4/30/2016 - Thanks to “Damn, Daniel” white Vans had a great quarter

4/30/2016 - Scientology as we know it started with a bad case of asthma

4/30/2016 - New research shows people with more friends have a different relationship with pain

4/30/2016 - Twitter co-founder relaunches failed search app to compete with Google

4/30/2016 - You can use physics to describe almost anything in life

4/30/2016 - Kenya is burning 5% of the world’s stockpile of ivory

4/30/2016 - If Yahoo is sold, Marissa Mayer could walk away with $54.8 million

4/30/2016 - Warren Buffett approves every title this independent book store sells at the Berkshire Hathaway meeting

4/30/2016 - A look inside the Italian jail that inmates don’t want to leave

4/30/2016 - This interactive 3D model shows where your brain responds to different words

4/30/2016 - South Sudan finally has a new government—now it wants the money it was promised

4/30/2016 - Academia is quietly and systematically keeping its women from succeeding

4/30/2016 - IBM is betting big on blockchain

4/30/2016 - Hillary Clinton: This is my plan to combat Zika

4/30/2016 - We have developed a culture of celebrating failure, and it’s completely phony

4/30/2016 - Weekend edition—The fetish of failure, Flipkart’s misfortunes, self-made rabbis

4/30/2016 - Forty-one years ago, the US took a big gamble on Vietnamese refugees

4/30/2016 - Nigeria’s next security challenge is at a tipping point and could be as deadly as Boko Haram

4/30/2016 - Watch: A GoPro video of what it’s like to live and die as an ISIL fighter

4/30/2016 - Australia is challenging a deal that would transfer 1% of its land mass to Chinese owners

4/30/2016 - 50,000 people have downloaded this mobile game about street children in Senegal

4/30/2016 - Europe: Your annoying mobile roaming charges are about to get a lot cheaper

4/30/2016 - Weekend edition—The fetish of failure, Flipkart’s misfortunes, self-made rabbis

4/29/2016 - Facebook is slapped with a shareholder lawsuit over its proposal to issue class C shares

4/29/2016 - Quartz Weekend Brief—The fetish of failure, Flipkart’s misfortunes, self-made rabbis

4/29/2016 - Weekend edition—The fetish of failure, Flipkart’s misfortunes, self-made rabbis

4/29/2016 - As life expectancy increases, delaying Social Security offers a needed safety net

4/29/2016 - Ready to retire? Don’t rush your Social Security start date

4/29/2016 - How to cultivate the “I’m not in it for the money” spirit of innovation

4/29/2016 - Nothing for money: A behavioral perspective on innovation and motivation

4/29/2016 - Theranos exposes the perverse incentives at work in Silicon Valley

4/29/2016 - There’s a Chrome extension that nags you into getting off Facebook

4/29/2016 - RIP: the ambitious little weasel that just shut down the world’s largest particle collider

4/29/2016 - Elon Musk’s AI group has set up a “gym” to train bots

4/29/2016 - I’m a Native American activist, and my white ancestor painted Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill

4/29/2016 - Gucci is taking its fight against counterfeiting to the next frontier: the afterlife

4/29/2016 - Hillary Clinton made an actual “woman card” for her supporters

4/29/2016 - People will eat naked without electricity at this insanely popular organic restaurant

4/29/2016 - A sculpture that perfectly captures the weight of grief

4/29/2016 - Europe has emerged from the smoldering crater that was once its economy

4/29/2016 - Amazon’s workforce grew by 50% last year alone

4/29/2016 - True or false? Women make braver leaders than men

4/29/2016 - Survey: People are increasingly identifying more as “global citizens” than national citizens

4/29/2016 - Who said it: Steve Jobs or Anna Wintour?

4/29/2016 - By refusing to be categorized, Prince also refused to be racially stereotyped and profiled

4/29/2016 - A tiny town of rubber ducks is laying the groundwork for the next generation of self-driving cars

4/29/2016 - Freshly minted unicorns are now a rare sighting in Silicon Valley

4/29/2016 - How America treats its sex offenders is deeply, morally complex

4/29/2016 - Geography is making America’s uneven economic recovery worse

4/29/2016 - Facebook is bulking up satellite capacity to offer cheap internet access to Africa

4/29/2016 - Russia is considering legislation that would send bitcoin users to jail for up to 7 years

4/29/2016 - “Woodstock for capitalists,” China boosts the yuan, robot Buddhist monks

4/29/2016 - As Italian women age, widows tend to have better lives than wives

4/29/2016 - Fearing a nuclear terror attack, Belgium is giving iodine pills to its entire population

4/29/2016 - Siemens is building a swarm of robot spiders to 3D-print objects together

4/29/2016 - Vijay Mallya has finally found out who’s responsible for the mess he is in: The Indian media

4/29/2016 - It’s not just Dolkun Isa: India has barred at least eight other Chinese activists from its democracy conference

4/29/2016 - 93% of India’s B-school graduates are useless

4/29/2016 - Photos: These 1970s brutalist buildings in Serbia look like Star Wars spaceships

4/29/2016 - “We’re not all warriors”: South Sudanese filmmakers are working to revamp their national image

4/29/2016 - Carl Icahn sold his Apple stake because he is worried about China’s “dictatorship” government

4/29/2016 - Tipsy today, sober tomorrow: India sways worse than a drunkard over prohibition

4/29/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Violence in France, Amazon amazes, robot monks

4/29/2016 - Violence in France, Amazon amazes, robot monks

4/29/2016 - Can Donald Trump really win the White House?

4/29/2016 - Hong Kong’s next big development: a giant fake island where the last pink dolphins now swim

4/28/2016 - Amazon just created $35 billion in stock market value in under 15 minutes

4/28/2016 - G20 countries need to stand up to Xi Jinping’s crackdown on civil society

4/28/2016 - Carl Icahn ditches Apple, Amazon’s amazes, robot monks

4/28/2016 - Amazon is finally starting to behave like a real business

4/28/2016 - For sale on Craigslist: One Yahoo, slightly used

4/28/2016 - Amazon Web Services is now a nearly $9 billion-a-year cloud-computing machine

4/28/2016 - NASA is demonstrating its hipness by tweeting supernovas at pop stars

4/28/2016 - Slack bot developers were unwittingly leaking sensitive corporate data

4/28/2016 - Scientists are studying sea lion brains to try to figure out how our own got to be so big

4/28/2016 - Hundreds of thousands have watched Facebook Live videos of the New York Times walking in parks

4/28/2016 - How a sporting event with no sport became one of the biggest nights in American sports

4/28/2016 - Why the internet hasn’t killed the library (yet)

4/28/2016 - The poor and middle class are fleeing America’s booming cities

4/28/2016 - Uber is tired of waiting for you

4/28/2016 - Barack Obama says Bernie Sanders got one thing right about big banks

4/28/2016 - Yelp increases wages after firing an employee who was critical about her low pay

4/28/2016 - Samsung doubles down on VR and says it’s going to build another, phone-free headset

4/28/2016 - In the age of athleisure, why are the Olympic uniforms so incredibly boring?

4/28/2016 - ‘Degree programs I did not get into’: A Princeton professor’s ‘CV of failures’

4/28/2016 - Dunkin’ Donuts is taking its fight with Starbucks outside

4/28/2016 - Facebook has spent $16 million on Mark Zuckerberg’s “security” since 2011

4/28/2016 - How to listen to all of “Lemonade” for free, for the next month

4/28/2016 - Don’t be anxious about the arc of your future: What I wish I’d known at 30

4/28/2016 - Nobody is exactly sure what just happened to the world’s largest economy

4/28/2016 - Comcast is buying DreamWorks Animation studios for $3.8 billion

4/28/2016 - Impress your new employer by solving problems they didn’t know they had

4/28/2016 - A cool new interactive ad campaign asks you to lend your voice to the speech-impaired

4/28/2016 - John Boehner says Ted Cruz is “Lucifer in the flesh” and a “miserable son of a bitch”

4/28/2016 - After being nearly hunted to extinction, the American bison is officially made a national icon

4/28/2016 - A Chinese temple built a robot monk to spread the teachings of Buddhism

4/28/2016 - ISIL is competing with al-Shabaab for recruits in Somalia and appears to be gaining traction

4/28/2016 - Just seven procedures make up 80% of emergency hospital operations

4/28/2016 - The first drone to complete a delivery in the US is on its way to the Smithsonian

4/28/2016 - For most of us, one minute of intense exercise is not nearly enough

4/28/2016 - Experience matters and the pay gap is real: 5000 developers talk about their salaries

4/28/2016 - The NSA has no idea how many Americans it’s spying on

4/28/2016 - Girls are still afraid of math, even when their moms are scientists

4/28/2016 - How to order wine like you know how to order wine

4/28/2016 - Charted: China’s migrant workers are the ones suffering in a slowing economy

4/28/2016 - iTunes is 13 years old—and it’s still awful

4/28/2016 - The best way to judge a CEO’s worth is to watch what happens when they suddenly drop dead

4/28/2016 - For 600 years, Japanese monks have recorded climate data that scientists are using today

4/28/2016 - Amazon earnings, Volkswagen’s record loss, a more chicken-y McNugget

4/28/2016 - Indonesia has a new weapon against illegal fishing: nano-satellites

4/28/2016 - The murder of bloggers and editors is proof that Bangladesh is on the brink of disaster

4/28/2016 - After salt and steel, Tata plans to make a yoga fitness tracker for India

4/28/2016 - Even in the promised land of digital money, cash will stay king for a long while yet

4/28/2016 - Is Flipkart turning into the perfect example of what a tech startup must not do?

4/28/2016 - A major Hollywood screenwriter self-censored because he was worried about angering China

4/28/2016 - How a woman without an engineering degree built India’s first bio-tech empire

4/28/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Migration debate, VW conference, translating meows

4/28/2016 - Migration debate, VW conference, translating meows

4/27/2016 - A year after the devastating earthquake, Nepal’s young are rebuilding their country

4/27/2016 - Yale will not scrub a controversial white supremacist’s name from its buildings

4/27/2016 - India might be a bright spot for Apple, but can it become the company’s next China?

4/27/2016 - Facebook’s stellar earnings, a death at Apple, SpaceX targets Mars

4/27/2016 - Facebook is doing everything right

4/27/2016 - A colorful atlas of the human brain may bring neuroscientists closer to reading our minds

4/27/2016 - Hillary Clinton takes a stand for women in prison

4/27/2016 - Layoffs within Bernie Sanders’ campaign have begun

4/27/2016 - In Italy, one in three pizza makers isn’t Italian

4/27/2016 - President Trump, meet the world: The Republican frontrunner lays out his “America First” foreign policy

4/27/2016 - Police are investigating a body found at Apple’s headquarters

4/27/2016 - Ted Cruz is naming Carly Fiorina as his extremely hypothetical running mate

4/27/2016 - McDonald’s is rolling out a cleaner Chicken McNugget

4/27/2016 - Adidas’ old-school style is winning a new generation of customers

4/27/2016 - All the cringeworthy clichés in the trailer for Oliver Stone’s “Snowden”

4/27/2016 - SpaceX plans to head for Mars as soon as 2018

4/27/2016 - To lose less luggage, airlines want you to handle your own bags

4/27/2016 - Tinder users are upset over a new feature that shows which of your Facebook friends use the app

4/27/2016 - Comcast’s earnings prove cable TV is far from dead

4/27/2016 - What online misogynists really want is silence

4/27/2016 - Kenya is one of the most dangerous places to be a pedestrian—better data could change that

4/27/2016 - Africa’s longest serving ruler is set to extend his stay in office

4/27/2016 - In the future, Big Data will make actual voting obsolete

4/27/2016 - What to expect from Facebook’s earnings report today

4/27/2016 - Marissa Mayer gives a hedge fund four seats on Yahoo’s board, clearing the way for a sale

4/27/2016 - YouTube says to think of its new unskippable ads as “little haikus”

4/27/2016 - Germany has sacked its spy chief but hasn’t said why

4/27/2016 - Messaging bots won’t replace apps

4/27/2016 - Nintendo’s next major games console finally has a release date

4/27/2016 - Chinese drug dealers are outsmarting the FDA by creating new opioids

4/27/2016 - Nigeria’s ban on jerry cans for fuel will leave millions in the dark

4/27/2016 - Nintendo’s revenues keep sinking, and there’s no lifeboat in sight

4/27/2016 - There are only two companies left with top-notch AAA credit ratings

4/27/2016 - In a real lightsaber duel, your body would be vaporized

4/27/2016 - An internet-connected pregnancy test comes with cat videos and cooking tips

4/27/2016 - How to tell when Apple is really serious about India

4/27/2016 - These NASA inventions are saving thousands of lives on Earth

4/27/2016 - Researchers have found a new way to see if an autism treatment is working

4/27/2016 - It’s basically impossible to be a vegetarian

4/27/2016 - Love who you work with? A Silicon Valley startup is offering to hire entire teams

4/27/2016 - For one age group, getting the flu shot in the morning could be life-saving

4/27/2016 - Swipe left 37 times: The mathematical formula to find “The One”

4/27/2016 - An online adventure magazine is crowdfunding a real-life racehorse

4/27/2016 - Facebook earnings, Trump wins five states, reversing type-2 diabetes

4/27/2016 - By 2050, India’s working-age population will cross one billion. But where are the jobs?

