4/30/2017 - 学中文也拼爹?看特朗普外孙女是怎么学的

4/30/2017 - Modi meets Erdogan, history-changing doodles, in defense of Luddites

4/30/2017 - There’s no way to win at email—so we just need to relax our standards

4/30/2017 - Samantha Bee’s fans are embracing the liberal bubble that helps them cope with Trump

4/30/2017 - Social media is polarizing users faster than ever

4/30/2017 - Britain’s new world heavyweight champion was rejected by Nigeria’s boxing federation

4/30/2017 - Despite the myth of the billionaire college dropout, most wealthy Americans have a degree

4/30/2017 - Climate change is warming the Arctic faster than expected

4/30/2017 - Netflix is dipping its toe in China—and the battle for streaming supremacy in Asia begins

4/30/2017 - “Baby talk” is good for your baby

4/30/2017 - The only thing harder than parsing Trump now is doing it for posterity

4/30/2017 - Love wildlife photos? There’s a good chance they weren’t shot in the wild

4/30/2017 - Luddites have been getting a bad rap for 200 years. But, turns out, they were right

4/30/2017 - How Ford is trying to become more like Apple

4/30/2017 - An experimental device lets doctors actually feel their patients’ symptoms

4/30/2017 - “All the men in my family passed away before the age of 62 of a heart attack, and I’m 65.”

4/30/2017 - It’s time to decide what being middle class in Africa really means

4/30/2017 - What should really scare parents about Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” isn’t the teenage suicide

4/30/2017 - The psychological importance of wasting time

4/30/2017 - What are “clothes,” anyway?

4/30/2017 - I’m a doctor with a rare neurological condition: I can literally feel your pain

4/30/2017 - There’s no such thing as “mild depression”

4/30/2017 - Mauritius’ millionaires, African military spend, searching for Kony

4/30/2017 - Chinese migrants have changed the face of South Africa. Now they’re leaving.

4/29/2017 - The best protest signs from around the US at the People’s Climate March

4/29/2017 - The US government’s ethics tsar has been bombarded with requests since Trump became president

4/29/2017 - The nail-biting narrative arc of the Trump presidency, as told through front-page headlines

4/29/2017 - We’re “removing outdated language”: Trump’s EPA has taken down its climate change page

4/29/2017 - These seven photos show how France’s far right has become normalized over 15 years

4/29/2017 - Trump made 28 promises for his first 100 days. We made him a scorecard

4/29/2017 - Almost everything Republicans get wrong about the economy started with a cocktail napkin in 1974

4/29/2017 - Hawaii has emerged as an unexpected leader in the fight against Trump

4/29/2017 - Anna Wintour and Gwyneth Paltrow are turning Goop into a magazine

4/29/2017 - When the White House correspondents’ dinner was actually funny

4/29/2017 - The five universal laws of human stupidity

4/29/2017 - Hebrew was the only language ever to be revived from extinction. There may soon be another

4/29/2017 - If This Wall Could Talk: A Tremendous Tale

4/29/2017 - All the times (that we know of) that the FBI has investigated comedians for making jokes

4/29/2017 - Weekend edition—Trump’s 100 days, history of Kannada, disrupting drugs

4/29/2017 - SpaceX is launching a spy satellite for the US government

4/29/2017 - The world’s most famous man gave a TED talk and many in the audience didn’t know who he was

4/29/2017 - What it would take to pull the US into a war in Asia

4/29/2017 - One married his mother, the other killed her father: The Freudian French presidential race

4/29/2017 - Weekend edition—Trump’s 100 days, history of Kannada, disrupting drugs

4/29/2017 - Weekend edition—Trump’s 100 days, history of Kannada, disrupting drugs

4/28/2017 - Weekend edition—Trump’s 100 days, history of Kannada, disrupting drugs

4/28/2017 - The People’s Climate March isn’t even pretending to be non-partisan

4/28/2017 - Elon Musk’s latest venture, The Boring Company, looks like an underground rollercoaster for your car

4/28/2017 - For Africa, Trump has been heavy on muscle but light on compassion

4/28/2017 - Twenty five years after the Rodney King riots, American policing hasn’t come far enough

4/28/2017 - All the ways Emmanuel Macron could still lose the French election

4/28/2017 - In defense of Coachella, after watching Fyre Festival burn to the ground

4/28/2017 - Bots aren’t spreading fake news on Facebook; humans are

4/28/2017 - Donald Trump’s purposely destructive first 100 days set the stage for a new era of US government

4/28/2017 - Teach your kids Mandarin the Jared and Ivanka way, for $75,000 and up a year

4/28/2017 - Trump’s first 100 days: What we see in the pictures—and what we don’t

4/28/2017 - A well-timed Oval Office photo perfectly illustrates Trump’s revelation that being president is hard

4/28/2017 - It’s taken more than a century but Major League Baseball finally has its first African player

4/28/2017 - Guests who spent thousands for a luxury music festival in the Bahamas found a squalid tent city

4/28/2017 - The global economy isn’t like your country’s economy—it’s like Azerbaijan’s

4/28/2017 - Quartzy: the show your work edition

4/28/2017 - Quartzy: the show your work edition

4/28/2017 - Donald Trump is great for the gun lobby and terrible for gun sales

4/28/2017 - Trump’s clearest achievement so far is based on threats, not actions

4/28/2017 - Switch won’t save Nintendo, the UK prefers cash, Twitter TV

4/28/2017 - The true meaning of the hipster beard, according to an evolutionary biologist

4/28/2017 - Katie Couric cornered a Russian official on Chechnya’s anti-gay torture and killing—and watched her squirm

4/28/2017 - A popular psychology technique is being used to reform the prison system

4/28/2017 - Europe’s youth don’t care to vote—but they’re ready to join a mass revolt

4/28/2017 - Venezuela y la OEA, huelga en Brasil, un peligroso juego adolescente

4/28/2017 - Money can buy you happiness, so long as there’s no debt to take it away

4/28/2017 - Everything sucks and it’s the internet’s fault

4/28/2017 - Startups are America’s job engine, so give workers tax credits, not tax cuts for big corporations

4/28/2017 - At the edges of America, Blockbuster stores (stocked with actual DVDs) still exist

4/28/2017 - The on-demand economy is a bubble—and it’s about to burst

4/28/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg is way nicer than you think

4/28/2017 - The world’s megacompanies are about to become true stateless superpowers—in all their power and complexity

4/28/2017 - The EU’s big Brexit summit, SpaceX’s classified payload, Cobalt soars

4/28/2017 - Kenya will propose a law to force people to use their real names on social media

4/28/2017 - In defense of binge watching

4/28/2017 - Every romantic relationship has a power imbalance, but the stakes are higher for women

4/28/2017 - Don’t let the fabulous week Indian markets just had distract you from the glaring cracks in the economy

4/28/2017 - China wants its electric-vehicle owners to have the best charging experience ever

4/28/2017 - The Indian dogs that are dying out because everyone wants a Labrador

4/28/2017 - As a pilot, I’ve seen up close that global companies skirting American labor rules have to be stopped

4/28/2017 - Alphabet and Amazon 💰📈, United pays up 🤕, cobalt hero🏆

4/28/2017 - Alphabet and Amazon 💰📈, United pays up 🤕, cobalt hero🏆

4/28/2017 - One man’s mission to unearth Africa’s lost treasure trove of music

4/28/2017 - A perfectly cooked biryani brings China and Pakistan even closer

4/28/2017 - Elon Musk made a stealth visit to China this week

4/27/2017 - Being a progressive politician in Korea doesn’t stop you from being homophobic

4/27/2017 - Indians have a staggering amount of trust in online shopping and payments

4/27/2017 - Even after investing more in India than Flipkart and Snapdeal combined, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says it’s still “day 1”

4/27/2017 - Slack can now be used as a dating app—and that’s a really bad idea

4/27/2017 - Amazon’s best money-making machine is slowing down

4/27/2017 - Uber’s self-driving car head is no longer working on the technology he allegedly stole from Waymo

4/27/2017 - How to read 40 earnings reports in two minutes

4/27/2017 - Alphabet and Amazon 💰📈, United pays up 🤕, cobalt hero🏆

4/27/2017 - Satya Nadella’s biggest bet for Microsoft could be its future

4/27/2017 - Once again, Alphabet made a lot of money on Google advertising and this time Wall Street is thrilled

4/27/2017 - West Virginia’s biggest utility just told the governor burning more coal is “not going to happen”

4/27/2017 - NOAA scientists captured the remarkable moment when a non-predatory shrimp ate a fish alive

4/27/2017 - North Korea imagines an exploding US Capitol amid a whole lot of missiles

4/27/2017 - Here’s why CIOs are having a hard time living up to expectations

4/27/2017 - Forget the food delivery startups—people love ordering from Grubhub

4/27/2017 - Why the cloud can help CIOs live up to expectations

4/27/2017 - The last Hollywood writers’ strike showed creatives will always find outlets for their creativity

4/27/2017 - Larry Page wrote a letter to investors as Alphabet’s proud dad

4/27/2017 - For-profit colleges are a blight on US education. So why is a state university buying one?

4/27/2017 - Drug dealers are lacing heroin with an elephant tranquilizer over 5,000 times stronger than morphine

4/27/2017 - An Amazon competitor is showing that automation doesn’t have to mean the end of human jobs

4/27/2017 - Barnes & Noble has spent $24 million on three failed CEOs in four years, and it’s ready to try again

4/27/2017 - United Airlines says bumped passengers will get up to $10,000 in compensation, but beware the fine print

4/27/2017 - The one number to look for in Alphabet’s earnings to understand its future

4/27/2017 - No woman can live up to India’s impossible beauty standards

4/27/2017 - The bubble for organic milk—the bougie darling of dairy—has finally burst

4/27/2017 - Khloe Kardashian is being sued for posting a picture of Khloe Kardashian on Instagram

4/27/2017 - Under Armour has tripped up in its run to become the world’s next sneaker giant

4/27/2017 - A stunning celestial phenomenon now has a name: Steve

4/27/2017 - Some of Hollywood’s most immersive filmmakers are dipping their toes in virtual reality

4/27/2017 - To avoid paralysis, Instagram’s founders hold meetings where they only make decisions

4/27/2017 - Almost all of luxury fashion is now owned by two French families

4/27/2017 - The support Ivanka Trump wants for women entrepreneurs already exists—and her dad is destroying it

4/27/2017 - What would happen if Trump did pull the US out of Nafta?

4/27/2017 - Asians spend seven times as much as Americans on tutoring to give their kids an edge

4/27/2017 - Report: The link between the election of Donald Trump and resurgent anti-Semitism is now undeniable

4/27/2017 - How to cook elaborate dishes using everyday office supplies – like China’s newest internet star

4/27/2017 - The hottest thing in the markets right now is an obscure metal mined in DR Congo

4/27/2017 - Trump’s tax agenda is exciting and ambitious, but who will pay for it?

4/27/2017 - A message for activists after Trump’s first 100 days: Resistance is supposed to be fun

4/27/2017 - 120 years ago, a South African poet wrote a simple hymn that became a powerful unifying force

4/27/2017 - Macri y Trump, Venezuela y la OEA, el botón rojo de Trump

4/27/2017 - France’s presidential frontrunner tried to defend globalization to factory workers, and got punked

4/27/2017 - Your daily to-do list should fit on a Post-it note, and other practical productivity tips

4/27/2017 - Japan’s most powerful political bargaining chip is its culture

4/27/2017 - With H-1B under threat, Alphabet is the only big tech company to ramp up immigration lobbying

4/27/2017 - Trump now wants his wall to stop drugs instead of immigrants, but it won’t work for that either

4/27/2017 - Please stop saying the Japanese are descended from Koreans

4/27/2017 - Here’s a list of great stuff you missed in 2017 because you’re in a bad-news bubble

4/27/2017 - The formula for winning at life is actually incredibly simple

4/27/2017 - The Democrats need a plan, and fast, if they ever want to be a governing party again

4/27/2017 - An astrophysicist used NASA data to make an insanely detailed map of US racial diversity

4/27/2017 - Billions of dollars later, Joseph Kony remains at large and the first world has lost interest in bringing him to justice

4/27/2017 - Flexible working is making us work longer

4/27/2017 - The flight of the honey bee is considerably messed up thanks to a common pesticide

4/27/2017 - You can watch Roger Federer and Bill Gates play tennis live this weekend

4/27/2017 - Trump’s NAFTA retreat, United pays out, war-mongering queens

4/27/2017 - Fifty years on, France still can’t decide whether it committed crimes against humanity

4/27/2017 - No matter what anyone at Aeroflot says, people choose airlines over price—not what the flight attendants look like

4/27/2017 - The EU Commission called out the gig economy for its lack of social protections

4/27/2017 - Comfort eating is something we’re taught as children, which means it could be prevented

4/27/2017 - Under fire in China, South Korean carmaker Kia is coming to India with a $1 billion factory

4/27/2017 - Indians are eating more chocolate than ever before because they think it is healthy

4/27/2017 - Trump’s NAFTA about-face, Venezuela’s OAS withdrawal, security robot assaulted

4/27/2017 - Trump’s NAFTA about-face, Venezuela’s OAS withdrawal, security robot assaulted

4/27/2017 - An Indian brokerage believes Indian men need to fix their attitude for the economy to grow

4/27/2017 - Everybody has an opinion on what yoga is for and no one’s got it right

4/26/2017 - Nintendo’s new console is breaking records, but it won’t save Nintendo

4/26/2017 - The farmers who helped elect Trump say they “will never recover” if he trashes NAFTA

4/26/2017 - Europe’s globalist dream is alive and well … in Asia

4/26/2017 - Rural Indian women are lagging far behind their urban counterparts in mobile phone usage

4/26/2017 - The apocalyptic echoes of the atomic bomb in Japan’s anime and manga

4/26/2017 - A “driver-friendly” Uber competitor is nickel-and-diming its drivers after its $200 million acquisition

4/26/2017 - These are the airlines on which your pet is least likely to die

4/26/2017 - It took Toshiba 70 years to reach its peak—and just a decade to fall into an abyss

4/26/2017 - Trump’s tax plan, Didi raises funds, security robot assaulted

4/26/2017 - China’s most wanted man is in the United States

4/26/2017 - Nervous about nuclear war, Japanese civilians are installing tropical island-themed bunkers

4/26/2017 - One of Trump’s headline tax cuts would have saved him $31 million in taxes in 2005

4/26/2017 - Boohoo’s soaring profit shows how fast fashion looks unencumbered by brick-and-mortar stores

4/26/2017 - The odds favor Emmanuel Macron, but his task in reforming France will be incredibly difficult

4/26/2017 - Sheryl Sandberg’s new book challenges Silicon Valley to embrace the traits it most strongly resists

4/26/2017 - “It has to feel like it could happen to you”: How “The Handmaid’s Tale” designed dystopia

4/26/2017 - Charted: McDonald’s is hungry to prove fast food can compete with fresh food

4/26/2017 - Amazon has a new $200 Echo camera that will judge your outfit every day

4/26/2017 - US space firms tell Washington: China will take over the moon if you’re not careful

4/26/2017 - For years, we’ve been told fat clogs our arteries. Now, scientists say that’s all wrong.

