2/28/2017 - Who was that man who just delivered a speech to a joint session of the US Congress?

2/28/2017 - Trump is creating a government office to serve US victims of crimes perpetrated by immigrants

2/28/2017 - Uber’s CEO said he must “change as a leader” after a video showed him berating a driver

2/28/2017 - Officially, China’s Communist Party believes in atheism, but it makes an exception for two religions

2/28/2017 - China’s “Uber for bikes” startups are being taken for a ride by thieves, vandals, and cheapskates

2/28/2017 - The Obamas have sold their memoirs

2/28/2017 - Hyperloop One is trying to sell the Indian government on high-speed tube travel

2/28/2017 - Watch Uber CEO Travis Kalanick blow up at one of his own drivers

2/28/2017 - Trump addresses Congress, Saudi king entourage, Netflix for AIs

2/28/2017 - How to watch Trump’s first presidential address to Congress

2/28/2017 - There’s one sure way to reduce police brutality

2/28/2017 - Who are the space tourists Elon Musk will send around the moon?

2/28/2017 - Netflix was born out of this grad-school math problem

2/28/2017 - When to travel to the world’s most popular destinations

2/28/2017 - Russia’s stock market was the world’s worst in February, as the Trump honeymoon ends

2/28/2017 - The bold move that won a Chinese suit-maker Warren Buffett’s lifelong loyalty

2/28/2017 - The list of the most admired companies rarely changes. That makes entrants like Salesforce even more impressive

2/28/2017 - What really happened in that photo of Kellyanne Conway squatting on the Oval Office couch

2/28/2017 - A nine-point checklist on leadership and control suggests Zappos functions like a cult

2/28/2017 - What Donald Trump is expected to say in his speech to Congress, vs. what Americans hope to hear

2/28/2017 - In 50 years, Netflix’s CEO suggests, its customers might be AI rather than humans

2/28/2017 - If Trump’s guests to his speech tonight are anything to go by, he’s deeply committed to school choice

2/28/2017 - The key to Thailand’s increased competitiveness: its robotics, aerospace, and auto industries

2/28/2017 - How Thailand found its niche in the robotics, aerospace, and auto industries

2/28/2017 - A brief story of the quick unraveling of one of the world’s most promising economies

2/28/2017 - Apple’s upending the iPhone with a $1000 model featuring curved glass and—wait for it—a USB port

2/28/2017 - The African award that seems to pride itself on not finding a winner strikes out again

2/28/2017 - Max Levchin has a plan for doomsday that doesn’t involve a bunker: “Be a nice guy”

2/28/2017 - A new genetic tool maps how deadly viruses spread around the world in real time

2/28/2017 - Jon Stewart tells the media how to get its groove back: “I suggest journalism”

2/28/2017 - One of New York’s fanciest chefs made a seven-course meal for kids, where the PB and J comes with foie gras

2/28/2017 - Oil, iPhones, and Trump: How Norway’s huge sovereign wealth fund made a $53 billion return

2/28/2017 - Pediatricians want parents to know: The incredibly potent pot your kid is smoking isn’t the mellow weed you remember

2/28/2017 - Donald Trump is getting the kind of free media coverage everyone else can only dream of

2/28/2017 - Donald Trump grades himself an “A+ for effort,” proving why people don’t get grades for effort

2/28/2017 - Tech recruiters are ruining Silicon Valley

2/28/2017 - The one word you should never use if you want to give real praise

2/28/2017 - The perfect conditions for creativity, according to Monty Python’s John Cleese

2/28/2017 - Follow Tesla’s remarkable run to become one of the world’s most valuable carmakers

2/28/2017 - In the US, some criminal court judges now use algorithms to guide decisions on bail

2/28/2017 - Americans don’t know their neighbors anymore—and that’s bad for the future of democracy

2/28/2017 - “Moonlight” is 2016’s best movie, but its impact on black storytelling is much more important

2/28/2017 - There won’t be enough room to bury millennials when they die—but the alternative is way cooler

2/28/2017 - Trump al Congreso, tu viaje SpaceX a la luna, oruga devastadora

2/28/2017 - Netflix’s new AI tweaks each scene individually to make video look good even on slow internet

2/28/2017 - After 34 years, Starbucks is plunging into the delicious, daunting world of Italian coffee culture

2/28/2017 - Don’t buy your kids internet-connected toys

2/28/2017 - Trump addresses Congress, Samsung indictment, human echolocation

2/28/2017 - A NASA engineer explains why Trump’s plan to cut the space agency’s climate science program is harder than it sounds

2/28/2017 - South Korean prosecutors will indict Samsung heir Jay Y. Lee for paying $36 million in bribes

2/28/2017 - The rise and fall of Amit Singhal, the former Google star just fired by Uber

2/28/2017 - Three ways to trade the Trump presidency

2/28/2017 - Britain’s tough immigration laws could destroy its iconic Indian restaurants

2/28/2017 - Before the big, fat Indian wedding became the norm, you were lucky to even get ice cream and a snack

2/28/2017 - The side-by-side comparisons that show how a Hong Kong director influenced “Moonlight”

2/28/2017 - Trump addresses Congress, SpaceX moonshot, human echolocation

2/28/2017 - Trump addresses Congress, SpaceX moonshot, human echolocation

2/28/2017 - Google and Facebook face an unlikely competitor in emerging markets: a telecom giant

2/27/2017 - Exam scores are being used to build student loan credit reports in Kenya

2/27/2017 - A Catholic church is running an unconventional resistance against Duterte’s war on drugs

2/27/2017 - As countries move to ban orca captivity, China opens its first killer-whale breeding center

2/27/2017 - The metric that Indian startups once swore by is now being blamed for all the sector’s ills

2/27/2017 - Space: Where India’s frugal efficiency and China’s ambitious vision are set to clash

2/27/2017 - Uber fired a top engineer for covering up allegations of sexual harassment

2/27/2017 - How the company behind “Get Out” landed a box-office hit with a horror movie about race in America

2/27/2017 - “They give them beer, rum, ride on them”: Tourists may be killing the adorable swimming pigs of the Bahamas

2/27/2017 - SpaceX moonshot, Uber exec ousted, human echolocation

2/27/2017 - Bill Gates has humble expectations for the biggest issue tech can solve in the next 10 years

2/27/2017 - Boston Dynamics’ new robot is more radical than you

2/27/2017 - SpaceX says it will fly two space tourists around the moon in 2018

2/27/2017 - A Google analysis of America’s most popular movies found men are seen and heard nearly twice as often as women

2/27/2017 - Reporters Without Borders: The media is not the enemy of the people

2/27/2017 - What the US needs is more older workers, but a Fed study says employers refuse to hire them

2/27/2017 - Trump may wield far greater social media influence than even his huge following suggests

2/27/2017 - Nike got a half million dollars of advertising at the Oscars for the price of a pair of sneakers

2/27/2017 - Trump now claims he hasn’t called Russia “in 10 years.” That’s not what he’s said before

2/27/2017 - There were 46% more potential near-misses between US planes and drones. But don’t worry just yet

2/27/2017 - The best trick to make kids eat more fruits and veggies at school, according to psychologists

2/27/2017 - The cast of “Moonlight” are Calvin Klein’s newest underwear models

2/27/2017 - The cringe-inducing confusion during the 2017 Oscars’ best picture announcement, in photos

2/27/2017 - Donald Trump’s budget plan is built on political tropes and bad math

2/27/2017 - There’s one big reason that I’ve never had a cellphone and I’m never going to get one

2/27/2017 - “This movie came damn close to killing me”: How the unlikely, Oscar-winning “Moonlight” was made

2/27/2017 - Australia found the Achilles’ heel of tobacco companies, and a record number of smokers quit

2/27/2017 - Jay Z is right: Radio is the worst place to listen to music

2/27/2017 - Silicon Valley has designed algorithms to reflect your biases, not disrupt them

2/27/2017 - More than 100 American movie theaters will screen “1984” on April 4, a key date in the book

2/27/2017 - The key to winning in life is to trick yourself into forgetting your own success

2/27/2017 - Spain appointed a special commissioner to convince citizens to have more babies

2/27/2017 - The discovery of a giant neuron could help explain how the brain creates consciousness

2/27/2017 - Stanford’s dean of medicine says restricting immigration to the US is bad for our health

2/27/2017 - Working for Steve Jobs wasn’t easy or pleasant—but it made me smarter

2/27/2017 - John Oliver: Republicans’ health care plan covers Americans like “a thong covers your dad’s ass”

2/27/2017 - Africa still lags behind in using innovation to connect refugees

2/27/2017 - Trump infraestructura, caos en los Oscar, misterioso colgante maya

2/27/2017 - Nigeria is relaxing visa rules to make it easier for foreigners to do business in the country

2/27/2017 - Uber is designed so that for one employee to get ahead, another must fail

2/27/2017 - Alphabet’s hate-fighting AI doesn’t understand hate yet

2/27/2017 - China’s Twitter clone will soon have more users than Twitter

2/27/2017 - Trump meets governors, epic Oscars gaffe, Spielberg beats God

2/27/2017 - In photos: Srinivas Kuchibhotla’s murder has united the grieving people of various religions

2/27/2017 - Good old Taiwan, the new element in tricky India-China ties

2/27/2017 - What exactly happened with the Best Picture win at the Oscars?

2/27/2017 - The infuriating silence of Donald Trump over an Indian engineer’s murder in Kansas

2/27/2017 - Trump meets governors, awkwardness at the Oscars, terrorizing elk

2/27/2017 - Trump meets governors, awkwardness at the Oscars, terrorizing elks

2/27/2017 - Higginbothams, the oldest bookshop in the home of Flipkart, gets a colourful makeover

2/26/2017 - An Iranian director protesting Trump’s travel ban sent a space traveller to pick up his award

2/26/2017 - A funding crunch may finally force India’s secretive diamond industry to come out into the open

2/26/2017 - Why Jackie Chan was carrying two stuffed pandas on the red carpet of the Oscars

2/26/2017 - With his “Moonlight” win, Mahershala Ali became the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar

2/26/2017 - China is making life hard for South Korea because of an antimissile system in over 40 petty ways

2/26/2017 - Retro mobile phones, Warren Buffett’s advice on fear, terrorizing elks

2/26/2017 - Global satellite monitoring may be the key to keeping illegally caught fish off your dinner table

2/26/2017 - Nokia’s new 3310 disappoints, but its smartphone lineup brings high design at low prices

2/26/2017 - A new scientific paper argues the moon is totally a planet—and Pluto is too

2/26/2017 - Treasury secretary Mnuchin claims Trump’s first budget won’t cut Social Security or Medicare

2/26/2017 - New York Times commercials over the years

2/26/2017 - I’m in a croissant club and we decided to review McDonald’s new Euro-style pastries

2/26/2017 - The only filmmaker who has been thanked more than God at the Oscars

2/26/2017 - A UK company is offering new jobs to employees who admit they could be replaced by robots

2/26/2017 - On bowls of coffee and wooden canoes: The necessity of cultural exchange

2/26/2017 - “Not Your Negro:” Why James Baldwin would not have been surprised by Donald Trump

2/26/2017 - The simple reason “La La Land” will win Best Picture, even though “Moonlight” is a better film

2/26/2017 - Don’t fall for Silicon Valley’s hubris—our technological future is more fragile than we think

2/26/2017 - Neil Gorsuch’s philosophical mentor cites “natural law” to reject same-sex marriage and abortion

2/26/2017 - How to watch the 2017 Oscars around the world

2/26/2017 - Social media has become the media in Africa

2/26/2017 - Africa’s digital trust, South Africa’s xenophobia, Kenya’s activists

2/25/2017 - The US Democratic National Committee has a new chair

2/25/2017 - At Mobile World Congress, industry leaders try to work out what comes after the smartphone

2/25/2017 - Inside New York’s historic Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, art deco home of the world’s elite

2/25/2017 - How the Academy overcame #OscarsSoWhite—at least for this year

2/25/2017 - Warren Buffett’s letter to Berkshire Hathaway investors explains how to use fear to your benefit

2/25/2017 - Trump ordered a US intelligence report to justify his travel ban. This is what he got instead

2/25/2017 - When you’re depressed, make something

2/25/2017 - Is spending billions on space research worth it?

