4/30/2018 - The best anthem for Workers’ Day is Hugh Masekela’s tale about apartheid’s migrant labor system

4/30/2018 - WhatsApp founder resigning, US tariff deadline, hot mic “In the Money”

4/30/2018 - WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum resigns from Facebook after clashes over user data

4/30/2018 - White House chief of staff John Kelly reportedly refers to Trump as “an idiot”

4/30/2018 - Zippers

4/30/2018 - What LeBron James’s Twitter habits can teach us about successful organizations

4/30/2018 - Emmanuel Macron’s gift to America has been placed in quarantine

4/30/2018 - The FDA found traces of Monsanto’s controversial chemical glyphosate in common grocery items

4/30/2018 - A housing app is running ads in New York City that only Chinese speakers can understand

4/30/2018 - Smiling in your photos sends the wrong message to the very people you want to attract

4/30/2018 - Jeff Bezos explains how his space company will save civilization

4/30/2018 - The EU saddles up for a trade war with the US as a midnight tariff deadline looms

4/30/2018 - Collaborative IT architecture: A make-or-break for modern businesses

4/30/2018 - Three tech innovations turning competitors into collaborators

4/30/2018 - Bill Gates revealed his strategy for getting Donald Trump excited about vaccines

4/30/2018 - The best leaders aren’t optimists

4/30/2018 - “Westworld” is Facebook in 50 years

4/30/2018 - Why I’m giving up on intersectional feminism

4/30/2018 - Private equity bets in Africa over the past decade have paid off

4/30/2018 - For migrants in the caravan at the US-Mexico border, data show slim odds of asylum

4/30/2018 - Photos show the “caravan” of hopeful migrants reaching the US-Mexico border

4/30/2018 - The tech bros are older than you thought

4/30/2018 - After Meghan Markle wore its jeans, a brand had to move to a bigger factory

4/30/2018 - Your resume should tell three stories

4/30/2018 - More people than ever now have electricity in Africa, but 600 million are still in the dark

4/30/2018 - There’s already a US program that could help workers who lose their jobs to machines

4/30/2018 - Chart: Books are cheaper in genres dominated by women

4/30/2018 - Everyone’s least favorite airline says it’s also the most eco-friendly

4/30/2018 - Australia’s $400-million plan to save the Great Barrier Reef is too little, too late

4/30/2018 - A bomber posing as a cameraman killed nine journalists in Kabul as they reported on a terror attack

4/30/2018 - Bank executives are talking about Amazon more than ever, out of admiration and fear

4/30/2018 - Happy birthday to Gauss, father of the first predictive algorithm

4/30/2018 - One of the world’s biggest mobile money services wants to become a social network

4/30/2018 - Peppa Pig will get Chinese theme parks in the year of the pig—if it isn’t banned first

4/30/2018 - Facebook’s problems can be solved with design

4/30/2018 - The stock market rally is winding down for these reasons

4/30/2018 - Leek, candy, and big pancake: The slang Chinese crypto traders use to hide from the authorities

4/30/2018 - The people who will one day rebuild Venezuela

4/30/2018 - The world’s biggest oil company just named its first female board member

4/30/2018 - Trump’s China trade envoy, Sprint ❤️ T-Mobile, “Infinity War” makes history

4/30/2018 - Sprint and T-Mobile are playing to the US’s 5G anxieties to justify their merger

4/30/2018 - The brutal final months of Aditya Ghosh’s tenure at IndiGo

4/30/2018 - UK grocery merger, Sprint hearts T-Mobile, gum-filled Oreos

4/30/2018 - UK grocery merger, Sprint hearts T-Mobile, gum-filled Oreos

4/30/2018 - North Korea is reunifying its time zone with South Korea’s

4/30/2018 - Buddhist extremists want to protect Sri Lanka from “foreign” elements—especially Muslims

4/30/2018 - Amazon leads over Flipkart in India but the gap is narrowing

4/30/2018 - India’s largest carmaker is more excited about natural gas than electric vehicles

4/30/2018 - Bollywood’s dark secret is the same as Hollywood’s—except powerful men still get away with it

4/29/2018 - Three IIT graduates have created India’s first robot buddy for kids

4/29/2018 - Mnuchin visits China, Sprint hearts T-Mobile, gum-filled Oreos

4/29/2018 - Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” just made history

4/29/2018 - Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” is a blockbuster like we’ve never seen before

4/29/2018 - Sprint and T-Mobile just can’t quit each other

4/29/2018 - NASA, committed to lunar exploration, is shutting down a moon rover mission

4/29/2018 - Africa’s startup funding deals are entering the million-dollar era

4/29/2018 - Kenya film board’s “censorship” of a teenage love story is the latest blackout of gay rights

4/29/2018 - Comedian Michelle Wolf proves women can still come for women and that’s fine

4/29/2018 - Kraft is releasing an Oreo lookalike tailor-made for Chinese consumers

4/29/2018 - Watch Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin launch its space tourism rocket

4/29/2018 - Can genes change the way languages evolve?

4/29/2018 - To call Kanye West and Nas “false prophets” vastly overestimates them

4/29/2018 - One college finally designed a liberal arts education fit for the future of work

4/29/2018 - This has not been the year of the dogecoin

4/29/2018 - As a doctor, I didn’t think much of acupuncture. Then the opioid crisis arrived

4/29/2018 - “I’m 19. He’s 34. He promised to leave his wife for me.”

4/29/2018 - Buhari’s uneducated youth, Ghana’s recycled plastic roads, smart African immigrants

4/29/2018 - The 2,500-year-old history of adults blaming the younger generation

4/28/2018 - The US stock market is up this year—thanks to Amazon

4/28/2018 - The life and death of Alfie Evans highlights the gap between the US and Europe on right to life

4/28/2018 - You’ll buy a ticket to “Avengers: Infinity War” because it’s April

4/28/2018 - Margaret Atwood

4/28/2018 - Margaret Atwood

4/28/2018 - UK grocers Asda and Sainsbury are reportedly in merger talks, and not just because of Amazon

4/28/2018 - Rachel Maddow and more than 60 other women at NBC signed a letter supporting Tom Brokaw after harassment allegations

4/28/2018 - Tech companies are distancing themselves from big data

4/28/2018 - The truth about the immigrant caravan: What it is and why it’s coming to the US

4/28/2018 - Ludwig Wittgenstein was one of the great 20th-century philosophers. He also invented the emoji

4/28/2018 - The iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S9 are pretty much the same phone

4/28/2018 - This could be the way Amazon makes more money with Alexa

4/28/2018 - “The Handmaid’s Tale” didn’t need another season. We’re glad it got one

4/28/2018 - Weekend edition—North Korea’s reformer?, build a boyfriend, MIT’s innovations

4/28/2018 - At first life without a smartphone was terrifying. Then it was beautiful

4/28/2018 - Movies like “Black Panther” literally change how we see the world

4/28/2018 - To argue with flat earthers, use philosophy not science

4/28/2018 - Scenes of camaraderie between North and South Korea still leave room for doubt

4/28/2018 - Margaret Atwood

4/28/2018 - Weekend edition—North Korea’s reformer?, build a boyfriend, MIT’s innovations

4/28/2018 - Weekend edition—North Korea’s reformer?, build a boyfriend, MIT’s innovations

4/27/2018 - Weekend edition—North Korea’s reformer?, build a boyfriend, MIT’s innovations

4/27/2018 - Photos: This small detail reflects a big difference in Trump’s relationships with Merkel and Macron

4/27/2018 - Margaret Atwood

4/27/2018 - This robot eel is transparent, flexible, nearly silent, and glows in the ocean

4/27/2018 - US immigration lawyers are shifting focus to prosecute people who’ve lived in the US longest

4/27/2018 - The Nobel literature prize may be canceled amid charges of sex abuse and cronyism

4/27/2018 - The #MeToo TV series led by an alleged harasser is not about redemption, it’s a power-play

4/27/2018 - 200,000 volunteers have become the fact checkers of the internet

4/27/2018 - Only six of 28 EU countries haven’t thought about banning headscarves or face veils

4/27/2018 - Bill Gates is donating $12 million to help develop a universal flu vaccine

4/27/2018 - Brexit is breaking up Europe’s €10 billion plan to launch a new constellation of satellites

4/27/2018 - Laurie Colwin’s “Home Cooking” is still the best book on the topic

4/27/2018 - “I should have camped in front of the DNC”: The FBI’s declassified regrets

4/27/2018 - The giddy excitement of North and South Korea’s historic summit, in photos

4/27/2018 - Photos: A look back at the euphoria of South Africans voting in the first democratic election

4/27/2018 - Movie theaters are making a big comeback in Francophone Africa

4/27/2018 - A sobering exhibit celebrates design’s triumphs and exposes its dark side

4/27/2018 - What the average American family spends on childcare

4/27/2018 - Twitter profit, fasting boom, German happiness

4/27/2018 - Let’s stop talking about “wealth” and start talking about “financial wellness”

4/27/2018 - Starbucks didn’t lose money after its race scandal—and may even profit from it

4/27/2018 - Cash

4/27/2018 - Cash

4/27/2018 - Millennials won’t be hopeless, retirement will be more vibrant, and other predictions for your financial future

4/27/2018 - What is blockchain and why does it matter?

4/27/2018 - How technology is improving financial inclusion

4/27/2018 - Banks are innovating to serve the unbanked

4/27/2018 - Understanding blockchain’s potential

4/27/2018 - The significance behind royal baby Prince Louis’s name

4/27/2018 - Don’t panic about Treasury notes at 3%. They were 15% not so long ago.

4/27/2018 - After gene-editing, Crispr’s new frontier to detect diseases is closer to becoming a reality

4/27/2018 - Samsung is selling far fewer screens for the iPhone X than it expected to

4/27/2018 - North and South Korea agreed to work on formally ending the Korean War

4/27/2018 - New research shows 9/11 first responders are twice as likely to develop blood cancer

4/27/2018 - Market volatility saddled Norway’s massive sovereign fund with its biggest loss in years

4/27/2018 - Is it ever okay to take money out of a retirement account early?

4/27/2018 - 180 days without Maduro: What it would take to fix Venezuela

4/27/2018 - Historic Korea meeting, Merkel in DC, crypto discoveries

4/27/2018 - North Korea has shown a humble streak of late—just not about its weapons

4/27/2018 - After Macron’s two-day Trump charm offensive, Merkel plays “bad cop” in Washington

4/27/2018 - “They think it’s over”: Zuckerberg’s former mentor says Facebook will get away with everything

4/27/2018 - Cash

4/27/2018 - Investors prefer Indian startups way more than those in Southeast Asia

4/27/2018 - The last symbolic tree in the DMZ nearly caused a war

4/27/2018 - Crypto traders may not care about market manipulation, but governments do

4/27/2018 - “Remain healthy forever”: India has an ayurvedic problem it’d rather ignore

4/27/2018 - 15 senior bankers named in India’s latest loan fraud

4/27/2018 - New research from South Africa links a mass extinction event with water scarcity

4/27/2018 - Mastercard says India will become a less-cash economy—but only in 10 years

4/27/2018 - What happened to China’s only bitcoin ATM after its crackdown on crypto

4/27/2018 - Here are 300 free Ivy League university courses you can take online right now

4/27/2018 - How a Ghanaian entrepreneur uses recycled plastic to make cheaper roads and building blocks

4/27/2018 - The trailblazing female poet who helped create a new era in Hindi literature

4/27/2018 - Korea summit, Cosby’s verdict, crypto discoveries

4/27/2018 - Korea summit, Cosby’s verdict, crypto discoveries

4/27/2018 - Morocco will introduce an Airbnb tax and undercover inspectors to protect local hotels

4/27/2018 - “See China as an opportunity, not a threat,” says one of Modi’s top economists

4/26/2018 - What Bill Cosby’s lawyers can do after his guilty verdict

4/26/2018 - The Korea summit is letting many hear how Kim Jong-un sounds in conversation for the first time

4/26/2018 - Watch the historic moment Kim Jong-un walked into South Korea

4/26/2018 - China’s nuclear path may offer a lesson to Trump on how to deal with North Korea

4/26/2018 - Amazon just raised the price of Prime. It’s about time

4/26/2018 - Today was a fantastic day for tech stocks

4/26/2018 - Amazon is giving Apple a run for its money

4/26/2018 - ASEAN summit, Cosby’s verdict, crypto discoveries

4/26/2018 - “Take Your Child to Work Day” at the White House was vintage Trump

4/26/2018 - These are the photos of Kim Jong-un and Mike Pompeo that Trump called “incredible”

4/26/2018 - The Korea Summit is planned down to the minute

4/26/2018 - Japan is big time angry about the dessert being served at the Korea Summit

4/26/2018 - Cash

4/26/2018 - Scientists figured out how some of the world’s smallest creatures pack such powerful punches

4/26/2018 - America’s inequality problem applies to life expectancy, too

4/26/2018 - If Trump visits Britain, he’s going to have to face one of the things he hates the most

4/26/2018 - Adidas is testing how to mass-produce custom shoes like those it makes for elite athletes