4/26/2017 - A $425 pair of pre-muddied jeans has become an emblem of the US’ “war on work”

4/26/2017 - Bill Nye can’t save the world

4/26/2017 - It takes only five years to go from today’s world to a horrifying dystopia—in “The Handmaid’s Tale”

4/26/2017 - One of the biggest sources of cash for the world’s poorest countries shrank for a second year in a row

4/26/2017 - Powerful algorithms need a new formula, not more transparency, to be kept in check

4/26/2017 - Palantir’s settlement with the US shows Trump’s cronyism has its limits

4/26/2017 - “He took only his white suit and his radio”: How the people who escaped Chernobyl first reacted to news of nuclear disaster

4/26/2017 - Parents who are obsessed with social media are giving their kids an unhealthy complex

4/26/2017 - The Canada-US task force of women CEOs in a photo opp with Trump and Trudeau seems to have “vaporized”

4/26/2017 - Happiness is a problem that can be solved

4/26/2017 - Even longtime college skeptic Beyoncé now acknowledges the power of a college degree

4/26/2017 - Throughout history, queens were more likely to wage war than kings

4/26/2017 - Amid violence and fraud, Kenya has hired international auditors to oversee its election

4/26/2017 - These are the countries clinging to cold, hard cash

4/26/2017 - We analyzed every “Modern Love” column from the past 10 years. Here’s what we learned about love

4/26/2017 - Africa’s military budgets are being squeezed by the global slump in commodities

4/26/2017 - Un portaaviones chino, delitos y tecnología, las pandillas chavistas

4/26/2017 - The four qualities of a perfect cold email, according to the Birchbox CEO

4/26/2017 - Zen and the art of great American road novels

4/26/2017 - Scientists built an external womb to help premature infants survive. But first, they tested it on baby lambs

4/26/2017 - Rob Thomas: Treat songwriters like other copyright owners and eliminate government regulation of royalties

4/26/2017 - A Jewish woman in Montana is taking a big-time neo-Nazi troll to court

4/26/2017 - Everything we know about Hasan Minhaj—the man brave enough to go where Donald Trump will not

4/26/2017 - The things sex education should have taught us but didn’t

4/26/2017 - The island where Africa’s rich get richer

4/26/2017 - Trump’s tax plan, millennials boost Boohoo, an aurora named “Steve”

4/26/2017 - A “Hunger Games”-style search for Canada’s next astronauts is happening online

4/26/2017 - China’s Communist Party has a new role model for its members, and he’s an imperial bureaucrat

4/26/2017 - Denial of the Armenian Genocide should concern us all

4/26/2017 - A 103-year-old lexicographer has spent a century thinking about one of India’s oldest languages

4/26/2017 - A robot reporter was grilled by a leading AI expert, and it was super awkward

4/26/2017 - No one can agree on whether Trump’s H-1B clampdown is good or bad for India

4/26/2017 - Nigerians would rather have a .com web address than .ng—and not just because it’s cheaper

4/26/2017 - A Qatari sheikh is bringing the extravagant jewels of India’s mughals and maharajas to Paris

4/26/2017 - Made-in-China aircraft carrier, Trump’s tax plan, an aurora named “Steve”

4/26/2017 - Made-in-China aircraft carrier, Trump’s tax plan, an aurora named “Steve”

4/26/2017 - India’s IT job seekers have begun to feel the heat of tightening H-1B norms and Brexit

4/26/2017 - Frozen fish to tinned tuna: India’s appetite for processed seafood is about to take off

4/25/2017 - A favourite Indian textbook publisher may have all the ingredients for stock market success

4/25/2017 - This is the last year a car will be made in Australia

4/25/2017 - Pope Francis’s TED talk: the full transcript and video

4/25/2017 - In his TED talk, Pope Francis had some choice words for the world’s egotistical leaders

4/25/2017 - The Uber engineer accused of stealing 14,000 documents from Waymo can’t use the Fifth Amendment to stop Uber from turning over documents

4/25/2017 - McDonald’s sizzles, Coke falls flat, an aurora named “Steve”

4/25/2017 - After its food safety nightmare, people are eating at Chipotle again

4/25/2017 - As Uber pitched its driving gigs as entrepreneurship, internally it was worried about competing with McDonalds for workers

4/25/2017 - Donald Trump’s war on Canadian lumber socialism is business as usual for US presidents

4/25/2017 - A venture capitalist explains how to become insanely well-connected

4/25/2017 - It might take a Greek yogurt company to hold Infowars to account for spreading xenophobic fake news

4/25/2017 - Europe is not buying Ivanka Trump as the face of women’s empowerment

4/25/2017 - The many and varied cost estimates of Trump’s border wall

4/25/2017 - Waymo is hitting Uber where it hurts

4/25/2017 - How Elon Musk learns faster and better than everyone else

4/25/2017 - Apple wants kids to hang out at Apple stores

4/25/2017 - The Tribeca Film Festival is filling a growing desire to showcase the future of storytelling

4/25/2017 - US college students have stopped arguing about free speech and started suing over it

4/25/2017 - Robert M. Pirsig said this Swedish concept made “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” a surprise bestseller

4/25/2017 - Silicon Valley hires the most alumni of these 10 universities, and none of them are in the Ivy League

4/25/2017 - A photographer’s portraits of queer Africans using fashion to reclaim their culture

4/25/2017 - You can now get a fancy hotel room in New York for $1 a minute

4/25/2017 - France’s presidential race now pits two candidates who refuse to identify as “left” or “right”

4/25/2017 - Why I’m a communist—and why you should be, too

4/25/2017 - Instacart is taking its next move straight out of Amazon’s playbook

4/25/2017 - Egypt is blocking voice calls made over social media apps

4/25/2017 - WeWork wants to make its business look more like cable TV than real estate

4/25/2017 - Three-parent babies should make us examine our instinct for offspring who share our genes

4/25/2017 - Making lists can spark creativity by freeing your unconscious

4/25/2017 - Marriage in America is going out of style—unless you’re rich

4/25/2017 - Trump y Corea del Norte, más muertos en Venezuela, una bici cubana

4/25/2017 - Could Donald Trump really send astronauts to Mars in the next seven years?

4/25/2017 - The way doctors treat pregnant women with depression has to change

4/25/2017 - A psychologist explains why changing your life isn’t as hard as you think

4/25/2017 - Pro-wrestling fans are experts on authenticity

4/25/2017 - The 😬 emoji is the best emoji—long live the grimacing emoji

4/25/2017 - McDonald’s isn’t just a fast-food chain—it’s a brilliant $30 billion real-estate company

4/25/2017 - Juries feel more when they see crime-scene photos in color

4/25/2017 - Unconditional relationships are the only real relationships

4/25/2017 - 回聲依舊:台灣作家三毛與她啟發的中國女性

4/25/2017 - More people than ever before are single—and that’s a good thing

4/25/2017 - Ivanka Trump in Berlin, eyes on North Korea, hoverboarding dentists

4/25/2017 - People are scared of artificial intelligence for all the wrong reasons

4/25/2017 - China’s middle class suffers from insomnia, rarely has sex, and is very worried about its future

4/25/2017 - Patanjali is shrugging off its latest controversy by blaming India’s food regulatory authorities once again

4/25/2017 - There’s only one Indian movie star who can take China by storm and his name is Khan

4/25/2017 - Syrian sanctions, eyes on North Korea, hoverboarding dentist

4/25/2017 - Syrian sanctions, eyes on North Korea, hoverboarding dentist

4/25/2017 - A little more risk-taking could increase the emerging affluent Indians’ savings by nearly 50%

4/25/2017 - Blockchain technology is the coolest thing in Indian finance right now but nobody really gets it

4/24/2017 - The brave, tragic adventurer who inspired generations of Chinese girls to adopt her nickname

4/24/2017 - More and more illegal Indian immigrants are choosing to leave the UK

4/24/2017 - India is adding billionaires at an astonishing rate

4/24/2017 - This may be one reason people in China are becoming less happy

4/24/2017 - Temper your outrage—Bangkok is not banning street food

4/24/2017 - Markets love Macron, malaria vaccine roll-out, hoverboarding dentist

4/24/2017 - Two years after its launch, the Apple Watch hasn’t made a difference at Apple

4/24/2017 - El Chapo wanted out of Mexico’s nasty prisons—now he says his US jail is just as bad

4/24/2017 - After outcry by ethics watchdogs, the US State department pulled a story advertising Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort

4/24/2017 - Donald Trump has a terrible idea for preventing a US government shutdown

4/24/2017 - Scientists have discovered a worm that eats plastic bags and leaves behind antifreeze

4/24/2017 - There are more anti-Semitic posts on Twitter than Facebook, Instagram and YouTube combined

4/24/2017 - What will the stock market do tomorrow?

4/24/2017 - It took decades of research, but the world’s first malaria vaccine is finally ready for showtime

4/24/2017 - Amazon’s plan to dominate the shipping industry—with almost no humans involved—is taking shape

4/24/2017 - US retailers are on pace to close more stores in 2017 than in the 2008 Great Recession

4/24/2017 - Obama made his first post-presidential appearance—without a mention of Trump

4/24/2017 - “We have one eye open and one eye closed”: The dirty labor secrets of fast fashion

4/24/2017 - Four big reasons why deniers started believing in climate change

4/24/2017 - One government’s attempt to close the gender gap: housekeeping vouchers for families

4/24/2017 - Don’t take France for granted: Three reasons Emmanuel Macron hasn’t won yet

4/24/2017 - Getting elected will be the easy part for Macron; governing France is impossible

4/24/2017 - It took an all-female writing team to create two of the most complex men on television

4/24/2017 - The biggest known database of sarcasm is here. Great

4/24/2017 - Travis Kalanick is the kind of boss who works on his laptop at a strip club

4/24/2017 - The environment-hating US Chamber of Commerce is losing the support of the world’s biggest companies

4/24/2017 - Revelations of Uber’s business tactics are a good reminder to check your Gmail permissions

4/24/2017 - One very basic job in sneaker manufacturing is testing the limits of automation

4/24/2017 - Tomorrow’s office furniture will be rapidly 3D-printed in pools of goo

4/24/2017 - Over 25 million kids in conflict zones are missing out on education

4/24/2017 - Gazelles look at each others’ butts to keep the status quo—and we do the same

4/24/2017 - There’s a better way to celebrate take your kids to work day: Taking someone else’s kid instead

4/24/2017 - A fake HuffPo blog about white male privilege cost its non-white female South Africa editor her job

4/24/2017 - Why young French voters don’t want a progressive president

4/24/2017 - Restaurants need to stop treating low-wage workers like avocados

4/24/2017 - Yale’s six-year-old Singapore campus is now harder to get into than the 316-year-old Yale

4/24/2017 - French banks celebrate a former French banker’s presidential campaign with a huge market rally

4/24/2017 - Ganó Macron en Francia, resistencia en Venezuela, el Pablo Escobar Tour

4/24/2017 - Africa’s last absolute monarch wants to ban divorce

4/24/2017 - How JK Rowling overcame depression and rejection to sell over 400 million books

4/24/2017 - A $1.3 million ad campaign to educate Americans about Sikhs is dividing the Sikh community

4/24/2017 - The weather conditions that set Bordeaux wine producers up for the best, most expensive vintage in years

4/24/2017 - John Oliver: Why Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are not “moderating influences” on Donald Trump

4/24/2017 - Obama re-emerges, Le Pen-Macron standoff, mole rat secrets

4/24/2017 - Trump’s “great chemistry” with Chinese president Xi Jinping is actually not that great

4/24/2017 - There is one silver lining for Indians in Australia’s tough new citizenship rules: English skills

4/24/2017 - The life of Gandhi through his grandson’s eyes

4/24/2017 - Le Pen and Macron runoff, Obama re-emerges, mole rat secrets

4/24/2017 - Le Pen and Macron runoff, Obama re-emerges, mole rat secrets

4/24/2017 - Beauty companies are obsessed with turning Indian men white

4/24/2017 - The man in charge of Aadhaar vouches for its safety but there’s no stopping the leaks

4/23/2017 - With other democracies in flames, Japan is saying “no thanks” to change

4/23/2017 - The DJ who picks the music for “the Leftovers”—from Wu-Tang to Christian rock

4/23/2017 - Le Pen and Macron runoff, Obama re-emerges, farthest point in the world from Trump

4/23/2017 - France’s next president will be a former banker or a far-right populist

4/23/2017 - “The Handmaid’s Tale” dystopia is captivating, especially now that reality is more dramatic than fiction