2/25/2017 - We used to have six more letters in the English alphabet

2/25/2017 - Weekend edition—Celebrity exoplanets, eulogies for Harajuku, Putinology 101

2/25/2017 - FAQ: How to buy a home when you’re a freelance writer

2/25/2017 - The best of 2016’s Oscar-nominated movies are better than they have been in decades, data show

2/25/2017 - All the movies that didn’t win Oscars when the data show they should have

2/25/2017 - A new study quantifies straight women’s “orgasm gap”—and explains how to overcome it

2/25/2017 - The psychology of punishment is key to why people vote against their own interests, says an Oxford neuroscientist

2/25/2017 - These bees successfully taught their friends to play bee soccer 99% of the time

2/25/2017 - That time when “the Hollywood elite” took on Washington, 70 years ago

2/25/2017 - Should a feminist be seductive? Prada’s stunning new collection explores sexism and sexuality

2/25/2017 - Weekend edition—Celebrity exoplanets, eulogies for Harajuku, Putinology 101

2/25/2017 - Weekend edition—Celebrity exoplanets, eulogies for Harajuku, Putinology 101

2/25/2017 - Black South Africans are again blaming African immigrants for their difficulties—and it’s turning violent

2/24/2017 - Weekend edition—Celebrity exoplanets, eulogies for Harajuku, Putinology 101

2/24/2017 - Srinivas Kuchibhotla’s murder is forcing Indians to face the harsh reality of Trump’s “America First” policies

2/24/2017 - Uber may have bought self-driving car technology that was stolen from Google

2/24/2017 - NASA’s Trump-inspired moon mission is still looking for a reason to exist

2/24/2017 - A startup sale made this low-level employee into an Indian millionaire

2/24/2017 - An internet backbone leaked data from millions of sites. Here’s how to check if you’re affected

2/24/2017 - An overwhelmed Boris Johnson called on Australia’s foreign minister to fix his tie

2/24/2017 - February has been so hot in the US, April flowers are starting to bloom

2/24/2017 - A book about making America great again is a national bestseller—but not to the New York Times

2/24/2017 - The future of TV is a dystopian wasteland of bland prequels to famous action movies

2/24/2017 - In parts of California where the drought won’t die, water rationing has forced people to go full Kramer in the shower

2/24/2017 - A US Supreme Court justice likens a new lethal injection method to “a hangman’s poorly tied noose”

2/24/2017 - Quartzy: the rituals edition

2/24/2017 - Quartzy: the rituals edition

2/24/2017 - Charted: The cities with the worst traffic

2/24/2017 - The DNC race is a choice for Democrats to look to the future or stay stuck in the past

2/24/2017 - Scientists found a way to make lotions out of your skin’s good bacteria to help fight its bad bacteria

2/24/2017 - “Have some courage,” former congresswoman Giffords tells US reps afraid to meet constituents

2/24/2017 - For Democrats looking to beat Trump, the key may be fending off job-stealing robots

2/24/2017 - Emma Watson, Gucci, and a “green carpet” awards show are bringing glamour to sustainable fashion

2/24/2017 - A commercial use for blockchain, SpaceX lands another rocket, fighting climate change with drones

2/24/2017 - The new world order: China is now Germany’s largest trading partner

2/24/2017 - Oscar Wilde would have used Grindr

2/24/2017 - Five Oscar-nominated short documentaries offer a moving, first-hand look at humanity in peril

2/24/2017 - Gossiping might actually be good for you

2/24/2017 - A lot of Instagram-loving foodies are perpetuating racist stereotypes about ethnic dishes

2/24/2017 - Why I refuse to watch “Moonlight,” or any other film about race, with white people

2/24/2017 - I was a stressed-out workaholic. Then I realized that one fear was at the root of my problems

2/24/2017 - In a science fiction-like twist, scientists are weaponizing humans to passively kill mosquitoes

2/24/2017 - Tests of ideology—beloved by Mao and Stalin—are heading toward reality on university campuses

2/24/2017 - Trump conservador, asesinato con arma química, caracoles terapéuticos

2/24/2017 - “Diversity is beauty”: A Somali refugee-turned-model has worn the hijab on fashion’s top runways

2/24/2017 - The ancient Greeks named six types of love that psychologists still refer to today

2/24/2017 - Trump’s draconian budget proposals will destroy US clean energy innovation

2/24/2017 - After nine years of losses worth $75 billion, RBS says a turnaround is just around the corner

2/24/2017 - Donald Trump on the Oscars: They’re “just terrible” and should be hosted by Donald Trump

2/24/2017 - Trump champions nukes, Kim killed by chemical weapon, the “indestructible” Nokia

2/24/2017 - Which countries make it hardest for citizens to live with foreign spouses

2/24/2017 - Kenya finally has clearance to start direct flights to the US

2/24/2017 - Hong Kong’s love affair with Tesla vehicles looks set to grind to a halt

2/24/2017 - New research finds a strong link between air pollution and babies born prematurely

2/24/2017 - Chimamanda Adichie says we don’t have enough children’s books that tell African realities

2/24/2017 - Countries are using the EU’s greatest fear as their ultimate bargaining chip

2/24/2017 - Mughal emperor Aurangzeb protected Hindu temples more often than he demolished them

2/24/2017 - I gave up my perfect Google-charmed life in the US to move back home to India

2/24/2017 - The world’s harshest regime is calling its strongest ally “mean” for buying less of its coal

2/24/2017 - Surging bitcoin, new Nokia phones, Uniqlo effect

2/24/2017 - Surging bitcoin, new Nokia phones, Uniqlo effect

2/24/2017 - Listen to the sounds that make up the Indian religiosphere

2/23/2017 - Here’s the scary truth: Almost every major Indian startup has made the same mistakes as Snapdeal

2/23/2017 - Malaysian police say Kim Jong-un’s brother was poisoned with a banned chemical weapon

2/23/2017 - When there’s traffic, there’s also an alarming rise in domestic violence

2/23/2017 - Get high while you can: the Trump administration is going after legal marijuana

2/23/2017 - Donald Trump’s trans bathroom restrictions will stunt much-needed progress in school sports

2/23/2017 - The US attorney general just officially nixed the Obama administration’s plan to phase out private prisons

2/23/2017 - Trump sidekicks Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus tried to stage a love-in, but their awkward body language betrayed them

2/23/2017 - US backpedals on China, new Nokia phones, snail-venom painkillers

2/23/2017 - Money can buy a luxury car—but many rich Americans would still rather have a pickup truck

2/23/2017 - The new strategy for US and Mexican diplomats: Stick to the facts and avoid the name “Trump”

2/23/2017 - Don’t let your investments drag you down

2/23/2017 - A Super Smash Bros-playing AI has taught itself how to stomp professional players

2/23/2017 - A crowdfunding startup is working with ranchers to let people become “steakholders” in individual cows

2/23/2017 - The curious, delightful sights and sounds that heightened this year’s Oscar movies

2/23/2017 - The only thing unifying US conservatives is their hatred of the mainstream media

2/23/2017 - The GOP playbook for dealing with furious voters: Complain about bullying, or don’t show up

2/23/2017 - Nobody likes Uber anymore

2/23/2017 - Amazon argues that Alexa is protected by the First Amendment in a murder trial

2/23/2017 - In a town full of political know-it-alls, suddenly no one in DC knows anything

2/23/2017 - Oscars 2017: Everything you need to know about the best picture nominations

2/23/2017 - The bizarre story of the 18th-century Frenchman who ate a quarter of a cow daily and never gained weight

2/23/2017 - Siria en Ginebra IV, planetas “ultrafríos”, carnavales en crisis

2/23/2017 - Indian techies don’t need the US—their talent is welcome elsewhere

2/23/2017 - At Standing Rock, an opposition encampment goes up in flames as protestors set tents on fire

2/23/2017 - A new fund by the Winklevoss twins could push bitcoin to historic highs

2/23/2017 - Negative interest rates make people behave in weird and wonderful ways

2/23/2017 - With this many new news junkies, Donald Trump can be as rude to the media as he likes

2/23/2017 - Trump is right to criticize NAFTA—but he’s totally wrong about why it’s bad for America

2/23/2017 - African teams are sorely underrepresented in soccer’s World Cup, and they want to change that

2/23/2017 - The US government deports so many immigrants each year that it runs its own air service

2/23/2017 - Why companies fire strong performers: Lessons from the New York Times’ ousted theater critic

2/23/2017 - What life would be like on the seven newly discovered Earth-like planets

2/23/2017 - Republicans see the arts as a threat—and that’s why they’re always eager to take its funding away

2/23/2017 - Automation is coming for you too

2/23/2017 - A top Silicon Valley investor says there’s one word great CEOs never use

2/23/2017 - Why plans to merge Shoprite and Steinhoff into a “retail champion of Africa” were scrapped

2/23/2017 - Donald Trump’s absurd war on truth is forcing the media to act like real journalists again

2/23/2017 - What pop-culture contradictions in “La La Land” can teach us about democracy

2/23/2017 - Linguistics can help conservatives and liberals agree on objective reality again

2/23/2017 - Siria en Ginebra IV, planetas “ultrafríos”, carnavales en crisis

2/23/2017 - A comprehensive guide to resisting Trump—ripped straight from the Tea Party playbook

2/23/2017 - Why aren’t baby boomers eating pho?

2/23/2017 - DNA evidence proves a maternal dynasty existed in North America 1,200 years ago

2/23/2017 - Donald Trump has a plan to boost the trade deficit in one easy step

2/23/2017 - Netflix’s new design series spreads the wrong idea about design

2/23/2017 - A complete guide to seeing the news beyond your cozy filter bubble

2/23/2017 - Fox producers apologize to Kenya for using footage of the Westgate attack in a TV show

2/23/2017 - It’s not just trade that’s threatened by Trump’s simplistic view of NAFTA

2/23/2017 - An awkward US-Mexico meeting, Germany wins again, futuristic broccoli

2/23/2017 - Even free money can’t convince Australian energy companies to build new coal plants

2/23/2017 - The world’s freest economy is slashing its already-low taxes after a $12 billion surplus surprise

2/23/2017 - As Lake Chad shrinks rapidly, space technology and drones are needed to fight Africa’s droughts

2/23/2017 - “Ultracool” exoplanets, a test for Labour, sex breaks at work

2/23/2017 - “Ultracool” exoplanets, a test for Labour, sex breaks at work

2/23/2017 - Are your investments dragging you down?

2/23/2017 - India’s $600 billion market is not big enough for it to top global retail rankings

2/22/2017 - If you were expecting a big fat salary hike this April, we’ve got some bad news

2/22/2017 - There’s only one woman among the 20 highest-earning Indian artists

2/22/2017 - It’s official, Narendra Modi is the most followed world leader on Facebook

2/22/2017 - Satya Nadella spent a week trying to convince India that Microsoft can catch up to Google and Facebook

2/22/2017 - Donald Trump has reversed Obama’s praised bathroom choice policy for transgender students

2/22/2017 - Proof that India’s growth mostly benefits India’s rich

2/22/2017 - Exxon has wiped a whopping 19.3% of its oil reserves off its books

2/22/2017 - “Ultracool” exoplanets, Baidu earnings, sex breaks at work

2/22/2017 - Reducing road rage and carbon emissions: Sydney’s light rail project is underway

2/22/2017 - From closed factories to open data: How Detroit is increasing civic engagement

2/22/2017 - From closed factories to open data: How Detroit is increasing civic engagement

2/22/2017 - How Gainesville, Florida is tackling “brain drain”

2/22/2017 - Reducing road rage and carbon emissions: Sydney’s light rail project is underway

2/22/2017 - A gondola network is reducing violent crime in Medellín

2/22/2017 - How Gainesville, Florida is tackling “brain drain”

2/22/2017 - A gondola network is reducing violent crime in Medellín

2/22/2017 - Shawn Carter, professionally known as Jay Z, is launching a venture capital fund

2/22/2017 - There’s finally a commercial use for blockchain tech in finance

2/22/2017 - Betsy DeVos—of all people—is fighting Donald Trump to protect transgender students

2/22/2017 - We’re destined to live longer, less comfortable lives than scientists ever imagined

2/22/2017 - Netflix just scored Martin Scorsese’s next mob movie, starring Robert De Niro

2/22/2017 - The Russian military is building a replica of the German parliament for kids to storm at a patriotic theme park

2/22/2017 - The type of person most likely to buy life insurance is also the type who least wants to know the future

2/22/2017 - How Facebook and Google could disrupt the subscription model for news

2/22/2017 - NASA’s discovery of a solar system with seven Earth-like planets will change how we hunt for alien life

2/22/2017 - China is funding Baidu to take on the US in deep-learning research

2/22/2017 - There’s already a giant wall blocking immigration to the US: It’s called Mexico

2/22/2017 - It’s not the NFL, but Nascar that has the real viewership problem in US sports

2/22/2017 - While Americans boycott Ivanka Trump, Chinese firms are naming their wallpaper and booze “Ivanka”

2/22/2017 - The biggest mall in the US is looking for a writer-in-residence

2/22/2017 - Japan’s wild, creative Harajuku street style is dead. Long live Uniqlo

2/22/2017 - Kenneth Arrow, whose profound theories changed modern economics, has died at age 95

2/22/2017 - A Swedish politician is advocating for the ultimate workplace benefit: paid breaks for sex

2/22/2017 - Here are the 11 new companies that a major startup accelerator sees as the future of music

2/22/2017 - We tested bots like Siri and Alexa to see who would stand up to sexual harassment

2/22/2017 - The genius, game-changing twist of “Arrival” should win it the Oscar for best picture

2/22/2017 - Print your own body parts: Inside the promising world of 3D-printed prosthetics

2/22/2017 - Refugees from Syria must go through a 12-step process to be allowed into the US

2/22/2017 - Nutrition labels are only telling half the story about your food’s calories

2/22/2017 - Soccer fans in Germany and Spain would almost rather know how they’ll die than who won their game

2/22/2017 - Want to be a better critical thinker? Here’s how to spot false narratives and “weaponized lies”

2/22/2017 - Tillerson y Kelly a México, la burbuja china, el Ford T cubano

2/22/2017 - NAFTA created thousands of good American jobs—just not for Trump’s Rust Belt supporters

2/22/2017 - The clone armies never happened, but Dolly the sheep still changed the world

2/22/2017 - Steve Bannon’s interest in a thinker who inspired fascism exposes the misogyny of the alt-right

2/22/2017 - Selfies aren’t a sign of the decay of civilization. They’re modern art.

