11/30/2015 - Over the past decade, the Miss World contest has forged close ties to China

11/30/2015 - Don’t celebrate just yet: India’s economy is still far away from a full recovery

11/30/2015 - By 2017, one in 17 Japanese will have dementia. Here’s how the country plans to cope

11/30/2015 - Here is all the information the FBI can ask for without a warrant and without you even knowing

11/30/2015 - Paulson, Geithner, and Bloomberg want to bring the Chinese yuan to Wall Street

11/30/2015 - Paris climate conference, Japanese whaling, the coming bananapocalypse

11/30/2015 - “Feminist” adult film star James Deen is under fire for sexual assault claims

11/30/2015 - A mock terror attack on a Kenyan school where students had no warning left one dead and 30 hurt

11/30/2015 - The right way to pronounce “yuan”—and it’s not like in all those terrible headline puns

11/30/2015 - The Chinese yuan won’t become a global reserve currency any time soon

11/30/2015 - An address for every place in the world, using just three words

11/30/2015 - Why should Apple even bother building a car?

11/30/2015 - Hamburg says no to the 2024 Olympics—and it’s not clear why any city would say yes

11/30/2015 - It’s not the poverty in the Middle East that’s driving terrorism—it’s the politics

11/30/2015 - The crisis for America’s biggest homeless population is about to get much more acute

11/30/2015 - Conservatives have a version of political correctness, too

11/30/2015 - Does income inequality make rich people less generous?

11/30/2015 - Mexico City hopes floating gondolas will beat its appalling traffic

11/30/2015 - “Irish” companies spent just under a fifth of the country’s GDP on new US investments last year

11/30/2015 - Google has patented how its driverless cars will talk to you

11/30/2015 - The iPhone 7 might not come with a standard headphone jack

11/30/2015 - When refugees camps last three generations, we must accept they’re not going anywhere

11/30/2015 - The US military is killing a program that tried to launch satellites with fighter jets

11/30/2015 - There’s a new album that you can only listen to on a 1980s Nintendo console sold in Japan

11/30/2015 - The strategies that allow this entrepreneur to work poolside

11/30/2015 - Northern Ireland’s abortion law is ruled to be “incompatible with human rights”

11/30/2015 - Virtual-reality games could really make you feel more empathetic

11/30/2015 - Photos: Spot what’s changed since the disastrous 2009 climate summit in Copenhagen

11/30/2015 - The top Google fashion searches this holiday are for adult onesies and ’90s nostalgia items

11/30/2015 - No need for detergent—ultrasonic-infused water can clean by itself

11/30/2015 - Amazon wants to use its new drones to deliver your packages—as long as you have a big lawn

11/30/2015 - The world’s favorite fruit is slowly but surely being driven to extinction

11/30/2015 - Photos: These subversive ads rip into the corporate sponsors of the Paris climate talks

11/30/2015 - Kobe Bryant’s earning power is even more spectacular than his dunks

11/30/2015 - Members of the UK’s parliament throw their support behind a sugar tax

11/30/2015 - No, your job is not going to be done by a robot

11/30/2015 - The dubious history of Cyber Monday, on its 10th birthday

11/30/2015 - Few companies recognize the risks when going solar

11/30/2015 - Can we be both makers and managers?

11/30/2015 - Algorithms make better hiring decisions than humans

11/30/2015 - I’m an Occupy Wall Street founder, and here’s my advice to student protesters

11/30/2015 - India’s economic growth figures are out—and they exceeded expectations

11/30/2015 - The US should take the lead in solving the world’s refugee crisis. It has done it before

11/30/2015 - How to make yourself work when you’re not in the mood

11/30/2015 - Photos: In snow, sun, and mud, the world marches for a deal at the climate talks in Paris

11/30/2015 - Americanized Chinese food is a legit cuisine—it’s even being eaten in China

11/30/2015 - Criticizing your employees when they mess up isn’t your job—it’s your moral obligation

11/30/2015 - Children orphaned by the Paris terror attacks will be adopted by the French state

11/30/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Paris climate summit, EU-Turkey refugee deal, endangered words

11/30/2015 - The strange case of Modi and the media: No to questions, yes to selfies

11/30/2015 - What to expect from India—and the world—at the Paris climate summit

11/30/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Paris climate summit, EU-Turkey refugee deal, endangered words

11/30/2015 - How South Africa can spread renewable energy to low income areas

11/30/2015 - How Raghuram Rajan’s rate cuts impacted India in 2015

11/30/2015 - Northern China is suffering under a cloud of heavy pollution that is bigger than Spain

11/30/2015 - I failed to get into an IIT—and 10 years later I could not be happier

11/29/2015 - Kobe Bryant announced his retirement from basketball with this 52-line poem

11/29/2015 - Japan’s military is looking for a few good women

11/29/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Paris climate summit, Iceland’s popularity problem, doctors’ fashion choices

11/29/2015 - The next generation grid that will keep power on during blackouts

11/29/2015 - Being bilingual could double your chances of recovering from a stroke

11/29/2015 - An art forger claims a “da Vinci” portrait is his own drawing of a supermarket checkout girl

11/29/2015 - Radar points to a hidden chamber in king Tutankhamun’s tomb

11/29/2015 - Parisians couldn’t hold their climate change march, so they left a powerful symbol instead

11/29/2015 - Detachable cabins: How Airbus wants to take the hassle out of boarding a plane

11/29/2015 - Intelligence is meaningless if you can’t recognize your own mistakes

11/29/2015 - To extend my life, I changed my perception of time

11/29/2015 - In “Jessica Jones,” Marvel takes on the biggest villain of them all—the patriarchy

11/29/2015 - America’s absurd love affair with guns can only be fought with something even more absurd

11/29/2015 - Scientists have found a way to score your attention IQ

11/29/2015 - The hunt for Einstein’s gravitational ripples in space-time is about to begin

11/29/2015 - Our fear of death makes us lousy at passing right-to-die laws

11/29/2015 - Why China is now the world’s biggest champion for a united Africa

11/28/2015 - When is a fake $500 bill worth $15,000? When it’s art

11/28/2015 - How Europeans became tall and fair-skinned 8,500 years ago

11/28/2015 - Forget Wi-Fi: You may soon access the internet via ordinary light bulbs

11/28/2015 - For many people this Black Friday, a bargain was no longer enough

11/28/2015 - Iceland’s massive popularity with tourists has a gross downside

11/28/2015 - Hockey fights are in decline and fans are partly to blame

11/28/2015 - Expert advice on what to do if you ever find yourself at gunpoint

11/28/2015 - Will climate change lead to fewer humans?

11/28/2015 - Westerners who want to stop terrorism can start by looking in the mirror

11/28/2015 - Microsoft let off a software pirate if he made an anti-piracy video that got 200,000 views

11/27/2015 - Weekend edition—Black Friday blues, Chinese mass dating, Syria’s feminist utopia

11/27/2015 - The latest poll says Donald Trump may finally have gone too far

11/27/2015 - A gunman is in custody after attacking a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs

11/27/2015 - What Pope Francis riding around Nairobi in a Honda says to African leaders

11/27/2015 - Your next wearable device could be a temporary tattoo

11/27/2015 - Gingerbread is America’s #1 holiday cookie, according to Google

11/27/2015 - Here’s the trick that fast fashion plays on your brain—and the ugly consequences

11/27/2015 - A domestic worker became one of the world’s “most inspiring women” through photography

11/27/2015 - Tasers may not kill like real guns, but they’re not a cure for police brutality either

11/27/2015 - Only children are actually totally normal, according to science

11/27/2015 - America’s Tea Party movement has officially peaked

11/27/2015 - According to Bernie Sanders, income inequality means many Americans aren’t “truly free”

11/27/2015 - California can’t catch a break: after drought, flooding may be next

11/27/2015 - Africa’s biggest media company will fight Netflix for control of the global streaming market

11/27/2015 - Phones are becoming our primary shopping devices

11/27/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Black Friday, France mourns, China’s complicated dating scene

11/27/2015 - A wave of mergers is sweeping over European universities

11/27/2015 - If you don’t have a tablet by now, you probably never will

11/27/2015 - China barred a human rights activist from a global beauty contest—putting her squarely in the spotlight

11/27/2015 - An African scientist solved a 70-year old problem of how to stop recurring infectious diseases

11/27/2015 - Constitution Day 2015: The BJP does not understand democracy, secularism or Ambedkar

11/27/2015 - Modi wants to build a modern, pollution-free India—but where’s the money?

11/27/2015 - Beijing just banned an art exhibition on violence against women, but you can view the work here

11/27/2015 - In an unexpected turnaround, China released journalist Gao Yu on parole

11/27/2015 - Understanding The Gita: A guide for modern readers

11/27/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Black Friday slowdown, China’s dating scene, North Korean VR

11/27/2015 - Four small Indian alcohol brands that the world needs to know about

11/26/2015 - The Chinese government could use big data to track individual students’ political views

11/26/2015 - Southeast Asia is about to pass the US in Facebook and Twitter users

11/26/2015 - In Hong Kong’s luxury car market, a Tesla is cheap

11/26/2015 - Black Friday guide to streaming media players: the best deals on Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, and Roku

11/26/2015 - Twitter is having fun with the penny-pinching ways of Tanzania’s new president

11/26/2015 - Black Friday will be even more annoying this year

11/26/2015 - A reporter learns her own refugee story after visiting a refugee camp in France

11/26/2015 - Photos: Haunting images show the devastating effects of a toxic mud slide in Brazil

11/26/2015 - The Raspberry Pi Zero is a tiny computer that costs $5

11/26/2015 - One concept will dominate the Paris climate talks, and it has nothing to do with the climate

11/26/2015 - This year, your Thanksgiving dinner’s key ingredient is more expensive than ever

11/26/2015 - Charted: China’s growing appetite for American turkey

11/26/2015 - Photos: The “Pope of Hope” lands in Africa with a message of “reconciliation”

11/26/2015 - There’s new tool to help you avoid ‘Star Wars’ spoilers—or just ‘Star Wars’ in general

11/26/2015 - A powerful virtual reality project lets a displaced North Korean man go “home” again

11/26/2015 - Scientists have a long history of trying to convince themselves that race is genetic

11/26/2015 - How the American middle class lost its taste for mindless consumerism

11/26/2015 - The psychological benefits of gratitude closely mirror those of meditation

11/26/2015 - After the downing of its jet, Russia’s relations with Turkey will never be the same

11/26/2015 - Five geopolitical predictions in the wake of ISIL’s terror spree

11/26/2015 - Parents: your absurdly high expectations are harming your children’s achievement

11/26/2015 - Share a meal with a Syrian child refugee this Thanksgiving

11/26/2015 - Your Nest camera is still running when it’s off

11/26/2015 - There are so many Israeli startups in New York that an Israeli founded a startup to serve them

11/26/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—UK’s case against Syria, Hollande meets Putin, the evolving smile

11/26/2015 - To combat extremism, France will issue licenses to imams

11/26/2015 - Dealing with Putin means understanding that, like all great politicians, he’s a terrific actor

11/26/2015 - Putin accuses Turkey of funding terror, but his own policies help ISIL, too

11/26/2015 - Structured commodities markets can help unlock Africa’s agricultural potential 

11/26/2015 - Photos: Iranian asylum-seekers sew their mouths shut to protest discrimination

11/26/2015 - The Paris attacks will cost the French economy more than $2 billion

11/26/2015 - Kenya’s elite athletes run for more than glory so are standing up to a negligent sports body

11/26/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Qatar dries out, Hollande meets Putin, the evolving smile

11/26/2015 - The world’s best performing airline is one that was about to shut down a year ago

11/26/2015 - Donald Trump mocked a reporter with a disability at a South Carolina rally

11/25/2015 - Taiwan has finally been recognized as a country—by ISIL

11/25/2015 - I was a 23-year-old guy at a 4,000-person Chinese singles party

11/25/2015 - Indian women are not afraid to smash one of the country’s biggest taboos

11/25/2015 - Snapdeal arch rival Flipkart has a surprising message for Aamir Khan detractors

11/25/2015 - Narendra Modi’s moment of truth as parliament’s winter session begins

11/25/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Qatar dries out, Russia-Turkey tension, fish feelings

11/25/2015 - NFL Hall of Famer Frank Gifford had a concussion-linked brain disease

11/25/2015 - Warning: Violence against women can seriously damage your country’s economic health

11/25/2015 - This is how you celebrate Thanksgiving in space

11/25/2015 - To Einstein’s general theory of relativity, a love letter on its 100th birthday

11/25/2015 - Shoppers can expect even bigger holiday markdowns this year

11/25/2015 - How the Phuc Dat Bich Facebook hoax fooled the media

11/25/2015 - Tiffany Victoria™.

11/25/2015 - Scientists have found evidence that fish have feelings too

11/25/2015 - A 16th-century painting of Judas survived this long thanks to ingenious repurposing

11/25/2015 - Millennials scared of the market? Actions don’t support it.