4/26/2018 - Photos of the badass moms who inspired their kids by bringing them to work today

4/26/2018 - 19 creative accounting schemes for money-losing startups

4/26/2018 - There’s now a real-life Transformer you can ride in

4/26/2018 - It’s getting harder to see where the hotel industry ends and Airbnb begins

4/26/2018 - It’s time to digitize the shared savings method African grandmothers have used for years

4/26/2018 - Everything created is predicted by nature: A new video explains the physics of flow

4/26/2018 - The Korean summit menu recalls how royals ate when the peninsula was united

4/26/2018 - Scientists believe they just discovered the largest known child sacrifice in human history

4/26/2018 - If you use Gmail, Google’s Tasks app just became indispensable

4/26/2018 - Fake drugs are a key reason malaria still kills so many people

4/26/2018 - YouTube Kids is giving parents more control over what their kids watch

4/26/2018 - WeWork’s staggering growth has run up an $18 billion rent bill

4/26/2018 - The DMZ

4/26/2018 - The DMZ

4/26/2018 - One of the world’s top female track athletes may be forced to compete with men after a new ruling

4/26/2018 - Despite #deleteFacebook, US users are logging in as much as ever

4/26/2018 - Ford can only afford to give up on cars because of American protectionism

4/26/2018 - How tracking worker productivity could actually make Amazon warehouses less efficient

4/26/2018 - Losing a dog can be harder than losing a relative or friend

4/26/2018 - Snap is trying again with Spectacles, for some reason

4/26/2018 - The importance of showing girls it’s OK to fail

4/26/2018 - Prepare for “Avengers: Infinity War”: Every Marvel movie, ranked and explained

4/26/2018 - Homo sapiens may have outlasted Neanderthals because they evolved to be social

4/26/2018 - There is not one best time of the day to work out

4/26/2018 - You could be flirting on dating apps with paid impersonators

4/26/2018 - Kazakhstan’s project to overhaul its alphabet will cost hundreds of millions of dollars

4/26/2018 - Artisans are retrofitting IKEA furniture to make it less boring

4/26/2018 - A monkey lost his copyright case—but made strides toward getting animals more legal rights

4/26/2018 - Business travelers find their hopscotching helps develop empathy

4/26/2018 - The men’s guide to understanding emotional labor

4/26/2018 - Global wine production has hit a 60-year low, as changing weather picks new winners and losers

4/26/2018 - Kim Jong-un will bring his own toilet with him to the Koreas summit

4/26/2018 - Beijing’s semiconductor dreams may be fulfilled by Alibaba

4/26/2018 - Amazon earnings, Sessions on Russia, Kim Jong-un’s toilet

4/26/2018 - The drugs found in London’s fatberg autopsy present a surprising discovery into city life

4/26/2018 - Booming cities are fueling the rise of the super commuter

4/26/2018 - A German designer who refused to work for Hitler became a pioneer of American infographics

4/26/2018 - The pie chart: Why data visualization’s greatest villain will never die

4/26/2018 - North Korea gave the gift of mushrooms—$2.6 million worth—at the last Korean summit

4/26/2018 - The DMZ

4/26/2018 - Can Facebook “likes” establish insider trading?

4/26/2018 - China lays out its ambitions to colonize the moon and build a “lunar palace”

4/26/2018 - One chart shows the pressure from the global supply chain that imperils garment workers

4/26/2018 - All Modi has to show for on the world stage are minor victories and major mistakes

4/26/2018 - Cosplaying as Japanese soldiers could become illegal in China

4/26/2018 - Indian companies are on a desperate hunt for cybersecurity experts

4/26/2018 - India could boost its GDP by $770 billion by just treating women better

4/26/2018 - India’s supreme court is getting its seventh female judge in nearly 70 years

4/26/2018 - Revolut’s valuation has gone to the moon since it added crypto trading

4/26/2018 - Interactive: Why your business should work like a symphony

4/26/2018 - Deutsche Bank revamp, tech earnings, Kim Jong-un’s toilet

4/26/2018 - Deutsche Bank revamp, tech earnings, Kim Jong-un’s toilet

4/26/2018 - Detectives wanted: A fraud-hit Indian bank’s desperate measure to recover loans

4/26/2018 - In 1948, a 30-year-old Dutch mother of two shattered age and gender barriers at the Olympics

4/25/2018 - All the big tech companies are ditching their handgun emojis for toy guns

4/25/2018 - Ford is basically a truck company now

4/25/2018 - “The most unethical person I have ever worked with” and other allegations against Trump nominee Ronny Jackson

4/25/2018 - “What if the ban were against Israelis?” The US Supreme Court’s hypothetical questions on Trump’s travel ban

4/25/2018 - Tech stocks are so high now, they’re breaking the NYSE

4/25/2018 - Facebook steamrolled over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, posting another record quarter

4/25/2018 - Tech earnings, Facebook profits, castle kennels

4/25/2018 - Cutting-edge DNA technology nabs a suspect in the decades-old Golden State Killer case

4/25/2018 - New US guidelines aim to change the sorry state of medical care for new moms

4/25/2018 - The DMZ

4/25/2018 - China’s emissions-reduction plan will more than pay for itself, according to a new MIT model

4/25/2018 - Why Gucci and Saint Laurent are thriving in America while retail struggles

4/25/2018 - Early humans probably enjoyed a giant sloth snack

4/25/2018 - A revolutionary Silicon Valley VC reveals the five traits she looks for in founders

4/25/2018 - You have to try the new Gmail

4/25/2018 - Madame Tussauds just unveiled Melania Trump’s wax figure

4/25/2018 - Climate change will put California in a destructive cycle of floods and droughts

4/25/2018 - How to get the new Gmail, if you can

4/25/2018 - The internet’s core infrastructure was hacked to steal ethereum from a popular wallet service

4/25/2018 - Mick Mulvaney’s full speech to bankers about “burning down” consumer protection

4/25/2018 - Should you be able to pay to join a “dwarf-tossing” game?

4/25/2018 - A UCLA doctor argues that a “one size fits all” approach to pain is failing you

4/25/2018 - Germany abolishes its main music awards after an anti-Semitic rap scandal

4/25/2018 - Quiz: Can you recognize the letter “G”?

4/25/2018 - Twitter turns a profit, but investors do not ❤️ it

4/25/2018 - This is the most accurate map of the sky to date, showing 1.7 billion stars

4/25/2018 - Bowls

4/25/2018 - Bowls

4/25/2018 - Parents, rejoice: Alexa will now remind kids to say “please”

4/25/2018 - If you want to understand how to motivate millennials at work, consider Instagram

4/25/2018 - Sponsorship programs could actually widen the gender gap

4/25/2018 - Wie Sie Geschäftsprobleme lösen, bevor sie auftreten

4/25/2018 - Amazon workers booed Jeff Bezos in Berlin

4/25/2018 - A French billionaire is being investigated for bribing African officials for lucrative contracts

4/25/2018 - Has your workaholism reached dangerous levels? Take this quiz to find out

4/25/2018 - Finally, a definition of workplace inclusion that’s truly actionable

4/25/2018 - Fees blocking children from becoming UK citizens will be the next immigration scandal

4/25/2018 - Data show people in their 40s really love tablets

4/25/2018 - Women should plan to live for 100 years, financially speaking

4/25/2018 - The type of diversity boardrooms prize most is age—and they can’t even manage that

4/25/2018 - Trump’s H-1B curbs are putting off foreign students and choking the US economy

4/25/2018 - The Winklevoss twins’ bitcoin exchange is using Nasdaq technology to monitor for manipulation

4/25/2018 - Trump’s environmental agency agrees with the EU on one climate issue

4/25/2018 - From slave narratives to hip-hop, black storytellers have been attacked for telling the truth

4/25/2018 - The right amount of your student loan to pay back every month, according to economics

4/25/2018 - Facebook and Twitter results, DACA battle, men named John

4/25/2018 - Zuckerberg and Gates’s lobby group is fighting for H-1B spouses’ right to work

4/25/2018 - Cars designed for ride-hailing will be either super swanky or really uncomfortable

4/25/2018 - Russia’s greatest Ponzi mastermind is dead, but his legacy lives on in the crypto world

4/25/2018 - Bowls

4/25/2018 - The voice of Apu on “The Simpsons” tells Stephen Colbert he’s willing to “step aside”

4/25/2018 - This is the firm 23 million Indians want to work for

4/25/2018 - A loud noise knocked out computers that run stock exchanges across northern Europe

4/25/2018 - IIT alumni are storming into politics to fight for India’s oppressed castes

4/25/2018 - Britain apologized for its colonial-era anti-gay laws but it won’t help African LGBT communities

4/25/2018 - How two South African women stopped Zuma and Putin’s $76 billion Russian nuclear deal

4/25/2018 - A 33-year-old hotelier is taking the fight for gay rights to India’s supreme court

4/25/2018 - An Indian could run the UK’s central bank. Why can’t a foreigner run India’s?

4/25/2018 - Takeda-Shire deal, Facebook earnings, men named John

4/25/2018 - Takeda-Shire deal, Facebook earnings, men named John

4/25/2018 - There’s a troubling relationship between the rise in online betting and mobile money’s growth

4/25/2018 - I rode in a self-driving car on the streets of one of China’s most congested cities

4/25/2018 - Two garment factory disasters a century apart show how globalization has sapped labor’s power

4/24/2018 - Melania Trump’s state dinner gown was reincarnated from a Chanel couture jumpsuit

4/24/2018 - Exercise lowers depression risk, no matter your age or gender

4/24/2018 - Softbank has spread its ride-hailing bets and Didi looks like an early win

4/24/2018 - Fake news has made it to Snapchat

4/24/2018 - Yields climb, stocks fall, streaming music rules

4/24/2018 - Adult handholding is the worst

4/24/2018 - Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump go hand in hand: the photos

4/24/2018 - The US Supreme Court will consider four key questions in oral arguments on Trump’s “travel ban”

4/24/2018 - Careful, Macron: Trump still has plenty of reasons to ditch the Iran nuclear deal

4/24/2018 - The historical reasons the Korea summit can’t end with a peace treaty

4/24/2018 - Bowls

4/24/2018 - Almost nobody wants the iPhone X

4/24/2018 - Three of the best ways to read books to kids, backed by science

4/24/2018 - See it: Radar satellites spying on farms from space is a taste of the future economy

4/24/2018 - The menu for the Trumps’ first state dinner tells a complex American story

4/24/2018 - Investors who give up on active management could be leaving money on the table

4/24/2018 - Be the last active investor standing

4/24/2018 - The first complete penis and scrotum transplant was one of the most complicated surgeries to date

4/24/2018 - The US and Europe’s tourist visa rules paint a stark picture of passport privilege

4/24/2018 - An Oxford scholar of moral responsibility had his ideas tested in court after he hit a child while driving

4/24/2018 - The success of whiz kid entrepreneurs is a myth

4/24/2018 - Sports car-branded highrises are a thing in Miami, of course

4/24/2018 - The Trump administration’s new plan to reduce teen pregnancies has failed before

4/24/2018 - Spotify is about to get a lot better for everyone who doesn’t pay for it

4/24/2018 - Germans are overwhelmingly happy

4/24/2018 - Trump’s escalating trade war with China has spooked at least one sneaker company

4/24/2018 - Net neutrality officially dies any day now. It may get a second life.

4/24/2018 - #MeToo activists in China are turning to the blockchain to dodge censorship

4/24/2018 - The easiest places in the world to get citizenship or residency, from Thailand to St. Lucia

4/24/2018 - Why everyone should care about blockchain—even if you don’t understand it

4/24/2018 - The trailer for “Crazy Rich Asians” has some asking: Where are the brown faces?

4/24/2018 - Crispr

4/24/2018 - Crispr

4/24/2018 - Alphabet’s smart home bet is still a gamble

4/24/2018 - Scientists have discovered galaxies change shape as they age

4/24/2018 - The two people CEOs need most in their life, according to McKinsey chief Dominic Barton

4/24/2018 - African immigrants in the US are better educated than in Europe

4/24/2018 - The top dog breed in the US has remained the same for almost 30 years

4/24/2018 - Taylor Swift gets a win and a warning from judge in “Shake It Off” copyright case

4/24/2018 - What Silicon Valley gets wrong (and right) about culture

4/24/2018 - Two kids are sailing a toy boat around the world, and they’re tracking its journey online

4/24/2018 - The unintended consequences of a too-nice work culture

4/24/2018 - #MeToo activism is compelling a top Chinese college to confront a grave injustice from its past

4/24/2018 - A timely reminder that using data to make decisions can go very wrong

4/24/2018 - This is what the global learning crisis looks like, in real time

4/24/2018 - I’m building a robot boyfriend—and you can, too

4/24/2018 - Americans—including the rich and famous—are losing out on billions of unclaimed money

4/24/2018 - Cities are short on housing. That’s bad news for the climate.

