9/30/2017 - Billionaire superheroes won’t save the world

9/30/2017 - Who is the Puerto Rico mayor standing up to Trump over hurricane relief?

9/30/2017 - Uber’s four-year journey through Africa’s fast-changing cities has been bumpy, but disruptive

9/30/2017 - Kenyan fashion designers respond to not being “African enough”

9/30/2017 - Trump accuses a Puerto Rico mayor who made a desperate appeal for help of “poor leadership”

9/30/2017 - A legendary South African musical returns 60 years later to find a country still divided

9/30/2017 - Puerto Rico’s eye-popping economic situation, in charts

9/30/2017 - All the expensive, troublesome jet travels of Trump’s cabinet

9/30/2017 - Everything you want to know about OJ Simpson’s release from prison

9/30/2017 - Saudi Arabia’s women are suddenly a huge new market for covetous car companies

9/30/2017 - New York City is using sheriffs and obscure building code violations to crack down on Airbnb

9/30/2017 - The progressive argument for reading Dr. Seuss books to kids

9/30/2017 - My kids use Alexa to constantly troll me

9/30/2017 - In both the US and Mexico, citizens led better disaster response than their governments

9/30/2017 - As women get to drive in Saudi Arabia, Uber might lose some of its most loyal customers

9/30/2017 - A former Obama speechwriter on how to make America optimistic again

9/30/2017 - Weekend edition—Germany’s culture, Vietnam’s content farms, humanity’s demise

9/30/2017 - Puerto Rico’s main hope right now is the giant Puerto Rican diaspora

9/30/2017 - No animals were involved in producing this premium leather

9/30/2017 - The best film performance of 2017 so far is by a 6-year-old child

9/30/2017 - The journey of a “doctor” who joined the cult of alternative medicine and then broke out of it

9/30/2017 - Weekend edition—Germany’s culture, Vietnam’s content farms, humanity’s demise

9/30/2017 - Weekend edition—Germany’s culture, Vietnam’s content farms, humanity’s demise

9/29/2017 - Weekend edition—Germany’s culture, Vietnam’s content farms, humanity’s demise

9/29/2017 - Scientists are using high-tech “chemical surgery” to correct tiny genetic mutations

9/29/2017 - Hurricane Maria coverage, Cuban sonic attack, and eight other stories you might have missed

9/29/2017 - Apple is looking into reports that some iPhone 8s are falling apart

9/29/2017 - People shared nearly as much fake news as real news on Twitter during the election

9/29/2017 - National anthems

9/29/2017 - Charted: The toymakers Toys R Us owes money to

9/29/2017 - In 1995, this astronomer predicted the Internet’s greatest failure

9/29/2017 - Most of the fastest selling used cars in the US are now electric

9/29/2017 - Diabetics can now test their blood sugar levels with a mobile device

9/29/2017 - “You should be outraged”: A US Air Force general gives a lesson in leadership after racist slurs

9/29/2017 - Quartzy: the anthems edition

9/29/2017 - Quartzy: the anthems edition

9/29/2017 - Free in-flight wifi means we’re quickly losing an unexpected haven for deep productivity

9/29/2017 - We haven’t considered the true cost of drone delivery medical services in Africa

9/29/2017 - The US is pulling most of its staff out of Cuba after a series of mysterious attacks

9/29/2017 - An open letter to Jeff Bezos–you are needed to disrupt the health care sector

9/29/2017 - Uganda’s doctors and nurses are seeking greener pastures—in war-torn Libya

9/29/2017 - Amazon’s Alexa army, Europe takes on China’s rail giant, Lyft in London

9/29/2017 - SpaceX’s Elon Musk unveiled a rocket that can fly to the Moon, Mars—and Shanghai

9/29/2017 - Whole Foods’ CEO says Amazon saved the grocer from its own pretentiousness

9/29/2017 - Want to bridge the urban-rural divide? Start by learning about family farms.

9/29/2017 - A quick guide to Catalonia’s controversial independence referendum

9/29/2017 - Is Yahoo a fintech company now?

9/29/2017 - African cuisine has long been ignored on the global stage, and we can only blame our Western bias

9/29/2017 - The dark arts of international lobbyists and spin doctors are infecting Africa’s politics

9/29/2017 - Democrats should start watching baseball if they want to learn how to steal home

9/29/2017 - Musk on Mars, VW’s next hit, James Bond submarines

9/29/2017 - How many minutes away from your dream destination are you, via Elon Musk’s new spacecraft?

9/29/2017 - The only left-leaning choice for Japanese voters is now the communists

9/29/2017 - The new food pyramid in Belgium sticks meat next to candy and pizza

9/29/2017 - 🤑, 🤔, or 😰? What the world’s financial bigwigs think about bitcoin

9/29/2017 - No matter how hard the government tries, it can’t sell India’s growth story to the world

9/29/2017 - Stop glorifying colonialism. Have we already forgotten the starvation, plundering, and sheer brutality?

9/29/2017 - Morgan Stanley explains why India’s e-commerce market is a hot investment opportunity

9/29/2017 - India, always risky for journalists, has suddenly turned more dangerous following a murder

9/29/2017 - South Korea has banned all forms of initial coin offerings in the country

9/29/2017 - South Korea can teach India a thing or two about digitising an economy

9/29/2017 - Catalan referendum, Congress grills Twitter, James Bond submarines

9/29/2017 - Catalan referendum, Congress grills Twitter, James Bond submarines

9/28/2017 - China’s booming electric vehicle market is about to run into a mountain of battery waste

9/28/2017 - Twitter told Congress everything it knows about Russian influence on its app. It isn’t much

9/28/2017 - Innovation is the biggest security threat to companies

9/28/2017 - Advances in big data come with even bigger data risks

9/28/2017 - Ikea buys TaskRabbit, Congress grills Twitter, Musk’s Mars plan

9/28/2017 - Flying drones is now banned at major US tourist attractions

9/28/2017 - Russian meddling, NCAA corruption, and eight other stories you might have missed

9/28/2017 - Ikea is buying TaskRabbit because America’s DIY spirit is dying

9/28/2017 - Tropical forests used to absorb carbon. Now they emit as much as all US transit.

9/28/2017 - An architect of inspired social housing has won UK’s most prestigious architecture medal

9/28/2017 - The tulip bubble

9/28/2017 - Outraged programmers forced a rare concession from Facebook on its open-source software

9/28/2017 - Scientists are close to creating a strain of GMO, low-gluten wheat

9/28/2017 - The UN wants Facebook to fix its human trafficking problem

9/28/2017 - My father drew a portrait of me a decade ago. I just bought it back from a stranger on Facebook

9/28/2017 - No, the US State Department is not charging people to evacuate from Puerto Rico

9/28/2017 - An ingenious use of big data helped expose a Chinese company illegally poaching thousands of sharks

9/28/2017 - More than half of American workers can’t sue their employer

9/28/2017 - GoPro just launched some impressive new cameras that will hopefully help return the company to profitability

9/28/2017 - Sea creatures fled the Japanese tsunami on plastic rafts and travelled all the way to US shores

9/28/2017 - Trump’s strategy for selling his tax reform plan is to outright lie about it

9/28/2017 - Microsoft’s Satya Nadella shares the leadership lesson in watching Amazon win the cloud business

9/28/2017 - Hugh Hefner’s legacy shows the capitalist contradiction at the heart of the American dream

9/28/2017 - Without Hugh Hefner, there would be no Donald Trump

9/28/2017 - A horrifying statistic that conveys the sheer scale of the US opioid crisis

9/28/2017 - Your next drug could be a pill full of genetically modified bacteria

9/28/2017 - The age of $15-million-per-hour TV is upon us

9/28/2017 - Internet shutdowns are costing African governments more than we thought

9/28/2017 - Twitter’s longer tweet trial exposes the fundamental problem with its business model

9/28/2017 - Aston Martin has designed a futuristic submarine fit for James Bond

9/28/2017 - The US has a vast, untapped supply of renewable energy that’s neither wind, solar, or hydropower

9/28/2017 - Americans who go to college are four times better off than everyone else

9/28/2017 - It took three days of pressure for Trump to waive restrictions on aid deliveries to Puerto Rico

9/28/2017 - There are too many H&M stores, H&M acknowledges

9/28/2017 - All Americans are getting richer, but inequality is still getting worse

9/28/2017 - A little squishy robot named Daisy is on a quest to save all of our drinking water

9/28/2017 - Photos: National Geographic’s most beautiful aerial shots of nature are often now made by drone

9/28/2017 - A therapist’s guide to staying productive when you’re depressed or heartbroken

9/28/2017 - Fred Wilson’s five lessons for budding venture capitalists are also pretty good life and work lessons

9/28/2017 - AI hacks are trying to turn code into intelligence like alchemists tried turning lead into gold

9/28/2017 - Bed bugs may travel to new homes in your dirty laundry

9/28/2017 - Someone made over $60,000 hijacking people’s computers to mine cryptocurrency

9/28/2017 - VR and AR will be the death of pop-up ads and pre-roll videos

9/28/2017 - A major check-in systems crash is disrupting airports worldwide

9/28/2017 - Trump wants to make America great again by using the Supreme Court to gut the rights of non-union workers

9/28/2017 - You now see colors that once didn’t exist

9/28/2017 - Tech companies already have the tools to stop hate speech in its tracks. Why won’t they use them?

9/28/2017 - Robot cars need eyes like ours—soon they might have them

9/28/2017 - People are skeptical of inherited wealth and execs born into family businesses

9/28/2017 - Not even Elon Musk’s mother can jump the line to get a Tesla

9/28/2017 - Google’s EU response, RIP Hugh Hefner, AI invents new sodas

9/28/2017 - A gigantic Chinese social-media platform is offering iPhones for citizen censors

9/28/2017 - Europe’s biggest airline could face regulatory action over “misleading” people on flight cancellation compensation

9/28/2017 - It’s sinking—no, it’s not: India’s top politicians are speaking up about the economy

9/28/2017 - Why are small businessmen in Gujarat turning to mutual funds and fixed deposits?

9/28/2017 - You can buy the world’s first fidget spinner phone in India for $20

9/28/2017 - Remembering Playboy’s Hugh Hefner, the civil rights activist

9/28/2017 - Rent a dream: How Indians are living it up without splurging

9/28/2017 - Sub-Saharan Africa is still in the dark but North Africa will soon be selling power to Europe

9/28/2017 - Team Modi wants the moon, the sun, and the stars but it doesn’t have the right spacecraft

9/28/2017 - Google’s EU response, RIP Hugh Hefner, rodents of unusual size

9/28/2017 - Google’s EU response, RIP Hugh Hefner, rodents of unusual size

9/27/2017 - On North Korea, China is taking away with one hand and giving with another

9/27/2017 - Time-stretched Koreans are turning to “fast healing” to fix their minds and bodies

9/27/2017 - How Hurricane Maria will be more costly for Puerto Rico than Harvey was for Texas

9/27/2017 - iPhone X snag, Russia-US moon base, rodents of unusual size

9/27/2017 - Giant companies like Apple will make billions from Trump’s new tax proposal

9/27/2017 - Congress is investigating how Twitter bots may have influenced the US election

9/27/2017 - GOP tax plan, Twitter’s character assassination, and eight other stories you might have missed

9/27/2017 - What Trump has gotten right about Puerto Rico

9/27/2017 - France’s Code du Travail

9/27/2017 - Facebook isn’t consulting the experts to fight Russian election meddling on its platform

9/27/2017 - Amazon says there are now 5,000 people working just on Alexa

9/27/2017 - Here are all the new products Amazon announced today

9/27/2017 - AI told Coca-Cola to make Cherry Sprite. So it did

9/27/2017 - The five best Google Doodle games to play instead of working today

9/27/2017 - The data that prove bad weather alters your mood

9/27/2017 - Taylor Swift sending flowers to her hot new competition is the ultimate power move

9/27/2017 - Germany’s uber-powerful finance minister, a staunch defender of austerity, is leaving his post

9/27/2017 - South Koreans are prepping for potential nuclear war with these survival bags

9/27/2017 - Scientists may have found a way to test football players for CTE before it kills them

9/27/2017 - Putting a TV in your kid’s bedroom carries health risks

9/27/2017 - If you want to read more books, organize your list by season

9/27/2017 - It’s a problem that an iceberg over twice the size of Paris just broke off Antarctica

9/27/2017 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s advice to women on how to use your voice to be taken seriously

9/27/2017 - Zimbabwe’s economy is worsening as food lines grow and investors are left frustrated

9/27/2017 - Alex Garland’s “Annihilation” will be your next sci-fi obsession

9/27/2017 - Are we offering kids too many choices?

9/27/2017 - Amazon has spoiled us when it comes to free shipping

9/27/2017 - Ford is bringing self-driving cars to Lyft

9/27/2017 - A rapper needs $1 million to find what no one has ever seen before—the curve of the Earth

9/27/2017 - Europe’s biggest airline cancels another 18,000 flights because it screwed up staff vacations

9/27/2017 - Technology is helping middle-class Nigerians turn to farming without getting their hands dirty

9/27/2017 - There’s an alt-right version of everything

9/27/2017 - When you split the brain, do you split the person?

