11/30/2018 - New York lawmakers want to punish AirDropping unsolicited dick pics

11/30/2018 - Weekend edition—Modern monopolies, gene-edited babies, divorce parties

11/30/2018 - A renowned psychologist discusses the causes of FOMO in this audio interactive

11/30/2018 - Canada just took a major step to stop antibiotic resistance on farms

11/30/2018 - When it comes to choice, too much of a good thing can be bad. A renowned psychologist and an engineering EVP explain why

11/30/2018 - AT&T may dump its stake in Hulu, making way for Disney to take more control

11/30/2018 - Over 450,000 people were waiting for “thank u, next” right before the video dropped

11/30/2018 - Exactly how powerful the Anchorage, Alaska earthquake was

11/30/2018 - Hamsters

11/30/2018 - The biggest data breaches of all time, ranked

11/30/2018 - Magic Leap tried—and failed—to pivot from delightful consumer tech to “lethal” military gear

11/30/2018 - Trump’s Secret Service may have just set a spending record for presidential golf carts

11/30/2018 - Roy Moore’s lawyer is too busy to represent him right now

11/30/2018 - The holiday tradition that helps my family avoid gifting creep

11/30/2018 - Algae makes a noise when it photosynthesizes, and it sounds like a ping

11/30/2018 - A male hormonal birth control is no longer a pipe dream

11/30/2018 - Federal employees are being told: Don’t mention impeaching Trump

11/30/2018 - Cameroon has been stripped of rights to host Africa’s biggest sports event

11/30/2018 - The “He’s not your man” meme brilliantly targets bad men, from the Cat in the Hat to James Joyce

11/30/2018 - Americans are moving less than ever, and it’s bad for the economy

11/30/2018 - Monarch butterfly populations in the west are down an order of magnitude from last year

11/30/2018 - I don’t want to be a manager. How can I still advance in my career?

11/30/2018 - These Wall Street bankers are getting paid the most this year

11/30/2018 - To understand the potential applications of AR/VR in business, look at healthcare

11/30/2018 - From remote surgery to X-ray vision, doctors are showing other industries how to use AR/VR

11/30/2018 - One photo from the G20 sums up Trump’s relationship with the rest of the world

11/30/2018 - Scientists created a clock so accurate that it measures space-time

11/30/2018 - Watch Putin and Mohammad bin Salman high-five at the G20

11/30/2018 - A 9-year-old’s letter got Stephen Curry to make sure his sneakers are available to girls

11/30/2018 - Want to survive in the new job economy? Learn to fire yourself

11/30/2018 - AT&T’s plan to take on Netflix is starting to take shape

11/30/2018 - What to expect from the G20 summit 2018

11/30/2018 - Apple Music is coming to the Amazon Echo

11/30/2018 - Our conference call on fashion starts in 15 minutes

11/30/2018 - Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart 60 years on and the power of Africa’s universal English

11/30/2018 - Quartzy: the existential edition

11/30/2018 - Quartzy: the existential edition

11/30/2018 - Read the George Soros speech at the center of the Sheryl Sandberg Facebook controversy

11/30/2018 - Canada and Mexico rejected Trump’s name for the new NAFTA

11/30/2018 - Loneliness

11/30/2018 - Loneliness

11/30/2018 - China has started its first-ever excavation to find ancient treasures in Egypt

11/30/2018 - It’s the beginning of the end of satellite TV in the US

11/30/2018 - The perfect drinking game for cheesy Christmas rom-coms

11/30/2018 - Anthropologie’s $42 birch branches and the thriving economy of luxury sticks

11/30/2018 - The one time Americans really rallied to welcome asylum seekers

11/30/2018 - The twinkly Christmas rom-com feeds on the disappointment of women

11/30/2018 - The problem with looking for solutions that are “win-win”

11/30/2018 - Jon Bon Jovi’s rosé is one of the 100 best wines in the world, according to Wine Spectator

11/30/2018 - It’s time to take remote co-living seriously

11/30/2018 - The showdown between a Vancouver otter and a pond full of koi offers a valuable lesson for humans

11/30/2018 - Business school case studies depict women as more overwhelmed and less visionary

11/30/2018 - Half a billion people now have reason to be furious with Marriott

11/30/2018 - To reach the highest strata of luxury, embrace the French notion of “griffe”

11/30/2018 - Italian is the fastest dying language in the US

11/30/2018 - How an army of “loser” fans in China turns live-streamers into gods and goddesses

11/30/2018 - Find out what Twitter and Facebook think you like

11/30/2018 - YouTube’s cunning plan to rule fashion social media boils down to four simple points

11/30/2018 - The SEC snags celebrities, Amazon reconsiders blockchain, Iranian bitcoin brokers sanctioned

11/30/2018 - The three questions on the application for Elon Musk’s private school

11/30/2018 - New US Secret Service lapel pins will come with a secret security feature

11/30/2018 - The return of Benin’s looted bronzes is about restoring a century’s worth of heritage—and pride

11/30/2018 - Two things to look for in candidates instead of “culture fit”

11/30/2018 - A high-stakes G20 begins, Ukraine bans Russian men, spider milk

11/30/2018 - South Africans love the idea of Starbucks, Domino’s and Burger King but they can’t afford them

11/30/2018 - Two tyrannical men are about to decide the fate of the global economy over dinner

11/30/2018 - The cinematic beauty of Cohen’s guilty plea shows Mueller’s impeccable sense of timing

11/30/2018 - Loneliness

11/30/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: The most exciting designer in fashion

11/30/2018 - The visionary behind luxury streetwear and ugly fashion has a more interesting backstory than the looks he created

11/30/2018 - A small-town businessman’s quest to protect India’s elephants, one photo at a time

11/30/2018 - British museums are full of Indian history. Now, they’re finally getting Indian-origin curators

11/30/2018 - India’s most expensive movie is battling piracy and telcos

11/30/2018 - How the Indian rupee turned around to become Asia’s second best performing currency

11/30/2018 - Taiwan’s LGBT community will have to settle for equal but different marriage laws

11/30/2018 - G20 tensions, caravan hunger strike, spider milk

11/30/2018 - G20 tensions, caravan hunger strike, spider milk

11/30/2018 - Why I lied to my landlord to join the thousands of farmers protesting in Delhi

11/30/2018 - Men can help promote gender equality too. Here’s how

11/30/2018 - Five simple ways to be a better male ally

11/29/2018 - Indian e-commerce companies had record-breaking festive sales—again

11/29/2018 - Crypto promotion comes back to bite Floyd Mayweather Jr. and DJ Khaled

11/29/2018 - Mexico’s national soccer team will be at home at Dallas’ NFL stadium

11/29/2018 - For the first time, a US college is insuring itself against a drop in Chinese students

11/29/2018 - G20 tension, Mueller closes in on Trump, Mariah’s holiday harbinger

11/29/2018 - A palm oil giant has been sanctioned over forced labor and trafficking workers

11/29/2018 - Loneliness

11/29/2018 - NASA will hire private companies to hunt water on the Moon

11/29/2018 - Trump has been astonishingly successful at getting Republicans to believe in climate change

11/29/2018 - Here’s how much visible light there is in the known universe

11/29/2018 - Once the music of the marginalized, Jamaican reggae is now protected by Unesco

11/29/2018 - New HIV diagnoses have hit a record high in Eastern Europe

11/29/2018 - Earth’s frozen landscape, seen from space

11/29/2018 - Why US life expectancy is falling, in three charts

11/29/2018 - How to ask for help at work without looking weak

11/29/2018 - For Christmas, trains in Poland will have onboard confessionals

11/29/2018 - Why your brain builds habits

11/29/2018 - China’s rise is giving America better Chinese food

11/29/2018 - Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen lied about his “Moscow Project.” Read the charges here

11/29/2018 - Trump on Cohen’s “Moscow Project” plea: “I was allowed to do whatever I wanted.”

11/29/2018 - One of Silicon Valley’s hottest startups has 800 employees and no job titles

11/29/2018 - The US Secret Service is testing facial recognition at the White House

11/29/2018 - The Pentagon awarded a new contract to provide teachers to Gitmo detainees

11/29/2018 - Trump’s lawyer worked on a “Moscow Project” with Russian officials late in the campaign

11/29/2018 - Millions of years ago, whales lost all their teeth and sucked in their snacks

11/29/2018 - Read Richard Nixon’s articles of impeachment in full

11/29/2018 - The Kilogram

11/29/2018 - The Kilogram

11/29/2018 - The list of demands by France’s yellow vest protesters would be the envy of many US workers

11/29/2018 - These charts show visa-free travel for Africans within Africa is still a work in progress

11/29/2018 - The Kilogram

11/29/2018 - Brits are so over Brexit that politicians are scheduling debates around reality TV

11/29/2018 - Cambridge Analytica weaponized Facebook users’ fashion tastes to help elect Trump

11/29/2018 - There are no plans to repatriate John Allen Chau’s body. Here’s why that’s unusual

11/29/2018 - The US Navy wants electronic weapons that “go to 11”

11/29/2018 - A new ADHD study offers yet another reason to stop sending kids to school early

11/29/2018 - To understand Trump judicial pick Neomi Rao, consider her writing on dwarf-tossing

11/29/2018 - The US doesn’t have to choose between protecting the border and treating immigrants humanely

11/29/2018 - How Amazon hijacked the baby registry

11/29/2018 - Are video-game “loot boxes” gambling? The FTC will decide

11/29/2018 - The persistent, racist myth of “Chinese restaurant syndrome” just won’t die

11/29/2018 - Renault-Nissan showdown, Unilever chief retires, new horse color

11/29/2018 - India’s largest IT firm didn’t discriminate against Americans, a US jury ruled

11/29/2018 - Nigerian media houses are forming a coalition to combat fake news ahead of next year’s elections

11/29/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: Redesigns and resources

11/29/2018 - How to get a front-row seat to the fashion industry

11/29/2018 - The latest trend in fashion branding is the all-caps logo

11/29/2018 - Turns out Snapchat wants to be in “poor” India after all

11/29/2018 - The economy of Ancient Egypt laid the groundwork for building the pyramids

11/29/2018 - Besides killing people, India’s heatwaves could also ravage its economy

11/29/2018 - India’s ultra-rich population is growing faster than anywhere else

11/29/2018 - A young Indian craft beer will now be served from Melbourne Cricket Ground to Lord’s

11/29/2018 - Buenos Aires shutdown, Georgia’s new president, corporate sci-fi

11/29/2018 - Buenos Aires shutdown, Georgia’s new president, corporate sci-fi

11/29/2018 - Modi’s former chief economist explains why demonetisation was popular despite the pain

11/28/2018 - Why some Indian politicians claim to be poorer than their wives

11/28/2018 - The digital revolution is urging us to rethink how college works

11/28/2018 - Addis Ababa has overtaken Dubai as the world’s gateway into Africa

11/28/2018 - With a vote on Yemen, the US Senate may have rediscovered its conscience

11/28/2018 - Renault-Nissan meeting, NASA’s moon partners, grope detector

11/28/2018 - YouTube may be giving up on getting people to pay for its TV shows

11/28/2018 - The teen girls Jeffrey Epstein allegedly sexually abused will get their day in court

11/28/2018 - Mexico promised Jared Kushner, 37, the same honor it gave Nelson Mandela

11/28/2018 - Bacterial superbugs hitched a ride on the International Space Station

11/28/2018 - Measuring Christmas creep through “All I Want for Christmas Is You”

11/28/2018 - The Kilogram

11/28/2018 - From moon rocks to astronaut suits, Sotheby’s has the best gifts for space fans

11/28/2018 - How Michelle Obama handled falling in love at work

11/28/2018 - Scooter company Bird says riders should wear helmets. Its Instagram suggests otherwise

11/28/2018 - Decode your VIN to know where your car was made

11/28/2018 - Hawaii’s unemployment rate is a shockingly low 2.3%

11/28/2018 - Economically speaking, Brexit is a bad idea every way you look at it

11/28/2018 - Universal Standard is teaching fashion how to design for the average American body

11/28/2018 - Jon Stewart’s “turd-mining” metaphor explains why he doesn’t miss doing satire in the Trump era

11/28/2018 - The bulk of Amazon’s ad dollars are coming from placement in its virtual store aisles

11/28/2018 - San Francisco prepares to be the first major city to nix parking requirements

11/28/2018 - “The Handmaid’s Tale” was so prescient that Margaret Atwood is writing a sequel

11/28/2018 - Estimates of job loss due to automation miss one big factor

11/28/2018 - Will “Red Dead Redemption 2” lead young men to work less?

11/28/2018 - Researchers built a smart dress to show how often women are groped at clubs

11/28/2018 - Asking these three questions constantly will help you achieve your goals

11/28/2018 - The NBA is looking to Africa for its next generation of basketball talent

11/28/2018 - Men and women are marrying later than ever, but the age gap just won’t go away

11/28/2018 - Plaid

11/28/2018 - Plaid

11/28/2018 - Seven cringe-worthy moments in Netflix’s awful food competition show, “Final Table”

11/28/2018 - The neuroscience that shows us what it’s like to be a dog

11/28/2018 - An eye-opening exhibition shows how scientific breakthroughs shaped modern art

11/28/2018 - The key reason why Central Americans don’t want asylum in Mexico

11/28/2018 - We admire mavericks, but the gene-editing scientist has gone too far

11/28/2018 - Women will be left behind by mobile education—just like everything else

11/28/2018 - Moving abroad for school changed my life—that’s why I went back home

11/28/2018 - Technology will change the meaning of intelligence

11/28/2018 - Experts predicting the future of education would have got an F

11/28/2018 - Future-proofing higher education starts with reinventing the college degree

11/28/2018 - Ohio now accepts bitcoin for tax payments. What could go wrong?

