12/31/2018 - Photos of dark-skinned deities challenge India’s obsession with fairness

12/31/2018 - The benefits of Dry January are mostly in your mind

12/31/2018 - Here’s an easy and fun way to memorize the world’s longest prime number

12/31/2018 - For stock investors, it was a bumpy year, rough fourth quarter, and brutal December

12/31/2018 - Everything good, bad, and earnest about holiday cards now happens on Instagram

12/31/2018 - Germany wants to stop the world from descending into the chaos it once caused

12/31/2018 - “I don’t want to be their real-world mistake”: People lash out at Waymo’s self-driving cars

12/31/2018 - Fortnite’s creator made $7 billion this year

12/31/2018 - Bitcoin was supposed to go mainstream in 2018. Then the price plunged.

12/31/2018 - Start your New Year right with these simple rituals

12/31/2018 - American chickpea farmers had a bumper crop this year, and they can’t sell it

12/31/2018 - When you don’t know what to do, make tea

12/31/2018 - Whole Foods is pivoting to employee happiness

12/31/2018 - Think you have bed bugs? There’s now an app for that

12/31/2018 - GE was very nearly the worst-performing US stock of 2018

12/31/2018 - There are no hangover cures. That hasn’t stopped us from trying for thousands of years

12/31/2018 - Ride into 2019 like these cane toads using a python as an Uber

12/31/2018 - Elizabeth Warren takes a step towards a 2020 presidential run

12/31/2018 - Nancy Roman, girl stargazer, blazed a trail for female scientists

12/31/2018 - 2018 was the worst year for the markets in over a decade

12/31/2018 - New Year’s Eve shows why Facebook is so hard to quit

12/31/2018 - Kim Jong Un address, Chinese moon probe, New Year’s Eve drones

12/31/2018 - 2018 was a terrific year for journalism, and a terrible one for journalists

12/31/2018 - China’s ready to make the first-ever landing on the moon’s far side 

12/31/2018 - Forget New Year’s Eve. Make a delightful plan for Jan. 1 instead

12/31/2018 - The 99 best things that happened in 2018

12/31/2018 - Please do not offer me the “wine” you made from grape juice in your Instant Pot

12/31/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: Back to the moon

12/31/2018 - Everybody’s talking about water on the moon

12/31/2018 - A complete guide to the future of the lunar economy

12/31/2018 - Japan has a modest goal for the new year—convince Russia to give up territory

12/31/2018 - A fake New Year’s countdown is the best way to lie to your kids

12/31/2018 - India sends more water pumps and rescue forces, but can the trapped miners be saved?

12/31/2018 - In China, the Lunar New Year will be the year of Peppa Pig

12/31/2018 - No timeline for regulations, India’s cryptotraders cap 2018 with more bad news

12/31/2018 - Kim Jong Un address, Chinese moon probe, landed oysters

12/31/2018 - Kim Jong Un address, Chinese moon probe, landed oysters

12/31/2018 - Mrinal Sen, the last of India’s new wave cinema pioneers, has passed away

12/30/2018 - Buoyed by Walmart deal, 2018 was a historic year for Indian consumer goods M&As

12/30/2018 - Party balloons are the environmental-hazard follow-up to plastic straws

12/30/2018 - The newspaper hack is a reminder of all the US infrastructure that’s vulnerable

12/30/2018 - Pacific trade deal, Chinese moon probe, AI faces

12/30/2018 - UK police still have no proof of the drone attack that grounded 1,000 Gatwick flights

12/30/2018 - Two-thirds of Americans support gene editing in human embryos to prevent disease or disability

12/30/2018 - A vegan mocked a Chinese hotpot for not being vegan—and got a vital history lesson

12/30/2018 - The best books we read in 2018—in 28 words or fewer

12/30/2018 - The books, songs, films, and other works becoming public domain on Jan. 1, 2019

12/30/2018 - GM’s decline truly began with its quest to turn people into machines

12/30/2018 - These are the science concepts you need to know to understand political life in 2019

12/30/2018 - The US dollar’s unexpected strength stands out in the market wreckage of 2018

12/30/2018 - How Armenia went from a corrupt autocracy to country of the year in six months

12/30/2018 - What we learned about drinking alcohol in 2018

12/30/2018 - Africa in 2018: innovation, freer movement, integration, connectivity

12/30/2018 - Are you one of “the restless”? How to navigate one of life’s trickiest moments

12/30/2018 - Here’s what Bill Gates learned at work in 2018

12/29/2018 - A Guatemalan village buries Jakelin Caal Maquin, 7, who died in US custody

12/29/2018 - The huge new Pacific trade deal has gone into effect without the US

12/29/2018 - Barack Obama knows the trick of making best-of-the-year lists

12/29/2018 - The three most populous countries in the Americas will be led by populists in 2019

12/29/2018 - South Korea’s sexist sex-ed curriculum is spurring a private sex-ed industry

12/29/2018 - Amid a shutdown, Trump freezes pay for federal workers in 2019

12/29/2018 - US soccer enters a new era as Christian Pulisic will likely join a top English team

12/29/2018 - The FBI is reportedly probing whether Trump’s golf club gave workers fake green cards

12/29/2018 - Exclamation points

12/29/2018 - Exclamation points

12/29/2018 - Will the Trump presidency survive 2019?

12/29/2018 - Amos Oz showed that questioning Israel is a form of patriotism

12/29/2018 - Pedialyte is making a hangover “cure” specifically for grownups

12/29/2018 - Follow this menu to ensure a great New Year

12/29/2018 - Greenland is melting even in winter and Canada’s glaciers are terminally warm

12/29/2018 - Facebook has been thinking about moderation all wrong

12/29/2018 - Nobody goes to see comedies at the movies anymore

12/29/2018 - A new novel suggests universal basic income would make people deeply unhappy

12/29/2018 - What was good in 2018?

12/29/2018 - The Taliban swears it’s chill now

12/29/2018 - Weekend edition—A fine year, next-wave CEOs, meal forensics

12/29/2018 - Everything you know about muscle cramps is wrong

12/29/2018 - These are the US national parks you can still visit during the shutdown

12/29/2018 - A handy guide to the toxic language of diet culture

12/29/2018 - Exclamation points

12/29/2018 - Weekend edition—A fine year, next-wave CEOs, meal forensics

12/29/2018 - Weekend edition—A fine year, next-wave CEOs, meal forensics

12/28/2018 - The knight who said “Ni!” is now an actual knight

12/28/2018 - Canada is proposing shipping tar sands oil in plastic pellets called “CanaPux”

12/28/2018 - Weekend edition—A fine year, next-wave CEOs, meal forensics

12/28/2018 - The top earner at Netflix isn’t just its CEO

12/28/2018 - People are ranking and shaming airlines for their food on Instagram

12/28/2018 - The most interesting new board pick at Tesla is not Larry Ellison

12/28/2018 - Netflix says 45 million people have already watched “Bird Box”

12/28/2018 - Why do we even still call them “unicorns”?

12/28/2018 - Exclamation points

12/28/2018 - AI can generate fake faces now. Here’s how to spot them

12/28/2018 - Government shutdown notices, ranked from panicked to indifferent

12/28/2018 - Fortnite really is taking over everything in 2019

12/28/2018 - The Mueller investigation now involves a nude selfie

12/28/2018 - Want to bond with a stranger? Try eating from the same plate

12/28/2018 - The missing British cruise-ship entertainer is the fifth man overboard in five weeks

12/28/2018 - The nun who came out of isolation to have a second career that endeared her to millions

12/28/2018 - Climate change is tricking these tropical turtles into stranding themselves on Cape Cod in winter

12/28/2018 - The US government’s advice to furloughed workers who can’t pay their bills

12/28/2018 - Angelina Jolie is the latest celebrity to contemplate going into politics

12/28/2018 - A fake Alexa-setup app climbed Apple’s App Store charts after Christmas

12/28/2018 - Britain’s ailing high street claims its first Christmas victim

12/28/2018 - Quartzy: the scattered gifts edition

12/28/2018 - Quartzy: the scattered gifts edition

12/28/2018 - The six-pack

12/28/2018 - The six-pack

12/28/2018 - Watch, read, and listen like Barack Obama with his best-of-2018 lists

12/28/2018 - Give “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” all the awards

12/28/2018 - On its 20th birthday, the euro desperately needs a crisis

12/28/2018 - An artist “updated” old Hollywood icons with lip and cheek fillers and the results are eery

12/28/2018 - Book sales are up this year over last year, and physical books are thriving

12/28/2018 - The world’s last Javan rhinos live on the edge of the Anak Krakatau volcano

12/28/2018 - The women Americans admire are impressively diverse compared to the men

12/28/2018 - A Detroit newspaper has named Tesla’s Model 3 the “vehicle of the year”

12/28/2018 - Sudan has blocked Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to counter anti-govt protests

12/28/2018 - Extreme weather has put collard greens in short supply for the New Year’s table

12/28/2018 - From Asia to Africa, China’s “debt-trap diplomacy” was under siege in 2018

12/28/2018 - Twelve leading economists on the research that shaped our world in 2018

12/28/2018 - US farmers are bracing to lose as CPTPP rolls out

12/28/2018 - Looking ahead and the year in review

12/28/2018 - The UK’s Royal Mail royally messed up its stamp for the 75th anniversary of D-Day

12/28/2018 - New trade partnership, shutdown drags on, Mussolini calendars

12/28/2018 - Tesla plans to hit the ground running in China in 2019

12/28/2018 - How to salvage a great job at a company with a culture you hate

12/28/2018 - Don’t make a New Year’s resolution—make a life thesis

12/28/2018 - Scientifically, the Johnson & Johnson lawsuits are anything but open-and-shut

12/28/2018 - The number of people without electricity fell below 1 billion for the first time ever in 2018

12/28/2018 - All the places in the US raising their minimum wage on Jan. 1

12/28/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: United’s secret, ultra-elite status

12/28/2018 - The mystery behind United’s secret, ultra-elite airline status

12/28/2018 - The six-pack

12/28/2018 - The search for Mrs Sen, the first woman to fly in India

12/28/2018 - What did 19th century Indians do for a living? These paintings tell their stories

12/28/2018 - Ten events that rocked India’s banking industry in 2018

12/28/2018 - As smartphones and internet connections rise in Africa, so does entertainment streaming

12/28/2018 - Bangladesh election, Dubai princess, fascist calendars

12/28/2018 - Bangladesh election, Dubai princess, fascist calendars

12/28/2018 - The best books Quartz India read in 2018

12/27/2018 - Indian lawmakers roast airlines for long check-in queues and cold sandwiches

12/27/2018 - Trump’s surprise Iraq trip is raising security and ethics questions

12/27/2018 - Japan Airlines has reportedly asked its employees to stop drinking for the rest of 2018

12/27/2018 - Pacific trade deal, radar feud, fascist calendars

12/27/2018 - The real reason the internet freaked out over Instagram’s tap-to-advance update

12/27/2018 - Journalists can’t do their jobs because of the government shutdown

12/27/2018 - 32 new unicorns are romping in Silicon Valley this year

12/27/2018 - The six-pack

12/27/2018 - The Airbnb of China is using facial recognition to check in guests

12/27/2018 - Here are all the guns confiscated by TSA at airports Dec. 10-16

12/27/2018 - A report by the NIH Clinical Center shows how stealthy multi-drug-resistant bacteria can be

12/27/2018 - A wealth of artistic treasures will enter the public domain on Jan. 1

12/27/2018 - Unlike hurricanes or cyclones, there’s no global standard for volcano warnings

12/27/2018 - Finally, US hospitals will have to post their prices online

12/27/2018 - Amazon’s R&D spending is poised to top the GDP of Iceland

12/27/2018 - The world’s largest beer company is investing $100 million in “enjoyable cannabis beverages”

12/27/2018 - Elon Musk’s lawyers say you just can’t take him seriously

12/27/2018 - Gap is closing its giant former flagship on New York’s Fifth Avenue

12/27/2018 - Improve your social life by changing the way you schedule it

12/27/2018 - Trump was probably duped in his first meeting with the man who made him president

12/27/2018 - Utah will soon have the strictest DUI law in the US. Others could follow

12/27/2018 - The small perspective shift that will make you a better, more conscious consumer

12/27/2018 - The Times Square New Year’s ball is an emissary of Irish pride

12/27/2018 - Apple is pulling these iPhones from stores in Germany

12/27/2018 - A NASA space probe is about to snap pictures of a mystery object beyond Pluto

12/27/2018 - This might be the first political assassination in human history

12/27/2018 - Here’s what the world decided was more worth watching than porn in 2018

12/27/2018 - From governments to refugees, food is now diplomacy

12/27/2018 - CBD is “too big to fail,” and US agencies are getting on board

12/27/2018 - All the reasons why the US government has ever been shut down

12/27/2018 - You can catch a mood from watching YouTube videos

12/27/2018 - Here’s what we know about “Bandersnatch,” the “Black Mirror” film

12/27/2018 - Michelle Obama is the most-admired woman in the US

12/27/2018 - Africa’s big political changes in 2018 didn’t quite deliver the hopes expected

12/27/2018 - Trump made a false claim to US troops about raising their pay

12/27/2018 - Google wants to be in your home more than ever

12/27/2018 - The potato

12/27/2018 - The potato

12/27/2018 - A battle royale between vegan burger brands is about to unleash in supermarkets

