1/31/2016 - Nearly one million investors may have been fleeced in China’s latest Ponzi scheme

1/31/2016 - South Korea’s exports dropped the most since the global recession

1/31/2016 - A masked mob beat refugee children in Stockholm

1/31/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Iowa caucuses, Boko Haram attacks, child prodigy failings

1/31/2016 - More bad news for El Chapo and his Sinaloa drug cartel

1/31/2016 - Sesame Street, now on HBO, continues a great tradition of brilliant television parodies

1/31/2016 - Mixed emotions are a sign of complexity rather than indecision

1/31/2016 - Alphabet is within a hair of dethroning Apple as the world’s most valuable company

1/31/2016 - In a world with no antibiotics, how did doctors treat infections?

1/31/2016 - Wearing a bike helmet may make you more likely to take risks and get into accidents

1/31/2016 - It may not feel like it, but US airline fees are actually leveling out

1/31/2016 - The climate-change refugee crisis is only just beginning

1/31/2016 - Hallucinogenic mushrooms might be to blame for crazy coyote behavior in California

1/31/2016 - Is inequality inevitable in human society?

1/31/2016 - How to get your MFA without going $100,000 in debt

1/31/2016 - “Ask strangers”: Concrete advice that will help you figure out what to do with your life

1/31/2016 - There’s a nostalgia-driven underground market for hip-hop’s favorite Girbaud jeans

1/31/2016 - If my doctor had ignored my intuition about my pregnancy, I’d be dead

1/31/2016 - Is it possible to have a fulfilling life based entirely online?

1/31/2016 - Our ancestors helped eat a 500-pound bird into extinction

1/31/2016 - Coldplay goes off tune with its cliched weekend hymn for India—but it’s not the only one

1/30/2016 - Police in Disneyland’s hometown have amassed a cache of military-grade cell phone-spying devices

1/30/2016 - NASA is giving in-person, behind-the-scenes tours to select social media space superfans

1/30/2016 - Psychologists have found that a spiritual outlook makes humans more resilient to trauma

1/30/2016 - Donald Trump’s tantrums drive web traffic—helping him game the entire American media

1/30/2016 - Audio cassettes are back—because hipsters

1/30/2016 - Researchers say risk takers never really change, even as they age

1/30/2016 - The US government’s decision to scrub Clearview font from highway signs really frustrated its designers

1/30/2016 - Zika is just one flight away from these 57 countries

1/30/2016 - We’ll never learn more about space unless we build a starship

1/30/2016 - The next generation of journalism students has no idea what they’re getting into

1/30/2016 - Science will help you truly relax and combat the physiological effects of stress

1/30/2016 - This woman is more likely to die from cancer because she’s mixed race

1/30/2016 - You can refreeze meat, but never wash it: Five food myths debunked

1/30/2016 - There’s no vaccine for Zika virus, but there is a way to fight the fear

1/29/2016 - Weekend edition—Zika in perspective, helicopters of Davos, Levi’s and heroin

1/29/2016 - Amazon just joined the $100 billion club

1/29/2016 - The 10 most important economic charts of the week

1/29/2016 - Apple’s iPhone upgrade program is off to a slow start, but the real test is in September

1/29/2016 - Microsoft co-founder and marine conservationist Paul Allen’s yacht destroyed 80% of a coral reef

1/29/2016 - Apple is reportedly developing an iPhone that charges wirelessly

1/29/2016 - A picture book for parents who want to help their kids get into Harvard

1/29/2016 - Vanguard’s outlook for global stocks and bonds is the most guarded since 2006

1/29/2016 - Bernie Sanders’ campaign is getting nailed for some unethical shenanigans

1/29/2016 - Instagram has a hidden feature that turns your photos into amazing ASCII art

1/29/2016 - Investment in the US oil industry hasn’t been this weak in decades

1/29/2016 - The three worst foreign-policy proposals from last night’s GOP debate

1/29/2016 - “We cannot talk about it”: Factory workers for major fashion labels live confined by guards

1/29/2016 - Wealthy alumni won the battle to keep Oxford’s Cecil Rhodes statue

1/29/2016 - New allegations of child abuse by European troops in Central African Rep have come to light

1/29/2016 - Video: Octopuses go technicolor during fights to mark different moods

1/29/2016 - A remarkable amount of Germans want Angela Merkel to step down over her refugee policies

1/29/2016 - The financially smart, feminist “fuck-off fund”

1/29/2016 - There are hundreds of positive emotions that have no direct English translation

1/29/2016 - The delicious next step in McDonald’s all-day breakfast

1/29/2016 - Pepsi is opening a baffling new restaurant in New York City

1/29/2016 - Bernie Sanders is skipping a New Hampshire debate for the same reason as Trump: He’s winning

1/29/2016 - A dean from MIT is starting a radical new university with no majors, lectures, or classrooms

1/29/2016 - Y chromosomes may be the traditional definition of manhood, but researchers just showed that mice can father babies without them

1/29/2016 - Meet the lumpsucker, the adorable fish revolutionizing salmon farming

1/29/2016 - Self-flying drones might not be as close as Amazon says they are

1/29/2016 - Here’s what Kenya and Nigeria should have learned from each other this week

1/29/2016 - How much money did you make for Facebook last year?

1/29/2016 - Nearly all of our medical research is wrong

1/29/2016 - There’s a lot we’re not learning when we try to learn online

1/29/2016 - The Ivy league want students who’ve had meaningful experiences, not just achievements

1/29/2016 - Are an obscure group of bureaucrats in Europe about to break the internet as we know it?

1/29/2016 - The one trait that may make us more likely to get over romantic failures

1/29/2016 - A key part of your personality can be determined as young as 4 months old

1/29/2016 - The educational strategy that’s turning students into unimaginative robots

1/29/2016 - The secret world of membership libraries

1/29/2016 - Suspected mass graves have been found near Burundi’s capital

1/29/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—A Trump-less debate, Japanese rates go negative, goodbye BRICs, hello TICS

1/29/2016 - These weird hacks will guarantee that you sleep well on a plane

1/29/2016 - John Kerry: Countries without free speech have nothing to brag about, or teach the world

1/29/2016 - Humans have made so much plastic it will probably show up in future fossils

1/29/2016 - Japan’s central bank set interest rates below zero for the first time ever

1/29/2016 - Incredible 19th century portraits of India’s ancient tribes

1/29/2016 - Nigeria’s ex-president Jonathan is finally pushing back at claims of corruption

1/29/2016 - Amid global Zika fears, how India is winning against some neglected tropical diseases

1/29/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—A Trump-less debate, Amazon’s earnings miss, obesity switch

1/29/2016 - The big daddy of India’s food tech startups has some lessons for a troubled industry

1/29/2016 - Trump asked for $5 million to appear in the GOP debate, Fox News says

1/29/2016 - A Trump-free debate reveals a Republican party trying to be as nuts as he is

1/28/2016 - How Malaysia’s prime minister has stifled critics, opponents, and the press

1/28/2016 - The rising chorus from India’s women: You can’t bar us from our temples or shrines anymore

1/28/2016 - Meet the small-town mayor risking her life to fight for peace in rural Philippines

1/28/2016 - The world’s first driverless bus is here, but it can only travel 200 yards

1/28/2016 - Amazon’s biggest profit ever is not big enough

1/28/2016 - Amazon Web Services is now an $8 billion-a-year cloud-computing machine

1/28/2016 - Democrats want to ruin America’s national parks with Wi-Fi

1/28/2016 - Curvy, petite, and tall Barbies will do nothing to empower our girls

1/28/2016 - A man was arrested carrying guns at Disneyland Paris

1/28/2016 - Sweden’s new social experiment encourages citizens to share clothes with each other

1/28/2016 - Interactive: The top 10 causes of workplace injuries

1/28/2016 - Facebook hints at how it could become a big player in the ride-sharing business

1/28/2016 - Apple’s supposed small, new iPhone is a smart idea—mostly because of its price

1/28/2016 - Only half of Americans say they are better off now than they were eight years ago

1/28/2016 - While business and politics are ruled by straight white men, book publishing is run by straight white women

1/28/2016 - A mysterious illness forced an American Airlines flight to turn around and land in London

1/28/2016 - Open carry doesn’t increase public safety—it’s like “flashing around a diamond ring”

1/28/2016 - Believe it or not, oil is back in a bull market

1/28/2016 - When Google increased paid maternity leave, the rate at which new mothers quit dropped 50%

1/28/2016 - Watch Stephen Hawking call Paul Rudd a nerd in this mythic game of “quantum chess”

1/28/2016 - Researchers have established a worrisome link between social media usage and sleep

1/28/2016 - 15 uses in four minutes: This Japanese video celebrates the simple genius of binder clips

1/28/2016 - Corruption remains a huge challenge for African economies

1/28/2016 - An infectious disease expert breaks down Zika’s threat to pregnant women in the US

1/28/2016 - Mattel has finally released a “curvy” Barbie

1/28/2016 - 30 years ago, NASA lost 7 astronauts in the Challenger explosion. Here’s how it moved forward.

1/28/2016 - Waiting for Amazon: Nigeria’s e-commerce sector is getting a big shake-up

1/28/2016 - Adidas is launching a sneaker engineered specifically for female runners

1/28/2016 - This mathematical formula shows why large-scale conspiracies are quickly exposed

1/28/2016 - The way Reagan talked about immigration is shocking compared to today’s leading GOP candidates

1/28/2016 - The World Health Organization is alarmed about the “explosive” spread of the Zika virus

1/28/2016 - Disregard a terribly common bit of advice about your 401(k)

1/28/2016 - The real reason why Facebook is supplementing the “like” button with emojis

1/28/2016 - The US political poetry generator

1/28/2016 - Donald Trump wants to replace Obamacare with an even further left-wing health care policy

1/28/2016 - Sweden was the most liberal country towards asylum seekers—until now

1/28/2016 - I gave up dieting and learned to truly live again

1/28/2016 - It’s time to stop segregating Oscar nominees by gender

1/28/2016 - There’s an alarming difference between the way adults and children react to junk food commercials

1/28/2016 - Having a newborn is hell—but new research shows that it gets worse

1/28/2016 - Weed is making the beer industry paranoid

1/28/2016 - Iowa and New Hampshire wield too much influence. The US needs a national primary

1/28/2016 - US students are missing out on billions in federal grants because they’re screwing up the forms

1/28/2016 - We’ve hit a 10-year low in civilian freedom around the world

1/28/2016 - The booming cost of US housing has made government assistance programs useless

1/28/2016 - A simple, five-minute test could make earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer’s possible

1/28/2016 - America might be a happier place if it was governed by ballot initiatives

1/28/2016 - You may be a great employee, but are you irreplaceable?

1/28/2016 - The typical CEO of a large US company gets these cushy perks

1/28/2016 - The world’s most cutting-edge renewable tech is powering rural Africa

1/28/2016 - How to rid your Facebook feed of all those terrible viral news stories

1/28/2016 - El Chapo’s family has registered a trademark for El Chapo-branded Christmas-tree ornaments

1/28/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Alibaba’s earnings, Google’s tax bill, David Bowie giraffe

1/28/2016 - A NASA astronaut on what it’s like to return to Earth after living in space

1/28/2016 - Researchers have isolated exactly how to make conflict in relationships healthy

1/28/2016 - A long-lost book by Beatrix Potter is a bestseller nine months before its release

1/28/2016 - China’s top bankers who “disappeared,” were detained, or died unnaturally in the past year

1/28/2016 - Will India’s experiment with smart cities tackle poverty—or make it worse?

1/28/2016 - Apple is suddenly taking India seriously—and it has nothing to do with pleasing Indian fanboys

1/28/2016 - Why India is such a terrible place for innovation

1/28/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—US Fed optimism, Facebook’s big quarter, David Bowie giraffe

1/28/2016 - Coming soon: A motorcycle made with steel from India’s most iconic naval ship, INS Vikrant

1/28/2016 - North Korea appears to be gearing up for a long-range-missile test

1/28/2016 - Hey world leaders: Saudi Arabia will pay you over $600 million to resist the Muslim Brotherhood

1/27/2016 - eBay is a sad husk of a company without PayPal

1/27/2016 - Boeing is in a transitional phase, but investors didn’t cut it any slack today

1/27/2016 - Facebook has created a $13 billion mobile-ad business in four years

1/27/2016 - “If Bernie wins I’m gonna dieeeee”: Watch Mike Huckabee’s deranged Adele cover

1/27/2016 - Activists say Yahoo Japan is complicit in the illicit ivory trade

1/27/2016 - I built a mobile app to help Africa’s farmers but our countries’ infrastructure must work too

1/27/2016 - Less than 1% of US universities netted nearly 30% of the money raised by schools in 2015

1/27/2016 - Google’s AI just cracked the game that supposedly no computer could beat

1/27/2016 - Netflix’s lineup of original shows is kind of confusing—and that’s the point

1/27/2016 - Fur is getting more manly

1/27/2016 - About half of the university graduates in Nigeria cannot find jobs

1/27/2016 - Here’s how UK film censors rated a 10-hour film of paint drying

1/27/2016 - Americans may love “natural” food, but most have no idea what it is

1/27/2016 - Literally zero men showed up to work at the US Senate floor after the blizzard

1/27/2016 - Apple’s Tim Cook sounds incredibly depressed about the global economy

1/27/2016 - Zika: What is it and should you be worried about it?

