3/31/2016 - How the world’s second-largest smartphone market is buying its smartphones

3/31/2016 - In portraits: Indian women in a never-seen-before avatar

3/31/2016 - Crazy lines at Tesla, Zaha Hadid RIP, kiddie wine classes

3/31/2016 - How powerful is the FBI’s tool for unlocking iPhones? Two other court cases might tell us

3/31/2016 - Hands on with Microsoft’s HoloLens: Augmented reality gets more refined but is still a little clumsy

3/31/2016 - Why last season’s baseball predictions were historically awful

3/31/2016 - Is America finally getting tired of Donald Trump?

3/31/2016 - Google Wallet is shutting down its debit card

3/31/2016 - US shoppers save big-ticket online purchases for desktop

3/31/2016 - Horrifying photos of what happened when a flyover collapsed in the City of Joy

3/31/2016 - Mugabe wants to kick out foreign businesses that won’t give control to black Zimbabweans

3/31/2016 - Cybercrime: Are you facing up to one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century?

3/31/2016 - Microsoft and NASA want to take you to Mars

3/31/2016 - The man who started the LinkedIn of the oil and gas industry was arrested for allegedly hacking it

3/31/2016 - Tesla’s new Model 3 seats five adults, has two trunks, costs $35,000—and could change everything

3/31/2016 - A short list of things you still can’t get from Amazon at the push of a button

3/31/2016 - Cybercrime: Are you facing up to one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century?

3/31/2016 - Porsche has developed a holographic ad to convince you to buy its 911

3/31/2016 - Christian Louboutin is making “nude” shoes to match every skin tone

3/31/2016 - Amazon has gadgets to order condoms and beef jerky with one click

3/31/2016 - For trans Americans, changing your name can still be a matter of life or death

3/31/2016 - Everyone is getting worried about China

3/31/2016 - This startup wants to use blockchains to track every image on the internet

3/31/2016 - Fashion retailers are bloated and it’s not a good look

3/31/2016 - Mathematicians mapped out every “Game of Thrones” relationship to find the main character

3/31/2016 - Photos: Climate change is making California look like another planet

3/31/2016 - You don’t know who the world’s largest fintech startup is

3/31/2016 - Zaha Hadid, the world’s only female starchitect, has died at 65

3/31/2016 - Jay Z is suing Tidal’s Norwegian former owners over just how many people were using it

3/31/2016 - Tesla’s Model 3 debut: How to watch it, what we know about it, and why scientists are excited by it

3/31/2016 - Science proves that parents really do play favorites

3/31/2016 - American lawyers have an Atticus Finch complex, and it’s killing the profession

3/31/2016 - Getting banned from Facebook can have unexpected and professionally devastating consequences

3/31/2016 - Top players on the US national women’s team have just accused US Soccer of wage discrimination

3/31/2016 - Research finds that government surveillance has a chilling effect on online discourse

3/31/2016 - Coursera is offering a way to get a real master’s degree for a lot less money

3/31/2016 - A melting Antarctica might make the seas rise by much, much more than we thought

3/31/2016 - China’s churning out hip-hop propaganda videos to win over young people

3/31/2016 - All the women who have run for US president—starting before they could even vote

3/31/2016 - A teenager who says she was raped is using Facebook to confront her alleged attackers

3/31/2016 - Could new technology make language barriers irrelevant in the next 10 years?

3/31/2016 - Tesla’s new car, Washington nuclear summit, Silicon Valley’s soccer team

3/31/2016 - South Africa’s top court says Jacob Zuma’s home renovations were unconstitutional

3/31/2016 - The Vietnam War, as seen through the ethereal art of Vietnamese soldiers

3/31/2016 - Reebok is releasing Sigourney Weaver’s alien-stomping high tops from ‘Aliens’

3/31/2016 - Hong Kong’s new pro-independence political party is illegal, the city’s government says

3/31/2016 - How many tiny coffins will it take to shake Pakistan out of its slumber?

3/31/2016 - China’s coal companies are so desperate, they’ve started farming to keep employees busy

3/31/2016 - When the redBus “mafia” split, they painted the startup town red

3/31/2016 - San Francisco’s new soccer team is a perfect encapsulation of the city

3/31/2016 - Casinos in the Philippines are a great place to launder money

3/31/2016 - 33 years after a blood-soaked vote, Assam still holds its breath during poll season

3/31/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Tesla’s Model 3, Korean industrial surge, drone art

3/31/2016 - Tesla’s Model 3, Korean industrial surge, drone art

3/31/2016 - India has to choose between saving its tigers or becoming one of the largest diamond producers

3/30/2016 - Microsoft is turning Skype into a messaging platform—and, as usual, it’s late to the game

3/30/2016 - Tesla’s Model 3, Lululemon’s Asian workout, the science of contagious yawns

3/30/2016 - Why the best cruise ships are in China

3/30/2016 - Chipotle is thinking about getting into the burger business

3/30/2016 - This incredible 50-building-wide street art honors Cairo’s trash pickers

3/30/2016 - Trump says there should be “some form of punishment” for women who have abortions

3/30/2016 - Apple’s next big problem: figuring out how the FBI hacked its iPhone

3/30/2016 - Citigroup wants to bring Microsoft’s HoloLens and augmented reality to stock trading

3/30/2016 - The Great Barrier Reef is suffering from horrific coral bleaching

3/30/2016 - The best way to rebalance your portfolio

3/30/2016 - Global interest in the iPhone SE is weaker than for earlier models, but not in two key markets

3/30/2016 - Obama says drug addiction is “a public health problem, not a criminal problem”

3/30/2016 - The future of art is here: You can now make art using a drone strapped with a Sharpie

3/30/2016 - If the FBI needed to crack an Android phone, here’s what would happen

3/30/2016 - What your susceptibility to contagious yawning says about your personality

3/30/2016 - SpaceX has been accused of stealing an engineering “A-team” for its secret satellite internet project

3/30/2016 - As yoga rises in China, so does Lululemon

3/30/2016 - Unfamiliar with irony, Swiss bankers are complaining of a “lack of transparency”

3/30/2016 - Indian men are weighing in with their assets to beat women in a sexist cleavage contest

3/30/2016 - Microsoft’s racist millennial chatbot made a brief and cryptic return to Twitter today

3/30/2016 - MTN may quit South Sudan because people there are buying bread instead of mobile phones

3/30/2016 - These ads perfectly capture the contradictions of life as a millennial office worker

3/30/2016 - Humans once shared the planet with (ugly) unicorns

3/30/2016 - Your surgeon was probably listening to Katy Perry while you were unconscious

3/30/2016 - Trump is assembling a team of advisors who have also worked for Putin’s cronies

3/30/2016 - Mesmerizing infographics stitched together from millions of selfies and snapshots

3/30/2016 - Facebook wants to build this crazy arm controller to make VR even more realistic

3/30/2016 - China has the most coal plants in the world—and half the time they’re doing absolutely nothing

3/30/2016 - Trump says he would halt oil imports from Saudi Arabia, but could the US survive without them?

3/30/2016 - Cherry blossoms are really just trees getting it on

3/30/2016 - Apps can filter out your dates by political party—but that doesn’t mean you should let them

3/30/2016 - Why Hillary Clinton’s shift to the left makes some liberals so mad

3/30/2016 - Millennials are even grumpier than boomers when it comes to customer service

3/30/2016 - Facebook has a lesson to learn from Nintendo’s massive 1990s virtual reality failure

3/30/2016 - What creative people understand about the importance of being alone

3/30/2016 - Trump and Cruz’s tax plans would reduce federal revenues to their lowest level in 65 years

3/30/2016 - US politicians have forgotten what actually made America so great to begin with

3/30/2016 - Nigeria’s Buhari has been hurt by communication missteps in his first year

3/30/2016 - Germany tells refugees: Integrate or lose your right to live here permanently

3/30/2016 - Internet in space is about as slow as dial-up

3/30/2016 - Beat your impulse to procrastinate by calming your inner reptile

3/30/2016 - Foxconn’s four-year struggle to buy Sharp has ended—but the worst is yet to come

3/30/2016 - Fidel Castro launched a tirade against Obama—but guess who’s more popular in Cuba

3/30/2016 - Two out of three developers are self-taught, and other trends from a survey of 56,033 coders

3/30/2016 - A Donald Trump presidency could lead to food shortages in the US

3/30/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Microsoft’s virtual reality, Foxconn gets Sharp, underwear economics

3/30/2016 - Microsoft’s virtual reality, Foxconn gets Sharp, underwear economics

3/30/2016 - A Paris brand has fashion’s elite scrambling for its $800 hoodies

3/30/2016 - Medical marijuana in the US should be governed by science, not politics

3/30/2016 - Research says children are smart enough to know when they’re being treated like they’re stupid

3/30/2016 - A surprising number of people are getting trapped for months on end in Moscow’s busiest airport

3/30/2016 - Leonardo DiCaprio shared his Indonesian vacation pics to highlight palm oil’s harm to wildlife

3/30/2016 - European politics is more polarized than ever, and these numbers prove it

3/30/2016 - After nearly a decade and an ill-fated takeover, Tata Steel decides it can’t survive in the UK

3/30/2016 - Scientists have identified a facial expression made around the world: “the not face”

3/30/2016 - Xiaomi’s $150 rice cooker is not about making rice—it’s about beating Japan

3/30/2016 - Can Narendra Modi and Barack Obama clear the misgivings and re-energise the nuclear deal?

3/30/2016 - India’s spiritual gurus are the newbie gods of consumer goods

3/30/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Refugee talks, turmoil in Brazil, real unicorns

3/30/2016 - Refugee talks, turmoil in Brazil, real unicorns

3/30/2016 - “Press freedom makes his neck swell”—a brutal German parody of Turkey’s president makes diplomatic waves

3/29/2016 - Chinese students are studying abroad in record numbers—then coming home in droves

3/29/2016 - The lagging soda industry’s bright orange beacon might be Fanta

3/29/2016 - Trump advisor arrested, EgyptAir hijacking ends peacefully, Spotify comes to Indonesia

3/29/2016 - Google wants to Google Voice-ify your home phone

3/29/2016 - Amazon and Flipkart are speechless after India announces new foreign investment rules

3/29/2016 - US border agents seized goods tied to forced labor for the first time since 2001

3/29/2016 - Brazil is a step closer to ditching its president in the midst of an economic crisis

3/29/2016 - The life of a modern-day nomad who hops from Airbnb to Airbnb every few weeks

3/29/2016 - Janet Yellen has finally acknowledged that I was right

3/29/2016 - For truly dedicated binge-watchers, there’s now a way to get Netflix to stop judging

3/29/2016 - Google just made its $149 professional photo editing software free

3/29/2016 - Snapchat just made a huge change to become your go-to messaging app

3/29/2016 - One in five employees would sell their work passwords, some for less than $100

3/29/2016 - SoundCloud finally launched its massive music subscription service. But why would you want it now?

3/29/2016 - An Al-Qaeda linked newspaper is covering Donald Trump and the US election

3/29/2016 - Even non-political ads are tapping into Americans’ anxiety over a Trump presidency

3/29/2016 - The only difference between a Christian gunman and a Muslim terrorist is racism

3/29/2016 - Considering how easy it is, cheating in online education is pretty rare

3/29/2016 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg is guest starring as a judge in a Shakespearean mock trial in Italy

3/29/2016 - Trump’s campaign manager has been charged with battery for allegedly manhandling a journalist

3/29/2016 - Israel’s giant gas field is on hold again, just as the world tries to move away from coal

3/29/2016 - “I never thought I would run for office”—Trump explains his history of denigrating women

3/29/2016 - Instagram’s planned algorithm change has some of its stars worried they’ll disappear

3/29/2016 - How hot takes drowned out journalism and ruined our Facebook feeds

3/29/2016 - How to make an Uber-ized economy work in America

3/29/2016 - That petition to allow guns at the Republican convention? It was created by a gun-control advocate

3/29/2016 - Women in their 30s leave jobs for one big reason—and it’s not babies

3/29/2016 - Friends are your best job-hunting resource—so why is it so hard to ask for help?

3/29/2016 - “Cartel-like” test prep companies in China have created a massive cheating problem for the SAT

3/29/2016 - These tiny, autonomous robots don’t need computer programs to repair circuits

3/29/2016 - How to manage procrastination without it ruining your life

3/29/2016 - Sorry, Senator Warren’s plan won’t get Americans better financial advice

3/29/2016 - Greenspan has a very accurate men’s underwear index

3/29/2016 - Apple 3.0: How a 40-year-old old company can stay different—and relevant

3/29/2016 - Clickbait is devouring journalism but there are ways out

3/29/2016 - China’s latest proposed internet regulations would make foreign websites impossible to reach

3/29/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—EgyptAir hijacking, Yahoo taking offers, the first cyborg Olympics

3/29/2016 - EgyptAir hijacking, Yahoo taking offers, the first cyborg Olympics

3/29/2016 - Angola has sentenced a rapper and his book club to prison

3/29/2016 - Australia spent $5 million on the “Titanic” of people-smuggling propaganda films

3/29/2016 - Almost every business in Punjab leads back to an Akali Dal leader

3/29/2016 - A hijacker forced an EgyptAir plane to land in Cyprus—so he could reunite with his ex-wife

3/29/2016 - Shh—China’s first big gay movie will hit theaters soon

3/29/2016 - The first cyborg Olympics is coming to Switzerland in October

3/29/2016 - Indian VCs behave like copycat teenagers instead of rational adults

3/29/2016 - The chilling impact of the rise of Donald Trump and Narendra Modi

3/29/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Virgin America suitors, Japanese stimulus, paying convicts to not murder

3/29/2016 - Virgin America suitors, Japanese stimulus, paying convicts to not murder

3/29/2016 - India’s growth has nothing to do with the “good fortune” of falling oil prices: Narendra Modi

3/28/2016 - Getting a divorce in South Korea now requires parents to learn about child abuse

3/28/2016 - The Apple-FBI showdown is over

3/28/2016 - Anbang comes back swinging, Japan’s nursery stimulus, paying convicts not to murder

3/28/2016 - The best feature on Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone is far and away its camera

3/28/2016 - How to play a guitar in space, according to astronaut Chris Hadfield

3/28/2016 - I watched “Batman v Superman” at a 4D theater so you don’t have to

3/28/2016 - The US economy does a lot better when Democrats are in the White House