2/22/2017 - A Canadian company trading under the ticker WEED is valued at $1 billion

2/22/2017 - Walmart’s e-commerce investments are helping the retail giant catch up with Amazon

2/22/2017 - Switching to men’s clothing taught me that the world doesn’t want women to get too comfortable

2/22/2017 - There is an unlikely legal loophole that lets stateless undocumented immigrants stay in the US

2/22/2017 - Why a prominent LGBT rights group sees hope and “tremendous opportunity” in Donald Trump

2/22/2017 - Tesla talks money, Airbus hits turbulence, pineapple pizzagate

2/22/2017 - Germany’s renewable energy boom is making life miserable for fossil-fuel producers

2/22/2017 - Where same-sex marriage is legal, fewer teens attempt suicide

2/22/2017 - The countries with the world’s fastest mobile internet

2/22/2017 - Chinese president Xi Jinping has vowed to lead the “new world order”

2/22/2017 - Only one in four Nigerians applying to university will get a spot

2/22/2017 - Hong Kong’s former leader Donald Tsang just became the highest-ranking official to land in prison

2/22/2017 - As Snapdeal sinks deeper in the quicksand, more executives leave

2/22/2017 - Indians are sick and tired of working so much

2/22/2017 - Somalia is a leader in mobile money but still wants to print its first cash notes in 25 years

2/22/2017 - New exoplanets, peso protection, hidden continent

2/22/2017 - New exoplanets, peso protection, hidden continent

2/22/2017 - In photos: Frogs tinier than the human fingernail have been discovered in India’s Western Ghats

2/22/2017 - Growing discontent is driving young activists, and even journalists, to run in Kenya’s next election

2/21/2017 - A Muslim-heavy part of China is rolling out a system to track the location of every vehicle

2/21/2017 - A highly preventable disease with a vaccine is silently killing Indian women in their prime

2/21/2017 - Life lessons from growing up in an Indian joint family, stealing grandpa’s ciggies and mangoes

2/21/2017 - Ultra-cheap, perk-free “basic economy” fares are here

2/21/2017 - New exoplanets, World Bank warning, wine on the moon

2/21/2017 - Trump’s new immigration rules are almost as far-fetched as his border wall

2/21/2017 - The four fallacies of warfare, according to Donald Trump’s new national security advisor

2/21/2017 - Scientists are turning to tiny venomous snails to create alternatives to opioid painkillers

2/21/2017 - What 100 Trump supporters told the president of Y-Combinator

2/21/2017 - Lemurs don’t all look the same and facial recognition technology can prove it

2/21/2017 - SpaceX’s self-landing rocket is a flying robot that’s great at math

2/21/2017 - Nigeria’s president Buhari’s mysterious month-long medical trip is making his people anxious

2/21/2017 - American car buyers are borrowing like never before—and missing plenty of payments, too

2/21/2017 - African migrants in South Africa are in fear for their lives—again

2/21/2017 - The top US chicken company says it’s going to stop using antibiotics on its birds

2/21/2017 - You’re not imagining it: The Trump media vortex has gotten even worse since the election

2/21/2017 - Filter bubbles are a serious problem with news, says Bill Gates

2/21/2017 - Want to chat with Shakespeare? AI bots will soon allow us to talk to the dead

2/21/2017 - US citizens can finally visit Cuba but many aren’t

2/21/2017 - After 165 years in obscurity, Walt Whitman’s lost novel is now free to read online

2/21/2017 - UPS is testing drones that allow its delivery trucks to be in two places at once

2/21/2017 - How much were Yahoo’s massive data breaches worth? About $350 million and more future headaches

2/21/2017 - The American Midwest’s struggle to fight white nationalism exposes the myth of the blue-red divide

2/21/2017 - Macron a Londres, el general lector, rojo nuclear

2/21/2017 - US immigration courts are a bureaucratic backwater ripe for manipulation by Trump’s White House

2/21/2017 - Benjamin Franklin wasn’t a natural talent. Here’s how he taught himself to write

2/21/2017 - Inside the highly experimental, loosely regulated world of for-profit body donation

2/21/2017 - Foreigners in China will finally get a ride-hailing app in English again

2/21/2017 - Don’t let the war on science stop valuable yet silly-seeming research, like shrimps on treadmills

2/21/2017 - Macron’s London campaign, mining bounces back, viral blob art

2/21/2017 - Literary icons Colson Whitehead and George Saunders agree: Work on the one thing you’re scared of

2/21/2017 - China’s appetite for fresh chicken is making its bird flu epidemic worse

2/21/2017 - China is warning Lotte Group against letting a Korean golf course become a missile defense site

2/21/2017 - In photos: Bene Israelis, the ancient Jewish community of India

2/21/2017 - A lawyer took on India’s profiteering hospitals to end the obscene overpricing of cardiac stents

2/21/2017 - It’s only a matter of time before Parisian hipsters discover coffee grown by Indian tribal farmers

2/21/2017 - Michael Flynn’s replacement, mining’s comeback, viral blob art

2/21/2017 - Michael Flynn’s replacement, mining’s comeback, viral blob art

2/20/2017 - Once “reticent,” Nestle now woos an aspirational India after burning millions on the Maggi disaster

2/20/2017 - Microsoft’s Satya Nadella is mighty impressed with India’s “fantastic” entrepreneurs and startups

2/20/2017 - China’s bitcoin traders are finding new ways to trade after an official clampdown

2/20/2017 - Trump’s new national security adviser wrote a reading list for anyone involved in military affairs

2/20/2017 - Russia’s UN ambassador dies, Flynn replacement named, a blob goes viral

2/20/2017 - Pedophilia appears to be the “red line” the conservative GOP won’t cross to side with a Trump fan

2/20/2017 - George Washington warned against the president showing signs of “luxury and ostentation”

2/20/2017 - Snapchat Spectacles are now available to buy online in the US

2/20/2017 - Getting diagnosed with a chronic disease with no treatment or cure is like entering a Kafka novel

2/20/2017 - A Kentucky lawmaker is fighting abortion restrictions with an absurd bill of her own

2/20/2017 - Thanks to Brexit, even Oxford is thinking of absconding to France

2/20/2017 - Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe endorses Trump’s “America for Americans”

2/20/2017 - The costs of Kim Jong-nam’s death are mounting for North Korea

2/20/2017 - China wants foreign submarines to stop traveling below the surface in the vast waters it claims

2/20/2017 - Government dithering prevents millions of Africans from accessing the internet

2/20/2017 - Brexit y Grecia, Mattis en Bagdad, destrozar la muñeca espía

2/20/2017 - Canada is betting on a universal basic income to help cities gutted by manufacturing job loss

2/20/2017 - The scariest, most anxiety-provoking bosses to work for—and how to cope with them

2/20/2017 - There’s a simple technique you can use to turn your emotional baggage into dating success

2/20/2017 - A trove of anti-Soviet jokes recently declassified by the CIA offers a glimpse of Cold War humor

2/20/2017 - John Oliver explains how Trump is basically Putin’s puppet

2/20/2017 - The prom-dress fashion on “The Bachelor” is as regressive as its view of relationships

2/20/2017 - Kraft’s 48-hour takeover battle for Unilever sent shares on a $25 billion rollercoaster ride

2/20/2017 - Brexit’s next test, SpaceX’s historic launch, taxing robots

2/20/2017 - A simple combination of data and language tweaks is helping recruit more diverse police officers

2/20/2017 - The first month of Trump’s presidency looks like a missing chapter from “Lord of the Rings”

2/20/2017 - China’s state broadcaster accidentally recognized the breakaway state of Somaliland

2/20/2017 - Watch: Airport security footage that allegedly shows Kim Jong-nam’s last moments

2/20/2017 - A British judge in Hong Kong is one of China’s most hated people on the internet

2/20/2017 - An ingenious European lawsuit could finally provide a realistic way to stop Brexit

2/20/2017 - The ghosts of a literary Indian hill town still haunt the writers of the present

2/20/2017 - The poorer “China’s leftover men” are, the higher the cost of marriage

2/20/2017 - Brexit advances, SpaceX’s historic launch, robot taxes

2/20/2017 - Brexit advances, SpaceX’s historic launch, robot taxes

2/20/2017 - Tinder confessions in India: “I lost my virginity to that man”

2/20/2017 - The next economic boom for emerging nations will come by learning to market digital trust

2/20/2017 - Indian brands are discovering feminism and gay rights like never before. Not the least because they sell

2/19/2017 - A female engineer’s account of working at Uber alleges rampant sexism repeatedly ignored by execs and HR

2/19/2017 - A college dropout and his IIM grad brother are making India sing and laugh like nobody’s business

2/19/2017 - The US Constitution allows for impeaching presidents who have “rendered themselves obnoxious”

2/19/2017 - If you must use Netflix in India, Airtel is the least terrible option

2/19/2017 - Imperial China’s bloody succession struggles show why failed princes like Kim Jong-nam are doomed

2/19/2017 - Brexit advances, SpaceX’s historic launch, presidential facial hair

2/19/2017 - Today marks the 75th anniversary of one of the most brutal executive orders in US history

2/19/2017 - The best US presidents, as ranked by presidential historians

2/19/2017 - Marc Jacobs and Adele prove addressing race—and racism—in the arts is a risk worth taking

2/19/2017 - In a historic launch, risk-loving SpaceX learns to love a dose of prudence

2/19/2017 - Swedes are baffled and amused by Donald Trump’s warning about the terror “last night in Sweden”

2/19/2017 - Why right-wing populist parties have failed to flourish in Spain

2/19/2017 - We are not afraid of you, president Trump

2/19/2017 - 75 years ago Americans allowed fear to trump human rights. And we’ve already forgotten about it

2/19/2017 - African internet users need to get ready for an online privacy challenge

2/19/2017 - After years of civil war, Syrians now have to contend with a flood of biblical proportions

2/19/2017 - It’s been more than a century since a US president had facial hair

2/19/2017 - One simple, free hobby that will improve your understanding of the world

2/19/2017 - “During my sophomore year of college, my life changed. I became an escort.”

2/19/2017 - Uber has absolutely no good reason for keeping tipping out of its app

2/19/2017 - How a failed Japanese space mission lucked into catching a comet

2/19/2017 - You’re a completely different person at 14 and 77, the longest-running personality study ever has found

2/19/2017 - Trump has only one day left to beat the record for shortest presidency ever

2/19/2017 - Egypt’s housing crash, Cameroon’s Google champ, Africa’s art

2/18/2017 - To experience the best Bollywood has to offer, you have to go to Dubai

2/18/2017 - The tactics Russian intelligence uses to harass foreign diplomats

2/18/2017 - To protest Trump, Mexicans locked arms to form a friendly human wall along the US border

2/18/2017 - Russia’s call for a “post-fake era” sounds like fake news, as other countries warn of a propaganda blitz

2/18/2017 - Cruise ships are the new super-fan conventions for TV and film

2/18/2017 - Armchair diagnosing Donald Trump with mental illness does a terrible disservice to psychology

2/18/2017 - Watch SpaceX launch a mission to the International Space Station and land its rocket afterward

2/18/2017 - Weekend edition—Israel-Palestine, migrant microbiomes, Churchill on aliens

2/18/2017 - Trump’s unpredictable, on-the-fly foreign policy is bad for both America and the world

2/18/2017 - In the dark era of Trump, the idealism of “Casablanca” is more relevant than ever

2/18/2017 - After losing $20 billion over 17 dismal years, General Motors may finally quit Europe

2/18/2017 - In Marlboro’s last frontier, a smokers’ rights group is defending the “human right” to light up

2/18/2017 - Kim Jong-nam’s death is straining Malaysia’s surprisingly cozy ties with North Korea

2/18/2017 - A mystery soot has set off an air pollution panic in Nigeria’s oil hub city

2/18/2017 - US Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch made a list of his 10 most significant cases out of 3,000

2/18/2017 - Obama’s former science advisor says there are four things scientists should do to stay relevant under Trump

2/18/2017 - The trouble with all those t-shirt slogans about diversity on fashion’s runways

2/18/2017 - These are the four questions Y Combinator uses to identify the next unicorn

2/18/2017 - The unexpected party at Cuba’s massively popular national book fair

2/18/2017 - Weekend edition—Israel-Palestine, migrant microbiomes, Churchill on aliens

2/18/2017 - Weekend edition—Israel-Palestine, migrant microbiomes, Churchill on aliens

2/17/2017 - Weekend edition—Israel-Palestine, migrant microbiomes, Churchill on aliens

2/17/2017 - Echoing Chinese dictator Mao Zedong, Trump declares western media the “enemy of the people”

2/17/2017 - SpaceX’s launch this weekend is a monument to space capitalism—just ask NASA

2/17/2017 - How the “isolated man-boys” of 4chan turned a meme into the president of the United States

2/17/2017 - The Netherlands has basically reinvented the tomato

2/17/2017 - Libraries and museums team up for bold political statement: Facts are real

2/17/2017 - A new study finds compelling evidence that the brains of those with ADHD are different than the rest of the population

2/17/2017 - Airbnb is realizing rich people need a villa where they can crash

2/17/2017 - Ikea imagines a world without women in a catalog for ultra-Orthodox Jewish shoppers in Israel

2/17/2017 - “Los Últimos Jedi”: The foreign titles of the new Star Wars film reveal “The Last Jedi” are plural

2/17/2017 - Competing with Facebook and Google is hard. Y Combinator president Sam Altman says it’s only going to get harder

2/17/2017 - Scott Pruitt, opponent of environmental laws, confirmed to lead agency in charge of environmental safety

2/17/2017 - Quartzy: the backstage edition

2/17/2017 - Quartzy: the backstage edition

2/17/2017 - A new bill might make your Kombucha addiction a little less expensive

2/17/2017 - The robot that takes your job should pay taxes, says Bill Gates

2/17/2017 - All the brands that would feature in the largest food conglomerate merger in history

2/17/2017 - Kenya may soon be tapping the phones of its citizens

2/17/2017 - Facebook goes after LinkedIn, Drone taxis, US Inflation is coming

2/17/2017 - This man had a novel way to short Target’s stock—by blowing up its stores

2/17/2017 - Betsy DeVos reveals her longtime education secretary aspirations: “I literally had never given it a thought”

2/17/2017 - Want Twitter’s blue tick of approval? In a post-truth age, verification doesn’t mean trust

2/17/2017 - Kenyan banks have joined forces to launch a mobile money rival to M-Pesa

2/17/2017 - A law professor explains why Americans can count on federal judges to stand up to Trump

2/17/2017 - Kraft Heinz wants to buy Unilever to create the world’s largest food giant

2/17/2017 - The Alps could lose as much as 70% of snow cover by the end of the century

2/17/2017 - “Iron Fist” proves Marvel is obsessed with rich white men—and it’s ruining their superheroes

2/17/2017 - What would actually happen if Donald Trump shot that Russian ship “right out of the water”

2/17/2017 - The practical, unsexy steps it takes to actually become a millionaire

2/17/2017 - Is a scientist’s attempt to resurrect the woolly mammoth ethical?

2/17/2017 - The Cottingley fairy hoax of 1917 is a case study in how smart people lose control of the truth

2/17/2017 - For the first time since it opened, a vital research station in Antarctica is forced to shut down due to growing cracks in the ice

2/17/2017 - OTAN y Europa, condena Leopoldo López, mamá a los 64

2/17/2017 - An award-winning photo shows how quickly human error can transform the environment

2/17/2017 - Trump’s top economic advisors are, essentially, Democrats

2/17/2017 - Donald Trump’s disdain for teleprompters is yet another sign he has blown up the norms of truth and speech

2/17/2017 - Donald Trump never learned that pitting people against each other is a failing business strategy. Sad!

