5/31/2018 - South Korean apps are outsourcing academic fraud to freelance ghostwriters

5/31/2018 - Shangri-La Dialogue, US starts trade war, insidious cordyceps

5/31/2018 - Amazon just blocked Australians from shopping on most of Amazon

5/31/2018 - You can now get a permanent, implantable, custom-colored (medical) iris in the US (medically)

5/31/2018 - Why did Google list California Republicans as believers in “Nazism”?

5/31/2018 - There are about to be Waymo cars on the road

5/31/2018 - Sports betting

5/31/2018 - Aerial photos show Kilauea’s slow-motion sculpting of Hawaii

5/31/2018 - We’ve tracked all of Musk’s tweets since 2015. It’s never been like this.

5/31/2018 - Over 146,000 Americans will lose their jobs because of Trump’s trade tariffs

5/31/2018 - Donald Trump’s pardons (past and future) have one thing in common

5/31/2018 - People are joining the gig economy because of a powerful myth

5/31/2018 - A drone photographer captured San Francisco’s legendary fog swallowing a town

5/31/2018 - Protestors in San Francisco are using electric scooters to blockade Google buses

5/31/2018 - Geologists find clues that early humans island-hopped their way into the Americas

5/31/2018 - J.Crew is finally showing signs of life again, but not because of J.Crew itself

5/31/2018 - Instagram has killed the art of lifestyle blogging

5/31/2018 - The economic case for installing air conditioning in every school

5/31/2018 - The early winners in Trump’s trade war: US steel stocks

5/31/2018 - New US tariffs are a bad sign for Brexit Britain’s trade deal hopes

5/31/2018 - These new 3D-printed corneas could help 15 million people see again

5/31/2018 - Become the creative you’ve always wanted to be by embracing these seven habits

5/31/2018 - Now even Russian lawmakers want a piece of Mark Zuckerberg

5/31/2018 - Chart: Trump’s new tariffs punish America’s closest allies

5/31/2018 - Quiz: Can you compete with the kids at the US spelling bee finals?

5/31/2018 - Netflix is finally getting serious about building a library of African movies and shows

5/31/2018 - Birkenstocks

5/31/2018 - Birkenstocks

5/31/2018 - Consumer Reports flipped its Model 3 recommendation after Tesla wirelessly updated its cars

5/31/2018 - For all the hype, AI still hasn’t impacted the US economy

5/31/2018 - A previously unthinkable US and EU trade war has begun

5/31/2018 - Traders can hardly keep up with Italy’s convoluted political drama

5/31/2018 - The way women tend to think about promotions can hold them back

5/31/2018 - What do you call a sleeveless undershirt? “Queer Eye” has a new, feminist idea

5/31/2018 - An Alphabet spinoff company can cut a home’s energy bills by digging a deep hole in the backyard

5/31/2018 - Two apps to help you start meditating, and one for when you’re ready to go deeper

5/31/2018 - How to watch the 2018 NBA finals online if you’re outside the US

5/31/2018 - Sandberg and Zuckerberg’s differing responses to Tim Cook’s criticism epitomizes sexism at work

5/31/2018 - Quantum physics can help explain much of the world’s suffering

5/31/2018 - MoviePass is forging ahead with its grand plan, and starting a new production house

5/31/2018 - Vermont will pay you $10,000 to move there and work remotely

5/31/2018 - The dark age of soulless sans-serif logos is coming to an end

5/31/2018 - The €75 glacier water that perfectly captures the moral dilemma of luxury in our late capitalist age

5/31/2018 - Africa’s hotel industry is booming—but only in a small number of markets

5/31/2018 - Watch: A robotic finger uses its lab-grown muscles to lift an object

5/31/2018 - The 10 sexist excuses that big companies give for not appointing women to boards

5/31/2018 - There’s now scientific proof that pregnancy temporarily lowers women’s voices

5/31/2018 - Uber’s biggest rival in Africa is now a billion-dollar unicorn

5/31/2018 - Facebook faces investors, Trump backs Donovan, holy jets

5/31/2018 - Birkenstocks

5/31/2018 - The RBI says even India’s bank officials are illiterate about digital payments

5/31/2018 - Bollywood darling Pankaj Tripathi discovered his calling for acting inside a jail cell

5/31/2018 - Patanjali now takes on WhatsApp with a swadeshi messaging app

5/31/2018 - A radical US startup has successfully fired up its zero-emissions fossil-fuel power plant

5/31/2018 - AirAsia bribery charges are Cyrus Mistry’s “revenge,” says a Tata trustee

5/31/2018 - Nigeria’s president, 75, has reduced the minimum age for presidential aspirants to 35

5/31/2018 - Snapchat now wants to woo advertisers in “poor” India

5/31/2018 - Steel tariffs decision, Russia in North Korea, holy jets

5/31/2018 - Steel tariffs decision, Russia in North Korea, holy jets

5/31/2018 - Tanzania keeps tightening restrictions on free speech under president Magufuli

5/31/2018 - In China, the NBA finals is a showdown between “Crab Emperor” and “Cute God”

5/31/2018 - Why a good monsoon won’t make food any cheaper in India

5/30/2018 - Two of the greatest montages in TV history are linked by the same haunting anthem

5/30/2018 - This 18-year-old tech entrepreneur is trying to cash in on Elon Musk’s tweets

5/30/2018 - When spreadsheets don’t cut it, turn to a business intelligence solution

5/30/2018 - Data is both the key to insights and the biggest hurdle to getting answers

5/30/2018 - Who pays for the “right to try” experimental medicine?

5/30/2018 - The US Federal Reserve wants to roll back the Volcker Rule

5/30/2018 - Russia in North Korea, Kremlin critic’s fake murder, holy jets

5/30/2018 - A parasitic fungus figured out how to take over ants’ bodies in multiple climates

5/30/2018 - New research drives home how crazy it is that triclosan is still in hundreds of everyday products

5/30/2018 - Vogue Arabia’s new cover celebrates Saudi women finally getting the right to drive

5/30/2018 - Birkenstocks

5/30/2018 - Facebook is getting into the gig economy

5/30/2018 - The most effective praise has this specific quality

5/30/2018 - Judges around the country are forcing Trump to keep paying for Obama’s sex ed programs

5/30/2018 - What if Musk were an Ellen instead of an Elon?

5/30/2018 - Columbia and Yale scientists found the spiritual part of our brains—religion not required

5/30/2018 - The 10 US states where kids are likely to have the best childhoods

5/30/2018 - The top 10 countries where kids are most likely to have safe, happy childhoods

5/30/2018 - There are two types of water, and a new study finds they behave differently

5/30/2018 - Walmart is offering its employees college educations for $1 a day

5/30/2018 - Mary Meeker’s 2018 internet trends report: All the slides and highlights

5/30/2018 - Trump’s Nashville rally shows Americans are in for a hot, angry summer

5/30/2018 - How the famous ‘Rosie the Riveter’ poster became a symbol of female empowerment

5/30/2018 - Ambien can’t make you racist, but it sure can bring out your inner racism

5/30/2018 - New Zealand is about to use the nuclear option to beat a dairy-cow disease

5/30/2018 - “The Americans”: A fond farewell to one of the great TV dramas of the decade

5/30/2018 - Don’t bother buying this awesome bike, because you can subscribe to it eventually

5/30/2018 - Serena Williams’s “Wakanda-inspired” catsuit at the French Open had a real superpower

5/30/2018 - The words that America’s spelling champions keep getting wrong

5/30/2018 - HP pushed ad agencies to do better on diversity—and saw a change in ad performance

5/30/2018 - The rich and powerful are now just as pessimistic about the future as everyone else

5/30/2018 - Amazon is producing a way cheaper version of Le Creuset’s enameled Dutch oven

5/30/2018 - Africa’s youngest leader is riding a wave of hope from the young people who got him there

5/30/2018 - Pineapples

5/30/2018 - Pineapples

5/30/2018 - The hit “This is Nigeria” video tackles the country’s worst problems one reference at a time

5/30/2018 - One Chinese company now controls most of the metal needed to make the world’s advanced batteries

5/30/2018 - Sorry Starbucks, you did this to yourself

5/30/2018 - UK suspends anti-terror rule used to deport migrants who made tax errors

5/30/2018 - Virtual power plants are now powering electrical grids without fuel

5/30/2018 - After months of talks, Kim (Kardashian) is coming to the White House

5/30/2018 - Avoid bad coffee when traveling by brewing your own

5/30/2018 - For the love of mothers, stop using the word “mompreneur”

5/30/2018 - A Black Panther lawsuit is testing the cultural exchange between Africans and African-Americans

5/30/2018 - “Existential Hope” is the website the world needs

5/30/2018 - The rise of “ugly” fashion proves confidence is the best look

5/30/2018 - The man whose medical condition limits him to two emotions: fear and anger

5/30/2018 - Why Europeans should be quick to investigate petty criminals for Islamic terrorism

5/30/2018 - Coinbase bought a “decentralized” crypto exchange. How does that work?

5/30/2018 - Italy’s political crisis has become a moment of reckoning for Europe

5/30/2018 - Here’s what we know about China’s future space station

5/30/2018 - Pompeo and Kim Yong Chol, Martin Sorrell’s back, Victorian hackers

5/30/2018 - North Korea may allow a Western hamburger chain in Pyongyang

5/30/2018 - A New York court ruled that a McDonald’s restaurant wasn’t one of its managers’ ‘place of business’

5/30/2018 - What is stopping Tesla from entering India?

5/30/2018 - The US is altering its visa policies to stem China’s advancement in STEM

5/30/2018 - Pineapples

5/30/2018 - An Indian unicorn admits it screwed up and is rebooting with layoffs

5/30/2018 - India’s crazy weather has killed over 200 people in one month

5/30/2018 - India has one of the most extensive Netflix libraries in the world

5/30/2018 - You can finally skip the queue at the Taj Mahal

5/30/2018 - An icon to Japanese working women shocked the country when she came out as gay

5/30/2018 - A million bank employees in India are on strike over their paltry raises

5/30/2018 - A corruption charge against Air Asia’s CEO could mean trouble for the Tatas, too

5/30/2018 - Two new Pokémon games are coming this year—here’s what we know about them

5/30/2018 - Martin Sorrell’s comeback, Bayer-Monsanto deal, Pompeii boulder victim

5/30/2018 - Martin Sorrell’s comeback, Bayer-Monsanto deal, Pompeii boulder victim

5/29/2018 - US-NK talks in NYC, China tariffs advance, Pompeii boulder victim

5/29/2018 - High-protein diets are linked to heightened risk for heart disease, even for vegetarians

5/29/2018 - Don’t sleep on Microsoft

5/29/2018 - Pineapples

5/29/2018 - Super-cheap rides are making Lyft less reliable

5/29/2018 - Balenciaga’s $1,290 “t-shirt shirt” is the wrong kind of weird

5/29/2018 - Roseanne didn’t just lose her job—she lost the jobs of dozens of others

5/29/2018 - Could ditching rectangular desks improve oppressive open-plan offices?

5/29/2018 - Photo: One unlucky Pompeiian who survived Vesuvius’s eruption then got hit by a rock

5/29/2018 - ABC has canceled “Roseanne” after her latest racist tirade

5/29/2018 - “Capricious,” “reckless,” and “hoodwinked” by North Korea—China’s state-affiliated tabloid unloads on Trump

5/29/2018 - Disney modeled Star Wars after Marvel. Now the strategy is backfiring.

5/29/2018 - Sojourner Truth said “Ain’t I a woman?” in 1851. Black women today are asking the same thing

5/29/2018 - Your multivitamins aren’t helping you live longer

5/29/2018 - This movie about AI isn’t trying to teach you anything about AI

5/29/2018 - Those photos of immigrant children “caged” by the US? They’re from 2014

5/29/2018 - Nike released a free “textbook” documenting the biggest sneaker collab of the year

5/29/2018 - Why playing games like “Simon Says” can help kids do better in school

5/29/2018 - Starbucks has mastered the art of corporate contrition

5/29/2018 - Netflix is making it easier to binge watch its original series

5/29/2018 - The case for a Danish-style safety net

5/29/2018 - Rudy Giuliani: “Impeach or not impeach,” that is the question

5/29/2018 - Offices can learn a lot from the co-working phenomenon

5/29/2018 - A cyber-resilient enterprise needs a cyber-committed CEO and board

5/29/2018 - The creator of WordPress shares his secret to running the ultimate remote workplace

5/29/2018 - Are you inadvertently encouraging your colleagues to bullshit you?

5/29/2018 - There is growing momentum to adopt China’s yuan as a reserve currency in Africa

5/29/2018 - From families split to “lost” children, the stories behind the alarming US immigration headlines

5/29/2018 - The wind farm Donald Trump tried to block is now complete

5/29/2018 - Linda Sarsour is every Islamophobe’s worst nightmare

5/29/2018 - What it means when the poor sponsor the rich: Rwanda and Arsenal soccer club

5/29/2018 - Despite Brexit, Brits have become more positive about immigration

5/29/2018 - The most sublime way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich: Grill it

5/29/2018 - We’re giving up on universal basic income before the evidence is in

5/29/2018 - Caffeine doesn’t just elevate your mood, it makes you like other people more too

5/29/2018 - Robots can swim, fetch, lift, and dance. But can they assemble an Ikea chair?

5/29/2018 - The UK, US, and Israel pavilions present powerful political critiques at the Venice biennial

5/29/2018 - Cameroon’s “quiet” Anglophone crisis keeps escalating with killings, detentions mounting

5/29/2018 - Don’t kill the next spider you see in your home

5/29/2018 - The “canceled” Trump-Kim summit is bringing a blacklisted North Korean general to the US

5/29/2018 - A Zen chef’s recipe for existential success

5/29/2018 - New research reveals one of the bad things about a higher minimum wage

5/29/2018 - “Human-centric lighting” may be the key to feeling better at work

5/29/2018 - This new technology is the current obsession among India’s IT engineers

5/29/2018 - Bias training at Starbucks, JAB buys Pret, crypto rehab

5/29/2018 - India wanted to help angel investors, instead it made things harder

5/29/2018 - Here’s our estimate for the sales Starbucks will lose because of racial-bias training

5/29/2018 - Despite Ireland’s abortion referendum, Northern Irish women’s rights are unlikely to change any time soon

5/29/2018 - A group of 70 million small Indian traders is fighting the Walmart-Flipkart deal

5/29/2018 - India’s most famous hill station is running out of water

5/29/2018 - Stork leaders know how to get further with less effort than their followers

5/29/2018 - A ride-hailing veteran is creating an Uber on the blockchain that won’t be controlled by capitalists

5/29/2018 - The sexist comments that show Japanese politicians are stuck in the dark ages

5/29/2018 - Fighting Nigerian corruption might be dangerous, but preparing a Nigerian budget is hell

5/29/2018 - After a rough few months, another big blow to Vedanta in India

5/29/2018 - New crypto-mining malware uses Amazon’s cloud to hijack computers

5/29/2018 - Five questions India’s central banker could face at his parliamentary grilling

5/29/2018 - Italy turmoil, Pret sale, crypto rehab

5/29/2018 - Italy turmoil, Pret sale, crypto rehab

5/28/2018 - Modi hits the road, turmoil in Italy, a muppet legal battle

5/28/2018 - What the hell is going on in Italy?