12/27/2018 - Esports players are burning out in their 20s

12/27/2018 - Satellite images show increased volcanic activity from the tsunami-causing Anak Krakatau

12/27/2018 - The most important satellite images of 2018

12/27/2018 - The best Africa books we read in 2018—captured in 28 words or fewer

12/27/2018 - The EU is spending $1.7 million to rediscover the work of forgotten female writers

12/27/2018 - 2018 was the year the White House press briefing died

12/27/2018 - The Fed wants no part of a national cryptocurrency

12/27/2018 - Humans can summer at sea, and oysters can winter on land

12/27/2018 - The philosophical reasons to give up on New Year’s resolutions

12/27/2018 - The last total lunar eclipse until 2021 takes place in January

12/27/2018 - US Senate resumes, solo Antarctica success, alien rainfall

12/27/2018 - Great leaders share these 12 daily habits

12/27/2018 - All the 2019 movies and TV shows you need to know about

12/27/2018 - 17 small upgrades and new habits that changed our lives in 2018

12/27/2018 - To free yourself from toxic diet culture, deconstruct its language

12/27/2018 - In 2018, the American dream began to fade for Indian techies

12/27/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: A Q&A with Rakuten founder Hiroshi Mikitani

12/27/2018 - Rakuten founder Hiroshi Mikitani on the power of sport

12/27/2018 - Japan’s elderly keep driving, but this video shows why the government wants them to stop

12/27/2018 - The potato

12/27/2018 - Charted: Which Indian industries spend the most and the least on social welfare

12/27/2018 - To save its trapped miners, India should have learned from the Thailand cave rescue

12/27/2018 - US Senate resumes, Antarctic solo crossing, fat monks

12/27/2018 - US Senate resumes, Antarctic solo crossing, fat monks

12/27/2018 - Battered and bruised Indian cryptotraders have all their hopes pinned to 2019 now

12/27/2018 - Airbnb India earned around $5 million last year—all from its parent firm

12/26/2018 - Is 2018 the end of deep discounts and deals on online shopping in India?

12/26/2018 - Dow closes up 1,000 points in its biggest single-day point gain ever

12/26/2018 - At least 4 million US children endured a school lockdown this year

12/26/2018 - US Senate session resumes, Russia’s hypersonic missile, Antarctic noise

12/26/2018 - US spies want to know how to identify compromised AI

12/26/2018 - The gender wage gap is between married men and everyone else

12/26/2018 - India’s honesty shops are more proof that shame is the worst teacher

12/26/2018 - Airport redesigns are adding nature to reduce stress—and to make you want to shop

12/26/2018 - The potato

12/26/2018 - No more bread-and-water punishment for US Navy sailors

12/26/2018 - Drake had the most-streamed Spotify song for nearly half of 2018

12/26/2018 - Japan has long hunted whales “for science.” Now it will hunt them commercially

12/26/2018 - “Bird Box” didn’t have to be good. It was always going to have an audience

12/26/2018 - Only Amazon knows the holiday-shopping records it says it’s breaking

12/26/2018 - Sen. Claire McCaskill senatesplains politics to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

12/26/2018 - As a “symbol of peace,” 16-year-old injected parts of the Qur’an and Bible into himself as DNA

12/26/2018 - What happens when AI-generated people look for love on Tinder

12/26/2018 - A third of migrants moving around the world are going back home

12/26/2018 - Netflix’s “Bird Box” is based on a novel that was pretty damn good

12/26/2018 - Russia is ready to deploy hypersonic weapons the US can’t defend against

12/26/2018 - You can turn your house into a video-game map with a Roomba

12/26/2018 - A tiny mystery in space is snowballing into a drawn-out earthly scandal

12/26/2018 - North and South Korea are celebrating a new rail line they can’t construct

12/26/2018 - 1.7 million people have signed a petition in favor of suing France over climate-change inaction

12/26/2018 - After 50 years, Donald Trump finally makes it to a war zone

12/26/2018 - The EU is giving Netflix and Amazon two years to make 30% of their catalogs European

12/26/2018 - Everything we know about the mysterious “Black Mirror” movie

12/26/2018 - Of course the queen has a gold piano

12/26/2018 - The IRS wants to use social media to catch tax cheats

12/26/2018 - Mount Etna’s latest eruption has set off unusually powerful earthquakes in Sicily

12/26/2018 - UFC fighters are going to lose against the “jock tax” this weekend

12/26/2018 - In Japan, almost 450,000 more people died than were born in 2018

12/26/2018 - The “Us” and “Get Out” trailers, compared

12/26/2018 - Giving up fast fashion for a year taught me how to shop again

12/26/2018 - Zero-fee funds are making some investors even more nervous about 2019

12/26/2018 - A California court finds social-media posts aren’t a First Amendment right

12/26/2018 - Worried markets, border wall double down, thieving Rudolph

12/26/2018 - Burundi’s president is moving the capital to another city

12/26/2018 - The “Daniel Tiger” mantras that get me through my day

12/26/2018 - The big tech and innovation trends in Africa for 2018

12/26/2018 - You’ve heard of Christmas carols, now try Christmas Garba

12/26/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: A Q&A with Priscilla Chan

12/26/2018 - Priscilla Chan tells her story, from being bullied at school to running a $45 billion startup

12/26/2018 - Forget your gym subscription—be more like the Sardinians this year

12/26/2018 - Boxing Day, Thai marijuana “gift,” a new Spotify record

12/26/2018 - Ethiopian Air and improving visa policies are pushing Africa towards its integrated vision

12/26/2018 - Who were the earliest humans in India and what did they look like?

12/26/2018 - Delhi is ending 2018 engulfed in toxic air

12/26/2018 - Africa moved the world closer to its largest free trade area since WTO in 2018

12/26/2018 - Boxing Day, Thai marijuana “gift,” a new Spotify record

12/26/2018 - Boxing Day, Thai marijuana “gift”, a new Spotify record

12/26/2018 - Charted: The rise and fall of fuel prices in India this year

12/25/2018 - In a year of data breaches, India’s massive biometric programme finally found legitimacy

12/25/2018 - Beijing’s “negative list,” stock market slides, a new Spotify record

12/25/2018 - Another child just died in US Customs and Border Protection custody

12/25/2018 - Death Row Records made a Christmas album, FYI

12/25/2018 - Mariah Carey’s record-breaking day shows how little musicians make from Spotify

12/25/2018 - Staten Island is getting a Wu-Tang Clan District

12/25/2018 - An artist’s $100 million suit against museums that rejected his work

12/25/2018 - “All I Want for Christmas is You”: The Sequel

12/25/2018 - “All I Want for Christmas is You”: The Sequel

12/25/2018 - A market for tiny turtles triggered an international criminal smuggling scheme

12/25/2018 - You aren’t imagining it—every brand logo looks the same now

12/25/2018 - Meet the video-game designer hoping to bring players to tears

12/25/2018 - Santa is the world’s worst manager

12/25/2018 - A German journalist’s fake stories about America are being weaponized by the far right

12/25/2018 - The top fashion trends of 2018, if you combine all the top fashion trend lists

12/25/2018 - “All I Want for Christmas is You”: The Sequel

12/24/2018 - California is in danger of losing a House seat after adding 2.3 million people

12/24/2018 - In a bizarre video, Kevin Spacey misses every possible point

12/24/2018 - The Dow is getting crushed

12/24/2018 - “All I Want for Christmas is You”: The Sequel

12/24/2018 - Tesla owners are being “ICE-ed” out of charging stations by trucks

12/24/2018 - How the world got better in 2018, in 15 charts

12/24/2018 - The hottest tools in coding this year included React and Python

12/24/2018 - The US government may be shut down, but taxpayers are footing the bill for Mar-a-Lago party tents

12/24/2018 - The four things that make practically everyone feel loved, according to a new survey

12/24/2018 - Musk’s Mars rocket is trading carbon fiber for stainless steel

12/24/2018 - Time is running out for MoviePass

12/24/2018 - Christmas is a profitable and perilous time of the year for Spain’s barnacle hunters

12/24/2018 - The surprisingly modest lifestyle of one of the world’s wealthiest actors

12/24/2018 - The SEC wants to know how much money Amazon makes from Prime

12/24/2018 - Due to the government shutdown, the National Christmas tree has gone dark

12/24/2018 - MTN has settled an $8 billion illegal profit dispute in Nigeria for $53 million

12/24/2018 - Scientists developed a way to end the brutal practice of killing male chicks

12/24/2018 - As markets slump, Trump finds a convenient scapegoat in Fed chairman Jerome Powell

12/24/2018 - China is officially over American soybeans

12/24/2018 - China will start fishing along Somalia’s coastline just as piracy makes a comeback

12/24/2018 - This was the year Africa’s pop culture truly inspired the world

12/24/2018 - John Roberts may be the new swing vote on the US Supreme Court

12/24/2018 - In 1883, Krakatau’s explosion caused a century of climate chaos

12/24/2018 - How African cities will harness green technologies for growth and jobs

12/24/2018 - The mysterious government organization that pops up at moments of financial crisis

12/24/2018 - The newest Banksy is under 24-hour protection in Wales

12/24/2018 - China got on the bandwagon to provide global satellite internet

12/24/2018 - What’s changed for Facebook in 2018

12/24/2018 - Indonesian tsunami, US shutdown, petrified horses

12/24/2018 - Quiz: Is it a Hallmark classic or a BBC Christmas horror?

12/24/2018 - A Chinese company won’t promote staff who buy iPhones

12/24/2018 - In photos: How India is getting ready for Christmas

12/24/2018 - The Indian government is seeking tighter control over online speech

12/24/2018 - At least 15 Indians feared dead after being trapped in an illegal coal mine for 10 days

12/24/2018 - Indonesian tsunami, US shutdown, stolen tiny house

12/24/2018 - Indonesian tsunami, US shutdown, stolen tiny house

12/24/2018 - With staggering losses and safety issues, 2018 was a year Indian airlines won’t forget

12/24/2018 - Timeline: How late-entrant Swiggy became India’s most valued food-tech startup

12/23/2018 - Japan keeps inventing ways to stop babies from crying in public

12/23/2018 - Qantas is planning to operate the world’s longest flight in custom-built planes by 2022

12/23/2018 - Listen to all the film soundtracks and original songs shortlisted for the Oscars

12/23/2018 - Indonesian tsunami, US shutdown, reindeer smart collars

12/23/2018 - Trump boots out Jim Mattis, after Mattis said he was resigning

12/23/2018 - Bitcoin forecasters had an embarrassing 2018

12/23/2018 - Half of US college students would quit Facebook for a year if you gave them $200

12/23/2018 - Watch these Oscar-shortlisted animated short films to boost your day

12/23/2018 - The 11 most masterful TV moments of 2018

12/23/2018 - A carbon-offset gift guide for climate stocking stuffers

12/23/2018 - In a test of voice assistants, Microsoft’s ranked worst in nearly every category

12/23/2018 - Beauty is “looking healthy” and “being comfortable in your own skin” according to a new survey

12/23/2018 - Indonesia’s biggest earthquakes and tsunamis since 2004

12/23/2018 - Watch the Indonesian tsunami strike in the middle of a pop concert

12/23/2018 - As the world smokes less this developing country is turning to weed to save its economy

12/23/2018 - The dangerous stigma against pregnant women addicted to opioids

12/23/2018 - Watch a musician play the guitar while having brain surgery

12/23/2018 - Uganda is adding compulsory Chinese lessons to its high school curriculum

12/23/2018 - Disney movies are going to be unstoppable in 2019

12/23/2018 - Quartz Casties: The best podcasts (and podcast episodes) of 2018

12/23/2018 - Senegal’s new museum, Nigeria’s vanishing techies, no country for statistics

12/23/2018 - The #MeToo movement should listen to the silence of African women

12/22/2018 - The ironic reason that #TrumpResigns is trending

12/22/2018 - A Florida man found the largest known prime number on his fourth try

12/22/2018 - Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg is heading to Harvard University

12/22/2018 - Dinosaur fossils stole the show at the world’s biggest modern art event

12/22/2018 - “Markets would erupt”: What happens if Trump fires Fed chair Jerome Powell

12/22/2018 - Another leader in the US fight against ISIS resigned to protest Trump’s Syria decision

12/22/2018 - How to emulate your childhood video game memories

12/22/2018 - LeBron James says NFL owners have a “slave mentality” toward players

12/22/2018 - Holiday letters

12/22/2018 - Holiday letters

12/22/2018 - Dinosaurs, hoods, and pencils: Twitter has ideas for Trump’s steel slats

12/22/2018 - The drug abuse problem across Africa is finally drawing global attention

12/22/2018 - Watch SpaceX launch a new GPS satellite

12/22/2018 - A nutty “week of wonder” is considered staff training at Chronicle Books

12/22/2018 - The government shutdown means no paid vacation for federal workers

12/22/2018 - Resisting Christmas is futile

12/22/2018 - There is a growing movement to drag economics into the 21st century

12/22/2018 - The wildest internet phenomenon of 2018 was Bowsette

12/22/2018 - Weekend edition—Economic soul-searching, practical polyamorists, conflicted surfers

12/22/2018 - I couldn’t walk, but I could swim

12/22/2018 - How Air Jordan 1s got to star in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”

12/22/2018 - Iceland has the best holiday tradition for bookworms

12/22/2018 - The chaos of the Brexit denouement in one chart

12/22/2018 - Holiday letters

12/22/2018 - This European country is bucking 2018’s downward trend

12/22/2018 - South Korea’s crypto craze has morphed into a blockchain boom

12/22/2018 - Weekend edition—Economic soul-searching, practical polyamorists, conflicted surfers

12/22/2018 - Weekend edition—Economic soul-searching, practical polyamorists, conflicted surfers

12/21/2018 - Weekend edition—Economic soul-searching, practical polyamorists, conflicted surfers

12/21/2018 - Guns kill more US children than cancer

12/21/2018 - Holiday letters

12/21/2018 - Versailles, which survived the French revolution, is closing for the latest protests

12/21/2018 - Even major food companies hate the new US rules for GMO food labeling

12/21/2018 - Mattis warns that Trump endangers national security. Here’s what he’s talking about

12/21/2018 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s stint in the hospital will make her critics even fiercer

12/21/2018 - America’s obesity problem has spread to the Middle East

12/21/2018 - Two seasoned security experts share their insight into the most pressing security issues of our time

12/21/2018 - No one is safe from a data breach, but there are ways to stay ahead of hackers. These experts share how to guard against attacks

12/21/2018 - Disney’s decades-old trademark of “hakuna matata” is infuriating African kiSwahili speakers

12/21/2018 - Your white Christmas is on the way out

12/21/2018 - Plants have a memory mechanism that could save them from climate change

12/21/2018 - Chart: The myth of bitcoin as a safe haven was shattered this year

12/21/2018 - Trump’s decision to send asylum seekers back to Mexico weakens his case for a wall

12/21/2018 - 2019: The Year Work Gets Personal

12/21/2018 - The battle for the biggest market cap, charted

12/21/2018 - Ask Khe: How do I choose the right career in my twenties?

