12/31/2017 - Iran protests, California’s makeover, internet-encrypting lava lamps

12/31/2017 - Your hangover can’t be cured. Here’s why

12/31/2017 - African filmmakers pushed the boundaries of traditional storytelling in 2017

12/31/2017 - Everything you need to know about the protests in Iran

12/31/2017 - Dead Sea salt makes everyday objects into ethereal sculpture

12/31/2017 - UK considers taxing tech’s “ruthless profiteers in t-shirts” over extremist content

12/31/2017 - An Alcatraz prisoner on the special hell of New Year’s Eve

12/31/2017 - The weirdest news stories of 2017

12/31/2017 - Quartz Africa looks back on 2017

12/31/2017 - Drone photography diehards pick their favorite shots of 2017

12/31/2017 - On Jan. 1, California is basically becoming a different state

12/31/2017 - South Korea’s play culture is a dark symptom of overwork

12/31/2017 - The worst words of 2017, ranked from bad to worst

12/31/2017 - Are you a bad person if you still take Uber?

12/30/2017 - New Year’s resolution pro-tip: Aim really, really low

12/30/2017 - The songwriters of TLC’s “No Scrubs” now have a credit on 2017’s monster hit, “Shape of You”

12/30/2017 - The single most important thing you can do in 2018

12/30/2017 - The latest alleged “Nigerian prince” email scammer is a man in Louisiana

12/30/2017 - Video game addiction will become a recognized mental health disorder in 2018

12/30/2017 - Britain’s class problem comes down to “assortative mating”

12/30/2017 - The 100-year capitalist experiment that keeps Appalachia poor, sick, and stuck on coal

12/30/2017 - Tech’s biggest winners and losers in 2017

12/30/2017 - Britain is using New Year’s Eve to decide how many “drunk tanks” to add in 2018

12/30/2017 - 30 Quartz stories we loved in 2017

12/30/2017 - Weekend edition—self care, terrifying workplace experiments, GIFs as global culture

12/30/2017 - Cool things by Quartz Things in 2017

12/30/2017 - The success of “Lady Bird” shows white stories can work half as hard for twice the acclaim

12/30/2017 - 2018 entertainment preview: What to watch for next year

12/30/2017 - Weed is now legal in California. Good luck figuring out where to buy it

12/30/2017 - Four small changes that will improve your career in 2018

12/30/2017 - The Casties: Quartz’s awards for the best podcasts of 2017

12/30/2017 - An optimist’s guide to a future run by machines

12/30/2017 - Supermoons are nature’s perfect killers

12/30/2017 - The US dollar just had its worst year in more than a decade, and 2018 will bring more of the same

12/30/2017 - Weekend edition—self care, terrifying workplace experiments, GIFs as global culture

12/30/2017 - Weekend edition—self care, terrifying workplace experiments, GIFs as global culture

12/29/2017 - Weekend edition—self care, terrifying workplace experiments, GIFs as global culture

12/29/2017 - Germany has ordered Amazon to stop taking advantage of people who can’t spell “Birkenstock”

12/29/2017 - January will bring two supermoons, a blue moon, and a total lunar eclipse

12/29/2017 - The difference between weather and climate, explained for Donald Trump

12/29/2017 - Amazon isn’t hurting the US post office, and it might even be keeping it alive

12/29/2017 - Bitcoin exchange Exmo’s kidnapped exec is “safe” but is “in a state of major stress”

12/29/2017 - Venezuela’s citizens are rioting for pork

12/29/2017 - Photos: Scenes of devastation after Mumbai’s deadly restaurant fire

12/29/2017 - Happy Friday: the reset button edition

12/29/2017 - Centuries before Myers-Briggs, workplace personalities were assessed using skull measurements

12/29/2017 - Apple battled a fashion brand called “Steve Jobs”—and lost

12/29/2017 - Beware of contracting a cryptocurrency-mining virus from Facebook Messenger

12/29/2017 - Writing guides to our work styles helped my team bond

12/29/2017 - Critics ripped apart Netflix’s “Bright”—and 11 million people still watched

12/29/2017 - For four years, Citigroup told clients to “sell” when it really meant “buy”

12/29/2017 - Quartzy: the reset button edition

12/29/2017 - Quartzy: the reset button edition

12/29/2017 - The most enjoyable TV montages of 2017

12/29/2017 - How realistic is the futuristic technology in “Black Mirror”?

12/29/2017 - The five philosophers who will shape global politics in 2018

12/29/2017 - Bernie Sanders is seen as the most likely Democratic nominee to challenge Trump in 2020

12/29/2017 - Four generations of coaching wisdom created the NFL’s hottest young coach

12/29/2017 - Paying CEOs a lot of money may make companies worse

12/29/2017 - The Disney-Fox deal could drive one of TV’s top creators to Netflix or Amazon

12/29/2017 - 2017 woke parents to the wonders and horrors of streaming video

12/29/2017 - Data show this liquor becomes way more popular after midnight

12/29/2017 - Thatcher’s refusal to fly with a panda is loaded with political and superstitious subtext

12/29/2017 - US cold snap, deadly Bronx fire, history of the doggo

12/29/2017 - I fostered 20 shelter dogs this year, but they rescued me

12/29/2017 - The most important things you should do before 2018 to take advantage of the US tax reform

12/29/2017 - China’s ban on the sale of ivory is finally going into effect

12/29/2017 - 30 years after Prozac arrived, we still buy the lie that chemical imbalances cause depression

12/29/2017 - The most underrated scientific breakthroughs of 2017

12/29/2017 - A bitcoin exchange’s exec was kidnapped before hackers attacked its site

12/29/2017 - It has been one of the most profane years for corporate conference calls in history

12/29/2017 - Year of the dog: Everything you should know about the coming Lunar New Year

12/29/2017 - In 2017, Indian foodies refused to let the government stand in the way

12/29/2017 - A Hong Kong apartment has been built inside a water pipe

12/29/2017 - More African countries opened up to African travelers in 2017

12/29/2017 - The best books Quartz India read in 2017

12/29/2017 - McDonald’s says it can’t vouch for the quality of 40% of its restaurants in India

12/29/2017 - Didi is now ready to take on Google and Tesla in self-driving cars

12/29/2017 - US cold snap, George Weah victory, doggo history

12/29/2017 - US cold snap, George Weah victory, doggo history

12/28/2017 - In five years, one in 10 jobs in India will disappear

12/28/2017 - Octopuses are so clever, scientists missed a species right under their noses

12/28/2017 - After alleging election fraud, Roy Moore is told “it’s time to move on”

12/28/2017 - After getting caught red-handed, Apple will offer affordable battery replacements

12/28/2017 - Asia made big strides in LGBT rights in 2017

12/28/2017 - Wireless charging just got closer to becoming a reality

12/28/2017 - SoftBank’s Uber buy, Kabul bombing, Apple’s private-jet bills

12/28/2017 - Uber likely isn’t the world’s most valuable startup anymore

12/28/2017 - Some of New York’s pollution belongs to Virginia and Michigan

12/28/2017 - Lab tests found carcinogenic asbestos in makeup for children

12/28/2017 - Data shows US inventors aren’t just good at science—they come from rich families

12/28/2017 - Tech-challenged designers are flocking to a guy they call “Adobe Jesus”

12/28/2017 - The best Twitter threads of 2017: from MeToo to “Star Wars” and restaurant design

12/28/2017 - Apple is forcing CEO Tim Cook to use a private jet for both business and leisure

12/28/2017 - It’s actually way easier than you think to board the wrong flight

12/28/2017 - Milo Yiannopoulos’s brutal takedown by his own editor, via court filings

12/28/2017 - Ex-soccer star George Weah is the new president of Africa’s oldest republic

12/28/2017 - This designer Japanese cat condo costs more than the annual rent of a condo for humans in Tokyo

12/28/2017 - Photos: What five feet of snow looks like

12/28/2017 - The best books Quartz staffers read in 2017

12/28/2017 - The trans pioneer who helped uncover how the brain is wired has died

12/28/2017 - 2018 is the year of the doggo and the demise of the doge

12/28/2017 - Now would be the perfect time for Amazon to take over the plus-size market

12/28/2017 - People are using PornHub to stream “Hamilton” and “Zootopia”

12/28/2017 - The damning big-picture consequences of making crude jokes at work

12/28/2017 - Don’t ask how to be more productive next year. Ask why you want to be

12/28/2017 - The five most popular charts of 2017, according to Reddit

12/28/2017 - Facebook is censoring people the US government sanctions

12/28/2017 - A French farmer has invented lemon, ginger, and raspberry flavored oysters

12/28/2017 - Development aid in Africa is flowing to the rich in urban areas and not the poor

12/28/2017 - The 10 TV shows from 2017 most worthy of your time

12/28/2017 - How an exercise in vulnerability helped me understand my millennial coworkers

12/28/2017 - What Nike’s new City Edition NBA jerseys say about your town

12/28/2017 - Being an atheist shows you that every minute is sacred

12/28/2017 - An artist has found a way to shock jaded New Yorkers

12/28/2017 - Your bottled water may be stolen from a national forest

12/28/2017 - Hard-core beauty fanatics have brought the YouTube sensation Dr. Pimple Popper to TV

12/28/2017 - How to politely decline giving professional advice for free

12/28/2017 - The most common password is “123456”—but not (entirely) because humans are dumb

12/28/2017 - Startups think they’re above the law. They’re not

12/28/2017 - A YouTube video by Putin’s biggest critic calling for protests mysteriously disappeared for a while

12/28/2017 - You could earn cryptocurrency riding a bike next year

12/28/2017 - Thousands of Amsterdam Airbnb hosts face huge fines if they don’t speak up

12/28/2017 - One of the busiest death chambers in the US is fine-tuning its executions

12/28/2017 - A new solar highway in China perfectly captures its clean-energy ambitions

12/28/2017 - Kabul suicide bomb, South Korean crypto-curbs, #TrumpDog

12/28/2017 - Bitcoin prices tumble as South Korea plans crackdown on cryptoassets

12/28/2017 - Evangelical Americans’ support for Trump doesn’t tally up with Christian teachings, say church leaders

12/28/2017 - 2018 is the year you start volunteering. Here’s how

12/28/2017 - Dubai now rivals Seoul as the beauty capital of the world

12/28/2017 - Disturbing videos from child predators cap a disturbing year at YouTube

12/28/2017 - Robots are going to turbo charge one of society’s biggest problems

12/28/2017 - Ethiopia’s remarkable education statistics mask a system in crisis

12/28/2017 - All the things you can—and can’t—do with your WeChat account in China

12/28/2017 - In a country known for its “bitcoin zombies,” one-third of workers are crypto investors

12/28/2017 - India’s bad loan problem ranks among the world’s worst

12/28/2017 - 2017, what a year North Korea

12/28/2017 - The world’s youngest continent will keep being run by its oldest leaders

12/28/2017 - India’s taxman is after your bitcoin gains—and more

12/28/2017 - In 2017, small experiments had a big impact on India’s clean energy sector

12/28/2017 - Liberia’s election, St. Petersburg blast, Trump dog statue

12/28/2017 - Liberia’s election, St. Petersburg blast, Trump dog statue

12/27/2017 - Amul says enough is enough: stop milking my brand

12/27/2017 - The defining photos of 2017 were of protest

12/27/2017 - A starchitect’s design for an Indian state’s new capitol looks a lot like an idli maker

12/27/2017 - A Nobel Prize-winning economist thinks we’re asking all the wrong questions about inequality

12/27/2017 - St. Petersburg blast, Prince Harry’s Obama interview, gender-fluid animals

12/27/2017 - The US Library of Congress has decided not every tweet is worth saving after all

12/27/2017 - Amazon sold more Echo Dots than any other item over the holidays

12/27/2017 - One change to your diet can make you healthier and smarter—if you’re brave enough to do it

12/27/2017 - Calcium pills almost definitely are not making your bones stronger

12/27/2017 - To prepare for “Phantom Thread,” Daniel Day-Lewis made a Balenciaga dress from scratch

12/27/2017 - The Chinese government is trying to be hip with these terrible anti-corruption gifs

12/27/2017 - Your iPhone has a feature to improve productivity that you’ve probably ignored

12/27/2017 - The 24 best Quartz Ideas stories of 2017

12/27/2017 - Obama felt “serenity” during Trump’s “American carnage” inauguration speech

12/27/2017 - The Golden Age Hollywood icon who made the tuxedo a unisex symbol

12/27/2017 - The most interesting facts about jobs from 2017

12/27/2017 - In the wake of Matt Lauer, NBC allegedly wants its employees to snitch on office romance

12/27/2017 - An intersex shark discovered near Taiwan shines a light on fluidity in the animal kingdom

12/27/2017 - A world chess champion’s stand against Saudi Arabia’s misogyny will cost her two titles

12/27/2017 - The most important New Year’s resolution involves buying a new mattress

12/27/2017 - A Princeton economist has a theory for why there are so few women in economics

12/27/2017 - Amazon wants you to know it sold a ton over the holidays—but not how much

12/27/2017 - Legal levels of air pollution are killing the elderly

12/27/2017 - The “pussy bow” was the conservative fashion statement of 2017

12/27/2017 - Russia is getting consistently more confident about infiltrating UK territories

12/27/2017 - Erie, Pa. got five feet of snow. And it’s still snowing

12/27/2017 - This was the year I realized my brain belongs to my phone

12/27/2017 - Sharing my feelings with coworkers was horrible

12/27/2017 - The 18 photos that encapsulate Trump’s first year as president

12/27/2017 - A simple exercise to boost your team’s digital empathy

12/27/2017 - Quartz’s geopolitical forecast: What to watch for in 2018

12/27/2017 - From Ryan Gosling to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the most thought-provoking speeches of 2017

12/27/2017 - Bitcoin prices stabilize as the overall value of cryptoassets climbs towards a new record

12/27/2017 - Britain is losing potential spies to big tech—so it’s speeding up the vetting process

12/27/2017 - A Scottish island with six residents wants a rebrand to avoid its community’s extinction

12/27/2017 - Bitcoin’s future, Erie’s record snowfall, skull-faced asteroid

12/27/2017 - In 2018 you don’t need more exercise—you need to move more

12/27/2017 - Quartz’s favorite Africa books of 2017

12/27/2017 - We’ve been using bad Africa deforestation data for years

12/27/2017 - A mall in China is ringing in the year of the dog with a Trump-inspired dog statue

