6/30/2016 - Indian news publishers are cracking down on ad blockers

6/30/2016 - Google is not giving India an Android Neyyappam

6/30/2016 - Hershey has roundly rejected Mondelēz International’s $23 billion takeover bid

6/30/2016 - Alphabet’s Nest wants to patent a surveillance crib to monitor your baby’s every move

6/30/2016 - Tesla autopilot death, Boris retreats, robot fighter pilots

6/30/2016 - A Tesla was involved in a fatal crash while in autopilot mode

6/30/2016 - Amid Brexit, central banks are saving politicians yet again from the consequences of their actions

6/30/2016 - Adnan Syed, the convicted murderer from the “Serial” podcast, is getting a new trial

6/30/2016 - Here’s how much Trudeau wishes Obama could stay president, in photos

6/30/2016 - A 10-year-old girl won a fellowship for PhDs to design a robot and make the sad streets of Paris happy again

6/30/2016 - Lionsgate’s $4.4 billion acquisition of Starz could make it a real competitor to HBO and Showtime

6/30/2016 - Glenn Hubbard: Turn the populism of 2016 into an honest revolution in Washington

6/30/2016 - A Syrian refugee became a local hero after finding $55,000 cash and turning it in to the police

6/30/2016 - This scarf can make you invisible in photographs

6/30/2016 - Watch the massive rocket blast that will send humans to Mars

6/30/2016 - Does it matter that the new CEO of Africa’s largest telecoms company isn’t black?

6/30/2016 - Apple Music is a year old today—and it’s already key to Apple’s future

6/30/2016 - A major US poultry company is revamping its operation to give its chickens better lives

6/30/2016 - Immigrant “ghost workers” are lining their bosses’ pockets in a whole new way

6/30/2016 - Switzerland denied citizenship to Muslim girls who refused to join co-ed swimming lessons

6/30/2016 - San Francisco has a love-hate relationship with Airbnb

6/30/2016 - A safari company suspended for graphic wildlife abuse is back in action, with the Tanzanian government’s support

6/30/2016 - Cadbury’s parent company made a takeover bid for Hershey’s

6/30/2016 - The nation-state is making a global comeback—and we should all be very afraid

6/30/2016 - The man who wants to run Britain has said repeatedly he is not fit to run Britain

6/30/2016 - Everything you need to know about the bitcoin ‘halving’ event

6/30/2016 - The bestselling author who helped a million parents hypnotize their kids to sleep will release a new book this fall

6/30/2016 - An iconic US breakfast cereal changed its recipe, and Americans have started eating it again

6/30/2016 - Almost nobody pays for virtual goods in apps, but those who do shell out a lot

6/30/2016 - Gun crime victimizes men the most—which is also why it’s so hard to stop

6/30/2016 - Elizabeth Warren has some questions—of the legal variety—about the way Apple Music does business

6/30/2016 - Kanye West’s “Famous” video is basically revenge porn—and should qualify as sexual harassment

6/30/2016 - After the calamity of Brexit, the British establishment is in a state of civil war

6/30/2016 - Brexit won’t help the UK lure tech giants away from Ireland with sweetheart tax deals

6/30/2016 - The US Marine Corps just eliminated “man” from 19 job titles

6/30/2016 - I’m more proud of the year I failed to make the Olympics than the year I succeeded

6/30/2016 - The myth of millennial entitlement was created to hide their parents’ mistakes

6/30/2016 - The gendered public bathroom is actually a modern invention

6/30/2016 - Los jornaleros indocumentados ahora tendrán una nueva manera de combatir el robo de salario

6/30/2016 - Immigrant laborers have a new tool to fight back against rampant wage theft in the US

6/30/2016 - Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has 10 commandments for how AI and humans should act

6/30/2016 - What you read matters more than you might think

6/30/2016 - A Taiwanese steel plant caused Vietnam’s mass fish deaths, the government says

6/30/2016 - They said it couldn’t be done: Male contraception

6/30/2016 - How to intervene in a racist attack

6/30/2016 - The world’s youngest country is canceling its independence day celebrations

6/30/2016 - Summer books: the psychology behind a perfect beach read

6/30/2016 - Watch out designers: AI design bots are getting better at building websites

6/30/2016 - Britain’s political civil wars, Puerto Rico gets rescued, why Uber won’t dominate

6/30/2016 - Indian government gives its employees a $15-billion raise. Now, let’s watch the economy

6/30/2016 - India is open for 24X7 shopping

6/30/2016 - Photos: African lions and hyenas, captured by a robot camera under the Milky Way

6/30/2016 - Ranking the world’s “most polluted cities” is good for clickbait headlines, not a cleaner planet

6/30/2016 - Rebounding markets, Puerto Rico rescue, ballooning for drones

6/30/2016 - Bengaluru is not the hottest startup destination in India any more

6/29/2016 - A Shanghai native in search of New York City’s most authentic soup dumplings

6/29/2016 - Man sues Apple for $10 billion for allegedly stealing his designs from 1992

6/29/2016 - Markets bounce back, South China Sea heats up, robots fight parking tickets

6/29/2016 - The Philippines’ new anti-press president will broadcast his inauguration on Facebook

6/29/2016 - Today in Brexit-land: The EU meets, Cameron takes questions, and Piketty calls it quits

6/29/2016 - Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is writing his first book

6/29/2016 - India’s first female Uber driver has been found dead in her home in Bengaluru

6/29/2016 - Learning to fly a balloon to fly a drone

6/29/2016 - Social scientists need to learn from their Brexit blunder, so we can learn from them

6/29/2016 - The online grocery market remains closed to Americans on food stamps. A digital upstart is asking why

6/29/2016 - This is why executives love the cloud

6/29/2016 - Man of the “Future Shock”: Remembering Alvin Toffler

6/29/2016 - Facebook just sent a chill over every digital news organization

6/29/2016 - Women athletes hated wearing Nike’s tennis dresses for Wimbledon

6/29/2016 - Thomas Piketty is cutting ties with the UK’s imploding Labour Party over Brexit

6/29/2016 - Brexit shows central banks can’t go it alone–governments have to step up

6/29/2016 - Knowing when hybrid is the answer

6/29/2016 - Nearly a decade later, low interest rates could actually start helping the US economy

6/29/2016 - We’re getting a “Tetris” movie trilogy, oh God no why

6/29/2016 - “Who would vote for instability?” Watch stunned Brits working and living in the EU react to Brexit

6/29/2016 - Big box stores rehire half their hourly workforce every year, and that’s going to change with a push of a button

6/29/2016 - Living with anxiety in the age of nonstop bad news

6/29/2016 - The Istanbul attack is a grim reminder that Muslims are targeted by terrorism more than any other group

6/29/2016 - The mysterious mortality of white Americans isn’t about men—or wages

6/29/2016 - Money earned from US sales of “Mein Kampf” will now go to Holocaust survivors

6/29/2016 - Internet savvy teens are worse at romantic relationships in real life

6/29/2016 - A former fraternity member’s plea deal shows how hard it is to punish campus rape

6/29/2016 - An AI-powered chatbot has overturned 160,000 parking tickets in London and New York

6/29/2016 - The humble menu for Philippine president-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s inauguration party

6/29/2016 - A complete guide to all the things Facebook censors hate most

6/29/2016 - Musical.ly’s live-streaming app has rocketed up the charts

6/29/2016 - AstraZeneca’s cholesterol-drug gambit is the latest tactic from a company skilled at them

6/29/2016 - Why you shouldn’t share links on Facebook

6/29/2016 - A sultan’s choice of heir apparent is sparking debates about gender equality in Indonesia

6/29/2016 - London’s financial industry relies on foreigners, which is a big problem after Brexit

6/29/2016 - Charts: Half of the UK’s foreign investment comes from the countries it just snubbed

6/29/2016 - “Go back to your country”: In the aftermath of Brexit, there’s been a spike in hate crimes

6/29/2016 - Why are we surprised by Brexit?

6/29/2016 - There’s going to be a Tinder for those who are heartbroken about Brexit

6/29/2016 - It’s suddenly a lot cheaper to visit Britain, in case you hadn’t noticed

6/29/2016 - Istanbul’s airport reopens, Scotland courts the EU, Justin Trudeau is a Marvel superhero

6/29/2016 - India is slowly cleaving into two countries—the old south and the young north

6/29/2016 - China’s feared “internet czar” Lu Wei is unexpectedly stepping down

6/29/2016 - After Brexit, will another UK astronaut ever go to the International Space Station?

6/29/2016 - India’s love for cigarettes is going up in smoke

6/29/2016 - Photos: Police react to LGBT Pride parades on the same day in Istanbul and New York

6/29/2016 - Scotland is better off in the UK than on its own in the EU

6/29/2016 - The Istanbul airport attacks will test Turkish Airlines’ global ambitions

6/29/2016 - Open air routes to make travel easier in Africa, don’t start new national airlines

6/29/2016 - The elite used hate, fear, and anxiety to trick ordinary Brits into voting for Brexit

6/29/2016 - Indian banks have a lot more bad loans than they initially thought

6/29/2016 - If you’re two months late paying your rent in Cameroon, a new law will put you in jail

6/29/2016 - Investors might be excited by Nigeria’s new free floating currency but the president isn’t

6/29/2016 - Is Lady Gaga “politically naive” for meeting the Dalai Lama?

6/29/2016 - Zambian journalists say the government is using the taxman to silence the press

6/29/2016 - Istanbul airport attack, Nike falls short, Lady Gaga’s Chinese haters

6/29/2016 - Scientists say a rare, recently discovered Tanzanian helium field is a global “game changer”

6/29/2016 - The world’s biggest survey of slums is underway in India

6/29/2016 - Japan’s attempts to tap clean energy are being blocked by spa enthusiasts

6/29/2016 - Days after Disney opened its first theme park in China, it is already planning a second

6/28/2016 - Suicide attackers have killed at least 41 in Turkey’s biggest airport

6/28/2016 - Uber and Ola are now fighting about which company is most Indian

6/28/2016 - 425,000 apps mysteriously disappeared from the App Store in Thailand this month

6/28/2016 - Istanbul airport terror attack, Line’s IPO price, Lady Gaga’s Chinese haters

6/28/2016 - Doctors don’t know whether women really need those awkward pelvic exams

6/28/2016 - Currency is finally seeing the benefits of globalization

6/28/2016 - Your money should be as mobile as you are

6/28/2016 - Thermal imaging cameras will be used to detect mechanical doping at Tour De France

6/28/2016 - Airbnb is raising money at a $30 billion valuation

6/28/2016 - Today in Brexit-land: Juncker calls Farage a liar, Merkel’s warning, Labour’s meltdown

6/28/2016 - What London’s Formula E race means for the future of its iconic taxi

6/28/2016 - Formula E racecars are blazing a trail for the connected taxis of London’s future

6/28/2016 - Pinterest really, really wants you to shop from its pins

6/28/2016 - Apple patented a way to keep people from filming at concerts and movie theaters on their phones

6/28/2016 - Iran’s national volleyball team is a powerhouse—but female fans still can’t attend matches

6/28/2016 - Chipotle’s latest comeback strategy: a customer rewards program

6/28/2016 - When Poland plays soccer, nothing gets in the way—not even a church wedding

6/28/2016 - “Game of Thrones”: How women really fared in the “season of women”

6/28/2016 - Watching plants grow is one of the most exciting things in technology

6/28/2016 - The Senate voted down a Zika funding bill that was crammed full of anti-abortion amendments

6/28/2016 - You can now turn messages into secret code using emoji

6/28/2016 - Listen to all of the closing-credits songs from HBO’s Silicon Valley

6/28/2016 - Apple is annoying people who want to buy its computers

6/28/2016 - The Post-Brexit chaos continues: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gets a huge 👎 in a no-confidence vote

6/28/2016 - South Africa’s public broadcaster will only allow news that makes the president look good

6/28/2016 - Ikea is recalling one of its most popular items of furniture after three toddler deaths

6/28/2016 - Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is building a huge rocket factory in Florida

6/28/2016 - Audiobooks are crushing ebooks

6/28/2016 - Startups say they’re already losing funding because of Brexit

6/28/2016 - Airbnb is suing San Francisco over its new regulations

6/28/2016 - Guess which industry is about to have a Brexit bonanza?

6/28/2016 - Brexit is what happens when our digital lives seem more “real” to us than our real ones

6/28/2016 - “You’re not laughing now, are you?” The man who campaigned for Brexit for 20 years gloats in Brussels

6/28/2016 - Pepsi is putting the artificial sweetener aspartame back in its diet soda after a customer revolt

6/28/2016 - What legendary fashion photographer Bill Cunningham taught us about labor economics

6/28/2016 - The toxic myth that working moms fail their kids is fueled by decades-old bad science

6/28/2016 - Holding babies, making deals: A primatologist says male chimps act eerily similar to human politicians

6/28/2016 - Brexit probably won’t kill London’s booming fintech scene

6/28/2016 - Resumes are worthless: An unfiltered look at how one CEO hires employees

6/28/2016 - Farm to keyboard: why software is the next “craft” industry

6/28/2016 - The science of why people insist on making idiotic choices

6/28/2016 - Brexit is like a burglary when it comes to the tech and venture capital industries

6/28/2016 - A Belgian-style confederacy would allow parts of the UK to remain the EU

6/28/2016 - When the UK wouldn’t kill the pound for the euro, I had a funny feeling

6/28/2016 - The “reverse Greenland”: One solution that could prevent dismantling the United Kingdom after Brexit

6/28/2016 - Erase Lady Gaga from the internet, China’s censors say, after her Dalai Lama meeting

6/28/2016 - The future is looking very shaky for London’s Heathrow Airport

6/28/2016 - The quiet demise of the world’s oldest photo studio

6/28/2016 - Cameron’s last supper, stocks rebound, England brexits European soccer

6/28/2016 - China’s fierce censors try a new tactic with GitHub—asking nicely

6/28/2016 - Writers in the diaspora can tell Africa’s story too

6/28/2016 - Brexit is almost certain to push Hong Kong into recession in 2016

6/28/2016 - Days after Brexit, the EU is already trying to get rid of English

6/28/2016 - Narendra Modi explains how he runs India’s foreign policy

6/28/2016 - Narendra Modi doesn’t have an answer for India’s jobless growth

6/28/2016 - Brexit aftershocks, VW settlement, hug-predicting robots

6/28/2016 - India’s most popular beer startup almost ran out of beer

6/27/2016 - More Hong Kongers are embracing mainland values: legal scholar Eric Cheung

6/27/2016 - Lyft has hired an investment bank best known for helping tech companies get acquired

6/27/2016 - England’s Iceland Foods is doing some brilliant marketing on Twitter

6/27/2016 - The US is considering asking foreign visitors to hand over their social media information

6/27/2016 - Brexit aftershocks, Texas abortion ruling, hug-predicting robots

6/27/2016 - Europe laughs and waves goodbye to England (the soccer team and its Brexit-loving fans)

6/27/2016 - Even Rio’s acting governor is warning the Rio Olympics could be “a big failure”

6/27/2016 - Y Combinator’s next project is a better city

6/27/2016 - With a wink to its audience, “Game of Thrones” told its most annoying characters to shut up

6/27/2016 - How to make sure employees don’t suffer from noise-related injuries

6/27/2016 - Interactive: Noise-related work injuries affect 22 million workers every year

6/27/2016 - Even India’s most powerful man is scared to make jokes

6/27/2016 - “The burden of the brutalized is not to comfort the bystander”: Jesse Williams’ electrifying speech on American racism

6/27/2016 - Microsoft has to pay a customer $10,000 for unwanted Windows 10 upgrade

6/27/2016 - A short list of things Soylent tastes like

6/27/2016 - Lady Gaga’s Instagram photos are making Chinese trolls crazy with rage

6/27/2016 - Marijuana shops are more lucrative than Whole Foods, by at least one metric

6/27/2016 - South Africa’s intensifying protests could lead to electoral violence in August

6/27/2016 - For Britons, the Soviet collapse may be a lesson in the unintended consequences of referendums

6/27/2016 - Brexit just cost the UK its AAA credit rating

6/27/2016 - Was a second referendum part of Boris Johnson’s plan all along?