4/23/2017 - Trump holds a rally to spurn the “Nerd Prom” where Obama once burned him

4/23/2017 - Hillary Clinton makes a surprise appearance at the Tribeca film festival

4/23/2017 - The business case for Fox News dropping Bill O’Reilly wasn’t his actions, it was his age

4/23/2017 - Scientists have discovered how naked mole-rats can survive without oxygen for a really long time

4/23/2017 - How books helped one US Supreme Court justice overcome a tough childhood

4/23/2017 - A brash, legendary film producer’s secret to finding acclaimed movies: He reads—a lot

4/23/2017 - There’s a way to stop African governments shutting off the internet for their citizens

4/23/2017 - My husband and I have nothing in common—and that’s why our relationship works

4/23/2017 - Four things holding scientists back from running for political office

4/23/2017 - The stupid reason that larger clothes fit so badly

4/23/2017 - A century of Indian-American radicalism explodes the myth of the docile “model minority”

4/23/2017 - Ghana’s US green cards, Africa’s space programs, Iran’s Africans

4/23/2017 - The four likeliest outcomes of today’s French election, and what they mean for the world

4/23/2017 - Rare photos from the Second World War spotlight the history of women in service

4/22/2017 - A brutal domestic violence case has shaken Silicon Valley and the Indian American community

4/22/2017 - The best protest signs from around the world at the March for Science

4/22/2017 - American Airlines issues an apology of its own, and shows what it learned from United

4/22/2017 - Camping in Yosemite with the US president? It’s happened before

4/22/2017 - US airlines aren’t bowing to customer pressure because they don’t have to

4/22/2017 - The number of students globally has doubled since 2000—and it’s private colleges that are meeting the demand

4/22/2017 - Science hasn’t been this controversial since 1676

4/22/2017 - New research suggests your ability to forgive—or not—is actually biological

4/22/2017 - Video: Some think Turkish citizens voted “yes” to a dictatorship. This is their side of the story

4/22/2017 - France’s Emmanuel Macron is the greatest hope for a new world order

4/22/2017 - Weekend edition—France’s new politics, the happiness experiment, how Google Books died

4/22/2017 - NASA’s Hubble telescope captured two galaxies in one epic photo

4/22/2017 - The global March for Science started with a single Reddit thread

4/22/2017 - Prince hoarded 2,000 pairs of shoes—that we know of

4/22/2017 - Goodbye to “Girls”: The show that wasn’t really about millennials, after all

4/22/2017 - TIME’s 100 list includes both Trump and an undocumented immigrant who fears being deported by him

4/22/2017 - Rhetoric scholars pinpoint why Trump’s inarticulate speaking style is so persuasive

4/22/2017 - You can understand how Trump sees the world by looking at the way he wears his ties

4/22/2017 - Why you should care about the results of the French election, charted

4/22/2017 - Sheryl Sandberg’s new book isn’t just a memoir on grief, it’s a critical guide to reclaiming life

4/22/2017 - Weekend edition—France’s new politics, the happiness experiment, how Google Books died

4/22/2017 - France’s election is a foretaste of how strange politics everywhere is going to become

4/22/2017 - The simple guide to following the French election

4/22/2017 - Weekend edition—France’s new politics, the happiness experiment, how Google Books died

4/21/2017 - Weekend edition—France’s new politics, the happiness experiment, how Google Books died

4/21/2017 - The enigma of Assad: How a painfully shy eye doctor turned into a murderous tyrant

4/21/2017 - United CEO Oscar Munoz was re-accommodated from the chairman’s seat

4/21/2017 - Dow gave Trump $1 million, then asked his administration to “set aside” safety tests on its pesticides

4/21/2017 - Trump’s conflict-of-interest overseer used to work for the people he’s supposed to oversee

4/21/2017 - Balenciaga’s $2,000 IKEA bag isn’t so different from your expensive designer jeans

4/21/2017 - There’s no such thing as a flying car

4/21/2017 - As Juicero gets publicly shamed, let us not forget that juice itself is a lie

4/21/2017 - Today will be the first day the UK was powered without coal since the industrial revolution

4/21/2017 - “Many American adults are wary of pedophiles”: The best internet advice for traveling to the US

4/21/2017 - The scientists not marching for science are giving up on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

4/21/2017 - Trump may make it easier for IP-rich companies to flee the US

4/21/2017 - Venezuela just did General Motors a favor by seizing its car assembly plant

4/21/2017 - Margaret Atwood is so productive because she doesn’t wait for the right conditions to write. She just writes

4/21/2017 - The letter that got Klaus Kleinfeld fired as CEO of Arconic

4/21/2017 - Millennials don’t job hop, Australia limits skilled worker visas, UK’s craft beer boom

4/21/2017 - Quartzy: the happiness edition

4/21/2017 - Quartzy: the happiness edition

4/21/2017 - On Day 92, Trump decided judging a president’s first 100 days is a “ridiculous standard”

4/21/2017 - Man-made meat really isn’t any weirder than chicken nuggets

4/21/2017 - To head off an Uber-like workplace crisis, Lyft’s head of engineering is urging employees to talk to her

4/21/2017 - Fortune 500 companies are still hesitant about settling in Africa

4/21/2017 - Overbooked, the game: Can you scheme with fellow passengers to make the airline pay?

4/21/2017 - African governments are restricting religious freedom for security reasons more than anywhere else

4/21/2017 - Uber pays London a license fee of just 12 cents per car, and the city has had enough

4/21/2017 - Prince is our Franz Kafka

4/21/2017 - Cormac McCarthy explains the brutal, beautiful neuroscience of the unconscious

4/21/2017 - Your next office might be inspired by an elementary school

4/21/2017 - There’s a point at which you know you’re dating a narcissist

4/21/2017 - Turns out, foodie idol Anthony Bourdain is also a design nerd

4/21/2017 - The concept of “fissure” explains a lot of what’s wrong with the economy

4/21/2017 - The Israeli finalist in Google’s $20 million race to the moon won’t make it to the starting line

4/21/2017 - When you should hold onto your frequent flyer points and when you should use them

4/21/2017 - Elecciones en Francia, Maduro y Movistar, la chinchilla rapera

4/21/2017 - All of the times Bill O’Reilly might have been fired before if he hadn’t been working at Fox News

4/21/2017 - For $3 a pop, freelancers who have been stiffed can hire this fake law firm to send a threatening letter

4/21/2017 - To know how likely a company is to be investigated, look at its employee reviews

4/21/2017 - I’ve worked in foreign aid for 50 years—Trump is right to end it, even if his reasons are wrong

4/21/2017 - This is what happened to the scientist who stuck his head inside a particle accelerator

4/21/2017 - Trump’s North Korea policy is the same as Obama’s—he just doesn’t want to admit it

4/21/2017 - Startups like Juicero are incapable of seeing their own absurdities

4/21/2017 - How to get involved in tomorrow’s March for Science

4/21/2017 - With ‘Kalushi,’ South Africans finally get to portray themselves in a film about the anti-apartheid struggle

4/21/2017 - France votes, Musk melds brains and computers, chinchillas rap

4/21/2017 - Portraits show Iran’s hidden minority of Afro-Iranians

4/21/2017 - More and more Indian IT engineers are under-skilled, unwanted, and unemployed

4/21/2017 - Some of the world’s biggest countries have managed to reduce extreme poverty—except Nigeria

4/21/2017 - Can technology finally make rich Indians treat their maids like human beings?

4/21/2017 - A biography of the Tamil language reveals its influence on Sanskrit and Hebrew

4/21/2017 - French election, Trump steel probe, rapping chinchillas

4/21/2017 - French election, Trump steel probe, rapping chinchillas

4/20/2017 - Indian millennials don’t seem very worried about losing their jobs to machines

4/20/2017 - “Mission-driven” leaders are losing their mystique

4/20/2017 - French pre-election attack, Trump steel probe, Ikea handbag knock-off

4/20/2017 - The internet shutdown in English-speaking parts of Cameroon is finally over

4/20/2017 - Google wants 👅, 😢, and 💩 samples from 10,000 people for a massive medical study

4/20/2017 - Quantum computing could make the encryption behind every internet transaction obsolete—someday

4/20/2017 - Fewer than 5% of engineers trained in India are cut out for high-skill programming jobs

4/20/2017 - GoPro made a very risky bet in announcing its new camera

4/20/2017 - Marvel has tapped its weirdest, quirkiest directors for a superhero film yet

4/20/2017 - The upstart trying to displace Heinz ketchup just got bought by one of the world’s biggest food companies

4/20/2017 - Scientists are getting close to reversing age-related memory loss with young blood

4/20/2017 - The Murdochs had to fire Bill O’Reilly to avoid losing another generation of talented female employees

4/20/2017 - Does Russia need Twitter more than Twitter needs Russia?

4/20/2017 - Apple wants to try to “stop mining the Earth altogether” to make your iPhone

4/20/2017 - Here’s why you should be celebrating 4/21, not 4/20

4/20/2017 - Is the US suffering a dangerous steel shortage? Donald Trump wants to know!

4/20/2017 - Silicon Valley’s finest are finally developing a code of ethics

4/20/2017 - More and more fossil fuel companies support a carbon tax—here’s a running list

4/20/2017 - The Murdochs freed themselves of scandal just in time for a long-desired $15 billion takeover

4/20/2017 - There are not enough female CEOs—but women who reach the top are often paid better than men

4/20/2017 - The West shouldn’t ignore Turkey’s budding authoritarianism

4/20/2017 - The insidious gender pay gap in the office actually begins at university

4/20/2017 - 专访郝景芳:电影版《北京折叠》已在筹备 主演不会选华人

4/20/2017 - The 15-minute weekly habit that eased my work anxiety and made my boss trust me more

4/20/2017 - To fix America’s student-loan crisis, look for inspiration down under

4/20/2017 - We are filling our society with rainbow foods because there is no color anywhere else

4/20/2017 - Googling gives us answers—but deprives us of intelligence

4/20/2017 - London’s property boom has claimed another victim: its iconic pubs

4/20/2017 - Marijuana businesses pay super high taxes to the US government

4/20/2017 - Watch: If you want to dim sum right, you should also learn how to enjoy the tea

4/20/2017 - Muertos en Venezuela, Odebrecht y Lula, ropa automatizada

4/20/2017 - How to reconnect with nature if you’re stuck in the city this Earth Day

4/20/2017 - Venture capitalists have found another trillion dollar market to upend: shipping

4/20/2017 - In defense of first-world problems—and the reasonable people who have them

4/20/2017 - The March for Science isn’t about what you think it’s about

4/20/2017 - The ayahuasca ceremony is going under the scientific-method microscope

4/20/2017 - Eight lessons from eight countries as America attempts an ambitious tax reform

4/20/2017 - High school students in the Dominican Republic are the most satisfied in the world

4/20/2017 - I’m learning how to be a doctor—with a conscience—in the shadow of Trump’s wall

4/20/2017 - The best showcase of nanotechnology so far may be this race of tiny cars

4/20/2017 - A generation of children is learning about sex through porn—and we have no way to stop it

4/20/2017 - This Chinese writer’s science-fiction dystopia features sky-high kindergarten fees and an obsession with time

4/20/2017 - Hillary Clinton’s campaign failed because she took the “Team of Rivals” concept too far

4/20/2017 - The IMF talks Trump, Venezuela’s GM grab, photobombing icebergs

4/20/2017 - Forget the far right. Investors now fear France will elect a radical socialist

4/20/2017 - The fantasy of a “Muslim vote” continues to haunt France

4/20/2017 - Picking on someone’s poor grammar is always a cowardly attack

4/20/2017 - In a country of VIP worshippers, Air India shows some spine

4/20/2017 - African governments have a new way of controlling the media—starve them of ad revenue

4/20/2017 - In Nigeria, president Buhari’s anti-corruption battle is shaking up his own team

4/20/2017 - Chinese parents are using Peppa Pig to prepare their toddlers for the Ivy League

4/20/2017 - In this country, people are now eating more fish but getting less nutrition from it

4/20/2017 - Venezuela’s “mother of all protests,” Australia’s citizenship test, photobombing iceberg

4/20/2017 - Venezuela’s “mother of all protests,” Australia’s citizenship test, photobombing iceberg

4/20/2017 - Not just “IT coolies”: An Indian computer scientist helped build an alternative programming language in Bengaluru

4/20/2017 - Looking to build a perfect smart city? Sorry, there’s nothing like it

4/20/2017 - Everywhere Indian engineers are unwanted

4/19/2017 - The war in Syria has been great for North Korea

4/19/2017 - Half of the Patriots’ players didn’t show up to Donald Trump’s speech in their honor

4/19/2017 - Trump’s inaugural committee took $1 million from a Russian-American whose money the GOP rejected

4/19/2017 - Exxon’s Russia exemption, asteroid near-miss, photobombing iceberg

4/19/2017 - Shared office evangelist WeWork is now designing private offices

4/19/2017 - After eight years of Obama, Fox News got its shining moment—and blew it

4/19/2017 - Facebook is testing a small helicopter drone to bring the internet to disaster areas

4/19/2017 - You can now buy the brains behind Amazon’s Alexa

4/19/2017 - The best Twitter reactions to Bill O’Reilly getting fired from Fox News

4/19/2017 - Where in the world can you get (legally) high on 4/20?

