11/30/2016 - After battling women’s rights groups for years, India is finally rolling out injectable contraceptives

11/30/2016 - A Chinese piano prodigy is lighting up the internet with her rendition of Mozart’s Turkish March

11/30/2016 - iPhone battery problems are much more widespread than Apple admits, Chinese authorities say

11/30/2016 - Trump is threatening to bar the million international students that US colleges need to subsidize tuitions each year

11/30/2016 - China is censoring people’s chats without them even knowing about it

11/30/2016 - All of Earth’s songbirds originated in Australia before island hopping their way across the globe

11/30/2016 - Moss is super hot in Japan right now

11/30/2016 - Mexico to Trump: We don’t need you, you need us

11/30/2016 - OPEC’s surprise cut, offline Netflix, better space diapers

11/30/2016 - To dodge regulators, a self-driving car startup released all their code for free

11/30/2016 - Airbnb is helping people devastated by the Tennessee wildfire find free places to stay

11/30/2016 - The US will forgive over $108 billion in student debt—wildly more than anyone thought

11/30/2016 - A Harvard study confirms LGBT people are more likely to come out where same-sex marriage is legal

11/30/2016 - If you’re buying a new Apple MacBook laptop, here’s what you should know about its processors

11/30/2016 - A useful Google Chrome extension autocorrects “alt-right” to “neo-Nazi”

11/30/2016 - Trump could derail the rally in this Cuban fund that’s been 25 years in the making

11/30/2016 - E-retailers have a closing problem: Only 8.5% of browsers buy

11/30/2016 - Google proved that AI can reshape medicine

11/30/2016 - Twitter says it will ban Trump if he breaks hate-speech rules

11/30/2016 - How the Brits are latching onto mobile commerce, in four charts

11/30/2016 - Almost all the traffic to fake news sites is from Facebook, new data show

11/30/2016 - Fidel Castro, a giant influence in Latin American literature, once edited Gabriel García Márquez

11/30/2016 - Recycling or donating your unwanted clothes “is not a solution” for the planet, Greenpeace says

11/30/2016 - Yet another European country is on the verge of approving a burqa ban

11/30/2016 - Can you put a price on effective leadership?

11/30/2016 - Three ways leaders should shape culture

11/30/2016 - We can start taking Trump seriously about ditching his business interests when he does these five things

11/30/2016 - The CEO of Philip Morris wants to “phase out” cigarettes

11/30/2016 - An Indian city plagued by smog offers a dazzling view from space

11/30/2016 - NASA is offering $30k to the person who solves its space poop problem

11/30/2016 - Belgian beer culture has been added to UNESCO’s protected list of “intangible cultural heritage”

11/30/2016 - Guess who Rahul Gandhi’s worst enemy was on Wednesday: his own verified Twitter account

11/30/2016 - Hunter S. Thompson’s personal weed strains are coming soon to a joint near you

11/30/2016 - The idea that US food stamp recipients buy more junk food than other Americans is a myth

11/30/2016 - The city where entrepreneurship has become contagious

11/30/2016 - A Nobel prize-winning physicist identified three simple steps to mastering any subject

11/30/2016 - Trump’s Treasury pick will have unprecedented power over Wall Street and the economy

11/30/2016 - “He’s very, very not smart:” Mitt Romney on Donald Trump, in his own words

11/30/2016 - Nigeria’s telcoms regulator has reversed a decision to hike mobile data prices

11/30/2016 - One village solved Bangladesh’s unreliable energy grid problem with “swarm electrification”

11/30/2016 - Why New York doesn’t have hostels

11/30/2016 - The media needs a ratings system to steer readers away from clickbait and toward quality journalism

11/30/2016 - Oil prices are up 8.6% after OPEC surprised everyone by agreeing to a deal

11/30/2016 - Labeling homeopathic drugs “unscientific” only makes them more attractive to people who want them

11/30/2016 - Plane rides just got a lot better as Netflix finally rolls out offline viewing

11/30/2016 - If sleep deprivation is indeed costing the economy billions, it’s not hard to fix it

11/30/2016 - GoPro is firing 15% of its staff in an effort to stay afloat

11/30/2016 - The best gifts are experiences, not things

11/30/2016 - Apple’s laptops are doomed to same grim fate as the rest of the PC market

11/30/2016 - Sherlock Holmes was the original technology disrupter

11/30/2016 - The Golden Age of TV has made way for the God-That’s-Expensive Age

11/30/2016 - Spotify is mocking your sad, lonely life on massive billboards around the world

11/30/2016 - Mitt Romney ate chocolate cake with the man he called a “fraud”

11/30/2016 - When Donald Trump has a $600 work dinner at a Trump property, who pays? And who profits?

11/30/2016 - The electoral college’s many flaws prove American democracy is surprisingly undemocratic

11/30/2016 - Trump’s pick for health secretary doesn’t believe birth control should be free

11/30/2016 - Oil prices are surging by 8% on the surprising word of a huge cut in production

11/30/2016 - The psychological theory that explains why you’re better off working solo

11/30/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s new makeup-free look signals a return to the uncompromising idealism of Hillary Rodham

11/30/2016 - A career counselor at an elite college says students should follow their purpose in life—not their passion

11/30/2016 - The EU just knocked the UK back to reality with one open letter

11/30/2016 - Our casual use of military jargon is normalizing the militarization of society

11/30/2016 - In Silicon Valley, savvy founders are networking all around town by driving for Uber and Lyft

11/30/2016 - Menos petróleo, luto por el Chapecoense, Draghi en Madrid

11/30/2016 - Scientists just made the world’s best clock even better to test Einstein’s theory of relativity

11/30/2016 - “Cruel and unusual”: The drunk drivers in Canada being forced to listen to Nickelback as punishment

11/30/2016 - Harvard research suggests that an entire global generation has lost faith in democracy

11/30/2016 - OPEC’s fractious meeting, RBS fails the test, Britain’s beefy banknote

11/30/2016 - Britain’s mint is trying to make gold act more like bitcoin

11/30/2016 - Nigeria’s telcos are being forced to increase mobile internet prices

11/30/2016 - Will Narendra Modi actually keep his promise of paying every Indian out of black money hoarders’ loot?

11/30/2016 - Adapting to climate change in Africa will hinge on improved transparency

11/30/2016 - From $15.5 billion to $5.5 billion: It’s the year of devaluations but Flipkart’s not losing sleep

11/30/2016 - Trump’s treasury pick, OPEC’s fractious meeting, Britain’s beefy banknote

11/30/2016 - Trump’s treasury pick, OPEC’s fractious meeting, Britain’s beefy banknote

11/30/2016 - A nationwide civil disobedience movement in Sudan has turned its major cities into ghost towns

11/30/2016 - Jagadish Chandra Bose, the Indian scientist who pioneered wireless communication in the 1890s

11/30/2016 - For $1 million, donors to Trump’s inauguration will get an “intimate” dinner with Mike Pence

11/30/2016 - The way you shop is going to radically change—are you ready to embrace augmented retail?

11/29/2016 - A club for bearded men is telling Indians that looking good isn’t just for the ladies

11/29/2016 - Nintendo will open theme parks at three Universal Studios around the world

11/29/2016 - With little cash in hand post-demonetisation, India cuts down on groceries and toiletries

11/29/2016 - South Korea says China is retaliating against its missile-defense system by taking aim at Korean dramas

11/29/2016 - The fiancée of Trump’s treasury secretary pick wrote a controversial “white savior” memoir

11/29/2016 - It’s a myth that China has 30 million “missing girls” because of the one-child policy, a new study says

11/29/2016 - Fidel Castro’s book of condolences is a who’s who of the world’s authoritarian regimes

11/29/2016 - Half of all adults in the world have less than $2,300 in wealth

11/29/2016 - Kellogg is the biggest company yet to pull its advertising from Breitbart

11/29/2016 - Donald Trump’s most obvious conflict of interest problem is right down the street from the White House

11/29/2016 - Amazon is reportedly building an Echo with a screen

11/29/2016 - OPEC’s fractious meeting, Amazon’s Alexa plans, Britain’s beefy banknote

11/29/2016 - Donald Trump’s plan for Medicaid will cut health spending on the rural voters who elected him

11/29/2016 - Combat gifting phobia with an easier way to match the gift to the man

11/29/2016 - To see how Trump could suppress women’s rights, read Texas’s proposed laws forcing the burial of miscarriages

11/29/2016 - 14 of the best films of the 21st century, ranked by historical accuracy

11/29/2016 - With its newest invention, Facebook aims to become the world’s largest charity fundraising platform

11/29/2016 - With “Instant Games,” Facebook tries to lure back casual gamers

11/29/2016 - Trump’s latest cabinet pick has a detailed plan to overturn Obamacare

11/29/2016 - The UK’s new £5 notes are made with animal fat

11/29/2016 - NASA is engineering calorie-dense food bars to feed astronauts bound for Mars

11/29/2016 - Harvard joins a massive list of US universities pledging to protect their students from deportation under Trump

11/29/2016 - The key difference between populism and fascism

11/29/2016 - AT&T has taken another big step toward becoming an entertainment company

11/29/2016 - Riding this self-driving scooter could mean you’d never have to walk again

11/29/2016 - A record number of migrants have arrived in Italy this year by boat

11/29/2016 - A standoff in Vienna will determine who is the world’s real king of oil

11/29/2016 - These are the world’s best students in science and math, by the numbers

11/29/2016 - Investors have already decided that the next democratic upset will be in Italy this weekend

11/29/2016 - Apple’s massive new campus is taking shape

11/29/2016 - The world’s most aggressive Christmas shoppers (and eaters), ranked

11/29/2016 - Behavioral science shows why we must stay vigilant about calling out everyday bigotry

11/29/2016 - A scientific, six-step plan to becoming an effective political activist in the age of Trump

11/29/2016 - Jill Stein’s doomed recount effort is raking in millions because liberals are desperate for a leader

11/29/2016 - Inside Alphabet’s Jigsaw, the powerful tech incubator that could reshape geopolitics

11/29/2016 - These office cubicles are being sucked into a small hole

11/29/2016 - The end-of-year reports are in for Nigeria’s president Buhari—and they’re all bad

11/29/2016 - American institutions will stop Trump from destroying the country (even if he wants to)

11/29/2016 - Accidente aéreo en Colombia, despedida de Castro, Bitcoin en Venezuela

11/29/2016 - A living glossary of all the words you need to understand the Trump presidency

11/29/2016 - Microsoft’s HoloLens headset will allow real tank operators to see the battlefield outside

11/29/2016 - Trump’s climate change denial will lead to thousands—maybe millions—of deaths

11/29/2016 - This delightful short film by Wes Anderson is an ode to DIY Christmas spirit—and to H&M clothes

11/29/2016 - Something weird happens to companies when they hit 150 people

11/29/2016 - Uber faces an EU court, Colombian plane crash, fake news vs. Lincoln

11/29/2016 - After weeks of deliberations, Samsung Electronics tells investors it’ll think some more about its future

11/29/2016 - Fans of China’s teenage pop star Jackson Yi floated a hot air balloon over the Thames to celebrate his birthday

11/29/2016 - The two words that define 2016 reflect a divided, politically charged world

11/29/2016 - This year’s shortcut to choosing an unusual gift

11/29/2016 - Terror deaths: 2016 is already Jammu and Kashmir’s bloodiest year in half a decade

11/29/2016 - Demonetisation is a cruelly wrong term for what Modi has unleashed on India

11/29/2016 - Uber in EU court, Samsung restructuring, fake news vs. Lincoln

11/29/2016 - Uber in EU court, Samsung restructuring, fake news vs. Lincoln

11/29/2016 - Ola and Uber are pampering customers with new features but Indians only want discounts

11/28/2016 - The Modi government’s carelessness towards the new rupee notes insults the idea of India

11/28/2016 - Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant stance is making Indian tech companies reluctant to hire homegrown engineers

11/28/2016 - “I love that it is about chocolate!” Unedited book reviews by kids for kids

11/28/2016 - Alipay’s newest chat feature lets men pay pretty female strangers and ask them for sex

11/28/2016 - To stop relying on Western hand-me-downs, African countries are importing Chinese textile companies

11/28/2016 - “If you’re fair-skinned, you’re noticeable”: Millions of Asian men are using potentially toxic skin-whitening products

11/28/2016 - Here’s what we know—and don’t—about the Ohio State University attacker

11/28/2016 - The first scheduled commercial flights to Havana in more than 50 years just took off

11/28/2016 - Samsung’s restructuring, Boeing’s tax break, fake news vs. Lincoln

11/28/2016 - The final Star Wars “Rogue One” trailer features X-Wings, the Death Star, and lots of quips

11/28/2016 - Read Delta CEO Ed Bastian’s memo about the customer who berated fellow passengers as “Hillary bitches” after Trump’s win

11/28/2016 - Gap’s CEO missed the brand’s biggest problem when he called creative directors “false messiahs”

11/28/2016 - Fidel Castro: A life in tracksuits

11/28/2016 - A Yale history professor’s powerful, 20-point guide to defending democracy under a Trump presidency

11/28/2016 - TV shows like “Westworld” cannot outsmart the internet

11/28/2016 - Fake news isn’t a recent problem in the US—it almost destroyed Abraham Lincoln

11/28/2016 - LEGO opens its first toy brick plant in China

11/28/2016 - Anne Rice wants input from readers as she adapts her “Vampire Chronicles” into a TV series

11/28/2016 - Astronauts develop worse vision after long trips in space, and scientists think they know why

11/28/2016 - “The world loves you”: Singaporeans are sending a message that students are more than just test scores

11/28/2016 - The best argument for a recount of Donald Trump’s win comes from Trump himself

11/28/2016 - Kenya’s Little Cab app is set to take on Uber in Uganda and Nigeria

11/28/2016 - Ohio State tells students to “run, hide, fight” in the face of an active shooter

11/28/2016 - Yes, you can make millions with your English degree—but it’ll come at a price

11/28/2016 - Brexit and Trump could be good news for Canada’s tech scene

11/28/2016 - There are 70,000 British retirees living in Spain, but only 62 Spanish retirees in the UK

11/28/2016 - After Fidel Castro’s death, Donald Trump’s stance on Cuba is straight out of 1962

11/28/2016 - The failures of modern capitalism are forcing us to appreciate the virtues of the simple life again

11/28/2016 - Research backs up what you were already thinking: Sexist men are sad

11/28/2016 - MTN’s plan to list its shares in Nigeria is picking up pace

11/28/2016 - “The bruises don’t show”: A Moroccan TV show offers makeup tips for domestic violence victims

11/28/2016 - Why health care in the US is so expensive

11/28/2016 - Zimbabwe’s “zombie” bond notes are only good for bribes and stimulating anxiety

11/28/2016 - Here are the hidden forces behind rising health-care costs

11/28/2016 - New research confirms that it pays to be a nasty woman

11/28/2016 - Americans bought more than a billion dollars worth of stuff on Friday using just their phones

11/28/2016 - Gaining a few pounds makes you less employable—especially if you’re a woman

11/28/2016 - The Unbusy Manifesto: How to slow down, chill out, and live life more intentionally

11/28/2016 - Adiós a Fidel, bienvenido a Fillon, la lengua del millón de dólares

11/28/2016 - African scientists are fostering a new R&D culture to reverse the continent’s brain drain

11/28/2016 - Castro’s legacy, France’s primary, Einstein’s (possible) error

11/28/2016 - Antibiotic-resistance genes in Beijing’s smog are nothing to worry about, Chinese officials say

11/28/2016 - A team of journalists is fighting media illiteracy by translating news for kids

11/28/2016 - A Pulitzer winner is giving away her book in Chinese because the topic scared off publishers

11/28/2016 - It’s expensive being poor—nowhere more than in a demonetised India

11/28/2016 - The only reason India may feel safe after 26/11 is because we haven’t been seriously tested yet

11/28/2016 - What India’s elite and global policymakers really think about demonetisation

11/28/2016 - Giant soccer clubs have a new way to turn their social media content into cash

11/28/2016 - How long will it take for rating agencies to back Narendra Modi’s growth dreams?