6/27/2016 - Snapchat users could get paid for their content someday

6/27/2016 - “Game of Thrones” finally delivered some transcendent TV last night

6/27/2016 - EA is paying up for putting the unauthorized likeness of football legend Jim Brown in the Madden NFL video games

6/27/2016 - Brexit was not the will of the people, but the will of the provinces

6/27/2016 - As the world’s largest refugee camp closes, some Kenyans struggle to prove they belong in Kenya

6/27/2016 - “There are no f*cking do-overs”: John Oliver nails everything that’s wrong with Brexit

6/27/2016 - How to watch the England vs. Iceland Euro match today

6/27/2016 - The Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion restrictions

6/27/2016 - The world’s top performers prove talent has nothing to do with success

6/27/2016 - After Brexit, the race is on to replace London as Europe’s startup capital

6/27/2016 - The head of the UK’s Vote Leave campaign says Brexit talks can wait until after people “go on holiday”

6/27/2016 - Radical transparency has its limits when it comes to a startup’s bad news

6/27/2016 - If David Cameron were African, he would have never resigned, Twitter users say

6/27/2016 - “He’s kind of perfect for the job”: Obama hints at a future in VC, and Silicon Valley is salivating

6/27/2016 - Today’s musicians really want to be friends with you

6/27/2016 - Americans can no longer be trusted with the Second Amendment

6/27/2016 - Should women be forced to register for the US draft?

6/27/2016 - Can Cadillac be cool again?

6/27/2016 - Tune in for an incredibly anti-Europe European soccer match

6/27/2016 - There’s a whole group of animals who don’t need males to reproduce

6/27/2016 - Where our eyes get their color

6/27/2016 - For the first time, Starbucks will sell an Indian coffee in the US

6/27/2016 - Brexit gives China’s Communist Party concrete evidence that democracy can be catastrophic

6/27/2016 - Brexit has wiped $2 trillion (and counting) off global stock markets

6/27/2016 - Soccer great Lionel Messi is quitting Argentina’s national team

6/27/2016 - EU meets on Brexit, Spain (still) in deadlock, Boris Johnson’s magical thinking

6/27/2016 - Lady Gaga and the Dalai Lama share tips for finding inner peace

6/27/2016 - An ethicist explains what Brexit voters forgot on their way to the polls

6/27/2016 - Will India’s 81-year-old central bank finally get a woman governor?

6/27/2016 - People in the UK lost a bit of sleep over Brexit, their fitness trackers show

6/27/2016 - Christians owe gays an apology, Pope Francis says

6/27/2016 - Brexit blues: The UK-EU divorce will leave Indian exporters bruised

6/27/2016 - Some arguments for optimism in a post-Brexit world

6/27/2016 - India will spend $750 million on artillery guns to secure its border with China

6/27/2016 - Brexit fallout, a groundbreaking Pope apology, nitro-brewed beers

6/27/2016 - Brexit blowback: Three lessons for Modi from David Cameron’s leadership failure

6/26/2016 - Boris Johnson’s first big statement after Brexit is made of half-truths, magical thinking, and outright lies

6/26/2016 - Brexit aftermath, Spanish elections, nitro-brewed beers

6/26/2016 - UK Labour party revolts against leader Jeremy Corbyn following his dismal Brexit performance

6/26/2016 - Ethicists say voting with your heart, without a care about the consequences, is actually immoral

6/26/2016 - One of the most astonishing Brexit comments of the day

6/26/2016 - Reporter’s Brexit notebook: one broken union, two hungry kids, and the day from hell

6/26/2016 - Latest poll suggests Brexit will probably be Hillary Clinton’s problem

6/26/2016 - There are practical reasons so many hipster businesses follow the exact same naming structure

6/26/2016 - Coming out to your coworkers and friends about mental illness will change your life

6/26/2016 - Ethiopia is on track to become Africa’s industrial powerhouse

6/26/2016 - Fewer software companies are starting up than anytime in last five years

6/26/2016 - Badass yarn artists are fighting against sexist ideas of what makes art worthwhile

6/26/2016 - Science suggests genes can hugely influence academic performance

6/26/2016 - An Uber for babysitters is launching in New York

6/26/2016 - The simple reason so many US businesses openly support LGBT rights

6/26/2016 - “I couldn’t risk being thrown out on the street. I needed to take care of my family.”

6/26/2016 - If you want to know how much to worry about Brexit, watch this currency

6/26/2016 - “Nitro” coffees and beers are the coolest things to sip this summer. What makes them so creamy?

6/26/2016 - The new cool thing for tech bros is workplace “biohacking” with 36-hour fasts

6/26/2016 - The strange story of a fertility drug made with the Pope’s blessing and gallons of nun urine

6/26/2016 - This company will help you become a cyborg, one implanted sense at a time

6/26/2016 - How to watch the Argentina vs. Chile Copa América final

6/26/2016 - Africa’s Brexit, Somaliland taxis, Tanzania’s social media rules

6/26/2016 - I’m an Italian expat living in the UK. Here’s why I’m actually happy about Brexit

6/26/2016 - The serenity of Hong Kong before it became a financial hub, by master photographer Fan Ho

6/25/2016 - A Brexit conspiracy theory nails the no-win situation Boris Johnson now finds himself in

6/25/2016 - Bill Cunningham, whose lens made New York City’s sidewalks into fashion runways, is dead at 87

6/25/2016 - One form of polling was dead accurate on Brexit, and it’s changing how we predict elections

6/25/2016 - Brexiters who argued they’d be more “free” didn’t really understand the philosophy of freedom

6/25/2016 - After the Brexit vote, the UK faces a new fight over Gibraltar

6/25/2016 - Brexit could knock the UK from its top spot in science and research

6/25/2016 - An economist explains four more ways Brexit will decrease global stability

6/25/2016 - English robots will miss their big shot for a “bill of rights” when Brexit takes hold

6/25/2016 - Four ways the UK can reverse Brexit if it really, really wants to

6/25/2016 - The best Brexit Britishisms: How a gormless crapspatula Cameron left the UK in omnishambles

6/25/2016 - The British import a quarter of their food from the EU, and that’s a problem

6/25/2016 - Doctors are telling their patients to get fitness trackers, and they aren’t listening

6/25/2016 - Brexit sent everyone scrambling to their brokerage accounts

6/25/2016 - The Britons who voted to divorce from the EU confused a boring marriage with a bad one

6/25/2016 - Weekend edition—Brexit hangover, Airbnb racism, the Panama Canal fiasco

6/25/2016 - The science of getting your kids to eat more vegetables

6/25/2016 - There are soon to be a lot more Brits living with Brexit than would have actually voted for it

6/25/2016 - With Brexit, Vladimir Putin is rid of his strongest EU opponent

6/25/2016 - Spain’s elections this weekend let more disgruntled Europeans vote against the status quo

6/25/2016 - The EU was an inspiration to the rest of the world, and now it’s not

6/25/2016 - Ban Ki-moon, Harvey Weinstein, Snapchat’s ghost, and news from elsewhere

6/25/2016 - Weekend edition—Brexit hangover, Airbnb racism, the Panama Canal fiasco

6/25/2016 - Donald Trump’s visit to Scotland inspired some very creative British profanity

6/24/2016 - Weekend edition—Brexit hangover, Airbnb racism, the Panama Canal fiasco

6/24/2016 - US stocks just wiped out their gains for the year

6/24/2016 - Young Britain is using the same hashtag as Muslims after the Paris attack

6/24/2016 - Some people are too distracted by North Korea’s new missiles to pay attention to Brexit

6/24/2016 - India’s $146-billion IT industry has no idea what will happen to its European business now

6/24/2016 - President Obama just designated Stonewall the first US national monument for LGBT rights

6/24/2016 - With Brexit, the English voters who hated the IRA have handed it the ultimate victory

6/24/2016 - In Kenya, FinTech is helping farmers get fair pay for their crops

6/24/2016 - “Pub?”: Brits respond to Brexit with typically British gallows humor

6/24/2016 - What air travel between the UK and Europe looked like pre-Brexit

6/24/2016 - What it looks like when Brexit crushes your business

6/24/2016 - What Brexit means for your investment portfolio

6/24/2016 - A week after her brutal death, Jo Cox’s district votes to leave the EU

6/24/2016 - Brexit in context: Every EU membership vote since 1972

6/24/2016 - The world’s reaction to Brexit, in emoji

6/24/2016 - These confused, regretful Brexit voters are a frightening omen for the US presidential race

6/24/2016 - Photos: Gutted stockbrokers around the world watch markets tank after the Brexit vote

6/24/2016 - The good news? US banks just had a fire drill for this garbage fire

6/24/2016 - Brexit means Britain will no longer be bound by the EU’s environmental protection laws

6/24/2016 - “I’m a bit shocked.” Some Britons are already regretting their vote for Brexit

6/24/2016 - The Brexit vote is trouble for Europe’s luxury goods industry

6/24/2016 - Quartzy: the get vulnerable edition

6/24/2016 - The pound sterling has even further to fall

6/24/2016 - Yes, Brexit can hurt the US economy

6/24/2016 - Google searches after the polls closed indicate some Brits had no idea what “Brexit” even meant

6/24/2016 - Why Americans shouldn’t map the UK’s politics onto their own, in one chart

6/24/2016 - David Cameron made his career-killing decision to hold a Brexit vote while eating pizza in Chicago’s O’Hare airport

6/24/2016 - How UK citizens can stay in Europe after Brexit

6/24/2016 - John Donne’s solemn 400-year-old poem against isolationism is resonating today

6/24/2016 - London’s future as a global financial center is now in doubt

6/24/2016 - Everything that’s painful about Brexit, summed up in 190 eloquent words

6/24/2016 - “She never endorsed a thing”: The Julia Child Foundation is suing Airbnb for use of her likeness

6/24/2016 - Post-Brexit, the UK is unlikely to see more productions like “Game of Thrones”

6/24/2016 - The US Marines resolved a case of mistaken identity in the flag-raising photo taken at Iwo Jima

6/24/2016 - Brexit is terrible news for travelers

6/24/2016 - Britain’s Brexit debacle shows how Donald Trump could still win in the US

6/24/2016 - The backtracking on promises by Brexit campaigners has already begun

6/24/2016 - “They took their country back”: Donald Trump congratulates Scotland on a vote it didn’t make

6/24/2016 - Science may explain why some people have deeply sensitive personalities

6/24/2016 - Boris Johnson: Brexit will take “the wind out of the sails” of those who “play politics with immigration”

6/24/2016 - Brexit’s meaning for the economy, markets, and business

6/24/2016 - British stocks lost £125 billion after Brexit—or 15 years worth of EU contributions

6/24/2016 - Brits can’t believe Brexit is really happening, so they’re petitioning for another EU referendum

6/24/2016 - Juncker performs a mic drop when asked if the end of the EU is nigh

6/24/2016 - On News Corp’s yacht in Cannes, shock at the Brexit result but no apologies

6/24/2016 - “This is a blow to Europe”: Leaders in the EU react to Brexit

6/24/2016 - There’s a surprising reason why college degrees and marriage are being linked to brain cancer

6/24/2016 - Gig economy workers injured on the job should get workers’ comp protections

6/24/2016 - Athletes get the best concussion care, but most brain injuries happen to ordinary people like me

6/24/2016 - Breaking up is hard to do: A letter to Britain from the brokenhearted

6/24/2016 - The British Brexit vote is awful news for China

6/24/2016 - The art and science of the “cheese pull”: Why the cheesiest ad trick still makes us hungry

6/24/2016 - A fragrance startup wants to make sure you never have to face a department store perfume counter again

6/24/2016 - The weirdest video game console ever has turned 20

6/24/2016 - To young people in the UK, Brexit is a door closing—and a sign that hate is winning

6/24/2016 - Brexit will be terrible for Africa’s largest economies

6/24/2016 - China has foiled India’s bid to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group

6/24/2016 - British prime minister David Cameron is resigning after the shocking Brexit vote

6/24/2016 - World currencies are tanking on Brexit, but bitcoin is surging

6/24/2016 - Brexit could force the breakup of the UK, and Scotland wants to go first

6/24/2016 - Nigeria’s original startup city is making a big play for Africa’s young entrepreneurs

6/24/2016 - As markets around the world plummet, Britain’s “leave” campaigners say it isn’t their fault

6/24/2016 - Britain has decided to leave the EU. What happens now?

