7/31/2017 - Chinese fishermen are destroying the ocean floor catching “trash fish” no one even eats

7/31/2017 - White House chaos, Kalanick comeback, billionaire trailer park

7/31/2017 - Florida’s book banners, Anthony screws the Mooch, and eight other stories you may have missed

7/31/2017 - A Quartz visual guide to the current state of US government dysfunction

7/31/2017 - The founder of one of the most successful startups in America says one personality trait is the key to success

7/31/2017 - What happens now to Scaramucci’s $180 million SkyBridge Capital deal with China’s HNA Group?

7/31/2017 - Anthony Scaramucci’s quick political death spells doom for Euron Greyjoy on “Game of Thrones”

7/31/2017 - Sam Shepard’s iconic role in “The Right Stuff” wasn’t even in the original script

7/31/2017 - Stanford researchers have discovered a simple shift in thinking can make you live longer

7/31/2017 - Easy Come, Easy Go: Scaramucci is out as White House Communications director

7/31/2017 - Chris Christie’s lessons on how not to go away quietly

7/31/2017 - A photographic summary of Anthony Scaramucci’s career as White House communications director

7/31/2017 - The places where people put off marriage the longest

7/31/2017 - Researchers say figuring out who you are based on your browsing data is “trivial”

7/31/2017 - Pictures show what a conflict-ridden sham Venezuela’s election really was

7/31/2017 - The online groceries trend is coming at a vulnerable time for gum and candy companies

7/31/2017 - Black women have to work around 18 months to earn as much as white men do in a year

7/31/2017 - Westeros is under attack (from hackers, not White Walkers)

7/31/2017 - New research proves the T rex in “Jurassic Park” would never have caught Jeff Goldblum

7/31/2017 - Spoons have become a powerful symbol of people’s invisible pain

7/31/2017 - Turkey is hoping Russians will fill the German-shaped hole in its tourism industry

7/31/2017 - Why the owners of the Discovery Channel and Food Network are pursuing a $15 billion merger

7/31/2017 - Are we in a tech bubble? Ask a chipmaker

7/31/2017 - To make your phone battery last all day, follow these four simple steps

7/31/2017 - The practical guide to traveling around Africa if you’re African

7/31/2017 - Even oil-company executives want electric cars

7/31/2017 - Apple seems to have confirmed that rumors about the next iPhone’s new design are true

7/31/2017 - A senior Kenyan election official has been found dead a week before the presidential poll

7/31/2017 - The land of Haile Selassie is finally recognizing its Rastafarian community

7/31/2017 - EU citizens will now lose free access to the UK in 2019

7/31/2017 - Venezuela’s economy is sliding into oblivion

7/31/2017 - Robots are replacing managers, too

7/31/2017 - Poor whites feel worse about life than poor blacks, even though they’re better off

7/31/2017 - Ousted Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is on the committee desperately seeking his replacement

7/31/2017 - London’s status as a global financial hub is bruised rather than beaten—so far

7/31/2017 - Desafío catalán, constituyente mortífera, comida eléctrica

7/31/2017 - A Wharton professor explains why hiring nonconformists is essential to any company’s future

7/31/2017 - China’s big military parade featured an understated but key element: dust

7/31/2017 - Lego wants to solve the world’s plastics problem with a biomaterial that can survive generations of play

7/31/2017 - Shkreli on trial, Putin lashes out, the confidence myth

7/31/2017 - No deal: Snapdeal would rather launch a Snapdeal 2.0 than merge with Flipkart

7/31/2017 - We’re a lot worse at spotting fake photos than we’d like to admit

7/31/2017 - It took new-age chaiwallas to finally give the humble cup of tea its due in India

7/31/2017 - Wealth, interest, and greed: the dharma of doing business in medieval India

7/31/2017 - The movement to make marijuana legal in India now has support from one of Narendra Modi’s ministers

7/31/2017 - To bust the myth that Muslims don’t belong in India, just look at the armed forces

7/31/2017 - Hong Kong’s internet culture reflects the deep state of pessimism of its youth

7/31/2017 - Tesla’s Model 3 debut, Shkreli trial, the confidence myth

7/31/2017 - Tesla’s Model 3 debut, Shkreli trial, the confidence myth

7/31/2017 - After China’s crackdown, now Russia is banning VPNs too

7/30/2017 - In China, internet censors are accidentally helping revive an invented “Martian” language

7/30/2017 - Tesla Model 3 reviewers are in love: “Yes, the hyperbole is necessary”

7/30/2017 - Tesla’s Model 3 debut, Trump rails at China, the confidence myth

7/30/2017 - New research shows “digital natives” are no better at technology than the rest of us

7/30/2017 - A rare mega-tsunami in Greenland is helping researchers prepare for a new climate-change threat

7/30/2017 - Will there ever be peace on Westeros?

7/30/2017 - The scariest part of genetic testing? Not getting an answer at all

7/30/2017 - Little kids’ crazy spelling actually makes sense

7/30/2017 - The dangerous myth of a singular, unified, white American South

7/30/2017 - The ultimate case against using shame as a management tactic

7/30/2017 - A perfectly-timed photo of the space station and the moon puts human achievements in perspective

7/30/2017 - For decades, Western culture touted self-esteem. It got the most important thing wrong

7/30/2017 - Put the TV on: Photos of Americans eating dinner

7/30/2017 - One of surfing’s great mysteries is an excellent lesson in business

7/30/2017 - It took moving to America for me to change my colonized name

7/30/2017 - Eritrea’s cyclists, Ghana’s tech farmers, Africa’s robots

7/29/2017 - America was founded on the heroic efforts of gender-fluid soldiers like Deborah Sampson

7/29/2017 - The hidden culprit of youth obesity: lots and lots of booze

7/29/2017 - Researchers have made a breakthrough to help kids with cerebral palsy walk better

7/29/2017 - Twitter’s $99 subscription service isn’t going to save it

7/29/2017 - The car that actually changed the world had a much quieter rollout than Tesla’s Model 3

7/29/2017 - Finnish scientists have worked out how to make food from electricity

7/29/2017 - Soy milk is at the epicenter of a global free-speech debate

7/29/2017 - A century before Bezos and Musk, rich men were already funding space exploration

7/29/2017 - Why electric cars are always green (and how they could get greener)

7/29/2017 - Every state wants to build the next Silicon Valley, but Wisconsin’s attempt has the best name

7/29/2017 - Millennials are the ones keeping libraries alive

7/29/2017 - Weekend edition—China’s electric-car jump start, eclipse warnings, and the new coup rules

7/29/2017 - The world thinks China has too many power plants, but it’s likely to be an accidental blessing

7/29/2017 - Only one of the top Trump advisors in this photo is still at the White House

7/29/2017 - The costumes in “Game of Thrones” have their own hidden layer of storytelling

7/29/2017 - The Mozart-like complexity of Carly Rae Jepsen’s biggest hits

7/29/2017 - Cloud physics could be the key to understanding climate change

7/29/2017 - Elon Musk delivers the first Model 3—and says Tesla’s about to enter “production hell”

7/29/2017 - Weekend edition—China’s electric-car jump start, eclipse warnings, and the new coup rules

7/29/2017 - Slowly but surely, India’s queer community is winning the battle for sexual equality

7/29/2017 - Weekend edition—China’s electric-car jump start, eclipse warnings, and the new coup rules

7/28/2017 - How did John Kelly get the White House chief of staff job? By being a good soldier

7/28/2017 - Weekend edition—China’s electric-car jump start, eclipse warnings, and the new coup rules

7/28/2017 - After another White House exit and a failed vote, it is clear Trump and the GOP are on the rocks

7/28/2017 - McCain proves able, Mooch spouts off, and eight other stories you might have missed

7/28/2017 - Donald Trump encouraged cops to be rough with suspects, while police laughed and cheered

7/28/2017 - The new FDA plan for regulating cigarettes echoes a tobacco industry idea from the 1950s

7/28/2017 - Amazon has made half the profits of Macy’s over the past 20 years

7/28/2017 - In the UK, cops will get asked if they want to carry guns

7/28/2017 - Hackers have lost their favorite bitcoin laundering service after an arrest in Greece

7/28/2017 - Richard Branson is backing out of airlines just as Warren Buffett places big bets on the industry

7/28/2017 - Starbucks is ditching its tea business as it shifts focus to China

7/28/2017 - Scientists discovered a new way to lose weight, if only you can tweak this one brain cell

7/28/2017 - “The Emoji Movie” is getting 💩 reviews

7/28/2017 - Photos: The faces of lawmakers leaving the Senate late-night health care vote

7/28/2017 - Plonk, chardy, and goon? The colorful linguistic history of the way Australians talk about drinking

7/28/2017 - LinkedIn data can predict how likely you are to quit, and it’s being sued to keep it public

7/28/2017 - Quartzy: the just fine edition

7/28/2017 - Quartzy: the just fine edition

7/28/2017 - Solar eclipse tourism, North Korea’s booming economy, phones are killing the tablet

7/28/2017 - Netflix is spending a fortune on stand-up—but nobody streams these comedy specials on HBO

7/28/2017 - This is how your fear and outrage are being sold for profit

7/28/2017 - A pirating service for academic journal articles could bring down the whole establishment

7/28/2017 - Sick of your coworker’s loud chewing? Use this flowchart to conquer annoying office sounds

7/28/2017 - A list of all the people (and robots) who deserve more credit for bringing Foxconn to Wisconsin than Donald Trump

7/28/2017 - The exercise move that all my coworkers secretly do every morning without me

7/28/2017 - The “dos” and “don’ts” of pregnancy are deeply flawed around the world

7/28/2017 - Máxima tensión Venezuela, la boca de Scaramucci, comida británica

7/28/2017 - This weekend is the best time to watch the Delta Aquarid meteor shower

7/28/2017 - Tanzanian president Magufuli’s record mining fine is a warning to the global extractive industry

7/28/2017 - Tech firms are forgetting about STEM and focusing on STEAM

7/28/2017 - Removing iron “rust” from our brains could delay the effects of Alzheimer’s

7/28/2017 - China’s smash-hit mobile game is coming to the US without many of its Chinese elements

7/28/2017 - Most men in the US and Europe could be infertile by 2060, according to a new study

7/28/2017 - The weird, elegant, and hilarious Flash projects that set the tone of the modern internet

7/28/2017 - China’s new solar farms have an adorable design

7/28/2017 - 30 firms earn half the total profit made by all US public companies

7/28/2017 - The ex-president of Georgia may now be the world’s only stateless former head of state

7/28/2017 - Tesla’s biggest competition for the Model 3 will not come from other electric vehicles

7/28/2017 - The US military indeed spends a lot on Viagra—because it helps veterans with PTSD

7/28/2017 - “Insecure” creator Issa Rae explains how one meeting can kill a whole day’s creativity

7/28/2017 - Why are humans the only animals that commit suicide?

7/28/2017 - Scientists just found another worrying link between sugar and depression

7/28/2017 - Brexit is making the UK economy act illogically

7/28/2017 - Model 3 delivery day, Obamacare repeal fails, snack shrinkflation

7/28/2017 - The biggest casualty of the Panama Papers: Pakistan’s prime minister Nawaz Sharif

7/28/2017 - Johannesburg wants to be a “world class African city”—just not for African foreigners

7/28/2017 - The super rich are weighing down one of the world’s most socially equal countries

7/28/2017 - FreeCharge’s acquisition is proof that the Axis of Indian banking is changing

7/28/2017 - Google wants to bypass Nigeria’s slow internet with its “offline first” YouTube

7/28/2017 - Doklam deadlock: India and China will constantly challenge each other, get used to it

7/28/2017 - By hosting the Dalai Lama, Botswana risks a vital block of business and trade with China

7/28/2017 - A truth-bomb for Beijing: Neither Asia nor the world revolves around China

7/28/2017 - Amazon disappoints, Tesla Model 3 hits the road, phony eclipse glasses

7/28/2017 - Amazon disappoints, Tesla Model 3 hits the road, phony eclipse glasses

7/28/2017 - Indian IT firms don’t need more robotic “yes men”—they need real humans to solve problems

7/27/2017 - Bikes, balls, and beds: All the things you can use in China’s frothy sharing—no, rental—economy

7/27/2017 - The unlikely plus-size yoga star who learned her moves from online videos

7/27/2017 - A beautiful essay critiquing the “fake lives” of Beijingers is blocked after lighting up Chinese social media

7/27/2017 - Amazon just proved—again—that it can do whatever the hell it wants

7/27/2017 - Amazon disappoints, Starbucks in China, phony eclipse glasses

7/27/2017 - Interactive: How corporate giving changed among the world’s top brands

7/27/2017 - ISIS prisoners, Finnish sports, and eight other stories you might have missed

7/27/2017 - The iPod, for all intents and purposes, is dead

7/27/2017 - Jeff Bezos woke up the world’s richest man—and will go to sleep in second place

7/27/2017 - New York Times book critic Michiko Kakutani’s best farewells, from 38 years of terrorizing the book world

7/27/2017 - Canada is trolling Trump again, this time over his transgender military ban

7/27/2017 - Solar-eclipse fever means counterfeit glasses are flooding Amazon’s market

7/27/2017 - A trans writer explains why Trump’s military ban isn’t a niche issue—it affects us all

7/27/2017 - The reign of 3D is over in US cinemas

7/27/2017 - Can Mahershala Ali redeem HBO’s “True Detective”?