11/28/2016 - Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte said he is just joking when he spanks female police officers

11/28/2016 - Timeline: 20 days of demonetisation, Narendra Modi’s biggest gamble with the Indian economy

11/28/2016 - Cyber Monday, Castro tributes, deep-Earth water

11/28/2016 - Cyber Monday, Castro tributes, deep-Earth water

11/27/2016 - Cyber Monday, Castro tributes, deep-Earth water

11/27/2016 - Duterte the hero! Filipinos working abroad say they’re coming home to a better Philippines

11/27/2016 - Donald Trump, editor-in-chief of the fake news movement

11/27/2016 - Self-tying sneakers, a new motor sport champion, Tony Hawk’s brand awakening

11/27/2016 - Physicists plan to test a new theory about the speed of light to explain what Einstein’s theory can’t

11/27/2016 - “What could this be? I kept thinking. Cancer? Have I had a stroke?”

11/27/2016 - Skateboarder Tony Hawk said he had to destroy his brand to learn its value

11/27/2016 - To celebrate 40 years of “Anarchy in the UK,” Joseph Corré burnt $6 million in punk memorabilia

11/27/2016 - The US government is already quietly backing out of its promise to phase out private prisons

11/27/2016 - This one chart explains why Donald Trump’s plan to bring back coal is doomed

11/27/2016 - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is advertising makeup for the same reason Alicia Keys stopped wearing it

11/27/2016 - Small farms are just as important as big agriculture in the fight against climate change

11/27/2016 - Castro in Africa, Ethiopia’s ‘Ubers’, Cameroon’s bilingual tension

11/26/2016 - World leaders are flooding the internet with tributes to a dictator who oppressed his people for 50 years

11/26/2016 - This Black Friday, Americans broke retail records—without leaving their sofas

11/26/2016 - A philosophy competition is asking the public to submit their most controversial, puzzling questions

11/26/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s campaign is joining the recount, but not because she thinks it will change anything

11/26/2016 - Africa is not conflicted about Fidel Castro’s legacy

11/26/2016 - Eric Schmidt struggled to answer a Google interview question

11/26/2016 - Death of the caudillo: Fidel Castro was a voice from Latin America’s difficult past

11/26/2016 - A timeline of US-Cuba relations since the Cuban revolution

11/26/2016 - Somalia’s young entrepreneurs are finding their way in the new global economy

11/26/2016 - Cuba under Fidel Castro, charted

11/26/2016 - An author of a Castro obituary in the Washington Post died a decade before Castro did

11/26/2016 - A deaf musician is creating a universal algorithm to make beautiful, visual music

11/26/2016 - Inside the nearly impossible quest to translate “Make America Great Again” into Spanish

11/26/2016 - The economics of populism just doesn’t add up

11/26/2016 - Weekend edition—The economics of populism, China in Rwanda, talking to aliens

11/26/2016 - Fidel Castro, the architect of the Cuban revolution, has died at 90

11/26/2016 - Are hate crimes really on the rise in America? Here’s a guide to the data

11/26/2016 - Syrian refugees are the latest artists to light up Berlin’s creative scene

11/26/2016 - Finally a photo series that portrays domestic violence survivors as thriving (not battered) women

11/26/2016 - The likely winner of this weekend’s French presidential primary will be Russia’s Vladimir Putin

11/26/2016 - Weekend edition—The economics of populism, China in Rwanda, talking to aliens

11/26/2016 - Weekend edition—The economics of populism, China in Rwanda, talking to aliens

11/25/2016 - Weekend edition—The economics of populism, China in Rwanda, talking to aliens

11/25/2016 - The country of Iceland is suing a supermarket called Iceland for being called Iceland

11/25/2016 - Donald Trump’s cabinet of billionaires could be worth more than 100 countries’ GDPs

11/25/2016 - Your questions about the US election recount, answered

11/25/2016 - Quartzy: the grateful edition

11/25/2016 - America has elected its own Berlusconi. Now it’s about to repeat Italy’s biggest mistake

11/25/2016 - Quartzy: the grateful edition

11/25/2016 - As the world moves on, asylum seekers in Berlin fight chaos and corruption

11/25/2016 - Bitcoin is boring, fake news vs. AI, China champions globalization

11/25/2016 - China’s giant smog-sucking tower was simply no match for its air pollution

11/25/2016 - Academia has a mom problem

11/25/2016 - Energía rusa, fosas comunes en México, ajolotes regeneradores

11/25/2016 - Renewable energy is violating human rights as much as fossil fuels have for decades

11/25/2016 - South Africans and Nigerians are adopting the traditional frenzy of US Black Friday

11/25/2016 - Drone photography captures the dramatic inequality of Nairobi

11/25/2016 - Black Friday revs up, Orban hails Trump, the Vatican’s “Sinder” app

11/25/2016 - Finland is going to ban coal within 14 years

11/25/2016 - A study says supermarkets can help older people fight loneliness by creating “slow lanes”

11/25/2016 - Twitter is getting close to making all your pictures just a little bit smaller

11/25/2016 - The alt-right’s top news site still has Google and other ad companies keeping it afloat

11/25/2016 - China is confiscating the passports of citizens in its Muslim-heavy region

11/25/2016 - One of Africa’s longest-serving leaders says we must respect the electoral system that elected Trump

11/25/2016 - Charlie Hebdo is starting a German edition

11/25/2016 - Two weeks later: Here’s how demonetisation has hit households, businesses, and the government

11/25/2016 - It wasn’t Barack Obama’s job to fix Africa, so don’t blame him for failing to do so

11/25/2016 - Demonetisation: Zimbabwe, Myanmar, and USSR have been there, done that, and screwed themselves over

11/25/2016 - Black Friday begins, Japan ponders missiles, tuskless elephants

11/25/2016 - Black Friday begins, Japan ponders missiles, tuskless elephants

11/24/2016 - India’s Silicon Valley is also incubating a nascent French food industry

11/24/2016 - For India’s millennials, home is where mom and dad are

11/24/2016 - Demonetisation critics are angry that they didn’t get even 72 hours to launder their stash, says Narendra Modi

11/24/2016 - “Mad Shelia,” a cheap knockoff of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” is streaming in China

11/24/2016 - The best time to drive home after Thanksgiving

11/24/2016 - The Donald Trump Christmas ornament on Amazon might be a hoax, but the reviews are awesome

11/24/2016 - Black Friday begins, US election recount, tuskless elephants

11/24/2016 - A Thanksgiving tradition that gives entirely new meaning to the concept of “turkey dinner”

11/24/2016 - A new data tool is arming Africans with statistics to keep their governments in check

11/24/2016 - On Thanksgiving, Native Americans are facing tear gas in their hope for clean water

11/24/2016 - Mass protests in Cameroon are exposing the fragility of its dual French-English system

11/24/2016 - A new study suggests online harassment is pressuring women and minorities to self-censor

11/24/2016 - That photo of Nigel Farage and Donald Trump in a lurid gold doorway is raising thousands for charity

11/24/2016 - The definitive guide to knowing when to get married

11/24/2016 - Facebook’s openness to censorship in China proves it puts profits before democracy

11/24/2016 - The complete holiday guide to awkward family situations

11/24/2016 - People are making themselves miserable by trying too hard to be happy

11/24/2016 - Dear America’s Trump voters: That turkey you’re eating this Thanksgiving is courtesy of globalization

11/24/2016 - The US once gave amnesty to almost 3 million undocumented migrants. Here’s the economic argument for doing it again

11/24/2016 - Un peruano contra RWE, mujeres con Trump, cementera para el muro

11/24/2016 - There’s a better way to spend your money on Black Friday

11/24/2016 - Donald Trump has inspired an “America First” stock market rally

11/24/2016 - Trump calls for unity, CTrip buys Skyscanner, cranberries’ sour past

11/24/2016 - More than half of all the Uber drivers in Africa work in Cairo

11/24/2016 - Here’s what you learn from the biggest Black Friday discounts, charted

11/24/2016 - Black Friday: A look back at one of America’s most chaotic holiday traditions

11/24/2016 - Dogs have a similar kind of memory to the one that gives humans their sense of self

11/24/2016 - “Organised loot, legalised plunder”: The man who opened up India’s economy trashes Modi’s demonetisation move

11/24/2016 - A warning from Britain: Populism and conservatism don’t mix

11/24/2016 - Nothing can kill our love of books

11/24/2016 - “A 7,000% increase” and other WTF numbers thrown up by digital payment firms post-demonetisation

11/24/2016 - How a former Goldman Sachs employee built India’s fastest growing tech company

11/24/2016 - China woos the Philippines, failed Alzheimer drug, cranberries’ sour past

11/24/2016 - China woos the Philippines, Trump appoints two women, cranberries’ sour past

11/24/2016 - Jill Stein has raised $2.5 million to fund recounts in key states Hillary Clinton lost

11/23/2016 - India is displaying classic signs that foreshadow fascism

11/23/2016 - New York City is on high alert after ISIL calls Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade an “excellent target”

11/23/2016 - The reason Nikki Haley ever ran for office is Hillary Clinton

11/23/2016 - As the US and Europe crack down on home-sharing, Airbnb turns to China

11/23/2016 - This unlikely love story shows how India’s rigid social structure is evolving

11/23/2016 - President Obama’s final turkey pardon is a “corny-copia” of jokes

11/23/2016 - China woos the Philippines, failed Alzheimer drug, cranberries’ sour past

11/23/2016 - Elizabeth Warren is demanding to know whether taxpayers are getting their money’s worth from Trump’s transition

11/23/2016 - Suffering from a Trump-induced hangover, Jose Cuervo is reportedly postponing its IPO

11/23/2016 - Colombia and the FARC have another peace deal, and this one’s not being left up to a referendum

11/23/2016 - How the on-demand economy is changing the concept of luxury

11/23/2016 - True luxury is in the experience

11/23/2016 - China logged a record-breaking 1 million patent applications in 2015

11/23/2016 - The new Porsche Panamera is emblematic of how tech should partner with humans

11/23/2016 - Jill Stein is asking for donations to fund a recount in states key to Hillary Clinton’s loss

11/23/2016 - Your body has a brilliant mechanism to adapt to eating gut-busting holiday meals

11/23/2016 - One of the most promising Alzheimer’s drug has failed in the last phase of clinical trials

11/23/2016 - How living with an open heart creates hope

11/23/2016 - The cynical tactic bosses like Trump use to marginalize their critics

11/23/2016 - If you’re buying a MacBook Pro for the holidays, you really need to buy one of these too

11/23/2016 - It’s not about the food presentation when having Thanksgiving dinner in space

11/23/2016 - Parks across the country are telling Americans to choose nature over shopping on Black Friday

11/23/2016 - Facebook might be sending you a $15 check—here’s why

11/23/2016 - With Hillary Clinton out of the way, right-wing and fake news writers are going after Elon Musk instead

11/23/2016 - Donald Trump’s quest for “law and order” will likely lead instead to chaos and racism

11/23/2016 - Record unemployment affects these South Africans the most

11/23/2016 - Black Friday isn’t the shopping bonanza it used to be

11/23/2016 - “Happy Thanksgiving to all—even the haters and losers!” from Donald Trump

11/23/2016 - The new Porsche Panamera is designed for the driver of the future

11/23/2016 - Faced with Trump, Americans are really appreciating Obama right now

11/23/2016 - Donald Trump is treating a critical, 200-year-old American tradition like a reality TV circus

11/23/2016 - A toy expert’s guide to the best holiday gifts for creative, curious kids

11/23/2016 - A glimpse of life onboard the Chinese fishing boats dominating West Africa’s seas

11/23/2016 - There’s a Japanese word for the savory taste you love about Thanksgiving

11/23/2016 - Ethiopia’s ‘Ubers’ are working with little internet, few smartphones and no funding

11/23/2016 - The dark and sordid history behind America’s obsession with cranberries

11/23/2016 - Domino’s plans to use reindeer to deliver pizza in Japan this winter

11/23/2016 - Apple’s new MacBook Pro is proof Tim Cook doesn’t care about software professionals

11/23/2016 - Days after Trump spoke to Argentina’s president his stalled Buenos Aires tower project picked up steam

11/23/2016 - El huracán Otto, China en el Pacífico, marihuana en Acción de Gracias

11/23/2016 - There’s a word for the profit Donald Trump can make from being president

11/23/2016 - How to make the perfect mashed potatoes, according to science

11/23/2016 - A conservative group is crowdsourcing a directory of academics who “advance leftist propaganda”

11/23/2016 - A new equation suggests scientists are about as good at the start of their careers as they’ll ever get

11/23/2016 - Airbnb looks east, Facebook’s China concession, space debris adoption

11/23/2016 - New data disproves the myth that affordable housing lowers the value of your home

11/23/2016 - Bad news for Peter Thiel and others pinning their anti-aging hopes on the blood of the young

11/23/2016 - Uber drivers fired in New York can now appeal before a panel of their peers

11/23/2016 - If the world’s wealthiest 1% had a members’ club, it would look like this

11/23/2016 - Bitcoin and blockchain seem more and more like solutions looking for a problem

11/23/2016 - Uganda is abandoning plans for solar-powered buses and building diesel trucks instead

11/23/2016 - What does a fried chicken restaurant have to do with prostitution? China wants to know

11/23/2016 - 1% of Indians now hold nearly 60% of the country’s wealth

11/23/2016 - Facebook wants to enter China so bad it’s reportedly building censorship tools

11/23/2016 - The bride’s ready, but her father’s in queue—demonetisation spoils India’s wedding plan

11/23/2016 - Finland offered a state apology for the pain and abuse suffered by generations of children in its care

11/23/2016 - After Brexit, more young Brits are thinking of moving to another country

11/23/2016 - Uganda is accusing schools backed by Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates of “teaching pornography”

11/23/2016 - Trump transition drama, China’s trade pact, space debris adoption

11/23/2016 - Trump transition drama, China’s trade pact, space debris adoption

11/22/2016 - The life and times of four Indian families in the two weeks since demonetisation

11/22/2016 - Profitability in three years: Q&A with Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal

11/22/2016 - A Texas judge blocked a new Obama rule that would qualify millions of additional US workers for overtime

11/22/2016 - Demonetization could spark a new digital economy in India

11/22/2016 - Obama’s toughest job yet: awarding Kareem Abdul-Jabbar a medal

11/22/2016 - All of Trump’s cabinet nominations

11/22/2016 - Donald Trump’s FCC appointments are great news for your cable provider, awful news for Netflix

11/22/2016 - Trump transition drama, China’s trade pact, non-alcoholic beer boom

11/22/2016 - A step-by-step guide to escaping a “hijab grab”

11/22/2016 - Stanford researchers say young Americans have no idea what’s news

11/22/2016 - Barack Obama has now commuted the sentences of more than 1,000 people in prison for drug crimes

11/22/2016 - Here are all the statements Trump made betraying his supporters during his meeting with the New York Times

11/22/2016 - Donald Trump’s advisors are lying to him

11/22/2016 - Donald Trump is still at war with journalists, apparently the “lowest form of humanity”

11/22/2016 - The employee you complain to about Black Friday sales this year could be a robot

11/22/2016 - Social media broke American democracy, but it can be fixed

11/22/2016 - The latest earthquake in Japan was an aftershock of the one five years ago

11/22/2016 - Mos Def is leaving his home in South Africa after his idealistic “world passport” got him arrested

11/22/2016 - Our Amazon addiction is clogging up our cities—and bikes might be the best solution

11/22/2016 - The turkey origin story: Your ticket for shutting down Thanksgiving if things get too political

11/22/2016 - Americans are divided by pretty much everything except this one fear

11/22/2016 - Researchers have figured out how to spot a self-loathing person by how they speak

11/22/2016 - The media’s Standing Rock problem looks a lot like its Black Lives Matter problem

11/22/2016 - Mobile innovation will help 2 billion more people get access to healthcare and education

11/22/2016 - Diets like Paleo and Whole30 are getting grains all wrong

11/22/2016 - The liberal backlash against “identity politics” blames Trump’s win on those most vulnerable to Trump

11/22/2016 - President Obama adds a personal touch to the turkey pardon tradition

11/22/2016 - Workaholism helps me keep anxiety at bay. Now I’m trying to break the addiction

11/22/2016 - How to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade on TV and online from anywhere in the world

11/22/2016 - Facebook’s design is quietly training us all to be conspiracy theorists

11/22/2016 - Hanging out with friends in times of stress heals us by rewiring our biology

11/22/2016 - Brexit has made Brits $1.5 trillion poorer

11/22/2016 - A US college student who grew up with few books returned to her native Afghanistan to build a library

11/22/2016 - Elderly Ukrainians are living in Soviet-era bunkers after shelling left them homeless

11/22/2016 - Paz en Colombia, vídeo de Trump, pulpos muertos en Miami

11/22/2016 - The pot industry is desperate for good accounting software

11/22/2016 - “Hamilton” and 20 other things that are “overrated” or “boring,” according to art critic Donald Trump

11/22/2016 - In the fight against fake news, artificial intelligence is waging a battle it cannot win

11/22/2016 - Many mistrust banks, but why you mistrust banks says a lot about you

11/22/2016 - The most optimistic country in the EU is also the smallest

11/22/2016 - The many measures of human progress that will keep improving no matter what Donald Trump does

11/22/2016 - Trump kills the TPP, Kanye West hospitalized, octopus onslaught

11/22/2016 - Don’t use your drone to cook Thanksgiving dinner

11/22/2016 - Rwanda is a landlocked country with few natural resources. So why is China investing so heavily in it?

