings

9/13/2018 - Students are resisting in-class presentations. Here’s why teachers shouldn’t cave

9/13/2018 - Puerto Rico eyes building the energy grid of the future

9/13/2018 - The White House’s website deleted the whole archive of its daily newsletters

9/13/2018 - China’s “Polar Silk Road” just got its second icebreaking ship

9/13/2018 - The most memorable phrase of the financial crisis taught us the wrong lesson

9/13/2018 - In the future you may never have to wait in a doctor’s waiting room again

9/13/2018 - Hello Kitty is in the third grade, but her fans are cocktail-drinking millennials

9/13/2018 - Healthcare’s digital transformation is great news for patients and caregivers alike

9/13/2018 - You may be inadvertently discouraging people from giving you feedback

9/13/2018 - K-pop

9/13/2018 - K-pop

9/13/2018 - Tanzania’s government is casting itself as the nation’s sole custodian of data

9/13/2018 - All the things I’ve learned about work in the 2.5 hours I’ve worked this year

9/13/2018 - The long, strange journey of a Renoir painting stolen by the Nazis

9/13/2018 - Can posters fix tech? Here are 150 of them that try

9/13/2018 - Researchers tested conventional foreign aid against cash in Rwanda. Cash won.

9/13/2018 - Our communication is being increasingly limited to emojis

9/13/2018 - Africa’s tourism industry can’t get enough of Airbnb

9/13/2018 - Highsnobiety built an empire at the intersection of sneakers, fashion, and music

9/13/2018 - The RealReal treats your wardrobe as a portfolio of investments to buy and sell

9/13/2018 - At Universal Standard, plus-size clothing is just clothing

9/13/2018 - Watch while boxes of water bottles languish in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria

9/13/2018 - The creative head at Gucci landed his job with a mood board

9/13/2018 - Why the president of Pixar doesn’t believe in mission statements

9/13/2018 - Instagram is flooding parks with visitors. Not everyone is happy

9/13/2018 - I wanted to become an all-American man. So I learned to hunt

9/13/2018 - The history of Myers-Briggs shows how personality tests became a capitalist tool

9/13/2018 - Uber drivers are forcing riders to cancel trips when fares are too cheap

9/13/2018 - An Italian court sent a man to jail for writing fake TripAdvisor reviews

9/13/2018 - Check the label: China now dominates the low-cost hair extension business

9/13/2018 - Immigrants in Texas are being subjected to deadly levels of pollution

9/13/2018 - Tracking Hurricane Florence? Watch your local Waffle House

9/13/2018 - The Philippines is bracing for Super Typhoon Mangkhut

9/13/2018 - Your earliest childhood memory is probably fake

9/13/2018 - US bishops meet the pope, Suu Kyi’s defense, Dogecoin’s rise

9/13/2018 - K-pop

9/13/2018 - How scientists uncovered a new geological age from a cave in Meghalaya

9/13/2018 - Inside Mumbai’s quest for a less-polluting elephant god

9/13/2018 - Two massive storms, the pope’s US meeting, Dogecoin’s rise

9/13/2018 - Two massive storms, the pope’s US meeting, Dogecoin’s rise

9/13/2018 - Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, also needs insurance

9/12/2018 - India’s BJP peddled a prime example of “chartjunk” to its millions of followers

9/12/2018 - Airbnb and Lyft are helping people escape Hurricane Florence

9/12/2018 - Two huge storms, Apple’s tepid unveiling, Dogecoin’s rise

9/12/2018 - The most interesting things Apple makes now are not phones

9/12/2018 - Reddit banned the QAnon subreddit

9/12/2018 - A super typhoon stronger than Hurricane Florence is raging across Asia

9/12/2018 - More than 3.6 million college graduates are living in poverty—and the rate keeps climbing

9/12/2018 - Everything Apple announced at its event today (spoiler: it wasn’t much)

9/12/2018 - K-pop

9/12/2018 - South Africa won’t become less violent until it’s more equal

9/12/2018 - Chromat’s new swimsuit line is for people who hate wearing swimsuits

9/12/2018 - Meet the new species of deep-sea fish so gooey it melts when brought to the surface

9/12/2018 - For the first time, the EU voted to censure a member state

9/12/2018 - People too poor to evacuate Hurricane Florence should ask neighbors for help, FEMA says

9/12/2018 - A bunch of scientists are fighting to make Pluto a planet again

9/12/2018 - The new Apple Watch is going to have more of your health data than your doctor

9/12/2018 - A new report details the grim, familiar pattern of sexual abuse at the Catholic Church—this time, in Germany

9/12/2018 - How does your world view stack up against a Goldman Sachs intern’s?