4/27/2016 - Even Chris Christie’s wife struggled to control herself after Trump’s “women’s card” remarks

4/27/2016 - An Indian yoga guru wants to sell $1.5 billion of soaps, shampoos and ghee this year

4/27/2016 - A Zimbabwean architect builds for the “forgotten economy” by letting people design for themselves

4/27/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Trump wins again, iPhone sales decline, dogs hate hugs

4/27/2016 - Trump wins again, iPhone sales decline, dogs hate hugs

4/27/2016 - Justice must cry—log-jammed courts are wiping almost 0.5% off India’s GDP

4/27/2016 - Yes, Chinese women say, dating foreign guys is “dangerous,” but not in the way Beijing says

4/27/2016 - What’s an Indian boardroom without an Agarwal or a Gupta?

4/26/2016 - Apple just destroyed more than $40 billion in stock market value in under an hour

4/26/2016 - Now comes the hard part for Apple in China

4/26/2016 - Donald Trump sweeps the northeastern primaries, and Bernie Sanders tries to make a last stand

4/26/2016 - Apple’s second-quarter earnings in charts

4/26/2016 - Apple’s iPhone decline, Mitsubishi faces scandal, dogs hate hugs

4/26/2016 - Prince died without a will, meaning we might never get his vault of unreleased music

4/26/2016 - Chipotle’s food safety scare late last year still has the burrito chain looking a little sickly

4/26/2016 - Twitter dug itself out of one hole on earnings day only to immediately dig itself into another

4/26/2016 - China’s great wall of money just sprang another leak

4/26/2016 - The British government is considering paying out research grants with bitcoin

4/26/2016 - Thousands of Mexican women are talking about sexual harassment for the first time

4/26/2016 - These top twelve inventions could one day change the world

4/26/2016 - Trade with China is a big reason why US politics are insane

4/26/2016 - This is how Google wants its drones to deliver stuff to you

4/26/2016 - For the first time, mobile gaming will make more money than traditional videogames

4/26/2016 - After a multi-year slump, Coach is finally cool again

4/26/2016 - Turner is launching a Netflix for cinephiles

4/26/2016 - Nokia is betting big on the internet of things, with a $191 million acquisition

4/26/2016 - Everything to look out for in Apple’s earnings

4/26/2016 - The best tool we have to prevent malaria is losing its power

4/26/2016 - Spotify has one thing to say about its lack of “Lemonade”

4/26/2016 - Africa is eliminating malaria faster than expected

4/26/2016 - Lena Dunham says she will move to Canada if Trump wins, Trump likes the idea

4/26/2016 - Struggling MTN paid bonuses to fired executives, and a major shareholder is livid

4/26/2016 - Humans caused extreme weather events as far back as the 1930s

4/26/2016 - It may be harder to distinguish fake “Saturday Night Live” ads from real ones next season

4/26/2016 - I voted for Ralph Nader in 2000. Bernie supporters, don’t make the same mistake I did

4/26/2016 - Sheldon Adelson wants to lure the Raiders to move to his Las Vegas dome. What could go wrong?

4/26/2016 - Investors are setting the bar low for Twitter’s earnings report today

4/26/2016 - Department stores should go ahead and shut down hundreds of locations, report says

4/26/2016 - We need to talk about class differences so underprivileged kids can know their potential

4/26/2016 - Google knows how you will vote, based on your state’s search results

4/26/2016 - Thousands of Americans are dying completely preventable deaths

4/26/2016 - Mitsubishi has been cheating on fuel economy tests for 25 years

4/26/2016 - When we sleep in new places, half of our brain stays awake

4/26/2016 - Partially-baked advice I would give to my sons, if only they wanted my advice

4/26/2016 - It’s time to stop putting kids in separate gifted education programs

4/26/2016 - Obama’s vision for free community college is getting help from a $100 million contest

4/26/2016 - Alibaba’s financial spinoff is now the world’s most valuable private internet company

4/26/2016 - Japan’s inexperience in the defense industry has cost it $40 billion

4/26/2016 - Wearable patch predicts patients’ next heart attack before it happens

4/26/2016 - Apple and Twitter earnings, 1MDB defaults, brain-controlled drone races

4/26/2016 - Bob Diamond’s Atlas Mara is trying to acquire Barclays Africa

4/26/2016 - The unlikely friendship that uncovered an untrained Indian mathematician’s genius

4/26/2016 - A Canadian tourist was beheaded by Islamic terrorists in the Philippines

4/26/2016 - A South African opposition leader’s call to arms is a dangerous cheap shot

4/26/2016 - In fast growing India, workers are losing social security benefits even faster

4/26/2016 - Raghuram Rajan is all for startups—but not those that rely on deep discounts

4/26/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Apple’s earnings, 1MDB in default, Japan’s “everything” burger

4/26/2016 - Apple’s earnings, 1MDB in default, Japan’s “everything” burger

4/26/2016 - Meet the newest breed of superheroes—Indian aunties in the UK

4/26/2016 - 16 hours on one of Hong Kong’s overnight casino cruise boats

4/25/2016 - Seven ways India plans to become a $10 trillion economy by 2032

4/25/2016 - Walmart is finally catching up with the organic products boom

4/25/2016 - A year after the Nepal earthquake, climbers are back to business on Mount Everest

4/25/2016 - Apple and Twitter earnings, Valeant’s new CEO, Japan’s “everything” burger

4/25/2016 - If 3D printing is ever going to make it into our homes, it probably won’t be because of MakerBot

4/25/2016 - The first brain-controlled drone race just took place in Florida

4/25/2016 - The Missing 43: Investigators hired by Mexico say they were obstructed at every turn

4/25/2016 - The cast for the “Twin Peaks” revival includes rock stars, a UFC fighter, Michael Cera, and over 200 others

4/25/2016 - A Project Loon balloon crashes, and Alphabet calls it a successful test flight

4/25/2016 - All the creative ways carmakers manipulate emissions tests—that we know about

4/25/2016 - I sent an email to a monk in Nepal and my blog was hacked by the Chinese government

4/25/2016 - In “Lemonade,” Beyoncé again celebrates—and not just appropriates—the work of African artists

4/25/2016 - “Game of Thrones” premiere: This is the season of women, HBO insists

4/25/2016 - Cars have become complicated, hackable computer systems on wheels

4/25/2016 - South Sudan’s new government may fail before it even begins

4/25/2016 - Behold, the world’s most powerful millennial

4/25/2016 - There is a really good reason why people grieve celebrities they’ve never met

4/25/2016 - A boat full of migrants just landed in Miami Beach

4/25/2016 - Is your company relying on old remedies for new corporate challenges?

4/25/2016 - Is a dose of outside ingenuity what a company needs to stay healthy?

4/25/2016 - Google’s plan to make sure its employees don’t leave for startups is an in-house ‘start-up incubator’

4/25/2016 - Cleveland pays $6 million to Tamir Rice’s family—and the cop who killed him got off scot-free

4/25/2016 - It’s now or never for Jay Z’s Tidal

4/25/2016 - Ex-Barclays CEO Bob Diamond may buy his former employer’s Africa operation

4/25/2016 - The Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo was just selected from a shortlist of four designs

4/25/2016 - Amateur Einsteins rejoice: CERN has put 300TB of data from the Large Hadron Collider online

4/25/2016 - Is a dose of outside ingenuity what a company needs to stay healthy?

4/25/2016 - Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda joins John Oliver to shine a light on the “dire crisis” in Puerto Rico

4/25/2016 - Is your company relying on old remedies for new corporate challenges?

4/25/2016 - A powerful Saudi prince says his country will be ready to survive without oil by 2020

4/25/2016 - Neuroscience proves torturing terrorists won’t keep us safe

4/25/2016 - After “Lemonade,” TV chef Rachael Ray was mistakenly accused of having an affair with Jay Z

4/25/2016 - This local businessman is doing something very unusual in post-earthquake Nepal

4/25/2016 - Mattel finally rolled out a line of super hero toys for girls and the early results are in

4/25/2016 - The only way to save African rhinos: ship them to Australia

4/25/2016 - What investors can learn from the meteoric rise and dizzying fall of Theranos

4/25/2016 - Make working remotely work for you with these 8 lessons

4/25/2016 - The simple habit that can make or break your college experience

4/25/2016 - Trump’s rivals finally team up—but is it too late?

4/25/2016 - Silicon Valley’s fastest growing companies succeed because they aren’t focused on selling

4/25/2016 - It’s possible to reverse type-2 diabetes in some people—and it’s not even that difficult

4/25/2016 - Tribune Publishing is soaring after Gannett revealed its bid to buy the newspaper house

4/25/2016 - The number of internet cordcutting homes in the US has doubled in three years

4/25/2016 - An electric car talent shortage is making for a frenzied hiring spree

4/25/2016 - Landlocked Uganda has finally decided which neighbor will host its oil pipeline to the sea

4/25/2016 - Obama teams up with “my friend Angela” to push a free-trade deal to skeptical Germans

4/25/2016 - GE fired up world’s largest commercial jet engine using 3D-printed metal parts

4/25/2016 - Cruz and Kasich team up, a post-oil Saudi Arabia, Russia’s military dolphins

4/25/2016 - Chinese brokers are using attractive female analysts to tout stocks online

4/25/2016 - Hello Gambia! Beijing is searching far and wide for allies to back its grab of the South China Sea

4/25/2016 - An African footballer has won England’s player of the year award for the first time

4/25/2016 - The Narendra Modi government is developing the mother of all apps—for 200 public services

4/25/2016 - PepperTap’s collapse shows everything that is wrong with India’s young internet companies

4/25/2016 - Nigerians are drinking more beer in spite of an economic downturn

4/25/2016 - How much does the man who predicted the 2008 financial crash earn today?

4/25/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Obama in Europe, Syria peace talks, sea-traveling monkeys

4/25/2016 - Obama in Europe, Syria peace talks, sea-traveling monkeys

4/25/2016 - Thanks to Beyonce’s Lemonade, Jay Z’s Tidal is back on the top of the app charts

4/25/2016 - Hindu groups in California oppose the proposed revisions to school textbooks

4/24/2016 - If you liked Beyonce’s Lemonade, you’ll love Warsan Shire, the poet featured in it

4/24/2016 - CY Leung is one of Hong Kong’s homegrown treasures, and we should embrace him

4/24/2016 - Obama in Europe, Syria peace talks, sea-traveling monkeys

4/24/2016 - One of Africa’s greatest musicians has died on stage

4/24/2016 - A Stanford professor says counting on your fingers is “critical” to understanding math

4/24/2016 - A new study suggests mindfulness isn’t quite as miraculous as we’ve been led to believe

4/24/2016 - Ebola resurgences in West Africa suggest the virus can linger longer than expected

4/24/2016 - America’s obsession with adult coloring is a cry for help

4/24/2016 - Studies show keyboards have a powerful “QWERTY effect” that’s shaping our word preferences

4/24/2016 - Astronaut Tim Peake ran the London Marathon from space

4/24/2016 - Scientists just discovered another clue in the ancient history of seafaring monkeys

4/24/2016 - All of the problems Universal Basic Income can solve that have nothing to do with unemployment

4/24/2016 - “To me, time folds back on itself”: Prince squirreled away 26 albums’ worth of unreleased music

4/24/2016 - Where you can find the sunniest locations in the world—in one beautiful map

4/24/2016 - Why cheap oil hasn’t saved the US economy

4/24/2016 - Edward Snowden: The tweeting habits of a man in exile

4/24/2016 - How the mind changes, time expands when there’s no one else around

4/24/2016 - Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook: Solid recipes, even better sweater porn

4/24/2016 - Photos: The beautiful birds that may soon be lost to climate change

4/24/2016 - India could be Apple’s next China

4/24/2016 - Tanzania has canceled national union celebrations to build its roads instead

4/23/2016 - A new arrest shows you can’t criticize Turkish president Erdogan in Germany

4/23/2016 - Watch: Singing tributes to Prince by performers around the world

4/23/2016 - 400 years after his death, here are the books that likely influenced Shakespeare

4/23/2016 - Saudi Arabia’s most powerful royal reportedly thinks women should be allowed to drive

