6/30/2017 - Hong Kong is relentless in its memes making fun of Chinese president Xi Jinping and his followers

6/30/2017 - Weekend edition—Ignoring Trump, bipartisan pseudoscience, neo-Nazis in Ukraine

6/30/2017 - The US needs babies, Morning (Joe) in America, and other stories you may have missed

6/30/2017 - Donald Trump’s new National Space Council is already baffling the space industry

6/30/2017 - Bonobos customers are mercilessly trolling the brand on Facebook about its sale to Walmart

6/30/2017 - The ultimate summer party cocktail for procrastinators

6/30/2017 - A programmer automated their data-entry job. Now the question is whether to tell their employer.

6/30/2017 - Why Iran got away with using a $500 mln New York skyscraper as a secret slush fund for 22 years

6/30/2017 - A finance startup is giving away avocado toast to lure millennials—but it’s really the oldest trick in the banking book

6/30/2017 - Delivery robots, Nigeria’s first ever diaspora bond, Canadian weed shortage

6/30/2017 - Quartzy: the faces and heels edition

6/30/2017 - Donald Trump is planning a trade war, and the first casualty will be American jobs

6/30/2017 - Quartzy: the faces and heels edition

6/30/2017 - Alaska shows even people in the most conservative states prefer a basic income to lower taxes

6/30/2017 - Africa’s presidents keep going abroad for medical treatment rather than fixing healthcare at home

6/30/2017 - Jay-Z’s “exclusive” album is not nearly as exclusive as you think

6/30/2017 - President Trump tried to blackmail us into favorable coverage, television news anchors claim

6/30/2017 - Emmanuel Macron’s official portrait is a symbolic celebration of centrism

6/30/2017 - As Trump hosts schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria, his government mulls cutting international aid

6/30/2017 - It’s not that your teeth are too big – your jaw is too small

6/30/2017 - North Korea’s America-hating postage stamps are mini masterpieces of anti-imperialist propaganda

6/30/2017 - Brits have run down their savings to record-low levels, just as Brexit starts to bite

6/30/2017 - By the time we teach our sons about rape, it’s 15 years too late

6/30/2017 - Primarias Chile, Trump y Peña Nieto, vacas y mujeres

6/30/2017 - Rwanda’s opposition candidates finally have a voice—but no real shot at the presidency

6/30/2017 - Seeing faces in things is an evolutionary hack that helps us make sense of the world

6/30/2017 - This is the only airline that isn’t a fistfight waiting to happen

6/30/2017 - This trend in teen communication just may make the world a better place

6/30/2017 - In a nod to Angela Merkel’s political genius, Germany votes “yes” to gay marriage

6/30/2017 - Hong Kong, UAE, Singapore: Where parents spend the most on education

6/30/2017 - Uber drivers in Kenya will take selfies to keep riders safe

6/30/2017 - Shocking statistics show how the Great Recession reshaped America for the poor

6/30/2017 - New research says keeping smartphones nearby makes us dumber

6/30/2017 - Trump talks South Korean trade, Germany says “yes” to gay marriage, cockatoo drummers

6/30/2017 - Chinese overseas M&A deals are down this year, and will only fall further

6/30/2017 - Why the rainbow flag emoji flooded the Facebook livestream of Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s remarks in Hong Kong

6/30/2017 - A Montessori-inspired wooden robot teaches toddlers how to code

6/30/2017 - Why do investors keep paying fund managers high fees for poor performance?

6/30/2017 - A new museum is preparing people for the downfall of capitalism

6/30/2017 - Britain is exporting droves of retirees to Spain, in exchange for young Spanish workers

6/30/2017 - For starters, just give the Indian soldier a decent rifle to fight with

6/30/2017 - A tiny Indian publisher is translating hidden gems of world literature for global readers

6/30/2017 - China has overtaken the US and UK as the top destination for anglophone African students

6/30/2017 - Germany’s gay-marriage vote, Taiwan’s arms deal, cockatoo drummers

6/30/2017 - Germany’s gay-marriage vote, Taiwan’s arms deal, cockatoo drummers

6/30/2017 - Good monsoons are a boon for India’s farmers but a curse for their school-going children

6/30/2017 - “If you are born and raised in Hong Kong, you care about Hong Kong’s future more than anything”

6/30/2017 - India’s dreadful pollution is blocking sunlight and threatening its booming solar sector

6/30/2017 - India is the best place in the world for lipstick lovers

6/30/2017 - Rodrigo Duterte’s honeymoon period is coming to an end after one year in office

6/29/2017 - The faces of Hong Kong: A timeline of the 20 years since the handover

6/29/2017 - Nike’s new partnership with Amazon brings great benefits and major risks

6/29/2017 - The NRA’s new viral ad dividing Americans into “us” and “them” is a centuries-old tactic

6/29/2017 - “Kate’s Law” will punish undocumented immigrants but won’t do much to prevent crimes by them

6/29/2017 - Murdoch blocked, Trump condemned, cockatoo drummers

6/29/2017 - The Trump travel ban is “redefining what a family is”

6/29/2017 - Blue Apron’s stock forgot to pop

6/29/2017 - Calling all aliens, Trump’s sexist remark, and other stories you might have missed

6/29/2017 - A huge dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico will soon change how you order seafood

6/29/2017 - Britain’s ancient parliament officially goes “business casual”

6/29/2017 - A lesson in hubris from one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time

6/29/2017 - Psychologists say we really do have dating “types”—and they reveal a lot about our own habits

6/29/2017 - Your next flu shot may not involve a needle

6/29/2017 - Not even a classic like James Bond is safe from being rebuilt in the model of Marvel

6/29/2017 - Amazon’s new grocery venture gives Jeff Bezos his greatest challenge—creating enough organic food

6/29/2017 - The Republicans’ Medicaid cuts, if they pass, will disproportionately hurt black Americans

6/29/2017 - Steve Jobs is a Rorschach test: To be a good leader, you don’t have to be a jerk

6/29/2017 - PayPal co-founder: America should support immigrant entrepreneurs, not kick them out

6/29/2017 - Fidelity says it’s received more bitcoin donations in six months than in all of 2016

6/29/2017 - Egypt has blocked over 100 local and international websites including HuffPost and Medium

6/29/2017 - Trump will one day no longer be president. The robo-Trump at Disney World is forever.

6/29/2017 - Instagram is now a potent job hiring tool

6/29/2017 - Citizens of six Muslim countries can escape Trump’s travel ban if they meet one of these conditions

6/29/2017 - The World Bank’s “pandemic bonds” are designed so investors pay in the event of an outbreak

6/29/2017 - Dating apps make people less attractive in real life

6/29/2017 - Not all “wellness” is bullshit

6/29/2017 - One of Africa’s wealthiest cities also has some of the cheapest rents in the world

6/29/2017 - Nestle is prioritizing coffee, pets, and bottled water and that says a lot about the world today

6/29/2017 - All the “wellness” products Americans love to buy are sold on both Infowars and Goop

6/29/2017 - Robots used to be advertised as job-saving technology

6/29/2017 - Two obscure Supreme Court decisions have opened the floodgates on public money for private schools in America

6/29/2017 - Emmanuel Macron’s new tech visa will make France an unlikely laboratory for globalization

6/29/2017 - Huelga taxistas Barcelona, Maduro y la fiscal, guarderías bitcoin

6/29/2017 - The real reason why all women should get their DNA tested

6/29/2017 - There is a point at which it will make economic sense to defect from the electrical grid

6/29/2017 - The US “startup visa” is being officially delayed—possibly forever

6/29/2017 - A beautiful data animation shows the unprecedented development of China’s rail system

6/29/2017 - What if your employer paid you to exercise and sleep? Inside one startup’s wellness experiment

6/29/2017 - How to send back restaurant food without being a jerk

6/29/2017 - If you want to be smarter, learn to say “I don’t know”

6/29/2017 - Horror is the only film genre where women appear and speak as often as men

6/29/2017 - Moon meets Trump, Vatican treasurer charged, bouncy castle arson

6/29/2017 - With their European ski trips and Egyptian parties, rich Indian kids live on another planet

6/29/2017 - Startups in Germany are racing their Silicon Valley rivals to reinvent the bus

6/29/2017 - No, Africa is not lacking talented scientists. We’re just not investing in them

6/29/2017 - An entire generation of Indians has grown up unable to type in its own language on mobile phones

6/29/2017 - Apple is ringing in its next retail store with a 250-foot artwork painstakingly made with fabric and X-acto knives

6/29/2017 - A striking photo project asks why India is better at protecting its cows than its women

6/29/2017 - India’s top government banker would take 200 years to earn as much as her private-sector peers

6/29/2017 - The mounting debt at East Africa’s top supermarket chains is souring a rising middle class narrative

6/29/2017 - Staples acquisition, US airline restrictions, bouncy castle arson

6/29/2017 - Staples acquisition, US airline restrictions, bouncy castle arson

6/29/2017 - More than half of the world’s population growth will be in Africa by 2050

6/29/2017 - The pursuit of white women: Brown actors like Aziz Ansari have reduced brown women to a punchline

6/28/2017 - A suspicious Hollywood is finally auditing box-office sales in China

6/28/2017 - China would prefer Hong Kong forget about another historic anniversary that falls this year

6/28/2017 - On June 31, 1997, Hong Kong had a taste of independence for just one day

6/28/2017 - Blue Apron’s spoiled IPO, US airline restrictions, bouncy castle arson

6/28/2017 - Facebook is the new nation state, both sides are winning the war on media, and other stories you might have missed

6/28/2017 - “Immigrants, we get the job done”: The new Hamilton Mixtape video will give you chills

6/28/2017 - Jeff Bezos could teach Donald Trump a thing or two about politics

6/28/2017 - The US will ban laptops on 180 international airlines unless they meet mysterious new security rules

6/28/2017 - Three of the world’s most powerful billionaires agree—there’s one trait you need to succeed

6/28/2017 - Why you should never name a company after yourself

6/28/2017 - Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s failed leader, is defending the toxic leadership of Travis Kalanick

6/28/2017 - No one could’ve guessed just how important the iPhone would be

6/28/2017 - Silicon Valley is home to more toxic Superfund sites than anywhere else in the country

6/28/2017 - The expensive sports TV bundle might be coming to an end sooner than you think

6/28/2017 - A study shows black girls are seen as less innocent than white girls—which dehumanizes them

6/28/2017 - Stephen Colbert “Goop-splains” Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest wellness craze: healing stickers

6/28/2017 - The Louvre may soon be surpassed as the most popular museum in the world

6/28/2017 - The creator of Britain’s most beloved immigrant character has died

6/28/2017 - How Donald Trump talked to this female reporter is every woman’s workplace nightmare

6/28/2017 - Jeff Bezos is off to a good start if his goal is to reinvent philanthropy

6/28/2017 - Finland has a migration crisis, too: Smart, young professionals are moving out

6/28/2017 - The media could better serve readers—and save itself—by putting automatic quality scores on articles

6/28/2017 - People still think eclipses are fire-eating dragons and doomsday predictors

6/28/2017 - Travis Kalanick’s bosses share just as much blame for the Uber calamity

6/28/2017 - A leading Silicon Valley engineer explains why every tech worker needs a humanities education

6/28/2017 - Fancy titles don’t earn respect—good leadership does

6/28/2017 - The Supreme Court case that could shift how Americans vote rests on a simple math equation

6/28/2017 - The Petya ransomware attack made $20k less than WannaCry in its first 24 hours

6/28/2017 - It’s possible—and common—to die from a non-lethal dose of heroin

6/28/2017 - US lawmakers’ new tactic to finally crack down on secretive shell companies: link them to Russia

6/28/2017 - Trump just helped make China great again

6/28/2017 - The case for adult recess

6/28/2017 - Helicóptero en Venezuela, imputaciones por Hillsborough, orcas asesinas

6/28/2017 - Just having your phone within reach makes you dumber

6/28/2017 - Venture capitalists may face a cash crunch as more technology startups stay private longer

6/28/2017 - Working from home is a rich-people thing

6/28/2017 - There are so few women running startups because investors keep asking them these questions

6/28/2017 - These 7,132 guns are the final evidence that Colombia’s 50-year civil war is over

6/28/2017 - Bank stress tests, China ramps up surveillance, “thing” is a thing

6/28/2017 - Sign language has grammar—and it goes way beyond what you do with your hands

6/28/2017 - Even the most cutting-edge quant funds rely on old-school human intuition

6/28/2017 - This Muji-like Chinese chain is expanding in the US—and North Korea

6/28/2017 - A “white savior” memoirist widely mocked in Africa has married Trump’s treasury secretary

6/28/2017 - White parents preferred: UK adoption agency tells British-Sikh couple

6/28/2017 - What you need to know about China’s intelligence law that takes effect today

6/28/2017 - Amazon has quietly released a customized Kindle just for China—where nobody uses Amazon

6/28/2017 - Couples who argue while sleep-deprived risk seriously damaging their health

6/28/2017 - The Indian-American lobby that’s quietly pushing Washington towards New Delhi

6/28/2017 - A world heritage site for wildlife is under threat by a plan to boost Tanzania’s electricity supply

6/28/2017 - A Chinese-built bridge collapsed in Kenya two weeks after it was inspected by the president

6/28/2017 - The Indian airline that even Donald Trump is thanking

6/28/2017 - Bank stress tests, Facebook hits 2 billion, “thing” is a thing

6/28/2017 - Bank stress tests, Facebook hits 2 billion, “thing” is a thing

6/28/2017 - India doesn’t need bear hugs, it needs Modi to negotiate hard with Trump

6/27/2017 - The subtle, invisible AI that Indian unicorns have made a part of consumers’ lives