11/28/2018 - Help us make Private Key better

11/28/2018 - “Misinformation” is Dictionary.com’s word of the year. Don’t confuse it with “disinformation”

11/28/2018 - The site of the Thailand cave rescue is now a booming tourist attraction

11/28/2018 - Nancy Pelosi vote, Lion Air crash report, Siberian unicorns

11/28/2018 - The most important lessons from the emotionally charged breastfeeding debate

11/28/2018 - José Andrés’ Nobel Peace Prize nomination shows that societal change can start in the kitchen

11/28/2018 - Proposed hemp regulations continue the racist legacy of the US war on drugs

11/28/2018 - Tanzania’s president praised Beijing’s ‘condition-free’ aid—after opening a China-built library

11/28/2018 - Plaid

11/28/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: Kids and kicks

11/28/2018 - It’s official—the defining luxury object of our time is the sneaker

11/28/2018 - These sneaker silhouettes have redefined what we consider to be luxury fashion

11/28/2018 - The scientist behind the Crispr babies says another could be on the way

11/28/2018 - African entrepreneurs, governments and operators are all vying to make an African phone

11/28/2018 - Some Indian restaurants have lost their appetite for Zomato and Swiggy

11/28/2018 - What India can learn from Ethiopia about food security

11/28/2018 - The world’s fastest-growing major economy is not prosperous enough

11/28/2018 - The African Union has failed to protect its young female employees from sexual harassment

11/28/2018 - Georgia’s elections, Brexit scenarios, Siberian unicorn

11/28/2018 - Georgia’s elections, Brexit scenarios, Siberian unicorn

11/28/2018 - Lion Air’s deadly flight was a 13-minute struggle between man and machine

11/28/2018 - The story of Indians in South Africa is about so much more than Gandhi

11/27/2018 - Indians are shopping more on Amazon, but Flipkart earns more revenue

11/27/2018 - Watch T-Series topple YouTube king PewDiePie live here

11/27/2018 - The Crispr baby news was carefully orchestrated PR—until it all went wrong

11/27/2018 - What will happen on the final day of the World Chess Championship

11/27/2018 - Meet Knickers, the giant Australian steer whose size saved him from slaughter

11/27/2018 - People pay thousands to see “Springsteen on Broadway” but Netflix will show it soon

11/27/2018 - In an uncomfortable photo op, Tim Cook and Ivanka Trump visit Idaho schools together

11/27/2018 - Manafort-Assange meeting, Google-China protest, fake prison vacations

11/27/2018 - South Koreans are being asked to write welcome notes to Kim Jong Un ahead of a possible visit

11/27/2018 - Apple’s Supreme Court battle comes at a terrible time for Apple

11/27/2018 - An introvert’s brief guide to networking

11/27/2018 - Why introverts are better at networking

11/27/2018 - Plaid

11/27/2018 - John Bolton won’t listen to the Khashoggi murder tape because it’s in Arabic

11/27/2018 - Facebook is “failing its black employees and users” says a manager leaving the company

11/27/2018 - How climate change wiped out the real unicorns

11/27/2018 - The worst-case scenarios of CRISPR gene editing, according to Hollywood

11/27/2018 - The case for calling the people fleeing Central America asylum seekers, not migrants

11/27/2018 - The Auschwitz Museum hits back at Lindsey Graham’s Holocaust mansplaining

11/27/2018 - Google employees stand with Amnesty International in condemning Google

11/27/2018 - Amazon’s Cyber Monday top sellers are the perfect setup for your underground bunker

11/27/2018 - What a Danish slave trade castle in Accra revealed about Ghana’s history and my family

11/27/2018 - Facebook Watch is going after an audience that watches more TV the old-fashioned way

11/27/2018 - Don’t cry for mean soccer fans in Argentina

11/27/2018 - The chef who feeds people in disaster zones may win a Nobel Peace Prize

11/27/2018 - A Liberian child sex scandal raises serious questions of moral accountability for NGOs

11/27/2018 - Photos: Overworked South Koreans are finding solace in a fake prison

11/27/2018 - A French parfumerie revives the romance of all-natural fragrances

11/27/2018 - Paul Manafort reportedly met with Julian Assange as Russia began hacking the DNC

11/27/2018 - Swiss hotels are hiring Instagram “sitters” to post photos for you

11/27/2018 - Sand dollars

11/27/2018 - Sand dollars

11/27/2018 - Indonesia is set to release its first report into the Lion Air crash

11/27/2018 - A new app flags the old tweets that could get you fired

11/27/2018 - The rule that everyone needs eight hours of sleep is a myth

11/27/2018 - Neuroscientists reveal the “dark secret” of smart decision-making

11/27/2018 - Uber shut down its rental car program for Uber riders

11/27/2018 - What would you pay to be able to nap at the office?

11/27/2018 - If your CEO has a coach, maybe you deserve one too

11/27/2018 - The surprising fragility of a powerful perk: company culture

11/27/2018 - The best new perks for working parents

11/27/2018 - Which e-reader is the best to buy this holiday season?

11/27/2018 - Researchers estimate that Python, Javascript, and R contribute billions to GDP

11/27/2018 - Crypto’s crisis, miner decliner, and bitcoin for Buckeyes

11/27/2018 - New tech promises to predict your moods. That might not be a good thing

11/27/2018 - Facebook hearing, Tesla stalls in China, North Korean peace puppies

11/27/2018 - Sand dollars

11/27/2018 - How India’s Tata Tea ended up in British homes

11/27/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: YouTube’s fashion play

11/27/2018 - Meet the man Google charged with toppling Instagram’s influencer economy

11/27/2018 - Amidst its renewables push, India’s doubling down on fossil fuels

11/27/2018 - The IIT-Delhi grad who helped build WhatsApp in India has quit

11/27/2018 - People are living longer in Africa but the rise of lifestyle diseases threatens progress

11/27/2018 - India is now a world leader in renewable energy

11/27/2018 - African languages are being left behind when it comes to voice recognition innovation

11/27/2018 - Backed by myths and outdated facts, Indian doctors are doing great at misguiding new moms

11/27/2018 - Mars landing, US deploys tear gas, North Korean peace litter

11/27/2018 - Mars landing, US deploys tear gas, North Korean peace litter

11/27/2018 - Months ahead of national polls, India’s economic health is under a cloud

11/26/2018 - Some Indians may soon be able to enter Pakistan without a visa

11/26/2018 - Hangzhou is investing in becoming the esports capital of the world

11/26/2018 - The person who coined the term “emotional labor” says we’re getting it all wrong

11/26/2018 - To prepare for the fintech revolution, we need to start in schools

11/26/2018 - Fintech is taking over the finance world. Are students ready?

11/26/2018 - NASA Mars landing, GM job cuts, North Korean peace litter

11/26/2018 - Did Slack help NASA land on Mars?

11/26/2018 - Here’s why the best places to work should also be the best places to learn

11/26/2018 - US Border Patrol needs extra toilets to handle all the families it’s detaining

11/26/2018 - The first interplanetary cubesats pave the way for cheaper space science

11/26/2018 - Dolce & Gabbana’s racism debacle in China could be one of the costliest brand missteps ever

11/26/2018 - Sand dollars

11/26/2018 - An old printed book is the cool new look, according to Gucci

11/26/2018 - Chevrolet kills the Volt as plug-in hybrids begin their farewell

11/26/2018 - How people in the US spend their money on #GivingTuesday and year-round

11/26/2018 - The Premier League premium: How mediocre players benefit from being in England

11/26/2018 - We translated GM’s “staffing transformation” press release into plain English

11/26/2018 - The White House’s scary Christmas decorations are back

11/26/2018 - The US Supreme Court is hearing a case about Apple’s App Store prices

11/26/2018 - Putin picked a very Putin time to seize three Ukrainian ships

11/26/2018 - Ahead of Amazon’s move to Queens, could buying an apartment count as insider trading?

11/26/2018 - We are now in the era of the $800 candle

11/26/2018 - What is the best way to prepare for a valuable employee’s retirement?

11/26/2018 - The poor are dying almost a decade younger than the rich in the UK

11/26/2018 - Basketball players make the most money—unless you’re Lionel Messi or play cricket

11/26/2018 - The online threat that cybersecurity teams don’t cover

11/26/2018 - The distraction of fake news and WhatsApp for the African media business

11/26/2018 - More than 140 whales have mysteriously beached themselves on a New Zealand island

11/26/2018 - The old “Lion King” animation is better

11/26/2018 - Why the employer-as-educator will be essential to training tomorrow’s workforce

11/26/2018 - The strongest predictor of men’s well-being isn’t family or health

11/26/2018 - China’s gene-edited babies will push bioethics into a dark new era

11/26/2018 - Europe needs to do more than just return Africa’s looted art treasures

11/26/2018 - How HR software company Workday gathers its own employee feedback

11/26/2018 - A global AI conference is moving to Addis Ababa in 2020 after visa difficulties for African scientists

11/26/2018 - The countries where robot adoption is happening faster than expected

11/26/2018 - More than 100 Chinese scientists have condemned the CRISPR baby experiment as “crazy”

11/26/2018 - How much do you know about the personal data you give up online? Take this quiz to find out

11/26/2018 - Forget selfies and filters, this NYC shop captures your likeness with a hologram

11/26/2018 - Even a beloved 50-year-old California cheese shop has to keep up with modern technology

11/26/2018 - How a São Paulo newsstand survived by pivoting away from news

11/26/2018 - Ethiopia is set to launch its first satellite into space—with China’s help

11/26/2018 - Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin says IBM’s corporate blockchain is missing the point

11/26/2018 - Ten things to do on weekends to make your Monday more productive

11/26/2018 - Britain finally has its Brexit deal—but that was the easy part

11/26/2018 - Apple at the Supreme Court, Mitsubishi fires Ghosn, NASA’s probe hits Mars

11/26/2018 - The argument for reading your child books about violence, racism, and sexism

11/26/2018 - Watch live: NASA’s InSight lander arrives on Mars

11/26/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: Fashion in flux

11/26/2018 - The five most important people in fashion right now

11/26/2018 - A complete guide to the fashion industry

11/26/2018 - Modi’s love for ayurveda may be just the push marijuana needed in India

11/26/2018 - Toxic pesticides are killing Indian farmers. A new gel may be able to save them

11/26/2018 - IndiGo is now making passengers pay to pick even the worst seats on a plane

11/26/2018 - Indian MBA graduates are getting less and less employable

11/26/2018 - China’s cashless economy threatens to leave its elderly—and their money—behind

11/26/2018 - Russia-Ukraine tensions, Taiwan’s LGBT setback, vanishing quasars

11/26/2018 - Russia-Ukraine tensions, Taiwan’s LGBT setback, vanishing quasars

11/26/2018 - An Indian startup veteran believes entrepreneurship isn’t about building empires

11/25/2018 - How food-delivery apps are transforming India’s restaurant business

11/25/2018 - Major snow is hitting the US midwest and snarling thousands of flights

11/25/2018 - Nissan’s town hall, NASA’s landing, vanishing quasars

11/25/2018 - The people of Ohio can now pay their taxes in bitcoin

11/25/2018 - Taiwan’s vote against same-sex marriage illustrates the problem with referendums

11/25/2018 - Everybody but Theresa May hates the Brexit deal: a story told in quotes

11/25/2018 - Muslim immigrants from Africa keep proving the American dream is still here for all

11/25/2018 - Your favorite wax print wasn’t really African and a Chinese takeover means it never will be

11/25/2018 - The descendants of imported crows are threatening to invade East Africa

11/25/2018 - Africa’s internet interruptions, Nigeria’s expensive fintech, the Strongman’s long vacation

11/24/2018 - China is launching a dystopian program to monitor citizens in Beijing

11/24/2018 - Taiwan’s elections have given Beijing much to celebrate

11/24/2018 - These waterless hi-tech toilets could be the answer to urban Africa’s waste problems

11/24/2018 - Shoppers flock online—before Black Friday

11/24/2018 - Scientists have discovered the fossil remains of a giant, toothless mammal ancestor

11/24/2018 - The one place where the stereotype about nice Canadians is true

11/24/2018 - Starbucks’ bid to conquer Italy has begun

11/24/2018 - Want to try to bury a critical climate report? Publish on Black Friday

11/24/2018 - Government scientists say climate change will cost the US hundreds of billions a year

11/24/2018 - Weekend edition—Crypto woes, brand temples, politicized gaming

11/24/2018 - These designers are forcing the world to rethink what African furniture should look like

11/24/2018 - Scientists have worked out the age of the Cradle of Humankind caves and what it says about our origins

11/24/2018 - Weekend edition—Crypto woes, brand temples, politicized gaming

11/24/2018 - Weekend edition—Crypto woes, brand temples, politicized gaming

11/23/2018 - Weekend edition—Crypto woes, brand temples, politicized gaming

11/23/2018 - A US judge says Congress can’t ban female genital mutilation

11/23/2018 - When’s the cheapest time to buy a Christmas tree in the US?

11/23/2018 - We’ve officially reached peak luxury advent calendar

11/23/2018 - How to understand DR Congo’s complex, and very likely flawed, election

11/23/2018 - Quartzy: the brick-and-mortar edition

11/23/2018 - Quartzy: the brick-and-mortar edition

11/23/2018 - Amazon workers in Europe are disrupting one of its busiest shopping days

11/23/2018 - A Boko Haram attack on a Nigerian army base has left up to 100 soldiers dead

11/23/2018 - This award-winning short film is an adorable metaphor for Africa’s animation industry

11/23/2018 - Facebook is using the oldest PR trick in the book

11/23/2018 - Brexit has reached the stockpiling wine phase

11/23/2018 - Two of Africa’s largest operators are collaborating to dominate mobile money

11/23/2018 - Tether trouble, Chinese mining giants weigh IPO postponement, and Indian crypto regulation draws near

11/23/2018 - Dolce & Gabbana issued a contrite apology to “all Chinese people in the world”

11/23/2018 - One of the first two Muslim women in US Congress is already battling a fake news campaign

11/23/2018 - On his 90th birthday, Mickey Mouse’s star has never been brighter

11/23/2018 - A new book offers a powerful explanation of why some people are indifferent to others’ pain

11/23/2018 - Black Friday begins, Karachi consulate attack, Pisa tower leans less

11/23/2018 - Chinese nationals in Pakistan faced an attack once again

11/23/2018 - To avoid “gifting creep,” embrace the stocking-only Christmas

11/23/2018 - One of the joys of holiday shopping is buying gifts for yourself

11/23/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: How to stream, who runs what, and our tool kit

11/23/2018 - A viewer’s guide to navigating the messy streaming TV world

11/23/2018 - The future of typing doesn’t involve a keyboard

11/23/2018 - The people, podcasts, and other tools to help you stay on top of streaming video

11/23/2018 - A short list of the most important people shaping streaming TV

11/23/2018 - If you don’t know Bhuvan Bam yet, YouTube him

11/23/2018 - Women’s sexual rights include the right to pleasure

11/23/2018 - One of the world’s most isolated tribes didn’t always kill outsiders

11/23/2018 - Spain’s Brexit warning, Karachi attack, happier and healthier Russians

11/23/2018 - Spain’s Brexit warning, Karachi attack, happier and healthier Russians

11/23/2018 - IT superpower India has the world’s least tech-savvy classrooms

11/22/2018 - How Instagram is putting food on the table for Indian influencers

11/22/2018 - Once the sound of rebellion, Bangladesh’s rock music scene is fading

11/22/2018 - Singapore’s new leadership, Ghosn’s exit, power shoes

11/22/2018 - Humans are actually better at remembering names than faces

11/22/2018 - Nissan has fired Carlos Ghosn, signaling changes ahead in its alliance with Renault

11/22/2018 - This Thanksgiving, we let Amazon’s Alexa cook the turkey

11/22/2018 - Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere hit another record

11/22/2018 - The EU and the UK have agreed on what their post-Brexit relationship will look like

11/22/2018 - Dog shows

11/22/2018 - Dog shows

11/22/2018 - There’s new evidence giving cash to the poor is more transformative than we thought

11/22/2018 - Africans are being exposed to “fake news” at a higher rate than Americans

11/22/2018 - The Zen rule for becoming happier: Change one thing

11/22/2018 - The life-changing art of asking instead of telling

11/22/2018 - More Americans find meaning in money than in religion or friends

11/22/2018 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s tattered campaign shoes are now part of fashion history

11/22/2018 - Donald Trump’s campaign is still spending millions on MAGA merchandise

11/22/2018 - The blazes California’s wildland firefighters are battling now are the future of the Golden State

11/22/2018 - Japan’s government could pay people $27,000 to move away from Tokyo

11/22/2018 - Nissan votes on Ghosn, CO2 hits a record high, turbo-charged golf carts

11/22/2018 - How Taiwan battled fake anti-LGBT news before its vote on same-sex marriage

11/22/2018 - What do African strongmen do after they get kicked out of office?