11/25/2015 - A dog with a GoPro made the most amazing wedding video

11/25/2015 - “It is for giving thanks to God for a turkey:” What people outside the US think Thanksgiving means

11/25/2015 - The Coca-Cola scientist caught up in an obesity-research scandal is stepping down

11/25/2015 - It’s probably a bad idea to quote advice from Chairman Mao during a debate on finance

11/25/2015 - It’s not over yet, but scientists have no doubt: 2015 is the hottest year in recorded history

11/25/2015 - Chicago is the worst big US city for police shootings

11/25/2015 - Drones are helping Australian swimmers watch out for sharks

11/25/2015 - Robots are learning to say “no” to human orders

11/25/2015 - “I’m scared for my people”: Minneapolis Black Lives Matter activists on what terrifies them most

11/25/2015 - The secret history of spots, stripes and other everyday patterns

11/25/2015 - Expert hostage negotiation tactics for dealing with your family this holiday season

11/25/2015 - How to explain an iPhone using only the 1,000 most common English words

11/25/2015 - Frustrated that so few of HSBC’s UK managers are female? So is HSBC

11/25/2015 - Corruption worries have sparked a reshuffle of Kenya’s cabinet

11/25/2015 - This expert in shopping psychology has a surefire way to avoid overspending

11/25/2015 - The most eco-friendly clothes are the ones already in your closet

11/25/2015 - Teach kids the art of internet self-defense

11/25/2015 - Sweden’s deputy prime minister broke down in tears as her country stopped accepting all refugees

11/25/2015 - Double dipping isn’t just gross, it’s a legitimate health concern

11/25/2015 - It’s 2015—let’s stop calling reproductive rights a “women’s issue”

11/25/2015 - Now, more than ever, NATO member states must stand together

11/25/2015 - These companies are betting on hard-to-reach fossil fuels, and it could cost them billions

11/25/2015 - Why Nigerians are saving up to $50,000 to pay for UK and US degrees

11/25/2015 - Americans’ growing taste for heroin is killing thousands of people outside America

11/25/2015 - Video: And the winner of the “Dance your PhD” award goes to…

11/25/2015 - “Before they were jihadists, they were French kids:” France’s new existential threat

11/25/2015 - We now have a weapon that could wipe out one of the world’s biggest killers

11/25/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Chicago police protests, pope in Africa, the Victorians had Spotify

11/25/2015 - Pope Francis’ followers can navigate his historic visit to Kenya with an app

11/25/2015 - Charted: Terror attacks in Western Europe from the 1970s to now

11/25/2015 - India’s bureaucracy actually isn’t as big as you’d think

11/25/2015 - The most effective ways to protect your child from sexual abuse

11/25/2015 - This app is changing the way Tanzania reads the news

11/25/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Pope in Africa, Tunisia bombing, Victorian Spotify

11/25/2015 - Forget everything you thought you knew about Indian food

11/25/2015 - Video: Laquan McDonald was shot 16 times after he walked by Chicago police

11/24/2015 - Who cares if Jack Ma buys a tiny, dwindling newspaper in Hong Kong?

11/24/2015 - China’s latest censorship battlefield is global beauty pageants

11/24/2015 - Bollywood actor Aamir Khan took on religious intolerance, and Snapdeal got caught in the crossfire

11/24/2015 - Sales of Adele’s “25” just smashed a 15-year record

11/24/2015 - A clearer look at the flight path Turkey says was used by a Russian jet

11/24/2015 - This tiny drone costs $14 and is perfect for beginners

11/24/2015 - American public universities are no longer the most expensive in the world

11/24/2015 - Bulging stockpiles are holding back the US economy

11/24/2015 - American Apparel wanted employees to wear “Ask me to take it all off” shirts for Black Friday

11/24/2015 - Apple Pay is coming to China in early 2016

11/24/2015 - Jeff Bezos’ space company is finally catching up with SpaceX and Elon Musk

11/24/2015 - Putin is accusing Turkey of being an ISIL ally—and he’s at least partly right

11/24/2015 - If you want to be more generous, gratitude isn’t enough

11/24/2015 - This high-end fashion brand is an experiment in treating workers fairly

11/24/2015 - Go to Google right now and search “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away”

11/24/2015 - Attackers shot several people at a Black Lives Matter rally in Minneapolis

11/24/2015 - Canada’s plan to accept refugees excludes single straight men

11/24/2015 - In 20 million years, humans could watch Mars get its own Saturn-like ring

11/24/2015 - An illustrated guide to inflight entertainment by decade

11/24/2015 - A New York subway map shows calories burned by walking between stops instead

11/24/2015 - Even excluding Uber, the on-demand economy is a juggernaut

11/24/2015 - The American moral emergency that is Donald Trump

11/24/2015 - Welcome to the on-demand economy

11/24/2015 - The words you never thought you would hear from a big bank CEO

11/24/2015 - Contingent workers now make up 34% of the US labor force

11/24/2015 - The “Industrial Revolution of our time” is changing the way we work

11/24/2015 - In 2015, volatility from a phantom rate hike

11/24/2015 - Londoners were just as cosmopolitan and diverse 2,000 years ago as they are today

11/24/2015 - The pilgrims at Plymouth Rock were refugees

11/24/2015 - Presenting Quartz’s 2015 holiday gift guide

11/24/2015 - You may be more exposed to the tech bubble than you think

11/24/2015 - France is in denial about what’s really behind the Paris attacks

11/24/2015 - Brining turkey is the worst, according to science

11/24/2015 - Fake it ’til you feel it: How to teach yourself to be grateful

11/24/2015 - This man went head-to-head with ISIS sympathizers on social media and won

11/24/2015 - Argentina’s new president has one of the toughest jobs in the global economy

11/24/2015 - Swarms of drones are coming this holiday season—here’s how the FAA wants to regulate them

11/24/2015 - No one is dying to get a $35 tablet this holiday, but you can buy one for yourself

11/24/2015 - Parents of America: This holiday season, stop asking young people about their plans

11/24/2015 - People are surprisingly open to a “meat tax” to combat climate change

11/24/2015 - Now lasers can cool liquids down as well as heating things up

11/24/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Russian plane downed, Canada restricts refugees, the mid-life crisis confirmed

11/24/2015 - A simple tech fix that will make you the family hero at Thanksgiving this year

11/24/2015 - Turkey says it shot down a Russian fighter jet along the Syrian border

11/24/2015 - The world’s poorest countries can still make patent-protected drugs to save millions of lives

11/24/2015 - China is cutting mobile phone services in its Muslim-heavy far west

11/24/2015 - This machine to discard sanitary pads could make a huge difference to women’s health in rural India

11/24/2015 - The kid arrested for building a clock is suing his Texas city and school for $15 million

11/24/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Paris suspect charged, Hollande in the US, winter blues

11/24/2015 - Amartya Sen: India can’t become a global economic power with an uneducated, unhealthy workforce

11/24/2015 - Jack Ma’s growing media empire in China already rivals Jeff Bezos’s in the US

11/23/2015 - Solar power may be cheaper than coal in India by 2020

11/23/2015 - The US has issued a “worldwide travel alert,” citing a broad risk of terror attacks

11/23/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—A mega pharma merger, Hollande in the US, winter blues

11/23/2015 - For millions of Americans, getting a job depends on one little box

11/23/2015 - Photos: Meet the female pilots who are taking over Zimbabwe and Ethiopia’s skies

11/23/2015 - The charts behind Zambia’s struggling economy and a controversial IMF loan

11/23/2015 - Pfizer and Allergan just announced the second-largest corporate M&A deal of all time

11/23/2015 - These girls want to be Boy Scouts—but for now, they’re calling themselves Unicorns

11/23/2015 - A parasitic worm could be making some women more fertile

11/23/2015 - Even Americans are losing confidence in the political wisdom of the American people

11/23/2015 - After this weekend, only three northern white rhinos are left in the world

11/23/2015 - Consumers remain cool to mobile payments this holiday season

11/23/2015 - A triumphant SNL sketch nails the only thing that can save American families from fighting over politics this Thanksgiving

11/23/2015 - A Thanksgiving invitation to Donald Trump to meet my Muslim wife, Jewish kids, and other assorted guests

11/23/2015 - A newly formed volcanic island has grown to 12 times its size in two years

11/23/2015 - IBM wants to predict earthquakes and volcanoes with Watson

11/23/2015 - Failing to plan for climate change could cost mining companies $10 billion

11/23/2015 - Google lets you choose the light side or the dark side with this Star Wars redesign

11/23/2015 - The mid-life crisis is real: People in their 40s are officially more depressed

11/23/2015 - To defeat ISIL, we must first define it

11/23/2015 - Mexico City made itself more bike-friendly—and cycling accidents went up

11/23/2015 - I had Thanksgiving dinner in space – twice

11/23/2015 - The good news about coffee every pregnant woman in the world wants to hear

11/23/2015 - Why you always get sick over the holidays

11/23/2015 - Minecraft-themed lessons are here to help your kids learn to code

11/23/2015 - Here are four charts on race and murder in America to tweet back at Donald Trump

11/23/2015 - Homosexuality is still a crime in 78 territories—and most are former British colonies

11/23/2015 - Sexuality may not in fact be a continuous spectrum

11/23/2015 - All over corporate America, executives are talking about everyone’s favorite conversation topic

11/23/2015 - In the face of “serious and imminent” threats, the lockdown in Brussels shows no signs of abating

11/23/2015 - Nicaragua, the world’s unlikely champion of gender equality

11/23/2015 - “Umbrella Soldiers” win seats in the first elections since Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests

11/23/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Pfizer and Allergan merge, Macri wins Argentina, cancer-spotting pigeons

11/23/2015 - China plans to clone everything from beef cattle to the family dog in this giant factory

11/23/2015 - The cleverest explanation of how caste prejudices work in urban India

11/23/2015 - Singapore’s lesson for Modi: Smart cities don’t work without religious freedom

11/23/2015 - China wants to build a high-speed rail link to a newly open Iran

11/23/2015 - Pakistan’s most famous nuclear scientist has found a new interest: Menopause

11/23/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Macri wins Argentina, Brussels on lockdown, gullible Brits

11/23/2015 - Donald Trump’s latest racism controversy involves fake homicide statistics

11/23/2015 - Hindu nationalists are a threat to the happy, hippie ways of Hinduism

11/22/2015 - Japan is using South China Sea tensions to peddle military hardware in Asia

11/22/2015 - Pfizer-Allergan deal, Myanmar mine disaster, Zimbabwe’s Mr Ugly

11/22/2015 - When is it immoral to have children?

11/22/2015 - After the Paris attacks, I’m scared—but that doesn’t mean I’m giving in

11/22/2015 - These birds tap dance for love

11/22/2015 - 25,450 Americans will die this year waiting for cancer drugs that could treat them

11/22/2015 - Photos: People around the world show their strength by balancing favorite objects on their heads

11/22/2015 - Globally last month was the hottest October on record

11/22/2015 - There’s a little thing that can make a big difference to women’s success at work

11/22/2015 - These robots can teach each other how to pick up anything

11/22/2015 - The old school trick to perfect turkey carving, every time

11/22/2015 - The revolutionary idea that being rich isn’t the point, having “enough” is

11/22/2015 - Deflation is still a problem

11/22/2015 - One in five British kids who grew up with the internet believe all of it is true

11/22/2015 - We communicate with emojis because they can be better than words

11/22/2015 - I spent a year listening to strangers tell stories they can’t share with anyone else

11/22/2015 - Five symbols Donald Trump could use to identify the Muslims in America’s midst

11/22/2015 - How many kids do I need before people stop asking me when I’m having another?

11/22/2015 - One simple chart helps explain why the world took France’s tragedy harder than most

11/22/2015 - After the attacks, Parisians are turning to their phones for safety and solace

11/21/2015 - A Budapest couple unearthed a Holocaust-era census while remodeling their apartment

11/21/2015 - Having sex more than once a week won’t make you any happier

11/21/2015 - The French military has seen a surge in applications after the Paris attacks

11/21/2015 - The success of scientists’ funding requests seems linked to their race

11/21/2015 - How a child of illegal immigrants became a US border patrol agent

11/21/2015 - A shockingly beautiful sea slug washed up in Australia last week

11/21/2015 - Six charts that show the daily fantasy sports business is cratering

11/21/2015 - Photos: What using the toilet looks like around the world

11/21/2015 - This computer algorithm promises to help you find your perfect place to live

11/21/2015 - A new LAX terminal will let the rich and famous avoid walking, lines, and regular people

11/21/2015 - The US probably isn’t as white as it claims

11/21/2015 - This Israeli start-up is breeding grasshoppers to fight famine

11/21/2015 - Eating invasive species is tasty—but not as easy as you’d think

11/21/2015 - If you want to keep eating french fries, you’d better start drinking strange wine

11/21/2015 - Hate crimes against transgender people in America tripled last year

11/21/2015 - Good news for women with strong legs: your brain will age better

11/21/2015 - If we blocked the sun, we could reset the climate

11/21/2015 - The US panic about Syrian refugees is basically an attempt to avoid the real problem

11/21/2015 - NASA has given SpaceX the order to transport astronauts into space in 2017

11/21/2015 - Photos: Brussels is on lockdown amid a “serious and imminent” terrorist threat

11/21/2015 - The objectification of women is out at magazines—but thriving online

11/21/2015 - When Big Food buys your favorite organic yogurt brand, who wins?

