6/30/2018 - The best of Google’s Android is coming to cheap feature phones

6/30/2018 - How Tesla is doing everything to get Model 3 cars out the door

6/30/2018 - After conquering the US, Juul e-cigarettes are going global

6/30/2018 - Squircles

6/30/2018 - Squircles

6/30/2018 - Photos: What the earliest World Cups looked like

6/30/2018 - We’re experiencing the biggest revolution in movie-ticket prices in decades

6/30/2018 - Email’s first real user was also the first person to compulsively check his inbox

6/30/2018 - Banning abortion does not make abortion go away

6/30/2018 - Physics can explain human innovation and enlightenment

6/30/2018 - Tech companies just woke up to a big problem with their AI

6/30/2018 - How Hilton hotels fought the Cold War with ice water, AC, and burgers

6/30/2018 - The most important formula in data science was first used to prove the existence of God

6/30/2018 - Winemakers have thrived by embracing some traditions and disrupting others

6/30/2018 - Weekend edition—Soccer’s civility, history of stress, hunting an extinct animal

6/30/2018 - Beyond beach reads: How to pick the best summer books

6/30/2018 - Staten Island is the perfect place for “The First Purge”

6/30/2018 - The Met’s African-American portrait exhibit celebrates “the desire to pose for oneself”

6/30/2018 - One of history’s greatest philosophers thought work makes you a worse person

6/30/2018 - Squircles

6/30/2018 - Foreign doctorates are attractive—but don’t write off homegrown PhDs

6/30/2018 - Child homelessness in England is at its highest since the global financial crisis

6/30/2018 - This is what Ikea furniture looks like when it’s designed by Africans

6/30/2018 - Weekend edition—Soccer’s civility, history of stress, hunting an extinct animal

6/30/2018 - Weekend edition—Soccer’s civility, history of stress, hunting an extinct animal

6/29/2018 - China’s testing some of its most liberal ideas on this palm-fringed tropical island

6/29/2018 - Weekend edition—Soccer’s civility, history of stress, hunting an extinct animal

6/29/2018 - Trump’s top economic adviser has ditched the Phillips curve—and it’s not crazy

6/29/2018 - What happens when astronauts drop their tools in space

6/29/2018 - A Comcast outage is hitting users across the US

6/29/2018 - Squircles

6/29/2018 - The ISS is getting an AI orb that can move in zero gravity

6/29/2018 - The full list of 229 US products targeted by Canada’s retaliatory tariffs

6/29/2018 - The US farm bill could endanger poor American kids for decades

6/29/2018 - As Canada taxes everything from whiskey to cucumbers, the majority of US states could suffer

6/29/2018 - The US Mint lost $69 million making pennies last year

6/29/2018 - WeWork says it would be New York City’s largest private employer, if paying customers were employees

6/29/2018 - California just passed the toughest data privacy bill in the US

6/29/2018 - Trump’s next Supreme Court pick could last for 40 years

6/29/2018 - It takes 16 Deutsche Banks to make one JPMorgan

6/29/2018 - An engineer quit her job to pursue her dream—and became National Geographic’s Travel Photographer of the Year

6/29/2018 - An ambitious national solar power strategy to fix Togo’s electricity problem might just work

6/29/2018 - Rural American women don’t get enough healthcare. This “shithole” country has a solution

6/29/2018 - Bitcoin’s brutal bear market isn’t yet its worst crash in history

6/29/2018 - The new Nike sneakers helping the swoosh back to its feet in America

6/29/2018 - Quartzy: the ferocious reading edition

6/29/2018 - Quartzy: the ferocious reading edition

6/29/2018 - Trump’s trade war hit Chinese stocks with their worst month in more than two years

6/29/2018 - Saudi women hit the road, Facebook’s smart bet, biochip wallets

6/29/2018 - Pandas

6/29/2018 - Pandas

6/29/2018 - “Welcome to Norway! The Land of Chlamydia”

6/29/2018 - A struggling national airline is renting out its pilots and cabin crew

6/29/2018 - “Digital nomads” often resort to working illegally in the countries they visit

6/29/2018 - Nigeria’s deadly pastoral attacks are hurting the potential of an agric-powered economy

6/29/2018 - Fortnite is replacing its Final Fight game mode with a reliable favorite

6/29/2018 - America is running out of OB/GYNs

6/29/2018 - The scientist who coined “stress” wished he had chosen a different word for it

6/29/2018 - To help poor Americans live longer, doctors are copying Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Brazil

6/29/2018 - How the US lost control of the International Organization for Migration

6/29/2018 - How to effect the maximum amount of change with the skills you already have

6/29/2018 - Being indispensable will make you miserable—here’s a better goal

6/29/2018 - The modern education system was designed to teach future factory workers to be “punctual, docile, and sober”

6/29/2018 - The DNA of all the animals on Earth will be recorded in an enormous new genetics project

6/29/2018 - US nickels cost seven cents to make. Scientists may have a solution

6/29/2018 - Brazil’s audacious plan to fight poverty using neuroscience and parents’ love

6/29/2018 - With its new Bob Dylan museum, Tulsa makes a play to be the next Nashville

6/29/2018 - When to splurge on real vanilla, and when to use the imitation stuff—yes, it has a place

6/29/2018 - The latest discovery in breast cancer treatment is a win for research that puts patients, not drugs, first

6/29/2018 - The scientific reason your brain never runs out of problems to find

6/29/2018 - As migration tumbles, the UK population growth rate drops to its lowest level since 2004

6/29/2018 - Australia is spending $26 billion on new warships—with Chinese submarines in mind

6/29/2018 - Bitcoin has fallen more against the dollar than almost every other currency this year

6/29/2018 - Here are all the gigafactories that Chinese electric vehicle battery giants are building

6/29/2018 - Mexico picks a leader, Trump protest arrests, space grease

6/29/2018 - The truth about whether pressing the “walk” button helps you cross the street faster

6/29/2018 - Pandas

6/29/2018 - Investors think Xiaomi’s “new species” of business is worth a little over $50 billion

6/29/2018 - The legendary statistician whose number-crunching helped create modern India

6/29/2018 - Why India is building huge caves to store oil

6/29/2018 - UK students are slowly ditching French and German in favor of Spanish and Chinese

6/29/2018 - Why Islam must be made part of India’s foreign policy

6/29/2018 - EU’s migrant agreement, Mexico’s election, space grease

6/29/2018 - EU’s migrant agreement, Mexico’s election, space grease

6/29/2018 - This is where India’s millionaires went to college

6/29/2018 - The US’s new South Korea ambassador wants Kim Jong Un “to come to his senses and not his knees”

6/29/2018 - On Instagram, #EverydayPakistan is showing Indians how their neighbours really live

6/28/2018 - Amazon’s foray into China can be traced back to Xiaomi founder Lei Jun

6/28/2018 - SpaceX will launch its 12th rocket of the year on a mission to the International Space Station

6/28/2018 - One of the World Cup’s greatest upsets took place on this day in 1950

6/28/2018 - What stops China from becoming a soccer superpower

6/28/2018 - Amazon buys PillPack, Merkel EU deadline, space grease

6/28/2018 - If we never got the iPhone, this is the phone we’d all be stuck with

6/28/2018 - The 17 years since the Microsoft antitrust case taught us that regulation can spur innovation

6/28/2018 - Vodafone is the latest brand to take key ad functions in house

6/28/2018 - Photos: What true die-hard football fans wear to the World Cup

6/28/2018 - Will Foxconn’s new Wisconsin mega-factory deliver for America?

6/28/2018 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s lipstick proves she’s already got influence

6/28/2018 - China’s “debt trap” is even worse than we thought

6/28/2018 - Pandas

6/28/2018 - Bird confirms it raised $300 million to make electric scooters a thing

6/28/2018 - How to avoid taking on too many responsibilities

6/28/2018 - Accounts from The Truth Project reveal the lifelong consequences of childhood abuse

6/28/2018 - A ridiculous new study makes a case for eating popcorn with chopsticks

6/28/2018 - There are four pounds of cheese in storage for every American

6/28/2018 - Armadillos are making Brazil’s leprosy problem worse

6/28/2018 - A new study shows crows can design tools from memory—just like humans

6/28/2018 - Starbucks has a pioneering new health policy for trans workers

6/28/2018 - A lesson on civility from the Stonewall riots

6/28/2018 - Boeing is making a long-term play for hypersonic travel—but will passengers ever pay for it?

6/28/2018 - Amazon just created a cheap way to make your own Echo Show

6/28/2018 - While migration will dominate the EU summit, there are more topics on the table

6/28/2018 - The EU discusses emergency options for a post-Brexit Channel Tunnel

6/28/2018 - Religious taboos around organ donation are putting minorities at risk

6/28/2018 - Amazon’s latest pharmacy push just wiped out $24 billion in market cap for healthcare giants

6/28/2018 - The world’s first ATM was installed this week in 1967. Are the cash machine’s days numbered?

6/28/2018 - 17th-century Dutch painters were the original Instagram influencers

6/28/2018 - France replaced the word “race” with “sex” in its constitution

6/28/2018 - A therapist’s advice for handling an entitled coworker

6/28/2018 - Pandas aren’t worth saving—but their habitat is

6/28/2018 - Amazon just put the entire pharmaceutical industry on notice

6/28/2018 - COBOL

6/28/2018 - COBOL

6/28/2018 - Modern furniture was once sold as an alternative to hours of tedious dusting

6/28/2018 - Can you recognize the world’s most famous cities from space?

6/28/2018 - Jay-Z and Beyoncé may be inspired by Africa, but they won’t perform here

6/28/2018 - Inexperienced and “sanctimonious:” Trump’s top Supreme Court pick was downgraded by peers

6/28/2018 - Africa’s final hope at the World Cup is probably its least fancied side

6/28/2018 - Even great ideas can fail at first. Just look at the zipper.

6/28/2018 - How Spam became one of the most iconic American brands of all time

6/28/2018 - The average American woman is not a size 16

6/28/2018 - By the definition of consciousness, Apple could be considered a conscious organism

6/28/2018 - Japan had a war for talent a century ago. Silicon Valley can learn from it

6/28/2018 - How to invest without regrets, according to a Nobel-winning economist

6/28/2018 - Senator Ron Wyden: “The only thing that is consistent about the Trump trade policy is the chaos.”

6/28/2018 - South China Sea: Beijing won’t give up “even one inch” of the territory it claims

6/28/2018 - The Queen isn’t even close to being the richest aristocrat in Britain

6/28/2018 - Eight questions we should ask about the ethics of space exploration

6/28/2018 - American businesses have a long tradition of expelling unwanted political visitors

6/28/2018 - Nike’s numbers, Trump’s Supreme Court plans, reindeer rows

6/28/2018 - Square CFO Sarah Friar forecasts the future shape of finance

6/28/2018 - Storing information on DNA is now cheap enough to be viable

6/28/2018 - COBOL

6/28/2018 - Air India pilots may have found a way to make more money by doing less work

6/28/2018 - India’s female investors show that bitcoin isn’t just for boys

6/28/2018 - Air pollution is killing young children in African cities, say scientists

6/28/2018 - The Indian rupee has hit an all-time-low

6/28/2018 - African countries will soon stop getting rid of landmines as donor funding moves to Middle East

6/28/2018 - India will have nearly a million millionaires by 2027

6/28/2018 - Eighty years ago, Indian women broke into science by refusing to take no for an answer

6/28/2018 - Nearly 2 million Africans were pulled into World War I, their reward was even more colonization

6/28/2018 - An Italian luxury label is taking India’s designer menswear to the next level

6/28/2018 - EU summit, Trump-Putin meeting, reindeer crisis

6/28/2018 - EU summit, Trump-Putin meeting, reindeer crisis

6/27/2018 - The good news about women and pay raises

6/27/2018 - In authoritarian Cambodia, voter turnout is key, but not for the reason you think

6/27/2018 - The Supreme Court just lost a crucial defender of Roe v. Wade. What happens to abortion now?

6/27/2018 - Trump-Putin summit, Disney-Fox approved, overweight hedgehogs

6/27/2018 - Apple and Samsung have finally settled their 7-year-old case over smartphone design

6/27/2018 - Watch Donald Trump totally forget the name of SCOTUS justice Anthony Kennedy

6/27/2018 - COBOL

6/27/2018 - What Elaine Chao and Mitch McConnell owe the US immigration system, according to her official bio

6/27/2018 - Photos: Germany’s stunned reaction to its World Cup exit

6/27/2018 - Hannah Gadsby rewrites the way we tell jokes in “Nanette”

6/27/2018 - Read Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement letter to Donald Trump

6/27/2018 - Amazon is spending a ton on video, but it’s still just a complement to Netflix

6/27/2018 - Happiness doesn’t change much in long marriages. But something else does

6/27/2018 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s climate plan is the only one that matches scientific consensus on the environment

6/27/2018 - Norway and Sweden are locked in a spat over border-crossing reindeer

6/27/2018 - Facebook is stepping back from its plan to bring the internet to the world via giant drones

6/27/2018 - Colombia is leading a massive resurgence in global cocaine production

6/27/2018 - The US doesn’t care about soccer; it cares about the US

6/27/2018 - Fortnite just introduced its first-ever practice mode

6/27/2018 - Puerto Rico just asked for enough batteries to supply 5% of its peak electricity demand

6/27/2018 - The instant gratification generation has more patience than kids from the ’60s

6/27/2018 - Satellites could show airplanes faster long-haul routes in mid-air

6/27/2018 - The latest clash between herdsmen and farmers in Nigeria has left more than 200 dead

6/27/2018 - Nonprofit organizations are suffering from a leadership gap

6/27/2018 - NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity is trapped in a growing, planet-encircling dust storm

6/27/2018 - A Stanford researcher says we shouldn’t start working full time until age 40

6/27/2018 - Books George RR Martin recommends to “Game of Thrones” fans

6/27/2018 - Cheetos

6/27/2018 - Cheetos

6/27/2018 - Why Spanx’s billionaire CEO drives aimlessly for an hour every morning

6/27/2018 - How to tell when you’re being sold pixie dust instead of data science

6/27/2018 - A research platform for African scientists will take papers in local languages

6/27/2018 - Understanding FIRE: a philosophy for financial independence and retiring early

6/27/2018 - Who would win the World Cup of blockchain?

