2/28/2018 - This is one job Indians are happy to let robots take: unclogging sewers

2/28/2018 - A Team Modi insider sees no reason why 7.5% GDP growth is undoable

2/28/2018 - Hope Hicks’s remarkable career with Donald Trump, in photos

2/28/2018 - Trump’s White House communications directors, by length of service

2/28/2018 - Watch: An underwater concert by performers who are completely submerged

2/28/2018 - Spotify’s IPO, India’s PNB trial, human scents

2/28/2018 - Quinoa

2/28/2018 - These are the companies Spotify compares itself to on executive pay

2/28/2018 - Facebook is taking a page from LinkedIn and expanding its job listings

2/28/2018 - Jaden Smith wants to be the next Elon Musk

2/28/2018 - Spotify has finally filed to go public—despite still not turning a profit

2/28/2018 - Californians trust social media companies about as much as they trust Big Pharma

2/28/2018 - You’ve almost certainly not heard of the world’s third-largest smartphone company

2/28/2018 - You probably won’t remember this, but the “forgetting curve” theory explains why learning is hard

2/28/2018 - Doing the splits is a terrible reason to commit to a daily yoga habit

2/28/2018 - Scientists found atoms that contain remnants of the dawn of the universe

2/28/2018 - There are two rays of hope for progressives in Italy’s election

2/28/2018 - In the male-dominated sneaker world, Nike’s next big bet is on women

2/28/2018 - The telecoms industry has a woman problem

2/28/2018 - Designer seeds are coming to the home gardener, thanks to chef Dan Barber

2/28/2018 - New research spells out the number of years obesity shaves off a life

2/28/2018 - The mistake managers make when it comes to diverse teams

2/28/2018 - Ending DACA will cost the Rust Belt $2.7 billion

2/28/2018 - The way you point depends on where you grew up

2/28/2018 - TV is leading the way on diversity in Hollywood, but that’s not saying much

2/28/2018 - It’s above freezing at the North Pole

2/28/2018 - One of the world’s most elitist sports is incongruous in one of the poorest places on earth

2/28/2018 - Motivational posters

2/28/2018 - Motivational posters

2/28/2018 - Ben Carson’s housing agency spent $31,000 on a dining set for his office

2/28/2018 - Even Donald Trump couldn’t stop US power plants from moving to solar

2/28/2018 - If you want your kid to get a good job, let them play more

2/28/2018 - Google is expanding its list of what it takes to be a great manager

2/28/2018 - Warren Buffett doesn’t beat the market anymore

2/28/2018 - Don’t hold back on sighing—it’s the body’s built-in reset button

2/28/2018 - How globetrotting Magnum photographers capture the idea of “home”

2/28/2018 - Monkeys are drawn to brands with sexy advertising, according to a new study

2/28/2018 - Phone makers are rushing to rip-off the worst part of the iPhone X design

2/28/2018 - When it comes to election meddling, America is as guilty as Russia

2/28/2018 - Most complaints about student loan debt are about these five issues

2/28/2018 - Cryptocurrency is a giant multi-level marketing scheme

2/28/2018 - What can Twitter and Facebook tell us about obesity in the United States?

2/28/2018 - We live in a post-truth “Rashômon” world—filmmakers know it, but philosophers don’t

2/28/2018 - Disney, built on franchises, says not everything needs to be a franchise

2/28/2018 - There’s nothing else like Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury”

2/28/2018 - Apple’s iCloud handover, Toys R Us folds in UK, Streisand’s dog clones

2/28/2018 - This calculator puts a dollar value on the invisible, unpaid work done by women

2/28/2018 - Hope Hicks was Trump’s longest-serving aide after his actual family

2/28/2018 - Does South Africa really need a stronger rand?

2/28/2018 - Watch: “Shark Tank” judges reject the idea Amazon spent $1 billion on

2/28/2018 - The story behind the viral photo of a teacher in Ghana showing students Windows on a blackboard

2/28/2018 - Rs160,00,00,00,000: Totaling up Indian banks’ February nightmare

2/28/2018 - Motivational posters

2/28/2018 - Around 31 million Indians are unemployed, and it will only get worse

2/28/2018 - India’s richest religious group thinks the startup boom can make it even richer

2/28/2018 - iCloud handover, Maduro challenger, insulted river

2/28/2018 - iCloud handover, Maduro challenger, insulted river

2/28/2018 - Beyond AI hype, notch envy, and news from elsewhere

2/27/2018 - Bad news for Indian workers: Double-digit raises are a thing of the past

2/27/2018 - Your paper tea cups could be the next frontier for advertising in India

2/27/2018 - Ripple’s 40-year-old rival is speeding up payments without using blockchain

2/27/2018 - China, Israel, Mexico and the UAE reportedly schemed to manipulate Jared Kushner via business ties

2/27/2018 - Venmo can no longer mislead users about how its app actually works

2/27/2018 - Apple iCloud handover, Fed rate update, Mario Kart hit-and-run

2/27/2018 - Motivational posters

2/27/2018 - The world of self-driving cars is set to change in April

2/27/2018 - So who’s going to win Russia’s election?

2/27/2018 - Apple is launching its own health care service for employees

2/27/2018 - Texas Democrats are so excited to vote, they’re scaring the government

2/27/2018 - #MeToo isn’t too late for Monica Lewinsky

2/27/2018 - Beauty brands may be buzzy—but they’re just 5% of the social media chatter

2/27/2018 - Video: Ronald Reagan on the difference between military rifles and self-defense

2/27/2018 - Microscopic life found in the driest desert on Earth are the closest thing to what may live on Mars

2/27/2018 - Why telling someone to “think outside of the box” never works

2/27/2018 - Trump’s defiance of the NRA could keep Congress from gutting state gun laws

2/27/2018 - Amazon Alexa’s head AI researcher has left for Google

2/27/2018 - Microsoft is enabling Alaska to reduce car deaths on icy roads

2/27/2018 - Veganism is now more popular than vegetarianism, according to Google

2/27/2018 - China’s “unstoppable rise” in export power is being checked by the rest of Asia

2/27/2018 - The career of the future looks more like a portfolio than a path

2/27/2018 - Apple, Tencent and Microsoft: How Norway’s massive oil fund made $130 billion in one year

2/27/2018 - Ejection seats

2/27/2018 - Ejection seats

2/27/2018 - German cities have the green light to start banning diesel cars

2/27/2018 - Watch out, cows. Yeast is gunning to be the next dairy disruptor

2/27/2018 - STEM may be the future—but liberal arts are timeless

2/27/2018 - Black Panther’s Wakanda has historical roots in nuclear-age Congo

2/27/2018 - Hacking it: a peek into the life of a cybersecurity professional

2/27/2018 - Digital nomads can soon ‘make it official’ with a new visa from Estonia

2/27/2018 - Billionaires trying to fix US poverty are the sign of a failed system

2/27/2018 - Even researchers are shocked at the alarming rise of black lung disease in coal country

2/27/2018 - South Africa is now also notorious for white collar crime

2/27/2018 - Levi’s will soon rely entirely on lasers to give its jeans that classic finish

2/27/2018 - Samsung is barely hanging on as smartphone market leader in Nigeria

2/27/2018 - Ripple’s XRP crypto token is more volatile than just about everything

2/27/2018 - Future scientists will study the world’s loneliest tree as a marker of a new geological era

2/27/2018 - New hints that Alphabet might spin-off Project Loon, from an unexpected source

2/27/2018 - The most effective intervention in the fight for economic justice is cash in the hands of the people who need it most

2/27/2018 - What America’s Rust Belt really needs: More immigrants

2/27/2018 - How New York’s wealthy parents try to raise ‘unentitled’ kids

2/27/2018 - Forget fixing NAFTA. Give rural Americans broadband internet and clean water

2/27/2018 - Facebook is playing nice with its telecoms frenemies this year

2/27/2018 - Rosie O’Donnell’s anti-Trump iPhone paintings are a hit on Etsy

2/27/2018 - How to sell anything like the Wolf of Wall Street

2/27/2018 - The most neurotic places in the United States, according to 1.5 billion tweets

2/27/2018 - Fed chair debut, Comcast’s big Sky bid, baby prejudices

2/27/2018 - The number of female leads in hit Hollywood movies fell in 2017

2/27/2018 - The new ways you’ll use mobile payments include jewellery and QR codes

2/27/2018 - The changing face of payment on display at Mobile World Congress

2/27/2018 - The US is losing its point-man on North Korea and still has no ambassador in Seoul

2/27/2018 - The Modi government just gave its fraud-hit banks a 15-day ultimatum

2/27/2018 - Melioidosis kills half the people it infects, but you’ve probably never heard of it

2/27/2018 - Ejection seats

2/27/2018 - Google is beating the Indian government at its own game: UPI

2/27/2018 - This is the island camp Bangladesh is building to house the Rohingya

2/27/2018 - The latest case of fraud shows just how easy it is to dupe banks in India

2/27/2018 - Seychelles is swapping its sovereign debt with a plan to protect its ocean

2/27/2018 - One good thing could come out of the PNB-Nirav Modi scam

2/27/2018 - Fed chair debut, bigger iPhone, baby prejudices

2/27/2018 - Fed chair debut, bigger iPhone, baby prejudices

2/27/2018 - China’s media is struggling to overcome its racial stereotypes of Africa

2/27/2018 - Qualcomm speaks, Sony takes selfies, and news from elsewhere

2/27/2018 - The dizzying growth of India’s malls, in one chart

2/26/2018 - The biggest fraud in Indian banking history just got bigger

2/26/2018 - Indian techies look to Canada as the American Dream turns into an H-1B nightmare

2/26/2018 - “Emperor” stocks surged in China on news Xi Jinping could rule for life

2/26/2018 - Top Trump aide Stephen Miller looked pretty sleepy at a meeting on school shootings

2/26/2018 - America’s deadliest mass shootings kill more victims in schools than anywhere else

2/26/2018 - Trump immigration defeat, Fed chair debut, baby prejudices

2/26/2018 - Warren Buffett loves Apple because consumers are psychologically attached to the iPhone

2/26/2018 - New research questions the relationship between birth control and depression

2/26/2018 - Ejection seats

2/26/2018 - Readers will get their first full intimate look at the life of Michelle Obama in November

2/26/2018 - Hong Kong is ranked the best place to live if you want to be your own boss

2/26/2018 - Babies expect people to be fair. They also expect them to be prejudiced

2/26/2018 - Americans’ trust in universities often comes down to word choice

2/26/2018 - Who owns all of these guns in the US anyway?

2/26/2018 - Americans think the most inappropriate office behavior is gossip, not groping

2/26/2018 - The size of Silicon Valley’s real estate empires, charted

2/26/2018 - How quinoa became the most divisive “superfood” of the 21st century

2/26/2018 - Smith and Wesson was once a leader in gun safety. Then the NRA stepped in

2/26/2018 - BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s gun problem

2/26/2018 - Americans have stopped trying to stuff more clothes into their closets

2/26/2018 - Warren Buffett doesn’t think he should stop doing business with gun owners

2/26/2018 - Billy Joel has sold a million Madison Square Garden tickets, because albums don’t make money

2/26/2018 - A rare winter storm in Rome brought snowball fights to the Vatican

2/26/2018 - YouTube’s algorithms can drag you down a rabbit hole of conspiracies, researcher finds

2/26/2018 - What to do when your boss is an egomaniac

2/26/2018 - France is battling Africa’s most notorious playboy in international court

2/26/2018 - Singapore is the best place to live in the world, according to expats

2/26/2018 - What Bill and Melinda Gates wish they’d known when they were younger

2/26/2018 - Having cancer taught me how to make decisions

2/26/2018 - New research shows that sexting among teens is even more common than we thought

2/26/2018 - Apple is disconnecting iTunes from older computers, including the original Apple TV

2/26/2018 - Airbnb’s new “Plus” tier costs about the same as a hotel—so who is it for?

2/26/2018 - African migrants are painting their faces white to stop Israel from deporting them

2/26/2018 - Africa’s progress at the Winter Olympics should not be measured by medals alone

2/26/2018 - Cape Town’s drought doomsday clock has been pushed back, raising questions about its accuracy

2/26/2018 - The best time of day to learn a new language, according to Duolingo data

2/26/2018 - Less than half of fund managers have any experience of a financial crisis

2/26/2018 - The Dropbox IPO is a transformative moment for Y Combinator

2/26/2018 - Hollywood’s indie film industry is still waiting for a dose of #MeToo

2/26/2018 - Mobile World Congress, Xi Jinping’s power move, super-distant supernova

2/26/2018 - Xi Jinping could now rule China for life—just what Deng Xiaoping tried to prevent

2/26/2018 - Cape Town is still running out of water, just not as fast as the city thought it would

2/26/2018 - How China reacted to the idea of indefinite rule by Xi, in memes

2/26/2018 - Berlin is the best city in the world for culture, say expats

2/26/2018 - Trump is driving Indian tech students away from American universities

2/26/2018 - The economic reason for why it’s time to go vegan

2/26/2018 - A real-life Pokémon Go could help save the natural world

2/26/2018 - Flipkart is crushing Amazon in one of India’s biggest e-commerce categories

2/26/2018 - A British financial upstart broke even for the first time after it added crypto trading

2/26/2018 - Modi’s advisor estimates $46.5 billion of India’s bad loans will be “irretrievably lost”

2/26/2018 - Corbyn’s speech, Xi’s power move, super-distant supernova

2/26/2018 - Corbyn’s speech, Xi’s power move, super-distant supernova

2/26/2018 - Google shows off, banana phones, and news from elsewhere

2/25/2018 - Sridevi became India’s “No. 1,” breaking gender and language barriers

2/25/2018 - E-tailers like Amazon are rushing for India’s online-payment gateway. Here’s why

2/25/2018 - Psychopaths in the Netherlands are different from psychopaths in the US

2/25/2018 - Xi Jinping’s power move, a Balkan tour, spotting supernovas

2/25/2018 - The UK hid the story of a Soviet spy for 70 years because they felt silly for hiring him

2/25/2018 - With the Galaxy S9, Samsung hopes the sequel lives up to the original

2/25/2018 - The classic Nokia 8110 made famous by “The Matrix” is getting a reboot

2/25/2018 - Dictionary-makers found the first known use of “mansplain”

2/25/2018 - China is moving quickly to allow Xi Jinping to rule indefinitely

2/25/2018 - The Olympics’ 2020 tech sponsors plan to turn Tokyo into a 5G “smart city”

2/25/2018 - This is what a Mac laptop should look like in 2018

2/25/2018 - A new schoolgirls kidnapping by Boko Haram shows Nigeria hasn’t learned its lesson

2/25/2018 - The American Midwest is quickly becoming a blue-collar version of Silicon Valley

2/25/2018 - How to know if you own gun stocks without knowing it

2/25/2018 - Waiting in line for pasta: What it was like, poor and middle-aged, to play a millionaire on a hit TV show

2/25/2018 - The epic story behind Nokia’s iconic ringtone

2/25/2018 - Elephants have different personalities, just like us

2/25/2018 - Lupita’s Hollywood, Ethiopia’s Telegram, African startup funding

2/25/2018 - It begins: Spain, sun, and Samsung

2/24/2018 - China wants to lead the climate-change fight. It better solve its milk problem.