9/12/2018 - Sorry Billboard, Drake is probably not the biggest artist ever

9/12/2018 - Recruiting efforts aren’t enough to build a great team

9/12/2018 - Trump wanted to print money to repay the national debt. That’s bananas

9/12/2018 - JPMorgan is the new welfare

9/12/2018 - Europe’s latest plan to stem illegal African migration is to create 10 million jobs in five years

9/12/2018 - Here’s where Americans meet the friends they see the most

9/12/2018 - The EU’s copyright law could give news publishers power over Google—if they band together

9/12/2018 - Satellite images show Hurricane Florence joined by two more storms in the Atlantic

9/12/2018 - $10 million of FEMA’s budget was taken to fund a crackdown on immigrants

9/12/2018 - Japan says no to Russia’s surprise offer of a peace treaty

9/12/2018 - Britain is quietly preparing for the world’s largest traffic nightmare

9/12/2018 - Amazon is quietly plotting to dominate live TV

9/12/2018 - New car smell

9/12/2018 - New car smell

9/12/2018 - How to make small talk even if it scares you

9/12/2018 - The FDA will shut down Juul in 60 days if it can’t stop teens from vaping

9/12/2018 - Humans were drawing 30,000 years earlier than we thought

9/12/2018 - Amazon’s latest innovation will deny children the magic of Christmas tree shopping

9/12/2018 - The EU has approved a copyright law that could change the internet as we know it

9/12/2018 - Melinda Gates is leading a new coalition to bring more women of color to tech

9/12/2018 - Who should you trust? Psychologists have a surprising answer

9/12/2018 - The strongest cryptocurrency right now is a total joke

9/12/2018 - Gen Y will change the unspoken rule about working through the holidays

9/12/2018 - Female founders deserve to be funded for their talent, not their gender

9/12/2018 - The portrait of a founder as a young man is finally coming to an end

9/12/2018 - Quartz analyzed the top female founders to understand why their companies are worth just 20% of men’s

9/12/2018 - Being a female founder is still a competitive advantage

9/12/2018 - The Founders Index: A rising generation of female entrepreneurs in the US

9/12/2018 - Banks in Europe have cut jobs to the lowest in at least 20 years

9/12/2018 - Social networks make the world’s largest nations seem small

9/12/2018 - The US now suspects Russian microwaves caused diplomats’ brain injuries

9/12/2018 - Trump policies have left FEMA and the EPA weaker ahead of Hurricane Florence

9/12/2018 - How to watch today’s Apple event

9/12/2018 - Some words sound lovelier than others—and learning a new language can teach you why

9/12/2018 - Apple keynote, Florence nears land, “chairdrobes”

9/12/2018 - New car smell

9/12/2018 - Indian power assets worth $17 billion have been saved from bankruptcy—for now

9/12/2018 - Vegetarian India’s secret love affair with chicken

9/12/2018 - Amsterdam’s “insect hotels” are helping to save the city’s bees

9/12/2018 - France is proposing to give all local cops guns

9/12/2018 - India’s big cryptocurrency court battle is likely to drag on

9/12/2018 - India has forgotten one of its greatest monarchs—a Mughal empress

9/12/2018 - Apple keynote, state of the EU, “chairdrobes”

9/12/2018 - Apple keynote, state of the EU, “chairdrobes”

9/12/2018 - Ola and Uber drivers are paying the price for India’s rising fuel cost

9/12/2018 - India’s pulled at least 170 million people out of poverty since 1990

9/11/2018 - Americans are hoping Amazon can save them from sky-high drug prices

9/11/2018 - Facebook is still a hugely popular news source in the US, even though users expect the news to be fake

9/11/2018 - My first Fashion Week was all about neon tulle, leopard, clear bags, and tiny sunglasses indoors

9/11/2018 - Cinema is not ready for 270-degree movie screens

9/11/2018 - A US city thinks electric scooters are “toys” and should be ridden on the sidewalk

9/11/2018 - Climate change can’t cause a single hurricane, but it can make them all stronger

9/11/2018 - New car smell

9/11/2018 - The EU copyright law that artists love—and internet pioneers say would destroy the web

9/11/2018 - Headline writers are “gaga” for heinous puns this film awards season

9/11/2018 - Investigators say the victim of the Dallas police shooting ignored commands in his own home

9/11/2018 - More US school kids than ever are wearing uniforms this fall

9/11/2018 - What will happen when Hurricane Florence hits North Carolina’s massive pig manure lagoons?

9/11/2018 - 17 years after 9/11, the Trump White House is ignoring everything the US learned that day

9/11/2018 - The US-Canada fight over dairy exposes an inconvenient truth about free markets

9/11/2018 - A new streaming service wants to sell the US sports without advertising

9/11/2018 - Copenhagen’s vibrant Techfestival demonstrates why tech conferences should be open to all

9/11/2018 - To get your mojo back, Novak Djokovic advises hiking up a mountain

9/11/2018 - There’s a name—and a laundry product—for that pile of lightly worn clothes in your bedroom

9/11/2018 - How al-Qaeda survived the war on terror

9/11/2018 - Elmo wants to help prepare you for Hurricane Florence

9/11/2018 - The quarantined flight from Dubai was unusual, but not alarming

9/11/2018 - Decades after 9/11, the American right is behind a terrorism surge

9/11/2018 - The most effective to-do lists account for interruptions

9/11/2018 - Can a fraternity ban on hard alcohol end hazing culture?

9/11/2018 - Photos: The massive scale of Hurricane Florence, seen from space

9/11/2018 - Why women leaders are so often hidden in plain sight

9/11/2018 - Venus flytraps

9/11/2018 - Venus flytraps

9/11/2018 - US companies’ love affair with tax havens could help solve a long-running economic mystery

9/11/2018 - In “Fear,” Jared Kushner fuels suspicion about Trump’s finances

9/11/2018 - The big dispute over Macedonia’s tiny name change

9/11/2018 - Robots will probably help care for you when you’re old

9/11/2018 - A new lawsuit could set boundaries on employers accessing your devices

9/11/2018 - Kenya’s fuel tax is hurting its ride-hailing services

9/11/2018 - The new Nordic cuisine was a bold challenge to the tyranny of French gastronomy

9/11/2018 - “Deny, deny, deny”: Donald Trump’s advice on sex scandals

9/11/2018 - Nike’s latest advertisement features yet another athlete taking a stand

9/11/2018 - Ether’s terrible 200s, Facebook’s blockchain jobs, India’s day in court

9/11/2018 - The solution to Nigeria’s big electricity problem lies in thinking small

9/11/2018 - Could AI allow you to live forever?