12/27/2017 - China’s internet “clean-up” has closed over 13,000 illegal websites since 2015

12/27/2017 - Free online courses that teach skills for Africa’s most in-demand industries

12/27/2017 - In one metric of diversity, China comes in dead last

12/27/2017 - 2017: The year when Indian hip-hop cemented its place on the music charts

12/27/2017 - For love or for god: Why Indians travel

12/27/2017 - Beyond fighting machines: How India can tap the full potential of its soldiers

12/27/2017 - For China, Christmas is the best time of year to put human-rights activists on trial

12/27/2017 - Samsung trial, Brazil vs. Venezuela, skull-faced asteroid

12/27/2017 - Samsung trial, Brazil vs. Venezuela, skull-faced asteroid

12/27/2017 - Indian customers are not loving it as McDonald’s shuts 20% of its outlets down

12/26/2017 - 56,000 layoffs and counting: India’s IT bloodbath this year may just be the start

12/26/2017 - In 2017, Silicon Valley got cozier with China. In 2018, Washington will get frostier

12/26/2017 - The real heroes of Netflix’s Bright were left out of the credits. Here are their names

12/26/2017 - Turkey visits Saudi Arabia and Tunisia, India’s fiber-optic future, and gaming disorder

12/26/2017 - Use this lesson from the Beatles’ biggest failure to start the new year right

12/26/2017 - If you have information on stolen Rembrandts, you have five days to collect $10 million

12/26/2017 - There’s a trick to getting entitled employees to stop complaining and do their jobs

12/26/2017 - US retailers got a present this Christmas: their highest holiday sales in years

12/26/2017 - Most economists think bitcoin won’t bring down the global economy—yet

12/26/2017 - Americans are ok denying service to same-sex couples, but not for the reasons you expect

12/26/2017 - Google’s voice-generating AI is now indistinguishable from humans

12/26/2017 - How to start 2018 off right, according to a wonderfully neurotic meme

12/26/2017 - Don’t just read more books next year—read the books you actively avoid

12/26/2017 - This year’s best aerial photography, chosen by National Geographic

12/26/2017 - What Elon Musk doesn’t understand about public transit hurts everyone

12/26/2017 - UPS had so many holiday deliveries this year, it asked accountants to help out

12/26/2017 - The funniest lines from the brutal reviews of Netflix’s “Bright”

12/26/2017 - The latest Black Panther trailer shows just how much the film taps into Africa’s story

12/26/2017 - This is what dating could look like 100 years in the future

12/26/2017 - One of the richest cities in China is the world’s dollar store

12/26/2017 - Liberia will finally elect a new president today

12/26/2017 - I’m a millennial and I can’t get my older colleagues to be vulnerable. Help!

12/26/2017 - Definitive proof that tipping makes customers happy

12/26/2017 - New research into the “collective unconscious” explains the post-holiday baby boom

12/26/2017 - Digital innovation is both a blessing and a curse for Africa’s informal sector

12/26/2017 - Facebook’s holiday gift is a tool to check your engagement with Russian propaganda

12/26/2017 - US consumer confidence, Typhoon Tembin, 99-pack beer

12/26/2017 - Post-holiday blues can teach you to celebrate reality

12/26/2017 - We looked at the major scientific discoveries from five years ago to see where they are now

12/26/2017 - Indian apps are seeking way too many “dangerous permissions” on your phone

12/26/2017 - A brand expert explains how Patanjali is winning the trust of Indian consumers

12/26/2017 - The memes distracting China in 2017 reflected deep anxieties about haves and have-nots

12/26/2017 - Peru protests, Typhoon Tembin, 99-pack beer

12/26/2017 - Peru protests, Typhoon Tembin, 99-pack beer

12/26/2017 - Economics of Boxing Day, rules for re-gifting presents, the world’s best battery

12/25/2017 - Why the young from India’s northeast are building bridges with the country’s big cities

12/25/2017 - Vietnam-bound typhoon, rules for re-gifting presents, the world’s best battery

12/25/2017 - Pope Francis’ Christmas message was about Mary, Joseph, and migration

12/25/2017 - Tesla’s record-breaking battery is the world’s best—but still needs to be bailed out by fossil fuels, eventually

12/25/2017 - “Lady Bird” continues its winning streak to become A24’s highest grossing film of all time

12/25/2017 - Take a new approach to holiday leftovers with this sweet Somali tradition

12/25/2017 - A psychologist’s toolkit for coping with holiday conflict and anxiety

12/25/2017 - The real reason a third of antidepressants are prescribed for something else

12/25/2017 - Here are 1,310 direct flights created in 2017 that you can now take

12/25/2017 - Help us count Hurricane Maria’s true death toll in Puerto Rico

12/25/2017 - A snowy Christmas season isn’t the worst time to fly—it just feels like it sometimes

12/25/2017 - Photos: The architectural mastery of Ethiopia’s ancient churches

12/25/2017 - The economic surprise of 2017 was Europe’s best year in a decade

12/25/2017 - What Christmas looks like in India, a country of 24 million Christians

12/24/2017 - Edward Snowden created an app to catch hackers

12/24/2017 - Santa Claus’s work-life balance includes taekwondo and water-skiing

12/24/2017 - When it comes to critics and audiences, “Bright” is the mirror opposite of “The Last Jedi”

12/24/2017 - Toshiba created a radiation-shielded selfie stick to investigate the melted Fukushima reactor

12/24/2017 - What the Christmas tree industrial complex looks like from space

12/24/2017 - The Yule Log: a pagan ritual turned YouTube phenomenon

12/24/2017 - The Pentagon’s annual Santa tracker treats Rudolph like a ballistic missile

12/24/2017 - The etiquette of re-gifting. Do it right or don’t do it at all.

12/24/2017 - Archaeologists in Turkey believe they are digging up the original Santa Claus

12/24/2017 - Can a basic property of liquid be used as an energy source?

12/24/2017 - How to cope with the social pressures of a “Yoruba” party in Lagos

12/24/2017 - Tokyo’s adorable police mascot Pipo-kun is basically cuteness, weaponized

12/24/2017 - I waited too long to try to have a baby with my husband. Or did I?

12/24/2017 - These photos capture Africa’s 2017: A year of tumultuous change and new beginnings

12/24/2017 - How architect Norman Foster ended up on a $1,200 bottle of Château Margaux

12/24/2017 - Fall in love with pop culture again, thanks to K-TV on Netflix

12/24/2017 - IMF’s Lagarde on Africa, bitcoin in Nigeria, ANC picks Cyril

12/24/2017 - Research shows that iPhones during family time can actually be a force for good

12/23/2017 - I asked 100 random New Yorkers on the street how they felt about the holidays-almost all agreed on one thing

12/23/2017 - The Trump presidency summed up in one “very gold” symbol

12/23/2017 - Please don’t use AI to write Christmas carols

12/23/2017 - Year-end lists

12/23/2017 - Year-end lists

12/23/2017 - The Atlantic humpback dolphin of western Africa is now endangered

12/23/2017 - Praising “gold star” gays isn’t just silly—it’s ignorant and divisive

12/23/2017 - These secret agent shoes can hide a phone, aftershave, and a GPS tracker

12/23/2017 - Hannah Arendt was the philosopher to reference in 2017

12/23/2017 - The most uplifting podcasts of 2017 are shows about depression, heartbreak and loss

12/23/2017 - Is it the Irish goodbye, the French exit, or to leave “the English way”? Depends where you live

12/23/2017 - Weekend edition—North Korea’s nukes, Trump’s presidential library, cowardice’s praise

12/23/2017 - Three lifehacks I learned waiting tables that still inform everything I do

12/23/2017 - What you need to know to be a better tourist in 2018

12/23/2017 - Algae, thrilled about a warming climate, is making Greenland melt faster

12/23/2017 - How to be a better traveler in 2018—without using the internet

12/23/2017 - Year-end lists

12/23/2017 - Weekend edition—North Korea’s nukes, Trump’s presidential library, cowardice’s praise

12/23/2017 - Weekend edition—North Korea’s nukes, Trump’s presidential library, cowardice’s praise

12/22/2017 - Weekend edition—North Korea’s nukes, Trump’s presidential library, cowardice’s praise

12/22/2017 - The memes that took over Korea’s internet in 2017 show people are done with elites and corruption

12/22/2017 - This artist turned his home into a giant robot fantasyland

12/22/2017 - Everyone at the top of the Miss America org chart is a man

12/22/2017 - The Skywalker reunion in Star Wars may only be worth as much as the rebels in “Rogue One”

12/22/2017 - Year-end lists

12/22/2017 - It turns out the Miss America pageant is even more sexist than you think it is

12/22/2017 - How to fix modernity’s Godzilla problem

12/22/2017 - The year in Trump handshake diplomacy

12/22/2017 - Following a church shooting, Texas says it’s still OK to bring guns to church

12/22/2017 - Uber but for hockey goaltenders is the most Canadian app ever

12/22/2017 - Phoebe Philo, the world’s leading feminist fashion designer, is stepping down from Céline

12/22/2017 - 2017 was the least volatile year in decades

12/22/2017 - Bitcoin bull Novogratz thinks it could plunge to $8,000

12/22/2017 - Amazon is one step closer to making deliveries inside your home

12/22/2017 - To teach Americans a lesson, the US government set fire to a few christmas trees

12/22/2017 - Watch: Mesmerizing videos show chemical reactions like you’ve never seen

12/22/2017 - Papa John is no longer CEO because he didn’t learn the lessons of Patagonia

12/22/2017 - Watch SpaceX’s record-setting final Falcon 9 rocket launch of the year

12/22/2017 - Netflix’s holiday trash-fire video promotes a trash-fire of a Will Smith movie

12/22/2017 - Happy Friday: the bright spots edition

12/22/2017 - Netflix’s first big movie “Bright” feels like a blockbuster built by an algorithm

12/22/2017 - The victory of a major Asian-American character in “The Last Jedi” shows how far we still have to go

12/22/2017 - California says the only safe way to talk on your cell phone is to text

12/22/2017 - Apple is being sued for intentionally slowing down iPhones and not telling anyone

12/22/2017 - Copy – Quartzy: the bright spots edition

12/22/2017 - Quartzy: the bright spots edition

12/22/2017 - Our relationship with work is destroying our humanity

12/22/2017 - The yule log

12/22/2017 - The yule log

12/22/2017 - International Ice Patrol, North Korean cyber attack, Americans have too much TV

12/22/2017 - Germany merkels into 2018 without a new government

12/22/2017 - An AI expert explains how robot-human offspring would work

12/22/2017 - Add the multi-pronged sensory delight of mulled wine to your holiday break

12/22/2017 - Massive robot-powered drones may solve everything wrong with package delivery

12/22/2017 - Bitcoin plunges 30% as Wall Street prepares to trade the cryptoasset

12/22/2017 - After a series of humiliating defeats, pollsters made an impressive comeback in 2017

12/22/2017 - Biographies of famous writers show that even brilliant careers suck sometimes

12/22/2017 - 13 economists on the research that shaped our world in 2017

12/22/2017 - Six-year-olds and chimpanzees will pay to watch punishment

12/22/2017 - The best way to learn is taking a mixed up approach to practice

12/22/2017 - Separatist parties won the Catalan election, but it doesn’t mean independence for the region

12/22/2017 - Unemployment this low rarely lasts

12/22/2017 - Compiling Bon Appetit’s Hot 10 list is the worst best job

12/22/2017 - Millennials, wake up! Algorithms will be discriminating against you in just a few years

12/22/2017 - The US Treasury dept is clamping down on human rights abusers and corrupt officials in Africa

12/22/2017 - Banks are selling private discussions with corporate executives that could violate SEC rules

12/22/2017 - More North Korea sanctions, Catalan separatists triumph, cryptocurrency beverages

12/22/2017 - Facebook is ditching its own solution to fake news because it didn’t work

12/22/2017 - China’s sharing bubble has produced the Chinese character of the year

12/22/2017 - The rich culinary history of Christmas in India

12/22/2017 - It’s a merry Christmas for Indian banks, but Santa isn’t taking away the bad loans

12/22/2017 - The yule log

12/22/2017 - Wind is now the cheapest source of clean energy in India

12/22/2017 - Kenya wants to make its popular matatu commuter buses safe for women

12/22/2017 - China-India summit, North Korea sanctions, cryptocurrency beverages

12/22/2017 - China-India summit, North Korea sanctions, cryptocurrency beverages

12/22/2017 - Flipkart just figured out a way to one-up Amazon: AI and a decade of data

12/22/2017 - There was some good news but also plenty of bad with Africa’s digital space in 2017

12/22/2017 - China’s real-life magic realism of 2017, according to Chinese netizens

12/21/2017 - A collector of Indian rupee notes believes paper currency will soon be a thing of the past

12/21/2017 - Tropical Storm Tembin, UN vote on Jerusalem, cryptocurrency beverages

12/21/2017 - The yule log

12/21/2017 - The American dream still exists—in Canada

12/21/2017 - As Trump soothes himself with Diet Coke, Americans spend more on self-care

12/21/2017 - Uber is finally getting called on its biggest bluffs

12/21/2017 - How every country voted on Trump’s Jerusalem move

12/21/2017 - US life expectancy is dropping for the first time since the AIDS epidemic

12/21/2017 - The porgs in Star Wars are a perfect example of natural selection

12/21/2017 - US nuclear tests killed far more civilians than we knew

12/21/2017 - Democrats and Republicans both have a big blind spot on net neutrality

12/21/2017 - The internet sport of finding sexual anatomy in every logo is ruining graphic design

12/21/2017 - Mitch McConnell says he’s ready to work with the Democrats

12/21/2017 - Beverage companies are juicing their stocks by rebranding with cryptocurrency jargon

12/21/2017 - A look inside Grey Gardens, the storied Hamptons mansion that just sold for $15.5 million

12/21/2017 - America’s top CEOs don’t plan to invest their tax windfalls in America

12/21/2017 - South Africa’s ANC is at risk of becoming a cautionary tale of liberation movements

12/21/2017 - Chechnya’s warlord dictator responded to new US sanctions by pumping iron and calling himself a “great man”

12/21/2017 - You don’t need to move to NYC or LA to succeed. Move here instead

12/21/2017 - Cordyceps

12/21/2017 - Cordyceps

12/21/2017 - As Michael Kors and Gucci swear off fur, China’s shoppers are still eager for it

12/21/2017 - Stop procrastinating with a research-backed mental visualization exercise

12/21/2017 - Four tools that help you relax and recoup money from holiday travel

12/21/2017 - What corporate America needs to do if it wants to stop sexual harassment

12/21/2017 - Shell and Eni will face the “biggest corporate bribery trial” over a $1.1 billion Nigerian oil deal

12/21/2017 - Where to place all those adorable photo holiday cards? The trash

12/21/2017 - Only one iPhone feature matters if you’re trying to decrease stress

12/21/2017 - How one of America’s greatest ventriloquists pioneered female-friendly sex toys

12/21/2017 - Everything we know so far about the “deliberate” car attack in Melbourne

12/21/2017 - These three strategies can help you master any subject

12/21/2017 - Global disasters in 2017 cost $306 billion—nearly double the cost of 2016

12/21/2017 - A note from the publisher

12/21/2017 - To visit this stunning new Dutch art museum, just download an app

12/21/2017 - Gifted a $1 trillion tax windfall from Congress, US companies pledge $2 billion for workers

12/21/2017 - What will happen now that net neutrality is gone? We asked the experts

12/21/2017 - Why it’s so hard to give—and receive—charity, even during the holiday season

12/21/2017 - Kenya’s fintech companies are innovating to bring small businesses into their fold

12/21/2017 - Taxes don’t have to be so complicated. Why does the US refuse to learn from other countries?