4/23/2016 - Photos: The Hubble Space Telescope is 26 years old and still blowing our minds

4/23/2016 - Get ready for your Uber driver to start asking you for cash

4/23/2016 - A lawsuit claims there’s an unwelcome surprise from T-Mobile when you cancel no-contract plans

4/23/2016 - How Shakespeare’s words helped unlock a sexual awakening, 400 years after his death

4/23/2016 - Europe is now malaria free for the first time in years

4/23/2016 - Where to watch Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ in US theaters, online, and on TV this weekend

4/23/2016 - Facing red tape online, marijuana companies are inventing a totally new breed of advertising

4/23/2016 - HIV patients now live long enough to develop Alzheimer’s

4/23/2016 - Volkswagen’s emissions scandal is just one piece of a larger betrayal by automakers

4/23/2016 - The US government unlocked another iPhone without Apple’s help

4/23/2016 - Photos: An abandoned school in Iraq has become a city of refugees

4/23/2016 - “Nothing much has changed”: 5,000 years of war, illustrated

4/23/2016 - If you want to be like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, adopt their voracious reading habits

4/23/2016 - Young female employees are coaching senior executives on sexism in ‘reverse mentoring’ schemes

4/23/2016 - Weekend edition—The cost of emissions cheating, Canada’s example, experiential internet

4/23/2016 - Bad drivers are a good indicator of a corrupt government

4/23/2016 - You can win almost $1,500 for the filthiest, nastiest poem about Turkey’s touchy president

4/23/2016 - Kenya’s new anti-doping law is its best hope to avoid a Rio Olympics ban

4/23/2016 - “Women do have a bitch switch”: A telecom CEO’s observation of female executives goes viral

4/23/2016 - A contagious brain disease has hit Norway’s reindeer, and scientists are afraid of it spreading

4/23/2016 - Weekend edition—The cost of emissions cheating, Canada’s example, experiential internet

4/22/2016 - Weekend edition—The cost of emissions cheating, Canada’s example, experiential internet

4/22/2016 - The world’s longest road trip: Exploring the future of autonomous vehicles

4/22/2016 - Prince’s quest for total artistic control changed the record business forever

4/22/2016 - In fashion, ‘realism’ is a trend that’s booming

4/22/2016 - Interactive: Seeking untapped opportunities, Southeast Asian nations look amongst themselves

4/22/2016 - These are the three most effective ways to chop your carbon footprint

4/22/2016 - The excellent, diverse list of Peabody winners puts other entertainment awards to shame

4/22/2016 - A new app helps you find the “Williamsburg” of any city in the world

4/22/2016 - For Eileen Fisher, a leader in sustainable fashion, perfection isn’t the point

4/22/2016 - McDonald’s CEO might just deserve his 368% raise

4/22/2016 - In Tokyo’s library-hotel, guests sleep in the bookshelves

4/22/2016 - A pro-Clinton group is taking on the internet’s ‘swarms of anonymous attackers’

4/22/2016 - Is your company relying on old remedies for new corporate challenges?

4/22/2016 - David Cameron could avoid a Brexit disaster—but he probably won’t

4/22/2016 - Our love affair with mountain cheese began in the Iron Age

4/22/2016 - Hedge funds are doing terribly

4/22/2016 - The FBI probably didn’t overpay for that iPhone hack

4/22/2016 - Styrofoam cups get a bad rap, and other surprising environmental revelations

4/22/2016 - Rock music has always been black music—and Prince proved it

4/22/2016 - Game of Thrones’ fantasy cartographer also hates it when the TV show strays from the book

4/22/2016 - China and Taiwan’s latest clash is over the fate of 45 accused of cyber-crime in Kenya

4/22/2016 - “Telling a good story is everything”—and other lessons from the former GM of Vine

4/22/2016 - A million people now access Facebook on the “dark web” every month

4/22/2016 - Bernie Sanders finally reveals the one tax he doesn’t want to raise

4/22/2016 - Charted: The most tragically banal ways to begin a college application essay

4/22/2016 - We’re home to trillions of cells that aren’t ours and they’re keeping us alive

4/22/2016 - Westeros has a race problem

4/22/2016 - The internet is not making us smarter—but we can fight back

4/22/2016 - From George Washington to Harriet Tubman: A brief history of the $20 bill

4/22/2016 - The mayor of London suggests Obama resents the British empire because he’s “part-Kenyan”

4/22/2016 - Why Obama thinks the UK should remain part of the European Union

4/22/2016 - The chart that shows how close we are to a climate catastrophe

4/22/2016 - The perfect recipe for making jihadis was developed in this small Iraqi town

4/22/2016 - Charted: The harsh impact of El Niño on East and southern Africa’s food supply

4/22/2016 - Portraits of Africans in Guangzhou capture China’s shrinking “Chocolate City”

4/22/2016 - Uber settles lawsuit, Obama opposes Brexit, Silicon Valley’s unicorn fantasy

4/22/2016 - Food, diapers, and free wifi: Japan relies on 7-11 to lead earthquake relief efforts

4/22/2016 - Starbucks is watering down its prices as it debuts in South Africa

4/22/2016 - India attracted more FDI than China in 2015

4/22/2016 - Apple’s iBooks and iTunes movie stores have been shut down in China

4/22/2016 - Tata Steel’s fire sale in the UK will do little to move its mountain of debt

4/22/2016 - Buying an Android phone in India is a pain in the ass

4/22/2016 - A Norway massacre survivor has a surprising defense of his attacker

4/22/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—The world loses Prince, Uber settles, California nut theft

4/22/2016 - The world loses Prince, Uber settles, California nut theft

4/22/2016 - Uber will pay $100 million to settle the biggest legal threat to its business

4/22/2016 - Immigrants are under attack in one of Africa’s most peaceful countries

4/22/2016 - India’s first smartphone publisher is now live—with stories from adult film star Sunny Leone

4/21/2016 - Prince made weird sexy, and kept sexy weird

4/21/2016 - That drone that hit a British Airways plane might have been a plastic bag

4/21/2016 - The world loses Prince, Alphabet and Microsoft miss, California nut theft

4/21/2016 - The cloud is the brightest thing in Microsoft’s future

4/21/2016 - Prince’s otherworldly style was rooted in the same alien instincts as his music

4/21/2016 - Alphabet blames strong US dollar for earnings miss as shares sink

4/21/2016 - The reason your phone has up to 1,600 emoji but no Prince symbol

4/21/2016 - Prince was a pioneer of modern textspeak

4/21/2016 - Prince had the craziest, most wonderful guitars of any pop musician

4/21/2016 - The best weird stories about Prince, from Questlove, Charlie Murphy, and Kevin Smith

4/21/2016 - Time magazine names Flipkart founders among 100 most influential people in the world

4/21/2016 - Prince only put one song on Spotify

4/21/2016 - Watch: Miles Davis explains Prince’s singular talent

4/21/2016 - Silicon Valley’s unicorn fantasy is collapsing in on itself

4/21/2016 - ‘Shark Tank’ suffers from the same problem as the rest of the startup world

4/21/2016 - Prince is dead at 57. Long live Prince

4/21/2016 - Trump says trans people using “whatever bathroom they feel is appropriate” is good business

4/21/2016 - Self-driving robots will soon be running your delivery errands in the US

4/21/2016 - “Overpaid and underperforming”: An anonymous investors’ letter lashes out at Nikesh Arora, hero of Indian startups

4/21/2016 - The royal search for the Queen’s official social media editor has begun

4/21/2016 - German viewers of immigrant-hating YouTube videos must first watch ads with real refugee stories

4/21/2016 - Apple is still searching for a partner for its rumored car project after BMW and Daimler reportedly said no

4/21/2016 - Learn to stop worrying and love the smart machines you’ll be working alongside in the future

4/21/2016 - When to switch jobs to get the biggest salary increase

4/21/2016 - Boko Haram is using loans to trick entrepreneurs into joining its ranks

4/21/2016 - Investors are expecting yet another blockbuster quarter for Google’s parent Alphabet

4/21/2016 - Who will live and who will die on “Game of Thrones,” according to statistics

4/21/2016 - Dementia rates are falling dramatically—but only for one gender

4/21/2016 - A clever algorithm generating millions of random ideas is turning the tables on patent trolls

4/21/2016 - “We can make a lot of mistakes”: The science of job interviews

4/21/2016 - Video buffering is still the scourge of streaming, but broadcast TV may hold the solution

4/21/2016 - Why all sugar isn’t evil

4/21/2016 - Uber is introducing live face checks in China to reduce driver fraud

4/21/2016 - The golden era of video-game console sales is over

4/21/2016 - A $10 million nut heist is a window into the shady, lucrative world of large-scale food theft

4/21/2016 - They said it couldn’t be done: Superheroes dominating the box office

4/21/2016 - Who will pay for a $15 minimum wage?

4/21/2016 - Donald Trump’s supporters are willing participants in a long con game

4/21/2016 - From red-haired foreigners to Soviet Grandpas—a look at Chinese cartoons about spies

4/21/2016 - China wants to extradite some of its citizens from New Zealand—and John Key is listening

4/21/2016 - The creators of White Savior Barbie are two white women who want to hold volunteers accountable

4/21/2016 - China’s satirical internet queen just sold her first video ad for $3.4 million

4/21/2016 - Mexico City is crowdsourcing its new constitution using Change.org in a democracy experiment

4/21/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Obama in London, Mexico oil explosion, bullet-proof bubble wrap

4/21/2016 - A year after the UK created near-equal parental leave, women still do almost all the parenting

4/21/2016 - Obama in London, Mexico oil explosion, bullet-proof bubble wrap

4/21/2016 - Seven Soviet-era tips for running a successful police state

4/21/2016 - Kenya forced Chase Bank into an “arranged marriage”—but it still has way too many lenders

4/21/2016 - There is no U in Modi, but his government just can’t stop making U-turns

4/21/2016 - Indian debates must be respectful and tolerant, unlike the angry fights on TV: Raghuram Rajan

4/21/2016 - This technology is designed to predict big earthquakes and save lives, but it can’t get funding

4/21/2016 - It’s safer to be a journalist in South Africa than the US—but Africa’s press is far from free

4/21/2016 - Watch: How to make the most of your 300-square-foot apartment

4/21/2016 - Indian builders are betting on monstrous malls in the age of Flipkart and Amazon. Will it work?

4/21/2016 - Microsoft earnings, carmaker woes, Hershey’s meat bars

4/21/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Microsoft earnings, carmaker woes, Hershey’s meat bars

4/21/2016 - Mozambique could lose hundreds of millions in funds over a hidden $1 billion debt

4/21/2016 - How an engineering college project turned into India’s first electric motorcycle company

4/20/2016 - A 70-year-old woman is suing China’s state media giant Xinhua for defaming her son

4/20/2016 - Microsoft earnings, Hamilton’s $10 reprieve, Hershey’s meat bars

4/20/2016 - Harriet Tubman on the $20 is the right answer, and the US government wasted everyone’s time looking for it

4/20/2016 - Watch: Fidel Castro gave what he said may be his last speech

4/20/2016 - Bernie Sanders is pushing mainstream Democrats to the left on Israel

4/20/2016 - High schoolers who get into every Ivy League college have surprisingly simple advice

4/20/2016 - Why America’s impressive 5% unemployment rate feels like a lie for so many

4/20/2016 - Megacities, not nations, are the world’s dominant, enduring social structures

4/20/2016 - Snapchat made a Bob Marley filter that gives you instant blackface

4/20/2016 - A women’s boxing champion wants hot ‘ring boys’ instead of half-naked girls

4/20/2016 - A spending freeze by high-rolling Chinese tourists is scaring Europe’s luxury industry

4/20/2016 - Coca-Cola may have just hit on its worst marketing idea since New Coke

4/20/2016 - “FOMO,” “trigger warning,” and “revenge porn” have been added to Merriam-Webster

4/20/2016 - The one-armed robot that will look after me until I die

4/20/2016 - A Norway court ruled that the human rights of racist mass killer Anders Breivik were violated in prison

4/20/2016 - Harriet Tubman is replacing Andrew Jackson on the front of the US $20 bill

4/20/2016 - As Americans eat less chocolate, Hershey’s begins pushing meat bars

4/20/2016 - Why one place voted for Trump more than any other place, anywhere, ever

4/20/2016 - Parents are paying “experts” a lot of money to name their babies

4/20/2016 - “Gimme, gimme, gimme”—Tupac skewered Donald Trump’s greed in a 1992 MTV interview

4/20/2016 - Bernie Sanders’ last remaining hope to win the Democratic nomination is anti-democratic

4/20/2016 - Researchers have invented a new type of metal that pulverizes bullets

4/20/2016 - Google just made one of the biggest cities in the world a little more bicyclist-friendly

4/20/2016 - The British government has ruined the people’s democratic choice to name a boat “Boaty McBoatface”

4/20/2016 - The ethical questions that every traveler should ask about poverty tourism

4/20/2016 - San Francisco will require new buildings to install solar panels

4/20/2016 - Google has finally been slapped with Android antitrust charges in Europe

4/20/2016 - Instagram’s White Savior Barbie neatly captures what’s wrong with “voluntourism” in Africa

4/20/2016 - This futuristic guitar makes it possible to learn how to play in minutes

4/20/2016 - I created a tool that makes people sound smarter, and accidentally took away their personal freedom

4/20/2016 - “The most impossible job in the world” may finally go to a woman this year

4/20/2016 - The unapologetic racial profiling of Muslims has become America’s new normal

4/20/2016 - “I’ve got two words for you, Ted: Boo hoo.” Elizabeth Warren’s epic teardown of Ted Cruz

4/20/2016 - There’s a mysterious new planet hiding in our solar system. What do we know about it so far?