9/11/2018 - Trump offered Gary Cohn five wildly different jobs in one conversation

9/11/2018 - Kids are starting a revolution to get their parents to put down their phones

9/11/2018 - A crypto VC puts the bear market in perspective

9/11/2018 - The best foods to eat for psychological well-being are also just the healthiest foods

9/11/2018 - The peace movement needs a rebrand

9/11/2018 - Don’t share your health data with insurance companies just for the perks

9/11/2018 - What it was like working at Apple to create the first iPhone

9/11/2018 - A Dutch financial upstart you may not have heard of is now worth more than Deutsche Bank

9/11/2018 - 9/11 anniversary, Hurricane Florence intensifies, Dutch bee comeback

9/11/2018 - The Indian rupee keeps on sliding. Here’s why

9/11/2018 - The Modi government’s hyped-up mobility summit was much ado about nothing

9/11/2018 - Venus flytraps

9/11/2018 - What does it mean to love in Indian law?

9/11/2018 - How a 150-year-old booze brand is wooing India’s millennials

9/11/2018 - MTN and the multibillion-dollar perils of Nigeria’s regulatory minefield

9/11/2018 - Jack Ma’s lesson to Indian CEOs: Pick the best successor, not just your kid

9/11/2018 - A leaner YouTube is what Africa’s video creators—and audiences—have been waiting for

9/11/2018 - The final court battle for India’s cryptocurrency exchanges begins

9/11/2018 - Russia war games, US hurricane evacuations, Sri Lanka nut rage

9/11/2018 - Russia war games, US hurricane evacuations, Sri Lanka nut rage

9/11/2018 - Silicon Valley’s leadership is lacking, according to one of its most prominent leaders

9/10/2018 - Cannabis stocks are on fire after a $220 million M&A deal

9/10/2018 - All the problematic moments in Netflix’s catfishing romance, “Sierra Burgess is a Loser”

9/10/2018 - Russia wargames, US hurricane evacuations, Zuck’s obsession

9/10/2018 - The battle over Crispr patents comes to a close

9/10/2018 - US college fraternities are banning members from serving hard alcohol

9/10/2018 - Venus flytraps

9/10/2018 - In the most perfect episode of “The X-Files,” Burt Reynolds plays God

9/10/2018 - In the #MeToo era, US hotels are giving workers panic buttons

9/10/2018 - “Shipping,” and other cultural concepts we can trace back to the X-Files

9/10/2018 - 3D-printed guns are dangerous. Ammo control could help

9/10/2018 - It’s possible (and dangerous) to be over-inclusive

9/10/2018 - Why every leader will need Behavioral Science 101 in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

9/10/2018 - For the first time in a decade, American readers care about politics

9/10/2018 - Les Moonves of CBS is the most powerful CEO to be toppled by the #MeToo movement

9/10/2018 - Is a poop a day necessary for good health? Five experts have the same answer

9/10/2018 - JetBlue is charging more for checked bags because it hates raising fares

9/10/2018 - Volkswagen faces angry German investors in a €9 billion dieselgate case

9/10/2018 - This interactive website lets UK citizens see exactly what the EU has done for them

9/10/2018 - Amazon is giving Nike a run for its money

9/10/2018 - Solid Power raises $20 million in the race to build all-solid-state batteries

9/10/2018 - Trump’s plan for peace in the Middle East: Pick a fight with Palestine

9/10/2018 - There are two ways to multitask, but only one works

9/10/2018 - Trump’s lie about US GDP growth, debunked

9/10/2018 - “Bizarre Foods” chef Andrew Zimmern on getting sober—and why every man should go through therapy

9/10/2018 - NASA won an Emmy

9/10/2018 - Massive solar and wind farms could bring vegetation back to the Sahara

9/10/2018 - Doctors are known for their poor bedside manner. Robots might be the answer

9/10/2018 - How AI changed organ donation in the US

9/10/2018 - A kinder, gentler Microsoft is replacing feedback with “perspectives”

9/10/2018 - Trump’s trade war has stalled Volvo’s IPO plans

9/10/2018 - Who’s to blame when a machine botches your surgery?

9/10/2018 - A tool used to track crime could reduce conflict between humans and wild animals

9/10/2018 - Americans are interested in a radical carbon tax that would pay them $2,000 each year

9/10/2018 - For Jack Ma, the ultimate test of leadership was making himself replaceable

9/10/2018 - Netflix is starting to take Africa’s largest movie industry seriously

9/10/2018 - Thousands of Indians are living in the US on expired visas

9/10/2018 - VW on trial, Alibaba succession, teens prefer texting

9/10/2018 - Why 2018 marks a critical milestone in China-Africa relations

9/10/2018 - Pakistan’s new government is trying to walk back from alarming Chinese debt

9/10/2018 - The problem with Twitter’s efforts to pop our information bubbles

9/10/2018 - The leadership lessons from the debacle of a major African sporting event

9/10/2018 - Is Narendra Modi’s India-Africa partnership policy working?