11/21/2015 - Watch: A blindfolded Muslim Parisian asks fellow citizens for hugs

11/21/2015 - The second most common crime in the UK is cybercrime

11/21/2015 - Here’s how refugees are selected, vetted, and settled in the United States

11/20/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—American panic, Kenyan Sinophobia, professional cuddling

11/20/2015 - Mark Zuckerberg is taking two months of paternity leave

11/20/2015 - Chipotle’s E. coli problem has now spread to six states

11/20/2015 - There’s now a debit card that lets you spend bitcoin in stores without a fee

11/20/2015 - A race in Bangkok set an unfortunate record for the world’s longest half-marathon

11/20/2015 - The answer to India’s dependence on oil imports is in its own backyard

11/20/2015 - Watch a new planet being born from cosmic dust

11/20/2015 - Volvo is going to use 3D holograms to show off its safety features

11/20/2015 - The US paroles Jonathan Pollard, the former navy analyst convicted of spying for Israel

11/20/2015 - Here’s how web retailers can truly deliver

11/20/2015 - While many retailers struggle, Foot Locker just had a great quarter

11/20/2015 - Tesla recalls its entire Model S fleet because of one broken seatbelt

11/20/2015 - Nicki Minaj reading Maya Angelou’s ‘Still I Rise’ is what we all need at the end of this week

11/20/2015 - The US Holocaust Museum urges lawmakers not to turn their backs on Syrian refugees

11/20/2015 - Americans care more about Cecil the lion (and dogs, too) than Syrian refugees

11/20/2015 - An election in Mississippi ended in a tie, so it will be decided by drawing straws

11/20/2015 - CPI, GDP, etc.: The 10 most important economic charts of the week

11/20/2015 - Square’s IPO achieved something that hasn’t been seen in 17 years

11/20/2015 - America is so polarized we can’t even come together on popular ideas like paid family leave

11/20/2015 - The Pope just dropped a rock album. Here’s how to listen to it

11/20/2015 - More than half of Americans now watch Netflix

11/20/2015 - I got out of debt, fell in love and found my true calling—as a professional dog walker

11/20/2015 - Mexicans are leaving the US, because frankly it’s not that great there

11/20/2015 - This could be the next weapon of mass destruction

11/20/2015 - Fatal muggings for shoes are partially due to sneaker hype, a documentary argues

11/20/2015 - In 15 years, renewables will be the world’s biggest source of electricity

11/20/2015 - The right drones for everyone this holiday season

11/20/2015 - If you’re a mother doing a PhD, expect to be ignored and undermined

11/20/2015 - Canadian tech unicorns are called “narwhals”

11/20/2015 - A California judge ruled a woman can’t use frozen embryos against her ex’s wishes

11/20/2015 - There are a lot more STD cases in the US than ever before—especially amongst men

11/20/2015 - Are these the best public restrooms in the US?

11/20/2015 - America is wrong to think reducing kids’ playtime will improve academic performance

11/20/2015 - Most of the US’s job hunting takes place online now, and that’s a problem for many

11/20/2015 - Syrian refugees are offering Arabic lessons to students abroad through Skype

11/20/2015 - American women start their own businesses because they have no other choice

11/20/2015 - Are we a culture of joyless over-exercisers?

11/20/2015 - Brewers are turning to bourbon, Cognac, wine, and even weirder barrels to age their beers

11/20/2015 - The world’s first interracial kiss on TV has been rediscovered

11/20/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Mali’s hostage crisis, Pollard released, financial literacy tests

11/20/2015 - A trade surplus is great except when it isn’t: Ask any Swiss watchmaker

11/20/2015 - Tesla’s autopilot feature was disabled in Hong Kong after the company ignored regulators

11/20/2015 - Two-thirds of the world can’t pass this basic financial literacy test. Can you?

11/20/2015 - How French teachers are discussing fear and violence in their classrooms

11/20/2015 - Islamist gunmen attack a hotel in Mali; security forces free more than 100 hostages

11/20/2015 - PepsiCo is relying on crowdfunding in China for its latest marketing push

11/20/2015 - China is officially honoring a reformer today whose death sparked the Tiananmen Square protests

11/20/2015 - Women in tech should not be scared of wearing bright clothes or having children

11/20/2015 - The strange case of 77 blue-collar Chinese migrants that Kenya is calling “cyber-hackers”

11/20/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Obama in Malaysia, Abaaoud is dead, “Finstagrams”

11/20/2015 - More than 60% of Pakistanis don’t have an opinion on ISIL

11/20/2015 - Donald Trump wants a database for Muslims in the US, drawing comparison to Nazi Germany

11/19/2015 - It shouldn’t be this hard to order a pizza. Soon in India, it won’t be

11/19/2015 - Apple Music’s Jimmy Iovine says women have a hard time finding music

11/19/2015 - Financial innovation is changing Kenya’s healthcare system

11/19/2015 - The Philippines finally found a way to make APEC interesting

11/19/2015 - Facebook’s newest feature tries to help you through your breakup

11/19/2015 - Using data to dodge bad business partners

11/19/2015 - National Geographic has just published an incredible photo of Mumbai’s leopards

11/19/2015 - Hillary Clinton has a 24-step plan to defeat ISIL

11/19/2015 - The Muslim world won’t defeat ISIL until it agrees on a definition of Islam

11/19/2015 - The Statue of Liberty was originally Muslim

11/19/2015 - The Paris attacks look to be altering the EU’s stance on bitcoin

11/19/2015 - Volvo wants to put self-driving cars on the roads in two years, ahead of Google and Ford

11/19/2015 - The US House of Representatives just voted to fence out Syrian refugees

11/19/2015 - Israel is finally allowing Palestine to have 3G

11/19/2015 - The world’s second-largest diamond has been discovered in Botswana

11/19/2015 - Square has jumped 45% in its first day of trading

11/19/2015 - Tech’s big valuation correction means the system is working the way it’s supposed to

11/19/2015 - Ralph Lauren’s high-tech, futuristic fitting room makes trying on clothes seem legitimately fun

11/19/2015 - Relax, your greatest insecurities are the same ones that everyone else is having

11/19/2015 - Brazilian inflation hit double digits for the first time in a dozen years

11/19/2015 - This year’s National Book Awards honor stories about society’s most marginalized

11/19/2015 - Paris bookstores are selling out of Ernest Hemingway’s “A Moveable Feast”

11/19/2015 - Photos: Parents waiting for their children, from expectant moms and dads to empty-nesters

11/19/2015 - France has doubled down on its promise to Syrian refugees after the Paris attacks

11/19/2015 - It’s confirmed: Pesticides are hurting bees

11/19/2015 - A US prison in Iraq—dubbed “Jihadi University”—gave birth to the Islamic State

11/19/2015 - The US FDA just approved the first genetically modified animal for human food consumption

11/19/2015 - ‘I won’t give you the gift of hating you’—A Parisian man’s moving message to his wife’s killers

11/19/2015 - The antibiotic apocalypse is nigh: Scientists found bacteria resistant to a drug of last resort

11/19/2015 - The day before Thanksgiving actually isn’t the busiest time to fly

11/19/2015 - Gender equality is now better in Rwanda than in the US

11/19/2015 - Retailers may soon use your cell phone to follow you around in their stores

11/19/2015 - Anonymous could hobble ISIL by hacking PlayStation consoles

11/19/2015 - The best advice if you find yourself in a terror attack: Do not play dead

11/19/2015 - 25 US states have higher incarceration rates for women than any country in the world

11/19/2015 - A simple, mathematical formula for packing your perfect carry-on

11/19/2015 - This Virginia mayor wants to bring back one of the greatest injustices in US history

11/19/2015 - The suspected architect of the Paris attacks has been killed

11/19/2015 - This El Niño could be the biggest El Niño in recorded history

11/19/2015 - To get ahead in your career, disrupt yourself first

11/19/2015 - IBM’s Watson AI can tell you, in real time, what are the hot items this holiday season

11/19/2015 - Most stores are going to let people eat their Thanksgiving dinners this year

11/19/2015 - Nigeria may be Africa’s biggest economy, but most of the continent’s wealthy don’t live there

11/19/2015 - A privacy-touting messaging app is having to shut down multiple ISIL accounts

11/19/2015 - These activities in kindergarten could be the key to 10-year-olds’ success in the classroom

11/19/2015 - Facebook for dreams: Scientists are mapping your brain’s social networks

11/19/2015 - Ben Bernanke on bubbles, bitcoin, and why he’s not a Republican anymore

11/19/2015 - Angry student activists aren’t a problem, they’re the engine of change

11/19/2015 - Why France turned to the EU for help, and not NATO

11/19/2015 - The US government is retiring all its research chimpanzees

11/19/2015 - “Find a mentor” is brilliant career advice, so why is it so impossible to follow?

11/19/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—French emergency powers, Square’s IPO debuts, Big Mac sushi

11/19/2015 - Photos: The women who transformed Ukraine’s police force

11/19/2015 - Even before the Paris attacks, France already arrested the most suspected Islamist terrorists in Europe

11/19/2015 - Zara fired employees in France after a woman in a hijab was barred from one of its stores

11/19/2015 - Crowdfunding’s latest dud: The “smart cup” that knows what you’re drinking

11/19/2015 - Fleets of incredibly large wind turbines could produce a third of all UK power by 2030

11/19/2015 - Five images that define India from the man who photographed the iconic Afghan girl

11/19/2015 - The real fight against ISIL is online—and India is struggling

11/19/2015 - Paris wine shops welcome the Beaujolais Nouveau, with pride and extra security

11/19/2015 - Nigerians can no longer import one of their prized possessions: low-cost power generators

11/19/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Square floats, Lyft’s poor performance, Big Mac sushi

11/19/2015 - An Indian yoga guru is building one of the country’s biggest consumer goods companies

11/18/2015 - “Heaven and earth condemn them”—China mourns its first citizen killed by ISIL

11/18/2015 - Square’s IPO is in rough shape

11/18/2015 - Americans spend twice as much on healthcare as other wealthy countries—and die earlier

11/18/2015 - China’s latest suspected fraud: A “3D-printed” home builder that bilked investors out of $1.6 billion

11/18/2015 - Here’s what students of color across the US are demanding from their universities

11/18/2015 - Women are still missing from India’s workforce

11/18/2015 - The Fed is dancing around its decision on a December rate hike

11/18/2015 - After raising $3.6 million, Europe’s most successful Kickstarter project has folded

11/18/2015 - The ranch that one LA talent manager calls her remote office

11/18/2015 - Indiana turned away a family of Syrian refugees that were scheduled for resettlement this week

11/18/2015 - People in emerging countries will soon use as much medicine as those in the developed world

11/18/2015 - Double-digit online sales growth still isn’t good enough for bricks-and-mortar retailers

11/18/2015 - There are hundreds of years of history in the “silly shirts” world leaders are wearing at the APEC summit

11/18/2015 - Watch: A master sushi chef makes a roll out of a Big Mac

11/18/2015 - ISIL is the European Union of terror organizations, which is the key to defeating it

11/18/2015 - The Paris attacks changed the most crucial relationship in the Russian economy

11/18/2015 - ISIL’s terrorism is not a reaction to Western foreign policy

11/18/2015 - Watch Taco Bell completely relocate its iconic first restaurant, Numero Uno

11/18/2015 - Does the “women’s vote” in US politics actually exist?

11/18/2015 - A survey of Americans on Jewish refugees in the 1930s shows history is repeating itself

11/18/2015 - Homegrown jihadists say they can freely travel between Europe and Syria because nobody checks their passports

11/18/2015 - Kleiner Perkins is backing its first bitcoin startup

11/18/2015 - Lowe’s is cashing in on a very solid US housing market and unseasonably warm weather

11/18/2015 - Tinder CEO Sean Rad’s crazy interview on the eve of his parent company’s IPO

11/18/2015 - A hijab-wearing Muslim woman on Fox News truly nailed the concept of the “fashion statement”

11/18/2015 - To get over your arachnophobia, this zoo suggests cuddling a spider

11/18/2015 - Lego has invented a slipper to prevent injury-by-Lego

11/18/2015 - This robot kills weeds, and could end the need for herbicides on farms

11/18/2015 - Photos: McDonald’s restaurants transform into shelters for Hong Kong’s homeless

11/18/2015 - More people died from terrorism last year than ever before—and mostly in these five countries

11/18/2015 - Swedish scientists are trying to develop a sausage that would actually prevent cancer

11/18/2015 - Paris, Beirut and cultivating genuine empathy in the digital age

11/18/2015 - #JeSuisChien: The world affectionately mourns a French police dog killed in action

11/18/2015 - Safety checks, flag photos, and hashtags benefitted Americans more than Parisians

11/18/2015 - How famous writers and artists wooed their lovers with food

11/18/2015 - Want to maximize your legacy? Don’t leave any money to your kids

11/18/2015 - Two stark charts show why Latin America’s hopes of ending poverty have been dashed

11/18/2015 - The greatest football player never to play the game

11/18/2015 - The selective thinking of American consumers when it comes to what they’ll give up for climate change

11/18/2015 - It’s wrong to blame immigrants for lowering schools’ performance

11/18/2015 - Safe passwords shouldn’t require people to have a PhD in computer science

11/18/2015 - Is Amazon’s work culture worse than Apple’s or Facebook’s?

11/18/2015 - In 2015, it should not be possible for Charlie Sheen to be blackmailed because of HIV

11/18/2015 - Scientists commit fraud more often than you think. But there may be a way to spot it early

11/18/2015 - Relocating our startup from Seattle to Morocco was the best decision we ever made

11/18/2015 - Free tuition doesn’t solve the biggest problem with college in America

11/18/2015 - Instagram is no longer the best app for aspiring photographers

11/18/2015 - New York subway riders can request late-to-work slips from the transit authority, and boy do they ever

11/18/2015 - There’s a simple step Airbnb and Uber can take to make the sharing economy safer

11/18/2015 - Nobody hates ISIL more than Muslims

11/18/2015 - Unlike the latest Paris attacks, John Kerry could see the “rationale” of the Charlie Hebdo shootings

11/18/2015 - Police seeking the Paris attacks mastermind carried out a dawn raid, with two suspects dead and seven detained

11/18/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—A violent raid in Paris, Jindal drops out, spider cuddling

11/18/2015 - Facebook activates its safety check feature for a bombing in Nigeria

11/18/2015 - India may soon have more internet users than the US

11/18/2015 - Jonah Lomu: The world has lost its first rugby superstar

11/18/2015 - Nigeria says its record $5.2 billion fine for MTN is about rule of law

11/18/2015 - Uber’s ride in India could get bumpier as China’s Didi Kuaidi jumps on board Ola

11/18/2015 - Nigeria will arrest its ex-security chief for $2 billion arms fraud while Boko Haram ran riot

11/18/2015 - China’s new-home prices rose for the first time in over a year

11/18/2015 - Chinese investment in Africa has fallen 40% this year—but it’s not all bad news

11/18/2015 - Watch: English and French football fans unite for a moving rendition of the French national anthem

11/18/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Air France terror scare, Jindal drops out, cuddly spiders

11/18/2015 - Why does Chennai keep going under water?