11/22/2018 - An open letter to Victoria’s Secret—if you must reboot swimwear, do it right

11/22/2018 - 10 things to discuss with your family that aren’t politics

11/22/2018 - Here’s how climate change will alter your grandkids’ Thanksgiving meals

11/22/2018 - Dog shows

11/22/2018 - France will have to change its laws to return its looted African art

11/22/2018 - JFK’s final hour, in the words of his widow and other eyewitnesses

11/22/2018 - Indian Ola and Uber riders are fed up of surge pricing and driver cancellations

11/22/2018 - India’s obsession with renaming cities will tear its society apart

11/22/2018 - Tinder is aping Bumble to beat Bumble in India

11/22/2018 - Nissan Ghosn vote, US judicial rebuke, Secret Service golf carts

11/22/2018 - Nissan Ghosn vote, US judicial rebuke, Secret Service golf carts

11/22/2018 - Fishing boats to small stores, Amazon will stop at nothing to win in India

11/21/2018 - Half of India’s ATMs could shut down next year

11/21/2018 - A big US-South Korea military drill is being revamped to keep North Korea calm

11/21/2018 - An urgent checklist for WhatsApp’s new India head

11/21/2018 - The chief justice of the US is reminding Donald Trump of what makes America great

11/21/2018 - Nissan Ghosn vote, Goldman 1MDB lawsuit, Secret Service golf carts

11/21/2018 - As Trump mulls firing the head of DHS, the agency’s second top role is already empty

11/21/2018 - A tone-deaf Dolce & Gabbana ad caused a multimillion-dollar PR disaster in China

11/21/2018 - Black Friday’s global spread is taking root on influencer Instagram

11/21/2018 - Dog shows

11/21/2018 - What the US could learn from Europe about attracting talent

11/21/2018 - We analyzed 100 years of USDA data and discovered three eras that define the US food economy

11/21/2018 - Every server speaks sign language in a new deaf-friendly Starbucks store

11/21/2018 - A Quartz guide to smart Amazon shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

11/21/2018 - For $7.7 million, you could own a Rembrandt, complete with fingerprints

11/21/2018 - Before the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, there was Ragamuffin Day

11/21/2018 - LinkedIn is testing a professional version of Instagram stories

11/21/2018 - An artist bought a Banksy piece just so he could destroy it

11/21/2018 - Oh look, another terrible Robin Hood movie

11/21/2018 - Interactive: Piece together the IT puzzles of the workplace

11/21/2018 - Can’t describe those sneakers you’re coveting? No need to, with eBay’s computer vision shopping experience

11/21/2018 - Thanks to eBay’s computer vision, the entire internet becomes shoppable

11/21/2018 - Your Uber or Lyft ride could be the reason American airports get worse

11/21/2018 - How Taiwan became the most LGBT-friendly country in Asia

11/21/2018 - The Secret Service needs turbo-charged golf carts to protect Trump at Mar-a-Lago

11/21/2018 - Our best hope for companies with social conscience is their workers

11/21/2018 - Insurers are being forced to deal with South Africa’s high murder rate

11/21/2018 - The morning routine

11/21/2018 - The morning routine

11/21/2018 - IT can be puzzling, but this interactive shows why it doesn’t have to be

11/21/2018 - The average American turkey just keeps getting bigger

11/21/2018 - A Dutch church has been conducting religious services for 27 days to protect a refugee family

11/21/2018 - Clams are working for humanity to fight Florida’s red tide

11/21/2018 - Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s new podcast will profile Gen-X and Baby Boomer entrepreneurs

11/21/2018 - Use this former diplomat’s conversation system to survive Thanksgiving

11/21/2018 - The already staggering insulin shortage could get worse

11/21/2018 - Three things to put Caesar dressing on now that romaine is poison

11/21/2018 - Time-management tips from the productivity expert who trains Google executives

11/21/2018 - IKEA’s biggest store in the world will be in the Philippines

11/21/2018 - YouTube’s autoplay function is helping convert people into Flat Earthers

11/21/2018 - It’s going to be a miserable Thanksgiving for crypto enthusiasts

11/21/2018 - Another person in Hong Kong has been infected by a strain of hepatitis found in rats

11/21/2018 - The broken legal logic of Trump’s asylum ban, according to the judge who blocked it

11/21/2018 - An enslaved woman’s candlelit shadow is the most compelling image in the US National Portrait Gallery

11/21/2018 - The most tedious part of my job changed my relationship with gratitude

11/21/2018 - A powerful faction of Ethiopia’s ruling party is accusing the country’s premier of an ethnic takedown

11/21/2018 - The Nigerian army is using radio broadcasts to debunk fake news on Facebook

11/21/2018 - Post-Brexit Britain might look more like Ukraine than Norway

11/21/2018 - Here are the best streaming devices you can buy on Black Friday

11/21/2018 - The psychological difference between those who love and hate Black Friday

11/21/2018 - This is the best time to buy a Nintendo Switch

11/21/2018 - The pop culture references that separate millennials from baby boomers

11/21/2018 - OECD growth forecast, new Interpol chief, dogs called Bella

11/21/2018 - Let’s go holiday shopping in local stores, because we’ll miss them when they’re gone

11/21/2018 - Martha Stewart’s personal Instagram account is the ultimate #realstagram

11/21/2018 - To bypass H-1B hurdles, Indian IT firms are now hiring on TN visas

11/21/2018 - The morning routine

11/21/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: Netflix takes over the Sunset Strip; charting the streaming war

11/21/2018 - The streaming video landscape is starting to resemble regular old TV

11/21/2018 - Netflix is dominating the Sunset Strip

11/21/2018 - Indians love watching videos on their phones—as long as it’s for free

11/21/2018 - How good is ‘not bad’? Depends if you’re American or British

11/21/2018 - Narendra Modi’s government has transformed energy use in rural India

11/21/2018 - The place sometimes known as “Chinese Taipei” wants to compete as Taiwan at the Olympics

11/21/2018 - Russia eyes Interpol, Musk cannabis use, dogs named Bella

11/21/2018 - Russia eyes Interpol, Musk cannabis use, dogs named Bella

11/21/2018 - Indians say they’re even more vacation-deprived this year

11/21/2018 - Dirty linen, bookkeeping, alcohol abuse: Walmart is cleaning up Flipkart in a big way

11/20/2018 - A ray of hope for cryptocurrencies as India readies draft regulations

11/20/2018 - That big claim that vaping leads to smoking may be based on insubstantial evidence

11/20/2018 - A dark, handsome rival plans to muscle in on Nutella

11/20/2018 - The CDC warns that romaine lettuce—all of it—is unsafe to eat

11/20/2018 - Russia eyes Interpol, SpaceX weed probe, dogs named Bella

11/20/2018 - A pardoned turkey spent more time with the press this month than the White House press secretary

11/20/2018 - An ancient fresco discovered in Pompei isn’t “racy”—it depicts a rape

11/20/2018 - The morning routine

11/20/2018 - To prevent wildfires, the Trump administration plans to open more US forests to grazing

11/20/2018 - There’s a centuries-old leadership lesson in the CIA report on Jamal Khashoggi’s death

11/20/2018 - Researchers just found termite mounds the size of the UK in Brazil

11/20/2018 - Carlos Ghosn was reportedly planning to merge Renault and Nissan when he was arrested

11/20/2018 - NASA will conduct an “invasive” safety review of SpaceX after Elon Musk’s public weed use

11/20/2018 - How tiny satellites helped California fight fires

11/20/2018 - Mexico’s Tequila Regulatory Council objects to Elon Musk’s proposed Teslaquila

11/20/2018 - Multi-million dollar startups are building tech to spy on honey bees in their own homes

11/20/2018 - The CIA says the Saudi crown prince ordered Khashoggi’s murder. Trump says, “Maybe he didn’t!”

11/20/2018 - The selloff in tech stocks is infecting the rest of the market

11/20/2018 - Airbnb has removed its controversial West Bank listings, and Israel is furious

11/20/2018 - Photos: What the International Space Station has shown us

11/20/2018 - Your Black Friday guide to all of Amazon’s Echo devices

11/20/2018 - These in-flight yoga poses help make travel less miserable

11/20/2018 - Twitter could have partly blocked Russia’s 2016 election attack with CAPTCHAs

11/20/2018 - The obsession with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s finances only amplifies her power

11/20/2018 - This town is running an experiment that could help bring internet to millions of people

11/20/2018 - The vast majority of Americans still do their holiday shopping IRL

11/20/2018 - Classic American beers like PBR and Lone Star could stop being produced in 2020

11/20/2018 - Bloomberg’s donation is great, but there are better ways to help low income kids graduate from college

11/20/2018 - Aspiring nomads can now stay with actual nomads in Mongolia

11/20/2018 - An air fryer might be the gadget your kitchen is missing

11/20/2018 - VHS tapes

11/20/2018 - VHS tapes

11/20/2018 - What psychological safety is not

11/20/2018 - Bill Nye says it wouldn’t be fun to live on Mars and he is absolutely right

11/20/2018 - How to set healthy boundaries at work

11/20/2018 - The US denies giving the Saudi royal family a cover-up plan for Khashoggi’s murder

11/20/2018 - Explore in 360: the world’s first design hotel

11/20/2018 - Europe’s newest creative hub is making the most of its storied past

11/20/2018 - NPR’s Terry Gross says this is the only icebreaker question you need

11/20/2018 - Where old meets new: exploring the changing face of Belgrade

11/20/2018 - Ryan Fitzgibbon left IDEO to rebrand gay media

11/20/2018 - How Tim Cook spends the first two hours of his workday

11/20/2018 - Announcing the Quartz AI Studio, designed to help journalists use machine learning

11/20/2018 - Anti-vaxxer parents are organizing “pox parties” on Facebook

11/20/2018 - Meet the 22-year-old representing one of Connecticut’s richest districts

11/20/2018 - Sticking a fork in forks, bitcoin falls beneath $5K, and the IMF goes digital

11/20/2018 - The IRS hired private debt collectors who are squeezing poor people and hurricane victims

11/20/2018 - Why Bella is now the most popular dog name

11/20/2018 - Brexit is just the latest way the UK government is inflicting “unnecessary misery” on the poor

11/20/2018 - Target returns, markets stumble, Pompeii erotica

11/20/2018 - Ford’s found a way to appease Chinese consumers who hate the new-car smell

11/20/2018 - France’s fuel protests show how poor people can bear the cost of fighting climate change

11/20/2018 - VHS tapes

11/20/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: Hulu’s CEO speaks; inside Netflix

11/20/2018 - Hulu CEO Randy Freer on how streaming video will replace TV

11/20/2018 - Africa’s largest phone network is expanding its dominance with its own “smart feature phone”

11/20/2018 - What Netflix’s balance sheet tells us about all that money the company is spending

11/20/2018 - Why are Indian managers so damn good?

11/20/2018 - A third-generation Indian politician is gamifying his election campaign

11/20/2018 - Nigeria’s Central Bank could hamstring local fintech startups with costly new regulation

11/20/2018 - Boeing will address concerns over the 737 Max on a conference call with airlines

11/20/2018 - The tribal community accounts for 50% of malaria-related deaths in India

11/20/2018 - Nigerian authorities seized shipments of half a billion painkillers, showing the huge scale of the country’s opioid crisis

11/20/2018 - The story of the preacher who laid the ground for violent jihadi ideology in Kenya

11/20/2018 - The Modi government won’t bail out India’s oldest private airline

11/20/2018 - Ivanka’s emails, Fuego erupts, Pompeii erotica

11/20/2018 - Ivanka’s emails, Fuego erupts, Pompeii erotica

11/20/2018 - Can an Indian-origin techie help Google beat Amazon in the cloud?

11/20/2018 - At last, India’s ready to clarify its stance on cryptocurrencies

11/19/2018 - India’s central bank and government call truce after nine-hour meeting

11/19/2018 - An Excel error could delay Japan’s massive immigration overhaul

11/19/2018 - Why Saudi women are wearing their clothes inside out

11/19/2018 - How AI will empower the retail worker of the future

11/19/2018 - Why retail workers are embracing AI

11/19/2018 - Do not mess with Taylor Swift on streaming money

11/19/2018 - Hasan Minhaj explains why buying Supreme is immoral—and also lame

11/19/2018 - The US could regulate AI in the name of national security

11/19/2018 - Ghosn ouster aftermath, Taylor Swift contract, cubic wombat 💩

11/19/2018 - “The Little Drummer Girl” is a riveting throwback to when TV was an event, not a binge

11/19/2018 - Scientists discovered an energetic “cosmic serpent” in our galaxy

11/19/2018 - The mindful way to roast your turkey may someday use turkey poop

11/19/2018 - Let us now praise Black Friday deals on Amazon

11/19/2018 - More Americans find porn acceptable, so fewer politicians try to stop it

11/19/2018 - This is a great holiday season for gadget lovers

11/19/2018 - VHS tapes

11/19/2018 - Moral philosopher Peter Singer thinks turkey pardons are “totally stupid”

11/19/2018 - Turns out the secret to beating a peanut allergy is…peanuts

11/19/2018 - Why does US Customs and Border Protection suddenly have an “urgent” need for riot gear?

