3/31/2018 - Listen to the ethereal space-inspired music from Stephen Hawking’s funeral

3/31/2018 - Tesla doesn’t understand that its goals are different from its employees’

3/31/2018 - Tesla says Autopilot was on in fatal car crash, capping a week of bad news

3/31/2018 - The US stock market has totally lost its chill

3/31/2018 - Cambridge Analytica’s role in African elections was real but overstated

3/31/2018 - Meet the leaders of the world’s imaginary nations

3/31/2018 - What happens when networking replaces friendship

3/31/2018 - A brief history of the scatter plot—data visualization’s greatest invention

3/31/2018 - The new social networks you should join instead of Facebook, according to a Y Combinator partner

3/31/2018 - Weekend edition—Big-tech ethics, chicken wars, China’s space race

3/31/2018 - Facebook’s crisis demands a reevaluation of computer science itself

3/31/2018 - The US just found a new way to delay visa applications

3/31/2018 - Why “The Sandlot” is still so special, 25 years later

3/31/2018 - Why the Germans are obsessed with saving money

3/31/2018 - Metaphors can change our opinions in ways we don’t even realize

3/31/2018 - UPS has found a way to plug in its electric fleet without blowing up London’s grid

3/31/2018 - South Africa just jailed someone for racial abuse for the first time. What does this mean?

3/31/2018 - Weekend edition—Big-tech ethics, chicken wars, China’s space race

3/31/2018 - Weekend edition—Big-tech ethics, chicken wars, China’s space race

3/30/2018 - Weekend edition—Big-tech ethics, chicken wars, China’s space race

3/30/2018 - The chicken tax

3/30/2018 - The top US diplomat in Mexico is sending a love letter to the country on Twitter

3/30/2018 - We now have the first clear evidence cell phone radiation can cause cancer in rats

3/30/2018 - If you’re going to invest in a watch in 2018, here are three we love

3/30/2018 - The future of retail is happening right now in China

3/30/2018 - A single judge just gave California coffee sellers a huge headache

3/30/2018 - The psychological design tricks websites use to keep you hooked

3/30/2018 - Hope Hicks achieved the impossible: a painless exit from Trump’s orbit

3/30/2018 - The US government okayed Elon Musk’s plan to triple the number of satellites in orbit

3/30/2018 - How to grow your career when your boss gets fired

3/30/2018 - History tells us South Africa’s land expropriation debate has no easy solution

3/30/2018 - China is engineering the biggest project yet to force rainfall

3/30/2018 - The economics and politics of “Roseanne” are incredibly realistic

3/30/2018 - Scott Pruitt’s “AirBnB-style” bedroom rental from a lobbyist is much cheaper than AirBnB

3/30/2018 - Quartzy: the very Swiss edition

3/30/2018 - Quartzy: the very Swiss edition

3/30/2018 - Japanese baseball

3/30/2018 - Japanese baseball

3/30/2018 - Beijing’s yuan ambition, red-hot Dropbox IPO, Volkswagen has a parking problem

3/30/2018 - The latest turn in Tesla’s very bad week: A recall of 123,000 Model S cars

3/30/2018 - Handy is quietly lobbying state lawmakers to declare its workers aren’t employees

3/30/2018 - Netflix is learning how in the world to play the franchise game with Carmen Sandiego

3/30/2018 - One of Africa’s oldest animated films has a timeless message about African life

3/30/2018 - Walmart is the next big company looking to get into health insurance

3/30/2018 - An AI-powered design trick could help prevent accidents like Uber’s self-driving car crash

3/30/2018 - Watch SpaceX launch 10 more satellites into orbit

3/30/2018 - Marco Rubio admits he was wrong…about philosophy

3/30/2018 - Hollywood and Nollywood are looking to an ancient African kingdom for another Black Panther hit

3/30/2018 - How to keep a crew of humans alive to Mars? Put them to bed for most of it

3/30/2018 - The Patriot missile interceptor malfunctions and misses, but Raytheon still makes billions

3/30/2018 - Photos: Volkswagen has bought back thousands of diesel cars in the US. Here’s what that looks like

3/30/2018 - California millennials are diving into politics in the age of Trump

3/30/2018 - One of the world’s biggest companies found the secret to better meetings: a wooden box

3/30/2018 - Tainted by #MeToo, starchitect Richard Meier’s name is erased from his building

3/30/2018 - Developing drugs wasn’t always about profit, and it shouldn’t be now

3/30/2018 - Space lab incoming, Tesla’s rusty bolt problem, world’s tiniest sushi

3/30/2018 - 1,000 Peeps, four dozen chocolate mice, and one two-foot bunny—an all-candy Easter budget

3/30/2018 - America’s love for flying is negating the benefits of phasing out coal

3/30/2018 - Japanese baseball

3/30/2018 - Too good to be true? It must be an Indian startup’s April Fool’s Day offer

3/30/2018 - Two women are reviving India’s forgotten poetry, one postcard at a time

3/30/2018 - Russia retaliates, K-pop goes to North Korea, tiny sushi

3/30/2018 - Russia retaliates, K-pop goes to North Korea, tiny sushi

3/30/2018 - “Very, very dull”: What happened to India’s white-hot cryptocurrency market?

3/29/2018 - Here are the K-pop acts performing in North Korea this weekend

3/29/2018 - Russia’s retaliation, Snap layoffs, cockroaches

3/29/2018 - Japanese baseball

3/29/2018 - Adnan Syed, made famous in the podcast “Serial,” is getting a new trial

3/29/2018 - Sustainability is all the rage but financing of extreme fossil fuels is on the rise

3/29/2018 - One country’s push for innovation is driving healthcare forward

3/29/2018 - How Singapore is shaping the future of healthcare

3/29/2018 - Uber thinks this new tax could be really great for business

3/29/2018 - How a nation of innovators is helping drive Asia forward

3/29/2018 - Download the latest version of iOS if you want control over your iPhone’s battery life

3/29/2018 - Singapore’s greatest asset in Industry 4.0 is its people

3/29/2018 - On opening day, Japanese baseball is in the MLB spotlight

3/29/2018 - Amazon sells tons of clothes, but it still can’t sell fashion

3/29/2018 - How much longer can Apple avoid making a touchscreen laptop?

3/29/2018 - A legal question for the AI age: Is tricking a robot the same thing as hacking it?

3/29/2018 - The definitive guide to blowing your $185,000 Wall Street bonus

3/29/2018 - Scientists have spent 60 years agonizing over how our knuckles crack

3/29/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg is losing friends in Silicon Valley

3/29/2018 - Chinese censors are erasing even the sneakiest ways to talk about Kim “Fatty” Jong-un online

3/29/2018 - Microsoft reshuffles to bring more AI into products

3/29/2018 - Seltzer

3/29/2018 - Seltzer

3/29/2018 - A simple visualization can help make change less painful

3/29/2018 - The wage earners who took the biggest hit from NAFTA were not blue-collar men

3/29/2018 - This psychological quirk could explain why Trump’s least experienced lawyer feels so confident

3/29/2018 - In defense of reading Cosmo in the checkout aisle

3/29/2018 - Snap lays off 100 people for the second time this month

3/29/2018 - You can now get a PhD in creativity

3/29/2018 - TV advertising has hit a wall thanks to streaming options like Netflix

3/29/2018 - Why focusing on the “business case” for diversity is a red flag

3/29/2018 - The psychology behind Cambridge Analytica is massively overhyped

3/29/2018 - The Cambridge Analytica scandal is wildly confusing. This timeline will help

3/29/2018 - China is getting more aggressive in dismissing US comments about its influence in Africa

3/29/2018 - David Shulkin’s travel spending is the tip of the iceberg in Trump’s scandal-ridden cabinet

3/29/2018 - The Wing is as exclusionary as other private clubs—but not because of gender

3/29/2018 - Baseball players show that people will give up money to work with great colleagues

3/29/2018 - Bill Gates is treating Nigeria like a startup he invested in—and that’s a good thing

3/29/2018 - Scientists found a whole new part of the body through advanced imaging

3/29/2018 - Tesla is in need of a financial recharge

3/29/2018 - North Korea and South Korea have set a date for their first summit since 2007

3/29/2018 - From Indonesia to Thailand, Cambridge Analytica’s parent influenced southeast Asian politics

3/29/2018 - Korean men feeling besieged by #MeToo are revolting against a novel about a stay-at-home mom

3/29/2018 - Hurricane Harvey woke Houston up. Now things have to change.

3/29/2018 - Michigan’s students and teachers are using public data to challenge university spending

3/29/2018 - No one wants to pay for the US World Expo pavilion, so architects may have to do it pro bono

3/29/2018 - How “elite” became a bad word

3/29/2018 - Beyond staff satisfaction, Glassdoor ratings are correlated to company performance

3/29/2018 - US personal income, Renault-Nissan merger plan, gender-bias detector

3/29/2018 - “The Americans” is the most profound show about marriage on television

3/29/2018 - CryptoKitties are racing for prize money on the ethereum blockchain

3/29/2018 - Seltzer

3/29/2018 - China’s blockchain ambitions are revealed in the sheer number of patent applications

3/29/2018 - China is not impressed with McDonald’s famed Szechuan sauce

3/29/2018 - Tall, fair, and debonair: The ideal Indian man, according to beauty products and Bollywood

3/29/2018 - Looking for a job? There’s one role automation hasn’t killed in India yet

3/29/2018 - After Cambridge Analytica, some targeted ads on Facebook will become less targeted

3/29/2018 - How the Indian government sweetened the Air India deal

3/29/2018 - Trump’s South Korea trade deal preserves the 55-year-old “chicken tax” US automakers love

3/29/2018 - One of India’s top bankers is embroiled in nepotism allegations

3/29/2018 - Facebook’s tweaks, China’s reforms, gender-bias detector

3/29/2018 - Facebook’s tweaks, China’s reforms, gender-bias detector

3/28/2018 - Cambridge Analytica’s parent firm proposed a massive political machine for India’s 2014 elections

3/28/2018 - Trump just replaced the secretary of Veteran Affairs with the guy who does his physicals

3/28/2018 - SoftBank’s solar plans, Facebook security refresh, gendered names

3/28/2018 - The world’s largest consumer drone maker wants to be the world’s largest commercial drone maker

3/28/2018 - Data show Trump has actually been less active than Obama on trade restrictions

3/28/2018 - Netflix’s latest board appointment has customers calling for a boycott

3/28/2018 - In HBO’s “Barry,” Bill Hader defies expectations to perfectly blend laughs with tragedy

3/28/2018 - Seltzer

3/28/2018 - Diversity and inclusion jobs are on the rise in the Trump era

3/28/2018 - The anatomy of a corporate apology for a failed company

3/28/2018 - Forget Facebook—Donald Trump is “obsessed” with Amazon

3/28/2018 - Innovative marketing is key as sports media shifts to digital platforms

3/28/2018 - As traditional sports viewership declines, sports media is transforming

3/28/2018 - Mapped: The breathtaking global reach of Cambridge Analytica’s parent company

3/28/2018 - The woman who made simple cooking widely popular 235 years before Martha Stewart

3/28/2018 - The overlooked research work of Africa’s best scientists will have a better chance to go global

3/28/2018 - Slack is developing tools to tell if someone’s mansplaining

3/28/2018 - Daimler and BMW are merging their car-sharing businesses to take on Uber

3/28/2018 - Interactive: The tech trends to watch in 2018

3/28/2018 - Trump aide Rick Gates was in touch with an alleged former Russian spy weeks before the election

3/28/2018 - The election of Italy’s first black senator won’t make a dent on rising racism there

3/28/2018 - Lululemon is a pants machine

3/28/2018 - Job seekers are far more interested in the blockchain than in bitcoin roles

3/28/2018 - Photos of Kim Jong-un’s warm welcome in Beijing send a powerful message

3/28/2018 - The little blue pill

3/28/2018 - The little blue pill

3/28/2018 - The world’s biggest search engine is upgrading its GIF game

3/28/2018 - China won’t let in movies with Taiwanese actors who support independence for the island

3/28/2018 - The latest Apple Watch is the perfect example of why you shouldn’t buy a first-generation Apple product

3/28/2018 - Scientists built a drone with a robotic origami claw that can pick things up

3/28/2018 - Facebook is rushing out a new design for privacy settings

3/28/2018 - The shape of your brain influences your political opinions

3/28/2018 - Why leaving your comfort zone is more important than ever

3/28/2018 - The world is divided into circular and linear communicators. Which one are you?

3/28/2018 - Having another white male economist run the New York Fed isn’t just bad politics, it’s bad policy

3/28/2018 - Egypt’s president al-Sisi looks set to retain his membership of the “90%-plus” club

3/28/2018 - Could the US tech selloff finally bring stock valuations back down to earth?