11/17/2015 - Investors poured $6.6 billion into Chinese internet companies in the first half of 2015

11/17/2015 - After decontamination trials in Fukushima, Japan will try to scrub Agent Orange from Vietnam

11/17/2015 - In flood-ravaged Chennai, Uber’s Indian competitor has started a boat service

11/17/2015 - Yes, China e-commerce is huge—here’s what not to do if you’re a foreign company trying to get in

11/17/2015 - Google isn’t giving up on Google+ after all

11/17/2015 - This should be the drone on everybody’s Christmas wish list this year

11/17/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Yuan-based trading abroad, Germany terror scare, London spider cuddling

11/17/2015 - US shoppers are trimming their budgets for the most-requested holiday gift

11/17/2015 - More bad news for bees: This is going to be a rough winter

11/17/2015 - Police cancel a soccer match in Germany after finding “concrete plans” to bomb the stadium

11/17/2015 - Why the hotel industry isn’t afraid of Airbnb (yet), explained in five charts

11/17/2015 - More than half of US governors said no to helping Syrian refugees, but these eight said yes

11/17/2015 - The leader of the Bulgarian nationalist party “Attack” has been arrested on assault charges

11/17/2015 - WeChat and Western Union strike deal for global money transfers

11/17/2015 - SpaceX will launch the next GPS satellite, thanks in part to Vladimir Putin

11/17/2015 - The media did cover attacks in Beirut and Kenya, you just weren’t paying attention

11/17/2015 - Thanks to “Star Wars,” the Force awakens with toymakers around the world

11/17/2015 - You can now rent this 1960s spaceship house, but only for ‘future-looking activities’

11/17/2015 - The Coke bottle’s iconic design happened by sheer chance

11/17/2015 - The Nigerian mathematics “genius” who fooled the British media

11/17/2015 - Barack Obama can’t remember the names of ‘Game of Thrones’ characters either

11/17/2015 - Barbie’s newest spokesperson is a very enthusiastic little boy

11/17/2015 - London’s old subway cars are being transformed into trains for the north of England

11/17/2015 - Cubans are rushing to the US border before an immigration loophole is closed

11/17/2015 - Home Depot is the exception that proves the rule of the US retail slowdown

11/17/2015 - The Dalai Lama on Paris: “We cannot solve this problem only through prayers”

11/17/2015 - US Christian groups plead for compassion for Muslim refugees

11/17/2015 - These industries are going to cancel out entire countries’ carbon savings

11/17/2015 - It’s not hypocritical to care more about Paris than Beirut

11/17/2015 - The West African remake of Prince’s “Purple Rain” may be even more epic than the original

11/17/2015 - Twitter is testing some really fun emoji buttons

11/17/2015 - The terrorists have come for the young and the free, and there is only one possible response

11/17/2015 - Charlie Sheen reveals he’s HIV positive and says he paid “millions” in blackmail

11/17/2015 - Scientists now think that being overweight can protect your health

11/17/2015 - Razor scooters is going to make its own hoverboards

11/17/2015 - The Oxford online dictionary’s “word of the year” isn’t even a word

11/17/2015 - Judges are using brain science to help babies caught in the court system

11/17/2015 - Check out the latest microbrew to be gobbled up by Big Liquor for a record sum

11/17/2015 - The US government is working on making implantable memory chips so we don’t forget anything ever again

11/17/2015 - Computers are making science extremely challenging for scientists

11/17/2015 - Even a noted climate contrarian is now worried about global warming

11/17/2015 - There is another tribe that created modern Europeans

11/17/2015 - ”Global citizenship is essentially a branding exercise” and passport shopping is big business

11/17/2015 - US obesity report reveals drastic health inequality between genders and ethnicities

11/17/2015 - Why we think that our own marriages are awesome—and that everyone else’s suck

11/17/2015 - With sarcastic hashtags, Parisians are defiantly asserting their joie de vivre

11/17/2015 - Russia says a bomb was behind the Metrojet crash, and Egypt arrests two suspects

11/17/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Terrorism hit Russian plane, Canada gets Apple Pay, La Marseillaise in London

11/17/2015 - Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged architect of the Paris attacks, was almost killed in a Western airstrike

11/17/2015 - Brussels—where €500 buys a gun in 30 minutes—has become Europe’s jihadi capital

11/17/2015 - Could a smartphone app help stop the next polio outbreak in Pakistan?

11/17/2015 - France’s national anthem is a song of defiance. Even English soccer fans will sing it tonight

11/17/2015 - Apple will run all its operations in Singapore—including its first store there—on solar power

11/17/2015 - Americans have a “moral responsibility” to end the conflict that created the Islamic State

11/17/2015 - Female tourists now have another reason to stay away from India: acid attacks

11/17/2015 - How Narendra Modi is driving a low-cost lighting revolution in India

11/17/2015 - Four things to put on your to-do list for retirement prep

11/17/2015 - How Rwanda became the land of a hundred hotel auctions

11/17/2015 - China’s Tinder is trying to teach men looking for hookups better manners

11/17/2015 - Steve Jobs paid zero dollars for Apple.com

11/17/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Pandora’s expansion, Obama in Manila, marathon fail

11/17/2015 - An Indian woman’s struggle to find the flavours from her childhood, in Europe

11/17/2015 - Chinese takeovers in Europe are at an all-time high—even if ChemChina’s Syngenta bid fails

11/16/2015 - The yuan as a global reserve currency? Don’t hold your breath

11/16/2015 - Urban Outfitters got pummeled by investors after it bought a pizza chain

11/16/2015 - With its acquisition of Rdio, Pandora is now going directly after Spotify and Apple Music

11/16/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Paris attack mastermind, Obama in Manila, world’s longest half-marathon

11/16/2015 - Watch Barack Obama take a stand against a religious test for refugees

11/16/2015 - Infographic: This holiday season, don’t forget to pack big data

11/16/2015 - Your holiday travel woes can be relieved by big data

11/16/2015 - Even retail executives think brick-and-mortar-only stores are headed for extinction

11/16/2015 - The US wants to stop ISIL’s oil industry but is bombing the wrong targets

11/16/2015 - Because of Paris, people are sharing news about a seven-month old attack in Kenya for the first time

11/16/2015 - Four reasons to stay invested in US housing

11/16/2015 - Charged with fraud and deceit, one of the US’s biggest for-profit colleges is paying out $95 million

11/16/2015 - US governors are wrong: Syrian refugees are no threat to national security

11/16/2015 - By the numbers: Marriott and Starwood’s combined reach will be massive

11/16/2015 - Ireland has legalized same-sex marriage

11/16/2015 - The father of one Paris suicide bomber had gone to Syria to stop him

11/16/2015 - A dramatic light show on an iconic Parisian building pleads for “peace” in six languages

11/16/2015 - A country notorious for drug trafficking wants to become a big exporter of legal weed

11/16/2015 - Hasbro is already struggling to keep up with the demand for Star Wars toys

11/16/2015 - This app is paying people to send messages to each other

11/16/2015 - These US governors are trying to bar Syrian refugees from their states after the Paris attacks

11/16/2015 - Anne Frank’s diary now legally has a “co-author”

11/16/2015 - Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged Paris attack mastermind, recruited his 13-year-old brother to ISIL

11/16/2015 - Why are cats such fussy eaters?

11/16/2015 - Researchers just unearthed a lost island in the Aegean

11/16/2015 - Japan just entered its fourth recession in five years

11/16/2015 - After Paris, the West brings Putin—and Assad—in from the cold

11/16/2015 - Now is the time to talk to your kids about the Paris attacks

11/16/2015 - China subtly redesigned its new 100-yuan bill to confound counterfeiters

11/16/2015 - Not another Charlie Hebdo: This time, Parisians feel “everyone is under attack”

11/16/2015 - Taco Bell promises 100% cage-free eggs by the end of 2016

11/16/2015 - Video: A very British take on sexual consent makes the case using—you guessed it—tea

11/16/2015 - The cult of productivity is preventing you from being productive

11/16/2015 - Why the US government is right to want to register drones

11/16/2015 - If the French police are watching potential terrorists, why can’t they stop them?

11/16/2015 - The Paris attacks will hit tourism in France—but not for long

11/16/2015 - We’re live from ‘The Next Billion: New York,’ Quartz’s forum on the mobile world

11/16/2015 - I’m a NASA astronaut, and here’s what it takes to become a space voyager

11/16/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Manhunt for Paris suspect, Japan in recession, dress shoes are dying

11/16/2015 - In the oil price war, it’s hard to tell who’s losing—OPEC or US shale

11/16/2015 - Nigeria postpones MTN’s $5.2 billion fine, but the damage has already been done

11/16/2015 - China is using the Paris attacks to tout its anti-terror efforts at home

11/16/2015 - From a convict to Bhaijaan and now Prem, how Salman Khan turned his fortunes around in 2015

11/16/2015 - What does Airtel’s Sunil Mittal think about Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio?

11/16/2015 - Once again, the internet is confusing a Sikh man with a Muslim terrorist

11/16/2015 - “Our streets felt like a war zone”: a Paris resident on the attacks

11/16/2015 - At least five of the Paris attack suspects were French nationals

11/16/2015 - Africa’s pharmaceutical industry boom needs more Africans

11/16/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—France bombs ISIL, G20 leaders meet, prehistoric beekeepers

11/16/2015 - India’s politicians have a new obsession: Startups

11/16/2015 - Burkina Faso’s government is connecting to the cloud

11/15/2015 - See T-Mobile’s CEO and Donald Trump fight on Twitter

11/15/2015 - Nearly half of Japan’s working women are accused of “causing trouble” when they get pregnant

11/15/2015 - French Muslim students responded to the Paris attacks with this video

11/15/2015 - Weirdly, Ronda Rousey predicted her stunning loss to Holly Holm on a TV talk show.

11/15/2015 - France responded to the Paris attacks by bombing Syria

11/15/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Paris attacks aftermath, world leaders convene, Ukrainians vote, prehistoric beekeepers

11/15/2015 - From Periscope and Snapchat, an intimate view of Paris’s slow return to normality

11/15/2015 - A French judge warned that France was ISIL’s ‘number one enemy’ two months ago

11/15/2015 - Parisians gather at Notre Dame: “We won’t change our everyday lives”

11/15/2015 - Mumbai just made its tragic link with Paris abundantly clear

11/15/2015 - Why Paris

11/15/2015 - One of the Paris gunmen is still on the loose

11/15/2015 - The Paris attacks killed people of many nations

11/15/2015 - Photos: Paris before and after

11/15/2015 - There will be no marches in Paris today, but that doesn’t mean we are silent

11/15/2015 - Should we be pushing people with autism to work in tech?

11/15/2015 - Guess what? A compelling new mathematical definition makes our humble moon a planet

11/15/2015 - This week we’ll know whether Amazon can start making drone deliveries

11/15/2015 - Obama is America’s first basketball president, and his love of the game is all over his legacy

11/15/2015 - Our great-grandchildren will speak a wildly different English

11/15/2015 - You absolutely will not know the answers to almost all science questions kids ask

11/15/2015 - Rejoice, US haggis eaters: Scotland scores an offal victory

11/15/2015 - When my Parisian neighborhood became the scene of terror

11/15/2015 - Better sleep may be the key to treating depression, anxiety and schizophrenia

11/15/2015 - It’s no coincidence that terrorists keep targeting France

11/15/2015 - America’s reliance on standardized tests is creating a generation of intellectual infants

11/15/2015 - South Africa’s first female president could be president Zuma’s ex-wife

11/15/2015 - Syrians living in France react to the Paris attacks: “It breaks my heart”

11/15/2015 - 5,000 years ago the Sahara desert was home to people, animals, and lush vegetation

11/15/2015 - The 2008 Mumbai strikes have now become the global blueprint for terror

11/14/2015 - These are the false rumors about last night’s Paris attacks

11/14/2015 - In a crisis, people will believe the worst about Uber

11/14/2015 - Map of the Paris Attacks: What happened and where

11/14/2015 - Dispatch—Young Parisians mourn their city

11/14/2015 - One French artist’s defiant, life-affirming response to the Paris attacks

11/14/2015 - Belgium’s home affairs minister says ISIL communicates using Playstation 4

11/14/2015 - Belgium makes the first arrests linked to the Paris attacks

11/14/2015 - With France’s nerves frayed, a high-speed train derails on a test run, killing seven staff

11/14/2015 - The only thing we have to fear isn’t fear, it’s hatred

11/14/2015 - “Complicity from the inside”: France’s biggest worry after the attacks in Paris

11/14/2015 - The attacks in Paris are terrible news for Europe’s refugees

11/14/2015 - Iran’s president cancels his France trip, and vows to “fight terror”

11/14/2015 - Another music streaming company is sinking: Jay Z’s Tidal keeps losing top executives

11/14/2015 - Pornhub blames the release of a video game for its drop in traffic

11/14/2015 - This French designer’s sketch has become the symbol of solidarity for the Paris attacks

11/14/2015 - A mass extinction once replaced giant fish with tiny ones—and it could be happening all over again