4/19/2017 - Silicon Valley’s elite have a new buzzword technology to dangle over our heads

4/19/2017 - Venezuela, where people are starving, gave Trump half a million dollars for his inauguration

4/19/2017 - Here are the 35 million reasons Bill O’Reilly was fired

4/19/2017 - A massive iceberg traveling south is photobombing a small Canadian fishing village

4/19/2017 - In honor of the March for Science, here are the best science-themed protest signs

4/19/2017 - Amazon has patented an automated on-demand clothing factory

4/19/2017 - It’s getting harder and harder to tell a self-driving car from a regular one

4/19/2017 - Crime, live on video: The beast Facebook can’t control

4/19/2017 - Capital punishment is being stamped out across the globe—yet death sentences are still on the rise

4/19/2017 - Why the best new music premieres on television, not radio

4/19/2017 - Artificial intelligence could build new drugs faster than any human team

4/19/2017 - The world’s largest assessment of teenage students suggests happiness is crucial to learning

4/19/2017 - The “America first” crowd should think twice before celebrating the drop in H-1B applications

4/19/2017 - Amazon is using peer pressure to keep German warehouse workers from calling in sick

4/19/2017 - McDonald’s—believing it can succeed where Starbucks stumbled—is doing mobile ordering

4/19/2017 - An intensive care doctor’s advice for sharing news that’s hard to hear—but has to be said

4/19/2017 - Trump launched his “Buy American, Hire American” order from a company that buys and hires abroad

4/19/2017 - Marvel films are now so convoluted that they need five post-credit scenes to tie it all together

4/19/2017 - Our need to feel special is making us lonely

4/19/2017 - Google Earth has transformed into a travel app with a bird’s-eye view

4/19/2017 - The original owners of a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed dream house are selling, furniture included

4/19/2017 - What the six-year drought did to California in 93 maps and two charts

4/19/2017 - Competitive video gaming is going to the 2022 Asian Games, but it’s been a medal sport for a decade

4/19/2017 - The small tweak to a family’s routine that makes kids better at science

4/19/2017 - This Iraqi greeting can open your mind and make you wiser

4/19/2017 - This company trusts its employees so much it has a “no limits” expense policy

4/19/2017 - Hitachi built an AI security system that follows you through a crowd

4/19/2017 - Forget the potentially damaging lawsuit—Uber is hiring like mad for its driverless-cars business

4/19/2017 - Mega inflación venezolano, violencia urbana en Madrid, ingresos IBM

4/19/2017 - Machine learning is being used to uncover the mass graves of Mexico’s missing

4/19/2017 - NASA’s plan for when the next asteroid strikes Earth

4/19/2017 - Ghanaians had more applications to win the US green card lottery than any other country

4/19/2017 - Facebook’s vision for the future of hanging out in VR is very sad and lonely

4/19/2017 - “Everyone treated me like a saint”—In Iran, there’s only one way to survive as a transgender person

4/19/2017 - A new economic study shows how your birth order can influence your career

4/19/2017 - To get the best results from your employees, assemble them like a team of surgeons

4/19/2017 - If this mega-merger happens, just three countries will control much of the world’s agriculture

4/19/2017 - Here are the six cities with the cleanest air in America

4/19/2017 - California is home to eight of the 10 cities in America where air pollution is worst

4/19/2017 - This weekend is the best time to watch the Lyrid meteor shower

4/19/2017 - Australia is making covert propaganda videos to scare off asylum seekers

4/19/2017 - The big winner in the French election will be Vladimir Putin

4/19/2017 - US companies rank miserably low on the UN’s new corporate responsibility rankings

4/19/2017 - UK snap election vote, Bill O’Reilly’s exit, United’s men-only flights

4/19/2017 - Chinese-Americans gave birth to more sons than usual during the US recession

4/19/2017 - The global economy may be in better shape than we think

4/19/2017 - “Australia first” means the door is closed to goat farmers and racing jockeys

4/19/2017 - Wealthy dog owners in India are using matrimonial ads to find the perfect mates for their pets

4/19/2017 - It’s going to be a long time before Vijay Mallya is brought back to India—if at all

4/19/2017 - One of the world’s largest armies is allegedly using dating apps to out gay soldiers

4/19/2017 - UK snap election, Facebook’s second act, runaway llama

4/19/2017 - UK snap election, Facebook’s second act, runaway llama

4/19/2017 - Vijay Mallya coming back to India doesn’t mean the money he owes will come back too

4/19/2017 - What’s Mumbai’s favourite baker got to do with Mussolini’s fascism?

4/18/2017 - A Foxconn purchase of Toshiba’s chip business would be great for Apple, but bad for Japan

4/18/2017 - Facebook is lining up its developers to destroy Snapchat

4/18/2017 - UK snap election, Goldman shortfall, runaway llama

4/18/2017 - Lessons from the “Bezos Way” and the success of Amazon

4/18/2017 - United Airlines needs a corporate culture that puts customers at the center of everything

4/18/2017 - Australia is scrapping its temporary worker visa, and Indians will lose out most

4/18/2017 - People are ready for flying cars — but only if they drive themselves

4/18/2017 - States are moving to cut college costs by introducing open-source textbooks

4/18/2017 - The looming Hollywood writers’ strike could leave America without political comedy in the age of Trump

4/18/2017 - Trump weirdly says Korea was “part of China,” which is totally wrong and could enrage South Korea

4/18/2017 - That annoying runner on your social media feed is deeply influential

4/18/2017 - Donald Trump has raised his approval ratings by embracing his inner bomb

4/18/2017 - Bill Nye’s new science show on Netflix gets a rap rebrand

4/18/2017 - While Facebook woos developers, Snapchat rolls out a 3D feature for it to eventually knock off

4/18/2017 - Collectively, humans have watched Adam Sandler on Netflix for longer than civilization has existed

4/18/2017 - How to watch Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote at F8, Facebook’s developer conference

4/18/2017 - Google Doodle honors Ghanaian entrepreneur and microlending pioneer Esther Afua Ocloo

4/18/2017 - The biggest stereotype about the professional lives of millennials in the US is wrong

4/18/2017 - Thailand is pioneering ways to feed tomorrow’s billions

4/18/2017 - This is the future of food, according to Thailand

4/18/2017 - The Samsung Galaxy S8 will probably make you forget about the exploding Note 7

4/18/2017 - The FT, eager for female readers, plans to get them with an experiment called Peter’s Choice

4/18/2017 - The UK’s snap general election is an opportunity to argue about Brexit all over again

4/18/2017 - Ivanka Trump won lucrative Chinese trademarks the same day she dined with China’s president

4/18/2017 - US border patrol agents are on pace to catch nine undocumented immigrants each in all of 2017

4/18/2017 - Africa is looking to space to power its science, tech, and military ambitions

4/18/2017 - As subscriber growth slumps, Netflix offers cinema chains a truce

4/18/2017 - There’s a good chance Donald Trump doesn’t know who the leader of North Korea is

4/18/2017 - A co-working company channels the psychological power of the world’s most prestigious addresses

4/18/2017 - A new Facebook experiment “pops” your ideological bubble

4/18/2017 - China’s consumers don’t like the weird taste of Weetabix, and they’re not the only ones

4/18/2017 - Donald Trump is done pretending the US cares about democracy in other countries

4/18/2017 - TED wants to remind us that ideas—not politicians—shape the future

4/18/2017 - A simple system helped me to stop obsessing over work and start prioritizing my family

4/18/2017 - Whitewashing Hollywood movies isn’t just offensive—it’s also bad business

4/18/2017 - What is the evolutionary purpose of happiness?

4/18/2017 - Silicon Valley executives are hiring philosophers to teach them to question everything

4/18/2017 - The American mercenary behind Blackwater is helping China establish the new Silk Road

4/18/2017 - The best strategies for self-assessment, according to Buddhist and Stoic philosophy

4/18/2017 - Wikipedia’s great experiment: Finding a definition of “happiness” we can all agree on

4/18/2017 - The quest to measure happiness has missed a key metric—and it’s more important than money

4/18/2017 - It’s time to stop thinking we can “life hack” our way to a happier life

4/18/2017 - For most of history, people didn’t assume they deserved to be happy. What changed?

4/18/2017 - The Western world has never been so rich—and it’s making us miserable

4/18/2017 - The case for being grumpy at work

4/18/2017 - The UK is holding a snap general election in June after a surprise announcement by Theresa May

4/18/2017 - “Insect Tsukemen,” the bug-filled ramen dish gaining popularity in Tokyo

4/18/2017 - Elecciones sorpresa en RU, Maduro y el ejército, CRISPR antibiótico

4/18/2017 - A forensic psychologist explains why violent criminals post their acts online

4/18/2017 - A week-long toxic tire fire overwhelmed firefighters in Texas, so they called in the EPA to help put it out

4/18/2017 - When it comes to being successful, time management is more important than having great ideas

4/18/2017 - United is “dedicated to setting the standard for customer service among US airlines.” (Not internationally, though)

4/18/2017 - Amazon’s hydrogen-powered forklifts are its latest attempt to beat Walmart in the e-commerce war

4/18/2017 - Does small government really work? A look at the least well-funded governments around the world

4/18/2017 - Cognitive science shows that humans are smarter as a group than they are on their own

4/18/2017 - Within hours of being arrested in the UK, Vijay Mallya is out on bail

4/18/2017 - Tax day dawns, Weetabix changes hands, VR cocktails

4/18/2017 - By quietly expanding the role of Hindi in government, Narendra Modi is playing with fire

4/18/2017 - In many European countries, transgender people who update their driver’s license have to be sterilized first

4/18/2017 - One chart shows why Chinese tourists treat Europe as the world’s largest discount mall

4/18/2017 - Hitkari Pottery: A tale of friendship and entrepreneurship from the embers of India’s bloody partition

4/18/2017 - Uber tipping option, Netflix disappoints, VR cocktails

4/18/2017 - Uber tipping option, Netflix disappoints, VR cocktails

4/18/2017 - The common grammar mistakes in wills that have landed families in court

4/18/2017 - After 112 years of powering India, the country’s biggest battery maker is out to reinvent itself

4/18/2017 - It’s going to be a summer of fancy beers for thirsty Indians

4/17/2017 - Private equity funding in India dropped more than 27% in a year

4/17/2017 - What happens when you try to send politically sensitive messages on WeChat

4/17/2017 - Pence in Japan, Netflix disappoints, VR cocktails

4/17/2017 - The new US Supreme Court justice catches a break on his first big case

4/17/2017 - China’s rapid urbanization has caused nearly three-quarters of its rural schools to shut down

4/17/2017 - Syria and North Korea aside, Trump is still more “America First” than interventionist

4/17/2017 - Snapchat is wary of expanding in developing markets—and it should be

4/17/2017 - The US is ready to try needle vending machines for drug users

4/17/2017 - A deep analysis of Melania Trump’s social media photos reveals a woman in hiding from the world

4/17/2017 - A Chinese warehouse reportedly cut its labor costs in half with a fleet of tiny robots

4/17/2017 - Facebook really wants developers to make VR a thing

4/17/2017 - New York City may force Uber to add a tipping option to its app

4/17/2017 - France is giving citizenship to the African soldiers who fought its wars over 50 years ago

4/17/2017 - To fend off Microsoft, Slack’s CEO is tackling customer complaints himself

4/17/2017 - A London bar’s whisky cocktail comes with a VR headset and views of the Scottish Highlands

4/17/2017 - “The Fate of the Furious” surpassed Star Wars for the biggest box-office debut in history

4/17/2017 - Jeff Bezos lays out Amazon’s three-pronged approach to AI

4/17/2017 - Donald Trump is really excited about this book with no words in it

4/17/2017 - Plants use acoustic vibes to find a drink

4/17/2017 - Learning to distinguish “fear” from “fear of fear” is key to leading a happy life

4/17/2017 - How a handful of South American protestors took Europe’s space program hostage

4/17/2017 - A philosophical principle explains why powerful people seem like they can predict the future

4/17/2017 - Science reveals why the EU’s mission for equality in Europe is likely unattainable

4/17/2017 - Cuba y España, Pence avisa a Pyongyang, drones contra drogas

4/17/2017 - “Abortion is never mentioned” in the Bible—a Christian ob-gyn on why choice is pro-life

4/17/2017 - We tracked Jeff Bezos’s use of “we” versus “I” over 20 years to see how he’s changed as a leader

4/17/2017 - Korean tensions, Netflix’s numbers, peak age for random thinking

4/17/2017 - A top Indian engineering school will now teach an 8,000-year-old architectural science

4/17/2017 - Backed by colonial-era laws, Pakistan has declared war on free speech

4/17/2017 - Here’s the case against Trump selling Super-T planes to help Nigeria’s battle with Boko Haram

4/17/2017 - Indians angry with Snapchat are taking it out on… Snapdeal

4/17/2017 - Korean tensions, Netflix’s numbers, peak age for random thinking

4/17/2017 - Korean tensions, Netflix’s numbers, peak age for random thinking

4/17/2017 - Under the “aesthetically illiterate,” an architectural icon of modern India faces demolition

4/17/2017 - As Flipkart slips, Amazon is tightening its grip on India’s mobile shoppers

4/16/2017 - Korean tensions, Netflix’s numbers, Turkey’s radical referendum

4/16/2017 - Turkey’s President Erdogan is set to gain sweeping power after a controversial referendum

4/16/2017 - How the media would report on Trump’s military aggression, if it were any other country besides the US

4/16/2017 - Delta will now pay up to $9,950 to overbooked passengers, but don’t count on cash

4/16/2017 - Donald Trump is making the same deal with China that Barack Obama did

4/16/2017 - Microsoft mysteriously fixed security gaps allegedly used by US spies a month before they leaked

4/16/2017 - The world was not impressed with North Korea’s failed military provocation

4/16/2017 - This was the moment Stephen Colbert learned how to host late-night TV

4/16/2017 - Want to strengthen democracy? Exercise your freedom of religion

4/16/2017 - “I regret that she got an abortion but I’m also relieved. We wouldn’t have been very good parents to this child.”

