10/31/2016 - How an Indian temple’s 600-strong marketing team hooked the world on its sweet treats

10/31/2016 - Even right-wing Australians—and especially the foreign minister—are nervous about a Trump presidency

10/31/2016 - Indian-born mothers are the most educated and highest earning migrant mothers in the US

10/31/2016 - Republican senator Chuck Grassley to FBI director James Comey: “Your disclosure is not fair to Congress, the American people, or secretary Clinton”

10/31/2016 - FBI email search, GE’s big oil bet, why bugs are scary

10/31/2016 - India has a lot at stake in the US presidential election

10/31/2016 - Satellite imaging shows that 300 million children are breathing in extremely toxic air

10/31/2016 - “Design has nothing to do with art”: Design legend Milton Glaser dispels a universal misunderstanding

10/31/2016 - Travelers want to do more this New Year’s Eve, but will probably settle for freezing in Times Square

10/31/2016 - Wall Street’s blockchain obsession hasn’t produced a global revolution so far, just a lot more consulting work

10/31/2016 - Facebook users all over the world are checking in at the Standing Rock reservation to protest the Dakota pipeline

10/31/2016 - Did FBI director James Comey violate the Hatch Act?

10/31/2016 - Uber drivers are twice as likely to cancel on black riders, study finds

10/31/2016 - Donald Trump’s “support” of LGBT communities in one image

10/31/2016 - Another reason to envy Canadians—their student loans just became much easier to repay

10/31/2016 - A nursing mother was kicked out of TED’s big conference about women for bringing her baby

10/31/2016 - John F. Kennedy’s inspiring speech on space exploration is a lot more menacing in this film trailer about alien contact

10/31/2016 - The last general-interest bookstore in a 1.5-million-person New York borough will close this year

10/31/2016 - “Please, let this thing be over soon”: John Oliver on Anthony Weiner’s insertion into the 2016 election

10/31/2016 - South Africa has dropped fraud charges against its finance minister and its currency is up—for now

10/31/2016 - Tech billionaire Peter Thiel’s new “bubble theory” of the US election has a few big flaws

10/31/2016 - Donald Trump walked right up to the very edge of encouraging voter fraud at a rally last night

10/31/2016 - Centuries-old Dutch renaissance faces make hilarious new iPhone emoji

10/31/2016 - The death of a fishmonger in Morocco draws parallels with the Tunisian vendor who started the Arab spring

10/31/2016 - Seamless, Snapchat, and more apps our greatest classic authors would have loved

10/31/2016 - This Halloween, some Americans are more upset about political correctness than racist costumes

10/31/2016 - Researchers confirm that screens are seriously messing with your kids’ sleep

10/31/2016 - DeafBlind Americans developed a language that doesn’t involve sight or sound

10/31/2016 - There’s a better way to write your to-do lists

10/31/2016 - GE’s Immelt is betting on Baker Hughes—and on oil prices staying low through 2019

10/31/2016 - “Of course racism exists in New York”: John Oliver confronts school segregation in liberal US cities

10/31/2016 - The house where Hitler was born could be demolished soon. Here’s why it should stay standing.

10/31/2016 - When companies appoint women CEOs, stock prices tank

10/31/2016 - Psychology shows that Democrats and Republicans can’t even agree on objective reality

10/31/2016 - El Papa con los luteranos, el diálogo en Venezuela y un emocionante sprint final en EEUU

10/31/2016 - A new study shows how Star Trek jokes and geek culture make women feel unwelcome in computer science

10/31/2016 - Lisbon will likely be in the middle of a desert by 2100 if we don’t mitigate climate change

10/31/2016 - Tech companies are trying to fight unconscious bias in hiring by making job candidates fight coding bots

10/31/2016 - Corporate boards are turning to 30- and 40-somethings to help them make sense of the internet

10/31/2016 - On Halloween, the scary truth about American families’ horrifying debt levels

10/31/2016 - FBI under attack, Lebanon tries to elect a president, UberEats surge pricing

10/31/2016 - Uber has a new problem in Nigeria—driver strikes in Abuja

10/31/2016 - A week after it began, the Tata Sons-Cyrus Mistry battle is still simmering

10/31/2016 - A collision of Chinese manufacturing, globalization, and consumer ignorance could ruin the internet for everyone

10/31/2016 - Indians are loving their “Made in India” phones

10/31/2016 - After all the Diwali fireworks, lungs are ready to explode in Delhi

10/31/2016 - Theresa May: Over 100 days of leadership and only one thing remains clear about the future of the UK

10/31/2016 - Bitcoin is closing in on its 2016 peak. A handful of theories attempt to explain the rally

10/31/2016 - Najib in China, Lebanon’s election, UberEats surge pricing

10/31/2016 - Najib in China, Lebanon’s election, UberEats surge pricing

10/30/2016 - Honda Motor’s earnings, demonstrations in Seoul, UberEats’ surge pricing

10/30/2016 - A history professor who has accurately predicted three decades of US presidential races is calling a Trump win

10/30/2016 - Yes, Republicans could block Hillary Clinton’s Supreme Court appointments for at least four years

10/30/2016 - Made in China: Once known for cheap knockoffs, Chinese companies are now the world’s innovators

10/30/2016 - The career benefits of being a nonconformist

10/30/2016 - A hospital is worried the US presidential race is going to kill its patients

10/30/2016 - Do sharks like biting on submarine internet cables? The captain of a cable ship reveals all

10/30/2016 - It’s a one-point race: Trump closes in on Clinton in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll

10/30/2016 - “When it comes to picking our partners, there are no coincidences”

10/30/2016 - A centuries-old Mexican tradition has been transformed by James Bond

10/30/2016 - Tens of thousands of South Koreans gathered to demand president Park Geun-hye’s resignation

10/30/2016 - Italy just experienced its most powerful earthquake in nearly 40 years

10/30/2016 - The KKK was originally a giant, lucrative pyramid scheme

10/30/2016 - Watch: Dozens of Calais migrants resettle in a tiny, picturesque French village

10/30/2016 - Ethiopia’s crisis is a result of decades of land disputes and ethnic power battles

10/30/2016 - Watch: New York’s public library captured beautiful time lapse footage of 52,000 books being reshelved

10/30/2016 - An adorable toy robot is teaching kids how to code

10/30/2016 - Science shows that telling small, white lies actually turns us into bigger liars

10/30/2016 - Fix ICC, Africans like China, corruption is winning

10/30/2016 - The ultimate Game of Thrones guide to the US election

10/30/2016 - The golden age of opening credits: Westworld’s eerie title sequence is a meticulously crafted short film

10/30/2016 - Science suggests that frequently repeating a lie creates “the illusion of truth”

10/30/2016 - Enjoying that delicious glass of expensive Tuscan wine? You can thank immigrants for that

10/30/2016 - It takes a certain type of person to work at a startup

10/30/2016 - Uber’s surge pricing for food delivery is a bad idea

10/29/2016 - Bill Maher is about to interview the most candid version of Barack Obama

10/29/2016 - FBI director James Comey is under fire for the latest twist in the Clinton email case

10/29/2016 - Close door buttons on elevators are designed to be utterly useless

10/29/2016 - Soylent says food intolerance—not poisoning—is why its products are making people sick

10/29/2016 - An Oxford professor who teaches moral philosophy on why he supports Donald Trump

10/29/2016 - Steve Jobs would probably be rather upset with what Apple has become today

10/29/2016 - British polling experts who didn’t see Brexit coming on why the US should be prepared for a similar upset

10/29/2016 - Bob Dylan breaks his silence

10/29/2016 - Ancient Roman mythology shows an obsession with sex robots that’s lasted thousands of years

10/29/2016 - In tests of extreme math intelligence, boys still outscore girls in the US but the gap is closing fast

10/29/2016 - A photo tour of the Wing, Manhattan’s buzzy new social club and co-working space for women only

10/29/2016 - East Africa’s largest retailer is in talks to sell a 25% stake to a private equity firm

10/29/2016 - Weekend edition—Free trade’s foes, trouble at Tata, Ikeanomics

10/29/2016 - This election day, three billionaires are going up against the US soda lobby

10/29/2016 - Google taught artificial intelligence to encrypt messages on its own

10/29/2016 - Dakota pipeline protesters are broadcasting their tense standoff with the police using Facebook Live

10/29/2016 - Feminist witches are casting hexes on Donald Trump

10/29/2016 - In defense of attention-seeking and showing off

10/29/2016 - The end of the free-trade trend is giving rise to new forms of interventionism

10/29/2016 - Elon Musk is using Apple’s playbook to make your roof a beautiful solar power plant

10/29/2016 - Quartz brings you the season’s most crackling cocktails from India’s best-known watering holes

10/29/2016 - A real life “Coming to America” tale with an unusual twist on being black in the US

10/29/2016 - The overlooked story of Diwali is actually about respecting women’s dignity

10/29/2016 - Weekend edition—Free trade’s foes, trouble at Tata, Ikeanomics

10/29/2016 - Weekend edition—Free trade’s foes, trouble at Tata, Ikeanomics

10/28/2016 - Weekend edition—Free trade’s foes, trouble at Tata, Ikeanomics

10/28/2016 - Where to (legally) stream your favorite horror movies for free this Halloween

10/28/2016 - Review: With this unbelievable last-minute “sexting” plot twist, this election has jumped the shark

10/28/2016 - A new “gamergate” is brewing in the world of comic books

10/28/2016 - How did the FBI find new emails tied to its Hillary Clinton investigation? Two words: Anthony Weiner

10/28/2016 - As Mexico’s economy improves, the lure of life in the US is fading fast

10/28/2016 - Facebook approved an ad violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in 15 minutes

10/28/2016 - There’s a birth control shot for men that works—but they can’t seem to handle the side effects

10/28/2016 - The Bundy verdict proves the US is fine with armed white militants—but not Native American activists

10/28/2016 - The FBI is reviewing new emails in its previously closed investigation of Hillary Clinton

10/28/2016 - Quartzy: the witching edition

10/28/2016 - Quartzy: the witching edition

10/28/2016 - Manhattan’s exclusive new club for women only is a modern take on a much-needed tradition

10/28/2016 - Self-driving car startup cancels first product because dealing with regulators and lawyers “isn’t worth it”

10/28/2016 - Watch a US senator lose his bid for re-election with this dumb, racist zinger

10/28/2016 - Dismissing Google Fiber as a failure is the same mistake we made bringing electricity to rural America

10/28/2016 - One reason the gender pay gap is shrinking? Men’s wages are falling

10/28/2016 - Mike Pence’s plane was saved by slicing through lightweight concrete blocks

10/28/2016 - Apple removed its safest, smartest invention ever from the new MacBook Pros

10/28/2016 - A British court rules Uber drivers have workers’ rights in the “employment case of the decade”

10/28/2016 - This app will find the best city in the world for you, based on your appetite for culture

10/28/2016 - Even if Trump loses, this billionaire asset manager thinks investing will never be the same

10/28/2016 - A border wall rendered by a Mexican design firm shows Trump’s vision in “all of its gorgeous perversity”

10/28/2016 - Startups like Casper are using Silicon Valley flash to make us forget their products are actually boring

10/28/2016 - A new tech hub is hoping to inspire an ecosystem in northern Nigeria

10/28/2016 - AI-powered security, Nigerian senate live stream, China’s influence on blockchain

10/28/2016 - The US government totally just summoned the wrong Time Warner to testify about the AT&T deal

10/28/2016 - Ivory Coast’s controversial constitutional referendum this weekend has sparked distrust

10/28/2016 - What to do when your neighbor likes Donald Trump

10/28/2016 - A knife attacker at the US embassy in Kenya was disarmed and then reportedly shot point blank in the head

10/28/2016 - College sports in America are broken. Here’s how to fix them.

10/28/2016 - Beware the “chaotic breakfast,” a dangerous new geopolitical risk

10/28/2016 - Photos: The amazing creatures of the world’s newest marine protected area in Antarctica

10/28/2016 - Americans forced to work through their retirement are missing out on an “encore adulthood”

10/28/2016 - Piratas islandeses, falta de diálogo en Colombia, y un cerebro de dinosaurio

10/28/2016 - How a unique visa lottery promotes the dream of American diversity—50,000 green cards at a time

10/28/2016 - Apple’s Macs are now more expensive in the UK, thanks to Brexit

10/28/2016 - For migrants crossing the Mediterranean, every year is deadlier than the last

10/28/2016 - This Diwali try OK Tata, a Quartz cocktail with a Mistry ingredient

10/28/2016 - A mayor in the Philippines is the first politician to be killed in president Duterte’s war on drugs

10/28/2016 - Tesla’s solar roof reveal, Mike Pence’s airplane scare, weed-enhanced night vision

10/28/2016 - Brits have perfected a secret version of the English language to use with their co-workers

10/28/2016 - China is letting Filipino fishermen return to a shoal it seized in 2012—for now

10/28/2016 - The data that show why you can never get cheap airfare during the holidays in the US

10/28/2016 - You can now get styled by a fashion-savvy algorithm

10/28/2016 - Customers are no longer willing to pay full price for clothing

10/28/2016 - A weird hexagon pattern on Saturn that’s as big as the Earth has changed color—and nobody knows why

10/28/2016 - The who, what, and when of the ugliest boardroom battle at India’s biggest business conglomerate

10/28/2016 - Prime is Amazon’s newest weapon to win India over

10/28/2016 - Xi Jinping is becoming a “core” Communist Party leader for a very different reason than his predecessors

10/28/2016 - A Rasputinesque mystery woman and a cultish religion could take down South Korea’s president

10/28/2016 - China’s model of economic development is becoming more popular in Africa than America’s

10/28/2016 - UBS struggles, MacBook makeover, fossilized dinosaur brains

10/28/2016 - UBS struggles, MacBook makeover, fossilized dinosaur brains

10/28/2016 - A hypothetical conversation with a Wells Fargo chatbot

10/28/2016 - What the ugly Tata-Mistry spat can teach India’s family-run businesses

10/28/2016 - The African leaders leaving the International Criminal Court actually have a chance to fix it

10/28/2016 - An Indian startup raised $30 million because millennials don’t even want to own furniture

10/27/2016 - People don’t like French food as much as they used to because French restaurants are pretentious

10/27/2016 - Alphabet cannot be stopped, even as its moonshots bleed cash

10/27/2016 - MacBook makeover, Pirates take Iceland, fossilized dinosaur brains

10/27/2016 - What is the TPP? President Obama explains it in laymen’s terms

10/27/2016 - Amazon Web Services is the financial life preserver that Amazon desperately needs

10/27/2016 - Apple’s prices for MacBook memory and storage are detached from reality

10/27/2016 - Everything Apple announced at its big Mac event today

10/27/2016 - Psychology can explain the mysterious, soothing power of IKEA and other megastores

10/27/2016 - At a post-Ailes Fox News, Megyn Kelly is negotiating equal pay

10/27/2016 - Witchcraft is the perfect religion for liberal millennials

10/27/2016 - A US prison says farming is no longer “meaningful” work for inmates

10/27/2016 - My bizarre weekend in Gilmore Girls’ real-life Stars Hollow blurred the lines between reality and fiction

10/27/2016 - Angola’s president will have to explain why he hired his daughter to head up the state oil company

10/27/2016 - In loving memory of Vine: Quartz picks the greatest Vines ever

10/27/2016 - An amateur fossil hunter stumbled upon a pickled 133 million year-old dinosaur brain in England

10/27/2016 - Latin America’s changing economy has a Colombian town rethinking the value of titles like “Dr.” and “Sir”

10/27/2016 - Twitter says it has a game plan—and it starts with laying off 9% of its workforce

10/27/2016 - “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner’s next show will be at Amazon

10/27/2016 - Vine is dead

10/27/2016 - The first-ever emoji designs have been recognized as contemporary art alongside Warhols and Pollocks

10/27/2016 - Toys left behind in Calais are a reminder of the childhood lost by migrant children

10/27/2016 - The economic theory behind why Americans spend more money on Halloween during presidential election years

10/27/2016 - Theresa May take note: The EU’s most ambitious trade deal was almost torpedoed by a small Belgian region

10/27/2016 - Sports fans in Africa will soon be able to access pretty much all American sports content

10/27/2016 - This is Donald Trump’s bizarre digital strategy for “voter suppression”

10/27/2016 - American elites need to stop mocking Trump fans and start finally listening to them

10/27/2016 - The polls didn’t miss Brexit and they won’t save Donald Trump

10/27/2016 - Line may have hit peak stickers

10/27/2016 - One airline is now letting you watch your checked suitcase travel in real time

10/27/2016 - Psychology can explain why wildly successful teams get tempted to the dark side

10/27/2016 - Asian Americans are the fastest-growing racial group in the US—and finding community in karaoke

10/27/2016 - Interactive: Is that parking lot as safe as you think?