5/28/2018 - Sesame Street is not amused by the ejaculating puppets in “The Happytime Murders”

5/28/2018 - The problem with the narrative about 1,500 children “lost” by US immigration authorities

5/28/2018 - An invasive ant species threatens Australia’s “way of life”

5/28/2018 - See the island US warships just buzzed to prove a geopolitical point to China

5/28/2018 - Italy’s interim prime minister is a former IMF official nicknamed “Mr. Scissors”

5/28/2018 - Israel’s very popular on Chinese social media—thanks to China’s online Islamophobia

5/28/2018 - Photos: 25,000 Berliners drown out a fascist rally with techno

5/28/2018 - Africa needs another million PhD scientists to develop homegrown solutions

5/28/2018 - Why Hasbro trademarked Play-Doh’s scent

5/28/2018 - Ivanka Trump received valuable trademarks from China just before Donald Trump’s ZTE reversal

5/28/2018 - An Egyptian court has ordered a YouTube ban over the “Innocence of Muslims” video

5/28/2018 - Something to celebrate? Three-quarters of Americans say they are doing “okay” financially

5/28/2018 - Can machines be spiritual?

5/28/2018 - The one retailer that Amazon can’t seem to destroy is in cosmetics

5/28/2018 - A new study makes the case for being a sore loser

5/28/2018 - Signs of blockchain mania: “Mao Zedong” touting the technology in China

5/28/2018 - Alberto makes landfall, US-North Korea summit, beehive heists

5/28/2018 - China is luring Indian tech firms with market access and free rent

5/28/2018 - How to stay stain-free while you’re wearing white clothes

5/28/2018 - An Indian startup has created an AI-driven nutritionist for fitness freaks

5/28/2018 - The fight to legalise porn in India is a fight for women taking control of their bodies

5/28/2018 - The fall in crude oil prices is just what Modi needed

5/28/2018 - All three of China’s internet giants are investing in this one Apple manufacturer

5/28/2018 - IKEA’s got a plan to help Indians assemble its DIY furniture

5/28/2018 - Colombia’s election, Egypt’s YouTube ban, thieving beekeepers

5/28/2018 - Colombia’s election, Egypt’s YouTube ban, thieving beekeepers

5/27/2018 - K-pop’s biggest dream just came true

5/27/2018 - After a decade of dithering, the US east coast went all in on offshore wind power this week

5/27/2018 - Sartorial maps, thieving beekeepers, Egyptian YouTube bans

5/27/2018 - Humans comprise just 0.01% of the total weight of life on Earth, but have destroyed far more

5/27/2018 - Apple wants to use the technology behind wireless payments to let you open your door

5/27/2018 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway records are unlikely to fall at the 2018 Indy 500

5/27/2018 - What it will take to get Republicans and Democrats to agree on global warming

5/27/2018 - The US is doing exactly what it should not on banking rules

5/27/2018 - We are living in the golden age of the music explainer

5/27/2018 - Resilience is the new happiness

5/27/2018 - “My mom wanted $350. Putting me up for adoption was cheaper than getting an abortion.”

5/27/2018 - Tips on grilling from a country where it’s celebrated as a national holiday

5/27/2018 - Do British men deserve their reputation for enjoying being spanked?

5/27/2018 - Africans are telling their own story about Africa on social media

5/27/2018 - Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes may be our first true feminist anti-hero

5/27/2018 - Sierra Leone innovates, Africa’s car ambitions, China’s facial recognition

5/27/2018 - Macron is making another big play for Africa, this time for its startups

5/27/2018 - Here’s a t-shirt you could wear everywhere in East Asia without upsetting anyone

5/26/2018 - Mohamed Salah’s Champions League injury has brought Egypt to tears

5/26/2018 - Now just four men who walked on the moon are still alive

5/26/2018 - Watch Gareth Bale’s jaw-dropping Champions League final goal

5/26/2018 - Data show taking US immigrant kids from their parents is ridiculous

5/26/2018 - The records broken in Real Madrid’s Champions League final victory

5/26/2018 - Jeff Bezos is very excited that Amazon is saving “The Expanse”

5/26/2018 - Abortion will still be banned for hundreds of thousands of Irish women

5/26/2018 - GDPR

5/26/2018 - GDPR

5/26/2018 - Donald Trump is the empowering role model women have been waiting for

5/26/2018 - Surprise! Kim and Moon meet and even Trump is hopeful again

5/26/2018 - Seth Meyers perfectly summarizes what parents need to do for “children” in their 20s

5/26/2018 - Nigeria says Nike has had record-breaking pre-orders for its World Cup jersey

5/26/2018 - All the books Bill Gates has recommended over the last eight years

5/26/2018 - The easiest way to lucid dream, according to science

5/26/2018 - MoviePass could save this summer’s bad movies

5/26/2018 - Taiwan now has one diplomatic ally left in Africa

5/26/2018 - Facebook forbids white supremacy, but allows white separatism and nationalism

5/26/2018 - We were basically barbarians before streaming video

5/26/2018 - An autonomous robot captured detailed images of the treasure-laden “Holy Grail of Shipwrecks”

5/26/2018 - Photos: All the scariest natural disasters are happening at once

5/26/2018 - Photos: Cringe in terror at the ugly, ugly sneakers that fashion is obsessed with

5/26/2018 - First there was Raleigh. Then Kimberleigh. Now 218 American names end in “-eigh”

5/26/2018 - Beekeepers are stealing each other’s hives to survive the cutthroat industry

5/26/2018 - Weekend edition—Dialing back Dodd-Frank, Berkshire after Buffett, remembering Philip Roth

5/26/2018 - To find digital happiness, mute almost everyone on Instagram

5/26/2018 - The perfect long weekend binge-watch: The “Lord of the Rings” trilogy

5/26/2018 - Almost anyone can—and should—learn to sing

5/26/2018 - Parents are dropping serious cash to dress their kids like mini hipsters

5/26/2018 - GDPR

5/26/2018 - The biggest challenge facing Colombia’s next president will be the bureaucracy of peace

5/26/2018 - Mexico’s female rodeo stars inspired Dior’s latest collection

5/26/2018 - Weekend edition—Dialing back Dodd-Frank, Berkshire after Buffett, remembering Philip Roth

5/26/2018 - Weekend edition—Dialing back Dodd-Frank, Berkshire after Buffett, remembering Philip Roth

5/25/2018 - Even the sealife in the US is testing positive for opioids now

5/25/2018 - Morbid obesity rates across Great Britain are set to double by 2035

5/25/2018 - Weekend edition—Dialing back Dodd-Frank, Berkshire after Buffett, remembering Philip Roth

5/25/2018 - Ireland has voted to legalize abortion in a landslide

5/25/2018 - A timeline of all the foreign payments to Donald Trump’s moneymen, Elliott Broidy and Michael Cohen

5/25/2018 - GDPR

5/25/2018 - Complete list of Star Wars spinoffs, from the year 2043

5/25/2018 - Rosé is still the drink of the summer, and no, it’s not going anywhere

5/25/2018 - Harvey Weinstein’s $1 million get-out-of-jail card shows the injustice of bail

5/25/2018 - San Francisco is sweeping its streets of electric scooters to make the industry legit

5/25/2018 - See Meghan Markle’s royal coat of arms and all of the symbols hiding within

5/25/2018 - Science shows just how traumatizing it is to separate kids from parents at the US-Mexico border

5/25/2018 - Oxford admitted fewer black students in 2017 than students from one private school

5/25/2018 - Harvard Business School is shutting down its co-working space in New York

5/25/2018 - Disney already made a better version of “Solo: A Star Wars Story”

5/25/2018 - These passports have become more powerful in 2018

5/25/2018 - American men, it’s time to start talking about your abortions

5/25/2018 - Amazon is taking its package-delivery tracking to the next level

5/25/2018 - Nancy Pelosi’s NFL shrug shows Democrats still take black votes for granted

5/25/2018 - Michael Cohen met a Russian oligarch in Trump Tower, then took $1 million from his cousin

5/25/2018 - Researchers think they’ve found the oldest continuous Antarctic ice cores ever

5/25/2018 - The 24 hours that doomed the Trump-Kim summit

5/25/2018 - Companies are using California homes as batteries to power the grid

5/25/2018 - The full list of US banks no longer deemed “too big to fail”

5/25/2018 - Americans’ coffee habit is clogging landfills with millions of coffee cups each year

5/25/2018 - The accidental trick of light that made a master cinematographer’s career

5/25/2018 - A secret weapon for your next barbecue: yogurt

5/25/2018 - Quartzy: the psychedelic edition

5/25/2018 - Quartzy: the psychedelic edition

5/25/2018 - Attackers detonated a homemade bomb in a Toronto-area restaurant

5/25/2018 - Harvey Weinstein is reading up on another legendary filmmaker who fell hard

5/25/2018 - Here is how you can justify playing HQ Trivia at work

5/25/2018 - Americans aren’t saving, North Korean cybercrime, Tesla needs $10 billion

5/25/2018 - A new study links early childhood obesity to lower IQ scores

5/25/2018 - Sinkholes

5/25/2018 - Sinkholes

5/25/2018 - Just because you “work with people” doesn’t mean your job won’t change with AI

5/25/2018 - TV just can’t seem to get bitcoin right

5/25/2018 - An Oregon family’s encounter with Amazon Alexa exposes the privacy problem of smart home devices

5/25/2018 - Every boss fits into one of these six categories

5/25/2018 - Photos: After months in hiding, Harvey Weinstein appears in handcuffs

5/25/2018 - Hundreds of great white sharks are congregating in the Pacific and researchers don’t know why

5/25/2018 - Can Alexa’s breastfeeding advice give moms the support they need?

5/25/2018 - The woman who became the face of Ireland’s campaign for abortion rights

5/25/2018 - How to strategically use Instagram’s new mute feature

5/25/2018 - The one “fascinating” mind-training exercise Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella practices every day

5/25/2018 - What it’s like to use the web in Europe after the arrival of GDPR

5/25/2018 - To actually have a successful marriage with two careers, rethink everything you’re doing now

5/25/2018 - Hurricane season starts in one week. Puerto Rico’s emergency plan still isn’t ready

5/25/2018 - Millennials were screwed by the financial crisis. They might still come out on top.

5/25/2018 - China is preparing to buy a lot more natural gas from the US

5/25/2018 - The OnePlus 6 shows you don’t need to splash out for an iPhone or Samsung to get a good phone

5/25/2018 - Trackable tooth sensors could help you achieve your food goals

5/25/2018 - Men experience abortions, too. Why don’t we talk about it?

5/25/2018 - Ireland votes, Weinstein surrenders, Loch Ness DNA

5/25/2018 - China’s biggest electric car maker announces its global ambitions with a monorail in Brazil

5/25/2018 - North Korea breakthrough “just delayed,” says top US commander in South Korea

5/25/2018 - Sinkholes

5/25/2018 - After Spotify, this is Europe’s next major tech IPO

5/25/2018 - A leading monetary historian says he’s bombarded with “phony” crypto pitches

5/25/2018 - Photos: North Korea’s explosive, “peace-loving” gesture of dismantling its nuclear site

5/25/2018 - To school India’s state-run banks, the Modi government will give them report cards

5/25/2018 - In just 10 months, Reliance Jio’s become the world leader in feature phones

5/25/2018 - Thanks to Trump, Indians will now have more direct flights to the US

5/25/2018 - The maker of Kingfisher beer has a two-part plan to get Indians to drink more

5/25/2018 - China is exporting facial recognition software to Africa, expanding its vast database

5/25/2018 - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie uses the mispronunciation of African names to teach a lesson on the importance of intent

5/25/2018 - GDPR in effect, Ireland’s abortion vote, banned toilet paper

5/25/2018 - GDPR in effect, Ireland’s abortion vote, banned toilet paper

5/25/2018 - “Perplexed” and “disappointed”: The world reacts to Trump canceling the US-North Korea summit

5/25/2018 - The latest outbreak of a deadly virus has scientists racing to create a vaccine

5/25/2018 - Cape Town’s water crisis proves we need to think about water in a new way

5/24/2018 - Read North Korea’s gentle response to Trump calling off his summit with Kim Jong Un

5/24/2018 - China’s thirst for milk is bad news for the planet

5/24/2018 - “It’s the biggest lie.” Ronaldinho denies reports he’ll marry two women at the same time

5/24/2018 - Fawning Fox News pundits pushed Trump towards a North Korea failure

5/24/2018 - The five stages of grief, in GDPR email subject lines

5/24/2018 - Scientists discovered massive hidden canyons in Antarctica that could spell bad news for the rest of the planet

5/24/2018 - These three skill sets will ensure you’ll never be out of work

5/24/2018 - It’s apparently possible to blow through $100 million building a smartphone

5/24/2018 - GDPR in effect, US-North Korea summit canceled, banned toilet paper

5/24/2018 - A driver alleged an Uber rep assaulted him. Uber offered $400 to make it go away

5/24/2018 - You can now look through all the ads for the 2018 midterm elections posted on Facebook

5/24/2018 - The “Arrested Development” interview exposes the myth that male anger is part of the “creative process”

5/24/2018 - Harvey Weinstein will reportedly surrender to sexual assault charges tomorrow in New York

5/24/2018 - Sinkholes

5/24/2018 - While Disney and Comcast fight over Fox, Netflix is now bigger than them all

5/24/2018 - The “sonic attack” in China was probably clumsy ultrasonic eavesdropping

5/24/2018 - The US FDA says there are only risks, no benefits, for a common painkiller used by teething toddlers

5/24/2018 - A new study shows kids as young as three understand the concept of ownership

5/24/2018 - The carbon dioxide we pump into the atmosphere is making our food less nutritious

5/24/2018 - Apple knew the iPhone 6 bent like crazy before it went on sale

5/24/2018 - Here’s who won Fortnite’s “Solo Showdown” mode

5/24/2018 - Americans are excited to make psychedelics mainstream once again

5/24/2018 - GDPR is the most unifying thing to happen to the EU in a while

5/24/2018 - McDonald’s shareholders will vote today on whether to ban plastic straws

5/24/2018 - Uber’s self-driving fatality shows how much pressure is put on test drivers

5/24/2018 - Bitcoin traders are being investigated for market manipulation, and bitcoin is up 3%

5/24/2018 - Here’s why you really shouldn’t ignore that pop-up from Facebook

5/24/2018 - US history explains that white fear is just another way to enforce racial segregation

5/24/2018 - Eight women have accused Morgan Freeman of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior

5/24/2018 - US senators couldn’t resist joking about Trump’s failed North Korea summit today

5/24/2018 - Trump’s tax cuts are proving really successful—for banks

5/24/2018 - The 50 most commonly assigned works of literature at top US colleges

5/24/2018 - What the 4% of Americans who believe in lizard people can teach us about conspiracy theories

5/24/2018 - Fans of modern design will love this fashion tribute to Alexander Girard

5/24/2018 - A NASA photographer caught the perfect SpaceX launch shot. Then his camera melted

5/24/2018 - Ireland’s abortion opponents are pitting disability rights against women’s rights

5/24/2018 - An extremely clear definition of emotional labor for anyone who still doesn’t get it

5/24/2018 - Every cryptocurrency’s nightmare scenario is happening to Bitcoin Gold

5/24/2018 - The NFL’s racial divide, in one chart

5/24/2018 - Cheating workers out of wages is easier than ever

5/24/2018 - Idris Elba will star in a Netflix re-telling of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Hmm

5/24/2018 - Read the fiery North Korea statement that made Trump cancel his summit with Kim Jong Un

5/24/2018 - Billboards

5/24/2018 - Billboards

5/24/2018 - Trump honored a lot of Kevins and Steves at this week’s anti-abortion gala

5/24/2018 - How technology companies alienate women during recruitment

5/24/2018 - Seattle is the fastest growing city that is actually a city

5/24/2018 - Read Donald Trump’s break-up letter to Kim Jong Un

5/24/2018 - Facebook is expanding its controversial anti-revenge porn program to the US, UK, and Canada

5/24/2018 - Piracy made a strong comeback in Somalia in 2017

5/24/2018 - SpaceX’s final upgrade to its Falcon 9 rocket isn’t quite final

5/24/2018 - Donald Trump mistook a woman’s husband for the real congress member

5/24/2018 - After years of going abroad for abortions, Irish women are #hometovote to repeal the 8th

5/24/2018 - The former education minister of one of the world’s smartest countries explains the role of AI in schools

5/24/2018 - The region prized for its healthy eating now has some of the most overweight kids in Europe

5/24/2018 - A deal Canada just blocked could have given China inroads to its military and nuclear facilities

5/24/2018 - Electric-car batteries that charge in five minutes have lured an unlikely investor: Big Oil

5/24/2018 - NASA is creating a super cold lab in space to study quantum physics

5/24/2018 - Balenciaga’s very ugly, very expensive sneakers are a huge success

5/24/2018 - Is bitcoin being manipulated by traders? The US government has opened a criminal probe

5/24/2018 - There is only one company in the Fortune 500 with a female CEO and a female chair

5/24/2018 - Complying with Europe’s GDPR will be a “matter of survival” for Indian IT firms

5/24/2018 - The people living in the hottest places on the planet are the least likely to have air conditioners

5/24/2018 - Can the cult of Berkshire Hathaway outlive Warren Buffett?