2/24/2018 - Universities are telling kids it’s okay to get suspended for protesting guns

2/24/2018 - How to watch the Samsung Galaxy S9 launch event

2/24/2018 - How the NRA’s ad agency turned guns into a symbol of American freedom

2/24/2018 - Whenever the market crashes, Warren Buffett turns to a 19th-century poem

2/24/2018 - Even America’s worst airline can’t stomach the National Rifle Association

2/24/2018 - Life may have started in Africa, but the study of African fossils is still undervalued

2/24/2018 - The Rubik’s Cube

2/24/2018 - The Rubik’s Cube

2/24/2018 - Warren Buffett gained $29 billion in 2017 from Trump’s tax reforms

2/24/2018 - At the Hirshhorn museum’s new café, it’s okay to spill coffee on the art

2/24/2018 - A hip-hop musical on the suffragettes might just be Britain’s answer to “Hamilton”

2/24/2018 - The physics of curling are an unsolved mystery

2/24/2018 - A Harvard professor thinks that tech’s true power comes from design

2/24/2018 - Weekend edition—The Peace Olympics’ unsatisfying end, inequality’s maternal fix, “Black Panther’s” troubling economics

2/24/2018 - The NRA’s prescription to stop gun violence is absolutely right—but far from sufficient

2/24/2018 - Are Uber’s drive-at-home dads the new “piecework” button-sewing moms?

2/24/2018 - How much money do people need to be happy?

2/24/2018 - What America is getting wrong about three important words in the Second Amendment

2/24/2018 - Instagram is killing the way we experience art

2/24/2018 - Why the social media implosion of a prominent beauty brand matters

2/24/2018 - How Tanzania is betting on coding to help close the gender gap in its tech sector

2/24/2018 - The Rubik’s Cube

2/24/2018 - From slavery to colonialism and school rules, navigating the history of myths about black hair

2/24/2018 - Weekend edition—The Peace Olympics’ unsatisfying end, inequality’s maternal fix, “Black Panther’s” troubling economics

2/24/2018 - Weekend edition—The Peace Olympics’ unsatisfying end, inequality’s maternal fix, “Black Panther’s” troubling economics

2/24/2018 - In a continent dominated by WhatsApp, Ethiopia prefers Telegram

2/23/2018 - The secret offshore money trail Manafort allegedly used to con Washington

2/23/2018 - An anti-Marxist, pro-free speech YouTuber is gaining a following in China

2/23/2018 - Weekend edition—The Peace Olympics’ unsatisfying end, inequality’s maternal fix, “Black Panther’s” troubling economics

2/23/2018 - Here are three reasons we need to keep AI socially accountable this year

2/23/2018 - This year’s tech trends prove we need to embrace Responsible AI sooner—not later

2/23/2018 - The Olympics gave us a break from the North Korea crisis. Break time is over

2/23/2018 - Dropbox is filing for a $500 million IPO—but also saying it may never be profitable

2/23/2018 - The Rubik’s Cube

2/23/2018 - The first good news of this year’s terrible flu season

2/23/2018 - My 3-by-3-foot utopia: A cold beer in a hot shower

2/23/2018 - Tesla outsells German rivals, end of an era for JPMorgan, Gucci’s winning streak

2/23/2018 - What to expect at this year’s Mobile World Congress

2/23/2018 - David Mamet is writing a Broadway play about Harvey Weinstein

2/23/2018 - Rick Gates is the fifth person to plead guilty in Trump-Russia probe

2/23/2018 - A two-year timeline of FBI and police failures to stop the Parkland school shooter

2/23/2018 - How to watch the 2018 Best Picture nominees before the Oscars

2/23/2018 - J.Crew is partnering with LinkedIn and WeWork because, of course

2/23/2018 - People fought each other to get Pharrell’s “unity” sneakers

2/23/2018 - Manafort and Gates’s struggle to turn a PDF into a Word doc created a paper trail

2/23/2018 - Airbnb is defined by its CEO’s obsessive perfection

2/23/2018 - This YouTube beauty tutorial is a sharp satire of political indifference to tragedy

2/23/2018 - Trump announced sanctions on 55 North Korea-related ships and companies

2/23/2018 - Three things every toxic relationship has in common

2/23/2018 - “No way”: Three teachers explain why Trump’s proposal to arm teachers won’t work

2/23/2018 - Quartzy: the utopia edition

2/23/2018 - Quartzy: the utopia edition

2/23/2018 - The quad revolution

2/23/2018 - The quad revolution

2/23/2018 - Marvel’s Black Panther is a boon for Nigeria’s homegrown comic superheroes

2/23/2018 - Macron is proposing a controversial crackdown on migrants in France

2/23/2018 - Modern free trade agreements are increasingly stuffed with protectionist measures

2/23/2018 - There are three ways to be a perfectionist, and not all of them are bad

2/23/2018 - The Winter Olympics are made possible by a very specialized company in Michigan

2/23/2018 - Why you’re more likely to make an immoral decision when speaking a foreign language

2/23/2018 - 14 tips to touring the world without feeling like just another tourist

2/23/2018 - Thanks to the enormous security risk, energy-sapping bitcoin mining is here to stay

2/23/2018 - The secret life of twins—according to a twin

2/23/2018 - Cape Town’s bottlers and brewers are coming under fire for guzzling water in a drought

2/23/2018 - The two mental shifts highly successful people make

2/23/2018 - African elephants are migrating to safety—and telling each other how to get there

2/23/2018 - The scientific, efficient way to learn languages: “spaced repetition”

2/23/2018 - These are the best books for learning modern statistics—and they’re all free

2/23/2018 - The world is getting better at English—but some countries are learning faster than others

2/23/2018 - Equal pay isn’t at the heart of the finance industry’s gender gap

2/23/2018 - The Trump administration has just made the H-1B visa-approval process even harder

2/23/2018 - Ivanka in South Korea, Beijing controls the Waldorf, Steve Jobs’ typos

2/23/2018 - Beating a personal best is an ideal goal if you approach it correctly

2/23/2018 - Your hotshot coworker would be a terrible boss, and research proves it

2/23/2018 - Why it’s innovative—not wasteful—to destroy the Pyeongchang Olympic stadium

2/23/2018 - Four major industries get a new hero as drones get better, faster

2/23/2018 - Four major industries get a new hero as drones get better, faster

2/23/2018 - Four major industries get a new hero as drones get better, faster

2/23/2018 - The Winter Olympics is pretty much over natural snow, which is great for their next host

2/23/2018 - RBS reports its first profit in a decade, after nearly £60 billion in losses

2/23/2018 - The quad revolution

2/23/2018 - A million Indian phones go silent as a cash-starved service provider gasps for survival

2/23/2018 - China’s first gold at the Winter Olympics has only fanned the country’s resentment of South Korea

2/23/2018 - It’s not just your network, India’s 4G speed is rubbish

2/23/2018 - Lupita Nyong’o is on course to be Hollywood’s next—and first African—super-producer

2/23/2018 - EU budget debate, Barnaby Joyce resignation, dirty meat

2/23/2018 - EU budget debate, Barnaby Joyce resignation, dirty meat

2/23/2018 - The story behind those stickers covering India’s street carts and railway stations

2/23/2018 - New York’s Waldorf Astoria is now controlled by the Chinese government

2/23/2018 - Despite what Modi says, the world still thinks India is as corrupt as ever

2/22/2018 - Uber CEO’s whirlwind trip to India shows not all is well

2/22/2018 - Ten presidents say the US is a “nation of immigrants.” A government agency no longer agrees

2/22/2018 - We finally know who overpaid for the $100-million apartment in NYC

2/22/2018 - Trudeau in India, Snap’s market tumble, dirty meat

2/22/2018 - The quad revolution

2/22/2018 - New cutting-edge science confirms that Antarctica is losing ice faster every year

2/22/2018 - If fiction teaches us anything, it’s to never underestimate teenagers discovering their powers

2/22/2018 - In defense of cream cocktails

2/22/2018 - Riots, “Real Housewives,” and sexual harassment—the week in bad cruise news

2/22/2018 - AI experts list the real dangers of artificial intelligence

2/22/2018 - JPMorgan is scrapping its 52-story Manhattan skyscraper in the largest voluntary demolition ever

2/22/2018 - Telegram is quietly tacking on a $1.2 billion private round to its mega ICO

2/22/2018 - After Parkland, the top conspiracy video on YouTube went viral without even trying

2/22/2018 - You could snort your next flu vaccine (again)

2/22/2018 - Dear America, here’s how other countries stop mass shootings

2/22/2018 - CNN’s town hall on gun violence was unlike anything that’s ever been on TV

2/22/2018 - Facebook isn’t acting on one of its promises to fight fake news

2/22/2018 - 9 effective customer-centric ways to get profitably growing

2/22/2018 - An amateur astronomer captured an impossible photo of an exploding star

2/22/2018 - 9 ways growing businesses can outmaneuver the big guys

2/22/2018 - Math class techniques can fix the writing class culture that leaves too many students behind

2/22/2018 - Bill Gates’ biggest worry as a 31-year-old billionaire wasn’t Apple or IBM

2/22/2018 - Kenya won’t force a spin-off of the world’s leading mobile money service after all

2/22/2018 - This playlist of two-minute songs will keep your showers short

2/22/2018 - Could the US grow as fast as China? Of course it could.

2/22/2018 - Life coaching

2/22/2018 - Life coaching

2/22/2018 - Four gun-control measures Florida senator Marco Rubio says he’d back after Parkland

2/22/2018 - Austin wants to use blockchain technology to help the homeless

2/22/2018 - I’m already equal. So why do today’s feminists keep saying I’m oppressed?

2/22/2018 - Nigeria’s bobsled team won hearts at the Winter Olympics

2/22/2018 - The UK’s shaky economy: Four charts and some numerals

2/22/2018 - The most effective self-love isn’t all about you

2/22/2018 - Automating jobs is how society makes progress

2/22/2018 - The scientific explanation for the world-changing power of teenage angst

2/22/2018 - “We must strive to love our country more than we hate our neighbor:” a former CIA officer’s plea to America

2/22/2018 - The number of EU nationals coming to the UK for work has fallen by a third since the Brexit vote

2/22/2018 - Banks are giving customers more and more control of their data

2/22/2018 - This year banking changes for good. Are you ready for the revolution?

2/22/2018 - A Vantablack art installation in Pyeongchang creates a stunning visual illusion

2/22/2018 - The plus-size brand so well-designed, Gwyneth Paltrow is funding its expansion to “straight sizing”

2/22/2018 - The hypnotic, unsettling “Annihilation” explores the human impulse to destroy things

2/22/2018 - Climate change will force mammals to get picky about mating

2/22/2018 - Stop obsessing about GDP growth—GDP per capita is far more important

2/22/2018 - Net neutrality directive, students demand answers, eyebrow economics

2/22/2018 - Five skills everybody will need for the jobs of the future

2/22/2018 - Researchers are still working to prove that antidepressants are more effective than placebo

2/22/2018 - A single question can cut useless meetings from your schedule forever

2/22/2018 - A Bulgarian scheme scammed Spotify for $1 million—without breaking a single law

2/22/2018 - North Korea is sending the suspected mastermind of deadly attacks on the South to the Olympics

2/22/2018 - In Nigeria you need cash for everything, the problem is actually getting hold of it

2/22/2018 - Kamal Haasan gives the south Indian identity a new political dimension

2/22/2018 - Life coaching

2/22/2018 - How Maharashtrian is Mumbai, really?

2/22/2018 - Hong Kong’s stock exchange has put the harsh truth about the stock market on its walls

2/22/2018 - The first step towards fixing the UK’s health care system is admitting it’s broken

2/22/2018 - Canada has forgotten its worst mass murder: the 1985 Air India bombing

2/22/2018 - Air France strike, ethical soap, eyebrow indicators

2/22/2018 - Air France strike, ethical soap, eyebrow indicators

2/22/2018 - Japan’s fear of China and North Korea is helping Texas’s “Cowtown”

2/22/2018 - Trump Jr is wooing India to make his real estate empire great again!

