8/31/2017 - Houston’s vital port will reopen on Friday, after being mostly spared by Hurricane Harvey

8/31/2017 - North Korea sanctions, iPhone 8 release date, Batman shark spray

8/31/2017 - Texas chemical plant explosions, Internet hate, and eight other stories you might have missed

8/31/2017 - Harvey’s victims will face a new challenge: how to get around without a car

8/31/2017 - Samsung can start testing self-driving cars in California

8/31/2017 - US gas prices are up because so much fuel comes from places where Harvey hit

8/31/2017 - Hurricane Harvey’s costs “may blow Katrina out of the water,” according to the government’s lead expert

8/31/2017 - From above: What Rockport, Texas looks like after Hurricane Harvey

8/31/2017 - This one chart from India shows why no country should try demonetisation

8/31/2017 - People are uploading memes and fake documents to the FCC website using API keys the agency gave out

8/31/2017 - The US labor market might not be as strong as we think

8/31/2017 - Houston hospitals kept patients safe during Harvey thanks to years of forced team bonding

8/31/2017 - The most popular wearables brand in the world isn’t Apple or Fitbit

8/31/2017 - Photos: Now we can see what Harvey’s destruction looks like from above

8/31/2017 - You can’t block Mark Zuckerberg or Priscilla Chan on Facebook

8/31/2017 - Apple’s next iPhone event will be held on Sept. 12

8/31/2017 - A call to Chick-fil-A led to the viral photo of a grandma rescued from her home on a jet ski

8/31/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg’s seven-word definition of “company values” is both provocative and actionable

8/31/2017 - Men who want to fight sexism at work: Read Sheryl Sandberg’s blunt advice

8/31/2017 - Hurricanes are intensifying, but they kill far fewer people than they used to

8/31/2017 - Banks are finally preparing to use cryptocurrency to move money between them

8/31/2017 - Amazon is quietly building a digital advertising powerhouse

8/31/2017 - Last year, Uber lost $3 billion. By 2020, it wants to IPO. Here’s what it has to solve first

8/31/2017 - 20 años Diana, se avisó a Cataluña, invierno volcánico

8/31/2017 - This is how much money people are actually making from Uber, AirBnB, and TaskRabbit

8/31/2017 - The US is losing money on each penny produced, but it wouldn’t be easy to ban the coin

8/31/2017 - The site of the 2018 Winter Olympics just hosted bombing drills to intimidate North Korea

8/31/2017 - Texas chemical plant explodes after Hurricane Harvey flooding

8/31/2017 - South Korea is aging faster than any other developed country

8/31/2017 - One of Africa’s most profitable airlines wants to take over Nigeria’s troubled Arik Air

8/31/2017 - Houston chemical plant danger, Alphabet’s new Nest, copycat otters

8/31/2017 - This device uses live mice neurons to sniff out explosives in airports

8/31/2017 - Archaeologists have found the tomb of China’s Shakespeare

8/31/2017 - A new South African western features a remote town, dusty plains, and a Xhosa-speaking anti-hero

8/31/2017 - China wants to build a “flying train” that would travel four times faster than planes

8/31/2017 - A reversal of globalisation might just be the catalyst BRICS needs to rethink its strategy

8/31/2017 - After issuing the world’s harshest ban on plastic bags, Kenya adjusts to life without them

8/31/2017 - Watch British comedian Robert Webb explain why it’s so important to allow men to be vulnerable

8/31/2017 - India’s central bank doesn’t have many good things to say about the economy post-demonetisation

8/31/2017 - Toshiba misses deadline, Uber teases IPO, copycat otters

8/31/2017 - Toshiba misses deadline, Uber teases IPO, copycat otters

8/31/2017 - The production house bringing Swan Lake to India is actually a division of a power company

8/31/2017 - Facebook is refusing to take down a video of African migrants being tortured—with good reason

8/30/2017 - In India, it’s the media and not e-commerce that desperately needs a Jeff Bezos

8/30/2017 - Gene therapy approved, Uber teases IPO, copycat otters

8/30/2017 - Trump in Texas, groundbreaking cancer therapy, and eight other stories you might have missed

8/30/2017 - MIT researchers are teaching robots to obey our commands through Alexa

8/30/2017 - This letter from an angry Uber investor reads like a piece of modernist poetry

8/30/2017 - The Trump administration is making it easier for businesses to pay women and minorities less

8/30/2017 - Photos: The evacuated pets of Harvey, companions in the storm

8/30/2017 - Most of Trump’s tax cuts would go to taxpayers making over $599,300 a year

8/30/2017 - One map shows just why the Texas flooding is so disastrous: It’s preventing people from escaping

8/30/2017 - Charted: More than 100 American schools are named after Confederate leaders

8/30/2017 - The CEO Uber selected to replace Travis Kalanick says, “I have to tell you, I’m scared”

8/30/2017 - Uber’s new CEO’s telling moment of honesty that hints at how he’ll lead

8/30/2017 - As Harvey makes second landfall, residents beyond Houston are pleading for rescue

8/30/2017 - FEMA judges how bad a disaster is based on whether Waffle House stays open

8/30/2017 - When you let tennis stars choose their outfits, you get retro tube socks and Swarovski crystals

8/30/2017 - Oil refineries in Hurricane Harvey’s path are polluting Latino and low-income neighborhoods

8/30/2017 - Government emails show USCIS was caught off guard and unprepared by the Muslim Ban

8/30/2017 - What happens to prison inmates when natural disaster strikes?

8/30/2017 - Pepe the Frog’s creator has shut down an Islamophobic children’s book based on his character

8/30/2017 - Someone clocked every second of “Game of Thrones” and ranked each character by screen time

8/30/2017 - Scientists are ready to treat Parkinson’s with stem cells

8/30/2017 - Exactly how many bad ideas does it take to produce a good one? One scientist tried to find out

8/30/2017 - Microsoft and Amazon made a zero-stakes deal to foist more virtual assistants on you

8/30/2017 - Bruce Springsteen may have solved ticket scalping

8/30/2017 - Hurricane Harvey is hitting 3% of the US economy

8/30/2017 - First-time wheelchair users could learn to navigate the world through virtual reality

8/30/2017 - Houston floods have created massive colonies of floating fire ants

8/30/2017 - While Harvey devastates Texas, 1,200 people have died from severe floods in south Asia

8/30/2017 - The trend of fake Instagram accounts exposes the troubling way that work is taking over our lives

8/30/2017 - Budweiser’s owner stopped making beer to provide water for Hurricane Harvey’s victims

8/30/2017 - H&M’s new brand, Arket, names the factory that made its clothes. But the name isn’t enough

8/30/2017 - Hurricane Harvey may have destroyed Trump’s Mexico wall before a single brick is laid

8/30/2017 - Amazon’s attempted takeover of groceries is going to be a long, brutal slog

8/30/2017 - The family of a missing Chinese scholar in the US faces criticism of fundraising for her search

8/30/2017 - How to power through a full day of meetings with your sanity intact

8/30/2017 - The awkward irony of not being able to take a good coding bootcamp online

8/30/2017 - “Game of Thrones” broke its own viewership records four times in a single season

8/30/2017 - Number of Americans who say racism is a “big problem” has doubled since Obama’s historic inauguration

8/30/2017 - A three-day-old crowdsourcing website is helping volunteers save lives in hurricane-hit Houston

8/30/2017 - Trump’s expected pick for ambassador to South Korea signals more pressure on China

8/30/2017 - The Rock should run for president. Here’s the political and business case for why he’d win

8/30/2017 - Trump Misuri, “traición a la patria”, amor neonazi

8/30/2017 - Hurricane Harvey has raised the market value of US oil-refining companies by millions

8/30/2017 - A new t-shirt sewing robot can make as many shirts per hour as 17 factory workers

8/30/2017 - Silicon Valley wants to sell us solutions—but are we sure there’s a problem in the first place?

8/30/2017 - An artist is using augmented reality to make the Syrian war feel real to people living in the US

8/30/2017 - A first-time author unwittingly exposed the house of cards beneath “bestseller” books

8/30/2017 - Two women entrepreneurs invented a cofounder named “Keith” to be taken seriously. It worked

8/30/2017 - A heartfelt plea from a Houston resident to the journalists covering Hurricane Harvey

8/30/2017 - Harvey’s second landfall, Uber CEO’s fear, selfie emojis

8/30/2017 - Tension boils as North Korea says missile strikes near Guam are still a possibility

8/30/2017 - France and Sweden are scooping up a bigger share of Europe’s fintech deals since Brexit

8/30/2017 - Satellite photos reveal how Mumbai killed its rivers and mangrove forests to risk epic floods

8/30/2017 - Tinder has pulled a video clip that some Asian men say makes them appear undateable

8/30/2017 - Ikea has revealed its menu for India—and there are no Swedish meatballs

8/30/2017 - Kenyan democracy cannot take shape until its media step up

8/30/2017 - After Brexit, who will do all Britain’s jobs?

8/30/2017 - As floods in the Himalayan neighbourhood increase in fury, time for nations to unite, not fight

8/30/2017 - The glaring problem keeping “Make in India” from attaining the success of “Made in China”

8/30/2017 - UK-Japan talks, Houston flooding, selfie-inspired emoji

8/30/2017 - UK-Japan talks, Houston flooding, selfie-inspired emoji

8/30/2017 - Entrepreneurship is newly cool in India but the old ghost of unprofitability still haunts

8/30/2017 - Chinese children born in the year of the dragon are more successful—but not due to supernatural forces

8/29/2017 - The world could run out of food two decades earlier than thought

8/29/2017 - May visits Japan, Harvey lashes Texas, selfie-inspired emojis

8/29/2017 - Climate change hurricanes, hacking hotels, and eight other stories you might have missed

8/29/2017 - “What a crowd, what a turnout!” Trump visited Texas and forgot to mention Hurricane Harvey’s victims

8/29/2017 - Tinder now shows its premium customers who likes them—even when the feeling’s not mutual

8/29/2017 - The water flooding Texas right now is probably filled with infectious bacteria

8/29/2017 - Google finally admits you don’t need special hardware for augmented reality

8/29/2017 - “Game of Thrones” has always been the story of a debt crisis

8/29/2017 - How to leave a comment for the FCC about net neutrality

8/29/2017 - Sky stopped broadcasting Fox News in Britain because barely anyone watched it

8/29/2017 - House flippers triggered the US housing market crash, not poor subprime borrowers

8/29/2017 - Bitcoin sets a record at $4,700 as North Korea fires rockets over Japan

8/29/2017 - The US just sold half a billion dollars worth of military gear to Nigeria

8/29/2017 - A letter to Mark Zuckerberg’s new baby sums up the truth about becoming a second-time parent

8/29/2017 - The right way to volunteer to help Houston with Hurricane Harvey

8/29/2017 - If you think Houston should have been evacuated, you obviously weren’t there the last time the city tried it

8/29/2017 - Domino’s really wants robots to deliver your pizza

8/29/2017 - The simple, damning difference between women’s and men’s profiles on LinkedIn

8/29/2017 - Melania Trump wore stilettos on the way to a disaster zone and the internet has feelings

8/29/2017 - Iconic images of rescuers and good Samaritans spotlight the heroes of Harvey

8/29/2017 - One of the world’s most polluting industries has two years to clean up—and it’s woefully unprepared

8/29/2017 - Why 85% of Houston homeowners have no flood insurance

8/29/2017 - On Dara Khosrowshahi’s watch, Expedia was one of the first major merchants to accept bitcoin

8/29/2017 - Netflix was founded 20 years ago today because Reed Hastings was late returning a video

8/29/2017 - The uncomfortable, powerful truth every manager realizes after getting a promotion

8/29/2017 - The best movies of summer 2017, according to Rotten Tomatoes

8/29/2017 - Weight-loss and fitness goals often backfire. Here’s what to do instead

8/29/2017 - How hurricanes affect construction jobs

8/29/2017 - Reunión urgente Corea del Norte, México muro huracán, 36.000 iPhones

8/29/2017 - Houston’s flooding shows what happens when you ignore science and let developers run rampant

8/29/2017 - “Fitting in is the greatest barrier to belonging:” Why we need to learn to embrace our onlyness

8/29/2017 - Late-night snacking increases your risk of sunburn

8/29/2017 - The future of trend prediction will come from tech innovators, not fashion designers

8/29/2017 - The 10-year evolution of the iPhone

8/29/2017 - Self-driving cars still can’t mimic the most natural human behavior

8/29/2017 - Cheerios just lost its bid to trademark the color yellow

8/29/2017 - A white actor quit a role in “Hellboy” because it was meant to be played by an Asian actor

8/29/2017 - Basically every problem in the US economy is because companies have too much power, new research argues

8/29/2017 - As the market for high-end American homes grows, more affordable options shrink

8/29/2017 - African governments are requesting more user data from Facebook, Google, and Twitter than ever before

8/29/2017 - Trump visits Texas, missile over Japan, NRA fashion show

8/29/2017 - One of the most popular trades right now is like “picking up nickels in front of a steamroller”

8/29/2017 - Pet owners in China are splurging on luxury hotels, acupuncture treatments, and fancy funerals

8/29/2017 - Australian professors and universities are being shamed into apologizing for offending Chinese students

8/29/2017 - Infosys’s attempt to calm its employees is anything but inspiring and authentic

8/29/2017 - Demystifying the Indian guru and his psycho-social relationship with millions of followers

8/29/2017 - Why Barack Obama turned to Nelson Mandela in his response to bigotry in Charlottesville

8/29/2017 - Why are Indian banks harassing their customers over Aadhaar?