5/24/2018 - Plastic straws are the new plastic bags

5/24/2018 - These are the classic American foods people are giving up

5/24/2018 - Vivatech kicks off, Apple partners with VW, sweet potato lies

5/24/2018 - The countries where children are most likely to be more educated than their parents

5/24/2018 - The satellite images that exposed Iran’s secret rocket program

5/24/2018 - Billboards

5/24/2018 - Private equity investors are back to pouring big bucks into India’s malls

5/24/2018 - Indian homebuyers now have a new weapon to fight errant real estate developers

5/24/2018 - What the world’s fascination with a female-only Chinese script says about cultural appropriation

5/24/2018 - Why India’s rocketing fuel prices might soon cool down

5/24/2018 - Protests, miscarriages, deaths: Sterlite Copper’s 20 years in Thoothukudi

5/24/2018 - The government is now using drones to prevent corruption on construction sites in Johannesburg

5/24/2018 - The whistleblower is back to haunt Infosys over corporate governance lapses

5/24/2018 - An app that matches sugar daddies and babies is suddenly China’s hottest social network

5/24/2018 - Facebook hired an Oscar-winning director to make a short film about how it’s fighting fake news

5/24/2018 - Marks & Spencer is a decrepit vestige of Britain’s class wars

5/24/2018 - Merkel in China, Uber posts a profit, fugitive pop fans

5/24/2018 - Merkel in China, Uber posts a profit, fugitive pop fans

5/24/2018 - A London fintech unicorn is betting that more crypto is better crypto

5/24/2018 - An insider’s account of how India’s supreme court judges are selected

5/23/2018 - Three easy strategies for winning a game of Fortnite

5/23/2018 - Apple is reportedly working with Volkswagen on building self-driving vans

5/23/2018 - Kilauea is turning some of Hawaii’s streets into Bunsen burners

5/23/2018 - Quiz: Is this a Kanye West tweet, or an Elon Musk tweet?

5/23/2018 - Why doesn’t the US government want journalists to hear its findings on contaminated public water?

5/23/2018 - Merkel in China, Comcast vs. Disney, fugitive pop fans

5/23/2018 - This startup’s racial-profiling algorithm shows AI can be dangerous way before any robot apocalypse

5/23/2018 - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie urges Harvard grads to develop a “fantastic bullshit detector”

5/23/2018 - Everything is changing at Uber, except its ability to burn huge sums of cash

5/23/2018 - Fandom is so toxic that creators must now apologize for being creative

5/23/2018 - Billboards

5/23/2018 - There’s only one untainted “Big Four” accounting firm left to audit Malaysia’s scandal-ridden wealth fund

5/23/2018 - China is going to sell half the world’s electric cars by borrowing policies from California

5/23/2018 - A court has ruled that Donald Trump blocking users on Twitter is unconstitutional

5/23/2018 - Netflix’s next action movie sounds like an over-the-top Hollywood blockbuster

5/23/2018 - The NFL’s new policy on the national anthem is a rejection of the modern workplace

5/23/2018 - Americans living in cities are not any more lonely and depressed than everyone else

5/23/2018 - In 1960, Philip Roth spoke on how to create fiction during a real-life political horror show

5/23/2018 - Ukraine’s government reportedly paid Michael Cohen at least $400,000 for a meeting with Donald Trump

5/23/2018 - People are going to Target in record numbers—but they aren’t buying enough

5/23/2018 - Uber is shutting down self-driving tests in Arizona two months after its car killed a pedestrian

5/23/2018 - Porsche is recalling thousands of cars because they could choke a toddler

5/23/2018 - A psychologist explains why technology’s impact on your brain is probably overblown

5/23/2018 - Rod Rosenstein just fired back at Donald Trump by using the dictionary

5/23/2018 - Japan’s biggest bestseller is a philosophy book on “The Courage to be Disliked”

5/23/2018 - NASA’s Juno satellite captured Jupiter’s red spot from a new angle

5/23/2018 - Virgin Voyages is the latest in a long line of attempts to make cruises hip

5/23/2018 - Alabama wants to exclude unauthorized immigrants from the US’s next census

5/23/2018 - Seals can be scientists, too

5/23/2018 - Millennials actually save more than Gen Xers did in 2001—but they’re still worse off

5/23/2018 - AirPods are what the Apple Watch should’ve been

5/23/2018 - Imposter syndrome isn’t the problem—toxic workplaces are

5/23/2018 - Watch 11-year-old Meghan Markle destroy a sexist TV commercial

5/23/2018 - Scientists are using turtle and bird DNA to reconstruct dinosaur genes

5/23/2018 - A French magazine has a brutal depiction of Mark Zuckerberg on its cover

5/23/2018 - Even after his death, a Nobel prize-winning economist is taking on inequality

5/23/2018 - When can white people say the n-word?

5/23/2018 - A new scientific expedition aims to find out whether the Loch Ness monster is real

5/23/2018 - The number of US banks that are “too big to fail” just shrank

5/23/2018 - US oil and gas production is leaving Saudi Arabia and Russia behind

5/23/2018 - Women’s labor, ideas, and dollars prop up the US fashion industry, but men still run it

5/23/2018 - Chinese fonts

5/23/2018 - Chinese fonts

5/23/2018 - The Venn diagram between libertarians and crypto bros is so close it’s basically a circle

5/23/2018 - Yes, your coworkers are secretly changing the office temperature

5/23/2018 - “Bill Wi the Science Fi:” The best wifi network names on the internet

5/23/2018 - Catcalling is finally being treated like a crime

5/23/2018 - Everyone missed Trevor Noah’s cameo in “Black Panther”

5/23/2018 - Black and Hispanic women in the US are having more premature babies

5/23/2018 - No one buys clothes on Amazon because they’re fashionable

5/23/2018 - The world’s biggest database of hacked passwords is now a Chrome extension that checks yours automatically

5/23/2018 - Retired US soccer star Abby Wambach nails the gender pay gap’s longterm damage

5/23/2018 - Rebecca Solnit reminds us how people unknowingly change their minds in divisive times

5/23/2018 - The most ridiculous, over-the-top expense account items from Time Inc.’s golden era

5/23/2018 - Kenya is really cracking down on illegal expats this time

5/23/2018 - The $7 gadget that butchers use to make perfect burgers for the grill

5/23/2018 - American parents invented 1,100 new baby names last year

5/23/2018 - Alligators keep turning up in unexpected places—and it’s not necessarily a bad thing

5/23/2018 - North Korea, at least, congratulated Nicolás Maduro on winning Venezuela’s election

5/23/2018 - Over 200 African athletes and officials want asylum in Australia post-Commonwealth Games

5/23/2018 - Central bank economists say forecasting exchange rates is simple enough to do “on the back of a napkin”

5/23/2018 - Three great nature apps for hiking, star gazing, and identifying wildlife

5/23/2018 - Don’t expect a baby boom just because China ends its two-child policy

5/23/2018 - “The Floor Is Lava” shows how US suburban architecture changed the way American kids play

5/23/2018 - #DearMark letters underline that Facebook cares only about the crises it creates in wealthy countries

5/23/2018 - Results are in from the first major study of US employers’ experiences with refugee hires

5/23/2018 - Target’s results, Stacey Abrams makes history, White House sinkhole

5/23/2018 - The maker of WeChat is getting into India’s news business

5/23/2018 - Since the Brexit vote, the number of Brits becoming German citizens is soaring

5/23/2018 - The explosion of the air conditioning market in China has a huge hidden cost

5/23/2018 - An India copper smelter’s expansion is halted after nine are killed by police

5/23/2018 - Here is where India’s business school graduates want to work

5/23/2018 - Chinese fonts

5/23/2018 - Britain’s biggest high-street clothing shop has sounded the death-knell warning for the industry

5/23/2018 - In just three months, India’s state-run banks have already posted $6 billion in losses

5/23/2018 - A mobile museum is traveling through Ghana exploring what it means to be Ghanaian

5/23/2018 - India’s use of cash is back to the levels before demonetisation

5/23/2018 - The ZTE case reveals flawed US thinking on China, tech, and trade

5/23/2018 - Among Kim Jong Un’s worries about a summit in Singapore: a coup back home

5/23/2018 - Why Sierra Leone appointed a 31-year old MIT PhD as its first chief innovation officer

5/23/2018 - Add compression socks to your long-haul travel routine

5/23/2018 - Deadly heatwaves will be sweeping across India for the next few weeks

5/23/2018 - Has everybody given up on the Air India stake sale?

5/23/2018 - North Korea nuclear test site, RIP Philip Roth, White House sinkhole

5/23/2018 - North Korea nuclear test site, RIP Philip Roth, White House sinkhole

5/23/2018 - Novelist Philip Roth has died

5/23/2018 - Where are the women in Indian policy-making?

5/23/2018 - China’s facial-recognition cameras keep catching fugitives at this one pop star’s concerts

5/22/2018 - The US is one step closer to electing its first black female governor

5/22/2018 - A Polish novel for wanderers has won the UK’s biggest prize for translated books

5/22/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg’s EU parliament meeting was spectacularly awkward

5/22/2018 - Unpacking Elon Musk’s daylong Twitter rant on unions and US history

5/22/2018 - US-China trade thaw, North Korea summit doubts, giant salamanders

5/22/2018 - Scientists debunked a long-held American superfood myth

5/22/2018 - Giant predatory worms from Asia are invading France

5/22/2018 - What 104 degrees (or 40 C) looks like in Karachi, Pakistan

5/22/2018 - Chinese fonts

5/22/2018 - South Korea’s tactic for manipulating Trump: Flatter the hell out of him

5/22/2018 - Five charts prove urban and rural Americans have the same problems

5/22/2018 - If you haven’t been following baseball lately, some wild stuff is going on

5/22/2018 - Russian propagandists didn’t even need to target their Facebook ads

5/22/2018 - What US guns rights advocates would like to ban instead of guns

5/22/2018 - One in five Americans know someone who has been addicted to opioids

5/22/2018 - What GDPR means for businesses outside Europe

5/22/2018 - America’s security chief decided not to read the official US report on Russian interference

5/22/2018 - “The Jungle Book,” “Mowgli,” and more strange cases of the “twin film” phenomenon

5/22/2018 - Japan pulls ahead of Singapore and Germany as the world’s most powerful passport

5/22/2018 - Eight years ago today, someone bought two pizzas with bitcoins now worth $82 million

5/22/2018 - Behold! The most beautiful and admired ear of corn in all the world

5/22/2018 - Consumer Reports just got Elon Musk to fix Tesla’s Model 3 braking software

5/22/2018 - It’s Harvey Milk Day, and California needs a radical leader more than ever

5/22/2018 - Gender equality in schools is hiding disadvantages for both boys and girls

5/22/2018 - The surprising company beating Apple and Google in mobile payments

5/22/2018 - Good intentions are driving the Chinese giant salamander’s “hidden extinction”

5/22/2018 - Trump’s not sure his North Korea summit will happen: “You never know about deals”

5/22/2018 - Richemont is destroying its expensive, unsold watches to save their brand value

5/22/2018 - Photo: A contrast between Chinese and US trade negotiators has gone viral in China

5/22/2018 - The three practices anyone training leaders needs to know

5/22/2018 - I’ve trained more than 40,000 leaders, and here are my top three tips for developing great managers

5/22/2018 - A county using Amazon’s facial recognition worried about giving off “a Big Brother vibe”

5/22/2018 - Fox News, Megyn Kelly, and Roger Ailes are getting the Hollywood treatment

5/22/2018 - Why are so many people in Sweden studying Swedish?

5/22/2018 - German parents are getting in trouble with the police for taking kids on vacation early

5/22/2018 - From a Banksy to Putin posing with zoo animals, all the weirdest art you can buy on Amazon

5/22/2018 - China wants to become a tech giant—so it’s coming after what Germany does best

5/22/2018 - Hockey’s upstart Las Vegas Golden Knights are proving resumes don’t matter

5/22/2018 - The suicide rate for black American children is twice that of white children

5/22/2018 - An actual sinkhole has opened on the White House lawn. It’s growing

5/22/2018 - A sportcaster’s walkout on live TV reminded South Africans how to stand up to subtle office racism

5/22/2018 - Watch SpaceX launch a rocket to refresh satellites and measure the earth’s water

5/22/2018 - Watch Mark Zuckerberg’s meeting with the European Parliament

5/22/2018 - GDPR is bigger than Beyoncé

5/22/2018 - The difference between intelligence and wisdom—and how to acquire both

5/22/2018 - Somalia’s “strongest cyclone on record” has left dozens dead and thousands displaced

5/22/2018 - Volcanos

5/22/2018 - Volcanos

5/22/2018 - Italy’s new “political government” will be a technical government, minus the expertise

5/22/2018 - Has technology enhanced or damaged our experiences?