7/27/2017 - The electric revolution is coming to freighters and cruise ships

7/27/2017 - Two big things that aren’t changing after Donald Trump’s tweets on his transgender military ban

7/27/2017 - America is hungry for breakfast, yet its biggest doughnut chain is missing out

7/27/2017 - Libor, the scandal-ridden financial benchmark, doesn’t have long to live

7/27/2017 - Kids need structure more than warmth from their parents, according to a top child psychologist

7/27/2017 - The only chart you need ahead of Amazon’s earnings

7/27/2017 - The “skinny repeal” of Obamacare is dead

7/27/2017 - Mobile money is only just starting to transform some of Africa’s markets

7/27/2017 - Besieged by Chromecast and Apple TV, Roku is still the cord-cutter’s favorite

7/27/2017 - Jeff Bezos went to sleep a very rich man and woke up the world’s richest

7/27/2017 - Payday lenders kept me afloat when I fell from middle class to poverty—but they’ve also kept me down

7/27/2017 - “Atomic Blonde” proves female action heroes are just more fun to watch

7/27/2017 - Selfies are just the contemporary version of the art masters’ self-portraits

7/27/2017 - The world’s most architecturally stunning national libraries, in photos

7/27/2017 - Ethereum miners are renting Boeing 747s to ship graphics cards and AMD shares are soaring

7/27/2017 - Donald Trump threatens to protect the environment if Alaska senators don’t back health care bill

7/27/2017 - A photo collection imagines the future of the Maasai people in space

7/27/2017 - European courts are sparring over the importance of sex for older women

7/27/2017 - Resultados Amazon, paro en España, Kamasutra musulmán

7/27/2017 - This soft, vine-like robot can go almost anywhere

7/27/2017 - Apple’s next iOS will make AR a legitimately cool thing

7/27/2017 - The sanctions bill is proof that Republicans are deeply worried about Trump’s Russia ties

7/27/2017 - Australia is so suspicious of China it might halt a project to bring faster internet to an island nation

7/27/2017 - In the US, most people are drinking water that is legally “safe” but isn’t actually risk-free

7/27/2017 - All eyes on Amazon, European earnings extravaganza, world’s oldest emoji

7/27/2017 - The real fight for Chinese mobile payments isn’t taking place in China

7/27/2017 - India is betting on compulsory internships to improve its unemployable engineers

7/27/2017 - Mindful of eugenics’ dark history, researchers are reexamining the genetics of social mobility

7/27/2017 - The future of coding bootcamps, according to the president of one that is shutting down

7/27/2017 - Bold entrepreneurs are helping Indians have better sex, one vibrator at a time

7/27/2017 - One of the world’s oldest civilizations is battling with Egypt to return to its land

7/27/2017 - Inside a young Indian engineer’s very human struggle to build a global robotics company

7/27/2017 - Big earnings day in Europe, war games in the Yellow Sea, space surgery

7/27/2017 - Big earnings day in Europe, war games in the Yellow Sea, space surgery

7/27/2017 - A halal guide to mind-blowing sex is teaching Muslim women how to set the bed on fire

7/26/2017 - The moment in history when Muslims began to see dogs as dirty, impure, and evil

7/26/2017 - Documentary desires, the skinny repeal, and and eight other stories you might have missed

7/26/2017 - Trump bans trans troops, Facebook earnings, space surgery

7/26/2017 - Facebook swears its business is going to slow down soon—today is not that day

7/26/2017 - Mexico City got rid of a ridiculous subsidy for drivers, and other cities should too

7/26/2017 - Birkenstock is taking a last stand for brand control in the age of Amazon

7/26/2017 - Netflix’s next animated comedy is an “adult fantasy” from the creator of “The Simpsons”

7/26/2017 - A retired army general offers four tips for cultivating strong leaders

7/26/2017 - While you’re watching Disney’s films at the cinema, Disney can now watch you

7/26/2017 - The phrase “going Dutch” is a 300-year-old insult to Dutch people

7/26/2017 - Trump can’t stop trans people from joining the military, but his ban will increase suicides

7/26/2017 - Another US state has started replacing in-person jail visits with video calls

7/26/2017 - Six months of Mar-a-Lago trips likely cost more than a year of US military transgender health care

7/26/2017 - Meg Whitman is exactly what Uber needs now

7/26/2017 - Even with 80,000 robots, Amazon is working hard to find human warehouse labor

7/26/2017 - Everything wrong with that New York Times profile of Uber’s Bozoma Saint John

7/26/2017 - “It’s more important to be polarizing than neutralizing”: The truth about being divisive at work

7/26/2017 - A philosopher argues why no one has the right to refuse service to LGBT people

7/26/2017 - Nigeria’s senate has opened the door for more young people to be elected into office

7/26/2017 - Vietnam is imprisoning female bloggers over their Facebook posts

7/26/2017 - It doesn’t really matter where you go to business school

7/26/2017 - The EU’s enthusiasm for globalization is being tested by Chinese takeovers

7/26/2017 - The primal reason you love watching nature documentaries

7/26/2017 - 1 in 5 adults aren’t having sex—and doctors aren’t doing the one thing they can to fix it

7/26/2017 - Publishers are desperately pivoting to video—but they should be standing up to Facebook

7/26/2017 - Financial robo-advisors are finding that a little human touch goes a long way

7/26/2017 - Emmanuel Macron’s global popularity is not holding up in France

7/26/2017 - What to expect from Facebook’s earnings report today

7/26/2017 - Five years ago today, Mario Draghi saved the euro

7/26/2017 - Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” is a brilliant tribute to cross-border cooperation in a time of nativism

7/26/2017 - There are more programming jobs than ever outside of Silicon Valley

7/26/2017 - Resultados Facebook, Rajoy ante el juez, sueño de Einstein

7/26/2017 - The UK will ban the sale of gas-guzzling cars and vans from 2040

7/26/2017 - The SEC has finally weighed in on the crypto-token frenzy, and nobody’s going to jail—yet

7/26/2017 - The data that transformed AI research—and possibly the world

7/26/2017 - The entangling alliances of the self-driving car world, visualized

7/26/2017 - It took (only) six years for bots to start ditching outdated gender stereotypes

7/26/2017 - Map: Asia’s infrastructure boom is coming to the cities most threatened by climate change

7/26/2017 - A teenager told the Budapest Transport Authority its website had a security flaw, so the agency had him arrested

7/26/2017 - The Windows Phone failure was easily preventable, but Microsoft’s culture made it unavoidable

7/26/2017 - Taiwan is readying howitzers to defend its one contested islet in the South China Sea

7/26/2017 - This prosthetic extra thumb might be just the upgrade humans need

7/26/2017 - Facebook’s results, Russia riled by US sanctions, microchipping employees

7/26/2017 - For the first time in more than a year, traders are betting against the US dollar

7/26/2017 - Robots are set to take Africa’s manufacturing jobs even before it has enough

7/26/2017 - Yet another reason for the doom of Europe’s fossil-fuel power plants: not enough water

7/26/2017 - “Let’s talk:” A Polish minority party leader hopes to guide her country back towards Europe

7/26/2017 - In reality, Reliance Jio’s data is not nearly as fast as it could be

7/26/2017 - Indian traders may already have a good and simple trick or two to beat the GST

7/26/2017 - Two investigations into corruption in resource-rich DR Congo show why it stays so poor

7/26/2017 - The quest to create quality chocolate for a country obsessed with Cadbury

7/26/2017 - How the family of Vladimir Putin’s US-sanctioned ally uses British companies to burnish its reputation

7/26/2017 - EU rules on Hamas, McCain blasts Republicans, handwriting makes a comeback

7/26/2017 - EU rules on Hamas, McCain blasts Republicans, handwriting makes a comeback

7/26/2017 - After slowly drying up over 50 years, the monsoon is making a comeback in north India

7/26/2017 - “A woman’s place is in the kitchen”: My experience as the only girl in an engineering college in the ’60s

7/25/2017 - John McCain just made Donald Trump great again

7/25/2017 - Trump taunts AG, football brain damage, handwriting comeback

7/25/2017 - Mental healthcare, capitalist summer camps, and eight other stories you might have missed

7/25/2017 - A “skinny repeal” of Obamacare could bring the US health-care system to “almost complete collapse”

7/25/2017 - Republicans took a step towards repealing Obamacare with a rare vice presidential tie-breaker

7/25/2017 - The most bizarre moments from Donald Trump’s rambling speech at the Boy Scout Jamboree

7/25/2017 - The president of the Boy Scouts needs the Trump administration to approve his mega-merger

7/25/2017 - Publishers have pulled a book claiming Nelson Mandela was holding his ex-wife’s hand when he died

7/25/2017 - Google is making it easier for you to only see what you want to

7/25/2017 - A new crop of summer camps teach kids to worship the almighty dollar

7/25/2017 - A company implanting microchips in its employees says it’s not to track them

7/25/2017 - Uber is finally making riders explain themselves when they rate a driver below five stars

7/25/2017 - Greece—Greece!—had to turn away buyers for its first bond sale in years

7/25/2017 - To lose weight, you need to understand the psychology of why you crave the wrong things

7/25/2017 - Your bridal bouquet will soon be enhanced by genetically modified flowers from Kenya

7/25/2017 - Two Italian brothers allegedly went on a bank-robbing spree disguised as Donald Trump

7/25/2017 - After the success of “Wonder Woman,” “Justice League” is spending millions more to not disappoint

7/25/2017 - The largest study yet of dead former NFL players found that over 99% had permanent brain damage

7/25/2017 - Amazon is trying to trademark the Echo’s blue rings

7/25/2017 - Jay-Z’s stand against free music may be costing him $1 million a week

7/25/2017 - Lyft doesn’t think offering driverless rides will cut the number of its human drivers

7/25/2017 - After a series of hacks, cryptocurrency issuers may turn to old-fashioned bank vaults for security

7/25/2017 - Tanzania has hit a British mining company with a fine worth two centuries of revenue

7/25/2017 - Trying to stay young isn’t just futile: it’s also bad for you

7/25/2017 - How the IKEA catalogue cracked what “domestic bliss” means in different cultures

7/25/2017 - Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo are joining forces as the middle drops out of the fashion market

7/25/2017 - People have an irrational need to complete “sets” of things

7/25/2017 - The US states where people are more likely to say “f*** you” than “thanks”

7/25/2017 - The enduring reason you believe all nurses are women

7/25/2017 - Turquía UE, bonos griegos, notificaciones ruinosas

7/25/2017 - The Trump administration claim that renewable energy threatens the stability of the US power grid is ludicrous

7/25/2017 - A dead whale washed up in the middle of Paris—turns out it was fake

7/25/2017 - These universities are America’s engines of upward mobility—and they’re sputtering

7/25/2017 - There’s a strange new twist in bitcoin’s “civil war”—and a way to bet on the outcome

7/25/2017 - Silicon Valley needs a history lesson

7/25/2017 - Predictions for what robots will do to the US workforce, ranked from certain doom to potential utopia

7/25/2017 - Ford is trying to get rid of “new car smell” to attract Chinese consumers

7/25/2017 - Not everyone should write a book

7/25/2017 - Struggling to innovate? Take lessons from the criminal underground—or maybe NASA

7/25/2017 - The South China Sea’s untapped oil and natural gas are back in focus

7/25/2017 - The complex ownership of the Chinese firm trying to buy the Mooch’s hedge fund

7/25/2017 - Keyboards are overrated. Cursive is back and it’s making us smarter

7/25/2017 - Health care vote, Michael Kors’ new shoes, ugly makes money

7/25/2017 - Will post-Brexit UK swallow America’s “chlorinated chicken” for a trade deal?

7/25/2017 - Uber and Ola may soon have a new competitor: the government of India

7/25/2017 - An African architect’s profound message about climate change, built under a tree in London

7/25/2017 - China banned the sale of tiger bones so traders are importing South African lion parts instead

7/25/2017 - In an alternate universe, Gandhi was a Hulk-like superhero who fought Hitler and aliens

7/25/2017 - Urban India’s ugly reality: Bosses who pay peanuts but expect you to dress like the rich

7/25/2017 - A luxury “air cruise” is bringing wealthy Chinese to Kenya for $45,000 a ticket

7/25/2017 - Nearly 200 years after its birth, India’s insurance industry is opening up to the stock market

7/25/2017 - Adding Asians to Kenya’s list of tribes shows an unhealthy obsession with tribal purity

7/25/2017 - What happens when girls in one of the world’s largest slums start coding and building apps

7/25/2017 - EU-Turkey talks, Kushner’s Russia-collusion denial, urinal-free aircraft carrier

7/25/2017 - EU-Turkey talks, Kushner’s Russia-collusion denial, urinal-free aircraft carrier

7/24/2017 - Older women are saving Japan’s economy

7/24/2017 - Japan’s “vagina artist” is back and raising the alarm on prison conditions

7/24/2017 - People are complaining that their new DJI drones are falling out of the sky

7/24/2017 - Parliament grills Abe, Alphabet earnings, RIP Microsoft Paint

7/24/2017 - “Game of Thrones” showed the enormous power of fear-mongering and fake news

7/24/2017 - Microsoft is killing its Paint program and, along with it, everyone’s childhood

7/24/2017 - The EU can’t stop Alphabet from bringing in a ton of cash

7/24/2017 - LaCroix’s bubble, Microsoft Paint dies, and eight other stories you might have missed

7/24/2017 - A brief history of team Trump’s excuses for violations of ethical norms and, possibly, US law

7/24/2017 - A cute floating robot from Japan is the newest camera aboard the space station

7/24/2017 - There’s a promising new HIV vaccine that can protect against multiple strains at once

7/24/2017 - Our reflexive googling of scary health symptoms is a billion-dollar business for a private-equity giant

7/24/2017 - Will Democrats need to break up Amazon and Google to beat Donald Trump?