8/29/2017 - Macron’s vision for Europe, missile over Japan, NRA fashion show

8/29/2017 - Macron’s vision for Europe, missile over Japan, NRA fashion show

8/29/2017 - It’s time to stop using Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’ as a guidebook for the Congo

8/29/2017 - After a stormy 2016, Softbank has smartly but cautiously picked up the pieces in India

8/29/2017 - Kim Jong-un has already launched more missiles this year than his father did in his lifetime

8/29/2017 - Young people in China have started a fashion movement built around nationalism and racial purity

8/28/2017 - Mumbai’s favourite pastry shop is building a national following, one gooey brownie at a time

8/28/2017 - Airbnb sent an inconceivably bad marketing email as Hurricane Harvey pounded Houston

8/28/2017 - Americans have stopped buying red delicious apples. The Chinese are just getting started

8/28/2017 - There’s a better alternative to building a border wall: restoring the Rio Grande

8/28/2017 - FEMA’s flood insurance program is drowning because of climate change

8/28/2017 - See what Hurricane Harvey looks like from space

8/28/2017 - Trump says he timed sheriff Joe Arpaio’s pardon to ride on Hurricane Harvey’s TV ratings

8/28/2017 - Whole Foods celebrated its Amazon takeover by pressing meat into the shape of its logo

8/28/2017 - Texas hit hard, Macron’s Europe plans, NRA fashion show

8/28/2017 - Hurricane Harvey, Amazon cuts avocado prices, and eight other stories you might have missed

8/28/2017 - In a first, scientists may have found a treatment for heart disease that doesn’t target cholesterol

8/28/2017 - This drone is spotting sharks from above

8/28/2017 - How to file a claim with the National Flood Insurance Program

8/28/2017 - Google explains how artificial intelligence becomes biased against women and minorities

8/28/2017 - Microsoft wants to bring virtual reality to your home for only $399

8/28/2017 - Scientists created “diamond rain” to mimic icy planets like Neptune

8/28/2017 - Restaurants are Facebook-stalking customers to shape their dining experiences

8/28/2017 - Hurricane Harvey dropped so much rain the US National Weather Service added new colors to its maps

8/28/2017 - Packing a pistol for yoga? The National Rifle Association’s first “fashion show” has you covered

8/28/2017 - Companies are making products for the next iPhone, even though it hasn’t even been announced yet

8/28/2017 - What you can do to help people hit by Hurricane Harvey

8/28/2017 - Rwanda’s Paul Kagame has some pointed advice for journalists

8/28/2017 - The smiley face emoji has a “dark side,” researchers have found

8/28/2017 - Weeks before Harvey, Trump signed an order making future infrastructure less flood-proof

8/28/2017 - If all Hurricane Harvey’s rain were snow, it would top 200 inches

8/28/2017 - A comprehensive guide to all the side-eye and knowing glances in the “Game of Thrones” finale

8/28/2017 - Trump lifts an Obama-era ban that did little to stop the flow of military equipment to police

8/28/2017 - Fitbit just released a whole mess of products in an effort to keep on running

8/28/2017 - More people went to US cinemas after 9/11 and the JFK assassination than last weekend

8/28/2017 - Amazon is changing Whole Foods at the speed of Silicon Valley

8/28/2017 - Chilling before-and-after photos show the scale of Houston’s flooding

8/28/2017 - How to go to college for free in America

8/28/2017 - The latest perk from companies looking to lure millennials: offices that double as homes

8/28/2017 - Millennials in the US are more welcoming of refugees than the global average

8/28/2017 - Playing board games can make you a nicer person with better relationships

8/28/2017 - A rare sighting of the most powerful man in combat sports at the Mayweather fight

8/28/2017 - Reunión migración terrorismo París, separatismo catalán, Macron maquillaje

8/28/2017 - The Western belief that refugees are a burden is the root cause of today’s global crisis

8/28/2017 - We need to shift the conversation around AI before Elon Musk dooms us all

8/28/2017 - Carrying a plastic bag in Kenya is now punishable with jail time

8/28/2017 - Hurricane damage linked to climate change has already cost the US more than $25 billion

8/28/2017 - China’s trendiest hotpot chain is winning praise for admitting it ran a rat-infested kitchen

8/28/2017 - Hurricane Harvey havoc, Uber’s new chief, Macron’s makeup bill

8/28/2017 - Australia is debating what to do about its statues that honor colonizers

8/28/2017 - The future of sport is this Canadian rugby team that flies 3,500 miles to play in England

8/28/2017 - Forget drones—here’s the view of Africa from a low-flying motorized paraglider

8/28/2017 - Japan might finally get a big win in defense exports after years of frustration

8/28/2017 - Doklam disengagement: The Himalayan border face-off between India and China is over

8/28/2017 - China’s newest answer to Disneyland is a mish-mash of Eastern and Western myth and fantasy

8/28/2017 - The damage that a rapist guru has caused to life and business in north India

8/28/2017 - Houston also had a disastrous “once-in-500-year” flood in 2001

8/28/2017 - Even India’s richest states are becoming less liveable

8/28/2017 - As other African countries ban donkey slaughter, Kenya doubles down to meet Chinese demand

8/28/2017 - The first case under India’s new bankruptcy code has sent a shiver down lenders’ spines

8/28/2017 - Hurricane Harvey havoc, Uber’s new CEO, Babylonian trigonometry

8/28/2017 - Hurricane Harvey havoc, Uber’s new CEO, Babylonian trigonometry

8/28/2017 - Two years ago, Uber’s CEO pick was the highest-paid chief of a US public company

8/27/2017 - Interpreting Trump’s not-so-subtle threat to India to do more in Afghanistan

8/27/2017 - Uber is tapping Expedia’s Dara Khosrowshahi to be its next CEO

8/27/2017 - A string of tragedies is giving epidurals an even worse rep than before in Japan

8/27/2017 - Brexit talks, Uber’s CEO search, Babylonian trigonometry

8/27/2017 - Trump pardoned a man who staged his own assassination attempt and sent a teenager to jail for it

8/27/2017 - The rise of the awkward black girl

8/27/2017 - The economic case for price gouging

8/27/2017 - “The president speaks for himself”—the US Secretary of State doesn’t think Trump speaks for America

8/27/2017 - Data analysis identifies a surprising global capital for pirating Game of Thrones episodes

8/27/2017 - Parts of Houston are underwater as Harvey lingers over the city, bringing record rain

8/27/2017 - Jeff Immelt has dropped out of Uber’s contentious CEO race

8/27/2017 - The moment Conor McGregor surprised everyone in his fight with Floyd Mayweather

8/27/2017 - John McCain’s uniquely enduring importance in US politics

8/27/2017 - The success of “Despacito”—the unlikeliest of pop hits—was entirely predictable

8/27/2017 - Scientists are using Google Street View to watch cities improve in real time

8/27/2017 - Aziz Ansari has great advice for people in creative slumps

8/27/2017 - The biggest myth about our brains is that they are “male” or “female”

8/27/2017 - Facebook has more people than any major religion except Christianity

8/27/2017 - The age of AI surveillance is here

8/27/2017 - The biggest divide on climate change is among the most highly educated

8/27/2017 - A guide to making more time by cultivating everyday awe

8/27/2017 - Most stay-at-home dads now actually want to stay at home

8/27/2017 - Angola’s JLo, Tanzania’s drones, “white savior” memoirs

8/26/2017 - In China you now have to provide your real identity if you want to comment online

8/26/2017 - The last fan theories on “Game of Thrones” left standing before the season 7 finale

8/26/2017 - 571 words on exactly why boxing should be banned

8/26/2017 - Angola’s first new president in 38 years is a product of even older politics

8/26/2017 - How the odds have changed for the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight

8/26/2017 - The world took a step back, reconsidered the meaning of life and society as Facebook and Instagram went down for a few minutes

8/26/2017 - Hurricane Harvey begins to wreak havoc after making landfall in Texas

8/26/2017 - Watch from space as Burning Man rises out of the desert playa

8/26/2017 - The key things to watch for in the first rounds of the Mayweather-McGregor fight

8/26/2017 - Scientists ran the chimp vs. kid rock-paper-scissors experiment we didn’t know we needed

8/26/2017 - Weekend edition—Samsung stays calm, a guide to globalization, the overpopulation myth

8/26/2017 - Germany’s stubborn love for spartan beds made mattress start-up Casper change its own philosophy

8/26/2017 - Trump may begin dismantling the US’s worst tax law

8/26/2017 - The dogs in New York City’s schools comfort students and offer a lesson in leadership

8/26/2017 - Ghana’s first radio telescope is the start of a continent-wide project to capture the complete African sky

8/26/2017 - Weekend edition—Samsung stays calm, a guide to globalization, the overpopulation myth

8/26/2017 - Weekend edition—Samsung stays calm, a guide to globalization, the overpopulation myth

8/25/2017 - The story of Chinese Valentine’s Day teaches us true love is worth waiting for

8/25/2017 - Weekend edition—Samsung stays calm, a guide to globalization, the overpopulation myth

8/25/2017 - The Trump administration will check people’s papers as they evacuate from Hurricane Harvey

8/25/2017 - Maybe Apple isn’t that far behind in AI after all

8/25/2017 - Doctors are burning out because electronic medical records are broken

8/25/2017 - A “sonic weapon” that caused diplomats in Cuba to lose their hearing also caused brain injury

8/25/2017 - Texas’s oil industry is still woefully unprepared for a truly devastating hurricane

8/25/2017 - Sierra Leone grapples with another big tragedy—but the world doesn’t seem to care

8/25/2017 - Amazon has an algorithm that designs clothes by replicating human creativity

8/25/2017 - We wrote the new season of “Black Mirror” based solely on its trailer and episode titles

8/25/2017 - What you need to know about Hurricane Harvey

8/25/2017 - Did climate change make Hurricane Harvey worse?

8/25/2017 - How to track Hurricane Harvey’s progress in real time as it hits land

8/25/2017 - Ten ways to make your cell phone last for days even if Hurricane Harvey takes out the power

8/25/2017 - Cybersecurity is 2017’s version of the White Walkers—and you don’t want to be a non-believer

8/25/2017 - The wrong envelope caused Aetna to accidentally leak customers’ HIV statuses

8/25/2017 - This is how much value America’s grocers lost in a single day because of Amazon

8/25/2017 - Reddit’s cofounder says we should all fight more with each other at work

8/25/2017 - World’s biggest bike garage, the ads of the future, “quiet” supersonic jets

8/25/2017 - Trump’s Afghanistan strategy won’t end human rights violations among immigrant contractors

8/25/2017 - The 10 worst summer 2017 movies that Rotten Tomatoes helped destroy

8/25/2017 - Hurricane Harvey developed so fast it took national forecasters by surprise

8/25/2017 - Marijuana money may push California into public banking

8/25/2017 - Quartzy: the still August edition

8/25/2017 - Quartzy: the still August edition

8/25/2017 - Where and when Hurricane Harvey could strike this weekend

8/25/2017 - Here’s how Trump’s top financial advisors justified not resigning after Charlottesville

8/25/2017 - California’s legislature is being asked to consider taxing robots

8/25/2017 - Don’t worry, Trump probably won’t default on the debt. Right?

8/25/2017 - The business of boxing: Your Mayweather vs. McGregor questions answered

8/25/2017 - If you’re super indecisive, psychology says technology is to blame

8/25/2017 - Unicorns have stopped breeding so much in the fields of Silicon Valley

8/25/2017 - Global warming means tankers can more quickly and cheaply ship fossil fuels across the Arctic

8/25/2017 - El Rey se manifiesta, el vuelo más largo, reírse de yihadistas

8/25/2017 - After a year of exploding phones and convicted execs, Samsung has gained $85 billion in value

8/25/2017 - Arianna Huffington deletes every email her employees receive while they’re on vacation

8/25/2017 - The complex process that dictionaries use to decide which words are obsolete

8/25/2017 - The US has spent $2 billion on the reckless hope teens won’t have sex

8/25/2017 - Conor McGregor’s biggest challenge is coping with 12 long rounds of boxing

8/25/2017 - When Ali fought a wrestler: The farcical precursor to Mayweather vs. McGregor

8/25/2017 - The first big hurricane of Trump’s presidency will be managed by Obama-era officials

8/25/2017 - Driverless cars will make a lot of jobs better, not destroy them

8/25/2017 - Angola’s ruling party is set to extend its 42-year stay in power

8/25/2017 - Samsung heir sentenced, Hurricane Harvey looms, Japan’s rent-a-dad service

8/25/2017 - Half of the top 10 employers of AI talent in China are American

8/25/2017 - South African police accessed call records from at least 71,000 phones

8/25/2017 - Quiz: Can you tell a real Burning Man event from a fake one?

8/25/2017 - Germany’s election campaign is a snooze—just the way Merkel likes it

8/25/2017 - The heir to the Samsung empire is heading off to prison for five years

8/25/2017 - The world hasn’t seen this many economies grow at the same time in 10 years

8/25/2017 - An epic battle has been won in the fight for privacy in India, but the war isn’t over

8/25/2017 - Post-apartheid South Africa is failing the very people it liberated

8/25/2017 - The world ain’t so flat after all, Mr Nilekani?

8/25/2017 - Samsung corruption verdict, Havana embassy attack, rent-a-parent service

8/25/2017 - Samsung corruption verdict, Havana embassy attack, rent-a-parent service

8/25/2017 - Rejoice! India’s highway booze ban won’t hit watering holes within city limits

8/25/2017 - China’s latest moves in the South China Sea have sparked fears of a new land grab

8/24/2017 - Seeing China’s biggest blockbuster “Wolf Warriors 2” through the lens of its foreign policy

8/24/2017 - Samsung corruption verdict, Softbank-WeWork investment, cuddly robots

8/24/2017 - SoftBank invests $4.4 Billion in WeWork to bring co-working (and living) to Asia

8/24/2017 - Researchers built an invisible backdoor to hack AI’s decisions

8/24/2017 - “Ghost poachers” are still at large after the biggest shark-smuggling bust in Galapagos history

8/24/2017 - Starting next week, Amazon is lowering prices at Whole Foods

8/24/2017 - A flagship phone from Apple or Samsung will now cost you almost $1,000

8/24/2017 - You can probably thank 18th-century British thieves for the “fake” in “fake news”

8/24/2017 - Germany’s self-driving car ethicists: All lives matter

8/24/2017 - Google has created a tool that tests for clinical depression

8/24/2017 - Mapped: Where nine Russian diplomats have died unexpectedly in the last year and a half

8/24/2017 - Y Combinator bets startups solving boring business problems will mint its next great fortune

8/24/2017 - There’s more proof that post-Brexit Britain is an increasingly unpopular place to live

8/24/2017 - The same technology used in self-driving cars is also discovering ancient civilizations

8/24/2017 - The “Crying Nazi” from Vice’s Charlottesville documentary has turned himself in

8/24/2017 - The eclipse was so impressive, Americans stopped watching Netflix and porn

8/24/2017 - Watch a horde of robots dance their way to a Guinness world record

8/24/2017 - The death of US coal, in charts

8/24/2017 - The US government, despite Trump, has approved Amazon’s invasion of the grocery industry

8/24/2017 - How to watch today’s SpaceX rocket launch

8/24/2017 - Floyd Mayweather is launching a flashy new fashion collaboration at his fight with Conor McGregor

8/24/2017 - A giant telescope listening for aliens could be disrupted by millions of tourists’ cellphones

8/24/2017 - Four ways Trump could force Congress to either fund the wall or shut down the US government