4/24/2018 - The Trump administration again signals it will scrap work permits for H-1B spouses

4/24/2018 - “Architecture fiction” is the design world’s clickbait

4/24/2018 - Here’s all the meaningful things Kim Jong-un will eat when he meets with South Korea’s president

4/24/2018 - Automotive results, Toronto attack aftermath, exorcist school

4/24/2018 - The Tatas have snapped up India’s top diplomat, raising some eyebrows

4/24/2018 - Facebook has revealed the hyper-specific internal rules it uses to police content

4/24/2018 - The bizarre holes NASA found in the Arctic sea ice are actually a sign of a more worrying trend

4/24/2018 - Crispr

4/24/2018 - An autopsy of London’s huge fatberg finds it contains potentially deadly bacteria

4/24/2018 - The curious case of fake currency notes from the “Children Bank of India”

4/24/2018 - Why Indians are choosing simple feature phones over smartphones

4/24/2018 - Tencent’s latest game merges CryptoKitties and Pokémon Go

4/24/2018 - Nearly half of Indian bank accounts are rarely used

4/24/2018 - Macron-Trump dinner, Toronto attack, electric Ferraris

4/24/2018 - Macron-Trump dinner, Toronto attack, electric Ferraris

4/24/2018 - Even the World Bank is surprised by how much money Indians abroad send home

4/23/2018 - Macron gifted Trump a bare, dead-looking tree—and the first lady loves it

4/23/2018 - One in five big financial institutions are getting ready to trade crypto

4/23/2018 - Toronto van attack, Britain’s royal birth, space odors

4/23/2018 - Alphabet’s earnings look better than ever thanks to a new accounting rule

4/23/2018 - Trump said he’d serve burgers at state dinners—but here’s a look at what his guests probably expect

4/23/2018 - Crispr

4/23/2018 - France’s language purists have decided that “soy milk” and “vegetarian sausage” do not exist

4/23/2018 - AI learned to mimic Brothers Grimm fairytales—including their sexist stereotypes

4/23/2018 - “Harry Potter” has reduced American theater critics to blissed-out nonsense

4/23/2018 - Watch the debate: “Bitcoin is more than a bubble and here to stay”

4/23/2018 - The new royal baby won’t get to be king—but being the third child has its perks

4/23/2018 - After years of skepticism, Ferrari is testing an electric supercar

4/23/2018 - Charlotte is the first British princess to not be upstaged by patriarchy

4/23/2018 - What your business can learn from energy-savvy retailers

4/23/2018 - A 20% cut in energy costs could represent a 5% increase in sales

4/23/2018 - Barack Obama is doubling down on championing tolerance in a post-Trump world

4/23/2018 - Why I criticize candidates during job interviews (and you should, too)

4/23/2018 - There’s a global shortage of exorcists

4/23/2018 - The only reasons to stay with the iPhone right now have nothing to do with the iPhone

4/23/2018 - A traditional but trendy name is seen as a safe bet for Britain’s newest prince

4/23/2018 - The incredible power of tiny crustaceans could help fight climate change

4/23/2018 - The tourism industry thrives off of travelers’ indifference

4/23/2018 - Why South Africa’s historic photography school won’t call its work “training”

4/23/2018 - The Kraken crypto exchange responds to a New York legal inquiry in the snarkiest way possible

4/23/2018 - Drone technology is now dangerous enough to kill for

4/23/2018 - African businesses are driving economic integration on the continent faster than policymakers

4/23/2018 - IT-Probleme zu lösen, bevor sie auftreten, kann einfacher sein, als Sie denken

4/23/2018 - Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby boy

4/23/2018 - Why even inoffensive jokes by the boss can be problematic

4/23/2018 - The actual costs of US college financial aid

4/23/2018 - Is walking actually good exercise? Five health experts weigh in

4/23/2018 - Conspiracy theorists believe wild ideas because they want to feel special

4/23/2018 - Macron’s immigration reform has sparked outrage among the left and far-right

4/23/2018 - Macron meets Trump, Kabul suicide bomb, Arsene Wenger’s legacy

4/23/2018 - In London’s richest neighborhood, UK aristocrats are being replaced by overseas royalty as landlords

4/23/2018 - What Trump has already given up to North Korea

4/23/2018 - A designer is documenting the unique typefaces found only on India’s streets

4/23/2018 - “Strong men wanted”: Tech hiring in China is rife with blatantly sexist job ads

4/23/2018 - Why TCS is worth $100 billion, and Infosys isn’t

4/23/2018 - The man who harvested Facebook data for Cambridge Analytica doesn’t think he affected the 2016 election

4/23/2018 - Behind the scenes, China’s actually kind of mad at its telecoms giant ZTE

4/23/2018 - Richa Chadha on Bollywood’s feminist awakening: “We still have a long way to go”

4/23/2018 - Investors are pouring money into India’s trendy new tea cafes

4/23/2018 - Macron in Washington, Wenger’s legacy, Karl Marx banknotes

4/23/2018 - Macron in Washington, Wenger’s legacy, Karl Marx banknotes

4/23/2018 - India’s central bank has been taken to court over its cryptocurrency crackdown

4/22/2018 - Macron in Washington, Alphabet earnings, #elderlyvanlife

4/22/2018 - The last surviving human from the 19th century has died

4/22/2018 - Mitt Romney failed to secure the Senate nomination in Utah. So did Abe Lincoln.

4/22/2018 - In Sri Lanka, Facebook is like the ministry of truth

4/22/2018 - Five questions about the “Westworld” robots from an AI writer

4/22/2018 - Interest in Earth Day is falling in the 2010s. Does it matter?

4/22/2018 - The croissant is already living its best life. Please don’t try to change it

4/22/2018 - President Buhari’s slips, Nigeria’s “lazy” youth and a looming education crisis

4/22/2018 - Just being outside can improve your psychological health, and maybe your physical health too

4/22/2018 - Here’s how fast a glacier can slip into the sea once it’s destabilized

4/22/2018 - After seas rise, here’s how children will be taught to draw Florida

4/22/2018 - 25 years ago, one murder woke Britain up to the reality of violent racism

4/22/2018 - “A Quiet Place” perfectly captures humanity’s tense relationship with noise

4/22/2018 - Arsene Wenger didn’t just change English football, he changed the African game too

4/22/2018 - The key to stabilizing Africa’s future is financing its own security agenda

4/22/2018 - Tunisia’s startup strategy, Ghana vs CNN, Africa’s runaway athletes

4/22/2018 - “Now That’s What I Call Music!” will be mankind’s greatest relic

4/21/2018 - A lie about Mike Pompeo’s Gulf War service started with an anonymous Wikipedia edit

4/21/2018 - The stark differences in how the Trump and Obama administrations talk about human rights

4/21/2018 - More tourists in Australia now come from China than New Zealand

4/21/2018 - Future meat

4/21/2018 - Future meat

4/21/2018 - Economists are warning Donald Trump about tariffs with a letter from the 1930s

4/21/2018 - Avicii’s fortunes mirrored the money-spinning rise of electronic dance music

4/21/2018 - This might be the most poorly timed Trump tweet of them all

4/21/2018 - Apple’s MacBook Pro battery recall ends a bad week on a low note

4/21/2018 - There’s one thing Kim Jong-un wants from Donald Trump

4/21/2018 - The AT&T merger isn’t the biggest threat to cable prices—that would be net neutrality

4/21/2018 - NASA’s stunning video of the Lagoon Nebula will put your dumb life in perspective

4/21/2018 - The US is a major outlier among advanced economies in one big, scary way

4/21/2018 - Karl Marx’s hometown is selling fake banknotes to celebrate the communist thinker

4/21/2018 - A brief history of women politicians who’ve dared to breastfeed at work

4/21/2018 - The environment is reeling—but people care about the Earth more than ever

4/21/2018 - Electric scooters are flooding California, and they’ll be on your sidewalks soon

4/21/2018 - Weekend edition—Earth Day’s success, rethinking the resumé, smart city birds

4/21/2018 - African leaders are more constrained by democratic rules than you think

4/21/2018 - Smart cities are the future—and Tel Aviv is showing the world how it’s done

4/21/2018 - America is trying to remake another excellent British TV series

4/21/2018 - The wellness industry thrives on the fear of death

4/21/2018 - Charles Dickens imagined a Westworld-like robot park filled with “violent delights”

4/21/2018 - Future meat

4/21/2018 - I moved from the US to London and saved more money than I could have imagined

4/21/2018 - Britain is stricter on sandwich labels than political referendums

4/21/2018 - The US is trying to teach Kenyans how to fight “fake news”

4/21/2018 - Queen Elizabeth II at 92: These photos document the making of modern history

4/21/2018 - Weekend edition—Earth Day’s success, rethinking the resumé, smart city birds

4/21/2018 - Weekend edition—Earth Day’s success, rethinking the resumé, smart city birds

4/20/2018 - North Korea is suspending its nuclear and missile tests, but don’t get too excited

4/20/2018 - Weekend edition—Earth Day’s success, rethinking the resumé, smart city birds

4/20/2018 - This 4/20, there’s weed that’s wonderful for lightweights

4/20/2018 - The National School Walkout is students’ most ambitious gun violence protest yet

4/20/2018 - Botany Twitter just helped discover a rare plant clinging to a cliff in Pennsylvania

4/20/2018 - Future meat

4/20/2018 - What science says about effective racial bias training

4/20/2018 - “Life is brutal”: The music community mourns the death of Avicii

4/20/2018 - The 100 novels Americans love the most, based on a survey of thousands

4/20/2018 - Democrats just filed a lawsuit accusing the Trump campaign of helping Russia disrupt the 2016 election

4/20/2018 - Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in can now have casual phone chats

4/20/2018 - Charts: Why Arizona teachers want to go on a strike—even if they don’t have a right to

4/20/2018 - The urban design project sneaking puzzles and hopscotch into abandoned lots

4/20/2018 - The bond market is sending an ominous signal about economic growth

4/20/2018 - Europe’s largest bank is stepping up its efforts to stop financing fossil-fuel projects

4/20/2018 - This week challenged notions about what leadership looks like

4/20/2018 - Thanks to Amazon, now anyone in India can have ‘Internet’

4/20/2018 - Ox Tales: A fantastic food podcast without recipes, tools, or techniques

4/20/2018 - Kanye West basically wrote a self-help book in his first week back on Twitter

4/20/2018 - To see how cutthroat Silicon Valley can be, look to its job descriptions

4/20/2018 - Egypt’s top Islamic cleric is obsessed with stopping Facebook, one fatwa at a time

4/20/2018 - Comey says Putin was the first world leader to congratulate Trump on his inauguration

4/20/2018 - Russia internet ban, WPP $1 billion poorer, low pay at Amazon

4/20/2018 - Singapore’s prime minister schools Trump on how trade actually works

4/20/2018 - This weekend is the best time to watch the Lyrid meteor shower

4/20/2018 - Quartzy: the herbal edition

4/20/2018 - Quartzy: the herbal edition

4/20/2018 - StingRays

4/20/2018 - StingRays

4/20/2018 - How a Kim and Trump summit could fail—advice from a US diplomat who knows North Korea

4/20/2018 - One of West Africa’s favorite streetfoods could be causing cancer for its makers and consumers

4/20/2018 - Electric scooter startup Bird wants to make it legal to ride scooters on the sidewalk

4/20/2018 - “Black Panther” is already one of the best movie investments ever

4/20/2018 - Arsene Wenger, the current longest-serving manager in England’s top soccer league, is stepping down

4/20/2018 - Tech companies with financial industry aspirations will find a way around the rules

4/20/2018 - The scientifically proven explanation for why better gun control really will stop school violence

4/20/2018 - Wells Fargo’s huge fine, Comey’s Trump memos, welcome to eSwatini

4/20/2018 - Swaziland is dropping its colonial era name—it is now the Kingdom of eSwatini

4/20/2018 - China’s coddled EV makers will now face unleashed competition from the likes of Tesla

4/20/2018 - This electric scooter mayhem sounds just like when cars were first introduced

4/20/2018 - StingRays

4/20/2018 - African bluechips need to start corporate venture arms to invigorate startup funding

4/20/2018 - It’s easier than ever to be a lowkey gardener of homegrown weed

4/20/2018 - In the age of Uber and Ola, Mumbai’s iconic taxis are becoming works of art

4/20/2018 - California’s biggest 4/20 event was denied a marijuana permit

4/20/2018 - How to lead like the queen even if you’re a commoner

4/20/2018 - An IIT grad’s big bang idea: Furniture for all your Kama Sutra sex moves

4/20/2018 - A Chinese farm is breeding 6 billion cockroaches a year for medicine

4/20/2018 - How technology can bring transparency to India’s divided supreme court

4/20/2018 - The G7 is upset about North Korea laundering money. It only has itself to blame

4/20/2018 - The UK regulator charged with investigating Cambridge Analytica says it needs a 70% bigger budget to do its job

4/20/2018 - France has an autism problem

4/20/2018 - 500,000 harassed Indian bank workers may go on strike as cash-crunch returns