9/27/2017 - Trump’s sparring with North Korea is a reminder that foolishness really can kill

9/27/2017 - Speaking English with an accent has an unexpected advantage: the benefit of the doubt

9/27/2017 - It’s the end of the university as we know it

9/27/2017 - Nike’s sales growth has ground to a halt

9/27/2017 - Marc Benioff got tired of the gender pay gap at Salesforce, so he spent $3 million to close it—twice

9/27/2017 - Prescription drug pricing is totally broken, even for generics—here’s what happened

9/27/2017 - Weird new animal facts discovered with 21st century tracking technology

9/27/2017 - Smart cities are great. Human-centric cities are (again) the future

9/27/2017 - Blockchain may finally rid the world of fax machines

9/27/2017 - Everyone wants cobalt, but few want to get tangled up in the world’s largest producing nation

9/27/2017 - The secret to Germany’s happiness and success: Its values are the opposite of Silicon Valley’s

9/27/2017 - A racist video by a British Airways staffer mocking Nigerians captures a long fraught relationship

9/27/2017 - Uber’s UK defense, GOP tax plan, terrified guppies

9/27/2017 - Anti-gentrification activists took over Berlin’s iconic public theater and turned it into a 24/7 party

9/27/2017 - Kids who see guns in movies are more likely to pull the trigger in real life

9/27/2017 - In Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, 140 characters for Twitter is plenty, thank you

9/27/2017 - The world will soon have a new terror hub in Myanmar if the Rohingya crisis isn’t tackled well

9/27/2017 - If you expected more from Modi’s response to BHU students, you’ve forgotten his history of sexism

9/27/2017 - A 133-year-old Indian Ayurveda brand is teaming up with Amazon to fight Patanjali

9/27/2017 - African entrepreneurs have made Guangzhou a truly global city

9/27/2017 - The lifting of the ban on women driving caps a pretty good month for Saudi feminists

9/27/2017 - Indians themselves don’t want to work in Indian companies

9/27/2017 - Uber’s UK defense, longer tweets, Eminem investment

9/27/2017 - Uber’s UK defense, longer tweets, Eminem investment

9/27/2017 - Twitter is doubling the number of characters allowed in tweets—and Twitter users are not happy

9/27/2017 - India’s first woman head of a unicorn is also its youngest self-made woman millionaire

9/26/2017 - America’s probable newest senator has likened the Koran to Mein Kampf and blamed 9/11 on godlessness

9/26/2017 - This is why 5% of the global food supply never makes it to store shelves

9/26/2017 - Singapore has the richest, safest, and best quality of life for expats

9/26/2017 - Brexit is sapping expats’ confidence in Britain’s economy and its political stability

9/26/2017 - The Saudi king’s decree allowing women to drive is as much about money as human rights

9/26/2017 - Microsoft is using Excel as a gateway drug to AI

9/26/2017 - The US is the second-most competitive economy in the world, according to the World Economic Forum

9/26/2017 - Equifax’s CEO “retires,” NCAA corruption, Eminem IPO

9/26/2017 - Inflight wifi will be everywhere in 20 years and it’s going to make airlines a lot of money

9/26/2017 - Google is using a Latina queer theorist to troll Donald Trump

9/26/2017 - Puerto Rico’s devastation, Obamacare survives, and eight other stories you might have missed

9/26/2017 - Four times Facebook could have taken its Russia problem seriously, but didn’t

9/26/2017 - A Colin Kaepernick jersey is now hanging in New York’s Museum of Modern Art

9/26/2017 - A global crackdown on illegal drugs—code-named Pangea X—just put 400 people in handcuffs

9/26/2017 - Charted: Why the CEO had to go

9/26/2017 - The Kuddle-Up Baby Blanket

9/26/2017 - A law designed to protect American ship-building is limiting aid delivery to Puerto Rico

9/26/2017 - Is antifa necessary?

9/26/2017 - Scientists used an experimental procedure to bring a man out of a 15-year vegetative state

9/26/2017 - The US Marines finally have their first female infantry officer

9/26/2017 - Google’s reported solution to Europe’s giant antitrust fine is already under fire

9/26/2017 - The racial wealth divide is worse than people think—and it’s growing

9/26/2017 - Not even Bill Gates is using a Windows phone anymore

9/26/2017 - The director of “Insecure” and Beyoncé’s “Formation” is adapting a novel about Jamaica and Bob Marley for TV

9/26/2017 - Darth Vader’s helmet, Indiana Jones’ whip, Thor’s hammer: iconic film props for auction, today only

9/26/2017 - If they could do it again, most bond traders would choose a different career

9/26/2017 - Uber director Arianna Huffington succinctly explains the value of a healthy corporate culture

9/26/2017 - A new federal case exposes how big-money brands have corrupted US college sports

9/26/2017 - Egypt doesn’t have anti-gay laws, but is arresting music fans for raising the rainbow flag

9/26/2017 - The overwhelming majority of popular tourist destinations are in Asia

9/26/2017 - Boeing is hosting a competition to build the world’s first personal flying machine

9/26/2017 - China’s vision of itself as the world’s peacekeeper starts in Africa

9/26/2017 - Should you invest in an Eminem IPO? Maybe, as music might finally be profitable again

9/26/2017 - What took him so long? The CEO of Equifax is ‘retiring’

9/26/2017 - The far right is reeling in professionals, hipsters, and soccer moms

9/26/2017 - Oil prices have climbed to a two-year high on OPEC’s cuts, China’s stockpiles, and Turkey’s threats

9/26/2017 - North Korea may be mining bitcoin in addition to hacking it

9/26/2017 - How Hollywood created its own worst enemy in Rotten Tomatoes

9/26/2017 - What AmEx did to be recognized as the best place in the US for adoptive parents to work

9/26/2017 - 21 unexpected things that Donald Trump thinks are beautiful

9/26/2017 - 6,000 pounds of rotting pig carcasses can teach you a lot about nature

9/26/2017 - At the UN, usual optimism swapped for hopelessness on Yemen

9/26/2017 - The surprising reason why you should learn a local dialect instead of a global language

9/26/2017 - Twitter says it’s holding Trump to the same standards as everyone else, but also not, because he’s POTUS

9/26/2017 - Japan’s most powerful woman is messing up prime minister Shinzo Abe’s script

9/26/2017 - Please don’t bribe the officials: Singapore’s Chinese embassy has some etiquette rules for mainland tourists

9/26/2017 - The Essential phone is the perfect phone for Silicon Valley

9/26/2017 - Boeing vs. Bombardier, Cowboys vs. Trump, surprise Yoda cameo

9/26/2017 - Why robot traders haven’t replaced all the humans at the New York Stock Exchange—yet

9/26/2017 - As China has boosted renewable energy it’s moved dirty coal production to Africa

9/26/2017 - Is Narendra Modi afraid of young women asking for their rights?

9/26/2017 - Are Indians dreaming of a bullet train? No, they’re longing for a train that runs on time

9/26/2017 - Boeing vs. Bombardier, Kushner’s emails, Yoda cameos

9/26/2017 - Boeing vs. Bombardier, Kushner’s emails, Yoda cameos

9/26/2017 - Indian NGOs are now suffering for not having groomed leaders over the years

9/26/2017 - Let’s stop playing the national anthem before sporting events

9/26/2017 - Cameroon is on edge after security forces opened fire on Anglophone protesters

9/26/2017 - Bye bye Java: It’s time for Indian IT institutions to let go of outdated coding languages

9/25/2017 - Vietnam has some lessons for India on how to get bikers to actually wear their helmets

9/25/2017 - Deloitte hack, China’s WhatsApp crackdown, Yoda cameos

9/25/2017 - The new satellite image of Earth on WeChat’s splash page features China at its center—for a reason

9/25/2017 - How Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella disrupted the corporate retreat

9/25/2017 - Big American companies are embracing a novel strategy to attract new workers: raising wages

9/25/2017 - Trump and the NFL, Facebook infiltration, and eight other stories you might have missed

9/25/2017 - Scientists plan to #TakeAKnee to protest police violence against black Americans tomorrow

9/25/2017 - Siri will now search the web with Apple’s smartphone competitor instead of its computer rival

9/25/2017 - Satellite images of Puerto Rico before and after Hurricane Maria show scope of destruction

9/25/2017 - The US murder rate was up again—and 20% of the national increase came in Chicago

9/25/2017 - Elevator buttons

9/25/2017 - Investing in the right tech could help your business navigate uncertain times

9/25/2017 - How secure is your business?

9/25/2017 - The key to productivity is focusing on what matters

9/25/2017 - Managing a small business’ IT is easier than you’d think

9/25/2017 - With his new book, Satya Nadella takes control of the Microsoft narrative

9/25/2017 - White Castle is now selling spicy tofu burgers and cherry duck sliders in Shanghai

9/25/2017 - Photos: Sixty years ago, nine black students in Little Rock were escorted into a white school

9/25/2017 - Your devices could soon be powered by ocean waves

9/25/2017 - “Dissidents are patriots”: Bob Costas defends the NFL protests after Trump’s attack

9/25/2017 - Street-style photographers are shaming brands and influencers who use their work for free

9/25/2017 - Anthony Weiner’s face is what it looks like to have everything and throw it away

9/25/2017 - Bannon’s simple instruction on infiltrating Facebook: “Can u get on this”

9/25/2017 - You can now pay $350 to control your phone with a jean jacket

9/25/2017 - The leader of Germany’s far-right party quit hours after its election success—because it’s too radical

9/25/2017 - Silicon Valley and governments have to play nice if we want to save the world

9/25/2017 - NFL players standing for the national anthem is not a longstanding tradition

9/25/2017 - Why the right tech partner could help your business flourish

9/25/2017 - UC Berkeley paid $40,000 a minute for Milo Yiannopoulos to be yelled at on campus

9/25/2017 - Germany and France thwarted far right populism—why did the US and UK fall to them?

9/25/2017 - Trump can’t win a war on race with the NFL

9/25/2017 - The euro is falling after Angela Merkel’s “nightmare victory” in the German election

9/25/2017 - Nine years ago Warren Buffett bet on an unknown Chinese battery maker, and it’s sort of paying off

9/25/2017 - American low-cost fund giant Vanguard is now pulling in £2 million per day in the UK

9/25/2017 - After 70 years, we’ve finally figured out how to build a better microwave

9/25/2017 - A shoplifting solution billed as enlightened was ruled to be “textbook extortion”

9/25/2017 - Google moonshot lab cofounder Sebastian Thrun talks flying cars, automated teaching, and an AI arms race with China

9/25/2017 - The US has expanded its controversial travel ban with three more countries

9/25/2017 - An Omani sheikh paid $34 million for two apartments so his family could live next to Harrods in London

9/25/2017 - Kurdish referendum, Merkel’s tainted victory, potato power

9/25/2017 - A volcano in island paradise Bali could be about to erupt for the first time in half a century

9/25/2017 - A gay expat in Hong Kong just won a landmark ruling over granting her spouse a visa

9/25/2017 - At a recruiting event, a Chinese tech exec tells Japanese majors they should make porn instead

9/25/2017 - The British chip designer that Apple killed might soon be bought by a Chinese-backed fund

9/25/2017 - North Korea’s Kim dynasty is following the example of Joseph Stalin and the British Raj in India

9/25/2017 - The future of transportation may be about sharing batteries, not vehicles

9/25/2017 - Patanjali does naturals, we do science and naturals, says L’Oréal

9/25/2017 - 1.5 million dead in a decade: Just what is wrong with India’s roads and vehicles?

9/25/2017 - Kurdish referendum, Merkel’s difficult victory, potato power

9/25/2017 - Kurdish referendum, Merkel’s difficult victory, potato power

9/25/2017 - Experts believe mosquitos are spreading a flesh-eating bacteria in Australia

9/25/2017 - With India stocking up festival season crackers, Amazon just delivered an explosive package at Flipkart

9/25/2017 - Fun over experience: India Inc likes its CEOs young

9/24/2017 - Merkel is chancellor for another four years—now for weeks of coalition wrangling

9/24/2017 - Other ways that Americans regularly disrespect their flag aside from kneeling

9/24/2017 - New US travel rules, Merkel wins German vote, Chinese sex questions

9/24/2017 - German voters put a far-right party into parliament for the first time since the Second World War

9/24/2017 - NFL players, coaches protest Trump tweets saying they should be fired

9/24/2017 - African startups need to solve big problems, not chase unicorn status

9/24/2017 - Angela Merkel and her party are cruising to victory in the German general election

9/24/2017 - Trump’s NFL tirade is based on the same logic as Google’s case against James Damore

9/24/2017 - Africa’s largest museum for modern art opens this month in a former grains silo

9/24/2017 - How Cosmopolitan’s Helen Gurley Brown taught women to prize skinniness above all else

9/24/2017 - Selling US-themed souvenirs used to be straightforward. Then Trump got elected

9/24/2017 - “Brain zapping” could be the best way to treat depression and spark creativity

9/24/2017 - We asked Michael Bloomberg whether the world is better or worse off today than a year ago

9/24/2017 - The idea for lab-grown meat was born in a prisoner-of-war camp

9/24/2017 - Marriott is hosting the conference of the largest anti-Muslim hate group

9/24/2017 - The technology firsts that have shaped modern life as we know it

9/24/2017 - For sex advice, people in China turn to a 65-year-old female BDSM expert at $15 a pop

9/24/2017 - How to tell if your computer is secretly mining cryptocurrency, and what to do about it

9/24/2017 - Which of these promising projects will be Hulu’s next “The Handmaid’s Tale”?

9/24/2017 - There’s an unexpected link between boosting car sales in Africa and UN sustainability goals

9/24/2017 - Africa’s universities, Kenya’s battered retailers, vintage Ethiopia

9/23/2017 - The threats between Donald Trump and North Korea just escalated to a “show of force”

9/23/2017 - We may have hit peak Apple

9/23/2017 - Now everyone can see the pep talk LeBron James gave at a private event for global leaders

9/23/2017 - India’s foreign minister Sushma Swaraj at UN: “We’re fighting poverty, Pakistan is fighting us”

9/23/2017 - Donald Trump uninvited Stephen Curry to the White House, just for RSVPing “no thanks”

9/23/2017 - Past US presidents’ insults of North Korea now seem quaint

9/23/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg will sell at least $6 billion in Facebook stock over the next 18 months

9/23/2017 - To Donald Trump, what’s wrong with football is what’s wrong with America

9/23/2017 - Meetings create a commodity no organization can function without

9/23/2017 - Don’t buy the idea teens are having less sex until you take a closer look at the data

9/23/2017 - Everything, including the growing income disparity, can be explained by physics

9/23/2017 - How Oprah is likely to approach her “Divided America” segment on “60 Minutes”

9/23/2017 - Map: All the places where Uber is partially or fully banned

9/23/2017 - A schoolgirl trapped in Mexico’s earthquake rubble won the world’s hearts—except she didn’t exist

9/23/2017 - Facebook’s stance on the dangers of its platform is a lot like the NRA’s stance on guns

9/23/2017 - Weekend edition—Trust at the UN, chess on Wall Street, mastiff mania

9/23/2017 - What the predictions for 2017’s biggest Halloween costumes say about our collective psyche

9/23/2017 - Ugandan students who watched “Queen of Katwe” performed better on their national exams

9/23/2017 - Statistically speaking, black people in Germany don’t exist

9/23/2017 - Four steps to leading like Angela Merkel, master of crisis management

9/23/2017 - Groundbreaking African architecture is shedding a colonial past and identifying its own aesthetic

9/23/2017 - Here’s what president Trump got right in his much ridiculed Africa speech

9/23/2017 - Weekend edition—Trust at the UN, chess on Wall Street, mastiff mania

9/22/2017 - Weekend edition—Trust at the UN, chess on Wall Street, mastiff mania

9/22/2017 - Weekend edition—Trust at the UN, chess on Wall Street, mastiff mania

9/22/2017 - Mexico’s foreign minister trolls Trump on DACA, says NAFTA’s end wouldn’t be “end of the world”

9/22/2017 - Facebook’s Frankenstein moment, McCain pulls the plug, and eight other stories you missed

9/22/2017 - The TR-808 drum machine

9/22/2017 - Senator McCain: “I cannot in good conscience vote for the Graham-Cassidy proposal”

9/22/2017 - How Congress could regulate Facebook vs. how Mark Zuckerberg wants to do it himself

9/22/2017 - Researchers may have found a way to convert “bad” fat into “good” fat that burns calories

9/22/2017 - Here’s the letter rescinding the Obama-era policy on sexual assault on campus

9/22/2017 - You’re reading online product reviews all wrong—and its making you buy junky products

9/22/2017 - Everyone needs to chill out about Uber losing its license in London—for now, it changes nothing

9/22/2017 - Scientists finally discovered why languages don’t have the same number of terms for colors

9/22/2017 - The busiest land border crossing in the world is closed this weekend

9/22/2017 - There are three types of leaders who create radical change

9/22/2017 - To understand the end of the world, it helps to run Microsoft Windows 7 or 8

9/22/2017 - Do you hear yourself in these financial risk stories?