3/28/2018 - After Hurricane Maria, suicide rates rose by almost a third in Puerto Rico

3/28/2018 - America’s gender-fluid future, in 100 years of baby name trends

3/28/2018 - The US has a nasty habit of mixing politics with data on the census

3/28/2018 - China just officially approved drone-based package delivery

3/28/2018 - The HPV vaccine is not recommended for US boys as often as it is for girls

3/28/2018 - US GDP, SoftBank-Saudi solar deal, Modi’s app mishap

3/28/2018 - Today’s fictional universes all have to be multi-platform

3/28/2018 - It’s these Indian universities—not the IITs—that churn out the most H-1B techies

3/28/2018 - Britain leaves the EU in one year, and still faces a no-deal “hard Brexit”

3/28/2018 - The little blue pill

3/28/2018 - Horlicks, the beloved 140-year-old brand, may have a new owner—again

3/28/2018 - Fortis and Manipal are merging to create India’s largest hospital chain

3/28/2018 - The UK foreign secretary was berated for being sexist in parliament by its highest authority

3/28/2018 - These are the royal baby names the British public is betting on

3/28/2018 - Ethiopia’s ruling coalition has elected its first ethnic Oromo to lead the country

3/28/2018 - For Sikhs in Britain and Canada to move on, India must address 1984 first

3/28/2018 - Facial recognition for Aadhaar could be a nightmare to implement

3/28/2018 - Kim Jong-un in China, Zuckerberg to testify, demoted termites

3/28/2018 - Kim Jong-un in China, Zuckerberg to testify, demoted termites

3/28/2018 - Even Kim Jong-un has to take notes when Xi Jinping speaks

3/28/2018 - Cambridge Analytica whistleblower names Congress as part of “all kinds of projects” in India

3/28/2018 - Why an Indian hotel startup is taking the difficult route of filing patents

3/27/2018 - China’s William Gibson is a sci-fi writer wrestling with problems from pollution to patriarchy

3/27/2018 - The Dutch university that is shaping the campus of the future

3/27/2018 - Universities are moving from closed classrooms to borderless global campuses

3/27/2018 - Nine out of ten analysts think Facebook stock is still worth buying

3/27/2018 - Myanmar election, Zuckerberg to testify, fake meteor showers

3/27/2018 - Google has made it official: The internet is now mobile-first

3/27/2018 - Apple made me go to class to learn about math, history, coding, and iPads

3/27/2018 - Zuckerberg will reportedly face the music before Congress instead of sending his deputies

3/27/2018 - The little blue pill

3/27/2018 - A French waiter is suing for the right to be rude at work

3/27/2018 - Photos: What integration after Brown v. Board of Education looked like

3/27/2018 - Some of the biggest US tariff revenues come from sweaters

3/27/2018 - After 20 years, Viagra has impacted so much more than just sex

3/27/2018 - Apple is going to war with Google for dominance in US classrooms

3/27/2018 - Can pork be made kosher? Jewish scholars think it’s possible

3/27/2018 - This quiz will show you the job that best fits your work style

3/27/2018 - To be a reader like Bill Gates, take book recommendations from the kids in your life

3/27/2018 - We took 65% more antibiotics in 2015 than we did in 2000

3/27/2018 - Stormy Daniels is a bigger TV draw than Donald Trump

3/27/2018 - A new spy museum perfectly captures how boring espionage has become

3/27/2018 - Firefox has a clever workaround for Facebook users worried about privacy

3/27/2018 - Eleven years later, Wall Street bonuses are back to pre-crisis levels

3/27/2018 - H&M’s famously cheap clothes are about to get even cheaper

3/27/2018 - Act now, oligarchs! Your shot at buying a UK “golden” visa is waning

3/27/2018 - Zimbabwe’s new president is pitching himself to investors as the anti-Mugabe

3/27/2018 - MIT’s Building 20

3/27/2018 - MIT’s Building 20

3/27/2018 - Jaguar and Waymo just announced an electric, fully autonomous car

3/27/2018 - Why Silicon Valley needs quotas to solve its diversity crisis

3/27/2018 - The fate of Catalonia’s ex-leader hangs on whether “rebellion” is the same as “high treason”

3/27/2018 - A top recruiter explains why you’re hearing crickets after a job interview

3/27/2018 - Morocco is the new investment capital of Africa

3/27/2018 - Hackers who stole €1 billion allegedly laundered the profits with crypto

3/27/2018 - One of the ugliest critiques of Stormy Daniels is something any successful woman endures

3/27/2018 - Global automakers are betting on Africa’s demand for new vehicles

3/27/2018 - How to follow today’s Apple event live

3/27/2018 - Ai Weiwei built a giant inflatable raft crammed with hundreds of refugees

3/27/2018 - D.C. politicians can now live the immigrant experience through VR

3/27/2018 - Paris is a city that a lot of tourists do wrong—here’s how to get it right

3/27/2018 - You can actually learn to be wise, and it can help you feel less lonely

3/27/2018 - Apple woos schools, Deutsche Bank drama, US army comics

3/27/2018 - MIT’s Building 20

3/27/2018 - Brazil has created two new marine protected areas covering an area larger than France

3/27/2018 - A practical guide to how blockchain could end corruption in South Africa

3/27/2018 - How to track China’s falling space lab

3/27/2018 - Remembering when European migrants once flocked to North African shores

3/27/2018 - How an IIT graduate built one of India’s largest budget hotel chains

3/27/2018 - The streaming war over live sports has officially begun

3/27/2018 - Behold, the old-school timepieces designed to seduce a new generation of watch nerds

3/27/2018 - Our obsession with GDP will lead to madness—but there are alternatives

3/27/2018 - The post-Brexit blue passport saga symbolizes the conflicted mess Britain is in

3/27/2018 - The best sales pitch for a hybrid electric car? Gasoline prices

3/27/2018 - From holidays to higher studies, Indians are spending billions abroad

3/27/2018 - African leaders have created the world’s largest free trade area since the WTO—here’s its potential

3/27/2018 - Amazon’s French connection, Apple woos schools, US army comics

3/27/2018 - Amazon’s French connection, Apple woos schools, US army comics

3/27/2018 - The Indian-owned tech firm in the eye of the Narendra Modi app storm

3/27/2018 - Alipay tempts Europe’s retailers with Chinese tourists’ massive spending power

3/27/2018 - Charted: India’s shocking attitudes towards mental illness

3/27/2018 - A sense of futility and fear of the future keep recurring in one Hong Kong artist’s work

3/26/2018 - Amid privacy fears, a list of the many apps launched by the Modi government

3/26/2018 - Kim’s Beijing visit, stocks surge, US army comics

3/26/2018 - “Call Me By Your Name” joins an illustrious list of great films censored in China

3/26/2018 - Colson Whitehead makes the case for striving to be a fox and not a hedgehog

3/26/2018 - A lesbian and bisexual women’s health page was removed from a US government website. This is a pattern.

3/26/2018 - MIT’s Building 20

3/26/2018 - Americans have two extra days to file their taxes because of an obscure holiday

3/26/2018 - Louis Vuitton is betting that the future of high fashion is logo tees and sneakers

3/26/2018 - Now Twitter has joined Facebook and Google in banning crypto ads

3/26/2018 - Google tries to steal Apple’s thunder with its first Chromebook tablets

3/26/2018 - Looks like China beat the US to meeting Kim Jong-un in person

3/26/2018 - Steven Spielberg explains why Netflix’s “TV movies” aren’t Oscar-worthy

3/26/2018 - Why I’m passionate about gender equality

3/26/2018 - Trump told Stormy Daniels he wants all sharks to die. Here’s why that’s a bad idea

3/26/2018 - “You’re no genius”: Her father’s shutdowns made Angela Duckworth a world expert on grit

3/26/2018 - In America, politics is the new religion

3/26/2018 - China’s fallen space lab was a prism for its space ambitions

3/26/2018 - Confirmation of a US government probe pushes Facebook’s market loss to $90 billion

3/26/2018 - Can I swipe right on a coworker?

3/26/2018 - The list of countries that will benefit from the AI revolution could be exceedingly short

3/26/2018 - A massive shopping mall fire in Russia has killed more than 60

3/26/2018 - The gun manufacturer getting sued by Sandy Hook victims has filed for bankruptcy

3/26/2018 - There’s a biological reason you’re bored at work

3/26/2018 - Facebook is being investigated by the FTC. Here’s what it will ask

3/26/2018 - Russia’s irresistible question to Twitter: Which US consulate should it shut?

3/26/2018 - All of the Russian diplomats expelled by the West over the UK spy poisoning scandal

3/26/2018 - Malcolm Gladwell and elite runner Alex Hutchinson explore the benefits of enduring pain

3/26/2018 - The profound message behind the 84 sculptures of men on top of London buildings

3/26/2018 - The best discoveries Netflix made while researching how people watch TV

3/26/2018 - Facebook will probably not be helping with Nigeria’s 2019 elections after all

3/26/2018 - “Black Panther” is the highest-grossing superhero film of all time in the US

3/26/2018 - Photos: The Cairo artisans saving a thousand years of Egyptian history

3/26/2018 - “Implicit bias” tests help people feel morally superior, even when their results show bias

3/26/2018 - A former WeWork executive has launched his own coworking startup

3/26/2018 - When will Africa’s fast-growing cities get on top of their garbage problems?

3/26/2018 - US economy health check, Uber exits South East Asia, stowaway stink bugs

3/26/2018 - Are Indian political parties using apps to steal citizens’ data?

3/26/2018 - Andrew Yang is running for president to save Americans from machines

3/26/2018 - India is now the world’s third-largest electricity producer

3/26/2018 - Australia’s new visa rules will hit Indians the hardest

3/26/2018 - EU-Turkey talks, Puigdemont detained, shooting stars on demand

3/26/2018 - EU-Turkey talks, Puigdemont detained, shooting stars on demand

3/26/2018 - Why India’s private hospitals can get away with overcharging patients

3/26/2018 - India can’t eliminate tuberculosis by 2025 without curbing smoking

3/26/2018 - Indians are guzzling bottled water like never before

3/25/2018 - Uber’s defeat in Southeast Asia calls into question its “barge in” expansion strategy worldwide

3/25/2018 - India-China talks, Puigdemont detained, shooting stars on demand

3/25/2018 - The famous names who took to the streets for “March for Our Lives”

3/25/2018 - How Nairobi can fix its serious waste problem

3/25/2018 - How a team of student journalists experienced “March for Our Lives”

3/25/2018 - Amazon has replaced Google as the best place to work in the US

3/25/2018 - Android phone users, Facebook was tracking your calls and texts

3/25/2018 - These powerful desktop wallpapers carry on the spirit of “March for Our Lives”

3/25/2018 - Facebook is buying print ads to apologize for the Cambridge Analytica scandal

3/25/2018 - Facebook is too big to fail

3/25/2018 - The perks of rediscovering the world through your nose

3/25/2018 - The one place on the internet where you should always read the comments

3/24/2018 - How Chrissy Teigen quitting Snapchat, following Rihanna, could easily lead to a stock price shock

3/24/2018 - Europe’s most active volcano is sliding towards the sea

3/24/2018 - Trump is reportedly about to expel Russian diplomats over the UK poisoning scandal

3/24/2018 - Pillows

3/24/2018 - Pillows

3/24/2018 - Single parent families are bearing the brunt of England’s surge in homelessness

3/24/2018 - Photos show the explosive, violent tension between Spain and Catalonia’s separatists right now

3/24/2018 - The Cambridge Analytica scandal is raising uncomfortable questions about the Brexit vote

3/24/2018 - The world’s biggest IPO might be limited to its 25th-largest stock exchange

3/24/2018 - Theranos and Zenefits are a feature, not a bug, of Silicon Valley

3/24/2018 - Trump issues a formal ban on transgender people serving in the military

3/24/2018 - The father of Ethiopian jazz is always moving—and it keeps his music evolving

3/24/2018 - Obesity is killing off people’s taste buds, and now scientists can explain why

3/24/2018 - A spectacularly foreboding light show calls for UN leaders to act on rising sea levels

3/24/2018 - The French police officer, who swapped himself for a hostage in the latest terror attack, has died

3/24/2018 - Crate-digging millennials are seeking out classic East African music at Nairobi’s vinyl master

3/24/2018 - Scientists who want to study psychedelic mushrooms have to pay $7,000 per gram

3/24/2018 - Watch this: “The Terror,” a deliciously brutal fusion of history and horror

3/24/2018 - Weekend edition—Facebook’s challenge, PwC’s millennial rebellion, killer eyewear

3/24/2018 - Pillows

3/24/2018 - Weekend edition—Facebook’s challenge, PwC’s millennial rebellion, killer eyewear

3/24/2018 - Weekend edition—Facebook’s challenge, PwC’s millennial rebellion, killer eyewear

3/23/2018 - Hours ahead of a student protest, Trump rushes out a bump stock ban

3/23/2018 - Weekend edition—Facebook’s challenge, PwC’s millennial rebellion, killer eyewear

3/23/2018 - Everything you need to know about the March for Our Lives protest this weekend

3/23/2018 - Trump may have just kissed his best chance for a “big, beautiful” border wall goodbye

3/23/2018 - Pillows

3/23/2018 - Streaming is saving the music industry—but still barely making money

3/23/2018 - Five-minute cosmetic surgery is a thing you can now do on your lunch break

3/23/2018 - Oxford Analytica wants to be very clear—it has nothing to do with that other company everyone is talking about

3/23/2018 - Everyone should take the climate change class a federal judge just held in his courtroom

3/23/2018 - Nike is trying to become the next great direct-to-consumer brand

3/23/2018 - Elon Musk just removed Tesla and SpaceX from Facebook

3/23/2018 - Steve Jobs tried to warn Mark Zuckerberg about privacy in 2010

3/23/2018 - Quitting Facebook

3/23/2018 - Quitting Facebook

3/23/2018 - John Bolton’s obsession with one word is a hint of what America’s in for

3/23/2018 - Quartzy: the scented edition

3/23/2018 - Quartzy: the scented edition

3/23/2018 - You are now invited to hack Netflix (sort of)

3/23/2018 - Uber strike in India, more Facebook fallout, secret billionaire philanthropy

3/23/2018 - Europe’s black population has increased by at least a million over the last decade

3/23/2018 - The number of asylum applications in Europe dropped by nearly half last year

3/23/2018 - A study found a link between genetics and divorce. Should we believe it?