12/21/2018 - A California program to put the masses in electric cars may cost $14 billion

12/21/2018 - Quartzy: the brumation edition

12/21/2018 - Quartzy: the brumation edition

12/21/2018 - Trump’s food stamp cut will hit his single, white, male base the hardest

12/21/2018 - Big tech companies prefer the Federal Reserve over blockchain

12/21/2018 - Monosodium glutamate

12/21/2018 - Monosodium glutamate

12/21/2018 - The UK is getting its “drunk tanks” ready ahead of the holidays

12/21/2018 - The Museum of Almosts celebrates the beauty in failure

12/21/2018 - Spain’s Christmas lottery is the best lottery

12/21/2018 - Kirstjen Nielsen plans to leave after Davos

12/21/2018 - This year the world woke up to the problems with AI everywhere

12/21/2018 - The rise of the chief human resources officer

12/21/2018 - This is the new Microsoft

12/21/2018 - Photos: Apollo 8 brought us the moon as never seen before

12/21/2018 - ConsenSys crumbles, Tether soothes fears, and a new crypto tax bill

12/21/2018 - One theory against time travel seems to have been debunked

12/21/2018 - A Nobel Prize-winning psychologist says most people don’t really want to be happy

12/21/2018 - The Trump administration’s Davos 2019 hotel bills have already hit $2.9 million

12/21/2018 - When a brilliant economist is accused of harassment, can you separate the research from the man?

12/21/2018 - Former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn has been re-arrested in Tokyo

12/21/2018 - The country where counting statistics is a dangerous occupation

12/21/2018 - This year we realized that all of our data was stolen

12/21/2018 - How to actually relax on your next vacation

12/21/2018 - Large-format bottles are the biggest thing in wine

12/21/2018 - 2018 is the year women tried to reclaim anger but failed

12/21/2018 - AI is learning to smell your armpits to warn you when you have BO

12/21/2018 - Government shutdown threat, Ghosn rearrested, eavesdropping Alexa

12/21/2018 - Bill Gates-led fund is investing in a startup to build a cheap battery using a “refrigerator on steroids”

12/21/2018 - What flying with children teaches you about empathy

12/21/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: A toolkit to follow weed’s growth

12/21/2018 - The people, newsletters, and blogs you should follow if you want to understand the cannabis industry

12/21/2018 - India allows 10 government agencies to access citizens’ digital messages

12/21/2018 - Indians think they know what’s going on in their country—but do they really?

12/21/2018 - From Peppa Pig to giant babies, these memes took over China’s internet in 2018

12/21/2018 - The line, circle, and triangle that can help you with your holiday anxiety

12/21/2018 - Beware the holidays: All the ways Christmas and New Years can hurt you

12/21/2018 - Britain has always felt awkward in the EU, so its exit is sure to be bitter and chaotic

12/21/2018 - Monosodium glutamate

12/21/2018 - Another traditional Indian sport is dividing participants and animal rights activists

12/21/2018 - Indian travellers are chasing cheap chills this winter

12/21/2018 - Why farm-loan waivers are a waste of time and money

12/21/2018 - Ghosn rearrested, Gatwick chaos, broken Hershey’s Kisses

12/21/2018 - Ghosn rearrested, Gatwick chaos, broken Hershey’s Kisses

12/21/2018 - 2018 was a landmark year for gender rights in India. But it’s ending on a bitter note

12/20/2018 - The Bangladeshi fake-news campaign that Facebook removed shared content about India

12/20/2018 - India throws another lifeline at its struggling government banks

12/20/2018 - An artist used the hair of sex workers to critique what it means to be a “good girl”

12/20/2018 - The military veteran crowdfunding Trump’s border wall raised money for Brett Kavanaugh, too

12/20/2018 - The memes that captured South Korea’s 2018, from bitcoin pain to North Korean cold noodles

12/20/2018 - The Army has been called in to deal with drone-related chaos at London’s Gatwick Airport

12/20/2018 - US Defense secretary James Mattis resigned, saying he doesn’t agree with Trump

12/20/2018 - Scientists captured an image of an 82 kilometer-wide Martian ice crater

12/20/2018 - Ghosn bail, Gatwick drones, ghost museum tour

12/20/2018 - Tesla’s rollercoaster year in one chart

12/20/2018 - What will 2019 bring to global markets?

12/20/2018 - Admitting failure: Psychologists call out faults in their own research to improve their field

12/20/2018 - The first illegal satellite launch came with a $900,000 penalty

12/20/2018 - The US Drug Enforcement Administration is jonesing for helium and it needs it bad

12/20/2018 - Monosodium glutamate

12/20/2018 - Trump’s Syria surprise is a new attempt to distract from bad news at home

12/20/2018 - It will take 135 years to close the gender gap in sub-Saharan Africa

12/20/2018 - Toblerone is halal and the far right is furious

12/20/2018 - The perils of wearing contact lenses to bed

12/20/2018 - People still aren’t into buying things through their smart speakers

12/20/2018 - The recently destroyed National Museum of Brazil lives on in Google’s new virtual tour

12/20/2018 - The European Union agreed to ban plastic plates, straws, and forks by 2021

12/20/2018 - The world of kids on YouTube is wild, weird, and almost entirely unregulated

12/20/2018 - A Rwandan hero who exploited superstition to save lives during the genocide has died at 106

12/20/2018 - Rachel McAdams is just like us, breast-pumping in Versace

12/20/2018 - Menu hacking

12/20/2018 - Menu hacking

12/20/2018 - 2019 investment outlook: US lands softly, converges with rest of world

12/20/2018 - You won’t see a moon quite like this for another 11 years

12/20/2018 - “Vice” is a messy but vital warning about nostalgia for the Bush era

12/20/2018 - The never-ending congestion at Nigeria’s largest port is starting to get very expensive

12/20/2018 - How to get “unstuck” in the new year

12/20/2018 - A sweet Japanese robot aims to change your feels

12/20/2018 - Gratitude has a dark side

12/20/2018 - Dating apps are trying to spin your terrible dates as exciting misadventures

12/20/2018 - How to avoid ruining your $150 prime rib roast

12/20/2018 - A research-backed reason not to worry about what your peers think of you

12/20/2018 - On the 50th anniversary of Earthrise, a NASA astronaut describes how far we have to go

12/20/2018 - Uber is resuming self-driving car tests on US public roads

12/20/2018 - Rogue drones have shut down London’s Gatwick airport, stranding thousands of travelers

12/20/2018 - What’s a direct listing and why would a company do it?

12/20/2018 - Meet the judge who lambasted Flynn and blocked Trump’s asylum policy this week

12/20/2018 - Polyamory is a quietly revolutionary political movement

12/20/2018 - Weinstein in court, drones at airports, Saturn’s vanishing rings

12/20/2018 - Chinese tourist sites are giving “patriotic” discounts to Huawei phone owners

12/20/2018 - Swiggy is raising $1 billion in the largest ever funding round by an Indian food-tech startup

12/20/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: Charts and the future of grow lights

12/20/2018 - The cannabis industry in 13 charts

12/20/2018 - Cannabis could change the way we grow everything

12/20/2018 - India’s IT sector will create 250,000 new jobs in 2019

12/20/2018 - What Indians watched, read, and listened to on Amazon Prime in 2018

12/20/2018 - Menu hacking

12/20/2018 - Vegetarian orders ruled Swiggy in 2018—but chicken biryani’s the favourite

12/20/2018 - If you’re an Indian man opposed to #MeToo, be ready to stay single

12/20/2018 - Techies in Bengaluru need to quit binge-drinking, step out, and shed the flab

12/20/2018 - 2018 was the year India’s startups decided to go global

12/20/2018 - Weinstein in court, markets plummet, Saturn’s vanishing rings

12/20/2018 - Weinstein in court, markets plummet, Saturn’s vanishing rings

12/19/2018 - China is celebrating Karl Marx’s 200th birthday with an animated series

12/19/2018 - Boeing advises India’s airlines to pursue profit over growth

12/19/2018 - China’s war on Christmas hasn’t deterred kids from sending thousands of letters to Santa

12/19/2018 - Sorry, investors: 2019 is going to get even bumpier

12/19/2018 - The US will lift sanctions against companies owned by a Russian oligarch tied to the Mueller probe

12/19/2018 - Interest rates, Syria troops, vanishing Saturn rings

12/19/2018 - Juul employees can no longer vape at work

12/19/2018 - WW’s partnership with Kate Hudson sends a clear message to its core audience: bye

12/19/2018 - Menu hacking

12/19/2018 - The Fed is feeling a tiny tinge of anxiety about the slowing economy

12/19/2018 - Paul Ryan singled out a particularly venomous source of political polarization

12/19/2018 - Why the future of technology shouldn’t be complicated. Hint: with the right design, it will simplify our lives

12/19/2018 - As technology becomes more advanced, our need for simple devices grows

12/19/2018 - Google created a ‘responsible innovation team’ to check if its AI is ethical

12/19/2018 - We asked eight small businesses about bitcoin—and very few were excited about it

12/19/2018 - The complicated relationships in Love Actually, visualized

12/19/2018 - Climate scientists are warning Cape Town to brace for more severe droughts than it had in 2018

12/19/2018 - The oncoming era of unreliable data (as seen in reliable data)

12/19/2018 - When data is bad, you get gender-biased VR and faulty flu projections

12/19/2018 - The funniest responses to Will Smith as the genie in the new Aladdin movie

12/19/2018 - Apple is selling iPads $100 cheaper on Amazon and Walmart than on its own website

12/19/2018 - The mirror test for animal self-awareness reflects the limits of human cognition

12/19/2018 - How to watch Putin’s marathon year-end press conference

12/19/2018 - We shouldn’t be surprised that Facebook would let Netflix and Spotify into our DMs

12/19/2018 - Watch the International Space Station’s Expedition 57 crew head back to Earth

12/19/2018 - You’re not quitting Facebook if you still use Instagram and WhatsApp

12/19/2018 - It will look like stars are shooting out of the Little Dipper this weekend

12/19/2018 - Artificial intelligence is making it easier to describe smells

12/19/2018 - Emmanuel Macron’s strange bromance with Nicolas Sarkozy

12/19/2018 - The Pentagon thinks cyber ops could be the next WMDs

12/19/2018 - The Trump Organization’s renewed Dominican Republic ties raise questions about Ivanka’s trip

12/19/2018 - The crises that will keep humanitarians up at night in 2019

12/19/2018 - Love Actually

12/19/2018 - Love Actually

12/19/2018 - Most Americans still buy fake Christmas trees, but the real thing is big on Instagram

12/19/2018 - South Africa has banned a tongue-in-cheek commercial that imagines Africans colonizing Europe

12/19/2018 - Young luxury shoppers explain why they’re willing to pay $500 for sneakers

12/19/2018 - “I’m not sure I could live with myself if her career were to become collateral to my mistakes”

12/19/2018 - The records of José Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, compared

12/19/2018 - Photos: Inside the sprawling Museum of Black Civilizations in Senegal

12/19/2018 - Another streak of José Mourinho’s—895 days in a hotel—comes to an end

12/19/2018 - The US should focus on soft power and China cooperation in Africa—not rivalry

12/19/2018 - The most experienced job candidates aren’t always the best

12/19/2018 - Four days, 170,000 people, and one Metallica concert later, I figured out what Salesforce is

12/19/2018 - The most mispronounced words of 2018

12/19/2018 - Traditional medicine use remains significant across Africa and more scientists are taking note

12/19/2018 - The design of Scholastic’s new headquarters is reason enough to show up to the office

12/19/2018 - A woman first wrote the prescient ideas Huxley and Orwell made famous

12/19/2018 - 2018: The most stellar images from a year of space exploration

12/19/2018 - Step inside the hotel that’s shaped a London district for over 90 years

12/19/2018 - A warning from Britain about going cashless too quickly

12/19/2018 - Six entrepreneurs give their advice for anyone thinking of founding a startup

12/19/2018 - Quintuple rocket launch, SoftBank flop, Carlton dance copyright

12/19/2018 - Why the wives of China’s persecuted human-rights lawyers shaved their heads

12/19/2018 - The most depressing 2018 stats to kill the mood at your next dinner party

12/19/2018 - Five fantastic, under-the-radar movies you may have missed in 2018

12/19/2018 - Interactive: Hotels are designed to make you feel good. Here’s how

12/19/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: The companies that matter

12/19/2018 - Peter Horvath wants to do for cannabis what Victoria’s Secret did for lingerie

12/19/2018 - The beautiful packages of pot

12/19/2018 - China’s making it super hard to build car factories that don’t make electric vehicles

12/19/2018 - How popular are educational apps in India really?