11/22/2016 - The man who claimed credit for Modi’s demonetisation move is now unhappy with how it has turned out

11/22/2016 - China brags that a beluga whale born in captivity is healthy, but activists say otherwise

11/22/2016 - Morocco wants to build a new city from scratch—with China’s help

11/22/2016 - Friend, guide, editor, critic: The booming business of literary agents in India

11/22/2016 - The CEO of the world’s biggest ad agency says “the markets are right” to rally on Trump

11/22/2016 - Demonetisation will do little to kill India’s corruption problem, says former US treasury secretary

11/22/2016 - Doping scandal, Kanye’s flameout, octopus invasion

11/22/2016 - Doping scandal, Kanye’s flameout, octopus invasion

11/22/2016 - French parents know how to teach their kids to love food without overeating

11/22/2016 - South Africa’s plan to reduce massive wage inequality leaves out its poorest workers

11/21/2016 - A new Google project is unearthing the untold stories of India’s female pioneers

11/21/2016 - All the funny, heartwarming, and downright absurd ways Indians are coping with demonetisation

11/21/2016 - A Trump hopeful’s homeland security plan includes a Muslim registry and changes to voting laws

11/21/2016 - “Hail Trump!”: White nationalists are celebrating Trump’s victory with the Nazi salute

11/21/2016 - China is emerging as the world’s strongest proponent of globalization

11/21/2016 - Blockchain technology is coming to the solar panels on your roof

11/21/2016 - China is trying to counter the West’s influence in Africa by exporting its literature there

11/21/2016 - The sneaky ways athletes try to beat doping tests and the reason why so many are eventually caught

11/21/2016 - With the TPP cratering, Asia could end up with a China-led trade deal that excludes the US

11/21/2016 - “If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all”: The best quotes from Trump’s defense secretary pick, James Mattis

11/21/2016 - Donald Trump, in a video to Americans, promises to take six actions “on day one”

11/21/2016 - NASA just launched a new satellite into space that will improve our ability to predict the weather

11/21/2016 - A 6.9 magnitude earthquake has hit Japan’s coast, sparking tsunami warnings

11/21/2016 - Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard met with Trump today, sparking rumors of a cabinet post

11/21/2016 - To keep up with Trump’s conflicts of interest, you need to read the international press

11/21/2016 - Fukushima earthquake, Kanye’s flame-out, octopus invasion

11/21/2016 - Scientists have created a solar-powered fabric that would let you charge your phone with your jacket

11/21/2016 - The first glimpse of Netflix’s “Barry” shows a young Barack Obama searching for hope

11/21/2016 - Putting the post-Trump stock market rally in perspective

11/21/2016 - Donald Trump’s attorney general could terminate the rule that protects state-legalized marijuana

11/21/2016 - Scientists created a mobile game to help detect the early onset of dementia

11/21/2016 - Apple is reportedly going to stop making wireless routers

11/21/2016 - A moderate, a loyalist or a hardliner—who’s who on Donald Trump’s secretary of state shortlist

11/21/2016 - Fewer people in the US are developing dementia as they age

11/21/2016 - What’s going on in the Trump administration? The entertainment industry may know best

11/21/2016 - Pope Francis has granted priests the right to forgive women for having abortions

11/21/2016 - Tech giants are investing in London just when the big banks are fleeing

11/21/2016 - Our brains want us to keep calm. But to make a change, we need to keep angry

11/21/2016 - Your friends have likely loaded your mobile phone number into databases hackers can access

11/21/2016 - If your iPhone 6S keeps shutting off unexpectedly, you might want to get to an Apple store

11/21/2016 - The epic history of expensive, elaborate feasts

11/21/2016 - An obscure statistic offers a clue to the reasons behind the rise of Donald Trump

11/21/2016 - Poor countries are carbon-shaming rich ones into doing more about climate change

11/21/2016 - The “Hamilton” controversy is a reminder that we don’t have to respect politicians who don’t respect us

11/21/2016 - Africa’s largest economy is nowhere close to getting out of its recession

11/21/2016 - Evolutionary psychology shows that people get ahead in life by using one of these two strategies

11/21/2016 - Flying over Thanksgiving is just not worth it. It’s far cheaper to declare your own holiday

11/21/2016 - Abe en Argentina, au revoir Sarko, Gordito Kim III

11/21/2016 - The Catholic Church has apologized for its role in Rwanda’s 1994 genocide

11/21/2016 - Merkel runs again, Facebook likes London, “Fatty Kim the Third”

11/21/2016 - Big banks are more excited about Donald Trump than any other president in almost 100 years

11/21/2016 - A new webcomic jazzes up the Mahabharata and Ramayana with funny twists

11/21/2016 - As Trump tweets about SNL and Broadway shows, China’s Xi Jinping embraces a new, powerful role

11/21/2016 - “NOT IN COLDPLAY”: Thousands of Indians are following the wrong Chris Martin

11/21/2016 - A new law eliminating salary history from job applications is a strategic solution to closing the gender pay gap

11/21/2016 - In cartoons: How an exasperated India is coping with demonetisation

11/21/2016 - Being one of India’s best-paid CEOs isn’t all it is cut out to be

11/21/2016 - Even Harvard’s expert on demonetisation has no idea how it will play out in India

11/21/2016 - France’s au revoir to Sarko, China defends globalization, “Fatty Kim the Third”

11/21/2016 - France’s au revoir to Sarko, China defends globalization, “Fatty Kim the Third”

11/21/2016 - Malaysia is responding to a peaceful protest by locking up its organizer in solitary confinement without trial

11/20/2016 - Abe in Argentina, France’s au revoir to Sarko, “Fatty Kim the Third”

11/20/2016 - Don’t worry, Angela Merkel isn’t going anywhere just yet

11/20/2016 - What’s “alt-right” in German? Breitbart News is expanding in Europe

11/20/2016 - People are wildly misinterpreting a “heartwarming” video of a polar bear playing with a dog

11/20/2016 - “The world is watching”: Why conservatives need to oppose a Trump presidency

11/20/2016 - The $7,500 pork tenderloin: How a world-class chef cooks an inflight meal for first class

11/20/2016 - How Steve Bannon made his fortune from “Seinfeld” reruns

11/20/2016 - Marcus Garvey, Nigerian dollars, China’s African farms

11/20/2016 - Americans are not very keen on renting their homes out to strangers

11/20/2016 - Civil rights activists from the 1960s have comforting words for American progressives today

11/20/2016 - A look inside Sneaker Con, the “Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth”

11/20/2016 - Forget wearables. In the future, your clothes will connect to the internet

11/20/2016 - Introverts can use vulnerability to become strong leaders

11/20/2016 - Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump is back on “Saturday Night Live” and finding policymaking to be very complex

11/19/2016 - Facebook’s moves to stamp out “fake news” will solve only a small part of the problem

11/19/2016 - Ivanka isn’t the only reason these photos of Trump meeting Abe are problematic

11/19/2016 - Donald Trump is putting together a national-security team full of hardliners

11/19/2016 - Weekend edition—Fake news, Chinese mushroom diplomacy, AI economics

11/19/2016 - The math behind senator Boxer’s push to abolish the Electoral College

11/19/2016 - What a Trump presidency means for NASA and the future of space exploration

11/19/2016 - Trump’s choice for attorney general has done some really awful things to try to set back women’s rights

11/19/2016 - The next US attorney general has already written a handbook on how the US should deal with immigration

11/19/2016 - Retired NBA commissioner David Stern went off about cheating and ethics

11/19/2016 - On International Men’s Day, it’s finally all about the patriarchy again

11/19/2016 - You can now buy cars on Amazon

11/19/2016 - Apple wants to put Siri in your messages

11/19/2016 - A brief history of “sanctuary cities”

11/19/2016 - Colombia’s narcotics smuggling is going hi-tech with drone deliveries

11/19/2016 - Tunisians are being encouraged to read by turning taxis into libraries

11/19/2016 - Photos: Kenya set fire to thousands of guns but the illicit arms trade keeps going strong

11/19/2016 - South African CEOs earn over 500 times more than the average worker

11/19/2016 - Weekend edition—Fake news, Chinese mushroom diplomacy, AI economics

11/19/2016 - “Work on behalf of all of us”: Hamilton’s cast schooled audience member Mike Pence on diversity

11/19/2016 - Weekend edition—Fake news, Chinese mushroom diplomacy, AI economics

11/19/2016 - Facebook’s detailed open-source maps show the gaps in global internet connectivity

11/18/2016 - Weekend edition—Fake news, Chinese mushroom diplomacy, AI economics

11/18/2016 - One VC firm is responding to Trump in the most Silicon Valley way possible: a political hackathon

11/18/2016 - Conservative Christian minister Mike Huckabee is likely to be Donald Trump’s ambassador to Israel

11/18/2016 - What Jeff Sessions’ appointment to Attorney General will mean for the criminal justice system

11/18/2016 - Trump University taught only one thing: A $25 million lesson for Donald Trump

11/18/2016 - Interactive: Unpredictable shift work is risky business. Literally.

11/18/2016 - The Philippines’ vice president is passive-aggressively shaming Rodrigo Duterte on Twitter

11/18/2016 - Islam is a “malignant cancer”: The hateful rhetoric of Trump’s new national security adviser

11/18/2016 - Adidas’ new bioengineered sneaker has potential to be as strong as steel, and it’s entirely sustainable

11/18/2016 - How a historian experienced post-election grief and used food to find new purpose

11/18/2016 - Amazon Prime Video will soon be in more countries than Netflix

11/18/2016 - Why president Trump can’t squash the innovating, job creating, money saving clean energy industry

11/18/2016 - A eulogy for What.cd, the greatest music collection in the history of the world—until it vanished

11/18/2016 - Steve Bannon’s dangerous campaign to rebrand racism as American “nationalism”

11/18/2016 - Quartzy: the ya-ya’s edition

11/18/2016 - Quartzy: the ya-ya’s edition

11/18/2016 - Donald Trump’s national security adviser is anti-Islam, open to torture, and wants to jail Hillary Clinton

11/18/2016 - “Firebrand” is the polite code word journalists are using for extremists

11/18/2016 - Turkey has overtaken China as the world’s biggest jailer of journalists

11/18/2016 - A 14-year-old terminal cancer patient didn’t want to die. So she went to court to fight to preserve her body

11/18/2016 - Trump’s mass deportation plans would cripple the construction industry

11/18/2016 - A 15-minute writing exercise can help us get better at standing up to power

11/18/2016 - “I would’ve voted for Trump.” And with that, Kanye West begins his 2020 campaign for president

11/18/2016 - Facebook’s fake news problem, pizza drones, new United flying class

11/18/2016 - Dr. Strange is box office gold. But it’s also a big missed opportunity—for Asian Americans and for Marvel

11/18/2016 - Communities, not countries, are best equipped to fix the world’s economic woes

11/18/2016 - The global phenomenon of far-right nationalism is being fueled by existential terror

11/18/2016 - A gun that lets you weaponize your tears

11/18/2016 - Facebook’s handmade internal “propaganda” posters are now for sale

11/18/2016 - Feeling down? A neurobiologist explains why your brain is in a post-election slump

11/18/2016 - US universities worry that they have no way to protect their students from federal immigration agents

11/18/2016 - Cumbre en Perú, Tesla y SolarCity, kimonos propaganda

11/18/2016 - Another thing for New Yorkers to complain about—a homebody president who lives on Fifth Avenue

11/18/2016 - There is absolutely no reason to get excited about a new smartphone

11/18/2016 - The trouble with using the term “alt-right”

11/18/2016 - A super-nerdy insurance plan could save poor countries from damage caused by climate change

11/18/2016 - 2017 will be the year of the hijab emoji

11/18/2016 - Racist tweeters can be convinced to stop spreading hate—if a white man asks them to

11/18/2016 - Hong Kong’s high real estate prices make it hard to be gay

11/18/2016 - World trade on the line, Trump’s security chief, propaganda kimonos

11/18/2016 - There’s at least one Kushner who’s a fan of Obamacare

11/18/2016 - Facebook is targeting ad dollars from small businesses in Africa

11/18/2016 - Elementary school teachers are no longer allowed to smoke on campus in Shanghai

11/18/2016 - Cameroon’s government is calling social media “a new form of terrorism”

11/18/2016 - Lego just opened its biggest store in the world—again

11/18/2016 - Yoga guru Ramdev says breathe easy, Modi’s demonetisation move is good for India

11/18/2016 - Millions of Nigerians are falling for a 27-year old Russian Ponzi scheme

11/18/2016 - China is about to make the English Premier League $700 million richer

11/18/2016 - In a surprise ceremony, dictator Ferdinand Marcos was given a hasty hero’s burial in the Philippines

11/18/2016 - Tesla’s merger, Premier League’s big score, paper bike helmets

11/18/2016 - Tesla’s merger, Premier League’s big score, paper bike helmets

11/18/2016 - In photos: Please wait India, you are in queue!

11/17/2016 - Trump’s false tweets about Ford are feeding America’s “fake news” problem

11/17/2016 - JPMorgan’s “systemic bribery” in China was so blatant the bank had an internal spreadsheet to track it

11/17/2016 - Young and tech-savvy Bengaluru mostly escapes the hell unleashed by demonetisation in the rest of India

11/17/2016 - Malaysia shows what happens to authoritarian leaders who lose their authority

11/17/2016 - Donald Trump’s 5-year-old granddaughter won hearts in China by reciting poetry in Mandarin

11/17/2016 - This temporary tattoo-like device doubles up as 24/7 stethoscope for your heart

11/17/2016 - The real reason Apple produces outside the US has little to do with labor costs

11/17/2016 - China is at the forefront of manipulating DNA to create a new class of superhumans

11/17/2016 - Private equity is pouring back into India’s education sector, with a focus on test-prep apps

11/17/2016 - Why Amazon and Netflix are paying so much to lock down the world’s best talent

11/17/2016 - You can now book tours and other ‘magical’ experiences on Airbnb

11/17/2016 - JPMorgan’s China fine, Tesla-Solar City approved, paper bike helmets

11/17/2016 - Tesla shareholders voted overwhelmingly to approve a SolarCity acquisition

11/17/2016 - This is what happens when a bunch of programmers try to make a logo

11/17/2016 - Will it really help to call Congress members to protest Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon?

11/17/2016 - India’s demonetisation plan is hurting micro-finance firms that lend to its poor

11/17/2016 - How far behind is Donald Trump’s presidential transition?

11/17/2016 - Barack Obama warns Donald Trump against rushing into deals with Russia

11/17/2016 - Women need to lean in a lot harder—about $11,103.65 harder

11/17/2016 - Has the election of Donald Trump ruined America’s chance at getting a paid-leave bill for parents?