3/23/2018 - What to expect at Apple’s education event

3/23/2018 - China’s censorship body keeps ruining fun on the internet

3/23/2018 - The Stanford economist who won the latest “Baby Nobel” explains the biggest flaws in anti-free trade arguments

3/23/2018 - Here’s who really benefits from Donald Trump’s trade negotiations

3/23/2018 - This pocket projector is the perfect companion for jet setters

3/23/2018 - For the first time in nearly a decade, rich people invested more in art than wine

3/23/2018 - The road to Alzheimer’s disease is lined with processed foods

3/23/2018 - Trade war begins, Dropbox debut, spicy cryptocurrency

3/23/2018 - The new US spending bill funds a tiny bit of border wall—but creates up to 60,000 new visas

3/23/2018 - Quitting Facebook

3/23/2018 - A photo series asks who India’s booming cities are really made for

3/23/2018 - A deadline to speak English would betray Britain’s long history of multilingualism

3/23/2018 - Over 300,000 rats were killed in an Indian government office. Now, a scam brews

3/23/2018 - Thousands of qualified people can’t get UK citizenship—because they can’t afford it

3/23/2018 - Fasten your seat belts. The Air India sale is now ready for take-off

3/23/2018 - Kenya has legalized the commercial and private use of drones

3/23/2018 - The hypocrisy of Hong Kong’s status as an arts hub

3/23/2018 - Indian stocks plunge after Trump triggers trade war with China

3/23/2018 - Trade wars begin, McMaster steps down, “ashtray of Europe”

3/23/2018 - Trade wars begin, McMaster steps down, “ashtray of Europe”

3/23/2018 - Bengaluru is slipping further down the global startup hub rankings

3/23/2018 - India’s e-commerce market is exploding—and how

3/23/2018 - This is the start of the US-China trade war

3/22/2018 - Donald Trump picks pro-war John Bolton as his new national security advisor

3/22/2018 - US stocks are dangerously close to the bad old days

3/22/2018 - Metal tariffs begin, more US tariffs announced, cryptopeppers

3/22/2018 - Should you delete Facebook?

3/22/2018 - Don’t panic, but there’s a good chance you’ve got a little cocaine on you

3/22/2018 - Quitting Facebook

3/22/2018 - Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs will now exempt most of US imports

3/22/2018 - Smart investors are now collecting design rather than art

3/22/2018 - Facebook is a mess, but some users can’t afford to delete their accounts

3/22/2018 - Inside Jeff Bezos’ private conference for a new “golden age”

3/22/2018 - Women shouldn’t have to feel bad about competing with each other

3/22/2018 - Trump’s new China tariffs protect US intellectual property—but hobble innovation

3/22/2018 - The UK’s post-Brexit passport reportedly will be an EU import

3/22/2018 - Six of the ten fastest-growing US counties are in Texas

3/22/2018 - Facebook might be a mess, but at least Instagram is listening to its users

3/22/2018 - Watch out, Mueller—Trump just fired the main peacemaker between himself and the Russia probe

3/22/2018 - Lawmakers reject Trump’s bid to gut the US environmental agency with no cuts to EPA funding

3/22/2018 - Watch RBG work out while ignoring Stephen Colbert

3/22/2018 - Business cards

3/22/2018 - Business cards

3/22/2018 - YouTube is banning videos designed to sell guns

3/22/2018 - Photos: What happens when your bike share service goes out of business

3/22/2018 - The first woman to earn a chemistry PhD in Japan traced the global reach of nuclear fallout

3/22/2018 - Facebook’s quiet battle to kill the first transparency law for online political ads

3/22/2018 - On the Westminster and Brussels attacks anniversary, the EU spotlights three catalysts for radicalization

3/22/2018 - We underestimated the size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch—by 16 times

3/22/2018 - One of Africa’s most promising cities has a trash problem

3/22/2018 - The NRA boycotts force companies to walk a precarious tightrope

3/22/2018 - Africa’s hope for a historic continental free trade area is off to a shaky start

3/22/2018 - With Facebook distracted, Google is going on the offensive

3/22/2018 - A Nobel-winning economist is part of a team launching a low-volatility cryptocurrency

3/22/2018 - A guide to Fortnite Battle Royale, the video game taking over the world

3/22/2018 - California has a plan to police Facebook

3/22/2018 - Explore all $506 billion in goods that the US imported from China in 2017

3/22/2018 - New data clearly illustrate the poverty-to-prison pipeline

3/22/2018 - Omnisexual, gynosexual, demisexual: What’s behind the surge in sexual identities?

3/22/2018 - Americans don’t need more money to be happier—they need to be like Denmark

3/22/2018 - Trump’s China crackdown, Zuckerberg is “really sorry,” Olympic condoms

3/22/2018 - How a Bollywood track ended up in Apple’s latest commercial

3/22/2018 - Business cards

3/22/2018 - The number of new coal plants worldwide is shrinking, but not nearly fast enough

3/22/2018 - Facebook’s complicated relationship with Indian politicians

3/22/2018 - Middle-aged men in South Korea are particularly at risk of dying alone

3/22/2018 - How Winston Churchill stole from India for Britain’s war

3/22/2018 - London’s mayor is assembling plans to make the city the next big AI hub

3/22/2018 - There’s a 25% chance India will hold early general elections

3/22/2018 - EU summit, Zuckerberg resurfaces, Icelandic lore

3/22/2018 - EU summit, Zuckerberg resurfaces, Icelandic lore

3/22/2018 - Cambridge Analytica tried to sway Nigeria’s last elections with Buhari’s hacked emails

3/22/2018 - A little-known Chinese firm funds 50% of India’s sports sponsorship

3/22/2018 - India Inc is now willing to pay more to fix its gender diversity problem

3/22/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook should (maybe) be regulated

3/21/2018 - Sheryl Sandberg wants you to know she regrets Cambridge Analytica

3/21/2018 - Read Mark Zuckerberg’s full Facebook statement on Cambridge Analytica

3/21/2018 - Fed rate hike, Zuckerberg resurfaces, Icelandic lore

3/21/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg’s scandal response is doomed, because Facebook is about feelings

3/21/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg finally speaks out on Cambridge Analytica, forgets to apologize

3/21/2018 - Jerome Powell’s unusual quest at the Fed: define what’s “normal” for the US

3/21/2018 - Business cards

3/21/2018 - A small trial for a male birth control pill was successful—if you’re okay with serious sexual side effects

3/21/2018 - What researchers learned about hope in a place where everyone is shockingly optimistic

3/21/2018 - Uber’s need for self-driving cars before running out of money may endanger the entire industry

3/21/2018 - Some traders see Facebook’s crisis as an opportunity to buy on the cheap

3/21/2018 - Instead of asking tourists to ignore the hurricane, Puerto Rico invited them to help rebuild

3/21/2018 - America messed up the idea of free trade

3/21/2018 - McNamee on Facebook: “They’re going to drive this thing into the ground”

3/21/2018 - Merkel insists Islam is part of Germany in the first speech of her new term

3/21/2018 - Forget Mercury in retrograde—it’s Saturn in Capricorn that’s really powerful

3/21/2018 - How to get your photos off Facebook and delete your account

3/21/2018 - The iPhone alone accounts for $15.7 billion of the US trade deficit with China

3/21/2018 - What we know so far about the Austin bomber

3/21/2018 - The most successful people in the world aren’t masters

3/21/2018 - Unhappy politicians in Kosovo tear-gassed their own parliament

3/21/2018 - Sierra Leone’s electoral commission is pushing back on reports that blockchain powered its election

3/21/2018 - If Cambridge Analytica is so smart, why isn’t Ted Cruz president?

3/21/2018 - Travis Kalanick has a new gig

3/21/2018 - NASA is handing a free rocket test facility to 17 people and a 3D printer

3/21/2018 - All the URLs you need to block to *actually* stop using Facebook

3/21/2018 - URGENT: Plan to save Mark Zuckerberg’s 2020 presidential campaign

3/21/2018 - Kava

3/21/2018 - Kava

3/21/2018 - All the different ways Facebook is in trouble with governments across the world

3/21/2018 - Amazon is even more valuable than Alphabet now

3/21/2018 - The world’s largest octopus species is best suited to urban living

3/21/2018 - Stunning NASA images show the violent beauty of newly formed stars

3/21/2018 - I’m a Russian scientist living in America. Why can’t people see past my citizenship?

3/21/2018 - Can you work yourself to death?

3/21/2018 - Africa’s newest startup hubs are expanding beyond its legacy tech markets

3/21/2018 - A big bank has “quarantined” Facebook’s scandal-plagued stock

3/21/2018 - The insane list of people The Weinstein Company owes money to

3/21/2018 - Why I invite all 900 of my employees to board meetings

3/21/2018 - “Black Panther” is now the highest grossing film ever in East, West and southern Africa

3/21/2018 - Did Facebook violate its FTC agreement? Here’s what investigators will ask

3/21/2018 - Pantries have become the home’s newest status symbol

3/21/2018 - The Austin bombing suspect is dead after blowing himself up in his car

3/21/2018 - One WhatsApp founder says you should delete Facebook. The other uses it to share pro-Trump stories

3/21/2018 - NASA data processed by citizen scientists show stunning pink storms on Jupiter

3/21/2018 - In Europe, 14 people die each day from unsafe water, sanitation, and poor hygiene

3/21/2018 - American “exceptionalism” is holding America back from greatness

3/21/2018 - We can’t engineer our way out of an impending water scarcity epidemic

3/21/2018 - Vienna is the city with the best quality of life in the world for expats

3/21/2018 - Fed’s rate decision, more Facebook fallout, Schroederization

3/21/2018 - The robots really are taking over—but only because there aren’t enough workers

3/21/2018 - Ditch the theater of consensus decision-making with this easy checklist

3/21/2018 - The global quest to eliminate tuberculosis by 2030 hinges on India’s success

3/21/2018 - Kava

3/21/2018 - Africa’s art scene may be booming, but it’s still a blip on the global market

3/21/2018 - Egypt has suspended the operating licenses of Uber and its rival Careem

3/21/2018 - Uber says its drivers in India earn more than some engineers at Infosys

3/21/2018 - Employees get screwed by expense reports—but women much more than men

3/21/2018 - “Wait for me, I’ll come back”: Recalling the massacre of 39 Indians by ISIL

3/21/2018 - Nine ways in which the PNB scam will affect India’s economy

3/21/2018 - Facebook fallout, Fed decision, Schroederization

3/21/2018 - Facebook fallout, Fed decision, Schroederization

3/21/2018 - Trump administration targets H-1B visas—again

3/21/2018 - One of the men who got rich selling WhatsApp to Facebook wants people to #deletefacebook

3/21/2018 - People don’t want to get married in South Korea anymore

3/21/2018 - Amid the H-1B trauma, a bill proposes bringing Indian call-centre jobs back to the US

3/20/2018 - Facebook fallout, Maryland school shooting, K-pop diplomacy

3/20/2018 - Cambridge Analytica boasted that it ran the entire Trump campaign

3/20/2018 - Scientists figured out how to make an IPA without the hops

3/20/2018 - Facebook’s value destruct-o-meter: $50 billion and counting

3/20/2018 - Facebook picked mid-level staffers to face angry US lawmakers over Cambridge Analytica

3/20/2018 - Carnage followed the first automobile. How many deaths will we accept from self-driving cars?

3/20/2018 - Despite Uber’s fatality, most carmakers are carrying on with self-driving tests

3/20/2018 - A teen hacker exposed a hole in one of the crypto world’s most secure wallets

3/20/2018 - Kava

3/20/2018 - Maybe Mark Zuckerberg shouldn’t have blown off his mentor

3/20/2018 - How Facebook can really fix itself

3/20/2018 - How to prevent human bias from infecting AI

3/20/2018 - The ultimate traveler status symbol is dented, scuffed aluminum luggage

3/20/2018 - Facebook and Cambridge Analytica worked side by side at a Trump campaign office in San Antonio

3/20/2018 - As a younger CEO, Mark Zuckerberg actually apologized when things got this bad

3/20/2018 - Trump’s efforts to protect American brands will be a disaster, say American brands

3/20/2018 - The #DeleteFacebook movement is the perfect opportunity to get happier

3/20/2018 - Where in the world is Mark Zuckerberg?

3/20/2018 - Tree rings, a famous poem, and lots of lava help explain why Iceland abandoned paganism

3/20/2018 - Read the UK parliament’s snarky letter requesting Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony

3/20/2018 - Why is Facebook failing to follow the basic rules of crisis management?

3/20/2018 - The richest tech CEOs lost $12 billion on Facebook’s fall from grace

3/20/2018 - Should I acknowledge my weaknesses with my boss?

3/20/2018 - Random stow

3/20/2018 - Random stow

3/20/2018 - The US government said no. Swarm Technologies launched its satellites anyway

3/20/2018 - Why the founding fathers wanted Americans to be farmers

3/20/2018 - Before we solve the world’s problems, we need to connect it to the internet

3/20/2018 - Sylvia Plath’s cookbooks, typewriter, and expired library card will be auctioned off

3/20/2018 - Here’s how to check which apps have access to your Facebook account—and delete them

3/20/2018 - When Trump calls for the death penalty to drug dealers, does he mean Big Pharma?

3/20/2018 - Psychologists tested whether sniffing a romantic partner’s shirt while on a business trip helps relieve stress

3/20/2018 - The legendary Ritz Paris hotel is auctioning off 10,000 objects and antiques

3/20/2018 - After faces, China is moving quickly to identify people by their voices

3/20/2018 - Ford made a suit that mimics the effects of driving with a hangover—and the results aren’t pretty

3/20/2018 - Fifteen years later, photos of the US invasion of Iraq offer a rare lens on war

3/20/2018 - A huge new Stanford and Harvard study proves that US inequality isn’t just about class

3/20/2018 - Australia’s call to rescue white South Africans from “persecution” has a long, racist history

3/20/2018 - Porsche’s Mission E is charging up to give Tesla some sporty competition

3/20/2018 - All the exceedingly normal things that women in Saudi Arabia are allowed to do now

3/20/2018 - From poverty to CEO of a $47 billion company: How Arnold Donald did it

3/20/2018 - The death of the last male northern white rhino leaves scientists scrambling to save endangered species

3/20/2018 - A new film captures one black immigrant’s powerful attempt to make London feel like home

3/20/2018 - Why aren’t there more coworking spaces with childcare?