2/22/2018 - R&D is the best bet for jobseekers in India’s battered IT sector

2/21/2018 - India’s biggest online binge-watchers are in its small towns

2/21/2018 - A teenage survivor’s fierce argument for gun control in Trump’s school shooting session

2/21/2018 - The astonishing power of Stoneman Douglas students, in their own words

2/21/2018 - Watch teens organize against guns in their native language: Snapchat

2/21/2018 - Chinese markets reopen, Newsweek goes rogue, eyebrow indicators

2/21/2018 - Watch live: Donald Trump meets with survivors of the Florida school shooting

2/21/2018 - Talking about gun control without passing laws is actually great for gun makers and the NRA

2/21/2018 - Life coaching

2/21/2018 - This is how quickly fake news that exploits tragedy spreads on Facebook

2/21/2018 - China is poised to lead in self-driving cars—and it’s not because of technology

2/21/2018 - How the Tokyo 2020 Games will mark the start of a zero emissions future

2/21/2018 - The “Black Panther” impact on voter registration could match its blockbuster performance

2/21/2018 - Media companies have a fake follower Twitter problem, too

2/21/2018 - Gucci is one of the world’s most successful luxury brands. It’s also totally bananas

2/21/2018 - Every one of Europe’s 571 cities is destined for worse heat waves, droughts, or floods

2/21/2018 - Colleagues who say “don’t worry, I’m not contagious” don’t understand how flu works

2/21/2018 - Apple wants to buy cobalt directly from the supplier, in a country where the middleman is in charge

2/21/2018 - Tesla’s Model S outsold Germany’s flagship sedans in Europe in 2017

2/21/2018 - The secret to weight loss isn’t a fancy DNA test or calorie calculator

2/21/2018 - A visual history of Billy Graham’s power through twelve presidential administrations

2/21/2018 - I was a dreamer, too—and I know America is stronger for welcoming immigrants like my parents

2/21/2018 - Single fathers are twice more likely to die early than single mothers or partnered fathers

2/21/2018 - NBC’s refusal to say Pyeongchang correctly sends a clear—and ugly—message

2/21/2018 - A groundbreaking study offers undeniable proof that the fight against inequality starts with moms

2/21/2018 - Post-its

2/21/2018 - Post-its

2/21/2018 - Olympic women’s curling shows the future of the 16th-century Scottish sport is in Asia

2/21/2018 - Culinary creativity defines Singapore Airlines’ approach to in-flight fare

2/21/2018 - Fine-tuning the fine-dining experience for 30,000 feet

2/21/2018 - How to use your office’s chatroom without going insane

2/21/2018 - How to tell if you’re asking a stupid question

2/21/2018 - In the struggle to get its red-hot housing market under control, Vancouver targets Chinese buyers

2/21/2018 - The NRA’s step-by-step playbook for responding to a mass shooting

2/21/2018 - Japanese “forest medicine” is the science of using nature to heal yourself—wherever you are

2/21/2018 - Diversity is the best asset to literally diversify your portfolio

2/21/2018 - Crypto millionaires are funding research to reverse the aging process

2/21/2018 - Watch SpaceX’s reusable Falcon 9 rocket launch three satellites into orbit

2/21/2018 - Startup venture funding jumped more than 50% in Africa last year to a record high

2/21/2018 - DJI’s Mavic Air is the new standard for drones

2/21/2018 - An impromptu Slack review of the politics of “Black Panther” by Quartz Africa reporters

2/21/2018 - Japanese couples are fighting to keep their names—and identities—distinct when they marry

2/21/2018 - Fed minutes, Apple’s race for cobalt, lobster emoji redesign

2/21/2018 - The Indian government isn’t ready to walk the talk on electric vehicles

2/21/2018 - Zimbabwe is pushing for mobile money interoperability as its cash problems linger

2/21/2018 - The number of Americans working for themselves could triple by 2020

2/21/2018 - South African artists have created a playlist to try to make two-minute showers bearable

2/21/2018 - Post-its

2/21/2018 - Young Indians don’t see the point in travelling

2/21/2018 - The wireless technology that will power the future just hit a milestone

2/21/2018 - In India, the internet is a place for cityfolk and men

2/21/2018 - Finally, India’s finance minister and central bank have something to say on the PNB scam

2/21/2018 - France’s immigration bill, Walmart’s bad day, lobster emoji redesign

2/21/2018 - France’s immigration bill, Walmart’s bad day, lobster emoji redesign

2/20/2018 - WhatsApp: the new business card, storefront, and cash register in India

2/20/2018 - Trump’s order to ban bump stocks is an empty gesture

2/20/2018 - Walmart just saw $30 billion in market cap destroyed by Amazon fears

2/20/2018 - Room for rent: Two private space stations need tenants to launch in 2021

2/20/2018 - TPP unveiled, new Mueller charges, lobster emoji redesign

2/20/2018 - Post-its

2/20/2018 - Inside “reputation laundering” and the controversial report at the heart of Mueller’s latest indictment

2/20/2018 - Cliché uprising: The cringeworthy stock phrases taking over Hollywood movies

2/20/2018 - Creating digital ecosystems is the holy grail for brands

2/20/2018 - Designers must create for an increasingly connected world

2/20/2018 - Amazon is wreaking havoc on the grocery industry

2/20/2018 - A powerful eruption “completely annihilated” an Indonesian volcano’s peak

2/20/2018 - Why the rule of law is essential to justice, peace, and economic and social progress

2/20/2018 - African countries won’t need to worry about China’s demand for donkey hides, for now

2/20/2018 - Melinda and Bill Gates reveal the common-sense secret to successful relationships

2/20/2018 - Now that most artifacts are digital, software experts need to play archeologist

2/20/2018 - “Black Panther” is proof Marvel is much more than the Avengers

2/20/2018 - Chinese prisoners allegedly made products for H&M and C&A

2/20/2018 - “No words will do justice to the children killed”: The United Nations is officially speechless over hospital bombings in Syria

2/20/2018 - Will anyone buy Venezuela’s petro cryptocurrency?

2/20/2018 - American school shootings are so common teens are inventing tools to stay safe

2/20/2018 - South African censors have classified a poignant gay love story as harshly as hardcore pornography

2/20/2018 - Angela Merkel’s fourth term hangs in the balance as the Social Democrats vote

2/20/2018 - Humans seem relatively chill with the potential of an alien visit, according to new research

2/20/2018 - Eight of the ten worst places for newborn deaths are in Africa

2/20/2018 - The humble office-supply item that can explain humanity’s imminent doom

2/20/2018 - As young Chinese get hooked on hip-hop, streetwear sees a boom

2/20/2018 - Is it OK to talk with my coworkers about smoking pot?

2/20/2018 - Donald Trump wants your face to be your passport—and that’s a problem

2/20/2018 - Tanzania’s new mining law will compel foreign companies to boost local financial firms

2/20/2018 - Venezuela’s cryptocurrency, Trump backs Romney, measles return

2/20/2018 - “Ignore the missiles”: Duterte says China’s South China Sea militarization is no problem

2/20/2018 - How do you design an office for robots?

2/20/2018 - Uber is temporarily pulling out of Morocco

2/20/2018 - As India’s e-commerce sector reels, grocery is feeding another frenzy

2/20/2018 - Germany is adding a ministry for “Heimat,” a word loaded with negative undertones

2/20/2018 - Young Indian-Americans are shaming Trump’s desi allies like Ajit Pai

2/20/2018 - A stationery maker allegedly erased $572 million from Indian banks

2/20/2018 - SWIFT: The messaging system at the heart of the $1.8 billion PNB fraud

2/20/2018 - Venezuela’s cryptocurrency, New Zealand storm, curling celebrities

2/20/2018 - Venezuela’s cryptocurrency, New Zealand storm, curling celebrities

2/20/2018 - How Mehul Choksi’s sparkling Geetanjali Gems lost its shine

2/20/2018 - Younger siblings play a role in developing empathy—older ones just get the credit

2/19/2018 - Indian banks need better governance, not just more money

2/19/2018 - Venezuela’s cryptocurrency, HSBC’s earnings, creepy drones

2/19/2018 - Trump debuts in last place in political scientists’ “Presidential Greatness Rankings”

2/19/2018 - An artist wants the public to debate consent—by taking pies to the face

2/19/2018 - Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ is a broad mix of African cultures—here are some of them

2/19/2018 - Kentucky Fried Chicken in the UK somehow managed to run out of chicken

2/19/2018 - China and Europe love SpaceX’s new Falcon Heavy rocket. Does NASA?

2/19/2018 - Samsung wants to build drones that you control with your eyes

2/19/2018 - Britain’s tea habit has a plastic problem

2/19/2018 - The return of measles in Europe is “a tragedy we simply cannot accept”

2/19/2018 - I spent a year devising a data-driven approach to behaving ethically. Here it is.

2/19/2018 - The laziest skincare routine for people who DGAF

2/19/2018 - Kenya is a hot new destination for second homes among the world’s wealthiest investors

2/19/2018 - Our treatment of animals is stalling human progress

2/19/2018 - Trump Jr.’s India trip, students demand gun controls, sexy curlers

2/19/2018 - What’s new in curling? High-tech brooms, buff bods, and doping allegations

2/19/2018 - The “karmic connection” between The Beatles’ George Harrison and Ravi Shankar

2/19/2018 - The Indian government must let go of state-owned banks—but it just won’t

2/19/2018 - The reason African cities aren’t funding infrastructure with municipal bonds

2/19/2018 - The PNB-Nirav Modi scam raises more questions than answers

2/19/2018 - Metal tariffs, Trump Jr.’s India trip, sexy curlers

2/19/2018 - Metal tariffs, Trump Jr.’s India trip, sexy curlers

2/19/2018 - The promise of a hyperloop in India: 150km in 25 minutes

2/19/2018 - “Black Panther” dramatically changed the make-up of the superhero movie audience this weekend

2/19/2018 - Bigger, faster, stronger: China’s ever-evolving military tech

2/18/2018 - How Tamil Nadu became one of the world’s leading renewable energy markets

2/18/2018 - China warns on trade war, Trump Jr. shills in India, Sexy curlers

2/18/2018 - How Russian trolls’ support of third parties could have cost Hillary Clinton the election

2/18/2018 - History suggests Netanyahu’s dramatic drone wreckage prop won’t help his cause

2/18/2018 - Cameroon’s president-for-life spends at least 15% of his time outside his country

2/18/2018 - Facebook and Trump are telling the same misleading story about Russian propaganda

2/18/2018 - Trump’s biggest obstacle to fixing the trade deficit? His own tax cuts

2/18/2018 - Two US grocery chains are on the verge of bankruptcy as Amazon moves in

2/18/2018 - It’s okay to be a lonely, anxious mess, and more things I learned when I moved to the country

2/18/2018 - A nineties Japanese mini car is the unlikely taxi of choice in one of Nigeria’s biggest cities

2/18/2018 - “You can find anything on Craigslist. I found my obsession, my worst nightmare.”

2/18/2018 - “Law & Order: SVU” is the most important show on television

2/18/2018 - Kate Middleton is about to debut as an art curator

2/18/2018 - South Africans could only watch as the country underwent a seismic power shift

2/18/2018 - Black Panther’s Afrofuturism, Ethiopia’s uncertainty, Feature phones’ big win

2/17/2018 - Facebook’s answer to Russian election meddling: postcards

2/17/2018 - Gender stereotypes are not a political opinion: US regulators affirm Google’s firing of James Damore

2/17/2018 - A woman who lived through a high school tragedy remembers when the government tried to prevent disasters

2/17/2018 - The movie executive known as the “third Weinstein brother” has been fired “for cause”

2/17/2018 - Photos: The dreamy 16th century Italian villa from “Call Me By Your Name” is up for sale

2/17/2018 - The moon

2/17/2018 - The moon

2/17/2018 - Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee is bringing banana ketchup and liver-smothered spaghetti to Italy

2/17/2018 - Five million people still watched Netflix’s mess of a “Cloverfield” sequel

2/17/2018 - Marvel commissioned a Kenyan photographer for these exclusive Black Panther art pieces

2/17/2018 - The FBI’s failure in Florida could cast a shadow on its Russia investigation

2/17/2018 - If this is the best humans can do, then bring on the robots

2/17/2018 - Conservative Californians are fleeing to Texas. Data show they’re in for a surprise

2/17/2018 - Weekend edition—Rise of the robo-advisors, chasing cobalt supply, motivational posters

2/17/2018 - “Black Panther” elevates the entire Marvel universe

2/17/2018 - Spain’s most popular holiday destination wants to be 100% renewable—against Spain’s wishes

2/17/2018 - The moon

2/17/2018 - Weekend edition—Rise of the robo-advisors, chasing cobalt supply, motivational posters

2/17/2018 - Weekend edition—Rise of the robo-advisors, chasing cobalt supply, motivational posters

2/16/2018 - “I am in Love with LOVE!” Russian trolls tried to seem like normal Americans by quoting the Bible, Shakira, and others

2/16/2018 - Paypal was used to launder Russian trolls’ money during the 2016 election

2/16/2018 - Weekend edition—Rise of the robo-advisors, chasing cobalt supply, motivational posters

2/16/2018 - All the other signings Trump was happy to have photographed on Feb. 28, 2017

2/16/2018 - Ethiopia has declared a state of emergency a day after its prime minister resigned

2/16/2018 - Russian trolls convinced an American to hold a “Happy Birthday” sign for their oligarch boss

2/16/2018 - The moon

2/16/2018 - White people won’t see themselves in Black Panther. That’s why they should watch it