4/20/2018 - Comey’s Trump memos, Korean hotline, Swaziland’s new name

4/20/2018 - Comey’s Trump memos, Korean hotline, Swaziland’s new name

4/20/2018 - As India’s ATMs run dry, it’s déjà vu for digital payment companies

4/20/2018 - Trump said he’s not the kind of guy who needs to pay for sex, the Comey memos claim

4/19/2018 - China’s crackdown on crypto hasn’t stopped its tech giants from flirting with blockchain

4/19/2018 - Walmart just liberated its employees from khakis

4/19/2018 - IMF warnings, new Cuban president, illusions

4/19/2018 - Photos: Senator Tammy Duckworth took her newborn to work today and made history

4/19/2018 - Consumer watchdog says Americans should stop eating romaine lettuce

4/19/2018 - Rebranded Chinese scooters are taking over San Francisco

4/19/2018 - James Comey’s new book “A Higher Loyalty” offers four key lessons in leadership

4/19/2018 - The maker of Marlboros desperately wants older Japanese smokers to start vaping

4/19/2018 - How to handle common inconveniences travelers face—even flight delays

4/19/2018 - StingRays

4/19/2018 - A new report heaps more skepticism on vitamin D and calcium supplements

4/19/2018 - Allowing babies on the Senate floor will change US Congress—for the better

4/19/2018 - Southwest Airlines opposed a recommended safety check on its jet engines

4/19/2018 - Donald Trump’s NASA administrator has finally been confirmed by the Senate

4/19/2018 - A veteran defense lawyer explains how the feds could flip Michael Cohen

4/19/2018 - Greater homeownership isn’t the answer to ending wealth inequality

4/19/2018 - Starbucks was never about the coffee. It’s taking over public space—and controlling it

4/19/2018 - Emmanuel Macron brings his EU reform plan to a skeptical Berlin

4/19/2018 - The new “Jurassic World” looks like a home invasion thriller…with dinosaurs

4/19/2018 - In less than two decades, Americans doubled their support for legal weed

4/19/2018 - All the places in the world you can (legally) get high on 4/20

4/19/2018 - Amazon’s unruly third-party marketplace now sells more stuff than Amazon itself

4/19/2018 - How one group of Indonesians evolved to have bigger spleens

4/19/2018 - Why good people turn bad online

4/19/2018 - Netflix’s CEO says there are months when he doesn’t have to make a single decision

4/19/2018 - A luxury hotel chain is making it hip to ditch single use plastic

4/19/2018 - If America went vegan, we’d free up enough farmland to feed 350 million more people

4/19/2018 - The “conventional wisdom” about growing your startup that isn’t so wise

4/19/2018 - Aquaculture is the latest hotness for Silicon Valley venture capitalists in 2018

4/19/2018 - If certain sounds drive you crazy, you may have misophonia

4/19/2018 - Use these scripts to avoid meetings without being rude

4/19/2018 - Jeff Bezos found a leadership lesson in a friend’s quest for the perfect handstand

4/19/2018 - What Amazon learned by having employees write stories instead of doing PowerPoints

4/19/2018 - Cranberries

4/19/2018 - Cranberries

4/19/2018 - America’s richest people live in one specific kind of neighborhood

4/19/2018 - Financial inclusion is improving around the world—but women are still missing out

4/19/2018 - A 5,400 year-old cow skull reveals the popularity of a bizarre ancient surgery

4/19/2018 - The rise of the dependent working-age American man

4/19/2018 - A single country granted 60% of positive asylum decisions in the EU

4/19/2018 - Phone scammers are targeting Chinese speakers in the US

4/19/2018 - Robots can now assemble an IKEA chair in 20 minutes—without fighting

4/19/2018 - The highest-paid US workers sit for six hours, move around for two, and don’t get wet

4/19/2018 - Britain’s citizenship test is criticized for “errors,” “inconsistencies,” and “random trivia”

4/19/2018 - Buhari’s latest gaffe is criticizing millions of jobless Nigerians during a UK business summit

4/19/2018 - Macron courts Merkel, Trump’s Kim strategy, prison crocodiles

4/19/2018 - Qualcomm is getting hit from both sides in the US-China spat

4/19/2018 - African cities are battling escalating noise pollution—but religion stands in the way

4/19/2018 - Cranberries

4/19/2018 - A lyrical French novel shows that the pain of exile is akin to bereavement

4/19/2018 - Two Indian Pulitzer-winners reveal what it’s like to photograph the Rohingya crisis

4/19/2018 - The harsh reality of life for India’s 5 million sanitation workers

4/19/2018 - Scientists have figured out how to listen to the earth and unlock Africa’s hidden riches

4/19/2018 - India’s supreme court won’t allow an investigation into a judge’s mysterious death

4/19/2018 - Indian IT industry must risk more to stay relevant, says Nasscom’s Rishad Premji

4/19/2018 - This AI expert found it “both exciting and scary” that Xi Jinping reads his book

4/19/2018 - If you want privacy, you’re going to have to fight for it

4/19/2018 - India’s central bank refuses to go easy as bad loans keep piling

4/19/2018 - Macron in Berlin, Amazon Prime milestone, prison crocodiles

4/19/2018 - Macron in Berlin, Amazon Prime milestone, prison crocodiles

4/19/2018 - One of the world’s most successful actors believes in crying long and hard over his failures

4/19/2018 - Startup and innovation hub leaders are going to shape digital policy for the African Union

4/19/2018 - Traffic jams in just four Indian cities cost $22 billion a year

4/18/2018 - What senators wanted to know before Tammy Duckworth could bring her baby to work

4/18/2018 - More people have Amazon Prime than live in Germany

4/18/2018 - Puerto Rico’s blackout, Facebook’s creepy tech, prison crocodiles

4/18/2018 - The US military will award $10 million to the company that can launch satellites on short notice

4/18/2018 - What will Cuba’s revolution look like without a Castro in charge?

4/18/2018 - We knew what Fox News was long before this Sean Hannity debacle

4/18/2018 - Cranberries

4/18/2018 - Watch this: “Aggretsuko” the cute red panda rages against the drudgery of office life

4/18/2018 - Ten years after the financial crisis, these big banks are doing much better than before

4/18/2018 - Going to the gym will be even more important once we colonize Mars

4/18/2018 - “I don’t get confused”: How Nikki Haley’s feminist clapback could cost her a job

4/18/2018 - A new startup is disrupting the piggy bank with a cryptocurrency wallet for kids

4/18/2018 - Elon Musk’s advice for when you’re dragged into useless meetings

4/18/2018 - Artificial intelligence can scour code to find accidentally public passwords

4/18/2018 - Marissa Mayer is renting the original Google office where she started her career in 1999

4/18/2018 - The EU is forcing Facebook to change, but users everywhere will be affected

4/18/2018 - Foreign leaders meeting Donald Trump: Beware the Mar-a-Lago surprise

4/18/2018 - The latest trend for tech interviews: Days of unpaid homework

4/18/2018 - KPMG’s strategy to regain South Africa’s trust failed before it even got started

4/18/2018 - A tragic episode in James Comey’s book shows the ingrained sexism of maternity care

4/18/2018 - China wants to wean itself off foreign technology. Now it will see how hard that will be

4/18/2018 - Cardboard

4/18/2018 - Cardboard

4/18/2018 - The peace agreement being discussed ahead of the inter-Korean summit is 65 years overdue

4/18/2018 - Can EU migrants trust Britain after the Commonwealth “Windrush” scandal?

4/18/2018 - Weaning African leaders off their addiction to power is an ongoing struggle

4/18/2018 - Martini bars and rotary phones: A peek inside the Mad Men-themed TWA Hotel

4/18/2018 - Can Carnival possibly make a cruise with thousands of passengers feel personable?

4/18/2018 - London house prices are falling for the first time since 2009

4/18/2018 - The most important thing about Starbucks’ day of bias training isn’t the bias training

4/18/2018 - Fuzzy space law is forcing the US to update its orbital regulations

4/18/2018 - Scott Pruitt’s scandals aren’t so bad—by Russian standards

4/18/2018 - A legal quirk means you can be dead in New York but alive in New Jersey

4/18/2018 - Why aren’t there any battery cases for the iPhone X?

4/18/2018 - The resume of the future will tell employers who you are, and not just what you’ve done

4/18/2018 - Starbucks’ tactic to address racial bias is not going to work

4/18/2018 - Corals are dying everywhere, except in this warm-water refuge

4/18/2018 - What would happen if poor people were involved in designing solutions to poverty?

4/18/2018 - #MeToo was sputtering in Japan—until today, when two government officials resigned

4/18/2018 - The first step to better grilled cheese is losing the butter. Trust us

4/18/2018 - The higher your salary, the more time your employer will pay you not to work

4/18/2018 - What Facebook should fear most isn’t future regulation—it’s what’s already here

4/18/2018 - Social Security numbers are unsafe and outdated. So why do Americans use them?

4/18/2018 - Cuba after Castro, Mike Pompeo and Kim Jong-un, flip phone comeback

4/18/2018 - A former rival had some catty parting words for outgoing WPP chief Martin Sorrell

4/18/2018 - The best money transfer rates bypass both banks and the blockchain

4/18/2018 - After being an Apple fanboy for years, I’m now an Android convert

4/18/2018 - Emissions from wildfires have fallen over the last century—that’s not necessarily good news

4/18/2018 - Cardboard

4/18/2018 - The surprising link between infectious diseases and inclusive urban planning

4/18/2018 - Why is the Indian rupee at a seven-month low?

4/18/2018 - China treated Kim Jong-un to a Maoist ballet classic about its army

4/18/2018 - Rural America has another reason to stress over US-China relations: internet speeds

4/18/2018 - As Facebook stumbles, Orkut’s founder looks to recreate its lost magic in India

4/18/2018 - The good, the bad, and the ugly of heritage conservation in India

4/18/2018 - The real reason Saudi Arabia is lifting its cinema ban

4/18/2018 - India’s ATM crisis proves that demonetisation failed and cash remains king

4/18/2018 - Southwest Airlines accident, Korean peace treaty, New York mice germs

4/18/2018 - Southwest Airlines accident, Korean peace treaty, New York mice germs

4/18/2018 - India’s mom-and-pop stores are finally ready to embrace technology

4/17/2018 - CIA director Mike Pompeo spent Easter in North Korea with Kim Jong-un

4/17/2018 - Barbara Bush: From finishing school to the First Ladies club, in photos

4/17/2018 - The IRS has given Americans an extra day to file their taxes

4/17/2018 - As Trump rushes towards a summit with North Korea, US intelligence is in charge

4/17/2018 - Southwest midair fatality, Starbucks racism training, New York mice germs

4/17/2018 - The first US passenger airline with an accidental death since 2009 is Southwest Airlines

4/17/2018 - The boring side of Goldman Sachs may finally be paying off

4/17/2018 - Cardboard

4/17/2018 - Ethiopia’s change of guard is fueling an exiled marathoner’s hope for the future

4/17/2018 - An alternative theory of why entrepreneurs do what they do

4/17/2018 - The terror of the Southwest emergency landing, as told through social media

4/17/2018 - Starbucks is shutting 8,000 US stores on May 29 to conduct bias training

4/17/2018 - If you waited until the deadline to file your US taxes online, you might be stuck

4/17/2018 - For 10 glorious minutes, social media influencers were mocked at their own awards show

4/17/2018 - Cambridge Analytica’s former CEO is refusing to appear before the UK parliament

4/17/2018 - African athletes keep going missing at global sporting events and it’s only going to get worse

4/17/2018 - Industry 4.0 is changing the way our food is made

4/17/2018 - Smart machines are changing the way our food gets from farm to fork

4/17/2018 - Young British lawyers are told not to wear short skirts or “kinky boots”

4/17/2018 - Donald Trump’s business ethics could be contagious

4/17/2018 - Netflix CEO says apps are the new TV channels

4/17/2018 - Tardigrades

4/17/2018 - Tardigrades

4/17/2018 - Vaccines are medicine’s most important invention—but they could be even more effective

4/17/2018 - What we learned from James Comey’s book about leadership—aka, the book about Trump

4/17/2018 - An economist gave the most compelling design talk at TED—about doughnuts

4/17/2018 - The mice of NYC may be contributing to antibiotic resistance

4/17/2018 - Forget traditional job interviews: Ericsson asked a job applicant to sleep in a homeless shelter

4/17/2018 - How do you know if a budget airline is safe to fly?

4/17/2018 - Americans who complain about rising gas costs should get some perspective

4/17/2018 - Doing taxes is such a pain that Americans forgo billions in savings to just get it over with

4/17/2018 - A CNN interview sparked another Ghana backlash and a debate about women, sex and love

4/17/2018 - China is funding a $90 million South Pacific wharf big enough for warships

4/17/2018 - After a 12-month squeeze, British workers are finally getting a pay raise

4/17/2018 - China is taking aim at American farmers in its trade war with the US

4/17/2018 - Oat milk is poised to take over the US

4/17/2018 - The way you see color depends on what language you speak

4/17/2018 - Uganda plans to tax social media to stop gossip on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter

4/17/2018 - If shipping were a country, it would be the world’s sixth-biggest greenhouse gas emitter

4/17/2018 - China just rolled out the welcome mat for Tesla

4/17/2018 - Trump-Abe summit, Tesla stalled again, bikini ban

4/17/2018 - Every big tech firm in China is becoming a self-driving car company

4/17/2018 - Is India’s obsession with the cow getting your goat?