10/27/2016 - Would Hillary Clinton appoint a “Team of Rivals”-style cabinet as president?

10/27/2016 - Kenyans have launched a campaign on Twitter to fix their roads

10/27/2016 - Los nuevos Mac, el embargo a Cuba, el “Banksy sirio”

10/27/2016 - The surprising strength of the UK economy may only be short-lived

10/27/2016 - The entire global edifice of borders, walls, visas, and travel restrictions is morally incoherent

10/27/2016 - Google’s former happiness guru developed a three-second brain exercise for finding joy

10/27/2016 - The usual last-ditch TV advertising push won’t reach a major chunk of this year’s undecided voters

10/27/2016 - With an unexpected profit, Deutsche Bank has a funny way of showing it’s in crisis

10/27/2016 - We’re liveblogging Apple’s big Mac event today

10/27/2016 - Is the collapse of productivity in the developed world really so close at hand?

10/27/2016 - Nigeria isn’t really open for business yet

10/27/2016 - A Chinese company reportedly involved in South China Sea dredging won a big project in the Philippines

10/27/2016 - Apple’s new laptops, violence in Venezuela, the Banksy of Syria

10/27/2016 - Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall hit quarterly profits hard, but the company predicts a turnaround in 2017

10/27/2016 - Africa’s presidents are struggling to meet their own ambitious anti-corruption targets

10/27/2016 - How to watch Apple’s big Mac event today

10/27/2016 - The Modi hangover: Why some American Hindus just can’t get enough of Donald Trump

10/27/2016 - And the award for “best corruption confession by a Chinese official” goes to….

10/27/2016 - Ratan Tata: An ageing business wizard back to save his empire, or a feudal lord unwilling to let go?

10/27/2016 - The Kenyan author who’s done more for literature than Bob Dylan, and should have won the Nobel

10/27/2016 - The one word that sums up India’s startup sector in 2016: unimpressive

10/27/2016 - Beijing pushed the Philippines too far on the South China Sea with just two little words

10/27/2016 - UK GDP, Tesla’s surprise, professional bridesmaids

10/27/2016 - UK GDP, Tesla’s surprise, professional bridesmaids

10/27/2016 - From blue-collar workers to curry kings, chronicling the stories of Indians in Europe

10/26/2016 - Research shows taking music lessons can speed up brain development in children

10/26/2016 - A step-by-step guide to hacking your brain so it can remember anything

10/26/2016 - Here’s what you need to know after today’s big Microsoft event

10/26/2016 - Donald Trump’s new hotel line won’t be named after him

10/26/2016 - Tesla’s surprise, Cold War redux, professional bridesmaids

10/26/2016 - Tesla turned its first profit in more than two years, and delivered a record number of cars

10/26/2016 - Joss Whedon’s moving new ad is an artful reminder that voting can be powerful and heroic

10/26/2016 - India’s middle class is Tim Cook’s next frontier

10/26/2016 - President Peña Nieto assures Mexicans he doesn’t wake up everyday thinking about “how to screw Mexico”

10/26/2016 - Hillary Clinton finally addresses Snoop Dogg’s influence on her style

10/26/2016 - A new home-delivery meal kit company designs your diet by analyzing your blood

10/26/2016 - Apple is reportedly bringing the playlist to TV

10/26/2016 - If you’re a really, really frequent flyer, you can now book a private jet on Delta

10/26/2016 - Lyft’s cofounder has his own vision for a self-driving taxi fleet

10/26/2016 - Good news: The hackers who broke the internet last week are less powerful than originally believed

10/26/2016 - 31 years later, National Geographic’s iconic “Afghan Girl” is arrested for getting a fake ID

10/26/2016 - “The Walking Dead” just proved it’s too big to fail

10/26/2016 - “Life’s not fair, right?”: Under Armour’s CEO is taking the market’s punishment in stride

10/26/2016 - A court will decide whether Facebook used you to violate the privacy of all your friends

10/26/2016 - Scientists definitively debunked the Patient Zero myth using advanced viral genome tracking

10/26/2016 - An Ivy League professor says there are only three types of friendships we make

10/26/2016 - The UK’s economy is poised to benefit from an increased focus on apprenticeships

10/26/2016 - Apprenticeships could be the time-tested solution for today’s skills gap

10/26/2016 - Grubhub isn’t a “startup,” but it’s the only food-delivery service with a real business

10/26/2016 - A rebel fighter is being hailed as “Syria’s Banksy”

10/26/2016 - “Is that really democracy?”: The Russian state media are telling a very different story about the US elections

10/26/2016 - Kobe Bryant was nearly late to his last NBA game because he was editing short stories

10/26/2016 - Can the media really rig the US presidential election?

10/26/2016 - The CEO of Christian Dior explains how to manage creatives

10/26/2016 - One in ten young Italians now live under the poverty line

10/26/2016 - Audi is quitting Le Mans for Formula E as it shifts its focus from diesel to electrics

10/26/2016 - Push notifications are driving us crazy—but there’s a way to solve the problem without going dark

10/26/2016 - Halloween costume ideas for the new global economy

10/26/2016 - The space industry’s new bet: putting an “app store” in orbit

10/26/2016 - Don’t do what you love for a career—do what makes you money

10/26/2016 - Psychology suggests that psychopaths can be changed by the power of love

10/26/2016 - This glitch is the most likely reason the European Mars lander failed

10/26/2016 - Interpreters say it’s nearly “impossible” to translate Donald Trump’s rhetoric into other languages

10/26/2016 - We finally know how much Nintendo made from Pokémon Go

10/26/2016 - The generation that grew up with Nike Dri-FIT is making dress shirts you could run a marathon in

10/26/2016 - Don’t vote for Hillary Clinton because you have to—vote for her because she’s a true progressive

10/26/2016 - La “Toma de Venezuela”, Santander en Brasil, piratas en Islandia

10/26/2016 - Practitioners of traditional Mayan medicine have a lot to teach modern doctors

10/26/2016 - The US has just plummeted down the rankings for gender equality

10/26/2016 - Music has been totally disrupted by Silicon Valley—yet it’s still run by the same two moguls

10/26/2016 - Tesla and Microsoft, Twitter’s business failure, Netflix’s “pharmacological” future?

10/26/2016 - Gambia is the latest African country to quit the ICC, dismissing it as the “International Caucasian Court”

10/26/2016 - Apple probably won’t compete with the Google Home and Amazon Echo

10/26/2016 - Check out this DUMB but EFFECTIVE investment strategy for 2016

10/26/2016 - Google just made a big move to distinguish its VR tech from everything else on the market

10/26/2016 - 99.9% of Americans will know a victim of gun violence in their lifetime

10/26/2016 - Not so easy: Despite Modinomics, India stagnates in World Bank’s ease of doing business rankings

10/26/2016 - Booted from Tata Sons, Cyrus Mistry doesn’t look like he’s going down without a fight

10/26/2016 - Denmark’s supermarkets are refusing to stock South African wines made by “slavery in the vineyards”

10/26/2016 - Pallonji Mistry—an Indian Irish billionaire’s journey from outsider to kingmaker to opponent at the Tata Group

10/26/2016 - The number of asylum seekers in Sweden dropped 80% last year

10/26/2016 - The mall that houses the “world’s saddest polar bear” is now holding wild animal parades

10/26/2016 - Your Instagram-worthy holiday photos are slowly ruining some of Asia’s ancient monuments

10/26/2016 - iPhone malaise, Venezuela rallies, luxury potato chips

10/26/2016 - iPhone malaise, Venezuela rallies, luxury potato chips

10/26/2016 - One of the world’s largest legacy tech companies is going all out to woo India’s startups

10/25/2016 - Long before he was elected president, Rodrigo Duterte let Beijing know the South China Sea was theirs

10/25/2016 - HG Wells made a series of utopian predictions 100 years ago and was right about nearly all of them

10/25/2016 - Despite Trump’s “rigged election” talk, more Americans trust their electoral system today than in 2008

10/25/2016 - It’s so dangerous being a bridesmaid in China that some brides are hiring professionals instead

10/25/2016 - Apple CEO Tim Cook says you won’t have to give up your privacy to have a great AI assistant

10/25/2016 - The world would be $1.1 trillion richer if it treated its young people more like Germany does

10/25/2016 - Apple’s sales and profit fell for the first time since 2001

10/25/2016 - Facebook is testing a way to live broadcast Snapchat-like filters

10/25/2016 - Texas just became a swing state

10/25/2016 - Apple’s iPhone malaise, Twitter’s paradox, Netflix hallucinogens

10/25/2016 - An American just won the UK’s biggest book prize

10/25/2016 - 11 skills that differentiate successful entrepreneurs from organizational leaders

10/25/2016 - The CFO of India’s largest e-commerce company resigned in the middle of peak demand season

10/25/2016 - The BRICS have given South African president Jacob Zuma enough cover to criticize the major credit-ratings firms

10/25/2016 - What the AT&T-Time Warner merger means for HBO

10/25/2016 - Your favorite messaging apps, ranked by privacy from best to worst

10/25/2016 - After 30 years, the Man Booker Prize is staying relevant by opening up to the rest of the world

10/25/2016 - Virtual assistants spend much of their time fending off sexual harassment

10/25/2016 - Scotland will let students design its new Nordic-style “baby boxes”

10/25/2016 - Barack Obama mocks a “mean tweet” from Donald Trump on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

10/25/2016 - The fastest bicycle in the world can go 89 mph—but it doesn’t look like a bicycle anymore

10/25/2016 - Twitter is firing hundreds from its workforce again

10/25/2016 - Twitter is a cultural success and a business failure

10/25/2016 - Cameroonians are furious with their ‘absent’ president after a national tragedy

10/25/2016 - Apple’s most revolutionary product was predicted to fail, 15 years ago

10/25/2016 - Ugandan youth were arrested outside the US embassy trying to campaign for Trump

10/25/2016 - Trump’s bigotry has doomed his campaign. But his stance on Russia should’ve disqualified him months ago

10/25/2016 - A banished video of white missionaries dancing in Uganda shows the power of Africans on social media

10/25/2016 - Obamacare’s soaring premiums aren’t the disaster Donald Trump needs to win

10/25/2016 - The American Bar Association, fearing a libel suit, quashed a report calling Trump a “libel bully”

10/25/2016 - Opia, sonder, liberosis: The dictionary for all the emotions you feel but can’t express

10/25/2016 - A Matrix-like hallucinogenic pill may be the future of entertainment, says Netflix’s CEO

10/25/2016 - Al Shabaab has launched three attacks in Kenya and Somalia in the last 24 hours

10/25/2016 - The Election Day violence Trump supporters have promised is already happening

10/25/2016 - “No free work” is the wrong advice for creative people

10/25/2016 - The future of senior care could be paying your friends and family

10/25/2016 - Hello! It’s me, your Facebook friend who is apparently racist now

10/25/2016 - The single most important pitfall to avoid with legalizing marijuana

10/25/2016 - London’s overstretched main airport will finally get a new runway. Maybe. In a decade.

10/25/2016 - A lot of people in the US are suddenly identifying as “white”—and a lot of them support Donald Trump

10/25/2016 - America can’t trust public water, so it’s turning to private companies

10/25/2016 - Fresh off a bid to censor social media, the Nigerian senate is now live-streaming its sessions on Facebook

10/25/2016 - This metaphor about buying cheap toilet paper perfectly summarizes how you feel about voting this election

10/25/2016 - Duterte en Tokio, Maduro en el Vaticano, droides mineros en Marte

10/25/2016 - Our debt to Donald Trump

10/25/2016 - Time Warner chief executive Jeff Bewkes may be the smartest CEO in legacy media

10/25/2016 - The iPhone 7 Plus’ portrait mode still needs some work

10/25/2016 - This is why your Facebook updates sometimes appear in huge font

10/25/2016 - Establishment Republicans, cast afloat by the rise of Trump, are warming to the popular Obamas

10/25/2016 - The new “it girls” of fashion and music: ladies over 60

10/25/2016 - To make robots more human-like, we need to teach them how to be mind readers

10/25/2016 - Theresa May is so evasive, a psychologist had to invent a new term to describe her behavior

10/25/2016 - Forget grit, IQ, and culture fit. VCs say this is what it takes to succeed at a startup

10/25/2016 - Apple earnings, Twitter to slash jobs, America’s many ongoing wars

10/25/2016 - Iceland’s Pirate Party looks likely to take the country’s election next weekend

10/25/2016 - Why more people feel poorer, even if they’re not

10/25/2016 - The youngest woman ever to be elected to Hong Kong’s legislature is being targeted with sexual slurs

10/25/2016 - After acquiring Uber China, Didi Chuxing’s first major change is to stop foreigners from using it

10/25/2016 - From Starbucks to Zara, Cyrus Mistry’s mixed legacy in building Tata’s retail business

10/25/2016 - In pics: The Tata story in brick and mortar

10/25/2016 - The diaspora media movement shaping the coverage of Ethiopia’s protests

10/25/2016 - Why everyone from Maruti Suzuki to BMW is teaming up with India’s cab aggregators

10/25/2016 - The big challenges that dogged Cyrus Mistry’s four years at Tata Sons

10/25/2016 - Duterte in Tokyo, layoffs at Twitter, climate change warning from 1882

10/25/2016 - Duterte in Tokyo, layoffs at Twitter, climate change warning from 1882

10/24/2016 - At least 59 police cadets were killed and over 110 injured after a terrorist attack in Pakistan

10/24/2016 - HIV is growing so fast among Chinese youth that a university is selling testing kits in vending machines

10/24/2016 - Choosing work over love in your 20s is a great way to have awful relationships for the rest of your life

10/24/2016 - Apple Watch shoulders the blame for a sluggish smartwatch market

10/24/2016 - Tata chairman ousted, AT&T-Time Warner panned, Shakespeare co-author

10/24/2016 - If you have an iPhone 7 Plus, it’s a good time to update your operating system

10/24/2016 - A construction boom will force hotels to give you good deals for years to come

10/24/2016 - AI-enhanced security cameras will soon be able to catch you texting and driving

10/24/2016 - The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco isn’t bad news just for Samsung, it’s bad for the whole Korean stock market

10/24/2016 - Women successfully fought their way into the legendary Mavericks big-wave-surfing competition

10/24/2016 - The Internet of Things is totally unregulated, and that might have to change

10/24/2016 - Christopher Marlowe will finally get credit for co-writing some of Shakespeare’s plays

10/24/2016 - An investigation found Syrian child refugees in Turkey producing clothes for major brands

10/24/2016 - What to expect at Apple’s big Mac event

10/24/2016 - John Oliver blames “reckless, greedy” American drug companies for the country’s deadly opioid crisis

10/24/2016 - Research confirms screen time is hurting children’s school performance

10/24/2016 - Everything we know about the AT&T-Time Warner deal

10/24/2016 - The golden age of movies could spell doom for AT&T’s bid on Time Warner

10/24/2016 - The case for buying Portuguese bonds is made in Canada

10/24/2016 - MIT is using AI to create pure horror

10/24/2016 - T-Mobile is the real reason AT&T and Verizon are expanding into media

10/24/2016 - Big Soda is using Bernie Sanders’ image to fight a proposed soda tax and Sanders isn’t having it

10/24/2016 - A 1912 news article ominously forecasted the catastrophic effects of fossil fuels on climate change

10/24/2016 - The rise and fall of Cyrus Mistry, once Ratan Tata’s blue-eyed boy

10/24/2016 - Eric Trump posed for a picture with a woman in a “Latinas contra Trump” t-shirt

10/24/2016 - Thousands of migrants are being displaced as France dismantles the “Jungle” in Calais

10/24/2016 - The world’s worst authoritarian leaders have realized nostalgia is way more powerful than fact

10/24/2016 - The rare country where voters are less worried about immigration than about emigration

10/24/2016 - To compete with online shopping, retailers must embrace minimalism

10/24/2016 - Yes, it is possible for Trump and Clinton supporters to have productive (and calm) conversations

10/24/2016 - The night Donald Trump inspired me to stand up for myself against a creep in a bar

10/24/2016 - People love gyms like CrossFit and Pure Barre because they’ve made fancy fitness a status symbol

10/24/2016 - Tata Sons removes Cyrus Mistry as chairman, brings back Ratan Tata

10/24/2016 - Virtual reality is no longer the stuff of science fiction

10/24/2016 - Here’s how augmented reality is opening up a world of business opportunity

10/24/2016 - As Nigeria’s economy shrinks, its biggest airline is looking to expand

10/24/2016 - Rodrigo Duterte began his first state visit to Japan, the Philippines’ top investor, by snubbing the host

10/24/2016 - Digital disruption is an opportunity for companies to reshape their business

10/24/2016 - The new rule that could save the US from billions in bailouts

10/24/2016 - How digital business transformation extends beyond the IT department

10/24/2016 - Africa wasn’t “rising” before and it’s not “reeling” now

10/24/2016 - Will CETA be signed?, Venmo’s new rival, the iPod turns 15

10/24/2016 - A startup’s constellation of tiny satellites is now photographing a third of earth’s landmass every day

10/24/2016 - What to expect from Apple’s fourth-quarter earnings tomorrow

10/24/2016 - AI can learn from data without ever having access to it

10/24/2016 - The coming fast-fashion boom in the developing world spells big trouble for the environment

10/24/2016 - Air India flew 1,400 kilometres extra to shave hours off its Delhi-San Francisco flight

10/24/2016 - Everything we know about the great Indian debit card hacking

10/24/2016 - Documentary “Hooligan Sparrow” shows how dangerous it is to protest against rape in China

10/24/2016 - When an investment banker and an MIT graduate lived like India’s poor on $0.39 a day

10/24/2016 - A conclave in Beijing this week could shape Xi Jinping’s future. Here’s all you need to know

10/24/2016 - Spain gets a government, Hanjin exits Europe, the iPod is 15

10/24/2016 - Spain gets a government, Hanjin exits Europe, the iPod is 15

10/24/2016 - Going easy on cyber security could turn India’s technology growth story into a nightmare

10/24/2016 - After conquering the pantry, Ramdev’s Patanjali wants to take over your wardrobe next

10/23/2016 - A judge may hand VW control of the US electric car charging market

10/23/2016 - An epic battle between feminism and deep-seated misogyny is under way in South Korea

10/23/2016 - Salma Hayek is the latest woman to complain about Trump’s advances

10/23/2016 - AT&T-Time Warner, Spain gets a government, the iPod is 15

10/23/2016 - One chart that explains AT&T’s purchase of Time Warner

10/23/2016 - Bill Murray proclaims himself Cubs-fan-in-chief

10/23/2016 - The New Yorker is endorsing Hillary Clinton

10/23/2016 - More than 70 people were killed when a train derailed in Cameroon

10/23/2016 - The science behind why we dress up

10/23/2016 - Quiz: Science finds most men misread whether a woman is sexually interested. Do you?