8/24/2017 - Prison, a patsy, purgatory: possible outcomes as the Samsung empire’s heir awaits a verdict on bribery charges

8/24/2017 - Forget shop signs, Somalia’s businesses are using quirky graffiti to lure customers

8/24/2017 - German voters are playing coy before they make Merkel chancellor again

8/24/2017 - How Mark Zuckerberg picks his yearly side project

8/24/2017 - “Game of Thrones” is totally immune to leaks, hacks, and piracy

8/24/2017 - EEUU Ucrania, riesgo explosión Airbus, parrandas antinazis

8/24/2017 - The “driest place on Earth” is blooming with flowers after surprise rainfall

8/24/2017 - Netflix is making a documentary about American literary icon Joan Didion

8/24/2017 - Supermarkets are now using blockchain to keep food fresh

8/24/2017 - Americans can now apply to have IKEA give their ugly rooms free makeovers

8/24/2017 - Researchers are putting mice, fruit flies, and zebrafish in virtual worlds to better understand their behavior

8/24/2017 - The 10th anniversary of the hashtag is a reminder that Twitter’s best features came from outside the company

8/24/2017 - Central bank summit, Airbus explosion risk, Neptune’s diamond rain

8/24/2017 - The battle between Amazon and Alibaba will be fought over warehouse space

8/24/2017 - Cambodia’s leader has told a newspaper to pay a $6.3 million tax bill or shut down

8/24/2017 - Germany has pulled all of its gold out of Paris

8/24/2017 - Vietnam is the East Asian cornerstone of India’s “counter China” policy

8/24/2017 - India’s top court has ruled: Privacy is a fundamental right

8/24/2017 - Between two cultures: What happens to the psyche of an Indian child born and raised in the West

8/24/2017 - India’s privacy vote, Uber’s pleasant surprise, diamond rain on Neptune

8/24/2017 - India’s privacy vote, Uber’s pleasant surprise, diamond rain on Neptune

8/24/2017 - Bigger and stronger is the new motto as India readies for a massive wave of bank consolidation

8/24/2017 - If you want to see how delivery drones should work, look at Africa

8/24/2017 - Ramdev vs Sri Sri: The ayurveda market prepares for the battle of the gurus

8/23/2017 - India’s privacy vote, an Amazon challenger, diamond rain on Neptune

8/23/2017 - Robots in Japan are now Buddhist priests

8/23/2017 - If you were baffled by Trump’s Phoenix rally, it’s because it wasn’t for you

8/23/2017 - The Powerball jackpot has reached $700 million, and the number 34 is “due”

8/23/2017 - Walmart and Google are teaming up to fight Amazon’s Echo

8/23/2017 - How to watch Floyd Mayweather fight Conor McGregor live this weekend

8/23/2017 - Calling all fishermen: Thousands of Atlantic salmon used the eclipse to escape into the Pacific

8/23/2017 - Trump ditched climate science, now his science envoy is ditching him with a harsh hidden message

8/23/2017 - The misleading chart showing Google searches for “my eyes hurt” after the eclipse, fixed

8/23/2017 - Why Mark Zuckerberg wore a tie to work every day in 2009

8/23/2017 - In an effort to avoid liberal outrage, ESPN has managed to piss off everybody

8/23/2017 - This is the Samsung Note 8, the phone that must not explode

8/23/2017 - For the first time, we can predict local weather on Mars just like we can on Earth

8/23/2017 - Elon Musk is teasing space travel fanatics with a photo of SpaceX’s first working spacesuit

8/23/2017 - The death of Kim Wall is not just a crime-novel tale

8/23/2017 - Boko Haram is using more children as suicide bombers in Nigeria

8/23/2017 - “Back up you creep”: What Hillary Clinton wishes she’d said during a debate with Donald Trump

8/23/2017 - The UN has warned the United States over its alarming rise in ethnic violence

8/23/2017 - Instagramming your food can actually make it taste better

8/23/2017 - Arizona’s tough-guy sheriff, Joe Arpaio, wrote the outrage playbook Trump used last night

8/23/2017 - New research shows one kind of teenage friendship is more likely to result in a happier, healthier adulthood

8/23/2017 - Don’t base all your Amazon purchases on the number of reviews a product has

8/23/2017 - Elecciones Angola, muro a toda costa, Macarena peligrosa

8/23/2017 - Climate change is coming for your cava and champagne

8/23/2017 - People who are lonely are more likely to buy products that have faces on them

8/23/2017 - New research finds that being middle-aged really is the worst

8/23/2017 - Disco isn’t dead: It’s being used as a secret weapon for disarming British neo-Nazis

8/23/2017 - After just two years, the original US national drone-racing competition is dead

8/23/2017 - Designers are using “dark UX” to turn you into a sleep-deprived internet addict

8/23/2017 - Eavesdropping actually makes us better people

8/23/2017 - In our new situational economy, the challenge is to stay human

8/23/2017 - The videos that will make you glad you weren’t outside in Hong Kong when Typhoon Hato struck

8/23/2017 - A new high-tech fabric could mean the end of bulky layers in the winter

8/23/2017 - The agonizing trade-offs that must be made to reduce bias in the hiring process

8/23/2017 - Samsung unveils Galaxy 8, US fleet commander fired, vanilla panic

8/23/2017 - Is wellness culture creating a new kind of eating disorder?

8/23/2017 - Researchers have shown that politicians don’t let facts get in the way of their beliefs

8/23/2017 - Why do Indians hate going to the gym?

8/23/2017 - Another once high-flying Japanese cellphone maker is calling it quits

8/23/2017 - What exactly a bestseller book means in India

8/23/2017 - The fate of smartphones in India depends on festivals and feature phones

8/23/2017 - The internet is loving CNN anchor Don Lemon’s calm, razor-sharp response to Trump’s Phoenix rally

8/23/2017 - Kenya’s newest tech hubs are sprouting outside its “Silicon Savannah” in Nairobi

8/23/2017 - It’s too early to write an obituary for bank branches and ATMs in India: Axis Bank

8/23/2017 - GST prompts India’s iconic biscuit maker to look for a forgotten childhood favourite: toffees

8/23/2017 - Samsung’s Galaxy 8 launch, Trump’s Phoenix rally, vanilla panic

8/23/2017 - Samsung’s Galaxy 8 launch, Trump’s Phoenix rally, vanilla panic

8/22/2017 - The Mayweather-McGregor fight is a battle of the brands

8/22/2017 - Angola election, new NK sanctions, Trump ecstasy pills

8/22/2017 - DJI will hold its customers’ drones hostage until they update their software

8/22/2017 - Internet monopolies, eclipse beats the Super Bowl, and eight other stories you might have missed

8/22/2017 - War in Afghanistan: The sharp rise and steep fall of US troops over the past decade

8/22/2017 - Mapped: Where in the world the US still has a military presence

8/22/2017 - Artificial intelligence has opened up a whole new way to steal pictures online

8/22/2017 - What Americans—and one very responsible dog—looked like staring at the solar eclipse

8/22/2017 - Mexican tourists are skipping Trump’s America

8/22/2017 - How a jury determined the most innocent product in America hid a deadly secret

8/22/2017 - Scientists are collecting poop from elite athletes to try to put their endurance into a pill

8/22/2017 - Africa’s second longest serving leader is stepping down

8/22/2017 - Microsoft is fixing a simple reason why voice assistants are so bad

8/22/2017 - Two years after being rocked by protests, a US university has lost thousands of new students

8/22/2017 - A cyclone in Madagascar has made vanilla four times more expensive

8/22/2017 - Should Google own the verb “google”?

8/22/2017 - A history of the “blood and treasure” phrase Trump keeps using about the war in Afghanistan

8/22/2017 - To be a creativity machine, arrange your time and tasks according to these seven categories

8/22/2017 - Uber is giving drivers a way out of UberPool—but there’s a big catch

8/22/2017 - “Because you watched”: Netflix finally explains why it recommends titles that seem to have nothing in common

8/22/2017 - This 1972 photo of women in miniskirts helped persuade Trump to commit to war in Afghanistan

8/22/2017 - Seven years later, we’re still debating what the iPad even is

8/22/2017 - Kenya is king of domestic air travel in Africa

8/22/2017 - More than 600 global brands are advertising on fake news websites—and they don’t seem to care

8/22/2017 - On Afghanistan, Trump promised to listen to his gut. Instead, he lost his nerve

8/22/2017 - Starbucks is at war with Silicon Valley—and it’s being fought through mobile payment apps

8/22/2017 - We’re experiencing the Harry Potterification of technology

8/22/2017 - Norway’s massive sovereign fund made more than $60 billion in just six months

8/22/2017 - Goldman Sachs is Wall Street’s biggest unicorn herder

8/22/2017 - Before she was poor-shaming on Instagram, Louise Linton wrote a “white savior” Africa memoir

8/22/2017 - Atentados Cataluña, 28.000 asesinatos Brasil, hackers de barcos

8/22/2017 - The US is “greatly reducing” visas for Russians—and it’s going to hurt both countries

8/22/2017 - The future of warfare is just drones strapped with machine guns

8/22/2017 - Trump’s multibillion-dollar border wall wouldn’t stop this $5,000 drone

8/22/2017 - Tech firms like Amazon and Facebook are the biggest competitive threats to the banking industry

8/22/2017 - Trump’s Afghanistan U-turn, BHP’s shale sale, paleo babies

8/22/2017 - The most fleeting natural tourist attractions to enjoy before they’re gone

8/22/2017 - China’s biggest bitcoin exchanges are facing scrutiny over how idle client funds are put to use

8/22/2017 - To solve the gender pay gap, we need to give women more flexibility at work

8/22/2017 - The BBC’s newest service uses a language made up of street slang

8/22/2017 - Economists still can’t decide whether the minimum wage is a good thing

8/22/2017 - A Tesla Model X beat a Lamborghini in a drag race, and may have set an SUV speed record in the process

8/22/2017 - Grace Mugabe’s South Africa spat shows how easily diplomatic immunity can be corrupted

8/22/2017 - Are Indian teenagers really committing suicide because of the Blue Whale challenge?

8/22/2017 - When Indira Gandhi wanted heritage sites shut down rather than leaving them filthy

8/22/2017 - Indian men are falling in love with their mirrors—and fashion brands are taking note

8/22/2017 - Trump’s Afghanistan strategy, BHP’s shale sale, baby paleo diets

8/22/2017 - Trump’s Afghanistan strategy, BHP’s shale sale, baby paleo diets

8/22/2017 - Advice from an Indian millennial boss to millennial employees: you don’t know it all

8/22/2017 - Chinese cities are saying “enough already” to bike-sharing services run rampant

8/21/2017 - Trump prepares the US for open-ended war in Afghanistan

8/21/2017 - Without equality of income there can be no equality of opportunity

8/21/2017 - Here’s what to do—and more important, what not to—with your special solar eclipse glasses

8/21/2017 - Herbalife buyback, solar eclipse, counting flytraps

8/21/2017 - Five things to watch for in Trump’s new Afghanistan policy

8/21/2017 - Eclipse enthusiasm, Bannon’s revenge, and eight other stories you might have missed

8/21/2017 - Walmart, following Amazon, hopes to patent a floating warehouse to send out drone deliveries from mid-air

8/21/2017 - Ellen Pao’s book on Silicon Valley’s biggest sexual harassment case shows how sad the boys club really is

8/21/2017 - How to tell if you damaged your eyes by looking at the solar eclipse without glasses

8/21/2017 - For some reason, everyone was listening to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” today

8/21/2017 - The International Space Station just pulled off the photobomb of a lifetime

8/21/2017 - Suffering from the post-eclipse blues? Psychology explains why you feel sad after a big event

8/21/2017 - Three things you can do to get over your post-eclipse blues, according to a psychotherapist

8/21/2017 - The 13 questions Google asks about its managers when it gathers employee feedback

8/21/2017 - Touching and exuberant moments from a weekend of protests that may renew your faith in America

8/21/2017 - Google is sharing its management tools with the world

8/21/2017 - Everything you need to know about the solar eclipse that’s happening right now

8/21/2017 - Want to know why McDonald’s may shut down in half of India? Ask its first Indian business partner

8/21/2017 - On eclipse day 2017, a text-message chat between the sun and the moon

8/21/2017 - Desperate to hit their goals, WeChat users risk money—and public shaming—to motivate themselves

8/21/2017 - The paleo food craze is now being bottled for babies

8/21/2017 - Rich kids’ grades are rising faster, and intelligence probably isn’t the reason why

8/21/2017 - “The Conjuring” films have somehow successfully created a $1 billion movie universe

8/21/2017 - A student-built car will traverse Australia powered only by solar energy

8/21/2017 - Porsche is helping a student team cross Australia by solar power alone

8/21/2017 - A complete guide to pretending you saw the total solar eclipse

8/21/2017 - Speed and ease are key to unlocking m-commerce opportunity

8/21/2017 - You may know more about the brain than most science majors. Take this quiz to find out

8/21/2017 - Nigeria’s first ever corruption survey is as bad as most people imagined

8/21/2017 - A step-by-step guide from doctors to getting the most out of your next visit

8/21/2017 - All the planes that will have a view of the solar eclipse

8/21/2017 - An astronomer explains how to safely watch the 2017 solar eclipse

8/21/2017 - The world’s largest rhino breeder is now selling rhino horns online

8/21/2017 - Trump Afganistán, Musk guerra robots, deprimido en Instagram

8/21/2017 - Fear not, there will be more solar eclipses in your lifetime

8/21/2017 - Rainbow-painted crosswalks can boost trust among strangers

8/21/2017 - Millions of Americans will have a better view of the solar eclipse than astronauts in space

8/21/2017 - Many homes aren’t ready to charge electric cars without blowing the fuse

8/21/2017 - Banks are now monitoring how often top employees sit at their desks—but that’s not the problem

8/21/2017 - Total eclipse, US warship collision, Sweden’s dancing ban

8/21/2017 - Mike Bloomberg is looking to take over New York’s most elite conference from Bill Clinton

8/21/2017 - Wanted at Infosys: Superhuman CEO to rescue a $10 billion tech company

8/21/2017 - How to stop neo-Nazis from mobilizing on the street: lessons from Europe

8/21/2017 - Kashmir’s trendy new cafes offer more than just freshly-brewed coffee to young customers

8/21/2017 - Hailing an Uber in Hong Kong? A taxi might be cheaper

8/21/2017 - How Indian cinema helped fight fascism during World War II

8/21/2017 - Vishal Sikka is the tech oracle Indian IT desperately needed—but shunned

8/21/2017 - Total eclipse, USS John McCain collision, killer-robot ban

8/21/2017 - Total eclipse, USS John McCain collision, killer-robot ban

8/21/2017 - A legal startup is doubling its business helping other startups navigate the GST

8/21/2017 - “We do not have long to act”: Elon Musk and others warn the UN about autonomous weapons

8/20/2017 - How a 100-year-old delivery firm is emblematic of all of Japan’s demographic and labor woes

8/20/2017 - Eclipse mania takes hold, charities spurn Trump, killer robot ban

8/20/2017 - China’s Bitmain dominates bitcoin mining. Now it wants to cash in on artificial intelligence

8/20/2017 - How to DIY a simple eclipse viewer out of a cereal box if you don’t have glasses

8/20/2017 - What the solar eclipse will look like, wherever you are in the US

8/20/2017 - All of the charities backing out of Mar-a-Lago events in response to Trump’s handling of Charlottesville

8/20/2017 - A discovery of a 72-year-old ship wreck is bringing ultimate closure to its survivors

8/20/2017 - A soundtrack to the solar eclipse that eclipses all other eclipse soundtracks

8/20/2017 - Developing countries should invest in schools before roads—at least for now

8/20/2017 - Africans were used for medical experiments but were also scientists on Caribbean plantations

8/20/2017 - A taxonomy of American far-right hate groups

8/20/2017 - Online dating sucks because of the algorithms not the people

8/20/2017 - I was worried about artificial intelligence—until it saved my life

8/20/2017 - Children are the key to solving a 2000 year old philosophical mystery

8/20/2017 - Learn anything easily with this simple trick

8/20/2017 - The complete guide to not going to college

8/20/2017 - “The only difference between now and the 1960s is that the photos are in color”

8/20/2017 - What is Amazon, really?