2/16/2018 - Read Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians for election interference

2/16/2018 - Sheryl Sandberg has a plan for the 50% of male managers afraid to mentor women

2/16/2018 - A noted list of the best companies to work for is paying more attention to minority experiences

2/16/2018 - Google is building AI to make humans smile

2/16/2018 - Sony could have bought nearly all of Marvel’s movie rights for a bargain in 1998

2/16/2018 - Waymo is readying a ride-hailing service that could directly compete with Uber

2/16/2018 - Everything an AR-15 maker says consumers want in their gun

2/16/2018 - The science behind Olympic figure skating’s most dangerous—and incredible—feat

2/16/2018 - Quartzy: the romantic pursuit edition

2/16/2018 - Quartzy: the romantic pursuit edition

2/16/2018 - African fans are embracing Black Panther’s Afrofuturistic fantasy of Africa

2/16/2018 - Curling

2/16/2018 - Curling

2/16/2018 - You are your best line of defense against getting sick from air travel

2/16/2018 - The most millennial place in America, pharma stock surge, Chinese manga copycats

2/16/2018 - China’s state TV ran a racist skit with blackface as Africans for its Lunar New Year show

2/16/2018 - SpaceX takes its first step toward selling Americans internet from space

2/16/2018 - Fake accounts for the Florida shooter are spreading on Instagram, and that’s dangerous

2/16/2018 - Dorky motivational posters invented internet memes and changed the way we make fun of work

2/16/2018 - How tax havens like Delaware help traffickers sell children for sex

2/16/2018 - Reverse mentoring is the technique that helps managers as much as their employees

2/16/2018 - The case for Spanish-speaking courts in places like the Bronx—and all over the US

2/16/2018 - Amazon’s push into fashion retail should scare these companies the most

2/16/2018 - Meet the scientist who makes identical snowflakes

2/16/2018 - Using an air dryer after you wash your hands may just make them dirtier

2/16/2018 - Trudeau in India, Renault on a roll, mullet mania

2/16/2018 - Marvel’s movie footprint is comically massive

2/16/2018 - Live podcast recordings ruin everything that makes podcasts great

2/16/2018 - A new exhibition celebrates the subversive history of the protest t-shirt

2/16/2018 - Kolkata’s Caddiebasti excels in a game that was not meant for its people

2/16/2018 - Asia just won its first Olympic gold in a sport long dominated by the West

2/16/2018 - A former RBI deputy governor explains what PNB should do next

2/16/2018 - Curling

2/16/2018 - An alarming number of teenagers take selfies crossing India’s dangerous roads

2/16/2018 - People of the Southern Hemisphere: Here’s how to give a damn about the Winter Olympics

2/16/2018 - Everything you need to know about the $1.8 billion PNB-Nirav Modi fraud

2/16/2018 - 120 years of PNB: Born in Lahore, raised in India, undone by Nirav Modi

2/16/2018 - Trudeau in India, UK retail sales, sad hummus

2/16/2018 - Trudeau in India, UK retail sales, sad hummus

2/16/2018 - Black Panther is a stunning reimagining of Africa’s aesthetic for Hollywood movie fans

2/15/2018 - A former PNB chief says the RBI and government are also responsible for the fraud

2/15/2018 - Get ready for a less colorful Lunar New Year in China

2/15/2018 - Three Senate votes show Trump’s immigration ideas are far out of touch with his party

2/15/2018 - America’s longest and darkest chapter, Florida shooting, and eight other stories you might have missed

2/15/2018 - All the things Fox News blamed the Parkland shooting on other than the gun

2/15/2018 - Florida shooter charged, Bridgewater’s anti-EU bet, twin prison break

2/15/2018 - Curling

2/15/2018 - Fresh evidence supports the link between cancer and sweet, salty processed foods

2/15/2018 - Congress is worried about AI bias and diversity

2/15/2018 - We edited Trump’s condolence speech on America’s latest school shooting

2/15/2018 - LinkedIn and Microsoft will now write your resume for you

2/15/2018 - At New York Fashion Week, the biggest trend was food

2/15/2018 - Peter Thiel is only escaping the liberals in Silicon Valley by moving to Los Angeles

2/15/2018 - Dev Patel will play another “slumdog millionaire,” David Copperfield

2/15/2018 - Stoneman Douglas survivors are emerging as the sanest voices on gun control

2/15/2018 - Facebook is spamming users on the mobile numbers they gave the platform for security

2/15/2018 - The world’s richest people are flocking to these five cities

2/15/2018 - Hummus isn’t meant to be a dip

2/15/2018 - Watch Earth eclipse the sun, in NASA’s GIFs of high-res satellite imagery

2/15/2018 - How to watch Nigeria’s Winter Olympics team compete in Pyeongchang

2/15/2018 - Keep your muni portfolio on track in 2018

2/15/2018 - The world’s orangutan population has been cut in half in 16 years

2/15/2018 - The Obamas’ stunning portraits are a testament to the importance of identity politics

2/15/2018 - Cyril Ramaphosa has been sworn in as South Africa’s fifth president

2/15/2018 - In a volatile market, here’s how to keep your muni portfolio strong

2/15/2018 - Google Chrome has begun ridding the internet of crappy ads

2/15/2018 - A one-minute video captures the devastating effect of America’s inaction on school shootings

2/15/2018 - Australia is considering a paid leave law to help women leave abusive relationships

2/15/2018 - Can McDonald’s really make healthier Happy Meals?

2/15/2018 - Succulents

2/15/2018 - Succulents

2/15/2018 - Nigeria’s lawmakers want to limit medical trips abroad for government officials

2/15/2018 - The terrible job advice parents give to their millennial kids

2/15/2018 - Watch live: Donald Trump’s statement on the Parkland, Florida school shooting

2/15/2018 - Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz shared a trait with other mass killers: He abused women

2/15/2018 - A landmark court case affirms that street art is high art

2/15/2018 - Scientists have discovered nearly 100 new planets outside of our solar system

2/15/2018 - One of Trump’s first acts as president made it easier for the mentally ill to buy guns

2/15/2018 - Stream joy! Decluttering guru Marie Kondo is coming to Netflix

2/15/2018 - Ethiopia’s prime minister has stepped down

2/15/2018 - We asked three feng shui masters for Donald Trump’s forecast on the year of the dog

2/15/2018 - Trust is the new empathy

2/15/2018 - Italy’s far-right protested a museum for its Arabic-speaker discount as “discriminating against Italians”

2/15/2018 - Best Buy and Target put the nail in the coffin for music CDs

2/15/2018 - Great minds don’t think alike: How creativity and cognitive diversity fuel business greatness

2/15/2018 - The most common hashtags tweeted by Russian trolls

2/15/2018 - Romney’s announcement, Florida school shooting, gorilla dating

2/15/2018 - WhatsApp has triggered a Twitter war between India’s e-payment giants

2/15/2018 - These charts show why the UK will always be “lashed” to the EU

2/15/2018 - Nirav Modi, accused of swindling $1.8 billion, was with Narendra Modi at Davos

2/15/2018 - Succulents

2/15/2018 - Japan strikes again, this time with a Gundam-inspired folding car

2/15/2018 - As Uber sputters, Ola is really stepping on the gas in India

2/15/2018 - Artificial intelligence is being used to raise better pigs in China

2/15/2018 - Lunar New Year, US school shooting, gorilla dating

2/15/2018 - Lunar New Year, US school shooting, gorilla dating

2/15/2018 - A German wholesaler thinks India’s mom-and-pop stores are here to stay

2/14/2018 - The billionaire who allegedly swindled $1.8 billion from an Indian bank

2/14/2018 - The North Korean figure skaters keep getting better and better

2/14/2018 - The death of a Chinese flu patient reminds China’s middle class their lives hinge on personal connections

2/14/2018 - In China, flashy logos are making a comeback as a status symbol

2/14/2018 - The NRA invested millions in these politicians in 2016

2/14/2018 - The normalization of America’s school shootings, in one chart

2/14/2018 - Jacob Zuma’s presidency: by the numbers

2/14/2018 - Havana Embassy mystery, Florida shooting, and eight other stories you might have missed

2/14/2018 - Zuma resigns, inflation shrug, diversity trade secrets

2/14/2018 - Jacob Zuma has finally resigned as president of South Africa

2/14/2018 - The price of everything from wine to college tuition keeps climbing in the US. How worried should you be?

2/14/2018 - Succulents

2/14/2018 - Morgan Tsvangirai, Robert Mugabe’s most tenacious rival, has died

2/14/2018 - Watch live: A Russian space robot carefully approaches the International Space Station

2/14/2018 - One of the key measures of US inflation just took an Olympic-sized leap

2/14/2018 - What we miss about AI when we’re worried about killer robots

2/14/2018 - New York union workers are taking undocumented immigrants under their wing

2/14/2018 - Chipotle is tapping the brain behind Taco Bell in a bid to save itself

2/14/2018 - Diversity hiring is so competitive, IBM is suing a Microsoft executive over it

2/14/2018 - Knee-jerk cynicism is a failure of critical reasoning, says Steven Pinker in a new book

2/14/2018 - The one thing people can’t wait to give up for Lent this year? Twitter.

2/14/2018 - Photos: North Korean Olympic cheerleaders react to a Kim Jong-un impersonator

2/14/2018 - Foucault has a new book out, and it’s the key to understanding his entire work on sexuality

2/14/2018 - A contradiction in US immigration policy is putting kids of high-skilled workers at risk of deportation

2/14/2018 - Netflix nabbed one of TV’s most prolific creators

2/14/2018 - Dire warnings about volatility-linked funds come from the funds themselves

2/14/2018 - The Birkin bag

2/14/2018 - The Birkin bag

2/14/2018 - At Westminster, even dogs are subjected to society’s unrealistic beauty expectations

2/14/2018 - WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in Africa

2/14/2018 - Scientists are about to explore never-before-seen depths of the Antarctic ocean

2/14/2018 - Graffiti artists could see millions after a developer painted over their work at 5Pointz

2/14/2018 - Why no one stopped the White House from letting Rob Porter in

2/14/2018 - Annotated: Trump’s lawyer’s admission to paying off a porn star with “personal funds”

2/14/2018 - A study of Indian garment workers shows the productivity power of soft skills

2/14/2018 - A defiant Jacob Zuma has until the end of the day to resign—or his own party will kick him out

2/14/2018 - Portugal’s recently bailed-out economy is growing at the fastest rate in 17 years

2/14/2018 - Why admitting a weakness makes people like you more

2/14/2018 - Alleging a conspiracy, Exxon is countersuing the people taking it to court on climate change

2/14/2018 - How a volatility investor made 6,000% while everyone else lost $2 billion

2/14/2018 - The startling humanity of Tweeting in a life or death moment

2/14/2018 - Seven new rules for breaking up in the digital age

2/14/2018 - Tech companies should diversify by making their product teams look like their user base

2/14/2018 - Saudi Arabia’s robot citizen is eroding human rights

2/14/2018 - Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a paradigm shift in the chocolate chip cookie universe

2/14/2018 - The Oxfam/UN sex scandals in Haiti and Africa should be no excuse to cut foreign aid

2/14/2018 - People are already flipping the Telegram ICO for millions, even though it’s not on sale yet

2/14/2018 - This is why you cringe when someone else embarrasses themselves

2/14/2018 - US inflation, Guptas raided, robot skiing

2/14/2018 - Photos: Couples from around the world share how they met

2/14/2018 - The death of Denmark’s Prince Henrik puts the monarchy’s gender inequality in the spotlight

2/14/2018 - This Valentine’s Day, almost every country has its own GIF to say “I love you”

2/14/2018 - The challenges of repatriating the Rohingya

2/14/2018 - There are 14 different kinds of love identified across the world’s languages

2/14/2018 - No one seems to know what was paid to buy one of Nigeria’s biggest e-commerce players

2/14/2018 - “Shameless” and “two-faced”: China’s astonishing rebuke of its former internet czar

2/14/2018 - In a bid to clean up its image, Saudi Arabia is giving up a key European mosque

2/14/2018 - The Birkin bag

2/14/2018 - An Indian bank just uncovered a $1.7 billion fraud at a single branch

2/14/2018 - Indians still love their morning newspaper, but advertisers would rather catch them online

2/14/2018 - How Amazon has flicked Netflix in India

2/14/2018 - Japan’s winning streak, Boris on Brexit, robot skiing

2/14/2018 - Japan’s winning streak, Boris on Brexit, robot skiing

2/14/2018 - Two very new Chinese startups are competing with tech giants to make self-driving taxis a reality

2/14/2018 - Smartphones lost market share to feature phones in Africa last year

2/14/2018 - Citibank joins a growing list of lenders choking cryptocurrencies in India

2/13/2018 - India hopes to become an AI powerhouse by copying China’s model

2/13/2018 - In defense of romantic pursuit

2/13/2018 - North Korea’s pair figure skaters electrified the Olympics with a personal best

2/13/2018 - Black Panther’s defining moment, Venezuela today, and eight other stories you might have missed

2/13/2018 - Netanyahu’s bribery scandal, Zuma’s deadline, robot skiing

2/13/2018 - A teacher’s death highlights a troubling trend in how Texas treats teachers

2/13/2018 - How to celebrate Valentine’s Day without compromising your Christian faith on Ash Wednesday

2/13/2018 - The Birkin bag

2/13/2018 - The “motherhood penalty” is worse than you think

2/13/2018 - Robots skiing remind us how far away the apocalypse is

2/13/2018 - Facebook is bribing people to make their relationship “Facebook official”

2/13/2018 - Pyeongchang Olympic athletes have highly relatable K-beauty routines

2/13/2018 - While it struggles in the US, Under Armour is thriving around the world