7/24/2017 - Trump’s inability to make policy has prompted the IMF to cut its economic forecasts for the US

7/24/2017 - Happy Telework Day, Japan’s practice day for staying home during the 2020 Olympics

7/24/2017 - The Polish church uses the words of pope John Paul II to applaud the president’s court-law veto

7/24/2017 - A 40-year-old, $60 skate shoe is one of the coolest things in fashion right now

7/24/2017 - Kyrie Irving’s resentment of LeBron James is a phenomenon called “the Disease of Me”

7/24/2017 - The key to Alphabet’s future success isn’t in advertising

7/24/2017 - The resurgence of anti-Semitism in the US comes down to an obsession with national borders

7/24/2017 - “Dunkirk’s” success is proof a movie with no spandex-wearing heroes can still fill cinemas

7/24/2017 - Three questions Jared Kushner hasn’t answered in his Senate statement about Russian collusion

7/24/2017 - A new study reveals the best coping mechanisms for stressed kids and teens

7/24/2017 - Read Jared Kushner’s 11-page statement denying any collusion with Russia

7/24/2017 - Uganda’s Chinese-built high speed railway will cost even more than Kenya’s did

7/24/2017 - Computer scientists reveal the hidden architecture of tax havens—and how to beat them

7/24/2017 - The world’s first floating wind farm could be a game changer for renewable power

7/24/2017 - College tuition hikes are finally slowing, thanks to simple economics

7/24/2017 - The last bastion of the department store has fallen

7/24/2017 - Uber’s least popular feature is now all over food delivery apps

7/24/2017 - A minimalist Japanese architect is designing homes for refugees that they can build themselves

7/24/2017 - Women still carry most of the world’s water

7/24/2017 - The first sighting of Nigeria’s sickly president in three months does little to ease concerns

7/24/2017 - Are the empty bedrooms in baby boomer homes a solution to the millennial US housing crunch?

7/24/2017 - “Ban the Box” policies hurt black applicants

7/24/2017 - Polish scientists have been experimenting with ways to make insects appetizing

7/24/2017 - There’s a huge global black market for fake “designer” chairs

7/24/2017 - Brexit EEUU, nueva huelga Venezuela, paro juvenil nacimientos

7/24/2017 - Even Campbell Soup is taking a page from Amazon

7/24/2017 - The Singapore government’s obsession with global recognition ignores cartooning’s highest honors

7/24/2017 - The US Navy’s newest aircraft carrier has no urinals

7/24/2017 - Hypertension is the silent killer disease spreading across an Africa that isn’t ready

7/24/2017 - Alphabet earnings, US-UK trade talks, breastfeeding as class warfare

7/24/2017 - Chinese military ships are popping up everywhere—and highlighting an embarrassing double standard

7/24/2017 - Visiting China? Don’t expect to find a swanky hotel that will give you free-range internet

7/24/2017 - China’s female soldiers fly fighter jets, but its state media would rather focus on their dancing skills

7/24/2017 - Farmers are the secret ingredient for Ghana’s most innovative startups

7/24/2017 - We must learn to live with each other’s myths, says India’s most popular mythologist

7/24/2017 - WhatsApp and Facebook are driving Kenya’s fake news cycle

7/24/2017 - The brown woman’s burden: India’s long-held love for white skin

7/24/2017 - An Indian IT firm is building a million-dollar empire with an army of high school graduates

7/24/2017 - What’s helping India’s richest man get richer?

7/24/2017 - Alphabet earnings, US-UK trade talks, breastfeeding as class warfare

7/24/2017 - Alphabet earnings, US-UK trade talks, breastfeeding as class warfare

7/24/2017 - In the post-GST Indian restaurant, idlis are expensive but soft drinks are cheap

7/23/2017 - Alphabet takes a hit, breastfeeding as class warfare, new South Pacific garbage patch

7/23/2017 - OJ Simpson’s lawyer manipulated the media as masterfully as Trump, according to the prosecutor he beat

7/23/2017 - It’s been 32 years since a French cyclist won the Tour de France

7/23/2017 - Snails face off in world’s slowest, slimiest race

7/23/2017 - The life-extending power of being neurotic

7/23/2017 - “Atheism caused my divorce”

7/23/2017 - Accepting your darkest emotions is the key to psychological health

7/23/2017 - The class dynamics of breastfeeding in the United States of America

7/23/2017 - “He railed against pipelines! And carbon! And fumes!” The Lorax gets a Trump-era update

7/23/2017 - Photos: Cycling is isolated Eritrea’s window to the world

7/23/2017 - The surefire way to motivate yourself to go to the gym

7/23/2017 - Blaming WhatsApp, Kenya’s expensive election, Jack Ma’s visit

7/22/2017 - Norwegians can snoop and find out what anyone else in the country earns

7/22/2017 - How microdosing psychedelics like LSD could boost your leadership skills

7/22/2017 - Ushahidi has fired its executive director accused of sexual harassment

7/22/2017 - Twenty years before “Valerian,” “The Fifth Element” was made the most difficult way possible

7/22/2017 - The inventor of Monopoly was trying to warn us about capitalism

7/22/2017 - A freak accident covering an Oregon highway in slime is a dire warning about our oceans’ health

7/22/2017 - This woman has been arrested 131 times fighting for disability rights—and she’s not done yet

7/22/2017 - The bizarre story of a long-lost horror film made entirely in Esperanto, starring William Shatner

7/22/2017 - National Geographic’s Travel Photographer of the Year entries show we’re already living in the future

7/22/2017 - Want to know what your favorite song tastes like? There’s a machine for that

7/22/2017 - Long before there was Facebook, there was Facebook for animals

7/22/2017 - Weekend edition—The big digital squeeze, French moms’ secret to chic-ness, cheese triumphant

7/22/2017 - Customization of the internet is killing Marshall McLuhan’s vision of a “global village”

7/22/2017 - Even with Trump as his boss, there are things the new White House spin doctor can do

7/22/2017 - How patients hear their diagnoses can change everything about what happens next

7/22/2017 - The changes to Africa’s biggest soccer competition favor everyone but Africans

7/22/2017 - Tech giant SAP is probing its South Africa office for kickbacks paid to president Zuma’s cronies

7/22/2017 - The ethical argument against philanthropy

7/22/2017 - In honor of Shark Week, a list of all the best sharks

7/22/2017 - The inventors of democracy would define the US as an oligarchy run by a tyrant

7/22/2017 - A cheap and effective way to stop deforestation

7/22/2017 - Weekend edition—The big digital squeeze, French moms’ secret to chic-ness, cheese triumphant

7/22/2017 - Weekend edition—The big digital squeeze, French moms’ secret to chic-ness, cheese triumphant

7/21/2017 - Weekend edition—The big digital squeeze, French moms’ secret to chic-ness, cheese triumphant

7/21/2017 - See ya Sean, the Rubik’s Cube’s resilience, and eight other stories you might have missed

7/21/2017 - Candidate Trump called the Iran agreement “the stupidest deal of all time.” This week, he recertified it

7/21/2017 - The time Salvador Dali took his dead wife for a ride in a Cadillac de Ville

7/21/2017 - A Marshall McLuhan expert annotates the Google Doodle honoring the internet visionary

7/21/2017 - The most humiliating moments of Sean Spicer’s inglorious reign as White House press secretary

7/21/2017 - Jail inmates in Tennessee can get time off their sentence if they get a vasectomy

7/21/2017 - German carmakers have reportedly met in secret for years—and may have colluded on emissions controls

7/21/2017 - Sean Spicer is out, but Melissa McCarthy’s “Spicey” impression will live on forever

7/21/2017 - Quartzy: the populuxe edition

7/21/2017 - Women in business profit when they talk with each other

7/21/2017 - Quartzy: the populuxe edition

7/21/2017 - How hard it is to actually dig a tunnel between two huge cities? Asking for a friend

7/21/2017 - Before anyone else can apply, here is my application for White House press secretary

7/21/2017 - “Dunkirk’s” Christopher Nolan stands up for film—and against Netflix

7/21/2017 - Consumers abandon processed foods, Beyoncé’s revenue breakdown, Manchester can’t share

7/21/2017 - Justin Bieber joins the illustrious list of musicians banned from China

7/21/2017 - Big banks are closing branches and investing in more important real estate—your phone

7/21/2017 - Thermomix, the magical German do-it-all kitchen appliance, is here to conquer America

7/21/2017 - Donald Trump believes manufacturing equals prosperity. Our data analysis proves him wrong

7/21/2017 - One household staple sums up why Americans and Brits will never see the world the same way

7/21/2017 - Consumer 3D printers may finally be useful for something: DIY toys

7/21/2017 - A high school robotics team from Burundi has gone missing in the US

7/21/2017 - The internet has helped ease employment inequality in Africa

7/21/2017 - Jueces polacos, Villar entre rejas, emoji con hiyab

7/21/2017 - These birds play homemade drums, a first for a non-human species

7/21/2017 - We would all be better off if we quit more

7/21/2017 - It will soon be illegal for Americans to visit North Korea

7/21/2017 - Bitcoin is booming because a split in the cryptocurrency has been narrowly averted

7/21/2017 - Unfamous Valley: Why it sucks to be not quite famous

7/21/2017 - McKinsey: Robots can do about 30% of the work at banks, but they won’t necessarily take jobs

7/21/2017 - Let the robots take our jobs and pay for a universal basic income

7/21/2017 - Our economic future depends on storytellers

7/21/2017 - A judge granted Madonna’s request to block the sale of a love letter Tupac sent her from prison

7/21/2017 - Jeffrey Immelt’s GE farewell, Trump investigates Mueller, out-disrupting Tesla

7/21/2017 - Mukesh Ambani has a four-letter strategy to win India’s telecom wars—free

7/21/2017 - China’s official news style guide really wants you to know that Taiwan and Hong Kong are part of China

7/21/2017 - Hawaii is preparing for a North Korea nuclear attack—just in case

7/21/2017 - North Korea’s economy is booming

7/21/2017 - China got a wake-up call on AI when a Western machine beat the best Asian players at Go

7/21/2017 - Greece is several economic tragedies rolled into one

7/21/2017 - The future of work in India is funky co-working spaces, not stuffy offices

7/21/2017 - To give travellers authentic Indian tastes, one startup is inviting them over to locals’ homes

7/21/2017 - Trump investigates Mueller, $4,000 cars, how to write “ß” in caps

7/21/2017 - Trump investigates Mueller, $4,000 cars, how to write “ß” in caps

7/21/2017 - The Indian startup sector is seeing a shakedown, and quality is winning over quantity

7/21/2017 - Can 500 German bicycles in a city of 1.7 million convince urban Indians to ditch their cars?

7/21/2017 - Ushahidi’s sexual harassment victim has gone public and revealed damning details of her ordeal

7/20/2017 - The “Doctor Who” fans saving the episodes once thought lost to the mists of time and space

7/20/2017 - Sugary drinks can ruin your diet in more ways than we previously thought

7/20/2017 - Chinese researchers are figuring out how to make dumplings, noodles and stir-fries in space

7/20/2017 - Trump tattletales, McCain stays positive, and eight other stories you might have missed

7/20/2017 - Trump probe expands, ECB holds pat, airport robots

7/20/2017 - When did Jeff Bezos get so cool?

7/20/2017 - McDonald’s new line of clothing isn’t as terrible as you’d expect

7/20/2017 - The US just can’t stop putting tax policy in the hands of tax-avoidance experts

7/20/2017 - Police had been controlling a major online black market for the past month, authorities say

7/20/2017 - Four big US cities say Elon Musk doesn’t have approval to build the Hyperloop, despite his claim

7/20/2017 - Drones are our noisy future: People find their buzzing more annoying than cars or trucks

7/20/2017 - The EU has cut race and ethnicity out of its plans for staff diversity

7/20/2017 - Americans hate the health care industry even more than Wall Street

7/20/2017 - Is HBO trolling us with its show about American slavery from the “Game of Thrones” creators?