9/10/2018 - Why is India shutting down in protest today?

9/10/2018 - You thought 2018 was bad for the rupee? Just wait for 2019

9/10/2018 - More teens would rather text their friends than hang out IRL

9/10/2018 - Walmart and IKEA have boosted warehousing jobs in India

9/10/2018 - A century ago, postcards were the Instagram of the British in India

9/10/2018 - VW on trial, Swedish election, artificial surf

9/10/2018 - VW on trial, Swedish election, artificial surf

9/10/2018 - Apple’s early-generation smartwatch rules a market where the iPhone is struggling

9/9/2018 - Read Jack Ma’s letter announcing his retirement as Alibaba chairman

9/9/2018 - Jack Ma will celebrate his 55th birthday by retiring as chairman of Alibaba

9/9/2018 - How to watch NFL football live online, no matter where you are in the world

9/9/2018 - Alibaba succession, US-China trade, workplace homicide

9/9/2018 - Why Germany still struggles to come to terms with its first bloody genocide

9/9/2018 - Serena Williams’ clothing line is flying off the shelves

9/9/2018 - It will soon be free to freeze (and unfreeze) your US credit report

9/9/2018 - What some people would pay to eliminate from popular films, if they could

9/9/2018 - Watch SpaceX return to orbit with its Telstar 18 Vantage launch

9/9/2018 - Hurricane Florence is heading toward the US and increasing in force

9/9/2018 - White House chaos is having an impact on the ground in Syria, and beyond

9/9/2018 - A year after the Equifax breach, there are consequences—for consumers

9/9/2018 - Photos: North Korea’s military parade for its 70th birthday sent Trump a signal

9/9/2018 - When news breaks, even US millennials turn to TV

9/9/2018 - Lonely people may be making themselves lonelier

9/9/2018 - What’s Apple doing with all that video it’s getting from Oprah, Spielberg, and others?

9/9/2018 - “As soon as we were alone, his demeanor completely changed. He became rougher, scarier.”

9/9/2018 - Americans could barely buy a coffee with what they spend per year on public media

9/9/2018 - Serena Williams, even in defeat, notches a victory for women

9/9/2018 - Amid controversy, the NFL is still thriving financially

9/9/2018 - What to expect at Apple’s iPhone event

9/9/2018 - The US sure has created a lot of transportation and warehousing jobs lately

9/9/2018 - Forget easy-to-use design. Choose something hard instead

9/9/2018 - Suicide hotlines really do save lives. I know because one saved mine

9/9/2018 - Researchers have developed an electronic skin that lets prosthetic limbs “feel”

9/9/2018 - It’s a myth that Victorian doctors used vibrators to give their patients orgasms

9/9/2018 - It’s 2018 and Britain is fighting to keep its last African colony

9/9/2018 - What to do with all that late summer zucchini: three super-simple ideas

9/9/2018 - Portrait of the street artist as a middle-aged lady

9/9/2018 - Scientists now know which animal bones were used to make man’s first tools

9/9/2018 - China’s $60billion Africa bet, Kenya’s budget flights, Beyonce’s fashion effect

9/8/2018 - Drama at the US Open and a stinging defeat for Serena Williams

9/8/2018 - Why xenophobic violence against migrants in South Africa never really goes away

9/8/2018 - The top publisher on Facebook last month was LADBible.com

9/8/2018 - What happens to African designers when Beyonce and other stars wear your clothes

9/8/2018 - Tallying the cost of campus sex assault

9/8/2018 - Rather than overspending on your wedding, why not just get it #sponsored?

9/8/2018 - New research finds the stereotype that lesbian couples move in quickly is a myth

9/8/2018 - Purple

9/8/2018 - Purple

9/8/2018 - Tesla short sellers are finally making money

9/8/2018 - Real feminists don’t expect all women to be exceptional

9/8/2018 - The Mars colonization drama “The First” is a moving, sincere reminder of human potential

9/8/2018 - Netflix is the king of mediocre streaming-TV series in the US, study suggests

9/8/2018 - Whole Foods workers want to unionize before they are displaced

9/8/2018 - “Move fast and break things” is broken

9/8/2018 - Elon Musk’s latest rant misses the point on sex trafficking in Thailand

9/8/2018 - Hating Amazon is one thing the hard left and hard right agree on

9/8/2018 - Archives from the Booker Prize show it’s gleefully unfair

9/8/2018 - Astrology, the beloved pseudoscience, could actually really help science

9/8/2018 - The Jetpack is finally here, but don’t expect to fly through the clouds just yet

9/8/2018 - This is your reminder that 416 migrant kids have still not been reunited with their parents

9/8/2018 - One of the best ways to enrich your experience of life is vastly underrated

9/8/2018 - Facebook’s fight against fake news isn’t going so well

9/8/2018 - Weekend edition—Bernie vs. Bezos, AI meets medicine, the new skinny jeans

9/8/2018 - We’re one step closer to creating a bionic eyeball, thanks to 3D printing

9/8/2018 - A 19th-century US soldier broke his tooth to protect an egg hidden in his mouth. It was worth it.