11/17/2016 - Rent the Runway, a favorite of millennials, is bringing clothing rental to department stores

11/17/2016 - Democrats can still save Obamacare

11/17/2016 - A Trump surrogate cited Japanese internment camps as precedent for a Muslim registry

11/17/2016 - Progressives and Steve Bannon have something surprising in common: hating Wall Street

11/17/2016 - Trump dismantling the EPA won’t save much money because the agency already spends so little

11/17/2016 - Hungary is cutting its corporate tax rate below every country except the most notorious havens

11/17/2016 - Most public spaces aren’t made for the entire public. This designer is trying to change that.

11/17/2016 - Gender pronouns that are neither male nor female are quietly catching on

11/17/2016 - Social media loves echo chambers, but the human brain helps create them

11/17/2016 - A Cornell psychologist explains how to raise kids well in the age of Trump

11/17/2016 - Even Corey Lewandowski says the FBI’s Clinton email probe turned the election for Trump

11/17/2016 - Researchers have developed an anti-stink perfume that’s like noise-canceling headphones for your nose

11/17/2016 - “Coming here tonight wasn’t the easiest”: Hillary Clinton speaks at Children’s Defense Fund gala

11/17/2016 - “Comrade!” how gay Chinese appropriated the word the Communist Party is trying to revive

11/17/2016 - At this rate, Gen X might never get to be president of the United States of America

11/17/2016 - Japan’s quick sinkhole fix shows us what efficient infrastructure looks like

11/17/2016 - The world’s largest refugee camp is reportedly closing in six months

11/17/2016 - Swearing on Twitter makes people presume you’re less educated than you are

11/17/2016 - Spanish lifeguards are volunteering to help save refugees drowning in the Mediterranean

11/17/2016 - Xi Jinping en América Latina, reaparece Clinton, Duterte y la CPI

11/17/2016 - Trump fulfills all the stereotypes that global citizens have about ugly Americans

11/17/2016 - Trumpism is about to collide with Republican orthodoxy in a most peculiar way

11/17/2016 - You need to get inside the mind of a climate change denier if you want to change it

11/17/2016 - Saving money isn’t the only thing you need to do to prepare for retirement

11/17/2016 - Barring felons from voting sounds tough on crime, but it’s quietly destroying American communities

11/17/2016 - The scent of an apple could replace your smartphone’s LOL face

11/17/2016 - What a proper response to Trump’s fascism demands: a true ideological left

11/17/2016 - Abe meets Trump, Vietnam ditches TPP, pessimistic pigs

11/17/2016 - 10,000 words ranked according to their Trumpiness

11/17/2016 - Here’s a handy cheat sheet of false and misleading “news” sites

11/17/2016 - Another sign that sub-Saharan Africa isn’t on Donald Trump’s radar

11/17/2016 - Beneath Pluto’s iconic heart lies a major discovery that could suggest life far far away

11/17/2016 - A Silicon Valley veteran has quit his job to fight Trump at the grassroots level

11/17/2016 - Apple screwed up its new MacBook Pro so bad that developers are now considering Windows computers

11/17/2016 - Women are horribly under-represented in the world’s top literary awards

11/17/2016 - Narendra Modi’s most disruptive economic step till date has unleashed a furious debate among economists

11/17/2016 - More Africans believe their conditions have worsened, but are optimistic for the future

11/17/2016 - British workers’ brief spell of rising wages is already ending thanks to Brexit

11/17/2016 - Abe meets Trump, Pluto’s ocean, pigs can be pessimists

11/17/2016 - Abe meets Trump, Pluto’s ocean, pigs can be pessimists

11/17/2016 - There’s an unhappy story of social discontent hidden under Morocco’s glossy COP22 presentation

11/17/2016 - US senators introduced a bill to punish Chinese officials suppressing freedom in Hong Kong

11/17/2016 - At this year’s National Book Awards, the US sees its racist past up close

11/16/2016 - Let’s take a gloomy walk around some of Delhi’s iconic retail markets stung by Modi’s demonetisation

11/16/2016 - China is on a mission to modernize African farming—and find new markets for its own companies

11/16/2016 - It’s tough being Cyrus Mistry, who values people over profits and reputation over revenue, says school friend

11/16/2016 - Beijing is demanding answers from Apple after iPhones in China start mysteriously turning off

11/16/2016 - The making of a rupee: made for India but not entirely made in India

11/16/2016 - Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe is one world leader who could tame Donald Trump

11/16/2016 - Disney will use hundreds of swarming drones in its holiday light show

11/16/2016 - Abe meets Trump, Russia disses the ICC, pigs can be pessimists

11/16/2016 - Barack Obama wants Democrats back in the game: “You’re allowed to mope for a week and a half—maybe two”

11/16/2016 - Univision is sidelining multicultural millennials and trying Gawker’s tried-and-tested methods

11/16/2016 - Donald Trump’s team is reportedly considering plans for a registry of Muslim immigrants

11/16/2016 - Bill Gates, Ellen DeGeneres, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are among Obama’s 2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients

11/16/2016 - The police officer who fatally shot Philando Castile has been charged with manslaughter

11/16/2016 - Scientists are developing a slow-release pill that reduces how often you need to take your medicine

11/16/2016 - Are cities better off without vehicles? Experiments are underway in France, Germany, and the US

11/16/2016 - Bored of the stage, Bob Dylan will not appear at his own Nobel Prize ceremony

11/16/2016 - Scientists believe they’ve nailed the combination that could help robots feel love

11/16/2016 - Obama is reportedly trying to ban Arctic drilling for the next five years

11/16/2016 - United has created a new flying class that’s even worse than economy

11/16/2016 - Bill Gross says Donald Trump won’t deliver on his populist promises

11/16/2016 - The future is here: Drones are delivering Domino’s pizzas to customers

11/16/2016 - The scientifically proven, step-by-step guide to having a breakthrough conversation across party lines

11/16/2016 - Mathematicians are close to figuring out how to make the perfect cup of black coffee

11/16/2016 - Yanis Varoufakis: Progressives must use Trump’s victory to humanize globalization

11/16/2016 - Frank Ocean is an amazing musician, but an even better businessman

11/16/2016 - I thought the US would keep me safe from Syria’s brutal war. Now Trump has made me fear for my life again

11/16/2016 - Islamophobe and conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney is reportedly advising Trump on national security

11/16/2016 - Terrorism deaths are down worldwide, but way up in richer countries

11/16/2016 - Sweden now has a hotline for women who face mansplaining at work

11/16/2016 - A viral video of white men stuffing a black man into a coffin in South Africa has sparked outrage

11/16/2016 - Only China, Syria, and Iran rank worse in internet freedom than Ethiopia

11/16/2016 - Democrats’ best hope in Congress is to drive a wedge between Trump and the GOP

11/16/2016 - After Brexit and the US election, Oxford Dictionaries declares “post-truth” word of the year

11/16/2016 - I’m a journalist from rural America. The media can’t understand Donald Trump until it hires more of us

11/16/2016 - Mayors of America’s biggest cities are standing up to Trump on immigration

11/16/2016 - Kenyan crisis-mapping platform Ushahidi is tracking post-election violence in America

11/16/2016 - Twitter has suspended a white nationalist think tank president and other alt-right figureheads

11/16/2016 - Social psychologists have identified when it’s smart to brag about yourself and when to keep quiet

11/16/2016 - Donald Trump needs to hire 4,100 people. Here’s why you should refuse to be one of them

11/16/2016 - The new shape cropping up all over the world reveals a collective wish for humanity

11/16/2016 - Obama en Berlín, Ford en México, castores argentinos

11/16/2016 - The four steps I took to overcome my fear of public speaking and embrace vulnerability

11/16/2016 - Warren Buffett is betting on US airlines. Maybe he should heed his own advice from a decade ago

11/16/2016 - Indiegogo just made it easier to own a stake in what you crowdfund. But there’s a catch

11/16/2016 - “Democracy is coming to the USA” is the real Leonard Cohen lyric we should be listening to

11/16/2016 - Three Dutch WWII ships sunk in 1942 have vanished from the ocean floor

11/16/2016 - A last chance to-do list to help you prepare for a Trump administration

11/16/2016 - Obama visits Merkel, Snapchat’s secret IPO, the year of “post-truth”

11/16/2016 - “I live here, why should I be afraid?”: South Asian immigrants respond to Trump’s election with uncertainty

11/16/2016 - A New York apartment building will strip Trump’s name following complaints from residents

11/16/2016 - Planned Parenthood has received 20,000 donations in Mike Pence’s name

11/16/2016 - How Facebook can cut down on fake news without relying on thousands of humans to decide what is true

11/16/2016 - China’s central bank is hiring blockchain experts to help it kill off cash

11/16/2016 - Post-Brexit Britain will be more reliant on the “kindness of strangers” than ever

11/16/2016 - Johannesburg and Cairo are the most popular tourist destinations in Africa

11/16/2016 - Hong Kong now imports nearly every single thing it eats

11/16/2016 - To save its currency, Nigeria’s central bank wants people jailed for holding on to US dollars

11/16/2016 - Canada’s Trump reaction, Apple’s glasses, human-mouse transfusions

11/16/2016 - Canada’s Trump reaction, Apple’s glasses, human-mouse transfusions

11/16/2016 - Richard Branson is investing in a supersonic future where people can travel half the globe in three hours

11/16/2016 - In photos: Kashmir’s stunning, fiery, and forlorn autumn is missing its tourists this year

11/15/2016 - A “nation-state” used Wikileaks to influence the US election, the head of the NSA says

11/15/2016 - Kashmir’s schools are being mysteriously burnt down and nobody seems to care about the students

11/15/2016 - Trump’s bumpy transition, Russia’s bribery intrigue, human-mouse transfusions

11/15/2016 - BITS Pilani: The non-IIT college that, too, is a cradle for many an Indian startup story

11/15/2016 - “You are selling out the American public”—Elizabeth Warren’s letter on Donald Trump’s transition team

11/15/2016 - Rodrigo Duterte is flying an unusual route to Peru’s APEC summit, to avoid landing in the US

11/15/2016 - To build an amazing team, look for people who challenge you

11/15/2016 - Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign has already started

11/15/2016 - Banks will ink the fingers of desperate Indians exchanging banned currency to stop them from visiting twice

11/15/2016 - Democrats can still flip one last Senate seat

11/15/2016 - Apple is working on smart glasses

11/15/2016 - Social media has become an unwieldy nightmare for the meat industry

11/15/2016 - The world’s most remote places, as seen from space

11/15/2016 - Lyft has finally figured out a way to make finding your driver less awkward

11/15/2016 - Ivanka Trump’s jewelry brand used her “60 Minutes” appearance to promote the $10,800 bracelet she was wearing

11/15/2016 - Former US president George W. Bush is urging Americans not to give up on free trade

11/15/2016 - Scientists are working on a new drug that works like medical marijuana to treat pain—but without getting you high

11/15/2016 - 7,000 cities around the world are way ahead of targets to cut carbon emissions

11/15/2016 - President LePen? France could be the next shock upset in the global spread of far-right populism

11/15/2016 - Twitter’s new solution for hate speech is to avoid it, instead of actually removing it

11/15/2016 - A new council will unite Jewish and Muslim-American groups in a US alliance after the election

11/15/2016 - The number of Indians studying in the US is at a record high following a drop in UK student enrollments

11/15/2016 - Marvel is bringing its next TV show to the big screen

11/15/2016 - “We can feel sad, hurt, demoralized. But we can’t give up”: A Black Lives Matter founder on Trump’s presidency

11/15/2016 - Two case studies show what could happen in the US if abortion were outlawed

11/15/2016 - Jon Stewart’s animated cable news parody should launch early next year, HBO says

11/15/2016 - Pro-Trump white supremacists have called New Balance sneakers “the official shoes of white people”

11/15/2016 - Bernie Sanders’s new book lays out “a blueprint for the future”

11/15/2016 - Apple’s newest product is a $200 coffee table book about itself

11/15/2016 - “I can spread love”: Young Muslim Americans in the aftermath of Trump’s election

11/15/2016 - American teachers are scrambling for ways to make kids feel safe in a country riven by politics and hate

11/15/2016 - Trump says he could have won the popular vote if he campaigned in New York and California

11/15/2016 - I am Chicano, I am queer, I am the “other.” Where will I fit in Trump’s America?

11/15/2016 - There’s a better way to face down Trump’s presidency than just giving money to the liberal media

11/15/2016 - For eight years, the White House championed workplace diversity and inclusion. What now?

11/15/2016 - White authors are still writing racist books because white critics won’t call them out

11/15/2016 - Donald Trump wants to scrap Obamacare but keep its most popular provisions. Too bad that’s impossible

11/15/2016 - Super Mario is coming to the iPhone in December

11/15/2016 - More than $7 trillion of global government debt isn’t as safe as it once seemed, Moody’s warns

11/15/2016 - So far, Donald Trump’s election has made it easier for American jobs to go to Mexico

11/15/2016 - Interactive: Is that parking lot as safe as you think?

11/15/2016 - Infant mortality rates in the US seem to go up during a Republican presidency and down during a Democrat presidency

11/15/2016 - A Princeton historian on how textbooks of the future will explain the madness of the 2016 US election

11/15/2016 - People are getting sick of working in the “sharing” economy

11/15/2016 - A Hong Kong court has disqualified two legislators who refused to take their oath “correctly”

11/15/2016 - A guide for “shocked” white friends who want to help people of color after the election

11/15/2016 - A psychologist explains how emotional memories of Trump’s victory will divide Americans for years to come

11/15/2016 - A hostage negotiator’s simple strategy for difficult political conversations with people you love

11/15/2016 - The world is awash in affordable, pointless VR devices

11/15/2016 - The articles on policy were written. Readers on the left weren’t engaging with them

11/15/2016 - Only 3% of fiction in English is translated, and Amazon is on a mission to change that

11/15/2016 - Obama thinks US president-elect Trump is not “ideological” but “pragmatic”

11/15/2016 - Trudeau en Cuba, Alemania al ralentí, inundaciones en República Dominicana

11/15/2016 - “Cities will be a powerful antidote to Donald Trump”: Social scientist Benjamin Barber on the emergence of a new urban radicalism

11/15/2016 - The US is attracting record visitors from the Middle East and Mexico—just as Trump threatens to keep them out

11/15/2016 - Facebook is censoring photos of burn survivors like me

11/15/2016 - A new app filters the world to help colorblind people avoid hue confusion

11/15/2016 - Donald Trump tried to sweet-talk Theresa May by telling her she’ll be Thatcher and he’ll be Reagan

11/15/2016 - Trump’s cabinet picks, tackling “fake news,” VR tastebuds

11/15/2016 - Donald Trump may push African countries away from America and closer to China

11/15/2016 - Now that the US election is over, Americans want to know what “fascism” means

11/15/2016 - The journey of a Muslim woman from refugee to state legislator tells you America can still be great

11/15/2016 - The truth about what Donald Trump has and hasn’t said about Africans

11/15/2016 - What does Donald Trump mean for the delicate India-Pakistan balance of power?