5/22/2018 - Eileen Fisher’s beautiful solution to garment waste

5/22/2018 - Why I require new fathers who work for me to take paternity leave

5/22/2018 - Chelsea Clinton says racism, sexism, and homophobia are not opinions

5/22/2018 - You can be a better negotiator just by listening for verbal tells

5/22/2018 - Amazon is in talks to revive “The Expanse” after fans begged the company to save it

5/22/2018 - If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re probably not a good leader

5/22/2018 - The NFL cares more about betting than brains

5/22/2018 - Diverse schools have a bigger impact on attitudes to race than mixed communities

5/22/2018 - Watching experts gives people confidence in themselves that they absolutely do not deserve

5/22/2018 - Data shows that “incels” should blame the economy for rising celibacy

5/22/2018 - “Black Panther” has inspired a new trend in Ramadan attire in Indonesia

5/22/2018 - Everlane employees spend their first day of work doing acrobatics and eating ice cream

5/22/2018 - Americans are happier with streaming video than their old TV subscriptions

5/22/2018 - The Apple Watch has found a surprisingly useful home

5/22/2018 - Why all supermarkets should get rid of “best before” labels on fruits and vegetables

5/22/2018 - Traveling for Memorial Day? Here are the most disrupted flight routes

5/22/2018 - Fifty years after a woman first joined the New York Stock Exchange, it finally has its first female president

5/22/2018 - More than 2,000 of the world’s languages are dying out

5/22/2018 - The royal wedding has inspired an American appreciation for elderflower

5/22/2018 - Immigrant kids held on military bases would be housed in these conditions

5/22/2018 - 70% of Saudi Arabia’s electricity is used for air conditioning

5/22/2018 - A former Nike engineer has a simple strategy for getting creatives out of a rut

5/22/2018 - Google Sheets is becoming a viable alternative to Microsoft Excel for most spreadsheet users

5/22/2018 - This incredible 3D map of a mouse retina was assembled by 30,000 people playing an online game

5/22/2018 - EU grills Zuckerberg, NYSE’s new boss, baby-eel mania

5/22/2018 - Now is the time to kickstart an auto manufacturing revolution in Africa

5/22/2018 - Almost 100 days after India’s biggest bank fraud case, here’s what we know so far

5/22/2018 - A major real time vaccination test is underway in the race to beat Ebola

5/22/2018 - Volcanos

5/22/2018 - After a period of blazing growth, Patanjali hits a bump

5/22/2018 - The two-year-old company that makes Nokia phones is now worth over $1 billion

5/22/2018 - Before Fortis can be sold, it must decide who will sell it

5/22/2018 - The rise in tourists visiting Japan is statistically off the charts

5/22/2018 - Hungry Indians are watching cricket and ordering in food like crazy

5/22/2018 - Burundi has backed constitutional changes that could see its president rule till 2034

5/22/2018 - Malaysia has appointed its first Sikh minister: the “little lion of Puchong”

5/22/2018 - India is beating China in the race to build massive solar power projects

5/22/2018 - EU grills Zuckerberg, Sony hears the music, baby-eel bonanza

5/22/2018 - EU grills Zuckerberg, Sony hears the music, baby-eel bonanza

5/22/2018 - Meghan Markle’s beautiful veil was stained by Britain’s ugly colonial past

5/21/2018 - There’s a good reason why the ousted Malaysian PM’s wife bought 284 luxury handbags

5/21/2018 - The reported fee for Trump to pose with convicted pedophile George Nader: $189,000

5/21/2018 - Tesla shares surge, the Obamas on Netflix, octopus aliens

5/21/2018 - The Democrats’ newest slogan is just dull enough to lose big in November

5/21/2018 - Scientists have figured out exactly how much you need to exercise to slow your heart’s aging process

5/21/2018 - The Royal Wedding’s most remarkable photo features 10 small kids actually sitting still

5/21/2018 - The US might need self-driving trucks to avoid a labor shortage crisis

5/21/2018 - Volcanos

5/21/2018 - A stronger dollar is making 2018 a destructive year for emerging-market currencies

5/21/2018 - Sony wants you to pay $600 for a never-ending piece of paper

5/21/2018 - Amazon made the Fortune 500’s top 10 for the first time ever

5/21/2018 - Consumer Reports won’t recommend Tesla’s Model 3 after giving the Model S a perfect score

5/21/2018 - Why the best teacher in the world says other countries should be more like China

5/21/2018 - The US Supreme Court just dealt a devastating blow to the #MeToo movement

5/21/2018 - Psychologists have identified a very good reason why unsolicited advice is so annoying

5/21/2018 - Josh Brolin is all over cinemas this summer

5/21/2018 - Just three companies have topped the Fortune 500 since 1955

5/21/2018 - The royal family wedding portrait shows the power of being matchy-matchy

5/21/2018 - Progressive groups want the US government to break up Facebook

5/21/2018 - The Obamas landed a huge Netflix deal to make whatever they want

5/21/2018 - This Brazilian island has an extreme way to deal with pregnancy complications: Ban childbirth

5/21/2018 - Workers accuse McDonald’s of “intimidation tactics straight out of the Jim Crow Era”

5/21/2018 - Venezuela’s election was a sham, but it might just help keep chavismo afloat

5/21/2018 - The White House really wants you, too, to call immigrants “animals”

5/21/2018 - Is it ever okay to wear white to a wedding, if you’re not the bride?

5/21/2018 - Competitive play is finally coming to Fortnite

5/21/2018 - Everything you need to know about Trump’s FBI spy claim

5/21/2018 - At the royal wedding, Serena Williams made a strong case for sneakers as formalwear

5/21/2018 - Microsoft acquired an AI startup that helps it take on Google Duplex

5/21/2018 - Here’s why US prosecutors are hungry to catch canned tuna

5/21/2018 - The boots of soccer’s standout star of 2018 are going to the British Museum

5/21/2018 - John Oliver explains why the American rehab industry is such a disaster

5/21/2018 - Do not show your children the trailer for this Muppet movie

5/21/2018 - Digital time-tracking systems are draining worker pay

5/21/2018 - When it comes to legal cannabis, Zimbabwe is conflicted between economics and morality

5/21/2018 - Has there ever been a better movie marketing campaign than “Deadpool 2”?

5/21/2018 - The health risks hidden in these photos of lava flowing into the ocean

5/21/2018 - Japan will debut an adorable Hello Kitty-themed bullet train in June

5/21/2018 - It pays to splurge for an authentic version of the Panton chair

5/21/2018 - Starbucks now says anyone can use its bathrooms, whether they buy anything or not

5/21/2018 - Your summer reading list, provided by Bill Gates

5/21/2018 - American Airlines CEO won’t admit whether he has flown in AA’s new economy class

5/21/2018 - The systematic discrimination that’s brought the African Union to its own #MeToo reckoning

5/21/2018 - Global investigators probing Malaysia’s 1MDB corruption case have a new ally: Malaysia

5/21/2018 - The best company happy hours go beyond free booze

5/21/2018 - Why the new CEO activism is bad for everyone

5/21/2018 - North Korea’s hackers—many living abroad—have nabbed it $650 million

5/21/2018 - Brookings created a blueprint to help countries around the world radically transform education

5/21/2018 - Africa’s dominant TV provider is terrified by the rise of Netflix

5/21/2018 - Britain’s biggest CO2 emitter is building Europe’s first of a kind “negative emissions” plant

5/21/2018 - This is what America’s new space shuttles look like

5/21/2018 - “Mayochup” is Kraft Heinz’s new weapon in the condiment wars

5/21/2018 - Venezuela’s record-low voter turnout is the latest chapter in the death of its democracy

5/21/2018 - The companies that are changing online shopping in a subtle, but radical way

5/21/2018 - Forget the Turing Test—give AI the F. Scott Fitzgerald Test instead

5/21/2018 - At Britain’s royal wedding, black American culture took center stage

5/21/2018 - Africa is now a favorite destination for Chinese tourists and tens of thousands of them are coming

5/21/2018 - Everybody’s feeling the pain as India’s petrol and diesel prices rocket

5/21/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg’s closed-door meeting with the European Parliament will now be streamed live

5/21/2018 - Half of India’s state-owned banks risk turning into headless chickens

5/21/2018 - “Plan B” for Iran, Russia’s “dirty money,” mayochup

5/21/2018 - A Chinese phonemaker says it beat Apple and Samsung in India through word-of-mouth

5/21/2018 - Staying in an Airbnb in Japan? Pick up your keys at a convenience store

5/21/2018 - China is digging for gold right next to its disputed border with India

5/21/2018 - Investors with $10 trillion in assets want the oil industry to take responsibility for “all its emissions”

5/21/2018 - Why are there so many Russians in crypto?

5/21/2018 - What the US and China really mean when they say the trade war is off

5/21/2018 - Finally, the rural drought may have ended for Indian consumer goods firms

5/21/2018 - London is awash with Russian “dirty money” and it’s damaging Britain, say UK politicians

5/21/2018 - A rare and deadly virus spread by fruit bats has been detected in south India

5/21/2018 - “Plan B” for Iran, Venezuela’s election, mayochup

5/21/2018 - “Plan B” for Iran, Venezuela’s election, mayochup

5/21/2018 - South Africans are among the hardest workers in the world

5/21/2018 - Google is losing “Don’t be evil” in its code of conduct, and what’s left is corporate jargon

5/20/2018 - Trade war “on hold,” Starbucks talks bathrooms, Roman Abramovich’s visa

5/20/2018 - Kerry James Marshall is now the most expensive living African-American artist

5/20/2018 - Duolingo’s crowdsourced language-learning model is letting some weird things slip through the cracks

5/20/2018 - Writing in a journal is good for you—and so is throwing it out

5/20/2018 - Why the pharmaceutical industry is giving up the search for an Alzheimer’s cure

5/20/2018 - Netflix’s creative letdown, Nigerian startup failure, whose African language is it?

5/20/2018 - 2,300-year-old Chinese philosophy shows why we should all try to be a bit of mess

5/20/2018 - How to get a beautiful, modern wedding dress without going broke or crazy

5/20/2018 - From the moon’s far side, a radio receiver will listen for ancient clues to the universe’s origin

5/20/2018 - Tom Wolfe told the truth about space exploration

5/19/2018 - The white guy you know from decades of Hong Kong television is now a Cantopop star

5/19/2018 - Venezuela’s unfolding crisis, as told by its version of The Onion

5/19/2018 - Beijing’s South China Sea ambitions now include nuclear-ready bombers

5/19/2018 - In Cannes, African filmmakers are plotting to take back control from European producers

5/19/2018 - The enduring, dispassionate power of sunglasses

5/19/2018 - Everything you need to know to pretend you watched the royal wedding

5/19/2018 - The Rorschach test

5/19/2018 - The Rorschach test

5/19/2018 - This startup is repurposing life jackets to raise awareness about refugee crisis

5/19/2018 - Meghan Markle’s gorgeous wedding veil was a historically symbolic masterpiece

5/19/2018 - Tom Wolfe wrote the book on elitist thought leaders in the age of rising inequality

5/19/2018 - Does MoviePass know what it’s doing?

5/19/2018 - Netflix is basically remaking all of TV now

5/19/2018 - The Amish can teach us how to take power back from Google and Facebook

5/19/2018 - A controversial study has a new spin on the otherworldliness of the octopus

5/19/2018 - The ex-slave in Zora Neale Hurston’s “Barracoon” tells his harrowing story without rage

5/19/2018 - Trump made a list of promises to protect schools. Here are the ones he kept

5/19/2018 - Why Trump should be intimately acquainted with both HIV and HPV

5/19/2018 - Weekend edition—Tech’s Amish solution, wedding chatbot, praising middle managers

5/19/2018 - How Nike’s self-lacing shoe was created, in six questions

5/19/2018 - Don’t be afraid of spoilers. They actually enhance your enjoyment.

5/19/2018 - The Rorschach test

5/19/2018 - The US’s broken immigration system is helping two Kentucky Universities enroll thousands of students

5/19/2018 - Weekend edition—Tech’s Amish solution, wedding chatbot, praising middle managers

5/19/2018 - Weekend edition—Tech’s Amish solution, wedding chatbot, praising middle managers

5/18/2018 - Weekend edition—Tech’s Amish solution, wedding chatbot, praising middle managers

5/18/2018 - What Trump’s new abortion rule could mean for women’s health

5/18/2018 - Tesla says it doesn’t need to raise more money but Goldman Sachs begs to differ

5/18/2018 - The Rorschach test

5/18/2018 - Trump reportedly asked the US Postal Service to charge Amazon double

5/18/2018 - Photos: Britain’s royal wedding dresses, from Queen Victoria to Kate Middleton

5/18/2018 - Neon-green lizard blood might be a key tool for fighting malaria

5/18/2018 - The San Diego Zoo is trying to use IVF to save the northern white rhinos

5/18/2018 - Pansexuality is having a cultural moment right now

5/18/2018 - A 737 crashed shortly after takeoff at Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport

5/18/2018 - A plane full of passengers got treated to a bit of workplace-inclusion history

5/18/2018 - Is it worth worrying about bitcoin’s growing electricity use?

5/18/2018 - Italy’s new populist government plans to give out free money—and tax cuts

5/18/2018 - The dreamiest thing about the UK royal wedding may be one man’s freedom to be himself on the job

5/18/2018 - Since Parkland, there have been 17 more US school shootings

5/18/2018 - Merkel and Putin defend their new gas pipeline in the face of US opposition

5/18/2018 - Facebook in China, chronic millennial job-hopping, richest family in America

5/18/2018 - Amazon’s “Lord of the Rings” series may feature Aragorn, the OG Jon Snow

5/18/2018 - Fortnite is coming to Android

5/18/2018 - Trump just blew by the 2018 deadline to fix NAFTA

5/18/2018 - The three hat designers you need to know about for the royal wedding

5/18/2018 - The Amish understand a life-changing truth about technology the rest of us don’t

5/18/2018 - Europe’s insatiable hunger for avocados may be causing a drought in Chile

5/18/2018 - After another Kilauea eruption, photos show a slow-motion disaster

5/18/2018 - Fortnite’s “Solo Showdown” mode offers huge prizes and stressful gameplay

5/18/2018 - Quartzy: the going to the chapel edition

5/18/2018 - Get excited for summer weddings: A guide for grumps

5/18/2018 - Quartzy: the going to the chapel edition

5/18/2018 - How to recover gracefully when you forget someone’s name

5/18/2018 - Robocalls

5/18/2018 - Robocalls

5/18/2018 - There are three levels of self-awareness you need to hit before you know yourself

5/18/2018 - Putin: If a nerve agent had been used on the Skripals, they’d be dead already

5/18/2018 - Action is the best research

5/18/2018 - Blockchain technology is being used in the early disruption of Kenya’s agribusiness

5/18/2018 - The chopped salad debate forgets one key thing: Kale isn’t lettuce

5/18/2018 - Australia trapped refugees on an off-shore island. Now it’s slowly denying them health care

5/18/2018 - United’s order for cabin crew to focus on “personal grooming” is the least of its problems

5/18/2018 - If we end up sitting around in self-driving cars watching ads, Google is going to make billions

5/18/2018 - PayPal is going head to head with Square with its biggest-ever acquisition

5/18/2018 - Subscribing to YouTube is too confusing

5/18/2018 - Sex can be sold, but intimacy cannot be bought

5/18/2018 - Colombia says its citizens are being given Venezuela ID cards to go vote for Nicolas Maduro

5/18/2018 - The most important detail from Henrietta Lacks’s portrait is what’s missing

5/18/2018 - The science against smoking hookah is gaining steam

5/18/2018 - Solving Mexico City’s cataclysmic cycle of drowning, drying, and sinking

5/18/2018 - Does Donald Trump hate children?

5/18/2018 - Americans have amassed a record $13.2 trillion in debt, but economists aren’t that worried about it

5/18/2018 - Black actresses staged a red carpet protest at Cannes against racism in French cinema

5/18/2018 - Royal wedding fever, Trump threatens Kim, $500,000 whiskey

5/18/2018 - The countries that feel the strongest about abolishing their monarchies

5/18/2018 - “An ignorant and incompetent group”: North Korea’s insult machine is back to form

5/18/2018 - Despite Trump’s populist threats, the White House is Wall Street’s greatest ally

5/18/2018 - Robocalls

5/18/2018 - There are more female billionaires in the world, mostly thanks to inheritance

5/18/2018 - The turning point in history when India’s working women got bold and glamorous

5/18/2018 - A new PSA brilliantly captures the frustration of being a woman in the workplace

5/18/2018 - Indians are swooning over the royal wedding, more than the Brits themselves

5/18/2018 - Refugees are asked to “integrate,” but what does that even mean?