9/22/2017 - Do you hear yourself in these financial risk stories?

9/22/2017 - Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky on the most important trait for entrepreneurs

9/22/2017 - Quartzy: the creating space edition

9/22/2017 - Quartzy: the creating space edition

9/22/2017 - The crisis in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions has turned violent with bombings

9/22/2017 - A British rock legend can’t afford people to make his tea because no one buys albums anymore

9/22/2017 - Angela Merkel is a “ball of contradictions,” not a liberal hero

9/22/2017 - Businesses emerge as clean energy leaders around the world

9/22/2017 - The rise of renewable energy is ushering in a sustainable future

9/22/2017 - iPhone facial recognition, UK economy slowdown, Slack’s growing cash pile

9/22/2017 - Stephen King’s horror novels make a lot more sense when you realize they’re YA

9/22/2017 - Humans have way less agency than we think. Be grateful for the illusion

9/22/2017 - A UK group went undercover to fight the alt right. Will its unorthodox tactics work in the US?

9/22/2017 - Uber will lose its license to operate in London at the end of the month

9/22/2017 - Almost everyone is angry at Ryanair’s CEO except shareholders

9/22/2017 - The case for randomly gifting your friends money on Venmo

9/22/2017 - Trump is dismantling rules and laws protecting millions of Americans. Here are the most important.

9/22/2017 - A drug maker wants to use Botox technology to cure America’s opioid addiction

9/22/2017 - America’s current patent system inhibits innovation. Here’s how to fix it

9/22/2017 - A cofounder of Google’s moonshot factory doesn’t like to fire people, so he ‘liberates’ them instead

9/22/2017 - The NFL’s new helmet is supposed to make players safer from brain injuries. It’ll almost certainly do the opposite

9/22/2017 - The cord-cutter’s guide for what TV to watch this fall 2017

9/22/2017 - North Korea threatened a hydrogen bomb test in the Pacific—which is no stranger to nuclear blasts

9/22/2017 - Africa’s tech ecosystems can’t work like Silicon Valley, and they shouldn’t try to

9/22/2017 - UN General Assembly guide, Sept. 22: The home stretch, Trudeau mania, and chefugees

9/22/2017 - The home stretch, Trudeau mania, chefugees, and news from elsewhere

9/22/2017 - “It requires immense preparation”: Advice from Afghanistan’s president on how to talk to Trump

9/22/2017 - The UN general assembly’s events have truly terrible titles—so we fixed them

9/22/2017 - Germany votes, North Korea’s H-bomb threat, dino-eating frogs

9/22/2017 - The Philippines’ opinion on the US and China is wavering, but one thing’s for sure: Duterte’s the man

9/22/2017 - Even dinosaur vegetarians cheated with seafood

9/22/2017 - If you want to upgrade your data analysis skills, which programming language should you learn?

9/22/2017 - What Facebook told Congress suggests its Russian ad problem could be bigger than it looks

9/22/2017 - Theresa May’s big Brexit speech won’t make a difference to breaking the negotiation deadlock

9/22/2017 - Researchers have figured out why almost no men take paternity leave in a country that offers 12 months of it

9/22/2017 - How Germany took in one million refugees but dodged a populist uprising

9/22/2017 - How KPMG got caught up in the breathtaking corruption of South Africa’s private sector

9/22/2017 - Instead of more sanctions and bombast, let’s try a smarter, nuanced approach to North Korea

9/22/2017 - Uber is getting set to launch a national bus service in Egypt

9/22/2017 - In 20 hours, Flipkart sold a record-breaking 1.3 million smartphones

9/22/2017 - Led by cash-rich Flipkart and Amazon, Indian e-tailers will burn up to 60% more cash this festive season

9/22/2017 - Germany and NZ vote, Rocket Man vs. dotard, Persian poetry trolling

9/22/2017 - Germany and NZ vote, Rocket Man vs. dotard, Persian poetry trolling

9/22/2017 - How ancient India pioneered fundamental math concepts centuries before Europe

9/22/2017 - Academic arguments backing white supremacy and colonialism are making an ominous comeback

9/21/2017 - India may be watching more videos online than ever but content makers are not earning much

9/21/2017 - France will skip the 2018 Winter Olympics near North Korea if safety can’t be guaranteed

9/21/2017 - Dotard: Kim Jong-un’s latest insult to Donald Trump roughly translates as “old lunatic beast”

9/21/2017 - Pakistan keeps it predictable at the UN: hostility for India, love for China

9/21/2017 - Japan’s economic overhaul is inspired by Uber and rainbow bagels

9/21/2017 - One in five central banks say they will be using blockchain tech by 2019

9/21/2017 - Thousands of huge, aggressive dogs are roaming Tibet after their rich Chinese owners abandoned them

9/21/2017 - A university president explains the two key ways to get the most out of college

9/21/2017 - What Obama’s secretary of Education tells his kids about Trump: The battle is never over

9/21/2017 - S&P China downgrade, Facebook-Congress deal, Persian poetry trolling

9/21/2017 - A dog named Frida is among the heroes rescuing survivors of the Mexico earthquake

9/21/2017 - Justin Trudeau spent his entire UN speech talking about human-rights abuses in his own country

9/21/2017 - You can now buy a Volvo like an iPhone

9/21/2017 - UN interpreters

9/21/2017 - A French chef’s plea to relinquish his Michelin stars is proof success can be truly soul-crushing

9/21/2017 - Pollution deaths are the equivalent of three jumbo jets crashing every hour

9/21/2017 - Canada has to import most of its bodily fluids

9/21/2017 - To break our fast-fashion addiction, Greenpeace says we have to embrace “true materialism”

9/21/2017 - TV’s most brilliant comedy is a reality show about social anxiety—and it’s finally back

9/21/2017 - “Get Out” director Jordan Peele is making a TV show about hunting Nazis in America

9/21/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg is a bit sensitive about the small army he has managing his Facebook page

9/21/2017 - Solar, wind, and water account for 2% of Puerto Rico’s energy—and now it’s 100% in the dark

9/21/2017 - Jamie Dimon is being accused of market abuse in Sweden for badmouthing bitcoin

9/21/2017 - Donald Trump wants to lead a 21st century scramble for Africa—but he doesn’t know how

9/21/2017 - Watch the video that emboldened Justin Trudeau to publicly call himself a feminist

9/21/2017 - Where the iPhone 8 is cheapest and most expensive—in dollars, pounds, and yuan

9/21/2017 - WhatsApp’s role as a government protest tool is in the spotlight again as Togo blocks it

9/21/2017 - Tim Cook’s goals for his legacy are opposite what Steve Jobs’s were—and that’s a good thing

9/21/2017 - There are 55 real African countries but Hollywood, and now Trump, keep making more up

9/21/2017 - A law professor’s big idea for combatting greedy drug company titans like Martin Shkreli

9/21/2017 - Our analysis of five decades of sex research shows an evolving spectrum of sexual norms

9/21/2017 - The friends you make in the first year of college can impact how well you do

9/21/2017 - One in five US college students says it’s acceptable to use violence against an “offensive” speaker

9/21/2017 - Dear Washington, DC progressives: Pay your interns—here’s why

9/21/2017 - America needs Amazon more than Amazon needs America

9/21/2017 - Analysis of 500 million Reddit comments shows how the alt-right made the alt-left a thing

9/21/2017 - Artists are mining cryptocurrency with wind to fund climate science

9/21/2017 - Did we just buy decades more time to hit climate goals?

9/21/2017 - Stop asking people whether they’re married—even as an icebreaker

9/21/2017 - The missing piece in solving the refugee humanitarian crisis is the private sector

9/21/2017 - UN General Assembly guide, Sept. 21: Witch hunts, blockchains for breakfast, and polished put-downs

9/21/2017 - Witch hunts, blockchains for breakfast, polished put-downs, and news from elsewhere

9/21/2017 - Trump meets Abe, HTC-Google deal, Bill Gates’s big regret

9/21/2017 - Hackers broke into SEC computer systems and may have traded on the stolen information

9/21/2017 - Saudi Arabia wants tech investment. It needs to answer some difficult questions first.

9/21/2017 - “Relentless and infectious optimism”: Barack Obama’s recipe for success in a scary world

9/21/2017 - The Narendra Modi government may finally be admitting that India has epic economic problems

9/21/2017 - These vintage photos capture the lives of young Ethiopians in Addis Ababa 50 years ago

9/21/2017 - South Korea will send $8 million in aid to North Korea because it says humanity trumps politics

9/21/2017 - Google is snapping up the remains of a dying smartphone maker to boost its own smartphone ambitions

9/21/2017 - In trying to be the Indian Airbnb, OYO may be turning too cumbersome

9/21/2017 - HTC-Google deal, Puerto Rico destruction, Bill Gates’s regret

9/21/2017 - HTC-Google deal, Puerto Rico destruction, Bill Gates’s regret

9/21/2017 - China’s path out of poverty can never be repeated at scale by a country again

9/21/2017 - When Google killed its business, a startup hit the jackpot and became one of India’s profitable unicorns

9/21/2017 - In a festive season when Indians have lots of sex, an actress draws fire for promoting condoms

9/20/2017 - The Modi government is damned if it cuts oil prices—and damned if it doesn’t

9/20/2017 - The only countries not in the Paris agreement any more are those led by Trump and Assad

9/20/2017 - Photos: Mexicans show the world how to work together when an earthquake hits

9/20/2017 - Fed unwinds stimulus, HTC’s big reveal, fungal furniture

9/20/2017 - If Trump pulls out of the Iran nuclear deal it could sink $32 billion in airline sales

9/20/2017 - With one incredibly mundane sentence, the Fed unwinds its monumental $4.5-trillion stimulus plan

9/20/2017 - Netflix’s new Marvel star is the nihilistic, revenge-obsessed, gun-toting “Punisher”

9/20/2017 - A strong earthquake hit off the coast of Japan, about 200 miles from the Fukushima nuclear plant

9/20/2017 - In a chilling assertion, Turkey’s Erdogan says imprisoned journalists are not journalists but terrorists

9/20/2017 - Yes, Bill Gates regrets Ctrl+Alt+Delete

9/20/2017 - Our massive microbiomes make thousands of tiny teams to keep our bodies going

9/20/2017 - You can now take an online course to learn how to build a flying or self-driving car

9/20/2017 - Fungus furniture will give you the green-living bona fides you’ve been seeking

9/20/2017 - Apple CEO Tim Cook explains why companies should get involved in politics

9/20/2017 - Being the anti-Trump is the must-have look at this week’s UN general assembly

9/20/2017 - The US is missing out on the biggest business opportunity of the future, and one of India’s top executives is “delighted”

9/20/2017 - Iran’s president Rouhani trolled Trump with poetry

9/20/2017 - One of the biggest problems in rescuing people from modern-day slavery is counting them

9/20/2017 - England says Oliver is the most popular boys’ name, but it’s actually Muhammad

9/20/2017 - Alibaba founder Jack Ma says to be a successful leader you need EQ, IQ, and LQ

9/20/2017 - Refugees are flocking to Mexico for asylum as Trump closes doors to the US

9/20/2017 - Hurricane tracker: Scientists have run out of adjectives to describe Maria’s devastating power

9/20/2017 - How to help Mexico recover from its devastating earthquake from wherever you are

9/20/2017 - Bill Clinton coined a new phrase to describe today’s right-wing populism

9/20/2017 - Amazon has laid out exactly how to game its self-publishing platform

9/20/2017 - Jimmy Kimmel calls out the senator who “lied” to him about the health-care bill

9/20/2017 - Apple CEO Tim Cook lambasted Trump over DACA and suggested his own radical immigration policy

9/20/2017 - Airbnb’s newest plan to win over travelers is telling them where to eat

9/20/2017 - Parents in the US don’t prefer boys anymore, according to new research

9/20/2017 - The biggest food makers have agreed to trash their confusing expiration labels

9/20/2017 - The UK will go from the fastest to the slowest-growing G7 economy in just four years

9/20/2017 - The science behind the 15 most common smart drugs

9/20/2017 - Selling data to feed hedge fund computers is one of the hottest areas of finance right now

9/20/2017 - Kenya’s supreme court says the presidential election may have been hacked

9/20/2017 - Imagine how great universities could be without all those human teachers

9/20/2017 - The list of things Uber is in hot water for in Asia keeps getting longer

9/20/2017 - East Africa’s family-owned retailers are struggling to adapt to a changing business

9/20/2017 - An emergency-room doctor explains why being racist is bad for your health

9/20/2017 - The political wild card at the UN General Assembly isn’t Trump—it’s North Korea’s top diplomat