7/20/2017 - In 1932, Einstein asked Freud for a psychological cure to war. Now you can send their correspondence to hotheads anywhere in the world

7/20/2017 - Recruiters say diverse hires are hard to find. I say they aren’t looking in the right places

7/20/2017 - A short list of musicians who should really take over as SoundCloud CEO

7/20/2017 - How to confront your boss about the gender pay gap, by a journalist who it did it live on the air

7/20/2017 - Saudi Arabia is rehabilitating jihadis in a lavish prison

7/20/2017 - Alibaba’s Jack Ma says African entrepreneurs should learn from failure not success

7/20/2017 - ExxonMobil made illegal deals with Russia when secretary of State Rex Tillerson ran the company

7/20/2017 - ISIS won’t be defeated after liberating Mosul. And it won’t be defeated after Raqqa, either

7/20/2017 - Your boss knows how much you chat on Slack

7/20/2017 - Americans are divided about almost everything—except hot sauce

7/20/2017 - “Valerian” is the most expensive non-US film ever made—but it’s actually not much of a risk

7/20/2017 - Trump’s plan to let Obamacare fail won’t work—unless he decides to actively sabotage it

7/20/2017 - Researchers 3D-printed a soft artificial heart that beats like a human one

7/20/2017 - How to watch the seventh season of “Game of Thrones” online

7/20/2017 - Amazon is turning its reviewers into “enthusiasts” with a new Instagram-like shoppable feed

7/20/2017 - The world may have to spend as much as $7 trillion per year to remove carbon dioxide from the air

7/20/2017 - Germany has ended a century-long debate over a missing letter in its alphabet

7/20/2017 - In spite of everything, Nigerians have a weird attraction to Donald Trump 

7/20/2017 - If there ever were a time for vegan vending machines, it is now

7/20/2017 - With its new hiring software, Google threatens a vast new market

7/20/2017 - Guns N’ Roses are proving that nostalgia is worth nearly as much as Beyoncé

7/20/2017 - Harrowing tales from a superbug’s battle to the death with the latest antibiotic

7/20/2017 - A coding error led to $30 million in ethereum being stolen

7/20/2017 - The biggest infrastructure project in the US is a 3,000-mile bike path

7/20/2017 - Scientists assumed that patriarchy was only natural. Bonobos proved them wrong

7/20/2017 - Salvador Dalí, Almagro y Maduro, Audi y las mujeres

7/20/2017 - Scientists want to use this robot to measure quakes on the moon, but first they’re taking it to a volcano

7/20/2017 - We still have no idea why humans speak over 7,000 languages

7/20/2017 - Meet the American property tycoon set to control China’s answers to Netflix and Disneyland

7/20/2017 - Lifelong marriage is going out of style for young people—and their grandparents

7/20/2017 - O.J. Simpson’s big day, Deutsche’s Trump problem, our plastic planet

7/20/2017 - The one area where Indian techies needn’t worry this pink slip season: online jobs

7/20/2017 - Denmark thinks free birth control for African countries will slow Europe’s migrant crisis

7/20/2017 - With Google, you don’t have to fly to Europe to experience the history of art and culture

7/20/2017 - Buying a Tesla in South Korea is about to become a much better deal

7/20/2017 - In the bad-loans crisis, even the best-case scenario for Indian banks is pretty awful

7/20/2017 - The Indian startup ecosystem is like the caste system

7/20/2017 - Microsoft earnings, McCain’s brain cancer, our plastic planet

7/20/2017 - Microsoft earnings, McCain’s brain cancer, our plastic planet

7/20/2017 - CPEC: The growing resentment and resistance among poor Pakistanis can cost China dearly

7/19/2017 - Here’s why OJ Simpson was granted parole despite a terrible hearing

7/19/2017 - CIA Syria shift, Morgan Stanley excels, hot dogs

7/19/2017 - The US cheese craze, Saudi games of thrones, and eight other stories you might have missed

7/19/2017 - This is how responsive office design affects human behavior

7/19/2017 - The Daily Show is trolling Trump’s “made in America” video

7/19/2017 - The three female Republican senators who won’t repeal Obamacare are facing a vicious backlash

7/19/2017 - With comics now dominating pop culture, how important is San Diego Comic Con anymore?

7/19/2017 - The US’s proposals for bringing back auto jobs would more likely kill them instead

7/19/2017 - Judges and chefs relish the opportunity to define “hot dog”

7/19/2017 - Rare bipartisan agreement: Jeff Sessions’ latest anti-crime measure is an overreach of federal power

7/19/2017 - The world’s plastic problem, in two charts

7/19/2017 - Travelers coming into America are now seeing beefed-up security

7/19/2017 - America’s vast swaths of retail space have become a burden in the age of e-commerce

7/19/2017 - MTV is rebooting a TV show that hasn’t even ended yet

7/19/2017 - China’s population is terrified of GM crops—but they’re getting more anyway

7/19/2017 - A tiny update to iOS 11 will make Apple’s AirPods so much more useful

7/19/2017 - Researchers have figured out how to fake news video with AI

7/19/2017 - Netflix still has millions of DVD subscribers because rural US broadband is terrible

7/19/2017 - The most fascinating details in United States’ 54-page case against Nigeria’s corrupt ex-oil minister

7/19/2017 - Safe, not sorry: Medical marijuana and workplace risk

7/19/2017 - The case for sending US companies back to the moon, explained in cartoons

7/19/2017 - The BBC’s top male star is paid four times as much as its top female star

7/19/2017 - Wall Street banks that complain about burdensome rules made $20 billion last quarter

7/19/2017 - At one of the world’s newest UNESCO sites, an ancient forest city that once ruled an empire

7/19/2017 - Employers shouldn’t be caught off guard by medical marijuana legalization

7/19/2017 - Watch LIVE: OJ Simpson faces a parole board to learn if he will be released

7/19/2017 - Hip-hop is bigger than rock music for the first time, thanks to nobody buying albums

7/19/2017 - Thirty-five applications claiming “Covfefe” show US trademark law is confusing

7/19/2017 - French moms aren’t superior parents—they just have it easier

7/19/2017 - Macron’s France has dethroned Trump’s America as the world’s top soft power

7/19/2017 - A skyscraper boom in US cities is giving elevator technicians a lift

7/19/2017 - Trump wants to make Nafta more like the TPP, the trade deal he killed on his third day in office

7/19/2017 - Most people feel guilty about taking breaks—but science shows rest is just as vital as hard work

7/19/2017 - No wonder young Americans feel so important, when half of them finish high school as A students

7/19/2017 - Is Kong still king? The definitive list of money-making monkeys in movies

7/19/2017 - Citigroup Frankfurt, EEUU Venezuela, parásitos alzhéimer

7/19/2017 - The simple mistakes that end up wrecking attempts to collaborate at work

7/19/2017 - An MIT scientist invented a sticker that can detect sexual assault

7/19/2017 - The cure for tuberculosis may be underwater

7/19/2017 - The bill for banks behaving badly since the financial crisis: $273 billion and counting

7/19/2017 - America is not a true democracy. But it could be with the help of technology

7/19/2017 - Police sirens, wind patterns, and unknown unknowns are keeping cars from being fully autonomous

7/19/2017 - Driving is no longer an excuse for missing a business conference call

7/19/2017 - A simple explanation of how free trade leads to populism

7/19/2017 - US-China trade talks, Trump and Putin’s other chat, airbrushing Jane Austen

7/19/2017 - A UK bookstore owner’s attempt to stop “showrooming” backfired spectacularly

7/19/2017 - Ethiopia’s troubled Oromia region has been hit with anti-tax protests

7/19/2017 - Australia is sharing an amazing trove of underwater data gathered in the long search for MH370

7/19/2017 - This photo may be driving China’s recent disruptions of WhatsApp and WeChat

7/19/2017 - Coming soon to India: Electric buses that can swap batteries at petrol pump-like facilities

7/19/2017 - Border row: India must avoid the trap set by China’s bombastic English language media

7/19/2017 - A startup is making a “Pokemon Go” game based on the movements of real animals

7/19/2017 - Far-right extremists have chartered a ship to troll refugee rescue missions at sea

7/19/2017 - Apple’s new China head is a female Mandarin-speaking electrical engineer

7/19/2017 - It’s the rich Indian dad who’s letting the kids gorge on junk food, not the “lazy” mother

7/19/2017 - Trump-Putin chat, IBM’s blues, T. Rex couldn’t run

7/19/2017 - Trump-Putin chat, IBM’s blues, T. Rex couldn’t run

7/19/2017 - If you’re looking for affordable luxury, India is the ultimate shopping destination

7/19/2017 - China is helping redevelop what was once the US’s largest overseas military base

7/19/2017 - How Brexit negotiations are going, in one photo

7/18/2017 - In charts: The deep, dark hole that Indian IT is struggling to climb out of

7/18/2017 - Amazon already has its Blue Apron-killing meal kits on the market

7/18/2017 - Tense US-China talks, Daimler diesel recall, T. Rex couldn’t run

7/18/2017 - Best Buy’s durability, healthcare’s headaches, and eight other stories you might have missed

7/18/2017 - Harley-Davidson’s share price is skidding off the road

7/18/2017 - Each of Nike’s new NBA uniforms is made with the equivalent of 20 recycled plastic bottles

7/18/2017 - Chipotle’s stomach bug is back

7/18/2017 - The Bank of England printed a flirtatious lie on its new Jane Austen banknote

7/18/2017 - These adorable pint-sized hipsters represent the most lucrative new market in fashion

7/18/2017 - Republicans quickly killed their own backup plan to destroy Obamacare

7/18/2017 - Daimler recalls three million diesels in Europe as an emissions-cheating probe heats up

7/18/2017 - The case against “Easter eggs”—the obnoxious references that dominate today’s superhero movies

7/18/2017 - Hot new e-commerce startup Brandless is totally obsessed with its own brand

7/18/2017 - What Glassdoor employees say about Glassdoor on Glassdoor

7/18/2017 - Things are getting ugly between Disney and Kermit the Frog

7/18/2017 - Companies need to stop focusing on hiring millennials

7/18/2017 - Spending $6 billion a year on content, Netflix admits each show now needs an actual audience

7/18/2017 - Researchers have settled the question of whether it’s better to work from home or the office

7/18/2017 - The US dollar is following the Trump administration down into new lows

7/18/2017 - Now that the Republican health-care overhaul has failed, will Obamacare “implode”?

7/18/2017 - A shrewd London restaurant is handing out Instagram kits with its trendy meals

7/18/2017 - Like magic, US students owing $5 billion of debt might suddenly owe nothing

7/18/2017 - Look out for Supreme Court justices roving in motor homes and gigging abroad this summer

7/18/2017 - A history of why the US is the only rich country without universal health care

7/18/2017 - What happens to US health care and the federal deficit if Obamacare is repealed completely?

7/18/2017 - All the times Elon Musk has trash-talked Tesla’s stock price as overvalued

7/18/2017 - Britain is banning ads that typecast girls as ballerinas and boys as engineers

7/18/2017 - The next big wellness trend capitalizes on your love of high-pressure showers and hugs

7/18/2017 - Fire ants can build complex towers to get out of trouble

7/18/2017 - Desafío catalán, Trump amenaza a Venezuela, vacaciones ideales

7/18/2017 - Instead of hacking self-driving cars, researchers are trying to hack the world they see

7/18/2017 - If you’re renting a US city apartment without a car, 16% of your rent pays for parking you don’t need

7/18/2017 - HBO’s “The Defiant Ones” shows how LA’s legendary traffic helped form Dr. Dre

7/18/2017 - Anxiety among Hispanics in the Trump era is taking a bite out of US retail sales

7/18/2017 - Kenya is set to hold one of the most expensive elections in Africa

7/18/2017 - Jane Austen banknotes, GOP abandons health-care bill, husband storage pods

7/18/2017 - China is training Africa’s next generation of transport and aviation experts

7/18/2017 - Two Hong Kong millennials decided 2015 was a great time to open a North Korea travel company

7/18/2017 - One country’s banks finally admit the obvious: Governments can go bust

7/18/2017 - Disastrously smart or simply unliveable, the options before India’s cities are depressing

7/18/2017 - While India mocked the RBI, it received a booster shot to clean up the country’s worst economic mess

7/18/2017 - A design firm is on a quest to create contemporary, open-source fonts for Indian scripts

7/18/2017 - White knight in saffron robes: Yoga guru Ramdev to the rescue of India’s distressed infrastructure sector

7/18/2017 - Jane Austen banknotes, GOP abandons health-care bill, husband storage pods

7/18/2017 - Jane Austen banknotes, GOP abandons health-care bill, husband storage pods

7/18/2017 - Married couples only: Conservative India’s moral policing extends to Airbnb

7/17/2017 - All the signs that China’s Xi Jinping is planning on a third term

7/17/2017 - Netflix has more than 100 million subscribers—and it’s burning a lot of cash to keep hold of them

7/17/2017 - With polls at record lows, Donald Trump imagined himself today as a cowboy or fire fighter

7/17/2017 - Jeff Bezos is out to crush Blue Apron

7/17/2017 - Netflix 🚀📈, KKR 👴→👱, husband storage pods 🎮📥

7/17/2017 - The robot revolution has been put on hold

7/17/2017 - Now the Trump administration is OK with allowing grandparents in from six Muslim countries

7/17/2017 - “Game of Thrones” just aired its funniest episode ever

7/17/2017 - The board of Silicon Valley’s biggest food tech company has basically called it quits

7/17/2017 - The US Justice Department is embracing a terrible anti-crime tactic that only cops like

7/17/2017 - Blind video gamers, millennial mixups, and eight other stories you might have missed

7/17/2017 - National Geographic photos take you deep under Antarctica’s ice to reveal unexpected beauty

7/17/2017 - The feminist case for not using 👍

7/17/2017 - Low-calorie sweeteners don’t actually help you lose weight

7/17/2017 - Now that all our clothes are stretchy, athleisure is moving on to bags, watches, and makeup

7/17/2017 - Americans are most likely to follow their parents into these 20 professions

7/17/2017 - Dying in custody, a Nobel prize-winning Chinese dissident wrote this last love letter to his wife

7/17/2017 - The scientific reason no one wants to see your PowerPoint presentation

7/17/2017 - In Poland, thousands come out to protest Trump’s favorite populist government

7/17/2017 - Despite more ways to watch, “Game of Thrones” still has a huge piracy problem

7/17/2017 - Kenya’s Ushahidi has finally suspended a senior employee accused of sexual harassment

7/17/2017 - Deluxe room, Earth view: What a luxury space hotel looks like, according to NASA contest winners

7/17/2017 - Two centuries later, researchers say the French revolution was an act of radical privatization

7/17/2017 - Zombies and vomit: The new emoji coming soon to the iPhone

7/17/2017 - WhatsApp is hurting mobile revenue growth in Africa—and telcos want to fight back

7/17/2017 - Trump concedes the US needs more foreign workers—of the kinds who work for him, at least

7/17/2017 - Soccer star Ronaldinho has joined Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov’s long list of celebrity pals

7/17/2017 - Human fund managers may still control more trading than people think

7/17/2017 - Cryptocurrencies are crashing, but bitcoin isn’t falling as badly as the rest

7/17/2017 - Starbucks wants to sell a lot more cold brew. This is why it can’t do so fast enough.