4/16/2017 - To remove the stigma of mental illness, we need to accept how complex—and sometimes beautiful—it is

4/16/2017 - Philosophers are the original tech bros

4/16/2017 - Museveni’s “buttocks”, Nigeria’s cash haul, East Africa’s marathoners

4/15/2017 - North Korea just tried to launch a missile, but failed

4/15/2017 - UK driving tests will now include a section on satellite navigation

4/15/2017 - Bill Nye, the science guy, says I convinced him that philosophy is not just a load of self-indulgent crap

4/15/2017 - Why a bag of chips was selling for $12 in Japan

4/15/2017 - Fake news will be a topic at Facebook’s annual shareholder meeting

4/15/2017 - Everything we know about the new missiles North Korea paraded in front of the world

4/15/2017 - Neuroscience can now curate music based on your brainwaves, not your music taste

4/15/2017 - The simple reason they keep cranking out “Fast and Furious” films, in charts

4/15/2017 - This wheelchair can climb up and down stairs

4/15/2017 - Five years later, Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project has only a festival and less than two thousand jobs

4/15/2017 - Giving employees flexibility is all the rage. But a Harvard study says it might hurt productivity

4/15/2017 - A rebel space agency protested Trump science policies from on high

4/15/2017 - There’s a big clue in the trailer for “The Last Jedi” about the Star Wars story’s endgame

4/15/2017 - For half a century, neuroscientists thought they knew how memory worked. They were wrong

4/15/2017 - The legacy of the man behind football’s Rooney Rule—requiring interviewing minority candidates—lives on in Silicon Valley

4/15/2017 - Fight the Trump administration by paying as little tax as legally possible

4/15/2017 - Weekend edition—Hold my beer, robot onslaught, the next Korean war

4/15/2017 - Weekend edition—Hold my beer, robot onslaught, the next Korean war

4/15/2017 - Weekend edition—Hold my beer, robot onslaught, the next Korean war

4/14/2017 - We live in a hold-my-beer world now, and that’s a scary thought

4/14/2017 - Weekend edition—Hold my beer, robot onslaught, the next Korean war

4/14/2017 - Americans have until midnight tonight to file their taxes, thanks to an obscure legal holiday

4/14/2017 - Democrats want to flood the streets on Tax Day and seize the most potent issue in US politics

4/14/2017 - India is the fourth-worst country in the world for religious violence

4/14/2017 - Uber is shutting down one of its restaurant delivery services

4/14/2017 - Self-driving taxi startup Voyage hints that its rides will be free—and potentially supported by ads

4/14/2017 - We have no idea how robots and automation are impacting jobs

4/14/2017 - Thinking about death is uplifting and makes life more fun

4/14/2017 - Lie-proof your life with Carl Sagan’s “baloney detection” checklist

4/14/2017 - A contraband cellphone film shows life inside Australia’s remote refugee-detention center

4/14/2017 - Why did Donald Trump just send dozens of troops to Somalia?

4/14/2017 - There’s a reason your kids keep you guessing—they can probably think more randomly than you can

4/14/2017 - Apple is testing self-driving cars in California

4/14/2017 - The ticket to happiness may be a hard-earned paycheck

4/14/2017 - Wanted: shuttered coal plants to turn into giant batteries

4/14/2017 - New NASA images reveal a dramatic change in the world’s nighttime landscape

4/14/2017 - It is finally time to take Twitter away from Donald Trump

4/14/2017 - Accepting an honorary Canadian citizenship, Malala Yousafzai spoke for the world’s refugees

4/14/2017 - The trailer for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is finally here

4/14/2017 - Quartzy: the sunny side-up edition

4/14/2017 - Quartzy: the sunny side-up edition

4/14/2017 - McDonald’s CEO is getting $15 million to figure out a menu people will actually buy

4/14/2017 - A brief history of every Star Wars trailer ever made

4/14/2017 - To make more money from live streaming, some young women in China are turning to plastic surgery

4/14/2017 - This industrial robot has eyes because they make human workers feel more comfortable

4/14/2017 - India’s unicorns, eSports viewership, Chinese millennial homebuyers

4/14/2017 - A fantastical new world of high-tech, high-concept stores is here

4/14/2017 - Private jets, SoulCycle, and air-conditioned “glamping” tents have officially killed Coachella

4/14/2017 - New York City needs foreign visitors because they spend four times more money than Americans

4/14/2017 - A psychologist’s advice for navigating networking events when you hate mingling

4/14/2017 - The philosophy that’s propelled Jamaica to win 77 Olympic medals

4/14/2017 - The reason why most of the images that show up when you search for “doctor” are white men

4/14/2017 - Alerta en Corea del Norte, Odebrecht apunta a Temer, bandera argentina

4/14/2017 - Two Ohio inmates hacked their prison from the inside using makeshift computers built from spare parts

4/14/2017 - No one is prepared to stop the robot onslaught. So what will we do when it arrives?

4/14/2017 - Why government websites suck so much, according to Obama’s White House webmaster

4/14/2017 - History shows that sex strikes are a surprisingly effective strategy for political change

4/14/2017 - The hidden dangers of caring about your career too much

4/14/2017 - Americans spend more time every year doing their taxes than playing golf—and golf takes ages

4/14/2017 - The week’s biggest lie: There is a new Trump

4/14/2017 - Globalization’s biggest cheerleaders came up with 17 things to help people hurt by trade

4/14/2017 - Turkey’s referendum, Apple eyes Toshiba, killer shrimp riffs

4/14/2017 - These top runners are reverse-engineering a perfect marathon to break the two-hour mark

4/14/2017 - The “mother of all bombs”, Turkey’s referendum, sonic shrimp blasts

4/14/2017 - The “mother of all bombs”, Turkey’s referendum, sonic shrimp blasts

4/14/2017 - “Hindu by birth, Muslim by wisdom”: The roots of Yogi Adityanath’s cult group

4/14/2017 - A photographer captures the evolution of Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh

4/14/2017 - The next generation of Indian politicians could be robots

4/13/2017 - Photos: The many ways to beat India’s sweltering heat

4/13/2017 - Science confirms it—your LinkedIn profile photo looks even worse than you think it does

4/13/2017 - Turkey’s referendum, JPMorgan earnings, sonic shrimp blasts

4/13/2017 - Tesla plans to unveil a semi-truck but batteries still can’t pack enough energy for long-haul trucking

4/13/2017 - Apple is buying so many trees for its new campus that there aren’t enough for anyone else

4/13/2017 - Apple reportedly has a “super secret” project to change the way we treat diabetes

4/13/2017 - Everything we know about the mega-bomb the US dropped on Afghanistan

4/13/2017 - Hard work and good fortune: what self-reliance means for our financial well-being

4/13/2017 - Passenger dragged off United flight lost two front teeth, had his nose broken and suffered a concussion

4/13/2017 - NASA scientists believe an icy Saturn moon has all the ingredients needed for life

4/13/2017 - I couldn’t tell that this was a robot singing Duke Ellington’s signature song

4/13/2017 - Google took your drawings and taught its AI to sketch on its own

4/13/2017 - The latest cash haul find by Nigeria’s anti-corruption agency is shocking even to Nigerians

4/13/2017 - Instagram’s Snapchat clone is now more popular than Snapchat

4/13/2017 - The world’s most prestigious film festival is screening Netflix and TV for the first time

4/13/2017 - Uber drivers are using this trick to make sure the company doesn’t underpay them

4/13/2017 - Trump Hotels keeps hitting pitfalls in its massive planned expansion across the US

4/13/2017 - Donald Trump’s shifting positions have everything to do with the last person he spoke with

4/13/2017 - Jeff Bezos outlines his methods for “high-velocity decision-making”

4/13/2017 - New research says starting university classes at 11am or later would improve learning

4/13/2017 - A running list of leaders calling for a do-over of the Brexit referendum

4/13/2017 - No wonder Trump likes his steak well done: Inspectors find 13 violations in Mar-a-Lago’s kitchen

4/13/2017 - A short list of Justin Trudeau’s favorite books

4/13/2017 - Protests against South Africa’s Jacob Zuma are gaining momentum and young people

4/13/2017 - A new tax law is making Sweden very attractive to the world’s biggest tech companies

4/13/2017 - African governments could be denied IP addresses as punishment for shutting the internet

4/13/2017 - More Americans now work full-time from home than walk and bike to office jobs

4/13/2017 - Kenya’s high court has ruled that a third of parliamentarians must be women

4/13/2017 - Silicon Valley startups are rediscovering the benefits of being profitable

4/13/2017 - Nigeria is in negotiations to free more of the kidnapped Chibok girls

4/13/2017 - Obama and Trump are proof the US needs checks on presidential power—whichever party’s in charge

4/13/2017 - The trick to persuading people you’re right, according to experimental psychology

4/13/2017 - Learning a second language isn’t just good for your brain—it’s good for democracy, too

4/13/2017 - Researchers quantified how close is too close to get to another person in different countries around the world

4/13/2017 - A state in the US is giving high school kids cash. They can only spend it preparing for college

4/13/2017 - Bancos en EEUU, Brasil y Carrefour, la DJ octogenaria

4/13/2017 - Facebook can’t escape mounting evidence that it’s making people miserable

4/13/2017 - Companies like United and Thinx could put out their dumpster fires by answering a single question

4/13/2017 - Fedex is using autonomous robots to essentially replace the mailroom clerk

4/13/2017 - Sorry humans, it’s time to prepare for the Machinocene era

4/13/2017 - Marathons are bad even for people who aren’t running them

4/13/2017 - Donald Trump’s plan to cut taxes is already running out of time

4/13/2017 - Fracking is ruining one of the last truly dark places in the US, and astronomers are on edge

4/13/2017 - US banks show and tell, Uber’s back in Taiwan, octogenarian DJs

4/13/2017 - Sweden’s Museum of Failure: A spectacular catalogue of the world’s worst innovations

4/13/2017 - All but one of France’s presidential candidates want to reverse globalization

4/13/2017 - Nandan Nilekani: Aadhaar is being demonised because it’s so transparent

4/13/2017 - The CEO of Infosys wants to hire more American workers instead of relying on H-1B visas

4/13/2017 - More than half of the urban population in East Africa’s largest economy live in slums

4/13/2017 - After years of driving small cars, Indians are now snapping up brawny SUVs

4/13/2017 - NASA explores space oceans, Trump’s flip-flops, octogenarian DJ

4/13/2017 - NASA explores space oceans, Trump’s flip-flops, octogenarian DJ

4/13/2017 - Kenya aims to become the next global center of Islamic finance

4/13/2017 - The classic Chinese text that Ivanka Trump’s kids recited for Xi Jinping was long banned in China

4/13/2017 - In photos: India’s colonial coffee houses in an era of Starbucks and hipster cafes

4/13/2017 - Star Trek’s “tricorder” medical scanner just got closer to becoming a reality

4/12/2017 - Singapore aggressively markets its heritage, but it’s letting an authentic piece of cultural history vanish

4/12/2017 - The internet knows what should come next after Alabama lawmakers allow a mega-church to form its own police force

4/12/2017 - US-Russia trust issues, United capitulates, Tesla parking drama

4/12/2017 - A Bollywood actor hilariously rips his peers to shreds for endorsing skin-whitening creams

4/12/2017 - Backtracking on another fiery campaign pledge, Trump says China is not a currency manipulator

4/12/2017 - One of the UK’s biggest fintech startups laid out how disastrous Brexit will be

4/12/2017 - How the costume designer on a TV show about slavery brought icons like Harriet Tubman to life

4/12/2017 - The deaf teacher who turned American sign language into literature is honored in a new US postage stamp

4/12/2017 - Women have bigger brain regions associated with intelligence

4/12/2017 - Kathryn Bigelow’s new film “Detroit” tells the horrifying true story of the “Algiers Motel Incident”

4/12/2017 - Apple stores are about to get very, very loud

4/12/2017 - What do you do when society is bordering on collapse? Egg the president

4/12/2017 - Ben Carson—charged with slashing the public-housing budget—spent part of his day stuck in a public-housing elevator

4/12/2017 - The man behind Wall Street’s “Charging Bull” wants that “Fearless Girl” to get out of his way

4/12/2017 - If United is so hopeless, why has its stock tripled in the past five years?

4/12/2017 - There is such a thing as a textbook apology, and United’s CEO has failed it on all fronts

4/12/2017 - Nearly 40% Americans lean toward Mike Pence on hanging with the opposite sex

4/12/2017 - The FBI made pop art with its “wanted” poster for Andy Warhol’s stolen soup cans

4/12/2017 - Reconsider the role of cash in your financial plan

4/12/2017 - Seek more yield on your cash

4/12/2017 - A Harvard Law professor thinks Trump could be impeached over “fake news” accusations

4/12/2017 - Patagonia’s venture fund is trying to find the next Patagonia by looking at startups’ supply chains

4/12/2017 - All the giggly, giddy weirdness of Trump and Fox Business News in one clip

4/12/2017 - Google’s latest AI experiment helps clean up your awful drawings

4/12/2017 - Charted: Whole Foods’ organic problem—shoppers naturally prefer cheaper options

4/12/2017 - Doormen raise your rent five times more than parking garages

4/12/2017 - Heston Blumenthal’s Skype bot is a lot less scary than his cookbooks

4/12/2017 - Access a database of 70,000 books banned around the world going back to 1575

4/12/2017 - “Veep” had to remove a golden shower joke from its new season because Trump

4/12/2017 - For programmers, the ultimate office perk is avoiding the office entirely

4/12/2017 - If Jeff Bezos is spending a billion a year on his space venture, he just started

4/12/2017 - While its rivals chase tax credits, Netflix will produce more content in expensive California

4/12/2017 - A Brexit passport proposal offers the perfect design metaphor for the UK’s fading influence

4/12/2017 - The history of letter-writing shows there’s no reason to feel sad about its demise

4/12/2017 - An engineer designed a sex doll that can respond to a user’s advances

4/12/2017 - Harvard is looking for a new official song—one a little less Puritan, a little more “Hamilton”

4/12/2017 - Tillerson con Lavrov, piedras para Maduro, caza espías en China

4/12/2017 - Runners from around the world are flocking to marathons hosted by China’s most toxic cities

4/12/2017 - “How to not get shot by police” could become the newest US high-school class

4/12/2017 - Chechnya says it’s not putting gays in concentration camps—because Chechnya doesn’t have any gays

4/12/2017 - 20 of the 25 top paying US companies are part of the technology industry

4/12/2017 - The Notorious RBG has a simple solution for congressional dysfunction: shake hands 32 times a day

4/12/2017 - Tillerson’s Russia mission, Xi tries to calm Trump, Australia’s spider bonanza

4/12/2017 - “Please give us ammo”—the US Marines’ military travel guide to North Korea

4/12/2017 - Stock up on your favorite Japanese potato chips while you still can

4/12/2017 - Glimpses of India’s colonial wars through the Sikh footsoldiers’ poetry

4/12/2017 - Youth unemployment is a problem all over Africa, except for one country

4/12/2017 - All of Snapdeal’s insiders will lose if it’s sold for less than $1.7 billion, but who’ll lose the most?