9/20/2017 - Law schools are letting down their students and society—here are three steps they can take to fix things

9/20/2017 - Competition can help fix what’s ailing American health care

9/20/2017 - Silicon Valley is suffering from an Icarus complex

9/20/2017 - Lloyd’s of London wants to insure self-driving airplanes and ships. Regulators (and the public) won’t let them

9/20/2017 - UN General Assembly guide, Sept. 20: Rouhani’s retort, policing peacekeepers, and jargon watch

9/20/2017 - Celebrating Karen Blixen’s “Out of Africa” shows why white savior tropes still persist

9/20/2017 - Rouhani’s retort, policing peacekeepers, jargon watch, and news from elsewhere

9/20/2017 - Everything you need to know about the UN nuclear treaty ban backed by the Nobel Peace committee

9/20/2017 - The Quartz Global Power Poll: Help us rank world leaders

9/20/2017 - Fed decision day, Mexican quake deaths rise, blue dino eggs

9/20/2017 - A guide to getting the most from India’s online shopping deals during its festive season

9/20/2017 - Fatbergs

9/20/2017 - An economist says India lacks the guts to even admit that it faces epic economic problems

9/20/2017 - Aung San Suu Kyi was always against the Rohingya, but the world simply ignored the woman

9/20/2017 - The anti-violence speech by Nigeria’s president Buhari at the UN was deeply ironic

9/20/2017 - Mexico held an earthquake drill two hours before its latest deadly quake hit

9/20/2017 - Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Mexico earthquake, blue dino eggs

9/20/2017 - Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Mexico earthquake, blue dino eggs

9/20/2017 - SBI Life: India’s first billion-dollar insurance IPO opens today

9/20/2017 - With a series of Wikipedia Edit-a-Thons, Indian women are finally getting their due online

9/20/2017 - For US defense contractors, North Korean hostilities are good for business

9/19/2017 - In the age of WhatsApp, Indians are developing a fetish for exquisite notebooks and pens

9/19/2017 - Remembering the fearless Indian woman who cut off her breasts to protest a tax on the lower castes

9/19/2017 - An earthquake early warning system helped Mexico City. Trump’s budget would kill it in the US

9/19/2017 - The world is losing a generation of development leaders, and Melinda Gates wants to fix that

9/19/2017 - A 7.1-magnitude quake shook Mexico City on the anniversary of the deadliest tremor in its history

9/19/2017 - The 2017 hurricane season is on track to break the record for the most named storms

9/19/2017 - Meet Shadowsocks, the underground tool that China’s coders use to blast through the Great Firewall

9/19/2017 - Loftium will finance your downpayment for a house if you rent it continuously on Airbnb

9/19/2017 - Mexico earthquake, Trump UN threat, colored dino eggs

9/19/2017 - Mexico’s earthquake, Rocket Man reference, and eight other stories you might have missed

9/19/2017 - A new statue honors the inventor of the AK-47, the creation that haunted him

9/19/2017 - A rating of countries, according to Donald Trump

9/19/2017 - Macron’s speech at the UN was the opposite of Trump’s in almost every way

9/19/2017 - The hacks you need to safely use ride-share apps like Uber in dangerous places

9/19/2017 - Amalia Hernandez’s iconic and beautiful imagery is perfect for the Google era

9/19/2017 - Hollywood’s favorite pop star right now is the late folk music legend John Denver

9/19/2017 - The iPhone 8 reviews are in and everyone wants to wait for the iPhone X

9/19/2017 - Netflix’s perfect cease-and-desist letter to an unauthorized “Stranger Things” pop-up bar

9/19/2017 - Dominica’s PM posted frantic Facebook messages as Hurricane Maria tore the roof off his home

9/19/2017 - Photos: UN delegates react to being lectured by Trump on morality and cooperation

9/19/2017 - Trump’s threat at the UN to “totally destroy” North Korea sounded even worse in Chinese

9/19/2017 - Donald Trump’s choicest comments about countries at the UN general assembly

9/19/2017 - That’s so Fetch: Uber sues its ad agency for putting ads on Breitbart

9/19/2017 - Trump mentioned sovereignty 21 times in a speech heralding a new American worldview

9/19/2017 - Adidas just achieved the unthinkable by overtaking Nike Jordans in US sales

9/19/2017 - Polyester

9/19/2017 - A renowned South African artist has inspired a mural on the streets of New York City

9/19/2017 - To defeat neo-Nazis, Americans need to revisit their own history of political protest

9/19/2017 - Watch the recording of Donald Trump’s full speech before the United Nations

9/19/2017 - Quartz’s iPhone app now includes news stories in augmented reality

9/19/2017 - Apple is releasing new iPhone software today: Here’s how to find out if your apps will still work

9/19/2017 - How the internet of things, a mobile phone network and a herd of zebras could save the rhino

9/19/2017 - Investing in the search for a cancer cure

9/19/2017 - How we’re investing in the search for a cancer cure

9/19/2017 - Donald Trump’s childhood home is being rented to refugees to make a statement

9/19/2017 - UN secretary general Guterres welcomed Trump with a bunch of thinly veiled jibes

9/19/2017 - Scientists searching for alien life are starting to consider some weird biological possibilities

9/19/2017 - Stanislav Petrov, the man who saved the world from nuclear war, is dead at 77

9/19/2017 - Watch LIVE: Donald Trump gives his first major speech before the United Nations

9/19/2017 - The team-building rituals that companies love can actually tear workers apart

9/19/2017 - When it comes to sex, dating, and drinking, 18 is the new 15 for American teens

9/19/2017 - As her peace icon image fades, Aung San Suu Kyi is winning over a new set of admirers in China

9/19/2017 - UN General Assembly guide, Sept. 19: Trump speaks, Rohingya flee, and climate-talk metaphors

9/19/2017 - An electric bus just snagged a world record by driving 1,100 miles on a single charge

9/19/2017 - China’s bitcoin investors are flocking to one of the last available places to trade

9/19/2017 - Meet the woman who warned about Russian election meddling years ago—and got death threats

9/19/2017 - Only 2% of EY’s intern class says diversity is a key factor in choosing an employer

9/19/2017 - Conflating “skinny shaming” and “fat shaming” of women masks the often forgotten issue of thin privilege

9/19/2017 - Who should Trump make time for at the UN this week? Definitely the Russians

9/19/2017 - This bestselling novelist’s giveaway contest celebrates the beauty of prime numbers

9/19/2017 - Trump speaks, Rohingya flee, climate-talk metaphors, and news from elsewhere

9/19/2017 - An 8-year-old just published her first paper in an academic journal about her love of bugs

9/19/2017 - Why Brazil speaks first, and all your other questions on the UN General Assembly

9/19/2017 - Trump at the UN, Hurricane Maria’s destruction, The Trash Isles

9/19/2017 - Africa’s universities are not preparing graduates for the 21st century workplace

9/19/2017 - The chart that shows why we should be worried about the world’s food problem

9/19/2017 - As villages burn and Rohingya flee, Aung San Suu Kyi tells the world “solid evidence” is needed

9/19/2017 - Hillary Clinton says Kenya’s annulled election was a “project” of a controversial US data firm

9/19/2017 - Europe’s biggest airline just canceled 2,024 flights because it “messed up” pilots’ vacations

9/19/2017 - An Indian summer is coming, and it will last half-a-century: Deloitte

9/19/2017 - How a slave trader created a Bombay in New York

9/19/2017 - China is retaliating against a US university for inviting the Dalai Lama to speak at graduation

9/19/2017 - South Africa has spent millions of dollars subsidizing articles in scam academic journals

9/19/2017 - Google’s Tez shows what’s hot and what’s almost out in India’s fin-tech sector

9/19/2017 - Trump at UN, Hurricane Maria, ocean-trash country

9/19/2017 - Trump at UN, Hurricane Maria, ocean-trash country

9/19/2017 - India is about to embark on the most ambitious electric-car transformation in the world

9/19/2017 - Did Pakistan help North Korea develop nuclear weapons? India-US-Japan want to know

9/18/2017 - As Myanmar’s Rohingya pour in, Bangladesh worries about space and radicalisation

9/18/2017 - Trump at UNGA, Slack’s fresh funding, ocean trash countries

9/18/2017 - Trump addresses the UN, best Emmy moments, and eight other stories you might have missed

9/18/2017 - Hurricane tracker: Maria takes aim at Puerto Rico as a category-5 storm

9/18/2017 - A US civil war monument honoring “both sides” was just unveiled—in Canada

9/18/2017 - Disrupting the disruptors: A marketer’s survival guide for the connected age

9/18/2017 - Bitcoin mines

9/18/2017 - Janet Yellen is once again the frontrunner for the next Fed chair—for now

9/18/2017 - An anti-virus company accidentally distributed a PC virus, and maybe let’s just cancel the internet

9/18/2017 - Nike’s new “Flyleather” recycles leather scraps into a material that feels like premium leather

9/18/2017 - A dot-com era deal with Amazon marked the beginning of the end for Toys R Us

9/18/2017 - As competition increases, only the most flexible marketers will survive

9/18/2017 - The problem with St. Louis police chanting “Whose streets? Our streets!”

9/18/2017 - Apple quietly raised the price on a bunch of items last week

9/18/2017 - Darren Aronofsky’s “Mother!” is both a spectacular flop and the most memorable movie of 2017

9/18/2017 - A calendar of UN General Assembly events worth tuning in to

9/18/2017 - A poignant image from St. Louis captures the importance of video in prosecuting police shootings

9/18/2017 - The essential guide to the key issues at the 2017 United Nations Global Assembly

9/18/2017 - The wealthiest local sheriff in America is starting his first full week on the job

9/18/2017 - The latest advancement in consumer drones: black

9/18/2017 - Roger Ailes’ legacy was perfectly commemorated at the 2017 Emmy awards

9/18/2017 - How a terror attack released me from the trivial rules of parenting

9/18/2017 - Trump has spoken at the “sad!” UN for the first time—and managed not to badmouth it once

9/18/2017 - Rolling Stone magazine’s best music writing (or the little of it that you can read online)

9/18/2017 - This country is tapping into the lucrative marijuana industry that could make Africa rich

9/18/2017 - Local languages are driving the BBC’s expansion in Africa

9/18/2017 - The best explainer on how blockchains will upend banking comes from an unexpected source

9/18/2017 - There’s something just as cool as the solar eclipse going on right now that’s harder to see

9/18/2017 - Inside the Chinese border town where North Koreans get their solar power

9/18/2017 - A newly invented word describes the feeling of traveling to a place for the first time

9/18/2017 - The Emmys finally gave the LGBT community the recognition it deserves

9/18/2017 - Outlandish theories that aliens built the pyramids are rooted in racism

9/18/2017 - Portugal’s debt is creeping out of the junk heap

9/18/2017 - E-commerce may finally fund tests for all those sketchy vitamins and supplements

9/18/2017 - Sorry, drones and self-driving cars won’t be delivering your Amazon packages anytime soon

9/18/2017 - When will self-driving electric cars make conventional cars worthless?

9/18/2017 - Slack has raised $250 million it doesn’t particularly need

9/18/2017 - Trump’s United Nations debut, Hulu’s Emmy haul, octopus city

9/18/2017 - A quick guide to understanding the German election

9/18/2017 - More than half the refugees fleeing Myanmar are children

9/18/2017 - It’s over: China’s biggest bitcoin exchanges will halt all trading services for local customers

9/18/2017 - Fewer North Koreans have defected to South Korea this year

9/18/2017 - India simply cannot afford to boycott “Made in China”

9/18/2017 - The anatomy of a modern-day genocide

9/18/2017 - India and China may have pulled back on the Himalayan frontier, but the bilateral chill is real

9/18/2017 - Trump’s United Nations debut, Hulu’s Emmy haul, octopus city

9/18/2017 - Trump’s United Nations debut, Hulu’s Emmy haul, octopus city

9/18/2017 - By going online in India, Zara can finally reach fashion-forward shoppers outside the metros

9/18/2017 - When North Korea will conduct its next missile and nuclear tests

9/17/2017 - No university needed: A Stanford-born company is equipping India’s youth for well-paid tech jobs

9/17/2017 - Hulu, not Netflix, is the first streaming service to win the Emmy for best drama series

9/17/2017 - The Emmys didn’t miss a single opportunity to drag Donald Trump

9/17/2017 - Sean Spicer did a comedy bit about lying to the American people on the Emmys

9/17/2017 - Trump’s UNGA debut, London bombing arrests, life on “Mars”

9/17/2017 - The GIF of Donald Trump hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball came from an anti-Semitic Twitter account

9/17/2017 - Emmys 2017: HBO needs to watch its back

9/17/2017 - The year network television lost its grip on culture, according to Emmy data

9/17/2017 - The Philippines’ greatest female philosopher has died

9/17/2017 - Two British science museums held a majestic, two-day fight on Twitter

9/17/2017 - A new study shows that people forget about natural disasters really quickly

9/17/2017 - The dystopian vision that Westerners have about China is pretty backward

9/17/2017 - How “white people” were invented by a playwright in 1613

9/17/2017 - Hillary Clinton tried to take on sexism. Now she’s facing the same critique women always do

9/17/2017 - “Is alcoholism contagious? Can it be inherited? Did my behavior affect my children?”

9/17/2017 - A fun new mindset for living in our apocalyptic reality

9/17/2017 - Rihanna’s makeup is a wild success because it was actually made for dark-skinned women

9/17/2017 - How Nikki Haley defied the skeptics, sidestepped Trump, and won the heart of the UN

9/17/2017 - An MIT Media Lab startup is creating beautiful wooden toys to teach children the basics of coding

9/17/2017 - The new Watch 3 and iPhone X interfaces are examples of a classic Steve Jobs insight

9/17/2017 - Octlantis is a just-discovered underwater city engineered by octopuses

9/17/2017 - Facebook and Google need humans, not just algorithms, to filter out hate speech

9/17/2017 - The Emmy voters totally shafted one of the best shows on TV

9/17/2017 - 15 Oscar-worthy films for your consideration this fall

9/17/2017 - Remembering Steve Biko, Egypt’s tourism, Ethiopia’s federalism

9/16/2017 - A court allowed an Ohio student convicted of rape in the Steubenville case to play in a college football game

9/16/2017 - The gruesome murder of a Mexican teenager is exposing the risks of ride-sharing apps

9/16/2017 - “Without protest there can be no progress”: the voices and faces of St. Louis protesters

9/16/2017 - Equifax’s chief security officer, who studied music, is out. But the CEO is keeping his job.