7/17/2017 - Beyoncé is the world’s highest-paid musician—but only a fraction comes from the music itself

7/17/2017 - James Comey, the thorn in Donald Trump’s side, is now writing a book about ethical leadership

7/17/2017 - Gig economy got you broke and anxious? Save yourself with a skills audit

7/17/2017 - We now spend 30 minutes a day watching videos on our phones

7/17/2017 - It’s not Facebook you’re addicted to—it’s the drama

7/17/2017 - Consulta Venezuela, Turquía pena de muerte, 20 millones de mosquitos

7/17/2017 - Watch this extorted money get lost in the expanse of the blockchain

7/17/2017 - Technology is setting us up for a training crisis

7/17/2017 - More Silicon Valley tech workers were born outside the US than in it

7/17/2017 - China’s economy, India’s election, Winnie the Pooh ban

7/17/2017 - China wants people to stop comparing its president to Winnie the Pooh

7/17/2017 - East Africa’s teeming youth are in a race to acquire skills for a job market that’s left many behind

7/17/2017 - A South African startup is using bitcoin to turn digital pirates against each other

7/17/2017 - India is rolling out trains with solar-powered coaches that’ll save thousands of litres of diesel

7/17/2017 - Rwanda is being accused of executing its citizens for committing petty crimes

7/17/2017 - A Facebook post was all it took to undo decades of communal harmony in a small east Indian town

7/17/2017 - China’s economy, India’s election, banning Winnie the Pooh

7/17/2017 - India lost 1.5 million jobs in the aftermath of demonetisation

7/17/2017 - China’s economy, India’s election, banning Winnie the Pooh

7/17/2017 - You’re not imagining it: Indians are the worst hit in the world when it comes to spam calls

7/17/2017 - A startup is looking to rule India’s cow economy with dung soap and urine toothpaste

7/17/2017 - Indian millennials are overworked and sick of office politics

7/17/2017 - China’s economic growth is driven by all the things it says it wants to get rid of

7/16/2017 - China’s economy, new Trump travel ban, oldest Wimbledon winner

7/16/2017 - Disney announced a galaxy of news about the future of its Star Wars empire

7/16/2017 - After 54 years, Doctor Who has finally cast a woman to play the famous Time Lord

7/16/2017 - Roger Federer is now the oldest man to win Wimbledon

7/16/2017 - China just buried a human rights activist the way the US buried Osama bin Laden

7/16/2017 - It may be difficult to call out the mistakes of Africa’s fledgling tech ecosystem, but we must

7/16/2017 - Only one city in China is getting to mourn Liu Xiaobo

7/16/2017 - The big “Aladdin” casting reveal doesn’t get Disney off the hook on race

7/16/2017 - The hogs that created America’s first urban working class

7/16/2017 - These $800 Birkenstocks have taken the ugly luxury-shoe trend too far

7/16/2017 - Virtual reality! Home shopping! Screens! The 1967 movie that got a lot right about how we live now

7/16/2017 - Stitch Fix is letting algorithms help design new clothes—and they’re allegedly flying off the digital racks

7/16/2017 - When I lost my phone, I lost my younger brother all over again

7/16/2017 - France’s civilizational Africa, Eritrea’s Little Rome, China’s fake maps

7/16/2017 - In 1932, Amelia Earhart told the New York Times to quit calling her “Mrs. Putnam”

7/16/2017 - Facebook is re-sculpting our memory

7/15/2017 - Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to win mathematics’ Fields Medal, has died at age 40

7/15/2017 - This nice old man just broke the record for Wimbledon titles—and age

7/15/2017 - Trump’s EPA has to decide whether it thinks Monsanto’s top weed killer causes cancer

7/15/2017 - Here’s what you need to know now about US Customs searches of your phone

7/15/2017 - US prosecutors are going after the luxury assets of Nigeria’s ex-oil minister and her associates

7/15/2017 - Researchers are developing stairs to help mobility-impaired people climb them

7/15/2017 - Weekend edition—Robot twins, rude conversation openers, and doomsday biobanks

7/15/2017 - Does Silicon Valley need even more Ayn Rand to fix its ethical crisis?

7/15/2017 - What you should do instead of sending angry emails to your enemies

7/15/2017 - One of the world’s biggest banks is betting that all new cars in Europe will be electric by 2035

7/15/2017 - A visual guide to every contender for the Iron Throne on “Game of Thrones”

7/15/2017 - If it wasn’t for Wimbledon, we might be playing tennis on an hourglass-shaped court

7/15/2017 - Weekend edition—Robot twins, rude conversation openers, and doomsday biobanks

7/15/2017 - Weekend edition—Robot twins, rude conversation openers, and doomsday biobanks

7/14/2017 - Weekend edition—Robot twins, rude conversation openers, and doomsday biobanks

7/14/2017 - Ivanka’s hypocrisy, robot chess, and eight other stories you might have missed

7/14/2017 - Hundreds of women are marching 18 miles during a heatwave to protest the NRA

7/14/2017 - The curious story of how a 13th-century Muslim refugee poet become the internet’s wiseman

7/14/2017 - Long before the combustion engine, the hybrid car is facing obsolescence

7/14/2017 - Ivanka Trump, champion of working women, hasn’t done much for those making her brand’s clothes

7/14/2017 - A Thai philosophy is helping developing nations meet sustainability goals

7/14/2017 - In the US, people with disabilities are three times as likely to be victims of serious violence

7/14/2017 - The “world’s first robot lawyer” isn’t a damn lawyer

7/14/2017 - Waymo took a self-driving car to the hottest place on Earth to make sure it could withstand the heat

7/14/2017 - I am a medical student who came of age with Obamacare—and I believe it should be saved

7/14/2017 - Christopher Nolan, the last auteur, is defending the importance of movie directors

7/14/2017 - Quartzy: the 🤖 edition

7/14/2017 - Quartzy: the 🤖 edition

7/14/2017 - China’s ignorance about its own maps created a false history of its ancient role in South Africa

7/14/2017 - If the US really wants to go to Mars, Elon Musk knows how to bring down the price

7/14/2017 - The absolute weirdest music festivals you can attend around the world

7/14/2017 - Canadian universities continue to reap the benefits of everyone else’s woes

7/14/2017 - India screams for ice cream, Netflix password sharing, ether is in free fall

7/14/2017 - The forecast for streaming music is SoundCloudy with a Chance of Rapper

7/14/2017 - The world’s most powerful banker is sick of all the “stupid shit” in America

7/14/2017 - Bill Clinton and George W. Bush discuss embracing gratitude after the White House

7/14/2017 - Uber drivers in South Africa are the latest to be recognized as employees

7/14/2017 - A stock market for physical things could change how capitalism works

7/14/2017 - Watch US president Donald Trump sit through a Daft Punk tribute medley

7/14/2017 - Physics can describe how inequality happens—but can it solve the problem?

7/14/2017 - “MAGAnomics”: Making sense of Trump’s plan to return the US economy to its 1980s glory days

7/14/2017 - In the age of Trump, the US media is turning French—and that might not be a good thing

7/14/2017 - Trump y el muro, EasyJet Brexit, Pesesín y la policía

7/14/2017 - One of the most common questions in American small talk is considered rude in much of the world

7/14/2017 - Fish as art, not food

7/14/2017 - Is it unethical to have kids in the era of climate change? A philosophy professor explains

7/14/2017 - Somalia is in its third week of an internet blackout and it’s hurting grassroots aid relief efforts

7/14/2017 - The worst behaviors of bad bosses, ranked

7/14/2017 - A framed photo in the White House reveals Trump’s trouble connecting to even his own staff

7/14/2017 - Good news! Americans are quitting their jobs at a rapid rate

7/14/2017 - More economists should use machine learning to do their jobs better

7/14/2017 - The guy who photobombed Janet Yellen with a “Buy Bitcoin” sign has received nearly $16,000 in donations

7/14/2017 - Bastille Day celebrations, Honda Accord recall, witch translators

7/14/2017 - A Hawaii judge is loosening the restrictions on Trump’s travel ban, citing “common sense”

7/14/2017 - Five of history’s great economic rivalries, in centuries-long charts

7/14/2017 - Brexit is taking a toll on hipster hamburger joints

7/14/2017 - A virtual incubator is helping India’s untapped engineers share their love for all things tech

7/14/2017 - The great American road trip in the eyes of south Asian immigrants

7/14/2017 - China’s censors are making sure the country doesn’t remember human rights activist Liu Xiaobo

7/14/2017 - Science is finally starting to take the pain of male victims of sexual assault seriously

7/14/2017 - Why on earth is India’s most famous yoga guru building an army of security men?

7/14/2017 - You don’t have to be a jerk. Experts say this is how you conduct layoffs with kindness

7/14/2017 - Egypt is deporting members of a Chinese ethnic minority group

7/14/2017 - Honda recall, Emmy nominations, witch translators

7/14/2017 - The case of a missing maid has ignited a class war in a luxury housing complex in India

7/14/2017 - Honda recall, Emmy nominations, witch translators

7/14/2017 - US and European leaders finally agree on something: suspicion of Chinese takeovers

7/13/2017 - A corruption case against Pakistan’s prime minister hinges on his family’s use of the wrong font

7/13/2017 - Marc Andreessen says he’s reading these eight provocative books to better understand our world

7/13/2017 - Yandex.Taxi bested Uber in Russia. It wasn’t cheap

7/13/2017 - Liu Xiaobo dies, Uber’s Yandex merge, witch translators wanted

7/13/2017 - Donald Trump Jr.’s sketchy Russia meeting is spurring a reluctant Congress to act

7/13/2017 - Gene-altering cancer treatment, powdered cheese chemicals, and other stories you may have missed

7/13/2017 - One of the most popular freelance job sites has added an option to hire a bot

7/13/2017 - A big reason why Janet Yellen is right not to worry about inflation

7/13/2017 - These networks all passed on what would become the highest-rated show on US TV

7/13/2017 - How to be an overachiever—without making everyone secretly hate you

7/13/2017 - HBO and “Westworld” dominated the Emmy nominations, but Netflix closed the gap

7/13/2017 - Soon you might not need an expensive computer to lose yourself in immersive VR worlds

7/13/2017 - Nike is using its innovative knit sneaker technology, Flyknit, to make a better sports bra

7/13/2017 - Are quotas for women in Silicon Valley a good idea?

7/13/2017 - Donald Trump made a $3.7 trillion mistake in his budget

7/13/2017 - Just how ridiculous is a “chief fun officer?” Let the Quartz Matrix of Chiefiness be your guide

7/13/2017 - Why are companies trying to make it illegal to repair our electronic devices?

7/13/2017 - Would impeaching Trump restore the rule of law? Lessons from Latin America

7/13/2017 - The dramatic way our view of Jupiter’s giant red spot has changed over the past 138 years

7/13/2017 - Does this monkey want to attack you? Take our quiz and find out!

7/13/2017 - The US isn’t going to launch a military Space Corps—for now

7/13/2017 - Nobel Prize winner Liu Xiaobo: A timeline of a life dedicated to the protesters of Tiananmen Square

7/13/2017 - British companies are finally acknowledging the benefits of class diversity

7/13/2017 - One of the few ways that Canada is eager to follow America’s lead

7/13/2017 - There are two kinds of popularity and we are choosing the wrong one

7/13/2017 - Can you read this spellbook for 17th-century witches? This library has a job for you

7/13/2017 - Trump en París, chanclas milmillonarias, deuda española

7/13/2017 - Forget the on-demand worker: Stanford researchers built an entire on-demand organization

7/13/2017 - Lyft explains why Shuttle, its most bus-like service, is not, in fact, a bus

7/13/2017 - What happened on Bastille Day and why is Donald Trump visiting France for it?

