7/31/2016 - OPEC’s new secretary-general, a subpoena for Goldman Sachs, kung fu movie posters from Africa

7/31/2016 - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: The “spell-binding play” is inspiring rave reviews

7/31/2016 - Want to be a better mom? Embrace the “good enough” mentality of a dad

7/31/2016 - The hand-painted movie posters that captured kung fu’s golden age in Africa

7/31/2016 - Watch a skydiver in California become the first person to jump from 25,000 feet without a parachute

7/31/2016 - Olympic athletes complain about the newest problem in Rio: There’s no way to play Pokemon Go

7/31/2016 - What to expect if ANC loses Johannesburg and Pretoria in this week’s elections

7/31/2016 - United Airlines has decided your favorite artists for you

7/31/2016 - Photos: Farmers in Mexico are giving firefly tours to preserve their forests

7/31/2016 - In Argentina, the go-to mental health treatment for kids is Freudian psychoanalysis

7/31/2016 - The Nepalese guide to a bank-free savings account

7/31/2016 - The more powerful you are, the less you should assume you’re right

7/31/2016 - Gorgeous photos of the Milky Way, reflected in the biggest natural mirror in the world

7/31/2016 - The epic battle between Clinton and Trump is a modern day morality play

7/31/2016 - A classically trained chef on cooking with extra virgin olive oil and other kitchen mistakes

7/31/2016 - Getty Images is facing a $1 billion lawsuit for selling photos that were in the public domain

7/31/2016 - A coder found “Brunch Point”—”the exact time of day in which brunch maximally occurs”—using statistics

7/31/2016 - Africa’s Ikea, Kenya’s coal, Egypt’s sermons

7/30/2016 - Donald Trump insults a fire marshal, calls email stupid, and makes a baby cry in Colorado

7/30/2016 - Kanye West confirms that Apple Music and Tidal are talking, in the most Kanye West way possible

7/30/2016 - In the age of the smartphone, Oregon Trail is coming back as a card game

7/30/2016 - Who won the convention ratings war? Depends on who you ask

7/30/2016 - The UK is telling pregnant women to postpone trips to Florida because of Zika

7/30/2016 - Why is a suit only a “pantsuit” when a woman wears one?

7/30/2016 - This action-movie hub is winning fans across Africa

7/30/2016 - Weekend edition—Women in power, the human cost of tea, illusory time

7/30/2016 - A deep flaw has been discovered in thousands of neuroscience studies. So why aren’t neuroscientists freaking out?

7/30/2016 - Thousands of Olympic tourists will be enjoying mirrored ceilings and stripper poles in Rio’s love motels

7/30/2016 - All the horrible, disgusting, no-good things that can happen to you at a water park

7/30/2016 - Women really could be running the world if Hillary Clinton becomes president

7/30/2016 - Harry Potter will never, ever, ever die

7/30/2016 - MIT researchers are sending robots into sewers to monitor city dwellers’ waste

7/30/2016 - A brand-new STEM Barbie educational kit teaches girls engineering

7/30/2016 - Science fiction has ancient roots in Africa. Why shouldn’t it also have a future there?

7/30/2016 - Hallyu, K-pop! Inside the weirdest, most lucrative global frenzy in music

7/30/2016 - “There’s no room for cowards in this house”: Is forcing your child to face her bullies the best way to raise a future president?

7/30/2016 - The future of Mars will be 3D-printed in the Mojave Desert

7/30/2016 - Family friends say Hillary Clinton may ask Chelsea, not Bill, to do the boring parts of being first lady

7/30/2016 - Google, Microsoft, and other corporate giants are quietly showing a movie about teen internet addiction

7/30/2016 - One Berlin startup wants to make sharing your data as easy as sharing your money

7/30/2016 - This $500 t-shirt detects air pollution

7/30/2016 - A food truck is delivering donated produce to California farm workers

7/30/2016 - “Some people just don’t know what to make of me.” Clinton’s is the story of every woman in power

7/30/2016 - A complete list of the many powerful women who took center stage at the DNC

7/30/2016 - One of America’s worst prisons is finally closing

7/30/2016 - The strange, Freudian design of McDonald’s golden arches

7/30/2016 - Looks like you’ll be able to order the next iPhone really soon

7/30/2016 - The three books Chelsea Clinton recalled in her ode to Hillary are flying off shelves

7/30/2016 - The race to make conscious robots is putting the single greatest question about humanity to the test

7/30/2016 - Weekend edition—Women in power, the human cost of tea, illusory time

7/29/2016 - Weekend edition—Women in power, the human cost of tea, illusory time

7/29/2016 - The complete transcript of Hillary Clinton’s keynote speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

7/29/2016 - A new study says deep space travel is terrible for astronauts’ hearts

7/29/2016 - Wireless headphones just overtook traditional headphones in sales

7/29/2016 - Winning at wearables: Why some companies succeed in capturing the growing market share

7/29/2016 - What makes the fusion of design and technology so powerful?

7/29/2016 - US judges overturn a North Carolina voting law that targeted African Americans with “almost surgical precision”

7/29/2016 - India’s biggest e-commerce company “let go” of 2% of its workforce and says it’s “fairly common”

7/29/2016 - Vogue’s Anna Wintour has reportedly been Hillary Clinton’s style advisor throughout her campaign

7/29/2016 - Hillary Clinton has taught us that “likability” is a terrible way to choose presidents

7/29/2016 - Politicians lose their minds over balloons: Photos of the happiest moments at the DNC last night

7/29/2016 - A company that doesn’t really make chips dethroned Intel with super savvy business moves

7/29/2016 - If you see Hillary Clinton as more calculating than Donald Trump, you probably have a harder time trusting her

7/29/2016 - Police cloned a Michigan murder victim’s fingerprint that unlocked his phone

7/29/2016 - Photos: The emerging political activism of Hillary Clinton during her Wellesley college years

7/29/2016 - Photos: In a world that “has lost peace,” the Pope made an emotional visit to Auschwitz

7/29/2016 - Florida confirms first cases of locally-transmitted Zika in the continental US

7/29/2016 - Africa’s ‘KINGS’ countries will drive the continent’s digital economy

7/29/2016 - Quartzy: the on the road edition

7/29/2016 - Here are the best playlists for your summer road trip. They’re called albums

7/29/2016 - Neuroscientists say that hypnosis could actually help you focus better

7/29/2016 - Amazon’s ability to turn a profit is no longer a cool trick

7/29/2016 - Watch SpaceX test-fire its reusable Falcon 9 rocket for the first time ever

7/29/2016 - Madeleine Albright’s DNC pins reveal how politicians hide their secret opinions in their accessories

7/29/2016 - The chip card transition in the US has been a disaster

7/29/2016 - Facebook’s growth, Lufthansa on Airbnb, Slurpee drone delivery

7/29/2016 - The Brexit vote is starting to hurt London’s property market—and its much loathed estate agents

7/29/2016 - Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe is rooting for a Trump presidency

7/29/2016 - This filmmaker shoots the mountain lions that live near his home in Los Angeles, and this video is the captivating result

7/29/2016 - The DNC has a subtle strategy to get America used to the idea of a woman in power

7/29/2016 - Fox News omitted this moving speech by the father of a slain Muslim soldier from its DNC coverage

7/29/2016 - Microsoft Pix uses AI to improve your iPhone photos, but you might want to stick with Apple’s app

7/29/2016 - Photos: Guess these global cities from their architecture

7/29/2016 - Pokémon Go proves gaming psychology can help lure customers and profits

7/29/2016 - Nine non-threatening leadership strategies for women

7/29/2016 - The pressure is on to cut airplane emissions, but some airlines don’t yet want the planes that could help

7/29/2016 - This Brazilian pro is retiring from soccer at 27 to devote himself to the videogame version

7/29/2016 - Jeff Bezos is even richer, Windows 10 deadline, pity the inbred English bulldog

7/29/2016 - A decade after the “last” book, Harry Potter is back and breaking records again

7/29/2016 - A terror threat could get in the way of Narendra Modi’s big August 15 speech

7/29/2016 - China finally made ride-hailing legal, in a way that could destroy Uber’s business model

7/29/2016 - Machine-gunning goats from helicopters is just one way to stop the spread of invasive species

7/29/2016 - Turkey wants Nigeria to close down 17 schools with links to the Gulen movement

7/29/2016 - India’s harrowing legal system forces even rape victims to bear unwanted babies

7/29/2016 - Egypt’s secular rulers are making mosques read government-written sermons

7/29/2016 - India’s super-rich have never been this young

7/29/2016 - Clinton’s big speech, Alphabet and Amazon soar, sheepdogs vs. robots

7/29/2016 - 600 million people are now part of India’s middle class—including your local carpenter

7/29/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s all-white pantsuit at the DNC recalls centuries of American feminist history

7/28/2016 - “Your cause is our cause”: Hillary Clinton welcomes Bernie Sanders’ supporters to her coalition

7/28/2016 - “I will gladly lend you my copy:” The father of a dead Muslim soldier wonders if Donald Trump has even read the constitution

7/28/2016 - “She will defeat ISIS:” America’s top military expert endorses Hillary Clinton

7/28/2016 - Chinese brands control a fourth of the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market

7/28/2016 - Chelsea Clinton’s speech put the capper on the DNC’s motherhood theme

7/28/2016 - “Daria” and “Beavis and Butt-head” are headlining MTV’s new ’90s throwback network

7/28/2016 - Clinton makes her case, Alphabet and Amazon soar, sheepdogs vs. robots

7/28/2016 - Hillary Clinton is pushing the radical platform that mothers are the most powerful leaders in the world

7/28/2016 - Amazon’s least sexy business now brings in $10 billion a year

7/28/2016 - Alphabet’s killer second quarter in charts

7/28/2016 - How global businesses encourage social bonding with remote employees

7/28/2016 - The digital water cooler: How businesses are building morale among remote employees

7/28/2016 - 21 years ago, Walmart called this T-shirt “offensive”

7/28/2016 - Purple is the new color of the 2016 US presidential race

7/28/2016 - “Don’t boo. Vote.” The rest of the world won’t love another president like we do Obama

7/28/2016 - One of the most important executives at Google is stepping down

7/28/2016 - Pinterest is losing to Snapchat in the battle for digital ad dollars

7/28/2016 - The official head of French fashion says 3D printing is a “new industrial revolution”

7/28/2016 - Meet the Nevada Democrat ushering in a wave of marijuana legalization

7/28/2016 - To keep young kids out of trouble, New York City wants schools to stop suspending them

7/28/2016 - In a massive attempt to stop the spread of terror, French media are no longer publishing photos of terrorists

7/28/2016 - We need the Obamas to keep reminding us that America was built by slaves

7/28/2016 - The worst thing about Kenya’s new power plant isn’t that Chinese workers are being brought in to build it

7/28/2016 - Charted: How the iPhone ate Apple

7/28/2016 - A 9-year-old black girl is officially the smartest person in the Marvel Universe

7/28/2016 - A new drug claims to be the first to halt Alzheimer’s, but is it science or spin?

7/28/2016 - America’s meal-kit craze is attracting a big new competitor

7/28/2016 - The gold medal for most stylish Rio 2016 uniforms goes to…

7/28/2016 - The MoMA-approved TV designed to save televisions from obsolescence

7/28/2016 - If not for Audi and Porsche, Volkswagen would be in much deeper trouble

7/28/2016 - Even sheepdogs aren’t safe: A new robot can herd animals on its own

7/28/2016 - The complete summer reading syllabus on Black Lives Matter

7/28/2016 - How Donald Trump punked America by manipulating our obsession with useless polls

7/28/2016 - The economic despair of middle-aged, rural Americans is reflected in rising suicide rates

7/28/2016 - There’s a way Apple can still make money after the iPhone—but brand loyalists won’t like it

7/28/2016 - The DNC email leaks could be payback from Russia for American meddling in foreign elections

7/28/2016 - Why I won’t talk about being a woman in tech—and neither should you

7/28/2016 - A rare, behind-the-scenes look at Tesla’s Gigafactory

7/28/2016 - Bill Clinton proves Americans still lose their minds when a man puts his wife’s career first

7/28/2016 - When it comes to brain function, you “use it or lose it”

7/28/2016 - All the ways psychological prejudices help Trump but hurt Hillary

7/28/2016 - The ice bucket challenge worked: There’s been a breakthrough in ALS research

7/28/2016 - The best cities in the world for book lovers

7/28/2016 - Guess which country pays the highest taxes in Europe?

7/28/2016 - What to expect from Alphabet’s earnings

7/28/2016 - Alphabet and Amazon earnings, Donald Trump’s flat AMA, bleeding veggie burgers

7/28/2016 - Vietnamese officials allegedly F-bombed a Chinese passport showing the South China Sea

7/28/2016 - A Kenyan betting company is expanding to the UK through the shirts of a Premier League club

7/28/2016 - The rise, fall, and sale of Jabong is the future for many other Indian startups

7/28/2016 - India’s women are gaining height faster than India’s men—but Indians are still very short

7/28/2016 - There will be 1.8 billion Indians by 2050. GM crops are the only way to feed them all

7/28/2016 - Obama acclaims Clinton, Facebook’s stellar results, bloody veggie burgers

7/28/2016 - A controversial new Hong Kong opera will explore the private life of Mao Zedong

7/28/2016 - If you’re thinking of upgrading to Windows 10, you should do it right now

7/27/2016 - Barack Obama just reminded America why it will miss him

7/27/2016 - Michael Bloomberg just gave Hillary Clinton her new campaign slogan

7/27/2016 - It’s official: Tim Kaine is Hillary Clinton’s point man for Latino outreach

7/27/2016 - Biden is the perfect guy to attack Trump—’cause he’s an old, straight-talking white guy

7/27/2016 - The Chinese government’s incompetence caused flooding deaths in Hebei, villagers say

7/27/2016 - Indians spent 400,000 hours watching these 10 YouTube ads this year

7/27/2016 - Digitization is creating a talent gap for manufacturers

7/27/2016 - Boeing is talking about ending production of the 747

7/27/2016 - Like every other millennial, Mark Zuckerberg is enjoying Pokémon Go

7/27/2016 - Trump’s Russian request, Facebook’s stellar results, bloody veggie burgers

7/27/2016 - Facebook is an unstoppable force on mobile

7/27/2016 - Michael Bloomberg to finally admit he’s still really a Democrat—and won’t be president

7/27/2016 - Trump’s loose talk on Russia threatens to undo a century of hard-won geopolitical gains

7/27/2016 - North Korea gave a glowing endorsement of Donald Trump in the US election

7/27/2016 - One billion iPhones

7/27/2016 - The chance of a woman running the United Nations just got smaller

7/27/2016 - Hillary Clinton is telling the truth to white working-class voters. She might be better off lying.