6/27/2018 - The best place to get a tech job without a college degree, ranked by city and state

6/27/2018 - Silicon Valley executives are meeting to tackle privacy problems they helped create

6/27/2018 - There’s a Gmail plugin to make you stop apologizing so much

6/27/2018 - This Mad Men-esque undergarment is the ultimate hot weather wardrobe hack

6/27/2018 - Why Spain has more organ donors than any other country in the world

6/27/2018 - What’s the point of philosophy? A new philosophy paper says there isn’t one

6/27/2018 - Indian banks were duped of over Rs3,00,00,00,00,000 in just one year

6/27/2018 - Police seized up to $273 million in cash and luxury goods from Malaysia’s ex-leader

6/27/2018 - Silicon Valley’s crisis meeting, Romney’s big win, randy starfish

6/27/2018 - India’s small traders are hurting, but big businesses are loving the GST

6/27/2018 - Incomes of the very poorest American households are falling

6/27/2018 - The best way to accomplish your long-term goals is to ignore them

6/27/2018 - A new smartphone found a novel way to make the entire front of the phone one giant screen

6/27/2018 - India’s largest liquor company is now backing a booze-delivery startup

6/27/2018 - Cheetos

6/27/2018 - A Nobel-winning economist’s guide to taming tech monopolies

6/27/2018 - India is having a record-breaking year for IPOs

6/27/2018 - India is embracing the internet of cows to help its dairy farmers

6/27/2018 - This is the latest development in America’s immigrant family separation crisis

6/27/2018 - Why southeast Asia’s largest bank is wary of lending to Indian corporates

6/27/2018 - The year’s biggest US election upset produced an indelible image of pure joy

6/27/2018 - Brexit bill, asteroid rendezvous, robot dragons

6/27/2018 - Brexit bill, asteroid rendezvous, robot dragons

6/27/2018 - India’s newest unicorn is disrupting a 200-year-old industry

6/26/2018 - A book about Steve Jobs put Xiaomi founder Lei Jun on the road to a $6 billion IPO

6/26/2018 - A “quiet and thoughtful” border patrol agent has been tapped to lead ICE

6/26/2018 - The same thing that saved Germany has just knocked the team out of the 2018 World Cup

6/26/2018 - Trump travel ban upheld, GE shrinks, robot dragons

6/26/2018 - CEO of a facial recognition company: The tech is too volatile to give to law enforcement

6/26/2018 - The US Supreme Court finally overruled the case that justified Japanese internment

6/26/2018 - The surprisingly low standard the Supreme Court used to review Trump’s travel ban

6/26/2018 - Flight attendants are more likely to get cancer than most, according to a new Harvard study

6/26/2018 - Fortnite is free, but the average player spends $58 on it

6/26/2018 - Cheetos

6/26/2018 - “Find your passion” is bad advice, say Yale-NUS and Stanford psychologists

6/26/2018 - Five Supreme Court justices don’t think Trump’s travel ban targets Muslims. Four do.

6/26/2018 - Get ready for the Bauhaus centennial festivities—and it all starts with these fonts

6/26/2018 - Finding my voice as an Asian American leader meant reconciling two different models of leadership

6/26/2018 - Uber is getting its license back in London

6/26/2018 - “Sometimes I just switch everything off,” says Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

6/26/2018 - Merkel is struggling to get EU countries to follow Germany’s lead on migration

6/26/2018 - Men—not women—are fashion’s fastest-growing shoppers

6/26/2018 - Europe’s newest unicorn is a process-mining startup founded by German students

6/26/2018 - US border agents hacked their “risk assessment” system to recommend detention 100% of the time

6/26/2018 - African fashion doesn’t need another fashion week or Vogue, it needs customers

6/26/2018 - Saline

6/26/2018 - Saline

6/26/2018 - Companies have been setting equal pay policies (and failing at them) for more than 100 years

6/26/2018 - Engineers have created a cement alternative to reduce concrete’s carbon footprint

6/26/2018 - Why women-run startups produce more revenue

6/26/2018 - When you want to do yoga, but you don’t want to be touched by a stranger

6/26/2018 - Britain’s “Love Island” is exposing the disturbing reality of emotional abuse

6/26/2018 - China has more fans at the World Cup than England—and they’re not even playing

6/26/2018 - The US crackdown on sex work won’t help women—it will hurt the most vulnerable

6/26/2018 - You don’t need a Mac laptop

6/26/2018 - The unromantic, untold story of the great US divorce spree of 1946

6/26/2018 - Brits who hate London are nearly twice as likely to oppose multiculturalism

6/26/2018 - China’s financial payments giant is coming for Western Union

6/26/2018 - Photos of the 24-year soccer rivalry between Nigeria and Argentina

6/26/2018 - The psychology of why you feel alone even when you’re surrounded by people

6/26/2018 - Fighting family separation showed America the way to resist a wayward president

6/26/2018 - The simple steps Zillow took to become a more diverse employer

6/26/2018 - Being rational all the time isn’t going to do you any favors

6/26/2018 - Google doodle is celebrating India’s first recording artiste

6/26/2018 - Uber’s London fate, bearish Chinese stocks, angry Aldrin

6/26/2018 - A debate over the word for ‘grandmother’ in China exposes a linguistic and political rift

6/26/2018 - Saline

6/26/2018 - What happens if your UberPool co-passenger misbehaves?

6/26/2018 - India’s economy is starting to look like a ship without a captain

6/26/2018 - 70 years ago, the US saved a city from certain starvation

6/26/2018 - IKEA has some very special plans for Mumbai

6/26/2018 - WhatsApp is getting set to be Africa’s biggest payments and ad platform

6/26/2018 - The Ethiopia rally bomb will test the prime minister’s reform agenda amid internal party conflict

6/26/2018 - EU enlargement talks, Mattis in Beijing, reinvented wheels

6/26/2018 - EU enlargement talks, Mattis in Beijing, reinvented wheels

6/26/2018 - Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis has brought the country to the brink of civil war

6/26/2018 - India is now the most dangerous country in the world for women

6/25/2018 - The world’s most expensive and cheapest cities to live as an expat

6/25/2018 - A Northern California Fire has forced 3,000 from their homes and burned 8,200 acres

6/25/2018 - We may have answered the Fermi Paradox: We are alone in the universe

6/25/2018 - Mattis China trip, trade war snags Harley-Davidson, weed for dogs

6/25/2018 - They don’t make financial news like they used to

6/25/2018 - The US FDA just approved the first use of a cannabinoid to treat forms of epilepsy

6/25/2018 - Do undocumented immigrants have the right to a day in court? The Supreme Court answered in 1896

6/25/2018 - Mexico’s ruling party paid Cambridge Analytica to not mess with its presidential election

6/25/2018 - The surprising history of the “disaster baby boom” legend

6/25/2018 - Buying Instagram is probably the smartest thing Facebook has ever done

6/25/2018 - Saline

6/25/2018 - Is the sun setting on shady influencers?

6/25/2018 - Scientists built a transforming flying robot dragon

6/25/2018 - What the Red Hen owner did to Sarah Huckabee Sanders is called leadership

6/25/2018 - Trump’s attack on Red Hen sends a chilling message to 29 million US small businesses

6/25/2018 - Snap’s Spectacles are now basically a GoPro for your face

6/25/2018 - The simple skincare routine all men should do, according to a Hollywood stylist

6/25/2018 - H&M, Columbia, and others are accused of ignoring disturbing abuses at a large Indian supplier

6/25/2018 - AT&T may have what it needs to challenge Google’s advertising business

6/25/2018 - Finally, some good news about Antarctica’s ice

6/25/2018 - A Chinese province considered bringing down the firewall for tourists and caught hell

6/25/2018 - The areas of the US where ticks are spreading red-meat allergies

6/25/2018 - US Supreme Court rejects appeal of Brendan Dassey from Netflix’s “Making a Murderer”

6/25/2018 - A new Dutch design lab is exploring creative uses for space trash

6/25/2018 - The photographer who captured the inhumanity of apartheid’s divide has died

6/25/2018 - Bankrupt Mt. Gox’s customers are in line for an immense windfall

6/25/2018 - Egypt has set a World Cup record with its goalkeeper

6/25/2018 - Yoga isn’t timeless. It’s evolving to meet contemporary needs.

6/25/2018 - Want to be more productive? Stop scheduling out your day

6/25/2018 - Nigeria has become the poverty capital of the world

6/25/2018 - OpenAI built gaming bots that can work as a team with inhuman precision

6/25/2018 - For Harley-Davidson, the cost of Trump’s trade war is $100 million and lost American manufacturing

6/25/2018 - Tech’s diversity problem can’t be solved overnight—and it shouldn’t be

6/25/2018 - Photos: The “World’s Ugliest Dog” has been crowned in California

6/25/2018 - Is it okay to sleep in an airport? It depends on who you ask

6/25/2018 - Shareholders are overrated

6/25/2018 - Cryptocurrency bids are welcome for a $44 million medieval Roman mansion

6/25/2018 - The end of Saudi Arabia’s ban on women driving is about economics, not equality

6/25/2018 - Just 0.02% of unaccompanied kids at the US-Mexico border had suspected ties to MS-13

6/25/2018 - The inexorable decline of the Turkish lira under Erdogan

6/25/2018 - The reason thousands of Swedish people are inserting microchips into themselves

6/25/2018 - This is how dramatically China’s beating the US in its share of supercomputers

6/25/2018 - A WWI hospital has been turned into a $15.2 million mansion in London

6/25/2018 - Uber vs. London, Trump targets Chinese tech, ugly dogs

6/25/2018 - These are the jobs done by the oldest and youngest Americans

6/25/2018 - For Indian students, the American dream is becoming a Canadian one

6/25/2018 - Over 55 nations pitched in against North Korea in the Korean War

6/25/2018 - Indian companies are upgrading their boring offices with rented art

6/25/2018 - China’s latest multibillion-dollar IPO is an app offering everything from hot pot to haircuts

6/25/2018 - India is just not enough for some Indian startups

6/25/2018 - The salaries of India’s top private bankers have fallen

6/25/2018 - Nearly 400 years later, the fork remains at the center of American dining controversy

6/25/2018 - Why solar is suddenly so sexy for Indian companies

6/25/2018 - Uber vs. London, Turkish election, new ugliest dog

6/25/2018 - Uber vs. London, Turkish election, new ugliest dog

6/24/2018 - The trade war with China could put the brakes on the electric scooter startup boom

6/24/2018 - Prince William in Israel, Saudi women drivers, Republicans ❤️ Trump

6/24/2018 - How Senegal became a soccer fan favorite at World Cup 2018

6/24/2018 - Uber’s future depends on convincing a London court it has changed

6/24/2018 - Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin will start selling tickets for space flights in 2019

6/24/2018 - What do we mean when we say a wine is salty?

6/24/2018 - Facial recognition is here to stay. And we should all probably accept it

6/24/2018 - How Venezuela became the most dangerous country to live in the world

6/24/2018 - What life is like when you can’t smile

6/24/2018 - The secret to a meaningful life is simpler than you think

6/24/2018 - “My marriage is almost happy, but passionless. Should I leave him?”

6/24/2018 - The pot industry is reinventing child-resistant packaging design

6/24/2018 - Extremely hot weather has a bigger effect on life satisfaction than getting a divorce

6/24/2018 - A masterpiece by one of Europe’s most influential Baroque painters has been found in South Africa

6/24/2018 - Bilingual authors are challenging the practice of italicizing non-English words

6/23/2018 - Photos: EU blue was the theme of today’s Brexit anniversary rallies

6/23/2018 - A monument to the courage of breast cancer survivors rises in New York

6/23/2018 - In Saudi Arabia, women can finally drive

6/23/2018 - The $36-a-day alternative to jailing immigrant families favored by Obama

6/23/2018 - Mr. Rogers

6/23/2018 - Mr. Rogers

6/23/2018 - Here’s how MoviePass, the “Netflix for cinemas,” stacks up against its rivals

6/23/2018 - With Instagram looming, YouTube is trying to keep its creators happy

6/23/2018 - Read the Netflix CEO’s excellent memo about firing an executive who used the N-word

6/23/2018 - Africa’s tourism boards market to nearly everyone but black tourists

6/23/2018 - The best indie games you’ll find on the Steam Summer Sale

6/23/2018 - South Africa’s forgotten child soldiers have grown into traumatized adults

6/23/2018 - Amazon Prime knows your TV viewing shame

6/23/2018 - Women’s clothing retailers are still ignoring the reality of size in the US

6/23/2018 - The case against perfectionism—and for a disheveled elegant life

6/23/2018 - The real language barrier between migrant children and the Americans detaining them

6/23/2018 - Japanese-American internment camps taught us what happens to the health of separated families

6/23/2018 - The woman who taught internet strangers to actually care for one another

6/23/2018 - How visualizing the future helped make America rich

6/23/2018 - Is promoting vegetarianism a form of colonialism?