2/13/2018 - What we know about the lions that ate a suspected poacher in South Africa

2/13/2018 - Trump’s plan to bring back government cheese doesn’t just hurt poor people, it’s bad for business, too

2/13/2018 - An all-female fish species is challenging how scientists think about asexual reproduction

2/13/2018 - Bill Gates warns Silicon Valley not to be the new Microsoft

2/13/2018 - Google wants to be Snapchat, too

2/13/2018 - Trump wants food stamps to work like Blue Apron—but with no fresh foods

2/13/2018 - With a larger premium cabin, Norwegian is expanding beyond its budget reputation

2/13/2018 - Soon every gadget is going to have a special chip for AI

2/13/2018 - A scientist captured an impossible photo of a single atom

2/13/2018 - The unique traits Americans developed from decades of immigration

2/13/2018 - The many layers of meaning in Barack and Michelle Obama’s official portraits

2/13/2018 - A new theory claims Homo sapiens beat out Neanderthals because of art

2/13/2018 - John Oliver is staying sane by turning away from Trump’s “fire hose of bullshit”

2/13/2018 - When you give Alaskans a universal basic income, they still keep working

2/13/2018 - MGMT’s song about phone addiction joins a long march of tech-phobic pop music

2/13/2018 - Guess which foolish strategy people most often use to pay back credit card debt

2/13/2018 - Doom

2/13/2018 - Doom

2/13/2018 - The scientifically proven best ways to spend time if you want to be happy

2/13/2018 - “Sweet,” “Petite,” “Has a great smile”: The alarming phrases still used in recommendation letters for women

2/13/2018 - The dangerous economics of racial resentment during World War II

2/13/2018 - You shouldn’t wait until the end to make your bucket list, according to new research

2/13/2018 - A Republican Senate candidate’s parents donated the maximum to his Democrat rival

2/13/2018 - This US drone startup thinks it can take on DJI where others have failed

2/13/2018 - Siemens wants to make your city work as well as your washing machine

2/13/2018 - South Africa’s ruling party has finally fired president Jacob Zuma, and yet he hangs on

2/13/2018 - Don’t kid yourself—nobody knows what really triggered the market meltdown

2/13/2018 - Gender-neutral beauty products for your Valentine can be gifts for yourself, too

2/13/2018 - Sending foreign aid money doesn’t deter migration from poor countries, says new study

2/13/2018 - Modern medicine is failing men by diagnosing them with borderline personality disorder

2/13/2018 - The Olympics prove that every country needs to learn English

2/13/2018 - Net neutrality isn’t the problem—it’s the internet itself

2/13/2018 - You can teach yourself to read an entire book in a single day

2/13/2018 - Zuma finally resigns, GM shutters a plant, goat caddies

2/13/2018 - More investment firms are letting clients put their money where their mouth is on gender equality

2/13/2018 - Bill and Melinda Gates explain why an “America First” philosophy hurts Americans

2/13/2018 - India’s central bank will now seek weekly reports on toxic loans from lenders

2/13/2018 - The Jesus we’ve inherited from centuries of Christian art is a lie

2/13/2018 - If you’re a darker-skinned woman, this is how often facial-recognition software decides you’re a man

2/13/2018 - Airbus’s A320neo continues to trouble India’s largest airline

2/13/2018 - How we manage extreme water conditions is the next big challenge for African countries

2/13/2018 - The Obama portrait boosts Kehinde Wiley’s legacy celebrating the African diaspora

2/13/2018 - The spectacular failure of Mumbai’s local trains, through the eyes of a commuter

2/13/2018 - Brexit is leading a vital but unglamorous industry to its death

2/13/2018 - Doom

2/13/2018 - Chinese prisoners—wearing tracking devices—are granted temporary freedom for Lunar New Year

2/13/2018 - WhatsApp’s message to India’s small e-payments players: Good morning, and watch out

2/13/2018 - Why some Indian states are in a rush to electrify people’s homes

2/13/2018 - China’s hottest boy band says it has nothing to do with an ICO that’s defrauding fans

2/13/2018 - Cyclone Gita, Amazon layoffs, the Codfather

2/13/2018 - Cyclone Gita, Amazon layoffs, the Codfather

2/13/2018 - President Buhari’s stumbles have opened the door for another major shift in Nigerian politics

2/12/2018 - The master-of-all-trades who steered MakeMyTrip towards success

2/12/2018 - Korean dishes to warm up with during the bitterly cold Olympics

2/12/2018 - Barnes & Noble’s pivot to books doesn’t appear to be working

2/12/2018 - Everything you wanted to know about North Korea’s Olympic figure skaters

2/12/2018 - Sea level rise is accelerating every year, “like a driver merging onto a highway”

2/12/2018 - Watch as the biggest storm ever to hit Tonga tears over the tiny island nation

2/12/2018 - Alexa is about to get a lot snappier

2/12/2018 - Amazon layoffs, US budget plan, fishing moguls

2/12/2018 - Thanks, Boston Dynamics! We are doomed.

2/12/2018 - One chart proves Trump’s budget proposal doesn’t matter

2/12/2018 - Charted: Trump’s 2019 fantasy budget brings back government cheese and the rhythm method

2/12/2018 - Doom

2/12/2018 - The beef industry has fired its first shot in the fight against cell-cultured meat

2/12/2018 - Nike’s new ad captures the diverse heart of London—with one glaring omission

2/12/2018 - Michelle Obama’s portrait is a radical and defiant gesture to critics

2/12/2018 - Even after you get rid of bed bugs, chemicals in their waste lingers for months

2/12/2018 - Amazon is laying people off

2/12/2018 - Americans! Is your state attorney general secretly letting donors shape laws?

2/12/2018 - Is it ethical to vacation in a country during a political crisis?

2/12/2018 - This is one war Snapchat is winning over Facebook

2/12/2018 - A sane workplace involves neither cubicles nor an open office

2/12/2018 - The White House is ignoring 41 million US Spanish speakers

2/12/2018 - Oxfam’s scandal in Haiti has roots in Chad, where finding justice will be even harder

2/12/2018 - The three charts showing why Nvidia is booming

2/12/2018 - Germany experienced an average of four anti-Semitic crimes every day in 2017

2/12/2018 - Why bots are the future of HR

2/12/2018 - HR bots: a new super power for the workforce?

2/12/2018 - Ethiopia wants political prisoners to sign “confession” forms before release

2/12/2018 - Iceland will use more electricity mining bitcoins than powering its homes in 2018

2/12/2018 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg just told the world #MeToo is never going away—deal with it

2/12/2018 - Roger Federer’s career choice could teach you something about yours

2/12/2018 - Sri Lanka’s new electoral quota is seeing thousands of women run for office

2/12/2018 - Donald Trump wants to shut down the International Space Station and get ready for private space

2/12/2018 - To ethically mine crypto we need to use renewable energy

2/12/2018 - Unilever is threatening to pull out of tech giants like Facebook and Google

2/12/2018 - The fundamental problem with on-demand beauty service apps

2/12/2018 - The latest brain hack to get ahead in Silicon Valley: flashcards

2/12/2018 - Uber is getting serious about keeping drowsy drivers off the road

2/12/2018 - Rate your romantic relationship using 15 questions based on the Baseball Hall of Fame

2/12/2018 - “Black Panther” is already a hit, but it won’t change the way Hollywood treats minorities and women

2/12/2018 - Ant Financial’s $100 billion valuation would put it in the same league as the world’s biggest banks

2/12/2018 - A widening conflict between herdsmen and farmers is redefining Nigeria’s geopolitics

2/12/2018 - The typical US Congress member is 12 times richer than the typical American household

2/12/2018 - Germany’s far-right party is launching its own newsroom because it’s being “ignored”

2/12/2018 - #MeToo is hitting the ad agencies that sold you Nike, Google, Oreo and more

2/12/2018 - Young Americans no longer use Facebook

2/12/2018 - Trump’s budget, New York vs. Harvey Weinstein, electronic skin

2/12/2018 - Paddy Adenuga’s entrepreneur story and the depressing predictability of Nigeria’s elite

2/12/2018 - Godiva is leading the charge to shake-up Japan’s corporate culture on Valentine’s Day

2/12/2018 - India risks undoing a generation of economic reforms, says Modi’s former advisor

2/12/2018 - How Bombay showed the way by giving domestic helps and street dwellers voting rights

2/12/2018 - Africa’s most prestigious leadership award goes to the continent’s first elected female president

2/12/2018 - America’s largest retailers are shifting their battle to India

2/12/2018 - India’s Singh brothers: How to make and break a fortune in 10 years

2/12/2018 - Zuma’s fate, Russian plane crash, expensive punctuation

2/12/2018 - Zuma’s fate, Russian plane crash, expensive punctuation

2/12/2018 - 15 months later, India’s central bank is still counting and counting and counting

2/12/2018 - Indian jewellers have no idea if their suppliers violate human rights

2/11/2018 - NBC’s Olympics analyst is out after he insulted Koreans with a remark on Japan

2/11/2018 - Your day-by-day guide for celebrating the Lunar New Year

2/11/2018 - Russian plane crash, Olympic cyber attack, Zuma’s fate, electronic skin

2/11/2018 - Why male dogs usually win the Westminster dog show

2/11/2018 - Why poor parents in Nairobi choose private over free primary schools

2/11/2018 - Self-healing electronic skin will help robots have a sense of touch like humans

2/11/2018 - Philosophers are building ethical algorithms to help control self-driving cars

2/11/2018 - Film composer Jóhann Jóhannsson has died. Listen to the extraordinary work he left us with.

2/11/2018 - This startup wants to introduce Africa’s new contemporary artists to the world’s collectors

2/11/2018 - Watch the US capture its first ever Olympic medal in men’s luge

2/11/2018 - A Russian passenger jet crashed near Moscow. All 71 people aboard are feared dead.

2/11/2018 - We took the world’s most scientific personality test—and discovered unexpectedly sexist results

2/11/2018 - Decoding what the Trump administration wants on trade

2/11/2018 - Where Trump’s first State of the Union speech ranks historically, and why, according to a speech professor

2/11/2018 - Iconoclast painter Kehinde Wiley’s portrait of Barack Obama will be unveiled tomorrow

2/11/2018 - Gin: How the liquor known as “mother’s ruin” went from scourge to savior🍸

2/11/2018 - Here’s what happened the last time the living things in our oceans and lakes died

2/11/2018 - This Korean condiment is spicy, sweet umami bomb that makes everything better

2/11/2018 - Africa’s languages, Zimbabwe’s comedians, Naspers’ digital investments

2/10/2018 - Here’s how to watch Olympic figure skating, Alpine skiing, and snowboarding tonight

2/10/2018 - Desperate scientists created a Match.com profile for a frog who may be the last of his species

2/10/2018 - Trump’s ICE removed a higher number of Africans in 2017, even as overall removals fell

2/10/2018 - This is how you capture the rise of Kenya’s vibrant contemporary art scene

2/10/2018 - Oxfam knew a senior staffer was accused of sexual misconduct. They didn’t warn the next NGO

2/10/2018 - Republicans wouldn’t spend to save US jobs until the crisis was over

2/10/2018 - White tigers

2/10/2018 - White tigers

2/10/2018 - NASA just published the farthest-ever images taken in space

2/10/2018 - A lawsuit over the absence of an Oxford comma was settled for $5 million

2/10/2018 - Facebook “likes” are a powerful tool for authoritarian rulers, court petition says

2/10/2018 - Weekend edition—Hope for the “Peace Games,” an opponent for Putin, saving the rainforest

2/10/2018 - The FDA is taking aim at a Southeast Asian herb that acts a lot like an opioid

2/10/2018 - This week, financial markets stopped being boring

2/10/2018 - A short guide to understanding alpine skiing during the Winter Olympics

2/10/2018 - Ancient Olympians ate this honey cheesecake as a post-workout snack, and we have the recipe

2/10/2018 - Take it from ancient hermits: The loneliness epidemic is curable

2/10/2018 - This $10 3D-printed instrument sounds exactly like a violin

2/10/2018 - White tigers

2/10/2018 - Weekend edition—Hope for the “Peace Games,” an opponent for Putin, saving the rainforest

2/10/2018 - Weekend edition—Hope for the “Peace Games,” an opponent for Putin, saving the rainforest

2/10/2018 - Ugandan cartoonists are offering some of the sharpest criticism on the state of the country

2/9/2018 - The Rob Porter scandal, stock market swing, and eight other stories you might have missed

2/9/2018 - Is there hope that the “Peace Games” can change the Korean peninsula—and the world?

2/9/2018 - Weekend edition—Hope for the “Peace Games,” an opponent for Putin, saving the rainforest

2/9/2018 - These security experts get paid to think like hackers

2/9/2018 - Trump signed a bill that gives millions to the US agency in charge of climate and weather science

2/9/2018 - White tigers

2/9/2018 - Trump’s tax reform and budget could worsen the bond selloff that’s disturbing markets  

2/9/2018 - Happy Friday: the winning edition

2/9/2018 - The rapidly-thawing permafrost is full of mercury

2/9/2018 - The greatest pizza scenes of all time, in honor of US National Pizza Day

2/9/2018 - Charted: How the US plans to spend $400 billion more of taxpayer money in a new budget

2/9/2018 - Trump signed a landmark bill that could create the next big technologies to fight climate change

2/9/2018 - YouTube is making an example of controversial creator Logan Paul

2/9/2018 - Russian nuclear scientists were arrested for using a supercomputer to mine bitcoin

2/9/2018 - Smaller cultural groups are better at learning difficult concepts

2/9/2018 - Russia’s athletes didn’t even get to carry their neutral flag into the Olympics

2/9/2018 - Maybe this year Russia won’t start a war during the Olympics

2/9/2018 - Stock market meltdown, Americans don’t buy clothes, GE’s $31 billion problem

2/9/2018 - If you’re about to retire, should you pull out of the stock market?