12/19/2018 - Love Actually

12/19/2018 - Watch how endangered pangolins are brutally hunted down in Assam

12/19/2018 - India’s millennial men are more keen than women on Isha Ambani-like weddings

12/19/2018 - 2018 saw a whole new breed of Indian startup unicorns emerge

12/19/2018 - Elon Musk’s Boring Company built a special tunnel that’ll make Teslas “feel like teleporting”

12/19/2018 - Quintuple rocket launch, SoftBank flop, diaper gel

12/19/2018 - Quintuple rocket launch, SoftBank flop, diaper gel

12/19/2018 - In 2019, Google could shake up India’s luxury smartphone market

12/18/2018 - A defiant Canada is trolling China with Liu Xiaobo’s legacy

12/18/2018 - Dust storms to floods, India saw extreme weather in 2018

12/18/2018 - Trump’s shutdown bluff proves he doesn’t really want a border wall

12/18/2018 - Quintuple rocket launch, Trump charity shutdown, Carlton dance copyright

12/18/2018 - Taylor Swift sold $345 million in concert tickets this year—Ed Sheeran beat that

12/18/2018 - Love Actually

12/18/2018 - American college sportswear has been traced back to a Chinese reeducation camp

12/18/2018 - For the first time, a Chinese car is coming to the US—and it’s electric

12/18/2018 - Americans are enjoying the irony of employers being “ghosted”

12/18/2018 - Why I didn’t get help when I fell into depression during pregnancy

12/18/2018 - We built a website to track Central Park’s hot duck

12/18/2018 - Funds planned for rural electricity in Africa should be better spent on water delivery

12/18/2018 - The US is in its third largest housing boom in modern history

12/18/2018 - We might finally be getting an Apple battery case for the iPhone Xs

12/18/2018 - The rise of private equity has left us with a lot of worthless, dangerous debt

12/18/2018 - Plants can feel you touching them—and sometimes they don’t like it

12/18/2018 - In court, Mike Flynn walked back the suggestion he was tricked by the FBI

12/18/2018 - A “troll patrol” scrutinized Twitter to see how bad its abuse problem is

12/18/2018 - Africa’s great heritage sites are being mapped out with point precision lasers

12/18/2018 - The final triumph of an artist deemed “degenerate” by the Nazis

12/18/2018 - Saturn is losing its iconic planetary rings

12/18/2018 - The rare old Trump tweet that is still true today

12/18/2018 - Placebos

12/18/2018 - Placebos

12/18/2018 - Great news, women: Economic parity is only 202 years away

12/18/2018 - Where you sit at a meeting may say something about your role

12/18/2018 - 3 strategies for tapping into insight

12/18/2018 - Watch SpaceX launch the first next generation GPS satellite

12/18/2018 - Nigeria’s high-end fashion gets the headlines but its secondhand markets get the customers

12/18/2018 - The discovery of the Titanic wreck was a front for a secret US military mission

12/18/2018 - Why Michelle Obama still insists on going high when they go low

12/18/2018 - How one lightbulb could allow hackers to burgle your home

12/18/2018 - The spellbinding power of reading nature’s “lost” words aloud

12/18/2018 - The many names of the full cold moon coming soon to skies near you

12/18/2018 - Sputtering stablecoins, digital records, and—ugh—taxes

12/18/2018 - China’s censors have leapt the Great Firewall to police tweets

12/18/2018 - The reinvention of economics after the crash

12/18/2018 - Rocket launches, Xi Jinping’s path, Bambi punishment

12/18/2018 - The sweetest stoner stocking-stuffer is a good old one-hitter

12/18/2018 - Food shaming is the worst holiday tradition

12/18/2018 - China snubbed Huawei’s founder as it honored 100 people for their “outstanding contributions”

12/18/2018 - Placebos

12/18/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: The companies that matter

12/18/2018 - WeWork by the numbers

12/18/2018 - The case for slowing down the cannabis industry

12/18/2018 - The most important companies in weed

12/18/2018 - This “pacifist” nation is now the biggest foreign buyer of American F-35 fighter jets

12/18/2018 - Google wants to help India’s newsrooms get video right

12/18/2018 - Ola to invest $100 million in scooter-sharing startup Vogo

12/18/2018 - The ANC itself is the chief impediment to president Ramaphosa’s agenda

12/18/2018 - India’s proposed anti-trafficking law may end up targeting sex workers

12/18/2018 - Guess who makes 90% of all spam calls in India? Telecom firms

12/18/2018 - A massive new study finds that heart attacks peak on Christmas Eve

12/18/2018 - Rocket launches, Moonves gets nothing, Bambi punishment

12/18/2018 - Rocket launches, Moonves gets nothing, Bambi punishment

12/18/2018 - With AI, your next job could be “flying car developer” or “cyber calamity forecaster”

12/18/2018 - Indian data scientists prefer learning from YouTube over IIT’s online courses

12/17/2018 - Why Indian techies learn data analytics and AI engineering

12/17/2018 - S&P warns of disastrous consequences if Indian central bank loses its autonomy

12/17/2018 - The charts that show how Deng Xiaoping unleashed China’s pent-up capitalist energy in 1978

12/17/2018 - Ex-Russian spies say the US is losing because it can’t control social media

12/17/2018 - The day before the fight for the best boxer in the world

12/17/2018 - US stocks plummet, Yemen truce, Lego vault

12/17/2018 - A new survey found a huge increase in US teen vaping

12/17/2018 - Germans can now choose to identify as “diverse” instead of “male” or “female”

12/17/2018 - Placebos

12/17/2018 - A brief history of Russia exploiting American racism to manipulate US politics

12/17/2018 - Binge drinking among US high schoolers hit a record low in 2018

12/17/2018 - Russian operatives were promoting sex toys on Instagram to sow discord in the US

12/17/2018 - Three-quarters of Dutch Tesla drivers got speeding fines last year

12/17/2018 - After negotiating with Israel, Airbnb is suspending its ban on hosts based in the West Bank

12/17/2018 - A working parent’s guide to keeping your kid out of trouble over the holidays

12/17/2018 - JK Rowling has no time for the cult of productivity

12/17/2018 - France will tax Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon starting Jan. 1

12/17/2018 - Will the US government shut down? Three things to watch for

12/17/2018 - A farm tied to the romaine lettuce warning is now recalling cauliflower

12/17/2018 - Russia even used Pokémon Go in its 2016 US election propaganda

12/17/2018 - This hotel has shaped the definition of luxury for over 90 years

12/17/2018 - What would a US government shutdown mean for military, mail delivery, and national security?

12/17/2018 - The UK’s last Christmas shopping season before Brexit has been a major bummer

12/17/2018 - How to have a merry, plastic-free Christmas

12/17/2018 - Tech giants didn’t spot Russia paying for 2016 disinformation with rubles

12/17/2018 - Nigeria’s army is accusing international bodies of working with Boko Haram and undermining soldiers

12/17/2018 - Trump’s focus on Africa might be about China but that could be a good thing

12/17/2018 - Zambia’s president is trying so hard to prove the Chinese aren’t running his country he’s insulted them

12/17/2018 - Why it’s so hard to think effectively about the future

12/17/2018 - Why you can’t manage humans like they’re software

12/17/2018 - Worried about the next recession? Here’s what to watch instead of the yield curve

12/17/2018 - Merriam-Webster’s word of the year reflects how turbulent politics was in 2018

12/17/2018 - In a world of borders, Western Union’s strategy is still immigrant-first

12/17/2018 - Goldman Sachs’ legal troubles in Malaysia have made it the worst-performing US bank stock this year

12/17/2018 - Nissan meeting, climate rulebook, SpongeBob fashion

12/17/2018 - People fall off cruise ships with alarming regularity. Can anything be done to stop it?

12/17/2018 - Nigeria’s tech ecosystem is struggling to keep hold of its best software engineers

12/17/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: Cannabis is a big business

12/17/2018 - The five most important things to know about the cannabis industry

12/17/2018 - A complete guide to the cannabis industry

12/17/2018 - Kenya is taking presidents off its currency to promote diversity

12/17/2018 - Elephants are getting choked, electrocuted, and even bombed to death in India

12/17/2018 - Miniso is obsessing over India’s thrifty shoppers

12/17/2018 - Elections in the world’s largest democracy have serious technology issues

12/17/2018 - After 34 years, a top Indian politician is held guilty of massacring Sikhs in Delhi

12/17/2018 - Nissan’s meeting, Hungary’s “slave law,” Lorax ruling

12/17/2018 - Nissan’s meeting, Hungary’s “slave law,” Lorax ruling

12/17/2018 - Archaeologists have unearthed a 4,400-year-old Egyptian tomb in immaculate condition

12/16/2018 - VC investors criticise China more often than India

12/16/2018 - Why the latest climate summit is a mixed bag for India

12/16/2018 - Nissan’s meeting, Turkey’s bonds, SpongeBob fashion

12/16/2018 - It’s very likely your supermarket fish isn’t what you think it is

12/16/2018 - Emmanuel Macron’s speech had as many viewers as France’s World Cup victory

12/16/2018 - HQ Trivia and Vine cofounder Colin Kroll was found dead in his apartment

12/16/2018 - Boeing’s new plant in China just delivered its first plane

12/16/2018 - America is facing the reality of fewer, more expensive Christmas trees

12/16/2018 - US financial company stocks are officially in a bear market

12/16/2018 - Wind-farm plots off of Martha’s Vineyard fetched a stunning $405 million

12/16/2018 - Putin’s Kremlin now wants to take a leading role in rap music

12/16/2018 - A new wave of premium instant coffee is like having a café in your pocket

12/16/2018 - The untold 100-year old story of Nigeria’s first homegrown modern drug

12/16/2018 - Australia is a battleground for encrypted apps

12/16/2018 - Small theater chains worry a mid-century rule is all that stands between them and extinction

12/16/2018 - The dismal cost of economics’ lack of racial diversity

12/16/2018 - US-Africa prosperity, Cameroon’s crypto separatists, Côte d’Ivoire’s newest mall

12/16/2018 - Three easy pasta recipes for delicious last-minute dinners

12/16/2018 - The perfect mindset for when gifting season feels a bit too much

12/15/2018 - There’s now a rulebook for everyone in the Paris climate agreement to follow, the US included

12/15/2018 - For the first time, female big-wave surfers will compete at Mavericks for equal prize money

12/15/2018 - How to make “coquito,” Puerto Rico’s coconut version of eggnog

12/15/2018 - 15-year-old Greta Thunberg spoke for her generation at the COP24 climate talks in Poland

12/15/2018 - Film scholars found the earliest known on-screen depiction of African-American love

12/15/2018 - Read Nancy Pelosi’s statement on the court ruling striking down the Affordable Care Act

12/15/2018 - Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are about to legalize hemp and mainstream CBD

12/15/2018 - “Bohemian Rhapsody” is now the highest-grossing music biopic of all time

12/15/2018 - The perfect gift for your anxious friend is a goal journal

12/15/2018 - The fanny pack

12/15/2018 - The fanny pack

12/15/2018 - Netflix won’t always be there to stream your favorite TV reruns. Your DVDs will

12/15/2018 - Another scandal-ridden member of Trump’s cabinet is resigning

12/15/2018 - Porn habits prove it: The tablet is over

12/15/2018 - Weird Oscars: The best TV and movie monsters of 2018

12/15/2018 - What’s your holiday tipping etiquette? Thousands told us their plans

12/15/2018 - We know how much work suffers when you’re up too late on your phone, thanks to the NBA

12/15/2018 - SpongeBob is fashion now

12/15/2018 - Gandhi’s statue has finally been pulled down in Ghana

12/15/2018 - The Trump administration is halting AIDS and cancer research that depends on fetal tissue

12/15/2018 - Trump’s crass defense strategy has nullified Robert Mueller’s considerable successes

12/15/2018 - The complete guide to traveling the world without quitting your job

12/15/2018 - Weekend edition—Mueller investigation, GE’s burnout, epic widescreen

12/15/2018 - The re-education of Economics 101

12/15/2018 - The indelible beauty of “Take On Me,” Hollywood’s favorite song of 2018

12/15/2018 - Theresa May, this is your annual performance review

12/15/2018 - “Roma” de Alfonso Cuarón muestra la complejidad del trabajo emocional de las trabajadoras domésticas

12/15/2018 - Fan fiction writers are adding autistic characters to the Harry Potter universe

12/15/2018 - The fanny pack

12/15/2018 - A second Brexit referendum has a surprising precedent: Quebec’s secession vote

12/15/2018 - Weekend edition—Mueller investigation, GE’s burnout, epic widescreen

12/15/2018 - Weekend edition—Mueller investigation, GE’s burnout, epic widescreen

12/14/2018 - Weekend edition—Mueller investigation, GE’s burnout, epic widescreen

12/14/2018 - Prada’s red-lipped monkey keychains evoke a long history of racist imagery

12/14/2018 - A girl died after staying at a US facility not meant to hold immigrants

12/14/2018 - The fanny pack

12/14/2018 - A woman just ran the world’s fastest 24-hour race

12/14/2018 - Why the law school “Trump bump” is a turning point for online education

12/14/2018 - Yes, it’s legal for Trump to hire his family as White House staff

12/14/2018 - You can see Springsteen on Netflix just five hours after his last show on Broadway

12/14/2018 - Oh look, another Facebook data leak!