3/20/2018 - PWC’s millennial employees led a rebellion—and their demands are being met

3/20/2018 - What’s the best way to talk about gun violence with kids?

3/20/2018 - Saudis in Washington, Sarkozy detained, chessbrahs

3/20/2018 - Apps will never replace the brick-and-mortar experience necessary for beauty

3/20/2018 - What can politicians learn from tracking your psychology? Pretty much everything

3/20/2018 - Putin’s relationship with Germany’s ex-leader has created a new word for corruption

3/20/2018 - “We’d stage the whole thing”: Cambridge Analytica was filmed boasting of its role in Kenya’s polls

3/20/2018 - Random stow

3/20/2018 - Why Cambridge Analytica was eager to play in the world’s largest democracy

3/20/2018 - Apple and Amazon are talking a lot less about India than they used to

3/20/2018 - African governments are withholding millions of dollars meant to increase internet access

3/20/2018 - A new crop of Kashmiri militants is fighting in the name of religion—not politics

3/20/2018 - India’s banking system is imploding—and those responsible are busy bickering

3/20/2018 - Google is making good on its promise to bet more on African startups and developers

3/20/2018 - Saudi visit, Facebook meltdown, Chessbrahs

3/20/2018 - There’s a crucial link between better road networks and international trade for African countries

3/20/2018 - Saudi visit, Facebook meltdown, Chessbrahs

3/20/2018 - It’s official: The Weinstein Company has filed for bankruptcy

3/19/2018 - A breakaway sect of 11 million Shiva worshippers is now an official religion in India

3/19/2018 - Facebook security head Alex Stamos is reportedly leaving the company

3/19/2018 - The women of Nike just gave the world a lesson in the power of rank-and-file employees

3/19/2018 - Explore an ancient Japanese artificial cavern in 360

3/19/2018 - Cambridge Analytica execs were filmed bragging about election tactics involving bribery and Ukrainian sex workers

3/19/2018 - Explore in 360: How heritage sites are being digitally archived

3/19/2018 - Random stow

3/19/2018 - The latest: What we know about the Austin bombings

3/19/2018 - The wild-eyed genius of Kate McKinnon’s political satire

3/19/2018 - Google and Facebook are losing their locks on digital advertising

3/19/2018 - A self-driving Uber just killed a pedestrian

3/19/2018 - Trump is creating a toxic work environment at the US’s largest employer

3/19/2018 - The backlash against Facebook has destroyed $40 billion in market value in a matter of hours

3/19/2018 - One statement business leaders should make to prevent sexual harassment

3/19/2018 - The best ideas come from misfits

3/19/2018 - A white man created a fake black digital supermodel. Is this flattery or offense?

3/19/2018 - Facebook’s stock price is plummeting following the Cambridge Analytica disaster

3/19/2018 - A John Oliver spoof of the Pence family’s new children’s book is an instant Amazon bestseller

3/19/2018 - A shakeup is taking place at the brand that convinced men to wear skinny jeans

3/19/2018 - One airline is cracking down on the bad behavior of its most loyal passengers

3/19/2018 - Google is using its dominance in search to hit Amazon where it hurts

3/19/2018 - The British pound jumped on news that Brexit just got a little further away

3/19/2018 - Feeling guilty? That could be a good thing

3/19/2018 - Westin’s ambitious plan to turn old hotel sheets into kiddie pajamas

3/19/2018 - Sudan’s big business is lobbying the Trump administration to help attract foreign dollars 

3/19/2018 - The company aiming to create a long term-focused stock exchange has applied to handle IPOs

3/19/2018 - Magic Johnson is such a perfectionist that he’d crush his own mom in basketball. Would you?

3/19/2018 - Ethiopia’s political crisis is now spilling over into Kenya’s borders

3/19/2018 - Black Panther’s Dora Milaje are getting their own comic series written by Nnedi Okorafor

3/19/2018 - This WALK-MAN robot can go places too dangerous for humans

3/19/2018 - A country of yes men: No one says no to Xi Jinping anymore

3/19/2018 - What you learn about entrepreneurship when you read “Teen Boss” magazine

3/19/2018 - Hindu priests are burning 50 metric tons of wood to fight pollution

3/19/2018 - G20 kicks off, Putin’s landslide, Edison’s “bug”

3/19/2018 - Alibaba is doubling down on Southeast Asia as its rivals, including Amazon, are moving in

3/19/2018 - Over half a million children in India are smoking cigarettes everyday

3/19/2018 - Even a $3.2 billion splurge may not be enough to fix India’s clogged airports

3/19/2018 - All of Xi’s men: The names you need to know in China’s government reshuffle

3/19/2018 - A historian explains why India’s “national culture” is both Hindu and Muslim

3/19/2018 - North Korea talks, Putin wins, Edison’s “bug”

3/19/2018 - North Korea talks, Putin wins, Edison’s “bug”

3/19/2018 - “We want to listen to you”: Austin hit by fourth explosion after police make appeal to bomber

3/19/2018 - The rise of Hinglish and Hindi on YouTube reflects how Indians are coming online

3/19/2018 - They were sold a fantasy of middle-class life. Now Ola and Uber drivers face a brutal reality

3/18/2018 - Vladimir Putin easily won a fourth term in office, with multiple irregularities reported

3/18/2018 - North Korea talks, Putin wins, Facebook’s data breach

3/18/2018 - The data expert who exposed Facebook’s breach has been suspended by Facebook

3/18/2018 - The foremost legal mind on sexual harassment didn’t get tenure for more than a decade

3/18/2018 - The assassination of a black human rights activist in Brazil has created a global icon

3/18/2018 - A Kenyan mother, two disappearing Indian businessmen, and the battery factory that poisoned a village

3/18/2018 - America, get ready for a flood of seniors on the road

3/18/2018 - Nearly 20% of women inmates in Japan’s prisons are seniors

3/18/2018 - The US and North Korea are meeting in Finland

3/18/2018 - From Seoul to Sydney, how much a wine and cigarette habit costs you

3/18/2018 - The US Supreme Court’s funniest cases are the ones you never hear about

3/18/2018 - Your best opportunity to get better at your job is one of the easiest to miss

3/18/2018 - “Help! I think I married a narcissist”

3/18/2018 - Kinshasa’s markets, Kenya’s solar flickers, Africa’s hidden opioid crisis

3/18/2018 - The story behind the racist responses to “Black Panther” in China

3/18/2018 - Steven Soderbergh’s “Unsane” updates the pulpy thriller for the #MeToo era

3/17/2018 - African leaders are pressing Europe to follow China’s lead by ending ivory trade

3/17/2018 - Why FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe got fired

3/17/2018 - American support for authoritarian rule has dropped for the first time in 23 years

3/17/2018 - Strongmen like Putin and Xi might seem all powerful—but they make their countries weaker

3/17/2018 - Confirmed: Trump Organization did negotiate with a sanctioned Russian bank in 2016

3/17/2018 - El Paquete

3/17/2018 - El Paquete

3/17/2018 - Facebook knew Cambridge Analytica was misusing users’ data three years ago and only banned the company this week

3/17/2018 - Scientists discovered a lost stone kingdom in southern Africa using laser technology

3/17/2018 - Photos: The evolution of Putin after almost two decades in power

3/17/2018 - Russia’s election is so predictable we already know many of the numbers

3/17/2018 - One of UK’s biggest banks is going digital in Africa for a share of the mobile money market

3/17/2018 - A five point guide to spring cleaning for mental clarity

3/17/2018 - If you judged the state of tech by what happens at tech conferences, you’d be very worried

3/17/2018 - Graphic designers are planning 100 birthday parties for typography idol Herb Lubalin

3/17/2018 - The hottest trend in AI is perfect for creating fake media

3/17/2018 - When will black people finally get their #metoo moment?

3/17/2018 - The person who’s best at lying to you is you

3/17/2018 - HR McMaster and Donald Trump: a partnership that was never meant to be

3/17/2018 - When women sit in a circle, something extraordinary happens

3/17/2018 - We talked to slime mold about philosophy (through a human interpreter)

3/17/2018 - Weekend edition—The strongman playbook, fixing Reddit, we ❤️ seltzer

3/17/2018 - El Paquete

3/17/2018 - Weekend edition—The strongman playbook, fixing Reddit, we ❤️ seltzer

3/17/2018 - Weekend edition—The strongman playbook, fixing Reddit, we ❤️ seltzer

3/16/2018 - Weekend edition—The strongman playbook, fixing Reddit, we ❤️ seltzer

3/16/2018 - There’s a stunning celestial phenomenon that’s officially named “Steve”

3/16/2018 - El Paquete

3/16/2018 - Goldman is making its huge UK gender pay gap worse with how it awards bonuses

3/16/2018 - H&M made a big mistake going after a graffiti artist

3/16/2018 - Don’t even think of using the Girl Scout cookie name without their permission

3/16/2018 - Why are we so obsessed with seltzer?

3/16/2018 - Critics recognize the diverse cast of “Black Panther”—but AI can’t recognize their faces

3/16/2018 - Developed countries are getting Facebook Lite, because access to technology is unequal

3/16/2018 - Shipping containers

3/16/2018 - Shipping containers

3/16/2018 - The father of modern philanthropy was a millionaire who lived like a stingy pauper

3/16/2018 - The Nazis fooled the world for 16 days in 1936—and we’re allowing it to happen again

3/16/2018 - L’Oréal just bought a beauty AI company

3/16/2018 - Jacob Zuma will finally stand trial for charges he has dodged for nearly two decades

3/16/2018 - Trump wants the death penalty for opioid dealers. Experts say that won’t help

3/16/2018 - Why family businesses have a higher percentage of women leaders

3/16/2018 - Quartzy: the circle up edition

3/16/2018 - Biggest ever ICO, fast food turnover, Google blocked billions of bad ads

3/16/2018 - Quartzy: the circle up edition

3/16/2018 - AI gave Stephen Hawking a voice—and he used it to warn us against AI

3/16/2018 - Nike’s No. 2 is out as the company addresses complaints of inappropriate workplace behavior

3/16/2018 - What to do when your boss is a terrible manager

3/16/2018 - Apple’s next product launch will take place at a public school in Chicago

3/16/2018 - The history of US protectionism, in one 230-year chart

3/16/2018 - Fend off annoying co-workers on Slack with a conversation “raccoon”

3/16/2018 - The difference between a snafu, a shitshow, and a clusterfuck

3/16/2018 - A guide to credit card and airline points for complete and total beginners

3/16/2018 - Diagnosing mental health as routinely as blood work could revolutionize treatment

3/16/2018 - These are the people making worlds like “Westworld” and “Ready Player One” real

3/16/2018 - Tiger Brands’ “old playbook of PR distraction” was no match for South Africans on Twitter

3/16/2018 - This St. Patrick’s Day, eat like the Irish: salt-crusted salmon and kale

3/16/2018 - Amazon has a secret way of judging the success of its TV shows

3/16/2018 - Tasmania just gave Australia its first female-majority parliamentary state assembly

3/16/2018 - Peter Thiel still supports Trump, hints at a bitcoin bubble, and teases a conservative media network

3/16/2018 - Lana Awad is engineering the neuro-tech that will transform humanity

3/16/2018 - A new report claims Donald Trump’s NYC properties have lost their luxury status

3/16/2018 - The peculiarities of the US financial system make it ideal for money laundering

3/16/2018 - Russia’s election, virtual makeup, scattered diamonds

3/16/2018 - Shipping containers

3/16/2018 - IndiGo’s grounded planes may be costing it thousands of dollars daily

3/16/2018 - Trump’s new economic adviser has a way to contain China—and it’s a plan Trump’s already abandoned

3/16/2018 - An abstract artist’s new work explores the unsettling relationship between technology and black identity

3/16/2018 - Fintech startups are pushing to bring Nigeria’s “side hustle” economy online

3/16/2018 - Israel has halted a plan to expel African migrants—for now

3/16/2018 - Siachen in 1930, long before it became the world’s highest battlefield

3/16/2018 - From fake boyfriends to killing everyone: What China’s women want from video games

3/16/2018 - There’s an opioid abuse problem unfolding in African cities and it’s not getting the attention it needs

3/16/2018 - India’s consumer goods firms need good monsoons, not more Modi rallies

3/16/2018 - Russia’s election, bridge collapse, scattered diamonds

3/16/2018 - Russia’s election, bridge collapse, scattered diamonds

3/16/2018 - What robots? India’s still far from being an automation nation

3/16/2018 - India’s deep class divides extend to how its youth use the internet

3/15/2018 - Not just lunch and dinner, Indians are ordering in all day and all night

3/15/2018 - US utilities have finally realized electric cars may save them

3/15/2018 - Should I even write this? A reflection on Trump, Trudeau, and trade

3/15/2018 - Russia’s presidential election, new US sanctions, scattered diamonds

3/15/2018 - A Miami bridge has had a deadly collapse. It just went up five days ago

3/15/2018 - Allbirds, maker of Silicon Valley’s “it” sneakers, is now making shoes from trees

3/15/2018 - Shipping containers

3/15/2018 - If you go into space for a long time, you come back a genetically different person

3/15/2018 - The Vatican doctored a photo that showed Pope Benedict didn’t read books on Francis

3/15/2018 - Several beauty products contain baby foreskin cells, urine, or snail extract

3/15/2018 - The regulators of the Flint water crisis are embroiled in a new scandal

3/15/2018 - This is the real story of American retail

3/15/2018 - Emails allegedly show the White House planned a purge of the State Department

3/15/2018 - The FDA wants to reduce the nicotine in cigarettes to “non-addictive levels”

3/15/2018 - Is Atticus Finch too good to be true? A new legal dispute debates his character

3/15/2018 - America is exercising more, but that’s not slowing down the rising obesity rate

3/15/2018 - The biggest gender pay gap yet for a UK bank has been reported by HSBC

3/15/2018 - Australia’s offer to fast track visas for “persecuted” white farmers is slammed by South Africa

3/15/2018 - Why are people still using so much cash?