11/19/2018 - Russian hackers are using the name of Heather Nauert, a Trump pick for UN ambassador

11/19/2018 - The ROI on border walls is terrible

11/19/2018 - Stopping superbugs with friendly microbes

11/19/2018 - Nurturing a friendly microbe to block superbugs

11/19/2018 - The first traffic jam on Broadway was caused by a philosophy lecture

11/19/2018 - Wombats’ cubed-shaped poop could solve a manufacturing mystery

11/19/2018 - A new conservative lawyers group takes direct aim at Donald Trump

11/19/2018 - Guatemala’s deadly Volcan de Fuego is erupting again

11/19/2018 - A new generation of rocketeers are setting up shop in Los Angeles

11/19/2018 - The exit of J. Crew’s CEO shows a brand unable to shake its identity crisis

11/19/2018 - WeWork and Google offices are a lot like exploitative company towns of the past

11/19/2018 - Stacey Abrams’ concession speech is a powerful critique of US civil rights

11/19/2018 - The Trump administration is finally taking on the scourge of Chinese rubber band imports

11/19/2018 - What Damien Hirst’s sculptures of a human fetus mean for Qatari women

11/19/2018 - A new challenge takes Trump’s attorney-general appointment straight to the Supreme Court

11/19/2018 - The four layers of communication in a functional team

11/19/2018 - The NRA did away with free coffee for its employees, and we all know what that means

11/19/2018 - African countries disrupt internet connectivity more than anywhere else

11/19/2018 - The latest fallout from South Africa’s “State Capture” scandal is power load-shedding for Xmas

11/19/2018 - The controversial case for letting Malibu burn

11/19/2018 - Some of the biggest recruiters of tech talent are from outside the tech sector

11/19/2018 - One of the car industry’s most powerful bosses has been arrested

11/19/2018 - Morocco’s new high-speed bullet train isn’t on track with everyone there

11/19/2018 - Selfish people earn less money than generous people

11/19/2018 - Google’s search predictions for work-related queries are a tragedy

11/19/2018 - Superbugs could be blocked by this friendly bacterium

11/19/2018 - China’s Xi Jinping wants to “add fuel” to Philippine friendship on first state visit

11/19/2018 - The key to workplace productivity is not an app

11/19/2018 - Theresa May’s deal is almost exactly the Brexit the UK voted for

11/19/2018 - The most maligned exercise machine in the gym is actually great for you

11/19/2018 - ISS birthday gift, Renault CEO faces arrest, Finns troll Trump

11/19/2018 - Today in Quartz membership: TV’s next battle

11/19/2018 - A guide to the next battle in the streaming-TV wars

11/19/2018 - The five things that will define the next act of streaming TV

11/19/2018 - An Indian professor in the US allegedly treated students like “personal servants”

11/19/2018 - RBI versus Modi government: Timeline of a bitter battle

11/19/2018 - Is Nepal falling into a Chinese debt trap?

11/19/2018 - After an incredible boom, e-wallets are dwindling in India

11/19/2018 - King Salman’s speech, Argentina’s submarine, ISS birthday gift

11/19/2018 - King Salman’s speech, Argentina’s submarine, ISS birthday gift

11/19/2018 - Why Lenovo thinks India’s smartphone obsession is good for PC sales

11/19/2018 - Why you don’t have to be in leadership positions to create gender equality

11/19/2018 - Pushing for gender equality is everyone’s job

11/18/2018 - Cyclone Gaja leaves at least 45 dead in southern India

11/18/2018 - Mike Bloomberg is donating $1.8 billion to make Johns Hopkins “forever need-blind”

11/18/2018 - Recount results, record donation, whale earwax

11/18/2018 - Watch a Wales rugby legend explain why he didn’t press charges after a homophobic hate crime

11/18/2018 - “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” shows diversity doesn’t work as an afterthought

11/18/2018 - Finland’s president says he never discussed raking leaves with Trump

11/18/2018 - How a Walmart parking lot became a refuge for Californians escaping the Camp Fire

11/18/2018 - Gloria Steinem says these are the best guidelines for difficult conversations

11/18/2018 - A tweet Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote in 2009 shows the struggle behind his genius

11/18/2018 - These technologies are improving video-game accessibility for the blind

11/18/2018 - Watch Steve Carell troll Donald Trump as Jeff Bezos on “Saturday Night Live”

11/18/2018 - Read the emails linking Steve Bannon to Brexit

11/18/2018 - Why bother with a morning routine?

11/18/2018 - Video game companies leave much more than just money on the table if they lack diversity

11/18/2018 - The crazy, brave, lonely folly of walking across Antarctica by yourself

11/18/2018 - Memory supplements are already dubious, and some don’t even contain the right ingredients

11/18/2018 - A photographer captured the surreal beauty of Hong Kong’s bamboo scaffolding

11/18/2018 - The media coverage of the migrant caravan nearly stopped after the US midterms

11/18/2018 - A court ruled that judges can be Facebook friends with lawyers because those are not real friendships

11/18/2018 - The existentialist’s reluctant guide to life

11/18/2018 - In the era of online shopping, the retail store is immersive theater

11/18/2018 - Samin Nosrat explains why Thanksgiving dinner is so heavy, and how to fix it

11/18/2018 - Three super simple winter cocktails to bring to a party or pour for yourself

11/18/2018 - Three ways to feast without a turkey in sight

11/18/2018 - The world is in chaos. The least you can do is learn how to set a dang table

11/18/2018 - MTN’s mobile money, Ghana’s diaspora push, Stan Lee’s African vision

11/17/2018 - Hong Kong’s trial of its “Umbrella 9” democracy protesters is beginning

11/17/2018 - Trump suggests proper raking might have spared California from its wildfires

11/17/2018 - Florida is suing Walgreens and CVS for their role in the opioid crisis

11/17/2018 - Thousands of Britons shut down London’s iconic bridges to protest climate change

11/17/2018 - Premature births are on the rise in the US, but some states are bucking the trend

11/17/2018 - The International Space Station is getting a “Refabricator” for its 20th birthday

11/17/2018 - Fuel price protesters in France are being injured and killed by drivers

11/17/2018 - Stan Lee and Marvel saved the comic-book industry after the US Congress tried to kill it

11/17/2018 - Have we reached the peak of “late capitalism”?

11/17/2018 - “Little ogres”: A scientific discovery has unearthed a new kingdom of life

11/17/2018 - Dungeons & Dragons

11/17/2018 - Dungeons & Dragons

11/17/2018 - The company that couldn’t find MH370 just found a missing Argentinian submarine

11/17/2018 - Modern Filipino women are reclaiming their national identity in dazzling fashion

11/17/2018 - It’s been a big week for “Excelsior”

11/17/2018 - Why are we surprised to meet this Sheryl Sandberg?

11/17/2018 - California’s air was among the world’s worst this week. Climate change will make it the new normal.

11/17/2018 - How I became one of the animators of “Shrek Retold,” a crowdsourced remake of “Shrek”

11/17/2018 - Some oil rigs in California are absolutely teeming with sea life

11/17/2018 - Weekend edition—Brexit chaos, wittiness boost, weightiest decision

11/17/2018 - The Obamas went to marriage counseling, and so should you

11/17/2018 - The sweet potato casserole is Thanksgiving’s weirdest—and most American—dish

11/17/2018 - The Coen brothers’ new film is a concept album about our tenuous existence

11/17/2018 - Ocasio-Cortez’s Instagram is the young person’s guide to Congress

11/17/2018 - What’s the best way to learn the programming language R? (Preferably, for free)

11/17/2018 - The revolutionary power of Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next”

11/17/2018 - Russian media captured Brexit chaos in one perfect word

11/17/2018 - Avoid last-minute gravy panic by making it ahead of time

11/17/2018 - Dungeons & Dragons

11/17/2018 - The weight formerly known as the kilogram is dead

11/17/2018 - Weekend edition—Brexit chaos, wittiness boost, weightiest decision

11/17/2018 - Weekend edition—Brexit chaos, wittiness boost, weightiest decision

11/16/2018 - Everyday people can now map their genomes and maybe keep their privacy

11/16/2018 - Weekend edition—Brexit chaos, wittiness boost, weightiest decision

11/16/2018 - Iconic movie lines we have William Goldman to thank for

11/16/2018 - Hollywood just lost a star in the unsung profession of script doctoring

11/16/2018 - Dungeons & Dragons

11/16/2018 - Trump gave the US medal of freedom to one of his biggest donors

11/16/2018 - One workplace benefit more employees actually want: financial well-being

11/16/2018 - Why scaring people into saving for retirement doesn’t work

11/16/2018 - Orrin Hatch’s farewell gift to taxpayers is an $11,000 Paris hotel bill

11/16/2018 - The real reason why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez keeps getting shamed for her clothes

11/16/2018 - Quartzy: the do less edition

11/16/2018 - Quartzy: the do less edition

11/16/2018 - The problem with social media has never been about bots. It’s always been about business models

11/16/2018 - Chocolate chip cookies

11/16/2018 - Chocolate chip cookies

11/16/2018 - Watch: Sri Lanka’s parliamentary meltdown and other lawmakers going wild

11/16/2018 - Bob Dylan explains his perspective on art and immortality in a newly discovered interview

11/16/2018 - Five things to do when you have too many ideas and never finish anything

11/16/2018 - Beto O’Rourke got poetic in a post about running and Abraham Lincoln

11/16/2018 - Americans are splurging on all flavors of subprime debt

11/16/2018 - A job for our times: HBO is hiring “intimacy coordinators” for its sex scenes

11/16/2018 - Two cats have spent two years trying to get into a Japanese art museum

11/16/2018 - The $1.3 trillion loan market that’s spooking everyone right now

11/16/2018 - The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree has a new star, designed by a real “starchitect”

11/16/2018 - It’s a bad week for gladiators—and badly behaved tourists—in Rome

11/16/2018 - The 26-foot-long “unicorn of the sea” is a lesson in the wonders of collaboration

11/16/2018 - Bitcoin hits one-year low, Marshall Islands’ crypto crisis, IMF backs digital money

11/16/2018 - A reading list for men who care about feminism

11/16/2018 - Please allow Stephen Hawking to explain time, history, and God

11/16/2018 - Do we have a moral obligation to quit Facebook?

11/16/2018 - Amazon has everything it needs to make massively popular algorithm-driven fiction

11/16/2018 - How to watch this weekend’s Leonid meteor shower

11/16/2018 - The surprising benefits of exercising in cold weather

11/16/2018 - US-China rivalry, energized kilogram, pricey pink diamond

11/16/2018 - British tabloid covers loved Brexit in 2016—here’s what the covers look like today

11/16/2018 - To live your best Thanksgiving leftovers life, plan ahead

11/16/2018 - How to keep your cool as a holiday host? Just do less

11/16/2018 - Chocolate chip cookies

11/16/2018 - Another foreign furniture giant is following IKEA to India

11/16/2018 - Today in Quartz Membership: In favor of cash

11/16/2018 - Paper money is the state-of-the-art technology for anonymity

11/16/2018 - Here’s what to take away from Square’s latest earnings report

11/16/2018 - The people to know who know about money

11/16/2018 - Modi cracked a really good joke about blockchain—and it’s bang on

11/16/2018 - India’s Statue of Unity is so big you can see it from space

11/16/2018 - Bangladesh can’t find a single Rohingya willing to go back to Myanmar

11/16/2018 - How a Bollywood outsider got his big break in Hollywood

11/16/2018 - US-China rivalry, energized kilogram, pink diamond

11/16/2018 - US-China rivalry, energized kilogram, pink diamond

11/16/2018 - In photos: An ancient Hindu festival amidst modern-day pollution

11/16/2018 - OYO already had the bucks. Now it has a CEO who can use them

11/16/2018 - Europeans sent millions of postcards from colonial India—now Indians get to see them

11/15/2018 - David Hockney’s $90 million pool painting sold for 5,000 times its original price

11/15/2018 - How virtual reality is changing the way we consume news

11/15/2018 - Facebook will have a Supreme Court–like body within a year

11/15/2018 - Toronto has more self-respect than most US cities

11/15/2018 - The crypto party is over for Nvidia

11/15/2018 - Khashoggi indictments, Walmart earnings, pink diamond

11/15/2018 - The US is sanctioning 17 Saudis over Jamal Khashoggi’s death. At least one is dead

11/15/2018 - Fewer teen births are freeing a generation of US women

11/15/2018 - Are your employees stressing over healthcare costs? Here’s how you can help as an employer

11/15/2018 - Melania Trump racked up $174,000 in hotel bills for a day trip to Toronto

11/15/2018 - Science shows our brains have adapted to like coffee’s bitter flavor

11/15/2018 - Chocolate chip cookies

11/15/2018 - The classic Mustang has gone electric

11/15/2018 - NASA and philosophers are teaming up to offer a PhD in the philosophy of space-travel safety

11/15/2018 - The number of US teens who vape more than doubled in the last year

11/15/2018 - A new Instagram feature tells you how thirsty you are

11/15/2018 - In California, electric vehicles now make up 10% of all new cars sold

11/15/2018 - Incredible views of the world at night from the International Space Station

11/15/2018 - Watch SpaceX launch a Qatari satellite

11/15/2018 - Meet your next-door, English-speaking, home-owner undocumented immigrant

11/15/2018 - How well you can identify colors, sounds, and tastes depends on where you come from

11/15/2018 - Cancer will soon kill more Americans than heart disease—except in low-income areas

11/15/2018 - What will Gavin Newsom do now that he’s in charge of the world’s fifth largest economy?

11/15/2018 - Tanzania’s human rights abuses have cost it $310 million in aid in two days

11/15/2018 - Your next car could be electric—and Chinese

11/15/2018 - A decade before the Nazis came to power, Albert Einstein warned of the rise of anti-Semitism

11/15/2018 - Read the employee handbook before you accept the job

11/15/2018 - Luxury fashion’s next frontiers are size inclusivity, modesty, and diversity

11/15/2018 - Another casualty of over-scheduling your kids? They’ll have less sex when they grow up

11/15/2018 - The new VA.gov shows what’s possible for government tech after the Healthcare.gov disaster

11/15/2018 - Amazon’s HQ2 search exposes the US talent problem

11/15/2018 - Uber’s newest rival for market share in Africa hails from Russia

11/15/2018 - When your house burns down, where do you start?

11/15/2018 - American winemakers are getting in on the fun of Beaujolais Nouveau

11/15/2018 - How to be kind at work, no matter how you’re feeling

11/15/2018 - Cloud seeding

11/15/2018 - Cloud seeding

11/15/2018 - Five ways to know if your gadgets will expose your data

11/15/2018 - The tech products consumers rate as the creepiest

11/15/2018 - Box CEO Aaron Levie thinks big companies are responding to disruption the wrong way

11/15/2018 - The science behind the health benefits of a daily gratitude practice

11/15/2018 - Brexiteers love Brexit until they have to achieve it. Then they resign

11/15/2018 - A new website makes it easy to license cartoons for your slideshows

11/15/2018 - If consumers boycott palm oil products it could lead to more deforestation

11/15/2018 - HBO’s “My Brilliant Friend” captures the brutal magnificence of being a woman

11/15/2018 - The world’s gambling capital is paying people $1,250 under a wealth-sharing program

11/15/2018 - Did the trade war turn rural counties against Republicans?