4/20/2016 - America’s weed industry is going to be massive. Is Big Marijuana a good thing?

4/20/2016 - Mitsubishi Motors has admitted to manipulating fuel-economy tests

4/20/2016 - Traumatized by millennials, employers are already desperate to make Generation Z happy

4/20/2016 - Trump and Clinton triumph, Mitsubishi caught cheating, fungal internet

4/20/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Trump and Clinton triumph, Mitsubishi caught cheating, fungal internet

4/20/2016 - If you have seasonal allergies, you can probably blame your birthday

4/20/2016 - China is reducing air pollution in its big cities—by making it worse in its smaller ones

4/20/2016 - Privacy fans, Europe has a very lucrative job for you

4/20/2016 - Nigeria has a culture of not paying workers and it’s not about to change anytime soon

4/20/2016 - Perilous alternative routes into Europe await desperate migrants facing deportation from Greece

4/20/2016 - Kenya’s national rugby team came home from the Rugby Sevens as champions—on a Qatar Airways flight

4/20/2016 - A frustrated Delhiite to Kejriwal: I like you, but you really screwed it up with surge pricing

4/20/2016 - It took a Congressional hearing to make Apple admit it is not giving China access to its source code

4/20/2016 - The UN is attempting its first major drug policy revamp in decades. Will it go far enough?

4/20/2016 - The West’s campaign against conflict minerals is doing more harm than good

4/20/2016 - Cover letters are criminally misunderstood, and often idiotically rendered

4/20/2016 - From milkers to Spanish tour consultants, 14 hottest jobs in a new India

4/20/2016 - Trump and Clinton victories, Intel’s layoffs, the internet of trees

4/20/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Trump and Clinton victories, Intel’s layoffs, the internet of trees

4/20/2016 - At the very most, just 23 Trump Tower residents voted for Donald Trump

4/19/2016 - Hillary Clinton wins the New York primary, closing off one of Bernie Sanders’ last chances

4/19/2016 - In New York’s ritzy Upper East Side, some like Trump—but others want to send him to a therapist

4/19/2016 - Donald Trump cruises to an easy victory in the New York Republican primary

4/19/2016 - When Raghuram Rajan took Dosa economics to Columbia University

4/19/2016 - Intel is cutting 11% of its workforce—and finally getting real about the PC business

4/19/2016 - Nestle’s Maggi is India’s favorite instant noodle again

4/19/2016 - Yahoo keeps sinking, Intel’s massive layoffs, the internet of trees

4/19/2016 - The founders of Ben & Jerry’s got arrested in Washington and their namesake company couldn’t be prouder

4/19/2016 - Lyft has quietly eliminated its 3X cap on surge pricing

4/19/2016 - A lawsuit against Kanye West and Tidal strikes at music streaming’s newest problem

4/19/2016 - The US really might stop producing pennies

4/19/2016 - Google is the number one employer of Bernie Sanders donors

4/19/2016 - Was the priceless Kohinoor diamond a gift from India to Britain, or an imperial theft?

4/19/2016 - Southwest has an explanation for why it kicked an Arabic-speaker off its plane

4/19/2016 - Money keeps pouring into blockchain startups

4/19/2016 - This is progress? The newest CEOs are less worldly and more male than ever

4/19/2016 - Online fashion giant Yoox-Net-a-Porter just found an entry point into the Middle East’s luxury market

4/19/2016 - This innovative, women-only networking event took place 30,000 feet above the ground

4/19/2016 - The end is nigh for Louis Vuitton fried chicken

4/19/2016 - People over 40 are way more productive when they work part-time

4/19/2016 - Apple hired an engineering star who has designed cars at Aston Martin and Tesla

4/19/2016 - What the world’s wealthiest, self-made women have in common

4/19/2016 - These charts show reliable electricity is still a luxury for more than half of Africa

4/19/2016 - Humans are losing the battle against Kardashian-loving algorithms for the soul of new media

4/19/2016 - Ask an economist: How much money is the liberal arts experience really worth?

4/19/2016 - The crappy 360-degree videos you’re seeing on Facebook are giving virtual reality a bad name

4/19/2016 - What Hillary Clinton gets that Bernie Sanders doesn’t: Identity politics

4/19/2016 - The one group unions don’t want getting a minimum wage in California? Union workers

4/19/2016 - New York City’s island of forgotten Republicans has finally found its voice

4/19/2016 - Scientists have a new idea about how the dinosaurs actually died

4/19/2016 - Great decision-making starts with what you wear

4/19/2016 - Poland’s government is trying to pass a law that would crush the country’s wind-power industry

4/19/2016 - “We are repulsed by this government”: Brazil’s wealthy are fleeing the country

4/19/2016 - The scientists trying to rid Lucky Charms of artificial colors are baffled by the marshmallows

4/19/2016 - Scientists say we can tell if people are friends just by listening to them laughing together

4/19/2016 - VCs raised the most money in a decade last quarter, but are in no rush to invest it

4/19/2016 - Watch: NASA releases new ultra-high-definition footage of earth’s auroras

4/19/2016 - Justin Trudeau’s Canada is the best hope for the global economy

4/19/2016 - A Chinese company has agreed to buy 1% of Australia

4/19/2016 - Steinway just released an iPad-controlled piano

4/19/2016 - The long term prospects for distributed content just got rather hazy

4/19/2016 - Great MBAs are cheap in Europe right now

4/19/2016 - Let’s go ahead and make Earth invisible to aliens, just in case

4/19/2016 - The dumb, delusional US Senate encryption bill is everything wrong with tech politics

4/19/2016 - Deadline day: Who wants to buy Yahoo, and who doesn’t

4/19/2016 - Yahoo faces the music, New York primaries, rowdy vegans

4/19/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Yahoo faces the music, New York primaries, rowdy vegans

4/19/2016 - Former Apple CEO John Sculley’s views of leadership changed when he met Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

4/19/2016 - Netflix set a record for subscriber growth, but investors are worried it’s hitting a wall

4/19/2016 - China’s housing boom has destroyed its biggest cities’ drinking water

4/19/2016 - Japan has suffered over 600 aftershocks in less than a week

4/19/2016 - What a daughter needs is some badass advice to face a badass world

4/19/2016 - Divided by history, can religious tourism bring India and Pakistan closer?

4/19/2016 - Yahoo faces the music, Apple vs Feds round II, Korean male cosmetics

4/19/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Yahoo faces the music, Apple vs Feds round II, Korean male cosmetics

4/19/2016 - How returning Indian soldiers from World War ll reshaped South Asia

4/19/2016 - Conservationists used a night vision drone to bust poachers in the Gulf of California

4/19/2016 - The cobblestone streets of Paris’ 7th arrondissement are Formula E’s newest racetrack

4/18/2016 - Hillary Clinton assembled a dream team of women to campaign for her in New York

4/18/2016 - Uber is killing off its instant food delivery option in New York City

4/18/2016 - Yahoo faces the music, Apple vs Feds round II, Korean male cosmetics

4/18/2016 - Investors are slashing startup valuations—and not even Uber and Airbnb are safe

4/18/2016 - One McDonald’s in Missouri is about to become a Mecca for French fry lovers

4/18/2016 - IBM’s painful transition is far from over

4/18/2016 - Silicon Valley’s guru was everything Silicon Valley isn’t

4/18/2016 - Women are saving companies millions, and not in the way you’d think

4/18/2016 - Another region of India is killing surge pricing

4/18/2016 - Zika is a warning to the US public health system to stop rushing from fire to fire

4/18/2016 - Republicans and Democrats hate income inequality, but not as much as they hate each other

4/18/2016 - “The Coach” of Silicon Valley, who mentored Steve Jobs and Larry Page, has died

4/18/2016 - Adulthood in the US has nothing to do with age anymore

4/18/2016 - Amazon is launching a monthly streaming plan—and it’s cheaper than Netflix

4/18/2016 - Thousands of independent Californians accidentally registered to a right-wing political party

4/18/2016 - The IRS warns Americans: Fess up before we read the Panama Papers

4/18/2016 - There’s one important reason to believe that Sanders could beat expectations in New York’s primary

4/18/2016 - This car just drove itself 1,200 miles across China

4/18/2016 - Charted: US consumption of bottled water has finally caught up to soda

4/18/2016 - INTERACTIVE: Formula E’s electric cars continue a Paris tradition started in 1894

4/18/2016 - Watch: Sesame Street and John Oliver sing about how the US government failed poor children

4/18/2016 - Hollywood’s superheroes still equate power with whiteness

4/18/2016 - The science of keeping your cool when co-workers drive you nuts

4/18/2016 - The world’s most counterfeited brand isn’t a luxury label

4/18/2016 - Google just scored a major victory against US authors

4/18/2016 - People from Hong Kong have found a solution to their long working hours

4/18/2016 - Twitter’s new China head was a People’s Liberation Army engineer who worked on military security

4/18/2016 - Piracy on the high seas is on the decline, and so is the anti-piracy industry

4/18/2016 - Coming soon: The internet of clothes

4/18/2016 - Every fulfilling relationship begins with how you see your partner

4/18/2016 - Four questions for Marissa Mayer when Yahoo reports its earnings tomorrow

4/18/2016 - Crush an interview and get hired for the job within three minutes

4/18/2016 - The world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant is coming to New York

4/18/2016 - Six of the worst toxins Apple says it has phased out of its products

4/18/2016 - Dramatic drone footage of earthquake damage on Japan’s Kyushu island

4/18/2016 - Scientists in the UK are about to lose their chance to speak out against the government

4/18/2016 - Who wants Yahoo?, Ecuadorian earthquake, Johnny Depp’s “war on terrier”

4/18/2016 - How much is Germany’s glorified $5 billion startup factory really worth?

4/18/2016 - Charted: The astonishing cost of healthcare in India

4/18/2016 - Educated, 30-something male employees are the most likely to defraud companies in India

4/18/2016 - A “time slice” theory of consciousness suggests we’re not continually aware of our surroundings

4/18/2016 - South Africa may get three more stock exchanges—and a lot more investors

4/18/2016 - Falling oil prices, Yahoo bids, volunteer penguin counters

4/18/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Falling oil prices, Yahoo bids, volunteer penguin counters

4/18/2016 - How history and paranoia keep morphine away from India’s terminally-ill patients

4/18/2016 - Is funding in Indian startups rising or falling? Depends on whom you ask

4/17/2016 - Oil prices are plummeting again because big oil states failed to freeze their production

4/17/2016 - Hundreds of Chinese teens have fallen ill at a private school built on a toxic waste dump

4/17/2016 - Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff just lost a crucial impeachment vote in congress

4/17/2016 - Brazil’s big vote, deadline for Yahoo bids, lodging in luxury, sexist selfies

4/17/2016 - Daily Brief—Asia edition—Brazil’s big vote, deadline for Yahoo bids, lodging in luxury, sexist selfies

4/17/2016 - Oil prices are set to plunge again after major producers failed to agree to a production freeze

4/17/2016 - A small drone has collided with a British Airways plane over London

4/17/2016 - Americans are more likely than the rest of the world to believe hard works pays off

4/17/2016 - For many of us, monogamy is not an emotionally healthy pursuit

4/17/2016 - Apple’s recycling programs salvaged $43 million worth of gold from discarded products last year

4/17/2016 - “Anastasia” is heading for Broadway, and bringing one of modern history’s greatest lies with it

4/17/2016 - Respectability politics are making black Americans sick

4/17/2016 - America’s missing wage growth has been particularly cruel to one generation—and it isn’t millennials

4/17/2016 - Feminism’s greatest obstacle in the digital age is the commodification of women’s bodies

4/17/2016 - Greater good vs the fat man: A popular moral dilemma can tell you whether you’re likable

4/17/2016 - People don’t know how tall they are, or how much they weigh, and that’s confusing obesity research

4/17/2016 - It’s true. Every music festival is starting to look the same

4/17/2016 - Charted: Hong Kong’s housing market suddenly has echoes of the SARS era

4/17/2016 - How to stay in luxury hotel rooms all over the world for less

4/17/2016 - The ethical absurdities of prosecuting good samaritans who give rides to refugees

4/16/2016 - “Not in our city”: Portraits from an anti-Trump protest in New York City

4/16/2016 - The Pope met with Bernie Sanders out of “politeness” and “good manners,” he says

4/16/2016 - Photos: Ultra-fashionable seniors are proof that style can get better with age

4/16/2016 - 150 years ago, a world-famous philosopher called busyness the sign of an unhappy person

4/16/2016 - The question Michelle Obama put to her college-bound daughters is one all parents should ask

4/16/2016 - Biotech’s quest to put a new spin on old age

4/16/2016 - A classic rock Coachella—featuring Dylan, McCartney, and other legendary acts—is in the works

4/16/2016 - It turns out money can buy happiness, but only if you spend it the right way

4/16/2016 - Pope Francis brought 12 refugees back to Rome after a poignant visit to Lesbos

4/16/2016 - Is H&M misleading customers with all its talk of sustainability?