12/21/2017 - The best music of 2017 came from artists we barely knew a year ago

12/21/2017 - New research finds the areas of the UK that could be hurt most by Brexit are those that voted for it

12/21/2017 - Catalonian election, Melbourne car attack, “pawnographic” chess logo

12/21/2017 - “A collective mindset”: What a Chinese tech giant wants foreign hires to understand about China

12/21/2017 - Indians need holidays so bad they’ll give up sex, alcohol, or even the internet

12/21/2017 - An Indian court finds nobody guilty in a $4.7 billion telecom scam

12/21/2017 - Cordyceps

12/21/2017 - Didi Chuxing is a near-monopoly in China—so why is it still raising billions of dollars?

12/21/2017 - There’s an e-waste crisis lurking behind India’s cheap-phone boom

12/21/2017 - China is out of the 2018 Russia World Cup—but its businesses are not

12/21/2017 - China inflicted a world of pain on South Korea in 2017

12/21/2017 - Under fire, India’s food safety regulator admits it is a bit of a mess

12/21/2017 - Catalonia election, Apple batteries, yeast milk

12/21/2017 - Catalonia election, Apple batteries, yeast milk

12/21/2017 - 2018 is when something finally gives on North Korea

12/20/2017 - 2017: When India’s startups came of age, herded by Softbank’s big bucks

12/20/2017 - Another North Korean soldier has defected to South Korea

12/20/2017 - There are more Hispanics in the United States than we thought

12/20/2017 - There’s a reason why iPhones get slower after every iOS update

12/20/2017 - The GOP tax bill will widen inequality between millennials

12/20/2017 - Will $1.2 billion in tax-bill spending win AT&T approval for its Time Warner deal?

12/20/2017 - Control of Virginia’s 94th district is now up to chance

12/20/2017 - The stats will show crime in US cities fell in 2017, researchers say

12/20/2017 - Someday, Trump will have a presidential library. Here’s what it might look like.

12/20/2017 - North Korea’s bitcoin heist, Trudeau’s ethics blunder, Mafia origins

12/20/2017 - A skull-shaped asteroid will approach Earth again in 2018

12/20/2017 - The way US corporations hire CEOs tells us they don’t need a giant tax cut

12/20/2017 - Cordyceps

12/20/2017 - Retail’s struggles are falling entirely on women

12/20/2017 - Vandals smashed a 115-million-year-old dinosaur footprint with a hammer

12/20/2017 - The philosophy that could have stopped Silicon Valley’s crisis of conscience before it started

12/20/2017 - Facebook reactions to posts by Democrats got a lot angrier after Trump was elected

12/20/2017 - Hotels are now blurring the lines between hospitality and, well, everything

12/20/2017 - England’s “virgin queen” invented gingerbread men to represent her suitors

12/20/2017 - A tech startup is making convincing cow-free milk by genetically engineering yeast

12/20/2017 - Unlimited, copyright-free access to these artists and thinkers’ works arrives Jan. 1

12/20/2017 - How to give the gift of good TV around the globe

12/20/2017 - The Mac is about to be an iPad with a keyboard and no touchscreen

12/20/2017 - The EU has triggered the “nuclear option” against Poland

12/20/2017 - Paul Ryan, the face of the new US tax bill, struggles to explain it

12/20/2017 - Why signing a noncompete agreement is bad for you—and the economy

12/20/2017 - For the first time ever, more women than men are going to med school

12/20/2017 - Magic Leap has finally shown off its hardware and it’s… interesting

12/20/2017 - “All I Want for Christmas is You”

12/20/2017 - “All I Want for Christmas is You”

12/20/2017 - The GOP tax bill is a massive victory for globalization

12/20/2017 - Japanese macaques grinding on deer can teach us to be more open-minded about sex

12/20/2017 - Ghana’s visa fraud problem has triggered a rise in identity theft

12/20/2017 - A renewable-energy company is allegedly getting workers sick and firing them

12/20/2017 - The UK will have even less time to prepare for life outside the EU than it wants

12/20/2017 - Netflix’s most addictive new show features a dessert-obsessed Japanese salaryman

12/20/2017 - The mostly great year in US jobs, in five charts and a map

12/20/2017 - The language of the persecuted minority Rohingya will be digitized

12/20/2017 - Everything Apple will be working on in 2018

12/20/2017 - Here are the 12 Republicans who voted against a tax plan that will “mess up America”

12/20/2017 - How a severe drought in Sicily in 1893 created the Mafia

12/20/2017 - Bank of America is giving employees what they want: time away from Bank of America

12/20/2017 - 2017 was the year of retail’s existential reckoning

12/20/2017 - Animals’ delicate capillaries become art in these eerie 3D images

12/20/2017 - EU calls Uber a taxi, GOP hails a tax victory, dialing Elon Musk

12/20/2017 - Online shopping is overloading the US Postal Service

12/20/2017 - Uber is facing another major setback in its plans for global expansion

12/20/2017 - Everyone in the world should be taxed based on their energy footprint

12/20/2017 - A bitcoin millionaire’s fortune will fund psychedelic research, a cure for aging, and clean water

12/20/2017 - A musicologist explains why “All I Want for Christmas Is You” may become the most popular pop song ever

12/20/2017 - Panda poop is being turned into tissues in China

12/20/2017 - Always behave like Mercury is in retrograde

12/20/2017 - Pixar’s Coco has made more money in China than at home

12/20/2017 - There’s something rotten inside India’s top food safety regulator

12/20/2017 - Coinbase is investigating claims of bitcoin cash insider trading

12/20/2017 - And the Guinness World Record for tightest knot goes to…

12/20/2017 - Japan debuts its first drive-thru funerals

12/20/2017 - Catalonia’s parliamentary election exposes how divided the region really is on independence

12/20/2017 - Angry Indians are complaining about their banks like never before

12/20/2017 - “All I Want for Christmas is You”

12/20/2017 - Why India shouldn’t use the ordinary depositor’s money to rescue banks

12/20/2017 - Apple’s new chief in India has a lot to fix

12/20/2017 - EU’s Uber ruling, GOP tax victory, calling Elon Musk

12/20/2017 - EU’s Uber ruling, GOP tax victory, calling Elon Musk

12/19/2017 - Why doesn’t Ola want to be just a taxi company?

12/19/2017 - The FDA approved a gene therapy that can reverse a form of childhood blindness

12/19/2017 - Elon Musk appears to have accidentally tweeted his private cell phone number to his 16.7 million followers

12/19/2017 - A brief history of unnerving Donald Trump likenesses

12/19/2017 - “All I Want for Christmas is You”

12/19/2017 - US tax overhaul, China’s economic blueprint, subway archaeology

12/19/2017 - Millennials aren’t entitled. They are empowered

12/19/2017 - On the Alibaba campus, ambition and humility are both on display

12/19/2017 - What is positive train control and why wasn’t it being used in the Amtrak train crash?

12/19/2017 - WeWork is launching a private, secretive, invite-only version of WeWork

12/19/2017 - Donald Trump and the Hall of Presidents would like to welcome you to your nightmares

12/19/2017 - Making a living as a literary author is damn near impossible, a report says

12/19/2017 - Meryl Streep and Rose McGowan just proved the transformative power of a real apology

12/19/2017 - You can celebrate the winter solstice with a dazzling meteor shower

12/19/2017 - Every designer should see the Smithsonian’s illuminating exhibit on accessibility

12/19/2017 - Delta bids farewell to the 747, ushering in a leaner era for air travel

12/19/2017 - “Get Out” is the best movie of 2017, according to Rotten Tomatoes

12/19/2017 - One of the smartest ideas for balancing work and life just went into effect in Hawaii

12/19/2017 - Scientists think Japanese monkeys are practicing sex with deer

12/19/2017 - Microsoft is finally ending contracts that enforce secrecy for victims of abuse

12/19/2017 - A rabid Star Wars fan may have rigged the Rotten Tomatoes score for “The Last Jedi”

12/19/2017 - How to avoid cultural mistakes while doing business abroad

12/19/2017 - The bet on using technology to get more Nigerians farming again is starting to pay off

12/19/2017 - Facebook is giving the US government more and more data

12/19/2017 - The FDA is cracking down on the shady, $3 billion homeopathic drug industry

12/19/2017 - University presidents are shocked—shocked!—that Americans think they’re too elite

12/19/2017 - Forget bling: Ghana’s rappers are putting the environment center stage

12/19/2017 - A South Korean bitcoin exchange has filed for bankruptcy after being hacked again

12/19/2017 - Missile defense

12/19/2017 - Missile defense

12/19/2017 - What’s worse than the Fyre Festival? Depriving cheese-loving Brits of camembert

12/19/2017 - Highly motivated kids have a greater advantage in life than kids with a high IQ

12/19/2017 - Everything you need—but don’t want—to know about getting sick on a cruise ship

12/19/2017 - Investing in BlackRock was one way to beat the market this year

12/19/2017 - Learning a language in VR is less embarrassing than IRL

12/19/2017 - Finally, an easy, quick way to transcribe audio, for free

12/19/2017 - This year the world woke up to the society-shifting power of artificial intelligence

12/19/2017 - The suicide of a K-pop star is opening up a conversation on mental health in South Korea

12/19/2017 - Immigrant families are helplessly caught in the middle of Trump’s H-1B clampdown

12/19/2017 - FedEx delivers results, Amtrak train speed, leaky aircraft carriers

12/19/2017 - Africa’s mounting debt crisis will worsen if US and Europe’s economies improve, says IMF’s Lagarde

12/19/2017 - Estonia’s going ahead with its plan to be the first country to launch an ICO

12/19/2017 - Climate change helped destroy the Roman Empire

12/19/2017 - Space is not a “global commons,” top Trump space official says

12/19/2017 - You could copy the Cambridges’ royal Christmas card at JCPenney Portrait Studio

12/19/2017 - India’s taxi wars will now be fought over dinner tables

12/19/2017 - The battle to make French a “gender-neutral language” is emphasizing the country’s inherent sexism

12/19/2017 - Violence is tearing apart two of Ethiopia’s largest ethnic communities

12/19/2017 - Missile defense

12/19/2017 - Bitcoin is booming in Nigeria as both business users and speculators rush in

12/19/2017 - Economic lessons for Narendra Modi from the Gujarat ballot box

12/19/2017 - North Korea was behind the WannaCry cyberattacks, says the White House

12/19/2017 - Demonetisation burnt a $5.5 billion hole in the Modi government’s pocket

12/19/2017 - Protests in Argentina, train derailment in US, Vatican milk paint

12/19/2017 - Protests in Argentina, train derailment in US, Vatican milk paint

12/19/2017 - Two years on, Modi’s Startup India plan is still mostly just that—a plan

12/19/2017 - What do Indian startups fear even more than a funding crunch?