3/15/2018 - “Eighth Grade” will make you nostalgic about those cringeworthy middle school years

3/15/2018 - “I can use violence against you”: Cambodia’s leader warns protesters ahead of Australia visit

3/15/2018 - Stephen Hawking

3/15/2018 - Stephen Hawking

3/15/2018 - “I will never be the same”: A breakthrough in treating Huntington’s disease

3/15/2018 - Carbon emissions in the UK have fallen below 1891 levels

3/15/2018 - Justin Trudeau politely corrected Trump on trade, says Trump himself

3/15/2018 - The global leader in pay-as-you-go solar power is downsizing to stay profitable

3/15/2018 - What Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos did wrong, according to the SEC

3/15/2018 - Jack Dorsey is betting that bitcoin still has a future as digital cash

3/15/2018 - SpaceX wins lucrative new contracts to fly GPS and earth-imaging satellites

3/15/2018 - Harley Davidson’s 100-year history is a case study in the marketing of the American maverick

3/15/2018 - AI is already learning how to discriminate

3/15/2018 - Yale neuroscientists debunked the idea that anyone is “normal”

3/15/2018 - Finding childcare for work travel is hard, but better options are within our reach

3/15/2018 - Before Americans turned to Buddhism for life hacks, they treated it like a dangerous cult

3/15/2018 - Digital detoxing is the tech equivalent of a juice cleanse—and neither of them work

3/15/2018 - The #MeToo movement needs backlash. It’s the only way it will survive

3/15/2018 - The National Museum of Scotland is putting its entire collection online

3/15/2018 - The beauty company that’s turning the Avon sales rep into an activist

3/15/2018 - Every question that investors—not music lovers—must ask of Spotify

3/15/2018 - Adobe earnings, EU “digital tax” plan, space genes

3/15/2018 - Researchers solved the mystery behind lead poisoning in endangered African vultures

3/15/2018 - Stephen Hawking

3/15/2018 - China’s top-grossing documentary of all time is about how great Xi Jinping is

3/15/2018 - The WWF warns the Amazon could lose half its wildlife by the end of the century

3/15/2018 - The German parliament is split over a Nazi-era abortion law that punishes doctors

3/15/2018 - If you want to stay successful, learn to think like Leonardo da Vinci

3/15/2018 - Why a BJP win in 2019 is not a given anymore

3/15/2018 - Ghana’s Windows blackboard teacher and his students have a rewarding outcome

3/15/2018 - An Indian’s journey from reading A Brief History of Time to having lunch with colleague Stephen Hawking

3/15/2018 - The Indian physicist who contested Stephen Hawking’s theory about black holes

3/15/2018 - Unilever HQ decision, US student walkout, brain uploads

3/15/2018 - Amazon’s global shoppers just can’t get enough of made-in-India products

3/15/2018 - Unilever HQ decision, US student walkout, brain uploads

3/15/2018 - There’s an unsaid caste system in Indian startups—ask those who didn’t go to an IIT

3/14/2018 - Thanks to Brexit, London is actually getting cheaper for some residents

3/14/2018 - Singapore is the most expensive place to live in the world

3/14/2018 - Theranos fraud charge, May expels Russian diplomats, brain uploads

3/14/2018 - Stephen Hawking was famous for studying space—but he cared even more about life on Earth

3/14/2018 - Why I’m helping people fight their biases

3/14/2018 - Stephen Hawking’s moving argument that human evolution has gone far beyond biology

3/14/2018 - Good economic times have clouded Larry Kudlow’s vision about the bad

3/14/2018 - Stephen Hawking

3/14/2018 - The easiest ways to upgrade your pie game

3/14/2018 - Madison Square Garden has been secretly scanning fans with facial recognition

3/14/2018 - Herman Miller’s new Aeron chair is an office spy, collecting data on your every move

3/14/2018 - California is fighting to keep Indian housewives out of America’s “Golden Cage”

3/14/2018 - SEC accuses Theranos and CEO Holmes of “massive fraud” while warning Silicon Valley startups

3/14/2018 - Flying cameras have found a sense of belonging at oil and gas facilities

3/14/2018 - Flying cameras have found a sense of belonging at oil and gas facilities

3/14/2018 - For oil and gas companies, drones offer safe, cost-saving inspection

3/14/2018 - For oil and gas companies, drones offer safe, cost-saving inspection

3/14/2018 - Flying cameras have found a sense of belonging at oil and gas facilities

3/14/2018 - For oil and gas companies, drones offer safe, cost-saving inspection

3/14/2018 - A brief history of Stephen Hawking’s pop culture cameos

3/14/2018 - United’s public image can’t get any lower—but will it actually lose customers?

3/14/2018 - All the Westworld clues we uncovered at SXSW in 2018

3/14/2018 - AI gave Stephen Hawking the ability to communicate, despite his fears of the tech

3/14/2018 - Facebook is banning far-right party Britain First for peddling bigotry

3/14/2018 - Like Apple, Samsung is going to source cobalt directly from DR Congo

3/14/2018 - Kale

3/14/2018 - Kale

3/14/2018 - A new kind of Rotten Tomatoes is launching for female critics only

3/14/2018 - “I’m raising a good human”: Proud parents and teachers are cheering a nationwide school walkout

3/14/2018 - A rambling tip to the FBI perfectly explains why “the media” matters

3/14/2018 - Can an AI-powered bot help parents raise better humans?

3/14/2018 - Smoking has risen 50% in Africa over 35 years even as it drops in high-income regions

3/14/2018 - Trump’s right: The US should talk about a Space Force

3/14/2018 - The science of intuition can help you understand how to use it

3/14/2018 - Ads for cryptocurrencies are no longer welcome on Google

3/14/2018 - Adidas designed the silhouette of its latest shoe with Instagram in mind

3/14/2018 - The UK is expelling 23 alleged Russian spies

3/14/2018 - Republicans spent more than $105 a vote in Pennsylvania’s special election

3/14/2018 - Why the typical performance review Is overwhelmingly biased

3/14/2018 - How to name a cryptocurrency

3/14/2018 - Spotify’s IPO is to be avoided at all costs

3/14/2018 - Corporate corruption is everywhere. Can data catch the criminals? 

3/14/2018 - Stephen Hawking, one of the world’s greatest minds, was an inspiration for atheists

3/14/2018 - Data from Texas show that US-born Americans commit more rape and murder than immigrants

3/14/2018 - China is trying to rein in its vessels illegally depleting fish stocks in West Africa

3/14/2018 - New York is exporting its most eye catching product: Luxury apartment towers

3/14/2018 - China just got one step closer to ending its family-planning policies

3/14/2018 - Your sunscreen is toxic to the environment. A newly engineered bacteria could change that.

3/14/2018 - UK-Russia standoff, Stephen Hawking dies, Belgian beer scalpers

3/14/2018 - Pi is the key to a beautiful, impossible formula that shows math is scarily perfect

3/14/2018 - Kale

3/14/2018 - I gave up my IBM job to become an organic farmer—and learned a bitter truth

3/14/2018 - Google Maps has found a better way to navigate India’s chaotic roads

3/14/2018 - “Falsify” might already be the winner for Japan’s word of the year in 2018

3/14/2018 - The epic eye roll that exposed the sham of China’s biggest political gathering

3/14/2018 - Vehicle sales hint at a reviving Indian economy—or not

3/14/2018 - “Indians are so good at math and physics”: When Stephen Hawking came to India

3/14/2018 - Stephen Hawking dies, May’s Russia reprisals, papal TV vow

3/14/2018 - The Indian government’s payments gateway is a mobile wallet-killer

3/14/2018 - Crypto exchange Coinbase is a planning a London hiring spree

3/14/2018 - India’s banking clean-up act is going to hurt its foreign trade

3/14/2018 - YouTube is turning to Wikipedia to help it fight conspiracy theories

3/14/2018 - Stephen Hawking has died

3/14/2018 - Stephen Hawking dies, May’s Russia reprisals, papal TV vow

3/13/2018 - Here is United Airlines’ apology for the puppy that died in an overhead bin

3/13/2018 - Lead exposure kills hundreds of thousands of adults every year in the US alone

3/13/2018 - Rex Tillerson fired, May’s Putin ultimatum, papal TV vow

3/13/2018 - What is Pi?

3/13/2018 - These photos show a decade of the immigration debate from every angle

3/13/2018 - Kale

3/13/2018 - In an emotional farewell speech, Tillerson warns Russia and snubs Trump

3/13/2018 - The CEO of the biggest Dutch bank is paid a tenth of his American counterparts, and it’s a national scandal

3/13/2018 - Chinese researchers discovered an agricultural miracle that could feed the planet without destroying it

3/13/2018 - Bose wants to augment your reality with sound, not vision

3/13/2018 - HBO will always be cooler than Netflix or Amazon, HBO explains

3/13/2018 - An ICE spokesman quit over the Trump administration’s “misleading facts”

3/13/2018 - Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo owes his political career to the Koch brothers

3/13/2018 - Students and teachers all across America are organizing school walkouts

3/13/2018 - In Myanmar, “Facebook has now turned into a beast,” UN investigators say

3/13/2018 - A Google founder’s dream of autonomous flying taxis is taking off in New Zealand

3/13/2018 - Beijing has a new 24-hour human-free robot bookstore

3/13/2018 - An Uber exec just summed up tech’s diversity problem—and solution—in 37 words

3/13/2018 - Serena Williams is entering the high-stakes, high-reward diverse beauty market

3/13/2018 - One plant has the ability to help us understand climate change

3/13/2018 - Email

3/13/2018 - Email

3/13/2018 - Trump hates telling people they’re fired—ask Rex Tillerson and James Comey

3/13/2018 - The UK “rejects the doom and gloom,” as its economy falls further behind the rest of the world

3/13/2018 - The sleepy medieval city at the heart of the Russia spy attack is a UK military hub

3/13/2018 - A new test can diagnose malaria in under two minutes—without taking blood

3/13/2018 - Why your work life is so much harder than everyone else’s

3/13/2018 - The CIA’s new nominee director Gina Haspel once ran a torture site and destroyed evidence

3/13/2018 - Trump fired America’s top diplomat during his first official visit to Africa

3/13/2018 - Letter of recommendation: Visit Japan during cherry blossom season once in your life

3/13/2018 - Is it ok to leave a bad job experience off of your resume?

3/13/2018 - Company culture doesn’t need to be “warm and fuzzy” to be effective

3/13/2018 - US secretary of state Rex Tillerson has been fired

3/13/2018 - With these patents, Apple could win the next major platform war

3/13/2018 - The “Wakanda Forever” salute has become a symbol to celebrate black excellence

3/13/2018 - What is bitcoin? A poem plucked from the headlines

3/13/2018 - Hubert de Givenchy, like many great artists, will be remembered for just one thing

3/13/2018 - Spotify just hired 160 million people to work for free

3/13/2018 - National Geographic is finally reckoning with its “racist” coverage of people of color

3/13/2018 - The March for Our Lives movement is further proof that it’s time for the old to follow the young

3/13/2018 - A movement is underway to get US companies to value their female designers

3/13/2018 - To solve the high blood pressure epidemic among black men, put pharmacists in barbershops

3/13/2018 - Pennsylvania’s special election, Broadcom deal blocked, secret flying taxis

3/13/2018 - Global investors are pouring big money into India’s solar sector

3/13/2018 - Research shows China’s war on pollution will give some people an extra five years of life

3/13/2018 - A US university is tracking students’ locations to predict future dropouts

3/13/2018 - An unauthorized satellite launch in India threatens US regulatory reform in space

3/13/2018 - Email

3/13/2018 - The world’s first blockchain-supported elections just happened in Sierra Leone

3/13/2018 - Despite the boom in K-beauty brands, Japan is still Asia’s true beauty leader

3/13/2018 - Environmental racism has left black Americans three times more likely to die from pollution

3/13/2018 - Finally, some good news from India Inc: layoffs on pause

3/13/2018 - The heartbreaking stories of Indian farmers who flooded Mumbai

3/13/2018 - Broadcom blocked, Russia accused, Bezos eats iguana

3/13/2018 - Broadcom blocked, Russia accused, Bezos eats iguana

3/13/2018 - IKEA gets a new boss in India as it prepares to open its first store here

3/13/2018 - Trump just blocked what would have been the largest tech acquisition ever—because China

3/13/2018 - India’s largest airline can’t seem to fix its Airbus A320neo fleet problem

3/13/2018 - Like in India, the Chinese are taking over Bangladesh’s phone market, too

3/12/2018 - NASA says a design error is behind the failure of a 2015 SpaceX mission

3/12/2018 - A classic Senegalese film inspired Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s latest tour announcement