8/20/2017 - Patients can be pretty good therapists to themselves

8/20/2017 - What it’s like to parent a newborn, mapped

8/20/2017 - Facing a difficult or awkward conversation at work? You are so not alone

8/20/2017 - Benin kingdom’s bronzes, Djibouti’s open door, African Instagram tourism

8/19/2017 - Rumors have started that Steve Bannon is going to launch a crazier version of Fox News

8/19/2017 - No chanting, no guns, no swastikas: The German approach to tolerating a neo-Nazi march

8/19/2017 - What will happen if you look at the solar eclipse without glasses

8/19/2017 - A lot of people are betting Conor McGregor is going to knock out Floyd Mayweather

8/19/2017 - Lured by “Game of Thrones,” cord-cutters have sent HBO’s streaming app to number one

8/19/2017 - There’s a total solar eclipse. Here are your horoscopes

8/19/2017 - The most disturbing thing about Charlottesville is America’s ambivalence about it

8/19/2017 - Nigeria’s president is back home after 104 days of medical vacation in London

8/19/2017 - Low-calorie sweeteners confuse our metabolism

8/19/2017 - Inside Netflix and Marvel’s heroic efforts to keep track of all the injuries to their superheroes

8/19/2017 - Weekend edition—America’s moral ambivalence, eclipse addicts, Irish smugglers

8/19/2017 - Globalization tore through my city and this is how we survived

8/19/2017 - The disturbing, eugenics-like reality unfolding in Iceland

8/19/2017 - Sometimes you need a pulsing red circle of data to understand how abnormally hot Earth is getting

8/19/2017 - African Instagrammers documenting rare, hidden hotspots on the continent are disrupting tourism

8/19/2017 - The long, gross history of white men trying to use statistics to justify bias

8/19/2017 - Trump’s CEO council wanted to influence politics, which is why they were right to quit on him

8/19/2017 - Why a film on the innocence and shame of black girls who want “hair that moves” matters so much

8/19/2017 - With Target officially cutting off ties, Hampton Creek has lost its largest retail customer

8/19/2017 - A patent that helped Amazon take over online commerce is about to expire

8/19/2017 - A Stanford psychologist says internet culture isn’t as toxic as it feels

8/19/2017 - James Damore is proving the alt-right playbook can work in Silicon Valley

8/19/2017 - The ideological battle dividing the world is perfectly illustrated by this fight over a Polish museum

8/19/2017 - Weekend edition—America’s moral ambivalence, eclipse addicts, Irish smugglers

8/19/2017 - Weekend edition—America’s moral ambivalence, eclipse addicts, Irish smugglers

8/18/2017 - Weekend edition—America’s moral ambivalence, eclipse addicts, Irish smugglers

8/18/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg’s own paternity-leave plans are a step toward a more fair workplace

8/18/2017 - Steve Bannon is more dangerous outside the Trump White House than in it

8/18/2017 - Bye-bye Bannon, Barcelona manhunt continues, and eight other stories you might have missed

8/18/2017 - Classic cars aren’t such a racy investment anymore

8/18/2017 - Trump’s entire arts council resigned with a scathing letter containing a clever hidden message

8/18/2017 - Donald Trump’s rapidly disappearing team, in one photo

8/18/2017 - Facebook is locking down the technology to help you see things that aren’t there

8/18/2017 - Foot Locker has a Nike problem

8/18/2017 - Americans were polled about the violence in Charlottesville, and the answers are ugly

8/18/2017 - Quartzy: the totality edition

8/18/2017 - Quartzy: the totality edition

8/18/2017 - The quest to find the perfect replacement for sugar is looking hopeless

8/18/2017 - China and the US make nearly half the world’s books

8/18/2017 - America’s neo-fascists have revived a tactic long abandoned by their counterparts in Europe

8/18/2017 - After attacking Rotten Tomatoes, Hollywood is now blaming YouTube fan reviews for its problems

8/18/2017 - Watch Tina Fey return to “Weekend Update” to eat cake and bash Trump’s response to Charlottesville

8/18/2017 - Box office blues, oyster vending machines, Mexican avocado inflation

8/18/2017 - Are stocks overvalued? Unusually strong earnings may justify sky-high valuations

8/18/2017 - The way that Taiwan, India, and other countries deal with statues that symbolize ugly pasts

8/18/2017 - Linguistic data analysis of 3 billion Reddit comments shows the alt-right is getting stronger

8/18/2017 - The economics of human smuggling makes it nearly impossible to stop

8/18/2017 - “We are not China’s colony” says Botswana over a controversial Dalai Lama visit

8/18/2017 - New sci-fi film “Marjorie Prime” is “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” meets “Black Mirror”

8/18/2017 - Trump Afganistán, atentados España, cirujanos psicópatas

8/18/2017 - From junk bonds to cryptocurrencies, three reasons why markets may be losing their minds

8/18/2017 - An error made in 1925 led to a crisis in modern science—now researchers are joining to fix it

8/18/2017 - How America reacted to Trump’s Charlottesville comments—according to Trump’s Twitter timeline

8/18/2017 - How to become a person who drinks good wine and isn’t annoying about it

8/18/2017 - How llamas conquered the world

8/18/2017 - How the American right co-opted the idea of free speech

8/18/2017 - Oliver Sacks warned us against the dangers of obsessive hobbies

8/18/2017 - Researchers may have found a cure for the peanut allergy

8/18/2017 - Barcelona manhunt, so long Sikka, psychopath surgeons

8/18/2017 - Forced to comply or shut down, Cambridge University Press’s China Quarterly removes 300 articles in China

8/18/2017 - The world’s largest floating solar farm is producing energy atop a former coal mine

8/18/2017 - One in 12 US doctors got payment from opioid makers

8/18/2017 - Vishal Sikka’s exit again shows India is no country for outsider CEOs

8/18/2017 - Robert Mugabe’s wife is caught up in a tabloid scandal in South Africa after an assault charge

8/18/2017 - A timeline of Vishal Sikka at Infosys: From high-profile outsider to dejected leader

8/18/2017 - Chinese parents spend a fortune on their kids’ summer vacations—both to show off and to keep up

8/18/2017 - How a tiny African country became the world’s key military base

8/18/2017 - How Steve Jobs inspired Vishal Sikka to leave the chaos at Infosys

8/18/2017 - The long-forgotten histories of the colours in the Indian Tricolour

8/18/2017 - Vishal Sikka quits as Infosys CEO after months of battling with the old guard

8/18/2017 - Barcelona terror attack, trouble at Mar-a-Lago, France’s alien cults

8/18/2017 - Barcelona terror attack, trouble at Mar-a-Lago, France’s alien cults

8/17/2017 - Photos: Inside one of the world’s largest bitcoin mines

8/17/2017 - How ancient cultures explained eclipses

8/17/2017 - A history of the New York Times discovering “exotic foods”

8/17/2017 - Internet clean up, the cure for peanut allergies, and eight other stories you might have missed

8/17/2017 - Take a 360 walk around one of the world’s biggest bitcoin mines

8/17/2017 - The lives of bitcoin miners digging for digital gold in Inner Mongolia

8/17/2017 - Barcelona terrorist attack, stock market tumble, France’s alien cults

8/17/2017 - Businesses are discovering the hidden value in their data: location intelligence

8/17/2017 - Businesses are finding previously undetectable data trends using location intelligence

8/17/2017 - Aldi’s cheap whiskey is winning international accolades

8/17/2017 - “The Picture of Dorian Gray” is getting a gender-swapped film adaptation

8/17/2017 - Google Earth is giving virtual tours of traditional homes around the world

8/17/2017 - How to photograph the total solar eclipse—with your phone or camera

8/17/2017 - Steve Bannon’s claim to have played the media with his bizarre interview is deluded

8/17/2017 - Manufacturing won’t bring workers to the Midwest

8/17/2017 - A low-tech terror attack in Barcelona follows a familiar grim script

8/17/2017 - London’s Design Museum is making people choose between a refugee shelter, Kanye West, and Pokémon GO

8/17/2017 - We forgot to teach our kids how to have fun sex

8/17/2017 - Netflix turned down “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Transparent,” and other shows that defined its rivals

8/17/2017 - Alibaba is almost as valuable as Amazon and closing the gap fast

8/17/2017 - Americans would be shocked by common resumé practices in Germany

8/17/2017 - Japón EEUU Pyongyang, matanzas Filipinas, inteligencia artificial policial

8/17/2017 - Spotify is now deciding what music is politically acceptable for listening

8/17/2017 - Cartoons for African children are frozen by a lack of funding and imagination

8/17/2017 - Jennifer Aniston still makes more money than almost any other actress in Hollywood

8/17/2017 - The scientific reason lifestyle changes are always more effective than diets

8/17/2017 - Just in time for its stellar earnings, China is going after Alibaba

8/17/2017 - At 15, Malala was shot for going to school. Now she’s getting the Oxford degree that produces world leaders

8/17/2017 - Here’s a way the US could get a better deal out of Nafta without changing it

8/17/2017 - This tool lets you find the Confederate monument closest to you

8/17/2017 - White educators need to fight racism every day

8/17/2017 - The difference between looking extraordinary and being extraordinary

8/17/2017 - The Mayweather-McGregor fight could just be the best thing to happen to boxing

8/17/2017 - Most people have never seen a total eclipse—so why do they believe they’re real?

8/17/2017 - Why do all our climate data start in 1880?

8/17/2017 - I spent years discovering the simple tactics gurus like Oprah, Einstein, and Buffett used to become successful—here they are

8/17/2017 - The total solar eclipse is a test case for renewable energy in emergencies

8/17/2017 - To fix algorithmic bias, we first need to fix ourselves

8/17/2017 - The case for eliminating letter grades, according to a school with too many straight-A students

8/17/2017 - Wall Street’s “Masters of the Universe” are making a comeback

8/17/2017 - Research suggests that young-for-their-grade kids are worse off, but holding them back isn’t the answer

8/17/2017 - “I often dream of you beating me”: A Chinese fourth grader’s heartbreaking essay to her abusive teacher

8/17/2017 - Joshua Wong jailed, Bannon’s Mooch moment, radioactive hair care

8/17/2017 - It’s only just started, flooding is going to get a lot worse in Nigeria

8/17/2017 - One of the biggest criticisms against wind and solar energy has been quashed

8/17/2017 - Taiwan, at the heart of the world’s tech supply chain, has a serious electricity problem

8/17/2017 - North Africa is surging as the continent’s top travel destination, but Nigeria is struggling

8/17/2017 - Hong Kong’s government finally managed to put democracy fighter Joshua Wong behind bars

8/17/2017 - A former US senator who called out Pakistan’s duplicity wants it treated like North Korea

8/17/2017 - An economist explains why Narendra Modi winning 2019 won’t translate into big-bang reforms

8/17/2017 - Marikana is the massacre South Africa doesn’t know how to mourn

8/17/2017 - Hong Kong ruling, Trump dumps CEOs, anti-goals

8/17/2017 - India’s following up on demonetisation by targeting shell companies, but it will be a long battle

8/17/2017 - Hong Kong ruling, Trump dumps CEOs, anti-goals

8/17/2017 - India Inc is finally realising that workplace culture matters

8/17/2017 - Then and now: The role Indians play in America’s billion-dollar startup ecosystem

8/16/2017 - “Clean eating” promotes unhealthy habits—especially among kids

8/16/2017 - A running list of websites and apps that have banned, blocked, deleted, and otherwise dropped white supremacists

8/16/2017 - Hong Kong ruling, Trump dumps CEOs, apocalypse hair tips

8/16/2017 - Now that Ikea knows “Game of Thrones” uses its rugs as capes, it’s helping fans make DIY costumes

8/16/2017 - Memorializing Heather Heyer, Baltimore’s Confederates, and other stories you may have missed

8/16/2017 - Angela Merkel just gave bosses everywhere permission to use the 😊 emoji

8/16/2017 - Even the Marines couldn’t prepare John Kelly for what he’ll have to do for Donald Trump

8/16/2017 - All of the cinematic alliances that influenced the most epic “Game of Thrones” moment yet

8/16/2017 - How setting “anti-goals” can keep work from being miserable

8/16/2017 - Racist beauty standards are leading women of color to use more toxic products

8/16/2017 - The Obamas, One Direction, and Nuggs Man. Here are the top 10 tweets of all time.