9/16/2017 - The Equifax breach will most hurt the people who can least afford it

9/16/2017 - All the reasons you should be absolutely furious at Equifax—and the entire credit bureau industry

9/16/2017 - All of the anti-Semitic, racist, and xenophobic ad-targeting options offered by Big Tech

9/16/2017 - The remains of the victims of Germany’s first genocide are in the American Natural History museum

9/16/2017 - Ta-Nehisi Coates’ one-sentence argument for why Donald Trump really is a white supremacist

9/16/2017 - Muslim women in Tunisia can now marry whoever they want—including non-Muslims

9/16/2017 - In 1987, the best TV was all in one place and free. Now, you need Netflix and Hulu and HBO and…

9/16/2017 - The Apple Watch is no longer a device for the everyday consumer

9/16/2017 - People will soon be doing graffiti in augmented reality, and no one knows how to police it

9/16/2017 - Weekend edition—Hillary’s trolls, Israel’s nukes, America’s porn

9/16/2017 - A lonely aerial view of Irma’s destruction in the Florida Keys

9/16/2017 - The complete guide to the Equifax breach

9/16/2017 - A new mathematical equation proves that the T. rex wasn’t such a fast sprinter after all

9/16/2017 - The American left has its own Tea Party, and it’s coming for Donald Trump

9/16/2017 - A Stanford scientist says he built a gaydar using “the lamest” AI to prove a point

9/16/2017 - A handful of “hurricane hunters” are paid to fly directly into storms. Here’s what it’s like

9/16/2017 - Will Stephen Colbert get political? And other things to watch for in the 2017 Emmy awards

9/16/2017 - The guide psychologists gave carmakers to convince us it’s safe to buy self-driving cars

9/16/2017 - It’s not Mindy Kaling’s job to explain racism and sexism to you

9/16/2017 - Weekend edition—Hillary’s trolls, Israel’s nukes, America’s porn

9/16/2017 - Weekend edition—Hillary’s trolls, Israel’s nukes, America’s porn

9/15/2017 - Facebook is considering putting limits on which user details advertisers can target

9/15/2017 - The silent killer of workplace happiness, productivity, and health is a lack of basic civility

9/15/2017 - Tube attack, robotic friends, and eight other stories you might have missed

9/15/2017 - The Cassini Mission

9/15/2017 - “Myanmar has been completely deaf to our requests,” says UN secretary general Antonio Guterres

9/15/2017 - Google is being sued for paying women less than men. So what’s new?

9/15/2017 - A genetic testing company is reviewing 50,000 saliva samples after messing up their results

9/15/2017 - A new “snooze” button on Facebook lets users temporarily mute a friend, page, or group

9/15/2017 - The word “girl” also used to mean “boy”

9/15/2017 - These images capture the dream life of prisoners in solitary confinement

9/15/2017 - Silicon Valley’s quest for a basic income in the US just got a boost from a $1.4 trillion tax proposal in Congress

9/15/2017 - People are using Siri as a therapist, so Apple is seeking engineers who understand psychology

9/15/2017 - Trump wants to end chain migration—which is how his mother came to America

9/15/2017 - Scientists created cotton that glows and is magnetic

9/15/2017 - It took an act of Congress for Trump to clearly condemn white supremacy

9/15/2017 - Marriage is more linked to college education than ever before

9/15/2017 - Quartzy: the bodega cats edition

9/15/2017 - Quartzy: the bodega cats edition

9/15/2017 - China’s three biggest bitcoin exchanges will soon halt local trading

9/15/2017 - Amazon expands in Mexico, iPhone X vs. Note 8, criminal salaries

9/15/2017 - Harvard rescinded Chelsea Manning’s fellowship after CIA chief Mike Pompeo cancelled a visit

9/15/2017 - Bernie Sanders’ brilliant plan to make Americans stop being so scared of health-care reform

9/15/2017 - Darren Aronofsky’s new film “mother!” is designed to be beautiful on an iPhone

9/15/2017 - This was Cassini’s last image before burning up in Saturn’s atmosphere

9/15/2017 - All of the times Hillary Clinton apologizes and admits being wrong in her book

9/15/2017 - True conservatives would let Dreamers stay in the US—to avoid wasting billions of taxpayer dollars

9/15/2017 - Goldman Sachs thinks fintech has as much potential as trading

9/15/2017 - The gross state of the world’s oceans, in one photo

9/15/2017 - Ethiopia’s tense ethnic federalism is being tested again

9/15/2017 - All of the car companies, suppliers, and auto startups in Silicon Valley

9/15/2017 - Meet America’s most heroic dogs of 2017—and yes, they can show real bravery

9/15/2017 - The next big winners in tech will be the companies that choose heart over head

9/15/2017 - These seven words changed my whole perspective on working out

9/15/2017 - London terror incident, Cassini’s final act, robot orchestras

9/15/2017 - The US has issued visa bans on African nations that refuse to accept deportees

9/15/2017 - An explosion on a train in West London is being treated as a terrorist incident

9/15/2017 - Nigeria’s use of brute force to stem Biafra agitation is stoking fears of conflict again

9/15/2017 - Cassini got to live two lives instead of one

9/15/2017 - Egypt is trying to get the tourists back to see the pyramids after years of security fears

9/15/2017 - Don’t forget about us, Japanese victims of North Korea’s abductions say

9/15/2017 - China is getting tougher on North Korea—to stop the US from getting tougher on it

9/15/2017 - The EU Commission president believes Britain isn’t hurtling towards a “hard Brexit”

9/15/2017 - Tokyo is upgrading airport toilets with voice guides for the blind and waiting areas for service dogs

9/15/2017 - China is turning to Jared Kushner to prepare for Trump’s visit to Beijing

9/15/2017 - Thanks to China, Apple has updated its app store policy to allow tipping

9/15/2017 - For the first time in 30 years, a book celebrates black women photographers

9/15/2017 - A search for Old Delhi’s courtesans reveals a present that’s not always comfortable with the past

9/15/2017 - Even now no one in the world can tell whether North Korea exploded a hydrogen bomb

9/15/2017 - Ancient Indians were using zero even earlier than we thought

9/15/2017 - Indians like their bots feminine, polite, and funny

9/15/2017 - Cassini’s suicide, missile over Japan, robot orchestras

9/15/2017 - Cassini’s suicide, missile over Japan, robot orchestras

9/15/2017 - Despite Softbank’s setbacks, Masayoshi Son’s brother thinks Indian entrepreneurs are “amazing”

9/14/2017 - Pakistan says it’ll raise Kashmir again at UN. India says go ahead, nobody’s listening

9/14/2017 - It’s official: Sushma Swaraj will meet Rex Tillerson next week

9/14/2017 - North Korea sends another missile over Japan, putting more heat on China

9/14/2017 - Nestlé‘s Blue Bottle buy, Bitcoin’s swan dive, robot orchestras

9/14/2017 - DACA deal, the race against heat, and eight other stories you might have missed

9/14/2017 - Hurricane watch: Jose is moving up the East Coast, Norma threatens, Max moves in on Mexico

9/14/2017 - What Bodega got right and wrong about the future of the on-demand economy

9/14/2017 - Chelsea Manning’s hiring at Harvard’s Kennedy School was just too much for one ex-CIA official

9/14/2017 - Solar is now so cheap in the US it beat government goals by three years

9/14/2017 - It’s official: San Francisco is the richest urban area in America

9/14/2017 - There’s still one big reason why people aren’t buying their groceries online

9/14/2017 - FEMA maps failed to capture 75% of damage in five previous Houston floods

9/14/2017 - Cassini’s own discoveries were its demise

9/14/2017 - Sheryl Sandberg’s prescient warning to Hillary Clinton before the 2016 campaign

9/14/2017 - The world’s oldest bitcoin exchange is shutting down in China

9/14/2017 - “Technically it did land”—SpaceX debuts a wonderfully absurd blooper reel

9/14/2017 - Hillary Clinton is a manager first in her new book, with 170 pages of thanks to campaign staff

9/14/2017 - Why employers favor men

9/14/2017 - Amazon and Whole Foods have very different customers, and that’s great news for both of them

9/14/2017 - Economic models are broken, and economists have wildly different ideas about how to fix them

9/14/2017 - If Trump wants a strong border, he needs to start playing nice with Mexico

9/14/2017 - The US gender wage gap is closing because women are making more and men are making less

9/14/2017 - The robots are coming for Mozart

9/14/2017 - Trump once said he could “shoot somebody” and not lose votes. That was before a deal on DACA

9/14/2017 - Watch Cassini’s Saturn mission end with a daring dive into the atmosphere

9/14/2017 - Research suggests that everyone is not, in fact, hanging out without you

9/14/2017 - What American kids can learn from Chinese schools about real “grit”

9/14/2017 - For more than a decade, Cassini’s Saturn photos turned scientific research into contemporary art

9/14/2017 - China is stumbling hard at acquiring the high-tech chip companies it wants so badly

9/14/2017 - Russia’s huge war game is really a mind game against the West, and it’s working

9/14/2017 - Ethereum’s inventor on how “initial coin offerings” are a new way of funding the internet

9/14/2017 - People are seeking refuge from today’s chaos in the soothing promise of graph paper

9/14/2017 - The most important thing Apple announced this week was not a phone

9/14/2017 - How to watch Saul “Canelo” Álvarez fight Gennady “GGG” Golovkin live this weekend

9/14/2017 - The legalization of Islamophobia is underway in the United States

9/14/2017 - One Italian city’s ingenious plan to combat xenophobia with design

9/14/2017 - Distance running helped Yahoo’s former CIO get over his imposter syndrome

9/14/2017 - Eleven African countries will be probed by the UN over their military ties with North Korea

9/14/2017 - GrubHub is a not a food delivery company, according to GrubHub

9/14/2017 - Can victims of the Equifax breach simply ignore it?

9/14/2017 - A Chicago exchange says bitcoin is here to stay, but it will provide a way to bet against it

9/14/2017 - The 2018 Winter Olympics will be held 50 miles from North Korea, and ticket sales are slow

9/14/2017 - Russia war games, Samsung’s self-driving bet, the curated fatberg

9/14/2017 - Google’s readying a mystery product for India because “fast is better than slow”

9/14/2017 - Britain’s “bespoke” Brexit deal for London’s financial hub could stop firms moving to Europe and the US

9/14/2017 - India takes a technological leap of faith by flagging off the bullet train project

9/14/2017 - A fund linked to the tech deal Trump just vetoed is an investor in China’s national security

9/14/2017 - Blindly mimicking China’s growth model may simply not be possible for latecomer India

9/14/2017 - An Indian startup knows the trick to make online content go viral—with or without Facebook

9/14/2017 - Russia war games, Pharma Bro jailed, the curated fatberg

9/14/2017 - Russia war games, Pharma Bro jailed, the curated fatberg

9/14/2017 - Why are India’s startups bringing Steve Jobs, Coco Chanel, and Shakespeare to the office?

9/13/2017 - A conservative US senator says “it’s high time,” haha, for more medical marijuana research

9/13/2017 - The UN’s weak position on the Rohingya refugee crisis is a symptom of its weakness in general

9/13/2017 - Russia war games, Amazon’s Mexico mega-warehouse, the curated fatberg

9/13/2017 - Western wildfires, opioid crisis costs, and eight other stories you might have missed

9/13/2017 - Why pharma companies are scared of Bernie’s Medicare for All plan

9/13/2017 - David Rockefeller’s home is on the market for $22 million

9/13/2017 - A line-by-line comparison of reviews of “The Room” and the film about it, “The Disaster Artist”

9/13/2017 - Amazon just deleted over 900 reviews of Hillary Clinton’s new book

9/13/2017 - The Supreme Court is Donald Trump’s best friend in Washington

9/13/2017 - Alibaba partners with New York Fashion Week, as China’s influence on global fashion expands

9/13/2017 - These numbers tell us real progress is at stake in the fight against global poverty and disease, say Bill and Melinda Gates

9/13/2017 - By Bill and Melinda Gates: This data will keep the world accountable in the fight against global poverty and disease

9/13/2017 - Ethiopia’s former health minister explains how they built an army to save mothers’ lives.

9/13/2017 - Ethiopia built an army to tackle maternal mortality. This is how they did it.

9/13/2017 - The most impressive thing Apple showed off at its event was its campus

9/13/2017 - Hurricane season has completely overwhelmed wastewater treatment centers in Florida and Texas

9/13/2017 - It’s not just Texas and Florida: 50 million people worldwide faced floods in the past month

9/13/2017 - The complete guide to understanding Bernie Sanders’s Medicare for All

9/13/2017 - Fending off malware shouldn’t be your full-time job

9/13/2017 - Israel found an unlikely buyer for its lab-grown meat: China

9/13/2017 - The future of retail is tiny stores everywhere that sell exactly what you need

9/13/2017 - Do you recognize this hacker’s phishing attempt?

9/13/2017 - Can you outwit a hacker?