3/12/2018 - May’s Russia accusation, Goldman CEO heir, Bezos eats iguana

3/12/2018 - You can now 3D-print a house in under a day

3/12/2018 - Email

3/12/2018 - US teens can stop school shootings by befriending loners, says #WalkUpNotOut

3/12/2018 - Scientology is launching its own TV channel tonight

3/12/2018 - Apple’s latest acquisition suggests its next big product might be a service

3/12/2018 - Florida researchers are bashing iguana skulls in the name of science

3/12/2018 - The contest to succeed Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein is over

3/12/2018 - A former Google engineer explains how creative freedom can turn people into entitled jerks

3/12/2018 - You can now access 400,000 free high-res images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

3/12/2018 - Trump’s border wall stunt is turning out to be useful for liberal activists

3/12/2018 - “Nailed It” is the antidote to Instagram perfection syndrome

3/12/2018 - London mayor Sadiq Khan says Facebook and Twitter need to step up efforts on online abuse

3/12/2018 - Buying a transatlantic ticket is about to get complicated—here is your guide

3/12/2018 - The Hubble Space Telescope captured two galaxies colliding

3/12/2018 - Long live Claire’s, which taught America’s preteens the art of self-expression

3/12/2018 - The accidental shade of purple that changed fashion forever

3/12/2018 - Air pollution is bad for productivity, even in office jobs

3/12/2018 - How Home Depot realized it should market to women

3/12/2018 - Here’s what a well-designed Silicon Valley sex party would look like

3/12/2018 - What your office tells you about your company’s culture

3/12/2018 - Dropbox thinks it’s worth as much as $8 billion in IPO

3/12/2018 - Mauritius’ celebrated president may lose her job over a credit card shopping spree

3/12/2018 - A plane crash in Nepal has killed at least 50 people

3/12/2018 - Astronomers may have found the best place on Earth to look into space

3/12/2018 - “Hims” is using the Goop aesthetic to sell men’s wellness

3/12/2018 - “Queer Eye” treats consumption like the antidote to toxic masculinity

3/12/2018 - The luxury online fashion market is set to more than triple by 2025

3/12/2018 - Apple shows up, Star Wars stars, and news from elsewhere

3/12/2018 - Tim Berners-Lee is fighting for the web’s future, and he wants you to join him

3/12/2018 - Netflix’s CEO thinks every country should have its own Reliance Jio

3/12/2018 - UK mulls Russian sanctions, New York helicopter crash, North Korean TV dramas

3/12/2018 - It’s time to rethink the startup accelerator model for Africa

3/12/2018 - In photos: India’s financial capital has turned into a protest venue for desperate farmers

3/12/2018 - Thomson Reuters added bitcoin sentiment to its data feeds

3/12/2018 - The ability to feel empathy—or not—is shaped by your genes

3/12/2018 - “A torture for the eyes”: Chinese moviegoers think Black Panther is just too black

3/12/2018 - India attempts to take pole position in the world’s clean-energy transformation

3/12/2018 - “Not My President”: A rare display of defiance by Chinese students to Xi Jinping’s indefinite rule

3/12/2018 - “The Abe cabinet should resign en masse”: Japan’s big political scandal just got worse

3/12/2018 - Kinshasa’s informal economy is trapped by a corrupt “tax” system for powerful public officials

3/12/2018 - The march of thousands of farmers to Mumbai shows the desperation of rural India

3/12/2018 - For some Indian consumer goods firms, the sweet spot is under the arms

3/12/2018 - Russia sanctions, Scientology TV, North Korean TV dramas

3/12/2018 - Russia sanctions, Scientology TV, North Korean TV dramas

3/12/2018 - An influential former bureaucrat thinks India just can’t regulate bitcoin

3/12/2018 - Everyone with the sickle cell gene mutation descended from the same ancestor 7,300 years ago

3/11/2018 - Betsy DeVos is forming a committee to study why kids keep getting shot in US schools

3/11/2018 - Xi’s power grab, Putin really doesn’t care, “Black Panther” hits $1 billion

3/11/2018 - For some reason, porn searches for Stormy Daniels are way up

3/11/2018 - The final tally of the vote that allows Xi to be president for life

3/11/2018 - Rediscover the simple, essential practice of squatting with Quartz for Messenger

3/11/2018 - When daylight saving time was put to a vote

3/11/2018 - You’re probably way too optimistic about your future happiness

3/11/2018 - Silicon Valley VCs will not be riding to the rescue of the midwest’s startups anytime soon

3/11/2018 - Spielberg’s debut, Musk takes questions, and news from elsewhere

3/11/2018 - A 1980s study on juvenile crime in Japan sheds light on American gun culture

3/11/2018 - Nigeria’s census, Namibia’s cobalt, Africa’s fake food

3/11/2018 - The freshest herbs in Manhattan were grown in this office building basement

3/10/2018 - Putin on Russia’s US election interference: “I do not care”

3/10/2018 - The six sports of the Winter Paralympic Games in PyeongChang, and how they work

3/10/2018 - Tesla is seeking a valet mastermind to solve its office parking nightmare

3/10/2018 - “Black Panther” just became Marvel’s fifth $1 billion movie

3/10/2018 - China’s growing African footprint could lock the US out from its lone Africa base

3/10/2018 - Canadian currency will now feature its first Canadian woman

3/10/2018 - Mississippi’s radical new abortion ban offers a political opening for Democrats

3/10/2018 - Paperweights

3/10/2018 - Paperweights

3/10/2018 - The CDC wants you to know that trimming cannabis leaves may cause carpal tunnel

3/10/2018 - Dating app Bumble is treating gun photos the way it treats nudity and hate speech

3/10/2018 - When brands become frats, TV’s takeover, and news from elsewhere

3/10/2018 - Weekend edition—North Korea meet-cute, Trump’s tariffs, whither spy etiquette?

3/10/2018 - The Chinese artisan wok that’s backordered for two years

3/10/2018 - Chinese media is obsessed with portraying China as Africa’s savior

3/10/2018 - Rock’s biggest stars are sending their memorabilia out on world tours

3/10/2018 - Why a meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un is so risky

3/10/2018 - A tiny book written for dolls, commissioned by a queen of England, is now for sale

3/10/2018 - Fake processed food is becoming an epidemic in African urban life

3/10/2018 - Paperweights

3/10/2018 - Weekend edition—North Korea meet-cute, Trump’s tariffs, whither spy etiquette?

3/10/2018 - Weekend edition—North Korea meet-cute, Trump’s tariffs, whither spy etiquette?

3/9/2018 - The US’s top trade official has 14 days to sort out a $46 billion headache

3/9/2018 - Weekend edition—North Korea meet-cute, Trump’s tariffs, whither spy etiquette?

3/9/2018 - Read the TrumpOrg.com email discussing money with Stormy Daniels’s lawyer

3/9/2018 - Lloyd Blankfein looks ready to leave Goldman Sachs, and the market is fine with it

3/9/2018 - Paperweights

3/9/2018 - On Twitter, fake news spreads faster than truth, MIT researchers say

3/9/2018 - Quartzy the newsletter: Listen in on Oprah and Gwyneth

3/9/2018 - A Siberian fisherman discovered 54 severed human hands. He was told it’s no big deal

3/9/2018 - A decade after destroying MySpace, Facebook is bringing music back into social networking

3/9/2018 - Florida wants to break with the US on daylight saving time to get more sun

3/9/2018 - Quartzy: the listening in edition

3/9/2018 - This is the chart you’d consult if you were looking to punish the US in a trade war

3/9/2018 - Quartzy: the listening in edition

3/9/2018 - Meet the new gatekeeper of Germany’s finances

3/9/2018 - For the US, it’s jobs, jobs, jobs! (Just don’t mention wages)

3/9/2018 - Lego

3/9/2018 - Lego

3/9/2018 - Blend it like Beckham: Victoria and David are launching their own beauty lines

3/9/2018 - Nintendo levels up, Harvard’s billion dollar loss, alcoholic Coca-Cola

3/9/2018 - Startups could raise a lot less if their expenses weren’t so lavish

3/9/2018 - Time to wake up: Daylight saving time is dangerous and unnecessary

3/9/2018 - A new approach to easing traffic jams starts with CEOs

3/9/2018 - Why Google’s prestigious reputation could be a liability in its discrimination lawsuits

3/9/2018 - Trump’s administration wants scientists to stop describing effects of climate change as “dramatic”

3/9/2018 - All the ways bad sleep is hurting you

3/9/2018 - Sea levels are rising and parts of San Francisco are sinking

3/9/2018 - A Ugandan author once dismissed for being “too African” has won a major literary prize

3/9/2018 - All the ways that South African women have changed their beauty routines to save water

3/9/2018 - Wary of being tainted, some world leaders may not want to negotiate with Trump on trade

3/9/2018 - Helping your kids with homework doesn’t always pay off, says the largest-ever survey of parents 

3/9/2018 - The story behind the health-conscious startup accused of being a “fit supremacist”

3/9/2018 - Creative careers elude people of color

3/9/2018 - The new travel luxury is going offline—and you’ll even be rewarded for it

3/9/2018 - California is taking a cooling off period after generating too much energy from the sun

3/9/2018 - The UK no longer wants Nigerians in its prisons, so it’s paying to expand jails in Nigeria

3/9/2018 - A strange new image of Mars could reveal a phenomenon also found on Earth

3/9/2018 - It begins: Barbecue, humanoid robots, and news from elsewhere

3/9/2018 - A Vietnamese Zen master’s simple advice on how to build generosity of spirit

3/9/2018 - The US states that will be helped and hurt by Trump’s tariffs

3/9/2018 - A North Korean propaganda film is coming true, thanks to Donald Trump

3/9/2018 - A new report says Egypt is secretly forcing citizens to mine cryptocurrency

3/9/2018 - Square’s stock is skyrocketing as it embraces bitcoin and breaks into banking

3/9/2018 - US jobs report, Trump-Kim meeting, Jupiter’s mega-cyclones

3/9/2018 - “Dank” is the new umami

3/9/2018 - Your next work computer could be your phone

3/9/2018 - India’s top court recognises the right to die with dignity

3/9/2018 - Lego

3/9/2018 - Creepy coriander invades all food in India, and it’s disgusting

3/9/2018 - Xi Jinping says China’s authoritarian system can be a model for the world

3/9/2018 - Twitter’s solution to its verification problem is to verify everyone

3/9/2018 - Struggling African universities are ignoring a rich, invaluable resource—their alumni

3/9/2018 - US-North Korea thaw, Cuban elections, humans vs. robots

3/9/2018 - US-North Korea thaw, Cuban elections, humans vs. robots

3/9/2018 - Fearing Trump’s visa stance, Indian IT firms are spending top dollar on lobbying

3/9/2018 - Italy’s first black senator is a member of its far-right anti-immigrant party

3/9/2018 - Nintendo’s teaser video confirms Super Smash Bros is coming to the Switch

3/8/2018 - Incredible images of colonial India have been digitised for the first time

3/8/2018 - Domino’s has found a new delivery address: Bangladesh

3/8/2018 - Can training the police make Indian women less afraid to report sexual assault?

3/8/2018 - South Korea’s president is bringing “Little Rocket Man” and “Dotard” to the table

3/8/2018 - Miami, New York City, and San Francisco could flood every day by 2100

3/8/2018 - Other female literary figures overlooked by the New York Times obituary writers

3/8/2018 - Amelia Earhart’s disappearance may have been solved by forensic science

3/8/2018 - “Million Dollar Listing’s” first female power broker on the art of the deal

3/8/2018 - Trump tariffs spare NAFTA, China’s constitution, punching autonomous cars

3/8/2018 - Google Glass has found an unlikely home: The operating room

3/8/2018 - Lego

3/8/2018 - Elon Musk is pestering Trump to change car trade rules with China

3/8/2018 - Why do stereotypes persist that women distrust markets and avoid taking risks?

3/8/2018 - NASA will release a colorful gas into the air to see how solar winds cause the northern lights

3/8/2018 - Banned from watching soccer, the women of Iran are being failed by FIFA

3/8/2018 - Amazon is playing the long game with low-income Americans

3/8/2018 - If you want to honor women today, remember the ones who made your clothes

3/8/2018 - These questions will help you avoid a career you hate

3/8/2018 - The most politically damaging ways to hurt Trump in a trade war

3/8/2018 - More Apple suppliers are breaking its rules about a 60-hour, six-day workweek

3/8/2018 - Cigna is buying Express Scripts, a deal valued at about $67 billion

3/8/2018 - Pro Tip: Do not list spy work on your LinkedIn bio

3/8/2018 - Pieces of London’s famous 130-ton “fatberg” are on display at a museum

3/8/2018 - The radical promises Donald Trump has backtracked on

3/8/2018 - Mexico and Canada just got more leverage in US trade negotiations

3/8/2018 - The West is way behind Iran and Saudi Arabia when it comes to women in science

3/8/2018 - Let the year of Ruth Bader Ginsburg begin

3/8/2018 - Trump’s Global Gag rule on abortion is hurting African women

3/8/2018 - Netflix is exploring vertical video to entice viewers on mobile

3/8/2018 - If you want better sex, you need better sleep

3/8/2018 - Ramen

3/8/2018 - Ramen

3/8/2018 - The best way to eat ramen: It should kind of hurt

3/8/2018 - Why do American women prefer applicator tampons, while the rest of the world’s women don’t?