2/9/2018 - L.L.Bean is ending its beloved lifetime return policy

2/9/2018 - It took 30 years, but scientists finally grew mature human eggs outside the body

2/9/2018 - The woman battling Putin for Russia’s presidency made a curious trip to America

2/9/2018 - Is global soccer about to have its #MeToo moment?

2/9/2018 - Quartzy: the winning edition

2/9/2018 - Quartzy: the winning edition

2/9/2018 - Waymo has settled its trade secrets lawsuit against Uber

2/9/2018 - With the launch of Eurostar’s newest route, high-speed rail links a fractured Europe

2/9/2018 - Negative trade secrets

2/9/2018 - Negative trade secrets

2/9/2018 - Everyone claims they are following “agile methods” but few actually do

2/9/2018 - Scientists studying psychoactive drugs accidentally proved the self is an illusion

2/9/2018 - A look inside of New York’s best-selling building of all time

2/9/2018 - Pence tried to avoid North Korean officials, and got seated in front of them

2/9/2018 - “It’s not a drug, but it may as well be”: Expert opinions on whether kids are addicted to tech

2/9/2018 - The LA Times’ new owner says apartheid South Africa taught him the value of a free press

2/9/2018 - Nancy Pelosi broke a House record in stilettos but don’t take it as a win for feminism

2/9/2018 - At the Olympics, North Korea executed a propaganda coup

2/9/2018 - How to explain Winter Olympics events to a Summer Olympics fan

2/9/2018 - Could there be a magic bullet to fix our urban transport mess?

2/9/2018 - Your online shopping habit is making city traffic worse

2/9/2018 - Taking a cut of student’s future paychecks has Silicon Valley investors funding education  

2/9/2018 - Breaking news is broken thanks to social media—fix it by changing your habits

2/9/2018 - Why Amazon can’t pick Dallas, Austin, or Atlanta for its HQ2

2/9/2018 - The suburban idyll of the Kardashians and Drake is not what it seems

2/9/2018 - 2018’s best food travel show isn’t even hosted by a chef—and that’s what makes it so great

2/9/2018 - High-frequency traders are feasting on the market mayhem

2/9/2018 - Winter Olympics begin, US government shutdown, AI judges

2/9/2018 - We still don’t know if cell phones cause cancer or not

2/9/2018 - The US and China are overhauling their approaches to diplomacy, in entirely opposite ways

2/9/2018 - Eight ways to look at the stock market’s sudden U-turn

2/9/2018 - With its power over Britain, Japan is aiming to completely reshape Brexit

2/9/2018 - Negative trade secrets

2/9/2018 - This ride-hailing giant’s global expansion playbook is the opposite of Uber’s

2/9/2018 - Cape Town is just the beginning of South Africa’s spreading water crisis

2/9/2018 - A tale of two Indian airlines: SpiceJet’s turnaround vs. Air India’s spiral

2/9/2018 - India’s biometric programme is being misused to defraud customers at banks

2/9/2018 - The little-known story of how the Mughals inspired one of Europe’s most iconic painters

2/9/2018 - Winter Olympics, Rohingya massacre, AI Olympic judges

2/9/2018 - Winter Olympics, Rohingya massacre, AI Olympic judges

2/9/2018 - Nigeria’s new World Cup soccer kit is a global hit

2/9/2018 - For Indians, nothing like a morning cuppa—and mobile videos

2/9/2018 - This is the order of countries marching at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics opening ceremony

2/9/2018 - The resilient luge champion representing India at the Winter Olympics

2/8/2018 - Tradition and few chances are keeping black South African women out of science

2/8/2018 - The seating plan for the Winter Olympics opening ceremony could get horribly awkward

2/8/2018 - Tony the Tiger gets fired, Olympics begin, and eight other stories you might have missed

2/8/2018 - Artificial intelligence is a huge part of the game for Nvidia now

2/8/2018 - Markets plunge again, Twitter’s first profit, AI Olympic judges

2/8/2018 - Video: Russia’s opposition leader claims to have figured out the Trump campaign’s Kremlin connection

2/8/2018 - In the past year, an actual media company was a better bet than the digital giants

2/8/2018 - Researchers ran Shakespeare through plagiarism software

2/8/2018 - Negative trade secrets

2/8/2018 - Underwater volcanoes may have helped trigger Earth’s fifth mass extinction

2/8/2018 - Google got slapped for abusing its power in India

2/8/2018 - Facebook is a “surveillance operation“ in an “abusive relationship” with its users, say UK lawmakers

2/8/2018 - Tom Cruise became an expert helicopter pilot just to film one stunt in “Mission: Impossible”

2/8/2018 - The source code for the iPhone just leaked online

2/8/2018 - The top-selling sneaker of 2017 is one your mom probably loves

2/8/2018 - How to watch the 2018 Winter Olympics on TV, online, and every device

2/8/2018 - Zimbabwe’s comedians are ready to deliver satire for the post-Mugabe era

2/8/2018 - The artist who reclaimed the nude for women

2/8/2018 - This might be the last Olympics without AI judges

2/8/2018 - Africa’s biggest internet company isn’t making the right bets on African internet companies

2/8/2018 - Nick Foles’ trick play in the Super Bowl was a triumph of modern leadership

2/8/2018 - An intriguing new battle over equal pay is taking place at the supermarket

2/8/2018 - Prime numbers

2/8/2018 - Prime numbers

2/8/2018 - DNA testing of a 10,000-year-old British skeleton upends a common idea about race

2/8/2018 - Another photo reveals the short shelf life of Trump’s inner circle

2/8/2018 - Social media’s hottest stock in the past year is not what you’d expect

2/8/2018 - One of Nigeria’s most iconic pieces of art has been found in a London flat

2/8/2018 - CVS and Walgreens stock increases annually around flu time

2/8/2018 - The UX explanation for why you hate your new job after three months

2/8/2018 - A Chinese company plans to make flying taxis a reality by this year

2/8/2018 - For the first time ever, Twitter has finally turned a profit

2/8/2018 - Beating yourself up is not as helpful as you think

2/8/2018 - Anarchist hacker Amir Taaki says bitcoin’s boom means it’s on the verge of a collapse

2/8/2018 - Spandex, sparkle, and pure athleticism: A photo history of figure-skating fashion

2/8/2018 - There are 2,144 African languages, using them in our universities will help, not hinder youth

2/8/2018 - Google’s former ethicist says better design is key to tackling our tech addiction

2/8/2018 - AIs have replaced aliens as our greatest world-destroying fear

2/8/2018 - The most and least millennial places in America

2/8/2018 - Elon Musk says if SpaceX can launch a Roadster to Mars, Tesla can fix the Model 3

2/8/2018 - A reality star’s death exposed the dangerous party culture on gay cruises

2/8/2018 - Why hiring the ‘best’ people produces the least creative results

2/8/2018 - North Korea is letting in foreigners to run bootcamps for entrepreneurs

2/8/2018 - The dreaded “cruise ship virus” is spreading among Winter Olympics workers

2/8/2018 - The International Criminal Court is taking the next step on a complaint accusing Rodrigo Duterte of mass murder

2/8/2018 - Christian Louboutin’s Zen koan: When is a color a shape?

2/8/2018 - Rude people secretly impress us, even if we don’t really like them

2/8/2018 - “Rough luxe” is the intelligent alternative to Brooklyn hipster

2/8/2018 - Twitter’s results, Google’s fake-news-fighting plan, Olympic egg mix-up

2/8/2018 - Google executives are floating a plan to fight fake news on Facebook and Twitter

2/8/2018 - Facebook users are trying to trick the News Feed algorithm

2/8/2018 - See exactly how the US stock plunge compares to the worst ever

2/8/2018 - Sleep deprivation seems to have opposite effects in healthy and depressed people

2/8/2018 - A creative court case could lead to Brits retaining their EU citizenship despite Brexit

2/8/2018 - Amid a jobs crisis, India’s government is sitting on over 400,000 vacancies

2/8/2018 - Nintendo is so good at making you feel like a kid again

2/8/2018 - India’s electric carmakers are dreaming in top gear—but reality is on neutral

2/8/2018 - Tech salaries in Austin, Texas are effectively $66,000 higher than in NYC thanks to the cost of living

2/8/2018 - What it’s like to have a baby in a country that actually cares about new moms

2/8/2018 - Prime numbers

2/8/2018 - A Japanese mobile game about a traveling frog is teaching its fans a philosophical lesson about letting go

2/8/2018 - An Indian lawyer’s incredible collection of vintage cars

2/8/2018 - Chinese police are wearing sunglasses that can recognize faces

2/8/2018 - Traveling to one of the world’s most reclusive countries is finally getting easier

2/8/2018 - Cattle theft in Kenya is being tackled with remote-tracking chip technology

2/8/2018 - North Korea military parade, misused AI, super-dense ice

2/8/2018 - North Korea military parade, misused AI, super-dense ice

2/8/2018 - A biopic on Ramdev is Discovery’s ticket to Indian prime time TV

2/8/2018 - Farmers now accustomed to a drying climate are donating water to Cape Town

2/7/2018 - The Ayodhya verdict can shake the very foundations of India

2/7/2018 - Clothing’s decline, the most unhealthy county, and eight other stories you might have missed

2/7/2018 - US budget bill, SoftBank woos SwissRe, super-dense ice

2/7/2018 - The proposed US defense budget could fund China’s nearly four times over

2/7/2018 - “Game of Thrones” + “Star Wars” = Hollywood synergy at its most shameless

2/7/2018 - Snap closed above its IPO price for the first time since June

2/7/2018 - Prime numbers

2/7/2018 - Google gave the world powerful AI tools, and the world made porn with them

2/7/2018 - Nest is being folded back into Google

2/7/2018 - Taylor Swift just bought almost an entire NYC city block for $47.7 million

2/7/2018 - Only a handful of countries are backing a life-saving HIV-prevention drug

2/7/2018 - Trump’s first stock market tweet in 25 days is actually pretty correct

2/7/2018 - Alphabet’s $2 billion Chelsea Market buy shows how Silicon Valley is taking over cities

2/7/2018 - Cultures that respect the elderly have reduced risks of dementia

2/7/2018 - Trump wants to bring back a tradition we haven’t seen since the Gulf War

2/7/2018 - The Olympics are a mass propaganda tool for countries to assimilate their citizens

2/7/2018 - Merkel makes major concessions to strike a deal for a new German government

2/7/2018 - Disney says it won’t need to spend like Netflix because it has Star Wars and Marvel

2/7/2018 - An insider’s account of Korea’s clandestine bitcoin trade

2/7/2018 - Watch out, Switzerland. The US is now the world’s number two tax haven

2/7/2018 - I’m a law professor, and I teach my students how to destroy American democracy

2/7/2018 - Jim Carrey is dumping his Facebook stock and telling other investors to do the same

2/7/2018 - One of Trump’s religious advisors posted a video tirade against flu shots

2/7/2018 - Goop’s latest brand means more throw pillows, and hopefully less dubious cures

2/7/2018 - Google is continuing its quest to be a one stop shop for online travel

2/7/2018 - The Voynich manuscript

2/7/2018 - The Voynich manuscript

2/7/2018 - Athleisure has overtaken athletics in the sneaker industry

2/7/2018 - The way the world catches fish defies all economic logic

2/7/2018 - The simple test that can determine if a technology is for good or evil

2/7/2018 - This will be the most African Winter Olympics ever

2/7/2018 - Should you accept a glass of water at a job interview?

2/7/2018 - Do women bosses have an extra responsibility to look out for women?