11/14/2015 - Twitter and GoPro have sunk below their IPO prices

11/14/2015 - Why it’s so hard for humans to stop wasting food

11/14/2015 - A Russian martial arts center is teaching tourists how to defend themselves with selfie sticks

11/14/2015 - NYC subway ads about women’s periods are scandalizing commuters

11/14/2015 - How many locusts does it take to start a biblical plague? Just three

11/14/2015 - Paris has suffered Europe’s worst terror attack in 10 years. Here’s what we know

11/14/2015 - Photos: World landmarks light up in Tricolore to show solidarity with France

11/14/2015 - Photos: Paris’s eerie, uneasy quiet the morning after deadly terror attacks

11/14/2015 - Wearables wrecked Fossil’s earnings, so it bought a wearables company

11/14/2015 - The US Supreme Court has agreed to take up the biggest abortion case in more than 20 years

11/14/2015 - Fire swept through the giant refugee camp in northern France last night

11/14/2015 - A night of terror in Paris leaves as many as 150 people dead

11/14/2015 - Aung San Suu Kyi’s challenge in Myanmar will be complicated by her own legacy

11/14/2015 - Kenya says it will immediately establish an antidoping agency

11/14/2015 - Muslims around the world condemn terrorism after the Paris attacks

11/14/2015 - Nigerian senators are getting schooled on how to use Facebook

11/14/2015 - The Kenyan military may be indirectly funding al-Shabaab attacks on Kenya

11/13/2015 - US presidential candidates react to the Paris attacks on social media

11/13/2015 - Facebook is offering Parisiens a check-in option to let friends know they are safe

11/13/2015 - Obama on Paris: This is an attack on all of humanity

11/13/2015 - Magnitude 6.7 earthquake near Japan triggered a small tsunami

11/13/2015 - Weekend edition—Paris under siege, climate refugees, iMovie for genes

11/13/2015 - ISIL supporters already have a hashtag for the bloody Paris attacks

11/13/2015 - The IAAF suspends Russia following extensive doping violations

11/13/2015 - France declares a state of emergency, tightens its borders, and sends 1,500 troops to Paris

11/13/2015 - These are the locations of the attacks in Paris

11/13/2015 - Interactive: How the Internet of Things is making the future a reality

11/13/2015 - At Wembley, Narendra Modi delivers a quantum of solace

11/13/2015 - The Utah judge who wanted to remove a foster child from a same-sex couple has reversed his decision

11/13/2015 - The maid and the trader: Two Indian women involved in one of Wall Street’s biggest trading scams

11/13/2015 - Flightless or no, SpaceX investors say its value has grown 15% since January

11/13/2015 - There’s a whiff of desperation in Donald Trump’s Ben Carson bashing

11/13/2015 - Daily fantasy sites mount Uber-like protests against New York’s attorney general

11/13/2015 - Tesla has discovered a new energy source: Burning shareholder cash

11/13/2015 - Welcome to Liberland: Turns out, launching your own country is harder than it looks

11/13/2015 - The long, painful death of the American department store

11/13/2015 - Two months before 9/11, the Bush administration was told “the attacks will be spectacular”

11/13/2015 - Today’s a terrible day for anyone with paraskavedekatriaphobia

11/13/2015 - Gay Talese has a cold reaction to the New York Times virtual reality app

11/13/2015 - BRIC-a-brac: The 10 most important economic charts of the week

11/13/2015 - Scientists have developed a more efficient way of turning saltwater into drinkable water

11/13/2015 - A freak accident this summer changed this top tech executive’s approach to his business

11/13/2015 - Uh oh SpaghettiOs: Campbell’s recalls 355,000 cans

11/13/2015 - A smuggler tried to use Pepsi stickers to sneak 48,000 beers into Saudi Arabia

11/13/2015 - It’s not just department stores: US retail sales are slowing in general

11/13/2015 - Indonesia adds even scarier wildlife to its crocodile-guarded prison plan

11/13/2015 - JC Penney—yes, JC Penney—beat out its rivals last quarter, but that still wasn’t enough

11/13/2015 - Dubai, full of giant skyscrapers, is buying its firefighters jetpacks

11/13/2015 - Some of the people who hate America’s Big Banks the most work in them every day

11/13/2015 - What happens when a self-driving car gets pulled over by a cop? Nothing

11/13/2015 - Peek inside the world’s coolest corporate headquarters, from Google to Nike

11/13/2015 - The Bay Area has opened America’s first USDA-certified organic fast-food restaurant

11/13/2015 - Photos: Kaleidoscopic images of seasonal fruits and vegetables for every month

11/13/2015 - What’s wrong with Finland?

11/13/2015 - Podcast: How faking it until you make it goes wrong

11/13/2015 - Aung San Suu Kyi’s election victory in Myanmar comes after a lifetime of personal sacrifice

11/13/2015 - The new US government retirement accounts are pretty good—unless you plan to save for retirement

11/13/2015 - When homeopathy is pure bunkum, why do people still believe it works?

11/13/2015 - This is the turkey you’ll want on your Thanksgiving table—but good luck finding one

11/13/2015 - Sorry, YouTube: The virtual-reality revolution will not come via shaky footage shot by amateurs

11/13/2015 - The deadly cost of ignoring your friends

11/13/2015 - The three stages of expat living, as told by an Englishman in New York

11/13/2015 - The US military is finally trying to shut down ISIL’s oilfields

11/13/2015 - And Quartz’s award for the most corrupt sport goes to…

11/13/2015 - The US should have its own version of the one-child policy

11/13/2015 - This is your brain on pregnancy

11/13/2015 - The two crucial qualities leaders need to build trust (and how to learn them in 15 minutes)

11/13/2015 - On gender equality, there are the Nordic countries and then there’s everybody else

11/13/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—“Jihadi John” dead?, Democrats debate, million-dollar dollhouses

11/13/2015 - A couple in Spain are building a house that runs on their own waste

11/13/2015 - KFC is suddenly doing well in China, just as parent Yum Brands exits the country

11/13/2015 - Britain’s Parliament is falling down, falling down

11/13/2015 - Aung San Suu Kyi’s party will take control of Myanmar after a historic election

11/13/2015 - How Uganda’s economy has received a boost from hosting refugees

11/13/2015 - Kid environmentalists have derailed a $900 million development in a popular Mexican resort town

11/13/2015 - Africa has the world’s fastest-growing labor force but needs jobs growth to catch up

11/13/2015 - Can’t get your startup funded? Maybe you suck

11/13/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Beirut attacked, Cisco disappoints, million-dollar dollhouse

11/13/2015 - India and the UK are close, but Modi thinks he can bring them even closer

11/12/2015 - Obama slams Trump on immigration: “That’s not who we are as Americans”

11/12/2015 - Indonesia is the next challenger to Beijing in the South China Sea

11/12/2015 - Human rights lawyers in China tell harrowing stories about their own torture and abuse

11/12/2015 - China’s corruption crackdown is so vast, top officials from every single province have been nabbed

11/12/2015 - Nordstrom is copying Macy’s in the worst way possible

11/12/2015 - The linguistic science behind why Norwegians use the word ‘Texas’ to mean ‘crazy’

11/12/2015 - The clock is ticking for Volkswagen workers to come clean about the company’s emissions deception

11/12/2015 - Business schools that deliver big earnings

11/12/2015 - There’s still way too much oil out there to revive crude prices

11/12/2015 - The smartest thing Charles Koch ever did was to not endorse in the GOP primaries

11/12/2015 - Extra virgin olive oil sold by these seven producers may be anything but

11/12/2015 - Photos: Surprising tattoos under the surface of ordinary people

11/12/2015 - All the names for the new digital economy, and why none of them fits

11/12/2015 - Manchester United is about to become the highest-grossing soccer club ever

11/12/2015 - A mobile app could make childbirth safer in Ethiopia, one of the deadliest countries to have a baby

11/12/2015 - Russia’s economy just got a little less awful

11/12/2015 - Burberry is pinching pennies any way it can

11/12/2015 - In Scandinavia, “patient hotels” provide an alternative to hospitals

11/12/2015 - India’s Narendra Modi just faced his toughest press conference yet—courtesy of the British media

11/12/2015 - A UK private equity firm is making a play for the future of the internet in Kenya

11/12/2015 - The US Navy has updated its definition of a symbolic woman

11/12/2015 - The best ideas for improving Netflix’s UI were all invented by Netflix

11/12/2015 - Watch: Switching up household gender roles could fix Japan’s biggest problem

11/12/2015 - The Tesla-driving cofounder of Google X was booted as a driver for Uber for unexplained reasons

11/12/2015 - Apple is making a grab for Venmo’s turf and might use iMessage to do it

11/12/2015 - The Pope Francis effect: One speech on climate change, a 10-20 point shift in opinion polls

11/12/2015 - Apple’s Tim Cook says cash will be dead for the next generation of kids

11/12/2015 - More and more young American women are stuck living with their parents

11/12/2015 - US lawmaker Nancy Pelosi made a surprise visit to Tibet

11/12/2015 - These are the countries spending the most to prop up fossil-fuel production

11/12/2015 - Russian TV “accidentally” broadcasts plans for a massive nuclear torpedo

11/12/2015 - A new robot will make sure stores are never out of your favorite things

11/12/2015 - In-N-Out Burger sues delivery service DoorDash for screwing with its burgers and brand

11/12/2015 - The CEO of REI went on Reddit and said to ask him anything. Lots of disgruntled employees obliged

11/12/2015 - The “modern” workplace doesn’t just make us lonely, it can make us physically ill

11/12/2015 - Scottish butchers are taking the lungs out of haggis to get it into the US

11/12/2015 - The plagiarism lawsuit against Taylor Swift has been dismissed in the most absurd way

11/12/2015 - There is a good chance that you are the “friend” that everyone finds insufferable on Facebook

11/12/2015 - There’s an awful cost to getting a PhD that no one talks about

11/12/2015 - The entire iTunes Terms and Conditions is now one epic graphic novel

11/12/2015 - The EU wants all products from Israeli settlements to be labelled as such—and Israel is furious

11/12/2015 - A super-low orange forecast is sending orange juice prices sky-high

11/12/2015 - In “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” Leia won’t be called Princess anymore

11/12/2015 - What exactly is the dark web, anyway?

11/12/2015 - What happens when an Italian tries to go paleo for a month

11/12/2015 - These powerful smart glasses could help the blind “see”

11/12/2015 - Spotify has named its most streamed track of all time—and it isn’t Adele

11/12/2015 - This new Android phone is half the price of an iPhone and looks just as good

11/12/2015 - Clashes between rich and poor countries could scuttle the Paris climate talks

11/12/2015 - It turns out Victoria’s Secret perfume is a pretty good mosquito repellent

11/12/2015 - The only affordable retirement for most Americans isn’t in America

11/12/2015 - Here’s what some of the world’s most charitable people are grateful for receiving in their own lives

11/12/2015 - Apple Music’s new Android app is a clever gamble

11/12/2015 - To close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Obama must outmaneuver a deadlocked congress

11/12/2015 - Your jeans are getting more ethical, even if they’re from a fast-fashion brand

11/12/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—EU’s Africa migration fund, Sweden revives borders, outer-space ownership

11/12/2015 - Forget tattoos: Biohackers are putting LED implants under their skin

11/12/2015 - Scientists have developed an easy way to determine if kindergarteners have healthy self-esteem

11/12/2015 - Multinationals in Africa are growing revenues but losing market share to local rivals

11/12/2015 - The Indian Army has rolled out an incredible ad campaign to find more officers

11/12/2015 - From defence to technology, six deals to look out for as Narendra Modi visits the UK

11/12/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Modi’s UK visit, US retail bruised, owning outer space

11/12/2015 - Bank of America projects Indian e-commerce will grow by 20 times in the next 10 years

11/11/2015 - Alibaba’s Singles’ Day shopping total was bigger than Facebook’s revenue last year

11/11/2015 - Toxic smoke from palm oil fires is creating a new class of climate refugees in Southeast Asia

11/11/2015 - Indian startups have been handed an incredible opportunity to reach new investors

11/11/2015 - How to become a morning person

11/11/2015 - Female New Zealand lawmakers were booted from parliament after speaking out about their sexual assaults

11/11/2015 - Europe has taken one more small step towards making Israel a pariah state

11/11/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Modi’s UK visit, Germany car pollution, dolphin names

11/11/2015 - American Apparel’s future might not be in America

11/11/2015 - Congress has passed the first US space law for asteroid mining

11/11/2015 - Watch: Spanish and Arabic are more similar than you think

11/11/2015 - The Cloud

11/11/2015 - The ethical case for allowing doping in sports

11/11/2015 - Polish students got a physics exercise that asked them to push Syrian refugees off a raft

11/11/2015 - Nigeria’s president Buhari has sworn in a new cabinet at last

11/11/2015 - Only a real Islamic caliphate can stand up to the sham of ISIL

11/11/2015 - The SABMiller acquisition shows how African companies can make it big on the global stage

11/11/2015 - Macy’s says its revenues are going to be absolutely terrible this year

11/11/2015 - Stanford researchers show we’re sending many children to school way too early

11/11/2015 - The Bank of England might be the world’s most captivated Fed watcher right now

11/11/2015 - Mizzou protesters are safer with a free press than without one

11/11/2015 - Research says your body shape could be worse for you than a high BMI

11/11/2015 - Taiwan’s pro-independence candidate is welcoming Chinese citizens to Facebook

11/11/2015 - Microsoft wants to guess how you’re feeling

11/11/2015 - Crayola just made coloring books for adults a mainstream product

11/11/2015 - Korea’s newest slogan is Seoul stupid

11/11/2015 - Donald Trump has no idea what he’s talking about on China

11/11/2015 - Ted Cruz’s family history complicates his immigration fear-mongering