3/28/2016 - Twitter just gave T-Mobile’s CEO an honor only previously gifted to the Pope

3/28/2016 - America’s obsession with Superman highlights our hypocritical attitude toward violence

3/28/2016 - Welcome to round three of the Starwood bidding war. Your move, Marriott

3/28/2016 - The Philippine government is flashing Imelda Marcos’s jewels as proof that corruption is terrible

3/28/2016 - Why startup beer brewers are skipping stores and selling directly to locals

3/28/2016 - The top-country early-adopters of the Internet of Things, ranked

3/28/2016 - There are only two faiths on Earth where men are more religious than women

3/28/2016 - There is no Uber economy, there is only Uber

3/28/2016 - Three charts that show the full impact of Bernie Sanders’ weekend wins

3/28/2016 - People are paying to remove sex, violence, and Jar Jar Binks from movies

3/28/2016 - America’s top diplomat calls the US presidential campaign an “embarrassment”

3/28/2016 - Getting rejected by a teen idol crushed my dreams, but not my spirit

3/28/2016 - China’s state pension funds can now invest big in the country’s volatile stock markets

3/28/2016 - Google search returned to China this weekend—but not for long

3/28/2016 - Philosophers are using science and data points to test theories of morality

3/28/2016 - Nike’s top designer would “love” to make a shoe for Stephen Curry

3/28/2016 - After the Tesla Model 3 launches this week, the world will know if Elon Musk called the electric-car future correctly

3/28/2016 - Oculus Rift arrives, UN marine talks, how to break the internet

3/28/2016 - A petition to allow “open carry” at the Republican National Convention has over 40,000 supporters

3/28/2016 - Drive a Honda, drive a Maruti… or just drive an auto-rickshaw

3/28/2016 - The sound of young urban Africa is set to take over the world’s pop charts

3/28/2016 - The Tamils of Sri Lanka are still stuck between a bloody past and hope

3/28/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Lahore bombing, China-Czech ties, breaking the internet

3/28/2016 - Lahore bombing, China-Czech ties, breaking the internet

3/28/2016 - India launches war against a virus that kills over 100,000 kids every year

3/28/2016 - Why this Indian startup has saved all the millions it raised in a VC funding round

3/27/2016 - A blast in Lahore, Jinping in Europe, how to break the internet

3/27/2016 - A blast in Lahore, Jinping in Europe, how to break the internet

3/27/2016 - Facebook’s erroneous “safety check” accidentally became a breaking news alert

3/27/2016 - A suicide attack at a children’s park in Pakistan has killed at least 65 people

3/27/2016 - DNA testing is shedding light on centuries of African American historical trauma

3/27/2016 - Read the Pope’s full Easter message on terror, refugees, and “weapons of love”

3/27/2016 - Kanye West’s technological gamble on “Life of Pablo” pays off

3/27/2016 - Bernie Sanders wins three caucuses on the way to a New York showdown

3/27/2016 - How one programmer broke the internet by deleting a tiny piece of code

3/27/2016 - “Law and Order: SVU” helped me finally open up about my own sexual abuse

3/27/2016 - Ted Cruz, not Donald Trump, is the candidate we really should fear

3/27/2016 - It’s not an email scam, people, Nigeria really is sending an astronaut into space

3/26/2016 - If we weaken encryption technology, we play into the terrorists’ hands

3/26/2016 - Donald Trump says America hasn’t been great in 116 years

3/26/2016 - Should we tax rich American colleges? One US state is going after Yale’s $26-billion endowment

3/26/2016 - What happened when the World Bank asked a philosophy professor to consider its policies

3/26/2016 - A Harvard researcher says meeting strangers online is actually great for kids

3/26/2016 - Los Angeles now has a drug lord-themed taqueria

3/26/2016 - A tale of two bullies: The eerie similarities between Donald Trump and Rob Ford, Toronto’s late crack-smoking mayor

3/26/2016 - Radar scans of Shakespeare’s grave suggest his skull is missing

3/26/2016 - Serendipity, strangers, and WTF time: the underrated joy of solo travel

3/26/2016 - Paul McCartney’s long and winding road to get back his Beatles songs

3/26/2016 - What Obama’s groundbreaking Cuba speech meant to a young Cuban-American like me

3/26/2016 - How I learned to love my natural hair miles away from home in Nigeria

3/26/2016 - Weekend edition—Encryption and Brussels, microscopic carvings, parrot witnesses

3/26/2016 - How to put your mind—as well as your body—to sleep

3/26/2016 - The game show dynasty Wheel of Fortune rakes in more money from political ads than any other show on TV

3/26/2016 - These watches don’t count your steps or store your music, but they cost more than a house

3/26/2016 - Nigerian lawmakers have mooted tripling MTN’s multi-billion dollar fine

3/26/2016 - A Cambridge professor on how to stop being so easily manipulated by misleading statistics

3/26/2016 - Weekend edition—Encryption and Brussels, microscopic carvings, parrot witnesses

3/25/2016 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Encryption and Brussels, microscopic carvings, parrot witnesses

3/25/2016 - Weekend edition—Encryption and Brussels, microscopic carvings, parrot witnesses

3/25/2016 - Travis Kalanick says Uber is “sustainably” losing $1 billion a year in China

3/25/2016 - How the simple act of peeing became political in the United States

3/25/2016 - The stunning winners of an architects’ competition to draw fairy tales about the future

3/25/2016 - Peeps are the undisputed winner among Easter candies

3/25/2016 - How Starboard Value, the hedge fund trying to dismantle Yahoo’s board, has shaken up Corporate America

3/25/2016 - Two of America’s biggest oil companies have to allow a shareholder vote on climate change

3/25/2016 - The world’s drug policies are pretty sexist

3/25/2016 - Condé Nast is releasing thousands of unpublished photos from its Vogue and Vanity Fair archives

3/25/2016 - ISIL’s barbarity must unite Europe, not divide it

3/25/2016 - “I’m sorry to disappoint you”: JK Rowling tweets her rejection letters

3/25/2016 - Netflix has been secretly slowing down videos on mobile

3/25/2016 - McDonald’s is trademarking a new phrase focused on simplicity

3/25/2016 - Scientists have developed a new way to screen for cancer earlier than ever

3/25/2016 - Photos: Dogs lead their humans through the Arctic in Europe’s most epic sled race

3/25/2016 - What it takes to get anything done in Cuba, from a guy who just brought a big American pop act to the island

3/25/2016 - The only people who aren’t penalized for promoting diversity at work are white men

3/25/2016 - I’ve never felt “born in the wrong body,” but today I feel born in the wrong state

3/25/2016 - Global warming is messing with our wine

3/25/2016 - Ace your next job interview by not selling yourself at all

3/25/2016 - Apple is making an original TV series about—yep, you guessed it—apps

3/25/2016 - A law school has won a court case about its own worth as a law school

3/25/2016 - This imam delivers eight-second Snapchat sermons

3/25/2016 - Scientists have taken a huge leap toward creating artificial life

3/25/2016 - The damaging myth about why we need more women on corporate boards

3/25/2016 - The first comic book from the high-brow New York Review of Books is about the joy of despair

3/25/2016 - Poland refuses to accept refugees–but it’s happy to accept other countries’ hospitality

3/25/2016 - Hard data proves the “dumb blonde” stereotype is a big lie

3/25/2016 - In the middle of Queens, New York, a relic of 1960s architecture awaits a revival

3/25/2016 - The dark web is too slow and annoying for terrorists to even bother with, experts say

3/25/2016 - Inside the studio of the “micro-engraver” who works between heartbeats to keep his hand steady

3/25/2016 - Prenatal testing is about to make being pregnant a lot more stressful

3/25/2016 - “All women are idiots,” and other stuff people in Russia’s tech industry say about women

3/25/2016 - The US leaves some of its most gifted kids behind in education, because they’re poor

3/25/2016 - Markets on holiday, Rolling Stones in Cuba, ISIL’s logical suicide attacks

3/25/2016 - Google’s AI won the game Go by defying millennia of basic human instinct

3/25/2016 - 16 people are missing after a Chinese news site ran a letter asking Xi Jinping to resign

3/25/2016 - Côte d’Ivoire’s response to the Bassam attacks dispels the Western-led narrative

3/25/2016 - Watch: Ivorians sing “Not a bit afraid,” a defiant response to al-Qaeda’s attack

3/25/2016 - Photos: Pope Francis washes and kisses the feet of Muslim, Hindu, and Christian refugees

3/25/2016 - As Hollywood tries to woo India, Bollywood stars turn Mowgli and Sher Khan in The Jungle Book

3/25/2016 - Budget Teslas, Microsoft’s chatbot disaster, communist board games

3/25/2016 - The future of India’s newspapers lies in the hinterlands

3/25/2016 - Japanese artists create stunning mud paintings on this Indian school’s walls—then wipe them off

3/25/2016 - Cambodia’s prime minister is accused of buying Facebook likes to boost engagement numbers

3/24/2016 - This startup wants you to use “burner” credit cards online

3/24/2016 - Yahoo’s proxy fight, Microsoft’s chatbot disaster, minimalist microbes

3/24/2016 - An ISIL propaganda film for the Brussels attacks prominently features Donald Trump

3/24/2016 - Almost everyone who is unhappy with life is unhappy for the same reasons

3/24/2016 - The aftermath of the Paris attacks shows what Europe’s many luxury companies can expect after Brussels

3/24/2016 - America’s obsession with social media is undermining the democratic process

3/24/2016 - General Mills ditched artificial colors and people started buying its cereal again

3/24/2016 - The CEO of Starbucks won’t keep promises to his workers, but wants an end to “cynicism”

3/24/2016 - It’s not your imagination: US Netflix has a much smaller selection than it used to

3/24/2016 - Companies are so bad at helping workers develop their careers, most are training themselves

3/24/2016 - If 8-year-olds understand the morality of murder, should they be held accountable for killing?

3/24/2016 - Russia banned a Polish board game that simulates Communist-era shopping

3/24/2016 - Microsoft’s AI millennial chatbot became a racist jerk after less than a day on Twitter

3/24/2016 - The perfect tribute to soccer star Johan Cruyff is the move that made him a legend

3/24/2016 - New Zealand spent $17 million to not change its flag

3/24/2016 - US financial firms are eager to capitalize on Cuba

3/24/2016 - The decades-long geopolitics of Brussels’s boy hero, Tintin

3/24/2016 - Moderates are losing the fight to save Islam from racists and extremists

3/24/2016 - An unprecedented conservation effort saved these cute foxes from disappearing forever

3/24/2016 - The swift rise of cage-free eggs reveals Americans’ changing view of the moral universe

3/24/2016 - An incredible book for raising “gutsy” girls is a must-read for adventurous women too

3/24/2016 - What is the work-life balance like at Uber?

3/24/2016 - Nintendo and Sony’s smartphone game conundrum, charted

3/24/2016 - How to deal with negative feedback, especially when you don’t agree with it

3/24/2016 - What two legal scholars learned from studying 70 years of Supreme Court confirmation hearings

3/24/2016 - We visited Trump Tower, and it perfectly epitomizes its eccentric, contradictory owner

3/24/2016 - A Kickstarter campaign for a winter coat has raised millions, thanks to a clever trick

3/24/2016 - There are no “laws of attraction,” but there are some scientific principles to dating

3/24/2016 - China’s biggest broker spent more on bailing out the stock market than it earned in 2015

3/24/2016 - Yahoo board fight, Obama can tango, South Sudan disavows Trump

3/24/2016 - They said it couldn’t be done: Teaching robots good taste

3/24/2016 - Introducing Season 2 of “Actuality,” Quartz’s podcast with Marketplace

3/24/2016 - Terrorists don’t recognize borders. Europe’s security forces are failing because they do

3/24/2016 - A South African restaurant chain wants to show the American South how to grill meat the ‘braai’ way

3/24/2016 - Yahoo has a proxy battle on its hands

3/24/2016 - Malaysia is pushing caning for adulterers, whistleblowers, and employers who hire immigrants

3/24/2016 - MH370 debris ID’d, Yahoo board fight, Obama tangos

3/23/2016 - Hong Kong hates street art—until it is worth a lot of money

3/23/2016 - Indian widows colorfully break a 400-year-old taboo to celebrate the festival of Holi

3/23/2016 - Apple Pay is coming to the mobile web

3/23/2016 - Amazon says there’s no pay gap for women and minorities among its US workforce

3/23/2016 - Manhunt for a Brussels bomber, the US relents against ZTE, South Sudan snubs Trump

3/23/2016 - If Georgia passes anti-gay marriage legislation, it can kiss “Guardians of the Galaxy” goodbye

3/23/2016 - One of oil’s founding families is divesting from fossil fuels, and slamming ExxonMobil in the process

3/23/2016 - Apple Music is bent on building its music streaming empire with… television

3/23/2016 - Microsoft made a ~millennial AI bot~ that sounds exactly like you’d expect

3/23/2016 - Comic creator Randall Munroe is coming to high school science textbooks

3/23/2016 - After Brussels, simply adding extra airport security won’t keep travelers safe

3/23/2016 - Even South Sudan has had to deny endorsing Donald Trump

3/23/2016 - Paid music services hit a critical mass in 2015

3/23/2016 - A McKinsey report finds women are “unable to enter” the tech industry

3/23/2016 - Lovers of Brioni suits shouldn’t worry that a heavily tattooed Australian is the brand’s new creative head

3/23/2016 - Nixon advisor: We created the war on drugs to “criminalize” black people and the anti-war left

3/23/2016 - How will family businesses make sure they reach the 22nd century?

3/23/2016 - How will family businesses make sure they reach the 22nd century?

3/23/2016 - Does the middle market need to rethink its growth strategy?

3/23/2016 - How do you connect with the most connected generation?

3/23/2016 - Are you seeking your business’ purpose in the right places?

3/23/2016 - The world’s best design schools, ranked

3/23/2016 - The West will never be safe from terrorism until it stops trying to impose its will on others

3/23/2016 - An actual leader of a country is using the intentionally stupid campaign slogan from HBO’s “Veep”

3/23/2016 - A rare infection has killed 18 people in two US states. What do we know about it so far?