12/18/2017 - The complete guide to the world’s largest carbon market that just launched in China

12/18/2017 - “Ridiculous”: Rex Tillerson’s response to the only question that matters

12/18/2017 - Trump removes climate change from national security threats after military says they are real

12/18/2017 - Hate speech on Twitter, Amtrak derailment, snow monkeys

12/18/2017 - A Washington state mayor predicted the new Amtrak line would cause fatalities

12/18/2017 - Scientists finally confirm there was life on Earth 3.5 billion years ago

12/18/2017 - Missile defense

12/18/2017 - Photos: The terrifying scene of an Amtrak train that crashed onto an interstate

12/18/2017 - Mae Jemison is trying to save life on Earth by tricking us into thinking we’re planning for deep-space travel

12/18/2017 - A railroad spent $84 million to hire a sick CEO—he died eight months later

12/18/2017 - ANC may have a new president, but Cyril Ramaphosa alone won’t solve South Africa’s problems

12/18/2017 - The best holiday shopping tips for the worst procrastinators

12/18/2017 - Trump’s obsession with immigration is making the US more vulnerable to terrorism

12/18/2017 - Americans can’t keep up with all the TV services they have

12/18/2017 - McDonald’s is making the McVegan a permanent menu item in Sweden and Finland

12/18/2017 - Your self-driving car of the future is going to need a lot of sensors to handle the snow

12/18/2017 - You can thank Facebook, Hulu, and Instagram for some of the year’s bestselling books

12/18/2017 - An interstellar asteroid could have held life—before it was fried by radiation

12/18/2017 - Companies are getting political because it’s good for business

12/18/2017 - South Africa’s ANC picks Cyril Ramaphosa as leader in defiance of president Jacob Zuma

12/18/2017 - Led by Anita Hill, Hollywood executives are uniting to fight sexual harassment

12/18/2017 - All the key Department of Homeland Security positions Trump has left unfilled

12/18/2017 - You’ve missed your chance to give AirPods as a Christmas present

12/18/2017 - Amazon is planning brick-and-mortar stores in Germany

12/18/2017 - The hidden benefits of being a woman in tech

12/18/2017 - The meaning of LeBron James’ black and white “Equality” sneakers

12/18/2017 - Facebook will now penalize posts begging for likes, shares, and comments

12/18/2017 - Rupert Murdoch sold 21st Century Fox because even his media giant was too small to compete

12/18/2017 - Think twice about buying internet-connected devices off eBay

12/18/2017 - Facebook’s power to undermine democracy is getting stronger—and it’s fueling oppressive regimes

12/18/2017 - One TV show captured the existential horror, and subtle beauty, of 2017

12/18/2017 - Adrian Grenier says a toilet-paper-free life is the ultimate luxury

12/18/2017 - Electric cars have made this once obscure metal the hottest commodity of 2017

12/18/2017 - Somalia’s first post-civil war memorial could be erected to the victims of its deadliest ever attack

12/18/2017 - Teen Vogue’s final print issues celebrate readers, not celebrities

12/18/2017 - “Imeldific”: The first granddaughter is messing with Rodrigo Duterte’s populist image

12/18/2017 - After a record plunge in popularity, Emmanuel Macron is winning back support in France

12/18/2017 - The world’s biggest coal port is now preparing for the end of coal

12/18/2017 - Yoga poses you can do at work for your neck, shoulders, and upper back

12/18/2017 - What Siri and Alexa might look like, according to artists

12/18/2017 - The philosophical case against Secret Santa

12/18/2017 - Gujarat: The force is still with Modi but the resistance is rising

12/18/2017 - Bitcoin futures on the world’s biggest derivatives exchange signal the boom isn’t over yet

12/18/2017 - A checklist for when it’s time to quit a job, from the ethics chief who walked out under Trump

12/18/2017 - The case against library fines—according to the head of The New York Public Library

12/18/2017 - Ikea tax probe, Atlanta air chaos, painting the Vatican with milk

12/18/2017 - No loans, big protests, naked models: Adani’s coal mine project in Australia has seen it all

12/18/2017 - A five-point plan to protect your portfolio from risk in 2018

12/18/2017 - Under Trump, Indian H-1B wives fear becoming second-class citizens again

12/18/2017 - Even if you’ve forgotten the language you spoke as a child, it still stays with you

12/18/2017 - Ikea tax investigation, UN Jerusalem vote, nutty bitcoin math

12/18/2017 - Ikea tax investigation, UN Jerusalem vote, nutty bitcoin math

12/18/2017 - Boys can’t be boys. Here’s how to fix India’s toxic masculinity problem

12/17/2017 - How should India regulate the ticking time bomb called bitcoin?

12/17/2017 - Bitcoin’s mysterious inventor is now one of the world’s 50 richest people

12/17/2017 - How people around the world celebrate the winter solstice

12/17/2017 - Ikea tax investigation, UN Jerusalem vote, and Sumatran rhinos

12/17/2017 - The Republicans are about to cut the top US tax rate and it makes no sense

12/17/2017 - The nutty math that really shows how quickly bitcoin has grown

12/17/2017 - Lin-Manuel Miranda just dropped a new “Hamilton” album—but there’s a catch

12/17/2017 - The future of grocery shopping has arrived in China

12/17/2017 - The remarkably enduring cool of the Doc Martens boot

12/17/2017 - The uncomfortable truths behind the latest numbers on teen drug use

12/17/2017 - Amazon buying Whole Foods was the best thing that ever happened to Instacart

12/17/2017 - Calestous Juma’s legacy of supporting innovation in Africa is the gift he gave us all

12/17/2017 - Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin wants your next vacation to be in space

12/17/2017 - Photos explain how Trump dodges sexual accusers while others fall

12/17/2017 - The new US tax bill will be bad for the emotional well-being of tens of millions of Americans

12/17/2017 - Very good doggos learn to group smells by category

12/17/2017 - Linguists reveal the evolution of Donald Trump’s tweets over time

12/17/2017 - Every gift guide you need, all in one place

12/17/2017 - If you’re going to watch five yule log videos this holiday, watch these

12/17/2017 - The mystery of the sexy Icelandic cousin to Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”

12/17/2017 - Nostalgia is the ultimate privilege

12/17/2017 - Calestous Juma, Swahili Wikileaks, DRC’s closed textile factories

12/16/2017 - The Pentagon has confirmed its $22M program to investigate UFOs

12/16/2017 - Facebook bravely admits that it is a problem, and suggests we spend more time on Facebook

12/16/2017 - The world has a brand-new language, and it’s a win for nationalists

12/16/2017 - Read the letter from an ex-employee accusing Uber of hacking competitors and wiretapping

12/16/2017 - The cassette tape

12/16/2017 - The cassette tape

12/16/2017 - How the CDC used “vulnerable,” “transgender” and other newly banned words in past documents

12/16/2017 - The literary genius of Africa’s leading innovation scholar, Calestous Juma

12/16/2017 - The 26 places where Democrats should invest in black voters in 2018

12/16/2017 - An elegant, delicious host gift made with two ingredients in 15 minutes

12/16/2017 - The best television is happening in video games

12/16/2017 - A big wave surfers’ guide to taking calculated risks

12/16/2017 - Tired of waiting on the auto industry, the German postal service built its own e-trucks

12/16/2017 - Space photography puts 2017’s biggest news events in perspective

12/16/2017 - Use our calculator to see if grad school will really make you wealthier

12/16/2017 - The intellectual bullying that often accompanies sexual harassment

12/16/2017 - Houseplants that clean the air of carcinogens

12/16/2017 - Weekend edition—The curse of your convictions, dodgy contact lenses, square-dancing secrets

12/16/2017 - Kids around the world are suing their governments for ruining the planet

12/16/2017 - Land where 153 million people live may be underwater by 2100

12/16/2017 - I changed my mind about a deeply held belief, and finally saw the world accurately

12/16/2017 - The wildly popular Japanese art of solo karaoke

12/16/2017 - There’s never been a better time to buy a $50 million NYC dream pad

12/16/2017 - The cassette tape

12/16/2017 - South Africa’s next president might be a woman. Here’s why that’s a vote for the patriarchy

12/16/2017 - Weekend edition—The curse of your convictions, dodgy contact lenses, square-dancing secrets

12/16/2017 - Chimpanzees can catch the “common cold” from humans—and it can kill them

12/16/2017 - Weekend edition—The curse of your convictions, dodgy contact lenses, square-dancing secrets

12/15/2017 - The ghost economy, partisan feminism, and eight other stories you might have missed

12/15/2017 - Weekend edition—The curse of your convictions, dodgy contact lenses, square-dancing secrets

12/15/2017 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi is an enthralling mess

12/15/2017 - How California rescued exotic animals during the wildfires

12/15/2017 - Africa’s leading innovation scholar, Calestous Juma, has died

12/15/2017 - The cassette tape

12/15/2017 - Today is the last day to sign up for Obamacare in the US. Here’s how

12/15/2017 - Are ski days the secret to workplace wellness? This company thinks so

12/15/2017 - Looking for a wellness program that works? Take a page from the book of these wellness leaders

12/15/2017 - A guide to paying taxes on bitcoin investments

12/15/2017 - Battered by overexpansion in the West, H&M is expanding into China

12/15/2017 - The paradox of Paul Ryan’s request for Americans to have more babies

12/15/2017 - Charted: How the Disney-Fox mega-merger eats up market share

12/15/2017 - Research suggests friends are how we survive work

12/15/2017 - Fashion Nova is the millennial clothing brand googled more than Chanel

12/15/2017 - This Nigerian AI health startup wants to save thousands of babies’ lives with a simple app

12/15/2017 - Happy Friday: the high end edition

12/15/2017 - Let’s take a moment of silence for the death of AOL Instant Messenger

12/15/2017 - A Chinese company is developing facial recognition for organic chickens

12/15/2017 - Stephen Hawking’s search for extraterrestrial life came up short

12/15/2017 - “Lady Bird” lost its perfect Rotten Tomatoes score because one critic gamed the system

12/15/2017 - Copy – Quartzy: the high end edition

12/15/2017 - Quartzy: the high end edition

12/15/2017 - The media ends up racializing poverty by presenting a distorted image of black families

12/15/2017 - Choco Pie

12/15/2017 - Choco Pie

12/15/2017 - Saudi Arabian cinema, immigrants get the job done, is bitcoin a bubble?

12/15/2017 - How I learned to take my breasts to work

12/15/2017 - Watch SpaceX launch its first reusable rocket to the International Space Station

12/15/2017 - I’m a sexual harassment lawyer. Here’s my advice to men

12/15/2017 - There’s a trick to improving your mood—but you probably don’t want to do it

12/15/2017 - Orange, paintbrush strokes, and “golden eyes” dominated US book covers in 2017

12/15/2017 - How to gift entertainment in the age of the internet

12/15/2017 - Amtrak is finally refreshing its tired train interiors

12/15/2017 - A new technology promises to make bitcoin useful to pay for things, and not to hoard

12/15/2017 - Women with postgrad degrees are more likely to report experiencing sex discrimination at work

12/15/2017 - Bringing the lightsaber from Star Wars—the ultimate toy—to life

12/15/2017 - A new art exhibition portrays Vladimir Putin as a superhero

12/15/2017 - Airbnb has a new target—actual bed and breakfasts

12/15/2017 - Skechers, Kodak, Hostess: Household brands without any women on the board

12/15/2017 - Trump has failed on trade (that’s good), but the economic damage is already done

12/15/2017 - Ethiopia has blocked social media sites as new Oromo protests hit the country

12/15/2017 - There are 624 public companies with no women on their boards. Here’s the list

12/15/2017 - By next month, 600,000 American children will lose their health insurance. This is where they live.

12/15/2017 - The new stoner aesthetic is high design

12/15/2017 - The next big sin tax could be aimed at meat

12/15/2017 - Does the Republican tax cut mean deficits don’t matter?

12/15/2017 - Idyllic suburban ponds are actually full of creatures made up of human poop

12/15/2017 - UN talks North Korea, Trump dials Putin, monorails are back

12/15/2017 - China is the acid-test for a technology that could save the world from catastrophic climate change

12/15/2017 - The 20% rule of time management can turn chaos into creative genius

12/15/2017 - Alphabet’s X will use light beams to bring the internet to millions of rural Indian households

12/15/2017 - Thousands of Indian wives might not be able to work in the US under new Trump proposal

12/15/2017 - The EU institutions are unbelievably white. Brexit will make them even whiter

12/15/2017 - Choco Pie

12/15/2017 - India’s shocking income divide—charted

12/15/2017 - Europe’s plan to forget Britain and unseat the US as leader of the free world

12/15/2017 - Men get twice as much pension money as women in Germany

12/15/2017 - Bahubali, Bollywood, and bitcoin: What Indians Googled in 2017

12/15/2017 - For how long can Indian and Pakistani Muslims resist the Saudi influence?

12/15/2017 - South Africa’s next leader, India’s ID numbers, Choco Pies for life

12/15/2017 - South Africa’s next leader, India’s ID numbers, Choco Pies for life

12/15/2017 - Colourful photos show India’s centuries-old romance with the elephant

12/14/2017 - An Indian lifestyle brand is using Bollywood celebrities to curate your wardrobe

12/14/2017 - A lifesaving childbirth tool was successfully introduced in India—but saved no lives

12/14/2017 - Despite a firm “no” vote, Roy Moore still thinks he has a chance with Alabama

12/14/2017 - Comcast changed its website and net neutrality fans may not like it

12/14/2017 - Hulu is messy. Here’s how it fits into Disney’s streaming plans

12/14/2017 - Google’s AI found two new exoplanets

12/14/2017 - Aadhaar ruling, net neutrality repeal, and Choco Pies

12/14/2017 - Net neutrality repeal, teenage vaping, and eight other stories you might have missed

12/14/2017 - Contact lens startup Hubble sold lenses with a fake prescription from a made-up doctor

12/14/2017 - Choco Pie

12/14/2017 - A rule that could reverse net neutrality’s repeal is why your back and wrists hurt at work

12/14/2017 - Rupert Murdoch underestimated how a Trump presidency could make him even richer

12/14/2017 - A trailer imagines Star Wars if George Lucas had used the original concept art

12/14/2017 - The first lawsuit to save net neutrality was announced minutes after the FCC voted to repeal it

12/14/2017 - How to get the most out of Google Maps when you’re traveling

12/14/2017 - A new fully loaded iMac Pro costs as much as a car

12/14/2017 - The French government wants kids under 16 to get parental permission to go on Facebook

12/14/2017 - Everything Disney’s takeover of Fox means for the future of entertainment

12/14/2017 - #NetNeutality is trending in the US, but that’s not how you spell “neutrality”

12/14/2017 - The UK wants to install wifi along 4,400 miles of highway

12/14/2017 - Net neutrality was just repealed. Here’s how it could still be saved

12/14/2017 - Two minutes of YouTube comments on the FCC’s decision to repeal net neutrality

12/14/2017 - No, tailgating doesn’t get you where you need to go faster

12/14/2017 - Mega-mergers like the Disney-Fox deal rarely succeed

12/14/2017 - Experts are obsessing over whether this photo shows a North Korean nuclear weapon

12/14/2017 - MoviePass is great—unless you want to see “Star Wars” on opening night

12/14/2017 - What the Kalahari Bushmen can teach us about a 15 hour work week

12/14/2017 - Why you should buy your partner a sex toy for Christmas

12/14/2017 - Disney’s Bob Iger, who bought Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar, has landed his biggest deal yet

12/14/2017 - AI veteran Andrew Ng just can’t stop launching new companies

12/14/2017 - Americans! See if your identity was used to make fake net neutrality comments

12/14/2017 - “The Simpsons” predicted its own takeover by Disney 20 years ago

12/14/2017 - Beijing is cultivating the next generation of African elites by training them in China

12/14/2017 - A Nobel Prize winner is freeing women scientists from household chores

12/14/2017 - Crypto hedge funds are beating their benchmarks

12/14/2017 - The transatlantic airfare war comes to Amsterdam, Madrid, and Milan thanks to new routes from Norwegian

12/14/2017 - We’ve been structuring brainstorm sessions all wrong

12/14/2017 - Being vulnerable at work can backfire

12/14/2017 - Disney’s massive Fox acquisition is all about defeating Netflix

12/14/2017 - Disney is buying 21st Century Fox in a deal that will change Hollywood forever

12/14/2017 - Kabbalah is hiring brand designers to reach the “spiritual but not religious” generation

12/14/2017 - Telling AI to not replicate itself is like telling teenagers to just not have sex

12/14/2017 - Monorails are back

12/14/2017 - AmazonBasics is moving well beyond the basics

12/14/2017 - Pulque, the underappreciated cousin of tequila, is making a comeback

12/14/2017 - Instead of a new car, this city wants you to try sharing an electric ride instead

12/14/2017 - Wine glasses are almost seven times bigger than they were 300 years ago

12/14/2017 - These futuristic street lights require no energy and create no light pollution

12/14/2017 - We’ve come to expect science to solve problems—and that’s a problem

12/14/2017 - Ethiopia is using Israeli spy technology to target its dissidents abroad

12/14/2017 - AIM

12/14/2017 - Net neutrality vote, Disney-Fox deal, giant penguins

12/14/2017 - Interactive: Can you get carbon emissions under control?