10/23/2016 - The genius and stupidity of corporate America are on display when companies rebrand for new countries

10/23/2016 - In a highly indebted world, austerity is a permanent state of affairs

10/23/2016 - Science confirms rich people don’t really notice you—or your problems

10/23/2016 - Scientists explain how happiness makes us less creative

10/23/2016 - If your shampoo says “organic” on the label, it probably doesn’t mean anything

10/23/2016 - The scariest thing about the zombies on “Walking Dead” isn’t gory death—it’s eternal life

10/23/2016 - How much did Britain cover up its brutal campaign against Kenya’s Mau Mau?

10/23/2016 - “If you want to see Leslie Jones naked, just ask”: On SNL, the comedian strikes back at online trolls

10/23/2016 - Maritime archaeologists accidentally discovered 40 ancient shipwrecks at the bottom of the Black Sea

10/23/2016 - Africa’s missing presidents, Sankara’s files, Netflix’s servers

10/23/2016 - Donald Trump probably won’t like this “Saturday Night Live” debate satire, either

10/22/2016 - AT&T is expected to buy Time Warner in a deal worth over $80 billion

10/22/2016 - It’s not looking good for Europe’s mission to Mars

10/22/2016 - What total confidence looks like, in one photo

10/22/2016 - Four philosophy professors in the US support Donald Trump

10/22/2016 - The dream of a fully connected future is starting to look like a nightmare

10/22/2016 - This “smart crib” from MIT Media Lab-trained engineers is designed to quiet a crying baby in under a minute

10/22/2016 - As humans live farther from their roots, we are losing our emotional language for “home”

10/22/2016 - Kayak is quietly testing out its answer to Airbnb

10/22/2016 - Russia’s space program is great at launching rockets, but not much else

10/22/2016 - Weekend edition—Russia’s space woes, Shenzhen copycats, terrible ballot design

10/22/2016 - “What was the author trying to say?” is the worst question an English teacher can ask

10/22/2016 - A “sound bath” provides many of meditation’s benefits, without the discipline

10/22/2016 - African American or black—what’s the right term to use?

10/22/2016 - Neanderthals mated with European humans and it made their immune systems weaker

10/22/2016 - Wonder Woman has had it hard enough. Must she now be protested as a UN mascot, too?

10/22/2016 - Being moral means you can never do enough to help others

10/22/2016 - Greenland isn’t in a rush to fight climate change because it’s good for the country’s economy

10/22/2016 - We’ve had driverless cars for almost a hundred years

10/22/2016 - You will never see the “populist” Donald Trump in jeans or a t-shirt

10/22/2016 - Weekend edition—Russia’s failing space program, Shenzhen copycats, terrible ballot design

10/22/2016 - Weekend edition—Russia’s failing space program, Shenzhen copycats, terrible ballot design

10/21/2016 - Weekend edition—Russia’s space woes, Shenzhen copycats, terrible ballot design

10/21/2016 - Your worst reply-all mistake was never this bad

10/21/2016 - New York made it illegal to advertise your apartment on Airbnb for less than 30 days

10/21/2016 - An AT&T-Time Warner deal? Time Warner has seen this movie before

10/21/2016 - Yet another billionaire comes forward to say he thinks Donald Trump is a jerk

10/21/2016 - How to make the Nasty Woman, a Quartz cocktail

10/21/2016 - Infographic: Learn how chip technology makes card payments more secure

10/21/2016 - Slack’s growth is slowing, just as it faces Facebook Workplace

10/21/2016 - AT&T is reportedly in “advanced talks” to buy HBO’s parent company, Time Warner, for $110 a share

10/21/2016 - Quartzy: the game face edition

10/21/2016 - Quartzy: the game face edition

10/21/2016 - Trump’s blunders are giving Republicans a roadmap to the White House in 2020

10/21/2016 - Like Tupac, David Bowie and Prince are going to release new music long after they’re gone

10/21/2016 - The full video of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s remarks at the Al Smith dinner

10/21/2016 - In two weeks, Donald Trump has undone a decade of progress for sexual assault survivors

10/21/2016 - Call the drone busters, Chinese Kickstarter copycats, a simple way to solve the pension crisis

10/21/2016 - A massive attack took out a swath of the internet, affecting Twitter, Spotify, Github, and more

10/21/2016 - Astronomers built the largest map of “holes” in the universe to prove Einstein was right about gravity

10/21/2016 - Fear is often used to control us—but we can also use it to make better decisions

10/21/2016 - I spent 15 years confusing money with happiness. Here’s how I learned to stop

10/21/2016 - There’s a hidden cost to Bob Dylan’s Nobel win, says one of the world’s top publishing execs

10/21/2016 - The 10 worst countries in the world to be a young person are all in sub-Saharan Africa

10/21/2016 - Two years after fleeing Gambia, a teenage refugee is living the dream as a soccer star in Germany

10/21/2016 - A computer watched the debates. It thought Clinton was happy and Trump was angry and quite sad

10/21/2016 - We are eating the world’s wild mammals to extinction

10/21/2016 - The psychology of insiders and outsiders can explain why we have such a hard time agreeing on reality

10/21/2016 - Researchers are using 3D motion capture to document kung fu before it disappears

10/21/2016 - No Indians allowed: A Diwali party for elite expats in Mumbai wants the “locals” out

10/21/2016 - All of the questions Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump evaded during the three US presidential debates

10/21/2016 - There’s a simple, smart way to grow the US economy, and it was all but ignored during the presidential debates

10/21/2016 - Foul-mouthed Duterte demonstrated in Beijing he can be the perfect statesman (when he wants to be)

10/21/2016 - South Africa quits the International Criminal Court

10/21/2016 - Very Big Tobacco, Spanish Socialist summit, Trump’s nasty jokes

10/21/2016 - What reporting directly to Mark Zuckerberg taught this VC about leadership

10/21/2016 - Chinese consumers are spending like crazy in the Apple App Store

10/21/2016 - A new 3D printed hand simultaneously makes fingerprint scanners more secure and vulnerable

10/21/2016 - The patients who need opioids the most don’t seem to become addicted

10/21/2016 - The Olympics are facing a slow death, but there are ways to save them

10/21/2016 - Amal Clooney’s case against ISIL shows how impossible it is to prosecute for war crimes against women

10/21/2016 - A Kenyan artist’s powerful portraits of fictional characters honor the women who helped end British rule in the country

10/21/2016 - Dear Indian men, here’s the secret to talking to a woman: Be cool, bloody fool

10/21/2016 - Post-Brexit Britain must remember that India’s not the jewel in the crown of its empire anymore

10/21/2016 - China’s tech giants will shape international blockchain standards, with Beijing’s backing

10/21/2016 - There are 100 ways to wear a sari—how many do you know?

10/21/2016 - Spain’s Socialists summit, Nintendo’s quirky console, underwater diamond mining

10/21/2016 - Spain’s Socialists summit, Nintendo’s quirky console, underwater diamond mining

10/21/2016 - A leopard loitering around a Mumbai suburb got clicked by a biology professor

10/21/2016 - An impatient Patanjali launches a manufacturing blitzkrieg to take on India’s consumer goods giants

10/20/2016 - Positive psychology is an overlooked way to brighten your mood during dark times

10/20/2016 - Rodrigo Duterte’s break with the US threatens the Philippines’ largest domestic industry

10/20/2016 - Trump is booed for saying Clinton “hates Catholics” at a charity dinner with New York’s cardinal

10/20/2016 - Microsoft’s stock is trading at an all-time high

10/20/2016 - Ignore your email, cut the coffee, and other ways to stay focused at work

10/20/2016 - Nintendo’s quirky console, Haima vs. Hong Kong, underwater diamond mining

10/20/2016 - Sequoia Capital, under fire for its all-male leadership, named its first US female investing partner

10/20/2016 - What happens next to Trump, the Republican Party, and American politics? Five sad forecasts

10/20/2016 - The psychological conceit that explains how Trump can deny facts over and over with a straight face

10/20/2016 - Infographic: The encouraging progress of chip-enabled payment cards

10/20/2016 - Introducing “The American Desk”: Trump proposes a new division for the US Department of Commerce

10/20/2016 - Ads from the Trump campaign have been surprisingly positive lately

10/20/2016 - The US government wants airlines to treat passengers a tad more like human beings

10/20/2016 - A body language expert analyzes Trump’s awkward double finger-point

10/20/2016 - The UK will pardon thousands of gay and bisexual men convicted of “gross indecency”

10/20/2016 - The Trump Glossary: What he really means when he says “Mexicans,” “ISIS,” and “Rosie O’Donnell”

10/20/2016 - The rise of protectionism will not be good for stocks

10/20/2016 - Sweden gives its “fixer” citizens tax breaks for repairing, not replacing, what’s broken

10/20/2016 - A peaceful photo of an orangutan has a worrying backstory about global warming

10/20/2016 - The CEO of Africa’s most innovative mobile company warns his “clumsy” product needs to diversify or risk dying

10/20/2016 - Shiseido partnered with Microsoft to create a make-up filter for women who telecommute

10/20/2016 - The two most joyful people on the planet have written a book and it’s called “The Book of Joy”

10/20/2016 - The UK parliament voted to strip billionaire Topshop owner Sir Philip Green of his knighthood

10/20/2016 - MetLife is cutting ties with Snoopy after 31 years

10/20/2016 - The debates are done, but Clinton and Trump will meet again tonight at the Al Smith dinner

10/20/2016 - The real winner of the debate is Janet Jackson—her 1986 hit “Nasty” is blowing up after Trump’s jibes

10/20/2016 - Wall Street’s biggest investment banks say they just can’t help making so much money

10/20/2016 - The case for why men should wear makeup

10/20/2016 - Nintendo’s new console is coming out March 2017

10/20/2016 - Startups have a crazy new idea for saving money: Be nice to workers

10/20/2016 - The letter Barack Obama would leave in the Oval Office for president Donald Trump

10/20/2016 - “I announce my separation from the United States”: Duterte puts the Philippines in China’s corner

10/20/2016 - Kanye West blames the Apple-Tidal rivalry for keeping him and Jay Z from greatness

10/20/2016 - Donald Trump’s childhood in Queens can explain his obsession with borders

10/20/2016 - What comes after smartphones? Brain implants, maybe.

10/20/2016 - “Logan” looks like the most poignant, stripped-down superhero movie ever

10/20/2016 - “So, any other business?” Europe is refusing to talk about its biggest crisis

10/20/2016 - The truth behind all the hype about coconut oil

10/20/2016 - “They are trying to kill the truth”: A celebrated Turkish writer sends a letter from prison

10/20/2016 - Linguistics offers an unexpected explanation for Donald Trump’s constant manterruptions

10/20/2016 - The new season of “Black Mirror” on Netflix examines the menace of social media and virtual reality

10/20/2016 - China worked its way into the US presidential debate, even on the topic of abortion

10/20/2016 - The percentage of computing jobs in the US held by women is expected to shrink

10/20/2016 - All the incredibly important global issues that the next “leader of the free world” ignored during the debates

10/20/2016 - A member of the PayPal mafia says hiring for culture fit is completely overrated

10/20/2016 - Clinton and Trump together, Tesla’s self-driving vision, don’t shun Peter Thiel

10/20/2016 - The world’s most popular money tip came from a map-maker whose business got crushed by the Great Depression

10/20/2016 - A security breach has put millions of Indian debit card-holders at risk

10/20/2016 - Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs has killed thousands in the Philippines, but it’s winning praise from China

10/20/2016 - China’s internet was more focused on Chris Wallace than Trump or Clinton during the third presidential debate

10/20/2016 - The only way for young people in London to buy a house is to go deeper in debt for a long, long time

10/20/2016 - “When Expedia or Booking.com does well in India, the money goes abroad. With MakeMyTrip, it stays here”

10/20/2016 - Why prime minister Narendra Modi should step in to save filmmaker Karan Johar

10/20/2016 - It’s possible that half of undocumented US immigrants have paid more taxes than Donald Trump

10/20/2016 - Hillary Clinton has an unfortunate way of talking about American Muslims

10/20/2016 - Hillary: “Donald thinks belittling women makes him bigger”

10/20/2016 - Lost Mars lander, final US debate, Malaysia hot dog ban

10/20/2016 - Lost Mars lander, final US debate, Malaysia hot dog ban

10/20/2016 - “It was the worst of times. Total disaster.” People imagine how Trump would interpret great works of literature

10/20/2016 - A “nasty woman” website already redirects to Hillary Clinton’s campaign site

10/20/2016 - Clinton and Trump finally had the policy debate we’ve been waiting for: Here’s a side-by-side summary of their positions

10/20/2016 - One in three questions at the 2016 presidential debates was personal and not about policy

10/20/2016 - It should not matter whether you went to IIT or some college no one’s heard of: LinkedIn India head

10/20/2016 - Hillary Clinton won the last presidential debate by finally just being herself

10/20/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits for the presidential debates have been red, white, and blue

10/19/2016 - People actually are Googling “Donald Trump Iraq,” like Hillary Clinton suggested at the final debate

10/19/2016 - All of the things Trump has said are rigged

10/19/2016 - All the things Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton has ruined

10/19/2016 - It’s really quite weird that Donald Trump still cares about not winning an Emmy

10/19/2016 - Clinton: While I was working on the raid that got bin Laden, Trump was hosting “Celebrity Apprentice”

10/19/2016 - Moderator Chris Wallace was the real hero of the final US presidential debate

10/19/2016 - Trump committed a y-u-u-g-e blunder in the biggest moment of the debates

10/19/2016 - Donald Trump refused to say he will accept the US election result: “I will look at it at the time”

10/19/2016 - At the final presidential debate, Donald Trump steered every question he could back to ISIS

10/19/2016 - The science of why we find people with tattoos and white teeth attractive

10/19/2016 - “We have some bad hombres here”: Donald Trump elaborates on his immigration policy during the final presidential debate

10/19/2016 - How badly did Donald Trump lie about Hillary Clinton’s tax plan during the final debate?