8/16/2017 - Soccer star Neymar’s record-breaking pay is good news for his teammates

8/16/2017 - For $10 a month, a Netflix co-founder wants you to go to the cinema as much as you like

8/16/2017 - Uber is letting some drivers pick and choose where they drive

8/16/2017 - Applebee’s tried to be cool, failed, and now it’s moving on with its life

8/16/2017 - Costco owes Tiffany $19 million for selling 2,500 “Tiffany” diamond rings

8/16/2017 - Read artist Kara Walker’s furious letter to America’s navel-gazing art world

8/16/2017 - Amazon joins the illustrious list of stocks hit by a Trump tweet

8/16/2017 - Kenya’s opposition is heading to court to contest the election’s result

8/16/2017 - The German government buys time for bankrupt Air Berlin after investor Etihad bails

8/16/2017 - All the science we’ve learned from solar eclipses throughout history

8/16/2017 - The shape of booms to come: The physics behind NASA’s “quiet” supersonic jet design

8/16/2017 - The Republic of Amazon can borrow more cheaply than many countries

8/16/2017 - Elvis’s Graceland is the second most visited home in the US—even 40 years after his death

8/16/2017 - This is what the US, Canada, and Mexico want from renegotiating Nafta

8/16/2017 - Sierra Leone’s tragic mudslide disaster is a stark reminder of the country’s poor urban planning

8/16/2017 - How the relationship theory of “love languages” can help your workplace relationships, too

8/16/2017 - To recruit new grads, the US Army is adopting millennial-friendly hiring techniques

8/16/2017 - SoundCloud is still alive—and that’s bad news for musicians

8/16/2017 - HBO accidentally leaked a future “Game of Thrones” episode on Spanish television

8/16/2017 - Westerners have to overcome the “ick” factor before they will eat bug burgers

8/16/2017 - What it means to be an American Nazi in 2017

8/16/2017 - Automation may take our jobs—but it’ll restore our humanity

8/16/2017 - A philosophical principle coined in 1945 could be a key defense against white supremacists

8/16/2017 - Instacart’s messy love triangle with Whole Foods and Amazon just got a lot more awkward

8/16/2017 - Procter and Gamble’s new anti-racism ad is roiling white America

8/16/2017 - Brexit Irlanda, Trump va por libre, neonazis Charlottesville

8/16/2017 - No one knows how much money WeChat is making, and investors are too bullish to care

8/16/2017 - A Chinese teenager’s death is exposing the horrors of internet addiction bootcamps

8/16/2017 - Brexit’s tricky border, more Trump defections, bug burgers

8/16/2017 - Social media helped but it isn’t ready yet to deliver political change in Kenya

8/16/2017 - India’s torture record is dire but Britain has little to crow about

8/16/2017 - Europe’s quality of life improved for the first time in a decade despite terrorism attacks

8/16/2017 - Impatient to return to the UK, a British royal rushed through Partition and created a bloodbath

8/16/2017 - The night desperate parents had to pump air into their dying babies in an Indian hospital

8/16/2017 - British Museum is in talks to return bronze artifacts looted from Benin kingdom 120 years ago

8/16/2017 - Actual sugar fiends stole 20 tons of Nutella and Kinder Surprise eggs in Germany

8/16/2017 - “Game of Thrones” is a blessing and a curse for Dubrovnik in Croatia

8/16/2017 - After an epic delay, two IIT grads are racing to roll out India’s first smart electric scooter

8/16/2017 - Brexit’s tricky border, Trump’s Nazi backtrack, $70 space robots

8/16/2017 - Brexit’s tricky border, Trump’s Nazi backtrack, $70 space robots

8/16/2017 - In the version of history found in India’s new textbooks, China lost 1962 and Gandhi wasn’t murdered

8/16/2017 - Archaeologists have uncovered a 2,000 year-old cemetery in Egypt

8/15/2017 - Behold the incredibly long flowchart of federal building permissions Trump showed today

8/15/2017 - In Taiwan, the miserable postpartum period is an increasingly lavish five-star experience

8/15/2017 - The best city to live in the world is Melbourne in Australia

8/15/2017 - The coded alt-right signal Donald Trump uses to defend white nationalists in Charlottesville

8/15/2017 - This Google doc has 11 pages of ideas for white people who want to help after Charlottesville

8/15/2017 - Berry beauty contest, Amazon’s two-minute pickup, and eight other stories you might have missed

8/15/2017 - Trump Nazi backtrack, North Korea dialback, Bill Gates giveback

8/15/2017 - The story behind that photo of a screaming white nationalist in Charlottesville

8/15/2017 - Everything Benchmark used to love about Uber’s Travis Kalanick is what it hates now

8/15/2017 - The White House doesn’t think sea-level rise is important to US infrastructure

8/15/2017 - At his current pace, Bill Gates won’t own any Microsoft shares in a couple of years

8/15/2017 - Even Robert E. Lee didn’t think Americans needed all those Confederate statues

8/15/2017 - Larry Summers: Trump can’t be advised, so why would any CEO remain on his councils?

8/15/2017 - Amazon is experimenting with military tech to help it take over groceries

8/15/2017 - The complete story of what happened in Charlottesville, according to the alt-right

8/15/2017 - “You can’t change history”: Read Donald Trump’s defense of Confederate statues

8/15/2017 - Gamekeepers are breeding rare colors of wildlife for big profits from tourist hunters

8/15/2017 - Federal prisons are finally required to provide women inmates with free tampons and pads

8/15/2017 - The creator of “The Walking Dead” is suing AMC for cheating him

8/15/2017 - Watch the Great American Eclipse live, no matter where you are in the world

8/15/2017 - Bill Gates is donating another $4.6 billion of his Microsoft holdings to charity

8/15/2017 - If an AI creates a work of art, who owns the rights to it?

8/15/2017 - Google has some complicated lessons to learn from the James Damore case

8/15/2017 - Despite the rise of remote work, the symbolic importance of offices will live on

8/15/2017 - Apple may be gambling its future growth by relying so much on Google

8/15/2017 - The one tech company still sticking by neo-Nazi websites is also one of their chief enablers

8/15/2017 - One of the creepiest scenes from “Annabelle: Creation” came from a dream the director had

8/15/2017 - The Burkina Faso-Mali attacks show the limits of the France-backed Sahel security strategy

8/15/2017 - The journal of Marcus Aurelius is essential reading if you want a clear and focused mind

8/15/2017 - The case against free speech for fascists

8/15/2017 - Trump is taking big steps to unravel rules designed to prevent another financial crisis

8/15/2017 - Uber is beginning to warn drivers about “long trips” likely to last over an hour

8/15/2017 - These statistics show why it’s so hard to be an average man on dating apps

8/15/2017 - An artist created an “emotional first aid kit” to help you deal with daily stress

8/15/2017 - Finland’s sickly economy is shrinking again

8/15/2017 - The mouthpiece of China is officially annoyed with the country’s sharing-economy “gimmicks”

8/15/2017 - Pence y Macri, Maduro y Trump, limpiar los océanos

8/15/2017 - A cotton candy machine could be used to help heal human tissue

8/15/2017 - An 1868 article about the KKK captures the ethical paradox of talking about terrorism today

8/15/2017 - The awe you experience from seeing an eclipse could take you off psychological auto-pilot

8/15/2017 - Google tested its AI by having it fine tune chocolate chip cookie recipes

8/15/2017 - This $70 robot that mimics a sea-turtle may eventually reach Mars

8/15/2017 - The new Netflix series “Atypical” portrays autistic men as sexist jerks

8/15/2017 - Kim calms down, CEOs quit Trump’s council, Antarctica’s hidden volcanoes

8/15/2017 - Who were the armed, camouflaged men in Charlottesville who have nothing to do with the military?

8/15/2017 - The excuses Anthony Scaramucci gave Stephen Colbert to justify Trump’s weak response to Nazi demonstrators

8/15/2017 - The lies Brits tell themselves about how they left behind a better India

8/15/2017 - The EU may make it easier for Britain to sign a post-Brexit China trade deal

8/15/2017 - Pantone has identified the exact shade of purple that was Prince’s signature color

8/15/2017 - The tech industry is hiring Israeli engineers as fast as the army can produce them

8/15/2017 - Black-market missiles, CEOs quit Trump’s council, Antarctica’s hidden volcanoes

8/15/2017 - Black-market missiles, CEOs quit Trump’s council, Antarctica’s hidden volcanoes

8/15/2017 - Read Satya Nadella’s letter to Microsoft staff after the events in Charlottesville

8/15/2017 - In one day, three CEOs have resigned from Trump’s manufacturing council

8/15/2017 - The stories of three families’ new beginnings after the dark days of Indian partition

8/14/2017 - Australia’s latest scandal involves politicians not knowing they were citizens of another country

8/14/2017 - China–North Korea sanctions, Trump denounces racists, Antarctica’s hidden volcanoes

8/14/2017 - What it’s like when white supremacists hijack your hometown

8/14/2017 - Trump picks a side, Germany’s anti-nazi curriculum, and eight other stories you might have missed

8/14/2017 - Neo-Nazis have the right to free speech. They don’t have the right to deny it to the rest of us

8/14/2017 - Google dropped a neo-Nazi site from its domain-registration service like a hot potato

8/14/2017 - Full text: Donald Trump says “racism is evil” in his latest statement on Charlottesville

8/14/2017 - The Trump administration recently stopped funding a group that combats white supremacism

8/14/2017 - Rwanda’s newest luxury ecotourism property has a plan for saving endangered mountain gorillas

8/14/2017 - Your “made in China” clothes may actually have been made in North Korea

8/14/2017 - Netflix and Amazon are stealing the minds behind your favorite TV shows

8/14/2017 - Here’s the healthy way to compare yourself to other people

8/14/2017 - Without Merck’s CEO, there are exactly zero non-white members on Trump’s manufacturing council

8/14/2017 - London’s Big Ben is falling silent next week until 2021

8/14/2017 - With mood lighting and fresh air, Singapore Airlines is helping ward off jet lag

8/14/2017 - How Singapore Airlines is reinventing the long-haul flight

8/14/2017 - Internet speeds across Africa are still far below the global minimum standard

8/14/2017 - Know how fake your news is with this lexicon of lies

8/14/2017 - “Every country should have a cyber war”: What Estonia learned from Russian hacking

8/14/2017 - Silicon Valley’s gender inequality is even worse than Wall Street’s

8/14/2017 - The greatest concentration of volcanoes has been found in Antarctica—and that’s terrifying news

8/14/2017 - British airports and flights have a booze problem that’s leading to skyrocketing arrests

8/14/2017 - The upcoming US-South Korea military drills occur every year—but not amid tension like this

8/14/2017 - Ford is a better bet than Tesla, according to bond investors

8/14/2017 - Small, Oscar-worthy films for grown-ups just aren’t doing it at the box office anymore

8/14/2017 - China’s Wolf Warrior 2 in ‘war-ravaged Africa’ gives the White Savior complex a whole new meaning

8/14/2017 - To fill 70,000 jobs, chocolate giant Mars will have to overcome its deeply secretive past

8/14/2017 - US tourism was falling even before Trump got elected

8/14/2017 - One of the two agencies that probes meddling in US elections is completely broken

8/14/2017 - EEUU Corea nuclear, neo-nazis en Charlottesville, mascotas Harry Potter

8/14/2017 - For many Middle Eastern entrepreneurs, the first order of business starts offshore

8/14/2017 - First jobs matter more than ever, and the ones young people get today aren’t great

8/14/2017 - Maybe Vancouver didn’t fix its housing bubble, after all

8/14/2017 - Trump’s China probe, tragedy in Charlottesville, boozy goldfish

8/14/2017 - God, opium, and alcohol: How British civil servants coped in colonial India

8/14/2017 - Gunmen have killed 18 people in an attack on a restaurant in Burkina Faso

8/14/2017 - Facebook’s secret Chinese app is a dud in China so far

8/14/2017 - The African middle class matters—but not for the reasons you think

8/14/2017 - Japan’s surge, bitcoin’s new high, banned soy sauce

8/14/2017 - When Mahatma Gandhi refused to stand up in respect for the national song

8/14/2017 - Japan’s surge, bitcoin’s new high, banned soy sauce

8/14/2017 - The objects Hindus and Muslims carried across the border during Partition

8/14/2017 - In India, the British empire saw a future for the Greco-Roman civilisation

8/14/2017 - The latest RAND survey paints a disturbing portrait of the American workplace

8/14/2017 - India is unprepared for a near future when it will be the world’s most populous country

8/13/2017 - The case for why Asian-Americans need affirmative action in college admissions

8/13/2017 - A white nationalist rally, Bitcoin hits $4,000, tipsy fish

8/13/2017 - “I miss optimism”: The “Family Guy” creator wants to bring back hopeful science fiction

8/13/2017 - North Korea knows it can’t afford to go to nuclear war

8/13/2017 - Feeling bad about feeling bad makes you feel worse

8/13/2017 - The “Veep” creator has found a new subject for his political comedy: Joseph Stalin

8/13/2017 - “Blood and soil”: The meaning of the Nazi slogan chanted by white nationalists in Charlottesville

8/13/2017 - The FBI is investigating the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia

8/13/2017 - Senator to Trump: “My brother didn’t give his life fighting Hitler for Nazi ideas to go unchallenged”

8/13/2017 - These are the consequences of the 2017 version of US’ anti-abortion Global Gag rule

8/13/2017 - Kenya decided, Africa’s fintech dollars, diabetes keeps rising

8/13/2017 - Bitcoin price breaks $4,000. Here’s why

8/13/2017 - Kenya is denying setting “death squads” loose on election protesters

8/13/2017 - A lot of our ideas about bilingual children are total myths

8/13/2017 - Poop is becoming a new fuel source

8/13/2017 - Poorly designed public toilets aren’t just annoying, they’re dehumanizing

8/13/2017 - Photos from around the world prove that nature’s beauty is in its dizzying scale

8/13/2017 - A philosopher who studies life changes says our biggest decisions can never be rational

8/12/2017 - When Donald Trump refuses to fault white supremacists, it’s every American’s job to call him out

8/12/2017 - Organizations that rescue refugees in the Mediterranean are giving up, for fear of being shot

8/12/2017 - Airbnb is kicking white supremacists off its platform

8/12/2017 - Amazon is warning customers and refunding unreliable eclipse glasses sold on its site

8/12/2017 - Protestors are singing and marching against white supremacy in Charlottesville

8/12/2017 - Just weeks after a KKK gathering, Charlottesville now faces “Unite the Right”

8/12/2017 - Marvel is working on a Lagos-set Venomverse comic with sci-fi writer Nnedi Okorafor

8/12/2017 - Kenya’s election was historic in many ways beyond its presidential contest

8/12/2017 - If you upload your mind to a computer, are you immortal or just a bot?