3/23/2016 - Your Starwood points are as valuable to Marriott as they are to you

3/23/2016 - Brazil is the world’s second-worst economy

3/23/2016 - Workers in their 20s are more likely to get free food than health insurance

3/23/2016 - Survey: UK fathers are half as likely as mothers to feel responsible for their kids’ reading skills

3/23/2016 - Yanis Varoufakis on his plan to save the EU—with Julian Assange and Slavoj Žižek

3/23/2016 - The law’s commitment to neutrality can wind up punishing our most vulnerable citizens

3/23/2016 - Scientists barcoded zebrafish cells to study how skin heals

3/23/2016 - An Israeli firm is said to be helping the FBI unlock that iPhone

3/23/2016 - The Brussels terror attacks are part of a macabre pattern of brothers killing together

3/23/2016 - This app wants to do for journalism what Apple did for music with iTunes

3/23/2016 - Birth control pills are now safer for two key groups of women

3/23/2016 - Police continue their manhunt for the missing Brussels terror suspects

3/23/2016 - American elections are ranked the worst among Western democracies. Here’s why.

3/23/2016 - Less is more: a top hiring expert on how to create the best resume

3/23/2016 - A professional organizer’s two simple changes to help creatives conquer chaos

3/23/2016 - Brussels manhunt, Jeb Bush endorses Cruz, Nutella addiction

3/23/2016 - Professional tennis right now is a perfectly infuriating microcosm of the patriarchy

3/23/2016 - The best antidote to stress is structure

3/23/2016 - The only way Facebook enters China is as a tool of the government

3/23/2016 - Why India has so many businessmen in parliament

3/23/2016 - Chinese authorities have arrested 37 people linked to five years of illegal vaccine sales

3/23/2016 - The bold and bawdy Bollywood Holi

3/23/2016 - Brussels attackers, illegal Chinese vaccines, legal opium

3/22/2016 - China’s satirical internet queen just got $2 million in funding

3/22/2016 - Uber sues Ola for allegedly using the same dirty tricks Uber was accused of using on Lyft and Gett

3/22/2016 - From India’s castes to South Africa’s apartheid, #UnfairAndLovely confronts deeply embedded prejudices

3/22/2016 - Edward Snowden and “The Wire” creator David Simon had a friendly Twitter debate about burner phones

3/22/2016 - What to do if you’re traveling in a city struck by a terror attack

3/22/2016 - Here are some simple tips if you find yourself in a terrorist attack

3/22/2016 - Brussels terror attacks, fur-free Armani, rare color conservation

3/22/2016 - Arizona loves Donald Trump, but Utah’s Mormons can’t stand him

3/22/2016 - Silicon Valley’s confrontational management style started with Andy Grove

3/22/2016 - Illegal US immigrants are far likelier to be working than American men

3/22/2016 - The highly regulated, expensive area of finance Silicon Valley is now eager to disrupt

3/22/2016 - The Brussels attacks show that resources to fight radicalization are still lacking

3/22/2016 - Apple is boring now

3/22/2016 - Obama to Cuba: Get over the Cold War. Cuba to Obama: Show me the money

3/22/2016 - Obama told Cuba that the volatile 2016 election is a perfect argument for American democracy

3/22/2016 - An architect collected 15,000 jars of dirty water to highlight Mexico City’s putrid waterways

3/22/2016 - Following Brussels attacks, Ted Cruz says the US should “patrol and secure” its Muslim neighborhoods

3/22/2016 - Tips for becoming a better writer— from a terrible writer

3/22/2016 - Mexico’s drug violence has gotten so bad that one governor wants to legalize opium

3/22/2016 - Nike swiped the lead designer of Under Armour’s Stephen Curry sneaker

3/22/2016 - Apple insists tablets are the future of computing, but consumers aren’t buying it

3/22/2016 - The Americans who’d benefit the most from online education have no idea it exists

3/22/2016 - Cognitive science suggests the way we use smartphones is making us feel powerless

3/22/2016 - Photos: A brief timeline of Obama’s historic jaunt to Cuba

3/22/2016 - After earning a fortune in airline miles, I’ve figured out the economics of exactly how to spend them

3/22/2016 - Watch Apple’s new robot break down an iPhone for recycling

3/22/2016 - Privilege is what allows Sanders supporters to say they’ll “never” vote for Clinton

3/22/2016 - Refugee children offer their sympathies to Brussels

3/22/2016 - The Netherlands keeps having to close its prisons due to a lack of prisoners

3/22/2016 - Je Suis Bruxelles: Cartoons have again become a way for people to process terror

3/22/2016 - Watch dramatic CCTV footage of police ending the Sydney cafe siege

3/22/2016 - Most Republican voters are embarrassed by the GOP presidential campaign

3/22/2016 - Comcast is now selling its cable and internet services through Amazon

3/22/2016 - After the Brussels attacks, Trump calls it a “disaster city” and Cruz bashes Obama

3/22/2016 - In pictures: the Brussels terror attack

3/22/2016 - Disinterest and apathy are crushing it in the US elections right now

3/22/2016 - Economics doesn’t need a feminist revolution

3/22/2016 - Now the office is where we go to diet

3/22/2016 - When Tim Cook speaks out on social issues, it helps his cause and boosts Apple sales

3/22/2016 - The scientific explanation for why we get so mad at corporations

3/22/2016 - Ask Emily: How do I separate fact from fiction on cancer treatments?

3/22/2016 - Brussels has been hit by a terrorist attack. Here’s what we know

3/22/2016 - Google’s A.I. program might save the day for digital media

3/22/2016 - Obama is threading the needle with his encryption stance, for good reasons

3/22/2016 - If Olive Garden gives millions of meals to the needy, a waitress asks, why am I on food stamps?

3/22/2016 - As India dries up rapidly, 76 million throats are left parched

3/22/2016 - Multiple explosions across Brussels have killed at least 13 people

3/22/2016 - The promise of ocean wave power has enticed, and eluded, engineers for 40 years

3/22/2016 - Praise the squeaky lord, a new religious minority is born in India!

3/22/2016 - What a ban on some 300 drugs in India means for investors and companies

3/22/2016 - Apple’s smaller iPhone, Trump’s policy team, surfing the Arctic Circle

3/22/2016 - Were ancient Indians really as flexible during sex as the Kamasutra shows?

3/22/2016 - A growing corner of China’s $2 trillion mortgage market looks a lot like the US subprime bubble

3/22/2016 - India all set to become the world’s third largest aviation market by 2020, says new study

3/21/2016 - China’s and India’s coal expansion plans have a major flaw, Greenpeace says

3/21/2016 - That big Apple-FBI showdown has been postponed

3/21/2016 - Everything Apple announced at today’s iPhone SE event

3/21/2016 - Three lessons from the man who leads design at Facebook

3/21/2016 - Donald Trump finally names his foreign policy advisers—including one who thinks the US can do business with Putin

3/21/2016 - Interactive: How to lay the foundations of a mobile-first technology strategy

3/21/2016 - Photos: Celebrating the Kurdish New Year in a ruined city

3/21/2016 - The risk and reward of picking your battles

3/21/2016 - Apple’s smaller iPhone, Alibaba’s slowing growth, surfing the Arctic Circle

3/21/2016 - Elon Musk’s second wife had second thoughts about cancelling their second divorce

3/21/2016 - Apple’s Tim Cook: “We need to decide as a nation how much power the government should have”

3/21/2016 - The only anti-Trump ads that actually work to sway voters

3/21/2016 - H&M’s current growth rate won’t save it from a profitability pickle

3/21/2016 - Elizabeth Warren: “Let’s be honest—Donald Trump is a loser”

3/21/2016 - Apple’s new iPhone SE looks a bit old

3/21/2016 - Only emojis can show you just how painful the commodities bust has been

3/21/2016 - Liveblog of Apple’s 4-inch iPhone SE launch

3/21/2016 - Facing down all its competitors, Spotify hits a massive new subscriber milestone

3/21/2016 - Just having a picture of plants at your desk will make you calmer at work

3/21/2016 - America’s pro-Israel lobby has accomplished the impossible: Making Donald Trump read from a script

3/21/2016 - The most annoying pitfalls of teamwork–and how to fix them

3/21/2016 - Watch: John Oliver hammers in glorious detail the idiocy of Trump’s proposed US-Mexico border wall

3/21/2016 - James Patterson wants to change book publishing—with $5 novellas that are like “reading movies”

3/21/2016 - While Americans feud, Australia is stealing away immigrants with sought-after skills

3/21/2016 - Do you have an old Kindle? Then you need to update it today

3/21/2016 - Serena Williams says Raymond Moore’s comments were offensive “not only to a female athlete but every woman on this planet”

3/21/2016 - Angola cut spending for low oil prices and triggered a yellow fever health crisis

3/21/2016 - Why are our kids so miserable?

3/21/2016 - Nigeria’s “frivolous” anti-social media bill just won’t go away

3/21/2016 - Starwood Hotels is parting ways with a Chinese suitor and taking a sweetened offer from Marriott

3/21/2016 - A new kind of metal could make nuclear reactors stronger and last longer

3/21/2016 - A record number of Americans are finally blaming humans for climate change

3/21/2016 - There’s not enough evidence to say standing desks are good for your health

3/21/2016 - Watch: Garbage has been flooding the suburbs of Beirut for nine months and counting

3/21/2016 - Americans think they work harder than everyone else — and they don’t

3/21/2016 - What it’s like to parent when you’re a rape survivor

3/21/2016 - Paying college athletes won’t solve the big problem with US college sports

3/21/2016 - Academics can change the world—if they stop talking only to their peers

3/21/2016 - How to watch today’s Apple event live

3/21/2016 - Apple goes small again, Chinese stocks gain, mandatory golf at school

3/21/2016 - Photos: Exiled Tibetans across the world vote for a new political leader

3/21/2016 - Washington politicians are split between those who care about encryption and those who don’t

3/21/2016 - We are witnessing the rise of global authoritarianism on a chilling scale

3/21/2016 - Hindu nationalist history that calls Muslims “invaders” and Aryans “our own” is bogus

3/21/2016 - Golf is now mandatory at a Chinese elementary school

3/21/2016 - The economy of Indian cows, in charts

3/21/2016 - Apple’s next iPhone, Obama in Cuba, 12,400-year-old puppy

3/21/2016 - Apple’s next iPhone, Obama in Cuba, 12,400-year-old puppy

3/21/2016 - After 80 million years on earth, a shy and scaly wild animal is rapidly dying out in India

3/20/2016 - All eyes on Infibeam IPO as Indian e-commerce wonders which road to take

3/20/2016 - Apple event, Obama in Cuba, paint merger, Siberian permafrost

3/20/2016 - This is what a $280,000 watch looks like

3/20/2016 - ‘The Simpsons’ predicted a Donald Trump presidency 16 years ago

3/20/2016 - Most people aren’t resilient to life’s hardships, researchers find

3/20/2016 - The hotel race has begun in Havana as Airbnb and Starwood compete for bookings

3/20/2016 - For one group of people, seeing friends decreases happiness

3/20/2016 - Scientists have found a link between being a refugee and developing schizophrenia

3/20/2016 - Obama’s visit to Cuba: state dinner, meeting with dissidents, and preempting the Rolling Stones

3/20/2016 - Therapy can actually make things worse for some people

3/20/2016 - If you don’t care about March Madness, try brackets about mammals and books instead

3/20/2016 - A bad memory can make you a happier person

3/20/2016 - Morocco is under pressure from children to end a ban on Skype and Whatsapp calls

3/19/2016 - Protesters in Arizona block a highway leading to a Trump rally

3/19/2016 - Twin comets are passing close by this week, and NASA Planetary Defense is not concerned

3/19/2016 - Here are 115 million reasons to be careful what you say at work, courtesy of Gawker

3/19/2016 - Scientists have figured out the key to a unisex birth control drug

3/19/2016 - This is the Pope’s first photo of his “new journey on Instagram”

3/19/2016 - Work stress is bad for everyone–but it hurts one group more than anyone else

3/19/2016 - A chemist explains why the Honest company toxic ingredient scandal isn’t really a scandal

3/19/2016 - Lead poisoning is back—and Flint’s not the only city that will suffer the consequences

3/19/2016 - Weekend edition—Mourning for unicorns, Syria’s anniversary, Brazil’s future

3/19/2016 - This super-map contains every known piece of geographical data about Alaska

3/19/2016 - Don’t mourn the unicorn; there are more interesting animals in Silicon Valley

3/19/2016 - The EU will finally allow member states to scrap their tampon tax

3/19/2016 - Weekend edition—Mourning for unicorns, Syria’s anniversary, Brazil’s future

3/18/2016 - Quartz weekend brief—Mourning for unicorns, Syria’s anniversary, Brazil’s future

3/18/2016 - Weekend edition—Mourning for unicorns, Syria’s anniversary, Brazil’s future

3/18/2016 - Five years after I saw my friends die for freedom in Syria, the world has given up

3/18/2016 - The Apple-FBI hearing will be a media circus, and security will be intense

3/18/2016 - It’s 2016, and this is what Microsoft thinks is acceptable for a company-sponsored party

3/18/2016 - A tiny Romanian village is suddenly famous after Snoop Dogg accidentally tagged it on Instagram

3/18/2016 - Marriott’s acquisition of Starwood just got derailed by a Chinese insurance company

3/18/2016 - Research confirms that for many online commenters, the article is beside the point

3/18/2016 - The PlayStation VR is actually going to cost most people more than Sony said it would

3/18/2016 - The workers in these countries believe AI and robots will replace them

3/18/2016 - Watch: Elizabeth Warren still won’t endorse Hillary Clinton—and maybe this story is why

3/18/2016 - William Shakespeare’s last surviving script makes a great case for immigration reform

3/18/2016 - A book about vaudeville performers who enraged Nazis is voted the weirdest book title of the year

3/18/2016 - Domino’s has announced the world’s first pizza delivery robot

3/18/2016 - Another major advertising CEO just got ousted for alleged racist and sexist slurs

3/18/2016 - Zimbabwe says it won’t regulate WhatsApp and Facebook after all

3/18/2016 - Netflix rescued “The Little Prince” after it was abruptly dropped from US theaters

3/18/2016 - How we make sure Nigeria’s gender equality bill passes next time

3/18/2016 - The FBI is warning drivers: Your car may be vulnerable to hacking

3/18/2016 - A new performance enhancer for athletes boosts the brain—and is completely undetectable

3/18/2016 - The unexpected upsides of getting fired over and over again

3/18/2016 - NPR is cutting its podcasts and apps off at the knees, and fans are livid

3/18/2016 - African soccer fans are about to get a cheaper way to watch the English Premier League

3/18/2016 - Watch out, Spotify: SoundCloud now has licensing deals with all three major labels

3/18/2016 - What to expect from Apple’s iPhone event on March 21

3/18/2016 - Once a year, Instagram is home to the best crowd-designed alphabet on earth

3/18/2016 - Surprise! Uber’s obsession with efficiency is not shared by taxis

3/18/2016 - A third of Syrian children have grown up knowing only war

3/18/2016 - Society has finally gotten to the point where it can celebrate all body types (for men)

3/18/2016 - The FBI has a big ulterior motive in its fight against Apple

3/18/2016 - Here’s how much every videogame console would cost today

3/18/2016 - Almost everyone who is single is single for the same reason

3/18/2016 - An indie digital music startup tried to fight the streaming behemoths. Guess who won?