12/14/2018 - Prada has pulled its red-lipped monkey dolls, which echoed racist “Sambo” imagery

12/14/2018 - Rejected from your dream college? You’re in excellent company

12/14/2018 - A federal judge in Texas wants you to know she’s sick and tired of whiny lawyers

12/14/2018 - Robinhood’s new checking and savings accounts won’t be protected by SIPC after all

12/14/2018 - Facebook wants to battle Apple and Amazon over control of your TV apps

12/14/2018 - You can now visit the Medusa statue that #MeToo made famous

12/14/2018 - What our tech habits reveal about the future of smart homes

12/14/2018 - How our tech habits are shaping the future smart home ecosystem

12/14/2018 - Quartzy: the old-timey edition

12/14/2018 - Quartzy: the old-timey edition

12/14/2018 - Amazon could learn from the Chinese tech giants

12/14/2018 - Smart dust

12/14/2018 - Smart dust

12/14/2018 - Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

12/14/2018 - My colleagues rely on me too much. How can I encourage them to branch out?

12/14/2018 - Two investment bank chiefs call their industry’s #MeToo excuses “paranoid and fundamentally wrong”

12/14/2018 - The web is giving more people access to law degrees. Here’s why that’s a big deal

12/14/2018 - “The opportunity cost of raising my own children was losing my career”

12/14/2018 - Carnival is building a rollercoaster on a cruise ship. What could go wrong?

12/14/2018 - This is your brain on video games

12/14/2018 - How to get leadership right, according to the CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

12/14/2018 - In the middle of the trade war, guess where Boeing’s opening its first overseas plant

12/14/2018 - The Trump administration’s Africa policy is all about countering China’s influence

12/14/2018 - Here’s why Elizabeth Koch, the daughter of a GOP megadonor, chose science over politics

12/14/2018 - Amazon has a clever way to catch package-stealing thieves

12/14/2018 - Facebook hires for blockchain, Basis closes shop, and bitcoin bomb threats

12/14/2018 - There’s a way to create environmental policy that doesn’t unfairly target the poor

12/14/2018 - Climate talks wrap up, Apple vs. Qualcomm, squashed heads

12/14/2018 - How to buy a water filter that actually filters out your local contaminants

12/14/2018 - Smart dust

12/14/2018 - After delivering 24 electric cars, this Chinese startup has IPO dreams

12/14/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: Conference call, autonomy, and electric bikes

12/14/2018 - The books, reporters, and WeChat accounts to read if you want to understand China’s electric-vehicle industry

12/14/2018 - The financial case for giving cash, not gift cards

12/14/2018 - 2018 was the year Europe stood up to Trump

12/14/2018 - Charted: Narendra Modi’s big bad jobs problem ahead of India’s 2019 elections

12/14/2018 - Here are the Indian cities and industries where you are most likely to find jobs

12/14/2018 - Côte d’Ivoire’s newest mall has opened its doors to an ignored, but lucrative market

12/14/2018 - Charted: The tug-of-war between Twitter and the Indian government over user data

12/14/2018 - This NRI came back to India, only to leave again in frustration

12/14/2018 - Econet’s Cassava spin-off wants to be the Tencent of Zimbabwe

12/14/2018 - Kosovo’s army, Strasbourg shootout, Google caste system

12/14/2018 - Battery swapping died in the US. Chinese companies are trying to bring it back to life.

12/14/2018 - To master electric-car manufacturing, China started with bikes

12/14/2018 - Kosovo’s army, Strasbourg shootout, Google caste system

12/14/2018 - China’s self-driving efforts need to accelerate

12/14/2018 - The fruitless quest to save Indian women from slowly choking to death

12/14/2018 - Pornhub is both educating and leading Indians astray—depending on who you ask

12/14/2018 - Raising China’s retirement age is a problem for working mothers

12/13/2018 - Some Indians have over 200 apps on their phones

12/13/2018 - Former Tesla executive: “Everyone in Tesla is in an abusive relationship with Elon.”

12/13/2018 - Donald Trump may spend 16 days at Mar-a-Lago over Christmas and New Year’s

12/13/2018 - YouTube made the most-hated YouTube video ever

12/13/2018 - Brexit summit, Ghosen’s reprieve, Europe’s stimulus shutdown

12/13/2018 - Smart dust

12/13/2018 - Mexico’s president hopes a ritual will get Mother Earth to let him build a train

12/13/2018 - The world wanted a lot of Stormy Daniels and Fortnite porn in 2018

12/13/2018 - This weekend is your best chance to see the brightest comet of the year

12/13/2018 - The FBI needs to burn 53 tons of classified material

12/13/2018 - How Morgan Stanley wooed Uber for its IPO business

12/13/2018 - After €2.6 trillion, Europe’s massive stimulus program ends at an awkward time

12/13/2018 - Miss USA is shocked that rest of the world doesn’t speak English

12/13/2018 - The Department of Homeland Security desperately needs a proofreader

12/13/2018 - The restaurants of American suburbia love Trump’s trade war

12/13/2018 - Virgin Galactic makes it to space

12/13/2018 - US courts are figuring out if the government can block you on Facebook

12/13/2018 - Two US electric utilities have promised to go 100% carbon-free—and admit it’s cheaper

12/13/2018 - Perhaps you would like to own your own Falkland Island, complete with penguins

12/13/2018 - Interactive: The secret to hotel room design is part art, part science

12/13/2018 - Tesla is preparing its assault on Europe

12/13/2018 - What lightning strikes look like from space

12/13/2018 - Want to be a leader in tomorrow’s public health workforce? Think like a CMO

12/13/2018 - Social influencers and ad targeting are transforming how the public health workforce saves lives

12/13/2018 - The best time to watch the Geminids meteor shower

12/13/2018 - Palau, the tiny island nation that is standing up for itself

12/13/2018 - Apple just announced a new campus and plans to add thousands of US jobs

12/13/2018 - Trump today: White House Christmas Grinch, chief Gingrich, Cohen liability

12/13/2018 - What’s a universal basic income doing in Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal”?

12/13/2018 - US Customs and Border Protection is using retinal scans to try to catch liars

12/13/2018 - Einstein’s most effective life hack wasn’t about productivity

12/13/2018 - “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

12/13/2018 - “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

12/13/2018 - Robinhood is looking to out-bank the banks by paying higher interest rates

12/13/2018 - The simplest tool for innovation is also one of the most effective

12/13/2018 - Managing millennials? First, set aside your assumptions

12/13/2018 - I was a contract worker in Google’s caste system—and it wasn’t pretty

12/13/2018 - E-commerce is thriving in Africa despite hurdles to the “last mile”

12/13/2018 - Why would a Chinese waste company spend $75 million on a “Michelangelo” painting?

12/13/2018 - Porn sites collect more user data than Netflix or Hulu. This is what they do with it.

12/13/2018 - How one of America’s oldest black-owned bookstores has endured in the Amazon age

12/13/2018 - This independent movie theater in downtown Johannesburg is bringing back the glory days of cinema

12/13/2018 - The brief but satisfying pleasure of not taking feedback well at all

12/13/2018 - For the first time in decades, there are no Ethiopian journalists in prison

12/13/2018 - People in Africa’s largest economies oppose more migration into their countries

12/13/2018 - “Homecoming,” “Three Identical Strangers,” and the toxic combination of inexperience and eagerness

12/13/2018 - Ghosting at work is now big enough that it caught the Fed’s attention

12/13/2018 - Sustainable investing risks becoming a victim of its own success

12/13/2018 - May in Brussels, Apple in Texas, fried-chicken robots

12/13/2018 - The woman who invented the word processor and online flight booking system has died

12/13/2018 - Weird Oscars: The busiest actors of 2018

12/13/2018 - Fanny packs are one of humankind’s oldest accessories

12/13/2018 - Alfonso Cuarón’s “Roma” shows domestic workers’ complex emotional labor

12/13/2018 - “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

12/13/2018 - China’s car companies have no shame copying foreign designs

12/13/2018 - An Indian electric vehicle pioneer is betting big on e-rickshaws

12/13/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: The imitation game

12/13/2018 - Inside BYD—the world’s largest maker of electric vehicles

12/13/2018 - Behind the scenes at BYD’s electric-vehicle factories in Shenzhen and California

12/13/2018 - India’s biggest watchmaker wants to become the country’s go-to sari brand

12/13/2018 - Indian academia is fighting a toxic mix of nationalism and pseudoscience

12/13/2018 - Holland Tunnel is driving commuters nuts with very obviously misplaced holiday decorations

12/13/2018 - Porn is one industry where Make In India is surely a massive hit

12/13/2018 - India’s budding e-pharma industry has just received a sickening blow

12/13/2018 - May in Brussels, Canada-China tensions, fried-chicken robots

12/13/2018 - May in Brussels, Canada-China tensions, fried-chicken robots

12/13/2018 - A second Canadian missing in China is one of the few foreigners who has met Kim Jong Un

12/13/2018 - India’s co-working spaces aren’t just money-saving startup offices any more

12/12/2018 - How a wink charmed Indians on Google in 2018

12/12/2018 - The life of a retired American has never looked busier

12/12/2018 - Why Southeast Asia’s biggest ride-hailing company is on a mapping spree

12/12/2018 - One of London’s fastest-growing financial startups is unfazed by Brexit chaos

12/12/2018 - Stan Lee and his Marvel creations had a big year in Google search

12/12/2018 - Google may have broken New Zealand laws by publishing the name of a man accused of murder

12/12/2018 - Theresa May’s confidence vote is good-ish news for the pound

12/12/2018 - Trump is preparing to deport thousands of previously welcomed Vietnamese refugees

12/12/2018 - What the world Googled in 2018

12/12/2018 - May survives, EU Summit, Cohen sentenced

12/12/2018 - All hail Gallus gallus domesticus—we are living in the age of the chicken

12/12/2018 - Ivanka Trump’s luxury weekend in the Dominican Republic cost US taxpayers $58,000

12/12/2018 - UK prime minister Theresa May won a confidence vote, but the nation’s future is cloudier than ever

12/12/2018 - A widespread phenomenon called the Productivity Paradox may be to blame for your inability to focus at work. Two experts explain why

12/12/2018 - An organizational behavior professor and an EVP of business strategy discuss our modern productivity predicament

12/12/2018 - “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

12/12/2018 - Donald Trump should acquaint himself with this legal principle

12/12/2018 - Mexico and El Salvador rank higher for workplace equality than the US and Norway

12/12/2018 - Companies are finding they need to pair up to make a better battery

12/12/2018 - “Halle-Luka”: The next LeBron James might be a Slovenian teenager

12/12/2018 - Michael Cohen gave “valuable” info on “links between a campaign and a foreign government”

12/12/2018 - The moment Christine Lagarde decided the world needs gender quotas

12/12/2018 - Fortnite is a social space the way skateparks and Facebook used to be

12/12/2018 - Actually, millennials may be the wealthiest generation

12/12/2018 - Celebrate your failures at “Fuckup Nights”

12/12/2018 - The UN’s migration compact has the same flaw as its 1948 declaration of human rights

12/12/2018 - Bill Gates should embrace the power of literary fiction

12/12/2018 - US states hope legalized marijuana will solve their pension crisis

12/12/2018 - The perfect holiday gift for the worst person in your office

12/12/2018 - Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years and tried to take Trump down with him

12/12/2018 - Ten mistakes smart people never make twice

12/12/2018 - 2018 was the year of Aperol spritz, oat milk, and overalls

12/12/2018 - The “mother of all demos” was as much about the chair as it was about the computer

12/12/2018 - The best leaders make fewer decisions, not more

12/12/2018 - An artist used a hyper-sexualized alter ego to expose Instagram’s double standard

12/12/2018 - McDonald’s just gave doctors a reason to love its restaurants

12/12/2018 - Europe—not the US or China—publishes the most AI research papers

12/12/2018 - New data show a huge gender gap in artificial intelligence

12/12/2018 - Taylor Swift used facial recognition to track her stalkers at a concert

12/12/2018 - China’s government AI research has risen 400% since 2007

12/12/2018 - Tetris

12/12/2018 - Tetris

12/12/2018 - Austin is calling in the CDC to study the public health risk of scooters

12/12/2018 - Kenya is starting to track its valuable stolen artifacts worldwide—with German help

12/12/2018 - A British farmer with a metal detector found a 2,000-year-old Roman statuette, then forgot about it

12/12/2018 - Almost all unhappy couples experience one of these three problems

12/12/2018 - How to have a “successful career” on your own terms

12/12/2018 - Six weird ways experts once thought we would live longer

12/12/2018 - Before we give them fuzzy robots, let’s try solving elderly loneliness with people

12/12/2018 - Older workers are the economy’s most underrated natural resource

12/12/2018 - The most important job in the world is one no one wants anymore

12/12/2018 - When it comes to longevity, we should look to the East, not the West

12/12/2018 - Old age shouldn’t just be about survival—it should be about fun

12/12/2018 - The Google Pixel Slate’s advantages over the iPad Pro aren’t enough to merit buying one

12/12/2018 - Map: What story does your neighborhood’s life expectancy tell?