7/27/2016 - Reddit, the anti-corporate corner of the internet, will soon allow brands to sponsor regular posts

7/27/2016 - America sets a higher bar for Hillary Clinton than it ever would for a male candidate

7/27/2016 - Facebook is making public how to build its surround camera so that anyone can replicate the process

7/27/2016 - Facebook and Google succeed because they’re governed as “benevolent dictatorships”

7/27/2016 - Two of the Rio Olympics’ biggest champions won’t be at the games

7/27/2016 - Bill Clinton is finally acting like a first lady

7/27/2016 - Scientists are looking everywhere, and we mean everywhere, for new antibiotics

7/27/2016 - Americans can finally order an Impossible Burger, the high-end meatless burger that “bleeds”

7/27/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s husband wore a fetching pantsuit to honor her nomination for US president

7/27/2016 - Kenya’s PesaPal is moving into the physical world with its first point-of-sale system

7/27/2016 - To mark the first major party nomination of a woman, many US newspapers ran front-page photos of men

7/27/2016 - Donald Trump wants Russian hackers to cyber-attack the United States

7/27/2016 - Apple is spending a ton of money on products we haven’t seen yet

7/27/2016 - Deutsche Bank promises that this is the last year it will waste so much money on legal fines

7/27/2016 - Black mothers have become the heart of the progressive movement in the United States

7/27/2016 - The South China Sea propaganda video playing in New York City misrepresents me—featured UK lawmaker

7/27/2016 - If you love concerts but hate crowds, Google’s “3D audio” project might have your back

7/27/2016 - We are concerned about France as a travel destination, says Air France

7/27/2016 - Bill Gates’s advice on how to read one of the most provocative economics books of the year

7/27/2016 - “I don’t stand in the kitchen and boo my wife”: Seth Meyers tells “Bernie or Bust” people to grow up

7/27/2016 - Science has found a way to extend the shelf life of cold milk 300%

7/27/2016 - There’s a scientific reason that being a woman isn’t Hillary Clinton’s trump card in the election

7/27/2016 - Hungary’s prime minister says migrants are a “poison” and his country doesn’t need any

7/27/2016 - After 35 years, the man who shot Ronald Reagan is walking free

7/27/2016 - Rape at international music festivals is a “hideous” problem that isn’t going away

7/27/2016 - Finally, Nigeria has really let go and the naira is floating

7/27/2016 - Nicaraguans are using crowdsourcing technology to prove that a good map can change your life

7/27/2016 - ISIL violence against Christians dishonors Islam’s earliest history

7/27/2016 - My perspective on being Black in Silicon Valley

7/27/2016 - A US college is requiring even physics and math courses to teach diversity

7/27/2016 - Internet trolls are even more hostile when they’re using their real names, a study finds

7/27/2016 - This could be the last economic growth Britain sees for a while

7/27/2016 - The DNC’s email scandal shows democracy is rotten and Hillary may be a crook, China’s state media says

7/27/2016 - Facebook results, Hillary Clinton made history, Chernobyl’s solar ambitions

7/27/2016 - Scientists say they’ve just discovered a new species of whale

7/27/2016 - Irom Sharmila: Can India’s most famous prisoner of conscience become a new political star?

7/27/2016 - If they’re lucky, British millennials will barely earn more than Generation X in their lifetimes

7/27/2016 - India’s largest education technology startup was built by an engineer who aced CAT for fun—twice

7/27/2016 - With the Rio games just days away, athletes are finding the Olympic village “uninhabitable”

7/27/2016 - Apple’s iPhone slump, Kerry in Manila, Starbucks fedoras

7/27/2016 - India will finally get affordable, homegrown versions of Zara and H&M

7/26/2016 - Photos: Solar Impulse II has completed the first solar-powered flight around the world

7/26/2016 - Tiger Global is now the biggest investor in online fashion retail in India

7/26/2016 - The most ignored aspect of the South China Sea brawl might be the key to solving it

7/26/2016 - Mothers fighting against gun violence hope to repeat the success of Mothers Against Drunk Driving

7/26/2016 - Under Armour is moving into the iconic former home of FAO Schwarz in New York

7/26/2016 - China already lost its title as Apple’s second-biggest market

7/26/2016 - Hillary Clinton is finally, officially, the Democratic nominee for US president

7/26/2016 - Apple is turning “Carpool Karaoke” into a standalone series for Apple Music

7/26/2016 - Apple’s falling revenue is turning into a trend

7/26/2016 - Apple’s iPhone slump, China-Philippines talks, Starbucks fedoras

7/26/2016 - Twitter’s turnaround hopes are slipping away, along with its revenue growth

7/26/2016 - Blockchain could be the sorely needed revolution that Hillary Clinton brings to Washington

7/26/2016 - Like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton now has an anger translator

7/26/2016 - A look inside the Cadillac CT6—and at the future of automotive tech

7/26/2016 - Amazon is going to Britain for drone testing the US won’t allow

7/26/2016 - Facebook’s divide-and-conquer tactics are an unnecessary attack on the media business

7/26/2016 - A major Nigerian bank has had to deny links to Turkey’s failed coup

7/26/2016 - Dolly the sheep’s clones are perfectly healthy, which could be huge for the future of cloning

7/26/2016 - A Google Maps redesign aims to offer “fewer distractions”—by highlighting restaurants, bars and shops

7/26/2016 - Matchmaking site eHarmony has a younger, hotter business on the side: job placement

7/26/2016 - Pokemon Go has lost its grip on complete mobile dominance

7/26/2016 - The DNC email leaks expose the rampant elitism that made way for Trump

7/26/2016 - Despite the Bernie-or-bust contingent, 90% of Bernie Sanders’ core supporters now back Clinton

7/26/2016 - The global environmental impact of air conditioning is big and will get even bigger

7/26/2016 - One day after calling for Democratic party unity, Bernie Sanders says he’s an independent

7/26/2016 - The TPP could be Hillary Clinton’s downfall in November, and for good reason

7/26/2016 - Nintendo’s trying to figure out mobile gaming—with a console

7/26/2016 - Michelle Obama’s royal blue dress at the DNC sent its own message of optimism and inclusivity

7/26/2016 - African opposition leaders, ex-presidents, party members cram into US presidential conventions

7/26/2016 - Hungry Venezuelan schoolchildren draw what they’ve had to eat today

7/26/2016 - A Kenyan furniture maker is gunning to be the Ikea of Africa

7/26/2016 - The US Navy resorted to Pokémon Go as a recruitment strategy

7/26/2016 - Hillary Clinton is taking a page from Kim Kardashian’s mobile app playbook

7/26/2016 - “Disaster will come”: Dan Savage’s epic rant lays out the problem with third-party candidates

7/26/2016 - Bernie Sanders is asking his supporters to please, please stop supporting him

7/26/2016 - Dear fellow Bernie fans, our candidate lost in 2016. Here’s how we can win in 2020

7/26/2016 - Google knows exactly how to exploit you on the internet, but it tries not to—sometimes

7/26/2016 - Why are mass murders so uncommon in Japan?

7/26/2016 - A robotic dinner plate with a human-like arm is revolutionizing the lives of the differently abled

7/26/2016 - Weirdly, watching The Bachelorette can teach you some hard truths about love

7/26/2016 - First Brexit, now this: British companies could be forced to pay to put their money in the bank

7/26/2016 - Lufthansa is selling seats on flights through Airbnb

7/26/2016 - Turkey’s president is using the failed coup as an excuse to snuff out secular democracy

7/26/2016 - Chart: It’s not your imagination, US gun violence is over the top this summer

7/26/2016 - Rupert Murdoch’s influence in the US could be much worse—just ask Australians

7/26/2016 - Victoria’s Secret’s sleek, athleisure-inspired new line is for women who wear sports bras all day

7/26/2016 - Why we still don’t know all of the ways you can contract Zika

7/26/2016 - Police in Michigan are trying to 3D-print a murder victim’s fingerprint to unlock his phone

7/26/2016 - Japan is normally so safe that today’s knife attack was the worst mass assault since WWII

7/26/2016 - Obama’s half-brother says he’s voting for Donald Trump

7/26/2016 - What’s the difference between religious conservatism and extremism? No-one knows

7/26/2016 - It’s becoming nearly impossible to find a diaper in Venezuela

7/26/2016 - Gloomy Apple results, “Bernie bros” fought back, delicious cockroach milk

7/26/2016 - A recipe book brings to life one of the world’s most isolated regions

7/26/2016 - A Miami judge rules that bitcoin isn’t money

7/26/2016 - Scientists have created self-healing fabrics that also protect from harmful chemicals

7/26/2016 - The people Trump’s border wall is supposed to protect the most say they don’t want it

7/26/2016 - Kenya’s expats, Africa’s passport hurdles, Somali books

7/26/2016 - Europe has too much chocolate

7/26/2016 - Books fill the balconies in this 100-year-old theater-turned-bookstore

7/26/2016 - Nigeria won’t make its athletes pay for their own flights to the Olympics, thanks to social media outrage

7/26/2016 - The collapse of the Syrian economy is worse than Germany after World War II

7/26/2016 - Putin’s meddling in politics abroad stretches far beyond the US Democratic party

7/26/2016 - Bleeding hearts and frenzied nationalists: An incompetent media is tearing Kashmir further away from India

7/26/2016 - Everyone is having a bit of a WTF moment with Myntra’s acquisition of Jabong

7/26/2016 - Feuding Democrats, Japan mass stabbing, cockroach milk

7/26/2016 - Behold: the stunning hypocrisy behind China’s rant about journalists being ousted from India

7/25/2016 - Michelle Obama’s masterful DNC speech will go down in history as a convention classic

7/25/2016 - “The American people are not falling for it”: Elizabeth Warren skewers Trump at the DNC

7/25/2016 - Smartphone crazy Indians to give a 10X boost to digital payment industry in next four years

7/25/2016 - Bernie Sanders supporters chant “lock her up,” protesting Hillary at the DNC

7/25/2016 - GoPro wants you to know it cares about drone racing, even though its own drone is months late

7/25/2016 - For the first time, women will rule the Democratic National Convention

7/25/2016 - Photos: Raging wildfires transform 33,000 acres in California

7/25/2016 - Apple’s one-billionth iPhone sale still won’t be good enough for its investors

7/25/2016 - Snapchat is the latest tech company to be sued for mapping faces

7/25/2016 - Democratic delegates are more divided than Republicans, but the story isn’t that simple

7/25/2016 - What will Marissa Mayer do next?

7/25/2016 - The company that created Pokemon Go is now worth over $3 billion

7/25/2016 - Better to sell too early than too late. Just ask Yahoo

7/25/2016 - ポケモンGO究極ガイド

7/25/2016 - Austria is facing legal action to break up its impenetrable ski-instructor cartel

7/25/2016 - The stunning collapse of Yahoo’s valuation

7/25/2016 - With its takeover of Yahoo, Verizon becomes king of the internet for “the olds”

7/25/2016 - “A symphony of bile and race-baiting”: John Oliver mourned the death of facts at the Republican National Convention

7/25/2016 - Once again, investors are bracing for disappointing Twitter results

7/25/2016 - The neuroscience of “cool”

7/25/2016 - Offices should follow the lead of the NBA and create “hustle stats”

7/25/2016 - Power ordering: What to eat when you’re out to lunch with your boss

7/25/2016 - Hiring managers want one thing: A salary negotiation coach’s advice to her female executive clients

7/25/2016 - South Korean soldiers battle stress with ballet

7/25/2016 - Nintendo investors have realized they’ll only see a fraction of Pokémon Go’s profits

7/25/2016 - Your pizza delivery guy might be the real winner this election year

7/25/2016 - Germany is rocked by the third violent attack from a refugee in a week

7/25/2016 - There has been a mass shooting at a teen party in a Florida nightclub

7/25/2016 - Fort Myers mass shooting, Nintendo shares plunge, studying “cuteness”

7/25/2016 - Can’t quit saying ‘um’ and ‘ah’? Just learn how to use them better

7/25/2016 - Why is the IMF concerned over the world’s fastest-growing major economy?

7/25/2016 - This tiny islet in the South China Sea is now officially a “rock”—and the implications are global

7/25/2016 - KFC is ditching Indian vegetarians to do what it does best: sell fried chicken

7/25/2016 - Hillary’s convention, Japan’s export woes, cuteness studies

7/25/2016 - Indian travellers “like” internet access more than a bottle of wine or a hot shower

7/24/2016 - Thousands of young mothers in India are paying with their lives to produce your cup of tea

7/24/2016 - Why Verizon is buying Yahoo for $4.8 billion, in a deal Marissa Mayer calls “poetic”

7/24/2016 - Another failure at GoJet Airlines leaves Delta and United flyers stranded

7/24/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Hillary’s convention, Taylor Swift escapism, Russian Olympic ban

7/24/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Hillary Clinton’s convention, Taylor Swift escapism, Russian Olympic ban

7/24/2016 - Michael Bloomberg follows his non-candidacy to a logical end by endorsing Hillary Clinton

7/24/2016 - Bernie Sanders called for the resignation of the head of the DNC, and Wikileaks granted him his wish

7/24/2016 - A gay Republican delegate became a minor celebrity at the RNC for taking on her party’s anti-LGBT rhetoric

7/24/2016 - The emerging field of cute studies can help us understand the dark side of adorableness

7/24/2016 - The biggest productivity myth is that rigid rules like the Pomodoro technique are for everyone

7/24/2016 - Russia will not be fully banned from the summer Olympics

7/24/2016 - Photos: The most iconic midcentury modern dining room in the US is being auctioned off, piece by beautiful piece

7/24/2016 - One of the fastest growing fields in science still makes a lot of people very uncomfortable

7/24/2016 - “I argue with God about my wife, and why he took her beautiful mind away from her.”