2/7/2018 - These are the shows that introduced people to binge-watching on Netflix

2/7/2018 - A Houston company dumped cancer-causing chemicals into a neighborhood storm drain

2/7/2018 - Seattle says Facebook has violated a 1977 political advertising law

2/7/2018 - SpaceX’s just-launched Tesla Roadster missed Mars

2/7/2018 - This is your wake-up call: Markets are not risk-free

2/7/2018 - RBI warns of a spike in inflation—and takes a jibe at Jaitley’s budget

2/7/2018 - Here’s a crash course in how to apply China’s “basic principles of doing business”

2/7/2018 - Digital art sensation teamLab will open its own immersive museum in Tokyo

2/7/2018 - The Spice Girls are reuniting (again) and they couldn’t have timed it better

2/7/2018 - Tesla earnings, Trump’s military parade, spiders with tails

2/7/2018 - We placed our chemical plants near waterways. That used to make sense. Now it’s a hazard

2/7/2018 - Ignore the stock market rollercoaster, the sell-off in bonds is what matters

2/7/2018 - Scientists have proven the existence of the strangest state of matter: superionic ice

2/7/2018 - North Korea is sending Kim Jong-un’s sister to attend the Winter Olympics

2/7/2018 - Cape Town’s water crisis is already posing a risk to public health

2/7/2018 - The Voynich manuscript

2/7/2018 - Maruti Suzuki’s electric vehicle plans rest on one factor: affordability

2/7/2018 - Kenya just deported the lawyer who oversaw the opposition leader’s swearing-in ceremony

2/7/2018 - Hong Kong’s ivory trade is dead but it remains a hub for other endangered species

2/7/2018 - North Korea blew up a plane ahead of the Seoul Olympics. Now the South is going all-out to secure Pyeongchang

2/7/2018 - Secret film footage uncovered: when British Indian troops met the Red Army in Iran

2/7/2018 - Zuma’s transition, Tesla’s earnings, spider tails

2/7/2018 - Zuma’s transition, Tesla’s earnings, spider tails

2/7/2018 - The recovery in India’s stock markets rests on a shaky foundation

2/7/2018 - African deal-making dropped to its lowest level for five years during 2017

2/6/2018 - A little-known startup turned profitable by staying away from India’s Silicon Valley

2/6/2018 - 100,000 Indian cryptocurrency investors are now on the taxman’s radar

2/6/2018 - Trump’s nuclear proposal went through three versions before getting Asian geography right

2/6/2018 - The opioid agenda, El Chapo’s trial, and eight other stories you might have missed

2/6/2018 - A group of German workers just won 28-hour weeks for better work-life balance

2/6/2018 - Snap beat expectations and sent its stock price skyrocketing—still minus profit

2/6/2018 - SpaceX’s big launch, Zuma’s transition, spider tails

2/6/2018 - Photos: Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy rocket takes flight

2/6/2018 - A day-trading millionaire says he isn’t fazed by his favorite strategy blowing up

2/6/2018 - The Bose Wave Radio was the original HomePod

2/6/2018 - The US senate just learned what bitcoiners mean by “hodl”

2/6/2018 - The Voynich manuscript

2/6/2018 - Quentin Tarantino eagerly defends convicted child rapist Roman Polanski in a resurfaced interview

2/6/2018 - Japan is hunting down illegal manga and video game translators

2/6/2018 - Celebration over a shrinking ozone hole may have been premature

2/6/2018 - The surprising geography of opioid use around the world

2/6/2018 - Photos: The aftermath of a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan

2/6/2018 - A massive food poisoning scandal has hit an infant formula company

2/6/2018 - Facebook may be plotting to poach YouTube’s creators

2/6/2018 - Why male Uber drivers earn more than women

2/6/2018 - 2017 was the Apple Watch’s best year yet

2/6/2018 - What’s next for the very volatile stock market

2/6/2018 - Uber’s internal memos remind us not to detail shady-sounding schemes in writing

2/6/2018 - Watch SpaceX launch the Falcon Heavy, the biggest rocket it’s ever built

2/6/2018 - How much do you care about the ingredients in your beauty products?

2/6/2018 - Popped collars

2/6/2018 - Popped collars

2/6/2018 - This desk chair cost $1 million on Amazon

2/6/2018 - Why are there no women on real estate TV shows?

2/6/2018 - The bottom line about the US and UK healthcare systems

2/6/2018 - Job automation will hurt women first but will ultimately hurt men more

2/6/2018 - Kabila may finally be talking about DR Congo’s crisis, but he’s still offering no real answers

2/6/2018 - Nigeria has made it more difficult for foreigners to work in the country

2/6/2018 - The woman behind the Paris Climate agreement: “Nothing gets done without optimism”

2/6/2018 - The economics of the “Mommy Track” explain why parental leave isn’t enough

2/6/2018 - What inclusivity really means, from the woman who held the highest tech job in America

2/6/2018 - Five ways today’s SpaceX rocket launch could go explosively wrong

2/6/2018 - The Japanese phrase that led fashion designer Chitose Abe from obscurity to fame

2/6/2018 - MacArthur genius Ai-jen Poo makes the economic case for listening

2/6/2018 - Hate your job? So did swimmer Natalie Coughlin before she won 12 Olympic medals

2/6/2018 - GM CEO Mary Barra says too many women quit their jobs for the wrong reason

2/6/2018 - This Harvard economist revolutionized our understanding of why women earn less than men

2/6/2018 - The pioneer of India’s biotech industry was denied her first job for being a woman

2/6/2018 - The Democrats’ fastest-rising star is a woman unafraid of her own power

2/6/2018 - The CEO of 23andMe says every company should hire one woman for every man

2/6/2018 - MoMA curator Paola Antonelli says it’s time for men to start imitating women

2/6/2018 - Queer black VC Arlan Hamilton: “I didn’t come here to take your scraps”

2/6/2018 - In an industry full of men, leading VC Megan Quinn is changing the face of investing

2/6/2018 - Marie Kondo wants coworkers to tidy up their office together

2/6/2018 - Sheryl Sandberg’s message to women: “Too often we suffer from the tyranny of low expectations”

2/6/2018 - An LGBTQ leader on why playing devil’s advocate is BS

2/6/2018 - Glossier CEO Emily Weiss doesn’t have time for excuses: “Just do your job”

2/6/2018 - The woman leading Google’s doodles says imposter syndrome is her greatest strength

2/6/2018 - Activist Ory Okolloh Mwangi: Women can’t expect their work to “speak for itself”

2/6/2018 - Harvard lawyer Diane Rosenfeld: Only female alliances will stop rape culture

2/6/2018 - Sallie Krawcheck: The looming retirement crisis is a women’s crisis

2/6/2018 - Airbnb’s Belinda Johnson is a woman on the rise: “Envision what you want, and believe you can achieve it”

2/6/2018 - How comedian Aparna Nancherla got her big break while being shy, anxious, and sad

2/6/2018 - Trans activist Isa Noyola: Crushing the patriarchy frees men, too

2/6/2018 - Relationship expert Esther Perel wants you to stop calling communication a “soft skill”

2/6/2018 - Tarana Burke, creator of Me Too, believes you don’t have to sacrifice everything for a cause

2/6/2018 - Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca on the “man­-repelling” defiance that launched her career

2/6/2018 - Didi Chuxing president Jean Liu’s advice for working women: “It’s supposed to be hard”

2/6/2018 - The one change that would actually help women: “Fund them, back them, pay them”

2/6/2018 - Activist Janet Mock’s message to the world: Women are not a monolith

2/6/2018 - The Christian climate professor bridging the gap between science and faith

2/6/2018 - Yale astrophysicist Priyamvada Natarajan on mansplaining: “It’s just too boring”

2/6/2018 - Architecture’s biggest CEO gets her business advice from the Joker

2/6/2018 - Silicon Valley engineer Tracy Chou: Stop saying that diversity means lowering the bar

2/6/2018 - Blockchain expert Amber Baldet is disrupting Wall Street from the inside out

2/6/2018 - Jezebel founder Anna Holmes on the benefits of “being a pain in the ass”

2/6/2018 - A rising literary star’s grounding truth: We’re not the best or worst thing we’ve ever done

2/6/2018 - Silicon Valley engineer Erica Joy Baker wishes people would stop telling women that they’re strong

2/6/2018 - Political analyst Angela Rye: We need to put “human decency over politics”

2/6/2018 - The founder of Girls Who Code: “When you get a taste for being brave, it’s hard to stop”

2/6/2018 - SOHO China CEO Zhang Xin became a billionaire by falling in love with risk

2/6/2018 - Arianna Huffington was depressed and broke until a loan changed her life

2/6/2018 - The paleontologist who wore a beard to escape sexism

2/6/2018 - This CEO plans to get a woman elected as US president whether you like it or not

2/6/2018 - The woman leading China’s startup scene says choosing your co-founder is a life or death decision

2/6/2018 - Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour: Stop telling me to go back to my country. I’m from Brooklyn

2/6/2018 - Senator Tammy Duckworth proves it’s not unpatriotic to question your superiors

2/6/2018 - Feminist lawyer Gloria Allred: “I don’t invest my time in feeling despondent”

2/6/2018 - Lena Waithe’s advice to men: “Don’t be a dick”

2/6/2018 - Here’s how to get all those screenshots off your Mac desktop

2/6/2018 - Learn how computers work by making dumplings from scratch

2/6/2018 - In China, the data your car collects about you is for sale

2/6/2018 - The $3 trillion hedge fund industry has a lot to prove when markets go haywire

2/6/2018 - The key metrics that investors should be watching on inflation

2/6/2018 - Choosing a bank is about to become as ruthless as shopping for flights, taxis, and hotels

2/6/2018 - South Africa’s president Zuma has run out of time

2/6/2018 - Bitcoin has plunged since Jack Dorsey made it available to Square Cash users

2/6/2018 - People with depression are more likely to say certain words

2/6/2018 - SpaceX blasts off, market meltdown, crayfish clones

2/6/2018 - Stop complaining about the price of new gadgets

2/6/2018 - One of the world’s leading ivory-trade investigators has been killed in Kenya

2/6/2018 - Americans may not know it, but they’ve long been embracing Hindu philosophy

2/6/2018 - Farmers, women, and the elderly: Jaitley readies Modi’s votebank for 2019

2/6/2018 - Popped collars

2/6/2018 - Inside the Indian government’s months-long struggle to curb cryptocurrencies

2/6/2018 - Charted: the billions wiped out in Asian markets today

2/6/2018 - These are the six countries making their debut in the Winter Olympics

2/6/2018 - India’s cannabis economy has a new hope—Patanjali

2/6/2018 - Stock market rout, big SpaceX launch, crayfish clones

2/6/2018 - Stock market rout, big SpaceX launch, crayfish clones

2/6/2018 - Why, exactly, are Ugandans so proud of Daniel Kaluuya’s Oscar nomination?

2/6/2018 - What Cape Town could learn from Melbourne’s success cutting its water consumption in half

2/6/2018 - North Korea is a suspect in the world’s biggest cryptocurrency heist

2/6/2018 - Most Indian coders say they are self-taught

2/6/2018 - Indian markets have just lost over $75 billion—but it’s not all Jaitley’s fault

2/5/2018 - The Dow has given up all its gains since the day the Trump tax cuts became law

2/5/2018 - China is rapidly closing the US’s lead in AI research

2/5/2018 - Trump calls not applauding his State of the Union “treason.” Photos show it’s tradition

2/5/2018 - The main measure of market instability has more than doubled in a week

2/5/2018 - Lululemon’s CEO has resigned after falling short of its “standards of conduct”

2/5/2018 - Philadelphia’s Super Bowl win, stock market drop, and eight other stories you might have missed

2/5/2018 - Stock market plunge, Broadcom’s sweetened bid, crayfish clones

2/5/2018 - Paul Simon’s retirement letter is a rare, sweet gesture in a volatile industry

2/5/2018 - Popped collars

2/5/2018 - Will Janet Yellen’s last act be a tough one to follow for new Fed chief Jerome Powell?

2/5/2018 - The SEC is stepping up its rhetoric over cryptocurrency regulation in Senate testimony tomorrow

2/5/2018 - FBI emails reveal agents’ reactions to Trump firing Comey

2/5/2018 - Apple Music is about to beat Spotify at its own game

2/5/2018 - Your friends’ brains process the world the same way as you

2/5/2018 - This winter’s awful flu season was made worse by a wildly ineffective vaccine

2/5/2018 - A GOP attack ad perfectly captures the new low of American politics

2/5/2018 - A bitter legal fight over a Philadelphia soda tax could decide the future of sugar taxes in the US

2/5/2018 - How a rare poison could help bring the first male birth control pill to market

2/5/2018 - A gay love story set in South Africa’s secretive male traditional initiation has sparked outrage

2/5/2018 - The advisor that Donald Trump “never met” is still on the president’s Instagram

2/5/2018 - Vera Wang doesn’t just dress brides—she designs for cheerleaders and Olympians, too

2/5/2018 - How do you find strong leaders? Hint: look at the data

2/5/2018 - Justin Timberlake scored a Super Bowl win for Nike

2/5/2018 - What data can tell us about finding the best leaders

2/5/2018 - California’s drought may be returning

2/5/2018 - #MeToo brings out the best—and worst—of women’s friendships

2/5/2018 - The five best Super Bowl commercials, recapped

2/5/2018 - A French philosophy marathon produced some hilarious political protest cartoons

2/5/2018 - Israel’s “voluntary” deportation policy is pushing African refugees into new perils

2/5/2018 - “The Cloverfield Paradox” proves Netflix can convince us to watch anything

2/5/2018 - The all-destructive joy of Philadelphia’s Eagles fans, in photos

2/5/2018 - What American CEOs earn compared with their rank-and-file workers

2/5/2018 - Bitcoin could fall below $5,000 if this report on a mysterious cryptotoken is right

2/5/2018 - There’s a right time to unfriend someone—online and in real life

2/5/2018 - In-flight yoga sounds ridiculous—but it’s actually a great idea

2/5/2018 - The acquisition of a major Nigerian e-commerce player will be a cautionary tale for investors

2/5/2018 - The US market meltdown is spreading across Asia and Europe

2/5/2018 - Angela Merkel is not the climate angel the world thinks she is

2/5/2018 - Despite Brexit, a record number of foreign students want to study at British universities

2/5/2018 - Solar power and Tesla batteries will create the world’s largest “virtual power plant” in Australia

2/5/2018 - It’s worth betting on a surprise US interest rate hike in 2018

2/5/2018 - How to prep for the apocalypse, corporate-style

2/5/2018 - Governments would get more done if they bullied people less

2/5/2018 - Can Elon Musk disrupt deep space with the world’s most powerful rocket?