6/24/2016 - All the latest Brexit news. Plus: internet TV, product placement, badge colors

6/24/2016 - The British pound is getting crushed

6/24/2016 - Brexit crushes markets, Germany’s fracking vote, twerking robot giraffe

6/24/2016 - Good news amid Brexit gloom: The toxic loan problem in Indian banks may have peaked

6/24/2016 - It’s official: Britain votes for Brexit, and will quit the European Union

6/24/2016 - As the Brexit vote became clear, oil prices plunged by 6%

6/24/2016 - The UK “Leave” vote could trigger a wave of exits throughout the EU

6/24/2016 - Brexit bruised India’s stock markets but the pain won’t last long

6/24/2016 - Brexit crushes markets, Cameron to quit, twerking robot giraffe

6/24/2016 - The UK’s surprise “leave” result throws markets into chaos and sends the pound to a record decline

6/24/2016 - “Dawn is breaking on an independent United Kingdom”: UKIP’s Nigel Farage claims a Brexit victory

6/24/2016 - We’re live-charting Britain’s vote to leave the EU

6/23/2016 - There is a 79% chance the UK will vote to leave the European Union, betting site Ladbrokes says

6/23/2016 - How to watch the nail-biting Brexit votes roll in live

6/23/2016 - Children are terrified of making mistakes because parents are expecting perfection

6/23/2016 - Google’s free wifi at Indian railway stations is better than most of the country’s paid services

6/23/2016 - The most hyped tech IPO of 2016 is living up to expectations

6/23/2016 - Jiangsu’s deadly tornado, Brexit results, “Stairway” cleared

6/23/2016 - Uber isn’t getting rid of surge pricing—it’s just hiding it

6/23/2016 - Snapchat has quietly introduced the world to augmented reality

6/23/2016 - Photos: A daring rescue mission to the South Pole

6/23/2016 - Another Google veteran is going to work for the government

6/23/2016 - Led Zeppelin is cleared of a “Stairway to Heaven” plagiarism claim

6/23/2016 - The US has fined a mobile advertising firm for tracking the location of hundreds of millions of people

6/23/2016 - Clinton is trouncing Trump in the boardrooms of corporate America

6/23/2016 - Donald Trump won’t make his campaign repay his $50 million loan

6/23/2016 - Alphabet has a new robot that can do chores and shake its booty in your living room

6/23/2016 - Peter Thiel staying on Facebook’s board is irrelevant, but let’s talk about Mark Zuckerberg

6/23/2016 - Christian Dior is reportedly ready to hire its first female creative director

6/23/2016 - Some of Bengaluru’s most promising tech startups are expanding access to banking

6/23/2016 - It’s smart economics to lease your next iPhone

6/23/2016 - Why there’s no exit poll after the Brexit vote

6/23/2016 - Amazon Video’s traffic is spiking, which means internet video is now dominated by three big companies

6/23/2016 - Stephen Curry’s maligned “middle-aged dad” sneakers have been great for Under Armour

6/23/2016 - An animated video explains why Beijing is right—and the US is wrong—in the South China Sea

6/23/2016 - Facebook is offering its employees ‘political bias’ training

6/23/2016 - Saudi Arabia has declared an end to its oil war with the US

6/23/2016 - A solar-powered plane has crossed the Atlantic for the first time

6/23/2016 - A Supreme Court deadlock has killed Obama’s immigration plan

6/23/2016 - The US Supreme Court rules for affirmative action in college admissions—if used responsibly

6/23/2016 - Conference Room Disrupted: The new age of virtual collaboration

6/23/2016 - Elon Musk’s brother is opening a health food joint with an under-$5 menu

6/23/2016 - Could videoconferencing lead to more productive meetings?

6/23/2016 - The NRA is conducting a radical experiment on gun rights—and Americans are willing guinea pigs

6/23/2016 - Mastering the meeting in the work anywhere age

6/23/2016 - More than half of Dartmouth’s engineering graduates this year were women

6/23/2016 - Quartz’s Big “Brexit” Briefing: Everything you need to know about the EU referendum

6/23/2016 - China is harvesting organs from thousands of political prisoners, a new report claims

6/23/2016 - Online pleas for help getting abortions have increased in Zika-affected countries

6/23/2016 - “I feel betrayed by my country”: The Swedes who think their Scandinavian utopia is being ruined by refugees

6/23/2016 - Virgin Atlantic is using new behavioral science research to train pilots to save fuel

6/23/2016 - Even the UK Electoral Commission is catering to millennials

6/23/2016 - The mind-clearing magic of Japan’s pen-and-paper “planner culture”

6/23/2016 - House Republicans couldn’t stop the Democratic gun-control sit-in—so they all skipped town

6/23/2016 - Not so pretty: Researchers find that Disney princesses are really damaging girls’ self esteem

6/23/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s advice to young people on how to get into politics

6/23/2016 - The dirty secret of Airbnb is that it’s really, really white

6/23/2016 - Why we haven’t given Africa’s most prestigious leadership award this year

6/23/2016 - New York will start treating pads and tampons as necessities rather than luxury items

6/23/2016 - The charges Trump is levying at Clinton sound eerily like his own flaws

6/23/2016 - TED’s leader on the five talks he learned the most from

6/23/2016 - The Met ousted a top executive, so he used Facebook to show the world how to do unemployment right

6/23/2016 - Hello, I’m Johnny Cash the tarantula: Why new species are named after celebrities

6/23/2016 - Millennials are obsessed with side hustles because they’re all we’ve got

6/23/2016 - Donald Trump has a Russian twin named Vladimir

6/23/2016 - MTN’s new CEO can save its future as a phone company by making it a bank

6/23/2016 - Why it sometimes seems like everything causes cancer

6/23/2016 - People aren’t spending at duty-free stores like they used to

6/23/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Brexit decision day, Twilio IPO, “Mac’n’Cheetos”

6/23/2016 - Brexit decision day, Twilio IPO, “Mac’n’Cheetos”

6/23/2016 - McDonald’s plans to revive its brand in China by getting out of the restaurant business

6/23/2016 - In India, KFC is serving fried chicken in boxes that double as phone chargers

6/23/2016 - How Brexit will hit India’s companies, stock markets and foreign trade

6/23/2016 - Siemens says it can power unlimited-range electric trucks using a 150-year-old technology

6/23/2016 - India’s dreaming of bullet trains, but Mumbai’s local trains can’t deal with one big shower

6/23/2016 - Would a Brexit be followed by breakup of the United Kingdom?

6/23/2016 - The Onion’s ads, Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand, late-night hotspots, and news from elsewhere

6/23/2016 - Possible names for EU exits for all members of the EU

6/23/2016 - Brexit decision day, Twilio IPO, “mac’n’Cheetos”

6/23/2016 - Food is getting so expensive in India that it now wants to farm in Africa and Myanmar

6/23/2016 - German retailers are mansplaining home repairs with open-bar ladies’ nights

6/23/2016 - The sophisticated security that the UK’s voting system relies on: trust

6/23/2016 - How to smear your enemies and silence your critics, Chinese Communist Party style

6/22/2016 - Indian startups have existed much longer than you realize

6/22/2016 - Japan is calling Tokyo’s former governor “cheap” for spending public funds on a $4 comic book

6/22/2016 - The story behind the jersey Diego Maradona wore 30 years ago for his “Hand of God” goal

6/22/2016 - The Brexit polls are too close to call, which means the UK will vote “remain”

6/22/2016 - Brexit decision day, investors doubt Musk, “mac’n’Cheetos”

6/22/2016 - In Kenya, FinTech is helping farmers to be paid fairly for their crops

6/22/2016 - Kenyan entrepreneurs are using mobile technology to get capital to small businesses

6/22/2016 - Watch out for the Brexit bots

6/22/2016 - The tech economy raises wages for everyone but the truly poor

6/22/2016 - What Donald Trump and Brexit have in common

6/22/2016 - Bernie Sanders admits the inevitable: “It doesn’t appear that I’m going to be the nominee”

6/22/2016 - These Japanese minimalists own just a few material objects and have never felt freer

6/22/2016 - Angst, apathy, and enthusiasm: 40 years of EU referendums

6/22/2016 - As Democrats try to force a vote on gun control legislation, a mass shooting leaves three people dead in Washington state

6/22/2016 - US Democrats had the TV feed of their gun-control protest cut off, so they’re using Facebook Live

6/22/2016 - Instacart is struggling to get its Uber-for-groceries model right in New York City

6/22/2016 - US House Democrats are hosting a civil rights-style sit-in on the House floor over gun control

6/22/2016 - Brits couldn’t care less about all those “expert” opinions on the Brexit

6/22/2016 - Yes, America, the internet is a public utility according to the courts–for now

6/22/2016 - Peter Thiel received more votes to Facebook’s board than Zuckerberg and Sandberg

6/22/2016 - Tanzanians are being sentenced to jail for insulting their president on social media

6/22/2016 - The last major hurdle to ending Colombia’s 50-year-long civil war has just been crossed

6/22/2016 - Brexit may threaten the many minority languages of Britain

6/22/2016 - The ancient occult texts that Dan Brown is paying to digitize and make free for all

6/22/2016 - PayPal is warming up to bitcoin

6/22/2016 - 12 things employers can do to improve gender equality at their workplace

6/22/2016 - Would-be coders will pay $200 million for bootcamps this year in the US and Canada

6/22/2016 - “Justice League” filmmakers promise fun after the exceedingly grim “Batman v Superman”

6/22/2016 - A 700-year-old West African farming practice could be an answer to climate change

6/22/2016 - What summertime means for black children versus what it means for white kids

6/22/2016 - The lab-grown food industry is now lobbying in Washington

6/22/2016 - Beep, beep! An emu’s daring road escape from California wild fires, in photos

6/22/2016 - Arnold Schwarzenegger is instructing Chinese citizens to eat less meat

6/22/2016 - The US Army is soliciting fashion advice on how to cuff shirt sleeves

6/22/2016 - Apple Pay is finally offering something that both retailers and customers want

6/22/2016 - The Philippine government staged gory post-apocalyptic scenes in the streets as a national earthquake warning

6/22/2016 - A quick review of the UK Conservative party psychodrama that spawned the Brexit vote

6/22/2016 - A Nobel prize nominee’s step-by-step guide to improving emotional intelligence

6/22/2016 - The eco-friendly future of death is dissolving cadavers and flushing the remains

6/22/2016 - What exactly is so great about Snapchat?

6/22/2016 - Britain’s love-hate relationship with the EU since the 1970s, in one chart

6/22/2016 - Breaking: It’s not true that you shouldn’t order fish on Mondays, says the man who popularized the idea

6/22/2016 - It’s time for startups to grow up and get a business model

6/22/2016 - The hidden costs colleges don’t want you to know about

6/22/2016 - Frequent-flyer programs are too complicated to understand, the US government has concluded

6/22/2016 - The US’ terrifying parenting pay gap, by the numbers

6/22/2016 - Junk food makers are miniaturizing food to charge you more for salt and sugar

6/22/2016 - These Instagrammers’ Bullet Journals are organizational masterpieces

6/22/2016 - How do you beat China’s Communist Party? “Just don’t be afraid of them”

6/22/2016 - US bioethicists just approved a human gene-editing trial—and Sean Parker is footing the bill

6/22/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—VW faces investors, India launches 20 satellites, refugees vs. gangsters

6/22/2016 - VW faces investors, India launches 20 satellites, refugees vs. gangsters

6/22/2016 - In photos: How India prepared for the launch of 20 satellites atop a single rocket

6/22/2016 - Brexit is a bad idea, but so is the European Union itself

6/22/2016 - The “romantic” and “distorted” language of campaigners who want Britain to leave the EU

6/22/2016 - A year after Maggi storm, Nestle is hitting back with a blizzard of launches in India

6/22/2016 - Foreign workers in Italy are more likely to be employed than Italians are

6/22/2016 - Will Raghuram Rajan’s exit scar Modi’s attempts at wooing NRIs?

6/22/2016 - Anna Wintour, Will Smith, clearing your head, and news from elsewhere

6/22/2016 - VW faces investors, India’s 20-satellite launch, refugees vs. the mafia

6/22/2016 - A London without immigrants would not be London

6/22/2016 - Rahul Yadav on Nikesh Arora’s exit: Karma is a bitch

6/22/2016 - A Chinese lawyer is challenging Beijing over Hong Kong’s missing booksellers

6/21/2016 - This perfect goal by Lionel Messi put Argentina solidly ahead of the USA men’s soccer team

6/21/2016 - One of the world’s highest-paid men quit his job and spent the day talking ​about it to normals

6/21/2016 - The developers behind Ethereum are hacking the hacker that hacked it

6/21/2016 - Here are all of Elon Musk’s entanglements with SolarCity

6/21/2016 - Tesla buys SolarCity, US drone rules, refugees vs. the mafia

6/21/2016 - How to watch the USA vs. Argentina men’s soccer match on TV and online

6/21/2016 - Hillary hits her stride as she savages Trump’s business record

6/21/2016 - Is your company prepared for wearables-at-work?

6/21/2016 - Nikesh Arora’s hard landing at SoftBank

6/21/2016 - Amazon will soon dethrone Best Buy as the top seller of consumer electronics

6/21/2016 - The US housing market is heating up

6/21/2016 - If Trump is so rich, why is his campaign nearly broke?

6/21/2016 - The US commercial drone industry is finally governed by real rules

6/21/2016 - People under 30 have way weaker grips than they did a few decades ago

6/21/2016 - Los Angeles is suing an apartment owner for allegedly evicting tenants to rent units on Airbnb

6/21/2016 - Canceling “Days of our Lives” is a sign of more drama behind the scenes in South Africa

6/21/2016 - A children’s book about Donald Trump warns against rewarding bad behavior with attention

6/21/2016 - “Game of Thrones” is the most cinematic TV show ever made

6/21/2016 - NASA finds that the earth has a new “mini moon”

6/21/2016 - Denim, dreadlocks and democracy: When does cultural appropriation become exploitation?