6/27/2017 - “One country, two systems” is full of contradictions: just look at the Hong Kong-China border

6/27/2017 - EU-Google fine, Facebook hits 2 billion, “thing” is a thing

6/27/2017 - Hampton Creek is now growing its own meat in labs—and it says it will get to stores first

6/27/2017 - AI will boost global GDP by nearly $16 trillion by 2030—with much of the gains in China

6/27/2017 - Milo Yiannopoulos’s self-published book is all about how mean everyone is to him

6/27/2017 - Sally Yates says the US needs more than a special counsel to get to the bottom of the Trump-Russia affair

6/27/2017 - Updating government tech could be a big win for Trump—but he has no one to run it

6/27/2017 - The true story behind Netflix’s superb “GLOW” is just as wild as the show

6/27/2017 - Airbus wants you to think helicopters are cool, so it’s going to make them way faster

6/27/2017 - Will your shampoo make your hair fall out? The US government isn’t sure

6/27/2017 - A new deodorizing hanger promises to make clothes smell fresh without washing

6/27/2017 - 14-year-old Warren Buffett’s first tax return shows he was making bank even as a teen

6/27/2017 - Why Americans have become much more liberal about same-sex marriage, but not abortion

6/27/2017 - After Angela Merkel’s sudden shift, gay marriage could be legalized in Germany this week

6/27/2017 - The EU’s record fine is just the beginning for Google’s monopoly troubles around the world

6/27/2017 - The cyber attack that knocked out Ukraine this morning is now going global

6/27/2017 - Inside Uber’s unsettling alliance with some of New York’s shadiest car dealers

6/27/2017 - “I have a bad feeling about this”: The new Star Wars films aren’t going well for young directors

6/27/2017 - This chart tells you all you need to know about the Republican health care bill

6/27/2017 - The US Supreme Court’s Masterpiece Cakeshop decision will affect more than gay weddings

6/27/2017 - The exact moment to end a client meeting, whether your client is Bob Dylan or Citibank

6/27/2017 - The new Republican health-care bill could make your health insurance cheaper, unless you actually need health care

6/27/2017 - “Thing” now has a new definition in the Oxford English Dictionary, thanks to “The West Wing”

6/27/2017 - Holanda y Srebrenica, fusión Bankia BMN, champán rosado

6/27/2017 - Amazon’s strategy is to beat a cyclical trap known as the “wheel of retailing”

6/27/2017 - The scientific explanation for why so many CEOs act like jerks

6/27/2017 - The neuroscience that explains the awful truth that anyone is capable of accidentally killing their child

6/27/2017 - An artist painted life-size images that aren’t complete until visitors participate

6/27/2017 - If decluttering doesn’t bring you a sense of well-being, try this one minute trick

6/27/2017 - An economist explains why education won’t save us from being replaced by robots

6/27/2017 - The best way to remember a word that’s on the tip of your tongue

6/27/2017 - Steve Jobs taught me that before employees can be creative, they have to feel psychologically safe

6/27/2017 - Psychologists say kids with the skills to succeed in life are better at lying too

6/27/2017 - Google’s huge antitrust fine in Europe is being spun into a debate about American patriotism

6/27/2017 - One metric shows that race in America is about to experience a dramatic shift

6/27/2017 - US threatens Syria, Google’s massive EU fine, Hufflepuff pride

6/27/2017 - Investors are more excited about Macron than Trump at this stage in his presidency

6/27/2017 - Europe is about to make most of its stock market off-limits to secretive “dark pools”

6/27/2017 - How the map of Jammu & Kashmir could have been significantly different today

6/27/2017 - It’s stupid to sell online, says one of India’s biggest retailers

6/27/2017 - How Japanese partnerships and Indian whiskey spawned a $9 billion automotive giant

6/27/2017 - US threatens Syria, Brazil’s beleaguered president, Hufflepuff pride

6/27/2017 - Mumbai has the world’s second-largest collection of Art Deco buildings but no one notices them

6/27/2017 - US threatens Syria, Brazil’s beleaguered president, Hufflepuff pride

6/26/2017 - The things jobless engineers should do to get back into India’s IT game

6/26/2017 - I’m sad for my friend Liu Xiaobo, and for a China that can’t cherish its finest

6/26/2017 - People around the world have more confidence in Vladimir Putin than in Donald Trump

6/26/2017 - In premodern Japan, it was common for aristocrats and samurai to pursue male lovers

6/26/2017 - The photos of doorless shops hidden in Beijing’s alleyways that China is censoring

6/26/2017 - Cantonese isn’t dead yet, so stop writing its eulogy

6/26/2017 - Travel ban revived, Avis wrangles Waymo, Hufflepuff pride

6/26/2017 - You can download Apple’s latest software right now—if you’re a daredevil

6/26/2017 - Patton Oswalt, who knows all about struggle and pain, celebrated JK Rowling’s genius in perfect tweets

6/26/2017 - Neil Gorsuch’s early opinions reveal a deeply conservative Supreme Court justice

6/26/2017 - Trump proclaimed June the official month of many things—with one glaring omission

6/26/2017 - The US Supreme Court’s ruling on Trump’s travel ban helps neither refugees nor national security

6/26/2017 - What re-reading my strip-poker Harry Potter fan fiction from 2004 taught me about being a writer

6/26/2017 - The US Supreme Court just sided with religion in one of the most important church and state cases of our time

6/26/2017 - The Republicans’ health-care cuts would affect 62% of the Americans in nursing homes

6/26/2017 - Google will no longer mine your emails for advertising data

6/26/2017 - Seattle’s minimum-wage increase made the most vulnerable workers poorer

6/26/2017 - A judge has ordered that Salvador Dali’s body be exhumed for a paternity test

6/26/2017 - The unshakable nostalgia of Harry Potter for a generation of fans

6/26/2017 - Putin is closing in on Stalin as the greatest person in history according to Russians

6/26/2017 - The 10 laziest attempts by JK Rowling to name something in Harry Potter, ranked

6/26/2017 - UK prisons are housing a record number of elderly offenders

6/26/2017 - Put your lighters up for Pandora, the music service that briefly changed the world

6/26/2017 - These are the highest-grossing films directed by women—of which “Wonder Woman” now sits on top

6/26/2017 - Nigeria’s first ever diaspora bond has raised $300 million

6/26/2017 - Finally a perk economy passengers want: ‘Neighbor-free’ seating

6/26/2017 - The new, post-Kalanick Uber needs to raise fares and focus on the taxi business, or it will fail

6/26/2017 - Nobody wants an electric guitar anymore

6/26/2017 - There’s no universally correct way to be polite, according to linguistics

6/26/2017 - How doctors, the government, and big pharma teamed up to pump Americans full of opioids

6/26/2017 - Hufflepuff is the best house in Harry Potter—and the most misunderstood

6/26/2017 - Kenya thinks a five-fold tax hike on its betting sector can deter child gambling

6/26/2017 - Fake news of a fatal car crash wiped out $4 billion in ethereum’s market value yesterday

6/26/2017 - One tiny detail at companies like SpaceX, Google, and Airbnb speaks volumes about their culture

6/26/2017 - Late-stage private tech companies are now essentially their own asset class

6/26/2017 - UE y México, Qatar y Al Jazeera, un obispo inglés

6/26/2017 - America’s lax gun laws are giving more and more kids an easy path to suicide

6/26/2017 - Understanding these three principles will help you develop true intrinsic motivation

6/26/2017 - What to watch for on the last day of the US Supreme Court’s current term

6/26/2017 - Selling blood diamonds is as simple as a Facebook post and a WhatsApp message

6/26/2017 - The $100 billion per year back pain industry is mostly a hoax

6/26/2017 - Trump-Modi meeting, Takata bankruptcy, tequila-beer dispute

6/26/2017 - The world’s youngest nation has canceled independence day for the second year in a row

6/26/2017 - Wealth managers are the driving force behind global inequality, according to a sociologist of the ultra-rich

6/26/2017 - Low-skill workers aren’t actually the ones most threatened by robots

6/26/2017 - This simple switch in technique could save tense negotiations like Brexit

6/26/2017 - Hong Kong’s “Will Xi or won’t Xi” visit guessing game is over, but another one has begun

6/26/2017 - The plan for a Great Green Wall to beat back the Sahara needs a rethink

6/26/2017 - Trump-Modi meeting, Takata bankruptcy, tequila-beer dispute

6/26/2017 - Trump-Modi meeting, Takata bankruptcy, tequila-beer dispute

6/26/2017 - Marching with the Mahatma Gandhi of Balochistan, Pakistan’s killing field

6/26/2017 - Trade, terrorism, and H-1B: Modi and Trump’s first meeting has a big menu

6/26/2017 - The five half-truths that explain why millions of Indians remain poor

6/25/2017 - Lynchistan: Hindus silent as a wave of violence against Muslims sweeps India

6/25/2017 - Joshua Wong reflects on Hong Kong’s 1997 handover: “We desire and thirst for freedom, democracy”

6/25/2017 - Hong Kong’s disillusioned youth feel they’re worse off 20 years after the handover

6/25/2017 - Trump-Modi meeting, Pakistani tanker inferno, Amazon drone beehive

6/25/2017 - Canada is facing a weed drought—and it only has itself to blame

6/25/2017 - In Modi, Trump has a partner who can make US-India relations a win-win

6/25/2017 - In Mexico, economic opportunity increases the closer your skin gets to white

6/25/2017 - If you feel like you’re doing everything right and still can’t lose weight, this could be why

6/25/2017 - Sorry folks, but that gorilla isn’t actually dancing—and there are very few animals who actually can

6/25/2017 - Watch live: SpaceX launches satellites into orbit for the second time in 48 hours

6/25/2017 - Insulted tequila makers are threatening to sue Heineken over its tequila-flavored beer

6/25/2017 - A top female Alphabet executive is being floated as a candidate to clean up Uber’s toxic mess

6/25/2017 - The future of advertising: Three takeaways from the Cannes Lions festival in 2017

6/25/2017 - My conversation with Pablo Escobar’s brother taught me a dangerous truth about masculinity

6/25/2017 - Afropunk will make its African homecoming in Johannesburg this year

6/25/2017 - A new study shows sex doesn’t actually sell

6/25/2017 - “Having children ruined my marriage”

6/25/2017 - Scientists are reformulating the party drug Ketamine to remove its terrible side effects

6/25/2017 - The week that was: Three takeaways

6/25/2017 - Busy parents and resistant bugs have given rise to the new industry of professional lice removal

6/25/2017 - Productivity hacks are built for bros

6/25/2017 - Nairobi’s matatus, Ethiopia’s lost city, Africa’s drones

6/25/2017 - The surprising benefits of anxiety

6/25/2017 - A teen health survey crucial to US public policy is finally asking kids about their sexual orientation

6/25/2017 - Fake news is already disrupting Kenya’s high-stakes election campaign

6/24/2017 - Now is a peak time for flight delays in the US

6/24/2017 - Extreme weather has driven hordes of boys and men to embrace skirts as a form of protest

6/24/2017 - World Taekwondo Federation is changing its name because the internet has the sense of humor of a 12-year-old

6/24/2017 - The US government says you shouldn’t be forced to use special characters in your passwords

6/24/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg just sold $42.5 million of Facebook stock

6/24/2017 - Under Trump, US foreign policy is increasingly being left to the generals

6/24/2017 - Spicy food really does keep you cooler in the summer

6/24/2017 - Keeping your hat on in Johannesburg: The tale of an Indian migrant milliner

6/24/2017 - “Wonder Woman” is on track to beat “Iron Man,” which launched the whole Marvel film universe

6/24/2017 - Africa is now the world’s testing ground for commercial drones

6/24/2017 - Weekend edition—Uber’s corrosive sexism, Millennial luxe, where Russian hackers test tactics

6/24/2017 - Wikileaks: The CIA can remotely hack into computers that aren’t even connected to the internet

6/24/2017 - The complete guide to grilling without a grill in your sad apartment kitchen

6/24/2017 - MIT and Google researchers have made AI that can link sound, sight, and text to understand the world

6/24/2017 - Meteorologists are running out of colors to map extreme heat

6/24/2017 - Egyptians still can’t agree if they own two key Red Sea islands or if Saudi Arabia does

6/24/2017 - Forensic dogs aim to solve the mystery of missing aviator Amelia Earhart

6/24/2017 - Disability rights activists protesting the US Senate health care bill explain what’s at stake

6/24/2017 - In the name of all that is holy, please don’t let Sheryl Sandberg become the next CEO of Uber

6/24/2017 - Even unicorns need a moral compass: Uber and the ultimate toxicity of sexism

6/24/2017 - South Africa’s political spats are clogging up the courts

6/24/2017 - Weekend edition—Uber’s corrosive sexism, Millennial luxe, where Russian hackers test tactics

6/24/2017 - Weekend edition—Uber’s corrosive sexism, Millennial luxe, where Russian hackers test tactics

6/23/2017 - Weekend edition—Uber’s corrosive sexism, Millennial luxe, where Russian hackers test tactics

6/23/2017 - Why your guitar gently weeps, Trumpcare makes Americans love Obamacare, and other stories you might have missed

6/23/2017 - Why did the factory cross the road? To get away from Donald Trump’s kiss of death

6/23/2017 - How Europe could be the unexpected beneficiary of America’s fall from global grace

6/23/2017 - This is what reparations could actually look like in America

6/23/2017 - How a hipster reputation masked my hometown’s white hate for decades

6/23/2017 - The word “women” literally never appears in the US Senate’s 142-page health-care bill