3/18/2016 - Mark Zuckerberg went jogging in smoggy Beijing—and everyone has something to say about it

3/18/2016 - Grammar nazis and the fashion police are judging you in the same way

3/18/2016 - Spring is coming, North Korea fires missile, drunken tweet detector

3/18/2016 - The world’s biggest polluter is now the global leader in renewable-energy spending

3/18/2016 - A new study says that if European governments want more babies, they’re really missing the point

3/18/2016 - Why large parts of the internet have suddenly vanished for millions of users

3/18/2016 - A lion on the loose in Nairobi traffic has mauled a man

3/18/2016 - The BRICs: battered, regressive, incompetent, and corrupt?

3/18/2016 - Indian entrepreneurs and investors think business journalists are a lazy, ignorant and impressionable lot

3/18/2016 - During this year’s Art Basel Hong Kong, you can eat the art

3/18/2016 - Hindutva headquarters changes shorts and stripes, wants homosexuality decriminalised

3/18/2016 - A Sikh, a lawyer, and a narcissist at a narcotics rehabilitation centre in India

3/18/2016 - Toshiba’s tough reboot, Google sells robots, drunken tweet detector

3/18/2016 - Forget the “glass ceiling”—Indian women must worry about the “sticky floor” instead

3/17/2016 - North Korea fired a ballistic missile east towards Japan

3/17/2016 - Toshiba’s difficult reboot, Google’s robot sale, drunken tweet detector

3/17/2016 - Trump breaks up with Putin, while Clinton trolls on the sidelines

3/17/2016 - US stocks briefly surface for the first time in 2016

3/17/2016 - Gap’s clothing empire is clambering to reclaim its relevance

3/17/2016 - NASA unlocks more of Pluto’s secrets

3/17/2016 - Bacteria in your mom’s gut may have influenced the way you fight off infections today

3/17/2016 - Alphabet is reportedly selling its robotics subsidiary Boston Dynamics because it’s not making money

3/17/2016 - The Great Recession didn’t cause America’s drug epidemic

3/17/2016 - Archaeologists may have found Queen Nefertiti’s secret burial place

3/17/2016 - Spielberg vs. Cameron: Directors are divided on a same-day streaming service that could disrupt Hollywood

3/17/2016 - Oil is actually outperforming stocks for once

3/17/2016 - How Beyoncé is winning over some of her most avowed skeptics (including me)

3/17/2016 - The world has too many ships

3/17/2016 - Elena Ferrante wrote a children’s book so that kids can learn life’s brutal realities

3/17/2016 - For-profit education is a $35 billion cesspool of fraud—and the US government has let it fester

3/17/2016 - GM’s new car rental program for Lyft drivers will also help make them obsolete

3/17/2016 - Ted Cruz’s new foreign policy advisor is notorious for conspiracy theories and Islamophobia

3/17/2016 - A new wearable promises to cut calories by ‘hearing’ what you eat

3/17/2016 - The annual search for the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake is a map of heartbreak and triumph

3/17/2016 - Tiffany loves the green, but a strong US dollar is actually hurting its sales

3/17/2016 - “Hamilton: The Musical” may help keep Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill

3/17/2016 - Artists can apply for a residency at the home of the world’s largest particle collider

3/17/2016 - This rocket executive pissed off everyone in space and lost his job the next day

3/17/2016 - This is what life looks like in the happiest places on Earth

3/17/2016 - Photos of working moms in the world’s most brutal, beautiful profession

3/17/2016 - How to taste fancy wine like a boss

3/17/2016 - Nigeria’s state oil company is missing $16 billion

3/17/2016 - Rampant wealth inequality in Silicon Valley could make San Francisco a ghost town

3/17/2016 - Vivienne Westwood’s son is burning $7 million in punk memorabilia

3/17/2016 - SeaWorld’s killer whales will be “the last generation of orcas” in its care

3/17/2016 - There’s now a machine that knows when you’re tweeting drunk

3/17/2016 - Watch a team of six tiny robot ants move a car

3/17/2016 - Slack is working on manager bots that will automatically check up on employees

3/17/2016 - In a US suburb famous for its battle with neo-Nazis, Donald Trump brings back unwelcome memories

3/17/2016 - Will the fifth Indiana Jones movie be the franchise’s “The Force Awakens,” or a total dumpster fire?

3/17/2016 - A prominent Chinese journalist is missing after a letter surfaced demanding Xi Jinping resign

3/17/2016 - It’s time for robots to have their own pronouns

3/17/2016 - Big pharmacies are dismantling the industry that keeps US drug costs even sort-of under control

3/17/2016 - Obama’s drilling ban thwarts the fanatical explorers of the ancient supercontinent of Pangaea

3/17/2016 - An all-female flight crew landed a plane in Saudi Arabia—where women can’t drive

3/17/2016 - One of the biggest myths about beating climate change has just been busted

3/17/2016 - Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This is the stuff Americans are most likely to buy while drunk

3/17/2016 - How to get your job application noticed every time

3/17/2016 - The complete guide to transforming your desk into a peaceful, productive place to work

3/17/2016 - North Korea sanctions, Shell-Saudi Aramco break-up, Trump labelled “global risk”

3/17/2016 - And the world’s moodiest teenagers are…

3/17/2016 - The trials, restrictions and costs of traveling in Africa if you’re an African

3/17/2016 - How hunting became a form of dissent in Albania

3/17/2016 - Behind the power struggle threatening to bring down South Africa’s president

3/17/2016 - More Africans than ever are unhappy—and that’s a good thing

3/17/2016 - Nigeria is no longer Africa’s top investor destination

3/17/2016 - The real women behind popular Indian models, without the glamour, makeup, and photoshop

3/17/2016 - Princeton University proudly showcases its “anti-national” badge to an Indian minister

3/17/2016 - Startup lesson: Raising money just because your competitor is will kill your business

3/17/2016 - Lush sells bath bombs and cosmetics. It also gives nearly £6 million a year to far-left groups

3/17/2016 - The Fed’s deflation fears, North Korea sanctions, punk rock bonfires

3/17/2016 - The sickness at the hearts of Flipkart and Snapdeal

3/17/2016 - Sipping tea and making friends on an 85-hour Indian train odyssey

3/17/2016 - The US has banned all hoverboard imports that aren’t from Segway

3/16/2016 - Photos: Google plans to drape its new campus in a “photovoltaic-integrated canopy skin”

3/16/2016 - The Fed’s deflation fears, Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, punk memorabilia bonfire

3/16/2016 - Nike has unveiled a futuristic, self-lacing sneaker for athletes, the HyperAdapt 1.0

3/16/2016 - Uber is offering a new debit card that will help its drivers get paid instantly

3/16/2016 - Doctors can do one simple thing to fight the opioid abuse epidemic

3/16/2016 - The Fed has finally woken up to the real danger facing the economy

3/16/2016 - The New York City subway has banned skateboards—but only if you read Chinese

3/16/2016 - Sony undercuts Oculus with the affordable PlayStation VR—if you can stand to wait for it

3/16/2016 - White men dominate Silicon Valley not by accident, but by design

3/16/2016 - Watch Sacha Baron Cohen perfectly lampoon Apple’s grand product unveilings

3/16/2016 - Vans, the ultimate brand for outsiders, celebrates 50 off-the-wall years today

3/16/2016 - Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff names her scandal-tainted predecessor as chief of staff

3/16/2016 - Study: The voice assistants you want by your side during a mental health emergency

3/16/2016 - People at McDonald’s are now literally ordering Egg McMuffins as a side dish

3/16/2016 - Americans basically agree that shopping is “a great cure for boredom”

3/16/2016 - The argument that only liberals would tax soda is about to be tested

3/16/2016 - Britain wants to make its kids smarter by adding an hour to the school day

3/16/2016 - Chipotle says things are even “worse” than it thought

3/16/2016 - We can never beat terrorism until we care about all of its victims equally

3/16/2016 - Americans have already forgotten their history of backsliding on racial progress

3/16/2016 - Denmark beats Switzerland to become the world’s happiest country

3/16/2016 - The problem with a technology revolution designed primarily for men

3/16/2016 - A UK surveillance bill that allows government hacking has passed its first legislative hurdle

3/16/2016 - Stock exchanges are devouring each other because no one buys individual stocks anymore

3/16/2016 - Photos: A 22-year-old grandmaster wins the Women’s World Chess Championship

3/16/2016 - Obama taps Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court, and dares Republicans to compromise

3/16/2016 - A Syrian chef’s solution to “bland” food in a Dutch refugee camp

3/16/2016 - Science gave us genetic tests. Why are we failing to act on them?

3/16/2016 - South Africa paid millions of dollars in bribes to host the 2010 World Cup, says FIFA

3/16/2016 - Fitness trackers reveal the damaging pitfalls of the modern approach to self-improvement

3/16/2016 - There’s never been a better time to be divorced

3/16/2016 - The lifecycle of snackers

3/16/2016 - A new oil discovery in Kenya is “very encouraging indeed” for its export ambitions

3/16/2016 - One of the world’s best-known ad agencies is testing something really bold: 40-hour workweeks

3/16/2016 - Review: DJI’s Phantom 4 is so close to being the drone for everyone, but it’s not quite there

3/16/2016 - Instead of migrating, white storks are staying put for the winter and eating garbage

3/16/2016 - Even as the global economy grew last year, carbon emissions didn’t

3/16/2016 - The new Redskins stadium is designed to include a moat, a beach and an ice skating rink

3/16/2016 - After her Tuesday sweep, Hillary Clinton’s critics say she’s too shouty and not smiley enough

3/16/2016 - The picture that seems to say everything about Brazil’s protests really says almost nothing

3/16/2016 - Obama’s reversal on offshore oil drilling is another win for environmentalists

3/16/2016 - Your birth month dramatically affects how likely you are to be diagnosed with ADHD

3/16/2016 - The career advice no one tells you

3/16/2016 - Clinton and Trump win, $30-billion stocks merger, R.I.P. space monkey

3/16/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Clinton and Trump win, $30-billion stocks merger, R.I.P. space monkey

3/16/2016 - There’s an elegant fix for the awkwardness of Apple’s Macbook charger

3/16/2016 - Argentina sank a Chinese trawler fishing illegally in its territorial waters

3/16/2016 - A rivalry between al-Qaeda and ISIL is behind the rise of terrorism in West Africa

3/16/2016 - The Indian curry is merely a figment of the British colonial imagination

3/16/2016 - Iran’s being stubborn on oil production, but it can’t tank prices alone

3/16/2016 - A Chinese “mosquito factory” releases 20 million of the little buggers into the wild every week

3/16/2016 - A US college student is sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea for stealing a sign

3/16/2016 - 9 years and Rs30,000 crore later, Air India is finally set to make some money

3/16/2016 - Clinton wins big, Brazil talks impeachment, space monkey graves

3/16/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Clinton wins big, Brazil talks impeachment, space monkey graves

3/16/2016 - Where speaking English like non-Indians takes you places…

3/16/2016 - Hillary Clinton looks unstoppable after winning Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina

3/16/2016 - Scientists filmed a humpback whale doing a headstand, using a drone

3/16/2016 - E-cigarettes have a problem: They keep blowing up

3/15/2016 - A $1 billion cyber heist against Bangladesh’s central bank was thwarted by a spelling error

3/15/2016 - China’s $6.5 billion Blackstone hotel deal could ruin the secret meetings of the US elite

3/15/2016 - Kasich’s Ohio win gives Republicans one last chance to choose anyone but Trump

3/15/2016 - After losing Florida, Marco Rubio’s presidential run is officially over

3/15/2016 - “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda starts using his DC celebrity status to influence policy

3/15/2016 - Free burritos haven’t solved Chipotle’s problems

3/15/2016 - Instagram will soon use an algorithm to sort the photos you see

3/15/2016 - Pivotal US primaries, Valeant shares tank, space monkey graves

3/15/2016 - A prominent tech investor is accused of paying an alleged “sex slave” with charitable funds

3/15/2016 - Chicago’s anti-Trump protests were about much more than one man’s racism

3/15/2016 - Washington DC’s failure-prone Metro is forced to close for an entire day, crippling the federal government

3/15/2016 - Amazon’s Twitch is streaming 100 hours of Julia Child to set an example for gamers

3/15/2016 - JPMorgan Chase appoints a former Obama advisor to lead its burgeoning fintech strategy

3/15/2016 - Republican lawmakers may not trust science, but they do believe in magic

3/15/2016 - You can apply to be a ninja in Japan

3/15/2016 - The complete guide to Netflix password-sharing etiquette

3/15/2016 - Hillary Clinton unveils her magical winking abilities on “Broad City”

3/15/2016 - Karmic justice inflicted on pharma company that buys drugs and jacks-up prices

3/15/2016 - Name-brand prescription drug prices in the US have doubled in the last five years

3/15/2016 - Nigerian lawmakers voted down a women equality bill citing the Bible and Sharia law

3/15/2016 - Now that it’s an awful time to be a new lawyer, law schools need to prove their worth

3/15/2016 - M-Pesa shows why mobile money is yet to realize its true potential in Africa

3/15/2016 - Ohio is the Republican party’s last chance to stop the Trump juggernaut

3/15/2016 - Clinton campaigns on gun control in Chicago, but for many residents it’s not that simple

3/15/2016 - If the Fed wasn’t already thinking of holding rates steady, it certainly ought to now

3/15/2016 - Many scientific studies you read about are hinged on the wrong metric

3/15/2016 - The most tech-savvy part of the US is also the least likely to click on ads

3/15/2016 - Video: A new attack ad on Donald Trump is just women repeating all the gross things he’s said about women

3/15/2016 - Faking happiness on social media helped me cope with depression

3/15/2016 - A newly discovered dinosaur reveals how the Tyrannosaurus rex got so scary

3/15/2016 - There’s a new social network where you can hang out with real people in virtual reality

3/15/2016 - The man who designed Dr. Strangelove’s apocalyptic set shaped today’s negotiation rooms

3/15/2016 - It’s a miracle! Mother Teresa officially becomes a saint in September

3/15/2016 - Ben Carson wishes he could have endorsed anyone but Trump

3/15/2016 - To understand what America wants in its next president, watch the Illinois primary

3/15/2016 - Trump’s choice of trade enemies reveals the racial subtext of his economic appeal

3/15/2016 - It’s time for Bosnia and Albania to step forward and host Syrian refugees

3/15/2016 - Drone delivery could give Africa’s HIV-positive babies a fighting chance at survival

3/15/2016 - The five blatantly false rationalizations Republicans will use to vote for Donald Trump

3/15/2016 - Americans are spectacularly bad at answering even the most basic math questions

3/15/2016 - In China, people are spending $1000 on a camera that takes surgery-enhanced selfies

3/15/2016 - Music streaming has a nearly undetectable fraud problem

3/15/2016 - What it’s like to wake up and find yourself unable to swallow

3/15/2016 - An illegal fishing vessel wanted by 13 nations has finally been destroyed by Indonesia

3/15/2016 - Mathematicians are geeking out about a bizarre discovery in prime numbers

3/15/2016 - Queen captures knight: Who owns the rights to divulge moves in chess?