6/21/2016 - Slack has a new feature designed to keep you completely tied to its chat app

6/21/2016 - Delegates don’t really stand a chance of derailing Trump’s nomination

6/21/2016 - Donald Trump shouldn’t count on a warm Scottish welcome when he visits on June 24

6/21/2016 - Why my immigrant father says he is voting to leave the EU

6/21/2016 - What the Canadian Space Agency is looking for in its next two astronaut recruits

6/21/2016 - Peak Iceland: A dreamy 24-hour livestream of Iceland’s longest highway, scored by Sigur Rós

6/21/2016 - I’m going to say something very unpopular in Silicon Valley: Trump is right about some big things

6/21/2016 - Nigeria’s naira is tumbling after a currency float, but that’s a good thing

6/21/2016 - If you thought those vouchers from the Ticketmaster lawsuit came with a catch, you’re right

6/21/2016 - A beekeeper is driving millions of dead bees to Washington for ‘pollinator week’

6/21/2016 - Almost the entire nation of Venezuela is too broke to eat

6/21/2016 - The app economy isn’t dying, it’s just becoming less dependent on the US

6/21/2016 - I hired someone to teach my kids how to play board games

6/21/2016 - Twitter still doesn’t get it

6/21/2016 - Now’s the time to fly first class before it disappears

6/21/2016 - Want to work in Silicon Valley? Move to Seattle

6/21/2016 - The author of “The Sharing Economy” on Uber, China, and the future of work

6/21/2016 - Couples who are fair about housework have more sex

6/21/2016 - Hillary Clinton changed the way my daughter thinks about her future

6/21/2016 - MIT researchers built an AI that predicts what the world sounds like

6/21/2016 - Nikesh Arora, cleared just yesterday in a board inquiry, is quitting SoftBank

6/21/2016 - China will never advance as a society if it remains obsessed with playing the victim

6/21/2016 - The best productivity hack when you’re stuck is to do nothing

6/21/2016 - San Francisco has become one huge metaphor for economic inequality in America

6/21/2016 - The center of Sicily’s biggest city was emptied by the mafia. Now it’s being reclaimed by migrants

6/21/2016 - There are just three things you need to know to understand what “Brexit” is all about

6/21/2016 - A memorial fund for murdered MP Jo Cox received £1 million in donations in three days

6/21/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Brexit preparations, Darjeeling goes digital, crying LeBron

6/21/2016 - Brexit preparations, Darjeeling goes digital, crying LeBron

6/21/2016 - China is threatening to leave a major UN sea treaty—and there’s nothing the US can say about it

6/21/2016 - Is Donald Trump’s presidential bid nothing more than a “scampaign”?

6/21/2016 - Brexiters are making a dangerous mistake in their argument for leaving the EU

6/21/2016 - Uber will pretty much regulate itself in Ghana

6/21/2016 - The world’s cheapest serving of Coca-Cola is sold in India—for just $0.07 a cup

6/21/2016 - A pay-as-you-go solar solution could kickstart renewable energy adoption in Nigeria

6/21/2016 - Blaming Rajan for India’s economic problems hides the Modi government’s own failures

6/21/2016 - The loudest supporters of Brexit are on the right, but plenty on the left want to leave, too

6/21/2016 - Walmart has given up on becoming an e-commerce giant in China

6/21/2016 - Brexit preparations, Tesla eyes China, crying LeBron

6/21/2016 - #WomenNotObjects, more awards, the yacht report, and news from elsewhere

6/21/2016 - Raghuram Rajan hits back at critics: “You can fool all of the people only some of the time”

6/20/2016 - Orlando changed nothing: The Senate just voted down four gun control measures

6/20/2016 - SoftBank says an internal investigation found COO Nikesh Arora has done nothing wrong

6/20/2016 - Amazon’s Twitch is waging a war against bots that game the site

6/20/2016 - Trump fires his campaign manager, Tesla eyes China, crying LeBron

6/20/2016 - Apple can finally open retail stores in India

6/20/2016 - What will future family business leaders do differently from their parents?

6/20/2016 - The next taste of US-Cuban diplomacy will be coffee-flavored

6/20/2016 - “Crying LeBron” has become the perfect successor to the relentless “Crying Jordan” meme

6/20/2016 - Researchers will begin testing an experimental Zika vaccine on humans

6/20/2016 - Watch: Children read poignant love letters to their incarcerated dads

6/20/2016 - What does summer solstice even mean?

6/20/2016 - Parents in Somaliland are buying their sons taxis so they won’t risk their lives trying to reach Europe

6/20/2016 - What the heck is going on in the UK? John Oliver explains the “poisonous” Brexit fight

6/20/2016 - The translators promised visas but made into refugees by the US Army

6/20/2016 - In the real world, nobody cares that you went to an Ivy League school

6/20/2016 - Europe is trying to institute a Google tax–again

6/20/2016 - Refugees in Greece need internet so badly that they’ll stop a riot to let the wifi guys work

6/20/2016 - Twitter is hoping a Magic Pony will help it stay relevant in video

6/20/2016 - MTN’s latest turnaround strategy involves poaching top executives from its arch rival

6/20/2016 - With his campaign in shambles, Donald Trump dumps his campaign manager

6/20/2016 - Photo: The most millennial post-game victory celebration ever

6/20/2016 - The world’s least developed countries are also the ones hosting the most refugees

6/20/2016 - The law Bernie Sanders backed to protect the gun industry is being used to fight the Sandy Hook lawsuit

6/20/2016 - Having grit means less when you don’t also have privilege

6/20/2016 - Attack is the best defence: The Modi government beats Rajan blues with fresh FDI salvo

6/20/2016 - Brexit is dividing one of Britain’s most prominent political families

6/20/2016 - There’s a powerful hack to remember something new you’ve just learned

6/20/2016 - Senate gun-control vote, strawberry moon, floating Teslas

6/20/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Senate gun-control vote, strawberry moon, floating Teslas

6/20/2016 - In Cartoons: Raghuram Rajan unleashes the #Rexit

6/20/2016 - With Rajan out of the way, Modi needs to do what he’s been promising: Fix the economy

6/20/2016 - “Do you have any questions for us?”: How to nail that dreaded, final interview question

6/20/2016 - Raghuram Rajan is leaving the battlefield just when he was getting the better of his rivals

6/20/2016 - Dear President Xi: You owe Hong Kong an apology

6/20/2016 - Sex matters, WeChat ads, film stars, and news from elsewhere

6/20/2016 - Apple and the GOP, strawberry moon, floating Teslas

6/20/2016 - Western forces are conspiring to divide China, a top media official says

6/20/2016 - Raghuram Rajan’s exit won’t rattle India’s stock markets—except for the knee-jerk reaction

6/20/2016 - Indonesia confirms it shot at “criminal” Chinese fishing boats near its Natuna islands

6/19/2016 - Refugees around the world can now take online classes for free

6/19/2016 - Facebook meets its shareholders, a strawberry moon, floating Tesla

6/19/2016 - The US Supreme Court could make some of its weightiest decisions ever this week

6/19/2016 - Watch Jeff Bezos’s space tourism company launch a rocket into space

6/19/2016 - Computer science grads are playing it safe instead of trying to help build the next big thing

6/19/2016 - Teens should have summer jobs, the less glamorous the better

6/19/2016 - Science can’t totally explain consciousness, and it never will

6/19/2016 - The future of gaming is virtual reality, in real time, on Facebook

6/19/2016 - The Modi government is to blame for Raghuram Rajan’s exit—and investors will punish it

6/19/2016 - One African passport, Zuckerberg bets on Africa, Swiss cheats

6/19/2016 - China’s cute complex, heavy Airbnb demand, and news from elsewhere

6/18/2016 - Apple has reportedly pulled out of the Republican convention, citing Trump’s offensive rhetoric

6/18/2016 - Africa has only had four worthy leaders in the last decade, according to this prestigious prize

6/18/2016 - Egypt just sentenced two former Al Jazeera employees to death

6/18/2016 - The African Union is introducing a single passport to make travel on the continent easier for Africans

6/18/2016 - Women’s rights in the US may be about to plunge back to the 1960s

6/18/2016 - Did India’s dirty politics kill Raghuram Rajan’s appetite for a second term?

6/18/2016 - Jo Cox’s alleged murderer says his name is “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain”

6/18/2016 - The head of the American Medical Association calls many health apps pure “snake oil”

6/18/2016 - Facebook Live is becoming a gruesome crime scene for murders

6/18/2016 - Apple reportedly voted against adding a rifle emoji to the internet

6/18/2016 - All of the crazy-ass ways your ass uses the word “ass”

6/18/2016 - A Texas pollster explains how Hillary Clinton just might turn the Lone Star state blue

6/18/2016 - Shinola’s founder shows how contradictory the FTC’s “Made in the USA” regulations are

6/18/2016 - Don’t take retirement advice from John Oliver

6/18/2016 - My father made a painting worth millions of dollars–but he sold it for ten grand

6/18/2016 - 2,300 years later, Plato’s theory of consciousness is being backed up by neuroscience

6/18/2016 - The UK responded to one of its worst mass shootings by doing something America won’t

6/18/2016 - Neuroscientists know how to read our minds

6/18/2016 - With some rubber and salt water, wearables may soon charge themselves

6/18/2016 - If you’re going to vent about your problems, do it right

6/18/2016 - Weekend edition—Brexit and murder, the perfect breakfast, Jesus’s wife

6/18/2016 - Magic, packing tips, buzzword bingo, and news from elsewhere

6/18/2016 - Weekend edition—Brexit and murder, the perfect breakfast, Jesus’s wife

6/17/2016 - IEX’s Brad Katsuyama: The US will have many fewer stock exchanges in the future

6/17/2016 - The SEC approved IEX’s bid to be a new US stock exchange and fight high-frequency traders

6/17/2016 - Weekend edition—Brexit and murder, the perfect breakfast, Jesus’s wife

6/17/2016 - Snapchat says it has basically replaced TV for millennials

6/17/2016 - After losing “iPhone” and “iPad,” Apple’s losing its grip on the iPhone 6 design in China

6/17/2016 - Inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe, Raf Simons’s latest fashion show was a powerful moment of gay pride

6/17/2016 - Once again, the Turkish government declares it’s too dangerous to be gay in public

6/17/2016 - Self-driving buses powered by IBM Watson are now ferrying people around in the US

6/17/2016 - Quartzy: the forward edition

6/17/2016 - All music streaming services are clamoring to guess your next favorite song

6/17/2016 - The cartography of control: Mapping the Calais refugee camp

6/17/2016 - A brief, personal history of grime: UK’s homegrown answer to hip-hop

6/17/2016 - Google is just delighted with this extra-polite search query by a British grandmother

6/17/2016 - Amazon is just beginning to use robots in its warehouses and they’re already making a huge difference

6/17/2016 - One of the richest men on Earth is paying for the poor to learn carpentry and art history online

6/17/2016 - Whether you’re for or against universal basic income, your data is no good

6/17/2016 - Bernie to his supporters: I’m not “the revolution”—you are

6/17/2016 - A former Auschwitz guard has been sentenced to five years in prison for helping kill 170,000 people

6/17/2016 - A $79 million cryptocurrency heist just happened, and it’s threatening the future of blockchains

6/17/2016 - Fathers also want to “have it all,” study says

6/17/2016 - An economist’s defense of the world’s tycoons and the businesses they build

6/17/2016 - How sunsets produce such gorgeous colors

6/17/2016 - Microsoft is going into the marijuana business, but the cannabis cloud is already crowded

6/17/2016 - Why sex offender registries don’t work

6/17/2016 - The price of LEDs is falling so fast it’s profitable to farm in a New Jersey nightclub

6/17/2016 - Radiohead surrendered to Spotify—but may have won the war

6/17/2016 - Pop quiz: Would you rather have $10 million, or a penny you could double every day for a month?

6/17/2016 - Chinese animal activists are fighting against the centuries-old tradition of eating dogs

6/17/2016 - Wall Street’s worst vulture hedge funds are making a killing by undermining the global economy

6/17/2016 - Netflix is being sued by former professional binge-watchers

6/17/2016 - Scientists looked inside bird brains and found they’re far more sophisticated than yours

6/17/2016 - There is a band of avocado thieves on the loose in New Zealand

6/17/2016 - This Art Basel video was banned in China

6/17/2016 - Pornhub’s newest offering is audio porn for the blind

6/17/2016 - In South Korea, “spacing out” is now a championship sport

6/17/2016 - Three ways to really increase the number of African Americans in tech

6/17/2016 - Apple made a comic book out of its very technical app store rules

6/17/2016 - This is exactly what London sounds like

6/17/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Brexit campaigns suspended, Mitsubishi pays up, runaway robot

6/17/2016 - Brexit campaigns suspended, Mitsubishi pays up, runaway robot

6/17/2016 - A history lesson that explains Britain’s aloofness from Europe

6/17/2016 - This Lagos startup will save lives by making it easier to store and deliver blood for hospitals

6/17/2016 - India is proof that healthcare miracles can save millions of children from death and disease

6/17/2016 - Rolls-Royce just unveiled the most amazingly ludicrous self-driving luxury vehicle

6/17/2016 - India’s banks crushed poor farmers with expensive tractor loans—but the Mercedes came cheap

6/17/2016 - A mobile startup is tackling South Africa’s unemployment crisis one algorithm at a time

6/17/2016 - Brazil’s scandal, Microsoft’s weed venture, runaway robot

6/17/2016 - Four ways closing the world’s largest refugee camp will hurt Kenya

6/17/2016 - India may be building an underwater wall of microphones to keep track of China’s submarines

6/17/2016 - “The world is watching”—appalled reactions to China’s kidnapping of a Hong Kong bookseller

6/16/2016 - Google is courting India by bringing Bollywood one click closer

6/16/2016 - UK politician murdered, Microsoft’s weed venture, runaway Russian robot

6/16/2016 - Artists are accusing Snapchat of stealing their work for its hugely popular filters

6/16/2016 - Bill Gates tries to give away chickens; Bolivia says it already has a lot of chickens

6/16/2016 - Philadelphia just passed a landmark soda tax

6/16/2016 - 93-year-old Sumner Redstone just pulled off one of the greatest boardroom coups of his career

6/16/2016 - The father of a Paris attack victim is suing Facebook, Google, and Twitter

6/16/2016 - Even the world’s biggest candy company doesn’t think you should be eating this much sugar

6/16/2016 - What will future family business leaders do differently from their parents?