3/8/2018 - On International Women’s day, Spanish women unite for the country’s first “feminist strike”

3/8/2018 - Asia’s detrimental demand for African wildlife goes beyond just ivory

3/8/2018 - Much of the modern world is explained by one population spike

3/8/2018 - What to do when your boss is always MIA

3/8/2018 - Five books by women and about women that everyone should read

3/8/2018 - A radical artist is forcing an iconic British cultural institution to answer seismic questions over abuse

3/8/2018 - Namibia, known for diamonds and deserts, wants to get in on the rechargeable battery boom

3/8/2018 - Fashion’s best customer is the second coolest girl in the room

3/8/2018 - Introducing a whole new way to enjoy Quartz, on Facebook Messenger

3/8/2018 - Women are powering the blockchain

3/8/2018 - We’re starting to see how frighteningly big WeWork’s ambitions really are

3/8/2018 - The self-sufficiency of Black Panther’s Wakanda is inspiring Afro-Brazilians to look to their own

3/8/2018 - Samsung’s newest smartphone is pretty much perfect

3/8/2018 - The global gender gap in time spent on fun stuff versus grunt work

3/8/2018 - A Siri creator is surprised by how much Siri still can’t do

3/8/2018 - Patronizing WWII posters show how extraordinary Rosie the Riveter really was

3/8/2018 - Oprah never wanted to be a mother, she told Gwyneth Paltrow. That’s why she’s so good at it

3/8/2018 - “Separate and unequal:” 50 years later, a landmark report on US racial inequality still resonates

3/8/2018 - Trump’s tariffs, Grab’s Uber deal, squid piracy

3/8/2018 - Women are going to have to start bragging if they want to close the pay gap

3/8/2018 - Russia’s fortified finances make it easier for Putin to do what he wants

3/8/2018 - A linguist explains how Sophia the robot does—and doesn’t—talk like us

3/8/2018 - The perfect robot will love us for our flaws: a meditation

3/8/2018 - There is a terrifying outbreak of Lassa fever in Nigeria right now

3/8/2018 - A lack of diversity isn’t just a social problem—it hurts firms’ profits

3/8/2018 - Ramen

3/8/2018 - Travis Kalanick is taking his next big idea to India

3/8/2018 - Mumbai’s 41 leopards may be protecting locals from thousands of rabid stray dogs

3/8/2018 - India’s market regulator wants to see your WhatsApp chats

3/8/2018 - China’s surging exports, US tariffs, squid piracy

3/8/2018 - China’s surging exports, US tariffs, squid piracy

3/8/2018 - New promises could put India’s electric vehicle plan back on track

3/8/2018 - South Africa’s much needed land debate is being turned into an international racist rant

3/7/2018 - The “Pence rule” is trending in South Korea as #MeToo takes hold

3/7/2018 - What 100 million food logs from Indian women reveal: a lack of self-control

3/7/2018 - The longer Indian women work, the more they’re underpaid

3/7/2018 - Indian women on how to navigate the unwritten bro code and kick ass in tech

3/7/2018 - The boom in self-employed working mothers is nothing to celebrate

3/7/2018 - The SEC wants to regulate bitcoin, and bitcoin doesn’t like it at all

3/7/2018 - Jeff Sessions is quietly remaking the US immigration system

3/7/2018 - US tariffs announcement, Vienna knife attack, invisible TVs

3/7/2018 - The Pritzker Prize finally recognizes the genius of Indian architecture

3/7/2018 - Ramen

3/7/2018 - Photos: The last three northern white rhinos in existence

3/7/2018 - Eight countries in danger of falling into China’s “debt trap”

3/7/2018 - Even when things get better for Snap, they aren’t that good

3/7/2018 - For now, Peter Navarro is Trump’s most powerful trade advisor. Here’s what he could do next

3/7/2018 - Sri Lanka shut down Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to stop anti-Muslim violence

3/7/2018 - With “Lost in Space,” Netflix blasts its way into Hollywood’s space craze

3/7/2018 - Why swearing feels so damn good

3/7/2018 - Mattel announced 15 “role model” Barbies in honor of International Women’s Day

3/7/2018 - FEMA wants you to look at your driver’s license: “If it says Florida, you need flood insurance”

3/7/2018 - The US government put its money on a contraceptive method guaranteed to fail

3/7/2018 - I was tricked by a crypto scammer on Twitter

3/7/2018 - Fashion experts say tucking your hair behind your ear is a “look”

3/7/2018 - Samsung’s new TVs are almost invisible

3/7/2018 - “The Nose”

3/7/2018 - “The Nose”

3/7/2018 - In ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace’, Ryan Murphy proves—again!—he can never get race right

3/7/2018 - US fears China winning on 5G if Broadcom gets to take over Qualcomm

3/7/2018 - A leader of Germany’s far-right party is getting advice from Steve Bannon

3/7/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg’s charity is giving $30 million to help kids learn to read—and love it

3/7/2018 - Inside Washington DC’s mad scramble to change Trump’s mind on tariffs

3/7/2018 - Moving cash within Africa is the untapped opportunity for money transfer firms

3/7/2018 - GM is using nudge theory to help retain the women it hires

3/7/2018 - The office of the future will be a distracted dystopia. We have some better ideas

3/7/2018 - When is daylight saving time, and where in the world is it observed?

3/7/2018 - Someone should tell Airbnb that travelers don’t like booking tours online

3/7/2018 - Swiss residents are wrapping glaciers in blankets to keep them from melting

3/7/2018 - A Norwegian experiment proves there’s one surefire way to change men’s ideas about gender

3/7/2018 - China is pushing Africa into debt, says America’s top diplomat

3/7/2018 - US Northeast storm, Gary Cohn quits, monster robot wolves

3/7/2018 - MIT’s Uber study couldn’t possibly have been right. It was still important

3/7/2018 - North Korea overtures, US wariness—we’ve been here before

3/7/2018 - How anthropology can heal the anxiety of our broken relationship with money

3/7/2018 - Blockchain will track how meat gets from Australian farms to Chinese tables

3/7/2018 - Nigerian artists are sharing their rarely seen cutting-edge talent on a simple Twitter hashtag

3/7/2018 - A third of guns in the US are imported, and foreign firearms makers want a say on gun control

3/7/2018 - This startup is banking on the diaspora to help plug Nigeria’s education shortcomings

3/7/2018 - The story behind India’s biggest banking IPO began with rural women

3/7/2018 - “The Nose”

3/7/2018 - It may be 20 years before Modicare reaches all of India’s poor

3/7/2018 - The winner of India’s fierce mobile war is Mukesh Ambani’s feature phone

3/7/2018 - 54,000 coaches later, an Indian train factory is hitting reset for the high-speed age

3/7/2018 - Saudi royal visit, Gary Cohn quits, robot wolves

3/7/2018 - Saudi royal visit, Gary Cohn quits, robot wolves

3/7/2018 - In India, it’s perfectly normal for women to get lewd calls from strangers

3/6/2018 - Markets are tanking after Gary Cohn quit the White House

3/6/2018 - The secret insider terms used in Chinese money laundering

3/6/2018 - Democrats finally have a shot in Texas—but they’re fighting each other for it

3/6/2018 - After Trump’s tariff announcement, White House economic advisor Gary Cohn is resigning

3/6/2018 - Even aluminum producers don’t want Trump’s aluminum tariff

3/6/2018 - Kim nuke negotiations, Russia spy poisoning, robot wolves

3/6/2018 - “The Nose”

3/6/2018 - Airbnb has hired the head of Amazon Prime to run its home-sharing business

3/6/2018 - 23 andMe can now offer prescription-free cancer risk tests

3/6/2018 - What happens when a hotel is de-Trumped?

3/6/2018 - The top billionaires are even richer than Forbes says

3/6/2018 - The dirty industry of fast fashion is causing an environmental “emergency”

3/6/2018 - It’s Gabriel García Márquez’s 91st birthday, and magical realism is thriving in Hollywood

3/6/2018 - Utilities are paying their customers to buy electric vehicles

3/6/2018 - With its new fresh beef burgers McDonald’s is coming for Shake Shack

3/6/2018 - The dangerous social cycle that makes us buy things we don’t need

3/6/2018 - Revolution at the polls: How Italy made Steve Bannon’s “ultimate dream” come true

3/6/2018 - While Indian techies struggled with layoffs, Infosys hired 2,500 Americans in 2017

3/6/2018 - The world’s largest brain research prize was just awarded to Alzheimer’s research

3/6/2018 - What you miss when you interview someone over a video call

3/6/2018 - South Africa’s listeria outbreak is forcing the country to rethink its iconic national foods

3/6/2018 - Kenya is finally softening its stance on blockchain technology

3/6/2018 - The nine types of startups Y Combinator thinks the world needs in 2018

3/6/2018 - Indigo

3/6/2018 - Indigo

3/6/2018 - How to read less news but be more informed, according to a futurist

3/6/2018 - Trump says his new tariffs are about national security. They’re not.

3/6/2018 - Marjory Stoneman Douglas stood up to power as bravely as the students at her namesake school

3/6/2018 - A French graphic designer faces an uphill battle to prove Disney copied his work

3/6/2018 - The 70-hour and four-day work weeks are both rooted in Christian philosophy

3/6/2018 - SpaceX has launched its 50th Falcon 9 rocket to orbit

3/6/2018 - American regulators don’t think British airlines are so special without the EU

3/6/2018 - Higher prices, layoffs, and economic nosedives: What Trump’s trade war could mean for you

3/6/2018 - Almost everyone is creative around the same time every day

3/6/2018 - Watch: Harvard researchers create a snake-like skin for soft robots

3/6/2018 - Climate change could also be responsible for an increase in heart attacks

3/6/2018 - Everything about Lego’s latest financial results is not awesome

3/6/2018 - Target earnings, EU hits back on Trump tariff, dumpster fires

3/6/2018 - China’s Communist Party says it’s ending presidential term limits by popular demand

3/6/2018 - South Africa is giving back land to black people as a compromise for ignoring their growing anger

3/6/2018 - India is willing to snub the Dalai Lama to please China

3/6/2018 - The story of how Nigeria’s census figures became weaponized

3/6/2018 - After a slow start, South Korea’s #MeToo movement has exploded

3/6/2018 - Blockchain is a surprisingly hot topic at China’s annual political gathering

3/6/2018 - South Africa’s censorship of a gay love story looks a lot like apartheid-era blackouts

3/6/2018 - Indigo

3/6/2018 - All modern critiques of inequality owe a debt to the Indian economist Amartya Sen

3/6/2018 - A short oral history of Ghana’s legendary Soul to Soul independence day concert

3/6/2018 - China’s reality TV programming is being taken over by robots and AI

3/6/2018 - One of the most sought after jobs for rural Chinese women is to become a mistress

3/6/2018 - Indians can finally look forward to clothes that fit

3/6/2018 - India’s non-English literature now has a corner of its own on the internet

3/6/2018 - Falcon 9 launch, #MeToo in South Korea, dumpster fires

3/6/2018 - Falcon 9 launch, #MeToo in South Korea, dumpster fires

3/6/2018 - Flipkart’s app-only experiment was way ahead of its time

3/5/2018 - What two billionaire brothers want from India’s first AI research lab

3/5/2018 - Trump said he spoke with North Korea, but it was actually South Korea

3/5/2018 - Trump’s tariff threats are actually improving NAFTA negotiations

3/5/2018 - Trump’s tariff backpedal, Amazon bank accounts, cauliflower robot

3/5/2018 - America’s liquor distributors are throwing their weight behind self-driving cars

3/5/2018 - Five US jobs will be lost for every new one created by Trump’s steel tariffs

3/5/2018 - Indigo

3/5/2018 - The best cinematographer in Hollywood finally won an Oscar on his 14th try

3/5/2018 - Facebook asked users how would they handle a message soliciting “sexual” images from a child

3/5/2018 - The 2018 Oscars cemented Mexico’s place in US culture

3/5/2018 - MoviePass wants in on every aspect of your movie night

3/5/2018 - About that #HereWeAre commercial: Is Twitter finally doing something about harassment?