7/13/2017 - Harvard just moved to end frats, sororities, and final clubs entirely

7/13/2017 - Startups are co-opting Donald Trump’s digital playbook to push progressive politics in 2018

7/13/2017 - UBI is just a bedtime story Elon Musk tells himself to help the super-wealthy sleep

7/13/2017 - We’re getting closer to understanding what animals’ facial expressions really mean

7/13/2017 - Trump in Paris, Havaianas finds a buyer, teleportation begins

7/13/2017 - What to watch for when Trump and Macron meet in Paris

7/13/2017 - India’s largest stock exchange must clean up its act before it’s too late

7/13/2017 - Young Indians want to look good all the time and are fuelling a cosmetics boom

7/13/2017 - The Hindu priest running Uttar Pradesh has no love, or money, for the Taj Mahal

7/13/2017 - Mobile subscriptions are still growing faster in Sub Saharan Africa than anywhere else

7/13/2017 - South African consumers are approaching Apartheid-era levels of pessimism

7/13/2017 - Trump in Paris, Daimler emissions probe, ant towers

7/13/2017 - Trump in Paris, Daimler emissions probe, ant towers

7/13/2017 - A new wave of tech talent is emerging, not from India’s classrooms but its hinterlands

7/12/2017 - You’ve been good this week. Treat yourself to an airline (price negotiable)

7/12/2017 - China measures trade, Larsen C iceberg breaks free, ant towers

7/12/2017 - Big Tobacco is still big, Don Jr is in trouble, and eight other stories you might have missed

7/12/2017 - Google and Amazon are fighting to save net-neutrality rules that Trump says are killing business

7/12/2017 - Blizzard’s billion-dollar video game is forming a league with real home teams

7/12/2017 - Americans trust the media more than they do Trump’s White House—but just barely

7/12/2017 - The top products sold across the globe during Amazon Prime Day

7/12/2017 - LinkedIn thinks it can help find that mentor you always wanted

7/12/2017 - HBO is looking to post-apocalyptic Africa for its next cult classic

7/12/2017 - If it cracked down on password sharing, Netflix could probably make $400 million more a year

7/12/2017 - Banning smartphones for kids is just another technology-fearing moral panic

7/12/2017 - Jeff Bezos has asked for charitable giving advice—here’s what he should do with his money

7/12/2017 - Trump’s FBI pick testified that he’s been “too busy” to learn about Trump Jr’s Russia meeting

7/12/2017 - LeBron James loves a new pizza chain so much he walked away from a $15 million deal with McDonald’s

7/12/2017 - Images can now be stored in the DNA of living things

7/12/2017 - After five years, there’s suddenly a battle for the most-watched video of all time on YouTube

7/12/2017 - An app can now teach you High Valyrian from “Game of Thrones”

7/12/2017 - Two Luxembourgs, 10 Madrids, one Delaware: How a giant iceberg is described around the world

7/12/2017 - This is the worst 20 seconds of soccer ever

7/12/2017 - There are only four types of Facebook users, researchers have found

7/12/2017 - Work from home people earn more, quit less, and are happier than their office-bound counterparts

7/12/2017 - Sexism is alive and well in Silicon Valley, but life for female founders is changing

7/12/2017 - Why Donald Trump, Jr’s meeting with a Russian lawyer wasn’t just typical “opposition research”

7/12/2017 - A tech worker’s perfect frankness about taking mental health days—and her boss’s perfect response

7/12/2017 - Doodling is scientifically proven to boost brain activity

7/12/2017 - That massive iceberg just broke off Antarctica, and maps will have to be redrawn

7/12/2017 - Kenya’s vibrant tech sector has been hit with its first sexual harassment scandal

7/12/2017 - Russia has tried to collude with US campaigns before—what’s shocking is that Trump Jr. went for it

7/12/2017 - Cinemas may soon replace the 125-year-old projector screen with gigantic TVs

7/12/2017 - What you need to know about China’s VPN crackdown

7/12/2017 - Populist, authoritarian leaders are still on the rise across Europe

7/12/2017 - Rey de España y Gibraltar, reforma laboral Brasil, el pollo Mike

7/12/2017 - The Vatican says gluten-free Catholicism isn’t kosher

7/12/2017 - Solitude is only a problem when it becomes loneliness

7/12/2017 - We’ve already developed “Google Brain”—but what about Facebook Heart?

7/12/2017 - US lawmakers want to ban shackling pregnant inmates because somehow that’s still legal

7/12/2017 - Photos: Life inside of China’s massive and remote bitcoin mines

7/12/2017 - The cognitive trick that elite athletes use to achieve seemingly impossible goals

7/12/2017 - One of the biggest global currency exchanges is more excited about ethereum than bitcoin

7/12/2017 - “My favorite position is CEO”: The problematic t-shirts at Asia’s buzziest tech conference

7/12/2017 - Net neutrality protests, Donald Trump Jr. on air, life on Saturn’s moon

7/12/2017 - How Alibaba is reinventing a 114-year-old newspaper in Hong Kong

7/12/2017 - Young men are working a lot less. It’s not just because of video games

7/12/2017 - China is shipping out troops to occupy its first overseas military base

7/12/2017 - The ridiculous sign China is in a sharing bubble: a crop of umbrella-sharing startups

7/12/2017 - Humans want equality, researchers found—as long as the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor

7/12/2017 - For the sake of the global economy, Germans need to spend more

7/12/2017 - In photos: India’s holy river flows toward a toxic death

7/12/2017 - Kenya is finally slashing salaries and generous perks for its highly paid lawmakers

7/12/2017 - East and West have opposite views of personal success, according to psychologists

7/12/2017 - India’s capital is running out of water, and it’s not due to a lack of resources

7/12/2017 - Why are Indian liberals outraged over Muslims’ killing but not Hindus’ plight? It’s complicated

7/12/2017 - TPP talks resume, China’s first overseas base, unwanted Teslas

7/12/2017 - TPP talks resume, China’s first overseas base, unwanted Teslas

7/12/2017 - Just because Aladdin is casting a brown lead doesn’t mean it’s not racist

7/12/2017 - Nearing extinction on Indian Twitter: A top politician being decent

7/11/2017 - Five lessons from Tokyo, a city of 38 million people, for Australia, a nation of 24 million

7/11/2017 - TPP talks resume, Trump Jr. tweets his emails, life on Saturn’s moon

7/11/2017 - TPP talks resume, Trump Jr. tweets his emails, life on Saturn’s moon

7/11/2017 - An amateur roboticist built a Scarlett Johansson robot using hardware store supplies

7/11/2017 - ISIS loses Mosul, Earth’s mass extinction, and eight other stories you might have missed

7/11/2017 - This is the federal law that some experts believe Donald Trump Jr. may have broken

7/11/2017 - This engineer is on a single-minded quest to build robots that are soft

7/11/2017 - China is betting big on robots to befriend its aging population

7/11/2017 - Why people relate to robots in movies more than humans

7/11/2017 - UK students are losing points on standardized tests for the way they draw semi-colons

7/11/2017 - The ultimate grandpa gift—a set of Revolutionary War amputation kits—is up for auction

7/11/2017 - MIT researchers can now track AI’s decisions back to single neurons

7/11/2017 - Chipotle’s “Genuine Queso” is a lie

7/11/2017 - An umbrella-sharing startup in China already lost most of its 300,000 umbrellas

7/11/2017 - Full video: Trump’s nominee for FBI director testifies before the Senate

7/11/2017 - Louis Vuitton has released a new smartwatch that makes Apple’s look mass-market

7/11/2017 - When robots call balls and strikes, who will baseball fans yell at?

7/11/2017 - Bookmakers have calculated the odds on who will win and who will die in “Game of Thrones”

7/11/2017 - The price of ether has fallen 30% in the last week

7/11/2017 - A US senator is worried that “snortable chocolate” is basically “cocaine on training wheels”

7/11/2017 - New emails from Donald Trump Jr. show his father’s campaign was eager for Russian government help

7/11/2017 - The best messages to send to intelligent life in space

7/11/2017 - Music streaming is secretly the best Amazon Prime Day deal of all

7/11/2017 - A disturbing video of a violent AirBnb host is reigniting fears of racism in the sharing economy

7/11/2017 - Stephen Bannon wants to talk about using mercenaries to solve Afghanistan

7/11/2017 - Tax incentives might run out on Tesla, but electric cars will be just fine

7/11/2017 - A global dating app now lets you search for matches that look like your ex, or yourself

7/11/2017 - Meet the man with the most advanced robotic arm in the world

7/11/2017 - Tech stocks are trading at crazy-high prices, and the world’s largest asset manager is fine with it

7/11/2017 - The year is 2017, and witches are leading the Trump resistance

7/11/2017 - Introducing Machines With Brains: What it means to be human in a world that’s increasingly filled with robots

7/11/2017 - The country with the world’s best cybersecurity is planning a new law to license hackers

7/11/2017 - Hiring women to work at my tech company taught me a hard truth about fixing the wage gap

7/11/2017 - Only Floyd Mayweather could turn a man’s first boxing match into the biggest fight ever

7/11/2017 - Just a few words can increase female and minority job applicants by more than 20%

7/11/2017 - The case for taking forever to finish reading books

7/11/2017 - The key questions around Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer

7/11/2017 - People don’t like to take risks because they just don’t want to deal with uncertainty

7/11/2017 - Reyes a Londres, cotización Snap, gaviotas lesbianas

7/11/2017 - A rare interview with the Aga Khan on poverty, climate change, and demystifying Islam

7/11/2017 - There’s one thing New Yorkers can do to help fix their own subway system

7/11/2017 - How to stack your luggage in the overhead bin without ruining it for everyone

7/11/2017 - Pepsi’s financial fizz, more Trump Jr. drama, robot psychologists

7/11/2017 - A North Korean girl group helped celebrate Kim Jong-un’s latest missile launch

7/11/2017 - Elon Musk bought a web domain worth millions with “sentimental value” to him

7/11/2017 - Yes, Macron’s “civilizational” Africa statement is problematic but it’s also very French

7/11/2017 - An ancient Himalayan village known for India’s best hash is now off limits for tourists

7/11/2017 - Matteo Renzi’s new defense against anti-immigrant populists in Italy—act like one himself

7/11/2017 - Eritrea’s picturesque capital is now a World Heritage site and could help bring it in from the cold

7/11/2017 - A media company in Mumbai is giving women a day off during their periods

7/11/2017 - Making middle-class customers go meat-free on domestic flights isn’t going to save Air India

7/11/2017 - “The new Indian consumer may not be able to afford a Chanel bag, but she’ll try its lipstick”

7/11/2017 - Snap’s falling shares, Trump Jr. drama, robot psychologists

7/11/2017 - Snap’s falling shares, Trump Jr. drama, robot psychologists

7/11/2017 - India has a new bank designed specifically for Indians afraid of banks

7/11/2017 - “Murder without spilling blood”: the Chinese Communist Party’s history of denying medical treatment to its enemies

7/10/2017 - Snap’s stock closed below its IPO price for the first time

7/10/2017 - Why calculating home run distances is like measuring sea level

7/10/2017 - Asia’s biggest tech summit, US cancels startup visas, robot psychologists

7/10/2017 - Global warming wake-up call, Putin’s plans, and eight other stories you might have missed

7/10/2017 - The brightest ideas could soon come from Bangkok coworking spaces

7/10/2017 - Thailand’s primed for digital bigtime

7/10/2017 - This is the worst dongle that Apple has ever made

7/10/2017 - The Israeli army is trading its llamas for robots

7/10/2017 - To understand how Trump’s distaste for NAFTA could hurt US industry, look at American corn

7/10/2017 - Where in the world it’s becoming better or worse to be an immigrant

7/10/2017 - US police forces are practicing mindfulness to reduce officers’ stress—and violence

7/10/2017 - HBO’s “Tour de Pharmacy” is a triumph of crass comedy and A-list cameos in under 40 minutes

7/10/2017 - Scientists have made a map that fills in a 500-million year gap in Earth’s history

7/10/2017 - Union workers in Michigan are blaming goats—not robots—for taking away their jobs

7/10/2017 - A third of millennials have used Venmo to pay for drugs

7/10/2017 - Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron’s awkward G20 encounter actually has a simple explanation

7/10/2017 - In 2017, a British politician is comfortable to use the n-word at a public event

7/10/2017 - Michael Keaton’s many airborne roles, ranked by box office

7/10/2017 - I went on a hunter-gatherer diet to improve my gut health—and it worked

7/10/2017 - We got a machine-learning algorithm to come up with 400 surprisingly plausible names for dogs

7/10/2017 - How the winner of the world’s most prestigious teaching prize succeeds with no resources in the Arctic

7/10/2017 - Three words make brainstorming sessions at Google, Facebook, and IDEO more productive

7/10/2017 - The real fight in the TV streaming wars is not over you. It’s over your kids.

7/10/2017 - Trump Jr. y la abogada rusa, Leopoldo López, 17 días sin respirar

7/10/2017 - An Italian bank’s server was hijacked to mine bitcoin

7/10/2017 - The gulls are alright: How a lesbian seagull discovery shook up 1970s conservatives

7/10/2017 - Should the living listen when dead writers will their works destroyed?