2/17/2017 - Someone being nice to you doesn’t make them the perfect partner for you

2/17/2017 - The 20-year explosion in e-commerce has not increased US cardboard production

2/17/2017 - Scientists figured out why your selfies are funny and authentic but everyone else’s are so narcissistic

2/17/2017 - The US and Russia are back to what they know best: brinksmanship

2/17/2017 - Google’s AI got “highly aggressive” when competition got stressful in a fruit-picking game

2/17/2017 - Munich Security Conference, Harward declines NSC, cat wine

2/17/2017 - An app found a clever way to share Spotify and Apple Music streams, without getting sued

2/17/2017 - Here’s a good starting point for a rational debate on immigration (if that’s even possible now)

2/17/2017 - The empty promises of South Africa’s “radical economic transformation”

2/17/2017 - A scientist explains the very real struggle of talking to climate-change deniers

2/17/2017 - Economists quantified what sleep deprivation does to mothers’ pay and productivity

2/17/2017 - The endangered pangolin has found an unlikely ally: the same country driving it to extinction

2/17/2017 - In photos: What Bengaluru’s water bodies go through when they’re not frothing or catching fire

2/17/2017 - One of the world’s top coffee exporters is on a mission to get locals to try drinking coffee

2/17/2017 - Samsung’s leader has been arrested on corruption charges

2/17/2017 - India’s space agency has a new fan: Elon Musk

2/17/2017 - The Ivy League’s dark history shows it is not easy to reject charity that involves dirty money

2/17/2017 - The story of how we discovered a lost continent deep in the Indian Ocean

2/17/2017 - Trump’s bizarre press conference, Samsung scandal, cat wine

2/17/2017 - Trump’s bizarre press conference, Samsung scandal, cat wine

2/17/2017 - He taught Indian politicians how to tweet. A chastened Shashi Tharoor now warns against its overuse

2/16/2017 - Indian engineers need to stop being so afraid of the term “artificial intelligence”

2/16/2017 - Demonetisation was just the start, now 1.8 million Indians have probing emails from tax officials

2/16/2017 - In China’s poorest villages, not even a man’s life savings can “buy” a wife

2/16/2017 - Money isn’t good or evil—it’s a tool to achieve your life goals

2/16/2017 - 中國靠扼制旅游懲戒台灣,結果適得其反

2/16/2017 - A Jewish reporter asked Trump about anti-Semitic attacks, and Trump told him to sit down and be quiet

2/16/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t need to be US president; he can be president of the global world society

2/16/2017 - Delta has again deemed coach passengers worthy of a free meal

2/16/2017 - Samsung boss arrest, US-Russia awkwardness, NASA diaper prize

2/16/2017 - I’ll never bring my phone on an international flight again—neither should you

2/16/2017 - The predicament of being a pro-NAFTA Republican in the age of Trump

2/16/2017 - Facebook isn’t going after LinkedIn—it’s chasing a much, much bigger jobs market

2/16/2017 - The nine most insane moments from Donald Trump’s reality-challenged press conference

2/16/2017 - Scientists have finally figured out why the cockeyed squid is cockeyed

2/16/2017 - Trump’s new labor secretary nominee testified before Congress about protecting Muslim Americans’ civil rights

2/16/2017 - Snap’s low-ball IPO valuation shows it’s trying to avoid the missteps of Twitter

2/16/2017 - A photo series of a young woman in shorts is making Indians confront how lecherous and judgmental they can be

2/16/2017 - Stop kidding yourself. You’re not going to use the hotel gym

2/16/2017 - Trump wants a billionaire best known for selling semi-automatic rifles to rein in US spy agencies

2/16/2017 - The next season of “American Horror Story” will be about the 2016 election and may have a “Trump” character

2/16/2017 - Meet the eight finalists for a $100 million grant to solve the world’s biggest social problems

2/16/2017 - Google’s CEO wrote an inspirational letter to a 7-year-old girl who dreams of working in tech

2/16/2017 - In a beautiful video, one ugly word connects women and girls around the world

2/16/2017 - Proof that all people in power should get a good night’s sleep—especially if they are president

2/16/2017 - A South African video-streaming service is competing with Netflix in Europe

2/16/2017 - Bashar al-Assad says Donald Trump is justified in banning refugees from his war-torn country

2/16/2017 - Trump’s most-watched US cable news shows, based on his tweets

2/16/2017 - By sparring with AlphaGo, researchers are learning how an algorithm thinks

2/16/2017 - For 11 years, the owner of Little Caesars Pizza paid Rosa Parks’ apartment rent

2/16/2017 - Banks were colluding on forex deals while South Africans fretted about a volatile rand

2/16/2017 - A new survey reveals the happiest workers in Europe all share this career

2/16/2017 - Watch and learn, Milo: At Harvard, the “most hated man in America” gives a master class in trolling

2/16/2017 - The myth of the alpha leader is destroying our relationships—at work and at home

2/16/2017 - Americans just experienced their biggest spike in stress in a decade

2/16/2017 - Donald Trump’s political calculus on the border adjustment tax, explained in one chart

2/16/2017 - Melinda Gates says contraceptives are one of the “greatest anti-poverty innovations in history”

2/16/2017 - Silicon Valley’s gender gap is the result of computer-game marketing 20 years ago

2/16/2017 - Refugees are fleeing from the US to Canada

2/16/2017 - Chill out about Trump because life is short, says Warren Buffett’s 93-year-old investing partner

2/16/2017 - Female prison workers, harassed by inmates and ignored by bosses, stood up for their rights—and won

2/16/2017 - The Democratic Republic of Congo says it can’t afford to hold a presidential election

2/16/2017 - Tillerson en el G20, Trump y sus espías, ciudad marciana

2/16/2017 - Blame the US, not China, for the recent surge in massive cyberattacks

2/16/2017 - The biggest economic issue facing America is not job creation

2/16/2017 - Islamic terrorism and domestic mass shootings may be caused by the exact same psychological phenomenon

2/16/2017 - Listen to internet-connected elevators talk about how their day’s going

2/16/2017 - Sales of anti-abortion license plates in the US are funding unregulated clinics that push medical lies

2/16/2017 - What we know about the murder of Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

2/16/2017 - Attention conspiracy theorists: If you are dealing with Russia, it’s normal to run into its spies

2/16/2017 - Tillerson in Germany, Snap’s valuation, honeybee whoops

2/16/2017 - Dubai wants to make 25% of car trips driverless by 2030, and it’s starting with Tesla taxis

2/16/2017 - A judge has ruled that Snuggies are not actually clothes. Hopefully Crocs are next

2/16/2017 - The happiest worker spends about one day a week in the office

2/16/2017 - Meet the gossipy, 18th-century deadbeat-hunters who accidentally created the credit ratings industry

2/16/2017 - Aung San Suu Kyi is running out of excuses for her silence on the Rohingya crisis

2/16/2017 - How Americans and Chinese view their countries and each other, in three charts

2/16/2017 - Despite religious opposition—and vegans—the Bank of England will keep animal fat in its banknotes

2/16/2017 - Scholars think they’ve spotted Marcel Proust in film for the first time, in 110-year-old wedding footage

2/16/2017 - Designers can now compete to reimagine the UK’s bewildering passport design for a post-Brexit world

2/16/2017 - TED Talks are going desi with a little help from Bollywood’s biggest star

2/16/2017 - Khichdi: India’s most underestimated dish once had an exalted status in royal kitchens across the country

2/16/2017 - Tillerson in Germany, Canada Goose IPO, honeybee whoops

2/16/2017 - Tillerson in Germany, Canada Goose IPO, honeybee whoops

2/16/2017 - One of Africa’s largest art collections is under threat

2/16/2017 - India’s richest man calls Donald Trump “a blessing in disguise for India”

2/16/2017 - Journalists are getting sacked across India but it’s still the only major market where print is growing

2/16/2017 - Artificial intelligence has brought “doubt and suspicion” to the ancient world of Japanese chess

2/15/2017 - Executives across India Inc can’t stop talking about the one pain they’re all feeling

2/15/2017 - “They are executioners”: Justice is elusive in the fog of the Philippines’ drug war

2/15/2017 - After fighting for 30 years, Taiwan’s gay rights crusader senses victory for marriage equality

2/15/2017 - Canada Goose’s smartest business move was expanding beyond Canada

2/15/2017 - It’s 2017 and Canada Goose has zero women on its board

2/15/2017 - Venezuela orders CNN off the air due to its “direct aggressions” against the country

2/15/2017 - The winner of NASA’s Space Poop Challenge found a way to change underwear through a tiny hole

2/15/2017 - “Trump and Putin Spotted at Swiss Resort:” Now fake news is being used to promote major film releases

2/15/2017 - Oklahoma moves forward with an anti-abortion bill that treats pregnant women as “hosts” for fetuses

2/15/2017 - Trump’s new stance on Palestine and Israel reverses two decades of US policy

2/15/2017 - The four-year-long CRISPR-patent battle between Berkeley and MIT/Harvard may finally be over

2/15/2017 - Trump cabinet pull-out, Tillerson G20 trip, honeybee whoops

2/15/2017 - Republicans want to investigate EPA employees for using Signal to strategize how to thwart Republicans

2/15/2017 - Trump’s labor secretary nominee just pulled out, heaping chaos on an embattled White House

2/15/2017 - How Stephen Colbert got his groove back: The late-night host has Trump to thank for a ratings surge

2/15/2017 - Mark Wahlberg and Steve Case are two of the many star investors in a “stock market for sneakers”

2/15/2017 - A new method can predict autism in babies as young as 12 months old

2/15/2017 - Silicon Valley found a use for encryption apps: a prenup for sex tapes

2/15/2017 - New research shows who will be hurt—and helped—if America’s tech industry can’t hire the world’s best talent

2/15/2017 - Etsy’s latest project is taking on craft supply stores around the world

2/15/2017 - The text of a new Republican bill has just one line: “To terminate the US Environmental Protection Agency”

2/15/2017 - There’s $5 million in prize money to build Facebook’s vision for artificial general intelligence

2/15/2017 - A suspected North Korean assassin’s LOL shirt was available to buy online within hours

2/15/2017 - Soon, you will never lose your boarding pass because it will be your face

2/15/2017 - Starz is democratizing premium-TV subscriptions for people without credit cards

2/15/2017 - The UAE has a plan to colonize Mars in the next 100 years, and the oil money to finance it

2/15/2017 - The sharing economy for food is the latest thing California may legalize

2/15/2017 - It’s taken 80 years for this Kenyan community to be recognized as citizens

2/15/2017 - One of the food world’s most controversial mergers just got the biggest cheerleader of all: Warren Buffett

2/15/2017 - A professional cuddler explains how she cures loneliness

2/15/2017 - Big US banks have gained $280 billion in market value since Trump’s election victory

2/15/2017 - Everyday people are furiously saving US federal data before it’s deleted—and you can, too

2/15/2017 - A German shepherd won the US’s most prestigious dog show, for only the second time in 141 years

2/15/2017 - The African immigrant population in the US has crossed a significant milestone

2/15/2017 - Hungary’s police say their “border-hunters” squad is overrun with unsavory applicants

2/15/2017 - A top Russian dissident on why Putin’s honeymoon with Trump won’t last

2/15/2017 - Top Italian politician Laura Boldrini is calling out Mark Zuckerberg for ignoring hate speech and fake news

2/15/2017 - A mathematician has created a teaching method that’s proving there’s no such thing as a bad math student

2/15/2017 - Mattis y Trudeau a Europa, aprobado el CETA, “triangulene”

2/15/2017 - Exiled Ethiopian Olympian Feyisa Lilesa’s family has arrived in the United States

2/15/2017 - Trump’s disregard for the judicial system has accidentally made law school cool again

2/15/2017 - Dubai is set to fill its skies with these self-flying taxi drones later this year

2/15/2017 - Married people in Japan are choosing work over sex

2/15/2017 - Millennials and Boomers feel like they’re living in two different Americas—and that’s a big problem

2/15/2017 - Mad Dog meets NATO, Britain’s plentiful jobs, face mites

2/15/2017 - The “hottest woman in China” is a 70-year-old grandmother with a chili sauce empire

2/15/2017 - These are the science concepts you need to know to understand political life in 2017

2/15/2017 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s advice for success in marriage, the Supreme Court, and everything in between

2/15/2017 - Thanks, Germany. You’re making the right economic choice—for you, for Europe, for everybody

2/15/2017 - Meet ISRO’s PSLV: The rockstar of Indian rockets

2/15/2017 - Chinese students in the US are using “inclusion” and “diversity” to oppose a Dalai Lama graduation speech

2/15/2017 - Videocon is a classic case of what debt can do to a company

2/15/2017 - Trump’s Russia scandal, Mattis-NATO talks, face mites

2/15/2017 - Trump’s Russia scandal, Mattis-NATO talks, face mites

2/15/2017 - Nigeria has discovered oil in Boko Haram’s heartland—but that isn’t necessarily good news for locals

2/15/2017 - Diamond collars and oil portraits: the luxurious history of dogs in India

2/14/2017 - In Sasikala’s conviction, Tamil Nadu sees its own acquittal

2/14/2017 - To preserve social harmony, Singapore has racial requirements for its next president

2/14/2017 - At last, India is on track to beat China at something—air pollution

2/14/2017 - Once hawkish Republican senators are now walking a fine line on Russia and Trump

2/14/2017 - “This isn’t a brothel in the sky:” Business is booming for private flights catering to couples trying to join the mile-high club

2/14/2017 - Is soccer about to go the way of American football? Scientists found CTE and Alzheimer’s in soccer pros’ brains

2/14/2017 - Sotheby’s is holding its first-ever erotic art auction in honor of Valentine’s Day

2/14/2017 - Even Indian technology entrepreneurs think they are living in a bubble

2/14/2017 - Donald Trump’s critics are asking a question that comes straight from the Watergate hearings