7/24/2016 - A practical guide to help your kid become an astronaut

7/24/2016 - Stories from the women on the front lines of Turkey’s coup

7/24/2016 - People don’t trust economists anymore

7/24/2016 - An 18-year-old inventor’s new drone wants to be like the Swiss Army Knife of drones

7/24/2016 - The world’s most expensive coffee is a nightmare for the animals who produce it

7/24/2016 - The story of a Somali Olympian refugee who died at sea is the subject of a new graphic novel

7/23/2016 - Young Hispanic voters don’t care that Tim Kaine speaks Spanish

7/23/2016 - The “Jennifer Aniston neuron” is the foundation of compelling new memory research

7/23/2016 - Somalia’s nascent love affair with books is blossoming as safety returns to the country

7/23/2016 - A Colorado town has been warned to stop drinking its marijuana-laced water supply

7/23/2016 - Walmart has a smart new ploy to reduce rampant food waste: Selling ugly produce

7/23/2016 - Photos: Can Pokémon Go get the world to care about the plight of Syrian children?

7/23/2016 - A groundbreaking scientist in Cameroon is worried about how little of his funding comes from Africa

7/23/2016 - Teasing has many benefits, when done right

7/23/2016 - Instead of asking, “are robots becoming more human?” we need to ask “are humans becoming more robotic?”

7/23/2016 - Here’s a soulful Japanese word for the news-generated sadness you’re probably feeling

7/23/2016 - Young and alone: The attacks in Germany follow an ominous new terror blueprint

7/23/2016 - Why calls for “unity” in American politics are not enough: Look at the 1930s and 1940s

7/23/2016 - Birkenstock says Amazon is rife with counterfeits: How to avoid getting suckered into buying them

7/23/2016 - Weekend edition—NATO’s future, empty consumption, studying cuteness

7/23/2016 - How to take stunning summer action shots on your phone: tips from a genius Olympic photographer

7/23/2016 - After Donald Trump’s speech, a lot of people looked up words like ‘fascism’

7/23/2016 - Investors in Africa are so focused on the poor that they are ignoring the middle class

7/23/2016 - To win the International Math Olympiad, the US team trained with its rivals

7/23/2016 - The best shows on TV also have excellent playlists for your summer listening

7/23/2016 - Reading Harry Potter is linked to greater acceptance of other people—except Trump

7/23/2016 - Why are so many countries suddenly nationalistic?

7/23/2016 - Weekend edition—NATO’s future, empty consumption, studying cuteness

7/22/2016 - Meet Hillary Clinton’s running mate: Virginia senator Tim Kaine

7/22/2016 - Weekend edition—NATO’s future, empty consumption, studying cuteness

7/22/2016 - Japanese servers are struggling to keep up with the onslaught of Pokemon Go

7/22/2016 - Airfares from the US to Europe are ridiculously cheap right now, but act fast

7/22/2016 - Americans begin their worldwide apology tour for even nominating Donald Trump

7/22/2016 - 7-Eleven has delivered its first Slurpee via drone

7/22/2016 - Watch: Donald Trump really, really, really loved the teleprompter font at the RNC

7/22/2016 - Queen, Adele, the Beatles: The list of artists Donald Trump has ticked off just keeps growing

7/22/2016 - Nine people plus the gunman are dead in a mass shooting in Munich

7/22/2016 - WeWork evicted a startup after it published a negative blog post about WeWork, and allegedly violated its membership terms

7/22/2016 - How the publishing industry repackages privilege into compelling Horatio Alger stories

7/22/2016 - I told you so.

7/22/2016 - It’s a hot summer. Please apply these cool, cool pictures of icebergs

7/22/2016 - The home of Burkina Faso’s hip hop democracy movement has mysteriously burned down—again

7/22/2016 - Turn on your tracking computer, because official Star Wars drones are coming soon

7/22/2016 - Finally, luggage that you can ride through the airport

7/22/2016 - Yahoo shares are the highest they’ve been in a year on anticipation of a sale

7/22/2016 - Quartzy: the power lunch edition

7/22/2016 - Rocket Internet is raising plenty of money, but its stock is still getting hammered

7/22/2016 - Britain’s knight in shining armor is…Canadian Mark Carney

7/22/2016 - Firing Roger Ailes and exiling Milo Yiannopoulos isn’t going to fix much of anything

7/22/2016 - Coups d’etat have become less common but more successful

7/22/2016 - Quartz Index

7/22/2016 - Elon Musk is coming for Uber, along with everyone else

7/22/2016 - “America isn’t yours”: Jon Stewart took over Stephen Colbert’s show to slam Trump and his supporters

7/22/2016 - Couples who drink together are “less irritated” by each other, scientists say

7/22/2016 - US police fatalities haven’t been this low since the Eisenhower administration

7/22/2016 - Tinder changed love and now it wants to change friendship

7/22/2016 - Can architecture make people trust cops?

7/22/2016 - Watch: Bubbles and balloons pop at 10,000 frames per second

7/22/2016 - Emails from a CEO who just has a few changes to the website

7/22/2016 - Maverick women writers are upending the book industry and selling millions in the process

7/22/2016 - McDonald’s created a build-your-own-burger website, and the internet used it to make racist burgers

7/22/2016 - Are we consuming too much?

7/22/2016 - This biohybrid robot uses sea slug muscles to scoot around

7/22/2016 - Why is decaf coffee sometimes okay, and other times it tastes like crap?

7/22/2016 - Now is the time to ask your hotel for extras, freebies and special services

7/22/2016 - 50,000 alpacas have frozen to death in Peru

7/22/2016 - Scent of a chicken: Scientists may have found an incredibly effective, all-natural mosquito repellant

7/22/2016 - G20 tackles Brexit, Trump’s bleak America, France’s overly cool cigarettes

7/22/2016 - When Indians eat out, it’s usually on family outings with boring curry

7/22/2016 - India’s Dalits strike back at centuries of oppression by letting dead cows rot on the streets

7/22/2016 - Decoding the jargon-filled job ad for manager of Belgium’s national soccer team

7/22/2016 - Do you get enough vitamin D with sunscreen on?

7/22/2016 - A scientific guide to navigating the world of gendered toys without screwing up your kid

7/22/2016 - South Africa’s great white sharks are in danger of being wiped out

7/22/2016 - It’s the sun. It’s the moon. At 5 am, it’s the first-ever show of Rajinikanth’s Kabali

7/22/2016 - G20 tackles Brexit, Trump’s dark America, crow detectives

7/22/2016 - Chinese are cheering for Trump because he will “mess up the US” and let China pull ahead

7/22/2016 - Indian pharma majors will make one of the most popular cholesterol drugs in the US

7/22/2016 - Trump conjures a mythical vision of a dark America as he doubles down on campaign themes

7/22/2016 - Is Ivanka Trump Donald’s actual First Lady?

7/21/2016 - Trump’s Republican National Convention speech massively distorted national crime statistics

7/21/2016 - Is Peter Thiel, Silicon Valley investor, shorting democracy at Trump’s convention?

7/21/2016 - Here’s the full leaked speech Donald Trump is anticipated to give at the RNC tonight

7/21/2016 - How Donald Trump inserted himself between Christians and God

7/21/2016 - Chipotle’s march to recovery will be a long, uphill slog

7/21/2016 - “A war zone:” Gun violence in Cleveland through the eyes of a 19-year-old black woman, far from the RNC

7/21/2016 - Trump’s acceptance speech, Brazil Olympic terror plot, crow detectives

7/21/2016 - Rupert Murdoch himself is stepping in to run Fox News after the ouster of Roger Ailes

7/21/2016 - Fox News’s biggest problem isn’t the Ailes ouster, it’s that its average viewer is a dinosaur

7/21/2016 - Pokémon Go’s predecessor, Ingress, has never been more popular

7/21/2016 - Amazon wants to sell you everything, including student loans

7/21/2016 - Watch: Michelle Obama and Missy Elliott delight Americans with a karaoke version of “Get Ur Freak On”

7/21/2016 - Lego could make figurines to honor NASA’s female astronauts and scientists

7/21/2016 - Facebook’s terrifying internet drone has made its maiden voyage

7/21/2016 - Watch SNL’s Kate McKinnon, dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, majorly zing Donald Trump

7/21/2016 - The RNC is a shambles because the Trump kids are the only team Donald can trust

7/21/2016 - Why I won’t let my kids play Pokémon Go

7/21/2016 - All the ways in which musicians are clashing wildly with the Republican National Convention

7/21/2016 - Louise Linton and the Telegraph have retracted her “white savior” memoir about a gap year in Zambia

7/21/2016 - In TV-watching, Democrats vote “Game of Thrones” and Republicans skew “Supernatural”

7/21/2016 - The last VCR will be manufactured this month

7/21/2016 - America is great again, according to pickup truck sales

7/21/2016 - Donald Trump’s convention isn’t giving business leaders any confidence in his presidency

7/21/2016 - Elizabeth Warren out? The five most likely contenders to be Hillary Clinton’s vice president

7/21/2016 - The case for plagiarism, from a celebrated poet who has made a career out of it

7/21/2016 - The grand irony of Donald Trump using American Apparel for his campaign t-shirts

7/21/2016 - Reminder: This is the Republican party’s platform on LGBT rights

7/21/2016 - The RNC has been colorful–if you like wearing red, white, and blue (photos)

7/21/2016 - Donald Trump doesn’t know if he’d defend US allies in a war with Russia

7/21/2016 - Update your Apple devices now to fix a terrifying security bug

7/21/2016 - An unarmed black man was shot by US police as he was trying to help an autistic man

7/21/2016 - Researchers say one of the most powerful tools to diffuse hate is the hardest to master: genuine empathy

7/21/2016 - Chris Christie used #BringBackOurGirls against Hillary Clinton, and it didn’t go down well in Nigeria

7/21/2016 - The world’s depressing state (of emergency) in 2016, mapped

7/21/2016 - Plastic Jesus built a tiny wall around Trump’s Hollywood star (and Mexico didn’t pay for it)

7/21/2016 - A memorial to victims of gun crime has been made with residue from the concrete streets where they died

7/21/2016 - A Cornell economist who studies luck says the more you acknowledge good fortune, the better off you are

7/21/2016 - Cruz snubs Trump, Elon Musk’s master plan, Pokémon Go glorifies animal cruelty

7/21/2016 - The sudden resurgence of “Bring It On” memes this week, explained

7/21/2016 - France rarely observes days of national mourning—but has done so three times since last year

7/21/2016 - Pokémon Go fanatics are determined to play anywhere, including Bosnian minefields and Iraqi war zones

7/21/2016 - Hong Kong’s pro-democracy student leaders were convicted for the Umbrella Movement protests

7/21/2016 - South Sudan’s historic Olympic team provides a glimmer of hope amid the threat of civil war

7/21/2016 - Why it’s so much hotter in the city than the countryside

7/21/2016 - Almost 1,000 startups died in India in the last two years

7/21/2016 - Elon Musk’s master plan, Apple security flaw, margarita burns

7/21/2016 - Want to attend a big, fat Indian wedding? Buy a ticket

7/21/2016 - After 25 years of liberalisation, India’s rich are growing richer and the poor poorer

7/21/2016 - When a pack of cigarettes was a secretary’s perk at ITC

7/21/2016 - Yes, a Pokemon movie is happening—and it features “Detective Pikachu”

7/21/2016 - Elon Musk’s master plan for Tesla is self-driving cars and trucks powered by the sun

7/21/2016 - Newt Gingrich made a strange sales pitch to women and LGBT voters

7/21/2016 - After Ted Cruz’s betrayal, Donald Trump’s chances at presidential victory are in Mike Pence’s hands

7/20/2016 - Ted Cruz had an awful night after he failed to endorse Donald Trump at the RNC

7/20/2016 - Trump supporters at the RNC used the American flag to cover a sign reading “No Racism, No Hate”

7/20/2016 - Living longer but with no income, Indians have the worst retired lives

7/20/2016 - The banned books now on sale at Hong Kong’s biggest book fair

7/20/2016 - A disruptive startup just sold for $1 billion—and it isn’t even a tech company

7/20/2016 - Airbnb has hired former US attorney general Eric Holder to help weed out racist hosts

7/20/2016 - Elon Musk’s master plan, Turkey’s state of emergency, margarita burns

7/20/2016 - The US Congress has launched a bizarre inquiry into Pokémon Go’s data usage

7/20/2016 - Everyone hated Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Messenger strategy, but it’s paying off brilliantly

7/20/2016 - This Donald Trump tweet explains everything about his nomination

7/20/2016 - The only thing uniting Republicans this week is their powerful loathing of Hillary Clinton

7/20/2016 - When a crow dies, other crows investigate

7/20/2016 - Turkey’s post-coup purge is trashing its currency and junking its bonds

7/20/2016 - Why Trump voters are not “complete idiots” (in charts and photos)

7/20/2016 - Photos: South Korean soldiers are fighting stress with ballet

7/20/2016 - There’s now a formal proposal for a rainbow flag emoji

7/20/2016 - A Trump corporate staffer is taking the fall for Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech

7/20/2016 - Supermodel Miranda Kerr announced her engagement to Snapchat’s founder—on Instagram

7/20/2016 - An independent designer says Zara ripped off her designs and then told her she’s small potatoes anyway

7/20/2016 - This spoof of Melania Trump on Stephen Colbert’s CBS “Late Show” was pitch-perfect

7/20/2016 - The US wants to seize “The Wolf of Wall Street” royalties in a huge Malaysian corruption case

7/20/2016 - Dozens of Syrian civilians have died in an alleged US-led airstrike

7/20/2016 - You realize Pokémon is basically animal cruelty, right?