11/15/2018 - How much trouble is the British government in? Just look at the plunging pound

11/15/2018 - “My deal, no deal, or no Brexit”: What Theresa May’s ultimatum means

11/15/2018 - There’s already a blueprint for a more accessible internet. If only designers would learn it

11/15/2018 - Why Uber and Lyft are both rolling out loyalty programs

11/15/2018 - Ready or not, Ford has a plan for turning self-driving cars into a real business

11/15/2018 - Good old peanut butter is just as good for you as the pricey alternatives

11/15/2018 - IKEA wants to fix India’s pollution by reusing what farmers burn each winter

11/15/2018 - Walmart earnings, Brexit rollercoaster, new planet spotted

11/15/2018 - Stan Lee imagined an Africa way ahead of his time with Black Panther

11/15/2018 - If the girl nerds had taken over the world

11/15/2018 - Philosophers philosophizing about philosophy on world philosophy day

11/15/2018 - Cloud seeding

11/15/2018 - A giant crater found in Greenland might be the key to an unproven extinction theory

11/15/2018 - Kenya’s biggest mobile money service is reinventing itself for the future

11/15/2018 - Paper money keeps the legal marijuana industry green

11/15/2018 - Here’s what’s happening with electronic money around the world

11/15/2018 - The worst may be over for the Indian rupee—for now

11/15/2018 - Aside from Lion Air, these are all the airlines that have Boeing 737 Max planes

11/15/2018 - Oxford’s 2018 word of the year is “toxic”

11/15/2018 - The industrialists behind India’s first national economic plan

11/15/2018 - Chinese lending to African countries jumped tenfold in the last five years

11/15/2018 - India’s all-female police stations are better at keeping women safe

11/15/2018 - David Hockney’s record, migrant caravan arrives, luxury straws

11/15/2018 - David Hockney’s record, migrant caravan arrives, luxury straws

11/15/2018 - Uber is helping drivers cope with India’s fuel prices

11/15/2018 - Why it won’t be easy to ban cryptocurrencies in India

11/14/2018 - What does the future of our water supply look like?

11/14/2018 - Why India’s once-sizzling solar sector has cooled down

11/14/2018 - Kirstjen Nielsen’s ugly legacy at Homeland Security

11/14/2018 - Just like every internet troll, Facebook tried to paint George Soros as a villain

11/14/2018 - One of the world’s biggest weed companies can’t get high enough for investors

11/14/2018 - Stopping the immigrant caravan also means slowing down trade

11/14/2018 - Five things to know about the new Brexit deal

11/14/2018 - Netflix is testing a cheaper, mobile-only subscription option in Malaysia

11/14/2018 - East Asia summit, Brexit progress, luxury straws

11/14/2018 - Anti-immigrant rhetoric in the US has forced some families to choose between safety and food

11/14/2018 - The ultimate American fetishist of preppy British stuff will be knighted

11/14/2018 - For Singapore Airlines, caring for passengers on a 19-hour flight is both an art and a science

11/14/2018 - How wellness is shaping the in-flight experience on the world’s longest routes

11/14/2018 - This is how little power people have facing Facebook

11/14/2018 - Cloud seeding

11/14/2018 - The world’s most expensive pink diamond sold for $50.4 million

11/14/2018 - The internet-connected gadgets Mozilla found to be secure and trustworthy

11/14/2018 - Today’s body-positive bra companies were inspired by Victoria’s Secret’s flaws

11/14/2018 - In the autumn, squirrels think about nuts so much that it may make their brains bigger

11/14/2018 - The real reason people regret not saving

11/14/2018 - An easy way to make more ambitious decisions

11/14/2018 - Karl Ove Knausgaard’s surprising secret for curing writer’s block

11/14/2018 - Cannabis companies are paying federal taxes in cash and it’s giving the IRS a headache

11/14/2018 - The best new Apple product wasn’t made by Apple

11/14/2018 - The controversy behind the $92 million sale of an Edward Hopper painting

11/14/2018 - Victoria’s Secret’s CEO exits in the latest blow to the once-dominant lingerie brand

11/14/2018 - Marie Antoinette’s jewelry—including a lock of her hair—is up for auction

11/14/2018 - Facebook is launching a career-development site, taking on LinkedIn

11/14/2018 - The cruelty and kindness of social media in the midst of a disaster

11/14/2018 - Thanksgiving turkey this year might come with a side of food poisoning

11/14/2018 - “Justing” all over someone’s work will undermine your gratitude

11/14/2018 - A Nobel-winning economist’s tips for how to deal with a more uncertain world

11/14/2018 - Two Dutch cheesemakers’ legal battle asks if the taste of food can be copyrighted

11/14/2018 - The 4-hour workday is not a crazy idea

11/14/2018 - The magnetic stripe

11/14/2018 - The magnetic stripe

11/14/2018 - African countries are in a race to build new billion-dollar cities for the 21st century

11/14/2018 - What happened when Elon Musk gave a credit card to anyone who wanted one

11/14/2018 - After decades of UN and self-imposed isolation, Eritrea is coming in from the cold

11/14/2018 - Worried about water? Cities have the answer

11/14/2018 - Concrete jungles will lead the way in water solutions of the future

11/14/2018 - Half of the Republicans in the climate solutions caucus just lost their seats

11/14/2018 - “Little Women” idealizes a version of womanliness its own author rejected

11/14/2018 - These are the skills to learn for the future of work, according to the World Economic Forum

11/14/2018 - The screwed-up experiences of women at work have been turned into A+ humor

11/14/2018 - California’s “hydro cannons” and other predictions from the past about the future of water

11/14/2018 - We have enough water—we just waste too much of it

11/14/2018 - Your water footprint is just as important as your carbon footprint

11/14/2018 - The solution to cities’ water problems has been hiding in rural areas this whole time

11/14/2018 - Exploding body-camera maker says its software is now less hackable

11/14/2018 - The secret to being witty, revealed

11/14/2018 - The world economy is looking awfully shaky all of a sudden

11/14/2018 - How Ghana made itself the African home for a return of the black diaspora

11/14/2018 - Republicans have more psychopathic traits than Democrats, according to a psychology survey  

11/14/2018 - A viral video of two refugee children from Eritrea seeing snow for the first time is melting hearts

11/14/2018 - The key to avoiding burnout when you can’t take time off

11/14/2018 - California’s biggest THC delivery service is getting into the $600 million CBD business

11/14/2018 - When will oil prices’ epic losing streak come to an end?

11/14/2018 - Do not be fooled: There is nothing eco-friendly about a silver straw

11/14/2018 - Brexit reckoning, Snap’s subpoena, Trudeau’s buzzer

11/14/2018 - Bats can swim in water and you can do anything you put your mind to

11/14/2018 - Donald Trump’s latest tariffs threats target your bottles of Burgundy and Bordeaux

11/14/2018 - West African countries are leading the way in educating men on “positive masculinity”

11/14/2018 - The magnetic stripe

11/14/2018 - Today in Quartz Membership

11/14/2018 - Think US politics are bad? The Czech PM allegedly kidnapped his own son in a fraud scandal

11/14/2018 - Kenneth Rogoff wrote the book on getting rid of paper money

11/14/2018 - Apple has scored a Nokia veteran to head its India operations

11/14/2018 - The billions earned from characters Stan Lee co-created, charted

11/14/2018 - People have raised $1 billion on Facebook for different causes

11/14/2018 - The Big Bucks Bansals have left the Indian startup building

11/14/2018 - MTN is planning to launch its mobile money service in Nigeria next year

11/14/2018 - Photos: Prince Charles’s seven decades in line for the throne

11/14/2018 - An Indian ex-employee of Tesla has been charged with embezzling $9.3 million

11/14/2018 - Trump’s Diwali tweet mentioned Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists—but not Hindus

11/14/2018 - Brexit reckoning, Bezos helipad, magnetic stripe

11/14/2018 - Brexit reckoning, Bezos helipad, magnetic stripe

11/14/2018 - US manufacturing has a huge image problem

11/14/2018 - A week after Diwali, Delhi is still struggling to breathe

11/13/2018 - Binny Bansal left Flipkart after Walmart investigated a sexual-misconduct complaint

11/13/2018 - Southern India is bracing for Cyclone Gaja

11/13/2018 - A fighting style touting inner peace sparks a cultural war in China

11/13/2018 - People in rural Mali are supporting jihadists over corrupt government officials and marginalization

11/13/2018 - A solar storm during the Vietnam War was powerful enough to set off sea mines

11/13/2018 - Juul will stop selling teens’ favorite e-cigarette flavors in stores

11/13/2018 - Four Google travel apps you’ve somehow lived without

11/13/2018 - Flipkart shakeup, Brexit deal, Bezos helipad

11/13/2018 - The power of this Instagram goes way beyond gender or race

11/13/2018 - Meet the first round of Quartz Pros

11/13/2018 - Jeff Bezos still hasn’t signed the Giving Pledge

11/13/2018 - The magnetic stripe

11/13/2018 - Alex Trebek says Justin Trudeau wears a hidden buzzer to escape meetings and now we all want one

11/13/2018 - Hate crimes are rising in the United States

11/13/2018 - Instagram was the target of the latest political interference efforts

11/13/2018 - These companies are pitching AI to the US military

11/13/2018 - The world’s richest soccer league is getting its first ever female CEO

11/13/2018 - The pound is surging higher—for now—as the UK and EU finally reach a breakthrough Brexit deal

11/13/2018 - Jeff Bezos will be able to helicopter to Amazon’s New York headquarters

11/13/2018 - Amazon could turn two pricey real estate markets into unaffordable ones

11/13/2018 - An algorithm decided a US congressional race in Maine

11/13/2018 - Some advice for Theresa May on the art of “pre-selling” a difficult decision

11/13/2018 - Janet Yellen says the US trade deficit is likely to get even bigger. Here’s why she’s right

11/13/2018 - Why you’re seeing less Nike for sale on Amazon

11/13/2018 - This tool is an easy way to check if your investments support gender equality

11/13/2018 - Read the letter Pittsburgh journalists sent to their industry colleagues in LA

11/13/2018 - Woke Axl Rose is winning Twitter right now

11/13/2018 - Angela Merkel calls for a “real European army”

11/13/2018 - Does your logo matter?

11/13/2018 - How to create a shared learning culture

11/13/2018 - CNN is suing Donald Trump over his treatment of Jim Acosta

11/13/2018 - Psilocybin

11/13/2018 - Psilocybin

11/13/2018 - Amazon’s next headquarters are in New York City and Crystal City, Virginia

11/13/2018 - New US guidelines recommend preschool kids get three hours of exercise a day

11/13/2018 - Quartz’s vision for the future—a letter from our editor in chief and publisher

11/13/2018 - The FBI’s warning signs to identify a mass shooter before he strikes

11/13/2018 - Michelle Obama’s career advice: It’s ok to change your mind

11/13/2018 - Ethiopia says its security heads ordered an attack of the country’s new prime minister

11/13/2018 - A complete guide to a world without cash

11/13/2018 - A trove of ancient cat mummies have been found in a 6,000-year old Egyptian tomb

11/13/2018 - Venice’s grand plan to stop flooding isn’t going to work

11/13/2018 - Netflix is the simplest brand in the world according to a new survey

11/13/2018 - How Leighann Lord made her career switch to stand-up comedy less risky

11/13/2018 - Binny Bansal is leaving Flipkart but no one knows exactly why

11/13/2018 - Vitalik speaks, EtherDelta lessons, and nocoiners explained

11/13/2018 - The operating system of the future will cater to your every need

11/13/2018 - Trump’s cuts to reproductive health funding has an unexpected silver lining

11/13/2018 - The Journal of Controversial Ideas promises anonymity to academics with unpopular opinions

11/13/2018 - The company that created “Wallace & Gromit” is now owned by its employees

11/13/2018 - Congress convenes, Amazon’s HQ2, sentient sporks

11/13/2018 - Did the Woolsey fire disturb a nuclear waste site? California says no, and a group of doctors say yes

11/13/2018 - The first smartphone app to detect actual heart attacks probably won’t be Apple’s

11/13/2018 - Rumors of a menthol-cigarette ban in the US have pummeled global tobacco stocks

11/13/2018 - Remote workers can get a cushy apartment, free office space, and $10,000—if they move to Tulsa

11/13/2018 - Psilocybin

11/13/2018 - Pilots say they weren’t trained for the risks of a new Boeing 737 Max flight feature

11/13/2018 - Freddie Mercury’s African birthplace would have persecuted him today

11/13/2018 - LVMH’s chief digital officer says “digital” is a nonsense word

11/13/2018 - Being single in your 30s isn’t bad luck, it’s a global phenomenon

11/13/2018 - Infosys is crowdsourcing employee feedback to improve its managers

11/13/2018 - Nigeria is trying to bring its former oil minister home from the UK to face corruption charges

11/13/2018 - Menstrual art is battling period stigma around the world

11/13/2018 - In India, BJP supporters are more likely than others to share fake news

11/13/2018 - Post-Brexit travel, Amazon’s new HQs, magic mushrooms

11/13/2018 - Post-Brexit travel, Amazon’s new HQs, magic mushrooms

11/13/2018 - The one thing that’s certain about Brexit is that it’s baffling for the British pound

11/13/2018 - When Stan Lee created an Indian superhero to keep Mumbai safe

11/13/2018 - Indian politics has a long history of seeking help from Bollywood

11/12/2018 - Charted: Jet Airways’ attempt to stem losses hasn’t helped much so far

11/12/2018 - A shrinking Japan worries about its people leaving—but not about foreigners coming in

11/12/2018 - The race to build a better air conditioner

11/12/2018 - This documentary shows the sweatshop-like labor of internet content moderators

11/12/2018 - Uber has defined 21 categories of sexual misconduct, from leering to rape

11/12/2018 - Stan Lee created the nerd culture that is eating the world

11/12/2018 - Stan Lee RIP, Suu Kyi award revoked, Jony Ive diamond ring

11/12/2018 - Canadian intelligence officers have heard the recording of Khashoggi’s murder

11/12/2018 - An artist’s take on a nationalist march in Poland perfectly captures Europe’s anxieties

11/12/2018 - The Latin word Stan Lee made his life motto: “Excelsior!”

11/12/2018 - Psilocybin

11/12/2018 - A short list of the TV and movie characters we wouldn’t have without Stan Lee

11/12/2018 - Photos: The lost animals of California’s destructive wildfires

11/12/2018 - VW to Elon: Mass producing electric cars is easy. We’re making 50 million.