7/10/2017 - If you’re not a white male, artificial intelligence’s use in healthcare could be dangerous

7/10/2017 - The rise of private universities in Africa is being dominated by Christian schools

7/10/2017 - Nobody in Hong Kong wants a Tesla anymore

7/10/2017 - A bank replaced a fax machine with blockchain. Was it worth it?

7/10/2017 - Syria peace talks, Trump’s son and the Russian lawyer, battery-free cellphones

7/10/2017 - Nigeria keeps saying it has defeated Boko Haram against all the evidence

7/10/2017 - Conference speakers are now presenting during attendees’ flights to the events

7/10/2017 - An unsettling video made at the bedside of ailing Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo is circulating

7/10/2017 - Take a tour of China’s first aircraft carrier, a secondhand Soviet-era ship now in Hong Kong

7/10/2017 - To counter China’s rise in the Indian Ocean, India must dive deeper

7/10/2017 - Stripe is the latest Silicon Valley payment startup to partner with China’s payment giants

7/10/2017 - India’s economy will stay ahead of China’s for nearly another decade, says a Harvard study

7/10/2017 - FarmVille to fresh fish: A video game developer is now changing the way Indians buy seafood

7/10/2017 - In hot and humid India, the growth in ice cream sales is outpacing the rest of the world

7/10/2017 - Syria peace talks, G20 riots, gluten-free Holy Communion

7/10/2017 - Syria peace talks, G20 riots, gluten-free Holy Communion

7/10/2017 - China’s biggest ally in the South China Sea? A volcano in the Philippines

7/9/2017 - As GST opens up Indian highways, a former McKinsey consultant is ready to profit by the truckload

7/9/2017 - Syria peace talks, G-20 riots, gluten-free Holy Communion

7/9/2017 - What top college students in the US are reading this summer

7/9/2017 - 7-Eleven will soon sell Soylent, Silicon Valley’s ultimate food convenience

7/9/2017 - How to approach Amazon Prime Day sales

7/9/2017 - Losing your sense of smell may help you lose weight—and it has nothing to do with taste

7/9/2017 - A handy list of 2017’s excellent, must-watch TV and movies (and how to watch them all)

7/9/2017 - “I miss my ex wife”

7/9/2017 - If information overload is stressing you out, go on a silence diet

7/9/2017 - Lagos has been engulfed by some of its worst flooding thanks to a long-running drainage problem

7/9/2017 - Renewable energy is becoming so cheap the US will meet Paris commitments even if Trump withdraws

7/9/2017 - VR filmmakers, Bitcoin entrepreneurs, smart African cities

7/9/2017 - Empathy makes us immoral, says a Yale psychologist

7/8/2017 - Firefighters are getting increasingly frustrated with drones

7/8/2017 - G19 vs. the USA: Other leaders formed a unified front while Trump split with the G20 on climate

7/8/2017 - A sheriff in an opioid county won’t have cops carry a $37.50 dose of life-saving naloxone

7/8/2017 - The internet has scouted hundreds of locations that are perfect for a Wes Anderson film

7/8/2017 - Will free trade or nationalism win out?

7/8/2017 - Ivanka Trump sat in for her father at a meeting of G20 leaders

7/8/2017 - Vinyl, the salvation of the music industry in the digital age—in charts, audio and some cats

7/8/2017 - Getting more women into the c-suite means keeping them in the talent pipeline

7/8/2017 - The new iPad Pro is pretty great—if you accept it for what it is

7/8/2017 - A dazzling new piece of experimental fiction is being serialized on a sports news site

7/8/2017 - Video: Over 1,000 Frida Kahlos celebrated the late Mexican artist’s birthday

7/8/2017 - Weekend edition—A tale of two trade philosophies, the “French girl” myth, making AI forget

7/8/2017 - Don’t feel guilty about your to-do list this weekend—research shows play before work is just as much fun

7/8/2017 - One graph shows how morally outraged tweets stay within their political bubble

7/8/2017 - African countries are welcoming more tourists than ever before

7/8/2017 - Donald Trump confirms he’s siding with Vladimir Putin on US election hacking—over the CIA and FBI

7/8/2017 - A British PR firm spread “white monopoly capital” to distract South Africans from mounting corruption

7/8/2017 - Weekend edition—A tale of two trade philosophies, the “French girl” myth, making AI forget

7/8/2017 - Weekend edition—A tale of two trade philosophies, the “French girl” myth, making AI forget

7/7/2017 - Weekend edition—A tale of two trade philosophies, the “French girl” myth, making AI forget

7/7/2017 - Putin and Trump’s table talk, mall malaise, and eight other stories you might have missed

7/7/2017 - Trump is already being played by the Russians

7/7/2017 - Amazon Prime is getting closer to Jeff Bezos’ dream

7/7/2017 - Connecticut’s problems, boots on Mars, and eight other stories you might have missed

7/7/2017 - Tesla is about to deliver the Model 3, its most inexpensive vehicle and most valuable asset

7/7/2017 - However strange your search, chances are Google has seen it before

7/7/2017 - Vladimir Putin just took the upper hand in his first public meeting with Donald Trump

7/7/2017 - All the Spider-Man movies we didn’t get to see—from James Cameron to Donald Glover

7/7/2017 - Smart employers don’t let job applications disappear into a black hole

7/7/2017 - Maurice Sendak joins the ranks of Beatrix Potter and Dr. Seuss with a book discovered posthumously in a drawer

7/7/2017 - Quartzy: the ugly edition

7/7/2017 - Quartzy: the ugly edition

7/7/2017 - Thanks to Donald Trump, the 2017 G20 summit has even more fireworks than usual

7/7/2017 - South Africans are protesting high data costs with a social media blackout

7/7/2017 - US restaurant business is booming, giant wind turbines, new rules for AirBnb in Paris

7/7/2017 - The US job market is the strongest it’s been in years. So why aren’t workers getting bigger raises?

7/7/2017 - A medieval literature professor explains why millennial-bashing has always been a popular hobby

7/7/2017 - Colin Kaepernick’s fight for racial justice in the US has brought him to Africa

7/7/2017 - Eager cryptocurrency investors have sunk thousands of dollars into joke tokens

7/7/2017 - A new corruption probe linked to Trump is a scathing indictment of the US real-estate industry

7/7/2017 - We’re asking kids all the wrong questions in school

7/7/2017 - The amount of American land used to grow wheat is at the lowest in almost a century

7/7/2017 - Trump y Putin, pensiones españolas, hormigas de fuego

7/7/2017 - An unexpected fight over pay and race is the most interesting plotline ever on “Hawaii Five-O”

7/7/2017 - Don’t call them “locusts”: They may one day be proud Hong Kong locals

7/7/2017 - Angela Merkel’s husband is taking Ivanka and Melania Trump on a climate change tour

7/7/2017 - Cambodian women who were married without consent are sharing their horror stories in court

7/7/2017 - Diseases infect people—but cyberattacks infect x-rays and MRIs machines

7/7/2017 - No mothers in human history ate their own placentas before the 1970s

7/7/2017 - The US is exporting more than one million barrels of crude oil a day for the first time ever

7/7/2017 - Why it matters that Uber and Lyft are becoming more like public transit

7/7/2017 - Five things schools can do to help fight children’s growing mental health problems

7/7/2017 - Trump’s hopes and disappointment over China’s influence with North Korea summed up in 15 tweets

7/7/2017 - Will robots take our jobs? Perceptions matter as much as reality

7/7/2017 - Trump-Putin meeting, Samsung smashes records, Pokémon Go turns one

7/7/2017 - Teen girls are having genital surgery to look more like Barbie

7/7/2017 - It pays to keep your online presence thoroughly up to date

7/7/2017 - Rich kids in the UK are still getting most of the jobs in media, law, and medicine

7/7/2017 - Chinese whispers after Pakistan’s currency nosedives

7/7/2017 - France wants to jail the luxury-loving playboy son of Africa’s longest serving president

7/7/2017 - The unsung architects of Bengali cuisine are generations of dutiful widows

7/7/2017 - How Zambia’s long-stable democracy ended up in a political crisis in 2017

7/7/2017 - Chinese “wealth clusters” show how good it is when the government stays out of things

7/7/2017 - Darjeeling’s famous tea industry is in hot water after ethnic conflict wipes out a key harvest

7/7/2017 - A British soccer club is trying to distract opposition strikers with kaleidoscopic jerseys

7/7/2017 - Trump-Putin meeting, Samsung’s record quarter, Pokémon Go turns one

7/7/2017 - Trump-Putin meeting, Samsung’s record quarter, Pokémon Go turns one

7/7/2017 - An Indian bioengineer is using a polymer found in shellfish to stop bleeding within minutes

7/6/2017 - Startups are out to save Indian women from the horrors of public toilets

7/6/2017 - Alphabet’s latest spinoff uses the earth’s warmth to heat people’s home instead of burning oil

7/6/2017 - G20 showdown, Tesla’s plunge, Amazon wine

7/6/2017 - Video: Ukrainian police raid a company that inadvertently spread malware with software updates

7/6/2017 - The US ethics czar quit so he can talk about the good, bad, and ugly in government

7/6/2017 - Japanese designers created an extra set of hands you can control with your feet

7/6/2017 - To improve AI, scientists may have to make it worse

7/6/2017 - America’s highest judge wishes kids the worst for all the best reasons

7/6/2017 - We’ve reached the point where workers are stressed by the mere thought of vacation time

7/6/2017 - Two speeches in Poland show how Trump is honing his foreign-policy checklist for his fans

7/6/2017 - Hodor from “Game of Thrones” is back, selling chicken for KFC in a new ad

7/6/2017 - Angela Merkel will be severely tested by macho strongmen at the G20 summit

7/6/2017 - These four projects in the UK exemplify innovation

7/6/2017 - Four UK projects changing the way we think about innovation

7/6/2017 - Ethiopians are having a tense debate over who really owns Addis Ababa

7/6/2017 - Storm drones could revolutionize weather forecasting

7/6/2017 - Brilliantly adding “drunk-shopping” to the business model, Amazon is developing its own wines

7/6/2017 - Tesla has lost $10 billion in market value in a matter of days

7/6/2017 - I was dreading my best friend’s wedding. Changing my mindset helped me actually have fun

7/6/2017 - Emmanuel Macron surprises even the French with his philosophical references

7/6/2017 - Elon Musk’s SpaceX is out-launching its biggest competitors for the first time ever

7/6/2017 - Couples who turn steamy romances into long-term love use these scientifically proven tactics

7/6/2017 - For the first time, the British Open will pay its prize money in dollars instead of pounds

7/6/2017 - “Spider-Man” is back in the Marvel universe—but the film studio won’t get a penny of the profits

7/6/2017 - Trump y Occidente, matones chavistas, cocodrilo gigante

7/6/2017 - Looking for Westworld? Head east

7/6/2017 - Is Trump budgeting for Millennials’ best interests? 

7/6/2017 - Why cruise ships have a sexual-assault problem

7/6/2017 - Japan has a labor crisis that refugees could fix—if only its government would let them

7/6/2017 - This design detail determines if you trust your news sources

7/6/2017 - China can’t find a single post-1962 document to support its Bhutan border claim

7/6/2017 - What to watch for in Trump and Putin’s first meeting

7/6/2017 - Jay-Z, Chris Sacca, Dave McClure: Powerful men admit hurting women, are congratulated for personal growth

7/6/2017 - Trump addresses Warsaw, EU-Japan trade deal, snortable chocolate

7/6/2017 - One town handles over 80% of the African ivory smuggled into China

7/6/2017 - When’s a treaty too old to be of “practical significance”? Only when China says it is

7/6/2017 - China is frantically trying to make sure Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo doesn’t die during the G20

7/6/2017 - One of Africa’s most stable democracies just declared a state of emergency

7/6/2017 - We need African countries to support our literature, says 2017’s Caine prize winner

7/6/2017 - After ISIS kills Chinese citizens in Pakistan, Beijing bizarrely blames the victims

7/6/2017 - A low-profile Kolkata businessman is helping build one of Israel’s largest railway projects

7/6/2017 - African countries want to turn their poor, overcrowded urban centers into “smart cities”

7/6/2017 - As the India-China border standoff worsens, words of wisdom: Get over 1962

7/6/2017 - US threatens China over North Korea, Venezuela clashes, inhalable chocolate

7/6/2017 - US threatens China over North Korea, Venezuela clashes, inhalable chocolate

7/6/2017 - 圖解中國地鐵的「大躍進」

7/6/2017 - 图解中国地铁的“大跃进”

7/6/2017 - China now requires cinemas to show a “Chinese dream” video before every movie

7/6/2017 - A small accounting software firm focused on inclusivity and flexibility to become India’s best employer

7/6/2017 - We know remarkably little about North Korea’s missiles

7/5/2017 - China and India are far ahead of the rest of the world in fintech adoption

7/5/2017 - Southeast Asia’s superrich will get richer thanks to the Razer IPO

7/5/2017 - North Korea gave Trump the perfect chance to actually get tough on China

7/5/2017 - The hackers who knocked out critical services in Ukraine are now demanding an absurd ransom

7/5/2017 - US threatens China, Qatar sanctions continue, inhalable chocolate

7/5/2017 - In a job interview, this is how to acknowledge your weaknesses

7/5/2017 - Roman concrete, why we lie, and eight other stories you might have missed

7/5/2017 - Research shows that regular bragging is more effective than humblebragging

7/5/2017 - Failure happens to everyone—but to grow, you must learn how to turn it into humility

7/5/2017 - The year’s best drone photos, selected by National Geographic

7/5/2017 - Why China and Russia stand between the world and a North Korean missile attack

7/5/2017 - A new crop of swimsuit imagery is embracing stretch marks, not hiding them

7/5/2017 - What’s an ICBM, anyway?