2/14/2017 - Trump’s Russia scandal, Yellen’s boost, microscopic face mites

2/14/2017 - Twenty percent of Americans are spending millions on Valentine Day gifts for their pets

2/14/2017 - 60 years before Trump, Rachel Carson warned that politicizing science “returns us to the dark ages”

2/14/2017 - Pay attention: This is the trick Wall Street will use to roll back rules that prevent financial collapse

2/14/2017 - These are the most sex-obsessed states in the US (musically speaking)

2/14/2017 - Architects gave the humble “little free library” a makeover

2/14/2017 - The US officially designated Venezuela’s vice president an international drug trafficker

2/14/2017 - The highest-paid YouTube star was dropped by Disney and others over his anti-Semitic videos

2/14/2017 - This Valentines Day, pay your beloved the ultimate compliment: I want you like a salamander on a treadmill wants sex

2/14/2017 - There’s nothing original about Apple’s first foray into original TV

2/14/2017 - Employers are creepily analyzing your emails and Slack chats to see if you’re happy

2/14/2017 - Immigrants in the US are helping scientists understand how gut bacteria can be contagious

2/14/2017 - Valentine’s Day around the world, in photos

2/14/2017 - The maker of Oreos is hiring for a dream job: chocolate taster

2/14/2017 - Uber drivers will make less than minimum wage by renting through Zipcar in Boston

2/14/2017 - Can Snapchat really save news? More than half of users don’t follow outlets on the platform

2/14/2017 - Ikea wants in on the “creative explosion” taking over African cities

2/14/2017 - Trump’s labor secretary nominee just got sued for labor violations

2/14/2017 - Two thirds of Germans think it’s time for Angela Merkel to call it quits, a new poll suggests

2/14/2017 - How chaos in Trump’s national security team makes the US (and the world) more dangerous

2/14/2017 - Gambia’s new president has started fixing the country’s decades-long culture of human rights abuse

2/14/2017 - Trump is dividing Mexicans, too

2/14/2017 - One Toyota dealership in California sells more than all the American cars sold in Japan

2/14/2017 - Authorities were warned that the Oroville Dam was at risk of collapse 16 years ago

2/14/2017 - The “indestructible” Nokia 3310 could be rebooted with retro looks and a rock-bottom price

2/14/2017 - Kim Jong-Un’s half-brother was reportedly assassinated in Kuala Lumpur

2/14/2017 - Londoners keep getting stuck in penis rings and handcuffs, and officials blame “Fifty Shades of Grey”

2/14/2017 - IBM researchers have created an “impossible” molecule that could power quantum computers

2/14/2017 - Psychology suggests that when someone calls you the wrong name, it’s because they love you

2/14/2017 - Slime eels have inspired new materials designed to protect troops in combat

2/14/2017 - The case for designing offices more like bars

2/14/2017 - After being James, Peter, and William, I decided to stick with my Chinese name

2/14/2017 - Hackers are bombarding the UK with two serious cyberattacks a day, the British government claims

2/14/2017 - Seriously, you should date your best friend

2/14/2017 - Netanyahu en Washington, dimite Michael Flynn, un francés y Uber

2/14/2017 - Russians can send a romantic voicemail from Vladimir Putin to their loved ones today

2/14/2017 - Some animals kill each other after sex because their distinction between hungry and flirty is blurred

2/14/2017 - Billionaires say they’ll end disease: evolution says otherwise

2/14/2017 - Psychologists explain why name-dropping basically always backfires

2/14/2017 - Where the lawsuits over Trump’s travel ban go from here: a legal scholar explains

2/14/2017 - Kenya has approved the commercial use of drones

2/14/2017 - Michael Flynn resigns, Toshiba’s chairman resigns, Apple’s deceptive designs

2/14/2017 - Bill Gates: “If anybody says we don’t need the media, that’s a little scary”

2/14/2017 - A camera startup wants you to think 10 lenses are better than one

2/14/2017 - Bill and Melinda Gates wrote a letter to Warren Buffett about the best deals in philanthropy

2/14/2017 - For the first time in a long time, every EU economy is growing at the same time

2/14/2017 - Sanitary napkins form the bed of a bathing pond in India—what personal hygiene is like for rural women

2/14/2017 - Like many relationship stories, the history of St. Valentine is full of torture and pain

2/14/2017 - Supreme court ends Sasikala’s chief ministerial dreams, Jayalalithaa’s mantle may stay with Panneerselvam

2/14/2017 - Michael Flynn resigns, Toshiba delays earnings, Uber for infidelity

2/14/2017 - Michael Flynn resigns, Toshiba delays earnings, Uber for infidelity

2/14/2017 - Google’s Valentine’s Day doodle is a love letter to the endangered pangolin

2/14/2017 - Google’s new coding champion is a 17-year-old Cameroonian whose hometown has been cut off the internet

2/14/2017 - Kirana stores, not e-commerce, will fuel FMCG growth in India, says Adi Godrej

2/14/2017 - After a messy boardroom glitch, Infosys looks to reboot the system

2/13/2017 - Speed breakers on Indian roads kill more than 10,000 people every year

2/13/2017 - After feeding the vanity of royalty for decades, jewelry brand Faberge tests out India

2/13/2017 - Ivanka Trump’s latest White House photo op does nothing for working women

2/13/2017 - A visit with Trump meant walking a diplomatic tightrope for Canada’s Justin Trudeau

2/13/2017 - In Seoul, a new sharing economy takes hold—one that leaves Uber and Airbnb in the cold

2/13/2017 - Middle-class Chinese are risking jail to recoup billions lost in a “zero-risk” government-backed investment scheme

2/13/2017 - Trudeau-Trump tête-à-tête, OPEC vs shale, Uber for infidelity

2/13/2017 - Trump’s first diplomatic contact with sub-Saharan Africa is with two presidents also facing protests at home

2/13/2017 - Apple shares just closed at their highest price ever

2/13/2017 - Is your Valentine still a Valentine if a robot wrote it?

2/13/2017 - All the actors lobbying to impersonate Trump team members on “Saturday Night Live”

2/13/2017 - Donald Trump responded to North Korea’s missile test in a room full of strangers with smartphones

2/13/2017 - Worldwide PC sales are exactly where they were in 2008

2/13/2017 - Trump and Trudeau are discussing women in the workforce, but a look at their cabinets reveals their opposing views on gender

2/13/2017 - A US online lender keeps its millennial customers by helping them find jobs (and friends and life partners)

2/13/2017 - All the goddesses, from India to Nigeria, that Beyoncé channeled in her divine Grammy performance

2/13/2017 - US wireless carriers are finally reversing the worst trend in mobile data

2/13/2017 - It’s looking more likely that the next iPhone will have wireless charging

2/13/2017 - Singer Joy Villa’s sales rocket as Trump supporters get a new nobody to fawn over

2/13/2017 - Nike and Adidas promote radically inclusive visions of society in two powerful new ads

2/13/2017 - Americans may have to turn over their phones at the US border—but not their passcodes

2/13/2017 - There’s a growing body of evidence that butter is actually good for you

2/13/2017 - Donald Trump requested 64 foreign guest workers for his “winter White House”

2/13/2017 - Another former colony wants Germany to pay for its atrocities in Africa

2/13/2017 - Marathon runners know the key to persistence in the face of hopelessness

2/13/2017 - The international art world has its own version of the Oscars. Here are this year’s winners

2/13/2017 - How a poker-playing AI is learning to negotiate better than any human

2/13/2017 - Trump may finally bring paid parental leave to America this year

2/13/2017 - World Press Photo’s unusual pick for photo of the year reveals a world coming apart

2/13/2017 - A toy store gave Russia its largest IPO in nearly three years

2/13/2017 - Charity, certainty, and transparency: What the world can learn from Islamic finance

2/13/2017 - The only way to get into America is through this 60,000 strong, pro-Trump armed force

2/13/2017 - In South Korea, couples wear matching outfits to show the world that they’re in love

2/13/2017 - Going against the grain, Switzerland will make it easier for outsiders to become citizens

2/13/2017 - Julian Assange may have overstayed his welcome at Ecuador’s embassy

2/13/2017 - There are three reasons why you can’t make the leap from date to relationship

2/13/2017 - Nigeria’s whistle-blower plan to pay citizens to report corruption is off to a great start

2/13/2017 - An algae that survived two years in outer space may hold the secret to growing food on Mars

2/13/2017 - Soundcloud’s top execs are leaving at an incredibly awkward time

2/13/2017 - Trump y Trudeau, evacuación en California, bodas virtuales

2/13/2017 - Sorry America, history proves Donald Trump is not the first US president with totalitarian impulses

2/13/2017 - Why Chance the Rapper—who just made Grammy history—gives his music away for free

2/13/2017 - At the Grammys, Beyonce paid an epic tribute to African diaspora spirituality

2/13/2017 - Squid speak a unique, undeciphered language using their skin

2/13/2017 - Trudeau’s Trump test, North Korea’s missile fallout, VR wedding

2/13/2017 - Australia’s leader dissed renewables amid the kind of heat wave climate scientists warn about

2/13/2017 - Watch a record-setting 1,000 drones take to the sky in China to celebrate the lantern festival

2/13/2017 - John Oliver is running ads on cable networks to school Trump on basic facts presidents should know

2/13/2017 - Why Nigeria was left with little choice but to do a $1 billion eurobond deal

2/13/2017 - Kaziranga’s ruthless rangers have reduced rhino poaching by simply gunning down poachers at sight

2/13/2017 - Uber and Ola drivers in India are now aggressively demanding better pay and working conditions

2/13/2017 - Trudeau’s Trump test, Grammy winners, mold auction

2/13/2017 - Trudeau’s Trump test, Grammy winners, mold auction

2/13/2017 - Desi stray dogs are finding loving homes thousands of miles away from the mean streets of India

2/13/2017 - Egypt’s real estate boom has turned from economic safe haven to rubble

2/13/2017 - A spate of student suicides is forcing Hong Kong to confront its cutthroat school system

2/12/2017 - There’s only one way India can weed out black money: Target corrupt politicians, businessmen, and bureaucrats

2/12/2017 - Tinder data shows once again that Indian men prefer good looks over anything else

2/12/2017 - Bill Gates is the latest public figure to speak clumsy Mandarin to millions of Chinese

2/12/2017 - India’s liberal bubble has shrunk to irrelevance in the age of Narendra Modi

2/12/2017 - Trudeau’s Trump test, “intolerable” North Korea, AI’s biggest victims

2/12/2017 - Betting markets put the odds of a Trump impeachment or resignation at around 48%

2/12/2017 - Sears stopped selling Trump goods, clearing the way for a Twitter lashing and rise in its shares

2/12/2017 - Poor spelling is the latest lightning rod for a divided American public

2/12/2017 - Prince’s music is now on all streaming services, which Prince would’ve absolutely hated

2/12/2017 - The math behind Trump’s growth plan suggests record levels of US seniors would have to keep working

2/12/2017 - An infrastructure deficit is making life in African cities more expensive than it should be

2/12/2017 - Photos and campaign billboards capture the legacy of one of Africa’s most delusional autocrats

2/12/2017 - On “SNL,” Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer has the same uphill battle as Alec Baldwin’s Trump

2/12/2017 - Once poverty-stricken, China’s “Taobao villages” have found a lifeline making trinkets for the internet

2/12/2017 - In the age of Spotify, radio stations should no longer get away with playing music for free

2/12/2017 - I’m a psychotherapist, but the craziest job I ever had was driving escorts to meet their clients

2/12/2017 - #BringBackOurPresident, African air pollution, Kenyan books

2/12/2017 - Modern philosophy shows that most atrocities are committed by normal people—not evil ones

2/12/2017 - The scientific tricks that can age whiskey in days instead of years

2/12/2017 - A history of American anti-immigrant bias, starting with Benjamin Franklin’s hatred of the Germans

2/11/2017 - Oracle has now spent seven years claiming that Google plagiarized its code

2/11/2017 - A rising trend in hacking: locking your files and charging you to get them back

2/11/2017 - Yale is changing the slavery-laden name of Calhoun College and honoring Grace Hopper, instead

2/11/2017 - Raf Simons’s debut for Calvin Klein, the most anticipated fashion event in years, was a brilliant ode to America

2/11/2017 - An interactive guide to Donald Trump’s Twitter exclamations. Enjoy!

2/11/2017 - Tim Cook calls for a “massive campaign” to combat fake news

2/11/2017 - How to watch the Grammys 2017 online or on TV

2/11/2017 - Sargento recalls its shredded cheese products over Listeria concerns

2/11/2017 - A polyamorous philosopher explains what we all get wrong about romantic love

2/11/2017 - Trump says the cost of a border wall with Mexico “will come WAY DOWN!”