12/14/2017 - The days of the Arctic being “reliably frozen” are over

12/14/2017 - Aristotle said there are three types of friendship, but only one we should strive for

12/14/2017 - It’s time for America’s tireless economic hero to take a victory lap

12/14/2017 - The nasty Gujarat campaign has left Narendra Modi’s image sullied

12/14/2017 - The North Korean soldier who defected is getting a lifetime supply of Choco Pie

12/14/2017 - On trains, buses, and flights, Indians are watching Netflix everywhere

12/14/2017 - The new balance of power in Brussels after Brexit

12/14/2017 - Brexit humiliation, Disney-Fox deal, giant penguins

12/14/2017 - Brexit humiliation, Disney-Fox deal, giant penguins

12/14/2017 - Thomas Piketty says the US is setting a bad example on inequality for the world

12/14/2017 - It may seem like Apple’s India strategy has gone off a cliff, but it’s actually working

12/14/2017 - South Africa’s fraught race relations have been laid bare in the Steinhoff corporate fraud scandal

12/14/2017 - Tax authorities have gatecrashed India’s bitcoin party

12/13/2017 - A country of many nations, will India break up?

12/13/2017 - “Black voters turned out” isn’t the full story of Alabama’s surprise Democratic win

12/13/2017 - Two maps explain the racial history behind Alabama’s senate vote

12/13/2017 - Dracula’s terrible tick sucked the blood of dinosaurs 99 million years ago

12/13/2017 - Bing is revamping its results to be smarter alternative to Google

12/13/2017 - Doug Jones’ victory, Mexico’s obesity, and eight other stories you might have missed

12/13/2017 - GOP tax bill, EU kebab law, hourly latkes

12/13/2017 - A predictive keyboard that can make you sound uncannily like JK Rowling or Drake

12/13/2017 - Congestion is so bad in Washington D.C., tolls hit $40 last week

12/13/2017 - It wasn’t long ago that North and South Korea tried to make peace. What went wrong?

12/13/2017 - The Last Jedi’s director did something highly unusual for Hollywood: He was nice

12/13/2017 - How Doug Jones beat Roy Moore

12/13/2017 - The tourist attractions on top of your bucket list might not actually want you there

12/13/2017 - There’s one day left to “Break the Internet” in order to save it

12/13/2017 - Investors could benefit from backing this group of entrepreneurs

12/13/2017 - Why veteran-owned businesses will outpace their counterparts in 2018

12/13/2017 - After Alabama, some Republicans decide they’re not scared of Stephen Bannon anymore

12/13/2017 - Human-sized penguins once waddled the Earth

12/13/2017 - The perfect political holiday gift: a Patagonia fleece

12/13/2017 - Lego figures dressed as Nazi soldiers are being sold on German Amazon

12/13/2017 - Stay sane (and stylish) in the holiday travel crush with these TSA-friendly amenity kits

12/13/2017 - The best compliment you can give, according to Meryl Streep

12/13/2017 - Tillerson’s new North Korea strategy is at odds with Trump—again

12/13/2017 - This inhospitable volcanic region of Ethiopia gives us clues about life on Mars

12/13/2017 - #Vanlife

12/13/2017 - #Vanlife

12/13/2017 - Trump’s new defense bill includes a dire warning on climate change

12/13/2017 - How I, the New York Times election needle, turned failure into my greatest advantage

12/13/2017 - Doug Jones’ victory in Alabama won’t stop the Republican tax overhaul

12/13/2017 - How to give the gift of bitcoin this holiday season

12/13/2017 - Plant-based burgers are turning the grocery meat aisle into a protein aisle

12/13/2017 - There’s a timely management lesson in Disney and Pixar’s success with “Coco”

12/13/2017 - Burundi is crowdfunding to raise money for its next election

12/13/2017 - A short equation explains why simplicity is the best policy

12/13/2017 - A business executive’s dying request says a lot about how to live

12/13/2017 - Microbusinesses are the real victims of this week’s net neutrality vote

12/13/2017 - Five years after Sandy Hook, the legacy of gun violence lives on in Newtown’s new school

12/13/2017 - How 2017 became all about the schadenfreude of watching powerful men get served

12/13/2017 - Ninety percent of people think AI will take away the jobs of other people

12/13/2017 - Silicon Valley is flipping elections in its spare time

12/13/2017 - AI isn’t just compromising our privacy—it can limit our choices, too

12/13/2017 - Overstock’s CEO is thinking about quitting retail and going full crypto

12/13/2017 - Will a Titian painting from the 1560s beat Salvator Mundi’s $450m hype?

12/13/2017 - China is collecting DNA under the guise of providing free health care

12/13/2017 - This bot teaches you how to make latkes out of basically anything

12/13/2017 - Nearly two-thirds of white women in Alabama voted for accused child molester Roy Moore

12/13/2017 - A quick guide to Italy’s upcoming general election

12/13/2017 - Fed’s interest rate decision, Alabama picks a Democrat, racist square dancing

12/13/2017 - The compelling case for capturing carbon emissions and burying them underground

12/13/2017 - Harness the power of bots to automate the busy work

12/13/2017 - Bots are emerging as the trusty assistants of the workplace

12/13/2017 - Bots are emerging as the trusty assistants of the workplace

12/13/2017 - Harness the power of bots to automate the busy work

12/13/2017 - Changing one simple habit can improve your entire life

12/13/2017 - Women in Asia are saying they, too, were steered to Harvey Weinstein

12/13/2017 - Egypt has launched its first locally-built smartphone with China’s help

12/13/2017 - India’s condom makers are bracing for hard times

12/13/2017 - Once coy, small-town Indian investors are now aggressively chasing the stock market boom

12/13/2017 - #Vanlife

12/13/2017 - In its 43rd season, SNL finally has its first black head writer

12/13/2017 - Uber’s 2017 in India: Friday night trips, samosa chole deliveries, and more

12/13/2017 - Britain rejected the EU, and the EU is loving its new life

12/13/2017 - Google can’t miss out on China’s AI boom—so it’s opening a research lab there

12/13/2017 - How DR Congo lost control of the fabric of its culture and economy

12/13/2017 - The indignity of being Muslim in India

12/13/2017 - Alabama picks a Democrat, EU votes on kebabs, avocados go seedless

12/13/2017 - Alabama picks a Democrat, EU votes on kebabs, avocados go seedless

12/13/2017 - After years of battling against city taxis, Uber is embracing them in Asia

12/13/2017 - Year after year, Indian e-commerce companies have perfected the art of wooing shoppers

12/13/2017 - The ancient geological “black belt” underlying Democrats’ epic win in Alabama

12/12/2017 - India’s internet has a massive gender problem—and it’s holding girls back

12/12/2017 - A Democrat just won a historic election in one of America’s most Republican states

12/12/2017 - So you want to invest in crypto? These are the questions to ask, says the SEC

12/12/2017 - Selfie obsession, extreme weather risks, and eight other stories you might have missed

12/12/2017 - Robots are being used to shoo away homeless people in San Francisco

12/12/2017 - San Francisco thinks it has a solution to its parking problem

12/12/2017 - Princes William and Harry make a royal cameo as Stormtroopers in “The Last Jedi”

12/12/2017 - US Congress is trying to define what artificial intelligence actually means

12/12/2017 - Alabama’s election, Austrian gas explosion, racist square dancing

12/12/2017 - #Vanlife

12/12/2017 - Should NCAA student athletes be employees, and paid their fair market value?

12/12/2017 - Nevada wants its next execution to be done with an opioid

12/12/2017 - Facebook hit back at a former executive who said the company “programs” people

12/12/2017 - After a vile Trump tweet, Democratic women in Congress get in formation

12/12/2017 - Twitter just keeps getting l o n g e r

12/12/2017 - These are the “Christmas-themed posters” that supposedly triggered the Port Authority bomber

12/12/2017 - How much chaos will international travelers put up with for a cheap fare?

12/12/2017 - Americans think government corruption got a lot worse since Trump was elected

12/12/2017 - Dudes, why aren’t you knitting?

12/12/2017 - The Wall Street Journal says it’s done being snarky AF about millennials

12/12/2017 - Trump’s ally in his war on “fake news”: the Chinese Communist Party

12/12/2017 - How tax reform will play out for professional athletes—and regular rich people

12/12/2017 - History explains why it sounds so racist when Kayla Moore says “a Jew”

12/12/2017 - Litecoin is surging and crypto exchanges are struggling to keep up

12/12/2017 - A US grocery chain is challenging Amazon in advertising

12/12/2017 - The question that will decide the Alabama race is not about Roy Moore

12/12/2017 - At first folks thought the Apple Watch was ugly. Now, fashion watches are copying it

12/12/2017 - Scientists have figured out why meteoroids explode before hitting the Earth

12/12/2017 - Critics say “The Last Jedi” has transformed the Star Wars franchise

12/12/2017 - America’s wholesome square dancing tradition is a tool of white supremacy

12/12/2017 - A big Dutch bank’s fancy new AI system is here to help human traders—for now

12/12/2017 - The Nintendo Switch is having a killer first year

12/12/2017 - Yoga in the Sahara or a renovated bus in Nairobi: Airbnb’s top places to stay in Africa

12/12/2017 - The nostalgia economy

12/12/2017 - The nostalgia economy

12/12/2017 - Apple’s most expensive computer goes on sale this week

12/12/2017 - Data shouldn’t drive all of your decisions

12/12/2017 - Why being great at your job is harder than it used to be

12/12/2017 - An art historian says it’s unfair to hold modern art to the standards of MeToo

12/12/2017 - Donald Trump added just 63 words to Barack Obama’s space policy

12/12/2017 - One spreadsheet reveals the horrifying ubiquity of sexual harassment in academia

12/12/2017 - AI does not have enough experience to handle the next market crash

12/12/2017 - A Roomba of one’s own

12/12/2017 - Wikipedia’s cofounder on how he’s creating a bigger, better rival—on the blockchain

12/12/2017 - China’s blacklist of defaulters now includes an entrepreneur who took on Apple and Tesla

12/12/2017 - Côte d’Ivoire is paying off soldiers to reduce its large—and mutiny-prone—army

12/12/2017 - Inside the world’s biggest and most important AI conference

12/12/2017 - Hurricane Maria has made Puerto Rico a testbed for new technology

12/12/2017 - Why Alabama’s senate election matters, and what you need to know

12/12/2017 - Bees can solve the Traveling Salesperson Problem

12/12/2017 - People are ramping up bitcoin-related job searches after its massive rally

12/12/2017 - How to watch the Geminids, 2017’s best meteor shower, this week

12/12/2017 - The two biggest problems posed by Brexit for the US are rarely spoken about

12/12/2017 - Alabama election, SpaceX’s next mission, microbe batteries

12/12/2017 - Gloria Steinem thinks she has a way to get rid of Trump

12/12/2017 - An innovative natural-gas power plant could be the future of hurricane-proof electricity

12/12/2017 - Graduates of India’s second rung B-schools just can’t find good jobs

12/12/2017 - Dead coal mines everywhere are being reincarnated as solar farms

12/12/2017 - Unitech’s fate is a lesson for India’s reckless real estate companies

12/12/2017 - A health journal estimates India underreported almost 15 million abortions in a year

12/12/2017 - These are the key lessons we learned about democracy in Africa in 2017

12/12/2017 - The nostalgia economy

12/12/2017 - The world’s second most populous country is cutting down on condom advertisements

12/12/2017 - The “revolutionary” new feature in WeChat is actually quite mundane

12/12/2017 - The unbearable limbo of being a British bureaucrat in Brussels

12/12/2017 - Tanzania’s anti-corruption government is stifling the “Swahili Wikileaks”

12/12/2017 - Climate summit in Paris, election in Alabama, microbe batteries

12/12/2017 - Climate summit in Paris, election in Alabama, microbe batteries

12/12/2017 - The SEC chief has a new warning for ICO investors: Buyer beware

12/12/2017 - The graphic art of everyday items in North Korea reveals the individuality hiding in a totalitarian state

12/12/2017 - Gujarat elections: Manmohan hits back with gusto, as Modi’s Pakistan theory crumbles

12/11/2017 - The Rohingya women, Putin’s strategies, and eight other stories you might have missed

12/11/2017 - France is banning mobile phones in schools

12/11/2017 - NYC terror attack, Saudi cinemas legalized, microbe batteries

12/11/2017 - Paris is beyond fed up with Airbnb

12/11/2017 - The nostalgia economy

12/11/2017 - This is the most devious advertisement

12/11/2017 - We’re sending sugar into space so astronauts can grow rock candy

12/11/2017 - Former Facebook executive has sworn off social media because he doesn’t want to be “programmed”

12/11/2017 - The man who solved a big puzzle about the tiniest particles in the universe

12/11/2017 - Three reasons Trump’s plan to return to the moon makes sense

12/11/2017 - After cheating to sell diesels, Volkswagen wants to end diesel tax breaks

12/11/2017 - Bookstores may be dying, but fashion brands are giving them new life