7/20/2016 - Pokémon Go could be just the beginning of a franchise hit spree for Nintendo

7/20/2016 - Searches for travel insurance that protects against terrorism rose 200% last month

7/20/2016 - Microsoft’s cloud business had a huge quarter, but it’s still way behind Amazon

7/20/2016 - Morocco wants to rejoin the African Union but first, it wants another country kicked out

7/20/2016 - The Huawei Matebook shows that China should be known for more than gadget knock-offs

7/20/2016 - Spotify is going to start playing ads based on all those Nickelback songs you secretly love

7/20/2016 - A speech by an avocado farmer almost raised a specific policy idea at the RNC

7/20/2016 - Oxfam is moving its international headquarters to Nairobi, where it might not be welcome

7/20/2016 - White privilege protects Taylor Swift’s Instagram while racist slurs force Leslie Jones off Twitter

7/20/2016 - Milo Yiannopoulos has been annoying people for a very, very long time

7/20/2016 - Brazil’s “indefinite” Whatsapp block only lasted around four hours

7/20/2016 - Americans are losing faith in religion’s ability to help solve social problems

7/20/2016 - If you thought the idea that drinking wine before bed would help you lose weight sounded strange, you were right

7/20/2016 - Nobody in the US wants to pay full price for clothes anymore

7/20/2016 - America wouldn’t need police reform now if it hadn’t botched education reform decades ago

7/20/2016 - The rare weather phenomenon that produced a giant mushroom cloud in Arizona

7/20/2016 - Unilever’s razor-sharp deal, RNC makes people vomit, embracing socks with sandals

7/20/2016 - Quartz Africa Summit: a forum on innovation shaping the continent

7/20/2016 - The rich owe Indian banks more than $11 billion but refuse to pay up

7/20/2016 - African farmers say they can feed the world, and we might soon need them to

7/20/2016 - It’s getting too hot to work, and it could cost the global economy trillions

7/20/2016 - What did being stylish mean for women in 19th century India?

7/20/2016 - Brexit is the UK’s version of a corporate turnaround

7/20/2016 - Snapdeal, Amazon, and Alibaba among 106 websites that sell rare animals in India

7/20/2016 - Move over, India. Pakistan is the hottest equity market in South Asia

7/20/2016 - EU’s pollution targets, Microsoft’s cloud boost, sandal/sock fashion

7/20/2016 - The barriers to a pan-African passport may be insurmountable

7/20/2016 - You know India’s lesser-known sportswomen have arrived—Nike is showcasing their grit

7/20/2016 - Watch: A German robot grills up sausages with ruthless efficiency

7/20/2016 - Obscuring the Trump family’s privilege, Donald Jr. knocks Ivy League Wharton, the family alma mater

7/19/2016 - From charcoal pencils to our streets: the process behind car design

7/19/2016 - A decades-old idea for the South China Sea resurfaces: make a contested area a marine park, instead

7/19/2016 - INTERACTIVE: How car designers capture exhilaration and power

7/19/2016 - The nomination of Trump was messier on the floor than it looked on TV

7/19/2016 - Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for president of the United States

7/19/2016 - Nintendo’s Pokemon Go-fueled stock rise just came to an abrupt halt

7/19/2016 - The Westboro Baptist Church protest made for the most bizarre RNC scene yet

7/19/2016 - The South China Sea dispute has come home to roost for KFC restaurants in China

7/19/2016 - Network chief Roger Ailes is officially on his way out at Fox News

7/19/2016 - Japan gets Pokémon Go, Goldman tightens belt, sandal/sock fashion

7/19/2016 - Airbnb is going to pay LA millions of dollars in taxes each year, and it’s totally thrilled

7/19/2016 - Twitter is hoping that sports is the answer to its user growth problem

7/19/2016 - You can now make an emoji of yourself to use in Snapchat

7/19/2016 - Now you can apply to get Twitter’s super coveted, mega cool verification checkmark

7/19/2016 - Pokémon Go is coming to Japan, the ancestral homeland of Pokémon

7/19/2016 - Trump’s GOP platform voiced strong support for Ukraine–until it didn’t

7/19/2016 - How to make a signal-blocking cell phone pouch

7/19/2016 - Invisible innovations are transforming the way we live, work, and engage with one another

7/19/2016 - Watch John Kerry try not to laugh as the State Dept. press corps rips into Boris Johnson

7/19/2016 - In return for your loyalty, airlines keep rewarding you with fewer frequent-flyer miles

7/19/2016 - The US government has changed its reason for denying my request for data on who’s entering the country

7/19/2016 - 38 Bangladeshis could face the death penalty for their part in the Rana Plaza factory collapse

7/19/2016 - The simplest explanation of how Melania Trump’s speech was plagiarized, and six more exciting theories

7/19/2016 - There’s a possible norovirus outbreak at the Republican National Convention

7/19/2016 - A pink algae bloom in Greenland is speeding up the terrifying rise of sea levels globally

7/19/2016 - The New York Public Library’s little-known “human Google” service answers any question by phone

7/19/2016 - Turkey is purging 1,577 university deans and 15,200 education workers

7/19/2016 - Germany wants to put black boxes in its self-driving cars

7/19/2016 - Brexit mastermind Nigel Farage is in Cleveland to attend the Republican National Convention

7/19/2016 - Stephen Colbert coined a new word to describe Trump’s complicated relationship with facts: “Trumpiness”

7/19/2016 - Everything at the RNC more disturbing than Melania Trump’s speech

7/19/2016 - People are pledging to pay Starbucks if it severs ties with Donald Trump

7/19/2016 - How summer camp went from urban escape to rich-kid refuge

7/19/2016 - One way to get around Brexit: Become an e-resident of Estonia

7/19/2016 - The gentleman’s argument for wearing socks with sandals

7/19/2016 - All of your marathon training questions answered by 100-time marathoner Hal Higdon

7/19/2016 - Snapchat wants to use image recognition to send ads, and it could be a little creepy

7/19/2016 - Here’s how to stop Pokémon Go from destroying your phone’s battery

7/19/2016 - Scientists just captured unprecedented footage of the violent life of corals

7/19/2016 - Watch Rubik’s Cube champions solve cubes blindfolded, or using only their feet

7/19/2016 - You can measure illiteracy around the world just by looking at mobile phone data

7/19/2016 - There’s good news to be found in the global economy, if you know where to look

7/19/2016 - Only 10% of iPhone owners say they’re very likely to upgrade this year if Apple doesn’t release a new phone design

7/19/2016 - The child refugee axe attacker in Germany is only going to make people more scared

7/19/2016 - The Super Bowl winner who will fulfill his rugby dreams at the Rio Olympics

7/19/2016 - Researchers say some dinosaurs cooed romantically when mating

7/19/2016 - Scientists injected cows with “happy hormones” and got healthier milk

7/19/2016 - Goldman Sachs earnings, Melania plagiarizes Michelle, mile-high (beer) club

7/19/2016 - China’s latest genetic engineering experiment is a flock of sheep no one wants

7/19/2016 - Mobile money giant M-Pesa is getting its own debit card to compete with banks

7/19/2016 - Raghuram Rajan blames “IIT” for India’s massive unbanked population

7/19/2016 - An artist remembers Africa’s disappearing “Black Mamba” bicycles with his own whimsical designs

7/19/2016 - London bookstores are trying to tempt book lovers with a one-hour delivery service

7/19/2016 - Dear Steve King: Here are some things not invented by white people

7/19/2016 - Kenya is pressuring thousands of expat NGO workers and volunteers to go home

7/19/2016 - Trump’s convention, South China Sea drills, airplane kegs

7/19/2016 - Melania Trump wore a $2,200 Roksanda dress to the RNC and it quickly sold out

7/19/2016 - Can India save yoga from White people?

7/19/2016 - Melania Trump’s speech at the RNC plagiarized from Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC address

7/19/2016 - What will happen to Mumbai if a cyclone rips through the city?

7/19/2016 - Update: Melania Trump plagiarized several lines from Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech

7/18/2016 - The heirs of India’s old and rich family businesses are, increasingly, heiresses

7/18/2016 - What Cleveland rocks: Trump supporters who are open-carrying firearms

7/18/2016 - This is the bizarre Melania Trump video you should really watch tonight

7/18/2016 - There’s only one way to find out what really happened in Turkey

7/18/2016 - Just read the comments on the RNC YouTube livestream to understand how divided America has become (if you can)

7/18/2016 - Netflix shares are tanking after the company’s bad miss on second-quarter subscriber growth

7/18/2016 - Russia’s Olympic doping, Trump’s convention, airplane kegs

7/18/2016 - The iPhone is being used to study rheumatoid arthritis

7/18/2016 - Marissa Mayer promised “not to screw up” Tumblr, but she totally has

7/18/2016 - IBM might finally be in for a sales turnaround after 17 quarters of falling revenue

7/18/2016 - Two people are in critical condition after an axe-wielding man attacked passengers on a German train

7/18/2016 - Could we be our own biggest obstacle to health care reform?

7/18/2016 - Connected farms are the future of agriculture

7/18/2016 - Technology gives farming something to grow on

7/18/2016 - As our population ages, how can we rein in rising costs?

7/18/2016 - As our population ages, how can we rein in rising costs?

7/18/2016 - Could we be our own biggest obstacle to health care reform?

7/18/2016 - An Indian woman has allegedly been raped by the same men who assaulted her three years ago

7/18/2016 - A Muslim group is handing out a cure for Islamophobia at the RNC

7/18/2016 - The US government has lifted its ban on flights from Turkey

7/18/2016 - A running tally of everyone the Turkish government has arrested and fired since the coup

7/18/2016 - Twitter has finally figured out how to quickly shut down trolls who rejoice at public tragedy

7/18/2016 - All those Apple Music playlists are produced by just a dozen people

7/18/2016 - Paul Ryan doesn’t understand why this selfie shows the problem with internships

7/18/2016 - Trump blaming immigrants for spreading disease isn’t just offensive, it’s scientifically wrong

7/18/2016 - Here’s who didn’t make the cut to speak at the Republican National Convention

7/18/2016 - “Stranger Things,” Netflix’s Spielbergian sci-fi adventure, is your perfect summer binge

7/18/2016 - A SpaceX rocket launches and returns to earth in a single, stunning timelapse photo

7/18/2016 - Hotels are finally figuring out that guests hate traditional check-in times

7/18/2016 - “Old white men sitting on gold thrones”: The funniest tweets about Trump and Pence’s first joint interview

7/18/2016 - Beijing announces new plans for breaking international law in the South China Sea

7/18/2016 - This is what Amazon’s homepage looked like when it launched 25 years ago

7/18/2016 - The Pokémon Go craze has people out searching for more than just Pokémon

7/18/2016 - Stephen Colbert crashed the Republican National Convention, insulted Trump, and got escorted off stage

7/18/2016 - The African Union has launched its visa-free passport but it won’t make travel easier for Africans yet

7/18/2016 - Yahoo’s future could be decided today

7/18/2016 - Softbank’s acquisition in the ARM is its largest—and boldest—investment to date

7/18/2016 - Why are we still waiting for a birth-control pill for men?

7/18/2016 - With apps like Netflix and Hulu, your old cable box wants to once again be your home entertainment hub

7/18/2016 - Russia’s government used spies to cover up doping in “virtually all sports”—even table tennis

7/18/2016 - Bill Gates thinks Africa’s youth are vital for driving innovation

7/18/2016 - Republicans couldn’t bring themselves to include the word LGBT in their new party platform

7/18/2016 - An English mining company is keeping an entire species from extinction in Mexico

7/18/2016 - Everything you need to know about the Ethereum “hard fork”

7/18/2016 - The $32 billion Japanese takeover of a British tech giant is not a “big vote of confidence” in post-Brexit Britain

7/18/2016 - Scientists have created a real life microscopic Pac-Man maze

7/18/2016 - Donald Trump is going to try really hard to be a conservative during the Republican convention

7/18/2016 - Taylor Swift and Kanye West are having a public argument about men taking credit for women’s success

7/18/2016 - SoftBank just became one of Apple’s most important suppliers

7/18/2016 - Microsoft’s win over the US government is a rare moment of clarity around global data laws

7/18/2016 - We’d know a lot more about gun violence if the US government would lift its ban on funding research

7/18/2016 - The science of serving draft beer at 35,000 feet

7/18/2016 - Amsterdam commuters are playing their own augmented reality game that doesn’t require a phone

7/18/2016 - Meet the oldest Olympians battling it out at Rio—and redefining what the human body can do

7/18/2016 - Trump’s coronation begins, ARM’s $32 billion offer, hating “All Lives Matter”

7/18/2016 - A century later, science backs some of the crazy ideas in Freud’s book on the interpretation of dreams

7/18/2016 - Even $3 billion may not be enough to solve India’s skills crisis

7/18/2016 - New Delhi is selling Indian democracy to Kashmiris by gagging the press

7/18/2016 - Republicans convene, SoftBank eyes ARM Holdings, mighty mushrooms

7/18/2016 - In India’s Silicon Valley, dying trees mirror a beautiful city’s dreadful decline

7/18/2016 - SpaceX breaks two records in its latest mission to the International Space Station

7/18/2016 - SoftBank’s $32 billion bid for ARM proves Masayoshi Son is back in the driver’s seat

7/18/2016 - Even educated Indians think of the Reserve Bank as a mysterious black box

7/17/2016 - It is Beijing’s fault that China lost big in the South China Sea ruling

7/17/2016 - Republicans convene, failed Turkish coup, mighty mushrooms

7/17/2016 - The psychology of why mass shootings may be contagious

7/17/2016 - Jesse Jackson calls for reconciliation over revenge after rash of violence in the US

7/17/2016 - A vegan mayo CEO has embarked on a one-man, $200,000 ad campaign against Donald Trump

7/17/2016 - Almost everyone in Buenos Aires is in therapy

7/17/2016 - Three police officers are dead in Baton Rouge: What we know so far

7/17/2016 - Always stay for the after party: Tips from the negotiation bible for world leaders

7/17/2016 - To be a better negotiator, talk to your colleagues like you talk to your kids

7/17/2016 - Body language you should borrow from your dog and use on your boss

7/17/2016 - Sex workers have created the perfect method for keeping people honest online

7/17/2016 - Controversial Pakistani social media star dead in apparent honor killing

7/17/2016 - The surprising power of a movement once social media is taken away

7/17/2016 - In troubled times, we need the healing power of Simone Biles, Serena Williams, and black girl magic

7/17/2016 - London’s total dominance of the UK economy, charted

7/17/2016 - Erdogan promised to bring true democracy to Turkey. Instead, he’s held it hostage

7/17/2016 - Edhi: “I come from ordinary people.”