11/12/2018 - Before Trumpy Bear, president William Howard Taft had “Billy Possum”

11/12/2018 - Feeding a growing planet will be harder because people are getting bigger

11/12/2018 - Rock stars are slamming Trump for his response to the California fires

11/12/2018 - People will sell sex in driverless cars, but not if they have a better option

11/12/2018 - 100 years after women got the vote, German politics remains overwhelmingly male

11/12/2018 - A pool painting by David Hockney is set to become the most expensive by a living artist

11/12/2018 - South Africa is on course to grow its economy again—but also reinforce inequality

11/12/2018 - The divided US Supreme Court is in unanimous agreement on one thing

11/12/2018 - The secret to becoming a successful artist now

11/12/2018 - When does a spork become sentient? Inside the existential “Toy Story 4” teaser

11/12/2018 - Success is a process, not an achievement

11/12/2018 - Watch Merkel try to convince a 101-year-old Frenchwoman that she’s not Macron’s wife

11/12/2018 - Beto O’Rourke’s thank-you email shows how to keep people motivated after a loss

11/12/2018 - Iranian women won a small victory in a long quest to join the “public happiness” of football

11/12/2018 - A brief history of the kilogram, and why scientists are ready to revise it

11/12/2018 - Google, Facebook, and Amazon benefit from an outdated definition of “monopoly”

11/12/2018 - “We are not anti-gun. We are anti-bullet hole”: Doctors’ powerful comeback to the NRA

11/12/2018 - Black Friday by the numbers

11/12/2018 - Women have shorter commutes than men—and it could be hurting their careers

11/12/2018 - Three reasons your career has stalled

11/12/2018 - Recent Russian intelligence “failures” weren’t failures, say ex-spies

11/12/2018 - DR Congo’s ongoing Ebola outbreak has become its worst ever

11/12/2018 - Gabon finally confirms its president is “seriously ill” but “recovering” after growing unease

11/12/2018 - Jack Dorsey thinks Twitter needs to gauge the intent of fake news before taking action

11/12/2018 - US Veterans’ Day, Californian fire devastation, cat mummies

11/12/2018 - A US fighter jet crashed into the Philippine Sea

11/12/2018 - Air India’s troubles stretch from the balance sheet to the cockpit

11/12/2018 - In photos: The chaos and contradictions of suburban Mumbai

11/12/2018 - Ordinary Indians are fueling the country’s fake-news crisis

11/12/2018 - Italy’s peace talks, California fires, the anti-diet

11/12/2018 - Italy’s peace talks, California fires, the anti-diet

11/12/2018 - How a scheme to clean up India’s electoral list may have left out millions

11/11/2018 - Five of India’s best-funded startups lost over a billion dollars in 2018

11/11/2018 - America’s debate over voting will heat up in 2019

11/11/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg pressured a Facebook executive to conceal his support of Trump: report

11/11/2018 - Florida’s recounts, Italy’s peace talks, China’s empty homes

11/11/2018 - Climate change helped make California a tinder box for its record-setting wildfires

11/11/2018 - A former head of the Mossad has joined controversial Israeli spy firm Black Cube

11/11/2018 - To feel less depressed and lonely, limit social media use to 30 minutes a day, researchers say

11/11/2018 - It’s really expensive for Africans to live in their own cities

11/11/2018 - Rocket Lab is in business with its first commercial launch

11/11/2018 - Macron confronts Trump and Putin: “Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism”

11/11/2018 - This is what it sounded like the moment the guns of World War I went silent

11/11/2018 - How to fight back against a dictator, according to an exiled democracy activist

11/11/2018 - This African country wants to be recognized as the place where World War I really ended

11/11/2018 - What’s the legal status of CBD after the midterms?

11/11/2018 - Can you tell a ridiculous, real book title from a fake one?

11/11/2018 - We now know when we burn the most calories, thanks to 10 volunteers in a brutal study

11/11/2018 - Three super simple soups that you can make in 20 minutes and eat all week

11/11/2018 - Make the big, bold music of 2018 film and TV your autumn playlist

11/11/2018 - Hasan Minhaj’s Netflix show, “Patriot Act,” is a witty, high-energy celebration of nerdery

11/11/2018 - A chess school in Kampala wanted to keep kids off the streets, now it has two world stars

11/11/2018 - China’s “red line” for Hong Kong’s creative freedom

11/11/2018 - M-Pesa goes global, African midterms, finding a malaria vaccine

11/11/2018 - Photos: How a brutal, 14-year civil war tore apart Africa’s oldest republic

11/10/2018 - Trump medals of freedom go to Elvis, Scalia, Babe Ruth, and a megadonor

11/10/2018 - Four out of every five San Francisco homes now cost more than $1 million

11/10/2018 - Florida has five days to tally more than 8 million ballots

11/10/2018 - Hollywood stars have joined the exodus as Malibu burns

11/10/2018 - Apple is offering free repairs on certain faulty phones and laptops

11/10/2018 - Thailand wants US museums to give its art back

11/10/2018 - The woman who uncovered 1MDB says it’s changed far more than Malaysia

11/10/2018 - Beto O’Rourke helped turn Texas courts blue

11/10/2018 - One clear winner in the US midterm elections: female representation

11/10/2018 - Google is advertising in print magazines and you can’t tell

11/10/2018 - Lipstick

11/10/2018 - Lipstick

11/10/2018 - After the midterms, over 100 US public officials accused of sexual misconduct are out of office

11/10/2018 - For skincare brands, urban pollution is good for business

11/10/2018 - Vietnam’s Lady Gaga is pressuring Facebook to stop complying with censorship laws

11/10/2018 - Why have humans always worn jewelry?

11/10/2018 - Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian is taking a stand against “hustle porn”

11/10/2018 - Americans born in 1991 are special

11/10/2018 - Amazon and Apple are teaming up to own holiday sales

11/10/2018 - After 2018, the US should stop calling it election day

11/10/2018 - All the weird things we found at the Facebook store at Macy’s

11/10/2018 - SpaceX reveals new details about its biggest, most secretive projects

11/10/2018 - Newly discovered ancient DNA rewrites the history of South and Central America

11/10/2018 - Weekend edition—Female representation, fountain of youth, pipeline vandals

11/10/2018 - Anthony Bourdain’s final episode of “Parts Unknown” is no-bullshit, just like him

11/10/2018 - How to find the best version of any recipe? Let Kristen Miglore do it for you

11/10/2018 - Lipstick

11/10/2018 - The rapid demise of British retail

11/10/2018 - Weekend edition—Female representation, fountain of youth, pipeline vandals

11/10/2018 - Forget Black Friday, Singles Day is the world’s biggest shopping event

11/10/2018 - Weekend edition—Female representation, fountain of youth, pipeline vandals

11/9/2018 - Bitter news for Juul fans: the US government plans to ban flavored e-cigarettes

11/9/2018 - Three wildfires rage in California, forcing mass evacuations

11/9/2018 - Weekend edition—Female representation, fountain of youth, pipeline vandals

11/9/2018 - Weed will now be hauled in Brink’s trucks

11/9/2018 - Paris plans to build the world’s largest fleet of electric bicycles

11/9/2018 - In parts of California, breathing is like smoking half a pack of cigarettes a day

11/9/2018 - William Shatner really, really likes ethereum, even if he doesn’t know much about it

11/9/2018 - Lipstick

11/9/2018 - Satanists say Sabrina the Teenage Witch is “promoting asinine satanic panic”

11/9/2018 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg is working from home today, because it’s just three broken ribs

11/9/2018 - Photos: The “wall of fire” that destroyed Paradise, California

11/9/2018 - The DEA and ICE are hiding surveillance cameras in streetlights

11/9/2018 - The Girl Scouts’ lawsuit against Boy Scouts highlights the complicated nature of inclusivity

11/9/2018 - Millions of starfish are mysteriously dying, and now scientists think they know why

11/9/2018 - What we’ve learned about the effects of weed since it was legalized

11/9/2018 - A court case in Uganda could have implications for future internet shutdowns in Africa

11/9/2018 - What a gory episode of 19th-century cannibalism can teach us about modern-day bullies

11/9/2018 - Quartzy: the genius edition

11/9/2018 - Quartzy: the genius edition

11/9/2018 - Afrobeats

11/9/2018 - Afrobeats

11/9/2018 - An experiment is testing teaching science to Nigerian schoolkids in a local language

11/9/2018 - The long-lost Holocaust diary of a Polish Jewish teen is bittersweet

11/9/2018 - Think you’re bad at math? You may suffer from “math trauma”

11/9/2018 - The Molotov Cocktail Principle explains why it’s so tempting to blow up your life

11/9/2018 - These brutal reviews of Facebook’s Portal device show why no one wants it in their home

11/9/2018 - Michelle Obama thought miscarriage was her fault. Now she’s trying to help women like her

11/9/2018 - Scotland will be the first country to teach LGBTQ history and culture at schools

11/9/2018 - This is how scientists mail live mosquitoes to their friends

11/9/2018 - Cameroon’s Anglophone separatist crisis is now a full-scale propaganda war

11/9/2018 - Why is Florida so bad at elections?

11/9/2018 - A new TV streaming service is about to find out that being free isn’t enough in South Africa

11/9/2018 - Five simple ways to eat less meat without missing it at all

11/9/2018 - The anti-Semitism that lead to the Night of Broken Glass has not gone away

11/9/2018 - The US Border Patrol’s last hiring surge invited a rise in corruption. Now it’s hiring again

11/9/2018 - This $150 cat toy can teach us a lot about what makes a robot useful

11/9/2018 - San Francisco’s big business tax to fight homelessness is a warning for tech

11/9/2018 - This neuroscientist’s poster showed how US travel bans stifle groundbreaking research

11/9/2018 - People who use mobile fintech apps tend to make worse financial decisions

11/9/2018 - Florida gave the right to vote to 1.4 million ex-offenders. Who will they vote for?

11/9/2018 - Gemini’s campaign contributions, free cryptocoins, and bitcoin stability

11/9/2018 - Even British economics statistics are obsessed with the weather

11/9/2018 - East Africa’s volcanoes are a major hazard but also a huge renewable energy source

11/9/2018 - The important event missing from Trump’s Paris schedule

11/9/2018 - In photos: #ProtectMueller protests in cities all across America

11/9/2018 - Despite US tariffs, China’s trade soared in October. It may not last.

11/9/2018 - To deradicalize extremists, former neo-Nazis use a radical method: empathy

11/9/2018 - Photos: China’s air and space ambitions are on full display at its air show

11/9/2018 - WWI armistice centennial, wildfire destroys Paradise, AI news anchor

11/9/2018 - Nevada’s Question 3 was a fight between two billionaires and Warren Buffett won

11/9/2018 - Afrobeats

11/9/2018 - It’s time to take India-Canada ties out of the US’s shadow

11/9/2018 - An exhibit of 72,397 shrouded bodies captures what we lost in World War 1

11/9/2018 - The long-awaited European economic recovery has already come and gone

11/9/2018 - What the first Unknown Soldier, buried after World War I, taught us about grief

11/9/2018 - A chicken war shows all that’s wrong with India-US bilateral trade

11/9/2018 - The story of a $25 billion shopping day starts with Pocky

11/9/2018 - It’s cheaper to watch Amazon Prime Video in India than anywhere else

11/9/2018 - Boeing’s most advanced plane could be another headache for Indian aviation

11/9/2018 - Armistice centennial, Michelle Obama’s book, Afrobeats

11/9/2018 - Armistice centennial, Michelle Obama’s book, Afrobeats

11/9/2018 - Satellite images show the worst of Delhi’s winter is here

11/8/2018 - A forgotten world behind the scenes of Indian cinema

11/8/2018 - Two years after demonetisation, India is still struggling to create jobs

11/8/2018 - Ten years of Singles’ Day, China’s ridiculously huge shopping festival

11/8/2018 - This election night photo is a victory for working parents

11/8/2018 - Science meets art in this puzzle that lets you put Earth together any way you want

11/8/2018 - My Sichuan chili sauce went viral on Kickstarter, but producing it was harder than I ever expected

11/8/2018 - What to expect from Trump’s plan to restrict asylum

11/8/2018 - Turkish officials say Jamal Khashoggi’s body was dissolved in acid found at Saudi envoy’s home

11/8/2018 - Ginsburg hospitalized, Google’s policy revamp, AI news anchors

11/8/2018 - Someone just paid almost $400,000 for Stephen Hawking’s wheelchair

11/8/2018 - OMG wtf, Mark Zuckerberg is fraternizing with “Elitist 1% tweens” on Facebook

11/8/2018 - Afrobeats

11/8/2018 - American teens are really into Crocs right now

11/8/2018 - Your worst office snafu was never this bad

11/8/2018 - US midterm voters didn’t elect the tech-savvy candidates they need for the future

11/8/2018 - The quixotic quest to make the rugby World Cup

11/8/2018 - America has a chance at its first world chess champion since Bobby Fischer

11/8/2018 - What happens when an 85-year-old woman breaks three ribs?

11/8/2018 - Read Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s full memo outlining updated sexual-harassment policies

11/8/2018 - Big Oil is investing to scale up the world’s first zero-emissions fossil-fuel plant

11/8/2018 - This vegan chocolate frosting is so good it will make you swear

11/8/2018 - Falling is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to older adults

11/8/2018 - Brian Kemp has resigned as Georgia’s secretary of state

11/8/2018 - A concealed carry gun show is coming to Pittsburgh just months after the synagogue shooting

11/8/2018 - Over 170 environmental groups say Trump’s border wall will destroy fragile ecosystems

11/8/2018 - The soundtrack was on life support—We may be seeing a comeback

11/8/2018 - A Buddhist monk and makeup artist proves beauty is a spiritual practice

11/8/2018 - Where does Beto O’Rourke go next?

11/8/2018 - Nick Cave illuminates love and loss in a letter to a fan

11/8/2018 - 56% of Trump-endorsed candidates won their elections so far

11/8/2018 - The best country to live in might not be Norway after all

11/8/2018 - Victoria’s Secret’s porny fashion show won’t help the failing brand’s image

11/8/2018 - Shanghai’s blueprint for solving China’s biggest demographic problem

11/8/2018 - Vacation is a poor substitute for leisure

11/8/2018 - American voters are more worried about climate change than ever

11/8/2018 - 50 industry-leading men share their best advice on masculinity

11/8/2018 - Managing remote teams is only different in one way

11/8/2018 - Lavender

11/8/2018 - Lavender

11/8/2018 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized after breaking three ribs

11/8/2018 - The two press advocates detained in Tanzania have now been released

11/8/2018 - Research shows the best way to stop music piracy is to scare the hell out of people

11/8/2018 - No one can compete with DStv for Africa’s premium pay TV market

11/8/2018 - Your costume at next year’s office Halloween party should be as tasteful and funny as these

11/8/2018 - Photos: What Earth’s mountains look like from space

11/8/2018 - Our calculator will tell you how much of Congress looks like you

11/8/2018 - Alone among major economies, British household income has barely grown since the Brexit vote

11/8/2018 - What the US midterm elections mean for the rest of the world

11/8/2018 - The stunningly positive impact of asking your coworkers: “How are you?”

11/8/2018 - Saying “the internet is broken” won’t fix anything

11/8/2018 - The internet is a manifestation of our psyches—neither better nor worse

11/8/2018 - The internet can’t handle functioning like a democracy

11/8/2018 - The Google Pixel 3 XL is a fantastic camera attached to a decent phone

11/8/2018 - Former NFL player and feminist Wade Davis on men in the #MeToo movement

11/8/2018 - The real trick to staying young forever

11/8/2018 - What does an electric Harley Davidson sound like? We’re about to find out

11/8/2018 - A new study finds that 88% of UK kids who got tonsillectomies didn’t actually need them

11/8/2018 - Netflix employees invented a hack to control its app with your eyes and tongue

11/8/2018 - Where did the Democratic veterans who helped flip the House come from?