12/11/2017 - Trump’s budget cuts could make New York City commuters even more vulnerable to attacks

12/11/2017 - American Express won’t make you sign for your purchases after April

12/11/2017 - Microsoft is adding a cricket oval to its US campus in a nod to its south Asian workers

12/11/2017 - The New Yorker has cracked the code for literary virality with its short story, “Cat Person”

12/11/2017 - A breakthrough study could lead to synthetic DNA therapies for incurable genetic diseases

12/11/2017 - There are only 450 North Atlantic right whales left and 17 died in 2017

12/11/2017 - Apple has bought Shazam

12/11/2017 - Airbnb is replacing the guest book with augmented reality

12/11/2017 - Germany accused China of tricking German government workers on LinkedIn

12/11/2017 - In 2017, Netflix users got choosier about the shows they binge-watch

12/11/2017 - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: “Sometimes it feels like the universe is conspiring against me”

12/11/2017 - Marriage benefits are an antiquated custom that hold back society

12/11/2017 - Mario Batali’s apology equates sexual harassment with “fun”

12/11/2017 - The encouraging news about sexual harassment complaints in America

12/11/2017 - Executives at bankrupt Toys “R” Us are in line for another $21 million in bonuses

12/11/2017 - Nigeria is getting more people to pay taxes by not punishing them for tax evasion

12/11/2017 - This is the busiest week of the year for central bank decisions

12/11/2017 - Hotels are starting to realize they have one thing Airbnb doesn’t: a lobby

12/11/2017 - HQ Trivia, the viral quiz app from the guys behind Vine, just hit a tipping point

12/11/2017 - Donald Trump is desperate to prove Amazon is a monopoly

12/11/2017 - The best books for babies’ brains, according to psychological research

12/11/2017 - What we know about the Port Authority terror blast in Manhattan

12/11/2017 - A Chinese billionaire has quietly become one of the biggest seed investors in Silicon Valley

12/11/2017 - A 3D-printed, solar-powered lab-in-a-box could change how we combat disease outbreaks

12/11/2017 - Hedge funds have only three weeks left to spend all their cash

12/11/2017 - Telescopes spread across Africa are being readied to reveal the universe’s secrets

12/11/2017 - After 35 years, Saudi Arabia decides that cinemas are no longer “doors to evil”

12/11/2017 - Bitcoin’s bullish futures debut, Green Monday, Google’s surveillance roots

12/11/2017 - Batteries can’t solve the world’s biggest energy-storage problem. One startup has a solution.

12/11/2017 - The hottest cryptocurrency in China is not bitcoin

12/11/2017 - A “very bullish open” for bitcoin futures suggests that the price can go even higher

12/11/2017 - An Oxford student who stabbed her boyfriend is getting a second chance that most women never get

12/11/2017 - The dollar’s days as the world’s most important currency are numbered

12/11/2017 - Flickr says these are the best photos of India in 2017

12/11/2017 - A Chinese firm is facing a rare joint complaint from women workers fired when pregnant

12/11/2017 - Mercedes-Benz has had enough of the Modi government’s tax tinkering

12/11/2017 - IIT-Kanpur students are so stoned that it’s called in the cops

12/11/2017 - Israel is making a strong play for Africa—but it’s about more than just geopolitics

12/11/2017 - Bitcoin futures, Uber hearing, Google’s surprising roots

12/11/2017 - Bitcoin futures, Uber hearing, Google’s surprising roots

12/11/2017 - No matter what Infosys does, a persistent whistleblower just won’t let go

12/10/2017 - A private car maker is frantically funding public transport in China

12/10/2017 - A simple guide to how money circulates in the Indian economy

12/10/2017 - College tuition is at record high. College presidents’ pay is, too

12/10/2017 - Bitcoin futures, Indian languages, holiday party models

12/10/2017 - In defense of drinking one dozen Diet Cokes a day

12/10/2017 - Japanese employees work so much that drones will soon intervene

12/10/2017 - The US census is finally counting how many people speak Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu, and Bengali

12/10/2017 - Why a rural African family without electricity might prefer a kerosene lamp to cheaper solar

12/10/2017 - A music festival on the banks of the Niger River has helped establish Mali’s cultural capital

12/10/2017 - Brown University is doing away with student loans

12/10/2017 - Early humans migrated out of Africa much earlier than we thought

12/10/2017 - Finally, a way to use Twitter for good: Thanking someone

12/10/2017 - Former Uber employees have gone into debt to hang onto shares they still can’t sell

12/10/2017 - The screenwriter of the 1980 hit film “9 to 5” says we’re finally facing reality

12/10/2017 - Why I won’t let my children near Facebook’s Messenger for kids

12/10/2017 - The right way to google your symptoms

12/10/2017 - An intimate look into a sexual fetish: the female supremacy lifestyle

12/10/2017 - We can no longer divide the world between beer and wine drinkers, economists say

12/10/2017 - The inevitable rise of the “premium” digital nomad

12/10/2017 - Which of the world’s fried doughs is the best fried dough?

12/10/2017 - Doable daily experiments to test the boundaries of your independence

12/10/2017 - How Pantone created a universal language for color

12/10/2017 - End Nigeria’s SARS, Egypt’s startups, Senegal’s Turkish schools

12/9/2017 - Photos: Two ancient Egyptian tombs were just opened in Luxor

12/9/2017 - Airlines will get to keep hiding baggage fees, thanks to the Trump administration

12/9/2017 - The world’s largest and oldest organism is super stressed out

12/9/2017 - Watch a young Steve Jobs explain why most professional managers are “bozos”

12/9/2017 - The FICO score

12/9/2017 - The FICO score

12/9/2017 - Another crushing video of a starving polar bear forces viewers to face climate change

12/9/2017 - Japanese elementary students will judge the official 2020 Tokyo Olympics mascot

12/9/2017 - Western philosophy asks, “What is being?” Japanese philosophy asks, “What is nothingness?”

12/9/2017 - Chinese students blanket the world, but Americans barely get past Europe

12/9/2017 - Silicon Valley firms are hiring models to ogle at this year’s holiday parties

12/9/2017 - Bitcoin mania looks a lot like dot-com mania—and that’s OK

12/9/2017 - 216 companies on the Fortune 500 were founded by immigrants or their children

12/9/2017 - Weekend edition—Bitcoin mania, office holiday party quiz, white people and potatoes

12/9/2017 - The Santa Ana winds don’t just start fires—they’re part of Los Angeles mythology

12/9/2017 - The best books of 2017, if you combine 21 “best books of 2017” lists

12/9/2017 - I crossed the Pacific on a cargo ship and got the digital detox I desperately needed

12/9/2017 - I rented a friend in Japan, and it made me a better friend

12/9/2017 - A TV composer shows exactly how music can amplify an actor’s performance

12/9/2017 - The sports bra: a short history of an undergarment revolution

12/9/2017 - Paying 15 cents more for your T-shirt would help Indian workers earn a living wage

12/9/2017 - How a remote South African rural community, with barely any electricity, built its own ISP

12/9/2017 - The FICO score

12/9/2017 - Zimbabwe’s white farmers will get compensation—but they’re not getting land back

12/9/2017 - Weekend edition—Bitcoin mania, office holiday party quiz, white people and potatoes

12/9/2017 - Weekend edition—Bitcoin mania, office holiday party quiz, white people and potatoes

12/8/2017 - Stubbornly resistant to change, Japan is finally giving in for the sake of tourism

12/8/2017 - Weekend edition—Bitcoin mania, office holiday party quiz, white people and potatoes

12/8/2017 - Apple is reportedly buying Shazam

12/8/2017 - Facebook’s sexual harassment policy mirrors recommendations for college campuses

12/8/2017 - California fires, Silicon Valley holiday parties, and eight other stories you might have missed

12/8/2017 - A GOP representative offered an employee $5 million to be his actual handmaid

12/8/2017 - The FICO score

12/8/2017 - Kazuo Ishiguro’s Nobel speech exquisitely describes the immigrant longing for an imagined home

12/8/2017 - Nearly half the antibiotics used in farming go to cows

12/8/2017 - Long-term hormonal birth control use slightly raises the risk of breast cancer

12/8/2017 - Flow chart: What happens next to Trump’s travel ban?

12/8/2017 - Apple’s app of the year battles the anxiety that smartphones give us

12/8/2017 - The Pope wants a new translation for Christianity’s most famous prayer

12/8/2017 - The “worst attack” on UN peacekeepers in recent history has left 14 dead in DR Congo

12/8/2017 - Netflix and Amazon are pitting the returns of their biggest shows against each other

12/8/2017 - Your job as an employer is to make sure every voice is heard

12/8/2017 - Your job as an employer is to make sure every voice is heard

12/8/2017 - The right tools will dictate whether you win at the future of work

12/8/2017 - The right tools will dictate whether you win at the future of work

12/8/2017 - Happy Friday: the bittersweet edition

12/8/2017 - The EU has ordered the skating union to release its stranglehold on athletes

12/8/2017 - The lifestyles of LA’s rich and famous include concierge firefighters

12/8/2017 - Jurassic World finally gave Bryce Dallas Howard the sensible shoes she deserves

12/8/2017 - Gloria Steinem says black women have always been more feminist than white women

12/8/2017 - The UK’s secretive real estate market is also a money laundering machine

12/8/2017 - Quartzy: the bittersweet edition

12/8/2017 - Quartzy: the bittersweet edition

12/8/2017 - “The Crown” proves that even queens must contend with toxic masculinity

12/8/2017 - FICO is letting anyone download anonymized credit applications for AI research

12/8/2017 - Photos: California’s wildfires are massive—even when seen from space

12/8/2017 - YouTube is getting ready to launch a Spotify-killer

12/8/2017 - When somebody asks you to guess the monthly US jobs number, just say 200,000

12/8/2017 - Gas shortages and endless queues at fuel stations? It’s Christmas in Nigeria

12/8/2017 - Pantone

12/8/2017 - Pantone

12/8/2017 - How to remove daily work stress with just 15 minutes each week

12/8/2017 - Insurers are rewarding Tesla owners for using Autopilot

12/8/2017 - GE cuts 12,000 jobs, a frigid Winter Olympics, collecting CryptoKitties

12/8/2017 - A US middle school banned its students from talking about sexual misconduct on a news broadcast

12/8/2017 - Let your mind wander to be perform better, think more creatively, and manage your feelings

12/8/2017 - Apple and Amazon are under fire for Siri and Alexa’s responses to sexual harassment

12/8/2017 - A dodgy balance sheet just cost one of the richest South Africans his billionaire status

12/8/2017 - “Theme weeks” make me a better leader

12/8/2017 - Grass-fed beef isn’t as great for the climate as you think

12/8/2017 - A guide on how not to act like a ‘white savior’ while volunteering in Africa

12/8/2017 - After all these years, boxing still searches for its Ronda Rousey

12/8/2017 - Al Franken’s resignation is proof Democrats have finally found their backbone

12/8/2017 - The US middle class is disappearing, which makes dollar stores very happy

12/8/2017 - The most impactful AI research isn’t happening in Silicon Valley

12/8/2017 - Google’s true origin partly lies in CIA and NSA research grants for mass surveillance

12/8/2017 - A bitcoin booster got $1.5 million after being “bitshamed” for being poor

12/8/2017 - Bitcoin is now breaking through major price barriers every few hours

12/8/2017 - US jobs report, Brexit breakthrough, bacteria computers

12/8/2017 - Britain has just 476 days to negotiate multiple complex parts of a Brexit deal

12/8/2017 - The global dominance of white people is thanks to the potato

12/8/2017 - Scientists made an origami Mona Lisa out of DNA

12/8/2017 - Meet the man behind the most important tool in data science

12/8/2017 - The teenager inventor who could change the way the world fights climate change

12/8/2017 - South Koreans are not cool with how Americans and Chinese are being reassured over North Korea

12/8/2017 - “Cheese tea” is the next bubble tea, thanks to teenagers and Instagram

12/8/2017 - AI researchers are trying to combat how AI can be used to lie and deceive

12/8/2017 - This is the trading firm that could bring bitcoin into the mainstream

12/8/2017 - This couple is asking for only one gift at their wedding: bitcoin

12/8/2017 - Pantone

12/8/2017 - IKEA is preparing to rule India’s retail market for the next 100 years

12/8/2017 - China’s role in Zimbabwe’s regime change says more about China than Zimbabwe

12/8/2017 - Irish border deal, Jerusalem talks, dangerously frigid Olympics

12/8/2017 - Irish border deal, Jerusalem talks, dangerously frigid Olympics

12/8/2017 - Indians simply trust Flipkart more than Amazon, according to a survey

12/8/2017 - The soulful images of India that made Henri Cartier-Bresson an icon

12/8/2017 - The reasons why China will equal—or surpass—the US in artificial intelligence

12/8/2017 - How a New York museum inadvertently built one of the largest archives of Indian cinema

12/7/2017 - Delhi’s pollution is putting 300,000 babies at risk of brain damage every year

12/7/2017 - China and India are now arguing over a crashed drone near their disputed border

12/7/2017 - White House criticizes actual civil rights leader for not “honoring” civil rights leaders

12/7/2017 - To check your trackable suitcase, you need to make it untrackable

12/7/2017 - The Met’s defense of a suggestive painting of a young girl reminds us what museums are for

12/7/2017 - UN discusses Jerusalem, Al Franken will resign, record-breaking Olympic temperatures

12/7/2017 - “Irony” doesn’t mean what you think it means, Al Franken

12/7/2017 - Al Franken’s announcement, the Jerusalem move, and eight other stories you might have missed

12/7/2017 - The company behind Kit Kat bars wants to start selling you health supplements

12/7/2017 - Pantone

12/7/2017 - A scandal at The Paris Review shines a light on misconduct at boozy literary soirées

12/7/2017 - The Cosa Nostra is still threatening to cut off people’s heads—in Massachusetts

12/7/2017 - Foursquare’s Swarm is the only social network for truly being social

12/7/2017 - The billionaires, lobbyists, and Christian extremists behind Trump’s Jerusalem move

12/7/2017 - China would really like you to stop saying “tofu”

12/7/2017 - The Republican tax bill is just phase one of the GOP’s war on the poor

12/7/2017 - Think you’re bad at handling stress? Narwhals are worse

12/7/2017 - Bitcoin is going bananas and exchanges are struggling to keep up

12/7/2017 - The murky relationship between the bitcoin price and “tether” tokens is raising suspicions

12/7/2017 - The UN sent an envoy to investigate extreme poverty in the United States

12/7/2017 - Facebook was so successful at forcing Messenger on you that it’s doing it again with Instagram

12/7/2017 - GE cuts 12,000 jobs in response to falling demand for fossil fuel energy

12/7/2017 - What DACA has to do with the government shutdown

12/7/2017 - JK Rowling is “genuinely happy” about Johnny Depp’s casting in “Fantastic Beasts”

12/7/2017 - A single photo that will temporarily restore your faith in democracy

12/7/2017 - Barre instructors are in as much demand as full stack developers, LinkedIn says

12/7/2017 - Robots aren’t killing jobs fast enough—and we should be worried

12/7/2017 - Simple psychological tricks to help you eat less

12/7/2017 - Elon Musk will now deliver you beer

12/7/2017 - A five-point guide to using Trip Advisor in the era of fake restaurant reviews

12/7/2017 - Quartzy’s mindfulness calendar gives you one simple, achievable task a day

12/7/2017 - Why it’s so hard to be a female business owner in America, in five charts

12/7/2017 - Your workplace rewards men more and AI can prove it

12/7/2017 - Sand

12/7/2017 - Sand

12/7/2017 - A world famous piano factory has been turned into decadent homes with an in-house club

12/7/2017 - Motivating employees isn’t about making them happy

12/7/2017 - Take this quiz to see if you’re ready to go to your office holiday party

12/7/2017 - National borders can’t contain the new phase of global connection

12/7/2017 - The Louvre’s sister museum in Abu Dhabi just scored a major coup

12/7/2017 - The best time of day to get things done, according to data

12/7/2017 - The humane way to fire someone

12/7/2017 - In a way, oceans have absorbed all the carbon dioxide produced from burning oil since 1870

12/7/2017 - What is “Taylor Swift”?