1/27/2016 - Economists are figuring out how to get kids to actually eat those healthy school lunches

1/27/2016 - Millennials keep trying to explain music festivals to me, and other Gen X gripes

1/27/2016 - Mexico is having the grown-up conversation about marijuana that every country should have

1/27/2016 - Amazon is teasing its first-ever Super Bowl ad

1/27/2016 - “Please stop” with Times New Roman: Graphic design rules for everyone, from an unlikely expert

1/27/2016 - Cybercrime is booming and the Internet of Things will just make things worse

1/27/2016 - The case for disarming America’s police force

1/27/2016 - Trump’s walkout from the Fox News debate isn’t just a tantrum—it’s calculated chaos

1/27/2016 - There’s a simple way to be an eco-conscious consumer: just buy less stuff

1/27/2016 - The biggest threat to Uber’s business is no longer a problem for Lyft

1/27/2016 - Is this high school? The angsty cliques making Syria’s peace talks a nightmare

1/27/2016 - 77 hours of confusion, 14 minutes of joy: A neuroscientist quantifies the mundane beauty of our lives

1/27/2016 - These 4D-printed, shape-shifting flowers might one day save your life

1/27/2016 - These are the books students at the top US colleges are required to read

1/27/2016 - The science behind why so many athletes choke

1/27/2016 - Uber’s former head of growth on the early days, surge pricing, and on-demand ice cream

1/27/2016 - Kids were spoiled long before they all got trophies for just showing up

1/27/2016 - Japan’s innovative solution to its energy and space crisis: The world’s largest floating solar power plant

1/27/2016 - Microsoft is (finally) making a change to its research team to function more like Google and Facebook

1/27/2016 - We now know what percentage of Apple customers have opted to stick with smaller iPhones

1/27/2016 - Apple is preparing for a future where individual iPhone sales don’t matter

1/27/2016 - A white British man will play Michael Jackson in an upcoming road trip movie

1/27/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Oregon militia shootout, Facebook reports earnings, Israeli spying vultures

1/27/2016 - Europe’s most accident-prone bank can’t pick itself off the ground

1/27/2016 - Behavioral research illuminates the very human heart of when, why, and how we fail

1/27/2016 - The man killed in an FBI shootout in Oregon was a rancher and foster parent to 50 boys

1/27/2016 - We should teach parents how babies develop, instead of preaching our favorite parenting styles

1/27/2016 - Stop chasing France’s Rafale: India’s air warriors can’t fly on foreign wings forever

1/27/2016 - Saudi Arabia plans to diversify from oil. That hasn’t gone so well in Brunei

1/27/2016 - “We destroyed those innocent lives”: In a global first, Sri Lanka ceremonially demolishes and apologizes for its ivory

1/27/2016 - Donald Trump just said something nice…about India

1/27/2016 - A top Chinese banker has killed himself amid a corruption investigation

1/27/2016 - What a “normal startup” actually needs from Narendra Modi’s Startup India Action Plan​

1/27/2016 - Swiss watch exports fell for the first time since the financial crisis

1/27/2016 - Fanya’s founder has finally been arrested, a leaked police report shows

1/27/2016 - Can the world’s biggest electricity company restart India’s nuclear power programme?

1/27/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—iPhone slowdown, Oregon militia arrest, antimicrobial beards

1/27/2016 - The man in charge of China’s deeply suspect economic data is now under investigation

1/27/2016 - How a British chocolate brand became a substitute for Indian mithai

1/26/2016 - The startup that’s making a big, expensive bet on a Super Bowl ad this year

1/26/2016 - Apple’s first-quarter earnings in charts

1/26/2016 - The handbag bubble has popped

1/26/2016 - Hess is slashing its capital spending and oil exploration budget by 40% from last year

1/26/2016 - Scientists keep the Doomsday Clock at the closest it’s been to midnight since the Cold War

1/26/2016 - An NFL player was just accepted to the math PhD program at MIT

1/26/2016 - Venmo, beloved millennial app, is finally trying to make some money

1/26/2016 - Video: A test of whether an animal’s head size correlates with intelligence finds a connection

1/26/2016 - Netflix and Amazon are outbidding all the major movie studios at Sundance

1/26/2016 - Researchers have uncovered a disturbing trend about female characters in Disney movies

1/26/2016 - Republican candidates are in deep denial over the anti-abortion activists who tried to entrap Planned Parenthood

1/26/2016 - Woody Allen’s latest young ingénue is Miley Cyrus

1/26/2016 - This startup wants to compose music for you with the help of AI

1/26/2016 - They actually passed it—so what does Denmark’s move to seize refugees’ valuables really mean?

1/26/2016 - How did it take McDonald’s so long to see that all it really needed was all-day breakfast?

1/26/2016 - Big Soda now has a planet-sized problem on its hands

1/26/2016 - A court has told American Apparel’s polarizing founder that he can’t have his company back

1/26/2016 - An 11-year-old “sick of reading about white boys and dogs” has launched her own book drive

1/26/2016 - The corporate world is losing women to the “off-balance sheet economy”

1/26/2016 - The company that Medium should acquire, or be acquired by, is…

1/26/2016 - Watching Apple’s first quarter: what products still have room to grow?

1/26/2016 - There’s now a drone racing league that feels like pod racing from Star Wars

1/26/2016 - Silicon Valley founders who grew up poor can’t shake “mindset inequality”

1/26/2016 - The friendship test: Would you tolerate your partner’s worst behaviors in your best friend?

1/26/2016 - Danes let children watch zoo animals being dissected because of one deeply held principle

1/26/2016 - Here’s the far-fetched scenario that Mike Bloomberg thinks could take him to the White House

1/26/2016 - How Elon Musk thrives with a 100 hour work week

1/26/2016 - New nuclear reactors are being built a lot more like cars

1/26/2016 - Avast, mateys: A band of pirates could oust Iceland’s conservative government

1/26/2016 - Mapped: The dizzying differences in what US states spend on higher education

1/26/2016 - The Fed must confront this inconvenient fact

1/26/2016 - Floppy disks and Windows XP: Nuclear weapons technology is hilariously out of date

1/26/2016 - Powerful people are terrible at making decisions together

1/26/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Apple meets its skeptics, more stocks turmoil, Palin “saved feminism”

1/26/2016 - Humans evolved to gossip because it’s a necessary social skill

1/26/2016 - Another badly ventilated factory making Apple products caught on fire in China

1/26/2016 - Apple’s best quarter ever is about to be overshadowed by its growth forecast

1/26/2016 - A vote will soon decide whether the last country in Western Europe that doesn’t recognize same-sex unions stays that way

1/26/2016 - War with China is inevitable if Taiwan keeps pushing for independence, a Chinese general says

1/26/2016 - Google struck a tax deal with the UK, but it’s not off the hook yet

1/26/2016 - A South African mayor is offering scholarships to girls who pass a virginity test

1/26/2016 - South Africa’s startups are turning out to be the silver lining in a struggling economy

1/26/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Apple earnings, French transport strike, Rumsfeld’s gaming app

1/26/2016 - Dozens of people are quarantined in Bangkok to prevent the spread of the deadly MERS virus

1/25/2016 - Human rights activist Peter Dahlin has been expelled from China, and is headed home to Sweden

1/25/2016 - A Texas grand jury clears Planned Parenthood, and indicts two anti-abortion activists who tried to smear the group

1/25/2016 - There’s a chance Zika could spread to every continent except Antarctica

1/25/2016 - Justin Trudeau perfectly articulates the value of diversity in childhood, not just in the workforce

1/25/2016 - Tech accelerators are bringing learning into the 21st century

1/25/2016 - This Bernie Sanders-inspired ice cream is a pint-sized metaphor for his campaign

1/25/2016 - Iowa’s economy explains the growing rift in the Republican party

1/25/2016 - While the global economy slows, Bangladesh thrives on cheap clothes

1/25/2016 - Hillary Clinton thinks black voters can save her campaign—but can she rely on them?

1/25/2016 - The Egg McMuffin has officially saved McDonald’s

1/25/2016 - A group of academics wants to nominate Greek islanders who aided refugees for the Nobel Peace Prize

1/25/2016 - Japan’s slumping trade numbers show the long reach of China’s slowdown

1/25/2016 - “No way, no how”: All the times Michael Bloomberg has refused to run for president

1/25/2016 - Noted torture enthusiast Donald Rumsfeld has made a really difficult solitaire app

1/25/2016 - Video: A physicist puts his “life on the line” for the love of science

1/25/2016 - Are you being watched right now? There’s a creepy search engine for unsecured webcams

1/25/2016 - The scary reason 1 million Americans can never see their doctors again

1/25/2016 - Spotify is adding video to try to stop you from running it in the background

1/25/2016 - Beware, Bloomberg: A short history of failed independent presidential bids

1/25/2016 - The powerful performances the Oscars overlooked

1/25/2016 - The “Netflix of Africa” is taking on Netflix in Africa

1/25/2016 - How changing your mind makes you a better leader

1/25/2016 - The political guru who got Obama elected says he knows exactly why people love Trump

1/25/2016 - Restricting Muslim travelers to the US does little to keep Americans safe

1/25/2016 - A growing internet ecosystem is breeding a radically new generation of fashion-forward men

1/25/2016 - “We shouldn’t be afraid of the word feminist”: Canada’s Justin Trudeau talks gender equality at Davos

1/25/2016 - The GOP establishment is really feeling the Bern

1/25/2016 - If you procrastinate the right way, life will be easier and more productive for future you

1/25/2016 - In Latin America, the one crucial thing that can help fight Zika is almost impossible to obtain

1/25/2016 - Kids are 3D printing their own “superhero cyborg” prosthetic arms. (Water cannons optional)

1/25/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Twitter’s shake-up, US recovers from snowstorm, are humans innately violent?

1/25/2016 - Officials in Rio confront a growing conundrum for its shantytowns: slum tourism

1/25/2016 - Kenyans are calling on the US attorney general to help unravel a billion-dollar Eurobond scandal

1/25/2016 - Bill Gates has sold a set of iconic images to a Beijing firm—including of Tiananmen in 1989

1/25/2016 - Narendra Modi hugging people

1/25/2016 - How a Muslim-Jewish romance shaped one of India’s biggest pharma firms

1/25/2016 - Photos: Amazed southern Chinese experience first snowfall ever, make teeny-tiny snowmen

1/25/2016 - One of the world’s biggest Wi-Fi projects has gone online at India’s train stations

1/25/2016 - Twitter’s top management just announced a massive exodus—on Twitter

1/25/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Twitter’s shake-up, Bloomberg for president, ethical smartphones

1/25/2016 - Why can’t we have our own IITs in Pakistan?

1/25/2016 - Amartya Sen: Never been optimistic about India. But today, I’m more pessimistic

1/25/2016 - Iran plans to boost trade with China by about 1,000% over the next 10 years

1/24/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Will Syrian talks begin?, US recovers from snowstorm, the beauty of small talk

1/24/2016 - We brought an antenna to Davos to track private air travel, and here’s what we found

1/24/2016 - This is how Brazil plans to deal with the Zika virus during the Olympics

1/24/2016 - Philosophers received $2 million to research the importance of “getting over yourself”

1/24/2016 - Sex really doesn’t sell—debunking Super Bowl advertising myths

1/24/2016 - Parenting isn’t supposed to be pleasurable—but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it

1/24/2016 - “Latchkey” kids who are left alone after school turn out just fine

1/24/2016 - A new service will go through your insane gym-membership canceling rigmarole for you—for free

1/24/2016 - Police officers are as likely to buy into psychological myths about their work as civilians

1/24/2016 - Are human beings innately violent? The oldest massacre ever discovered adds more proof

1/24/2016 - The secret history of GM’s Chinese bailout

1/23/2016 - Japan rejected 99% of the refugees who sought asylum last year

1/23/2016 - Yale psychologists have built a mathematical model for selfishness

1/23/2016 - Streaming-music listeners really don’t care about missing out on CD-like sound quality

1/23/2016 - Video: Panda Tian Tian is truly living it up in the blizzard

1/23/2016 - Oscar-winners tend to inspire one particularly powerful emotion, especially in men

1/23/2016 - The untranslatable Scandinavian words for coziness describe a very particular winter joy

1/23/2016 - So, how much better do New Yorkers actually tip for Seamless during terrible weather?