6/23/2018 - How do you stop an epidemic that spreads by word of mouth?

6/23/2018 - Weekend edition—The impact on child refugees, letting pandas die, Trump’s Washington

6/23/2018 - What happened when philosophers set up a public booth to answer anyone’s question

6/23/2018 - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says men should read more women authors

6/23/2018 - Mr. Rogers

6/23/2018 - Climate change means your city could run out of water soon too—here are Cape Town’s three lessons

6/23/2018 - What good is “influence” if you don’t use it for good?

6/23/2018 - There has never, ever been a company exactly like Xiaomi

6/23/2018 - Weekend edition—The impact on child refugees, letting pandas die, Trump’s Washington

6/23/2018 - Weekend edition—The impact on child refugees, letting pandas die, Trump’s Washington

6/22/2018 - Weekend edition—The impact on child refugees, letting pandas die, Trump’s Washington

6/22/2018 - Rocket Lab is aiming to open a new era of space access with today’s launch

6/22/2018 - Mr. Rogers

6/22/2018 - A “finishing school” for future far-right leaders is opening in France

6/22/2018 - Trump wants to reshape the US food safety system. The idea is great, and terrible.

6/22/2018 - The brilliant thing about Barack Obama’s relationship advice is that it’s blindingly obvious

6/22/2018 - The safety driver in the self-driving Uber crash seems to have been watching “The Voice” on her phone

6/22/2018 - All of the EU’s anti-Trump tariffs

6/22/2018 - Nigeria isn’t ready to hold free and fair elections next year

6/22/2018 - A legendary ad man’s simple advice on breaking out of a creative rut

6/22/2018 - Your cellphone location data is now the last vestige of your privacy

6/22/2018 - Three takeaways from the Cannes Lions festival in 2018

6/22/2018 - New landmark study links herpes viruses to Alzheimer’s diseases

6/22/2018 - The woman who dissected the absurdity of racism through science fiction

6/22/2018 - Bitcoin is melting as bad news piles up

6/22/2018 - A brand trolling Melania Trump’s “I really don’t care” jacket is raising money for immigrants

6/22/2018 - Here’s how the plan to replace the humans who make iPhones with bots is going

6/22/2018 - Traumatizing children is very much “the American way”

6/22/2018 - Quartzy: the good influence edition

6/22/2018 - Quartzy: the good influence edition

6/22/2018 - Crypto is officially legit now

6/22/2018 - Barcodes

6/22/2018 - Barcodes

6/22/2018 - Women are directing more movies, but minorities are still being left behind

6/22/2018 - What keeps Uber drivers from worrying about self-driving cars

6/22/2018 - Disney shuts down Comcast, the fastest unicorn, AI doctors

6/22/2018 - Student debt is killing entrepreneurship

6/22/2018 - Some of the 2,300 separated children are filed under the wrong name

6/22/2018 - How Nigeria’s stylish in-demand World Cup jersey is making millionaires out of bootleggers

6/22/2018 - Soccer fans from Senegal and Japan delayed celebrations to tidy up after World Cup wins

6/22/2018 - “I am not defined by this.” NASA astronaut Jeanette Epps talks about being pulled from the ISS mission

6/22/2018 - The Japanese have improved a perfect design classic: the binder clip

6/22/2018 - The Starbucks Frappuccino has met its nemesis: wellness

6/22/2018 - Social media has the “exact same negative effect on depression” as eating potatoes

6/22/2018 - Get ready for self-driving money

6/22/2018 - EU hits US with tariffs, Tesla’s SolarCity shutdowns, lunch-break violations

6/22/2018 - Barcodes

6/22/2018 - Swiggy is first on the menu for this Chinese investor in India

6/22/2018 - In a conservative corner of Pakistan, tailors break tradition for their female clients

6/22/2018 - India’s newest unicorn is proof that the big bucks are back in food tech

6/22/2018 - When and where do British people drink?

6/22/2018 - In India, gay dating apps are both a safe haven and a target

6/22/2018 - EU’s retaliatory tariffs, OPEC’s output, RIP Koko

6/22/2018 - EU’s retaliatory tariffs, OPEC’s output, RIP Koko

6/22/2018 - Sobering up, three takeaways, and news from elsewhere

6/21/2018 - The latest in Japanese drinks innovation is clear

6/21/2018 - SpaceX just sold the US Air Force the cheapest enormous rocket it’s ever bought

6/21/2018 - Why didn’t White House staff catch Melania Trump’s “I don’t really care” jacket?

6/21/2018 - All the US airlines that refused to fly separated immigrant children—and the ones that did not

6/21/2018 - OPEC discussions, Intel’s CEO’s resignation, RIP Koko

6/21/2018 - Barcodes

6/21/2018 - Melania Trump flew to Texas for a photo op at a child detention center

6/21/2018 - Facebook now shows users trying to buy opioids a government helpline number

6/21/2018 - EU citizens will have to complete these three steps to stay in the UK after Brexit

6/21/2018 - Putting all of your star players on one team can stifle creativity

6/21/2018 - Donald Trump created the border crisis to say these 58 words

6/21/2018 - The most elite UK boarding school built a startup to teach kids to be assertive and persuasive

6/21/2018 - MoviePass is going to start charging more for popular movies next month

6/21/2018 - After 120 years, Nigeria’s stolen art could be returning home from Britain—but only on loan

6/21/2018 - How humans shape the earth’s surface, as seen from space

6/21/2018 - Trump wants to merge the US education and labor departments. It isn’t a terrible idea

6/21/2018 - The highlight of Virgil Abloh’s debut for Louis Vuitton was his emotional hug with Kanye West

6/21/2018 - An organic second skin could keep your avocados from going bad so quickly

6/21/2018 - The Steam Summer Sale just launched. Go buy some cheap video games

6/21/2018 - The infuriating paradox of working while female, summed up in one sentence

6/21/2018 - The Supreme Court just caused stocks of online retailers to tumble

6/21/2018 - Zimbabwe has cut data tariffs in the run-up to its first social media-led election

6/21/2018 - The new cover of TIME forces Donald Trump to face immigrant children

6/21/2018 - MoviePass is throwing shade at its biggest critic, AMC, as it launches a rival service

6/21/2018 - Israel’s first lady was just indicted for spending public funds on gourmet takeout

6/21/2018 - Overnight shipping

6/21/2018 - Overnight shipping

6/21/2018 - Is it unethical to wear silk?

6/21/2018 - Ethiopia needs to end the persecution of a key ethnic group to achieve real reform

6/21/2018 - Airlines have an alcohol problem—and some are blaming it on airports

6/21/2018 - Intel’s CEO resigned after a past affair with an employee was discovered by the board

6/21/2018 - “The only buffer you have is a parent. Take that away, and everything falls apart.”

6/21/2018 - The world’s first mobile-only government bond in Kenya is popular, but missed its target

6/21/2018 - You can now explore Frank Lloyd Wright’s incredible architecture lab from your computer

6/21/2018 - The transformative power of giving young women cash

6/21/2018 - The legacy of Disney’s Bob Iger is hanging in the balance over the Fox deal

6/21/2018 - Car dealers are erecting barriers for electric car buyers

6/21/2018 - Immigrants are changing the way native Kansans speak English

6/21/2018 - The real reason Apple and Google want you to use your phone less

6/21/2018 - Behind Atul Gawande’s rise is the incredible story of his Indian immigrant parents

6/21/2018 - The combined total of Greece’s bailouts is bigger than Hong Kong’s economy

6/21/2018 - What we lost when Craigslist shut down its personals section

6/21/2018 - Fed stress tests, National Enquirer publisher subpoenaed, Nazi UFOs

6/21/2018 - After €300 billion in aid, Greece will exit its bailout on shaky ground

6/21/2018 - Overnight shipping

6/21/2018 - Xi sells Seychelles by India’s seashore as Modi’s foreign policy drowns

6/21/2018 - Jacinda Ardern just became the first world leader to give birth in office in almost 30 years

6/21/2018 - Neither fair, nor lovely: Two Indian firms are fighting over a fairness cream ad

6/21/2018 - A CO2 shortage is causing a beer and meat crisis in Britain

6/21/2018 - The curious state of India’s government-owned banks where anything can happen

6/21/2018 - India’s internet penetration is actually way lower than you’d think

6/21/2018 - Fox-Disney deal, Daimler profit warning, high eels

6/21/2018 - Fox-Disney deal, Daimler profit warning, high eels

6/21/2018 - China has banned ads suggesting alcohol can help women be less shy about sex

6/21/2018 - Bengaluru’s water crisis is the result of over 130 years of mismanagement

6/21/2018 - Sir Martin returns, collective unlearning, and news from elsewhere

6/20/2018 - US colleges are warming up to China’s toughest exam

6/20/2018 - The most shocking abuse allegations against shelters for immigrant children

6/20/2018 - Microsoft is deploying what could become one of the biggest enterprise blockchains

6/20/2018 - Immigration concerns, Fox accepts Disney’s offer, high eels

6/20/2018 - To compete with YouTube, Instagram introduces hour-long videos

6/20/2018 - The US has a shameful history of orphaning children

6/20/2018 - NASA can’t find most of the asteroids threatening Earth, but it has a plan

6/20/2018 - Watch Tesla build a giant tent for its new Model 3 assembly line in three weeks

6/20/2018 - Overnight shipping

6/20/2018 - For World Refugee Week, support refugees by shopping at their businesses

6/20/2018 - American study abroad students are increasingly heading to Asia

6/20/2018 - The world will finally have to confront its massive plastic problem now that China won’t handle it

6/20/2018 - The arithmetic gymnastics needed to get the US to $200 billlion in additional tariffs on China

6/20/2018 - In Trump’s America, it’s a privilege to know where your children are

6/20/2018 - Rural America needs help solving its growing obesity crisis

6/20/2018 - Trump made the bizarre claim that people are smuggling American shoes into Canada

6/20/2018 - One of the sharpest critics of the US healthcare system will try to fix it for Amazon, JPMorgan, and Berkshire Hathaway

6/20/2018 - Trump’s solution to family separation contradicts a 2015 court decision on children’s rights

6/20/2018 - Italy’s interior minister evokes a dark past by vowing to expel Roma people

6/20/2018 - It costs the US government millions to keep immigrant parents and children separated

6/20/2018 - Fortnite’s new stink bombs are deceptively powerful

6/20/2018 - The best employees are not the agreeable ones, according to Adam Grant

6/20/2018 - A new cryptocurrency art auction is selling shares in an Andy Warhol painting

6/20/2018 - Michael Cohen wants Trump to pay his legal fees—and is reportedly willing to “give info” on him

6/20/2018 - Rosé

6/20/2018 - Rosé

6/20/2018 - One person was displaced every two seconds in 2017

6/20/2018 - The scientific controversy over whether gaming addiction is a disease—or a symptom

6/20/2018 - These charts show why General Electric’s time in the Dow was up

6/20/2018 - The US startup is disappearing

6/20/2018 - The male-dominated 50 best restaurants list has more women on it than ever: five

6/20/2018 - The ominous economic power of Chinese propaganda

6/20/2018 - The unseen hand of China in Africa’s largest economy

6/20/2018 - When a crypto token turns out to be a security, the legal complications are dizzying

6/20/2018 - The way we treat pregnancy at work isn’t just wrong—it could be dangerous

6/20/2018 - Romance is wilting in theaters but abloom on Netflix

6/20/2018 - The global rise of corporate titans is forcing us all to pay more for the same old stuff

6/20/2018 - Opting out of a career doesn’t make you less ambitious

6/20/2018 - Porn could have a bigger economic influence on the US than Netflix

6/20/2018 - Two-thirds of Americans expect Canada or Mexico to welcome them as refugees

6/20/2018 - How traveling across the Sahara became a crime

6/20/2018 - The LGBT political glass ceiling is cracking wide open

6/20/2018 - Sonia Sotomayor is writing a book for tweens, and more Supreme Court revelations

6/20/2018 - An obscure biological trait seems to predict how long mammals—including humans—can live

6/20/2018 - Team Modi loses another star economist

6/20/2018 - Fox mulls Comcast offer, South Korean crypto hack, robot debaters

6/20/2018 - Over 7,000 Indians are in the crosshairs as Trump squeezes out illegal immigrants