9/13/2017 - A high-profile law firm has filed a complaint alleging Macy’s racially profiles Asian shoppers

9/13/2017 - The Trump administration is hiding data about how its crackdown on illegal immigration is going

9/13/2017 - Rotten Tomatoes isn’t actually responsible for Hollywood’s woes, a data scientist finds

9/13/2017 - A biology professor explains what fish can teach humans about geopolitics

9/13/2017 - A CEO makes the case that young employees are better at solving problems

9/13/2017 - There’s a big problem lurking behind Britain’s record-high employment

9/13/2017 - College textbooks are going the way of Netflix

9/13/2017 - When Jamie Dimon warns against bitcoin, it’s usually a good time to consider buying some

9/13/2017 - Tesla intentionally makes some of its cars worse, and it’s good for everybody

9/13/2017 - Want your kid to be bilingual? Alexa could help

9/13/2017 - Amazon’s takeover of Whole Foods is a fascinating experiment in class identity

9/13/2017 - If you value your privacy, be careful with online translation tools

9/13/2017 - Uganda has moved one step closer to having a president for life

9/13/2017 - The six must-read novels on this year’s Man Booker Prize shortlist

9/13/2017 - Swarmed with mosquitoes after Harvey, Texas calls in the US Air Force

9/13/2017 - Germans are living the best life, but the French and Danish aren’t far behind

9/13/2017 - UN discusses Rohingya crisis, the state of the European Union, crime really pays

9/13/2017 - Tech companies are redefining how we respond to natural disasters—in a good way

9/13/2017 - New data show that cancer drugs cost less to make than big pharma has claimed

9/13/2017 - JPMorgan has pulled ads from Zero Hedge that ended up there by accident

9/13/2017 - India’s revered IITs are missing the mark when it comes to top-notch job placements

9/13/2017 - Equifax hacking victims are now able to use a free chatbot to help sue for damages

9/13/2017 - Your kidney or your new iPhone X: Choose wisely

9/13/2017 - Indians are celebrating the country’s biggest tax reform by naming their babies after it

9/13/2017 - Nigeria’s retail boom might be over before it started unless investors bring malls closer to people

9/13/2017 - India Inc has come together to help the NGO sector create the unicorns it deserves

9/13/2017 - Looking for a job? India Inc finally has some good news for you

9/13/2017 - The state of the European Union, Brazil corruption probe, crime really pays

9/13/2017 - The state of the European Union, Brazil corruption probe, crime really pays

9/13/2017 - Bill and Melinda Gates: We’re on a course to miss 2030 development goals for health and poverty

9/12/2017 - Bangladesh, one of the world’s poorest countries, has taken in more than half a million Rohingya refugees

9/12/2017 - All of the strong smells at the Apple iPhone event

9/12/2017 - Everything Apple unveiled at its 2017 iPhone event

9/12/2017 - Pressure builds on the United Nations to act on Myanmar’s Rohingya crisis

9/12/2017 - Apple just unveiled three new iPhones—which one should you buy?

9/12/2017 - Five privacy and security concerns about Apple’s new FaceID facial recognition

9/12/2017 - The iPhone X, Typhoon Talim, monkey copyrights

9/12/2017 - Apple built an augmented-reality app to view its new campus—while you’re already there

9/12/2017 - Apple’s unveiling, Russian Facebook meddling, and eight other stories you might have missed

9/12/2017 - Apple has forsaken the bros

9/12/2017 - Animoji, Portrait mode, FaceID: Here are the new software features that Apple announced today

9/12/2017 - How to watch the 2017 Emmy Awards

9/12/2017 - Federal agency cites human error in fatal Tesla crash but faults Tesla’s safeguards as “lacking”

9/12/2017 - Only one female executive spoke today at Apple’s event

9/12/2017 - How much do the new iPhones cost compared to the competition?

9/12/2017 - Apple unveils the iPhone 8 and X

9/12/2017 - Everything you need to know about Apple’s AI chip

9/12/2017 - What happened to the iPhone’s fingerprint scanner, and what will replace it?

9/12/2017 - SoFi markets touchy-feely banking. Can it survive sexual-harassment allegations?

9/12/2017 - The most surprising details from the brief inside story of how Trump’s CEO council disbanded

9/12/2017 - Nordstrom’s clothes-free store makes more sense than you think

9/12/2017 - Finally, it’s like the recession never happened for middle-class American families

9/12/2017 - The new Apple Watch will let you jog without your phone

9/12/2017 - What it takes to be crowned the ugliest building in the UK

9/12/2017 - A new Bette Davis memoir is proof that it’s time to stop letting men construct women’s stories

9/12/2017 - Slack launches shared channels to ditch email for working with other companies

9/12/2017 - One of the largest evacuations in US history left thousands of inmates behind

9/12/2017 - Steve Bannon, ideologue of “economic war” with China, says the way China runs its economy is “brilliant”

9/12/2017 - Some New Yorkers queued for 15 hours to get Hillary Clinton’s version of the 2016 election

9/12/2017 - Israel’s first-ever Africa summit has been canceled setting back its quest to find global alliances

9/12/2017 - Want to stop letting Silicon Valley control our lives? Refuse to buy the new iPhones

9/12/2017 - Imagining Steve Biko as the anti-Mandela ignores his greatest contributions

9/12/2017 - What’s the point of watching porn on Twitter?

9/12/2017 - US Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin on the debt ceiling, tax reform, and serving Trump

9/12/2017 - Everything at stake in the Emmys showdown between “Westworld” and “Stranger Things”

9/12/2017 - The new US college rankings are out, which is great news for Princeton and Harvard

9/12/2017 - Facebook is spending millions on original shows, but its users prefer the silly viral videos

9/12/2017 - We rely on the internet during a crisis. So what if the next crisis threatens the internet?

9/12/2017 - The Apple iPod may not be dead, after all

9/12/2017 - Bill Gates on the biggest bets in energy investing

9/12/2017 - How to watch Apple’s iPhone event live today

9/12/2017 - The hard choices Amazon will have to make to find the right city for HQ2

9/12/2017 - Bell Pottinger has collapsed after a race-baiting PR campaign in South Africa

9/12/2017 - Helicopter parenting is bad for college kids—but a little hovering is just right

9/12/2017 - A drug company schemed to push opioids designed to treat cancer on cancer-free patients

9/12/2017 - EU nations authorized their vessels to unlawfully fish in African waters

9/12/2017 - Crime pays—around $900 a week

9/12/2017 - A photographer finally settled with a monkey’s lawyers over selfie copyright

9/12/2017 - The new iPhone(s), North Korea sanctions, a new form of water

9/12/2017 - America is slowly sucking the life out of education—starting with its teachers

9/12/2017 - North Korea is bullish on bitcoin, and state hackers are getting in on the action

9/12/2017 - Protesting farmers resort to eating their own faeces to get the Indian government’s attention

9/12/2017 - One of the most important Brexit bills cleared a major hurdle—but the biggest challenge starts now

9/12/2017 - Women’s bodies are under attack: The alarming reality of reproductive rights in India and the US

9/12/2017 - Russia and China are proving Trump right on North Korea: They hold all the cards

9/12/2017 - Uganda’s government should focus on building our economy and drop its morality and porn obsession

9/12/2017 - Wealthy families are cooling on hedge funds except in one area

9/12/2017 - More Indians die cleaning sewers than fighting terrorists in Kashmir

9/12/2017 - India leads the artificial intelligence race thanks to the local offices of US firms

9/12/2017 - Tanzania has seized a UK miner’s diamond shipment and spooked the global mining world—again

9/12/2017 - The oil economics and land-grab politics behind Myanmar’s Rohingya refugee crisis

9/12/2017 - Jack Ma just celebrated Alibaba’s birthday with a Michael Jackson-inspired dance number

9/12/2017 - The new iPhone(s), North Korea sanctions, kangaroo explosion

9/12/2017 - The new iPhone(s), North Korea sanctions, kangaroo explosion

9/11/2017 - Delhi residents could live up to nine years longer if the government reduced pollution levels

9/11/2017 - The next iPhone will mark a major test for Apple in China

9/11/2017 - Hurricane watch: Jose could threaten the East Coast next week

9/11/2017 - The surreal and random destruction Hurricane Irma left behind

9/11/2017 - The new iPhone(s), Irma slows down, kangaroo explosion

9/11/2017 - Hurricane Irma’s damage, future of offline retail, and eight other stories you might have missed

9/11/2017 - To get the lights back on in Florida, the US government is letting power plants break pollution laws

9/11/2017 - Equifax compounded its security problem with an empathy problem

9/11/2017 - Millions of homeowners aren’t insured for the damage done by Irma

9/11/2017 - Facebook needs to answer these questions about the Russian campaign to influence American voters

9/11/2017 - All of the meteorological records Irma has broken so far

9/11/2017 - This is how much of your life air pollution is stealing from you based on where you live

9/11/2017 - The “It” reboot’s smart, nostalgic bet on older audiences is paying off in spades

9/11/2017 - How the average age of CEOs and CFOs has changed since 2012

9/11/2017 - Eventually, only the US will sell cars powered by fossil fuels

9/11/2017 - Tesla is no longer reserving its supercharging stations for long-distance travelers

9/11/2017 - DNA evidence from a female Viking warrior’s grave shows bias is in the eye of the beholder

9/11/2017 - Rupert Murdoch is giving college newspapers their own media empire

9/11/2017 - Read George W. Bush’s “Islam is peace” speech, delivered days after 9/11

9/11/2017 - A children’s picture book of “Hidden Figures” is coming

9/11/2017 - Dapper Dan, the original tailor to hip-hop royalty, now has a deal with Gucci

9/11/2017 - This is what the world looks like through the eye of a hurricane

9/11/2017 - The design superstars of the future will be designing for their grandparents

9/11/2017 - Clowns were scarier when you were a kid—and that’s what the new “It” movie is counting on

9/11/2017 - Watch: There were zero airplanes flying over the state of Florida last night as Hurricane Irma moved through

9/11/2017 - Jamie Dimon is taking care of America’s “stupid shit” himself

9/11/2017 - A new study shows Trump fans can be easily coaxed into being more racist

9/11/2017 - Even if China shuts down cryptocurrency exchanges, bitcoin trading won’t stop

9/11/2017 - Kenya’s election redo will cost taxpayers an extra $117 million

9/11/2017 - Economists aren’t usually political—rising inequality is changing that

9/11/2017 - The growing gap between black and white workers’ wages in the US is getting harder to explain

9/11/2017 - UN sanctions vote, Irma weakens, cosmic cliffs of Dover

9/11/2017 - New phones, Apple Watches, and more: What to expect at Apple’s iPhone 10th-anniversary event

9/11/2017 - It’s no surprise a Taiwanese human rights advocate “confessed” to subverting state power in China

9/11/2017 - Ryan International School: How a farmer’s son built a vast empire that failed its students

9/11/2017 - The theory that a key Brexit bill will keep the UK stealthily in the EU is just a distraction

9/11/2017 - Your mobile phone rules advertising right now

9/11/2017 - Netflix’s horror-comedy “Little Evil” is a quiet breakthrough for gender identity and politics

9/11/2017 - Trump’s “fire and fury” on North Korea is prompting concerned offers of help from Europe

9/11/2017 - One big winner from Apple’s next iPhone could be its arch-rival

9/11/2017 - Greece is the worst place in the world to live as an expat

9/11/2017 - Nearly 8 million long-term residents of Germany can’t vote in the election

9/11/2017 - Doubling India business is a no-brainer for Unilever, says CEO Paul Polman

9/11/2017 - Don’t bother, India. That noise was just someone getting lynched in the neighbourhood

9/11/2017 - Brexit repeal bill vote, Irma slams Florida, cosmic cliffs of Dover

9/11/2017 - Brexit repeal bill vote, Irma slams Florida, cosmic cliffs of Dover

9/11/2017 - After a tepid start, India’s first international stock exchange is getting into its stride

9/11/2017 - The chaiwalla: a saviour to legions of India’s sleepy office workers

9/10/2017 - In the age of Tinder, India’s most popular website for arranged marriages is going public

9/10/2017 - Hurricane Irma: What we know

9/10/2017 - Irma hits Florida, China fossil-fuel car ban, ultimate AI guide

9/10/2017 - “Florida Man” vs Irma: Tales of heroism and stupidity as a hurricane makes landfall

9/10/2017 - Hurricane Irma update: There are whitecaps in the streets of downtown Miami

9/10/2017 - Watch Hurricane Irma rampage along the Florida coast via web cams

9/10/2017 - Elon Musk auto-magically extended the battery life of Teslas in Florida to help drivers evacuate

9/10/2017 - The complete guide to thriving, compiled by scientists

9/10/2017 - During a disaster, preserve your phone’s battery by leaving your status on voicemail

9/10/2017 - Forget the high winds—a hurricane’s storm surge is most likely to kill you

9/10/2017 - Everything you need to know about flood insurance

9/10/2017 - Online video is driving the demand for faster internet in Africa

9/10/2017 - More than 874,000 cars fled Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma

9/10/2017 - Hurricane Irma has taken a turn toward the most catastrophically vulnerable big city in America

9/10/2017 - Chinese kids born in the year of the dragon are more successful than their peers

9/10/2017 - The Quartz guide to artificial intelligence: What is it, why is it important, and should we be afraid?

9/10/2017 - Viagra’s famously surprising origin story is actually a pretty common way to find new drugs

9/10/2017 - The unexpected joy of keeping secrets from social media

9/10/2017 - David Simon’s gritty new show about porn is also about what makes America great

9/10/2017 - Zimbabwe’s pricey dollar, Ethiopia’s pop ban, chatbots help with aid

9/9/2017 - Watch people take selfies as they’re engulfed by Hurricane Irma in Key West

9/9/2017 - Major news networks are failing to explain that Hurricane Harvey was fueled by climate change

9/9/2017 - Most of the houses in southern Florida weren’t built to today’s hurricane codes

9/9/2017 - Traffic jams during hurricane evacuations are entirely preventable

9/9/2017 - Hurricane Irma: How to prepare for limited cell service and reach people during the storm

9/9/2017 - Hurricane Irma: Many Floridians are now in danger because they didn’t know how to read a hurricane map

9/9/2017 - North Korea’s true aim in its nuclear brinkmanship is not America

9/9/2017 - An activist set fire to a CFA note and reignited a debate on France’s hold on Francophone Africa

9/9/2017 - Hurricane Irma will likely cover South Florida with a film of poop

9/9/2017 - Track Hurricane Irma’s location and intensity in real time using NOAA data

9/9/2017 - You can finally sign up to get your own .africa domain name

9/9/2017 - What it means when white guys are “crate digging” through Africa’s pop music archives

9/9/2017 - This year’s devastating wildfire season in the American west, in photos

9/9/2017 - This one couch is listed for four different prices, with five different names, on five different sites

9/9/2017 - The simple metaphor that’s increasingly getting in the way of scientific progress

9/9/2017 - In defense of Aung San Suu Kyi

9/9/2017 - Weekend edition—North Korea’s aim, Ramaphosa’s skeletons, Trump’s whiteness

9/9/2017 - Charted: Hurricane Irma has a lot more stuff to destroy than Andrew did 25 years ago

9/9/2017 - What China wants on North Korea

9/9/2017 - An “America First” policy on trade with Canada is going to hit Harvey victims hardest

9/9/2017 - Weekend edition—North Korea’s aim, Ramaphosa’s skeletons, Trump’s whiteness