2/11/2017 - Weekend edition—The EU’s defense, colonizing Mars, creative hair

2/11/2017 - Keeping your kids frenetically entertained has ruined museums for adults

2/11/2017 - You probably know what’s happening in the world before the president of the US does

2/11/2017 - New analysis proves Trump’s tweets attacking companies are mostly just distractions

2/11/2017 - Raids across the US are sweeping up undocumented immigrants who have no criminal records

2/11/2017 - Drone-racing hasn’t caught on yet, but maybe giant drone-racing will

2/11/2017 - eBay founder Pierre Omidyar is financing a universal basic income experiment

2/11/2017 - Ford knows where to invest to win the self-driving car race—and it’s not in cars

2/11/2017 - Weekend edition—The EU’s defense, colonizing Mars, creative hair

2/11/2017 - Weekend edition—The EU’s defense, colonizing Mars, creative hair

2/11/2017 - The chaos of South Africa’s taxi system is being tackled with open data

2/10/2017 - Weekend edition—The EU’s defense, colonizing Mars, creative hair

2/10/2017 - Hong Kong’s cardinal on a Vatican-China deal: “It is clear which path the Church ought to take”

2/10/2017 - The power play behind Trump’s penchant for uncomfortably long handshakes

2/10/2017 - “Now that’s a hedge”: The maker of Durex condoms is getting into the baby formula business

2/10/2017 - A snow moon, lunar eclipse, and comet will light up the sky tonight. Here’s how to watch

2/10/2017 - In swampy Washington, a lobbyist tells the president “I’m a member of your club”

2/10/2017 - An adorable map drawn by two kids helped German police solve a hit and run

2/10/2017 - Trump’s foreign policy strategy emerges: Speak loudly and carry a tiny stick

2/10/2017 - Three signals that Donald Trump isn’t going to renegotiate NAFTA

2/10/2017 - Zenefits went from a $4.5 billion valuation to massive layoffs in less than two years

2/10/2017 - “I just don’t feel welcome in that house”: Six New England Patriots players are skipping a visit to Trump

2/10/2017 - Sears investors are in an abusive relationship with their CEO

2/10/2017 - The price of olive oil is surging

2/10/2017 - Last year, Nvidia conquered Silicon Valley. Healthcare, retail, finance, and transportation are next

2/10/2017 - In a first, Wikipedia has deemed the Daily Mail too “unreliable” to be used as a citation

2/10/2017 - Stephen Curry, The Rock, and Misty Copeland are forcing Under Armour to backtrack on Trump

2/10/2017 - New cognitive research finds people who seek instant gratification are generally less thoughtful

2/10/2017 - Quartzy: the true romance edition

2/10/2017 - Quartzy: the true romance edition

2/10/2017 - Contemporary society is tired and stressed because we’ve abandoned two ancient traditions

2/10/2017 - Travel interest to US plummets, Facebook disaster response, making drones less terrifying

2/10/2017 - A Chinese clampdown reveals a fundamental problem with the bitcoin markets

2/10/2017 - Spreading lies is a classic authoritarian power move. Don’t let Trump get away with it

2/10/2017 - Should we leave Earth to colonize Mars? A NASA astronaut says “nope”

2/10/2017 - Major League Baseball is testing a rule to start extra innings with a runner on second

2/10/2017 - An economic theory developed in 1817 can help you cut your to-do list in half

2/10/2017 - Silicon Valley’s obsession with efficiency is fundamentally rooted in sexism

2/10/2017 - Hand-drawn infographics commissioned by W.E.B. Du Bois illuminate how black Americans lived in the 1900s

2/10/2017 - The appellate court asked four simple questions to reach its ruling on the Trump travel ban

2/10/2017 - What Milo Yiannopoulos can teach us about the importance of campus free speech

2/10/2017 - “Am I a threat?” A New York-based Nigerian artist protests Donald Trump’s travel ban with art

2/10/2017 - Abe y Trump, Toledo en busca y captura, la Torre Eiffel acristalada

2/10/2017 - The famous fungus that led to the discovery of penicillin is going up for auction

2/10/2017 - A US judge ordered teenagers who vandalized a historic black school to read a list of seminal books about hatred and oppression

2/10/2017 - Involuntary consent: You might be the subject of a medical experiment and not even know it

2/10/2017 - To save its budget, the US State Department is defining gender equality as a national security issue

2/10/2017 - Beautiful timelapse videos show how light pollution keeps you from seeing the stars

2/10/2017 - US court on travel ban, Abe placates Trump, ultrasound-aged brandy

2/10/2017 - #ShePersisted is more powerful as a rallying cry for women than #NastyWoman could ever be

2/10/2017 - Americans under 40 are going to have to learn what inflation means for the first time in their lives

2/10/2017 - While Silicon Valley keeps expanding benefits, the rest of us aren’t making much progress

2/10/2017 - Designing robots to look more like ostriches can solve a key problem for our future biped overlords

2/10/2017 - Germany is playing a dangerous game on trade

2/10/2017 - China is collecting the fingerprints of foreigners entering the country

2/10/2017 - Apple met with Chinese regulators to discuss the iPhone’s mysterious battery drain problem

2/10/2017 - After a phone call with China’s Xi Jinping, Trump has decided “to agree to honor” the “One China” policy

2/10/2017 - Abe-Trump meeting, Australian blackouts, quinoa genetics

2/10/2017 - Abe-Trump meeting, Australian blackouts, quinoa genetics

2/10/2017 - At long last, there’s one thing that Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal agree on

2/9/2017 - An irreverent podcast for desi feminists is celebrating brown girls with sass

2/9/2017 - A Chinese hospital accidentally infected at least five patients with HIV

2/9/2017 - In India, a risky C-section fad takes hold as women die from poor maternal health care

2/9/2017 - China’s attempt to punish Taiwan by throttling tourism has seriously backfired

2/9/2017 - Paris plans to build a permanent bulletproof glass wall around the Eiffel Tower

2/9/2017 - Data show that India’s reflexive reaction to politically stirring incidents is to shut down the internet

2/9/2017 - Federal judges have refused to reinstate the US travel ban, asserting their authority over Trump

2/9/2017 - The ACLU says Trump’s executive order on crime aims to “stop national trends that don’t exist”

2/9/2017 - To win a lawsuit, Melania Trump might have to prove how she could profit as first lady

2/9/2017 - Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein says the economy feels “growthier” since Trump

2/9/2017 - One in 10 Americans who find their news stories through links thinks Facebook is a news outlet

2/9/2017 - India sucks at protecting intellectual property, according to a new ranking

2/9/2017 - Abe-Trump meeting, Twitter disappoints, quinoa genetics

2/9/2017 - Trump met with top airline and airport executives, and no one mentioned the travel ban

2/9/2017 - Trump is getting reamed for his latest reported blunder—a call on nuclear weapons with Putin

2/9/2017 - Obama White House photographer Pete Souza is curating a cleverly subversive Instagram feed

2/9/2017 - After a glittering five-decade career, music icon Aretha Franklin is retiring

2/9/2017 - Watch: South Africa’s parliament turned into a fight scene—again

2/9/2017 - Tech companies are building tiny, personal AIs to keep your messages private

2/9/2017 - Scientists made drones that can pollinate plants so bees don’t have to

2/9/2017 - Twitter is showing Snap what its future will be if it doesn’t answer some glaring business-model questions

2/9/2017 - The lost films of Steve Bannon

2/9/2017 - Nearly 90% of all new power added in Europe last year was renewable—completely eclipsing coal

2/9/2017 - Twitter’s earnings prove that influence doesn’t equal ad dollars

2/9/2017 - Data confirm the reason teachers should nag parents about missed assignments: it works

2/9/2017 - Scientists have mapped the genome for quinoa, potentially making the superfood super cheap

2/9/2017 - Kellyanne Conway broke a key ethics rule with a “free commercial” for Ivanka Trump

2/9/2017 - Vinyl is getting so trendy, celebrity musicians have now made a subscription service for it

2/9/2017 - Nigeria’s government is taking over the country’s largest airline to try and save its aviation industry

2/9/2017 - Netflix is bringing back Bill Nye and “The Magic School Bus” to remind us all that science is important (and fun!)

2/9/2017 - Bangladesh’s prime minister calls out the hypocrisy of rich nations critiquing her child marriage policies

2/9/2017 - A Chinese medical study is being retracted for relying on organs harvested from executed prisoners

2/9/2017 - Corporations have quickly learned to play Donald Trump at his own game

2/9/2017 - Salman Rushdie’s new book features a “narcissistic, media-savvy villain” with colored hair

2/9/2017 - Spotify analyzed a year’s worth of data to create your perfect playlist for snow, sun, and rain

2/9/2017 - You can now draw with marker pens made from Asia’s air pollution

2/9/2017 - Biotech will let us give our brains a makeover—but we risk becoming less human in the process

2/9/2017 - Shinzo Abe is asking Japanese companies for a “tweetable” number on US investment to give Donald Trump

2/9/2017 - A reporter is suing the US government to learn how it vetted Trump’s advisers for security clearances

2/9/2017 - What Iceland knows about preventing teen drug abuse that the rest of the world doesn’t

2/9/2017 - A startup is traveling to India to launch a record-setting number of satellites—and photograph the entire world daily

2/9/2017 - We all love stories about scientific discovery—but we’re blind to the colonialism they perpetuate

2/9/2017 - I became a best-selling author on Amazon in five minutes with three dollars

2/9/2017 - Chronically late people share one positive personality trait

2/9/2017 - Trump thinks he’s a populist like Andrew Jackson—but his approach to power couldn’t be more different

2/9/2017 - The most important skill for middle class workers isn’t being taught in American schools

2/9/2017 - The largest maker of police body cameras has figured out a way to finally analyze its petabytes of footage

2/9/2017 - Mogherini a EEUU, Sessions fiscal general, langostas en Bolivia

2/9/2017 - A Kenyan court has blocked the government’s decision to close the world’s largest refugee camp

2/9/2017 - The myth of American bootstrapping is fueling the GOP’s war on health care

2/9/2017 - Guerrilla archivists developed an app to save science data from the Trump administration

2/9/2017 - In eight short stories by a Pulitzer-winner, refugees are not a “crisis” or “issue.” They’re striving, flawed, beautiful humans

2/9/2017 - A lesson for Trump’s America: Deniability keeps Venezuela’s autocratic dictatorship afloat

2/9/2017 - A lot of Europeans would love a Trump-style “Muslim ban,” shows a survey

2/9/2017 - New US attorney general, Germany’s mega trade surplus, pink noise

2/9/2017 - Programming while black will cost you $10,000 in salary

2/9/2017 - Intel is hiring American workers to make high-tech chips that could displace American workers

2/9/2017 - It’s official: Elon Musk’s SpaceX has made reusability de rigueur for big rockets

2/9/2017 - San Francisco is actually one of the worst-paying places in the US for software engineers

2/9/2017 - To keep up its freakish growth, Nvidia needs to convince the world it’s a leader in AI

2/9/2017 - Scientists aren’t sure exactly how bad air pollution is in Africa but think it’s worse than we thought

2/9/2017 - As Myanmar goes after the Rohingya, the world must ensure this minority’s safety and dignity

2/9/2017 - Big supermarket chains in southern Africa are keeping out small suppliers

2/9/2017 - Where rustic India meets silicon India, life can take a deadly turn for young techies

2/9/2017 - New US attorney general, mining strikes, Oprah’s painting flip

2/9/2017 - New US attorney general, mining strikes, Oprah’s painting flip

2/9/2017 - The online bookstores pushing for more Kenyans to read books by African authors

2/9/2017 - One of Nigeria’s foremost Islamic leaders wants to turn northern mosques into schools

2/9/2017 - Facebook has poached an executive from MTV to help it compete with Netflix and YouTube

2/9/2017 - Secondhand smoke in Japanese restaurants will soon (almost) be a thing of the past

2/8/2017 - Ganja, ganja everywhere but India’s getting high on a lot more

2/8/2017 - Donald Trump and China’s president finally broke the ice—by snail mail

2/8/2017 - How February 9 became a meat-eating extravaganza in Japan

2/8/2017 - Everything at Apple’s next campus—including the toilets—is inspired by the iPhone

2/8/2017 - Trump bullies Nordstrom, Putin opponent convicted, Oprah’s painting flip

2/8/2017 - Somalia elects Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, a Somali-American, as its ninth president

2/8/2017 - Trump’s presidency might make advertisers think twice about making political statements

2/8/2017 - Companies take note: Play ball with the Trumps, or be attacked by the White House

2/8/2017 - There’s a correlation between Netflix’s fantastic originals shows and its rising share price

2/8/2017 - Tesla’s electric cars could be cruising down Indian streets this summer, Elon Musk says

2/8/2017 - Scientists found a way to use stomach acid as a power source

2/8/2017 - Japan telecom giant Softbank lost $350 million on its Indian investments

2/8/2017 - An AI can use Google Street View to help you decide where to move

2/8/2017 - Two of Vladimir Putin’s fiercest critics have been neutralized nearly simultaneously

2/8/2017 - A Republican group is framing its proposed carbon tax as “environmental insurance,” not a tax

2/8/2017 - The New York Times thinks people will still pay for news—if given free music

2/8/2017 - The “Stranger Things” love affair with frozen waffles is a gold mine for Eggo

2/8/2017 - Facebook is poised to become a major player in disaster response

2/8/2017 - The tame language in Trump’s Dakota Access Pipeline memo looks like a brilliant legal move

2/8/2017 - Interest in travel to the US has plummeted since Trump became president

2/8/2017 - “Smart drugs” may help intelligent people to become deeper thinkers, a study involving chess players has found

2/8/2017 - There’s a simple legal reason Trump is probably going to get away with his conflicts of interest

2/8/2017 - There’s a name for Trump’s technique to overwhelm the public with a stream of tiny lies

2/8/2017 - The unexpected solution to America’s affordable housing crunch

2/8/2017 - You might want to go check your house for an old PC—it could be worth some money

2/8/2017 - How to access 375,000 beautiful, copyright-free images from New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art

2/8/2017 - Elecciones en Somalia, Odebrecht y Colombia, incompetente inteligencia artificial

2/8/2017 - Sophisticated shoplifting gangs are costing US retailers $30 billion a year

2/8/2017 - Is it better to buy or rent? This economist’s answer will come as a big relief

2/8/2017 - Disappearing orange groves are forcing farmers into the beer and lubricant markets

2/8/2017 - The secret ingredient in “natural Viagra” is—surprise!—Viagra

2/8/2017 - Hannah Arendt’s WWII philosophical study of totalitarianism shows “alternative facts” are nothing to laugh about

2/8/2017 - The eye-popping return on investment of M. Night Shyamalan’s “Split” proves that horror is Hollywood’s best bet

2/8/2017 - What book do you want Donald Trump to read?

2/8/2017 - A pop-up hair salon from Uganda treats black hair as a science and an art

2/8/2017 - Somalia’s elections, Netflix toys, Obama kitesurfing

2/8/2017 - A huge British supermarket chain is selling same-sex Valentine’s cards for the first time ever

2/8/2017 - A boardroom battle may be brewing at Infosys, months after the drama at Tata Sons

2/8/2017 - Like Trump in the US, Europe is finding new ways to keep refugees out

2/8/2017 - Le Pen is campaigning on how bad the EU is for France’s economy, just as things are improving

2/8/2017 - Will the alternative credit rating agency planned by BRICS work?