7/17/2016 - Psychology can help us understand the warped logic of revenge

7/17/2016 - An Obama official says the biggest threat from AI is that we won’t invest enough in it

7/17/2016 - Behind every successful Silicon Valley visionary is a brilliant operator

7/17/2016 - The secret of anti-terror architecture: Your city is probably safer than you realize

7/17/2016 - The social media snafus we can expect from Olympic athletes in Rio

7/17/2016 - The perfect breakfast for people with depression

7/17/2016 - Identifying ‘suspicious’ passengers is where customer service meets national security

7/17/2016 - Africa’s universities, Captain Zimbabwe, M-Pesa taxes

7/17/2016 - A review of Boris Johnson’s grueling first days as foreign secretary

7/17/2016 - Brexit: A love story

7/16/2016 - All your questions about the Turkey coup, answered

7/16/2016 - The US government has banned flights to and from Turkey

7/16/2016 - Let’s face it: Live-streaming disasters doesn’t make the world a better place

7/16/2016 - Donald Trump’s rollout of Mike Pence was the most unusual VP announcement in memory

7/16/2016 - The US is poised to pass a new law making GMO labeling mandatory for food products

7/16/2016 - Political scientists have isolated why disasters push us farther to the right

7/16/2016 - Turkey threatens war on “any country” supporting exiled cleric Gülen—like the US

7/16/2016 - Now it’s time to really panic: Pokemon Go servers are down

7/16/2016 - The hashtag “I want death” is trending on Turkish Twitter, after a failed coup

7/16/2016 - Scientists say music is more like a cultural cuisine than a universal language

7/16/2016 - Google readies voters ahead of the 2016 election registration

7/16/2016 - This little drone could be the next Michelangelo

7/16/2016 - Women can be scientists and rockstars too: The emoji world is ditching gender stereotypes

7/16/2016 - Disney firefighters were told to stop feeding alligators months before a toddler was snatched

7/16/2016 - Weekend edition—Terror in context, India’s floating doctors, loving sleep

7/16/2016 - Venezuela’s food crisis has reached the country’s classrooms

7/16/2016 - A designer will grow Alexander McQueen’s skin in a lab to use for leather bags and jackets

7/16/2016 - How opponents of Turkey’s coup used the call to prayer to mobilize protests

7/16/2016 - The chart that shows Facebook has made virtually zero progress diversifying its technical staff

7/16/2016 - Researchers have finally discovered the key to naturally stripping sugar from all our foods

7/16/2016 - Simple self-care practices for when it feels like the world is falling apart

7/16/2016 - Is global academic collaboration a new form of colonization?

7/16/2016 - The inflatable swan is having a (very long) moment

7/16/2016 - Germany finally apologizes for its other genocide—more than a century later

7/16/2016 - The UK’s new PM has already clashed with Silicon Valley over her push for more surveillance powers

7/16/2016 - Turkey’s government defeated a coup, and is forcing the military men behind it to strip

7/16/2016 - Weekend edition—Terror in context, India’s floating doctors, loving sleep

7/16/2016 - CNN Türk used Facebook Live to broadcast its own takeover during a military coup

7/15/2016 - Turkey’s president is back in Istanbul, and the military coup against him is foundering

7/15/2016 - Weekend edition—Terror in context, India’s floating doctors, loving sleep

7/15/2016 - Weekend edition—Terror in context, India’s floating doctors, loving sleep

7/15/2016 - A brief history of recent military coups in Turkey

7/15/2016 - Turkey blocked three social-media giants and its internet traffic fell by half

7/15/2016 - What is a coup?

7/15/2016 - What will happen to the nearly 3 million Syrian refugees in Turkey?

7/15/2016 - Photos: What it looks like on the ground in Turkey right now

7/15/2016 - A reclusive religious scholar in Pennsylvania may be behind the attempted coup in Turkey

7/15/2016 - The Turkish lira tanks after reports of a coup in Istanbul

7/15/2016 - Airport, bridges, internet: Here is what’s down right now due to the Turkey coup attempt

7/15/2016 - Donald Trump’s new campaign logo is a four-month nuisance that will be gone after the election

7/15/2016 - Turkey’s military launches a coup; Erdogan vows to resist

7/15/2016 - France’s terror warning app never went off after the Bastille Day attack in Nice

7/15/2016 - Turkish military seizes power according to media reports; jets fly over Ankara, Istanbul bridges closed

7/15/2016 - The Polish interior minister blamed the Nice attack on political correctness

7/15/2016 - “Mr. Robot” played to our worst technology fears with a mini horror movie about a hacked smart home

7/15/2016 - Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel: What we know about the suspect in the Nice truck attack

7/15/2016 - Moving photos of people around the world honoring the victims of Nice

7/15/2016 - Donald Trump tells Twitter that Indiana governor Mike Pence is his running mate

7/15/2016 - Ethiopia’s world heritage sites are fueling a tourism boom as Kenya and Tanzania take a hit

7/15/2016 - After Nice, Trump “emotionally reacted,” snubbed his VP, fundraised and went on O’Reilly instead

7/15/2016 - Quartzy: the self-care edition

7/15/2016 - Welcome to the Quartz Index. Here are the latest updates.

7/15/2016 - How a bystander with “extraordinary courage” helped stop the Nice truck attack

7/15/2016 - Three very good reasons Americans should worry about the militarization of the police

7/15/2016 - Forget Pokémon Go, there’s another augmented reality game that’s way better

7/15/2016 - Pokémon Go could improve brain health, but you’re too distracted to let it

7/15/2016 - Theresa May is the latest woman leader appointed in a crisis and set up for failure

7/15/2016 - Why our weight fluctuates on a daily basis

7/15/2016 - The idiotic argument Americans use in almost any political debate

7/15/2016 - Researchers from Harvard and Bristol found a way to improve a kid’s math skills for only $10 a year

7/15/2016 - “Ghostbusters” with women is 100% less sexist than the original

7/15/2016 - LA’s new skyscraper glass slide is terrifying

7/15/2016 - “A sad day for France, for Europe”—World leaders react to the horrific attack in Nice

7/15/2016 - More than ten children were killed and 50 were hospitalized in the Nice truck attack

7/15/2016 - Scientists have found a way to genetically engineer the goodness of fish oil in a widely used plant oil

7/15/2016 - Nigeria must stop paying for peace in order to end a cycle of disruption in the Delta region

7/15/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Deadly attack in Nice, world leaders in Mongolia, why turtles have shells

7/15/2016 - Deadly attack in Nice, world leaders in Mongolia, why turtles have shells

7/15/2016 - The only way to save the EU is for the UK to leave it

7/15/2016 - The big daddies of India Inc. are moving aside to let the kids play

7/15/2016 - Africa’s economies are set to get a boost from tighter integration with or without Brexit

7/15/2016 - The privacy of mobile money users is under threat as the Kenyan taxman chases new revenue

7/15/2016 - You may be Sania Mirza or Jennifer Aniston, but you’re not “settled” until you’re a mother

7/15/2016 - Distraught friends and relatives are using Twitter and Facebook to search for missing people in Nice

7/15/2016 - Attack in Nice, China GDP, turtle shells

7/15/2016 - What we know so far about the deadly truck attack in Nice, France

7/15/2016 - Indian investors are still crazy about IT

7/15/2016 - China says its quarterly GDP growth is—surprise!—right on track at 6.7%

7/15/2016 - Further sign of chaos in the UK: The prime minister’s horrific new letterhead

7/14/2016 - Speculation is the latest trend in India’s online retail sector

7/14/2016 - Donald Trump says he will postpone his VP announcement after the Nice attack

7/14/2016 - T-Mobile is all over the Pokémon Go craze

7/14/2016 - A truck crashed into a Bastille Day crowd in Nice, killing more than 70 people

7/14/2016 - Deadly Nice crash, Line’s blazing IPO, turtle shells

7/14/2016 - Where are Natalie Portman’s pants in the New York Times story about her directorial debut?

7/14/2016 - A black Republican US senator shares his frustrating encounters with the police

7/14/2016 - American teens are the International Mathematical Olympiad champions for the second year running

7/14/2016 - Advertising in Pokémon Go won’t stop at sponsored locations

7/14/2016 - “Trump would be a disaster for innovation”: An open letter from Silicon Valley leaders

7/14/2016 - An Indian company sent 6,000 bags of green tea to Donald Trump to “cleanse” him

7/14/2016 - Mike Pence, Trump’s likely running mate, has backed every free trade deal in the last 15 years

7/14/2016 - White people, here’s the answer to your first two questions after a black man is killed by police officers

7/14/2016 - Donald Trump’s likely VP pick spotted arriving at a New Jersey airport, ahead of official announcement

7/14/2016 - 2016 Emmy Nominations: It’s HBO’s world and we’re just watching it

7/14/2016 - Social media activism just helped Zimbabwe’s anti-Mugabe movement score a major victory

7/14/2016 - Nintendo is releasing a mini version of its iconic NES gaming console

7/14/2016 - A cancer-drug trial is so important that the FDA has let it continue despite three patients dying

7/14/2016 - Your children are watching Donald Trump, too, says Clinton’s new ad

7/14/2016 - Poll: Americans are sick and tired of hearing about the presidential election

7/14/2016 - The ultimate guide to Pokémon Go

7/14/2016 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg regrets her disparaging comments about Donald Trump

7/14/2016 - Pokémon may have won the final battle, but Digimon is still capturing some hearts

7/14/2016 - The biggest problem with email? It’s way too convenient

7/14/2016 - Only ten of the world’s top 1,000 universities are in Africa, according to one list

7/14/2016 - Watch the 2016 Emmy Awards nominations live online

7/14/2016 - Three theories as to why the least diplomatic person in Britain was just named to be foreign secretary

7/14/2016 - A business ethics lecturer used Kendrick Lamar lyrics in an exam and his students loved it

7/14/2016 - There’s already a Pokémon Go economy in the UK, even though the game was just released here

7/14/2016 - Low interest rates are about to really mess with America’s baby boomers

7/14/2016 - Lighter weights do as much for building muscle as heavier ones, new research says

7/14/2016 - JPMorgan lost two leaders on its blockchain project

7/14/2016 - On TripAdvisor, you can now rate flights and airlines like you do hotels

7/14/2016 - Tech companies are slowly making progress adding women to their boards

7/14/2016 - Facebook and Twitter are getting rich by building a culture of snitching

7/14/2016 - Did a robot just solve a prevailing mystery of evolution?

7/14/2016 - The US has cut off the path to citizenship for India and China’s most exceptionally talented people

7/14/2016 - Post-Brexit vote, the Bank of England has not immediately cut interest rates—but says it might in August

7/14/2016 - All of Cleveland will be a “No Drone Zone” for the GOP convention

7/14/2016 - Should you pay a hacker’s ransom?

7/14/2016 - The future is here: People are now eating more farmed fish than wild-caught fish

7/14/2016 - These are the flashpoints to watch in the South China Sea now that China’s claims have been crushed

7/14/2016 - Bank of England’s Brexit response, skyrocketing Nintendo, expensive French presidential hair

7/14/2016 - Line’s $1.3 billion IPO shows cuteness is the new killer app

7/14/2016 - Britain’s new foreign secretary once referred to Africa’s “watermelon smiles” and “piccanninies”

7/14/2016 - Amazon is developing a 3D modeling system to solve online clothes shopping’s biggest problem

7/14/2016 - China’s state media is wrong to claim India supports Beijing in the South China Sea

7/14/2016 - Nest is hoping its new outdoor camera will outsmart burglars

7/14/2016 - In India, Starbucks is now serving coffee with dollops of humour

7/14/2016 - South China Sea warnings, Boris Johnson’s return, ferret candy drones

7/14/2016 - Narendra Modi is the new corrosive “other man” in Indian families

7/14/2016 - China’s citizens are livid at the South China Sea ruling because they’ve always been taught it is theirs

7/13/2016 - Zara’s fast fashion is starting to slow down in India

7/13/2016 - Pokémon Go is getting Indian youth to do what their parents never could

7/13/2016 - The US has its first non-white, non-male Librarian of Congress

7/13/2016 - Boris Johnson’s return, Japan’s emperor exit, ferret candy drones

7/13/2016 - Drones will deliver vaccine-laden M&M-like baits in a bid to save endangered ferrets

7/13/2016 - The UK now has a Brexit minister, and Boris Johnson has been named foreign secretary

7/13/2016 - How much white privilege do you have? A checklist from 1988 is still relevant today

7/13/2016 - A dishwasher at Yale used a broomstick to smash a stained glass window of slaves picking cotton

7/13/2016 - Dallas shooter Micah Xavier Johnson arranged the purchase of an AK-47 on Facebook

7/13/2016 - In her first speech as UK prime minister, Theresa May made it clear she won’t backtrack on Brexit

7/13/2016 - An X-Men series is in development because TV won’t stop until every superhero has a show

7/13/2016 - It’s good for America that Ruth Bader Ginsburg didn’t keep her Trump opinions to herself

7/13/2016 - Jennifer Aniston is absolutely right: “We don’t need to be married or mothers to be complete”

7/13/2016 - David Cameron’s children just appeared on TV for the first time, for his resignation

7/13/2016 - The cat photo that David Cameron just had to share, on his last day on the job as prime minister

7/13/2016 - The way you’re stretching is almost certainly not doing anything for you

7/13/2016 - Study: Controlling parents have maladaptive perfectionist kids

7/13/2016 - Big Food is disclosing the nitty gritty details of our food—in a place where no one looks

7/13/2016 - I’m a huge Pokémon fan, and I hate playing Pokémon Go

7/13/2016 - Sex, money, a hangman’s noose: This lawsuit against Hyperloop One has it all

7/13/2016 - “Her mind is shot!” Donald Trump fires back at Ruth Bader Ginsburg for slamming him in the media

7/13/2016 - Striking, decades-old images from the first of 1200 found film rolls capture an intimate side of US history

7/13/2016 - The US is still throwing away a ridiculous amount of edible food

7/13/2016 - You may soon be able to invest in bitcoin without all the risks of owning bitcoin