9/9/2017 - Weekend edition—North Korea’s aim, Ramaphosa’s skeletons, Trump’s whiteness

9/8/2017 - Equifax’s apparent effort to strip consumers of their right to sue was brazen even for corporate America

9/8/2017 - Weekend edition—North Korea’s aim, Ramaphosa’s skeletons, Trump’s whiteness

9/8/2017 - Irma heads towards Florida, sweatshop wages, and eight other stories you might have missed

9/8/2017 - The hackers who broke into Equifax exploited a flaw in open-source server software

9/8/2017 - Ten ways to make your cell phone last for days even if Hurricane Irma takes out the power

9/8/2017 - The new CFO of Heinz Kraft is 29 years old

9/8/2017 - Equifax Breach: How to check and protect your credit score

9/8/2017 - Yes, you can still sign up for Obamacare in the US. Here’s how

9/8/2017 - A giant baby peering over the US-Mexico border is a startling reminder of those affected by DACA

9/8/2017 - Mario Draghi has dashed Estonia’s dream for a state-issued cryptocurrency

9/8/2017 - China is reportedly closing cryptocurrency exchanges, so bitcoin and ether are crashing

9/8/2017 - Trump has given Congress six months to replace DACA. These are its four likeliest options

9/8/2017 - Calvin Klein brought classic American horror movies to the runway

9/8/2017 - Quartzy: the autumn circus edition

9/8/2017 - Quartzy: the autumn circus edition

9/8/2017 - The “It” movie is here to traumatize a new generation of clowns (and kids, too)

9/8/2017 - China’s “flying trains,” babies named Harvey, bitcoin’s plummet

9/8/2017 - African governments, not religion, are pushing their young people into extremism

9/8/2017 - Artificial intelligence is great at predicting the size of hurricanes, but humans still need to figure out their impact

9/8/2017 - Where to park your car in a hurricane

9/8/2017 - The good news about failing at absolutely everything in your 20s

9/8/2017 - Gold toilets, teen nose jobs, and the other things people buy in place of real social mobility

9/8/2017 - Your apps are making you miserable

9/8/2017 - Everything we know about the next iPhone

9/8/2017 - “Sanctions don’t work until they do”—the art of pressuring North Korea

9/8/2017 - Miami braces for Irma, earthquake hits Mexico, free-range trees

9/8/2017 - A politician’s advice for new dads shows kids don’t hurt your career—if you’re a man

9/8/2017 - Mexico is braced for tsunamis after its biggest earthquake in a century

9/8/2017 - Scientists invented a pen that can screen for cancer in seconds rather than weeks

9/8/2017 - China wants to build a credit score that dings online chat group users for their political views

9/8/2017 - London could lose Saudi Aramco’s $2 trillion IPO to New York over a UK rule it’s trying to change

9/8/2017 - A documentary is revealing the untold stories of six Chinese passengers who survived the Titanic

9/8/2017 - “I cannot imagine life without the internet”: Yep, that basically describes Indians

9/8/2017 - The Persian language has a rich history in India, but it’s slowly dying out

9/8/2017 - What makes the “poor man’s Raghuram Rajan” frown and smile

9/8/2017 - Did these Flipkart guys know they were creating history while having this chat?

9/8/2017 - Massive Equifax hack, Miami braces for Irma, housewives for hire

9/8/2017 - Massive Equifax hack, Miami braces for Irma, housewives for hire

9/8/2017 - Why it’s good Indian companies led by woman CEOs are reporting more sexual harassment cases

9/8/2017 - The complicated ethics of being a dermatologist in a country where many people want whiter skin

9/7/2017 - China’s new global leadership role doesn’t involve dealing with the humanitarian crisis on its doorstep

9/7/2017 - Equifax stock is plummeting after it announced a massive hack affecting 143 million US consumers

9/7/2017 - An environmental group is suing China’s food delivery giants for providing too many disposable chopsticks

9/7/2017 - Cities are falling over themselves to be the site of Amazon’s next corporate headquarters

9/7/2017 - The examples Betsy DeVos uses to justify ending Obama’s strict policies on college sexual assault

9/7/2017 - Massive Equifax hack, Irma danger grows, free-range trees

9/7/2017 - Future of farming, the facial recognition age, and eight other stories you might have missed

9/7/2017 - Hurricane scientists have never seen an image like this before

9/7/2017 - No, British Airways—Wakanda is not a real African country

9/7/2017 - Trump and Mar-a-Lago have a long and questionable history with hurricanes

9/7/2017 - The UK’s biggest independent children’s book publisher is recalling a book that tells boys “what breasts are for”

9/7/2017 - Every Jaguar and Land Rover model line will be electrified by 2020

9/7/2017 - How to track Hurricane Jose and tropical depression Katia in real time

9/7/2017 - A Tokyo-listed company is spending over $3 million to get into bitcoin mining

9/7/2017 - You’re probably drinking little bits of plastic in your tap water

9/7/2017 - Even Fox News is admitting that climate change helped make Irma super strong

9/7/2017 - From above: What Saint Martin looks like after Hurricane Irma

9/7/2017 - Everything Amazon wants for HQ2, the massive new headquarters it’s planning in North America

9/7/2017 - An engineer designed clothes that will grow from baby-size to toddler-size with your child

9/7/2017 - At the world’s largest hedge fund, 24-year-olds use “dots” to critique their CEO

9/7/2017 - The strange tale of a man who resigned on live TV from a Trump council he never belonged to

9/7/2017 - Food labels now say “free-range trees,” which might be even more insane than “gluten-free water”

9/7/2017 - Nothing can stop the euro’s rise, much to Mario Draghi’s disappointment

9/7/2017 - Nike is investing in robots that use static electricity to put its shoes together

9/7/2017 - Musicians have more listeners than ever—which is why they’re making less money than ever

9/7/2017 - Productivity hacks to rule kindergarten like a Silicon Valley boss

9/7/2017 - How to watch Facebook Watch, its new TV-like content offering

9/7/2017 - In South Africa, political sex scandals don’t hurt powerful men, just the women entangled in them

9/7/2017 - In times of strife, local news matters more than ever

9/7/2017 - Somalia just unveiled its first tech innovation hub

9/7/2017 - Watch today’s SpaceX rocket launch live

9/7/2017 - What to watch on Facebook Watch, its new content hub

9/7/2017 - Lyft is partnering with Drive.ai to offer its first rides in self-driving cars

9/7/2017 - People are blocking Narendra Modi on Twitter for following creeps

9/7/2017 - How Trump’s changes in labor regulations are crushing businesses

9/7/2017 - The strongest words of condemnation for Aung San Suu Kyi’s silence on the Rohingya are her own

9/7/2017 - A Stanford psychologist has a simple mental exercise for tackling student stress

9/7/2017 - NASA’s next head wants it to do less climate science and more weather science, but you can’t separate them

9/7/2017 - Legal marijuana is not staying where it’s supposed to in the US

9/7/2017 - Hardly anyone thinks lofty market valuations are justified, including Goldman Sachs

9/7/2017 - An academic publisher is trying to kill Sci-Hub, the “Pirate Bay of science”

9/7/2017 - Thanks to a cash crisis, one US dollar in Zimbabwe now has three different values

9/7/2017 - A major US church decided to remove memorials to Confederate leaders

9/7/2017 - Waiting for Draghi, hurricane hat-trick, karaoke with Kim

9/7/2017 - Saudi Arabia is learning that preparing for life after oil is easier said than done

9/7/2017 - Japan’s convenience stores and fast-food restaurants are competing to hire “hardworking housewives”

9/7/2017 - China’s audacious infrastructure plans could put a major strain on African economies

9/7/2017 - Only 7% of women reach the C-suite at Indian IT companies

9/7/2017 - Togo has shut down the internet to counter anti-government protests

9/7/2017 - Ganesha as a meat eater? A controversial ad for lamb is offending Hindus

9/7/2017 - All the reasons why Mumbai will be under water again next year, and the year after that

9/7/2017 - China wants to talk its people into marriage and out of divorce

9/7/2017 - Hurricane hat-trick, Russia-Japan summit, luxury celery

9/7/2017 - Hurricane hat-trick, Russia-Japan summit, luxury celery

9/7/2017 - The rising number of its billionaires masks India’s widening income inequality

9/7/2017 - The robots will actually create more jobs for high-skilled tech workers in India

9/7/2017 - Nearly half of working-age American men who are out of the labor force are using painkillers daily

9/6/2017 - John Deere spent $300 million on a company that murders weeds with AI

9/6/2017 - Hurricane triplets, North Korea sanctions, dog democracy by sneeze

9/6/2017 - Big tech woes, Hurricane Irma, Jose, and Katia, and eight other stories you might have missed

9/6/2017 - Watch a Delta flight race Hurricane Irma into and out of Puerto Rico

9/6/2017 - Airlines are price gouging in the path of Hurricane Irma—and algorithms are to blame

9/6/2017 - Netflix is being offered for free by T-Mobile to entice new customers

9/6/2017 - A Stanford study finds the tech elite aren’t libertarians at all–just a strange breed of liberals

9/6/2017 - Rich tech bros are super liberal—except for one thing

9/6/2017 - Wild dog packs count sneezes to vote democratically

9/6/2017 - The first drugs designed to fight aging are ready for human testing

9/6/2017 - You could be hailing a flying taxi, just like you would an Uber, within the next decade

9/6/2017 - Hurricane Irma is now the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic

9/6/2017 - Economic factors have done more to deter immigrants to the US than political policies

9/6/2017 - Nike is still the king of the sneaker industry, but even great empires can fall

9/6/2017 - A new charter treats fashion models like what they are: workers doing high-risk physical labor

9/6/2017 - The Middle East’s most important new art museum paid France $525 million just for its name

9/6/2017 - Tropical Storm Jose is right behind Irma—and expected to upgrade to a hurricane

9/6/2017 - Microsoft’s president says Congressional action on DACA is more important than US tax reform

9/6/2017 - Trump’s makeover of the Federal Reserve will start sooner than expected

9/6/2017 - Who should direct “Star Wars: Episode IX” (and who actually will)

9/6/2017 - Should women disclose their prior salary in interviews? They get punished either way

9/6/2017 - The earliest photos from Hurricane Irma show its dangerous power

9/6/2017 - After the Bank of Canada’s surprise rate hike, watch the loonie soar

9/6/2017 - The year’s best TV show gives working women the one piece of advice they actually need

9/6/2017 - Nearly a million children are victims of a severe food crisis in the Lake Chad region

9/6/2017 - Booming Miami is littered with tower cranes not built to withstand a massive hurricane

9/6/2017 - The occupations with the highest and lowest divorce rates in the US

9/6/2017 - Waiting to have kids until later in life? You’re doing some good for the planet, too

9/6/2017 - Don’t believe the hype about the tremendous returns on “initial coin offerings”

9/6/2017 - Deutsche Bank plans to replace a “big number” of workers with robots

9/6/2017 - Uganda’s government is obsessed with porn and policing morality

9/6/2017 - Thank you, readers: Quartz is turning five years old. Here’s what comes next.

9/6/2017 - The college lecture is dying. Good riddance.

9/6/2017 - This drone can pinpoint a specific package in a giant warehouse

9/6/2017 - This casket company is shamelessly mocking its Chinese roots to attract American business

9/6/2017 - Car-sharing startup Turo raised another $92 million to help people pay for their dream cars

9/6/2017 - Stop pretending you really know what AI is and read this instead

9/6/2017 - The moment Oprah Winfrey knew it was time to shut down her daily TV talk show 

9/6/2017 - We’re spending so much time trying to become robots that we’re forgetting how to be human

9/6/2017 - Ethiopia’s government is cracking down on the country’s biggest pop star

9/6/2017 - White Christians are now a minority in America

9/6/2017 - Self-driving car vote, Hurricane Irma makes landfall, drive-thru funerals

9/6/2017 - With tensions over North Korea mounting, China is testing antimissile systems of its own

9/6/2017 - Europeans are distraught over the EU—but not enough to leave

9/6/2017 - HDFC Bank: How a 23-year-old Indian bank became “too big to fail”

9/6/2017 - An advertisement mocking its rivals has put Patanjali on a slippery slope

9/6/2017 - Master spy novelist John le Carré has thoughts on how Trump might fall

9/6/2017 - Brexit is killing the expat’s dream of moving to Britain

9/6/2017 - The US is one of the worst countries in the world for expats to educate and care for their kids

9/6/2017 - Portugal has the best quality of life in the world for expats

9/6/2017 - Once a small-time travel agent, Vijay Bhatia’s Bird Group now wants a piece of Air India

9/6/2017 - Foreign election observers endorsed a deeply flawed election in Kenya. Now they face questions

9/6/2017 - Hurricane Irma looms, Venus’s comeback, drive-thru funerals

9/6/2017 - Hurricane Irma looms, Venus’s comeback, drive-thru funerals

9/6/2017 - Inside the logistics backbone that’s helping Amazon win in India

9/5/2017 - Rich investors are making it possible for China’s female gamers to go pro—and they’re crushing it

9/5/2017 - Four serious lies Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump told you about DACA

9/5/2017 - How likely is the US Congress to pass a substitute for DACA to protect DREAMers?