11/15/2016 - Christmas is coming at the worst possible time for millions of Nigerians

11/15/2016 - Fighting fake news, requiring car noise, VR tastebuds

11/15/2016 - Fighting fake news, requiring car noise, VR tastebuds

11/15/2016 - Facebook is banning fake news publishers from its ad network

11/15/2016 - Corporate gladiator Nusli Wadia has entered the Tata battle—and he’s going after his childhood friend

11/14/2016 - The best “supermoon” photos from around the globe

11/14/2016 - Google will try to starve fake news sites of ad dollars

11/14/2016 - Dictator Ferdinand Marcos will get a hero’s burial in the Philippines, despite mass protests

11/14/2016 - The threats to China’s economy are real. But it won’t be the “next Japan”

11/14/2016 - The “supermoon” as seen from India is absolutely captivating

11/14/2016 - One week of demonetisation in India: the good, the bad, and the ugly

11/14/2016 - Trump-Putin phone call, bond market bloodbath, VR tastebuds

11/14/2016 - If Trump pulls out of the Paris Agreement, Europe could institute a “carbon tax” on US imports

11/14/2016 - The MacBook Pro reviews are in and they’re categorically “meh”

11/14/2016 - Scientists call for emoji that represent the full spectrum of nerdom

11/14/2016 - “Westworld” proved last night that twists don’t have to be shocking to be satisfying

11/14/2016 - Hate crimes against Muslims in the US rose 67% last year, according to new FBI statistics

11/14/2016 - Nike’s new store in New York is like Legoland for people who love sports

11/14/2016 - A political insider’s viral advice on how to make your Congress member listen

11/14/2016 - Why airlines are putting entertainment in the hands of flyers

11/14/2016 - What it means to curate your experience in the air, before you board the plane

11/14/2016 - How one Kansas community is turning its economy around

11/14/2016 - Get lost in this mesmerizing interactive map of the Milky Way

11/14/2016 - Our imaginary hedge fund of “Trump trades” is making an absolute killing

11/14/2016 - “It’s not bias if it’s based on hard facts”: A teacher was suspended after comparing Trump to Hitler

11/14/2016 - The new film “Loving” can help a divided America push back against stereotypes of racist, rural whites

11/14/2016 - This is your captain speaking: Please stop arguing about Donald Trump on my plane

11/14/2016 - With Donald Trump in the White House, Robert Mugabe wants to restore ties with the US

11/14/2016 - Thousands of devastated New Yorkers mourned the election through Post-it note therapy

11/14/2016 - Donald Trump is already proving he has no idea what he is in for

11/14/2016 - A political historian explains why Republicans’ shift to the extreme right could backfire

11/14/2016 - Leonard Cohen had a quiet, decades-long devotion to Indian philosophy and the city of Bombay

11/14/2016 - White women voted for Trump in 2016 because they still believe white men are their saviors

11/14/2016 - The world’s saddest polar bear finally leaves the mall, for now

11/14/2016 - How to watch and appreciate tonight’s “supermoon”

11/14/2016 - How a Swedish biologist is forcing people take responsibility for their own part in climate change

11/14/2016 - Obama en Europa, nuevo acuerdo en Colombia, un bombero araña

11/14/2016 - This is the worst year for IPOs of US companies since the Great Recession

11/14/2016 - Trump’s appointments, Samsung buys Harman, electric corsets

11/14/2016 - Photos: Another major earthquake has caused “utter devastation” in New Zealand

11/14/2016 - China won’t buy Boeing planes, iPhones, or US corn if Trump starts a trade war, a state tabloid says

11/14/2016 - The next big hacking threat is already happening—you just can’t see it

11/14/2016 - These aren’t your parents’ machines

11/14/2016 - Throwing labor activists in jail won’t solve China’s structural problems

11/14/2016 - The poster boy of India’s rising cash-less economy just got trolled over demonetisation

11/14/2016 - “Stop it”—Donald Trump tells his supporters to stop harassing minorities in his name

11/14/2016 - John Oliver’s call to action after the election of Donald Trump—”a Klan-backed misogynist internet troll”

11/14/2016 - Trump’s appointments, protests in Seoul, electric corsets

11/14/2016 - Trump’s appointments, protests in Seoul, electric corsets

11/14/2016 - Breitbart headlines show how Donald Trump’s new chief strategist, Steve Bannon, sees the world

11/13/2016 - Donald Trump won’t take a salary as US president, and other news from his “60 Minutes” interview

11/13/2016 - India wants to become a solar superpower, but its dependence on toxic coal says otherwise

11/13/2016 - If the Eurozone crisis was a Greek tragedy, demonetisation risks becoming an India farce

11/13/2016 - Theresa May wants trade but won’t adjust the UK’s visa rules that insult Indian students

11/13/2016 - India’s demonetisation may have killed a golden opportunity in the fight against air pollution

11/13/2016 - Pressure on Park, EU splits on Donald Trump, honeybee sperm bank

11/13/2016 - Donald Trump brings the alt-right into the White House with his first appointments

11/13/2016 - President-elect Donald Trump asked to postpone his fraud trial because he is a “political novice”

11/13/2016 - Two cucks walk into a bar: “Silicon Valley” stars encounter Trump fans in Los Angeles

11/13/2016 - One year after the Paris attacks, the Bataclan reopens

11/13/2016 - Immigrants in Los Angeles are in a desperate rush for citizenship after Donald Trump’s election

11/13/2016 - Donald Trump and Brexit leader Nigel Farage took a celebratory photo in Trump’s golden doorway

11/13/2016 - It might not be the end of the world if Africa drops off Donald Trump’s map

11/13/2016 - A Danish photographer captures heartbreaking social division in a single frame

11/13/2016 - Mark Zuckerberg says fake news on Facebook could not have influenced the 2016 election

11/13/2016 - “Let us not be complicit in building Trump’s wall!”: US architects battle over helping Donald Trump

11/13/2016 - “It’s an exercise in seeing”: An artist’s mind-opening ritual of doodling on Sundays

11/13/2016 - “This campaign was never about you”: A former Hillary Clinton staffer on the candidate’s powerful legacy

11/13/2016 - Before he leaves office, Obama should pardon the activist who inspired King, Malcolm X and Mandela

11/13/2016 - Modified drones are keeping an eye on the world’s wildlife

11/13/2016 - Pawnbroking is huge in the Philippines—and it’s going online

11/13/2016 - “Every slight honk would bring me back to that day when our vehicle was blown feet into the air”

11/13/2016 - How the vegan movement broke out of its echo chamber and finally started disrupting things

11/13/2016 - Narendra Modi makes an emotional appeal to Indians to bear with the difficulties caused by demonetisation

11/13/2016 - Zimbabwe’s cash, Zuckerberg’s schools, Nairobi’s matatus

11/13/2016 - “Saturday Night Live” cold opens with the perfect tribute to Leonard Cohen and Hillary Clinton’s campaign

11/12/2016 - Chimamanda Adichie to Trump supporters: “If you’re a white man, you don’t get to define what racism is”

11/12/2016 - Trump will start his term with the lesson that voters reward obstructionism

11/12/2016 - My week in escapism: The books, music, movies, and TV shows that soothed my election-damaged soul

11/12/2016 - The polls didn’t fail. We just chose to ignore the math

11/12/2016 - Hillary Clinton directly blames FBI director James Comey for her loss

11/12/2016 - The US and Mexican men’s soccer teams capped a divisive week with a touching joint photo

11/12/2016 - Germany wants a “Marshall plan” to keep African migrants at home

11/12/2016 - A sci-fi filmmaker hilariously imagines Donald Trump’s Air Force One and motorcade

11/12/2016 - Trump’s win was a failure of many things—but democracy isn’t one of them

11/12/2016 - Consumers begged Lego to stop supporting an intolerant tabloid—and Lego listened

11/12/2016 - Compared to Obama’s in 2009, a trip to Trump’s inauguration is going to be pretty cheap

11/12/2016 - Weekend edition—Welcome to Trumpworld

11/12/2016 - “We do not tolerate hateful attitudes”: In an email about Trump, GrubHub’s CEO told racists to quit

11/12/2016 - Leonard Cohen’s tortured love affair with Zen Buddhism

11/12/2016 - If fear is what got us here, then what we need now is courage

11/12/2016 - The trouble is not with polling but with the limits to human interpretation of data

11/12/2016 - Americans are responding to racist attacks like Australia did to a hostage crisis

11/12/2016 - What Ukraine’s corrupt oligarchy can teach us about a President Trump

11/12/2016 - As voters back sugary drink taxes, Big Soda is desperate to avoid becoming the new tobacco

11/12/2016 - Populists around the world are gaining ground, and it’s not looking good for the liberals

11/12/2016 - Children of Sicilian mafia victims have created an app to fight organized crime

11/12/2016 - Weekend edition—Welcome to Trumpworld

11/12/2016 - Nigerians are developing a taste for coffee

11/12/2016 - Weekend edition—Welcome to Trumpworld

11/11/2016 - Is Hillary Clinton America’s Rahul Gandhi?

11/11/2016 - Weekend edition—Welcome to Trumpworld

11/11/2016 - Top Democrats are getting behind a progressive black Muslim for DNC chair

11/11/2016 - For a short while, Facebook killed us all

11/11/2016 - “The Donald” is the last track on the new Tribe Called Quest album

11/11/2016 - Facebook is now prohibiting racial and ethnic targeting—but only for some ads

11/11/2016 - Virtual reality lets Chinese customers shop Macy’s New York store on the world’s biggest shopping day

11/11/2016 - Harry Reid finally said what so many Democrats are thinking about a Trump presidency

11/11/2016 - Before doing anything to America’s schools, Donald Trump has an education problem of his own to settle

11/11/2016 - South Africa’s “state capture” corruption report claimed its first high-ranking casualty

11/11/2016 - Look on the bright side, it only took Donald Trump 9 hours to understand the first amendment

11/11/2016 - All the “Hallelujahs”: Why Leonard Cohen’s haunting anthem resonates with us so deeply

11/11/2016 - Seabirds eat marine plastic because it smells good

11/11/2016 - “Arrival,” a haunting, beautiful ode to globalism, opens this weekend—right when we need it

11/11/2016 - Quartzy: the courage edition

11/11/2016 - Quartzy: the courage edition

11/11/2016 - “Very sad, very frightening, very worrying”: Richard Branson reacts to Donald Trump’s election victory

11/11/2016 - Pirates on the high seas haven’t gone away, they’ve just changed their tactics

11/11/2016 - Journalists are about to become more important than they have been in decades

11/11/2016 - A USB stick can show HIV test results in under 30 minutes

11/11/2016 - The rise of Donald Trump demands we embrace a harder kind of self-care

11/11/2016 - Chinese Single’s Day, what Trump means for your retirement, Facebook’s election influence

11/11/2016 - Whatever Trump’s policies turn out to be, some damage can’t be undone

11/11/2016 - A psychologist explains how exercise, empathy and action can give us strength to take on Donald Trump

11/11/2016 - On the wrong side of history, major US news outlets are already changing their tune about covering Trump

11/11/2016 - These are the things as likely to happen as Trump’s victory, according to the bookies

11/11/2016 - Concrete steps that Americans who care about social justice can take now

11/11/2016 - Leonard Cohen, not Bob Dylan, should have won the Nobel Prize for Literature

11/11/2016 - If Donald Trump repeals Obamacare, it could cost the US government $41 billion

11/11/2016 - Psychology explains how Trump won by making white men feel like victims

11/11/2016 - “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”: The story of Leonard Cohen’s “Anthem”

11/11/2016 - Trump criticized Clinton for her Wall Street ties, but he’s the best thing to happen to big banks

11/11/2016 - Black women do the most for liberal America, and we get the least back

11/11/2016 - To my fellow Republicans: Remember that Trump’s victory is not a mandate

11/11/2016 - The four major political and geopolitical risks posed by US president-elect Donald Trump

11/11/2016 - Negociaciones en Venezuela, Sting en el Bataclan, récord de Alibaba

11/11/2016 - The US is still trending toward diversity, inclusion, and pluralism, and Donald Trump can’t change that

11/11/2016 - How a Trump presidency will threaten women’s reproductive rights

11/11/2016 - Is it ethical to work for the Trump administration?

11/11/2016 - The story behind Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump’s unlikely bromance

11/11/2016 - “I never set out to become a filmmaker”: Tim Burton’s dark imaginings make for a great exhibition, too

11/11/2016 - Trump’s election is testing the leadership skills of young startup founders

11/11/2016 - The Tao Te Ching is a guide to life in the time of Trump

11/11/2016 - This could be what the terrifying future of personal drones looks like

11/11/2016 - Want to understand how Trump happened? Study quantum physics

11/11/2016 - Trump attacks media, China shops like mad, sauna emojis

11/11/2016 - The disengaged plurality: 42% of eligible US voters stayed home

11/11/2016 - Donald Trump’s transition team is assembling like a super-lobbyist Voltron

11/11/2016 - A shopaholic’s guide to surviving Singles’ Day, China’s online shopping bonanza

11/11/2016 - The most diverse people in the world will finally get medicine made for them with a new genetic chip

11/11/2016 - Mark Zuckerberg says fake news influencing the US election is “a pretty crazy idea”

11/11/2016 - South Africans know what happens when you replace an intellectual, elite president with a populist one

11/11/2016 - Modi’s surprise move on rupee notes has come as a pleasant surprise indeed for Indian internet startups

11/11/2016 - From the Mumbai train bombings to the Times Square attack, how “hawala” fuels terrorism across the world

11/11/2016 - Alibaba Singles’ Day, Trump’s White House visit, Finland’s emoji lobbying

11/11/2016 - Alibaba Singles’ Day, Trump’s White House visit, Finland’s emoji lobbying

11/11/2016 - A playlist of Leonard Cohen’s songs to help you make sense of the world

11/11/2016 - Alibaba is selling average of $1 billion of goods every hour on this year’s single’s day

11/11/2016 - A short history of 150 years of paper currency in India

11/11/2016 - Donald Trump’s climate policy could shut off electricity to millions of people in Africa

11/10/2016 - China’s black hearts and Beijing’s dirty little secret—Trump’s new trade pick, Peter Navarro, in his own words

11/10/2016 - In the hours after Trump claimed his election victory, many of tech’s elite were adrift at sea—literally

11/10/2016 - Trump may relax fuel efficiency standards for cars, but his energy policies generally are just happy talk

11/10/2016 - Silicon Valley wrote its “concession speech” to Trump this week

11/10/2016 - The president-elect of the United States just complained of people being “very unfair!” to him

11/10/2016 - Leonard Cohen has died

11/10/2016 - Trump’s rhetoric has suddenly flipped from me-me-me to we-we-we

11/10/2016 - With Trump as president, China—China!—will be the world’s biggest champion of fighting climate change

11/10/2016 - One writer’s Twitter account has become a clearinghouse for Trump-related hate crimes

11/10/2016 - All the dumb things I’ve missed worrying about since Election Day in America

11/10/2016 - Facebook is bringing a Snapchat clone to emerging markets before the real deal can win there

11/10/2016 - Trump’s White House visit, Alibaba’s Single’s Day, Finland’s emoji lobbying

11/10/2016 - Amazon’s new app tells stories to kids like a text message exchange

11/10/2016 - President Obama and President-elect Trump met for the very first time today, but maybe not the last

11/10/2016 - Late-night comedy got real in response to Donald Trump’s election

11/10/2016 - Russia is banning LinkedIn

11/10/2016 - The only way scientific research in America won’t wilt is if Trump thinks of it like infrastructure

11/10/2016 - Trump wants to cut federal funding to 300 cities for turning a blind eye to undocumented immigrants

11/10/2016 - Trump’s policies are based on economic growth typically only seen during wartime

11/10/2016 - The Trump transition team’s new website has an embarrassing design oversight

11/10/2016 - Barack Obama’s face as he hands over the White House to Trump

11/10/2016 - We know worryingly little about Donald Trump’s plans for American education

11/10/2016 - President-elect Trump went to the White House today and there are no photographs of his arrival

11/10/2016 - I voted in four elections across three continents this year—and millennials lost us every one

11/10/2016 - As he prepares to take power, Donald Trump’s point man for food issues is a veteran Big Soda lobbyist

11/10/2016 - People are turning to “The Lord of the Rings” for solace after Donald Trump’s win

11/10/2016 - Donald Trump plans to make getting a green card very, very difficult

11/10/2016 - Trump’s actions on the H-1B visa are still unclear, but they won’t be good for Indian IT firms and students

11/10/2016 - A Trump presidency is forcing an entire generation of journalists to rethink what “journalism” even means

11/10/2016 - Donald Trump has already caused an increase in school bullying—but we can fight to reverse it

11/10/2016 - Snapchat’s Spectacles are here—and you have to buy them from a vending machine

11/10/2016 - Where thousands across the US protested following Trump’s victory

11/10/2016 - Five countries where Americans can easily get a working holiday visa

11/10/2016 - Donald Trump will begin his presidency with five outstanding foreign policy challenges

11/10/2016 - Democrats need to reach out to Trump voters in 2020. But they must not sell their souls to do it

11/10/2016 - Russia says it has been in touch with Donald Trump’s entourage during the campaign

11/10/2016 - Trump’s supporters painted themselves as America’s underdogs—but we’re the underdogs now

11/10/2016 - Yesterday we mourned Trump’s victory. Today, we start fighting for the country we deserve

11/10/2016 - With Hillary Clinton’s loss, the future my husband and I were planning for is gone

11/10/2016 - Chinese fans are blaming Hillary Clinton’s loss for a canceled Katy Perry performance

11/10/2016 - Millennials have come of age amidst recessions, populism and closing borders. What future do we have?