4/12/2017 - The best way to prepare for life after Brexit is to teach kids a second language

4/12/2017 - Uganda has thrown an academic in jail over a “buttocks” insult to president Museveni

4/12/2017 - India, the control freak: First it came for your money, then your mojito, and now your prawns

4/12/2017 - Sean Spicer’s Hitler gaffe, Tillerson in Moscow, Australian spider bonanza

4/12/2017 - Sean Spicer’s Hitler gaffe, Tillerson in Moscow, Australian spider bonanza

4/12/2017 - As temperatures soar, an ugly ice cream war is unfolding in India

4/12/2017 - Singapore First: Quietly shutting the door on Indian techies and other foreign workers

4/11/2017 - Trump and Kim Jong-un are a toxic combination that could have dangerous consequences

4/11/2017 - Shell was complicit in a billion-dollar corruption scandal for a lucrative Nigerian oilfield

4/11/2017 - Two-thirds of Australians support gay marriage, but politicians are too worried for their jobs to pass it

4/11/2017 - United passengers are involuntarily denied boarding more often than at any other major US airline

4/11/2017 - United’s apology, Tillerson in Moscow, Australian spider bonanza

4/11/2017 - The CFO’s new role: Strategic co-pilot

4/11/2017 - Why the success of your business increasingly depends on the CFO

4/11/2017 - An iPhone 7 factory worker thinks if Apple manufacturing jobs came to the US, they’d be taken by robots

4/11/2017 - Nearly every way the United incident could have ended differently—in one flowchart

4/11/2017 - What it looks like when Louis Vuitton and Jeff Koons team up to make classic art “accessible”

4/11/2017 - Zuckerberg says Facebook doesn’t focus on charity because it’s already doing plenty of good

4/11/2017 - Building a smart city is about more than just connectivity

4/11/2017 - The unique strategy Netflix deployed to reach 90 million worldwide subscribers

4/11/2017 - What the coding of a web page has to do with the quality of the news on it

4/11/2017 - Apple’s new file system: Who cares?

4/11/2017 - Three humble duties of a junior justice on the US Supreme Court

4/11/2017 - The man dragged off his United flight has a past. It should stay there

4/11/2017 - Lab-grown meat is about to go global, and one firm is feverishly paving the way

4/11/2017 - Bitcoin miners have collectively earned more than $2 billion

4/11/2017 - Sean Spicer just claimed that Hitler “was not using gas on his own people”

4/11/2017 - United Airlines has exposed the moral dilemma behind rewarding customer loyalty

4/11/2017 - There’s a scrotal injection that works as reversible male birth control, but drug companies won’t fund it

4/11/2017 - Five reasons why US intelligence believes Assad used chemical weapons on his own people

4/11/2017 - Scott Pruitt requests funds for a 24/7 fleet of bodyguards, as the EPA is poised to cut health and safety programs

4/11/2017 - Brand executives have totally misunderstood what kind of experience consumers want online

4/11/2017 - Swinging in soon to destroy us: Robot apes

4/11/2017 - Even before Trump, most of the people arrested by US federal agents were immigrants

4/11/2017 - Our cult of “genius” is blinding us to true genius all around, say Leonardo da Vinci’s biographers

4/11/2017 - United’s passenger-dragging scandal is a rallying cry for flyers fed up with an unjust system

4/11/2017 - Marvel’s intergalactic “Thor: Ragnarok” looks a lot like “Guardians of the Galaxy”

4/11/2017 - There’s a reckoning among companies that built themselves up around Apple

4/11/2017 - Keeping your muni portfolio safe under a new administration

4/11/2017 - Active and flexible: A guide to keeping your muni portfolio safe

4/11/2017 - The New Silk Road’s first freight train from the UK has set off for China

4/11/2017 - The UAE is expanding its influence in the Horn of Africa by funding ports and military bases

4/11/2017 - The biggest mistake people make when searching for a job is not acting like they already have one

4/11/2017 - London house prices are now growing more slowly than almost everywhere else in the UK

4/11/2017 - Beware the office flatterer

4/11/2017 - Jeff Bezos says he’s putting billions into space. He’s not alone

4/11/2017 - United’s chief executive was just recently awarded “communicator of the year”

4/11/2017 - African migrants are being sold as slaves in open markets in Libya

4/11/2017 - Word for word, a perfect example of how we treat women seeking power

4/11/2017 - Betsy DeVos is getting so many threats, she’s costing taxpayers $1 million a month in protection

4/11/2017 - Ninety-five percent of US consumers made at least one trip to Walmart last year

4/11/2017 - Disney World or Westworld? The theme park has filed a patent for “humanoid” robots

4/11/2017 - Why is NAFTA bidding for a World Cup? Follow the money

4/11/2017 - Police officers are significantly more likely to give white people breaks on speeding tickets

4/11/2017 - Five years ago, AI was struggling to identify cats. Now it’s trying to tackle 5000 species

4/11/2017 - Now may be your last chance to see the Great Barrier Reef

4/11/2017 - Despite mountains of publicity, Trump’s golf courses are losing value and his modeling agency is closing

4/11/2017 - These are the 10 types of coworkers you can avoid without feeling guilty

4/11/2017 - Venture capitalists are betting big on one area of regenerative medicine

4/11/2017 - Tillerson a Moscú, Corea del Norte, robots adorables

4/11/2017 - People are having second thoughts about taking Uber

4/11/2017 - It’s time for us to admit that whether or not we succeed in life is mostly about luck

4/11/2017 - In Turkey’s cutthroat hair-transplant tourism industry, the biggest losers are the patients and Syrian refugees

4/11/2017 - If you only work on your malware on weekdays, you might be a CIA hacker

4/11/2017 - Startups worship the young. But research shows people are most innovative when they’re older

4/11/2017 - Creativity will be the source of our next industrial revolution, not machines

4/11/2017 - To understand the genius of Elon Musk, Thomas Edison, and Mark Zuckerberg, just look at their desks

4/11/2017 - A gory murder is forcing Nigerian e-commerce to rethink payment on delivery

4/11/2017 - France’s far-left presidential candidate launched a video game where he steals money from the rich—and he’s gaining in the polls

4/11/2017 - Tillerson’s awkward Moscow trip, LVMH dazzled, Berlusconi’s lamb-cuddling campaign

4/11/2017 - Lagos is doubling down on kicking out thousands of waterfront slum dwellers

4/11/2017 - China’s internet users accuse United of prejudice after it dragged an Asian passenger off a plane

4/11/2017 - Tencent: China’s online giant jumps into India’s e-commerce frenzy

4/11/2017 - Choose your spouse wisely: Life advice for IIM-A grads from the chief of Axis Bank

4/11/2017 - From Ramayana to the life of Jesus, Jamini Roy painted India in all its diversity

4/11/2017 - North Korea is likely off the hook for Kim Jong-nam’s murder as two women face possible execution

4/11/2017 - 17 million people have no reason to join the internet because it’s dominated by English

4/11/2017 - North Korea ready for war, Australia on a roll, rat-tickling science

4/11/2017 - If Flipkart and Snapdeal merge, these are the vital statistics that will matter

4/11/2017 - North Korea ready for war, Australia on a roll, rat-tickling science

4/11/2017 - “Ghost in the Shell” is a poem to Hong Kong as it faces the 20th anniversary of its handover to China

4/10/2017 - China’s most elite university is building its next campus in a Tudor-style manor in England

4/10/2017 - Layoffs and downturns shock only Indians. They are normal in Silicon Valley: Snapdeal’s Ganjoo

4/10/2017 - China is most likely to execute a farmer, or someone who doesn’t have a job

4/10/2017 - To avoid beef with the US, China is willing to do a quick deal on beef

4/10/2017 - Betsy DeVos’s response to the San Bernardino school shooting: thoughts and prayers

4/10/2017 - What you are entitled to when a flight is overbooked (it’s usually not a physical assault)

4/10/2017 - Tesla eclipses GM, Foxconn’s Toshiba bid, rat tickling science

4/10/2017 - Donald Trump doesn’t want you to know who visits the White House

4/10/2017 - Everything that went wrong in United’s violent passenger deplaning

4/10/2017 - Cinnabon taught Bob Odenkirk the art of slathering for the new season of “Better Call Saul”

4/10/2017 - New York fashion has joined tech to demand more H-1B visas

4/10/2017 - Millennials are open to an age-old idea about marriage: that it should be temporary

4/10/2017 - Trump’s Justice Department won’t use outside experts to improve forensics

4/10/2017 - Tesla designed its new rooftop solar panels to be barely visible

4/10/2017 - We need a “slow food” movement for higher education

4/10/2017 - Two Trump tweets ruined Mexico’s multibillion-dollar efforts to protect its currency

4/10/2017 - Veterans are delighted by an adorable story of Jared Kushner going to war

4/10/2017 - New York is the first US state to make college free for those who can’t afford it

4/10/2017 - A totally unruffled anti-racism protestor in the UK shows how it’s done (Pepsi, take note)

4/10/2017 - United Airlines violently dragged a passenger off an overbooked plane—then apologized for “having to re-accommodate” him

4/10/2017 - Sirens wail as Neil Gorsuch is sworn in to the US Supreme Court. And so it begins

4/10/2017 - DeepMind’s AlphaGo is hitting the road and heading to China

4/10/2017 - The FDA’s 23andMe decision will also change the rules for all at-home medical genetic testing

4/10/2017 - Ford is making a hybrid F-150 truck

4/10/2017 - Spain has arrested a Russian hacker at the US’s request

4/10/2017 - Consumer confidence is soaring among Americans—especially richer Americans

4/10/2017 - A new sci-fi thriller about CRISPR makes gene editing terrifyingly easy to understand

4/10/2017 - Honeybees are really hairy, so they can carry as much pollen as possible

4/10/2017 - Revenge of the electric car: Tesla’s market cap briefly passes GM’s

4/10/2017 - Spain is mourning the loss of a trailblazer who took command of the army while pregnant

4/10/2017 - The top 10 books Americans tried to ban last year

4/10/2017 - Jared Kushner’s new head of communications is, appropriately, a veteran of selling horror films

4/10/2017 - A redesigned, staggered middle seat could make flying “suck a little less”

4/10/2017 - Bots aren’t just service tools—they’re a whole new form of media

4/10/2017 - Introverts aren’t voiceless—they’re quietly powerful

4/10/2017 - The real reason Hillary Clinton lost the US election

4/10/2017 - From $1 million to $1.4 billion: A timeline of investments into Flipkart

4/10/2017 - What Germans get right about productivity

4/10/2017 - Flipkart raises a record $1.4 billion to take on Amazon in India

4/10/2017 - Portaaviones EEUU a Corea, el desarme de ETA, el café más potente

4/10/2017 - John Oliver explains how gerrymandering, or “politicians’ crazy lines,” hurts democracy

4/10/2017 - NAFTA wasn’t designed to stop cheap Asian imports, but it could be repurposed that way

4/10/2017 - Jury duty is still an expensive waste of time, even though US courts know how to fix it

4/10/2017 - G7 grills Rex Tillerson, the US Navy’s sabre-rattling, foreign spy bounties

4/10/2017 - There is still time to reverse some of the worst effects of global warming

4/10/2017 - The very idea of what universities are meant to be is under severe attack in India

4/10/2017 - Hating, killing, or terrorising in the name of cow is the new normal in India

4/10/2017 - Beijing will give its citizens a $72,000 reward if they catch a foreign spy

4/10/2017 - The story behind the “Mowgli girl” found living with monkeys is likely a dark tale of abandonment

4/10/2017 - US warships head to the Koreas, Modi meets Turnbull, too much wind power

4/10/2017 - US warships head to the Koreas, Modi meets Turnbull, too much wind power

4/10/2017 - Nasty, brutish, and short—what the next Korean War will look like

4/9/2017 - Even in the face of bruising boycotts, Coca-Cola’s India head keeps remarkable zen

4/9/2017 - Bengaluru is the best place in India to begin and end your career

4/9/2017 - US warships head toward the Koreas, Modi’s summit with Turnbull, dueling lawmakers

4/9/2017 - China’s economic rise, as explained by Andy Warhol and Mao Zedong

4/9/2017 - An iconic Porsche from Steve McQueen’s 1971 film “Le Mans” is now an electric supercar

4/9/2017 - Performance anxiety is putting car-crazy Germans off buying electric vehicles

4/9/2017 - Chinese millennials are twice as likely to be homeowners as their peers in the US and UK

4/9/2017 - The classical music concert is a vital workout for our sagging, flabby attention spans

4/9/2017 - At last, scientific proof that daydreaming doesn’t mean you’re a flake

4/9/2017 - A strategic guide to navigating the law like Donald Trump

4/9/2017 - In Africa, the opportunism of private-equity investors aligns nicely with improving social welfare

4/9/2017 - Tanzania’s press lockdown, corrupt Kenya, Africa’s trees vs Africa’s chocolate

4/8/2017 - A study suggests that women do most of the reminding to get stuff done (and no, it’s not nagging)

4/8/2017 - California is getting so much power from solar that wholesale electricity prices are turning negative

4/8/2017 - A group of singing “Raging Grannies” convinced Portland to divest from all corporations

4/8/2017 - Our obsession with the “cult of the entrepreneur” has gone too far—and here’s why

4/8/2017 - A young film company is bringing the lost art of the short film back to cinema screens

4/8/2017 - Weekend edition—Trump’s Syria problem, Supreme Court shushing, blackness in Brazil

4/8/2017 - These shoes are garbage, literally

4/8/2017 - The biggest decision I ever made was to quit my high-powered job to lug cases of wine around a restaurant

4/8/2017 - Don’t waste a single drop of that wine

4/8/2017 - An Uber model for manufacturing is ready to upend the industry

4/8/2017 - Once again, the US thinks it’s the world’s policeman. And it’s not all America’s fault

4/8/2017 - “The Leftovers” creator asked critics not to binge the new season, but it was too good not to

4/8/2017 - “Love drugs” will soon be a reality. But should we take them?