5/18/2018 - The precarious economics of the media business is the biggest threat to press freedom in Africa

5/18/2018 - It’s going to be a summer of uncertainty for India’s cryptocurrency industry

5/18/2018 - Calling economies “menopausal” should be a compliment, not an insult

5/18/2018 - Royal wedding, Kushner-Qatari deal, $500,000 whiskey

5/18/2018 - Royal wedding, Kushner-Qatari deal, $500,000 whiskey

5/18/2018 - India now has a railway station that’s fully powered by solar energy

5/18/2018 - Daring investors are buying real estate on North Korea’s borders

5/18/2018 - The Jewish superstars who once ruled Bollywood

5/17/2018 - There’s now yet another dockless scooter startup in San Francisco

5/17/2018 - Haspel confirmed, Kushner-Qatari deal, $500,000 whiskey

5/17/2018 - What the companies using AI really think about it

5/17/2018 - Interactive: The truth about AI from companies who are using it

5/17/2018 - American women are having fewer babies—except for one surprising group

5/17/2018 - This is what happens when a grocer challenges Amazon

5/17/2018 - Robocalls

5/17/2018 - The death of a baby in Gaza is a tragedy. But it’s unfair to make her a political symbol

5/17/2018 - Look out, Fortnite: Call of Duty is entering the battle royale market

5/17/2018 - Four of the top 25 Github projects are written in Chinese, six contain no code

5/17/2018 - Keeping warming to 1.5°C instead of 2°C would save most animals from climate change

5/17/2018 - Photos: All the souvenirs you can buy for the royal wedding

5/17/2018 - A YouTube star’s sneaker unboxing video has a surprising reveal about modern slavery

5/17/2018 - Instagram will soon let you know just how much time you waste on it

5/17/2018 - Apple is reportedly opening its second campus in North Carolina

5/17/2018 - Wells Fargo is in trouble again

5/17/2018 - What really killed “The Expanse,” one of the best-reviewed sci-fi series on TV

5/17/2018 - A wedding invitation should come with a price tag

5/17/2018 - The choreographer who brought Africa to Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’ had a clear message

5/17/2018 - Instead of courting Amazon, cities should court freelancers

5/17/2018 - The European Commission is taking the bloc’s biggest economies to court over air pollution

5/17/2018 - Artificial intelligence is learning to see in the dark

5/17/2018 - Happy Mueller-versary, America

5/17/2018 - A Chinese firm says it launched the country’s first privately built rocket

5/17/2018 - If you want to love what you do, learn to think like Walt Disney

5/17/2018 - We don’t mean to alarm you, but there is probably mercury in your dental fillings

5/17/2018 - This physicist’s ideas of time will blow your mind

5/17/2018 - John Bolton is pushing “all the wrong buttons” ahead of the Trump-Kim summit—possibly on purpose

5/17/2018 - The Cheesecake Factory

5/17/2018 - The Cheesecake Factory

5/17/2018 - What job seekers want to know most about a company before they apply

5/17/2018 - Going on an all-cash diet is the “juice cleanse of the financial world”

5/17/2018 - These non-alcoholic spirits are actually worth drinking

5/17/2018 - The Yanny vs Laurel debate is a perfect example of how bias works

5/17/2018 - The EU’s plan to set a goal of zero-emissions by 2050 could be a big deal for climate action

5/17/2018 - Britain’s colonial legacy is still hurting LGBT people around the world

5/17/2018 - An HBO documentary will present “new discoveries” about the Adnan Syed case from “Serial”

5/17/2018 - Many European countries are “stagnating” on LGBTQ+ rights

5/17/2018 - Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio turned his management principles into an animated adventure show

5/17/2018 - The SEC’s nearly pitch-perfect ICO parody is both funny and frightening

5/17/2018 - Shopping at Whole Foods is finally a good deal—if you have Amazon Prime

5/17/2018 - Stan Lee is suing the company he co-founded, saying it stole his identity

5/17/2018 - Justin Trudeau explains why the best leaders are fine with losing arguments

5/17/2018 - Ask what your company can do for you, says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

5/17/2018 - The “SoftBank of China” has quietly invested tens of billions globally since 2015

5/17/2018 - The art of the alarmist food documentary

5/17/2018 - American cheddar cheese exports are up a staggering 83% from last year

5/17/2018 - After losing a generation of American jeans-wearers, Levi’s is recapturing its cool

5/17/2018 - The Ebola outbreak in the DR Congo has recorded its first case in a major city

5/17/2018 - Walmart’s numbers, Tencent on a tear, tweeting nuns

5/17/2018 - Norway has given a cautious approval to Europe’s largest carbon-capture project

5/17/2018 - Donald Trump Jr. said he couldn’t remember or didn’t know 186 times in his Trump Tower meeting testimony

5/17/2018 - China bans trading in cryptocurrencies, but is now ranking them

5/17/2018 - The Cheesecake Factory

5/17/2018 - China’s latest hero is a 69-year-old double amputee who conquered Everest

5/17/2018 - India’s private wealth could triple by 2027—the fastest growth in the world

5/17/2018 - Bitcoin is steroids for fintech startups that big banks are afraid to touch

5/17/2018 - Britain is using simple tax errors as a reason to deport migrants

5/17/2018 - A trade group says Walmart has a “hidden agenda” behind its Flipkart deal

5/17/2018 - Despite India’s crackdown, new cryptocurrency exchanges are still coming

5/17/2018 - Malaysian raids, net neutrality, nun tweets

5/17/2018 - Malaysian raids, net neutrality, nun tweets

5/17/2018 - Inside the bidding war to buy a fifth of India’s steel industry

5/17/2018 - For too long, African languages have been defined by the European colonialists who wrote them

5/17/2018 - Why one of India’s top online beauty retailers chose to go brick-and-mortar

5/17/2018 - Netflix is making dozens of new shows around the world, but Africa is getting left behind

5/16/2018 - The White House is discussing replacements for homeland security chief Kirstjen Nielsen

5/16/2018 - Some California cities are siding with Trump on immigration, but it won’t make a difference

5/16/2018 - China-US trade talks, net neutrality, yanny vs. laurel

5/16/2018 - Russia used the NRA to influence the US election, Senate Democrats believe

5/16/2018 - The Senate just voted to reinstate net neutrality. Trump and the House will decide its fate now.

5/16/2018 - Anne Frank didn’t want us to read these newly discovered diary entries. Should we?

5/16/2018 - The Cheesecake Factory

5/16/2018 - China, where Facebook is banned, could make $5 billion for the company this year

5/16/2018 - White House chaos is the reason North Korea talks are faltering, not a fickle dictator

5/16/2018 - Justin Trudeau: “There’s not a religion in the world that asks you to ‘tolerate thy neighbor'”

5/16/2018 - A huge bookstore chain is opening new locations pretending to be indie shops

5/16/2018 - Jack Dorsey joined a company hackathon to get bitcoin in Square

5/16/2018 - These are the countries where Facebook censors the most illegal content

5/16/2018 - These are the names of the 62 people killed in Gaza on Monday

5/16/2018 - Thanks for bringing us on the bus, Tom Wolfe

5/16/2018 - Is it fair to accuse “Bohemian Rhapsody” of straight-washing Freddie Mercury?

5/16/2018 - It’s a myth that adults can’t become fluent in a new language

5/16/2018 - The US has more baby names than ever—but they all sound the same

5/16/2018 - Taking a break is part of your job

5/16/2018 - Pinterest is redesigning biased algorithms to make its search more inclusive

5/16/2018 - Even Macy’s is surprised at how well Macy’s is doing

5/16/2018 - If you hear Yanny, you are wrong

5/16/2018 - Germany’s FlixBus wants to take over the US by making long-distance bus travel cool

5/16/2018 - Is that destination wedding worth the trip? Our chatbot can help you decide

5/16/2018 - A cautionary tale for founders looking to launch a startup with an MVP

5/16/2018 - Africa’s business schools need to be locally relevant and globally competitive

5/16/2018 - Yale student Lolade Siyonbola has a solution to the systemic problem that got her interrogated for a nap

5/16/2018 - MoviePass, desperate to prove itself, is adding a bunch of new features

5/16/2018 - Meghan Markle’s mixed-race marriage isn’t unusual in the UK

5/16/2018 - Emotional labor

5/16/2018 - Emotional labor

5/16/2018 - It’s hard to tell if it’s Americans or Britons who care more about Britain’s Royal Wedding

5/16/2018 - Japan’s longest run of economic growth in nearly 30 years is over

5/16/2018 - Europe is paying to keep young Gambians from trying to cross the Mediterranean

5/16/2018 - How high will interest rates go? History offers some clues

5/16/2018 - The habits that encourage creativity, according to Questlove

5/16/2018 - Uber drivers make about as much money as minimum wage workers

5/16/2018 - The first humans sent to Mars could need to 3D print their meals

5/16/2018 - Forests are growing again where human well-being is increasing, finds new study

5/16/2018 - China’s ride-hailing giant is offering to make passengers feel safer by recording them

5/16/2018 - Full text: North Korea calls John Bolton repugnant and threatens to bail on summit with Trump

5/16/2018 - A new standard work contract aims to protect freelancers from sexual harassment

5/16/2018 - Net neutrality vote, North Korea’s about-face, yanny vs. laurel

5/16/2018 - The economic gut punch to Europe of ending the Iran deal, charted

5/16/2018 - The way scientists define climate goals has given the world a false sense of hope

5/16/2018 - Emotional labor

5/16/2018 - A company that sold 300,000 bitcoin mining rigs last year is seeking the largest crypto IPO ever

5/16/2018 - North Korea’s sudden “unpredictable” frostiness was entirely predictable

5/16/2018 - Soccer’s brightest star is helping elevate the positive symbolism of Ramadan

5/16/2018 - One of Mumbai’s most prolific historians is a retired cop with endless tales of true heroes

5/16/2018 - Netflix wants to save Indians from crap on TV with its big-budget shows

5/16/2018 - Sorry, but Twitter still doesn’t recognize Swahili as a language

5/16/2018 - Satellite images reveal which countries cheat on their economic statistics

5/16/2018 - How Nigerian startup founders cope with the stigma of failure in an unforgiving market

5/16/2018 - India wants to maximise renewables production with solar-wind-hybrid plants

5/16/2018 - Can Tupac help a nation turn away from radical Islam?

5/16/2018 - Anwar Ibrahim’s release, North Korea’s about-face, yanny vs. laurel

5/16/2018 - Anwar Ibrahim’s release, North Korea’s about-face, yanny vs. laurel

5/16/2018 - Over 200,000 young girls die every year in India because of sheer neglect

5/15/2018 - Erection wine and penis fish: The changing perceptions of “manly foods” in South Korea

5/15/2018 - The biggest bitcoin miner is turning into a venture-capital juggernaut

5/15/2018 - “Laurel” versus “Yanny” is a timely reminder that all human experience is subjective, my dudes

5/15/2018 - The ultimate royal wedding drinking game

5/15/2018 - North Korea suspends talks, WTO Airbus ruling, Japan’s whiskey shortage

5/15/2018 - Trump has to declare any payments to Stormy Daniels today, legal experts say

5/15/2018 - Yanny or Laurel solved: Check out these waveforms

5/15/2018 - “Unbranded” luxury items in China are like knockoffs, with one vital difference

5/15/2018 - Why does Meghan Markle need anyone to walk her down the aisle?

5/15/2018 - Emotional labor

5/15/2018 - Why Adobe is giving designers its UX design software for free

5/15/2018 - The US government wants to start charging for the best free satellite data on earth

5/15/2018 - Data disproves the idea that Central American immigrants in the US don’t assimilate

5/15/2018 - Tom Wolfe has died, but his zingers are eternal

5/15/2018 - Are people who don’t use Facebook more productive?

5/15/2018 - Spike Lee may finally get his long-overdue Cannes recognition this year

5/15/2018 - Drawing swords with Spain, Catalonia’s new president vows to put Carles Puigdemont back in power

5/15/2018 - The global fishing industry casts an otherworldly light when seen from space

5/15/2018 - How to name your company, according to the go-to gurus of startup branding

5/15/2018 - The reason it’s so hard to ask for help

5/15/2018 - Netflix will have a crazy number of original series and movies this year

5/15/2018 - Watch a massive asteroid fly past Earth in its closest encounter in 300 years

5/15/2018 - A helpful guide to all of the ways your career has stalled

5/15/2018 - A lot more Americans are naming their babies Melania and Ivanka. Donald, not so much

5/15/2018 - 20 words that make it harder for people to understand you at work

5/15/2018 - Regulators have blown up bitcoin trade in Africa’s most active crypto currency market

5/15/2018 - The Queer Eye-Great British Baking Show crossover you didn’t know you were living for

5/15/2018 - Musk

5/15/2018 - Musk

5/15/2018 - Facebook is revealing data on how good it is at moderating content, but the numbers have holes

5/15/2018 - On Cannes’ red carpet, the regressive tyranny of the stiletto still reigns

5/15/2018 - Trump’s foreign policy looks a lot like Rapture Christians’ plan to welcome the apocalypse

5/15/2018 - Did Trump blink on China to help ZTE, or his own business?

5/15/2018 - Aparna Nancherla: How depression led to stand-up comedy

5/15/2018 - That was quick: Europe’s growth spurt has already stalled out

5/15/2018 - Google’s almost-human Duplex is designed to keep us in the virtual world

5/15/2018 - Oil and gas companies don’t want “oil” or “gas” in their names

5/15/2018 - The best conversation topics for dinner parties, according to experts

5/15/2018 - Randi Zuckerberg’s remarkably simple advice for achieving your daily goals

5/15/2018 - Whoever wins Karnataka will inherit one of India’s strongest state economies

5/15/2018 - Tourism’s carbon footprint is going from bad to worse

5/15/2018 - “The North has resources”: Legendary fund manager Mark Mobius says he’d invest in North Korea

5/15/2018 - Ecotourism is being used to displace one of East Africa’s long-standing indigenous people

5/15/2018 - Many American men are disappointed with fatherhood. It doesn’t have to be this way.

5/15/2018 - Money will attract millennials to jobs, but it won’t make them loyal

5/15/2018 - Uber is done demanding silence on sexual harassment

5/15/2018 - US-China trade talks, Seattle’s company tax, meat rocks

5/15/2018 - Japan is battling a severe whiskey shortage, so hold on to your most expensive bottles

5/15/2018 - Musk

5/15/2018 - The music of Fela Kuti, teaching African law and the fight against international corruption

5/15/2018 - Finally, heads are beginning to roll in India’s biggest bank fraud case

5/15/2018 - Tesla is setting up shop where the real money is in electric cars: China

5/15/2018 - Could clean hydrogen power UK’s zero-emissions future?