11/8/2018 - Well damn, paper books as small as your phone are actually great

11/8/2018 - One in five jobs China’s civil service is hiring for ask for men

11/8/2018 - A California country music night for college students is the latest target of a mass shooting

11/8/2018 - Disney results, Tesla’s new chairwoman, weed shortage

11/8/2018 - Silicon Valley is a lot less visible at China’s big internet conference this year

11/8/2018 - A millionaire couple is threatening to create a magic mushroom monopoly  

11/8/2018 - How a data deficit keeps us in the dark about the real digital divide

11/8/2018 - Lavender

11/8/2018 - Black Friday 2018: A guide to video game deals

11/8/2018 - China fears the trade war is the one thing Democrats will back Trump on

11/8/2018 - This Eritrean-American is now Colorado’s first black Congressman

11/8/2018 - Falling fuel prices add to India’s festive cheer

11/8/2018 - Tanzania’s government has detained Africa’s top free press advocates

11/8/2018 - The world’s oldest figurative art was just found in a cave in Borneo

11/8/2018 - Women world leaders, Google’s expansion, weed shortage

11/8/2018 - Women world leaders, Google’s expansion, weed shortage

11/8/2018 - How an Indian wind farm is changing the colour of lizards

11/8/2018 - Ford is on track to turning the jargon of being a “mobility company” into a reality

11/7/2018 - A day after Diwali, Delhi’s air turns hazardous again

11/7/2018 - Republicans lost their last urban district last night

11/7/2018 - Jeff Sessions out, bendable phone, office extras

11/7/2018 - Acting attorney general Matt Whitaker said there’s a legal way to fire Mueller

11/7/2018 - Mass protests are planned across the US to protect Mueller’s investigation from Trump

11/7/2018 - All the times Robert Mueller’s new boss railed against the Russia probe

11/7/2018 - To make mental health a workplace priority, start by changing your workplace culture

11/7/2018 - Scientists are coming to Congress

11/7/2018 - How to build a workplace culture that truly supports mental health

11/7/2018 - Adidas says Yeezy sales are great, thank you very much

11/7/2018 - Read Jeff Sessions’ begrudging resignation letter to Donald Trump

11/7/2018 - Trump’s new acting attorney general has opposed Mueller from the start

11/7/2018 - Brothel owner Dennis Hof won two elections in Nevada three weeks after his death

11/7/2018 - Lavender

11/7/2018 - The stock market just had its best post-midterm performance in nearly 40 years

11/7/2018 - Jeff Sessions’s legacy on US immigration policy

11/7/2018 - One of the fastest-aging US states has rejected free care for seniors

11/7/2018 - Meet the other 29-year-old woman elected to Congress

11/7/2018 - An atmospheric effect called airglow makes Earth look other-worldly

11/7/2018 - Samsung just announced a bendable phone that’s far from Westworld

11/7/2018 - The language you speak changes the colors you see

11/7/2018 - There will be a new film in the “Breaking Bad” universe. Do we need it?

11/7/2018 - Trump suffered the worst midterm loss in a century, says JP Morgan

11/7/2018 - A new “alien spacecraft” paper poses a challenge for astrophysicists

11/7/2018 - The poetic justice of a former teacher defeating Scott Walker

11/7/2018 - The psychology of success relies on disappointment

11/7/2018 - It’s very weird that Trump is recruiting for his appointees on job boards

11/7/2018 - We just learned what the next two years of Trump’s presidency could look like

11/7/2018 - Michigan just voted to legalize weed. Here’s where else in the world it’s legal

11/7/2018 - A lesson from the midterms: Commit scandals after you’ve been elected

11/7/2018 - How American women made history in the 2018 midterm elections

11/7/2018 - Amazon’s sexist hiring algorithm could still be better than a human

11/7/2018 - Democrats running for governor flipped back states that once voted Trump

11/7/2018 - Cannabis-friendly voter propositions are giving weed stocks a lift

11/7/2018 - Oprah’s Favorite Things of 2018 features the world’s most tragic gift

11/7/2018 - African scientists are closer than ever to developing a malaria vaccine

11/7/2018 - Netflix adds two new(ish) seasons of “The Great British Baking Show”

11/7/2018 - Once again, it looks like Russians tried to interfere with US elections

11/7/2018 - Missouri and Arkansas just voted for huge minimum wage increases

11/7/2018 - Your relationship with your boss may impact how you experience stress

11/7/2018 - Amazon had a chance to redefine the corporation—and blew it

11/7/2018 - A soccer manager gets advice on how to keep his job from “House of Cards”

11/7/2018 - The 401(k)

11/7/2018 - The 401(k)

11/7/2018 - Is low-fat milk and cheese better than full-fat? Experts are divided

11/7/2018 - Basketball sneakers have gone out of fashion

11/7/2018 - A historic election of a Somali ex-refugee woman to Congress shows how the American dream evolves

11/7/2018 - Giant spider and minotaur robot puppets descend on the streets of France

11/7/2018 - Africa’s dominant mobile money service is going global

11/7/2018 - Is it time to drop the selfie from your LinkedIn profile?

11/7/2018 - One winner of the work-from-home revolution: the cottage seat-filler industry

11/7/2018 - A Chinese phone maker is building one of the world’s biggest music streaming services in Africa

11/7/2018 - The three traits Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella looks for in leaders

11/7/2018 - The Collins Dictionary word of the year shows how desperate we are to be better people

11/7/2018 - Interactive: We’re way off our climate change goals, and these are the reasons why

11/7/2018 - A lack of startups means half of all US companies are now more than 10 years old

11/7/2018 - The US midterms might mark the end of the strong dollar

11/7/2018 - The NIH is looking for someone to roll its joints

11/7/2018 - The cult of creativity is making us less creative

11/7/2018 - Your Google data could pinpoint where you got food poisoning

11/7/2018 - In Amsterdam, self-driving boats could be the next step for autonomous vehicles

11/7/2018 - All the things I learned about cryptocurrency from Goop

11/7/2018 - The simple thing parents can do to usher in a more hopeful age of politics

11/7/2018 - The healthiest people in the world don’t go to the gym

11/7/2018 - Curved monitors may save you from the tyranny of the open-plan office

11/7/2018 - Democrats take the House, Fox financials, angry Girl Scouts

11/7/2018 - The kitchen gadget that makes dining solo more fun

11/7/2018 - The 401(k)

11/7/2018 - Stacey Abrams won’t give up her bid for Georgia governor until “every vote is counted”

11/7/2018 - Pregnant women in the US are giving up major vices—except one

11/7/2018 - There is no such thing as old age

11/7/2018 - History was made during the midterms as the US elected a number of “firsts”

11/7/2018 - Democratic House, Diwali at Disneyland, big red button

11/7/2018 - Democratic House, Diwali at Disneyland, big red button

11/7/2018 - Michigan voted to legalize marijuana, but other states still had misgivings

11/7/2018 - Beto O’Rourke made history in Texas, even if he lost

11/6/2018 - Republicans fear that House Democrats will launch these investigations

11/6/2018 - How the Democrats won back the House

11/6/2018 - The US just elected its first openly gay governor

11/6/2018 - Brian Kemp, who made it notoriously hard to vote in Georgia, had a little trouble voting

11/6/2018 - You can’t vape at work or drill offshore in Florida anymore

11/6/2018 - DC’s shadow senators and representative can’t vote and don’t get paid

11/6/2018 - The Kentucky clerk who refused to sign gay-marriage licenses lost her re-election bid

11/6/2018 - How Republican hardliners are faring in the midterms

11/6/2018 - US voters are getting texts with false information about how and when to vote

11/6/2018 - More than half a million “nonvoters” in Georgia and Texas actually voted early this year

11/6/2018 - At nearly the 11th hour, Beyoncé endorsed Beto O’Rourke on Instagram

11/6/2018 - What’s happening on Facebook this midterm election is scarier than ever

11/6/2018 - The first results of the US election just came in from Guam

11/6/2018 - Three key hours to watch in the US midterm elections

11/6/2018 - Idris Elba is People’s “sexiest man alive”—the third non-white man ever to get the honor

11/6/2018 - US farmers are likely voting in unexpected ways in the 2018 midterms

11/6/2018 - The biggest thing on the ballot today is the health of Americans

11/6/2018 - The US midterms feature a major standoff between voting machines and the weather

11/6/2018 - US voting chaos, Facebook’s Myanmar blame, big red button

11/6/2018 - High voter turn-out is causing delays at the ballot box

11/6/2018 - US shoppers will spend over $1 trillion this holiday season for the first time ever

11/6/2018 - The 401(k)

11/6/2018 - The science of why rainy weather is good for Republicans

11/6/2018 - In Nevada, one small county votes on the future of legal sex work

11/6/2018 - Instagram is a hyper-charged “I voted” sticker

11/6/2018 - Ted Cruz tried to insult an insult comic dog. It backfired spectacularly

11/6/2018 - Photos: Americans line up to vote in the 2018 midterms

11/6/2018 - Why you always seem to choose the wrong line

11/6/2018 - At a Florida poll, voters on both sides hope to send Trump a message

11/6/2018 - Donald Trump was one of 40 million early voters in the US midterms

11/6/2018 - A Republican stronghold in Orange County is wavering

11/6/2018 - The forecast for the global economy is partly cloudy, with a chance of a devastating trade war

11/6/2018 - Broken machines and user error are leading to hour-long lines at polling booths

11/6/2018 - Facebook enabled human rights abuses in Myanmar, but promises to do better next time

11/6/2018 - Google’s top US Election Day search is in Spanish: “Dónde votar”

11/6/2018 - People have raised over $70,000 to send pizza to voters waiting in line

11/6/2018 - Why Bill Gates brought a beaker of poop to a gathering in China

11/6/2018 - Applying the skills of SEAL Team six to value investing

11/6/2018 - Americans smashed all previous records for early voting in the 2018 midterm elections

11/6/2018 - There are no “creative” industries

11/6/2018 - Here’s how markets will react to every possible outcome of the US midterms

11/6/2018 - At 50, the Ralph Lauren brand is desperate to reach consumers half that age

11/6/2018 - Where Republicans are using “dark money” to fight for their majority

11/6/2018 - Solitary bees

11/6/2018 - Solitary bees

11/6/2018 - To have better ideas, become a better storyteller

11/6/2018 - Trump’s existential threat has fueled the rise of Minnesota’s Somali political class

11/6/2018 - Democrats’ key hurdle in conservative states are nonvoters, not Republicans

11/6/2018 - The US midterm elections are crucial to abortion rights

11/6/2018 - The most important midterm ballot measures on abortion, marijuana, and transgender rights

11/6/2018 - A former Slack engineer shares the key to disconnecting from Slack after work

11/6/2018 - Where America’s interns want to work

11/6/2018 - The hard but valuable lesson black South Africans learned in the First World War

11/6/2018 - How to track the most important races and issues in the US midterm elections

11/6/2018 - The US midterm elections, explained very simply

11/6/2018 - Beto is bigger than bitcoin and Beyoncé on Google—but trails Ted Cruz in Texas

11/6/2018 - Interactive: We’re on course for a 4 degree global temperature rise

11/6/2018 - Pet vacations are the latest casualty of Brexit

11/6/2018 - Under Armour reimbursed employees for visits to strip clubs until early 2018

11/6/2018 - Why you should be exercising while traveling, and why you’re not

11/6/2018 - Three reasons people don’t exercise while travelling… and why they’re wrong

11/6/2018 - Google is helping to direct voters to their polling place

11/6/2018 - Devcon reflections, Robinhood’s sheriff, and decentralized exchanges

11/6/2018 - Save the planet! Save humanity! Befriend an octopus

11/6/2018 - The “Blackfish effect” is over for SeaWorld—for now

11/6/2018 - More primates are being used for lab research in the US than ever before

11/6/2018 - Researchers created an artificial society to find the causes of religious conflict

11/6/2018 - The 401(k) is forty and fabulous

11/6/2018 - All the ways bad sleep is hurting you

11/6/2018 - Midterm madness, Facebook nixes accounts, Bill Gates’ toilet launch

11/6/2018 - Eight candidates with science degrees that have a shot in the 2018 midterm elections

11/6/2018 - Robert Mercer, Trump’s biggest donor, is at it again in 2018

11/6/2018 - Fact-checking Trump’s tweets from the lead-up to the midterms

11/6/2018 - Solitary bees

11/6/2018 - Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam is a big challenge to Egypt’s aggressive stance over the Nile

11/6/2018 - You can’t take the Diwali out of Indians—even when they’re in America

11/6/2018 - The abduction of 78 school students in Cameroon’s Anglophone region could be another Chibok

11/6/2018 - Norwegian may have the cheapest transatlantic fares—but it also has the most complaints

11/6/2018 - Even before Diwali fireworks, Delhi’s air is already deadly

11/6/2018 - US corporates made more investments in Africa in 2017 than businesses from any other country

11/6/2018 - US midterms, damaged Lion Air plane, solitary bees

11/6/2018 - US midterms, damaged Lion Air plane, solitary bees

11/6/2018 - Many Indians want a ban on firecrackers on Diwali—but still buy them anyway

11/6/2018 - More and more Indians are travelling away from home for Diwali

11/5/2018 - Ola is taking its hyper discounting model beyond India. But will it work?

11/5/2018 - Success, disappointment, hope: Notes from an Indian angel investor’s diary

11/5/2018 - The father of the internet wants to save the web from itself

11/5/2018 - Coca-Cola and Pepsi have a strategy to beat soda taxes: Confuse as many voters as possible

11/5/2018 - Why it’s still a Spice World in 2018

11/5/2018 - Photos of the migrant caravan and the Trump military response tell different stories

11/5/2018 - American women donated a record amount this midterm election – but not the way men did

11/5/2018 - US midterms, Amazon’s split HQ2, swordfish-like dolphins

11/5/2018 - Apple is no longer a trillion-dollar company

11/5/2018 - Solitary bees

11/5/2018 - When it comes to your money, bank loans are a risky business

11/5/2018 - Buyer beware: bank loans are not what they seem

11/5/2018 - Election day isn’t a US federal holiday, but more employers are acting like it is

11/5/2018 - Amazon’s contest for its second headquarters could have a surprise ending

11/5/2018 - Reviewers say the new iPad Pro is giving your laptop a run for its money

11/5/2018 - A verified Twitter account impersonating Elon Musk collected over $150,000

11/5/2018 - Almost no modern garment contains as much symbolism as the hoodie

11/5/2018 - IBM’s Watson is now offering career coaching to hourly employees

11/5/2018 - Trump is cutting Mauritania’s US trade benefits because it still hasn’t stopped slavery

11/5/2018 - If you vote in one of these districts, you could change the fate of Congress

11/5/2018 - “The Walking Dead” just can’t quit itself

11/5/2018 - The Apple iPhone violates all the rules about the price of technology coming down over time

11/5/2018 - The ultimate blockchain/space crossover to “unite our species” is happening

11/5/2018 - Here is permission to throw away your leftover Halloween candy

11/5/2018 - New science suggests there’s a fishy way to treat asthma in kids

11/5/2018 - Europe’s populists are having “irrational” debates on migration, says the UN head

11/5/2018 - Political polls are only useful if you know how to read them

11/5/2018 - Fighting for status can be productive, but only on one type of team

11/5/2018 - Four innovative ways technology is improving jobs in retail

11/5/2018 - How the world’s largest retailer is leveraging technology to help employees

11/5/2018 - The quiet power of reading with your coworkers

11/5/2018 - How our red blood cells keep evolving to fight malaria

11/5/2018 - Prescribing social activities is the latest medical strategy for living longer

11/5/2018 - Iran is relying on “ghost ships” as US sanctions take effect

11/5/2018 - Your job is a good indicator of your politics

11/5/2018 - A big tech company is teaching new hires how to make eye contact

11/5/2018 - The US now has more than 56.7 million freelance workers—and they vote

11/5/2018 - Rural American hospitals are not prepared for the rise in babies born with opioid withdrawal

11/5/2018 - Pets and wild animals are terrified of fireworks. Here’s what you can do to help

11/5/2018 - Trump’s Midwest tour, SoftBank earnings, wayward dinosaurs

11/5/2018 - Is India losing its love for gold?