10/19/2016 - “You’re the puppet”: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spar about who’s the Russian stooge

10/19/2016 - Donald Trump started the debate by complaining about Ruth Bader Ginsburg

10/19/2016 - All of the questions Trump and Clinton faced at the final presidential debate of 2016

10/19/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s first remarks in the final debate target her potential Republican opponents in the US Senate

10/19/2016 - Tesla is adding full self-driving hardware to all its new vehicles—but won’t activate it yet

10/19/2016 - You can encourage more girls to pursue careers in science and technology by confronting a common bias

10/19/2016 - What you should know about immigration ahead of the third US presidential debate

10/19/2016 - Political bots are proving exceptionally effective at registering people to vote, especially for Democrats

10/19/2016 - In newly released 2008 footage, Trump says Clinton haters were “jealous as hell”

10/19/2016 - Lost Mars probe, final US debate, Malaysia hot dog ban

10/19/2016 - Half of the United States is registered in police facial recognition databases, and they’re completely unregulated

10/19/2016 - Twitter fired its new VR manager because of something he posted to Facebook years ago

10/19/2016 - Pakistan has banned all Indian content from its airwaves

10/19/2016 - Quartz’s debate drinking game—updated in real time so you know exactly when to drink

10/19/2016 - Chlamydia rates in the US are skyrocketing

10/19/2016 - You’ll soon be able to order food through Facebook

10/19/2016 - The star of the Pyongyang zoo is a chain-smoking chimp

10/19/2016 - Delta has a big decision to make: Should flight attendants still be required to wear heels?

10/19/2016 - The next 10 days will decide whether Airbnb lives or dies in New York City

10/19/2016 - Live: The last debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

10/19/2016 - US military voters still favor Trump and Johnson, but only because most soldiers are men

10/19/2016 - Feminist writer Chimamanda Adichie is now the face of a drugstore makeup brand

10/19/2016 - Research suggests that half of US parents will take pay cuts for better family benefits at work

10/19/2016 - This was the year a third party candidate could have won the election

10/19/2016 - Salesforce uses Glassdoor like Yelp for billion-dollar buyout decisions

10/19/2016 - The world’s most luxurious pen digitizes your handwritten notes

10/19/2016 - Barack Obama has dropped a solid workout playlist

10/19/2016 - A scientist’s photo of a baby fish ended up winning first prize in a Nikon photo contest

10/19/2016 - All the things Julian Assange is doing now that Ecuador disconnected his internet

10/19/2016 - South African police have arrested more than 500 people during protests for free university education

10/19/2016 - What kind of First Gentleman might Bill Clinton be?

10/19/2016 - Apple is finally overhauling its computers

10/19/2016 - Internet shutdown could cost Ethiopia’s booming economy millions of dollars

10/19/2016 - Kate Middleton’s pretty blue suit has revived interest in a quiet fashion label favored by Princess Diana

10/19/2016 - Generation X’s rebellious nature helped it redefine adulthood, according to a new study from Viacom

10/19/2016 - CRISPR-based startups are rushing to IPO and don’t seem to care that we don’t know who officially owns CRISPR

10/19/2016 - How to watch the final US presidential debate on TV and online

10/19/2016 - LinkedIn promises to bring order and meaning to your useless endorsements

10/19/2016 - Half of young Americans would rather a giant meteor destroy the Earth than Trump become president

10/19/2016 - Google and Twitter are beating ISIL at its own game

10/19/2016 - Sociologists have identified the two kinds of people most likely to get ahead at work

10/19/2016 - Famed video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto did his best thinking in the Nintendo company bath

10/19/2016 - What happens when you elect a sexist to run your country? Ask Italian women

10/19/2016 - Designers have figured out how to make airsick passengers smile

10/19/2016 - Soccer managers are preparing for Brexit—in a video game

10/19/2016 - Everything you need to know about the court case that could stop Brexit from happening

10/19/2016 - Researchers have built molecular cages that defy the first thing you learned in science class

10/19/2016 - Got a drone problem? Call the drone busters.

10/19/2016 - Trump has invited Obama’s half-brother from Kenya to the final presidential debate

10/19/2016 - Entertainment used to be passive—now virtual reality is making it active

10/19/2016 - Stanford researchers just learned that an airbag for your head might be safer than traditional helmets

10/19/2016 - America’s lone-wolf terrorists are unpredictable in almost every regard—except one

10/19/2016 - Physicists are hiding a dark secret behind murky language

10/19/2016 - Hillary Clinton has a plan for America that you won’t hear about at tonight’s debate

10/19/2016 - The two most important questions that Chris Wallace should ask at tonight’s final presidential debate

10/19/2016 - Even one of the world’s richest airlines may not be able to operate in Nigeria for much longer

10/19/2016 - Millennials took Adderall to get through school. Now they’ve taken their addiction to the workplace

10/19/2016 - The drone-strike game “Killbox” plunges players into the most dehumanizing aspect of modern warfare

10/19/2016 - The subtle signals presidents send by whom they invite to their final fancy White House dinner

10/19/2016 - Final presidential debate, Tesla’s mystery product, hot tea sellers

10/19/2016 - China is about to win “joint exploration” of an energy sweet spot reserved for the Philippines

10/19/2016 - The world’s biggest nuclear fusion experiment may lead to endless clean energy

10/19/2016 - “I am Chinese”: Rodrigo Duterte explained the Philippines’ shift in the South China Sea to China’s CCTV

10/19/2016 - Chimamanda Adichie thinks Nigeria’s president Buhari has wasted a chance to “reshape Nigeria’s path”

10/19/2016 - Africans are having fun mocking the US presidential campaign with a dose of self-aware irony

10/19/2016 - Beijing loyalists blocked Hong Kong’s pro-independence lawmakers from taking their oaths by walking out

10/19/2016 - The mystery of Africa’s disappearing presidents

10/19/2016 - Londoners will be able to get a £1,000 bicycle for free, with a few small conditions

10/19/2016 - The details behind the Beijing property deal that nearly ensnared Donald Trump in Chinese corruption

10/19/2016 - India wants to clear the air around its controversial GDP numbers

10/19/2016 - Unlike the West, India and China embrace globalisation

10/19/2016 - China’s GDP, Tesla’s mystery product, Australia’s avocado feud

10/19/2016 - China’s GDP, Tesla’s mystery product, Australia’s avocado feud

10/18/2016 - Diamonds, salons, and henna: The lavish ways Hindu wives are fasting for the Karva Chauth festival

10/18/2016 - MakeMyTrip to buy Ibibo’s India arm to create one of the largest travel companies in the country

10/18/2016 - Samsung is setting up exchange booths at airports to keep its combusting Galaxy Note 7 phones off planes

10/18/2016 - Beijing is determined to keep defiant, pro-independence lawmakers out of Hong Kong’s legislature

10/18/2016 - Nothing gold can stay: Michelle Obama wore chainmail Versace for her final state dinner as first lady

10/18/2016 - A judge involved in El Chapo Guzman’s case was shot and killed

10/18/2016 - A top recruiter says there’s only one good way to answer that question about your biggest weakness

10/18/2016 - DiCaprio aids 1MDB probe, Tesla’s mystery launch, Australia’s avocado feud

10/18/2016 - A Pakistani tea vendor snapped by a passing photographer has become an internet sensation

10/18/2016 - Scientists think they’ve found why chocolates and wine cause migraines for some very unlucky people

10/18/2016 - One of India’s busiest train stations has become a porn hub

10/18/2016 - To get people to use less electricity, utility providers are employing guilt and peer pressure

10/18/2016 - The hate speech on Twitter reportedly steered Disney away from buying the company

10/18/2016 - Websites in Thailand have turned black and white to mourn King Bhumibol’s death

10/18/2016 - Trumpbots are drowning out other voices in a torrent of tweets

10/18/2016 - Lucasfilm is suing a real-life Jedi Lightsaber school

10/18/2016 - Travelers search for flights 48 times before actually booking one, Expedia says

10/18/2016 - Canadians have a super nice message for Americans: You guys are great

10/18/2016 - Read this new comic from Marvel, celebrating the beautiful heroism of a Syrian mother

10/18/2016 - The only way an algorithm can tell if you really like a song is by scanning your brain

10/18/2016 - Confirmed: Michelle Obama is the most popular person on America’s political stage

10/18/2016 - Microsoft claims its speech transcription AI is now better than human professionals

10/18/2016 - Concept albums by Beyonce, Frank Ocean, and Solange are changing the way millennials listen to music

10/18/2016 - Germany proves tuition-free college is not a silver bullet for America’s education woes

10/18/2016 - The strange logic to Peter Thiel’s support of Donald Trump

10/18/2016 - The musical AI is now working on its debut album(s)—and wants to do the Beatles better than the Beatles

10/18/2016 - We’re designing schools of the future with tools of the past—and it’s hurting our education

10/18/2016 - There’s a German word people use in times of despair, and it’s as apt today as it was in the 19th century

10/18/2016 - These CEOs made John Podesta’s purported list of possible running mates for Hillary Clinton

10/18/2016 - Autistic kids are thriving in “Shakespearean therapy”

10/18/2016 - One of the world’s most important diplomatic hubs is restricting the movement of diplomats

10/18/2016 - If not for Brexit, Burberry would be in even bigger trouble

10/18/2016 - C’est la vie: New data shows that Europeans work about an hour less a day than Americans

10/18/2016 - The conservative politics of beauty and thinness

10/18/2016 - Economists explain why newspaper endorsements may matter more this US presidential election

10/18/2016 - Burkina Faso wants France to declassify military files on Thomas Sankara’s assassination

10/18/2016 - A third US presidential debate: What’s the point?

10/18/2016 - “God will weep”: Rodrigo Duterte’s dark, twisted relationship with faith and religion

10/18/2016 - The rise of magic realism in TV reflects society’s increased frustration with reality

10/18/2016 - Why Airbnb thinks it’s worth more than $30 billion

10/18/2016 - Blockchain technology can help save the lives of millions of refugees by giving them a verified identity

10/18/2016 - Goldman Sachs earnings, Melania Trump’s “boy talk,” trainee exorcists wanted

10/18/2016 - Watch the maiden flight of a real-life jetpack

10/18/2016 - Modern slavery is still rampant in the countries that produce most of the world’s goods

10/18/2016 - Coming to you in an eight-part TV series: forced confessions by allegedly corrupt Chinese officials

10/18/2016 - Netflix’s new, brilliant strategy for China is to stay the hell out of the country

10/18/2016 - Would a giant coffee cup-shaped trash can prompt you to recycle?

10/18/2016 - India’s richest man still thinks he is “middle-class” at heart

10/18/2016 - An artist has painted mosques and churches across Kenya yellow to promote peace

10/18/2016 - Three-quarters of Britain’s prime ministers went to Oxford or Cambridge (but mostly Oxford)

10/18/2016 - The US is likely to remain cosy with Pakistan and there is little that India can do about it

10/18/2016 - Duterte woos China, Antares rocket launch, AI sitcom characters

10/18/2016 - Duterte woos China, Antares rocket launch, AI sitcom characters

10/18/2016 - Kashmir’s tech startups are dying a slow death as the curfew crosses 100 days

10/18/2016 - “It was seen as distasteful. Maybe that’s why David loved it.”—Inside Bowie’s private art collection

10/17/2016 - IITs are showing Indian institutions how to become more LGBT friendly

10/17/2016 - Melania Trump blames Billy Bush, NBC, and left-wing media for her husband’s “dirty” talk about groping women

10/17/2016 - Keegan-Michael Key forecasts denial, bankruptcies, and “existential misery” if Americans don’t vote

10/17/2016 - Overwork and stress are destroying us

10/17/2016 - Five common English sayings native speakers don’t know how to use

10/17/2016 - Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra apologized for wearing a t-shirt offensive to refugees

10/17/2016 - Activists are craftily playing on fears of the Arabic language to draw attention to terrorism hysteria

10/17/2016 - Netflix is taking over the globe

10/17/2016 - Netflix’s unchill growth, Duterte woos China, AI sitcom characters

10/17/2016 - Clinton’s new ad uses Biff from “Back to the Future” to remind Americans how to spot a bully

10/17/2016 - A major police organization has issued a formal apology to minorities for “historical mistreatment”

10/17/2016 - UNLV students have to meet a GPA minimum to attend the presidential debate in Las Vegas

10/17/2016 - Two years ago, this rocket exploded trying to reach the International Space Station. Tonight, it flies again.

10/17/2016 - Immigrants helped bump Germany’s fertility rate to its highest in 33 years

10/17/2016 - A handful of cranky people risk making air travel costlier and more polluting for everyone

10/17/2016 - “You better pray to God you don’t get stuck with a motherf—king Melania”: Nicki Minaj weighs in on her favorite first ladies

10/17/2016 - John Oliver vets Jill Stein and Gary Johnson not as spoilers, but as “legitimate potential presidents”

10/17/2016 - Germany wants Tesla to stop advertising its Autopilot feature because it’s “misleading”

10/17/2016 - Fewer people are visiting Donald Trump’s hotels and casinos. Was it something he said?

10/17/2016 - Apple is scaling back its autonomous car ambitions and focusing on creating self-driving software

10/17/2016 - We want diversity on boards. So why shouldn’t Facebook value Peter Thiel’s political views?

10/17/2016 - After the king’s death, prices for black clothes in Thailand are skyrocketing

10/17/2016 - A Canadian startup has a new plan for making Elon Musk’s futuristic Hyperloop a reality

10/17/2016 - Visualizing the major gap between media election coverage and what people are actually talking about

10/17/2016 - All the awful Trump news you can expect to break between now and Election Day

10/17/2016 - A survey asking about sexual orientation showed why you shouldn’t trust surveys about sexual orientation

10/17/2016 - It looks increasingly like Donald Trump will try to launch his own TV network after he loses the election

10/17/2016 - More Americans are graduating from high school than ever before

10/17/2016 - A new game styled after “Temple Run” depicts the hard lives of Angola’s peddler women

10/17/2016 - Running is a Zen koan. To run fast, first run slow 

10/17/2016 - AI versions of your favorite TV characters will be programmed to star in brand new episodes

10/17/2016 - The wildly popular “power pose” theory is under fire—and that should have all of us worried

10/17/2016 - Getting real on diversity in tech: Three tactics that will actually make a change

10/17/2016 - Brexiters would rather trust the wisdom of ordinary people than the opinion of experts

10/17/2016 - Google and Facebook are doubling down on internet infrastructure with a new Pacific cable

10/17/2016 - Changing your mind doesn’t make you weak—it shows you’re confident enough to confront your biases

10/17/2016 - The gender pay gap for partners at big US law firms is an astounding 44%

10/17/2016 - Netflix is finally rolling out more servers so fewer Africans will “Netflix and buffer”

10/17/2016 - The heart of a Russian enclave of New York beats strong for Donald Trump

10/17/2016 - Startup employees now have a good way to sell their shares before an IPO

10/17/2016 - Posting on Facebook is now a crime under Ethiopia’s state of emergency

10/17/2016 - Mosul assault, China’s space mission, $3,000 pencils

10/17/2016 - Why Jamaica knows about Apple’s new products before the rest of the world

10/17/2016 - China’s latest pyramid scheme uses WeChat, fake royal money, and fear of foreigners to rob seniors

10/17/2016 - Your brilliant Kickstarter idea could be on sale in China before you’ve even finished funding it

10/17/2016 - The US plans to retaliate against Russia’s cyber-hacking campaign with a hack that Putin is sure to understand

10/17/2016 - The lesser-known entrepreneurs of India—soldiers’ wives

10/17/2016 - China’s latest space mission is the country’s most ambitious yet

10/17/2016 - Inequality is rising in Denmark, and negative interest rates are to blame

10/17/2016 - After 20 years of studying and exams, South Korea’s smartest graduates struggle to find a job

10/17/2016 - Bhopal gas leak: The world’s worst industrial disaster may finally get a memorial

10/17/2016 - Nigeria, we have a communication problem.