11/11/2015 - The design behind a bag for transporting a million dollars in cash, undetected

11/11/2015 - Mexico would be an economic superstar without corruption

11/11/2015 - Mexico is even less prepared than the US to handle Central American immigrants

11/11/2015 - Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the hoverboard craze

11/11/2015 - Hugely successful fashion designers on what they would be if they weren’t designers at all

11/11/2015 - What slamming an energy drink really does to your body

11/11/2015 - Finally, a large US restaurant chain is trying to get rid of tipping

11/11/2015 - How to tell if your child’s educational app is actually educational

11/11/2015 - The world’s largest scientific society wants to help make cannabis safer for everybody

11/11/2015 - A study forced people to quit Facebook to see if it made them happier

11/11/2015 - Indonesia is considering a new kind of prison guard: crocodiles

11/11/2015 - So many people are seeking asylum in Europe, it’d take a year just to process them all

11/11/2015 - Dispatch from the chaotic front lines of Europe’s refugee crisis

11/11/2015 - Stay Home: Working while you’re sick is really bad for you, and everyone else

11/11/2015 - The inventor of 5-Hour Energy drinks is investing 99% of his fortune to fix the world

11/11/2015 - Fear of the government makes Americans more likely to reach for a gun

11/11/2015 - The Pentagon’s Afghan slush fund will have to answer to irate lawmakers

11/11/2015 - China’s Singles Day online shopping frenzy leaves parents irate in Australia

11/11/2015 - Darwin’s book on evolution has been voted the most influential academic text in history

11/11/2015 - Scientists built an AI robot that’s figuring life out just like humans do

11/11/2015 - In the UK, poor ethnic minorities are more likely to go to university than well-off white kids

11/11/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—EU talks with Africa, Alibaba’s Singles’ Day, betamax is dead

11/11/2015 - Photos: Two decades after Saro Wiwa’s death, Ogoniland still deals with issues that defined his struggle

11/11/2015 - It’s only just arrived, but British shoppers are already sick of Black Friday

11/11/2015 - The story of a refugee shipwreck, told by its smuggler, survivors, and rescuers

11/11/2015 - Norway says Russian spies are ensnaring its politicians in sex traps

11/11/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—EU-Africa summit, Alibaba’s big day, cancer-fighting smartphones

11/11/2015 - The ancient story of goddess Lakshmi—bestower of power, wealth and sovereignty

11/11/2015 - Watch Frank Underwood tell Chinese shoppers to buy burner phones in this “Singles Day” ad

11/10/2015 - As El Niño hits Africa, 11 million children are the most vulnerable

11/10/2015 - India is seriously diabetic—and Diwali sweets will only make things worse

11/10/2015 - Alibaba vs. Amazon: How the world’s two online shopping giants stack up

11/10/2015 - Bloomingdale’s creepy new catalog suggests drugging your friends this holiday season

11/10/2015 - The Shanghai Free Trade Zone was never that free—and might be corrupt

11/10/2015 - Photos: Palm oil production has been smoking out Southeast Asia for 20 years

11/10/2015 - T-Mobile is no longer counting video streams against customer data plans

11/10/2015 - I’m a Yale student, and this school’s problems with race go much deeper than Halloween costumes

11/10/2015 - There’s nothing Christian about fretting over Starbucks cups

11/10/2015 - Snapchat’s lofty $16 billion valuation takes a hit

11/10/2015 - After more than 30 years, the US government may finally define “natural” food

11/10/2015 - Four hackers have been charged in the biggest ever cyberattack on a US financial institution

11/10/2015 - By retiring orcas to coastal sanctuaries, SeaWorld might save itself

11/10/2015 - Neel Kashkari, who ran the US bank bailout, is now going to run the Minneapolis Fed

11/10/2015 - Lego’s new digital system and other “toys-to-life” will be huge this holiday season

11/10/2015 - The most essential part of a French dinner caused a diplomatic tiff with Iran

11/10/2015 - What it takes in the new electric car race: $1 billion, a Tesla veteran, or Bill Gates’ imprimatur

11/10/2015 - A brand-new skateboard stroller reimagines the future of baby transport

11/10/2015 - Apple TV—the television will not be revolutionized

11/10/2015 - Here’s how Tony Fernandes built a thriving airline with less than a dollar

11/10/2015 - A US judge’s ruling against the NSA is a big win for Edward Snowden

11/10/2015 - The mysterious creator of bitcoin could be nominated for a Nobel prize in economics

11/10/2015 - Alibaba just sold over $1 billion of merchandise in 8 minutes in China’s largest online shopping day

11/10/2015 - America’s largest homebuilder just had its best sales quarter since 2007

11/10/2015 - The future of medicine is food

11/10/2015 - Canada’s new government just approved dumping raw sewage into the St. Lawrence river

11/10/2015 - Sony is finally putting Betamax out of its misery

11/10/2015 - Spot the difference: This update to a classic children’s book reimagines gender roles

11/10/2015 - Your smartphone could contribute to cancer research while you sleep

11/10/2015 - You won’t recognize the internet in five years

11/10/2015 - Europe will help African migrants send remittances home at cheaper rates

11/10/2015 - This US city is first in line for a Japanese train with twice the speed of Amtrak’s Acela

11/10/2015 - Tokyo is trying to transform this boulevard into its own Champs-Élysées

11/10/2015 - The science of human behavior is reshaping the US government

11/10/2015 - How to succeed at a leading tech company

11/10/2015 - On weakening data encryption, Tim Cook warns “any backdoor is a backdoor for everyone”

11/10/2015 - Kenya could be the next target in the drive against doping in athletics

11/10/2015 - The UK doesn’t want a United States of Europe—here’s why

11/10/2015 - NFL, meet your latest rival: Rugby is coming to America

11/10/2015 - The key and crucial thing you likely forget every time you are interviewed for a job

11/10/2015 - Does “corporate culture” even exist?

11/10/2015 - The real reason the Fed is eager to raise interest rates now

11/10/2015 - Silicon Valley should seize the chance to push for global internet freedom

11/10/2015 - All publishers have to do to make ad blockers irrelevant are their jobs

11/10/2015 - A 19th-century solution to the high-tech problems of the gig economy

11/10/2015 - Americans can and should be learning African languages

11/10/2015 - Can T-Mobile keep pushing the limits on data caps?

11/10/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Cameron’s EU reforms, the pricey Modigliani, Lost Boy turned diplomat

11/10/2015 - A futures market could help fix one of the biggest problems in science

11/10/2015 - Orangutans are losing both health and habitat to palm oil fires

11/10/2015 - People are fed up with taking surveys, and that’s bad for science

11/10/2015 - From lousy rallies to inept partners, the six charts that explain Modi’s decimation in Bihar

11/10/2015 - This woman is tweeting her periods to the Irish prime minister

11/10/2015 - IndiGo makes a big bang market debut to become Asia’s third largest low-cost airline

11/10/2015 - The European Union will pay African countries to take back their economic migrants

11/10/2015 - Poland’s new cabinet includes a convict, a conspiracy theorist, and an anti-IVF crusader

11/10/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—An Indian IPO, McDonald’s meets investors, airplane rainbows

11/10/2015 - An unusual boarding school in a small Indian city could be improving the lives of child brides

11/9/2015 - China may have just made it harder for its citizens to ever get Spotify

11/9/2015 - Northern China’s dilemma—if you want heat in the winter, it comes with toxic air pollution

11/9/2015 - Low oil prices could force the Saudis to borrow hundreds of billions of dollars to finance their deficit

11/9/2015 - Even India thinks Indians are cramming too hard for entrance exams to elite colleges

11/9/2015 - From blood donation to taking the bus, some judges are offering creative options to jail time

11/9/2015 - Hoverboards keep catching fire and exploding in the UK

11/9/2015 - The video Jack Dorsey is using to sell Square to potential investors

11/9/2015 - Apple Pay and other mobile wallets have done a terrible job explaining how secure they are

11/9/2015 - LA has a clever new way to keep smartphones online in times of disaster

11/9/2015 - Marco Rubio is the only presidential candidate talking about one of the most important geopolitical issues

11/9/2015 - Vietnam’s jam-packed streets are about to get worse

11/9/2015 - Death by a thousand likes: How Facebook and Twitter are killing the open web

11/9/2015 - The owner of Tinder, Match.com, and OkCupid will try to raise about $430 million through an IPO

11/9/2015 - An embattled SeaWorld is phasing out its killer whale show in San Diego

11/9/2015 - A Nigerian has won the World Scrabble Championship for the first time

11/9/2015 - This simple solution might stop doping in sports once and for all

11/9/2015 - TAG Heuer is the first luxury watchmaker to launch a smartwatch

11/9/2015 - Under the TPP, America’s insanely high drug prices will be an unappreciated export

11/9/2015 - Scandinavians are more indebted than Americans

11/9/2015 - Coal could be on course for its worst year ever

11/9/2015 - 4 reasons to like consumer staples stocks

11/9/2015 - 13 essential things to see in Beijing

11/9/2015 - A former Sudanese “lost boy” is now a US diplomat

11/9/2015 - The US Navy confirms: Yes, LA, you did see mysterious lights in the sky

11/9/2015 - Russia is accused of a massive doping program, and may be banned from the Olympics

11/9/2015 - For the first time, the world’s temperature will rise more than one degree Celsius by the end of 2015

11/9/2015 - Global trade has fallen to recession levels: OECD

11/9/2015 - Africa dominates in youth soccer—so why can’t it succeed at the highest level?

11/9/2015 - There’s a new splinter Taliban group that claims to support women’s rights

11/9/2015 - Bush 41’s attack on his son’s war in Iraq heralds the end of the Bush dynasty

11/9/2015 - Why never-before-seen Star Wars clips are floating around the internet

11/9/2015 - No, “Saturday Night Live” didn’t try to sabotage Donald Trump—it was just bad TV

11/9/2015 - More women are getting MBAs, but they’re still noticeably absent from executive roles

11/9/2015 - Think your commute is bad? Millions spend two hours traveling to work every day

11/9/2015 - The University of Missouri’s president resigns as students protest racism on campus

11/9/2015 - This new peanut butter has twice the caffeine of a cup of coffee

11/9/2015 - It’s time to stop asking “creatives” to work for free

11/9/2015 - Watch scientists move this new material around without ever touching it

11/9/2015 - Climate change means cashmere and other quality materials are in trouble

11/9/2015 - Fake it ’til you become it: The science of self-perception

11/9/2015 - From today until the New Year, women in the UK are effectively paid nothing

11/9/2015 - Two weeks of intense staring at this mysterious star—but no sign of aliens (…yet)

11/9/2015 - Climate change could drive 100 million more people into extreme poverty

11/9/2015 - Toshiba’s new humanoid will give Tokyo mall visitors information in three languages

11/9/2015 - “Busy” people are actually not that productive

11/9/2015 - Year after year, Britain kicks off Christmas with the sappiest ads ever

11/9/2015 - The hottest ticket in Silicon Valley last night was a celebrity-packed gala for the hard sciences

11/9/2015 - An English sailor’s rare collection of paintings shines a light on life in 19th century India​

11/9/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Obama meets Netanyahu, Goldman drops BRICS, ancient snail mail

11/9/2015 - It looks like a landslide for Aung San Suu Kyi’s democratic party in Myanmar’s historic election

11/9/2015 - Sadly, a mattress under some stairs is not the worst example of London’s mad housing market

11/9/2015 - China has passed Canada as the biggest US trading partner—thanks to oil prices

11/9/2015 - The CEO of Africa’s largest mobile operator has stepped down after a record-breaking fine

11/9/2015 - The Bihar elections will test just how much India can reform itself

11/9/2015 - A Chinese CEO’s mysterious disappearance is the latest sign delivery startups are failing

11/9/2015 - The BRICs era is over, even at Goldman Sachs

11/9/2015 - The Sensex swings to the BJP’s beat—but Bihar just killed the party

11/9/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Obama meets Netanyahu, BRICS tumbling, ancient mail

11/8/2015 - Indonesian authorities are seizing “communist” toys to protect local children

11/8/2015 - After biting the dust of the Gangetic plains, Modi needs to come home and stay home

11/8/2015 - Would you trade in your car for an adult tricycle?

11/8/2015 - The ultimate, 10,000-word review of streaming media players: Apple TV vs. Roku 4 vs. Fire TV vs. Chromecast

11/8/2015 - Investigator “90% sure” a bomb took down that Russian jet in Egypt

11/8/2015 - Larry David was the best part of Donald Trump’s “Saturday Night Live” episode

11/8/2015 - “Saturday Night Live” shows one thing Donald Trump can’t afford: To be boring

11/8/2015 - Nine contemporary children’s picture books you should read as an adult

11/8/2015 - NASA has figured out how Mars was stripped clean of water

11/8/2015 - The “awww!” response to cuteness isn’t just biological, it’s philosophical

11/8/2015 - Mindfulness fixes your brain while boosting your performance

11/8/2015 - MIT’s experimental 3D-printed sneaker shape-shifts to fit your foot

11/8/2015 - Apply now for the job of the future: “Robot helper,” a human who serves robot needs

11/8/2015 - The most in-demand skill for the modern workplace has nothing to do with technology

11/8/2015 - Americans used to get happier in their thirties. Not any more

11/8/2015 - The new US cybersecurity bill will invade your privacy, but it won’t keep you safe

11/8/2015 - There might be a way to treat cataracts without surgery

11/8/2015 - Do trees really help clean our city air?