4/16/2016 - Happiness is the new GDP

4/16/2016 - A tiny forest tribe built a DIY drone from YouTube to fight off illegal loggers

4/16/2016 - Weekend edition—Erdogan as Putin, superbugs, farm-to-table fakery

4/16/2016 - Erdogan’s attitude to Europe is looking more and more like Putin’s

4/16/2016 - Here’s why kids fall behind in science

4/16/2016 - A 15-ton computer aims to provide clean water, electricity, and the internet to thousands of Africans

4/16/2016 - You might hate taxes. But they sure do inspire some great art

4/16/2016 - In the last four days, 6,000 migrants have arrived in Sicily by boat

4/16/2016 - Zambia’s currency is the world’s best, six months after the president’s national prayers

4/16/2016 - Weekend edition—Erdogan as Putin, superbugs, farm-to-table fakery

4/15/2016 - Weekend edition—Erdogan as Putin, superbugs, farm-to-table fakery

4/15/2016 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Erdogan as Putin, superbugs, farm-to-table fakery

4/15/2016 - Coal’s decline has been a slow burn that suddenly seems to be picking up

4/15/2016 - It took one day for AMC to realize no one wants texting-friendly movie theaters

4/15/2016 - Your web searches are probably going to be powered by wind

4/15/2016 - It’s finally happened: The NBA is allowing teams to sell ad space on uniforms

4/15/2016 - The latest anti-abortion bill would force doctors to racially profile their patients

4/15/2016 - Edward Snowden hooked up with a French electronica artist to cut a track about cybersecurity

4/15/2016 - A molecular biologist’s delightful trading cards of deadly viruses

4/15/2016 - Chinese money is desperate to get out of China

4/15/2016 - “Do not misrepresent NASA”: The US space agency strikes back at climate change deniers on Facebook

4/15/2016 - Watch: What is happening when the world’s fastest growing group of internet users come online

4/15/2016 - A pot company with no profit, weak internal controls, and skeptical accountants has filed for an IPO

4/15/2016 - The secret language of South Asia’s transgender community

4/15/2016 - A loophole is letting genetically modified foods sidestep American GMO regulations

4/15/2016 - One in 14 Americans will grow up with a parent in prison

4/15/2016 - Germany is prosecuting a comedian who mocked Turkey’s president, and people are outraged

4/15/2016 - The one thing that unites rich investors and poor communities? The marijuana business

4/15/2016 - There’s a complicated history to Hillary Clinton that young people can’t reconcile

4/15/2016 - Imam: ISIL’s new kill list shows the American Muslim community is “pretty freaking awesome”

4/15/2016 - To these guys, sign spinning isn’t just a job—it’s a calling

4/15/2016 - You may not know it but your favorite frozen pizza is getting healthier

4/15/2016 - China is using Mr. Bean and Batman to help explain the importance of protecting state secrets

4/15/2016 - How to protect nuclear plants from terrorists

4/15/2016 - “I was meant to do this”: The man behind the Uber-for-women startup talks female empowerment

4/15/2016 - Al Gore is hugely optimistic when it comes to one thing about climate change

4/15/2016 - Why the sweaty, crowded summer festival became the last sacred space in music

4/15/2016 - Some Hong Kong women would rather die alone than date Hong Kong men

4/15/2016 - Citigroup earnings, Rousseff’s impeachment vote, Czech Republic is rebranding

4/15/2016 - Google says its new calendar feature makes time for what you actually care about

4/15/2016 - Netflix faces rivals in India and Southeast Asia that are better adapted to local realities

4/15/2016 - Why Maruti Suzuki is likely to keep winning in India’s car market

4/15/2016 - China’s GDP, Clinton-Sanders debate, fake Loch Ness monster

4/15/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—China’s GDP, Clinton-Sanders debate, fake Loch Ness monster

4/15/2016 - Amma, it is time we talked about sex

4/15/2016 - In India, women professors may be the solution to educational inequality

4/15/2016 - Odd-even won’t fix Delhi’s air, but it will feed the selfishness of Delhi’s car owners

4/15/2016 - Photos: Hong Kong’s overwhelming urban density—captured from a drone

4/15/2016 - Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are done being nice

4/14/2016 - Brexit campaign kickoff, Japan earthquake, fake Loch Ness monster

4/14/2016 - Is $19.6 million too outrageous a pay package for the CEO of BP? Shareholders say yes

4/14/2016 - The biggest US companies have stashed more money offshore than Mexico’s entire GDP

4/14/2016 - Angela Merkel is in a diplomatic nightmare—all thanks to an obscene poem

4/14/2016 - Photos: China’s teenage parents raise kids with the help of their families

4/14/2016 - China’s internet got a strange and lasting boost from the SARS epidemic

4/14/2016 - How extreme sports are transforming remote towns into economic powerhouses

4/14/2016 - Why Western attempts to understand Muslims so often end up reinforcing stereotypes

4/14/2016 - Great idea alert! A theater chain wants to allow texting during movies

4/14/2016 - China’s Communist party is finally letting its 88 million members play golf

4/14/2016 - The “world’s first virtual-reality surgery” forgot the virtual-reality part

4/14/2016 - A woman in Ohio allegedly live-streamed the rape of an underage girl on Twitter’s Periscope

4/14/2016 - South Africa is targeting Chinese and Indian tourists after relaxing its visa rules

4/14/2016 - The troubling way that anyone can spy on any Tinder user

4/14/2016 - A new study confirms it: We really don’t know what we’re saying when we use emoji

4/14/2016 - Research says children of older mothers are smarter, taller, and stronger

4/14/2016 - Zika babies reveal our society’s deep, dangerous prejudice against disabilities

4/14/2016 - Stop telling good arguers to become lawyers

4/14/2016 - The new US ban on slave labor imports appears to have teeth

4/14/2016 - The FBI couldn’t tell Apple what hack it used, even if it wanted to

4/14/2016 - Greenland ice is melting faster than ever—and that could be bad news for the Earth’s rotation

4/14/2016 - Traveling to Cuba as an American is easier than you think—if you read this guide first

4/14/2016 - The first ever scientific study to capture images of your brain on LSD had to be crowdfunded

4/14/2016 - How to propose with an engagement diamond as rock-solid as your ethical values

4/14/2016 - If you’re a TV binge watcher, you’re also a huge energy hog

4/14/2016 - For the first time, Israel’s police has promoted a Muslim to its most senior ranks

4/14/2016 - What the Golden State Warriors did—on and off the court—to make history

4/14/2016 - Putin’s hotline bling, new basketball record, communists can play golf

4/14/2016 - How immigration will change Sweden profoundly

4/14/2016 - Australian football is coming to China—where no one cares about it

4/14/2016 - Toilet, toilet everywhere in India, but where does all the shit go?

4/14/2016 - “Sweden must change quickly”: Spotify threatens to leave the country

4/14/2016 - Theranos ban, drone racing, helper turkeys

4/14/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Theranos ban, drone racing, helper turkeys

4/14/2016 - How to find an ethical doctor in India

4/13/2016 - Photos: Will and Kate are having a great time on their first royal trip to India

4/13/2016 - Interactive: Southeast Asia is taking steps to turn itself into a supply chain powerhouse

4/13/2016 - Uber is telling every single rider in Bengaluru how much money surge pricing has saved them

4/13/2016 - Facebook has a plan to speed up the internet in big cities too

4/13/2016 - Read Malala’s open letter to the families of schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram

4/13/2016 - The “Trump effect” is spiking racist bullying in US schools: Survey

4/13/2016 - US tax returns are surprisingly easy to hack

4/13/2016 - Theranos troubles, China’s lagging economy, octopus on the lam

4/13/2016 - The CDC says there’s no doubt about it: Zika virus definitely causes microcephaly

4/13/2016 - Rachel Dolezal is writing a book about race

4/13/2016 - This browser plug-in lets you have a virtual Netflix watch party

4/13/2016 - The best US cities for women’s opportunity

4/13/2016 - Finally, a textbook that treats finance as an art form

4/13/2016 - Japanese researchers are working on an electric fork that makes bland food seem salty

4/13/2016 - The company rumored to help the FBI hack an iPhone is also going after distracted drivers

4/13/2016 - Inky the New Zealand octopus has fired the opening shot in the cephalopod uprising

4/13/2016 - New York City seeks a better way for people to enter its subway than by swiping flimsy plastic cards

4/13/2016 - The Republican candidate in last place has the best shot against Hillary Clinton

4/13/2016 - Yes, startup funding really is slowing in San Francisco

4/13/2016 - A paralyzed man can now use a computer to move his arm

4/13/2016 - Drone racing just became a mainstream sport, thanks to ESPN

4/13/2016 - Mark Zuckerberg champions Internet.org at F8 but remains silent on criticisms

4/13/2016 - Bernie Sanders finally got a Senate endorsement

4/13/2016 - Research shows being married helps cancer patients live longer

4/13/2016 - In almost half of the US, daycare can be more expensive than college

4/13/2016 - Rocket Internet’s deal with Alibaba validates its opaque, unproven, model

4/13/2016 - How Africa can close its continent-wide science funding gap

4/13/2016 - Guess what the world’s worst economy will be this year

4/13/2016 - Expanding life-saving health care in poor nations would cost $5 per person, researchers say

4/13/2016 - Hillary Clinton says she wants half of her cabinet to be women

4/13/2016 - Did the FBI pay hackers to break into that iPhone?

4/13/2016 - Formula E races through one of Berlin’s hippest neighborhoods

4/13/2016 - China will retry Taiwanese nationals who were acquitted of any crime in Kenya

4/13/2016 - When the French try to beat the Italians at Italian food, things get ugly

4/13/2016 - Schools are finally teaching what kids need to be successful in life

4/13/2016 - A Stanford dean on adult skills every 18-year-old should have

4/13/2016 - Seven inventions from MIT’s student awards that are both cool and useful

4/13/2016 - More hotels are being planned in Africa than ever before

4/13/2016 - Pigs with human hearts, and other wild tales from the future of organ donation

4/13/2016 - Our failure to tackle mental health is costing the world a trillion dollars a year

4/13/2016 - A UN volunteer was seriously injured. Why won’t it even hear her claim for compensation?

4/13/2016 - Conan O’Brien accidentally exposed the culture gap between Koreans and Korean-Americans

4/13/2016 - Ghana’s startup hub pioneer is going pan-African with a $50 million fund

4/13/2016 - Should your baby share your bed?

4/13/2016 - What being right or left-handed says about your brain

4/13/2016 - Mossack Fonseca raid, JPMorgan earnings, Stephen Hawking joins Weibo

4/13/2016 - A 60-year-old Christian woman was caned in Indonesia for breaking sharia law

4/13/2016 - Step into virtually any supermarket and the yogurt wars are in full swing

4/13/2016 - “God-like” Stephen Hawking’s popularity on Chinese social media soars at light speed

4/13/2016 - For the first time, an Indian cigarette brand will cover its packets with bigger health warnings

4/13/2016 - Hong Kong’s abandoned sailors now have food and legal aid, but still no wages

4/13/2016 - One of the world’s oldest copies of the Quran is now online

4/13/2016 - Stuck in Bengaluru’s insane traffic, Uber and Ola drivers are losing their incomes—and health

4/13/2016 - ‘Panama Papers’ raid, JPMorgan earnings, Icelandic pirate poets

4/13/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—’Panama Papers’ raid, JPMorgan earnings, Icelandic pirate poets

4/13/2016 - How are IIT-JEE toppers treated at the IITs?