6/16/2016 - Disney Shanghai is annoying people on its very first day

6/16/2016 - Olympic medals for Rio 2016 are made from recycled mirrors and X-ray plates

6/16/2016 - British MP Jo Cox, 41, was shot and killed at a public event in Yorkshire

6/16/2016 - Linking gun safety to the terror watch list is a bad idea

6/16/2016 - Residents of a small town desperate for broadband access have resorted to writing hilarious protest songs about it

6/16/2016 - Slain British MP Jo Cox’s first speech in parliament was about the benefits of immigration and integration

6/16/2016 - It’s happening: A robot escaped a lab in Russia and made a dash for freedom

6/16/2016 - Secretive VR company Magic Leap is partnering with Disney to overlay Star Wars on your entire life

6/16/2016 - New York wants to put a virtual power plant on 300 rooftops

6/16/2016 - The “parenting happiness gap” is real, new research confirms

6/16/2016 - Most women won’t be able to follow in Hillary Clinton’s footsteps—unless they’re already rich

6/16/2016 - Brexit campaigning has been suspended after a British politician was shot and stabbed

6/16/2016 - Psychedelic drugs can be the shortcut to a mental state we may be wired to crave

6/16/2016 - Simple, powerful ways any heartbroken American can make a difference after Orlando

6/16/2016 - Photos: Historic American landscapes, recreated in technicolor junkfood

6/16/2016 - Google just made a key AI investment in Europe, tax investigations be damned

6/16/2016 - Watch: Airbus made a completely 3D-printed plane that actually flies

6/16/2016 - Interactive: Your graduate education might be more valuable than you thought

6/16/2016 - One of Hong Kong “missing” booksellers says he was kidnapped by Chinese police

6/16/2016 - Jimmy Carter has some suggestions for the next American president

6/16/2016 - I will graduate from my elite college with an education white students don’t get

6/16/2016 - Soon your iPhone will be able to remind you where you parked your car

6/16/2016 - There’s wood pulp in our food—and apparently we like it

6/16/2016 - The strategy behind Apple’s lackluster iPhone SE is paying off

6/16/2016 - How to navigate the torrent of falsehoods swamping Britain’s EU referendum debate

6/16/2016 - They said it couldn’t be done: Soccer makes it in America

6/16/2016 - I’m a rocket scientist designing wood stoves that burn without smoking–to save lives and save the planet

6/16/2016 - Bill Clinton: America is most powerful when we work together

6/16/2016 - The Syrian refugees who really don’t want to come to Europe

6/16/2016 - We are racing toward an electric-car future. Can battery scientists keep up?

6/16/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Banks and Brexit, German robots, wild monkey siege

6/16/2016 - Banks and Brexit, German robots, wild monkey seige

6/16/2016 - China’s Tencent is about to acquire the maker of “Clash of Clans”

6/16/2016 - After a 14-hour filibuster, the US Senate agreed to vote on gun control

6/16/2016 - A German-born British politician is leading the campaign for the UK to leave the EU

6/16/2016 - Photos: What it’s like for a 68-year-old grandfather to attend school

6/16/2016 - The surreal world of a little school that hauls India’s poor into its most elite institutions

6/16/2016 - Mark Zuckerberg’s foundation is investing millions in a company that trains coders in Africa

6/16/2016 - A top angel investor’s message to India’s troubled startups: Keep calm and carry on

6/16/2016 - Scotland hit its ambitious emissions-cutting target six years early

6/16/2016 - Forty years after the Soweto uprising, South Africa’s students can still learn its lessons

6/16/2016 - If you’re a professional in India, you’re getting paid peanuts

6/16/2016 - “We can’t be worse off”: Londoners discuss what Brexit means to them over a proper English breakfast

6/16/2016 - EgyptAir wreckage, Art Basel opens, wild monkey siege

6/16/2016 - India is killing thousands of wild animals to apparently protect its farmers

6/16/2016 - After over 250 nights on an abandoned casino ship, these sailors are leaving Hong Kong harbor

6/15/2016 - Europe’s biometric visas are suddenly hurting its luxury goods industry

6/15/2016 - Canada ups its bid for world’s nicest country by voting for a gender-neutral national anthem

6/15/2016 - The US Senate passed a bill requiring women to register for the draft

6/15/2016 - What it looked like when Iran’s all-male delegation faced an all-female EU team in Oslo

6/15/2016 - Uber has met its match when it comes to fundraising

6/15/2016 - Didi-Uber funding battle, SpaceX’s big bang, wild monkey siege

6/15/2016 - Why gay men were turned away from blood donation centers in Orlando

6/15/2016 - NRA: Gun sales to anyone on a terror watch list should be investigated, delayed

6/15/2016 - Twitter’s stock continues to piggyback off Microsoft’s deal for LinkedIn

6/15/2016 - Whole Foods is playing defense after the FDA cited it for food safety conditions

6/15/2016 - How the Fed has voted on interest rates in emojis and quotes

6/15/2016 - Yahoo’s grand plan for Tumblr was to turn it into a “next-generation PDF”

6/15/2016 - “No one should be bullied”: Prince William becomes first British royal to appear on the cover of a gay magazine

6/15/2016 - Climate change has driven a tiny mammal into extinction

6/15/2016 - Uber likes being regulated so long as it can write the rules

6/15/2016 - Scientists have found evidence that antibiotics may have unintended effects on babies

6/15/2016 - Wearables are moving from just for fun to corporate profit

6/15/2016 - Instagram likes and comments are plummeting

6/15/2016 - Fallen “Blade Runner” Oscar Pistorius walked on his amputated stumps in a bid to avoid 15 years in jail

6/15/2016 - China now owns more than half of Kenya’s external debt

6/15/2016 - Why Harvard Business School teaches students about whaling

6/15/2016 - Thousands of security cameras in the US can easily be hacked

6/15/2016 - Nigeria has caved and will finally float its troubled currency

6/15/2016 - Marian Wright Edelman: In the US, we’re failing our youngest generation

6/15/2016 - LinkedIn is the Rorschach test of Silicon Valley

6/15/2016 - 25 years ago today, a single volcano in the Philippines chilled the entire earth

6/15/2016 - The Swiss have upgraded a hydroelectric dam to produce as much energy as a nuclear power plant

6/15/2016 - The modern stock market is a badly designed computer system

6/15/2016 - Only in Silicon Valley could Elizabeth Holmes lose $4.5 billion she never had to begin with

6/15/2016 - Toaster-sized satellites will revolutionize how we measure the world food supply

6/15/2016 - China’s college students use nude selfies to borrow money online

6/15/2016 - France will enlist thousands of volunteers to catch shooting stars

6/15/2016 - Watch SpaceX try to launch and recover its fifth reusable rocket

6/15/2016 - London wants to make its iconic subway font “quirky” again

6/15/2016 - The Orlando shootings are a brutal reminder that no part of the US has a monopoly on hate

6/15/2016 - A 2-year-old is missing after an alligator attack at a Disney resort

6/15/2016 - How the Republican elite tried to fix the presidency and instead got Donald Trump

6/15/2016 - How blockchain technology can prevent the next financial crisis, disrupt Uber, and give us control of our data

6/15/2016 - The scientific secrets to cooking a perfect American breakfast

6/15/2016 - The FDA just approved a weight-loss device that is super gross

6/15/2016 - Before the WHO ruins your hot drink with claims of cancer, read this

6/15/2016 - Watch 6,000 years of urbanization taking over the world

6/15/2016 - It’s 2016 and rival flotillas are facing off on the Thames in a battle for Europe

6/15/2016 - Scientists discover electric eels are a lot more powerful than we previously thought

6/15/2016 - America’s workforce runs on uppers

6/15/2016 - This season on The Bachelorette: Violent suitors and toxic masculinity

6/15/2016 - Is this the end of the era of Apple exceptionalism?

6/15/2016 - Obama risks angering 1.3 billion Chinese people by meeting the Dalai Lama, warns Beijing

6/15/2016 - “Why future generations will have smaller penises,” and other segments on the CNN for sex

6/15/2016 - Modi government’s new policy gives wings to Indian civil aviation

6/15/2016 - Women are the “glue” that holds online terrorist networks together

6/15/2016 - Zara looks good, SpaceX prepares for launch, McDonald’s beer

6/15/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Zara looks good, SpaceX prepares for launch, McDonald’s beer

6/15/2016 - Even unsexy RV companies are now demanding Silicon Valley treatment from investors

6/15/2016 - Watch: Stephen Colbert’s former comedy troupe makes hilarious corporate training videos

6/15/2016 - If you want to get to Cuba “before it changes,” you’re already too late

6/15/2016 - Even as an adult, learning a second language changes your brain

6/15/2016 - The most generous countries granting citizenship to foreigners in Europe

6/15/2016 - China’s co-living boom puts hundreds of millennials under one roof

6/15/2016 - Climate change or not, power-starved India just can’t help burning more coal

6/15/2016 - What would lord Krishna and Vishnu have done in your boardroom?

6/15/2016 - Dirt on Trump, SpaceX launch, Ireland’s ancient butter

6/15/2016 - Read: ASEAN’s statement about the South China Sea that was reportedly issued then retracted

6/15/2016 - India’s poor can’t get a meal at its restaurants even if they paid

6/15/2016 - Beijing proved this week that it’s trying to control the global economy, which is why it never will

6/14/2016 - The Tate Modern’s new wing is so modern it only has one painting

6/14/2016 - Indian office workers love work so much, they wouldn’t quit even if they hit a jackpot

6/14/2016 - Net neutrality scored a big legal victory in the US

6/14/2016 - A Republican congressman suggests Pulse wasn’t a gay club: “It was mostly Latinos”

6/14/2016 - Russia gets dirt on Trump, Germany’s negative interest rates, Ireland’s ancient butter

6/14/2016 - Deflation in the euro zone in one chart and one poem

6/14/2016 - Donald Trump is using every chance he gets to redefine who gets to be “American”

6/14/2016 - Photos: Tension on and off the field for the first games of the Euro 2016

6/14/2016 - Unlikely allies are trying to fix one of music’s biggest headaches

6/14/2016 - Long-term unemployment is one of the most pernicious effects of the Great Recession

6/14/2016 - LinkedIn may just be the beginning of mega-acquisitions for Silicon Valley

6/14/2016 - Alibaba’s Jack Ma: The problem with counterfeits is they’re “better quality” than authentic luxury goods

6/14/2016 - Russian spies hacked the US Democratic Party to steal research on Donald Trump

6/14/2016 - A 22-pound lump of butter from 2,000 years ago has been discovered in Ireland

6/14/2016 - At Donald Trump’s birthday party in India, the journalists outnumbered the fans

6/14/2016 - Many patients can avoid the ER if they get over their own denial and embarrassment

6/14/2016 - Over $3 million raised for Orlando shooting victims on GoFundMe

6/14/2016 - No one cooks anymore

6/14/2016 - Watch: America’s late night comedians struggle to capture a nation’s grief following Orlando

6/14/2016 - Microsoft buying LinkedIn could transform the way we’re taught, trained, and hired for jobs

6/14/2016 - Take the plunge and enjoy these pools with a view

6/14/2016 - Stunning vistas are only a swim away at these pools with a view

6/14/2016 - Sicilian mobsters and Nigerian gangsters are poised for an epic showdown

6/14/2016 - Facebook is predicting the end of the written word

6/14/2016 - LinkedIn is weird

6/14/2016 - Microsoft’s history of middling acquisitions hasn’t yet hurt investors

6/14/2016 - If Donald Trump wins the US election, he’ll be the most elderly new president ever

6/14/2016 - Multiple witnesses say the Orlando gunman may have been attracted to men, and frequented the Pulse nightclub

6/14/2016 - Research finds that taking a photo and enjoying the moment aren’t two separate things

6/14/2016 - Getting $465 million in EU aid isn’t worth having to improve human rights, Cambodia’s PM says

6/14/2016 - Apple’s iOS 10 makes it easier for old people to use emojis

6/14/2016 - If you’re looking for a job, don’t ask your friends

6/14/2016 - What it’s like to be a teenager whose body is ground zero for a life-saving medical discovery

6/14/2016 - The medical industry is plundering a 450-million-year old species for its rare blue blood

6/14/2016 - What would happen if entire countries affected by Zika put off having babies?

6/14/2016 - There are still ways Trump could lose the Republican nomination

6/14/2016 - Nine lies from Donald Trump’s speech on the Orlando shooting

6/14/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—CGI America edition—Monday’s highlights, and today’s news briefing

6/14/2016 - Seminal works of LGBT fiction everyone should read

6/14/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—E3 begins, Germany’s sub-zero bonds, Mongolia’s unique addresses

6/14/2016 - E3 begins, Germany’s sub-zero bonds, Mongolia’s unique addresses

6/14/2016 - Monday’s highlights, and today’s news briefing

6/14/2016 - The newest tool in the fight against cancer is a huge genetic database driven by algorithms

6/14/2016 - Strapped for cash, Indians are buying fewer beauty products

6/14/2016 - Photos: Orlando’s shooting victims were remembered last night—even where being gay is illegal

6/14/2016 - From dizzying highs to wretched lows—news headlines tell the India startup story

6/14/2016 - Protests in France, Apple’s upgrades, Facebook’s Philippines gaffe

6/14/2016 - One good monsoon isn’t going to end India’s water woes

6/13/2016 - The list of the 50 best restaurants in the world is out, but some question the word “best”

6/13/2016 - For Indian sellers, Amazon clicks better than Flipkart and Snapdeal

6/13/2016 - Here are all the apps Apple just opened up to outside developers

6/13/2016 - At an Indian wildlife sanctuary, a warning against selfies taken with Asiatic lions

6/13/2016 - Microsoft ripped off Apple’s playbook for its new Xbox

6/13/2016 - Everything Apple announced at its WWDC keynote today

6/13/2016 - How “pay for success” investing programs can help fix social mobility in the US

6/13/2016 - This photo has become a symbol of Arab solidarity with the Orlando shooting victims

6/13/2016 - Microsoft buys LinkedIn, Apple’s upgrades, Facebook’s Philippines gaffe

6/13/2016 - The FAA would really like Amazon to stop shipping packages that could combust

6/13/2016 - Tech’s Katie Jacobs Stanton has a new gig

6/13/2016 - The Apple Watch finally looks useful

6/13/2016 - We are all software and analytics companies now

6/13/2016 - One of the most annoying things about the iPhone is finally about to change

6/13/2016 - Apple Music’s new feature is exactly like Spotify Discover Weekly

6/13/2016 - Bill Clinton: Want more entrepreneurs? Fix the student debt crisis

6/13/2016 - Mayor Sadiq Khan has banned body-shaming ads from London’s transit system

6/13/2016 - Take the plunge and enjoy these pools with a view

6/13/2016 - Stunning vistas are only a swim away at these pools with a view

6/13/2016 - Stephen Feinberg still owns the company making the AR-15

6/13/2016 - Stunning vistas are only a swim away at these pools with a view

6/13/2016 - Take the plunge and enjoy these pools with a view

6/13/2016 - Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn isn’t about you

6/13/2016 - Walgreens finally dumped Theranos

6/13/2016 - For most businesses, a mix of private and public cloud is a better choice

6/13/2016 - We’re liveblogging Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote

6/13/2016 - Private cloud bridges the gap between technology and innovation

6/13/2016 - How one organization was transformed by the private cloud

6/13/2016 - LGBT Americans have never really been safe in America

6/13/2016 - Germans are no longer the world champions of nude sunbathing

6/13/2016 - Swiss bankers swear they are trying to help Africa get its dirty money back

6/13/2016 - The LinkedIn profile that got LinkedIn a new job at Microsoft

6/13/2016 - Bitcoin’s price rose 20% over the weekend and hit a two-year high

6/13/2016 - Watch live: How cities are confronting climate change and creating jobs

6/13/2016 - Citigroup is suing AT&T for using one of the most common words in the English language

6/13/2016 - Mapping Africans’ diverse and evolving DNA could cure diseases and addictions

6/13/2016 - Meet the French neurosurgeon who accidentally invented the “brain pacemaker”

6/13/2016 - Most of your “Game of Thrones” theories are wrong

6/13/2016 - Uber Africa will diversify beyond car rides this year with its ‘Everything’ service

6/13/2016 - A service that lets you censor movies at home is being sued by Disney, Fox, and Warner Bros.