11/10/2016 - Harvard’s 3D-printed “heart-on-a-chip” could replace animal testing one day

11/10/2016 - A rash of racist attacks have broken out in the US after Donald Trump’s victory

11/10/2016 - Trump en la Casa Blanca, ejercicios militares en Cuba, misterioso lago gigante

11/10/2016 - I feel abandoned by my fellow Americans—and now I finally understand the despair of Trump’s supporters

11/10/2016 - The Tata Group has finally explained why it booted out Cyrus Mistry

11/10/2016 - Newspapers around the world attempt to make sense of a Donald Trump presidency

11/10/2016 - Facebook has signed up Singapore’s entire civil service to its Workplace chat platform

11/10/2016 - Anti-Trump rallies, China heads Interpol, the Budweiser of bud

11/10/2016 - Silicon Valley’s products helped shape the US election, but its CEOs have little to say about the result

11/10/2016 - Climate activists now hope Trump was just joking about that whole China thing

11/10/2016 - A Trump presidency means an uncertain future for automation

11/10/2016 - Africa’s first Nobel prize in literature winner isn’t walking back on ripping his green card because of Trump’s win

11/10/2016 - Narendra Modi’s currency play has more political value than economic benefit

11/10/2016 - Beijing to the US: Your democracy is broken, please don’t change a thing

11/10/2016 - After Donald Trump’s win, Africans are disappointed in American democracy

11/10/2016 - What will happen to all those useless Rs500 and Rs1,000 notes you deposit in banks?

11/10/2016 - Trump’s win—and Brexit—send one message to Africans: stay at home

11/10/2016 - Trump stock surge, Disney earnings, robot puzzle-solvers

11/10/2016 - Trump stock surge, Disney earnings, robot puzzle-solvers

11/10/2016 - Distrustful citizens and canny black marketeers: Lessons for India from the history of demonetisation

11/10/2016 - The US election wasn’t about a Trump surge, it was about Clinton’s “likability” deficit

11/9/2016 - The collateral damage in Modi’s fight against black money: Indian housewives

11/9/2016 - Asian stocks are rebounding as investors bet the Trump presidency won’t be that bad

11/9/2016 - What a Donald Trump presidency means for Asia

11/9/2016 - There are three small actions you can do every day to boost your mood

11/9/2016 - The worst mistake to make in a job negotiation happens long before you show up to the interview

11/9/2016 - Venture capitalists say they’ll keep pumping money into startups even with Trump as president

11/9/2016 - Twitter’s chief operating officer is leaving

11/9/2016 - Watching Hillary Clinton lose through the eyes of classmates who’ve been rooting for her since 1969

11/9/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s concession speech was a nod to her Methodist creed

11/9/2016 - “It’s like waking up with a hangover”: The rest of the world reacts to Trump’s win

11/9/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s parting words remind us America’s democracy is more vulnerable than you might think

11/9/2016 - America has elected presidents with almost no experience before, and survived

11/9/2016 - Trump stock surge, Clinton’s concession, robot puzzle-solvers

11/9/2016 - What a Trump victory means for your retirement

11/9/2016 - Terrifying literary predictions of our current political predicament

11/9/2016 - Investors are betting on even more student-loan gouging under Trump

11/9/2016 - I have a free ticket out of Trump’s America, but I’m not leaving

11/9/2016 - Sad as it was, Stephen Colbert’s sobering election special got Showtime a lot more subscribers

11/9/2016 - This election reveals our limited ability to imagine a reality different than our own

11/9/2016 - It’s time to make an urgent case for the new global economy

11/9/2016 - How to encrypt your internet communication during a Trump presidency

11/9/2016 - Scientists have developed a wireless implant that gave paralyzed monkeys the ability to walk again

11/9/2016 - For a few minutes, America caught a glimpse of president Clinton—and then she was gone

11/9/2016 - “Never doubt that you are valuable and powerful”: Hillary Clinton’s message to America’s girls

11/9/2016 - This female president ditched diplomacy and was honest enough to say Clinton’s loss is “extremely” sad

11/9/2016 - Visualizing the stages of grief in one chart

11/9/2016 - The swing of financial markets after Donald Trump’s victory is a strong indicator of what’s to come

11/9/2016 - “They killed us”: The dark irony of Tim Kaine’s concession speech

11/9/2016 - Some men’s testosterone levels are plummeting thanks to the results of the US election

11/9/2016 - The greatest threat from a Trump presidency may be his toxic brew of unscientific beliefs

11/9/2016 - Muslim American women are tweeting that they’re afraid to leave home in a hijab

11/9/2016 - In Germany, the day of Trump’s victory is already both an inspiring and a terrifying anniversary

11/9/2016 - “I still believe in America, and I always will”: A patriotic Hillary Clinton concedes to Donald Trump

11/9/2016 - American women voted overwhelmingly for Clinton, except the white ones

11/9/2016 - “Never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it”: Thank you, Hillary Clinton

11/9/2016 - Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto congratulates the US on “its electoral process”

11/9/2016 - “We are now all rooting for his success:” Obama says he is ready to hand over the baton to Donald Trump

11/9/2016 - Hillary Clinton used her last speech of the 2016 campaign to comfort the next generation of fighters

11/9/2016 - Well, at least Trump’s win means we get Martin Shkreli’s $2 million Wu-Tang Clan album

11/9/2016 - The only way African countries can avoid being hurt by Trump is to trade with each other

11/9/2016 - Hillary Clinton chose to deliver her inspiring concession speech in bipartisan purple

11/9/2016 - Donald Trump won the presidency, but Hillary Clinton likely won the popular vote

11/9/2016 - “I feel bewildered by what I saw”: Kids around the world react to Trump’s victory

11/9/2016 - Guns, germs, and steel: The companies winnng and losing from Donald Trump’s victory

11/9/2016 - One in every five Americans is about to get legally high AF after this election

11/9/2016 - Worry not! In four years, you could elect Kanye West

11/9/2016 - Donald Trump won the presidency because celebrity beats substance

11/9/2016 - The first big winners of Donald Trump’s victory are private prison companies, whose stocks are soaring

11/9/2016 - US markets are being astonishingly Zen-like about Trump’s surprise victory

11/9/2016 - Trumpist America, you are not any different from Modi’s India

11/9/2016 - Now is not the time to abandon America. Stay here and fight for it

11/9/2016 - Under Donald Trump’s foreign policy, Africa will fall off the map

11/9/2016 - What Donald Trump’s presidential win means for the rest of the world

11/9/2016 - Africa’s populists and strongmen are some of the first to welcome a Trump presidency

11/9/2016 - How to watch Hillary Clinton’s concession speech

11/9/2016 - Trump’s sober victory speech harnessed his greatest, most unrecognized skill

11/9/2016 - If you thought election 2016 was horrible, then 2020 will be much, much worse

11/9/2016 - Donald Trump is the first president-elect in three decades to not end his victory speech blessing the country

11/9/2016 - You may think twice about taking a taxi in Mexico after watching this video

11/9/2016 - After living through the Brexit vote, Trump’s election is a familiar indictment of humanity

11/9/2016 - Maine is adopting a voting system that will make it easier for third party candidates to get elected

11/9/2016 - Gana Trump, billetes indios, chocolate británico

11/9/2016 - World leaders dismayed at Trump’s victory are awkwardly congratulating him

11/9/2016 - We translated Vladimir Putin’s congratulatory telegram to Donald Trump

11/9/2016 - Donald Trump wins, global markets tumble, McDonalds sues Florence

11/9/2016 - This is the end of industrial political polling as we know it

11/9/2016 - I thought explaining Brexit to my kids was bad. Explaining Trump is worse

11/9/2016 - We just saw what voters do when they feel screwed. Here’s the economic theory of why they do it

11/9/2016 - Today I learned that my fellow Americans hate me, my body, and my friends

11/9/2016 - Trump is president and Europe’s far right is rejoicing

11/9/2016 - “I will be president for all Americans”—Donald Trump’s victory speech

11/9/2016 - Newspaper front pages around the world react to Donald Trump’s victory

11/9/2016 - America was never ready for a woman president

11/9/2016 - Brace yourself for the new Reagan-Thatcher: Donald Trump and Brexit leader Nigel Farage

11/9/2016 - Americans voted to execute more people in the 2016 election

11/9/2016 - Trump is in the White House and the GOP controls Congress. Now what?

11/9/2016 - Hillary Clinton has conceded the US presidency to Donald Trump

11/9/2016 - Trump has won the US presidency and the Canadian immigration site won’t stop crashing

11/9/2016 - How Hillary Clinton blew it

11/9/2016 - Hillary Clinton will not be delivering her concession speech tonight

11/9/2016 - Trump has vowed to yank the US from the global climate pact. He can do it.

11/9/2016 - Donald Trump’s election spells doom for Barack Obama’s legacy

11/9/2016 - Donald Trump’s presidency: A guide to five key issues

11/9/2016 - All the moments the Trump campaign should have died but didn’t, in headlines

11/9/2016 - How to watch Donald Trump’s victory speech

11/9/2016 - What in the hell just happened?!?

11/9/2016 - The shock and surprise of election night in photos juxtaposing the Trump and Clinton camps

11/9/2016 - The US has elected its first Latina senator

11/9/2016 - Modi’s crackdown on black money is bad news for political parties, including the BJP

11/9/2016 - “A whitelash against a changing country”: Van Jones explains why Donald Trump is winning

11/9/2016 - Live blog: Global financial markets are dealing with the shock of Donald Trump’s election victory

11/9/2016 - Here’s what a president Trump will do to the Supreme Court

11/9/2016 - US election results, India’s banknote surprise, Toblerone outrage

11/9/2016 - US election results, India’s banknote surprise, Toblerone outrage

11/9/2016 - Don’t panic. Here’s Quartz’s 48-hour survival guide to living cash-free in urban India

11/9/2016 - Indian stock markets are bleeding because of rupee notes and US votes

11/9/2016 - Bitcoin is soaring as a Trump presidency looks more likely

11/9/2016 - A looming Donald Trump presidency wiped over 700 points off the Dow in futures trading

11/9/2016 - America’s most notorious sheriff Joe Arpaio lost his race for a seventh term

11/8/2016 - Psychologists confirm that yes, you really are being made physically ill by election uncertainty

11/8/2016 - Donald Trump used to be a joke in China, but not anymore

11/8/2016 - Those nerve-wracking New York Times dashboard fluctuations are not all real

11/8/2016 - Here’s how to follow the US election results in this new reality where Trump could really win

11/8/2016 - Modi’s decision on rupee notes has triggered a dream run for us: Paytm’s Vijay Shekhar

11/8/2016 - Republicans will hold the House of Representatives for the next two years

11/8/2016 - Global markets are plummeting as investors fear Donald Trump could win the US presidential election

11/8/2016 - A brief history of India pulling bank notes from circulation

11/8/2016 - Walgreens just filed the latest lawsuit against Theranos

11/8/2016 - With the US election holding everyone’s attention, GoPro decided to recall its drone today

11/8/2016 - Donald Trump’s ghostwriter is waging psychological warfare against him on Twitter

11/8/2016 - What India’s ban on Rs500 and Rs1,000 notes means for foreign travelers

11/8/2016 - New York’s and California’s ballots disagree on how to write “Donald Trump” in Chinese

11/8/2016 - For a brief magical moment, you could make Donald Trump’s campaign website say whatever you wanted

11/8/2016 - Fear of Donald Trump brings out the voters in Allentown, PA: “I’m dead-ass scared.”

11/8/2016 - Trump speaks to his supporters in the language they understand best: social media

11/8/2016 - A portrait of democracy: The hair salons and garages where Americans vote

11/8/2016 - America has an army of older volunteers keeping its electoral system running

11/8/2016 - It’s a lot easier to vote in space than here on Earth

11/8/2016 - US election results, India’s banknote surprise, Toblerone outrage

11/8/2016 - Flash mobs of meditators may show up at your polling place this evening

11/8/2016 - Donald Trump filed an election lawsuit in a Latino-heavy county in Nevada

11/8/2016 - Are ballot selfies legal? A guide

11/8/2016 - Like a petulant sports fan, Donald Trump still won’t promise to accept the results of the election

11/8/2016 - Video of this insane line of people waiting to vote might make you feel better about turnout

11/8/2016 - American trophy wives are being replaced by women who work

11/8/2016 - From Nina Simone to Beyonce: The Quartz playlist of songs by women who rule

11/8/2016 - Breathing exercises for a very stressful Election Day, in gifs

11/8/2016 - Livestream: US voters paying homage to suffragette Susan B. Anthony’s grave with “I voted” stickers

11/8/2016 - Voters kibitz on City Island, New York City’s own Small Town, USA

11/8/2016 - Ann Coulter has a voter test to screen for pure Americans, and Trump doesn’t pass

11/8/2016 - Does Donald Trump even trust his wife to vote for him?

11/8/2016 - The US voting experience is designed like a disorderly bake sale

11/8/2016 - Prince Harry is furious about racist press coverage and online trolling of his girlfriend

11/8/2016 - This election exposed an unsettling truth: Americans in both parties are giving up on democracy

11/8/2016 - The timeless joy of Walt Whitman’s “Election Day, November, 1884”

11/8/2016 - Snapchat’s new update shows what it might be like to use Spectacles

11/8/2016 - An airline invites Muslims to travel to the US “while you’re still allowed to”

11/8/2016 - A Ugandan court has ordered the closure of over 60 schools backed by Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates

11/8/2016 - Immigrants were allowed to vote in the US until the 1920s. What if they still could?

11/8/2016 - Donald Trump’s year of toying with the American psyche has taken a massive toll on our mental health

11/8/2016 - Lucky! In Australia, voters are served sausages as a reward for waiting in line on election day

11/8/2016 - A large crowd booed Donald Trump as he arrived at his polling station

11/8/2016 - To honor the suffragettes, women around the US are casting their ballots in all-white

11/8/2016 - A secret Facebook group is encouraging American women to wear a pantsuit on Election Day

11/8/2016 - Interactive: What drives success?

11/8/2016 - You probably won’t guess how many women have led countries since the last century

11/8/2016 - In his last campaign speech for Clinton, President Obama says he still has hope for America

11/8/2016 - It’s mazel tov, not Molotov: a Quartz cocktail

11/8/2016 - Distract yourself from election stress with engrossing longreads that have nothing to do with politics

11/8/2016 - This baby marine iguana outrunning a hoard of snakes is the action hero that America needs right now

11/8/2016 - The party favors and delicacies of American-themed “election parties” all around the world

11/8/2016 - The Shattered Glass, a Quartz cocktail to drink if Hillary Clinton wins

11/8/2016 - Zimbabweans are sleeping overnight outside banks again to get their cash

11/8/2016 - Elon Musk’s answer to ramping up Tesla production: German engineering

11/8/2016 - Hillary Clinton and her crew get weird in this #MannequinChallenge election day video

11/8/2016 - Why Modi’s move to ban Rs500 and Rs1,000 notes is such a big deal, explained in one chart

11/8/2016 - Watch voting problems surface in real-time on this Google-powered dashboard

11/8/2016 - America’s Requiem, a Quartz cocktail to drink if Donald Trump wins

11/8/2016 - Latinos are coming out to vote in droves and it’s not just because of Donald Trump’s offensive rhetoric

11/8/2016 - UK betting on the US election is set to beat records

11/8/2016 - A final economic health check in the most important swing states

11/8/2016 - Narendra Modi just banned Rs500 and Rs1000 notes to fight corruption and terrorism

11/8/2016 - Urban Outfitters published a voting guide with false information to a million Twitter followers

11/8/2016 - Forcing employees to act happy only makes them more miserable

11/8/2016 - Hillary Clinton casts her vote on an historic US election day

11/8/2016 - People are already documenting extremely long lines at US polling places in swing states

11/8/2016 - I voted: Here’s how I’m going to reward myself

11/8/2016 - The Nasty Woman, a Quartz cocktail: Get ready for election night

11/8/2016 - The killing of a Nigerian hero by Boko Haram has seen the country unite in grief

11/8/2016 - How to cure your post-election stress

11/8/2016 - Dispatch from the G8 summit in 2018 with president Donald Trump in attendance

11/8/2016 - How do networks call the election before all the votes are counted?