9/8/2018 - New memoirs about fashion and boxing show men fighting toxic masculinity

9/8/2018 - Purple

9/8/2018 - Weekend edition—Bernie vs. Bezos, AI meets medicine, the new skinny jeans

9/7/2018 - Weekend edition—Bernie vs. Bezos, AI meets medicine, the new skinny jeans

9/7/2018 - Retiring at 53, Alibaba’s Jack Ma finds a way to one-up Bill Gates

9/7/2018 - Elon Musk just promoted six executives before “the most amazing quarter in our history”

9/7/2018 - Weekend edition—Bernie vs. Bezos, AI meets medicine, the new skinny jeans

9/7/2018 - It’s 2018. Does it really matter if CEOs toke?

9/7/2018 - Can you fight ocean plastic with $40 million worth of plastic?

9/7/2018 - Purple

9/7/2018 - After outcry from actual witches, Sephora’s “Starter Witch Kit” is canceled

9/7/2018 - Barack Obama explains how voting can make workplaces better for women

9/7/2018 - All the ways Democrats found to say “We are here under protest”

9/7/2018 - Slack uses two robots named Salt and Peppa to monitor office security after hours

9/7/2018 - Obama has no time for the anonymous op-ed writer

9/7/2018 - Watch Obama’s fire speech at the University of Illinois

9/7/2018 - The man whose family is accused of fueling the opioid crisis could cash in on it

9/7/2018 - Should Elon Musk really be smoking pot right now?

9/7/2018 - Maybe Elon Musk should smoke more pot

9/7/2018 - Sarah Huckabee Sanders may be pushing up subscriptions to the New York Times

9/7/2018 - British Airways’ massive data breach has given tech upstarts a chance to promote themselves

9/7/2018 - Tesla’s stock plunges after resignations of HR and accounting executives on same day

9/7/2018 - Quartzy: the real men edition

9/7/2018 - Quartzy: the real men edition

9/7/2018 - A tiny hole in the Soyuz spacecraft could be a huge headache for NASA

9/7/2018 - Sheds

9/7/2018 - Sheds

9/7/2018 - Ripple’s general counsel has left the company at an awkward time

9/7/2018 - A nonexhaustive list of people who have compared themselves to Hemingway

9/7/2018 - Why do hip hotels think their guests no longer want bathroom privacy?

9/7/2018 - Jobs at bars and coffee shops are thriving in the Trump economy

9/7/2018 - Market carnage, Ripple’s awkward timing, ShapeShift’s shift

9/7/2018 - The upsides of not winning a Nobel Prize

9/7/2018 - People are getting tired of being told to boycott Nike and other favorite brands

9/7/2018 - The trend in book design that’s contributing to America’s neurosis

9/7/2018 - The DDT of this generation is contaminating water all over the US and Australia

9/7/2018 - US businesses say China makes things great, again and again

9/7/2018 - Europe’s fintech firms are on pace to set an IPO record this year

9/7/2018 - Sweden’s election, British Airways data hack, gardeners vs. carpenters

9/7/2018 - Sheds

9/7/2018 - How to build research-focused universities in Africa

9/7/2018 - N’Golo Kanté is really the world’s best soccer player

9/7/2018 - India’s obsession with IDs is making life hell for the poor

9/7/2018 - China ripped off an iconic Coke ad for its Belt and Road theme song

9/7/2018 - British universities want foreign students to stay back in the UK after graduation

9/7/2018 - Barack Obama comes off the sidelines, at last

9/7/2018 - Europe’s top budget airlines are in talks for long haul flights to Kenya

9/7/2018 - In over 40 countries, laws against homosexuality are a lasting legacy of British rule

9/7/2018 - African countries want more “win” from the win-win, but China isn’t quite ready

9/7/2018 - India’s ancient religions are actually very accepting of gay people

9/7/2018 - Sweden votes, RIP Burt Reynolds, Starbucks in Milan

9/7/2018 - Sweden votes, RIP Burt Reynolds, Starbucks in Milan

9/7/2018 - IKEA India stops serving biryani and samosas after its caterpillar fiasco

9/6/2018 - “History owes an apology”: The key quotes from India’s landmark ruling on gay rights

9/6/2018 - Sweden votes, Sony hacker justice, digital language extinction

9/6/2018 - Google’s newest smartphones will be announced Oct. 9

9/6/2018 - Twitter finally banned alt-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

9/6/2018 - The rhetorical tactic you should steal from Brett Kavanaugh

9/6/2018 - There is one kind of Trump aide most likely to have written the anonymous NYT op-ed

9/6/2018 - Silicon Valley is getting so pricey a university is pleading with professors to house students

9/6/2018 - Where to find the real crazy rich: Asia

9/6/2018 - Trump ditched net neutrality. Now he wants it back—for conservatives on social media

9/6/2018 - Tennis has evolved, and the 30s are the new 20s

9/6/2018 - Sheds

9/6/2018 - It pays to avoid Congressional testimony

9/6/2018 - The Denver airport is leaning into the conspiracy theories. What is it hiding?

9/6/2018 - Inside Starbucks’s supersized homage to its Italian roots

9/6/2018 - Ride-hailing app Taxify is joining the e-scooter fray in Paris

9/6/2018 - Burberry won’t burn unsold goods anymore, but what about brands that didn’t get caught?