6/13/2016 - Light pollution doesn’t just obscure the heavens—it could seriously damage our health

6/13/2016 - Mongolia is changing all its addresses to three-word phrases

6/13/2016 - Elon Musk is building a supply chain to Mars

6/13/2016 - Rape cases like Brock Turner’s are fueling a rise in online vigilante justice by necessity

6/13/2016 - Microsoft is buying LinkedIn

6/13/2016 - Three hard truths that will save higher education

6/13/2016 - Snapchat is becoming popular with the olds

6/13/2016 - Set the conditions to make your goals inevitable

6/13/2016 - Watch: A documentary reveals the dismal conditions of garment workers for major brands

6/13/2016 - The Orlando shooter was employed by a British security firm, and its shares are tanking

6/13/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—CGI America edition—Tech and people of color, cities and climate change, US competitiveness

6/13/2016 - Americans aren’t as rich as they look

6/13/2016 - Your briefing on the news, and what’s ahead

6/13/2016 - Angela Merkel in China, mass shooting in Florida, underground empires

6/13/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Angela Merkel in China, mass shooting in Florida, underground empires

6/13/2016 - A group from Silicon Valley has a serious plan for creating a totally new US stock exchange

6/13/2016 - How to watch Apple’s WWDC keynote today live

6/13/2016 - What the modern “Right to Die” debate should take away from this 3,000-year-old Indian religion

6/13/2016 - Tata Power’s acquisition of Welspun unit just turned up the heat in India’s renewable energy sector

6/13/2016 - The Pope says we falsely worship people with perfect bodies

6/13/2016 - Line’s IPO filing shows the Asian chat app is going public past its peak

6/13/2016 - Burgers, burgers everywhere. But are the eaters in sight?

6/13/2016 - Merkel in China, mass shooting in Florida, the Milky Way disappears

6/13/2016 - Obama warned just 11 days ago that an ISIL sympathizer could get a gun in the US

6/13/2016 - Despite Narendra Modi’s stellar efforts, China can still destroy India’s NSG dreams

6/12/2016 - Watch: Lin-Manuel Miranda delivers a stirring sonnet at the Tony Awards

6/12/2016 - Mass shooting in Orlando, Merkel chides China, the Milky Way disappears

6/12/2016 - The AR-15 is the gun of choice for mass shootings and it’s easier to buy in Florida than a pistol

6/12/2016 - Politicians bankrolled by the gun lobby tweet condolences about America’s worst-ever mass shooting

6/12/2016 - Orlando is desperate for blood donors—and most gay men aren’t allowed to help

6/12/2016 - What we know about the Orlando gunman, Omar Mateen

6/12/2016 - A man set off a small homemade bomb at Shanghai’s main airport

6/12/2016 - The media obsession with Nigeria’s super-rich kids isn’t any better than the ‘bad news’ stories

6/12/2016 - These are the deadliest shootings in US history, and Orlando surpasses them all

6/12/2016 - Five subtle ways Facebook could influence the US presidential election this fall

6/12/2016 - The Orlando shooting is the deadliest in US history. Here’s what we know

6/12/2016 - El Niño is over, and nearly all the forecasts got it wrong

6/12/2016 - Americans need to stop treating full-time employment like marriage 

6/12/2016 - Great white sharks are coming back in California—and that’s a good thing

6/12/2016 - Driverless flying taxis may be in our future

6/12/2016 - There’s a way to train our brains to cope with stress that changes chemistry “as much as any antidepressant”

6/12/2016 - If you type metronome into Google, it becomes a metronome

6/12/2016 - Amazon Prime’s next target customer is the Target customer

6/12/2016 - Amazon Echo owners are finding unexpected items like “big fart” on their shopping lists

6/12/2016 - Farmers have modified our food for at least 10,000 years, why does it matter all of a sudden?

6/12/2016 - Line sold $268 million worth of stickers last year amid Asia’s messaging boom

6/12/2016 - Helicopter parenting is not the cure to my daughter’s cancer

6/12/2016 - “I have to remind myself every single day that I don’t want to throw away a decade of sobriety”

6/12/2016 - Babies’ brains are wired to learn multiple languages at once

6/12/2016 - A startup that wants to end world hunger is starting with a tiny indoor vertical farm

6/12/2016 - Africa’s Game of Thrones, Zambia’s solar play, Uber’s big rival

6/12/2016 - If you want to be a better person, find something to do outside of work

6/11/2016 - One of the most annoying things about streaming TV is about to change

6/11/2016 - Why do we even call the Euros a national tournament?

6/11/2016 - Psychologists recommend children be bored in the summer

6/11/2016 - Photos: A massive, foreboding solar plane landed overnight in New York

6/11/2016 - There have probably been trillions of alien civilizations, and yet we may still never see one

6/11/2016 - Uber and Lyft are playing a shameless game of copycat

6/11/2016 - The magic of practice, repetition, and “dumb focus”

6/11/2016 - Women-led podcasts take a risk others won’t: admitting they don’t know everything

6/11/2016 - What it would mean to have a woman in the White House

6/11/2016 - The future of fear: VR rollercoasters are coming

6/11/2016 - Weekend edition—Clinton’s win, laws on Mars, Ciudad Juárez reborn

6/11/2016 - The owner of a beloved Mexican chain is a Trump supporter, and it’s tearing his city apart

6/11/2016 - Iceland has developed an ingenious solution for combatting carbon emissions

6/11/2016 - Conspiracies do exist, and this elite conference is one of them

6/11/2016 - Chipotle just lost its crown to a second-rate Tex-Mex shop

6/11/2016 - A remarkable, little-seen African film on the aspirations of a black girl still resonates 50 years later

6/11/2016 - Weekend edition—Clinton’s win, laws on Mars, Ciudad Juárez reborn

6/10/2016 - Weekend edition—Clinton’s win, laws on Mars, Ciudad Juárez reborn

6/10/2016 - Apple wants to sell you green power to go with that iPhone

6/10/2016 - The Euro 2016 soccer championship just started—here’s how to watch it in the US

6/10/2016 - Google search isn’t racist, society is

6/10/2016 - A 127-year-old US newspaper is giving itself away in an essay contest

6/10/2016 - The overwhelming majority of people praise their co-workers, even when they don’t have to

6/10/2016 - Mobile payments aren’t taking off because our body parts are too difficult to scan

6/10/2016 - The tag team of Hulk Hogan and Peter Thiel have pushed Gawker into bankruptcy

6/10/2016 - Am I depressed or just an adult?

6/10/2016 - Twitter has ideas on what to call Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ” sequel

6/10/2016 - Interactive: This bot helps you decide if that grad school degree is worth it

6/10/2016 - Quartzy: the gone swimming edition

6/10/2016 - Time Warner Cable “has earned the miserable reputation” it has with customers, regulators find

6/10/2016 - Muhammad Ali gave American Muslims permission to be authentically themselves

6/10/2016 - Nigeria wants to shut banks who lay off staff due to the bad economy

6/10/2016 - Stephen Curry’s “middle-aged dad sneakers” are being mercilessly mocked by the internet

6/10/2016 - As Silicon Valley lays plans to colonize Mars, researchers offer a blueprint for governing it

6/10/2016 - Uber’s newest competitor looks almost exactly like Uber

6/10/2016 - Africa’s largest phone company will pay $1.7 billion to settle its Nigerian sim card dispute

6/10/2016 - Smartphones won’t make your kids dumb. We think

6/10/2016 - Why even driving through suburbia is soul crushing

6/10/2016 - Brock Turner proves America’s justice system is broken—but not how you think

6/10/2016 - What to expect at Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote

6/10/2016 - This desert moss can teach us how to design a cleaner urinal

6/10/2016 - A new study of 250 million patients shows medicine is still full of guesswork

6/10/2016 - Coding snobs are not helping our children prepare for the future

6/10/2016 - Can anything be art? An art historian explains why not

6/10/2016 - Too many workers aren’t wearing pants on video calls

6/10/2016 - Food scientists say they’ve found a way to make gluten-free bread taste delicious at last

6/10/2016 - Burger King’s parent has an all-male board, and investors just helped ensure it stays that way

6/10/2016 - Why we can’t say how likely Zika is to leave you temporarily paralyzed

6/10/2016 - Europe should try to be more like its soccer teams

6/10/2016 - This is what it’s like to fast for 20 hours

6/10/2016 - There’s already been soccer violence and hooliganism—at an EU charity event

6/10/2016 - Food52’s genius new app helps you cook with what’s actually in your fridge

6/10/2016 - A 100-year-old Japanese stationery store lets customers design the perfect, custom notebook

6/10/2016 - Why some runners end up gaining weight

6/10/2016 - A court finally gives the Indian movie-goer adult rating

6/10/2016 - Clinton-Warren 2016?, Ali’s funeral, living without a heart

6/10/2016 - Bill Gates aims to end rural poverty in Africa by giving away 100,000 chickens

6/10/2016 - Uber will finally face a rival in Africa it won’t be able to beat so easily

6/10/2016 - The UN decided Ireland’s abortion law is a violation of human rights

6/10/2016 - India’s aviation minister gets brutally honest about Air India

6/10/2016 - Bollywood is hypocritical and spineless. It deserves Pahlaj Nihalani

6/10/2016 - While you may be safe in Japan, your umbrella probably isn’t

6/10/2016 - Warren endorses Clinton, Euro 2016, artificial glaciers

6/10/2016 - The front page of the Republican Party website doesn’t mention Donald Trump

6/10/2016 - Everything Modi did in five countries across three continents in 140 hours

6/9/2016 - Elizabeth Warren has finally endorsed Hillary Clinton

6/9/2016 - Prepare to pay taxes on soda in cities and towns across the US

6/9/2016 - Photos: 200 Chinese textile workers take on the traditional Spanish sport of “human towers”

6/9/2016 - Tom Perkins, “a founding father of Silicon Valley,” has died at 84

6/9/2016 - Obama’s Clinton nod, Euro 2016, artificial glaciers

6/9/2016 - India won’t get Street View until Google earns its trust

6/9/2016 - For NBA players, the walk from the parking lot to the locker room has become a runway show

6/9/2016 - Barack Obama just officially endorsed Hillary Clinton

6/9/2016 - A Man Booker prize author is working on an African ‘Game of Thrones’ inspired by ancient empires

6/9/2016 - Tinder is finally banning underage kids from its app

6/9/2016 - New Netflix data suggest it’s not “Netflix and chill”—it’s Netflix and hibernate

6/9/2016 - This book’s copyright notice has a nerdy surprise for readers who pay attention

6/9/2016 - We can’t cheat death—but we can control how we die

6/9/2016 - Watch: Lena Dunham and the cast of “Girls” dedicated a video to the Stanford sexual assault survivor

6/9/2016 - Spain’s Podemos leftist party printed its program as an Ikea catalog so voters will actually read it

6/9/2016 - Guyana created its own version of Facebook Free Basics, without Facebook’s help

6/9/2016 - All the things that elements of the periodic table are named after

6/9/2016 - To be truly impactful at work, loving your job is secondary

6/9/2016 - Why every baby you know chews on the same rubber giraffe

6/9/2016 - The Brits who might force Britain out of the EU won’t have to live with the consequences

6/9/2016 - This book upends everything we thought we knew about where grit comes from and how to get it

6/9/2016 - Parents are worried the Amazon Echo is conditioning their kids to be rude

6/9/2016 - Uber and Airbnb could reverse America’s decades-long slide into mass cynicism

6/9/2016 - The myth of the young artistic genius is keeping us from pursuing our passions

6/9/2016 - Public spaces are going private—and people living in our cities will suffer for it

6/9/2016 - Trump really did win the most Republican primary votes in history—technically

6/9/2016 - The famous poem by an anti-Nazi pastor, rewritten for Donald Trump’s America

6/9/2016 - Mapped: The students missing from America’s schools

6/9/2016 - Bilderberg begins, Obama meets Sanders, presidential hair

6/9/2016 - In numbers: Narendra Modi’s speech at the US Congress

6/9/2016 - Add oil! The Dragon Boat Festival, in pictures

6/9/2016 - Tibetans protesting open-pit mining at a holy mountain were “severely beaten,” activists say

6/9/2016 - Beating the gods: India will spend $60 million on a supercomputer to predict the monsoon

6/9/2016 - Distrust of the EU isn’t just a right-wing cause

6/9/2016 - It wasn’t just a monkey that brought down Kenya’s entire electricity grid

6/9/2016 - Long limbs in India to designer vaginas in the West: Top cosmetic surgery trends across the globe

6/9/2016 - Obama-Sanders chat, Bilderberg Meeting, beehive thieves

6/9/2016 - Are senior managers abandoning India’s startups?