7/5/2017 - A US state now lets anyone—not just parents—request to ban books in schools

7/5/2017 - A documentary crew unearthed a 1937 photo that may show Amelia Earhart survived a crash-landing in the Pacific

7/5/2017 - All new Volvo cars will have electric engines starting in 2019

7/5/2017 - Three great questions to ask when you’re being interviewed, from a rock-star management professor

7/5/2017 - Even the experts probing DeepMind aren’t clear how it uses health data for AI

7/5/2017 - A leading happiness researcher says we’re giving our kids bad advice about how to succeed in life

7/5/2017 - For younger employees, the annual performance review is an outdated concept

7/5/2017 - Crisis Corea del Norte, éxodo de venezolanos, “asientos verticales”

7/5/2017 - Witness the least professional meeting (allegedly) ever held by the CEO of a publicly traded company

7/5/2017 - The Gmail feature that will help you speed through your inbox

7/5/2017 - The international effort to fix Bangladesh’s deadly factories has a basic math problem

7/5/2017 - The reasons why millennials move less frequently than previous generations

7/5/2017 - Microsoft restructures, Trump goes to Poland, jungle pharmacies

7/5/2017 - Tencent’s child locks for its crazily popular mobile game are fueling a black market in “adult” accounts

7/5/2017 - Expecting tourists to pay more than locals can be controversial—but it’s the right thing to do

7/5/2017 - China’s tech giants are racing to popularize their versions of the Amazon Echo

7/5/2017 - LGBT asylum seekers struggle to find safety—even in a progressive country like the Netherlands

7/5/2017 - Trump has awakened an American “craftivism” movement that’s been dormant since the 1980s AIDS quilt

7/5/2017 - Try as it might, Kenya won’t succeed at banning environmentally-unfriendly plastic bags

7/5/2017 - Algeria is giving legal status to black African workers but a nasty anti-migrant campaign is growing

7/5/2017 - Central bank chiefs in the US and UK seem very sure of themselves, so it’s probably time to worry

7/5/2017 - The Americans who sympathize most with the LGBT community aren’t white

7/5/2017 - Karl Lagerfeld shares his secret to appreciating the allure of Paris

7/5/2017 - Indian doctors are bribing colleagues, ambulance drivers, and even yoga teachers to get patients

7/5/2017 - In photos: An 80-year-old India-Nepal rail line, once a favourite of smugglers and migrants alike

7/5/2017 - “Why did the fish die?”: The questions and Facebook posts that led Vietnam to imprison a mom blogger

7/5/2017 - What we learn when Cameroonian toddlers ace the marshmallow test of self-control

7/5/2017 - Volvo goes electric, Microsoft restructures, chimpanzee diets

7/5/2017 - For Infosys, blockchain and AI are opening new doors in India’s digital payments market

7/5/2017 - Volvo goes electric, Microsoft restructures, chimpanzee diets

7/5/2017 - Rallied by the GST, an army of robots is preparing to march into Indian warehouses

7/5/2017 - India’s best business school is finally inching towards a respectable number of women students

7/4/2017 - Microsoft’s shake-up, Trump-Putin meeting, chimpanzee diets

7/4/2017 - Today’s interconnected systems magnify simple human errors at frightening speed and scale

7/4/2017 - There is one suspect signature on the US Declaration of Independence

7/4/2017 - Scientists are studying chimpanzee food as a way to treat human diseases, including cancer

7/4/2017 - Sexual harassment is finally starting to topple Silicon Valley’s powerful male elite

7/4/2017 - I kicked my smartphone addiction by retraining my brain to enjoy being bored

7/4/2017 - Psychologists have identified the kind of emotional intelligence that makes internet trolls so mean

7/4/2017 - Politicians in 2017 can learn from Lincoln’s legacy as both a progressive and conservative

7/4/2017 - The office of the US president has too much power, and Congress is finally moving to limit it

7/4/2017 - Why Americans must stop talking about Trump’s mythical “white working class” voters

7/4/2017 - A new social dimension is making Russia, Germany, and India safer investments than the US and Brazil

7/4/2017 - Bashar al-Assad is pulling the ultimate insecure dictator move: Putting his face on money

7/4/2017 - “Building bridges” has failed to unite us. America needs to embrace the front porch instead

7/4/2017 - Misil balístico norcoreano, referéndum Cataluña, buscando a Earhart

7/4/2017 - North Korea’s missile test, Interpol’s “dark side,” survivalist frogs

7/4/2017 - A female Stanford labor economist urges graduates to avoid the trap of “trying to have it all”

7/4/2017 - The two countries with nearly all the world’s nuclear weapons have no intention of scaling back

7/4/2017 - The populist Polish government is busing people in to guarantee Trump an enthusiastic welcome

7/4/2017 - Scientists brought this Ecuadorian frog back from the brink of extinction

7/4/2017 - Giving up alcohol for a month doesn’t necessarily fix our issues with drinking

7/4/2017 - Lesson from the cupcake ATM: Better to be a baker than a seller

7/4/2017 - Bitcoin is already playing a key role in the unsteady financial systems of some developing markets

7/4/2017 - North Korea just test-launched a missile capable of hitting Alaska

7/4/2017 - Cash may have returned to the economy, but digital transactions have surged, too: Mastercard India

7/4/2017 - As Taiwan legalized gay marriage, China shut down its most iconic lesbian social media platform

7/4/2017 - Psychologists say men get the bigger image boost from female empowerment

7/4/2017 - Air India was once the company that inspired Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific

7/4/2017 - DeepMind held 1.6 million people’s health records unlawfully, but no one’s getting fined for it

7/4/2017 - 50 years after round one, Bhutan, China, and India are stuck in another border face-off

7/4/2017 - India’s oldest drugmaker used some classic management tips to turn profitable after 64 years

7/4/2017 - Modi visits Israel, North Korea missile test, knife-wielding robots

7/4/2017 - Modi visits Israel, North Korea missile test, knife-wielding robots

7/4/2017 - India’s ancient handicrafts industry is in dire need of some 21st century entrepreneurship

7/3/2017 - Once an Asian aviation pioneer, Cathay Pacific is now struggling to leave behind its past

7/3/2017 - Tesla’s Model 3 arrives, Maersk back online, knife-wielding robots

7/3/2017 - Mike Pence’s dinner guests, the wage gap, and eight other stories you might have missed

7/3/2017 - Fireworks perfectly demonstrate a principle you can use to improve your life

7/3/2017 - “Irrelevant,” bullying, and “crap”: A fired Vogue director lets loose on glossy fashion magazines

7/3/2017 - The US’s top environmental official launched a program to formally challenge climate change science

7/3/2017 - Managers can learn a lot about humility from Chris Christie’s private-beach photos

7/3/2017 - The Fed’s economic forecasts have been too optimistic for the past 10 years

7/3/2017 - Step back and behold the explosive chemistry that gives fireworks their color

7/3/2017 - Stephen Hawking says Trump’s climate policies are pushing Earth toward an irreversible “tipping point”

7/3/2017 - When your plane’s engine catches fire

7/3/2017 - Chobani is now making non-Greek yogurt, becoming the same sort of yogurt company it disrupted

7/3/2017 - John Oliver exposes the media giant with lower standards than Breitbart taking over your local news

7/3/2017 - The 10 things (at most) you should actually pack in your carry-on luggage

7/3/2017 - Well educated, single women in their late 20s are called “leftover women” in China

7/3/2017 - With “Baby Driver,” Hollywood’s all-too-rare bet on an original film is already paying off

7/3/2017 - Rex Tillerson’s first big test as secretary of state has finally come

7/3/2017 - The solution to US politics’ Facebook problem is Facebook

7/3/2017 - If Elon Musk has his way, this Friday is the beginning of the electric-car revolution

7/3/2017 - Nearly one in three people on earth is a video gamer, and Razer is planning an IPO to target them

7/3/2017 - The Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo is over

7/3/2017 - Republican lawmakers’ holiday weekends were marred by harsh reviews of their health bill

7/3/2017 - East Africa’s leading coffee house is selling out to go continental

7/3/2017 - The future of female tech leadership is thriving—in the United Arab Emirates

7/3/2017 - New research identifies a simple technique for de-cluttering without heartache

7/3/2017 - How to pack your lobster: A foodie’s guide to airplane travel

7/3/2017 - Maduro sube el salario mínimo, argentinas y argentinos, 27 años de fiesta

7/3/2017 - Xi and Putin in Moscow, Tesla Model 3 good to go, healthy forgetfulness

7/3/2017 - After Brexit, Brits may want to drink more English wine

7/3/2017 - We’ve been worrying about the end of work for 500 years

7/3/2017 - Korea’s president wants to ban photos, and questions about your parents, in job applications

7/3/2017 - The three big problems in India’s banking sector, according to the RBI

7/3/2017 - In India, even access to cooking fuel and electricity depends on one’s caste

7/3/2017 - It’s official: China suspects its “car-eating,” traffic-straddling bus is a total scam

7/3/2017 - The remarkable story of how an immigrant’s hunger created the US’s biggest Indian grocery chain

7/3/2017 - Egypt’s austerity cuts have been great for investors but not for Egyptians

7/3/2017 - India’s biggest taxation headache is a potential goldmine for this IIT graduate

7/3/2017 - Political shakeup in Tokyo, Xi and Putin in Moscow, healthy forgetfulness

7/3/2017 - Political shakeup in Tokyo, Xi and Putin in Moscow, healthy forgetfulness

7/3/2017 - Kenya’s fake news, Rwanda’s opposition, Africa’s scientists

7/3/2017 - TCS is quietly transforming itself to take on India’s emerging tech scene

7/2/2017 - Xi and Putin meet, G-20 protestors warm up, healthy forgetfulness

7/2/2017 - Xi and Putin meet, G-20 protestors warm up, healthy forgetfulness

7/2/2017 - Xi and Putin meet, G-20 protestors warm up, healthy forgetfulness

7/2/2017 - Xi and Putin meet, G-20 protestors warm up, predatory VCs

7/2/2017 - President Trump appears to have sourced his CNN wrestling tweet from a racist troll on Reddit

7/2/2017 - The US Civil Rights Act was signed on this day in 1964

7/2/2017 - Elegant July 4th speeches by past presidents of both parties remind us of what makes America great

7/2/2017 - We’re eating too much meat and it’s making us sick

7/2/2017 - A guide to the lost art of learning a language before you travel

7/2/2017 - Paddington Bear is a symbol of kindness to refugees we should never forget

7/2/2017 - For the 2018 US elections, candidates shouldn’t rely on women to vote for other women

7/2/2017 - I went from sedentary academic to 100-mile marathon runner—thanks to the science of self-control

7/2/2017 - A stressed, sleep-deprived couple accidentally invented the modern alien abduction phenomenon

7/2/2017 - Having kids lowers women’s self-esteem for at least three years

7/2/2017 - The chills we get from listening to music are a biological reaction to surprise

7/2/2017 - NASA looked to gecko feet for its latest space innovation

7/2/2017 - Amelia Earhart was the first millennial hustler

7/2/2017 - Beauty got so basic that the only place for fashion to go was ugly

7/2/2017 - Teaching your kids not to “see” race is a terrible idea, studies have found

7/2/2017 - We speak in higher-pitched voices when talking to people more important than us

7/1/2017 - There’s an American story at the heart of China’s national anthem

7/1/2017 - US birth rates have fallen to the lowest point ever, but in one age group they’re rising

7/1/2017 - It’s time to start ignoring the president of the United States

7/1/2017 - Virtual reality is giving African filmmakers a new way to explore complex narratives

7/1/2017 - All of Donald Trump’s White House staffers, ranked by salary

7/1/2017 - The complete visual history of SpaceX’s single-minded pursuit of rocket reusability

7/1/2017 - This robot can compose entirely new music, but does that make it creative?

7/1/2017 - In the future, we won’t have sex to procreate

7/1/2017 - Blue Apron’s IPO was an elaborate marketing stunt

7/1/2017 - Weekend edition—Ignoring Trump, bipartisan pseudoscience, neo-Nazis in Ukraine

7/1/2017 - Does the science in “Face/Off” still hold up?

7/1/2017 - Canada’s hip-hop anthem for immigrants paints a sunnier picture than Lin-Manuel Miranda’s

7/1/2017 - “War for the Planet of the Apes” might be the greatest ending of a film trilogy ever, data show

7/1/2017 - When warning the world of humanity’s greatest threat, it helps to have a sense of humor

7/1/2017 - Xi Jinping invokes Opium Wars at the inauguration of Hong Kong’s new leader

7/1/2017 - Weekend edition—Ignoring Trump, bipartisan pseudoscience, neo-Nazis in Ukraine

7/1/2017 - Weekend edition—Ignoring Trump, bipartisan pseudoscience, neo-Nazis in Ukraine