1/23/2016 - “I don’t know what to think until I write it down”: Successful people reveal their handwriting online

1/23/2016 - And back up again! Another reusable rocket first for Jeff Bezos

1/23/2016 - I’m a proud Muslim-American woman—and it’s not too late for Donald Trump to earn my vote

1/23/2016 - Photos: A woman made controversial performance art out of her popular “sexy selfies”

1/23/2016 - A new study says dogs analyze facial expressions just like humans do

1/23/2016 - Amazon’s strategy for Europe expansion includes armchair grocery shopping

1/23/2016 - There is now an app that buzzes your phone every time the police kill a person in the US

1/23/2016 - The true story behind “The Revenant” is even crazier than the movie

1/23/2016 - Davos is full of fuzzy promises, empty platitudes, and naïve fantasies—but it’s still valuable

1/23/2016 - The quest to build the world’s first ethical smartphone

1/23/2016 - This startup wants to help you get round Nigeria’s formidable business red tape

1/23/2016 - Who won Davos? Day 3: Keeping it real

1/22/2016 - Eggs, milk, and bread are the worst things to stockpile before a blizzard

1/22/2016 - Weekend edition—Defending Davos, art in storage, philanthropic power

1/22/2016 - The firestorm over the Oscars’ lack of diversity just led the Academy to make some big changes

1/22/2016 - Americans aren’t registering the drones they got for Christmas

1/22/2016 - Nine ways to make your smartphone last the whole blizzard, even if the power goes out

1/22/2016 - Emerging markets and housing on both sides of the pond: the 10 most important economic charts of the week

1/22/2016 - Shaking hands with your lawyer is not a crime, rules an Iranian judge

1/22/2016 - Oil is having a dead-cat bounce

1/22/2016 - Fashion’s new obsession is clownishly long sleeves

1/22/2016 - A video game-maker that promises to treat ADHD just won $30 million in funding

1/22/2016 - The male business leaders at Davos who committed to gender equality

1/22/2016 - Airbnb is cutting deeper into the heart of the hotel business

1/22/2016 - Facebook is giving users a new way to access it on the “dark web”

1/22/2016 - Don’t believe the hype—polling in Iowa is “notoriously terrible”

1/22/2016 - Amnesty International: Kurdish forces in Iraq should be investigated for war crimes

1/22/2016 - Dream job alert: Legoland is hiring model builders

1/22/2016 - “I feel bad”—The mayor of Boston is really worried about Washington DC’s snow skills

1/22/2016 - These are the 10 most popular Vines of the past year

1/22/2016 - The rapidly spreading Zika virus has now been linked to another life-threatening disease

1/22/2016 - The unprecedented advice to avoid that “baby-brain shrinking” virus: Don’t get pregnant

1/22/2016 - The UK tells migrants to take an English test, but misspells “language”

1/22/2016 - The next generation of drones is actually living up to the hype

1/22/2016 - Politicians insist that making pork mandatory in Danish city’s schools is not “harassment of Muslims”

1/22/2016 - Xi Jinping wants a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital

1/22/2016 - Gloria Steinem solves a key parenting issue in under 100 words

1/22/2016 - Interactive: World of Work

1/22/2016 - At work as at home, men reap the benefits of women’s “invisible labor”

1/22/2016 - This is another bad sign for Africa’s economies

1/22/2016 - We could all learn a lot about success from ultramarathoners

1/22/2016 - Mexico City is attempting to map its more than 1,000 unwieldy bus routes with a crowdsourcing app

1/22/2016 - Sleep tech could set off a biological class war

1/22/2016 - In order to change habits, you need to change how you think about yourself

1/22/2016 - This is how you play ping-pong with water in space

1/22/2016 - We built more skyscrapers in 2015 than ever before

1/22/2016 - You don’t have to go to bed super early to get a good night’s sleep

1/22/2016 - The roots of Flint’s entirely unnecessary, devastating water crisis

1/22/2016 - Land-clearing fires cost Indonesia lives and $16 billion last year—and they’re starting again

1/22/2016 - At Davos, it’s time for the big money to make a big bet on slowing climate change

1/22/2016 - Clinton and Sanders are in an ad spending war: here are the numbers

1/22/2016 - Meet the 81-year-old doctor who is bringing birth control pills to the pharmacy aisle

1/22/2016 - We’re in the middle of a massive global handbag sale

1/22/2016 - A 10-year study of executives reveals the trickiest, most impactful trait of successful leaders

1/22/2016 - Americans are trying to bring a lot more loaded guns in carry-on luggage

1/22/2016 - Is the Republican establishment finally warming to Trump?

1/22/2016 - Why the French can’t write in French using their own keyboards

1/22/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US braces for snow storm, Google’s iPhone fee, Saudi Arabia bans chess

1/22/2016 - This viral internet comedy about time travel and bisexuality has suddenly been banned in China

1/22/2016 - “I love Shrek”: The bizarre tweets of a former Northern Ireland revolutionary

1/22/2016 - These Japanese pop songs will replace departure jingles on Tokyo subways

1/22/2016 - Another Chinese national has gone missing in Thailand

1/22/2016 - This startup wants Indian women to think that gold jewellery and jeans go together

1/22/2016 - Social spending: Small is beautiful in India Inc.

1/22/2016 - Who won Davos? Day 2: An ever-closer union

1/22/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Starbucks disappoints, Google’s iPhone fee, flytrap escapes

1/22/2016 - A major Kenyan newspaper has fired an editor over an editorial, throwing press freedom into question

1/22/2016 - Inside India’s elite kitty parties

1/22/2016 - Will urban India choose Netflix over English film and entertainment TV channels?

1/22/2016 - The US government recommends hoverboard users keep a fire extinguisher nearby

1/21/2016 - Charted: China’s rapidly shrinking working-age population

1/21/2016 - Interactive graphic: Countries progressing towards gender parity

1/21/2016 - Masculinity and privilege are killing older white men—no, really

1/21/2016 - Apple generated more iPhone revenue in one quarter than Android reportedly has in its lifetime

1/21/2016 - An NFL team just hired the first full-time female coach in league history

1/21/2016 - George Soros says Trump and Cruz are “doing the work of ISIS”

1/21/2016 - “There’s no explaining away personal responsibility”—Veterans aren’t buying Palin’s PTSD theories

1/21/2016 - Programmers and artists are fighting ISIL’s destruction with 3D printers

1/21/2016 - After a second year of #OscarsSoWhite, the Academy is mulling a few tweaks

1/21/2016 - Watch a scene from the film that reimagines Barack and Michelle Obama’s “epic” first date

1/21/2016 - Turns out the answer to helping end energy poverty could be ready at the drop of a weight

1/21/2016 - Photos: Anyone in the world can be Frida Kahlo

1/21/2016 - Oil is dragging the Russian ruble to depths unknown

1/21/2016 - Americans are applying for student debt forgiveness from the government on the basis of “fraud”

1/21/2016 - General Motors can’t beat the Uber economy, so it’s joining instead

1/21/2016 - Donald Trump’s rivals are losing because they don’t have the guts to criticize his rabid fans

1/21/2016 - How do astronauts grow plants in space?

1/21/2016 - Woody Guthrie really did not like Donald Trump’s racist dad

1/21/2016 - The world’s most important chart

1/21/2016 - China’s spending on high-end stuff is in decline

1/21/2016 - By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea

1/21/2016 - Yes, violent crimes rose last year in the US, but that doesn’t mean there’s a crime wave

1/21/2016 - South Africa likely just gave the rhino its death sentence

1/21/2016 - What is polonium, the rare chemical Russia allegedly used to murder Alexander Litvinenko

1/21/2016 - Exclusive: Listen to Studs Terkel, father of podcast, interview design legend George Nakashima

1/21/2016 - An African female soccer legend is helping to coach Afghan migrant boys in Sweden

1/21/2016 - China’s overseas students are dumping yuan to hedge against tuition hikes

1/21/2016 - I engineered my career to give me the adventurous life I always wanted

1/21/2016 - Photos: What everyone’s really saying at Davos, in body language

1/21/2016 - The irony is strong with this one: Darth Vader-branded baby clothes are recalled for a choking hazard

1/21/2016 - Alphabet is within arm’s reach of overtaking Apple as the world’s most valuable company

1/21/2016 - Apple is unlocking a big new revenue stream in China

1/21/2016 - Managers are baffled about how to handle their robot underlings

1/21/2016 - Report from Davos: “Men still run the world—and it’s not going that well”

1/21/2016 - A Square executive’s simple formula for making tough decisions

1/21/2016 - Amazon says its delivery drones will act more like horses than cars

1/21/2016 - Could a single billionaire lift an entire country out of poverty?

1/21/2016 - In one sentence, Obama explained all laws that treat women unfairly

1/21/2016 - Uber pulled off a spectacular political coup and hardly anyone noticed

1/21/2016 - 2016 will bring a world of worry in Saudi Arabia, and not much calm elsewhere, either

1/21/2016 - A super PAC undermined a key Jeb Bush campaign promise in an attempt to be high tech

1/21/2016 - Europe wants to build a village on the moon

1/21/2016 - Putin is accused of personally ordering the 2006 murder of an ex-KGB spy in London

1/21/2016 - Watch: Quartz talks with world leaders, CEOs, and a Nobel prize winner on how to reboot global growth at Davos

1/21/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Putin “ordered” London execution, Foxconn eyes Sharp, sarcasm detectors? Yeah, right

1/21/2016 - Thomas Piketty just can’t understand India’s strange secrecy over income tax data

1/21/2016 - Myanmar’s arrest of a Saffron Revolution leader shows the bad old days aren’t quite over

1/21/2016 - Japan’s latest attempt to get more women into the workplace is this all-male panel

1/21/2016 - The 27 CEOs who are conspicuously absent from Davos

1/21/2016 - There really is no such thing as speed reading

1/21/2016 - Some Indian men are running marathons dressed as ATM machines

1/21/2016 - Foxconn’s $5.1 billion bid for Sharp could be good for Apple, too

1/21/2016 - Freecharge wants every Indian to accept e-payments in two years

1/21/2016 - Who won Davos? Day 1: O Canada!

1/21/2016 - Don’t underestimate the power of Africa’s informal sector in a global economy

1/21/2016 - A wave of campus mutinies shatters Modi’s deal with India’s youth

1/21/2016 - How severe is Africa’s brain drain?

1/21/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Foxconn eyes Sharp, Starbucks earnings, sarcasm detectors

1/21/2016 - Want to be a millionaire in India? Move to Mumbai or Delhi

1/20/2016 - Why a washed-up pop star is suddenly the most hated man in Taiwan

1/20/2016 - An army of Chinese trolls has jumped the Great Firewall to attack Taiwanese independence on Facebook

1/20/2016 - A North Korean defector returns home and tearfully rips up her own memoir

1/20/2016 - Europe is lagging the US in innovation, but that’s about to change

1/20/2016 - Thanks for mutton, New Zealand: Your fatty meat products are making Tonga obese

1/20/2016 - An anti-refugee bill stalls out in the US Senate, thanks in part to Donald Trump

1/20/2016 - Here’s what happened Wednesday at Davos

1/20/2016 - The race is on to catch the first glimpse of Planet Nine—and no, it’s not Pluto

1/20/2016 - The Metropolitan Museum of Art confirms: The selfie really is a form of art

1/20/2016 - Millions of voices suddenly cry out in terror: Star Wars Episode VIII has been pushed back

1/20/2016 - Unilever’s answer to the global mayonnaise malaise: A squeeze bottle

1/20/2016 - Sarah Palin’s crazy logic: Her son’s arrest is Obama’s fault

1/20/2016 - Presenting the Progress Makers

1/20/2016 - “It’s between me and Allah!”: Queer Muslims explain how they reconcile faith with love

1/20/2016 - Apple just made it easy for anyone with an iPhone to sound like a rockstar

1/20/2016 - Researchers have developed an extremely effective “sarcasm detector”

1/20/2016 - The Trump/Palin reality show is off to a crackerjack start

1/20/2016 - Americans are living with hundreds of unseen insects in their homes

1/20/2016 - Starting today, see Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in the sky at the same time

1/20/2016 - It really is the stock market’s worst. year. ever.