6/23/2017 - Watch live as Elon Musk’s rocket company SpaceX launches Bulgaria’s first communications satellite

6/23/2017 - Why a huge chunk of Uber’s workforce already wants Travis Kalanick back

6/23/2017 - The Republican health-care bill means windfall profits for Trump’s billionaire cabinet and other rich people

6/23/2017 - The best TV shows of the year, according to the people who actually run them

6/23/2017 - Dogs have been working alongside humans for much longer than we thought

6/23/2017 - Amazon is entering groceries just as a vicious supermarket war is breaking out

6/23/2017 - Quartzy: the yes we Cannes edition

6/23/2017 - Amazon has so many interns that the Seattle transit system is expanding its bus service

6/23/2017 - Quartzy: the yes we Cannes edition

6/23/2017 - One of the biggest US job creators in IT is an Indian company

6/23/2017 - Jeffrey Katzenberg is making a $600 million bet on mobile TV

6/23/2017 - The danger of robo advisers, according to a star human of the investing world

6/23/2017 - Amazon means trouble for Blue Apron’s IPO, North Korea’s hidden wealth, Finns’ new housing solution

6/23/2017 - The statistical likelihood that asteroids will destroy us all in 10 million years

6/23/2017 - Why the feud among Singapore’s elite isn’t really about Lee Kuan Yew’s house

6/23/2017 - You’re doing your weekend wrong

6/23/2017 - Instagram and Facebook are ruining our fond memories of vacations

6/23/2017 - The only baby book I’m reading while pregnant is this blissfully simple cartoon

6/23/2017 - The steps required to hold onto close friendships as your career gets busier

6/23/2017 - The most anticipated entertainment event this summer isn’t in cinemas

6/23/2017 - Doblete SpaceX, Banco de México, Netflix anorexia

6/23/2017 - Elon Musk’s success comes from having goals he’ll never see accomplished in his lifetime

6/23/2017 - China’s crackdown on the country’s livestreaming craze is getting more intense

6/23/2017 - The British pound isn’t the world’s worst currency in the one year since Brexit, but it’s close

6/23/2017 - The worst jobs in America are getting worse thanks to a loophole in US laws

6/23/2017 - Educating Afghanistan’s young people is the only true solution to the scourge of terrorism

6/23/2017 - Uber’s CEO was brought down by a God complex—and that should scare the rest of Silicon Valley

6/23/2017 - The stars of China’s home food delivery business: spicy hot pot, shredded potato and crawfish

6/23/2017 - Tired of bad English tarnishing its image, China has new translation guidelines for signs

6/23/2017 - Tanzania’s president won’t let pregnant girls come back to school

6/23/2017 - SpaceX’s next trick, Qatar’s brutal to-do list, cheap millennials

6/23/2017 - China wants another try at brainwashing Hong Kong’s young into being obedient patriots

6/23/2017 - Kenya is promising free sanitary napkins to help keep girls in school

6/23/2017 - Happy Birthday, Brexit! One year later and it’s still unclear what Brexit really means

6/23/2017 - Less than a year later, China’s “car-eating,” traffic-straddling bus is officially dead

6/23/2017 - Lagos slum dwellers have claimed a decisive victory to stop the government’s plans to kick them out

6/23/2017 - “Cow economics” is killing India’s working class

6/23/2017 - Brexit negotiations: The best and worst cases for the UK finance industry

6/23/2017 - This online video service wants Africans to subscribe for the price of a “pirated DVD”

6/23/2017 - Unless China changes tack, India won’t be the only country opposing One Belt, One Road

6/23/2017 - Charted: Foreigners trust India’s economy more than Indians themselves do

6/23/2017 - There are too many e-wallets in India and most are near-empty

6/23/2017 - SpaceX’s next trick, no Trump tapes, Aussie toddler tablets

6/23/2017 - SpaceX’s next trick, no Trump tapes, Aussie toddler tablets

6/23/2017 - Sheryl Sandberg’s teachable moment, mobile TV, and news from elsewhere

6/23/2017 - Tesla is shifting gears in China by manufacturing its own cars there

6/22/2017 - “Anybody can code”: The new skills your resume should have to land a tech job in India

6/22/2017 - 13 men crafted a health care bill that is even worse for women than the House AHCA

6/22/2017 - Qatar courts American, no Trump tapes, Aussie toddler tablets

6/22/2017 - DC spills its secrets, the small towns that have too many jobs, and other stories you may have missed

6/22/2017 - Researchers have reevaluated the age at which you officially become “old”

6/22/2017 - The season finale of “Fargo” tackles the “post-truth” chaos of the Trump era

6/22/2017 - Disney gave its beloved Han Solo film to the safest pair of hands possible

6/22/2017 - Facebook’s global expansion no longer has its mission statement standing in the way

6/22/2017 - History has paved a path for CEOs to return and it’s not one for Travis Kalanick

6/22/2017 - The “Downton Abbey” film is happening, but it’s best to keep your expectations low

6/22/2017 - Until the robots can arrange flowers, there will still be jobs for humans

6/22/2017 - Private investment could be the key to bringing electricity to millions of Africans

6/22/2017 - The new Republican health-care bill is no longer a secret. Here’s who it could hurt the most

6/22/2017 - There would be no Uber without Travis Kalanick

6/22/2017 - Spotify is waking up to what it could be: MySpace, but better

6/22/2017 - Why the world’s favorite airline wants a piece of the one in 74th place

6/22/2017 - Nearly every rich country guarantees at least one year of early childhood education—except the US

6/22/2017 - What are your top financial priorities this year?

6/22/2017 - Five things we know about investors in 2017

6/22/2017 - Good managers give constructive criticism—but truly masterful leaders offer constructive praise

6/22/2017 - Older men are fathering a generation of successful geeks, new research has found

6/22/2017 - It took just 81 days for this chip maker to die after Apple dropped it

6/22/2017 - A badly-timed dollar debt has put the future of Nigeria’s No.4 mobile network in doubt

6/22/2017 - These graduate degrees get you out of debt the fastest

6/22/2017 - Is Amazon too big? What Jeff Bezos can learn from John D. Rockefeller

6/22/2017 - The Otto Warmbier tragedy is the latest example of tourists being used as pawns in Asian politics

6/22/2017 - These charts show who you’ll spend your time with across your lifetime

6/22/2017 - A major climate change study was canceled because of climate change

6/22/2017 - Utilities need to plan for a 100% renewable energy future, even if it never happens

6/22/2017 - 600 torres Grenfell, México asesinatos, inodoros sin agua

6/22/2017 - Why Apple’s next big investment should be reshaping capitalism

6/22/2017 - For its next trick, SpaceX will launch two rockets in 48 hours from opposite sides of the US

6/22/2017 - Is it unethical to design robots to resemble humans?

6/22/2017 - The US government’s websites are so unreadable they actually break their own laws

6/22/2017 - The life-changing magic of getting a person to change their mind—even yourself

6/22/2017 - 137 things the Republican party wants to know about every American voter

6/22/2017 - Trump talks drones, healthcare bill reveal, orca gangs

6/22/2017 - Climate change could devastate the birthplace of the arabica coffee bean

6/22/2017 - Unstoppable at home, Ramdev’s Patanjali gets a reality check in Nepal

6/22/2017 - Archaeologists have found proof that an ancient Chinese dynasty used foreign slaves

6/22/2017 - Susan Fowler unravelled Uber; “India’s Fowler” has done the same in Mumbai

6/22/2017 - Indian Muslims don’t even have the right to pick their cricket teams

6/22/2017 - Dangerous ideas, Dame Helen Mirren, and news from elsewhere

6/22/2017 - EU summit, Clooney’s tequila bonanza, orca gangs

6/22/2017 - India’s E Sreedharan: 60 years of building the country’s bridges, railway lines, and metros

6/22/2017 - EU summit, Clooney’s tequila bonanza, orca gangs

6/22/2017 - Bitcoin accepted here: The tiny family restaurant in India that’s embraced virtual currency

6/21/2017 - China is producing way more pork than it actually wants to eat

6/21/2017 - The next iPhone will likely—finally—have a completely new design

6/21/2017 - China snubs Vietnam, Clooney’s tequila bonanza, orca gangs

6/21/2017 - Uber’s CEO rides off, Dems sink into the abyss, and eight other stories you might have missed

6/21/2017 - The downfall of Uber’s Travis Kalanick started with a single blog post

6/21/2017 - George Clooney owns a tequila company, and it just sold for up to $1 billion

6/21/2017 - Disney loves working with indie filmmakers—as long as they do what it says

6/21/2017 - HBO picked the right person to adapt the cult comic “Watchmen” for TV

6/21/2017 - Elon Musk has poached a top mind in AI research—from himself

6/21/2017 - Today would be the perfect day for Amazon to buy Lyft

6/21/2017 - Uber has always represented the best and worst of the global economy

6/21/2017 - What Travis Kalanick could have learned from the woman running China’s Uber

6/21/2017 - Snapchat just added another confusing way to use its app

6/21/2017 - What’s next for Travis Kalanick?

6/21/2017 - Behold the daring, water-free future of the modern toilet

6/21/2017 - The fate of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was sealed in March

6/21/2017 - A guide to Composable Infrastructure

6/21/2017 - Composable IT is the CEO’s key to the idea economy

6/21/2017 - Trump’s first judicial nominees: a right-wing blogger, an anti-gay lawyer, and two Obama holdovers

6/21/2017 - World Bank is reinventing itself as a broker for private finance but that puts poverty reduction at risk

6/21/2017 - Diversity in schools makes all students—even white ones—feel safer

6/21/2017 - For a private company, Uber is behaving a lot like a public one

6/21/2017 - Woke pop-culture criticism is supposed to spur us to political action. It’s paralyzing us instead

6/21/2017 - The iPhone changed the world, and it changed Apple—except in one crucial way

6/21/2017 - Amazon paying $6,000 per user to buy Slack might make perfect sense

6/21/2017 - The people within Uber who could potentially replace Travis Kalanick as CEO

6/21/2017 - Emmanuel Macron’s political honeymoon is already over

6/21/2017 - Ford has decided not to send car production to Mexico—but it’s still not staying in the US

6/21/2017 - Psychology studies reveal that secrets are bad for your health—even after you tell them

6/21/2017 - Google is positioning its new job-search product as an effort to save America

6/21/2017 - The most forward-thinking, future-proof college in America teaches every student the exact same stuff

6/21/2017 - The myth that gender is binary is perpetuated by a flawed education system

6/21/2017 - The Queen’s Speech, Uber CEO resigns, high-speed squids

6/21/2017 - A timeline of events that led to the downfall of Travis Kalanick at Uber

6/21/2017 - The revolutionary technology pushing Sweden toward the seemingly impossible goal of zero emissions

6/21/2017 - We asked nine of India’s CEOs and entrepreneurs to tell us their favourite yoga pose

6/21/2017 - A former executive is accusing Infosys of racism that favours Indians

6/21/2017 - Travis Kalanick has resigned as CEO of Uber

6/21/2017 - In Detroit, Jack Ma called counterfeit goods the “cancer” of Alibaba

6/21/2017 - Why Zuckerberg met with the founder of a secret Facebook group for Nigerian women

6/21/2017 - Just 93 votes stopped Theresa May winning a majority in the British election

6/21/2017 - Brits born in the 1980s would be twice as wealthy if born just five years earlier

6/21/2017 - How Nairobi’s loud, unruly matatu buses helped shape a nation

6/21/2017 - Queen’s Speech, Uber takes tips, too hot to fly

6/21/2017 - Queen’s Speech, Uber takes tips, too hot to fly

6/21/2017 - What is the solution for India’s Rs1,00,00,00,00,00,000 bad loan problem?

6/21/2017 - Stan Smith speaks, the sound of brands, and news from elsewhere

6/21/2017 - European gymnastics and bodybuilding have a lot to do with the yoga you practise today

6/20/2017 - 李开复:美剧《西部世界》很难成为现实,但如果变成VR游戏,后果将不堪设想

6/20/2017 - 李开复:人工智能革命可能把世界分为中美两大阵营

6/20/2017 - India’s oldest yogini says you’re doing yoga wrong if you’re working up a sweat

6/20/2017 - World Refugee Day, Georgia’s special election, and eight other stories you might have missed

6/20/2017 - Ford picks China, Uber takes tips, too hot to fly

6/20/2017 - Americans won’t wait more than four minutes for a slightly less disgusting hamburger

6/20/2017 - Uber will pay drivers extra to shuttle teenagers

6/20/2017 - The data prove it: The draft is the NBA’s most important day

6/20/2017 - In a massive change of heart, Uber is adding a tipping option

6/20/2017 - It would only take three Republican senators to end the secrecy around Trump’s health care reform

6/20/2017 - Trump is ready to go to bat for big banks—but Yellen still has an ace up her sleeve

6/20/2017 - Summer hasn’t even started, and it’s so hot in America flights are being grounded

6/20/2017 - It’s not just the US: Chinese factories are turning to automation as wages rise

6/20/2017 - The hardest thing to get right about smartphones is why everyone buys Apple and Samsung

6/20/2017 - Netflix is trying to make TV a more active experience—starting with kids shows

6/20/2017 - Brazil has a Donald Trump, and his chances at the presidency are looking better every day

6/20/2017 - The rush to claim the .africa domain may be tripped up by an online real estate dispute

6/20/2017 - The future of Snapchat filters could allow you to have virtual sex with whoever you want

6/20/2017 - What’s really going on in America’s confrontation with Russia in Syria

6/20/2017 - I want to carpe diem and travel the world—but should I be saving my money instead?