12/7/2017 - A high-school student designed an app that could save farmers’ lives

12/7/2017 - There are three key days left to save money before Christmas

12/7/2017 - The 2018 Pantone color of the year is definitely not purple

12/7/2017 - Most Americans are gender fundamentalists

12/7/2017 - MIT researchers are making computers out of live bacteria

12/7/2017 - AI is now so complex its creators can’t trust why it makes decisions

12/7/2017 - Elon Musk just published a map of the new subway he wants to build for Los Angeles

12/7/2017 - In 13 years, Australia went from marriage apartheid to marriage equality

12/7/2017 - When did the world develop such bad taste?

12/7/2017 - Amid its butter crisis, France could run out of foie gras just in time for Christmas

12/7/2017 - People invest in stock scams even when they know they are scams

12/7/2017 - These nine women have accused Roy Moore of sexual misconduct

12/7/2017 - One of the world’s largest bitcoin exchanges is coming back to life

12/7/2017 - What the rise of “it’s OK to be white” says about the alt-right

12/7/2017 - Let’s take a moment to look at the mesmerizing images from Voyager 1

12/7/2017 - Jerusalem protests, Australia legalizes gay marriage, smart pigeons

12/7/2017 - Rich countries are reducing their emissions—by exporting them to China

12/7/2017 - Harvard had no choice but to kill its elite, male-only final clubs

12/7/2017 - Sand

12/7/2017 - Indians aren’t convinced the economy is as good as India says it is

12/7/2017 - A low-cost jaundice detector in newborns has passed first testing in Africa

12/7/2017 - After years of war, young designers are trying to put Afghanistan back on the fashion map

12/7/2017 - Jerusalem protests, Saudi prince unmasked, smart pigeons

12/7/2017 - Jerusalem protests, Saudi prince unmasked, smart pigeons

12/7/2017 - Thousands of Indian cows have been fitted with tiny sensors to give farmers real-time data

12/6/2017 - In Gujarat, a moment of reckoning for Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi

12/6/2017 - India’s rooftop solar market is on fire

12/6/2017 - Australia is now home to the world’s first blockchain-based stock exchange

12/6/2017 - Trump slurs his words in a public speech, sparking health concerns

12/6/2017 - Pfizer is releasing its own generic Viagra to stay relevant

12/6/2017 - An accused harasser “applauded” the #MeToo movement. It did not end well

12/6/2017 - The silence breakers, Israel’s capital, and eight other stories you might have missed

12/6/2017 - Luxury goods that Europeans buy on Amazon may soon vanish from the site

12/6/2017 - Erdoğan visits Greece, Time’s person of the year, millennial boat cruise

12/6/2017 - Supermassive black hole tells us when the first stars were born

12/6/2017 - Facebook is sending a message with its 2017 year in review: Look how great we are!

12/6/2017 - Sand

12/6/2017 - In 90 years women have made Person of the Year covers eight times

12/6/2017 - Bots are emerging as the trusty assistants of the workplace

12/6/2017 - Watch explorers discover wreckage of the warship that fired the first US shots of WWII

12/6/2017 - Facebook is the king of social media, but that doesn’t mean we’ll want to use it in VR

12/6/2017 - The surprising benefit of actually following government dietary advice

12/6/2017 - Photos: The wildfires consuming southern California are a vision of hell

12/6/2017 - The one-day timeline of US senators calling for Al Franken to resign

12/6/2017 - Walking in polluted areas can be as unhealthy as not walking at all

12/6/2017 - America needs to ask second and third generation immigrants this question

12/6/2017 - If the US treated women more like Norway it would be $1.6 trillion richer

12/6/2017 - The UN is fighting for migrants with film screenings in 100 countries

12/6/2017 - Trump’s Jerusalem declaration is about American politics, not peace in the Middle East

12/6/2017 - There’s a powerful message behind the cropped elbow in the Time cover photo

12/6/2017 - Google and Amazon are fighting, and consumers are paying the price

12/6/2017 - The abrupt reversal that shows Donald Trump’s approach to consumer protection

12/6/2017 - For a city to be truly hip, it needs to be affordable

12/6/2017 - Geneticists propose a London pest-control plan straight out of sci-fi

12/6/2017 - DC has to work around a White House that denies climate change to prepare for a 500-year flood

12/6/2017 - EasyJet will break Lufthansa’s monopoly in its home skies

12/6/2017 - How one CryptoKitty was flipped for $60,000 in four days

12/6/2017 - Harness the power of bots to automate the busy work

12/6/2017 - For the first time, a black woman has won one of the UK’s most prestigious art prizes

12/6/2017 - #

12/6/2017 - #

12/6/2017 - Harness the power of bots to automate the busy work

12/6/2017 - MeToo hijacked black women’s work on race and gender equality

12/6/2017 - “Virtual coffee breaks” encourage remote workers to interact like they would in an office

12/6/2017 - The ultimate gift guide for true TV fanatics

12/6/2017 - Bots are emerging as the trusty assistants of the workplace

12/6/2017 - World’s first ‘millennial cruise’ may already have missed the millennial boat

12/6/2017 - Crowdfarming is being used to bring Somalia’s livestock market into the digital economy

12/6/2017 - Why Trump’s decision to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital hurts both Jews and Palestinians

12/6/2017 - The Russia doping ban is a big black mark for the Olympics—no matter what Russia does next

12/6/2017 - What a 500-year-old movement can teach us about reforming capitalism

12/6/2017 - New York is the most expensive city in the world to visit for business

12/6/2017 - Lean Startup evangelist Eric Ries on how big companies can stay competitive

12/6/2017 - What the world’s largest hedge fund can teach a startup

12/6/2017 - Gay men now earn more than straight men in the US

12/6/2017 - “The silence breakers” who gave power to the #metoo movement are named Time Person of the Year 2017

12/6/2017 - To earn an opponent’s respect, speak—don’t type

12/6/2017 - Why it’s worth balancing a board seat with a high-powered corporate day job

12/6/2017 - What are the arguments for repealing net neutrality?

12/6/2017 - How to fight work bullshit (while keeping your job and your dignity)

12/6/2017 - Letting Facebook control AI regulation is like letting the NRA control gun laws

12/6/2017 - Facebook groups are the new workers’ unions

12/6/2017 - No credible forecasts say the Republican tax cuts will pay for themselves

12/6/2017 - Expat couples do best when they’ve moved for the woman’s job

12/6/2017 - Trump recognizes Jerusalem, British PM plot, Iceland’s “Dracula”

12/6/2017 - The best days to shop between now and Christmas, according to coupon data

12/6/2017 - A new project will supply Chile with solar power, even at night

12/6/2017 - Pigeons are smart enough to perceive abstract concepts like time and space

12/6/2017 - The material that built the modern world is also destroying it. Here’s a fix

12/6/2017 - The 2018 Winter Olympics will feel incomplete without Russia

12/6/2017 - Nintendo is trying to make inroads in China’s big gaming market by giving Mario over to a rival

12/6/2017 - A bittersweet and uncertain homecoming awaits a Korean-turned-Russian Olympic speed-skating champion

12/6/2017 - It’s time to stop asking women what they eat

12/6/2017 - A Chinese province next to North Korea is educating its citizens about nuclear war

12/6/2017 - Egypt’s start-up “revolution” is set to boost Africa’s tech landscape

12/6/2017 - To get the Brexit result they want, both the young and old are willing to make the other side poorer

12/6/2017 - The best new “Black Mirror” episodes are a rom-com and a cheesy space opera

12/6/2017 - A battle for power in Turkey faces resistance in Senegal

12/6/2017 - Bloomberg’s rising terminal count signals hope for the beleaguered bond trader

12/6/2017 - #

12/6/2017 - After China, India’s central bank warns: Beware of bitcoin

12/6/2017 - Europe’s paranoia about African migrants enabled the Libyan slave market

12/6/2017 - A coworking space by women, of women, for only women

12/6/2017 - Russia’s Olympic ban, RIP Johnny Hallyday, space pizza

12/6/2017 - Russia’s Olympic ban, RIP Johnny Hallyday, space pizza

12/6/2017 - With its India-first approach, Google is trying to woo the common man

12/5/2017 - A burger chain beat out Google as one of the best places to work in the US

12/5/2017 - Photos: The world’s largest Starbucks is 30,000 square feet and just opened in China

12/5/2017 - A failed politician takes over the reins of a flailing party

12/5/2017 - Who needs France? India is making its own artisanal cheeses

12/5/2017 - Trump’s agenda matters more than child abuse accusations, the White House clarifies

12/5/2017 - Bonds through the ages: 70 years of bond market history

12/5/2017 - Olympics ban Russia, Trump’s border efforts, and eight other stories you might have missed

12/5/2017 - Germans think Trump is a bigger problem than North Korea

12/5/2017 - Russia’s Olympic ban, Trump’s bank subpoena, Shanghai’s massive Starbucks

12/5/2017 - Scientists have connected 3D-printed objects to the internet without electronics

12/5/2017 - The Olympics say “nyet!” to Russia for the 2018 Winter Games

12/5/2017 - #

12/5/2017 - Tech companies have enough cash to buy most of the auto industry

12/5/2017 - Trump just accidentally proved you don’t need a border wall to stop migration

12/5/2017 - Pizza Hut is about to start delivering beer and wine with its pizzas

12/5/2017 - There are new migraine drugs on the way, for the first time in decades

12/5/2017 - Eight out of 10 Americans are within 10 miles of a CVS

12/5/2017 - In the year of the woman, Time’s Person of the Year shortlist is dominated by men

12/5/2017 - The MeToo reckoning is clearing room for women who deserve center stage

12/5/2017 - The three ultra-rich families battling for control of the Republican party

12/5/2017 - 33 ways to kill off an accused sexual predator from your TV show

12/5/2017 - After Jimmy Kimmel’s theatrics, John Oliver shows a better way to confront an accused harasser

12/5/2017 - Your closest family members from banned countries are now barred from the US

12/5/2017 - The complete guide to writing for Quartz at Work

12/5/2017 - Africa’s favorite tourist city is about to run out of water

12/5/2017 - Congressman John Conyers is stepping down after multiple sexual assault accusations

12/5/2017 - Cold brew

12/5/2017 - Cold brew

12/5/2017 - Adam Grant recommends the best holiday gift managers can give employees

12/5/2017 - The US senate accidentally killed the key R&D tax credit for businesses

12/5/2017 - Hotel loyalty programs are totally worth it—even if you don’t travel often

12/5/2017 - Developing countries will get sick before they get rich

12/5/2017 - In a way, climate change is a straightforward problem to solve

12/5/2017 - After Elle banned Terry Richardson, it hired a woman to re-shoot Zoe Kravitz’s January cover

12/5/2017 - Etsy made mistakes, but its commitment to social responsibility wasn’t one of them

12/5/2017 - If you’re not spending 5 hours per week learning, you’re being irresponsible

12/5/2017 - Spain’s withdrawal of an arrest warrant for Catalonia’s ex-leader was almost inevitable

12/5/2017 - One out of every 10 American companies is a “zombie”

12/5/2017 - Doctors who ignore consent are traumatizing women during childbirth

12/5/2017 - The Supreme Court wedding cake case shows it’s time to redefine free speech

12/5/2017 - Where the world’s fourth-graders read at the most advanced level

12/5/2017 - The FCC plans to kill the open internet; don’t count on the FTC to save it

12/5/2017 - The dangerous new technology that will make us question our basic idea of reality

12/5/2017 - A watchdog group suggests H&M’s promise to pay workers better was a publicity stunt

12/5/2017 - These 7-foot robot arms give their operator superhuman strength

12/5/2017 - The US economy is a millionaire-making machine

12/5/2017 - These are the best gadgets of 2017

12/5/2017 - Everything you need to know about Brexit talks on Ireland’s border

12/5/2017 - In a Supreme Court battle over cake, US conservatives are using the Spanish Inquisition to defend discrimination

12/5/2017 - UN visits North Korea, Deutsche’s Trump subpoena, crowdfunded castles

12/5/2017 - A radical startup has invented the world’s first zero-emissions fossil-fuel power plant

12/5/2017 - One of May’s biggest mistakes as UK prime minister is haunting and hindering Brexit talks

12/5/2017 - Two women emerge as favorites to lead the CDU after Merkel’s reign ends

12/5/2017 - Pilots across Germany have been refusing to deport rejected asylum seekers

12/5/2017 - Patanjali to enter solar sector as Modi government readies help for domestic manufacturers

12/5/2017 - Xiaomi’s upcoming IPO is more proof tech will boost physical retail, not kill it

12/5/2017 - Cold brew

12/5/2017 - A former US diplomat is visiting North Korea to “test the waters” for diplomacy

12/5/2017 - Why does India want to buy the world’s emptiest airport?