6/8/2016 - The foreign news outlets that totally back Beijing’s position in the South China Sea

6/8/2016 - Modi’s US ovation, Sharapova’s tennis ban, beehive thieves

6/8/2016 - Nike stands by Maria Sharapova despite her two-year ban from tennis

6/8/2016 - A change to Apple’s App Store is going to give monied startups a huge edge

6/8/2016 - Uber CEO Travis Kalanick doesn’t have a valid driver’s license

6/8/2016 - This growing startup could end office thermostat wars once and for all

6/8/2016 - India has a grand plan to bring back its vultures

6/8/2016 - Hollywood wants the blindingly white Leonardo DiCaprio to play famed Persian Muslim poet Rumi

6/8/2016 - A French court says a rogue trader shouldn’t have been fired—and deserves his vacation days

6/8/2016 - Maria Sharapova is banned from tennis for two years for taking a performance-enhancing drug

6/8/2016 - Cuban officials used Panama shell companies to dodge the US embargo

6/8/2016 - Primark makes even Walmart look pricey on clothes

6/8/2016 - Self-published authors have found a way to actually make money

6/8/2016 - Just as South Africa avoids junk status, recession looms

6/8/2016 - How “Hamilton” can freeze out scalpers, make even more money, and still preserve its ideals

6/8/2016 - Bernie Sanders supporters reluctantly give in with #GirlIGuessImWithHer

6/8/2016 - When spamming goes delightfully wrong

6/8/2016 - Demand to vote on Brexit is so high, the UK has extended the deadline to register

6/8/2016 - Go humans! The world’s best Go player wants a shot at Google’s undefeated AlphaGo AI

6/8/2016 - This is what happens to our brains when men and women work together

6/8/2016 - More than half a million people in the UK registered to vote yesterday as the Brexit referendum nears

6/8/2016 - Nigeria will have to negotiate with Niger Delta Avengers—the militants hobbling its oil exports

6/8/2016 - Kept alive by subscriber inertia, print magazines are going to be around for a while yet

6/8/2016 - Mexico is not a race, but Trump proves racism has nothing to do with logic

6/8/2016 - Therapists say very few people need to see them for more than a few months

6/8/2016 - You really never know who you are sitting next to

6/8/2016 - Africans did not benefit much from Africa’s economic boom in the last decade

6/8/2016 - For a year of my life, I cheated sleep. Here’s how.

6/8/2016 - It’s not just college students. Higher education itself is experiencing a mental health crisis

6/8/2016 - Robot bands and trees that sing vie with humans to be the musicians of the future

6/8/2016 - University degrees are not the answer for Africa’s unemployed youth

6/8/2016 - The best companies in the world are run by enlightened dictators

6/8/2016 - Switching up your location makes you better (and more creative) at your job

6/8/2016 - The record-breaking debut of “Warcraft” divided China’s moviegoers into two opposing clans

6/8/2016 - Singapore is taking the internet away from all of its 140,000 public servants

6/8/2016 - Austria’s crackdown on immigration is denting its economy

6/8/2016 - If you want to make money in Cuba, join a band

6/8/2016 - Music education needs to move into the 21st century

6/8/2016 - Forecast: The tech IPO drought will be sticking around

6/8/2016 - Peck wants to make tapping the most important smartphone gesture

6/8/2016 - The latest travel luxury: not going

6/8/2016 - US-India nuclear deal, “Warcraft” in China, shark personalities

6/8/2016 - The really, really, really long flight is back

6/8/2016 - The smugger Germany gets about its powerful economy, the less competitive it becomes

6/8/2016 - Let us now celebrate America’s incredibly low productivity

6/8/2016 - Clinton’s historic night, Walmart’s sheer dominance, Siri can save lives

6/8/2016 - The world’s most elite conference this year will discuss something called “the precariat”

6/8/2016 - L’Oreal is setting a dangerous global precedent by bowing to China over free speech

6/8/2016 - India’s worsening water crisis demands creative methods of conservation, not just grand projects

6/8/2016 - Three continents in 140 hours—Narendra Modi shows he doesn’t know the meaning of “jet lag”

6/8/2016 - Amazon has just given a $3-billion reason for Flipkart and Snapdeal to worry

6/8/2016 - US-India nuclear deal, “Warcraft” in China, shark personalities

6/8/2016 - Thank you, readers—Quartz India turns two today

6/8/2016 - California’s primary shows how badly the Republican Party has messed up

6/8/2016 - Do IIT and IIM graduates know that jobs in a market economy are not an entitlement?

6/8/2016 - US-India nuclear deal, “Warcraft” in China, shark personalities

6/7/2016 - Hillary Clinton is the first woman to become a major-party presidential nominee

6/7/2016 - San Francisco just dealt another major blow to Airbnb

6/7/2016 - Goldman’s Malaysia probe, “Warcraft” in China, on-demand meteorites

6/7/2016 - Sanders supporters pushed Clinton to the left—now they have to keep her there

6/7/2016 - Watch Donald Trump simultaneously walk back and double down on his racist comments

6/7/2016 - This is what a Magic Leap VR headset probably looks like

6/7/2016 - San Francisco hedge fund allegedly sold $9.3 million of fake pre-IPO shares of Uber, Airbnb and more

6/7/2016 - Maybe Yahoo is worth $8 billion after all

6/7/2016 - New Balance is gunning to become the sneaker brand of the US military

6/7/2016 - Snapchat is overhauling its design to be a better publishing platform

6/7/2016 - Malawi’s struggling economy means more albinos are being killed for their body parts

6/7/2016 - Trump’s latest rant is proof that he’s a sly political strategist and an amoral genius

6/7/2016 - Google seems to be working on warehouse robots like Amazon’s

6/7/2016 - Remembering Muhammad Ali’s legacy as a radical, and peaceful, Muslim

6/7/2016 - Other changes Hong Kong forced Tesla to make to its driving software

6/7/2016 - People are falling in love with a simple productivity system that just uses pen and paper

6/7/2016 - Walmart sells more than Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, combined

6/7/2016 - CFDA Awards: Beyoncé, in a speech to the fashion elite, reminds them of when they wouldn’t dress her

6/7/2016 - Uber and Lyft abandoned Austin, but it could be a blessing in disguise for ride-sharing apps

6/7/2016 - The massive box office success of “Zootopia” is a rare win for originality

6/7/2016 - Here is an incredible photo of a fish trapped inside a jellyfish

6/7/2016 - Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?” ad pitchman has defected to Sprint

6/7/2016 - Why did it take law enforcement so long to release the Stanford rapist’s mug shots?

6/7/2016 - A bunch of rare and unreleased Prince albums have landed exclusively on Tidal

6/7/2016 - Investment banks now offer a slew of killer perks, like “personal time” and “weekends”

6/7/2016 - Ghana is betting on telemedicine to help plug gaps in its rural healthcare system

6/7/2016 - Quitting your job can be just as heartbreaking as ending a romance

6/7/2016 - Are heart attack symptoms sexist?

6/7/2016 - Michelle Obama told graduates of the “poor man’s Harvard” that living without privilege is an advantage

6/7/2016 - The best day and time to hold a meeting

6/7/2016 - The internet has developed its own prime time, and it’s coming for TV

6/7/2016 - One of Beijing’s controversial manmade islands in the South China Sea now has a farm

6/7/2016 - How Brexit opinion breaks down by age, class, and political views

6/7/2016 - American Airlines just overhauled its frequent-flyer program to reward big spenders

6/7/2016 - People cannot wait to pay $800 for a laundry-folding robot

6/7/2016 - I’ve been threatened by students over grades before. Guns on campus will only make it worse

6/7/2016 - The gas chamber is being officially retired in California as a method of execution—for animals

6/7/2016 - There’s a new, less boring version of golf you can play in your lunch break

6/7/2016 - South Africa, already a thoroughfare for terrorists, could also be a target

6/7/2016 - An artist has revived Louis XIV’s 17th-century dream of waterfalls at Versailles

6/7/2016 - Hillary gets it done, Goldman Sachs probed, 18-karat gold McNuggets

6/7/2016 - Real-life accounts of what it’s like to be “smuggled like drugs” across Europe

6/7/2016 - A heart monitoring tablet in Cameroon produces EKGs in 20 minutes

6/7/2016 - Those criticising Raghuram Rajan need only look at what he has done for the Indian economy

6/7/2016 - Clinton’s big day, Goldman Sachs probed, airport robots

6/7/2016 - India will spend $3 billion to clean up one of the world’s most polluted cities

6/7/2016 - China’s newest viral app pays users to ask celebrities nosy questions

6/7/2016 - Zambia plans to have sub-Saharan Africa’s cheapest solar power

6/7/2016 - Charted: How China turned the global steel industry upside down in just 15 years

6/7/2016 - This lunch between Modi and Obama can help stop the earth from getting cooked

6/7/2016 - The mind-boggling numbers that Raghuram Rajan must deal with to guide the Indian economy

6/7/2016 - BuzzFeed turned down $1.3 million in ad spending from the Republican Party

6/6/2016 - What Modi hopes to get out of his latest—and possibly last—state visit with Obama

6/6/2016 - Yellen downplays hike, Ford eyes China, McDonald’s gold McNugget

6/6/2016 - Trump: “The people asking the questions—those are the racists”

6/6/2016 - T-Mobile is giving customers a literal stake in the company

6/6/2016 - There’s now a robot that can check your bags at Geneva airport

6/6/2016 - James Patterson says he’ll “disrupt” reading by writing shorter books

6/6/2016 - Chicago’s zoo got a new baby camel and named him Alexander Camelton

6/6/2016 - It’s far too soon to give up on the Apple Watch

6/6/2016 - Russia’s solution to its doping crisis: Teach fair play in gym class

6/6/2016 - The US government’s new name for the sharing economy is the worst one yet

6/6/2016 - Florida’s hurricane season is standing between you and orange juice

6/6/2016 - Janet Yellen just said nothing perfectly

6/6/2016 - African politics can help us understand why so many white people support Donald Trump

6/6/2016 - BuzzFeed canceled an ad deal with the Republican party, citing Trump’s divisive rhetoric

6/6/2016 - More tourists are turning away from Kenya as election insecurity worries grow

6/6/2016 - Uber’s car leasing program turns its drivers into modern-day sharecroppers

6/6/2016 - The Golden State Warriors are the NBA’s champions of frequent-flyer miles, too

6/6/2016 - What is Apple actually doing besides building that ridiculously expensive new headquarters?

6/6/2016 - The number of female CEOs in the Fortune 500 is actually declining

6/6/2016 - China doesn’t have enough robots, so it’s coming for Germany’s

6/6/2016 - Watch: John Oliver just topped Oprah with one of the largest giveaways ever on TV

6/6/2016 - “Game of Thrones” has ushered in the golden age of internet fandom

6/6/2016 - Critics of Universal Basic Income just don’t understand how the policy would actually work

6/6/2016 - We should all emulate the management skills of this 10-year-old warrior boss on “Game of Thrones”

6/6/2016 - McDonald’s is toying with a novel idea: Using fresh beef for burgers

6/6/2016 - Nigeria says it’s recovered $9.1 billion in looted funds, but won’t name the culprits

6/6/2016 - McDonald’s in Japan is giving away an 18-karat gold McNugget

6/6/2016 - These edible beer rings may help protect marine life

6/6/2016 - Silicon Valley likes to play both sides when it comes to politics—but Donald Trump could change that

6/6/2016 - Do foreign students cheat more?

6/6/2016 - Your inability to form a routine is a warning sign that something deeper is wrong

6/6/2016 - “Biology cannot be responsible for my loving my wife”: Science can’t explain everything

6/6/2016 - US workers seeking balanced breakfasts are turning to liquid alternatives

6/6/2016 - How Kat Cole went from a Hooters waitress to the president of a billion-dollar brand

6/6/2016 - A Chinese retail giant just bought Italy’s Inter Milan soccer club for $300 million

6/6/2016 - “Puerile,” “soulless”: The verdict on the newsstands that could replace Paris’ iconic green kiosks

6/6/2016 - Does the middle market need to rethink its growth strategy?

6/6/2016 - Is there a better ketchup than Heinz? Without the shelf space, we’ll never find out

6/6/2016 - How can analytics help accelerate growth in the middle market?

6/6/2016 - The share of British kids who “love to read” puts the US to shame

6/6/2016 - What we know about the despised hackers who broke into Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts

6/6/2016 - Europeans aren’t actually that into mulitlingualism

6/6/2016 - Yellen speaks, Swiss oppose basic income, Mark Zuckerberg gets hacked

6/6/2016 - Netflix’s first India original to bring alive Vikram Chandra’s Sacred Games

6/6/2016 - Taiwan refuses to recognize any air defense zone Beijing creates in the South China Sea

6/6/2016 - One of China’s top e-gamers is out of commission after he was attacked by a Didi driver

6/6/2016 - Indian students are not as poorly educated as you think—they’re even worse

6/6/2016 - Modi in Washington, Kerry in Beijing, 3D-printed aircraft

6/6/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Modi in Washington, Kerry in Beijing, 3D-printed aircraft

6/6/2016 - Lancôme is self-censoring outside mainland China to keep Beijing happy

6/6/2016 - It is too hot to work in India—and its GDP is panting

6/6/2016 - What happens when a young and hip India goes shopping over the next two decades?

6/5/2016 - Mourning Muhammad Ali, Switzerland’s UBI vote, 3D-printed aircrafts

6/5/2016 - We need to root out hackers before they have a chance to strike

6/5/2016 - A Harvard philosopher’s argument for not loving yourself just as you are

6/5/2016 - Understanding what makes women kill can help us break cycles of violence

6/5/2016 - Switzerland has rejected the idea of universal basic income

6/5/2016 - 1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage. Why?