1/20/2016 - HBO is cutting its own cord in Spain

1/20/2016 - Southeast Asian nations just strengthened their economic union, and it will mean big things for the region’s middle class

1/20/2016 - Justin Trudeau has to be the most optimistic man on Earth

1/20/2016 - Income inequality is the reason I’m voting for the first time—at age 57

1/20/2016 - Spy agency MI5 is the UK’s most LGBT-friendly employer

1/20/2016 - This is what a jihadist’s annual salary review looks like

1/20/2016 - US health officials are warning pregnant women to be on the alert for the Zika virus

1/20/2016 - Vogue’s beloved creative genius is stepping down—so she can work more

1/20/2016 - University cover-ups of sexual harassment are “just like the Catholic Church”

1/20/2016 - Sorry, journalists. Millennials would rather pay for Netflix than news

1/20/2016 - 2016 macroeconomic outlook

1/20/2016 - New data on why college students almost never report sexual assault

1/20/2016 - The most destructive toxic qualities of leaders across organizations

1/20/2016 - “Right wingin’/ bitter clingin’ / proud clingers”—Sarah Palin’s amazing Trump endorsement poetry

1/20/2016 - The stunning work of a young photographer who died in the Burkina Faso terror attack

1/20/2016 - A Kenyan Muslim man who refused to give up Christians to Islamist militants has died from his wounds

1/20/2016 - Kenya’s film regulator is calling Netflix a threat to the country’s national security

1/20/2016 - Brazil is fighting its biggest epidemics with weaponized mosquitoes

1/20/2016 - This is how you brew coffee in space

1/20/2016 - Turns out “sound healing” can be actually, well, healing

1/20/2016 - Ask Emily: How do I determine how much money my friends are worth?

1/20/2016 - Lord Adair Turner on the “largely fictional” world of finance

1/20/2016 - Brookstone, beloved ’90s purveyor of mall gadgets, is betting big on China

1/20/2016 - When it comes to earnings, white Americans aren’t being left behind

1/20/2016 - Israel’s defense chief says that, as neighbors go, he’d choose ISIL over the Iranians

1/20/2016 - And the award for the world’s “best country” goes to…

1/20/2016 - El Chapo was a genius at trafficking drugs—but really awkward at flirting

1/20/2016 - Museums are keeping a ton of the world’s most famous art locked away in storage

1/20/2016 - This French designer wants to make design more accessible, for adults and kids alike

1/20/2016 - The little we know about the 6,000 Academy members who vote on the Oscars tells us a lot

1/20/2016 - Dogs were probably invented in China, suggest Chinese scientists

1/20/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Pakistan school attack, Palin endorses Trump, welcome to the “manosphere”

1/20/2016 - Video: A Swedish human rights activist’s “forced confession” on Chinese national television

1/20/2016 - Facebook gets slammed for spamming India’s telecom regulator

1/20/2016 - Militants attacked a university in Pakistan, killing students and teachers

1/20/2016 - Rage at Indian universities as millennia-old wounds turn raw after Dalit student’s suicide

1/20/2016 - Google wants to write your Facebook posts for you

1/20/2016 - Nigeria’s stock market has lost nearly as much value in 2016 as it did all of last year

1/20/2016 - Who will win Davos 2016?

1/20/2016 - Tanzania’s new reform-minded government has banned a tabloid for “inflammatory” journalism

1/20/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Netflix surprises, IBM disappoints, Ziggy Stardust’s constellation

1/20/2016 - “Engineers are the best founders”: Uber’s CEO tells IIT students

1/19/2016 - India’s richest man and his company make a killing out of plummeting crude

1/19/2016 - Sarah Palin’s son was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend and possessing a gun while intoxicated

1/19/2016 - Snubbing black actors won’t do the Oscars’ TV ratings any favors

1/19/2016 - Why is it OK to have “masturbation booths” for men in the middle of Manhattan?

1/19/2016 - Infographic: Mapping growth vs. wealth distribution

1/19/2016 - Netflix is crushing it around the world, but its US growth has chilled

1/19/2016 - ISIS confirms that its executioner “Jihadi John” was killed in an airstrike

1/19/2016 - Interactive: The Way We Work

1/19/2016 - Hillary’s Clinton’s biggest problem: She won’t tell progressives what they want to hear

1/19/2016 - “Details of the reorg”

1/19/2016 - The global economy is looking worse by the day

1/19/2016 - Despite terror attacks, global tourism reached record levels last year

1/19/2016 - “Immigration, famine, pessimism”: Prada puts on an of-the-moment men’s show in Milan while Gucci stays playful

1/19/2016 - We may be running out of fish far faster than we realized

1/19/2016 - An absurd number of jobs around the world are going unfilled

1/19/2016 - Amazon is selling gadgets that can order their own refills

1/19/2016 - What’s a “wazzock”? UK lawmakers unleash some choice insults against Donald Trump

1/19/2016 - Infographic: Human vs. machine

1/19/2016 - Apple’s self-driving car program has a lot of growing up to do

1/19/2016 - For the first time, you can take an Uber to the Super Bowl

1/19/2016 - Donald Trump wants Apple to make “damn computers and things” in the US

1/19/2016 - “They find him fascinating.” Republicans think Trump has a chance with black voters

1/19/2016 - There is a powerful, science-based method to achieving meaningful goals

1/19/2016 - Even if Netflix is serious about blocking VPNs, it is unlikely to succeed

1/19/2016 - Americans need to stop feeling guilty about the pleasures of good eating

1/19/2016 - North Korea announces a new special alcohol that will not give you hangovers

1/19/2016 - Part of your Apple battery may have been mined by a child laborer in central Africa

1/19/2016 - Why Facebook still isn’t doing enough to combat hate speech in Europe

1/19/2016 - A fill-in-the-blank approach to composing original music

1/19/2016 - Stephen Hawking: Humanity will only survive by colonizing other planets

1/19/2016 - Robots can now defend themselves against our flying kicks

1/19/2016 - Decades of failing to recognize ADHD in girls has created a “lost generation” of women

1/19/2016 - Iceland could be the first country to close its gender gap completely

1/19/2016 - Why bad science won’t ever die

1/19/2016 - More than half of people can’t name a single CEO

1/19/2016 - Should universities take down statues of dead racists?

1/19/2016 - “We’ve hit peak curtains:” Even IKEA thinks everyone’s bought enough useless stuff

1/19/2016 - What you eat could be stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep

1/19/2016 - Not enough unicorns left in Silicon Valley? Skype’s founder says to try Europe

1/19/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—China’s growth slows, Twitter is down, trusting Google News

1/19/2016 - Korean Air pilots are demanding a 37% pay raise—or else they’ll fly for China

1/19/2016 - Why are there so few Dalit entrepreneurs?

1/19/2016 - An Indian male journalist couldn’t handle a leading Bollywood actor’s pornographic past

1/19/2016 - Mom’s the word: 50 things corporate India can do for new working mothers

1/19/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—China’s growth slows, Seoul sues VW, a mirror universe

1/19/2016 - Taiwan’s new vice president is a devout Catholic scientist who saved the island from SARS

1/19/2016 - India’s largest automaker finally gets a new CEO—from Airbus

1/18/2016 - China’s economy hasn’t grown this slowly since 1990

1/18/2016 - Adidas lags Nike in most markets, but is catching up in China

1/18/2016 - The award for worst branded Martin Luther King Day tweet goes to… Mast Brothers

1/18/2016 - China’s GDP, falling oil, a mirror universe

1/18/2016 - People trust Google for their news more than the actual news

1/18/2016 - WhatsApp is finally making a key move that will change how we use chat

1/18/2016 - The Burkina Faso attack shows how al-Qaeda is exploiting weak governments in West Africa

1/18/2016 - Humans aren’t the only species that trusts

1/18/2016 - It’s possible that there is a “mirror universe” where time moves backwards, say scientists

1/18/2016 - Mathematicians have found a new scientific way to ruin pizza

1/18/2016 - Martin Luther King probably would have hated what his day has come to represent

1/18/2016 - Growing the first flower ever to bloom in space was not easy

1/18/2016 - Robots, they’re just like us: Google’s bot now does mundane chores

1/18/2016 - How the job market is about to get even tougher for women

1/18/2016 - This is Bernie Sanders’s universal healthcare plan for every American

1/18/2016 - Thinking of a time you felt attractive can help you ace your next negotiation

1/18/2016 - China’s top market regulator may be resigning

1/18/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Oil keeps falling, Democrats debated, pizza-slicing mathematics

1/18/2016 - The world’s richest 62 people now have more wealth than the poorest 3.6 billion combined

1/18/2016 - A pioneer in renewable energy is inexplicably abandoning the cause

1/18/2016 - Taiwan’s newest politicians include a rock star and an aboriginal activist

1/18/2016 - Chinese citizens don’t believe Hong Kong bookseller Gui Minhai’s public confession either

1/18/2016 - Modi’s talent pool is shallow, but at least Jaitley can be replaced with Raghuram Rajan

1/18/2016 - More bang for your buck: Bollywood gets hot on dirty sex comedies

1/18/2016 - Why are shoppers being asked to buy ethically or not in the first place?

1/18/2016 - A solar-powered soccer pitch in Lagos also uses players’ footfall to keep the lights on

1/18/2016 - South Sudan’s first and only brewery is closing for good

1/18/2016 - How to explain why the South African rand keeps falling

1/18/2016 - Inside the mind of a female would-be suicide bomber in Pakistan

1/18/2016 - A fatal disease lurks in India’s air, water, and soil. But nobody knows about it

1/18/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Democrats debate, Saudi stocks plummet, pizza slicing theory

1/18/2016 - Some of the world’s best tennis players allegedly threw matches at Wimbledon

1/18/2016 - What are China’s stocks really worth? No one knows for sure

1/18/2016 - Watch: SpaceX got even closer to landing a rocket on a drone ship—but it still ended in a giant fireball

1/18/2016 - Even Chinese students can’t beat Indians at squeezing out the most from a US education

1/17/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Democrats debate, Saudi stocks plummet, pizza slicing theory

1/17/2016 - The newly gentrified “Sesame Street” is brought to you by the letters H, B, and O

1/17/2016 - Across Europe, more people are dying than being born

1/17/2016 - The legend behind “The Simpsons” and “Futurama” is in talks with Netflix for a new animated show

1/17/2016 - It’s surprisingly difficult to play guitar in space

1/17/2016 - Do impulsive people have less free will?

1/17/2016 - One of Hong Kong’s missing booksellers just reappeared to confess to an 12-year-old crime

1/17/2016 - Video: How a Nepalese man’s epic hike to check email changed an entire village

1/17/2016 - A small town in Norway has figured out a proven way to not hate winter

1/17/2016 - The more confident we are, the easier—and harder—we fall

1/17/2016 - The ability to control dreams may help us unravel the mystery of consciousness

1/17/2016 - International students, here’s what you need to know about guns in America to survive your education

1/17/2016 - The case of the missing “u”s in American English

1/17/2016 - Photos: The Nairobi slum skating club born from a flawed UN aid project

1/17/2016 - A crackdown on Hong Kong booksellers reflects the deep divides in China’s Communist Party

1/16/2016 - After 36 years, Iran and the West take the final, historic step to thaw diplomatic relations

1/16/2016 - Sean Penn on his El Chapo interview: “My article has failed”

1/16/2016 - Iran is reportedly releasing four prisoners, including Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian

1/16/2016 - Women instinctively guard their sexual partners from other women who are ovulating

1/16/2016 - Modi dazzles with promises, but is it enough to kickstart India’s startup engine?

1/16/2016 - China is no longer a complete nightmare for KFC

1/16/2016 - Nice guys don’t finish last after all, according to new research

1/16/2016 - Russian deputies want to ban public displays of affection between gay people

1/16/2016 - This self-taught artist began painting at 48 and rose to international fame just a year later

1/16/2016 - Scientists confirm that your dog knows how you’re feeling

1/16/2016 - Amazon is cutting out middlemen to stop bleeding billions in shipping costs

1/16/2016 - It’s not just you—scientists think dinosaurs also used dance moves to woo mates

1/16/2016 - Taiwan’s new president is a female academic who loves cats and supports gay rights

1/16/2016 - Indian women entrepreneurs at Startup India: Things are better, but much more needs to change

1/16/2016 - Why some Koreans make $10,000 a month to eat on camera

1/16/2016 - There may be a way to allow mass surveillance and preserve our privacy at the same time

1/16/2016 - A 16-year-old pop star was forced to apologize to China for waving Taiwan’s flag

1/15/2016 - The siege at Burkina Faso’s Hotel Splendid is over, leaving 20 dead, tens injured

1/15/2016 - Ziggy Stardust’s Big Short: How David Bowie bet against the music industry and won

1/15/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Weekend edition—Bowie’s big short, high seas armories, Bill Cosby’s enablers

1/15/2016 - Interactive graphic: How nations compete on technology, innovation, and financial development

1/15/2016 - A train station in Japan has just one young passenger

1/15/2016 - Visit the illegal-animal-smuggling morgue at the busiest port in the United States

1/15/2016 - The 10 most important economic charts of the week

1/15/2016 - Uber wins another huge political victory in New York City

1/15/2016 - The Wikipedia pages we look up most, globally

1/15/2016 - This robot suit is designed to make you feel 100 years old

1/15/2016 - You probably swapped gut microbes with everyone you’ve brushed up against on the subway

1/15/2016 - Nintendo will release its first mobile game in March and details on its new console sometime this year

1/15/2016 - The Democratic presidential hopefuls still aren’t working hard enough for black and brown votes

1/15/2016 - Photos: A hotel tracks down a lost stuffed bunny, delightfully gives it the five-star treatment

1/15/2016 - Here’s a list and map of all the Walmart store closings in the US

1/15/2016 - Global markets have had an absolutely terrible week

1/15/2016 - Hillary Clinton on #NewYorkValues: “Just this once, Trump’s right.”