8/12/2017 - That epic “Game of Thrones” dragon battle was inspired by these key scenes in classic war movies

8/12/2017 - “Wonder Woman” is breaking records—and making money for these conservative billionaires

8/12/2017 - Weekend edition—Tech culture war, sex with robots, Afghanistan’s secret weapon

8/12/2017 - The most overlooked market for sex robots is women

8/12/2017 - How to talk to a skeptical grown-up about the innate skills of men and women

8/12/2017 - Get your oysters from a vending machine

8/12/2017 - The foundation of Western philosophy is probably rooted in psychedelics

8/12/2017 - Trump’s fire-and-fury messages channel Steve Bannon’s apocalyptic visions

8/12/2017 - People have been worrying for more than a century that self-driving cars will kill us

8/12/2017 - Witnessing an eclipse is so overwhelming it has created a global community of “addicts”

8/12/2017 - Weekend edition—Tech culture war, sex with robots, Afghanistan’s secret weapon

8/12/2017 - Weekend edition—Tech culture war, sex with robots, Afghanistan’s secret weapon

8/11/2017 - For the first time, AI crushed a professional Dota 2 player at the game’s biggest tournament

8/11/2017 - Weekend edition—Tech culture war, sex with robots, Afghanistan’s secret weapon

8/11/2017 - A theory of jerks, the disinformation age, and eight other stories you might have missed

8/11/2017 - How Facebook snuck into China

8/11/2017 - Kenya’s president has been re-elected with more than 54% of the vote

8/11/2017 - An “advanced sonic weapon” allegedly caused diplomats to lose their hearing in Cuba

8/11/2017 - Can Donald Trump just start a nuclear war with North Korea?

8/11/2017 - This is the diplomatic way out of the North Korea crisis

8/11/2017 - JCPenney shares have sunk to an all-time low

8/11/2017 - Truckers are changing their schedules to avoid the crush of solar-eclipse traffic

8/11/2017 - Starbucks is bottling and selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes in grocery stores

8/11/2017 - Taylor Swift’s sexual assault testimony calls out one of today’s most persistent sexist myths

8/11/2017 - US department stores are doing less terribly than expected

8/11/2017 - Quartzy: the dawn patrol edition

8/11/2017 - Good luck with that ransom—HBO’s hacked “Game of Thrones” episode was its most-watched ever

8/11/2017 - More cord-cutting, McDonald’s expands in China, world’s shortest flight

8/11/2017 - Our obsessive pursuit of weight loss has made us blind to how unhealthy our food is

8/11/2017 - A major blind spot in animal testing is endangering the lives of women

8/11/2017 - Your smartphone is 2017’s version of a tamagotchi

8/11/2017 - That joke about a Starbucks on every corner? It’s actually true and hurting the company’s sales

8/11/2017 - Watch: The 2017 World Rubik’s Cube Championship

8/11/2017 - Waymo is designing collapsible cars that crash into pedestrians gently

8/11/2017 - Tinder is begging users to stop posting tiger selfies

8/11/2017 - Chinese millennials are paying for fake relationships to fool their anxious parents

8/11/2017 - The evolution of American anxieties, in words added to the dictionary since 1980

8/11/2017 - Teenagers can’t afford to have summer jobs anymore

8/11/2017 - Pence en América Latina, inmigrantes España, malware molecular

8/11/2017 - Elon Musk’s Boring Company is actually boring, and that’s what will make it such a huge success

8/11/2017 - Foreign-transaction fees on credit cards may soon be a thing of the past

8/11/2017 - Housing is too expensive for low-skilled workers to move to cities with the highest-paid jobs

8/11/2017 - China’s military loves patriotic movies so much it opened its bases—and fighter jets—to filming

8/11/2017 - This weekend is the best time to watch the year’s most spectacular meteor shower

8/11/2017 - SoundCloud’s swan song, Trump’s hotel profit, molecular malware

8/11/2017 - China is investigating its internet giants over failures to police content—and sending a warning

8/11/2017 - A Mumbai-born soprano sparks a revival in opera from exactly where it all began in India

8/11/2017 - Populist anger in Germany isn’t about smashing the elite—it’s purely about immigrants

8/11/2017 - Lush, a great UK success story, is helping its workers leave Brexit Britain—and keep their jobs

8/11/2017 - Humans and robots are on the cusp of a sexual intimacy we may never reverse

8/11/2017 - An Instagram project is capturing Kolkata’s heritage buildings before they vanish for good

8/11/2017 - Apple’s next big moneymaker is its biggest headache in China

8/11/2017 - The alt-right is planning to protest Google’s censorship with nationwide rallies on its US campuses

8/11/2017 - BHEL, the Indian government’s heavy-engineering jewel, is in trouble

8/11/2017 - Listen to the stories of those who survived the 1947 Partition of India and Pakistan

8/11/2017 - SoundCloud’s deadline, investor sues Kalanick, molecular malware

8/11/2017 - SoundCloud’s deadline, investor sues Kalanick, molecular malware

8/11/2017 - Snapdeal must learn from the smaller Infibeam rather than the giant Amazon to revive itself

8/10/2017 - Cryptocurrencies have pulled one of Nvidia’s most sluggish businesses out of the gutter

8/10/2017 - Uber investor sues, Cuba-US mystery, molecular malware

8/10/2017 - One of Uber’s biggest investors is suing Travis Kalanick for control of the company

8/10/2017 - Kenya’s opposition leader is demanding he be declared president after rejecting the official vote count

8/10/2017 - The value of seed-stage startups just hit the highest point on record: $6.2 million

8/10/2017 - Snapchat really needs more users

8/10/2017 - Trump’s restrained nuke comments, refugees in Canada, and eight other stories you may have missed

8/10/2017 - Betsy Devos backs a company that claims to treat ADHD with dubious scientific support

8/10/2017 - The massive global race to teach an AI to beat Starcraft II is under way

8/10/2017 - Uber’s first employee is stepping down, leaving its executive suite lonelier than ever

8/10/2017 - Disney’s new streaming services could jeopardize its $8 billion relationship with cable companies

8/10/2017 - To get into Goldman Sachs, you’ll have to take a personality test

8/10/2017 - South Africans are loving this moment with sprinter Wayde van Niekerk so much

8/10/2017 - Video games can either grow or shrink part of your brain, depending on how you play

8/10/2017 - How better digital mapping will boost Nigeria’s e-commerce and ridesharing businesses

8/10/2017 - Andrew Ng will help you change the world with AI if you know calculus and Python

8/10/2017 - Coke is having an existential crisis over sugar—and has set up a $1 million prize to solve it

8/10/2017 - Students are now being told whether they got into university through Snapchat

8/10/2017 - Taking on Mayweather, Conor McGregor is a vulgar, flashier “Rocky” for our times

8/10/2017 - Google’s decision to fire James Damore meant choosing gender equality over freedom of expression

8/10/2017 - Lego traded its CEO in for a younger, Danish model

8/10/2017 - 21st-century music teachers should model themselves after electronic producers

8/10/2017 - Huelga aeropuerto Barcelona, Pyongyang Guam, camión autónomo Tesla

8/10/2017 - The books that inspire people to get PhDs

8/10/2017 - People who complain about millennials are really just complaining about being old

8/10/2017 - Becoming a social media “influencer” is the new unpaid internship, and just as exploitative

8/10/2017 - MIT scientists created “living” jewelry that moves

8/10/2017 - Not everyone is as excited about the eclipse as humans

8/10/2017 - There’s at least one area of banking where bonuses may get smaller

8/10/2017 - Organic cannabis growers solve the problem of poisonous pot with compost

8/10/2017 - One of world’s most famous chefs lurks at fast-food restaurants for management inspiration

8/10/2017 - Snap’s earnings, North Korea’s plan of attack, world’s shortest flight

8/10/2017 - The name you’re given as a child might affect the shape of your face

8/10/2017 - Rwanda’s growth miracle may be a mirage

8/10/2017 - Rolls-Royce has a low-tech solution to pirate attacks on high-tech boats

8/10/2017 - Kenya’s electoral commission denies the voting system was hacked

8/10/2017 - Diabetes is on a rapid rise through sub Saharan Africa

8/10/2017 - Blockchain could fix a key problem in China’s food industry: the fear of food made in China

8/10/2017 - More funds, less cow dung: Angry Indian scientists’ message to the Modi government

8/10/2017 - Can Kolkata’s most iconic tea room make it in Delhi and Mumbai?

8/10/2017 - India has the most number of workers ready to quit their jobs and start up

8/10/2017 - Heatwaves could turn parts of India and Pakistan uninhabitable by the end of the century

8/10/2017 - China talks steel, Tesla plans trucks, monkey vasectomies

8/10/2017 - China talks steel, Tesla plans trucks, monkey vasectomies

8/10/2017 - A startup offers a master class in keeping both millennials and Gen X-ers happy

8/9/2017 - Facebook is packing its first original video series lineup with annoying reality shows

8/9/2017 - Many refugees in Europe risk swapping life in a war zone for the life of a slave

8/9/2017 - Trump’s immigration crackdown could increase modern day slavery

8/9/2017 - China talks steel, Tesla plans trucks, monkey vasectomies

8/9/2017 - Could the US stop an unprovoked attack by North Korea?

8/9/2017 - One chart to sum up the economy, Trump’s IED, and eight other stories you might have missed

8/9/2017 - FX’s CEO explains the philosophical divide pitting smaller TV networks against Silicon Valley

8/9/2017 - SNL’s “Weekend Update” spinoff wants to reclaim the throne as political comedy’s king

8/9/2017 - The ACLU is suing the DC Metro for not letting it put up posters of the first amendment

8/9/2017 - The “great awakening” of Ferguson changed nothing: Police militarization in 2017

8/9/2017 - A “driverless van” on the road in Virginia actually had a man dressed as a car seat behind the wheel

8/9/2017 - IKEA’s 25-minute soothing, tingly ASMR commercial is an eerily natural fit

8/9/2017 - Who said it? Kim Jong-Un or Donald Trump. A disconcertingly difficult quiz

8/9/2017 - When a business should not follow Steve Jobs’s advice

8/9/2017 - Ten years on from the start of the financial crisis, how the mighty have fallen

8/9/2017 - Secretive startup Magic Leap is solving the same boring problems as everyone else

8/9/2017 - Fearing nuclear winter, investors bought Swiss francs

8/9/2017 - American Apparel is testing shoppers with identical “Made in America” vs. foreign-made clothes

8/9/2017 - Democrats are still at war with each other—but Kamala Harris could heal the rift

8/9/2017 - Donald Trump could be getting his US-Africa policy right by simply not having one

8/9/2017 - By signing up David Letterman, Netflix is coming after a lucrative new old demographic

8/9/2017 - Completing this 30-minute exercise makes teams less anxious and more productive

8/9/2017 - Ten years ago today, people weren’t that worried about impending financial doom

8/9/2017 - A Harvard Business School professor says you should think of job interviews as dates

8/9/2017 - Donald Trump’s crackdown on immigrants is spooking US tech firms from even interviewing them

8/9/2017 - Why gay Americans have won the right to get married but can still be fired for being gay

8/9/2017 - Soon, nobody will read academic journals illegally, because the studies worth reading will be free

8/9/2017 - 23 minutes is the right amount of time to spend on Facebook

8/9/2017 - Snap needs to quickly prove that there’s space for a third major digital advertiser

8/9/2017 - Rugby femenino, Maradona y Maduro, turismofobia Airbnb

8/9/2017 - Your social media profile photo makes you human. Why is it creepy on resumés?

8/9/2017 - The secret to office happiness isn’t working less—it’s caring less

8/9/2017 - Meet the misbehaving robots that are programmed to annoy you

8/9/2017 - Economists have put a price on pain, and it’s $56-$145 a day

8/9/2017 - Alibaba’s “cashless week” to boost mobile payments is worrying China’s central bank

8/9/2017 - An astronomer who’s seen 14 eclipses is ready for her biggest eclipse chase yet

8/9/2017 - Sneaker brands matter the most in jail

8/9/2017 - Migraines could be an immune system disease, opening up new treatment paths

8/9/2017 - A former Facebook product manager on the key to solving hard decisions quickly

8/9/2017 - North Korea threatens Guam, emergency egg summit, Oreo science

8/9/2017 - Eclipse maps of the past show the evolution of science and civilization

8/9/2017 - Kenya’s opposition says the election was hacked in the president’s favor

8/9/2017 - Shady debt collectors in China are hiring grannies and HIV patients to intimidate people

8/9/2017 - The case for $5,000 bitcoin

8/9/2017 - The sad truth about guide dogs will make you love them more

8/9/2017 - China’s Tencent is quietly testing a “social credit score” based on people’s online behavior

8/9/2017 - India’s young and able are not even trying to look for jobs

8/9/2017 - Kenya’s president has a clear lead in votes counted so far, but the opposition says it’s “fake”

8/9/2017 - Looking at Indian politics through Shakespeare’s King Lear

8/9/2017 - The Internet of Things could be the light at the end of the tunnel for Indian IT

8/9/2017 - Jacob Zuma might have won the vote, but the party of Mandela has lost South Africa’s trust

8/9/2017 - North Korea threatens Guam, Disney snubs Netflix, gecko beer lawsuit

8/9/2017 - North Korea threatens Guam, Disney snubs Netflix, gecko beer lawsuit

8/9/2017 - Bangalore, before the dystopia: The birth, life, and death of India’s most liveable city

8/8/2017 - India’s scientists are marching against pseudoscience, religious intolerance, and paltry funding

8/8/2017 - Disney is just beginning its conscious uncoupling from Netflix

8/8/2017 - Disney disses Netflix, Zuma survives vote, gecko beer lawsuit

8/8/2017 - Fox is making a new singing competition TV show to compete with the one it just canceled

8/8/2017 - How America lost its mind, Trump’s positive news, and eight other stories you might have missed

8/8/2017 - The first smog-filtering bicycles will roll out in China by the end of the year

8/8/2017 - Hackers are holding Game of Thrones scripts hostage, demanding ransom from HBO

8/8/2017 - Scientists found more evidence that we can learn during sleep

8/8/2017 - In a further bid to solidify his street cred, Drake is investing in matcha tea—and this is why

8/8/2017 - South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma has survived yet another vote of no-confidence—but only just

8/8/2017 - The only people watching “Twin Peaks” are paying to stream it

8/8/2017 - Donald Trump is politicizing our dating profiles

8/8/2017 - The first person to buy a Tesla Model S thought he’d never see the car because the company would fail

8/8/2017 - No matter how you feel about Trump, don’t engage in vacation shaming

8/8/2017 - Free-speech rights don’t apply in the American workplace, as Google demonstrates

8/8/2017 - Marriage in America is increasingly the province of the college-educated woman

8/8/2017 - Nigeria has seized a $37.5 million luxury apartment complex from its ex-oil minister