6/20/2017 - An ancient Islamic city has been found under an Ethiopian town where local lore spoke of giants

6/20/2017 - These charts break down the troubling trends with displaced people across Africa

6/20/2017 - Goldman Sachs is ready to disrupt the financial industry’s startups

6/20/2017 - A harmful antibacterial the US has banned in hand soap is still allowed in toothpaste

6/20/2017 - A persistent CEO, a meat buyer, and a gamble—how fake meat finally made it to beef aisle

6/20/2017 - Fraude Mourinho, Argentina a 100 años, helicóptero autónomo

6/20/2017 - A Silicon Valley CEO aims to prove you can crack an entire market without breaking a single egg

6/20/2017 - How the rich get richer, even after they’re dead

6/20/2017 - The essential guide to staying in shape on your next business trip

6/20/2017 - An artist created 2,000 colorful paper guns to challenge perceptions of gun culture

6/20/2017 - A new legal precedent means Americans can go to jail for what they say

6/20/2017 - Singapore’s elite are feuding publicly on Facebook to bypass its state-controlled press

6/20/2017 - Today’s $57 million special election in Georgia could stop Donald Trump’s legislative agenda in its tracks

6/20/2017 - In honor of Cephalopod Week, here are eight fantastic facts about octopuses and their ilk

6/20/2017 - Georgia election, Alibaba in Detroit, electric pee

6/20/2017 - In India, “femvertising” is putting men in the kitchen at last, even if it’s just on TV

6/20/2017 - Is it better for India to have bigger but fewer banks?

6/20/2017 - The CTO of this Chennai startup is proof that the passion to code matters more than an IIT degree

6/20/2017 - India’s top IIT has an unusual solution to tackle student depression: Turn off the power

6/20/2017 - Otto Warmbier dies, Alibaba in Detroit, meat-allergy ticks

6/20/2017 - Otto Warmbier dies, Alibaba in Detroit, meat-allergy ticks

6/20/2017 - Personal oaths, Robot Seacrest, and news from elsewhere

6/19/2017 - The decade-old Tata Group company that wants to build F-16 fighter jets in India

6/19/2017 - American student Otto Warmbier died just days after he was released in a coma by North Korea

6/19/2017 - Disparaging free speech, Jared Kushner’s voice, and eight other stories you might have missed

6/19/2017 - Alibaba woos Detroit, White House tech summit, meat-allergy ticks

6/19/2017 - Facebook’s “Pride button” appears to be rolling out in a way that is culturally sensitive to bigots

6/19/2017 - The Supreme Court will hear a case that could radically redraw America’s electoral map

6/19/2017 - Fake evidence of affairs and other creepy ways government spyware is targeting Mexican journalists

6/19/2017 - Most European Union citizens rarely visit another EU country

6/19/2017 - Goldman Sachs, mocked by prospective client Whole Foods, ended up advising Amazon

6/19/2017 - These are the summer movies that could rock Hollywood’s franchise-loving studio system

6/19/2017 - MIT researchers turned a strip of fabric into a high-tech musical instrument

6/19/2017 - Prepare for “Game of Thrones” to own your summer with this ruthlessly hard quiz

6/19/2017 - Negociaciones Brexit, nuevo atentado en Londres, leche de chocolate

6/19/2017 - With gritted teeth, tech royalty has returned to the White House. Here’s the agenda.

6/19/2017 - An indie rock band just cleared the way for the Washington Redskins to keep their racist name

6/19/2017 - Blue Apron is going public at the most awkward time imaginable, thanks to Amazon

6/19/2017 - The US Supreme Court just ruled that using social media is a constitutional right

6/19/2017 - Muammar Gaddafi’s lost treasure may be stashed in boxes hidden around Africa

6/19/2017 - Eurocrat heatwave guidelines: sit in the dark, avoid alcohol, and head home early

6/19/2017 - The British government knows where terrorists gather on the internet, but it’s not telling

6/19/2017 - Puffin has radically redesigned the covers of classic children’s books using Pantone colors

6/19/2017 - The Great British Bake Off guide to being a happier, calmer human being

6/19/2017 - Tanzania has banned a newspaper for two years as it tightens its media clampdown

6/19/2017 - Three psychological strategies women can use to combat manterruptions at work

6/19/2017 - The racial dynamics between American women are flipped in a disorienting photo series

6/19/2017 - Donald Trump’s presidency is saving the history degree

6/19/2017 - New technology allows companies to do away with hiring and just buy our skills online

6/19/2017 - Long before iPhones, this 19th-century gadget made everyone a mobile addict

6/19/2017 - Chinese demand for rosewood furniture is decimating a rare, slow-growing species of African tree

6/19/2017 - The summer solstice is ancient nature worship with lasting universal appeal

6/19/2017 - Map: Donald Trump’s “mean, mean, mean” health care bill is meanest to his most crucial voters

6/19/2017 - What happens to US health insurance if the hasty Republican overhaul fails?

6/19/2017 - States are treating drug makers like street dealers to address the US opioid epidemic

6/19/2017 - Sending money home to Africa is cheaper than it was, but still higher than anywhere else

6/19/2017 - Your new office lightbulbs may be hacking your circadian rhythms

6/19/2017 - The best ways to get a fat credit card bonus without going into debt

6/19/2017 - Millennials are making it luxe to be more ethical and environmentally aware

6/19/2017 - Brexit talks begin, US Navy tragedy, daredevil botanists

6/19/2017 - Alibaba has come to Detroit to sell small businesses the Chinese dream

6/19/2017 - Airbnb’s chief troubleshooter was founded by three Indian-origin entrepreneurs

6/19/2017 - Can a former OYO Rooms executive build a rival hotel aggregator that lasts?

6/19/2017 - A Chinese woman explains the connection between Buddhism and the movie Dangal

6/19/2017 - In China, a robot has started delivering packages to people

6/19/2017 - Creative robots, Stevie Nicks, and news from elsewhere

6/19/2017 - Brexit talks begin, US Navy tragedy, life-extending gut bacteria

6/19/2017 - Brexit talks begin, US Navy tragedy, life-extending gut bacteria

6/19/2017 - Mom and dad are simply easy targets for India’s stand-up comedians

6/19/2017 - One of the best kept secrets of the Tata Group is leaving the mothership

6/18/2017 - For Filipino domestic workers, being “part of the family” can be a blessing and a curse

6/18/2017 - Brexit talks begin, US Navy tragedy, extreme botany

6/18/2017 - As Amazon purchases Whole Foods, don’t fear for the cashier. Fear for the supermarket

6/18/2017 - The Watergate scandal, which began yesterday in 1972, shows how long it takes to bring down a corrupt president

6/18/2017 - During the Great Depression, Father’s Day was promoted as “second Christmas”

6/18/2017 - Will Megyn Kelly shine a light on Alex Jones, or give a platform to his darkness?

6/18/2017 - The future for Africa’s refugees is as economic partners, not dependents

6/18/2017 - It’s really hard for robots to pick things up but this one is great at it

6/18/2017 - A father’s love is often subtle, but it’s no less important than a mother’s

6/18/2017 - Oliver Stone’s “The Putin Interviews” are a fawning portrait—and perhaps the most complete yet

6/18/2017 - Left handed people are more likely to be geniuses

6/18/2017 - Sweden’s gender-neutral preschools produce kids who are more likely to succeed

6/18/2017 - All hail ggplot2—The code powering all those excellent charts is 10 years old

6/18/2017 - How to save Africa’s elephants, according to game theory

6/18/2017 - A 13th-century ruin listed on Airbnb is a dreamy mix of old and new

6/18/2017 - Brooklyn’s revival has reached the banks of the most toxic urban waterway in America

6/18/2017 - The neo-fascist philosophy that underpins both the alt-right and Silicon Valley technophiles

6/18/2017 - The simple fix that could make the US a lot better at democracy (and more like the French)

6/18/2017 - There’s actually a good reason to be grumpy in the summer

6/18/2017 - The philosophical strategy underlying Emmanuel Macron’s favorite phrase

6/18/2017 - Ghana’s risky migrants, Black Panther’s not real, the African church’s sexism

6/17/2017 - The criminal case against Bill Cosby has been declared a mistrial

6/17/2017 - In taking down Bill Cosby, the internet did what a jury could not

6/17/2017 - Micro-extortion by gangs is costing El Salvador millions of dollars a year, $10 at a time

6/17/2017 - If Trump’s new stance on Dreamers is a bargaining chip, he’s using it wrong

6/17/2017 - The catastrophic consequences of being poor in one of London’s richest neighborhoods

6/17/2017 - Nine mass shootings happened in the US this week. You probably heard about just one of them.

6/17/2017 - Weekend edition—Amazon eats the world, the new markers of wealth, your circle style

6/17/2017 - The magic recipe that caused hippies to fall in love with the incredible, enduring Volkswagen van

6/17/2017 - Immersive technology is making it the most magical time in history to visit a theme park

6/17/2017 - An Arab thinker invented economic theory 400 years before Adam Smith did

6/17/2017 - Harvard’s president is leaving in 2018 and speculation on a replacement—Barack Obama? Janet Yellen?—has already begun

6/17/2017 - The botanists’ last stand: The daring work of saving the last samples of dying species

6/17/2017 - Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is the game-changer

6/17/2017 - The discrepancy in paid leave for birth mothers and “secondary” parents is coming to a head

6/17/2017 - A Florida university is making Quidditch a (virtual) reality

6/17/2017 - Some Nickelodeon kid cartoons have been banned in Kenya for “glorifying homosexuality”

6/17/2017 - Weekend edition—Amazon eats the world, the new markers of wealth, your circle style

6/17/2017 - Weekend edition—Amazon eats the world, the new markers of wealth, your circle style

6/16/2017 - Donald Trump holds over 500 positions outside the US government, his 2017 financials show

6/16/2017 - Weekend edition—Amazon eats the world, the new markers of wealth, your circle style

6/16/2017 - Dreamers in the US, Netflix outgrows cable, and eight other stories you might have missed

6/16/2017 - How serious is Apple about original video? It just hired the TV execs behind “Breaking Bad”

6/16/2017 - If your home wifi router is on this list, it might be vulnerable to CIA hacking tools

6/16/2017 - Amazon buying Whole Foods puts it right next to one-third of America’s richest households

6/16/2017 - The US just sold $500 million of arms to Saudi Arabia, keeping the Middle East’s nastiest conflicts inflamed

6/16/2017 - Who wins and who loses in Amazon’s blockbuster deal to buy Whole Foods

6/16/2017 - What Amazon buying Whole Foods means for Instacart

6/16/2017 - To the cheers of parents and teachers everywhere, Germany will crush tons of confiscated fidget spinners

6/16/2017 - Donald Trump’s latest act of self-sabotage is to declare war on his own Department of Justice

6/16/2017 - The workers who police terrorist content on Facebook were exposed to terrorists by Facebook

6/16/2017 - Walmart thinks it’s moving fast, but it may not be fast enough

6/16/2017 - With more than 50 million US subscribers, Netflix has finally surpassed cable TV

6/16/2017 - Two-thirds of the world now uses mobile, how to sell movies in China, Qatari cow imports

6/16/2017 - Why Jeff Bezos is obsessed with groceries

6/16/2017 - Watch live: The Dalai Lama delivers a public address at University of California San Diego

6/16/2017 - Quartzy: the goopie edition

6/16/2017 - Quartzy: the goopie edition

6/16/2017 - Putin claims Russia proposed a cyber war treaty in 2015 but the Obama administration ignored them

6/16/2017 - It’s time to stop hating on men in shorts

6/16/2017 - South Africa’s plan to create more black mining moguls was met with suspicion and tanking markets

6/16/2017 - Amazon is buying Whole Foods Market for $13.7B—threatening to disrupt three more industries

6/16/2017 - Nigerians want younger presidential candidates for 2019, but that’s unlikely

6/16/2017 - Vladimir Putin has a crazy workout schedule

6/16/2017 - Apple’s top music exec, the man behind Eminem and U2, wants you to stop believing your bullshit

6/16/2017 - Putin and Obama are on first-name terms, according to Putin

6/16/2017 - Cannes Lions bingo: The ad industry’s top buzzwords and jargon in 2017

6/16/2017 - A product designer’s three-year study of sausages led to this—the sausage of the future

6/16/2017 - Poor Americans are less likely to eat fast food than middle class Americans

6/16/2017 - Trump’s win had little to do with manufacturing, and everything to do with cultural identity

6/16/2017 - Your five-year-old is already racially biased. Here’s what you can do about it.