6/20/2018 - Rosé

6/20/2018 - Yoga was never supposed to be about physical exercise

6/20/2018 - The top misconception about leadership, according to a UK CEO rated best by employees

6/20/2018 - A new boss is proof that Uber is digging its heels in India

6/20/2018 - Why everyone’s queuing up to buy this edible-oil maker—despite its $2 billion debt

6/20/2018 - If you’re feeling ungrounded, try “earthing”

6/20/2018 - A new capital built from scratch is an unlikely utopia for Korean families

6/20/2018 - A landmark from Air India’s golden era is helping keep the carrier alive

6/20/2018 - Euro-zone budget, EU copyright reform, robot debaters

6/20/2018 - Euro-zone budget, EU copyright reform, robot debaters

6/20/2018 - Blockchain villas, bad influencers, and news from elsewhere

6/19/2018 - America’s system of tipping at restaurants defies all economic logic

6/19/2018 - The Dow dumped General Electric, its last original index member

6/19/2018 - Trade tensions tank stocks, US human rights withdrawal, China ASMR ban

6/19/2018 - US defense contractors profit from child detention—and you might, too

6/19/2018 - The real reason Randi Zuckerberg is interested in blockchain, crypto, and cannabis

6/19/2018 - Rosé

6/19/2018 - Why American CEOs have been so quiet about separating families at the border

6/19/2018 - Michael Cohen’s new lawyer has an interesting connection to the Harvey Weinstein scandal

6/19/2018 - Your Messenger experience might soon get much more annoying

6/19/2018 - Nielsen says it’s the law to detain asylum seekers. It’s not, according to these rules

6/19/2018 - Bozoma Saint John is not your savior

6/19/2018 - An elementary school in the former capital of the Confederacy has been renamed after Barack Obama

6/19/2018 - Scientists are exploring a lost rainforest hidden in a Mozambique volcano for the first time

6/19/2018 - China has a big ace up its sleeve in the trade war with the US

6/19/2018 - American CEOs are beginning to speak out against separating families at the border

6/19/2018 - A Facebook fundraiser raised nearly $5 million to reunite immigrant children with their parents

6/19/2018 - What to make of those photos of US detention centers for children

6/19/2018 - Is it fair to call the US’s migrant child detention centers “concentration camps”?

6/19/2018 - A physicist ponders the universe’s most mysterious questions—in a comic book

6/19/2018 - The most important skill nobody taught you

6/19/2018 - Square is almost as valuable as two of the biggest US exchange companies combined

6/19/2018 - Elon Musk sent an email warning of employee sabotage at Tesla

6/19/2018 - M-Pesa is pushing against a tax hike on mobile money services in Kenya

6/19/2018 - Sneezes

6/19/2018 - Sneezes

6/19/2018 - Cobots are transforming the factory floor — but they’re not replacing humans

6/19/2018 - All the things you can do to help end family separations at the border

6/19/2018 - Lauren Duca is not going to shut up. Maybe you should start listening

6/19/2018 - There’s a big difference between an intention to be inclusive and a strategy

6/19/2018 - Scientists believe we could cure the common cold in the next 10 years

6/19/2018 - A 7-year-old girl’s $30,000 Google Doodle was drawn during a power outage

6/19/2018 - The internet was supposed to be about freedom. What happened?

6/19/2018 - Humans should stop meddling with pandas and let them die

6/19/2018 - This could be the first emissions-reductions project (inadvertently) supported by Trump

6/19/2018 - How AI can identify fake news and warn advertisers who want to avoid it

6/19/2018 - The case for teaching girls feminism in the world’s poorest classrooms

6/19/2018 - Ashley Judd sees a role for forgiving men in #MeToo

6/19/2018 - There’s an unexpected alliance between Google and two Chinese tech giants

6/19/2018 - The best part of iMessage is coming to Android phones

6/19/2018 - Americans are gathering to celebrate Juneteenth, an oft-ignored holiday of emancipation

6/19/2018 - Under Armour isn’t giving up its efforts to break out as a fashion brand

6/19/2018 - The burgeoning US-China trade war has entered a new phase

6/19/2018 - Trump visits GOP conference, ZTE drama, “Manu” won’t do

6/19/2018 - It’s not just humans. Bees get stressed at work, too.

6/19/2018 - A brilliant Instagram about Japanese restrooms shows that public toilets don’t have to be awful

6/19/2018 - Sneezes

6/19/2018 - Over 50 Indians have been separated from their families and detained in the US

6/19/2018 - Silicon Valley is less likely to believe H-1B workers are stealing US jobs

6/19/2018 - Salvaged from the Waterloo battlefield, Napoleon’s hat fetched €280,000 at auction

6/19/2018 - India wants more renewables, but its banks are pouring billions into coal

6/19/2018 - The US and South Korea have canceled a key military exercise—just as China wanted

6/19/2018 - The secret world of India’s competitive sudoku players on WhatsApp

6/19/2018 - A picture-perfect Seoul neighborhood is fighting back against tourists

6/19/2018 - Republicans and Democrats can unite—against helping this one Chinese company

6/19/2018 - India’s banks were once a rare bastion of female leadership. Not anymore

6/19/2018 - The rise of supermarket shopping in Kenya is increasing the risk of poor nutrition

6/19/2018 - Uber hires a cricket superstar to show India it’s not going anywhere

6/19/2018 - Trump defends border separations, ZTE drama, “Auftaktniederlage”

6/19/2018 - Trump defends border separations, ZTE drama, “Auftaktniederlage”

6/19/2018 - The year of consultants, Bon Jovi’s pink wine, and news from elsewhere

6/18/2018 - Deadly floods are wreaking havoc in northeast India again

6/18/2018 - Uber is experimenting with letting riders wait longer in exchange for cheaper fares

6/18/2018 - Trump’s migrant furor, Mercari IPO, athleisure leather glut

6/18/2018 - Audio: A 6-year-old migrant girl tries to navigate the US detention system on her own

6/18/2018 - Iceland’s World Cup debut was watched by 99.6% of its TV viewers on Saturday

6/18/2018 - Viruses love what we’ve done with the planet

6/18/2018 - Sneezes

6/18/2018 - Massachusetts’ governor says family separations are “inhumane” and rescinds National Guard offer

6/18/2018 - How Wilbur Ross made money from a story exposing his business ties to the Kremlin

6/18/2018 - American CEOs are strangely silent on child separation at the US border

6/18/2018 - Donald Trump surprised officials by announcing the Space Force, a new branch of the US military

6/18/2018 - As customers turn away from leather shoes, the beef industry is left with a glut of hides

6/18/2018 - GOP leaders can no longer afford to stay silent on child separations

6/18/2018 - United’s CEO admits the airline had an unhealthy obsession with rules

6/18/2018 - MoviePass invested in the awful “Gotti,” and then paid for it at the box office

6/18/2018 - Barack Obama’s recommended reading list on inequality and identity

6/18/2018 - How to cry at work without the social cost

6/18/2018 - There’s a right way and a wrong way to ask the internet for travel tips

6/18/2018 - The problem with simply growing more tech hubs in Africa

6/18/2018 - Apple will automatically share your location when you call 911

6/18/2018 - Playing this board game will challenge your ideas about refugees

6/18/2018 - The mystifying list of things that Trump is happy to let China export to the US tariff-free

6/18/2018 - The entire White House allegedly calls Mike Pence’s wife “mother”

6/18/2018 - Why you still have no (out) trans people at your company

6/18/2018 - The Volkswagen diesel scandal claims another executive scalp

6/18/2018 - Luckily, the Germans have a word for “loss in an opening game”

6/18/2018 - Photos: The World Cup celebrations in Mexico City that registered as an earthquake

6/18/2018 - What if Mars candy bar labels had to disclose a bitter truth about child labor?

6/18/2018 - The simple shift in mindset that can help Silicon Valley advance equality

6/18/2018 - Children in India might be the future of religious tolerance

6/18/2018 - The inside story of how AI got good enough to dominate Silicon Valley

6/18/2018 - “Fire and Fury” author Michael Wolff breaks down Donald Trump’s sales tactics

6/18/2018 - Now, even the World Bank thinks land reform is a priority for South Africa

6/18/2018 - Why do people get hangry? A study suggests it’s not just low blood sugar to blame

6/18/2018 - The true winner of the World Cup? Vladimir Putin, of course.

6/18/2018 - South Korea swapped shirts in friendlies to confuse World Cup opponents

6/18/2018 - Trump’s approval rating has fallen in every state, but not as much in the South

6/18/2018 - In the UK, people are giving up on cash

6/18/2018 - ZTE Senate vote, Melania’s migrant comments, Mexico soccer quake

6/18/2018 - ICICI Bank goes from backing Chanda Kochhar to reportedly looking for a replacement

6/18/2018 - Millions of Americans pay unnecessary tax filing fees—but they may be able to get a refund

6/18/2018 - A million Indian users are testing out WhatsApp’s payments feature

6/18/2018 - India is forcing large power consumers to use more renewable energy

6/18/2018 - China is building its new Silk Road in space, too

6/18/2018 - India is starting to fight back in Trump’s global trade war

6/18/2018 - ECB forum, Syrian constitution, rice-ball networking

6/18/2018 - ECB forum, Syrian constitution, rice-ball networking

6/18/2018 - The China-India rivalry is causing an ecological disaster in the Himalayas

6/17/2018 - Colombia’s election, US-South Korean “war games,” China’s Dragon Boat Festival

6/17/2018 - A new study ranks US states in order of psychopathy

6/17/2018 - “I am not a dinosaur,” insists the MP who blocked Britain’s ban on “upskirting”

6/17/2018 - People’s egos get bigger after meditation and yoga, says a new study

6/17/2018 - Ontario is trying a wild experiment: Opening access to its residents’ health data

6/17/2018 - How Rihanna forced the beauty industry to acknowledge a world beyond the rich and the white

6/17/2018 - Cannes Lions bingo: The ad industry’s top buzzwords in 2018

6/17/2018 - Why are Americans so sad?

6/17/2018 - Russia loves football. History explains why it’s so bad at it

6/17/2018 - To eat ethically when traveling, leave your food rules at home

6/17/2018 - There’s so much more to “The Pisces” than hot merman sex

6/17/2018 - Africa’s AI moment, Morcoco’s World Cup, South Africa’s expensive internet

6/16/2018 - Everyone wants to be on streaming TV, even Oprah Winfrey

6/16/2018 - The iconic Glasgow School of Art building has been destroyed again by a fire—perhaps irreparably

6/16/2018 - Scandal-ridden Cambridge Analytica is gone but its staffers are hard at work again

6/16/2018 - Mozambique’s own version of Boko Haram is tightening its deadly grip

6/16/2018 - The benefits of African countries stepping up their use of data and evidence to inform policy

6/16/2018 - A bloodless malaria test by a young Ugandan inventor won Africa’s top engineering prize

6/16/2018 - Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos could face decades in prison

6/16/2018 - The Wave

6/16/2018 - The Wave

6/16/2018 - Can there be a “very good dog?” Philosophy has an answer

6/16/2018 - It pays to wait for Pixar sequels like “Incredibles 2”

6/16/2018 - How Jeff Bezos makes the right decision 30 years in advance

6/16/2018 - To be more creative, embrace the art of doing nothing

6/16/2018 - My biggest fear as the black father of white children

6/16/2018 - Weekend edition—Lost human rights, Musk’s major misstep, Lasik dangers

6/16/2018 - The 17 most promising movies and TV shows to watch this summer

6/16/2018 - Nobody knows what luxury is anymore

6/16/2018 - The Wave

6/16/2018 - Weekend edition—Lost human rights, Musk’s major misstep, Lasik dangers

6/16/2018 - Weekend edition—Lost human rights, Musk’s major misstep, Lasik dangers

6/15/2018 - Weekend edition—Lost human rights, Musk’s major misstep, Lasik dangers

6/15/2018 - The Wave

6/15/2018 - Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch describe their infamous “tarmac meeting”

6/15/2018 - Nicki Minaj just identified the most misunderstood part of perfectionism

6/15/2018 - Pixar’s “Bao” brings cute aggression to life in the form of an adorable baby dumpling

6/15/2018 - The US FDA says it’s taking the lead on the regulation of cell-cultured meat

6/15/2018 - Men, you’re almost certainly using hair product wrong

6/15/2018 - A US court rejected Google Translate as a means of providing consent to a cop

6/15/2018 - There’s about to be a lot more creepy Boston Dynamics robots in the world

6/15/2018 - Paul Manafort just went to jail—and now has every reason to flip against Donald Trump

6/15/2018 - This summer, mermaids are the new vampires

6/15/2018 - AT&T mega-merger, Venezuela hyperinflation, major layoffs at Tesla

6/15/2018 - The economics case for using Zen to think about trade

6/15/2018 - Photos: Muslims gather to celebrate Eid-al-Fitr

6/15/2018 - Quartzy: the mermaids edition

6/15/2018 - Quartzy: the mermaids edition

6/15/2018 - After taking their kids, the US gives detained immigrant parents this useless toll-free number

6/15/2018 - Why American airports don’t sell anything you actually need

6/15/2018 - Air conditioning

6/15/2018 - Air conditioning

6/15/2018 - Regulators deliver good news for ethereum and bitcoin, but there’s less clarity for XRP

6/15/2018 - How long can you stare at a coworker without being creepy?