4/13/2016 - Authorities in two nations raided the offices of ‘Panama Papers’ law firm Mossack Fonseca

4/13/2016 - From free TV sets to 4G smartphones, how to win some elections in India

4/12/2016 - Line’s CEO is betting on bots to help the messaging company finally IPO

4/12/2016 - Photos: Luminous portraits of Bangladesh’s teenage prostitutes

4/12/2016 - Burnout comes in many forms—but you can beat them all

4/12/2016 - The best programming languages you can learn

4/12/2016 - IMF doom and gloom, JPMorgan earnings, Icelandic pirate poets

4/12/2016 - Everything Facebook announced on the first day of its F8 developer conference

4/12/2016 - If Uber’s data-sharing with the government worries you, that’s precisely the point

4/12/2016 - Microsoft and Facebook say they’ve closed the gender pay gap. Have they really?

4/12/2016 - This will be the world’s fastest-growing economy this year, says the IMF

4/12/2016 - Faced with boycotts, North Carolina’s governor backtracks on an anti-LGBT law

4/12/2016 - Besieged with White House rumors, Paul Ryan says: “Count me out!”

4/12/2016 - Louis C.K. tried to buck the TV system and now he’s millions of dollars in debt

4/12/2016 - There’s one major perk of globalization that only applies to rich people

4/12/2016 - Airbnb just acquired a team of bitcoin and blockchain experts

4/12/2016 - Forget bubble wrap, the future of packaging is marine algae

4/12/2016 - A Texas gun maker built a real gun that looks just like a Nintendo Zapper

4/12/2016 - Underground fashion king Hypebeast just had the best stock debut in Asia so far this year

4/12/2016 - A little PDA between parents could be good for kids’ health

4/12/2016 - Stephen Hawking and a Russian billionaire want to send tiny light-propelled “nanocrafts” to Alpha Centauri

4/12/2016 - The FBI wants to know, have you seen these seven missing Warhols?

4/12/2016 - A French footwear brand is making entirely sustainable versions of your favorite classic sneakers

4/12/2016 - On-demand startups are now shamelessly catering to the wealthy elite

4/12/2016 - Saudi Arabia’s credit rating just got downgraded thanks to oil prices

4/12/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s campaign embraces her moment of subway ineptitude

4/12/2016 - Researchers are asking for the public’s help counting all of the penguins in these photos

4/12/2016 - Women in tech are asking for lower salaries than men for the same jobs

4/12/2016 - Boko Haram has stepped up its use of children as suicide bombers—and most of them are girls

4/12/2016 - The financial hypocrisy of shaming women for debt while paying them less

4/12/2016 - The Guptas: How one family’s name became shorthand for corruption in South Africa

4/12/2016 - Alibaba is buying—not building—its way into Southeast Asia

4/12/2016 - Kenya is the latest battleground for China’s supremacy over Taiwan

4/12/2016 - An experimental eating regime may slow aging and stave off disease–if you can stand it

4/12/2016 - In an amazing year of sport, ticket prices are soaring to watch history being made

4/12/2016 - To make this Uzbek dumpling, you need just seven ingredients and a broomstick.

4/12/2016 - Millennials really are the best at hopping from job to job

4/12/2016 - For the first time in decades, music sales are growing again. Guess why?

4/12/2016 - The US National Weather Service will no longer YELL ITS FORECASTS IN ALL-CAPS

4/12/2016 - At Stanford’s new cancer center, patients interview every new hire

4/12/2016 - Why some rainforests are becoming shorter than they were decades ago

4/12/2016 - How to break up gracefully

4/12/2016 - If there really are genetic “superheroes,” they’re going to be very difficult to find

4/12/2016 - Saudi Arabia is on a drilling binge—and looks likely to again dominate global oil

4/12/2016 - Superbugs are on track to kill 10 million people by 2050 if things don’t change—fast

4/12/2016 - “I had so many advantages, and I barely made it”: Pinterest engineer on Silicon Valley sexism

4/12/2016 - Another viral ad tries to “empower” women while selling them products to look young forever

4/12/2016 - If corporations are people, they’re probably sad people

4/12/2016 - “TSA is our No. 1 problem right now”: Long security lines are frustrating US airlines, too

4/12/2016 - How leaders lose their way

4/12/2016 - France’s leading media critic is obsessed with print journalism

4/12/2016 - See public transport campaigns against “manspreading” from around the world

4/12/2016 - “Clown puke”: Australia absolutely hates its new $5 bill

4/12/2016 - Facebook’s F8 conference, Mercedes beats BMW, did Putin leak Panama Papers?

4/12/2016 - Africa’s economy could be as slow as the rest of the world’s for the first time in 16 years

4/12/2016 - One of Japan’s top architects is working on an “invisible” train

4/12/2016 - Facebook’s F8, Tesla’s recall, hedgehog cuddling in Tokyo

4/12/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Facebook’s F8, Tesla’s recall, hedgehog cuddling in Tokyo

4/12/2016 - India looks to revive an ancient mine and strike gold again

4/12/2016 - A pirate poet could become Iceland’s next prime minister—but she says she doesn’t want the job

4/12/2016 - An anxious India launches another round of the great monsoon prediction game

4/12/2016 - Is it stupid to end surge pricing by Ola and Uber in India?

4/12/2016 - These are clues that can help investors spot fraudulent pitches

4/11/2016 - China let 13 North Koreans defect through its border because they had “legitimate” ID

4/11/2016 - New York is likely dropping its “tampon tax”

4/11/2016 - British Steel is reborn, Goldman Sachs pays up, hedgehog cuddling in Tokyo

4/11/2016 - The top 10 books Americans tried to ban in 2015

4/11/2016 - Watch: John Oliver explains why credit reports are the absolute worst

4/11/2016 - Prada is in trouble

4/11/2016 - “New York values” help everyone live longer—especially the poor

4/11/2016 - Watch American diplomat Conan O’Brien host a talk show on the North Korean side of the DMZ

4/11/2016 - Exactly how male gamers react when they are forced to play female characters

4/11/2016 - There are still some questions for Elon Musk to answer about the Tesla Model 3

4/11/2016 - To avoid disaster, we must teach robots to disobey us

4/11/2016 - There aren’t as many Nigerian mobile internet users as we thought

4/11/2016 - Leadership is a quality that you can teach yourself

4/11/2016 - Africa proves that wealthy countries can be failed democracies too

4/11/2016 - The ridiculous reason Eric and Ivanka Trump won’t be voting for their dad in New York’s primary

4/11/2016 - The scientific way to train white people to stop being racist

4/11/2016 - These electric race cars look just like Formula 1, but are eerily quiet

4/11/2016 - It’s time for the tech industry to make racism a fireable offense

4/11/2016 - Why so many Americans think they’re #blessed

4/11/2016 - Graphene-coated solar panels could create electricity from raindrops

4/11/2016 - Beijing has abducted eight Taiwanese men from a Kenyan police bureau—Taiwan officials

4/11/2016 - Researchers challenge the myths behind the US’s very own refugee crisis in the 1930s

4/11/2016 - David Cameron’s tax showdown, earnings season, world’s longest python

4/11/2016 - How Narendra Modi is getting India to save on electricity

4/11/2016 - The US’s top diplomat paid respects to Japan’s atomic bomb victims—but expect no apology

4/11/2016 - There’s a surge in the amount of money in circulation in India—and no one knows why

4/11/2016 - Brexit analysis, Singapore feud, eating lionfish

4/11/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Brexit analysis, Singapore feud, eating lionfish

4/11/2016 - Forget the mug. Toilet paper is on a roll in India

4/11/2016 - In conservative India, a startup is helping unmarried couples find a room

4/10/2016 - A Yahoo-Daily Mail merger could turn the internet into “the worst kind of tabloid”

4/10/2016 - Brexit analysis, Singapore feud, eating lionfish

4/10/2016 - Terrorists were planning a second Paris attack but were forced to hit Brussels instead

4/10/2016 - “Female Viagra” has been a flop

4/10/2016 - Research backs up the instinct that walking improves creativity

4/10/2016 - David Cameron’s tax returns provide a few answers, but also raise many more questions

4/10/2016 - What I learned when I turned my baking hobby into a full-time job

4/10/2016 - A year after its launch, it’s now clear that pretty much no one needs an Apple Watch

4/10/2016 - How feminism helped me redefine my Jewish faith

4/10/2016 - There is a powerful relationship between the population of single women and social progress

4/10/2016 - The many forgotten benefits of segmented sleep

4/10/2016 - American movies are full of women who don’t really talk

4/10/2016 - Illegal fireworks at Kerala temple kill nearly 100

4/10/2016 - A short history of the imminent collapse of Jesus Christ’s tomb in Jerusalem

4/9/2016 - Uber for women is a great idea—except for one thing

4/9/2016 - Chinese researchers have genetically modified human embryos—yet again

4/9/2016 - The troubling price of the world becoming less open

4/9/2016 - What should Austria do with the house where Hitler was born?

4/9/2016 - A female chief in Malawi is breaking up child marriages and sending kids back to school

4/9/2016 - Daily Brief weekend edition—Rebuilding borders, disrupting diamonds, Jamie Dimon’s year

4/9/2016 - There is such a thing as “summer SAD” and it affects millions

4/9/2016 - If the pope loves gay people, he has a strange way of showing it

4/9/2016 - Research shows that a 10 minute conversation can stop transphobia

4/9/2016 - How American Idol took us from 9/11 to Donald Trump

4/9/2016 - Credulous employees have wired $2.3 billion in company funds to criminals, says FBI

4/9/2016 - Dozens of sailors have been stranded on a casino ship in Hong Kong harbor for six months

4/9/2016 - Weekend edition—Rebuilding borders, disrupting diamonds, Jamie Dimon’s year

4/9/2016 - Denmark’s spy agency is creating a training academy for hackers

4/9/2016 - Was a modern, unjust society built on the bones of human sacrifice?

4/9/2016 - The rate of diabetes has more than doubled in Africa and no one is ready for it

4/9/2016 - Weekend edition—Rebuilding borders, disrupting diamonds, Jamie Dimon’s year

4/8/2016 - ‘Panama Peppers:’ The restaurants in India that only those with great tax shelters can afford

4/8/2016 - Weekend edition—Rebuilding borders, disrupting diamonds, Jamie Dimon’s year

4/8/2016 - The US government wants Apple to unlock yet another iPhone

4/8/2016 - Bruce Springsteen is the latest big name to denounce North Carolina for its bathroom law

4/8/2016 - Elon Musk’s big win: SpaceX has landed its reusable rocket on a drone ship

4/8/2016 - Don’t look now: The Starwood-Marriott merger might actually be happening

4/8/2016 - H&M and M.I.A. have joined in an absurd new campaign to get you to recycle clothes

4/8/2016 - Alphabet’s newest robot is a leggy diva that walks with a confident strut

4/8/2016 - Lyft’s attempt to settle a major lawsuit was foiled by its own growth

4/8/2016 - The iPhone SE could be Apple’s least profitable phone ever

4/8/2016 - Jeff Bezos wants to know if anyone can run Amazon, besides Jeff Bezos

4/8/2016 - The Pope’s guide to sex education

4/8/2016 - Facebook has transformed into a platform of platforms

4/8/2016 - Bernie Sanders’s invitation to the Vatican has church officials squabbling

4/8/2016 - The one word everyone should stop using in the office

4/8/2016 - The one chart that explains almost everything

4/8/2016 - The world is still very much obsessed with the Beatles

4/8/2016 - Just when Gap thought things couldn’t get worse, they did

4/8/2016 - If you’ve had Netflix for more than two years, you’re likely about to pay more for it

4/8/2016 - A legal battle is brewing over the right to post photos of European public art online

4/8/2016 - David Cameron’s offshore dealings were politically embarrassing and awkwardly profitable

4/8/2016 - How fat cells work and why it’s impossible to “burn” them off

4/8/2016 - A startup insider photographed 100 people to change the way we think about Silicon Valley

4/8/2016 - Watching this popular YouTuber crush household objects with 100 tons of pressure is pure catharsis

4/8/2016 - The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame can’t seem to find any female artists, so we made them a list

4/8/2016 - These five foods used to be bad for you—but now aren’t

4/8/2016 - Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, a modest proposal from a Canadian-American

4/8/2016 - China’s top court is imposing tougher penalties for drug offenses

4/8/2016 - A high schooler was accepted to five Ivy League colleges with an essay about Costco

4/8/2016 - Donald Trump, true American poet?

4/8/2016 - How America Online’s attempt to partner with Apple went disastrously awry

4/8/2016 - A new plaque at Harvard sets its history of slavery in stone

4/8/2016 - We are now witnessing Elon Musk’s slow-motion disruption of the global auto industry

4/8/2016 - We need battery-free wireless computers to power the internet of things. Now we have one.