6/16/2017 - Waking up early for work could quite literally be killing you

6/16/2017 - Introducing Quartz’s newest bot: @TrumpOfYore

6/16/2017 - Sweden legally commits to reaching net-zero emissions by 2045

6/16/2017 - China’s bike-sharing boom is hitting speed bumps in the West

6/16/2017 - The Fed has a $4 trillion problem when the next recession hits

6/16/2017 - Getting ready, highlights on the schedule, Cannes bingo

6/16/2017 - The story of US jobs over the past 40 years is the story of Hampden County, Massachusetts

6/16/2017 - Trump’s Cuba u-turn, Mobike’s pedal power, sushi robots

6/16/2017 - Britain celebrates the Queen’s birthday two months after she was born

6/16/2017 - How to go on vacation without talking to anyone

6/16/2017 - Africa’s fast-growing pentecostal mega churches are entrenching old injustices against women

6/16/2017 - Recipes from India’s kitchens: the glorious mango is perfect for any and all summer dishes

6/16/2017 - The real problem with India’s jobs data is that they hide more than they reveal

6/16/2017 - What birth control in 1970s Kenya and mobile phones today teach us

6/16/2017 - The TV shows and novels that will help you understand the weirdness of European politics right now

6/16/2017 - Career advice from the chairman of Tata Sons, as told to the graduating class of 2017 at IIT-Kanpur

6/16/2017 - The “I don’t care” attitude of Indian universities is keeping them off global rankings

6/16/2017 - Greece gets a bailout, Mike Pence gets a lawyer, cosmic bruise

6/16/2017 - Greece gets a bailout, Mike Pence gets a lawyer, cosmic bruise

6/16/2017 - In agrarian India, jobs are moving outside farms but that’s not a great sign

6/16/2017 - North Korea is sitting on trillions of dollars of untapped wealth, and its neighbors want in

6/15/2017 - There are now 16,000 public electric vehicle charging stations in the US (and China has way more)

6/15/2017 - Greek bailout, Nike cuts, sushi robots

6/15/2017 - FIFA is finally stepping up its anti-racism measures in soccer

6/15/2017 - Jeff Bezos is crowdsourcing ideas for a major charity initiative

6/15/2017 - French fry fright, Robert Mueller’s dream team, and eight other stories you might have missed

6/15/2017 - Donald Trump’s new hardline policy on Cuba is yet another gift to Russia

6/15/2017 - Facebook wants to make TV—but like the rest of its content, it won’t be highbrow

6/15/2017 - Liberals shouldn’t celebrate government leaks—they should condemn them as a threat to democracy

6/15/2017 - Refugees in the US quickly pay more in taxes than they get in benefits, according to new research

6/15/2017 - For the first time ever, the US is now getting 10% of its electricity from wind and solar

6/15/2017 - Trump isn’t the first US president accused of obstruction of justice—not even close

6/15/2017 - What you should know about apprenticeships, Trump’s answer to the skills gap

6/15/2017 - Ethereum unleashed the “initial coin offering” craze, but it can’t handle its insane success

6/15/2017 - The new movie by the director of “‘Star Wars: Episode IX” is getting hilariously awful reviews

6/15/2017 - America’s highest-ranking legal official is more interested in protecting his boss than the law

6/15/2017 - Nike is cutting 2% of its global workforce and reorganizing its manufacturing

6/15/2017 - Florida beaches are getting so hot that baby sea turtles are cooking alive

6/15/2017 - Lesotho’s would-be first lady was gunned down just before her husband’s inauguration

6/15/2017 - A political watchdog is suing the Department of Justice over its embrace of private prisons

6/15/2017 - The health-care law that will affect millions of Americans is being actively concealed from them

6/15/2017 - What Amazon would be buying if it buys Slack

6/15/2017 - Vladimir Putin sarcastically offered James Comey asylum in Russia for leaking US secrets

6/15/2017 - One of every $5 in Nigeria’s 2017 budget will be funded by recovered loot

6/15/2017 - Costly cash transfers are the preferred method of sending money to Africa

6/15/2017 - Thanks to Brexit, the UK is seriously considering raising interest rates amid an economic slowdown

6/15/2017 - There’s a good kind of distraction and a bad kind. Here’s how to tell the difference between them

6/15/2017 - Futuristic urns turn death into new life

6/15/2017 - Programmers get so many job offers, a site made a special spam filter to help them cope

6/15/2017 - MIT is “fixing” the low graduation rate in its low-income, LGBT-friendly dorm by kicking everyone out

6/15/2017 - Hedge funds keep accidentally naming themselves after gory, swindling, incestuous Greek gods

6/15/2017 - Trump’s solar border wall with Mexico could pay for itself — if you assume the best

6/15/2017 - When pop stars have Instagram, they no longer need record labels

6/15/2017 - Scientists attached an electronic backpack to a genetically modified dragonfly and turned it into a drone

6/15/2017 - The man who invented the boutique hotel has a new concept of “luxury for all” for the digital age

6/15/2017 - Why “skilled in machine learning” should be the new “proficient in Excel” on your resume

6/15/2017 - Being told to feel happy is making us miserable

6/15/2017 - EEUU y Qatar, Trump y Cuba, Moby y WeTransfer

6/15/2017 - How do you draw a circle? We analyzed 100,000 drawings to show how culture shapes our instincts

6/15/2017 - Women are flocking to wellness because modern medicine still doesn’t take them seriously

6/15/2017 - The US coal industry’s future could be to mine rare-earth metals for wind turbines

6/15/2017 - Pride can be a vice or a virtue, but it all depends on your personality

6/15/2017 - Putin answers questions, Mueller investigates Trump, fish recognize faces

6/15/2017 - Criminalizing non-violent extremism won’t prevent terrorism

6/15/2017 - Even before Tesla can make in India, Elon Musk wants to sell in India

6/15/2017 - In the world’s most expensive real estate market, a parking spot just sold for nearly $700,000

6/15/2017 - The Indian grandmother: an endless source of recipes and life lessons

6/15/2017 - Pakistan is feeling more and more like a Chinatown

6/15/2017 - Chinese smartphone brands are winning over India by recycling tried-and-tested strategies from home

6/15/2017 - Greek bailout talks, US-Qatar arms deal, Asian river pollution

6/15/2017 - Greek bailout talks, US-Qatar arms deal, Asian river pollution

6/15/2017 - Indians are spending billions of dollars on beauty products made with common kitchen ingredients

6/14/2017 - A visit by the Dalai Lama is dividing a US campus where 14% of students are from China

6/14/2017 - A straight married couple became a same-sex one and Singapore’s famous efficiency broke down

6/14/2017 - Norway wants China to forget about the human rights thing and eat salmon instead

6/14/2017 - Trump flattery, Flint manslaughter, and eight other stories you might have missed

6/14/2017 - Congressman shot, London high-rise fire, Asian river pollution

6/14/2017 - Lobbyists are flooding Mar-a-Lago and White House computers with geotargeted ads

6/14/2017 - The Fed raised rates again, and one board member thinks they are making a big mistake

6/14/2017 - The secret to training AI might be knowing how to say “good job”

6/14/2017 - The shooting at a Republican baseball practice instantly became political propaganda

6/14/2017 - A Mexican politician was caught plagiarizing a Frank Underwood monologue from “House of Cards”

6/14/2017 - A ceremony at the Supreme Court tomorrow could be awkward for Trump

6/14/2017 - Facebook built an AI system that learned to lie to get what it wants

6/14/2017 - Pope Francis’s cheap and simple clothes have started a new trend for Catholic clergy

6/14/2017 - A popular chess app inadvertently broke the mathematical limits of older Apple devices

6/14/2017 - The Flint water crisis has led to manslaughter charges for a Michigan health official

6/14/2017 - The official recommendations for reforming Uber describe the perfect modern company

6/14/2017 - This coding school is set up to fail if its students don’t get jobs

6/14/2017 - China became the world’s top exporter by doing the exact opposite of what Trump wants the US to do

6/14/2017 - Donald Trump turns 71 today. Here’s how his age stacks up against other world leaders.

6/14/2017 - JK Rowling made more money than Drake and Cristiano Ronaldo this year, leaving no magical stone unturned

6/14/2017 - Snapchat quietly revealed how it can put AI on your phone

6/14/2017 - The world is awash in $9 trillion of bonds that are guaranteed to lose money

6/14/2017 - Donald Trump’s decision to pick sides in a Middle Eastern religious squabble is making a bad situation worse

6/14/2017 - Elon Musk and linguists say that AI is forcing us to confront the limits of human language

6/14/2017 - What we know about the shooting at a Republican congressional baseball practice outside DC

6/14/2017 - Four strategies to make living with roommates chill—even if they’re practically strangers

6/14/2017 - Asia’s rivers send more plastic into the ocean than all other continents combined

6/14/2017 - The world’s largest wind turbine can power 8,000 homes on its own

6/14/2017 - Rich countries are slashing their education aid and African children will be hit the hardest

6/14/2017 - True crime fans should listen to this new podcast created by San Quentin inmates

6/14/2017 - Why—and how—a successful law firm increased the wages for all of its employees

6/14/2017 - Apple just created the largest installed base of AR-capable devices

6/14/2017 - People who lash out first in personal relationships do so because they lack hope

6/14/2017 - Why the battle against online advertising pollution is being fought by web browsers

6/14/2017 - You don’t know it yet, but in five years, your main source of entertainment will be Hulu

6/14/2017 - Ivory smuggling continues to hurt China’s alliances in Africa

6/14/2017 - Gran incendio en Londres, resultados Inditex, 4.000 vacas

6/14/2017 - Fed raises rates, London’s high-rise fire, croissant crisis

6/14/2017 - Social media is as harmful as alcohol and drugs for millennials

6/14/2017 - Europe dreams of a common military but has too many types of tanks

6/14/2017 - The fight against poverty often focuses on the wrong things

6/14/2017 - Infosys is worried, and it shows

6/14/2017 - India is just half a degree away from a huge spike in heat-related deaths in summers

6/14/2017 - All the losers in the great Indian game of farm-loan waivers

6/14/2017 - A Chinese tycoon just went on a very mysterious leave of absence

6/14/2017 - The brother of Singapore’s prime minister may enter self-exile, all because of a house

6/14/2017 - A stunning project on Google is highlighting some of the uncommon ways Indians drape their saris

6/14/2017 - The spirit of old Hong Kong lives on in these black-and-white images by master photographer Fan Ho

6/14/2017 - Uber CEO exit, Sessions talks Russia, surging slime

6/14/2017 - Uber CEO exit, Sessions talks Russia, surging slime

6/14/2017 - The decline of the fuddy-duddy Indian manager

6/13/2017 - A short list of things US attorney general Sessions could not recall during his Senate testimony

6/13/2017 - New York state just dealt another blow to Uber’s business model

6/13/2017 - An Uber board member made a sexist joke in a meeting about how to save Uber’s culture

6/13/2017 - Postal innovation, seductive vegetables, and eight other stories you might have missed today

6/13/2017 - Uber CEO exit, Sessions talks Russia, social media slime

6/13/2017 - Eric Holder is the disappointed dad Uber desperately needs

6/13/2017 - Read Jeff Sessions’ full remarks before the Senate on Russia

6/13/2017 - There’s an easy marketing trick to get people to eat more vegetables

6/13/2017 - The cutest thing Google has ever made is dead

6/13/2017 - Trump’s and Sessions’s drug policies manage to be both racially discriminatory and totally toothless

6/13/2017 - Spain spent the last 76 years in the wrong time zone—and it’s not healthy for workers

6/13/2017 - Trump may be considering firing the head of the Russia probe. Can he do that?

6/13/2017 - What one underpaid worker making Ivanka Trump’s clothes thinks of her “women who work” philosophy

6/13/2017 - IKEA is releasing a version of its iconic shopping bag made from potato chip wrappers

6/13/2017 - The Marissa Mayer era at Yahoo is officially over

6/13/2017 - Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is taking a break from running the company

6/13/2017 - This startup wants all your job interviews to begin via text message

6/13/2017 - Scientists made a robot dance teacher to help humans feel comfortable interacting with AI

6/13/2017 - US congressional hearings have been turned from a vital part of democracy into a partisan weapon

6/13/2017 - China’s latest investor-funded startup is actually a 200-member girl band

6/13/2017 - Britons have become obsessed with becoming German

6/13/2017 - To stop Africa’s skin bleaching problem, take notes from the natural hair movement

6/13/2017 - A new Google-backed platform exposes the legacy of lynching in America

6/13/2017 - Janet Mock’s new memoir is a radical reimagining of the coming-of-age narrative

6/13/2017 - A career coach explains why the thing that makes you awesome is also the thing that screws you up

6/13/2017 - The Virginia Democratic primary could finally help end the “Hillary or Bernie?” debate

6/13/2017 - Full video: Watch Jeff Sessions testify before the Senate on Russia

6/13/2017 - Kenya’s opposition leader wants to dismantle white-owned ranches

6/13/2017 - Stories of Nigerian “exceptionalism” outside the country remind us of shortcomings at home

6/13/2017 - New research on multiple personalities is challenging the idea that we have a fixed identity

6/13/2017 - Tim Cook admitted Apple is working on building the brains for autonomous cars

6/13/2017 - Ghana is safe and stable, but its young people are still risking their lives to cross to Europe

6/13/2017 - Bitcoin’s soaring price means bankrupt Mt. Gox may soon be able to pay its creditors

6/13/2017 - After violent threats chase Democrats from local political races, new candidates are hard to find

6/13/2017 - Fraude Ronaldo, Podemos y Rajoy, hackers rusos y Britney Spears

6/13/2017 - Brexit is hitting Brits where it hurts—square in the shopping basket

6/13/2017 - The first new US coal mine of the Trump era will employ fewer people than an average supermarket

6/13/2017 - The “Internet of Things” is way more vulnerable than you think—and not just to hackers

6/13/2017 - The psychological benefits of being in a bad mood

6/13/2017 - A simple mental trick can help you figure out who’s telling a lie

6/13/2017 - The private-prison industry has one big client that no one talks about

6/13/2017 - I’m the lawyer who sued chemical giant DuPont on behalf of a baby born without eyes

6/13/2017 - Trump’s economic instincts are Jacksonian (and that is bad)

6/13/2017 - Virgin Orbit’s newly-minted CEO will use psychology to launch satellites faster than anyone else

6/13/2017 - Jeff Sessions in the hot seat, Dennis Rodman in Pyongyang, meerkat gang scents

6/13/2017 - How a belittled, 68-year-old British socialist did the impossible: Get the youth to turn out and vote

6/13/2017 - Flight attendants on Hong Kong’s flagship airline are fighting a plan to make them use their Chinese names

6/13/2017 - A Berkeley professor says preschoolers need the academic skills parents are rebelling against

6/13/2017 - IKEA designers are training with NASA’s space architect to come up with ideas for compact storage

6/13/2017 - Hotels are shrinking rooms and adding more places to be alone with other people

6/13/2017 - We’d have a better chance of preserving Africa’s dying languages if we learned their history

6/13/2017 - Goldman Sachs’ Bloomberg-killing platform might finally be ready to take on Bloomberg

6/13/2017 - The weak and wobbly economy inherited by the UK’s weak and wobbly new government

6/13/2017 - Another cost of Brexit: UK waste companies are paying more for Europe to treat their trash

6/13/2017 - What we know about ISIL’s killing of two Chinese citizens in Pakistan

6/13/2017 - The Indian company building Australia’s largest coal mine is crazy about solar back home

6/13/2017 - As India rolls out bridges and roads to counter China, its secluded tribals could be marginalised even more

6/13/2017 - The science behind why yoga makes us happy

6/13/2017 - Uber exec resigns, Dennis Rodman in Pyongyang, meerkat gang scents

6/13/2017 - Uber exec resigns, Dennis Rodman in Pyongyang, meerkat gang scents

6/13/2017 - In a city with 10 million cars, two IIT grads are helping commuters leave their vehicles at home

6/13/2017 - India’s most prolific hackathon winner never went to an IIT (or any other name brand school)

6/12/2017 - A Chinese city just auctioned Rolex watches, underwear, and Walmart gift cards turned in by civil servants

6/12/2017 - The top of Uber’s org chart looks like a slice of Swiss cheese

6/12/2017 - Uber exec resigns, Trump court setbacks, meerkat gang scents

6/12/2017 - Bill Cosby messed with the wrong daughter. Now a jury will decide if it was a crime.