3/15/2016 - South by Southwest is officially, aggressively normcore

3/15/2016 - The campaign against soda and empty carbs just got raised to a whole new level at Reebok

3/15/2016 - A hiring manager’s best responses to “Sell me this pen” in an interview

3/15/2016 - The head of England’s most famous private school says spoiled children need to fail

3/15/2016 - The executives leaving oil and gas behind for jobs in clean energy

3/15/2016 - The internet is designed to manipulate you, but you can fight back with psychology

3/15/2016 - Russia exits Syria, Mother Teresa’s sainthood, Tyrannosaurus Rex brains

3/15/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Russia exits Syria, Mother Teresa’s sainthood, Tyrannosaurus Rex brains

3/15/2016 - Poland’s trendy milk bars are a poignant reminder of its time under communism

3/15/2016 - Watch: From My Lai to Ferguson, China blasts US human rights abuses in a new documentary

3/15/2016 - Al Qaeda’s attack on Cote d’Ivoire may threaten its status as Africa’s top investment destination

3/15/2016 - Why India must stop tolerating stalking with a “boys will be boys”

3/15/2016 - Think twice about that butter chicken—Indians are struggling to digest their food

3/15/2016 - Why is the world’s largest seed company miffed at the Indian government?

3/15/2016 - Russia exits Syria, VW lawsuit, weed vs. cookies

3/15/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Russia exits Syria, VW lawsuit, weed vs. cookies

3/15/2016 - The Kalamazoo, Michigan shooter who killed six said Uber’s app made him do it

3/14/2016 - After her own sexual molestation, an Indian photographer portrays fellow survivors as heroes

3/14/2016 - Russia to pull out of Syria, Anbang trumps Marriott, Tyrannosaurus intelligence

3/14/2016 - Amy Poehler uses five times as much water as the average American family

3/14/2016 - Harvard Law School is officially dropping its slavery-associated shield

3/14/2016 - Vijay Mallya calls newspaper interview with him fake—The Sunday Guardian stands by its report

3/14/2016 - Explaining Putin’s surprise move to pull most Russian forces out of Syria

3/14/2016 - The man behind Humans of New York speaks out in this searing open letter to Donald Trump

3/14/2016 - The line between non-profit and for-profit has become increasingly blurry

3/14/2016 - Indian police are stumped by a murder in a 50,000-year-old tribe

3/14/2016 - You might want to stop closing apps on your phone if you’re worried about battery life

3/14/2016 - A third of Netflix watchers in the US don’t pay for Netflix

3/14/2016 - Americans bought more legal pot than Girl Scout cookies in 2015

3/14/2016 - Sarah Palin cancels a Trump event after her husband is seriously injured in a snowmobile accident

3/14/2016 - A teenager just won drone racing’s biggest ever prize

3/14/2016 - Grubhub is fending off copycats by doubling down on delivery

3/14/2016 - Humanity scores a futile victory over machines in Go

3/14/2016 - Iran continues to thumb its nose at a global oil freeze

3/14/2016 - The shortest macroeconomic analysis ever written

3/14/2016 - Careless people are skewing the results of scientific studies. Can they be stopped?

3/14/2016 - Watch: John Oliver explains why Apple needs to maintain its encryption—to stay “one step ahead” of hackers

3/14/2016 - Don’t fixate on things you can’t know: Everyday business lessons from disaster-response experts

3/14/2016 - What working women can do when they don’t get credit for collaboration

3/14/2016 - Google has refused government demands to take down a gay music video in Kenya

3/14/2016 - This four-letter word is the Swedish key to happiness at work

3/14/2016 - Driverless cars have a new way to navigate in rain or snow

3/14/2016 - “Feminist glaciology” is sparking huge questions about the impact of the male gaze on science

3/14/2016 - You’ll soon be able to review your neighbor’s Airbnb rental

3/14/2016 - Where Hollywood goes to make its fake planes look real

3/14/2016 - Really scary stuff that the media makes worse, charted

3/14/2016 - Inside the piece of Dodd Frank that’s trying—and will likely fail—to diversify Wall Street

3/14/2016 - Amazon is hiring the most MBAs in tech, and it’s not really close

3/14/2016 - US politicians are making a crucial mistake when they talk about Latino voters

3/14/2016 - A news website that reported on the Malaysian prime minister’s alleged corruption is shutting down

3/14/2016 - A Palestinian ex-refugee has won a $1-million prize dubbed the “Nobel for teachers”

3/14/2016 - The history of why pi equals 3.14(15926…)

3/14/2016 - There’s no need to freak out about genetically modified mosquitoes

3/14/2016 - China’s latest move to prop up its currency will hurt Hong Kong’s massive insurance industry

3/14/2016 - Viacom faces shareholders, Merkel’s debacle, Japan is hiring ninjas

3/14/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Viacom faces shareholders, Merkel’s debacle, Japan is hiring ninjas

3/14/2016 - Why German has so many great words

3/14/2016 - Ocean energy has foxed the best minds in engineering, but one investor thinks he can crack it

3/14/2016 - Facebook is being criticized for not activating Safety Check during the Côte d’Ivoire attack

3/14/2016 - Thousands got soaked at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s “Cultural Olympics”—but the show went on

3/14/2016 - Vijay Mallya is a small fish in India’s banking cesspool, beware of bigger circling sharks

3/14/2016 - The unbearable hypocrisy of the Indian elite

3/14/2016 - Viacom battle, Ivory Coast terror, cheap wine tricks

3/14/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Viacom battle, Ivory Coast terror, cheap wine tricks

3/14/2016 - IITians didn’t exactly do what Nehru wanted, but Raghuram Rajan thinks it was for the best

3/14/2016 - Donald Trump is a great example of why democracy is dangerous, China’s state tabloid explains

3/14/2016 - India’s new real estate bill: Builders’ agony, buyers’ delight

3/13/2016 - I know Hong Kong is over—because my mother has stopped watching TVB

3/13/2016 - Viacom faces its shareholders, terror in Ivory Coast, dressing up cheap wine

3/13/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Viacom faces its shareholders, terror in Ivory Coast, dressing up cheap wine

3/13/2016 - The death toll from Al Qaeda’s Grand Bassam attack has reached 18, the government says

3/13/2016 - Style icon Iris Apfel is designing fashionable safety-alert bracelets for seniors

3/13/2016 - Cruz and Rubio think Trump isn’t friendly enough to Israel, but the majority of Israeli Jews disagree

3/13/2016 - The ingenious tricks that will make your wine taste like liquid gold

3/13/2016 - SXSW co-founder Louis Meyers, the “most hated man in Austin music,” dies at age 60

3/13/2016 - Many scientific “truths” are, in fact, false

3/13/2016 - A business that sends messages on potatoes makes $25,000 a month and is inspiring copycats

3/13/2016 - There’s a way to teach kids how to fail without ruining their lives

3/13/2016 - Israel wants to be the tech hub for the world cannabis industry

3/13/2016 - Reading is basically a form of brainwashing

3/13/2016 - Finland is the prison-break capital of Europe

3/12/2016 - There’s an option on an ISIS form to indicate if you’re interested in being a suicide bomber

3/12/2016 - Scientists can tell when your motives are truly altruistic, and when you’re secretly being selfish

3/12/2016 - Your ears are the next frontier of biometric security

3/12/2016 - Researchers reconstructed the Tanzanian landscape humans roamed 1.8 million years ago

3/12/2016 - What everyone is getting wrong about Google’s AI victory

3/12/2016 - Google’s AI victory is a reminder of the beautifully alien nature of machine intelligence

3/12/2016 - Germans are about to tell Angela Merkel what they really think of her refugee policy

3/12/2016 - The beginning of the end: Google’s AI has beaten a top human player at the complex game of Go

3/12/2016 - Trump has a twin: A potty-mouthed, China-bashing former Ohio congressman explains Trump’s appeal to white voters

3/12/2016 - A Syrian refugee has become a YouTube star by explaining German culture to Germans

3/12/2016 - Weekend edition—AI and humanity, China’s Great Famine, life after journalism

3/12/2016 - Quartz Weekend Brief—AI and humanity, China’s Great Famine, life after journalism

3/12/2016 - Watch: Protestors in Brazil plan on bringing down their unpopular president with a choreographed song and dance

3/12/2016 - Do we have sex to protect us from disease?

3/12/2016 - “Nature can surprise us”: There’s a new species of bacteria that eats plastic

3/12/2016 - Why Kagame’s bid to serve a third term makes sense for Rwanda

3/12/2016 - Rwanda’s Kagame is immunizing himself against difficult human rights questions

3/12/2016 - Weekend edition—AI and humanity, China’s Great Famine, life after journalism

3/11/2016 - “We are not having this in Chicago”—How angry protests shut down a Donald Trump rally

3/11/2016 - Weekend edition—AI and humanity, China’s Great Famine, life after journalism

3/11/2016 - Obama goes tech recruiting and defends his digital legacy at SXSW

3/11/2016 - Using predictive analytics to retain customers and prevent accidents

3/11/2016 - There is a “hot migrants” Instagram account, and it’s making a lot of people angry

3/11/2016 - Banks online are trying to sound more like your best friend and less like a banker

3/11/2016 - If you only make one investment this year, buy a golden pig

3/11/2016 - Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has become radioactive to Hillary Clinton

3/11/2016 - How Amazon is secretly building its superfast delivery empire

3/11/2016 - Heidi Cruz’s sales pitch to business: her husband will “negotiate and compromise” as president

3/11/2016 - That one trick everybody does to improve iPhone battery life does absolutely nothing

3/11/2016 - Trying to scare women away from traveling alone won’t keep them safe

3/11/2016 - Monty Python’s Terry Jones has a different take on the not-so-funny 2008 financial crisis

3/11/2016 - Why America will never get rid of Daylight Saving Time

3/11/2016 - Dos Equis should make its next “Most Interesting Man in the World” a woman

3/11/2016 - Amazon Echo, home alone with NPR on, got confused and hijacked a thermostat

3/11/2016 - GM is buying self-driving software to try to catch up to Google and Tesla

3/11/2016 - The explosive rise of adult coloring books, charted

3/11/2016 - Caitlyn Jenner is the new face of a major ad campaign

3/11/2016 - Kenya is failing to create enough jobs for its young people

3/11/2016 - The mysterious death of a Putin crony is now blamed on ‘blunt force injuries of the head’

3/11/2016 - The way to fix the world’s porn “problem”? Make more of it

3/11/2016 - Female traders may be the key to heading off stock market crashes

3/11/2016 - The deep-rooted racism of science

3/11/2016 - Cuba explains why Trump is winning Florida—and Marco Rubio can’t believe it

3/11/2016 - Waking up in a refugee camp: Post-apocalyptic scenes from the Greece-Macedonia border

3/11/2016 - 50 Cent promises he really is bankrupt. (Ignore all those wads of cash on Instagram)

3/11/2016 - Donald Trump and his sucker-punching supporter agree: The protester deserved it

3/11/2016 - The importance of teaching our girls to be brave–not perfect

3/11/2016 - The secret that makes Japanese and Swedish design look so similar—and so good

3/11/2016 - The founder of Wikipedia’s Women Scientists project found a brilliant use for her hate mail

3/11/2016 - There’s a scientific reason why chocolate chip cookies and milk taste so good together

3/11/2016 - California could drop Daylight Saving Time

3/11/2016 - The Elon Musk special: 30% off your flight in a used SpaceX rocket

3/11/2016 - A little-known Australian fashion chain is suddenly taking over American malls

3/11/2016 - Fashion houses are discovering tomorrow’s art stars on Instagram

3/11/2016 - “House of Cards” has a Russia plot line that would deeply intrigue the global oil markets

3/11/2016 - How Donald Trump gets away with “just saying” things other candidates can’t

3/11/2016 - The latest addition to the Internet of Things: hand-built folding bikes

3/11/2016 - Should Venmo buy a bank?