4/8/2017 - The UK’s electrical grid is so overrun with renewable power, it may pay wind farms to stop producing it

4/8/2017 - Weekend edition—Trump’s Syria problem, Supreme Court shushing, blackness in Brazil

4/8/2017 - Weekend edition—Trump’s Syria problem, Supreme Court shushing, blackness in Brazil

4/8/2017 - These photos show the Rwandans who fled Paul Kagame’s leadership

4/7/2017 - Trump’s short show of presidential leadership on Syria isn’t enough to sustain him

4/7/2017 - Weekend edition—Trump’s Syria problem, Supreme Court shushing, blackness in Brazil

4/7/2017 - Neil Gorsuch is the first US Supreme Court justice to sit on the bench with his high-court boss

4/7/2017 - American Apparel is making its first products outside America

4/7/2017 - Once again, there are more H-1B aspirants than there are visas available

4/7/2017 - Google is testing a way for its AI to learn from your phone’s data while protecting your privacy

4/7/2017 - The genetic trait that makes octopuses so smart is just as ingenious as they are

4/7/2017 - United’s business-class passengers are drinking so much wine the airline is running out

4/7/2017 - KFC’s decision to quit buying chickens treated with antibiotics will wind up helping hospitals

4/7/2017 - What Flipkart stands to gain if it merges with Snapdeal

4/7/2017 - Trump created a makeshift Situation Room at Mar-a-Lago for a briefing on the Syria bombing

4/7/2017 - These photos perfectly illustrate how hardened US-China relations are becoming

4/7/2017 - The Bureau of Land Management’s new website banner image tells you everything you need to know about Trump’s plan for the agency

4/7/2017 - Quartzy: the Roman holiday edition

4/7/2017 - Quartzy: the Roman holiday edition

4/7/2017 - The General Motors CEO who killed the original electric car is now in the electric car business

4/7/2017 - For the NFL and industry, real-time data is a game changer

4/7/2017 - The sports industry is following pro football players’ every move

4/7/2017 - A problem that keeps warehouse work from being fully automated has just been solved

4/7/2017 - Scientists have figured out a way to make human heart tissue out of spinach

4/7/2017 - Trump’s tax proposals could make Apple bring $200 billion in cash back to the US

4/7/2017 - The Trump administration will exploit red tape and loopholes to keep its travel ban alive

4/7/2017 - A set of quadruplets applied to Harvard and Yale—and all were accepted

4/7/2017 - You can now apply for a job at McDonald’s via Snapchat

4/7/2017 - The Stockholm attack is a stark reminder that we have no way to fight low tech terror

4/7/2017 - Adidas is kicking off the era of 3D-printed sneaker production with the Futurecraft 4D

4/7/2017 - Welcome to the new Quartz Index!

4/7/2017 - Weird things happen when you approach full employment

4/7/2017 - The surprising benefits of shaking up your kids’ home life

4/7/2017 - Getting guacamole on your burrito is a good financial decision

4/7/2017 - The US State Department has issued a travel warning for Kenya ahead of its election

4/7/2017 - Ataque EEUU en Siria, Uruguay venderá porros, drones y rinocerontes

4/7/2017 - Uber has crossed the line from motivating employees to actively manipulating them

4/7/2017 - We love IKEA because it is the capitalist version of Stockholm Syndrome

4/7/2017 - If Trump really cares about these “beautiful babies” the US will open its doors to Syrian refugees

4/7/2017 - Now that Trump has attacked Syria, his ardent supporters are divided on what to think

4/7/2017 - What Russia and China wanted to do about the chemical weapons attack in Syria

4/7/2017 - US bombs Syria, Samsung’s chip sales soar, illegal clown memes

4/7/2017 - India’s “cowboys” unleash violence and are winning over more Hindus for Modi

4/7/2017 - Trump’s anti-abortion policies are cutting off funding for maternal health NGOs in India

4/7/2017 - Parched for clean water, industrialised Gujarat can show India the way out of pollution mess

4/7/2017 - Germans are hoarding billions of old deutschmarks out of fear, nostalgia, and laziness

4/7/2017 - US strike on Syria, Samsung crushing it, illegal clown meme

4/7/2017 - US strike on Syria, Samsung crushing it, illegal clown meme

4/7/2017 - India’s IT trade body spent a record sum lobbying the US Congress before the H-1B crackdown

4/7/2017 - It took InMobi 10 years to make a profit, and it doesn’t want other unicorns to wait that long

4/7/2017 - Trump invited China’s leader to his home, then bombed one of his allies during dinner

4/7/2017 - In a confusion of signals, the Trump administration says the Syria airstrike was a one-off

4/6/2017 - Hours before missile strikes, Hillary Clinton said the US should attack Assad’s airfields

4/6/2017 - Syria airstrikes force a critical question: What did Russia know about Assad’s chemical weapons?

4/6/2017 - What Donald Trump said about the US attacking Syria before he attacked Syria

4/6/2017 - The United States has launched dozens of missiles at Syrian government targets

4/6/2017 - Why Xi Jinping will hate the luxe decor at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

4/6/2017 - Lessons on how to build smart economies from policymakers who’ve done it

4/6/2017 - Like the US, China soft-pedals the brutal truth that faces its coal miners

4/6/2017 - Trump is serving Xi Jinping a very, very basic dinner

4/6/2017 - Twitter is suing the US government for trying to unmask the Trump critic behind a rogue account

4/6/2017 - Xi-Trump meetings, Unilever spread sale, cannibal calories

4/6/2017 - Global warming could make flying even more awful than it is today

4/6/2017 - Women Supreme Court justices get interrupted three times as much as their male counterparts

4/6/2017 - Lyft is capitalizing on Uber’s woes with a half-billion dollars in new funding

4/6/2017 - Old brains need as much sleep as young brains, but they’re worse at getting it

4/6/2017 - Mitch McConnell broke the Democratic filibuster of Gorsuch—what that means for American democracy

4/6/2017 - JPMorgan’s CEO admits his company has a black talent problem—and the finance industry should listen

4/6/2017 - Four ways to give your employees better feedback, from management veterans

4/6/2017 - The public debut of Facebook’s M is a tiny step toward a do-it-all AI assistant

4/6/2017 - A study shows the difference just one black teacher can make to the lives of poor black students

4/6/2017 - If Panera’s German buyer put all its coffee, bagel, and luxury stores on one street, it would look like this

4/6/2017 - If you want venture investment in 2017, you should be big or successful already

4/6/2017 - A scientist calculated the nutritional value of a human being

4/6/2017 - The fate of 34 million tons of soybeans is an example of what’s at stake in a US-China trade war

4/6/2017 - Startups in the gig economy will go to great lengths to avoid calling their employees employees

4/6/2017 - Brain scans of entrepreneurs show they love their companies like children—and that’s a problem

4/6/2017 - What could go wrong at the Xi-Trump summit? George W. Bush showed what not to do in 2006

4/6/2017 - Trump’s loss is Trudeau’s gain as Mexican software developers look to Canada for work

4/6/2017 - Harvard students have launched a “resistance school” to thwart Donald Trump

4/6/2017 - The world’s craving for chocolate and coffee is damaging Africa’s forests

4/6/2017 - Apple’s insidious minimalism has finally inspired an industry that needs it: ATM design

4/6/2017 - Pepsi isn’t the first corporation to sell a political movement as a product

4/6/2017 - One in three senior managers would offer a bribe to win or retain new business

4/6/2017 - How to use Mastodon, the Twitter alternative that’s becoming super popular

4/6/2017 - The world has moved on from Thomas Edison’s incandescent lightbulbs—and so, it seems, has GE

4/6/2017 - I tried to stop interrupting people and learned to love it instead

4/6/2017 - A transformative practice in Mongolia is helping people die with grace and dignity

4/6/2017 - How the Democrats stopped worrying and learned to love the nuclear option

4/6/2017 - The US states that rely the most on trade with China

4/6/2017 - The future of anti-aging treatment could be found in feces

4/6/2017 - Trump’s Syrian missile strike just gave Europe’s far right one more reason to disown him

4/6/2017 - With its bad engineers and horrible internet, India is far from becoming the next Silicon Valley

4/6/2017 - There’s an easy way to be funnier and more genuine without turning into a jerk

4/6/2017 - This Japanese word connecting mind, body, and spirit is also driving scientific discovery

4/6/2017 - Trump y Xi Jinping, EEUU y Siria, 400 icebergs cerca del Titanic

4/6/2017 - This beef over a garage door proves why we shouldn’t connect everything to the internet

4/6/2017 - JPMorgan’s CEO says “something is wrong” with America—especially the $900 billion in student debt

4/6/2017 - A filibuster threatens to block Trump’s Supreme Court pick. Here’s how that works.

4/6/2017 - The 9 charts you need to understand the US-China relationship before the Trump-Xi summit

4/6/2017 - If you’re rich, airlines will lend you a tablet or laptop to get around Trump’s electronics ban

4/6/2017 - 1 million elementary school teachers in Brazil will soon have their lessons on their phones

4/6/2017 - A reborn American labor movement is coming—if unions are bold enough to change

4/6/2017 - Free speech is too broad a category—let’s break it up in order to save it

4/6/2017 - The economic promise of post-apartheid South Africa is fading

4/6/2017 - A new generation of even faster fashion is leaving H&M and Zara in the dust

4/6/2017 - Xi meets Trump, Unilever quits butter, tech supervillains

4/6/2017 - How many Indian unicorns are actually going to make money?

4/6/2017 - A deadly meningitis outbreak is taking hold in one of Nigeria’s poorest regions

4/6/2017 - Xi Jinping is angling to fill the world leadership void left by Trump. Here’s a reality check

4/6/2017 - “I almost feel like a god”: From dating to business, white men are winning in India

4/6/2017 - Trump-Xi summit, Bannon’s demotion, tree songs

4/6/2017 - Trump-Xi summit, Bannon’s demotion, tree songs

4/6/2017 - India’s first billionaire banker is betting big on mobile. Will customers pick up his call?

4/5/2017 - The pioneer of low-cost flights in India is making a comeback to connect its small towns

4/5/2017 - Trump’s caricature of China as a job-stealing economic bogeyman is past its expiry date

4/5/2017 - There’s a new self-driving taxi startup to challenge Uber, Tesla, and Detroit

4/5/2017 - Trump-Xi summit, Bannon’s demotion, supervillain CEOs

4/5/2017 - The evolving role of the CFO could help teams build gender diversity

4/5/2017 - A US government website that used to warn about the risks of oil and gas drilling was changed to promote their economic benefits

4/5/2017 - Two studies suggesting a link between violent video games and real-life behavior have been retracted

4/5/2017 - How technology can help combat gender inequality in finance

4/5/2017 - Chicago wants high-school seniors to produce an acceptance letter before they can graduate

4/5/2017 - With its NFL deal, Amazon takes another step toward redefining television

4/5/2017 - Who’s on the US National Security Council now, with Bannon out and new faces added

4/5/2017 - The iPad turnaround is coming

4/5/2017 - Film composer Hans Zimmer just booked a Beyoncé-esque world domination tour

4/5/2017 - A website had a novel idea to fix the gender pay gap. It didn’t work out so well

4/5/2017 - Amazon is set to refund $70 million to parents whose kids made in-app purchases

4/5/2017 - This very cool music player would let listeners search for songs across space and time

4/5/2017 - America’s largest body-camera supplier is giving police free AI to analyze crime footage

4/5/2017 - Three White House excuses for why Bannon was kicked off the NSC, and a scarier shadow theory

4/5/2017 - Netflix doesn’t care whether you think the film is good—it just wants to know if you liked it

4/5/2017 - The Norwegian government just authorized the slaughter of 2,200 reindeer

4/5/2017 - Income inequality is getting worse between companies, too

4/5/2017 - Kids’ book authors and publishers are so afraid to offend they’re hiring “sensitivity readers”

4/5/2017 - “Tesla for the air”: JetBlue taps an electric airplane startup to make short-haul air travel cheaper

4/5/2017 - The BBC falsely pronounced its own broadcaster dead—and then resurrected him

4/5/2017 - How to tell when Uber is overcharging you

4/5/2017 - I was rejected by every PhD program I applied to. This year, I got into my top choice. Here’s how

4/5/2017 - I’m a Democrat who worked with Neil Gorsuch—and I think his morals matter more than his politics

4/5/2017 - Trump’s cuts to global reproductive health could lead to more coerced abortions in China

4/5/2017 - Brands see the future of fashion in customized 3D-knitted garments produced while you wait

4/5/2017 - The voter apathy that helped Donald Trump win is about to hit France

4/5/2017 - Boeing needs Donald Trump to sign off on a multibillion-dollar deal with Iran

4/5/2017 - NASA’s scientists formed a club to dream up uses for AI like self-replicating robots and harpooning comets

4/5/2017 - Protest music helped save 20th-century America. But are today’s pop artists up to the task?