11/8/2015 - After travelling hundreds of kilometres in Bihar, a reporter’s diary on why Modi lost

11/8/2015 - Here’s a way to reduce bike injuries: Ride like a woman

11/8/2015 - Bihar elections: The end of Modi’s juggernaut and the rise of strange bedfellows

11/8/2015 - Why is the US supporting all but its most talented students?

11/8/2015 - How drones can improve healthcare delivery in developing countries

11/8/2015 - Nigeria denied entry to an art memorial for environmental activist Ken Saro-Wiwa

11/7/2015 - Taiwan’s president showed China’s what a real press conference looks like—and China blocked it

11/7/2015 - Sierra Leone is free of Ebola, says the WHO

11/7/2015 - Gene editing rescued a baby at death’s door by reversing her cancer

11/7/2015 - Will Myanmar’s elections show democracy can flower where authoritarianism reigned?

11/7/2015 - Facebook thinks I’m my mom

11/7/2015 - Singapore and Israel show the world how to tackle dangerous water shortages

11/7/2015 - Even kids who eat only organic can’t always escape exposure to pesticides

11/7/2015 - Bilingual kids have multiple advantages, no matter what the languages are

11/7/2015 - Can trees really change sex?

11/7/2015 - The ultimate privacy hack: How to hide online in plain sight

11/7/2015 - When you read science reporting, keep in mind this model as a truly gold standard-level of accuracy

11/7/2015 - H&M just found out why 140 characters is not enough for a conversation about race

11/7/2015 - The curse of the Bond girl: Why all interesting women must die

11/7/2015 - America is an incredibly Freudian culture that doesn’t believe in Freud

11/7/2015 - Europe has so many refugees that IKEA is running low on beds and blankets

11/7/2015 - Modi’s refusal to condemn sectarian violence is starting to hurt India’s economy

11/6/2015 - The man behind Vladimir Putin’s control of Russian media was found mysteriously dead in a Washington hotel

11/6/2015 - Adnan Syed, the convicted murderer at the center of “Serial,” gets a new day in court

11/6/2015 - Quartz weekend brief—Modi’s silence, the Calais Jungle, zombie epidemiology

11/6/2015 - A high-profile hedge fund has launched an attack on Alibaba shares

11/6/2015 - NASA unveiled a new prototype of the crowdsourced spacesuit astronauts will wear on Mars

11/6/2015 - Go-go, so-so, oh-no: The 10 most important economic charts of the week

11/6/2015 - French fries return to Venezuela’s McDonald’s, at a steep price

11/6/2015 - Obama’s rejection of the Keystone pipeline is largely symbolic—but also crucial

11/6/2015 - Ben Carson claims he was offered a full scholarship to West Point, but he never even applied

11/6/2015 - Square’s valuation has taken a $2 billion hit in its IPO—but investors don’t care

11/6/2015 - There’s only one thing that can stop Janet Yellen from raising interest rates now

11/6/2015 - Watch: The secret to creativity? Make dozens of creepy clay fingers!

11/6/2015 - In the South China Sea, US and Chinese navies chatted about pizza and chicken wings

11/6/2015 - New intelligence suggests the Russian jet in Egypt was blown up by a bomb in the cargo hold

11/6/2015 - Photos: The aftermath of the US attack on a Doctors Without Borders hospital

11/6/2015 - Toyota is investing $1 billion into artificial intelligence research

11/6/2015 - How Ebola led to more teenage pregnancy in West Africa

11/6/2015 - The mathematical case for not freaking out about first dates

11/6/2015 - The Economist’s anti-ad blocker was hacked, exposing users to malware

11/6/2015 - Adidas offers to help US high schools ditch their offensive Native-American mascots

11/6/2015 - Are religious children really more selfish than atheists?

11/6/2015 - The death threat at Virginia Tech points to a larger problem of Islamophobia in the US

11/6/2015 - Sleek, comfortable space suits are being developed for space tourism and trips to Mars

11/6/2015 - Beyond the pyramids: Twitter users create a “Ben Carson Wikipedia”

11/6/2015 - The eBay for breakups lets you sell your emotional baggage

11/6/2015 - Pot is the least of Mexico’s problems

11/6/2015 - Photos: New Yorkers are beautiful, even when they’re underground

11/6/2015 - Austria’s largest state now gets 100% of its electricity from renewables

11/6/2015 - How much would you pay for Kurt Cobain’s iconic cardigan?

11/6/2015 - We’re live-charting the absolutely fantastic US jobs report for October

11/6/2015 - You won’t need these headphones, but you’ll definitely want them

11/6/2015 - There’s one group of women who truly seem to have it all

11/6/2015 - I’m a Slack designer, and my world changed when I made an emoji with brown skin like mine

11/6/2015 - The Tianjin explosion damaged Jaguar Land Rover cars worth $379 million

11/6/2015 - Overstock has been stockpiling gold and food for a financial apocalypse

11/6/2015 - Where is the dynamic leader who can inspire a Muslim peace corps?

11/6/2015 - This new mega-mansion subdivision in LA is for people too rich for plain old mansions

11/6/2015 - Chivalry has always been a tool for political discrimination in the American South

11/6/2015 - The best activity for your child’s development isn’t reading

11/6/2015 - Meet the creator of a secret network of women’s shelters in Iraq

11/6/2015 - The country with three presidents, 13 prime ministers, 700 lawmakers, and no decent government

11/6/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US “full employment” nears, Xi meets Ma, Californian porn protection

11/6/2015 - “An individual yet universal humanity”: What street photography taught me about India

11/6/2015 - This famous section of the Berlin Wall is now fenced off

11/6/2015 - A step-by-step guide to a meaningful life for the “spiritual, but not religious”

11/6/2015 - Stress tests will finally acknowledge that banker misconduct is a threat on par with credit or market risk

11/6/2015 - Yangon’s architecture is a window into Myanmar’s rocky past

11/6/2015 - Over half of Canada’s newly appointed cabinet skipped “So help me, God” in their oaths

11/6/2015 - A lack of doctors is forcing India to train “quacks” to do real medicine

11/6/2015 - Confirmed: Oil palms were planted on just-burned land outside an Indonesian orangutan sanctuary

11/6/2015 - TinyOwl’s implosion is just the beginning of the end for India’s startup bubble

11/6/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Lufthansa strike, ExxonMobil probe, Japanese retirement casinos

11/6/2015 - TinyOwl and Zomato are proof that something is rotten in India’s food tech startups

11/5/2015 - Malaysians can’t confront their government about a massive scandal, so they’re singing this song instead

11/5/2015 - The Middle East attracts travelers beyond its futuristic airports

11/5/2015 - ‘The Force Awakens’ isn’t even out yet and it’s already boosting Disney’s earnings

11/5/2015 - ExxonMobil faces a New York investigation into whether it hid the risks of climate change

11/5/2015 - Beer consumption in Australia is falling at a remarkable pace

11/5/2015 - Germany is still paying pensions for Spain’s former Nazi volunteers

11/5/2015 - Elon Musk is going to pull back on autopilot mode to keep Tesla drivers from “doing crazy things”

11/5/2015 - Zuckerberg says the internet lifts people out of poverty, but is giving them subpar access

11/5/2015 - Time Warner’s plan for winning back cord cutters? Fewer commercials

11/5/2015 - NASA’s latest Mars findings will test just how interested we really are in learning about Mars

11/5/2015 - The porn industry in California could soon require stars to wear condoms and protective goggles

11/5/2015 - In two years, you’ll be able to drive a 3D-printed car

11/5/2015 - Lytro is bringing its “shoot now, focus later” technology to virtual reality filmmaking

11/5/2015 - Bernie Sanders isn’t so tired of Hillary Clinton’s “damn emails” after all

11/5/2015 - You will literally never guess how to shop at Amazon’s new bookstore

11/5/2015 - “Get out before I drag you out:” I live in a place where people don’t let me pee in peace

11/5/2015 - Facebook just became a $300 billion company. Here’s what that means

11/5/2015 - Shoppers are actually fighting each other to get H&M’s latest low-end luxury collaboration

11/5/2015 - The future of drones is apps

11/5/2015 - Jamie Dimon thinks bitcoin is doomed—but here’s what he does like about it

11/5/2015 - Fantasy sports sites like DraftKings and FanDuel trick people into believing everyone wins big

11/5/2015 - MetLife thinks it’ll take at least a decade for interest rates to get back to normal

11/5/2015 - What makes Modigliani’s Nu Couché worth $100 million?

11/5/2015 - China’s back in a bull market

11/5/2015 - Peace in Syria depends on whether the Saudis and Iranians can get along

11/5/2015 - Ben Carson, Republican frontrunner, has an unconventional theory about Egypt’s pyramids

11/5/2015 - People who worry incessantly about failure could be better off than those who don’t

11/5/2015 - A lot more people than we thought have psychotic episodes

11/5/2015 - Your morning cup of dark roast could be making coffee workers sick

11/5/2015 - The fraught politics of how the West views Africa—captured in a photograph

11/5/2015 - Hosting global sporting events has one unintended outcome: more baby boys

11/5/2015 - Africa’s crippling 20th Century debt trap could be on its way back

11/5/2015 - The average American woman owns 11 handbags—but not for long

11/5/2015 - This startup has created an online database of maternity-leave policies

11/5/2015 - Chef José Andrés’ recipe for better eating: fair farm laws, old cows, and plenty of vegetables

11/5/2015 - The year’s biggest fashion trend is officially getting an entry in the dictionary

11/5/2015 - How to prepare for the generation that follows the millennials

11/5/2015 - All 300-plus languages spoken in American homes, and the number of people who speak them

11/5/2015 - Explore the complicated network of allies and enemies in Syria’s civil war

11/5/2015 - I co-invented a Star Trek-style tractor beam

11/5/2015 - Global climate-change policy must recognize indigenous rights

11/5/2015 - What will Facebook look like in 10 years?

11/5/2015 - Vladimir Putin remains the most powerful person in the world

11/5/2015 - PETA: Our tactics may be shocking and “in your face,” but they yield results

11/5/2015 - How the US post office can save America—and itself

11/5/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Sisi in London, Expedia challenges Airbnb, Bond-inspired Swiss mansions

11/5/2015 - Headbangers and nude sauna enthusiasts: Finland introduces its very own emoji

11/5/2015 - Silicon Valley’s money-burning internet companies could learn a lesson from China

11/5/2015 - For women in male-dominated sports, one role model arrives as another leaves

11/5/2015 - The newest robot from China’s space agency looks a lot like Iron Man

11/5/2015 - India is counting its butterflies for the first time since Independence

11/5/2015 - Inside the Jungle—the sprawling refugee encampment at the heart of Europe

11/5/2015 - A nuclear war between India and Pakistan is a very real possibility

11/5/2015 - Custom-made condom machines are the latest red flags in Kenya’s growing corruption debate

11/5/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Suspected ISIL bomb, Facebook’s mega profits, endangered beer

11/5/2015 - Indians are so troubled by the idea of free healthcare, they’d rather pay anything than nothing at all

11/5/2015 - Indians are craving Maggi noodles but Nestle needs them even more

11/4/2015 - Why is Canada’s new cabinet half women? Justin Trudeau has the perfect answer

11/4/2015 - A pricing glitch means American Airlines is on the hook for more than $1 million

11/4/2015 - The secret feminism of China’s one-child policy

11/4/2015 - Mexico’s Supreme Court clears the way for legalizing marijuana

11/4/2015 - Deutsche Bank is paying $258 million for moving money it shouldn’t have

11/4/2015 - Don’t blame Airbnb for San Francisco’s ridiculous housing crunch

11/4/2015 - The price of bitcoin jumped over 20% today

11/4/2015 - More than 1 billion people now use Facebook every day

11/4/2015 - A US congressman said God doesn’t want the Fed to raise interest rates until May

11/4/2015 - Brush up those resumes: NASA is hiring astronauts

11/4/2015 - From Ankara to Louisville, from Tel Aviv to Ottawa, pollsters keep getting it wrong

11/4/2015 - Bad news, everyone—China just committed itself to growing 6.5% a year until 2020

11/4/2015 - US gun sales could hit a record high in 2015 with no signs of slowing down

11/4/2015 - The US thinks the Russian jet that crashed in Egypt was “likely” downed by an ISIL bomb

11/4/2015 - Rwanda is in a dispute over how it measures poverty

11/4/2015 - The TSA’s security screening is worse than you even imagined

11/4/2015 - Iran is hosting an international volleyball tournament only men will be allowed to watch

11/4/2015 - Airport officials in the Philippines are suspected of planting bullets in passengers’ luggage

11/4/2015 - How realistic is “The Walking Dead”? Ranking pop culture’s worst zombie outbreaks

11/4/2015 - How not to gentrify a neighborhood: throw a party making fun of its poverty

11/4/2015 - Abercrombie & Fitch really was serious about taking the sex out of its ads

11/4/2015 - A happy accident from the PBOC sent Chinese stocks soaring

11/4/2015 - The EU has resettled 116 refugees—less than 0.1% of what it promised

11/4/2015 - Walmart now sells more of Hampton Creek’s vegan mayo than Whole Foods

11/4/2015 - The UK’s recommendation to banks: Get serious about gender diversity and tie it to bonuses

11/4/2015 - Nigeria has finally canceled its shady oil swap deals

11/4/2015 - Today’s young Americans are less religious—and a lot more likely to stay that way

11/4/2015 - Ikea is turning kids’ drawings of imaginary friends into real toys

11/4/2015 - Fed up with years of bad internet service, a small community of islanders built their own network from scratch

11/4/2015 - We don’t save for the future because we lie to ourselves. This app might change that

11/4/2015 - Sugar is totally unnecessary, but our insatiable craving for it defined modern industry

11/4/2015 - The latest must-have threatened by climate change: quality Belgian beer