1/15/2016 - More than half the plastic in the ocean comes from these five countries

1/15/2016 - BlackBerry’s “end-to-end security” didn’t do El Chapo any favors

1/15/2016 - Photos: A high-fashion collaboration between Y-3 and Virgin to outfit space tourists

1/15/2016 - Trump is caught lying about his China tariff proposal—and it would hurt his supporters the most

1/15/2016 - West Africa was only Ebola-free for about 24 hours

1/15/2016 - While Denmark waits for a proposal to pass, Switzerland is already seizing refugees’ valuables

1/15/2016 - Chipotle is closing all of its restaurants for a few hours in February to talk to its workers about food safety

1/15/2016 - Walmart’s small-shop experiment is now officially dead

1/15/2016 - Watch a dramatic spacewalk live, featuring a historic first for the UK

1/15/2016 - Corporations should listen to Leonardo DiCaprio on indigenous land rights

1/15/2016 - Florida manatees and green sea turtles are no longer near extinction

1/15/2016 - This little clip-on camera can make a list of the things you saw and heard today

1/15/2016 - Call of Duty is being sued for portraying a dead Angolan rebel leader as a murderous halfwit

1/15/2016 - It’s starting to look like international track and field might be just as corrupt as FIFA

1/15/2016 - The Mommy Wars won’t end until parents take responsibility for their own insecurities

1/15/2016 - If you are a child of the ’80s, you probably lucked into a brilliant education in David Bowie

1/15/2016 - How a group of elderly men carried out the biggest diamond heist in British history

1/15/2016 - Apple is offering free art classes in stores around the world

1/15/2016 - If you work in the “gig economy,” there’s one important benefit you’re probably overlooking

1/15/2016 - Italy: where expensive cancer drugs come with a refund if they don’t work

1/15/2016 - David Bowie’s bandmates explain just how he got them to sound like that

1/15/2016 - When Aaron Swartz met Paul Graham his life–and the entire internet–changed forever

1/15/2016 - People definitely do not think standalone ESPN is worth $20 per month

1/15/2016 - The world’s poorest households are more likely to have a mobile phone than a toilet

1/15/2016 - China just entered its third bear market in less than a year

1/15/2016 - China’s 1% owns one-third of the country’s wealth—but it is still more equal than the US

1/15/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Taiwan’s election, Volkswagen’s skidding sales, Facebook for whales

1/15/2016 - An Instagram page is changing how Muslim women in Nigeria share personal problems

1/15/2016 - Alan Rickman wasn’t one of the most iconic movie villains ever, he was several of them

1/15/2016 - The precarious state of Nigeria’s economy right now captured in two charts

1/15/2016 - Italy’s refugee centers are so awful, Doctors Without Borders pulled out in protest

1/15/2016 - In a corner of the Himalayas, India now has its first organic state

1/15/2016 - Photos: this is your food—ingredient by ingredient

1/15/2016 - Xiaomi’s phone sales in 2015 were below its lowest expectations

1/15/2016 - Will Modi’s Startup India be enough for our hungry and impatient entrepreneurs?

1/15/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—GOP debate, Taiwan elections, spermbots

1/15/2016 - Keep calm and invest in China, says the head of Southeast Asia’s biggest bank

1/15/2016 - India’s crazy housing bubble is definitely not bursting anytime soon

1/15/2016 - Ted Cruz talking smack about New York accomplished the impossible: An inspiring Donald Trump moment

1/15/2016 - Keep calm and grill satay—Indonesians react to the Jakarta terror attacks

1/14/2016 - A new generation of voters is changing Taiwan’s stodgy politics

1/14/2016 - Goldman Sachs is paying $5.1 billion to put the financial crisis behind it

1/14/2016 - Amazon is cutting the price of its Prime membership to $73 just for this weekend

1/14/2016 - Three private space companies just landed massive NASA contracts to haul cargo

1/14/2016 - The Obama administration is pledging $4 billion to put self-driving cars on US streets

1/14/2016 - A judge just dealt a bitter setback to US climate change protesters

1/14/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—A crucial GOP debate, all-white Oscar nominations, Facebook for whales

1/14/2016 - The search engine for impulsive travelers

1/14/2016 - Apple’s mostly white board says a call for diversity is “unduly burdensome and not necessary”

1/14/2016 - US-grown hemp could soon find its way into your food, clothes, and cars

1/14/2016 - Can Tumblr save Yahoo?

1/14/2016 - Black-clad vigilantes bearing the Viking flag say they’re “protecting” Finland from immigrants

1/14/2016 - One big bank thinks the global economy is about to crash. What can the world powers do to stop it?

1/14/2016 - Watch: Little girls performed an insane musical ode to Donald Trump at his rally

1/14/2016 - Best Buy’s stock price is dropping as fast as its sales

1/14/2016 - What’s the better investment: The S&P 500, gold, or an Hermès Birkin bag?

1/14/2016 - 2016’s biggest Oscar snub proves Hollywood overlords cannot deal with female sexual desire

1/14/2016 - Starbucks is bringing its Teavana brand to India

1/14/2016 - An US town just voted to keep its official seal: A white man tackling a Native American

1/14/2016 - Hate the sound of your own voice? You could be missing a shot at happiness

1/14/2016 - Ford CEO Mark Fields on self-driving cars, buying things from Amazon while we drive, and Mustangs

1/14/2016 - Germany made an app to help refugees integrate

1/14/2016 - The US had a record number of organ donations last year

1/14/2016 - Google Maps is using an autopredict feature that could change how we get directions

1/14/2016 - Survey: A majority of Americans would be OK with facial recognition security cameras at work

1/14/2016 - If you want to be a bestselling author, make an adult coloring book

1/14/2016 - Here we go again—another European automaker may have a big emissions scandal on its hands

1/14/2016 - Kenya’s ex-PM accuses US banks of helping the government steal $1 billion from the country’s first Eurobond

1/14/2016 - This is what lightning looks like from space

1/14/2016 - MTN has pulled off a small victory in its court case against Nigerian regulators

1/14/2016 - South Africa will debate how to stop WhatsApp freeloading off local networks

1/14/2016 - All the lotteries around the world that you didn’t win yesterday

1/14/2016 - An amazing Japanese “art supplies laboratory” features 4,200 jars of perfectly arranged paints

1/14/2016 - Inside the US real estate stakeout aimed at the world’s wealthiest criminals

1/14/2016 - The Oscars are so white, yet again

1/14/2016 - Video: Boeing is making concept planes with celestial interior displays

1/14/2016 - Researchers say humans have “postponed” our next ice age by at least 50,000 years

1/14/2016 - Wall Street critic Ted Cruz funded his senate campaign with a loan from Goldman Sachs

1/14/2016 - How is it possible that we’re still telling diverse stories through the white male lens?

1/14/2016 - All the tricks Mexico is trying to keep El Chapo from escaping prison yet again

1/14/2016 - A toxic chemical banned in the ’80s may drive Europe’s killer whales to extinction

1/14/2016 - Once more, Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” is a bestseller in Germany

1/14/2016 - Did “security theater” actually save a Jakarta mall from attack?

1/14/2016 - There’s a simple, scientific reason that diets almost never work

1/14/2016 - Why is it taking so long for Mexico to extradite El Chapo?

1/14/2016 - Bernie Sanders ads are killing it with Democrats and Independents

1/14/2016 - Bad diets today can alter our great-great-grandkids’ biology

1/14/2016 - A Google evangelist’s guide to finding the purpose in your career

1/14/2016 - Welcome to the age of digital repression

1/14/2016 - An American voter’s guide to the dirty truth about oil

1/14/2016 - A Spanish politician annoyed conservatives and feminists by taking her baby into parliament

1/14/2016 - India’s diaspora grows 60% in a decade to become the world’s largest

1/14/2016 - The capture of a floating armory and its crew reveals a strange industry on the high seas

1/14/2016 - A US pastor sued by Ugandan LGBT activists says he faces a “powerful” international gay network

1/14/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Jakarta under attack, Powerball lottery winners, Radiohead’s shell corporations

1/14/2016 - This Indian stock has had a 1,000-fold increase in the last 13 years

1/14/2016 - Chinese citizens are boycotting search engine Baidu—and praying for Google to come back

1/14/2016 - No matter where Netflix goes in Africa it will run into these two problems

1/14/2016 - Never mind Narendra Modi: India’s equity markets have gone back to the days of Manmohan Singh

1/14/2016 - India’s newest startup unicorn says it is more IPO-ready than competitors

1/14/2016 - Investors are dumping Nigerian stocks as sub-$30 oil looms and the naira tanks

1/14/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Attacks in Jakarta, Al Jazeera’s retreat, Radiohead shell companies

1/14/2016 - Suicide bombers attack Jakarta, and Indonesia says the Islamic State is to blame

1/14/2016 - The Hindu right is quietly funding—and lobbying—American universities

1/14/2016 - These are the Powerball winning lottery numbers for Jan. 13, 2016

1/13/2016 - Taiwan’s elections are here and China is the last thing voters care about

1/13/2016 - How to watch the $1.5 billion Powerball drawing live tonight

1/13/2016 - These photos reveal a side of Frida Kahlo you’ve never seen before

1/13/2016 - Powerball tickets are going for $3 each in China

1/13/2016 - Could Apple buy HBO parent Time Warner? Obviously. Should it? No

1/13/2016 - Beer giant AB InBev is about to bring us one of the biggest bond deals ever

1/13/2016 - GoPro proves how risky it is to invest in a fad

1/13/2016 - Even Chipotle doesn’t think it will recover from E. coli in 2016

1/13/2016 - Even Barack Obama can’t stop talking down to Africa, critics say

1/13/2016 - Politics aren’t more partisan today–we’re just fighting about more issues

1/13/2016 - “You are too bossy”: Women in tech reveal what it’s really like

1/13/2016 - The most frequently used words in every State of the Union address

1/13/2016 - A progressive Chilean architect has won the industry’s most coveted prize

1/13/2016 - A two-year search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane has turned up two ancient shipwrecks

1/13/2016 - Photos: The elderly scenesters of Chinatown

1/13/2016 - Zappos has now lost 18% of its employees to its radical buyout offer

1/13/2016 - The US picked a rotten time to start exporting crude oil

1/13/2016 - Choice quotes from a 1985 New York Times story that predicted the quick demise of the laptop

1/13/2016 - Thousands of photos offer evidence of murder by the Syrian government—but we’ve ignored them

1/13/2016 - Where in the world teachers make the most money, and the least

1/13/2016 - Michelle Obama’s State of the Union dress was a powerful political statement

1/13/2016 - Iran has freed the US sailors that were detained for entering its waters

1/13/2016 - Putin thinks being a superpower is for suckers

1/13/2016 - New ads from Equinox show gym-goers at peak absurdity

1/13/2016 - The psychological danger of laughing at offensive jokes

1/13/2016 - Officials in Kenya are fighting over what Netflix is, exactly—and how they should regulate it

1/13/2016 - Google has hired a top White House official to work on its European antitrust cases

1/13/2016 - How exactly does Elon Musk find the time to run three businesses at once?