11/5/2018 - SoftBank finally condemned Khashoggi’s murder—but it won’t stop taking Saudi money

11/5/2018 - How an Indian sportswear brand turns plastic bottles into T-shirts

11/5/2018 - How an ancient religion influenced Freddie Mercury as an artist

11/5/2018 - Trump in Ohio, SoftBank earnings, wayward dinosaurs

11/5/2018 - Trump in Ohio, SoftBank earnings, wayward dinosaurs

11/5/2018 - Why SonyLIV believes English-language content is key for success in India

11/5/2018 - India’s air is deathly toxic, but Indians don’t want to buy air purifiers

11/4/2018 - The second coming of an Indian startup founder

11/4/2018 - Cystic fibrosis advocates are worried about the upcoming film “Five Feet Apart”

11/4/2018 - “I’m sure he had no idea I was Jewish”: Reflections from the Pittsburgh shooter’s nurse

11/4/2018 - A French territory flirted with independence today

11/4/2018 - Iran sanctions, SoftBank earnings, wayward dinosaurs

11/4/2018 - Parkland shooting survivors, and their supporters, will vote for the first time in the midterms

11/4/2018 - The mystery of Nike founder Phil Knight’s huge political donation ahead of the midterms

11/4/2018 - Russian legislators are in the US to monitor the midterm elections

11/4/2018 - The rumored “Avatar” sequel titles and Hollywood’s hilarious struggle to name sequels

11/4/2018 - The US desperately needs tech-savvy lawmakers but the midterms are unlikely to deliver

11/4/2018 - The real cost of buying a new iPhone

11/4/2018 - Africa’s future needs a better research culture—and not just for scientists

11/4/2018 - “Saturday Night Live” mocked Fox News’ absurd caravan lies, and it was barely even parody

11/4/2018 - Photos: the “awesomeness” of the International Space Station

11/4/2018 - How Kenya’s only ice hockey team became the star of a Canadian ad campaign

11/4/2018 - The bitter reality for journalists covering a president who lies, and lies, and lies some more

11/4/2018 - These sex dolls in China are family companions more than toys

11/4/2018 - Nine sci-fi subgenres to help you understand the future

11/4/2018 - The best way to feel like a New Yorker is to run the New York City Marathon

11/4/2018 - The body-positive skincare trend is driven by women’s fear of aging

11/4/2018 - Mo Ibrahim’s frank talk, Trump in Nigeria, Cape Town’s burning trains

11/3/2018 - How a jookin, gangsta-walking Mouse King ended up in Disney’s new “Nutcracker”

11/3/2018 - The graphic delights of British biscuit lettering, unpacked and sorted

11/3/2018 - Francis Ford Coppola is branching out from fine wine into luxury weed

11/3/2018 - Dan Brown’s top 10 tips on how to write a bestselling thriller

11/3/2018 - Warren Buffett’s latest investment idea: his own company’s stock

11/3/2018 - The Swedish obsession with open-house viewings has inspired an art exhibition

11/3/2018 - Your friends’ voting history and party are public. This app will show you

11/3/2018 - North Korea is threatening to resume its nuclear program over US-led sanctions

11/3/2018 - Origami

11/3/2018 - Origami

11/3/2018 - To artist Maira Kalman, ironing clothes is a form of meditation

11/3/2018 - What the most famous lost suitcase in literary history reveals about mistakes

11/3/2018 - The complete guide to Apple cables

11/3/2018 - Africa’s cities are no longer just stopovers on the way to a safari

11/3/2018 - The Chinese and Soviets had a bigger role in supporting apartheid than we previously knew

11/3/2018 - Weekend edition—US midterms, shared nightmares, secret ratings  

11/3/2018 - The 30-minute TV-drama revolution is here

11/3/2018 - New to video games? Come play with us

11/3/2018 - Life can be a masterpiece if you focus on the everyday

11/3/2018 - Origami

11/3/2018 - Weekend edition—US midterms, shared nightmares, secret ratings  

11/3/2018 - Weekend edition—US midterms, shared nightmares, secret ratings  

11/2/2018 - How Delhi’s location makes its pollution crisis worse

11/2/2018 - Indians are in no mood to splurge this festive season

11/2/2018 - Weekend edition—US midterms, shared nightmares, secret ratings  

11/2/2018 - Amazon is hiring fewer workers this holiday season, a sign that robots are replacing them

11/2/2018 - Spotify plans to get ahead of Amazon, Google, and Apple on their own turf

11/2/2018 - Elon Musk: “Some people use their hair to express themselves. I use Twitter.”

11/2/2018 - An astronaut explains why you can’t burp in space

11/2/2018 - Donald Trump parodied “Game of Thrones” on Twitter. This is how memes die

11/2/2018 - Origami

11/2/2018 - Data show that when US voters legalize weed, they hurt Mexican cartels

11/2/2018 - The economy still matters for US elections, but not in the way many people think

11/2/2018 - Watch the rocket accident that put two astronauts at risk

11/2/2018 - Trump’s latest court battle explains the 2018 Republican campaign

11/2/2018 - Nigeria’s army used Trump rhetoric to justify shooting unarmed protestors

11/2/2018 - Scientists find psilocybin microdosing can boost cognitive creativity

11/2/2018 - A group of young women in Kyrgyzstan is crowdfunding the country’s first satellite launch

11/2/2018 - Far-right congressman Steve King has two Facebook pages. One is just for dank memes

11/2/2018 - Goldman Sachs is once again the villain

11/2/2018 - UberEats is using data to create cool, non-existent restaurants

11/2/2018 - The future of construction may be concrete that generates its own electricity

11/2/2018 - Quartzy: the termite art edition

11/2/2018 - Quartzy: the termite art edition

11/2/2018 - Uber is partnering with Suzuki to expand its short-trip, low-cost service in African cities

11/2/2018 - Employment for working-age Americans is finally back to where it was before the great recession

11/2/2018 - Rotisserie chicken

11/2/2018 - Rotisserie chicken

11/2/2018 - Job interview mistakes that you might not notice—but recruiters will

11/2/2018 - “I decided not to join the migrant caravan”: A husband’s decision to wait

11/2/2018 - Pretty much all reputable legal scholars agree with Paul Ryan, not Donald Trump, on birthright citizenship

11/2/2018 - How the Day of the Dead celebrates life

11/2/2018 - BlackRock CEO Larry Fink explains why his firm will not cut ties with Saudi Arabia

11/2/2018 - Defending my tech company’s efforts to hire more women taught me how much further we have to go

11/2/2018 - Trump’s frantic midterm MAGA rally schedule, mapped and explained

11/2/2018 - The computer languages employers want most in Silicon Valley

11/2/2018 - Elon Musk says Tesla “probably” won’t take Saudi money anymore

11/2/2018 - Disney’s grief-tinged “Nutcracker” is the latest film to explore the dark side of fairy tales

11/2/2018 - Nigeria’s main opposition party has signed up a million-dollar Trump lobbyist ahead of 2019 elections

11/2/2018 - The unbridled joy of an airport beer has become a headache in the UK

11/2/2018 - The story Netflix CEO Reed Hastings tells employees to make them take sexual harassment seriously

11/2/2018 - The ordinary “Bohemian Rhapsody” does a disservice to Freddie Mercury’s extraordinary talent

11/2/2018 - How common is it to share salary information? It depends on your age

11/2/2018 - US political candidates can now pay babysitters with campaign funds

11/2/2018 - Free beer for WeWork’s New York tenants will be capped at four glasses a day

11/2/2018 - Coinbase cashes in, blockchain oasis, and a chill in India

11/2/2018 - Creatives are stepping up to counter a media clampdown in South Sudan

11/2/2018 - Peter Thiel thinks the next Google won’t come from Silicon Valley

11/2/2018 - Access to electricity is growing rapidly around the world—except in Africa

11/2/2018 - Thailand is pioneering the future of robotics and automation

11/2/2018 - Iran sanctions, Asian shares bump, lost Japanese island

11/2/2018 - A woman fought a bus driver before they plunged off a bridge—and it was caught on video

11/2/2018 - The killing of an American missionary in Cameroon is pulling the US into the Anglophone conflict

11/2/2018 - Rotisserie chicken

11/2/2018 - Charted: Narendra Modi’s strong, but uneven, popularity in India

11/2/2018 - The falling rupee is a “speed bump” in Apple’s India growth story

11/2/2018 - This Chinese supermarket of “emptiness” is a cousin to Banksy’s self-shredding art

11/2/2018 - Australia deported a former NBA star’s French bulldog

11/2/2018 - Iran sanctions, New Caledonia independence, mainstream witches

11/2/2018 - Iran sanctions, New Caledonia independence, mainstream witches

11/2/2018 - A US-based editor accuses MJ Akbar of raping her 23 years ago

11/2/2018 - An Iranian influence campaign has been targeting Indians on Twitter

11/2/2018 - Love Indian food? A cookbook challenges everything you know about the cuisine

11/1/2018 - India’s online grocers bet on innovation to fend off Amazon, Flipkart

11/1/2018 - A minivan that ferried generations of schoolkids is going off Indian roads

11/1/2018 - The US’s newest partner in fighting Chinese intellectual property theft is Taiwan

11/1/2018 - Apple briefly slummed it as a non-trillion dollar company

11/1/2018 - Oscars alone don’t explain Netflix premiering its movies in theaters

11/1/2018 - Google CEO Sundar Pichai is saying all the right things about the company’s employee walkout

11/1/2018 - Everyone seems fine with Apple making iPhones more expensive

11/1/2018 - 1MDB indictments, China spy probe, lie-detecting robots

11/1/2018 - Immigrants to the US change from the inside out—literally

11/1/2018 - Oprah is knocking on doors in Georgia to get out the vote

11/1/2018 - The US imposed sanctions on one of Venezuela’s last viable industries: gold

11/1/2018 - The wild story of how Orson Welles’ unfinished film got to Netflix after 40 years lost

11/1/2018 - More humane chicken breeding would cost consumers 1% extra

11/1/2018 - Mary Barra says GM’s driverless cars will ride on public roads next year

11/1/2018 - Cell-phone radiation can cause cancer in rats. The next question: What does it mean for humans?

11/1/2018 - Melania Trump spent one day in Cairo and the hotel bill was over $95,000

11/1/2018 - The first FDA-approved cannabis-derived drug is available for prescription in the US

11/1/2018 - Rotisserie chicken

11/1/2018 - A group of Chinese villagers traveled to Amsterdam to ask for the return of a mummified monk

11/1/2018 - Google employees walk out in protest of the company’s sexual misconduct policies

11/1/2018 - Everyone’s making money using NASA logos except NASA

11/1/2018 - Investors see trouble through Spotify’s profitability blip

11/1/2018 - “When you see that stuff, are you proud of that?”: Watch Lachlan Murdoch try to defend Fox News

11/1/2018 - Answer these 10 questions to understand if you’re a good manager

11/1/2018 - A proposed change to the H-1B lottery would benefit advanced degree holders

11/1/2018 - The social media-savvy mayor of Taipei has dropped a rap video

11/1/2018 - An 1898 US Supreme Court case confirmed birthright citizenship

11/1/2018 - Public transit has been declining in the US for seven years. Scooters and bike-share could help save it.

11/1/2018 - Would it surprise you to see your company in a #MeToo scandal? We asked 2,000 Americans

11/1/2018 - The rocky Trump transition is headed to Netflix, thanks to Barack Obama and Michael Lewis

11/1/2018 - Central banks are buying up the most gold in years

11/1/2018 - Mysticore

11/1/2018 - Mysticore

11/1/2018 - People love marathons so much, they’re running in virtual races

11/1/2018 - The Pentagon, soldiers, and taxpayers will pay for Trump’s border-troops election stunt

11/1/2018 - Two Facebook engineers built a tool to cut down on meetings. Now it’s a $900 million company

11/1/2018 - Brazil’s biggest gunmaker crashed after the country elected a pro-gun president

11/1/2018 - A luxury CEO says what separates millennials from older generations is a demand for respect

11/1/2018 - We already know what Jair Bolsonaro’s vision for the Amazon would look like

11/1/2018 - You can never be as original in naming your baby as you’d like

11/1/2018 - This is why you never, ever use Comic Sans at work

11/1/2018 - 50 powerful men told us their biggest insecurities about being a man

11/1/2018 - The East and West have very different ideas on who to save in a self-driving car accident

11/1/2018 - What Jaguar says about the battery in its new electric car

11/1/2018 - The rise of the 4-letter baby name

11/1/2018 - What Google’s walkout means for workplaces everywhere

11/1/2018 - One way to make urban cycling safer? Fewer angry dudes

11/1/2018 - Let us finally resolve the octopuses v. octopi debate

11/1/2018 - Angela Merkel’s plan to lead Germany until 2021 may not be up to her

11/1/2018 - Amazon’s “Homecoming” is a masterful Hitchcockian thriller for 2018

11/1/2018 - Google walkouts, Apple eyes iHeartMedia, karate-kicking cockroaches

11/1/2018 - Here’s what could happen if India bans cryptocurrencies

11/1/2018 - QZ & A: What history says to expect from America’s violently divided midterms

11/1/2018 - Air pollution is impeding our children’s brain development

11/1/2018 - South African filmmakers are in Hollywood to boost an industry eclipsed by Nollywood

11/1/2018 - Xiaomi can’t beat Apple in India even after selling 10 times more phones

11/1/2018 - China is exporting its digital surveillance methods to African governments

11/1/2018 - Mysticore

11/1/2018 - A small Japanese island has disappeared

11/1/2018 - Malawi says all local businesses must offer digital payment options, not just cash

11/1/2018 - Angela Merkel’s departure is a hit for Macron

11/1/2018 - Jaguar I-Pace is coming for Tesla—with a battery that doesn’t make sense

11/1/2018 - India’s top science university once had eight dining halls for different castes

11/1/2018 - Facebook has a list of hazardous content that can get your account deactivated

11/1/2018 - Lion Air’s black box, Mexico’s pot ruling, iPhone helium allergy

11/1/2018 - Lion Air’s black box, Mexico’s pot ruling, iPhone helium allergy