7/13/2016 - When meds didn’t improve my depression, I tried retraining my brain waves instead

7/13/2016 - GE and Microsoft join forces to give the industrial cloud more power

7/13/2016 - The Pokémon Go interval workout routine

7/13/2016 - There’s a simple reason Donald Trump’s opponents are ignoring his rape accusers

7/13/2016 - Now’s your chance to audition for Apple’s reality TV version of “Silicon Valley”

7/13/2016 - The idea that a woman’s fertility plummets at age 35 comes from bad science

7/13/2016 - Less is better: “Helvetica” documentarian aims to give industrial designer Dieter Rams his due

7/13/2016 - Watch the world’s largest orchestra perform with over 7,500 musicians

7/13/2016 - Medically, lightening your skin really isn’t good for it

7/13/2016 - Square is guilting us into tipping basically everyone

7/13/2016 - What you need to know about Theresa May, the UK’s next prime minister

7/13/2016 - This is the majesty of Jupiter and its moons, captured by Juno in orbit

7/13/2016 - Silicon Valley is hacking spiritual practices to boost productivity

7/13/2016 - Sorry, Ghostbusters purists, but the original spirit exterminator was a woman who lived 100 years ago

7/13/2016 - A year on, Iran’s nuclear deal is helping its economy, but not as much as some hoped

7/13/2016 - The US government says if you make less than $20 an hour, a robot is probably going to take your job

7/13/2016 - In the euro zone’s latest crisis, Italy is torn between saving the banks or saving its people

7/13/2016 - A robot mall cop did more harm than good

7/13/2016 - Theresa May’s big day, Amnesty slams Egypt, the rise of female politicians

7/13/2016 - Why an iconic Indian detergent-maker has made a billion-dollar bet on cement

7/13/2016 - Ireland’s 26% growth is more paper tiger than Celtic tiger

7/13/2016 - Platoons of self-driving trucks are one rule change away from being legal in the UK

7/13/2016 - The plan to stop spam texts from Nigerian phone networks sounded too good to be true—because it is

7/13/2016 - President Yoweri Museveni took a call on the side of the road, and Ugandans thought it was hilarious

7/13/2016 - On one of the world’s largest rivers, floating clinics bring doctors and medicines to millions

7/13/2016 - South China Sea ships, Pokemon’s Holocaust botch, cooing dinosaurs

7/13/2016 - Rural migrants aren’t the reason why India’s major cities are overcrowded, the apathetic government is

7/13/2016 - The Indian Muslim’s agony of being the “other” among our own

7/12/2016 - People are spending more time on Pokémon Go than Facebook

7/12/2016 - The Philippines’ victory in the South China Sea could push neighboring countries to rein in China

7/12/2016 - The surgeon who worked to save Dallas officers explains his complicated feelings about police

7/12/2016 - South China Sea ruling, Italian train crash, cooing dinosaurs

7/12/2016 - If more video games were like Pokémon Go, maybe I’d actually play them

7/12/2016 - Pokémon Go addicts are flocking to churches, mosques, memorials and cemeteries

7/12/2016 - A transgender equality ad will air on Fox News during the Republican National Convention

7/12/2016 - Obama’s Dallas speech pinpoints the tensions between police and the communities they serve

7/12/2016 - It’s time for hotels to really, truly worry about Airbnb

7/12/2016 - Pokemon Go: To play the biggest fad of 2016, it helps to use the biggest fad of 2015

7/12/2016 - Accept the inevitable: There’s totally going to be a Pokemon Go movie

7/12/2016 - Taylor Swift didn’t become the world’s highest-earning celebrity by selling music

7/12/2016 - Pokémon Go is making $1.6 million each day in the US from iOS users paying for silly virtual goods

7/12/2016 - Oscar winner Morgan Freeman talks acting, sailing, and travelling the world

7/12/2016 - What you may not know about Oscar winner Morgan Freeman

7/12/2016 - Oscar winner Morgan Freeman talks acting, sailing, and travelling the world

7/12/2016 - Kenyans stranded in South Sudan ask why their government isn’t helping them leave

7/12/2016 - 90% of software developers work outside Silicon Valley

7/12/2016 - Everything money can buy: A look inside Amazon’s massive warehouses

7/12/2016 - What you may not know about Oscar winner Morgan Freeman

7/12/2016 - Oscar winner Morgan Freeman talks acting, sailing, and travelling the world

7/12/2016 - What you may not know about Oscar winner Morgan Freeman

7/12/2016 - Watch: Ashley Madison’s poignant new ads manage to make infidelity look oddly charming

7/12/2016 - Manhattanhenge or Pokémon Go? New Yorkers couldn’t keep their eyes off their phones yesterday

7/12/2016 - Bernie Sanders finally endorsed Hillary Clinton

7/12/2016 - Beijing scoffs at a South China Sea ruling, as China’s netizens mock the Philippines as a “banana seller”

7/12/2016 - There’s a new app to treat insomnia that seems to really work

7/12/2016 - “‘I was collecting Pokemon’ is not a legal defense”: Police warn Pokemon Go trespassers

7/12/2016 - If America used Australia’s voting system, there’s no way Trump could win

7/12/2016 - Our weird future of loving robotic pets

7/12/2016 - Chemists accidentally created this beautiful new color in a lab experiment, and now you can paint with it

7/12/2016 - Pokemon Go could be a death sentence if you’re a black man

7/12/2016 - How two German newspaper reporters broke the story behind the Panama Papers

7/12/2016 - Virtual health care is a great idea that just won’t totally work for most people

7/12/2016 - Why private equity is backing the world’s most violent sport

7/12/2016 - A US military supplier has become one of the most sought-after brands in fashion

7/12/2016 - The best way to have a baby is any damn way you want to

7/12/2016 - Antidepressants don’t just treat depression–they can make us more sociable, too

7/12/2016 - Cats use physics to get what they want, scientists have found

7/12/2016 - A fragile ceasefire in South Sudan appears to be holding

7/12/2016 - Pokemon Go players have already discovered a bunch of hacks

7/12/2016 - Most—but not all—Europeans nations fear the influx of refugees will lead to more terrorism

7/12/2016 - Allergy study: Nail-biting and thumb-sucking are great for kids in one way

7/12/2016 - Explained: Why the UK doesn’t need an election to get a new prime minister

7/12/2016 - Ethiopia blocked social media for everyone because it’s “a distraction for students”

7/12/2016 - Wiseguys: Mobsters who went to college made more moolah than their less-educated mafia pals

7/12/2016 - China has no respect for international law, its neighbors, or marine life, a tribunal rules

7/12/2016 - Bernie endorses Hillary, South China Sea ruling, loneliness in Silicon Valley

7/12/2016 - Keep calm and Brexit on: History suggests leaving Europe is great for Britain

7/12/2016 - In 2016, investment banks have already made nearly $60 million from M&As in India

7/12/2016 - In Kashmir crisis, an opportunity for Narendra Modi

7/12/2016 - The real reason Amazon is bringing back Amazon Prime Day

7/12/2016 - ISIL took its terror campaign to the heart of Islam. But Muslims will not be broken

7/12/2016 - Why is GoAir going where hardly any Indian airline has gone before?

7/12/2016 - South China Sea ruling, Tesla probe, Pokemon privacy

7/12/2016 - “Every societal failure, we put it on the cops to solve”: Dallas police chief David Brown

7/12/2016 - Is China on the brink of “going rogue” over the South China Sea decision?

7/12/2016 - What does an IIM graduate say to his 20-year younger self?

7/12/2016 - It is time for China to “Chexit” from the South China Sea—a new rallying cry in the Philippines

7/11/2016 - Pokémon Go’s developer says it’s not snooping on your Google account

7/11/2016 - Snapdeal’s co-founder declares an end to the company’s latest “tryst” with the skeptics

7/11/2016 - Tesla investigated, Theresa May’s start date, Pokemon security risks

7/11/2016 - Commuting with Uber in New York is cheaper than taking the subway this summer

7/11/2016 - Pokémon Go can read your emails and view your search history if you log in with Google

7/11/2016 - Thanks to a typhoon, the internet learned the best way of drinking bubble tea

7/11/2016 - Nearly 3,000 people have died crossing the Mediterranean in the past six months

7/11/2016 - The Baton Rouge district attorney recused himself from the investigation into the killing of Alton Sterling

7/11/2016 - Twitter is protecting celebrities from their own embarrassing tweets

7/11/2016 - “The Night Of” proves HBO will be just fine when “Game of Thrones” ends

7/11/2016 - Skin-lightening is a $10 billion industry, and Ghana wants nothing to do with it  

7/11/2016 - Parts of Florida are in a state of emergency over a toxic algae bloom that can be seen from space

7/11/2016 - David Cameron is caught humming a jaunty little tune after announcing his resignation as UK prime minister

7/11/2016 - The world is horrible right now, and the stock market seems to love it

7/11/2016 - Simone Biles: The awe-inspiring gymnastics routines of America’s next Olympics star

7/11/2016 - Creative directors should not be CEOs, and Burberry investors know it

7/11/2016 - Six concrete things white Americans can do, because black lives matter

7/11/2016 - The wild last moments of lost, dropped, and drowning GoPros

7/11/2016 - A contender for UK prime minister played the mommy card and it backfired spectacularly

7/11/2016 - Kellogg is using the voodoo of grocery store layouts to sell more cereal

7/11/2016 - Jeff Bezos’ master plan to make everyone an Amazon Prime subscriber is working

7/11/2016 - The photo of a Black Lives Matter protestor that the next generation will study in history class

7/11/2016 - China reacts to the death of two peacekeepers in South Sudan with grief and rage

7/11/2016 - Why do American police officers dress like soldiers, and does it actually keep anyone safe?

7/11/2016 - The Dhaka attacks were a product of Bangladesh’s fractious politics

7/11/2016 - A ruthless general called ‘King Paul’ may be behind South Sudan’s recent conflict

7/11/2016 - Low-paying crowdsourced jobs are attracting a lot of young, college-educated Americans

7/11/2016 - China illegally cordoned off a huge part of the South China Sea for military drills—and will likely do so again

7/11/2016 - Theresa May is set to become Britain’s next prime minister

7/11/2016 - You can get Pokemon Go outside the US, Australia, and New Zealand, but there’s a big risk

7/11/2016 - Designing the front desk with empathy can take pain out of the hotel check-in process

7/11/2016 - China claims it is the “victim” in the South China Sea controversy

7/11/2016 - Millennials will work forever–but they may be happier for it

7/11/2016 - Silicon Valley’s co-working boom is no cure for its crushing loneliness

7/11/2016 - What would Abraham Lincoln say to Donald Trump about religion, politics, and being a “Know Nothing?”

7/11/2016 - A 101-year-old woman can play Broadway tunes by ear but can’t remember where she is

7/11/2016 - More than a year after its release, and still no one wants to buy an Apple Watch

7/11/2016 - Like people, birds that live in the city are louder, meaner, and more stressed out than their country cousins

7/11/2016 - Pokemon Go has added nearly $11 billion to the value of Nintendo since its release

7/11/2016 - Why is Kashmir so angry?

7/11/2016 - Portugal’s soccer triumph, Line’s $7-billion IPO, astronauts love space horror films

7/11/2016 - English is and will be the lingua franca of Europe in spite of Brexit

7/11/2016 - South Sudan is on the verge of another civil war

7/11/2016 - After Brexit, what next for the three million EU citizens living in the UK?

7/11/2016 - Indian women are excluded from health insurance benefits on an industrial scale

7/11/2016 - South Sudan, Line IPO, horror films in space

7/11/2016 - Here’s how huge amounts of trash from the Pearl River Delta washed up on Hong Kong’s shores

7/11/2016 - India’s biggest fund manager watches soap and detergent sales, not GDP, while investing

7/11/2016 - In a gloomy India, an IIT and a state government have set out in pursuit of happiness

7/10/2016 - I wanted to play Pokemon Go so badly, I downloaded this Chinese knockoff

7/10/2016 - More Brexit fallout, South Sudan civil war, horror films in space

7/10/2016 - Moths plagued the Euro 2016 final

7/10/2016 - Augmented reality gets sinister as Pokemon Go leads players to a real-life dead body and armed robbers

7/10/2016 - How to watch the France vs. Portugal Euro 2016 final

7/10/2016 - Now the 100 individual privacy settings you need to set on your phone can be done in a single app

7/10/2016 - Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson broadcast his own arrest in Baton Rouge via Periscope

7/10/2016 - Jeb Bush may have gotten the fewest votes, but he spent the most on Uber

7/10/2016 - Africa’s Innovators, Zimbabwe’s WhatsApp fail , Kenya’s police

7/10/2016 - USA’s soccer world champions are playing to win at equal pay too

7/10/2016 - You can now download iOS 10—but you probably shouldn’t

7/10/2016 - Social media has never been more important to black Americans than this week

7/10/2016 - Cheap robots are coming for our farm jobs by taking the most brutal tasks first

7/10/2016 - Nordic politicians are debating making school mandatory for senior citizens

7/10/2016 - “My favorite garden is always the last garden”: creative success means loving your last project best

7/10/2016 - “I feel like I never had a childhood; I had so many people depending on me.”

7/10/2016 - Apple’s creating a new sticker economy, and Kim Kardashian is going to dominate it

7/10/2016 - Berlin’s “sprayer granny” has been purging her city of racist propaganda for 30 years, one flyer at a time

7/10/2016 - Nigerians can finally block nuisance text messages from their phone networks

7/9/2016 - The Bahamas’ government is warning travelers to the US to use “extreme caution” around police

7/9/2016 - Houston police shot and killed a black man who pointed a gun at them last night

7/9/2016 - Growing research in neuroscience shows Freud’s idea of a “superego” isn’t as wacky as it sounds

7/9/2016 - The halvening is upon us: Bitcoin’s reward for miners just dropped 50%

7/9/2016 - How Japan’s election could change the shaky balance of military power in Asia

7/9/2016 - The NAACP’s “A Man Was Lynched Yesterday” flag has been reprised and hangs in New York City

7/9/2016 - Tech workers think Silicon Valley and startups are losing their luster

7/9/2016 - From JFK to the Dallas police, video cameras have given us evidence, but not always the truth

7/9/2016 - Serena Williams, queen of the court, wins her record-matching 22nd Grand Slam

7/9/2016 - What we know about the suspect in the Dallas shooting that killed five police officers

7/9/2016 - Learning the language of wine will transform the way you taste it

7/9/2016 - How do police handle violence in countries where officers don’t carry guns?