11/8/2016 - Getty’s most popular photo of Trump is literally ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

11/8/2016 - Are the signals of journalistic quality different in our digital age?

11/8/2016 - “The whole world ought to be concerned”: Hong Kong lawyers react to Beijing’s “clarification” on oaths

11/8/2016 - EEUU vota, la chamán y Samsung, huelga de deberes

11/8/2016 - The Quartz playlist of music scientifically proven to soothe your election anxiety

11/8/2016 - On the day a woman could become president, here’s the feminist history that was made this year

11/8/2016 - A cheap Internet of Things threatens the internet

11/8/2016 - Lazy millennial voters could hand Trump the US presidency

11/8/2016 - Voters in nine US states will consider legalizing marijuana for medicinal or recreational use

11/8/2016 - Today I vote for Hillary Clinton for my immigrant grandmother, who wanted so much to see this day

11/8/2016 - As the world watches the US presidential election, the very idea of America is on the line

11/8/2016 - The US finally votes, Samsung raided, USB condoms

11/8/2016 - 如何在墙内围观美国总统大选结果

11/8/2016 - What time do the polls close?

11/8/2016 - Mapped: Election-day weather that could affect voter turnout

11/8/2016 - Nairobi’s colorful but chaotic local bus system is resisting being digitized

11/8/2016 - How to follow the US presidential election results from inside mainland China (without a VPN)

11/8/2016 - The toxic smog’s next trick: making the Taj Mahal disappear

11/8/2016 - How this Bangladeshi woman’s family lost its battle with climate change

11/8/2016 - Donald Trump is the embodiment of everything Singapore taught me to fear about democracy

11/8/2016 - The US finally votes, China’s exports, medieval holidays

11/8/2016 - India has lost 78 tigers in 2016—the most in six years

11/8/2016 - The US finally votes, China’s exports, medieval holidays

11/8/2016 - US Election Day live blog: Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

11/7/2016 - A handy calculator to find out how many hours your city’s air pollution is taking away from your life

11/7/2016 - Delhi’s rich and beautiful are breathing clean air stylishly, with help from the Nevada desert

11/7/2016 - Donald Trump hates globalization, but globalization is what made Donald Trump’s life possible

11/7/2016 - The US finally votes, Toyota earnings, Tesco Bank heist

11/7/2016 - Donald Trump and the 2016 election have inspired a powerful, apocalyptic aesthetic in campaign photography

11/7/2016 - A dark vision of America prevails, as Donald J. Trump is elected the next US president

11/7/2016 - Tesla will now charge to use its Supercharger network to expand it (and because people are irrational)

11/7/2016 - Whoever the next US president is, they won’t know their way around a computer

11/7/2016 - These innovative states want to protect domestic violence survivors using paid “safe days”

11/7/2016 - If you need a smart assistant in your life, get a Google Home

11/7/2016 - The location of America’s new soccer capital may surprise you

11/7/2016 - Donald Trump is prepared to make this election last forever

11/7/2016 - The complete list of jobs that make it incredibly easy for Americans to move to Canada

11/7/2016 - Engineers have invented an ink made from pulverized magnets that could self-repair torn fabrics and broken devices

11/7/2016 - “This country gives everybody a chance”: The African voter and Obama’s legacy

11/7/2016 - Mexico has an emergency plan for a Trump win

11/7/2016 - California’s ballot initiative to control drug prices has the pharma industry terrified

11/7/2016 - Whether Democrats or Republicans take the election on Nov. 8, Elizabeth Warren wins

11/7/2016 - It’s taken 25 years, but the “happiness gap” between post-Soviet countries and their peers has finally closed

11/7/2016 - People are buying “USB condoms” to prevent their devices from catching nasty viruses

11/7/2016 - Watch: John Oliver has started the pyramid scheme to end all pyramid schemes

11/7/2016 - Oxford University’s lip-reading AI is more accurate than humans, but still has a way to go

11/7/2016 - Donald Trump and his surrogates are shocked—shocked!—by Jay Z’s lyrics and “mazel tov cocktails”

11/7/2016 - My conservative relatives embraced my being gay. Here’s what I hope they remember before voting for Trump

11/7/2016 - The crowdsourcing movement to improve African maps

11/7/2016 - Are you employing the right strategy to tackle your tuition bill?

11/7/2016 - Americans like me who survived Ferguson understand just how bad Election Day violence could get

11/7/2016 - Financial planning perspectives: How to tackle the tuition bill

11/7/2016 - Calling all American expats: What was it like living abroad for the 2016 election?

11/7/2016 - Trump’s home stretch: more lies about immigration and a dash of anti-Semitic conspiracy theory language

11/7/2016 - White Americans have a very long history of getting violent when minorities exercise their right to vote

11/7/2016 - China’s bewildering new cybersecurity law is keeping foreign tech firms out of the country

11/7/2016 - Cierre de campaña en EEUU, Ortega en Nicaragua, pingüinos celosos

11/7/2016 - The six steps to a concession speech

11/7/2016 - It will now cost half as much cash—and stress—to register a business in Nigeria

11/7/2016 - The tale of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” perfectly explains why so many people believe in voter fraud

11/7/2016 - In Kenya, Clinton supporters are naming their children after the woman they hope will become America’s next president

11/7/2016 - The way to get more women in power is to recode our brains

11/7/2016 - What will happen on November 8? Predictions from astrologers around the world

11/7/2016 - Patagonia will close all its stores on election day to encourage people to vote

11/7/2016 - Apple is basically the only company making any money selling smartphones

11/7/2016 - US election countdown, FBI clears Clinton (again), cows who text

11/7/2016 - Morocco is a perfect place for the world’s biggest climate change conference

11/7/2016 - Hong Kong’s leader is angling for a fight by threatening to revive a draconian anti-subversion law

11/7/2016 - Thanks to Brexit, Narendra Modi is in the driver’s seat in negotiating a trade deal with Theresa May

11/7/2016 - This one chart shows Delhi’s apocalyptic pollution compared to the rest of India

11/7/2016 - In its pursuit of “smart cities,” India is becoming a drier, hotter and angrier country

11/7/2016 - A brief history: Beijing’s interpretations of Hong Kong’s Basic Law, from 1999 to the present day

11/7/2016 - Two democratically elected Hong Kong lawmakers have been banned from taking office by Beijing

11/6/2016 - Two weeks on, it is clear that getting rid of Cyrus Mistry is not going to be easy for the Tatas

11/6/2016 - FBI clears Clinton emails (again), Hong Kong protests, cow-generated texts

11/6/2016 - FBI clears Clinton emails (again), Hong Kong protests, cow-generated texts

11/6/2016 - FBI clears Clinton emails (again), Hong Kong protests, cow-generated texts

11/6/2016 - Global markets are enjoying a “Hillary bump” after the FBI’s latest statement

11/6/2016 - The FBI confirms (again) that Clinton’s emails are totally fine

11/6/2016 - Theresa May in India, Samsung turns to the Galaxy S8, Apple’s legalese

11/6/2016 - When dealing with a bully, the worst lesson to teach your child is to hide out at home

11/6/2016 - Violent clashes erupted in Hong Kong ahead of Beijing’s ruling on pro-independence officials

11/6/2016 - The African voters in the US who want Donald Trump as their president

11/6/2016 - Delhi’s air is so toxic that schools are closing, expats are fleeing, and the visiting UK PM could lose hours from her life

11/6/2016 - “Yippee!”: Women born before women could vote in the US describe their joy at voting for Clinton

11/6/2016 - Africans will spur creativity and innovation by celebrating their own excellence

11/6/2016 - What working moms would do if they could add extra hours to their busy day

11/6/2016 - How long before we see Santa in July? Consult Quartz’s Christmas Creep Calculator™

11/6/2016 - Five reality TV show strategies Donald Trump has used throughout his campaign

11/6/2016 - What training for the New York City marathon taught me about America

11/6/2016 - African IP, Ushahidi’s US moment, the captured state

11/6/2016 - The US has never been closer to passing a paid parental leave bill than it is now

11/6/2016 - Wikipedia’s not as biased as you might think

11/6/2016 - The average American will waste more than a year over a lifetime looking for something to watch on TV

11/6/2016 - No matter who wins the US presidential election, Social Security loses

11/6/2016 - Should doctors be allowed to bring their religion to work?

11/6/2016 - Machines may never master the distinctly human elements of language

11/6/2016 - The funniest @POTUS tweets of Barack Obama’s presidency

11/6/2016 - “This whole election has been so mean”: Political satire gets serious on “Saturday Night Live”

11/6/2016 - FBI clears Clinton emails (again), Hong Kong protests, cow-generated texts

11/6/2016 - FBI clears Clinton emails (again), Hong Kong protests, cow-generated texts

11/5/2016 - There’s a science to getting people to vote

11/5/2016 - An unprecedented gathering of journalists will monitor for voting problems in the US election

11/5/2016 - Record numbers of Hispanics are voting early to keep Trump out of the White House

11/5/2016 - South Asian American millennials plead with their older relatives to vote for Clinton

11/5/2016 - Philosophy once helped us make sense of our confusing, ever-changing political world. What happened?

11/5/2016 - Kinky sex lifts our consciousness into a heightened state of “flow,” according to a new study

11/5/2016 - Every nation has a shadow, according to Jungian scholars, and the cost of not facing it is dire

11/5/2016 - While the world is transfixed by the US election, real action is happening on climate change

11/5/2016 - Mauritius’ poor treatment of foreign workers harks back to a dark time in its history

11/5/2016 - Barack Obama talks to Bill Maher about the problem with America’s splintered media

11/5/2016 - Trump supporters are living in a reality shaped by television, says a Harvard professor

11/5/2016 - The eleven most shared late-night clips this election season, in chronological order, with a little context

11/5/2016 - Financial markets are just as stressed out about the US election as everyone else

11/5/2016 - Apple fans have click-signed more than 100,000 words of legal contracts

11/5/2016 - Donald Trump has offended a lot of immigrants. Some are voting for him anyway

11/5/2016 - Whether Trump wins or loses, the US is becoming more economically isolated

11/5/2016 - Is it okay to teach American kids in Spanish rather than English? California is set to decide (again)

11/5/2016 - Weekend edition—Trump’s legacy, “slow space,” Deutsche Bank’s decline

11/5/2016 - A new device allows cows to text message their farmers when they’re sick or pregnant

11/5/2016 - The land rush for emoji domains is coming

11/5/2016 - Chris Christie’s no good very bad year, told entirely in news headlines

11/5/2016 - A bar bathroom poster offers an escape route for women on bad dates with creeps

11/5/2016 - If you don’t want to get the new MacBook Pro, consider these Windows laptops instead

11/5/2016 - Adidas is making a million pairs of its much-anticipated sneakers created from recycled ocean plastic

11/5/2016 - Trump could still win it all: His paths to 270 electoral college votes—and the presidency

11/5/2016 - This Instagram account shows Hillary Clinton as a style icon on par with Prince and Beyoncé

11/5/2016 - Miserable Wells Fargo employees say they’ve been denied bathroom breaks

11/5/2016 - In a post-truth election, clicks trump facts

11/5/2016 - If you like sunlight, daylight saving is probably making your life better

11/5/2016 - Weekend edition—Trump’s legacy, “slow space,” Deutsche Bank’s decline

11/5/2016 - Weekend edition—Trump’s legacy, “slow space,” Deutsche Bank’s decline

11/4/2016 - Xi Jinping’s “stubborn, closed-minded” rule is muting free speech and publishing in Hong Kong

11/4/2016 - Beyoncé, in a pantsuit, campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Ohio

11/4/2016 - Weekend edition—Trump’s legacy, “slow space,” Deutsche Bank’s decline

11/4/2016 - After Go, StarCraft II is officially the next game for AI to conquer

11/4/2016 - A year after winning power, Aung San Suu Kyi is struggling to transform Myanmar

11/4/2016 - Bill Simmons’s cult following was not enough to save his HBO show

11/4/2016 - Not admitting it made a mistake with its laptops, Apple slashed the price on all its adapters

11/4/2016 - The Tata boardroom battle is getting so messy that journalists are getting beaten up

11/4/2016 - What drives success?

11/4/2016 - A librarian is on trial in Moscow for lending “extremist” Ukrainian books

11/4/2016 - When a big Swiss company eliminated the CEO position, its shares soared

11/4/2016 - Don’t guess on election day. This site is your guide to the other 40,000 people running for office

11/4/2016 - The indelible reward of women running for president, even when they lose

11/4/2016 - Google fires back on EU antitrust case, and says it’s only playing catch-up with Amazon

11/4/2016 - This is the sexist chat that got the Harvard men’s soccer team shut down

11/4/2016 - A new study shows that the gender gap in math abilities starts early—and teacher bias makes it worse as time goes on

11/4/2016 - Scientists have figured out how much a pack of cigarettes a day affects your DNA

11/4/2016 - Bitcoin is on a bull run, half the world uses Facebook, China’s innovation evolution

11/4/2016 - Swiss officials just seized 11 of the world’s most expensive cars from this African president’s son

11/4/2016 - 100 good reasons your Republican relatives shouldn’t vote for Donald Trump

11/4/2016 - Signs that the US election is making you sick

11/4/2016 - Quartzy: the tenth inning edition

11/4/2016 - Quartzy: the tenth inning edition

11/4/2016 - America is more fragile than you think: A former Marine Corps officer on why voters must defeat Donald Trump

11/4/2016 - Six unbroken years of job growth make clear the danger in next week’s US election

11/4/2016 - What cats do when we’re not watching

11/4/2016 - Hillary Clinton, the Vampire Slayer

11/4/2016 - A Nobel laureate in literature who wants a Grammy if Bob Dylan can get a Nobel

11/4/2016 - One of Gambia’s brightest young soccer stars has drowned trying to reach Europe

11/4/2016 - Persecución en Turquía, el acuerdo de Paris, un modelo chino octogenario

11/4/2016 - The best argument for a Hillary Clinton presidency? 238 years of American history

11/4/2016 - Everything that could go wrong on America’s Election Day

11/4/2016 - Meet Piccolissimo, the world’s smallest self-powered flying robot

11/4/2016 - Chimamanda Adichie explains why people love Hillary Clinton

11/4/2016 - So you want to work for the internet? What I learned interviewing with the gatekeepers of the web

11/4/2016 - The US election is ending in a dumpster fire—and that’s just what America deserves

11/4/2016 - For the last time, daylight saving time isn’t worth the trouble it causes

11/4/2016 - It’s okay to admit we’re all just trying to make friends and influence people online

11/4/2016 - Three reasons the US is the most advanced nation in the world without universal health coverage

11/4/2016 - When the US government underestimated globalization, workers suffered. It must do better on technology.

11/4/2016 - Inequality in the US has been getting worse since Reagan—but not by as much as many believe

11/4/2016 - The five reasons the US Department of Commerce should be forced to give me its data for free

11/4/2016 - The next president US should block AT&T’s Time Warner tie-up

11/4/2016 - The dog training strategies that work on kids

11/4/2016 - There’s a mathematical model for engineering food that delights our senses

11/4/2016 - A former Tesla executive is behind an algorithm that helps people swap votes in the US election

11/4/2016 - “Trump Dump” fears, Berkshire Hathaway earnings, China’s catwalk grandpa

11/4/2016 - What is “athleisure” anyhow, and why should I care?

11/4/2016 - How much daylight does daylight saving time save?