3/11/2016 - An act of kindness or human trafficking? A Danish woman is on trial for giving a ride to refugees

3/11/2016 - It’s not just Sharapova: An “alarmingly high” number of athletes are using meldonium

3/11/2016 - The US is too racist and violent to criticize other countries on human rights, China says

3/11/2016 - Merkel faces electoral test, Google’s AI clincher, a penguin’s devotion

3/11/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Merkel faces electoral test, Google’s AI clincher, a penguin’s devotion

3/11/2016 - The South Sudanese government is allowing soldiers to rape women in lieu of pay

3/11/2016 - The history of English can be explained in five words

3/11/2016 - MTN may settle its SIM card dispute with Nigeria for $1.5 billion

3/11/2016 - Instead of returning home, Vijay Mallya returns fire

3/11/2016 - Scientists have created a single chart that illustrates the circle of life with every known species on Earth

3/11/2016 - Scientists in the hot zone of the epidemic explain why Zika’s link to birth defects is getting stronger

3/11/2016 - A reporter blocked from leaving China to accept a prize says his craft is despicable—and noble

3/11/2016 - Spending public money on Indians with incurable diseases is good for the economy

3/11/2016 - Nigeria’s reform of its state oil company will be cosmetic without cutting corrupt ties

3/11/2016 - India is trying to revive khadi, the yarn Gandhi used to weave the country’s independence

3/11/2016 - Endorsement for Trump, Google’s AI clincher, Neanderthal insults

3/11/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Endorsement for Trump, Google’s AI clincher, Neanderthal insults

3/10/2016 - Photos: Bromance was in the air as the Obamas hosted the Trudeaus at a Washington state dinner

3/10/2016 - When it comes to female leadership, Chinese startups are putting US startups to shame

3/10/2016 - Women around the world are displaying their beautiful, dark-skinned faces to combat “shadeism”

3/10/2016 - Twitter won’t let Vijay Mallya free, even if the banks did

3/10/2016 - Stunning portraits show the diversity of beauty in India, across age and class

3/10/2016 - Barnes & Noble’s chief digital officer is “meh” on the threat of Amazon

3/10/2016 - Taco Bell’s answer to McDonald’s all-day breakfast is a $1 sausage quesadilla

3/10/2016 - Super Mario euro drama, Google’s AI clincher, Neanderthal insults

3/10/2016 - A video game where you mostly just walk around leads the BAFTAs with 10 nominations

3/10/2016 - A penguin returns every year to the Brazilian man who saved him

3/10/2016 - The really quite drab building where Brazil’s ex-president allegedly had a luxury condo

3/10/2016 - American household net worth just hit another record high

3/10/2016 - The Pope is cracking down on the Vatican’s multimillion-dollar saint-making process

3/10/2016 - Surprised that American Muslims are feeling the Bern? You must not understand our priorities

3/10/2016 - Bitchin’ Betty, the voice of F-18 fighter jets, just retired from Boeing

3/10/2016 - Translators are finally being recognized by the Man Booker International Prize

3/10/2016 - What on earth is going on with the euro today?

3/10/2016 - ESPN is the prime example of how complicated cable TV is getting

3/10/2016 - Who are the people determined to vote for John Kasich?

3/10/2016 - Remarkable surgery uses stem cells to regenerate an eye’s lens and restore vision

3/10/2016 - To fix America’s infrastructure, you’ll need to save its local economies first

3/10/2016 - For the first time, scientists show that trans kids with family support can be as happy as their peers

3/10/2016 - Inside Instacart’s fraught and misguided quest to become the Uber of groceries

3/10/2016 - Trump loves talking about punching protesters in the face—and one supporter took him up on it

3/10/2016 - The complete guide to writing for Quartz Ideas

3/10/2016 - How a Nigerian hyper-realist painter became a social media phenomenon

3/10/2016 - This team is simulating a mission to Mars to understand the high emotional cost of living there

3/10/2016 - Photos: Eritrea’s capital city houses some of the finest 20th century architecture in the world

3/10/2016 - Watch: Marco Rubio looks like a beaten man as he apologizes for his anti-Trump insults

3/10/2016 - The case for eating lunch at your desk—and being perfectly okay with it

3/10/2016 - A brief process for more enlightened brainstorming

3/10/2016 - What it actually feels like to be targeted by Donald Trump’s neo-Nazi fan club

3/10/2016 - Why Islam is so different in different countries

3/10/2016 - The hidden costs of quitting your job via viral open letter

3/10/2016 - If you’re just tuning in, these two charts show where the US presidential primaries stand

3/10/2016 - Kenya’s goal of being an upper middle income economy by 2030 is “farfetched,” says World Bank

3/10/2016 - Google’s Android could be hit with an anti-trust charge by the EU

3/10/2016 - This really weird trick will actually speed up your iPhone

3/10/2016 - What smartphone addiction looks like when you’re living with ADHD

3/10/2016 - Nailing an interview isn’t about being the best hire for the job

3/10/2016 - Thanks to a bionic fingertip, amputees can feel textures again

3/10/2016 - Mass shootings, and casualties from them, are increasing in America

3/10/2016 - Someone thought it would be a good idea to fly a drone at 11,000 ft—it wasn’t

3/10/2016 - Stephen Hawking, 150 scientists, and bird-watchers tell the UK: Don’t leave the EU

3/10/2016 - These are the routes being closed off to refugees fleeing into Europe

3/10/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—ECB tries more stimulus, Brazil’s Lula charged, Ikea founder’s thrifty habits

3/10/2016 - ECB tries more stimulus, Brazil’s Lula charged, Ikea founder’s thrifty habits

3/10/2016 - What should I do to stand out in the first 6 months of a new job?

3/10/2016 - How to make money from Brexit: get ahead of the freaked-out foreigners

3/10/2016 - Hong Kong’s SCMP is being blocked in China for cheering on Xi Jinping

3/10/2016 - Japanese subway drivers are suing for their right to grow a beard

3/10/2016 - A short list of games robots still can’t win

3/10/2016 - India’s largest automaker is struggling to end labour unrest at its Nano factory

3/10/2016 - An ancient Australian connection to India?

3/10/2016 - An Indian bureaucrat is amazed by China’s ability to grow crops without soil

3/10/2016 - The spoilt modern Indian woman

3/10/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—New Zealand rate cut, Kenya Airways layoffs, Facebook selfie filters

3/10/2016 - New Zealand rate cut, Kenya Airways layoffs, Facebook selfie filters

3/10/2016 - Charted: China’s Great Famine, according to Yang Jisheng, a journalist who lived through it

3/10/2016 - Why India’s ambitious $13 billion roads and highways plan might remain a pipe dream

3/10/2016 - Hillary Clinton says, “I am not a natural politician”

3/9/2016 - Brazil’s ex-president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has been formally accused of money laundering

3/9/2016 - This astronomer watching an eclipse from an airplane is the happiest man in the world

3/9/2016 - Wall Street likes Square’s first earnings report as a public company

3/9/2016 - Interactive: What happens when the adrenaline seekers come to town

3/9/2016 - Amazon’s air force, Sunni military might, Facebook selfie filters

3/9/2016 - Best responses to Trump’s dumb wall idea by multiple presidents of Mexico

3/9/2016 - Dreamy drawings of space by a 19th-century scientist

3/9/2016 - President Obama is skipping Nancy Reagan’s funeral to attend SXSW

3/9/2016 - Google’s new music lab pays tribute to the first female electronic music star

3/9/2016 - Keeping rehabilitated inmates behind bars makes a mockery of America’s so-called justice system

3/9/2016 - If you majored in the humanities, you really should apply to Harvard Business School

3/9/2016 - Startup funding is drying up and fintech is no exception

3/9/2016 - Watch Google’s self-driving car smack the side of a bus, and its passengers barely notice

3/9/2016 - Zara is an unstoppable sales machine

3/9/2016 - Donald Trump is rising because the US middle class has crashed

3/9/2016 - The UN is really not happy about the UK’s draft surveillance law

3/9/2016 - “Apparently I don’t get to decide this”: A second Wachowski sister comes out as transgender, after tabloid bullying

3/9/2016 - Unilever’s India unit says mercury exposure didn’t harm factory workers—but it agreed to settle with nearly 600 of them

3/9/2016 - Alibaba is about to unveil its first car, an internet-connected SUV

3/9/2016 - Teaching kids philosophy makes them smarter in math and English

3/9/2016 - After 150 years, the American productivity miracle is over

3/9/2016 - Dos Equis is switching out the actor in their “Most Interesting Man in the World” ad campaign

3/9/2016 - The US is going to let foreign students stay longer—provided they’ve studied a STEM subject

3/9/2016 - How can a set of twins have completely different fathers?

3/9/2016 - Amazon just added 20 Boeing 767 jets to its delivery network

3/9/2016 - Australia’s record-breaking heatwaves haven’t convinced its ruling party of climate change

3/9/2016 - The very human implications of a self-taught machine playing the world’s hardest game

3/9/2016 - What Republicans and Democrats have talked about the most during debates

3/9/2016 - No, Spotify, I do not need your birthing playlist

3/9/2016 - Your Facebook friends really want you to believe that drinking is good for your health

3/9/2016 - Syria’s first and only cosmonaut is now a refugee living in Turkey

3/9/2016 - Cambridge is considering returning a stolen 100-year-old bronze cockerel to Nigeria

3/9/2016 - A “Republican Confession” from 52 years ago has a lot to say about this year’s election

3/9/2016 - How Brazil managed to bypass corruption to launch its biggest ever corruption probe

3/9/2016 - Photos: Science captured as beautiful works of art

3/9/2016 - The stupid, avoidable mistakes that make good employees leave

3/9/2016 - Robots 1, Humans 0: Google DeepMind is now two Go games away from making AI history

3/9/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Trump and Sanders win big, Google’s AI vs. Go, hatching baby dragons

3/9/2016 - Trump and Sanders win big, Google’s AI vs. Go, hatching baby dragons

3/9/2016 - Michel Foucault saw Europe’s current refugee crisis coming 40 years ago

3/9/2016 - The Communist Party invented Women’s Day—so why is China so bad at it now?

3/9/2016 - Austerity is good for at least one thing: reducing prison overcrowding

3/9/2016 - How sick is too sick to work out?

3/9/2016 - In photos: Sri Sri doing bad bad things to the dying Yamuna

3/9/2016 - MTN is partly to blame for the rise of Boko Haram, Nigera’s Buhari says

3/9/2016 - A new generation of baby “dragons” is about to hatch in Slovenia

3/9/2016 - A Congolese Catholic priest in Germany had to quit after racist death threats

3/9/2016 - Dump Duckworth-Lewis. Twenty20 cricket needs a new system for rain-hit matches

3/9/2016 - How traditional practices in Nigeria can slow the rise in child allergies

3/9/2016 - Why India needs a ministry of future

3/9/2016 - How the guru of India’s rich and famous lost his peace on the banks of Yamuna

3/9/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Google AI vs. Go, Sanders wins Michigan, mansplaining Women’s Day

3/9/2016 - Google AI vs. Go, Sanders wins Michigan, mansplaining Women’s Day

3/9/2016 - You probably missed today’s total solar eclipse. Here are some of the most spectacular photos

3/9/2016 - Bernie Sanders’ shock win in Michigan is his biggest victory yet

3/8/2016 - The Michigan and Mississippi primaries show there is no such thing as a three-headed anti-Trump

3/8/2016 - The Trump campaign displays raw “Trump meat” as he racks up more primary wins

3/8/2016 - Donald Trump received a tax break for people who make less than $500,000 a year

3/8/2016 - With a win in Mississippi, Clinton is slowly squeezing Sanders out of the Democratic race

3/8/2016 - North Koreans are risking their lives to use black market smartphones from China

3/8/2016 - A short guide to supercookies: whether you’re being tracked and how to opt out

3/8/2016 - “You possess a mysterious power”—Vladimir Putin congratulates Russian women on International Women’s Day

3/8/2016 - The strange and sexist ways India tried to celebrate International Women’s Day

3/8/2016 - Google’s AI tries to pass Go, United Continental proxy fight, mansplaining International Women’s Day

3/8/2016 - Bill Gates explains why classroom technology is failing students and teachers

3/8/2016 - Amazon’s newest way to sell you stuff is a live fashion TV show

3/8/2016 - Apple will pay customers $400 million for an ebook pricing conspiracy

3/8/2016 - Photos: The secret world of maids in New York’s richest neighborhoods

3/8/2016 - Female architects are being closed out of their own profession

3/8/2016 - The most popular emoji descriptions of US presidential candidates

3/8/2016 - Meldonium: What does the drug Maria Sharapova just got busted for do to an athlete’s body?

3/8/2016 - Interactive: How to build a mobile-first technology strategy

3/8/2016 - One of the biggest toy companies on earth owes its turnaround to a child skateboarder

3/8/2016 - The elephant poaching rate in Africa is dropping—but not fast enough

3/8/2016 - Ontario, Canada announced a plan to test Universal Basic Income for all citizens

3/8/2016 - How Singapore is a city built for a new generation of urbanites

3/8/2016 - Public relations agencies are dominated by women. So why are all their leaders men?

3/8/2016 - Be afraid: Many companies can only deal with “simple” digital security problems

3/8/2016 - Amazon is acting more and more like a traditional movie studio

3/8/2016 - Struggling to talk to your kids about race and privilege? Disney’s “Zootopia” has you covered

3/8/2016 - Maria Sharapova’s failed drug test is already costing her major sponsors

3/8/2016 - This venn diagram explains Bernie Sanders’ unique appeal

3/8/2016 - These statistical models predict when Steph Curry’s streak will end

3/8/2016 - The insidious, subtle sexism of so-called liberal progressives

3/8/2016 - What’s causing ADHD to skyrocket in kids?

3/8/2016 - Teachers want more tech in the classroom—even VR headsets

3/8/2016 - Everlane: The San Francisco clothing company that launches t-shirts like they’re iPhones

3/8/2016 - Would you use an app that splits your restaurant bill by privilege?