10/17/2016 - Finally, an Indian actor who refuses to fake her accent to please the West

10/17/2016 - China’s Wanda Group has hired the ex-head of Hong Kong Disneyland to help it crush Disney

10/17/2016 - China’s space mission, Tesla’s mystery product, $3,000 pencil sets

10/17/2016 - China’s space mission, Tesla’s mystery product, $3,000 pencil sets

10/17/2016 - Y Combinator has no problem with partner Peter Thiel funding Donald Trump

10/16/2016 - Tagore, not Dylan: The first lyricist to win the Nobel Prize for literature was actually Indian

10/16/2016 - Political scientist Richard Javad Heydarian on Rodrigo Duterte, US-bashing, and the South China Sea

10/16/2016 - A Democrat-led crowdfunding campaign raised $13,000 to rebuild the bombed GOP office in North Carolina

10/16/2016 - BRICS’s New Development Bank plans to lend $10 billion in the next five years

10/16/2016 - China’s rocket launch, Tesla’s new mystery product, $3000 pencil sets

10/16/2016 - A local Republican Party office was vandalized with fire and graffiti

10/16/2016 - Researchers have measured the cost of using a smartphone around your kids

10/16/2016 - The right way to respond to anyone brushing off Donald Trump’s sexual assault allegations as “he said/she said”

10/16/2016 - Donald Trump promised Indian Americans that the US will be “best friends” with India

10/16/2016 - Comedians explain the improbable economics of stand-up

10/16/2016 - Economics can explain why compliments make us feel weird

10/16/2016 - The American midwest is home to the country’s scrappiest tech startups

10/16/2016 - At the 11th hour, Peter Thiel decided to fund Donald Trump for president

10/16/2016 - In Harlem, murals are calling attention to the discrimination against the Baha’i faith in Iran

10/16/2016 - This is what work-life balance looks like at a company with 100% retention of moms

10/16/2016 - An ancient drought-friendly farming process could become the next organics

10/16/2016 - We will soon find out how much audiences truly care about the worlds of Star Wars and Harry Potter

10/16/2016 - Girl power, naira float angst, Africa’s slump

10/16/2016 - You can earn $10 more per night on Airbnb just by having a hair dryer

10/16/2016 - The simple, popular, and naive way to address the looming pension crisis

10/16/2016 - “I see my own kids four days a month, and I have no idea who they are anymore.”

10/16/2016 - Aerospace engineers found a way to predict with 100% accuracy where the cream ends up when you twist an Oreo

10/16/2016 - There’s already a waitlist for this $3,000 set of colored pencils

10/16/2016 - Don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet—polls have been consistently wrong

10/16/2016 - “Saturday Night Live” skewers the most absurd moments of Trump and Clinton’s second debate

10/15/2016 - China has kept a Tiananmen Square protester locked up for 27 years—and now he’ll reportedly be released

10/15/2016 - Scientists believe a low-carb, low-fat diet can help your splitting migraines

10/15/2016 - Would you ditch your therapist for a “philosophical counselor”?

10/15/2016 - The secret to raising creative kids is easier than you think

10/15/2016 - Being the victimizer wasn’t working, so Donald Trump is now playing the victim

10/15/2016 - Move over, cats: Rabbit cafes are here to soothe your stress

10/15/2016 - Everybody panic: Jet-black iPhone 7s are back in stock today around the US

10/15/2016 - Weekend edition—Southeast Asian instability, physics of baseball, the “lipstick effect”

10/15/2016 - The most influential ethicist alive says the world is actually becoming a better place

10/15/2016 - Chimamanda Adichie has 15 suggestions for how to raise a feminist child

10/15/2016 - The 1,000-year-old legend behind a Japanese orbiter’s stunning photos of the moon

10/15/2016 - There are ways to let cities sprawl without destroying the environment and marginalizing the poor

10/15/2016 - An Icelandic MP breastfed her baby while addressing parliament

10/15/2016 - This robot sweats to keep cool

10/15/2016 - One small-town German mayor thinks refugees can save the economy

10/15/2016 - They’ve got history: A timeline of Donald Trump’s on-again, off-again relationship with NBC

10/15/2016 - Men can’t differentiate quotes from rapists and jokes in “lad mags,” studies have found

10/15/2016 - The country with the world’s best transparency law has a terrible record on transparency

10/15/2016 - There’s a clear way to know if you’re being inauthentic, according to psychologists

10/15/2016 - South Africa’s public protector has finished her seven-year masterclass on how to fight corruption

10/15/2016 - Dunkin’ Donuts is bringing its syrupy iced coffee to South Africa as the country weighs a sugar tax

10/15/2016 - Weekend edition—Southeast Asian instability, physics of baseball, the “lipstick effect”

10/14/2016 - The death of Thailand’s king symbolizes the beginning of a more dangerous era in Southeast Asia

10/14/2016 - Weekend edition—Southeast Asian instability, physics of baseball, the “lipstick effect”

10/14/2016 - Donald Trump says Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is conspiring against him

10/14/2016 - It was cruel to build the legend of Ken Bone—and even crueler to tear it down

10/14/2016 - Airlines are putting fire-resistant bags on board to fight combusting phones

10/14/2016 - The US government has issued an emergency ban on flying with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

10/14/2016 - The new CEO of Wells Fargo reassured Wall Street, but no one else

10/14/2016 - A black doctor accused Delta of bias after she was halted from helping a fellow passenger

10/14/2016 - Americans are so stressed about this election that the country’s leading psychological association published tips to help them get through it

10/14/2016 - Twitter’s stock is dropping after Salesforce stepped away

10/14/2016 - Tinder is A/B testing your face

10/14/2016 - Chris Christie is the second Trump surrogate in a week to face legal troubles

10/14/2016 - The observable universe has way more galaxies than we thought

10/14/2016 - Weirdly, JPMorgan Chase is now making money from litigation

10/14/2016 - Tesla is leaving its big luxury sedan rivals in the dust

10/14/2016 - Nigeria’s president says his wife ‘belongs in the kitchen’ after she criticized his leadership

10/14/2016 - Obama wants Americans to enjoy Cuban cigars and rum again

10/14/2016 - Quartzy: the locker room edition

10/14/2016 - American cows have been bred into milk machines, and it’s backfiring on farmers

10/14/2016 - Quartzy: the locker room edition

10/14/2016 - Trump could never be a loser, so he’s making himself a martyr instead

10/14/2016 - It costs US national parks almost $1 million a year each to keep looking natural

10/14/2016 - The conversation about Trump can’t end at outrage and condemnation

10/14/2016 - Galaxy Note 7 recall, Obama’s plan for Mars, 5G hype

10/14/2016 - Is your kid a fussy eater? Here’s how to fix it

10/14/2016 - What it’s like to be a woman when the US election needs a 24/7 trigger warning

10/14/2016 - How to parent your child through the final weeks of the US presidential election

10/14/2016 - Bob Dylan is reacting to his Nobel prize win exactly the way you’d expect him to

10/14/2016 - The world’s first commercial drone delivery service has launched in Rwanda

10/14/2016 - How a 20th-century hunting boom left the Amazon with “empty rivers” and 23 million dead animals

10/14/2016 - Post-Brexit UK is singling out Nigerians for putting strain on its healthcare system

10/14/2016 - Hillary Clinton sounds powerful when she speaks—and that’s exactly why some women won’t give her the vote

10/14/2016 - Psychology suggests that power doesn’t make people bad—it just reveals their true natures

10/14/2016 - A visual history of how presidential elections affect US financial markets

10/14/2016 - My balls-out fight against testicular cancer

10/14/2016 - Prince’s thousands of hours of secret music may be released after all

10/14/2016 - A world-famous urbanist says New York is becoming a “gated suburb”

10/14/2016 - Nigeria’s president Buhari is not in control of his government, says his wife

10/14/2016 - Nigeria is disputing reports it released Boko Haram militants for the freedom of 21 Chibok girls

10/14/2016 - Verizon’s warning to Yahoo doesn’t mean the end of the deal, but a discount may be in the works

10/14/2016 - The cost of electronic access to US court filings is facing a major legal test of its own

10/14/2016 - Kenya is forcing all government employees to fly on its struggling national carrier

10/14/2016 - Wells Fargo’s awkwardly timed earnings, Thailand mourns, “male privilege” classes

10/14/2016 - After five deaths this year, Hong Kong’s Filipino domestic helpers will no longer have to clean windows

10/14/2016 - More than half the world doesn’t understand this basic financial principle

10/14/2016 - Dubai plans to outdo itself by building the world’s tallest tower

10/14/2016 - Yao Ming has renamed Shanghai’s basketball team after a social media platform

10/14/2016 - Russia’s Rosneft is reportedly making a big play for India’s oil and gas sector

10/14/2016 - An open letter to Mark Carney and all UK immigrants: Strike against Brexit!

10/14/2016 - Poland needs to admit it is putting women in mortal danger with its restrictive abortion law

10/14/2016 - Even the European parent of Hindustan Unilever is now worried about slow growth and Patanjali

10/14/2016 - Ladakh’s tourism boom is slowly changing the age-old way of life in a corner of the Indian Himalayas

10/14/2016 - Want to be a great inventor? You’ll need a big ego

10/14/2016 - Parisian injection rooms, China’s inflation, dictator flight tracker

10/14/2016 - A new experiment for India’s humble postman: delivering custom-made weather reports to farmers

10/13/2016 - Donald Trump’s campaign strategy is straight out of the Chinese Communist Party’s playbook

10/13/2016 - I’m no China cheerleader, but Hong Kong lawmakers’ use of a racial slur was offensive and unnecessary

10/13/2016 - China’s marriage rate is plummeting because women are choosing autonomy over intimacy

10/13/2016 - You can make your email feedback sound less critical with one word

10/13/2016 - Wells Fargo earnings, Thailand in mourning, Grey Poupon rap battle

10/13/2016 - A wayback machine on Hillary Clinton’s website compares what she and Donald Trump have been up to, by year

10/13/2016 - “Every one of them words rang true”: The best Bob Dylan lyrics about reading, writing, and literature

10/13/2016 - Jay-Z, Patti Smith, and other widely anthologized lyricists deserving of a Nobel prize in literature

10/13/2016 - The day we knew that people don’t care about books anymore

10/13/2016 - The detectives of “Law & Order: SVU” will take on a Trump-inspired character—days before the US election

10/13/2016 - Women have told us for years that Donald Trump grabbed them. Why do we only believe it when he says it?

10/13/2016 - Ken Bone’s hustle shows how fast internet celebrities are cashing in

10/13/2016 - Read the letter the New York Times sent Donald Trump’s lawyer in response to his libel claim

10/13/2016 - America’s favorite undecided voter is the newest face of Uber’s luxury cars

10/13/2016 - Playwright, Nobel Prize winner, and unapologetic jester Dario Fo has died at age 90

10/13/2016 - It took a fraud as simple as Wells Fargo’s to bring down the CEO of a big US bank

10/13/2016 - “This is not normal”: Michelle Obama rebukes Donald Trump on behalf of all women

10/13/2016 - A Nigerian matchmaker finds love for the HIV-positive

10/13/2016 - Bob Dylan is a subtle master of the English language

10/13/2016 - Silicon Valley favorite Soylent is asking customers to throw away its food bars after bouts of illness

10/13/2016 - An alarming new study furthers the case for avoiding anti-depressants when pregnant

10/13/2016 - Facebook is ramping up its counterterrorism strategy

10/13/2016 - Trump shows his respect for a “Women for Trump” poster

10/13/2016 - Literary scholars love Bob Dylan because his lyrics echo the ancient Greeks

10/13/2016 - Bob Dylan’s greatest work of fiction is himself

10/13/2016 - How does a TV network follow a surprise hit like “Mr. Robot”? It makes something even weirder

10/13/2016 - South Africa’s student protests have become scenes of teargas, arrests, and burning buildings

10/13/2016 - We’re live from San Francisco for The Next Billion, our forum on the mobile world

10/13/2016 - New York just made the case that two former Uber drivers should be treated as employees

10/13/2016 - Driverless cars are already at work, you’re just not riding in them

10/13/2016 - Automation is revolutionizing everything from construction sites to taxi cabs

10/13/2016 - There’s a new outlet for your social activism, ice bucket not required

10/13/2016 - The New York Public Library has adopted a very unusual sorting system

10/13/2016 - Queen Elizabeth is recruiting teenagers to design the trophy for a $1.2 million engineering prize

10/13/2016 - Thailand mourns its king, the longest-reigning monarch in the world

10/13/2016 - Diplomatic spat: An angry Polish official said the French “learned from Poles how to eat with a fork”

10/13/2016 - A slideshow of the Obama years is reminding Americans what it means to be presidential

10/13/2016 - Designers manipulate our internet behavior through the cunning use of color

10/13/2016 - Getting my book rejected 24 times made me realize what American culture gets wrong about failure

10/13/2016 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Colin Kaepernick criticism is a reminder that even liberals can get too comfortable

10/13/2016 - Hillary Clinton is gaining momentum—and she’s seizing the moment to make her agenda even more progressive

10/13/2016 - Bob Dylan has won the Nobel prize in literature

10/13/2016 - Photos: Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej, dead at 88

10/13/2016 - “Locker room” language encourages rape culture, even if it stays private

10/13/2016 - Boko Haram has released 21 kidnapped Chibok girls—a sign they might all be coming home

10/13/2016 - Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories are making his supporters paranoid—and dangerous

10/13/2016 - Photos of vintage airline seats suggest you could, indeed, have pulled up the armrest and groped someone

10/13/2016 - Unilever is treating the UK just like a Latin American nation with a dodgy currency

10/13/2016 - In the future, cities may finally solve problems that have stumped the world’s biggest nations

10/13/2016 - An Oxford linguist on the dangers of dismissing comments about sexual assault as “locker-room talk”

10/13/2016 - Is it even possible to sell “luxury” on Amazon?

10/13/2016 - Nobel for literature, Trump in more trouble, a gold medal for Olympic fly-fishing?

10/13/2016 - Want to go to Mars? Be prepared for irreversible damage to your brain

10/13/2016 - There are 14 necessary components to the creative process, scientists say

10/13/2016 - How to get into Oxford, according to Oxford

10/13/2016 - Inside the secret, backroom deals big brands make to vie for control over grocery stores

10/13/2016 - Risky celebs: Your love for Bollywood could cost you your computer

10/13/2016 - South Africa is heading for a train crash if its finance minister is forced out

10/13/2016 - How Narendra Modi’s surgical strike turned into a monumental farce

10/13/2016 - Titan: The world’s fifth-largest watchmaker now wants to sell women’s clothing

10/13/2016 - Zimbabwe’s Mugabe has decided a thriving economy is more important than black empowerment

10/13/2016 - Independent Scotland, China’s falling exports, supersonic mice

10/13/2016 - Ethiopia has finally admitted to the deaths of more than 500 anti-government protestors

10/13/2016 - Brexit, banks and US polls: The Indian IT sector’s big-bang quarter may end with a whimper

10/13/2016 - Updated: All the times Donald Trump has been accused of sexual harassment, assault, or inappropriate behavior

10/12/2016 - Beijing said Facebook and Google are welcome back to China as long as they “respect China’s laws”

10/12/2016 - Photos: Thais pray for gravely ill King Bhumibol Adulyadej

10/12/2016 - Rodrigo Duterte may hand China the strategic piece it needs to take control of the South China Sea

10/12/2016 - In praise of a president who offered America eight dignified years free of sex scandals

10/12/2016 - I know John Podesta has had a rough couple of days—but he is wrong about risotto, and someone needs to tell America

10/12/2016 - Wells Fargo’s CEO is out, Scotland talks independence, supersonic mouse squeaks

10/12/2016 - Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf is retiring after failing to contain fake-account scandal

10/12/2016 - Video: This watch lets you “feel” time

10/12/2016 - Yes, Trump has shed evangelical voters–but not all of them

10/12/2016 - The US government has been funding AI for 50 years, and just came up with a plan for its future

10/12/2016 - Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” brilliantly plays with race and class in TV commercial parodies

10/12/2016 - Scientists built a bee’s paradise to learn how we can help save the insects

10/12/2016 - Saturn at its most beautiful and awe-inspiring

10/12/2016 - Facebook is under fire for censorship again, this time for blocking an image of a mammogram

10/12/2016 - “I can’t sell the film”: A star of “The Birth of a Nation” understands why people are boycotting it

10/12/2016 - The world’s first “bionic Olympics” just happened in Zurich

10/12/2016 - Watch: Russia’s top diplomat isn’t sure what to make of “so many pussies” around the US presidential campaign

10/12/2016 - $40 to hold a newborn, and other hidden charges new parents face

10/12/2016 - These are the books Hillary Clinton has been borrowing from the library

10/12/2016 - UN high commissioner for human rights says a Trump presidency would be “dangerous”

10/12/2016 - A pharmacy says it’s charging a 7% “man tax” to close the gender gap

10/12/2016 - In case you weren’t paying attention, Donald Trump has always been a predator

10/12/2016 - “Anyone and everyone can wear makeup”: Meet CoverGirl’s first cover boy

10/12/2016 - The gender gap starts with girls spending 160 million more hours on household chores

10/12/2016 - Malawians have taken to social media to find their president missing in the US

10/12/2016 - The prison industrial complex is bankrolling efforts to keep pot illegal

10/12/2016 - Don’t be fooled: The GOP’s rejection of Trump is about political expediency, not morality

10/12/2016 - Africa’s growing internet addiction suggests a new way to understand the problem

10/12/2016 - How do you sell a $6,000 bag your customer can’t touch?