2/8/2017 - Somalia’s elections, Netflix toys, Obama kitesurfing

2/8/2017 - Somalia’s elections, Netflix toys, Obama kitesurfing

2/8/2017 - For Indian techies, the American dream, financial stability, and even marriage prospects hang on Trump

2/7/2017 - Australia just realized its postal chief is making 10 times more than its prime minister

2/7/2017 - With a packet full of small-town India’s tangy flavours, Prataap Snacks is taking on multinationals

2/7/2017 - Despite its mess in the UK, Tata Steel finally made some money last quarter

2/7/2017 - The man who acquired Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar as Disney’s CEO may not be done just yet

2/7/2017 - Fred Wilson has a few choice four-letter words for Trump but says it won’t all be bad for tech

2/7/2017 - GM’s big quarter, Trump ban hearing, Obama kitesurfing

2/7/2017 - Silicon Valley’s backlash against Trump is being led by employees

2/7/2017 - An ex-president of Colombia is giving the Philippines’ Duterte some pointers on dealing with drug users

2/7/2017 - Under Trump, the FCC will no longer fight to make exorbitant prison phone call rates cheaper

2/7/2017 - The US Congress is already falling in line with Trump’s radical agenda

2/7/2017 - Hans Rosling: The Swedish physician who made statistics come alive has died

2/7/2017 - NASA research has uncovered pockets of airborn radiation that could be dangerous to flyers

2/7/2017 - Your Vizio TV has been spying on you—here’s how to stop it

2/7/2017 - It would take two things to impeach Donald Trump, and right now his critics have neither

2/7/2017 - French artist Abraham Poincheval will live inside a rock for a week

2/7/2017 - China has now spent $1 trillion defending its currency

2/7/2017 - “Binge-watch,” “ghost,” and other new dictionary terms that illustrate technology’s slow takeover of our lives

2/7/2017 - Betsy DeVos has won Senate confirmation—after an unprecedented intervention

2/7/2017 - Trump’s version of a lawless US-Mexico border is being disputed by the people who live there

2/7/2017 - Trump and his nominee for labor secretary disagree on almost everything about the future of work

2/7/2017 - Americans think the sexiest languages in the world are…German and Dutch

2/7/2017 - Pittsburgh has finally realized it’s in a toxic relationship with Uber

2/7/2017 - Why Donald Trump’s Treasury pick misled Congress about how his bank seized homes

2/7/2017 - The irony of the youth-led frustration that keeps electing old men into office across Africa

2/7/2017 - Documents reveal Tesla is spending nearly $1 billion on its updated Gigafactory

2/7/2017 - Republicans are willing to ride the Trump rollercoaster for one simple reason

2/7/2017 - Artist Takashi Murakami’s goofy octopus costume is a manifesto about creative resilience

2/7/2017 - Trump isn’t lying, he’s bullshitting—and it’s far more dangerous

2/7/2017 - The ambitious plan to send a spacecraft in search of life to the nearest habitable planet beyond our solar system

2/7/2017 - Hungary says Donald Trump inspired its latest policy to detain all asylum seekers

2/7/2017 - Trump’s “America first” policy will promote monolingualism—which will be bad for the American economy

2/7/2017 - From Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress to the Playboy Bunny suit: the forgotten history of black American designers

2/7/2017 - All liberals are hypocrites. I know because I am one

2/7/2017 - Two Nobel Prize-winning nuclear experts explain the unlikely reasons why Trump could be our savior

2/7/2017 - A lettuce crisis is making Brits rethink just how great free trade really is

2/7/2017 - Un inglés contra Trump, el amigo de Temer, FMI en Grecia

2/7/2017 - All perfectionists need to adopt this strategy for coping with failure and rejection

2/7/2017 - Your New Year’s resolution is dead, so here are three steps to get back on track to meeting your goals

2/7/2017 - What is Apple’s long game?

2/7/2017 - A subscription-based news ecosystem, if you can keep it

2/7/2017 - On “SNL,” there’s only one authoritarian world leader who’s stronger than Trump

2/7/2017 - Trump’s travel ban in court, Harvard’s huge haul, more Apple dongles

2/7/2017 - Jackie Chan couldn’t hold back his tears when his stunt team surprised him for a TV reunion

2/7/2017 - US patients who see immigrant doctors live longer than those treated by their American-trained colleagues

2/7/2017 - A scientist is planning a US Senate bid with the campaign slogan “Liberty, Equality, Reality”

2/7/2017 - China’s top businesswoman is a single mother who hasn’t taken a day off in 26 years

2/7/2017 - Two-thirds of Somalia’s presidential candidates hold foreign passports

2/7/2017 - Amid India’s cash crunch, cases of domestic violence spiked

2/7/2017 - India’s deploying its 160-year-old railways to counter China both at sea and along the Himalayas

2/7/2017 - The 100 best directors of the last 25 years, ranked according to thousands of critics’ reviews

2/7/2017 - Temer’s court pick, US trade deficit, more Apple dongles

2/7/2017 - Temer’s court pick, US trade deficit, more Apple dongles

2/7/2017 - Apple’s glory days in China are fading fast

2/7/2017 - Back from the “real world,” academic Raghuram Rajan is looking to just shut himself in a room and think

2/6/2017 - Melania Trump views being First Lady as a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity for her brand

2/6/2017 - Don’t let your fears club together the two very different phenomena of Modi and Trump

2/6/2017 - America’s uproar over education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos isn’t just about education

2/6/2017 - One of Amazon’s fiercest competitors in India was created by an H-1B reject

2/6/2017 - India’s economy is forecast to surpass that of the US by 2040

2/6/2017 - Why did a lumber company make the most emotionally gripping ad to air during Super Bowl 51?

2/6/2017 - Euro zone growth, fake news crackdown, more Apple dongles

2/6/2017 - Despite Trump’s efforts, economic power will continue to shift to Asia in 2017

2/6/2017 - Asia will soon be the world’s economic center—if it isn’t already

2/6/2017 - The US moneyed and political elite is fighting back against Trump

2/6/2017 - Companies want to make drones less terrifying—before they’re flying everywhere

2/6/2017 - Apple is reportedly going to introduce yet another type of cable into our lives

2/6/2017 - Lobbyists have a new tactic for wielding influence in Washington—buying ads on Trump’s favorite TV shows

2/6/2017 - An unstoppable “firehose” of lava in Hawaii shows Earth’s fury as it meets the sea

2/6/2017 - A neurobiologist says medical marijuana could solve the US opioid abuse crisis

2/6/2017 - All the Super Bowl movie and TV trailers, from “Guardians of the Galaxy” to “Stranger Things”

2/6/2017 - Incredible amateur videos show the moment a meteor became a fireball over Chicago

2/6/2017 - This song was scientifically designed to make babies happy

2/6/2017 - Tom Brady’s comments about leadership presaged an epic Super Bowl comeback

2/6/2017 - Slow-motion footage shows the secret to how a frog catches its prey

2/6/2017 - Liberals are so busy confessing and denouncing privilege they’ve forgotten to fix it

2/6/2017 - The Bible has a very clear message about refugees—we should accept them

2/6/2017 - What does it mean to be a good man? Redefining masculinity in the age of Donald Trump

2/6/2017 - Donald Trump’s blunder proves how little white America understands about black history

2/6/2017 - A side-by-side comparison of the EPA website under Obama and Trump

2/6/2017 - A startup founder worth $15 million explains why entrepreneurs should think like farmers, not suits

2/6/2017 - Food politics have sparked another kind of populism, and it’s resulting in real reform

2/6/2017 - Separatismo catalán, Trump, Putin y Le Pen, pioneras patinadoras

2/6/2017 - Explore all $304.6 billion in goods that the US imports from Mexico in a year

2/6/2017 - Globalization failed too many people. Here’s the technology that could help it work for everyone

2/6/2017 - Snap bets that immersive documentaries will keep people sticking close to Snapchat

2/6/2017 - Draghi talks money, tech firms vs. Trump ban, Pornhub does sex ed

2/6/2017 - Nigeria is repeating the same old mistake by shrouding the president’s health issues in secrecy

2/6/2017 - Unending wait for Chabahar: India and Iran squabble over a key port, under Trump’s long shadow

2/6/2017 - In Pakistan’s most violent city, the Virgin Mary from south India brings together Hindus, Muslims, and Parsis

2/6/2017 - Narendra Modi has made it extremely unappealing to be a landlord in India

2/6/2017 - Donald Trump hasn’t spoken with Chinese president Xi Jinping since taking office

2/6/2017 - Nearly 100 tech companies have filed a court document opposing Trump’s immigration ban

2/6/2017 - Draghi talks policy, Merkel wins support, campaigning by hologram

2/6/2017 - Draghi talks policy, Merkel wins support, campaigning by hologram

2/5/2017 - For all its history and culture, India’s museums are pathetic. Could design fix that?

2/5/2017 - Trump’s crackdown on H-1B visas could prevent the next US unicorn born of Indian immigrants

2/5/2017 - French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon kicked off his campaign by hologram

2/5/2017 - Singapore trade, the end of the Anthropocene, campaigning by hologram

2/5/2017 - Google Home or Amazon Echo? Quartz’s reviews

2/5/2017 - “Do you think our country’s so innocent?”: Trump explains how he can respect a “killer” like Putin

2/5/2017 - A US appellate court has refused to immediately reinstate Donald Trump’s travel ban

2/5/2017 - Mauritius’ lost continent, Nigerian transparency, exploding SUVs,

2/5/2017 - In the fight against government-ordered internet blackouts, where are Africa’s mobile providers?

2/5/2017 - Another reason people outside the US are wary of “America First”: the semantics

2/5/2017 - Five books about human behavior that will change the way you see the world

2/5/2017 - Melissa McCarthy made a surprise turn on “SNL” with a Sean Spicer impression that was outrageously realistic

2/5/2017 - Crowdfunding for public-interest lawsuits has come to the US, just in time for Trump’s presidency

2/5/2017 - “I was 25 years old when I went to prison, and 40 when I was released.”

2/5/2017 - Want to resist the post-truth age? Learn to analyze photos like an expert would

2/5/2017 - What’s wrong with this picture: Pornhub, the web’s biggest porn site, is now teaching sex ed

2/5/2017 - Would you wear a leather jacket grown in a lab?

2/4/2017 - Oculus CTO John Carmack disputes claim that he copied code

2/4/2017 - How Vancouver got its housing bubble under control: a lesson for cities like London and San Francisco

2/4/2017 - Charts: Even in a world of cord-cutters, the Super Bowl remains the “unicorn” of broadcasting

2/4/2017 - The Seattle judge’s order suspending Trump’s immigration ban also explains how the US government works

2/4/2017 - A new Arkansas law allows husbands to sue their wives for having abortions—even in cases of rape and incest

2/4/2017 - America is failing to treat its mentally ill, while making it possible for them to buy guns

2/4/2017 - How to watch Super Bowl 51 on all your devices—for free

2/4/2017 - “Insane”: The head of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission on Trump’s plan to undo bank regulation

2/4/2017 - MoMA has swapped out Picasso and Matisse paintings for works by artists from Muslim-majority countries

2/4/2017 - Cities are prohibiting cars to clean up the air—but a study of Mexico City suggests it may not work

2/4/2017 - UPS drivers don’t turn left—and it saves them 10 million gallons of gas a year

2/4/2017 - School shootings in the US rise in tandem with unemployment, a massive study shows

2/4/2017 - Weekend edition—The tech world’s values, what Bannon wants, raccoon-lovers

2/4/2017 - Trump’s supreme court pick had some controversial views on the anti-apartheid student movement

2/4/2017 - If you want to see what a “Muslim ban” really looks like, start paying attention to Australia

2/4/2017 - President Trump has failed to learn a crucial lesson—you don’t cross the US intelligence community

2/4/2017 - Trump’s immigration ban is imperiling one thing he really wants: an Olympics in LA

2/4/2017 - Scientists finally figured out why whales leap into the air

2/4/2017 - Polling is still the best predictor of election results, according to a new study

2/4/2017 - Weekend edition—The tech world’s values, what Bannon wants, raccoon-lovers

2/4/2017 - Weekend edition—The tech world’s values, what Bannon wants, raccoon-lovers

2/4/2017 - Women in Zambia are getting an extra day off per month for period pain

2/3/2017 - Weekend edition—The tech world’s values, what Bannon wants, raccoon-lovers

2/3/2017 - Here are all the commercials for Super Bowl 51

2/3/2017 - After 14 days of Donald Trump, news magazine covers are getting dark

2/3/2017 - How to watch the superb owl this weekend

2/3/2017 - Facebook isn’t developing a general AI, but wrote a paper about how it would if it were, which it’s not

2/3/2017 - With one picture, the Swedish deputy prime minister elevated trolling to a diplomatic art

2/3/2017 - Doctors, soldiers, and ministers are showing Donald Trump what it means to “dress like a woman”

2/3/2017 - Donald Trump thinks your retirement investment advisor doesn’t need your best interests at heart

2/3/2017 - More than 100,000 visas are said to have been revoked under Trump’s immigration order

2/3/2017 - Don’t worry, there’s no American bacon shortage

2/3/2017 - Quartzy: the stay in formation edition

2/3/2017 - A former Norwegian prime minister got held for questioning at a US airport

2/3/2017 - Quartzy: the stay in formation edition

2/3/2017 - US jobs are surging, but not the kind that Donald Trump has promised

2/3/2017 - Don’t bet on other business leaders to leave Trump’s council soon—Uber is a very special case

2/3/2017 - There are at least three great health reasons to go winter camping this weekend

2/3/2017 - Amazon’s massive fleet of robots hasn’t slowed down its employment of humans

2/3/2017 - Kick back and watch our AI learn to play Atari games in real-time

2/3/2017 - New York’s corner-store owners united against Trump’s travel ban, in photos

2/3/2017 - Data transparency is being used to tackle Nigeria’s corruption problem one report at a time

2/3/2017 - Airlines scramble after Trump’s immigration ban, Facebook takes on Snapchat, Women need to save more

2/3/2017 - From kindergarten to grad school, Trump is already wreaking havoc on the US education system

2/3/2017 - How do you build Africa’s newest tech ecosystem when the government shuts the internet down?