11/4/2016 - Small tweaks to your Facebook habits can make your feed a kinder, more productive place

11/4/2016 - Apple wants to reinvent the flip phone with a screen that literally folds in half

11/4/2016 - This little girl’s video is a perfect example of how to motivate Latino millennials to vote

11/4/2016 - You no longer need to own a solar panel to reap the financial benefits of solar energy

11/4/2016 - South Korea’s president said tragedy and “loneliness” drove her to rely on a shadowy female confidante

11/4/2016 - Now trending on Twitter India: A desperate need for leadership

11/4/2016 - This is how a bestselling book is made in India today

11/4/2016 - Has Narendra Modi delivered as the CEO of India Inc? No, says Shashi Tharoor

11/4/2016 - Turkey’s crackdown, US jobs day, China’s buff grandpa

11/4/2016 - Turkey’s crackdown, US jobs day, China’s buff grandpa

11/4/2016 - The “Facebook impact” on elections is real, and significant—just look at Hong Kong’s last vote

11/4/2016 - A conspiracy theory about sex and gender is being peddled around the world by the far right

11/3/2016 - The secret to success for India’s woman architects: unconventional ideas and mothers-in-law

11/3/2016 - The reason why kids know a swear word is bad even if they don’t know what it means

11/3/2016 - A Google engineer explains why salary isn’t the most important part of a job offer

11/3/2016 - The wife of the world’s most powerful cyberbully is vowing to fight cyberbullies

11/3/2016 - A botnet launching a “test” cyberattack knocked out an entire country’s internet

11/3/2016 - The most important state to watch in the US presidential election is New Hampshire

11/3/2016 - GoPro says it’ll be profitable again in 2017, but Wall Street is jumping ship

11/3/2016 - Brexit hits a bump, US jobs day, China’s buff grandpa

11/3/2016 - The surprisingly drab plans for Trump’s election night party

11/3/2016 - The perks of being a perpetually disappointed Cubs fan—until last night

11/3/2016 - Scientists have found a way to spot nuclear smugglers—by looking at their nail clippings

11/3/2016 - Computers are the new foreign language teachers in US schools

11/3/2016 - Khizr Khan’s mission to take down Donald Trump is working

11/3/2016 - Clinton supporters are planning to vote for the first woman president wearing suffragette white

11/3/2016 - Iraq’s biggest church has just celebrated mass for the first time in two years

11/3/2016 - Android just hit a record 88% market share of all smartphones

11/3/2016 - The Breaker of Curses: No one is as good at their job as baseball’s Theo Epstein is at his

11/3/2016 - Africa’s first Nobel prize in literature winner will rip up his green card if Trump wins

11/3/2016 - In yet another election plot twist, the FBI is now investigating one of its own Twitter accounts

11/3/2016 - An elegant math trick borrowed from the business world helps you find cash you didn’t know you had

11/3/2016 - Confused why Buchanan’s Whisky aired an ad in Spanish during the World Series? That was the point

11/3/2016 - The American people don’t want to know anything else about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

11/3/2016 - Food scientists are trying to engineer milk chocolate to be as healthy as dark chocolate

11/3/2016 - The word “Brexit” has been named the most important political contribution to the English language since “Watergate”

11/3/2016 - The US has an empathy problem, and it might be what’s causing the current toxic political environment

11/3/2016 - You can order Lin-Manuel Miranda’s star-heavy Hamilton Mixtape tomorrow. Here’s everything we know about it

11/3/2016 - Lessons from the epic boardroom battle at Tata are already being taught at Indian business schools

11/3/2016 - The terrible odds stacked against young people trying to get jobs in Nigeria

11/3/2016 - People who like the mountains think they are smarter and cooler than beach people. But they are wrong

11/3/2016 - ClassPass had to kill its wildly popular unlimited plan before the plan ruined its business

11/3/2016 - How design is being put to work in the US and UK

11/3/2016 - Russia’s newest citizen Steven Seagal really looks at home in Eastern Europe

11/3/2016 - How companies are designing for employee experience in the US and the UK

11/3/2016 - Alibaba beat Wall Street’s expectations, but its stock is still down. What gives?

11/3/2016 - How are culinary trends in the US and UK evolving?

11/3/2016 - The risks of playing it safe in cash

11/3/2016 - EU policies are fueling appalling abuses of migrants and refugees in Italy

11/3/2016 - Guilty liberal elites now think empathizing with Trump voters means making excuses for them

11/3/2016 - Cyclists all over the world are consumed by one question, and it’s not about speed or safety

11/3/2016 - Facebook’s latest plan for cheaper and faster internet in Africa is off to a good start

11/3/2016 - Is Brexit over after today’s British High Court ruling?

11/3/2016 - The rich and educated don’t like to admit they’re voting for Trump

11/3/2016 - The “dad bod” saves lives (not really, but it could help men live longer)

11/3/2016 - El Brexit en los tribunales, Santos en Belfast y Al Bagdadi en Mosul

11/3/2016 - Pizza, the “world’s saddest polar bear,” is perfectly happy, a new documentary from China claims

11/3/2016 - A new report shows that our efforts to fight global warming are paying off in the biggest way yet

11/3/2016 - Rodrigo Duterte’s promise to God that he would stop swearing lasted four days

11/3/2016 - An Oxford professor explains why Trump losing the presidential election will be bad for American democracy

11/3/2016 - The way doctors give patients bad news can teach us all something about how to have hard conversations

11/3/2016 - To boost meeting quality, make people enter a lottery to get on your calendar

11/3/2016 - What the “State Capture” report tells us about Zuma, the Guptas, and corruption in South Africa

11/3/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s past missteps will hamper her future Africa policy

11/3/2016 - Did the Chicago Cubs win?, Brexit court decision, chain-smoking robots

11/3/2016 - Pakistani bullets can wait. Indian armed forces are busy fighting their shameless politicians

11/3/2016 - Researchers developed a facial photo-matching game that reverses racial bias in children

11/3/2016 - The 2016 World Series proved the strength of slow sports in an attention-deficit era

11/3/2016 - Even after taking in a million migrants, Germany has nearly 700,000 open job vacancies

11/3/2016 - Businessman, psychologist, speculator, robber: The fascinating world of the Indian stock market’s jobber

11/3/2016 - A Pakistani gang-rape survivor turned activist makes her runway debut

11/3/2016 - The worst places to do business in India

11/3/2016 - Cheeky new game apps in South Korea parody president Park and her Rasputin-like confidante

11/3/2016 - China’s rocket launch, Facebook soars, chain-smoking robots

11/3/2016 - China’s rocket launch, Facebook soars, chain-smoking robots

11/3/2016 - A crackdown on international-style education in China could make it harder for students to study abroad

11/3/2016 - There’s a private equity drought in India’s farming sector

11/2/2016 - China’s pro basketball players are being forced to take off their Nikes and wear Chinese shoes instead

11/2/2016 - Facebook has got mobile completely figured out

11/2/2016 - More than half the world’s internet users have Facebook

11/2/2016 - Are you a saver or an investor?

11/2/2016 - Alibaba and Facebook soar, China’s rocket launch, chain-smoking robots

11/2/2016 - 73 civil rights groups are urging Facebook to side with citizens over the government

11/2/2016 - The woman who sued Donald Trump alleging child rape has called off her press conference

11/2/2016 - One of the world’s most prestigious human rights NGOs just had its office seized in Moscow

11/2/2016 - On and off the track, data strategy offers Formula E teams a competitive edge

11/2/2016 - Dumping 4.3 million Samsung phones is an environmental fiasco that may finally show us how to recycle smartphones

11/2/2016 - South Africa’s deputy finance minister turned down a $44 million dollar bribe from the Guptas

11/2/2016 - South Africa’s Jacob Zuma may finally have to step down after a report confirms corruption allegations

11/2/2016 - Nigeria’s top celebrity blogger is launching a social network and will share ad revenue with users

11/2/2016 - A fold-it-yourself, hyper-accurate paper globe just won Japan’s big design award

11/2/2016 - “Gilmore Girls” predicted the narrative of the 2016 US presidential election

11/2/2016 - The FDA wants to know how much Nutella you are actually eating

11/2/2016 - To be happier, pray at the altar of progress and put your faith in technology

11/2/2016 - One chart shows how fast fashion is reshaping the global apparel industry

11/2/2016 - Israel is considering a measure to force people who watch porn online to ask for permission

11/2/2016 - “Sad,” “amused,” and “afraid”: Europeans share their feelings about the next president of the United States

11/2/2016 - Louis C.K. makes a hilarious, insightful case for Hillary Clinton

11/2/2016 - How connected technology is improving our underground water networks

11/2/2016 - A “hotel lab” is testing new products and tech amenities by installing real-life “like” buttons

11/2/2016 - Slack took out a full-page ad in the New York Times to welcome its new competitor, Microsoft

11/2/2016 - Trump still won’t release his tax returns? At this point, it’s worth asking what he’s hiding

11/2/2016 - Has your drinking water been digitized? Connected technology has hit water management

11/2/2016 - What’s going to happen to the Republican Party after Nov. 8?

11/2/2016 - A Kenyan crisis-tracking team has deployed to monitor US election violence and voter suppression

11/2/2016 - Feeling helpless about the US election? Five things you can do to get out the vote in 2016

11/2/2016 - Steve Jobs’s worst decision was promoting Tim Cook

11/2/2016 - Instagram will finally let you shop from its app. See how it will work

11/2/2016 - Los bajistas de Alibaba, los nervios por Trump y la batalla por Mosul

11/2/2016 - Venezuelans are turning to bitcoin as the bolívar crumbles

11/2/2016 - There’s a simple way to ensure that quality journalism isn’t held hostage to traffic goals

11/2/2016 - These cute monkeys could change our understanding of human history

11/2/2016 - Thinking of moving to Canada if Trump wins? Think again

11/2/2016 - Next year, Canada has pledged to take in the most migrants and refugees in a century

11/2/2016 - This classic thought experiment explains the weird decisions we make about spending money

11/2/2016 - How the American freak out over Clinton’s emails buried definitive proof of Trump’s awful business record

11/2/2016 - A neurobiologist explains how jet lag could be why Clinton and Trump seem to be losing their minds

11/2/2016 - The iPod was so much more than an MP3 system

11/2/2016 - Canada is trying to solve a murder by pinging everyone whose cellphone was nearby

11/2/2016 - The one place on earth where Donald Trump’s campaign is perfectly coordinated: Israel

11/2/2016 - Finland is changing everything that sucks about parent-teacher conferences with the world’s largest one

11/2/2016 - Markets react to a Trump presidency, Alibaba and Facebook earnings, Venezuela’s presidential salsa show

11/2/2016 - Oslo is being rebuilt around something city-dwellers don’t know they’ve lost: “slow space”

11/2/2016 - What it will feel like to wake up in America the morning after a Trump victory

11/2/2016 - A gay mosque in Cape Town sounds the call to prayer for everyone

11/2/2016 - Arnab Goswami, forget India! Come and join the news anchors’ party in Pakistan (security is on the house)

11/2/2016 - One of Africa’s oldest universities is closed after student and staff unrest

11/2/2016 - It’s about to get easier for African innovators to protect their inventions

11/2/2016 - This week, Beijing is putting Hong Kong’s judicial independence on the line

11/2/2016 - Desperate Indian graduates now don’t mind being drivers, maids or mechanics

11/2/2016 - The very man who persuaded Rodrigo Duterte to run for Philippine president has quit his team

11/2/2016 - Locals in India’s Silicon Valley are finally rising up against the relentless destruction of their city

11/2/2016 - Donald Trump is a “dangerous, disruptive” threat to American prosperity, 370 US economists say

11/2/2016 - Alibaba vs. shorts, Trump spooks markets, $9 million license plates

11/2/2016 - Alibaba vs. shorts, Trump spooks markets, $9 million license plates

11/1/2016 - Alibaba vs. shorts, Trump spooks markets, $9 million license plates

11/1/2016 - Uber’s surprising struggles in Pakistan are a lesson in the flaws of the sharing economy

11/1/2016 - Not getting enough sleep can leave you depressed, forgetful, and mean

11/1/2016 - Two Australian entrepreneurs think women make it hard to be “vulnerable” at work—so they banned them

11/1/2016 - Trump spooks markets, Alibaba vs shorts, $9 million license plates

11/1/2016 - For the first time, Uber is using its massive digital reach to elect a political candidate

11/1/2016 - More websites were viewed on mobile devices and tablets than desktops for the first time ever this month

11/1/2016 - Hacked emails show Eric Schmidt played a crucial role in Team Hillary’s election tech

11/1/2016 - The real-life horrors that haunted this year’s Halloween celebrations

11/1/2016 - Your taste in music betrays how you’ll vote in the presidential election, a Stanford professor says

11/1/2016 - With a week until election day, Hillary Clinton is hosting a very eclectic concert series

11/1/2016 - “Trump can’t read”: Samantha Bee comes up with the best US election conspiracy theory so far

11/1/2016 - The Google Pixel has an excellent camera, but not much else

11/1/2016 - Seven bee species are now officially endangered

11/1/2016 - All it takes to steal your face is a special pair of glasses

11/1/2016 - The alt-right is threatening Chobani’s CEO for employing resettled refugees

11/1/2016 - The hard science that backs age-defying “laughter yoga”

11/1/2016 - With Gannett gone, it’s sink or swim for Tronc

11/1/2016 - Twitter’s India head is leaving amid restructuring efforts

11/1/2016 - A Foxconn exec leaked iPhone 8 details while accepting an honorary PhD

11/1/2016 - Ethiopia’s state media will now be run by an Oromo journalism professor

11/1/2016 - Donald Trump has the same odds of winning as Jon Snow ruling Westeros, according to betting markets

11/1/2016 - Insight from a cinematographer: Push the boundaries of the medium

11/1/2016 - “Push the limits of the medium,” and other advice from a leading cinematographer

11/1/2016 - Insight from a fashion startup founder: Spend some time on the floor

11/1/2016 - “Look for the hustler,” and other advice from a fashion startup co-founder

11/1/2016 - Peter Thiel wants America to take Trump seriously, but not literally. That’s dangerous.

11/1/2016 - Brick-and-mortar retailers are stooping to selfie booths and “holiday helpers” to fend off Amazon

11/1/2016 - A girl dressed as No-Face from “Spirited Away” scared her friends—and captivated Chinese social media

11/1/2016 - This Election Day, US voters finally have a chance to stop Republicans’ destructive obstructionism

11/1/2016 - Training for a marathon made me realize Americans’ dangerous obsession with pushing past our limits

11/1/2016 - The Bundy brothers’ acquittal shows how white privilege perverts justice in the US

11/1/2016 - Americans are finally about to get online banking features that Brazil has enjoyed for years

11/1/2016 - Decades later, apartheid South Africa’s chemical and biological weapons program is still hidden

11/1/2016 - Wikileaks “sourced” conspiracy theories linking Hillary Clinton to ISIL are going viral in China

11/1/2016 - El caza invisible, la chamán surcoreana y los cinco liberados en Venezuela

11/1/2016 - This mesmerizing time lapse shows how corals move in a way that’s invisible to the naked eye

11/1/2016 - Watch this 18-wheeler truck drive itself on the highway

11/1/2016 - Somalia remains the global capital of unsolved murders of journalists

11/1/2016 - The US is warming to Sweden’s habit of burning trash for energy

11/1/2016 - The people buying Trump’s story about “criminal” immigrants live in the US counties least likely to have immigrants

11/1/2016 - Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback who refused to stand for the anthem, is teaching kids to stand up for their rights

11/1/2016 - Virtual Reality is a hotbed for sexual assault

11/1/2016 - Precision medicine may be health care’s next big thing, but we don’t yet know how to evaluate precision drugs

11/1/2016 - A wildly popular Japanese restaurant chain where diners eat alone in meditation opened its first US location

11/1/2016 - A haunted house in Japan teaches citizens earthquake preparedness

11/1/2016 - When it comes to swear words, data reveals the New York Times is surprisingly squeamish about reality

11/1/2016 - China’s new jet fighter, FBI’s “double standards,” bomb-detecting spinach

11/1/2016 - New evidence changes the story of why Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear

11/1/2016 - The Saudi government has made the trip to Mecca nearly 500% more expensive

11/1/2016 - Germany is building the world’s first wind turbines with built-in hydroelectric batteries

11/1/2016 - Tanzania is stepping up its policing of social media and with it fears of government abuse

11/1/2016 - This is what the monthly budget of a rural household in India looks like

11/1/2016 - China factory growth, FBI email search, why bugs are scary

11/1/2016 - China factory growth, FBI email search, why bugs are scary

11/1/2016 - China’s consumers are livid after Samsung made Chinese executives publicly kneel after the Galaxy Note 7

11/1/2016 - Looking for fat profits, Japanese households are betting big on the Indian rupee