10/12/2016 - Trying to avoid assault and harassment is taking more out of you than you realize

10/12/2016 - Amazon’s cheap new music streaming service is a great deal—if you love other Amazon things

10/12/2016 - Sid and Nancy and me

10/12/2016 - You missed Donald Trump blaming five innocent black men of a decades-old crime they didn’t commit

10/12/2016 - Facebook and Twitter led law enforcement to the doorstep of minority protestors

10/12/2016 - All this talk of “inner cities” is missing a bigger problem affecting the African-American middle class

10/12/2016 - The UK could become a leader in AI ethics—if this EU data law survives Brexit

10/12/2016 - The complete guide to Donald Trump using women as political props

10/12/2016 - Silicon Valley CEOs are buying biohacking implants off eBay to get ahead

10/12/2016 - Gender stereotypes have made us horrible at recognizing autism in women and girls

10/12/2016 - Ivory Coast is changing a controversial nationality rule for its presidential candidates

10/12/2016 - It’s healthier to be sad sometimes than happy all the time

10/12/2016 - For many Brits, the pound is already worth less than one euro

10/12/2016 - Innovation guru Clayton Christensen’s new theory is meant to protect you from disruption

10/12/2016 - The Japanese practice of ‘forest bathing’ is scientifically proven to improve your health

10/12/2016 - Programmers really hate open floor plans

10/12/2016 - Elon Musk’s OpenAI is using Reddit to teach AI to speak like humans

10/12/2016 - A ‘just-add-water’ kit to make instant drugs and vaccines could fix health care access in rural areas

10/12/2016 - This man has spent 35 years compiling entries for a 132,000-word online slang dictionary that you can search for free

10/12/2016 - China’s military veterans have taken to the streets to protest because they can’t find work

10/12/2016 - Superstar musicians are coming together to drop 30 anti-Trump protest songs in 30 days

10/12/2016 - No law prevents Trump from whipping his crowds into an angry fury with unsubstantiated claims of a stolen election

10/12/2016 - Amazon joins the streaming wars, Obama blasted Trump, fireproof boxes for Galaxy Notes

10/12/2016 - With 15% of its population undernourished, India still has a serious hunger problem

10/12/2016 - The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco will cost Samsung at least $2.3 billion in lost profits

10/12/2016 - Lonely Shanghai seniors now have to buy something if they want to cruise all day in Ikea’s cafeteria

10/12/2016 - Dawn’s Cyril Almeida is only the latest victim of Nawaz Sharif’s dangerous game with the Pakistani army

10/12/2016 - China’s newest bankers discover the “golden rice bowl” isn’t so attractive anymore

10/12/2016 - A Nigerian woman has turned to YouTube to keep her native language alive

10/12/2016 - A gullible nation of maids and banana sellers: How many Chinese see the Philippines

10/12/2016 - Chetan Bhagat: “I’ve been told by women that I understand them better than many men”

10/12/2016 - The most expensive delay for Indian Railways: unfinished projects worth $65 billion

10/12/2016 - Apple in Shenzhen, Eurozone production, retro Indonesian toys

10/12/2016 - A busted fake escort racket reveals the murky world of India’s male sex work industry

10/12/2016 - Apple is opening a research and development center in Shenzhen, China’s hardware mecca

10/11/2016 - A conservative tweetstorms why she’s done with GOP leaders who refuse to unendorse Trump

10/11/2016 - Believe your eyes: Trump really is blowing up the Republican Party

10/11/2016 - Chinese dating shows are changing traditional views on love and marriage

10/11/2016 - Trump surrogate Joe Arpaio, Arizona’s “tough sheriff,” is facing federal charges of racial profiling

10/11/2016 - “For me, education was power”: Michelle Obama pledges to spend her life working to keep girls in school

10/11/2016 - Journalistic and economic value are, unfortunately, not correlated. For now.

10/11/2016 - Eurozone production, Americans on mars, child-free museums

10/11/2016 - The key to SMART manufacturing is tapping into the IoT Information Value Loop

10/11/2016 - What to make of Wikileaks’ latest information trove on Hillary Clinton

10/11/2016 - How connected enterprises will need to navigate Industry 4.0

10/11/2016 - The new approach to philanthropy harnesses data to spark productivity

10/11/2016 - In corporate philanthropy, data might be worth more than money

10/11/2016 - Sports scientists say Trump’s “locker-room talk” is just as misogynistic as real college locker rooms

10/11/2016 - Donald Trump’s campaign is now offering an “exclusive limited edition black card”

10/11/2016 - Turning insects into bio-processing machines could be the solution to feeding our future colonies on Mars

10/11/2016 - Amazon is planning a line of tiny grocery stores

10/11/2016 - “Why would we ever want to lose that?” Richard Branson on the diversity and openness of pre-Brexit Britain

10/11/2016 - The Trump camp’s biggest misstep yet: picking a fight with Beyoncé

10/11/2016 - Are heavier baseball players better hitters? Basically, no, says physics

10/11/2016 - Barack Obama’s plan for the US to go to Mars is six years old and still a work in progress

10/11/2016 - The problem with smart homes, summed up in two tweets about an iKettle

10/11/2016 - Africa is in a slump for the first time in two decades

10/11/2016 - The surprising, delightful architecture of Soviet era bus stops

10/11/2016 - After record labels and tech giants, now startup accelerators want a piece of the music business

10/11/2016 - The US has passed a law to make baby changing stations available in men’s bathrooms

10/11/2016 - How to trade a Trump presidency

10/11/2016 - Students need to develop two key habits to have a fruitful college experience

10/11/2016 - Donald Trump is now blaming Paul Ryan for his failing presidential campaign

10/11/2016 - Facebook’s Workplace is coming for the last part of your life that it doesn’t dominate

10/11/2016 - The Uber economy looks a lot like the pre-industrial economy

10/11/2016 - A political historian explains why Trump’s tape could destroy the GOP

10/11/2016 - Linguistics explains why Trump sounds racist when he says “the” African Americans

10/11/2016 - While the US works to make college more accessible, the UK is warned it has too many graduates

10/11/2016 - One tech CEO’s ingenious idea to get workers to stop feeling guilty for going to the doctor

10/11/2016 - Is the auditor of tomorrow an engineer?

10/11/2016 - What is the role of the auditor in the age of AI?

10/11/2016 - Is the auditor of tomorrow an engineer?

10/11/2016 - What is the role of the auditor in the age of AI?

10/11/2016 - South Africa’s currency tanks—again—as the finance minister faces fraud charges

10/11/2016 - Why we’d all love Donald Trump’s “clean coal,” and why we can’t have it

10/11/2016 - Samsung has finally killed the Galaxy Note 7

10/11/2016 - Photos: Nairobi’s jacaranda season is a reminder of the city’s beauty—and the need to protect it

10/11/2016 - It took a British satirical magazine to perfectly encapsulate the difference between the 2008 and 2016 US elections

10/11/2016 - Earnings season again, Apple v. Samsung redux, bye to cheap lobster rolls

10/11/2016 - Investors in Africa’s tech sector will win by solving real world problems, not just the digital ones

10/11/2016 - Samsung will recall more than 190,000 Galaxy Note 7 phones in China—and consumers are angry

10/11/2016 - This chart of Nobel Prize winners shows liberal-arts degrees aren’t worthless

10/11/2016 - The plunging pound is the only thing standing between Britain and a “hard Brexit”

10/11/2016 - Inspired by the Swiss, Indian Railways is rolling out luxury coaches with glass ceilings

10/11/2016 - Low on jobs, weak on industrial production, and ballooning bad loans. What’s India celebrating?

10/11/2016 - The ultimate efficiency hack: Have kids

10/11/2016 - Apple v. Samsung encore, help for Haiti, tiptoeing elephants

10/11/2016 - Decoding the “millions” sold by Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal in the festive season sales

10/11/2016 - A controversial Indian university wants to expand its education empire to the US

10/10/2016 - China reimagines the US presidential debate as a romantic karaoke session between Clinton and Trump

10/10/2016 - Stop using your Galaxy Note 7 immediately and turn it off, Samsung tells customers

10/10/2016 - We can all put aside our partisan differences for a moment and agree that this Trump-Clinton “Dirty Dancing” duet is the best thing to come out of the debate

10/10/2016 - Syrian refugees captured a suspected terrorist for German police

10/10/2016 - Apple v. Samsung encore, the Nobel prize for economics, and underwear rent payments

10/10/2016 - What Donald Trump promised to do as president are impeachable offenses

10/10/2016 - Donald Trump has stolen feminism’s big moment

10/10/2016 - Women hated Donald Trump’s bullying debate performance

10/10/2016 - The answer Hillary Clinton should have given when asked what she respects about Donald Trump

10/10/2016 - Warren Buffett to Trump: I’ve been paying taxes since age 13, not trying to avoid them like you

10/10/2016 - White Americans need to stop assuming Native American culture belongs to them, too

10/10/2016 - The boring truth about the out-of-control 2016 election? It’s the least volatile in years

10/10/2016 - Top Republican Paul Ryan told his party to give up on a Donald Trump presidency

10/10/2016 - Trump and Clinton don’t like Obama’s TPP trade deal, but American farmers are trying to save it

10/10/2016 - Debate organizers saved Bill Clinton from having to shake hands with his sexual assault accusers

10/10/2016 - Even the US military is looking at blockchain technology—to secure nuclear weapons

10/10/2016 - If you can’t afford your rent, some landlords will accept your used underwear instead

10/10/2016 - It’s possible to “pay federal tax” like Donald Trump says and not pay federal personal income taxes

10/10/2016 - The Nobel Prize in economics goes for explaining how we cope with the fact that you just can’t trust people

10/10/2016 - To fight climate change, institute three-day weekends

10/10/2016 - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agree on one thing: Hedge fund managers should pay more taxes

10/10/2016 - MIT scientists are creating a lighter, warmer wetsuit inspired by beavers

10/10/2016 - Donald Trump keeps calling inner cities “hell” but their real problem is gentrification

10/10/2016 - Trump just gave the world a masterclass in the persuasion tactic known as “pacing and leading”

10/10/2016 - Young startups are struggling as the tech industry celebrates another record-breaking quarter

10/10/2016 - Facebook paid the UK nearly a thousand times more tax in 2015 than in 2014

10/10/2016 - This is what happens when we build walls and fences to keep people out

10/10/2016 - Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is testing a fundamental rule of geopolitics

10/10/2016 - A ferocious Trump-Clinton debate, Haiti digs out, an Icelandic penis museum

10/10/2016 - A South African graphic novel series wants to change how Africans think of superheroes

10/10/2016 - Under Ethiopia’s state of emergency, the Oromo protest gesture may be officially banned

10/10/2016 - Tensions rise between South Korea and China after Chinese tourists are denied entry to Jeju island

10/10/2016 - Nigeria’s case study on how not to float your currency

10/10/2016 - Aiyo! The English language just usurped my all-purpose south Indian word and sucked the life out of it

10/10/2016 - What are Myntra’s plans for its “cheap acquisition” Jabong?

10/10/2016 - India’s most famous graffiti artist is sticking giant snails around Bengaluru

10/10/2016 - Trump-Clinton debate, Haiti digs out, bee smarts

10/10/2016 - Who won the debate? Who cares, we all lost

10/10/2016 - Cheap oil is really spoiling India’s remittance party this year

10/10/2016 - Samsung will suspend production of the Galaxy Note 7 as replacement phones continue to explode

10/10/2016 - All the questions Trump and Clinton faced at the second presidential debate of 2016

10/10/2016 - Melania Trump’s “pussy-bow” shirt at her husband’s second presidential debate was “not intentional”

10/10/2016 - Three cheers for the real hero of the presidential debate: Ken Bone

10/10/2016 - Donald Trump agrees: Hillary Clinton is “a fighter”

10/9/2016 - Donald Trump also disagreed with his running mate during the presidential debate

10/9/2016 - “You are a psychopath”: An actress’s post on Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte has gone viral

10/9/2016 - Trump asked Muslims to be more Islamophobic in the second presidential debate

10/9/2016 - China has complicated feelings about Japan winning so many Nobel Prizes

10/9/2016 - The leaked email behind Hillary Clinton’s mid-debate reference to Steven Spielberg’s Abraham Lincoln biopic

10/9/2016 - Trump was aggressive against Clinton but failed to land the knockout punch he needed

10/9/2016 - Donald Trump threatened to prosecute Hillary Clinton if he’s elected president

10/9/2016 - Trump answered a question about his lewd comments with a rant about ISIL

10/9/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s first punch was against bigots of all stripes

10/9/2016 - US presidential debate moderator Martha Raddatz was the grownup journalist this election needs

10/9/2016 - Donald Trump really can’t stop looming over Hillary Clinton

10/9/2016 - Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton did not shake hands at the start of their second debate

10/9/2016 - Who is Juanita Broaddrick, and what is her rape accusation against Bill Clinton?

10/9/2016 - Donald Trump has chosen the nuclear option

10/9/2016 - Billy Bush has been suspended from the “Today” show for his role in the Trump tape

10/9/2016 - ‘The Apprentice’ producer is trying his best to keep Donald Trump’s racism under wraps

10/9/2016 - Trump and Clinton face off, Haiti digs out, Samsung can’t win

10/9/2016 - Andrzej Wajda, Poland’s leading film director, has died at 90

10/9/2016 - Quartz’s debate drinking game—updated in real time so you know exactly when to drink

10/9/2016 - Trump’s tape makes “October surprises” of recent elections seem quaint

10/9/2016 - Trump will get a pass from some voters because his comments show he’s a “real man”

10/9/2016 - A casting director’s advice on how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should audition for president

10/9/2016 - Live: The town-hall debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

10/9/2016 - Polls show that Trump’s vulgar video has done very little to sway voters

10/9/2016 - Ethiopia has declared a state of emergency for the next six months

10/9/2016 - The dangerously common excuse that lets men like Trump get away with indefensible behavior

10/9/2016 - Chimamanda Adichie says Beyonce’s kind of feminism isn’t her kind of feminism

10/9/2016 - The designers behind Fitbit’s trackers invented a tiny device to stop you from impulse shopping

10/9/2016 - Since the very first picture book, parents have insisted on using animal sounds to explain life to children

10/9/2016 - “The worst day of my life”: Tim Kaine explains how the Virginia Tech shooting impacted his views on gun control

10/9/2016 - Bees are capable of learning and teaching new skills, just like humans

10/9/2016 - Everything has changed for Trump as he faces a must-win debate tonight

10/9/2016 - #AfricanLivesMatter, #GandhiFalls, #FeesMustStillFall

10/9/2016 - We’re getting closer to clothing made entirely by robots

10/9/2016 - A simple trick to deal with manterrupters like Donald Trump

10/9/2016 - The secret to a seriously good bottle of Champagne? Not taking it too seriously

10/9/2016 - Watch: Alec Baldwin went on Saturday Night Live as Donald Trump to “apple-gize”

10/8/2016 - Republican party officials asked vendors to halt work on Trump’s “Victory” project

10/8/2016 - Yes, Trump’s boasts about groping are different from his general vitriol

10/8/2016 - Women don’t need to be “wives and daughters” to deserve respect from Donald Trump

10/8/2016 - These are the rules of the US presidential town hall debate

10/8/2016 - In US history, only two VP candidates were withdrawn: one’s health was called into question and the other died

10/8/2016 - Republican party lawyers are desperately working to dump Donald Trump from the ticket

10/8/2016 - Mike Pence would not be a better candidate for women than Donald Trump

10/8/2016 - Here’s a running list of all the Republicans withdrawing their support for Donald Trump

10/8/2016 - The Nobel Peace Prize must update its definition of peace for the 21st century

10/8/2016 - A Freudian theory, now backed up by neuroscience, explains why so many fear clowns

10/8/2016 - There’s still a way to take Trump off the ballot—but it’s too late to matter

10/8/2016 - Donald Trump’s video is exactly what we mean when we talk about rape culture

10/8/2016 - Donald Trump’s apology was extremely unapologetic

10/8/2016 - Don’t just listen to Donald Trump boast about sexual assault. Listen to the women who’ve accused him

10/8/2016 - Too many women have experienced what Donald Trump bragged about

10/8/2016 - Eritrean workers can now sue a Canadian mining company for using them as ‘slave labor’

10/8/2016 - Sailing around the world for eight years with three kids taught us to live without structure

10/8/2016 - A Canadian college will teach students how to grow pot

10/8/2016 - We aren’t “left” or “right” any more; we are either for globalization or against it

10/8/2016 - How to watch the second US presidential debate on TV and online

10/8/2016 - Weekend edition—Politics’ new divide, the map of the internet, industrial agriculture

10/8/2016 - Photos: Instagram designed its new office as a blank canvas to spark employees’ creativity

10/8/2016 - It’s way more fun and less stressful to be a dad than a mom, researchers have confirmed

10/8/2016 - Why Bruce Springsteen’s depression revelation matters

10/8/2016 - The simple reason you should move your money to an online bank

10/8/2016 - Undecided voters are as scared as the rest of us, and other insights from a trove of data on swing voters

10/8/2016 - A desert farm is growing tomatoes on seawater and solar power

10/8/2016 - There’s a word in Japanese for the literary affliction of buying books you don’t read

10/8/2016 - The king of England gave his wife this house to forgive her for shooting his best hunting dog

10/8/2016 - Ivanka Trump’s shoe collection may be moving from “made in China” to “made in Ethiopia”

10/8/2016 - An airline asks: How many travelers will pay to avoid screaming children?