2/3/2017 - Harvard Law Review has elected its first black woman president

2/3/2017 - Renowned sci-fi author Ursula K. Le Guin explains that facts have no alternative

2/3/2017 - The easy way your “smart” coffee machine could get hacked and ruin your life

2/3/2017 - Nordstrom is dropping Ivanka Trump’s brand

2/3/2017 - My husband and I are living off 35% of our income so we can retire before we’re 40

2/3/2017 - Falling for fake news is like giving your bank account details to a forlorn Nigerian prince

2/3/2017 - Donald Trump and Steve Bannon need angry young men. They’re using Gamergate culture to get them

2/3/2017 - Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement was the coded political act we needed to kick off Black History Month

2/3/2017 - A step-by-step guide to taming your social anxiety

2/3/2017 - Scientists have invented paper that you can print with light, erase with heat, and reuse 80 times

2/3/2017 - Aviso nuclear a Pyongyang, Amazon y Snap, embarazadas y vírgenes

2/3/2017 - What Steve Bannon really wants

2/3/2017 - Assisted suicide advocates say Trump’s SCOTUS pick is “truly troubling”

2/3/2017 - A Harvard study identified the precise reason protests are an effective way to cause political change (Hemingway App version)

2/3/2017 - For better or worse, Trump is comfortable using the word “torture”

2/3/2017 - Amazon’s Alexa isn’t the future of AI—it’s a glorified radio clock, and stupid otherwise

2/3/2017 - Peña Nieto’s new “Made in Mexico” program is inspired by Trump in more ways than one

2/3/2017 - Thanks to Trump, the New York Times added more subscribers in three months than in all of 2015

2/3/2017 - Snapchat’s IPO, Trump’s CEO confab, a submerged continent

2/3/2017 - Rescuing refugees is a matter of common sense on the paradisiacal island of Lampedusa

2/3/2017 - A Harvard study identified the precise reason protests are an effective way to cause political change

2/3/2017 - Africa’s “youngest billionaire” is actually worth less than $600,000

2/3/2017 - Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull suspended a staffer because of a “Tuck Frump” t-shirt

2/3/2017 - Indian IT firms have been preparing for changes in H-1B visa laws for nearly a decade

2/3/2017 - A for Apple. B for Bengaluru. C for coming soon

2/3/2017 - Can Uber Pool really save Indian cities from pollution and congestion?

2/3/2017 - Made-in-India iPhones, Trump’s CEO confab, Nintendo’s gambling app

2/3/2017 - Made-in-India iPhones, Trump’s CEO confab, Nintendo’s gambling app

2/3/2017 - How does Arun Jaitley’s budget impact my take-home salary?

2/2/2017 - Many Hindus saw themselves as Aryans and backed Nazis. Does that explain their support for Donald Trump?

2/2/2017 - A former skinhead explains why it’s a mistake for the US to stop targeting right-wing extremists

2/2/2017 - One of Snap’s co-founders earns twice what the other does

2/2/2017 - Snap is dispensing with any pretense that its shareholders have a say in what the company does

2/2/2017 - Snapchat finally—inadvertently—released the manual users have been waiting for

2/2/2017 - Amazon beats profit expectations—revenue, not so much

2/2/2017 - The average Snapchat user

2/2/2017 - Snap is worried about Brexit, too

2/2/2017 - Snap is proof that you shouldn’t worry so much about naming your startup

2/2/2017 - Snapchat’s parent company publicly files for an IPO: Here’s what you need to know

2/2/2017 - Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is leaving Donald Trump’s business advisory council

2/2/2017 - SpaceX needs to redesign its engine to ensure it is safe for human spaceflight

2/2/2017 - Who are the “thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia” Trump is so mad—and so wrong—about?

2/2/2017 - Amazon’s miss, Trump’s CEO confab, Nintendo’s gambling app

2/2/2017 - Betsy DeVos could make history as the first pick for US education secretary ever to be rejected

2/2/2017 - Watch Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel explain Snapchat using a pen and paper

2/2/2017 - Facebook is flat out asking users if they think Facebook is good for the world

2/2/2017 - Shareholders pressure Apple to increase diversity among top leaders

2/2/2017 - Most Americans on both sides of the political aisle are in favor of school-mandated vaccines

2/2/2017 - Facebook quietly used AI to solve the problem of searching through your photos

2/2/2017 - Russia’s military build-up in the Arctic is the largest since the Cold War

2/2/2017 - A new study of workers’ falling share of income pins blame on the likes of Google and Facebook

2/2/2017 - The US is about to exclude the next generation of immigrant entrepreneurs

2/2/2017 - “Food is politics”—A celebrity chef calls for foodies to stand up against Trump

2/2/2017 - Republicans want US oil companies to keep their payments to corrupt governments secret

2/2/2017 - Facebook’s execs just revealed their shameless plan for taking down Snapchat

2/2/2017 - The brilliant artist who shot Beyoncé’s maternity photos is Awol Erizku

2/2/2017 - Google has been quietly placing more ads in search results

2/2/2017 - The tiny digital camera on every smartphone has had real impact on African lives

2/2/2017 - America’s retailers are warning that a Republican tax plan could make goods 20% more expensive

2/2/2017 - Labs across the world are giving scientists banned from the US a free place to work

2/2/2017 - The world can now psychoanalyze Sigmund Freud’s personal life through 20,000 newly digitized letters

2/2/2017 - Trump’s temporary immigration ban was cover for his order to defund sanctuary cities

2/2/2017 - With a flash of humility, Trump’s secretary of state is already distinguishing himself from his boss

2/2/2017 - “Two times better than my dream”—A 10-year-old Iraqi refugee describes his new life in the US

2/2/2017 - Trump is picking a free-speech fight with the university that birthed the Free Speech Movement

2/2/2017 - A linguist explains how Trump is using the language of victimhood to position himself as America’s savior

2/2/2017 - Social contagion makes it easy to spread fear and hate. Here’s how to spread their opposite

2/2/2017 - With business leaders, Trump needs to try a new tactic: persuasion

2/2/2017 - Trump’s Moscow fans are already worried they have helped create a monster

2/2/2017 - It took 39 fires before Ford recalled exploding SUVs in South Africa. In the US, it took 0

2/2/2017 - What we really know about US Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch based on his controversial Hobby Lobby decision

2/2/2017 - What effect did the record influx of refugees have on jobs and crime in Germany? Not much

2/2/2017 - A leaked memo reveals Trump could undo Obama’s climate legacy by manipulating a single number

2/2/2017 - A satirical magazine ran Donald Trump’s remarks on Black History Month, verbatim, as a humor column

2/2/2017 - The US bail system punishes the poor and rewards the rich

2/2/2017 - Charted: US president Donald Trump’s recent flurry of phone calls with world leaders

2/2/2017 - Rodrigo Duterte will fix his murderous war on drugs by having soldiers do the killing instead of police

2/2/2017 - If you don’t finish your work then you’re just busy, not productive

2/2/2017 - A new theory promises to unlock your body’s full potential—and is actually scientifically sound

2/2/2017 - DR Congo’s path to peaceful democratic transition just got narrower

2/2/2017 - Merkel a Turquía, Facebook bate récords, topless en Argentina

2/2/2017 - The March for Science isn’t partisan or anti-Trump—it’s pro-facts

2/2/2017 - The future of the US government’s startup-inspired Digital Service looks less bright under tech-averse Trump

2/2/2017 - Merkel’s tense Turkey trip, Trump’s “dumb deal,” fake bacon crisis

2/2/2017 - Geologists have discovered a lost continent beneath Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

2/2/2017 - Britain will be fine after Brexit, as long as it signs the best trade agreements the world has ever seen

2/2/2017 - Trump is busy insulting Australia while his defense chief attempts to repair ties in Tokyo and Seoul

2/2/2017 - Trump adviser Steve Bannon thinks there’s “no doubt” the US is headed for war in the South China Sea

2/2/2017 - May’s Brexit plan, Facebook’s surge, robots on wheels

2/2/2017 - May’s Brexit plan, Facebook’s surge, robots on wheels

2/2/2017 - Budget 2017 has brought to fore the astute lawyer-politician in Arun Jaitley

2/2/2017 - Arun Jaitley has got it right: Budgets ought to be about doing more for less

2/1/2017 - Crafty Indian politicians can game the new political funding rules even in their sleep

2/1/2017 - There are two words to sum up Arun Jaitley’s budget: utterly ordinary

2/1/2017 - What students from IIM-A, JNU and ISB thought of Arun Jaitley’s budget

2/1/2017 - FedEx says US roads are so bad it’s burning through tires twice as fast as it did 20 years ago

2/1/2017 - An explosive new story about Trump’s talks with Peña Nieto shows how fraught US-Mexico relations are now

2/1/2017 - Facebook’s business is proving remarkably impervious to Facebook’s controversies

2/1/2017 - “I protested in the only way I knew how”: A politician explains his silent rebuke of Brexit leader Nigel Farage

2/1/2017 - Sheryl Sandberg’s strong voice against Trump is the rallying call Silicon Valley needs

2/1/2017 - Former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson was confirmed as chief diplomat in a combative America

2/1/2017 - Facebook is quickly closing in on 2 billion users

2/1/2017 - Facebook’s surge, May’s Brexit plan, robots on wheels

2/1/2017 - Congress is using an obscure law to kill an Obama rule protecting streams from coal dust

2/1/2017 - George Soros has hired Dawn Fitzpatrick away from UBS to be his chief investment officer

2/1/2017 - With a new $1.5 billion airport hub, Amazon is closer to having its own parallel transport network

2/1/2017 - A Breitbart editor’s “privilege grant” for white male college students is now taking applications

2/1/2017 - Voter turnout is dropping dramatically in the “free world”

2/1/2017 - Some say “Dune” is unfilmable, but “Arrival” director Denis Villeneuve is exactly the right person to try

2/1/2017 - Beyoncé announced her pregnancy with a photo only Beyoncé could have pulled off

2/1/2017 - Donald Trump is finally floating an idea liberals can love

2/1/2017 - A university in California is teaching a class on plant-based meat

2/1/2017 - In a new book, Hillary Clinton will discuss her race against Trump and “laugh at the absurd times”

2/1/2017 - Tim Cook: As the cable-TV bundle “breaks down,” change is coming

2/1/2017 - Instagram is Snapchat’s biggest threat

2/1/2017 - A photo of two dads has become the icon of Muslim-Jewish solidarity at US airport protests

2/1/2017 - Tesla has dropped the “motors” from its name in a race to become the world’s solar supplier

2/1/2017 - There are finally enough H&M stores in the world, H&M says

2/1/2017 - Six ways to stop wasting time in office meetings

2/1/2017 - Why most of the lawyers you see battling Trump’s immigration order are women

2/1/2017 - Jon Stewart went on Colbert wearing a dead rodent hat to satirize Trump’s “purposeful, vindictive chaos”

2/1/2017 - Silicon Valley is right—our jobs are already disappearing

2/1/2017 - The story behind one of the most controversial economics papers you’ll read in a while

2/1/2017 - Alphabet’s Boston Dynamics is working on a robot that its founder calls “nightmare inducing”

2/1/2017 - This year’s Super Bowl perfectly encapsulates the contradictions of Trump’s America

2/1/2017 - Netflix engineers developed a hack that turns your mind into a remote control

2/1/2017 - The most complex problem in physics could be solved by machines with brains

2/1/2017 - 28% of US doctors are immigrants. There’s already a doctor shortage—Trump’s ban could make it worse

2/1/2017 - Why some Democratic senators are gearing up to block Trump’s ultraconservative Supreme Court pick

2/1/2017 - Barack Obama signed more executive actions in his first 12 days than Donald Trump

2/1/2017 - Ben Carson is dangerous for HUD. He got the job anyway because Trump has normalized incompetence

2/1/2017 - The story behind the Statue of Liberty’s unexpected transformation into a beacon for refugees and immigrants

2/1/2017 - Young Britons are even more right-wing now than they were under Margaret Thatcher

2/1/2017 - The best tool you can use for getting great dates: spell check

2/1/2017 - Kenya’s mobile phone ownership is lower than we thought

2/1/2017 - This is the Republican plot to kill the US corporate income tax as we know it

2/1/2017 - Nest founder Tony Fadell: Trump’s immigration order will “damage American competitiveness”

2/1/2017 - Facebook’s figures, Trump’s court pick, mushroom coffee

2/1/2017 - Here are the books you need to read if you’re going to resist Donald Trump

2/1/2017 - El juez de Trump, votación Brexit, Chávez la película

2/1/2017 - Four reasons why women need to save more than men do

2/1/2017 - The world’s fastest growing major economy has unveiled a budget to make everyone happy—except politicians

2/1/2017 - Scientists are weaving futuristic artificial muscles using traditional textile techniques

2/1/2017 - If we’ve missed signs of life on Mars, a new chemistry technique could finally find it

2/1/2017 - Airlines have a moral responsibility to get refugees to safe harbor—despite Trump’s ban

2/1/2017 - I’m an immigrant who worked in tech, and Trump is breaking my American dream

2/1/2017 - China’s Xi is no answer to Trump

2/1/2017 - A herd of genetically modified Tuberculosis-resistant cows could be our first antibiotic-free livestock

2/1/2017 - Greece’s debt crisis is flaring up again, in case the world didn’t have enough to worry about already

2/1/2017 - Duterte’s war on drugs has created “an economy of murder” in the Philippines, says Amnesty International

2/1/2017 - As a nation, we must hang our heads in shame after hearing what Arun Jaitley said about paying taxes

2/1/2017 - Thanks to Trump, Australian politicians are gloating about their nation’s draconian refugee policy

2/1/2017 - The fate of hundreds of refugees stranded on Pacific islands hangs on the goodwill of Donald Trump

2/1/2017 - Apple’s earnings, Trump’s court pick, Russia’s reindeer games

2/1/2017 - Apple’s earnings, Trump’s court pick, Russia’s reindeer games

2/1/2017 - In a demonetised India, people scrimped on necessities but indulged on Apple