8/8/2017 - Using biology to justify the gender gap in tech is wrong—and not just because the science is bad

8/8/2017 - The US is as divided about its pop stars as everything else

8/8/2017 - Uber is ending its subprime car leasing program in the US

8/8/2017 - Even when they’re profitable every day, high-frequency traders aren’t making much money

8/8/2017 - Fearing US deportation, refugees who have crossed into Canada are living in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium

8/8/2017 - Cracking the case of the mystery sea creatures that chewed an Australian teen’s legs

8/8/2017 - Technology is changing our relationship with nature as we know it

8/8/2017 - Bad news for J.Crew: UK fast-fashion giant ASOS is making a big play for the US

8/8/2017 - Kenya’s high-stakes election begins with delays, long lines and predictions of peace

8/8/2017 - Elon Musk will face a stern test when he tries to work his magic on grumpy bond investors

8/8/2017 - One of the most popular job interview questions is biased and unfair, says Adam Grant

8/8/2017 - Britain can seal a US trade deal if it extricates itself from the EU’s highest court

8/8/2017 - China Panamá, derribar drones, marcas secretas

8/8/2017 - Psychologists find Asian Americans get a social boost from being overweight

8/8/2017 - Setting goals around tasks, not outcomes, is the best way to improve performance, a study shows

8/8/2017 - How the once-ridiculed word “finalize” slipped into mainstream American English

8/8/2017 - Casper raises $240 million in venture funding, launches a Kickstarter campaign

8/8/2017 - The HR process is filled with bias, and SAP is selling tech to change that

8/8/2017 - This is what a solar eclipse looks like from space

8/8/2017 - 14 texts that every guy has sent at least once

8/8/2017 - Didi Chuxing’s proxy war with Uber has expanded to the Middle East

8/8/2017 - These numbers explain why South Africa’s president Zuma won’t be pushed out

8/8/2017 - People in rich countries are dying of loneliness

8/8/2017 - High-altitude jets rigged with telescopes will chase the solar eclipse across the US

8/8/2017 - Hollywood vegans are trying to convince you eggs are as bad as cigarettes—that’s irresponsible and wrong

8/8/2017 - Kenya’s election, HBO’s ransom, secret Amazon brands

8/8/2017 - China’s answer to Rambo is about punishing those who offend China—and it’s killing it in theaters

8/8/2017 - Mauritania has a new flag

8/8/2017 - Economics is the least nuanced social science

8/8/2017 - Instagram posts can reveal depression better than anything patients tell their doctors

8/8/2017 - The biggest market for hydrogen as a clean fuel may not be cars—but homes

8/8/2017 - Google fired the author of the “anti-diversity” memo—and as a result, proved his point

8/8/2017 - For online retailers, the millions of Indians living in small towns are a potential goldmine

8/8/2017 - Taiwan is sick and tired of competing as “Chinese Taipei” in global sporting events

8/8/2017 - The answer to regressive Hindi majoritarianism should not be Kannada chauvinism

8/8/2017 - Germany’s diesel scandal shines a light on how cozy the government is with carmakers

8/8/2017 - Wanted at Indian tech firms: opinionated millennials

8/8/2017 - Kenya’s female voters could sway the presidential election

8/8/2017 - Kenyan election, HBO ransom, secret Amazon brands

8/8/2017 - Kenyan election, HBO ransom, secret Amazon brands

8/8/2017 - The Cult of India’s Silicon Valley is unchaining techies from their desks

8/8/2017 - The SBI’s rate cut will fundamentally change how savings bank accounts are viewed in India

8/7/2017 - Let us all judge ourselves by the criteria of the World Dog Surfing Championships

8/7/2017 - Why this Taiwanese man is the dream husband of so many women in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China

8/7/2017 - Tillerson in Asia, Tesla junk bonds, secret Amazon brands

8/7/2017 - Conditioned by air, China’s free cable, and eight other stories you may have missed

8/7/2017 - Uber’s “next chapter” won’t include Travis Kalanick as CEO

8/7/2017 - Apple’s next iPhone will apparently come in a bizarre shade of orange

8/7/2017 - How to invest for the rest of 2017

8/7/2017 - While the U.S. ages gracefully, a resurgence emerges abroad

8/7/2017 - Your plane could fly itself by 2025…if you’re cool with that

8/7/2017 - In San Francisco, it’s cheaper to buy a street than a house

8/7/2017 - Four women discuss their financial “aha!” moments

8/7/2017 - Google’s diversity memo captures a hard truth about conservative and liberal biases

8/7/2017 - It was the worst weekend at the US box office so far this summer

8/7/2017 - Amazon could replace CAPTCHA with a Turing test you’re meant to fail

8/7/2017 - Four women reflect on the risk of avoiding risk

8/7/2017 - Cindy Sherman, the art world’s patron saint of selfies, is now on Instagram

8/7/2017 - This is the study that definitely proves men aren’t born more competitive than women

8/7/2017 - All the climate-change related words employees at the US agriculture department can’t use anymore

8/7/2017 - Google’s response to its viral diversity memo is a classic conversation-avoidance technique

8/7/2017 - Netflix has made its first-ever acquisition, buying its own mini-Marvel

8/7/2017 - The backstory to some of the popular slogans in Kenya’s tightly contested elections

8/7/2017 - Kenya’s newspapers give voters the front pages they want to sell more copies

8/7/2017 - An artificial intelligence researcher reveals his greatest fears about the future of AI

8/7/2017 - America’s opioid epidemic is way worse than we realized

8/7/2017 - During the first San Francisco dot-com boom, techies and ravers got together to save the world

8/7/2017 - Trump keeps summoning Silicon Valley CEOs to DC who get nothing but headaches

8/7/2017 - Believe it or not, Italy is the best performing stock market in the G7 so far this year

8/7/2017 - OPEP petróleo, Pyongyang mar de fuego, app anticonceptivo

8/7/2017 - Leapfrogging is overrated, says a Harvard development professor

8/7/2017 - An arcane American law protected by powerful interests is causing insane traffic jams

8/7/2017 - This startup learned the hard way that you do not piss off open-source programmers

8/7/2017 - Amazon owns a whole collection of secret brands

8/7/2017 - China has a new richest man—and it’s not Jack Ma nor Wang Jianlin

8/7/2017 - Personal bankruptcies are down 50% in the US. Thanks, Obamacare?

8/7/2017 - North Korean sanctions, oil quotas, flesh-eating sea lice

8/7/2017 - China says it’s done its part to rein in North Korea—now the US and South Korea should step up

8/7/2017 - Needleless blood draws could solve one of the biggest headaches in hospitals

8/7/2017 - Paris has ambitions to become a global tech hub. Can Emmanuel Macron make it happen?

8/7/2017 - A cheat sheet to investing in cryptocurrencies, customized just for you

8/7/2017 - It’s raining private equity investments in India

8/7/2017 - India’s doctors weigh in: People in pain need more morphine, not medical marijuana

8/7/2017 - My meeting with a rapist in India who thinks he can make up for his crime by marrying the child he violated

8/7/2017 - Balloons and leaflets are the next potential flashpoint between the Koreas

8/7/2017 - A quarter of Kenya’s electronic voting stations won’t have network coverage to send the results

8/7/2017 - Chinese people have lots of faith in China, but not so much in their fellow Chinese

8/7/2017 - Mars Inc wants to go over the moon in India, one bite at a time

8/7/2017 - Samsung corruption trial, failed Venezuela uprising, flesh-eating sea lice

8/7/2017 - Samsung corruption trial, failed Venezuela uprising, flesh-eating sea lice

8/7/2017 - Rakshabandhan: 30 years ago, two Hindu women accepted an American Catholic as their brother

8/6/2017 - Tillerson pressures North Korea, topless Vladimir Putin, happiness hangovers

8/6/2017 - Tillerson pressures North Korea, topless Vladimir Putin, happiness hangovers

8/6/2017 - Dunkin’ thinks dumping the word “Donuts” could help it transform into Starbucks

8/6/2017 - The real problem with that Google employee’s viral anti-diversity memo is bigger than Silicon Valley

8/6/2017 - Why African fintech startups are becoming even more attractive for investors

8/6/2017 - To persuade people to eat less meat, vegetarians should bend their own rules

8/6/2017 - Scientists made people turn off their notifications for a day, and saw an effect years later

8/6/2017 - The economics of dividing domestic work fairly, no matter who makes more

8/6/2017 - Multilevel-marketing companies like LuLaRoe are forcing people into debt and psychological crisis

8/6/2017 - A new book about architect Zaha Hadid teaches kids to be independent thinkers

8/6/2017 - The time-honored, eye-searing tradition of staring directly at a solar eclipse

8/6/2017 - “It’s hard to find a housewife sexy”

8/6/2017 - To be more satisfied at work, start believing in your free will

8/6/2017 - East Africa’s elections, curbing population growth, China’s Didi arrives

8/6/2017 - Policing people’s grammar online is never really about grammar

8/6/2017 - There’s a biological reason you feel down after having the time of your life

8/6/2017 - Nairobi is becoming a ghost town as a tense and tightly-contested election nears

8/5/2017 - More than a black “Friends”: the brilliant, subversive message of Alan Yang and Jay-Z’s sitcom spoof

8/5/2017 - How Trump’s twitter personality compares with 105 business leaders’, according to data scientists

8/5/2017 - After serving time, a former “wolf of Wall Street” launched a job board specifically for convicts

8/5/2017 - Octopus research shows that consciousness isn’t what makes humans special

8/5/2017 - “Game of Thrones,” one of the most expensive shows ever made, used cheap IKEA rugs as capes

8/5/2017 - A list of multinational companies worth as much as Neymar

8/5/2017 - New technology promises a comfortable high heel, but begs the question: Why wear heels at all?

8/5/2017 - Nobody geeks out over “Game of Thrones” like medieval scholars

8/5/2017 - A natural gas boom in the Adriatic has created teeming nurseries of self-cloning baby jellyfish

8/5/2017 - “Reclaiming my time”: Strategies from a scholar of chronemics, the study of time

8/5/2017 - By losing, Conor McGregor could actually win big in his fight against Mayweather

8/5/2017 - With rosé selling like crazy, the future of wine is pink and bubbly

8/5/2017 - To catch its most notorious fugitives, Europe is making “Wanted” fliers friendlier and funnier

8/5/2017 - Weekend edition—The fashionable entrepreneur, coal’s toll, fortune-cookie math

8/5/2017 - America’s laws about alcohol during pregnancy are more about restricting reproductive rights than reducing harmful drinking

8/5/2017 - Usain Bolt is certain this sprinter is world athletics’ next big superstar

8/5/2017 - The most offensive curse word in English has powerful feminist origins

8/5/2017 - How big data tells us when the “United States” literally became one

8/5/2017 - The tone-deaf list of women Wired thanked in its “Wonder Woman” issue included a dog

8/5/2017 - A robot watched a Kenyan presidential candidate debate himself and this is what it found out

8/5/2017 - Rwanda has re-elected president Kagame with more than 98% of the vote

8/5/2017 - Weekend edition—The fashionable entrepreneur, coal’s toll, fortune-cookie math

8/5/2017 - Getting elections right is more important than ever for democracy in Africa

8/5/2017 - Weekend edition—The fashionable entrepreneur, coal’s toll, fortune-cookie math

8/4/2017 - Weekend edition—The fashionable entrepreneur, coal’s toll, fortune-cookie math

8/4/2017 - Pharma bro Martin Shkreli is convicted for a securities fraud scheme that’s eerily familiar

8/4/2017 - Total eclipse of the sun: A complete guide to the 2017 solar eclipse

8/4/2017 - Tough Mudder mania, catching counterfeiters, and eight other stories you might have missed

8/4/2017 - “The Karate Kid” is getting a TV sequel on YouTube with Ralph Macchio in a starring role

8/4/2017 - Blue Apron is closing down its Jersey City facility for a new one

8/4/2017 - Microsoft wants to end the tyranny of lawyers billing by the hour

8/4/2017 - Weeks of preparation made this “impossible” shot National Geographic’s best travel photo of 2017

8/4/2017 - The US Army is reportedly banning all drones from China’s DJI

8/4/2017 - White students in Harvard’s new class will find themselves a minority for the first time in history

8/4/2017 - Quartzy: the do it anyway edition

8/4/2017 - So far, Donald Trump is the eighth-best “jobs president” in modern history

8/4/2017 - Quartzy: the do it anyway edition

8/4/2017 - Russia’s leaders are turning against Trump after sanctions, and so are its people

8/4/2017 - You can buy the barn that inspired “Charlotte’s Web” for a cool $3.7 million

8/4/2017 - Bitcoin splits in two, narcotics submarines, Airbus is killing the A380

8/4/2017 - The number of female CEOs on the Fortune 500 list is shrinking again

8/4/2017 - Hollywood might have found a way to undermine Rotten Tomatoes’ rotten scores

8/4/2017 - Constituyente Venezuela, Peña Nieto y Maduro, turismo España

8/4/2017 - The Philippines just made free tuition for college a reality

8/4/2017 - A TED speaker coach’s trick for more commanding presentations involves your toes

8/4/2017 - Century-old images of the earliest solar eclipses caught on camera

8/4/2017 - What the Apple store has to teach us about the miserable future of the electric car

8/4/2017 - Professional romance novelists can write 3,000 words a day. Here’s how they do it

8/4/2017 - Deglobalization in action? Foreign corporate revenues have fallen to their lowest level in five years

8/4/2017 - Bicycles were once blamed for making riders—especially women—crazy

8/4/2017 - Ethiopia is set to end its state of emergency

8/4/2017 - US jobs day, Toyota and Mazda’s US plan, potato cartels

8/4/2017 - “Babaji only wants to sell”: A former CEO reveals the inner workings of Patanjali

8/4/2017 - Buying its own cars went disastrously wrong for Uber in Singapore

8/4/2017 - Migrants are poised to kickstart the solution for Germany’s chronic workforce problem

8/4/2017 - Italy is bearing the brunt of Europe’s migrant crisis, boosting populists with radical ideas

8/4/2017 - Researchers are using Google Maps and satellite images to track slaves in India

8/4/2017 - Uber’s Singapore scandal, Toyota earnings, US potato cartel

8/4/2017 - Uber’s Singapore scandal, Toyota earnings, US potato cartel

8/4/2017 - India Inc: Near-term sceptics, long-term believers in India’s growth story

8/4/2017 - Cash crunch during weddings, holidays, or car purchase? This app has middle-class India covered

8/4/2017 - A mysterious “braid-chopper” is cutting off women’s hair in northern India

8/3/2017 - A luxury watchmaker says it’s a mistake to adapt to China’s market—no matter how big the demand

8/3/2017 - Trump’s wall call, phones are making teens sad, and 8 other stories you might have missed

8/3/2017 - Uber’s Singapore scandal, Toyota earnings, US potato cartel

8/3/2017 - Michelle Carter, who encouraged boyfriend via text to commit suicide, was sentenced to 2.5 years

8/3/2017 - Grubhub’s purchase of Yelp’s Eat24 may make it the only place to order restaurant delivery

8/3/2017 - Big-name US senators are joining the push to crack down on kleptocrat-friendly shell companies

8/3/2017 - Since the iPhone launched, Apple has made as much profit as Microsoft and Alphabet combined

8/3/2017 - A cannabis startup is trying to buy an entire town in California

8/3/2017 - Amazon wants to hire 50,000 people. So far it has 20,000 applicants.