2/5/2018 - Bitcoin’s bear market is dragging other cryptocurrencies down with it

2/5/2018 - To master health care, Amazon must master information and communication

2/5/2018 - Samsung’s leadership vacuum is over, and so is the illusion of corporate reform in Korea

2/5/2018 - Market jitters, Uber vs. Waymo, Crocodile Dundee

2/5/2018 - Thousands of luxury apartments are sitting empty in London

2/5/2018 - Japan is up in arms over a tiny speck on the Korean unified flag

2/5/2018 - YouTube’s latest counter-propaganda effort lumps PBS with state media from China and Russia

2/5/2018 - Cheap data and demonetisation have created an online shopping boom in India

2/5/2018 - India has a new caste for native English speakers only

2/5/2018 - The grit, fun, and madness behind the chikoo farms of Indian Parsis

2/5/2018 - “CryptoKitties” is now coming to your phone—with new Chinese cats

2/5/2018 - WhatsApp’s slow-paced innovation is leading it to dominance in the world’s biggest markets

2/5/2018 - Uber vs. Waymo, Super Bowl, Crocodile Dundee

2/5/2018 - Uber vs. Waymo, Super Bowl, Crocodile Dundee

2/5/2018 - Customization is the next frontier in East Africa’s ride-sharing wars

2/5/2018 - Far more Indians are searching for Amazon than for Flipkart

2/4/2018 - Small-town shoppers helped H&M double its business in India last year

2/4/2018 - The Philadelphia Eagles just won the Super Bowl. Save yourselves!

2/4/2018 - NBC’s “equipment failure” was the “wardrobe malfunction” of Super Bowl 52

2/4/2018 - Australia’s national tourism arm subverted the Super Bowl with an ad for a fake movie

2/4/2018 - Early Facebook and Google employees are planning to lobby against tech addiction

2/4/2018 - Samsung sentencing, Amtrak crash, Alexa learns to ignore

2/4/2018 - Just how cold this year’s Super Bowl will be, in one chart

2/4/2018 - Amazon patented a way to tell Alexa to ignore “Alexa”

2/4/2018 - Surfing and yoga on the beach is helping heal victims of Somalia’s war

2/4/2018 - What we know about the deadly Amtrak crash in South Carolina

2/4/2018 - There was no such thing as a “wardrobe malfunction” until Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl performance

2/4/2018 - Even Amazon is surprised by how much people love Alexa

2/4/2018 - Tom Brady was passed over by every team in the NFL at least four times

2/4/2018 - “I can’t stop eating”

2/4/2018 - The secret to brilliance lies in being totally, utterly useless 

2/4/2018 - Only black is the new black: a cultural history of fashion’s favorite shade

2/4/2018 - Senegal’s rich history of photography showcases Africans in control of their own story

2/4/2018 - A “thunderstorm asthma” epidemic may lead Australia to a cure for the disease

2/4/2018 - An African philosopher considers how we restore the humanity stolen by racism

2/4/2018 - Kenya’s media battle, Nkrumah’s warning, Chimamanda’s bookshops

2/3/2018 - The internet is not pleased by the idea of a Prince hologram at the Super Bowl

2/3/2018 - A chickpea shortage means hummus could get a lot more expensive

2/3/2018 - Tech companies are finding big money in smaller payments

2/3/2018 - ExxonMobil says climate change poses little risk to its business

2/3/2018 - A racially motivated shooting in Italy leaves at least six African migrants wounded

2/3/2018 - The FBI Nunes memo is out. The worst could be yet to come

2/3/2018 - The first woman to earn a medical degree in the US got into school because men thought it was a joke

2/3/2018 - How tech tumbled in the US stock market’s worst week in two years

2/3/2018 - Super Bowl ads

2/3/2018 - Super Bowl ads

2/3/2018 - Trump’s merit-based immigration proposal would dock points for spouses

2/3/2018 - The best drone photos in the world capture its hidden geometry

2/3/2018 - There are bookshops in Nigeria—but nowhere near enough

2/3/2018 - A blood test could be used to monitor NFL players’ brains—if only we would invent it

2/3/2018 - Could you migrate to the US, Canada, or Hong Kong? Check our merit calculator

2/3/2018 - Weekend edition—skeletons in your social media, China’s #MeToo moment, very funny dog toys

2/3/2018 - The magically perfect ambiguity of “The Shape of Water’s” ending

2/3/2018 - Drink your way through the Super Bowl without the Monday morning hangover with these beer cocktails

2/3/2018 - Scientists have seen a shocking rise in obesity levels in urban Africa over the past 25 years

2/3/2018 - How many calories football players eat every day compared to polar bears, apes, and cheetahs

2/3/2018 - Test how moral (or immoral) you are with this utilitarian philosophy quiz

2/3/2018 - Ghana’s first president accurately predicted what Africa’s former European colonizers would do

2/3/2018 - Zimbabwe’s startups and tech hubs are betting they’ll start to get funding

2/3/2018 - Super Bowl ads

2/3/2018 - Weekend edition—skeletons in your social media, China’s #MeToo moment, very funny dog toys

2/3/2018 - Weekend edition—skeletons in your social media, China’s #MeToo moment, very funny dog toys

2/3/2018 - Jaitley’s stuttering Hindi is more proof of the Modi regime’s penchant for identity politics

2/2/2018 - Is a global recession led by a US stock market crash in the offing?

2/2/2018 - Weekend edition—skeletons in your social media, China’s #MeToo moment, very funny dog toys

2/2/2018 - Nunes memo, identity theft by your own parents, and eight other stories you might have missed

2/2/2018 - The GOP memo disproves one of Trump’s own conspiracy theories

2/2/2018 - A Morgan Stanley index of future business spending is at an all-time high

2/2/2018 - Suddenly, everyone is scared about interest rates

2/2/2018 - All the logical holes in the GOP memo about the Trump dossier

2/2/2018 - Here are all the Super Bowl commercials in this year’s game—from big tech to the big names

2/2/2018 - Sony’s CEO is out, as the company tries to return to its premium pedigree

2/2/2018 - Super Bowl ads

2/2/2018 - I was one of only two protestors at Trump’s Davos speech. Why?

2/2/2018 - What betting on a coin toss reveals about how sports wagers work

2/2/2018 - A UK museum tries to spark conversation by removing a painting of naked nymphs

2/2/2018 - When it comes to nutritional value, one plant-based “milk” stands out

2/2/2018 - Here’s what the GOP memo claims about FBI wrongdoing

2/2/2018 - Big Rideshare says your cars—not theirs—are the enemy of public transit

2/2/2018 - People are using VPNs more during major sporting events like the Super Bowl

2/2/2018 - “Black Panther” is more than a film. It carries the hopes of the global African diaspora

2/2/2018 - Read the full GOP House intelligence memo about the Trump dossier

2/2/2018 - Photos: The father of three Larry Nassar victims tried to take the law into his own hands

2/2/2018 - The everyday luxuries of squatting, stretching, and ditching single-use plastic

2/2/2018 - Quartzy: the crunchy edition

2/2/2018 - Quartzy: the crunchy edition

2/2/2018 - Survival crackers

2/2/2018 - Survival crackers

2/2/2018 - Your project failed. Now what?

2/2/2018 - There’s no need to feel guilty about napping—as long as you’re doing it right

2/2/2018 - Un-loved Deutsche Bank wants to be Europe’s champion

2/2/2018 - Trump can’t cite his favorite stat about black unemployment being the “lowest ever” anymore

2/2/2018 - The new beverage giant, world’s priciest pot, London real estate surplus

2/2/2018 - Economic algorithms are ridiculously bullish about the US right now

2/2/2018 - David Schwimmer’s sexual harassment videos ring true because they were written by a woman

2/2/2018 - What you need to know about the Vatican’s monumental U-turn on China

2/2/2018 - A new Supreme Court case pits a timber company against an adorable endangered frog

2/2/2018 - I scanned my social media like a potential employer, and the results were scary

2/2/2018 - The US government just gave someone a $120-million robotic arm to use for a year

2/2/2018 - Pepsi’s CEO says the brand is designing special “snacks for women”

2/2/2018 - How millennials can deprogram themselves from society’s unrealistic demands for perfection

2/2/2018 - The Patriots will face the Eagles in a stadium built to face climate change

2/2/2018 - The rapidly declining US dollar and why Americans shouldn’t worry too much

2/2/2018 - In an age of online reviews, Consumer Reports shows what real product-testing looks like

2/2/2018 - Why I teach a course called “White Racism”—despite threats and police protection

2/2/2018 - When Americans save this little, it’s usually a sign that recession is near

2/2/2018 - Russia memo, Super Bowl, Google Doc activism

2/2/2018 - The height chart on “This Is Us” will break your heart

2/2/2018 - A design historian explains why the Cleveland Indians’ offensive logo survived for so long

2/2/2018 - Mothers in their 30s have a lower risk of premature birth than any other age group

2/2/2018 - The #MeToo movement marks the rise of a new era in Indian feminism

2/2/2018 - Arun Jaitley’s budget is the opening act of Narendra Modi’s election campaign

2/2/2018 - Indian startups hope for a trickle-down effect from Jaitley’s budget

2/2/2018 - Survival crackers

2/2/2018 - The Indian government has left everyone more confused about cryptocurrencies

2/2/2018 - The fate of Apple’s iPhone X in China will be decided this month

2/2/2018 - Arun Jaitley’s half-baked measures won’t fool India’s farmers

2/2/2018 - Super Bowl, Vatican-China deal, Google Doc activism

2/2/2018 - Super Bowl, Vatican-China deal, Google Doc activism

2/1/2018 - What students from IIM, JNU, and ISB thought of Arun Jaitley’s budget

2/1/2018 - “Despacito” finally has a Mandarin version

2/1/2018 - Amazon is struggling to duplicate its US success overseas

2/1/2018 - It took Amazon 14 years to make as much in net profit as it did last quarter

2/1/2018 - Google’s advertising business is showing holes

2/1/2018 - This is exactly how America tumbles into a constitutional crisis

2/1/2018 - Jeff Bezos is building a global army of Amazon Prime subscribers

2/1/2018 - Facebook is pinning its future on the idea it stole from Snapchat

2/1/2018 - Apple knows how to make investors happy, even when it disappoints

2/1/2018 - The Republican campaign to discredit the FBI—explained

2/1/2018 - Delhi’s closed markets, tech earnings, air-taxis

2/1/2018 - Amazon Web Services just proved it still has a few tricks up its sleeve

2/1/2018 - More infants are dying in US states that rejected expanded Medicaid

2/1/2018 - Survival crackers

2/1/2018 - Airbnb’s Wall Street-tested CFO has checked out, throwing the company’s IPO plans into doubt

2/1/2018 - Americans are logging off Facebook

2/1/2018 - Breeding super chickens could help put an end to antibiotic use on poultry farms

2/1/2018 - A third of Americans are leashed to their companies by non-disclosure agreements

2/1/2018 - Cape Town’s water restrictions now limit residents to absolute minimum needed for survival

2/1/2018 - Trump is going to love WeatherTech’s 2018 Super Bowl commercial

2/1/2018 - George Weah is trying to kick-start a pay-cut revolution for Liberia’s highly-paid political class

2/1/2018 - There’s a race on to corner one of the world’s hottest up-and-coming fashion e-commerce markets

2/1/2018 - On “This Is Us,” death by Crock-Pot

2/1/2018 - This year’s Super Bowl commercials may actually surprise you

2/1/2018 - What a 19th century German pessimist can teach us about getting through a midlife crisis

2/1/2018 - Elite economists are warning cities to stand up to Amazon

2/1/2018 - A linguist explains how the “three generation pattern” could wipe out Spanish in the US

2/1/2018 - The Trump administration is hiding the truth about a plan to skim workers’ tips

2/1/2018 - Google is finally admitting it has a filter-bubble problem

2/1/2018 - US startups don’t want to go public anymore. That’s bad news for Americans

2/1/2018 - The IKEA catalog

2/1/2018 - The IKEA catalog

2/1/2018 - Radical transparency sounds great until you consider the research

2/1/2018 - A new app promises to save early birds from overpaying for hotel rooms

2/1/2018 - Job titles make everyone worse at their jobs

2/1/2018 - Why Eddie Adams’s Vietnam photo still haunts us 50 years later

2/1/2018 - Facebook’s algorithm change could affect how cops speak to citizens

2/1/2018 - Kenya’s media is fighting for its future after a government TV shutdown

2/1/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg says he wants Facebook to be more than “just fun”

2/1/2018 - EBay is ditching PayPal for a younger, European partner

2/1/2018 - In one brutal month, nearly $50 billion was wiped off of bitcoin’s market value

2/1/2018 - Asking yourself this one question can help you lead a fulfilling life

2/1/2018 - Arun Jaitley’s budget has very little for the Indian taxpayer

2/1/2018 - How the Columbia tragedy began the age of private space travel

2/1/2018 - Your colleagues are probably sharing a secret Google doc right now

2/1/2018 - The world’s biggest ivory trading hub is phasing out the business entirely

2/1/2018 - Thanks to Brexit, Ryanair is selling tickets for flights that may not fly

2/1/2018 - Football will keep killing players until we change the way it’s played

2/1/2018 - India’s budget, tech earnings, virtual boyfriends

2/1/2018 - Statehouses are the new arena in the battle for net neutrality

2/1/2018 - Arun Jaitley’s price promise to Indian farmers is either vague or impossible

2/1/2018 - How to watch Super Bowl 52 live online, no matter where you are in the world

2/1/2018 - India’s government wants to kill bitcoin, but it loves blockchain

2/1/2018 - India says it will fund the world’s largest national health programme

2/1/2018 - Budget 2018: Arun Jaitley goes all out to woo rural India

2/1/2018 - A carbon tax killed coal in the UK. Natural gas is next.

2/1/2018 - Uber is copying the bike-sharing model that brought chaos to cities in China

2/1/2018 - The IKEA catalog

2/1/2018 - Arun Jaitley has just killed India’s cryptocurrency party

2/1/2018 - Arun Jaitley’s budget could set India’s food prices on fire

2/1/2018 - India budget, tech earnings, virtual boyfriends

2/1/2018 - India budget, tech earnings, virtual boyfriends

2/1/2018 - The discovery of stone tools in India suggests humans may have left Africa earlier than we thought