1/13/2016 - A neuroscientist says there’s a powerful benefit to exercise that is rarely discussed

1/13/2016 - Iceman’s ancient stomach infection shows Europeans are actually recent immigrants

1/13/2016 - The best American colleges are still overwhelmingly filled with students from rich families

1/13/2016 - Academics just created a theory that explains why your favorite joke is funny

1/13/2016 - Steve Carell’s new TBS crime comedy will be binge-broadcasted for 25 commercial-free hours

1/13/2016 - Americans are working fewer hours—and it’s making income inequality worse

1/13/2016 - There’s one, universally successful strategy for motivation

1/13/2016 - Everyone should have a love affair with something nerdy–it will change your life

1/13/2016 - White supremacists say they have “unrequited love” for Donald Trump

1/13/2016 - Elon Musk can’t stop talking about Apple’s rumored electric car

1/13/2016 - Craft beer’s recent spate of lawsuits has beer drinkers hopping mad

1/13/2016 - That “baby-brain-shrinking virus” has made it to the US

1/13/2016 - Thanks to Ai Weiwei, LEGO doesn’t care if you get political with its bricks anymore

1/13/2016 - China’s markets are perilously close to falling past even last year’s low point

1/13/2016 - How to simplify your life? Use the 10-year test

1/13/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Iran frees US sailors, LA Rams return, NASA’s “planetary defense office”

1/13/2016 - JFR Jacob’s memoir: How India won the 1971 war against Pakistan

1/13/2016 - Two ex-Guantanamo prisoners who can’t go home hope to put their lives back together in Ghana

1/13/2016 - Here’s the list of everyone attending Davos

1/13/2016 - Raghuram Rajan’s no-bullshit letter on how India’s central bank must get in shape

1/13/2016 - China is planning a publication that’s digital only and in English—and state-controlled

1/13/2016 - For 100 years, a Hindu sect has used god as warpaint to battle discrimination

1/13/2016 - Obama says fighting climate change is good for business—except for the oil business

1/13/2016 - Chennai floods slam the brakes on TCS quarterly earnings

1/13/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—VW’s diplomacy, Obama’s speech, whale bombings

1/13/2016 - India will spend $1.5 billion to cut down road accident deaths by half

1/13/2016 - Chinese officials have held a Swedish human rights worker for over a week, and won’t let his government visit him

1/13/2016 - Obama taunts over-the-top Republican claims about the threat of ISIL

1/12/2016 - Obama admits the painful truth: America is more divided than when he took office

1/12/2016 - Watch: In Obama’s final State of the Union address, he made an implicit rebuttal to Donald Trump

1/12/2016 - You might want to turn off this new Twitter feature if you don’t have unlimited data

1/12/2016 - Volkswagen’s attempts to fix its diesel troubles are going terribly

1/12/2016 - YouTube’s new paid service might become Google’s big growth driver

1/12/2016 - Iran’s military has seized US Navy boats and sailors in the Persian Gulf

1/12/2016 - There’s still time for Obama to stop the student debt crisis

1/12/2016 - America’s best restaurant just got BURNT

1/12/2016 - A UK theme park is opening a ~virtual reality~ rollercoaster

1/12/2016 - A meat-loving ad mocking vegan Australians has predictably annoyed them

1/12/2016 - Now Sweden is looking at its own series of sex attacks blamed on refugees

1/12/2016 - Schools are stockpiling a chocolate milk that claims to stem damage from concussion

1/12/2016 - Companies are spending more on business travel—but not because employees are hitting the road more

1/12/2016 - Uber is getting dangerously close to undermining its own business model

1/12/2016 - The father of the Koch brothers reportedly helped build an oil refinery for the Nazis

1/12/2016 - The Playboy Mansion is being sold for $200 million, with a pretty big catch

1/12/2016 - Nigerians can finally use their bank cards outside the country again

1/12/2016 - The hair-raising GoPro footage of the raid that captured El Chapo

1/12/2016 - African startups are defying the global tech slowdown

1/12/2016 - Since so many athletes are doping, should we reset all sports records and start over?

1/12/2016 - My brush with mortality was the wake-up call I needed

1/12/2016 - A newspaper thought it was a good idea to install motion sensors at its workers’ desks

1/12/2016 - Google appears to be working on a handheld camera

1/12/2016 - The company that made co-working a lifestyle is now experimenting with co-living

1/12/2016 - A controversial American pork growth drug is center stage in an election 8,000 miles away

1/12/2016 - You can now control Sphero’s BB-8 with your mind, like you’re using the Force

1/12/2016 - From BA to beauty school: How the humanities made me a better hairdresser

1/12/2016 - Drought and unrest sparked global societal collapse in the Bronze Age. Is it happening again?

1/12/2016 - New Yorkers appear to be getting better at murder

1/12/2016 - Data confirm that podcasting in the US is a white male thing

1/12/2016 - How can you better embarrass yourself? The big questions that can guide your life’s purpose

1/12/2016 - The biggest winner from Sean Penn’s El Chapo interview

1/12/2016 - Four easy, everyday habits that will boost your creativity

1/12/2016 - “Should Paris become Pair-EE?” The American media’s pronounced struggle with foreign languages

1/12/2016 - Apple is testing multiple user accounts on iPads

1/12/2016 - Tens of thousands of doctors are going on strike in England today

1/12/2016 - Europe is slowly undoing all those cushy tax deals for multinationals

1/12/2016 - Al-Shabaab militants have been invited to play in Somalia’s premier league

1/12/2016 - Wanda’s purchase of Legendary shows how Hollywood is moving closer to China

1/12/2016 - The Stanford professor who pioneered praising kids for effort says we’ve totally missed the point

1/12/2016 - The most interesting neighborhoods in the world, according to Airbnb data

1/12/2016 - The long goodbye to Internet Explorer

1/12/2016 - What does Vladimir Putin smell like? Warm and woodsy, apparently

1/12/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Istanbul explosion, Murdoch gets engaged, Koch and the Nazis

1/12/2016 - Betting big against the yuan? Beijing will crush you

1/12/2016 - A suicide bomber in Istanbul’s tourist district has killed 10 and wounded others

1/12/2016 - A killer fungus is decimating the world’s frogs—but there might be some ways to stop it

1/12/2016 - Meet the charming, kooky predecessors to the modern keyboard

1/12/2016 - Grindr’s new owner is a 38-year-old Chinese billionaire, and he’s straight

1/12/2016 - For three decades, Danes and Canadians have been waging an epic, bloodless “whiskey war”

1/12/2016 - Another startup joins India’s unicorn club

1/12/2016 - At least 50 whales have washed ashore in India—and many could be hours from death

1/12/2016 - All the people, places, and things called the “sick man of Europe” over the past 160 years

1/12/2016 - India’s postal department gets a happy mail from online shoppers

1/12/2016 - Why this industry leader believes mobile in Africa has not yet reached its potential

1/12/2016 - How to save yourself from getting laid off from a startup

1/12/2016 - Investors are threatening to pull out of Nigeria’s fragile privatized power sector

1/12/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Myanmar tries for peace, Germany returns migrants, David Bowie soul petition

1/12/2016 - Yet another massive Ponzi scheme goes pop in India

1/11/2016 - Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall are getting married

1/11/2016 - This is what David Bowie’s death looked like to Spotify

1/11/2016 - The rand hit another record low as South Africa faces economic threats within and without

1/11/2016 - India’s love of cash has created a tricky problem for Amazon

1/11/2016 - This gorgeous series of photos from Vietnam will take 10 years to complete

1/11/2016 - This year, you’ll spend even more of Super Bowl Sunday watching ads

1/11/2016 - Harlem’s culinary history, documented

1/11/2016 - Vanguard’s economic and investment outlook

1/11/2016 - How Panama solved yet another epic transportation challenge

1/11/2016 - Iraqi Christians tell a photographer what they hope for in 2016

1/11/2016 - How perfect circles mysteriously appear on windy beaches

1/11/2016 - More details emerge about El Chapo’s capture, as Mexico prepares to extradite him to the US

1/11/2016 - In the animal kingdom, some cancers are contagious

1/11/2016 - Why one Canadian newspaper has doubled down on digital

1/11/2016 - The cunning way that hackers break so-called unbreakable encryption

1/11/2016 - David Bowie’s passionate obsession with space, in one video

1/11/2016 - Southeast Asia’s middle class is diverse, confident, and growing richer by the day

1/11/2016 - The astonishing growth of Apple Music isn’t all that it seems

1/11/2016 - Train stocks are getting crunched by a one-two commodities punch

1/11/2016 - David Bowie made it cool to look weird

1/11/2016 - Our love affair with purebred dogs has created genetically inferior animals

1/11/2016 - How David Bowie pronounced “Bowie”

1/11/2016 - The perfect David Bowie tribute is astronaut Chris Hadfield singing “Space Oddity”

1/11/2016 - The remarkable story behind David Bowie’s most iconic feature

1/11/2016 - Ringling Bros. circus is phasing out its elephants a year and a half ahead of schedule

1/11/2016 - The Golden Globes were weird and scattershot—pretty much just like today’s TV landscape

1/11/2016 - Uber might have to settle for being the Lyft of China

1/11/2016 - Celebrity endorsements have come a long way since these weird vintage ads

1/11/2016 - “Goodbye Starman”: The best tributes to David Bowie, from astronauts to cardinals

1/11/2016 - “Zero salary, 100% possibility”: You should quit your job

1/11/2016 - On the menu in Kenya: kale laced with lead and fries cooked in industrial oil

1/11/2016 - Please let the future of awards shows be hunky men and funny women

1/11/2016 - Here’s a peek inside China’s kingdom of ice

1/11/2016 - David Bowie wasn’t just an incredible artist, but a tech visionary too

1/11/2016 - America is a coffee country—does bubble tea stand a chance?

1/11/2016 - David Bowie was as innovative a financier as he was a musician

1/11/2016 - A crazy season in English soccer shines light on an overlooked idea: Value for money

1/11/2016 - The transfer value of soccer stars has risen ten-fold since 1990 and isn’t slowing down

1/11/2016 - The complete guide to meeting absolutely anyone (including Warren Buffett)

1/11/2016 - Blame your allergies on the Neanderthals, scientists say

1/11/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—David Bowie has died, “The Revenant” does well, celebrating Stalin

1/11/2016 - This solar-powered box uses human odor to lure and kill malaria infecting mosquitos

1/11/2016 - Bansal replaces Bansal as Flipkart CEO

1/11/2016 - Listen: David Bowie’s isolated vocal track from “Ziggy Stardust”

1/11/2016 - Italians pay for 80 years of war and disaster every time they fill their tanks

1/11/2016 - Dinter, bitz, and gwop: The wacky linguistics of British slang in 2016

1/11/2016 - Sean Penn is a college freshman’s Che Guevara T-shirt personified

1/11/2016 - Musician David Bowie is dead at the age of 69

1/11/2016 - There is another way for Delhi to curb its dangerous pollution levels

1/11/2016 - Dictatorship beats democracy—what China’s moviegoers are learning from Star Wars

1/11/2016 - The birth of India’s tech story: How IITs came into being

1/11/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Market pain, Hong Kong protests, dancing dinosaurs

1/11/2016 - Asian stock markets’ horrible start to 2016 is getting worse

1/10/2016 - Odd-even: How Arvind Kejriwal took everyone for a ride

1/10/2016 - Tesla’s cars can now park themselves

1/10/2016 - China’s newest investment craze is short domain names

1/10/2016 - Scientists are testing whether freeze-dried fecal pills could treat obesity

1/10/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief Asia edition—Detroit cars, Golden Globes, dancing dinosaurs

1/10/2016 - At least four are dead in an attack on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Yemen

1/10/2016 - Photos: Century-old literary magazines are innovating storytelling on Instagram

1/10/2016 - Everyone has the same personality online

1/10/2016 - A great white shark died just three days after it was put in an aquarium

1/10/2016 - Watch: This dancer turned her struggle with cancer into an amazing work of art

1/10/2016 - How South Africa should move forward after Penny Sparrow’s racist remarks

1/10/2016 - ‘Fake it ’til you make it’ is psychologically damaging

1/10/2016 - Yahoo’s plan A, B, C, D, and E for appeasing frustrated investors

1/10/2016 - How to watch the 2016 Golden Globes on TV and online

1/10/2016 - Is 2016 the year the network sitcom died?

1/10/2016 - Apple is developing wireless headphones for the iPhone 7

1/10/2016 - Scientists think “baby brain” makes women smarter and more organized, not less

1/10/2016 - MTN is doubling down on broadband in Nigeria even as its record fine looms

1/10/2016 - Artists are obsessed with this viral gif because it nails a profound truth

1/10/2016 - Philosophers want to know why physicists believe theories they can’t prove

1/10/2016 - There are a lot of ridiculous myths out there about raising bilingual kids

1/10/2016 - Before his recapture, El Chapo sat for a Rolling Stone interview with actor Sean Penn

1/9/2016 - Photos: Protesters in Kosovo have set fire to government headquarters

1/9/2016 - You probably shower way too often

1/9/2016 - The American Dialect Society has spoken: These are the words that defined 2015

1/9/2016 - The math that makes today a great day to play the lottery

1/9/2016 - As far as first impressions go, 2016 leaves a lot to be desired

1/9/2016 - Quartz Weekly Africa Brief: African superheroes, pay-as-you-go for solar, expensive soccer

1/9/2016 - Mexico’s “El Chapo” had Hollywood dreams—and they helped lead to his recapture

1/9/2016 - A new US law brands journalists and humanitarian workers as terrorist risks

1/9/2016 - It was great to be a big shot on the world stage in 2015

1/9/2016 - This delightful game lets you design wild Victorian-era hair

1/9/2016 - A worrisome number of the world’s military conflicts involve countries with nuclear capabilities

1/9/2016 - The FCC is worried about the millions of Americans who still don’t have broadband access

1/9/2016 - Is this Monet real or fake—and who gets to decide?