12/12/2018 - The world’s fastest (and slowest) internet speeds

12/12/2018 - What choral singing can teach us about leadership

12/12/2018 - Theresa May’s Brexit missteps are a lesson in bad leadership

12/12/2018 - Subprime personal loans will flourish in 2019 thanks to startups and Donald Trump

12/12/2018 - May faces leadership vote, Trump talks Huawei, bodysuit fail

12/12/2018 - Cameroon’s Anglophone separatists have created their own cryptocurrency 

12/12/2018 - Weird Oscars: The best TV and movie assassins of 2018

12/12/2018 - Tetris

12/12/2018 - For India’s biggest watchmaker, design is about more than just aesthetics

12/12/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: Is China’s EV market overheating?

12/12/2018 - Electric cars claim to be cheaper and greener. But are they?

12/12/2018 - Investors are chasing fewer but more valuable startup deals in India

12/12/2018 - Indonesia’s climate refugees are being forced into deadly labor abroad

12/12/2018 - Sundar Pichai leaves the door open to Google launching a censored search engine in China

12/12/2018 - Modi is now a struggling prime minister saddled with a troubled economy

12/12/2018 - As the world’s largest auto market sputters, electric vehicles show no signs of slowing

12/12/2018 - India’s gig-economy apps are fighting the monsters they made

12/12/2018 - Crazy rich Asian wedding, Huawei bail, snow confusion

12/12/2018 - Crazy rich Asian wedding, Huawei bail, snow confusion

12/12/2018 - China’s electric-car explosion is creating infrastructure headaches

12/12/2018 - A China-US battle for influence in Africa is going to drive up infrastructure lending

12/12/2018 - After world-renowned economists, India’s handing its central bank to a history major

12/11/2018 - Huawei CFO’s bail was set at $7.5 million and she will pay for her own surveillance

12/11/2018 - What you should know about Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s hearing before US Congress

12/11/2018 - China arrests Canadian diplomat, shooting in France, ancient board games

12/11/2018 - In China, retail isn’t dead. It’s just getting started

12/11/2018 - The progress electric cars have made

12/11/2018 - A spat with Pelosi and Schumer shows Trump has no chance of getting a border wall

12/11/2018 - Tetris

12/11/2018 - Every significant military facility in Israel and Turkey was just exposed by a Russian mapping service

12/11/2018 - No, there’s no constitutional right to fraternity life

12/11/2018 - “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” played a pivotal role in the rise of Islamic fundamentalism

12/11/2018 - Fashion’s ambitious new project to reduce its climate impact is getting help from the UN

12/11/2018 - Seriously, wash your avocados every time

12/11/2018 - Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” is the most-streamed classic rock song of all time

12/11/2018 - Companies are seriously underestimating how climate change will affect business

12/11/2018 - Egypt is clamping down on yellow vest sales to avoid French-style mass protests

12/11/2018 - The good news is British workers are getting raises. The bad news is Brexit.

12/11/2018 - The most prolific Instagrammer in the US Senate is its second-oldest senator

12/11/2018 - The early inspiration for Tesla’s Roadster is finally going electric

12/11/2018 - An artist has brought the melting ice caps to London’s doorstep

12/11/2018 - Time magazine’s “guardians of the truth,” in their own words

12/11/2018 - Zozo’s promise of fast, cheap custom clothes with its Zozosuit looks like a bust

12/11/2018 - Being friends with your boss has a downside

12/11/2018 - MoviePass’s parent company CEO was awarded $7 million in shares last year. They’re now worth $50.

12/11/2018 - China has detained a former Canadian diplomat

12/11/2018 - The Equifax breach affecting nearly half of Americans was “entirely preventable”

12/11/2018 - Motor scooters

12/11/2018 - Motor scooters

12/11/2018 - For a great deal on a luxury hotel, book a room the week before Christmas

12/11/2018 - Why organizations need speedometers

12/11/2018 - The future of e-commerce and retail will be written in China

12/11/2018 - The science of “vibes” shows how everything is connected

12/11/2018 - Ethiopia’s young photographers are capturing their country’s moment of change

12/11/2018 - As regulators turn sights on fintech, a Nigerian startup is first to secure credit rating

12/11/2018 - Modi’s lieutenant during demonetisation is now India’s central banker

12/11/2018 - Approach Christmas like an anthropologist to avoid gifting catastrophe

12/11/2018 - Half the world is now connected to the internet—driven by a record number of Africans

12/11/2018 - The future of software isn’t an app. It’s a habit

12/11/2018 - The ‘Deadpool 2’ re-cut will test how Fox’s edgier assets could fit into Disney

12/11/2018 - Betting against bitcoin, crypto winter, and Venezuela’s petro plans

12/11/2018 - Amazon is becoming a toymaker

12/11/2018 - Tumblr’s ban on “adult content” will hurt LGBTQ youth most

12/11/2018 - Company boards need at least three women before they truly begin to change

12/11/2018 - India’s latest state election results are bad news for Modi’s BJP

12/11/2018 - Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” dominated the year in books

12/11/2018 - The science that will make Wagyu beef affordable for everyone

12/11/2018 - Google faces DC, China-US trade reset, hybrid fugu

12/11/2018 - Huawei’s CFO makes an unconvincing argument why she won’t flee

12/11/2018 - Weird Oscars: The best movie and TV trailers of 2018

12/11/2018 - Motor scooters

12/11/2018 - Why one of America’s top electric-vehicle experts changed his mind on China

12/11/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: Government support, government surveillance

12/11/2018 - Narendra Modi’s government is losing economists left, right, and centre

12/11/2018 - Brexit crisis talks, Macron concessions, hybrid fugu

12/11/2018 - China’s electric cars are government spies

12/11/2018 - Brexit crisis talks, Macron concessions, hybrid fugu

12/11/2018 - Despite UK court order, Mallya may not be coming home anytime soon

12/10/2018 - Timeline: How Modi’s hand-picked RBI governor turned against his own government

12/10/2018 - A Japanese university penalized female applicants to make up for men’s shortcomings

12/10/2018 - The Modi government, the RBI governor and the mess that is the Indian economy

12/10/2018 - The six key reasons for the falling-out between Urjit Patel and Team Modi

12/10/2018 - Samsung’s Supreme collaboration in China is with a “counterfeit organization,” Supreme says

12/10/2018 - The world mourns the death of Roger the buff kangaroo

12/10/2018 - Brexit vote axed, Qualcomm China win, hybrid fugu

12/10/2018 - Google+ is shutting down sooner than expected after another security flaw

12/10/2018 - Jack Dorsey missed the point of meditation on his Myanmar retreat

12/10/2018 - Motor scooters

12/10/2018 - Super expensive Hong Kong tops the global list for super-rich home buyers

12/10/2018 - Climate change has created mutant Japanese pufferfish

12/10/2018 - Here’s how the most controversial job of 2018 is being advertised

12/10/2018 - The game that kicked off a video game revolution turns 25 today

12/10/2018 - NASA’s Voyager 2 probe has officially entered interstellar space

12/10/2018 - Maria Butina’s guilty plea could tie the Trump campaign closer to Russia

12/10/2018 - The UK is making itself toxic to investors at the worst possible time

12/10/2018 - Gollum is back, if only to troll Theresa May’s “precious” Brexit deal

12/10/2018 - Trump’s pick for attorney general once fought to keep refugees in Guantanamo Bay

12/10/2018 - Sonic the Hedgehog is swole now

12/10/2018 - All the places self-driving cars are being tested around the world

12/10/2018 - One of the world’s oldest board games has been discovered in Azerbaijan

12/10/2018 - Quiz: Most companies struggle with implementing strategy. Does yours?

12/10/2018 - Quiz: Is your company better than average at implementing strategy?

12/10/2018 - Organizational leaders who can strategically navigate a crisis have these traits in common

12/10/2018 - Here’s how leaders can improve strategy implementation after an organizational crisis

12/10/2018 - Even the most progressive countries struggle to promote women to CEO

12/10/2018 - What to say when your child asks if Santa is real, according to experts

12/10/2018 - An art show parodying America in the age of school shootings is not far off from reality

12/10/2018 - Even farmers are shifting from tobacco to hemp and CBD

12/10/2018 - The case for buying kids audiobooks this holiday season

12/10/2018 - Death rates from traffic accidents are higher in Africa than anywhere else

12/10/2018 - The US is worried about China spying via Huawei because it did the same in the past

12/10/2018 - How to deal with naysaying employees

12/10/2018 - Netflix’s debut original African series is about a cross-continental female spy

12/10/2018 - Mobile connectivity is impossible for the billion who lack a legal identity

12/10/2018 - Researchers found one way that long-term marriages get happier

12/10/2018 - What it’s like inside France’s Yellow Vest protests

12/10/2018 - There’s nothing legally stopping the UK from stopping Brexit. So, what next?

12/10/2018 - How much is your job offer actually worth?

12/10/2018 - The Helsinki comic book shop that keeps things heroically old-school

12/10/2018 - A NYC shop owner says his artisan-made neon signs are more popular now than in the 1970s

12/10/2018 - 5G is actually going to become a thing in 2019

12/10/2018 - RBI governor Urjit Patel quits after months of friction with Modi government

12/10/2018 - No one wants a “cheap” iPhone

12/10/2018 - Brexit ruling, France’s message to Trump, swamp monster

12/10/2018 - France’s protests are hurting the economy at a crucial time

12/10/2018 - The most screwed-up employee perk in America (and the man who just might fix it)

12/10/2018 - Nobel peace prize ceremony, Softbank IPO price, swamp monster

12/10/2018 - Elon Musk decides when his tweets get reviewed by Tesla

12/10/2018 - Three ideas to foster intergenerational harmony in the workplace

12/10/2018 - Carlos Ghosn is up against Japan’s 99.9% conviction rate

12/10/2018 - A guide to the logos on China’s lunar far side mission

12/10/2018 - Why Asia’s richest banker is dragging India’s central bank to court

12/10/2018 - Charted: India’s obsession with Chinese online game PUBG

12/10/2018 - Illegal medicines may be making India’s tuberculosis and malaria crises worse

12/10/2018 - Overseas Indians are set to send home a record $80 billion this year

12/10/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: The future of electric cars is being scripted by China

12/10/2018 - Beyond the Tesla bubble: The future of electric cars is being scripted in China

12/10/2018 - Brexit ruling, France’s message to Trump, swamp monster

12/10/2018 - Indian households just aren’t interested in rooftop solar panels

12/10/2018 - A new board game lets you play Indian politics—dirty, sly, and ruthless

12/9/2018 - All you need to know about Narenda Modi’s new chief economic advisor

12/9/2018 - Valued at over $1.2 billion, Toss is Korea’s first fintech unicorn

12/9/2018 - Brexit ruling, White House drama, new species

12/9/2018 - Apple’s squid emoji had something stuck to its face for two years and no one said anything

12/9/2018 - The UK just banned the NHS from buying any more fax machines

12/9/2018 - Amazon and Microsoft claim AI can read human emotions. Experts say the science is shaky

12/9/2018 - Researchers are keeping a cave’s location secret to thwart Instagram tourists

12/9/2018 - Researchers are ready to test pig skin transplants on humans for the first time

12/9/2018 - The US is trying to take away Miranda Kerr’s piano

12/9/2018 - Scientists used Google searches to predict heroin overdoses

12/9/2018 - Robert de Niro’s awkward Mueller SNL cold-open captures the real Russia investigation

12/9/2018 - Dutch hospitals don’t trust US “body brokers” anymore

12/9/2018 - A former symbol of Silicon Valley’s “crush it” culture now regrets working so much

12/9/2018 - Make and freeze a season’s worth of holiday cookie dough in an afternoon

12/9/2018 - The US plans to stop releasing its most detailed census data

12/9/2018 - What happens if your Uber driver takes a different route than promised?