6/15/2018 - You’re twice as likely to found a successful startup when you’re 40 than when you’re 25

6/15/2018 - A prison or a summer camp? Wildly different spins on the Casa Padre child immigrant center

6/15/2018 - Why googling squatter camps in South Africa returns pictures of white people

6/15/2018 - How soccer helped an ethnic slur take over Europe

6/15/2018 - The wrong kind of individual contributor will kill your company

6/15/2018 - The history behind Morocco’s “Africa” World Cup not being fully embraced by all Africans

6/15/2018 - Merkel’s migration fight with her arch-frenemy threatens to tear the government apart

6/15/2018 - Queer Eye is modeling how to talk through difficult conversations

6/15/2018 - Bill Clinton and James Patterson are a publishing dream team

6/15/2018 - Climate change is creating a new kind of grief, and we’re completely unprepared for it

6/15/2018 - The incredibly long list of benefits to kids and parents if we took paternity leave seriously

6/15/2018 - A philosopher thinks technology could make anarchists’ dreams come true

6/15/2018 - The most dangerous and misunderstood threat to humanity is the human mind

6/15/2018 - The simplest and oldest of toys can be massively helpful to children

6/15/2018 - New US tariffs on China, McDonald’s plastic-straw ban, French Alexa

6/15/2018 - The financial crisis created a nation of coupon clippers

6/15/2018 - The Incredibles are the fantasy superheroes working parents need

6/15/2018 - How a school for poor girls cracked the patriarchy in a rural Indian town

6/15/2018 - Air conditioning

6/15/2018 - The World Cup brings countries together, and here’s the research to prove it

6/15/2018 - Zimbabwe is trying to transform itself into a leading tech hub with China’s help

6/15/2018 - Sorry ladies, Sumeet Vyas’s first love remains the internet

6/15/2018 - Economists have identified a link between genetics and wealth inequality

6/15/2018 - India’s crypto traders may have discovered a way around the RBI’s ban

6/15/2018 - As China’s Didi expands globally, it’s competing with the very companies it backed to fight Uber

6/15/2018 - Ramadan ends, Comey probe, French Alexa

6/15/2018 - Ramadan ends, Comey probe, French Alexa

6/15/2018 - How India’s first newspaper exposed the corrupt British East India Company

6/14/2018 - What young, educated Chinese women want in a man today: a clingy “little puppy”

6/14/2018 - NY sues Trump, Russia’s football win, psychic cats

6/14/2018 - The Facebook executive handling the company’s public image is leaving

6/14/2018 - Bird is the fastest startup ever to reach a $1 billion valuation

6/14/2018 - Air conditioning

6/14/2018 - Five times James Comey used his personal Gmail for FBI business

6/14/2018 - The awesome power of volcanos, seen from space

6/14/2018 - Move over Monarch: The Painted Lady is the world’s most rugged butterfly

6/14/2018 - Can Elon Musk’s company really build Chicago’s high-speed Loop?

6/14/2018 - “A false dichotomy”: A new report destroys James Comey’s excuse for revealing the Clinton email probe

6/14/2018 - Trump fumbling his salute to a North Korean general is now Kim regime propaganda

6/14/2018 - Netflix could be a surprise winner in Comcast and Disney’s bidding war for Fox

6/14/2018 - One company has the majority of patents on sea creature genes

6/14/2018 - New data could help Siri and Alexa know when they’re being unhelpful

6/14/2018 - The World Cup could potentially be decided by a computer

6/14/2018 - The most important study of the Mediterranean diet has been retracted

6/14/2018 - The IMF says the US economy’s growth spurt may come to a messy end

6/14/2018 - Here’s how the Trump Foundation helped buy victory in the Iowa caucuses

6/14/2018 - Could Trump win the election? “We’ll stop it,” an FBI agent texted in 2016

6/14/2018 - A Trump quote about evicting tenants greets detained migrant children

6/14/2018 - A landmark study confirms the existence of a “gay glass ceiling”

6/14/2018 - One in 10 players at the World Cup were born outside the country they play for

6/14/2018 - Sunk costs make us feel chained to other people’s bad decisions too

6/14/2018 - There’s an upside to the sad desk lunch

6/14/2018 - Read the NY attorney general’s corruption lawsuit against the Trump Foundation

6/14/2018 - The hunt for bitcoin market manipulation is gaining momentum

6/14/2018 - The science of hangry

6/14/2018 - Connecting to the internet costs more in Johannesburg and Cape Town than it does in New York and Zurich

6/14/2018 - The mistake Elon Musk made in his memo about layoffs at Tesla

6/14/2018 - The gig economy

6/14/2018 - The gig economy

6/14/2018 - The US wants Kenya to crack down on illegal investments by South Sudan’s elite

6/14/2018 - To improve open-plan offices, look at the evolution of elementary school classrooms

6/14/2018 - Is Donald Trump really to blame for America’s tourism slump?

6/14/2018 - The real winners from the Trump-Kim summit will be North Korea’s neighbors

6/14/2018 - Eight World Cup players to watch not named Messi or Ronaldo

6/14/2018 - New economics research shows why Donald Trump’s corporate tax cut won’t boost paychecks

6/14/2018 - A controversial Islamic epic is the first Arabic movie to hit Saudi cinemas

6/14/2018 - Donald Trump is the oldest elected leader of a major world power

6/14/2018 - Amazon has already begun automating its white-collar jobs

6/14/2018 - We can chip away at rape culture by teaching girls emotional self-defense

6/14/2018 - A radical plan to fix inequality is making waves with its many moral dilemmas

6/14/2018 - The shameful state of paid paternal leave worldwide

6/14/2018 - Do you know who’s using your DNA data?

6/14/2018 - World Cup kick-off, Boring Co.’s big win, kicking robots

6/14/2018 - Workers aren’t buying the idea that robots are going to destroy their jobs

6/14/2018 - The gig economy

6/14/2018 - Donald Trump joins the club of 72-year-old American men today. Does he belong?

6/14/2018 - An Indian couple turned a barren plot of land into a jungle home for leopards

6/14/2018 - How India’s small businesses are preparing to stop Walmart and Flipkart

6/14/2018 - Chinese internet users are surprisingly sympathetic to Einstein’s racist remarks

6/14/2018 - A Chennai girl’s rise from Madras University to General Motors’s first female CFO

6/14/2018 - Every new car in China must have a tracking chip starting next year

6/14/2018 - If you’re undecided on a World Cup team to root for, pick Iceland

6/14/2018 - Indians plan to skip work and school to watch the FIFA World Cup

6/14/2018 - Who will win the World Cup? One factor might be travel distance

6/14/2018 - Google is throwing its weight behind artificial intelligence for Africa

6/14/2018 - World Cup kicks off, Comcast’s Fox bid, bullied robots

6/14/2018 - World Cup kicks off, Comcast’s Fox bid, bullied robots

6/13/2018 - How to watch the 2018 World Cup in virtual reality

6/13/2018 - Comcast’s Fox bid, Germany fines VW, alcopop drinks

6/13/2018 - Antarctica lost 3 trillion metric tons of ice in the last 26 years

6/13/2018 - The US gender gap in math is starkest in the richest, whitest school districts

6/13/2018 - The gig economy

6/13/2018 - A French performance artist spent a week inside a wooden statue of a “lion man”

6/13/2018 - Another red flag for Tesla: job openings have plummeted

6/13/2018 - House Republicans are gutting a bill to fight money-laundering

6/13/2018 - Samsung’s latest venture fund is looking for the next big way to build AI

6/13/2018 - Can Fortnite survive a competitive World Cup tournament?

6/13/2018 - Trump can try to kill NAFTA, but it will still host the World Cup in 2026

6/13/2018 - The future of work will raise difficult questions. Are we prepared to confront them?

6/13/2018 - What happened when I forced my American colleagues to take coffee breaks

6/13/2018 - Germany blames a roaring economy and migrants for missing its 2020 climate goals

6/13/2018 - The five “Parts Unknown” episodes you have to watch

6/13/2018 - Mindy Kaling’s five-point plan for anyone who wants to be a success

6/13/2018 - Germany fines Volkswagen €1 billion over dieselgate

6/13/2018 - Every comeback for Trump’s whataboutism on Canadian trade

6/13/2018 - Two vaccines have saved 1.45 million children’s lives in the last 15 years

6/13/2018 - “Avengers: Infinity War” just became the fourth movie ever to cross $2 billion

6/13/2018 - By letting Kim off on human rights, Donald Trump is selling out democracy

6/13/2018 - NASA doesn’t own all the moon dust, a new lawsuit claims

6/13/2018 - How a list of three questions helps me live a more fulfilling life

6/13/2018 - The axolotl—nature’s miracle healer—is on the brink of extinction

6/13/2018 - Did Putin give Trump the idea to stop “war games” with South Korea?

6/13/2018 - Quartz’s World Cup fantasy team—manned by qualifying-nation rejects—would win it all

6/13/2018 - Guess cofounder Paul Marciano is stepping down after sexual misconduct claims

6/13/2018 - Boeing 787’s engine problem might affect your summer travel plans

6/13/2018 - How to watch the 2018 World Cup in the US

6/13/2018 - News tickers

6/13/2018 - News tickers

6/13/2018 - To increase your emotional intelligence, develop these 10 qualities

6/13/2018 - For many students, the most attractive employers aren’t companies

6/13/2018 - “Sleep inertia” explains why you feel so groggy when you wake up

6/13/2018 - How to watch the 2018 World Cup in the UK

6/13/2018 - The biggest tournaments are finally part of the world’s most popular soccer video game

6/13/2018 - Facebook won’t rule out listening to your conversations in the future

6/13/2018 - The 2026 World Cup will be played in North America

6/13/2018 - How to watch the 2018 World Cup in India

6/13/2018 - The most violent chimp war of all time was about the same stuff humans fight over

6/13/2018 - Body positivity without consumerism and pretense looks like this

6/13/2018 - Einstein called racism a “disease of white people.” His diaries show that he had the disease

6/13/2018 - Africa’s quiet LGBT revolution

6/13/2018 - Here are all the different types of smiles, according to science

6/13/2018 - One car maker is investing especially aggressively in ride-hailing

6/13/2018 - Fed hikes rates, ZTE’s value plunges, Louboutin saves its soles

6/13/2018 - No, China won’t be building an internet link to this Pacific island nation

6/13/2018 - Ireland will vote in a referendum on its blasphemy law

6/13/2018 - News tickers

6/13/2018 - India’s love for jugaad is destroying its cities

6/13/2018 - This is Narendra Modi’s morning exercise routine

6/13/2018 - India’s stoners have become shrewd entrepreneurs in a booming shadow industry

6/13/2018 - One of Africa’s most prominent film festivals now includes TV and web series

6/13/2018 - Futurists in Ethiopia are betting on artificial intelligence to drive development

6/13/2018 - India’s central bank admits it did no research before strangling cryptocurrencies

6/13/2018 - North Koreans woke up to photos of their leader shaking hands with an American president

6/13/2018 - India’s smart cities can’t be built without street vendors and waste-pickers

6/13/2018 - Prepare for stock market weirdness when these teams play in the World Cup

6/13/2018 - World Cup 2026, Macedonia name change, Louboutin’s victory

6/13/2018 - World Cup 2026, Macedonia name change, Louboutin’s victory

6/12/2018 - The best play in Fortnite’s celebrity tournament came from its weirdest item

6/12/2018 - AT&T-Time Warner approved, Macedonia name change, cordyceps conquered

6/12/2018 - Millions are taking drugs, including birth control, that increase the risk of suicide

6/12/2018 - The AT&T-Time Warner merger is a go, court rules

6/12/2018 - Nintendo is the master of giving fans exactly what they want

6/12/2018 - It’s not time to freak out that Crispr will cause cancer—yet

6/12/2018 - After 27 years of debating what’s in a name, Greece and Macedonia may have an answer

6/12/2018 - How to watch Fortnite’s E3 Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament

6/12/2018 - Toyota’s long list of what will stump its automatic braking system

6/12/2018 - News tickers

6/12/2018 - This chilling case demonstrates the perils of helping police

6/12/2018 - Facebook knows exactly how many times you’ve searched for your ex

6/12/2018 - In “Westworld,” technologists appropriate indigenous traditions as their own

6/12/2018 - What the US can learn from Switzerland’s successful approach to vocational education

6/12/2018 - Feminist scholars argue a Title IX case is unfair—when a woman is under investigation

6/12/2018 - The fate of the world’s media is being decided right now

6/12/2018 - The rainbow flag “reboot” is a triumph for inclusiveness—and a design disaster

6/12/2018 - Tesla will cut 9% of its workforce to “eliminate bureaucracy and move faster”

6/12/2018 - When it comes to making electric cars, there’s China and everyone else

6/12/2018 - Oculus founder Palmer Luckey is building a defense contractor with consumer technology

6/12/2018 - A task force will hunt down new Americans suspected of lying on citizenship applications

6/12/2018 - Taxify’s 24-year-old CEO is smashing Uber’s monopoly in Europe and Africa

6/12/2018 - For better, more enriching trips, try traveling solo

6/12/2018 - 25 years of North Korea and the US agreeing to things that don’t work out

6/12/2018 - Some of our ancestors had four legs, a finned tail and lived in water

6/12/2018 - The internet is finally going to be bigger than TV worldwide

6/12/2018 - Photos: The US-South Korean “war games” that Trump wants to cancel

6/12/2018 - A vital part of the African landscape is disappearing

6/12/2018 - Bees understand the concept of nothingness

6/12/2018 - Cybercrime is costing Africa’s businesses billions

6/12/2018 - Durian

6/12/2018 - Durian

6/12/2018 - A social psychologist explains how to ask for help without making it weird

6/12/2018 - Bees join an elite group of species that understand the concept of zero

6/12/2018 - Watch the bizarre movie trailer Trump showed Kim

6/12/2018 - The Trump-Kim summit agreement is exactly what China has been pushing for

6/12/2018 - Nigeria is the coolest World Cup team ever

6/12/2018 - Rachel Bloom is saving a generation of women from thinking they’re “crazy”

6/12/2018 - Startups have spun an incomplete narrative about the future of work

6/12/2018 - The most effective learners don’t focus on their results

6/12/2018 - The biggest problem the world’s workforce faces is a classic management issue

6/12/2018 - Tips to avoid falling for scam ads on Facebook, according to Facebook

6/12/2018 - We asked Puerto Ricans to tell us Hurricane Maria’s true death toll. Hundreds wrote back

6/12/2018 - Bill Nye explains how thinking like a scientist can help you persevere in a time of uncertainty

6/12/2018 - Parents who refuse to call their newborns “girls” or “boys” are leading the gender revolution

6/12/2018 - The British government has given itself just 12 hours to debate Brexit’s thorniest issues

6/12/2018 - The internet loled at AirPods when they launched. Who’s laughing now?