1/9/2016 - Law school grads can’t get jobs, and now some are suing over it

1/9/2016 - There’s a good reason Americans are horrible at science

1/9/2016 - This guy had the crazy idea of launching a start up in 30 days

1/9/2016 - Pizza boxes contain chemicals that may be worse for you than pizza

1/9/2016 - Snapchat wants to manage your money

1/9/2016 - The new US strategy to solve the ISIL puzzle is missing most of its pieces

1/9/2016 - “Our Sofa Holds Just Two” and other hot Victorian pickup lines

1/9/2016 - Why the one country that can curb North Korea won’t

1/9/2016 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Unhappy new year, economics advice, Freud’s revenge

1/9/2016 - Why can’t every day feel like a Saturday at 7:26 pm?

1/8/2016 - The US government finally says when everyone needs Real ID to fly—in 4 years

1/8/2016 - Cologne’s police chief is sacked over the response to mass sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve

1/8/2016 - Campbell Soup is gambling that a tough stance on GMOs will win back American consumers

1/8/2016 - Online retail owned the holiday season

1/8/2016 - The drug lord “El Chapo” has been captured

1/8/2016 - America’s jobs, China’s slog, and global blahs: the 10 most important economic charts of the week

1/8/2016 - Obama calls out the NRA-led “conspiracy” to prevent any gun reforms

1/8/2016 - Here’s what happened Thursday at Davos

1/8/2016 - “Have they lost their minds?”: Marco Rubio’s response to gossip about his boots

1/8/2016 - “Just being white wins,” says this Thai cosmetics commercial

1/8/2016 - We’re starting to see the first signs of a tech slowdown

1/8/2016 - Stop the birther madness: It doesn’t matter where the president of the United States was born

1/8/2016 - Maine’s governor blames a heroin epidemic on dealers who “impregnate young white girls”

1/8/2016 - Iran is dangerous—but Saudi Arabia is even worse

1/8/2016 - Shady life vests that soak up water were being sold to refugees

1/8/2016 - With fossil fuels and nuclear tests, humans may have started a new geological age

1/8/2016 - How children are influenced by the stories they are told

1/8/2016 - If you liked playing with “Paint” in the 1980s, wait until you try it in virtual reality

1/8/2016 - Why this controversial UK bill is leaving Silicon Valley worried

1/8/2016 - We’re live-charting the exceptionally strong December jobs report

1/8/2016 - What the key emoji and “major key” mean

1/8/2016 - How the federal government went from realtor to landlord in the American West

1/8/2016 - Tuition is increasing at alarming rates at US public universities

1/8/2016 - This photographer traveled by raft with refugees headed to Europe

1/8/2016 - Malawian pastor defends buying a third private jet by saying, “I am what God says.. I was born a winner”

1/8/2016 - Gut microbes: the latest experiment in enhancing athletic performance

1/8/2016 - Twitter has a bunch of new bells and whistles for celebrities this awards season

1/8/2016 - What’s eating Silicon Valley

1/8/2016 - The latest public health advice for alcohol: Don’t drink at all

1/8/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—China markets calm down, Iran deal moves ahead, a new geological epoch?

1/8/2016 - Why squirrels are so fat this winter

1/8/2016 - US Marshals raided a Chinese “hoverboard” company in Las Vegas

1/8/2016 - Horrifying images of starving Syrians are bringing Assad’s atrocities back into focus

1/8/2016 - What Obama means when he says the NRA has blocked “smart gun” technology

1/8/2016 - Employment is rising in Italy—but millennials are still screwed

1/8/2016 - Warm weather may have cost fashion retailers nearly $700 million in sales

1/8/2016 - Panasonic is resurrecting a legendary turntable in response to vinyl’s resurgence

1/8/2016 - India has decided that it won’t have drought years anymore

1/8/2016 - A movie based on the life of Nigeria’s Ebola heroine is getting flak from her family

1/8/2016 - Why Narendra Modi can’t afford to sack India’s finance minister​ Arun Jaitley

1/8/2016 - Kenya’s middle class discovers that touring their country isn’t just for white people

1/8/2016 - Wives, teens, and sisters-in-law: How India watched porn in 2015

1/8/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—China markets calm, Apple’s AI acquisition, K-Pop warfare

1/8/2016 - Pay-as-you-go solar power is bringing electricity to more people in rural East Africa

1/8/2016 - Hurray! China’s markets did not melt down

1/8/2016 - India could become Tinder’s largest market, says new country head

1/7/2016 - 2015 was the year Xiaomi became just another phone company

1/7/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—China’s market mayhem, Apple’s AI acquisition, K-Pop warfare

1/7/2016 - McDonald’s is radically expanding its color palette

1/7/2016 - Facebook Messenger has 800 million users, and it’ll need bots to keep them happy

1/7/2016 - Here’s how WeChat and Weibo users are explaining China’s stock market circuit breaker

1/7/2016 - Yes, twenty-somethings work less and sleep more now than a decade ago, but we’re not lazy

1/7/2016 - The long fight over US dietary guidelines is settled. Here’s how it shook out

1/7/2016 - US researchers are trying to grow human organs inside pigs and sheep

1/7/2016 - You’ve probably never heard of the world’s most valuable company

1/7/2016 - A young Japanese politician becomes the first to ever take paternity leave

1/7/2016 - Photos: A rare glimpse of the stunning colors inside the United States’ forgotten textile mills

1/7/2016 - Rupert Murdoch’s private Las Vegas meeting features Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel and Apple’s Eddy Cue

1/7/2016 - T-Mobile CEO John Legere defends his streaming plan against “bullshit” complaints from “jerks” at Google

1/7/2016 - Gilt Groupe was just acquired by Saks’ owner for a quarter of its former valuation

1/7/2016 - Smartphones can and must go from causing car accidents to saving lives

1/7/2016 - America’s wage gap is making women sick

1/7/2016 - China’s stock market isn’t the problem

1/7/2016 - Sadly, that smiling monkey has been told he does not own his own selfies

1/7/2016 - Moms to the NRA: We will win the battle over gun safety

1/7/2016 - Now’s your chance to know what you’d look like 3D-printed onto a Lego minifigure

1/7/2016 - Iran blames Saudi Arabia for bombing its embassy in Yemen

1/7/2016 - Rahm Emanuel’s big, fat, Taser lie

1/7/2016 - Why it’s so difficult to build a hydrogen bomb

1/7/2016 - This chameleon’s tongue is faster than any sports car

1/7/2016 - The most fascinating images from the New York Public Library’s release of 180,000 copyright-free materials

1/7/2016 - Macy’s is closing stores after a grim year for sales

1/7/2016 - Good social relationships make you as healthy as regular trips to the gym

1/7/2016 - You have a finite amount of energy. Here’s how to make it feel limitless.

1/7/2016 - Neymar is reportedly the first soccer star to be getting his own Air Jordans

1/7/2016 - This self-flying drone can carry you to work

1/7/2016 - A year on from Charlie Hebdo, a knife-wielding man has been shot dead by police in Paris

1/7/2016 - Do you really need a “smart” sneaker?

1/7/2016 - There are so many drug murders in Mexico that overall male life expectancy has dropped

1/7/2016 - Don’t just declutter your home–declutter your digital life

1/7/2016 - On-demand workers’ right to organize:  Seattle, 1, Uber 0

1/7/2016 - Native Americans to Oregon militia: You’ve got nothing to complain about

1/7/2016 - The verdict on the “sharing” economy, from the 20% of Americans who’ve worked in it

1/7/2016 - Doctors used Google Cardboard to perform heart surgery on a baby

1/7/2016 - The largest ship in US history is bigger than the Empire State Building, and a nightmare for the shipping industry

1/7/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Stocks fall on China, everyone loves Star Wars, a Swiss Apple Watch

1/7/2016 - Amazon has officially won the multibillion-dollar self-publishing market

1/7/2016 - Ethiopia is at risk of another famine—but this time it might go ignored

1/7/2016 - When it comes to ISIL, Europe is repeating the sins of its fathers

1/7/2016 - Even all its refugees can’t help prevent Germany’s longterm population decline

1/7/2016 - It took only 14 trading minutes to break China’s stock market today

1/7/2016 - Gaming is revitalizing the UK entertainment industry

1/7/2016 - Ratan Tata tells Snapdeal’s Kunal Bahl why he is investing in startups

1/7/2016 - The rising star of British fashion will live-stream his next show on gay dating app Grindr

1/7/2016 - Why is Tinder opening its first international office in Delhi?

1/7/2016 - China scraps its broken stock market circuit breaker

1/7/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—China crashes again, Netflix goes global, starfish-killing robots

1/7/2016 - How an Indian doctor built a billion dollar company by making heart surgeries affordable

1/7/2016 - Yahoo will reportedly cut 10% of its staff

1/6/2016 - The state trooper who arrested Sandra Bland is indicted on a perjury charge

1/6/2016 - Chevy just launched its first fully electric car, and it could be the average person’s Tesla

1/6/2016 - The biggest taxi company in Uber’s hometown is on the verge of bankruptcy

1/6/2016 - Alabama’s chief justice defies the US Supreme Court, and orders a halt to gay marriages

1/6/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—North Korean doubters, Netflix nearly global, tech hoodie oppression

1/6/2016 - What the Fed was thinking when it finally raised interest rates last month

1/6/2016 - Netflix comes to India—and each could benefit the other

1/6/2016 - The Fed says it’s worried about low inflation, but it isn’t worried enough

1/6/2016 - Cologne’s mayor advises women to keep assailants “at arm’s length”

1/6/2016 - Driven by a love for oversized vehicles, Americans bought the most cars ever last year

1/6/2016 - The Oculus Rift costs $600, but you’ll likely have to drop another grand to actually use it

1/6/2016 - Alibaba is preparing to do battle with rural China’s terrible roads

1/6/2016 - The leader of Oregon’s anti-government occupation got a $530,000 federal loan

1/6/2016 - Russian hackers are suspected in a cyber attack that caused a huge blackout in Ukraine

1/6/2016 - Pretty much everyone on Earth can now get Netflix

1/6/2016 - South Africa’s ruling party aims to criminalize racism

1/6/2016 - RIP, #DrummondPuddleWatch, the first great internet sensation of 2016

1/6/2016 - How Sweden’s “daddy quota” parental leave helps with equal parenting

1/6/2016 - The subtle sexism of hoodies: Women in Silicon Valley have no idea what to wear to work

1/6/2016 - Screaming zombies, kissing stars: NASA’s list of space phenomena now includes “burping”

1/6/2016 - The biggest geopolitical risk of 2016 has nothing to do with Pyongyang

1/6/2016 - More bad news out of China means more bad news for oil prices

1/6/2016 - Despite all evidence to the contrary, Trump tries to go birther on Cruz

1/6/2016 - Last year, we asked Google to take down half a billion URLs for copyright infringement

1/6/2016 - Finally, there’s a dating site just for white people

1/6/2016 - Denver’s zoning rules are sending marijuana businesses to poor neighborhoods

1/6/2016 - Charlie Hebdo, one year later: Secular values can still move mountains

1/6/2016 - A simple way for airlines to make “Flying While Muslim” easier for everyone

1/6/2016 - Be startled by the eye-catching prose of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

1/6/2016 - Chipotle just quantified the impact of its E.coli scares—and it’s not good

1/6/2016 - Police in England might soon be unleashing drones during protests and sieges

1/6/2016 - A Nigerian has created a Muslim-only social network to help tackle Islamophobia

1/6/2016 - The complete guide to absolutely nailing your next big presentation

1/6/2016 - A lethal AI robot will police the Great Barrier Reef for starfish

1/6/2016 - The Oregon militia standoff is a mess of America’s own making

1/6/2016 - Science can help you beat writer’s block

1/6/2016 - One UK power station is planning to burn so much, it could skew the world’s wood market

1/6/2016 - The US Navy is very interested in this swimming drone

1/6/2016 - The US has delayed coercing states into upgrading their drivers’ licenses—again

1/6/2016 - Suicide rates in the US have dramatically increased for black kids

1/6/2016 - For the first time in decades, Kenyans and Americans will be able to fly directly to each other’s countries

1/6/2016 - Big phones are here to stay, while big tablets are going out of style

1/6/2016 - Chipotle would kill to be McDonald’s right about now

1/6/2016 - Why North Korea’s nuclear test probably wasn’t a hydrogen bomb

1/6/2016 - The self-esteem gap between Western men and women is the worst in the world

1/6/2016 - Part of this coal-hungry country is now producing more power from solar panels than turbines

1/6/2016 - Russian female entrepreneurs say Russia could become a model of workplace gender equality

1/6/2016 - Europe agreed to rehome 160,000 refugees. So far, it has moved 272 of them

1/6/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—North Korea’s bomb test, Charlie Hebdo anniversary, dating Martin Shkreli

1/6/2016 - New research confirms it: the smaller the family, the better off the kids

1/6/2016 - North Korea tested a nuclear bomb on China’s doorstep, and China is not pleased

1/6/2016 - Mass murderer Anders Breivik is suing Norway for keeping him in solitary confinement

1/6/2016 - Kodak is bringing back the Super 8 camera

1/6/2016 - More and more people are dying of cancer in Naples—and it might be the mob’s fault

1/6/2016 - “Facebook alone won’t do anything for us.” What rural Indians think about Free Basics

1/6/2016 - It’s time India stops blaming Pakistan for every terror attack on its soil

1/6/2016 - In 2016, India’s most prolific venture capital firm is keen on food, pharma, and beer

1/6/2016 - In our pursuit of happiness, Americans are losing sight of what actually makes us happy

1/6/2016 - What is a miniaturized hydrogen bomb?