6/12/2017 - Staying out late two days a week is worse for your health than you think

6/12/2017 - Loving v Virginia, the Pornhub Kinsey scale, and eight other stories you might have missed today

6/12/2017 - A US federal court just used Donald Trump’s own tweets to block his travel ban

6/12/2017 - Rejected possible full names for the Congressional COVFEFE Act

6/12/2017 - After Flint’s water crisis, a massive bottled-water company faces public scrutiny

6/12/2017 - A German discount supermarket chain wants to win over the US with cheap rosé

6/12/2017 - Microsoft is taking a page out of the smartphone industry’s playbook to sell its new video game console

6/12/2017 - The uproar over the Trump-like “Julius Caesar” production misses Shakespeare’s point

6/12/2017 - Egypt wants to ban parents from giving newborns foreign names like “Mark” and “Lara”

6/12/2017 - Black Panther has some impressive superpowers—solving cultural appropriation isn’t one of them

6/12/2017 - Melania Trump’s parents arrive in Washington. Discuss.

6/12/2017 - Why the US government once sued a Nevada casino over a 14-pound solid gold rooster

6/12/2017 - Uber’s most scandal-ridden exec is out—and it’s not Travis Kalanick

6/12/2017 - Today’s dieting trends are tricking people into thinking fruit is unhealthy

6/12/2017 - Chinese media finds a Korea angle to the killing of two Chinese citizens in Pakistan

6/12/2017 - The company behind WordPress is closing its gorgeous San Francisco office because its employees never show up

6/12/2017 - Ten years ago a Stanford professor defined an “über-jerk”—and it sounds a lot like Uber’s management

6/12/2017 - Intravenous hydration drips, celebrity healers, and crystal therapy: Inside the very first Goop summit

6/12/2017 - May débil, Macron arrasa, la pizza más grande

6/12/2017 - Russia’s anti-corruption protests, Uber’s big meeting, record-breaking pizza

6/12/2017 - The 10 worst countries in the world to be a child are all in Africa

6/12/2017 - Can they change, or should we leave? Our toxic relationship with Big Oil

6/12/2017 - This malware activates when you hover over a link in Microsoft PowerPoint

6/12/2017 - A UK train station’s tribute to a famous mathematician got everything right except his math

6/12/2017 - US intelligence agencies are beginning to build AI spies

6/12/2017 - Herman Miller, creator of the Aeron chair, wants to make your desk more like a Fitbit

6/12/2017 - South Africa’s maize farmers who survived climate change are now drowning in debt

6/12/2017 - The silence of the Hindus and the rise of the Hindu nation

6/12/2017 - There’s a simple reason why Indians return to the slums after they’ve been given better housing

6/12/2017 - A series of Chinese inspections have found that 70% of firms violate air pollution regulations

6/12/2017 - Russia’s “anti-corruption” protests, UK election aftermath, Korean menstrual cups

6/12/2017 - Russia’s “anti-corruption” protests, UK election aftermath, Korean menstrual cups

6/12/2017 - In its march to build highways, India is moving backwards—all for a drink

6/12/2017 - A Google algorithm could help Indian diabetics avoid a disease that leads to blindness

6/11/2017 - The waning days of Indian IT workers being paid to do nothing

6/11/2017 - An outcry over DIY period pads has sparked a national menstruation conversation in Korea

6/11/2017 - Uber shakeup, a Potemkin app, pizza that goes for miles

6/11/2017 - The World Bank’s misguided attempts to improve its writing show how bad the communication crisis is in economics

6/11/2017 - On top of everything else in Washington, baby ducks are dropping dead

6/11/2017 - “The world makes me feel like I’m bad at being a woman”

6/11/2017 - It’s totally normal—and maybe even useful—to cut off all your hair to deal with loss

6/11/2017 - Google has built a stunning, searchable archive of 3,000 years of world fashion

6/11/2017 - The new, nearly invisible class markers that separate the American elite from everyone else

6/11/2017 - Why it’s so hard for women to figure out what to wear to work in 2017

6/11/2017 - Scientists are re-starting decades-old research on psychedelic therapy

6/11/2017 - European mobile users this week get a nice bonus for being part of the EU

6/11/2017 - A little-known philosopher’s book on death made him a celebrity in South Korea

6/11/2017 - African startups are betting on the continent’s untapped trove of consumer data

6/11/2017 - Four pivotal elections, China’s Zambia spat, Kenya’s skyscrapers

6/10/2017 - When your boss asks if you want to stay in your job, he’s saying, “You’re fired!”

6/10/2017 - Researchers have found a way to root out identity thieves by analyzing their mouse movements with AI

6/10/2017 - Victories projected for Macron’s party show it’s possible to reinvigorate a nation’s politics

6/10/2017 - Computer printers have been quietly embedding tracking codes in documents for decades

6/10/2017 - The UK election shows voters now value change above all else

6/10/2017 - France and the UK can teach Trump how to revive America’s shrinking middle class

6/10/2017 - BMI calculators aren’t accurate, but our body fat calculator is

6/10/2017 - The purpose of life is to be a nobody

6/10/2017 - Apple’s new App Store policies target China’s online tipping economy

6/10/2017 - Virgin Galactic has given us a first glimpse of its would-be corporate space jet, SpaceShipTwo, in flight

6/10/2017 - The smash hit “Despacito” owes its incredible success to the spread of zumba

6/10/2017 - Artificial intelligence can now predict suicide with remarkable accuracy

6/10/2017 - Weekend edition—Fickle voters, cryptocurrency gold rush, Korean megachurches

6/10/2017 - Ivanka Trump’s faux aura of “power” is the Trump family’s most successful branding exercise yet

6/10/2017 - Governments may be able to start tracking immigrant flows through Google searches

6/10/2017 - Encouraging autistic kids’ obsessive habits can help them later in life

6/10/2017 - Apple has never been first on anything and it isn’t about to change now

6/10/2017 - Urban trees are stressed out because they can’t get enough sleep

6/10/2017 - Uber is on the front line of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia

6/10/2017 - Weekend edition—Fickle voters, cryptocurrency gold rush, Korean megachurches

6/10/2017 - Kenya’s increasingly competitive election is at risk of being rigged

6/10/2017 - Weekend edition—Fickle voters, cryptocurrency gold rush, Korean megachurches

6/9/2017 - Weekend edition—Fickle voters, cryptocurrency gold rush, Korean megachurches

6/9/2017 - The Empire tweets back, Theresa May want to rethink things, and eight other stories you might have missed today

6/9/2017 - In one press conference, Trump seemed to contradict both himself on NATO and Tillerson on Qatar

6/9/2017 - Critics trashed “The Mummy” reboot, but loved using mummy puns to do it

6/9/2017 - Comey’s testimony exposed the management tactic that cowardly leaders love

6/9/2017 - Can Brexit be reversed?

6/9/2017 - Why don’t feminists celebrate the successes of right-wing female politicians?

6/9/2017 - A man built an entire counterfeit Trader Joe’s in Canada by shopping in drag

6/9/2017 - Bromances are on the rise, and that’s really great for young men

6/9/2017 - The things dying people care about reveal a lot about how to live

6/9/2017 - The end of the billion dollar movie, Airbnb crackdowns, how wealthy Scandinavians avoid taxes

6/9/2017 - A sneaker-obsessed French designer has mocked up the next generation of space suits

6/9/2017 - Quartzy: the tripping along edition

6/9/2017 - Quartzy: the tripping along edition

6/9/2017 - A new at-home training method is letting climbers summit Everest in half the time

6/9/2017 - What is a hung parliament?

6/9/2017 - To be happier, stop focusing on things out of your control

6/9/2017 - Full transcript: Tim Cook delivers MIT’S 2017 commencement speech

6/9/2017 - Any hope in South Africa’s impeccably tailored finance minister is fading

6/9/2017 - The mindset that makes many women stay in toxic relationships

6/9/2017 - The next UK government will be beholden to a small, ultra-conservative, Northern Irish party

6/9/2017 - Studies find high achievers underestimate their talents, while underachievers overestimate theirs

6/9/2017 - May no cede, nuevo referéndum catalán, nueva brecha digital

6/9/2017 - Privacy rights for cellphone users in the US will be tested in a new Supreme Court case

6/9/2017 - When you’re washing your hands, water temperature doesn’t matter as much as scrubbing time

6/9/2017 - Hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer’s ruthless strategies include bullying CEOs, suing governments and seizing their navy’s ships

6/9/2017 - Why did the richest ancient Greeks voluntarily pay high taxes?

6/9/2017 - A Japanese town has a creative plan to lure millennials from the city and back to the country

6/9/2017 - The marketing savvy in Mark Zuckerberg’s tour of Average America

6/9/2017 - American poverty is moving to the suburbs

6/9/2017 - The “worst possible” UK election result has traders searching for precedents about how far the pound may fall

6/9/2017 - The party that birthed Brexit has sunk into total oblivion

6/9/2017 - The UK’s hung parliament, Alphabet sold Boston Dynamics, mayonnaise energy

6/9/2017 - To revive its flagging movie business, one Hollywood studio is censoring its films

6/9/2017 - WeChat has a great new tool for fighting fake news, but there’s one little problem: Beijing

6/9/2017 - How Theresa May blew a 20-point lead and saddled the UK with a hung parliament

6/9/2017 - As Brexit nears, British politics suddenly looks more European than ever

6/9/2017 - The UK election results are in and no one has won. What happens next?

6/9/2017 - Nigeria is moving decisively to prevent another Biafra crisis

6/9/2017 - One of Africa’s Great Lakes is at risk of a massive gas explosion

6/9/2017 - An SEC filing confirms Trump as an official threat to India’s IT industry

6/9/2017 - Modi and Erdogan are two of a kind: strong leaders putting their democracies in peril

6/9/2017 - India’s electric vehicle revolution will begin with auto-rickshaws running on swappable batteries

6/9/2017 - May’s failed election, Japan’s drone plans, mayonnaise energy

6/9/2017 - May’s failed election, Japan’s drone plans, mayonnaise energy

6/9/2017 - The Comey hearing was nerd Super Bowl for Washington DC’s political junkies

6/9/2017 - A web series about artists is proof that Bengaluru is more than just India’s Silicon Valley

6/9/2017 - Could India and Pakistan’s armies come together with a little help from China?

6/9/2017 - As their job search drags on, South Korea’s young unemployed are more likely to skip meals

6/8/2017 - Alphabet is selling its terrifying robots to SoftBank

6/8/2017 - Watching porn on China’s censored internet is an infinitely evolving cat-and-mouse game

6/8/2017 - Japan preps for drones, Comey’s testimony, the new wealth gap online

6/8/2017 - The UK election results are in and the pound is plunging

6/8/2017 - Hawaii just became the first US state to turn the Paris agreement climate goals into official state policy

6/8/2017 - The big takeaway from Comey’s testimony is the awesome and arbitrary power of the president

6/8/2017 - The questions Comey didn’t answer are as important as the ones he did

6/8/2017 - Comey goes on the record, the UK goes to the polls, and eight other stories from around the web

6/8/2017 - John McCain explains his confounding line of questioning during James Comey’s testimony

6/8/2017 - The alleged theft and sale of Apple customers’ private data has led to 22 arrests in China

6/8/2017 - All the ways the right wing is spinning James Comey’s testimony before the US senate

6/8/2017 - James Comey proves it’s basically impossible to give a perfect response to a bad boss

6/8/2017 - Comey says Russian hackers targeted “hundreds” of election-related entities, and the real number “could be more than 1,000”

6/8/2017 - The lines from James Comey’s testimony that will end up in “Russiagate—The Movie”

6/8/2017 - Coconut water is the latest battleground between Pepsi and Coca-Cola

6/8/2017 - The internet in rich countries will be unrecognizable from the rest of the world’s in five years

6/8/2017 - There’s still one thing people like about Uber

6/8/2017 - Leonardo DiCaprio is stepping in to save a porpoise driven almost to extinction by bureaucracy

6/8/2017 - Macron’s invitation for US climate scientists to move to France has been officially launched

6/8/2017 - Sustainable investing based on your principles

6/8/2017 - A closer look at a sustainable investment philosophy

6/8/2017 - Kenya’s mobile internet beats the United States for speed

6/8/2017 - Turns out open relationships aren’t the most sexually satisfying

6/8/2017 - Elecciones RU, Comey al Senado, más bonos venezolanos

6/8/2017 - In defense of amateurs

6/8/2017 - In five years, machines that talk to one another will be the internet’s biggest population

6/8/2017 - The latest burn treatment? Fish skin.