12/9/2018 - If Sheryl Sandberg was on a pedestal, it’s because we placed her there

12/9/2018 - One of America’s greatest industrial designers cites the plastic trash can as his best work

12/9/2018 - The equipment to make a perfect cup of coffee for every type of coffee-drinker

12/9/2018 - Meditation is the fastest growing wellness activity in the US

12/9/2018 - Counting Africa’s middle class, Ethiopian Airlines’ MBA, your expensive smartphone

12/8/2018 - The man supposed to impose order in Trump’s White House has been sent packing

12/8/2018 - The US stock market is in a “death cross” pattern, which sounds pretty scary

12/8/2018 - Air pollution in India caused 1.2 million deaths last year

12/8/2018 - Art Basel’s buzziest exhibit makes fun of global despots

12/8/2018 - Workplace equality requires we stop thinking dads’ duties are temporary but moms’ are forever

12/8/2018 - Trump reserved some particularly undiplomatic insults for his former top diplomat

12/8/2018 - What really powers your smartphone and electric car

12/8/2018 - Art Basel is the art world’s excuse to sit in silly chairs

12/8/2018 - Crying at work

12/8/2018 - Crying at work

12/8/2018 - Kevin Hart’s past homophobic comments are a problem for brand partners like Nike too

12/8/2018 - Since nobody else wants them, Facebook is buying back its own shares by the billions

12/8/2018 - The pivotal portrait exchange in “Mary Queen of Scots” is the Instagram of the Elizabethan Era

12/8/2018 - Norway doesn’t want to belong to a club that has post-Brexit Britain as a member

12/8/2018 - Fearing another day of violence, Paris has closed shops and is swarming with cops

12/8/2018 - Spinning spiders, leopard eels, red coral: Noteworthy new species discovered in 2018

12/8/2018 - Fanny packs are generating nearly a quarter of the US accessories industry’s growth

12/8/2018 - Americans value critical thinking but choose not to practice it

12/8/2018 - Artificial intelligence is creeping up on us—literally

12/8/2018 - Boasting about how many hours you work is a sign of failure

12/8/2018 - Scientists solved a decades-old swamp-monster mystery in Florida

12/8/2018 - Robots creeping up, play labs, crypto cruise

12/8/2018 - “I try to take their pain away through play”: A healing experiment in Rohingya refugee camps

12/8/2018 - The grim march of sparkly fast-fashion holiday party clothes is underway

12/8/2018 - The scientific case for eating bread

12/8/2018 - Crying at work

12/8/2018 - Why the ancient village square remains a central force of Igbo life

12/8/2018 - Medical science in Africa has a serious plagiarism problem

12/8/2018 - Zimbabweans are conflicted over the legacy of their liberation hero, Robert Mugabe

12/8/2018 - Robots creeping up, play labs, crypto cruise

12/8/2018 - Robots creeping up, play labs, crypto cruise

12/7/2018 - Your guide to all the redactions in this week’s Mueller filings

12/7/2018 - The five things Manafort allegedly lied about to Mueller

12/7/2018 - Michael Cohen and the damage done

12/7/2018 - Cohen broke campaign finance laws on Trump’s orders, prosecutors say

12/7/2018 - Trump and Cohen tried to meet Putin in 2015

12/7/2018 - Read why prosecutors recommend “substantial” prison time for Michael Cohen

12/7/2018 - Trump nominee William Barr pushed for the death penalty to “send a message to drug dealers”

12/7/2018 - Robots creeping up, play labs, crypto cruise

12/7/2018 - Porsche’s biggest competitive advantage over Tesla

12/7/2018 - Oil & Gas 4.0: An inside look at the oil and gas industry’s tech-driven effort to power tomorrow’s economy

12/7/2018 - Hackers will increasingly target young video game players in 2019, new report finds

12/7/2018 - Crying at work

12/7/2018 - Luxembourg just made all public transit free. It won’t be the last country to do so.

12/7/2018 - The employee experience imperative

12/7/2018 - Make work work for your employees

12/7/2018 - Who should host the Oscars instead of Kevin Hart? We have some ideas

12/7/2018 - The EPA chief’s claims about coal’s health impact contradict reports from his own agency

12/7/2018 - That’s it, we’ve done it, we’ve stuffed every sea turtle’s gut with plastic

12/7/2018 - China will make history by launching the first mission to the far side of the Moon

12/7/2018 - The maker of Marlboro cigarettes is muscling in on the marijuana market

12/7/2018 - Our conference call on trucking starts in 15 minutes

12/7/2018 - What the attack on Pearl Harbor looked like from the air and ground

12/7/2018 - Quartzy: the boot-cut edition

12/7/2018 - Quartzy: the boot-cut edition

12/7/2018 - 3 forms of play that will help your work

12/7/2018 - Meet Andrew Yang, a 2020 US presidential hopeful running against the robots

12/7/2018 - What to expect from Mueller’s sentencing recommendations for Manafort and Cohen

12/7/2018 - Harvard’s ultra-efficient HouseZero sounds like a dream office, even without an HVAC system

12/7/2018 - In a rough week for markets, today’s solid jobs report is probably too little too late

12/7/2018 - Drinking vinegars

12/7/2018 - Drinking vinegars

12/7/2018 - The inventor of the cubicle created them to give office workers a sense of freedom

12/7/2018 - A US university is buying insurance in case Chinese students stop coming

12/7/2018 - Dec. 7, 2018 could be the most chaotic day yet for the Trump White House

12/7/2018 - The best toys for young kids, according to pediatricians

12/7/2018 - Nigeria can still attract and keep the right kind of foreign investment if it takes these steps

12/7/2018 - We’re thinking about the Turing Test all wrong

12/7/2018 - What travel can teach you about management

12/7/2018 - Watch in 360-degrees: As ice disappears, luxury cruises are taking on history’s most treacherous ocean

12/7/2018 - Watch in 360-degrees: Tourists are flocking to the Arctic. Here’s what they’re going to see

12/7/2018 - Why Central Americans keep coming to the US

12/7/2018 - Michelle Obama has imposter syndrome, too—and some advice for dealing with it

12/7/2018 - Colonial and Apartheid-era laws still govern press freedom in southern Africa

12/7/2018 - What’s the best way to define Africa’s middle class?

12/7/2018 - The question actor Justin Baldoni asked himself to put his career and life back on track

12/7/2018 - This is Peter Thiel’s favorite interview question

12/7/2018 - ConsenSys shows cracks, Zcash’s potential market grows, Polychain loses a key player

12/7/2018 - Banksy would definitely hate Art Basel’s Banksy museum

12/7/2018 - The beginning of Anthony Bourdain’s TV career was a disaster

12/7/2018 - Ethiopian Airlines is starting an MBA program for young Africans

12/7/2018 - Why China’s wealthiest generation identifies with the words “dirt-poor” and “ugly”

12/7/2018 - New US UN envoy, bitcoin’s plunge, spying appliances

12/7/2018 - Meet the new Quartz Pros: John Battelle, Ryan Hoover, Israel Idonije, Ellen Stofan, and Tiffany Zhong

12/7/2018 - Japan’s immigration reforms still treat foreign workers as nothing more than cheap labor

12/7/2018 - Drinking vinegars

12/7/2018 - Anxious Indian regulator wants to train pilots for Lion Air-like emergencies

12/7/2018 - An Indian entrepreneur aims to rid Japan of paper money, then repeat the trick in the US

12/7/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: Tool kits, cheat sheets, and talking about trucks

12/7/2018 - If you know only five things about trucking, make it these five things

12/7/2018 - Keep on truckin’ with these online sources of truck info

12/7/2018 - Charted: Newspapers and TV are holding up amidst India’s digital explosion

12/7/2018 - What an Indian saw inside the Pakistan Army headquarters

12/7/2018 - Swipe Tuesdays and waving fox GIFs: How Indians used Tinder in 2018

12/7/2018 - China’s lunar voyage, Huawei’s suspicious transactions, vinegar drinks

12/7/2018 - China’s lunar voyage, Huawei’s suspicious transactions, vinegar drinks

12/7/2018 - Facebook wants to make political ads more transparent ahead of Indian elections

12/6/2018 - Leaving Andaman’s Sentinelese alone doesn’t help anyone

12/6/2018 - Comic Vir Das explains why it’s a great time to be Indian in the world

12/6/2018 - North Korea is looking to Vietnam for economic inspiration

12/6/2018 - Xbox is helping parents control how kids play Fortnite with other people

12/6/2018 - America’s trade deficit is now bigger than it’s been in 10 years

12/6/2018 - Meng bail hearing, Lyft IPO filing, banned holiday songs

12/6/2018 - Here’s the oil and gas industry’s tech-driven bid to power the 4th industrial age

12/6/2018 - Fortnite is being sued for appropriating dance moves from black artists

12/6/2018 - Drinking vinegars

12/6/2018 - Alphabet is coming for Uber

12/6/2018 - MoviePass finally launched the plan it probably should have had to begin with

12/6/2018 - Airlines are missing the point with their “millennial-themed” spinoff brands

12/6/2018 - The IRS is now…on Instagram

12/6/2018 - Should you ever “just show up” at a company where you’re trying to get a job?

12/6/2018 - “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” isn’t about rape—but the song hasn’t aged well

12/6/2018 - The new iPad Pro is a lightweight marvel

12/6/2018 - The DEA is hiding surveillance cameras in vacuum cleaners

12/6/2018 - How to compete with “big weed”

12/6/2018 - The globe’s biggest maritime shipping company is abandoning fossil fuels

12/6/2018 - Spying and propaganda are now greater challenges than terrorism, Canada’s spy chief says

12/6/2018 - All goals are self-defeating except one

12/6/2018 - “Black Panther” is the first superhero film to earn a best drama Golden Globe nomination

12/6/2018 - The world’s most expensive whisky is $50,000 a dram

12/6/2018 - Round boys were the best animal internet trend of 2018

12/6/2018 - Orchids

12/6/2018 - Orchids

12/6/2018 - There’s a new well-being app for stressed-out parents

12/6/2018 - The international project to fix Bangladesh’s garment industry may end in a whimper

12/6/2018 - The charts that show how trucking is changing

12/6/2018 - Boeing’s share price is a good gauge of the US-China trade war

12/6/2018 - A leading green activist has a message of unity for France’s yellow vests

12/6/2018 - The Huawei arrest fueled another online surge of outraged patriotism in China

12/6/2018 - The best way to get people to give to charity is to make it about them

12/6/2018 - Who says talent development has to stop when an employee moves on?

12/6/2018 - Trump’s solar tariffs haven’t stopped America’s switch to solar

12/6/2018 - Oceans are losing a football field of seagrass every 30 minutes

12/6/2018 - “Nailed It!” is the perfect antidote to the insanity of the holiday season

12/6/2018 - OPEC meets, Huawei CFO arrested, babies named Kale

12/6/2018 - Just 20 fashion companies are making almost all of the industry’s profits

12/6/2018 - Orchids

12/6/2018 - India’s least developed states are bearing the brunt of air pollution

12/6/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: Inside truckers’ trucks

12/6/2018 - How truckers make a home on the road

12/6/2018 - If your personal life has ceased to inspire you, try treating it like a startup

12/6/2018 - Africa’s fastest-growing cities are the most vulnerable to climate change globally

12/6/2018 - Zomato just placed a big bet on drones, but will they deliver?

12/6/2018 - Indian developers actually made a video game about menstruating women and angry priests

12/6/2018 - Yemen peace talks, Huawei CFO’s arrest, babies named Kale

12/6/2018 - Yemen peace talks, Huawei CFO’s arrest, babies named Kale

12/6/2018 - The US just declared war on the Chinese company it loves to hate most

12/6/2018 - India’s highest-paid female star earns less than half of what her male counterpart does

12/5/2018 - Why respecting user privacy helps tech companies in India

12/5/2018 - Six takeaways from India’s central bank policy meeting

12/5/2018 - The 2019 Pantone Color of the Year beams optimism

12/5/2018 - Les Moonves did something he might actually be punished for: lie to CBS lawyers

12/5/2018 - George W. Bush’s emotional eulogy for his father ended with words about his mother

12/5/2018 - The $4 trillion reason so many companies are rebranding for wellness

12/5/2018 - ICE got 16 times more complaints at private immigrant jails than at those it runs

12/5/2018 - Hong Kong is planning a $60 billion city in the sea nearly everyone opposes

12/5/2018 - OPEC in Vienna, self-driving taxis, energy kites

12/5/2018 - Orchids

12/5/2018 - Weird Oscars: The best hair performance in a TV show or movie of 2018

12/5/2018 - Why George W. Bush gave Michelle Obama candy during his father’s funeral

12/5/2018 - A way to produce electricity with underwater “kites” may soon take off

12/5/2018 - Everyone needs to relax about the boot-cut jean reboot

12/5/2018 - Amazon employees now earn just slightly less than US government vending machine attendants

12/5/2018 - After over 50 years of human heart transplants, we may be ready for ones from pigs

12/5/2018 - Tom Cruise’s next mission is to save us from our treacherous HDTVs

12/5/2018 - SpaceX lost a rocket booster during landing for the first time since 2016

12/5/2018 - It’s okay for men to let go of some power for the sake of equality

12/5/2018 - What Guam can teach us about rescuing a destabilized ecosystem

12/5/2018 - Global carbon emissions in 2018 are set to rise—a lot

12/5/2018 - Watch SpaceX bring research, mouse food, and some unexpected gas to the ISS

12/5/2018 - Facebook gave companies access to user data even after it said it wouldn’t

12/5/2018 - Scientists just ruled out any chance that Greenland ice melt is “normal variation”

12/5/2018 - March 2019 could usher in a total 💩storm for the global economy

12/5/2018 - A Russian city is embroiled in furious protests over philosopher Immanuel Kant

12/5/2018 - Here’s how Workplace keeps Virgin’s big, global workforce informed and connected

12/5/2018 - Virgin Atlantic’s workforce is large and global. Here’s how Workplace connects it.