7/9/2016 - In San Francisco, preschoolers can now learn STEM with 3D printing and laser cutters

7/9/2016 - The small Canadian county that banded together to bring Syrian refugees into their community

7/9/2016 - The code that took America to the moon was just published to GitHub, and it’s like a 1960s time capsule

7/9/2016 - Jews have a special responsibility this US election to fight back against Donald Trump

7/9/2016 - Kashmir is on the edge after the death of 22-year-old militant who used Facebook as a weapon

7/9/2016 - Snapchat is getting sued because its media partners are posting highly sexual content

7/9/2016 - How do you know your body is your own?

7/9/2016 - Weekend edition—Shootings and truth, the nine-dash line, Eid fashion

7/9/2016 - A rare “blob” of unusually warm water that did massive damage to California’s marine life has reemerged

7/9/2016 - Israel realizes it needs Africa to win its diplomatic battles

7/9/2016 - Narendra Modi’s Africa trip is the latest leg of India’s catch-up race with China

7/9/2016 - Weekend edition—Shootings and truth, the nine-dash line, Eid fashion

7/9/2016 - Abdul Sattar Edhi, Pakistan’s ‘Angel of Mercy’, has died at 88

7/8/2016 - Robots are set to take the jobs of millions of Asian workers in the coming years

7/8/2016 - An Indian state has introduced a “fat tax” on fast food restaurants

7/8/2016 - Weekend edition—Shootings and truth, the nine-dash line, Eid fashion

7/8/2016 - Dallas police chief David Brown had spoken before about “the idea that snipers might attack us”

7/8/2016 - In Dallas, the primary argument of the NRA and pro-gun advocates was completely debunked

7/8/2016 - Exploring the full economic benefits of the private cloud

7/8/2016 - With police violence, Facebook Live is getting uglier—for better or for worse

7/8/2016 - In the market, time in is everything

7/8/2016 - A US ad agency converted its website into a #BlackLivesMatter message written by a black employee

7/8/2016 - Facebook is testing encrypted, self-destructing messages

7/8/2016 - The future will live on the hybrid cloud

7/8/2016 - America’s gun laws have put its people on a road to ruin

7/8/2016 - Pent-up demand for Pokemon’s new mobile game has made it impossible to play

7/8/2016 - Black Lives Matter supporters respond to the Dallas shooting of 12 police officers

7/8/2016 - The Dallas police department used a bomb robot to take out last night’s sniper

7/8/2016 - The sadness, anger, and exasperation of Obama’s statements on gun violence so far this year

7/8/2016 - Two storytellers search for meaning in unexpected moments of everyday life

7/8/2016 - Outside their 9-to-5’s, how two people chase excitement on land and sea

7/8/2016 - The Dallas shooter killed after a standoff with police said he was out to get white cops

7/8/2016 - The US has increased spending on prisons three times as fast as spending on schools

7/8/2016 - The really exciting thing about Marvel’s new black, female superhero is that she’s an engineer

7/8/2016 - Donald Trump finally sounds like a real presidential candidate in his response to the Dallas shootings

7/8/2016 - “Where’s the NRA?” Americans are asking about the Second Amendment rights of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

7/8/2016 - It’s ludicrous that Tony Blair and the West still refuse to apologize for their Iraq debacle

7/8/2016 - To free the creative process from the keyboard, a designer invented off-screen tools for all to use

7/8/2016 - The 11 qualities of a good death, according to research

7/8/2016 - Pokemon Go has given Nintendo’s share price a much-needed boost

7/8/2016 - Germany may be out of the Euros, but at least it won the World Cup of robot soccer

7/8/2016 - We’re live-charting the very strong US jobs report for June

7/8/2016 - These robot stingrays are faster and more durable thanks to a secret ingredient: rat muscles

7/8/2016 - Unicorns took the largest share of venture capital in history this past quarter

7/8/2016 - What we know so far about the Dallas sniper shootings

7/8/2016 - A US appeals court ruled that password sharing is a federal crime

7/8/2016 - Vladimir Putin wrote and perfected Donald Trump’s political playbook 15 years ago

7/8/2016 - The secret to productivity isn’t working faster—it’s doing things in the right order

7/8/2016 - A gigantic radio telescope in China is ready to start listening for alien transmissions

7/8/2016 - People can guess at your social status based on the way you laugh

7/8/2016 - Researchers say nearly all books follow one of these six emotional arcs

7/8/2016 - What we know so far about the police victims of the Dallas sniper shooting

7/8/2016 - Nobody smokes their weed any more

7/8/2016 - The TSA’s plan to keep US airport security lines moving consists of more tech, fewer humans

7/8/2016 - People are outraged that Oscar Pistorius got less than the minimum sentence for murder, but it’s the law

7/8/2016 - Police shot in Dallas, NATO meets, “white America will never understand”

7/8/2016 - An Italian doctor explains “Syndrome K,” the fake disease he invented to save Jews from the Nazis

7/8/2016 - Neuroscience can guarantee your team wins the Euros

7/8/2016 - In most of America, it’s impossible to tell a deadly sniper from a peaceful protester carrying a gun

7/8/2016 - Overseas investors are ditching the pricey US home market—especially ones from China

7/8/2016 - When an ancient tribal art depicts modern Indian life

7/8/2016 - The wildly beautiful Icelandic horse is also a wildly successful act of branding

7/8/2016 - The maker of the $4 smartphone now wants $7.5 billion from Narendra Modi

7/8/2016 - Before the chaos, a photo of peace between two Dallas police officers and a Black Lives Matter protester

7/8/2016 - Police shot in Dallas, NATO meets in Warsaw, cannibalistic Neanderthals

7/8/2016 - “Bombay’s #1 pickup artist” on how to get a girl to sleep with you in 45 minutes

7/8/2016 - After years of using white, English-speaking models, Micromax now wants you to be proud to speak Hindi

7/8/2016 - Five police officers were killed by snipers at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas

7/7/2016 - The US State Department is reopening its probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails

7/7/2016 - The line on a 70-year-old map that threatens to set off a war in East Asia

7/7/2016 - Facebook has a workaround for India’s frustratingly slow internet

7/7/2016 - Britain’s all-female PM race, Taiwan train blast, Super-typhoon Nepartak

7/7/2016 - More black people were killed by US police in 2015 than were lynched in the worst year of Jim Crow

7/7/2016 - Brexit: What does Vanguard think?

7/7/2016 - The best protection after Brexit is broad diversification

7/7/2016 - A Japanese supermarket paid $11,000 for a bunch of grapes, and is giving them out for free

7/7/2016 - A startup is trying to solve bitcoin’s child pornography problem

7/7/2016 - The OnePlus 3 proves there’s no reason why smartphones should cost so much

7/7/2016 - Videos of police brutality now resemble modern-day lynchings

7/7/2016 - US bond yields have never been this low—and we looked at data going back to 1786

7/7/2016 - Taylor Swift’s Instagram feed is ruining friendship for normal people

7/7/2016 - The most jaw-dropping drone photography of the year, selected by National Geographic

7/7/2016 - Steven Soderbergh’s Panama Papers adaptation is the latest movie ripped from very recent headlines

7/7/2016 - “Godspot”: German churches now offer free and secure wifi hotspots for all

7/7/2016 - What Amazon could learn from Yoox Net-a-Porter, the “world’s biggest luxury fashion store”

7/7/2016 - Uber has found a clever way to bypass a roadblock in Argentina involving bitcoin

7/7/2016 - How smart leaders build a culture of trust

7/7/2016 - The Rio Olympic Games has an official bug spray partner

7/7/2016 - The UK’s next prime minister will be a woman

7/7/2016 - Flying an unregistered drone in Ghana could send you to jail for 30 years

7/7/2016 - Germany finally changed its rape laws, so victims no longer have to prove they resisted attack

7/7/2016 - We want to know the formula for preventing cancer but there isn’t one

7/7/2016 - A migrant seeking asylum from Boko Haram found his death at the hands of a fascist in Italy

7/7/2016 - Chart: It hasn’t been this cheap to fly from the US to London in years

7/7/2016 - More than 500 species of microbes think the scorching surface of solar panels is a great place to live

7/7/2016 - Harvard has calculated the high price colleges pay for enduring a public scandal

7/7/2016 - Inside GE’s decision to open-source its industrial analytics platform

7/7/2016 - Just five prosecutors are responsible for 440 Americans—that’s one in seven—on death row

7/7/2016 - A video gamer with zero pro sports experience was just signed by one of the world’s best soccer clubs

7/7/2016 - The edible-insect industry has grown big enough to start lobbying Washington

7/7/2016 - A shopper’s manifesto: These three simple questions are the key to quitting fast fashion

7/7/2016 - There are fewer drunken, violent idiots on planes than ever—thanks to Xanax and social media

7/7/2016 - Trump visits Congress, police kill another black man, military-trained insects

7/7/2016 - Another black man was fatally shot at a traffic stop in the US. His girlfriend broadcast the aftermath on Facebook Live

7/7/2016 - The most nerve-wracking moment of the mission to Jupiter, in the words of NASA scientists

7/7/2016 - Photos: Despite death and gloom in Bangladesh, South Asia cheers up for Eid

7/7/2016 - A third of global government debt now has negative interest rates

7/7/2016 - China’s devastating floods can be traced back to corruption and overbuilding

7/7/2016 - As the EU threatens to unravel, the African Union is getting closer with one passport and single currency talk

7/7/2016 - Samsung soars, Trump visits Congress, military insects

7/7/2016 - Snapdeal may die a slow and painful death

7/7/2016 - Indians students prefer to work for RBI rather than American tech giants Amazon or Facebook

7/7/2016 - Quartz Africa Innovators 2016 list

7/6/2016 - Choice insults Beijing has hurled at the international tribunal about to rule on the South China Sea

7/6/2016 - Can Justin Trudeau possibly wear out his welcome?

7/6/2016 - Microsoft has made yet another cringeworthy attempt to come off as cool

7/6/2016 - Photos: A world of Muslim style, for celebrating Eid in the United States

7/6/2016 - US police shooting, Fox News harassment lawsuit, military insects

7/6/2016 - There is a psychological reason you struggle to find the right information-life balance

7/6/2016 - Teach yourself some Welsh by reading this account of the Wales vs. Portugal soccer match

7/6/2016 - India’s top court ordered Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft to ban ads for pre-birth gender tests

7/6/2016 - The case for ETFs in 3 charts

7/6/2016 - A British soldier captures the human failure of the Iraq war better in 144 words than the UK’s 12-volume report

7/6/2016 - US senators backing a controversial GMO bill just got expertly trolled by Bernie Sanders

7/6/2016 - A WhatsApp blackout in Zimbabwe was no match for massive protests against Mugabe’s failing economy

7/6/2016 - Snapchat advertised its newest feature with this hilariously awkward video

7/6/2016 - Twitter Live is a new thing from Twitter that actually seems useful

7/6/2016 - Watch: Chipotle’s adorable new animated ad is an indictment of fast food giants

7/6/2016 - Pixar says it’s committing to more original films in lieu of sequels

7/6/2016 - Hillary Clinton is now touting a Bernie-esque plan for free college

7/6/2016 - Snapchat’s newest feature is a complete departure from its original premise

7/6/2016 - Bitcoin companies are surprisingly welcoming stricter regulation in Europe

7/6/2016 - Now is the time for tourists to grab bargains on UK luxury brands like Burberry

7/6/2016 - Messi and other soccer stars avoid taxes by exploiting a basic human right

7/6/2016 - Bromance aside, Obama regime doesn’t really think much of Modi’s performance or India’s GDP figures

7/6/2016 - The US navy expects to have bomb-sniffing locusts within a year

7/6/2016 - This bot will spend the next year tweeting the Chilcot report

7/6/2016 - Video: LGBT outrage after police drag a naked man off a historically gay beach in New York

7/6/2016 - It’s a good time to be a venture capitalist

7/6/2016 - Some psychiatric patients in the US have to fight even for the right to fresh air

7/6/2016 - Five design innovations for Europe’s refugee crisis, vetted by Ikea’s head of design

7/6/2016 - The only thing Louise Linton learned on her gap-year trip to Africa was how to be an oblivious jerk

7/6/2016 - A former Fox News anchor is suing CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment

7/6/2016 - DJI is letting people override its software that prevents its drones flying in restricted areas

7/6/2016 - There are at least three totally different estimates of how many civilians died in the Iraq war

7/6/2016 - Renée Zellweger is a walking metaphor for the shameful way we treat aging women in Hollywood

7/6/2016 - A disturbing video of a Louisiana man shot to death while pinned down by police has set off a wave of protests

7/6/2016 - The world’s best player has been convicted of tax fraud. Will Lionel Messi be playing soccer in jail?