5/15/2018 - US-China trade talks, Gaza fallout, meat rocks

5/15/2018 - US-China trade talks, Gaza fallout, meat rocks

5/15/2018 - Why a 100-year-old Indian company is investing billions into renewable energy

5/15/2018 - Stray dogs have killed 13 children in Indian villages. No one knows why

5/15/2018 - Why Bengaluru’s techies don’t care about the Karnataka elections

5/14/2018 - A mysterious group is publicly shaming Pennsylvania residents with their voting records

5/14/2018 - A bitcoin believer would bet anything that “blockchain tech” won’t last five years

5/14/2018 - China talks trade with the US, protests in Jerusalem, meat-rocks

5/14/2018 - How to watch the 2018 Royal Wedding on TV and online

5/14/2018 - Tesla was always a bet on Elon Musk—and now it’s even more of one

5/14/2018 - The US Supreme Court’s new sports-gambling decision is all about states’ rights

5/14/2018 - Two US senators are calling for an investigation into Google’s tracking of Android phones

5/14/2018 - You’ll soon be able to use augmented reality to try on sneakers

5/14/2018 - Musk

5/14/2018 - The case for teaching every kid to play a musical instrument—for free

5/14/2018 - “Westworld” satirized tech bros’ quest for eternal life

5/14/2018 - How trans fat fell from grace to become a foodie villain

5/14/2018 - The key to fixing inequality in education? Teach kids to be curious

5/14/2018 - A jumping spider named Kim might help us build flying robots

5/14/2018 - The female scientist who identified the greenhouse-gas effect never got the credit

5/14/2018 - Meet the salty plumes driving one Congressman on a crusade to Jupiter

5/14/2018 - Spain is cracking down hard on Airbnb, just in time for tourist season

5/14/2018 - Banks are already bumping up against the limits of AI in lending decisions

5/14/2018 - All the countries attending Israel’s gala for the new US embassy in Jerusalem

5/14/2018 - Africa’s fintech industry has scored another big-ticket investment win

5/14/2018 - The US has a salmonella outbreak caused by eggs, leading to the largest recall since 2010

5/14/2018 - An Australian regulator is investigating what Google knows about Android users

5/14/2018 - Rome’s buses are mysteriously spontaneously combusting

5/14/2018 - Applying for jobs on Indeed? You may need to take a test first

5/14/2018 - Virtual reality gaming technology is being used to test for fear of heights and could save lives

5/14/2018 - Tim Cook honored his friend Steve Jobs with a powerful plea for fearlessness

5/14/2018 - These foods will lower your risk of heart disease

5/14/2018 - Facebook has suspended 200 apps as it investigates misuse of data

5/14/2018 - 41 deaths and 128 angry countries: The true cost of Trump’s bargain embassy in Jerusalem

5/14/2018 - Photos: Israel rains bullets on protestors as Ivanka Trump opens Jerusalem’s new US embassy

5/14/2018 - The subtle art of forming valuable, life-long friendships

5/14/2018 - Why introverts might actually be better networkers

5/14/2018 - Apple is facing a class-action lawsuit over faulty keyboards in its MacBook laptops

5/14/2018 - Linguistic analysis shows oil companies are giving up on climate change

5/14/2018 - Uber reportedly rejected Michael Cohen multiple times

5/14/2018 - How to meditate at work when there’s no quiet place

5/14/2018 - All the reasons crude oil might go back to $100 a barrel

5/14/2018 - Depression diagnosis is up 33% in the US, and that’s a good thing

5/14/2018 - Algorithms are making the same mistakes assessing credit scores that humans did a century ago

5/14/2018 - Qualcomm and other pawns of the US-China tech spat see hope after a weird Trump tweet

5/14/2018 - Jerusalem embassy opens, Trump rescues ZTE, universal mom fibs

5/14/2018 - The richest family in the world beat the Koch brothers, Bezos, Gates, and Buffett

5/14/2018 - The harrowing reality of getting and working on an H-1B in Trump’s America

5/14/2018 - What we already know about Walmart’s plans for Flipkart

5/14/2018 - A woman is challenging Japan’s resistance to immigrants by helping foreigners find work

5/14/2018 - Nigeria has produced some of the world’s best authors—so why is its reading culture so poor?

5/14/2018 - India’s bad-loan crisis is so dire that one bank is now banned from lending money

5/14/2018 - Italy’s coalition, Iraq’s election results, existential self-help

5/14/2018 - Italy’s coalition, Iraq’s election results, existential self-help

5/14/2018 - Extreme weather in India has killed over 70 people in a day

5/14/2018 - What Indian banks still don’t understand about fraud

5/13/2018 - US embassy in Jerusalem, Trump vows to save ZTE, existential self-help

5/13/2018 - Salma Hayek’s call for male pay cuts misses a crucial point about value and respect

5/13/2018 - The richest hedge fund manager in Britain bumped up his wealth by $813 million last year

5/13/2018 - Amy Schumer delivers a Saturday Night Live monologue fit for Mother’s Day

5/13/2018 - “I was Mormon. I am gay.”

5/13/2018 - We have a long history of portraying the horrors of war in creative ways—VR will be next

5/13/2018 - Winter is for epics, summer for beach page-turners. How to read in the spring

5/13/2018 - 40 isn’t the new 30, and that’s good news

5/13/2018 - Minimalism is boring, and other lessons I learned from my mom’s closet

5/13/2018 - The wisdom of carrying good luck charms, talismans and gris-gris

5/13/2018 - Angry American moms have had it up to here with gun violence

5/13/2018 - What it means to be a “good mom” to your adult daughter

5/13/2018 - Jean-Paul Sartre was the original self-help guru

5/13/2018 - These lush 100-year-old drawings of the brain are still used by medical students

5/13/2018 - Are ebooks dying or thriving? The answer is yes

5/13/2018 - 23 American mothers on what it’s like to go back to work after maternity leave

5/13/2018 - African online privacy, Chinese loans, Nigerians love Canada

5/13/2018 - What a white guy with a black puppet taught South Africa about white privilege

5/13/2018 - Chinese debt doesn’t have to be a problem for African countries

5/12/2018 - Finland’s rank as the world’s happiest country is very upsetting in Finland

5/12/2018 - Being a mom in the US is dangerous—and wildly expensive

5/12/2018 - “For the vacation people think you’re going on”: an ad agency’s response to maternity leave misconceptions

5/12/2018 - It’s not just Trump. The US has always broken its treaties, pacts and promises

5/12/2018 - The twisted legal logic behind Trump’s decision to separate immigrant children from parents

5/12/2018 - Silvio Berlusconi can run for office in Italy again, thanks to his “good conduct”

5/12/2018 - Price tags

5/12/2018 - Price tags

5/12/2018 - Neuroscience shows listening to music has kind of the same effect as meditation

5/12/2018 - It’s Google’s turn to ask the questions

5/12/2018 - This Mother’s Day, give moms the gift of emotional labor

5/12/2018 - A letter to moms on all the ways you’re absolutely not screwing up your kids

5/12/2018 - Instead of getting a Mother’s Day gift, try listening to your mom for once

5/12/2018 - Weekend edition—Trump’s madman strategy, shorting MoviePass, Japan’s economic miracle

5/12/2018 - Treadmills were originally designed to punish prisoners

5/12/2018 - Price tags

5/12/2018 - How Argentina went from selling 100-year bonds to an IMF rescue in a matter of months

5/12/2018 - Scientists studied Eurovision to find out if competing makes countries happier

5/12/2018 - The private jets and Rolls Royce of Gambia’s ex-dictator are being sold to pay the debt he left

5/12/2018 - Weekend edition—Trump’s madman strategy, shorting MoviePass, Japan’s economic miracle

5/12/2018 - Weekend edition—Trump’s madman strategy, shorting MoviePass, Japan’s economic miracle

5/11/2018 - Weekend edition—Trump’s madman strategy, shorting MoviePass, Japan’s economic miracle

5/11/2018 - Trump blames “global freeloading” for costly US drugs. That’s not the problem

5/11/2018 - The US government demands that the post office lose a lot of money

5/11/2018 - To understand America’s race issue, look at its fast-food chains

5/11/2018 - An oral history of what happened when the Quartz office internet went down

5/11/2018 - Price tags

5/11/2018 - Boston Dynamics is going to start selling its creepy robots in 2019

5/11/2018 - Scientists are using drones to capture the mucus that whales exhale through their blowhole

5/11/2018 - After ceding climate leadership, the US is now forgoing its role as global-health leader

5/11/2018 - Utah parents can now raise their kids “free-range”

5/11/2018 - DR Congo and its neighbors are in a race against time to beat a new deadly Ebola outbreak

5/11/2018 - If AT&T had paid off Michael Cohen in a foreign country, it would be in deep 💩

5/11/2018 - Alarm bells should be going off in Canada’s STEM industry

5/11/2018 - Google wants you to use its products less so it doesn’t end up like Facebook

5/11/2018 - Everything you need to know about Eurovision—and its decades of glorious camp

5/11/2018 - The court battles between Adidas and Skechers are turning ugly

5/11/2018 - North Koreans are proud of their country’s nuclear weapons

5/11/2018 - Photos: Vladimir Putin takes to the ice in a rare display of teamwork

5/11/2018 - An Australian scientist’s “rational suicide” stirs international controversy

5/11/2018 - Quartzy: The begin afresh edition

5/11/2018 - Quartzy: The begin afresh edition

5/11/2018 - Netflix bigger than Comcast, Cape Town water crisis, most popular iPhone app

5/11/2018 - Earworms

5/11/2018 - Earworms

5/11/2018 - Elon Musk doesn’t seem to care about investor conference calls—and he shouldn’t

5/11/2018 - “Big mistake”: Heads are rolling at AT&T over payments to Michael Cohen

5/11/2018 - The richest young entrepreneur in Britain is 30 and made his millions in sporting goods

5/11/2018 - China’s internet is fuming after a ride-hailing giant’s tacky response to a female passenger’s murder

5/11/2018 - Guess how many of the world’s biggest companies have 1/3 women in the C-Suite? No, lower

5/11/2018 - For 10 years, students in Texas have used a history textbook that says not all slaves were unhappy

5/11/2018 - Maybe companies are just doing blockchain wrong

5/11/2018 - Babies would rather talk to other babies than listen to your baby talk

5/11/2018 - Apple is battling Amazon to control the future of TV bundles

5/11/2018 - The 82 words that could shape the future of clean meat

5/11/2018 - After five years of failure, hedge funds are beating the stock market again

5/11/2018 - The most important books for economists aren’t academic ones

5/11/2018 - Iraq’s election, Volvo’s IPO, pairing fish with cheese

5/11/2018 - Wall Street is moving into the bitcoin market. So why aren’t prices rising?

5/11/2018 - Earworms

5/11/2018 - What Walmart bought for $16 billion: a sliver of India and a lot of hope

5/11/2018 - Avengers: “Green Fatty” and “Iron Can” are set to smash China’s box-office records

5/11/2018 - Never mind the US, these Chinese smartphone brands are huge in Europe

5/11/2018 - Discontent over GST helped fell Malaysia’s ruling party. Should Modi worry?

5/11/2018 - Kenya heads into space with the launch of its first home-designed cube satellite

5/11/2018 - Nigeria’s stressed-out middle-class is trying to leave in droves and the destination is Canada

5/11/2018 - No one—not even China—can compete against India for H-1B visas

5/11/2018 - Iraq’s election, Trump’s pharma speech, tree sleep

5/11/2018 - Iraq’s election, Trump’s pharma speech, tree sleep

5/11/2018 - The revolution won’t wait: AI enthusiasm rises, but adoption lags

5/11/2018 - Investing in AI is a goal for most business leaders. So what’s the hold up?

5/11/2018 - US investors simply don’t get why Walmart bought Flipkart: “It makes zero sense”

5/11/2018 - Europe’s biggest singing contest just stood up to Chinese censorship of LGBT content

5/11/2018 - A weaker rupee will help and hurt these sectors of the Indian economy

5/10/2018 - You can now see exactly how creepy all the Facebook Russia ads were, down to the specific targeting

5/10/2018 - The White House’s plan for AI is to not have a plan for AI

5/10/2018 - Iraq’s election, Trump and Kim set a date, tree sleep

5/10/2018 - The 25 brands Americans love most, according to a new survey

5/10/2018 - Facebook and Google have banned ads ahead of Ireland’s abortion referendum

5/10/2018 - Elon Musk wants to launch the same rocket to orbit twice in a single day

5/10/2018 - Earworms

5/10/2018 - Watch SpaceX launch Bangladesh’s first satellite on a redesigned rocket

5/10/2018 - The perfect logic of holding a US-North Korea summit in Singapore

5/10/2018 - Wall Street is so sure MoviePass will fail, it’s become incredibly expensive to short

5/10/2018 - The secret to packing a perfect carry-on is to never fully unpack

5/10/2018 - California’s new solar mandate for homes is hastening the inevitable grid “defection day”

5/10/2018 - The romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak has spread to more than half the continental US

5/10/2018 - A gun maker has been pushed by investors to issue a safety report on its products

5/10/2018 - To see how Asia’s manufacturing map is being redrawn, look at Nike and Adidas

5/10/2018 - The case against spending money on Mother’s Day

5/10/2018 - Apple is reportedly working on a new credit card

5/10/2018 - The futuristic safety reason behind why UPS electric trucks are so adorable

5/10/2018 - If it takes more than a month to hire someone, you’ve already lost your top pick

5/10/2018 - The rapidly evolving state of US-North Korea relations, in two photos

5/10/2018 - This year’s Venice Biennale will include a gay cruising pavilion

5/10/2018 - The white woman who called the cops on a black Yale student is waking the US to an ugly truth

5/10/2018 - What the controversial Confederate Memorial Day would be in other countries

5/10/2018 - Big oil companies have gained $35 billion in value since the US quit the Iran deal

5/10/2018 - Google’s engineers say that “magic spells” are ruining AI research

5/10/2018 - There’s a dark side to friendships at work

5/10/2018 - Even the swamp has rules, DC lobbyists say. Michael Cohen didn’t play by them

5/10/2018 - The world’s most prolific selfie-takers are using selfies for political protest

5/10/2018 - This 5-minute thought exercise will help you define your purpose

5/10/2018 - Electric scooters

5/10/2018 - Electric scooters

5/10/2018 - Here’s how Alibaba helps US brands reach a half-billion consumers in China

5/10/2018 - Alibaba helps US brands, big and small, gain an edge in the China market

5/10/2018 - More than 40 people are dead after a dam collapsed during floods in Kenya

5/10/2018 - All the charts that show South Africa’s inequality is only getting worse

5/10/2018 - The improbable rise of America’s hottest VC

5/10/2018 - SpaceX debuts the Block 5 rocket it will use to launch humans in space

5/10/2018 - Are activists the new celebrities?

5/10/2018 - The strange thing about America’s historically low unemployment rate

5/10/2018 - It’s taken six years and $27 billion for RBS to pay for its crisis-era sins

5/10/2018 - The scientific reason your dog eats its own poop

5/10/2018 - Sex manuals still push these five shockingly old-fashioned ideas

5/10/2018 - A century-old South African newspaper company is one of the world’s most savvy tech investors

5/10/2018 - Startups like Uber decimated taxi companies. Rental cars are next

5/10/2018 - 19 US states allow corporal punishment in preschools

5/10/2018 - From Charles Darwin to Arianna Huffington, influential thinkers have long obsessed over sleep

5/10/2018 - If you want Facebook to stop targeting you for ads, follow these instructions

5/10/2018 - Maximize your vacation this summer with a stopover ticket

5/10/2018 - Presidents often upend US foreign policy. It’s what Trump does next that really matters.

5/10/2018 - To advance in self-driving, China depends on US technology

5/10/2018 - North Korea prisoners released, Argentina’s IMF appeal, ancient viruses

5/10/2018 - Why Walmart bought Flipkart, according to Walmart

5/10/2018 - Scientists want to search for life on Jupiter’s moon. They’re starting in Antarctic oceans.