4/17/2018 - Tardigrades

4/17/2018 - India’s electric vehicle sector is finally sorting out the basics

4/17/2018 - How much would you pay for Facebook?

4/17/2018 - Blockchain will be a great tool for African entrepreneurs, but only if we make it our own

4/17/2018 - Wars, not just genius, fuelled Britain’s industrial revolution

4/17/2018 - Why India’s cryptocurrency exchanges may move to Singapore, Switzerland, or Malta

4/17/2018 - Nike has 3D-printed a stretchy, water-expelling, customizable sneaker

4/17/2018 - Trump-Abe summit, Pulitzers for #MeToo, Dutch cannabis ban

4/17/2018 - Trump-Abe summit, Pulitzers for #MeToo, Dutch cannabis ban

4/17/2018 - With no takers for Air India, the government may sweeten the deal

4/16/2018 - Tesla is temporarily stopping Model 3 production again, threatening its financial future

4/16/2018 - How Stormy Daniels and her lawyer reacted to the Cohen-Hannity revelation

4/16/2018 - The messages in Beyoncé’s Coachella show that black Americans heard loud and clear

4/16/2018 - Netflix is rolling in revenue after signing up more people than expected

4/16/2018 - Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN.” just won a Pulitzer, the first time the award went to work that isn’t jazz or classical

4/16/2018 - Drug companies are testing ketamine to treat severe depression

4/16/2018 - Hannity lawyer reveal, Trump-Abe summit, illegal legumes

4/16/2018 - Tesla is accused of undercounting injuries at its Fremont factory

4/16/2018 - Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels, and using a home-equity loan for a payoff

4/16/2018 - Tardigrades

4/16/2018 - These are the 2018 Pulitzer Prize winners for journalism

4/16/2018 - These are the 2018 Pulitzer Prize winners for literature, music, and the arts

4/16/2018 - Scientists have found over 100 genes linked to European hair color

4/16/2018 - The “Mad Max: Fury Road” director has two sequels ready. They may never get made

4/16/2018 - Denial, bargaining, acceptance: Salesforce’s CEO on his reckoning with equal pay for women

4/16/2018 - The world’s biggest money manager is worried about Chinese tech firms

4/16/2018 - Starbucks spent years burnishing its progressive credentials. One employee may undermine it all

4/16/2018 - A merger of two Nigerian e-commerce players is the latest bid to win Africa’s largest market

4/16/2018 - Netflix’s ballooning original content bill isn’t scaring investors

4/16/2018 - The US Department of Homeland Security just hired a UK firm of 20 people to help with border security

4/16/2018 - Watch SpaceX launch an observatory to hunt alien planets

4/16/2018 - The biggest myth of nomadic travel is that anyone can do it

4/16/2018 - New research suggests playing with fewer toys is good for kids

4/16/2018 - The overlooked resource Trump could use to increase US exports

4/16/2018 - Competitive apps are sabotaging your workouts. It’s time for compassionate fitness goals.

4/16/2018 - Samsung is bringing crypto and blockchain tech closer to its core business

4/16/2018 - How to bring mindfulness to your career

4/16/2018 - US doctors are offering free tax preparation for low-income families right in the waiting room

4/16/2018 - AMC’s “McMafia” imagines a world that no longer revolves around America

4/16/2018 - An Apple memo warns leakers of the ultimate consequence: Betraying colleagues

4/16/2018 - The world’s economists can’t wait to get their hands on US tax returns

4/16/2018 - Car-sharing company Turo is making a big play for international growth

4/16/2018 - A former Nike engineer’s 12-point checklist for rating running sneakers

4/16/2018 - How the gig economy could help close the skills gap

4/16/2018 - Google wants to bypass Africa’s slow internet speeds with a faster search app

4/16/2018 - North Korea isn’t Shinzo Abe’s only problem as he meets with Trump again

4/16/2018 - WPP is $1 billion poorer without Martin Sorrell

4/16/2018 - The counterintuitive economics of choosing a college

4/16/2018 - Africa’s growing public debt problem may be worse than we thought

4/16/2018 - The blackout in hurricane-hit Puerto Rico is now the second-worst in history

4/16/2018 - Netflix’s numbers, Comey-Trump clash, #Beychella

4/16/2018 - Doubtful of China’s economic numbers? Satellite data and AI can help

4/16/2018 - Tunisia’s “Startup Act” could show other African governments how to support tech ecosystems

4/16/2018 - India’s $670 billion retail market is heading for a dream run

4/16/2018 - China’s LGBT people came out as a protest against an online ban on gay content. And it worked

4/16/2018 - How a South African village helped US companies train smarter employees

4/16/2018 - After you’re done marching for Kathua and Unnao, clean up your homes

4/16/2018 - An 8-year-old’s gang rape leaves India numb—but some defend it

4/16/2018 - After turning exam prep into a booming business, India’s newest unicorn is going global

4/16/2018 - Comey disses Trump, Martin Sorrell resigns, Beyoncé plaudits

4/16/2018 - Comey disses Trump, Martin Sorrell resigns, Beyoncé plaudits

4/16/2018 - Why are Walmart and Amazon desperate to buy Flipkart?

4/16/2018 - Why James Comey doesn’t think Donald Trump should be impeached

4/16/2018 - What James Comey would say to Hillary Clinton now about his fateful email announcement

4/16/2018 - The billion-dollar, Alibaba-backed AI company that’s quietly watching people in China

4/15/2018 - Syria attacks, Starbucks apologies, Beyoncé plaudits

4/15/2018 - Silicon Valley is belatedly acknowledging the value of human beings

4/15/2018 - The most powerful person in advertising is gone—just as it faces an existential crisis

4/15/2018 - Clear your mind with these genius short videos from TED 2018

4/15/2018 - A salmonella recall is affecting 207 million eggs across the US

4/15/2018 - A Reagan-era economic trend is making a worrisome comeback

4/15/2018 - A lot of people swear kinesiology tape works, but science can’t explain why

4/15/2018 - Of course wine clubs are back—they’re the original Blue Apron

4/15/2018 - “I guess the lesson here is: don’t get divorced.”

4/15/2018 - Internet fandom is running Hollywood

4/15/2018 - Tanzania’s expensive blogs, Facebook’s Swahili lesson, Vogue needs Africa

4/14/2018 - Winnie Mandela’s funeral was her last fight to dispel apartheid-era smear campaigns and lies

4/14/2018 - African fashion doesn’t need a “Vogue Africa”, but Vogue needs a boost from African fashion

4/14/2018 - Google’s astounding new search tool will answer any question by reading thousands of books

4/14/2018 - Souvenirs

4/14/2018 - Souvenirs

4/14/2018 - Photos of the night 105 missiles lit up Syria

4/14/2018 - Why has the West attacked Syria?

4/14/2018 - This is exactly where Black Panther fits in the pantheon of high-grossing films

4/14/2018 - The delusion of the day job, according to one of the world’s greatest novelists

4/14/2018 - The unintended consequences of a crackdown on sites selling sex work

4/14/2018 - The Cold War is “back with a vengeance”

4/14/2018 - The streaming video wars are just getting started

4/14/2018 - It costs $7.3 million to keep Facebook’s Zuckerberg safe

4/14/2018 - Twenty years ago, Netflix.com launched. The movie business has never been the same.

4/14/2018 - Early images of Netflix.com show how far the service has come in its 20 years

4/14/2018 - As Netflix turns 20, let’s revisit its biggest blunder

4/14/2018 - A wellness rave is competing with Coachella this year

4/14/2018 - The sinking of the Titanic left a titanic impact on the language we use today

4/14/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg can’t truly apologize until he stops thinking Facebook is a force for good

4/14/2018 - Gmail is switching its default font to one that works better on mobile

4/14/2018 - Weekend edition—Facebook’s not-mea-culpa, the rise of cranberries, working-class sitcoms

4/14/2018 - Before you go shopping for spring, clean out your closet

4/14/2018 - The actor who plays Jian-Yang on “Silicon Valley” wrote a self-help book for immigrants

4/14/2018 - Tourism creates thorny ethical dilemmas. Isn’t that the point?

4/14/2018 - Watch this: “The Witch,” the best horror film of the decade

4/14/2018 - Souvenirs

4/14/2018 - The co-founder of Germany’s anti-immigrant party once fought to welcome refugees

4/14/2018 - Within Britain’s loneliness epidemic, young people in England are at the epicenter

4/14/2018 - Weekend edition—Facebook’s not-mea-culpa, the rise of cranberries, working-class sitcoms

4/14/2018 - Weekend edition—Facebook’s not-mea-culpa, the rise of cranberries, working-class sitcoms

4/13/2018 - Foreigners enchanted with Japan’s perfect powder are changing the face of its ski towns

4/13/2018 - Weekend edition—Facebook’s not-mea-culpa, the rise of cranberries, working-class sitcoms

4/13/2018 - The US government has been secretly reading Michael Cohen’s emails

4/13/2018 - A guide to all the tell-all books about the Trump presidency

4/13/2018 - Souvenirs

4/13/2018 - The rise of renewable energy is ushering in a sustainable future

4/13/2018 - Sponsored: Four steps to take on the path to being a leader

4/13/2018 - Stormy Daniels’ lawyer just crashed Trump’s lawyer’s hearing

4/13/2018 - The arid US midwest just crept 140 miles east thanks to climate change

4/13/2018 - Amazon’s best-sellers now include James Comey, fascism and Mike Pence’s pet rabbit

4/13/2018 - Ckbk—a new recipe app—calls itself “Spotify for cookbooks.” It’s way better than that

4/13/2018 - Tesla’s massive debt, “Black Panther” in Saudi Arabia, world’s most volatile currency

4/13/2018 - Elon Musk boosts Tesla’s stock by tweeting that it won’t need to raise money this year

4/13/2018 - Quartzy: the spring cleaning edition

4/13/2018 - Quartzy: the spring cleaning edition

4/13/2018 - We do not all “have as many hours as Beyoncé”

4/13/2018 - Literary journals are giving Africans a space to “write back” at the global culture

4/13/2018 - “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”

4/13/2018 - “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”

4/13/2018 - What does it take to get a professional conference banned from Vegas? Ask these physicists

4/13/2018 - Do open offices really increase collaboration?

4/13/2018 - Russia has banned the wildly popular homegrown Telegram messaging app

4/13/2018 - Sam Altman’s simple advice on being productive—and not freaking out when you aren’t

4/13/2018 - Nashville, Tennessee has the lowest unemployment rate in the US

4/13/2018 - 4,000 toddlers are listed as UK business owners

4/13/2018 - SpaceX will soon be the third most valuable private tech company in the United States

4/13/2018 - Grading Paul Ryan: Did the Tea Party’s weightlifting wunderkind deliver?

4/13/2018 - An airline you’ve never heard of bases its business on bailing out other carriers

4/13/2018 - White people abandon diverse neighborhoods for racial, not economic reasons

4/13/2018 - What we learned from Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional testimony

4/13/2018 - The FDA just opened the door to let AI make medical decisions on its own

4/13/2018 - China just conducted its biggest-ever display of naval power

4/13/2018 - The oceans have a chronic fever

4/13/2018 - If the US Congress can’t understand Facebook, they definitely can’t fix it

4/13/2018 - Big bank earnings, Comey’s explosive memoir, Coleridge in the cellar

4/13/2018 - If you have a tax bill from the US government this year, you’ve won

4/13/2018 - “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”

4/13/2018 - The crypto world is not happy with Deepak Chopra

4/13/2018 - The enraged heiresses of Korean Air have an entitlement problem

4/13/2018 - China’s pioneers to the moon will be flowers and silkworms

4/13/2018 - Two gruesome child rape cases in India are only the latest sign of a growing problem

4/13/2018 - Big tech companies think they can make a lot of money from the world’s unbanked

4/13/2018 - India’s cryptocurrency exchanges may move the supreme court to challenge RBI crackdown

4/13/2018 - William Dalrymple traces the East India Company’s takeover of Hindustan

4/13/2018 - India is finally moving to tap the wind energy potential on its seas

4/13/2018 - VW’s new CEO, Comey’s memoir, poet’s coffin

4/13/2018 - VW’s new CEO, Comey’s memoir, poet’s coffin

4/13/2018 - With IPL, Hotstar sets global viewership record for an online broadcaster

4/12/2018 - 450,000 Indians have proposed to Google Assistant

4/12/2018 - How I learned to live with a name that’s a constant source of humiliation

4/12/2018 - All of this year’s H-1B visas have already been taken

4/12/2018 - If the US wants to reduce its trade deficit, it should attract more Chinese tourists

4/12/2018 - The very thing you love about Bed Bath & Beyond may be sinking it

4/12/2018 - Hearst buys Fitch, VW’s new CEO, forgotten poet coffin

4/12/2018 - Cape Town’s “Day Zero” is call-to-action for sustainable investing

4/12/2018 - Backed by billionaire philanthropists, TED launches an IPO for world-changing non-profits

4/12/2018 - Mike Pompeo is warming up to manmade climate change

4/12/2018 - Trump wants back in the TPP, the trade deal he killed in his third day in office

4/12/2018 - “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”

4/12/2018 - Donatella Versace says Gianni designed for party girls, while she creates for multitaskers

4/12/2018 - Mike Pompeo just can’t say if he thinks gay sex is a perversion or not

4/12/2018 - One of America’s largest banks is now refusing to lend to assault-rifle makers

4/12/2018 - The indie horror company disrupting Hollywood now bills itself as the star

4/12/2018 - MoviePass wants to build a Rotten Tomatoes for movie lovers

4/12/2018 - South Africa is now using its legal system to get rid of deep-seated racism left over from apartheid

4/12/2018 - Don’t buy Zuckerberg’s line that AI will save Facebook

4/12/2018 - The cruise industry insists millennials love them—but the proof is unconvincing

4/12/2018 - Trump’s latest nominee for district judge is not sure about desegregation

4/12/2018 - Why nobody believes your PR anymore

4/12/2018 - The “ruby” chocolate Kit Kat is perfect food marketing—but not much else

4/12/2018 - The reach of West Africa’s mobile money sector is 13 times wider than local banks

4/12/2018 - An artist creates bespoke KKK robes to underscore the stealth racism in America

4/12/2018 - You aren’t too nice to be leadership material

4/12/2018 - “Sorry.”