8/3/2017 - Adidas is collaborating with a Japanese label to create artisanal knock-offs of its own shoes

8/3/2017 - One of the world’s biggest food companies is struggling as the industry moves toward health and wellness

8/3/2017 - Adidas has found that models and bloggers, not athletes, are the key to selling sportswear to women

8/3/2017 - From San Francisco to Toronto via Sydney: Five big housing bubbles in five years

8/3/2017 - Donald Trump’s new immigration bill is his latest effort to reverse the arc of racial justice

8/3/2017 - The biggest star on the new “Total Request Live” might just be its host from YouTube

8/3/2017 - Apple’s “walled garden” approach to content has paid off massively

8/3/2017 - The prisons that propped up small US towns can hurt them badly when they shut down

8/3/2017 - At dim sum with angel investor Jason Calacanis, buying his book is mandatory

8/3/2017 - The secret ingredient that makes the Mediterranean diet work is money

8/3/2017 - This coding bootcamp doesn’t try to turn you into a full-time software engineer

8/3/2017 - Boeing’s plan to draw an airplane in the sky dumped at least 300,000 kg of carbon dioxide

8/3/2017 - To get into this elite business school, you have to prove you’re not a psychopath

8/3/2017 - Gender balance on company boards is even worse than you think

8/3/2017 - In 1998, Amazon bought the website poised to become Facebook. Then they killed it.

8/3/2017 - Alibaba and luxury giant Kering have gone from enemies to allies in the battle against knockoffs

8/3/2017 - Political attack ads harm female Democratic candidates the most

8/3/2017 - Why Floyd Mayweather cares so much about the size of his boxing gloves

8/3/2017 - A composer is creating mash-ups of Drake and Tchaikovsky so you’ll care more about classical music

8/3/2017 - Bitcoin’s split gave the WannaCry hackers an instant boost to their profits

8/3/2017 - Mike Pence spent his Eastern Europe tour undermining Trump’s Russia policy at every stop

8/3/2017 - A busy subway booth in Cairo is offering free Islamic advice to beat extremism

8/3/2017 - Constituyente Venezuela, Moscú Trump, agua espacial

8/3/2017 - This music production tool is the reason why all new music sounds the same

8/3/2017 - Nobody wins patents like IBM, but Amazon and Facebook are picking up their pace

8/3/2017 - Compliments, water, and kindness: A survival guide for Elon Musk’s AI apocalypse

8/3/2017 - Two plants from Antarctica could hold the key to a new type of sunscreen

8/3/2017 - The simple and tragic reason why the world can’t do anything to save Venezuela

8/3/2017 - China set a giant panda free to mate and now has the first cub born to captive and wild parents

8/3/2017 - Two little-used trade weapons Trump might employ against China

8/3/2017 - The classic principle behind the most unexpected home run of 2017

8/3/2017 - Aid agencies may need to resort to “poverty porn” to sound the alarm on an ignored famine crisis

8/3/2017 - What to do before a vacation to make sure coming back to work isn’t pure agony

8/3/2017 - Brazil corruption drama, CEO salaries, royal cocktails

8/3/2017 - Thanks to Brexit, the UK may have to stoop to US food standards

8/3/2017 - The visual story of what humans sacrifice in our relentless hunt for coal

8/3/2017 - Chinese research claiming a gene-editing alternative to CRISPR was just withdrawn

8/3/2017 - Why does the Czech Republic have the lowest unemployment in the EU?

8/3/2017 - The world’s top mobile money operator will launch an e-commerce store next year

8/3/2017 - One year after the Uber-Didi merger, it’s only getting harder to hail a ride in China

8/3/2017 - The hackers behind the WannaCry ransomware attack have finally cashed out

8/3/2017 - A look at LinkedIn’s strategy to put India’s small town job-seekers on the map

8/3/2017 - Long before it became a bank, HDFC was one of India’s earliest startups

8/3/2017 - I want whatever the Indian rupee is smoking

8/3/2017 - Battling job loss and irrelevance, wrecked Indian techies are seeking emotional help online

8/3/2017 - Tesla surprises, Venezuelans protest, royal drinking

8/3/2017 - Tesla surprises, Venezuelans protest, royal drinking

8/3/2017 - An Indian dad turned his daughter’s favourite nursery rhymes into a million-dollar business on YouTube

8/3/2017 - China is keeping Liu Xia, widow of human rights activist Liu Xiaobo, from talking to the world

8/2/2017 - Exhausted by the herd, single South Koreans are gingerly embracing the “YOLO” lifestyle

8/2/2017 - Downsizing is actually not a good way to save money

8/2/2017 - At this point, Tesla essentially looks like the electric vehicle market

8/2/2017 - Russia sanctions, Crispr breakthrough, royal drinking

8/2/2017 - You can earn six figures from NASA if you’re willing to protect Earth from alien life

8/2/2017 - Uniqlo’s new airport vending machines are selling the warm clothes you forgot to pack

8/2/2017 - Affirmative action attacks, designer babies, and eight other stories you might have missed

8/2/2017 - Your houseguests could hack your Amazon Echo to spy on your conversations

8/2/2017 - Anne Frank’s “lovely face” is what nudged an editor to bring her diary to the English-speaking world

8/2/2017 - Trump wouldn’t need a trade war with China if he’d stayed in the TPP trade deal

8/2/2017 - After trying to build self-driving tractors for more than 20 years, John Deere has learned a hard truth about autonomy

8/2/2017 - Hyperloop just broke its speed record. That was the easy part

8/2/2017 - Netflix is committed to spending $20 billion on future content. But it’s not a big deal

8/2/2017 - The fastest growing job requirement for freelancers barely existed a year ago

8/2/2017 - Affirmative action in US colleges faces its biggest test in decades: Donald Trump

8/2/2017 - The effort to unionize Seattle’s Lyft and Uber drivers just cleared another legal hurdle

8/2/2017 - Chimps can develop signs of Alzheimer’s—which may teach us more about the disease

8/2/2017 - How to buy the new bitcoin cash after the split of the popular cryptocurrency

8/2/2017 - The Winklevoss twins are making headway in their quest to get Wall Street to go big on bitcoin

8/2/2017 - Bitcoin cash is already the third most valuable cryptocurrency

8/2/2017 - A highly successful attempt at genetic editing of human embryos has opened the door to eradicating inherited diseases

8/2/2017 - A Harvard political philosopher on why tougher policing in America won’t reduce crime

8/2/2017 - The science explaining how Usain Bolt became the fastest human in the world

8/2/2017 - Climate change may be causing Indian farmers to take their own lives

8/2/2017 - Bill Gates headlines an all-star list of investors pumping $75 million into meatless burgers

8/2/2017 - Facebook has joined the battle to combat fake news in Kenya

8/2/2017 - Amazon will offer a very different alternate history of American slavery from HBO’s

8/2/2017 - The Obama administration accidentally accelerated the Corolla conquest of American roads

8/2/2017 - Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are both wrong about AI and the robot apocalypse

8/2/2017 - MegaBots is finally going to take on Japan in the world’s first giant robot duel

8/2/2017 - All the absurd English pronunciations that frustrate the hell out of non-native speakers

8/2/2017 - Macron bans lawmakers from employing their spouses—while prepping a role for his own

8/2/2017 - Misil estadounidense, conflicto Venezuela, abejas endogámicas

8/2/2017 - 10 days, two months, one year: How soon can you fire someone you know was a bad hire?

8/2/2017 - Hydrogen-powered vehicles are finally taking off—inside Amazon and Walmart warehouses

8/2/2017 - This woman trolls trolls with cakes

8/2/2017 - Cities will lose money thanks to obedient self-driving vehicles

8/2/2017 - I’m a partisan news addict—but I’m taking five steps to break my addiction, and so should you

8/2/2017 - The US is funding Silicon Valley’s space industry to spot North Korean missiles before they fly

8/2/2017 - In defense of Reddit’s oldness

8/2/2017 - A father lost his son. Now he wants to convince society that no suicide is inevitable

8/2/2017 - The new Air Force One will be a leftover from a bankrupt Russian airline

8/2/2017 - Why mastery beats creativity—every time

8/2/2017 - The Al Capone theory of sexual harassment can help Silicon Valley stop hiring horrible people

8/2/2017 - The good news about the hollowing out of America’s middle class

8/2/2017 - Tesla’s latest results, Amazon bows to China, peanut-butter jailbreak

8/2/2017 - One in five German residents are now first or second generation immigrants

8/2/2017 - There is $300 billion worth of gold locked in the vaults of London

8/2/2017 - Japan has engineered a popsicle that “doesn’t melt”

8/2/2017 - Paytm has a message for WhatsApp: Bro, we’re coming

8/2/2017 - Britain is worried Brexit will starve its unicorn herd

8/2/2017 - India’s wind energy sector is a complete mess right now—thanks to the Modi government

8/2/2017 - Tim Cook is defending Apple’s removal of VPN apps from its Chinese app store with a familiar refrain

8/2/2017 - Apple’s big numbers, US missile test, ancient fidget spinners

8/2/2017 - Apple’s big numbers, US missile test, ancient fidget spinners

8/2/2017 - Automation will bring new jobs to India, and these are the skills needed to work with robots

8/2/2017 - A simple design tweak Facebook tested in India could help it fight identity fraud globally

8/2/2017 - In China, a pioneering transgender movie made by teens is trying to skirt censorship

8/2/2017 - 59,000 Indian farmers have killed themselves due to rising temperatures—and it could get worse

8/2/2017 - The surprise location of North Korea’s latest missile test is making the US and China nervous

8/1/2017 - A lawmaker’s abuse of her secretary has Japan talking non-stop about “pawa hara”

8/1/2017 - The ACLU filed a comical brief in defense of free speech and John Oliver’s satire

8/1/2017 - Tim Cook offered a master class in avoiding a Trump-related question

8/1/2017 - Apple has sold 1.2 billion iPhones since launching the device a decade ago

8/1/2017 - Apple has figured out how to make reams of cash beyond the iPhone

8/1/2017 - Apple’s big numbers, Didi invades Europe, ancient fidget spinners

8/1/2017 - Whatever Walt Mossberg’s next adventure may be, tech journalism owes him everything

8/1/2017 - If EDM and stencil fonts don’t make border walls seem cool, then Paul Ryan doesn’t know what does

8/1/2017 - The New York Times needs to phase out its print product, now, and become a global paper, soon

8/1/2017 - Interactive: Marketers are realizing that the generations are not so different

8/1/2017 - Dictators gonna dictate, cognito browsing, and eight other stories you may have missed

8/1/2017 - Astronomers approved more safe solar glasses vendors for eclipse watchers

8/1/2017 - In retail it’s not who you are, but what you want that matters

8/1/2017 - All of the tax-free buys you can score on Apple products this weekend

8/1/2017 - Bitcoin has split, and there are now two versions of the popular cryptocurrency

8/1/2017 - Facebook is reportedly working on hardware to take on the Amazon Echo and Google Home

8/1/2017 - If I teleport from Mars, does the original me get destroyed?

8/1/2017 - Scientists finally found a genetic basis for your dog’s devotion

8/1/2017 - Your weight can affect how “American” you look

8/1/2017 - Netflix and Amazon are pushing out the last major studios still seeking smart movies for adults

8/1/2017 - Facebook didn’t kill its language-building AI because it was too smart—it was actually too dumb

8/1/2017 - The world fears the US more than Russia or China

8/1/2017 - Wall Street is getting its revenge on Snap

8/1/2017 - America’s top drone company couldn’t beat China’s DJI, so now they’re partners

8/1/2017 - Brexit supporters are willing to wreck the economy and lose their jobs for the sake of leaving the EU

8/1/2017 - Under Armour’s sneaker business has cratered

8/1/2017 - A new explanation for why we have nightmares contradicts the conventional wisdom about sleep

8/1/2017 - Charts: Once in every room, TV sets are slowly vanishing from American homes

8/1/2017 - With no more income from album sales, a 69-year-old rock legend has to go back on tour

8/1/2017 - An ER doctor on what “The Big Sick” gets wrong—and why medical accuracy matters in Hollywood

8/1/2017 - Older women are finally catching up to older men in the US workforce

8/1/2017 - Honolulu is the first major US city to fine pedestrians for viewing their phones at a crosswalk

8/1/2017 - The indicator that will show whether bitcoin has split

8/1/2017 - Using a fitness app taught me the scary truth about why privacy settings are a feminist issue

8/1/2017 - You’re probably asking for job references from the wrong person

8/1/2017 - Psychologists say money can buy happiness—if it’s spent the right way

8/1/2017 - Three decades ago Los Angeles set off the Olympic spending arms race, and now it’s ending it

8/1/2017 - It’s time Uber gave up on conquering the world

8/1/2017 - China has officially opened its first military base in Africa

8/1/2017 - The booming tortilla business created a family fortune—and a battle to control it

8/1/2017 - EEUU y Maduro, López y Ledezma, defensa planetaria

8/1/2017 - Driverless cars and trucks don’t mean mass unemployment—they mean new kinds of jobs

8/1/2017 - American businesses need to rethink what veterans can bring to the table

8/1/2017 - Watch: this robot can spray paint giant murals

8/1/2017 - A government worker in New York City was fined for mining bitcoins on his work computer

8/1/2017 - Stop blaming poor countries’ poverty on corruption—sometimes it’s just bad luck

8/1/2017 - Will Donald Trump preserve the secret courts banks use to dodge their customers’ complaints?

8/1/2017 - A dizzyingly long footbridge connects two towns in the Swiss Alps. See it from a drone’s eye-view

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8/1/2017 - White House chaos, bitcoin battle, billionaire trailer park

8/1/2017 - White House chaos, bitcoin battle, billionaire trailer park

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