6/5/2016 - Why Switzerland’s Universal Basic Income referendum matters, even though it failed

6/5/2016 - With blistering attacks on Trump, Hillary Clinton may have finally found her inner prankster

6/5/2016 - The scariest thing about Donald Trump’s misogyny is that it’s not unusual at all

6/5/2016 - Scientists believe the natural next step in our evolution is to become cyborgs

6/5/2016 - The spirited sneaker designs inspired by LGBT pride month

6/5/2016 - Africa meant a lot to Muhammad Ali—he meant even more to Africa

6/5/2016 - Let’s sort out the facts from the fiction of Africa’s rising middle class

6/5/2016 - Uber’s African rivals, East Africa’s shoppers, Cape Town divided

6/4/2016 - “There will never be anyone like him”—Asia remembers Muhammad Ali

6/4/2016 - Switzerland is voting on a proposal to give every citizen $2,500 a month, no questions asked

6/4/2016 - The time Muhammad Ali showed a pirouetting Michael Jackson how to “float like a butterfly”

6/4/2016 - Great ones lost: The magical moment when Prince and Muhammad Ali shared a stage

6/4/2016 - The Pope has finally made it easier to remove negligent bishops who enable sexual abuse

6/4/2016 - Donald Trump cynically mourns Muhammad Ali, who tore apart his proposed Muslim ban

6/4/2016 - Norway has reportedly reached a deal to ban gas-powered car sales by 2025

6/4/2016 - We talked to the Oxford philosopher who gave Elon Musk the theory that we are all computer simulations

6/4/2016 - President Obama wants you to keep your guns—assuming you’re not a terrorist

6/4/2016 - European researchers used 3D-modeling and Instagram to recreate a museum destroyed by the Islamic State

6/4/2016 - A scientist’s love story with the eccentric and largely unknown peacock spider

6/4/2016 - The life-saving, organic substance that we all love to hate

6/4/2016 - How the luxury resorts on Egypt’s perfect beaches turned into abandoned “ghost hotels”

6/4/2016 - Shorter workweeks are catching on in Europe—America not so much

6/4/2016 - Marc Andreessen isn’t admitting there’s a tech bubble, but he’s coming pretty close

6/4/2016 - Weekend edition—the language of Snapchat, Ghanaians and God, the blowout business

6/4/2016 - An ingenious, physics-based strategy to outsmart roulette

6/4/2016 - In an attempt to make flying less aggravating, one airline is making in-flight entertainment free

6/4/2016 - “No blood should hold us back”: A feminine-hygiene ad finally gets women’s empowerment right

6/4/2016 - Someone is writing a mysterious, dystopian novel of the future in Reddit comments

6/4/2016 - Africa’s richest woman—and president’s daughter—will head Angola’s state oil company

6/4/2016 - “Why are you still talking about Tiananmen?”

6/4/2016 - Remembering “The Greatest” boxer Muhammad Ali, dead at age 74

6/4/2016 - Weekend edition—the language of Snapchat, Ghanaians and God, the blowout business

6/4/2016 - “Women have changed over the last couple of years”—Annie Leibovitz’s portraits of power

6/3/2016 - Weekend edition—the language of Snapchat, Ghanaians and God, the blowout business

6/3/2016 - Quartz weekend brief—the language of Snapchat, Ghanaians and God, the blowout business

6/3/2016 - The WHO is expanding the list of birth defects that might be caused by Zika

6/3/2016 - The founder of Nest is leaving Alphabet after only two years

6/3/2016 - Ireland plans to make high-speed broadband a right for every citizen

6/3/2016 - Walmart is getting in on the sharing economy

6/3/2016 - Your Instagram feed is about to look different

6/3/2016 - Photos: Paris is drowning in epic floods

6/3/2016 - How can analytics help accelerate growth in the middle market?

6/3/2016 - JPMorgan Chase is loosening up the dress code a bit for its bankers

6/3/2016 - 261 ways to refer to the Tiananmen Square massacre in China

6/3/2016 - The 10 athletes of the Olympics’ first all-refugee team

6/3/2016 - Facebook is changing its bylaws so it won’t make the same mistake as Viacom

6/3/2016 - Twitter’s anti-Semitism problem is exactly why Twitter has a growth problem

6/3/2016 - Going to graduate school is a giant gamble that’s worth the risk

6/3/2016 - Just 40% of college graduates think college got them ready for a career

6/3/2016 - Facebook built a chat bot called “Crisis Bot” to monitor global crises

6/3/2016 - Canada is giving South Africa’s visiting firefighters a surprise pay raise

6/3/2016 - Quartzy: the grayscale edition

6/3/2016 - Whatever you do, don’t quit your job to pursue your passion

6/3/2016 - The most-loved phone in the US is not an iPhone

6/3/2016 - German citizenship is ranked the most valuable in the world

6/3/2016 - Why US airlines are interested in one of the world’s most troubled economic hotspots

6/3/2016 - “The Sims” have removed a key set of gender boundaries for character customization

6/3/2016 - Welcome to the new 3D ultrasound economy

6/3/2016 - Tesla’s newest showroom is in a neighborhood with the same household income as the price of a Tesla

6/3/2016 - “It’s not a stoner gym”: San Francisco has just opened a “fitness-first” cannabis gym

6/3/2016 - Great news for everyone who’d like to get around slightly faster: Hoverboards are back

6/3/2016 - An “overcooked” new restaurant drama was panned with a feast of delicious food puns

6/3/2016 - “We need a clutch player to pinch hit.” All the phrases I’ve learned as a Brit working at an American company

6/3/2016 - Don’t ask women why they should earn more–demand that managers justify paying them less

6/3/2016 - The essential Marc Andreessen summer reading list

6/3/2016 - The WHO has figured out the maximum amount of sugar we should be eating daily

6/3/2016 - Bill Gates says these are the two books we should all read to understand AI

6/3/2016 - We’re live charting the ugly US jobs report for May

6/3/2016 - California governor Jerry Brown’s plan for cheaper rent is going to make people upset

6/3/2016 - The world’s most reviled financial product may save your retirement

6/3/2016 - Speaking two dialects has the same brain benefits as bilingualism

6/3/2016 - The most interesting tech IPO of the year

6/3/2016 - United Airlines just unveiled a new business-class cabin with single-file sleeping pods instead of seats

6/3/2016 - What does alcohol do to your body and brain?

6/3/2016 - There’s a clear leader in the 2016 race—and he already lives in the White House

6/3/2016 - For young fish, plastic is basically the McDonald’s all-day breakfast

6/3/2016 - Most migrants to the UK actually come from outside Europe

6/3/2016 - Suzuki was raided, Wal-Mart partners with Uber, plastic is fish fast-food

6/3/2016 - Economist Robert Gordon says the UK and Australia hold a solution to the US student loan crisis

6/3/2016 - East and West Africans are in favor of open borders, but the rest of Africa isn’t

6/3/2016 - What yoga guru Ramdev can teach the IIM grads at Unilever and Nestle

6/3/2016 - Most Chinese people will never own cars—they’ll take Ubers or Didis instead

6/3/2016 - Suzuki raided, Trump endorsed, luxury jail cells

6/3/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Suzuki raided, Trump endorsed, luxury jail cells

6/3/2016 - Photos: Where India’s underclass gets its daily dose of Bollywood, for Rs10 a film

6/3/2016 - After seven days in the woods, a Japanese boy abandoned by his parents has been found

6/3/2016 - The hope and fury deep inside the poor, obedient Indian girl

6/2/2016 - The Indian government now wants to track your hookups

6/2/2016 - A child swiftly destroyed this $15,000 Zootopia Lego sculpture when it went on display in China

6/2/2016 - UCLA gunman and IIT graduate Mainak Sarkar is linked to a second killing, in Minnesota

6/2/2016 - OPEC lets down traders, Germany enrages Turkey, Prince’s cause of death

6/2/2016 - Paul Ryan finally, begrudgingly endorses Donald Trump

6/2/2016 - Poor people may be even worse off under the new payday loan rules

6/2/2016 - A UN flowchart for refugees reveals how ridiculously complicated it is to apply to asylum

6/2/2016 - Bengaluru is leapfrogging brick-and-mortar banking

6/2/2016 - One of the internet’s inventors thinks it should still be capitalized

6/2/2016 - Post-money market reform: Considering trade-offs between short bond funds and institutional prime money market funds

6/2/2016 - It’s about trade-offs: short bond vs. institutional prime money market funds

6/2/2016 - IBM has been awarded an average of 24 patents per day so far in 2016

6/2/2016 - The story behind how one color became the symbol of gun control

6/2/2016 - One of New York’s top fashion designers has been tapped to make Under Armour cool

6/2/2016 - Prince overdosed on a prescription painkiller that’s 50 times stronger than heroin

6/2/2016 - Drone images show the “architecture of apartheid” in Cape Town is still firmly in place

6/2/2016 - Watch this artificial neural network’s trippy reconstruction of “Blade Runner”

6/2/2016 - In rural Ghana, there’s a thin line between your business and your faith

6/2/2016 - Companies once thought they’d make big money off big data–now it’s their biggest liability

6/2/2016 - Here’s how to stop Facebook from listening to you on your phone

6/2/2016 - Students are angry that Yale requires reading only white, male poets

6/2/2016 - Tinder is offering Brits seeking romance a civics quiz instead

6/2/2016 - Jobs with lots of power but little respect make people act like insecure grumps

6/2/2016 - More Americans than ever are having same-sex experiences

6/2/2016 - They said it couldn’t be done: Ending America’s war on marijuana

6/2/2016 - African-American genes show how slavery and the Great Migration shaped the US

6/2/2016 - The simple math that helped mathematicians solve a vexing problem in the kids’ card game “Set”

6/2/2016 - Forget texting while driving. Soon you could be sued just for texting a driver

6/2/2016 - The complete guide to fasting diets

6/2/2016 - “Hyperloop” travel might sound like a far-fetched idea, but some companies are already building it

6/2/2016 - Just how terrible was Donald Trump’s for-profit university?

6/2/2016 - Harvard researchers have concluded that not all women should “lean in” for salary negotiations

6/2/2016 - Economists show that boys who grow up around books earn significantly more money as adults

6/2/2016 - The once-mighty OPEC cartel is struggling to show that it still matters

6/2/2016 - “The world is so big, I want to have a look:” Dreams of escape haunt China’s top internet memes

6/2/2016 - Doctors put overweight patients on a path to failure by focusing on shedding pounds

6/2/2016 - Scientists discovered King Tut’s dagger came from outer space

6/2/2016 - Dear Wang Yi: Here are some Chinese people who would like to “have a say” about human rights

6/2/2016 - How we found the genes that control nose shape—and what they say about us

6/2/2016 - A Utah distillery proudly drags the whiskey industry’s dirty little secret out of the shadows

6/2/2016 - Jay Z big ups Deutsche Bank—for hiding his drug money

6/2/2016 - Watch: Headcam footage from a massive raid of Colombia’s biggest open-air drug market

6/2/2016 - Ryanair admits that charging 108 different baggage fees is maybe a bit too much

6/2/2016 - Paris is banning all cars built before 1997

6/2/2016 - Trump’s golf snub, Sandberg and Disney, Tutankhamun’s meteorite dagger

6/2/2016 - “The current ad model is broken”: A UK mobile carrier will block ads for a day on its network

6/2/2016 - Even by French standards, these strikes are shocking

6/2/2016 - India’s smartphone paradox: Damn cheap, yet unaffordable

6/2/2016 - Startups can’t explain what they do because they’re addicted to meaningless jargon

6/2/2016 - Coming soon to a website near you: The carnage of Indian e-commerce

6/2/2016 - South Sudan’s oil fields are becoming a wildlife trafficking hotspot

6/2/2016 - Uber’s rivals in Africa promise happier drivers, traffic jam deals and even price haggling

6/2/2016 - UCLA shooting, Uber’s Saudi money, bicycle face

6/2/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—UCLA shooting, Uber’s Saudi money, bicycle face

6/2/2016 - Why children of Indian immigrants spell A.M.E.R.I.C.A. better

6/2/2016 - Everyone and everything—including India’s currency—is going crazy over Raghuram Rajan

6/2/2016 - The UCLA shooter was reportedly a student who killed his professor over bad grades

6/1/2016 - AirAsia is using video auditions and online public voting to choose new flight attendants

6/1/2016 - India will spend $120 million to transform its 180-year-old postal system into a bank

6/1/2016 - The Associated Press is trying desperately to keep up with the Internet—er, the internet

6/1/2016 - Uber just got its single biggest investment from Saudi Arabia

6/1/2016 - Elon Musk thinks Tesla can sell batteries much faster than cars

6/1/2016 - EgyptAir black boxes found, the fall of Theranos’ CEO, fear of “bicycle face”

6/1/2016 - “I feel black, dirty,” says Kenyan author after being attacked by a taxi driver in Berlin

6/1/2016 - Mary Meeker’s 2016 internet trends report: All the slides, plus highlights

6/1/2016 - Facebook is using artificial intelligence to become a better search engine

6/1/2016 - Amazon Prime has a ridiculously high renewal rate

6/1/2016 - “Expensive but not too expensive” is the sweet spot for China’s luxury market

6/1/2016 - AOL’s newest employee perk: VC funding for your startup

6/1/2016 - “Shark Tank” is a great deal for entrepreneurs, and other myths about the hit show

6/1/2016 - Quantifying the benefits of the cloud

6/1/2016 - Y Combinator is running a basic income experiment with 100 Oakland families

6/1/2016 - Brazil’s economy is still hot garbage

6/1/2016 - There’s a fine line between stress and fear, and it can help you perform at your best

6/1/2016 - Inventively, PETA became a shareholder in Hermès to confront it about its use of exotic skins

6/1/2016 - The world’s longest rail tunnel took 17 years to build—and it cuts an hour of travel

6/1/2016 - Ukraine’s “Joan of Arc” was freed from a Russian prison and will consider running for president

6/1/2016 - Help wanted: Record label seeks intern to trawl the web looking for illegal music

6/1/2016 - The Eiffel Tower’s colors will be at the mercy of social media users for a month

6/1/2016 - New photos of Pluto reveal Earth-like terrain that is “a total, complete mystery” to scientists

6/1/2016 - Forbes just cut its estimate of Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes’s net worth from $4.5 billion to zero

6/1/2016 - A match-making service pairs neuroscientists with designers to explain scientific breakthroughs

6/1/2016 - Entrepreneur and CEO Martine Rothblatt thinks we’ll 3D print new bodies and live forever on the internet

6/1/2016 - Japan’s incredibly cute, free-roaming cats, deer and bunnies are fueling a tourism boom

6/1/2016 - A new study shows just how differently men and women speak on Facebook

6/1/2016 - “Game of Thrones” star Kit Harington discovers sexual objectification, does not like it one bit

6/1/2016 - If you’ve been holding out for the iPhone 7, you’re probably going to be really disappointed

6/1/2016 - Chinese tourists are visiting this glass platform to freak themselves out

6/1/2016 - The developing world is outspending richer countries on renewable energy investment

6/1/2016 - Susan Cain, the world’s leading introvert expert, on how to thrive in an open-office world

6/1/2016 - What interviewing for jobs feels like when you’re a black software engineer in Silicon Valley

6/1/2016 - Apple’s new high-end San Francisco store is a glimpse into the future

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