3/8/2016 - What billionaire philanthropists get wrong about empowering women

3/8/2016 - Egyptian lawmakers want to ban Muslim women from covering their faces

3/8/2016 - The evolutionary advantage of feeling ashamed of yourself

3/8/2016 - The Häagen-Dazs effect: How four new brands made themselves sound elite and established

3/8/2016 - Google’s new mobile pages will also be a revolution for advertising

3/8/2016 - Reminder: You may not like Donald Trump, but don’t threaten to kill him

3/8/2016 - One of the best fossilized lizards ever found lived 99 million years ago

3/8/2016 - Your entire genome can now be sequenced for $999—and the results sent to your smartphone

3/8/2016 - The surprisingly long lifespan of xenophobic, racist Facebook posts in Germany

3/8/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Solar eclipse, EU-Turkey refugee agreement, first uterus transplant

3/8/2016 - Solar eclipse, EU-Turkey refugee agreement, first uterus transplant

3/8/2016 - Where and how to watch the upcoming solar eclipse around the world

3/8/2016 - Yet more research proves it: Companies with women in senior roles are more profitable

3/8/2016 - “It will happen”: Paris is preparing to be drowned by a once-in-a-lifetime flood

3/8/2016 - I have no doubt the next great scientific minds will be from Africa

3/8/2016 - Why Arun Jaitely’s EPF tax rollback is a big relief for India’s salaried class

3/8/2016 - Wine and cheese in the time of hunger: Vijay Mallya’s idea of living it up

3/8/2016 - Xi Jinping’s crackdown on free speech is being criticized—by advisers to China’s Communist Party

3/8/2016 - Africa’s pioneering low-cost airline is losing altitude fast

3/8/2016 - Why Nigeria is breaking up its beleagured national oil company

3/8/2016 - As empty homes pile up, Indians willing to pay more for ready-to-move-in apartments

3/8/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—China’s falling exports, Sharapova’s drug fail, single-malt shortage

3/8/2016 - China’s falling exports, Sharapova’s drug fail, single-malt shortage

3/8/2016 - Why India doesn’t have a female Sachin Bansal

3/8/2016 - The IRS has finally taken its failed identity protection service offline, after a hack by identity thieves

3/7/2016 - China desperately needs low-income migrant workers to buy homes and save the economy

3/7/2016 - Apple is finally getting a foothold in the world’s second-largest smartphone market

3/7/2016 - Michael Bloomberg says he isn’t running for president, because Trump

3/7/2016 - Apple’s e-book bill, Sharapova’s drug fail, single-malt shortage

3/7/2016 - Kraft quietly pulled the artificial ingredients from its classic mac and cheese

3/7/2016 - The revolution is upon us: Plant-based foods now have a voice on Capitol Hill

3/7/2016 - Maria Sharapova says she failed a drug test at the Australian Open

3/7/2016 - What Dilbert’s creator and Jean-Marie Le Pen have to teach us about Trump’s chances

3/7/2016 - Choosing between ETFs and mutual funds: Strategy, then structure

3/7/2016 - Free and affordable college will help students who don’t really need it

3/7/2016 - Eating a bit of chocolate could help you stay mentally sharp

3/7/2016 - Gillis Lundgren, who designed Ikea’s Billy bookcase and helped invent flat-pack furniture, has died at 86

3/7/2016 - The original Italian pizza is finally set to become a UNESCO world heritage treasure

3/7/2016 - In Paris’ most talked-about runway show, high fashion met how we dress today

3/7/2016 - How to pinpoint precisely where and when someone used your Netflix account

3/7/2016 - No, Hillary Clinton’s campaign did not pay $90,000 for a playlist

3/7/2016 - The market expects, and pretty much demands, another giant Chinese government spending spree

3/7/2016 - Blockchain: A futuristic solution to an age-old “trust me” dilemma

3/7/2016 - Oil is the most expensive it’s been in three months

3/7/2016 - A US law school is on trial for inflating the job prospects of its students

3/7/2016 - The long-awaited peak in China’s carbon emissions may have already happened

3/7/2016 - Germany’s BASF has won effective domination of the US market for the world’s most promising lithium-ion battery

3/7/2016 - Life hacks of the freelance economy

3/7/2016 - Blockchain: A new mechanism for trust—no intermediary required

3/7/2016 - This freelancers’ sharing platform holds your files hostage until clients pay up

3/7/2016 - Bernie Sanders’ purity challenge: Will he support blue-collar workers if it helps their bosses too?

3/7/2016 - Scientists think they’ve spotted clouds on Pluto, so they want to call it a planet again

3/7/2016 - Porn is like alcohol—whether it’s bad for you depends on who you are

3/7/2016 - These beautiful projection maps bring to life some of the most iconic structures on the planet

3/7/2016 - To be more creative, a study suggests imagining yourself as an “eccentric poet”

3/7/2016 - Here’s a technique the most productive people use to stay focused

3/7/2016 - We must open up Africa to Africans if we really want to boost growth

3/7/2016 - The massive cost of this nuclear project could be sending the company behind it into meltdown

3/7/2016 - Donald Trump has a delusional plan to tax Chinese imports and fix American trade

3/7/2016 - Another laptop bomb has exploded in Somalia

3/7/2016 - A scientist calculated the cost of not being a straight man, and she wants a tax cut

3/7/2016 - China’s hoverboard makers are banding together to try to save the industry

3/7/2016 - A better salary negotiation starts with a simple question

3/7/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Bernie Sanders takes Maine, EU tackles Balkan route, MFAs are worthless

3/7/2016 - Bernie Sanders takes Maine, EU tackles Balkan route, MFAs are worthless

3/7/2016 - In Malaysia, #RespectMyPM is backfiring in spectacular fashion

3/7/2016 - Ghana is about to make travel in Africa easier for Africans

3/7/2016 - Unnoticed, a Tibetan teenager died in India after self-immolating for his homeland

3/7/2016 - The deadly cost of bringing coal-powered electricity from Australia to India

3/7/2016 - Uber explains why a search for “rape” in its customer support inbox gets thousands of results

3/7/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Refugee summit, Sharapova rumors, ghostly octopods

3/7/2016 - Refugee summit, Sharapova rumors, ghostly octopods

3/7/2016 - Chidambaram explains why Modi’s tinkering doesn’t qualify as true economic reform

3/7/2016 - Indian consumer goods firms see a new money-spinner in an old product: Ayurveda

3/6/2016 - Hong Kong’s housing sales hit a 25-year low in February

3/6/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—US stocks trim their losses, Sharapova’s “major announcement,” ghostly octopods

3/6/2016 - US stocks trim their losses, Sharapova’s “major announcement,” ghostly octopods

3/6/2016 - The man who put the @ in your email has died

3/6/2016 - Here’s how to bring your old laptop back to life

3/6/2016 - Nancy Reagan, former US first lady, has died at 94

3/6/2016 - 39-year-old Peyton Manning will retire from the NFL with the most career earnings of any player

3/6/2016 - New research finds that college degrees are less valuable for Americans raised poor

3/6/2016 - This ghost-like octopod is “almost certainly” a new species

3/6/2016 - Feeling secure is “so dangerous” for creativity: Jhumpa Lahiri learned a new language to write her latest book

3/6/2016 - Donald Trump’s grandfather was an illegal migrant and “Trojan horse”

3/6/2016 - The lessons Ghana learned from Kwame Nkrumah’s fallout with his economic adviser

3/6/2016 - Why companies that take pride in diversity programs still wind up hiring white guys

3/6/2016 - How to write a sexist profile, in six easy steps

3/6/2016 - Thousands of years of evolution have prepared us to be repulsed by Ted Cruz’s face

3/6/2016 - Our liquid fingerprints: Micrograph photos reveal the unique beauty of tears

3/6/2016 - The logistics of quitting your ‘real’ job and pursuing your passion

3/6/2016 - How to ride a bicycle like a pro, according to physics

3/6/2016 - How has 92-year-old Robert Mugabe managed to stay the world’s oldest president?

3/5/2016 - Three-year-olds can represent themselves in court, a US immigration judge insists

3/5/2016 - It’s official: Meerkat has lost the live-streaming battle to Periscope

3/5/2016 - Why are so many smart people such idiots about philosophy?

3/5/2016 - Saving your child from peanut allergies could be extraordinarily simple

3/5/2016 - Turkey’s biggest newspaper has been taken over by the state without an explanation

3/5/2016 - The SAT taken by thousands of high schoolers today is finally free of obscure vocabulary

3/5/2016 - Listen: The ocean’s abyss is unnervingly noisy

3/5/2016 - Reports of both Brazil’s demise and Argentina’s revival have been greatly exaggerated

3/5/2016 - Harvard Law School is quietly scrubbing slavery from its brand

3/5/2016 - Government officials just really like the word “cyber”

3/5/2016 - Food is at its cheapest in seven years, but the savings won’t get passed onto you

3/5/2016 - The uneasy history of socialism and race explains why Sanders appeals to so few minority voters

3/5/2016 - In 1922, the New York Times thought Hitler didn’t really believe his own racist rhetoric

3/5/2016 - Why women’s education doesn’t always improve women’s equality

3/5/2016 - What it’s really like to have dyslexia

3/5/2016 - The non-technical fields that young people should be studying if they want to be innovators

3/5/2016 - No imports? No problem. Prosciutto, salami, and provolone are now made-in-Russia

3/5/2016 - A regular inkjet printer can spoof a fingerprint and unlock a phone in under 15 minutes

3/5/2016 - Weekend edition—Brazil’s turmoil, Spotify’s hipsters, robot hotels

3/5/2016 - Scientists believe mysterious chimpanzee behavior indicates evidence of “sacred” rituals

3/5/2016 - How to build a time machine, from a university math professor

3/5/2016 - Why I’m breaking up with Slack

3/5/2016 - Why are Polish people suddenly quoting the US constitution at big political protests?

3/5/2016 - Science is warning us that a food crisis is coming to Southern Africa. Will we stop it?

3/5/2016 - Weekend edition—Brazil’s turmoil, Spotify’s hipsters, robot hotels

3/4/2016 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Brazil’s turmoil, Spotify’s hipsters, robot hotels

3/4/2016 - Weekend edition—Brazil’s turmoil, Spotify’s hipsters, robot hotels

3/4/2016 - Can binge watching your favorite shows make you mentally ill?

3/4/2016 - Designer Shoe Warehouse carries just 1% designer shoes

3/4/2016 - Sorry HBO, resistance is futile: Someone is always going to spoil “Game of Thrones”

3/4/2016 - The US is trying to cut out some of the worst red tape for companies hiring foreign workers

3/4/2016 - Flip-flop impunity: Why Donald Trump scares Democrats in the general election

3/4/2016 - Will Stephen Curry sell more sneakers than LeBron James this year?

3/4/2016 - Barclays’ former CEO reportedly wants to buy the bank’s African assets

3/4/2016 - Scientists just found the strongest evidence yet that Zika might cause newborns’ brains to shrink

3/4/2016 - Tech giants who keep ignoring geopolitics do so at their peril

3/4/2016 - The Fed isn’t off the hook yet

3/4/2016 - How to say no to helping other people without seeming like a jerk

3/4/2016 - MIT built a Donald Trump AI Twitter bot that sounds scarily like him

3/4/2016 - Amazon is the latest challenger to enter Britain’s supermarket food fight

3/4/2016 - Female heroes are even more important for boys than girls

3/4/2016 - The Chinese Communist Party’s richest man is now the biggest owner of US movie theaters

3/4/2016 - First Google, now Facebook: tech giants are caving in and paying millions more in UK tax

3/4/2016 - Most benefits of the gig economy are completely imaginary

3/4/2016 - The tedious annual meetings happening now in Beijing are as open as the Communist Party gets

3/4/2016 - Brazil’s markets are rallying as Lula’s detention by police signals Rousseff’s days in office may be numbered

3/4/2016 - How Google hacked healthier office snacks

3/4/2016 - We’re live-charting the better-than-expected US jobs report for February

3/4/2016 - Zimbabwe wants to nationalize its diamonds industry

3/4/2016 - Why we are secretly attracted to people who look like our parents

3/4/2016 - A drone came within 20 feet of potentially crashing into a French plane

3/4/2016 - “Get a blender”: 10 habits to take your life into the stratosphere of greatness

3/4/2016 - With only their minds, monkeys are driving these wheelchairs

3/4/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—China’s Communist Party pageant, luggage deal sealed, midnight munchies explained

3/4/2016 - China’s Communist Party pageant, luggage deal sealed, midnight munchies explained

3/4/2016 - Angola’s currency is the most overvalued in Africa, based on the “KFC Index”

3/4/2016 - Imagine a new European league with Manchester United, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Barcelona…

3/4/2016 - Sudan’s president has made 74 trips across the world in the seven years he’s been wanted for war crimes

3/4/2016 - Boeing’s new technology will disinfect 99.99% of gross lavatory germs in three seconds

3/4/2016 - A tale of two speeches: Why Narendra Modi should take notes from Kanhaiya Kumar

3/4/2016 - “We owe this hospitality to them”: Greek citizens take action to help stranded refugees

3/4/2016 - Climate change is going to change the way India eats—and kill over 135,000 by 2050

3/4/2016 - 32 tech giants are backing Apple in its fight against the FBI

3/4/2016 - For Modi to deliver on his budget promises, India needs to grow like crazy. But it probably won’t

3/4/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—China’s GDP target, luggage deal sealed, midnight munchies explained

3/4/2016 - China’s GDP target, luggage deal sealed, midnight munchies explained

3/4/2016 - Fox News turned the Republican debate into a Donald Trump fact-checking session

3/3/2016 - Fact-checking tonight’s GOP debate: Do men with smaller hands actually have smaller penises?

3/3/2016 - Donald Trump’s support of Hillary in 2008 reflects his history of changing parties

3/3/2016 - The world’s blackest color belongs to one person—and he’s Instagramming his victory

3/3/2016 - The follow-up to the immensely popular game Clash of Clans topped the app chart in 12 hours

3/3/2016 - Three things white voters love to say that could win Trump the presidency

3/3/2016 - China’s GDP target, Four Republicans remain, sleep-deprived munchies

3/3/2016 - A viral Instagram account absurdly imagines actress Meryl Streep as different foods

3/3/2016 - Brazil’s once-richest man has resorted to throwing gold coins and champagne into the sea as offerings

3/3/2016 - Frequent NSA collaborator AT&T is backing Apple in its fight against the FBI

3/3/2016 - In the new Ghostbusters trailer, the only black woman is also the only non-scientist

3/3/2016 - Kanhaiya Kumar returns to JNU, all guns blazing

3/3/2016 - A scientist identified the oldest land fossil ever and realized it was eating something even older

3/3/2016 - Charted: Which tech companies spend millions lobbying the US government

3/3/2016 - ‘Thank you for serving me when I didn’t vote for you’: A Republican writes the president after Obamacare saved his life

3/3/2016 - A new study says “digital fluency” can help women close the workplace gender gap by 2040

3/3/2016 - A team of rocket scientists solved the mystery behind exploding air bags in the largest car recall ever

3/3/2016 - Your immune system uses 50-million-year-old infections to keep you healthy

3/3/2016 - Someone used a hoverboard to carry out a drive-by shooting and got away

3/3/2016 - Estonian citizens will soon have the world’s most hack-proof health-care records

3/3/2016 - Amazon releases two new Echoes, Echoes

3/3/2016 - Producers are crowdsourcing artists for the first-ever fully-painted feature film

3/3/2016 - Chris Christie clarifies: “I wasn’t thinking, ‘Oh my God, what have I done?'”