5/10/2018 - Buying Flipkart was the easy part. The real test for Walmart starts now

5/10/2018 - Electric scooters

5/10/2018 - Marvel’s first Chinese superheroes are coming—and here are their superpowers

5/10/2018 - A Walmart pundit warns India: “You don’t ever win in a competition with Walmart”

5/10/2018 - Malaysia’s shock election, Argentina meets the IMF, Irn-Bru ban

5/10/2018 - Malaysia’s shock election, Argentina meets the IMF, Irn-Bru ban

5/10/2018 - China is sending the tycoon who bought the Waldorf Astoria to prison for nearly 20 years

5/10/2018 - India’s largest renewable power company is set to go public

5/10/2018 - The Walmart-Flipkart deal is unlikely to make Amazon back down in India

5/9/2018 - The deeper problem with pressuring North Korea versus Iran: tunnels

5/9/2018 - Southeast Asian governments almost never lose elections. Malaysia’s just did

5/9/2018 - Paul McCartney remains the richest person in the music industry in Britain

5/9/2018 - Autonomous drone deliveries are coming to the US, without Amazon

5/9/2018 - Korea’s hot new tourist trend: Copying Kim and Moon’s historic handshake

5/9/2018 - Malaysia’s election results, North Korea releases prisoners, ancient STIs

5/9/2018 - Giving your dog the wrong food could end up making you sick, too

5/9/2018 - The Met’s new costume exhibit is a dive into the “inherent carnality” of Catholicism

5/9/2018 - Chart: Putin’s dwindling optimism about Russia becoming the fifth largest economy

5/9/2018 - All the money going in and out of Michael Cohen’s secret shell firm

5/9/2018 - You can download a free Fortnite loot package right now with Twitch Prime

5/9/2018 - Electric scooters

5/9/2018 - Follow Netflix’s rise from tech startup to media giant rivaling Comcast

5/9/2018 - Read the email AT&T sent to employees about the $800,000 it paid Trump’s lawyer

5/9/2018 - This image from space is a record of Hawaii’s past volcanic eruptions

5/9/2018 - How to launch your career right, according to the dean of Kellogg School of Management

5/9/2018 - By breaking the Iran deal, Trump is alienating the US’s biggest foreign investors

5/9/2018 - The animal kingdom’s top predators are starting to reclaim old territories

5/9/2018 - How to chart the price of a trip to Mars

5/9/2018 - The oldest virus ever found is an STI

5/9/2018 - The latest Ebola outbreak in DR Congo has left 17 dead

5/9/2018 - How AI will impact the future of work, as explained by pop music

5/9/2018 - Glassdoor’s sale for $1.2 billion shows how desperate we are to find better jobs

5/9/2018 - Google is, um, trying to get AI to talk as awkwardly as, like, humans

5/9/2018 - Jay-Z’s Tidal has been accused of faking Kanye West and Beyoncé streaming numbers

5/9/2018 - How the Catholic Church evolved to outlast the Nazis

5/9/2018 - The growing membership of a China-led development bank challenges the IMF-World Bank orthodoxy

5/9/2018 - Should nations close the high seas to fishing?

5/9/2018 - The Rock gets $1 million to tweet about his movies because he’s a business genius

5/9/2018 - How to design teams to improve almost any decision-making process

5/9/2018 - Flipkart co-founder pockets an estimated $800 million from Walmart deal

5/9/2018 - Why you never have enough time, a history

5/9/2018 - Remittances to Africa cost far too much—more competition would change that

5/9/2018 - DNA testing

5/9/2018 - DNA testing

5/9/2018 - Immigrants’ chances of getting arrested depend on where they live in the US

5/9/2018 - In 2040, cash and credit cards will be relics of the past

5/9/2018 - We know how to make programs that help poor kids. The hard part is scaling up

5/9/2018 - Taiwan’s laws on language are showing China what it means to be a modern, inclusive country

5/9/2018 - Hawaii pledges to become carbon neutral by 2045—the most ambitious goal of any US state

5/9/2018 - A decade later, Walmart’s secret e-commerce dreams in India are coming true

5/9/2018 - Scientists have developed a new plastic that can be recycled infinitely

5/9/2018 - Disney confirms Marvel’s Avengers franchise could go on infinitely

5/9/2018 - Three states have authorized an execution protocol for which there is no known research

5/9/2018 - Once evenly split, the share of Christian refugees admitted to the US now far exceeds Muslims

5/9/2018 - A timeline of Flipkart’s meteoric rise from humble beginnings to acquisition by Walmart

5/9/2018 - Iran deal fallout, Malaysia’s election, jumping spiders

5/9/2018 - Walmart is buying India’s Flipkart in a $16 billion deal

5/9/2018 - There are now almost as many equity funds as there are stocks for them to invest in

5/9/2018 - DNA testing

5/9/2018 - Authoritarian leader seeks same for laughs, deep conversation, long walks on the beach

5/9/2018 - Africa’s desperate youth are getting high on opioids and anything they can get their hands on

5/9/2018 - Japan’s biggest fashion chain is finally coming to India

5/9/2018 - The US-China tech war has forced a Chinese smartphone maker to halt production

5/9/2018 - How Cape Town delayed its water-shortage disaster—at least until 2019

5/9/2018 - Malaysia election, Trump dumps Iran deal, music for crocodiles

5/9/2018 - Malaysia election, Trump dumps Iran deal, music for crocodiles

5/9/2018 - India feels hotter than ever, but this summer may not be as bad as last year’s

5/9/2018 - Cheap renewable energy is killing India’s coal-based power plants

5/8/2018 - How Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran deal will hurt India

5/8/2018 - Donald Trump’s lawyer got $500,000 from a Russian oligarch’s firm: Here’s what we know

5/8/2018 - Malaysians are routing cash and logistics support through Facebook so they can go home and vote

5/8/2018 - Almost everyone overseeing the future of Facebook’s products is a white man

5/8/2018 - Trump dumps Iran deal, Congo Ebola outbreak, music for crocodiles

5/8/2018 - Babies took over Capitol Hill to rally for paid family leave and affordable childcare

5/8/2018 - Let Obama explain to you why getting out of the Iran deal is a bad idea

5/8/2018 - DNA testing

5/8/2018 - The FDA has adopted rules for restaurants to print calorie counts on menus

5/8/2018 - Trump’s Iran sanctions are a bitter blow for giant European companies

5/8/2018 - Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is belching out sulfur dioxide at potentially dangerous levels

5/8/2018 - Everything Google announced at its 2018 I/O developers conference

5/8/2018 - Google’s new mindblowing AI can negotiate your appointments for you with real people

5/8/2018 - The 20 most interesting business school classes in the world, with links to their syllabi

5/8/2018 - There’s a new technology matrix for health and wellness

5/8/2018 - Digital products have transformed our relationship with fitness

5/8/2018 - You probably don’t appreciate dinosaurs nearly enough

5/8/2018 - Thanks to Gangnam style, Seoul leads the globe for rocketing luxury-house prices

5/8/2018 - What to do when an employee reports sexual harassment

5/8/2018 - Quitting the Iran deal cements America’s place outside the global order

5/8/2018 - How train travel put the whole world on the clock

5/8/2018 - Trump’s threats to Iran have made rising oil prices a winning bet this year

5/8/2018 - Apple is one Kraft-Heinz away from becoming a trillion-dollar company

5/8/2018 - Will Iran build a nuclear bomb?

5/8/2018 - Paper jams

5/8/2018 - Paper jams

5/8/2018 - The rise in SUVs is linked to a surge in pedestrian deaths

5/8/2018 - The three requirements of true generosity

5/8/2018 - Here’s how to make Alexa the default assistant on an Android phone

5/8/2018 - Ethiopian Airlines is unstoppable with its plans to take over Africa’s skies

5/8/2018 - If Trump withdraws from the Iran deal, a nuclear bomb isn’t your main concern

5/8/2018 - The most buzzed about brand at the Met Gala was…Coach?

5/8/2018 - Two new movies capture the ancient bond between horses and humans

5/8/2018 - The CEO of IDEO explains how your “creative capacity” is the key to surviving automation

5/8/2018 - All new homes in California may soon have solar panels

5/8/2018 - Baby boomers are divorcing for surprisingly old-fashioned reasons

5/8/2018 - Support your local corporate behemoth bookstore

5/8/2018 - China’s new chip investment fund shows how US penalties on Chinese firms can backfire

5/8/2018 - In terms of lives lost, police violence ranks high on the list of US public health issues

5/8/2018 - The world’s most popular iPhone app isn’t Facebook or WhatsApp

5/8/2018 - Iran deal deadline, “Black Panther” bump, Google’s carbon footprint

5/8/2018 - With another $50 million in the tank, Bira plans to flood India with more beer

5/8/2018 - Paper jams

5/8/2018 - A year after imploding, Snapdeal is shedding flab to get back in shape

5/8/2018 - An Indian exec is set to make a fortune when Xiaomi goes public

5/8/2018 - Nothing seems to be going right for Indian banks—except stock prices

5/8/2018 - Germany’s falling crime, China’s booming trade, astronomical lodging

5/8/2018 - Germany’s falling crime, China’s booming trade, astronomical lodging

5/8/2018 - The man who was once tipped to be the next president of China is now a prisoner for life

5/8/2018 - Africa isn’t ready to protect its citizens personal data even as EU champions digital privacy

5/8/2018 - The attorney general suing Harvey Weinstein has resigned following his own abuse allegations

5/8/2018 - What you should know about the rupee’s slide and what it means for the economy

5/8/2018 - An Ethiopia-backed port is changing power dynamics in the Horn of Africa

5/7/2018 - Nigeria’s president is off to London for his third medical trip in 15 months

5/7/2018 - When the sun dies it will turn into a bright dust ring for 10,000 years

5/7/2018 - China’s trade numbers, Nestlé’s Starbucks deal, nonexistent secret chambers

5/7/2018 - The political message behind Oliver North’s new appointment as NRA president

5/7/2018 - Melania Trump wants to help kids by protecting them from bullies like her husband

5/7/2018 - Google has banned ads for bail bond services

5/7/2018 - The growing drumbeat of “Avengers: Infinity War” spoilers, in daily headlines

5/7/2018 - Paper jams

5/7/2018 - A spectacular destination for astronomy fans is being built in rural Norway

5/7/2018 - Driverless car startup Drive.ai is launching a ride-hailing service in Texas

5/7/2018 - YouTube has an audience the size of a quarter of the world’s population

5/7/2018 - A single traumatic brain injury may double the risk of dementia

5/7/2018 - A Zen Buddhist monk’s simple guide to clean spaces and tidy minds

5/7/2018 - Warren Buffett has the perfect answer for when you don’t want to invest in a friend’s business

5/7/2018 - Global tourism causes nearly a tenth of all greenhouse-gas emissions

5/7/2018 - A Trump appointee finally made restaurants publish calorie counts—just like Obama wanted

5/7/2018 - Partnering with god would be a fitting finale for Anna Wintour’s Vogue years

5/7/2018 - Vladimir Putin will do this alone, thank you very much

5/7/2018 - These are the surprising, fastest-growing African destinations on Airbnb

5/7/2018 - The first woman to interview for an NBA head coaching job proves the value of a great career sponsor

5/7/2018 - “Avengers: Infinity War” could be Disney’s most successful movie yet

5/7/2018 - Leaving the Iran deal would play right into Putin’s hands, says a former US ambassador to Russia

5/7/2018 - What does Trump mean by tweeting that Gina Haspel is “a woman?”

5/7/2018 - Marine protected areas aren’t going to save oceans from the threat of climate change

5/7/2018 - Sprint and T-Mobile would do better if they merged offices, too

5/7/2018 - 126 countries where women face fewer obstacles to abortion than in Iowa

5/7/2018 - The household electrification rate in sub-Saharan Africa is the lowest in the world

5/7/2018 - Kofi Annan on economic inequality: “People are seduced by the siren songs of cynical populists”

5/7/2018 - Fossils of a butchered rhino are upending ideas about when premodern humans appeared in the Philippines

5/7/2018 - Maoism is big in China, but Mao’s grandson isn’t

5/7/2018 - This NYC luxury building has the air-purifying power of 500 trees

5/7/2018 - The best show about adult relationships is a kids’ show about lesbian alien gems

5/7/2018 - NAFTA talks, Nestlé-Starbucks deal, Big Mac record

5/7/2018 - Artistic expression is increasingly being stifled and censored across East Africa

5/7/2018 - One of India’s largest jewellery chains is caught in a stock market spiral

5/7/2018 - Every Google search results in CO2 emissions. This real-time data viz shows how much

5/7/2018 - Students at a top Indian engineering school are protesting tuition fees tripling

5/7/2018 - What is going on with India’s crazy weather?

5/7/2018 - A Chinese phone-maker has cracked the code for success in India: cricket and Bollywood

5/7/2018 - Lebanon’s election results, Buffett on bitcoin, Big Mac record

5/7/2018 - Lebanon’s election results, Buffett on bitcoin, Big Mac record

5/7/2018 - How two Indian startups are using big data to get ahead—and stay there

5/7/2018 - India just can’t figure out how many jobs it has created

5/6/2018 - NAFTA negotiations, Buffett talks bitcoin, Big Mac world record

5/6/2018 - Elon Musk is trolling Warren Buffett over moats and candy

5/6/2018 - Scientists have reconstructed the genome of the first animal that lived 650 million years ago

5/6/2018 - Germans are getting class-action lawsuits—just in time to sue Volkswagen

5/6/2018 - National Basketball Association mascots: Are they your team name or not?

5/6/2018 - Poem: A love letter to my perfectly boring ballet flats

5/6/2018 - Women are finally on the front burner in the new documentary “Heat”

5/6/2018 - The people building the internet trust that Facebook and “Mark” will do the right thing

5/6/2018 - The case for tearing up books

5/6/2018 - A Berkeley professor explains why society needs more troublemakers

5/6/2018 - The art of writing the perfect lullaby

5/6/2018 - Donald Trump—the image, not the man—was all over Frieze this year

5/6/2018 - American libraries are having a #MeToo moment

5/6/2018 - No one knows why we sweat when we’re nervous, but scientists have a gross idea

5/6/2018 - YouTube’s “Karate Kid” reboot is the perfect commentary on the Cobra Kai president

5/6/2018 - R and Python are joining forces, in the most ambitious crossover event of the year—for programmers

5/6/2018 - Watch this: “Killing Eve” is the new show you should be watching in 2018

5/6/2018 - Safaricom goes WeChat, Mogadishu in 3D, private equity’s African exits

5/5/2018 - The US is talking about “great power competition.” What does that mean?

5/5/2018 - Charlie Munger compares cryptocurrencies to “turds” and “dementia”

5/5/2018 - Warren Buffett is not changing his mind on guns

5/5/2018 - Why horses in the Kentucky Derby aren’t getting faster—but humans are

5/5/2018 - The NRA’s biggest contribution to gun control is holding its annual convention

5/5/2018 - Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting

5/5/2018 - Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting

5/5/2018 - The last shop on Earth that still sells the World Book encyclopedia

5/5/2018 - East Africa’s deadly floods are a stark reminder of the region’s poor disaster preparedness

5/5/2018 - US-China tensions are escalating in Africa as lasers are pointed at US planes over Djibouti

5/5/2018 - The newest idea for smartwatch texting looks just like your old flip phone

5/5/2018 - Science can hitch a ride on space startups

5/5/2018 - NASA is going back to Mars, and it’s going deep

5/5/2018 - Does it make financial sense to get married?

5/5/2018 - The obscure tax rule that’s stopping US states from paying teachers more

5/5/2018 - Weekend edition—The ever-expanding space business, America’s big mistake, finding your way

5/5/2018 - Capitalism is unfolding exactly as Karl Marx predicted

5/5/2018 - White people’s bland food isn’t just an internet meme. It’s a centuries-long obsession

5/5/2018 - Even after Brexit, English will remain the language that holds the EU together

5/5/2018 - The first rule of being a woman in crypto is you do not talk about being a woman in crypto

5/5/2018 - You’ve seen Venice’s gondolas. But have you seen its doors?