4/5/2017 - Why you should (or shouldn’t) become a point geek

4/5/2017 - At 93, Henry Kissinger is still doing deals and courting controversy in China

4/5/2017 - Turkey is about to use democracy to end its democracy

4/5/2017 - La ONU y el ataque químico, violencia en Venezuela, la cara de Buffett

4/5/2017 - When the apocalypse comes, the world’s works could be safe in a remote doomsday vault

4/5/2017 - An Israeli pharma firm has found a way to make drugs longer lasting and more effective

4/5/2017 - The flavors of American cuisine exist thanks to its refugees and immigrants

4/5/2017 - Dog-sharing is the new hot thing in the sharing economy

4/5/2017 - The Swedish concept of “trygghet” explains why having an erratic leader is so destabilizing

4/5/2017 - Stem-cell therapy is poised to disrupt the Tommy John epidemic in baseball

4/5/2017 - These are the countries where babies cry the most

4/5/2017 - San Francisco is in a race to have hack-proof voting booths before the 2020 election

4/5/2017 - A Western leader showed class and clarity in the face of Assad’s chemical attack, but it wasn’t Donald Trump

4/5/2017 - The H-1B visa cap tells you very little about how many H-1B visas there are

4/5/2017 - Syrian chemical weapons, North Korean missiles, Cuban wine condoms

4/5/2017 - The slow death of one of India’s biggest startup hubs has begun

4/5/2017 - A graduate of the British spy agency’s startup incubator is using fake news to fight hackers

4/5/2017 - Cheap Indian engineers now have no place in Donald Trump’s America

4/5/2017 - Fed leaker resigns, North Korea missile, wine condoms

4/5/2017 - Fed leaker resigns, North Korea missile, wine condoms

4/5/2017 - Is NR Narayana Murthy’s outburst over top-level salaries at Infosys justified?

4/5/2017 - Even huge salary hikes can’t stop employees from jumping ship in India’s depressed e-commerce sector

4/4/2017 - Rex Tillerson has exactly 23 words in response to North Korea’s missile launch

4/4/2017 - A hiring expert explains why India’s startups are losing their talent

4/4/2017 - “All Rodney King needed to avoid that beating”: Pepsi’s faux-protest ad is crushed by Twitter

4/4/2017 - China is about to change the way it uses a last-resort antibiotic for the better—but it’s too late

4/4/2017 - Forget the tough talk—Trump is planning a warm welcome for China’s Xi Jinping

4/4/2017 - All of the things that Jamie Dimon thinks are “exceptional” and “extraordinary”

4/4/2017 - Syria gas attack, Fed leaker resigns, grammar vigilante

4/4/2017 - 85,000 H-1B visas are issued each year—here’s how the recipients are determined

4/4/2017 - Get a second opinion—doctors usually aren’t right the first time

4/4/2017 - “Donald Trump” will host a weekly talk show on Comedy Central

4/4/2017 - American English is officially changing and linguists say resistance is futile

4/4/2017 - Apple’s Mac Pro is finally getting a redesign

4/4/2017 - Airbus is redesigning the world’s biggest passenger plane to cram more people inside

4/4/2017 - With a new exclusives deal, Spotify just gave 50 million people a good reason to pirate music

4/4/2017 - Cuban winemakers’ secret to affordable wine: condoms

4/4/2017 - China is no longer perceived as the world’s economic superpower

4/4/2017 - Electronic synapses that can learn signal the coming of the first real artificial brain

4/4/2017 - Treating your job as a “calling” is a blueprint for burnout and regret

4/4/2017 - Too much diversity? Marvel says some comic-book readers are pushing back against its relaunched titles

4/4/2017 - Nigeria is no longer running short on dollars—for now

4/4/2017 - Warren Buffett is such a rockstar in China that his face is being used to sell cans of Coke

4/4/2017 - Trump is reportedly going to demand foreigners share their phone passwords to get into the US

4/4/2017 - This ride gets faster or slower depending on how scared you are

4/4/2017 - A music festival is charging $250,000 a ticket—and still looks to be in financial trouble

4/4/2017 - Artificial intelligence used by Google to scan videos could easily be tricked by a picture of noodles

4/4/2017 - The reasons why a free and open internet could spell the web’s downfall

4/4/2017 - America’s ex-playboy president may meet his match in the seasoned, disciplined leadership of Xi Jinping

4/4/2017 - Bed bugs have been traumatizing humans for almost 11,000 years

4/4/2017 - All the things wrong with the web today, according to its inventor

4/4/2017 - South Africa’s new finance minister said one person can’t cause a credit downgrade—he was wrong

4/4/2017 - “We’ve mastered weddings—but the funeral needs a lot of work”: Inside the new death industry

4/4/2017 - Amid the “retail apocalypse” one type of store is thriving, thanks to selfies

4/4/2017 - The internet is having a field day with “Oath,” Verizon’s new name for AOL and Yahoo

4/4/2017 - It’s time to stop letting so-called “experts” comment on subjects they know nothing about

4/4/2017 - Introducing the all-new Quartz Index, built to shine on your phone

4/4/2017 - The world has set the value of 20 million African and Yemeni lives at $43 each

4/4/2017 - Jenna Lyons is leaving J.Crew. Long live Jenna Lyons

4/4/2017 - Xi and Trump may not play golf, but China is considering introducing the masses to the millionaire’s sport

4/4/2017 - When companies don’t treat their job applicants well, they lose out in more ways than one

4/4/2017 - A US governor’s practical advice for immigrants who fear being deported without their children

4/4/2017 - Linguists say most Balkan languages are the same. And nationalists are mad about it

4/4/2017 - Debate en Francia, ataque químico en Siria, nueva pirámide en Egipto

4/4/2017 - A Supreme Court case involving artificial sweeteners could have a huge impact on Silicon Valley

4/4/2017 - A new study shows that birds are adjusting to pressures of the modern age

4/4/2017 - China has fished itself out of its own waters, so Chinese fishermen are now sticking their rods in other nations’ seas

4/4/2017 - How to pick a VPN to keep your internet browsing secure and private

4/4/2017 - Forget Jared Kushner, the Chinese press is crediting their own diplomat with the Xi-Trump summit

4/4/2017 - Want to make America’s road safer? Give undocumented immigrants driver’s licenses

4/4/2017 - Crafter’s paradise: The US creativity market is a $44 billion industry

4/4/2017 - Kenyan police reportedly killed two teenagers in broad daylight—and much of the public approved

4/4/2017 - Xi’s Finnish stopover, WhatsApp’s plans for India, salty doorknobs

4/4/2017 - France’s far right is luring young people like a nimble startup

4/4/2017 - Neuroscientists helped design Europe’s new €50 so that anyone can spot a fake

4/4/2017 - To be tough with China on trade, Trump needs to be tough on the South China Sea

4/4/2017 - In China and Pakistan’s coal romance, where’s the love for the climate?

4/4/2017 - “My Indian princess”: Adventures of a brown woman using Tinder in Beijing

4/4/2017 - How to make alcohol-free Pina Colada? India’s highway bars and restaurants learnt it overnight

4/4/2017 - Yahoo’s new name, South Africa downgrade, grammar vigilante

4/4/2017 - Yahoo’s new name, South Africa downgrade, grammar vigilante

4/4/2017 - Why did Winston Churchill hate the Hindus and prefer the Muslims?

4/3/2017 - Trump is donating his first-quarter salary to the National Park Service while trying to slash the department’s budget

4/3/2017 - What makes mass transit so great is exactly what makes it so vulnerable to attack

4/3/2017 - Russia metro bombing, Dalai Lama drama, salted doorknobs

4/3/2017 - According to new Google research, teens think Google is cool—sorry, “lit”

4/3/2017 - The case against Spring

4/3/2017 - Melania Trump’s official White House portrait—more evidence the ’80s are back

4/3/2017 - Tesla is now more valuable than Ford because it’s no longer just a car company

4/3/2017 - A “grammar vigilante” sneaks around at night fixing an infuriatingly common error on public signs

4/3/2017 - Private prisons are already experiencing a boon under Trump—and critics want to know why

4/3/2017 - Jenna Lyons, whose creative vision guided J.Crew through its dramatic rise and fall, is out

4/3/2017 - We need to talk about “ecoanxiety”: Climate change is causing PTSD, anxiety, and depression on a mass scale

4/3/2017 - NR Narayana Murthy has now taken to publicly embarrassing the very firm he founded

4/3/2017 - Scientists made a cancer-fighting cap that stops tumors from growing with electricity

4/3/2017 - Self-driving cars will be much safer but a nightmare to insure

4/3/2017 - The tiniest tweak to Apple’s supply chain can wreak financial ruin on its suppliers

4/3/2017 - The reason your boss is more likely to be an incompetent man than a smart woman

4/3/2017 - The top 10 sneaker list for 2016 was dominated by retro Adidas

4/3/2017 - The author of a groundbreaking career advice book has died. His wisdom remains essential

4/3/2017 - Reporting is so dangerous in Mexico that a 27-year-old newspaper is shutting down

4/3/2017 - Betsy DeVos thinks choosing schools should be like Uber or Lyft—but both are for the wealthy

4/3/2017 - “Get Out” director Jordan Peele breaks yet another huge box-office record

4/3/2017 - Kim Dotcom could be building bitcoin’s killer app

4/3/2017 - Universities are telling students to use “gender-neutral” language or be penalized

4/3/2017 - Vinyl is having its best year since 1985. Shame no one is listening to the records

4/3/2017 - Post-Brexit Britain’s biggest economic worry may be its language barrier

4/3/2017 - “Laughing at us”: 300-plus Donald Trump tweets have the same message on China

4/3/2017 - Knowing when to quit is as important as having grit

4/3/2017 - Congress will let internet providers sell your data—so rebels devised a way to fool corporations

4/3/2017 - Explosions in the St. Petersburg metro have killed at least 10 people

4/3/2017 - If US trade with China is so unfair, why is GM the best-selling car there?

4/3/2017 - John Oliver mocked the many contradictions of US marijuana policy

4/3/2017 - US cinema chains want nothing to do with Netflix, but they love Amazon

4/3/2017 - The murky ethics of Facebook Live and filming people without their consent

4/3/2017 - Tanzania’s president is trying to force the media to shut up, listen and be nice

4/3/2017 - Trump y Corea del Norte, España, RU y Gibraltar, baloncesto universitario

4/3/2017 - Official photographs suggest Donald Trump is avoiding the White House photographer

4/3/2017 - This quick communications checklist could improve your work life

4/3/2017 - The lie that Stephen Hawking takes “smart pills” is not even the biggest lie in these “smart pill” ads

4/3/2017 - Sweden’s blockchain-powered land registry is inching towards reality

4/3/2017 - A key path to plum finance jobs in China is being closed off as banks get more automated

4/3/2017 - H-1B visa mania, Trump will “solve” North Korea, bro CEOs

4/3/2017 - A mysterious Asian collector just bought a Warhol Mao for $12.6 million

4/3/2017 - China’s FDA is using instant messaging and web videos in its fight to dispel internet food rumors

4/3/2017 - Kenya’s tourism industry and conservation efforts are being threatened by drought-induced violence

4/3/2017 - The BRICS may be sputtering but its bank is keeping the dream alive

4/3/2017 - Edward Snowden’s guardian angels in Hong Kong have been abandoned by the world

4/3/2017 - Japan’s office managers are experimenting with this radical new trend called “working from home”

4/3/2017 - For Indians, living a healthy life trumps travelling the world or making better friends

4/3/2017 - H-1B visa mania, Tesla’s record deliveries, bro CEOs

4/3/2017 - Dyson has abandoned patents aimed at creating a battery-and-electric-car juggernaut resembling Tesla

4/3/2017 - H-1B visa mania, Tesla’s record deliveries, bro CEOs

4/3/2017 - The future of Indian television lies between Naagin and Narcos

4/2/2017 - Would Sonia Gandhi have been accepted as PM in 2004 if she’d tricked us like Adityanath did in 2017?

4/2/2017 - H1B visa mania, Trump’s staff unveils net worth, bro CEOs

4/2/2017 - Xi Jinping is currying favor with his fellow political princeling, Jared Kushner

4/2/2017 - A US federal judge greenlights a lawsuit against Donald Trump for inciting violence

4/2/2017 - The most exciting baseball player since Babe Ruth isn’t in the major leagues

4/2/2017 - Your next fast food order could be cooked by Flippy, a new AI robot designed to flip burgers

4/2/2017 - “I don’t regret my decision to get an abortion. I regret that it was such a lonely one.”

4/2/2017 - South Africa’s crisis, Cameroon’s digital refugees, Africa’s infrastructure costs

4/1/2017 - Snapchat trolls Instagram hard with a new April Fools’ Day filter

4/1/2017 - April Fools’ Day joke or real Donald Trump tweet? A short quiz

4/1/2017 - Highly satisfied badger on six-day digging bender buries entire cow to eat later

4/1/2017 - Where to read the nitty-gritty details of White House employees’ personal finances

4/1/2017 - From Avant to Zenefits: The astronomical impact of immigrant-founded unicorn startups in the US

4/1/2017 - Modern-day slavery is a lurking, pervasive problem in American restaurants

4/1/2017 - A Finnish filmmaker’s fake flyover of Mars is better than the real thing

4/1/2017 - There’s a reason pandas are black and white: evolutionary compromise

4/1/2017 - Now that the US federal government doesn’t care about internet privacy, states are stepping in

4/1/2017 - Snapchat is becoming a search engine

4/1/2017 - Donald Trump is talking tough on China but may act meek when Xi Jinping arrives

4/1/2017 - The Xi-Trump summit, TV fashion design, the future of cars

4/1/2017 - White millennials are the most apathetic about the American Dream, a new study shows

4/1/2017 - Politeness isn’t enough; we now demand friendliness. And it’s destroying authenticity

4/1/2017 - The Xi-Trump summit, TV fashion design, the future of cars

4/1/2017 - The Xi-Trump summit, TV fashion design, the future of cars