6/12/2018 - It’s not just directors and actors. Film critics are overwhelmingly white and male, too

6/12/2018 - The biggest concession Trump gave to North Korea wasn’t in the signed document

6/12/2018 - What it’s really like to work remotely from Vermont

6/12/2018 - SpaceX is giving Wall Street a reason to bet on Tesla

6/12/2018 - Facebook says it will kick off scammy advertisers if enough users report them

6/12/2018 - “Wouldn’t that make a great condo?” Trump is excited by North Korea’s real estate potential

6/12/2018 - There are two ways to read, but one is useless

6/12/2018 - Apple killed fun

6/12/2018 - Trump-Kim summit, AT&T-Time Warner merger, Trudeau eyebrow-gate

6/12/2018 - Durian

6/12/2018 - What North Koreans are learning about the Trump-Kim summit

6/12/2018 - India’s e-commerce sector is a lot smaller than you would think

6/12/2018 - This photo shows why the US-North Korea talks are so important

6/12/2018 - What the document signed by Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un says

6/12/2018 - The IITs are redesigning their courses to produce “good human beings”

6/12/2018 - Meet the woman who made it possible for Trump and Kim to understand one another

6/12/2018 - To hit climate goals, Bill Gates and his billionaire friends are betting on energy storage

6/12/2018 - How a major stock exchange is using Telegram to help sell mutual funds

6/12/2018 - The spectacular stock market rise of an Indian budget supermarket chain

6/12/2018 - Researchers discovered hundreds of ads for runaway slaves in 18th-century Britain

6/12/2018 - Trump-Kim summit, Facebook Q&A dump, Trudeau eyebrow-gate

6/12/2018 - The sharp contrast between Trump’s thumbs-up to a dictator and his snub of a US ally

6/12/2018 - Trump-Kim summit, Facebook Q&A dump, Trudeau eyebrow-gate

6/12/2018 - Ethiopia’s tech startups are confident change is coming at just the right time

6/12/2018 - Why Chanda Kochhar needs to step down, according to an IIM-A professor

6/12/2018 - Here’s what Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un had for lunch

6/12/2018 - No one in China knows the “Chinese proverb” Ivanka Trump tweeted for the US-North Korea summit

6/11/2018 - Watch the moment Trump gave North Korea’s dictator the thumbs-up

6/11/2018 - Without giving up a thing, North Korea already has an iconic image from the Trump-Kim summit

6/11/2018 - Trump-Kim summit halved, Tesla tease, Trudeau eyebrow-gate

6/11/2018 - A new brain injury lawsuit could be the undoing of college football as we know it

6/11/2018 - Domestic abuse victims don’t qualify for US asylum, rules Jeff Sessions

6/11/2018 - “The island behind death”: The dark history of Trump and Kim Jong Un’s summit location

6/11/2018 - The Trump-Kim summit is overshadowing a big moment for Taiwan

6/11/2018 - Durian

6/11/2018 - Wireless VR is here but there’s no great reason to buy a headset yet

6/11/2018 - An author is challenging the publishing industry over what diversity means for great literature

6/11/2018 - The chatter of birds, frogs, monkeys, and bugs may illuminate the evolution of human language

6/11/2018 - “Hereditary” is not “elevated horror.” It’s just a good horror movie

6/11/2018 - American toddlers are eating more sugar than the maximum amount recommended for adults

6/11/2018 - Net neutrality officially ends today

6/11/2018 - LinkedIn will now tell you how long your commute is, before you apply to a job

6/11/2018 - Photos: Russia’s World Cup stadiums, as seen from the International Space Station

6/11/2018 - Cannabis has officially arrived in the realm of luxury wellness

6/11/2018 - Tanzania’s repressive online laws have forced the “Swahili Wikileaks” to close

6/11/2018 - The US Supreme Court just made it easier for states to prevent citizens from voting

6/11/2018 - Italy’s new far-right government is shutting its doors to African migrants

6/11/2018 - English speakers still can’t agree on how to say the letter “H”

6/11/2018 - How tax havens turn economic statistics into nonsense

6/11/2018 - Luxury travelers want to be green—except when it comes to their bathroom amenities

6/11/2018 - The way history is taught in South Africa is deeply problematic

6/11/2018 - What’s really driving China’s big luxury rebound

6/11/2018 - The highlight of the Tony Awards was a song for losers

6/11/2018 - Does eating at night really make you gain more weight?

6/11/2018 - Disadvantaged schools don’t need smaller classes—they need better teachers

6/11/2018 - The Trump-Kim peace summit has been downgraded to a half day

6/11/2018 - Here’s one number that shows the craze for electric vehicles in China

6/11/2018 - Ethiopia’s prime minister has promised not to “harm” Egypt’s share of the Nile

6/11/2018 - The state of the North Korean economy might surprise you

6/11/2018 - Two Nobel-winning nuclear experts say that North Korea shouldn’t be alone in giving up nukes

6/11/2018 - Three simple things the Trump-Kim summit could—and should—achieve

6/11/2018 - North Korea experts watching the summit will breathe a sigh of relief if…

6/11/2018 - What we lose when LGBT books become simply books

6/11/2018 - What Trump’s dealmaking style tells us about how we got to a summit with Kim Jong Un

6/11/2018 - Trump and Kim prepare, G7 melts down, Amazon shakes seltzer

6/11/2018 - The UK is a favourite destination for India’s fugitives

6/11/2018 - Two photos that perfectly sum up the state of global leadership in 2018

6/11/2018 - “Marks don’t matter”: Indian comics try to comfort students amid a suicide crisis

6/11/2018 - Who are the fiery Gurkhas protecting Trump and Kim in Singapore this week?

6/11/2018 - How the US government used jazz to “save India” from the communists

6/11/2018 - With 7,500 products and four years of research, IKEA is ready for India

6/11/2018 - A chaotic G7, Trump and Kim in Singapore, Amazon seltzer

6/11/2018 - A chaotic G7, Trump and Kim in Singapore, Amazon seltzer

6/11/2018 - What an official end to the Korean War would mean to those who fought it

6/10/2018 - Bitcoin crashed after another crypto exchange got hacked

6/10/2018 - US visa policy, disastrous G7 summit, LeBron James’s sad record

6/10/2018 - Buy now: Quartz’s “Indisputable Map of Southeast Asia” t-shirt

6/10/2018 - A photo from the G7 perfectly captured Trump vs. the rest of the world

6/10/2018 - Amazon is getting ready to crush LaCroix

6/10/2018 - A new study on the psychology of persistent regrets can teach you how to live now

6/10/2018 - Why eight hours a night isn’t enough, according to a leading sleep scientist

6/10/2018 - Forget Rihanna and Cate—the real star of “Oceans 8” is the art

6/10/2018 - “I thought, maybe I shouldn’t have had anything to drink, or I should’ve said no—I didn’t say no.”

6/10/2018 - The five best World Cup games to watch

6/10/2018 - The best spy shows and movies to watch if you miss “The Americans”

6/10/2018 - Ethiopia rising, Ghana’s bauxite, Africa’s old but new mobile tech

6/9/2018 - The list of oil companies that met with the Pope about climate change has some big names missing

6/9/2018 - LeBron James is the first NBA player in two decades to get swept in the finals twice

6/9/2018 - The movie theater will be the next target for China to dig deeper roots in Africa

6/9/2018 - The US passed China with a supercomputer capable of as many calculations per second as 6.3 billion humans

6/9/2018 - A Chinese coal plant on a UNESCO-protected island in Kenya is facing major protests

6/9/2018 - Fountain pens

6/9/2018 - Fountain pens

6/9/2018 - All the world’s biggest gimmicks are converging at the Trump-Kim peace summit

6/9/2018 - Why girls from former Soviet countries do better in math

6/9/2018 - Privacy is a luxury, just like a $1,000 iPhone

6/9/2018 - Is CBD legal? It depends on who you ask

6/9/2018 - The sandal of summer 2018 epitomizes footwear’s slide toward lazy leisure

6/9/2018 - Quitting Instagram taught me how to truly experience and document my life again

6/9/2018 - It turns out men, not women, suffer more from imposter syndrome

6/9/2018 - Weekend edition—Anthony Bourdain, Trump-Kim summit, Bollywood bias

6/9/2018 - Anthony Bourdain loved Asia without fetishizing it. And Asia loved him back

6/9/2018 - For a glimpse of the future of money, go to Switzerland

6/9/2018 - LeBron James somehow played the NBA finals with a broken hand

6/9/2018 - Fountain pens

6/9/2018 - Anthony Bourdain loved Africa’s many different foods and cultures

6/9/2018 - Weekend edition—Anthony Bourdain, Trump-Kim summit, Bollywood bias

6/9/2018 - Weekend edition—Anthony Bourdain, Trump-Kim summit, Bollywood bias

6/8/2018 - Weekend edition—Anthony Bourdain, Trump-Kim summit, Bollywood bias

6/8/2018 - The jetpack is leaving Fortnite on June 11. It should return as a permanent item

6/8/2018 - Fountain pens

6/8/2018 - Feeling grief is a totally normal reaction to a celebrity death

6/8/2018 - Porsche’s electric rival to the Tesla Model S now has a name: Taycan

6/8/2018 - The fine American tradition of lemonade stands is under threat

6/8/2018 - Wall Street loves Jack Dorsey’s new nose ring

6/8/2018 - By threatening Canada on trade, Trump risks the greatest defense partnership in US history

6/8/2018 - Robert Mueller’s Russia probe has a new indictee: an alleged former Russian spy

6/8/2018 - Sheryl Sandberg’s unapologetic challenge to men at MIT

6/8/2018 - The best way to honor Anthony Bourdain’s memory—eat like he did

6/8/2018 - We are one step closer to harvesting water out of thin air

6/8/2018 - Xi Jinping gave Vladimir Putin a giant gold “best friend” necklace

6/8/2018 - 14 more of the world’s richest people have signed the Gates-Buffett Giving Pledge

6/8/2018 - Seven things millennials can actually look forward to in their future

6/8/2018 - A millennial’s guide to the 2060s

6/8/2018 - Millennials’ desire to kill the penny reflects their attitude toward managing finances

6/8/2018 - Small copper coins are threatening millennials’ financial futures

6/8/2018 - Americans are reading poetry again because of Instagram

6/8/2018 - Quartzy: the traveling light edition

6/8/2018 - Quartzy: the traveling light edition

6/8/2018 - How to pack your best carry-on for spontaneous summer travel

6/8/2018 - Bitcoin trading in Venezuela is skyrocketing amid 14,000% inflation

6/8/2018 - How to talk to employees when a public loss feels personal

6/8/2018 - The surreal swirls of ocean plankton blooms, seen from space

6/8/2018 - Microsoft sinks a data center, San Francisco bans scooters, Fortnite’s wild success

6/8/2018 - Traffic lights

6/8/2018 - Traffic lights

6/8/2018 - Sharks don’t deserve their reputation

6/8/2018 - “Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles Cookbook” is an overlooked piece of the chef’s legacy

6/8/2018 - Anthony Bourdain didn’t just teach us how to travel. He taught us how to live

6/8/2018 - This is the week that the drone surveillance state became real

6/8/2018 - A week’s worth of plastic trash, generated by families around the world

6/8/2018 - Anthony Bourdain has died at 61. Here’s what we know

6/8/2018 - Facebook content is convenient evidence for prosecutors, but not for defendants