4/12/2018 - “Sorry.”

4/12/2018 - Blockchain dreams do come true: A big Spanish bank’s customers can now use it to transfer money

4/12/2018 - Everything Mark Zuckerberg promised Facebook would get back to Congress about

4/12/2018 - On incomes, Russia and the US are now equally unequal

4/12/2018 - Photos: Looking back at the evolution of human spaceflight

4/12/2018 - Three simple ways to save time on tax day

4/12/2018 - One of the world’s largest banks wants to rip up the economic rulebook and downplay GDP

4/12/2018 - Facebook is $24 billion richer after Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress

4/12/2018 - Uber CEO: Getting people to share rides is a “battle” against “societal norms”

4/12/2018 - Bitcoin mining’s growing demand for cheap energy revived a shuttered coal mine

4/12/2018 - Since when did failure become good business?

4/12/2018 - America’s villages are collapsing—so who’s raising the children?

4/12/2018 - You can’t use the Taiwan flag emoji on a Chinese iPhone

4/12/2018 - Pompeo’s confirmation, SoftBank soccer, mummified monkey

4/12/2018 - The problem with a top European university adding animals to its African studies program

4/12/2018 - The simple reason people don’t choose the best student loan repayment plan

4/12/2018 - A sperm whale washed up on the shore of Spain with 64 lbs of plastic and waste in its stomach

4/12/2018 - The Indian prime minister’s fast is striving for optics, not true leadership

4/12/2018 - China just made it easier for self-driving tests to take place on any road in the country

4/12/2018 - “Sorry.”

4/12/2018 - A brutal battle among China’s food-delivery apps is resulting in practically free meals

4/12/2018 - “English not Swahili”: The ill-placed call from a US senator on rewriting Facebook’s user terms

4/12/2018 - The woman who led crypto policing in the US guesses what’s next for regulation

4/12/2018 - India’s booming private detective business is walking a thin ethical line

4/12/2018 - How government policies in India and China are widening income inequality

4/12/2018 - European Jews facing anti-Semitism “not seen since the Second World War”

4/12/2018 - IBM Research’s shift from Indian back-office to frontline innovation hub

4/12/2018 - With its subscription model, this Indian startup wants to make menstrual hygiene a habit

4/12/2018 - May’s Syria decision, Pompeo’s confirmation, mummified monkey

4/12/2018 - May’s Syria decision, Pompeo’s confirmation, mummified monkey

4/12/2018 - Why the summer of 2018 may sting Indian household budgets

4/12/2018 - Malaysia’s fake-news law is going to make it hard to talk about its biggest corruption scandal

4/11/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg’s House testimony covered the opioid crisis, diversity, conservative censorship and Facemash

4/11/2018 - After 97 years selling beef, White Castle is adding Impossible Burgers to its menu

4/11/2018 - Trump threatens Russia, plane crash in Algeria, royal wedding snubs

4/11/2018 - “Sorry.”

4/11/2018 - Nike’s coolness is slipping with teens as streetwear gains popularity

4/11/2018 - Zuckerberg quietly revealed a hole in Facebook’s new defenses against Russia: Shell companies

4/11/2018 - A lot fewer mothers are dying in Texas than we thought. That shouldn’t make anyone feel better

4/11/2018 - A Chinese father sent his son on a 1,300-mile bike ride to teach him perseverance

4/11/2018 - The reasons why food tastes better in a bowl than on a plate

4/11/2018 - Everything you need for a long and fruitful career can be learned from hip-hop

4/11/2018 - US ranchers want to use the federal government as a proxy to fight high-tech meat companies

4/11/2018 - The ivory trade is alive and well, thanks to Facebook

4/11/2018 - Bill Gates says it would be a “tragedy” not to take advantage of CRISPR gene-editing

4/11/2018 - You don’t need a visionary to build a company with vision

4/11/2018 - HBO’s “Andre the Giant” documentary has a gigantic problem

4/11/2018 - 420,000 people were arrested for selling marijuana while John Boehner ran Congress

4/11/2018 - Former US House speaker John Boehner is going to help sell marijuana

4/11/2018 - Uber is launching a rental car service inside its app

4/11/2018 - The case for paying for Google and Facebook

4/11/2018 - The biggest Jewish gay “conversion therapy” organization has been operating in secret after US courts shut it down

4/11/2018 - General Motors is still China’s best-selling car maker

4/11/2018 - The US military budget shows just how deep Donald Trump is getting into Syria

4/11/2018 - Harley-Davidson

4/11/2018 - Harley-Davidson

4/11/2018 - Berlin has the fastest-rising house prices in the world

4/11/2018 - Scientists keep “discovering” things stoners already know

4/11/2018 - Donald Trump’s decades-old idea to fix welfare: Get more people to marry

4/11/2018 - If bitcoin mania spreads like a disease, Barclays thinks the fever has broken

4/11/2018 - We’re 50% more likely to die in the 20 years following a personal financial disaster

4/11/2018 - Yale’s beloved happiness class is now on the internet for free

4/11/2018 - Five things the world finally realizes about Facebook

4/11/2018 - TV demonizes the working class. Two new shows finally celebrate them

4/11/2018 - The real effects of America’s federal taxes

4/11/2018 - The first human migration from Africa was more widespread than scientists thought

4/11/2018 - American Express is the newest member of the minimalist logo club

4/11/2018 - You should be paid for your Facebook data

4/11/2018 - All the disasters in 2017 were even more costly than we thought

4/11/2018 - Two-thirds of companies now have a medical marijuana policy

4/11/2018 - “Please study the answers:” A Swedish activist’s first-hand account of how China extracted his televised “confession”

4/11/2018 - Zuckerberg’s talking points: Breaking up Facebook “strengthens Chinese companies”

4/11/2018 - Zuckerberg’s grilling, the IMF’s dire warning, Air Force “Un”

4/11/2018 - Uber will bring you flying taxis, if you can help build a magical battery

4/11/2018 - We’re about to learn if Britain’s claim that Russia poisoned the Skripals is true

4/11/2018 - How the extended rule of China’s president Xi will influence Africa’s future

4/11/2018 - Harley-Davidson

4/11/2018 - China’s web censors have a new target: vulgar jokes

4/11/2018 - Chad is the first African country taken off Trump’s travel ban list

4/11/2018 - In India, criminals are now extorting bitcoin from their victims

4/11/2018 - Syria’s civilian deaths and refugees since 2011

4/11/2018 - Words like “slutty” mean something different in the US and the UK

4/11/2018 - Can the Tatas save Air India?

4/11/2018 - Untangling 19,000 EU rules makes firms worry that entire businesses will become “illegal overnight”

4/11/2018 - A beautiful collection of rare maps shows how the world viewed India over the centuries

4/11/2018 - India wants to use an “exit tax” to stop its millionaires from fleeing

4/11/2018 - A sexist policy may end the career of one of the world’s greatest female runners

4/11/2018 - Azerbaijan election, Zuckerberg’s grilling, Air Force Un

4/11/2018 - Azerbaijan election, Zuckerberg’s grilling, Air Force Un

4/11/2018 - This ancient Egyptian papyrus could be the first record of a man getting fired for sexual assault

4/11/2018 - Reddit’s most popular meme forum was a hangout spot for Russian trolls

4/10/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg is confident he can “protect the integrity” of the 2019 Indian elections

4/10/2018 - WhatsApp is looking to hire an India head for the first time ever

4/10/2018 - This is how Trump could fire Mueller

4/10/2018 - Is Facebook a monopoly? Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t have an answer

4/10/2018 - Zuckerberg testimony, Myanmar massacre conviction, eyebrow evolution

4/10/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg confirms Facebook is working with the Russia investigation

4/10/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg just gave a timeline for AI to take over detecting internet hate speech

4/10/2018 - Harley-Davidson

4/10/2018 - What Mark Zuckerberg wore to his Senate hearing

4/10/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg is standing trial for the entire tech industry

4/10/2018 - An 88,000-year-old finger bone changes the story of early human migration

4/10/2018 - Antarctica is turning into a snow globe because the Earth is warming

4/10/2018 - The US states where you’re most likely to be texting while driving (but we’re almost all doing it more)

4/10/2018 - The improbable story of the cranberry’s path to global domination

4/10/2018 - Let’s recap the financial markets Trump has rattled recently

4/10/2018 - With “The Meg” and “Rampage,” the creature feature stomps through Hollywood again

4/10/2018 - How to run a meeting where everyone is mad at you

4/10/2018 - LVMH’s Silicon-Valley-style startup incubator will foster innovation in luxury

4/10/2018 - Advice from a Congressional testimony expert for Mark Zuckerberg

4/10/2018 - These design fixes could make the restaurant industry safer for women

4/10/2018 - How much is Mark Zuckerberg worth?

4/10/2018 - Donald Trump and Theresa May won’t be invited to the royal wedding

4/10/2018 - The real reasons for the gender pay gap

4/10/2018 - VW CEO Matthias Müller could be gone by Friday

4/10/2018 - Nigeria’s president Buhari re-election bid is being framed as a “clamour” for his return

4/10/2018 - Monorails

4/10/2018 - Monorails

4/10/2018 - You now have to pay the government over $900 a year to be a blogger in Tanzania

4/10/2018 - Once again, European and US airlines are losing out to their Asian rivals

4/10/2018 - China’s reported military overture to Vanuatu is sparking fears in Australia and beyond

4/10/2018 - It’s time to talk about Mark Zuckerberg’s resignation

4/10/2018 - Bought bitcoin last year? Here’s how to save money on your crypto taxes

4/10/2018 - The key to asking for a raise is remembering it’s not all about you

4/10/2018 - Tammy Duckworth’s maternity leave dilemma exposes the sexism of US politics

4/10/2018 - The idea that everyone should have a job is so common we forget to question it

4/10/2018 - Immigrants founded more than 40% of new companies in some US states

4/10/2018 - To reduce jet lag, there’s one vital thing to look for when you book your flight

4/10/2018 - The share of American young adults living with their parents is the highest in 75 years

4/10/2018 - Tesla has China woes to add to its US ones

4/10/2018 - What to expect from Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional testimony

4/10/2018 - REI’s stringent new checklist to ensure every product it carries is sustainable

4/10/2018 - Italy grants citizenship to more people than any other EU country

4/10/2018 - Women: Watch out for the “Trump effect” in negotiations

4/10/2018 - M-Pesa and PayPal are partnering to boost e-commerce in Kenya

4/10/2018 - Zuckerberg in Congress, Yulia Skripal discharged, “thunderclap” chili headaches

4/10/2018 - In the year of the Brexit vote, Brits became German citizens in droves

4/10/2018 - Former Korean president Park Geun-hye’s blacklist of artists filled 60 pages with 9,473 names

4/10/2018 - Zuckerberg bingo: Get your card for the Facebook CEO’s testimony to Congress

4/10/2018 - What went wrong at Axis Bank under Shikha Sharma’s watch

4/10/2018 - Monorails

4/10/2018 - In charts: From employment to inflation, Indians are unhappy

4/10/2018 - Xi Jinping vowed to lower tariffs on American cars after Trump called them “stupid”

4/10/2018 - One of the world’s oldest auctioneers is bidding for India’s art market

4/10/2018 - Quiz: Are these idioms British or American English?