9/5/2017 - Since taking over Star Wars, Disney has fired more directors than it’s kept

9/5/2017 - Hurricane Irma threatens Puerto Rico with 6-month blackouts

9/5/2017 - Australia’s same-sex marriage vote is turning into the ugly campaign that opponents warned it would

9/5/2017 - Trump ends DACA, Hurricane Irma preparations, and eight other stories you might have missed

9/5/2017 - Trump scraps DACA, Hurricane Irma looms, Zika treats cancer

9/5/2017 - The Red Sox reportedly used Apple Watches to cheat against the Yankees

9/5/2017 - Trump is holding DREAMers hostage for his border wall with Mexico

9/5/2017 - Barack Obama’s impassioned rebuke of Trump on DACA: “This is about basic decency”

9/5/2017 - Photos: See the scorched earth from Los Angeles’s largest wildfire ever

9/5/2017 - Winston Churchill: So hot right now

9/5/2017 - Researchers just discovered a bug that has made Fortune 100 companies vulnerable to simple hacks since 2008

9/5/2017 - Michael Lewis says a “Flash Boys” movie won’t happen because Hollywood can’t cast an Asian lead

9/5/2017 - Using AI to identify protestors hiding behind hats or scarves is entirely possible

9/5/2017 - Dreamers live in every US state and don’t just come from Mexico

9/5/2017 - How to track Hurricane Irma’s progress in real time

9/5/2017 - Americans who support Dreamers should be lobbying Congress, not protesting Trump

9/5/2017 - Despite Trump’s Nafta threats, the Canadian and Mexican currencies are trouncing the US dollar

9/5/2017 - US universities are losing their superpower status in the world

9/5/2017 - A startling satellite image shows the incredible size and fury of Hurricane Irma

9/5/2017 - The official in charge of awarding EPA science grants doesn’t want to see the words “climate change”

9/5/2017 - Amazon is expanding its clothing ambitions from polos and underwear to thigh-high velvet boots

9/5/2017 - The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is an excellent, giant phone

9/5/2017 - Netflix makes up one-third of all streaming time on Roku—and barely any revenue

9/5/2017 - Harvey flooded 13 of the US’s most-toxic waste sites and the EPA says 11 are still inaccessible

9/5/2017 - Read Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ full remarks on rescinding DACA

9/5/2017 - Here’s what you need to know about malware and phishing

9/5/2017 - Welcome to hell month in Washington, DC

9/5/2017 - Facebook may have failed with its $600 million bid for cricket, but this is only the beginning

9/5/2017 - The two-hour rule: The genius of Einstein, Darwin, and Nietzsche applied

9/5/2017 - Paris Hilton, Floyd Mayweather, and The Game all say the future of finance is crypto tokens

9/5/2017 - Don’t be fooled—just because it’s a five-star hotel doesn’t mean it’s clean

9/5/2017 - Those 3% of scientific papers that deny climate change? A review found them all flawed

9/5/2017 - Sweden is deporting a 106-year-old blind Afghan refugee to the “safe” part of Afghanistan

9/5/2017 - Lego grew too fast for its own good and now it’s paying the price

9/5/2017 - Africa’s two largest economies are making a comeback

9/5/2017 - Neuroscientists have figured out why you can’t concentrate at work

9/5/2017 - The location of internment camps had profound, long-lasting effects on Japanese-Americans assigned to them

9/5/2017 - The smart tax-reform idea aimed at Democrats that will also rile Republicans

9/5/2017 - The connected car of the future could kill off the local auto repair shop

9/5/2017 - The first BRICS bank project to be up and running is, symbolically, a renewable energy plant

9/5/2017 - “BRICS” is not big enough to capture Xi Jinping’s global ambitions

9/5/2017 - DACA decision, NY Daily News sale, Beyoncé studies

9/5/2017 - A major UK PR firm was expelled from a trade body for “inciting racial hatred” in South Africa

9/5/2017 - South Korea is boosting its military might in the wake of North Korea’s nuclear test

9/5/2017 - Robert Shiller wrote the book on bubbles. He says “the best example right now is bitcoin.”

9/5/2017 - Singapore’s DBS Bank is a front runner in the Indian gold rush among foreign lenders

9/5/2017 - At Indian offices, top executives are using religion and spirituality to make ethical decisions

9/5/2017 - UK MPs go back to work, Hurricane Irma, Beyonce studies

9/5/2017 - UK MPs go back to work, Hurricane Irma, Beyonce studies

9/5/2017 - A classic milkshake brand is wooing India’s millennials with nostalgia and Instagram-worthy glass bottles

9/5/2017 - It could get a lot more expensive to watch IPL cricket matches

9/5/2017 - Pressured to give up their careers, Pakistan’s “doctor-wives” are using tech to find work again

9/4/2017 - Can China profit from Trump’s hostility to Mexico? It’s complicated

9/4/2017 - Trump’s DACA decision, bitcoin turmoil, maple as the new pumpkin spice

9/4/2017 - To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Voyager missions, NASA made these stunning, free posters

9/4/2017 - Switzerland’s long history of international crisis mediation has had mixed success

9/4/2017 - “Twin Peaks” invented prestige TV, and now “Twin Peaks: The Return” has come to kill it

9/4/2017 - As the White House mulls DACA, a DREAMer died saving people in Harvey’s floods

9/4/2017 - Mario is no longer a plumber

9/4/2017 - Autumn is coming. Maple and pumpkin-flavored drinks must battle for the throne

9/4/2017 - North Korea’s hydrogen-bomb test statement, edited to be jargon free and easily understood

9/4/2017 - Hurricane Irma is closing in on the Caribbean. Here’s what you need to know

9/4/2017 - China has declared the hottest part of the cryptocurrecy market “illegal”

9/4/2017 - Bitcoin fails its test as a haven in times of global turmoil

9/4/2017 - Instagram says those perfect-looking photos just don’t produce the results they used to

9/4/2017 - What North Korea wants

9/4/2017 - Your job can’t save you now

9/4/2017 - This Egyptian artist is innovating Arabic learning through Lego

9/4/2017 - Trump is picking the worst possible time to toss out a trade deal with South Korea

9/4/2017 - “Gluten-free” water shows how ridiculous food labeling has become

9/4/2017 - Floods in Africa in August killed 25 times more people than Hurricane Harvey did

9/4/2017 - What happens now that Kenya has annulled its presidential election

9/4/2017 - Emmanuel Macron’s approval rating just reached a new low

9/4/2017 - North Korea’s largest nuclear test has sent the price of gold to its highest in almost a year

9/4/2017 - The simple heroism of kids on their first day of school

9/4/2017 - UN discusses North Korea, Merkel’s TV triumph, black-market Instagram ticks

9/4/2017 - Merkel crushes Turkey’s hopes to join the EU any time soon—if ever

9/4/2017 - Merkel’s TV performance deals a death blow to her rival just before the election

9/4/2017 - Japan has the power to radically shape Brexit

9/4/2017 - A free, teacher-less university in France is schooling thousands of future-proof programmers

9/4/2017 - A crusading Cambodian paper calls out the country’s “descent into outright dictatorship” on its last day

9/4/2017 - This aid agency is using chatbots to beat world hunger

9/4/2017 - After South Africa’s first online horn auction, what’s next for the country’s rhinos?

9/4/2017 - Economic reforms must strengthen the government—not reduce its role in public policy

9/4/2017 - The man who inspired India’s demonetisation still believes it was totally worth it

9/4/2017 - The British Empire’s homophobic legacy could finally be overturned in India

9/4/2017 - UNSC meets over North Korea, Rohingya exodus, black-market Instagram ticks

9/4/2017 - UNSC meets over North Korea, Rohingya exodus, black-market Instagram ticks

9/4/2017 - The robots are coming for one of Hinduism’s holiest ceremonies

9/3/2017 - How Nazis twisted the swastika, a symbol of the Buddha, into an emblem of hate

9/3/2017 - North Korea is aiming for maximum irritation with the timing of its weapons tests

9/3/2017 - North Korea’s nuclear test, Modi’s cabinet shakeup, ‘smart vests’ for dogs

9/3/2017 - The full letter Barack Obama left for Donald Trump on Inauguration Day

9/3/2017 - “North Korea is a rogue nation”: Donald Trump leads worldwide criticism of North Korea’s latest nuclear test

9/3/2017 - How to write the perfect college application essay

9/3/2017 - 8,500 more refugees have died or disappeared in the Mediterranean since this photo went viral

9/3/2017 - Volunteers are using monster trucks and jet skis to rescue people after Hurricane Harvey

9/3/2017 - A tiny town in Indiana is a must-see mecca of mid-century modern design

9/3/2017 - What “Game of Thrones” gets wrong about seating and power, according to a chair design critic

9/3/2017 - The purpose of life isn’t to be happy—it’s to be fulfilled

9/3/2017 - How the $7 billion US fantasy football industry makes its money in 2017

9/3/2017 - Psychology offers a simple rule to consider before you tell someone your woes

9/3/2017 - College hazing continuously results in death. Why do we keep the tradition alive?

9/3/2017 - The signature burger at America’s first vegetarian drive-through has more calories than a Big Mac

9/3/2017 - “I lost my virginity to a prostitute”

9/3/2017 - Dementia is difficult to spot early. Researchers think VR can help.

9/3/2017 - Incredible before and after images of Houston neighborhoods hit by Hurricane Harvey

9/3/2017 - Kenya’s election redo, China’s donkey demand, banning plastic bags

9/3/2017 - WhatsApp is at the center of an argument in Kenya over hate speech

9/2/2017 - North Korea “earthquake” was its most powerful nuclear test yet

9/2/2017 - Las Vegas death toll, Goldman’s bitcoin bid, Apple’s design woes

9/2/2017 - A California business is offering free data recovery for wet phones damaged in Hurricane Harvey

9/2/2017 - Now that Uber has a new CEO, employees say its board needs to “grow up”

9/2/2017 - Among the hundreds of TV shows airing this fall, don’t miss these four

9/2/2017 - What people mean when they say all white people are racist

9/2/2017 - Google’s most-searched “how-to” questions capture all the magic and struggle of being human

9/2/2017 - “Twin Peaks'” obsessed fans have been trying to solve the same mysteries online since 1990

9/2/2017 - Weekend edition—Climate change conversations, conversation pits, the wages of cheap fashion

9/2/2017 - For one year, all the South Asians in the US were considered “white”

9/2/2017 - The alt-right’s coordinated attacks on Google should disturb you

9/2/2017 - Even an Apple store can’t prevent the death of a US mall

9/2/2017 - A Texan solution to Texas’s climate change problem

9/2/2017 - Russia’s search for a fake presidential candidate is unearthing its rampant sexism instead

9/2/2017 - It’s morally right to bring up climate change even as the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey unfolds

9/2/2017 - It’s human nature to care more about disasters closer to home, and our moral duty to overcome it

9/2/2017 - Weekend edition—Climate change conversations, conversation pits, the wages of cheap fashion

9/2/2017 - Weekend edition—Climate change conversations, conversation pits, the wages of cheap fashion

9/1/2017 - Weekend edition—Climate change conversations, conversation pits, the wages of cheap fashion

9/1/2017 - Cell phone time machine, frozen watermelon, and eight other stories you might have missed

9/1/2017 - On a sweltering day, Russia’s San Francisco consulate is burning stuff before it is shut down

9/1/2017 - Alphabet’s Verily and Google found a potential new test for heart disease using AI

9/1/2017 - What is DACA and what happens if Trump scraps it?

9/1/2017 - Corporate “jump teams” spring to action during hurricanes, wading into chaos to reopen stores

9/1/2017 - Even Mark Zuckerberg can’t resist getting into political fights on Facebook

9/1/2017 - With a new designation for ecstasy, the US government is finally acknowledging its potential to treat PTSD

9/1/2017 - Vladimir Putin believes artificial intelligence could lead to global monopolies and drone wars

9/1/2017 - Want to make smarter, faster decisions? Add this third element to your pro-con list

9/1/2017 - It seems like Apple’s AirPods are a hit

9/1/2017 - How to watch NFL football live online, no matter where you are in the world

9/1/2017 - The Trump administration is spending millions to build these model border walls in California

9/1/2017 - Oxford University has an idea for poor kids who struggle: Befriend other poor kids who struggle

9/1/2017 - DJI released a new drone that addresses two of the biggest problems with drones

9/1/2017 - Quartzy: the back-to-school outfit edition

9/1/2017 - Quartzy: the back-to-school outfit edition

9/1/2017 - Germany’s far-right party hired an ad agency that worked on the Trump campaign

9/1/2017 - Harvey’s impact on oil refineries, German gold, UK tourism is booming

9/1/2017 - Pumpkin spice lattes are making Americans less productive

9/1/2017 - Tech’s constant evolution means ample investment opportunities

9/1/2017 - Tech: Where to look for investing ideas

9/1/2017 - The US dollar is in its worst losing streak in 14 years and the data aren’t helping

9/1/2017 - A little-known Chinese gadget maker is reviving the Palm and Blackberry brands

9/1/2017 - The new ‘American Horror Story’ is a disturbing satire of liberal fears in Trump’s America

9/1/2017 - The gig economy is a disaster for workers. Hollywood’s unions can help them learn to fight back

9/1/2017 - Investors rushing into volatility-linked funds will learn that betting on risk is risky

9/1/2017 - Hedge funds are rushing into cryptocurrencies to juice their weak returns

9/1/2017 - The list of top schools for producing tech entrepreneurs shows how clubby Silicon Valley really is

9/1/2017 - In praise of the conversation pit

9/1/2017 - “Despacito” could have made so much money—if people weren’t listening on YouTube

9/1/2017 - This is the hidden Rotten Tomatoes score you should be using

9/1/2017 - Justin Trudeau says Trump is the same in private as in public—and he thinks that’s surprising

9/1/2017 - Political tensions in the Himalayas have made it hard for yaks to mate

9/1/2017 - Burning Man signifies society’s shift away from traditional capitalism

9/1/2017 - How you take selfies has everything to do with who you think will see them

9/1/2017 - Samsung’s newest phones could legitimately replace your desktop computer

9/1/2017 - More teenagers commit suicide on this day in Japan than any other day of the year

9/1/2017 - Hungary built a wall to keep out migrants. It now wants the EU to help pay for it

9/1/2017 - It’s Britain’s own fault for being “blackmailed” with a Brexit divorce bill

9/1/2017 - How to access free and legal copies of English and American classic literature online

9/1/2017 - As China’s big leadership revamp nears, Xi Jinping is carrying out a military reshuffle

9/1/2017 - US jobs day, tech titans tackle Trump, Batman shark spray

9/1/2017 - Kenya’s supreme court has annulled last month’s presidential election and called for a new vote

9/1/2017 - In China, facial recognition is used to buy KFC, board planes, and catch drug users

9/1/2017 - South Africa’s most populous and intimidating city has been named its most environmentally friendly

9/1/2017 - Good, bad, what the hell was that: Economists are still scratching their heads over demonetisation

9/1/2017 - Coca-Cola wants to grow in India by selling less Coke

9/1/2017 - How to avoid an arranged marriage? A Pakistani woman offers a few tricks through her board game

9/1/2017 - NAFTA talks, Mexico wall prototypes, Batman shark spray

9/1/2017 - NAFTA talks, Mexico wall prototypes, Batman shark spray

9/1/2017 - Watch an Indian traffic cop reduce road accidents with his incredible dance moves