6/8/2018 - There’s really no reason to buy a HomePod now

6/8/2018 - Albert Einstein’s best ideas came when he was aimless. Yours can too

6/8/2018 - The Swiss are voting on the radical concept of “sovereign money”—the anti-bitcoin

6/8/2018 - The “live like a local” travel ethos has failed—the question is what will replace it

6/8/2018 - CrossFit is the new contender for gayest sport on the planet

6/8/2018 - The best place to put your fan to cool off, according to science

6/8/2018 - IKEA and Olafur Eliasson are developing solar-powered gadgets to help people live off the grid

6/8/2018 - Photos: The agony and the ecstasy of taking China’s make-or-break college exam

6/8/2018 - A bitter G7 summit, Argentina’s big bailout, life on Mars

6/8/2018 - Traffic lights

6/8/2018 - Indian-Americans are incredible spellers—but not because of a special gene or tiger parenting

6/8/2018 - Foreigners are scooping up houses in New Zealand’s priciest areas while they still can

6/8/2018 - India’s bitcoin boom is fueling a surge in cryptocurrency crime

6/8/2018 - Panic buttons won’t fix Ola and Uber’s sexual-assault problem

6/8/2018 - Google’s free wifi is becoming a way of life in India

6/8/2018 - G7 summit tensions, Argentina bailout, 3D-printed houses

6/8/2018 - G7 summit tensions, Argentina bailout, 3D-printed houses

6/8/2018 - Indians are not buying Modi’s tall stories about the economy

6/8/2018 - This blackface skit of “lazy” Sudanese re-exposes racism in the Arab world

6/8/2018 - How to talk about God in Silicon Valley

6/8/2018 - A new investigation shows the scale of illicit financial flows out of West Africa

6/7/2018 - SCO summit, G7 summit, 3D-printed houses

6/7/2018 - Here’s how to check if Facebook accidentally set all your posts to public in May

6/7/2018 - Traffic lights

6/7/2018 - Google’s new ethics rules forbid using its AI for weapons

6/7/2018 - Scientists found loads more molecules associated with life on Mars

6/7/2018 - IKEA is designing customizable ergonomic chairs for the world’s most extreme sitters

6/7/2018 - Study: The White House’s international aid cuts could cause millions more abortions by 2020

6/7/2018 - Amazon is killing the TV remote

6/7/2018 - Amazon has won some of the UK rights to stream—and only stream—the Premier League

6/7/2018 - Travelers get more out of long-distance carpooling than just a cheap ride

6/7/2018 - The world’s first TEDx event in a refugee camp will take place in Kenya

6/7/2018 - Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon are telling companies to quit giving quarterly earnings guidance

6/7/2018 - The future of ride-hailing in China’s Silicon Valley is electrifying

6/7/2018 - The “On the Run II” tour is giving Bey and Jay fans something to believe in

6/7/2018 - Samantha Bee’s apology for calling Ivanka Trump the c-word is perfect

6/7/2018 - Everything we thought we knew about the gig economy is wrong

6/7/2018 - Aerial NASA photos reveal Antarctica’s most remote areas

6/7/2018 - The pioneering woman who invented a life-saving test for newborns

6/7/2018 - The handshake

6/7/2018 - The handshake

6/7/2018 - The smartest businesses know it takes more than parental leave to help working mothers thrive

6/7/2018 - How this generation of working mothers impacts the next generation of workers

6/7/2018 - These photos show the joy and awe of new dads bonding with their babies around the world

6/7/2018 - Americans need to stop obsessing over the unemployment rate

6/7/2018 - China’s ZTE will live, thanks to a deal with the US government

6/7/2018 - The future of Lyft is more carpooling

6/7/2018 - Repressive Singapore is the perfect place for Trump and Kim to compare human rights records

6/7/2018 - The first 3D printed houses for rent will be built in the Netherlands this year

6/7/2018 - What the petty office clashes at Facebook and WhatsApp were really about

6/7/2018 - The once pristine waters of Antarctica now contain plastic fibers

6/7/2018 - Architects are already designing hotel concepts for autonomous vehicle travel

6/7/2018 - Kate Spade’s design legacy is summed up in one classic handbag

6/7/2018 - Cold War-era office posters from NSA’s archives shows a hundred ways to say “shhh”

6/7/2018 - This year, passing China’s biggest exam involves waxing eloquent about Xi Jinping’s philosophy

6/7/2018 - Inside Japan’s Olympic condom factory

6/7/2018 - The trauma of public speaking and other reasons you need Buddhism in your work life

6/7/2018 - Firefighters can teach us how to make good decisions under pressure

6/7/2018 - The best parts of your childhood probably involved things today’s kids will never know

6/7/2018 - Almost half of the world’s population still doesn’t use a bank account

6/7/2018 - UK Supreme Court dismisses case to overturn Northern Ireland’s restrictive abortion laws

6/7/2018 - The skateboarders breaking from centuries of Indian tradition—and proving girls belong on the streets

6/7/2018 - Bilderberg conference begins, Putin’s AMA, windowless planes

6/7/2018 - A French hospital used hypnosis to block pain in 150 cancer surgeries

6/7/2018 - The homecoming of H-1B rejects is turning India into a new land of opportunity

6/7/2018 - The handshake

6/7/2018 - France doubles the number of French lessons it offers to migrants

6/7/2018 - India will soon be drinking Budweiser beer brewed using solar power

6/7/2018 - The oligopoly that controls India’s credit cards and e-wallets may be soon shattered

6/7/2018 - Fearing fragile economies, a London hedge fund has started a doomsday fund

6/7/2018 - How the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals undermine democracy

6/7/2018 - How Swedes beat the curse of winning the lottery

6/7/2018 - North Korea’s ruling elites love the iPhone, sanctions be damned

6/7/2018 - Mumbai’s weekend forecast: the worst rains since 2005

6/7/2018 - China’s solar power slowdown is great news for India

6/7/2018 - Putin’s live Q&A, Trump’s iftar dinner, windowless planes

6/7/2018 - Putin’s live Q&A, Trump’s iftar dinner, windowless planes

6/7/2018 - Venezuela was named the most dangerous country to live for the second year in a row

6/6/2018 - Trump finally did the one thing that will drive powerful Republicans away

6/6/2018 - The oldest animal-track fossil ever found was made by a tiny, crabby creature

6/6/2018 - Putin’s live Q&A, new EU tariffs, overprotected quolls

6/6/2018 - How Trump’s pardons compare to past presidents’, charted

6/6/2018 - The handshake

6/6/2018 - Inventive tips for separating your job from your life when you work from home

6/6/2018 - How to keep your fresh vegetables from rotting away in the fridge this summer

6/6/2018 - Trump’s tariff war might ensnare one of the most American of goods

6/6/2018 - In five years, VR could be as big in the US as Netflix

6/6/2018 - Miss America is the original contest of performative femininity. So why isn’t it more fun?

6/6/2018 - The newest green-tech idea: drown data centers at sea

6/6/2018 - Amazon has too many ways of watching you now

6/6/2018 - Tesla’s sale of parts to Elon Musk’s The Boring Company may be a clue to its strategy

6/6/2018 - The Macron-Trump bromance has a dark side, just like sausage-making

6/6/2018 - Stories literally put our brain waves in sync

6/6/2018 - To narrow its gender pay gap, PwC is banning all-male candidate slates in the UK

6/6/2018 - New aerial photos show Kilauea’s lava devouring neighborhoods

6/6/2018 - British nutritionists want Jamie Oliver to stop fat shaming children

6/6/2018 - Table salt

6/6/2018 - Table salt

6/6/2018 - An African strongman meeting with the world’s most famous lesbian TV host isn’t just a photo-op

6/6/2018 - You should probably be looking for a new job right now

6/6/2018 - Still in their infancy, AI algorithms need parenting

6/6/2018 - Facebook gave user data to the Chinese company at the heart of US-China tech tensions

6/6/2018 - Africa’s most promising economy is opening up to international investors

6/6/2018 - Law professors explain why the US presidency “is not a get out of jail free card”

6/6/2018 - The emerging, devastating evidence that childhood trauma could affect the next generation

6/6/2018 - Musical theatre taught Randi Zuckerberg how to succeed in Silicon Valley

6/6/2018 - AI needs to earn our trust, just like any human relationship

6/6/2018 - You don’t have the right to believe whatever you want to believe

6/6/2018 - The media just mistook a woman offering “celebrity faces” plastic surgery for a celebrity

6/6/2018 - Why the solar revolution is in grave danger—and how it can be saved

6/6/2018 - Puppies are cutest at adoption time for an important evolutionary reason

6/6/2018 - Latin America has become an unlikely leader in LGBT rights

6/6/2018 - For China’s young, seeing poorly is the norm—a little more play could help

6/6/2018 - Elon Musk got emotional at Tesla’s shareholder meeting and had something for everyone

6/6/2018 - India’s central bank hikes policy rate for the first time in Modi era

6/6/2018 - Abe does America, Putin praises Trump, feral peacocks

6/6/2018 - China is suddenly full of nice things to say about blockchain technology

6/6/2018 - India’s biggest cryptocurrency scam gets murkier and murkier

6/6/2018 - Table salt

6/6/2018 - Ethiopia has taken an unexpected step towards peace with long-time enemy Eritrea

6/6/2018 - India must treat groundwater as a common resource, not private property

6/6/2018 - Female politicians are better for the Indian economy

6/6/2018 - Treasure hunters are cashing in on a meteorite that crashed into China

6/6/2018 - India has the most number of data analytics jobs after the US

6/6/2018 - Merkel’s Bundestag Q&A, India’s rate decision, dancing queen

6/6/2018 - Merkel’s Bundestag Q&A, India’s rate decision, dancing queen

6/6/2018 - The Tatas want to build a Rs1,000 crore brand by selling daily-wear jewellery

6/6/2018 - SoftBank’s latest deal plays nicely with China’s tech goals

6/5/2018 - The White House threw the worst Super Bowl party ever

6/5/2018 - British reporters won’t write on Kate Spade’s death the same way as Americans

6/5/2018 - China import offer, Meituan IPO, dancing queen

6/5/2018 - Rimowa’s transparent suitcase is luggage, yes—but it’s also “shareable content”

6/5/2018 - The way we discuss suicide can unintentionally cause harm, but it doesn’t have to

6/5/2018 - Monsanto is about to disappear. Everything will stay exactly the same

6/5/2018 - Table salt

6/5/2018 - Prequels are bad. Stop making them

6/5/2018 - LeBron James and Stephen Curry agree: No one in the NBA wants to visit Trump

6/5/2018 - Japan is making a push to stop the stigma against crying babies

6/5/2018 - The sex industry is misusing science to give sexbots a health halo

6/5/2018 - Trump’s steel tariffs will cost 400,000 Americans jobs, a new estimate says

6/5/2018 - Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” may push SCOTUS to address a fundamental injustice

6/5/2018 - International outrage about a “genocide” against white farmers in South Africa ignores the data

6/5/2018 - Designer Kate Spade has been found dead in an apparent suicide

6/5/2018 - If Miss America isn’t a beauty pageant, what is it?

6/5/2018 - Paul Manafort tried to hide from the feds using encrypted WhatsApp—but forgot about iCloud

6/5/2018 - Republicans are getting a little more tired of the news than Democrats

6/5/2018 - “Solo” could be Disney’s first Star Wars film to lose money

6/5/2018 - Waymo may get $465 million in US tax breaks, and that’s okay

6/5/2018 - Samsung’s new wireless speaker is as beautiful as it is useful

6/5/2018 - If you graduated from a US college this year, Bill Gates is giving you a book he loves for free

6/5/2018 - Takeout coffee

6/5/2018 - Takeout coffee

6/5/2018 - We found a way to prevent phony, boring conversations at networking events

6/5/2018 - What makes a great leader, explained in eight counterintuitive charts

6/5/2018 - The negative health effects of business travel are your employer’s problem, too

6/5/2018 - Parental networking scored an Argentine journalist an interview with Woody Allen

6/5/2018 - There’s now a sign that indicates if a New York City apartment is as good as it looks

6/5/2018 - O say you can see Trump’s real reason for uninviting the Eagles to the White House

6/5/2018 - The two North Korean generals who saluted South Korea’s president have been replaced

6/5/2018 - A new startup is showing how to make batteries cheaper—and safer

6/5/2018 - No matter how you look at it, the British government has lost billions selling RBS shares

6/5/2018 - China is expanding its military footprint in Africa

6/5/2018 - The radical power of becoming a funny girl

6/5/2018 - High-achieving girls are terrified of failure. One school is teaching them how to bounce back

6/5/2018 - Germany’s biggest bank is worth the same as a medium-sized regional US lender

6/5/2018 - New TV shows with lousy ratings are getting a second chance

6/5/2018 - The first person to live with a mind-controlled robotic arm is teaching himself piano

6/5/2018 - India’s big AI dreams just got a reality check—from the government itself

6/5/2018 - Google’s chief economist thinks the world needs more data scientists

6/5/2018 - The EU just granted gay spouses the same freedom of movement rights as straight couples

6/5/2018 - Uber’s much-touted new safety features? China had them first

6/5/2018 - It’s privilege—not hard work—that’s most likely to determine an Indian’s income