4/8/2016 - J.R.R. Tolkien’s guide to inventing a fantasy language

4/8/2016 - Photos: Hong Kong’s boozy bro-fest is about to take over the city again

4/8/2016 - The US government just launched a self-driving ship to counter Russian and Chinese submarines

4/8/2016 - What Americans are willing to pay for “ethnic” restaurant food reveals some deep prejudices

4/8/2016 - Knowing how long it takes to run off a pizza might help fight the obesity crisis

4/8/2016 - Photos: Colombia’s “lost city of marijuana”

4/8/2016 - The pope’s Amoris Laetitia, a SpaceX launch, Iggy Pop’s photogenic cockatoo

4/8/2016 - Watch today’s SpaceX rocket launch to deliver an expandable room to the space station

4/8/2016 - “Hello, Sweden speaking”: Swedish volunteers are manning a helpline on how to live like them

4/8/2016 - Ai Weiwei’s first exhibition in Greece is going to actually help refugees

4/8/2016 - Can we 3D re-print the history we’ve destroyed?

4/8/2016 - How China killed Tata Steel in the UK

4/8/2016 - Fewer merger deals are being done in Africa after a tough few months

4/8/2016 - This startup lets you grow bugs for food, right in your own kitchen

4/8/2016 - Indian film industry is struggling with bitcoin-trading, sophisticated pirates

4/8/2016 - Japan’s surplus, Uber’s settlement, Facebook’s secret inbox

4/8/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Japan’s surplus, Uber’s settlement, Facebook’s secret inbox

4/8/2016 - Indians can be both unbearably cruel and incredibly kind towards stray dogs

4/7/2016 - Jack Ma is paying journalists “cash gifts” to stay at the newspaper he just took over

4/7/2016 - Uber’s fiercest competitor in China is now worth $25 billion

4/7/2016 - David Cameron’s Panamanian profit, 7-Eleven CEO ousted, Facebook’s secret inbox

4/7/2016 - Donald Trump mysteriously cleared his schedule and cancelled a bunch of events

4/7/2016 - Of course The Masters is a private jet kind of event

4/7/2016 - You might be missing important messages on Facebook if you haven’t checked a hidden second inbox

4/7/2016 - If you think the Paradise and Panama papers are bad, wait until you hear about Delaware

4/7/2016 - “Game of Thrones” is getting its own chat show because there can never be enough “Game of Thrones”

4/7/2016 - Hulu is now being offered as a cable TV channel on Cablevision

4/7/2016 - Stunning photos by an Iranian physicist capture the Iran outsiders never get to see

4/7/2016 - It’s the end of globalization as we know it

4/7/2016 - Your financial data is floating around everywhere and Jamie Dimon wants that to stop

4/7/2016 - “Windows 95 for Dummies” is the best-selling “For Dummies” book of all time

4/7/2016 - JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon delivers an epic takedown of Donald Trump without even naming him

4/7/2016 - The watch bands have become the most interesting thing about the Apple Watch

4/7/2016 - A strangely muted Trump gives a lackluster performance on his home turf in New York

4/7/2016 - The DTCC and 4 top banks used blockchain tech to trade credit swaps

4/7/2016 - Many Bothans died to bring us the new Star Wars trailer

4/7/2016 - FX aired the coolest TV promo of the year during the “People v. O.J. Simpson” finale

4/7/2016 - A small town in Germany is showing the rest of the world what helping refugees actually means

4/7/2016 - Vladimir Putin makes a totally convincing denial that there’s any corruption in Russia

4/7/2016 - Mexico is worried enough about Trump that it’s dispatching a public relations A-team to the US

4/7/2016 - Uber is distracting us from a much bigger issue for the US economy

4/7/2016 - Kenya’s central bank is blaming social media for the downfall of yet another lender

4/7/2016 - This blissfully addictive Japanese cat game will help you understand your cats in real life

4/7/2016 - US and Canadian citizens may soon need visas to visit Europe

4/7/2016 - Ocean farmers are using technology to start an economic revolution and save humanity

4/7/2016 - It’s never been cheaper to steal someone’s digital identity on the internet

4/7/2016 - Silicon Valley’s gender gap problem is really a culture problem

4/7/2016 - Celebrity worship takes over the college graduation ceremony

4/7/2016 - Cambodia plans to import some tigers, having run out of its own

4/7/2016 - Morgan Stanley thinks Twitter’s big NFL deal isn’t really a big deal

4/7/2016 - The Fab Fed Four reunite, Panama Papers’ latest victim, hedgehog cafes

4/7/2016 - The Economist’s website is now censored in China—and all it took was one satirical cover

4/7/2016 - In Libya, you can buy an anti-aircraft gun on Facebook

4/7/2016 - They said it couldn’t be done: Space internet

4/7/2016 - Before giving weight-loss advice to your fat friends, get yourself a blood test

4/7/2016 - You can have your own low-price Tesla right now and it’s made of Legos

4/7/2016 - South Africa’s Jacob Zuma has a history of surviving scandals—impeachment is just the latest

4/7/2016 - What India’s working women have that Western women don’t

4/7/2016 - H&M will have to square its sustainability push with the planned opening of 4,000 more stores

4/7/2016 - Sorry, David Cameron–”private” offshore holdings are indeed a matter of public interest

4/7/2016 - The days of quantum leaps in salaries are over at Indian e-commerce firms

4/7/2016 - Samsung beats estimates, wire-free pacemaker, lab-grown diamonds

4/7/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Samsung beats estimates, wire-free pacemaker, lab-grown diamonds

4/7/2016 - Welcome to the wonderful world of Chinese online shopping! Here’s how to not get ripped off

4/6/2016 - What’s the next inversion deal to fall in the wake of new Treasury rules?

4/6/2016 - In drought-ridden Maharashtra, some residents are given four times as much water as others

4/6/2016 - Pork is smoking beef

4/6/2016 - FIFA’s Panama problem, Pfizer-Allergan break-up, lab-grown diamonds

4/6/2016 - In Mexico City, when air pollution goes up, Uber’s surge pricing goes crazy

4/6/2016 - Why the Fed, quite sensibly, wimped out on rate hikes this year

4/6/2016 - After BlackBerry and Google, it may now be WhatsApp’s turn to annoy the Indian government

4/6/2016 - A Japanese ice cream maker deeply apologizes for raising prices by 9 cents

4/6/2016 - A fleet of trucks just drove themselves across Europe

4/6/2016 - A Google offshoot is imagining cities that work like the internet

4/6/2016 - Following fallout from the Panama Papers, Icelanders want the Pirate Party in power

4/6/2016 - Tennessee is poised to make the Bible its official state book

4/6/2016 - Bernie Sanders is a compassionate, intelligent man who has no clue how to run a country

4/6/2016 - How alcohol tricks your brain into mistaking rewards for real pleasure

4/6/2016 - WhatsApp’s new encryption won’t protect you unless you’re also doing all these things

4/6/2016 - Why Syrian refugees are avoiding refugee camps

4/6/2016 - Downward mobility is the new normal for most Americans

4/6/2016 - Mexicans have created a Netflix-like independent radio service to disrupt the country’s powerful mainstream media

4/6/2016 - Etsy had a rough first year as a public company. But it has a plan.

4/6/2016 - Five important tax tips your accountant may have missed

4/6/2016 - A Renaissance sculpture that fell off the New York Met museum’s wall looks perfect again

4/6/2016 - Indonesia responded to illegal fishing in its waters in the most explosively entertaining way

4/6/2016 - The economist pro-tip for how to be smart with your tax return this year

4/6/2016 - Would you propose with a diamond grown in a lab?

4/6/2016 - The evolution of a diamond mine, seen from space

4/6/2016 - China’s latest body shaming challenge uses an iPhone 6 and is going viral

4/6/2016 - MIT scientists created a working hydraulic robot from a single 3D print

4/6/2016 - A “new” work by Rembrandt has been created by algorithms and 3D-printed

4/6/2016 - What stumping President Obama can teach you about interviewing

4/6/2016 - A lexicographer explains the sneaky agenda behind Trump’s dirty mouth

4/6/2016 - All the reasons the Pfizer/Allergan deal had nothing—nothing!—to do with tax benefits

4/6/2016 - The best entrepreneurs understand the importance of the side hustle

4/6/2016 - More American teen girls are buying plus-size clothes, and not just for the reason you think

4/6/2016 - Not a single person has died using a bike-share in the US

4/6/2016 - A pig’s heart can now live inside a baboon—and the breakthrough could prove vital for humans needing organ transplants

4/6/2016 - Mastering the holy grail of programming: What makes a good coder

4/6/2016 - Trump loses in Wisconsin, Pfizer-Allergan is off, the “ASSoL” law school

4/6/2016 - WhatsApp’s encryption could make it a target of the Chinese government

4/6/2016 - Politics and activism are driving Africa’s Twitter conversations to new highs

4/6/2016 - In 2015, India imposed death penalty on 75 people and executed one

4/6/2016 - Have a guru by all means, but remember that their spirituality is an assembly-line product

4/6/2016 - It’s not just foreign investors, Africa’s wealthiest aren’t paying taxes either

4/6/2016 - High global vaccine prices could worsen Angola’s deadly yellow fever outbreak

4/6/2016 - How Ukraine’s offshore dealings could boost the case for Brexit

4/6/2016 - Why name & shame all defaulters, asks Raghuram Rajan

4/6/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Cruz beats Trump, China’s new lighthouse, smart luggage

4/6/2016 - Cruz beats Trump, China’s new lighthouse, smart luggage

4/6/2016 - India’s looming water wars can destroy everything, from “Make in India” to smart cities

4/6/2016 - The US finally cracked down this week on corporate tax dodging—and it is already working

4/5/2016 - Night of the underdogs: Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders win the Wisconsin primaries

4/5/2016 - Even some Trump supporters are scared of a Trump presidency

4/5/2016 - China’s Xiaomi has just shown how serious it is about India

4/5/2016 - Arianna Huffington is giving away a one-night stay in her rigidly controlled “Sleep Paradise” on Airbnb

4/5/2016 - Mergers hit the rocks, Iceland’s prime minister resigns, luggage gets smart

4/5/2016 - The world’s largest Starbucks will open in 2018 and promises ‘coffee as theater’

4/5/2016 - Google wants to call drones to medical emergencies at the push of a button

4/5/2016 - WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging service, just turned on encryption for all its data

4/5/2016 - After North Korea’s nuclear testing, China will impose sanctions—with a major loophole

4/5/2016 - When it comes to her hair, Hillary Clinton will never win

4/5/2016 - Following HBO and Showtime, Starz has launched a standalone streaming app of its own

4/5/2016 - Don’t bother trying to make your dumb house smart

4/5/2016 - Trump reveals his plan to get Mexico to pay for his border wall—and it is bonkers

4/5/2016 - Laurene Powell Jobs sees high school as the next design problem Silicon Valley can help solve

4/5/2016 - In a 2011 speech, Bernie Sanders predicted the revelations of the Panama Papers

4/5/2016 - The world’s largest primate is disappearing astonishingly, tragically fast

4/5/2016 - Looney Tunes’ most racially stereotypical character is about to get his own movie

4/5/2016 - PayPal has decided to punish North Carolina for its transgender discrimination

4/5/2016 - The Panama Papers just forced Iceland’s prime minister to resign

4/5/2016 - Unlike the secrets exposed by the Panama Papers, big US tax dodging is done in full public view

4/5/2016 - Gucci is the latest to end the needless separation of men’s and women’s shows on the runway

4/5/2016 - The Panama Papers reveal the corrupt roots of global extremism

4/5/2016 - The ‘Little Rebels’ shortlist of best children’s books about social justice

4/5/2016 - Mossack Fonseca’s response to the Panama Papers, decoded

4/5/2016 - Twitter, in a deal with the NFL, will live-stream Thursday night football next season

4/5/2016 - The crazy scale of the US’s benefactor-driven museum boom

4/5/2016 - Blame the last economic crash for why American college students are so bad with money

4/5/2016 - New transparency rules aim to close a giant UK tax loophole for Google and other big firms

4/5/2016 - New ‘smart luggage’ tells you the best route to the airport and how long security checks will take

4/5/2016 - How feminists took on the mainstream media and won

4/5/2016 - HSBC refused to give me a bank account, Hong Kong’s best-known pro-democracy activist says

4/5/2016 - What will destroy us first: Superbabies or AI?