6/8/2017 - Energy and healthcare dominate the list of top companies ranked by revenue per employee

6/8/2017 - The five-minute trick that helps Instagram’s CEO crush procrastination

6/8/2017 - A revolution is coming in the way your sneakers are designed and manufactured

6/8/2017 - My road trip through Trump country taught me that staying in the liberal bubble has its advantages

6/8/2017 - The days and nights of Elon Musk: How he spends his time at work and play

6/8/2017 - Trump might ditch the historic US-Cuba opening for slivers of support in Washington

6/8/2017 - Some cheetahs are terrible mothers, and that leads to exactly what you think

6/8/2017 - As Comey shows, documenting conversations with your boss can be smart

6/8/2017 - From silver spoons to fresh vegetables: Why have elites’ signals of status totally shifted?

6/8/2017 - How to be more productive by working less

6/8/2017 - Brits go to the polls, with the price of Marmite on their minds

6/8/2017 - The OECD says universal basic income could make poverty worse

6/8/2017 - What today’s UK election means for Britain and Europe

6/8/2017 - Comey testifies, Britain votes, Britney’s Instagram hijacked

6/8/2017 - The way we talk about terror attacks is actually helping the extremists’ cause

6/8/2017 - This color-changing tattoo has biosensors that track your glucose and sodium levels

6/8/2017 - If the H-1B battle goes bad, Telugu movies like Baahubali may never make it in the US

6/8/2017 - Uber has fired a top executive suspected of misconduct in an India rape investigation

6/8/2017 - How Theresa May blew a 20-point lead ahead of today’s UK election

6/8/2017 - Britain votes, Comey testifies, telescopic spiders

6/8/2017 - Applying for a job in India? You might want to clean up your credit history

6/8/2017 - Britain votes, Comey testifies, telescopic spiders

6/8/2017 - A cafe chain is giving Indians exactly what they want: the perfect cup of chai

6/8/2017 - $15 billion worth of coal power plants are on sale in India but nobody wants to buy them

6/7/2017 - The Chinese government just issued a new set of rules for foreign students studying in China

6/7/2017 - America is ready for a reality-TV circus even bigger than Trump: the Comey show

6/7/2017 - James Comey’s testimony to Congress reads like an excerpt from a spy novel

6/7/2017 - Comey testifies, IKEA expands, telescopic spiders

6/7/2017 - “You are the best of us”: NASA just announced America’s most competitive class of astronauts

6/7/2017 - James Comey’s statement describes in detail the way Trump pressured him for loyalty, not honesty

6/7/2017 - How can the free world withstand the age of Trump? Canada has this prescription

6/7/2017 - Ai Weiwei’s new show exposes the creepy consequences of our obsession with posing for the camera

6/7/2017 - A new fossil discovery in Morocco will rewrite the history of human evolution

6/7/2017 - Elon Musk’s SpaceX will fly the X-37B, a top-secret space robot, for the US military

6/7/2017 - Nairobi is counting on empty malls and tall skyscrapers to fuel its economic ambitions

6/7/2017 - The tiniest exposure to this drug can make America’s opioid crisis lethal even for the police

6/7/2017 - Obama and Trudeau’s dinner date is a perfectly served attack on Trump

6/7/2017 - It doesn’t take much to be seen as a “great president” in Nigeria

6/7/2017 - Trump’s nominee for FBI head was Chris Christie’s personal lawyer during “Bridgegate”

6/7/2017 - MIT researchers designed a shape-shifting pasta that will transform in water

6/7/2017 - Atentado en Irán, defensa conjunta europea, la sintaxis de Trump

6/7/2017 - Exit polls predict a surprise result in UK elections making Brexit an open question

6/7/2017 - This is what happens when a woman writer asks for money

6/7/2017 - How the corporate sector is wrecking America’s health—and what to do about it

6/7/2017 - When you cross a raven, the bird will hold a grudge

6/7/2017 - How Intel’s newest devices are optimized for productivity

6/7/2017 - Moore’s Law has evolved: Why Intel will make the future of work a reality

6/7/2017 - China is in the middle of diplomatic spat with one of its oldest allies in Africa

6/7/2017 - So sind Intels neueste Systeme für Produktivität optimiert

6/7/2017 - Das Mooresche Gesetz hat sich weiterentwickelt: Warum Intel in der Arbeitswelt Zukunft Wirklichkeit werden lässt

6/7/2017 - The tech world is rallying around a young developer who made a huge, embarrassing mistake

6/7/2017 - The Mexican peso is a barometer of Trump’s economic threat, and right now it’s really strong

6/7/2017 - Russian-meddling hearings, Sessions suggested resigning, Trumpspeak troubles translators

6/7/2017 - How demonetisation pre-scripted today’s RBI policy

6/7/2017 - It’s good for business: Why Goldman Sachs is intervening in a gay rights case in Hong Kong

6/7/2017 - Quiz: Can you guess which UK political party is saying what in the aftermath of Brexit?

6/7/2017 - The H-1B numbers for Indians began falling even before Trump took over from Obama

6/7/2017 - When prostitution was a symbol of high culture in the elite circles of 19th century India

6/7/2017 - Trump’s solar suggestion, Uber firings, giant counterfeit duck

6/7/2017 - Trump’s solar suggestion, Uber firings, giant counterfeit duck

6/7/2017 - A new indie music label wants to bring voices from India’s slums into the mainstream

6/7/2017 - A 95-year-old tile company is handcrafting Instagram-ready floors for India’s trendiest cafes

6/7/2017 - A key question is at the heart of China’s new cybersecurity law: Where should data live?

6/6/2017 - The song-and-exercise routines of the modern Chinese workplace have revolutionary roots

6/6/2017 - All the highlights (and quips) from Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting

6/6/2017 - White Bread might not be the evil-doer of the carb world, the text messages that led to a murder charge, and more news from around the web

6/6/2017 - China-California climate talks, Uber firings, counterfeit ducks

6/6/2017 - Columbia University’s free speech experts argue that when Trump blocks Twitter followers he violates the Constitution

6/6/2017 - Republicans think disabled Americans are gaming the system, so they want to make the ADA harder to enforce

6/6/2017 - Scientists have found the hottest planet ever—and it’s evaporating

6/6/2017 - There’s now a great reason to use Apple’s Safari web browser

6/6/2017 - Uber has fired 20 employees after investigating hundreds of misconduct allegations

6/6/2017 - After Trump dumped Paris, California went to China to keep fighting climate change

6/6/2017 - The incredible rise and fall of J.Crew

6/6/2017 - The Paris agreement accidentally created a backdoor for US states and companies to defy Trump’s defection

6/6/2017 - EPA administrator’s claim of 50,000 coal jobs created during Trump’s term is off by about 49,000

6/6/2017 - Audi’s new Chinese car commercial is an ode to nerds

6/6/2017 - A battle over Mexican sugar could increase US prices on everything from pizza to cereal

6/6/2017 - J.Crew’s iconic boss—a mentor to Steve Jobs—couldn’t adapt to the internet fast enough

6/6/2017 - What to expect from ex FBI director James Comey’s Senate testimony about the Russia probe

6/6/2017 - 30 films have grossed $1 billion at the box office. Netflix says they may be the last.

6/6/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg’s dream for education is for kids to learn mostly without teachers

6/6/2017 - War-torn Somalia could become tangled in the wealthy Gulf states’ diplomatic spat

6/6/2017 - Tim Peake’s next trip to space is in doubt thanks to Brexit, the falling pound, and a spat with the European Space Agency

6/6/2017 - Nigeria’s unemployment problem is showing no signs of slowing down

6/6/2017 - Walmart is famous for wrecking small towns. Here’s the amazing one it built

6/6/2017 - How to fall to your death and live to tell the tale

6/6/2017 - An African ranger’s message to Hong Kong’s ivory traders: Stop this now, “preferably today”

6/6/2017 - Can shared rides save the iconic New York City yellow cab?

6/6/2017 - Banco Populary y el BCE, tercer atacante de Londres, dron para pescar

6/6/2017 - Side-by-side images expose a glitch in Google’s maps

6/6/2017 - Y Combinator will accept 10,000 startups to prove there’s nothing magical about Silicon Valley

6/6/2017 - Apple is finally serious about artificial intelligence

6/6/2017 - A Japanese stranger saved my family from the Holocaust. How can I repay him?

6/6/2017 - How to explain anything to anyone, according to Neil deGrasse Tyson

6/6/2017 - How some people stay motivated and energized at work—even when they don’t love their jobs

6/6/2017 - The iPad is now basically Apple’s cheapest MacBook laptop

6/6/2017 - GE has a version of self-management that is much like Zappos’ Holacracy–and it works

6/6/2017 - The ingenious ways design helps people feel safe again in the wake of terrorist attacks

6/6/2017 - Without Hokusai’s Great Wave there would be no modern art

6/6/2017 - Haley talks human rights, NSA leaker arrest, drone fishing

6/6/2017 - Here’s a sixth chance to get in on Domino’s Pizza IPO—the others made investors a lot of dough

6/6/2017 - India’s bees are dying out and only its farmers know why

6/6/2017 - After years of diffidence among users, credit cards hit a record high in India

6/6/2017 - Comey testimony, Apple HomePod, AI modeling gig

6/6/2017 - Comey testimony, Apple HomePod, AI modeling gig

6/6/2017 - These four pivotal elections in Africa will keep democracy watchers busy for the rest of 2017

6/6/2017 - India’s IT slowdown has started hitting the pay cheques of its top bosses

6/6/2017 - Japanese students are learning how to write characters from a poop-shaped teacher

6/6/2017 - How US law enforcement caught Reality Winner, the NSA contractor charged with leaking top-secret materials

6/6/2017 - Ola’s advantage over Uber isn’t originality—it’s smarts

6/5/2017 - What are India’s elite households without their armies of maids, cooks, and drivers?

6/5/2017 - An architect of the Paris climate agreement isn’t losing sleep over Trump pull out

6/5/2017 - The Russian military used email phishing to target US election-related services, according to a leaked NSA document

6/5/2017 - At the very last minute, Bob Dylan earned his Nobel prize money with this speech

6/5/2017 - The other shoe has dropped at J.Crew

6/5/2017 - Apple’s developer conference was chock full of new hardware

6/5/2017 - London assailants named, Apple unveils HomePod, an AI modeling gig

6/5/2017 - Manchester is united, Apple’s home, and eight other stories you might have missed

6/5/2017 - Watch LIVE: James Comey testifies before the Senate on Russia

6/5/2017 - All of the US cities, counties, states, university presidents, companies, and investors defying Trump’s stance on Paris

6/5/2017 - Trump just handed the lawyers opposing his travel ban a big gift

6/5/2017 - A mother investigating her daughter’s death was denied access to the teen’s Facebook account

6/5/2017 - Bill Cosby’s disturbing encounter with his sex-assault accuser, in his own words

6/5/2017 - Trump’s travel ban will live or die on the vote of the Supreme Court’s wildcard justice

6/5/2017 - One of the world’s richest, tiniest countries is about to run out of food

6/5/2017 - Donald Trump has achieved his travel ban—just not in the US

6/5/2017 - “Wonder Woman” is the funniest movie of the year

6/5/2017 - Trump should stop tweeting about terror and start filling these jobs to make the US safer

6/5/2017 - Chelsea Clinton’s feminist children’s book will make young girls anxious

6/5/2017 - Three questions to ask if you’re still trying to decide whether you support Trump

6/5/2017 - The largest defamation case in US history has begun—it involves pink slime

6/5/2017 - As good as “Wonder Woman” is, more people still went to see the awful “Suicide Squad”

6/5/2017 - Companies that aren’t even 23 years old are among the most respected by Wall Street

6/5/2017 - A master of compartmentalization, mowing his lawn under a looming tornado

6/5/2017 - Why employee wellness is important for employers

6/5/2017 - Racist and sexist Facebook memes got a group of “horny bourgeois teens” booted from Harvard

6/5/2017 - President Robert Mugabe of landlocked Zimbabwe is in New York for a “ocean summit”

6/5/2017 - The new “Wonder Woman” movie is strangely uninterested in sisterhood

6/5/2017 - You’re probably taking the best part of your office job for granted

6/5/2017 - Research shows poor kids really do grow up faster—and risk a lifetime of health problems

6/5/2017 - Theresa May y la policía, Cerco a Qatar, agujero negro molecular

6/5/2017 - The engineering careers where women earn more than men

6/5/2017 - The US is relocating an entire town because of climate change. And this is just the beginning

6/5/2017 - Passive funds are on pace to eat the entire US stock market by 2030

6/5/2017 - The United States of Mark Zuckerberg: Documenting the Facebook billionaire’s IRL tour of America

6/5/2017 - Inside the bizarre human job of being a face for artificial intelligence

6/5/2017 - The psychological reason you love watching online videos that gross you out

6/5/2017 - In four years, the price of lab-grown “meat” has fallen by 99%. There’s still a long way to go.