3/3/2016 - A digital payments pioneer was fined by US regulators for data security flaws

3/3/2016 - There are millions of iPhones that can be unlocked without anyone’s permission

3/3/2016 - Barclays’ plan to quit Africa isn’t just about the African economic slowdown

3/3/2016 - Uber’s sweeping price cuts usually don‘t last

3/3/2016 - The complete guide to how Trump can make himself the first American dictator

3/3/2016 - Is 2016 the year of US Supreme Court’s female power shift?

3/3/2016 - The IEA is calling a bottom on oil prices. No, really.

3/3/2016 - This high-fashion coat has a warming system like a heated car seat

3/3/2016 - J.J. Abrams created a hiring system that considers women and minorities in proportion to the US population

3/3/2016 - The important psychological benefit of believing in free will

3/3/2016 - The unsexy future of blockchain is accounting

3/3/2016 - “Dumb and ludicrous”: Yet another university proclaims its hatred for the SAT

3/3/2016 - China’s new television rules ban homosexuality, drinking, and vengeance

3/3/2016 - Why do Americans still believe bad science that suggests “fat” means “unhealthy”?

3/3/2016 - Photos: UK kids get adorably weird for World Book Day

3/3/2016 - Can your office chair improve creativity?

3/3/2016 - A third of US state abortion materials are completely misleading women

3/3/2016 - The surprising ways the body works with the brain to shape our sense of self

3/3/2016 - Women are making less money than men in the virtual world, too

3/3/2016 - Photos: Five years after the revolution, a young Syrian describes coming of age as a refugee

3/3/2016 - The mom of one of the kids in Chris Rock’s Oscars joke: “This was not OK.”

3/3/2016 - A neurologist thinks Ted Cruz’s face makes it impossible to vote for him

3/3/2016 - ‘Dear freshmen, shut up and breathe’—Students at one college are tackling mental health in a new way

3/3/2016 - DoorDash’s CEO denies a down round and insists he doesn‘t care how much his startup is worth

3/3/2016 - The world’s second richest man has lost billions of dollars thanks to better regulation

3/3/2016 - It hasn’t snowed enough in Alaska this year for the Iditarod to start properly

3/3/2016 - The author of The Martian offers three critical steps for new writers

3/3/2016 - It’s official: The Rio Olympics is going to have a team composed of refugees

3/3/2016 - An unusually intense Lagos heatwave reminds Nigerians they’re not ready for climate change

3/3/2016 - Overseas Americans! You, too, can participate in this year’s crazy election primaries

3/3/2016 - This research into graying hair proves why diversity is important in scientific research

3/3/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Geneva car show, Samsonite may buy Tumi, world’s longest non-stop flight

3/3/2016 - Geneva car show, Samsonite may buy Tumi, world’s longest non-stop flight

3/3/2016 - Kids understand writing much earlier than parents teach them, new research suggests

3/3/2016 - Angola is recycling guns from its civil war into steel to rebuild the country

3/3/2016 - “Germany did a lot for us, we want to do something for them.” Inside Berlin’s first refugee job fair

3/3/2016 - Uber starts motorbike-taxi service in India—Ola follows immediately

3/3/2016 - China’s president Xi Jinping was named statesman of the year—in Pakistan

3/3/2016 - A mythology checklist: Are you Left or Right?

3/3/2016 - How a piece of flight MH370 may have washed up on a beach in Mozambique

3/3/2016 - China’s massive state company layoffs could triple to 6 million people

3/3/2016 - How can an introvert get ahead in a deeply social company culture?

3/3/2016 - From rape threats to Twitter trolls: being a woman journalist in India is tough

3/3/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—China’s leaders convene, Miramax is sold, filibuster record

3/3/2016 - China’s leaders convene, Miramax is sold, filibuster record

3/3/2016 - A short history of the rise and rise of Hindu nationalism in India

3/2/2016 - A third of Japanese women have been sexually harassed at work, many by their boss

3/2/2016 - China’s education system leaves students woefully unprepared for the real world

3/2/2016 - Tulsi Gabbard, the first Hindu in the US Congress, on Modi, Hinduism, and linking Islam to terror

3/2/2016 - How cities can grow and still be green

3/2/2016 - How Singapore’s lack of natural resources yielded a model contemporary city

3/2/2016 - China’s bosses convene, MH370 debris discovery, Russia’s rogue debt collectors

3/2/2016 - The bread that welcomed NASA astronaut Scott Kelly back on earth

3/2/2016 - Soda is driving the most common chronic disease in the world, and it’s not obesity or diabetes

3/2/2016 - Former Chesapeake CEO McClendon dies in a car crash one day after federal indictment

3/2/2016 - El Chapo to United States: Please extradite me faster, I hate Mexico

3/2/2016 - Searches for “How to move to Canada” jumped more than 1000% in the US after Donald Trump swept Super Tuesday

3/2/2016 - So much cheating apparently goes on in the SAT that non-students are now banned from taking it

3/2/2016 - The man who pioneered America’s shale gas revolution just got indicted on antitrust charges

3/2/2016 - Venmo’s new money-making feature could be a big hit with millennials

3/2/2016 - Women are finally getting time off for period pain

3/2/2016 - Once a fading couture house, Valentino is now a $1-billion brand and a street-style phenomenon

3/2/2016 - Republican congressmen refuse to honor Maya Angelou with a post office

3/2/2016 - More options for cord-cutters: AT&T is launching an internet TV service

3/2/2016 - Donald Trump’s staying power is bringing big money to network television

3/2/2016 - Turns out unsexy is a pretty good look for Abercrombie

3/2/2016 - Osama bin Laden cared more about climate change than most politicians

3/2/2016 - The five most colorful moments from the Apple-FBI congressional hearing

3/2/2016 - If Kanye West hates piracy so much, he should probably avoid looking at The Pirate Bay

3/2/2016 - A new study confirms your worst suspicions: Financial firms prey on “unsophisticated” consumers

3/2/2016 - The fate of American women’s reproductive health rests in the hands of one man (again)

3/2/2016 - Spotify is using 50,000 anonymous hipsters to find your next favorite song

3/2/2016 - Photos: Fearless teenage girls are taking up boxing in Pakistan

3/2/2016 - Facebook is being investigated in Germany for allegedly bullying its users

3/2/2016 - America’s most-unionized industry just got America’s best raise

3/2/2016 - The Dole-Kemp website is an amazing reminder of what 1996 was like

3/2/2016 - The gendered way we’ve learned to ask questions is terrible for both men and women

3/2/2016 - A Republican senator explains every devastating misstep that led the party to Donald Trump’s doorstep

3/2/2016 - In firing Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC chose white-male mediocrity over real intellect

3/2/2016 - Pay ratios could stop CEOs from making 373 times more than their average employee

3/2/2016 - This robot “art critic” is as clueless about art as the rest of us

3/2/2016 - Houston’s unemployment is set to outpace the national rate for the first time in a decade

3/2/2016 - A gang of idiots somehow managed to steal $80 million of rare artifacts from English museums

3/2/2016 - A Kenyan smartphone app is being used to help prevent blindness in kids

3/2/2016 - Banks are teaming up to launch a Venmo killer

3/2/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US astronaut back home, Trump triumphs—will he get a Nobel?

3/2/2016 - US astronaut back home, Trump triumphs—will he get a Nobel?

3/2/2016 - Astronaut Scott Kelly would spend another year in space—if only for the exhilarating last 20 minutes of the mission

3/2/2016 - Why you should seek quiet every day

3/2/2016 - Slack is adding voice and video chat—and it could mean the death of Skype

3/2/2016 - Indonesia to Facebook, Google, and Twitter: Pay local taxes or we’ll block you

3/2/2016 - The idea that Mozart makes your baby smarter is one of parenting’s most persistent myths

3/2/2016 - From global outcast to benign ruler: Narendra Modi on Twitter, Est. 2009

3/2/2016 - China’s netizens mock Donald Trump, but they fear Hillary Clinton

3/2/2016 - Hatred of dissent visible in all ideologies in India

3/2/2016 - Shunned for years, can trained midwives fix India’s maternity mess?

3/2/2016 - Indians have a love-hate relationship with stock markets, says CEO of Asia’s first stock exchange

3/2/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Apple’s day in court, Trump triumphs, internet for outer space

3/2/2016 - Apple’s day in court, Trump triumphs, internet for outer space

3/2/2016 - The unbearable agony of Chris Christie at Donald Trump’s victorious press conference

3/1/2016 - Hong Kong’s “orphans” find their battle cry in an independent film turned box-office hit

3/1/2016 - The IRS is using a system that was hacked to protect victims of a hack—and it was just hacked

3/1/2016 - Trump wins Super Tuesday with victories in the South and beyond

3/1/2016 - Hillary Clinton wins primaries in seven states for a big Super Tuesday victory

3/1/2016 - Astronaut Scott Kelly and his twin could get us the medical breakthrough we need for Mars

3/1/2016 - “All you’ve been doing is saying ‘No, no, no, no'”: A US congressman rips into Apple for offering no solutions

3/1/2016 - The worst countries to be in if you’re in the DVD business

3/1/2016 - Showtime for Trump and Clinton, Lego growth, space internet

3/1/2016 - Doctors love prescribing probiotics, even though no one knows if they actually work

3/1/2016 - US solar energy production is getting a big boost this year

3/1/2016 - “I have no idea”: The FBI director at the Apple judiciary hearing gets schooled on security tech by a congressman

3/1/2016 - Even some immune cells can’t resist sugar—and it makes them hyperactive too

3/1/2016 - Jack Ma’s expensive, lowkey strategy to battle Amazon for online shoppers

3/1/2016 - Latino voters need more than candidates who just look like us

3/1/2016 - Testing kids for “grit” is a big mistake, says the world’s foremost authority on it

3/1/2016 - Modi, Obama, and Kanye ranked by grammar skills on Twitter

3/1/2016 - Three faint Super Tuesday hopes for anti-Trump Republicans

3/1/2016 - Lego’s toy empire keeps growing one plastic brick at a time

3/1/2016 - Nevadans are upset at Tesla for hiring from across the border—the Nevada border that is

3/1/2016 - The French hate their offices, but Indians love theirs

3/1/2016 - A global consensus is building for an oil production “freeze”

3/1/2016 - The hidden economics behind the rise of Donald Trump

3/1/2016 - Here’s how to tell if Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic presidential nomination today

3/1/2016 - The most popular drone company just released a new drone that actually avoids obstacles

3/1/2016 - Thousands of Peter Rabbit-crazed Brits are literally queueing up at the Royal Mint’s website

3/1/2016 - A gay-marriage-supporting New York billionaire is about to take over Marco Rubio’s fundraising efforts

3/1/2016 - The megacities that are the most endangered by climate change are doing the least about it

3/1/2016 - A rare and beautiful “super bloom” of wildflowers is taking over Death Valley

3/1/2016 - Dogs are on our side in the fight against the robot uprising

3/1/2016 - Your checking account is probably easier to hack into than your email

3/1/2016 - Bernie Sanders’s focus on income inequality is stressing voters out—and it may even keep them from voting

3/1/2016 - Airlines are making economy class even worse

3/1/2016 - Neuroscience says these five rituals will help your brain stay in peak condition

3/1/2016 - Bill Gates says China is the best place to pursue next-generation nuclear power

3/1/2016 - Why a lack of sleep often makes you crave late-night snacks

3/1/2016 - Filing your income taxes is a pain, and that is not an accident

3/1/2016 - Trump’s splintering of the Republican party has begun

3/1/2016 - Ask Emily: Is a vacation with my family really worth $4,500?

3/1/2016 - There’s now a virtual assistant for your phone that’s a lot more useful than Siri

3/1/2016 - There’s a Facebook hack that lets you track your friends’ sleeping habits

3/1/2016 - Don’t think about working harder. Think about working smarter

3/1/2016 - Facebook should come clean about how new emoji will affect our news feeds

3/1/2016 - What Africa’s emerging cities can learn from China

3/1/2016 - Tim Cook’s fight to stop GovtOS goes all the way to the White House

3/1/2016 - Want smarter news apps? Fork over your private data

3/1/2016 - Barclays ends its century-long relationship with Africa

3/1/2016 - Is it actually possible to be addicted to porn?

3/1/2016 - Crowdfunding has allowed church abuse survivors to confront a key cardinal over 10,000 miles away

3/1/2016 - In Nigeria, all anyone can talk about is the dollar—and the fate of the naira

3/1/2016 - Why is China’s music market still so small?

3/1/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Super Tuesday, Apple faces Congress, explaining moral outrage

3/1/2016 - Super Tuesday, Apple faces Congress, explaining moral outrage

3/1/2016 - Budget 2016: What happens to my taxes and take-home salary?

3/1/2016 - Is there a best age at which to learn a second language?

3/1/2016 - China’s soccer teams spent $430 million buying new players to impress president Xi Jinping

3/1/2016 - French winemakers can now plant grapes anywhere they want—even in Paris

3/1/2016 - India’s startups feel stood up by Arun Jaitley

3/1/2016 - How did an experienced team of bankers and lawyers botch the $5.8 billion Sharp-Foxconn deal?

3/1/2016 - Arun Jaitley’s budget may have messy after-effects—but that’s not his headache

3/1/2016 - China’s state media is lying about a detained labor activist, some workers say

3/1/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—US Super Tuesday, iPhone privacy ruling, solar-powered airports

3/1/2016 - US Super Tuesday, iPhone privacy ruling, solar-powered airports

3/1/2016 - What students from the IIMs, JNU, and ISB thought of Arun Jaitley’s budget