10/8/2016 - Weekend edition—Politics’ new divide, the map of the internet, industrial agriculture

10/7/2016 - Republicans are distancing themselves from Donald Trump as his candidacy seems to be threatened

10/7/2016 - Weekend edition—Politics’ new divide, the map of the internet, industrial agriculture

10/7/2016 - A lightweight drone is investigating Hurricane Matthew by flying into the eye of the storm

10/7/2016 - Newly released video shows Trump’s public misogyny is matched by private vulgarity and sexual predation

10/7/2016 - The open US accusation of hacking by Russia signals a war of nerves not seen since the Cold War

10/7/2016 - The darkly ironic 1939 letter nominating Adolf Hitler for the Nobel Peace Prize

10/7/2016 - Even Obama has trouble making it out of the house in the morning

10/7/2016 - Google waived a €100,000 bill for a 12-year-old kid who mistakenly advertised his band with AdWords

10/7/2016 - Wall Street is panicking about claims of a massive conspiracy to hike US chicken prices

10/7/2016 - Fifty years of Category 5 hurricanes in the North Atlantic

10/7/2016 - What the New York Times should have considered before putting bodies of African migrants on its cover

10/7/2016 - Rudy Giuliani’s daughter is casting her vote for Hillary Clinton

10/7/2016 - Women won the biggest cash prize in architecture for designing remarkable Muslim spaces

10/7/2016 - These are the two biggest-selling artists you’ve probably never heard of

10/7/2016 - The diamond industry is aiming its new ads at millennials who aren’t that into marriage

10/7/2016 - Donald Trump’s history with town halls suggests Sunday night’s debate will be a disaster for him

10/7/2016 - What Hurricane Matthew looks like on the ground as it arrives in Florida

10/7/2016 - Amazon’s wacky, ham-handed “The Tick” is exactly the superhero we deserve

10/7/2016 - What is the difference between a founder and a leader?

10/7/2016 - How to convince your iPhone you really didn’t mean to type “duck” or “ducking”

10/7/2016 - These five myths about international stocks might make you miss investment opportunities

10/7/2016 - Citizens of DR Congo will have to wait two more years to choose a president

10/7/2016 - Five myths of international investing

10/7/2016 - The US is turning its nose up at white liquors, so white liquors are turning brown

10/7/2016 - How Clinton and Trump can spin the latest US jobs report to their advantage

10/7/2016 - Google’s latest self-driving car crash landed its test driver in the hospital

10/7/2016 - In retrospect, Tim Kaine’s debate was a masterful lesson in campaign strategy

10/7/2016 - Facebook Messenger for emerging markets, defense of US airports, London housing and the global super-rich

10/7/2016 - Modern America and Depression-era America have an awful lot in common

10/7/2016 - Messy people are tapping into a kind of genius the tidy don’t understand

10/7/2016 - The scariest thing about a Donald Trump presidency is what Paul Ryan would do with it

10/7/2016 - Americans are spending a fortune on finding happiness—and becoming less happy in the process

10/7/2016 - A rescue beagle turned US government worker has reached his mandatory retirement age

10/7/2016 - How I learned to live forever

10/7/2016 - On Sunday night, Trump needs a huge, beautiful win, but all Clinton has to do is not lose

10/7/2016 - Congratulations! You suck! The awards no one wants to win

10/7/2016 - How to recruit great people: A comprehensive slide deck from one of the early investors in BuzzFeed

10/7/2016 - China’s soccer fans are protesting in the streets after their national team lost to Syria

10/7/2016 - Asian stereotypes persist across America because we are still viewed as foreigners in our own land

10/7/2016 - Traffic deaths in the US have seen the biggest increase in 50 years—and nobody knows why

10/7/2016 - The age of self-acceptance is making us all a little delusional

10/7/2016 - The complete guide to winning the millennial vote this election

10/7/2016 - The two questions one of the world’s best musicians asks about everything

10/7/2016 - The new ideals

10/7/2016 - Trump’s obnoxiousness is pure New York—but his problem is he can’t control it

10/7/2016 - Sources say Postmates has struggled to raise money to fund its on-demand deliveries business

10/7/2016 - The only difference between the next generation of smartphones will be their AI assistants

10/7/2016 - The race to create the holy grail of domestic robots: a laundry-folding machine

10/7/2016 - People are working themselves to death in Japan and the government is finally taking it seriously

10/7/2016 - Amid tensions with China, Singapore is ramping up its military training facilities in Australia

10/7/2016 - The Nobel Peace Prize has gone to Colombia’s president for his peace deal with rebels, even though it failed

10/7/2016 - Hurricane Matthew hits Florida, US payrolls day, brain-boosting yawns

10/7/2016 - New research finds sweatshops may be a necessary evil in the development of economies

10/7/2016 - James Bond is now endorsing a 50-year-old Indian pan masala brand

10/7/2016 - The British pound suddenly plunged 6% in the middle of the night

10/7/2016 - 100-year-old portraits of Ellis Island immigrants in glorious fashions from around the world

10/7/2016 - Africa is in the middle of a hotel building boom that still won’t be enough for all its tourists

10/7/2016 - Just a fraction of airwaves put on sale by the Indian government has raised $9.9 billion

10/7/2016 - Why Samsung’s stock price just hit an all-time high, even as the Galaxy Note 7 keeps exploding

10/7/2016 - Can India’s favourite beauty treatment save the Taj Mahal from decay?

10/7/2016 - A free online Kiswahili-Chinese dictionary is helping Chinese learn one of Africa’s most spoken languages

10/7/2016 - Monster hurricane, greener airlines, long yawns

10/7/2016 - After killing over 330 in Haiti, Hurricane Matthew makes its way to Florida

10/7/2016 - Nothing wrong if Indian startups imitate the Amazons and Ubers of the world, says Google India head

10/7/2016 - A new Bruce Lee biopic portrays the martial arts legend as little more than a white guy’s sidekick

10/7/2016 - Forget dealing with Modi, Nawaz Sharif’s trickiest task is picking Pakistan’s next army chief

10/7/2016 - India has an efficient leader and the country’s a beacon of hope—but the good times may not last

10/6/2016 - Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte’s thin skin and bombast is threatening the peace in Southeast Asia

10/6/2016 - EU parliament fistfight, Walmart shifts focus, long yawns

10/6/2016 - The prime minister of Norway was caught playing Pokemon Go in parliament

10/6/2016 - What is the difference between a founder and a leader?

10/6/2016 - The UN has landed an historic deal to curb airplane emissions

10/6/2016 - A skyscraper in San Francisco is sinking—and taking down property values along with it

10/6/2016 - Facebook will spend $250 million getting people to make games for virtual reality

10/6/2016 - “A Trump presidency would be a threat to animals everywhere”: The Humane Society endorsed Hillary Clinton

10/6/2016 - We finally know how Mark Zuckerberg is going to make VR social

10/6/2016 - Chad Republic has just fined Exxon Mobil $74 billion—almost seven times its GDP

10/6/2016 - Humans aren’t special—apes can guess what others are thinking, too

10/6/2016 - Hillary Clinton is crushing Donald Trump among Asian Americans

10/6/2016 - Lesbian culture is being erased because investors think only gay men (and straight people) have money

10/6/2016 - Is there a limit to how long humans can live?

10/6/2016 - The Elena Ferrante saga is a cautionary tale about the double lives we lead online

10/6/2016 - Is the world ready for sweatpants at the office?

10/6/2016 - Wanted: artificial neural networks that can tell turtles from tuna, conservation-mindedness a plus

10/6/2016 - Techniques from improv comedy can teach you how to be a better leader

10/6/2016 - Donald Glover created a hit TV show by not really trying to make a TV show at all

10/6/2016 - “I’m nervous, I’m nervous, I’m nervous”: A child’s reaction when Donald Trump walks into a classroom

10/6/2016 - Governments blow billions by shutting off the internet to block cheating students and cheap phone calls

10/6/2016 - Five unusual do-gooder jobs that prove it’s possible to combine pleasure with public service

10/6/2016 - LinkedIn will tell employers you want a new job (and claims your boss won’t find out)

10/6/2016 - Amazon Prime for US customers now includes access to 1,000 free ebooks

10/6/2016 - In the US, it’s probably about to get easier to be prosecuted for insider trading

10/6/2016 - At taco trucks in Texas, a campaign to register voters is both practical and symbolic

10/6/2016 - The chance to succeed Ban Ki-moon at the UN went to the best man for the job

10/6/2016 - Harvard research highlights six ways to trick your brain out of procrastination

10/6/2016 - Twitter’s stock is falling like a dead bird on reports that potential suitors aren’t bidding

10/6/2016 - The dumb registration laws that keep millions of Americans from voting

10/6/2016 - America’s obsession with multiracial beauty reveals our ongoing bias against blackness

10/6/2016 - Protests on South Africa’s university campuses aren’t going away anytime soon, nor should they

10/6/2016 - The party that fought for Brexit has sunk to a shocking new low—a violent fight between members in the European Parliament

10/6/2016 - Why is Human Rights Watch unbothered by the derailment of Colombia’s historic peace deal?

10/6/2016 - The creators of Siri sold their new company to Samsung

10/6/2016 - In sadness and shame at their country’s turn against foreigners, some Brits are turning to poetry

10/6/2016 - Citizens of the world, beware: The British government doesn’t think you should exist

10/6/2016 - A new aerospace industry fellowship for women aims to address the field’s gender inequality

10/6/2016 - Three steps to reinventing your career—even if you’re not sure what you want to do next

10/6/2016 - Intimacy for rent: Inside the business of paid cuddling

10/6/2016 - The Nobel Peace Prize process is so absurd that Trump was supposedly a nominee

10/6/2016 - How to make work meaningful

10/6/2016 - ISIL’s foreign fighters are surprisingly well-educated, according to the World Bank

10/6/2016 - Ghana is taking down a statue of Gandhi from its oldest university

10/6/2016 - Teaching AI how to be sarcastic is totally the easiest thing ever

10/6/2016 - When the Netflix generation goes to the movies, they want artisanal cocktails and a meal

10/6/2016 - What have cats ever done for us? What haven’t they?

10/6/2016 - Watch: The future of affordable housing might be in solar-powered shipping containers

10/6/2016 - The pioneer of lithium-ion has been denied a Nobel yet again, and battery researchers are not happy

10/6/2016 - Nigeria, fallen on hard times, is selling two presidential jets to “cut waste”

10/6/2016 - Winning a Nobel Prize will still make you famous, but it used to make you richer

10/6/2016 - What would happen if felons could vote in the US?

10/6/2016 - Map of the Internet, Theranos shuts down blood labs, MacBook-scented candles

10/6/2016 - Kenyan journalists have been dealing with a violent run-up to next year’s elections

10/6/2016 - Chinese whispers in the Pakistani establishment: Do something about these terrorists!

10/6/2016 - Thailand’s detention of Joshua Wong shows how deeply some Southeast Asian nations are in China’s orbit

10/6/2016 - Scientists have finally pinpointed when humanity migrated out of Africa

10/6/2016 - African countries are facing the world’s worst teacher shortage

10/6/2016 - KFC’s parent company is blaming tensions in the South China Sea for its choppy performance

10/6/2016 - The taxman from Thane: Call centres near Mumbai made $150,000 a day blackmailing Americans

10/6/2016 - Bill Gates: Four ways the next US president can foster an innovation economy

10/6/2016 - More and more Indians with loans against property are failing to pay back on time

10/6/2016 - A passenger plane was evacuated after a replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire

10/6/2016 - The real architect of India’s economic reforms wasn’t Manmohan Singh

10/6/2016 - A new UN chief, smoking Samsung, self-tying shoes

10/6/2016 - Marico: How an old-school Indian consumer company is tackling the age of e-commerce and Patanjali

10/5/2016 - 31% of Chinese tourists pack instant noodles when they travel

10/5/2016 - Drone photos reveal the dazzling geometry of everyday roads and intersections

10/5/2016 - A new UN chief, India’s tax scammers, Macbook-scented candles

10/5/2016 - Major league baseball is testing the limits of how fast a human can throw a small, round object

10/5/2016 - The world’s largest carbon-capture power station will soon open—on schedule and within budget

10/5/2016 - Photos: Hurricane Matthew’s deadly path through the Caribbean and toward the US

10/5/2016 - I thought Nike’s self-lacing sneakers were a gimmick. Then I tried on the Nike Mag, and now I want a pair

10/5/2016 - Tax loopholes allow Apple, Nike, and others to avoid US taxes that could pay for Obamacare six times over

10/5/2016 - All of the things we learned from Fox News’ racist “Chinatown” segment

10/5/2016 - What will our roads look like when driving goes digital? This infographic explores the future of the car

10/5/2016 - More than 10,000 refugees have crossed the Mediterranean trying to reach Italy in the last 48 hours

10/5/2016 - The Polish pro-abortion protests caused the government to rethink a total ban

10/5/2016 - From gemstones to folktales: inspirations of three female artists

10/5/2016 - 3D-printed rhino horns will be ready in two years, but will they save the rhinos?

10/5/2016 - Ethiopia emerges from national mourning with more protests and internet shutdown

10/5/2016 - A look at the impact of federal funds rate increases over the last 30 years

10/5/2016 - What does the rising federal funds rate mean for portfolios?

10/5/2016 - Gawker founder Nick Denton: The internet “has brought all the poisons to the surface”

10/5/2016 - Trump and Pence both think practice is for chumps

10/5/2016 - At an unusual auction in London, collectors were willing to spend thousands of pounds for plastic £5 notes

10/5/2016 - NASA captured dramatic footage of Hurricane Matthew from space

10/5/2016 - An American artist is moving Rosa Parks’s house from Detroit to Berlin to save it from demolition

10/5/2016 - TED is gathering elite thinkers for a “provocative event” in Tanzania next year

10/5/2016 - Obama, the Tourist-in-Chief, is checking things off his travel bucket list

10/5/2016 - A psychologist has honed a subliminal tactic to get what you want before you’ve asked for it

10/5/2016 - The work that won this year’s Nobel Prize in chemistry—in terms a high school student would understand

10/5/2016 - Google’s idea of a cheap smart home is still really quite expensive

10/5/2016 - Britain’s most hated bank is rolling out a robot teller that shows empathy

10/5/2016 - Unlimited vacation sounds too good to be true—because it is

10/5/2016 - Pence is to Kaine what Milhouse is to Milhouse

10/5/2016 - New York’s most glorious co-working space reopens to the public

10/5/2016 - Millennials need to ditch their parents’ outdated career ladders and embrace job-hopping

10/5/2016 - Europe is thinking of giving all its 18-year-olds free InterRail tickets for backpacking holidays

10/5/2016 - Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail didn’t cure my depression—but it did change my life

10/5/2016 - These beautiful photos reveal the internet is hiding in plain sight

10/5/2016 - Where your data flows on the internet matters, and you have no control over it

10/5/2016 - Childhood trauma doesn’t just live in our bodies, it ages them

10/5/2016 - This map shows the explosive growth of underwater cables that power the global internet

10/5/2016 - Murky international laws threaten to break up the internet as we know it

10/5/2016 - The internet has been quietly rewired, and video is the reason why

10/5/2016 - How do you make a map of the internet?