4/10/2018 - Xi’s big speech, Trump’s lawyer raided, economies of unscale

4/10/2018 - Xi’s big speech, Trump’s lawyer raided, economies of unscale

4/10/2018 - The unanswered questions in the ICICI Bank controversy

4/10/2018 - The country that pioneered wellness is adopting cannabis as a cure

4/9/2018 - Many companies in India don’t understand the country’s largest tax reform

4/9/2018 - Facebook will go on a hiring spree to get India’s 2019 elections right

4/9/2018 - Black Lives Matter’s biggest Facebook page was allegedly run by a white Australian man

4/9/2018 - After an FBI raid on his lawyer’s office, Trump publicly mulls firing Mueller

4/9/2018 - Cambridge Analytica boasted about branding a Filipino politician as tough on crime and “no-nonsense”

4/9/2018 - Seven glaring holes in Mark Zuckerberg’s House testimony

4/9/2018 - The “Westworld” co-creators offered to spoil the whole show—to prevent spoilers

4/9/2018 - Trump’s lawyer raided, Xi’s big speech, baby eel smugglers

4/9/2018 - Bots post most of the links on Twitter (but that’s not all bad)

4/9/2018 - A US court just outlawed one of the biggest excuses for the gender pay gap

4/9/2018 - SpaceX’s rocket videos are technically against the law. The US government just noticed.

4/9/2018 - Monorails

4/9/2018 - Poor sleep may cause an increase in brain protein linked to Alzheimer’s

4/9/2018 - “Game of Thrones” just wrapped a 55-day shoot—for one enormous battle scene

4/9/2018 - This Uber-for-bikes startup is now officially part of Uber

4/9/2018 - YouTube can’t hide behind its 13 and up age restriction anymore

4/9/2018 - Read Mark Zuckerberg’s full testimony to the US House of Representatives

4/9/2018 - Nearly every interaction you have at work can be explained by a simple anxiety matrix

4/9/2018 - Facebook shut down accounts tied to Russian military intelligence before the 2016 election

4/9/2018 - AI experts want government algorithms to be studied like environmental hazards

4/9/2018 - Photos: Tel Aviv is leading the co-working trend with these insane offices

4/9/2018 - A tiny Malibu deli is taking on Soho House

4/9/2018 - The most successful Ponzi scheme in Africa in the last decade has folded leaving millions worse off

4/9/2018 - Welcome to the first “luxury space hotel” (which is more like a tiny, studio apartment shared by six people)

4/9/2018 - Watch live: Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress

4/9/2018 - What the gig economy can learn from the mistakes of microfinance

4/9/2018 - The rules for building a perfect Rube Goldberg machine

4/9/2018 - Why do we still call it capitalism?

4/9/2018 - The three interview questions GM CEO Mary Barra asks to test for integrity

4/9/2018 - New research explains why moving abroad is the best way to find yourself

4/9/2018 - Getty Images’ search data literally shows how #metoo has changed the world

4/9/2018 - What the US post office really gets from Amazon

4/9/2018 - For every $1 the US put into adding renewable energy last year, China put in $3

4/9/2018 - Deutsche Bank finally put John Cryan out of his misery

4/9/2018 - How to give feedback that actually works, without hurting anyone more than you have to

4/9/2018 - North Korea and South Korea just met to establish a top-level hotline

4/9/2018 - Facebook data alerts, Deutsche Bank’s new boss, Sharia crypto

4/9/2018 - Someone created a sham British company to exploit Telegram’s mega ICO

4/9/2018 - A Chinese e-commerce giant is becoming a major investor in facial-recognition technology

4/9/2018 - The untold story of modern science is one of empire and colonial exploitation

4/9/2018 - Big data is bringing in the big bucks for India’s techies

4/9/2018 - Trump boasts of a “great future” for China and the US. China isn’t so convinced

4/9/2018 - India’s political parties have mined voters’ psychographic data for years

4/9/2018 - An Indian state is using blockchain to collect DNA data of 50 million citizens

4/9/2018 - Facebook data alerts, new Deutsche Bank CEO, Sharia crypto

4/9/2018 - Facebook data alerts, new Deutsche Bank CEO, Sharia crypto

4/9/2018 - The fate of Air India depends on what happens in the next 10 days

4/9/2018 - It’s not India’s tech hubs that have the best 4G service

4/8/2018 - Facebook data alerts, Deutsche Bank’s new CEO, Sharia crypto

4/8/2018 - If you traded crypto on Coinbase, the IRS might be coming for you

4/8/2018 - There are now gold-backed cryptocurrencies for Muslims that conform with Sharia

4/8/2018 - “Want to change the world?!” Tesla is hiring a barista in New York

4/8/2018 - This iPhone trick makes you less anxious when you look at your phone

4/8/2018 - The man behind Trump’s trade war once negotiated using a paper airplane

4/8/2018 - The free and easy way to help kids develop language skills, according to MIT research

4/8/2018 - How to recover from failing spectacularly at your dream job

4/8/2018 - Spotify and Kylie Minogue reminded me that I’m a fan, not just a click

4/8/2018 - Chad has blocked social messaging apps and BBC amid political and economic anxiety

4/8/2018 - South African women have been wearing black with headscarves to reclaim Winnie Mandela’s legacy

4/8/2018 - Africa cracks in two, Nigeria’s Russian conman, natural hair in South Africa

4/7/2018 - Once Brazil’s president, Lula will have a very different life in jail

4/7/2018 - The year’s most beautiful banknotes

4/7/2018 - Exorcism

4/7/2018 - Exorcism

4/7/2018 - The prettiest vegetable on Instagram is back in season

4/7/2018 - Trump is a globalist. Just a chaotic one

4/7/2018 - Why are electric cars so much harder to build than reusable rockets?

4/7/2018 - Are we in the beginning of a bear market?

4/7/2018 - Apple is facing its toughest fight since the 1980s

4/7/2018 - Psychology will fail if it keeps using ancient words like “attention” and “memory”

4/7/2018 - Facebook may need group therapy to fix its engineering culture

4/7/2018 - Weekend edition—Trump’s worthy adversary, the new luxury, Antarctica warms

4/7/2018 - How the sound designers of “A Quiet Place” created primal terror out of total silence

4/7/2018 - Exorcism

4/7/2018 - South Africa’s embrace of natural hair care illustrates the movement’s power

4/7/2018 - Weekend edition—Trump’s worthy adversary, the new luxury, Antarctica warms

4/6/2018 - Weekend edition—Trump’s worthy adversary, the new luxury, Antarctica warms

4/6/2018 - Weekend edition—Trump’s worthy adversary, the new luxury, Antarctica warms

4/6/2018 - Interactive: Mapping Singapore’s Innovation

4/6/2018 - Interactive: Discover Singapore’s ecosystem of innovation

4/6/2018 - It’s about to get harder to trick people with political ads on Facebook

4/6/2018 - Exorcism

4/6/2018 - The best way to travel: Set out on a secret mission

4/6/2018 - The US imposes its highest tariffs on Bangladesh and other poor countries

4/6/2018 - Facebook will introduce an “unsend” option, after backlash about Zuckerberg’s disappearing messages

4/6/2018 - How Facebook can survive without the West’s advertising money

4/6/2018 - The world’s biggest currency manipulators, in charts

4/6/2018 - China’s retaliatory tariffs, Australian gambling, Tesla production falls short

4/6/2018 - Quartzy: the on-a-mission edition

4/6/2018 - Quartzy: the on-a-mission edition

4/6/2018 - The US economy added a third of the jobs it did last month—and that’s just fine

4/6/2018 - Dropshipping

4/6/2018 - Dropshipping

4/6/2018 - Why your superstar coworker will probably give up before you do

4/6/2018 - India’s ministry of defence website was hacked, part of a disturbing trend

4/6/2018 - Desktop zero is the new inbox zero

4/6/2018 - Trump’s China trade war pits a divided democracy against the richest Communist regime ever

4/6/2018 - Narendra Modi’s book for kids is an attempt to woo the next generation of voters

4/6/2018 - The US is sanctioning 24 big-name Russians, including Putin’s son-in-law

4/6/2018 - This meal plan is paid for by medical insurance

4/6/2018 - The weird words and catchphrases that turned Amazon into a powerhouse

4/6/2018 - Four key lessons in entrepreneurship from the hottest names in hip-hop

4/6/2018 - Trump’s trade battle with China is discombobulating the stock market

4/6/2018 - Taxes are dumb, explains a new Koch-funded “financial guide” for millennials

4/6/2018 - “Why am I seeing this ad” explanations on Facebook are incomplete and misleading, a study says

4/6/2018 - Opinion: Reddit’s advertising strategies still hide hate speech

4/6/2018 - If countries won’t take refugees for moral reasons, let’s give them financial incentives

4/6/2018 - “Black Panther” will end a 35-year cinema drought in Saudi Arabia

4/6/2018 - Reconnecting the internet is the first litmus test Ethiopia’s new prime minister has to pass

4/6/2018 - US jobs, Park’s stiff sentence, Swiss banknotes

4/6/2018 - When China’s tech titans fumble, their users make them eat their words

4/6/2018 - Inside a boat museum preserving eastern India’s disappearing river traditions

4/6/2018 - Can someone ask India’s central banker some tough questions please?

4/6/2018 - Dropshipping

4/6/2018 - South Korea’s former president is probably spending the rest of her life behind bars

4/6/2018 - China is running out of American goods to slap tariffs on

4/6/2018 - Rural India is finally getting fancy movie theatres. They just happen to be on wheels

4/6/2018 - India’s airlines are buying 1,000 new planes, but that still won’t be enough

4/6/2018 - US tariffs, Malaysian election, recycling fraud

4/6/2018 - US tariffs, Malaysian election, recycling fraud

4/6/2018 - After the storm of 2017, India’s wind power sector is settling down

4/5/2018 - China is celebrating its economic openness amid a trade war with the US

4/5/2018 - Trump just gave the kiss of death to Scott Pruitt: “He’s a good man”

4/5/2018 - Xi at Boao, Virgin Galactic’s big break, recycling fraud

4/5/2018 - Condé Nast has more women than men at every pay grade and still has a gender pay gap

4/5/2018 - Dropshipping

4/5/2018 - Scientists grew the first vegetables in Antarctica without soil or sunlight

4/5/2018 - Virgin Galactic fired its rocket plane past the speed of sound for the first time in four years

4/5/2018 - The first Jewish deli in Japan inspired the world’s first bagel bento box

4/5/2018 - 15 questions about MIT’s new mind-reading device

4/5/2018 - There won’t be a new Mac Pro until 2019

4/5/2018 - An unspeakable crime has been committed in the world of TV police procedurals

4/5/2018 - Nike is publicly dismantling its toxic “boys club” culture

4/5/2018 - The radical 1970s book that taught women not to be ashamed of their bodies is being retired

4/5/2018 - After the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, can we talk about data privacy in Africa now?

4/5/2018 - Netflix is getting its first taste of the theme park business with “Stranger Things”

4/5/2018 - In honor of all those “crushing it” in Silicon Valley, here are the mistakes I’ve made as a CEO

4/5/2018 - Drone photos reveal the abandoned homes left by Spain’s housing crash

4/5/2018 - The ultimate travel souvenirs are the photos we share on Instagram—and hotels have noticed

4/5/2018 - Trump’s billionaire backers funded these Islamophobic Facebook ads

4/5/2018 - Gum

4/5/2018 - Gum

4/5/2018 - If Facebook gets regulated, thank vegans

4/5/2018 - North Korea just talked security for Kim Jong-un—with South Korea

4/5/2018 - You’ve probably signed away your sexual harassment civil rights at work

4/5/2018 - Poor countries are investing a lot more than rich countries in renewable energy

4/5/2018 - Sierra Leone finally has a new president

4/5/2018 - ISIS made more money taxing farms than stealing oil or kidnapping people

4/5/2018 - A US-China trade war would be bad for most people but good for wine drinkers

4/5/2018 - We can train AI to identify good and evil, and then use it to teach us morality

4/5/2018 - Good luck leaving your Uber driver less than five stars

4/5/2018 - India cracks down on bitcoin and hints it may launch its own digital currency

4/5/2018 - It’s proving “divisive” to inform Israeli women that they don’t have to move seats for ultra-Orthodox men

4/5/2018 - Bitcoin and its crypto cousins are trading at their lowest prices in five months

4/5/2018 - US trade deficit, Lula gets jail time, dangerous utopia

4/5/2018 - 335 Indians installed a Cambridge Analytica app, exposing the Facebook data of 560,000

4/5/2018 - Trump’s “trade war” includes punishing Africans for refusing second-hand American clothes

4/5/2018 - Gum

4/5/2018 - Portugal generated enough renewable energy to power the whole country in March

4/5/2018 - After its telecom rampage, Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance turns to Indian banking

4/5/2018 - How online dating is like having an arranged marriage

4/5/2018 - Outside the US, the Philippines saw the most Facebook user data go to Cambridge Analytica

4/5/2018 - In just 24 hours, the bad news about India’s banks has gotten worse

4/5/2018 - South Korea’s disgraced former president Park Geun-hye will face her fate on live TV

4/5/2018 - How IIT Madras beat all the odds to become India’s top engineering college

4/5/2018 - Facebook’s latest admission, Trump’s border order, spa monkeys

4/5/2018 - Facebook’s latest admission, Trump’s border order, spa monkeys

4/5/2018 - Indian companies have scrapped projects worth $117 billion in just one year

4/5/2018 - The unsolved mystery of who owns Sherlock Holmes’s original £130 million home

4/5/2018 - This may be Africa’s most scenic mountain range, yet it struggles to attract tourists

4/4/2018 - This year, the H-1B visa will find fewer takers among India’s big IT companies

4/4/2018 - Facebook is changing the way it handles your data—here’s how

4/4/2018 - Four steps to take on the path to being a leader

4/4/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg thinks he should still be in charge of Facebook

4/4/2018 - Trump picked an odd time to send troops to the US-Mexico border

4/4/2018 - There’s more than one roadmap to becoming a leader

4/4/2018 - Facebook’s latest admission, touchless iPhone, spa monkeys

4/4/2018 - A giraffe-sized pterodactyl named “Dracula” has scientists’ minds blown

4/4/2018 - Gum

4/4/2018 - The Cambridge Analytica scandal affected nearly 40 million more people than we thought

4/4/2018 - What Apple is getting by poaching Google’s top AI executive

4/4/2018 - What makes a company worth working for?