9/6/2018 - Barnes & Noble admits that restaurants will not save it

9/6/2018 - Starbucks fulfills its Italian dream. Italians are yet to be enchanted

9/6/2018 - Watergate suggests you shouldn’t believe those denying they’re “anonymous”

9/6/2018 - It’s time to rethink traditional mentoring. Here’s a guide to alternatives

9/6/2018 - Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ad is dividing US police

9/6/2018 - Traditional mentoring can’t keep up today’s pace of change. Here’s how to rethink it

9/6/2018 - Instagram is working on a standalone shopping app because of course it is

9/6/2018 - Cory Booker will risk expulsion from the Senate to release Kavanaugh emails

9/6/2018 - A glimpse of what it will be like to play sports in a hotter world

9/6/2018 - Iceland’s battle against digital extinction

9/6/2018 - Should startups ask for permission or beg for forgiveness?

9/6/2018 - Japan’s dreams of building a space elevator go back to the 19th century

9/6/2018 - Scientists are using chaos to try and beat E. coli

9/6/2018 - Here’s something weird: The dollar is, like, totally ignoring the Fed’s rate hikes

9/6/2018 - The US Congress is getting worried people will use AI to imitate them

9/6/2018 - Lettuce

9/6/2018 - Lettuce

9/6/2018 - If co-working is the future, then it shouldn’t look like a frat house

9/6/2018 - There’s a reason to cut the cord that has little to do with your TV service

9/6/2018 - The way we use mammograms is seriously flawed but AI could change that

9/6/2018 - This is the only parenting book you ever really need to read

9/6/2018 - The first AI approved to diagnose disease is tackling blindness in rural areas

9/6/2018 - If AI is going to be the world’s doctor, it needs better textbooks

9/6/2018 - We trained an algorithm to detect cancer in just two hours

9/6/2018 - Switching careers sounds sexy, but don’t forget to read the fine print

9/6/2018 - Trump’s tax cuts are foiling his beautiful trade war

9/6/2018 - Mercedes-Benz is finally taking on Tesla. It probably won’t work.

9/6/2018 - Olive oil can be a scam. Make sure you’re getting the good stuff

9/6/2018 - Crypto free fall, India’s gay-sex ruling, vegetable-loving sharks

9/6/2018 - How pidgin English became the voice of international media in West Africa

9/6/2018 - For India’s LGBTQ community, scrapping section 377 is only the first step

9/6/2018 - Lettuce

9/6/2018 - Meet the gay couple who pleaded with India’s top court for the right to love

9/6/2018 - A Pacific island nation of 11,000 people is picking a fight with China

9/6/2018 - Timeline: The struggle against section 377 began over two decades ago

9/6/2018 - The world’s biggest democracy just decriminalised sex between gay couples

9/6/2018 - Here are the crusaders who’ve spent decades fighting for gay rights in India

9/6/2018 - The convoluted ways pet owners fly with dogs into the UK

9/6/2018 - “Disease”, “dangerous,” “curable”: What key public figures in India think of homosexuality

9/6/2018 - Crypto free fall, India’s gay-sex ruling, vegetable-loving sharks

9/6/2018 - Crypto free fall, India’s gay-sex ruling, vegetable-loving sharks

9/6/2018 - No US president has faced an affront like the New York Times anonymous op-ed

9/6/2018 - Photos: The entire island of Hokkaido in Japan is without power after an earthquake

9/6/2018 - The new Roomba could be the end of vacuuming

9/5/2018 - See what happened to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s heart rate as he testified to Congress

9/5/2018 - Western scientists who do “helicopter research” need to mentor, not exploit, locals

9/5/2018 - If athletes can dodge military service in South Korea, why can’t pop stars?

9/5/2018 - The race is on to identify the New York Times’ anonymous op-ed author

9/5/2018 - Did Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh lie to Congress?

9/5/2018 - Pompeo in India, crypto plunge, vegetable-loving sharks

9/5/2018 - A new business model built with cheap batteries may finally electrify Africa

9/5/2018 - Lettuce

9/5/2018 - We’re just learning how exposure to air pollution degrades our brains

9/5/2018 - Cryptocurrency markets suffer a sudden and severe faceplant

9/5/2018 - Kavanaugh won’t say how he will rule—and that’s a good thing

9/5/2018 - Introducing Private Key, a newsletter about cryptocurrencies from Quartz

9/5/2018 - Could NYC solve its trash problem with underground trash cans?

9/5/2018 - Russian authorities have charged a feminist blogger with “inciting hatred”

9/5/2018 - Nike’s Kaepernick stock drop is a mere dip in this year’s climb

9/5/2018 - “Law & Order” is an indestructible monolith that will outlive us all

9/5/2018 - The Kavanaugh Senate confirmation fight is actually the first race of the midterms

9/5/2018 - The chaos left behind by Typhoon Jebi, seen from the air

9/5/2018 - Twitter’s Jack Dorsey wore a popped collar to testify to Congress

9/5/2018 - A Dutch company is building a floating dairy farm on a river to save space

9/5/2018 - JUUL

9/5/2018 - JUUL

9/5/2018 - If you think gold is having a bad year, check out silver

9/5/2018 - Our mission statement, Tether talk, and Arianna Simpson

9/5/2018 - How Sheryl Sandberg keeps one-on-ones personal and efficient

9/5/2018 - There’s finally a perfect use for drone delivery

9/5/2018 - Poor people know what a healthy diet looks like—they just can’t afford it

9/5/2018 - “Satisfied” and “inspired”: All the ways African leaders praised their alliance with China

9/5/2018 - Goop will refund purchases of its vaginal eggs as part of a settlement over unscientific claims

9/5/2018 - The BBC is getting into ASMR

9/5/2018 - The quest for adventurous selfies is creating a plague of terrible tourists

9/5/2018 - Experts agree: We’re in the midst of a paradigm shift in women’s trousers

9/5/2018 - Congress grills tech giants, Theranos folds, ruby slippers recovered

9/5/2018 - This is how computers “predict the future”

9/5/2018 - Machines know when someone’s about to attempt suicide. How should we use that information?