10/5/2016 - Almost all human wrongdoing traces back to our desire to fit in

10/5/2016 - The story of the humble latex, which laid the foundation for the global web

10/5/2016 - Tracing the byzantine maze of the companies that have come to control America’s internet

10/5/2016 - How countries like China and Russia are able to control the internet

10/5/2016 - Why your internet probably doesn’t come through a satellite, but maybe will one day

10/5/2016 - People who feel the pain of sad songs may be better at feeling the pain of other human beings

10/5/2016 - It won’t be long before all our plastics come from plants instead of oil

10/5/2016 - A good sense of humor is a sign of psychological health

10/5/2016 - How the company behind League of Legends rebuilt its own internet backbone so that it’s faster for gamers

10/5/2016 - Yahoo reportedly helped the US government spy on all its users’ emails, as they came in

10/5/2016 - Crowdfunding could be huge in Africa but regulatory laws need to catch up

10/5/2016 - An iconic record store has resorted to selling pot because no one buys albums anymore

10/5/2016 - Watch Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin test the last-ditch escape system on its tourist spacecraft

10/5/2016 - The fundamentalz of financial analysis, according to rappers

10/5/2016 - What happened when a global software company scoured its salary data for possible gender bias

10/5/2016 - HBO is thirsty as hell for a “Game of Thrones” spinoff

10/5/2016 - This was, hands down, the best US vice presidential debate I’ve ever seen

10/5/2016 - May’s day, fact-free VP face-off, restricting voting to smart people

10/5/2016 - Powered by the Gray Euro, one in five vacation days in Europe are by tourists aged 65 and over

10/5/2016 - Airlines are now rewarding flyers for Airbnb stays

10/5/2016 - The challenges women face in corporate America are curbing their ambitions

10/5/2016 - Consultants using PowerPoint presentations in poor countries won’t stop climate change—education will

10/5/2016 - The value of motorcycle public transport will more than double in Africa

10/5/2016 - Will automation play spoilsport to Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” dreams?

10/5/2016 - A bespoke suit from one of Italy’s finest tailoring families includes a six-night stay at their villa

10/5/2016 - (Updated: Fake, says publisher) “Anita Raja” says she is Elena Ferrante and asks to be left alone.

10/5/2016 - All your chats and social media posts can now be used against you in court in China, a new law says

10/5/2016 - Work-life balance? What’s that, asks the Indian employee traveling 8 hours a day

10/5/2016 - Governance is improving across Africa, but not in enough of its biggest countries

10/5/2016 - Facebook is interpreting your likes a bit too literally

10/5/2016 - US VP debate, Pakistan’s parliamentary session, bees with feelings

10/5/2016 - Mike Pence is the presidential candidate Republicans wish they had

10/5/2016 - Western brands are erecting “gender walls” to conform to Saudi Arabia’s strict gender rules

10/5/2016 - For a few votes more, India’s politicians are destroying their army’s reputation

10/5/2016 - Vice presidential debate: Mike Pence was not asked a single question about his decades-long assault on LGBT rights

10/5/2016 - Tim Kaine and Mike Pence both used the Bible to say opposite things

10/5/2016 - Mike Pence won the debate, as long as facts don’t matter to you

10/4/2016 - Military spending by the US has declined, but it still dwarfs that of any other nation

10/4/2016 - Why don’t Democrats fight back harder when Republicans blame them for the economic crisis?

10/4/2016 - Mike Pence’s attempt to dismiss “that Mexican thing” has turned into a hashtag of inspiring stories

10/4/2016 - This is the moment when Tim Kaine sold himself as a potential vice president

10/4/2016 - The vice presidential debate’s key question: Does Mike Pence know Donald Trump said those things?

10/4/2016 - Trump’s running mate totally discarded his policy on Vladimir Putin

10/4/2016 - Tim Kaine’s lapel pin in the vice presidential debate honors his son and the military

10/4/2016 - Mike Pence ignores Obama’s legacy on immigration, insists Clinton wants “open borders”

10/4/2016 - Hong Kong’s pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong has been “blacklisted” from Thailand

10/4/2016 - Google drops a new smartphone, Pakistan’s parliamentary session, bees with feelings

10/4/2016 - Apple’s new fingerprint patent hints at a future iPhone with no home button

10/4/2016 - More than 40% of Americans have no idea who the vice-presidential nominees are

10/4/2016 - Interactive: The systems that keep us healthy are getting smarter

10/4/2016 - A dystopian data center just became the most glamorous runway in fashion

10/4/2016 - Facebook’s new Marketplace is already flooded with illegal guns, drugs, sex, and wildlife

10/4/2016 - Is the way you eat indicative of larger trends?

10/4/2016 - Everything Google announced at its massive hardware event today

10/4/2016 - Flint’s new public health crisis: people are getting sick because they’re afraid to wash their hands

10/4/2016 - Two companies are about to control a quarter of the world’s luggage market

10/4/2016 - New technology lets you transmit passwords through your body

10/4/2016 - Startups are driving the cost of genetic testing so low that everyone can be tested for lethal diseases now

10/4/2016 - Man who livestreamed his child’s birth is now suing the media for sharing the video

10/4/2016 - A massive new study says the contraceptive pill is linked to depression—and teens are most at risk

10/4/2016 - An Oxford University professor explains this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics in terms a high-school student would understand

10/4/2016 - Who is Mike Pence? The “evangelical Catholic” charged with defending Trump against Tim Kaine tonight

10/4/2016 - Nike is releasing its self-lacing sneakers from Back to the Future II through a frenzy-inducing raffle

10/4/2016 - Bruce Springsteen’s depression revelation is heartening—but people of color need mental health heroes, too

10/4/2016 - Gender identity, and other reasons Colombians rejected their peace deal that had nothing to do with the peace deal

10/4/2016 - Baidu’s new smartphone keyboard lets you type sentences with just one tap (and a murmur)

10/4/2016 - Photos: What half a billion tourists on the move look like during China’s Golden Week

10/4/2016 - This is turning into the nightmarish year of the referendum

10/4/2016 - A big Dutch bank is replacing 5,800 people with machines, at a cost of $2 billion

10/4/2016 - Uber’s self-driving cars are already getting into scrapes on the streets of Pittsburgh

10/4/2016 - A satirical travel advisory for Africans visiting the US hits close to home on two continents

10/4/2016 - A candidate for Missouri state representative has accused another incoming lawmaker of rape

10/4/2016 - There’s a scientific strategy to help you vote for president when you don’t like any of the candidates

10/4/2016 - Mike Pence will have to flip-flop all night to square Trump’s views with his own at the vice presidential debate

10/4/2016 - The vice presidential debate features two candidates with radically different views on women

10/4/2016 - America’s choice of vice president matters more this year than it ever has

10/4/2016 - Luke Cage takes on the ultimate villain: America’s toxic black male stereotypes

10/4/2016 - Whose fault is Donald Trump?

10/4/2016 - How to watch today’s big Google event

10/4/2016 - How Arundhati Roy avoided the successful young fiction writer’s dreaded curse

10/4/2016 - Scientists find that bees on sugar behave optimistically

10/4/2016 - The disappearance of tenure-track jobs is a recipe for useless research and weak teaching

10/4/2016 - The complete guide to getting your money’s worth out of streaming music

10/4/2016 - Europe’s fight over data privacy has a silver lining—a cloud-computing boom

10/4/2016 - The US hotel industry is going after Airbnb for its “arrogance”

10/4/2016 - It’s dangerous for all of us when food companies are also tech startups

10/4/2016 - Google’s new phones, LVMH buys Rimowa, Trump-induced anxiety

10/4/2016 - A quarter of all Nobel prizes in medicine have been for research on the smallest unit of life

10/4/2016 - Urjit Patel’s debut: India’s first monetary policy committee gets to work with an interest rate cut

10/4/2016 - British 30-somethings have the lowest home ownership rates in half a century

10/4/2016 - VP debate moderator Elaine Quijano is one of the US’s 36 million second-generation immigrants

10/4/2016 - India and Pakistan are deliberately and dangerously turning the general public into war-mongering psychos

10/4/2016 - A traveling telescope is getting children in Kenya interested in science and technology

10/4/2016 - The Syrian government is trying to distract you from the ruin of Aleppo with “Game of Thrones”-themed tourism

10/4/2016 - The UK military wants your ideas for how to build swarms of attack drones

10/4/2016 - Yoga, kung-fu, and marathons: Indian entrepreneurs are working out as hard as they work

10/4/2016 - IMF’s outlook, Google’s new smartphones, dirty-car fine

10/4/2016 - What does an Indian city sound like? The answer is hauntingly beautiful

10/4/2016 - Hate speech factory 4chan is dying, and Twitter and Reddit should be paying attention

10/4/2016 - Indian startups are now more willing than ever to acquire and get acquired

10/3/2016 - China at the IMF, Google’s new smartphones, Putin keeps his plutonium

10/3/2016 - We will have gender equality when a woman with five kids from three husbands is running for president

10/3/2016 - How to watch the vice presidential debate on TV and online

10/3/2016 - It wasn’t grades or test scores that got eight-year-old Jordin Phipps accepted to college

10/3/2016 - Facebook’s latest attempt to reach developing markets is a pared-down Messenger app

10/3/2016 - Donald Trump’s charity has been banned from operating after breaking New York state law

10/3/2016 - Clad in black, Polish women refused to go to work to protest a proposed abortion ban

10/3/2016 - Paris mayor says don’t let a little thing like Kim Kardashian’s $10 million robbery put you off visiting

10/3/2016 - Scientists rigged together a GoPro and heart-rate monitor to measure your racial bias

10/3/2016 - People are suing Apple over the most annoying problem with the iPhone: “touch disease”

10/3/2016 - Did Donald Trump have even bigger business losses than his leaked 1995 tax return says?

10/3/2016 - The Cubs built the best team in baseball by scouting for soft skills

10/3/2016 - Scientists gave squirrels fitness trackers and found that males are lazy and females do all the work

10/3/2016 - Elena Ferrante’s unmasking is a story about denial of consent—just like the work that made her famous

10/3/2016 - A drone accidentally photographed newlyweds who found a secret oasis in Hong Kong’s skyline

10/3/2016 - “Humanity at its worst”: John Oliver takes on the “bad apples” in the US police

10/3/2016 - Nigeria doesn’t know exactly how much oil it produces, but is pretty sure $17 billion is missing

10/3/2016 - Alec Baldwin’s dead-on impression of Donald Trump on SNL transcended parody

10/3/2016 - Syria’s currency crisis means big trouble for Bashar al-Assad’s war efforts

10/3/2016 - Europe’s lurch to the right is bad news for women’s autonomy over their bodies

10/3/2016 - MIT researchers are 3D-printing customizable padding for robots

10/3/2016 - Toyota is releasing a chatty robot that sits in your car’s cupholder

10/3/2016 - Ethiopia is in a state of national mourning after 52 Oromo protesters were killed in a stampede

10/3/2016 - Silicon Valley tech bros want to trick us into thinking capitalism is revolutionary

10/3/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s favorite world leader is Angela Merkel

10/3/2016 - These are the EU’s reported plans to break up Google’s monopoly powers

10/3/2016 - Alexander Hamilton and the new Supreme Court term

10/3/2016 - After Trump and Clinton’s fiery first debate, will anyone care when their low key running mates face off?

10/3/2016 - To take control of your email inbox, think about it like your IRL mailbox

10/3/2016 - The Nobel Prize in medicine goes to Yoshinori Ohsumi, for his research on how cells recycle their own parts

10/3/2016 - A combination of machine learning and game theory is being used to fight elephant poaching in Uganda

10/3/2016 - What to expect from Google’s big smartphone event on Oct. 4

10/3/2016 - Almost every US tech IPO in 2016 is performing above its offering price

10/3/2016 - Obama’s words of advice to Cuba: don’t try US-style capitalism

10/3/2016 - Turkey is deporting Nigerian students from schools it claims were linked to the July coup attempt

10/3/2016 - This little girl perfectly summarized the awful gender-specific choices for children’s clothing

10/3/2016 - There’s one main difference between Chinese and Mexican immigrants who come to the US illegally

10/3/2016 - The closer Brexit gets, the worse the pound performs

10/3/2016 - Supreme Court’s new term, Colombians vote against peace, Elena Ferrante revealed?

10/3/2016 - Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte is threatening to kick the US off his nation’s military bases

10/3/2016 - China’s Consensus Net, a website for open intellectual discussion, has suddenly shut down

10/3/2016 - The best monsoon rains in three years could boost India’s GDP by $22 billion

10/3/2016 - 589 million Chinese tourists will spend $72 billion in just seven days celebrating “Golden Week”

10/3/2016 - “Get out, the Pakistanis are coming”: For millions along India’s border, war has already begun

10/3/2016 - Sticky online advertisements haunt India’s internet users

10/3/2016 - Brexit’s official date, Trump’s tax scandal, bathing in potholes

10/3/2016 - The desperation of Indian housewives in the United States of America

10/2/2016 - The 2016 Nobel Prize winners in medicine, physics, chemistry, peace, economics, and literature

10/2/2016 - “Hillary has always been a champion for children:” LeBron James endorses Hillary Clinton for president

10/2/2016 - Colombians have rejected the peace deal that was supposed to end 52 years of civil war

10/2/2016 - Trump’s tax scandal, Colombia’s “no” to peace, bathing in potholes

10/2/2016 - Over a billion people have been lifted out of poverty since 1990, but the next billion will be harder

10/2/2016 - Another Indian Army camp was attacked in Kashmir—the second time in two weeks

10/2/2016 - One of Amazon’s top executives is going to work in Italy’s public sector—for free

10/2/2016 - In honor of breast cancer awareness month: 11 things not to say to women who’ve had breast cancer

10/2/2016 - We now know when the UK is set to leave the EU

10/2/2016 - Robin Williams suffered from a common form of dementia that many people don’t know about

10/2/2016 - Historically speaking, the Tesla deaths are not out of the norm

10/2/2016 - The right to vote should be restricted to those with knowledge

10/2/2016 - In photos: A burlesque guide to making it through chemo

10/2/2016 - “I was nearly date raped”

10/2/2016 - This robot can entertain children for hours without any adult supervision

10/2/2016 - All hail Virgin’s innovative, forward-thinking, collaborative initiative: No email

10/2/2016 - In defense of those US airports that are getting bashed for being “third-world”

10/2/2016 - An Asian-American rock band’s lawsuit might actually save the Redskins’ racist trademark

10/2/2016 - Only an American would think up this ridiculous scheme to get Londoners to talk to each other on the Tube

10/2/2016 - Sculptures made with shrapnel that killed Ukrainians

10/2/2016 - Traveling Africans, bushmeat angst, Somalia’s tourists

10/2/2016 - Bedlam: The story behind the London mental hospital that came to mean hell on earth

10/1/2016 - Donald Trump’s catch-22: To sue the New York Times for publishing his tax returns, he’d have to admit they’re his

10/1/2016 - Those guys who accidentally disarmed a bomb in Manhattan really should have known it was a bomb

10/1/2016 - Alt-right trolls are using these code words for racial slurs online

10/1/2016 - The strange, rare medical condition that leads people to insist they don’t actually exist

10/1/2016 - The Chinese yuan has officially joined the IMF’s elite currency club

10/1/2016 - The reason we can’t agree on what’s factual is that “facts” don’t exist

10/1/2016 - AT&T’s CEO urges employees to confront racial tensions, and explains the problem with “all lives matter”

10/1/2016 - He fled Uganda, grew up in a refugee camp, loved cooking and soccer. And then he was shot by American police

10/1/2016 - HBO’s “Westworld” is a fascinating workplace drama disguised as a sci-fi Western mashup

10/1/2016 - Uganda is giving free Wi-Fi across Kampala every night but only for access to ‘good’ websites

10/1/2016 - Nvidia taught a self-driving car to drive like a human without telling it how

10/1/2016 - Japan’s male politicians are experiencing pregnancy to urge dads to do more housework

10/1/2016 - Weekend edition—Shimon Peres, the bushmeat risk, child cobalt miners

10/1/2016 - Aliens probably look even weirder than we think

10/1/2016 - Janet Yellen’s terrible week signals more about the state of US politics than the US economy

10/1/2016 - It’s not just you: Psychology reveals why clowns are so creepy

10/1/2016 - A feminist group will fly anti-Trump banners over five college football games today

10/1/2016 - With the death of Shimon Peres, what Israel lost was not its moral compass so much as the fiction of one

10/1/2016 - South Africa is an ideal setting for a new children’s book promoting diverse family structures

10/1/2016 - Asian manufacturers are adding more robots than the rest of the world combined

10/1/2016 - To improve gender equality at work, change the language of job posts

10/1/2016 - The world’s first non-rectangular soccer field

10/1/2016 - Will Russia’s military exercises with Pakistan mar its long-term relationship with India?

10/1/2016 - Weekend edition—Shimon Peres, the bushmeat risk, child cobalt miners