4/4/2018 - Guillermo del Toro curating his own film label is great news for fantasy and horror fans

4/4/2018 - This is how the YouTube shooter earned money on the video-sharing site

4/4/2018 - For a better marriage, partners should share these chores

4/4/2018 - Working from home can save you thousands of dollars every year

4/4/2018 - The company that wants to freeze and upload your brain is now being shunned by MIT

4/4/2018 - Spotify

4/4/2018 - Spotify

4/4/2018 - Why did scientists unleash this creepy rolling spider robot on the world?

4/4/2018 - Want to change Facebook? Don’t delete your account—use it for good

4/4/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg is confirmed to testify in front of Congress

4/4/2018 - Religious Muslims in France submit twice as many job applications as Christians to get callbacks

4/4/2018 - In the gap between writer and reader, the novel comes to life

4/4/2018 - After a decade of meaty success, Barbeque Nation is ready for a stock market grill

4/4/2018 - Trump wants “reciprocity” with China on trade. Well, now he’s getting it

4/4/2018 - A British museum is in talks to return Ethiopia’s looted art treasures, but only on loan

4/4/2018 - 50 years since his death, Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophical work is all but forgotten

4/4/2018 - Spotify had a wimpy market listing, and that’s okay

4/4/2018 - Utopia is a dangerous ideal. We should aim for “protopia”

4/4/2018 - A Chinese hospital is betting big on artificial intelligence to treat patients

4/4/2018 - Martin Luther King Jr.’s final, lesser-known campaign is more relevant than ever

4/4/2018 - Facebook has introduced another half-baked effort to fight fake news

4/4/2018 - The YouTube shooter was an animal rights activist who “hated” YouTube for demonetizing her videos

4/4/2018 - These are the most annoying things people do on airplanes

4/4/2018 - Manafort in court, China’s tit-for-tat tariffs, wasp soju

4/4/2018 - Spotify

4/4/2018 - Maya Angelou changed Americans’ idea of whose stories are worth telling

4/4/2018 - A deal to buy a Chinese bike-sharing giant will accelerate the rivalry for consumer movement data

4/4/2018 - Assaulted and shunned, India’s women with disabilities may never get their #MeToo moment

4/4/2018 - The world’s biggest biometric ID project is letting people fall through the cracks

4/4/2018 - One of the world’s most polluted capitals now sells only the cleanest fuel available

4/4/2018 - Denmark unveils its first public monument to a black woman

4/4/2018 - China says it protects religious freedom, but the Bible is disappearing from online bookstores

4/4/2018 - How Pakistani school textbooks mould its students’ skewed worldview

4/4/2018 - An Indian startup wants to produce water from thin air using solar energy

4/4/2018 - Geologists now have evidence Africa is physically splitting into two continents

4/4/2018 - YouTube shooter, tariff tussles, wasp soju

4/4/2018 - YouTube shooter, tariff tussles, wasp soju

4/4/2018 - Google’s art app now offers a glimpse of Africa’s largest art collection

4/3/2018 - Now India is more interested in ethereum than bitcoin

4/3/2018 - There are a lot of great band names in the 58-page list of Chinese products targeted for US import tariffs

4/3/2018 - Facebook just took down 270 accounts and pages run by Russia’s infamous troll factory

4/3/2018 - Trump’s push to militarize the US-Mexico border could repeat a costly Obama failure

4/3/2018 - YouTube shooter, China tariff targets, wasp soju

4/3/2018 - No one will ever replace Anna Wintour

4/3/2018 - Photos: A Russian postal drone crashed into a building on its first flight

4/3/2018 - A female shooter opened fire at YouTube’s headquarters, injuring three

4/3/2018 - Alibaba fuses online-offline channels for new retail experience

4/3/2018 - Who really killed Martin Luther King Jr.? His family says the wrong man went to prison

4/3/2018 - Spotify

4/3/2018 - Donald Trump’s last trick to cut spending in the bill he already signed

4/3/2018 - Spotify’s IPO confirms it’s worth more than Hewlett-Packard and General Mills

4/3/2018 - A cooking show controversy over crispy chicken reveals the lack of culinary diversity on TV

4/3/2018 - Silicon Valley, intent on disrupting food, is now taking aim at hangovers

4/3/2018 - Tesla missed its Model 3 numbers again, but doubled down on its June target

4/3/2018 - Antarctica’s glaciers are melting from below, too

4/3/2018 - Why the sinister voice of HAL in “2001: A Space Odyssey” needed to be Canadian

4/3/2018 - Fewer and fewer US college students are studying foreign languages

4/3/2018 - The millennial’s guide to the Spotify IPO

4/3/2018 - Amazon Prime is more popular than Donald Trump

4/3/2018 - Mobile money is the key to growing Africa’s banking sector

4/3/2018 - “There was never a deal”: Rwanda denies it refused to resettle African migrants in Israel

4/3/2018 - The latest US import from France: Short story vending machines

4/3/2018 - US immigration judges will be required to decide the fate of three people per day

4/3/2018 - Young Americans—from both political parties—want to save you from climate change

4/3/2018 - Sharks

4/3/2018 - Sharks

4/3/2018 - What should I say when I’m reaching out to someone I don’t know?

4/3/2018 - Charted: The disastrous economic decisions behind Oklahoma’s teachers strike

4/3/2018 - US public school teachers are among the worst-paid in the developed world

4/3/2018 - Discrimination against girls may be worse in places with one type of farming history

4/3/2018 - Instagram is building a team to stop people from feeling bad on Instagram

4/3/2018 - Snapchat is becoming less like itself

4/3/2018 - What’s at stake for Wall Street in Spotify’s unorthodox IPO

4/3/2018 - McDonald’s is going all out to woo Indian taste buds

4/3/2018 - GM’s dress code is only two words

4/3/2018 - Meg Wolitzer’s “The Female Persuasion” deftly holds up a mirror to white, privileged feminism

4/3/2018 - Innovative social media apps the world needs, according to Y Combinator’s head of AI

4/3/2018 - The next big thing in marijuana won’t get you high

4/3/2018 - Tesla’s recall record is better than most major car companies

4/3/2018 - We won our lawsuit against the US government over paywalled immigration data

4/3/2018 - Want to enjoy life? Take some time to think about your death

4/3/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg floated a “Supreme Court” for Facebook. What does that mean?

4/3/2018 - Spotify IPO, crypto consolidation, four-eyed lizards

4/3/2018 - Sharks

4/3/2018 - It’s not going to get better for Indian banks anytime soon

4/3/2018 - Panera Bread leaked customer data right on its website for months despite warnings

4/3/2018 - The death of a Russian conman has been greeted with cheers and despair in Nigeria

4/3/2018 - Who was here first? A new study explains the origins of ancient Indians

4/3/2018 - The world’s largest democracy is out to stifle its already docile press

4/3/2018 - Spotify IPO, Musk takes control, four-eyed lizards

4/3/2018 - Spotify IPO, Musk takes control, four-eyed lizards

4/3/2018 - The biggest obstacle to deploying solar energy in Africa is skepticism in high places

4/3/2018 - This might be the fastest delivery drone in the world

4/3/2018 - Why Indian banks don’t like lending to students

4/3/2018 - North Korea just apologized for something

4/2/2018 - US stocks slump, Tesla falls short, #RiceBunny emoji hack

4/2/2018 - The Arctic may have ice-free summers if Paris climate goals are exceeded a half-degree

4/2/2018 - After a two-year slump, big US clothing and footwear brands look set to rebound

4/2/2018 - Sharks

4/2/2018 - The Easter Egg Roll is the White House’s most awkward event

4/2/2018 - The USDA says Crispr-edited foods are just as safe as ones bred the old-fashioned way

4/2/2018 - Musk tells Tesla employees that Model 3 production is making “mind-blowing progress!”

4/2/2018 - A drone the size of a small car could be the future of clean energy maintenance

4/2/2018 - The squeezing of baseball’s middle class

4/2/2018 - Slang is changing at a glacial pace—and shows how blind we are to the horrors of climate change

4/2/2018 - The iconic life and times of Winnie Mandela in photos

4/2/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg calls Tim Cook’s critique of Facebook “extremely glib”

4/2/2018 - Spotify’s meteoritic path to success, in charts

4/2/2018 - Patent filings reveal the untapped potential of Google and Amazon smart devices

4/2/2018 - Winnie Mandela, South Africa’s first lady of the anti-apartheid struggle, has died

4/2/2018 - One in three Republican campaign ads attack the same woman: Nancy Pelosi

4/2/2018 - Watch SpaceX’s mission to the International Space Station on a flight-proven rocket

4/2/2018 - Israel will now send African migrants to countries in the West instead of Africa

4/2/2018 - Can a woman in makeup be taken seriously as a leader?

4/2/2018 - After food delivery, Ola is now driving into public transport

4/2/2018 - Smartphone prices have dropped by more than 50% in Nigeria and sales are up

4/2/2018 - The danger of talking like a feminist without taking any action

4/2/2018 - This is the immigrant “caravan” Trump is tweeting about

4/2/2018 - Twitter’s young activists are chasing power players 140 characters at a time

4/2/2018 - The full list of 128 US products targeted by China’s retaliatory tariffs

4/2/2018 - The process of building trust works in the opposite way that you think it does

4/2/2018 - Knife crime propels London’s murder rate ahead of New York’s

4/2/2018 - Britain’s prime minister bought the painting of this symbolic moment

4/2/2018 - Hilton Hotels’ newest upgrades are strictly for staff

4/2/2018 - Heavy rains in Kenya reveal a crack that shows Africa will split into two continents

4/2/2018 - Even in the kitchen, women can’t win

4/2/2018 - India’s biggest renewable-energy deal has been sealed

4/2/2018 - It happened so quietly, you may have missed it: Botswana has a new president

4/2/2018 - China’s retaliatory tariffs, Tesla’s woes, bean-sculpture controversy

4/2/2018 - H-1B: All the obstacles standing between Indian techies and their prized visa

4/2/2018 - In photos: The private lives of India’s LGBTQ community

4/2/2018 - Indian banks reported at least one fraud every hour in 2017

4/2/2018 - China’s retaliatory tariffs, Tesla’s woes, wabi sabi revival

4/2/2018 - China’s retaliatory tariffs, Tesla’s woes, wabi sabi revival

4/2/2018 - These US cities attract the most H-1B talent

4/2/2018 - Indian companies often prefer to hire men over women—and pay them more

4/2/2018 - Marks & Spencer’s runaway hit in India: lingerie

4/1/2018 - Trump’s latest Twitter rant is completely at odds with his administration’s Mexico policy

4/1/2018 - Space-lab skyfall, K-pop in North Korea, Wabi sabi revival

4/1/2018 - China’s falling space lab made its fiery reentry over the South Pacific

4/1/2018 - The chicken tax

4/1/2018 - The chicken tax

4/1/2018 - Pope Francis doled out Easter blessings to Syria and other geopolitical hotspots

4/1/2018 - What Saudi Arabia’s 200 GW solar power plant would look like—if placed in your neighborhood

4/1/2018 - One of Estonia’s first “e-residents” explains what it means to have digital citizenship

4/1/2018 - In a disposable age, luxury is something old, worn, and beautiful

4/1/2018 - Musk and Zuckerberg are fighting over whether we rule technology—or it rules us

4/1/2018 - A forced marriage: “I met him on Monday. On Wednesday, we were engaged. On Friday, he went back to America.”

4/1/2018 - A bipartisan US group introduced another bill to support a controversial climate technology

4/1/2018 - The chicken tax

4/1/2018 - South Africa’s blockchain, investing in Morocco, Niger’s classic animator

4/1/2018 - The international aid community has a sexual abuse problem and they’re still not talking about it

4/1/2018 - Only the Passover holiday stands between African migrants and deportation from Israel