6/5/2018 - Musk’s reckoning, new accusations against Manafort, angry guppies

6/5/2018 - 20% of India’s total e-waste comes from just one state

6/5/2018 - Takeout coffee

6/5/2018 - A $10 billion China deal to mine bauxite in Ghana is facing fierce environmental pushback

6/5/2018 - Don’t blame Amazon for selling exploding hoverboards, says a federal judge

6/5/2018 - After spawning a $100 billion industry, the “godfather” of computer chips is retiring

6/5/2018 - Walmart on the Flipkart deal: “If it had been a smaller market, we may have passed”

6/5/2018 - The launch of this e-scooter is a moment of reckoning for India’s EV market

6/5/2018 - Lush stands by its controversial “Spy Cops” UK campaign

6/5/2018 - Why energy storage is key to a global climate breakthrough

6/5/2018 - How a 20-year old mobile technology protocol is revolutionizing Africa 

6/5/2018 - British lawmakers want to force big companies to report on their climate-change risks

6/5/2018 - Italy’s confidence vote, Putin in Austria, GDPR bedtime stories

6/5/2018 - Italy’s confidence vote, Putin in Austria, GDPR bedtime stories

6/5/2018 - With $2.5 billion of M&As in 2018, India’s renewables sector is set for a leap

6/4/2018 - The world is running out of Japanese people

6/4/2018 - Guatemala’s transformation by volcanic ash, in one photo

6/4/2018 - Shultz leaves Starbucks, Microsoft’s GitHub buy, GDPR bedtime stories

6/4/2018 - Apple just updated all its operating systems and none of its hardware

6/4/2018 - Howard Schultz is retiring from Starbucks

6/4/2018 - How every US Supreme Court justice voted in the gay-wedding cake case

6/4/2018 - The US Army’s new algorithm tells you how much caffeine will hit your body’s peak performance

6/4/2018 - Clarence Thomas compared the Supreme Court’s gay wedding cake case to cross-burning

6/4/2018 - Some breast cancer patients may not need chemotherapy, depending on their genes

6/4/2018 - Takeout coffee

6/4/2018 - Your smartphone was probably sharing your friends’ Facebook data behind your back

6/4/2018 - Finally, a scientific list of the most popular memes on the internet

6/4/2018 - This new drone can fly to and map places too dangerous for people

6/4/2018 - A pilot whale that normally ate squid and jellyfish died after swallowing 80 plastic bags

6/4/2018 - A buzzy vegan burger that doesn’t pretend to be meat

6/4/2018 - Elon Musk’s problem with journalism can be solved with—you guessed it—a blockchain

6/4/2018 - What the Gates Foundation learned by offering 52 weeks of paid parental leave

6/4/2018 - Every scary movie is called the scariest movie in years. “Hereditary” really could be

6/4/2018 - The future of social media feels a lot like the past

6/4/2018 - A fragrance founded to end conflict lands a coveted deal with Sephora

6/4/2018 - We’re about to find out how big the gig economy actually is

6/4/2018 - The logical flaw in the US Supreme Court’s Masterpiece Cakeshop decision, according to two dissenting justices

6/4/2018 - Google had 85,000 reasons to change its mind about its Pentagon contract

6/4/2018 - British parliament is debating banning fur in the UK after 110,000 Brits asked it to

6/4/2018 - The Supreme Court’s Colorado baker decision contains a robust defense of gay rights

6/4/2018 - Morocco is one step closer to hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2026

6/4/2018 - George Soros’ radical plan to save the EU from its next financial crisis

6/4/2018 - Germany has questions for the US ambassador who plans to “empower” local conservatives

6/4/2018 - Breastfeeding mothers don’t get enough support at work

6/4/2018 - Netflix probably isn’t done poaching TV’s top creators

6/4/2018 - Scientists realized East Antarctica has been having regular earthquakes all along

6/4/2018 - Why Serena Williams has withdrawn from the French Open

6/4/2018 - Photos: Today’s Google Doodle honors one of Canada’s most celebrated runners

6/4/2018 - How to watch Apple’s WWDC 2018 developers conference

6/4/2018 - Microsoft has agreed to buy GitHub for $7.5 billion

6/4/2018 - Even old-world diamond magnates are turning to lab-grown gems

6/4/2018 - Africa’s largest telecoms operator is betting on mobile money for a historic Ghana IPO

6/4/2018 - How to avoid becoming a tyrant when your kids misbehave

6/4/2018 - The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas are going on a 20-state bus tour to register voters and push gun reform

6/4/2018 - Black drivers in Missouri are 85% more likely to be stopped than whites

6/4/2018 - Trump now owns the Republican Party

6/4/2018 - The CEO of Aetna was considering suicide before he found meditation

6/4/2018 - A former Nike engineer’s strategy for innovating fast

6/4/2018 - Woody Allen says he should be the “poster boy” for the #MeToo movement

6/4/2018 - We learned the wrong lesson about self-control from the famous marshmallow test

6/4/2018 - Apple Developers Conference, Microsoft buys Github, dinosaur auctions

6/4/2018 - The world set a new record for renewable power in 2017, but emissions are still rising

6/4/2018 - The case for Xiaomi, the $70 billion company—and for Xiaomi, the $30 billion company

6/4/2018 - Ethiopia will end its state of emergency early, as part of widening political reforms

6/4/2018 - India’s Silicon Valley is already going under—and the rains have hardly begun

6/4/2018 - GitHub users are already fuming about the company’s sale to Microsoft

6/4/2018 - Suzuki has made 20 million cars in India, and that’s not enough

6/4/2018 - India is out to prove that the Taj Mahal is not turning yellow or brown

6/4/2018 - Watch as Guatemala’s Fuego volcano erupts, spewing ash 6 miles into the air

6/4/2018 - Indian cryptocurrency exchanges plead: “Probe and regulate us, don’t ban”

6/4/2018 - Why India’s approach to climate change is missing the point

6/4/2018 - Netanyahu’s European tour, Apple’s developer party, dinosaur auctions

6/4/2018 - Netanyahu’s European tour, Apple’s developer party, dinosaur auctions

6/4/2018 - Millions of Indians are ditching their offices for co-working spaces

6/3/2018 - Apple’s developer party, Bibi heads to Europe, dinosaur auctions

6/3/2018 - Denmark is considering a ban on circumcisions—and testing its religious freedom

6/3/2018 - If you want answers, Kanye’s anemic ‘Ye’ is going to leave you with more questions

6/3/2018 - Silicon Valley startups have always served the rich. Now they’re helping the merely wealthy

6/3/2018 - Can a European candy company make Butterfingers great again?

6/3/2018 - A debate over plant consciousness is forcing us to confront the limitations of the human mind

6/3/2018 - On HBO’s “Succession,” awful rich people make for awfully rich TV

6/3/2018 - “Sex and the City” reruns were exactly the sex-ed I needed as a Catholic school teen

6/3/2018 - What to expect from Apple’s 2018 WWDC developer conference

6/3/2018 - China’s yuan, Black Panther’s African lawsuit, Nigeria’s dysfunctional budget

6/3/2018 - South Africa’s young chefs are trying to revive a food culture decimated by apartheid

6/2/2018 - A fan paid $3 million for a lunch with Warren Buffett—but you can get his best advice for free

6/2/2018 - Rich people are buying up dinosaurs because museums are too poor to get them

6/2/2018 - The UK plans to ban grocery stores from selling candy in checkout aisles

6/2/2018 - ABC is considering rebooting “Roseanne” without Roseanne—but there’s one big hurdle

6/2/2018 - A cutting-edge music festival is becoming too big for the tiny African country that hosts it

6/2/2018 - Trump’s flip-flop on North Korea shows why he’s a true blessing for betting markets

6/2/2018 - Blaming Ambien

6/2/2018 - Blaming Ambien

6/2/2018 - How a pan-African network of cyber activists has been strengthening democracy online

6/2/2018 - A gene tech tycoon’s creepy real-life ideas demand a sci-fi response

6/2/2018 - “Calligraphuck” and the rise of elegantly lettered nihilism

6/2/2018 - Canon killed off its last film camera, just as film photography is having a moment

6/2/2018 - 2,400 years ago, Plato saw democracy would give rise to a tyrannical leader filled with “false and braggart words”

6/2/2018 - US presidents’ long romance with tariffs—at the expense of the US economy

6/2/2018 - A year on since Trump left the Paris accord, the world still craves US leadership

6/2/2018 - Weekend edition—Rejoining the Paris accord, spelling bees, bean-counting

6/2/2018 - Trump isn’t special, US presidents always start trade wars with Europe

6/2/2018 - The most ridiculous wigs and disguises on “The Americans,” ranked

6/2/2018 - Blaming Ambien

6/2/2018 - Weekend edition—Rejoining the Paris accord, spelling bees, bean-counting

6/2/2018 - Weekend edition—Rejoining the Paris accord, spelling bees, bean-counting

6/1/2018 - Weekend edition—Rejoining the Paris accord, spelling bees, bean-counting

6/1/2018 - Google reportedly pitched the Pentagon a “Google-earth-like” AI surveillance tool

6/1/2018 - Sean Spicer is just as glad as you are that he no longer speaks for Donald Trump

6/1/2018 - The big Visa disruption highlights the risks of our electronic payment future

6/1/2018 - Blaming Ambien

6/1/2018 - Facebook is killing its “Trending” feature, proving algorithms aren’t always the answer

6/1/2018 - The case against prolific Instagram use is all about protecting your memories

6/1/2018 - Presidents aren’t supposed to say anything about the job report before it’s released. Of course, Donald Trump tweeted about it.

6/1/2018 - Last time Mexico put tariffs on the US, American farmers lost $1 billion

6/1/2018 - Charted: Hurricane Maria is the US’s deadliest disaster in more than a century

6/1/2018 - This is the longest and strongest expansion of US jobs on record

6/1/2018 - Quartzy: the off-site edition

6/1/2018 - Quartzy: the off-site edition

6/1/2018 - Netflix dethrones Disney, AI implicit bias, crypto-thieves

6/1/2018 - The champions and winning words from the last 20 years of spelling bees

6/1/2018 - Sports betting

6/1/2018 - Sports betting

6/1/2018 - The radical power of realizing you’re a “dumb shit”

6/1/2018 - Now that GDPR is finally done, startups are celebrating with cakes

6/1/2018 - The complete, star-crossed saga of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un

6/1/2018 - Pioneering physicist Brian Greene explains why it’s okay to not have all the answers

6/1/2018 - Step aside Trudeau, Spain’s new prime minister is nicknamed “Mr. Handsome”

6/1/2018 - Overstuffed carry-on bags are causing a serious safety hazard, say flight attendants

6/1/2018 - Watch the short film Starbucks showed employees to teach them about racial bias

6/1/2018 - The Tesla Model 3 cost $28,000 to build, German engineers say—and it still may not be profitable

6/1/2018 - Couples should schedule regular “off-sites” just like work teams

6/1/2018 - I went to the Scripps National Spelling Bee—and felt illiterate

6/1/2018 - Nigeria’s snazzy World Cup kit has sold out—less than three hours after release

6/1/2018 - Enough people are taking the HIV-prevention drug to finally lower infection rates around the world

6/1/2018 - The complicated politics of traveling while LGBT

6/1/2018 - The US is having a hard time keeping teachers in their jobs

6/1/2018 - Zimbabwe will vote for a president not called Mugabe for the first time this July

6/1/2018 - Three giants of US publishing name the books they’re most proud of

6/1/2018 - The top 10 new species of 2018, from deep-sea fish to tree-climbing lions

6/1/2018 - French nudists visited a Paris museum

6/1/2018 - Denmark’s burqa ban will affect, at most, 0.2% of Muslim women there

6/1/2018 - Sex traffickers are planning to exploit Russia’s lax World Cup visa rules to pimp Nigerian women

6/1/2018 - Most kids around the world go to school, but too many don’t learn enough—and we don’t know why

6/1/2018 - Kim’s “Dear Donald” letter, trade war volleys, Pluto’s methane dunes

6/1/2018 - What gets you banned from flights in China

6/1/2018 - Sports betting

6/1/2018 - On World No Tobacco Day, Japan’s health ministry removed its cigarette vending machine

6/1/2018 - After telecom firms, Reliance Jio is going after India’s music-streaming industry

6/1/2018 - The most valuable banknote in circulation is worth about as much as a bitcoin

6/1/2018 - One of India’s oldest cookbooks offers solid lessons on life and third-rate vegetables

6/1/2018 - India’s GDP growth slows down to pre-Narendra Modi days

6/1/2018 - The genius of GDPR is that it forces companies to police each other

6/1/2018 - Harshvardhan Kapoor explains why he doesn’t take advice from his star sister

6/1/2018 - A former Googler shares his decision-making process to move back to India

6/1/2018 - Caption contest: LeBron James’s agony after a J.R. Smith blunder cost the Cavs game 1

6/1/2018 - Patanjali’s messaging app is already a disaster

6/1/2018 - Turmoil in Madrid, new Italian government, dynamic Pluto

6/1/2018 - Turmoil in Madrid, new Italian government, dynamic Pluto