6/5/2017 - “Yes in my back yard”: The YIMBY movement fights for renters in stupidly expensive cities like San Francisco

6/5/2017 - John Oliver tells Americans to channel their Trump loathing into fighting climate change

6/5/2017 - Summer makes you more productive

6/5/2017 - London terror attack, Apple’s new hardware, Wonder Woman’s big weekend

6/5/2017 - The new cryptocurrency gold rush: digital tokens that raise millions in minutes

6/5/2017 - It takes more than fingerprint checks to beat cheaters in China’s biggest exam

6/5/2017 - How to watch Apple’s 2017 WWDC event live

6/5/2017 - We’re liveblogging Apple’s WWDC 2017 keynote

6/5/2017 - A former Wall Street banker is building India’s largest clean energy company

6/5/2017 - The death of an IIT scholar reveals the struggle of ambitious women in India

6/5/2017 - London attack, Apple conference, pacemaker hacks

6/5/2017 - London attack, Apple conference, pacemaker hacks

6/5/2017 - Beef politics to fighting Brahminism: IIT Madras’s APSC is one hell of a disruptive element

6/5/2017 - Millions of Chinese students—and a robot—will be sitting China’s most grueling academic exam

6/5/2017 - The pointlessness of whining over or celebrating India’s GDP numbers

6/5/2017 - This 13-year-old programmer is on a mission to educate 100,000 aspiring coders

6/4/2017 - “The Leftovers” finale shows it was a love story all along, says Damon Lindelof

6/4/2017 - Green secession in the US, Wonder Woman smashes, Tokyo’s flying car

6/4/2017 - Expect new Apple hardware at its WWDC developer conference

6/4/2017 - A “climate coalition” of states producing 30% of US GDP is seceding economically from Trump

6/4/2017 - Farmers on the Nile are going back to school to combat climate change

6/4/2017 - The end of GDP, Madagascar’s vanilla, Africa’s halal tourism

6/4/2017 - Everything we know about the London Bridge terror attack

6/4/2017 - A timeline of deadly terror attacks in the UK since 2005

6/4/2017 - Even with all these terror attacks, it’s still very rare to see police with guns in England

6/4/2017 - New York’s plan for nuclear fallout is basically “duck and cover”

6/4/2017 - Toyota wants a flying car to light the cauldron at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

6/4/2017 - As terror attacks become less sophisticated, they are becoming more difficult to prevent

6/4/2017 - Nigeria needs to start talking about the horrors of the Biafra war, fifty years on

6/4/2017 - Want to be a better writer? Try letting a robot tell you what to do

6/4/2017 - The meteoric rise of Chinese consumerism will reshape the world, and maybe even destroy it

6/4/2017 - A running list of every 1990s cartoon with a reboot in the works

6/4/2017 - To understand where the Israeli-Palestinian conflict goes from here, look on Airbnb

6/4/2017 - Open-minded people have a different visual perception of reality

6/4/2017 - A Japanese designer on the life-changing magic of keeping your clutter

6/4/2017 - Telling secrets is a power move

6/3/2017 - Seven people are dead after the attacks in London, as well as the three attackers

6/3/2017 - A pioneering computer scientist wants algorithms to be regulated like cars, banks, and drugs

6/3/2017 - Despite the rhetoric, Macron isn’t about to loosen France’s paternalistic grip in Africa

6/3/2017 - As “The Leftovers” ends, Damon Lindelof explains his biggest regret about the divisive “Lost” ending

6/3/2017 - This week Trump practically asked China to take over from the US as chief global superpower

6/3/2017 - This is the cheapest place in the world to get Netflix

6/3/2017 - All the CEOs who are staying on Trump’s elite advisory board after the Paris climate decision

6/3/2017 - Pacemakers have thousands of vulnerabilities hackers can exploit, study finds

6/3/2017 - Europe may no longer be able to rely on the US for defense against Russia. Here are its options

6/3/2017 - Trump’s refusal to officially count LGBT Americans is more dangerous than it appears

6/3/2017 - There is another star in the NBA Finals who has LeBron James beat

6/3/2017 - Weekend edition—China’s yuge opportunity, Indian techie rebellion, bye-bye Bleecker Street

6/3/2017 - The US Supreme Court’s latest photo shows how radically Americans’ idea of dignity has changed

6/3/2017 - The new growth industry in Africa is Muslim tourism

6/3/2017 - After graduation, valedictorians aren’t the most likely to succeed

6/3/2017 - Places in the US that took in more immigrants in the 19th century still benefit economically from it

6/3/2017 - Weekend edition—China’s yuge opportunity, Indian techie rebellion, bye-bye Bleecker Street

6/3/2017 - Weekend edition—China’s yuge opportunity, Indian techie rebellion, bye-bye Bleecker Street

6/3/2017 - Citizen scientists’ photos capture the impact of climate change on southern Africa’s landscape

6/2/2017 - Weekend edition—China’s yuge opportunity, Indian techie rebellion, bye-bye Bleecker Street

6/2/2017 - Why are more home runs being hit than ever? Plus Trump’s flame war with reality, and eight other stories you might have missed

6/2/2017 - Why we need a dating app that understands Nash’s equilibrium

6/2/2017 - MIT says Donald Trump totally misunderstood its climate science

6/2/2017 - How workplace wellness programs drive employee happiness

6/2/2017 - A 2 million cubic meter landslide in California, before and after images

6/2/2017 - An ode to the Monument to an Anonymous Peer Reviewer

6/2/2017 - Tax the robots? “No way,” says EU official tasked with preparing Europe for a digital future

6/2/2017 - Conservative Twitter is blaming the “deep state” for the lackluster US jobs report 😑

6/2/2017 - The personal drone market is booming, why “Baywatch” flopped, Iceland’s first Costco

6/2/2017 - More than 80 US mayors are pledging to stick to the Paris Agreement

6/2/2017 - Quartzy: the brain dust edition

6/2/2017 - Quartzy: the brain dust edition

6/2/2017 - The US unemployment rate can’t go much lower—but don’t start celebrating just yet

6/2/2017 - For luxury brands, selling clothes is basically a marketing expense

6/2/2017 - A “Simpson’s”-themed Twitter feud is Russia’s latest attempt to steamroll Ukraine

6/2/2017 - These are the African cities most vulnerable to climate change

6/2/2017 - Scientists, your mission is to save US democracy. Do you accept?

6/2/2017 - Britain’s future rests on the shoulders of its supremely disillusioned young voters

6/2/2017 - The world is running out of domain names—what will we do when they’re all gone?

6/2/2017 - “Eventually we’ll all be coastal elites”: The world’s best reactions to Trump quitting the Paris agreement

6/2/2017 - The US withdrawal from the Paris climate accord will hit Africa the hardest

6/2/2017 - The idyllic, surreal scene in the Rose Garden as Trump edged the world closer to climate disaster

6/2/2017 - Komodo dragon blood might hold the key to the global antibiotic-resistance crisis

6/2/2017 - Here’s South Africa’s desperately high unemployment in four charts

6/2/2017 - A simple way the rest of the world could punish Trump for quitting the Paris climate agreement

6/2/2017 - NASA is finally going to one of our solar system’s final frontiers: the sun

6/2/2017 - Trump y el clima, Banco Popular, bandera LGBT

6/2/2017 - Most runners in compression gear probably aren’t getting the benefit they think they are

6/2/2017 - What Mark Zuckerberg says he fears more than failure

6/2/2017 - I’ve got three good reasons why you should read this article

6/2/2017 - How Mylan got away with overcharging Medicaid $1.3 billion for EpiPen

6/2/2017 - Psychologists say your drunk personality has a lot in common with your sober self

6/2/2017 - “Very few decisions have to be final”: What I wish I’d known at age 21

6/2/2017 - Hillary Clinton returned to the site of her 2016 defeat with a woman world-famous for losing everything

6/2/2017 - Trump’s Paris pullout backlash, travel ban back in court, naked mole rat sexts

6/2/2017 - Trump’s zero-sum view of the world is most dangerous when applied to climate change

6/2/2017 - The return of Psy to China’s charts is the surest sign yet of a thaw between Seoul and Beijing

6/2/2017 - Censors are keeping out the real women’s stories from Indian cinema

6/2/2017 - The world is sitting on a $400 trillion financial time bomb

6/2/2017 - Stop blaming the H-1B visa for India’s brain drain—it actually achieved the opposite

6/2/2017 - African languages should be at the center of educational and cultural achievement

6/2/2017 - India’s electricity companies have surplus power—and that’s a big problem

6/2/2017 - Trump’s Paris exit, the return of the “travel ban,” naked mole rats

6/2/2017 - Trump’s Paris exit, the return of the “travel ban,” naked mole rats

6/2/2017 - Kenya’s $3.2 billion Nairobi-Mombasa rail line opens with help from China

6/2/2017 - “Shallow and impulsive”: Doomsday warnings about jobs in India are misguided, for now

6/2/2017 - Swiggy simply delivered on its promise and rode out the food tech storm in India

6/1/2017 - The champions and winning words from the last 20 years of spelling bees

6/1/2017 - Scorched-Earth climate policy, ice cream espionage, and eight other stories you might have missed

6/1/2017 - Macron skewers Trump in the first-ever English address by a French president from the Élysée

6/1/2017 - Blue Apron just revealed how expensive it is to help America cook

6/1/2017 - Read Barack Obama’s statement on Trump’s exit from the Paris climate agreement

6/1/2017 - If Trump actually wanted to renegotiate the Paris agreement, he just shot himself in the foot

6/1/2017 - Trump’s Paris exit, Putin’s hacker admission, naked mole selfies

6/1/2017 - The tech IPO window is wide open, and Silicon Valley is rushing to cash in

6/1/2017 - Pittsburgh would like you to know that Donald Trump does not represent its views on climate change

6/1/2017 - Weather.com is trolling Trump with “proof,” “more proof,” and “even more proof” of climate change

6/1/2017 - Trump’s war on the climate will send US scientists fleeing abroad

6/1/2017 - It’s official: Trump is forcing the US to turn its back on the Paris climate agreement

6/1/2017 - Canada has employed one of the world’s ugliest creatures to stop kids sexting with strangers

6/1/2017 - How the “land of smiles” uses its mantra to boost its economy

6/1/2017 - Walmart is turning its employees into delivery drivers to compete with Amazon

6/1/2017 - The US has given global commerce two bizarre new terms: “blameless” trade deficits and “blameful” ones

6/1/2017 - Trump walks from the Paris accord. Meanwhile, an ice shelf half the size of Lebanon is about to fall into the ocean.

6/1/2017 - A startup that charges $8,000 for young blood transfusions swears they’re worth every penny

6/1/2017 - Can you spell the winning words from a century of Scripps National Spelling Bees?

6/1/2017 - Microsoft thinks blockchain tech could solve one of the internet’s toughest problems: digital identities

6/1/2017 - Rolls-Royce’s ungainly $13 million car is what happens when you give a customer everything he wants

6/1/2017 - How to rob a bank, according to economics

6/1/2017 - Police are trying an unnerving new way to solve missing-children cases on Twitter

6/1/2017 - The third detection of gravitational waves opens up a new, crucial window to study the universe

6/1/2017 - “Why climate change is fake”—What Americans google about global warming and why it matters

6/1/2017 - Utility startups are making the electric grid work more like the internet

6/1/2017 - If a movie is released before June, it’s probably not going to win Best Picture at the Oscars

6/1/2017 - In a win for sheer unhealthiness, most people are using McDonald’s new delivery service late at night

6/1/2017 - No one is drinking orange juice anymore—and Brazilian farmers are feeling it hard

6/1/2017 - My friend was a Portland MAX hero. To honor him, don’t be too quick to politicize his death

6/1/2017 - Uber drivers are filming their riders and sharing the tapes online

6/1/2017 - The US and UK are now the slowest growing economies in the G7

6/1/2017 - Ten years ago I was sent to DR Congo as an aid worker without security training. Not much has changed

6/1/2017 - China is touting its protection of human rights in a Muslim-majority region riven by violence

6/1/2017 - An expert says AI will create two global superpowers in 50 years

6/1/2017 - We’re launching “Future of Work,” a new Quartz obsession

6/1/2017 - For only the fourth time in 17 years, three rockets are aiming to launch into orbit in one day

6/1/2017 - A new dating app study pinpoints exactly how long you should wait before sending a second text

6/1/2017 - On average, it now takes more than four different writers to craft a hit pop song

6/1/2017 - Corrupción en España, Trump y el planeta, Nomura y PDVSA

6/1/2017 - The DJI Spark is the first drone for anyone

6/1/2017 - Yes, we’ve got Trump, Putin, and North Korea, but is the world really more volatile than ever?

6/1/2017 - Tencent’s total dominance of China’s smartphones, in one chart

6/1/2017 - Bloomberg faces an unexpected new threat to its dominance in data from a 300-year-old British firm

6/1/2017 - Trump’s Paris call, Facebook’s investor face-off, Noriega’s pen pal

6/1/2017 - It turns out that we may have more than five basic tastes

6/1/2017 - What New Silk Road? Indians think theirs is the most influential country in Asia

6/1/2017 - The UK election is suddenly wide open and markets are totally discombobulated

6/1/2017 - Narendra Modi, global climate superhero?

6/1/2017 - Can the Paris climate agreement survive a US withdrawal?

6/1/2017 - The maker of Bira beers knows just what India’s hipsters are looking for

6/1/2017 - Trump’s Paris decision, Uber’s first quarter, Germany’s robot priests

6/1/2017 - Trump’s Paris decision, Uber’s first quarter, Germany’s robot priests

6/1/2017 - Al Shabaab overtook Boko Haram as Africa’s most deadly terror group in 2016

6/1/2017 - Infosys wants you to know there’s only one way to keep your job in tech