4/5/2016 - Nothing is real: German scientists figured out a way to make Putin and Trump say anything

4/5/2016 - The mosquitoes linked to Zika’s spread live in way more of the US than we previously thought

4/5/2016 - Europe plans to bury its nuclear waste—but doesn’t know where, and needs €120 billion to do it

4/5/2016 - Inside the 122-year-old company that makes sure our electronics don’t blow up our homes

4/5/2016 - A lesson in gender equality from the world of pro wrestling

4/5/2016 - Apple retail was wild and woolly in the pre-Apple-Store era

4/5/2016 - Digital media companies should stop flip-flopping on their revenue model

4/5/2016 - How to get noticed by Google

4/5/2016 - Italy’s “king of cashmere” is giving employees a cultural allowance to spark their creativity

4/5/2016 - After reading their work, most professors think their students are borderline incompetent

4/5/2016 - Genetic research shows how thousands of years of Native American lineage collapsed when the Europeans arrived

4/5/2016 - Food prices have stabilized, but analysts see another crisis on the horizon

4/5/2016 - Wisconsin primaries, India cuts interest rates, driverless taxis are coming

4/5/2016 - Indonesia’s radical new plan to catch tax cheats: spy on everyone’s credit card spending

4/5/2016 - When the Indian state photoshops, it is fine. When citizens do the same, they can land in jail

4/5/2016 - Moncler’s pricey, sought-after jackets are about to come with an authentication chip

4/5/2016 - Nigeria’s determination to avoid currency devaluation is worsening its latest fuel crisis

4/5/2016 - With inflation easing, Raghuram Rajan cuts interest rates to the lowest in over five years

4/5/2016 - It’s all the CIA’s fault—how global leaders are trying to discredit the Panama papers

4/5/2016 - India has seen at least four startup fundings per day in 2016 so far

4/5/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Tesla comes up short, India’s new lending scheme, Japan’s video game visas

4/5/2016 - Tesla comes up short, India’s new lending scheme, Japan’s video game visas

4/5/2016 - With hardly any new jobs created, for whom is India’s economy growing?

4/5/2016 - Small businesses are driving India’s mobile banking growth story

4/4/2016 - The latest version of iOS lets anyone see your contacts and photos on certain iPhones

4/4/2016 - Jimmy Carter’s ex-speechwriter pinpoints the most defining factor of Obama’s legacy

4/4/2016 - Panama casts a chill over Iceland, Tesla comes up short, Japan’s video game visas

4/4/2016 - Apple is exploring a way to automatically censor the swear words in your music

4/4/2016 - YSL is hoping its new creative director won’t change a thing

4/4/2016 - We’re closer to a future where we can 3D print anything

4/4/2016 - Polish women are trolling the anti-abortion prime minister by telling her about their periods

4/4/2016 - One subway is telling riders not to wear VR headsets on trains if they don’t want to get robbed

4/4/2016 - A completely asinine cliffhanger on “The Walking Dead” has fans in an uproar

4/4/2016 - The Panama Papers could cause Iceland’s government to collapse

4/4/2016 - An incredibly important chart that you probably won’t see anywhere else today

4/4/2016 - Kanye West’s new album is dominating music streaming, proving the genius of his release plan

4/4/2016 - The great hope of fixing America’s broken public transit systems rests with Millennials

4/4/2016 - The Panama Papers reveal some own goals by soccer’s elite—including Lionel Messi

4/4/2016 - Letters to Jim Harrison

4/4/2016 - Richard Branson is not very happy about Virgin America selling itself to Alaska Air

4/4/2016 - Watch: John Oliver rips apart Donald Trump’s absurd ideas on nuclear policy

4/4/2016 - All of the big European economies that were hit by the 2008 crisis are recovering—except for one

4/4/2016 - Germany thinks the worst of the refugee crisis may be over

4/4/2016 - Africa loses more money to illicit financial flows than it receives in foreign aid

4/4/2016 - Data show the refugee crisis is a lot more upsetting and diverse than you probably think

4/4/2016 - Millennials may not all die poor and alone after all

4/4/2016 - If you want to get into an elite college, you might consider moving to one of these states

4/4/2016 - The Panama Papers and the return of refugees: Two stark reminders that borders still matter

4/4/2016 - Entrepreneurial advice from the co-founders of Netflix and Instagram

4/4/2016 - Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origin rocket company might have the key to making space tourism a reality

4/4/2016 - Why anti-vaccine myths never truly die

4/4/2016 - The five most important charts from the Panama Papers leaks

4/4/2016 - US companies are strangely drawn to making acquisitions in the state where their CEO was born

4/4/2016 - The hacker who built his own self-driving car is ushering in the age of cheap AI

4/4/2016 - The Panama Papers: How hundreds of journalists revealed the secrets of some of the world’s most powerful people

4/4/2016 - Panama law firm secrets, Virgin America’s sale, Taliban’s smartphone app

4/4/2016 - Five weak words to avoid—and what to use instead

4/4/2016 - When China’s far-flung fishing fleet trespasses in other nations’ waters, Beijing has its back

4/4/2016 - From Bollywood stars to real estate tycoons: the Indians in Panama Papers

4/4/2016 - These Muslims trace their origins to Ram, celebrate Diwali and even have “Singh” in their names

4/4/2016 - China’s elite—including Xi Jinping—are linked to offshore deals that hid millions of dollars

4/4/2016 - With Saudi visit, Modi oils India’s gulf ties to make it rough for Pakistan

4/4/2016 - South Africa’s president Zuma is hanging on while the ANC decides his future

4/4/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Panama papers, Virgin America deal, inflatable space house

4/4/2016 - Panama papers, Virgin America deal, inflatable space house

4/4/2016 - India needs freedom from its oversensitive people

4/4/2016 - China is pretending that Hong Kong’s “Best Film” award winner doesn’t exist

4/3/2016 - Here are Assam’s political suitors as the state goes to poll today

4/3/2016 - Panama papers, Virgin America deal, inflatable space house

4/3/2016 - A massive leak of documents connects Putin and other world leaders to offshore deals

4/3/2016 - The Taliban’s quest for a digital audience hits a hitch: its new app has “technical issues”

4/3/2016 - The US border patrol union broke form to endorse a candidate during primary season

4/3/2016 - Photos: Centuries of Italian history come back to life through mind bending wire-mesh structures

4/3/2016 - 35 years later, the man who shot President Reagan is close to being free

4/3/2016 - How the implosion of Brazil’s economy winds up in your kitchen cabinets

4/3/2016 - Why every kid should start the day with a poem

4/3/2016 - Can we trust robots to make moral decisions?

4/3/2016 - The biggest school districts in the US hire more security staff than counselors

4/3/2016 - Motherhood stole my identity. Other women brought it back

4/3/2016 - America’s ongoing lack of generic drugs is a matter of life and death

4/3/2016 - How do children learn to form healthy social bonds?

4/3/2016 - The case for starting before you’re truly ready

4/3/2016 - A 19th-century disease is on the rise in the UK—and nobody knows why

4/2/2016 - Alaska Air is close to buying Virgin America for $2 billion, beating JetBlue

4/2/2016 - The devastating loss of Zaha Hadid for women in architecture

4/2/2016 - California’s new minimum wage is an unprecedented gamble

4/2/2016 - Trump supporters are operating on biological instinct

4/2/2016 - It looks like the US won’t be seeing commercial-free NFL games any time soon

4/2/2016 - “The Garissa I knew disappeared in a single day”: Remembering last year’s deadly attack in Kenya

4/2/2016 - Scientists have figured out which way is best to lean in for a first kiss

4/2/2016 - Photos: The senseless destruction of Palmyra after ISIL

4/2/2016 - Nintendo’s first mobile app is a Kafkaesque exercise in madness

4/2/2016 - Elephant poaching for ivory is on the rise in South Sudan after a halt in its civil war

4/2/2016 - The future of hostage rescue could be this little robot

4/2/2016 - Microsoft’s disastrous Tay experiment shows the hidden dangers of AI

4/2/2016 - Weekend edition—The Musk effect, Trump’s secrets of success, clever raccoons

4/2/2016 - If being too clean makes us sick, why isn’t getting dirty the solution?

4/2/2016 - Should we “rewild” our urban bodies with microbes from indigenous peoples?

4/2/2016 - This isn’t China: The “Amazon of India” will be Amazon and “Uber of India” will be Uber

4/2/2016 - Refugees are being sent back to Syria by one of the only countries they can escape to

4/2/2016 - More US college students are living a life of indolent, hedonistic luxury

4/2/2016 - Italians want their kids to learn about wine in school—and it’s actually a really good idea

4/2/2016 - Pre-sales of Tesla’s Model 3 topped first-year projections in less than 24 hours

4/2/2016 - A young South African’s colorful collages break down the ‘Rainbow Nation’ ideal

4/2/2016 - Weekend edition—The Musk effect, Trump’s secrets of success, clever raccoons

4/1/2016 - Quartz Weekend Brief—The Musk effect, Trump’s secrets of success, clever raccoons

4/1/2016 - Weekend edition—The Musk effect, Trump’s secrets of success, clever raccoons

4/1/2016 - The center of the tech revolution in finance couldn’t be further from Silicon Valley

4/1/2016 - Clothes are now the top-selling category online in the US

4/1/2016 - Scientists have created artificial skin that can sweat and grow hair

4/1/2016 - This April Fool’s joke perfectly trolls online trolls

4/1/2016 - At 40, there’s never been a tech company quite like Apple

4/1/2016 - The Republican party’s biggest problem isn’t Trump—it’s the Obama economy

4/1/2016 - Celebrities may be the face of the music streaming war, but the real battle is much deeper

4/1/2016 - Most Americans spend two full workdays a month on Facebook

4/1/2016 - A poll that asks about “people like you” shows why Americans are voting the way they are

4/1/2016 - Walmart shows signs of growing pains as it vies to attract online shoppers

4/1/2016 - In corporate design, humor can be your most powerful tool—or a total disaster

4/1/2016 - A movie about the dangers of Communist control brought Hong Kong residents out in droves

4/1/2016 - Want to succeed? Plan your work and life the way Green Berets plan their missions

4/1/2016 - A genius prank imagines what a Mark Zuckerberg line for H&M would look like

4/1/2016 - You can invite your girl friends to eavesdrop on your private chats in this new dating app

4/1/2016 - There is an Uber for blood

4/1/2016 - The designer who transformed the look and business of Yves Saint Laurent is leaving

4/1/2016 - Major fashion brands are trying to stop their factories in Turkey from exploiting Syrian refugees

4/1/2016 - Scientists figured out how to steal any 3D printed product just from the sounds the printer makes

4/1/2016 - The market for tech IPOs hasn’t been this awful since the Great Recession

4/1/2016 - Brussels shows that terrorism can dent an economy but rarely destroy it

4/1/2016 - Science can help explain why too little sleep makes us so emotional

4/1/2016 - This theory explains why some siblings have absolutely nothing in common

4/1/2016 - Google’s April Fool’s prank has backfired spectacularly

4/1/2016 - Academics feel pressure to exaggerate their research’s importance

4/1/2016 - These are the worst magazines for women writers

4/1/2016 - Hollywood’s fantastic, failed attempts to make audiences smell and “feel” movies, from AromaRama to 4D

4/1/2016 - Inside the Trump machine: the bizarre psychology of America’s newest political movement

4/1/2016 - The UK is now producing a quarter of its electricity from renewables

4/1/2016 - India’s entrepreneurs are already pre-ordering Tesla’s Model 3—even though they have no idea how much it’ll cost

4/1/2016 - We’re live-charting the jobs report for March 2016

4/1/2016 - Want a work visa in Japan? You’ll need to get better at video games

4/1/2016 - The best way to be a leader is to not lead

4/1/2016 - In a grand social experiment, Britain adopts a “National Living Wage”

4/1/2016 - Anbang bows out, UK’s “Living Wage,” Superman is a Chinese teenager

4/1/2016 - For sale: Enormous pension fund with a loss-making steel company attached

4/1/2016 - Reddit’s big hint that the government is watching you is a missing “warrant canary”

4/1/2016 - A Rwandan press freedom book garners praise abroad but backlash at home

4/1/2016 - On the anniversary of al-Shabaab’s attack on Garissa, Kenya’s universities feel even less safe

4/1/2016 - Prime minister Modi, the hot air in your claims on economy is not just a “feeling.” It is real

4/1/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Anbang drops Starwood bid, Tesla debuts Model 3, kiddie wine classes

4/1/2016 - Anbang drops Starwood bid, Tesla debuts Model 3, kiddie wine classes

4/1/2016 - In India, luxury goods tango with customers’ age

4/1/2016 - Ticking time bomb in Assam: a final count of illegal immigrants

4/1/2016 - Google’s CEO just lost at Go to China’s top player—but he scored with the photo-op

4/1/2016 - China’s FX regulator is the latest member of Beijing’s stock-boosting “national team”

4/1/2016 - DC Comics’ new Superman is a Chinese teen with a Japanese name