9/5/2018 - JUUL

9/5/2018 - At least one Indian authority has an open mind about cryptocurrencies

9/5/2018 - How a Beatles song written in India made Nike a billion-dollar brand

9/5/2018 - MTN’s successful IPO in Ghana shows the far-reaching potential of mobile money in Africa

9/5/2018 - Developed nations are “outsourcing” emissions to India

9/5/2018 - Can Uber’s air taxi plans make a smooth landing in India?

9/5/2018 - Pompeo in Pakistan, tech returns to Congress, recovered ruby slippers

9/5/2018 - Pompeo in Pakistan, tech returns to Congress, recovered ruby slippers

9/5/2018 - Indian telecom is bleeding, but it is also foreign investors’ favourite

9/5/2018 - A new study shows the growing perils for academics researching China

9/4/2018 - Theranos is shutting down

9/4/2018 - In photos: A third bridge collapses in India this year

9/4/2018 - Securitization and mass detentions in Xinjiang: How Uyghurs became quarantined from the outside world

9/4/2018 - Tech returns to Congress, Kavanaugh chaos, recovered ruby slippers

9/4/2018 - The most memorable moment of the Kavanaugh hearing didn’t come from Senators or protesters

9/4/2018 - An actor’s response to being job-shamed contains a lesson for even well-meaning Americans

9/4/2018 - Kavanaugh confirmation hearings: “Our democracy is on trial,” says senator Klobuchar

9/4/2018 - A small rubbery robot could save more water than any conservation campaign

9/4/2018 - JUUL

9/4/2018 - A boycott over Colin Kaepernick isn’t likely to hurt Nike

9/4/2018 - A running list of controversies still raging after Aretha Franklin’s funeral

9/4/2018 - Want to be an artist? Go work at a grocery store

9/4/2018 - The rolling protests during Kavanaugh’s Senate hearing were carefully organized and will continue all week

9/4/2018 - How to find the weird and hilarious Easter eggs in the social media thriller “Searching”

9/4/2018 - The New Yorker’s big mistake was treating its festival like journalism

9/4/2018 - 70 years after its founding, Dr. Bronner’s Soap is a trendy $120 million company

9/4/2018 - Facebook thinks it can make social video happen where Netflix couldn’t

9/4/2018 - The “First Man” American flag controversy is one giant leap for ignorance

9/4/2018 - Senator Feinstein to Kavanaugh: “You ignored and mischaracterized Supreme Court precedent”

9/4/2018 - For a brief, shining moment, Amazon was worth $1 trillion

9/4/2018 - Photos: Japan is rocked by its most powerful typhoon in 25 years

9/4/2018 - Here’s how to learn absolutely anything, according to a world expert

9/4/2018 - The power of cataloging your creative influences

9/4/2018 - The Kavanaugh document dump shows why this Supreme Court nominee is truly unique

9/4/2018 - Watch the tumultuous Brett Kavanaugh Senate hearings live

9/4/2018 - A solar-paneled German car aims to make your daily commute free

9/4/2018 - California just replaced cash bail with algorithms

9/4/2018 - China is doubling down on its “win-win” strategy in Africa

9/4/2018 - Don’t ignore the dread you feel about going back to work

9/4/2018 - Your open office might make you more active and less stressed

9/4/2018 - Listen to how three business leaders successfully maneuver this merger

9/4/2018 - An inside look at how a CEO overhauls company culture

9/4/2018 - Kavanaugh hearing, Trump warns Syria, Yakult’s Netflix boost

9/4/2018 - Should CEOs ever use Twitter?

9/4/2018 - An Indian CEO is held for duping US visa authorities to bring in 200 foreigners

9/4/2018 - Benin is the latest African nation taxing the internet

9/4/2018 - This economic principle is the secret to my family’s morning routine

9/4/2018 - In flood-hit Kerala, an easily treatable disease has killed nearly 70 people

9/4/2018 - Indian safaris have brought Bactrian camels back from the brink of extinction

9/4/2018 - A part of Hong Kong is effectively becoming mainland Chinese territory

9/4/2018 - The Indian techie behind some of Uber’s best innovations

9/4/2018 - Kavanaugh hearing, Kaepernick’s return, back-to-school pole-dancing

9/4/2018 - Kavanaugh hearing, Kaepernick’s return, back-to-school pole-dancing

9/4/2018 - One African country is absent from this week’s big shindig in Beijing

9/4/2018 - Did Nike take a principled stand or make a smart business move with its Kaepernick ad?