3/5/2018 - Inclusivity of women in pop music isn’t just poor—it’s backsliding

3/5/2018 - Coinbase’s customer complaints more than doubled in January

3/5/2018 - The death of the “Big Food” era is imminent after the industry’s biggest lobbying group crumbles

3/5/2018 - Germany warns Trump that slapping tariffs on EU cars creates “only losers”

3/5/2018 - The next big business in Africa: Renting out telecoms towers

3/5/2018 - The two best tuxes on the Oscars red carpet were by a 123-year-old Parisian shoe label

3/5/2018 - MBA programs create crippling student debt, not entrepreneurs

3/5/2018 - Jordan Peele’s Oscar win for his “Get Out” screenplay was doubly historic

3/5/2018 - Apple is reportedly working on headphones to rival its own Beats

3/5/2018 - Christopher Steele’s infamous Russia-Trump dossier was great for his business

3/5/2018 - Millennials are turning business travel into weekend getaways

3/5/2018 - What an economist Iearned by driving for Uber

3/5/2018 - Italy’s election is the latest rebuke for Europe’s flailing center-left

3/5/2018 - China’s 36-page official report on its goals for 2018, in four charts

3/5/2018 - Every man should see a therapist

3/5/2018 - Amazon has French grocery stores in its sights, too

3/5/2018 - AI will be the art movement of the 21st century

3/5/2018 - Why retail’s artificial intelligence bet is all wrong

3/5/2018 - Unsure who to accept or reject on LinkedIn? Consult this flowchart

3/5/2018 - China’s annual Communist Party shindig is welcoming a handful of new tech tycoons

3/5/2018 - Hollywood stars using an “inclusion rider” shows how diversity is treated as a luxury

3/5/2018 - By 2050, US workers will have as many seniors to care for as children

3/5/2018 - China’s party summit, Oscar winners, penguin supercolony

3/5/2018 - Melinda Gates: When money flows into the hands of women, everything changes

3/5/2018 - Now, a TDS scam: Nearly 450 firms didn’t pass Rs3,000 crore in taxes to the Indian government

3/5/2018 - Among the $100,000 of luxury gifts, Oscar nominees were given pepper spray

3/5/2018 - By deferring the H4 decision, Trump has only confused Indian techies further

3/5/2018 - What China’s Xi Jinping wants with all that power

3/5/2018 - Banking nightmare continues: Bad loans, scams, and now interest rate hikes

3/5/2018 - Tiffany Haddish’s stunning Oscars gown was a tribute to her late Eritrean father

3/5/2018 - The chart that explains why nobody wants to fly Air India

3/5/2018 - The internet, slow and sketchy, is back in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions—for now

3/5/2018 - Italy’s vote, Oscar winners, penguin supercolony

3/5/2018 - Italy’s vote, Oscar winners, penguin supercolony

3/5/2018 - The Oscars didn’t forget two Bollywood legends

3/4/2018 - Indian e-wallets are gasping for breath

3/4/2018 - Tiffany Haddish rocked that same Alexander McQueen dress from SNL at the Oscars

3/4/2018 - Actresses on the Oscars red carpet looked like a coven of magical witches

3/4/2018 - In 2018, it’s a pretty badass look to recycle your Oscar dress from 1962

3/4/2018 - Xi’s Congress, United Airlines lottery, penguin supercolony

3/4/2018 - China is recruiting a new wave of astronauts from its civilians

3/4/2018 - Kenya is readying to set itself up on the global film stage

3/4/2018 - Black Panther is already the 10th highest-grossing film ever in the US

3/4/2018 - The stellar lineup of live music at the Oscars

3/4/2018 - Porsche wants to build flying cars

3/4/2018 - United is cutting bonuses and asking employees to enter a lottery for $100,000

3/4/2018 - Roger Bannister’s four-minute mile is now commonplace, but the record is harder than ever to beat

3/4/2018 - Watch Alec Baldwin lampoon Donald Trump on gun control

3/4/2018 - The ultimate statistical model for predicting the 2018 Academy Awards Best Picture winner

3/4/2018 - Photos: The astonishing hidden complexity inside our sleek tech gadgets

3/4/2018 - A best-selling author’s theory on timing offers practical ways to improve your schedule

3/4/2018 - Dell is “mining” computers for gold to make jewelry

3/4/2018 - The dumbest motivational stunts ever tried in sports

3/4/2018 - A new study shows polar bears are fighting a losing battle for survival, even in the world’s coldest conditions

3/4/2018 - “I had a good job, a loving family, and a white picket fence. This is how I lost it all”

3/4/2018 - Adrian Grenier, penguins, and CGI—when did airline safety videos get so insane?

3/4/2018 - David Chang expects chefs to suffer for their art

3/4/2018 - South Africa’s land test, DR Congo’s show jumping, Kenya’s retail space

3/4/2018 - Africa is now home to the world’s largest migrant populations

3/3/2018 - There may be five types of diabetes

3/3/2018 - An hourly Marriott employee got fired for liking a tweet

3/3/2018 - Trump’s new tariffs make perfect sense, if you look at the history of US trade policy

3/3/2018 - A supercolony of 1.5 million penguins went unnoticed until now

3/3/2018 - We are living in mobile phone purgatory

3/3/2018 - The Peter principle

3/3/2018 - The Peter principle

3/3/2018 - Black creators like Donald Glover don’t have the luxury of being mediocre—or humble

3/3/2018 - All of the stunning real estate in this year’s best picture nominees

3/3/2018 - A new company is taking remote work’s flexibility to the extreme

3/3/2018 - Cellphones, hair salons and grit: Digital art shows Africans in Israel as more than just migrants

3/3/2018 - These photos prove how powerful smartphone cameras are now

3/3/2018 - The race to build a self-driving car, charted

3/3/2018 - Pets don’t make humans immediately happy the way other people do

3/3/2018 - In TV’s latest experiment, you determine the story just by watching

3/3/2018 - The data show that how we connect with romantic partners changes as we age

3/3/2018 - Weekend edition—Mobile-phone purgatory, how to sell anything, bye-bye bacon

3/3/2018 - You can make your own sheet masks and they’re so much cheaper

3/3/2018 - Even after kidnapped girls escape Boko Haram, reintegrating into society is a big test

3/3/2018 - What we’re really looking for when we hunt for a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

3/3/2018 - The last box office hit to win the best picture Oscar was 14 years ago

3/3/2018 - “Political blackness”: a very British concept with a complex history

3/3/2018 - The Peter principle

3/3/2018 - Cheese, salad, and bland potatoes: The underwhelming culinary experiences of a Nigerian palate abroad

3/3/2018 - Weekend edition—Mobile-phone purgatory, how to sell anything, bye-bye bacon

3/3/2018 - Weekend edition—Mobile-phone purgatory, how to sell anything, bye-bye bacon

3/2/2018 - Weekend edition—Mobile-phone purgatory, how to sell anything, bye-bye bacon

3/2/2018 - A new scientific theory suggests the moon formed from a cosmic vapor donut

3/2/2018 - The Peter principle

3/2/2018 - New Zealand risks becoming a “strategic nincompoop” as China woos tiny Pacific islands

3/2/2018 - Against the odds, English is on the rise in four US states

3/2/2018 - Will this be the year of the trillion-dollar company?

3/2/2018 - Gap Inc. should just be renamed Old Navy Inc.

3/2/2018 - Hispanics use WhatsApp more than any other ethnic or racial group in the US

3/2/2018 - How to get the best secret dishes at a restaurant without being obnoxious

3/2/2018 - How the NRA won the obedience of the US government

3/2/2018 - Expense accounts by industry, from cheapest to fattest

3/2/2018 - China is quickly becoming the dominant force in startups

3/2/2018 - Comcast complicates Disney-Fox deal, smartphone sales drop, Amazon’s $1B investment

3/2/2018 - How to watch the Oscars on TV and online

3/2/2018 - And the award for strongest G7 economy in 2017 goes to…

3/2/2018 - People still rely on other people more than algorithms to find TV shows to watch

3/2/2018 - Your Oscars cheat sheet: Rankings, odds, a drinking game, and more

3/2/2018 - The strange process of naming extreme weather events

3/2/2018 - Quartzy: the Oscar nostalgia edition

3/2/2018 - Quartzy: the Oscar nostalgia edition

3/2/2018 - Andreesen Horowitz’s first space investment is an internet satellite, naturally

3/2/2018 - Pop Quiz!

3/2/2018 - Pop Quiz!

3/2/2018 - This perfect storm could bring historic flooding to Boston for the second time in 57 days

3/2/2018 - Meet the startup that makes milk—without cows

3/2/2018 - Netflix’s former head of talent explains why she hates jargon like “empowerment”

3/2/2018 - More than mining—here’s how UK infrastructure master planning can help improve Ghana’s cellular service

3/2/2018 - More than mining—here’s how UK infrastructure master planning can help improve Ghana’s cellular service

3/2/2018 - Post-Brexit, the UK is doubling down on African infrastructure investment

3/2/2018 - Post-Brexit, the UK is doubling down on African infrastructure investment

3/2/2018 - Surprise, the country that consumes the most cheese is not France

3/2/2018 - Food delivery startups aren’t dead yet

3/2/2018 - “Job crafting” takes the job you have and turns it into the job you want

3/2/2018 - An average Indian spends 2.5 hours per day on mobile internet

3/2/2018 - In defense of sex robots

3/2/2018 - The US secretary of State’s visit to Africa is a chance to make sense of a Trump US-Africa policy

3/2/2018 - The Fed won’t be able to save us during the next recession

3/2/2018 - How to get a world-class education for free on the internet

3/2/2018 - How an American commodities regulator became the unlikely star of “crypto Twitter”

3/2/2018 - The Wall Street drama behind Remington’s AR-15

3/2/2018 - The American Dream is alive and well—in Singapore, Italy, and the Czech Republic

3/2/2018 - Human resources has a new focus: Making millennials feel included and loved

3/2/2018 - Why the Ivy League could end up like the big 3 carmakers: utterly disrupted

3/2/2018 - Hiring good coders shouldn’t be that big a gamble—and now it no longer has to be

3/2/2018 - How to make better use of everything you read

3/2/2018 - The reason some bad movies get nominated for Oscars

3/2/2018 - Italy votes, Trump’s tariffs, Loch Ness money

3/2/2018 - For the sake of society, we must let the English language evolve beyond gender

3/2/2018 - Scientists just found the 168th species of Japanese tardigrade in a mossy parking lot

3/2/2018 - South Korea’s demographic time bomb is ticking faster than thought

3/2/2018 - The relentless economic nightmare on the minds of Italian voters

3/2/2018 - Pop Quiz!

3/2/2018 - Spanish soccer is trying to be more exciting by copying the NFL and video games

3/2/2018 - Foreigners dressed up as Mario and Luigi are a menace on Japan’s roads

3/2/2018 - These three charts show how Nigeria’s economy recovered in 2017

3/2/2018 - Italy votes, Weinstein deal, yoga pants

3/2/2018 - Italy votes, Weinstein deal, yoga pants

3/2/2018 - China has shot far ahead of the US on deep-learning patents

3/1/2018 - India and Pakistan hate each other so much because they are so similar

3/1/2018 - Studio portraits from an era when everyone could be a Bollywood hero

3/1/2018 - Breaking news: India is bursting into a thick plume of colours today!

3/1/2018 - These US industries would suffer most in a trade war with Canada

3/1/2018 - Elections in Europe, US steel and aluminum tariffs, yoga pants

3/1/2018 - Facebook is ending its terrible Explore Feed experiment

3/1/2018 - Pop Quiz!

3/1/2018 - Trump’s surprise tariffs horrified markets, Republicans, and America’s closest ally

3/1/2018 - Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs will mean fewer goods “Made in America”

3/1/2018 - Kid artists still have one more day to win $30,000 in a Google Doodle competition

3/1/2018 - US lawmakers want to pay up to $5 million for foreign corruption tips

3/1/2018 - Doctors and nutritionists have strong opinions about diets. Why don’t we listen to them?

3/1/2018 - Electric vehicle range is now well above 100 miles around the world and rising fast

3/1/2018 - How to watch the asteroid that’s about to get closer to Earth than the moon

3/1/2018 - Instagram influencers are inspiring women to stop taking the pill

3/1/2018 - Cultural context is the hardest part of speaking a foreign language. Amazon’s Alexa could change that

3/1/2018 - China is beating back traffic in its most congested cities

3/1/2018 - Drone photography is just normal photography now

3/1/2018 - A helicopter bank robbery helps explain why cash is dying in Sweden

3/1/2018 - Spotify’s leadership is doubling down on an unprofitable strategy

3/1/2018 - The staggering motivation crisis in today’s schools

3/1/2018 - Instant Pot’s takeover of US kitchens, by the numbers

3/1/2018 - Quinoa

3/1/2018 - Quinoa

3/1/2018 - Silicon Valley’s libertarians are trading blows with California Democrats in a fight for the left.

3/1/2018 - Xi Jinping’s latest power grab is bad news for China’s economy

3/1/2018 - Scientists have found the genes that make magic mushrooms magic

3/1/2018 - Can I comment on my coworker’s outfit without being creepy?

3/1/2018 - Shoprite’s entry shows Kenya is still a sweet spot for retail investment in Africa

3/1/2018 - The career-boosting, life-changing magic of naming your superpower

3/1/2018 - How banking is finally gaining foothold in Africa, in one chart

3/1/2018 - The US is now buying more stretchy pants than blue jeans

3/1/2018 - American women now spend nearly as much on leggings as suits

3/1/2018 - It’s time to stop blaming patients for the opioid epidemic

3/1/2018 - Silicon Valley doesn’t like to talk about its investment in marijuana companies

3/1/2018 - These philosophical theories will transform your experience of social media

3/1/2018 - The future of global entertainment is in the hands of these three men

3/1/2018 - Why an Indian girl chose to become an American woman

3/1/2018 - The science of sex differences is nothing for feminists to be afraid of

3/1/2018 - How one US state saved $240 million in health care spending

3/1/2018 - Saoirse Ronan is defying the odds for young actors at the Oscars

3/1/2018 - Trump’s school-safety plans, “Beast from the East,” Genghis Khan upset

3/1/2018 - In the early 1950s, the largest known prime number had 44 digits—it now has more than 23 million

3/1/2018 - Most millennials don’t save because their employers don’t let them

3/1/2018 - Post-Brexit, the UK is doubling down on African infrastructure investment

3/1/2018 - More than mining—here’s how UK infrastructure master planning can help improve Ghana’s cellular service

3/1/2018 - A $9 billion investment in a German icon is a reminder of how much Europe and the US differ on China

3/1/2018 - Expropriating land without compensation is impossible—take it from Zimbabwe

3/1/2018 - Nigerians are turning to virtual debit cards to beat restrictions on international e-commerce

3/1/2018 - Quinoa

3/1/2018 - The biggest victim of Nirav Modi’s scam isn’t PNB

3/1/2018 - Amazon turns up the volume in the Indian digital music space

3/1/2018 - Reliance Digital TV starts a price war, just like the one in Indian telecom

3/1/2018 - Spotify’s IPO, India’s bank scandal, Genghis Khan brouhaha

3/1/2018 - Bollywood has twisted Holi into a disturbing tale of sexual violence

3/1/2018 - Spotify’s IPO, India’s bank scandal, Genghis Khan brouhaha

3/1/2018 - What makes it to India’s front pages? Definitely not LGBT issues, data show

3/1/2018 - The world’s most powerful passports belong to two Asian countries

3/1/2018 - The long lost painting known as Africa’s Mona Lisa has sold for a record price

3/1/2018 - Missed connections, heading home, and news from elsewhere