5/5/2018 - Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting

5/5/2018 - Nigerian lawmakers think paternity leave is a privilege men can’t afford yet

5/5/2018 - Virtual-reality nature documentaries are making safaris more accessible

5/5/2018 - Weekend edition—The ever-expanding space business, America’s big mistake, finding your way

5/4/2018 - Weekend edition—The ever-expanding space business, America’s big mistake, finding your way

5/4/2018 - Weekend edition—The ever-expanding space business, America’s big mistake, finding your way

5/4/2018 - Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting

5/4/2018 - Trump tells the NRA that knives—not guns—turned a London hospital into a “war zone”

5/4/2018 - The dazzling US unemployment rate is hiding a gloomier reality

5/4/2018 - Watch a feminist scholar demonstrate how CEOs should talk about sexual harassment

5/4/2018 - Foot Locker’s CEO says “retail apocalypse” headlines are missing the point

5/4/2018 - Quartzy: the may day edition

5/4/2018 - Quartzy: the may day edition

5/4/2018 - The US jobless rate fell to its lowest level in nearly 18 years, thanks to non-white workers

5/4/2018 - Xiaomi’s massive IPO, Warren Buffet’s bad bet, Africa still in the dark

5/4/2018 - Facebook is exploring a subscription fee

5/4/2018 - Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski have finally been expelled from the film Academy

5/4/2018 - Four models for a modern leader

5/4/2018 - ABBA

5/4/2018 - ABBA

5/4/2018 - Aerial photos show the enormity of Hawaii’s Mount Kilauea eruption

5/4/2018 - There’s now an even cheaper rival to MoviePass

5/4/2018 - Meghan and Harry’s wedding will include an exceedingly rude British habit

5/4/2018 - All the mind-blowing things at a talk called “Things That Will Blow Your Mind”

5/4/2018 - The best way to eat in each decade of your life

5/4/2018 - A third of European cities still don’t care about climate change

5/4/2018 - For oyster farmers, the fight against climate change is personal

5/4/2018 - China’s huge celebrations of Karl Marx are not really about Marxism

5/4/2018 - Philosophers don’t think much of Kanye West’s philosophy

5/4/2018 - Apollo 8 helped America survive 1968—a year remarkably similar to 2018

5/4/2018 - Oracle of Omaha speaks, US trade demands in China, Marx’s birthday bash

5/4/2018 - The 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature has been postponed following a sex scandal

5/4/2018 - Scientists are puzzled why the black patches around pandas’ eyes are turning white

5/4/2018 - ABBA

5/4/2018 - China is paying for Karl Marx’s birthday party in Germany

5/4/2018 - How India’s smartphone mania fuelled Xiaomi’s spectacular rise

5/4/2018 - Banks say they aren’t profitable enough for tech giants to bother with their business

5/4/2018 - How to value cryptocurrencies—in theory, anyway

5/4/2018 - An IIT-Delhi graduate may be in the running to become WhatsApp’s CEO

5/4/2018 - The tide of global capital is turning and India is on the wrong side

5/4/2018 - In the times of dating apps, India’s oldest matrimonial website is still raking in big profits

5/4/2018 - Lebanon’s elections, Alibaba’s earnings, rogue drones

5/4/2018 - Lebanon’s elections, Alibaba’s earnings, rogue drones

5/4/2018 - In an era of smartwatches, one couple wants to revive Bengaluru’s history of watchmaking

5/3/2018 - Alibaba earnings, Volkswagen ex-CEO charges, weak Aussie beer

5/3/2018 - To protect coral reefs, Hawaii is likely to make 3,500 types of sunscreen illegal

5/3/2018 - Dramatic photos show one of Hawaii’s most active volcanos on the brink of eruption

5/3/2018 - Twitter is telling all of its users to change their passwords

5/3/2018 - Amazon is finally cashing in on Alexa

5/3/2018 - ABBA

5/3/2018 - Facebook says it has a tool to detect bias in its artificial intelligence

5/3/2018 - Chrome will now block annoying autoplaying videos

5/3/2018 - ESPN is selling ads based on sports fans’ wildly changing emotions

5/3/2018 - Rudy Giuliani’s television blitz suggests two ways that Trump broke the law

5/3/2018 - Ron Howard crossed “Star Wars” with “Arrested Development” and it works surprisingly well

5/3/2018 - Stock your bar for the summer with 11 easy ingredients

5/3/2018 - A university library moved its books offsite, infuriating visitors

5/3/2018 - The president of the World Bank used “one of the best ploys to get a job” Obama had ever seen

5/3/2018 - A flawed algorithm led the UK to deport thousands of students

5/3/2018 - Adidas is under pressure to ditch Kanye West

5/3/2018 - More young Americans would struggle parting with social media than TV

5/3/2018 - The epic mistake about manufacturing that’s cost Americans millions of jobs

5/3/2018 - The resume

5/3/2018 - The resume

5/3/2018 - You’ve climbed the corporate ladder. What’s next?

5/3/2018 - How to handle that awkward “I know you’re sick” handshake

5/3/2018 - China now has cruise missiles on what started as a “fishermen’s shelter” in the South China Sea

5/3/2018 - The dark side of Brazil’s “right to beauty”

5/3/2018 - The biggest threat to another World Cup being hosted in Africa is Donald Trump

5/3/2018 - Xiaomi can credit its global success to a decidedly anti-Apple strategy

5/3/2018 - NASA successfully tested a nuclear reactor that works in space

5/3/2018 - Google and Amazon’s move to block domain fronting will hurt activists under repressive regimes

5/3/2018 - One-third of white Brits don’t have any friends from an ethnic minority

5/3/2018 - How many more Stormy Daniels are out there?

5/3/2018 - Scientists show how opinions trick your understanding of facts

5/3/2018 - Clean meat can’t replace traditional meat because there’s no such thing as “traditional” food

5/3/2018 - The only thing worse than when Tom Brady doesn’t talk about CTE is when he does

5/3/2018 - San Francisco is officially LGBTQ—but what about black and Chinese?

5/3/2018 - US-China trade talks, Xiaomi’s huge IPO, robo-dog funerals

5/3/2018 - What it’s like to attend a flat-Earth convention

5/3/2018 - Watch: In the world’s largest drone performance, some machines went rogue

5/3/2018 - The resume

5/3/2018 - Is ethereum a security? The answer could upend the crypto world

5/3/2018 - Rural India left hurting as wages drop sharply under Modi government

5/3/2018 - Africa’s tiny opposition parties have a plan to take on the political behemoths in power

5/3/2018 - England votes, Cambridge Analytica folds, robot-dog funerals

5/3/2018 - England votes, Cambridge Analytica folds, robot-dog funerals

5/3/2018 - India added more energy capacity from renewables than coal last year

5/3/2018 - Xiaomi just filed for the world’s biggest IPO since 2014

5/3/2018 - Why a Thai company wants a piece of India’s retail market

5/2/2018 - Millions of Indians’ financial information may have been stolen from an Aadhaar-linking site

5/2/2018 - Elon Musk says he realized the folly of Tesla’s quest for full automation thanks to a “fluff bot”

5/2/2018 - Tesla says its Model 3 production means it will be profitable by the end of 2018

5/2/2018 - The evolution of Bloomberg’s homepage from 2010 to 2018

5/2/2018 - Cambridge Analytica folds, Tesla’s positive loss, robot dog funerals

5/2/2018 - Iron Man went from a B-hero to Marvel’s movie star because he had the best toys

5/2/2018 - Resumes

5/2/2018 - Artichokes are the vegetarian lobster—but are they kosher?

5/2/2018 - Cambridge Analytica is shutting down

5/2/2018 - Paul Ryan has asked Donald Trump to tweet less “more times than I can count”

5/2/2018 - If Southwest has a Boeing 737 problem, the airline industry has a big problem too

5/2/2018 - Zora Neale Hurston’s study of racial dehumanization is 87 years late but still timely

5/2/2018 - Uber’s head of diversity says most people make a mistake when thinking about inclusion

5/2/2018 - We need to stop blaming climate change for conflicts in Africa

5/2/2018 - Stephen King’s ominous “Castle Rock” is Hulu’s entry for show of the summer

5/2/2018 - Trump is hiring Bill Clinton’s impeachment lawyer

5/2/2018 - Why Zara, H&M, Gap, and others are banning mohair

5/2/2018 - Apple’s content business is already the size of two Netflixes

5/2/2018 - The terrifying link between climate change and infectious disease, in one chart

5/2/2018 - You can train yourself to enjoy healthier foods and to feel full before you overeat

5/2/2018 - For one Brazilian, home is a sandcastle on the beach

5/2/2018 - Sainsbury’s singing CEO joins the chorus of executives obsessing over share prices

5/2/2018 - The Health Savings Account (HSA) explainer you never knew you needed

5/2/2018 - The US can eliminate its trade deficit or run the world’s dominant currency—but not both

5/2/2018 - Obsessive fans were right—Häagen Dazs did tweak their vanilla recipe

5/2/2018 - A US tech company promised its H-1B workers $8,000 a month but paid them $800

5/2/2018 - Facebook’s new data sharing policies, translated so a 13-year-old can understand

5/2/2018 - French restaurant culture is about to get a little more American

5/2/2018 - How having multiple jobs impacts your identity

5/2/2018 - Mary Barra’s unexpected advice to people who want a deeply influential mentor

5/2/2018 - Teen magazines

5/2/2018 - Teen magazines

5/2/2018 - All the ways Trump’s closest confidants insult his intelligence

5/2/2018 - Why Wednesday is the best day to work from home

5/2/2018 - The ruins of Somalia’s war could be rebuilt thanks to these digitally preserved 3D models

5/2/2018 - Apple’s share buyback is bigger than most companies in the S&P 500

5/2/2018 - How to tackle a challenge, according to a Paralympian

5/2/2018 - China’s top science institute apologized for kicking off a nuclear project with religious rites

5/2/2018 - The major ingredient in Nigeria’s codeine abuse crisis is corruption at major drug makers

5/2/2018 - When will Tesla run out of cash?

5/2/2018 - A new train line sank an entire London neighborhood by 1 cm in a year

5/2/2018 - Three things GitHub did to de-bro the design of its coders’ space

5/2/2018 - I quit my iPhone habit using WebMD’s advice for dealing with drug addiction

5/2/2018 - AI is the new space race. Here’s what the biggest countries are doing

5/2/2018 - 197 countries are meeting up again for climate talks. Here’s why.

5/2/2018 - CQ is the new IQ: Four tips to boost your cultural intelligence

5/2/2018 - Everyone in India’s startup capital has one question: “What’s going on with Flipkart?”

5/2/2018 - Trump’s top China expert is making his first known trip to China this week

5/2/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg says a legal provision allowed Facebook’s rise, but times have changed

5/2/2018 - Tesla talks money, Apple showers investors, bigger brain cells

5/2/2018 - Foreign students continue to turn away from US universities

5/2/2018 - Photos: China’s surreal, larger-than-life amusement parks

5/2/2018 - Teen magazines

5/2/2018 - Indian flights were the last phone-free bastion. Not anymore

5/2/2018 - Some of the most popular dog breeds in the US are now banned from flying with United

5/2/2018 - India must decide if it hates cryptocurrencies more than a good oil deal

5/2/2018 - A Q&A with India’s tourism minister: “If somebody spends the money, why shouldn’t he get branding?”

5/2/2018 - India’s monuments need all the help they can get. Are private companies the answer?

5/2/2018 - France’s ban on meat names for vegetarian foods has nothing to do with language protectionism

5/2/2018 - The rare sight of women wearing glasses in Korea speaks to its unjust beauty norms

5/2/2018 - Europe’s economy, Facebook’s dating service, crowded airport lounges

5/2/2018 - Europe’s economy, Facebook’s dating service, crowded airport lounges

5/2/2018 - If you want to help the poor when visiting India, skip the package tour

5/2/2018 - The bidding war for one of India’s top hospital chains could get ugly

5/1/2018 - Create jobs, be affordable: A conversation with the people bringing Hyperloop to India

5/1/2018 - Apple doesn’t care if you don’t want the iPhone X

5/1/2018 - “We will keep building:” At F8, Mark Zuckerberg breezed past Facebook’s transgressions

5/1/2018 - iPhone sales bump, Facebook’s dating service, crowded airport lounges

5/1/2018 - Snap didn’t deliver and now its stock is paying the price

5/1/2018 - Black kids are disproportionately disciplined in American public schools

5/1/2018 - Teen magazines

5/1/2018 - Ashley Judd says everyone should know this acronym in the #MeToo era

5/1/2018 - All the times Donald Trump shouldn’t have tweeted that: Mueller edition

5/1/2018 - Swarm may have to answer for launching satellites without US permission

5/1/2018 - This is what happens when Facebook even thinks of getting into your business

5/1/2018 - Blue Apron gave its former CEO a big raise to stop doing the job

5/1/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg can’t visit the UK unless he testifies before Parliament

5/1/2018 - This is one way Lyft is definitely better than Uber

5/1/2018 - Ezra Klein explains why men are “so shit at friendship”

5/1/2018 - Facebook is unveiling a new VR headset that’s definitely not distracting from anything else

5/1/2018 - Make NSYNC your 2018 spring soundtrack

5/1/2018 - A new study shows a surprising relationship between a mom’s age and her kid’s health

5/1/2018 - The best US high schools aren’t as good as they think they are

5/1/2018 - Tiny hotels are hospitality’s new sweet spot

5/1/2018 - Trump used Buhari’s visit to rally his Evangelical base, but stirred Nigerian Christians instead

5/1/2018 - Britain just passed a sweeping crackdown on the world’s most notorious tax havens

5/1/2018 - Netanyahu’s Iran “bombshell” is a lie. The White House is embracing it anyway

5/1/2018 - How Venezuelans became some of the unhappiest people in the world

5/1/2018 - Zippers

5/1/2018 - Zippers

5/1/2018 - When it comes to success, your friends are just as important as your skills

5/1/2018 - Facebook Stories could be key to the company’s entire future

5/1/2018 - The simple mantra that helped Levi’s turn its business around

5/1/2018 - Pandora tested listeners’ tolerance for ads by experimenting on 35 million users

5/1/2018 - The secret to Laszlo Bock’s Humu startup is emotional labor

5/1/2018 - How a “tech light” day helps my tech company be more productive

5/1/2018 - Morgan Stanley’s message to young staffers captures every big workplace trend in one memo

5/1/2018 - Anthony Scaramucci’s hedge fund sale has been blocked amid fears of Chinese influence

5/1/2018 - We are way too optimistic about how long we’ll live

5/1/2018 - A new physics discovery could change the game for quantum computing

5/1/2018 - Why does it still take six hours to fly across the US?

5/1/2018 - How Tesla “shot itself in the foot” by trying to hyper-automate its factory

5/1/2018 - Is $100 million becoming the new minimum auction price for fine art?

5/1/2018 - Psychologists tried to figure out: Is one space or two after a period better?

5/1/2018 - Today’s emoji originated from pixelated symbols designed for pagers

5/1/2018 - A billionaire philanthropist says it’s time to put an economic value on human health

5/1/2018 - Apple earnings, US tariffs deferred, chess chaos

5/1/2018 - Facebook wants to measure the cost of internet shutdowns on Africa’s informal economy

5/1/2018 - In an era of changing work, how will your job define who you are?

5/1/2018 - We’re about to find out if the iPhone X really is the future of Apple

5/1/2018 - All the human flaws and biases that prevent you from managing money better

5/1/2018 - Zippers

5/1/2018 - How Trump’s dramatic trade threats stacked up to reality

5/1/2018 - The richest countries with the weakest passports

5/1/2018 - A Facebook co-founder says Facebook should pay us for our data

5/1/2018 - Can India’s success with newborn care help it tackle poverty?

5/1/2018 - Taiwan now has diplomatic relations with fewer than 20 countries

5/1/2018 - The world’s biggest labor celebration started with a bloody union rally in 19th century Chicago

5/1/2018 - One in three Indians have received fake products from e-commerce websites

5/1/2018 - Scotland’s alcohol law, China’s fishing ban, hot mic “In the Money”

5/1/2018 - Scotland’s alcohol law, China’s fishing ban, hot mic “In the Money”

5/1/2018 - After Dalmia Red Fort, why not Brooke Bond Taj Mahal?

5/1/2018 - Caste, greed, and unending need: the story of India’s waste crisis

5/1/2018 - President Buhari’s meeting with Donald Trump was all about staying on message