9/4/2018 - Here’s why the Indian rupee is in a free-fall

9/4/2018 - A Japanese value retailer is taking India by storm

9/3/2018 - Argentina and Turkey are battling against a collapse in confidence with different weapons

9/3/2018 - Argentine austerity, Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Namibian farmer shoes

9/3/2018 - Trump marked Labor Day by attacking the leader of America’s biggest labor union

9/3/2018 - Photos: Fire at Brazil’s National Museum destroys thousands of years of history

9/3/2018 - The addictive world of toy unboxing videos gives kids the wrong idea about how to have fun

9/3/2018 - Anthony Bourdain wouldn’t want you to go on a Vietnam food tour in his honor

9/3/2018 - Russia is the latest world power eyeing the Horn of Africa

9/3/2018 - France bans phones in primary and middle schools

9/3/2018 - Don’t call Balmain’s new CGI model campaign “diversity”

9/3/2018 - A hip new seltzer subscription service is coming for LaCroix

9/3/2018 - The specter of Sri Lanka’s Chinese debt is hovering over a gathering of African leaders in Beijing

9/3/2018 - Europe is trying to play catch-up to China’s dominance in Africa

9/3/2018 - US Labor Day, Reuters journalists jailed, the mysterious “Planet Nine”

9/3/2018 - Why the euro failed

9/3/2018 - Artificial intelligence can estimate an area’s obesity levels by analyzing its buildings

9/3/2018 - “Semi-automatic” washing machines are an unexpectedly neat trick for apartment-dwellers

9/3/2018 - A Swedish guide to hosting a dinner party where men truly talk to each other

9/3/2018 - Whether you love or hate your first college roommate depends mostly on a single factor

9/3/2018 - The world now wonders if Aung San Suu Kyi will help two convicted Reuters journalists

9/3/2018 - China is generous in promising billions to Africa but is tough in redeeming pledges

9/3/2018 - AI is helping humans do a better job bringing poachers to justice

9/3/2018 - IKEA’s latest challenge in India: a cooked caterpillar

9/3/2018 - A shoe worn by Namibian farmers has become a hipster must-have in the world’s fashion capitals

9/3/2018 - Policy hurdles are puncturing India’s solar boom

9/3/2018 - The US-China Cold War is now playing out in Pakistan

9/3/2018 - From backup dancer to Bollywood baroness: The rise of Malini Agarwal

9/3/2018 - Global currency woes, Myanmar press ruling, witch starter kits

9/3/2018 - Global currency woes, Myanmar press ruling, witch starter kits

9/2/2018 - China-Africa talks, US aid cuts, witch starter kits

9/2/2018 - The one additional phrase that makes California’s historic climate law much more achievable

9/2/2018 - Chrome is turning 10—here are 10 kinds of extensions that make it the best browser

9/2/2018 - The pastor accused of groping Ariana Grande could take a lesson from Shakespeare

9/2/2018 - John McCain’s gift to his daughter was a lesson in resilience

9/2/2018 - Germany’s week of right-wing riots highlights fears of racism becoming more mainstream

9/2/2018 - Japanese customers can’t use the new cryptocurrency on Line’s messaging app

9/2/2018 - The internet is changing what it means to be a summer movie

9/2/2018 - The Pope joins a chorus of voices calling for action against plastic pollution in oceans

9/2/2018 - The best way to discover new music? Listen to the old stuff

9/2/2018 - My favorite beverage is a 2,000-year-old energy drink from ancient Rome

9/2/2018 - Jewish mysticism offers a poetic explanation of the Big Bang and black holes

9/2/2018 - The life-changing class teaching Texas kids resilience after Hurricane Harvey

9/2/2018 - How Trump built an invisible wall around America

9/2/2018 - Today we suffer from “plant blindness,” but Victorian women knew their ferns

9/2/2018 - Deep-learning algorithms are being used to detect lithium-ion batteries in airport luggage

9/2/2018 - 36 awards season movies to watch for in fall 2018

9/2/2018 - A good night’s sleep is the ultimate luxury—here’s how to get it

9/2/2018 - Transsion’s dominance, Dakar’s Diamniadio, Merkel & May in Africa

9/2/2018 - Senegal hopes it has the next quinoa

9/1/2018 - The crisis in emerging market currencies isn’t going away

9/1/2018 - China is using LinkedIn as a tool to buy American secrets

9/1/2018 - Food on a stick

9/1/2018 - Food on a stick

9/1/2018 - An Israeli company is designing military-grade bulletproof backpacks for US school kids

9/1/2018 - Nestlé is using DNA to create personalized diets in Japan

9/1/2018 - Hollywood movies are truly global now

9/1/2018 - Tesla is not cool. Just ask hip hop and R&B

9/1/2018 - How White House lawyer Don McGahn helped break the US election system

9/1/2018 - Who invented rocky road ice cream? It’s complicated

9/1/2018 - Black income is half that of white households in the US—just like it was in the 1950s

9/1/2018 - A short history of terrible diets

9/1/2018 - Functional foods are boring. Someone tell Silicon Valley.

9/1/2018 - ADHD rates in the US almost doubled in the last two decades

9/1/2018 - The divide between the US and Europe is growing, just as Putin hoped

9/1/2018 - Weekend edition—Putin’s playbook, the meaning of work, pot problems

9/1/2018 - The flying-car future is coming, even if no one can agree on when

9/1/2018 - “Crazy Rich Asians” doesn’t show the real Singapore, but this movie does

9/1/2018 - Extreme heat is killing America’s farm workers

9/1/2018 - Food on a stick

9/1/2018 - Uganda’s “regressive” social media tax may cost its economy hundreds of millions of dollars

9/1/2018 - Weekend edition—Putin’s playbook, the meaning of work, pot problems