1/6/2016 - It will cost 40% more to air the English Premier League to African soccer fans next season

1/6/2016 - Pyongyang’s bomb test, iPhone slowdown, chameleon tongues

1/6/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Pyongyang’s bomb test, iPhone slowdown, chameleon tongues

1/6/2016 - There’s a misogynist aspect of Buddhism that nobody talks about

1/6/2016 - The Oregon occupiers forgot to bring enough snacks

1/6/2016 - North Korea says it has tested a hydrogen bomb

1/5/2016 - The music of Taiwan’s death metal star turned national politician

1/5/2016 - Charted: Companies spent over $5 trillion buying each other last year

1/5/2016 - A book linked to the disappearance of Hong Kong booksellers focuses on Xi Jinping’s “six women”

1/5/2016 - Here is a 10,000-character tweet

1/5/2016 - Paul Ryan shaves “Muslim” beard, Instagrams about it

1/5/2016 - Your budget-sensitive search engine for travel

1/5/2016 - Obama tearful over guns, iPhone order slowdown, speedy chameleon tongues

1/5/2016 - The UK parliament will debate banning Donald Trump

1/5/2016 - Iran could win its PR war with Saudi Arabia by releasing its most prominent prisoner

1/5/2016 - Downton Abbey’s creator has a new project: a serial book app

1/5/2016 - ISIL’s latest video star is believed to be a former bouncy castle salesman

1/5/2016 - Bernie Sanders says he can break up the banks in a year. Is that even possible?

1/5/2016 - Dolce & Gabbana launched a line of beautiful, high-end hijabs and abayas

1/5/2016 - Germany is rocked by accusations of a mass sexual assault by Arab men on New Year’s Eve

1/5/2016 - Drinking tea is probably the easiest way to improve your heart health this year

1/5/2016 - A Chinese start-up says its 1000-horsepower electric car has “augmented reality views”

1/5/2016 - Now it’s time for Congress to recognize gun control as a public-health crisis, too

1/5/2016 - Gun stocks are soaring as Obama proposes new gun control measures

1/5/2016 - Fitbit is trying to chase Apple instead of focusing on its strengths

1/5/2016 - An emotional Barack Obama announced his plan on gun control

1/5/2016 - Lululemon has snapped back into shape for 2016

1/5/2016 - Germany is the world’s strongest economy

1/5/2016 - Eli Lilly still likes its bet on animal health

1/5/2016 - Gambia bans female circumcision and then orders women to cover their hair at work

1/5/2016 - In America, black parents can only dream of having the same worries as white ones

1/5/2016 - December set a record for firearm background checks in the US—by an overwhelming amount

1/5/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s credibility on bank reform depends on a banker turned rule-maker

1/5/2016 - Brazil’s record trade surplus is horrible news

1/5/2016 - The maker of “Call of Duty” is challenging Google and Amazon to an eSports competition

1/5/2016 - Photos: The last New Year’s tuna auction at Tokyo’s world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market

1/5/2016 - “Honest to God, that felt like Christmas Day”: Blind woman with bionic eye on what it’s like to read a clock again

1/5/2016 - You are not running a hedge fund, but you track your retirement like you do

1/5/2016 - Your next car will be more connected and shareable

1/5/2016 - The future of mobility, today and tomorrow

1/5/2016 - Ask Emily: How do I balance happiness and financial responsibility?

1/5/2016 - Singapore is creating its own version of New York’s High Line—but 10 times longer

1/5/2016 - How “true crime” went from guilty pleasure to high culture

1/5/2016 - Even Manchester United’s biggest sponsor doesn’t like the way it is playing

1/5/2016 - A cornerstone of Marissa Mayer’s plan to turn around Yahoo is crumbling

1/5/2016 - More people are flying in the US than ever before

1/5/2016 - Parents: Your math anxiety is only making homework harder for your kids

1/5/2016 - Apple Pay may have found its perfect market in China

1/5/2016 - The US Library of Congress appointed a comic book author to promote literature to American kids

1/5/2016 - Turner Broadcasting wants you to sit through longer TV commercials—but there’s an upside

1/5/2016 - Why do some apps live on our home screens forever?

1/5/2016 - There’s a way to get girls to stick with science–and no, it’s not more female role models

1/5/2016 - Zimbabwe plans to capture baby elephants from the wild and sell them to China

1/5/2016 - No jokes, please: A “Third World” dental charity has launched in Britain

1/5/2016 - The strange rules that dictate how new elements get their names

1/5/2016 - Kenyan mobile phone users don’t like apps made in their own country

1/5/2016 - Obama on gun control, Kuwait recalls Iranian ambassador, 19th-century Tinder

1/5/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Obama on gun control, Kuwait recalls Iranian ambassador, 19th-century Tinder

1/5/2016 - What Barack Obama’s new gun control executive order will, and won’t, do

1/5/2016 - People who work in finance had worse grades, took fewer classes in college than everybody else

1/5/2016 - This teenage photographer shoots the natural beauty of one of the world’s densest cities

1/5/2016 - Keep calm and carry on: How the Delhi Metro is managing the crowds in these odd-even times

1/5/2016 - How the Shia-Sunni split in 632AD led to Iran and Saudi Arabia’s power games today

1/5/2016 - The photo of New Year’s debauchery that’s being compared to Renaissance art

1/5/2016 - Paul Graham has accidentally explained everything wrong with Silicon Valley’s world view

1/5/2016 - The invisible men and women who make Bollywood “Bollywood”

1/5/2016 - Obama’s gun control, stock market calm, 19th-century Tinder

1/5/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Obama’s gun control, stock market calm, 19th-century Tinder

1/5/2016 - The internet is your worst enemy: Lessons you learn when “beta-testing” retirement

1/5/2016 - A mysterious fax from a missing Hong Kong bookseller claims “everything is normal”

1/4/2016 - Azim Premji is betting on an old TCS hand to remake Wipro

1/4/2016 - You’ll finally be able to order your own Oculus Rift this week

1/4/2016 - Over 200,000 people have signed petitions to free Steven Avery of the Netflix show “Making a Murderer”

1/4/2016 - Here’s what happened Friday at Davos

1/4/2016 - Global market gloom, Middle East factions, 19th century Tinder

1/4/2016 - Netflix, the best stock of 2015, gets hit with a downgrade

1/4/2016 - The US is finally suing Volkswagen three months after it was caught for emissions cheating

1/4/2016 - Low oil prices are dragging down petrocurrencies across Africa

1/4/2016 - Why General Motors is making a $500 million bet on Lyft

1/4/2016 - Cars 2025: Infographic

1/4/2016 - Birth control pills will soon be available over the counter in two US states

1/4/2016 - A newly-elected Mexican mayor has been shot dead on her second day in office

1/4/2016 - A first look at Nike’s idea for a “smart” sneaker

1/4/2016 - The six African elections to watch out for in 2016

1/4/2016 - The Iran-Saudi Arabia crisis is evidence of the Arab Spring’s bloody legacy

1/4/2016 - A tragedy unheeded: The country caught in the middle of Islam’s escalating Great Power conflict

1/4/2016 - Happy New Year, everything is terrible

1/4/2016 - “Stop, mobilize, and listen”: The best #YallQaeda and #VanillaISIS tweets mocking the Oregon militants

1/4/2016 - Denmark and Sweden are abandoning open borders in the face of the migrant crisis

1/4/2016 - Trump: “I will do more for women than Hillary Clinton”

1/4/2016 - Ferrari leaves Fiat shares in the dust

1/4/2016 - Armed militants are still occupying a federal building in Oregon, but for no clear reason

1/4/2016 - China is really bumming out global markets

1/4/2016 - Kenya’s Garissa University quietly reopens, nine months after militants massacred students

1/4/2016 - Putin labels the US a security threat to Russia for the first time

1/4/2016 - You can see the fear in Donald Trump’s first big ad—can you see it in his eyes?

1/4/2016 - Iran-Saudi Arabia, president Trump: 2016 is a year full of fat tail risks

1/4/2016 - A Nigerian comics startup is creating African superheroes

1/4/2016 - The real reason NASA wants to find life on Mars

1/4/2016 - Creative people’s brains really do work differently

1/4/2016 - Inspired by Iron Man, Mark Zuckerberg plans to build an AI butler

1/4/2016 - The periodic table’s seventh row is now complete

1/4/2016 - Charlie Hebdo marks a year since the massacre with a murderous God on its cover

1/4/2016 - ISIL is trying very hard to create a new Jihadi John

1/4/2016 - Obama acts on guns, global stocks fall, drink like George Costanza

1/4/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Obama acts on guns, global stocks fall, drink like George Costanza

1/4/2016 - China’s stocks fell so hard on their first day of 2016 trading, they triggered a new circuit breaker

1/4/2016 - Beijing may have finally pushed Hong Kong’s lapdog government too far

1/4/2016 - From smoking less to travelling more, here is what Indian entrepreneurs plan to do in 2016

1/4/2016 - Pathankot terror attack is exactly why India should talk to Pakistan

1/4/2016 - Armed militants in Oregon are reportedly bringing children to a federal building they seized

1/4/2016 - Riyadh-Tehran hostility, earthquake in India, touchable holograms

1/4/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Riyadh-Tehran hostility, earthquake in India, touchable holograms

1/4/2016 - Pathankot strike: Why isn’t the Indian government better at handling terror attacks?

1/3/2016 - At least nine dead and hundreds injured after 6.7 magnitude quake hits northeast India

1/3/2016 - Saudi Arabia and Iran near the edge, young overachievers, striped horses

1/3/2016 - A virus linked to shrinking newborns’ brains is spreading rapidly beyond Brazil

1/3/2016 - Diplomatic spite: Iran wants to change a street name to embarrass Saudi Arabia

1/3/2016 - For Iran’s Rouhani, the buck stops somewhere else

1/3/2016 - Look for oil prices to spike if hostility between Iran and Saudi Arabia gets worse

1/3/2016 - The best design conferences and events to plan for in 2016

1/3/2016 - The concept of different “learning styles” is one of the greatest neuroscience myths

1/3/2016 - Want to be a better, happier human in 2016? Let yourself be sad

1/3/2016 - If you answer emails after work, you should be getting unlimited vacation

1/3/2016 - Forget resolutions—use these nerdy lifehacks to make life a little better in a lot of ways

1/3/2016 - Poachers are going after newly discovered species so fast that journals have stopped publishing location details

1/2/2016 - In the face of rising terror risks, a security expert is “alarmed” by the public’s attachment to headphones

1/2/2016 - Guess which Republican features in an Islamist terrorist group recruitment video

1/2/2016 - Swearing: it’s fucking awesome

1/2/2016 - Books and newspapers will do just fine in 2016. Magazines? Not so much

1/2/2016 - This whole “Uber for doctor house calls” idea is basically doomed

1/2/2016 - A week after Modi’s Lahore visit, terrorists attack Indian Air Force base in Punjab

1/1/2016 - Finally, people are feeling better about the economy for 2016

1/1/2016 - Tiny, scientific changes that can make your New Year’s resolutions stick

1/1/2016 - Police search for suspects after New Year’s Eve terror alert in Munich

1/1/2016 - Bone discovery suggests a mysterious ancient species of human lived alongside our ancestors

1/1/2016 - Marie Kondo’s illustrated guide to a home that sparks joy

1/1/2016 - From the confessional to the indignant: Quartz personal essays that resonated in 2015

1/1/2016 - You probably know to ask yourself, “What do I want?” Here’s a way better question

1/1/2016 - Two months without a job taught me what I really want from my career

1/1/2016 - Don’t be a sucker—this year, skip the gym membership

1/1/2016 - Hold the champagne: Libya’s new peace deal may not stop its chaotic civil war

1/1/2016 - It’s Public Domain Day and once again Americans get almost nothing

1/1/2016 - Japanese scientists have created a new type of hologram that you can actually feel

1/1/2016 - New Year’s edition—Year of the hoverboard, Earth’s baby pictures, wall-punching demographics

1/1/2016 - Delhi’s controversial odd-even car rationing to curb pollution is working just fine on launch day

1/1/2016 - New Year’s edition—Year of the hoverboard, Earth’s baby pictures, wall-punching demographics