12/5/2017 - India’s government and central bank are squabbling again

12/5/2017 - The absence of Jayalalithaa’s leadership is a blessing and a curse for Tamil Nadu’s industry

12/5/2017 - Chinese manufacturing may not be moving to Africa all that soon

12/5/2017 - Turner prize, Trump travel ban, Mercedes busted

12/5/2017 - Turner prize, Trump travel ban, Mercedes busted

12/4/2017 - The North Face president: Bears Ears and what we have lost

12/4/2017 - Quikr is cracking India’s online classifieds market by building many smaller Quikrs

12/4/2017 - Apple just agreed to give almost 6% of its cash pile to Ireland

12/4/2017 - With the Muslim part diluted, the Trump travel ban has finally gone into full effect

12/4/2017 - Volkswagen thinks its ride-sharing electric minibus will take 1 million cars off the road

12/4/2017 - Prescription gaming, the ignored war, and eight other stories you might have missed

12/4/2017 - Brexit deal fail, Yemeni assassination, blow-up zoo

12/4/2017 - Do “what good Christians do,” say LGBTQ Republicans in a pointed political ad: Reject Roy Moore

12/4/2017 - Win your secret Santa exchange with one of these under-$10 gifts

12/4/2017 - How Mercedes got caught trashing a rental Tesla Model X

12/4/2017 - Cold brew

12/4/2017 - SpaceX only exists because of Elon Musk’s love of inter-planetary publicity stunts

12/4/2017 - Ivan Chermayeff, the graphic designer who defined the look of corporate America, has died

12/4/2017 - Greta Gerwig wrote perfect fan letters to get the music rights for “Lady Bird”

12/4/2017 - I am a daughter of the Chinese Cultural Revolution and I was a European debutante

12/4/2017 - A gladiatorial battle between real meat and high-tech plant meat is coming to your neighborhood TGI Fridays

12/4/2017 - Amazon’s org chart is incredibly short on women

12/4/2017 - A celebrated YA novel about Black Lives Matter was pulled from school libraries in Texas

12/4/2017 - Not even free TV can get people to stop pirating movies and TV shows

12/4/2017 - The national monument Trump wants to shrink by up to 92%, in photos

12/4/2017 - At least 47 cities around the world are piloting self-driving cars

12/4/2017 - Five social experiments buried in the Republican tax cut bill

12/4/2017 - Google is ushering in the age of the horizontal skyscraper

12/4/2017 - Jeff Sessions thinks even presidents should pay for obstructing justice

12/4/2017 - Rejoice! The trailer for the trailer for the next Jurassic Park movie is upon us

12/4/2017 - The cookbooks that cookbook authors give as gifts

12/4/2017 - Australia’s competition watchdog wants to see if tech is destroying journalism

12/4/2017 - Ronald Reagan tried deep corporate-tax cuts before. They didn’t work

12/4/2017 - A speech by Ghana’s president calling for Africa to end its dependency on the West is a viral hit

12/4/2017 - The battle of the low-cost, long-haul flights is about to go next level

12/4/2017 - Women—even CEOs—still can’t win when it comes to maternity leave

12/4/2017 - These are the best books Bill Gates read in 2017

12/4/2017 - Venezuela’s cryptocurrency plan means it could have two mismanaged currencies

12/4/2017 - Read Sheryl Sandberg’s full Facebook post on ending sexual harassment

12/4/2017 - 16 mental models for founders and leaders

12/4/2017 - Young Nigerians are calling for a brutal special police unit to be scrapped

12/4/2017 - By backing Roy Moore, Trump puts a new generation of American girls at risk

12/4/2017 - There are 170,000 fewer retail jobs in 2017—and 75,000 more Amazon robots

12/4/2017 - Facebook debuts Messenger Kids, an ad-free app that gives parents control

12/4/2017 - Are smartphones making us less productive?

12/4/2017 - The all-time greatest superhero movies, ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

12/4/2017 - Basking in the Beethoven-like genius of Kanye West

12/4/2017 - We want chatbots to sound more human—but the result could destroy our relationships

12/4/2017 - Germany is offering rejected asylum seekers up to €3,000 to go home

12/4/2017 - The ethereum network is getting jammed up because people are rushing to buy cartoon cats on its blockchain

12/4/2017 - Tillerson in Europe, North Korea on edge, lucrative CryptoKitties

12/4/2017 - An airline crew reported seeing North Korea’s latest missile

12/4/2017 - Humanity’s fight against climate change is failing. One technology can change that.

12/4/2017 - China’s central bank believes bitcoin will die

12/4/2017 - More neighbors are saying “no thanks” to Chinese money—for now

12/4/2017 - It’s not ideology but aspiration that drives India’s middle class—politicians take note

12/4/2017 - Rising affluence and lower rents in small-town India will fuel the next retail boom

12/4/2017 - China’s newest propaganda weapon: WeChat stickers

12/4/2017 - Getting a new CEO was just the first of Infosys’s many problems

12/4/2017 - DR Congo citizens can’t wait for the end of 2017—but 2018 isn’t looking any better

12/4/2017 - Brexit talks, North Korea on edge, CryptoKitties

12/4/2017 - Brexit talks, North Korea on edge, CryptoKitties

12/4/2017 - Watch an Australian politician propose to his partner during a debate on same-sex marriage

12/4/2017 - Depression, pressure, and hype: The terrifying reality of IIT placement season

12/4/2017 - Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai’s surprise remarks at China’s “open internet” conference

12/3/2017 - Neither Google nor Facebook: An Israeli startup is bringing India’s small businesses online

12/3/2017 - Two scientists have developed a tool to make it easier to spot bad cancer research

12/3/2017 - The CVS-Aetna deal is actually all about Amazon

12/3/2017 - North Korea on edge, CVS buys Aetna, smart condoms

12/3/2017 - Who’s a “badder bitch” than Taylor Swift? These feminist heroes

12/3/2017 - The darkly funny SNL skit “Welcome to Hell” skewers men’s shock at sexual harassment

12/3/2017 - The addictive game that shows how easy it is for kleptocrats to hide their money

12/3/2017 - Trump’s former top aides reveal extraordinary details about his diet

12/3/2017 - Bruce Lee maximized his success by taking the best of both eastern and western philosophies

12/3/2017 - The brilliant series “Utopia” is an Alex Jones conspiracy come to life

12/3/2017 - Actresses like Meghan Markle have been winning the hearts of royals since 1668

12/3/2017 - This was meant to be the year of the Apple “supercycle,” but Samsung’s phones were better

12/3/2017 - The sexiest thing in “Call Me By Your Name” is the real estate

12/3/2017 - I was dumped by my running group for speaking out

12/3/2017 - Modern heart transplants owe their origins to a fungus found in the dirt

12/3/2017 - The world is relying on a flawed psychological test to fight racism

12/3/2017 - Using Airbnb isn’t fun anymore

12/3/2017 - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie ornament, Paris, France

12/3/2017 - A semiotician explains the stories told by wine labels

12/3/2017 - Nigeria’s e-commerce sector is going back to basics and getting reset

12/3/2017 - Lagos tech > Nairobi tech, Europe’s Libya hypocrisy, lost Somali tapes

12/3/2017 - Hustle is as important as technique to cash in on Africa’s art boom

12/2/2017 - The Republican tax bill punishes American families who use public schools

12/2/2017 - The Republican tax bill is about placating the wealthy, not helping Americans

12/2/2017 - Michael Flynn may not have been the only rat in the White House this year

12/2/2017 - NASA has an easy trick to prove the “moon illusion” is all in your head

12/2/2017 - Tiger Woods’ captivating return to golf is great news for TV

12/2/2017 - Nuclear reactors

12/2/2017 - Nuclear reactors

12/2/2017 - The radical power of a potluck dinner

12/2/2017 - US Senate Republicans hastily passed their massive tax bill in the middle of the night

12/2/2017 - Celebrating New Year’s Eve is the worst. Travel is a better way

12/2/2017 - While men are failing, “hidden” works by amazing women are being rediscovered

12/2/2017 - The backlash to voluntourism hurts more than it helps

12/2/2017 - The ethereum world is now obsessed with breeding cartoon cats

12/2/2017 - You remember more of what you read out loud

12/2/2017 - Other photos Trump could’ve picked to say he won’t fire Rex Tillerson

12/2/2017 - What to worry about

12/2/2017 - Weekend edition—Against “Queen Bee,” for awkward eye contact, side-eye Peter Thiel

12/2/2017 - The world’s astonishing dependence on fossil fuels hasn’t changed in 40 years

12/2/2017 - A physicist explains the science of hyperspace—and why Star Wars isn’t entirely fiction

12/2/2017 - Cave-fermented wine, Ksara, Lebanon

12/2/2017 - What’s on the menu for a proper British royal wedding?

12/2/2017 - This photo collection visualizes everyday Egypt in outer space

12/2/2017 - South Africans with HIV miss out on the benefits of early treatment due to a fear of stigma

12/2/2017 - Nuclear reactors

12/2/2017 - US military veterans are fighting a new battle in Africa—against poachers

12/2/2017 - Weekend edition—Against “Queen Bee,” for awkward eye contact, side-eye Peter Thiel

12/2/2017 - Weekend edition—Against “Queen Bee,” for awkward eye contact, side-eye Peter Thiel

12/1/2017 - Starting this weekend, China celebrates its “open” internet after a year of unprecedented censorship

12/1/2017 - Weekend edition—Against “Queen Bee,” for awkward eye contact, side-eye Peter Thiel

12/1/2017 - What to expect now that Michael Flynn has pled guilty

12/1/2017 - With two words, the US tax bill quietly threatens abortion rights

12/1/2017 - Flynn’s full cooperation, digital gold, and eight other stories you might have missed

12/1/2017 - Adult advent calendars for booze, socks, and beauty are now a thing

12/1/2017 - Intentional or not, US watchdogs have given bitcoin a major mark of approval

12/1/2017 - Tesla just officially turned on one of the world’s largest batteries

12/1/2017 - Nuclear reactors

12/1/2017 - Everything you need to know about Mike Flynn’s guilty plea

12/1/2017 - “The Disaster Artist” is a surprisingly poignant argument for art—even the worst of it

12/1/2017 - James Comey’s simple, stinging response to Flynn’s guilty plea

12/1/2017 - US stocks are on a winning streak that not even political scandal can derail

12/1/2017 - Charlottesville was going to be bad. The police made it worse

12/1/2017 - Vox Media, stung by sexual-harassment scandal, is canceling the open bar at its holiday party

12/1/2017 - Why it’s important to remember that the Rosa Parks of the gay liberation movement was HIV positive

12/1/2017 - Manufacturing is having a global comeback

12/1/2017 - A vending machine is standing in for Hurricane Harvey-damaged libraries in Texas

12/1/2017 - Trump’s man in charge of US crime data is known for his football rankings

12/1/2017 - Happy Friday: the ice queen edition

12/1/2017 - E-commerce companies in Nigeria are dropping their popular pay-on-delivery option to stay alive

12/1/2017 - “A decision I made in the best interests of my family and of our country”: Read Mike Flynn’s statement on his guilty plea

12/1/2017 - Read the full court filing against Michael Flynn

12/1/2017 - Male business class passengers are a heavier burden on airlines than females

12/1/2017 - Quartzy: the ice queen edition

12/1/2017 - Quartzy: the ice queen edition

12/1/2017 - These Nairobi restaurants say they make the most authentic Mexican food on the continent

12/1/2017 - The US’s latest gun bill will be devastating for victims of domestic violence

12/1/2017 - Robert Mueller now has three of Trump’s top campaign officials in his grasp

12/1/2017 - Invented holidays

12/1/2017 - Invented holidays

12/1/2017 - Software could nudge us to be more creative, inclusive, and fair at work

12/1/2017 - Bitcoin keeps climbing, Tesla truck “megacharge,” Russian tobacco farms

12/1/2017 - Awkward eye-contact in my therapist’s waiting room made me a better co-worker

12/1/2017 - Italy’s neo-fascism is what happens when you normalize extremism

12/1/2017 - Under Trump, US jobs are moving overseas even faster than before

12/1/2017 - Your company is only as good as its hiring process

12/1/2017 - Attention, Credit Suisse bankers: Your boss plans to “implement more robots”

12/1/2017 - Designer Diane von Furstenberg had done everything worth doing by 29

12/1/2017 - The communication style that destroys relationships—at work and at home

12/1/2017 - Nine out of ten adolescent deaths due to AIDS are in Africa

12/1/2017 - Even kids deserve to know the truth in the age of Weinstein

12/1/2017 - Amazon may have patented the next big thing in online shopping

12/1/2017 - Poor children in England are socially engineered to be overweight

12/1/2017 - Scientists discovered an ancient flying reptile Eden in China

12/1/2017 - The woman who mentored 13 CEOs

12/1/2017 - Trudeau charms China, Vice fires staff, tarantula skyscrapers

12/1/2017 - Wong Kar-wai is casting for his series about Chinese gangsters in 19th-century San Francisco

12/1/2017 - The Japanese words that perfectly sum up how the country felt this year

12/1/2017 - Kim Jong-un’s half-brother knew exactly how he was going to die

12/1/2017 - Invented holidays

12/1/2017 - A new FIFA rule could change the lives of Africa-based pro soccer players

12/1/2017 - As economic data trickle in, the Modi government is set to end 2017 on a high

12/1/2017 - Quartzy’s BoF VOICES Brief: Wellness, platform power, and the Crowne Plaza shuttle

12/1/2017 - Trudeau visits China, Rex Tillerson’s exit, tarantula skyscrapers

12/1/2017 - Trudeau visits China, Rex Tillerson’s exit, tarantula skyscrapers

12/1/2017 - A brief history of Āddā—the Bengali fine art of discussion