7/6/2016 - The “gay cure” experiments that were written out of scientific history

7/6/2016 - “I will be with you, whatever”: Tony Blair’s 2002 memo to George W. Bush on Iraq

7/6/2016 - The Silicon Valley revolution is for white people because its investors are all white too

7/6/2016 - “They’re treating us like rubbish”: Uber drivers in South Africa have joined a union

7/6/2016 - If US gun control advocates want to win, they should look to Ireland’s marriage equality movement

7/6/2016 - These are the brutal emergency measures it would take to pull Venezuela back from total collapse right now

7/6/2016 - Pilots are getting equipped with this mind-blowing new technology called “text messaging”

7/6/2016 - “An intervention that went badly wrong”: The UK’s vast Iraq inquiry finally gives its verdict

7/6/2016 - How the end of the Cold War forced NASA to make its Jupiter spacecraft solar-powered

7/6/2016 - After the Brexit vote, people in Europe are suddenly feeling a lot more European

7/6/2016 - Scientists have put a $2 Zika test into a portable, can-sized container

7/6/2016 - Oscar Pistorius is going back to prison—this time for six years for murder

7/6/2016 - UK’s Iraq inquiry ends, Pistorius jailed, cancer-detecting robotic rectums

7/6/2016 - “How do you allow this?”—a Jewish journalist questions Trump’s son-in-law on antisemitism

7/6/2016 - “I’m already half-dead”—Hong Kong’s outspoken bookseller is terrorized in his home city

7/6/2016 - Upending years of misconceptions, researchers have found that eating pasta can keep us lean

7/6/2016 - Adorable self-driving robots will start making deliveries in Europe this month

7/6/2016 - Chilcot report, Twitter’s board revamp, burger-flipping robots

7/6/2016 - Hillary’s sigh of relief, Theresa May’s big win, burger-flipping robots

7/6/2016 - Two “eventful” years on, India’s education minister shunted from textbooks to textiles

7/6/2016 - The Chinese company making Boston and Chicago’s new subway cars has big problems in Singapore

7/6/2016 - A dalit weaver’s son has replaced a Harvard-educated banker at India’s finance ministry

7/6/2016 - Indian shoppers check out 100 options before buying one item online

7/5/2016 - Photos: Animals and people are swept away by floods wreaking havoc in China

7/5/2016 - A man famous in China for his superhuman memory beat an AI in a facial recognition contest

7/5/2016 - Photos: Muslims prepare for a joyous Eid festival after a Ramadan marked by violence

7/5/2016 - Ashley Madison, the dating site for adulterers, is being investigated for using ‘fembots’

7/5/2016 - 25 years ago Bill Gates’s mom forced him to be friends with Warren Buffett

7/5/2016 - Elon Musk is using Tesla to make a Great Leap Forward for electric cars

7/5/2016 - Yahoo investors cast 100 million votes against Marissa Mayer’s board seat

7/5/2016 - British funds are freezing withdrawals, reviving scary memories of the global financial crisis

7/5/2016 - The future of tech really is an Uber for everything

7/5/2016 - Technology met couture in this beautiful, otherworldly Paris fashion show

7/5/2016 - Apple is urging US iPhone owners to become organ donors

7/5/2016 - Amazon is luring shoppers with gadget deals to haul in new Prime subscribers

7/5/2016 - Russia’s notorious children’s ombudsman quit following insensitive comments to survivors of a deadly boat accident

7/5/2016 - Africa’s most valuable company is struggling to run internet businesses in Nigeria

7/5/2016 - The FBI recommends not pressing charges against Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified emails

7/5/2016 - Hungary is the latest country to lash out at the EU by calling a controversial referendum

7/5/2016 - NASA rules social media once again with the Juno mission’s sassy live-tweeting of its Jupiter orbit

7/5/2016 - In the post-factual democracy, politicians win by getting feelings right and facts wrong

7/5/2016 - Google joins Apple Music in giving a whole lot of music away for free

7/5/2016 - Britain needs to hire foreign experts to redo all the trade deals it voted to ditch

7/5/2016 - Africans are outraged by this “white savior” memoir by an actress who spent a gap year in Zambia

7/5/2016 - Are you missing the IoT bigger picture?

7/5/2016 - Are you asking the right questions about your place in the IoT?

7/5/2016 - Are you missing the IoT bigger picture?

7/5/2016 - Yahoo’s hiring strategy lures engineers with fancy projects they barely work on

7/5/2016 - Are you asking the right questions about your place in the IoT?

7/5/2016 - Your next job interview might be a one-sided, taped video

7/5/2016 - The risk of prioritizing productivity over everything else

7/5/2016 - An economist’s guide to the unfortunate logic of tipping

7/5/2016 - After beating a human at Go, the DeepMind AI’s next challenge is preventing blindness

7/5/2016 - Air travel is more popular than ever—now airlines just have to find some pilots

7/5/2016 - Some so-called clean-energy projects are contaminating millions of gallons of incredibly valuable water

7/5/2016 - The incredible things that had to go just right for Juno to reach Jupiter

7/5/2016 - US immigration policy has totally lost touch with US immigration reality

7/5/2016 - Diagnosing prostate cancer is difficult. A robotic butt might make it easier

7/5/2016 - Juno orbits Jupiter, Ashley Madison investigated, world’s largest telescope

7/5/2016 - After shunning them for years, Narendra Modi has spoken to almost every big English-language newspaper in India

7/5/2016 - Narendra Modi is serious about ending India’s endless cycle of elections

7/5/2016 - China’s news websites now have to verify social media stories before they report them

7/5/2016 - Indian IPO markets have had their best first quarter in nine years

7/5/2016 - UK financial stability, Juno orbits Jupiter, silent fireworks

7/5/2016 - The absolutely horrifying state of education in the world’s fastest-growing major economy

7/5/2016 - China has cordoned off 100,000 square kilometers ​of the​ South China Sea for military drills

7/5/2016 - Photos: Hong Kong’s beaches are suddenly covered in massive piles of trash

7/4/2016 - UK financial stability, commemoration at Entebbe, silent fireworks

7/4/2016 - The consolidation of India’s overcrowded e-commerce sector has begun

7/4/2016 - After 10 years and billions in fines, the UK has convicted precisely five people for rigging interest rates

7/4/2016 - Saudi TV reports a suicide bombing near the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, one of Islam’s holiest sites

7/4/2016 - What it’s like to chase Iceland’s biggest volcanic eruption in 200 years

7/4/2016 - Kenyan police are routinely executing citizens and the public is finally saying stop

7/4/2016 - Photographer Bill Cunningham left the fashion world some brilliant advice on how to dress millennials

7/4/2016 - The real reason Elon Musk is bringing Tesla and Solar City together

7/4/2016 - “Children need some stress in their lives”: The new science of resilience

7/4/2016 - Brexit must be enacted by Parliament, lawyers say

7/4/2016 - Toyota wants to patent a ridiculous flying car

7/4/2016 - Sharing news on Facebook could help save journalism (and my job)

7/4/2016 - Donald Trump is not Darth Vader and Antonin Scalia was a Jedi: The Star Wars universe according to Cass Sunstein

7/4/2016 - The latest “tiger” jailed by Xi Jinping is his predecessor’s right-hand man

7/4/2016 - The curious case of crabs crawling crazy ’cause of climate change

7/4/2016 - Go forth: How universities are getting young people to go out and vote

7/4/2016 - “I want my life back”: Nigel Farage, the architect of Brexit, has quit

7/4/2016 - Juno reaches Jupiter, Nigel Farage quits UKIP, expensive puppy clones

7/4/2016 - Hong Kong doesn’t want anyone to know the city’s best film is at a New York festival

7/4/2016 - The world’s biggest fashion brands are worried about Bangladesh’s security situation

7/4/2016 - “To deal with dogs, we should use a stick”—Chinese cheer military drills in the disputed South China Sea

7/4/2016 - Pissed-off consumers can cost Indian companies over $400 billion every year

7/4/2016 - We rely on helium for life-saving care, and we’re swiftly running out

7/4/2016 - Tesla looks destined to miss its delivery targets this year

7/4/2016 - Hong Kong’s leaders want Beijing to treat the city’s citizens as well as it does foreigners

7/4/2016 - The young and educated home-grown Bangladeshi terrorists behind the Dhaka attacks

7/4/2016 - Australia’s election limbo, Juno reaches Jupiter, synthetic glowing trees

7/4/2016 - ISIL has killed hundreds of Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan

7/4/2016 - Even Jet rentals and champagne tastings aren’t enough to woo India’s elite to Mumbai realty

7/3/2016 - Australia’s election limbo, Juno reaches Jupiter, synthetic glowing trees

7/3/2016 - Award-winning author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has had a baby, not that it’s anyone’s business

7/3/2016 - A happiness researcher has found that there are four keys to a fulfilling job

7/3/2016 - The importance of being alone in the digital era

7/3/2016 - Neuroscientists say multitasking literally drains the energy reserves of your brain

7/3/2016 - Art that makes us uncomfortable can make us smarter, more empathetic citizens

7/3/2016 - NASA unveils the bewildering beauty of Jupiter’s enormous polar light shows

7/3/2016 - Synthetic spider silk could be the biggest technological advance in clothing since nylon

7/3/2016 - Where are new college grads going to find jobs?

7/3/2016 - After Brexit, everything is low

7/3/2016 - What it’s like to be an ethnic minority in post-Brexit Britain right now

7/3/2016 - The oldest library on Earth was started by a woman, and finally everyone can visit it

7/3/2016 - Dozens have been killed in an ISIL-claimed attack in Baghdad

7/3/2016 - South Africa doesn’t have enough developers to build a digital economy

7/3/2016 - One of the best culinary schools in the world is about to award the Nobel Prize of food

7/3/2016 - Why the Dhaka terror attack is shockingly unsurprising—and a warning for India

7/3/2016 - Safari abuse, China’s African returnees, South Africa’s silent TV

7/2/2016 - Joe Biden says he’d feel better if someone like Newt Gingrich was Trump’s vice presidential pick

7/2/2016 - “One person of integrity can make a difference”: The powerful words of “Night” author Elie Wiesel

7/2/2016 - Elie Wiesel, Nobel Prize winner, Holocaust survivor, and author of “Night,” has died at 87

7/2/2016 - The first woman to be the US postmaster general got her start delivering mail 30 years ago

7/2/2016 - A civil servant missing most of his brain challenges our most basic theories of consciousness

7/2/2016 - How to watch Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

7/2/2016 - Hospital astrology treats your mental health based on your star sign

7/2/2016 - In an experiment to slow visitors down, British museums are hanging fake art alongside their masterpieces

7/2/2016 - How SpaceX kept its number one client happy after its rocket exploded

7/2/2016 - NASA just broke its biggest rule in space in order to safely send humans to Mars

7/2/2016 - Michael Phelps is headed to the Rio Olympics with a new superpower: vulnerability

7/2/2016 - A scandal-ridden tech startup is slashing its valuation in half to start over

7/2/2016 - Millennials are half as likely as their parents to say they’re “extremely proud” to be American

7/2/2016 - It’s easy to hate white collar criminals, but it’s surprisingly hard to sentence them

7/2/2016 - The five different paths that people take before they feel like official adults

7/2/2016 - If this was rap beef, then Apple Music just dissed Spotify

7/2/2016 - The stunning work that got an amateur crowned Nat Geo’s travel photographer of the year

7/2/2016 - Britain doesn’t matter to the global economy, China does

7/2/2016 - Adnan Syed getting a new trial means that “Serial” will have a new legacy

7/2/2016 - The founding father who could have been America’s founding physician

7/2/2016 - The Istanbul attacks are a reminder of how crucial internet freedom can be in a crisis

7/2/2016 - As Detroit enters a new chapter, an iconic photographer is recognized for capturing its past

7/2/2016 - Weekend edition—Britain’s joke politics, safari corruption, beach reads

7/2/2016 - Britain has replaced America as the political laughingstock of the world

7/2/2016 - Sperm whales form clans with distinct cultures and dialects

7/2/2016 - Weekend edition—Britain’s joke politics, safari corruption, beach reads

7/1/2016 - Weekend edition—Britain’s joke politics, safari corruption, beach reads

7/1/2016 - At least 20 people have been killed in a brutal terror attack in Dhaka’s diplomatic area

7/1/2016 - Just like ‘Two Broke Girls,’ except we were seven Millennials living in a two bedroom apartment

7/1/2016 - The Amazon Echo finally does the thing most people would’ve expected it to do from the beginning

7/1/2016 - The gross-out science of hot dog eating contests

7/1/2016 - If Netflix raised your grandfathered rate, this proposed class-action lawsuit is for you

7/1/2016 - Saudi Arabia is giving Hajj pilgrims high-tech safety bracelets

7/1/2016 - One of Chipotle’s executives has gotten wrapped up in a massive cocaine bust

7/1/2016 - Brits were moved to tears by the presence of “World War I soldiers” in their train stations all morning

7/1/2016 - Mexico, Canada, and the US created a “flyway” to save the Monarch butterfly, and it’s working

7/1/2016 - Snapchat went down and kids were freaking out

7/1/2016 - Intellectuals have ushered the world into a dangerous age of political nihilism

7/1/2016 - A 9-year-old reporter just signed a four-book deal with one of the US’s biggest publishing houses

7/1/2016 - Why everyone is so mad: 99% of post-recession jobs went to those who went to college

7/1/2016 - My husband and I were a classic introvert-extrovert pair. Then we switched

7/1/2016 - We can blame old people for Brexit, but we shouldn’t take away their votes

7/1/2016 - Trump knows what xenophobia means—but he’s betting that voters don’t

7/1/2016 - Quartzy: the (North) America edition

7/1/2016 - Why I turned down $500,000, pissed off my investors, and shut down my startup

7/1/2016 - Segway’s answer to the hoverboard still doesn’t hover, but it’s fun as hell

7/1/2016 - Is “Game of Thrones” a better TV show now that it’s moved past the books?

7/1/2016 - Smart pirates are fooling YouTube’s copyright bots by hiding movies in 360-degree videos

7/1/2016 - There’s a common security blind spot at airports—and terrorists keep exploiting it

7/1/2016 - The world’s largest diamond is 1,100 carats and the size of a tennis ball, and no one wants to buy it

7/1/2016 - Watch: The first TV commercial, which aired 75 years ago today

7/1/2016 - New Yorkers can start using a secret subway tunnel under Central Park this December

7/1/2016 - Taiwan accidentally attacked China, Apple acquiring Tidal?, the myth of millennial entitlement

7/1/2016 - English champagne and French Scotch: The foods that lose EU protection after Brexit

7/1/2016 - Chart: How Germany, France, Spain, and the UK feel about their future one week after Brexit

7/1/2016 - Memories of 1991: The final months before the Indian economy was finally unshackled

7/1/2016 - This isn’t “Brexit racism.” It’s British racism

7/1/2016 - Indian money in Swiss banks has dropped to a 20-year low

7/1/2016 - African migrants are returning from China and telling their compatriots not to go

7/1/2016 - “Good tea and good central bankers work best in hot water”

7/1/2016 - EU downgraded, Tesla autopilot death, cowardly Jackie Chan

7/1/2016 - For its 95th anniversary, China’s Communist Party is trying to explain itself to the world

7/1/2016 - Why some Hong Kongers think hometown action hero Jackie Chan is a coward