11/4/2015 - The US is using a race-predicting algorithm to identify victims of car loan discrimination

11/4/2015 - China accounts for 30% of the world’s secretive military spending

11/4/2015 - Middle-aged white Americans are dying at a faster rate than anyone expected

11/4/2015 - Sugar has caused a global public health crisis and should be regulated like tobacco

11/4/2015 - Seaweed could save the world’s oceans from becoming too acidic

11/4/2015 - A Russian cargo plane crashed in South Sudan killing at least 41 people

11/4/2015 - NFL and rugby, divided by a common ball, share a dream of conquering the world

11/4/2015 - The world is running short of yellow fever vaccines—and millions are at risk

11/4/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US midterm results, Facebook’s earnings, the “Tetris effect”

11/4/2015 - Liberal causes—from legalized weed to LGBT rights—got crushed in last night’s US elections

11/4/2015 - Both camps in Ireland’s abortion debate suspect US meddling on the other side

11/4/2015 - Photos: Thick fog envelopes London to create eerie urban scenes

11/4/2015 - Mapped: Where China’s economic slowdown is hitting the hardest

11/4/2015 - Ireland’s rationale for decriminalizing heroin and cocaine for personal use

11/4/2015 - I am British, Muslim, and afraid of my own government

11/4/2015 - This Diwali, Indians will buy more smartphones than ever before

11/4/2015 - Kenya’s terrible dilemma: Run out of energy, or risk terrorists seizing a nuclear power plant

11/4/2015 - San Francisco voters rejected a measure limiting Airbnb rentals

11/4/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—China-Taiwan presidential meeting, Tesla pleases investors, the “Tetris effect”

11/4/2015 - The politics of India’s past can kill the promise of India’s future

11/4/2015 - India’s biggest IPOs in the last five years, charted

11/4/2015 - 25 years, 36,000 postcards: How one doctor’s gesture helped India’s rural poor stay healthy

11/3/2015 - Ohio voters rejected legal marijuana

11/3/2015 - Baidu found China’s “ghost cities,” but it is keeping their locations mostly a secret

11/3/2015 - Is darkness the key to feeling more rested at night?

11/3/2015 - Elon Musk is looking to acquire companies to speed up production of Tesla’s Model 3

11/3/2015 - Uber’s credibility as a jobs creator is going to be tested—mainly by Uber

11/3/2015 - Muji is making tiny prefab huts, and they’re as Muji as you’d expect

11/3/2015 - Tesla barely delivered more cars last quarter, but its stock still went through the roof

11/3/2015 - Ahmad Chalabi’s legacy isn’t that he fooled the US, but that he failed Iraq

11/3/2015 - Volkswagen’s latest admission suggests an entirely different kind of infraction, with an extra €2 billion price tag

11/3/2015 - Video: Now NASA can see what the surface of the sun actually looks like

11/3/2015 - There’s a showdown in court this week between Big Corn and Big Sugar

11/3/2015 - The US stock market has completely recovered from August’s global market meltdown

11/3/2015 - Republican candidates’ new “rules for debates” are an attack on press freedom

11/3/2015 - The Indian Uber driver who raped a passenger has been sentenced to life in prison

11/3/2015 - Jon Stewart is going to HBO

11/3/2015 - Twitter hates the new “likes,” proving that nothing is too mundane to debate on Twitter

11/3/2015 - The Nigerian doctor who miraculously survived Ebola last year has given birth to a baby girl

11/3/2015 - An iconic London design museum says “Thanks, but no thanks” to Margaret Thatcher’s clothes

11/3/2015 - Uber is trying to lure new drivers by offering bank accounts

11/3/2015 - Why 10 cases of dengue fever in Hawaii are much scarier than the rest

11/3/2015 - Taiwan’s president will meet China’s president for the first time ever

11/3/2015 - MTN renews its license in Nigeria despite the prospect of a $5.2 billion fine

11/3/2015 - The Russian airline behind a fatal plane crash hasn’t paid its staff in two months

11/3/2015 - Britain’s new passports celebrate cultural icons with the most secure design yet

11/3/2015 - Google wants to use AI to answer your emails for you

11/3/2015 - Oscar Pistorius’ lawyer says, “I’m going to lose” as court considers murder conviction

11/3/2015 - Despite a wave of controversy, the UK says relations with Saudi Arabia are “business as usual”

11/3/2015 - Australia’s dollar pops after RBA declines to cut interest rates

11/3/2015 - The 2018 World Cup will feature a new soccer official: an antiracism inspector

11/3/2015 - Study: Kids who grow up with dogs have a lower risk of developing asthma

11/3/2015 - A man bombed a Mississippi Walmart to honor the Confederate flag

11/3/2015 - Rooftop solar: Companies going green face little known risks

11/3/2015 - Unless you’re Adele, you have no business releasing album tracks all at once

11/3/2015 - America is full of high-earning poor people

11/3/2015 - Photos: When a natural disaster creates a hot tourist attraction

11/3/2015 - If you’re eating more chicken, think about America’s quarter million poultry plant workers

11/3/2015 - This new robot teaches kids about coding—but it’s awesome for grown-ups, too

11/3/2015 - Forget fast fashion. Here’s a better way to dress well for cheap

11/3/2015 - Is the decline in US private schools making public schools worse?

11/3/2015 - You have 70,000 thoughts a day. This is how to organize them for maximum productivity

11/3/2015 - Ten proven, deadly carcinogens that are still being widely used

11/3/2015 - The one metric that defines science has been vindicated

11/3/2015 - A new wave of start-ups offers Muslim-friendly food, fashion and books for all

11/3/2015 - As tax havens go, the US is worse than the Cayman Islands

11/3/2015 - The startup craze has alumni writing checks for entrepreneurs instead of libraries

11/3/2015 - You actually might want that desk that lets you work lying down

11/3/2015 - Here’s proof there can be a non-icky business model for content aggregation

11/3/2015 - An Apple Car could succeed if Apple’s culture changes, and could kill if it doesn’t

11/3/2015 - “Wealth of Nations” stole happiness from workers—here’s how we steal it back

11/3/2015 - Zanzibar could be headed back to the polls

11/3/2015 - Watch MIT’s new drone juke and jive through trees on its own

11/3/2015 - African governments are making it difficult for low-cost airlines to thrive

11/3/2015 - Chinese government study based on shoddy data claims 40% of China’s online products are shoddy

11/3/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—”Candy Crush” merger, Iraq’s Chalabi dies, beware the coywolf

11/3/2015 - The only thing more absurd than the $43 million gas station in Afghanistan is why we don’t know where the money went

11/3/2015 - There’s fish bladder in your Guinness—but not for long

11/3/2015 - A Saudi prince is charged with drug smuggling in Lebanon after a record-setting bust

11/3/2015 - Africans are now one of the fastest growing immigrant populations in the US

11/3/2015 - In 35 years, Nigeria could be the automotive capital of Africa

11/3/2015 - Why it took me 19 years to embrace my brown skin and body hair

11/3/2015 - Yam farms are the launch pads for this Congolese mission to send a rat into space

11/3/2015 - Videogame giant Activision is paying $5.9 billion for the company behind “Candy Crush Saga”

11/3/2015 - 28 “disappeared” investors are still missing in China, nine days after they were arrested

11/3/2015 - Amazon is opening its first bookstore today—in a mall where a giant Barnes & Noble used to be

11/3/2015 - Maruti Suzuki: The carmaker for India’s common man wants to shed its cheap tag

11/3/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Porsche emissions cheating, videogame merger, Congolese space rats

11/3/2015 - Which state in India should you live in if you are a woman?

11/3/2015 - Scotland is about to become home to the world’s largest floating wind farm

11/3/2015 - Lionel Messi is the new global ambassador for India’s largest automaker

11/2/2015 - Google: The Chrome operating system is not going away, guys

11/2/2015 - Mexico vs. China: How two manufacturing hubs stack up

11/2/2015 - Fitbit says the Apple Watch hasn’t had an impact on its business

11/2/2015 - Obama lost it when he saw a baby in a pope costume, because who wouldn’t?

11/2/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Porsche emissions cheating, Turkey election condemned, Congo space rats

11/2/2015 - Redesigning work in an era of cognitive technologies

11/2/2015 - Four ways your company will use robots soon

11/2/2015 - A new interactive shows how race in the US has changed since 1790

11/2/2015 - Volkswagen’s emissions cheating scandal has spread to Porsche

11/2/2015 - Google wants to use drones to deliver packages by 2017

11/2/2015 - Watch: Inmates make an illicit rap video using the jail’s own cameras

11/2/2015 - Shah Rukh Khan thinks that intolerance is bringing India back to the dark ages

11/2/2015 - Flirt now, or hold your peace: Another dating app has begun expiring new matches after 24 hours of silence

11/2/2015 - Kanye West’s $585 duck boots are the hit of his new fashion line

11/2/2015 - Pantone: How the world authority on color became a pop culture icon

11/2/2015 - Kickstarter’s CEO says we need to overhaul the way we do business

11/2/2015 - A new “Star Trek” series is coming—but only for cord-cutters

11/2/2015 - Africa’s largest mobile network is now being probed for possible insider trading

11/2/2015 - Get better at predicting your future with tips from expert forecasters

11/2/2015 - Do Turks care about freedom?

11/2/2015 - In October alone, 218,394 refugees and migrants arrived in Europe by sea

11/2/2015 - With its Pandora tie-up, “Serial” is finding new ways for podcasts to make money

11/2/2015 - Half of Nigeria’s bank accounts could be closed for failing a new verification process

11/2/2015 - Apple’s giant cash pile—and everything you need to know about it

11/2/2015 - Skype’s co-founders are building small robots that deliver groceries for less than $2 a pop

11/2/2015 - Ireland is opening supervised heroin injection centers

11/2/2015 - Chipotle braces for more sick people from its E. coli outbreak

11/2/2015 - Kmart is turning to an old trick to boost sales

11/2/2015 - The next US state voting to legalize pot would also create the first marijuana grower monopoly

11/2/2015 - Pope Francis’s first book as pope comes out in January

11/2/2015 - Turkey’s post-election bump shows markets love a good strongman

11/2/2015 - An R&B artist, alleging plagiarism, is suing Taylor Swift for $42 million

11/2/2015 - According to NASA, Antarctica is actually gaining ice

11/2/2015 - It takes four days to officially start a business in New York—and 101 days in Sao Paulo

11/2/2015 - Wikipedia now has five million articles, but they cover just a tiny sliver of all human knowledge

11/2/2015 - Japan is building a “Robot Taxi” service, with thousands planned for the 2020 Olympics

11/2/2015 - Ryanair’s simple money-making strategy: be nice to customers

11/2/2015 - Against doctors’ orders, American women are opening up about drinking while pregnant

11/2/2015 - What’s probably killing your motivation right now, and how to stop it

11/2/2015 - There’s a gaping hole in many brands’ “eco-friendly” practices

11/2/2015 - Failure isn’t the problem, you are

11/2/2015 - Dating apps like Tinder are being blamed for spreading sexually-transmitted diseases

11/2/2015 - China has created a hotline you can use to report a suspected spy

11/2/2015 - Europe almost banned the thing that made Monet’s and Van Gogh’s paintings so vivid

11/2/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US weighs jury discrimination, HSBC’s mega profit, decaffeinated coffee shops

11/2/2015 - At 50, Shah Rukh Khan is out to prove that he has the smartest business mind in Bollywood

11/2/2015 - Leave it to Scotland to discover that whisky can help clean up radioactive waste

11/2/2015 - Aviation officials are still unclear about what caused the Metrojet plane crash

11/2/2015 - The case for a United States of Europe

11/2/2015 - In the Islamic State’s new elementary schools, history is literally rewritten

11/2/2015 - Indonesia’s fires have now razed more land than in the entire US state of New Jersey

11/2/2015 - A new law in China may make it illegal for men to force women to wear a burqa

11/2/2015 - How should India appoint its judges?

11/2/2015 - India is hurting itself with its misguided obsession with rituals

11/2/2015 - Poor white men are the UK’s new underprivileged minority

11/2/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Turkey election results, Yemeni cyclone, good bad coffee

11/2/2015 - Prime minister Modi, enough of the rallies, summits and speeches. It’s time you really speak up

11/1/2015 - Why are so many lottery retailers buying winning tickets?

11/1/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Turkey election results, Yemeni cyclone, good bad coffee

11/1/2015 - Denmark says it isn’t the socialist utopia Bernie Sanders thinks it is

11/1/2015 - Tesla’s self-driving car is already getting smarter

11/1/2015 - Should driverless cars kill their own passengers to save a pedestrian?

11/1/2015 - A celebrity photographer turns his lens on the homeless of Los Angeles

11/1/2015 - Who needs this? A caffeine-free coffee shop just opened in New York City

11/1/2015 - Zanzibar’s political crisis worsens as home-made bombs are found

11/1/2015 - Everything we know about the Russian plane that crashed in Egypt, and ISIL’s claim of responsibility

11/1/2015 - Ai Weiwei and other artists on how to design your own furniture

11/1/2015 - What would happen if US senators worked like the French?

11/1/2015 - Science says dancing with friends is good for your health

11/1/2015 - Science says those who think they are experts are more likely to be closed-minded

11/1/2015 - The language of sex ed is stuck in a sexist, backwards mindset

11/1/2015 - To solve the retirement crisis, we should work six years and take the seventh off

11/1/2015 - NASA just released a close-up of Saturn’s moon Enceladus, taken 30 miles above the surface

11/1/2015 - Why is makeup so expensive?

11/1/2015 - The countries most vulnerable to climate change know the least about how it will affect them