12/5/2018 - Scientists are powering down the world’s largest particle collider

12/5/2018 - Human translators are the perfect microcosm of the future of work

12/5/2018 - CB radio

12/5/2018 - CB radio

12/5/2018 - Can play save the world?

12/5/2018 - Don’t let complacency derail your career

12/5/2018 - Nigeria has issued an arrest warrant for its former oil minister

12/5/2018 - More parents are naming their babies after healthy foods

12/5/2018 - The more male gorillas look after infants, the more babies they’re likely to have

12/5/2018 - The reason Trevor Noah’s grandma doesn’t watch “The Daily Show” is a classic South African problem

12/5/2018 - It’s time to fix our toxic notion of what makes a good leader

12/5/2018 - Uber has launched its first bus service in Egypt

12/5/2018 - Millennials experience work-disrupting anxiety at twice the US average rate

12/5/2018 - Alphabet’s plan to bring the internet to the world is ready for the next level

12/5/2018 - Google is testing ways to make it easier to find where TV shows and movies are streaming

12/5/2018 - Hunting for dinosaur bones in the digital age

12/5/2018 - Scientists are still debating whether drivers pass helmeted cyclists more dangerously

12/5/2018 - Bush Sr. funeral services, Flynn sentencing memo, legal snowballs

12/5/2018 - CB radio

12/5/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: Trucking’s job worries

12/5/2018 - Are trucking jobs about to drive off a cliff?

12/5/2018 - The best trucking moments in pop culture

12/5/2018 - One woman’s story reveals the human cost of climate change in Bangladesh

12/5/2018 - People who owe $15,000 in taxes won’t be able to leave China

12/5/2018 - Indian hotels are the latest to declare war on online aggregators

12/5/2018 - Startups are raising too much money, says a veteran VC investor in India

12/5/2018 - India’s most famous defaulter has made a desperate appeal to his creditors

12/5/2018 - Bush 41’s state funeral, Flynn sentencing memo, legalized snowballs

12/5/2018 - Bush 41’s state funeral, Flynn sentencing memo, legalized snowballs

12/5/2018 - India is granting more patents than before—but mostly to non-Indians

12/5/2018 - There are three men for every woman on dating apps in India

12/4/2018 - The 100 best places to work in 2019, according to Glassdoor

12/4/2018 - A sensible government knows when to back off: Raghuram Rajan

12/4/2018 - Michael Flynn’s cooperation might land him a get-out-of-jail-free card

12/4/2018 - The redactions in Michael Flynn’s sentencing memo belong in a museum

12/4/2018 - Jeff Bezos won’t return Gwyneth Paltrow’s emails asking for work advice

12/4/2018 - “Tariff Man” Trump, GOP email breach, legalized snowballs

12/4/2018 - These are Bill Gates’ favorite books of 2018

12/4/2018 - Netflix quietly dropped the “Great British Baking Show’s” holiday special and it’s a delight

12/4/2018 - In 2018, Drake rapped and the world listened

12/4/2018 - Electric scooter company Bird is being sued for trespass

12/4/2018 - CB radio

12/4/2018 - Uber drivers are getting minimum-wage protection for the very first time

12/4/2018 - Researching the start of life on Earth isn’t so different from baking cake

12/4/2018 - Saudi crown prince is guilty in Khashoggi’s murder, key Republicans say

12/4/2018 - The “Halo” TV series is cursed

12/4/2018 - The world’s best footballer showed us how to avoid a tired sexist trap

12/4/2018 - Amazon banned two deadly paint strippers while the US government dithers

12/4/2018 - Nikki Haley blasted Russia at an event sponsored by a Russia-linked oligarch

12/4/2018 - Weird Oscars: The best movie and TV stunts of 2018

12/4/2018 - Netflix’s deal to stream “Friends” reminds us that not every deal needs to be exclusive

12/4/2018 - Only 15% of the products in the Trump store are made in the US

12/4/2018 - The world’s best soccer player is no longer Ronaldo or Messi

12/4/2018 - No one can say for sure what Trump and Xi just agreed to

12/4/2018 - Near the end of her term, the world’s toughest tech regulator is moving “as fast as possible”

12/4/2018 - The UK’s Brexit app for EU citizens doesn’t work on iPhones

12/4/2018 - How to watch George H.W. Bush’s funeral services

12/4/2018 - Pets actually make great gifts—if you do it the right way

12/4/2018 - There’s a new equation for calculating what your email data is really worth

12/4/2018 - California wildfires accelerated climate change as much as a whole year of power use

12/4/2018 - Simultaneous invention

12/4/2018 - Simultaneous invention

12/4/2018 - How to chop down a Christmas tree in Europe’s most digitally progressive state

12/4/2018 - French history has never seen a protest like the yellow vest movement

12/4/2018 - Want to reinvent your career but don’t know where to start? Ask our expert

12/4/2018 - It’s about to get much more expensive to make your smartphone

12/4/2018 - Women feel better when they work with other women

12/4/2018 - China is set to overtake the US as the world’s largest fashion market in 2019

12/4/2018 - PBS and BBC are making a “Les Misérables” without all the singing

12/4/2018 - This company takes its entire staff on a month-long international retreat every year

12/4/2018 - WeWork is now an American Express business platinum cardholder perk

12/4/2018 - Qatar has a plan to bring gender equality to the Middle East—and it’s working

12/4/2018 - Netflix’s strangely specific, hidden search categories

12/4/2018 - Mining difficulty, bitcoin futures, and all about Algorand

12/4/2018 - Ethiopian Airlines will start helping Chinese travelers move easier across Africa

12/4/2018 - All the gadgets I didn’t want to give back this year

12/4/2018 - “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” is proof no one likes cryptocurrencies anymore

12/4/2018 - “God letter” auction, Quora breach, robot janitors

12/4/2018 - Veganism deserves the same protection against discrimination as religion, say philosophers

12/4/2018 - Simultaneous invention

12/4/2018 - Why Adani’s scaled-down coal mine in Australia is still a bad idea

12/4/2018 - Copy – Today in Quartz membership: Trucking from a trucker’s perspective

12/4/2018 - Want to know what’s going on in trucking? Ask a trucker.

12/4/2018 - What happens when automation takes over your job

12/4/2018 - Thermal power plants have now lost their cost advantage to renewable energy

12/4/2018 - Malaysia is seeking Interpol’s help to extradite the alleged mastermind of 1MDB

12/4/2018 - India’s biggest ever tax reform hasn’t kept its promise yet

12/4/2018 - The number of smartphone users in India will more than double in four years

12/4/2018 - Looking for a data analytics job in India? Here’s where you should be trying

12/4/2018 - Germany has caught up to Britain in European tech-worker immigration

12/4/2018 - “God letter” auction, soccer sexism, robot janitors

12/4/2018 - “God letter” auction, soccer sexism, robot janitors

12/4/2018 - Unilever bets on Horlicks to get “taller, stronger, sharper” in India

12/4/2018 - WhatsApp is now betting on Indian primetime television to fight fake news

12/4/2018 - Microsoft is on its way to bringing internet to 3 million people in rural America by 2022

12/3/2018 - Micestronauts’ moldy munchies may make module mission miss

12/3/2018 - These photographers captured beautifully candid moments between animals

12/3/2018 - The Victoria’s Secret fashion show suffered its worst ratings on record

12/3/2018 - NASA engineers are nailing the landings—and the celebrations

12/3/2018 - China-US truce confusion, two space launches, Nigerian clone denial

12/3/2018 - Paul Ryan and Nikki Haley will be honored at a gala funded by a Russia-linked oligarch

12/3/2018 - Simultaneous invention

12/3/2018 - Parents are using GPS ankle monitors to track their teenagers like criminals

12/3/2018 - Tumblr is banning porn and other adult content

12/3/2018 - There’s an AI robot sulking in the international space station

12/3/2018 - Why Teslas don’t—and can’t—have solar roofs

12/3/2018 - Calvin Klein is facing the fact that it’s a jeans-and-undies company now

12/3/2018 - SpaceX has set a new record for commercial rocket launches with 19

12/3/2018 - California cops invented a new maneuver to pull over sleeping Tesla drivers on Autopilot

12/3/2018 - A growing share of US white-collar workers’ pay comes in the form of perks

12/3/2018 - The perfect gift for a person who doesn’t want stuff

12/3/2018 - The SpaceX rocket contains the hopes and dreams of the space sector

12/3/2018 - Melinda Gates: The next Bill Gates won’t look like the last one

12/3/2018 - Netflix is finally investing in original African content

12/3/2018 - Can pay reporting help reduce the gender pay gap?

12/3/2018 - Quiz: Are you really ready to embrace the latest employee wellness trends?

12/3/2018 - Flying Trump to midterm rallies to stump for Republicans cost US taxpayers millions

12/3/2018 - Perennials, not millennials, will trigger the next wave of talent retention efforts

12/3/2018 - For this art shop in India, the offline is crucial to online

12/3/2018 - Rockin Fig is keeping the “golden years” of surfing alive

12/3/2018 - OPEC is losing one of its oldest members

12/3/2018 - Beyoncé and Jay-Z did not disappoint, but South Africa’s crime stole the show

12/3/2018 - This Chinese EV startup could end the year remarkably close to Tesla on sales in China

12/3/2018 - Global private equity managers are ready to double down on their African investments

12/3/2018 - Soyuz launch, George H.W. Bush’s legacy, hamster wheels

12/3/2018 - Japan’s word of the year is a tribute to its endearing women’s Olympic curling team

12/3/2018 - With a dozen elections in 2019, African democracy will face some of its biggest tests

12/3/2018 - In the age of Twitter politics, Gandhi is more relevant than ever

12/3/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: Let’s get truckin’

12/3/2018 - Trucking remade the world. Now the world is remaking trucking

12/3/2018 - Nigeria’s president denies he’s dead and has been replaced by an imposter

12/3/2018 - How Gaana is winning India’s streaming war with Punjabi music and podcasts

12/3/2018 - How to negotiate—and other business lessons from Indian sex workers

12/3/2018 - Online gaming—and wagering on it—is a booming market in India

12/3/2018 - Soyuz launch, RIP Bush 41, hamster wheels

12/3/2018 - Soyuz launch, RIP Bush 41, hamster wheels

12/3/2018 - Kenya’s M-Pesa mobile money service now works with China’s WeChat Pay

12/3/2018 - Debt funding is a way out for Indian founders wary of losing control of their startups

12/2/2018 - Controversy swirls around the group that backed a missionary’s fatal trip to Andaman

12/2/2018 - Indian parents are fighting for the right to breastfeed in public places

12/2/2018 - Budget alternatives to the $900 sex bench

12/2/2018 - Climate conference, Soyuz launch, ancient toiletry organizer

12/2/2018 - Actress Jameela Jamil says airbrushing has been “weaponized” against women

12/2/2018 - Roast a chicken every week—or just get a rotisserie bird—and win dinner

12/2/2018 - Michelle Obama on leaning in: “That shit doesn’t work all the time”

12/2/2018 - This year’s truffle abundance is reminder that fungus lives by its own rules

12/2/2018 - US agents lured a teen near the White House to sell drugs so George H.W. Bush could make a point

12/2/2018 - How to watch the Expedition 58 Soyuz rocket launch

12/2/2018 - This Brexit dating show is everything America needs right now

12/2/2018 - What the largest sex-furniture manufacturer in the US can teach America about trade

12/2/2018 - Germany’s rocky year has been great for its Green Party

12/2/2018 - Returning Benin’s bronzes, designing an ‘African’ phone, home-brewed coffee culture

12/1/2018 - The G20 communique’s most jarring sections, courtesy Trump

12/1/2018 - Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” is 2018’s bestselling book after only 15 days

12/1/2018 - Donald Trump railed against George H.W. Bush’s “kinder, gentler America” as early as 1990

12/1/2018 - The argument against keeping a food journal this holiday season

12/1/2018 - Graphic designers have reinvented the AIDS ribbon to fight HIV stigma in Russia

12/1/2018 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won a prestigious science-fair prize for research involving free radicals

12/1/2018 - Ariana Grande sends a message to Donald Trump in her epic “Thank U, Next” video

12/1/2018 - George H. W. Bush’s letters show his “kinder, gentler” side

12/1/2018 - Russian hackers allegedly attacked Germany and the US on the same day

12/1/2018 - Hamsters

12/1/2018 - Hamsters

12/1/2018 - Read Michael Cohen’s legal plea to avoid jail time

12/1/2018 - Even the founder of the #MeToo movement is feeling numb—that’s why her TED talk is so important

12/1/2018 - Weekend edition—Modern monopolies, gene-edited babies, divorce parties

12/1/2018 - Every nominee for the Literary Review’s worst-erotic-writing award is a man

12/1/2018 - Travelers often say they want to “live like a local,” but they rarely mean it

12/1/2018 - Why a paper birthday calendar is so much better than a Facebook reminder

12/1/2018 - In the age of Amazon, it’s time to forget what we know about monopolies

12/1/2018 - Hamsters

12/1/2018 - Weekend edition—Modern monopolies, gene-edited babies, divorce parties

12/1/2018 - Weekend edition—Modern monopolies, gene-edited babies, divorce parties